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Anonymous 64676[Reply]

What's it like having bipolar disorder?

Anonymous 64691

Absolutely fucking brilliant! Except for the all-encompassing, crippling despair.

Anonymous 64709

its great and I hate it


Anonymous 52349[Reply]

how do i write a witty, sarcastic, charming character? like dorian or varric from dragon age
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Anonymous 64480

I'm the anon that posted here >>52384 and >>52397

If you want to post something I will give you my thoughts on it.

Anonymous 64481

wow that was fast, thanks. i actually just started writing it today at around noon so it's not really postable yet, i was just checking this thread.

on the topic though, do you have any thoughts or opinions on erotica? i'm already versed in the general wisdom of "don't write awkward sex scenes, don't refer to body parts clinically," etc. ive never written it like for real for real before (hence officially) but ive sexted and know some things to avoid. i dont have any real point to this, i was just horny and i need more writing practice and the idea came to me

for reference i'm the anon that posted

Anonymous 64499

To be honest, I haven’t read any erotica outside of fanfiction. I can tell you as a general reader how it sounds though.

Anonymous 64504

That’s fine. I’m really less interested in general writing advice, more just polling the anon crowd for “what would you prefer to see here in this scene, is this unrealistic / a turn-off / not sexy enough, is this coming on too strong” that sort of thing. E.g. if scene XYZ needs to transition from A to B, and I can choose to make XYZ a masturbation / straight sex / lesbian / femdom scene without much changing in B— which one works best overall for keeping the reader interested / titillated while maintaining minimal corniness or coomerness. And I’m writing this for no one in particular, I’m just interested in giving my hand a shot at the genre since I want to try it and see if it sharpens other writing skills in the meantime

Anonymous 64669

Okay, so as a non-reader of erotica, what do fans of the genre generally prefer to see? Detailed character development? Intricate personal drama? And as far as smut goes, what categories trend the best with readers (eg boy-girl, gay / yaoi, lesbian, variants of bdsm)? Any categories to avoid?


Anonymous 64426[Reply]

Saw this fucked up shit on twitter, but I'm struggling for a response.
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Anonymous 64428

Mental cases don't deserve a response.

Anonymous 64429

There are inherent risks with hormone blockers and other treaments for transgender individuals. Medicine is not an all powerful science. By default, treatments need to be weighed with their risks vs rewards. The majority of people will not grow up to be trans, and thus have nothing to gain and everything to lose. To meddle with natural human development without good medical grounds to do so is inherently unethical to all modern medicine. Bar circumsion for men in the US.

Furthermore, hormone blockers can be inherently damaging to trans individuals anyway. For example, in MtFs, hormone blockers stunt penis growth. When they get old enough for surgery, their penis isn't large enough to make anything more than a vary shallow "vagina" if you can call it that.

Anonymous 64442

Puberty blockers are not side effect free.
This paper in particular notes a decrease in IQ in puberty blocked patient.

Anonymous 64443

Shut up human.png

There is only one response, and it's the same response to the entirety of the alternative gender questions. The answer is that it frankly doesn't matter if these people exist because there is just no practical room for them to do so. We've a hard enough time maintaining the balance between men and women, let alone a third or more options.

Anonymous Moderator 64444


Anonymous 57739[Reply]

Any girls like yaoi/BL here?
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Anonymous 63925

ahh his walls look really nice and comforting, guys with plump asses always give me the deepest surge of penis envy

Anonymous 63928

Just take steroids.

Anonymous 64432

Many of the lesbians I've known were outright misandrists, myself included. I also can't stand seeing faggot shit in media, but I like seeing lesbian stuff.

Anonymous 64433

You're not mentally ill like many of the closet trannies in the thread.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 64445

Moved to >>>/media/10655.


Anonymous 64420[Reply]

1… 2… 3… FELLOW MANLET LOVERS, POST YOUR FAVOURITE MANLETS! Take them on a picnic! They will gift you flowers! Show them to me! Show them to ME!

Anonymous 64422



Does anyone else think that steak is overrated? Anonymous 63244[Reply]

It doesn't taste THAT good.
Get the cheapest cuts of meat and cook something with them (stews, roasts, meat pies, even a sandwich) and the combination of flavor beats the solitary flavor of even a supposedly good steak.
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Anonymous 63402


yesss smoked/cured fish is GOAT, i'll take it over any other meat

Anonymous 64305

I have a strong preference for chicken

Anonymous 64327

Honestly cooking steak is really hard. I almost always fuck it up no matter how many stupid videos I watch (fuck you gordon ramsay) and just wind up frustrated. I do love beef as an ingredient, it is very fun to cut into slivers and fry, braise, etc. but just cooking a steak straight up? That shits hard and I'm too cheap to go to a restaurant so I rarely eat just steak. Like >>63344 said I really only enjoy it when it's in a dish. On the plus side the rare occasions when I do fuck up cooking a steak "mid-rare" leaves me with a head start on steak and eggs or whatever else because i can only stomach a few bites of that shit.

Anonymous 64367

I can only eat steak if I’m at a fancy steakhouse or if it’s cut up in fajitas or something. I grew up eating it super well done and I used to hate how much my jaw would hurt just swallowing one piece so that’s prob why I don’t like it anymore

Anonymous 64396

>Honestly cooking steak is really hard.
Buy and learn to use a steak thermometer. Then it's super easy.


Anonymous 60147[Reply]

How do we safely attract more people to this place, without infecting it with males?
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Anonymous 61753

I stopped going to /blog/ but it would be nice to have more weeb traffic in the media board.

Anonymous 61768

lolcow, /cgl/ grantees the least moids

Anonymous 61785


Just discovered this place after it was mentioned on /r9k/ and it seems comfy here

Anonymous 61915

>What I aimed for was to give women an imageboard experience without being talked over and invalidated by men, without porn spam and misogyny threads.
I like this vision, but it's difficult to apply in practice.
Advertising a board as "for women" attracts gender-based discussion more than anything else, see the front pages of /b/ and /feels/. /media/ is very slow and a complete hodgepodge of stuff. It isn't much of an upgrade from the regular chan experience. Especially when decent threads like /blog/ exist on other chans.
The on-topic discussion of outside interests is the aspect of the imageboard experience that's missing here, to me at least. I drop by here sometimes, but there isn't enough non-gender discussion to visit regularly.

Anonymous 64374

This is how you get inundated with trannies, lol.


Anonymous 64345[Reply]

You think if they banned us from 4chan’s /b/ and /r9k/ it would bring more posters here? Its a bit slow here, some new blood would be appreciated
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Anonymous 64356

There was a poll on /r9k/ like three years ago now that showed nearly half of all posters there were "18 or younger". Not a place you want to be posting on. Honestly, I have a hard time imagining why girls would rather post here than say on tumblr which is generally accepted to be a more female space, and if nothing else is already a largely established space.

Anonymous 64357

>which is generally accepted to be a more female space
Than normal, that is.

Anonymous 64366

Stupidest shit I’ve heard all day

Anonymous 64372


Anonymous Moderator 64373


Discuss your favourite fictional character Anonymous 64299[Reply]

I really love Juzo from Danganronpa 3, even though I didn't care much for a lot of the anime and it's asspulls and retcons. I'm a sucker for macho characters hiding dark secrets and I love the surprising amount of depth to Juzo's character, I really hope he gets a cameo in possible future games. Here's a gif of him punching that stupid otaku.

Anonymous 64300

Please pretend that's a gif

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 64309

Moved to >>>/media/10251.


Anonymous 12979[Reply]

Hello everyone,

I sent a message to the admins but didn't get an answer, so I am trying here…

I am a journalist for a french news website and I am currently doing research for an article about women who take part in trolling. I think trolling isn't about gender, but about internet habits - and I think it's pretty delusional and counter-productive to make it seem like it's almost an all-male discipline.

Agree, disagree? If you want to talk about it, I would be happy to give you more details in private. Since it would be stupid to uncover my professional or personal email address in the open, I created a temporary one: [email protected] Join me in here!

All best,


Pic unrelated
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Anonymous 17936

ffs, I hate those guys

Anonymous 18015

the article is in french, here's an auto-translation because i refuse to share the link and give this absolute joke of a wannabe online journalist views:


On Wednesday, 21 March, Marlene Schiappa, State Secretary for Gender Equality, presented a bill to combat " sexual and gender-based" violence in the Council of Ministers. The text provides for the broadening of the definition of online harassment to promote the fight against mass harassment campaigns on the Internet. Among the trolls, this initiative was greeted with suspicion: " I will continue to insult [sic] that I want", boasts a user in a thread devoted to the bill on jeuxvideo.com. Another spear: " The Ministry of Women" next to a smiley covered with vomit.

The trolls never liked being prevented from pursuing their current target. Thomas administers one of the largest forums of the French web, he agreed to testify provided that we do not reveal the name of his employer. He explains: " Today, the guys give their all on Balance your pig, Me too … Because these are the hot topics. There have been times when it was very racist, especially during the debate on immigration under Sarkozy, times when it was transphobia that caused concern, right now it is rather misogyny. "

All of the most recent cyber-harassment cases in recent years have been fueled by women's contempt: Amanda Todd, Gamergate, Leslie Jones, the anti-reousing number … Abusers often came from forums renowned for their culture and history. sexist. 4chan, the site that invented "Tits or GTFO" , is attended by about 70% of men . By force, it seems normal to believe that cyber-stalkers are systematically men sitting in briefs in front of their computer, "sad, alone and misogynist" or "sexually aggressive" . This is obviously not the case.

During a phone interview with M/////B///// , former pornographic actress Nikita Bellucci told us that trolling, finally, has no gender: " When I was attacked on social networks, even if 90% of Stalkers were guys, I saw some very virulent tweets that had been written by women. It was as violent as with a man. " The violence is also reflected in the harassment campaigns carried by" female forum "on topics perceived stereotypically feminine.

Sarah administers an anonymous imageboard for fans of rumors about the "weird digital personaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 18023

so they went to lolcow and pull?
did anyone from CC actually respond or were our quotes just too tame for this piece on how the internet is full of evil bullies

Anonymous 18065

i don't think so. we did well cause the article is shit

Anonymous Admin 18088

I eventually responded, but it was clear that c.c was not what he was looking for and so I directed him to the other sites, which he apparently hadn't heard of by then and contacted shortly before his deadline, or so I've heard. All-around lovely experience.

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