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Anonymous 64969[Reply]

Women who grew up in small boring towns and are still there, why haven't you left? Or why did you return?

Anonymous 64974

>why haven’t you left
Because of something called covid

I’m gonna leave soon though as soon as NYC opens up and my job relocates me (working virtual right now)

Anonymous 64996

Simple anon, I am poor.

Anonymous 65066

I'm scared to do so

Anonymous 65067

I'm trying to start a family and the idea of doing it in the city is disgusting, so coming back home made sense.


Anonymous 40912[Reply]

Which adult problem you wan't warned about during childhood, fellow miners?

1) How to choose veggies and fruits in shop.
2) Cats leave a lots of fur on furniture, chew/torn everything on sight and catch illnesses even without leaving house.
3) Everyone is evil for a reason.
4) Never have any relationships with people w mental illnesses.
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Anonymous 64532

Then what you're worried about isn't "dying alone" it's "living a long time alone".

Anonymous 64623

>resolve to kms at ~60
>avoid 95% of medical problems and their expense
>avoid 95% of pain and suffering
>avoid "dying alone"
>avoid being a wrinkly old fuck and having my teeth fall out and break hips just walking around the house
>don't have to live in misery just to save for retirement
>don't have to waste my life raising puke-puddles to "take care of me when i'm old and feeble"
>don't have to worry about faggoty 401ks and other bullshit
>don't need to buy a house and all that fucking bullshit
>cancer? MS? dementia? eye failure? incontinence? parkinsons? lmao not gonna be my problem
why the fuck are people so afraid of dying? it's better than being some 89 year old sitting in a piss soaked diaper spending your days watching daytime television and looking at a wrinkly sack of bones in the mirror. at 60 you can still be fairly attractive and mostly healthy. lmao just jump off a building lol.

i've had enough medical pain and suffering as it is. i'm not giving birth and i'm not enduring old age. take the suicide pill. living to old age isn't success–it's horror and degradation. i'm going to pop off at 60 looking like i'm age 35. hell, maybe i'll commit lover's suicide with a qt 25 year old moid.

Anonymous 64640

If you've resolved suicide as the best choice why haven't you committed suicide yet? You can get cancer before age 60.

Anonymous 65001

Cancer isn’t a certainty, whereas aging is. It makes no sense to kill yourself out of fear of living with a cancer you don’t have when you could just do so under the event of getting it.

Anonymous 65013

Not sure how well this is known but do not ever trust your manager. They get bonuses for retaining staff, pushing staff to do extra work, etc.

I've seen managers purposely blame people directly above or below them for things they "have to" do. In retrospect I can see they were most likely making things up for their own interest$.

Don't ever try and be a decent human being and do more than is in your contract to help your manager out. I can guarantee there will always be more to the situation than they are letting on.


CORONAVIRUS HYPE Anonymous 46165[Reply]

GO GO GO ! What do you think of Corona-chan ?
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Anonymous 64936

Stay out of politics.

Anonymous 64937

Like he isn't the rich fucker. Unlike most Americans he can actually afford top notch medical attention. You wish he would stuggle like some common man.

Anonymous 64938

Just to make it clear I hate Trump and wasn't defending him. Just stating the fact that he as access to all medical help without the need to regard the cost.

Anonymous 64942

he's going to die baby.

Anonymous 64950

Go back to bunker- oh wait.


Friends Anonymous 62494[Reply]

Do you have any friends?
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Anonymous 63879

what kind of hobbies?

Anonymous 63892

Not the poster you are replying to.

I am learning to fly a plane as a hobby. Other than my instructor and the owner of the flight school I attend, the pilots and students who hang out at my local airport are all men. The thing that makes male dominated hobbies lonely is that you can participate in the hobby but you don’t get much out of it in terms of building a social life. At best you are a boring loner, at worst you end up quitting a hobby because some douche made you feel very unwelcome.

Anonymous 63962


Nope. I haven't had any for ten years. And don't want any. I've gone full schizoid.

Anonymous 64894

Anonymous 64909

is that a quote by tolstoy ?


Funny CC screencaps thread Anonymous 64434[Reply]

We have a thread for 4chan screencaps, why not one for our own site?
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Anonymous 64451

that fact this thread was moved gave me a chuckle

Anonymous 64477

finding out your own thread got moved to another board is like finding out someone re-parked your car in a different parking lot while you were getting groceries

Anonymous 64502


Anonymous 64503


Anonymous 64896



whens the first time you remember thinking about your looks? Anonymous 63787[Reply]

For me it was about twelve or thirteen or so. I was in gym and a guy told me I had a porky pig nose. I laughed because I didn't know what else to do and ran off to the bathroom where I burst out in tears and wouldn't stop looking in the mirror. Before then I had a sort of ignorant confidence and had never really thought about the possibility of me being ugly.
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Anonymous 63905


weird for you to assume that shaving half your eyebrows off and shaving your arms is an "improvement". 9 year old kids were not suggesting I "work on myself" they were pointing and laughing at something they thought was unusual just for the sake of it.

Anonymous 64151


I was already like 7-8 years old when I felt like there was something wrong with me. Whenever I saw myself in the mirror I'd just feel uncomfortable. Back then I couldn't really articulate it in my head that I thought I was ugly, but I felt uncomfortable whenever I saw my face. I did realize though that I was nothing like all the princesses or models in the media or girls in my school.

At 9 years old it really hit me somehow and I was wondering why am I not as cute or pretty as the other girls in my class. They were so lively, happy and princess-like while I was such a gloomy resting-bitch-face. I remember being ashamed of my eyebrows. They were super thick, straight and close to my eyes, I felt like I looked like Tarzan. I'd shave them or plug them trying to make them thinner. I thought my face was fat aswell and I admired oval/heart shaped faces. I tried running and not eating in hopes of getting thinner face. I also had fucked up teeth that'd be crooked and my front teeth were big and tilting forwards, making me look like a rodent.

It didn't help either that I overheard boys talking about who is the ugliest girl in the class and they said my name. This actually scarred me deeply and that was the first time I felt like I truly hated myself and I think this started the downward spiral of lifetime. This was actually so bad that I couldn't help but cry when I described this out loud to my therapist 2 years ago.

To this day (23 years old) all I ever think about is my looks and looksmaxing and I make sure my eyebrows are snatched and I suffer from anorexia because I still hate my fat face. My teeth were somewhat fixed. My front teeth weren't perfectly fixed but they are far from being as bad they were. I honestly feel like after all the looksmaxing I'm somewhat Stacy-tier now but all the memories of people saying I'm ugly and they'd kill themselves if they looked like me, all the boys rejecting me makes me doubt myself. I think I'm probably just delusional and don't want to think I'm still the ''ugly girl'' but hey at least I like seeing myself in the mirror now.

Anonymous 64152

Being sexually abused is what made me start to become hyper aware of my looks.

Also, the experience of being a twin makes you aware of your appearance very early. Everyone always compares your appearance to your twin and treats you like you're some science experiment of what is similar and what isn't. Luckily, I have been the resident "prettier" twin. My sister had trouble with this, but she says once she accepted she was uglier, it just made her feel better in general whereas I always stress out about being prettier than other people. But the sexual abuse was awful in terms of appearance awareness as well because my abuser said hurtful shit regarding my appearance while wanting me to butter him up and call him handsome.

I freaked out that I was going from 60 lbs as a little kid and gaining weight through the start of puberty. I suffered from anorexia and have always been underweight until I went on birth control, antidepressants, and mood stabilizers. Now I'm a regular bmi. I hate my body now, but with breast implants, I think I might be okay I'm not skinny like I used to be.

Anonymous 64168

Everyone thought I was going to be a Stacy when I was a little girl because I was really pretty and popular. Light blonde, wavy hair, huge eyes, small doll-like features, sweet/polite.

I'd get compared to Dakota Fanning as we were the same age when she was little, and then, I became REALLY ugly from the age of 10 to 15 (puberty was harsh), and it gave me massive body image issues, seeing how different I was treated throughout different attractiveness phases.
I became outcasted by all of my fucking peers.

I remember when I was 10, I posted a picture over Facebook where I had all of my family added that I hadn't seen in 2-3 years
My hair had darkened from the pretty platinum blonde to a drab mousy brown, my nose had grown in to be bulbous, and my sister that moved away just commented,
"Uh…. you look different… lol…"

I was in 5th grade (10) and I had a "boyfriend" that was hot-and-cold
I remember he looked at me thoughtfully, like he was going to say something sweet, and he just scowled and went, "Jesus… you are so ugly…" with the most genuine, repulsed tone.

People would also say I have a pointy chin and nose. There was a guy that would come up to me and call me "witch chin".

I had stringy, flat hair, stick thin lips, completely flat ass, BIG nose, and crooked teeth
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 64893

I was in 6th grade I think or 5th. THe only asian in my group of very pretty white friends. I don't know why they even associated with me, perhaps I was a goof and made them laugh. Anyways, we were playing a dare on the bus and one of my friends dared me to ask the high school guy (we were still in primary) out and I hesistated but then the second girl was like "don't be shy, I will go first" and so she approached him and proceeded to casually ask him out. I think the boy said something about her being very cute and not wanting to be a pedo for dating a girl in primary. So I got the courage to walk up to him and ask the same thing, before I even got close to him, presumably, he saw me get up and walk towards him, he knew what was coming and instantly said out loud in front of my friends and so that the entire bus could hear "Oh yuck not her as well". And yeah I felt shit for a while. In retrospect, my friends probably knew that was going to be the reaction I'd get and did it in a passive aggressive way to remind me that I'm ugly and different.


Gardening? Anonymous 58869[Reply]

Does anyone else enjoy gardening or taking care of plants?
25 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 64666

I'm surrounded by old ladies that cultivate market garden sized plots of vegetables, surrounded by beautiful thriving flowers, while I grow the minimum necessary veg needed for my diet in buckets stacked on bricks in a yard I haven't so much as trimmed in over a year. I feel like a fraud.

Anonymous 64675

Currently growing a small potted garlic chives in the windowsill, alongside two avocado sees propagated in water, a pineapple, thai basil, and recently transplanted garden mint into a pot. Excited to start a mini raised bed next grow season with peppers, flowers, & oui’d lol

Anonymous 64883

This thread inspired me to go plant a bunch of veggies. I now have cucumbers, eggplants, blackberries, peppers, tomatoes and lettuce growing (plus some flowers and herbs).

At least I know it's not just me. I'm trying again with three different varieties so that maybe one will be successful.

Do it and then spoonfeed us

Anonymous 64891


That’s great ankh. Just curious, what climate region do you live in, New England? I ask because those sound like New England plants but with winter coming on pretty soon you might want to move those indoors if you haven’t done already.

Anonymous 64892

*anon, not ankh lol


/brit/ Anonymous 37682[Reply]

A general dedicated to the discussion of British culture.

What part of britain are you from girls?
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Anonymous 57188

What a boring post

Anonymous 57232

Why's it so bloody hot…

Anonymous 57252

cuz ur mum's fat

Anonymous 64858


Lol'd. Nice joke.

Anonymous 64860

Most of Western generic culture is originally British.


Anonymous 34083[Reply]

Does Crystal Cafe shoot guns? What do you think about guys that shoot guns?
54 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 64674

I like guns a lot, actually. I’d say I used to think they were cool, but as I’ve gotten older - realized they are a very important investment and absolute life saver in an emergency. My bf is mainly the one who has truly formed my interest + watching gpa hicock45; Will definitely get a ccw in the future.

Anonymous 64677

I grew up in a rural area, so I'm pretty proficient, but until I was about 15 I wasn't aware that there were people who didn't own at least a rifle.

Anonymous 64694


I like MP5 a lot.

Anonymous 64785

Is this the tranny honeypot thread?

Anonymous 64820



The truth Anonymous 37651[Reply]

Cute little boyos with older assertive girls>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> your bitch ass taste
156 posts and 42 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 64774

Literally nobody glorified the exploitation of children, psychological differences between men and women were discussed . I only read one Italian who wanted to date boys of 14 (legal in Italy). But well, I understand that here you can't discuss very controversial topics.

Anonymous Admin 64783

>younger males having sexual relations with adult women is more often uplifting than it is damaging. it improves their self-esteem, boosts their confidence, earns them respect among their peers, and makes them better suited for successful relationships with girls or women their age down the line.

This glorifies sexual relationships with young boys, a real person at that, not a fictional character. Talk about shotas all you want but don't discuss having sexual relations with minors. This site assumes everyone to be 18+. I'm not going to explain myself any further.

Anonymous 64791



Thank you, Based mod. Irl Pedotalk is unironically the last thing I want in my age gap ships. (Srsly)

Does anyone else remember P3? I prefer the 'English' ver where the two are supporting each other and will clearly be become more one day. I think the jap ver where the FeMC pursues him, but it's been years so my memory might be off.

Anonymous 64793

3DPG Pedoanons BTFO

Anonymous 65984

Love him gently and say that you're so proud of him for agreeing to do it.

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