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Anonymous 26908[Reply]

Who here /short/? What have been your experiences as a short chick? Do you ever wish you would have been taller?

Anons above 5’3 are NOT allowed in the thread
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Anonymous 27116

German and wee.

We’re all busty, too, another reason to see. Although “short and busty” seems popular; all my female relatives married young and very few divorce

Anonymous 27118

*another reason to sew

Anonymous 27122

alright. bye bye!

Anonymous 27139

Dis bitch finna get dabbed on

Anonymous 27176

Yeah, it seems impossible to be seen as striking. It's always inoffensively cute.


EILI5/Dumb Questions/Q&A thread Anonymous 12012[Reply]

Anons ask, anons answer.

Ask anything.
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Anonymous 22822

I usually question them in a way that leaves it open for them to correct me.
Like if I hear someone pronounce something the wrong way then I'll cock my head to the side and say something like, 'oh, I thought it was pronounced…[correct pronunciation]' and then continue with the conversation after allowing them to correct themselves (or me, if i was in the wrong). they'll usually admit that they didn't know how to say it. BUT, in some cases, you'll get people who will become really defensive, and in that case you've successfully gauged that they are not the type of person who likes to be questioned or feel 'criticized' and that you should handle further social interactions with that in mind.

Anonymous 22824

Oh thanks! That makes sense.
In the past I've received the feedback that apparently I'm really condescending when a topic arises that I have definite knowledge in. But then again, I suspect it came from a person like you said. No way to succeed in that case, huh…

Anonymous 22825

yeah, you can't really educate someone who is adamant that they're already an authority. in that case I usually just apologize and keep a humble attitude for the rest of the conversation, although that can be difficult to do when someone is woefully uninformed and/or a blithering idiot. but also those types of people like to feel like they've somehow gained the respect of others, so they'll love it if you can manage to appear wowed by or appreciative of their knowledge.

Anonymous 27134


Is there a term for a person who is dismissive of people who get offended about an issue he doesn't care about but when he himself is insulted/contradicted about an issue he does care about, he also feels offended and self-righteously so? I mean people who comment things like:

>people feel offended about everything these days haha

>lol people are so sensitive, I personally don't think this is offensive at all
>being offended doesn't make you right

But then turn around and post their own angry rants on social media about issues they feel strongly about and somehow that's considered okay in their opinion but when other people do the same, it's to be dismissed and mocked.

Anonymous 27135

A hypocrite?

Honestly, I'm not sure there's a beter term. I would get it if he just thought specific things were dumb to be offended by, but it sounds like he thinks the idea is dumb (probably to seem tough or cool) but then can't help but be upset when his own beliefs are attacked. I know someone like this too unfortunately…

charlie brown.gif

Christmas gifts ? Anonymous 26161[Reply]

Is it to early for a gift thread? I don't know what to get my family and normally I'm really good at gifts.This is the first year I've lived away from them so I don't know what they need. its making me more sad than it should :(

Anonymous 26162

give them a big wet kiss on the cheek and declare their platonic love and appreciation for them!

Anonymous 26164

I've had Christmas music playing at the local market on November 2nd, you're good.

This should honestly be enough but throw in some outlandish trinket so they don't feel their consumerism offended

Anonymous 27115

I'm trying to come up with ideas for my boyfriend. He just got a new job so I'd like to get him things that make him feel more comfy at work/at home. Suggestions very much welcome!!! So far I've been thinking of a succulent for his desk so he has a little friend, matching stationery, a nice mouse/mousepad, a picture frame with us in it or a folding one with places he likes going to, a water bottle (I wish he liked hot drinks so I could get him a nice flask), an aromatherapy bracelet with essential oils and maybe some things to help him feel cosy at home/meditate (fake candles, meditation pillow, yoga mat, soft PJs and slippers, a cooling eye mask…).

I have no idea what to get my family this year, it's always so difficult. My dad and brother will be happy with whatever I get but my mom always hates everything we buy. Anyone else have someone in their life like that?

Anonymous 27120

After many years in this planet I have finally found an answer for the " what can i get them" question: AMAZON GIFT CARDS, Y'ALL. (or if she's a woman , a Sephora card would work too). Seriously tho, you should just ask the person directly. I'm sure they will like itmore if you get them what they want rather than some 20 dollar pair of ugly socks.

Anonymous 27121

sephora is too risky. amazon is where it's at. or ebay if they like vintage clothing.


Anonymous 27040[Reply]

Just got diagnosed with schizophrenia. Fuck my fucking soul and fuck this harsh world. It's all too much and I can't stand it
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Anonymous 27048


That sucks Anon, despite it you're still great and more than your illness!

Anonymous 27049

I'm sorry to hear that OP… but now theres much better medicine against it that there was before, so im sure you'll do fine! Just don't forget to take your pills

Anonymous 27069

god anime is such a garbage and derivative style. easily WOAT

Anonymous 27071

I'm gonna have to ask you to take that negativity to the unpopular opinion thread.

Anonymous 27107

I don't know what to say that wouldn't be twisted as offensive/unthoughtful.
So I hope you're able to get good treatment for it, or you realize it isn't a big deal.
Fighting, anon.


FAVOURITE COMEDIAN Anonymous 26927[Reply]

Who is your all time favorite comedian? Who hits the right spot for you and has you in tears, lightens up the burdens of life a little and brings some light into your life?

Mine is more of a talk show host but I still have to go with John Oliver.
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Anonymous 26961

Oh my god, thank you for reminding me of this episode. The bit with the craigslist writer is so funny. My favorite episode is probably where he sets up a holocaust-themed store display for his coat brand, with an oven and everything.

>pokes at social norms and not the people involved.

Exactly, that and his awkwardness are part of what makes him so great.

Anonymous 26997

Nathan for You, Comedy Bang Bang, Noel Felding, Tig Notaro, Maria Bamford

Anonymous 27014

I really like Richard Ayoade and Noel Fielding. Seeing them in anything makes me really happy.

Anonymous 27028

What’s the big deal with SNL? I never laughed or even smiled at it what’s with the hype? Why waste money and a-list actors time by making pg13 tier low budget adam-sandler like skits?

Anonymous 27409

You do not seriously find John Oliver funny?


Anonymous 25709[Reply]

>change bedsheets
>get period in the night
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Anonymous 25801

it's basically the same as using a washable rag instead of a pad, it a few inside layers that get washed and changed

having said that, i do post on imageboards, what do you expect me to be like

Anonymous 25803

what does cbf stand for anon?

i'm ok with you freebleeding, if you go out wearing pads it's ok! i wouldn't do it, i'd feel weird but i see the appeal.

Anonymous 25805

it's 'can't be fucked', anon!

yeah, it's not as if i'm bleeding all over all the chairs in my house. Too many layers of fabric for that, I only bled all over my boyfriend one time i wasn't expecting it. And I don't wear the same pajamas all week or anything like that either. Everything gets washed.

Anonymous 26363

Red bedsheets should become fashionable already

Anonymous 27019

I always drape an old towel under my butt at night when I'm on my period. What sucks is I can have a pretty irregular period (skip a month every other period) and timing that is difficult. I'm a female NEET so I don't have to worry about starting my period randomly in public so much tho.phew


Internet Is Different Now Anonymous 22149[Reply]

I know we've had ten million threads about how Internet is changing but this one is different because I'm gonna be the idiot who breaks the ice and asks

Where the fuck are people going?

I like(d) discussing anime and cartoons, and I would often go on and read fanfiction and look at fanarts and fancomics of these things online. I consume and curate a lot of fancontent per day but I'm noticing a shift in the way the young 'uns are sharing stuff now. I don't know if it's because of "bullying" or just peer pressure, maybe even copyright concerns what with net neutrality being such an issue, but it seems like the good stuff is just not public anymore. They're trading art and stuff on discords, and the discords are invite-only and they only share the invites with their friends.

This scares me because I won't be able to easily find the things I like anymore. I don't dare speak the name of certain sites like tlr and d*art but those were places where I could find good things public and for free.

Where do you go to find fan stuff and good discussion (other than here)? Do you think things are moving from public to private and you feel like you're getting left behind?
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Anonymous 26919

it is, besides having less than 5k posts. really comfy though, i want to make it more active

Anonymous 26921

>insert drugs
>become intoxicated

Is there anything more to it than that?

Anonymous 26942

There are a lot of furries?

I heard it's easy to capitalize on furries by drawing their weird shit. How would I start?

Anonymous 26943

Try Ernstchan's /int/? It is the most similar thing to the oldschool pure love kc int from back then.

Anonymous 26994


Furries dish out money for art so it's not super difficult to get commissions but furries in general are cheap asses and will try to ask for free/reduced shit, and generally are shitty customers, so uh, beware of that. But yeah idk get used to drawing muzzles and dicks. Get an account on fur affinity. Do a lot of what they call "Your Character Here" or YCHs.

Source: My best friend was a furry artist for a while.


Anonymous 26937[Reply]

A time ago I set a reminder for today with the title "angry baguettes", location: Discord.
I thought I'd know what it meant but have no idea at all now.
I set a reminder so it must be important. Tell me /b/, what do the angry baguettes mean?
Please be quick as the reminder says they start in an hour.

Anonymous 26938

Well, your picture is making me think of football, so are the French national side playing later on? Or some other sporting event?

Anonymous 26939

Good call, but miss. France plays at 9 PM tomorrow. I really only posted the pic because you need one for a thread and it was handy.
I need to learn to make non-esoteric notes at some point…

Anonymous 26944

maybe you made a bet with some French person on discord that you wouldn't do something until 19. November, and now you are supposed to go tell them "ha I managed to not do the thing!" and then they would be angry that they lost their bet. But that is really unlikely it's just the first thing I thought of

Anonymous 26963

Yeah, I used to do something similar with folders and filenames for studying, I'd think "that's so funny I HAVE to remember it", but predictably neither was true when I'd come back to it in a couple of months.


Anonymous 25649[Reply]

ITT: we post stupid problems that not many will share and may or may not be only in our heads

I can't stand looking at my face and wish I could cut it off and replace it. Don't even think it looks that bad, I'm just tired of looking at it. I don't allow candid pictures for this reason.
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 25694

My issue is that my reputation is cursed forever. I have been accused of being paranoid even though its normalized to gossip and talk about other people….? so its not dumb, its just people refuse to believe it or "be aware" of it.

Anonymous 26887


I get so bitter when I see people make friends with one another. Especially when they're people I wanted to talk to. I'm a pretty unpleasant (?) person, so most don't want to be bothered with me, and I know I'm not worth anyone's time, a friendship with me would never work, but it still hurts to see things happen I'll never be part of.
In the next life, I really do hope I'm able to have a few good friends to Rabb.it things with or go exploring the plains or, whatever is available.

Anonymous 26888

I feel exactly the same anon

Anonymous 26959

I know exactly what you mean. The skin on my body is absolutely fine but my face is scarred by over ten years of acne (and nothing to help it has worked well enough). Makes me feel very self-conscious.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 26971

Moved to >>>/feels/16589.


Anonymous 22282[Reply]

What multiplayer games off steam would /b/ recommend to a clinically depressed person?
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Anonymous 22325


I lost the motivation to play after the first two years, sadly. It's a nice game though.

Anonymous 22364

You should look into the story rich genre so you get hooked in and distracted from your mental health issues

Anonymous 22382

Battle for Azeroth is the new WoW xpac and it’s amazing and you should definitely join us~~~~

Anonymous 26955

How does it compare to WoD? It's the last xpax I played and it bored me so much I wasn't even interested in Legion.

Does CC have a guild or anything on WoW?

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 26972

Moved to >>>/media/3856.

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