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Anonymous 68205[Reply]

i dont like my voice its too high
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Anonymous 72623

I hate my accent. It's idiosyncratic. Every fucking time I meet someone new the following happens:

>Them: Where are you from?

>Me: [Country]
>Them: But you don't sound like you are from there. You sound American.
>Me: [Makes up a lame excuse about traveling a lot].
>Them: Oh wait, yeah you do sound like you are from [Country].

Can people not wait 1 minute before commenting? Every fucking time. And I don't even sound American, Americans know I'm not one of them.

Anonymous 72629


Anonymous 72630

same fam. apparently i sound like a 10 year old girl. most people gush over it, and i get weird attention from guys with lolicon complexes, but some people think i'm faking my voice.

i've started doing vocal exercises including breathing more deeply and speaking from my stomach. i just started a few days ago but am already seeing results. problem is i have to do it consciously. i think i can go from a 10 year old girl to at least a 14 year old.

Anonymous 72632

Close, Scotland. My parents come from a part with a particular accent that isn't well known. I can't tell how much of my problem is me having a Scottish accent that people aren't used to or me having completely my own accent from trying to avoid my parent's accent.

When I was younger I used to get English instead of American which was marginally better I guess. I've been tempted for a while to make up a story and pretend one of my parents is American or something.

Anonymous 72633

My voice sounds retarded. I don't know how to explain it but I absolutely hate it. I have an accent from learning french as a kid. But it's not a nice accent, it just makes me sound like a have brain problems.
At least my bf thinks it's normal. But other people have made fun of it in the past. It also gets extremely high pitched when I get in an argument and my family constantly gives me shit for it. I hate that it's something you can't actively control or even notice since your voice sounds different to yourself.


Anonymous 71547[Reply]

>lesbos had the same polycule culture as troons do before they became mainstream
How does this make you feel?
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Anonymous 72271

honestly it's probably necessary just to keep their sex lives active. 'Lesbian bed death' is a known thing that happens in long term lesbian relationships.

Anonymous 72274

>"And in this world of women, intimacy was currency."
Is it just me, or does that quote make a world without men seem that much more cozy?

Anonymous 72275

Sounds cozy but the reality is intimacy has always been able to be used as currency. Japan has pretend boyfriends, pretend girlfriends, host clubs, etc.

Anonymous 72599

communes are a bit different from transbian polycules; this is more like what hippie free-love straight people tried to do in the 60s than what transbians do today. a better precedent for transbian behavior is what gay men used to be like when they were more fringe than they are now.

Anonymous 72602

Because of the conspiracy in academia to keep alternate, non-left viewpoints down.
Trannies have successfully convinced everyone that questioning their movement is on par with being a Neo-Nazi. Doing serious research into transgender issues is like doing research into eugenics: unsupported and career-ending. That's why no one wants to dig up anything that might implicate this movement. And this goes for sociology and medical biology alike.

sea turtle.jpg

Helping out the planet? 72533[Reply]

What are some small steps you're taking to help save the planet?

What I've been trying to do lately is cut down on red meat (cows pollute 23x more than an average car due to their farts causing methane gas).
And I cut up my plastic drinking straws into smaller pieces to help save the sea turtles. Watch this video and you'll definitely understand and want to cry:


Saving the planet is important, and if we can just take small steps everyday to help better our ecosystems, in just a decade we could have a healthier Earth.
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Anonymous 72559

I do everything in this thread already but these comments aren't wrong either.

Honestly, the best thing you can do for the planet is voting for the most green party.

Anonymous 72560

Contributing to the destruction of the CCP's regime and opposing corporatist legislation. Literally nothing any of us can do will save the environment while China and corporations dominate and control the vast majority of greenhouse gases emitted.

>but I have a re-usable tote bag and a steel straw! I must be saving the environment

You're literally doing less than nothing - you're actively giving money to China and corporations for lying to your face. They spend billions to promote the idea that "green" capitalism will fix everything - just buy all new replacements for everything you own. Got an old car? Buy a brand new electric car which is still powered by coal powerplants. And you eat that shit up because buying a super cute steel flask instead of water bottles is easier than becoming politically engaged.

You cannot solve the problems of unrestrained consumption with MORE consumption.

Anonymous 72561

This. Literally doing nothing is the most green you can be.

Anonymous 72562


Anonymous 72564

>Buy a brand new electric car which is still powered by coal powerplants

Coal is being decommissioned in the United States and replaced with natural gas, solar, and wind. Natural gas has already surpassed coal due to its comparative cleanliness and ready availability. Grid power will also contract as a whole over the next 50 years as shrinking battery prices make home solar installations more widespread. Unlike the straw bullshit, converting the United States transportation system to electric is going to make a significant impact on emissions.

tinder hotwife.jpg

Thoughts on literal cucks? Anonymous 39978[Reply]

What do you think about literal cucks? As in guys that enjoy getting cheated on?

It seems to be turning into something so common and I have no idea how to feel about that.
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Anonymous 72511


>What do you think about literal cucks?
They're usually terrible human beings that push their partners to fuck people they're not comfortable with through emotional manipulation.

Anonymous 72512

1 year ago. A 1 fucking year old thread.

lock this shit up already.

Anonymous 72515

other anonette is right, necroing a year old thread? What the fuck man

Anonymous 72523

a lot of kinks are becoming trendy… same with "choking," ageplay/calling people daddy, kittenplay

i think it's based to think it's weird and mock it rather than trying to virtue signal as being ~so open minded~ shit's weird. i will gladly say it, lol.

Anonymous 72530

how tf is that woman 33…looks at least 10 years older!


Anonymous 70886[Reply]

Why does any online space with little to no moderation become majority male in demographic?


Anonymous 70888

Luciferian nature of porn industry aside, that reddit post is unironically communism. I shouldn't tell my boss what to produce, how to sell or who to hire, like what the hell?

Anonymous 70889


The coom brains will eventually flood any space with porn if there’s no real moderation.

Anonymous 72521

Men have never liked being told what to do. at least not by people who they haven't chosen to be able to command them. it is the scrote's nature to try and bend the world to his will every chance he gets and an authoritarian moderator stands in his way, so he flocks to areas of the internet with less resistance.

Anonymous 72522

>trans and genderqueer


How do I stop getting so easily upset about things? Anonymous 72356[Reply]

A friend jokingly called me a crybaby when introducing me to some of her other friends and it irked me enough that I kept internalizing why she would say that instead of taking the joke in stride and getting to know new people. Please help me become an unfeeling socializing machine.
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Anonymous 72427

Maybe just focus on spending your time with people one on one? Don't try and be someone you're not.

Anonymous 72430

Kys, life look like too hard for you

Anonymous 72437

Yeah, I kind of figured the only way to get better at the socialization game is to just suck it up and do it more often. Funnily enough I actually have a therapist that I see for generalized anxiety and he recommends pretty much the exact same thing you're saying for making friends.

I think I'm ok in one-on-one situations, but those aren't the only interactions life, right? Should I try and focus on one person when in group situations to make friends with? Maybe that way I won't have to try and interact with multiple people at once. Group dynamics make that hard sometimes though.

Anonymous 72441

Oh fuck off. People are allowed to have feelings.

Anonymous 72516

well it's a fairly standard and proven treatment for anxiety issues such as yours so it's no surprise you're getting that recommended to you. Sometimes you get given assertiveness training which helps if you're too agreeable, which seems likely from the way you describe things. In any case I'd bring it up to your therapist and discuss the possibility of getting it. Keep up your current work, doing well anonnette.


childhood dreams? Anonymous 72475[Reply]

tell me about yours, and maybe what you're doing now.

i wanted to be a character designer for games and cartoons. currently on track to become a bungling programmer.

Anonymous 72491

I wanted to make anime n stuff I guess or an otome game. The latter aint so hard I might be able to make one on the side as a hobby but I need to hire an artist better than I am. I only know how to draw backgrounds.


Crypto currency Anonymous 72006[Reply]

What type of crypto do you all own?
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Anonymous 72171

Switzerland has had 0 mass shootings and managed to remain neutral during 2 world wars. It also has less stabbings than the UK yet guns are legal. Just because the US sucks doesn't mean guns suck.

Anonymous 72173


>managed to remain neutral during 2 world wars

You do realise that it's so Switzerland could sell arms to both sides with limited spending? Their country is all money.

wew lad

Anonymous 72203

If the weak can't rely on the strong, then they need tools to make them bigger. But as long as a non-lethal alternative exists then the job of killing should be left to the professionals

Anonymous 72259

None of this is due to gun laws. There is not even a proven minor effect from it.

You are mentally castrated and insist on having what little power a normal person could get taken away. Self-defence is not even valid in most countries either. I don't know why you support your own slavery. You will take whatever nonsense is imposed on you and rationalise it as good or needed too. Mentally castrated by the state and media.

Anonymous 72471

BTC and ETH.


Merry Christmas Anonymous 72374[Reply]

Anonymous 72396


merry christmas


D 72238[Reply]

Judas died by suicide and his guts poured out from his annus like an explosion.

Upon Arius being proclaimed bishop of Constantinople (not ordained) they marched him in a procession where upon Arius died of his literal bowels blowing out of his annus.

You have been visited by St. Nicholas the based slapper.
You must reply with "Slap St. Nicholas, Slap!" and you may inherit true faith and dogma preserved in your soul unto eternity.
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D 72314


Gold for you anon.

Anonymous 72324

Slap St. Nicholas, Slap!

Anonymous 72335

Slap St. Nicholas, Slap

D 72344


Merry Christmas my friends.
St. Nicholas as but a newborn, was found standing for 3 days and 3 nights in his baptism. A sign of wonder and and conversation for many who saw. May the rivers of Christ's divine mercy and justice flow through your soul and veins all the days of your life. Stand firm in all good things. Hard ships of the earth may shake us, but the foundation of God's rock shall have us stand triumphant even in waters flowing.

Anonymous 72346

This but unironically
I will pray for all of you tonight!!

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