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bullies cry throug…

Thoughts on Trolls Anonymous 52480[Reply]

Thought on Trolls, no not the kind under he bridge, the ones in basements. Why do you think of why they do it and where do you think it comes from? Have you ever been a troll and why did you do it?

I often think back to the school bullies on the school yard. The kind that had a bad home life, rather it's from abuse verbal and or psychical, neglect or other traumas. And they don't know how to express the confusion and frustration they feel. So they take it out on other children, so they can feel in power. Basically continuing the cycle of abuse. I think a majority of them feel hurt, either from their life or from world failing them. They need to bring others down so they feel more powerful then their oppressors. To have someone else feeling their pain or worst.Thats how I used to feel.
Then again not everyone fits into that narrative. Some people have it all and can some still want more and that's how they feel the world had failed them.
The internet allowing anonymity, is a big reason why trolling is so abundant. It allows people to feel more free to express themselves. There's a illusion that's it is untraceable. Making some people feel guilty free about posting some stuff.

Idk, I just want to hear other people's thoughts. I try to be one of those people who look for the better in people.
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Anonymous 250133

spoken like someone who can't create

Anonymous 250135

I love to troll for the kekz and lulz, its the only thing for me left in this joke of a world that brings me some joy. Sjws are usually targetd because its very easy to trigger them.

Anonymous 250138

you sound male

Anonymous 250141

>Why do they do it and where do you think it comes from?
Everyone has their own reasons. Some people are just empty on the inside and doing evil things is the only thing that makes them feel anything. For some, it's a learned behavior from their environment and for some kids, it's hard for them to understand and develop empathy during those primary years

Anonymous 250146

I like to do and say stupid shit on the internet, but never with the full intent of embarrassing and hurting someone, just a little devilish fun is all. I'm a devilish trickster!


How can I make someone ghost me? Anonymous 223276[Reply]

Hello /b/, I have been using an online platform in which I made some friends from all over the world. lately, this platform has become a bucket full of crabs and I have decided to start cutting all the ties and relationships I have with people in the platform, I went cold on them and they have decided by their own will to just stop talking to me or even hate me a little (which is the outcome I would like to have). but there is one girl from Pakistan which likes hanging out a lot with me, which kinda keeps me coming back to this place.

How can I make this girl stop talking to me by her own will without infuriating her so bad that she would start spreading personal information about me? ?
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Anonymous 223281

'k, then:
all online platforms have some configuration of ports and IP addresses. You have an internet connection which likely relies on a modem/router combination. Set your port forwarding and hosts file to block access to this platform. You can also configure site blocks on a PiHole configuration which will have the advantage of also blocking all ads accessed via your internet connection, which will motivate you to maintain connection via said PiHole, but which has the disadvantage of being easier to circumvent. You can also set your hosts file on your local hardware, which is far easier to circumvent. Try to push it from your mind once you've got your blocks set up.

Anonymous 223285

What kind of personal info did you share with her? There are ways to medicate these things depending on the info. You have to be VERY careful about trusting people especially online. I would delete your account and ghost everyone on it. Join a new platform and start a new.

Anonymous 223305

Tinfoil theory: op's friend is pakichan

Anonymous 223418

Just say to the paki girl that you want your space a bit because you are introverted its better to do it sooner than later otherwise they will be annoying saying: "hi, hello" every day I know those type of people.

Anonymous 224152

I am going on a 30 day digital minimalism challenge, love you all


Crystal.Cafe Friend Finder Thread Anonymous 225196[Reply]

This thread is for helping you find new friends! Feel free to self-post screenshots of your feed/profile or any relevant information about yourself.

Please include the following in your post:


>Preferred age range for friends
>Hobbies & Interests
>Social Media accounts (tumblr, twitter, instagram, discord, snapchat, line, snow, skype, etc~)
>Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, triggers, boundaries, etc~)
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Anonymous 225276

NTA but I'm pretty sure that's Touwa Erio from denpa onna to seishun otoki.

Anonymous 225277

Why don't you just reverse image search instead of waiting hours, weeks, or days for someone to respond if they do.

Anonymous 225278

not brk.jpg

>Preferred age range for friends
>Hobbies & Interests
cooking, chinese cartoons, manga, collecting clothes ill never wear because they look bad on me, videogames
>Social Media accounts (tumblr, twitter, instagram, discord, snapchat, line, snow, skype, etc~)
discord is my alias #9196
>Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, triggers, boundaries, etc~)
USA MST timezone, English&Spanish. I'm not very talkative pls understand

Anonymous 225279

but i did, couldnt find it.

Anonymous 225280

i did to try to help them a couple days ago and i couldn't find it either. you should check if it's actually doable b4 u tell someone that


Anonymous 5924[Reply]

What's your opinion on the whole Weinstein scandal that has been emerging lately?
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Anonymous 6420

The thing is, even if they are not actively involved in the industry anymore, speaking up proves to be more negative (even at the cost of warning/protecting others). It is relevant because that is why people are afraid to come forward about suffering from sexual assault. Ok they don't act anymore, but their general celebrity would still be negatively affected, which has been mentioned, of course they are thinking of only themselves. No one wants to burn bridges at that level.

But you are right, though not only younger actresses are denied help, women in general are not believed because of rape culture. Which is why I disagree that is it only the fault of women who have suffered and could have said something. For anything to change, men need to change themselves by believing women, talking to other men about not doing gross shit, and not letting the shit build up.

Anonymous 6428

Oh god, I wasn't implying that men aren't at fault here. They are because they've created this culture. But Jolie and Paltrow imo are as guilty as Weinstein's male buddies who covered up for him. The whole industry protected him instead of protecting vunerable actresses.

Anonymous 6431

I don't agree that they have the same amount of blame because the women were keeping silent out of self-preservation while the men were just keeping the status quo. Either way people only care about this issue because celebrities are involved.
The past can't be changed but I hope it leads to more rapists/abusers being outed and costing them their careers.

Anonymous 6432

The main thing that angers me is all these actors and actresses (not his victims) saying how sorry they are and how they didn't how much of a monster he is when its obviously a lie and everyone knew about it. Majority of even commented how disgusting it was for trump to make remarks about grabbing women's pussies, etc (not saying that I agree with what he said) yet they still chose to ignore an actual sexual predator which is very hypocritical. It just annoys me so much how these people are trying to make it seem like such good people when they let multiple women get abused.

Anonymous 6436

Yeah, the bandwagon is gross. I don't know if it is fair to say that everyone knew this was going on to that degree, though. The worst thing about abusers is that they come off as charming and isolate their victims so it's hard for people to talk about the truth and not just rumors.


Is he /ourguy/? Anonymous 223299[Reply]

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Anonymous 249708

The brown on his skin is the dirt from mining. Was always white

Anonymous 249709

I imagine him to be slightly tan.

Anonymous 249710

She has that one enchantment on her pickaxe that allows you to preserve an item you break. I forget what it's called, sorry.

Anonymous 249774

silk touch

Anonymous 250433


Steve is VERY autistic


I hate cops so much. Police hate thread. Anonymous 249501[Reply]

What even is the fucking purpose of these parasitic morons at this point? They literally don't respond to anything that actually fucking matters and then call in the cavalry over nothing.
>2 miles up the road from my home lies a severely impoverished town
>If I go out on my porch at night (and even sometimes during the day), there's a non zero chance I will hear gun shots
>Last few times I drove through there to get food or whatever, I heard people screaming,
>Last time I rode my bike through there I saw a crackhead literally bent over the door into a car, looting it, then saw the children's play park had nothing but tatted up weirdos smoking weed on it. 11am btw, then saw a woman screaming at 3 even more tatted up weirdos to get out of her backyard. Just for them to yell back at her in wigger speak "Tell Paul he needa watch his talk you heard?"
>Literally never see the police there get out of their cars or respond to anything, even when they're parked on the side of the road not even a mile up.
>Guy who looked like a dentist a mile up the road in another direction going for a ride out on his Harley
>a city block length of patrol cars takes up both sides of the road, making it take an additional 8 FUCKING MINUTES to get home, even though the guy was totally cooperating

And my new favorite:
>Friend of mine literally can't interact with her ex-bf who's in prison or else she will be violating her probation.
>He's gotten several of his retarded buddies to reach out to her on his behalf on social media, and come to her house in person.
>She's reported it multiple times (as I strongly suggested she should).
>No matter how many reports she files, she's got a new story about these faggots trying to talk to her every time I see her
The only sense of security I get is from concealed carrying. I sure as fuck don't expect them to do a damn thing other than smoke in their car.

Anonymous 249503

i hate cops because all cops are just pawns for the higher up governmental institutions to punish innocent people and let actual horrible people get off easily just to torture the innocents a little bit more and make their life hell. the cops and the higher up institutions (glowies, etc) "hire" the generic psycho/sociopaths and pay them. obviously they pay shit but since these fags are so desperate for easy money and they don't care about others and their dignity they agree


Older women? Anonymous 229976[Reply]

Any older women, like 35+ here?

Is pic related accurate? Is it just low value scrotes who cannot get women their own age. Or is it all men? Do you feel that men your age would date younger women if they could?
35 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 249235

I've been thinking more and more about this because I'm mostly a loner. I don't mind ending up single anymore. The problem is I want a kid. But I guess I can go to artificial route now that I think on it.

Anonymous 249250

Just creepy scrotes do. It's true people naturally find those in their 20s most attractive look-wise and women are the same, lets be honest plenty of women prefer the appearance of a young man not an old wrinkly man, but only creepy scrotes act on that urge. Also don't listen to scrotes who say women cannot find love after their fertile years, this is a lie. I know divorced moms and widows in their 50s to 60s who have found men in their 50s to 60s to date them and they make very lovely couples. Most good men prefer to date around their age group, imo a high value is just a genuinely good and virtuous man who does his best to be a decent person and has positive relationships with others.

Anonymous 249251

You can also adopt, there's lots of kids out there who would love a nice home.

Anonymous 249254

This is true. Women don't find older men "attractive" unless he has money. Male beauty peaks around 18-24. Thing is, most young beautiful men know this and will not commit to you. Still, you will rarely see the average 50 yearold big Ed looking ass with a beautiful young woman

Anonymous 249488

I am 37, I come on here from time to time because I miss gender critical and pinkpill on Reddit.

This is my sentiment exactly.

I really don't know where I'm supposed to post ever since reddit became unbearable and have been looking for a community for ages. I just don't exactly feel like I belong here either. Most anons here are in their 20s… So I guess I have to have conversations with 20 year olds. In truth I'm tired as fuck of Reddit. Can we have a 30+ thread on cc?


Anonymous 63855[Reply]

If sexbots became available in your lifetime, would you get one?

How realistic would it have to be? Totally human in looks? Sentient or just capable of giving an illusion of it (like a chatbot)?

Would robot bfs be a solution for femcels? A robot will never reject you, abuse you, watch porn, believe women are inferior, cheat on you etc.
37 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 65279

Where have you been all my life?

Anonymous 70099

Tom Cat A.jpg

Like, "anime" young boy, right..?

Anonymous 249403


ideal robot sexbot husband

>face akin to sean opry or maybe a young moos khan (models)

>6'3 165lbs(slim athletic) with wide shoulders and abs
>monotone british voice
>big dick duh
>high iq reads to me and intellectual discussion
>big veiny hands
>can cook and clean

I hope i live long enough to have him

Anonymous 249421

I would be too afraid of it breaking me and thrusting me to death or something to ever use one

Anonymous 249463

I'd go for an androgynous/non-binary intimacy bot. You can get sex from men or women; the messy part is the feelings and heartbreak that comes after. You can always trust intimacy bot to not gaslight you and be a piece of shit.


Poems Anonymous 11158[Reply]

Afraid this thread may die very early, but still…

Share your favorite poems! The style doesn't matter. You can write yours, or post poems written by famous or semi famous poets. Please add the author if you have that info. Also, please feel free to discuss the poems posted.

Have fun!
42 posts and 23 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 148092

May we raise children who love the unloved things
by Nicolette Sowder

May we raise children
who love the unloved
things–the dandelion, the
worms and spiderlings.
Children who sense
the rose needs the thorn

& run into rainswept days
the same way they
turn towards sun…

And when they’re grown &
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 149279

I like the poetry of Clark Ashton Smith. He's like Lovecraft but sultry and luxurious


Anonymous 149288


>John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester (1 April 1647 – 26 July 1680) was an English poet and courtier of King Charles II's Restoration court. The Restoration reacted against the "spiritual authoritarianism" of the Puritan era.

A Satyr against Reason and Mankind

Some bits from it

“What rage ferments in your degenerate mind
To make you rail at reason and mankind?
Blest, glorious man! to whom alone kind heaven
An everlasting soul has freely given,
Whom his great Maker took such care to make
That from himself he did the image take
And this fair frame in shining reason dressed
To dignify his nature above beast;
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 249337

Amidst being engulfed by your darkness
another one glimmers in sight
And the cycle repeats itself
until I learn to slay the demons within


Anonymous 249372

The Brain–is wider than the Sky–
For–put them side by side–
The one the other will contain
With ease–and You–beside

The Brain is deeper than the sea–
For–hold them–Blue to Blue–
The one the other will absorb–
As Sponges–Buckets–do–

The Brain is just the weight of God–
For–Heft them–Pound for Pound–
And they will differ–if they do–
As Syllable from Sound–


Job & Career Thread Anonymous 2867[Reply]

- What job/career are you currently working or working towards
- What have you noticed about people in certain career paths
- Where da money actually at for least stress, etc.
- Which fields do generally higher IQ/savvier women excel in (let's be honest, if you've made it to imageboards/Crystal Cafe you're over a certain threshold of smarts of some kinds)
- Tips for other anons/Ask for advice
- Shit that sucks about work in general
378 posts and 48 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 249128

You should be familiar with computer networks. Therefore, CCNA is a good starting point. You also should become familiar with networking tools like traceroute or wireshark. Considering distros you should be familiar with working with command line interfaces. Start with Ubuntu. You would need the server edition not the desktop one (search on digital ocean for tutorials). It would make sense to start messing around with distros on a virtual machine like vmware or virtual box, though, so you don't fuck up your main system. If you are not familiar with this type of stuff then your mind will be blown by now

Anonymous 249160

On that topic, are there any network engineers here ? Or network admins?

Anonymous 249361

Maybe you're not around anymore but I'd love to know what you've been up to.
As for me I'm a financial markets regulator.

Anonymous 249362


NTA but I'm super interested how you job is Nona, since im a finance major graduating next year. I was going to try and get into investment banking and as a back up do ACCA or CFA.

I got the highest gade in my recent financial markets module so :3

Anonymous 249370

I work in food service part-time while going to school for something unrelated. Honestly, I like working in the kitchen. I love culinary in general and cook a lot at home too. Everyone mentions negative things about food service whenever a career in culinary is mentioned. But tbh, I wouldn't mind making it a career. Sometimes I feel like I'm making the wrong choice by going to school

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