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Anonymous 22169[Reply]

Should infant circumcision be legal?
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Anonymous 180863

Agreed. Now tell that to >>180856

Anonymous 180875


Anonymous 180879

Neither is "dude trust me, im a moid"

Anonymous 181404

male circ.png

Except… It doesn't? Europe doesn't do circumcision yet erectile dysfunction is much higher than in countries that practice it (Arabs etc). You could more say that the prevalence of erectile dysfunction correlates with the countries with a longer live expectance because people live longer and thus men are likely more to experience erectile dysfunction because they reach old age kek.

Anonymous 181420

infibulation is much worse than circumcision


Make women stronger at a cost Anonymous 169460[Reply]

You met a genie, but instead of getting to wish for anything you would like, you can wish for just one thing and get to choose if you want it or not.

Do you want women to be the physically stronger sex? Sounds like easy answer, but to keep things balanced you also need to give moids some other attribute in which they become objectively superior to compensate for their loss of strength. Once you wish for it, history plays out again from the start with this change until today.
- Superior health (women die around 50 or 60 while men live to 100 on average)
- Superior intellect (men have 20 iq points more then women on average)
- Immense charm (men are now more attractive, women have higher libido then men and simp for them the same way OnlyFans moids do now)
- Moral superiority (men act like saints, stay loyal and generally are never evil, while women act like complete thugs and rape. But unlike in this timeline, the morally superior sex has religion system and entire society centred around how good they are and how evil women are, guilting women into infighting)
- bigger numbers (there are 2,5 men for every woman)
- smaller numbers (there are 3 women per one men, however you must choose 2 more positive attributes)
- witchcraft (magic is real, you can learn it, but only moids can utilise it)

Discuss why you chose these positives, and also if you would even want the wish in the first place or tell the genie to fuck off.
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Anonymous 177445

Not seeing much point in any of this if men still have an advantage.
>society centred around how good they are and how evil women are, guilting women into infighting
??? That's just now in any non-atheistic culture, except men are the thugs and rapists while guilting women.

Anonymous 177481

bump to hide cp

Anonymous 178677

Why not just give women more financial dominance? That seems like a smarter way to correct the power dynamic than make it a game of physical attributes.

Anonymous 178928

>men are now more attractive
>bigger numbers (there are 2,5 men for every woman)
Hard choice.
Makes sense too. You can already build up muscles with training in this world but you cannot learn witcraft, I tried.

Anonymous 181375

You don't read properly. Once you make the wish, the entire human history restarts from the beginning with these attributes. Doing any of these changes on modern society wont do anything really. Instead the thread is asking what would you choose as the starting attributes before civilization even started, and how will these attributes change the course of society.
If women would be stronger, they could have been the military which controlled most of the power in ancient societies, thus giving women more wealth for example.
Strength today is overrated for sure, and even throughout history. It was mostly to spark alternative history debate instead of contemplating about how some attributes are useless today and other are more useful


Anonymous 172833[Reply]

Hi Nonas, theres an empty hoarders house hidden on my street thats untouched. I suspect the owner doed in the house. All the doors are locked tops on how to get in without smashing windows?
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Anonymous 177526


My bet she ded

Anonymous 181317

Was she larping this whole time? Or did she chicken out? Please nona, we need answers. I will not judge (though I will cajole), we just want updates.

Anonymous 181320

i don't want to believe it because op seemed cool, but i have suspected a larp from the moment she said she had a bad feeling and was going to come back later. i know i don't know her, but it seemed out of character from someone who even had an idea to do something like that in the first place, know what i mean?

Anonymous 181322

Exactly. Unfortunately, that was my suspicion too since she kept making excuses on why she couldn't go again. But god knows that I've started to journal something, gotten bored halfway through and then abandoned the project.

Anonymous 181328

it's a real bummer because i am into people exploring abandoned stuff and this thread was the most excited i had been in a long time about anything (sad i know), if there were any cool places around here to explore i would make a thread to compensate for OPs big letdown, but no such places exist where i live.


Anonymous 178880[Reply]

I’m a bit autistic and one of my obsessions is bears. Every time I say or comment on social media something about bears there’s always some white dude telling me how scary bears are and how their gonna rip my limbs off and eat me. Despite the fact that I’m actually 167 times more likely to be killed by a white male, than a black bear. But for some reason I can’t tell everyone I know white man are dangerous cause that makes me a misandrist. Kinda weird if you ask me.
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Anonymous 179513

can we be friends

Anonymous 179621

cute interest

Anonymous 180224


I love bears too nona

Anonymous 181242

If you wanna test that theory I can take you to see the bears.
I can just watch as it rips your arm off.

Anonymous 181243

>Black bears living in Alaska that can feed extensively on salmon weigh around 30kg more. Black bears are incredibly strong, able to casually flip boulders weighing over 140kg with a single paw.
I don't think she needs to be angry. And that's just a black bear.


What do I have to watch out. while browsing imageboards? Anonymous 143010[Reply]

I've been browsing 4chan, endchan, 16chan, indiachan etc. but some of the content could be suspicious and I'm afraid of entering there, hence the question.
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Anonymous 178847

hey feds hire me to be on the internet
I am doing it for free now, but why would I, if there is a payment for it
and a nice fed retirement pension I guess
you know my email

Anonymous 178849


i wish a cute blonde fed would actually care enough about me to stalk me…. i imagine he would see me sperging in imageboards and he would think like "shes so autistic lmao so cute". but i know i am too boring for that to happen. might start planning a college massacre so i can live my dream….

Anonymous 178883


>might start planning a college massacre so i can live my dream….
Have I been summoned?

Anonymous 178885

KEKK i want a cute blonde 35y agent not a bald one

Anonymous 178931



Anonymous 177443[Reply]

How do I stop getting off on degen shit and hating myself for it.It feels so good until it's over then I hate myself and grow more and more anxious and depressed until I need relief again
Anyone else know this feel
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Anonymous 177500

I think about how much data is collected on online browsing habits and how I don't want degenerate stuff in their profiles of me

Anonymous 177565

I'd rather not talk about that tbh

Anonymous 178087

You just start doing other shit. Movies, tv shows, looking for sources for people online. That's what I did. I even got myself hooked onto e-celebs, as cringe as it is. It was just nonstop consooming of media. It kept me away from porn though. After I felt I didn't need porn anymore and could actually sleep without getting horny, I took a break from the internet and everything as a whole and felt super refreshed. I don't feel as ugly and gross as I used to, and I actually want to live now. Not going to lie though, I did relapse a few times during the process, but you just have to try again. And again. And again. I wish you luck, anon.

Anonymous 181146

I do not believe women with porn "addictions". Have you even tried nonas?

Anonymous 182302

why not? anyone could get addicted

Screen Shot.png

Can we have a desktop thread? Anonymous 11882[Reply]

Well, I figured since some of you came from lainchan a desktop thread wouldn't be a bad idea I guess?
Just post your desktop as it is right now (or in a way you wouldn't mind people seeing it lol).
106 posts and 55 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 180036

phos wp.jpg

Anonymous 180086

Stop acting like some nlog who can't appreciate cute things.

Anonymous 180110

Are you new to ibs?

Anonymous 180118

Nice, I'm not a weeb but Land of the Lustrous is one of the few animes I actually like.

Try Kubuntu, it comes with another DE (KDE Plasma) that is easier to graphically customise than Ubuntu's Gnome (also objectively better).

Anonymous 180131

what chrome theme is that nona?


come talk to a hardcore vegan Anonymous 167502[Reply]

i have been living on 70% raw fruits and 29% raw vegetables over the summer and now i have been eating bread for a few days.

bread is dead food for idiot zombies, i feel like 50 iq points dumber. i just sit around and scroll through content. nobody who felt the difference would eat any other way i believe.

bread is technically vegan but it is pretty far removed from being a living plant. it is dry dead grainpowder made into a paste then baked into goo. tastes nice when it is fresh from the oven but otherwise meh. the people in the bread aisle don't look healthy, i don't see it. i see the unhealthiest people being magically drawn to the baked grainpaste.

i made something like raw bread a few times but it was too much work…
73 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 169303

are you fucking stupid? developing countries (india, africa) eat way less meat than rich ones because it's fucking resource intensive to grow and expensive. lentils aren't a luxury and any vegan eats mostly those and beans and bread. holy fuck you just read any braindead opinion on the internet that supports your morally lazy and indulgent way of living and regurgitate it back like a mindless bot don't you?

Anonymous 169304

Yeah I find bread really fucks with my blood sugar (I'm Indian too and there are tons of studies out there showing our epigenetics were fucked by famines induced by colonialism so we're actually even more prone to diabetes than normal people) so I'm not a huge fan. Ezekiel bread I find is generally less shitty than regular bread (and its amino acid profile is actually complete and doesn't rely entirely on wheat gluten).

Anonymous 169310



>lentils aren't a luxury

to me just the existence that there are these living tasty plants that grow almost by themselves by sucking nutrients from the ground is quite the sophisticated technology. the amount of fruits and vegetables that spawned on this planet is ridiculous. how nice it is to buy some new fruit or vegetable i have never tried. most i have tried by now.

every fruit is a piece of art and also a complex machine. fruit is basically a 4d printer. it replicates itself from the seed it holds inside and it's software has been self-correcting itself for thousands of years.

Anonymous 169312

>every fruit is a piece of art and also a complex machine.

I actually totally get this too. Have you ever taken shrooms and eaten fruit? They're a cornucopia of sensory pleasures - they're beautiful, they smell good, they taste good, their textures are lovely etc. You can really tell we evolved alongside each other symbiotically, like we were just meant through millennia of evolution to eat them and poop out their seeds.

Anonymous 169316


>Ezekiel bread is made from sprouted grains

interesting, i didn't know this has a name. maybe this can be bought in the organic supermarkets now. i have bought all the sprouting equipment i needed but i have rarely ever sprouted. i've been meaning to do it though. for even harder vegans then me this is the only way to eat grains, by letting the things sprout.


>our epigenetics were fucked by famines induced by colonialism so we're actually even more prone to diabetes than normal people

i'd love to be in india right now, maybe it has gone to shit since but the one time i was there (~10 years ago) it was so nice. pleasant peaceful people with spiritual wealth inside them. when i came there from the western world i was told not to drink anything but buttled water because my organism wouldn't be able to handle the bacteria. i didn't listen, i drank a bit of watermelonjuice in a restaurant and had very weak occasional diarreah with slight pain.


Anonymous 179556[Reply]

>4chan jannies keep deleting SFW Vib Ribbon threads at /v/
>Asking why 4chan jannies hate Vib Ribbon so much
>Get banned

1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 179575

I haven't been on /v/ in ages nor am I keeping up with what kids are into these days, but could it be that vib ribbon became a hit with underage zoomer nostalgiatards like dokodemo/mayura/other ps1/window sxp era media so that's why it's getting banned?

Anonymous 179620

4chan sucks

Anonymous 179642

yeah. i wish there were more women's spaces online. i hate the moid degeneracy on 4chan, but i hate the thought policing and virtue signaling on tumblr. there's mumsnet, which i haven't really looked into, but i'm not a mom, so

Anonymous 179651


Awww, why Viv Ribbon? Its such a cute game!

Anonymous 180650

its because a lot of freaks on that site like to spam porn of vibri


How do you know if a guy has a big dick? Anonymous 180608[Reply]

I'm so cock-hungry for this guy that I think may have a big dick it's insane. He walks funny, stands with legs very wide apart, has big hands, big nose, big feet, is humble but charismatic. He has big dick energy. I can't believe it's real but I'm sensing it. Ugh I'm just so curious it's killing me. If I somehow found out right this second he's hung I'd crawl over and literally start gobbling him up. It never appealed to me before now but I want the entirety of him in my mouth. I hate the pervert I've become but all of this is true

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 180639

Moved to >>>/nsfw/10040.

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