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Anonymous 33206[Reply]

Found on Tumblr.

Anonymous 33209

That’s a mood

Anonymous 33218

I'd be very careful about tumblr right now. Since they banned lewds all that's left is autistic OCs and thinly veiled sjw echochambers


neets, how do you survive? Anonymous 30944[Reply]

real neets, what do you live off of? i am genuinely curious about your lives and how you make it without income/school funding, etc. i am about to finish grad school and am too lazy/scared/disorganized to strategize jobs rights now, so i'm fantasizing about not doing anything…

do you mind sharing a peek into your lives?
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Anonymous 32842

Anonymous 32845

Anonymous 32859

Damn post instructions please

Anonymous 32956

No of course not :^)

Anonymous 33213

im on income support for $825 but recently got accepted for AISH for $1680 (assured income for severely handicapped) because i have ptsd, clinical depression, schizophrenia and a shit ton of other disorders. ive been NEET for about 5 years now. im going to get a job because i cant stand the loneliness and no real meaning of living.


Anonymous 33097[Reply]

Denim skirts. Yay or nay?
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Anonymous 33124

Pretty out of style


Anonymous 33128

They're hard to pull off. you have to be in the right place with the right outfit. Outside of that, if you actually care about being "fashionable" I'd probably avoid it. But then again, if you like them, you probably shouldn't care that much.

Anonymous 33130

they were still ugly even when they were "in style". denim is garbage.

Anonymous 33132

Damn, I had no idea people had such strong opinions on denim skirts. I always thought they were just cute and casual.
Guess I won't be buying one any time soon.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 33134

Moved to >>>/hb/6660.


North Korean parliamentary election of 2019, March the 10th Mint horse 31763[Reply]

I hope you guys have been paying attention to North Korean politics, because there's going to be a big parliamentary election in under a week/6 days.

How do you think this election will change the face of North Korean politics?

What are your predictions, and how do you personally want this election to play out?




Anonymous 31764

North Korea is the Best Korea, we must stand with our DPRK brothers against American Imperialism

Mint horse 31765

Stay strong Comrade.

Anonymous 31766

I'm not a commie, and neither are North Koreans, they removed all references to Marxism and Communism from their constitution in 2009
North Korea is under siege by the American Empire

Anonymous 33010


They change their constitution every so often to more accurately reflect the developments in the socioeconomic-political landscape. Given the increased tensions between the DPRK and the USA, and in particular the latter's head of state, it remains that for the time being the state has to secure its independence before it can turn the focus to the domestic economy and such. The Constitution to this day retains pervasive use of "socialism", however, as that is a goal it has generally reached at this point and seeks to further solidify, as the DPRK's mode of production is, by definition and intent, socialist. Juche and the national ethos of the DPRK remain Marxist and never disavowed such, instead claiming to have developed it for their own region and circumstances as had Maoism had. This has remained policy for the duration of the existence of the DPRK and even in its foundational texts, more of which you can find here: http://korea-dpr.com/e_library.html

Anonymous 33117


Kims sister is cute and has way better PR
She should be supreme leader


Anonymous 33089[Reply]

cc i haven't posted here regularly in months, what's been happening? have we been under any raids or anything
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Anonymous 33109


Anonymous 33110

I thought it was supposed to be that… But I'm a hypocrite because I've made my fair share of mean or questionable posts.

Anonymous 33112

compared to lolcow it still is

Anonymous 33113

Fuck you I'll continue to be kind.

Anonymous 33114

Disagreement /=/ non-kindness

Though I will agree with you that disagreements are good as they lead to more discussion as opposed to echoe ghost town


Moving to the Nordics or Spain as an American? Anonymous 32301[Reply]

I've got a gap year coming up between schooling. I've never lived abroad and would like to make it happen preferably in the Nordics or Spain. How do I go about doing this? I'm a student, not highly skilled, quite broke, frankly. I'd love to work in bio research or in something related to healthcare/policy but I'm happy to work odd jobs. I'd love to hear from someone who made this happen.
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Anonymous 32535

>inb4 but the American continent!!1!

Anonymous 32938


i've been to Norway for work for a couple of months. Been thinking of moving there after I finish my course.

In Norway you can stay for half a year no problem with a visa, but you have to plan a visit to the police office to fill in some forms. I am Dutch so moving there is easier to do for me. As an American you can still move there but the screening process is a bit longer and other countries, especially Scandi ones will have privilige before you.

Anonymous 32942

Spaniard here. Nice place, cheap, sunny, you know the drill.

However, good luck if you need a job, we have record unemployment rates. And you'll need a miracle if you don't even speak some spanish. I'd say, if you choose Spain try to find some company related to healthcare with an international department in which english is spoken to hire you.

It is very difficult to live with just english in countries which perceive themselves as having "strong languages" like Spain, France or Germany. This doesn't happen in Sweden or Norway. In fact I swear every goddamn swedish speaks perfect english.

Dunno about visas, though. Then again, finding a job before you reach the country always makes things easier.

Anonymous 33071

fenriz such a qt

Anonymous 33078

Spaniard here you'll never find a job without a degree and experience and much less in a specialized field. Economy still hasn't recovered from the 2008 crisis. Barely anyone can speak english.
Awful country I wish I could leave. I don't recommend you to come here having way better options.


ctrl-v thread Anonymous 21529[Reply]

Let's see what's in yall clipboards.

I'll start:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 31188


>tfw kind of want to play this but don't have weeb friends with a strong enough power level to handle this kind of ironic maid RPG action

Anonymous 31192


wow, anon i've always wanted to play this too but same as yourself, lacked the friends. even have a physical rulebook. my steam handle is alicekitty if any of you would like to add me sometime (though i haven't been too active on steam in a while, lol).

Anonymous 31207

Sorry anon, I don't know who you are on there, there are a few hits for accounts with alicekitty and it looks like none of them own tabletop sim so I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

Anonymous 33046


Anonymous 33066



>mfw I read it as schlachtungsrädchen


Euro General Anonymous 30061[Reply]

Can we have a Europe thread without discussions about politics and immigrants?

For residents:
>Which country do you live in?
>What's your favorite thing about your country?
>Which European countries have you visited? Which did you like best/least?
>What are some quirks about your country?
>Overall, are you happy with where you are or do you want to move?

For tourists:
>Which European countries have you visited? Which did you like best/least?
>What are some differences between your home country and your European destination(s)?
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Anonymous 31454

The T I G E R S have to live somewhere.

Anonymous 31478


>T I G E R S

Anonymous 32717

In which city do you live ?

Anonymous 32718

Article 133 passed

Anonymous 33069

What's the general work/life/yadda climate like in the UK and Ireland? Might have a job offer there soon.


Anonymous 32426[Reply]

Does Crystal Cafe smoke? What do you think about guys that smoke? Opinions on pipes, cigars, or cigarettes.
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Anonymous 32807

I’ve puffed and shared the occasional cigarette or two with some friends in highschool, since they were pretty big cigarette users, and I just hung out with a crowd of people who were really into smoking. I have to admit, it looks really cool/hot when guys and girls do it, kinda like an accessory. But overall I wanna say I’m pretty against it because it’s really not worth it. Destroys health, smells bad, and improper disposal hurts the environment.
Nowadays I mainly vape but plan on stopping. >>32431 da herb is still fun tho

Anonymous 32810

smoking looks hot on photos, guys who smoke irl scare me for some reason tho

Anonymous 32814


Anonymous 32827


>Does Crystal Cafe smoke?
I do not. I tried vaping, but without nicotine. It's quite flavorless, so I didn't care for it and stopped using it. I know some of you might find that funny, but I was looking for a way to curb my appetite back when I was still anachaning.
>What do you think about guys that smoke?
Low class, in all honesty. I dated a guy who smoked weed and cigars; he was a really nice person and I didn't really mind when he was actually smoking. But, knowing how bad they are is just a put-off. My dad was a heavy smoker of cigarettes when I was a child; he would cut into the grocery money, burn our towels, and I came to school reeking of smoke that other children and teachers would take notice and I would be called to the principal's office.
>Opinions on pipes, cigars, or cigarettes.
Will never put one in my mouth. They look cute in the hands for aesthetic photos (I especially like the ones of gopniks), but that's about it. The smell alone from 20 feet away can make me puke.

Anonymous 32832

Indescribably perfect


/LostGirls/ - What happened? Anonymous 32957[Reply]

I'm a lost girl: I've never really fit into life.

As a child I often had one really close friend for 2-3 years and then somehow stopped hanging out with them entirely. Bullies sometimes targeted me, but I responded with enough aggression to deter their interest. I floated between groups of people but never meshed with one in particular. My hobbies vary. I move from one obsession to the next and rarely go back to a previous one. I have no contact with anyone from my childhood outside of relatives. I prefer to ignore the fact that it happened. When I think back on my youth, all I feel is a deep pain/rage that aches in my gut.

I was never sexually interested in another human. I finally found a man that I loved from the moment I met. He was my first everything. I lost my virginity to him at 28 and sobbed on the way home because I didn't know what to feel. I married him and still don't have urges for sex, but have it with him because I love him. He is the only person I ever want to interact with.

I'm an engineer. I have a secret desire to one day have a hobby farm and homestead like Little House on the Prairie. Until then, I'll save money from this job. I don't love or live for my work, but I am good at it, which brings satisfaction. It also pays well, otherwise I wouldn't do it.

I don't understand most people. They seem so irrational and oddly passionate about so many things. I'm an atheist, but not one of the cringey ones that have to spout off to anyone who has a faith. I have politcal views, but they don't really align with any particular party. If someone asks my opinion, I'll give it, but I don't feel the need to demonstrate my opinions or argue with someone over it. If someone needs to debate politics, then they're never going to change their mind. Most of my opinions are: Do what you want, don't expect me to pay for or participate in it.

I can't connect with most people. I worry that I will have trouble when I have children. I know that I am strange, but I don't know that I want to or should change. I think I wrote this blog to see if there are any women out there who have the same feelings. Calling all lost girls - what is your story?
5 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 33026

have you discussed that hobby farm dream with your Husband and others?

Anonymous 33031

Yeah I guess what we all have in common is that we dislike each other.

Anonymous 33049

I think that >>32969 is the asshole with her being cold to people without any reason and feeling superior to others

Anonymous 33051

The feeling superior is kinda telling, but if she is some sort of autist it might be just be blunt honesty or some sort of cope. The being cold to people though doesn't make someone an asshole. Why do you expect warmth from a stranger? Its the same as men who tell women to smile. You can fuck right off with that shit. It also depends on where you are from. Some people are really put off when they visit Nordic countries because people there aren't all fuzzy-wuzzy with strangers.

Anonymous 33055

About being cold, it might be just a cultural difference, I'm European, we don't have small talk culture where I'm from, people don't smile very often and generally keep their distance with strangers.
For me being cold means bluntness, I don't expect warmth from strangers but I'd like people to use polite language and respect etiquette.

I also think there's a connection between being cold and feeling superior, "I'm better than them so why should I respect their feelings?" and such people simply annoy me.
So yeah, maybe I just misinterpreted her words.

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