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Lolcow.farm hate thread #2 Anonymous 178551[Reply]

Broken website edition
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Anonymous 183192

She's right about it being filled with mentally ill people but this also extends to cc and all the other imageboards. It's hard to find sane people.

Anonymous 183196

i've never seen any group of people, especially women, so colectivelly obsessed with anything related to age and aging. they shit on Belle Delphine (who is a pedo-pandering retard but that's not my point) for not looking like a literal children, but then they defend themselves by saying "oh but she totez thinks she looks like kid u guiz!!!"
yeah that's definitely projection at this point. what a retards

Anonymous 183255

I think many of them have nothing going on besides looks, I'm assuming they don't go outside much so most of their life is on social media where they have to look good. When they start to lose their looks they will panic.

Anonymous 183256

>anal infighting
I can't stop laughing at this term

Anonymous 183375

…who is Romanianon? I wanna know what the fuss is all about


Who else hates how shallow scrotes are?? Anonymous 177275[Reply]

Ive been called ugly by random scrotes in public, ive been given numerous dirty looks. Ive had them pick the pretty fem infront of me. Ive been rejected every single time i had the courage to tell them how i feel. I relaised they don't understand love they dont know how to genuinely care for someone or give a fuck about a fem without thinking about her servicing him or what she should do fro him. Alot of women cook and clean for scrotes, thats what they want in a relationship a maid, a fem to do everything for him while he barely acts like he likes her. Scrotes are the shit of the earth and im tired of them. Sick of how shallow and superficial they are. Even the grotesquely ugly ones feel entitled to hot fems.
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Anonymous 177620

why would any woman with logic want kids?

Anonymous 177621

lol lmao

Anonymous 177622

moid detected

Anonymous 177626

It permanently wrecks your body, your metabolism, and your brain. I hear moms talk about never getting rid of 'pregnancy brain' a lot.

Anonymous 183360

Think the issue is that she wants emotional bonding and family feelings to come first as a priority and foundation, but the guy only cares about sex and nothing else. Your last point stands.


Anonymous 140166[Reply]

I play Valorant, 7 Days, Rimworld, WoW, etc. It’s been hard for me to find other women to play with. The “girl” gaming servers are full of trannies and I don’t want to associate with them. I’ve considered just making my own gaming server, for actual women. I know it won’t be super popular at first, but maybe there’s other women out there who feel the same way I do and just don’t vocalize it. Should I? I hate Discord, but I don't want to play with annoying moids anymore.
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Anonymous 141004

Do NOT post it on Disboard. Trannies will report it and get your server banned.

Anonymous 141007

Yeah I'm really confused why she's doing that. Seems like such a horrible option.

Anonymous 183315

nobody likes larping as a tranny. that gets boring.

Anonymous 183321

pretty sure you are responding to a moid, besides OP said she wants to play with other women, not try and fit in with men.

Anonymous 183335



Genderbent king of the hill Anonymous 174861[Reply]

Someone write me genderbent Queen of The Hill fanfiction rot now
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Anonymous 177712


Why hasn't anyone at least tried to write the fic

so tired of talking about boring trannies

/b needs a new flavor

Anonymous 177935

I can imagine genderbent Peggy (Paul) is the type to overly ham up the “progressive male feminist” persona

Anonymous 182754

How would the ntr stuff with fem!Dale even work?

Anonymous 182761

Because a majority of the posts here are just deleted if it even remotely offends the jannies

Anonymous 183282


I feel like a lot of jokes wouldn't work, like pic related

University of Texa…

College Thread Anonymous 173264[Reply]

Which college are you attending/did you go to?
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Anonymous 176284

You're not quite right, you can get away with being stupid if you have a good work ethic but the reverse is also true. With high intelligence you can get away with doing very little work, you just have to consistently show up and meet the basic standard when it is demanded. You certainly don't have to make flashcards or any such cringe.

Anonymous 176290

I have some personal experience here and it is definitely possible to identify someone posting anonymously about going to a specific college, provided they are running their mouth too much and they were already a recognizable person. But if you're just talking in generalities and not picking fights with posters from the same school, you're fine.

Anonymous 176308

I went to a standard state school (but not UC). I also studied abroad at one of the top universities in Japan for a year but it doesn't mean shit because they accept American students like it's nobody's business kek. I got all easy S's and it boosted by GPA because all of the classes were super easy.

Anonymous 176626

Going to one of the top engineering schools in the US. Holy hell is it both extremely difficult but extremely fun. I fucking love EE. It's so exciting to be handed a difficult problem and be told to figure it out. It feels so amazing to complete tasks that were impossible for me a month ago. Seeing the application of all the interesting math is fucking incredible. I'm just in awe at the sheer number of things to learn, and the creativity and ingenuity of the people before me.

I want to eventually go to grad school, but I'm going to probably work for a few years before doing that. It's also nice knowing that I have a job after I graduate (thanks military industrial complex).

However, I'm also very shy, annoying, mega autistic, and probably quite mentally ill. So I have very few friends, and even fewer people (0) who want to hang out with me on a regular basis. I fear that my inability to form meaningful friendships in college is a forecast for the rest of my life. Even when I'm surrounded with my peers, I can't help but fuck it all up.

Anonymous 183278

I want to attend graduate school but I’m so lost and confused.


Anonymous 183174[Reply]

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Anonymous 183198

Why would this be a bad image? Maybe I'm just dumb but it seems alright to me

Anonymous 183202

You're not dumb. You're just normal. I, however, have been trained by years of imageboard use to see everything and anything, even the most innocuous picture, through goggles of extreme negativity.

Anonymous 183204

im the frog

Anonymous 183262


It's stupid but there are some frog memes that make me feel

Anonymous 183263


part II


AI porn will make moids insane and destroy society Anonymous 182389[Reply]

gen Z moids are incredibly pornsick from simply growing up with the internet, the next generation is going to grow up with Algorithms which create thousands of hyper-realistic pornographic videos tailor made to the changing tastes of an individual. Fetishes incomprehensible now will be created, AGP will look quaint
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Anonymous 182848

they're already insane and society is already destroyed 🤷🏽‍♀️

In any case, the appeal of porn to moids is that it makes women suffer. An AI generated image of a woman isn't sentient and so can't suffer (which makes all the depraved shit they're into no longer arousing, in their minds).

Anonymous 182850

most moids don't like hentai - they like normie shit like anal and bdsm (and the appeal of anal and bdsm is just that they hurt women).

Anonymous 182851

I agree with you, it just gets worse from here. The world is already going to shit.

Anonymous 183257


Anonymous 183259

We're probably like half a decade away from feeding a couple of pictures to an AI and make entire porn videos of that person. I wonder what will happen to the way society sees sex when there's a sex tape of every single person in the world out there


fixing a broken sleeping pattern Anonymous 182362[Reply]

List any and all tips on how to get a good sleeping pattern again, rant if you want to etc

Why is it so hard to have a good sleeping pattern but so easy to have a bad one?
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Anonymous 182793

I've only be able to find two solutions, one is this >>182738 and the other one implies sleeping at whatever hour you usually sleep (doesn't matter if it is something like 5am) and you just set up an alarm early, like 7am or 80am. Yes, you will be very tired, but you have to get up, take breakfast and take a bit of sunlight. Do whatever you need to keep this pattern for a few days, that way your body will start to fix its biological clock. You will probably very tired in those days, but it will be worth it.
After some days you can start waking up a bit later if you want (but I wouldn't recommend going beyond 10am, and even 10am it's pushing it too much) but make sure that you take breakfast and take a bit of sunlight as soon as you wakeup. You can also let the sunlight go through your window, it is the best alarm you can get.
If the alarm sound doesn't wake you up the first days, you can set up multiple alarms in a short span of time. The first times I did it I had like 5 alarms in 10 minutes

Anonymous 183139


turns out sleep deprivation can be used as a temporary treatment for depression. huh, that's a bonus.

by basically doing what >>182738 said, you get the antidepressant benefits but then avoid side effects by sleeping, and hopefully resetting your sleep schedule.

study: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28937707/

Anonymous 183176

Normally I exercise for an hour a day. When I want to fix my sleep schedule I exercise for at least 3 hours in one day so I get tired and knocked out early. I'm also a NEET so I have time to do that.

Anonymous 183216

I get what you mean OP, even when I was a baby I would always have issues with falling asleep. If I had to guess, it would be some combination between genetics and irregular hormones.
If my sleep is really out of whack where I'm going to bed at 5am-6am, I fix it by doing >>182738.

Anonymous 183229

For me the good sleeping pattern created by this only ever lasts about a week, maybe ten days at the very most. It's not that big of a deal in summer when the sun sets late at night, but now that it gets dark at 16:00 (around the time I usually wake up with my shitty sleep pattern) I barely get any sun at all and it is driving me crazy. I hate winter and autumn so fucking much.


Tradwife phenomenon Anonymous 179639[Reply]

How do you feel about the rising popularity of the "tradwife" aesthetic amongst the youth?
58 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 183138

I wouldn't care at all if it were just a thing they liked, but there's always a subset that use it to step on others' rights and preferences. You know, the ones that start swallowing the idea that they shouldn't think or have basic rights because they got a liiiittle carried away with some notions attached to the trend from certain groups. You can choose whether or not you like being a 50s country housewife and still be a human being regardless of preference, and whatever it may be does not give you the right to dictate those preferences to others. For the more chill and rational ones, tradwife away if it makes you happy, my friends. Just make sure it's because it's what you actually want and not something you're doing because someone else convinced you it's what's "proper".

Anonymous 183172

There's more to it than the vintage dresses, retards. You can't separate the style from its connotations.
Even if it was just a thing they like, why do they like it and why specifically them?
It's the visual trappings of domestic female submission and marital inequality, a philosphy we shouldn't spread to the next generation. The misogyny behind the concept spreads with it.

Anonymous 183175


needs mish bride, noze. Mishter easy thread

Anonymous 183193

the knitting to the neo nazi pickmeisha tradwife is real

Anonymous 183197


Are some people just meant to be alone? Anonymous 182822[Reply]

I don't mean romantically. I've been lonely since childhood and if my parents were to pass away I would have no one. People never stick with me. Is it just the way it's meant to be?

Anonymous 183181

I believe if there was a way to instantly meet any of the 8 billion people on Earth irl then eventually you'd find at least one person. But due to geography yes some people are meant to be alone.

Anonymous 183182

>due to geography yes some people are meant to be alone
Yep, especially since immigration laws are harsh. It's only for wealthy people.

Anonymous 183185

>t. not OP but live in the corner of the world map

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