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Anonymous 79924[Reply]

Men hit the wall before 18.
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Anonymous 79928

I'm not a pedo. The moid behavior does start at about 10-11 though.

Anonymous 79929


Um no?
I think it’s also relative to age. When I was like 16, a 30 year old was gross and old. Now I like 30 year olds and anyone younger than 25 are children (in terms of potential mates)

Anonymous 79931

I can't believe OP is advocating for pedophilia.

Anonymous 79933

lol somebody been playing Monster Girl Quest 1,2,3

Anonymous 79934

Same. I'm a bit younger than you, but basically back in high school, I thought 20 year olds were old and gross, now I think anyone younger than that is a baby.
I work with children and no, in most boys the typical moid behavior doesn't begin that young. It begins when they're around 14 or high school aged. There are a few that are rude, spoiled moid brats at 11-12 years old, but even they are still capable of being taught respect and discipline, unlike the grown up moids. Most will do whatever you tell them to if you bribe them with candy or find the right motivator for them.
Which is one of the many reasons why pedos are disgusting, they know kids are easy to bribe or manipulate, and use that to their own advantage rather than to teach kids to behave themselves.


Anonymous 55730[Reply]

what’s crystal cafe’s thoughts on lolcow/kiwifarms? this might be unpopular, but both of those sites make me really uncomfortable for bullying people and doxxing people
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Anonymous 79852

I’m only on lolcow for the radfem gc threads. Everything else makes me feel bad. Most of the threads are bullying. However, the celebrity cows thread is okay because celebrities are in the public sphere. I suppose you could debate those “cows” who are more popular/internet famous as the same thing. It just makes me feel bad.
KF is only good for one thing: their topics on internet and technology. They have pretty good threads on privacy and whatnot. Cause they themselves don’t wanna be doxxed. Ironic.

Anonymous 79868

Its an important site that documents peoples wrong doings and exposes those lolcows for who they are; liars, cheats, perverts, predators, leeches.
Doxxing has never been a real thing, two decades ago everybodies adress was recorded in a phone book, this is not some kind of classified information. In fact, people who are scared of people knowing who they are usually are involved in some sort of wrong doing.
And bullying is discouraged and will get you thread banned.

The only bullies are the people threating null with violence or lawsuits to make him submit like they make all those other hosts submit by coercion and blackmailing.

Anonymous 79890

what happened to all the old users? I've noticed the twitter lingo on lolcow too. the yaaaaaas queen type of posters.

Anonymous 79898

I do this in /ot/ and /g/ for sure, luckily never managed to piss anyone off that much on the cow boards

Anonymous 79900

I noticed it’s the worst in the “dumbass shit” thread in /ot/. They also use those reaction images that people on twitter use. I guess the moderation caused the old users to leave or they just got bored of /ot/.


The only real reliable IQ test Anonymous 78658[Reply]

The only real reliable IQ test



my english is 97 iq im sorry
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Anonymous 79758

Kek. Well spotted. See this anon is clearly the highest IQ here.
Mine went from 118 to 123 which in IQ terms is a huge amount.

Anonymous 79837


this isn't fair

Anonymous 79838

the test isn’t too smart for you, you’re too smart for the test

Anonymous 79865


Your test is stupid, there's no way I'm above 75 iq

Anonymous 79870

2021-04-02 07_31_4…

My memory kind of sucks I guess.


Anonymous 79831[Reply]

Would you guys do something like this on onlyfans? I assume you could just edit the shit out of yourself and become unrecognizable which eliminates risk, so why not?
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Anonymous 79840


Women are not commodities gtfo onlyfans mlm recrooter

Anonymous 79843

Still whoring out your body. I feel like technology has desensitized people too much.

Anonymous 79851

Most women don’t make enough to make it worth it. It’s easier to have a regular job than to deal with the harassment. Also, I don’t want men to look at me. Moids are disgusting.

Anonymous 79855

Seems hard to stand out when thousands of other girls are all doing or wearing the same lewd outfits. Unless you're doing backflips while nude, I think it all sounds not worth paying for, but it seems it doesn't take much to entertain scrotes. What pathetic creatures they are. But like others here, I wouldn't start one anyway since I'd be making moids happy and in their spank banks for forever. Sooo I'll pass.

Anonymous 79859

I agree with whoring out but for yourself not for corporations.


Anonymous 79743[Reply]

It's the first day of April, give me the fish

Anonymous 79761


Right here laid ease

Anonymous 79762


Anonymous 79763

Does The fish "thing" is strictly a french stuff?

Anonymous 79766


dont you flood detect me i have a lot to say

Anonymous 79768


Crypto currency Anonymous 72006[Reply]

What type of crypto do you all own?
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Anonymous 79454

None. My god.

Anonymous 79759

Honestly think it's less to do with guns and more to do with american culture, which unfortunately is very pervasive across the globe now.
Think about how many more serial killers the US have had too. With or without guns there is just something quite wrong with the place.

Anonymous 79760

Why is that? Solely because they're entertaining tickers and therefore could be memeified or some other reason?
Also where do you get these small coins - uniswap?

Anonymous 79764

How do you even find out about this no-name altcoins? Where does one go to get news on the absolute newest fucking memecoin?

Anonymous 79767

probably /biz/


Anonymous 59339[Reply]

Two holy chicken caesar salad bottles clop towards you.

Clop. Clop. clip . Clop.
Two holy chicken caesar salad bottles clop towards you.

Clop. Clop. clip . Clop. Two holy chicken caesar salad bottles clop towards you.

Clop. Clop. clip . Clop. Two holy chicken caesar salad bottles clop towards you.

Clop. Clop. clip . Clop. Two holy chicken caesar salad bottles clop towards you.

Clop. Clop. clip . Clop.
Two holy chicken caesar salad bottles clop towards you.

Clop. Clop. clip . Clop. Two holy chicken caesar salad bottles clop towards you.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 79516

why would it matter if someone respected the animal after it was dead?

Anonymous 79517

Being wasteful with animal products increases demand.

Anonymous 79518

you don't have to respect the animal to not waste it though.

Anonymous 79524

Clip clop, clippity clop, the horsie plods along

Anonymous 79525

This, anon.
You're missing the point. That anon was just pointing out how one particular form of disrespect results in more animals being harmed.


Character sheets Anonymous 281[Reply]

Let's make some profiles?
I'll post a few blanks :3

>Ideal gf or yourself as a gf
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Anonymous 79321

What is it called when you're all the clingy pathetic parts of this but not the angry edgy parts

Anonymous 79322

I feel you'd be too clingy to date but still really wholesome and kind

Anonymous 79326


Anonymous 79513


Anonymous 79770

This is BPD though.

Check out the cluster C's.


Meaning of Life Anonymous 75227[Reply]

what is it?
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Anonymous 79068

i can answer this simply.
the question "what is the meaning of life?" in itself needs knowledge to be answered. it follows that, the meaning of life is to answer this question. from this we could also derive that we also need to survive, because to think and attain knowledge, we must stay alive (unless you're religious, but i'll think about that when i'm dead). and to stay alive (for said knowledge to proceed and stay alive also) we must reproduce and impart on our children.

Anonymous 79071

to transcend humanism

Anonymous 79315

yeah but why would you think this is a bad thing?

Anonymous 79316

The meaning of life is to contribute something greater than the last generation. It's to enjoy life and live in harmony/balance. I don't know what obscene wealth has to do with any of that though.

Anonymous 79355

there is no deep meaning to the world, but people have it so weirdly wrong they feel like there has to be one.

there is no meaning but its not a tragedy or a reason to kill yourself lol - just chill and enjoy the life as it goes


Anonymous 79350[Reply]

Jumping spider appreciation zone

Anonymous 79351


Anonymous 79352


Anonymous 79353


Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 79375

Moved to >>>/img/9753.

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