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Anonymous 28279[Reply]

Anyone here know anything about science?
How could the human body reasonably contain nuclear energy and use that energy to creates nuclear fusions/fissions? Even a soft scifi answer is ok.
Yes, this is absolutely for an RP.

Anonymous 28280

Well, contain and produce. Would there have to be a change in DNA structure from birth or what

Anonymous 28283

Technically speaking, the human body is already radioactive. Potassium-40 and carbon-14 are radioactive, and you naturally receive those from your environment. They don't undergo fusion/fission though, but beta decay.

There is no real way for biological processes to generate nuclear energy. If you wanted to create an isotope that undergoes spontaneous fission, you'd need either fusion (on the level of a supernova) or neutron capture. The latter can be achieved with either a particle accelerator or with certain other radioactive elements. These radioactive elements would have to come from an outside source. Essentially, the only real way would be to feed you the same way you would feed a nuclear reactor. Eat some uranium, eat some other other elements (like plutonium and beryllium) that start the reaction, and then you explode. You can skip eating the other elements if you manage to build a particle accelerator inside yourself, but you still need the uranium or a similar element that doesn't really get created outside supernovae.

You need magic.

Anonymous 28301

thank you


crystal dream diary. Anonymous 13649[Reply]

whenever you remember a dream, log it here.

picture used is tako otoko from yume 2kki.
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Anonymous 24640

I had a dream where i was desperately making an oreo cheescake. I don't know why tho and now i really want to bake something sweet.

Anonymous 24697

I had a dream about the guy I'm interested in right now, which I always do before I plan to approach them. It must be a stress thing.
Anyway, in my dream he turned out to be French (he's definitely not irl lmao) and a bisexual (maybe he is?) weeaboo (probably not), which I found out through searching him up on facebook. Dream-him was very eager to be my friend and he even came over to my house that very day to meet my mom. In the end I decided to not pursue him because he was a weeb and I've outgrown that (lmao).

Anyway, it was certainly an improvement from last time where I forced the guy to vomit by feeding him an egg (and he rejected me later irl). I don't really believe in premonitions, but part of me wants this to be a good sign.

Anonymous 28015

I had a dream where I was on a tropical island. The water was blue, palm trees everywhere, and all the people were Samoan(except me). My grandma was alive but I never saw her, instead she just left weed and tobacco for me on this cabinet that I smoked throughout the day. I'm straight edge but was constantly smoking and drinking alcohol the entire dream.

I got involved in some initiation ritual where I ate this turquois and white striped fruit, it looked like a one of the LGBT pride flag sub category variants or something. It tasted like icecream.

We went swimming a lot. I was swimming in what seemed like a tiled pool but suddenly it turned into ocean and someone called out "careful it's deep over there", I screamed a question back asking if there were sharks and they assured me there weren't. I got back on land after that anyway.

At the end of the dream I cooked a frozen pizza and ate it. There's a lot of conversation, games, and swimming I am not remembering, but overall it was a paradise dream.

Anonymous 28024

I was in this modern styled apartment, but I think it was actually a dorm since it was so massive; it was for a debate team, I think, and it was shades of dark blue, with metallic walls and a lush blue carpet. There were drapes over some of the entrances.
I remember like, 7 beautiful girls in there with me and I guess they were on my team. Can't remember much else sadly but I woke up feeling so satisfied.

Anonymous 28256

that sounds really nice
I remember seeing Jolyne Kujo in my dream today, I dream of jojos too often


Homo or not homo Anonymous 28244[Reply]

So about yuri, is it homo or no homo? I don't seem to be able to enjoy het/yaoi romance, just yuri ever since I was 12 for whatever reason, but I have never fallen in love IRL with either sex which I find weird but I still think I'm not homo because I don't find many 3D women attractive (and the ones I do I'm not even sure if I wanna fuck em). I just like lesbian romance but personally I don't think it's gay, just cute, but every time I tell someone about this online they refuse to believe I'm heterosexual. So yeah I guess I'm confused now. Any other hetero women enjoy yuri? Help.

Anonymous 28245

I enjoy some Yuri but a good portion of it is just a trashy male fantasy. I don't think liking yuri is homo in itself but it's kind of homo if it's the only thing you can enjoy. You probably have some deeper problems though if you are not attracted to 3D people.

Anonymous 28246


Yuri has always been very female oriented unless you're referring to porn, but even then nowadays there are a lot of female artists compared to before and I love that. I honestly don't know why it's the only kind of romance I can enjoy. Also never said I don't feel attracted to 3D (I know I find males physically attractive), just haven't fallen in love with anyone and I'm already 21.

Anonymous Moderator 28247

Please use the existing Yuri thread!



Crystal Cafe debate of the century Anonymous 25377[Reply]

Choose your team: Tea vs Coffee

Which of these dear products of colonialism do you side with?

If you come in here to say something like "neither", "both" or "milk" please get hit by a car. This is a black and white struggle of good versus evil, there is no room for nuance here.
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Anonymous 28201

I would-e like-a some-a more-eh cowfee.

I would-e like-a some-a more-eh geen tea!

Anonymous 28204

Between an African roomie and a soldier hubby, super-strong coffee with a splash of half & half = heaven

Anonymous 28223

I vote for tea

Anonymous 28241

You have to add a bunch of shit to coffee to make it not taste like shit. Tea is fine on its own. Clear winner right here.

Anonymous 28242


Coffee. If you make it correctly you don't need to add anything to it.


Anonymous 28218[Reply]

How do you know if a job interview went well?
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Anonymous 28220

A clerk PR position!

Anonymous 28221

Hmm okay, I might be able to help. Other anons please chime in as well.

Were there any points where you stumbled and couldn't give a solid answer/lie?

What were the last words they told you regarding the interview? And what was their tone like? From personal experience, a vague "we'll call you…" with no mention of timeframe is just a polite "Nope!". But a "we'll call you sometime between next Tuesday and Thursday" actually resulted in the second interview and being hired.

Anonymous 28229

ahh it's kind of complicated because although it is a clerk PR position…it's a government job and it's closed to the general public unless you take this test, and you already have to have a government job.

I never lied, I immediately answered every question and tried to give a solid answer. However, while I didn't say "um" or use that kind of verbal filler…sometimes towards the ends of my answers I'd repeat my point in a different way. I tried to smile and appear attentive and I asked questions about the job near the end of the interview.

They didn't tell me anything about calling, but the thing is, for my city, HR calls you, not the department you interviewed for. My last job interview they didn't mention anything about me being called, but I got the job anyway. I'm so nervous, I just wish I'd be told whether I made it or not.

What I have going for me is that when I took the test you need in order to be considered, I was the youngest person there. Usually, I'd consider that a negative, but I noticed the people interviewing me appeared younger, like in their 30s. So hopefully they see me being young as a positive in this job. I also expressed I was really passionate about the company this PR job was for (and I am!) so hopefully that helps, too.

Anonymous 28232

they call you back

Anonymous 28233

OH sorry. I have no experience with government jobs. Would you update us if you get the job?


Anonymous 26479[Reply]

So what's your beef with lolcow farm?
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Anonymous 28198

What? Are you talking about the man-hate thread? The actual containment one hasn't been active in years. Men are completely banned on both places now, anon.
I'd also argue their man-hate thread is more passionate than ours.
…but so is their woman-hate, and it's site wide.

Anonymous 28207


why is Amanda Seyfried part of the theme and why so many references to her? I dont go on lc that often so I dont get it.

Anonymous 28208

Someone in the celebrity cow thread in /ot/ kept sperging about her being a diva without much evidence, complaining about her wrinkly hands (lol), and claiming to be her mua iirc. She got banned several times but just kept coming back to talk about her, so mods made a joke out of it.

Anonymous 28213

ahh thanks!

Anonymous 28222

No, the containment threads. I was skimming through the catalog and found it, it's true the newest one was 3 years ago.


Anonymous 28177[Reply]

Who 30 year old Boomerette here?
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 28188


Almost but not yet, I'm getting close though. Married and have a dog and a baby on the way, I became an out of touch normie but I still love talking to people on imageboards lol. Just wondering if anyone else is an old lady here.

Anonymous 28190

O shid there's already a 25+ thread on page two, sorry I'm stupid

Anonymous 28191

That comes with your age, Stacy

Anonymous 28195


Pls no bully young lass, I have smoll shriveled boomer brain from doing too much neopets in my youth

Anonymous 28214

>tfw 29yo NEET


Culinary Stuff Anonymous 622[Reply]

Cooking / Baking / Beverage Crafting
Post what you've made, your favorite recipes, stories, and questions here!

>Do you know how to cook? If not, why do you want to learn?

>What's your speciality?
>Which type of food is your favorite?
>What are your cooking goals?
>Do you have professional experience?
>What are some tips you wish you knew sooner?
62 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 28170

i've got rice sitting at home that's like a few days old + tons of cheese and broccoli
gonna try and make cheese brocco rice

Anonymous 28171

I'm going to make curry chicken tonight, it'll be my first time cooking it.

Anonymous 28172


good luck bb <3

Anonymous 28181

I made a pumpkin pie from scratch recently and it tasted good but it was a little watery, the recipe said to boil the pumpkin but I think that made it take on too much water so I'll bake it next time to get it mushy enough to make into puree.

Anonymous 28200



self help books? Anonymous 28104[Reply]

any good recommendations?
i've always thought they were bs, but lately i've thought about giving one a try.
do you have any experiences after reading one?

did they help you or improve your life at all?
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 28150

I read 2 out of curiosity, one was a really short one and all it said was that if you repeat the phrase "i love myself" your life is going to get better, not particularly helpful, in fact pretty useless. The other was 7 habits, that one was better, still not super helpful, but at least it was an interesting read and you can see why it's so popular, I might re-read it. Though I would rather suggest you read books that teach you useful things and improve your life in ways that aren't just psychological "self help", for example learning a new language.
Or just read the Quran.

Anonymous 28160

Good joke.

Anonymous 28173

How To Win Friends And Influence People

7 Habits

The Imitation of Christ

Yes really

Anonymous 28179

The Art of Tidying Up (there is also a manga version which is very cute) really changed my outlook about cleaning, my room doesn't look like a PPP pic anymore

Story of a Soul was also very influential to me

Anonymous 28182

The King James Bible. John and Romans are good starter books.


Anonymous 24092[Reply]

>tfw too smart to have a bf
29 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 27920

>Is not wanting to kill yourself unprofessional or something?
If only you knew how bad things really are.

Anonymous 27921

Screen Shot 2018-1…

I also feel irked by academia after years of schooling. It seems even more pointless than the baseline of frivolity that encompasses life. I thought I would go on to study in my current field more, but lately the whole atmosphere surrounding academia just pisses me off too much to continue down that route. I used to think of higher education as being the paragon indicator of intelligence, but really it can be found everywhere, and becoming a PhD is more a sign of one's upbringing and interests than innate ability. You can be intelligent with any amount of education and virtually any career. The rest is just appearances. Unfortunately appearances tend to take precedence with all sorts of disastrous results. The affliction of misery isn't limited to academics, though. After all, I'd rather be depressed and well off than depressed and poor.

Anonymous 27931

Get a terminal masters/professional degree and get out of academia as soon as you can!

Don't want to be a CC adjunct teaching kids who could barely do high school math

Anonymous 28140


Is it better to have a bf or to control lightning magic at age 30? Which would you choose? Btw getting your first bf right after acquiring your sorceress abilities will eliminate your powers.

Me: Probably a bf. I used to be intelligent but then I killed too many braincells and want a bf now.

Anonymous 28141

I can already shock people with a taser and run electric currents, but I'll never realistically have a boyfriend without magically being given one. Why was I born so autistic? What is the cure?

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