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Anonymous 261412[Reply]


Anonymous 261416



Anonymous 261560


What a perfect snout

Anonymous 261561

sorry - purrfect


How old is everyone? Anonymous 261242[Reply]

It seems like most users are around 20-30 but I wanted to ask anyway cause I’m curious. I’m 18.
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Anonymous 261528

what article?

Anonymous 261531

>I’ve been here since it’s inception
Sure Jan… cc was advertised by snail on r9k when it was first made it was always like this.


Coolio, found it years upon years ago via lolcow. It was practically dead for years until recently, here is the Atlantic article btw:



Here is the article, some person interviewed people from lolcow and branded the entire site a femcel haven lol.



If you want more sauce here is the lolcow thread on her journalism request

It’s pretty entertaining, I’ll stop derailing now

Battle for Milkquarious Anonymous 261450[Reply]


Anonymous 261093[Reply]

why would you even want a relationship like what is the point of it?
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Anonymous 261359

This just certified my feelings towards sex and me finding it gross and scary. I'll day a virgin but at least I don't have to debase myself

Anonymous 261361

Anonymous 261362

>had full body orgasms
that is not real, whatever you think you're experiencing isn't an orgasm

Anonymous 261363

I just want to be important to someone. I was a really smart kid so my parents raised be to be ambitious and chase success and indirectly taught me that achievement is what made me worth loving, but when I'm alone at night and listening to my heart that's really all I want, to be important to someone, to be cherished and illuminate their life, and I'm not sure anymore if any of me means anything at all if I never find that person
but the truth is that I'll never be worthy of that so here I am. if it were for me I would have had it by now. I hate knowing that all I'll ever have is myself I feel so fucking empty

Anonymous 261382


Anonymous 261296[Reply]

Did any nonas play Moviestarplanet as kids? I miss old social games like this so much and would give anything to go back to a time when they were still full of life

Anonymous 261299

YESSSS BROOO i was obsessed and i had an MSP channel too..
here's one of my videos:

Anonymous 261306

had my first heartbreak on that game

Anonymous 261307

Omg I had a youtube channel too for msp music videos! Unfortunately I deleted all of it when I quit playing and I hate myself for it

Anonymous 261383

Moved to >>>/media/33240.

Screen Shot.png

Can we have a desktop thread? Anonymous 11882[Reply]

Well, I figured since some of you came from lainchan a desktop thread wouldn't be a bad idea I guess?
Just post your desktop as it is right now (or in a way you wouldn't mind people seeing it lol).
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Anonymous 254613

Screenshot (686).p…

fellow enstarfag hi

Anonymous 255371

Screenshot 2023-10…

Anonymous 255410

can you share the wall paper?

Anonymous 261301

Screenshot 2024-01…

God, this thread makes me want to get a desktop again.

Anonymous 261384

Moved to >>>/media/33244.


Forms of communication outside of discord Anonymous 259842[Reply]

Hello I am currently like totally tired of Discord it has been a complete mess for me lol

So i've started using XMPP and Mumble idk if anyone else uses that?
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Anonymous 261278

yeah literally anything decentralized and high-security like fediverse and element is for pedophiles

Anonymous 261279

>imageboards are also usually full of troons
thats why i only use crystal cafe kek

Anonymous 261288

cc is full of troons and moids too, like over half of the userbase is one or both

Anonymous 261292


Anonymous 261385

Moved to >>>/media/33379.


Anonymous 261289[Reply]

Why do trannies keep getting away with this?


Most prominent TERF from your country Anonymous 260348[Reply]

Thread for highlighting Terfs from non-anglophone countries

Kaya Szulczewska is the most prominent TERF and anti-porn/prostitution activist in Poland.

Anonymous 261273


does Zionist Jew Abigail Shrier technically count as an Israeli terf?

Anonymous 261280

She’s American so no, but hello fellow Israel dweller.


Fuck ups Anonymous 227972[Reply]

What’s a time you fucked up really bad? What did you do? Did you learn your lesson?

I had an interview this morning and I forgot about it. I had already done most of the interview on Friday, and just forgot there was one more person I had organized to talk with. I realized 15 minutes into the scheduled time when I saw my note about the time written down. Before that I was just cleaning up. they called like immediately after I realized I fucked up. I’m going to not get this job because I can’t stay organized, idk what’s wrong with me.
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Anonymous 261044

Anonymous 261054

dated a woman with severe bpd and narcissism, let her love/sex bomb me from the start. it lasted only two months but I became an alcoholic and my mental health went down the drain. I would drink to soothe my anxiety and pain of being gaslighted and manipulated by her. I would drink until I blacked out, laid on the streets because she left me there. Got dragged to “party” with prostitutes bc she’s actually a male brained perverted fuck. Cried in the hotel bc I felt so violated. I’m too traumatised to date again. And yes I’m lesbian

Anonymous 261214

I got laid off in October and I have fucked up 2 job interviews already kek. As soon as my severance runs out in June I am fucked. Might just get a lobotomy if I can't get another entry level office job. I am a self destructive retard.

Anonymous 261261

Maybe 7 or 8 years ago I had a job at a shitty knock-off hippie store that sold moldy tapestries and dusty singing bowls. The owners were old, had no tact, and were rude as fuck. Constantly talking down to me and acting like I was incompetent even though they hired me. I decided one day I didn't give a fuck any more. They let us close early sometimes when there wasn't a lot of traffic. I had waited for an hour for a single person to show up . Called the manager, told them I wanted to close up. I was in the middle of closing up while I was talking to them. They said no, stay open for a few more hours. I was like, sure okay, locked the door and went the fuck home. Next day they talk to me and fire me because I lied to them.

I learned the hard way, just fucking quit if you don't like the job. Don't lie to them. Be honest. I should have said "I'm sick and tired of being talked down to by a bunch of old boomer fucks while I try and sell their moldy merchandise. Goodbye."

Anonymous 261274

a whole FAMILY?

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