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Anti Pornography Anonymous 35979[Reply]

Are you anti porn? Considering that most of us on cc are feminists, if not all, we should be against it.

It misrepresents women, ruins relationships, contributes to people becoming degenerates, is the main cause of men being the mongrels they are or can be and is overall unnecesarry, seeing that two or three decades ago it was nowhere and our society was just as well off as now.

Of course we can't go back to things being like that and we're stuck with it always being around now, but enforcing stricter rules for what it can contain, who can access it and such would be great. Because entirely removing it just won't work anymore, sadly.

Do you agree that porn is bad, both generally and for humans as a whole? Let's discuss.
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Anonymous 36421

Bundy pulled that shit out of his ass to cast the blame on anything but himself. A better example would be Richard Ramirez.

Anonymous 36423

I don't like porn and it mostly disgusts me. I honestly wish my boyfriend felt the same, but he doesn't and it's very unlikely I will ever meet a man like that in this day and age.

I would never try to control what other people watch, though. That's kind of shitty man.

Anonymous 36424

you know there's a line for embedding youtube videos in comments, right?

Anonymous 36426

Anonymous 36430

>Having a shaved pussy is basically a requirement these days and anal is practically a given after a few months.

I straight don't believe this anymore based on my one and only normie boyfriend of three years. I know that's not enough evidence for some, but I don't care, being with a living guy has completely changed how I view mainstream media like movies and shit where the characters in the romcom or even serious drama ALWAYS have some line around anal or hairy pussys, either as jokes or some social commentary. I'm convinced these are done by writers who're already weird sheltered sociopaths who think it's like 'taboo' or some stock-funny you must put in, like the stupid wilhelm scream. Gotta have an anal reference, it's not a romcom without one. Guy falls of building, gotta have wilhelm scream.

Second month in bf simply tells me one night before sexing "You don't have to shave here, you know." Because I was paranoid as hell about this and always made sure I was slick as fuck before every time, and he just bluntly tells me he prefers it natural. And after three years anal has never even entered our conversations. We've talked kinks/different sex stuff and the 'weirdest' he's gotten is he specifically loves handjobs in the shower.


Anonymous 36343[Reply]

What is your opinion on wizardchan?
To me, i find it to be like an enlightened/more mature alternative to most incel forums.

The userbase, despite being even more depressed seem more insightful.
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Anonymous 36353


Wizards are on their 30s

Anonymous 36355

Users on smaller chans like Lain or Wiz are easily hitting their mid 30s at this point.

Anonymous 36367

I think the average person here doesn’t even think of wizardchan even for .01% of their time

The honest ones atleast

Anonymous 36368

They're okay. Harmless and accepting of their hand in life. I like them, honestly. They don't "reeee" about everything and demand for women to be raped or mutilated. I'm sure they hate us though. They can hold conversations, have interests, and are worldly for men who probably haven't left their parents' house.

Eh, if I had to be a man and a virgin, I'd want to go the wizard route. Volatile, murderous incels and the whiney "I fingered a girl a few months ago but I will be alone forever" or "let's go gay" r9k robots don't have redeeming qualities.

Anonymous 36372

Technically correct but many users of wizchan are much younger


Birding Anonymous 36182[Reply]

Does anyone else here enjoy birding?

Recently I went to a state park in Tennessee with my mom while we were visiting my sister and saw an indigo bunting. Pretty cool. I've set up a feeder in my backyard but nothing has visited it yet. Sometimes robins come by to drink from the water bowl I left out for them though.
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Anonymous 36185

No I don’t think that counts, sorry

Anonymous 36200

I like the small birds that are cute and nice and colourful and chirp nice.
I don't like the medium-sized corvids and other similar birds. They're too scary for me.

I always try to take a snap of a bird if I'm out with my camera, though I don't actively go bird watching or anything like that. Also, birds poop and stuff, which is gross.

Anonymous 36205

I put up a birdfeeder last winter and it was really fun watching the chickadees and sparrows.
And I always put out old bread and bones for the crows and whatever else is around here in the summer.
I don't think I could ever live somewhere that doesn't have songbirds chirping in the mornings.

Anonymous 36213


I watch the birds in my garden when I spot one but that's it. They're cute but unapproachable (unlike cats).

Anonymous 36217

I had hummingbirds in my yard last year since I planted flowers. But then a stray cat ate several and now this year there are none.

I'm conflicted because hummingbirds are cute and cats are cute, but I ended up siding with the birdies and installed an ultrasonic thing to drive off the cat.


Are children picky eaters due to their parents? Anonymous 34809[Reply]

I've been wondering. Do children have simplified palettes because their parents feed them shit from an early age? I know people who feed their 1-3 year olds everything from cake to macaroni to hot dogs to cookies..

And it hit me, what if kids hate vegetables because from an early age their parents give them bucket loads of trash? And then expect them to appreciate soggy as corn or broccoli? I could be wrong, but if you gave a child nothing but healthy food from the very beginning up to puberty, surely processed food would be disgusting to them by then?

I don't know. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong. It's possible children really are naturally drawn to sweets and processed food and it can't be helped, but I can't imagine a kid being a picky eater centuries ago.
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Anonymous 36146

uh, don't want to make it into "one of those threads" but it's euro countries, particularly scandi ones, that consistently top the life expectancy and happiness indices (i.e. they will tend to live longer and happier lives than an american will tend to lead).
idk where you got the idea of QoL being better in the US unless you're comparing it very specifically to eastern euro countries.

I agree with the freedums to an extent, but I like a lot of the protections in place that most other countries' governments provide.

Anonymous 36266

We are omnivores, but she's not wrong when she says that our bodies are designed to eat meat. The food pyramid is basically upside down and meat should make up the majority of our diets and plants should be thought of as supplements, or even optional.

Anonymous 36267

Sure you won't like vegetables if you're a picky eater, but gagging on them? It makes me wonder if vegetables in America are just garbage too.

Anonymous 36278


Reminds me of this German vegetables meme.
>Translation: I don't get why my kids don't (like to) eat vegetables

Anonymous 36307

Yes. My mom raised us on frozen, precooked, packaged meals, we were always allowed to have as many sweets and snacks as we want, it's a miracle we're not obese.
My brother is a year younger and a super picky eater and my sister is 9 years younger, meaning even more spoiled and she's absolutely impossible (like even in McDonalds most things are not good enough for her, she only wants very specific stuff). I'm somewhat okay, I guess (or maybe not)

But on the other hand many of the kids who grew up sheltered and were only allowed to eat healthily turned out to be somewhat weak (short, quick to fall ill, etc).

My mother is a teacher and there's one kid who once vomited after being forced to take a single bite of a vegetable lmao. Afterwards she told him to drink some water and after just one sip he dryheaved already. Only chips and coke for him lol.

I unironically love those canned peas and carrots. Cooked > raw vegetables


Baby Names Anonymous 32892[Reply]

Have you thought of what you'd like to name your children? I've got baby fever right now and been thinking about what names I like. My top five are


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Anonymous 34659

Never name your son Enzo
every boy born in hueland since 2012 has the exact same name, it`s like the most common name you could give

Anonymous 34692

Boy: Gregory or Alexander
Girl: Katja or Julianna

Anonymous 34834

Poor kid.
C'mon you have to be kidding me, if you want something surrounding those events at least look at the names of the men involved in the crossing of the Cape then. It isn't much different from naming your kid Cthulhu.
Btw, imagine marrying a man who crossed the Cape. Damn, he'd give you some strong babies

Anonymous 36296


>Baby fever
There's one thing you're missing.

>Tfw an obscure meme nobody cares about any more.


Anonymous 36303

Anybody else think this is a funny looking baby?


Anonymous 35866[Reply]

Hello and happy pride month! I am a proud digisexual! Since the transgender people have their own flag, I decided to make a flag for digisexuals.
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Anonymous 35958

Fuck off.

Anonymous 36034


So which one is your husbando?

Anonymous 36049


Are reverse traps gay?

Anonymous 36052

That would mean AAP is also gay. But clearly, it's not. So no, they aren't.

Anonymous 36219



All that new age crap reeks and the fact that they focus so hard on mega's nowadays kills it for me. I was so exited for Digimon World: Next Order. Then when You literally had to shoot straight to an ultimate to even do anything past the first map killed it for me.


Anonymous 35168[Reply]

why everyone thinks a woman can't beat a man in a fight?

girls kick guys butts in wrestling and other sports all the time, but guys have this fixed idea that they'll win against a girl no matter how trained or talented she is
26 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 36062

Coming from a couple with 0 fighting experience that likes to play fight like idiots my boyfriend can (barely, but he can) overpower me despite weighing less than me and exercising less. Such is life.

Anonymous 36078

Well what are you waiting for? Do you even lift?

Anonymous 36115

Those boys are basically girls, no wonder they've got the jackets on to look bigger. Even her calves are bigger than theirs.

This: >>36078
Start lifting so you can go Amazon-mode and do stuff to him.

Anonymous 36159

Is that a tiny junkie she's messing with?

Anonymous 36186

I did brazilian jiu jitsu as a teenager. Grappling is different to striking in that you can use all of your strength in training and sparring. Men typically held back, but when they didn't, it was like trying to bend an iron bar.


Changing attitudes towards female beauty Anonymous 36171[Reply]

Look at these music videos featuring GigaStacies, the original George Michael Freedom! video and its 2016 remake:
the second one is so empty and respectless…

Anonymous 36173

Reminder that to men they are the minimum. Any less pretty than that and you are femcel forever.

Anonymous 36179

empty, yes it's an ad. did you read the title? Vogue X Instagram "Freedom! 90" Video

respectless? in what way?

what attitudes have changed? is this bait?

Anonymous 36193

Thanks to the hordes of kpop fans in the west, prepare for it to get even worse as music groups seek to capitalize on it.


Anonymous 36128[Reply]

What does it mean to be called a “Clit-Boy”?

Idk why boys are saying this. Did they finally give them proper anatomy classes?

Anonymous 36149

a what?

Anonymous 36160

It's the opposite of a dick girl

Anonymous 36164

i thought it was "cuntboy" not "clitboy"…


Anonymous 36051[Reply]

What is your opinion of podcasting and listening to podcasts?

Personally, I think there's some truth to the cliche saying that people just listen to podcasts to simulate the experience of having friends. That's probably the only reason I've listened to Cum Town as long as I have (since the second episode came out). If I were not such a lonely person I'd probably have dropped it by now.

Anonymous 36070

I like listening to political commentary podcasts/streams because I find the topics they're discussing interesting, sometimes I just like to listen to podcasts of girls talking about themselves and to each other about what's going on their lives for the reason you stated though. I wish I had a nice Stacy friend.

Anonymous 36129

I have a love-hate relationship with podcasts.

Not sure about the friends thing though. There are times I don’t feel like watching a screen or want something to listen to while doing laundry, the dishes, or drinking coffee.

The majority of podcasts I come across are really annoying though (to me). Especially ones in the States. It’s hard to find a happy medium between hipster beer keg hour and NPR dry as sand monotony. I find a lot of podcasters to not have good voices - either they enunciate words weirdly, have lisps or speak in ways that are distracting, or are just unpleasant to listen to because they go off on tangents or talk about themselves too much.

The only podcast I like right now is Euphomet. It’s well edited, entertaining, engaging, and more interview style than ‘sitting in my garage’. Another one is Realm of the Weird, but John Tenney doesn’t really produce episodes anymore.

I used to like You Must Remember This, but I think Karina Longworth sensationalizes her subjects and relies on conjecture to reel you in. The best series she did was on Hollywood blondes. Nothing else has kept my interest since then.

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