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Called up a brothel today Anonymous 71581[Reply]

I called a brothel today. I asked the madam if I could 'order a woman', and I asked her how many girls had been raped in her brothel. I said that I was worried about the women.

She said I was a piece of shit and that she would call the cops on me and give them my number.

Yes. Send male violence.

Men rule over us. That's how you know. That's what she resorts to. The cops.

We know that the number of women raped in that brothel is above zero. If it weren't, why would she have been so triggered by my phone call? Yet I am the one who she wants to punish. Not the men. The woman. Because she can.
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Anonymous 71660

Good point. I gave men more credit than they are worth.

Anonymous 71670

sources ? You sound like some QAnon freak

Anonymous 71674

Agree with above, please give sources. I'm curious to see this rabbit hole

Anonymous 71684

You're retarded.

Anonymous 71686

>I made very clear that I was anti-prostitution

As am I, but think of it from the madam's perspective.

>Someone calls up, anti-prostitution

>Asks to order a woman anyway
>Asks how many girls have been raped in her brothel
>Says she's worried about the women

I understand where you're coming from and what your intentions are, but you did it in a way that could make it seem like a prankster trying to delegitimise her business - I understand that a lot of those girls are treated horribly, but I don't know if this is the best way to resolve that issue. It's definitely an overreaction on her part to call the police, or even threaten to. Also I'd just like to point out police officers can be male and female - I'm guessing you live somewhere like Europe or Australia/NZ because brothels are legal where you are, I've seen a lot of police women where I live.

images (14).jpeg

Anonymous 71769[Reply]

>buy expensive honey and milk infused handwash
>smells very nice, like honey
>taste it
>does not taste like honey
>throw it away
what a rip off

Anonymous 72280

imagine being this dumb
it's still soap


MBTI General Anonymous 8426[Reply]

whats your personality type?
whats your zodiac sign?
what type/sign do u like and dislike the most?

>INTJ Edgelord

>INFP crybaby
>ENTP will never shut the fuck up
>INTP forever alone
>ISTJ the ultimate NPC
>ESTP Chad
>ENTJ your future boss
>INFJ the ultimate form of horse shoe theory. He's either hitler or an SJW
>ENFJ sjw or normie

MBTI tests
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Anonymous 70367

is anyone here into cognitive functions or socionics or is this just a "I took the 16personalities test" thread. Asking cause I'll be honest, I understand Introverted Feeling in that, it's easy to tell when someone has it within just a couple conversations but actually putting a label on it is something I've struggled with, so can anyone do that?
anyhow I got "INTP-T" on 16P, ENTP on keys2cognition and I've gotten 5w4 on every single enneagram test I've ever taken

Anonymous 70370


I believe socionics can be explained with genetics. But putting a label on someone I'm talking to, I kind of see the spectrum in my mind and put them on it, and this is a part of how I 'feel' about that person.

Anonymous 70374


That actually makes sense, thanks, anon

Anonymous 71728


Am I good enought ?

Anonymous 71944

I started watching It's Okay to Not Be Okay and I have to agree. If there's hope for men it's an INFJ male. The question is, where do I meet one and would he like an INTJ female…

Also yall gotta take the COGNITIVE FUNCTIONS test and not MBTI 4-letter tests. This -A/-T thing is bs. I second the anon who suggested enneagrams, I also suggest tritypes and instinctual variants.

Anonymous 71576[Reply]


Anonymous 71625

This guy is one of the increasing number of young Christian men who is arrogant enough to let stupid 4chan redpilled ideas pollute his Christian beliefs. He's like 1 bad experience away from hating women. Also his discord sucked everyone was really condescending.


Anonymous 70157[Reply]

how do you deal with scrote bootlicker pickmes in one on one conversation?

i just talked to a girl in dms (so no males present that she could have been trying to impress) and i was completely unable to explain to her that just because she personally may not feel like feminism is "necessary" in the west, that doesn't mean that that's everyones experience.

she brought up all the classics like "muh women in 3rd world countries", "muh males are disadvantaged too" etc. i think i refuted all of them fairly well but it's like she didn't want to accept that there is an issue in the first place?

idk i feel really lost in this kind of convo somehow, when i think usually i do fairly well making my point even when talking to hopeless incels.
it's just baffling to me that she doesn't see how she is being treated differently and if she sees it what makes her think she should just suck it up/ignore it? have you guys have had any experience with this type of thing

tl;dr how do i pinkpill a pickme
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Anonymous 71249

>Getting raped by gross men because the alternative is being homeless is not fun.

I'm curious
how did you come to the conclusion you were in such a crossroads?

Anonymous 71533

Where is the line between conservative women being pickmes or simply expressing their beliefs? Because honestly the term sometimes comes off as misogynistic to me, as if men being in the wrong political ideology or hobby makes them at most stupid, whereas the women in the same space are pathetic pickmes.

Anonymous 71558

Just about any conservative beliefs are disregarded on CC, which is stupid cause they're personality drive and that's not something you can change. The assumption seems to be conservative = male.

Anonymous 71561

Ouch. Judging from the replies that hit too close to home.

Anonymous 71562

>That muslim guy at the end. Like pottery. lol
>Incels = ISIS but less effective. Good thing that world is dying, they are afraid times are changing.

Do you mean muslims? They are growing.


Anonymous 55730[Reply]

what’s crystal cafe’s thoughts on lolcow/kiwifarms? this might be unpopular, but both of those sites make me really uncomfortable for bullying people and doxxing people
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Anonymous 71543

>used to mostly nitpick other women
>/w/ faggot AND a PULLtard
Ewwww that’s on for participating kek
You realize half of the board isn’t drama related. Fix your nasolabial folds weeb.

Anonymous 71544

The people that post on those sites are generally bigger losers than the people they mock. People full of anger or cynicism like that are never really as "normal" as they like to portray.

That being said I use it occasionally to get information about people. I think some of the people they mock are interesting. I can't help but be empathetic for most of them, internet really enables an extremely potent amount of bullying.

Anonymous 71545

>They scrounge and dig and desperately search

Not really. Cows are hilarious because they wear their fuckedupness on their sleeves. In most cases, you can troll them by saying utterly benign things like 'touching children's genitals is bad actually,' or 'video games can be good without representing your microidentity.'

Anonymous 71554

Fix your reading comprehension, salt chan. I never participated in the pt/snow threads, but I liked keeping track of weebs that "made" it and reading about how horrible some youtubers were so I don't make the mistake of liking them

Anonymous 71578

Thanks for being an example of the insane BPD losers that post there. Hahaha.


Anonymous 70972[Reply]

Is having an affair fun?
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Anonymous 71495

why are you even speaking to this pervy Doc that just wants to put it up your butt ? Disrespectful behind your husband's back imo.. if you don't enjoy affairs why are you atleast having this sexually and emotionally fueled one?

Anonymous 71498

cPTSD and BPD have very similar symptoms (especially in women) and both result often because of childhood traumatic experiences
that's why women can be misdiagnosed as BPD when they have cPTSD and vice versa.
moids are generally diagnosed as cPTSD though

Anonymous 71521

I posted a picture of my butt to one of reddit's /askdoctor/ places because I had an issue and wanted to know if it was serious enough to warrant a doctor's visit (the general consensus from verified physicians was that it could be something bad like a parasite but with the absence of other negative symptoms it's nothing to be worried about).

From there one of the verified physicians messaged me claiming to know more about the issue specifically because this was his area of specialty, in exchange for more ass pics.

Obviously at this point I recognized his interest as not genuine, called him disgusting, and blocked him.

He made a second account to try and do the same thing, begged me to let him fuck me despite me clearly being married, and I ended up deleting my reddit account.

Anonymous 71531

this weird, very long pink string was coming out of it. To this day I have no idea what it is, but it kind of looked like intestine or even a parasite so I started freaking out

Anonymous 71541

yeah it was coming out of my anus. I eventually broke it when showering. I thought it might be leftover cum that somehow migrated to my butt, but it was very tough and fibrous, like a worm. I guess the rest "retreated" back into me idk. Gaah it still freaks me out


./dakumakura/ Anonymous 71471[Reply]

Anyone else sleep with a dakimakura?
I know they are ususally associated with moids that fetishize anime girls but I find one really makes sleeping comfortable and is nice to cuddle.

Anonymous 71473

Just use a side sleeper pillow, anon. I used to have one, it was great.

Anonymous 71477

I kind of like the cute image as well it is cute on my bed and also is a protective factor against self harm because I go
>wow those thoughts annoying me telling me cut
>oh well if you cut dakimakura will get bloody
>maybe I wont cut then
And it is kinda really helpful.


Anonymous 71438[Reply]

Why is LC so offputting? They're so weird there. Like a bunch of stacies/normalfags. But that doesn't make sense because it's a imageboard.

Anonymous 71439

They ARE stacies and normalfags. So are a lot of the posters here. Imageboards haven't been sperg-only for ages. Normies love them because they can gossip without getting caught.

Anonymous 71440

No "Stacies" posting anywhere on internet apart from simple social media sites among most frequented sites on internet, aside from occasional BPD angel. Still, a very attractive woman w/severe, life-destroying mental illnesses will have been abused by men simply for sex, no such equal for male so-called frekas.

Anonymous Moderator 71444


Anonymous 59914[Reply]

Why are men afraid of tears?
47 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 67902

>they think "she's trying to get something from me,but I wont yield.I'm the smart man here,I can see through this"

This so much. I’ve cried around so many men, including my own father, for reasonable reasons and have heard the literally tell me essentially that. Unless you considered crying out of fear of getting the shit beat out of you as manipulative
Men cannot realize that tears can be used for something besides manipulation. Even in media, woman who cry are usually painted as manipulators on their tears alone. Imagine thinking every action or reaction someone has is carefully chosen to manipulate you. Truly a cursed existence it must be.

Anonymous 67910

>Unless you considered crying out of fear of getting the shit beat out of you as manipulative

They do. Moids consider the beatings necessary, so trying not to be beaten is "manipulation."

Anonymous 67915

wow, this is so true, anon. i never realized how they all feel our emotions are manipulation. after having suffered much around them and being treated so cruelly and coldly literally just because i was crying, you're so very right.

Anonymous 70013

>They're afraid that other men will come get them if they do.
I think for most of them it's not other men will attack them but rather they're afraid of losing everyone's respect
Definitely a thing though

Anonymous 71431

I actually was beaten by my parents for crying.

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