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Anonymous 53753[Reply]

Why do moids think we have life on "easy mode"? Is it because society teaches boys not to empathize with others?
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Anonymous 56100

>there's no constantly growing endemic of involuntarily celibate women
because women just accept that finding a mate is futile and use healthy methods of coping like knitting, whereas men are aggressive hypersexual degenerates who react with inappropriate levels of rage and depressive behavior, blaming everyone else for their own problems.

Anonymous 56101

>volcels unwilling to adapt
this. women are more likely to have to settle for someone that is less attractive than them.

Anonymous 56104

Exactly, because woman are more willing to settle, there are more men that identify as not being able to get a mate.

Anonymous 56107

If I had naturally nice hair I wouldn't use anything but my hair has been a disgusting puffy/frizzy piece of shit since I was born and I have to spend hours styling it just for it to stay normal for a few hours or less

Anonymous 56145

I hope by "normal" you don't mean straight lmao


Anonymous 55628[Reply]

>he just wants to sleep with you so he can later have the memory to fap to that event
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Anonymous 55662

Somehow you found a way to compete with yourself. Incredible.

Anonymous 55668

What do we do about memory collectors?

Anonymous 55671

Not her, but: I would want my partner to be in the moment, connecting and communicating in the fullest, least artificial sense. Memory storing suggests dissociating: taking mental pictures because he's calculating he can make himself come better alone. It makes you weirdly into an object for a voyeur.

It also suggests various forms of sexual damage: from porn, from deadgripping, from hookups (it's hard to have truly satisfying sex with a hookup, so that's where I imagine this "store the image and sensations away for later" maximising idea comes from)… All the modern afflictions which do not bode well for sexual life.

Anonymous 56095

Is this seriously a thing?

Anonymous 56108

Not much you can do about that. Who knows what he's thinking about when he fucks you… he can tell you, but are his words true?


Anonymous 55964[Reply]

"Man is such a fool, why are we saving him?"

>I love orgasming from P in V too much to truly hate men

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Anonymous 55968

Anonymous 55974

What in the fresh fuck is this

Anonymous 56007

images (17).jpeg

>biwwi eiwish pic

Anonymous 56008

Wut. Who in their right min would take male hormones to grow their clit? I’ll stay not cumming, thanx

Anonymous 56093


Anonymous 46749[Reply]

Coronavirus discussion: How fucked are we? I live in California.

Apparently it's predicted that 2.5 billion could be infected in 45 days due to exponential growth and 53 million could die.

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Anonymous 55875

You say this, but keep in mind that even China, where this virus originates from, basically locked down an entire province and roadblocked everything whilst building temporary hospitals in the span of a week. They went as far as to lock people in their homes.

If a country that has zero regard for the safety of its own citizens takes it this seriously, then something is definitely up.

Anonymous 55878

>If a country that has zero regard for the safety of its own citizens takes it this seriously, then something is definitely up.

The fact you think China has no regards for it's citizens speaks volumes about the power of American propoganda.

Anonymous 55879

>If a country that has zero regard for the safety of its own citizens takes it this seriously,
lmao china is a "wrap the populace in bubble wrap" country.

Anonymous 55880

Dengists were a mistake, critical support for China as a geopolitical rival to the US but that's all

Anonymous 56092

It isn't like we have that much traffic, plus the topic is still relevant.


Job & Career Thread Anonymous 2867[Reply]

- What job/career are you currently working or working towards
- What have you noticed about people in certain career paths
- Where da money actually at for least stress, etc.
- Which fields do generally higher IQ/savvier women excel in (let's be honest, if you've made it to imageboards/Crystal Cafe you're over a certain threshold of smarts of some kinds)
- Tips for other anons/Ask for advice
- Shit that sucks about work in general
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Anonymous 54397

I applied to a nice looking job and they contacted me to set up an interview, but now I realized that it would be a one-hour commute each way. My current commute is 25 minutes one-way. The pay is slightly better, and right now I work at least 30 min unpaid overtime a day, but still….

Anonymous 54398

I mean, the salary of the new job is a bit higher. My current job has a lot of unpaid overtime, which will increase later this year if I get a promotion.

Anonymous 54420

Is the salary really higher if you’re doing even more unpaid overtime???? Wouldn’t that cancel out if you break it down

Anonymous 56077

fuck work im gonna invest, wish me luck with the sugar baby bs

Anonymous 56079

Investing is the opposite of sugar babying though. You're still working all day managing your stocks until you're too big to fail and you just hand over control to some hedge fund manager.


Anonymous 55990[Reply]

i made a friend in the park! catspotting thread
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Anonymous 56033


I found this black beauty the other day!

Anonymous 56034

Mysterious boy…

Anonymous 56051

Omg I need this thread. Make more like this.

Anonymous 56056


saw this baby while on a vacation a few months back

Anonymous 56058


Cute fella he's a bit skinny though

My friend met this guy!

sakuya giving the …

Anonymous 29860[Reply]

sakuya giving the cirno the fishe

Anonymous 29991


9 packing 4 vacation

Anonymous 30013


Anonymous 56053


That's a nice fishe you've got there


Anonymous 22768[Reply]

Millions of weird people around the world watch videos of strangers whispering into a camera as a digital surrogate for human connections and relationships

what are your thoughts on this troubling phenomenon
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Anonymous 55358

hot men, not incel.
Cute voice though make some more vocaroos

Anonymous 55905

I remember ASMR, when binaural videos just started to get popular on youtube. ASMR back then was just the designation for the sensation you felt, when you hear something relaxing. It was everything from being comfy at home, while the rain hits your roof to parents reading you a good night story, cuddling with your partner and them whispering something in your ear.

These Binaural/Holophonic Videos like the Virtual 3D barber shop used actually this amazing technology so people with stereo headphones could hear fully 3D audio and even pinpoint the exact location, not just the direction a sound is coming from. You were startled when something came up behind you. You even turned around. That was proper ASMR.

When I compare modern ASMR videos to the old school binaural ones, I can't help but be completly disappointed. It's just e-celebs who probably have no idea what ASMR really feels like doing a simulation of what they think ASMR is.
ASMR is not a weird fetish thing. It's not obscure in the slightest. Pretty much every human with a soul should have it. If you watch these old binaural videos, I promise you, you will feel it. That startling and these goosebumps and that sensation along your entire spine is ASMR.

What these modern e-celebs are doing isn't really ASMR. The audio is so bad. They never really move around, even if they have a better microphone (and still lack the knowledge to make it a proper binaural video). They always sit on their ass while they make the video. I remember a stupidly simple video of someone just shaking a box of matches and even going down to their knees behind me, so my brain could perceive them as going to the floor. But they are lazy. They never do that. They would have to get off their ass.

I hate how they made ASMR into what it is known today. They ruined everything.

Anonymous 55927

Anonymous 56047

images (18).jpeg

jock body, hyper masculine face, stubble and being overall hairy.
chads are overrated,
they give me a milder form of the feel i get from looking at a terraformer.

Anonymous 56048

you forgot to mention dark hair and tan skin, yuck.


Anonymous 55600[Reply]

How did you find crystal cafe?
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Anonymous 56011


found it by searching other imageboards, while on my journey i stumbled upon cc and i stayed.

Anonymous 56018

I was around for the original post on lolcow that had the idea of CC.

Anonymous 56019

someone mentioned it on /adv/ calling this place a "female 4chan" and i got curious

Anonymous 56026


someone mentioned CC in an unrelated conversation, I looked it up and decided to stay. I don't remember where and when though.

Anonymous 56042

some gay 8chan "raid" attempt a couple years back

nice lio btw


Anonymous 51686[Reply]

Opinions on FemaleDatingStrategy?
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Anonymous 55827

Based. All my relationships started out as friendships first and foremost.

Anonymous 55830

They have the same problem that happens with other self help stuff like how autistic men that read how to make friends and influence people end up accidentally worse at social interaction afterwards because they memorized a script but don't understand the mechanics of social interaction so they can't actually function outside the fairly narrow set of restraints that the advice actually makes sense in. All the advice that's worth listening to from them imo is just stuff you'd understand if you have enough people reading skills and emotional maturity to not allow yourself to compromise for men that don't respect you

Anonymous 55839

Lon Lon milk.jpg

Can't say I agree with some of what they say. A lot of it is common sense but their attitude of "HVM can do nothing wrong" is naive. Men are men, and a good chunk are willing to play the long game and give you everything you want until you're in too deep.

Anonymous 56025

Zelda's agirll

Anonymous 56038

Entertaining to read but not much different from male dating strategies on Reddit.

My lack of experiences and non-existent desire for children make me incapable of understanding why people pursue dating and marriage when they treat it like a neverending strategy game on hard mode with a long list of rules.

I thought romantic relationships were about love. Love, understanding and mutual trust. Love shouldn't be this complicated and insincere.

Love shouldn't be looking at the opposite gender like they were all useless dirt beneath your feet but with hidden gems scattered here and there. This applies to both men and women, by the way.

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