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What's the most heartless thing you've ever done? Anonymous 36360[Reply]

Do you regret it?
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Anonymous 36702

i also feel like there isn't as much pressure for said autistic guys to act normal. because you know, boys. so there tends to be a lot of them around. or maybe i'm just talking out of my ass, i really don't know.

Anonymous 36704

Uh, idk for sure about all the other weirdos you're thinking of, but that particular guy described by >>36651 seems like he's just very very lonely and desperate and is trying to hold onto someone and never let go. I'd say it's probably the same (or similar) for a lot of guys that behave like that, this and a dose of the 'tism as >>36702 mentioned.

Anonymous 36710

Yeah, but wouldn't a lonely and desperate person still know it's strange and a bit stupid to confess to someone you've only known for a few weeks over the internet? Where's the logic?
I'm not trying to downplay the seriousness of actual LDRs, by the way.

Anonymous 36711

I got cheated on he called me up at some point and told me her pussy felt like throwing a hotdog through a hallway. I told her when she went through his phone just to torture me and she fucking flipped out. Best moment of my miserable fucking life.

Anonymous 36771

You fucking monster


Anonymous 33592[Reply]

Is the whole "white guys prefer asian girls" thing actually true?
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Anonymous 36703

everyone looks ugly, what is this place?

Anonymous 36728

>All the white guys are aging horribly, are short, fat and ugly. Probably assholes too

I mean, if you Asian girls can take all the ugly white guys away from us that would be great and I support 100%

Anonymous 36731

>all white guys are short
Then what about asians? lmao

Anonymous 36732

What if I (mixed) and my Asian female friends only like Asian guys, though?

Anonymous 36733

Still short, but shortness is seen as universally undesirable in men
Good for you, I don't really care who you like, I just find it obnixious and cringey when insecure people try to taunt others and get obsessed with a certain type of people out of revenge fantasies/the internet telling you Asia is some magical fantasy land where hot Asian girls are just begging for white cock

I can guarantee if insecure white males didn't run around screaming how all white women are fat, ugly, masculine, etc and Asian women were feminine goddesses literally no one would give a shit who they date, no one cares who you date as long as if it isn't obvious you're only dating them out of a fake fantasy

White devil.jpg

Anonymous 36708[Reply]

Why are Japanese women so highly fetishized?
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Anonymous 36740

They're only fetishized by shitty ugly men who are insecure and try to find an outlet to feel manly, hence why the only time you they're fetishized it's males who talk about how submissive they are, they're intimidated by women who are going to stand up for themselves and not take their shit, it only makes me feel bad for Japanese women for attracting shitty dudes who only like them because they believe Japanese women will put up with cheating and other insecure bullshit

Anonymous 36747

>manga readers with no reading comprehension
I feel pain.

Anonymous 36749

Christina 962.jpg

As a lesbian that dated japanese girls, I can say that I mostly fetishize them for their voice and nice body.

Anonymous 36750

>Nice body
That's subjective

Anonymous Moderator 36752


Anonymous 36727[Reply]

Would you date a guy with face tattoos?

Anonymous 36730

No, because guys who get face tattoos tend to belong to certain subcultures or music scenes and wouldn't be into me.

Anonymous 36741

No because I don't want to feel ashamed of a man I'm dating


Anonymous 36616[Reply]

Are men inherently bisexual? I'm noticing a growing trend of men admitting that they love guys who look cute enough. At first I thought that it was just a very vocal minority, but now I'm noticing that it seems to be a majority, even among macho men. Even my male friends now are into cute guys. Even my dad, who is a really manly, bearded trucker faps to traps.
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Anonymous 36622

The more common saying is that all women are inherently bisexual. But the degree of it depends on each individual person.

It wouldn't surprise me if it was the same for men.

Anonymous 36625


Xenoestrogens are bad

Anonymous 36688


I'm also in the "sexuality is on a spectrum and very few people are actually 100% straight (or gay), at most they have a very strong preference one way or another" so feel free to throw my opinion in the trash will all the other inconvenient truths.

Anonymous 36698

I don't know, but I want to marry the guy in OP's picture, even if he is a /pol/tard. He is so pretty and cute.

Anonymous 36699


isnt this just kind of the reverse of “women are all gay until they get a husband”


Anonymous 35814[Reply]

Are you concerned by the growing prevalence and intensity of anti-Jewish sentiment which have developed as a result of internet memes and imageboard culture?

Although I am not a Jew I have become somewhat alarmed by the magnitude of this trend.
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Anonymous 36243


literally shaking rn

Anonymous 36443

It's a huge problem that most people can't/won't differentiate between the 1%/Jewish diaspora/Zionism, globalists etc. and just lump it all together because of Hitler memes. Also shit like this doesn't help.

Anonymous 36445

>However, I don't think there's any evidence that the Jews who run the porn industry are intentionally getting men hooked on chronic masturbation; if they're aware that they are, it seems more apathy than malice on their part.
You would find the same amount of evidence you would find if you were to attempt to prove McDonald's was trying to make people fat. It would not matter if it were apathy or malice, the result is the same.

Anonymous 36473


>I am paraphrasing common rhetoric I've seen chanted dumbly all over the internet.

Must be nothing to worry about then :)

Anonymous 36680

99% sure this thread is bait, but…

Jews claim to be their own invented God's chosen people, therefore they can do whatever the fuck they please. They displaced hundreds of thousands of people living in Palestine, who were of all Abrahamic religions… living in peace. Let's not forget the Israeli lobbying and the billions us Americans send to "defend" them. Our congress, already the most corrupt thing ever, is run by men who have dual Israeli/American citizenships. I need to remind you that a non-Jew cannot hold dual citizenships to both Israel and America. Israel demands you renounce your other one if you are not an ethnic Jew. This bullshit is Nazi tier. Again, I need to remind you, Jews only make up 3% of the entire American population, yet they make up the majority of elitist colleges, run a significant portion of monopoly tier corporations and news media, and hold the most powerful positions in office.

Not all Jews are bad, but all Zionists are.


Anonymous 34371[Reply]

>open the blinds to let sunlight in
>wash my face and brush my teeth
>eat breakfast, roommate comes out and makes coffee
>talk about mundane shit
>sit down on the couch
>cat comes and curls up on my lap
>open my phone to bismuth.buffet to talk to all my friends
>huh, it’s taking longer than usual to load
>server has stopped responding
>begin to hyperventilate
>mash refresh
>still not loading
>start screaming
>cat hisses
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 34374

What imageboards does everyone browse regularly nowadays?

Anonymous 34375

i was sad about the downtime as well

none, they are all shit arisuchan.jp

Anonymous 34376

I actually had a mental breakdown yesterday.

I'm not saying it was crystal.cafe related, but that didn't fucking help.

>tfw I'm unironically a femanon

Anonymous 34377

arisu is one of the only boards I browse consistently, to be honest- there's always quality stuff there. highly recommended

Anonymous 34378


I think most older anons either grew out of it, or stick to IRC and discord


Anonymous 36272[Reply]

Why do guys like mixed race people more than us whites?
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Anonymous 36539

Beauty is much more important to a woman in a poor country than it is to a woman in a well-off country. And pageants are about impressing a panel of judges, not whoever's the objectively most beautiful of the entire population that qualifies but doesn't even apply.

I think Latina women are beautiful and men seem to prefer mixed race girls that "look white" but I think anon is just some r9k scrot reposting an image macro to get people mad.

Anonymous 36571

If you have nice features and a good body and know how to present yourself nicely then congratulations, you're an attractive woman, that's all, no racial shit involved

Playing racial games and trying to claim shit like "x race is attractive, y race isn't, x and y race mixed together is attractive than both" is just foolish and a waste of time, why can't attractive women just have their beauty appreciated without race shit involved? Seriously and y'all wonder why so many women nowadays are lying about their race

Anonymous 36581

Those girls from Latin America are 60-80% white.
And i doubt they come from Mehico Aribaaaa.

But Paraguay,Uruguay,Argentina,Chile,etc

Anonymous 36642

But eastern Europe is poor

Anonymous 36669

bruh nope where i live (italy) pale skin is preferred by us real italians(white). Then there are the north african niggers that say they are italian just for the citizenship that like everythyng, they will fuck anythyng that walks.


Anonymous 36455[Reply]

i have a lot of clothes that I've considered listing and selling online. some I already have done that for. but I have so many…I feel somewhat overwhelmed with the amount of time and work it'd require. I no longer am as a compulsive shopper.

but honestly, part of me just wants to donate them because then I have space and I don't need to see them lying around, taunting me about my stupid mistakes in the past. but is that just the lazy way out rather than trying to get a profit out of them?

Anonymous 36475

Now i’m not a high-iq streetwear arbitrage trader but isn’t average clothing very hard to sell due to their abundance? Like how clothing donated for domestic disasters largely goes to waste

Anonymous 36657

I'm in a similar situation. I want to try selling some of my nicer clothes online but it all seems like such a hassle. And unless it's brand-name I don't see much chance of a profit.

If getting rid of the clothes is the main priority, I think donating or throwing them away is the most productive option.


Anonymous 36575[Reply]

god i wish i was a lesbian so bad i wanna get kissed by a cute girl but i find men atracctive as well, but god they're so annoying. what should i do?? first time posting here
7 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 36612

hello, this site is really cute. i hope you find a soft girl to kiss op

Anonymous 36613


There's a lot of stories of women who never realised they were gay until their 20s at least, just assuming that vague disinterest was the usual for relationships.
So if you're bi and do have an interest in realtionships with guys, why would you jump to thinking about being gay or bi?
People are assumed to be straight, and people assume they are straight - it's only fair, when it's the default setting after all.

Dont be hard on yourself, anon.

Anonymous 36617

If you're a generally less libido driven person I think it's easy to miss it. I didn't actually acknowledge it until I was an older teen despite masturbating mostly to women for years before that. I can only imagine how long it would take if I wasn't a horny bitch.
It's also easier for bis to be in denial because of what >>36613 mentioned. We can just "be straight" too and don't need to address the elephant in the room.

Anonymous 36621

but in those sites you can be catfished easily right?
i dont wanna have a fake gf anon :(

Anonymous 36623

Sure, you can be.
But I think Her might even do verification so you know you're at least not getting a guy.
It's something.

But for real anon - nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Give it a go! Failing that, you could try meetup or something similar, find out if there are any lesbian/bi meetups for a hobby you're into nearby you and see about going along.
There's options!

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