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Am I missing out by not going on tiktok Anonymous 261727[Reply]

My main reasons for not going there is I don't wanna see triggering content, normie content, soft porn, and overall I can be fragile, bitter and easily overwhelmed. But I'm scared that I'm missing out on things or some content or information
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Anonymous 261791

Not worth it, coming from someone who can also be fragile and bitter

Anonymous 261794

Every time someone who uses tiktok shares a screencap/video I just get happier that I don't use it lol. It's literally a fucking predatory skinner's box designed to transform your brain into mush anyway.

Anonymous 261795

I'm starting to feel like this because of how mainstream media is now acknowledging TikTok as an actual social media platform, as well as how certain youtubers upload to YouTube second and TikTok first so you HAVE to see their TikTok to see their newest releases.

I'm not happy about it. I think ShitTok blows and the tinfoiler in me thinks that eventually China is gonna do a rugpull on the community and it's gonna be devastating, but I am considering making a TikTok just to watch certain creator content there.

Anonymous 261797

There's been experiments where they gave mice the option to push a button for a chance at a reward, and the mice would keep pushing the button even if they got repeatedly punished for it with an electric shock because there was a very small chance of a reward. Sounds ridiculous, right? Why would the mice keep pushing the button just to get a shock of electricity most of the time? But their brains were reprogrammed to crave the tiny chance for a reward. Basically tiktok (and other short form content) does the same to your brain, everytime you swipe to get to the next tiktok you're punished by wasting your time and not genuinely enjoying what you're doing, but you get addicted and can't stop because of the abysmal chance you'll encounter a tiktok that's worth it. It's not worth it. Keep your brain healthy. You're making the best choice you can make for yourself by not going on Tiktok.

Anonymous 261801

Moved to >>>/media/33540.


i miss larpsandtherealgirl Anonymous 259096[Reply]

pic unrelated

Anonymous 259098

me too

Anonymous 261585

idk who that is but i was thinking about greernteaapplypiecel and r/truefemcels the other day

Anonymous 261590

I don't. She was weird and she doxed menalez iirc

Anonymous 261591

Who was shee

Anonymous 261612

Fuck Allah with a rusty pipe lol


Where is everybody Anonymous 251098[Reply]

I've been mostly isolating myself from the rest of "social media" besides the one discord server for about a year. I've tried coming back to after feeling increasingly lonely and all I can say is where the fuck is everybody? r9k and soc are dead, CC is nearly dead (not that it was ever popular), discord servers are dead or either a full clique and I don't use shit like twitter.

Where the fuck do I find people to talk to? It's driving me mad it's like half the population decided to stop using the places I would go when I wanted to find some new friends. What's the secret that's been hidden from me? I'm a neet so I can't go outside and I despise normie social media so fucking much.
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Anonymous 261742

>Where are billions of people at right now?

I think roughly 60% of population on social media just lurk, and 20% comment, and 20% create something - the "influencer", "content creator" and so on. The rest of them are just bots and samefagging.

There's a reason why a lot, including me, feel alone. Internet is meant for narcissists, and loners aren't really the type to socialize and initiate conversations.

Anonymous 261757

It's worse than that, for example on twitter 10% of users generate 92% of content. It's scary how much influence a minority of people has on large social media websites

Anonymous 261758

Yeah, I lurk rather than post nowadays, because why bother if half of it is getting deleted for no discernible reason?
I suspect IRC might work better than discord: less incentive to raid or mess it up, no real fixed accounts, less ego.

Anonymous 261765


Anonymous 261769

a little bump to be deleted after the disgusting raid-ette is over.


Anonymous 261696[Reply]

What do you think the world would be like if men never existed? If they stopped existing right now? What’s the first thing you would do?
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Anonymous 261720

What was the skin color of this who accosted you?

Anonymous 261721

Then don't project

Anonymous 261730

Compare this place with /r9k/. Do you see women here talking about raping and murdering men? No? That's because our disdaine of men is a reaction to all the fucked up shit men say and do. Acting like we're just as bad as them is retarded

Anonymous 261731

Pretty much this. It's hilarious to compare women online to any sort of incel that may just end up driving his car through innocent pedestrians that had nothing to fucking do with him; never said a word to him in their life. O
Online incels are like infection oozing from a malignant cancer; online femcels are talking shit about it because theyre also in the unique unfortunate position to have seen these filthbags type and post their insane filth in the wild.

Anonymous 261732

Not projecting and I even come from a place of understanding because I've went through this. You don't even have an argument and just wanted to get mad lmao

Nta but I don't think women should be compared to those deranged men. Men's depravity goes way deeper so it's disingenuous to make it seem as though we could go that far. However, you can't deny that many women in these places have the exact same mentality as these men and it's basically two sides of the same coin


Anonymous 230359[Reply]

How do you manage to sleep at night knowing all of the world leaders and powerful multimillionares are pedophiles that will never suffer consequences for their actions and will have a happy peaceful death? I want to nuke everything
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Anonymous 260341

the economy is why we need immigrants. canada is importing them by the boat load because its local population is too high off fentanyl to do the shit work

Anonymous 260343

That's the thing though. Elites make wages stagnant and the cost of living go up. They try to force us to go to work. We do in record low numbers because we know how dead-end and life-wasting these jobs are. So, they start allowing more immigrants in on work visas and then they can easily manipulate them into servitude, because visas come with a bunch of fine print and rules to follow.

It's a lot easier to manipulate people who don't speak the language and don't understand the culture. And then, the elites create a narrative so that we turn against the immigrants and take out our anger on them rather than the people who are paying us dick to begin with.

Anonymous 260345

samefag, but immigrants and refugees are accepted into America (not sure what it's like in Canada) and almost indoctrinated AGAINST each other. Refugees are given different pieces of information - they don't have the pressures of following the criteria of their visa, they aren't walking around worried they're going to get deported unlike immigrants on visas, aka "economic immigrants". So refugees come to America thinking poorly of economic immigrants and even Americans (there's a lot of race-shit-stirring between African Americans and Africans that is kicked up by our government and propaganda)… I could go on and on. If you ever want to read how the world shits on women from the top to the bottom, read Disposable Domestics. It blew my mind.

Anonymous 261679

I don't, I'm literally mad over it. There are even female pedos into children and online pedo communities full of people who think they are valid for being attracted to children. I can't accept it

Anonymous 261694

I hope every online groomer dies


Anonymous 259447[Reply]

Straight women, is it true?

So I had argument with a moid that you think the sex is more attractive which you are into therefore I think women are lot better looking because I am lesbian. All he said was cope and I told him he is likely gay if he thinks men are better looking sex overall. Is he coping or do people truly think men can be the better looking sex?

So if you are straight, do you think men are overall better looking sex? Face, body.
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Anonymous 260993

Maybe some just genuinely find the sex they're not attracted to more aesthetic but it seems like most of the people who feel that way have a lot of antipathy toward the sex they are attracted to.
I wouldn't necessarily say it's a gay thing but it does seem like most of them are misogynists.
The "male body/aethetic is objectively superior" spiels typically have a lot of focus on how pathetic and weak they think the female body is.
I think they're also very insecure about their own male identities and probably starved of healthy peer relationships with either sex.

People can have great aesthetic appreciation and fixation on the same sex without being gay.
Like…you can also really like looking at pics of animals or like seeing cute dogs and shit without being a zoophile. And even really get into how beautiful and interesting they are, etc.
Both sexes usually feel weird about doing this with the same sex, especially men.
Men are even kind of weird about getting excited about women's beauty too if they aren't putting extreme emphasis on sex appeal.

Anonymous 261676

I'm hetero and mostly women>men but very aesthetically attractive male body with low body fat>women body. Overall men are ugly

Anonymous 261684


I’m straight - I think men are the more attractive sex. Women have the advantage of styling and makeup being socially acceptable, men look good even without that. Women look good initially when you first stare at them, but then as you examine them/see them “natural” they start to look uglier, it’s the reverse for men. I don’t understand why women are the more objectified sex when men are so beautiful, I could examine a pretty boy’s appearance for hours. Honestly I do think women who find other women to be more attractive than men are bi/lesbian.

Anonymous 261686

He looks ugly and inbred.

Anonymous 261687

Not really. I am very straight, I am SEXUALLY attracted to men but think from an aesthetic standpoint women are more beautiful. You can think people are beautiful without wanting to have sex with them. Ive tried to think about women sexually before but just cant, its not appealing.


Princess movies brainwashing little girls Anonymous 164486[Reply]

Last night I was babysitting and remebered a little film I used to watch when I was little called Thumbelina. I turned it on because I hadn't seen it in a long time, not remembering much of the plot.

The whole damn movie is about this teenage girl getting KIDNAPPED by creepy rapey old moids obviously intended to be old enough to be her father, or being coerced into marriage by creepy women who stand something to gain from her marital prospects.
Thumbelina herself doesn't have much of a character, she's just "uwu sweet and soft and beautiful wittle girl" and for no reason side characters who also have no personality jump to help her.
Of course she gets saved by le handsome prince at the end, who she knew for 2 seconds, and he ALSO risked his life for her.

The takeaway:
"women are prizes to be bargained and sold to the male of highest value"

Also the character design for the toad family is frankly really racist. Its hilarious. I think she is kidnapped by them at 20 minutes of the movie https://youtu.be/QwgGnYUhqOg
Her son's name is literally "gringo", and here is thr hilarious over sexualized design of Mrs. Toad.
And this wasnt a 50s movie like lady and the tramp (don't let the garbage animation let you think otherwise) its from 1994!! The racism really can't be excused.

This is the RAPIEST and most RACIST princess movie of all fucking time.
41 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 259370

>but teaching women to value their beauty is valid.
what does this mean? like what does it mean to say something is valid?
>She was both beautiful, smart, and a good person.
I think the point was that despite being beautiful, smart, and a good person she was expected to see past the beast's ugliness and settle. The problem with beauty and the beast isn't anything with Belle - it's that the moral is to settle for someone measurably beneath you.

Anonymous 260254

Has anyone seen those anime versions of the princesses? Sorry, it doesn't ask to get it in English

Anonymous 260324

My uneducated guess is it relates to how 'romantic' these women are. They live in la la land. Intense romanticism combined with an inability to separate fantasy from reality puts a target on their back. The worst part is when they are shown firsthand how men will manipulate their aspirations but still believe their Disney prince is out there. It reminds me of women who are really into shoujo, otome games, and the like and view these stories not as fantastical escapism but as guides to reality.

Anonymous 261680

As an adult I'm realizing that it's men who get treated like princesses and despite the fact that I spend so much time dreaming of being held, romance would make me feel suffocated. That's why I fucking prefer the fantasy plus yeah the brainwashing is dangerous

Anonymous 261681

Fantasy is better but I never seek it out in reality thankfully yet still enjoy fantasy and trade it for anything irl


Have you ever considered becoming a nun? Anonymous 260672[Reply]

You would get:
-free food
-free shelter
-a scrote free environment
-depending on which group you join time for arts and crafts, gardening or cheesemaking

Sometimes I dream about that life.
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Anonymous 260762

Screenshot 2024-01…

Anonymous 260828

I don't trust like that. I imagine nuns are abused quite often.

Anonymous 260961


That show Lambs of God kind of made me wanna be a nun for a while

Anonymous 260962

dude no youre not youre lying realy bad

Anonymous 261677

If I lived in the past then I would consider it to escape heterosexuality and society. Celibate women should be protected honesty


Anonymous 259356[Reply]

How to find higher power if I hate G*d and don't think he's real?
41 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 260957

If you don’t think he’s real, how do you think the universe was created?

Anonymous 261016

Yup, she's Jewish

Anonymous 261031


Anonymous 261041

That sound similar to the philosophy of Heraclitus

>No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man. There is nothing permanent except change.

Anonymous 261674

I remember when I was so mad and wanted to disprove the fact that we're more than flesh and I kept analyzing the reality until I found the proof of "god" (i'm not religious and dont believe in one god entity I just dont know how else to call it). It was weird and I don't even remember my exact thought process


Anonymous 248422[Reply]

My female-only gym allows troons now. I went to the receptionist and she told me how, because the Green-infested government, anyone can now legally change their gender, no questions asked, once a year. So they had no valid legal claim to not allow them, since they are legally women. I asked them, if they are at least contesting this in court, but she said the owner doesn’t want to spend money on a letal battle. I told her I quit on the spot.

Why? Why is this happening? This is insane? Please just fix this. What the fuck am I supposed to do? My only hope is that the men will eventually finally rise up and fix this.
37 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 261519

Troons are supported by big pharma because diagnosing someone with troon means selling more HRT drugs. Then they build a whole propaganda system through media and politics targeting people-pleasers who can't stand the thought of opposing another person's wish by saying "if u don't acknowledge troons, ur bad"

Anonymous 261570

Moids love troons, head over to /b/ or /r9k/. White men in particular are always posting "femboys" and "traps". Most of the biggest troon lovers on youtube are also white men who curate an audience of tranny loving white boys. Vaush, Destiny, Thoughtslime, Jim Sterling, ect.

Tldr white men are the problem

Anonymous 261648

Good morning sar

Anonymous 261657

It's not just image boards. Try twitter, youtube and reddit. Notice how almost all troons are white dudes?

Anonymous 261658

Because they feel attacked by everyone for simply being white and male, so they try to chamge that, and (((psychiatrists))) take advantage of these weakened minds to propagate their fetish

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