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Anonymous 106045[Reply]

Is a 20 year old dating a 17 year old pedophilia?
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Anonymous 106051

To clarify, that doesn't make having sex with children OVER that age ok, but the "17 year old can't consent to someone 3 years older" is illogical.

Anonymous 106062

Lol no
I swear, 90% of the internet doesn't know what the word "pedophilia" means

Anonymous 106063

Care to define it then? Because that is the definition.

Anonymous 106065

Pedophilia means attraction to the prepubescent. A 17 year old is not prepubescent and therefore the 20 year old dating her, by definition, isn't engaging in pedophilia.

Basically, what >>106050 said here about 10 and under.

Anonymous 106066

Yes I know, I was the one who posted that. I just didn't understand why she was disagreeing with me, I was curious what her definition would be.

anywho here is a related video :)



Anonymous 96703[Reply]

I wanna go back so bad. No patriarchy. No property. So much freedom and free time. Nice people. No need to derive meaning from religion.
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Anonymous 106012

why are you citing examples of horrible conditions from civilization, you are arguing in favor of civilization?
Before modern technology =! before civilization. Modern technology is just one of the main evils of civilization.
Even ancient civilization is not something good.

Anonymous 106013


>it proves I'm downright wrong
>m-maybe if I say it's not "magical" my point will stand!
Again, do you have any source, or it's just a subjective, unacademic, antiempiricist, irrational rambling?
>when that animal is removed from its natural environment, it very quickly becomes depressed
That's truth only if the animal was created in the nature. Humans, just like animals, are a tabula rasa. If the average human moves to the forest, it will become depressed.
>The medical advancements are just leading to overpopulation and the death of the planet,
That wasn't your point. You said life now is worse than it used to be. It isn't, since most people would die before they could even think for themselves. It was refuted so now you changed the subject. In any way, you're still wrong. Technological advancement leads to less use of natural resources, not more.
>Human life is overvalued toda
It is more important than the lives of any other lifeform.
Fine, so what are you doing on the Internet. You can larp as the guy from Into the Wild if you want to. Though you'll probably very quick die just like he did.
Just read my post again. I'm talking about the entire history of mankind, including long before civilization, when things were even worse than 200 years ago.

Anonymous 106015


>No property. So much freedom
Oxymoron. Property IS freedom. It's not even like one can't exist without the other, they are almost the same thing.

Anonymous 106047

>I litterally say that abstract indicators of economic wealth and the magical happiness index are speculative hocus pocus which do not actually directly correlate to mental well-being, and things like litteracy and knowing which is the tallest mountain in the world are un-essential to happiness in life
>she goes onto post exactly those abstract actuarian stats that do not correlate the slightest to mental well-being

As I said, the only factually relevant advancements (and for now, seemingly positive ones) are the ones in medicine, whose net effect we will be only able to judge in decades, as they are now leading to over-population which is a catalyst for catastrophes. Not one of the other factors can be directly linked to an increase in "happiness".

Just looking at some indexes,
>basic education
By and large irrelevant to human happiness
Western democracy is rule by corporation and special interest group aka aristocracy with a more polite facade
Barely changed things, for most people living within or outside colonies life was the same as before and after, which man sits in the presidential office is hardly relevant to your life
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 106048

>not-free countries
>sources: World bank, UN
Oh God, it's one of these people.


Pinkpill #3 Anonymous 93567[Reply]

Vent your frustration about males and the degenerate things that they do here.

Last thread:
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Anonymous 106019


They are retarded teen scrotes who are getting inspired by american retarded teen scrotes. They want attention and they want to be edgy

Anonymous 106025

What does #1 #2 and #3 mean in this context? Is she freemealmaxxing?

Anonymous 106028

he wasn't an incel (he had gf) but he was a deadinside 2chfag rightist retard, the edgy "anti-sjw" kind

Anonymous 106030

So he just had an incel mindset, then. I just saw a rus incel community defending him, which isn't surprising at all.

Anonymous 106032

Looks about 16


Anonymous 105712[Reply]

does anyone else feel like they’re cursed or shadowbanned from life or something? like i am a normal normal looking and behaving girl but wherever i go people look at me and interact with me like i’m rotting meat i just don’t know what to do honestly it’s really scary and upsetting. i don’t have any friends and the isolation is getting to be very difficult to be with like i think i’m in a state of psychosis i’m not too sure. this isn’t just irl it’s also on the internet and everything it’s like everything i touch goes to shit
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Anonymous 106010

nta but
>People should be judged by merit not social status
office org structures are literal hierarchies and symbols of merit
>improving your reading comprehension before implying someone else is retarded
you're that autistic anon right? you are literally retarded. it's not a bad thing but like you obviously are going to have a warped view on the world lol

Anonymous 106014

No one said about offices, please stop pulling things out of your ass. You are naive to think that positions of power correlate with moral superiority, usually its the opportunists and schemers who rise to the top. You call me retarded, but from my perspective you're the retarded one and i would be pleasantly surprised if you were able to tie your own shoes, because being retarded IS a bad thing.

Anonymous 106016

>No one said about offices, please stop pulling things out of your ass.
except it's literally how this argument began, read again >>105784
>You are naive to think that positions of power correlate with moral superiority
I said merit not morality, you're the one pulling shit out of your ass girl can you read?
>You call me retarded, but from my perspective you're the retarded one
you also think showing people basic respect is retarded lol. this means nothing to me girl

Anonymous 106024

>except it's literally how this argument began, read again
Well, i'm reading and i see no office work mentioned, are you actually implying that hierarchies only exist in offices?
>I said merit not morality
Morality is a merit, both apply.
>you also think showing people basic respect is retarded
I don't, where did i said that?

When i said that from my perspective you're the retarded one, i only said that to insult you and i feel like insulting you some more, but it looks like nature has already done that enough.

Anonymous 106027

>are you actually implying that hierarchies only exist in offices?
yeah cause I clearly claimed hierarchies literally only exist in offices because that makes a lot of sense you mongo
>Morality is a merit, both apply.
what kind of logic is this lmao
>When i said that from my perspective you're the retarded one, i only said that to insult you
you failed, I don't give a shit if a retard thinks I'm retarded
>i feel like insulting you some more, but it looks like nature has already done that enough.
fuck…. you should've spoilered this burn… how will I ever recover….


Anonymous 105521[Reply]

What are you thoughts on the fediverse?
Are there any instances you use?
What frontend do you think is the best to use? (Pleroma, Mastodon, Misskey etc)
fedi.crystal.cafe when?
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 105870

the only person I know on the fediverse is a tranny. at this point I think it requires a level of technical interest that attracts more mtfs than women. then again I don't know much about it

Anonymous 105883

I signed up on mastodon.social, but I honestly don't really vibe with the concept of Twitter-style social media. I don't know who to follow and what to post there, so yeah… It's not for me.
Maybe a different instance would be better than the generic one, but most of them are either inactive or hyper-woke.

I haven't looked much into the other frontends. Any recommendations?

I hate that there are so few women in technology. Whenever I hear of a women involved in a tech project, I have the sudden urge to check whether they are trans - more often than not, they are, and it always ruins my mood. I am not even against trans people the same way many users here are, but there are always 10 times more MtF than bio women in every single tech community I follow.
I'm active in a few programming and Linux related communities on Reddit. The topic of female users is occasionally brought up there, and if you check the accounts of those proclaiming to be female, almost every single one will have some kind of activity in trans subreddits.
I know that sounds really dumb, but I pretend to be male on my Reddit account because I just feel embarassed and as if I'm not supposed to be in the communities for my interests.

Anonymous 105983

>I haven't looked much into the other frontends. Any recommendations?
Spinster.xyz seems to be right up crystal.cafe's alley, I'd suggest making an account there for your first go.

Anonymous 105985

I tried using mastodon instances but I don't see the point. What am I even supposed to post there? There are no communities and people don't really talk or discuss anything. I have art but I don't see the point in posting it there since it seems like no one sees or bothers to look at it.
I have a mstdn.jp account I post random lyrics on when I remember to…and I almost never do. I checked out misskey.io too. But like all JP language SNS the users just post random shit like "I'm hungry" and I don't care about that.

Anonymous 106020

>making an account
>"Why do you want to join" as one of the requirements


High school popularity Anonymous 40992[Reply]

Were you popular in high school?

If yes:
>What are you doing now?
>How has your popularity affected your life?
>How do you feel about it looking back?

If no:
>Who was the most popular?
>Where are they now?
>How do you feel about their popularity looking back?
14 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 57302

I was invisible in high school. I didn't know who was popular and nobody knew who I was. At least I wasn't actively bullied.

Anonymous 105982

>the cheerleaders and the football players ofc
>divorced and single moms
>did not care then and do not care now

>I was an invisible loser.

Same but I was bullied.

Anonymous 105987

>Were you popular in high school?
>Who was the most popular?
Is this unironically how it works in America? Here social hierarchies were much more complicated. We didn't have clear "alphas" and "most populars", it's more like we had several cliques with 2-10 members in them, and those cliques had their own leader(s). They would still interact with eachother normally, but in general, you could clearly see the outline of the groups as they always interacted with eachother when given the chance to.
Some "cliques" contained more popular people than others, but there was no clear "most popular"
Male social hierarchies were even more complicated than female ones tbh, and i didn't interact much with men, so i don't know how exactly they worked..

Anonymous 105988

Wasn't popular, don't know who was because I didn't care enough to pay attention to other students' social dynamics. I would dress like a boy and intentionally look for isolated parts of the school during lunch because I didn't like being around most people. I didn't have any friends during all of high school but I was mostly okay with that.
Ironically there were several girls who liked me and tried to get to know me, and a suspiciously high number of them were known to be lesbians, but I didn't particularly like any of them and preferred to just be on my own. Looking back it seems like I was generally well-respected by most classmates despite being a loner, though I'm not really sure where the positive opinion came from.

Anonymous 106001

I went to two schools and I was unpopular in both lol. I went to small schools so everyone knew other to a degree but it was pretty obvious who was well liked and who wasn't. About half of the popular kids are doing pretty well and the other half is living a meh life. Honestly, I never really cared that they were popular nor did I resent them for it. Caring about who was popular and who wasn't always seemed like the dumbest fucking thing to me. I remember I had a friend who would always talk shit about the popular girls and I all I could think was how pathetic she was.


Anonymous 48136[Reply]

>Don't worry, looks aren't everything
>In the end what matters the most is what's on the inside!
>Just be yourself and I'm sure you'll find a great guy :)
168 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 53322


You can't control your mercury levels

Anonymous 58405

Lots of great guys who are tall and handsome too. Why should I settle for some short ugly loser with a "great personality" that consists of saying good morning and night?

Anonymous 58415

I think that advice was for fat/ugly people.

Anonymous 105975

I have a fantasy of finding a fat social reject man so we can go to the gym as a couple and encourage eachother to get healthier. But I know what will happen is we just both get lazier and have disgusting sex while watching and eating. Fuck.

Anonymous 105977

I have the exact same fantasy too, and I think it's just an excuse to not go to the gym or keep not exercising.
>Weeeeell, why would I go by myself when there's a cute more knowledgeable person right around the corner? I'd just be wasting my time, it's best to just wait until I find this person and we can work on it together as a cute gym couple :)
I really should just go already, but motivation sure is hard to find these days lol


Anonymous 105937[Reply]

>The murder case Li Yangjie (Chinese 李洋 潔 / 李洋 洁, Pinyin Lǐ Yángjié; born on September 9, 1990 in Henan, China; [1] missing since May 11, 2016; found dead on May 13, 2016 in Dessau-Roßlau) was a violent crime in Saxony-Anhalt. The sex murder attracted attention due to the suspect's relationship to two officers of the investigating police apparatus - the accused's mother and stepfather both worked for the investigating police in Dessau - and was also the subject of media releases in China. [2] [3] [4] [5] He brought police officers into the focus of the allegations. [6] [7]

On Wednesday, May 11, 2016, Li first went shopping, then went home and left her shared apartment on Johannisstrasse in downtown Dessau-Roßlau at around 8:30 p.m. to go jogging.

>There was an antique shop on Johannisstrasse that was under video surveillance. The footage shows how Xenia I. waves the student over to her, points to an apartment on the second floor and asks her to help. You can see Li Yangjie looking around doubtfully, but then going with him. According to the investigators' knowledge, Sebastian F. was waiting behind the front door and overpowered her. He dragged Li Yangjie to the first floor and raped the young woman "in every imaginable way" (Süddeutsche Zeitung). [12] Xenia I. asked Li Yangjie with the help of the Google translator, among other things, whether she had sexually transmitted diseases, whether she lived alone or in a shared apartment and whether friends would call the police. [13]

>Blood splatters from the victim were found on the walls of the vacant apartment at a height of 3 meters. The coroner spoke of a "painful agony of several hours" of the victim.

>During the deed, Xenia I. went to her apartment above and put the children to bed. Sebastian F. threw the severely disfigured victim from a window of the apartment into a garbage can behind the house. [12] After the fact, the defendant telephoned his mother, police officer Ramona S., 40 times before he was arrested, and told her about the crime. [12] [14]

Anonymous 105951

Yellow feverers, not even once.

>whether she had sexually transmitted diseases

at least he practiced safe sex kek

Anonymous 105956

Not even suprised. German here, if I were black or Asian I wouldn't set a foot in that part of the country.

Anonymous 105960

Pretty sure in this case it's less yellow fever and more being an absolute psychopath

>The perpetrator, who has meanwhile been convicted, is Sebastian F. (born 1996) from Dessau, the only son of the Dessau police officer Ramona S. He was treated as a teenager in the Merseburg child psychiatry. He broke off training; At the time of the offense he was receiving ALG II. With Xenia I. (born 1997) he has two children, Xenia I. has another from another man. Xenia I. reported that Sebastian F. felt pleasure when he inflicted pain on his sexual partners. [12]

>Sebastian F. is also charged with two other rape cases that became known in the course of the investigation. [34]

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 105966

Moved to >>>/x/4422.


Donoghue v Stevenson Anonymous 104959[Reply]

The current common law standard for "negligence" comes from a British tort case that involved citing the bible verse "Love thy neighbor" as a standard for companies to have legal responsibility to "Not harm thy neighbor". Under a now allegedly atheistic framework nearly 90 years later, why does a company have any legal responsibility to not "harm thy neighbor"? As far as I can tell the legality of the situation purely revolves around a Christian framework, but assuming that you are not Christian why does anyone have a now legal responsibility to "not harm thy neighbor"?
2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 104969

This isn't the golden rule. The golden rule is "do unto your neighbors as you would have done unto you". At best you could argue the silver rule applies "do not do unto others as you would not have do unto you", but even then, both of these rules imply a level of intentionality on the part of the "responsible" party as far as behavior goes, it does not in any fashion or form cover the concepts such as the consequences of actions that lack intentionality.

Anonymous 104973

And to clarify, we are talking about negligence, not intentional harm or deceit. We're not talking about a company intentionally putting snails in soda bottles with the intent to harm (if such a situation is even conceivable), but a situation where a company has processes where a snail can possibly enter into a soda bottle and how and why the company should be responsible in such an instance.

Anonymous 104994


>do unto your neighbors as you would have done unto you
>love thy neighbor
>not the same thing

Anonymous 105078

They're not. For instance one might think it's reasonable for their hands to get cut off if they steal. They would have that done onto them. That's completely different from loving a thief

Anonymous 105115

If you aren't Christian, take this perspective:
Religion is created to fit the needs of society, to help it flourish and to keep order. You need to have some sort of incentive to keep all parts of the society working, and religion is a great tool for that. Gives people purpose when society makes them feel purposeless, keeps order, and can rally nations to attack one another in the name of God.
So, you could then say the rules of the Bible were crafted to help civilization to flourish, so whether or not you are Christian, its a good rule. Imagine if everyone treated eachother like shit all the time, neglected their kids, committed murder etc. Not a way to run a complex society, it would fall apart.
That is why morals are so similar in religions, even if beliefs about actually spirituality differ.

Does this actually bug you? How would you rather live? You can't have freedom and civilization at once, the more complex the society, the more it does for its people, the less freedom can be had.


Anonymous 105929[Reply]

>buying flowers
was only getting one flower, the dude who works there insisted that I don't have to pay but I did anyway. he runs to the back and brings me another one and says it's for free.
>is this it? am I finally experiencing pussy privilege?
go back home to discover that the free flower smells like death, probably was stored incorrectly and started rotting. so he was just getting rid of the trash.

one day I'll be hot enough to get free stuff that aren't trash… one day.

Anonymous 105932

not the same but as a kid I loved going to costco because the free food samples gave me such a greedy high… and since I was a little girl I could ask for 2-5 samples and they'd usually be cool with it
There aren't samples anymore because of covid grr

Anonymous 105952

>one day I'll be hot enough to get free stuff that aren't trash… one day.
He gave you a free flower bc you insisted to pay for the first one, it wasn't that bad

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