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Kiwi Farms Thread Anonymous 156200[Reply]

LC doesn't work atm so I thought we could have a thread here.


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Anonymous 252719


The results are out!

Anonymous 252720

can we make this poll for CC users?

Anonymous 252790


It's time for TLFJD (Total LFJ Death)!

Anonymous 252791


Anonymous 252797


YES! it's always a matter of time before these fools overreach!


ops nona’s? Anonymous 252703[Reply]

moid reposted this, hating on it. fucking scrotes will never get it


Anonymous 252705

what did they hate about this?

Anonymous 252709

wdym? Moids hate anything where women talk honestly about their struggles and mistreatment.

Anonymous 252713

A lot of things about motherhood are unpleasant and annoying, you either push yourself to become more patient to grow into the role of being a good mom or you drown under the pressure of your new responsibilities bevause you resent your situation and your children suffer for it.

Anonymous 252715

I don't get it, why are they going ape over this? It's just a woman talking about motherhood and trauma

Anonymous 252784

>someone is wrong on the Internet
has become
>someone reposted wrong on the Internet


Men who have hit the wall Anonymous 211493[Reply]

Let’s discuss men who aged like shit. What age do men start hitting the wall?
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Anonymous 250059

Men go bald because of misogyny ultimately. The treatment is available, it's called Finasteride and only has less than 5% side effect chance. But they think they will turn into giant pussies by suppressing DHT production (which is different from test), and go bald

Anonymous 250174


Anonymous 250380

what the fuck no way theyre the same person

Anonymous 250384

Jesus fuck I hate facial hair

Anonymous 252363

hello /fit/


BIO CHAN thread #3 Anonymous 237226[Reply]

Previous thread:
Thread for posting your artworks, memes and general OC for Bio chan.
>Who is Bio chan?
She is a terf character often represented by wearing a science coat and with DNA-like hair that likes to remind trannies that they will never be their desired oposite sex. Bio chan as in "Biology chan": reminding troons of their inherent and inescapable biology. Her personnality changes based on the artist because she isn't fully established yet. If there are little tweaks and things you want to change/add feel free! There are currently 2 designs for Bio chan: one labelled GNC (with shorter hair as seen in in picrel) and one who isn't (with long pigtails and more traditionally femenine appearance). Feel free to draw either.
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Anonymous 251376

kek moment !! I love those meme art with bio chan truly the best gg

Anonymous 251442

someone make bio chan a vtuber anti tranny and men

Anonymous 251499


sketch from a few months ago that i forgot about

Anonymous 251542

I love it!! She’s so cool!
I’d love that so much, I hate vtubers because usually they are pedopanderers, so this would be a great idea and I would watch her every day.

Anonymous 251607

very much true unfortunatly, i wish they could have done a better thing with this concept. RIP.


Anonymous 252378[Reply]

imageboards (in general) are starting to become boring and stale… what happened?
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Anonymous 252559

Schizoids and Bipolars

Anonymous 252561

well apparently imageboards aren't "in the norm"
so "non normals" flock to them moreso than soc media

Anonymous 252614

>what happened?

Anonymous 252616

yeah, lolita threads are noticeably shallower and discussion of most other j-fashions has vanished. In the past there were more tutorial threads but now you can get that info easier anywhere else so dubious activity (coomer threads, gossip/trashtalking) are what's left.
>I think in general, imageboards have just become a place for people that fall through the cracks
It's not just me who feels like it used to be less of an outsider thing, right? It used to be that it wasn't be so weird if your slightly edgier/nerdier but otherwise reasonable friend used 4chan, but now normies see it as borderline dark web. On /cgl/ there's the concern of getting outed by your cosplay/fashion community so people are more aloof and hold back from original content.
It disappoints me because I love anonymous posting but IBs are full of unhinged people, and mainstream social media is full of crazies in a different way.

Anonymous 252626

Huh that board is gross.
The ita threads in particular felt like creepy vendetta and mocking fat girls like any creepy moid. There was even a convo with people thinking that if a person ever gained some pounds their beauty is ruined forever lol typical moid talking points

Screen Shot.png

Can we have a desktop thread? Anonymous 11882[Reply]

Well, I figured since some of you came from lainchan a desktop thread wouldn't be a bad idea I guess?
Just post your desktop as it is right now (or in a way you wouldn't mind people seeing it lol).
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Anonymous 251461

what does it say?

Anonymous 251466


From a volleyball anime titled Haikyuu.

Anonymous 252101


i still configure it

Anonymous 252426


Nice bait, but I can tell you're not a troon from your choice of shell :)

Anonymous 252500


I encourage anyone to have their husbando on their wallpaper. Extremely comfy


MOST favorite animals Anonymous 228179[Reply]

Post your MOST favorite animals. EPAULETTE SHARKS are GOOD creatures, and AREN'T loved ENOUGH.
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Anonymous 251532


SAME. I love them. Older pongos too…

Anonymous 251579

How can you like these?.. They look so uncanny, especially the one you posted

Anonymous 251594

That's rude. I'm sure you look uncanny to them too.

Anonymous 251850

Anonymous 252439

>>229042 agreed nona, I love watching the orangutan jungle school series, they're absolutely adorable.


doomer girls general Anonymous 248962[Reply]

For female "doomers" who are tired of the male-dominated environment of the label as it currently is.

>Age and (general) location?

>Current favourite album to listen to alone late at night?
>drug of choice?
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Anonymous 250524

>Age and (general) location?
25, Michigan
>Current favourite album to listen to alone late at night?
random mid 2000's music (flyleaf, evanescence, taylor swift)
>drug of choice?
im trying to quit, but i have a few drinks sometimes or manage
being high all day in public, days off and on, my fave drug is gym

Anonymous 251314

>Star Fucker

Anonymous 252422

yabujin is a guilty pleasure of mine but draingang is the best

Anonymous 252424

>22 USA
>pinback - this is a pinback cd

Anonymous 252469


it’s all legal activities here!


Anonymous 251181[Reply]

Would you ever sit next to a guy on a train, under what circumstances?

Other public transport included.
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Anonymous 251252

If he breathes air ICK

Anonymous 252352

Only if he smelled really good. But no eye contact and no speaking. I’d probably stand, not sit next to him as well.
I second this.

Anonymous 252376

I actually purposely sit next to shy scrotes if there are no spare seats. They don't talk or play dumbfuck music out loud.

Anonymous 252380

Sexual assault is very rare where I live currently. I don’t have a problem being near the moids on public transport here. If you’re living in a shithole or any big city it’d be different.

Anonymous 252385

no unless the seat number is stated in the ticket and/or there are no other seats

not a dress.jpg

Is this really the only good Terf website? Anonymous 250388[Reply]

It feels no matter where you go, it's just "fuck terfs", and the only real movement that doesn't support trannies is convervatards or 4chan, but they don't accept feminism or terfs either. I want to cry because I feel hopeless. Being a terf should be common sense
8 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 250632

Come post in /media/ board is so slow compared to this one. We all hate them, but let's get more discussions going that don't involve 3DPD guys

Anonymous 251119

I wish there were more active spaces that were gender critical without the whole site revolving around it. Like, you can expect to find communities for any random thing where racism is frowned upon without joining a group that's explicitly about racial justice, you know? I want more hobby groups where I can just be silly and have fun without troons being relevant at all.
Besides this site the closest for me would be cgl, but there you have to share the board with coomer men.

Anonymous 252288

In my own observation normie conservatives outside of 4chan like terfs and they're confused why terfs don't like them back to unite on shared issues.

Anonymous 252337

A lot of them have a 2-team mindset these days, even outside of the US sometimes. If you dislike one of the things they also dislike, then you must agree with them on every other issue. When it turns out you don't, their "I've found an ally against my enemy team!" circuitry shorts out and they don't know how to react anymore.

Anonymous 252351

I don’t know if any other terfy image boards besides lolcow. As for female-centric terf websites, there’s ovarit isn’t there? Or has it changed recently to allow trannies?

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