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Anonymous 37172[Reply]

What re your thoughts on rental sisters? If this was implemented in your country, could you see yourself being one? Or would you want a rental sister/brother to help you?
I think the halfway houses New Start puts out is a great concept, but I feel some hikkis need professional help rather than a rental sister.

Anonymous 37175

seems pretty weird. someone who is payed to be around you can never really care for you, or atleast you can never trust they do

Anonymous 37176

Hmm, I can imagine being one, and I can imagine having needed one when I was seriously depressed in the past. Maybe the combination of the half-way house and the rental sisters? I kinda see the rental sisters like the volunteer listeners at various suicide hotlines, like Samaritans in the UK.

Anonymous 37206

I don’t feel any different about them compared to therapists. Paid friends for those who can afford them.


How did you find Crystal.cafe? Anonymous 5306[Reply]

I'm a newbie and found this place by accident

I found a link in a PULL thread and I'm so happy I'm here, everyone seems so collected and nice.
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Anonymous 36354

Its estrogen pills.

Anonymous 36515

i found it because i was posting on 4chan a long time ago and said i was a girl and someone yelled at me and told me to fuck off to cafe and after googling it a bunch i found here
why are trannies like this

Anonymous 36516


why didnt my image upload

Anonymous 36798

Found it via 8chan. Feel relieved to have found a tad bit more acceptance. The poor little neckbeards find a female presence so distressful it seems,

Anonymous 36894

stumbled upon lolcow and then from there to cc on the same day

Anonymous 37167[Reply]

Guten morgen


Are there any ways to make quick cash? Anonymous 36131[Reply]

I'm underweight so I can't donate plasma. I will never donate eggs or my womb, it's creepy. I don't plan to do anything illegal either. But I do need fast cash…

So. If you have any ideas, it would be cool to talk about them. I've really dug myself into a hole.
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Anonymous 37054

Take a loan and let the future take care of itself.

Anonymous 37099

While i can easily imagine this happening in America, it's generally agreed on by financial institutes not to provide a loan if you ask for one and say you're unemployed and have no assets. I.e. this is a really dumb idea.

Anonymous 37135

Your father gives out the loans. Doesn't he? :^)

Anonymous 37160


Anonymous 37161



Anonymous 35905[Reply]

What is your opinion of relationships with age gaps in which the older partner is the woman?
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Anonymous 36722


You think she pegs him or just pays blacks to fuck him whilst she watches?

You just know coked up banker boy must be into the weirdo.

Anonymous 36803

Do older women in relationships with substantially younger men also wield considerable power over their partners by dint of greater life experience and emotional maturity? 🤔

Anonymous 36804

maybe, but you don't often see younger men in the same dependent role in age gap relationships. women tend to prefer partners who have jobs and their own money and educations etc, so someone like that is less likely to be taken advantage of

Anonymous 36872

My mom and dad have a 10 years difference. They were respectively 30 and 20 when they had me. I turned out relatively OK (aside from being a femcel and browsing image boards…). I wouldn't call their relationship "functional", but the age difference wasn't the issue, and they stuck together in the end. Before she had me, my mom also give birth to my sister at 20, with a 15 years old boy. He's still around too, he never said he regrets it or felt like a victim.

Anonymous 36889

i think that is a "problem" only when the age difference is 15 or more, and one of them are rich, politician or any shit like that.
Becouse in this cases its obvious that are interests in the middle (that usually is relative to corruption), not "love".

Macron is a good example.


Anonymous 36882[Reply]

If you could preserve one thing for future generations, what would it be?
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Anonymous 37040

theres a chance for life extension technology to be invented in our lifetime so theres hope. unless youre a boomer that is

Anonymous 37041

That's true! There may be hope for my dream to come true yet.

Anonymous 37047

Shows, films games and books that have complicated copyright standing and might end up not being available officially anymore. Some true works of art end up disappearing in the cracks of time and its rather unfortunate.

Anonymous 37131

I'm a data hoarder, so that I guess.

Anonymous 37141

>let me suck your bobs
You're living in just the right time for that.

sensing a lot of semitic yentas on this board btw lol


Anonymous 36916[Reply]

Who was the most handsome beatle?
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Anonymous 36987

Paul is the least offensive-looking one. But what do you expect, they're Brits.

Anonymous 37053

I need to listen to The Beatles discography and I know I'm super late to the party.

I'd have to say bottom left, yellow jacket.

Anonymous 37084


Stuart Sutcliffe

Anonymous 37097


Spike. rip.

Anonymous 37109

>a beetle will be more remembered than you
I’m okay with this.


Anonymous 34227[Reply]

umm henlo anons, here from 4chan. this place is kind of hard for me to understand, can someone explain the concept and why is all this so positive?
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Anonymous 34230

This is not really "4chan for girls". I think the main reason why everything is so positive (for the most part) is to contrast lolcow rather than 4chan. On lolcow you have to be a certain type of person to get sympathetic answers when you talk about an opinion or problem you have. If you do something that falls outside of what is acceptable they say some pretty nasty things about you. Some may criticize this place as being a hugbox but I don't really consider it to be one, people who genuinely are doing wrong are told that most of the time. It's just here you can post an anime girl picture or talk about being a loser without being told you are a cringey piece of shit.

There are many other chan boards that don't try to imitate 4chan. There is a lot of user overlap sure but I think calling CC "girl 4chan" is oversimplifying things. You can openly say or imply you are a girl on some boards/threads of 4chan as well, the whole "flooded with negative stuff" doesn't happen unless you are using a board/thread that holds a lot of animosity towards women.

Anonymous 34233


Lolcow being grumpy and serious thinking about milk drama on the left, CC trying to bite head and smell hair while thinking about cute dresses.

Anonymous 34258


wow anons thank you so much, this was very helpfull. wish you all the best, thanks:)

Anonymous 34295


Anonymous 37105

Post light-hearted threads then, I'll shitpost with you


Anonymous 31801[Reply]

Why do guys like huge breasts?
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Anonymous 36897


Being bigger girl with tiny tits is the worst fate possible.

Anonymous 36899


Lose the weight, get a trim waist, and keep the bucking surfboard, you'll feel better

Anonymous 36904

Well depends, some people have skewed perceptions of what "tiny tits" and what is defined as a big girl, you probably look fine

Anonymous 36905

Are you pear shaped though? There's hope if you've got hips. Just shred weight and you'll still pull off looking womanly.
t. a-cup who used to be a fatty-chan

Anonymous 36953

men want to impregnate women, so boobs


Anonymous 37101[Reply]

Holy shit, I was directed here from 4chan and I had no idea what this was until just now. Pretty fucking rad, even though it's unsurprisingly kinda dead in here. How long has this been around? How are new users even recruited, just by invites only so men don't brigade?

Anonymous 37102

2 years I think. Welcome!

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