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Urban exploration Anonymous 70097[Reply]

What do you think of urban exploration? It's kinda a moid thing to do but I want to do it, seems so cool.
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Anonymous 70641


Anonymous 70748

the problem with urbex for women is that if things go wrong unlike men you'll get raped and murdered instead of just murdered

Anonymous 70749

That's interesting, what was he like? He seemed edgy in some of his videos

Anonymous 71425

>oh wow a cool abandoned building
>it's a crack den

Anonymous 72311

yes ıktf


Anonymous 72208[Reply]

How do you anons feel knowing that this board is at least 70% trannies larping as cis females?
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Anonymous 72235

I know that's not true because I've talked to people from here off-site and none of them were moids. Trannies mostly exist in their own corners of the internet and don't really exist for people like us if you just ignore them.

Anonymous 72242

I think there are more guys larping as girls. Trannies go to tumblr and twitter because they love flaunting their tranniness and aren't able to do that on an anonymous website.

Anonymous 72254

Trannies are extremely narcissistic, overall they wouldn't be able to LARP effectively because it'd have to be all about them so much. As previous anon said, they'd go to a site like twitter or tumblr, or something like reddit or 4chan. Anything that pats their ass or is already male oriented.

Anonymous 72295

I have seen hundreds of counts of trannies on talking about this board as a female utopia and how they like to post here and are never discovered. Just because some of them manage to blend in does not mean you are not surrounded by them.

And to all the larping trannies here, newsflash you are blending in with mostly other larping trannies.

Anonymous 72297

Report them when you see them. Mods take this seriously.


Anonymous 22169[Reply]

Should infant circumcision be legal?
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Anonymous 62874

On children? No. On adults? Sure.

Anonymous 62875

Sure but don't take it on the children

Anonymous 72062

Cope, smegmalover.

Anonymous 72069

Yes it should be illegal
I think it unironically has the reverse effect.

Anonymous 72289

smegma buildup only happens if your man doesn't wash. at all.

x2 (1).jpg

Ryoichi Ikegami Anonymous 70333[Reply]

How do you feel about the art of this particular artist? I figured he may be well known here since he's obsessed with drawing perfect/beautiful males.
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Anonymous 70429

The abs are drawn weird. The rest is nice.

Anonymous 70430

If you're interested, here's a translated documentary where he talks about his art and method with Naoki Urasawa (author of 20th Century Boys, Pluto, among many others).

The series is called Naoki Urasawa no Manben, or Manben for short. There are multiple episodes, but a lot of the subbed ones got taken down, but if you can find them, they're great.

Anonymous 70435


Anonymous 70669

I like his art but the stories he draws for are all pretty boring. I wish he would team up with a different writer. Maybe a fantasy mangaka instead of the crime stories he always does.

Anonymous 72276


There's also Sakamoto who draws nice looking men.


Anonymous 71365[Reply]

Been lurking CC for a few weeks now and it seems way friendlier than 4chan. This is my first post here so I'd like to ask: why?

Why is 4chan so toxic in comparison? The threads here seem quite similar in nature, though CC has more variety and doesn't focus as much on the "lack of partner" aspect. Is it because 4chan is mostly populated by males? Please give thoughts!
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Anonymous 72219


Anonymous 72220

Stop disagreeing retards. Respect this lovely authoritarian board culture. If you have a different opinion I'll legit be suspicious of you, don't get out of line or you are dead. I have my eyes on you.

Anonymous 72222

Virtually all 'modern' issues with men and male spaces are the direct result of how the male brain responds to over-stimulation. Residing deep within every moid is a tendency for obsessive-compulsive behaviour, delusional moids think this is some kind of 'high IQ superpower' but all it does is turn them into:
>racist conspiritards
>ADD gamers
The internet has only exacerbated this trend and virtually any group of men will rapidly devolve in fetishistic behaviour as they continuously seek out and share content that reinforces whatever meme they've chosen as their given hobby. This is what leads to this 'toxic' behaviour because they have an obsessive mindset they get irrationally angry at anything that does not adhere to whatever circlejerk they've cultivated.

Anonymous 72224

Prophetic quads

Anonymous 72273

The troll was posting goatse one time and photos of dogs another. Let me just say I was scared.


Anonymous 70335[Reply]

What do you all think of these extreme dating / marriage articles popping up? Clickbait or sign of a dying society?
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Anonymous 70878

no its cringe

Anonymous 70881

I love when men think they are getting ‘revenge’ on le society/le evil women by taking the dollpill. Little do they realize the government is actually promoting and encouraging use of sex dolls and robots as a placation method to stop incels and other genetic deadend males from chimping out and shooting people.

Anonymous 72261

cringe, but no wonder when we have these white mentally undeveloped men running around claiming to be woman and talking their "ladyboners". it all makes me so sick to my stomach.

Anonymous 72265


This woman married a doll that looks like a dead child. What's your thoughts on this?

Anonymous 72269

She's pratically retarded tho, like, genuine arrested development, with a hyperfixation in zombies.


Anonymous 60700[Reply]

what does cc think of smoking? i personally really hate it, everyday when i walk in the street i have to put up with secondhand smoking, i couldn't imagine being addicted
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Anonymous 72124

Smoking is fascinating. It shows how dumb the general public is. Who with even the tiniest but of “common” sense would spend $$$ everyday to suck something that stinks, shortens your life, and makes you ugly.

By the way, cigarettes are tested on animals. Cute animals suffer painful and unnecessary deaths so you can give yourself a fagface. Congratulations.

Anonymous 72150

A lot of my friends smoke and I don't mind it. I actually like hanging out in the smoking area of bars (if well-ventilated) and I understand that it's a hard habit to break so I would never judge anyone over it.

What I do have a problem with is smokers who have absolutely no respect for people around them. I hate people smoking on the street while walking and blowing the smoke into your face, that any outdoor area of a restaurant/café is ruined by them and you can't sit outside on a nice day, people always asking me for a smoke/lighter while I'm minding my own business, when they can't wait for 5 fucking minutes at a bus stop or in a queue without puffing incessantly or when they light up near children/hospitals or other inappropriate areas.

I also don't see it as "cool" or "sexy". It's just kind of sad tbh knowing that they've got some shitty addiction that makes them smell like absolute stale shit, fork over a lot of money and discolours their skin.

Anonymous 72218

>I hate people smoking on the street while walking and blowing the smoke into your face, that any outdoor area of a restaurant/café is ruined by them and you can't sit outside on a nice day, people always asking me for a smoke/lighter while I'm minding my own business,
You sound like a literal fascist.

Anonymous 72223

>a literal fascist
>annoyed by people asking for a smoke/lighter
>proletarian nation

Anonymous 72249

>I dislike it when people are inconsiderate and rude.
I didn't know Mussolini has a monopoly on politeness.


Happy festive season Anonymous Admin 70865[Reply]

We've almost made it through the year!
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Anonymous 71875


Merry Christmas famalamlam.

Anonymous 72014

There's always next year for suicide.

Anonymous 72184

how do i turn off the snow

Anonymous Admin 72201

In your adblock extension of choice, enter the following as a custom filter:


Anonymous 72204

thank you


Anonymous 64722[Reply]

Whats it like being pretty?
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Anonymous 70326

i understand where youre coming from but i dont have ana tendencies. i dont even know if i wanna lose more weight. the weight i lost transformed me completely because i was super overweight. also i want to say, if the desire to change the way you look doesnt come from somewhere positive and constructive you really shouldn't feed into it imo.

Anonymous 70331

So awesome omgg

Anonymous 71602

It's great though I definitely grew into my looks and I don't know if it has made me less or more vain. Both my parents are extremely good looking and I felt so out of place in pictures with them and my brother when I used to be chubby and plain looking. I've also made okay money posing in awful clothes for online magazines.
In my experience, people with no personality are more worried about this than attractive people.

Anonymous 71607

Anonymous 72194


I went from being fairly pretty when I was younger to a total uggo (overweight and acne) so I guess I have a little insight. Both have pros and cons.

When I was younger, I was heavily sexualised in public. I was never sexually assaulted (thank god) but random older men felt entitled to speak to me or touch me (put their arm on my waist or play with my hair) and I'd catch men staring down my top or at my butt often. People around me made me feel like it was normal. I was "pretty" and I should appreciate that kind of attention so I put up with it to be "polite". It's the worst fucking feeling in the world to have someone like that enter your personal space because you can feel the malicious intent and you have no idea if or when it will escalate. I've been in scary situations where men have tried to follow me home or get me alone in a hotel room. I used to wear baggy clothes (even though I hated them and wanted to look good) and act tomboyish in an attempt to stop it from happening. Men would pretend to be my friend for months just to try to get into my pants, the only real friendships I had was with other women. They'd make excuses as to why they had to meet me in person (so trying to use up all my time) or enter my house, it was so disturbing. Even when I had a girlfriend and later a boyfriend, these guys would try to "compete" with my partners for me. Made me feel like shit to think none of them actually wanted to be my friend or wouldn't listen to me asking them to stop, I was just some prize to be conquered. My family always made it seem like my one and only worth was how I looked.

I get less attention from men now but obviously, I still have to be cautious as the most dangerous men out there don't care about looks, they're just looking for the perfect opportunity. I'm still not taken seriously and if anything, I get more patronising comments and people ignoring me for looking too "plain". There's no such thing as an "easy mode" in life for women, you can never fucking win as a woman. Being pretty doesn't make people respect you more and it only attracts the same gross scrotes whose only goal is to pump and dump you. You probably have a better chance at being hired for job interviews but then you have to deal with a nasty boss breathing down your neck or if you're in a STEM field, a bunch of men seething about how you "stole their jobs" and how you don't have the mental capacity for a STEM role.

Sorry for the sperg.


Anonymous 72169[Reply]

Do you think your Wu-Tang sword can defeat me?

Anonymous 72170


No, but they can.

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