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Cool places found on google street view Anonymous 105316[Reply]

Anonymous 105317


Anonymous 105334

DSC02497 のコピー.JPG

Art mon zen kyoto

Anonymous 105336


Art mon zen kyoto

Anonymous 105343

Looked this up it's 16K projector called megastar class.
I now want to go to a planetarium


I caught a cold Anonymous 105079[Reply]

Not covid. Just a cold. It's annoying. Wat do when cold?

Anonymous 105099

I'm drinking tea mixed with honey…. let's hope it helps me… i hate having colds

Anonymous 105202

Drink plenty of warm lemon water, get plenty of rest if you can.

Anonymous 105339

Mary's nest and hollistichabits have a lot of recipes for colds, like golden milk, tomato soup and elderberry syrup :)


Anonymous 68269[Reply]

I wish I was their child.
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Anonymous 105163

Lol, the child they tried to adopt refused to be adopted by them

Anonymous 105164

yes, she was stunning as a teenager and had some work done quite early on that enhanced her look which most people think was her natural face. then she took it too far (especially with her ridiculous ass)

Anonymous 105165


>Number one she's Arm*nian.
lol what's wrong with armenians? Kim is only half to begin with and most armenians seem to hate her - it's not even something she really seems to acknowledge or care about.

Anonymous 105175

Yeah, as far as Kim cares she’s just a Californian. She has no connection to her Armenian side.

Anonymous 105313

she's visited there and posted about the armenian genocide a bunch of times

two women.png

Anonymous 18341[Reply]

What are you, tall or short? Or is it tol and smol?
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Anonymous 105288

Imagine raccoon sized men with little paws and fur and bandit eyes

Anonymous 105293

Im 5'4 pretty average

Anonymous 105299

I'm 172 cm, last time I checked. So like 5'7", or 5'8". I feel pretty tall, especially around other girls, though I guess I do wear heels quite a lot, (not big ones) so that bumps me up to around 5'9"ish? People I talk to online say it isn't tall, so i guess I'm just surrounded by manlets and womanlets, lol. I have a pretty lean looking frame and thats nice, as i do generally like leaner body types. But I'd rather be petite and small, bc that's cuter, and looks better in stuff like Lolita fashion.

Something cute on someone who's tall can feel a little out of place. Like Jojo Siwa or something. Also, the few guys I've crushed on were generally shorter anyway oof. So I don't know if the types of people I like would like me back, especially since some guys get buttmad about being short. I mean, some look weird, (mostly when they pack on lots of muscle) but not all.

Sorry, kinda derailed there. ^^'But I guess I would say I'm medium, or toll.

Anonymous 105300

Also really depends on your location.

Anonymous 105304

Hi. I'm from Germany. I have to say that the young people here are very tall. 6'2 is definetely not "incredibly tall". It's still a good height, but not rare to find among the guys here.


Virgin or non virgin Anonymous 104889[Reply]

The eternal debate: is it better to have a virgin partner? On one hand he's more "pure" and untouched. On the other he is more experienced and its proven some girl(or girls) like him enough to sleep with him.

Where do miners stand?
9 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 105234

Definitely Virgin. A blank canvas is important if you're not able to get off just by getting pumped and it helps to not have another persons influences getting in the way of your coaching. The younger the better too, men my age are fat, slow and too rough. Younger men, especially virgins, are fast but gentle and listen well. Best of both worlds.

Anonymous 105247

>dunno how it is for lesbians
about the same, but with a vagoo

Anonymous 105253

Femcel but if I had the chance virgin bf is preferred, non virgin is fine too as long as he wasn't a womanizer or coomer.

Anonymous 105260

Non-virgin who’s only slept with 3 women at most and only because he was in a committed relationship with them.

Casual sex disgusts me.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 105261

Moved to >>>/nsfw/5531.

Pepe Wojak canon b…

What are your thoughts on Pepe & Wojak? Anonymous 104726[Reply]

And do you consider Cece to be part of pepe-wojak canon?
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Anonymous 104868

Monster girl quest…

Is she friends with Pipi though?

Anonymous 105235


pope is a guy eho lives in rome

Anonymous 105236


What is she hiding?

Anonymous 105250

Cringe memes that were seized by the normies and ruined. Can't take wojak or pepe seriously anymore, as it conjures up images of zoomers who just discovered /pol/ and overuse "based, epic, poggers, kek".

Anonymous 105251

Cece is the Lizard. I was on CC for a year before I knew who the fuck she was, it seems like she recently experienced a spike usage the last few months. I opened up lolcow for the first time in forever and saw her there too.


Self Defence Anonymous 86486[Reply]

Hello miners. Do some of you carry weapons for your self defence? Guns? Pepper spray? Knives? Do some of you learn how to fight? Discuss self defence tips.
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Anonymous 105105

The best way to protect yourself against moids is avoiding moids altogether. A woman can never win in a fight against a man, unless you're a freak of nature high T female. If you don't live in burgerland you're not allowed to carry a gun. You can wound yourself with pepper spray if you don't know how to use it. Melee weapons are not meant for self defense.

Anonymous 105125

I want to learn Krav Maga, but as for now, I carry pepper gel and a stun gun. I attract a disproportionate amount of creeps, and I'm a 90 pound 5'1" girl, I'm not going out there without something to defend myself.

Anonymous 105130


My little brother taught me how to put on an (I think it's called) guillotine standing choke because he wanted me to know how to defend myself. He told me to knee in the gut or crotch any creepy asshole that gets too close for comfort and then put one of these on.

He even insisted I train putting him in it (he wore like two towels in his groin lol) until he thought I was doing it properly. I can't tell if he was exaggerating but he told me if I didn't break the hold when he'd tap he was moments away from blacking out.

I can't explain exactly how to put someone in this hold, I personally needed to see it being done and then do it myself, but I don't think any of you would be worse off if you knew how to do it, so look up how to YouTube vids of something that looks like pic related.

Anonymous 105179

>I want to learn Krav Maga
Hope this doesn't sound mean but what makes you certain it will be useful? Sometimes I see cool female self-defense stuff but it's always a tall woman and I feel kind of hopeless at 5'0" 105lb. I don't just mean having a full fight with someone, even escape tactics seem impossible to pull off at my size.

Anonymous 105197

I don't think that women "toughening up" will solve anything. There's a difference between being non-confrontational and being helpless. Moids, especially "tough guys", like gangersters, are actually more likely to be victims of violent crimes (except rape) than women are, in part because they go starting fights with other moids, or continuing fights rather than fleeing, to show off how "tough" they are. Women should absolutely be prepared to fight in case a moid decides to pick on her and there's no other way for her to escape him, but we shouldn't try to be "tough" like men or try to be more violent. That clearly doesn't have a protective effect, seeing how many moids end up getting killed by each other.


The virgin hot girl. Does she exist? Anonymous 48375[Reply]

I guess we all know that hot guy that it's a virgin because of social autism and/or because he's a jerk. Does his female counterpart exist? Is it possible for a women to be hot and a loser? Or being a virgin already means your ugly?
50 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 105128

Idk, I'm not "hot," I'm cute when I try really hard. A high 7, and a virgin, but not because I don't have options, I just don't fucking like people, and don't consider it flattering considering they will fuck anything that moves

Anonymous 105137

This thread smells like it was made by an incel.
I'm not grossly overweight and still get nothing except a few autistic eboys, who end up ghosting me anyways. I have an incredible amount of trouble socializing, I can barely look people in the eye. I guess if I wanted to be hip like the kids and label my mental defect it would be avoidant personality disorder, pretty severe.

Anonymous 105138

Literally a movie

Anonymous 105139

I am not going to give an answer your question, but the general idea that if you are a virgin you are automatically a loser/ugly is pathetic. People have thier reasons, and I know that, in men especially, that virginity is associated with being a loser, etc. but in all honesty, you only become a loser when you fixate on it. This thread was made a year ago, and I hope that this idea of virgins and loser is out of your head. Go and enjoy life, be strong!! be yourself!! all that goodness, but dont concern yourself with these sort of things.

Anonymous 105182

I arrived to the same answer anon.
Those people who shame virgins for being virgins are people who lost it early to a random guy or girl and now their whole personality is based around this.
It's okay being a virgin. For both men and women.
I stopped listening of normies because they give generic advices and judgmental of people who don't fit the mould.
In the end one should follow their own heart wherever it leads to.
If you want to have a family someday, that's nice work towards that goal.
If you don't want to have a family, that's okay too, don't force yourself into a role you wouldn't like.
You can still be the cool aunt.


/int/+/lang/ Anonymous 95851[Reply]

Let’s finally have an international/language-learning thread. To strike up a conversation:
>What is your cunt?
>What languages are you learning?
>Share your /int/ experience!
>Help others acquire a language you speak!
35 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 105107

why so salty anon? it's not just a meme, japanese people really shower any white girl with attention (as long as she's not very overweight). i know from personal experience that you don't even have to be attractive by european standards. they don't apply the same thinness standards to gaijins either.

Anonymous 105114


t. weeb who never went to japan.
do you really believe those dumb videos on youtube about how to atract japanese guys/girls huh?

Anonymous 105124

She's right, though? I've never been to Japan but I used to be a huge weeb who read blogs by girls who spent an exchange year there or taught English. Almost all of them wrote about getting random attention just for being a foreigner, usually from Japanese girls who treated them like they were Taylor Swift or Anne Hathaway. It's no surprise since they don't have much of a non-Japanese population but they like American movies, TV shows and singers so they project this image onto any foreigner they see.

I guess it's similar to how weebs (or k-pop fans these days) go crazy when they come upon a Japanese person.

Anonymous 105127

>all Japanese woman want foreigners
>certain fanatic subpopulation of women that will date someone because they are a foreigner and no other reason
You bet your sweet ass there is.

t. been to Japan

Anonymous 105174

this sounds much more logical

The cops cant stop…

Anonymous 103795[Reply]

How do we stop/work on this?
Is there something we can do like this that men can't?
55 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 104754

It's easier if you also imagine yourself manually turning an object with your hands. Or if the object is right in front of you, in the space you currently occupy

Anonymous 104762

yes. I personally can rotate it smoothly. I am surprised that there are people who cannot. I keep thinking you're just not trying to rotate it haha. like..just …imagine it…

Anonymous 104763


this thread is so retarded I wish people would stop replying to it!!

Anonymous 104765

stop dating scrotes

Anonymous 104981

Can't even tell who is baiting and who is retarded anymore

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