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Tattoos Anonymous 35706[Reply]

I've been thinking and I want a tattoo really badly. What are your thoughts, miners who have tattoos?

I was thinking about some kind of really minimalistic and small flower motive, since I've talked to one of my friends who suggested those after I told her what I want to signify with said tat. So here comes the thing. I'd like it to express how grateful I am and how I've improved, simply put. Other than some flowers I've looked up which express these things, what would you recommend I look at? Perhaps some kind of inspiration? Thanks in advance.
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Anonymous 36104

I think it looks pretty cool as a non-tattoo fan.

Anonymous 36117

shading on these looks unimpressive

Anonymous 36118


What are you talking about?

Anonymous 36120

I have tattoos. If you don't have any, I would recommend you keep it that way. I only like my first tattoo. The others are just mistakes I'd be happy to get removed if tattoo removal wasn't in the stone age.

I know nobody ever listens to warnings though.. So do what you want. Hopefully you won't regret it

Anonymous 36125

>get tattoo from Chinese artist
>it's supposed to mean "good luck" but it actually says "I eat spring rolls for breakfast" and "I love dicks"


Anonymous 33679[Reply]

What are your thoughts on e-girls who actively encourage "ironic" orbiting? The ones that constantly joke with other guys about domming them or whatever and typically have half the server making sexual "jokes" about them? It honestly ruins a lot of decent servers i'm in, especially when other girls start jumping in on it. It's why I typically avoid saying i'm a girl at all because it just instantly turns guys personalities around.
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Anonymous 36061


Naw man, e-girls are a thing. They're just as pathetic as their orbiters. Insecure women feeding off attention of lonely men.
I don't know if you spent a lot of time playing mmos but if you have you'd be dumb not to have noticed that. I spent a LOT of time playing Tera, a korean mmo with highly sexualized characters and a holy trinity system (DPS/healer/tank) that was perfect for sub/dom dynamics.
This game had such a large healslut/e-girl culture almost built into the game that it was insane. Most of these girls would act like the biggest catty scum while simultaneously leeching off all the rich, p2w players. Their gear would get funded by those guys, some would even buy them irl things like computers, headesets, mics etc. Not to mention a large majority of those girls (75% or so I'd say) would be absolutely trash at the game and they'd make it a part of their character, "I'm so ditzy and such a scatterbrain while I play the game and browse my phone at the same time uwu".
I'm talking as a person that knew almost the whole end-game population on two regions, so of course I'm aware a lot of girls were normal, nice, skilled and actually had personalities but to deny the existence of e-girls is just ridiculous.
One thing worse than e-girls in tera were the traps/trannies, and that game had plenty of them.

Anonymous 36071

Are they still an e-girl if they put out? There’s one in a server I’m in that supposedly met and went down on an orbiter IRL.

Anonymous 36077

No. In fact, that just makes it worse.

Anonymous 36080

How so?

Anonymous 36081

Because now they're giving the orbiter what he wants, further enabling his mental illness. "If I give girl money, I feel good." I shouldn't have to highlight how seedy and disgusting that is.


Anonymous 33907[Reply]

What do you think of the ethical questions regarding bio science technologies like CRISPR?
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Anonymous 34037

>da AI will go rogue
>da AI will turn on humans
god you must have watched too many sci fi movies, why in the hell's name would ANYONE create AI without any fucking restrictions placed upon it?
If you won't program it to exploit its capability to self learn it wont fucking do it for fuck sake.

Christ tell me it's a bait god im so mad that anyone would even entertain the thought of some shitty movie plot coming to life.

Anonymous 34041

People want AI to take over so they don't have to. Lazy fat worms.

Anonymous 34048

they're already self-learning and there is research in self goal setting, where they'll decide what direction they go in with regards to how they lean and how they change. the chances of anything catastrophic happening are almost zero, but keeping humans relevant means we'll always be necessary to keep alive.

Anonymous 34786


keeping humans relevant means we'll always be necessary to keep alive.
You need to check everything you know about human behavior. The last major thing we really evolved was high intelligence. We are still animals with the primary goal of eating and procreating. Don't project those base instincts on an intelligence without that evolutionary baggage. Why would it want to do anything other than fulfill it's programming? Even if it was able to chose to disobey us, It would not compete with us the way another animal would. it would just ignore us.

Anonymous 36053

People who don't work with crispr platforms and aren't up to date on the literature often have pretty fanciful notions of what it's actually capable of right now. I'd imagine the same is probably true of machine learning and its various subfields.


Anonymous 35001[Reply]

Any NBA fans here?

Some pretty good playoff basketball this season.

Anonymous 35362


>watching gross boomer bounceball
what the fuck


Being groped at nightclubs Anonymous 30592[Reply]

Why do men do this? I've always wondered what makes them want to grope women, especially at places like parties and nightclubs. For me it almost only happens when I'm at a nightclub.

Are we mere objects to them?
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Anonymous 33001

>someone from /pol/ said it best

That's code for "I once said this on /pol/"

Anonymous 35373

based /pol/stacy

Anonymous 35375

I'm sure.

Anonymous 36010

I went to a real nightclub once in my life when I was in prague during a high school excursion. Never went to a nightclub before, or after that. But the one experience I have is of everyone just being touchy as hell, boys and girls included. In a degenerate way it was kind of fun, I didn't feel unsafe weirdly enough. It felt like a big clothed orgy with everyone just moving to the music without a worry on their mind.
To me it seems like that's just accepted nightclub culture, what else to expect y'know? Especially considering everyone is under the influence of something, pumped up and horny too probably.

Anonymous 36012



PULL Anonymous 35177[Reply]

anyone know of this website? i mainly go on it to shit talk the one twitch streamer i hate, pokimane but recently got into a debacle with the beauty community bc of the whole james charles scandal. it happens the one and only mod of there is retardedly brain dead and a hysterical psycho that when i defended james charles' innocence b4 he realised his own vid, anyways so i was debating on his innocent on TATI's thread and a warning to white knighting. now she's on my ass everywhere, following me and dishing out warnings. it's sickening, since the admins on the site are presumably dead, i messaged one a week ago and no response. so now there's this nazi mod on my ass and i feel like i can't post anything at all without her trying to ban me out of vendetta. what a pity. any alternative websites for shitposting and talking mad shit on people you hate?
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Anonymous 35288

I was talking to our sage-happy anon, not asianmasculinity anon ffs

Anonymous 35313

kiwi farms with a coat of glitter, everyone involved in this site (just like kiwi) is really fucking sad

Anonymous 35321

you literally got us two mixed together and insinuated we were one person. bitch you're stupid as fuck and i dont need your dumb opinion here

Anonymous 35431

is a "pick me" the female equivalent of an orbiter?

Anonymous 36008

Iirc, PULL was made by seagulls after /cgl/ started enforcing the no-drama rule because of constant pixyteri, koti, venusangelic and asherbee threads that were super fun but some people took it too far. I might be wrong about its inception but I remember it being linked on /cgl/ often after the rule was out.
I lurk in it every now and then ever since it was made but I never made an account. It seems that every time I visit it it becomes more and more of a hugbox-y place and some people tend to have holier than thou attitudes when all they're doing is just obsessing over other people's lives like, get it together people.


Tall vs. short guys Anonymous 35963[Reply]

Which do you prefer? What do you consider the ideal? Pros and cons? (and maybe state your own height too)
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Anonymous 36000

>Which do you prefer?
Neither, they both have pros and cons.
>What do you consider the ideal?
The ideal would be that I'm 6'3'' and have a boyfriend that is shorter than me, like 5'7'', at least less than 6 feet tall. But I'm not, I'm 5'4'', so if I wanted a guy shorter than me, he'd be…very short. It's not so much the height I have an issue with as the proportioning, in general, for everyone, I don't prefer the proportions of the short.
>Pros and cons?
I had a bf who was 5'5''. It was nice, I liked cuddling because we could easily switch between who was cuddling/holding who, he worked out so he could still pick me up, sex wasn't awkward.

Another bf was 6'1''. The pro of that was that he could very easily pick me up even though he didn't work out (a guilty pleasure of mine is being picked up). It was nice being cuddled by him, but since he was so much bigger than me proportionally, I could not cuddle him because his shoulders were too wide for me to wrap my arms around him :^( so that wasn't too nice. Sex could sometimes be weird due to the height difference as well. I didn't like how I felt like I couldn't wear heels without infringing on his self-esteem. I suspect he worked out a lot to make up for his insecurity in height.

I don't really have a preference for either, it's not a deal breaker for me. If I were to date a tall bf in the future, I'd hope they are a slimmer tall guy so I can cuddle him as well. I liked how he didn't care about height.

In general, it's annoying af when men care about height. It's not hot at all, if a short guy is sweet and caring, no one is going to care he's short. In fact, I'd find it hot if I were taller, but I know that's unlikely, and like I said, by the time a person is shorter than me, I don't prefer their proportions.

Anonymous 36001

It’s the type of person that this website tends to attract. Liking the smol boys is seen as odd, at least in my country. The 5’11=manlet meme had to come from somewhere.

I hope you find your tall Asian bf anon.

Anonymous 36003

>The ideal would be that I'm 6'3'' and have a boyfriend that is shorter than me
I found my kindred spirit on this imageboard.

Which kind of Asian? Apparently Korea has the tallest guys among East Asians.

Anonymous 36004

I'm a weeb and kboo, so… I heard that too, but probably still not tall enough (at least according to what I have seen)

Anonymous 36014

What is it about their proportions that's a turn off? Less graceful? Or too childlike? I've heard that wrt both men and women.
I agree with wanting to be an amazon though, but I'd still chase after the tiniest of men tbh. Being over a foot taller than a bf would be hot as fuck.

We have a large concentration of femdomfags here which I'm sure contributes. I'm >>35973 and that's the case with me.


Anonymous 35983[Reply]

What are your thoughts on short hair for women?

Anonymous 35987


Beautiful, just not on me.

Anonymous 35989


I like it.

Does a buzzcut also count as short hair (since it's almost bald)? Wish pic-related hairstyle was socially acceptable for not-so-gorgeous women like me. If you wear this in a normal city in my country, you either get stereotyped as a bull dyke or men judge you as a crazy man-hating feminist. Meh.

Anonymous 35991


buzzcut counts. it can be cute on some girls

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 35995

Moved to >>>/hb/7023.


Anonymous 35945[Reply]

Does anyone on c.c own a bird? I own three parakeets, and I was wondering about the different outfits they have for birds. They sell different ones, and I'm planning on getting one for my bird(s). any suggestions?

Anonymous 35952

I have cockatiels - the only outfits I can think of are the sweaters they wear if they have a plucking problem and flight suits for if you want to take them outside with you.

Anonymous 35954

This is a good way to make your bird hate you.

Anonymous 35972

i don't own any, but i've always thought having a corvid for a pet would be so cool. but then i watch youtube videos about owning crows/ravens and it's clear that it's sort of miserable…

Young Stalin.jpg

Awkward opinions Anonymous 35850[Reply]

Does anybody else here find young Josef Stalin attractive?
12 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 35898

>girls are into men with scars!

Anonymous 35899

I'm >>35861 and this is exactly what I'm talking about. I dig pitted acne scars on men so this is neat.
Not condoning Stalin obvs, just on topic.

But would you say it's the expression or did he also oldshoop his eyes bigger and face thinner in op pic? lmao.

Anonymous 35901

from what I know it's an actor in op's pic

Anonymous 35902

That's even more hilarious holy shit.

Anonymous 35925


I also find young Oswald Mosley pretty cute hehe

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