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Anonymous 44729[Reply]

Why are moids so bluepilled about astrology?
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Anonymous 118086


Anonymous 118326

Because it's usually girls who like it

I personally don't like astrology because it really bothers me when other people explain myself to me, but I really hate moids who won't shut the fuck up about hating astrology while thinking MBTI is law.

Anonymous 118329

With all due respect to astrology, outside of the horoscope nonsense of today it was a legitimate science for a long time. Hell, it even led to the legitimate science still currently practiced known as astronomy. Even outside of how ridiculous the claim some might find celestial bodies divining your future or whatever… It's still rich in history. I find it actually is fun to study. However I can't think of a single reason to give a shit about Meyers Briggs.

To me it has the same exact energy as going on the early internet and taking a "What anime character are you?" quiz. It has the same problems people who take umbrage with astrology has but the addition of being boring as shit.

Anonymous 118420





Anonymous 118439

Astrology is not astronomy. There is zero "science" in it. Just because someone writes a lot of elaborate mumbo-jumbo in a book and shares it with ther loons, it doesn't make it any less of a mumbo-jumbo.
As cringy MBTI is, at least the categories pertain to your actual personality because they just classify you according to information you give out yourself. At the very least, you know people in the same "category" answered similarly to the questions. Astrology doesn't even tell you as much.


Anonymous 116772[Reply]

>had another dream where i was in a lesbian relationship
i'm not gay. in my waking hours i have no attraction to women. why the fuck does this keep happening
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Anonymous 118320

I saw a picture of Jessica Nigri nude from behind in a hot spring and felt strangely aroused. And the thing that makes it strange is I'm completely straight.

Anonymous 118323


>I'm completely straight
No you're not.

Anonymous 118331

If you wouldn’t eat pussy, you’re straight. Having gay dreams doesn’t make you gay or special in any way.

Anonymous 118395

bi pin.jpeg


Anonymous 118406


You're not gay?
Blocked and reported.

With all seriousness I've had some ridiculous fantasies and dreams. So far none of them have had any basis in reality so I don't worry about them anymore.

I'll never forget this one dream. I was like a human vending machine kind of. People would insert coins in my ears, cash in my mouth or swipe a card through my butt crack. Then they would twist parts of my body to make a selection and I would 'give birth' to the item. I don't recall if I liked it while I was dreaming but I still wonder about it.


Thoughts??? Anonymous 117432[Reply]

Mrs. Bailey. She was a tallish woman, with reddish, untidy, scanty hair, and when she opened her mouth you saw that two of her front teeth were missing. One of her ears was partly torn off by her husband, and there was a scar on her forehead which was the result of a cut when once he had thrown her out of a window. He was a big, strong, brutal fellow who had been badly wounded in the war, and Mrs. Bailey forgave him his violence because he was often in great pain. They had four children and they all went in terror of him. But Mrs. Bailey had a strong sense of humour, the real Cockney humour, and when she wasn’t in fear of her life was full of fun. She loved a good laugh. At last Bailey died. I went to see her after his death and she said to me: “He wasn’t a bad man really. D’you know what he said to me? They was almost his last words. ‘I’ve given you hell, haven’t I? You’ll be glad to be rid of me.’ ‘No, I won’t, Ned,’ I said to him, ‘you know I’ve always loved you.’ He gave me a funny look, and d’you know what he said? ‘You old cow,’ he said. That shows he loved me really, doesn’t it?—calling me an old cow like that, I mean.”
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Anonymous 117514

>I find that men who had fathers as children
* abusive fathers as children

But then again, this correction seems superfluous since almost all fathers are abusive to their children in one way or another.

Anonymous 117515

Mine wasnt. I cherish almost every memory I have with him.

Anonymous 117516

I should add NTA, so I dont feel like defending any portion of their post. Since I dont agree with it.

Anonymous 118381


Anonymous 118385

It's not, but it definitely touches on similar themes as something you might find in IJ. Just pick it up when it feels right, don't let the number of pages feel daunting.

There's so many ways to interpret this passage, but I feel like you've glossed over them all to arrive at a very cynical, dead-end interpretation. In some ways, he's calling her an old cow because he desperately wanted her to say something harmful to him on his death bed, as if to make him even for the years of abuse he gave her. When she denied him this, it was almost like she was sending him to hell; he could not possibly redeem himself, hence, "You old cow". In other ways, it really can be seen as a term of endearment, my parents say stuff like that to each other a lot, my mum calls my dad an old bastard all the time in a loving way, it's definitely more a British/Australian thing than an American thing. Then there's also the idea that he really meant to call her an old cow, and she thinks he loves her by saying this. It's as if, even when given the opportunity to be good, he still chooses to be a bastard; she thinks he's doing this so that she doesn't feel guilt when he dies, in reality he really does just think she's an old cow. It's definitely an interesting way to bring to light the types of mentalities you might find in victims of abuse, as if they'll go through all types of mental loops to maintain their belief that a person is good. It's deeply sad, told with enough irony to make it palatable. Humour helps us process the absurd.


Anonymous 6830[Reply]

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Anonymous 16019




Screen recording 2…



sorry about the laughing in the backround some kid recored it i just tock it

Anonymous 112262


Anonymous 118322


download (1).jpeg

Banned from FB after exposing sex trafficker Anonymous 117999[Reply]

I had my Facebook account permanently disabled (with no explanation) because I made a post exposing a potential sex trafficker. What's it with social media sites and protecting predators?
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Anonymous 118032

Honestly, it was either a legal issue or the guy reported it as harassment. This sort of stuff you should report anyway and not get involved in the messiness of posting on social media (or only as a last resort anyway).

Anonymous 118047

The thing is the trafficker in question is in a different country. I'm from the UK and the trafficker is from Mexico.

Anonymous 118308

You were probably onto something. I’m from a US state very close to Mexico, and it’s well known that train stations and malls here are basically hunting grounds for unaccompanied women. I never go anywhere without a friend and/or a gun

Anonymous 118319

I was in a FB group with this trafficker where he posted of selfie and I complemented his hair. He then took this complement as an invitation to flirt with me and being the weak person I was, I didn't rebuke him. He told me he had a real estate company as well as a mansion and wanted a girl to start a family with. I eventually told him I wasn't interested and he then told me he had a brother who made 6 figures and a hard time getting a girlfriend due to being a loveshy. He kept telling me to meet him and that he would fly me out despite me constantly telling him I was uncomfortable. Red flags were going off all over the place so I made that post to warn other women about him

Anonymous 118321

Facebook is especially bad about that shit. A few years ago when my sister was a minor some incel made a "joke" about raping her and I got in trouble for going off on him while his comment stayed up. I see people get temp bans all the time for shit like that but so much heinous shit is allowed to stay up.

red eyes.png

Anonymous 92750[Reply]

How are you holding up, s?
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Anonymous 113428

Have you heard of Trauma Release Exercises? TRE for short. an anon on 4/biz/ used to make threads about it and I wound up trying it. Far out it actually works.
Let me do my best to explain:
Basically the idea is that your nervous system stores tension after trauma and injury that plays keeps you from healing fully (which is true), and there are exercises you can do to sort of work this tension out.
I've explained it so badly but watch this youtube video and you can see the two exercises that the women do.
I'm going to look for his posts and copy paste since I can't explain it well.

If you have PTSD or any type of stress at all please watch these videos, it really does help and only takes a few minutes

Anonymous 113628

Like a fish out of water without a leg to stand on, yet somehow I’m jogging

Anonymous 113854

For fucking dicks sake!

Anonymous 117292

I done got the covid

Anonymous 118210

anytime now.jpg

I still want to die after all these years but I still keep on kicking.
Maybe I'm a masochist.


Anonymous 118109[Reply]

How do i get attention from someone online that i dont talk to
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Anonymous 118175

You have to imagine in your mind that you’re a cool badass and that you don’t really need them, and when you message them say something really aloof like “sup dude what’s goin on” to make it seem like you’re messaging them out of boredom/self-amusement

Anonymous 118179


Anonymous 118182

If the guy is worth anything at all he won't bother responding to that

Anonymous 118186

op already said the person is not a moid. sigh idiot

Anonymous 118189


ask her if she is interested in NFTs


Anonymous 118176[Reply]

favorite nostalgic cartoons/shows?

Anonymous 118178


Anonymous 118188


Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 118193

Moved to >>>/media/23463.


Anonymous 118129[Reply]

where do i find travel buddies?
i want to travel this year and i wish i had more people to go with. i've always wanted a big group to have fun overseas together. but that's just not happening for someone who has very few irl friends.
also, the amount of moids up for this is disproportional compared to women.

Anonymous 118162


It's sadly not free anymore, but CouchSurfing is a travel social media site that might be a good way. Also, this. (Sorry it's Reddit, but there are plenty of women posting, obviously you'd want to verify!) https://www.reddit.com/r/travelpartners/

Anonymous 118163

I would suggest going through a volunteer/travel program to get started. There's usually a lot of cool people who enjoy traveling who do these programs and you might make some friendships and could always travel with them in the future.

I would suggest IVHQ, WWOOF, or Workaway.

Anonymous 118180

Honestly I'd recommend just traveling solo and making friends on the way. You can do this by going to FB meetups, staying in hostels, on activities you sign up for, etc

The cops cant stop…

Anonymous 103795[Reply]

How do we stop/work on this?
Is there something we can do like this that men can't?
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Anonymous 118073

I am on spectrum and the "aphantasia" part seems to be the consequence of it - I just concentrate too much on the details and can't imagine a whole picture. I still get "images" in my brain though, or to be more precise, the sensations or feelings of them, if anyone tried to snap some random image I am trying to visualize in my brain they would get a collage with details of that picture instead of a full connected one. I am also a maladaptive daydreamer (a really bad one at the top of that) so it's not like my imagination is dead, it just functions differently. I am also good with rotating objects I just do it really strangely, like I don't have an idea of how the thing rotates in motion I just can imagine it as different snapshots from different viewpoints.

Anonymous 118076

you were too good …

Why are men addicted to porn when they can just rotate asses and jiggle boobs in their mind? Pathetic. I masturbate by animating men in my mind to the scenarios I want.
I have a strong mind's eye and still don't focus on imagining much, I'm usually focused on keeping track of details and what happened.
But I still do..
>be me
>reading the metamorphosis
>lol not that one faggot.wav
>not a single thing imagined
>the protagonist, turned into a human sized cockroach, gets hit by some fruit and it sinks deep in his soft decomposing body
>mind imagines it suddenly and simulates in detail the texture of the brown exoskeleton, the green and white liquid drenching the apple and the nauseous sound of wings and legs against the furniture.
>remember how roaches smell when they infest a place
>tfw not kms immediately

Never forgetting you greggor, my baby boy. RIP

Anonymous 118095


So you still do see things on some level, just not like as a "movie" but as a sensory jumble. I think that would still be satisfying then, just in a different way

pic related

Anonymous 118159

maladaptive daydreaming isn't even a diagnosable condition anyway, since the few surveys on it have showed that it's more of a comorbid symptom with adhd, ocd, possibly ptsd, etc. i suffered with what could be considered that for most of my life, and it wasn't having fun and imagining stories, it was living in my head and being unable to handle reality.

i 99% read nonfiction for this reason lmao

Anonymous 118166


why? i didn't touch the meat.

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