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Lolcow Bunker #7 Anonymous 213697[Reply]

Lolcor our beloved is still down while outgoing Shaymin is handing it over to new staff.
Do not engage with bait. Report and ignore moidposting.

Last downtime's bunkers: >>>/b/206139

Previous thread: >>>/b/213048

Update on the quest for new admins: >>>/b/209975
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Anonymous 223545


ryan ross… my ovaries

Anonymous 223546


love puttanesca! i used to make Nigella's recipe (where she used the literal translation 'slutty spaghetti') all the time but just seen she was forced to change the name kek

Anonymous 223547

in sync nona. just started my period, it's midnight here in the UK and I'm bingeing on homemade scones.

Anonymous 223548

no. he was just another degenerate on tumblr. not attractive

Anonymous 223549

bootleg friend rice i made
the rice tastes odd (jasmine).


Is he /ourguy/? Anonymous 223299[Reply]

Anonymous 223300


>Loves mining

Anonymous 223302

No, thanks. I hate minecraft.

Anonymous 223308

And beards.

Anonymous 223312

its not a beard its a smiley face and i dont care what anyone says


Traveling Anonymous 140376[Reply]

Have you done it before? Which places did you go to? How was it like? Any recommendations?
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Anonymous 222705


I'm afraid of flying, but I'd like to get over my fear so I can go globe-trot. My best irl friend is from Finland, so my first flight will probably be visiting there with her when she goes back over Summer. My ultimate dream is to dedicate a year to travelling all over America / Canada. I'm fascinated by how stark the differences are between states.
How was Poland / Italy?
I like the way it looks like you're contagious. One by one, anon will enter every country and assimilate them into her army.

Anonymous 222721

my brother got extremely sick in Ghana but otherwise he said it was nice. I forget why he went… it wasn't missionary work but he was there with some nonprofit doing something in a random village.

Anonymous 223051


>france red

Anonymous 223113

Lol it's just that every French person I've met has been really snobby & every snobby English person I know has a holiday home in South France. If I go to Paris, I'll be disillusioned by the trash and the high prices, and if I go to the southern French country side all I'll see is other holidaying Anglos.

Anonymous 223228


I mostly just wanna go to latam. I have friends in Chile and Argentina that I am planning do a road trip with when I can afford the plane ticket ^^


Autism Anonymous 133367[Reply]

Any female autistics here?

What do you think about the DSM-IV-TR? Also, autistic women general I guess
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Anonymous 222660

this is weird af ngl because they look like siblings

Anonymous 223006

autism related reddit subs are full of tranny shit these days and I hate it

Anonymous 223009

There's a lot of colorations between transgenders being autistic.

Anonymous 223052

me too! however i think i may be better off not getting an autism diagnosis as i would have to be financially reliant on people other than myself. maybe my autism will affect my future job (if i even will be able to get one) but i won't ever know until i move out.

Anonymous 223082

>one word change to criteria for clarity
>reddit has a meltdown without even knowing what was changed
Hilarious. Redditards LOOK for shit to get mad about.
>since the APA was claiming ASD is now over-diagnosed
That was one guy


Have you ever gone to a club alone Anonymous 168829[Reply]

I've never been to one and want to try, but my friends don't. Is it safe or even fun at all to go on your own? What are your experiences with clubbing in general anyway? I feel like I've been missing out
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Anonymous 223058

Nta, but if what's stopping you is "looking like a loser", just go for it already. Where I live I would never suggest a woman to go to a bar alone tho.

Anonymous 223064

I've been to goth clubs when I was younger but most of the time I went with friends. Those clubs were pretty safe so I wasn't too worried about anything but I also made sure to not get drunk when I wasn't there with good friends.
Going there alone is a bit awkward if you are the type of person that isn't very good with social situations. People usually go there with a group of friends and will mostly only talk to you for a bit unless they want to have sex with you. In my experience people in smaller alt/goth clubs are more open to talk to new people than people in big and crowded clubs. The tricky part is finding out if they are talking to you because they want to sleep with you or because they are open to find friends. It's best to only talk to women if you don't want sex.
How good your experience is will depend on how good your social/ conversation skills are. If you are like me you will dance for a while, drink something, talk to strangers for a bit and then stand awkwardly in a corner for the rest of the night. But if you go there more than once you could see some familiar faces and maybe even find some connections there.

Anonymous 223065

This thread is making me feel like everyone but me has a local goth club. Virel: what I'll never have.

Anonymous 223066

I go to a bar where I'm often alone, or there's like 1-2 groups of friends max. I like to drink alone, I enjoy the experience, the quiet, the moment, the booze. But sometimes I also went to more crowded bars, even went dancing by myself, I rarely get hitted on except when I go dance and I just have fun rejecting the guys in that situation. Sometimes more polite and normal men dance with me and don't hit on me or ask for anything, they just dance with me (without touching me).

Anonymous 223067

….Racist club?


Best reddit communities Anonymous 15480[Reply]

I know that reddit is generally hated among imageboards, but from time to time I find some pretty cool stuff there. So, Miners, what are your favorite reddit communities to follow?
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Anonymous 219697

Just found out about r/truegirlgamers. It’s obviously libfem if it has to survive but doesn’t allow vent posts like r/girlgamers so it’s not clogged up with vent posts.
At least they haven’t banned discussions on Hogwarts Legacy

Anonymous 222576

When hasn't it been? it's a good thing anyways, fuck trannies

Anonymous 222996

r/craftsnark is the only one I’m actually active on.

Anonymous 223001


Anonymous 223044

It's still full of troons and handmaidens. Just scrolling for less than 5 minutes, there's already a post about a troon being condescending to "cis" women and being showered with validation. Any place that doesn't instantly ban any male of any "gender" is shit.


Pet names Anonymous 222597[Reply]

What cute names do your family friends or partner call you?
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Anonymous 222970


Anonymous 222973

My friends call me Pockets cause I always got my hands in my pockets.

Anonymous 222989

that's adorable

Anonymous 222994


Anonymous 223018


Nice one, Cricks.


Terfposting #30 Anonymous 220182[Reply]

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Anonymous 222819

oh my gawd what youtube just recommended me

Anonymous 222826

>is a trekkie
Literally what is it with troons and Star Trek? It's so weird how this isn't first time I've seen who whose completely enamored by the series.

Anonymous 222830

this whole video is just him trying to make terfs into white supremacists

Anonymous 222869

saw that vulgar display of troonery, didn't know the video got yanked (pun intended) and the account got locked.

stupid me thought "well, if the 'source' people didn't have enough bathroom incidents already, this should peak everyone."

but, no, still bizarro world.

Anonymous 222884


I laugh at this timeline where men try to redefine what a woman is.


accountability thread Anonymous 181390[Reply]

Post long-term or short-term goals you have so other nonas can keep you accountable. Updates, honesty, and kindness are encouraged.
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Anonymous 219053

Anonymous 219320

Memorize a song to sing at karaoke.

Anonymous 220954

Goals for this week:
>anki every day
>open novel and try to read every day
>do one digital drawing
>practice a song for karaoke

Anonymous 221338

I met all my goals this week!! I kind of cheated in that my digital drawing was done on a trackpad on ms paint during work but honestly that's enough for me.

Goals for this weekend:
>do the sketch for a drawing idea I posted about
>get clothes put away in the closet

Goals for this week:
>anki every day
>open novel and try to read every day
>do one digital drawing
>practice a song for karaoke

Anonymous 222740

The only goal I met was improving a lot on my karaoke song. I also started on a second, harder song.

Goals for this week:
>put away clothes
>anki every day
>draw 3 times even if you have to do it on your lunch break
>improve on 2nd karaoke song


Unpopular Opinions #4 Anonymous 75353[Reply]

The other one seemed sort of dead so I hope it’s ok to make a new thread. I’ll start with mine: I think that kinkshaming should be brought back, some fetishes are gross and deserve to be shamed
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Anonymous 222975

some rancid ass bitches on this site

Anonymous 222976

women who decide to get pregnant by their nigels are so cucked, especially if they birth a moidlet.

Anonymous 222978

*give birth to

Anonymous 222984

I hate physically weak people, both men and women alike, especially men. Not being able to lift 30 pounds is not a bragging right, it's pathetic.

Anonymous 222987

I don't think that's an unpopular opinion. Everyone hates physically weak people. I shit on physically weak men together with other women so often as well.

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