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Times you messed up Anonymous 104346[Reply]

Just did psychic damage to myself by remembering something

>freshman year of high school

>worked for student council, helped organize dances
>during valentines day dance
>sat down to take a break and have a glass of water in the hallway
>guy I knew comes up and talks to me a bit, asks me why I'm sitting alone
>asks if I want to dance with him and some friends
>"Oh no thanks I'm fine, just a bit tired and taking a break"
>he asks if I'm sure
>"Yeah, thank you though!"
>didn't realize till years later what I did
Time to repress that memory again
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Anonymous 104380

>didn't realize till years later what I did
What did you do?

Anonymous 104381

NTA but I think OP means the guy was asking her out discretely and anon was too oblivious to notice.

Anonymous 104483

Yeah that's what I meant. I feel cringy as hell for literally turning down a guy that I liked, asking me to dance with him, without realizing what was even happening.

he was and I regret everything now

Anonymous 104486

M-maybe it's not too late! Are you still in contact with him or know his whereabouts? It could be a funny ice breaker?

Anonymous 104488

>did psychic damage to myself
lol'd. I do this all the time. I ruminate on every embarrassing thing ive ever done. I wish it was as innocuous as yours.


Anonymous 102561[Reply]

The moid fears a woman with a firearm, he fears her because he knows he cannot exert physical control on her anymore as an unequal

Moids are animals who you can only dialogue with through means of threat of physical violence. Moids systematically abuse women and children because they don't represent a threat to their autonomy, but once an abused son grows up to beat the shit out of his father the moid quietly sits in the corner, his bravery and morale are gone like a literal animal that has been asswhooped by a rival, yet he can still turn to his wife and daughters for a slight sense of superiority. This is why the moid's biggest fear is a female who can physically put him down, without the inferiority of someone else the moid finds himself as nothing more than a turd smeared on the ground, loved by no one, needed by no one, useful to no one.

As long as women are untrained and don't possess the means to physically defend themselves their bodily autonomy will always be at risk and at the mercy of the moid, as you cannot always rely on culture which is ever changing anyway. Young women should not shy away from firearms but embrace them as an extension of themselves, as they are the true key to their wellbeing for generations to come. Do you remember Daesh, the bastards who go village to village raping and enslaving women and children? They literally shit themselves when they see the female Kurdish fighters because they cannot fathom the idea of a woman being a warrior and also believe if they get killed by them they cannot enter Jannah. You might think that this belief is exclusive of these bastards, but in fact for all moids there is no greater dishonor and fear than to be bested by a woman, and they will do ANYTHING to keep you down. This is why, sisters, grab a firearm today and train, because if moids want they will take away your rights, but if they can't they won't.
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Anonymous 102973

Extremely based and necessary thread OP. Unfortunately a lot of anons here won't take it seriously cause they are dumb passive bitches who are not really committed to the women's liberation cause and thus don't care. This website could be a great source for feminist discussions but most of the time it's filled with mediocre random posts

Anonymous 103206

this whole problem is because of islam and nothing else entire world is going to shit because of it ,
when will we accept that liberalism will not work with muslims and islam but no you are islamophobic while we distance from other cultures that we deem as islamophobic or setthe about uigher condition
its not about geopolitics

Anonymous 103466

How long did it take for you to get used to you tinnitus??

Anonymous 104095


I’ve always had it. Seems to be getting louder with the years. Music and air conditioning drown it out pretty well, but sometimes, when it gets nice and quiet, i have to try harder to ignore it. Sad not being able to hear silence.

Anonymous 104416

They say tinnitus is supposedly common. I got mine from loud noise exposure a couple months ago and am hoping it goes away, but it probably won't. Yep, silence was nice.


titty staring all day every day Anonymous 103670[Reply]

Im not les but I (believe) i'm bisexual. i am currently in a happy relationship with a guy. I am a virgin and I am asexual. so explain to me why the fuck every time i see even the slightest amount of cleavage on any girl my eyes literally zero in on that shit and stare. Im scared people are gonna start noticing
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It’s been scientifically proven that people just like looking at titties. No matter their sexuality. Probably an evolutionary thing. Wouldn’t worry about it.

Anonymous 103874

I think tits just look nice. I'm straight and keep from looking at cleavage. Nothing wrong with looking I suppose

Anonymous 103882

Idk if you’re asexual girl

Anonymous 104403

Im not bragging this is not a good thing

Anonymous 104414

If a wall had something convex protruding out, you would look at it


Anonymous 65230[Reply]

I need to get this out of my chest:

I love this site so much. About 10 years ago my former main imageboard was shut down. That place was my internet home I'd browse it fors hours end discussing with other anons, reading threads, laugh at the funny stuff people have written and just feel at peace.

Ever since that site got shut down I felt lost. All imageboards just either became toxic as hell or were completely infested by normies to the point I didn't feel welcomed anymore.

This site takes me back to the good old days of imageboards. When they were still more underground and a place for outcasts to discuss all kinds of things. It's comfy, a bit slow, place where I get to read thoughts of interesting, smart and funny fellow anons. And this time they are my sisters too! I am so happy to be home again.

Thank you so much for creating this site, admin. You have all of my appreciation. Keep up the good work.

I love you all.
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Anonymous 104344


don't make me cry

Anonymous 104345

did not work as intended

Anonymous 104348

Anonymous 104356


Wholesome post, i love u too OP

Anonymous 104359

11 month old belated I <3 U, OP!

im sorry christine…

Anonymous 103673[Reply]

if she were alive today, do you think she would have been a cc poster? Do you think this would have prevented her suicide?

im not trying to come across as mean, but i feel like christine would maybe find this place to be like her home maybe… and maybe by seeing other girls like her she wouldnt feel so alone…
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Anonymous 103759

Thank you for enlightening me

Anonymous 103858

idc, but I think she's pretty based. Went out in one of the angriest ways possible without killing anyone else.

Anonymous 103891

I'm honestly not sure. I feel like even today people like this can only cope with internet communities for so long before it wears off.

Anonymous 104336

she's so beautiful

imagine giving her a hug and telling her you know how shit life is

Anonymous 104337

Right? I wish I could help everyone whos depressed. But I know they wont think its real.

self meme.png

Self Anonymous 75005[Reply]

Fill out the sheet on yourself! You don't have to do everything, obviously, or put in a lot of detail. It's just for fun : D
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Anonymous 103998

Did the brazilian tranny (Inkya#9217) delete his own post after being found out?

Anonymous 104069

He probably 41'd himself

Anonymous 104071

I think one of the mods deleted it because my reply to him is also gone.

Anonymous 104277

lol i was suspecting it was troon when i read his chart, looks like my instincts were right

Anonymous 104288

You actual fucking psychopath haha. Love it sis


Anonymous 77422[Reply]

i would like to propose replacing moids with boyim, as boyim is more suited to their social function and utility
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Anonymous 104129

No, I'll keep the abrahamic-free term moid, nice try Esther

Anonymous 104154

A lot of men had grown out of being boys and very much struggle to accept their age and the teens and early 20s they wasted hiding away in fear of everything but mom.

Calling them anything derived from “boy” would alleviate their sorrows, which I don’t want.

“moid” is more fitting to the amorphous, purposeless waste of an irreparable human existence.

Anonymous 104199

call them nothing, its easier just to never adress one of them

Anonymous 104201


Anonymous 104268

>the only thing I do not take seriously, 2221, is you, your intrusions bore me, your demeanor is that of a pouty child


Anonymous 94311[Reply]

Everyone says I sound like a little boy/man, I’m a female in my early 20s; https://voca.ro/1ceklQukgYUJ
Why do people say this to me
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Anonymous 104251

It mostly happens in games yeh, honestly incels

Anonymous 104253

Thanks girly!!!!

Anonymous 104257

When this thread was made and was active I was away on a holiday and I forgot about it when I got back, glad to see it pop up again.
So here's my advice for the girlies today


Anonymous 104258

You have a beautiful voice!

Anonymous 104262

Where are you from? Your accent is all over the place I can't pinpoint it.


I don't belong here Anonymous 103559[Reply]

I feel like an outcast here
I thought this is a place for an extremely ugly girl like me to have a therapy session with other ugly girls
Instead it fill with many attractive lady who is a bit too sensitive
I suffer
40 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 104061

You're the reason people like OP feel ugly and want to vent about it.

Anonymous 104073

What did he say?

Anonymous 104078


Ayo, feeling cute, might become unreasonable later.

Anonymous 104099

well there's /feels/

Anonymous 104222


I feel the same way
came here a few days ago hoping to fit in after the forum that I used closed, and i kinda did, but the amount of ppl with the female equivalent of 4channers going full autism on hating the opposite sex is quite noticeable.


Shitholes Anonymous 103554[Reply]

Post cities/towns that you absolutely fucking DESPISE.

As a Brit, personal lowlights include Slough, Sunderland, and Bradford.

Anonymous 103556


You may have finished the thread with Bradford

Anonymous 103888

San Francisco and Vancouver. Completely unaffordable housing and rental markets for NORMAL PEOPLE and filled with drug addicts and homeless who got priced out of the city. SF is filled with horrible tech people and Vancouver is the money laundering capital of Canada.

Anonymous 104124

my hometown, a tiny coastal town where nothing happens. at least the places you list have plenty of people and not full of small minded busy bodies

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