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Anonymous 104960[Reply]

its a chic-a


Anonymous 104782[Reply]

I got sexually harassed at the mechanic lasses. I wish life wasn't like this.
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Anonymous 104915

>Lmao you're calling me an asshole
Yes, because you act as if English Second Language speakers accidentally not realizing the difference between molesting and harassing was worse than intentionally treating said ESL speakers as second-class citizens of sorts. Try learning a second language and being in a community that exclusively speaks that language and see how "easy" it is not to make mistakes, asshole.
>random constructed idea
Believe it or not, ESL users post in every thread on this site. They do not need to publicly announce that English is their second language every time they enter a thread. A small language barrier and misinterpretations may be present at all times, resulting in misunderstandings on both sides. And you may not even realize it.
>somehow the above posts are excusable
I was just commenting on the fact that it's true that "harassment", "assault" and "molestation" are in fact interchangeable in some languages and that this definitely affects how people who speak those languages natively interpret those three English terms.

Also, the "above posts" you're referring to aren't actually that terrible. While you automatically assumed that the mechanic had the worst intentions, that anon probably assumed that he had the best intentions. She clearly did not mean to make OP feel bad about her own feelings, and even asked for more information about the mechanic's comment to know if it was intentional sexual harassment or if the guy had just tried to be polite.
Like yeah I would also love to not have to wear a bra every time I'm not home with my mom and sister, I would also love it if female breasts were seen as natural as a male chest, and I would love for female nipples to stop being much more sexualized than male ones. But since that ain't close to happening, there's nothing wrong about a man politely trying to tell a woman that her nipples can be seen. However, we don't know yet if that's what happened, or if the man was being a creepy and disgusting fuck and intentionally made OP uncomfortable.

Anonymous 104916

Your masculine aura intimidates me and makes me feel like the vulnerable little girl I always was XC

Anonymous 104917

Don't bother anon, I appreciate you sticking up for my ESL ass but now I just feel bad. Bad that I derailed the thread and bad that I might've made OP feel like she did something wrong.

Anonymous 104922

You did nothing wrong either anon, you obviously didn't mean to blame OP for anything and were trying to help her feel better, even if some overly hostile assholes here don't realize it.

Anonymous 104956

OP here, I had suspected you might be an ESL speaker because the difference between harass, molest, and assault is a subtle one but I appreciate you clarifying that you didn't think I was over reacting.


Anonymous 104920[Reply]

I have had a crush on my friend for ~6 years now long before she even noticed my existence but we ended up in the same course in the same group and we became close friends, the sexual attraction is mostly gone but I still love her so much and I feel happier when I spend time with her, I wonder if she feels the same because I'm fat and less attractive, I'm not sure if she even attracted to women but she hinted at being bi a few times in the past.
either way, I'm glad she chooses to spend time with me because it's one of the few things that keep me going.


Question Game Anonymous 102813[Reply]

Everyone loves talking about themselves, so I thought this could be a fun idea.
Not really a game but I love clickbait, basically I'll ask a question, one anon will reply and left a question for the next anon and so on. We all will get to answer AND ask a question. Keep it SFW.
I'll start:
>What's something you wish you knew but can't be bothered to learn?
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Anonymous 103530

Pretty sure you're a moid but if not, the most lesbian thing I've done is talk to you :)

Anonymous 103531

>>what piece of media (book, movie, game, song etc) do you wish you could completely forget so you could experience it again like it's the first time?
None, the more you can dig into a media with repeated viewings, the better it is, thus there is no good media that isn't more enjoyable as time goes on.

Though I suppose if you're one of those types that's really into 'twists' and the anticipatory pleasure of those, I might understand why you would want that, but I don't experience such things deeply.

What makes you, you?

Anonymous 103542

somewhat, I don't like the creepy kind or the really dense one
the war memorial ones are really interesting with the old cannons or tanks. reading the writing is also very intersting

Anonymous 104787

>What makes you, you?

i guess the connections i have to other people? the bonds i've formed, concrete ones and more vague ones like that general feeling of sisterhood for example. idk i mean i could answer with things like my hobbies, my values and stuff like that but i feel like the thing that makes me me the most are my interpersonal connections, both in the sense that they've shaped me to be who i am and in the sense that I'm a collection of things that are expressed in those interactions the most. idk if that makes sense but i'll just post it as is.

question for the next nona: what are the things you like the most and the least about cc?

Anonymous 104879

I really like the community! Feels like theres actual discussion instead of basically just repetitive hornyposting like on male dominated image boards and anons are kinda nice. I wish there was a bit more variety in topics tho - a /pol/, /his/ and /lit/ board would be nice, based on my personal preferences, especially considering that they would probably not be as big circlejerks as on 4chan.

Whats the most interesting philosophical question?


Draw This In Your Style Anonymous 104132[Reply]

since we have more than enough artist anons let's do a little challenge for practice.

didn't post this on /m/ because art threads are currently infected with /ic/ scrotes again
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Anonymous 104768

Its kinda the only part i finished lol
Thank you! Tbh request me anything i might draw a request i find nice if its ok to post that in this thread

Anonymous 104770

oooo draw a twink with long hair and oversized edgy clothes while looking grumpy. if you don't like this I can give you other ideas.

Anonymous 104771


you mean like this guy?

Anonymous 104772

forgot to mention, dark hair and eyes.
and way longer hair.

Anonymous 104852

I like the face and it reminds me of Kira


Anonymous 104767[Reply]

Thread of non-conventionally-attractive anime men

Anonymous 104777

I want Dr. Kenzo Tenma to do surgery on MY heart

Anonymous 104798


>non-conventionally attractive
what do you mean by that? Just not a typical bishie?
Cuz there are different types of attractive anime men, it's just that some are more popular than others. In that sense I guess you could call them "unconventionally attractive".
Or do you mean, in addition to not being a bishie, having a specific set of traits (including but not limited to facial hair)?

Anonymous 104801


Do you mean someone like this?

Anonymous 104818

I'm not a weeb, what do I need to search for to find anime men that look like the bottom row of that image?

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 104856

Moved to >>>/media/21486.


What are you baking? Anonymous 93018[Reply]

I’m going to make Marzipan Kirsch Torte tomorrow.


What have you baked or made lately?
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Anonymous 94091


I’m making my snickerdoodle recipe for our 1st extended family gathering we’ve hosted since 2019.

I started making them during the coconut panini when my mom bought cinnamon sugar from the store by accident while panic buying and everyone loves them. This is there first time out in public so I’m excited

Anonymous 97681


Anonymous 97682

I’m also making Scottish tablet, feel excited to bake rn

Anonymous 97691


I have never made them before but I want to make a picnic with them with cold coffee and lemonade and just be a fancy lady. Maybe I could make one with ladybird spots on it.
Genuinely be careful, that stuff is clinically addictive. Don't get left alone with your tablet lmao

Anonymous 104764

fuck dieting. fuck this shit. i just want to bake all day every day and become really good at the science behind it and wash dishes, but no! i gotta practice moderation and every baking recipe either tastes like crap or waaay too good.

anyway, here is my favorite brioche recipe. https://youtu.be/mlDsvWwjS14


What do you hate the most about 4chan's /b/ Anonymous 102673[Reply]

For me those are anime porn threads.
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Anonymous 104499

It's 2ch

Anonymous 104519

I'm curious how you can tell them apart in a sea of moids online, I assume it's not something as telltale as speaking Japanese. Are they worse than western moids?

Anonymous 104593

I don't go on /b/ lol
seriously, stop doing it

Anonymous 104619

The way they talk is just gross. Idk if they're worse but they do talk about rape and pedophilia a lot, sometimes you get shit from them like "women are inferior to men because there's more male mass murderers LUL" or something like that.

Anonymous 104708

Huh? Why would I ever go to /b/?

>threads die too fast

>porn everywhere
>shock images
>huge traffic + low attention span users = encourages stupidity

If you spent a few minutes on /b/ you'd know this. No reason to go there.


Anonymous 102443[Reply]

I think “soy boys” are cute
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Anonymous 104438

you'll never be japanese

Anonymous 104639

Soyboys and soygirls must have some kind of job to afford all that shite they consoom. That, or they have to be trust fund kids. Neetbux are not enough to collect Funko Pops.

Anonymous 104647

Guy in OP's pic isn't that bad, but holy shit, I hate "soyboys". Their hair and beard are disgusting for some reason. Their fashion sense is absolutely atrocious. And I definitely don't like it when they do the "soy face". Not to mention their obsession with shitty mainstream media for manchildren and (shallow) liberalism like others have already said ITT. Thank fuck I'm not American.

He may be an insufferable prick, but if you're a fatfag you should see his belly


Anonymous 104648

Oh yeah and please don't mistake any guy with glasses with soyboys. I have a glasses fetish and that's just another reason to hate these guys, they made glasses synonymous with all the shit they're associated with lol
(Same with "hipsters" and how they popularized the atrocious "hipster glasses")

Anonymous 104664

What if she's a Finn??


Technology for harassing women Anonymous 104225[Reply]

Do you feel worried about deepfake porn? Has it changed how you handle yourself online (sharing pics of yourself, trusting strangers, etc)? How do you think it should be handled legally?
Ngl, it has me feeling very scared to be a woman. I think deepfake porn should be treated like CP. Wondering how others feel.

Sorry if this is in the wrong board, also feel free to talk about new technology for harassing women in general (like that reverse face image searcher that uses one pic of your face to find other pics of you online)
Link to the article in the screenshot: https://www.technologyreview.com/2021/09/13/1035449/ai-deepfake-app-face-swaps-women-into-porn/
30 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 104526

I'm not sure what the point you're making here is. I'm not saying societal norms are fair but regardless they're the ones we live by.

Anonymous 104538

This is a piece of extremely dangerous technology if it becomes too well-developed since, outside of porn, can be used to blackmail people in order for extortionist to not release a deepfake to a loved one, at work, etc.
Always use archive.org by the way

Anonymous 104630

>Do you feel worried about deepfake porn? Has it changed how you handle yourself online (sharing pics of yourself, trusting strangers, etc)?
I don't post pics of myself online anywhere ever since I deleted my Facebook account years ago.
Never post pics of yourself or your loved ones. Not even pic of the place you live.

Anonymous 104632

I do not give a shit. If somebody makes a deepfake of me, who cares. I will just say that is a deepfake, and whoever believes me believes me. Similarly, I do not care if somebody finds other pictures of my face or doxxes me. I only worry about physical harassment. I do not want anybody smearing shit on my door.
As for trusting strangers, I expect every person I talk to, online or offline, to be untrustworthy, and I think not expecting it is naive. Whatever I put online, even in private, I expect to get leaked and spread.

Anonymous 104636

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