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Post you and your ideal partner Anonymous 119453[Reply]

Anonymous 119454

Your ideal partner is cute
However this will probably be moved to /img/ (there's already a character maker thread there)

Anonymous 119455

>a blonde, blue-eyed guy
Keep dreaming lol. You will never be Zendaya.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 119457

Moved to >>>/img/15182.

Stimulating baboon…

Anonymous 118254[Reply]

I tried to kill my sister when we were kids, but no one seems to care or mind when I talk about it.
She got a concussion and was unconscious for a long time, I hit her with one of those giant plastic castle toys.

I still don't really understand why no one seems to care, even today when I bring it up with other people.
Is it really such a common thing that trying to kill your sibling is just an "Oh, you!" thing?
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Anonymous 118434

For what? At least half of the dumb shit zoomers do boomers and millennials done too

Anonymous 118437

Yep, that's pretty fair. We all did this shit, the difference is that it wasn't so public. Let's be honest, if any of us pulled any of this with this amount of visibility we'd end up with a thread on lc.

Anonymous 118476

Based, my brother keeps reminding me that I tried to drown him but I was just having fun

Anonymous 118633

They don't talk about it because a combination cognitive dissonance and there's nothing to be done. One, they don't want to think of you as a murderer and so they just move on and if they did care, what is going to be done? Are they going to go back in time and charge you? Tell the courts today that some random woman tried to kill her sister back when she didn't truly have a concept of death. And so, people move past it in the conversation.

Anonymous 119413

According to Freud, this is actually super common. Most if not all older siblings go through a stage of wanting to make their sibling "dissappear." It doesn't mean you're a bad person, OP


Anonymous 69387[Reply]

>Darwin listed the advantages of marrying, which included: ". . . constant companion, (friend in old age) who will feel interested in one, object to be beloved and played with—better than a dog anyhow—Home, and someone to take care of house . . ."
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Anonymous 70710

>That's literally the first "argument" of someone trying to guiltrip you into having children: "who will take care of you when you get old?". Such egoists.

That's the first argument because it's the most objective. Hard to imagine being anywhere but an old folks home when you're 70 if you have no living family after all.

Anonymous 70715

You really need to go back and reread >>69509

Anonymous 70719

Anecdotal, just like my anecdotal experience shows a different likely outcome. Though even if that other view were objectively true, that doesn't change people's assumptions that children would care for them, which is why that argument is used so much.

All the above aside, if anyone is reading this, don't put your elderly relatives in care homes unless you or they are fantastocslly rich and can afford the very best. They're basically death camps.

Anonymous 70753

Kek in my country most people in old folks homes have children or other close relatives. Their family just doesn't have the time to take care of them, or they simply don't want to

Anonymous 70879


Anonymous 99228[Reply]

Are you supposed to chew rice before you swallow it?

I was eating rice today and realised it was the only part of the dish that I don't chew. I put it in my mouth (half a forkful) and then just swallow it.

Is that ok?
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Anonymous 100289

i dont even chew meat. i just cut it into tiny pieces and swallow it.

do snakes chew their food? do wolves? do cats? only masticating animals like cows chew their food obsessively.

Anonymous 100290

retarded bait. you chew meat and other foods to better get their flavor. imagine just swallowing a grape. bitch

Anonymous 100292

Chewing food aids digestion. I have 2 cats. One always chews his food and digests it easily, the other sometimes doesn't chew and often throws up unchewed food. I'm pretty sure wolves chew their food, as well. Animals like cows don't just chew their food, they chew their cud as well. That's the difference between them and animals like cats or wolves.

Anonymous 101578

How…. do you even manage to not chew your food? You don't get anything out of the flavor when you don't chew and your chances of choking go through the roof !

Anonymous 101587

Screenshot from 20…

Enjoy atrophying your mandible


EILI5/Dumb Questions/Q&A thread Anonymous 12012[Reply]

Anons ask, anons answer.

Ask anything.
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Anonymous 116855

it's weird even if both of you regularly talk to the mutual friend?

Anonymous 116856

I buy big waxing strips meant for legs and cut them into tiny rectangles to wax my upper lip.

Anonymous 117765

>fancy drawstrings
Thank you anon!

Anonymous 118813

ok, first of all, yes, this is dumb. now with that is out of the way…

soooo, I never really cared that much about looks till in early college I heard a ton of insults about my looks.

I remember seeing the ID of myself and I looked so messed up, like a crack addict or something. This was at my fattest. I constantly felt unwell back then (was, like, 180 pounds and 5'6). I got to a slightly skinny weight for the first time in my entire life around 140, after living on my own for a while and I ended up getting so many comments about how old I look. There could be a random conversation and someone would make a jab at how old I looked. I got the "you look like someone's mom" comment constantly. People constantly disparaged me for looking like shit. I got "are you ill" comments from strangers. Apparently, losing weight didn't help.

So…it's been a few years and I have plateau'd at a slightly heavier 152. I workout more now. For some reason, I've gotten complete shock from people because they think I'm a high school. Again, in my area I'm very tall so it isn't that I'm petite.
I get this treatment from other people in their 20s too. Nurses slackjaw and say that I look 16 after seeing my birthday.
It has happened randomly 5 times in the past week…it's getting annoying.
I have never after the age of 16 been clocked as looking like a high schooler; people thought I was middle aged back then.

Is it possible that some people just look better at a very specific weight? What is happening? For so many years I had a dumb vain insecurity over looking old.
For some reason I just look kind of…cherubic now? Maybe not in a cute way. It's puzzling and I feel crazy. It wasn't like 140 was super skinny.

Anonymous 118825

>like a crack addict or something
>This was at my fattest

anon crack makes you really thin. In response to your question, your BMI went: 28.7, 22.7, 24.4

22 and 24 are both "healthy", so it's interesting that the lighter weight made you look older. I would say that being chubbier definitely does make you look younger, since teenagers normally put on a little weight to help with any final growth spurts/ general growth at the end of puberty. I'd say it's probably just fucked beauty standards that made people think you looked old (i.e. a healthy 20-something woman is old by virtue of being and looking over 20). The 'you look like someone's mum' comment could just be that a lot of 20 year olds are mums these days. It's always trippy to me that when I was a kid, I thought all mums were at least 30, but now I realise that they're only 30 by the time you're 8, which is also around the time I started thinking about that stuff. Idk, sorry for the ramble, enjoy looking young I guess, I sort of envy you but I can appreciate why it's confusing.


Anonymous 73081[Reply]

how do i make more female friends :( or i just want friends that i can draw with and make a nice group
123 posts and 27 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 78734

i wanna know the same thing too. pretty sure it's full of moid larpers at this point tho

Anonymous 78800

so the thing is still working cool?

Anonymous 78806

It's comfy and no obvious moids yet, not the type of conversation that would entertain moids anyway

Anonymous 78843

umm can i join the discord or like does any girls wna b friends?

Anonymous 78847

im not on their discord but ill vc you if you post a tag


Bisexual but dating a guy Anonymous 16936[Reply]

Does anyone ever fee left out on being bisexual because you have a boyfriend? Or have urges to date a girl? Half vent, half question thread.
68 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 89364

Pretty much. It's rare to find that sweet spot between "you should choke on dick if you like it so much" and the pity parties.

Anonymous 89365

Well at least here it's chill somewhat.

Anonymous 89435

I have fallen (pretty hard) in love with a woman, I've had romantic feelings towards women. Even sexual feelings.
But I'm afraid of actually being with them. I've only been with guys. Is it because of internalized homophobia or because I'm scared of talking to other women, I wonder?

Anonymous 89461

i have a somwhat nuclear take (prob not nuclear here)
cheating on your bf with a woman isn't morally wrong

Anonymous 89492

Sounds like internalized homophobia to me, but worry not, it took me years to feel okay with the concept of being with a girl. You take your time sitting down and acknowledging your feelings and validating them. You're no less for liking both and or preferring one over the other!
The real mvps are the ones that dump their moids for chicks and get away with it clean (I.e no cheating) it just a little trashy and personally I wouldn't trust my lover if I knew they had cheated to be with me.

Без названия.jpg

Your thoughts on L chat? Anonymous 90998[Reply]

Is it really "L" anyway? Are there any lesbians or is this place just a cesspit of larping moids?

Anonymous 91016

I go there every once in a while and enjoy it. I want more forums like it or lipstickalley but for all women instead of a particular demographic. The site itself confuses me though, do they have two different domains? And why are half the users registered and the others just Guest?

Anonymous 91060

Yeah the site's… uhmmm… “”“organisation”“” is pretty messed up lol. tbh most likely the end result of female-only forum would be the reduction to the lowest common denominator - relationships with moids, sexuality, motherhood, etc (funny that scrotes are similar to us in this realm - they also bond on that kind of topics). Similar to the cringeass woman.ru in Russia - #1 local female forum and basically one big russian lolcow, everyone makes fun of it there. I guess, global scale one would be even more ~interesting~ 🤭🤭🤭

Anonymous 91063

I lurk on there

Anonymous 91242

> Are there any lesbians or is this place just a cesspit of larping moids?

If you have to ask this, then you already know the answer.


Anonymous 117419[Reply]

9 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 117777

Yo sis what up?????

Anonymous 117785

You deserve your rights revoked

Anonymous 117797



Anonymous 117799


mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah

Anonymous 119390

um hi



Anonymous 103566[Reply]

>range banned on 4chan on both IPs
>leftypol is dead
>other chans are dead

Should I settle here?
23 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 118212

They are now a bunch of tankies that unironically think life in North Korea is better than in South Korea, and genocides as justified as long as you're murdering people that don't agree with you, and I'm not even talking about the sheer levels of racism and sexism on that board.
The only difference between them and /pol/ is that /pol/ is right-wing and they are left-wing.

Anonymous 118223

So horseshoe theory right?

Anonymous 118255

There is a difference but I agree it's garbage there now. Constant circljerking, petty drama, shitposting, etc. I used to go to leftypol to read efforposts but now the generals I liked like /crisis/ are dead/mostly low effort.

Anonymous 118412


i use nanochan sometimes but its pretty… sus lmao

Anonymous 119389

Anarkiddy spotted but yes, everything you said is right and I think the last 2 or so years there was an influx of redditors and /pol/yps that reduced post quality to what it is now. Also /b/ AKA /siberia/ was a mistake

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