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Anonymous 44223[Reply]

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Anonymous 76860

Never forget this isn't some long gone thing. I met an old lady that had like 12 children and she recounted how her husband just basically took her away one day and left town. She just had to do whatever he said from that day forward, for what I understood she never saw her parents alive again and could only reunite with her siblings when he was too old and drunk to care. This happened around the 20s. It's not a big leap backwards.

Anonymous 76861

> husband just basically took her away one day and left town.

Anonymous 76879

It still happens in places like rural Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. My cousin managed to get a Ukranian girl pregnant in Kazakhstan, and she told me later that she was relieved because often Russian guys will just turn up, fraudulently marry girls and then abduct/coerce them.

Anonymous 76884

Stop reviving old threads who cares

Anonymous 79037


What is a Ukrainian woman doing in Kazakhstan


Anonymous 78066[Reply]

why do men on the internet like mentally ill girls so much. why do they have such a savior complex. then once ur mental illness starts acting the fuck up and u become annoying to handle, u refuse to vc, and then they just leave. like u literally signed up for this and now ur leaving ??? i dont get it.
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Anonymous 78762

>why do men on the internet like mentally ill girls so much.

they've never met a woman with a serious mental illness before. the men that go on about "uwu anxious depressed bpd gf" don't bother to consider that mental illness is just as ugly and terrible within females as it is males; they genuinely think women don't experience psychotic breaks as they do, or that women's psychotic breaks are "cute" somehow.

seriously. let them hook up with a women suffering from depression, anxiety, schizophrenia etc. and see it isn't like the memes. they'll feel fucking stupid

Anonymous 78785

I've seen a lot of hybristos talk about wanting to fix or needing to fix bad men, but it's much rarer to take steps that threaten to actually fix them. I'd say it's about as common for a hybristo to actually be interested in fixing anyone as it is for fat fetishists to help their fat partners [b]lose[/b] weight.
People are attracted to others for traits that they have, not traits that they don't have. Fat fetishists are sometimes compelled by a sense of obligation to diminish the thing that attracted them to their partners in the first place, but they are commonly honest about this diminishing their attraction to their partners and running contrary to their sexual interests.
I think the big difference is that hybristos need to lie to both others AND to themselves about where their attraction actually comes from.

Anonymous 78864

The only good reply ITT

Tumblr, Twitter, and TikTok just realized that all the egirl sties’s names start with T “””depressed””” attention whores just make the stereotype worse

Anonymous 79023


>omg why r u so miserable and sad about yourself
>ur so lovable i literally can't wrap my head why'd you be so sad
>something doesn't add up so ur a liar!!! (wut)
>that means your love is a lie that's why i will make a fuss over nothing when not a single person alive ever prompts it
>oh actually i don't think i could love somebody with whom i make fusses over nothing and neither should you love such a man
>okay i gonna dump you just like so many before me. ummm why did you feel bad about yourself in the first place again?

what in the actual fuck

Anonymous 79036

lol, they don't want mentally ill girls at all. what they really want are "mentally ill" yandere girls because they think that they will be obsessed over them.


Anonymous 79030[Reply]

give me some pulp covers i can flick my bean too.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 79032

Moved to >>>/nsfw/4220.


Anonymous 78626[Reply]

Does everyone love Japan?
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Anonymous 78992

New to collecting plush and wondering if there is some website to learn more about it or any tips. I asked reddit before and got linked to some unspeakable site about well plushies and degeneracy! i just want some quality plushies

Anonymous 79000

I've only been there twice since i turned 18, last time was right before rona and i'm hoping to travel there again but their borders have been closed rip. I also wanna live there tbh

Anonymous 79011



Amazon is always a friend. Also Etsy. If not Amazon or Etsy, I'm not sure where to look. All the sites I've ever used have been found at random through Google search. Is there an anime/manga shop near where you live? Those tend to sell Japanese plushies sometimes.

Anonymous 79015

i've been at a standstill with japanese for nearly two years. i took it in highschool, but i've just been stuck on the n5 level. i've started doing anki cards and engaging with japanese media so i can start learning again. i'd really like to live in japan at some point if possible. just visiting would make me happy

Anonymous 79017

You can get by in Tokyo with beginner level Japanese I'm serious. But only Tokyo.


Anonymous 78906[Reply]

im tired of being a neet. its so hard to be useful or productive. i cant begin classes until fall and even then they will have to be online until i can transfer credits. im too scared for a wagie job because of my anxiety and the long hours and shit pay. i just want to feel useful and even my hobbies are getting tiring sometimes. i know it will feel better when i do online classes but this feels awful. i wish i was normal. ive been going on more walks and started new meds which is nice but i wish i had friends and a life. i feel so fucked in life
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Anonymous 78909

i didnt even know they existed! thank you anon im going to look into them tomorrow. i think it will be good to keep me productive and help for when i begin my actual classes. it will be a good start.

Anonymous 78910

You can't avoid a wagie job forever.

Anonymous 78913

i just dont want to have to work in the real world any longer until i finish college/schooling for a career i like. i know this may not happen though, i may have to return to waging for a bit, but right now im not in a position where i need to that badly so im trying to still be productive. but i know anon, im still keeping my eye on jobs and stuff incase :(

Anonymous 78952

I never want to have to work full time my autism made me break after one week of 8 hour days moving out to consoom separately is overrated why can't we just be like europeans work part-time and live with family forever

Anonymous 78959

Anon that's not the norm in Europe at all. If you work part-time you're not considered to have a real job and people will think you're a lazy child who wants to leave everything to your parents. Idk where you got the idea from.


Anonymous 47179[Reply]

I love America. It is the greatest nation in the world. It is a paragon of peace in virtue in the world and will be for a thousand years. God bless America and our allies.
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Anonymous 78782

>serious economic competition
No, it's just geopolitics. They went to Korea and Vietnam to legitimately fight communism and to show presence in Asia in order to keep itself as the main global superpower. If you think economic competition is the reason, America would have torched Germany, Japan, China, Taiwan and South Korea in the last 70 years. Shitholes like Iraq, Libya and Iran show no economic potential or risk, that was just a matter of keeping friendlier governments (satellite states) in place and reducing any real military potential that anyone other than Israel may have.

Anonymous 78784

>legitimately fight communism
Oof. As an American, most Americans don't even defend the Vietnam war….we literally went there, fucked things up, then abandoned all our own people there??
Are you really this much of an idiot or are you some sort of moid who gets off thinking of war?

Anonymous 78809

America could've ended it in 6-12 months if they continued, the Paris agreement was largely a delay tactic that they had no intention of respecting and Sino-Soviet support of the NVA was crumbling. It was hippies being marketed and infiltrated by communists that led a wave of manufactured anti-war sentiment and destabilisation in the US. The only mistake America made is that they didn't win, if you're playing geopolitics you have to show presence, you're not gonna disarm Cuba with hugs and kisses. Consistent logistical, medical and air support to the South Vietnamese should've continued even if GIs were pulled out. With that in place less people would have probably died, as China wouldn't dare to invade a US-backed South Vietnamese government like they did with Communist Vietnam (in the Sino-Vietnamese war the Chinese largely used a scorched earth policy and destroyed anything they came across.)
Not American. This is like a discussion I would have on /k/.

Anonymous 78916

The world will be a better place if shartistan is nuked off the face of the Earth.

Anonymous 78922

As an American, no. We’re not the greatest country in the world. I’ve been to many countries in Europe and in Asia and no country is the greatest country in the world. That mindset is toxic and a trap. There are only countries that are horrible ie North Korea.
The US needs to keep its nose out of other countries business unless it’s a human rights/crime against humanity issue. Stop propping overthrowing governments in third world countries because it would benefit us (because history has shown it just bites us in the ass).
And I’m just talking global diplomacy issues, not even internal national problems.


Anonymous 72327[Reply]

Is gayface a real thing?
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Anonymous 78627


>ywn be ivankas secret mistress that she spoils with gifts and affection
Why do I get up in the morning

Anonymous 78633


youre right anon shes so fucking hot why even live

Anonymous 78671

And if gayface is real does biface exist? Or how does bisexual faces look like?

Anonymous 78678

i wanna date the gay face woman

Anonymous 78865

How does it contradict her statement, logbrain?


Anyone else terrified of becoming exactly like their mother? Anonymous 75879[Reply]

>narcissistic personality
>alcohol addiction
>mood stabilizers
I'm terrified
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Anonymous 76682

Not a troll, go ask on Mumsnet and you’ll get the same answer. Going to sign off here as this is just going in circles.

Anonymous 76734


my mum passed away before I reached my 7th birthday.
I've always found my school peers mums to be fascinating. I say fascinating because my sweet peers were always embarrassed at the slightest affection their mothers showed them, I too acted embarrassed for them too but deep down I would have killed to be them.

dreams of being adopted never panned out either and my memories of mother deteriorated anyways, I only remember the bad parts of me,being an ungrateful daughter.

rest in everlasting peace mother, may god deem me worthy of reuniting me with you once again.

Anonymous 78320

I guess we really do not value things that are given.
If you'd meet me irl, and see how i behave around my mother, you'd strangle me on the spot.

Anonymous 78851

I have a mother like OP's and I can already see myself in her. It's scary and disgusting. We're very similar now when it comes to arguments, especially with a partner. It makes sense that we'd both get it I guess, but it's harsh.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 78856

Moved to >>>/feels/52550.


Anonymous 73081[Reply]

how do i make more female friends :( or i just want friends that i can draw with and make a nice group
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Anonymous 78734

i wanna know the same thing too. pretty sure it's full of moid larpers at this point tho

Anonymous 78800

so the thing is still working cool?

Anonymous 78806

It's comfy and no obvious moids yet, not the type of conversation that would entertain moids anyway

Anonymous 78843

umm can i join the discord or like does any girls wna b friends?

Anonymous 78847

im not on their discord but ill vc you if you post a tag


Anonymous 42101[Reply]

>tfw porn addict bf
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Anonymous 75207

masturbation ia healthy, porn isn't. porn conditions you to develope weird fetishes and have a wrong idea of what sex is.

Anonymous 75210

Porn can teach some tricks but like… I have learned more about sex thanks to hentai than porn, most porn is gross af especially western porn it's fucking absolutely disgusting there is never foreplay, just the gross shit instantly, this is what moids learn.

Anonymous 76378

i am very interested to know what civil war diorama does that

Anonymous 76387

>learned more about sex thanks to hentai than porn
Please tell me you're joking.

Anonymous 78822

Both are. The virginin meme -the woman's worth is determined by how many sexual partners she's had and the slut-meme (if you don't put out on the 2nd date I will dump you).

They're two sides of the same coin - misogyny. What they have in common is that they don't see the woman as a human being but only a fuckhole.

The first one believes any woman that ever had even 1 boyfriend come ner her fuckhole, she is "used up goods", "trash", "a roastie". While the second one is worse at delaying gratification and want's to get in ASAP, sperm and then leave. Both are two sides of shit.

Porn sucks because it just reinforces the notion that women are fuckholes. The problem here isn't "slut culture" or "virgin culture", but that men are obsessed with women's sexuality and don't see them as human beings.

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