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Anonymous 66347[Reply]

Post images with a positive aura that help you calm down
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Anonymous 66350


Anonymous 66352

This should be moved to /img/

Anonymous 66353

Yeah, it probably should. sorry

Anonymous 66356


It's okay!
A bit of a contribution in the meantime

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 66368

Moved to >>>/img/8342.


Good places on the internet? Anonymous 64731[Reply]

Taking a gap year after hs to (hopefully) get my mental health together and i wanna browse more varied places on the internet. I swore off of 4chan and reddit and lolcow and cc are too slow. where else do you go miners?
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Anonymous 64927

been looking for new places too

Not sure how people find these communities

Anonymous 64985

you just lurk moar anon. if you spend enough time on the internet, you'd find niche sites

Anonymous 66316

I'm in the same boat. Do you anons know a site who is not filled of toxic anons nitpicking and insulting every single thing with an addiction to infighting, but isn't even filled of twitterfags cyberpolicing everything? Just a middle ground I guess. I had a bad experience on a lc discord server where I realized how toxic the people there can really be so I don't really feel like browsing it anymore lol.

Anonymous 66329


The real image board is real life

Anonymous 66331

there is asherah's garden but it is slow

Color Photos of Lo…

Decaying happiness and what the 60's were Anonymous 12222[Reply]

I watched the Manson family documentary and what really stood out to me when I watched it and other videos from that era was the seemingly positive minds people had.

Why do you think we don't have that positive outlook anymore ?
I mean sure, things are always happening, but they always did. Why has that decreased drastically ?
Or is it just something we see about the 60's that we can't verify since we weren't living in that time ?

I really wonder what you think about it.
I'm not from the US and don't really know what it was like there as well and only have a way it was shown through the media.
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Anonymous 66214


I think 80s/90s was the last happy era, at least if you live in western country. I definitely feel like this century world has become much more depressing with internet and all the polarization and constant bad news and fear of the future. It's awful to think I will never see a happy age in my lifetime.

Anonymous 66217

Why is the dude on the right carrying a baby fox in his arms

Anonymous 66240

I think it might be a dog?

Anonymous 66297

Due to the current interconnectivity people tend to feel insignificant. It isnt a small world where you have great impact anymore.

Anonymous 66311

>Why do you think we don't have that positive outlook anymore ?

Economy wasn't destroyed yet, acid was still cheap and easy to find.


Anonymous 48540[Reply]

friendly reminder
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Anonymous 60960

Funny thing is that not using a penis leads to atrophy so moids who don’t fuck are the ones with shriveled penii.

Anonymous 60980

There are no muscles in the penis.

Anonymous 61142

Lol where did you get that from?

Anonymous 61318

Look it up, it’s called disuse atrophy and there are plenty of sources that confirm.


Anonymous 66247


literally the exact same thing
sorry for bad english


i cant stop wanting a pic related bf Anonymous 44789[Reply]

but i feel to ugly to get one

but i cant get over how qt havin a white bf would be
i cant compremise reeeeeeee

how hard is to get pic related?


no im not hybri or a polfag ,i would never date someone who hurts others
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Anonymous 56597


There are significant differences imho. Thanks!It's nice to find some girls to talk about this. Of course I want my kids to have the same hair colour as mine, but I'd give more importance to the eye colour. My mother has dark brown hair and it didn't stop me to inherit my father's hair. Obviously it's not a thing a parent can predict.
You see, the Iberian Peninsula (where Spain and Portugal are) was initially inhabited by certain peoples (Iberians in the east and south, Celts in the north and west), who were later invaded and ruled by Romans, who would also be dominated by Goths, then the Muslims came and stayed for some centuries, ruling over all that population that started out as a typical mix of indoeuropean people (the Basques are pre-indoeuropean and suffered much less mixture and had maintained their lenguage alive until now) whose lenguages was changed for latin by the Roman Empire. The Goths adapted to this and had fewer impact over the lenguage. One could argue wether or not some of the tribes named above arrived at the peninsula to stay as masters or to also bring enough people in order to mix. I've I'm not mistaken, there's significant amounts of Roman blood, less of Goth and lesser of Muslim (and Jewish). And why? Because these two groups had a different religion, and mixing wasn't that easy back in those days. So when Muslims and Jews got expelled of the peninsula (a long process), there remained fewer people with such ancestry. The Iberian and Celts didn't look like Germanic tribes, obviously, most of them probably had brown hair, but that's a physical trait that shouldn't be mistaken for African ancestry.

Nowdays there's Spanish people that just by the looks you can tell they have a significant amount of Arab ancestry (surnames could be misleading sometimes). Some people, including myself, have noticed that these people tend to go extreme when it comes to politics and they do this as a major cope. The ones that go to the right because of insecurity and the ones that go to the left because they see it as some sort of cool diversity that would justify bringing migrants.

Pic related is your typical ''right-wing'' wealthy Spanish girl with a bracelet of the flag of Spain. Would you consider her med or Arab-looking? It is said that the rich mixed way more with the invaders to maintain theiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 56602

can someone please make a collage of serial killers???
like we are all fucked up here and have raw feelings for fucked up guys heart eyes

Anonymous 56608

Please seek help. This is why women end up being unhappy and murdered.

Anonymous 56758

ew if ulike fat uggos go on r9k

Anonymous 66237

i said imnot hybri or into pollshit


/neetgen/ - NEET General Anonymous 55098[Reply]

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Anonymous 63932

Same here. I stopped being active in my creative hobbies to refresh the same boring sites every day and daydream about the projects I could be doing if I didn't live in a small isolated town.

Now I obsessively read lolcow, ONTD, and Reddit comments and don't do much else at all.

Anonymous 63979

Only when I'm incredibly stressed and coping.

Anonymous 64017

This happens to me too. I have no interest in dating irl but I somehow end up reading forums and threads about relationships and things like divorce. Also I constantly just google random thoughts that come into my head to see if other people have anything to say about it. I wish I could spend my time researching things I'm actually interested in but I guess that would require more mental effort to engage with it and doing this almost replaces a social life as you mentioned. All I can say is try to recognize when you're doing it and gather the strength to get off the computer and do something else.

Anonymous 64231

Anonymous 66236

I haven't been outside in 2 years and I don't think I'm going to get better anytime soon. I wish I had a shut in friend who's in the same boat to share feels with. Exchange music, anime/mangas, tv shows/movies or talk about and share opinions about everything really. I think internet's toxicity is getting to me and I don't know what to do.


Anonymous 66005[Reply]

Does it really matter if my first bf isn't a virgin?
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Anonymous 66160


Anonymous 66197

Considering the perceived stigma against male virginity, I think most men wouldn’t mention their experience until after the couple falls in love.

Anonymous 66202

my ex bf told me he was a kissless virgin with we met only after we broke up. we dated for 2 years. he had a made up story about losing his virginity. it was an embarrassing one, so no one doubted him, i believed him too.

Anonymous 66203

I guess it’s okay if he’s a virgin, but I’d be cautious about being a guy’s first long-term gf. I feel like guys’ first relationships, or just first relationships in general never really last and work more as a learning experience.

Anonymous 66221


As long as you don't get deadly STDs like AIDS and he doesn't sleep around like a typical fuckboy.
But if you're worried about purity or something related to that, then you should be able to date an Amish guy or something since most men are not pure whatsoever–even if they're virgins.


why do you guys still date men Anonymous 64699[Reply]

dont talk to that discord eboy my anons, i'll pray for you.
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Anonymous 65831

>gender critical
GCs are dick worshipping libtards who just don't like trans people. I think you're mixing stuff up.

Anonymous 65865

I dunno. There were a bunch of links to stuff like r/NameTheProblem on that subreddit

Anonymous 65869

Or chrishop

Anonymous 65872

Why was GC banned again?

Anonymous 65890

Reddit mods sucking tranny dick by banning or making private all TERF and female-only spaces subs, leaving behind r/FDS alone despite their implicit TERFness.


Anonymous 65317[Reply]

Matchmaking is a fucking cringe

I live in a shithole village in southeastern Poland and my mum decided to find me a husband. She chose her friend's son. He was in my class in primary school but that was 12 years ago and even then we didn't know each other very well and hardly ever talked to each other. I'm a jobless, uneducated shit, i didn't finnish my school and lost my job 3 months ago due to the crisis, and he is quite wealthy because he works as an engineer. My mum forced me to take on my best dress and visit him, our mothers then forced us to spend an hour in his room talking. He was as confused as I was and we both was happy when it was over. The worst of all is that my mother thinks that her matchmaking intrigue is succesful and we fancy each other.

This shit should not be legal
80 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 66122

Sounds perfectly in line with most of the relationships the posters on this site having.

Anonymous 66124

Same. I stopped believing this thread was real after OP responded with the most retarded fantasy ass fake shit ever.

Pics or didnt happen.

Anonymous 66136

Big and adorable if true.

Anonymous 66168


>sugerowanie że to się zdarzyło

Anonymous 66174

Yo OP, post a pic of your injured leg.


Anonymous 55041[Reply]

can we do a vocaroo thread? i just want to hear voices that aren't in my head
15 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 58964

this is something i didnt think id need to hear in my life, also great asmr voice

Anonymous 58972

Are you actual Japanese or just a weeb? I can’t tell the difference but to me you sound like a real nippon

Anonymous 58973

Can someone do the Burger King foot lettuce monologue

Anonymous 66154

im too lazy to do the whole thing

Anonymous 66307

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