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Any other websites like this? Anonymous 80711[Reply]

Any other websites like crytal cafe, i know there is lolcow.farm but I don't know any other websites….
pic not related.
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Anonymous 118506

Apparently one of the moids responsible for the raids has been identified.

Anonymous 118507

It's also very slow.

Anonymous 118653

Are there any similar sites that happen to have a large fashion/jfash community? I've been in EGL fashion for a year and tried going to 4chan's /cgl/ in an attempt to find others in the hobby but I feel miserable every time I go there. It's mostly female (?) but everything seems to devolve to infighting

Anonymous 118674

That's just the fashion world in my experience. Newcomers get gatekeeped, style/brand elitism, drama drama drama.

Anonymous 118713

>dreamchan already exists
Fuck, I had that name as a candidate for a hypothetical yumejo imageboard.
Anyway, it looks nice, minus the presence of trannies.


Anonymous 118259[Reply]

what is your favorite public or political speech? I read this about once a year and it's shockingly eloquent. https://www.ourdocuments.gov/doc.php?flash=false&doc=15&page=transcript
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Anonymous 118291

I only know a couple so this is the best one out of them. It is full of information and not that repetitive despite the length of the speech.

Anonymous 118310

Tucker Carlson Hun…

Tucker Carlson on Hungary's architecture.

Anonymous 118312

Anonymous 118315

Hitler mad libs are my favorite!
Fate has allotted those in power today nearly eight years to be tested and proven.

Once it was their desire to govern America better in the future than in the past, and they are forced to observe that the only real product of their attempts at government is that America is still here today.

In the November days of 2000 and 2008, the past two administrations solemnly pledged to lead our people, and in particular the American worker, into a better economic future. Today, after they have had nearly sixteen years to keep their promise, they cannot cite a single American professional group, save for the extremely wealthy, as witness for the quality of their actions.

The lower and middle classes have become impoverished; small business is ruined; the social hopes of many millions of people are destroyed; one third of all American men and women of working age is unemployed and thus without income; our government, our communities, and nearly every single person are over indebted; finances are in a muddle across the board; and everyone’s pockets are empty!

What more could they possibly have destroyed? The worst thing, though, is the destruction of the faith in our citizens, the American dream, the elimination of all hopes and all confidence. In sixteen years they have not succeeded in mobilizing in any way the power slumbering in the average American; but quite the opposite!

Out of their fear of the awakening of the nation against them, they have played people off against one another: blacks against whites, the rich against the poor, those who work with their hands against those who work with their brains, Christians against Atheists, the Republicans against the Democrats, and so forth, and vice versa.

“One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all!” Yet we are divided, there is no liberty, and justice has died. The American spirit, which we so proudly display internationally, is internally mere fantasy.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 118546

Who was the one who said
>not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard


Anonymous 30433[Reply]

Anyone here have experience dating east Asian guys? I’ll probably never move past the looking phase, but I’ve been eyeing up my University population recently.

The question that I have (and bring here because it’s juuust edgy enough to not be asked face to face with my polite friends) is the concern about the emasculation issue/complex. Whenever I read about that particular issue, it seems to boil down to the concern of not being wanted by women in the particular way that affirms the cultural masculinity bundle, eastern or western. The issue becomes: does one, as girlfriend, ‘have to’ take on a one-woman-affirmation-hype-team role? The ego presented by the issue seems pretty fragile. I’m basically /gfd/ and it seems like my attachment style and the complex would come to an impasse quickly.

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Anonymous 30445


>the emasculation…
>just… a lifetime of racism…

This one is even more obvious than the last thread, dude.

Anonymous 30446

You're right. It's probably a bad habit of mine that I get put off of things based on my compulsion to internet research. I look too hard before I leap.

Anonymous 30450

same sis.PNG

Anonymous 30479

small pepe

Anonymous 118528

Bumping this thread to drive off the reddit raid.


Anonymous 30223[Reply]

>Into asian guys
>parents are horribly racist
>No money to move out yet
It's not like they're horrible monsters, but they say some REALLY awful stuff. Even when I move out, I'm not going to end up dating white guys. I'm also afraid of conflict my entire life, mostly because of their strong opinions on stuff. What do I do miners?
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Anonymous 30317

Idk the longest dick I ever had was from a Thai guy, did not expect that beast at all.

Anonymous 30419


>>I think size matters in a relationship
>Yes hello my fellow females the biggest beast cock I've ever taken was from a [insert race] guy
Yeah, this is homo male talk as fuck.
Another incel from r/asianmasculinity doing repressed white girl larp shit again.

OP is bad as hell lol.
>I want asian bf, but my parents are really racist!
>Also, I am not going to end up with a white guy when I run away from home! Hmph!
>Muh forbidden love with an asian guy! Just what shall I do?

He's probably going to bump the thread in a week with the classic pasta of the neo-nazi brother/cousin/father who molests "her" lol.

Anonymous 30425

>What do I do miners?
get better taste bc asians r ugly as sin

Anonymous 30439

The post you quoted was me, not OP. And you have to take my word in that case that I am just disgusting, but not male.

Anonymous 118527

I remember you anon. How are you doing?


calculus Anonymous 118055[Reply]

god i used to love maths but my calculus final is in a week and i don't know shit. i don't even know where to start
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Anonymous 118177

i'm actually not an engineer major that was just a meme that came up when i wrote calculus kek. we have to take a math/science course and i chose math since i was good at it at hs but my major is not relavant to calculus at all, dw

Anonymous 118190

It's less about needing calculus, and more about struggling with calculus.

Anonymous 118334

1. Buy a $300 calculus textbook from the student store and never read it. If you do read it, look at the examples and write down generalized steps and simplified notation for every line eg f' instead of f(x), "solve for x", move this to the other side. youll see that every question in the chapter follows the same steps with some variation towards the end.

2. Make friends with upperclassmen and get copies of the quizzes and exams. This is the most important step.

3. Buy a chegg subscription and attempt every 3rd problem then look at the answer taking note of the general steps taken. After you get that test, find the similar questions in the book and do those before the test.

4. Take the class at a community college so it's easier and dumbed down with lower standards.

Anonymous 118336

Unless you're at a very prestigious institution that likes to flex and use the word "Calculus" when they really mean a real analysis class bundled with some differential equations and vector calculus then most calculus courses are just a bag of tricks to know how to apply.

I don't know the American curriculum very well but I've heard its just some series convergence tests (easy), calculating integrals (easy but annoying, practice makes perfect), derivatives (very easy, literally a recipe to do every possible one). And some Taylor approximations, not bad if you know the previous content. If you are pressed for time just learn as many methods as possible so you always have shit to put on the paper.

Anonymous 118497

I hated maths when I was in school, I was so bad at it and it just wasn’t my thing. I thought that I will never ever deal with maths ever again.
Ended up studying economics in university like a clown.


Anonymous 118384[Reply]

My online BFF is changing and lying to herself because she is getting manipulated by man 24/7 and i cant convince her otherwise:
>started OF 1 year ago because "why not"
>shares the degen messages she gets with me, we have hearty laughs
>shortly after creates a discord server
>constantly tells every member (most are from her OF) that they are pathethic losers and should kill themself
>starts e-dating one guy after the other from the followers
>constantly says to me what losers they are but she genuinly e-dating them and also crying to me about them over the smallest things, like when they mention some other OF model
>doesnt realize they are manipulating her and trying to make her vulnarable until she does stupid things
>tells me that i am wrong and they are all just losers in love with her and they cant get to her

How do i make it clear to her that they are all disgusting people with whom she should not interact with, idc that she has an onlyfans but she should keep it strictly to business then

Anonymous 118422

She is falling in love with every decent looking guy and she cries like 2 hours per day because they all "dump" her.

Anonymous 118441

She's not a genius, she's a slave to her fragile emotional whims. Deep down, she understands none of these moids give a fuck about her, and that all she can get is the short-lived rush from the attention and validation she gets.
Everyone involved is using each other and frankly they're all repulsive. Maybe tell her about Bianca and how that ended up for her, but maybe not even that can stop her from attention-whoring.

Anonymous 118448

She would never meet up with them irl, but honestly i am kinda afraid one of them doxes her and does something.

They are all deranged

Anonymous 118451

Well she should be afraid. But she's probably addicted to it.

Anonymous 118462

Am I correct in assuming you have no sympathy?


Anonymous 118146[Reply]

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Anonymous 118151

I mean hopefully Zyzz felt that way when he was alive lol. RIP to the big man.

Anonymous 118153

Incels weren't really a thing when Zyzz was around. He would have hated them though.

Anonymous 118154

The movement, I mean.

Anonymous 118160

not many

Anonymous 118452

love zyzz, thank you for this vid


Anonymous 44729[Reply]

Why are moids so bluepilled about astrology?
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Anonymous 118086


Anonymous 118326

Because it's usually girls who like it

I personally don't like astrology because it really bothers me when other people explain myself to me, but I really hate moids who won't shut the fuck up about hating astrology while thinking MBTI is law.

Anonymous 118329

With all due respect to astrology, outside of the horoscope nonsense of today it was a legitimate science for a long time. Hell, it even led to the legitimate science still currently practiced known as astronomy. Even outside of how ridiculous the claim some might find celestial bodies divining your future or whatever… It's still rich in history. I find it actually is fun to study. However I can't think of a single reason to give a shit about Meyers Briggs.

To me it has the same exact energy as going on the early internet and taking a "What anime character are you?" quiz. It has the same problems people who take umbrage with astrology has but the addition of being boring as shit.

Anonymous 118420





Anonymous 118439

Astrology is not astronomy. There is zero "science" in it. Just because someone writes a lot of elaborate mumbo-jumbo in a book and shares it with ther loons, it doesn't make it any less of a mumbo-jumbo.
As cringy MBTI is, at least the categories pertain to your actual personality because they just classify you according to information you give out yourself. At the very least, you know people in the same "category" answered similarly to the questions. Astrology doesn't even tell you as much.


Anonymous 116772[Reply]

>had another dream where i was in a lesbian relationship
i'm not gay. in my waking hours i have no attraction to women. why the fuck does this keep happening
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Anonymous 118320

I saw a picture of Jessica Nigri nude from behind in a hot spring and felt strangely aroused. And the thing that makes it strange is I'm completely straight.

Anonymous 118323


>I'm completely straight
No you're not.

Anonymous 118331

If you wouldn’t eat pussy, you’re straight. Having gay dreams doesn’t make you gay or special in any way.

Anonymous 118395

bi pin.jpeg


Anonymous 118406


You're not gay?
Blocked and reported.

With all seriousness I've had some ridiculous fantasies and dreams. So far none of them have had any basis in reality so I don't worry about them anymore.

I'll never forget this one dream. I was like a human vending machine kind of. People would insert coins in my ears, cash in my mouth or swipe a card through my butt crack. Then they would twist parts of my body to make a selection and I would 'give birth' to the item. I don't recall if I liked it while I was dreaming but I still wonder about it.


Thoughts??? Anonymous 117432[Reply]

Mrs. Bailey. She was a tallish woman, with reddish, untidy, scanty hair, and when she opened her mouth you saw that two of her front teeth were missing. One of her ears was partly torn off by her husband, and there was a scar on her forehead which was the result of a cut when once he had thrown her out of a window. He was a big, strong, brutal fellow who had been badly wounded in the war, and Mrs. Bailey forgave him his violence because he was often in great pain. They had four children and they all went in terror of him. But Mrs. Bailey had a strong sense of humour, the real Cockney humour, and when she wasn’t in fear of her life was full of fun. She loved a good laugh. At last Bailey died. I went to see her after his death and she said to me: “He wasn’t a bad man really. D’you know what he said to me? They was almost his last words. ‘I’ve given you hell, haven’t I? You’ll be glad to be rid of me.’ ‘No, I won’t, Ned,’ I said to him, ‘you know I’ve always loved you.’ He gave me a funny look, and d’you know what he said? ‘You old cow,’ he said. That shows he loved me really, doesn’t it?—calling me an old cow like that, I mean.”
7 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 117514

>I find that men who had fathers as children
* abusive fathers as children

But then again, this correction seems superfluous since almost all fathers are abusive to their children in one way or another.

Anonymous 117515

Mine wasnt. I cherish almost every memory I have with him.

Anonymous 117516

I should add NTA, so I dont feel like defending any portion of their post. Since I dont agree with it.

Anonymous 118381


Anonymous 118385

It's not, but it definitely touches on similar themes as something you might find in IJ. Just pick it up when it feels right, don't let the number of pages feel daunting.

There's so many ways to interpret this passage, but I feel like you've glossed over them all to arrive at a very cynical, dead-end interpretation. In some ways, he's calling her an old cow because he desperately wanted her to say something harmful to him on his death bed, as if to make him even for the years of abuse he gave her. When she denied him this, it was almost like she was sending him to hell; he could not possibly redeem himself, hence, "You old cow". In other ways, it really can be seen as a term of endearment, my parents say stuff like that to each other a lot, my mum calls my dad an old bastard all the time in a loving way, it's definitely more a British/Australian thing than an American thing. Then there's also the idea that he really meant to call her an old cow, and she thinks he loves her by saying this. It's as if, even when given the opportunity to be good, he still chooses to be a bastard; she thinks he's doing this so that she doesn't feel guilt when he dies, in reality he really does just think she's an old cow. It's definitely an interesting way to bring to light the types of mentalities you might find in victims of abuse, as if they'll go through all types of mental loops to maintain their belief that a person is good. It's deeply sad, told with enough irony to make it palatable. Humour helps us process the absurd.

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