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Anonymous 102555[Reply]

Thoughts on the online women's "level up"/hypergamy community?
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Anonymous 104586

Seethe more. Women having standards means they would rather be alone than be with a no value male.

Anonymous 104587

having standards and being a basic bitch are two different things

Anonymous 104595

I’m the anon that posted this >>104383 which - a day later and sober - I’ll admit reads cringely but I stand by the point.

Who said anything about FDS?

The question you originally replied to was about the concept of hypergamy, literally ‘marrying up’ (if you can literally why wouldn’t you??), and the community that surrounds it.

By the time you replied the tone of the thread morphed acceptably to include FDS as was self-improvement. True: FDS are part of the community surrounding hypergamy. True: self improvement is part of hypergamy, how can you influence it, but you swatted that down and I took issue with it. Self improvement, whilst is a tenet of fds, is much bigger than a sub of man-hating shut-ins. It’s like someone asking ‘What do we think about conservatism?’ and you replying ‘people contesting that trump won the election are fucking weird’’ (Sorry this is the best I could do; I’m 100% left leaning libertarian). Yeah they are. Stupid, ineffective and represent a small subset of the wider group. I find no fault with what you wrote in your second comment.

I think smart people go about self-improvement in smarter ways than screaming into an echo chamber (she said on crystal.cafe). It takes 5 mins on that sub to realise that suitcase is not worth unpacking and move on. Instead think of Warren Buffett and his fear of public speaking (became a teacher), a girl that learns how to do makeup / dress properly, or me and my tiny butt (squats, yoga and Greek yoghurt). Identify faults with yourself and work on them.

~ Also
> low IQ
> desillusional
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Anonymous 104628

You think women care about not being basic bitches? What do I care if I am like every other women? That just means all of us have good taste. Being afraid of being like other women just means you hate yourself and have self esteem. Go to counseling.

Anonymous 104635

I am the >>103255 anon, and the other anon is not me.
I do not care if they aspire to not; I only care that they are not. That they are not intelligent and charismatic; they are dumb and boring. I look down on them for that reason.


Have any of you ever given up on doing something because you are a woman? Anonymous 103301[Reply]

these days I found myself thinking about having given up studying information technology because it is a mostly male field and I would like to ask if you have ever gone through anything similar.
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Anonymous 104594

>I stopped saying that I'm female or avoiding words that expose me as female.
fucking hell, this
> They will think you're male even if you make radfem talking points, which close to 0 men agree with.
You feel as if they won't take you seriously and have a fair debate with you if they don't see you as male, therefore "on their level". It fucking sucks that I have to hide my gender every time I write a wall of text explaining my points.

Anonymous 104596

When I was in elementary school, no one wanted to play Yu-Gi-Oh! with me, because I was a girl.

Anonymous 104598

also do you have any idea how hard it is to conceal your gender in Spanish writing a wall of text? lol

Anonymous 104610

No, I can barely do that with 3 sentences in my language.

Anonymous 104613

That's sad, I didn't know the rules of YGO when I was a kid, but I would've loved to play it with you and have you teach me or we could've made our own rules :]


Anonymous 104602[Reply]

because your idea to end your existence depends on your existence, the idea and consequently the act (of ending your existence) will lose their designated purpose after your death. your acts only have meaning because you exist - they depend on you as a conscious observer. right..? ?? please tell me im right i want a reason not to s

Anonymous 104606

Basically the idea will only have meaning for a short period of time, meanwhile you could act accordingly with ideas of greater long term benefit. However im not sure if time really matters. I should stop

Anonymous 104609

If you mean is suicide a waste, yes it is.

Therapy, spirituality, exercise, medication. It gets better hun


Any other comfy imageboards Anonymous 88955[Reply]

I just found out that sushigirls exists. I was surprised to find a comfy imageboard like cc that didn't feel as heavy or troublesome as 4chan. Other than 4chan, 8chan, cc, and wizchan are there any other image boards out there that are out there and/or are worth exploring?
>Pic unrelated
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Anonymous 104467

>there's probably at most five posts a day
These places are such a mixed bag. One one hand it's nice and cozy and not entirely dead. On the other hand it's slow and can give you a sense of loneliness like you're only talking to yourself or a couple of others.

Anonymous 104469

Im always shocked 4chan is the only major board.

Anonymous 104477

Well, it didn't use to be back when 8ch was still a viable alternative, before they had to shut down 8chan was the best imageboard imo by far, it had even more feds than 4chan bc 8ch was getting that much more popular and influential, but as soon as they had to look for other places to host the site they lost like 80% of the userbase and now it's ded

Anonymous 104481

I never used it. It always seemed like a schzio version of 4chan. I was never into the political conspiracies. I could be completely off on my assumptions, but I just want an active place to talk about things other than the jews

Anonymous 104608

I had an 8ch board but I never made a single post in it. It was meant to be solely for discussing and posting pictures of hot male characters with glasses. Unfortunately I never quite had the courage to actually start using it.


Anonymous 90921[Reply]

Why do I get BTFO arguing with moids on 4chan every time?
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Anonymous 102763

>whats the overall sciencific disscussion/consensus is on this topic
The overall sociological consensus at least in America is that white people are at the root of all evil. Any branch of science that is not strictly mathematical has become a heavily politicized joke.

Anonymous 102764

Is this post satire?

Anonymous 102791

So what's the point then? All of those are just deflections and will make you appear absolutely retarded.

Anonymous 104597

Learn to distinguish when they're actually right or just deluding themselves. That way you can tell when it's time to retire from the debate gracefully while letting the other look like a delusional retard (which may convince others to take your side at the end), or to gracefully accept that you were wrong on some points. Though the others are right, just stop trying to argue with /r9k/. There's no point and you will be infinitely happy if you stop trying to engage in anything relted to them. You win by being happy and not involved with them, they lose by being miserable incels. Otherwise you lose by losing your time and getting upset and depressed, while they win by annoying you and thinking you're obsessed with them.

Anonymous 104600

>1. Reject an article as biased if it has a factual rating less than the highest score on a media bias fact check website or has any political leaning that isn't center
In theory this is a good way to reject certain evidence but this is almost always a bad look, unless the source is Breitbart in regards to race politics then just flat out rejection upon bias is not good enough
>2. Reject a study if the sample size is less than whatever number you want, doesn't explicitly include all the races, based on surveys, questionable methods of data collection, not statistically significant results, Chinese origin, low ranking state school origin, includes a professor who is affiliated with activism, pretending animal or insect studies directly apply to humans, not reproducable by other scientists, not published within the past 5-10 years.
Some of these are good (methods of data collection,not reproducible, animal studies 100% correlation with humans) while others are really bad (Chinese origin, low ranking state school origin). To ignore a study based on its origin in an unrelated field is completely baffling and I am starting to realize this might be bait.
>3. All blogs
In complete agreeance, unless the blog has a serious bibliography you can mostly ignore it. If somebody is dumb enough to cite a blog always counter-cite with a study and say something that Ben Shapiro would say "facts triumph your feelings!".
>4. All emotional arguments e.g. "How would you feel if… "
In complete agreeance.
>5. Findings presented by or funded by special interest groups
Understand the bias but do not walk away and ignore.
>6. Anything that could fall under a logical fallacy. Alternatively, only use logical fallacies and watch them get btfo.
Funny strategy but won't win you any points.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Anonymous 99499[Reply]

any miners here /sigma/?
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Anonymous 102526

That actually sounds horrible. What was even the point then?
The best warrior got the queen for a night only to get cut down in the morning.

Anonymous 102527

Sigma doesn't always make sense, but that's because she is INDEPENDENT.

Anonymous 102549

Alpha female = housewife
Beta female = working wife
Omega female = unmarried career woman
Sigma female = nun

Anonymous 102551

accurate and based

Anonymous 104590

All those women look the same


Anonymous 100768[Reply]

Men hit the wall hard at 25
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Anonymous 104501

Shredded is pretty damn gross. A healthy athleticism is nice.

Anonymous 104507

No, expecting men to be soulless money making machines is. Like that's their only value in life. It's the reason they snap like they do, when they do. Being expected to suppress all emotion and yadayada

Anonymous 104515


He's Neckmaxxing

Anonymous 104516

That is mostly the case with these people. One of my friends is a personal trainer, he's told me that the reason they look so weird is because they're so missproportioned our brains pick it up instantly. While there are exercises that target specific areas, they work with entire muscle groups so you're training entire groups all the time and all muscles will look properly developed.

Anonymous 104588

Yes. The only one in the entire world. The rest of us have weekly meetings where we laugh at fatties and dad bods. You can start coming if you repent.

images (26).jpeg

Anonymous 104570[Reply]

How do I stop chronic heartburns?

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 104855

Moved to >>>/hb/12986.


Anonymous 103917[Reply]

to the anons that weren’t born in an english speaking country, how did you learn how to speak english fluently? i learned it through watching tv shows with subtitles and RPing on gmod. curious to see how other people learned english without official training
34 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 104522

Italian here. I learned the basics in school, and practiced by browsing the internet with a big italian-english dictionary on my knees. I wanted to read fanfiction of my favorite videogame, and roleplay on gaia online, so I ended up getting both reading and writing practice this way.

Anonymous 104537

Become persuaded to hate the country and language you were born into while also getting exposed to English media and learning, and you will become a cringey "anglophile" who will never be White at a very young age.

Thanks to this, I have become a much better English writer and speaker than a Spanish one, and so, at this point, I just get myself to live permanently in the English internet since I do not feel like I fit in in the Spanish internet whatsoever.

Anonymous 104562

I immigrated to Canada from Russia and although the school system there (or here!) didn't teach me much my mother was an English teacher and tutored me. I didn't speak fluently until I was 15-16.
Nyet Sistra

Anonymous 104564

My dad brought me some of those old video classes for English and after that I just did really well in English class, then I started to use the internet and I stuck to the English side of it (specifically YouTube, which also helped a lot because I practiced my oral comprehension)

Anonymous 104565

I don't feel like I fit in on the Spanish side of the internet either, but not always. I've tried to stop being an elitist about it but some of my aversion to Spanish-language content and comments is still there. However, I think it balances out with my hatred towards certain parts of the English-language side and of Americans in general.


Honest Question Anonymous 98526[Reply]

I've seen some studies posit 50% abuse rates for lesbian relationships. I think those numbers are way too high, but even the lowest I can find still put it at 17%. Has anyone here ever been in an abusive lesbian relationship?

This is probably going to stir some shit, but those numbers seem fake and I don't know how else to broach the subject.
25 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 98976

>Noooooo they cant be men are demons women are angels.
Since anecdotal evidence is the new fact:
I have met three butch lesbians that were abusive as fuck to their current GF and they tried that with me too (while in a relationship) as act of hitting on me. They were everything this board describes as moids.
My mother, the mother of my childhood friend and the mother of My current GF were all outright violent. Not "My evil racist Nazi mom used the wrong pronouns for my trans anime persona" abusive but belt with brass buckle in your face for bad grades and throwing liquor bottles after their husbands levels of abuse.

Anonymous 98983

Most based reply ITT, at the end of the day I don't really care though if the statistics for this are true, males still commit most crimes and are scummy in nature.

Anonymous 99002

Well, I would hope someone out there is different than myself and is able to trust a big gf. Luckily this seems to be the case. I would also do all I could to comfort them and show that I would never hurt anyone.

I was just offering my "strategy" for anons who have intense phobias about (gay?) intimate partner violence. But a lot of my interest is also unrelated to that. I've always liked size difference, perhaps because it allows me to do certain acts of service (lifting things, opening things, etc.). I like to feel useful.

It's still a big challenge for anons who exclusively like tall/muscular people. You guys will have to fully work through the phobia emotionally in order to date, and that sucks. Every miner likely has other mental health issues on top of this to deal with.

Anonymous 104502

>might not apply to that study but violent men will also pretend that they are the calm one who is being attacked when the police come and the upset woman who was just within an inch of being murdered comes across as the aggressor.

To be honest I would guess that this could go both ways depending on the character of the people involved and how nasty they're feeling.

Anonymous 104525

Yeah it's weird how butch lesbians emulate men like what's the point of you dating a butch lesbian if they're still gonna behave like moids?

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