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and then everybody clapped Anonymous 27928[Reply]

Did you ever have one of those moments when you did something cool and everybody cheered for you? I thought that never happened outside of the internet but it happened to me once.

> be me doing group work, we have to make a little speech about prejudice from what we read from a text

> I have lots of grades so I'm sure I won't be picked, my friend has few grades so she's trying to memorize a speech
>teacher: "Ok from the next group, please Anon tell us about prejudice in society."
> oh no
> I'm good at this subject but I really wasn't expecting to be picked so I'm just stammering
> teacher says "Oh I thought for sure you Anon would have no problems with this!"
>"But teacher, that's prejudice!" I reply.
> the whole class cheers and claps for me
> I nail my speech after that.

please share your stories if you have any.
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Anonymous 29846

>gym class
>play field hockey
>insecure, weak, shy
>puck flies at me
>hit it out of reflex and self-conservation
>score perfect goal from the exact opposite side of the field
>everyone cheers and chants my name

I peaked in elementary school.

Anonymous 29848

Heros are a big deal

Anonymous 29958

This happened in my first grade, our teacher made our class go to this old building in the school that had the date printed on when it was made. She asked us how many years ago that was, everyone was struggling to think but I put up my hand said the answer. All the kids looked at me with wide eyes and started clapping excitedly lol and my teacher was impressed. I can't believe I remember the exact number too, 81. She gave me a small certificate after that too.

Anonymous 29960

lol that's really cool

Anonymous 30692

I want to say this was 2011?

>be me, 17

>no driving licence yet so get the hour long bus to see friends
>really tired so i just want to nap on this bus for a bit
>next stop: some bratty, noisy kids from my school (they're 12/13 years old) come on the bus
>sit right behind me
>they play obnoxious music/le funnay maymay vidoes XD
>shouting and screaming
>50 minutes into bus journey, no nap
>still shouting and being generally awful
>bus is packed now and several other people have told them to quieten down/stfu to no avail
>they begin to play south park's 'uncle fucker'
>i lose my shit
>turn around to them
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Anonymous 30624[Reply]

do you guys have a folder dedicated to cc?
if so, what aesthetic/types of images are within?
& if not, do you attempt to only post specific types of images to fit in with the board atmosphere ( whatever that may be )?
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Anonymous 30634

No. I collect images of characters I like and put them in folders but I have no "aesthetic" folders or anything like that. I have a random clusterfuck folder too where I put anything I find interesting but the images in it usually aren't relevant to the thread.

Anonymous 30664


I only have a webm folder for random videos I converted to post on c.c at some point, whenever they come in handy.

Anonymous 30665


I don’t fit into board culture, I define it.

Anonymous 30668

That picture is so lovely, thank you for posting it.

Anonymous 30686

I just look up "reaction images" on google


Anonymous 30670[Reply]

Evilest thing you’ve done?

Anonymous Moderator 30672

Anonymous 28523[Reply]


sage 30661


Anonymous 30663



India Anonymous 30650[Reply]

Any indian girls here? How do you guys live? I'm really curious


where do you think it's best to find significant others Anonymoos 30610[Reply]

i jsut wonder, how do you wish to find other people like you IRL, like for example guys, do you have a special ruleset, apps or forums for that
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Anonymous 30617

I sometimes fantasise about starting a chat with random guys that run in my local forest but making up an excuse to cut contact with them if they're taken makes it unfathomably difficult.

Anonymous 30623

well, what are your basic things you WANT and things you could NEVER accept in a guy, general question

Anonymous 30629

I imagined myself meeting partner in college; but now that i’m halfway done with it I don’t see it happening.

Maybe I’ll meet bf at post office or something

Anonymous 30633


Yeah I'd watch a dark comedy about a shy, dorky guy who committed his first murder half-accidentally and then finding love with the Stacy serial killer.

Stacy drops her latest kill in the familiar twisting deep of the forest. She hears another thud, like something echoed her. She snaps her head up in surprise and some panic, only to see a handsome, though very disheveled guy standing over the ditch, opposite her, above his own cold quarry.
He freezes, and only his nervous eyes dart to the side then back to her, as if waiting for her to deal with him for what he just witnessed.
Stacy: "… Hm… I had no idea I was sharing my spot."
Him: "Y-you too."

Anonymous 30644


Psychos in Love (1987) has a similar plot, but it wasn't very good. No forests either.


Anonymous 30585[Reply]

miners. if you could go back in time, what would you change?
i'd probably
>join a sport and pick up an instrument
>keep to myself more
>speak to a girl i should've talked to sooner; befriended her & left the big cliques alone
>study harder
>be nicer to my parents
>draw/write more often
>get in touch with "those" people earlier, rather than orbiting
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Anonymous 30604


>work harder in school, convince my mother to get me help for ADD
>ignore bullies more often and not get into it with them
>act more quiet and subtle around others and not make myself more of a target
>not date most of the men i've dated
>not become an au pair
>not let stacies explore their sexuality with me while bullying me in school before and after
>learn to dress for my body type earlier
>start practicing makeup earlier
>not drop out of school
>at least try to go to university
>not try to make friends at work, keep work and life separate
>not let anxiety and internet addiction ruin what was left of my social circle

that's probably it

Anonymous 30614

>work harder in high school, take calc so I wouldn't have to pay the dough later
>not be creepy to my male friend at 14
>exercise in high school
>not be a moody bitch who flipped out all the time
>embrace femininity earlier since I'm so behind now
Mostly would just fix me being an asshole and frumplet lol.

Anonymous 30620


>get help for mental issues earlier
>try harder in school
>get treated for my ADD sooner
>get my glasses when it was apparent I had issues with my sight
>stop being so moody and depressed about everything
>treat my parents and siblings better
>try to be more active at school, get involved in organizations instead of being part of the going home club
>continue pursuing my artistic endeavors, dedicate more time to practicing it
>keep in touch with people instead of not speaking to them ever again after moving to a new school
>also be more in touch with my race/culture
>stop giving a shit about how people perceive my interests/hobbies

I don't have many regrets but if I went back in time, I'd make these changes. Overall I'm pretty glad how my life is going atm, I'm pretty much doing all the things I listed here now.

Anonymous 30621

Go back to the day I was conceived then give my parents a condom

Anonymous 30622

Please be okay anon.


Diet Thread Anonymous 30609[Reply]

Who here is on a /diet/?

I'm 5'4 and 165lb and trying to lose some weight. I started a diet yesterday. Trying to eat lots of veg and lean proteins and keeping my total calorie intake below 800.I'm so hungry tho
How's your diet going?

Anonymous 30612

This is probably better suited for the health and beauty board >>>/hb/

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 30618

Moved to >>>/hb/6210.


crossdressing men(?) Anonymous 30581[Reply]

what are /b/'s thoughts on crossdressing males? Whether it's fetish or some way of embracing feminity, whether they're gay(not trans) or straight, whether they do it in public, or keep to themselves, whether they pass or look like bodybuilders in skirt. General thoughts.

Anonymous 30582

actual non trans crossdressing guys are like, theoretically hot but usually hideous

Anonymous 30583

Abominations. As bad as women who wear pants.

Anonymous 30584

Why don't people search the catalog?

Screen Shot 2019-0…

Anonymous 30486[Reply]

DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY PICTURES OF non-normie e-boys in sweatshirts with messy hair with slight eye bags please i cant find any

Anonymous 30488

I know a boy like that online, don’t want to post his picture though cause I like him too much, he is so cute though

Anonymous 30499


i have this aesthetic boy

Anonymous 30501

an electronic boy

Anonymous 30575

Reminds me of when I was talking to my friend's 12-year old little brother and he said "e-girl" is the new replacement to "thot". I wonder if OP is underage for knowing this slang of the youth.

Anonymous 30595

Nah, probably just a normfag.
t. somehow also end up knowing normie lingo through yt vids and such

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