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Anonymous 27622[Reply]

Being the "pretty girl" is not always so pretty.
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Anonymous 27736

this lol

Anonymous 27754

"what it's like to be pretty because obviously the rest of you mortals don't know because you're all UGLY"

Anonymous 27804

i feel like i've seen both end of the spectrums. when i was growing up, i was ugly. then i grew my hair out and dropped forty pounds and all of a sudden i had orbiters. and predators.
maybe this is just my personality, but it was so much better being ignored by other people than it was being targeted by them. being ignored didn't give me ptsd at least. and when someone expressed interest in me, it wasn't just because they wanted to fuck & chuck, it was because they genuinely found something about my personality attractive.

Anonymous 27805

When I look "ugly", the kind of men who are into me are creepy, older men, random men from cars, etc.
I thinking being ugly attracts people who either a) see you as desperate and therefore thirsty or b) they think you're a virgin and are naiive, innocent, etc. which attracts them to you because they think the stuff they're saying goes over your head. It's gross either way.

When I wear ditch the glasses for my (clear) contacts and wear makeup, the men who are seem more interested in me are more around my own age and don't seem motivated by the above factors.

Either way in appearance, girls aren't into me, so it's lose/lose situation.

Anonymous 27810

>When I look "ugly", the kind of men who are into me are creepy, older men

The only men that ever hit on me are these.


Anonymous 23107[Reply]

How racist is your family? Would they treat you differently if you met a romantic partner of a different race or religion? Would they disown you?

My dad often goes on racist tirades about blacks, Hispanics, etc. in private but his best friend is a Jew so idk really how he would react. I think my mom and sister would just be happy I found someone.
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Anonymous 27661

is your dad black or why exactly was your mom worried that you would turn out like them?

also sad at you being limited to that pool of candidates

Anonymous 27671


my dads skin-tone is confusing.. slightly.he has tan lines (permanent) >pic related
so his natural skin tone is not dark at-all, but i do have a younger sister who has an afro and dark olive skin.
my mum is very light and ended up looking like her more. and because me being the lightest in the family, my mother would spoil me more than my other siblings and i remember her always telling me how im lucky for being light and so on and so fourth and how our cousins are very unfortunate and it will be difficult for marriage in the future if they are also limited to muslim arab guys.

Anonymous 27683

i find extremely light eyes, like enough to see the iris, pretty creepy too. "muh light eyes master race" is a bit of a meme, like it matters at all if the person is already ugly.

Anonymous 27707

They don't outwardly disapprove but they do seem uncomfortable.

I think they're mostly just happy/relieved to see that I'm actually interacting with other people.

Anonymous 27714

Black family members are a good thing.


Anonymous 25910[Reply]

Machine Gun Kelly's appearance as a late 20s boomer really trips me out.

On one hand his face and phenotype look like something right out of a Nazi propaganda poster showing the ideal man. On the other hand he's covered in tattoos, does plenty of drugs and makes a living participating in African American hip hop culture.

It isn't just him being a "hurr durr white rapper #woah so cool", his facial features are so aryan it's tripping me out.
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Anonymous 26141

Since this thread I have noticed my mouth is often sitting slightly open. I already knew I was half retarded though.

Anonymous 26155

>>Without tattoos and piercings
Anon why are you boring. He looks cuter with those things.

Anonymous 26158

Well, I meant he'd better remain silent.

Anonymous 26195


Never even heard of this guy before but a few days after this thread was posted I see this on fb
(this must be some sort of sign)

Anonymous 27704

He kinda looks old school irish. This thread brings up a good point. What is machine gun kelley. I guess german and irish. Could be russian.


Circles of Hell Anonymous 22526[Reply]

Which one do you belong to, anons? Post your results!

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Anonymous 27637

Ted Bundy never got into a physical altercations or abused some one outside of his murder victims…

Anonymous 27638

also got level 7 baybeeeee

i'm not violent towards other people, only myself.

i find this really funny though, because i have a tattoo of the word violence on my hip.

Anonymous 27640

You can be my bodyguard, I can be your long lost pal

Anonymous 27657



Anonymous 27686

Are you actually comparing me to ted bundy LMAO im extremely passive and i cannot imagine being able to hurt someone like that. what even is this response

Anonymous 25578[Reply]

>Crystal Cafe user list her dating requirements
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Anonymous 27560

this statement is ambiguous and can be interpreted in both positive and nefarious ways

Anonymous 27574

is it weird to want a bf with a big peepee just because you don't want to ever wander how bigger ones are? (and wanna stay with the same partner forever)

Anonymous 27583

Positive or nefarious how, anon?

Anonymous 27591


I'm going to be real I've been looking at OP for weeks and only just now realized what they were trying to say because of the bad grammar.

Anonymous 27634

or you can not be a hoe and just marry for life


Anonymous 26606[Reply]

The "eco boost" button on the dryer REALLY means "please don't dry my clothes I really want my clothes to be damp!!!"
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Anonymous 26860

Also hanging your clothes outside gets rid of the bacteria that makes your clothes smell (like gym clothes, etc) and of course your clothes last longer than if you just dried them.

Anonymous 26884

Anonymous 26886

You just need to get speed for 48 h straight.

Anonymous 27613


>eco boost
>not eco PERFECT

Anonymous 27619

the clothes are fucking wet

Norah Vincent experiment Anonymous 27606[Reply]

What do you think of this experiment, does it proves something? Do you personally agree with her conclucions? Is this topic susceptible to do some actual objective investigation at all?

Anonymous 27608

>men size 11 at 5'10

Poor lady.

Anonymous 27612

I remember hearing about her book and thinking,
“She sure as Hell didn’t grow up with five brothers.”


Straight Anons? Anonymous 27052[Reply]

So casually my coworker mentioned that she goes to female strip clubs, and has gotten dances before. As a not-straight anon, this is confusing. I'm not sure if I'm to interpret her as bi or what, but I do have some friends who are straight but think other girls are "hot" sooooo, would anyone here who is straight go to strip club and get dances?
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Anonymous 27592


OP here. What the fuck have y'all done to my thread?

Anonymous 27594

Smug Anime Girl 24…

We made it better. faster. Stronger. We gave it fresh purpose. We made it great.

Anonymous 27595

Though I don't like it either, that's not the case at all. In many cases doing sex work is a very good deal. In countries were it is regulated, many can find themselves in good positions where they can select customers, get paid extremely well, and work only a small amount of hours. Camgirling and amateur pornography is also something that is done mainly out of convenience and easy money. Oftentimes prostitution is the same.

Anonymous 27599

Sorry OP.

Anonymous 27601

In countries where it's regulated, the prostitutes are still undocumented immigrants and those rules don't apply to them


Communism Thread Anonymous 4053[Reply]

Post memes or theory
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Anonymous 27335

jill blushstickers…

>>Unironically equating Soviet Marxism-Leninism with queer gender studies with Marxian influence at American universities
Gender studies are basically class warfare.
The liberation of women has been rendered down to a sexual equivalent of wage slavery.
Men at-large have been made into a convenient opponent while the rich white guys who are actually in charge benefit. Terribly reminiscent of Stalin terminating "revisionists" tbh
Look at the top of your head.

Anonymous 27348

Only good thing about communism is all the funny infighting amongst leftists themselves for ideology stuff. Shoutout to the tankies for killing more leftcoms than the capitalists ever did lol

Anonymous 27577

i'm russian and my parents are ex soviets so I don't like communism unlike american hipster teens

Anonymous 27584

Before communism most Russians were uneducated peasants, my great-grandparents couldn't even read. Communism brought a lot of atrocities we should never forget and I'm glad a lot of ex-soviet countries have their independence now, but I'm also glad it brought modernization and education to my family.

Anonymous 27585

other places got that without communism


Fugly art thread Anonymous 943[Reply]

Can we have fugly art thread? I really love those! Post everything : ugly, overrated, sjw.

←—This supposed to be Hermione….yeaaaah
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Anonymous 27497

Because there are literally nothing but downsides to being a nigger. We’re the most shameful race possible next to I guess being abbo. The difference is that I think Abbos tend to be at least nice and not that violent. Blacks are literally 90% animals it’s humiliating

Anonymous 27502


That's stupid. The sooner you knock this off the better off you'll be for it.

Anonymous 27515

>I’m single-handedly responsible for the state of black people
Yet another reason I hate being black. I hate being the ambassador for this failing brand and I don’t want to be close to most black people because they’re not very good either

Most people think negatively of blacks and unfortunately most of their negative opinions on us are completely valid.

I obviously do my best individually but i hate the fact that people see me as some “SaSsy” baboon bitch

Anonymous Moderator 27516

Stop derailing, please.

Anonymous 27557


ok, here's some ugly art irl. I assume sculpture falls under the realm of "art" in this case.

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