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Anonymous 36236[Reply]

Why don’t we just euthanize old demented people instead of putting them in facilities? Clearly no one wants to live in such a state and this sort of care is extremely costly. It would be more humane and economical to just end their suffering.

Inb4 tradcath retards say something dumb about make-believe shit like souls or damnation
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Anonymous 36247

I used to think like this too. I was a teenager, which I guess makes this an acceptable thought for a person to have.

If you're older than 20 you need to chill out man. The world and people are more complicated than this.

Anonymous 36255

first the elderly would need to learn some respect. old people are either super nice or disrespectful entitled pieces of shit

Anonymous 36257

Sometimes I wonder what you're all smoking to ask questions like this one.

At any rate, >>36246 has the only right answer.

Anonymous 36596

leftypol tranny

Anonymous 36597

>old demented people
Just wait until you get old and you will change your mind.
However, I think euthanasia should be legal for anyone, regardless of the reasons or age.


Anonymous 36189[Reply]

Does CC enjoy drawing?
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Anonymous 36199

I've never ever seen or heard the word "fundies" used in this context.

Anonymous 36204

I used to draw a lot when I was younger, but I never could really get to a skill level that I liked. I decided to learn Japanese instead.

'fundamentals' though yeah more usually used as an abbreviation for fundamentalist Christians.

Anonymous 36231

yeah, i'm not really an e-artist or anything but i do art shows in real life galleries. I basically never draw for fun anymore though, usually just to achieve specific goals

Anonymous 36279

aw yes i do enjoy drawing even if it can get difficult at times

Anonymous 36574

ya i do it for a living. feels good man.


Anonymous 36474[Reply]

why do some girls care about how men perceive their appearance? the ones that have the audacity to blame their appearance to be the reason why they can't get ahead in life. men literally fetishize everything. men would fuck a woman that looks exactly like a pig. it's not really a compliment for men to want to fuck you. men might agree with you that another girl is ugly, but they'd still bang.r

anyway, the point is, men are not a very reliable meter of attractiveness, imo.
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Anonymous 36492

I only care about whether the men (and women heh) I'm attracted to find me attractive. You know, because I want to be seen as a prospective partner.
Also agree with >>36490

Anyway I think it's most important to balance trying to be attractive to others while also appealing to yourself. I'm a reasonable weight and take conventional care of myself in terms of grooming/clothes/hair, but there are some off things that I like aesthetically. In particular I like the look of women with strong, muscular arms so I'm working on my arms a lot. Despite this I also prefer a "softer" look instead of shredded so my end goal is to just overall look very sturdy which I know won't appeal to most.

Anonymous 36493

That doesn't seem like a direct answer to me, were you responding to someone else? Because I wonder what is a good way to determine a woman is attractive.

To answer you anyway, they're actually pretty similar. Men, or maybe people in general, settle for a committed relationship with someone they mostly hate or find unattractive frequently in life. Sex and commitment are easy things to pull off: physical pleasure, and not cheating.

Anonymous 36498

>men literally fetishize everything
True, but how does this change anything? Even they know that the things/people they fetishize are gross, if that's the case.
Men are usually harsh and objective because well, they think like robots, evaluate body parts separately and don't get blinded by a nice personality like woman do. I'm not saying it's a good thing, it's awful, but that also makes them a reliable "meter of attractiveness".

Anonymous 36499

like women* sorry

Anonymous 36572

Because only a very small percentage of men have niche fetishes like pig fucking, just like there's women out there that would fuck anything and everything with a dick

Healthy women want to feel desirable to men, healthy men want to feel desirable to women, it's natural to want to be attractive to the vast majority of the other gender, deal with it


Anonymous 36481[Reply]

I'm going to Nagasaki alone for a few weeks in a few days. I went to the same place last summer for 4 months for school, but this time it's just for fun an to see some friends from my last visit. Any of you gals have any suggestions for what to do, any general experience with Japan, or questions? I love telling people about it, so please feel free to ask :)
Pic related is from the beach there (伊王島)
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Anonymous 36502

How fluent are you in Japanese? I’ve always wanted to go to Japan and plan to when I have more disposable income, but I don’t know a lick of the language.

Anonymous 36508

I’ve always wanted to visit okinawa tho

Anonymous 36510

Tell me more about your trip (:
Is the nature pleasant? What part of your trip did you enjoy the most?

Anonymous 36514

I never made it to Kyushu on my last trip, I'd like to visit Fukuoka and Nagasaki and some other places.

Anonymous 36521


Yay thank you all for the questions :)

I have studied for about 5 years on and off, but I'm in an unrelated major at uni now so I don't have the time. I'm about to take the JLPT level N2 if that means anything to anyone. Anyway, I think in larger cities you don't need to know much (if any) Japanese to get around because there're so many English speakers already.

Okinawa seems pretty nice, but idk

The most interesting thing I did is probably riding in an ambulance with a friend at night because she sprained her ankle. I had to go because I had to fill out papers but it was still a lot of fun.
I did a lot of walking around, as there are lots of nature parks and beaches inside the city.I think my favorite place there is Ioujima, a small island south of Nagasaki with a really nice beach.
There's so much greenery there, it's crazy that it's such a gigantic city, There hundreds of shrine there too, which are fun to walk to and explore.

I didn't spend very much time in Fukuoka, only 2 days when I flew in, but it seems pretty nice. It has a Pokemon center which is pretty cool, I might visit it when I fly in this time. Nagasaki is really different I think though. It's got a lot of history like all cities in Japan, but at one point it was the only open port in Japan, so it has a lot of really cool foreign influences. I really recommend it :)

Anonymous 36486[Reply]

It's too hot right now in some places, so post comfy stuff

Anonymous 36495



Anonymous 26479[Reply]

So what's your beef with lolcow farm?
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Anonymous 36450

>Internet drama used to be much more amusing when people just laughed about stupid people doing stupid things instead of comparing themselves to them and using trainwrecks who broadcast their crazy lives to the internet to feel better about themselves.
This too.

Anonymous 36454

This site has devolved into just venting negative emotions and talking about sex, there's pretty much no reason for it to exist anymore because it now has the exact same board culture as the off topic boards on lolcow.

Anonymous 36456

The off topic boards on lolcow are still associated with the cow boards, it looks bad and this site exists because enough people wanted a separate place.

Anonymous 36476

There’s too much fixation on boys; specifically r9k tier basketcases in this site to my liking. Like I don’t think the average wizardchan counterpart thinks that much about a “uwu shy neet grill”

To be fair I am suspect that 90% of those threads are made by “fellow femails”

Anonymous 36480

>Kind of horrifying that it's one of the more popular boards on the site.

That's the whole reason the site was made though. There's a reason ot/g/m are called "the off topic boards". For the first couple of years lolcow was just /pt/, not even /snow/.


Anonymous 36245[Reply]

What types of guys do you attract? If you use dating apps, what type of guys do you tend to match with?
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Anonymous 36269

>I like middle eastern men. I'm not sure which specific country, but there's a type of guy with thick curly black or brown hair and dark skin with long sort of Jewish caricature esque noses and it makes my heart hurt just looking at them
Anon are you me holy shit. My boyfriend is a kavkazi/persian jew and he's cute as hell I love him and I find it endearing how he thought of himself as unattractive for his whole life yet I find all of his facial features incredibly attractive and I wouldn't trade them for anything.

Anonymous 36270

It depends.

Walking around town in a short dress? Black dudes in cars. Dating apps? Autistic white dudes and what I refer to as "tinder doms". Bar/social gathering? Weird 30+ y/o men of all races who stare at me until I push whoever I'm with towards them to distract them. Normal places where you would meet actual potential partners? No one

Anonymous 36284

You're lucky. I only ever meet a few of these a year and they're always sort of shy and adorable. The hair… Ah man.


Anonymous 36428

Subtle thread, dude :)

Anonymous 36479

scumbags and lowlifes.

Anonymous 34983[Reply]

The Internet is for…?
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Anonymous 35265

cute cat pictures.

Anonymous 35281



Anonymous 35289

browsing chans, watching tv shows, wasting my time

Anonymous 35293

If used wrongly: Killing our brains, shortening our attention spans, turning us mean and soulless.

Anonymous 36453


>porn (where it's appropriate)


Anonymous 34862[Reply]

Does anyone else here find guys jerking off to girls pictures creepy? It seems to be a normal behavior to them and they probably do it to their own friends and act platonic to the girls meanwhile their wanking it to her. Honestly it’s fucking vile
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Anonymous 35563

I’m fapping to this thread. Not really that hot, but I’ll probably break out the magic wand and git er done.

Anonymous 35575

I know a girl who jerks off to manga pics, but that's a totally normal behavior.

Anonymous 35598


Based hitachi poster.

Anonymous 35680

what you don't know won't hurt you.
If someone masturbated to me for some reason, I don't think I'd care, but it'd be kinda weird.

Anonymous 36452

I thought this was an 18+ board.


Anonymous 33171[Reply]

>put in bio I’m asexual so guys don’t bother me
>get harassed for being asexual and say I have a mental disorder and am useless to society
>get called a whore and emo and a bitch and cunt etc, only reason being they’re mad I’m asexual
How retarded and primalistic are some of these men my fucking god, apparently if you don’t want to fuck anyone you are wasteful to society
12 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 34064

Asexuals have no problems. Its the sex craving/entitled masses that have the problem.

Anonymous 34068

>Its the sex craving/entitled masses that have the problem.
I will rhetorically ask whether there are people who disagree with this. If I had a button that would completely and permanently kill my sex drive, I think I'd consider it for a short moment before "[smacking] it with a fistful," as I once saw someone put it. I feel like a slave to my own physiology. (That said, I think it's silly to say that asexuals have no problems, for reasons that should be obvious.)

Anonymous 34072

>Men hate the idea that they can't fuck someone.
Reminds me of lesbians who are being told they just need to find the right man or be "fucked straight". Heterosexual men can be really stupid sometimes.

Anonymous 34110

It's simple really. Some people take offense to the fact that they're not even considered. They'll feel slighted because in their eyes, you think you're too good for them. Same problem with those guys who try to seduce lesbians. That said, it's not just men, Stacies feel offended when they don't have a guy wrapped up around their finger and start calling him gay. Happened to my cousin. And a friend of mine was once harassed by a lesbian girl at a party just because she didn't dress like most girls. According to her, the lesbian girl even said "I can make you feel better than any man can" and "If you close your eyes you won't be able to tell the difference", she couldn't take a hint until she was slapped by my friend. People who try to force others to consider them as potential partners are all scum, regardless of the gender or orientation.

Anonymous 36451

>not just burning them when they send you low effort thirst messages.

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