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Terfposting Anonymous 59700[Reply]

The thread for all your transphobic meme and shit talk needs. Go!
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Anonymous 65806

what do they say about women who cannot birth or menstruate ??

Anonymous 65850


Anonymous 65851


Anonymous 65852


Anonymous 65853



Ape Anonymous 65465[Reply]

Ooh ohh… Aah ah


Anonymous 65617[Reply]

Is it worth it to live a single life where you only date and go on one-night stands to relieve sexual frustration? I need that person-to-person feeling when I have sex and I can't replace that with toys. I feel disillusioned with the concept of being in a long term relationship. I've been in a few and am currently in one (the others were 3+ years at least, current relationship I've been in for over a year) and they're just…disappointing. Men are excited to be with a horny woman until they realize how much work it takes, so I'm always left sexually unfulfilled to the point where I realize that as much as I used to think it was more convenient to be in a monogamous relationship for the purpose of a secured sex life, it's not. Certainly it's more effort to dress one's self up for a date, get dicked down, etcetera, but unlike a relationship, it's not going to get to a point where the other person doesn't really care about the effort I'm putting in (and then probably goes off to watch porn. Now to be clear, I might not have such a problem with porn if it weren't for the fact I've never been in a relationship where I feel sexually satisfied. I understand why a guy might watch it if I'm denying them sex, but if I'm not only accepting sex but wanting more of it, the fuck? Oh, right, it's just that I don't offer the "variety" every video on the internet could).

Then there's the aspect where I feel like I get consumed by the other person, even in the cases where I'm not in love. They just consume my life so I never get to focus on me. I know that's my fault and I need to learn to not care about the person I'm with so much, but I have had trouble working on it because I've never not been in a relationship since high school with very small turnover time - only a few months max.

Is it worth it being a slut if sex is a priority for a person? It's nice being loved, but I frankly don't care for it that much because I have trouble loving back in the way others love me and it comes with a host of other issues. The only person I've ever been in love with is my current boyfriend and I think that has made this relationship terrible. I take everything personally, am super sensitive, and I feel like I'm an extra ugly person when I'm in love.
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Anonymous 65635

I don't "ignore men entirely" since my close friends are male, but I am a khv in my mid twenties and am just volcel at this point. Sort of because I need to work on my emotional health, also sort of because men will never meet my ideals and gay women are so few and far between.

My sex drive is high (and I'm bi so horny for everyone), but if I can get used to solo loving then I'm sure you can as well. Perhaps it's a bit different if you've actually had sex, but if you can control yourself in other areas (diet, alcohol) I'm sure it's similar.

A big coping mechanism for me is writing/illustrating romance and porn. It scratches the itch and honing a skill is a good distraction.

Do what makes you the happiest, anon. No situation is 100% great but we've gotta shoot for the closest we can get.

Good luck!

Anonymous 65642

Why can’t you just hook up with one of your male friends? It sounds like you need to break out of a dry spell desperately and you have lots of options

Anonymous 65652

I love romance too much unfortunately, and it always turns out that they either wouldn't date me or vice versa.
Cel life is doable though, is all I'm saying. I'm thriving most of the time since the rest of my life is fulfilling.

Anonymous 65658

I just want someone as low maintenance as me, i want things to be simple, my last relationship broke down because of some neurotic feedback loop where i started feeling inadequate, because my ex felt depressed and it got me depressed as well, that made my ex more depressed in turn and so we kept getting more depressed over being depressed until we couldn't go on like that anymore, so stupid.

Anonymous 65947

Seek some kind of mental health healing before you make the mistake of sleeping with some rando and get a bunch of STDs + COVID.
Or masturbate furiously by getting some new toys and getting creative with them.


Anonymous 65629[Reply]

>please check our updated rules
>don't check
is anyone as cool as me

Anonymous 65639

Holy shit

Anonymous 65644

asparagus bargain.…

I checked in case there was some weird rule that I might break by mistake, like 'no posting photos of inexpensive vegetables on Wednesdays.' I'd be annoyed if I got banned for something like that.

Anonymous 65649

Is that a good price for asparagus? I never buy asparagus because I don’t like how it makes my pee smell

Anonymous 65655

What changed? I can't be bothered to reread whole list whenever something changes.


Euro General Anonymous 30061[Reply]

Can we have a Europe thread without discussions about politics and immigrants?

For residents:
>Which country do you live in?
>What's your favorite thing about your country?
>Which European countries have you visited? Which did you like best/least?
>What are some quirks about your country?
>Overall, are you happy with where you are or do you want to move?

For tourists:
>Which European countries have you visited? Which did you like best/least?
>What are some differences between your home country and your European destination(s)?
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Anonymous 65068

>People are a bit autistic
A lot less autistic than I was warned and it was actually kind of a nice break not even being acknowledged by strangers.

Anonymous 65072


>Which country do you live in?
>What's your favorite thing about your country?
>Which European countries have you visited? Which did you like best/least?
Spain, Norway, Sweden and Germany. I liked Spain the most. Sweden and Germany the least.
>What are some quirks about your country?
Long, cold and dark winters for 6 months or more, depending how north/south you are. During summers it's never night.
>Overall, are you happy with where you are or do you want to move?
I like that I can get 425 euros a month for doing nothing. It's more than enough to fund my NEET lifestyle and I love not having to wake up for work or school. Fuck doing that shit during winters when its dark and icy as fuck in the morning. The weather can be as low as -20 Celsius or less, and I can't tolerate even -15 Celsius of cold. I much rather just stay under my warm bed sheets and sleep. I hate winter and I wish it was warm like in South Europe but it barely matters when I never go outside anyways.

Anonymous 65074

Finland is a neets paradise.

Anonymous 65099


Did you draw these pictures? If yes post your art page/post more art

Anonymous 65579


I'm sorry to hear that anon. Corona isn't really affecting me personally, at least not anymore (I was in one of the areas that got fully quarantined back in spring but working from home worked out pretty well for me.) But god I'm glad I didn't fail physics back in 2016 or I'd have graduated this year and not last.

425 is enough to live? God I might have to learn Finnish after all.


Anonymous 59914[Reply]

Why are men afraid of tears?
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Anonymous 65518

But instead they are undependable, traitors, non-responsible, incompetent and useless unhygienic sociopaths where they are all me-me-me-me.

Bless this stupid clown world.

Anonymous 65570

Yes. Problem is that there's no monkey tribe anymore. People mostly live individualistic existences in the pod. Male monkeys used to be shaped up by olde, stronger male monkeys.
Remove that and you get good for nothing fatherless addicts watching porn, playing vydia, popping xanax, and utterly unable to have a healthy relationship with a woman.

Anonymous 65575


Anonymous 65576

How dare you suggest that we created this situation

Anonymous 65583

This doesn't answer OP's question which she clarified in >>59920.

red flags.jpg

Red flags Anonymous 65005[Reply]

I leave with the worst.
>he sees too much anime
>he's probably very childish and has pedophile or homosexual tendencies
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Anonymous 65263

t. moid
There's a difference between finding others attractive and using porn, only low iq moids don't know this.

Anonymous 65270

She could be a woman who reads/watches hentai too, you know.
If she knows the word…

Anonymous 65361

In sorry to tell you this but every single male watches porn. even Amish guys have pictures they use

Anonymous 65365

Honestly pictures aren't as big deal as videos in terms of frying brain circuits

Anonymous 65537

That you have to approach them first.

A guy that wants you will have you. Even the shyest incel finds courage to speak to the woman they really like. If you have to do all the work and chase him, he is not that into you and you'll probably have unfulfilling relationship with him.


Anonymous 60042[Reply]

She did nothing wrong.
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Anonymous 64592


4. In lieu of it being being declared illegal, if your only other option is to get potentially raped, assaulted or murdered it may be worth it to break the law.
That's not sexy, you coomer.

Anonymous 64595


Carrying self defense shit like knives or pepper spray in my country is super illegal, but if you stab your would be rapist most cops just give you a slap on the wrist and be like “oopsie haha”.

ACAB anyways but most of them won’t cover for pedos and rapists.

Anonymous 65503

>Carrying self defense shit like knives or pepper spray in my country is super illegal
Lol a country where they make it illegal for women to defend themselves. You should move to America.

Anonymous 65519

But in America you have to defend yourself more because the moid population is objectively worse. See the dilemma?

Anonymous 65522

In America you still need a better lawyer. Self defense may make it easier case but you can still get sued.


Anonymous 65488[Reply]

How to make friends? Women, not men.

Anonymous 65493

Here :)
Form a game group nobody minds playing share contacts there, then they might live close to each other and you might hang out.


Anonymous 63855[Reply]

If sexbots became available in your lifetime, would you get one?

How realistic would it have to be? Totally human in looks? Sentient or just capable of giving an illusion of it (like a chatbot)?

Would robot bfs be a solution for femcels? A robot will never reject you, abuse you, watch porn, believe women are inferior, cheat on you etc.
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Anonymous 64140

Warframes aren't robots, they're meat puppets.

Exactly, female dolls still sell because it's the guy doing all the work. But with a male doll all you could do is cowgirl, and they're seriously heavy.

It's pretty much my number one fantasy to have a robot boyfriend but there's no way it's happening in my lifetime… I wonder if even full sensory vr could happen in my lifetime.

Anonymous 64145

VR sickness is like sea sickness, it goes away with more exposure.

Anonymous 64146


I want my android to look like a kpop boy. He doesn't have to be sentient, he just needs to be loyal and innocent. I also wouldn't mind if he was a bit dumb. He could just be a house-robot or smth. It would be cute if he was into gardening. We could have conversations about plants, you know. Just domestic stuff. I would introduce him to my family and we could eat dinner together. At night he would fuck me with his huge robot dick.

Anonymous 64159

I think his leg is broken.

Anonymous 65279

Where have you been all my life?

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