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Hypothetical scenario and legal question Anonymous 22682[Reply]

There is a terminally ill person on their deathbed. They're declared to be dying and dead within a few hours and their family is saying their final goodbyes.

Now you assault this person by punching them square in the face. You let them have it with everything you've got.

They die of their cancer not long later. Could you be charged with assault if the victim no longer exists and didn't die by your hands?

Or if you assaulted a stranger on the street and the police were called but then 10 minutes later the man is hit by a car and it kills him, does the crime vanish when there is no longer a victim?

Not from a moral standpoint, just do you think you could get away with this in your country?
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Anonymous 27355

Citizens are property of the state. Damage the goods and they come after you – just less than if you would have killed them.

Anonymous 27394

What kind of question is this. To assault someone is illegal in the circumstances you have described. Doesn't matter if they are alive or not afterwards, the law is concerned with the previous context, the process and the instant results. Doesn't matter that they die afterwards.

Anonymous 27395

Yes, because you're bringing additional unnecessary pain. It's the same moral reason of why people try to find the most humane death penalty options. What would be more interesting morally is stealing from them, given they have no will or heirs or whatever.

Anonymous 27399


I made this thread because I wanted to punch my mom in her face on her deathbed after everything that has happened. We don't speak.

It wouldn't be worth it to get into trouble though, my criminal record is squeaky clean. Case closed.

Anonymous 27524

It's not the victim that gives cause for criminal prosecution. You're thinking of a civil lawsuit. In criminal law, all that counts is criminal action and criminal intent.


Anonymous 14578[Reply]

I've been diagnosed with cancer. I'm afraid that I won't be able to afford treatment. I don't have anyone to ask for help. What do?
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Anonymous 14686

Have you gone for a checkup on what stage it is? If you know what stage I can recommend what to look out for when it comes to clinicians and cheaper treatment.
T. Hospital worker

Anonymous 27266

Bumping this. Is anon still alive, do you think?

Anonymous 27442

Where do you live? If you're in the U.S. GET OUT NOW. Start a gofundme or try to find a rich guy if you have poor parents. Don't just give up though, keep updating us please!

Anonymous 27511

Make a bucket list.

Anonymous 27513

If you're completely desperate look up "snake diet" on youtube. Apparently Cole has helped people with cancer. And hey, not eating is free. If you're gonna die anyways why not try?


Well? Anonymous 26532[Reply]

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Anonymous 26749

>he will return to me because of my job prospects
So this is what they tell women to have them go through school, get a job and pay taxes eh. Actually kekked out loud.

To get fucked all you have to do is look passable and spread your legs, passable meaning more or less depending on horniness of partner and alcohol in his system.

To keep a man and possibly have a real relationship you actually have to be sweet and understanding besides looking passable. That's something that I find is the result of your outlook on life, your goals and so on.
I personally find that the "wants to take care of small creatures" trait is a good example of the above and quite attractive on its own, provided it doesn't become for example an obsession for pets.

Anonymous 26775

>he thinks I don't have a fetish for caring for cute "bottom-of-the-barrel" men
Thanks for your advice, anyway. I do have basic survival skills (can sew basic stitches and cook spaghetti), although I probably should work on those more. Since I'll be doing everything.


Damn, you're right.

I mean, I also value my financial independence. Even if I didn't desire a househusband I'd still prefer making a comfy living to leeching off of the government. Wageslave insults be damned.

And does wanting to take care of a small man count as wanting to care for a small creature?

On a side note, mods sure are slow to ban you guys, aren't they?

Anonymous 26862

I'm going to half-ass a psychological explanation and venture to say you're conflating motherhood with having a partner. I mean, there WILL be instances in which you will have to be motherly to a man, but it shouldn't be the primary drive in the relationship. Taking care of someone who's perfectly capable of doing so on his own will get boring quickly and then you'll start to resent him as a burden.

Not only that, but he'll start to hate the arrangement, too! Men have to at least pretend they're doing something to extend their dominion in the world, otherwise they feel useless, deprived of their purpose.
And I can just see a such a guy quickly turning into this >>26788

>Even if I didn't desire a househusband

I wonder if this is what you feel you deserve, rather than a genuine wish.

Fair point about financial indepence but as a final note that is the LEAST factor a man is looking for. Don't bet all your cards on that, it's absolutely the worst strategy. If a guy actually loves he will do whatever it takes to make it work financially.

Anonymous 26866

I doubt that's the only type of man who would accept this type of relationship. I've known a couple irl with this sort of dynamic and he was a decent average guy. Kind of goofy and slow, but that's endearing.
I could also add that although full support is preferable, I'd be fine just earning more than him. I'm a bit realistic.


Maybe fetish wasn't the right word, but it would be most fulfilling to me. I'd hate to be the one provided for, I'd rather kms.

I doubt it would annoy me if he's cute, enjoys spending time with me, and puts out. I would prefer someone who at least helps out a little with the housework if I'm earning more though.
I'm also not stopping him from having hobbies lmao. Say I marry an artist or musician; he can freely do his work, put something out into society, and not worry about money. That would make me very happy (plus I enjoy the arts myself as a hobby).

>think it's what you deserve

I'm assuming you're hitting the "low self esteem" angle rather than the entitlement one (since I know I'm not entitled to a househusband, or any man at all).
It is genuinely what I want, don't worry. I'm a bit of a generous person with my friends too. I enjoy showing love this way.

Anonymous 26868

>Say I marry an artist or musician; he can freely do his work, put something out into society
That's more like it. I guess it can work as long as you both believe what he's doing is important.

>I'm assuming you're hitting the "low self esteem" angle rather than the entitlement one (since I know I'm not entitled to a househusband, or any man at all).

That is what I implied although I meant no offense, I've had some weird thoughts too when I thought how I could lower my own standards.

Good luck.


crush thread Anonymous 26570[Reply]

tell us/gush about your crush!

anything - be it just an exchange you two had, a whole story of how you two met/started liking eachother, a bit about them? do they like you back? whatever!

i'll go first - i really like this guy whos nicer than anyone else i've met. he has blonde hair and a very cute grin and glasses. he walked up to me and told me i seemed lonely and he made me feel so welcome around others. we've had a few brief conversations and he's exactly my type. i don't know if he likes me back or not for sure but we've exchanged a few heart emojis. the first time he sent me one i thought it was a mistake and ignored it (whoops) but he walked up to the glass of a room i was in and made a heart at me through the glass, and that's the most romantic thing i've ever experienced. (yes i have never had bf)

your turn!!
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Anonymous 26819

Lust for results never bears fruit. I think you need a break from the "dating scene" for a while.
You should realize that relationships aren't about "muh dick" and rather the male/female mastermind union.
Utilizing sex for anything other than purely procreative means is by default degenerate. The greatest intellectual geniuses in both ancient and modern times lead continent lives, and there is yet to be recorded one individual who freely expended seminal fluid who ever amounted to anything. The truth is that sexual energy is really just human creative energy with no place to go - it finds an outlet in the reproductive form. A man who has mastered the art of transmuting sexual energy into creative energy is unstoppable. The male libido is superior simply because his creative potential is superior. All amatory desire is pure delirium stemming from a mismanagement of his boundless creative energy. Imagine if you could harness the unrelenting power of your sexual desire and channel it into more productive means.

When you are not willfully utilizing this energy and in idle, it is instantly transmuted to the more biological forms of creativity, which of course have been ruthlessly exploited by modern society. This is why idleness is the devil’s workshop. Instead of watching passive forms of entertainment (vidya, tv shows, etc.), entertain yourself by actually accomplishing something.>>26810

Anonymous 27074

Updating this to say that tonight I told him I had a crush on him and asked him to go on a date with me. He said yes, he thinks a real date would be fun and he wants to get to know me better! We're both not looking for anything serious atm because we have some other priorities in our lives, but we're definitely going to date and see where things go

Anonymous 27079

I posted on the vent thread, but my crush, without going into specific details, is tall, buff/fat (I look past this, I really do) and a smart lad. He's got a deep voice and nice lips I want to smooch. A bit sassy, but it's very much appreciated. We actually met on Tinder, but had mutual friends and started hanging out more due to another friend's recommendation. Like I said in the thread, I was going through a breakup and thus never really thought much of him as a romantic interest.

We hung out in a group on Canada Day and he gave me the most intense stare as I was eaving. Asdfghjkl. I think I just looked away.
I got to know him better this summer and really got to stare at him and realized he was cute. We kept hanging out in a group with my other friend on campus and only this week have I realized I like him.
To be honest, I wasn't sure if he thought of me as a friend or if he even liked me as a person, especially start of this term. He would just act awkward and not respond to texts, but according to my friend, he was just unsure how to act. I don't know where I'm going with this.

A caveat is that he's decent friends with my ex, who ignores my complete existence.

Anonymous 27244

Ok, I went to a poster presentation of his, talked to him and asked him questions about his research, then asked him to get TEA with ME. He said sure with a smile, and he had to pack up, I to class. I said "let's talk about tea later!" which he responded with "Yes, but go to class."

Fast forward 3 hours, he's in the same small office I am in, alone, TOGETHER, and he hasn't said anything.


Anonymous 27446

There are lots of creative people that have had sex anon, attractive people who have sex the most tend to also be the most talented. Don't buy into the celibacy = creativity meme.


Pollinate the Soul Anonymous 27141[Reply]

Too often what starts out as a true grassroots movement ends up infliltrated, subverted and uprooted so that mankind cannot climb closer to a golden age and utopia. This isn't anything new to most jaded political types, but one such uprooting is both widely unknown and possibly the most tragic event of the 20th century.

National Florism was a prominent idealogy that some might say gave birth to environmentalism and fascism. Actually, most environmentalism is a capitalist bandaid to appease the national florists from realizing their radical goals. Fascism and national socialism was a subversive maneuver by the powers that be to tear apart National Florism from the inside. Blood and Soil? It was called Soil and Soil for a time. Hitler's lite environmentalism and vegetarianism were also simple bandaids and social posturing to keep the people complacent after their movement was stolen. And because of this man's actions many innocents died all in the name of us letting weeds run amok in our gardens.

At America's foundations lay Jefferson's "Note on the State of Virginia", Jefferson in his great foresight envisioned a country where all - from the lowest smallholder to holder of the highest office in the land - would be at one with nature. He saw indeed with his mind's eye the great torment that would be done on America's landscape via pollution, via overcrowding, via the pillaging of nature's bounty as already was happening in Europe. Were it not for the intervention of Hamilton's capitalist ideals, ones where it is not the interconnectedness of life that matters but the way to best exploit your fellow man for profit, we would all be living in a National Florist society today. Indeed, it would be our shining beacon on the hill guiding humanity to a better, more sustainable and more peaceful future. Instead, we are left with a free market - worshipped by many - which cannot and will not absolve or cleanse itself of its moral responsibility for having robbed us, our children and grandchildren, of the beautiful vistas of the Andes and Great Lakes, of our right to clean air - and clean water, lest Flint be forgotten - and a world where we need not worry about tomorrow, for in Jefferson's world, we would all be able to rely on one another just as nature intended.

A national florist state would be simple. A flowerbed on every roof, next to every side walk, in every park, school and hospital, until we reach utopia. All criminals would be puPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 27324


I am an eco-fascist/NatSoc already. You shouldn't get distracted by how beautiful flowers are, other plants and animals play vital roles in the environment as well.

Incentivize the population to tend to plants and animals, not threaten them. Obviously child molesters and serial killers should be punished more harshly for their antisocial behavior.
Seeds as currency is also dumb. Bees aren't as important as you think in the Americas, they're actually an invasive species that has caused the decline in other pollinating populations. Like I said, don't get distracted with only nature you see as "pretty". Jefferson in his "Note on the State of Virginia" also said that honeybees aren't native to the Americas, and that Indians called them "the white man's fly".

Also, Jefferson in his "Note on the state of Virginia" called non-whites subhuman. You should be aware that the eco movement has its roots in white nationalism/traditionalism, with Hitler being one of the first to enact laws to protect endangered species and start national parks. Not that that's a bad thing, blood and soil is a love for your people as well as their habitat.

Foreign lobbyists.

Anonymous 27337

International conflicts of interest

Anonymous 27347

Thread about flowers and politics lacks Leslie Knope .gifs


Anonymous 27370


>tfw the world is America and nothing else
>non-American is foreign



Anonymous 27410

Well OP was talking about Thomas Jefferson, so I assumed she was American.


Sometimes I wonder... Anonymous 27384[Reply]

Where come ideas from? Are we projectors from other reality? That would mean that, somewhere out there, those places exist, right?
Somebody or something is feeding all these sensations and information? Could be, specially since we are so irrational sometimes.
Or we just use information from reality and twist it to our needs? But then we would be a lot more rational, I think, because no emotion would be present on us.

Where come emotions from? Are they some kind of chemical reaction in our brains? If that was so we would take pills and our depression would go, just like a cold.
Are they something more? Something we can't even comprehend yet? Good sleeping will improve your mood a lot more than pills. This is proven. Why? Dreaming is what keeps our souls together?

Sometimes I wonder why we know so little about the most important stuff.

Anonymous 27385

check out the book "my big toe" it changed my life like evangelion did


Anonymous 27407

Hello Jared Loughner


UNI THREAD Anonymous 26616[Reply]

are uni threads allowed on here? mods delet if no

post your uni and see if anyone else goes, maybe make some frens

I'll start. I go to KEELE university
30 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 26879

Leeds University.

I miss visiting Stoke

Anonymous 26913

I study in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Anonymous 26914

Anonymous 27284

>why would you go through the trouble not to tell yourself the people around you are rude?

It's not difficult to justify people's behaviors. Just ask yourself what might make you act as they did, takes a second.

>supporting an optimistic world view makes you a man
Does it hurt at night to be as negative as you?

Anonymous 27290

funniest post on ruby.eatery

images (47).jpeg

Anonymous 27218[Reply]

He did not contain a single drop of blood; his heart was the size of a peppercorn; his lungs corroded; his intestines rotten and gangrenous; he had a single testicle, black as coal, and his head was full of water.”

Anonymous 27219


Better him than Bourbon.

Anonymous 27256

Yess I love reading about this guy. Does anyone knows of a good docu about him?


Anonymous 27226[Reply]

Any anons affected by Brexit? What are your opinions about it? It sure looks like it will be an important point of history.

Anonymous 27230

I wish Britain just up and left when the referendum hit.
It would actually shake things up, instead their government is desperate to keep up appearances while all they do is surrender all of the UK's privileges while taking on all of the responsibilities and limitations.
It's honestly horrifying.
t. EU anon

Anonymous 27248

Brexit is a shambles which will probably have more negative consequences than pros, but I'm kind of happy it happened. It's an outcry from the British people in an age of governments and parliaments doing fucking nothing and just blaming other things. It's infantile but at least they were forced to listen to us once I guess.

As >>27230 said they're handling it terribly by not just leaving and instead trying to please everybody.

t. England anon

Anonymous 27255

I'll be looking for a job during brexit, but I'm not eu so hopefully it doesn't affect me much. My bf is eu, so far it seems like he'll have no problem staying.

I don't think we'll really see much effect for a few years, besides maybe the pound falling (maybe even parity with the euro?) and some more politicians resigning, maybe an election.

IMAG0459 (2).jpg

Anonymous 26872[Reply]

Is strawberry and cream the ultimate best tea flavor?
37 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 27166

Is the dessert tea keeping you from the real deal fatty treats?

Anonymous 27171

I never tried this before, and this is great thank you

Anonymous 27184


I'm not even Bri'ish but this is so fucking good. I'm having one cup every morning and it gently warmy wakes you up while also being actually nutritious thanks to the milk so it substitutes breakfast

Anonymous 27197

Anonymous 27198

good choice

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