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Anonymous 56238[Reply]

Any miners on patook? It's Tinder for friends. I like it.
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Anonymous 56243

Tinder is already Tinder for friends if you’re not a fucking coward. Similarly, this app is also just going to be a hookup app just for people too scared to admit they want hookups on a regular dating app

Anonymous 56266

Anonymous 56317

>Make profile
>Set location
>Get matched with people (you can set if you want to swipe or just have them listed)
>Message people and make friends

You get banned for flirting.

Anonymous 56326

what kind of people are on there? how many frens have you made?

Anonymous 56354

>what kind of people are on there?

I think it leans more towards introverts, but I've seen plenty of normies too.

I've met a few in person, and there's one I hang out with a lot now.


transgender women(?) Anonymous 9156[Reply]

what are /b/'s thoughts on transgender mtfs? Do they consider them women? Should they be allowed access to women only spaces (after passing, before passing?), do you have any experiences good or bad online or offline with transgendered women?
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Anonymous 55988

>Ok, but how do you create laws that assist the latter without enabling the former’s predatory traits?
You severely underestimate the vetting process for getting hormones. Most first world countries nowadays do no formal screenings for the condition and just throw hormones at you if you tell them you identify as "X". The screening measures used to be more severe, but certain predatory ones you described are the ones who probably pushed for the immense lax in regulations involved in the process.

t. studied psychology in college before the rules changed

>and that most mental health issues could be treated with a botched lobotomy.
Technically, they were correct, it's just that along with your mental illness you lost a lot of functions either. Cutting off the nose to spite the face and all that.

>It seems dumb to reshape society completely because of how gender dysphoria is treated now.

It's just one more step in the logical "progressive" stance where all identities are and must be made equally valid. Just a symptom of an over socialized society.

What do you think conversion therapy is?

Anonymous 56020

>Valid points
>this thread is for discussing how much we hate trannies.
Becky derailed with her current idolatry first.

Anonymous 56297

How does it really affect us that moids take hormones and mutilate themselves?

Anonymous 56298

Oh, I don’t care if trannies exist. Can’t speak for everyone here, but they have the right to castrate themselves if they want to, chemically or surgically.
What we take issue with is the demanding access to women’s spaces and and dominating conversations about women’s issues. Lesbians can’t even fuck exclusively women anymore without being called “transphobic” in some of these echo chambers.

Anonymous 56321

This is the same line of thinking as “how does it affect me if people want to drunk drive and not wear face masks?” Actions in a society inevitably affect others. Live and let live is a nice sentiment but extremely naive. Maybe the action of a guy chopping off his dick doesn’t affect you, but what about when they want programs and aid meant for women redirected towards them? What about when they want to play in women’s competitive sports? Or when they demand access to women’s bathrooms, gynecologists, female shelters, female prisons, and women’s scholarships?


random shit that pisses/pissed you off Anonymous 55140[Reply]

a thread for anger. me first:

>be me

>be sitting in room, thinking about past
>remember "friend" in hs that would always compliment me
>compliments, in my past, have always been cruelly double-sided, false, or used to manipulate me
>don't tell her all that. just kindly ask that she not compliment me so much, it makes me a bit uncomfortable
>she gets mad and starts calling me a bitch instead
>runs off and tells all our friends that i'm "ungrateful" (lol?)
>become even more isolated than i was before
>fast-forward to now
>getting mad all over again

now you
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Anonymous 56213

Go to /fit/ if you want to self improve then? Or even lolcow's /g/. Too bad all the intellectual boards /Sci/, /his/, /lit/, are full of losers and politics.

Anonymous 56214

Have you tried talking with people outside the internet?

Anonymous 56227

Even my formating is retarded now,fuck

Thanks, i used to, it's one of the best boards but i'd still aways get distracted over incel stuff. Now at least i know how to ignore idiots better and move on, so it might be what i need

It's one of my goals

Anonymous 56231

It's never too late to reach for it, anon. You need to communicate with real people while you still have the chance.

Anonymous 56303

>elementary school gym class
>school kept trophy room of records
>remember there was a record for situps that senpai held and i wanted to break
>i trained for months doing 100 situps a day at home
>went to gym class on the day of the tests, did my best
>I broke the record
>i was so happy
>turns out my narcissistic liar attention whore of a backstabbing "friend" lied (i have confirmation from her counting-partner that she lied) and said she did more than me
>she got her name on the trophy instead of me
>found out that day that friends can't be trusted and hard work is overrated
Fuck you Allison you dirty lying skank.


Anonymous 55629[Reply]

Men are objects.
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Anonymous 56225


>2 dimensional objects don't exist
anon, i…

Anonymous 56245

Yes because a 2d shape is a concept, but cannot exist in the physical world without 3rd dimensionality

Anonymous 56264

3D shapes don't exist either though. a perfect geometric cube doesn't exist in the physical world

Anonymous 56265

>3D shapes don't exist either though. a perfect geometric cube doesn't exist in the physical world
Shapes don't, 3D objects do. There is no perfect sphere or cube, but the object you handle in everyday life, no matter how irregular, are contained in 3 dimensions. Neither 2D shapes or objects can exist in 3 dimensional space as we know it, 3D shapes do not exist. 3D objects do exist.

It's not even that the number of dimensions is even important though, just mathematical ways to describe characteristics.

Anonymous 56267


>existence is limited to physicality


Anonymous 56175[Reply]

> women only board
> ban all men
> men pretend as women
> no way to tell who is woman and who is man
> board is mostly men now

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Anonymous 56226

Sounds like something a man would say

Anonymous 56230

She’s probably tradthot
I think that’s a bit extreme. Maybe a vocaroo verification with the mods for access to /vip/ 100% moid free guaranteed boards along with having /b/ and maybe /feels/ still open for larpers, trannies, and deep voiced women to have their fun.

Anonymous 56233

tf does "female-brained" even mean?

Anonymous 56244

This website is clearly female dominated based solely on the observable tonal difference between here and 4chan, and the fact that our NSFW board is the slowest moving one at ~1 post per week, whereas 4chan is 50% porn boards and the blue boards are half porn bait as well

Anonymous 56246

You forget to mention at how the opinions on men's tastes and thoughts tend to differ a lot (see the breast thread). Kinda proves how people here don't know anything about men since we all tend to disagree at how they think.


Anonymous 56027[Reply]

I have no friends. No discord. No social media.im 26 y/o khv. Where do i go from here. Im too fucked up and creepy to make friends. In order to cope i drink and do drugs. I am completely lost in life.
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Anonymous 56071

Nta but joining random discord servers that look interesting and chatting in them. You can even hide the fact you’re a girl if you’re afraid of creeps hitting on you.

Anonymous 56078

not op but i lasted like 3 months of no one knowing i was a girl, things got awkward (got a cold shoulder) thus i left -_- why does gender have to be everything for everyone these days?!

Anonymous 56086

>You can even hide the fact you’re a girl if you’re afraid of creeps hitting on you.
>Implying you can be friends with someone while deceiving them.

Anonymous 56124


>implying hiding the fact you’re a woman is an trust-altering deception
Usually, when I join a server, I will not mention it in a text chat unless it’s relevant, but anyone who’s hears my voice will figure it out immediately and word will spread from that if people care.
But if it’s absolutely mandatory for you that everyone know you’re a woman from the onset, then do that. I just don’t like broadcasting it to everyone in a big server, especially if I don’t have anyone there to back me up when I need to tell the 16 year old incels to fuck off with misogynist bullshit that will come your way if you are the “girl” in the server.

Anonymous 56237

that's not really hiding tho that's just acting normal, unless you have to go out of your way to not bring it up which is kinda weird

hiding would be like getting asl and pretending to be male or avoiding an answer


I wonder how many people here are men larping Anonymous 54338[Reply]

like damn,a lot of posts mirror the stupid shit i see on /b/ or /r9k/ in a frightening way,it's a good thing this community is a little more regulated
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Anonymous 56216

Wtf mate I browse CC at work in kindergarten. You're sickening me.
We should make a tagmap for CC with our contact info. It would be nice to make a local meet-up with bros, drinking beer and all that… And we could all laugh at that one woman who also came xD
Ps. that was a joke. Janice pls don't ban me :^(

Say that to Epstein and Clintons.

Banning talk about moids could be effective. They crave our attention and that's how we're giving it to them.

Anonymous 56219

I think men here believe they are welcome because they are "good" posters and think they're helping us. That's probably the reason why the quality of the posts is so higher than other boards. Though I'm glad you guys care about us, I politely as you to leave. Your energy is better spent in a place where you can actually identify yourself and other posts, and this is a place for women.

Anonymous 56221

Where do you live? I thought schools were closed worldwide.

Anonymous 56223

Kindergartens are open in Poland. Can you imagine all those dead babies left home alone because their mothers can't take them to their work in factories? We live in a society where everybody has to work. You can't ask your 60 years or less mother to help you with baby because that's the retirement age here. Few can afford nannies. My widowed friend who earns decent salary would rather stay at home with kids than go to work because "nanny would take my daily salary anyway" but he is in a situation where he can take a day off for that. Most parent can't, they're expendable. Thanks to Corona there are bonus days off to take care of kids but it's 14 days for a kid up to 8 years old.
Don't tell me there's a country where kindergardens are closed.

Anonymous 56236

i work in a daycare too!! although i don't browse CC there loool. that other poster might have confused kindergarten for the first year of primary school or something - that's how we use the word in my country.

[email protected]_FIL,_…

Anonymous 56190[Reply]

I love Sasha. She's intelligent, charming, successful. Look at the smug face of the assistant girl behind her. She's proud of her. Women love her. I dream of having that kind of success, admiration and respect among other women someday.
7 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 56224


>He put his big pp in to her vagoo…

Anonymous 56228

yes, appealing to horny women requires exquisite literature such as best seller 50 shades of grey aka twilight fanfiction

Anonymous 56229

>Tits are temporary Skyrim is forever
Come on Todd, we all know everyone still playing Skyrim today is doing it for the titty mods.

Anonymous 56232

How successful is your fanfic anon?

Anonymous 56322

Can't speak for her but I personally don't write fanfic, and I doubt yours is making you much money, if any, in this insanely over-saturated market. I don't know why you're shilling so hard for this business model and this particular woman. Are you on her marketing team or something? Advertising working for a fast food chain would be more genuine and actually profitable.

You'd have better odds trying to make a new top MOBA.

Unfortunately, intelligence is still a gamble in financial success. A surprising amount of the biggest winners are brainlets that got extremely lucky, then fade into obscurity and usually debt from spending their riches in silly ways, for the rest of their lives.


Uni life Anonymous 55695[Reply]

Anyone going to university this autumn? What are you studying? Are you going for mixed or same sex halls? What sort of accommodation have you chosen? Etc
9 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 56082

It's an option for the accommodation when I booked it online. I don't really know what it means but I guess we'll find out. I also chose mixed halls since I was worried girls only would be filled with foreigners I can't really hold a conversation with, was this a good choice over sharing an accommodation with men?

Anonymous 56087

I don't really know how to translate it but it's STEM i think.
It's because i can't afford to move out yet, so i'm going to college in the same town and where some old friends and family go too. I'm not out to my parents as i would get kicked out and / or seriously hurt them since they both have heart problems and this would be extremely shocking and hurtful to them.

Anonymous 56089

While I am uncertain, I'm pretty sure mixed halls still room people by gender, so your roommates should still be female. Of course I don't know where you live, so who knows.

>I also chose mixed halls since I was worried girls only would be filled with foreigners I can't really hold a conversation with

I would definitely say being wary of foreigners is a minus though. You would not believe how fun it is to go to a foreign country with someone you know who lives there. If I didn't have a personal friend in Hong Kong, I doubt I would have had as much fun as I did. Granted, there are shitbags among all cultures, so just because you're rooming with countrymen doesn't mean they can't be shitheads too, nor does it guarantee that the foreigners are going to be cool to hang out with either. I would just personally argue that making friends with foreigners has always been a major plus for me.

Anonymous 56106

we had a similar thing where you could chose to be in a "quiet" area (a small questionnaire where youi got to chose whether you prefer reading or partying and similar things lol) and my flatmates still invited people over every night. they were just also pseudo intellectuals who thought they were giant brain for reading the commie manifesto

and mixed halls will have more parties than female only

Anonymous 56217


>pseudo intellectuals who thought they were giant brain for reading the commie manifesto
Oh dear god


crystal cafe minecraft server Anonymous 55972[Reply]

hey, so i made a server we can play on
the ip is
for version 1.16.1
the server is cracked, that means you dont need to own a legit version of the game to play

i'll link a site where you can get a cracked launcher https://mineshafter.info/

so, that's it i guess, dont know what else to say, see you all around

Anonymous 55982

Where to get a cracked copy of the game? I dled several different versions and none worked :(

Anonymous 55985

Anonymous 55993

What gives? It's just the /v/ minecraft server

Anonymous 56074

it isnt just /v/ though

Anonymous 56158


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