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Content Creators Anonymous 30079[Reply]

Are any miners here content creators? I’m the only one out of my friend group so I’ve never spoken to anyone about it before. Let’s talk about our experiences, ask for advice and share our stories here.

Share your links too, if you’d like!
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Anonymous 30435

Why not? If not for yourself, at least it's something to do!

Anonymous 30444


I'm in a similar position. I tried to start up again last year but only lasted like 2 weeks kek.

Let's pick it back up together!!

Anonymous 30448

i used to be but i misplaced my tablet 8 months ago and i don't have time to do things anymore because i'm an adult rip

Anonymous 30505

Long shot, but with character creator apps being more popular again recently, has anyone made their own or signed up for a place like https://picrew.me ?

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 30506

Moved to >>>/media/4384.


transgender women(?) Anonymous 9156[Reply]

what are /b/'s thoughts on transgender mtfs? Do they consider them women? Should they be allowed access to women only spaces (after passing, before passing?), do you have any experiences good or bad online or offline with transgendered women?
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Anonymous 30454

This. All those “hot” trannies you see in pics don’t actually look like that irl.

Anonymous 30467

Be honest, do you hate ugly people?

Anonymous 30494

i dont mind them and i consider them to be women, but I dont really want them here on crystal cafe because they are already widely accepted on 4chan and /lgbt/

Anonymous 30496

kek, pretty true though, ugly women get the short stick on life. i think that has a lot to do with mysogyny too though as other women dont really care and will treat ugly women the the same as anyone, while men flat out ignore, avoid, or berate them as if their very existence is an insult.

even incels and trannies only really recognize pretty women as "real women"(this is largely why i dont give a shit about tranny feefees anymore).
anyone under 5/10 is literally invisible in society. being an ugly woman is truly suffering.

Anonymous 30497


What they said.
They will never be women, they are mental ill men. I don't want them near me or in female spaces.

A therapy that has such a big failing chance is no therapy. Mutilating a healthy body should be forbidden Yes I am against beauty surgery! Men and women are different, they need different medication doses and react different. You don't feel like a women, you don't wake up and be like "Damn today I only feel like 20% women." You are a women.
Many people hate what they are and what they will become.
Hell I wanted to become a dragon (no not furry like a real one) when I was a child I hated being a human.
When I got into puberty and got my first period with 9 years I cried for months because I was so afraid. I prayed every night to whoever was up there, that I don't want to grow up. I did not want to be an adult nor a woman. So I dressed as unfeminine as I could and acted masculine. Now with nearly 30 I started to accept my body. I still have problems and it is still a long road ahead of me.
If someone had told me in this time, that EVERYTHING would be better if I would become a guy and that I could become 100% a boy I would have done it in a heartbeat.
But I would, 20 years later, be so unhappy that I would pretty sure kill myself.

If you go on reddit it is nearly a cult: "join us you will feel better. Stop listening to you parents, they don't know. Believe us. If they don't help you they hate you." Everything against "this cult" is shut down immediately.

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how old is everyone here? Anonymous 28820[Reply]

i just found this place. had no idea female-oriented image boards existed.

i'm 30 though and feel like maybe i'm too old for this crowd lol :/
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Anonymous 29327

lol yeah, see you in 10 years. I stopped the whole 'I'm gonna be dead soon' when I got to my early 20s or so. At the end of the day that's only an excuse so you don't have to take responsibility for yourself tbh

Anonymous 29629


i do plan for tomorrow, thanks for the concern anons! i just had an attempt in september so i'm trying to hold myself together. ending my life is my plan b if i don't get my shit together within that time frame. happy 2019!

Anonymous 30468

Turned 18 today. Now I can finally make friends from here! (if the friend finder thread ever gets revived)

Anonymous 30483

>(if the friend finder thread ever gets revived)
I kind of doubt it will, there are too many male lurkers

Anonymous 30485

I'm almost 24, I think there are quite a few anons around your age about.


Are There Tech Women Here? Help Concerned 14685[Reply]

I was browsing on the cesspit that is 8chan and saw a new post from the nerve center that read "I am C. I am a child sex slave that escaped 4 months ago."


The post was in /general/. I read through it and they way she was writing and the details and lack thereof made me think this could be genuine.

I have almost no technical skills so there's not a lot I can do on my own. I am reluctant to try another board on 8 chan because there are legitimate pedophiles that would probably try to return her. I replied half an hour after she made her post, she said she would reply to questions but it's been an hour and she hasn't come back.

If this is someone's idea of a joke then they are a sick mother fucker.

But if this is real I really want to help this girl. I don't know where else to ask I am hoping this is a safe place. B and r9k raid here and I know pedos are on b and some r9k are pedos too so I am hoping they don't see this.

The picture attached is the picture she posted on the thread. She mentioned she had computer skills and messages can be hidden in photos. Does anyone have the know-how to check it?

Thank you to anyone who can help me verify if this is true.
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Anonymous 14723

No problem, anon! Glad to help.

Anonymous 19752

Sounds like a typical ARG and OP is suspicious for using a term like "tech women" on a board for women.

Anonymous 19753



I'm glad you were put at ease OP! Don't let the anons who teased you for being concerned get to you – maintain your "alarm bell" system and care for vulnerable people.

Stuff like this is obviously over-the-top, but it's definitely possible to come across gross, scary stuff online that needs reporting/engagement. I have come across gross Youtube "challenges" where pedophiles are actively baiting young children in video comments into fetish shit and reported it to the FBI. That shit is real and shouldn't be ignored.

Don't ignore those squicky reactions. You have a kind heart.

Anonymous 30484


>>has photographic memory
classical symptom of some deep trauma victims, very well known and reported
if you never read about trauma based mindcontrol your assumptions are irrelevant

the first question is why OP talks about C in the third person

a multiple personalities split is fairly obvious (another classical effect of trauma)

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 30507

Moved to >>>/x/1138.


Anonymous 30433[Reply]

Anyone here have experience dating east Asian guys? I’ll probably never move past the looking phase, but I’ve been eyeing up my University population recently.

The question that I have (and bring here because it’s juuust edgy enough to not be asked face to face with my polite friends) is the concern about the emasculation issue/complex. Whenever I read about that particular issue, it seems to boil down to the concern of not being wanted by women in the particular way that affirms the cultural masculinity bundle, eastern or western. The issue becomes: does one, as girlfriend, ‘have to’ take on a one-woman-affirmation-hype-team role? The ego presented by the issue seems pretty fragile. I’m basically /gfd/ and it seems like my attachment style and the complex would come to an impasse quickly.

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Anonymous 30443

Um, just because a guy's Asian or otherwise non-white, it doesn't mean he will carry racial baggage around. The ones who don't just don't make posts about their issues which you or I end up reading. It doesn't have to stay a daydream if you give a guy a chance to prove he's well-adjusted and doesn't have any hang-ups about himself.

Anonymous 30445


>the emasculation…
>just… a lifetime of racism…

This one is even more obvious than the last thread, dude.

Anonymous 30446

You're right. It's probably a bad habit of mine that I get put off of things based on my compulsion to internet research. I look too hard before I leap.

Anonymous 30450

same sis.PNG

Anonymous 30479

small pepe


Any of y'all into cryptocurrency? Anonymous 30472[Reply]

Got in around June 2017 and been trading ever since

Anonymous Moderator 30473


Anonymous 29376[Reply]

Who here /Canadian/?
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Anonymous 30458

I hate unpatriotic Canadians like these, go to America if you love their system so much

Anonymous 30459

That’s because people love to complain about cities. If you look at all the major cities in the world, people will always bash them for whatever reason. And they’re mostly right. We def have issues but for the most part Toronto is bretty good compared to most American cities.

Anonymous 30460


Anonymous 30464



Anonymous 30470



Anonymous 30223[Reply]

>Into asian guys
>parents are horribly racist
>No money to move out yet
It's not like they're horrible monsters, but they say some REALLY awful stuff. Even when I move out, I'm not going to end up dating white guys. I'm also afraid of conflict my entire life, mostly because of their strong opinions on stuff. What do I do miners?
6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 30295

No u
You sound like that dick size sperg who kept ban evading on lolcow to write essays about his 5.5 inch penis and how he shouldn't even bother dating.
As long as he gets you to orgasm who cares? Unless you're one of those people with a monster cock fetish, but even so don't project that onto every woman lol.
anyway this thread isn't for me since I'm not even into East Asians. Just wanted to argue this tbh.

Anonymous 30317

Idk the longest dick I ever had was from a Thai guy, did not expect that beast at all.

Anonymous 30419


>>I think size matters in a relationship
>Yes hello my fellow females the biggest beast cock I've ever taken was from a [insert race] guy
Yeah, this is homo male talk as fuck.
Another incel from r/asianmasculinity doing repressed white girl larp shit again.

OP is bad as hell lol.
>I want asian bf, but my parents are really racist!
>Also, I am not going to end up with a white guy when I run away from home! Hmph!
>Muh forbidden love with an asian guy! Just what shall I do?

He's probably going to bump the thread in a week with the classic pasta of the neo-nazi brother/cousin/father who molests "her" lol.

Anonymous 30425

>What do I do miners?
get better taste bc asians r ugly as sin

Anonymous 30439

The post you quoted was me, not OP. And you have to take my word in that case that I am just disgusting, but not male.

Screen Shot 2019-0…

Anonymous 30279[Reply]

hi i like this place

Anonymous 30280

Welcome! ♡

Anonymous 30281


hi welcome

Anonymous 30323

Fuck off wizchan crossposter

Anonymous 30380


WGTOW Anonymous 4072[Reply]

Today I came across 'WGTOW' - Women going their own way. It's similar to MGTOW in the sense women are actively choosing to lead their lives without the influence of the opposite sex.

These women prefer their lives to be filled with spending time with other women instead of men, being financially independent of them, and forgoing relationships with men.

A lot of these women seem to choose this lifestyle because they are drained from the emotional labor that comes with being around men. Some of them have other reasons including being abused by men. They seem to feel taken for granted by men so they choose to go without them in their lives.

What do you think about this line of thinking and lifestyle?

Do you think you could ever lead a life without participating in relationships and friendships with the opposite sex?
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Anonymous 18833

there are way more lustful men than over-emotional women

Anonymous 18834

wgtows dont spend their time sperging about men though and making them the center of their attention like mgtows do though. spinsters and cat ladies have existed forever and they bothered no one.

Anonymous 30191

We reviving this thread?
Personally I legitimately do not like spending time with men, the only male I have ever liked being around was my uncle. Would rather spend time hanging around my female friends any day. There is no reason to make WGTOW into a movement though, just abstain from sex and relationships if you want to and go about the rest of your life as usual.

Anonymous 30230

WGTOW is just radical feminism and lesbian activism. And the funny thing is that it actually works, because women are socialized properly. MGTOWs spend all day crying about how they don't need women, being miserable without them in their life.

Anonymous 30239

So it's separatist feminism, which has literally been around for over 50 years.

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