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Anonymous 138308[Reply]

Post the weirdest image you have
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Anonymous 138317


Anonymous 138319


Anonymous 138323

brufords drumstick…

Anonymous 138327


Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 138349

Moved to >>>/img/17556.

frigging attention…

attention seeking Anonymous 137918[Reply]

Would you like to learn more about attention seeking and attention seekers?
Seems like a lot of people have misconceptions about us and it makes me sad. I don't wanna be malicious, it's just how I am and I don't wanna harm anybody
Are there any other attention seekers here? How are you holding up?
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Anonymous 138122

Unfortunately I can't even if I do need help which seems pretty doubtful
There are people who need help way more than me and I wouldn't wanna waste the time of the professionals who are likely not gonna take me seriously due to living in a country with pretty conservative attitude towards this kind of stuff
No problem, I'm glad my kind made you feel better!
I hope you'll be able to combat your delusions too, they seem like a very unpleasant thing to experience

Anonymous 138126

i think people dislike attention seekers out of jealousy and resentment because by putting themselves out there, they get validation first for something someone else may have put more effort into themselves. i used to feel this way about people who seek attention in when i was younger because i was painfully shy.

Anonymous 138130

I mean it depends. I get what you’re saying and i hated extroverted people who expressed their feelings, their achievements, and whatever else but now looking back that was not attention seeking. That was normal human interaction, and i was just a seething loser. It’s also normal for mistreated individuals or outcasts (i’m assuming like op) to think expressing emotions and thoughts is attention seeking. But if someone is actually doing things for the sake of attention seeking, thats where it hurts people and becomes a problem.

Anonymous 138153

To me it just looks kinda desperate. What are you overcompensating for? You pretend like you get something good out of it, but it's not going to challenge you, or make you stand out, it's looks like constantly gasping for air and getting no oxygen out of it. It reminds me of social media and desperately posting for views and likes. At least you acknowledge its a cope. You could get more from some other activity that isn't social media. In the end you just feel empty cruising for / obsessing over peoples feedback.

Anonymous 138289

Could be true. I can't say it's the motivation of every single person, but it seems to me it can be the case for some people.
There was one person who I think illustrates this well. I remember one person who also seemed to actually show attention-seeking patterns similar to some of mine, it confused other people but for me not really because I saw some parts of me in him. This person would either rage at me or seemingly trying to flirt with me and it seemed to be pretty random but I can kinda try to understand it, it seems to be that those moments of rage combined with his own attention seeking patterns at the same time were an act of jealousy, like "how could this dumb terrible person receive more attention than me, when I'm so smart and unrestrained and colorful and deserve more?!". It might be a stretch, but based on my observations it seems like I kinda understood him relatively well
Hm, I think most people actually call expressing your feelings/thoughts attention seeking, maybe when you or your feelings/thoughts don't fit certain standard to be acceptable, I still hasn't figured that out. I guess sometimes people call other things attention seeking, like I saw people call Zodiac Killer an attention seeker (if we assume he definitely existed then I don't feel like he was actually an attention seeker from the stuff we know about him, I just don't sense anything kindred in him)
I guess some attention seeking forms can be toxic and downright harmful but I don't think all of them are. I went to volunteer in animal shelter for attention and nobody seemed harm, animals were happy, the owner/maintainers did not say anything bad to me so if I hurt somebody I had no clue about it. I also try to popularize an obscure band I like for attention, post about it, recommend it to people who might have a chance of liking it. I also don't think it harms anybody, maybe people who find their music really unpleasant, but they can just turn their songs off, at most people will just find it annoying.
I guess there are more harmful forms of attention seeking but I don't think every form of attention seeking is harmful
>To me it just looks kinda despePost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Are you afraid to die? Anonymous 138044[Reply]

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Anonymous 138209

Endless existence is also scary to me so I think I'd rather be reincarnated because at least you aren't aware of it. But I wish I knew more about reincarnation. Like billions of humans in history have existed so how many souls are there that are being reincarnated? What would happen if someone died but no one in the world reproduced anymore how would they reincarnate? Or what happens when everyone dies and all humans become extinct? What is the purpose of it all anyway? Who knows

Anonymous 138245

Living is easier with eyes closed

Anonymous 138249

how do you know its limited to here. but anyway i'd love to be immortal. rotting and not existing are both yucky

Anonymous 138252

>how do you know its limited to here.
Doesn't matter. I don't care if I become another human, a koi fish, or a Squarbo from the planet Xunah III. Living is suffering and I sure couldn't imagine being immortal.
I'd love to just be allowed to eternally dream. Always be the one in control of my entire fate forever. Anything else is just slavery to something, be it people or nature.

Anonymous 138275

Everything about decaying and dying scares me.


Anonymous 62527[Reply]

What is the lurking miner drinking?
I am in for my third cup of mint tea with a splash of evaporated milk. I swear this thing is l o v e l y.

Also drink and food general.
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Anonymous 137323

Plain green tea.

Anonymous 137359


Anonymous 137425


Peppermint tea, mango, strawberry, honey. I love blending drinks.

Anonymous 138188

I just had a "premium" Earl Grey latte. Besides sugar and milk it had a bit of coconut oil and white chocolate which gave it a rich flavor. 10/10 would drink daily if it didn't cost almost two dollars.

Anonymous 138204

You can probably make it yourself for less.


Anonymous 136594[Reply]

What do you think about piercings? I don't mind most of them but some kinds of piercings look really dumb to me like nose rings/septum piercings. Something about them makes it impossible for me to take any person who has these seriously, they're just so ridiculous looking.
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Anonymous 136963

I like them but I also have two septum piercings, two nostril piercings, nipple piercings, and am working on curating my ears. Hell if they didn't fuck up your teeth I'd probably get some piercings around my mouth. It's weird because I never really liked wearing jewelry for the longest time so it's nice that I've found a way to wear it that I can enjoy. I just saw cool gold jewelry and was like "I want that" for pretty much all of my piercings and for some reason I never felt that about necklaces or bracelets.

I will say it does feel weird knowing that I got my nipples pierced even though I've never even kissed someone, but I think it looks cool so oh well. Works out better since there's like a 0.000000001% chance I'll have a kid I need to breast feed.

Anonymous 137217

I get that anon, I kinda hate piercings but want nipple piercings just because they seem cool? I could only get one though (long story) so idk about it. What's your experience with it been?

Anonymous 137582

Yes and no. Id say its alright when theres a whole aesthetic with it because it comes out of personal taste and personality
But yeah it also can be one symptom of stupidity and/or mental illness if we use big words

Anonymous 138191

One of them had a piercing bump that kept coming back for like two months but they're not really painful. The initial piercing was the worst part and even that wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. Like I cursed a lil bit under my breath but didn't start screaming or faint or anything. Though for what it's worth my piercer is APP certified. I really like them and can't wait to hit the year mark so I can buy nice jewelry and not feel bad about potentially having to remove it.

Anonymous 138263

I love piercings. I have my vertical bridge, 2g septum, 4 nostril, tongue, and my nipples. I used to have my labret and philtrum, but I took them out. Might get my vertical labret done, but idk.

maxresdefault (1).…

What are you doing on the weekend? Anonymous 137628[Reply]

I never know what to answer when normies ask this. Do normal people tend to plan their every weekend? Don't they ever just chill at home? Am I supposed to be doing something? Obviously I am autistic and I really can't stand small talk questions like that.
Especially "what are you doing?" when I'm messaging someone. I'm not doing anything but messaging you, what else would I be doing?
What do they want to hear?

Anyway, what are you anons doing right now? Any plans for the weekend?
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Anonymous 137674

Well it's too late now because it's in 3 hours and it's strategic for me to go because if I say yes to this I can say no when she asks me again. I just want to get it over with

Anonymous 137676

No, say a family issue came up last minute. If you go to this one she will expect you to then go to others, unless you are embarrassingly awkward.

Anonymous 137703


what do you mean by NT? is this shorthand for neurotypical?

Anonymous 137704

Anonymous 138189

how did it go?

images (24).jpeg

Money mostly adds scrote chaos values to a society Anonymous 138158[Reply]

It's really bizarre that anyone would see the value in men who prioritize money?? I don't get the value of lying to yourself that an oppressive cold money obsessed person and his cruel values can benefit your existence emotionally. It's like being surprised a psychopath doesn't make a good partner.

Though honestly I don't even see a problem with middle class/ upper middle class existence? Just extreme wealth gained from oppressive greedy dirt imposed on society.

The only people really obsessed with having more money, through unregulated capitalism are power obsessed scrotes.

They only seek the power to manipulate society with it, make it more patriarchal, and turn it into a broken dirty lawless place overwhelmed by scams, polution, corruption, disease… $150k cancer medicine.

They try so hard to say money benefits society, but only between the middle and upper middle classes. The ultra rich try to make our society.. malls.. etc.. look advanced and nice. But under the surface it's all scrote filthyness really, how do you trust that system when only the filthiest, most oppressive guy can hold all the power and win? That's the inherent nature of the system. Its a game for filthmonger type scrotes

Anonymous 138161

Yeah it makes sense that the most wealthy person in a society is also the most sociopathic and able to trample everyone else beneath them, in order to get ahead. Then that money becomes generational and remains in the hands of those who do not deserve it. Now money isn't backed by gold anymore, meaning there is no longer a cap on the amount of wealth that can exist. Where do we keep that much money? It isn't physical anymore. It's all kept in computers, or it's all theoretical invisible money. It's more apparent now than ever, with things like cryptocurrency. What a stupid world we live in.


nylon stocking hate thread Anonymous 138007[Reply]

I don't get it. Why buy and wear them at all?
They don't really cover your legs, at all. I still have to shave my legs when I wear them because you can still see all the hair matted down in them because they're literally see through.
They don't keep your legs warm, at all. You might as well wear absolutely nothing.
They're extremely uncomfortable with practically no benefit at all.
On top of that, they constantly rip and get runners in them and are good for like maybe 3 uses max.
Just get some normal winter stockings made out of stronger material that have a purpose.
Seriously, why buy these things unless they're the nicer fashion kind with patterns on them or something? They have no fucking purpose.
I'm fucking tired of clothing companies making using their shitty and pointless products fashion etiquette and brainwashing the whole population into wasting their fucking money.
10 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 138068

images (23).jpeg

The only good stockings are the straight black ones. Oh my god I love how they look.

Anonymous 138070

images (22).jpeg

Well basically any SHEER hose is super annoying to me. I feel like the colored hoses are more durable too.

Anonymous 138113

>Well basically any SHEER hose is super annoying to me. I feel like the colored hoses are more durable too.
Because those aren't nylon stockings, they're tights usually woven in a different way and made of a different fabric (cotton is common). Those are fine IMO because they serve a purpose and don't get shredded after 2 uses.

Anonymous 138114


I love stockings. I feel more confident to show my legs when I'm using them, because it doesn't feel like I'm showing anything and it makes my thighs look thinner.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 138119

Moved to >>>/hb/15770.


Anonymous 137794[Reply]


The pinkpill of today is that most people (especially, overwhelmingly men) are only anti-trans in the west because most western trannies are ugly autogynephiles who dont care about passing and attracting men. If they pass or at least look like Blaire White, then suddendly you've got all these right wing dudes claiming "men are better than women even at being women"
77 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 138001

De-legalize HRT and then are gonna buy it on the black market. De-legalize surgeries and they are still gonna get them through illegal clinics

Anonymous 138009

> suddendly you've got all these right wing dudes claiming "men are better than women even at being women"

but I think that right there says a lot about what they think being a woman is, and tbh makes them a part of this issue. they think being a woman means playing up the hyper-femininity; you need to wear pretty dresses, pretty heels, long hair, makeup needs to be nice and cute and accentuate feminine features, your feminine assets (boobs, legs, butt) should be emphasized, you should strive to look good all the time for the male gaze. of course, male trannies think this is all you have to do to be a woman as well. when you reduce womanhood to this act of dress-up, no wonder you get these trannies who think doing this makes them women too.

whether you're homely and hairy or waxed hairless with the longest eyelash extensions, whether you like to fart on the couch drinking beer or you like to walk around a shopping mall - what ultimately defines your womanhood is your biological sex. nothing more nothing less.

Anonymous 138010

Yes that is the point let them struggle with the black market tranny. That is exactly the objective. Good luck grooming children that way retard having to posses illicit drugs enjoy jail.

Anonymous 138016

I think it has reached a point where it will be impossible to de-legalize any of the artifices used by the troons, they are already at the top of the podium of oppression and anyone who contradicts them will be persecuted because "muh terf wants to genocide us". This shit will have to combust and burn to the end unfortunately

Anonymous 138018

I mean Alabama banned trannoids, more states like that would be nice. It can be done. Attack them where its effective, at least this way you will force them to move and guess who can move? Adults. Limiting them is a worthwhile goal, they have took shit too far, its time to fight back.


They/Them Anonymous 137859[Reply]

I have so far only met women who assert that they are 'other'. Now maybe that's just because I really only hang around women these days. Has anybody met men who also demand to be called 'they'?

Either way I've been meeting they/thems lately. I do try to ask them why they see themselves that way. Often times it seems like they just don't want to be observed as women because women are:

1. Objectified


2. Oppressed

And they do not seem to be aware of those reasons to their insistence to not be called 'she'.

It doesn't appear to be an actual disconnect from what these people actually are (women). Other times maybe it's that they do not feel their gender/sex…

Question. Does anybody feel like a woman? Does anybody feel like a man? Outside of trans individuals, do regular people feel like their sex? I never have. I'm just a human being… What does it even mean to feel like a woman? I don't think most women feel anything…
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 137876

I think you may be right. I think ultimately if you are sane and healthy, you don't feel anything at all. I'd really like to ask people but I think they would be naturally guarded and say 'yes' even if they don't actually feel anything.

Anonymous 137888

Dumb question
Fuck trannies

Anonymous 137932

If I ever met someone using they/them irl I'd just avoid them

Anonymous 137999

I don't feel like a woman. I am a woman, a biological female. And it brings me so much joy. My sex helps me respect my body, because I respect women more than anything else.

Anonymous 138002

I've met male they/thems. For me, it's easy to see under the veil that they're just using this fad as a new way to pick up women. Kind of like a mutated extension of the feminist man. They didn't have luck being your run of the mill Tom, Dick and Harry so they're just giving this a go in hopes it'll bring success.

As far as being a woman, I only am what I am. Having had once a phase where I felt like I wanted to be anything else or nothing at all, all it was to escape the pressure of preforming feminity, objectification, etc. Which is funny you say because many of the female they/thems I've met wear hyper feminine clothing that accentuates their body. Of course they do it in a way that is odd and peculiar, with clown makeup and weird accessories, it doesn't change the fact they're performing the one thing they apparently want separation from, being seen as a "woman". Either way, it's a social phenomenon that has devasting aftereffects for those who choose to go through medical transition and it's a shame to see these young women not being able to find a comfortable middle ground with their sex, because frankly it's not that big of a deal.

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