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Anonymous 63855[Reply]

If sexbots became available in your lifetime, would you get one?

How realistic would it have to be? Totally human in looks? Sentient or just capable of giving an illusion of it (like a chatbot)?

Would robot bfs be a solution for femcels? A robot will never reject you, abuse you, watch porn, believe women are inferior, cheat on you etc.
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Anonymous 64140

Warframes aren't robots, they're meat puppets.

Exactly, female dolls still sell because it's the guy doing all the work. But with a male doll all you could do is cowgirl, and they're seriously heavy.

It's pretty much my number one fantasy to have a robot boyfriend but there's no way it's happening in my lifetime… I wonder if even full sensory vr could happen in my lifetime.

Anonymous 64145

VR sickness is like sea sickness, it goes away with more exposure.

Anonymous 64146


I want my android to look like a kpop boy. He doesn't have to be sentient, he just needs to be loyal and innocent. I also wouldn't mind if he was a bit dumb. He could just be a house-robot or smth. It would be cute if he was into gardening. We could have conversations about plants, you know. Just domestic stuff. I would introduce him to my family and we could eat dinner together. At night he would fuck me with his huge robot dick.

Anonymous 64159

I think his leg is broken.

Anonymous 65279

Where have you been all my life?


boba thread Anonymous 65182[Reply]

what is the best flavor and why is it taro?
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Anonymous 65213


Boba? You're being the times. Whipped coffee seems to be the new craze.

Anonymous 65215

It's taro because it's the prettiest color and has a delicious more-vanilla-than-vanilla taste.

Needs coffee jelly cubes at the bottom.

Anonymous 65219

Based tarochad

Anonymous 65266


Taro is definitely top tier. I like the original milk tea flavour and watermelon/mango slush as well. When I get bubble tea I usually just get a simple green or black tea with green apple or lychee flavour. I started preferring to get the coconut jelly instead of tapioca pearls in my drink now.

I don’t find it overrated but it’s way too expensive at most stores near me. There’s no way I’m paying $7-8 for a drink. There’s a few stalls I know where it’s $3 that I go to if I’m in the area.

Anonymous 65267

I prefer fruity tea over milk tea
Lychee green/black tea with pearls is my go to


Anonymous 65230[Reply]

I need to get this out of my chest:

I love this site so much. About 10 years ago my former main imageboard was shut down. That place was my internet home I'd browse it fors hours end discussing with other anons, reading threads, laugh at the funny stuff people have written and just feel at peace.

Ever since that site got shut down I felt lost. All imageboards just either became toxic as hell or were completely infested by normies to the point I didn't feel welcomed anymore.

This site takes me back to the good old days of imageboards. When they were still more underground and a place for outcasts to discuss all kinds of things. It's comfy, a bit slow, place where I get to read thoughts of interesting, smart and funny fellow anons. And this time they are my sisters too! I am so happy to be home again.

Thank you so much for creating this site, admin. You have all of my appreciation. Keep up the good work.

I love you all.

Anonymous 65236

What was tour favoritos, board, OP?


Anonymous 64696[Reply]

Whats it like to be at a party (with young people and alcohol)? Should i engage in one while im still young or do i have nothing to gain from it and its just normies mindlessly fucking around?
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Anonymous 65179

It pretty much a bunch of people standing and sitting around getting drunk and trying to fuck each other

If you want to fuck it's nice,of you want to get drunk it's nice
If you want anything else it's a waste of time

Anonymous 65185

> an opportunity to get free drinks, drugs and food
Which is why you should try going at least once. Bonus points if the host has a cute pet you can hang out with.

Anonymous 65188

>be cool and snort coke

Anonymous 65210

>recommending clean people to do coke
Just stop giving advice, for the rest of your life

Anonymous 65229

It’s only fun if you’re sociable and easygoing. Otherwise, you’ll feel like an outcast or simply won’t enjoy it as much.


From Woman to man to redpill Anonymous 5106[Reply]

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Anonymous 5120

I know alot of men that are super considerate and never belittle me. Is it common for Ftm to think they have to do this to be 'men'? I think they're misinterpreting a part of masculinity, sure it's masculine to be strong, but it's also a masculine trait to be considerate and listen to everybody.>>5116

Anonymous 5479

What're you fucking stupid? Masculine to listen to everybody? This is why FTM hate women, you chronically have no idea what you're talking about, but as long as it's nice, it's good enough for you.

Anonymous 5507

Toxic masculinity everyone.

Anonymous 5732

>but it's also a masculine trait to be considerate and listen to everybody
Being descriptive and comparative about it, that's a feminine trait.

Treating "masculine" as a synonym for “thing I like” has trade offs. It succeeds in making men do what you want without incurring any expectations yourself, but it almost necessarily makes femininity lesser in comparison. When "masculine" means "doing stuff I like", and masculinity is spectrally opposed with femininity, "feminine" eventually comes to mean "doing stuff I don't like".

Sage because clickbait article in OP.

Anonymous 65212

ftm are just women stuck in the "not like other girls" phase and desperate for male validation (usually combined with fetishizing gay men). like all transgender, they are deeply mentally ill and their opinions about anything are worthless by default.


Bump this thread every time you visit for the FIRST TIME today! Anonymous 31485[Reply]

Let's have at it, CC.
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Anonymous 65151


Anonymous 65153


First meal of the day at 4 pm.

Anonymous 65156


Anonymous 65157


Anonymous 65163



Anonymous 14618[Reply]

Have you ever done something evil?

Something minor you consider evil, something major others would, just anything that can be considered evil in any way. What was it? Do you regret it? Were there consequences? How do you cope with it?

Posting this thread on /b/ instead of /feels/ so we can keep the discussion interesting and broad, not focusing solely on feelings.
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Anonymous 65113

Turns out it got out a lot and killed a lot
Killed lot of birds and small mammals around our house, got into a neighbours yard and killed some chickens
My brothers bird was just the last straw apparently

Except I don't feel bad for anything I've done
No point seeing one realistically if I'm just going to tell them "Yeah I feel great"

Maybe? If so no one in the family has actually shown any signs of it
Even me hasn't externally shown any sociopathic behaviour that has been noticed by others.


Well Australian but yes, no fbi, no Chris handson and an age of consent of 16
That said I may have gone below 16 in some cases.

Anonymous 65128

You should think of it as a favor to society. Maybe getting the professional help that you need will help you understand your behavior better and stop it before someone gets hurt again.

Anonymous 65132

When I went through an edgy vampire phase when I was like 10, I held down my 8 year old sister and 'bit' her neck for minutes on end, and I think I humped her at the same time because it felt great. I didn't remember it until recently, but I think I molested her. I brought it up recently to apologise, and she cried. I feel like a fucking monster, what the hell is wrong with me?

Anonymous 65133

Except I don't care if other people get hurt
I really only care about myself and a handful of people
I don't care if anyone else dies or gets hurt

Anonymous 65141

That's the point. You go so the professional will help you see that this way of thinking needs to be fixed. Not to get you to care, to get you to stop committing objectively harmful behavior.


showerthoughts Anonymous 11307[Reply]

Showerthoughts thread, post any random things you're thinking about
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Anonymous 54762

You shouldn't be so hard on yourself.
I'll bet you're beautiful <3

Anonymous 62576

sleep is dumb as hell man i don't like having to do it. if it were a choice that would cash but it ain't and so i suffer

Anonymous 65115

A birth certificate isn't just about a piece of paper. Its the experiences you felt in life. The impression on you leave on the people and the world.

Anonymous 65116

what? are you retarded?
a birth certificate is just an offical document verifying when you were born, it has no metaphorical meaning beyond that??? People live alternate lives under different names or are born in war torn countries and never get birth certificates, they are remembered purely as the impression they leave and these identities.

Anonymous 65120

No shit
I was making fun of instagramhoes #WOKE


Anonymous 64926[Reply]

Who else here looks like a tranny?
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Anonymous 65088

Have you ever considered going for a more "womanly" look over girly?

Anonymous 65095

Nothing helps. To add to my wide frame and height, I build and maintain muscle easily, so unless I starve myself and let everything atrophy, I'm always going to look chunky and masculine, despite my wide hips and thinner waist.

Anonymous 65100

You could always go for the "elf goddess" look. Tall and androgynous, like Debicki.

Anonymous 65105


She's very feminine in my opinion and I'd love to look like her. If only it was easier to accept what we already have instead of wishing we were someone else…

Anonymous 65107

Notice the cuts on the waist of her dress, anon. She's only as feminine as she makes it appear. You should take a leaf from her book.


Jadedness Anonymous 65073[Reply]

How does one escape jadedness? I have had a somewhat rough life, filled with pedophilia, rape, and a cult-like upbringing. My current boyfriend thinks I'm super jaded and wishes I weren't because it affects our relationship (I struggle with trust issues). But all I really know is evil, it feels, particularly in the form of actions that tend to be most perpetuated by men.

I understand reality is shitty, but I also understand that doesn't mean I have to let that fact make me feel terrible all the time. I mean, not even all of reality is a negative experience, it just tends to be negative for me, and likely/partly because of my choices.

I was wondering how the rest of you deal with jadedness. It looks like I'm just a bitter hag.

Anonymous 65076

Reality is shitty though. The things you mention happen all the time to women. Your bf sounds kinda dumb tbh

Anonymous 65089

Not OP but doesn't that finally destroy you?

Anonymous 65091

No. It makes you. Experience should be taken any day over knowledge. Just remember to enjoy yourself, and not put away what makes you happy.

Anonymous 65101

I'm OP and I feel like I've done this. I haven't gotten over it. I hate how the world is. What I see on the internet and offline is more similar than dissimilar, by which I mean, you hear any gaggle of men talking and it's similar to /b/, at least where I'm from. Even though my boyfriend hasn't betrayed me significantly or done things to me other men have done, I can't seem to switch off that suspicion, try as I might. It seems like the game is to win my trust so then it can be exploited.

I don't even care if I get raped or beaten. I want pure fully disclosed honesty.

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