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/lg/ - lesbian general Anonymous 54654[Reply]

felt like this should be a thread tbh
what's everyone up to? i'm thinking of downloading tinder again
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Anonymous 206585

I'm a service top, but I don't understand why it's expected for tops to be don juans who will take all initiative and can't feel a bit reserved or worried at first. I get being shy, but if you give no signals and you look straight passing, nobody is going to approach you. Nobody wants to risk a lesbophobic freakout if you turnout to be straight or end up feeling creeped out.

Anonymous 213776

How do you deal with jealousy especially if you’re jealous your friend (who you’re rushing on) is with another woman?

Anonymous 222134



>first crush

i think it was toy chica from fnaf, i would always draw her as a kid. i was literally obsessed with her

>what's your local lesbian/LGBT scene like?

it's pretty dead when it comes to lesbians, i dont think ive ever met a single lesbian where i live.

>cute stories about your gf

we always have sleepovers on call together since were LDR. like everyday since we cant handle being long distance.

>favourite lesbian media?

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Anonymous 222557

on god imagine hating men and being attracted to them
my ex said something to me recently and i have kept it with me ever since. "not all men, but somehow, it's always a man".
i will never understand het women.
first crush was probably my best friend from 7th grade, but that ship sailed eons ago.
i live in the deep south so i'm basically alone aside from my ex who i'm no longer with bc we want different things out of life. we're on good terms still ofc.
my fav lesbian media is either carmilla or bloom into you, but i adore sailor moon bc of Haruka and Michiru.
my hot take is that idfc about labels and i dress pretty andrognyously. it looks professional and clean and i'm a fan of characters like Haruka and Oscar who dress in androgynous ways but have their own brand of femininity.
as a kid i read books and played games with my grandmother on her Dreamcast or PS2, when i was able. sometimes played outside with my cousins ofc.
the best date i ever went on was playing yugioh with my ex at our mall. trash game, never play, but i'm too far gone.

Anonymous 222565

not all men, but s…

>"not all men, but somehow, it's always a man"


quest Anonymous 222104[Reply]

nonas, go grab a Switch cartridge and lick the black plastic, report back with your findings. full restaurant level review of the flavor, please.

(don't spoil this for others if you already know what happens. also it's not dangerous, these things are meant to be safe if a literal toddler swallows one)
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Anonymous 222465

>early cartridges
Oh no did they stop making them spicy?

Anonymous 222477

Idk, I haven't bought a new game for a long time.

Anonymous 222479

Is this real? They were spicy to keep kids from eating them?

Anonymous 222481

Bitter so bitter and gross

Anonymous 222538

I hadn't done this in a while.
it's really disgusting


Anonymous 84492[Reply]

Post attractive languages
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Anonymous 221730

I used to post on Dvach, that's true

Anonymous 221732

What about vocaroos? Can they be I foreign languages?

Anonymous 221733

This is not the thread for it. Just add each other somewhere and talk privately.

Anonymous 221736

You could use this thread >>>/media/442

Anonymous 222176

Hungarian, Finnish, Estonian, German, Polish, Czech & Slovak.


Anonymous 221780[Reply]

>TFW crystal NEET
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Anonymous 221989

I am all of them except the Conservative and The Nice Girl. Replace those with The Terf and The Ball of Pure Hatred.

Anonymous 221995

why are you on a girl website if you don't get along with girls…?

Anonymous 221996

"the weirdo" fits me pretty closely, i love reading and horror movies kekkkk oh well

Anonymous 222447

I'm the nice girl. Thanks to social media propelling whoredom as an ideology, 80% of modern women are trashy and classless. I can proudly say that I'm better than them all

Anonymous 222478

Solid mix between basic and alternative. Also am a lesbian so I don't hate other girls nor do I seek male validation.


Anonymous 222359[Reply]

How many friends do you have IRL?
How often do you hang out?
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Anonymous 222424

Anonymous 222425

Used to until I learned people only wanted to be friends with me to use me, whether it be for getting something for free or forcing me to do favors for them or else I'm not their real friend
Turns out when you're not being an emotional vending machine nobody fucking likes you!
>Yeah sorry to break it to you anon but life is not some anime.
Don't break my heart like this

Anonymous 222426

One time per year.

Anonymous 222431

All the normies I see daily have friend groups and what not. It's just that they maintained them from higschool or early university years. After that is almost impossible to make new friends.

Anonymous 222490

Zippity zilch. It's easier and safer to have no friends.


Trends you hate Anonymous 179356[Reply]

What are some trends that you dislike? Can be fashion, social, media (movies/music), etc…
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Anonymous 222109

Idk about other social media but on tiktok they do this to avoid getting the video taken down. Idk if Tiktok would actually do it, but that's why they censor it.

Anonymous 222173

>spoiled text has an eating disorder mention
Why bother putting ‘edtwt’ under a spoiler, but not ‘eating disorder’.

Anonymous 222191



im not gonna lie i was high as shit and thought talking about eds on cc would get me arrested

Anonymous 222194

On what?
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your high.

Anonymous 222198


like 530mg of tablet dextromethorphan (OTC stuff)

it was fun but scary 8/10


Moid Secrets #2 Anonymous 179729[Reply]

A couple years ago someone did a thread on moid specific secrets. let's do a part 2
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Anonymous 215167

People take insane risks every day doing dumb shit to save 3 seconds while driving to the store, like cutting off transport trucks.
So if they can save 10 seconds when pissing I think a lot of people would do that too if they have the option even if they risk cancer.
It's just some combination of assholes doing it on purpose, lazy idiots and drunks being incompetent, and people with actual medical conditions like parkinson's disease or something.
Most of them can obviously aim when they feel like it.

Anonymous 215193

Men have simple minds. Use sharpie to make a dot on the toilet bowl just above the water line and instead of pissing everywhere, men will aim for dot.

Anonymous 215249

>moids want a woman like this
>no moids want a woman like this!

Moids don't want any type of woman, they want womEN. Several. One to fill each of their fantasies. It's never enough, it's black hole of lust and greed. Give him 10 hot women, and he'll want teenage virgins. Give him teenage virgins, and he'll want little girls. Give him all of that, and he'll want erotic asphyxiation, animals, piss and shit, vaginal prolapses, necrophilia, a Human Centipede creature of his own consisting of all of the above.

Anonymous 216591

>Despite making up 25% of the teachers in the US, male teachers make up roughly 70% teacher/student misconduct

Anonymous 222123

Hard say. I know the white guys like to show off their conquests. But the brown guys here seem to hide them like it’s a secret harem


What are some kinda unknown but great links you bookmarked? Anonymous 179588[Reply]

All links, just not gross ones
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Anonymous 220885

Old Web search engine
Search engine for uncommon results, good to get out of google rabbit hole, and find more academic things

Anonymous 220887

archive of the KRLA beat rock magazines of the 1960's


Anonymous 220892

I don't really look at it but I saved it to share. I think a gay guy made this blog and it has a lot of small penis shaming which I don't care about because I don't like looking at penises. The commentary is funny sometimes but mostly vulgar.

Anonymous 221453


make a wig for a fancy georgian lady

Anonymous 222105

Cool website about ancient megaliths and stuff



Fujochan Bunker Thread Anonymous 221596[Reply]

Fujochan is down for maintenance, so here is a thread for fujosisters to fujosperge their fujoneeds.
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Anonymous 222021

lemme guess, harry potter?

Anonymous 222022

Yes. There is a western board as well as discussion of it in more general threads.

Anonymous 222029

Make more pls

Anonymous 222034

Just because I prefer to look young men doesn't mean I'm going to look at shota you disgusting moid. Get BOTH the geezers and shota out of here.

Anonymous 222061

Yeah, but confusingly it's sectioned off to the /RPS/ board. I'm a big live action slasher too, pls make some posts.
fujochan back btw


Why aren’t you vegan? Anonymous 214942[Reply]

Don’t you think animal rights are the natural extension of human rights?
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Anonymous 221866

No vegan goes out and buys a dog from a breeder

They adopt one and do the best they can to care for the animal without hurting anyone else

Anonymous 221867

I understand why vegans feel the way they do but eating other animals is nature. Plus most domesticated animals couldn't live without humans at this point, like if a dairy cow isn't milked or a sheep doesn't get its wool cut it creates a lot of problems. Plus chickens are retarded and not made for a temperate climate. Sadly if we turned them all loose they'd be endangered species very quickly. It's either eat the cow or keep it as a pet

Anonymous 221872


I'm just tired of vegans using moid logic when they compare women to cows, goats, and geese, etc. They sound extremely fucking retarded when they try to equate the importance, intelligence, and beauty of human women to animals.

Anonymous 221873

Nobody mentioned buying a dog from a breeder?

Anonymous 221874

Well what the fuck else are the supposed to eat?? Lentils and chickpeas??????

Its nature's way. The circle of life. Now I think humans should raise food more humanely, but everything has to eat.. lIzard, frogs, owls wolves. You're not really above them because you won't eat a damn farm egg.

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