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Anonymous 273863[Reply]

You ladies hungry?

Anonymous 273871

The name is awful but it might be similar to zucchini bread which is delicious.


hi nonettes! handwriting thread! Anonymous 273778[Reply]

Post your handwriting, script or print. Dont forget to sniff out the male hands

Anonymous 273788

Oh neat, a data collection thread

Anonymous 273790

c'mon anon, dont be grumpy, post your handrwiting so they can skinwalk you

Anonymous 273798


Anonymous 273825


i wish i could still write like this


Opinions and advice Anonymous 267209[Reply]

Femanons, would you date a man who's a sperm donor? My bf donated sperm before we met and even after a while of dating I'm still extremely uncomfortable. He has probably already fathered at least 1 child.
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Anonymous 273745

God I love that for her.

Anonymous 273753

Yeah. He'd given up on dating before I met him and his lifelong lesbian friend asked him to so she and her wife could have kids. I can understand why she asked and he agreed, but I'd honestly feel more comfortable if he'd just donated anonymously. It's a little weird being around his daughter, but she does let me get a look into the future and provides yet more proof of how good as a dad he'll be. After seeing this thread I asked if he'd considered donating anonymously, and while he had as a sort of biological imperative reflex, when he found out there's an excess of donors he decided not to.

Anonymous 273761

Is being a dyke something bad though?

Anonymous 273764

>intimate companionships with another woman is insanely underrated and idk why more women don’t engage in this
any nonas want to be intimate companions with me?

Anonymous 273766

Honestly as someone who would be affected by knowing that my partner has donated his sperm I always ask that early on during the dating phase. More women should be aware of their partner’s past, if body count is important to you, sperm donation should be too.

What do you even identify as now? Straight? Bi? Asexual Lesbian?


Cat thread Anonymous 273540[Reply]

Post some fucking cats
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Anonymous 273697

Cat is not a rapis…

Anonymous 273698


Anonymous 273700


Anonymous 273709


Anonymous 273717

Moved to >>>/img/28548.


Anonymous 273683[Reply]


Anonymous 273693

What if Zelda was a girl

Anonymous 273705

Moved to >>>/media/34767.


Anonymous 273677[Reply]

Do you like BL and yaoi anime? Why or why not?

I got into BL because I had already watched the more popular kdrama shows and wanted something similar.. but different if that makes sense.

Anonymous 273692

i love banana fish! any fans?

Anonymous 273704

Moved to >>>/media/34765.


STEM Majors Thread Anonymous 266664[Reply]

How many users here went into STEM? Doesn't matter if you actually ended up making a career out of it.

Especially interested in seeing how many engineering majors there are because, for whatever reason, just about every engineering class seemed completely devoid of women at my school. It seems like the majority end up going into life sciences or pre med, personally wasted years poking around with bacteria in microbiology just to end up 'producing' (AI does most of the work) low effort mass produced content for some tiktok dude who pays me way more than this junk is worth. Feels like I sold my soul.

What's your major? Did you end up where you thought you would, or did you basically just end up spending a ton of time and money for a wall decoration? Would/will you do things over again and study a different field?
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Anonymous 273077

Thanks for your valuable input, amerimutt

Anonymous 273079


Anonymous 273080

You'll be able to hack it but you'll probably also feel like an imposter the whole time.

Anonymous 273633

major: neuroscience

did you end up where you thought you would, or did you basically just end up spending a ton of time and money for a wall decoration: not done yet but i feel like i very much screwed up. it's way too vague of a degree. i wish i ended up just studying psychology. i'm just glad i don't have debt.

Would/will you do things over again and study a different field: no idea yet. i hope everything works out

Anonymous 273646

I have a computer sciences degree

Screenshot 2023-10…

Moid Ls Anonymous 257303[Reply]

Let's have a "moids posting their Ls online" thread. I have a small folder of screenshots that I mainly collected from 4chan. If any of you suffered from the misogyny on that website (which I'm sure a lot of you did), remember that these are the kind of moids that shit on women.
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Anonymous 273217

I want to believe this because I hate misandrists, but these numbers don't add up.

Chads make up 10% of the male population, meanwhile 60% of women are model Stacies. Majority of men are uglier than women, so "dating up" doesn't make sense. And in all my friends relationship, the man is almost always uglier.

Likely what's happening here is that since you're an incel, same as here, >>272921 any better looking man you idolize as "chad".

I see this multiple times online in how many men view a 5/10 woman with a 4/10 (+1 height) and think he's 8/10.


>thinks men look better than women
wtf anons? I thought it was a meme that incels were homosexual.

Anonymous 273558


If you leave a moid in a room alone he's going to L himself

Anonymous 273562

Maybe celebrating the misery and death of men is not the best, even if they are losers?

Anonymous 273563

If you feel so bad for dead men why don't you go join them and console them yourself, scrote.

Anonymous 273595




Anonymous 272314[Reply]

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Anonymous 273488

amerishart in wallmart

Anonymous 273494

The wrong toilet

Anonymous 273495

Anchovies on pizza.

Anonymous 273538

That too funny.

Days Always Repeat

Anonymous 273568

she likes dicks
ok that got a chuckle out of me

Indie Vtubers pandering to moids Anonymous 264745[Reply]

Please tell me that I am not the only one finding all those indie vtubers being called "based" for supporting loli porn? Everytime I see an indie vtuber there is always a thing about liking loli and using bad words like c*nny and if you are against it you are being called a tourist? The indie vtuber sphere seems to be grounded in pedobaiting and I was wondering why… But when we think about it even the corporations tend to do it. I really wanted to express how bad I feel about it
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Anonymous 270091

/pol/ and /v/ almost always rank higher than /vt/, abeit not by a great extent

Anonymous 270129

Yeah and shooting games cause shootings.

Anonymous 271638

It goes:
Although /vt/ regularly becomes the fastest board on all of 4chan whenever there's a big Vtuber event on, like a big graduation or the big Holofes concerts and expo

Anonymous 273535

atleast half these vtubers are dudes with voice changers
you really think theres hundreds of thousands of girls with anime voices out there?

Anonymous 273547

It's not that difficult to do the cringy anime voice.

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