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Anonymous 14153[Reply]

this imageboard is so slow.
ITT: post anything you like
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Anonymous 31625

83 damnn hahah this thing is super accurate whenever I use to hang out with friends/classmates I would hope and pray the interactions would end soon just so I could go home and play whatever game I would be in to at the time. but at the same time I also identify with the cyborg description as well.

Anonymous 31655

>Is there a female version of a chart that attempts to depict women's preferences using male-created standards of attractiveness
It'd be hard to make one as off base as that one. All of the so-called "incels" look like someone who my friends would date, with the center being my exact type. 2/3 of the normies are more attractive to me than the entire top row of "Chads".
Of course, I'm not literally Stacey so my opinion doesn't count in the eyes of the people who make these charts.

Anonymous 31924


Anonymous 31926


I spend my spring break feeding strays outside of my parents’ house. Goodbye kitties

Anonymous 31932


Anonymous 31843[Reply]

Are reverse traps gay? For some reason I love reverse traps but I don't know how to feel about them, sexually.

Anonymous 31844

They are usually obviously women as opposed to traps that look 100% girl (assuming you are talking about 2D only). I like them too though.

Anonymous 31845

>is liking androgynous butch women gay
Unless you mean they're completely flat and have a man voice because of test (so, trans men), in which case it's not les. Although some girls say it is. Personally am a degenerate bisexual so idc and boy with a poon is actually my ideal.

Anonymous 31853

in what way do you love them? do you find them inspiring?

Anonymous 31862

If liking reverse traps make you gay, I don't want to be straight
>tfw no tall sticc tomboy gf with a bubble butt

Anonymous 31885

It's gay, but also reverse traps are great


Anonymous 31550[Reply]

>Hey anon! Haven’t seen you since high school, how are you? What have you been up to lately? Oh where are my manners: I’d like you to introduce you to my husband and our kids…
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Anonymous 31572


weird flex but okay

Anonymous 31608

I love you family's style girl! You guys all look like models. Love the closeted lesbian chic look for you (:

sometimes I wonder what the robots think about our responses to their bait. like what they expect vs what they actually get from us

Anonymous 31707

You and your 3 children are so beautiful! Too bad your husband took the picture because it'd be nice to see him too.

Anonymous 31778

A troll gets satisfaction from every single answer. The only way to fight them is to ignore them.

Anonymous 31881


I keep thinking about this closeted lesbian chic comment and internally chuckling to myself.


Anonymous 31621[Reply]

>be me
>run away from abusive mom in october but no where to go
>couchsurf with weirdos from discord
>eventually met up with some guy from r9k with terrible hygeine, transexual fetish and amputee fetish
>move in apartment with him, he is really sweet and paid for everything to get me back on my feet
>but i miss my ex so much i dream about him every night
>the area im in is full of druggie homeless
>really want to study in europe in september, but then i'd feel so guilty because this guy spent so much money on me and legit wants to wife me

What do I do?
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Anonymous 31783

That always gets me too, fuck. I'm gonna start pretending all of South America is part of the USA.

Anonymous 31785

Because if you have the chance to study in London, Amsterdam, or Paris or the other handful of western European cities everyone dreams about you have a chance (or at-least have the expectation of) to visit other European countries (thanks to accessibility and transport) which adds to your experience that makes saying "I am studying abroad in UK/France/Netherlands" give just part of the picture as opposed to "the whole experience". Meanwhile most foreigners who come to US to study will most of the time not venture into either Canada or Mexico.

Or maybe OP is just uncertain of where exactly in Europe they want to study and just using the blanket phrasing of "Europe" as its easier than saying
>really want to study in UK, Spain, France, or Italy in september, but then i'd feel so guilty because this guy spent so much money on me and legit wants to wife me

Anonymous 31786

I am curious, why isn't paying him back for the help when she can an option?

Anonymous 31793

It's just one of those things you know. Like when people say America they only mean the United States. Or when they say Asian they mean yellow skinned East Asians.

Anonymous 31825

Don't base your decision on who spent money on you. If he really is a decent human being spending money to help you was altruistic, so it doesn't bind you to marriage. If it was done to bind you to marriage, it was immoral and doesn't bind you to marriage. Be properly grateful for the money and, TBQH, the fact he wants to wife you. How many women know for a fact anyone wants to wife them? That's amazing, even if you say no. Try to get some emotional distance. Like, the ex you dream of - would he wife you? Would he assist you? Are you dreaming of him as an emotional escape from fear and dilemma? I don't know, but you should think about it.

We don't, not really. America is vast with a lot of varying cultures and we tend to see Europe similarly. Plus, when Americans want to go to London they also want to see Paris, Prague,, ROme, etc. so 'Europe' is fairly legit as a "destination". It is akin to my European friends who tell me they have been to 'America'; usually they went to 'New York City', period.


Anonymous 30762[Reply]

Did you had "that" phase in school and if yes, what was it?

Mine was pic rel except shitty and ugly. I try to forget.
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Anonymous 31208

I wasn’t a Directioner but for some reason when I was like 12 I had this extreme Beatles phase so me and these other instagram Beatle fan accounts would harrass the Directioner fan accounts because we all had this intense hatred for them
oh and i read this dramatic Beatles fanfiction where John and Paul fall in love with eachother but John has an affair

Anonymous 31211

Haha, nah, anon. I wasn't a directioner but my friend was super into Larry when we were in our last year of high school. I thought Harry was super cute, and I enjoyed One Thing and What Makes You Beautiful… a lot!

I bought a circa 2012/2013 One Direction tshirt at my school's used clothing sale for a dollar, and I wear it every other week or so. No shame!

Anonymous 31736

I went through a weeb edgelord phase in middle school, then an angry feminist phase in high school. I'm equally embarrassed of both of them.

Anonymous 31758


Anonymous 31797

Did anyone else NOT grow out of your cringy phase, or instead grew into it? I was pretty normal in middle school.


ITT: Not wanting to start a family! Anonymous 24533[Reply]

Let's talk about not wanting to start a family. Do any of you anons not want to have any kids? If so, why?
does one even need a reason at all? For those who do want children, why is it? Post your thoughts and opinions on children and family - maybe talk a little about your own family and if possible what your BF/GF think about it.

Personally, I don't really want to have kids of my own, but it seems every one of my friends and their partners can't wait for it.
I can't wrap my head around why anyone would enjoy it? I dont hate children, I actually really enjoy them and love working with kids, but having kids of my own just isn't something I want.
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Anonymous 31424

Oh, great, I'm dying alone, without a family and probably despised by people I don't even remember.

Fuck this.

Anonymous 31425

Not necessarily, depending on where they are in life, said hypothetical man probably hasn't even thought about kids or developed a stance on kids vs. no kids.
It's more about being receptive to what is best for the relationship once that happens. Of course >>24581 would talk about it with her potential partner before getting married. A decent man will take that into consideration. While many people are vocal about their plan for children or no children, even more people haven't really thought about it to the extent that they can make a mature decision.
But of course there's also the issue that there's a dearth of decent men in general, kids or no kids.

Anonymous 31429

They're a waste of time, annoying, and it would make me feel old. I don't get how it is fulfilling to many people it just seems so bland.

Anonymous 31430

Well I won't deny your lack of desire to have kids. Only those willing to give it all they've got actually want them, and there are people like that, by the way. They're the ones having kids. Go figure.
Why would anyone remember you just to hate you?
You'll never know if you'll find the Georgia hick like that anon talked about. Good people are out there. You just have to bear the worst getting to them.

Anonymous 31431


Pollinate the Soul Anonymous 27141[Reply]

Too often what starts out as a true grassroots movement ends up infliltrated, subverted and uprooted so that mankind cannot climb closer to a golden age and utopia. This isn't anything new to most jaded political types, but one such uprooting is both widely unknown and possibly the most tragic event of the 20th century.

National Florism was a prominent idealogy that some might say gave birth to environmentalism and fascism. Actually, most environmentalism is a capitalist bandaid to appease the national florists from realizing their radical goals. Fascism and national socialism was a subversive maneuver by the powers that be to tear apart National Florism from the inside. Blood and Soil? It was called Soil and Soil for a time. Hitler's lite environmentalism and vegetarianism were also simple bandaids and social posturing to keep the people complacent after their movement was stolen. And because of this man's actions many innocents died all in the name of us letting weeds run amok in our gardens.

At America's foundations lay Jefferson's "Note on the State of Virginia", Jefferson in his great foresight envisioned a country where all - from the lowest smallholder to holder of the highest office in the land - would be at one with nature. He saw indeed with his mind's eye the great torment that would be done on America's landscape via pollution, via overcrowding, via the pillaging of nature's bounty as already was happening in Europe. Were it not for the intervention of Hamilton's capitalist ideals, ones where it is not the interconnectedness of life that matters but the way to best exploit your fellow man for profit, we would all be living in a National Florist society today. Indeed, it would be our shining beacon on the hill guiding humanity to a better, more sustainable and more peaceful future. Instead, we are left with a free market - worshipped by many - which cannot and will not absolve or cleanse itself of its moral responsibility for having robbed us, our children and grandchildren, of the beautiful vistas of the Andes and Great Lakes, of our right to clean air - and clean water, lest Flint be forgotten - and a world where we need not worry about tomorrow, for in Jefferson's world, we would all be able to rely on one another just as nature intended.

A national florist state would be simple. A flowerbed on every roof, next to every side walk, in every park, school and hospital, until we reach utopia. All criminals would be puPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 27370


>tfw the world is America and nothing else
>non-American is foreign



Anonymous 27410

Well OP was talking about Thomas Jefferson, so I assumed she was American.

Anonymous 31761

Anonymous 31781

>flower nazis
Is this a meme? I feel like it's a meme.

I have never been able to appreciate the beauty of nature as much as some others can. Whenever I go outside the agoraphobia kicks in, no matter the environment.
Honestly jealous of people who can unironically support a florist state like this. I'm way too reliant on food delivery and internet to go full flower child. Teach me your ways, vegan sisters.

Anonymous 31791


>beauty of nature
Oh you're not the only one. I had a quote by some German documentary director as well but lost it.


How did you find Crystal.cafe? Anonymous 5306[Reply]

I'm a newbie and found this place by accident

I found a link in a PULL thread and I'm so happy I'm here, everyone seems so collected and nice.
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Anonymous 31370

>mill around as a silent little underage b& on 4chan since highschool
>make lifelong habit of dropping in from time to time
>check up on r9k one day
>see emerald.eatery mentioned
>give it a google
>oh my god a ladychan

Maybe it's corny to get emotional but finding a hive of women who are genuinely like me after being a fish out of internet water for most of my life gave me The Good Feelings.

Anonymous 31382


happy to have you here friendos

Anonymous 31386

ylis is on the speed again

Anonymous 31468


I searched for "fakeboi" in google image search, saw "/b/" in a picture's url, and here I am. Admin must be good at SEO

Anonymous 31689

A link to this website was posted on a thread on 4chan's /int/, the thread was about how the board would look like if most of the anons there were female.


Baking General Anonymous 31601[Reply]

I've been getting into baking recently, so I was wondering if there's anyone here who likes to bake as well!

ITT post recipies, resources, tips, pictures of things you've baked, food inspiration, and whatever else you want, as long as it relates to baking.

Here are some recipies I want to try soon:
- http://wannacomewith.com/2017/02/heart-shaped-jam-thumbprint-cookies/
- https://cleobuttera.com/breads-and-rolls/the-ultimate-cinnamon-rolls/
- http://wannacomewith.com/2014/02/cinnamon-bun-cookies/
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Anonymous 31645


D-does making oven baked french fries (chips for the Brits among you) count as baking? I've been trying to make a perfect batch of fries but haven't succeeded so far.

Anonymous 31653

>the absolute vitriol towards a joke about fat kids
Miners treat fatties like how incels treat women

Anonymous 31665

It's simple: don't bake a fry! Fry a fry! Baked potatoes are also good, however.

Anonymous 31669

Previous culinary (including baking) thread: >>622

Recently I made this https://smittenkitchen.com/2018/11/drop-cornbread-biscuits/
Goes well with roasted veggies.

Anonymous 31672

Not oven baked, but these are amazing.

It's a little bothersome with the double frying, and with the freezing in between, it's a 2 day process, but the result is the best fries I've ever had. I recommend giving it a shot if you can be bothered. Just be careful with the oil (I flooded my stovetop with hot oil on my first time because it expanded way more than with anything else I had fried before).

[HorribleSubs] Wat…

Anonymous 31487[Reply]

Will anyone be my friend? flan#1849 My therapist said making friends could help me get over my trauma of losing a friend. And it would help my low self esteem. I watch anime alot and have been recently resident evil games. So I could watch anime with you and talk about whatever. I can also voice chat. I've been on crystal cafe for around 7 months so I'm relatively new.
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Anonymous 31590

the guy who claimed to have infiltrated it referenced posts of mine within the server which he would not be able to access if he didn't pass the voice check
i would go to the admin/mods about it instead of just posting about it, but i cut contact with him months ago for being kind of deranged, and even if i still had his discord tag he probably used an alt to gain access to cover his ass

Anonymous 31591

That's what I mean, I know there was some infiltration.
The Discord isn't a thing anymore, so there's no point anyway.

Anonymous 31595

What happened to the Discord?

Anonymous 31596

in the aftermath of the chat for the year there was some drama (I wasn't there but it consisted of complaints against mods and some garfield jokes) and for some reason it was decided that the discord should be shut down

Anonymous 32555


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