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Anonymous 55859[Reply]

gibbe mcchicc
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Anonymous 55882

stop eating at mcdonalds

Anonymous 55886

They make political statements tho.

Anonymous 55898


One mcdonal mcchicc sammich, no lettuce, xtra chee, xtra mcchicc sauce

Anonymous 56016

Not funny

Anonymous 56030

Don't you wanna lose your weight?


Anonymous 45420[Reply]

Why? What did we ever do to men?
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Anonymous 56000


[x] Doubt

Anonymous 56010


Correct pilled. I think the mandatory military service that some countries is fucked as well.

Nationalism goes up when war is happening anyway. Pump out the propaganda and you’ll get the men and women you need. If not, reconsider going to war dumbasses.

Anonymous 56013

That leaves you with an army consisting entirely of incel failures and monstrous sociopaths (with significant overlap between the two groups). Armies should reflect the leadership in their wars so that decisions of military and social governance are made with skin in the game. An army of mercenaries and/or incels has all of the problems of a state running an army of killer robots, in that if consequences and military disasters don't affect anyone that anyone cares about then there's no reason a brutal war wouldn't just keep getting waged indefinitely, especially if it's an imperial, colonial war waged far from domestic eyes.

For the most part, modern states put up at least a pretension of democracy. The government is charged with its duties by its society, and discharges its duties according to society's guidelines.
In democracy, there can be no legitimate differentiation between being a participant in society and being in the position of leadership and authority in the state. There can be no difference between a legitimate military target in a war and an illegitimate civilian target. A suicide bomber who blows up a democratic society's public bus in a war has attacked the enemy's head of state. "But the individuals in democracies are often overruled by more powerful rivals"–yeah, the same shit happened historically to leaders in monarchies and theocracies, welcome to governance. And the democracies of the world are extremely fond of exercising this standard against non-democratic rivals, with names like Dresden and Hiroshima making that point perfectly clear.
The people and society at large in a democratic state are part of the wars of democracies, they are participants in it and they are legitimate targets of enemies within it. Wearing a uniform and operating a resupply station for a period during a democracy's war does not change that in principle, it just brings that already-existing reality to the surface and makes it uncomfortable.
That discomfort is, in and of itself, a good thing.

Anonymous 56022

If NATO get into a full-blown war vs another alliance of powerful nation-states (not impoverished religious fanatics in the desert) with all the weapons we have available nowadays there won't be anybody left alive at the end of it. Any survivors will either die of radiation poisoning and/or disease or starve to death or kill themselves. No matter how good they think they are at surviving no small group of people will. Modern society is too interdependent on global supply chains.

Anonymous 56023

Yes, that's a good point, it's all the more sociologically important that the citizenry of modern democracies avoid an unwarranted sense of distance, irrelevance and invincibility when discussing the possibility of armed conflict. Nobody should ever be able to think "war isn't going to affect me, because neither I nor my family will be at risk, because it's not like we've joined the army or anything."


Anonymous 55865[Reply]

Which are you? I'm gothic lolita
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Anonymous 55931

How old is this image? I think the newest anime here is TTGL.

Also do people still watch Gravitation and Loveless in 2020?

Anonymous 55935

>my dad
Also, fanartist

Anonymous 55944

i remember seeing this floating around in 2008, so it might literally be from 2007

Anonymous 55950

Resident narutard, sakura was my favorite bitch

Anonymous 56029

I’m hikikomori internet stalker


Anonymous 55612[Reply]

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Anonymous 55970

If his feelings weren't malignant sociopathy, he wouldn't be acting like shit.

Anonymous 55971

Sociopath is the most overused term in armchair psychology.
It refers to a behavior pattern from criminology, one which is characterized by recklessness, impulsivity, disinhibition and courage.
People shouldn't use it in any circumstance that doesn't involve calling someone "recklessly brave and ruthlessly ambitious."
These men are just garden variety neurotics and vulnerable-pattern narcissists.

Anonymous 55995

Aka bad men who hurt women, so their feelings don't mean shit.

Anonymous 55996

When someone is hurting me, I don't give a fuck about his feelings.

Anonymous 55997

Are you a moid? Why does a woman always have to care about the feelings of a man who hurts her? He can go kill himself with his feelings, he's horrible, uncaring, evil and he is hurting her. He's suffering? He deserves to suffer worse.


Anonymous 55925[Reply]

Stay hydrated, anon! Drink your water!

Anonymous 55926


Anonymous 55951

I was dehydrated, thanks.

Anonymous 55986


Thank you anon. Bumping the thread so others remember to stay hydrated.

Pic unrelated

Anonymous 55987

>last one
This is too real and I've never even gotten to date the men I've been in this situation with.

Anonymous 55989

It's not fun to date them. And when you guys break up theyll have the biggest fucking pity party possibly even though they spent 4 hours yelling at you before it, and will leave about 40 voicemails after said breakup.


Anonymous 55730[Reply]

what’s crystal cafe’s thoughts on lolcow/kiwifarms? this might be unpopular, but both of those sites make me really uncomfortable for bullying people and doxxing people
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Anonymous 55907

Used to go on lolcow quite a bit. Loved how unapologetically honest many of the comments were even if they were just bullying. Also some of the people reported genuinely are awful and deserved to have their awful antics documented. After slowly realizing I only went on there when I was depressed and insecure, it also became clearer to me how many of the anons nitpicked cows to a ridiculous extent. Looking back, I think those sites are awful but I understand how they appeal to certain people.

There's a thread where lolcow users attempt to write about themselves as if they're lolcows. From reading them, a good number of the visitors suffer from the same disorders and possess the same physical/mental traits of the cows they love to make fun of. It's at least somewhat hypocritical in that regard, and it made me realize that I was involved in a community of pathetic self-haters.

Anonymous 55908

Not as good as Portal of Evil or Encyclopedia Dramatica, but both of those are dead forever so I'll take what I can get.

Anonymous 55921

I don't see why people expect that they can put all their personal info online daily for the world to see but then complain when people comment on it. The internet is not your personal diary or safespace. I do think sometimes these sites go too far or get too nitpicky (Dakota Rose springs to mind) and are often used for vendettas, however I do think they can help people realise how ridiculous they are being.

Anonymous 55923

No one’s saying you can’t/shouldn’t criticize the action of others. It’s just that lolcow and kiwifarms have a bad habit of doxxing cows, nitpicking them over the most miniscule shit, and exagerrating claims in order to make them look worse than they are at times.

Anonymous 55924

Yeah, the doxxing does go too far sometimes. Unless they are a scammer or otherwise harmful it's not necessary. PULL was especially bad for nitpicking, Lolcow too to an extent. KF tends to be a little better, depending on the thread.


Anonymous 55916[Reply]

>tfw mix of sobber and blocker

Anonymous 55917

Anonymous 55919

>tfw ghost
not even animals like me


Anonymous 51061[Reply]

am in the only one who is into cute autistic guys like this?

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Anonymous 51310

To add a little bit, he himself didn't think he was worse than average at reading people, and got sincerely sad if he got evidence in this direction. I didn't always have the heart to correct him because of how happy he was to show he cares (and it's true that sometimes it's the thought that counts).

I feel pretty bad for him because he really is a compassionate person. And because of all these blind spots he has in reading people, even after I gently explained he has some, he probably thinks people are just being unreasonable in their expectations and the typical guy at least is just like him.

Anonymous 51774

I'm certainly a fan, but I go back and forth about whether or not I think he's cute. He certainly could take some really cool modeling photos but idk if I'm attracted. Also I don't think he's autistic at all, just very odd. What I love about him is how unapologetic he is about being himself. I just wish he would put more effort in his talks because they need better structure and get too repetitive.

Once he shouted me out on his broadcast, but I can't find the archive. I already donate a dollar every month to his patreon but I don't think I can access the archives for some reason.

Anonymous 55780


Anonymous 55810

>You got
>no chill
>what are you fucking gay?
^ This is a homosexual.

Anonymous 55911

Anonymous 55883[Reply]

What are your thoughts on vid related?

Anonymous 55892



Anonymous 55706[Reply]

Boys are given great attention to throughout their lives due to people awaiting great, impactful accomplishments from them. Much more is considered to be at stake when it comes to the failures and successess in a males life than in a females - theyre believed to have incredible potential that will either be put to good use or go to waste. This is why people will make sure to praise a boy for succeeding as much as they can.

A girl is expected to succeed at an average to pretty nice level and do it just like that. Theyre not expected to go through deep existential crisises about their lives. If she is doing poorly at school its just that shes stupid, not that her mind is occupied with something else, not that she has trouble focusing on whats in front of her. A girls mind is always focused on the present and mundane - her silly little troubles will go away after opening up about her feelings! Oh and a girl will always love to discuss her feelings!

Wait- she says she isnt fitting in? That shes feeling depressed for not feeling like part of anything, not feeling like she has a place in society? Haha, good one! Females are inherently agreeable and conformist! Shes just one of the quiet ones. Unless… shes like ACTUALLY braindead… like ACTUALLY retarded. After all, social interactions are THE thing females have going for them, THE thing they use their braincells for, amiright?
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Anonymous 55843

Sad Sacchin.jpg

Every time I had tried to talk to other people about my feelings, it never went well. Someone destroying my reputation, kicking me in the heel in the halls, or even stealing my shit for a quick laugh? My parents response was always "Get over it" but I'm a woman though, so supposedly it means I MUST have annual pity parties where people stroke my hair as I cry to them.

Anonymous 55854

>was 19, in community college, didn't have $5 to spare, no job, economic depressed area, shitbox car about ready to fall apart, only savings was aboug $3k in birthday/holiday money from my entire life
>on the rocks with an abusive bf, had to pack my shit into my car and leave (i had been living with him) because he tried to punch me
>my father: lmao i'm going to switch your birth control out with sugar pills so you get knocked up
>he was serious
I no longer talk to him and he has no idea why. Other things he did:
>say i want to go to university
>he gives me a "hope chest" full of crap-quality tarnished silverware that I couldn't even find a way to sell (a "hope chest" is like a dowry, women going off to get married would take linen, bedding, dishes, silverware, etc. I live in modern America and no this is not some cultural tradition here)
>i gave that shit away to a relative who mentioned they needed more spoons
so the implication is: don't get an education, go get married to some povertous weird backwards asshole who expects his new wife to bring her own spoons
>I say I'm about to move out of state to have a chance of actually finding a job
>he gives me a heavy ass gun safe
>I didn't even own a gun (at that time) (and even now that I own one I don't and would never use a fuckign safe, the burglar isn't going to wait for me to go unlock the safe and load my weapon)
the message: i will physically weigh you down so you cannot move
I tried to leave the safe with him, telling him I had absolutely no use for it and the shipping on the thing would bankrupt me, and asked him to return it to the store and get his money back. He MAILED it to me out of state. I had to find some guy on offerup to sell it to for 1/4 of its value.
>wanted to play sports as a kid
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 55864

Where's your mom in all this?

Anonymous 55868

>I tried to leave the safe with him, telling him I had absolutely no use for it and the shipping on the thing would bankrupt me, and asked him to return it to the store and get his money back. He MAILED it to me out of state. I had to find some guy on offerup to sell it to for 1/4 of its value.
Not to say your father was not an asshole, but if your objection to the safe was that it was too expensive to ship, he's not wrong for paying for it. I know you didn't want it, but it's not like you didn't gain a net positive of income from it.

Anonymous 55871

>telling him …the shipping on the thing would bankrupt me
>He MAILED it to me out of state.

You presented him with a problem and he solved it.

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