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Anonymous 79342[Reply]

Anybody know where I can buy one of deez

Anonymous 79347

Why don't you just make one yourself? Doesn't look that complicated as a DIY project

Anonymous 79348

Anonymous 79349

Yeah!! That's what I'm talking about


Bisexual but dating a guy Anonymous 16936[Reply]

Does anyone ever fee left out on being bisexual because you have a boyfriend? Or have urges to date a girl? Half vent, half question thread.
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Anonymous 79188

>biphobia doesn't exist bc straight passing privilege
>no respect for bi women who choose men
Pick one, anon. You can't pass as straight AND live without men. Bi women who choose to date women don't have straight passing privilege. They get treated just like gays. I've personally knows bi women who get disowned by their families for it.
Also, you know some bisexuals are predominantly or almost exclusively same-sex attracted and would have a real hard time passing as straight, right?
I do agree that SOME bisexuals don't experience homophobia though because they get by just fine pretending to be straight their whole life.

Anonymous 79189


Anonymous 79190

I've never seriously dated a girl, I've had one relationship before and it was with a guy, and while I was with him I lost any attraction I had to other men but was still attracted to women somehow and had urges to date a girl instead. Idk if that's what you mean, but thought I'd share.

Anonymous 79213

Kind of a dumb question, but do bis find that men fetishize their sexuality? I imagine that men would think it increases their chances of a MFF threesome or something.

Anonymous 79253

Yes and yes. They won't take bisexuality seriously unless it's to get threesomes out of it. I had an ex who would ogle other women and comment on their bodies and when I asked him to stop he said "but you're bi, my ex was bi too and we'd thirst over women together". Of course he was a sex addict and tried to open up the relationship, so I noped out.


Thongs suck Anonymous 79211[Reply]

How do I cope with this shit being up my butt all day. My boyfriend likes them but I feel like I'm back in middle school being wedgied.

Would it be shitty to tell him I'll only wear them if he wears thongs too? Could be funny
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Anonymous 79236

I don't get why you have to wear them all day just because he likes them. Even if you want to appeal to them you could just put them on occasionally when you know you're gonna have sex. You wouldn't wear full lingerie every day just because he "liked it" right?

Anonymous 79239

download (7).jpeg

Lace is much sexier. Even cute 'clean' panties are sexier than thongs. They look filthy, they literally rub against your butthole and it looks like something a literal whore would wear. Pic related is max sex appeal and would look great with pantyhose or those long ass socks or whatever that >>79229 mentioned.

Anonymous 79241

Girl, those panties are adorable

Anonymous 79248

Sometimes I'm a bit disappointed with how commonly there is weird puritanical sperging on here. I used to wear thongs, now I don't anymore, but some of the posts ITT made me laugh.

>LITERAL WHORES wear thongs!!!11

Anyway granny panties are the comfiest solution. I'm not gonna buy a bunch of lace panties and ruin them in the washing machine over time so they're only for special occasions. On an everyday basis I just wear H&M cotton panties from the bulk pack.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 79249

Moved to >>>/hb/10665.

Ostrich chick take…

Truth or Dare Anonymous 78299[Reply]

idea stolen from the lolcow thread

if you give someone a prompt you also have to pick truth or dare

nothing sexual please
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Anonymous 78580

Post a picture of the last thing you bought online.


Anonymous 78613

When's the last time you showered


Anonymous 78622

I took a bath Wednesday morning. Usually I take a bath most nights with my partner but we’ve been too tired this week.

Anonymous 79208

Truth & bump

Anonymous 79225

OT but I love how birds are fluffy and cute but then all have unevolved dino feet.


Hydration Anonymous 79142[Reply]

It's that time again.
Drink a glass of water right now if you aren't properly hydrated!

Anonymous 79150

No worries. Got mine right here fam. Thanks for lookin out hydrobabe.

Anonymous 79156

A keep a tall glass of water by my nightstand before bed and drink it all up as soon as I wake up. Makes me feel so much more alive in the mornings than I used to.


Dip Thread Anonymous 79061[Reply]

Been getting into dips recently. Wondering if theres any experts out there with their DIPloma that can share their wisdom with me.
Love a good guac, french onion is ok. Can't get behind hummus. All these dips seem super basic to me though.
Looking for that god tier weird stuff I've never heard of.
Usually eating crackers with the dip if that matters.
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Anonymous 79088

I never thought of adding soy sauce to hummus, gotta try that soon!

Anonymous 79117

Black Bean or Chili Cheese dips are some of my go to comfort food.

Protip, a restaurant quality bean recipe dip will probably use lard. It sounds kinda gross if you haven't cooked with it before but it's instrumental to a good creamy dip and a lot of mexican food in general.

Anonymous 79125


thank you! these are great. maybe you will like this recipe!

Anonymous 79126

well it doesn't taste like eggplant at all, more like creamy artichoke dip in a way. the other ingredients really hide the eggplant flavour. here's an easy recipe: https://cookieandkate.com/epic-baba-ganoush-recipe/
you can also buy it at authentic mediterranean food places that make it from scratch.

Anonymous 79153

queso blanco is always yummy


Anonymous 72406[Reply]

Do you believe in evil? Do you think it exists?
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Anonymous 79104

I'm pretty sure Jeffrey Dahmer who raped, murdered and had sex with the corpses of young men fully admitted he knew what he was doing was evil and couldn't stop himself from doing so.

Anonymous 79138

i don't think it exists
there's going to be people who do terrible things, but they don't just happen out of nowhere
people are influenced by the things around them

i feel like im not illustrating my point very well but i tried, not exactly sure how to put it to words

Anonymous 79145

That evil exists but it's nobody's fault?

Anonymous 79146

I absolutely believe in evil. I think the - probably overwhelming - majority of humanity are evil, even if for most of them that evil is understandable and minor. I can understand why someone would undertake a small, hurtful, selfish action that benefits themselves and harms someone else but I would still class it as evil.

People who are consciously aware of their evil impulses and able to resist them are incredibly rare in my experience. Living without committing evil is very difficult and often makes life harder for you, it's not something I have been able to do although I would like to live that way. I don't understand the argument in this thread that because the evil is understandable, has a motive, can be empathised with it's somehow not evil. I read a lot of Soviet era literature and many of the perceivable people in that machine - minor officials, informants, guards and so on - were just taking the course of least harm/most benefit to themselves and their families, they didn't wake up thinking of evil but what they did in practice was still evil.

One of my favourite quotes, which to me rings true, comes from a writer of that era:
>I have seen that it is not man who is impotent in the struggle against evil, but the power of evil that is impotent in the struggle against man. The powerlessness of kindness, of senseless kindness, is the secret of its immortality. It can never by conquered. The more stupid, the more senseless, the more helpless it may seem, the vaster it is. Evil is impotent before it. The prophets, religious teachers, reformers, social and political leaders are impotent before it. This dumb, blind love is man’s meaning. Human history is not the battle of good struggling to overcome evil. It is a battle fought by a great evil, struggling to crush a small kernel of human kindness. But if what is human in human beings has not been destroyed even now, then evil will never conquer

You can see this in every regime, every practice of evil, every inhumanity all throughout history. No matter how terrible it is there are still people who act kindly to others. There's some fundamental altruism in the human spirit - even if it is just the evolutionary drive that we don't like seeing another monkey like us get hurt - which appears inextinguishable. It's rarely in charge, it cannot prevent evil, but it cannot itself be prevented. To me living in tune with that spirit of human kindness is vePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 79154

Moved to >>>/x/2558.


Anonymous 75709[Reply]

Who else is asexual? When did you realize it? Are you happy with this?
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Anonymous 79043

I am still not really sure. I don't know how much of my virginity is due to having avoidant disorder. I experience attraction. I look at porn and read erotica. I have just never pursued a relationship. Maybe I am aromantic?

Anonymous 79044

I think having a low/nonexistent sex drive in my case doesn't make me asexual since it wasn't always like that.
Are sexual orientations really temporary and/or fluid?

Anonymous 79052

For me, I’ve never had an interest in sex, from the beginning of puberty to now

Anonymous 79057

Humans by nature are as fluid as water. Thoughts and opinions change in time and with new experiences. You can start out hating something and now love it and vice versa.
There's plenty of stories of people changing sexual orientations later in life.

I never really had interest in sex and relationships until I met my only one in college. I definitely am the least sexual person I know in the friend group.

Anonymous 79139

Well, for me it's tied to a hormonal/nutritional problem so I don't think it really counts. Once I fix that (hopefully it's possible) I think I won't qualify as asexual anymore. If not, though…

>I never really had interest in sex and relationships until I met my only one in college.

I've heard someone label that as "demisexuality" but does that really need a label?
yes i have a problem with obsessively labeling things and putting them into categories, even myself. hope that goes away though.

Anonymous 79122[Reply]

Yet another Raccoon thread

puta vida.JPG

Drastic Personality Changes Anonymous 78860[Reply]

I want to be a different person and I wonder if you lasses know any people who changed significantly over a short period of time, or maybe went through a transformation yourselves.
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 78883

>Posting it on Facebook for acquaintances who barely remember your name, let alone care, to see
>Posting it on Facebook for friends and loved ones to think you're a wacko who's inherently flawed
>Posting it on Facebook for it to invariably be thrown back in your face when you make the slightest falter
>Using Facebook in 2010+11
Don't do this, anon. Tell a close friend you trust, maybe, but no one else. It's better to confide in 1 person who cares than 1000 that don't.

Anonymous 78888

Damn, I’m the same. Every new person who isn’t a revolting human being (aka the majority) makes me reconsider my life choices and want to be more like them. There has to be a name for this condition salt vampirism

Anonymous 78891

I didn’t mean you should announce it to 1000+ plus people. Post it restricted to people you know best and in a vague way like “Been doing a lot of thinking recently about life and have decided to make some changes”. Then they can’t complain that you changed out of nowhere.

Anonymous 78898

Define "short period of time". If you mean like, a day or two, hard core psychedelics. Assuming you're not crazy though, the six-month range has been accessible to some people I've seen. If you want a program that alleges to be able to help you at least increase "conscientiousness", you can try Jordan Peterson's "self-authoring program". As funny as meme man is, he has many years of experience helping people with different personality disorders over the years, and professes that the very intense program helps. You'll, of course, need to apply yourself, but if you want "short-term" personality change it's your best shot anon.

Anonymous 79095

yea but for this kind of thing u gotta imitate a stereotype. its almost easier not to change particular traits, but try to imitate the thing u wanna be. that way u just sort of mold urself into it. might take a year or a few months to really toggle over

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