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Your thoughts on L chat? Anonymous 90998[Reply]

Is it really "L" anyway? Are there any lesbians or is this place just a cesspit of larping moids?

Anonymous 91016

I go there every once in a while and enjoy it. I want more forums like it or lipstickalley but for all women instead of a particular demographic. The site itself confuses me though, do they have two different domains? And why are half the users registered and the others just Guest?

Anonymous 91060

Yeah the site's… uhmmm… “”“organisation”“” is pretty messed up lol. tbh most likely the end result of female-only forum would be the reduction to the lowest common denominator - relationships with moids, sexuality, motherhood, etc (funny that scrotes are similar to us in this realm - they also bond on that kind of topics). Similar to the cringeass woman.ru in Russia - #1 local female forum and basically one big russian lolcow, everyone makes fun of it there. I guess, global scale one would be even more ~interesting~ 🤭🤭🤭

Anonymous 91063

I lurk on there

Anonymous 91242

> Are there any lesbians or is this place just a cesspit of larping moids?

If you have to ask this, then you already know the answer.


Anonymous 117419[Reply]

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Anonymous 117777

Yo sis what up?????

Anonymous 117785

You deserve your rights revoked

Anonymous 117797



Anonymous 117799


mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah

Anonymous 119390

um hi



Anonymous 103566[Reply]

>range banned on 4chan on both IPs
>leftypol is dead
>other chans are dead

Should I settle here?
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Anonymous 118212

They are now a bunch of tankies that unironically think life in North Korea is better than in South Korea, and genocides as justified as long as you're murdering people that don't agree with you, and I'm not even talking about the sheer levels of racism and sexism on that board.
The only difference between them and /pol/ is that /pol/ is right-wing and they are left-wing.

Anonymous 118223

So horseshoe theory right?

Anonymous 118255

There is a difference but I agree it's garbage there now. Constant circljerking, petty drama, shitposting, etc. I used to go to leftypol to read efforposts but now the generals I liked like /crisis/ are dead/mostly low effort.

Anonymous 118412


i use nanochan sometimes but its pretty… sus lmao

Anonymous 119389

Anarkiddy spotted but yes, everything you said is right and I think the last 2 or so years there was an influx of redditors and /pol/yps that reduced post quality to what it is now. Also /b/ AKA /siberia/ was a mistake


Dumbass Shit Thread #1 Anonymous 82593[Reply]

Catch-all thread for all the dumassshit that you don't want to create an extra thread for. Have a plotting raccoon for a start
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Anonymous 119119

maybe a stupid questuon, but can I wear a cap with a buzzcut? I really want to try a a buzzcut but I love caps

Anonymous 119123

Sure you can! It's actually recommended to wear hats more often in the sun if you get a buzzcut since there is less hair to protect your scalp.

Anonymous 119244

thanks for answering, getting it done then!

Anonymous 119289

is there a latin america thread in here?

Anonymous 119370

I would check the catalog for you but it's so fucking massive that it slows down my browser a lot, so you'll have to check it yourself.


Anonymous 93856[Reply]

how does cc feel non binary people? afab and amab
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Anonymous 119299

>probably a healthier mindset
Yes… realizing that not conforming to sex-stereotypes doesn’t make you any less of a woman IS a healthier mindset. Not “probably.”

Anonymous 119304

No I'm sick of all of it. You're damn liars just reinforcing gender expectations, like the rest of society. Suck a fuck and die thx.

Anonymous 119305

Thank, you yes, I think all of you "nonbinaries" are just phonies and cowards. Afraid of actually presenting In a gender nonconforming way.

Anonymous 119369

NB people are just trying to escape the gender roles that society forces on them. It's not like "I'm LITERALLY neither male nor female", but rather "I'm male/female but I don't like to be sterotyped and this is my way of saying that I'm different from what society would expect me to due to my biological sex". It's trendy so they keep calling themselves NB.
However, in the process, they end up reinforcing, or at least not really doing anything to challenge gender sterotypes.

Instead, they could say, for example, "I'm female, I'm a woman, and I reject what society wants me to be like, what it wants me to do, and what it wants me to like, and I refuse to have my behavior limited and feel restricted by my biological sex". But apparently that's still too radical for many people, and I guess it does take a lot of "balls" to be able to publicly declare something like that, and you must be even stronger to live your entire life that way, because not enough people are ready to do away with gender sterotypes.
Hence, zoomers call themselves NB.

Anonymous 119414

that's just how i talk lmao, i know it is


ITT: Prove you aren't a moid Anonymous 91356[Reply]

you better not be a moid
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Anonymous 119256

My proof: I have morals

Anonymous 119308

What is moid?

Anonymous 119315

male (derogatory)

Anonymous 119338

I am attracted to real women's natural bodies

Anonymous 119367

Yeah I know I just ignored it and pretended it's still 2011

Woke shit pressures those women to avoid being "problematic" in any way, in this case transitioning helps them deflect criticism about fetishizing gay male relationships because if you're a boy yourself then it's ok.
Also because in general, the idea that everyone who doesn't stick to gender sterotypes MUST be trans is being pushed down everyone's throats in western first world countries right now (for political reasons that I don't wanna explain), so of course plenty of women with "male" interests MUST actually identify as males deep down. This of course also attracts some women who claim to be trans to be trendy and/or win oppression points, etc. etc.


Reddit? Anonymous 10778[Reply]

Do you use reddit?

If so, which subs do you recommend?

I found myself returning to lurk on r/credibledefense and r/geopolitics quite frequently. Refreshing to see a level of discourse between folks whose consumption of political reporting goes beyond the 24-hour news cycle.
115 posts and 14 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 119071

I enjoy Kiwifarms but I don't actually see that many vocal female users there, due to the "no powerleveling" rule? Correct me if I'm wrong, I know the tranny threads have some GCs/TERFs but in other threads on different kinds of people it's usually mildly right wing men taking the piss. I don't personally care though, I just go there to look at funny posts, not argue politics. I moved to mostly viewing Lolcow since it's supposed to be mostly female and in an imageboard format.

I've made throwaway accounts for the sake of discussion I thought was too personal for my primary, but I ended up deleting them. Don't use Reddit for support groups unless there's nowhere else or it's just for access to private ones (and even then those suck).

Anonymous 119074

i dont go on kiwifarms, what does the no powerleveling rule mean?

Anonymous 119167

it means don't "reveal your powerlevel" like on dragon ball z, don't share personal information unless it's relevant to the topic. most people on kiwifarms are using a pseudonym username because it's a "problematic"/un-PC site to be associated with, so most women (including me) don't mention being women unless its relevant

Anonymous 119202

i see, thank you.

Anonymous 119222

I mainly just use the subs about my interests, like classical music, chess and other things like that. Besides those, I use r/penpals which can be fun to find people to write mail to eachother.


anyone /linux/ here Anonymous 20549[Reply]

hey guys, i seem to have trouble finding fellow femails within the general linux community so i thought i'd go here!!! say down below:
1. what distro you use
2. how long you've been using linux
3. why you use linux
and anything else you'd like to add!
(picrel is my distro)
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Anonymous 63317


1. Linux Mint
2. Since 2006.
3. What else am I supposed to use?

At my uni almost everyone is forced to use linux at some point and lots of normal (non-IT) people now seem to use it on their personal machines.

The year of the desktop linux is unironically upon us.

Anonymous 63332

1. Slackware
2. Since Slackware 4
3. To run hecker pentests on my own network, I triple-boot for other stuff

Anonymous 118535

>12-14 months, give or take
>Debian has no telemetry unlike Ubuntu, and is almost as easy to use. It’s also kind on my old hardware. Chips are too damn expensive these days.

Anonymous 119088

Anonymous 119091

I've been using Debian for eight years and it is neat. I don't care about recent software, all I do is browse the internet and cry in front of my screen.


should an artist's life considered when considering art Anonymous 118105[Reply]

i know genderhavers 'cancelled' jk rowling but i'm talking about more vile shit like rapist directors, misogynist philosopher etc. what do you think?
19 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 118790

Yes, but the point I'm confused on is she said it didn't apply in different instances. I don't want to be rude, but was the problem not that what was presented was inaccurate (because if it was, she herself would not have related to it in the first place), but is the problem more that it was accurate, it was relatable, it was "correct in it's interpretation" and yet it was made by the "wrong person" and this invalidates all the positive emotions derived thus far?

I understand she is stating "I don't like it anymore because it turns out it's fetish material" my questions is why would you let moids dictate how and what you enjoy by their relation to the material?

Anonymous 118796

Same and I've said this on another thread before but knowing that my father likes to watch that shit makes me wanna kms holy shit

Anonymous 118798

Wait why the fuck does your dad watch those shows? That's weird as hell

Anonymous 118799

Allegedly because of the dumbass stupid humor but it breaks my heart to think that the real reason (at least in the case of Victorious where the characters look older, I don't want to believe that he would actually watch iCarly for the same reason) is that he's a fucking degenerate who is into teenagers

Anonymous 118939

well it checks out since picasso and jackson pollack are trash. edward hopper is less trash but the vibe of his paintings is so austere and definitely consistent with a physically abusive moid


Comfy Anonymous 15979[Reply]

What does "comfy" mean to you?

I've only seen "comfy" used in this particular way since being more active on LC and CC the past few months and I really like it.

To me it means ease, relaxation, no fear of judgement, just chilling and no pressure to do or be very much.

Tell me ur comfy thoughts?
7 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 21739


I am comfy right now. Laptop, laying in bed with the lights off and a latte scented candle with fresh and soft fuzzy blankets.

To me comfy means complete relaxation of the body and mind and being surrounded by calm relaxing things.

Anonymous 33948


Being able to relax after a full day of high anxiety, is comfy. So for me its finding pictures or games, maybe fixing my room. Just things to keep me busy until I get around to snuffing it all out.

Anonymous 33971

Resting my head on a lover's shoulder as we sit beneath an avocado tree in the late golden hour.

Wandering down a winter shore when tourists still are in bed with binoculars in one hand and a camera slung down the opposite shoulder.

Laughing with strangers over oriental beauty tea, since no one wanted to party during the after party.

I want to feel this way again, but I don't want to leave my room.

Anonymous 34389

There's nothing comfier than green tea, magical girl anime, purring cats, warm hugs, and home made floofy cinnamon pudding.

Anonymous 118914


Needing comfy thoughts and feelings again. I miss comfy times with girlfriends, like just watching movies and doing crafts and taking walks. I've moved a lot in the past few years and haven't made a new local female friend in a while.

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