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crafting to get a bf? Anonymous 252847[Reply]

so i've had a crush on my older brother's best friend since I was a teen. he's always over at the house and has viewed me as a sister his whole life (has said this out loud multiple times to make the point clear) even in my early 20's he treated me like i was the same child. that was until i started to craft this summer. i saw a tiktok about making beaded bracelets, thought it'd be cute to make a couple and send them to my friends abroad. when he saw me making them he asked for one surprisingly, didn't think much of it at the time. about a week later i made a charcuterie board which included little sandwiches with the crust carefully cut off and he told me on two separate occasions how much he liked what i prepared. a couple days later he was over and i noticed he was slightly blushing around me and acting different. ffwd to yesterday, it had been nearly 3 weeks since i last saw him and i was in the sun room working on a landscape painting, nearly done with it. he came in to say hi and commented on my painting, he seemed really impressed by it. i also noticed he was still wearing the beaded bracelet I gave him over a month ago. made me feel special. now today he texted me and asked me out to get lunch this weekend. why don't we talk about this? why is no one else doing this? are men like primordially attracted to us when we make things? can we leverage and exploit this to get our desired bfs or is it just a fluke thing my crush is now into me?
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Anonymous 260212

The public declarations about thinking of you as a sister were likely to make your brother feel comfortable: he's probably always been a bit attracted to you and didn't want that to impact his friendship with him.

It's natural as you both grow older that you'd become more serious about each other.

There's no reason not to reciprocate his romantic interest. Relationships with a lot of history last longer and are more satisfying. Your past together makes for a solid foundation.

Anonymous 263115

do you want to be a slave nona? if the foundation of how you get a guy is that he likes what you make for him (as opposed to features of your personality that are totally independent of him) you're gonna end up with a moocher

Anonymous 263255

>OP is going to be making bracelets in a sweatshop for the rest of her life.
This post is hilarious.

Anonymous 267166

It's probably more on what he values, and in general it's more a people thing and not a gender thing. If you made him a cute gift, he probably valued the gift at minimum cuz he usually doesn't get gifts like that, meaningful or not. But he'll give it meaning. If you make a guy food and he crushes on you, he prob values food and like >>252852 said, tradwife mentality is trad attractive. Generically, if a guy asks out a girl and puts in the effort with flirting etc, she likes it. If a girl asks out a guy, he appreciates the effort and the rarity of the situation.

It's been 6 months, so I hope you both are dating by now. Since he likes ur gift and has been wearing it, u should only very occasionally keep making crafts for him, not too often so it loses novelty, but enough that he thoroughly appreciates the effort and he reciprocates the same.

I agree with this

Anonymous 267222

That's pretty sweat, you conquered his heart with your artistic talents
I'm jelly


Dark chocolate is the best type of chocolate Anonymous 29200[Reply]

Prove me wrong
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Anonymous 119965

I won't prove you wrong, bc you're correct. Gimme that 70%+.

Anonymous 119966

this thread made me want dark chocolate :(

Anonymous 267162


I like chocolate including dark chocolate but I'm not picky since I enjoy white and milk chocolate too, I just try to make sure it's free of garbage ingredients like corn syrup and ('natural flavor' hydrogenated soy oil). I also try to prioritize chocolates labeled as fair trade because personally I like the idea of not eating something produced with slave labor.

Also I'm sure all chocolate enjoyers will like this video, just watch it.

Anonymous 267193

the correct opinion

Anonymous 267230

dark chocolate is the best by far


Anonymous 257363[Reply]

So we all know that if there were no laws most men would rape, but what would most women do? What would you do, nona?

Me? I'd just walk into a supermarket and get free groceries and also kidnap my irl husbando and turn him into my sex slave
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Anonymous 267242


I’’d steal a bunch of shit and bunker down at home. Probably drive without a license or get some non lethal but still illegal to carry weapons to protect myself. If it was a purge type situation where everything goes back to normal after I’d probably also file my taxes wrong and try some disability fraud for more NEETbux.

Anonymous 267246

>kidnap irl husbando
>turn him into sex slave
… that's rape….

Anonymous 267247

i would steal a horse and live out my cowboy fantasies of the wild west

Anonymous 267259

live free not pay for anything

Anonymous 267260

I'd be robbing rich people's houses, wanna join me


Moid has a realization Anonymous 267258[Reply]

Anonymous 267266

>post her own 4chinz screenshot on cc
Now that's desparate, nona

Anonymous 267267

The screenshot says it's from 2021,so she probably saved it from somewhere.

Anonymous 267271

It may be reposted from reddit for all we know this is some really old shit

Anonymous 267276

OP is a redditfag


Lying on job applications Anonymous 237695[Reply]

I am applying at very low level positions (fast food, cashier) and a couple places have asked me to take a "personality quiz" about how hard working, outgoing, etc I am.
Tbh I am the polar opposite of these desirable job traits, painfully antisocial and awkward and I procrastinate a ton and avoid work…but I am willing to do whatever I need to get by. How bad is it to lie about my personality on these applications?I am afraid about being inconsistent and it being transparant how I am lying. Does it matter?
T. never been employed
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Anonymous 267208

Americans love tyranny because Americans have never read a history book.

Anonymous 267210

Pretty much this

The lying will need to be done in the interview anyway

Anonymous 267218

Those personality tests are fucking dogshit and I have no idea why they attach them to entry level jobs. Lie your way through them, please, and if they auto reject based on that they're fucking retarded. I never understood why no matter how I answered it I'd always get rejected from certain companies, even when I tried to bootlick. God it's so stupid

Anonymous 267219

It's just a dumb quiz, it's ok to lie, in fact I think it's expected. Most people try to make themselves seem as good as possible/make a good impression to get the job.

Anonymous 267268

you are expected to lie on these quizzes, that is the test. Are you willing to pretend to be something you are not for this job. It is kinda like the TSA "are you a terrorist" question, only fools say yes.


Your posts have been datamined. Anonymous 266851[Reply]

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Anonymous 267035

it'd be more accurate to label it "fgtow" than femcel cause femcels would be female involuntary celibates (while lacking an incel's impotent rage). Especially since the worst one could say is the women here are "misandric" and separatist. Not girls pining for men while hate criming them (or wishing they could)

Anonymous 267037

cc is not a femcel board tho

Anonymous 267050

Hopefully some normies will get a hold of it and find out we’re actually correct (I’m not a femcel btw, but I could see how men and pickmes could call me that)

Anonymous 267052

bieber albakyan.jp…

>Sorry, sci-hub has not included this article yet
hook us up, OP
also post your rare sci-hub memes

Anonymous 267107

scihub hasn't been good for years. it's only good for old papers


Anonymous 267043[Reply]

Are you winning, queens?

Anonymous 267044

I’m honestly upset that people were saying she’s ugly when the scandal first happened. She’s better looking than most male cops. Hope she wins her lawsuit. I generally dislike the police force but none of the male cops got their face plastered across tabloids and shitty memes about their looks.

Anonymous 267090

Who is she again? She's cute and I remember her on the news due to some burger scandal but I didn't pay too much attention cause there wasn't much info but it never came up again in the news here I don't think
Rather hear the facts from here if there were moidy narratives about

Anonymous 267099

I think she fucked half the police force while still being married and vids got out and now she's suing them for grooming.

I mean its fucked up all around but I think men should be held accountable for being pigs so I hope she wins.

rape apes.png

Pinkpill Thread # 14 Anonymous 253807[Reply]

A thread for posting and discussing the feminist truth against males and their nonsense, as these truths would often get dogpiled and silenced on social media if not spoken anonymously.

Previous >>220726
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Anonymous 266771

His sentence is 14 years btw. Was 9 before

Anonymous 266779

You guys gonna get homo married or what

Anonymous 266780

>Officers arrested the suspect in that attack and charged him with misdemeanor assault – a crime that's not bail eligible, so he's back on the street.
are you fucking kidding me. this scrote is punching women because there's literally no punishment. the US justice system is a complete joke, and this is why vigilanteism is a necessity here. repeat violent criminals like this should be put down like rabid dogs instead of being let back into the streets.
good fucking riddance at least. it's a shame this troon is being counted in female crime statistics.

Anonymous 267091

You’ve really never seen those tribes in Africa where the women just let their tits hang free?
Sounds nice

Anonymous 268657


Found this interesting, chuds really shot themselves in the foot if they want to win any future elections


Unpopular Opinions Anonymous 233992[Reply]

Time to dig up your unpopular opinions anon.
174 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 267058

I hope so. All the guys I’ve liked before always had something a bit faggy about them

Anonymous 267072

fujos get way overhated

Anonymous 267080

Sonny Angels are creepy

Anonymous 267089

She means that the Trans/Queer/Other stuff that has nothing to do with LGB,, will go down once it inconveniences men. Right now it's benefiting them at best and annoying them at worst. Women, however, are losing positions of power and safety.

When men start losing those positions of power and safety, that's when the tides will turn. How can we speed that up? We can't count on transmen to threaten real men the way transwomen threaten real women. And it's not enough for men to just think transwomen are ugly to look at; it's gotta be actual systemic power they're losing. Brainstorm!!!!

Anonymous 267093

How you ever seen non-American cities? Not even European, it’s normal to walk around. What America has is actually really weird.


This website over the years. Anonymous 266845[Reply]

I've been here for quite a while. Not exactly right at the beginning but I remember when this site wasn't known by most imageboard-savvy people yet and the userbase still felt pretty much female only. These past few years the last few posts have been overly baity and nonsensical. Don't get me wrong, we always had scrotes (or 4chan poisoned women) that would come here to bait and get (You)s and whatnot. But to this extend? We used to have more conversation here. There's so many baity threads and empty inflammatory replies now. I know that I should be the change I want to see, and trust me I do post and try to at least say something of substance even if it might not interest everyone here. Is it the fact that now cc is seen as "le 4chan for women xd", "le ebin femcel board"? I'm just frustrated. I remember nonas wishing the site would become more popular (without attracting moids) but frankly this makes me think that I wish it never truly went more popular to begin with. (tbh I still believe this site is pretty niche) I liked the comfy atmosphere here and it was one of the rare places on the internet with it. Now I feel like I have to navigate through obvious bait threads to see some posts worth reading. It's just not fun anymore I guess? I'm rambling again.
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 266856

I'm out of post ideas myself…

Anonymous 266870

It all began once r9k started mentioning this board all the time thus bringing unwanted attention, suddenly Snail was nowhere to be seen and then after that soyjak.party started obsessing over us and it went all downhill from there.

Anonymous 266989

I’ve come back after being gone for years you don’t have to believe me if you don’t want, it’s ok and it seems more active which I think is good. I always tried to advertise it to my (all female) classmates while I was still in school so maybe some of them are here? As long as there’s no cp/gore posting I'm fine with some bait, it’s always been there.

Anonymous 267017


Anonymous 269008

>normies are… le bad
if you are such desperate for a change, you are always free to make your own imageboard.

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