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Voices of Earlier English: Benjamin Franklin Declares Independence Anonymous 80076[Reply]

Anonymous 80145

Yes but I don't know much about it apart from taking a casual interest in some weird lingual quirks and a few specific pidgins and creoles. The enunciation in your list is a pretty fascinating mix of what we think of now as Irish and Scottish though, like the screenshot says. It's like Irish but with very emphasised rhotic R's.

Anonymous 81085


Anonymous 80480[Reply]

Is anyone into tea here? If so, can someone give me an idiot proof guide to getting into it. I don't wanna shell out 300 bucks for a clay teapot for every single strain of tea I buy.
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Anonymous 80939

where do you buy your tea?

Anonymous 80941

Fellow poors, what's your favorite shitty bagged tea?

I have a cheap electric kettle on top of a little water tank, and a shelf full of crap. I used to have a dozen National Cups everyday, but now I'm into lemon ginger. My go-to is peppermint, I always have a tiny cup of it near me. I have a bunch of little boxes of fruit teas I tried and hated.

I think I should "get into tea" for realz but I'm too lazy. This cold brew with mason sounds easy, I'm trying that.

Anonymous 80996

wild berry tea.jpg

I really like this brand of tea bags, and the peppermint tea from the same brand. Basically part of my breakfast in the morning

Anonymous 81010

Depends how autistic you want to be about it. If you just want to have something warm to drink just go to your local supermarket, buy a bunch of random teabags, boil water, throw tea bags in, leave it for a few minutes then drink when its cold enough. That's it. You can add lemon and sugar/honey, but at that point you're drinking lemonade. Teabags tea doesn't taste 'bad', but in my experience there are 2-3 tastes and all flavors fall in one of them, more or less.

If you want to taste something a bit more interesting you'll have to put a bit more money and effort into it. And I say interesting instead of "good" because a lot of people don't like "real" teas. I wouldn't say most of them taste good, like a taste you'll like instantly, but I love em because you get to drink stuff with tastes you won't feel elsewhere.

I get my teas from https://yunnansourcing.com/ (if you live in USA you can try https://yunnansourcing.us/ ). I don't know if there are better options, but these guys have quality teas and they ship to most countries. For the first time I recommend you buy a bunch of samples packs to see what you like, the more diverse the better. Try a sample pack of black tea, one of green tea, one of oolong tea etc. My favorites are oolong teas, but that tends to vary a lot from person to person, so you should try as much stuff as possible. A lot of people sperg out about matcha tea, I think it's fine but in my opinion it's overhyped, overpriced and a pain in the ass to "brew" properly (google it if you're interested, different process than normal tea).

There are multiple ways of brewing it, again, depending on how autstic you want to be about it. The main ways to brew it are:
1. Western style: basically same as what you do with teabags, put in tea, put in water, leave for a few minutes, throw leaves, drink
2. Grandpa style: put in leaves, put in water, drink half, refill with water, repeat until the flavor is gone
3. Gong Fu: put in leaves, put in water, cover it, leave for a short period of time (10-60sec depending on the kind of tea), move water to a different recipient, drink it. Add more water to the leaves, increase the infuse time by 5-30 seconds (again, depending on type of tea), repeat until the flavor is lost. With some types of good tea you can repeat this up to 15 timPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 81016

Their tea doesn't look that good, tbh. They don't even list what grade their matcha is.

I second yunnan sourcing. They have a really good selection.

For nip teas I usually go with Den's tea.


Anonymous 77749[Reply]

should i become a vtuber? it seems fun and i want some money without having to show my face!
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Anonymous 79562

VTuber eng community was meant to be doomed from the start. When it all just started, everyone knew that there was a weird pedo-chan who would do incest-y shit with her brother, cheat on her bf and whatnot, but no vtuber (even the most popular ones) would speak out about it because they were too scared to lose following. People started witchhunting said weirdo only after a completely random, non-vtuber person made a thread about it, and everyone jumped with shit ' I KNEW ALL ALONG BUT I WAS TOO SCARED ', what a bunch of retards.

Anonymous 79574

i dont even care if i dont get a large audience. i hate the community and i hate social media. but i want to have fun and entertain some people. if it doesnt work out then its whatever honestly :(

Anonymous 79755

>i hate social media.
>still wants to be a live streamer
I don't understand this attitude.

Anonymous 79757

When you're a Vtuber you are presenting a persona rather than yourself. Keeping the persona clean is a relatively easier job of "would this character actually say this?" as opposed to when it's you and it becomes an issue of "Should I be honest or should I do what helps me the most?"

It's really the difference between using Social Media as yourself and using it as a means ala "influencer".

Anonymous 81012

The difference between social media and streaming for a small audience is like being in a crowd vs. sitting inside with a few people


Anonymous 80929[Reply]

Hello /b/, I just had a glass of water
Remember to grab one and sip

Anonymous 80934

got some lime flavoring in mine

Anonymous 80936

hydration stonks up since i got guava flavoring, i'm addicted.

Anonymous 80938


I’m craving a water cooler cone. Water from the cooler is so refreshing.

Anonymous 80945


I drink an ungodly amount of water a day and am constantly pissing.
Peak performance.


showerthoughts Anonymous 11307[Reply]

Showerthoughts thread, post any random things you're thinking about
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Anonymous 80840

Yes? Why not? People read about all sorts of depraved things.

Anonymous 80894

I still think about the time I was sneaking glances at attractive guy who was smoking and when he found out, he blew smoke into my face.

Anonymous 80898


Unfortunately, I usually just disassociate in the shower.

Anonymous 80902

I read a book in the park and like 50 meters from me a cute guy did the same and I'm pretty sure he looked at me once. Hahahaha.

Anonymous 80937


I saw a guy who looked almost exactly like me, but hotter, at Walmart a year ago. It was disrespectful, like God tried harder on him.


Tranny discussion thread Anonymous 67804[Reply]

A thread for tranny discussion and views on trannyisim
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Anonymous 80819

She's not completely wrong. Asians generally have less testosterone than other races, which leads to less sex differentiation.

Anonymous 80824

That's not true, East Asians have higher T.

Anonymous 80839

Typical. Only Azns say this weird stuff about themselves. Take some pills against self-racism, please.

Anonymous 80877

>Asian "men"
Lmao anon ily

Anonymous 80889

What do you have against them?


Anonymous 30762[Reply]

Did you had "that" phase in school and if yes, what was it?

Mine was pic rel except shitty and ugly. I try to forget.
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Anonymous 80122

>A girl coming to school with pink hair and lip/nose/tongue/navel piercings
These were pretty common to see at my school. No one cared. Some girls wore tiny shorts, others wore short skirts so tight they could barely walk. Boys would sit in class with their shirt unbuttoned to their belly button in summer.

Really, the only thing that was the "uniform" was the tie (however worn), something resembling a shirt (regardless of colour or style) and something black on the bottom (even black jeans was fine). Shoes could be anything. This wasn't just the badly behaved kids, everyone dressed like that. A big selection of random accessories too.

Anonymous 80123

Fair enough, the grass might just be greener. The schools I went to made us wear shit like khaki pants and polo shirts and ugly saddle shoes. One of my schools even banned skirts all together because it was decided that they were too slutty or something, the other one would check skirts too, though not as dramatically as they did at your school. They would just take all the girls out into the hallway every so often and do a "skirt check".

Anonymous 80749

I miss that a lot

Anonymous 80775

This is KPOP for me, have been into it for almost 15 years now and have just accepted I'll probably like it forever at this point. Although now it's less from a cringy "I'm not like other girls because I like DBSK instead of western artists" standpoint and I'm much less obsessive about individual members/fanfics/fanart etc. It's more that I just like the aesthetics and catchy music these days. Very few of my current friends know I like it and I see no reason to change that.

Anonymous 80809

based, keep the culture alive


who here /separatist/ Anonymous 80651[Reply]

i’m wondering, mostly with relationships but it can be cutting men out of your life in any aspect. some would call it political lesbianism but i think there is a difference since you don’t have to date another woman unless you’re attracted to them, you just wouldn’t date a male.
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Anonymous 80767

Why would he be gay just because he'd never seen a woman?

Anonymous 80772

Violent rape/murder has gone down as porn became more freely available. It’s fine to say you don’t want to date a coomer, but the moids who otherwise would have been rapists and murderers are now on xanax watching porn all day in their childhood homes. I’d rather they silently exclude themselves from society than have to deal with them irl.

Anonymous 80774

>Violent rape/murder has gone down as porn became more freely available
Citation needed. Are you referring to the 80s studies on porn mag bans, which have jackshit to do with the current iteration of online porn? Every study I've seen that's been done on online porn consumers shows the opposite. Numerous moids become rapists BECAUSE of its degenerate nature desensitizing them to violent behavior at best and encouraging it at worst.

Anonymous 80776

Not her but maybe like a "prison gay" thing.

Anonymous 80777

NTA but he literally never saw a woman, his entire experience of life + other humans was moids. Is it possible for him to develop heterosexual attraction in that environment? IDK, maybe, but I'm also curious.


Anonymous 51642[Reply]

You better shower regularly during this quarantine… I'm watching you.
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Anonymous 80572


Based and stinkymaxxed

Anonymous 80591

As I said, depression mostly. I find it extremely difficult to motivate to do anything. I forget to eat too. Sometimes I go a couple days without realizing, to the point where now my mom texts me to remind me around dinner time. I drink water but that's just because I feel sick and start seeing spots if I dont.

Here's a fun anecdote for you. I've always had hair down to my butt. ever since I can remember my hair has been this massive weight on my head that stretched from my head to about the bottom of my butt and when I sat down I've always had to flip my hair up or else I sit on it and pull my head backwards.

This year I shaved my head completely bald. I got sick of feeling the lick of greasy strands of hair on my face and how heavy it felt after a week, so I went to my parents house, stole my brothers clippers and gave myself a bald cut. My mom hit the roof, started bawling her eyes out and crying to my dad that I'm getting worse and that I should move back so they can take care of me. (I didn't, but mostly because I dont want to bum them out and fawn over me all day, they should have better things to do.) It's been about a year and it's already grown back to my shoulders. I didnt think I would but I do miss the weight of it.

Not a BBW. Skinny as a rake in fact.

Anonymous 80592

Maybe changing your panties every other day would help with your depression.

Anonymous 80594

I wear boxer briefs. Stealing my little brothers undies showed me the comfy light. I highly recommend.

Anonymous 80696

No way in hell


Anonymous 48750[Reply]

Do you keep a diary or journal?

>How long have you kept it for?

>Why do you keep a journal?
>How often do you write?
>Paper or electronic?
>What types of things do you write about?
>Do you ever go back and read your old entries? If you do, do you feel like you gain some perspective from it?
>Would you ever let someone else read your journal? If so, who (i.e. s.o., family, close friend)?
>How would you feel if someone read your journal after your death? Would you want it destroyed before then or would you want to pass it down?
12 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 50022

I have a secret discord server I use as a journal.

I have a few channels on it, one dedicated to CBT journalist, one to fitspo, one for art resources.
One I keep as a normal sort of running journal, as well.

Anonymous 50592


great thread ty
>How long have you kept it for?
I've been journaling since 2016. On my 3rd journal currently.
>Why do you keep a journal?
write my feelings and what happened and such so I can remember for later. it started as a "time capsule" kind of thing, and I had ambitions to bury it for someone to find in the future. seems silly to me now.
>How often do you write?
I try to every few days.
>Paper or electronic?
>What types of things do you write about?
feelings, events that happened in the day, and things I want to remember.
>Do you ever go back and read your old entries? If you do, do you feel like you gain some perspective from it?
yes. and I don't know. makes me feel funny.
>Would you ever let someone else read your journal? If so, who (i.e. s.o., family, close friend)?
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 80599

I just filled up a diary I got when I was 7 years old. I took a lot of breaks in between entries and filled up another one in between.
It's just so weird to think the first entry is two sentences by a dumb 7 year old saying a diary is 'cool and fun' and the last entry is my newly 31 year old self talking about my videogame husbandos and using the word 'sexbot'. I really do wish somebody finds this after I'm dead and reads it.

Anonymous 80618

When I was homeless I kept a diary that lasted about 2 years worth of entries. It had a scrapbook feel, I would paste in things like pamphlets, letters, documents, photographs, etc

I no longer update it. I recently started a blog which supposed to be about other people but I have indulged in a bit of writing about myself, twice. I like the blog method since it allows me to articulate my thoughts way better than writing a constant stream of diary entries. As these things are public and not relegated to a private journal, I'm also forced to make them somewhat enjoyable to read. It's incredibly tempting to just unload every shitty thing about my life all out at once, but now I have standards. Learning to utilize restraint when talking about myself was a skill I needed to learn at some point.

>I really do wish somebody finds this after I'm dead and reads it.
Lmao same. I want to leave a trace of my existence behind somewhere. I legit have zero consolation that any part of me will exist after my passing, so writing publicly viewable things about my life helps.

Anonymous 80659

1. Erm since 2016?
2. Memories. Emotional therapy.
3.sometimes a lot sometimes a little. I haven’t written in over a month. I need to soon lol
4. I have two journals. One is a diary for everyday memories. The other is my emotional journal. I like to keep them separate. But Im going to stop doing that. Except really fucked up thoughts. They’ll go in a small paper travelers notebook insert that I can burn whenever I finish one.
5. Sometimes. My memory diary is nice. My emotional journal is…insightful.
6. I live with my husband. He can read my memory journal idc. I show him it whenever I finish one. It’s like a scrapbook diary.
My emotional diary though? Eh. Idk. For the really fucked up thoughts, probably not.
7. Um. So before burning the really fucked up journals, I’ll copy or tear out bits that are inspiring on a creative level or somehow poetic. But no, I do not want my extremely fucked up thoughts around. Mostly towards other people who’s feelings may be hurt upon reading it. My memory diary is for anyone to read. I consider it a private analog blog. lol

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