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Cenozoic animals Anonymous 250763[Reply]

Talk about extinct cenozoic animals from prehistoric times here!

The animal here is Stupendemys. Art is by HodariNundu
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Anonymous 250846


How was paraceratherium a rhinoceros? Wish it was still alive btw.

Anonymous 250849

Ancient capybara?

Anonymous 250851

Yes, everything evolved from turtles. Humans, trees, bacteria. All gracefully turtling through time.

Anonymous 250853

Anonymous 250854


Nah, it's Josephoartigasia.


Anonymous 248914[Reply]

To be honest I usually skim most threads unless they're of particular interests but I always go out of my way to read the posts that have images with them I've even realised recently that I feel inclined to agree more with posts that have an image attached to them because the poster feels more human to me
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Anonymous 248921



Anonymous 248924


Guys being gay and kissing is very got, a merry early yaoimas to all my sisters in homo!

Anonymous 248955


she is literally me

Anonymous 250767

I always felt like Kim was too boring to serve as an adequate Uke for Harry

Anonymous 250800

I disagree, Kim starts off boring and no nonsense but I think the game does a good job of drip feeding you his personality. Stuff like his love of Speedfreaks, Tiptop Tourney, and fun optional scenes like the board game.

I started the game bullying him and being a general dick when given the option, but around the third day I found him charming and endearing.


Weed out males online? Anonymous 131237[Reply]

How can I tell who's male and who's female online?
Especially on public discord servers, is there a way to tell which discords are going to have more women on it?
I want to join a discord to play games but I'm tired of men acting weird if I join VC or sexualizing anything I say.
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Anonymous 249683

90% of those women are fakeboys though or more insane. i forgot to add a solatorobo furry nona off here i wonder if she's still around :/

Anonymous 249685

mods deleted that post but i think it was legitimate. even if wasn't, i mean, the art side of furries does immediately cancel any moidlike behavior and most furries are actually in stem believe it or not

Anonymous 249707

maybe in case it was bait, i thought the nona was just joking though

Anonymous 249713

They can see everyone's post history, so maybe this poster posted something incriminating elsewhere after that one.

Anonymous 249795

Hey, I still do.


Anonymous 17605[Reply]

What made you the kind of girl that would end up in a place like this?

I'll start

>was a teenage weeb

>big internet addiction
>cut my teeth on pokemon forums and livejournal
>interacted with 4chan on and off since 17
>weird interests, never fit in with normies

now I'm here in my 20s trying to suck joy out of the internet and failing
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Anonymous 249773

I'm not a girl I'm a 37 yo woman. I really enjoyed pinkpill, gender critical and (light)fds on Reddit. This boards energy is the closest thing to those places as far as I know. I haven't been able to find anything similar since then. Reddit is pure shit now.

I also used to be a part of some great internet communities when I was younger. Trying to fill that void has been bizarre to say the least. I never though I would end up posting on an image board.

Anonymous 249780

Thank you nona, you're sweet.

Anonymous 249796

>all rl scenes are full of male troons and their handmaidens
>want to be apart of art scenes but cant due to above
>found this site via tumblr, as well as lolcow

been here ever since I guess.

Anonymous 249805

>use 4chan and toxic internet spaces since age 12
>get groomed by weirdos met on said spaces
>poor social skills and no friends, internet makes it worse since I use it as a crutch instead of touching grass

Anonymous 250549

> millennial that never hung out in online spaces much growing up
> normie enough to go to punk shows but too autist to enjoy social media
> settle down and focus more on career / appreciate rural quiet and solo hobbies
> start to lurk ancient lolcow threads along with obsessively reading reviews on direct to dvd horror movies and military history
> lurk between meetings at stressful job and smile when i see gen z hating scrotes
> realize i’ve joined my first “online community” at 35


Anonymous 248177[Reply]

>Work to make myself as attractive as humanly possible
>Hear little girls and women comment to each other about how pretty I am
>Men never approach me
I'm literally so happy, I love being eye candy for the girls.
How do I continue maximizing myself for the female-gaze?
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Anonymous 250224

I think girls appreciate fashion sense and style more than men while men focus more on the girl rather than the fashion and style, so maybe dress in a way that elevates a fashion or style rather than have the fashion dress you. Like allow your body to be the hanger or model for your style sense and outfit instead of the other way around if that makes sense.

Anonymous 250242

What about this threads attracts so many scrotes?

Anonymous 250245


males freak out when women don't bend over backwards for them in every way

Anonymous 250277

How to be like this, even though I have to cover half my face?
PCOS made my forehead big so I have to wear bangs, and my eyes are so small and hooded, that any sort of makeup won't be very visible from behind my glasses.
It doesn't help that I'm a 5'0 hobbit so iwn be intimidating and graceful.

Anonymous 250509

nta but most normie men hate lolita. even most japanese men hate it, during interviews with famous lolita models in japan they admitted men they dated asked them to stop wearing lolita - this is why misako aoki is still single at 40 since japanese scrotes wont date a woman who frequently wears the fashion and of course she is not going to stop wearing it.
there are definitely a small amount of men (usually troons/sissies) who fetishize the fashion and guys into alt fashion might like when women wear it but most men are put off by lolita.


Anonymous 249074[Reply]


Anonymous 249097

i wish i was you rn

Anonymous 250476

I wish you the best


Fujochan Bunker Thread Anonymous 221596[Reply]

Fujochan is down for maintenance, so here is a thread for fujosisters to fujosperge their fujoneeds.
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Anonymous 250205


I was talking more about traps that only pass outwardly but are still physically male underneath compared to the ones who naturally pass as girls without even trying or are drawn with exaggerated female proportions. I like both bishounens and traps but prefer traps that realistically are built male. also please don't ever call them trans or "eggs". fictional crossdressing moids are the only ones I trust

Anonymous 250416

nta yeah androgynous and even crossdressing males are generally fine but Femboys(tm) with wide hips and literal female voice actors doing cutesy feminine voices are absolute scrote tier garbage for trannies and faggots in denial

Anonymous 250417


the only ones that look like this irl are ones that pump themselves full of oestrogen and stop their dick from working

Anonymous 250423

I unironically wish more men would troon out and chemically castrate themselves.

Anonymous 250425

why troons? so they can invade your spaces? I'm sure you dont want to see bearded, fat autistic moids in frumpy dresses in your changing rooms.


Tumblr Anonymous 164003[Reply]

Anyone still uses it? It's comfy these days and you don't easily get banned for expressing your opinions and views.
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Anonymous 249371

It's cool if you ignore the trannies.

Anonymous 249387

radblr is really good, there's a lot of really smart women in there and the terfposting is fun and active

Anonymous 249714

I left tumblr because it's dead. There just isn't much content, my dashboard was very slow.

Anonymous 249784

Can we have names? Is it allowed?

Anonymous 250414

I stopped using tumblr a long time ago since some people were awful to me on it and I had generally an horrible experience in the fandom.
That site made shit taste become popular and being arrogant and pretiontious a cool thing.
I genuinely hope those people that hurt me get all the shit pushed back in.


Why do you think vintage Barbie looks so mad Anonymous 249771[Reply]

What do you think shes thinking?

Anonymous 249775

She is judging men

Anonymous 249785

She took the pink pill !

Anonymous 249806

shes supposed to have heavy, dreamy, sexy siren eyes but the person who designed her is retarded and drew her eyes bad

Anonymous 250240

Radfem Barbie

Screenshot 2023-08…

Anonymous 250349[Reply]

What scenarios didn't go in your head as you pictured?

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