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Dolls Anonymous 268955[Reply]

Does anyone collect dolls here? What kind of dolls?

I collect pullip family dolls but only isuls and dals because for some reason I dont really like pullips and taeyangs :D I have 3 ones started in 2017!
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Anonymous 269005


I used to have a few littlest pet shop toys as a kid, recently they brought back the old designs style which is great (The image i choose are the old ones though)

Anonymous 269023

Never collected any because of how expensive it can get, but I always wanted to collect monster high dolls. Maybe I'll check secondhand. Do you buy new or used ones mainly?

Anonymous 269027

I have bought all the 3 as new because it is more limited what dolls are sold as used but if you can find the ones you want as used in good condition sure buy :D

Anonymous 269172

isn't that bit childish?

Anonymous 269175

I don't see any problem with having "childish" hobbies and interests, after all we're still adult and have much different perspective on it than kids.


Anonymous 238004[Reply]

Why do you simp for virgin men?
You do know that the reason they're still one is most likely because they're assholes and don't give much of a fuck about anyone besides themselves, right?
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Anonymous 269039

lmao what did he say? i missed it

Anonymous 269042

People are literally just as promiscious in korea and japan. It's just that they don't have kids.

Anonymous 269043

I made this thread 9 months ago?
Where did time go?

Anonymous 269052

Has your question been answered?

Anonymous 269173

I have a Nigel husband and he's perfect. This doesn't mean I'm some kind of retard who can't acknowledge how shit the majority of men are. Even my husband admits this.


How do I improve my motor skills? Anonymous 268205[Reply]

I'm very slow, clumsy, horribly coordinated and it takes me way longer to learn movement that my peers find to be intuitive… I'm in my mid twenties and I can't even braid my hair. Is there anything I can do about it or are some people just born better?
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Anonymous 268945

i have adhd too and i’m bad at all sports except badminton. you should try playing, it’s easy to get the hang of. just play with a friend and don’t worry about the rules. i really hate most sports but finding one you like can improve it

Anonymous 268969

maybe it could help you to braid strings / lanyard? you can tape 3 strings to a table to help hold it for you and then practice crossing the far right into the middle of the two left strings and then crossing the far left into the middle of the two right strings and so on
i would also really recommend just throwing a ball up in the air and catching it, it really helped me, doesn't need to be high + can just be something small, just try your best
crocheting is also great for this imo because it's a simple repetitive movement and you get to make something in the process! very relaxing once you get the hang of it

Anonymous 268977

Stop smoking the ganja, also any kind of meds. Just stop, drink some clean water.

Anonymous 269164


This, also try hour+ long yoga sessions. Hope you can ground yourself soon nona.

Anonymous 269166

maybe juggling can help you develop those skills, it's pretty fun too and you see progress kinda quickly.


other imageboards Anonymous 267132[Reply]

Recommend some other imageboards/forums that you frequent? Preferably ones that are comfier/discussion based as opposed to edgelord 4chan moidcore.

bonus if you have any paranormal/esoteric/strangeness focused site recommendations

I like melonland (forum) though it's not incredibly active.
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Anonymous 268353

What mod is that?

Anonymous 268483

sorry for being a bit off topic, but are there other imageboards who despise troons as much as cc, kf, and probably lolcow (and 4chan?)? I've been to some other imageboards and most of them welcome those freaks.

Anonymous 268484

>Fast boards are for prepubescent teens who only want to troll
No one could never POSSIBLY want quality discussion and semi frequent response times simultaneously!

Anonymous 268986

I don't know other imageboards like that, but what is kf?

Anonymous 268998

Probably referring to kiwifarms. They're not really an image board though, more a cow discussing forum. Plus a safe haven for women yelling at troons. At least safe from the banhammer, gotta deal with some messy scrotes. It's a good resource for Troon stuff since LC isn't as great anymore.
Spinster might be an option. It's a gender critical/feminist friendly fediverse instance. So basically twitter but allows women to speak free. Since it's basically twitter you can say whatever you want, but to get in you have to answer questions around why you want to join to try and prevent bad actors. I'm trying to use it more but it's got a nice community of women. I'm hoping to post my random colouring stuff and I see posts with different interests on top of feminist news from around the world. Plus laughing at troonshit


Egg Thread Anonymous 231800[Reply]

I love eggs so much. Particularly a perfect 6 minute soft boiled egg. I could eat like 3 eggs right now if I knew I wouldn't get sick of them and then never want another egg for the next two weeks. Fried eggs are good with pesto or dukkah. I love mayak eggs too but I can never wait for them to marinate because I just wanna eat an egg right away. Poached eggs are ok. Scrambled and omelettes are good except they lack the satisfaction of a runny yolk. The morning after a sleepover once this girl made scrambled eggs for all of us which was much appreciated, but they came out rubbery, granular and grey. I haven't recovered since. My grandma used to make really good devilled eggs. I think I might be vit B12 and vit D deficient.
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Anonymous 269000


Anonymous 269006


if i could only consume one food for the rest of my life i would definitely choose eggs. i love all eggs. raw, cooked, half cooked, whatever the fuck. one of my personal favorite way of eating eggs is just scrambled eggs on tortillas to make egg tacos. i like to also top them with hot sauce. pic included has a bunch of extra shit but all you really need is scrambled eggs and a tortilla. holy shit i love eggs! great thread.

Anonymous 269024

I just brushed my teeth you assholes

Anonymous 269026

I have a love-hate relationship with eggs, sometimes even the smell of them makes me wanna puke, the other times I crave a soft boiled egg like nothing else in this world.

I especially like eating fried eggs with fries, I don't know if anyone else does that.

Anonymous 269028

I eat eggs with at least two meals everyday except when I eat out. Usually soft-boiled but I love all variations (including mixing a raw egg into pasta – so good.)

The funny thing is I hated eggs until I was an adult. I actually had to actively make myself eat and like them. Glad I did because now I know how healthy and delicious they are.


Draw yourself in mspaint Anonymous 142685[Reply]

Hello fellow summer victims
https://jspaint.app if on mobile
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Anonymous 268802


Anonymous 268859

Anonymous 268946


Quick doodle of me as the eraserhead baby lol

Anonymous 268953

gigastacies can't and won't draw nona, us androgynous goddesses have to carry that hobby

Anonymous 268963

Reminds me of that new Pokemon character, nona, very cute.


Anonymous 268691[Reply]

More unrealistic beauty standards for women. How can we compete with such perfection?
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Anonymous 268695


Reminds me of the deviantart rabbit hole I found where the fetish was editing women's heads onto pairs of legs, like picrel.

Anonymous 268737

You can't just say that without posting pics

Anonymous 268763

If their constituent segments are about the length of the human average then these specimens are well over 10' tall.
Imagine them crawling through an open 2nd storey bedroom window late at night. Do you think they would take your skin and eat your flesh? Or simply add your limbs and flesh segments as additional body structure?

Anonymous 268869


This reminds me of the titty monster from Gantz.

Anonymous 268939

It reminds me of Chernobyl


Anonymous 255079[Reply]

I only find fictional men attractive.
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Anonymous 268841

As you should

Anonymous 268848

I liked the way he limped around when he was injured so I would purposely get hurt and then my friend would get mad at me lol. Now I want to play this again. Stupid sexy Leon.

Anonymous 268851

does he also whimper as he limps? i havent played the og games…asking for a friend

Anonymous 268870


The CGI in the Gantz movie was good, I just wish they’d made a movie about one of the arcs with Izumi instead. He was so much hotter than Kato. We will never get CGI Izumi.

Anonymous 268872


Edgy teenage me thought Izumi was the best.


Older women? Anonymous 229976[Reply]

Any older women, like 35+ here?

Is pic related accurate? Is it just low value scrotes who cannot get women their own age. Or is it all men? Do you feel that men your age would date younger women if they could?
72 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 268799

>look up Egalia's Daughters
>Even though Petronius sometimes fantasizes about a quiet and peaceful life with a strong woman to take care of him, he continues his tough fight for a better future for men.
The author has a lot of unresolved issues

Anonymous 268805

Don't tell me you actually believe the anon you're responding too is a femoid…

Anonymous 268817

oh that's just blackpill chan and despite some anons thinking it's a man i'm convinced she's just a deeply unwell woman who sadly got caught up in all of this. she also got ran out from lolcow and reddit from doing this apparently and ban evades on cc

Anonymous 268819


On the topic of shota, I occasionally roleplay straight shota content with adult men online. Everyone involved is chronically online, me included. I enjoy it and if I ever had to explain it, I would compare it to ageplay in the bedroom rather than actual pedophilia. I am aware that I'm not actually ERPing with a minor, and that's not what I want anyhow. Grown men are aware of what makes shotacon hot, revel in the ability to pretend for a time that they aren't total porn-addicted, mentally ruined used goods adults. The shotas don't even act like modern day little boys, and I actually don't like children IRL.

That all said, I am in my late 20s and the guys I RP with are 20-25, so once again, breaking the stigma of older women and younger men hooking up. There is hope, nonas.

Anonymous 268867



Taco Bell or Del Taco Anonymous 268522[Reply]

Which is better?
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Anonymous 268614

It's fucking pork soup and corn

Anonymous 268753


I love pozole too but it is a carb slop soup

Anonymous 268792

Del Taco is definitely better than Taco Bell -which is disgusting slop comparable to the other disgusting fast food chains (like McFatonalds and BurgerFat) prominent in this ghastly world.

Anonymous 268796

You can make tacos at home with real meat

Anonymous 268862

Del Taco, full stop. Taco Bell quality is so awful. I would rather pay a little more for restaurant quality Mexican than fast food Mexican just because with prices rocketing up, it's a better deal to just upgrade the quality and quantity.

Also, yeah, making Mexican yourself is healthier and not too difficult, cheaper than restaurants.

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