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Do you tip servers? Anonymous 31694[Reply]

Tipping culture is so fucking ridiculous. I'm Canadian and live in a province where servers make $14 an hour and where food is hella expensive. I always hear in the US servers make very little money and food is cheap as a result, but customers are meant to subsidize their wages. I always see servers on the internet (from Canada too) talking about how people shouldn't go to restaurants if they won't tip 15-20%. fucking entitled cunts.

In Canada, food is expensive, servers make decent money AND we're expected to tip? wtf? And servers feel SO entitled to tip money too. Like, if you don't tip on every drink you get, bartenders will refuse to serve you. Or if you regularly go to a restaurant and they start to recognize you as the "non-tipper" you have to start being concerned about them doing shit to your food. Or dipping their balls in your sauce like that recent news story.

I always get comments from friends and family about being rude and not tipping, but IDGAF. I've had servers approach me and ask where their tip was. I've worked behind the counter at a food service place (where tipping wasn't expected) as a teen and in retail, and where do these employees get off being so rude over this shit? This all makes me less sympathetic with those "tales from retail" stories about customers being assholes.

Anyone else pissed off about tip culture? It's pretty much giving donations at this point, fuck off, they make more than many professions that require degrees.

Anyone else annoyed?
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Anonymous 31752

in my state servers make $3.87 an hour.

tipping is expected. i'm not saying its right, but if someone is making less than four dollars an hour, tip for fucks sake.

Anonymous 31784

I tip, but I'm not generous about it unless I receive exceptional service. ~20% when I'm at a sit down restaurant, rounding down cuz I'm bad at math (as in if the bill comes to $20.85, I tip $4). I will also sometimes tip my change at a place where I'm not being served (as in if the bill is $4.10 and I pay with a $5 bill, I'll put $0.90 in tip jar).
I won't go out of my way to tip, but not tipping at a sit-down restaurant is too cheap for comfort.

>Cute hard-working boys deserve tips, entitled thots who go to nail salons do not.
Only reason they get tips is for dealing with thirsty middle-age men, which is just a symptom of the greater patriarchy. I hate lazy Stacies as much as the next miner, but they're our sisters too anon. If we alienate them, we're just doing what men want. We need them to rise up together.

Anonymous 31790

I wouldn't even tip just for the fact someone is that stupid to take a job that pays that low in the first place

Anonymous 32605

Im Australian so ive literally never tipped in my life
Always seemed like a dumb system. Who cares about service you just write down what they want and carry the food from the kitchen to the table its no different from any other job where you get paid an hourly rate to do a service

Anonymous 32620

Burgerstan allows food service wages to be cut below minimum wage, to compensate for gratuity.


Sunday Feels 30163[Reply]

Why is Sunday so shit? How do you make it not feel like shit?
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Anonymous 30194

getting to bed is probably the hardest thing for me.

Anonymous 30255

I always feel like I'm mourning the weekend and all the freedom/fun/relaxing that comes with it and dreading the busy week to come. Fuck Work.

Anonymous 32388

Sunday feel
That feel when I just spent all the week days dodging appointments and responsibilities and relaxed over the weekend by thinking "oh well I can't be productive now, gotta wait for Monday" and it's almost Monday.

Anonymous 32405

Sunday is my least favorite day for this reason, but honestly the dread sets in on the night of my weekend. All I can think about is how I'm probably not getting the most out of my days off and then before I know it, it's back to work. I hate it.

Anonymous 32421


Anonymous 31944[Reply]

What is your opinion on the "dad bod"?
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Anonymous 32074

He does id as a man though iirc?
Regardless he is dmab (vids of him talking exist), I think a lot of it is shoop + actually having more of a pear shape than your ordinary guy (no vids of him head on that I can find though, always bent over or somethibg) + maybe taking hormones? There are some pics where it looks like he has tits coming in. Although it could just be fat lmao.

Anonymous 32375

Imagine having all that plastic surgery to facilitate your fetish of becoming your idea of instagram-thot femininity and not even going for the facial feminization ones kek

Anonymous 32376

Depends. Like the frat-boy style "eats like shit and drinks a whole keg of beer each weekend but does curls and bench at the gym so he thinks it's fit" ? I honestly don't mind. Full boomer dad bod? No way
Only issue is that they tend to go for the skinnyfat cardio bunnies and act all shocked when they turn into fatties 10 years later.

Anonymous 32381

Fucking disgusting and if a guy I was dating ever got fat I'd dump him. I keep myself in shape even if I have to outright fast to do it. I'm not asking for Heracles, just don't be a dumpy lard.
Otter mode is best mode imo; I also like plain twinks. Fatties should literally die.

Anonymous 32398


This. I'm highly tolerant of a lot of different body types, I'm more attracted to personality, and I'd rather be with a guy with a good personality and average body than a great body and a boring personality. But what I consider a "great body" is absolutely the conventional tall, handsome, v-shape, low bf%, stark adonis belt and abs, etc. But, again, personality is more important than having that look.


25+ only nostalgia cool things thread Anonymous 28977[Reply]

Post things that were super cool when you were a teen ITT

Pic related: My first cool phone
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Anonymous 32395



Anonymous 32399

you probably don't because they're not international trends, tokyo hotel were a mostly european trend and those are a national trend

Anonymous 32400

It's still a mystery to me how they managed to blow up overseas. I see a lot of people thirsting after the singer in normie gossip communities, while here in Germany you'd be bullied for liking them

Anonymous 32402

meh I don't know, it's incredible though how they basically do not belong to any era (they basically belong to the pseudo scene era of 2006 and all those years), but each one of the members has a different style, like there's the scene guy, the rapper, the indie musician and the cardoboard company CEO type

Anonymous 32409

Bigger target audience I guess.
Wtf. How old are you? That's kinky.

Anonymous 32396[Reply]

post here rock music which you like. i begin

Anonymous 32397

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 32401

Moved to >>>/media/4691.


crystal dream diary. Anonymous 13649[Reply]

whenever you remember a dream, log it here.

picture used is tako otoko from yume 2kki.
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Anonymous 31577

I dreamt I was on the way to a foreign continent via plane, but with a long layover at an airport. I went to get some food, but then realized I don't have any money, so I ordered anyway, and then dine and dashed. The food was really bad, so I tried to justify it to myself with that, but a few hours later, while still at the airport, a waitress chased me down and confronted me, and she cried.

I also realized I would be on vacation with absolutely no money, not even to get around with public transit. My old classmates from middle school were there too and talking about all the plans they had for the trip. Felt bad.

Anonymous 31619

1) I was in a toy manufactory/showroom with creepy basement levels and a forest preserve in the back outside.

2) I was being hunted by Nazis.

Anonymous 32053

I had a dream that I went to a pawn store and bought a bootleg copy of Pokemon ruby lol

Anonymous 32377

I had a dream that the government turned into some handmaiden's tale shit and my ex owned me as a slave. I killed him.

Anonymous 32386

I dreamt I was meeting up with an ex gf, who was living in America (we live in Europe irl) and I was going to watch her dog for a while while she was traveling, but we were really close and holding hands and all that. As soon as she left, I discovered huge, shiny, black beetles in her apartment, and tried to protect the puppy from them by putting a tupperware container over them, but then I saw that I had also trapped other, smaller animals, and tried to let them out without letting the beetles out, and it was stressful and dumb


Anonymous 31680[Reply]

why do humans feel the desire to have sex with someone they are getting to know and respect even if they know in reality they wouldn't want to mate with them? met a person who i love talking to and exchanging ideas with and all i can think about when i'm not with them is getting laid by them. but i wouldn't want to irl, yet at the same time, it's distracting as shit. what can i do to ease this off? maybe get laid by someone else?
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Anonymous 32342

I love talking and exchanging ideas with him, though, I don't want to move too fast

Anonymous 32347

it's not gonna make him like you less. Just be honest

Anonymous 32349

Don't fuck him! Just take it easy, but take it, most importantly. Slowly but surely romance him, and then you can do with him what you want.

Anonymous 32362

>it's not gonna make him like you less.
now your the brainlet anon
The undeveloped man, as most of them are, cannot respect anyone they had sex with. The friendship would never be the same.

Anonymous 32363

Men immediately become humongous sex daemons as soon as they've had their first taste of fornication. Hence why most ancient texts demand they keep it in their pants until they can be lawfully wedded. Nowadays we know this works through pair bonding.


Anonymous 32355[Reply]

What kind of games do youuuu plaaaaay?

Anonymous 32356


lately I've been playing lots of Diablo 2 (path of diablo mod), a sandbox game called Kenshi that is a real blast and I was playing csgo yesterday but uninstalled it after a bunch of comps because I realized how much time I spent on that game without being able to even leave it when I needed to

Anonymous 32358

I used to play dnd when I was 14 with a bunch of friends that I haven't got anymore :_(

Anonymous 32361

Mostly Sims 4 and mobile games cuz I'm a fuckin casual

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 32380

Moved to >>>/media/4684.


/mcat/ + /premed/ general Anonymous 32321[Reply]

Sup, lasses. Is anyone else studying for the June MCAT?
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 32350

Anonymous 32351

Yeah it's such a middle class complex to have, no offense. I'm lower class so you can imagine how bad it is. It's these little things that bug me to no end; the SJWs were right about microaggressions - these micro things are just as insidious as everything else.

Anonymous 32352

What? It's middle class to admit you don't have either the mental capacity or fortitude to work as a doctor and make life-or-death decisions for someone?
I'm working class (ig? Mom worked as a house cleaner growing up and is now a cashier whose salary alone we live off of during the school year) and even I can admit I couldn't do it. That's why I'm going into accounting for cash and not med.

I can admit some doctors and nurses are shitty people though and actually don't care about their patients if that's what you mean. But I respect those that do.

Anonymous 32353

Do healthcare workers get offended if you thank them for their service?


Anonymous 32354

>Damn you guys are so capable I couldn't imagine myself doing what you do
>Uhm sweetie can we cool it with the class warfare?


Anonymous 31928[Reply]

do some people seriously think if they lost 20 pounds pampered themselves that they would no longer be a femcel?
i'm kind of surprised to see people seriously think that
skull shape wont change with soap
and i wont stop stuttering by going to the gym
15 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 32284

I feel stupid for caring about validation from society in terms of looks, but it is something that unfortunately bothers me. I'm slim but I'm not in shape, I think I'd feel more confident and happier if I exercised and toned my body. I KNOW, realistically, I'm not ugly. When I do a full face and put effort into hair etc., I look pretty - but not compared to my friends. I genuinely think it's down to my face. It's not ugly, but it's not attractive when I have no makeup on. I don't have a big nose, my lips are fairly large…I just don't have an attractive face, I guess? I've no idea what surgery would fix it..

Anonymous 32296

Fat on the face makes everyone look like an alien. When fat ppl turn skinny it's like a completely different person steps out.

Anonymous 32299

I didn't really think I was ever ugly but looking back I'm pretty sure I was considered ugly lol. That's what my mom and the kids at school told me anyway. But I was definitely weird and socially fucked (see: emotional and physical abuse). I got smoking hot after high school and was femcel cuz I never learned how to love or even how to flirt or just generally interact with others in a non-threatened way, etc.
The deepest cut was first year of med school when my boyfriend dumped me for a fat, older woman who worked as rad tech. That's when I realized that all the sexist, meme tier dating crap I learned online about a woman's worth being tied to her appearance was not real life at all and that most decent, well-adjusted men (minority of 4chan tbh) care more about being with a fun, sunny, and emotionally available woman over a superficially hot, insecure robot any day.
So yeah, I relate hardcore to this.

Anonymous 32317

he’s definitely a chubby chaser lol

Anonymous 32323

Gain weight to get bf (body fat) seems just about right then.

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