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Best Linux? Anonymous 221349[Reply]

What's the best Linux distro to use?
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Anonymous 221666


It does look polished. I'll put it on the list of distros to try out.

Anonymous 221817

what do you think about Fedora?

Anonymous 221912

I wanna give bedrock a try

Anonymous 221958


Anonymous 221976


Anonymous 219189[Reply]

Has this ever happened to you?
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Anonymous 220564


They see all the unhappy people who had sex before marriage and realize they're happier together with their fellow former virgin saving-it-for-marriage- partner maybe?

Anonymous 220576

People are less and less pressured to save themselves for marriage, so fewer people are rushing into bad marriages just because they want sex.

Anonymous 220580

In the ideal world they'll stay this way even after losing their virginity

Anonymous 221681

I agree with you. Some of my rage is more tempered though because I think it comes from a place of fear. The women saying 'she was stupid to fall for that' sometimes are actually trying to insist to themselves that they couldn't fall for it. It's still terrible. People do it all the time to like amputees and stuff- they want to know what happened, and immediately try to theorycraft how to avoid it. It's kind of instinctual I think.

Anonymous 221939

You are dumb, those “experienced” men are just as pornsick, at least a virgin boy you have the chance of them not having seen much porn and also you can figure out what you both like together like how it’s literally supposed to be


Time Capsule Anonymous 221012[Reply]

Where were you 10 years ago? 5 years ago? 2.5?
Did your life go as you expected it to? How has culture changed and your perception of the world in these intervals? Would you do anything differently?
Finally, leave a message for yourself or for miners of the future.
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Anonymous 221070

It's because they exaggerate issues specifically picked to get the sheeple fighting among themselves rather than against them.

I work at a clothing store in a certain coastal place in a very 'progressive' country, and there's a loads of incredibly rich people here. Bankers, Russian oligarchs, huge entrepreneurs, etc. Everyone has a yacht, a futuristic-looking car, it's insane. And there is practically zero tranny shit there, bar the rare specific fetishistic venue.

But in the mid and poorer areas? The rest of this country? There's loads of it. And it's just propaganda to distract you and waste the time of people with the guts and personality to fight for what they perceive to be right. They want those heroines (and heroes) fighting for inane bullshit rather than the plutocrats that are screwing them over.

Anonymous 221081


>Where were you 10 years ago?
Highschool, lonely in my first year without my best friend or my other friends around. I began learning how to be self-contained in social situations. Around this time I watched many cartoons which was my first step in deciding I wanted to storyboard when I grew up. As it stood, I liked to draw a lot and was moderately good in my classes.
>5 years ago?
I was almost finished saving up money for university (not for art, my dreams had long since been given up). Just 4 months ago I made the decision to stop cutting myself, to lose weight, to stop being angry, and to get better. This was difficult but I stayed true to it.
I had also stopped talking to a woman online who meant a lot to me. It's strange to realize it's been this long.
I had just finished spending summer with someone who I consider to be one of the most important people in my life. We are no longer friends, but my friendship with him taught me so much about being understanding of others and regulating my emotions. I like to think I impacted his life for the better as well.
I was also not doing the best academically because I hate what I chose to study, but I would make moves in the coming months that will hopefully secure a future for me (still yet to fully realize this).
>Did your life go as you expected it to?
Absolutely not, but I'm okay with that. I'm happy and healthy now.
Sometimes I feel bad for missing out on my dream of storyboarding for cartoons, but I still enjoy drawing comics and getting involved with the local art community so it's not all bad. I also hoped to find my soul mate by now, but that can wait.
>How has culture changed and your perception of the world in these intervals?
It's weird to see everyone use the internet so much now since it was weird to be very online when I was still a youth. There are still a few degrees of separation between the "terminally online" and norms, but the average person will have some knowledge about shit that would surprise a 15-year-old me.
Also never would have seen the explosion of KPOP coming. Nor the fact that the average zoomer is a low-level weeb.
>Would you do anything differently?
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 221082

>Where were you 10 years ago?
Ten years ago, I would still be in highschool. It was the year before I actually found my first 'real' friend, and so that year I was pretty depressed.
>5 years ago?
Five years ago, I would have still been in university. Honestly, university had its ups and downs but I liked it much better than highschool. I think I would also be getting used to having a phone (my parents never allowed me to have a phone, no hate, but when I started university I have to admit, it was weird because everyone my age new how to use a phone/twitter/etc… and I didn't. No regrets, honestly.)
I actually remember this precise time very well. It was awful and one of the worst times of my life. I had so much work and couldn't care for myself. I wanted to jump of a building TBH.
>Did your life go as you expected it to?
Not at all. I think I expected that I would have more friends/want more friends. As an adult, I'm completely fine with interacting with as little people as I do. It's soothing to not be surrounded by people
>How has culture changed and your perception of the world in these intervals?
Honestly I think it's hard because everyone will feel pressured to fit the 'average', almost everyone will want to have a normie life / do things at the pace society sets for them. In reality, going at your own pace is fine, too.
>Would you do anything differently?
Honestly, I wouldn't change too much. I wish I could go back in the past and tell teenager me to stand up for myself more, but I doubt it would have changed anything.
>Finally, leave a message for yourself or for minors of the future.
Don't worry about completing life milestones at other's pace. Others completed university faster than me and I was embarrassed, but them getting out faster didn't necessarily mean more success.

Anonymous 221895

Don't forget all the MONEY they make off of it.
If you make a tranny you are suddenly selling chemical products to them for LIFE. And the medical procedures (not just cock mutilation, but all the other things that make a mockery of the female form too). And cosmetics/clothing (of which they will be far more dependent on, and much more willing to be "stereotypical" in their choices).
This is why they focus so much on the MtF. The MtF is stupid enough to think plastic surgery and dress go spinny is all there is to being a woman.
An absolutely titanic industry being invented out of thin air.

Anonymous 221903



I've blocked out so many fine details of my life it's not even funny but I'll do my best I guess.

>Where were you 10 years ago?

14. I guess that means it's around or when I started high school so that's at least good because I stopped getting bullied in high school for whatever reason. I still can't explain to this day why because I've always been a perfect target and constantly was in middle school to the point it made my life a living hell.

In high school, I was invisible as shit but at least I wasn't getting tripped on on a daily basis, yelled mocking, horrible shit at while walking home, having someone constantly ask or comment on why I'm so quiet (Happened in high school too but nowhere near as badly), have people scratch their face at me when they walk past (So as to mock my ticks), etc. etc. I still had my one friend but managed to make even more just by virtue of association with him.

>5 years ago?

Pretty fucking bad in it's own right. I had just withdrawn from my first year of college because of how many classes I had repeatedly failed (Stopped attending any of them, got so bed-ridden I wasn't even showering and ate all my meals in bed. Came the closest to ending my own life that I ever have before.) I enrolled in a local community college to re-take some of the classes I failed and started working a fast food job on the side to help pay for my classes with it. The manager was a giant fucking asshole that constantly micromanaged me, started talking shit about me, and made me break down crying to the point I quit.

Fortunately, I passed my classes with all As and started moving onto better jobs soon after that. Finally came back to my 4-year university. I had a brief stint tutoring Chinese kids online. Had to get up at 5:00 AM for it (due to timezone difference), then get the bus that was like an hour an 30 mins commute to an from school just one way. The job was beer money, became complete packing peanuts when COVID started (Would only earn like 7-14$ a month from it, if I was lucky), and then made me get laid off without getting told anything but I was able to get a campus job the following semester which was much better. I switched my major to something I'm actually interested in, as up until then I had no idea what the fuck I was Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Polish thread Anonymous 205011[Reply]

A thread for nonas from Poland to connect and talk!
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Anonymous 208680

I moved out of Poland together with my parents when I was 14. I lived in an unremarkable town and I always hated the atmosphere and how depressing it was. Maybe if I was from a bigger city like Kraków I would have liked it, I only visited it once in summer and it was nice. I'm not sure if I'll ever go back to Poland but I want to visit again at least.

Anonymous 220696

hymn śląska.webm

anyone from silesia here?

Anonymous 221649

do you visit polish imageboards?

Anonymous 221905

don't really know all that many


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How to find out if someone likes you Anonymous 220061[Reply]

There's this guy at work. He's considerate, seems to enjoy talking to me and just is easygoing and always seems to have this upbeat vibe as if nothing can knock him out if balance, his presence is just calming to me idk. But he also seems to get along with everybody so I don't know if he's just being nice. Are there any telltale signs someone likes you like eg certain things they talk about, body language or something? I'm socially retarded btw if you can't tell and I'm mortified of making a huge embarrassment of myself and him avoiding me if I ask directly or show I like him
7 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 220797

I definetly am proud of you. Make sure you remember that just because you asked him out that doesn't mean you can't say no to him. Just pay the same attention you would if he had asked you out. That said if you had an eye on him before you are definetly in a better spot than going out with some rando wo asked you out first chance.

Anonymous 221022


We were out for a coffee date and things went nicely, I was afraid of not finding anything to talk about because I'm boring but we still found alot of things to talk about. He was courteous, complimented my style and only touched my shoulder when saying goodbye, we're gonna set up something when we meet up again at work next time, maybe dinenr or something

Anonymous 221850

Congrats on the nice date, hope things keep going well!

It seems like the moral here is that all that 'play it coy' 'hard to get' stuff is nonsense.

Anonymous 221851

the guys you asked out and said yes, were they nice? Were the relationships good?
Congrats, pls update

Anonymous 221854

Who cares since he's probably lazy as fuck about cleaning up around the house and doing domestic work. There would be virtually no reason to have kids because they would dump childcare completely on you.

Who the fuck cares??

Moids aren't worth it.


Your dream life Anonymous 577[Reply]

What does your dream life look like? Where would you want to live, do you see yourself married, what type of jobs, and are you currently working towards the goal?

Have you found anything surprising about yourself? Have your plans changed?
>I'll start in the replies
95 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 221741

Many times I have dreamed of having a house with an orchard (I love vegetables), doing yoga and living without so many worries with my husband.
I do not want children.
My only hobby is painting/drawing but I want to start music even though I'm already 18 lol

Anonymous 221753

>Where would you want to live
In the Alaskan bush (around Fairbanks or north of which) or the Yukon
>Do you see yourself married
No but having a man around or other people would be help
>What type of jobs
Hunting, trapping, farming, and/or forestry (not that there are many jobs up there anyway)
>Are you currently working towards the goal?
Sort of?

Anonymous 221761

I'd be super based and charismatic. Would go through life without giving a fuck what other people think and if someone annoyed me I'd tease them or play headgames for fun. I would have a stable, shy, nerd boyfriend with a slightly high pitched voice and sizeable penis who loves me and I would have about 3 close friends, male and female.
I'd be a renowned physicist or mathematician. I'd live in a 2 story house in a big city with a second country home with a garden to go to in summer. I would have lived in at least 5 different countries.

Anonymous 221789

i wish i was born into a wealthy chaebol family and had my life set out for me by my parents and assistants and basically have everything handed to me without effort. i wish i was a rich housewife with a daughter i would love and spoil, and also a loving husband (which might be unrealistic especially if our marriage is prearranged). i wish i was born into a family of wealthy conglomerates so bad and i wish i was a beautiful mother with a beautiful child. thats it

Anonymous 221797

That was also my dream. Move to a rural or semi-rural area and put money down on a house with a couple acres as soon as you can. I waited too long I could have started way sooner I kick myself all the time. Keep away from expensive habits like anything addictive and trendy consumerist things because you will want all your money for the house/garden and you’ll get more pleasure out of it than the other things.


WGTOW Anonymous 4072[Reply]

Today I came across 'WGTOW' - Women going their own way. It's similar to MGTOW in the sense women are actively choosing to lead their lives without the influence of the opposite sex.

These women prefer their lives to be filled with spending time with other women instead of men, being financially independent of them, and forgoing relationships with men.

A lot of these women seem to choose this lifestyle because they are drained from the emotional labor that comes with being around men. Some of them have other reasons including being abused by men. They seem to feel taken for granted by men so they choose to go without them in their lives.

What do you think about this line of thinking and lifestyle?

Do you think you could ever lead a life without participating in relationships and friendships with the opposite sex?
106 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 221400

It is so convenient to use powder though ! I actually don't always have it anymore because I hardly ever need it, but once in a while on my period I'll get a pimple and it's so convenient. I'm not obsessed with cosmetics and wearing tons of makeup. I love the bare look. But powder is just handy af

Anonymous 221403


>the brainwashing through middle school and high school. I would have none of that.
Good for you. I'm near the half of my life, and I'm still working on cleaning that up.
At some point you have to accept the world is fucked up. You can't do everything right because it is not possible. But you do your best, and you acknowledge that you can't be 100%.

Anonymous 221521

It's kinda funny seeing how het and bi women argue over if men should be avoided or not and if they should boycott dating them

like if it makes you happy, sure do it.

but if you cannot think of abandoning your boyfriend then just dont do it lolol

I've been living without men since i was a kid because i'm a lesbian and I knew that since i was prett young so i've always felt unsafe or weird around male spaces (and most female spaces) and I think just not being around them has saved me from many bad experiences

sure women can also be bad but they are never as bad as males

like even during the three or four occasions i've been around males, they straight up bullied me and or harassed me about my sexuality

Anonymous 221536

I already do this but unintentionally. I think being ugly makes men avoid me, for both relationships and friendship. However, I'm not afraid to admit that my lack of social skills is the main reason for this. While I wouldn't truly want to be a "WGTOW" I could probably pull it off if I really wanted to. However, I don't want to. I do not hate men as a whole. I may be afraid of men, but I don't ignore them or try be rude to them. I hope that makes sense.

Anonymous 221550

Nope they are pretty much awful as a whole. 90% of them suck. The ones that don't think they're gods gift to women so they ALL really suck. Especially the ones that arent ugly. You really wouldn't even want to be with the them either. You would just learn it's all about the ego and being a whore anyway. In fantasy they're fun. Irl it's just too much pointless work to try.
You never get the same amount of effort returned to you. Theyre selfish as fuck. I'm honestly glad women are smartening up and learning the bliss of being single. A big thing that gets me is, I've learned even girls who talk about how happy they are with their relationship are the kind of women who just don't complain about having domestic work shunted onto them.


Anonymous 132037[Reply]

Does anyone else miss when social media was based more around niche-specific sites (deviantArt for art, last.fm for music, Steam for gaming, etc.) rather than everything being homogenised into a single general-use site (twitter, discord, etc.)?

I know it's less convenient than having your entire internet presence in one place and what I'm about to say is definitely overstating things, but I can't help but feel like those places encouraged people to foster passion and skill for a core subject-matter rather than just sending out little sentences into the e-void and wasting three hours looking at memes. I also appreciate that those sites, particularly forum-oriented ones, had containment boards for politics so you didn't have to be exposed to soapboxing 24/7. And although this is more to do with technology history and less to do with the type of website, a part of me misses snail mail private messaging. It was such an event to refresh the page and seeing a PM from a person lol.

Y'all have any neat and/or nostalgic stories?
44 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 221268

I started using computers and the Internet very early, which is why I still caught a glimpse of the old Internet despite technically being a zoomer.
There used to be a somewhat popular website about Animal Crossing Wild World made by an Austrian girl. It had a chatroom, a forum, and most importantly, the best collection of information about the game within the German-speaking Internet at that time. This Animal Crossing website was the focal point of a wider network of personal homepages, usually about Nintendo games, all made by random German or Austrian girls using the same WYSIWYG website builder. I had my own website, my friends at school had theirs, and so did many others we never knew personally. This little community was my first experience with the Internet beyond browser games for children. It was not always wholesome, there was the occasional drama about people copying each other, but it was also weirdly innocent and free from the perils of the modern web. It was a place for 11 y/o girls to engage with things they cared about without the prying eyes of outsiders, something that only a handful of people knew about, far from today's giant social media platforms.
Sadly most of the websites that came out of this community are now lost to time, including my own. The original Animal Crossing website is still available on the Wayback Machine though, and I sometimes come back to look at it just for the nostalgia.

Anonymous 221337

I miss old DeviantArt amd I miss old neopets.
I try to use buzzly.art because its site made me reminisce about old DeviantArt, it had the same feel to me. (I hear theres drama with the creators, but I dont really know the drama and I dont care.) It isnt as good of a stand in as I hoped for, its kind of clunky.

Anonymous 221388


I used to be there when it started out as a site kinda like original deviantArt, focusing on nonerotic art with actual pornography being banned. From what I could tell there was constant infighting between staff members wanting to keep the site free of hardcore pornography and others wanting to turn it into a furry porn site where anything goes, resulting in constant drama. There was one incident where one of the staff went rogue, posted a sleazy poll to "let the community decide site direction" thinly veiled pushing for allowing pornography then basically took over the site locking out the rest of the staff resulting in the majority of people who were here for normal art not wanting to look at drawn dog dicks leaving and the site becoming a ghost town.
It's one of many cases of coomers ruining everything

Anonymous 221407

Back in 2015 I used to frequent an anime website and had a blast on it. It was kind of like facebook but full of weebs and it was a small community, but it was like a second home to me. I still have friends that I met on there today but the website is gone, and before it went down I saw that hardly anyone was on there anymore. There was an active members list and it was always just one person now, when back then it used to be about 100+. I miss websites like this so much, and I still actively seek them out and also starting up my own blog.

Anonymous 221414

>Old devientart ui was clean and quick loading and wmhad everything it needed
>for no reason at all they replaced it with a far. Slower and less responsive one that doesn't work as well.


peaking Anonymous 221044[Reply]

Have any of you had success peaking TRAs? What are the best ways and arguments to go about peaking someone? I swear talking to these people is just running in circles because they never actually respond or refute anything I say, its just canned responses and "you don't understand trans people".
5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 221062

I think for some of them to peak trans they have to peak scrote first. As a teenager I didn't know much about scrotes. It didn't occur to me how drastically the crime rate differs between the sexes and how far scrotes with a fetish are willing to go to satisfy it. By 18 I learned about all that and peaked trans. That's why TRAs make dumb statements like "no man would go through changing gender to assault women". They think scrotes are just like women.

Anonymous 221071


This tbh, talking to a TRA was such a frustrating experience because they never really refute any claim, they just avoid doing it. They do not even try to define words like I tried my hardest to, they just refuse the conversation and simply reply with some vague argument that doesn't grasp any concrete definition and then call you the asshole for not accepting troons. It's sickening, especially the fact that they take so long to reply meaning they're using their mental gymnastics at full capacity. The one TRA i talked to (who was also a moid, clown moment) outright admitted at some point that we do not need clear definitions to be tranny supporting. Like duh, I knew that already. Gosh I get so enraged even thinking about it. He said "I understand that as a cis woman it can be frustrating to see transwomen enter your movement [feminism]", I hate moids so much. They know the damage they're doing! No matter how "leftist" a moid is. It doesn't matter. They prefer to lick the asses of their fellow men than actually care about women's rights (Yeah, I know, what a shocker right?)
Don't waste time peaking male TRAs, female TRAs will be peaked if they hang out around TiMs enough (or even TiFs, that's what happened to me. I peaked hard after seeing how deranged my TiF bestfriend became. The trick is to not consider yourself trans so that you don't get sucked into their troonerie).
Normies are the best bet when it comes to peaking. I hate how TRAs don't even want to engage in the conversation and then claim that we're somehow the ones that shut the conversation down.

Anonymous 221079

1. If sex and gender are different, gender is based on stereotypes ans societally created roles mainly meant to oppress women. These roles are perpetuated by trans people who believe that because they fall into different steretypes they must allign with a different identity. Instead of working to rebel and abolish oppressive stereotypes, they are complicit in perpetuating them by identifying with the opposite gender because they fit into different stereotypes. To abolish them is to deny them, not identify with them, and they should be abolished because they are a means on which people are oppressed.
2. If sex and gender are different and when someone is transgender it merely refers to their gender identity, then why do they feel entitled to things protected under SEX such as bathroom access and sports. Why is it phrased "Male to female" and "female to male" when those terms are used to denote sex and not gender, shouldn't it be "male to woman" and "female to man" why do they alter their bodies in am attempt to identify with the opposite SEX
3. Why is this mutilation not treated any differently than other self harming behaviors driven by body issues such as anorexia, bullimia, body dysmorphic disorder. When someone has body dysmorphic disorder or anorexia the solution is not to encourage plastic surgery or starvation, it is to help people grow and be comfortable with who they already are.
4. Because gender is based on oppressive stereotypes and does not exist, all that exists is sex. One can not transition to something that does not exist, and it is impossible for a male to emulate womanhood. A male emulates womanhood based on oppressive stereotypes such as fashion, submissiveness, nurturing, makeup. However females are born in all different personalities and opinions and styles and this is a crude stereotype made as an attempt to oppress women, so to identify with it as a gender is to perperuate oppression. Womanhood, FEMALEhood is all that exists, and it is based on our biology which was determined the moment of our conception which we have lived our whole lives and which has shaped our formative experiences and the ways we interact with the world, and trans identifying males will never identify with real womanhood, concrete womanhood, not cheap abstract stereotypes which were created to oppress females. Stereotypes their transness perpetuates.

Anonymous 221341

If trannies want to play pretend, it's gross, but whatever. If it means some smelly looser moid is dating him rather than harassing real women, then that's 2 gross moids we don't have to deal with as much, so it's kind of a win? Even if it's gross.

Of course, if we're talking about MtF who consider themselves ""lesbians"", well, now we have a fucking problem.

Anonymous 221342

TRAs dont believe gender is based on stereotypes, they think its based on "experiential conscience" and "feeling like a woman". theres no way to define this without defining consciousness itself, thus this is why TRAs always avoid arguments.

the only reason they believe in trannyism is because of an instinctive feeling (that gender is a type of experience based in consciousness). so in order to argue with TRAs, you need to argue against this instinct.


Raising over-scheduled, stressed children is not a solution to our overpopulated, overcompetitive Anonymous 220655[Reply]


Anyone notice the new normal of parenting besides me? Is it just me? Or am I imagining that this is super common now?

Yeah I get it the future of financial freedom.. climate change.. stability.. the middle class life.. all look bleak as hell. The middle class is collapsing so everyone tries to shoot past the moon to get their kids on the perfect track… but how is bringing more kids into an increasingly hyper competitive world a solution?

Isn't this a pointless futile reach and expectation to put on a child?

..And kind of a cruel joke on them?

Has anyone else noticed this?
18 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 221014

>Maternal drives or are you repeating what people tell you and trying to please and fit in with said people?
No anon this is from experience with my own friends who are mothers and always dreamed of being mothers. Not all of us are career girlbosses, I am but I respect the lifestyle of motherhood . Reproduction has psychological and physiological drives just like eating and sleeping, i don't blame anyone for having children when times are tough. Ask anyone about the constant nuclear threat of M.A.D in the 60's to 80's, people weren't sure if they'd live to see the next day. Childless women from that era have talked to me about their regrets of buying into the fear mongering.
>97% of insects dying off isn't fucking us and everything else over catastrophically? Or is it just unimportant to you what happens to the rest of the living systems around you since you're "certain" "they wont effect you in the long run."
We can't be sure of how this will affect us, there are predictions that tropical insects will migrate which from my country each summer seems increasingly true. Life often finds a way and if it doesn't, it doesn't.
>After we surpass 1.5 - 2 degrees of warming that's it. There is no going back. Have you seen how much the government still props up the oil industry even now??
Presuming that government or oil industry will exist when push comes to shove. I think people are angry enough only since 2022 to change things. I read about some technologies that could reduce the earths overall temps, like weather engineering. Don't be so pessimistic anon. I think we will see a huge uptick of domestic eco-terrorism in the next year or two.
>It's pretty obvious you can only stubbornly read, recall and discuss what you want to hear, what's pleasant to remember and repeat.
I thought that quite funny because I would describe you similarly. Anon, you seem very young and anxious and that's ok. Everybody has always thought the world was ending, maybe it will maybe it won't; what's the use in not living out our natural lives? I am especially not in the business of telling women not to reproduce because of my opinions nor am i trying to tell you what to think. Personally I am waiting five years to see if the world fixes it's shit Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 221115

>show me where prioritizing economy is intrinsically linked to keeping track of natural resources?
So let's say you're in charge of a country. You want people to get food so they don't starve, to do that you make sure people farm the available land in a smart way so everyone gets to eat. That's keeping track of natural resources. Same thing with timber or iron mines or silk or whatever.

Sometimes the government outsources that work to other people (call that capitalism, I guess) but the end goal is the same. Sometimes people are greedy and overextend themselves, take more than they should, and we need to stop that. The economy is just the name you put on different methods of organizing resources amongst a group. From there you make a currency, which then needs regulation, which needs people to enforce that, which needs taxes, etc.

Anonymous 221139

>Sometimes people are greedy and overextend themselves, take more than they should, and we need to stop that.

Do you know how many earths it would require for every country on earth to live consuming as much as the usa does?

Its so utterly bizarre you come in assuming people have ever shown desire to set limits. Do you hear how ridiculous you sound..

You do realize people strive for the best lifestyle everywhere, do you not?

If they properly measured and tracked natural resources the ocean wouldn't be on the brink of being a dead zone. Capitalism is a free for all, it's always been a free for all.

The economy doesn't organize anything. Supply and demand..the bottom lin and sometimes subsidy.. are the only guiding hands involved.

Seriously you still haven't learned all the ways companies strive to reverse environmental protection? How much they skirt blame and responsibility for it? Why do you think they spend billions of dollars lobbying for their own "justice" on capital hill? Nobody up there is remotely concerned with "just having enough to eat"
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Anonymous 221144

And you sound like the kind of moron who would pretend not to hear hurricane blared in your face.

We can't know how truly horrible it could be either. You don't sit on your ass when someone tells you your house has a 50% chance of being swallowed up by a wildfire.

There is no "well who knows what could happen, let's just sit here doing the same dumbass thing"

No of course not so lets bring 10 more mouths into the equation, for our own personal greed and satisfaction. There's only a 60% chance they will suffer.

All I hear is how dulled your Maternal senses are, if anything. That's not Maternal. Someone with REAL Maternal instincts couldn't be paid a million dollars to bring children into that kind of hellish scenario. All I hear is how much you want to listen to the most comforting lies to continue doing the same dumbass thing most people are still only doing for social points.

I know the "maternal" instinct you're talking about, and most friends I know with kids are living a shadow of the existence they had before with inflation, the price of housing. That's not even factoring in the price of childcare, education, retirement. Having kids these days is a complete financial hellhole and ripoff no matter how badly you want them.

Anonymous 221258

co2 per capita.PNG

>Do you know how many earths it would require for every country on earth to live consuming as much as the usa does?
I don't know why you seem to want to compare everyone to the USA. The world is big and diverse Nona. I'm not talking about third world either, plenty of places in the EU are doing fine with their environmental impact and improving all the time.

>You do realize people strive for the best lifestyle everywhere, do you not?

"Best lifestyle" depends a lot on where you live. Think Native Americans vs Brazil vs USA vs India vs Sweden. Again, the world is big and diverse.

>Capitalism is a free for all, it's always been a free for all.

Sure, but no where really has 'pure' capitalism, even in the US. People have to follow the law that they all vote on, or risk the consequences. You can argue some government have harmful practices sure, but that's because the local citizens are allowing that to happen. If you live in the US for example, and you don't want oil companies ruining the environment, then get your community together and vote for politicians that will reign them in. Easier said than done of course, but the systems are in place for that to happen with some effort.

>tell me the government efficiently tracks

I'm not arguing people do a good job, I'm arguing that they're trying. In reality resource management is actually very difficult. Saying 'just do a better job' is naive and lacks perspective.

You can be as pessimistic as you want, but in the long term we humans will survive just fine, only with some adjustments for new circumstances, like we always have.

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