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Stop doing this to yourself Anonymous 76820[Reply]

Stop doing this to yourselves.
Sleep tight or buy nyquil sleep pills.
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Anonymous 78679

i do the same but with non-fiction books

Anonymous 78684

I've never met a bio female who has gifs of Lain saved.

Anonymous 78685

I have. Unfortunately

Anonymous 78799

wait is there something bad about this show? i only watched the first episode and dropped it soon after.

Anonymous 78801

no it just has weird fans


Gamedev Anonymous 78749[Reply]

Anyone here has any experience on programming/gamedev? I want to make an indie horror game (ha, so original) inspired by LSD dream emulator. I'm not sure where to start and my knowledge is mostly based around web design (HTML/CSS)

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 78755

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ffxiv thread? Anonymous 78730[Reply]

i recently found out that a fuckton of the people i hang out with on this game are women too. why are there so many on this game in particular? it has really surprised me and it's been super nice because i have no other female friends (that i know of) and i've known some of these people for years without ever realizing they weren't moids. if you roleplay, tell me about/show me your characters? i have a theory about what characters moids play by the way alphinaud is best boy

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 78745

Moved to >>>/media/18064.


sadness Anonymous 53448[Reply]

yo. post things that make you sad. nothing posted by an obvious incel, please.
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Anonymous 53693

I'm su*cidal.

Anonymous 53694

Fish are actually humans who keep their gills.

Anonymous 78702


bumping my own old thread

Anonymous 78704

This image makes me want a cute Garfield plushie.

Anonymous 78725


the dog died


Anonymous 78640[Reply]

Trixie is best pony.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 78644

Moved to >>>/media/18052.


Anonymous 78588[Reply]

how do i get out more? im so bored of being home all of the time. i have my boyfriend and kittens which im grateful for but i get really scared to take walks alone incase someone hurts me and i have no friends because i moved here recently. when i take college classes they will have to be online for a bit since i cant transfer all of my credits here so i cant get out on a campus for a while. usually im okay with being home for the most part but sometimes being cooped up drives me insane.

im looking into some jobs but what else could help? i really wish i had friends. should i just risk taking walks? what are some good outdoor activities?
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Anonymous 78594

tried meetup.com and there was like nothing in my area :( just zoom calls geared toward older people but ill try to look into more nearby areas. i think once i get my license things will be much nicer as well. i can pick up dogwalking or uber eats jobs just for some money and to get out and id be able to explore more areas.

but thank you for the help anons! ill work with my situation and see how the walks and gardening help for now.

Anonymous 78595

>Mother spamming phone saying you'll get raped
What the fuck. I guarantee if you go out during the day there's less than 1% chance of something bad happening to you

Anonymous 78596

Looking into other activities you can do with other women is a good idea. You should still be able to take walks though for your own health. Get pepper spray, or carry a small knife.

I’ve been harassed by men while out on walks during the day and I know women who have been less lucky than me. It depends where OP lives, this blanket statement of “nothing bad will happen” is simply not true.

Anonymous 78601

Can you go to cafes a few times by yourself so you get used to going outside by yourself? And walk around a bit where there are lots of people.

Anonymous 78639

So idk what country you live in but I know that public and academic college libraries in the US have really good stuff that’s not just related to book clubs. Like different types of hobby clubs where you can meet new people to make friends.


Pet Thread Anonymous 77355[Reply]

Send your pets!
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Anonymous 78201

so sad but shows how much he cared sorry that this happened anon.

Anonymous 78204

Moids are such animals. Why did they even jump ur bro? Did he know them?

Anonymous 78289

Just some Aboriginals who went out walking and drinking that decided to mug passersby.

Anonymous 78335


Anonymous 78629



MBTI General Anonymous 8426[Reply]

whats your personality type?
whats your zodiac sign?
what type/sign do u like and dislike the most?

>INTJ Edgelord

>INFP crybaby
>ENTP will never shut the fuck up
>INTP forever alone
>ISTJ the ultimate NPC
>ESTP Chad
>ENTJ your future boss
>INFJ the ultimate form of horse shoe theory. He's either hitler or an SJW
>ENFJ sjw or normie

MBTI tests
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Anonymous 70367

is anyone here into cognitive functions or socionics or is this just a "I took the 16personalities test" thread. Asking cause I'll be honest, I understand Introverted Feeling in that, it's easy to tell when someone has it within just a couple conversations but actually putting a label on it is something I've struggled with, so can anyone do that?
anyhow I got "INTP-T" on 16P, ENTP on keys2cognition and I've gotten 5w4 on every single enneagram test I've ever taken

Anonymous 70370


I believe socionics can be explained with genetics. But putting a label on someone I'm talking to, I kind of see the spectrum in my mind and put them on it, and this is a part of how I 'feel' about that person.

Anonymous 70374


That actually makes sense, thanks, anon

Anonymous 71728


Am I good enought ?

Anonymous 71944

I started watching It's Okay to Not Be Okay and I have to agree. If there's hope for men it's an INFJ male. The question is, where do I meet one and would he like an INTJ female…

Also yall gotta take the COGNITIVE FUNCTIONS test and not MBTI 4-letter tests. This -A/-T thing is bs. I second the anon who suggested enneagrams, I also suggest tritypes and instinctual variants.


Female Creep Thread Anonymous 77655[Reply]

Has anyone else here just done unabashedly creepy things in their life?
Recently, I saw a really cute guy in one of my Zoom classes, and I feel guilty, but I took a bunch of screenshots of him. Every moment felt like something that needed to be captured and collected. Him holding a cup, standing up, turning to the side, closing his eyes. He looked like a painting or something. The more I think about it, the more I realise that wasn’t a socially acceptable thing to do.
I feel like I should delete them all out of common decency, but then they’re gone forever, and it’s not like I intend to doxx him or anything. Plus, the Zoom itself was recorded, so he might be shown there, anyway. I still feel wrong for doing it at all, though. I know I wouldn’t want to be recorded or screenshotted. Am I the only one like this?
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Anonymous 77734

When I pass by a cute guy I always try to catch a whiff of him

Anonymous 77737


oh for sure. i pretty much stalk everyone i think is kind of cool something is genuinely wrong with me like i feel like i HAVE to gather as much information about them as i possibly can, and then i get tired of them and move on to the next person

Anonymous 77741

You're me.

Anonymous 78617


God it's so refreshing to see that someone else does this.
Sometimes it's so that I can feel closer to them, and sometimes I just like the challenge of it all.
There's a small twitch streamer with a really calming voice that is relatively private, but I managed to find his university after he mentioned a course he was taking and an event that was happening nearby. Using that and his initials I got from soundcloud I managed to get his full name and later on his address. I don't dare to look up his facebook or other social media that involves photos, as I don't want to sully the vision I've dreamed up in my head.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 78619

Moved to >>>/x/2475.


Anonymous 78224[Reply]

can someone be my friend and teach me how to do makeup and we can we become like bffs im so isolated lol ..
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Anonymous 78241

whats the best way then to make ur nose look smaller ? (without plastic surgery atm)

Anonymous 78262

What >>78240 said. Go for a cool greyish contour colour so it looks like a real shadow. Look up Lisa Eldridge's videos as she has easy natural timeless looks.

Anonymous 78272

in addition to a natural looking contour on your nose, wearing makeup to draw attention to either your eyes or your lips can make your nose stand out less. Avoid contouring your cheeks, bigger looking cheeks = thinner looking nose. Also, avoid parting your hair down the middle, as that draws attention to the center of your face.

Anonymous 78273

hiiiii do u like bladee

Anonymous 78291

YES i love bladee eversince best album and ecco >>>

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