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quest Anonymous 222104[Reply]

nonas, go grab a Switch cartridge and lick the black plastic, report back with your findings. full restaurant level review of the flavor, please.

(don't spoil this for others if you already know what happens. also it's not dangerous, these things are meant to be safe if a literal toddler swallows one)
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Anonymous 222477

Idk, I haven't bought a new game for a long time.

Anonymous 222479

Is this real? They were spicy to keep kids from eating them?

Anonymous 222481

Bitter so bitter and gross

Anonymous 222538

I hadn't done this in a while.
it's really disgusting

Anonymous 226254

it tastes like evaporated soap


accountability thread Anonymous 181390[Reply]

Post long-term or short-term goals you have so other nonas can keep you accountable. Updates, honesty, and kindness are encouraged.
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Anonymous 220954

Goals for this week:
>anki every day
>open novel and try to read every day
>do one digital drawing
>practice a song for karaoke

Anonymous 221338

I met all my goals this week!! I kind of cheated in that my digital drawing was done on a trackpad on ms paint during work but honestly that's enough for me.

Goals for this weekend:
>do the sketch for a drawing idea I posted about
>get clothes put away in the closet

Goals for this week:
>anki every day
>open novel and try to read every day
>do one digital drawing
>practice a song for karaoke

Anonymous 222740

The only goal I met was improving a lot on my karaoke song. I also started on a second, harder song.

Goals for this week:
>put away clothes
>anki every day
>draw 3 times even if you have to do it on your lunch break
>improve on 2nd karaoke song

Anonymous 226168

>Study - 30 min/day
>Exercise - 15 min/3x week
>Write journal - 1/week
>Start organizing time management
>Meditate - 10 min/2x week

Anonymous 226249

only good post itt


Is he /ourguy/? Anonymous 223299[Reply]

Anonymous 223300


>Loves mining

Anonymous 223302

No, thanks. I hate minecraft.

Anonymous 223308

And beards.

Anonymous 223312

its not a beard its a smiley face and i dont care what anyone says

Anonymous 226245

>Loves miners
girl do i have bad news for you

why is she carrying a diamond ore?


Women in STEM Anonymous 179822[Reply]

I work as a programmer and the last time I saw another female programmer was all the way back in uni. Where did they all go? In every single job that I had so far I was the only woman in there. My coworkers have been nice so far but it feels kinda awkward.
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Anonymous 225329

is it worth it to pursue a degree in computer science or something if im lost on what to do? i want a job i can do remotely as im not good with people. im sick of working minimum wage jobs. i like art but i have no desire to be an artist's artist, so i was considering maybe something that incorporates design and technology?

Anonymous 225331

Getting a degree will help you get jobs. It would be best to get a job in your degree if you can. Try doing an internship.

Anonymous 225392

Is it really true that CS majors can earn as much as three figures starting fresh out of college???

Anonymous 225463

6 figs, but basically just if you work in big tech or a big city. Entry level is at the very top.

Anonymous 226243

I graduated in 2014 and have made a very successful career for myself. Everything you're saying is true but you can make it work for you. Dress hot and have fun emasculating men when you show them you're a better coder. It's fun.

ponko alpha.png

Anonymous 225693[Reply]

Ponko to the front page!
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Anonymous 226048

eeeh lolicringe
but ok

Anonymous 226089

you can do it ponko we believe in you

Anonymous 226175


Anonymous 226193

I like Ponko too!

Anonymous 226210

keep up the good work porko


Places Like Crystal Cafe Anonymous 221488[Reply]

I'm relatively new to imageboards and crystal cafe and wanted to know if there are any similar websites made for women. Also, I mostly lurk and this is my first post so hello fellow nonas!
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Anonymous 224750

everywhere? you get banned for being an xy, or announcing it/strongly alluding to it.

Anonymous 224757

be careful who you give information to ITT

that website has the same problems the left has irl, the left havent been women spaces for more than 60 years now, its just mentally ill men.

Anonymous 224765

There arent any

Anonymous 225112

Some Fedi instances, like

Anonymous 226128

There was PULL but it went down a couple years ago.. I think there are some splinter sites and even a discord though


Men who have hit the wall Anonymous 211493[Reply]

Let’s discuss men who aged like shit. What age do men start hitting the wall?
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Anonymous 226095

I don't really agree with the independence part. I think the world is hard for people and alcohol abuse is an easy vice to fall into. It's glamorized in the media and easy to access.

I don't agree that porn is necessarily bad in of itself either.

Anonymous 226096

ok scrote apologist…

Anonymous 226104

Your points about alcohol and independence contradict each other.
One of the biggest lies we are told is that males are biologically predisposed to be "independent." Nothing could be further from the truth. Men require association with stable, small bands of other men more than anyone is willing to admit. This includes women who are willing to admit the general inferiority of the male species, for example the "how to raise boy" thread involves half the users talking about how to isolate him from the influence of male peers as though that would have a positive outcome. It is impossible to describe the depth of scrote dependence to anyone who hasn't witnessed it destroy a family member. The ease with which scrotes fall into alcohol and the near-impossibility of pulling themselves out without such a supportive small male band such as AA demonstrates their lack of genuine independence.
The earliest formulation of "the black pill" that I ever saw was "there is no individual solution to systemic problems." This is now instead described by "blackpilled" scrotes as "women like good looking men and you need to lift weights and lie about your salary or height to attract one," or "society might collapse so lift weights and buy guns for yourself so you can have happy funtime adventures as an individual despite systemic problems increasing." Because they're cowards, and because the "independence" and "individualism" of the scrote amounts to taking the support of an entire social system and environment for granted out of typical scrote entitlement. The miniscule dose of reality offered by that older version of the blackpill that said adopting a lifestyle will not inherently make that lifestyle supportable e.g. "learn to code" has been fled from, wholesale, a full retreat that in utter moral cowardice is announced as personal victory.

Anonymous 226162

>the right one
Imagine this is the face he makes while cumming lmao.

Anonymous 226198

This is one of the reasons why I love CC. These intense, philosophical, and psychological takes stimulate the neurons in my brain. It's like you nonas can explain everything.


Anonymous 23539[Reply]

The chances are very slim but, anyone from Iceland here ?
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Anonymous 23675

23, reykjavík, þetta er nafnlaust myndarborð anon hvað ertu að spá?

Anonymous 23676

I Wouldn't recommend it Iceland is very expensive
don't be it's mostly just Instagram jelousy I bet she was driving during most of the time.

Anonymous 23677

I'm from Iceland. Assumed I was the only one from here on this board lol

Anonymous 23681

that's a really cute d

Anonymous 23685

>Eth (/ɛð/, uppercase: Ð, lowercase: ð; also spelled edh or eð) is a letter used in Old English, Middle English, Icelandic, Faroese (in which it is called edd), and Elfdalian. It was also used in Scandinavia during the Middle Ages but was subsequently replaced with dh and later d. It is often transliterated as d (and d- is rarely used as a mnemonic). The lowercase version has been adopted to represent a voiced dental fricative in the International Phonetic Alphabet.
>In Old English, ð (called ðæt by the Anglo-Saxons) was used interchangeably with þ to represent the Old English dental fricative phoneme /θ/, which exists in modern English phonology as the voiced and voiceless dental fricatives now spelled "th".
>The lowercase version has retained the curved shape of a medieval scribe's d, which d itself in general has not. ð was used throughout the Anglo-Saxon era but gradually fell out of use in Middle English, practically disappearing altogether by 1300; þ survived longer, ultimately being replaced by the digraph th.
>In Icelandic, ð represents a voiced dental fricative [ð], similar to the th in English that, but it never appears as the first letter of a word, where þ is used in its stead. The name of the letter is pronounced in isolation (and before words beginning with a voiceless consonant) as [ɛθ] and therefore with a voiceless rather than voiced fricative.

images (1) (6).jpe…

I hate everyting Anonymous 223146[Reply]

I just had a massive period leak (even though I was wearing some really large pads, I just have been sitting for a long time) and I'm pretty sure everyone saw it while I was leaving the class, kinda caught some boys laughing while I was closing the door and now I'm crying at the bus stop. What do I do the next time I see them? (I can get away with violence but only to some degree)
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Anonymous 224401

nothing can convince me to wear tampons kek

Anonymous 224435

You can always do some kegels to keep the muscles of the pelvic floor tight to prevent prolapse.

Anonymous 226154

It’s okay, i think every girl has had a period leakage in their lifetime. To those who laughed at you, fuckem

Anonymous 226157

Late, but I wear a the biggest long overnight with wings then place a small (quality brand) panty liner in the middle. I find the liner soaks up the majority of the blood. At night I make sure to sleep on my side and add an extra safeguard of a small bit of toilet paper over the liner.
Wearing some sort of compression (tights, short leggings, probably even boxer briefs) over underwear also helps keep everything in place for the first few days.
Hope this helps! I'd give it a 90% leakproof rating. Had one freak accident last fall but I wasn't doing everything in my plan.

Anonymous 226164

There are panties made for menstruation. Lots of them are made in Japan

unnamed (14).gif

*~ Happy New Year: 2018 edition ~* Anonymous 6916[Reply]

December isn't that far, which means 2018 is coming, miners.

♡ How did 2017 treat you? Was it a good, bad, or meh year?

♡ Is there anything important you still want to do before 2017 ends?

♡ Did anything life changing happen? Did you reach any milestones?

♡ Do you have plans and goals for 2018?

I'm a bit early, I know. But I'm excited for New Year's (for once!)
95 posts and 26 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 18232

the thing is that i don't have a good reason to go out these days. even when there's an opportunity like, 'hmm it's friday night, maybe i should go to a bar or something' then I end up talking myself out of it because I don't want to waste the money on gas, parking and drinks with the possibility that i'll just go home drunk and depressed.
i did try going to a couple of subculture events when i first got here but tbh even the other girls that i interacted with seemed more interested in discussing relationship issues revolving around people that i didn't know, or spending time with their respective significant others, than they were interested in making friends. Even the ones who seemed nice were there to spend time with their pre-existing friends, not to make new ones. it's not like i was a shrinking violet before now, but i guess i'm out of practice.

And to be fair, I think that the feeling that all I can offer is sex is more to do with my own insecurities than it is to do with his. I have a very low sex drive and his is crazy high–like as soon as I come over, he wants to fuck. And he's willing to spend time with me afterwards doing all the stereotypical boyfriend activities like cuddling, watching a movie, listening to me complain, whatever, but sometimes I wonder if he's inviting me over just to 'fool around' because he's horny and the rest of it is only to make me complacent. But if I don't comply, then I worry that he's going to break up with me and I'll be lonely again and heartbroken to boot. i realize that probably sounds paranoid af but it seriously bothers me to the point that i've ended up crying on the drive over because these horrible doubts and suspicions are following me the entire time.

Anonymous Moderator 18233

Stop fighting, please.

Anonymous 18236

No. The "report me and see what happens". I'm getting the vibe you can't exactly take reports like a regular anon. Like you've got some edge over everyone else that you'll utilise for your own benefit. Hence, you do it for free. You know what that phrase means. Right?
Bars are never a good place to meet people. You should bother with people you meet in day-to-day life. Just start talking to them. If you come to like them enough, you can try talking them into meeting together, and yes your bf is probably just using you for fooling around. That relationship is definitely not one of permanence, so it's best you don't get too attached or you'll be very hurt by his leave. You should never "put out" so easily. It leaves you very vulnerable, because if the right man gets what he wants, he'll leave as soon as he can't get it. The right one will never leave over that.

Anonymous 18237

'report me and see what happens' means that if you suspect someone is a male, report them and let the moderators do their job instead of trying to discredit the person who disagrees with you like, 'you must be a boy because you care about evidence'
i'm trying to get this train back on track and you're not helping.

you're right in that bars aren't great places to meet new people, but i honestly don't go out on a daily basis unless it's to the grocery store or to the gym. Grocery store doesn't feel like there's a good way to start a non-awkward conversation when people are just there to get their food and go home, and at the gym, I'm focused on exercising instead of socializing. I tend to assume that other people are like me and don't want to be bothered when they're working out. Even if I did, I don't see the same people there often enough to be able to form a rapport with them and decide whether to move it on to a real friendship.
re: boyfriend: tbh I have a feeling it's just that I have a very hard time trusting men in general. I was with a guy for two years and I thought that he was 'the right one'–I introduced him to my parents, he introduced me to his, we lived together, he respected it when I said I wasn't in the mood for sex–it turns out that he cheated on me for eight months before I found out, because I guess he figured that if I wouldn't give him sex whenever he wanted, he'd find someone else who would. So the real concern is that the way I worry about my current relationship is based on my own hang-ups and fears instead of being his fault. We've been dating for about 3-4 months and he's only recently started to tell me that he loves me, which was heart-warming to hear for the first time, so I don't want to give up completely just because our libidos aren't in sync and I'm overthinking this or being paranoid.

Anonymous 18238

Guys, take it to another thread. Stop derailing this one.

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