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Fuck purses Anonymous 52168[Reply]

>In a low-trust and rapidly deteriorating society, carrying a purse becomes more of a "please rob me" bag over time

I've been thinking of different ways to carry my stupid stuff every day, and even reducing how much but I am at my limit of what I can change now. I've even thought of buying some cargo shorts of all things, but everything anyone makes has just tiny pockets even then (pic related), defeating the purpose of them even existing as unique clothes. Why can't someone make something that fits properly and carries shit so I'm not carrying a stupid ass anchor the rest of my life???
I swear it's a conspiracy and I'm getting so pissed off
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Anonymous 52194


Anonymous 52195

Self defense weapons are illegal in my country, but I feel like carrying in your purse is kinda dumb. Like if someone grabs your purse, they've now got not only your purse, but also your gun. Makes way more sense to keep something like that on your person. At least that's what I'd guess.

Anonymous 52333


I use one of those Eastpak bum bags. Have been using it since 2014 or so, it's still holding up well and I wear it every single day. Best purchase I've ever made. I wear it over my chest like this.

Anonymous 56525

I wear a hip bag I bought off Amazon. It has a second leg strap so it's secure.

Anonymous 56541



Anonymous 56407[Reply]

What is your life goal?
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Anonymous 56533

Yes, 4 kids in a countryhouse, my husband and some chickens and palmtrees.

Anonymous 56534

What kind of job?

Anonymous 56537

It's my dream to work with animals in a shelter or aquarium, but as they don't pay much i would be happy with a nice programming or tech support job.

Anonymous 56538

What is that? Do you need a degree or preparation for those things, don't you? Animal sheltering and programming look like two completely different things, it's cool.

Anonymous 56539

To be heroic and help those around me.


Anonymous 56390[Reply]

Sex with men is just not fun to me.
I have had (8+) partners, different sizes, stamina, experience level, attraction level, "vanilla"-ness level.
I don't have any trauma to "deal" with that suddenly makes every guy horrible at sex.
It's just… jackhammering is boring, it just makes me feels how they penetrate my cervix, it's not quite stimulating enough.
They're all just fucking bad at cunnilingus. And masturbation.
Like, experience just means "I have satisfied myself with several women's bodies" or "I think I'm Ron Jeremy". And "I want to make you orgasm" means "You have to moan and wiggle at whatever the fuck I do, how dare you like things not in accordance to my fantasy of your sexual desire".
Or they just can't learn what I show them somehow.
Do you just need to be super hot to get them to try and actually make sex reciprocal?
Do I just need to take care of my own pleasure, as well as his?
Like, the only thing that keeps me going on with real sex is adrenaline from new partners and light kinky shit.
Going masturbation only makes me feel unwanted and not normal.
How do you do it anon?
Do you actually have orgasms at least 90% of the times?
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Anonymous 56509

i used to fall for this meme. but then i realized i have a ridiculously high sex drive, higher than the men i’ve dated, and it contributed to the tearing of the relationship. of the many factors that contribute to having a happy relationship with someone you love, i would prefer to have my sexual needs satiated, regardless of how much i love a person.

Anonymous 56511

You need to go after those virgins so you can train them to be your personal hitachi

Anonymous 56526

Queen tier strategy

Anonymous 56527

>I have orgasms
>I don't coom
Anon….orgasming is cumming (for women). I'd think a fellow avid masturbator would know this shit.

Squirt is pee. Women don't ejaculate kek.

Anonymous 56531


Female ejaculation is real, and you can have an orgasm and not coom. For a sec I thought I was wrong but here you have some proof:
We can ejaculate too, it goes through the urethra (sounds a bit weird but fun). I get wet in seconds but this is a whole different thing. Of course female ejaculation is something people never really cared about until now. What a surprise.


Anonymous 37977[Reply]

I am speechless but not surprised.
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Anonymous 56315


You’re entitled to your shit taste I guess.

Keep in mind these guys are 4chan retards with no concept of context. OP in the image looks like pic related but uglier, I guarantee.

Anonymous 56318

anal is only based if I'm doing it to a man

Anonymous 56358

what kind of amerigoblin is that?

Anonymous 56362

El mullato del criminales con labio muy grande

Anonymous 56517

Lol. I still can not wrap my head around on the fact he is litterally yellow. Do americans dip their children in mustard when they are born?

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Anonymous 54850[Reply]

Everyone tells you to go to therapy when you are sexually assaulted. Well I did that and all he did was ask me what happened and say "how does that make you feel". Well what happened is I got raped, and I feel bad because I think it was partially my fault for not being careful.

Thanks therapy, that was no help at all and I had to relive it, again
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Anonymous 56481

My friend is having issues with trauma and I think she's going to be unable to enjoy life if she keeps accidentally revisiting it without the mental fortitude to face it headlong, not running away.

The problem is that I don't know if there is a consistent and productive way to build mental fortitude. I have a difficult time empathizing because I fear nothing, and channel everything into anger or indifference.

I'd like her to be able to move on and accept that trauma as a stage of her life that is over, but as a relatively healthy individual I don't know how to provide her the tools to do so.

Any ideas?

Anonymous 56482

Maybe look into cognitive behavioral therapy. It can be done on one's own or with a friend, and doesn't require any drugs or equipment.

Anonymous 56483

This seems like an extremely pragmatic approach, and suits my style.
I picked up "A Modern Introduction to CBT" by Hofmann, I'll see if I can get something useful out of it

Anonymous 56485


Good luck! You are a good friend and I hope you succeed

Anonymous 56500

Be careful though, sometimes CBT isn't suitable for trauma in particular. It can be helpful in some cases, but sometimes it works to label intense negative emotions as "overreacting" and "irrational responses" etc., while the reason people have these trauma responses is that they needed something to protect and defend them.

It isn't always wise to just disarm these defenses. For example, if a person is in an abusive relationship, or has a tendency to end up with toxic people, she may use CBT to be okay with an environment she absolutely shouldn't be okay with (because it can inadvertently be used to dampen negative emotions). CBT can also just feel invalidating and dangerous for this reason.


Anonymous 55041[Reply]

can we do a vocaroo thread? i just want to hear voices that aren't in my head
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Anonymous 55325

Anonymous 56417

strong contribution

Anonymous 56418

Anonymous 56422


Anonymous 56461

images (27).jpeg


Anonymous 30509[Reply]

I know we have a femdom thread, but I think we need a separate gfd thread.


>Blushy boys
>Cute boys
>Cute boys
>And more cute boys
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Anonymous 56456

Anonymous 56491

I think you're mostly right, but gfd is just vanilla enough for many people in the community to feel like they're morally superior to the rest of BDSM, specifically the parts they personally see as gross. And I guess >>50004 anon is probably a manifestation of that lol.

Anonymous 56950

What's people's opinions on the services available for finding a sub? From what I've seen on the sight it doesn't look like most options are great so I wonder if it would be worth creating our own

Anonymous 56976

it might be worth it, but the sheer number of scammers and horny men are extremely costly to regulate. The best ways I've heard from other people are posting a personals on your local subreddit (like the subreddit of your city or something), meeting them through some of the discords (which can be a pain because a lot of them are horny cesspits and usually have using the server for dating as against the rules) through friends, or just a normie dating app with a profile that styles itself seeking a very specific type of guy. Online dating and online kink always seems to attract the worst types of people though, it would be the most ideal to have specific gfd meetups or munches, but I'm unsure that's possible given our small numbers. Maybe some forum or app that organizes people into local regions so they can sort of build a community and eventually have those meetups? That's what usually makes gfd discords so appealing, but everyone is always all over place, and the best communities are all private.

Anonymous 57127

If CC did anything it would have to be off site, I do think that considering the high incidence of women here that are into femdom as well as general femcels who struggle to find a partner regardless of kink that people here would appreciate a dating site specifically targeted at them


copypasta thread Anonymous 30998[Reply]

see subject. just post your favorite copypastas. i'll start

>we get it you love cock you love the taste of salty sticky semen down your throat you'll do anything to get a dick down your gullet you crave cocksucking you cocksuck every weekend you've made a hobby of it you put cocksucking as one of your abilities down in your cv and then when you get job interviews you don't even take the interview you just slurp on the interviewers penis you love cum you love swallowing semen you want a million men to all cum in a water bottle and then give it to you to drink you love penis penis penis
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Anonymous 56344

no it's from /mu/

Anonymous 56378

Disregarding the high possibility of this being a bait post.

Are you faggot or something? Does your entire life revolve around your sexuality? Homo or otherwise? Even if you're straight, the implications behind your post imply that you act like a faggot. If the only driving force in your life is the gratification of your sexual urges, congratulations! You're a faggot. One should pursue these things for greater understanding, appreciation, and gratification of one's self. Imagine just sniffing and scuttling around bars like a fucking rat, trying to find some cheesy pussy. Don't get me wrong, I was once like you, acting like a faggot, whose only goal was to satisfy my sexual urges, but after years of getting turned down (because people saw straight through me, much like they do you, or they will eventually), I began to focus on making myself better and just treating people like fucking people. Not like some cheesy pussy to be snuffed out like I'm a fuckin faggot ass rat like you. Since then, I've only dated attractive women, and have had some pretty great random fucks with women that I've met out and about. But was any of that my end goal? Was that the ONLY fucking thing I was looking for? NO, you FAGGOT! I was having fun dancing to some random euro-trash techno on a dance floor in Santorini, and when I saw a cute girl laughing I just laughed with her and asked her to dance with me! The end goal wasn't to fuck, the goal was to have a fun moment and experience with this complete and total stranger! Am I paying my way through school to get some puss puss? NO. I'm paying my way through school so I can eventually pay for the lifestyle I want to live, and if someone happens to come along that shares my view in that regard, then great! If not, no worries! I will still be fulfilled with the accomplishment of my goals and dreams.

Your self-satisfaction and happiness should never rely on someone else. Stop being a fucking cumbrained zombie.

Anonymous 56387

For Christ’s sake. I’m getting arthritis in my thumb from scrolling past this post ten times a day

Anonymous 56401

Working as intended

Anonymous 56402



doki doki..


Anonymous 42978[Reply]

if your longterm boyfriend wanted to make a sex video, without the intention of ever uploading it somewhere, and you trusted him, would you do it?
35 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 56329


Nah I'd just go over and fuck him. Guys who care about that masturbation fuel shit don't matter. Only actual skin on skin contact does not a video of you moaning and trying not to be worried he'll upload that shit someday.

Anonymous 56347

Absolutely not.

Anonymous 56365

Sure, I’m a yoga teacher so I work hard to look good so it’s be fun to show off but idk… couldn’t have my face in it and would have to be posted somewhere hard to find

Anonymous 56381

You could always do so on condition that you get to store and then delete the video file, and you leave ir saved on an encrypted USB that only you know the password to. Depending on how technical your guy is, you might also want to look up ways to make sure the deleted file cannot be recovered. (Programs like bleachbit, what Hillary used to wipe her email servers)

Anonymous 56394


>trusting a man


The stigma surrounding virginity Anonymous 41822[Reply]

We live in a highly sexualized society and being a virgin is constantly stigmatized. However, it's really easy to have sex, even for male incels. What's hard is saving yourself for the right person. Depending on their values, that may make you much more valuable to them. So don't just jump at the opportunity to fuck anyone, don't think of virginity as something to get rid of, because in the end you will just feel like shit. Think long term and find your soulmate, true love is much more valuable than satisfying your short term urges.
115 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 56348

>i can't respect or think of someone who's had no experience as, like, a potential partner at all

>>if a man sees you as a commodity based on how "pure" you are and how "valuable" you are. that is disgusting


Anonymous 56351

There's no point anymore. It was perfectly normal to have insecurities at the start of a relationship.

Anonymous 56355


But what if he knows I prefer virgin men (bc I'm also a virgin) and he lies to get into my pants?

Anonymous 56357

Hum, I see it as the other way around. When you meet someone you don't want to admit secrets so you might give a white lie. When you get closer to someone you might feel inclined to tell them the truth. I know I personally do this with some subjects that I feel are too personal.

Anonymous 56359

>But what if he knows I prefer virgin men (bc I'm also a virgin) and he lies to get into my pants?
Just don't let him know, if there's something you want to know about a person you should never tell them which answer would please you more, especially when he's doing all he can to get on your good side you.

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