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Anonymous 24691[Reply]

Would Fujoshi's be accepted in a Crystal Cafe society?
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Anonymous 30047


I like bakugo, he is my type of boy if you know what I mean, and I won't lie, I could self-insert as deku easily, but also he is kind of a cute foil to bakugo. I have quite a lot of stuff reblogged of them on tumblr, but not so much saved in my boys folder

Anonymous 30048


baku is one of my favorites in the series so i definitely get what you mean! love how unapologetically awful he is, lmfao.
do you have any interest in kiribaku? also what about todo do you hate.

Anonymous 30049


not a big fan of kiri at all, he is just like a extremely generic and boring "best friend" to me. as for todo, I just don't like the silent "cool guy" shtick it is just so lame imo. bakugoxdeku is honestly my one and only for my hero stuff

Anonymous 30120

are most people on this site radfems?

Anonymous 30121


In my experience it is the same mix you get on much of 4chan. People here tend to be on both the far-left and the far-right. The main common thread is people feel unrepresented by modern society.


Soulmates & Twin Flames Anonymous 30060[Reply]

Do you believe they exist? At least at some level? If yes/no, why?

>A soulmate is a person with whom one has a feeling of deep or natural affinity. This may involve similarity, love, romance, platonic relationships, comfort, intimacy, sexuality, sexual activity, spirituality, compatibility and trust.

>A twin flame shares many similarities with a soul mate. A twin flame can also be your soul mate, but to a more extreme level. Twin flames derive from the same soul, and are separated into two when they are created.
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Anonymous 30065

No, I think it's just a term that people want to attach to a relationship/friendship to make it feel more special.

Anonymous 30067

Both to a certain degree. It's only bullshit until it happens to you.

Anonymous 30069

I used to think so but then I realized I was just a friendless retard desperate for a special connection with someone like in the fantasies I think up in my head

Anonymous 30071

After separating from who I thought was my soulmate, hell no. I think it's just feeling madly in love with someone you have a lot in common with.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 31117

Moved to >>>/feels/21466.


Anonymous 24875[Reply]

Would you ever fight on the front lines?
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Anonymous 28267


I'm moving to a small city (300k pop) so I don't think I will find anything, but even if there was something I just don't want to deal with dudes who act like they are playing CoD IRL.

>Where are you moving from?

It's not even worth mentioning. Just a random shithole.

>I'm quite a ways away unfortunately. Hope your stay here is nice.

That's too bad. I would kill to have a nice female friend who shares interests with me. It's been a lonely existence.

Anonymous 28531


>tfw you want to buy historical rifles but too afraid what your christian family would think of you
if you're moving out and are an independent woman, you should follow your desire to collect a bunch of century old bang sticks. plus, i'm sure the bible has something in it about self defense (wouldn't know myself, not christian)

Anonymous 29211

No, because the military would have to drastically adapt its logistics to accommodate me in the trenches. Things women need are just sort of shoved into crevices and free spots on transport planes: having to send a shitload more means entire planes of tampons, and that means both more flights and potentially more planes, which directly translates to even MORE money being spent on the military's budget, when they aren't even remotely hurting for people to throw at whatever conflict's happening that year.

If we enter an all-out conventional war, yeah, the extra womanpower will be necessary and necessitate the cost, but I don't really see the point before then except to make politicians look like they're being progressive, when all they're actually doing is trying to get easy votes.


Anonymous 29245

or centuries

Anonymous 29488

I'm 99% sure there will be female only groups for real guns with a population that size, if its not a border city. Sport shooting is very common and accepted here.


showerthoughts Anonymous 11307[Reply]

Showerthoughts thread, post any random things you're thinking about
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Anonymous 29120

I read somewhere they do research on how to clone individual organs but I don't remember much.

Anonymous 29246

Screen Shot 2018-1…

Is attraction to men who look or dress like women a form of homosexuality? Is this a gateway to lesbianism? Am I going to start dawdling about the purity of Carmilla's love and rallying against Christian cake shops?

Anonymous 29247


It's a complex subject with no simple answer.

I like the answer that any attraction to gender noncomformity/trans/crossdressing is different degrees of bisexual.

Anonymous 29254

I’d say no because you know the BENIS is hidden away somewhere. Crouching benis, hidden dragon.

Anonymous 30039

my chicken soup is way too spicy but i have to eat it all


What did you get for Christmas? Anonymous 29172[Reply]

My best friend sent me this card. Box to the left is a necklace she got me months ago.

What did you miners receive?
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Anonymous 29998

Nothing, I just ate out at this shitty chain restaurant, it was really disappointing.

Anonymous 29999

just a sack of piff from bae

Anonymous 30001


Anonymous 30026

My bf spoiled me. He got me a lovely fountain pen with ink, a fake leather-bound notebook (which he told me I could write poetry in, which I thought was super cute), a little Bulbasaur-shaped planter so I could grow a succulent and a selection of Christmas-themed yankee candles! Bless him, he knows me so well! My parents got me mostly chocolate but also a matching scarf and gloves set which I'm using atm because it's really cold. My brother got me cute things like a Harry Potter latte mug and a lightbox!

Very happy this year :) Hope everyone liked my presents as much as I liked theirs!

Anonymous 30036


I got a really nice tea glass from my friend's sister.


Dark chocolate is the best type of chocolate Anonymous 29200[Reply]

Prove me wrong
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Anonymous 29493

The texture's fun and it's nice in some combinations but overall it's kinda meh. Where I live it's pretty cheap (I live close to Russia and you can get it in a normal supermarket here, they also sell a vegan option) and everyone eats it with blini so it's nothing special

Anonymous 29506

>get the joke
w-what joke? o_O

Anonymous 29538

this made me remember i have a bar of dark chocolate with cherries and almonds in a weird spot in my room, i had completely forgotten about it!

and yes dark chocolate is the best cus all vegan chocolate is dark chocolate

Anonymous 29552

I can't tell if you're taking the joke started here: >>29346 further or you just really want to talk about caviar.

Anonymous 30025

I'm not a fan or normal dark chocolate but dark chocolate with things in it is delicious. My favorite is sea salt, idk why it works so well. There's also chili, orange, mint, hazelnut, raspberry…ugh so good.


Anonymous 15854[Reply]

you're stuck in a room with 3 of these things wyd?

Anonymous 15862


>Personnel entering the White Zone are to wear full hazardous materials gear and a radiation monitor, and are limited to no more than 30 minutes of exposure. The exception to this rule are D-Class personnel entering the Red Zone and Green Zone for the purposes of an expedition.
Pray they don't go for me. I'm small so I bet they would, fuckers.

Anonymous 15978


>"SCP-490 is an ice cream truck dating to the 1960s…Between 2 to 5 AM local time SCP-490 will operate itself, and drive at a low speed in a random circuit through local roadways. At this time it will function as if in peak condition, while playing a tune from its speakers…The freezers will have been stocked with frozen treats. Though the treats will contain traditional flavors (Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla), the wrapper advertises a surprise flavor. The "Super Surprise Flavor!" stated is human flesh incorporated into the product, which DNA testing has proven to be that of the subject(s) who entered the vehicle and subsequently vanished."

eat a lot of blood Popsicles, apparently

Anonymous 30014

This place is deliciously designed

sakuya giving the …

Anonymous 29860[Reply]

sakuya giving the cirno the fishe

Anonymous 29991


9 packing 4 vacation

Anonymous 30013



Anonymous 28707[Reply]

>be me, browsing big mainstream media website
>saw that an Argentinian actress accused a much older actor of raping her 9 years ago when she was a teen
>go to the comment section
>it is full of women saying that the victim should have said something years ago and that waiting this long is suspicious

This never fails to shock and hurt me. Other women saying that waiting invalidates what happened, your feelings and the abuse. Or saying it's probably a lie because you waited to come forward with the accusation.

Some girls were afraid of the abuser, or thought they wouldn't be taken seriously, especially when they're young. Is it this hard to understand? I know we've heard many cases of false accusations lately, but the point isn't that. Is that waiting to talk about your rape = it never happened/you're lying, when that couldn't be further from the truth. Idk, it just upsets me that many women seem to think otherwise, maybe they want to act like handmaidens or get male approval, but it's just depressing.

What do you think, /b/?
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Anonymous 28761

I don't know, the news came out yesterday as far as I know so there's a lot to come I guess. but that's not the point of my post anyway. My point is that people blame the victims even more if they take time to come forward with the truth and accuse the rapist, when sometimes girls and women don't do it right away because they're afraid, or scared, or think people won't take them seriously and need time to prepare to take action.

Anonymous 28763

and sometimes people falsely accuse others for money
that's why it's important to know if she's lying or not

Anonymous 28766

learn to read. this thread is to focus on the fact that actual victims are mistreated because they waited to open up. of course there are people who lie or accuse others without proof, but there's a shit ton of assholes who mistreat REAL rape victims because they waited to have the courage to speak up.

Anonymous 28873

But a public figure accusing another public figure of rape 10 years later is different from a normal woman doing it, the normal woman will also tell it to her friends or family and not the media. If you issue a public statement saying you were raped 10 years ago and point a finger at some famous guy, people are naturally going to wonder what your motives are for accusing him and might make an assumption that you're trying to get settlement money from him or something to that effect. It's especially suspicious if several women who have never met each other and have only briefly worked with the alleged rapist do it years later at the same time. I wouldn't think the same of a regular woman coming forward years later, or gymnasts accusing their coach for molesting them, or students accusing a teacher simply because they were clearly in a subordinate position when it happened.

Anonymous 30006

Probly should have said something when it happened, now it just looks like you’re cashing in on someone’s success because vagina


poll Anonymous 29309[Reply]

Which year was the worst for you? And the best one so far?

2017-2018 = best years
2016 = fucking awful
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Anonymous 29946

2016 was horrible i thought i was going to die
2017 after march was the best year so far
2018 was alright

Anonymous 29975

1999-2009 - pretty blissful, all family members still alive, lots of friends, well-liked, confidence, lots of interests
2010 - first family death, moved schools, small fish in big pond, mom starts acting weird
2011 - p uneventful, just teenage angst, mom still acting weird
2012-2014 - depression hits like a truck, mom also has it which makes home life unbearable as dad works away, struggling w sexuality, school and teenage angst
2015 - things are better after finishing school, gaining back some of my confidence, lots more freedom at college, good relationships with teachers and family
2016 - really good, stressful with college work but had a lot of fun with some great friends, little to no responsibility
2017 - starts out good, good results, amazing summer holidays, go to uni, drop out cause I hate it and depressed. Grandpa dies.
2018 - wallowing in depression for first few months, got a shit job, got a nicer job, started at a new uni. going much better this time but still don’t enjoy education and testing, still depressed. maybe 2019 can be better

Anonymous 29977

I dont know how I survived 2016 tbh

Anonymous 29978

2016- awful because depression but gets a little better near the end since I was getting treated for it through therapy
2018- pretty good: lost weight, did well in classes, hung out with friends more, landed a sweet paid internship in HR for an event company, got a date and talked to more guys in general

Anonymous 29993

its because you're resilient anon <3
I hope everyone has a great 2019. do the best you can to make it a nice year!

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