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/int/ thread Anonymous 102467[Reply]

Can we get a thread going where we discuss about where we're all from? I wanna hear about your cities, countries or cultures. :D

Ignore the peepo, I am not Romanian.
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Anonymous 120414

jeg vil ha skandinaviske venninner :(((
wææ dette er for en måned siden
noen andre norske her?

Anonymous 120422

> Dubai? Oil sheikh, "influencer" (parasite), slave, and… yeah, that's pretty much it.
Kek at this accuracy.

Anonymous 120426

trodde jeg var den eneste norske here lololol

The official language per da roolz is english, so you may want to stick to that

Anonymous 120438

A lof of Swedish men are incels

Anonymous 120445


Same goes for any country
Ahh, same. He really doesn't look like that anymore, but he's still funny as hell.


copypasta thread Anonymous 30998[Reply]

see subject. just post your favorite copypastas. i'll start

>we get it you love cock you love the taste of salty sticky semen down your throat you'll do anything to get a dick down your gullet you crave cocksucking you cocksuck every weekend you've made a hobby of it you put cocksucking as one of your abilities down in your cv and then when you get job interviews you don't even take the interview you just slurp on the interviewers penis you love cum you love swallowing semen you want a million men to all cum in a water bottle and then give it to you to drink you love penis penis penis
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Anonymous 117966

I am attracted to Ryan Reynolds, but only because I feel like I could make him cry if I pushed him.

Anonymous 117967

probably not the one youre thinking of but still funny

I hate women and I'm not gay. I feel that the penis is the superior sexual organ, I like the way it looks, vaginas are weird looking. I wouldn't have sex with a man because I'm not gay but I get why gays are so turned on by other men.

Anonymous 117993


go away megayman

Anonymous 120245

How does it feel to be completly humiliated on a public forum? Yes, you fell for my trick, and yes, there are many more to come, BUT, don't fear yet. O realize this run in with a 'troll' like me will negatively impact your standing here, but you can always recover. It may take time, people may often bring up this hilarious hiccup on your end from time to time, but time will soon extinguish the flames I've set upon you in the virtual battlefield.

You have been trolled. You feel for my internet trick. I do want you to come to terms with this reality and start the recovery process, because while I am completely ruthless with my victims, I wish them the best on their way back up. I have no regrets in the choice I made, and I'll soon see how much impact it held on your career reputation on this website. Good luck moving on friend.

Anonymous 120425

based cypherpunk


Are there any secrets to finding out if a guy is hung before seeing him naked? Anonymous 120341[Reply]

I prefer much more well-endowed men (7" and thick and up) and smaller men just can't do it for me. I've been disappointed bringing back cute guys only to see they are a waste of time.

I've checked bulges but that's not always reliable. I've been in clubs and gotten a quick feel dancing but that's not reliable either.

I heard height and penis size are linked, but I'm not sure if that's true.I know really fit guys are bigger so that helps. Is asking for a shoe size too obvious, or is there something else I need to know?

Please share your secrets!!!

Anonymous 120347

Skinny bigskull

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 120354

Moved to >>>/nsfw/6849.


Men are allowed ro masturbate, but women are prohibited to menstruate. Anonymous 116088[Reply]

A booth called ''GuyFi'' was set to allow men to watch porn and masturbate in peace, inside of it, while the booth is constructed on the street.
But an add promoting period underwear was banned for showing a fruit and saying that a period is shed uterine lining.
So men can do perverted things that are not biological needs they can't stop inside a booth, but it's forbidden for women to advertise a product for something organic and normal? Only because some men found it gross? This is trully a clown world.

(Sorry if such posts aren't allowed, don't ban me I've read the rules)
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Anonymous 120209

Yea I say it to all the outrage porn posts. We have dedicated threads for this, we dont need to post more.

Anonymous 120259

You type like a 4chan moid refugee.

Anonymous 120265

that’s because he is. not like the mods seem to care tho.

Anonymous 120268

Yeah exactly

Anonymous 120270

Mods care just wait. They are quicker to delete threads b/c they’re more glaring and obvious


Anonymous 116372[Reply]

i hate the internet and agree with kaczynski.
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Anonymous 119271

technology and internet were cool when its development wasn't slowered down because of capitalism

Anonymous 119279

Reminder that he was a murderer. And even if he wasn’t, he blamed women for everything.

Anonymous 119371

Not OP but, I have never read his manifesto so I didn't know he blamed women specifically. I thought he blamed civilization or something like that?

Anonymous 119545

He didn't blame women don't believe the retard. He was however an incel who almost toon out.

Anonymous 120208

From the "notes" section:
>Feminists are desperately anxious to
prove that women are as strong as capable as
men. Clearly they are nagged by a fear that
women may NOT be as strong and as capable
as men.

>Many leftists have an intense

identification with the problems of groups
that have an image of being weak (women),
defeated (American Indians), repellent
(homosexuals), or otherwise inferior. The
leftists themselves feel that these groups are
inferior. They would never admit it to
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Pet Thread Anonymous 77355[Reply]

Send your pets!
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Anonymous 120113

Christmas kitty.JP…

Anonymous 120114

Loki 1.JPG

Last one for now

Anonymous 120120

what a good girl. 10 years is quite a milestone, i hope she makes it to 20 with you!! my oldest cat made it to 21, so I'm sure with proper care you'll be spending a good long time with her. <3

Anonymous 120142

Loki 2.JPG

Thanks <3
My mom's old cat lived to 18 and she was an outdoor. Mine is an indoor so I'm sure she'll live a long time.

Anonymous 120237

love her and im not even a cat person


Half-Life 2 bubblegum Anonymous 119435[Reply]

Would you eat that?

Anonymous 119436



Anonymous 119440

what do they taste of

Anonymous 119452

Only if Half Life sound effects play as I chew it

Anonymous 119467

Don't shoot! I'm with the science team!

Anonymous 120133

gordon freeman.jpg

i'd eat gordon freeman's ass

on-topic though, yes.


niche interests/ hyperfixations Anonymous 118191[Reply]

post about your weirdly specific, obscure hyperfixations
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Anonymous 120024

>be into obscure thing since age 5 or 6
>incapable of finding anyone else who actually likes it as an interest, just information about it existing
>no clubs, subreddits, any kind of group whatsoever
>it's just considered a thing that exists. not something to be into
>one day find a discord server dedicated to it
>holy shit!
>lurk for a while
>tfw it's full of trannies and discussion is extremely permeated with shit like mods declaring new genders
>watch as 13 year old boy who joins is bullied and subsequently groomed into saying he's a girl
I don't want to say what it is, because I'm paranoid that someone will be able to identify me by it. but damn

Anonymous 120032

god i hate discord for this. i wonder what your interest could possibly be if that is the crowd that also enjoys it.

Anonymous 120043

It's a niche field of mathematics
The only other people I've seen who are into it are like 3 old men who are professors

Anonymous 120130

Nuclear radiation, nuclear reactors, nuclear weapons. Anything involving highly radioactive materials and nuclear reactions. The sheer power, the god-like hubris, of humanity's ability to harness literal atoms, the building blocks of our universe, and use them for both mass energy generation and mass destruction… the gravity and magnificence of such an accomplishment is unutterable.

I mostly just watch YouTube videos on nuclear science and read particle physics textbooks. It makes me sound smart but people don't really care about hearing it besides the surface-level novelty of the subject. I don't know nearly everything about the field, not by any means, but I just want to talk about the intricacies of nuclear reactor designs with somebody. It makes me so happy.

Anonymous 120132

>niche field of mathematics
>since age 5
When I was 5, I couldn't count to a hundred.


Anonymous 118517[Reply]

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Anonymous 118794

They get made fun of as well.

Anonymous 118795

This. Really the only thing she did wrong was making it public.
She's pretty based though, doing whatever makes her happy without hurting others (and it doesn't look like she's hurting herself either, even if people say it's "delusional").

Anonymous 118832

it’s probably crossboarders from /lc/, you know, they actively engage in that stuff.

Anonymous 118876

clearly not enough if they’re in vast larger quantities and significantly worst than the woman from the op

Anonymous 120131


extremely patrician taste


Anonymous 109392[Reply]

What's the single worst trait a person can have?
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Anonymous 119799

Auming the worst out of people, at least individualy

Anonymous 119887

Intentional lying for personal gain/avoiding conflict. Remaining silent is fine, but out right lying is pathetic.

Anonymous 119889


Anonymous 119898

Why are you on this website if you hate autists

Anonymous 120116

What do you think about the alternative school of thought that the opposite of pride is humility? Do you think it's possible to be the gracious and humble saint that is so often portrayed as a human ideal, while also taking confidence in what you do? Or is that an impossible goal, and humility necessitates a minimizing of oneself that shows low self-esteem?

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