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Cryptocurrency Anonymous 7773[Reply]

Hello, since there isn't a thread and bitcoin is on an INSANE bull run atm, I decided to make a thread for all of us who are into cryptocurrency to discuss things!

I'm not an expert and only got into it this August, I'm currently holding some bitcoin, ethereum, and a few other alts.

I was taking a break from it the last few months due to personal responsibilities but things are getting too insane and I'm basically deciding to put my entire paycheck into it now.

My strategy is to do half in half, putting money into well-established currencies than the rest into alts that are bit riskier. I'm currently in college atm and don't mind losing it all.

Here are the sites I frequent: bitcointalks.org, r/cryptocurrency.

A good beginner guide: https://blockgeeks.com/guides/how-to-invest-in-cryptocurrencies/

When did you get into it?

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Anonymous 30474

any updates from all the long-holders of BTC?

Anonymous 31114

Anonymous 31243

from 3100 to 35xx is not that much desu alts have recently x10 holo, waves, chainlink, quant, ltc all mooned over 100%

Anonymous 31244

continued… use derivitives to set a certain amount to risk and hedge by beting a ratio of each outcome. close position when -15% and increse leverage on the winning position. this way you make money up or down. use robinhood to do the same with stocks.hedged always

Anonymous 31247

i thought only CME offered derivatives (at-least legit liquid ones) on BTC; even then how big is the liquidity/volume on alt-crypto options.


copypasta thread Anonymous 30998[Reply]

see subject. just post your favorite copypastas. i'll start

>we get it you love cock you love the taste of salty sticky semen down your throat you'll do anything to get a dick down your gullet you crave cocksucking you cocksuck every weekend you've made a hobby of it you put cocksucking as one of your abilities down in your cv and then when you get job interviews you don't even take the interview you just slurp on the interviewers penis you love cum you love swallowing semen you want a million men to all cum in a water bottle and then give it to you to drink you love penis penis penis
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Anonymous 31122


Anonymous 31143

Saged, reported, hidden, called the cops, called the fire department, called pizza hut, called the royal Navy, called the red army, called the FBI, called the CIA, called interpol, called the KGB, called the USMC, called the USAF, called the Royal Air Force, called MI6, called Scotland yard, called the national guard, called the NYPD, called the president, called the Queen, called Putin, called the prime minister, called every governor of every US state, called Churchill, as well as Hitler, Stalin, Theodore Roosevelt, George Washington, Montezuma, even Caesar and Gilgamesh, called the US army, called the British army in every era, called every phone sex line, called papa johns, called the coast guard, called my state senators, called every Republican in the US, called Dr. Who, called the pope, called my local gang lords, called the state patrol of every state west of the Mississippi, called all my local news channels, called star fleet, called The Sun, called The National Enquirer, called CNN, called Scot Pelly, called Steven colbert, called half of the Mexican drug cartels, called Nintendo, called the Japanese maratime self defense force, called the head of the Illuminati, called every free mason, called every member of the Bildeburg Group, called my neighbors, called the mayor of every city in France, called the Emperor of Mankind and every school district in Canada.

Anonymous 31239

This is gold

Anonymous 31245

Hi Tyler, this is Stacy from school, remember? It's been a long time, huh? I know last time we met, I rejected you and sorta embarrassed you in front of Chad, Chad Jr, Brad, Josh and Thad. You're such a sweet guy, you know that? I just picked Thad over you cause he was taller and hot! But now I see you're making over 200k/year and I'm tired of working. So Whatdya say, T bear? Wana buy me dinner hehe?…

Anonymous 31246

this is from tyler1's stream and i chuckle every time someone pastes this


Culinary Stuff Anonymous 622[Reply]

Cooking / Baking / Beverage Crafting
Post what you've made, your favorite recipes, stories, and questions here!

>Do you know how to cook? If not, why do you want to learn?

>What's your speciality?
>Which type of food is your favorite?
>What are your cooking goals?
>Do you have professional experience?
>What are some tips you wish you knew sooner?
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Anonymous 28181

I made a pumpkin pie from scratch recently and it tasted good but it was a little watery, the recipe said to boil the pumpkin but I think that made it take on too much water so I'll bake it next time to get it mushy enough to make into puree.

Anonymous 28200


Anonymous 31157

I made this a few weeks ago, it's quite easy and delicious!
Used less oil and had it on toast.

Anonymous 31228

It's simple but so satisfying for how indulgent it can be. I halve the oil/butter amounts and it still comes out fine.

Anonymous 31242


Wish I could have this on nice toast for lunch today. It looks comfy.

Anonymous 25313[Reply]

Hello, until recently I know this place.
I found it looking for an image board exclusively for girls. I thought there was nothing like it.

The point is, I'm creating something similar but in Spanish.

Could you give me some recommendations and advice?

What is elementary to include in my image board?

My intenión is not disturbing or advertise about it.

Thanks, I read you.
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Anonymous 30900


The interface is adorable! I don't speak Spanish so I won't be using it, but I hope your site is successful!

Anonymous 30909

Would there be interest in an international board here?
Or would that fracture the user base too much?

Anonymous 30910

Probably, a niche board on a niche chan is probably a bit much. A general wouldn't be a bad idea.

I seem to remember a /brit/ general some time ago, but I think it got polluted with 4chan types pretty quick. Or maybe it never even happened, I don't remember so good these days.

Anonymous 31234

did your site get raided or something? i bookmarked a thread a while ago but the link doesn't work anymore

Anonymous 31238

It's so cute! The raiding and scrotposting still shows up on the catalog and the frontpage after being deleted though, it must be exausting to moderate but don't give up!


Energy drink thread Anonymous 28945[Reply]

What is your favorite energy drink??

I like redbull and also the blueberry redbull, also the strawberry cream Rockstar.

But my new favorite is the orange flavored NOS. It reminds me of that orange juice rockstar that I quit seeing around 2015/2016, which was my old favorite. I'm not even gonna eat today I'm just gonna get all caloric intake from my new favorite gaymer beverage.
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Anonymous 29369


because caffeine makes me tired and anxious somehow in high dosages

Anonymous 29372

Drinking energy drinks is like drinking soap

Anonymous 29406

monster hamilton

Anonymous 31221

I love the cheapo ones like emerge and boost, I find that they have more flavor

Anonymous 31225


i'm pretty sure most people would think this tastes like diabetes but this is my current favorite


Anonymous 30762[Reply]

Did you had "that" phase in school and if yes, what was it?

Mine was pic rel except shitty and ugly. I try to forget.
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Anonymous 31202

Anonymous 31205

Am I the only directioner? Yes I did waste my time with reading self-insert fanction

Anonymous 31206

Oh god all my elementary school friends were absolutely obsessed with them. I remember the tons of cringy fanfiction pages about them and about Bieber on facebook… ouch

Anonymous 31208

I wasn’t a Directioner but for some reason when I was like 12 I had this extreme Beatles phase so me and these other instagram Beatle fan accounts would harrass the Directioner fan accounts because we all had this intense hatred for them
oh and i read this dramatic Beatles fanfiction where John and Paul fall in love with eachother but John has an affair

Anonymous 31211

Haha, nah, anon. I wasn't a directioner but my friend was super into Larry when we were in our last year of high school. I thought Harry was super cute, and I enjoyed One Thing and What Makes You Beautiful… a lot!

I bought a circa 2012/2013 One Direction tshirt at my school's used clothing sale for a dollar, and I wear it every other week or so. No shame!


Anonymous 30950[Reply]

>Why yes, me and my bf lurk crystal.cafe together! Surely you guys do aswell right?
>Don't tell me you are still single sis!
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Anonymous 31146


i think she's still really attractive, but i understand why she feels some alterations were necessary. she's what, 30 something now? she's losing the girl next door look and needs a new angle.

Anonymous 31148


Anyone who makes the cute chick from Mean Girls look like a nosewipe is automatically Stacy-tier. Plus she was still hot before getting any work done.

Anonymous 31168

she took the bogpill
she has begun her ascension now

Anonymous 31169


Anonymous 31209

>In the near future, the entire world is struck with a bizarre malady which affects every girl between the ages of 14 and 16 years old.

>Victims first experience a period of giddiness called "Near Death Happiness" ("NDH" or 臨死遊戯状態) before expiring. Within minutes of death the victim rises again as a flesh-eating zombie—a "Stacy". These Stacies run amok until they are cut into pieces in an act called a "Repeat-Kill" (再殺).

>The government has organized the poorly trained "Romero Repeat-Kill Troops," who ride around on garbage trucks, ordered to act out the disposal of the Stacies. By law, a Stacy may only be Repeat-Killed by her loved ones or the Romero Repeat Kill Troops.

>Through research, it is discovered that a key to the Stacy phenomenon is the "Butterfly Twinkle Powder" (BTP or 蝶羽状輝徽粉) that accumulates on the Stacies' skin.


ctrl-v thread Anonymous 21529[Reply]

Let's see what's in yall clipboards.

I'll start:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 31137

5′ 5″

Anonymous 31185

Anonymous 31188


>tfw kind of want to play this but don't have weeb friends with a strong enough power level to handle this kind of ironic maid RPG action

Anonymous 31192


wow, anon i've always wanted to play this too but same as yourself, lacked the friends. even have a physical rulebook. my steam handle is alicekitty if any of you would like to add me sometime (though i haven't been too active on steam in a while, lol).

Anonymous 31207

Sorry anon, I don't know who you are on there, there are a few hits for accounts with alicekitty and it looks like none of them own tabletop sim so I don't know what I'm doing wrong.


Reddit? Anonymous 10778[Reply]

Do you use reddit?

If so, which subs do you recommend?

I found myself returning to lurk on r/credibledefense and r/geopolitics quite frequently. Refreshing to see a level of discourse between folks whose consumption of political reporting goes beyond the 24-hour news cycle.
84 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 29997

I think it has more to do with expectations and frequency. Image boards don't have the same posting frequency, or ability to inspect people's histories. I also generally don't expect people to be badshit insane on Reddit, just have a terminal case of the normies.

Anonymous 30002

Sort of but not as much. Like >>29997 said people aren't posting with their usernames attached. It's depressing to see someone talk about how much they hate "roasties" but it's 10x more depressing when they say that, you check their history and they have a newborn daughter. Imageboards don't represent the majority of the population but Reddit on the other hand is one of the most popular websites on the internet. Same with Facebook which is even worse again because men post hateful shit with their REAL names and faces attached and pictures of their daughter/wife/girlfriend on their cover photo. It's the same shit across all websites, it's just varying degrees of anonymity. I don't think Reddit is any less extreme than imagebords tbh.

Anonymous 30003

Ah ok, I see what you two mean.

I don't ever check people's history pages or care to remember usernames, maybe that's why I have a different pov.

Anonymous 31118

/r/Askreddit threads about creepy experiences are my jam, even if they're always the same.

Anonymous 31159

I only go to reddit for r/fatpeoplestories, r/1200isplenty, r/fatlogic, r/animalcrossingPC, and info on Petscop.

I used to like Reddit before it changed to be more advertiser friendly and before I started using 4chan regularly. The subs I’m in regularly deliver what I want out of them, but there is always a healthy dose of cringe on that website.


Pets thread Anonymous 24416[Reply]

Does anon have any pets? Does she have any CATS? Does she pet them and love them?

Post about your pets. And if you have any pictures to share please share them!

I am also excited to see if there are any guinea pig owners, I miss mine. When I have my life sorted out I wanted to build a guinea pig fort just like this English girl on youtube. The only issue is that their is a social dynamic and some might end up bullied and excluded rather than be a hamtaro friendship club.
26 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 30872

cute baby

Anonymous 30873


i don't brush my dogs teeth bc i'm lazy tbh, she gets them cleaned twice every year at her vet and her teeth are always healthy.
but i did use pic related when i first got her and she seemed ok with it.
whatever you do, do NOT use those brush chew treats like greenies.

Anonymous 31057

Oh, what's wrong with greenies?

Anonymous 31110

NTA but

>At one time there were reports that Greenies are bad for dogs and causing them to have many medical issues. It was suggested that the Greenies were not digesting in the pets intestines and were causing obstructions.

>It was causing pet owners a lot of money for a vet to perform surgery to remove the blockages. Some of the pets were reported to have died after eating the original formula of these dental chews.
>The makers of Greenies had to recall the products so there was less of a chance that pets would come into contact with them. Since the Greenies recall, the makers have developed a new formula to make the chews more digestible.

Anonymous 31120

i get generic dental chews from petsmart for my rats because they're hard enough to pose a challenge and they like slowly nibbling on it

should i be concerned? rats can't throw up

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