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Anonymous 32259[Reply]

Do you do your nails regularly?

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 32260

Moved to >>>/hb/6515.

giphy (1).gif

Anonymous 32230[Reply]

Why does lolcow hate us so much?

Anonymous 32240

They think we're all LARPing men and we're too weeby.
Low key think they just believe we're all losers because many of them are normie passing ana-chans. But are they wrong? There's definitely a higher concentration of femcels here.

Personally I love both sites.

Anonymous Moderator 32241


Anonymous 31889[Reply]

hey this is my first post in this site

Anonymous 31894

Welcome sister

Anonymous 31897

Enjoy your stay!

Anonymous 32207

welcome sister


bringing traffic to crystal cafe! Anonymous 461[Reply]

how do we find more users while keeping robots out? i think this site has potential if the user base grows.
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Anonymous 31734

Capitalize on website breaking drama? Worked for 8chan

Anonymous 31740

I'd tell girls I know to check it out but I feel like they would easily recognize my posts

Anonymous 31742

I encourage some of my female online friends to post here, I know my posts are easily recognized but I'm pathetic and vent about everything to them anyway, so they already know.

Anonymous 31744

>implying there aren't already males on this chinese basket weaving forum

Anonymous 31753

What if these two people know each other irl


Anonymous 30585[Reply]

miners. if you could go back in time, what would you change?
i'd probably
>join a sport and pick up an instrument
>keep to myself more
>speak to a girl i should've talked to sooner; befriended her & left the big cliques alone
>study harder
>be nicer to my parents
>draw/write more often
>get in touch with "those" people earlier, rather than orbiting
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Anonymous 30622

Please be okay anon.

Anonymous 31616

>stop trying to be cool in middle school and just live my life
>not date that guy from my philosophy class first year
>not take that philosophy class or that stupid psych class or that second stupid psych class, take writing courses instead
>take an extra year of uni to lighten the goddamn workload and get help for depression
>admit to my parents sooner than I did when I was feeling suicidal
>not leave that one apartment search until the last minute
>leave tumblr sooner
>find IE sooner
>realize sooner that it's totally 100% ok to be a girl who doesn't wear makeup or know how to do her hair
>dye my hair weird colours while I'm still young and it doesn't matter

just in general be more self confident and have the… idk, not courage, but like, organization? to pursue my hobbies. also I let my depression get real bad and i climbed out of that hole but I think it did set me back in various ways. like my life will be OK, not better or worse, but I didn't have to suffer like that for so long. I won't make that mistake again.
I feel like this is a really good way to think about how to improve my life now. thanks for this question.

Anonymous 31617

>dye my hair weird colours while I'm still young and it doesn't matter

You can still do it. I'm late 20s with dyed hair and don't get shit for it. Got a good job too. I meet women in their 40s who still rock some darker colorful hair. In 10 years you'll wish you'd done it now.

Anonymous 31654

>gotten into sports as a kid
>not used junk food as a replacement for emotional support
>studied harder
>talked to more people in HS
>been more involved in school clubs without worrying about if they were "cool"
>not let myself get fat in college
>not abandon my friends for my abusive now ex bf because "he loved me"

Anonymous 31657

>study computer science earlier instead of waiting until uni to learn anything
>have ed later in life because I probably could have grown a few more inches
>stay at the first high school I went to instead of transferring to another one
>ask out the guy I liked who probably also liked me
>go to uni first instead of going the community college and then transfer route
>be more sociable in general
>get help for the right thing (social anxiety) instead of a nonexistent depression
>waste less time on imageboards


Anonymous 26908[Reply]

Who here /short/? What have been your experiences as a short chick? Do you ever wish you would have been taller?

Anons above 5’3 are NOT allowed in the thread
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Anonymous 27118

*another reason to sew

Anonymous 27122

alright. bye bye!

Anonymous 27139

Dis bitch finna get dabbed on

Anonymous 27176

Yeah, it seems impossible to be seen as striking. It's always inoffensively cute.

Anonymous 32161

Ken, do you have the green text?


Thoughts on Brazil? Anonymous 26530[Reply]

Thoughts on pic related?
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Anonymous 27658

it's trash and the meme about them being beautiful is so overblown it's ridiculous

Anonymous 27659

it is racist and backwards
t. latina

Anonymous 28003


Any Brazil anons would like to chime in on the Atlantic islands of Brazil (pic related). Whenever someone mentions tourism for Brazil everyone brings up Rio or South Brazil but these Atlantic islands (Fernando de Noronha) seem to never be mentioned.

Is it worthwhile or just some knockoff-Iceland tourist trap?

Anonymous 28011

>tfw Brazilian and I hate this place
>tfw can't move out because I don't have any relevant descendancy
I hate the fact that I'm bound to this place for the rest of my shitty life

Anonymous 28027

Fernando de Noronha is gorgeous but MAD EXPENSIVE. Definitely worth it if you can afford it.


Anonymous 31942[Reply]

Is it possible that there are femcel celebrities? On the one hand every female celebrity has legions of men obsessed with them, but on the other hand their personality and practicalities might get in the way, especially those who are famous for solitary arts like writing.

For example, they might be naturally shy or have avoidant personaliry so they don’t have much of a social life aside from some interactions with people in their field, during which they are mogged by GigaStacies and high class escorts, so they always end up going home alone. At the same time, they’re too socially weak to use their fame to get a bf or disprove of golddiggers. While she’s not famous, I know a femcel who works in the film industry and is often at celebrity parties, but her autism, social issues and lack of good looks cause her to not even be seen as a woman (she admits having a bf would be too emotionally and socially difficult for her anyway). Stacies everywhere.

Susan Boyle famously was a femcel pre-fame, but she got a golddigger husband later.

A lot of people theorize the girl who plays Quiet in Metal Gear is a femcel or at least extremely introverted because she lives with her mom in a very small town where only elderly people live, she currently only works from home, is deeply Catholic, and apparently has no social life aside from her family. Some said she was dating Jason London (from Dazed & Confused, which is a great movie but suifuel for a femcel/socially weak people), but it turned out they just hung out a few times because they worked together and he had a Stacy gf. I personally highly doubt she’s a femcel, but it’s odd nonetheless.
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Anonymous 32018

Isn't she Dutch? I have a hard time believing that she's a wholesome Catholic who likes to spend time with her mother.

Anonymous 32019

Abbey had the same bf for years. Some obscure musician. She’s just really weird.

Stefanie is a devout Catholic from Limburg who lives with her mom. Her stepdad also always chaperones her when she’s working or doing public appearances.

Anonymous 32024

Enya isn't a great example- She's had guys obsessively stalking her to the point of breaking into her castle- though I get where you're coming from. Love her music too but I digress. She's chosen singlehood, and would be able to get a man in less than a millisecond if she so much as put out a joking twitter ad for it.

While I don't have any names, I met a surprising number of girls working as models who could fit OP's criteria for a femcel- shy, socially inept, mentally ill, and maybe the most surprising of all, maybe not?: a lot of them are beautiful for high art fashion covers (especially when caked under makeup), but would be considered ugly or homely if you met them on the street. Some grew up being made fun of for unusual physical features that are then prized in the fashion circuit. Some are self-aware, adding to insecurities, and others aren't, exacerbating social ineptitude. Weird food for thought I guess.

Anonymous 32077

wtf does she have bowlegs

Anonymous 32081

There's two types of fashion models: conventionally beautiful and "weird" looking ones. Also I wouldn't be surprised if race was an issue for those models who are mixed.


Anonymous 31989[Reply]

where can i buy the sims 4 cats&dogs for a very low price? should i try to change my location?
pic not related

Anonymous 31992

Wait for a sale. I don't play this game but I've heard Sims 4 add-ons sometimes get discounts on the Origin website or elsewhere.

And what do you mean by changing locations?

Anonymous 31993

I want to try using VPN to change my location, the prices are different in every country, but I do not know if it is worth trying because I read I can get easily banned.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 31995

Moved to >>>/media/4657.


transgender women(?) Anonymous 9156[Reply]

what are /b/'s thoughts on transgender mtfs? Do they consider them women? Should they be allowed access to women only spaces (after passing, before passing?), do you have any experiences good or bad online or offline with transgendered women?
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Anonymous 31893

Tinder interest is not real life interest. Most of the dudes messaging are just desperate. Also 9 messages and 37 matches is on the low end of normal if you've ever been on tinder.

Anonymous 31914

I can't even count the amount of times I've heard "god I fucking hate her, but she's hot and I just want to fuck", or "god she's fat/ugly but I just really need to get laid". Women are pickier because they're usually looking for long-term companionship and not pump and dump.

Anonymous 31961

This. Transgender "women" should be treated no differently here than regular men. Any post even remotely indicating than the poster is a born-male should get the same treatment as a regular male. i.e. a hearty ban.
I have the suspicion a pretty face is everything when it comes to marriage material for men. I once got someone to admit it to me that he couldn't care less about the timeless "boobs vs. butt" dilemma and that someone flat as plank with a cute face trumps a fugly face with hottest body in the planet. It's only one man, but still.

Anonymous 32764

>I know another "ftm", 28 years old mind you, who threw a fit in public from a bartender misgendering them. Their relationships are a mess of poly triages gone wrong, they're morbidly obese, dress childishly, and have yet to break out as a "freelance artist". They cried for months on tumblr about how their family refusing to throw them a coming out party rivalled racial genocide. Underline that.

Cringed irl. This describes my "nonbinary" ex gf and her social circle to a T. I really dodged a bullet with that one

Anonymous 33083



From the /lgbt/ board on 4chan. It's Amanda Palmer, obviously, but ugly cis women are now definitely being called trannies.

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