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Anonymous 27465[Reply]

Would you ever make someone fat so they don’t leave you?
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Anonymous 30206



Anonymous 30233


My experience has been that single ladies are waaaay messier than bachelors

Anonymous 30235

Technically, since babies default to female if not exposed to proper androgens in the womb, the penis is actually a big clit.

Anonymous 30236

Eh no, some men think so when they see some girl's room and they're shocked that she's not a innocent clean little princess. But on the whole it's the women who are cleaner, and it's often an issue in relationships when couples start to live together.

Anonymous 30240

I think single people are just usually messy in general, most views one way or the other are probably anecdotal


Anonymous 29571[Reply]

Guess who's getting a boyfriend this coming year?!

You are!
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Anonymous 30193

Not even hard. I’d have to check with Grandpa about when this happened, but I know off the top of my head:
Gran-gran had 6 kids
Pops had 9 and Auntie Janet had 7 and all the rest had 5, so that’s 36 more
Grandpa had 6 and dad said Auntie Dot has 12.
I’m one of 8 and I have 27 first cousins.
Catholic: there are a LOT of us.

Anonymous 30207

Holy shit. In a few hundred years she might be the common ancestor of your entire country.

Anonymous 30208

lesbianons will just have to donate their government issued bfs to polyanons (if we have any).

Anonymous 30212

It can be a problem!
…meet a handsome boy from neighboring area. He is smart, sweet, charming, tall, strong. Share a lot of interests, like the same books.
Talk about family aaaaannnnnnddddd he's a cousin.

Anonymous 30234


Indeed. I will lose this weight and charm my oneitis.


Do you dress your bf? Anonymous 23395[Reply]

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Anonymous 23781

Oh wait never mind I had a brain fart and confused free running with speed running

Anonymous 23787

My ex always had a better fashion sense than me

Anonymous 24862

When I first met my boyfriend, he used to wear ugly stuff his mom bought for him in secondhand shops. I started buying him things for Christmas that I wanted to see him wear or he'd bring me shopping to get my advice. I encouraged him to throw out all the ill-fitting, horrible clothes and complimented him when he was wearing things I liked. Now he wears nice brogues/boots, shirts with nice patterns, cardigans/knitted jumpers and fitted coats. He does all of his own shopping now and has gotten so good at it. It makes him look so much taller and slimmer too. I think wearing clothes that your partner likes is a sign that you love them and want to look good for them. When he compliments me on a particular dress, I'll keep wearing it for him and I love knowing that he's checking me out in it :)

Anonymous 30203

> finnish bf
Just be sure you dont male kids

Anonymous 30215


>tfw replied to this thread months ago but still tfw no bf…
Now more than ever I dream of a little boyfriend to dress up in stuff like pic related. I'd even pay for it.


Anonymous 23107[Reply]

How racist is your family? Would they treat you differently if you met a romantic partner of a different race or religion? Would they disown you?

My dad often goes on racist tirades about blacks, Hispanics, etc. in private but his best friend is a Jew so idk really how he would react. I think my mom and sister would just be happy I found someone.
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Anonymous 27671


my dads skin-tone is confusing.. slightly.he has tan lines (permanent) >pic related
so his natural skin tone is not dark at-all, but i do have a younger sister who has an afro and dark olive skin.
my mum is very light and ended up looking like her more. and because me being the lightest in the family, my mother would spoil me more than my other siblings and i remember her always telling me how im lucky for being light and so on and so fourth and how our cousins are very unfortunate and it will be difficult for marriage in the future if they are also limited to muslim arab guys.

Anonymous 27683

i find extremely light eyes, like enough to see the iris, pretty creepy too. "muh light eyes master race" is a bit of a meme, like it matters at all if the person is already ugly.

Anonymous 27707

They don't outwardly disapprove but they do seem uncomfortable.

I think they're mostly just happy/relieved to see that I'm actually interacting with other people.

Anonymous 27714

Black family members are a good thing.

Anonymous 30996

replying to old post, but yes sexuality is taught to be meant for procreation but also as a way to bond with someone in marriage. i remember being taught this in my catholic middle school, according to the textbook we had. yes, sex was still taught as something in marriage only, but it wasn't taught to be something just to make kids with, but also a loving experience with the person you love.


Sunday Feels 30163[Reply]

Why is Sunday so shit? How do you make it not feel like shit?

Anonymous 30180


sundays are the autumn of the week.
just plan what you gotta do for hte long winter, read a book, and go to bed

Anonymous 30194

getting to bed is probably the hardest thing for me.

Anonymous 30255

I always feel like I'm mourning the weekend and all the freedom/fun/relaxing that comes with it and dreading the busy week to come. Fuck Work.


Anonymous 12622[Reply]

I want to learn programming/ coding but don't know which language to choose. I want the one that will open up more job opportunities and yet it would be "easy" enough that I can teach myself without the need to go to actual classes/ pay for courses online. Anyone has any suggestions? help pls
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Anonymous 30072

Nobody actually writes software in R, so what you need to learn depends entirely on the course. It's mostly important the right library, just avoid non vectorized operations because they're slow as fuck.

Anonymous 30076

I guess I should have been more specific, it's not a programming class, it's a stats class. Going to use it for forecasting and analytics. I guess I'll chime in again if I do get stuck and poking around forums doesn't work.

Anonymous 30078

> forecasting and analytics
Just use Excel

Anonymous 30146

Teaching yourself programming is really annoying until you get kind of good at it. I taught myself Ruby, then the rest of the Ruby on Rails stack, and now am getting my JavaScript knowledge better while working at a front end dev job. You need to be able to force yourself to study it obsessively for a few months which gets pretty grueling by the end, which is why most people who try to teach themselves don’t do well

Anonymous 30166

Not op but also interested in learning python: I'm really awful at self teaching and do much better in a class, but all the classes I can find that aren't degree level have very few contact hours and that doesn't sound useful to me? A lot of them are like 1 hour a week for 4 weeks with the implication that you'd supplement with self study. Anons that have done courses, is this normal? And do you recommend it as an effective way to learn? My motivation for self study is just so bad unless I have a deadline (like at college or w/e). Is this an impossible dream for someone with horrible self motivation lol


NEET ANIME Anonymous 5792[Reply]

Hey guys
I just recently started watching this and it's amazing I super recommend it★彡
The main character is a 30yrl woman who is a "successful " neet.

Anonymous 5798


Watching now, and ohhhh shit yessss. I identify with this.

Anonymous 5848

Adding this to my watchlist. Thanks anon!

Anonymous 30149


Watched year ago or so.

Good as romantic anime
Good as slice of life
Really bad at describing game, which they play all anime long.

If you liked it i whould reccomend to read 1/2 prince.

Hovever 1/2 prince is really old shit, young miners probably whouldn't like.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 30190

Moved to >>>/media/4332.


Anonymous 19456[Reply]

Any fellow Catholics here?
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Anonymous 30117


I've been working up the courage to talk to my mom about it ever since this post and I finally did. She took it worse then I thought she would. She said 'you want to worship Mary?' and 'you're not allowed to be Catholic.' And then, while she was being hysterical she said I wasn't giving her any good reasons. I wasn't giving her any reasons, because she was angry at me and very clearly not in the mood to discuss it.

Anonymous 30122

I'm sorry anon, that's awful. You could show your mom resources about the actual Catholic position on devotion to Mary when she's in a better mood, but sometimes when people already have their minds made up it could just cause more strife. I'll be praying for you and your mom.

Anonymous 30125


Thanks, she gets angry at me for not being open with her and telling her how I really feel and this is how she treats me. TBH this isn't the only time she has acted this way but, I didn't think it would be that bad because I didn't think she was that anti-catholic. She said that she 'feels like a failure, one of her children [my sister] is living with her boyfriend and her other child wants to be catholic.'

Its been at least four hours now and she still doesn't want to talk to me. Its been a difficult few days for me for a lot of reasons already.

Anonymous 30126


My mom has now finally calmed down about it and she says she wants to talk about it tomorrow after church.

Anonymous 30133

Good luck! Hang in there anon.


Minimalist Lifestyle Anonymous 3357[Reply]

What do you think about minimalism?

I've recently started reading about the lifestyle and I definitely want to give it a try; the idea of living with the essencial and focusing on getting the most of what you already have, and using it to the max, is really appealing to me.

What do you feel about it? Would you give it a try? If you're already a minimalist, or want to become one, what would you suggest to beginners?

"If you’re not familiar with the term, a minimalist is, simply defined, someone who decides to be intentional about what things (possessions, people, ideas) they include in their life. Practically, this means minimalists generally own few things and strive to live smaller, simpler lives (less things = more joy!)"

A few links here:

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Anonymous 30113



Once/twice a year when i ran out of living space in flat i just move old stuff into countryhouse.

This time i move out old libary and some useless stuff, i got gifted. Yep, behind the wooden rack there is one more rack.

The truck waits me tommorow at 9 am.

Anonymous 30114


Oh, the book tower can't be spotted on first photo.

Anonymous 30115


I'm thinking of getting rid of clothes I never wear. I could also sell other stuff I never use or don't use anymore like some manga and DVD sets but I grew very attached to my collection of manga, especially because I've been buying volumes one by one for years and I have some complete series. I sold some series (several complete parts of Jojo, Gintama, and some other manga) a few years ago to have more space and more money but I still regret it to this day because I liked these ones. I already managed to sell some video games I didn't care about around the same time and I don't think I'll be able to sell the ones I have, I like them way too much. Still about weebshit, I have figurines that I want to get rid of because they don't even go well together on my shelves, but I have no idea what to do with them.

I never really noticed how many books I have until I moved to the other side of my city. I have like 3 cardboard boxes full of manga, novels and textbooks and they were really heavy and taking too much space in the car. My shelves are full anyway.

I also have a lot of makeup that I don't use all that much because I barely have time for that in the morning, and I have no idea what to do with it, expect not buy new stuff. It's not like I can sell some of these things since I've used them at least once, and I don't think I can give them to friends or family because they either don't use makeup at all or they have more things than I do.

Anonymous 30116

A few years ago I trashed everything and re-imagined my entire room into what it is now. My room these days contains my bed, my pc, and a little collection of jungle themed decoration and plush toys. I love it a lot because I'm deathly afraid of bugs and the way everything is laid out there is no place for bugs to hide, it's all very clean, but not barren, also I love my monkey plushies a lot.

Anonymous 30130


same. I live in a small-ish studio and can't even store all my clothes properly because there literally isn't room. My aunt buys a lot of clothing and will pass on a lot of it to my sister and I unworn, with tags. It's always NICE STUFF and totally free…so I have a hard time getting rid of it. :\


Happy 2019! Anonymous Admin 29585[Reply]

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Anonymous 29868

good for the most part, it seems like this year will be a good one.

Anonymous 29914

Very much the same as last year, anon. Depressed af and not at all motivated to do any of my uni work. I wonder when my life will actually get any different.

Anonymous 29954


Stop wondering, be proactive.

t. Was in your position 8 years ago

Anonymous 29964

Agree with above anon, start setting goals for yourself. Consider your values and make goals based on these. There are ways to do this such as the “80th birthday” exercise. Hard to do when depressed or suicidal but it’s an imagination game so go wild.

Once goals and values are established make a big effort to work towards these. You can use a daily checklist, X effect sheets or apps like habitica (makes tasks into an RPG game).

It doesn’t matter if you’re happy. It doesn’t matter if you’re sad. Notice the feelings and accept them but work towards those goals and values like you’re a magic girl blasting the bad guys away. Meeting goals is blissful, you’ll savour the moments and want more.

For your uni work, try a pomodoro rain sound thing on YouTube. It works.

SAUCE; ive been medically diagnosed with depression for 17 years now and I have ADD wew let’s go!
I’m cheering for you, we can do it, every single woman reading this post can do it. I’m fired up even thinking about the possibility of people reading this and going fuck yeah I’ll try it. FUCK YEAH.

Anonymous 30123



I had never heard of the 80th birthday exercise so I looked it up and it's p cool. Here it is:

80th Birthday Exercise for Values Exploration

This is an exercise that’s about getting a sense for what you want to be about in your life. It’s a way of exploring what you would like to treat as important and how you want to be with yourself or with others.

Write down your responses to the questions below. There are no right or wrong answers in this exercise – it’s all about learning from the questions.

Imagine moving forward through time. Imagine yourself aging and growing older as you move through life. Imagine now that you are turning 80 years old, and your friends, family, and coworkers have gathered to celebrate your 80th birthday. Imagine what you will look like on your 80th birthday. And, I invite you to imagine not who you think would likely be there, but imagine who you would most want to be at your 80th birthday party – even if that means they would be very old. There could even be people you haven’t met yet. Try to really picture who would be there. Now the time has come in the party where people are starting to give speeches.

They are taking turns standing up and speaking about what you have meant to them. They are speaking about what you have stood for as a person, and the impact you have had. Again, I’m not asking you to imagine what they would likely say. I’m inviting you to imagine, if you were to be bold in this moment, what you would most want them to
say. Imagine that they can say what is deep down in their heart about you – speaking about what you’ve meant to them – what difference you’ve made.
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