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Anonymous 131678[Reply]

Is it best to just accept and live life as single and childfree never starting a family? It feels like you can't trust anyone in todays society. No matter how nice the person seem, it can just be an act.
That person is just using you
That person is just settle down for something less out of desperation
You can end up having life regrets if you have kids with that person you thought was the right one but turned out to be the wrong
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Anonymous 137494

Mr Priest,please exercise this demon >>137463 Thanks

Anonymous 137498

This picture is wrong on so many levels. It's a mockery of so many things at once it's kinda brilliant.

Anonymous 137501

Mods deleted all my posts during a moid raid but didnt ban me as a moid (?????) so Im just going to say it again.
He looks like a sack of potatoes

Anonymous 137505

not really. Christianity has been violent basically forever.

Anonymous 137528

Gerda Wegener - …

>complete non-reply
Come on now.


Anonymous 93856[Reply]

how does cc feel non binary people? afab and amab
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Anonymous 137368

it's easy to dupe those that tend to be ostracized for being 'weird' and generally want to adhere strictly to 'the rules'. They tend to have rigid thinking, especially when younger and more susceptible to bullshit. The head hons in tranny spaces have no problem voicing when you have broken 'the rules', so it's easier to 'make sense of' and follow them, unlike trying to read & follow typical social queues. There is an autistically long 2016 essay written about transgenderism and autism that goes into more depth than i would ever sperg out about on here (~100k characters, ~375 references):
> https://stcarchives.wordpress.com/2016/10/08/transgenderism-autism-regulatory-failure-political-correctness-death/

Anonymous 137372


> Like, no, honey, you've discovered the truth. Most people don't feel like a "man" or a "woman" unless they've internalized some really bizarre ideas (cis and trans alike). You just so happen to hang in social circles where you're told that this phenomenon is actually unique and special.

This. They're self-absorbed tards who either haven't yet brought their thoughts full circle or want the attention and social clout from their fellow losers. Picrel - you'll hear there is no one way to present or 'be' non-binary, but somehow it's verboten to connect this back to how everyone else is. Instead, men and women are pre-defined boxes because they lack imagination and/or are entitled little shits.

Anonymous 137373

Yeah, I am from eastern europe and irl I know two girls who are claiming to be nb: both are fujo and lesbians (don’t ask me how those go together), both pretty feminine looking: long dyed hair, acrylic nails, makeup, heels and stuff, so that’s an additional mystery for me
I mean, girl: creepy men won’t stop hitting on you if you say you’re nonbinary lol

Plus, judging by the the ones I know from the internet, there are no normie nb
There are normie gays and lesbians, normie trans even, but yet to see a normie nb/genderfluid - they are always sjw/fujo/fandom/etc

Anonymous 137411

A bunch of underage/childish freaks and weirdos trying to be interesting because they are empty vain people and have nothing to them. There isn't much else to say

Anonymous 137518

this is old as fuck but this this THIS. Jesus christ I've tried to talk about it with people who think like that and they just can't comprehend what I'm saying.

You know what else is baffling? Going by trans logic. Even if you were born a woman, as long as you feel like a man and are dysphoric you ARE a man. Okay. So their bodies do not need to be male… And yet they do things like take testosterone, dress like moids, surgery, etc.


It is like quietly admitting everything they believe in is bull shit.

Anonymous 137489[Reply]

post what you are listening to right now

Anonymous 137491

Anonymous 137497

Anonymous 137503

I have to.jpg

What are some alternative chans beside this one? Anonymous 134451[Reply]

I know of fujochan, lainchan, otterchat and dreamchan, what about you?
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Anonymous 135166

They advertised on 4chan, its DOA. Already seeing frogs and "cope" being posted

Anonymous 135176

I'm not leaving, don't worry!

Anonymous 135199

There's some type of Reddit tourist here shitting up every thread with references to 4chan, calling everyone a nazi/far-right/racist.
Tourists like that will be the death of this board.

Anonymous 135241

>anon cafe /comfy/

I really like some of the stuff that people share there. It's nice.

Anonymous 137458

Are VPNs banned on late.city or just specific IPs?
Does anyone know a VPN that works?


This would be both enlightening and very entertaining: Anonymous 136934[Reply]

Somebody should try to organise a 3-way debate between a radfem, a libfem, and a tradthot/antifeminist. Like a proper, mediated one where each has an alloted speaking and preparation time for each point of debate. After that they could have an unmediated argument, and then afterwards they can all have a last-woman-standing brawl.

Radfem wins the physical fight hands down. Libfem and tradthot have both been groomed into frail and fuckable dependence, and radfem also has challenged the female socialization that keeps her from pursuing masculine endeavors like martial arts.

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Anonymous 137113

Non-feminist =/= tradthot. You can be apathetic toward social causes without going full retard.

Anonymous 137117

And in a moid incel to the mix who will bitch the whole time that his height is the only reason hes losing

Anonymous 137118


Anonymous 137153

Between three random members of each I doubt any are actually more likely to be invested in martial arts, or at least I don't see that distribution irl. So smart money's on the heaviest. Libfem wins a prize fight 3:2 odds easy.

As for the debate, it'd depend entirely on the speakers. I never really understood debate when the point of contention is a topic rather than the speakers (like a presidential debate or something) or for recreation. It's possible to win an argument from a demonstrably wrong position if you're just better at debate. Plus you're arguing with a libfem so it's going to get postmodern regardless of topic, which means you'll spend an hour debating what the word 'woman' actually refers to instead of anything interesting. My money's on tradthot for having something worthwhile or fun to say instead of trying to redefine the argument's premise.

Anonymous 137228

or a sitcom that has them as roomates


Anonymous 137191[Reply]

Have you ever met someone who used neo pronouns in real life?
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Anonymous 137201

No thank god

Anonymous 137202

the tourney lance looks kinda impractical though she should wield a mace or war hammer

Anonymous 137203

There was this very short skinny brunette girl on testosterone who helped a teacher in our feminism/gender class one day. She didn't use any pronouns that I recall, but she used adjectives to describe herself and instead of using the normal suffix for the femenine she put another vocal that wasn't either the masculine suffix. I don't know if it was due to the fact that she was so short and fragile-looking or because maybe it hadn't been that long since she was on T, but it seemed that T had just given her a pre-pubescent boy tone of voice. Pretty stupid if you ask me, she dressed like an early 2000s 11 year old too (buzzcut, bermudas, flip flops with sockes and oversized t-shirt, everything green and blue of course). Complete loss of authority and maturity. Another woman, a young teacher, encouraged us to send her our '''''preferred pronouns''''' via a poll and between the options there were a couple made-up pronouns with random suffixes at the end. She was 30yo but you could imagine that if she were 5-10 years younger she would've completely fallen for this shit even more deeply.
Lovely Bio-chan! I guess the women in armour thread had its influence, hadn't it? So cool

Anonymous 137224

i haven't been out of the house since before neo pronouns were invented so i don't know

Anonymous 137227

it's true, i've been living under her bed for the past six weeks and she hasn't been outside once


Anonymous 137141[Reply]

>Cumulina was the first successfully cloned mouse
>She was not, however, the first mammal ever cloned from an adult cell
>That title belongs to Dolly the sheep, born in 1996
>Dolly was cloned by removing the nucleus from a Scottish Blackface sheep egg cell and electroshocking it with a Finn Dorset sheep mammary gland cell, fusing the cells
>This egg was then implanted in a third, separate ewe (Dolly had three moms!)
>At the University of Hawaii, Manoa, Teruhiko Wakayama was inspired
>In 1997, just 15 months after the birth of Dolly the sheep, Cumulina the mouse was born
>She was cloned by removing the nuclei from an egg cell and replacing it by injecting nuclei taken from a cumulus cell
>Cumulus cell = Cumulina!
>Mice created through Wakayama's method are now the most abundant cloned animals in the world
The method used to clone Cumulina proved much more efficient than the method used to clone Dolly, cementing Cumulina's place in history. Cumulina died in May of 2000, aged 34 months, well over 90 in mouse years. Ryuzo Yanagimachi's research team, who raised Cumulina, had celebrated her last birthday.

Anonymous 137175



Boredom Superthread Anonymous 137128[Reply]

Feel your boredom melt away!
Don't ask me how just figure it out
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Anonymous 137154

I thought she was holding a newborn

Anonymous 137155

But maybe she is…

Anonymous 137161


Anonymous 137166


Anonymous 137170


>tfw no bf to shoot


Anonymous 136927[Reply]

Ezio Auditore da Firenze is my husbando, thoughts?
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Anonymous 136951

Real question, why don't you use /m/ instead? There's a husbando thread there.
the "person" who replied to you is probably a scrote tho

Anonymous 137033

Florentinian please, the idea of an italian national identity didn't exist until much later

Anonymous 137097

That doesn't make him not Italian
>married when he could barely feed himself
>knocked up 17yr old wife
>stopped working the fields and left his wife to become "privateer" despite protests from wife and in-laws
>"privateered", never giving a shit about back home
At least he is handsome.

Anonymous 137114

t. lying wench
He’s real in her heart.

Anonymous 137126


Anonymous 136702[Reply]

There's a moid on discord that told another moid to poison his mother's coffee just because she circumcised him. This moid also has made terroristic threats towards people that circumcise their children. I'm thinking of emailing his local PD but I'm not sure if it's a strong enough case.
33 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 136907

>I love how you stopped censoring the usernames.
Right? Not that she even censored them well to begin with because I could still make out some of the names.
Also I don't understand why she was reading literally months and years back of their chat history in the first place, check the dates.

Anonymous 136965

Why doesn't he just move out?

Anonymous 136983

Obviously these particular moids are unhinged, but going on the offensive against child genital mutilation is based. If only they could channel their rage into something not retarded like "deathcamps for cutters" (that would make a good name for a Death Cab for Cutie death metal cover band)

Anonymous 136989

Hello agent Smith

Anonymous 137011

I'll play devil's advocate and say perhaps his elderly sounding mom is disabled and he's the primary caretaker.
Maybe a stretch for a moid threatening to poison her coffwe but that didn't sound like a serious threat anyways and just bitching.
Why would a federal agent be against reporting shit to the feds? They come on websites to bait people into doing shitty things, not deter them from reporting it.

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