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The perks of being Anonymous Anonymous Admin 3322[Reply]

What do you like about anonymous imageboards?
Which ones do you visit and how have you perceived them?

I'm curious to read your thoughts and feelings on this format, so I can understand our userbase better and to figure out how to make it more appealing to a bigger audience.
Thank you!

Anonymous 3323


>What do you like about anonymous imageboards?
I can post things I would never write on my Twitter because my name and rep is attached to that. Also casual nsfw blogs/posts/threads. It's uncommon in other forums without anonymity imo. Also you can turn it up to 11 with the humor and you can joke around more and/or mess with complete strangers.

>Which ones do you visit and how have you perceived them?

Lolcow ofc but it's sort of gone down the gutter. I only have the bad art thread, sewing thread, and random pictures thread bookmarked at this point.

Also 4chin, /u/, /co/, /aco/, /e/, /i/, and /ic/, I like these the most because they are relevant to my interests, I guess people get creative on drawthreads and story threads. I mostly go for the humor, since it's kind of up my ally. Like /co/ threads I visit have ongoing jokes that started 7 threads back. /u/ also makes me wanna kms sometimes but I prob visit that one the most because they're so passionate and make funny memes from yuri mangos. I like that about that board. Even though I wish some of the users on there would relax a bit more, overall I like it.

Uboachan I've been visiting on and off for the past 6ish years. It's cute. I haven't posted there in years though.

I used to visit various others but crystalcafe has taken their place in my heart. The users here are fairly polite and I get along well with those I've interacted with. It's very relaxing here because I find thread drama is kept contained within their threads, the mods are nice, and also I find the general sense of humor is funny here. The serious discussions are also interesting to read and participate in. It has a good balance.

To appeal to a wider audience I would say crystal cafe is doing that well already with its atmosphere and themes. It stands out.

Anonymous 3324

I don't really care in general because I usually stand up for my opinions anyway (I guess @ LC is better because it is a gossip site, but still), but I really enjoy that I can post freely without having to log in and stuff like that. It's comfortable. Probably one of the main reasons why I just lurk reddit on occasion.

Anonymous 3325

Hello, dear admin.

>What do you like about anonymous imageboards?

I'm not a fan of social media and I'm sort of shy and quiet IRL, so I avoid having my opinion displayed around the world for everyone to hear or read. Dunno. The fact I can do it whenever I want to do it without having an ID liked to it makes me feel at ease. I don't really like to troll anywhere, and I'm overall a huge normie, so I guess I just like being anon to avoid feeling ~forced~ to give my opinion or interact with people? Maybe I could sum everything up by saying I dislike social interactions with anyone who's not in my circle of trust, lmao

>Which ones do you visit and how have you perceived them?

Here and LC every once in a while. With the exception of 1 thread that is pretty much dead, I don't really care about the place anymore and I think I've posted there twice in the last couple months. I really don't know how LC is doing at the moment, or if it has changed much, or if it hasn't, but when I stopped visiting it daily (maybe 2-3 months ago), the atmosphere was super heavy and full of drama. So I like being here: it's cozy, comfy, and I like how most users tend to be polite in general. I really wanted an online place to hang out with the grills that wasn't filled with tons of nitpicking, or that revolved around drama, mostly because I was/am trying to change my own mindset.

Anonymous 3326

>What do you like about anonymous imageboards?
I just generally have problems with speaking in front of "audiences" or even larger groups of people i would consider friends which includes joining in on internet discusdions when its tied to any profile, even if it doesn't have my real name (stupid, i know). so imageboards are honestly ideal bc on surface you can't tell my posts apart from anyone else's.
I also feel like the discussions flow more easily bc of anonymity! i really enjoy story sharing threads!

>Which ones do you visit and how have you perceived them?

i used to be a /b/tard when i was like 14 and the ultimate edge but that was a bad time and a bad habit.
then like 2 years ago i stumbled upon lolcow and sorta felt at home bc it is predominantly populated by girls and i do enjoy gossip lol. however i don't really enjoy it recently as much.
i feel like this board has a very cosy atmosphere which i like a lot! i hope it gains more traction!

Anonymous 19277

>What do you like about anonymous imageboards?
No one has anything to gain/prove being anonymous, which I think leads to good discussion. Also, I'm deeply insecure.


Terfposting #32 NLOG-binary Anonymous 235988[Reply]

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Anonymous 249405

fuck off moid

Anonymous 249408

What's your ELO moid? You are probably a 500 lichess patzer.

Anonymous 249414

divorced dad culture really took a turn for the worst with this whole tranny thing

will never forget the tranny i met who had been starving their elementary student and ignoring them unless they entertained the troon's you are a tranny like me schtick

fucking depraved, i hope my cps call did something

Anonymous 249448

>Pregnancy is basically an allograft, the immune system is suppressed so it doesn't kill the foetus. That alone is a problem.

Supressing immune systrem is doable.

>You've got an even simpler problem, where will the uterus fit inside of a man considering that male intestines do not have room left for one.

You can live after losing part of your intestines.

Anonymous 249451


and after all that they still wont be XX lol


Moving to far away Anonymous 249263[Reply]

Have you ever done it? Or are you someone who’s lived your whole life in the same place you grew up in?

I have the opportunity to move a few states away with a friend sometime next year. I think it could be nice, and it’s a chance for something new - but I’ve only lived in one place my whole life and the thought simultaneously terrifies me. I’m a bit of a homebody and I am currently able to afford my own place for the first time. It’s not super nice, and the area I live in isn’t especially pretty, but it’s mine and I like that. I think actually planning all the details out is stressing me a lot and I’d love some thoughts/experiences from other nanas.

Anonymous 249268

I've moved two times but every time it was in cities that are close to each other. Once it was in childhood, and once in college. The first few months were rough and I felt a bit homesick lol but then I adapted. It's fine.

Anonymous 249274

I've done it a few times and it sucks. Hard to make new friends and easy for people to take advantage of you.


CRAWWWWW Anonymous 247989[Reply]

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Anonymous 248757


Anonymous 249089


This is my pet duck named Octavian, say something nice about him.

Anonymous 249091

Your duck is very nice thank you for sharing

Anonymous 249098

hi octavian. hope you have a fan-quack-stic day
also, nona, did you ai upscale this image?

Anonymous 249216

Thanks nonas. He says "quack" and asks if you have any calamari?
No, it's just zooming on my shitty camera nona.


Anonymous 236003[Reply]

Am I the only one who thinks that girls dabbing into occult shit like thelema and wicca are fucking cringe?
49 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 249109

Harping on the "gender" of God, misses the point entirely because God is invisible (in that God isn't an idol, not finite but limitless). You cannot "see" God, and both Adam and Eve were "made in God's image" so fixating on gender to such a degree really just misses the point because God has domain over pretty much everything.

Anonymous 249135

If you force yourself to go to a church full of hypocrites who use their faith as a costume accessory, you're doing yourself worse than staying home and reading your bible, C.S. Lewis, Thomas Aquinas, William Blake, and Hermetica.

Anonymous 249139

Actually, now that I say that, go to church full of hypocrites. Go see how people abuse each other and then hide the crimes from the public in order to save face for their little empire of vanity. It actually does wonders for faith.

Anonymous 249208

it honestly makes me cringe but ill always support women's weird hobbies. i'm confused when it's presented as a healthy alternative to male religion since they constantly harp on about divine sacred femininity, sex magick or whatever. it's still a fun subject to study, just not as much as more established faiths since there is less material (centuries-long autistic debates about the meaning of x or y).

Anonymous 249249

or C you experience and meditate on it through art or craft.


I’m dogsitting this dog and it wont stop whining even though I already fed it and took it outside Anonymous 249012[Reply]

Why wont it shut up? What should I do?

Anonymous 249014

tell that to their owner immediately, they are probably hurting

Anonymous 249015

I told the owner and she said that he might just want to play. IDK how to play with dogs though

Anonymous 249055

Get a tennis ball or something and toss it around for them. Or they might just need some petting and skritches.


Doll collecting? Anonymous 234482[Reply]

Anyone else collect dolls? I have a shitton of BJDs, two Blythe dolls (like above, not mine tho), and some Monster High I've been meaning to sell.

If so, what got you into collecting? I started during COVID because of boredom.
4 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 234563


I have that exact same Penny's doll! They're worth it if you get a centaur. My humanoid girl couldn't stand well at all.

Anonymous 234564

I soooo want to get into dolfies but they're so expensive and you have to get them imported/buy overseas which is a pain

Anonymous 234565


If you're in the states, volks has an online shop that ships from california. But yeah, shit is expensive.

Anonymous 249154

I started collecting bratz and rainbow high since jan this year bc my mum got me a doll for christmas so I thought why not yknow?

Anonymous 249155

I work at a pawn shop that deals mostly in collectables, it's pretty chill
I'll buy some of the good stuff for myself like vintage hifi, vinyl records, war memorabilia, jewelry, that kinda thing


I've had discussions with MGTOWs Anonymous 232616[Reply]

Some want to take away women's rights and impose an incel version of shria law. While others hate women to the point of trying to replace them altogether. With sex dolls, robots and artificial wombs. What causes this level of hatred for women?
57 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 248385

I talked with quite a few of the guys taking on the moniker when it was new (online; they didn't know I was a woman and had no reason to hold back and certainly didn't), and they were generally pretty reasonable. They were just fed up, and with guys' only focus being attracting the opposite sex, and wanted men's issues taken seriously without being thrown aside, and so on. I had no problem with them. Hell, I even supported them on some things since there are men-centric issues that can and should be addressed that no one takes seriously, and I think looking out for each other is a good idea since we don't live in a vacuum. There can and will always be some subset that just hate women, but that wasn't the main focus at all to the movement at the time and it wasn't encouraged.

Nowadays it does seem to mostly be populated with T*te-esque incel retards who simply hate women and post that sex marketplace value shit everywhere. The link didn't work for me so I plugged it into Wayback, and it seems like even the founders of the original communities noticed this and don't like it. Any "MGTOW"s you talk to these days are VERY unlikely to be MGTOW and are far more likely to be shitty /r9k/ incels, whom they dislike. I'm not at all surprised OP had that experience, all you're going to roll now is scrotes whining about dating apps and calling for your death because they can't breed. So yeah, you're correct and the thread seems to match about right with my own experiences watching them grow.

Here's the archive link, if anyone else wants it. The tl;dr is they shut a big, old community down because hateful incels that refuse to be actual humans are instead inoperable cancer for everyone else, no matter where they go:

>In 3 months time - on May 10th - GYOW will be shut down for good.
>The bottom line…… is I've come to see MGTOW as doing more harm than good. The original spirit of MGTOW for men to do their own thing, without being overly influenced by women, was good. But it has influenced far tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 248601

>we know this is not true because men already do this, see: trannoids
the solution therefore is to cut not only men's penises off, but also their arms, legs and vocal chords

Anonymous 248943

Men aren't really "going their own way" if they just loop back to caring about women to the point of hating them and wanting to hurt them. That is just going the way of the typical terrible misogynist that no one likes.

As for sex dolls and whatnot, all of it is paraphilias. I want the word paraphilia to come back. Psychology was right when it labeled transgenderism as a mental illness. The big reason why you're starting to see companies adopt LGBT is because big pharma is starting to realize the market for emasculating men that are delusional enough to self-emasculate. They've figured out how to keep men pornsick and men continue to enable their own pornsickness and then try to blame it on women instead of trying to have any level of innocence or self-control.

Anonymous 249137


Call me late to the party but I somehow only just realized that, these days, the purpose of the chad meme is so men can feel like they "won" or came out on top even if they're wrong or can't logically reconcile something. For example, I asked some men how they keep arguing misogyny doesn't exist while freely admitting how much they hate women. Answer: Chad saying yes to both.

Then they go on to write entire spiels about women being emotional, illogical, nonsensical and impossible to reason with.

Anonymous 249152

A woman can never be as evil as a man, no matter how hard she tries.


Anonymous 248905[Reply]

do any nonas have any experience living in women’s shelters, specifically in the US? but all experiences welcome because i’m genuinely curious.
i’m making an appointment with my local one to finally flee my abusive scrote. but i want to know what personal experiences nonas have had living in them. any threads i looked for elsewhere online were from ages ago or people hardly remember them bc they went to them as children. so i’m asking here to gain more personal insight to see if it’s worth it or if i should just put up with the misery of being here until my lease ends, which is only about 3 more months.
>if you stayed at one, how long did you stay for?
> what were the living conditions like? in terms of how crowded it was, sanitation, space for belongings, and comfort.
> were the staff respectful, strict, negligent, etc?
> was there a lot of children?
i’m asking this bc i’m hoping the one i go to isn’t chaos.. i’ve dealt with living through enough screaming and yelling
> did it actually help with your mental well being? were there proper mental resources, support groups, etc?
thank you nonas <3
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 248911

Ah yeah, if only it were run by corpos for the benefit of the shareholders. Moron.

Anonymous 248942

I've worked in both public sector and private sector and public sector jobs are way better, you don't have to give a shit about the customer at all. Respect my lived experience

Anonymous 248948

Sadly can't speak for the US, but the anglosphere has pretty similar conditions from what I've heard, so here goes.

>if you stayed at one, how long did you stay for

I've stayed in 2 shelters for a few weeks each, then a women's home for 3 months and a women's state care facility for 6 months.

>what were the living conditions like?

Shelters are bare minimum, but vary by the group running it. Generally state-run shelters have higher standards of everything, but still pretty grim. Women's homes vary immensely, but you'll get an actual mattress in a bay, between 0-4 roommates with public bathrooms and lockers or locked cabinets, which are miles better than shelters. You'll have to clean your own area, since cleaners are generally unmotivated to do much more than wipe down open surfaces and mop floors twice a week.

>were the staff respectful, strict, negligent, etc?

Universally strict, since they're used to working with women with substance abuse, mental illness, behavioural conditions ect. but not what I'd call mean. The rules are written in stone and cannot be changed by anyone who works there, so take everything very literally to avoid things like failing to vacate a locker by 12pm and finding a new lock there which you can't get the key to until the next weekend.

>was there a lot of children?

Generally housed in different areas, but it all rotates just by availability, which is how you get dorms that might have 3 neighbours or just you. You WILL be able to hear the kids screaming, but it'll probably be through multiple walls.

>did it actually help with your mental well being? were there proper mental resources, support groups, etc?

My hair was falling out from stress when I went into the home, and that stopped, so I guess it did. All the programs they run are hijacked by well-meaning idiots who think they can solve the world's ills by deep breathing and visualisation and mental health is in high demand, so getting a session with anyone is difficult and they'll try to get rid of you if it looks like you're improving.

Anonymous 248958

>if you stayed at one, how long did you stay for?
2 weeks
> what were the living conditions like? in terms of how crowded it was, sanitation, space for belongings, and comfort.

Very clean, we cleaned everything.
We had two bunk beds to a room. But only two occupants. We each had chores and went and looked for jobs and had group therapy / talk time.

> were the staff respectful, strict, negligent, etc?

They were chill and helpful.

> was there a lot of children?

>i’m asking this bc i’m hoping the one i go to isn’t chaos.. i’ve dealt with living through enough screaming and yelling

There were some children but they were pretty good. Apparently one woman's son who had come and lived there before had been AWFUL and a little chavenist pig, based on stories, but he left before I got there.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 249149

>i should just put up with the misery of being here until my lease ends, which is only about 3 more months.
The answer is definitely not this, no matter what else you choose to do.


Anonymous 230359[Reply]

How do you manage to sleep at night knowing all of the world leaders and powerful multimillionares are pedophiles that will never suffer consequences for their actions and will have a happy peaceful death? I want to nuke everything
46 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 245968

How do you explain the fact that the ideology you're preaching was birthed into this world by the same group of pedophiles who have control of the West? You don't seem to understand the role of communism in their plan. They know some final uprising in the West is inevitable. Communism is how they plan to placate that anger. New system, same masters.

We all know deep down how this gets solved. A great moid already told us the solution.

Anonymous 246050

I think ACCELERATE, but then I think Namaste; their souls will be wilted and the next life will be better.

Anonymous 246376

It's unfortunate, I think a lot about it too. I hate men

Anonymous 249117

>How do you explain the fact that the ideology you're preaching was birthed into this world by the same group of pedophiles who have control of the West?
The fact that you literally have to have never read any historical text that isn't made up by /pol/tards to believe that. I'm not even a communist.

Anonymous 249118

I think it's very interesting. These people feel that there is something very wrong with capitalism, but they can't grapple with abstract systems, so they manufacture a conspiracy of reptilian illuminati pedophiles, an enemy they can grasp easily.

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