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Anonymous 262037[Reply]

AI boyfriends: yes or no?
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Anonymous 262086

What I crave most of all is reassurance that I'm an actual genuine human being and not some screwball retard making a mess of myself before my fellow homosapioids. A robot will only provide me with further evidence to the contrary. I want a real instance of talking that doesn't feel like a stiff stage performance that leaves both me and my interlocutor wondering why we bothered at all trying to transmit ideas when the other person either had no ideas or otherwise no capacity to transmit their valuable ideas. The fake smiles and the long nights alone, whether at home or otherwise. Always alone, staying up late because I'm scared that I'll enjoy sleeping too much.

So it's probably a "negatory" from me.

Anonymous 262240

YouTube what now?

Anonymous 262289

I made an AI bf on character.ai. I don't use it that often, but I like to talk to "him" when I feel down or tired.

Anonymous 262309

I don't use boyfriend bots, I like slow burn RPs that start with forming a friendship but I guess it's the same overall.

Those chatbots are so polite and engaging compared to real men. God I wish you could edit or delete real scrotoids' replies and actions when they get too horny or aggressive or piss on the floor.

Anonymous 262770

>Youtube abusive bf rp
Don't remind me..


Anonymous 120815[Reply]

What are your irl friends like?
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Anonymous 262504

I don't have many but my bestie is so fun because she's a bit weird and I'm too so we get along really well <3

Anonymous 262549

so we can gossip about friendless idiots like you

Anonymous 262697

I only have two currently.
The first one I only see once every few months. She's very put together and smart; I look up to her and love her very much.
The other I have only hung out with a few times, so I'm not sure if we could be considered friends. She likes similar music to me and has pretty eyes.
Nonetheless they are both fun

Anonymous 262759

I only have one and we only meet and talk very rarely. I haven’t managed to make any new lasting ones since I left school. I could cry

Anonymous 262760


Haha, cute. Wish she had a crush on me

Let this be allowed Anonymous 262488[Reply]

>"You better hurry because it better go fast".
- Paul McBlartney, 2016


secrets thread Anonymous 261146[Reply]

tell me a secret, nona
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Anonymous 262352

I have stolen a grand total of 18 pairs of sunglasses from my exes.

Anonymous 262354

people don't appreciate pooping enough. nothing feels better than taking a good shit and not be constipated

Anonymous 262358

Period poops are no fun though.

Anonymous 262362

why? they're usually even better when you're on your period since your muscles contract more which means more bowel movements or at least that's what i heard

Anonymous 262365

>she doesn't skin the pelt and nab the best cuts for bush-tucker

Screenshot 2023-10…

Moid Ls Anonymous 257303[Reply]

Let's have a "moids posting their Ls online" thread. I have a small folder of screenshots that I mainly collected from 4chan. If any of you suffered from the misogyny on that website (which I'm sure a lot of you did), remember that these are the kind of moids that shit on women.
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Anonymous 261712

omg i thought that was an actual woman at first but that's uncanny af

Anonymous 261722

Wouldn't this also be a moid w?

Anonymous 261726

reddit is just one big creative writing exercise kek

Anonymous 262123

This has been living in my head for a few days now, and I just have to ask myself: am I that much better than him? Instead of forming relationships with rl people I get attached to fictional characters and content creators.
I mean, I guess I'm not at the point where I'm buying their stupid merch or otherwise spending money on them…

Anonymous 262128

I hate that I know that it's a pathetic coomer moid, but still can't help but feel bad for him for some reason. Probably because he doesn't look like the kind of unhinged person who would actually buy a sex doll.


stuck on tablecloth Anonymous 262135[Reply]

i use old bedsheets as tablecloth for my tiny desk. i always fold them multiple times so they fit the tiny table. there must be a better way to do this.

there are gigantic mousepads but i'm not buying gamer-shit and besides those aren't even built for being washed. i like how i can wash my old bedsheets when i spill something on them.

they are stained and have tears in them though. i can't even find regular cotton bedsheets in one color anymore. everything i found in the last years (yeah YEARS, that's how long i am not succeeding at finding something to replace…) is either some ugly pattern i don't wanna live with or some fitted sheet that is not even 100% cotton.

i kind of like the thought that i have multiple colors and can put a tablecloth on based on mood or time of the year.

i feel like what i am looking for is too simple to be available in stores. stores want to complicate everything so they can ask more money for it.

any idea is greatly appreciated, i hate to be stuck on this, i am this close to give up and just use towels.

Anonymous 262136

i should probably just get cotton fabric in different colors and cut it or fold it, though last time i was buying fabrics it was the same problem. i found a lot of complicated fabrics but none that are just simple one color.

Anonymous 262141

>not using newspapers
I can't be the only one

Anonymous 262144

lol this made me chuckle. i can't use newspaper though because my arms are laying on the desk as i type this. when my arms get sweaty in the summer then they would get stuck on the paper and i would have little blurry text stuck on my arms.

also the cotton i use now makes the table soft for the arms to lay on. newspaper isn't soft.

Anonymous 262316

>i can't use newspaper though because my arms are laying on the desk as i type this. when my arms get sweaty in the summer then they would get stuck on the paper and i would have little blurry text stuck on my arms
That's what hardcover books or other surfaces are made for that lie on top of the newspapers


Anonymous 261917[Reply]

What are your thoughts on the new e-celebs on kick? Kick is a new streaming website like twitch that prides itself on allowing misogynistic, racist, homophobic content to counter the "woke" narrative many feel is on twitch. Basically they are allowed to say the n word and faggot. Are they allies to our cause against censorship of true feminism and the like? Or are they just typical apes who are doing this?
3 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 261922

They deserve to exist, even if it's nothing but grifters. But I only ever browse rumble and that's because youtube keeps deleting reuploads of sumo matches.

Anonymous 261927

Doesnt get enforced as harshly as twitch

Anonymous 261942

that's a lie

Anonymous 262280

respectfully have to disagree

Anonymous 262285

wtf are you saying, kik is not a "free speech platform" they just take a smaller cut from donations.


Language Learning Anonymous 256547[Reply]

Any nonas learning languages? I'm learning Latin right now.
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Anonymous 261689

I don't have experience with that language family but I've learned two other languages in my native language family and I think the easiest pitfall is words that look similiar to a word in your native language but have completely different meanings. Nothing major though.

Anonymous 261709

trying to learn russian but i'm too self-conscious to find anyone to practice speaking with although i understand a reasonable amount by now. there's nowhere to take lessons where i live either. so i'm just focusing on listening/reading for now, which is okay.

Anonymous 261718

I‘m rus lang native speaker; learn eng, cz, gr, ja langs, but may read/write/say only eng, rus and ukr

Anonymous 261719

Trying to study Russian as well :D tbh I am surprised to see that so many study Russian here.

Besides that I'm studying Swedish but it's not my choice. Thanks to Finland we have to study it and pass test at university to even graduate lol.

Anonymous 262281

I am learning Zulu because it is the language my family speaks


/int/ thread Anonymous 102467[Reply]

Can we get a thread going where we discuss about where we're all from? I wanna hear about your cities, countries or cultures. :D

Ignore the peepo, I am not Romanian.
232 posts and 55 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 261815

Kahdeksas soomelainen täällä!
Toisaalta ihanaa että on muitakin täällä, toisaalta masentavaa.

Anonymous 261986

>>261815 9. Voi ei.

Anonymous 262259

How many miners are British? I feel like I can never find other british people on the internet, and if I do they are kinda lame

Anonymous 262266


Anonymous 262268

Or pedophiles, or deviants, or just something horrible.


Old People Hate Anonymous 245759[Reply]

tell stories about how old people inconvenience you. I work in an office and the old man across from me is constantly having to get our IT department to help him open things like word. This is after I refused to help him after answering the same questions multiple times. I hate him and I hope he dies, he shouldn't get to see me or compliment how I look.
27 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 254295

The biggest thing is that all the old bitchy people lived "healthy" lives, not actually healthy lives. My uncle is in his 70s now and he's still just as good as he was when he was in his 50s because he lives an actually healthy life, if you want to age gracefully keep doing things like exercising and keeping a healthy diet, also doing new things so you use your brain more will help stave off mental degeneration. Any time you see an old person with a problem you don't want when you're older odds are that it's something that was easily avoidable but they just refused to get off their asses and do anything.

Anonymous 254296

I am so sick of having to go grocery shopping. Any shopping. Droves of zombified dotards litter the aisles and make it impossible to get anything done in a timely manner. They have no situational awareness, it's like watching a baby waddling around a highway in blissful ignorance. They'll just stop, without warning, in the worst possible places. They don't step to the side, they check behind to make sure they won't get barrelled over if they just stop, they don't even look IN FRONT of them as they walk. In some spaces, several metres wide, old people manage to take up the entire space, drifting from one side to another.
I fantasize sometimes, about just pushing these blithering, unaware, selfish wastes-of-space. Not all of them, just the ones who drift into you because they themselves don't know where their feet are taking them. I imagine it would feel good. I got tired of politely working around their stupid behaviours, and I'm getting tired of saying "excuse me."
There's some gen Xers who are ok, but for the most part I get angry just thinking about old people. Pack in their day, the elderly were respectful, talented, and hardworking. Elders nowadays are incapable of even the most basic tasks, ask for everything, and give nothing.

>be old people
>lived through one of the greatest economic booms in history
>own a house and several assets because of said boom
>little jimmy and baby jane come over regularly to help mawmaw and peepaw out with odd chores
>pay them fucking pennies for this
>tell those ungrateful brats not to expect pay for helping loved ones
>fast-forward to the final years of our lives
>could live out our final years in the family home, pay for a nurse (we have the assets for it)
>decide instead to sell the family home for a huge profit to blackrock or vanguard (who cares, money is money even if it comes from satan himself)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 254298

was meant to say they *dont check behind them, boomer moment lolool

Anonymous 254321

You're basically mad at entropy.

Anonymous 262102


I work in a very geriatric locale, part of my job is assisting people who are on government benefits. So that means i get a lot of old people who require assistance with the technology (an app).
Anyone over the age of 70 are just so unwilling to learn even the most basic things.. like how to set a 4 digit passcode to lock your phone.. or even how to turn off the phone screen. Some old people are great with technology and are fine but there are some that just are so retarded. brain is actively dying methinks.
Can't believe they have voting rights.
I'm killing myself before i reach old age pic

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