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Was it the same for you? Anonymous 33287[Reply]

My boyfriend is 25 years old. He's 3 years older than me and a virgin and he didn't quite cry, but got pretty close to it, when we were cuddling for the first time.

He didn't have such a reaction to when we had sex for the first time, so I am wondering what the difference is. Why is cuddling more emotionally intense? Is it like men can practice "sex" in a rudimentary way by masturbating, but since cuddling has no replacement, it feels more intense?
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Anonymous 57231

I think the rape is connected to holding hands in public with men but not with women. Shows women are not valued the same as men.

Anonymous 57233

Has there ever been a culture where girls are encouraged to hold hands and show positive emotions toward each other without it being perverted into some sick masturbation fuel for disgusting men?

Anonymous 57234

>I think it's based around competition and self-aggrandizement
That means men are incapable of love because to "love" the other must lose and become less important and not take the spotlight away, which causes nothing but hurt and suffering for the other. That's not love.

Anonymous 57237

i'm not following your thought process at all anon but you tried

Anonymous 57238

I'll try to explain it in a way you can understand it.

What do past and present cultures that encourage open displays of affection between men have in common?

Misogyny, that's what. The same culture that fosters male emotion suppresses female emotion. Look at those cultures today: arabs, indians, some africans, all people that live in places where women are oppressed, considered dirty and inferior. Two men can hold hands in public in muslim countries but a man and a woman? A man and a woman holding hands in those places causes scandal, horror, revulsion, will get the woman arrested and likely killed for "public indecency" because the same act that is OK between men suddenly becomes indecent the moment a woman is involved, because a woman is seen as something dirty and disgusting and not worthy of giving or receiving public displays of affection. All a woman deserves is violence if she dares to express her sexuality and not be the sexless alien thing men want her to be. Western culture back when these photos >>57225
took place was exactly the same. Women were seen as nothing but a source of shame and scandal and this caused a lot of suffering to women back then just like it causes a lot of suffering to women now where they're still stuck in that mentality.


Anonymous 56972[Reply]

why is elliot rodgers such a whiny bitch?

i just read his manifesto and i stg there’s probably online fanfics penned by twelve year old girls with more emotional maturity. (maybe because he was coddled by his mother too much?)

more importantly, do incels actually relate to this (non-ironically)? if so, is the lack of self awareness not kind of cringy?

very strange to read.

Anonymous 56973

I read it too. He was just a manlet with a micropenis that went crazy because Stacy said "no".

Anonymous 56979


He just made his happiness rely on others, of course he'll never be happy like that.

Anonymous 57130


The elliot worship was always largely ironic, at least for the moids that had anything close to a room temperature IQ.

Anonymous 57143

This (what are "moids" though?), though I like to think most people didn't do it out of spite or anything, and either found him and the murders unfortunate (forgiveness and justice are not mutually exclusive) or did not care. Either way it was funny until it became semi-mainstream, I think because of that fucker "mumkey jones" or whatever.
>You're stupid because you believe in something I do not!
this is normalfag-tier thinking.

Anonymous 57193

Problem is the lurking autists actually do take it seriously. That Alek Minassian guy allegedly spoke with Elliot and looked up to him.

Also I kind of agree with that image. Years ago many people might have felt compassion for these type of men. Because of the media many people had this idea of "the poor bullied nerd and the asshole jocks". Now with all these attacks and online communities people realize that the "nerds" can actually be even worse and don't think they deserve any sympathy.


Anonymous 54012[Reply]

How do i begin my transformation into an egirl? Im gonna be an iconic internet persona then livestream my suicide.
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Anonymous 54394

i used to want to bring attention to my death. now, even though i am not very suicidal if i hypothetically killed myself i would just want to pass quietly

Anonymous 54690


thats greaso/Eliza/Ciara Horan. One of those tripposters on 4chan

Anonymous 55109

You’re gonna need simps

I can help you with that

Anonymous 56443

people always say this but i cannot tihkn of anything more demeaning

Anonymous 56457

>keep dream journal
>master lucid dreaming
>become electronic girl
>aquire dream fame
>collect 24 effects


Anonymous 24401[Reply]

Why are Indian Chads so rare?
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Anonymous 56969

pajeets are the worst moids, they're so desperate the strangers on streets go out of their way to do the creepy i-want-your-attention-but-i'm-too-beta-to-risk-talking getting closer, and i do the cringe emoji face. i probably have a face only attractive to poop. will happily die femcel married to a craft.

Anonymous 57023

I have a Pajeet fetish.

Anonymous 57061

> the hottest guy in my school was indian
kek where do you live?

Anonymous 57062

i had a chad indian classmate in highschool, they def exist

Anonymous 57088

I like cute Indian guys, if they're Westernized they usually interact with women pretty normally. All the Indian guys at my high school were pretty handsome, well-liked, and popular, I went to a very liberal high school that wouldn't tolerate sexism/sexual harassment so that probbaly helped weed out the bad ones.


hey Anonymous 6[Reply]

hey whats up
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Anonymous 57036


Adorable kitties!

Anonymous 57037


it's good for the dog

Anonymous 57040

He cute

Anonymous 57049


Anonymous 57083



Anonymous 40275[Reply]

are you learning any new language?
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Anonymous 57071

I really wanna learn Korean, but I am too socially anxious to go to a language school and interact with other people (and it also takes way too long that way). Can I learn it myself somehow?

Anonymous 57073

Yes, try Assimil.

Anonymous 57076

Just remembered I bookmarked this a while ago:


The whole tumblr is a nice read, by a college student taking a year out to study Korean. It progresses to her studying interpreting in Korea.

Anonymous 57077

any esperanto speakers here?

Anonymous 57081

> Their language is a "short sound / syllables" language while I'm used to "long sound" languages.
Actually this, this is one of the reasons that I don't like Asian tonal languages in general, I prefer long words, I don't know it just sounds better to me.

So I kinda like tonal languages outside of Asia, mainly those in Africa like Somali(Well we can debate all day if it is a tonal or pitch accent language but I digress) and Wolof


/neetgen/ - NEET General Anonymous 55098[Reply]

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Anonymous 56470

do you help out with cooking for others and cleaning bathrooms and shared areas?

Anonymous 56471

dodgerpill? dodger’s definitely not a neet.

Anonymous 56484

i do, i actually clean the entire house while everyone is at work. its the least i could do while i have all this freetime

Anonymous 57065


Anyone else here with an addiction to mindless internet browsing and reading comment sections due to being a NEET? I want to get over it but it's too difficult.

All of you are so productive; drawing, learning languages, playing instruments or at least finishing a couple of TV episodes every day.

More than half of my day is filled with reading posts and comments on forums about relationships, dating and "life topics". What do men think about X, why do people think that Y, is it true that Z and so on and so forth. When I read news, I only skim the top third of the article and immediately scroll down to read other people's opinions. Sometimes I participate in discussions and waste the whole day refreshing and waiting for replies. I can't even concentrate on other things anymore.

The experiences of other people greatly interest me because I'm not really living life now. Doing this makes me feel as if I wasn't missing out on everything. Talking to strangers on the internet (excl. obvious trolls) makes me feel better because the only people I interact with irl are my family. The few friends I have moved away right after high school and we talk infrequently.

Before I know it, another day is over. Nothing finished, nothing done. Wake up, rinse and repeat. Pls help.

Anonymous 57069

Yeah, it's hard. Especially when everyone is stuck with their family right now. I feel like I would fall into the same track if I didn't have remote work for college. A while ago, while my family was out, I went on omegle and sang to strangers, so that was fun.


Anonymous 54063[Reply]

Post what you are listening to right now and i will interpret and explain your personality
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Anonymous 54109

Anonymous 54112


op pls answer us

Anonymous 54243

Anonymous 54423

Anonymous 57066


Anonymous 56831[Reply]

I'm working for a cosmetics company in Korea.

Any questions?
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Anonymous 57031

Not very useful. It's not unfair that there are more SEA girls in Korea than white boys. Because Korea is in Asia (d'uh) and obviously there are going to be way more asian foreigners than pretty single white males.

Anonymous 57032

It's called white worshipping. I've seen Asians criticise it and call out other Asians with white worship.
It never made any sense to me, anyway. Probably because I'm from Europe and see enough bad "white features" on a daily basis. There are good ones like coloured eyes, of course, but I prefer dark features on men.

Anonymous 57033

Don't take it too harsh personally. There are a lot of angry asian men in other countries who aren't desired by even other asians in those countries, and people are applying the same anger towards you. There are also lots of countries where your problems with immigrants are mirrored and they are angry with their countries importing many men.

Anonymous Admin 57046

Keep this thread focused on cosmetics and lifestyle. Don't argue about politics.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 57047

Moved to >>>/hb/8797.


Anonymous 56915[Reply]

Soon I'm going to have a diagnostic assessment in order to be able to qualify for disabled student allowance at university
Does anyone have any experience/tips with this?

Anonymous 57035


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