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Anonymous 181828[Reply]

Reminder that crypto always bottoms 1 year after the all time high, which would put it at the absolute bottom. A couple of femanons have made it off crypto last cycle, through bitcoin/ ethereum/ altcoins. Now would be the best time to buy.

/Biz is a great place on the planet for crypto discussion despite being a moid infested hole. Currently they’re heavily shilling Bitcoin/ Ethereum and ICP, but feel free to browse it yourself. Best of luck.

Anonymous 181853

Youre never going to get as many rubes with pandemic funny money to buy in to your scam and raise it to pandemic highs. Sorry bud. The game is over.

Anonymous 181859


>despite being a moid


Anonymous 81428[Reply]

Does anyone else like sports?
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Anonymous 81586


Based. He looks hot. I like Stephen Thompson. He has no tattoos, really nice body proportions, not too big, with nice butt and a pretty prince face. His stretches work.




Anonymous 81622

I recently got into mountain biking, and it is very very very nice, riding a bike while you are in a natural area is just so refreshing and really fulfilling in a sense. However, it's also absolutely fucking scary at times! I'm not even talking about what the pros do, which is just outright nuts! I mean, look at this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4268ai-XHI I don't understand how it is possible for a human to come out of that without a single scratch. Even at an amateur level things get pretty crazy, I've seen POV videos of some of the trails around my city and there are some spots that look rough BUT rideable. However, once you are there it's a thousand times worse than in the video! Like so much steeper and bumpier and lots of loose dirt that is not stable at all, every time I go out for a ride I have to get off the bike and walk down at least a couple of sections.

You also need to be somewhat technically inclined, because it turns out that bikes can have problems while you are in the middle of the forest and then you are stranded there and have to walk back home if you can't fix it. Luckily this has only happened once to me, and even then a group of four guys that were riding their bikes on the same trail helped me out and fixed the problem for me. They also gave me sooo much useful advice and so many tips and were extremely helpful and nice. Well, one of them ogled my body a couple of times, but the other three were absolutely lovely blokes and we spent a while chatting about the local trails and other MTB related stuff. The whole thing made me feel WAY less socially retarded. I guess having a hobby or something you are passionate about and interacting with like minded people is a very good way of getting over your social anxiety and that kind of stuff.

So yeah, this sport is really cool but it is not for everyone, not by a long shot. First of all, if you live in a totally flat place with nothing but crop fields around then you can simply put wider tyres on a normal bike if you don't want to ride on the roads. Alternatively you can travel to more suitable places, but that's expensive. On that same note, the whole sport can be extremely expensive, not only you need various pieces of equipment like a helmet; knee pads; elbow pads; gloves; a hydration pack; a pump; etc., spare and replacement parts and maintenance (or very specific tools if you waPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 141552

So it's basically a sport for rich people? I have an old cheap mountain bike that I use to move around town, would that be enough?

Anonymous 181692

Not necessarily for rich people, but it's an expensive sport. And if you want to actually do proper mountain biking your old cheap bike won't be enough or in all likelihood it will provide a crappy experience for a while before breaking down.

Anonymous 181804

for team sports i like to watch hockey and basketball! i also like to watch the winter x games each year


Parents Anonymous 181773[Reply]

What's your relationship with your parents like?

Anonymous 181794


I hate my father. With mom it's a bit better but she can often be overbearing, however I guess she doesn't mean anything bad by it and that's how she is. I do start feeling bad when I'm around her for an extended period of time but I guess it's just because we're too different and we're not the kind of people to fit each other well when it comes to mother-daughter relationships. I often get along better with other women her age and feel like we could be more fitting as mother and daughter for each other

Anonymous 181796

Positive, I like both of them and they will always help me if I need it.

Anonymous 181797

my parents are still married after 40 years and my mom has been dealing with severe ongoing mental health issues. She seems to be pulling out of it but we have a deeply damaged relationship due to her inability to be better.

Dad is pretty alright. I told him I would support him emotionally if he left mom but he said “till death do us part means something.” He will literally never leave her no matter how bad it gets because he knows she would end up on the street without him.

I’m jelly of my mom for finding a good man who supports her no matter what and I love my dad for being a good man. But I’m still salty at my mom for being fucking crazy and mad at my dad for choosing her over me.

Anonymous 181801

Lol ur being too paranoid anon


Roblox Anonymous 178001[Reply]

Does anyone here play Roblox?
What are your favorite games?
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Anonymous 181389

I liked playing cheese escape but it was mostly my friend guiding me or I would die instantly. I'm bad at video games even the ones like roblox…

Anonymous 181574


Anonymous 181616

I hate those mobile simulator games but when I had an Xbox I’d play Roblox and I’d play their like digging simulator where you dig just to get gems to get more items to dig deeper and faster and I would be like a zombie. Imagine the kids these days playing those games

Anonymous 181632


Anonymous 181701


Cart games
They're a huge time waster and I can just sit there and be upset for hours until I get to the end and ruin it for everyone else


Anonymous 180962[Reply]

I lied about several things on my CV and I have a job interview an hour from now
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Anonymous 181329

I do actually have a degree, I just lied about having experience with certain things that I'm going to be working with.

Anonymous 181626

>they still fired her two days later
It has zero logic, she was completely competent for years and suddenly she isn’t?
I can’t comprehend it, I hope people who made this decision burn alive

Anonymous 181656

Doesnt sound real. Unless its a licensing thing i know of no company that would do this

Anonymous 181675

Do you mean trivial obfuscation and exaggerating? If so, that's not the same as lying and if anything is required to get a job these days. You will always get filtered out if you don't.

Anonymous 181695

Though it wasn't directly teaching, it was academia and they put a lot of stock into which college you went to and what degrees you have. The whole thing was super stupid, them for firing her and her for admitting it and then doubling down, and it really just hammered home that if you lie, stick by it forever.


Extensions for this Site to help better navigate? Anonymous 181680[Reply]

I use 4chan x alot and it helps navigate stuff. Is there something similar to this site?

Anonymous 181683

4chan x works for cc too, just add the url in the settings

Anonymous 181684


Ty friend
Will try that

Anonymous 181687


Okay so I did it the way that the official extension told me to but it's not working for the entire image site. I don't think this website is supported by it, so i guess i'll have to wait.


So tired of how crazy cc is Anonymous 180705[Reply]

Can we just have nice comfy fun conversations on here for ONE DAY why does this place have to be overrun with loons??

I want to enjoy this place. I just want to enjoy this place so bad!
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Anonymous 180775

You just described typical cc user.

Anonymous 180777

No this one time I saw these two girls bfs and they were both tall guys with tattoos and sunglasses on and then I was in the store and a guy who looked like that was kind of acting like he was with our group and hovering near us

Anonymous 180779

Where do all these shitty ww2 guns even come from is there a factory in America that makes them

Anonymous 181251

Does she still respond on discord? Where did she go?

Anonymous 181625

I love this cat in a hat


The dog of peace Anonymous 171328[Reply]

I hate pitbulls.
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Anonymous 179505

Both of my cats come when called, or did, the older one usually sits and meows now since she has dementia.

Anonymous 179994

I wish there wasn't such a push to have pitbulss adopted. That focus should be going towards cats, there's plenty of kitties that are old and sad and just need a home and somebody to love them. Cats are infinitely easier to take care of than dogs, there should be more emphasis put on cat adoption instead of this awful dog breed.

Anonymous 180600

the dog vs cat argument is fucking stupid. Even the most destructive cat can't cause as much damage as the least destructive dog. Cat piss can really fuck your carpet up but that's it.

the anon defending pitbulls is hilarious. you're more than welcome to your wrong opinion, i'll keep having a whole face and happy home because i don't have a genetically defeated monster running around in it trying to chew through my walls.

Anonymous 181504


Anonymous 181537

Ownership of dangerous breeds should only be allowed to police officers for work purposes


Women in STEM Anonymous 179822[Reply]

I work as a programmer and the last time I saw another female programmer was all the way back in uni. Where did they all go? In every single job that I had so far I was the only woman in there. My coworkers have been nice so far but it feels kinda awkward.
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Anonymous 181462

>the AGP kind
That's all of them. There was a study done that showed something like 98% of MTF trannies have AGP. It was suppressed because of how politically incorrect it was.

Anonymous 181472

WOW that's nuts. I suppose I've never actually seen an HSTS, but something about thai ladyboys strikes me as way less offputting than the sort of balding moid who ends up flashing you in computer science.

I do actually still get students like that but at least there's respite in knowing I won't see them next semester. There's one who constantly wears these like flea market floor-length dresses with massive v necks. They're obviously meant to be layered but he doesn't layer them but the fact that he's a man makes him somehow get away with literally flashing nip at people. I swear he left the toilet seat up in the women's bathroom once. Once he was just aggressively twirling his dress while standing next to me while I fixed some shit on his computer.

Anonymous 181477

Thank Jesus fuck I live in a third world shithole and don't have to deal with trannies in compsci.

Anonymous 181498

Are HSTS supposed to be better or something? A tranny is a tranny.

Anonymous 181500

Well at the very least an HSTS wouldn't be interested in sexually assaulting women. They hate women in other ways though, they are still moids and their failure to be a normal dude makes them crazy.


truck thread Anonymous 181012[Reply]

post trucks
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Anonymous 181395


Anonymous 181440

Literally no truck sold today is that size

Anonymous 181443


ford maverick

Anonymous 181457

Wanted a Maverick but the dealers did their scummy shit and they were too expensive to justify.

Anonymous 181459

No like, the dealers went way over the MSRP on the Maverick. Ford themselves even confirmed this.

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