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Anonymous 72113[Reply]

>"Any woman that plays video games past the age of 25 can consider herself a failure in life"
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Anonymous 72119

cope seethe dilate have sex

Anonymous 72129

That bitch never said this. Also she would give all her money and status to have my youth and beauty to play video games without being judged.

Maybe if she ever said that, thats why she said it because she is an old ugly looking hag so she is jealous young girls can play videogames freely.

Anonymous 72131

Someone missed the joke. Maggie is supposed to have said:

>"Anyone on a bus over the age of 25 is a failure"

However, it seems to be a "let them eat cake" situation in that it was an unflattering quote floating around that got attached to someone disliked:


Anonymous 72148

Miners, should you really be taking advice from an incarnation of Satan ?

Anonymous 72166

ok pickme penelope


Anonymous 72132[Reply]

>24 year old
>no BF
I thought there was no such a thing as Womcel, what is happening with me?

Anonymous 72147


A life. Get it.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 72149

Moved to >>>/feels/48714.


Anonymous 68269[Reply]

I wish I was their child.
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Anonymous 68318


>8 prototypes of it made
how is that in anyway a bad thing
Prototypes are made in every relevant design to test ideas out?

Anonymous 68320

They wasted resources on 8 fucking designer sinks until they found the 9th one that worked. For a sink. A literal kitchen sink.

Anonymous 68329

it's actually a bathroom sink and that makes it even worse, but yes. it's also not hard to design and it doesn't need 8 prototypes

Anonymous 68389

well he still married her so she is the most special to him. men are just like that they never commit but just one woman but they still have favorites which they marry. And Kim was beautiful before surgeries too.

Anonymous 72116

is this Oshi no Ko netflix adaptation or


Anonymous 71756[Reply]

>bf left me because I wont lose weight
Im 150 pounds

He's dating an asian now
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Anonymous 72040

Nta but there's a middle ground between being ana and a fatty.
I'll likely never be diabetic since I never consume refined sugar in even minuscule amounts and partake in moderate exercise daily, but I also don't and will never look like >>71987

OP is overweight, but also…BMI 21-23 women exist.
And it's worth noting that women who are BMI 25-27-ish are a different league than 30+. The former group can reasonably get to a healthy weight in the short term, but obese people have created quite a challenge for themselves.
That may be why anons are saying OP isn't "that bad" since she can reverse the problem pretty easily, even just by cutting the liquid calories and extra snacking. At least that was my thought pattern.

But if you think anything above BMI 20 is fat then I suppose we just believe different things and that's that. If so, have a nice day.

Anonymous 72043


Supermodels aren't bony.

Anonymous 72054

Nothing wrong with having them.

Anonymous 72056

There's something in between skeletors and fatties, ana-chan.

Anonymous 72065


That's actually pretty bony, you could have used a better example.


sex before marriage Anonymous 71628[Reply]

I've never seen a solid argument against premarital sex other than "god doesn't want you to." Promiscuity, sure. That shit can eat you up inside and can easily become dangerous. But sex before marriage in a committed relationship while birth control is used (which the majority of people do now)? Some anonette enlighten me pls
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Anonymous 71899

history lesson.png


the maleness is reeking off this thread

Anonymous 71912

Anon, I've come to believe there is seriously something called spiritual health, and when you get into such an intimately close experience such as sex, you're not only endangering physical and mental health, but spiritual as well. I believe there are focal points on the body called chakras, and when you have sex you're aligning your body's chakras with anothers and it can leave you both feeling drained and deprived from one another. That's why it's so dangerous to have sex with someone you can't completely completely trust. For most, marriage is that ultimate foundation of trust to leaves someone assured they can be able to have sex and not regret it later.

Anonymous 71914

I can only agree with this if we put an equal emphasis on male and female virginity, not just the female one. I also don't see why would you need the institution of marriage to sanction this kind of life-time bond, or any other kind of man-made laws. Maybe if you're weak and you can't live without some sort of authority in your life.

Anonymous 72030

Best argument i've heard is that it makes you overly attached to the person, so you can't really make a fair decision on if you want to stay with them of not. If you wait until marriage, you've already made that decision so no worries committing to it. I think there' some truth to this, even if it's just that being single sucks even more once you've had someone you can bang regularly because you crave it.

Anonymous 72042

Finding a decent virgin guy is hard though, they put up an act and just they're all horny incels and just want to get from one place to another when you start dating them. I want to think they value me but it seems like they're like a random bar one nighter kinda guy. How'd ya meet 'em?


Anonymous 38251[Reply]

What is your opinion of polyamory
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Anonymous 72007

it's disgusting

Anonymous 72009

I personally dislike it and think it doesnt work.

Anonymous 72016


same. i'm such an all-or-nothing kind of person, and i have no interest in anyone when i'm in a relationship, and i expect the exact same of my partner.

there is also something i find very erotic about giving yourself to one person, having a sex life that's secret to the world and something you only explore together.

Anonymous 72022

blessed Pagan Poetry ref

Anonymous 72027

Thank you, fellow patrician

1514508913083 (1).…

A world without males Anonymous 22715[Reply]

Let's pretend men don't exist and we could reproduce on our own!

How would things be like?

Do you think the world would be less violent? Less capitalist? Are any things you think that would be worse? What would be better?
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Anonymous 67202

>This especially applies if a man is out expecting the cooking skills of master chef, the sex skills of a porn star, the cleaning skills of a Ritz Carlton housekeeper.
I've found most men don't expect those things in all honesty. Especially the house keeper part considering they're all slobs. Doing a reasonable job cooking and a shitty job housekeeping is enough.
Then you have to find one thats not porn sick though.
And yeah the rest of what you said is a big problem these days. Why I said you need a reasonable moid. They seem to be much more rare these days tho.
If you can't find one you're completely right about the career instead.

Anonymous 67204

>Why I said you need a reasonable moid. They seem to be much more rare these days tho
I mean, back in the day women just assumed the housewife position so moids didn't have anything to be butthurt about. Now they're unhappy because of feminism. It's not that suddenly men got more fucked up, they've always been like this, but women were always giving them what they wanted. Men who were ok with splitting housework were always rare.

Anonymous 67212

the world would be almost exactly the same because most people are mentally retarded no matter their sex or gender

it's a hopeless world out there

Anonymous 67244

I just checked to see if you were right and there were like 5 posts in the whole thread, all of which were very boring. They were all:
>the would go extinct
>there'd be less rape but more doxxing because women are catty or something
>society would collapse
I have no idea why the other anon even linked it. It wasn't worth the time it took to read it. Even this post about it isn't worth reading. I've actually stolen precious seconds of your life from you.

Anonymous 71865


much less violence, especially physical violence, global removal of nuclear/mass-destruction weapons since no one wants to "have a bigger gun than this guy"
crime rates drop dramatically, especially rape/sexual abuse which causes mental disorders such as (c)PTSD and BPD be much less prevalent in the population
eating disorders are just a form of self-harm and not about body dysmorphia anymore because there won't be any moids to compete for, no moids to enforce painful/uncomfortable beauty standards for women


Bisexual but dating a guy Anonymous 16936[Reply]

Does anyone ever fee left out on being bisexual because you have a boyfriend? Or have urges to date a girl? Half vent, half question thread.
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Anonymous 71897

not quite based enough. bi4bi is the REAL bipill.

Anonymous 71898

Also, you seem to miss the difference between a febfem and a political lesbian

Anonymous 71906

Based bisexual mastersex.
How can hets and fags even compete lol.

Anonymous 71910

>How can hets and fags even compete lol
by not being raped by men all the time

Anonymous 71915

Late but
>denying their own sexuality
This doesn't correlate to monos the same way. We have two options we equally enjoy, they only have one option to start with.
"Denying" myself men can still mean I'll have a life partner who I am attracted to. If I were a lesbian denying myself women I'd not be able to have a life partner at all, or be with someone I have no attraction to.
One of these endings is worse.

Anyway I have no real input on the rest of the conversation. Bihets and febfems are all fine; I trust all bisexuals to eventually choose who fits our individual desires and needs. Just do what's best for you and stay safe out there.


Is it "unethical" to be prefer unhealthily skinny girls in terms of physical attractiveness? Anonymous 67884[Reply]

127 posts and 34 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 69432

Yeah I agree they look great and not underweight

Anonymous 69441


Based and Corpse Bride / Tim Burton pilled. Good luck! I think fa has thinspo threads.

Anonymous 71514

i feel like i look best with some bodyfat at around 24-22% and a good amount of muscle. alot of the fat goes to my tits but not alot to my ass, so by doing powerlifting i have a very balanced figure i feel. tits which are made of fat and an a firm non saggy round ass. i don't like asses that are pure fat, some look good but that shit goes bad at 25 and just turns to cottage cheese

Anonymous 71784

i wish i was really skinny so i could look more like anime. last time i cut my calories to something similar to what it would take to maintain 90-100 lbs i started getting problems with fainting.
I still wear american size S clothing so it's not like i'm fat, but comparing myself to anime makes me feel disgusting and obese. i want a thigh gap.

men will fuck literally anything so i don't think it matters to them.
nice tummy

Anonymous 71814


Does anyone else want a skinny body like anime characters and even some bonespo, but don't feel inspired by extremely thin bodies like pic related? Looking at this, all I feel is sadness and disgust.
I always think "I know when to stop, this will never be me", but I never see that sort of opinion on ED communities. In fact, many seem to pretend this doesn't exist at all, and they just keep posting socially acceptable thinspo.
It's part of my pet theory that it's not really "anorexia" if you just want to be very thin. Some people are just born to be thin, and they will pine for it until they achieve it. They're not sick, they're trying to correct their bodies to the right shape/weight for themselves, and that's it. An eating disorder is something different, even though there's a lot of overlap and the methods might be the same at times.
I think one of the the last bastions of diversity society should accept is dietary diversity. Some people will eat very little, that feels right for them, they look fine, and it's okay. Of course some people are very mentally ill and use it to self-harm, but no one claims extreme bodybuilding is a disease, despite the fact that many men basically wreck their bodies with it.


Anonymous 71799[Reply]

Anonymous 71801

Jay scrottyy lmao >·<

Anonymous 71803

Dragging the chin, nose and mouth sliders to the max during character creation is not an attractive look.

Anonymous 71808

Not gonna give his video hits, so going from the screenshot alone: this is exactly why you should never compliment a man you don't know.

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