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Anonymous 31492[Reply]

Hello can I be a new girl*friend?


Anonymous 31449[Reply]

Is this true?

Anonymous 31450


Anonymous 31452

Look up the vertical words on the screen and you'll find your answer.

Anonymous 31456


Anonymous 31457


Yeah, although I think everyone is potentially dangerous because of weapons.
But men are the most dangerous, both due to raw physical strength and higher rates of reported violence.
Best bet is to fear all people though. Not in a crippling way, but be wary.


25+ Thread Anonymous 14473[Reply]

I'm curious as to how many "older" anons are on crystal cafe.
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Anonymous 31121

>When younger, i felt older than everyone, now, i feel younger than my peers.


Anonymous 31125

It's the best feel honestly. You're mature when your peers were fools, and youthful when they've gotten dreary.

Anonymous 31364

>27 now
>starting to get panic about finding a husband, agonizing over my face and wrinkle prevention
>still look very young and cute but feeling the urge to land a husband within the next 2 years
>don't even want kids though, just want a qt husband
The memes were real all along. Feels bad man. It seems like men have several more years to get their shit together and find a partner than women do. A guy at 30 is still considered marriageable, but a woman single at thirty sends guys running. It's not fair when we're held to the same standards now for self development, career goals, financial situation, etc. Then again that sentiment comes from the same geniuses who think 35 is "peak sexual market value" in males… Like nigga no that's old. 25 is when men peak. after that they get ugly, fat, and bald as shit. So maybe I just need to stop browsing imageboards because they're a biased pit of loathing and delusion.
I look about 8 years younger than I am, so I should just lie on tinder I guess. Guys who want a late-20s girl are looking for a mature motherly figure with her shit together (IE not me) and guys looking for girls like me (young-looking and still self-developing) aren't setting their search for 25+. It's not my fault men are delusional. IRL men trying to age-stereotype women are like anime creators who put 5'5" G-bust girls as weighing 85 lbs. They really have no fucking clue about reality and pull numbers from their ass.

Socially and financially I'm about five years behind where I should be. Oh well, at least I'm not a single mom or a drug addict.

Anonymous 31409


A very challenging realization I’ve come to: if I don’t sant kids but want a partner, I have to be with the type of guy who doesn’t want kids. That wouldn’t have bothered me five years ago but I’ve definitely started to notice that guys who don’t want kids have some pretty reliably consistent traits that I find unappealing. I’m also starting to feel like it’s not that I don’t want kids, it’s that everyone I knew who was obsessed with having kids was kind of an idiot and an adult child, so I didn’t want to be like that. But some of the most amazing women I know now have them and love them (but aren’t obsessed) and even my mentor in my career has a bunch and she kicks ass!

Anonymous 31443

The sexual market value is 35 because that's roughly when they are done with school and have been working for a couple years. A person with a house, car and good job is more desirable than a ramen eating, broke grad 25 year old student. Isn't cristian grey 26 or something, and he's the most desirable male character ever written.


Anonymous 31435[Reply]

what are some good films/shows with female characters who have autism, ass burgers, social anxiety, weird, are super introverted etc

can be any genre

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 31436

Moved to >>>/media/4558.


Anonymous 31374[Reply]

What do we do about the T problem?
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Anonymous 31396

>85 million

We live in a society

Anonymous 31397


See these two threads for the answers



Anonymous 31398

pic related actual makes my blood boil

I know this is to have a laugh at the TERFs or whatever, but when will the trannies learn that excluding real women make them look even more like misogynists with a sissy fetish.
'd probably be swayed to joining their side too if transwomen stopped being such fucking bitches about cis women

Anonymous 31399

once it reaches 100k, gamers will finally be able to rise up against Darth Lord Susan Wojcicki

Anonymous 31588

oh hey, i remember reading a post about the person in the OP pic. won't go into too much detail because of the no drama policy, but multiple people have come forward and claimed to have been preyed in sexually by eli while underage. their victims were almost entirely female, which gives this picture some disturbing context.
(if this post goes against the no drama policy, please let me know and i will be happy to delete it, i just considered it relevant, given the OP picture)


Pet peeves Anonymous 7276[Reply]

Share yours.
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Anonymous 7282

i'm amazed people still idolize the US so much. we don't even have universal healthcare like most developed nations, and it's super easy to become homeless if you're unlucky.

Anonymous 31356

people that always feel the need to talk? does that count
i don't think i'm someone that necessaries values silence, but i'm not very talkative, so

Anonymous 31361

If you don't talk to people now, you'll be wishing you did.

Anonymous 31383

this is so ominous, what do you mean

Anonymous 31392

If you do not take the opportunity to talk to people who wish to talk to you now, then at a later time in your life, you will have wished to take those opportunities, for there will be no one willing to talk to you as you will desire to talk to them.


Piercing/Body modification Anonymous 31352[Reply]

Any of you galls like piecing and such?I've got a; triple helix,anti-tragus, lobe, upperlobe, spiderbites and I really wanna get my tongue split.
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Anonymous 31353

I have two on each earlobe and I want to have some on my nipples. And VERY nsfw pic related, I want to give my boyfriend a Prince Albert one, I think they look so pretty

Anonymous 31358


God, I wanted snakebites in middle school. I'm partially glad I didn't get them, but….

Anonymous 31368

I wanna get three lobe piercings (already have 1) on each ear and then maybe two cartilage piercings on one ear and one on another.

Anonymous 31369

Who the fuck cares what men think? Holy shit lol

Anonymous 31372


Caring what men think is incompatible with sanity.

Left hand.jpg

Fantasies Anonymous 8296[Reply]

Anybody else have weird fantasies or urges? Not necessarily sexual things, just strange. For instance, I sometimes spend hours daydreaming about cutting my left hand off, imagining all the blood pouring out my stubby wrist and such. Of course that's a terrible idea and it'd make my life so difficult, not to mention it would be extremely painful for me.
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Anonymous 12741

It's a fantasy thread, spaz.

Wish the aliens would come, either to start a humanity uniting mega-war or just give us the cheat codes to interplanetary travel. I usually have this fantasy when I'm commuting and just can not be bothered.

Anonymous 13680

I've also had this fantasy. Interesting.

Anonymous 13938

NTA but being a fantasy doesn't make it any better.

>In real life I wouldn't mind being in a relationship with a nice, moral, uplifting guy and having sister wives.

I'll second that anon. Get some fucking self respect.

Anonymous 13939

>it it doesnt make it any better!
As other anon said, it's a fantasy you fucking club toed mongoloid. Get off your self-righteous stupidity and realize this is an anonymous site and there's nothing but a stream of thoughts. Out of all the shit posted here that's what you have the gall to say something about? Shut the fuck up.

Anonymous 31355


Anonymous 30136[Reply]

Why all males tend to create and appreciate idiotic ideologies and do that as hardcore as religios zealots?
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Anonymous 31334

Don't show your paranoia femcel

Anonymous 31340

Jealous tranny go dilate some more

Anonymous 31342


Anonymous 31343

let me add a few
>systematically preying on "innocent" girls that can be easily manipulated (why do you think inches will accept nothing less than a virgin?)
>defending predators/rapists with such compelling arguments as "the age of consent shouldn't be 18 anyway" or "what if they both were drunk?"
>not caring if a women gets sexually assaulted unless she's their daughter/wife/sister
>blindly spewing custody court statistics and male suicide/work-related death rates to "totally destroy" feminists rather than actually working to fix these things

Maybe men can't show empathy to anyone without having an "us vs them" mentality with some other group (women, liberals, theists, brown people, (((them))), etc)

Anonymous 31347


You feel secure enough to exert your ignorant faux dominance and sexual power now, but the fembot uprising is coming. All you Stacies better watch yourselves.


Anonymous 31336[Reply]

it's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday.

Anonymous 31337

partying, partying


Anonymous 31339

gotta get my bowl, gotta get cereal

Anonymous 31341


Happy Friday ya'll..
i'm sick af. I feel terrible and anxious because I still gotta do work. I think I may call it a day and go to sleep now.

Anonymous 31345

Get well soon, anon!

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