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Anonymous 80480[Reply]

Is anyone into tea here? If so, can someone give me an idiot proof guide to getting into it. I don't wanna shell out 300 bucks for a clay teapot for every single strain of tea I buy.
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Anonymous 113501


my intermediate tea drinker approach is to put a teaspoon of leaves in a metal strainer ball, use water from a variable temperature kettle (my most recent upgrade), and my favorite mug. I was lucky to find a nice tea shop in a nearby city and I like being able to take my time sniffing the various teas and ask the shop owner for advice. We often wind up chatting for a good while while he decants the tea into my little jars.
I first got into loose leaf tea a couple of years ago for low-waste concerns. I like the fact that I can simply do without teabags now.
I know some have mentioned disliking the metal strainers, but the inconvenience of cleaning them out is vastly reduced by simply letting the leftover leaves dry and then brushing them out with your fingers.
My favorite teas are various iterations of earl grey (I had one that used rosemary in it, it was amazing in winter), milky oolong, 1st flush darjeeling, and assam. I drink a lot of tea and I'm relatively casual about it, which is why I don't think I'll switch to gongfu anytime soon. Assam makes for a great breakfast tea, jasmine is what I like drinking at 2AM when reading books or knitting.

Anonymous 113502

whatever cranks your shaft, i s'pose.
i find it a little weird this thread isn't in /hb/ though

Anonymous 115000

It might be the l-theanine, get some pills and try it out. Tea also has caffeine but a lot less than coffee weird how it affects you that way.

I have a plastic tea strainer where it comes out of the bottom from teavana (goodwill). I get misc looseleaf or teabags from Marshalls or home goods, the discount house store. The one I currently have is mango black tea. The packaging was minimal: a simple paper bag with a sticker. I also use my french press when I want to make a lot. I used to go to the lupicia tea shop in LA for the lucky bag around new years for some expensive ass Japanese tea in cute tins.

Heat purified water to the correct temperature in the temperature control kettle we all have then steep your tea for however long it says on the package. Add milk or honey or cream or whatever you want. I like Splenda and occasionally milk if it's an Indian chai.

Anonymous 136842

So I want to do a form of gong fu because I used a tea tray at a tea shop before and I loved it. I don't know if it matters whether or not I get a yi xing tea pot. Does having a yi xing tea pot make or break the gong fu experience?

Anonymous 137861

I don't have a yi xing pot so I am not 100% sure but they are very expensive if you want to get a good one, so I would try a regular porcelain gaiwan first. They are really nice and rather cheap, so you can't go wrong with them, nona.


I wish CC had something like a hobby board Anonymous 137639[Reply]

I frequent 4chan only because of their hobby discussion variety, but all these "will doing xyz get me a gf" or "women aren't interested in anything but starbucks you can't get a gf anon" annoy tf out of me. I really wish for a female-only hobby discussion board, but so far I haven't seen any hobby discussion in here, not a single thread (I've been on here since december). Is anybody even into some craft (except for occasional low quality drawingt) here?
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Anonymous 137718

I think this is a case where adding a new board would only increase activity and grow the site. everyone can see recent posts from the front page anyway so it’s not like spreading the posts a little thinner across boards would actually harm engagement. dividing the site into sections makes the site more usable.

Anonymous 137776


if anything I kind of want /hb/ deleted and replaced with a hobby board.

Anonymous 137850

I feel like a lot of hobbies could fit on /media/, certainly the creative ones. But I think just a whole board dedicated to hobbies would be nice. I wish media was more active.
Yeah, those could all fit in /media/ imo, maybe start a thread about them there?

Anonymous 137852

I bet a hobbies board would be a lot more active than the media board. There's only so much you can post about media, it feels like hobbies is a broader topic.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 137870

Moved to >>>/meta/6087.


Is it possible to find a non-coomer boyfriend? Anonymous 104972[Reply]

This gets asked a lot but still, is there any hope? I think my chances are zero since I'd like someone who shares my nerdy interests like vidya and anime. I've never seen a decent man who liked those. Are super normies and asexual dudes the only choice?
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Anonymous 137109

I mentioned paraphilic porn because it is common to see paraphilic elements in porn, even if it isn’t apart of everything out there. Some pretty standard and popular porn categories are like things like “step sister”, “lesbians”, “milf”, and “feet”; all of those are fetishistic. In most surveys done on self reported porn usage, the majority of men claim to use it often, which usually means at least once a day. I think if people use porn often, then they are coomers, especially if they have an addiction which causes them erectile dysfunction, they have paraphilias that influence their sexuality outside of porn, and they deal with other adverse effects.

Anonymous 137110

Coomer means that you're more or less addicted to porn and masturbating, you engage with it several times in a single day. You pay for porn, you pirate and store large amounts of it. Your jokes are nothing but perverted and degenerate jokes.

I go a step further and say I'm much more concerned over the shit they watch. I don't want to be with someone who's sexuality is affected by what porn he or she watches. I used to not care but as someone who is bi there is nothing more annoying than someone say "watching porn made me bisexual!".

Religious moids are too afraid or disgusted to watch porn. I personally would prefer if I was with someone that had more reasons than "it's a sin". There's a difference between being religious and between being a hypocrite. Religious men can be a hit or a mess but where I'm from they're a huge miss and are very controlling. I agree a "normie" is your best bet but you need to define what a normie is.

Anonymous 137602

Anonymous 137612

Move to one of those uncontacted tribes and try to get into their society.

Anonymous 137830

Porn addiction doesnt exist. Theres just sex addiction and most men are slaves to sex and their sex drives. No, you wont ever find "non-coomer" men because male degeneracy is the most deeply rooted thing in the world. Not only men are degenerates, they are congratulated for being and taught to be so by society and other men since the day they are born


Anonymous 120815[Reply]

What are your irl friends like?
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Anonymous 137550


I attended a math-focus highschool that had almost no girls in it, and out of the few that were in it two moved cities just as I started befriending them, so I never really had a female friend. I have these 3 sort of male friends, but my friendship with each of them only goes as far as the fact all of us like hiking so I go hiking or just walking around the city with one of them like once a month (each).

Share literally no interest with them though, most of our conversations are just one person monologueing as the other going "ahh" "haha yeah" "I see" and then the places swap. With one of them I bonded over the fact we were both movies buffs, but he only watches action schlock now and I dont watch anything anymore.

This made me think that I have literally never met anyone irl who had similar interests as me. I actually feel cheated cause I am quite outgoing, confident, friendly etc but have never had any real friends cause I just never meet people with whom I have something to talk about (irl at least).

Anonymous 137571

This hits home. Not that I am a bad person or boring or asocial etc., it is just so hard to find a right person. I only happen to have one friend, and we aren't even close. I would have some guys to talk to at uni, maybe walk to the subway together, but nothing more. It seems that there's not enough women within my interests, and i am studying in a male-dominated field, but I sure can't make friends with moids. They will either admit that they are, in fact, stupid and i won't get any enjoyment from our meaningless conversations (all my male peers in uni spend their free time gaming, and have no hobbies and interests whatsoever), or if they are at the same level or above me in intelligence/erudition, they will make sure to put me down and brag, brag, brag…

Anonymous 137574


My irl friends are just my family
I always tell myself I'll inevitably meet someone new that's totally on my wavelength and we'll be great friends but it still hasn't happened
I must never give up though

Anonymous 137583


>all my male peers in uni spend their free time gaming, and have no hobbies and interests whatsoever
this tbh, all men in my HS were either addicted to video games, or were fuckboys, or had no hobbies whatsoever (or a mix of the three). I think it was partially my fault since I later found out that I do not really care for math and, well, people in a math-focused school will have math-related hobbies, but still you would have expected someone normal to have been there but literally not a soul. Same thing in the uni I shortly attended (male dominated too), all of the men were useless and there were barely any women there and idk I just did not click with the like one or two I talked to.
I spent basically all of my teenage years hating myself for being unlikable cause I had no friends but it is only now that I realize that for me it was one of those rare cases where the environment was actually at fault more so than me.

Anonymous 137796


I open up to therapists and people on anonymous image boards. The only times I try to open up to people in real life, they think I'm a weirdo or use it as ammunition to hurt me later. My family thinks I spend my time watching paint dry. I told my Dad once I was depressed, went to a hospital for it where they took my phone for a week, and came out to find he thought I had killed myself.

I'm used to always lying to people to the point it doesn't even bother me in the slightest. I guess I get the friends I deserve, because there's never been a single, genuine connection. It's always just sitting quietly while people use me as some sort of object to use. A friend slept at my house this weekend. I spent an hour crying on my couch, and she never noticed. I just let her talk and agreed with everything.


Anonymous 137133[Reply]

>barges in
>grabs your bf and says he's her bf now
wat do
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Anonymous 137442

Well if he wasn't wilfully going and she was actually stronger than him then I'd beat the bitch with a bat or something. I'd get my ass kicked otherwise. Obviously i wouldn't have anything on me at the time so I'd have to follow her to see where she takes him then come back
That or call the police but somehow I don't think they would believe me that some woman womanhandled my boyfriend and kidnaped him. When has that ever happened? They might not take it seriously

Anonymous 137472

It happens daily. I was just at the library and a wild Stacy stole my bf and carried him to a cave.

Anonymous 137506


NTA, but lmao, I bet all of that happened like in a silent film.
>"Ah, what a beautiful day to spend this quiet evening in the stone library with my boyfriend!" said Nona
>But suddenly, a tall, attractive woman with copper hair appears! Who is she?
>"Nona, haha. Where did you find this one? (talking about Nona's moid)"
>Guess they both know each other, huh?
>"Oh, somewhere in town haha. Thanks for joining us tonight Stacy."
>Stacy, having gazed at Nona's moid thoroughly, gives a very mischievous grin out of sudden!
>"Nona: I really, really, really like this cute boy."
> *BONK*
>In an instant, out of nowhere, the local Stacy hits Nona in the middle of her head with a small but heavy club that came from an unknown place, making Nona black out!
>A bit of time passes, and the local stone librarian wakes up Nona, telling her the tragedy that her personal moid has been kidnapped and is now trapped at Stacy's cave!
>Oh noes! What is Nona going to do?! Find out in next week's episode of "A Nona's (Prehistoric) Life"!

Anonymous 137542

would watch

Anonymous 137791



Dead internet theory Anonymous 134668[Reply]

>This theory states that the Internet as we know it actually died sometime between 2016 and 2017, most of the internet is algorithms, bots and AI generating content, replies and giving each other traffic, with very few real users in between.

Anyone heard about this before? While I don't believe it's this bad it certainly feels like it could be true. The internet these days feels stale, lifeless, sterile.
9 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 134730

Forgot to add, even now the internet is a lot smaller than people think. If you look at it as a whole, it is huge but if you pick a specific interest, it becomes a lot smaller. It's not hard to dox someone from very little information because of this.

Anonymous 134761

Not if you don't use social media

Anonymous 134825

The theory is right in regards to how there are a lot of bots because companies and influencers benefit from fake reviews, comments, and likes. I don't want to blame the sterilization of the internet on just marketing and commercialization because then that completely ignores how internet culture changes because of respectability politics. Reddit used to be quite offensive, people casually used slurs, and were very aggressive about topics related to social justice but then overtime redditors started peppering the same lingo used on tumblr. I think during 2016 and 2017 tumblr's culture spread to different websites and Trump's definitely accelerated it.
The theory also neglects that more and more people around the world are using the internet whether because of improved internet access hence why "oh no there are so many normies now!" is such a common statement I feel like it's very narcissistic and self-centered.

Anonymous 137502

>most of the internet is algorithms, bots and AI generating content, replies and giving each other traffic, with very few real users in between.
This is a bit of an open secret. People who works on large websites(Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, etc.) are keenly aware of this. That YouTube vid links to a guy who goes into it specifically for a few different sites. Also check out Renee Diresta who also talks about this a lot.

Anonymous 137545

interesting stuff, thanks


Anonymous 135679[Reply]

What’s going on with mass shootings in the US? What kind of laws/rules/regulations would you make in regard to shootings if you were in charge?
100 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 136769


>all these deleted posts
Good thing I have an archive of the thread before you did that.

Anonymous 136829

You don't need to be a moid to be wary of a part of the population that commits MUCH more crime than the other, ON THE CONTRARY !
This is the correct take, the state of society is completely insane. Add this to the violent nature of men (some more than others, whether you like it or not, >>136298) and you get a stupid amount of violence that the media loooooves to spread everywhere.

Anonymous 136850

Moids already commit 99% of all violent crimes. They have no right to talk about "parts of the population." The are already the most demented and criminal part of the population.

Anonymous 137527

There is no fixing the problem. The United States is sick. The melting pot experiment has failed. Americans do not get along and they do not like each other.

Beyond that our children are lost, lonely, and depressed. The country's doomed and I don't understand people who blame gun violence on guns. No, it's the people. The source is a deep well of unhappiness and the solution is to let us eat ourselves.

Anonymous 137538

>itting 8 hours a day in a classroom managing 8+ classes for things you don't care about or mostly need if at all, listening to dry lectures from underpaid staff who get disrespected on a daily basis, getting picked on just for time to pass, all from age 5-18 is enjoyed by very few and drives some to violence.

Do you really think the USA is the only country in the world which has this system?


wierd sonic is best sonic Anonymous 137532[Reply]

why cant we just have a comedy about this bozo

Anonymous 137533


why cant we just have a movie about this down syndrome fox why not


Anonymous 131678[Reply]

Is it best to just accept and live life as single and childfree never starting a family? It feels like you can't trust anyone in todays society. No matter how nice the person seem, it can just be an act.
That person is just using you
That person is just settle down for something less out of desperation
You can end up having life regrets if you have kids with that person you thought was the right one but turned out to be the wrong
127 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 137494

Mr Priest,please exercise this demon >>137463 Thanks

Anonymous 137498

This picture is wrong on so many levels. It's a mockery of so many things at once it's kinda brilliant.

Anonymous 137501

Mods deleted all my posts during a moid raid but didnt ban me as a moid (?????) so Im just going to say it again.
He looks like a sack of potatoes

Anonymous 137505

not really. Christianity has been violent basically forever.

Anonymous 137528

Gerda Wegener - …

>complete non-reply
Come on now.


Anonymous 93856[Reply]

how does cc feel non binary people? afab and amab
83 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 137368

it's easy to dupe those that tend to be ostracized for being 'weird' and generally want to adhere strictly to 'the rules'. They tend to have rigid thinking, especially when younger and more susceptible to bullshit. The head hons in tranny spaces have no problem voicing when you have broken 'the rules', so it's easier to 'make sense of' and follow them, unlike trying to read & follow typical social queues. There is an autistically long 2016 essay written about transgenderism and autism that goes into more depth than i would ever sperg out about on here (~100k characters, ~375 references):
> https://stcarchives.wordpress.com/2016/10/08/transgenderism-autism-regulatory-failure-political-correctness-death/

Anonymous 137372


> Like, no, honey, you've discovered the truth. Most people don't feel like a "man" or a "woman" unless they've internalized some really bizarre ideas (cis and trans alike). You just so happen to hang in social circles where you're told that this phenomenon is actually unique and special.

This. They're self-absorbed tards who either haven't yet brought their thoughts full circle or want the attention and social clout from their fellow losers. Picrel - you'll hear there is no one way to present or 'be' non-binary, but somehow it's verboten to connect this back to how everyone else is. Instead, men and women are pre-defined boxes because they lack imagination and/or are entitled little shits.

Anonymous 137373

Yeah, I am from eastern europe and irl I know two girls who are claiming to be nb: both are fujo and lesbians (don’t ask me how those go together), both pretty feminine looking: long dyed hair, acrylic nails, makeup, heels and stuff, so that’s an additional mystery for me
I mean, girl: creepy men won’t stop hitting on you if you say you’re nonbinary lol

Plus, judging by the the ones I know from the internet, there are no normie nb
There are normie gays and lesbians, normie trans even, but yet to see a normie nb/genderfluid - they are always sjw/fujo/fandom/etc

Anonymous 137411

A bunch of underage/childish freaks and weirdos trying to be interesting because they are empty vain people and have nothing to them. There isn't much else to say

Anonymous 137518

this is old as fuck but this this THIS. Jesus christ I've tried to talk about it with people who think like that and they just can't comprehend what I'm saying.

You know what else is baffling? Going by trans logic. Even if you were born a woman, as long as you feel like a man and are dysphoric you ARE a man. Okay. So their bodies do not need to be male… And yet they do things like take testosterone, dress like moids, surgery, etc.


It is like quietly admitting everything they believe in is bull shit.

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