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Anonymous 138490[Reply]

Why is it that people waste so much energy on internet arguments? Don't get me wrong, I've spent hours involved with internet arguments too but in the end you're always sort of disapointed because you gain almost nothing from it and you just waste time. I guess sometimes you can expect to gain some interesting information of new perspective from it so you keep engaging but it is soooo tiring. Let's start an internet argument about internet arguments.
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Anonymous 138498

People need to be reminded that they are idiots.

Anonymous 138499

>Why is it that people waste so much energy on internet arguments?
Because there's no lose state. You mention never gaining anything from it, you never risk anything either.
>but muh time
The majority of people do not realize time is a valuable commodity until their midlife crisis.

Anonymous 138501

[Legion Infamy Gai…

there's a couple of different reasons, but they're usually either to save face for whatever side their arguing for, to act smug and condescending because of how "right" they are, or something like pic related

Anonymous 138505

I used to argue with people on the internet but yeah it's a waste of time and just pisses you off for no reason. Nowadays I'll just call someone a retard or a normie and leave.

Anonymous 138523

i pick my battles more these days but i still engage sometimes. its pretty easy to tell when someones going to be a waste of everyones time.


Terfposting #18 Anonymous 133749[Reply]

Previous threads:
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Anonymous 136170

You have no idea what "derailing" means. I'm in awe that you even manage to get a computer running.
This is a thread for shitting on troons, anything that is not shitting on troons is derailing this thread.
Give me one good reason for using this thread for radfem talk when we already have another thread for that. One good reason, or you're 100% a troon.

Anonymous 136171

You responded to two different people. Please take your quetiapine.

Anonymous 137426


I can't stand trannies I'm so happy I found this haven. I've been banned off of Twitter for calling out the disgusting shit trannies try to pass off as "being a woman".

Anonymous 137427

Could you find the more recent haven rather than bumping old thread plz?

Anonymous 138485

Yep. That's relateable.
Hated that I was becoming a girl, hated feeling forced into that "group", used binding as soon as I got tits.

Had I been born later I would have transitioned… The only reason Im happy I didn't is because I could never ever really had become a man.
I would have felt happy to pass and be socially accepted by fitting into gender norms visually…. and my lord would it have been easier to find mentors and not get metooed endlessly.

But… I would know I wasnt really a man, the sadness would probaly never fully leave. At least now Im not butchered or poisioned by science. Im intact.


Terfposting #15 Anonymous 118214[Reply]

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Anonymous 137874

What do you think about radfem troons? Other trannies hate them for not tolerating their pornsick delusions and call them TIRFs

Anonymous 137897

I think they're pick-mes/bootlickers. There might be a few radfems who pity them but most GC people hate them and consider them the same as all troons.

Anonymous 138020

According to my moidfriends they treat them like mutilated women.

Anonymous 138023

Cause troons aka deranged mutilated moids are a bunch of envious misogynists psychopaths that want to shove thenselves into females spaces don't matter what

Anonymous 138026

how is butchlesbians a handmaiden sub?


"INDIVIDUALS WITH A CERVIX" Anonymous 56382[Reply]

Why tf do i have to put up with crazy men pretending to be women again? I'm so sick of this "trans" stuff, if J.K Rowling can state this basic fact, so can I.
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Anonymous 56507

>INSTEAD of bashing trannies

Fuck no, trannybashing is the absolute shit. But we can talk about the HPV thing, too. You know who spreads HPV? Trannies, who will fuck literally anything that holds still long enough and consider monogamy a form of oppression. Never fuck a dude who's got pronouns.

Anonymous 56520



Anonymous 56521

>their whole movement is about accept their true selves
same is true for Christians… if you share their definition of true selfhood. thing is, unconditional acceptance doesn't exist. accepting one framework for how identity works means rejecting others. you can advocate for contradictory rights at the same time, but you can't implement them at the same time. either kids have agency and can consent to hormone therapy and they have the right to make independent decisions, or they don't have that kind of agency and they have the right to be protected. either trans women are biological women and they should to be treated as women in every way, or trans women are not biological women and they should be treated differently under certain circumstances.
inclusion doesn't mean abandoning all standards so everyone can feel equally valid, it means re-negotiating standards to be fairer.

Anonymous 56573


im all for tranny bashing but many have hpv now thats what the article is all about…
what should i do if i meet a cute guy but he had it once and tells me on a date … like wtf… he got it from a stacy years ago and she from a chad and chad from a tranny he hateraped.
What if the guy doesnt tell it, what if he doesnt even know it
what if i had it once and it lies now dorment but it cant be detected anymore ?

Anonymous 56586

No need to worry about it, chances are that you've inherited it, most of the population is infected lmao


Pretend to be birds Anonymous 136757[Reply]

My flock is preparing for the migratory flight soon. This is my first time flying such a long journey, I'm sort of nervous. Got any tips for first time migrators?
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Anonymous 137000

You have made yourself into an icon of majesty and plentifulness! You should be proud of the practical and gorgeous style you have achieved! If a lion can have a mane, then a pigeon can have bread.

Anonymous 137027


Hiss boo yoink honkhonk
You can have this chicken I stole from the dirty pub bouncer
Consider it a trolltoll honkhonk
Now stay away from my goslings honk!!

Anonymous 138351

3 am time to start screaming

Anonymous 138414

Ah, yes, I see you are a bird of culture as well.

Anonymous 138450

Don't skip neck day, you need that full body strength for the journey, not just wings.


how to make money if you are a hikikomori Anonymous 113883[Reply]

Im a 20 y.o social freak autistic depressed woman, I never worked before, spent the last 4 years locked up in my house
How can I raise money without falling into prostitution? also im not from USA so working at a mcdonalds or things like that arent an option
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Anonymous 138396


Anonymous 138399

I get that in this case it's relevant to the thread, but why do people care so much about Leonardo DiCaprio specifically when it comes to this topic? Does he have some special cultural significance I'm not aware of? Like how is he any different from George Clooney, or John Travolta or something?

Anonymous 138400

Anonymous 138405

The people to generate these types of models are young enough that Leonardo was still cute when they first saw him, as opposed to Clooney and co. who were around for earlier audiences who wouldn't make such analysis.

Anonymous 138419

well he's definitely different from travolta, because leo is heterosexual


Anonymous 136709[Reply]

Holy shit.
San Japan emailed me back finally, a month after my initial questions.

So they said they'll be changing their wording to make sure people understand 3rd party administered OR supervised tests count. So the drive through walgreens ones will work.
Also Guests and Staff have to follow the same rules, so that means if any of them test positive within 2 days, they can't attend the event. (points of consistency, but that also means there could be staffing issues, or last minute guest cancellations)

They also said they don't have a broad sweeping basis for how to handle people who pay for a badge, but then get a positive test right before the weekend, as it has to be on a case-by-case basis.

I'm assuming it's because if you travel down and then test positive when you arrive, you are more likely to get a refund since you're already losing a lot of money for travel, but I'm guessing if you test positive the week of the event they'll just try to roll the ticket over to next year. Pure speculation though.

Oh, and they said they only listed the vaccines their attendees mostly used, not the full list. Which is of course a lie, because virtually no one in the US has astra zeneca. So unless they have a large mexican attendance (which I guess they might) it's probably just that whoever was writing it literally didn't know about the other vaccines. But they said they'll add any new vaccines to be approved as soon as it happens, but I'm guessing they'll only add ones readily available in the US. So if you're waiting for Novavax, you might still make it.

Anonymous 138060


wow a local con. we should be frens

Anonymous 138350

bootycall for Darl…

I want to be Zero Two.


Wishlist Anonymous 136349[Reply]

Things you want to buy!

What do you currently have at the top of your wishlist ?

Anonymous 136351

s-l400 (1).jpg

Samefag. I just ordered this on ebay. It was on my list for a long time.. it's basically a vintage photo stockpile of gunkanjima.

Anonymous 136353

how much?

Anonymous 136355

$45 it's imported

Anonymous 136361

images (1).jpeg

Tea pearls


Anonymous 138308[Reply]

Post the weirdest image you have
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Anonymous 138317


Anonymous 138319


Anonymous 138323

brufords drumstick…

Anonymous 138327


Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 138349

Moved to >>>/img/17556.

frigging attention…

attention seeking Anonymous 137918[Reply]

Would you like to learn more about attention seeking and attention seekers?
Seems like a lot of people have misconceptions about us and it makes me sad. I don't wanna be malicious, it's just how I am and I don't wanna harm anybody
Are there any other attention seekers here? How are you holding up?
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Anonymous 138122

Unfortunately I can't even if I do need help which seems pretty doubtful
There are people who need help way more than me and I wouldn't wanna waste the time of the professionals who are likely not gonna take me seriously due to living in a country with pretty conservative attitude towards this kind of stuff
No problem, I'm glad my kind made you feel better!
I hope you'll be able to combat your delusions too, they seem like a very unpleasant thing to experience

Anonymous 138126

i think people dislike attention seekers out of jealousy and resentment because by putting themselves out there, they get validation first for something someone else may have put more effort into themselves. i used to feel this way about people who seek attention in when i was younger because i was painfully shy.

Anonymous 138130

I mean it depends. I get what you’re saying and i hated extroverted people who expressed their feelings, their achievements, and whatever else but now looking back that was not attention seeking. That was normal human interaction, and i was just a seething loser. It’s also normal for mistreated individuals or outcasts (i’m assuming like op) to think expressing emotions and thoughts is attention seeking. But if someone is actually doing things for the sake of attention seeking, thats where it hurts people and becomes a problem.

Anonymous 138153

To me it just looks kinda desperate. What are you overcompensating for? You pretend like you get something good out of it, but it's not going to challenge you, or make you stand out, it's looks like constantly gasping for air and getting no oxygen out of it. It reminds me of social media and desperately posting for views and likes. At least you acknowledge its a cope. You could get more from some other activity that isn't social media. In the end you just feel empty cruising for / obsessing over peoples feedback.

Anonymous 138289

Could be true. I can't say it's the motivation of every single person, but it seems to me it can be the case for some people.
There was one person who I think illustrates this well. I remember one person who also seemed to actually show attention-seeking patterns similar to some of mine, it confused other people but for me not really because I saw some parts of me in him. This person would either rage at me or seemingly trying to flirt with me and it seemed to be pretty random but I can kinda try to understand it, it seems to be that those moments of rage combined with his own attention seeking patterns at the same time were an act of jealousy, like "how could this dumb terrible person receive more attention than me, when I'm so smart and unrestrained and colorful and deserve more?!". It might be a stretch, but based on my observations it seems like I kinda understood him relatively well
Hm, I think most people actually call expressing your feelings/thoughts attention seeking, maybe when you or your feelings/thoughts don't fit certain standard to be acceptable, I still hasn't figured that out. I guess sometimes people call other things attention seeking, like I saw people call Zodiac Killer an attention seeker (if we assume he definitely existed then I don't feel like he was actually an attention seeker from the stuff we know about him, I just don't sense anything kindred in him)
I guess some attention seeking forms can be toxic and downright harmful but I don't think all of them are. I went to volunteer in animal shelter for attention and nobody seemed harm, animals were happy, the owner/maintainers did not say anything bad to me so if I hurt somebody I had no clue about it. I also try to popularize an obscure band I like for attention, post about it, recommend it to people who might have a chance of liking it. I also don't think it harms anybody, maybe people who find their music really unpleasant, but they can just turn their songs off, at most people will just find it annoying.
I guess there are more harmful forms of attention seeking but I don't think every form of attention seeking is harmful
>To me it just looks kinda despePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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