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Anonymous 174821[Reply]

why are gay people so hot?
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Anonymous 175382


Anonymous 175785


so by your logic bissexual people half smile and half don't?

Anonymous 177276

Yh its true. Its rare to find a scrote that smiles in pics. Scrotes think that not smiling is masculine. They are dumb af

Anonymous 180189

smaller sample size

Anonymous 180277

Because most openly gay people are younger, in their teens and 20s, and the people they took to make these composite faces were also largely younger than the straights.


Anonymous 179413[Reply]

I was talking with a male friend online and he told me he actually considers suicide sometimes because his height is a centimeter and a half below his national average (177 cm). I though he was joking but he told me he was serious, and seemed genuine.
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Anonymous 180180

>in like a few years
The average person still shits themself over GMO corn. There is no way this will be a thing anytime soon.

Anonymous 180209

Pretty much this. You can say that short moids are more resource efficient but I would still not sleep with one. They also tend to be really annoying and insecure about their height all the time (and they should be).

Anonymous 180212

Gene therapies have already been successfully performed.
It's only a few years away.
There will only be small males in a few years, whether or not you want to sleep with them

Anonymous 180216

>There will only be small males in a few years
Ok, going to get a gf then.

Anonymous 180221

Men would rather die over things they can't than improve on things they can.


The ugliness double standard. Anonymous 178464[Reply]

Im talking about the double standards imposed on women by men. Like when men start trumpeting how "deep an real" they are, defending "nonshallow women" because "personality is all that matters."

Since when has that ever been true of men? You're suddenly deep and real and insightful ?? Pfft

And then they go and regurgitate this grade school script every girl has already memorized by the age of 5 to prepare herself for the world " personality is all that matters"

Where in the hell were the men that actually believed that when I was in high school?? Back when I had my brains scrambled by hateful misogyny and harrassment??? Why should I listen to you now scrote ??? Talk about 10 years too fucking late ASS

Its even more ridiculous when its a guy trying to forcefeed it to women, for scrutinizing men.

We weren't born yesterday so stop pretending YOU were, moid.

Probably 70% of men get away with being the shallowest most repugnant demanding entitled motherfuckers on earth and nobody criticizes their appearance save for twice in their entire lives.

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Anonymous 178834

Anonymous 178844

tsk, what a salty disabled retard

Anonymous 180145

The giantess fetish is insanely common

Anonymous 180210

It's spreading here as well

Anonymous 180213

The future of our species is large females and small males, those posts are just telling the truth


Radfem general Anonymous 150263[Reply]

For general radical feminist discussion.
What is radical feminism?
Radical feminism is a perspective within feminism that calls for a radical reordering of society in which male supremacy is eliminated in all social and economic contexts. Radical feminists view society as fundamentally a patriarchy in which men dominate and oppress women.
Some radfem basics in simple terms
- women are oppressed on the basis of sex not gender. Sex is a tangible reality, gender is not.
- femininity is not innate and is oppressive by keeping women self conscious and subordinate. A high focus on femininity leads to a decrease in resources, time, money, etc
- prostitution, pornography, and surrogacy are all dehumanizing commodifications of the female body. Consent cannot be bought, and the sex industry encourages trafficking, rape, coercion, abuse, and drugging of women and children.
Suggested reading
Woman Hating Andrea Dworkin
If looking just for troon goofing try the terfposting threads.
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Anonymous 180284

Ayta having a meltdown in the twitter thread?

Anonymous 180545

>If you think this is dehumanizing
I am obviously talking about their "people with vaginas" and "trans people can also menstruate" shitck.
Either way, I am extremely privileged to live in a country with relative gender equality, yes, and I also won't apologize or feel bad about it because I'm not a Twitterfaggot.

Anonymous 180734

They're not doing that to attack women they're doing that because troons would have mental breakdowns and arson their company headquarters if they didn't kek. Anyone in a professional setting knows this. I'm in the medical field and while I personally hate trans people I am basically forced to comply with the gender neutral terms for women's things. Stop taking it as a personal attack on you.

Anonymous 180770

the social media intern that wrote that tweet seems male. why are they making teenage boy jokes at the expense of women and sexualising periods, which some girls start at around 9 years old? they're normalising this because they don't give a shit about women and their products are literally toxic.

Anonymous 180852

This. Just shows how trashy the very idea of a tampon is. Just use pads or cups, and avoid the toxic shock sponge.


Anonymous 140970[Reply]

Anyone have a BF who got a hair transplant? My dad got one in like, the 90's and it's pretty clear where the scars are. I know they're better now but I'm curious if anyone here has any experience.
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Anonymous 179711

>super tall
>probably gangly

Anonymous 179866

Me and my bf are 27 and started dating in school 12 years ago. He's not balding, at least not yet, but I'm soo afraid he will when we reach our thirties. Like, most of our male friends are already balding… Some started too
in their teens! That's so sad.He said when/if he does he'll do hair transplant. Bald men are so ugly. Alien like appereance. Whoever says hair isn't a big deal is lying, because who the fuck wants to date someone who looks 45 in your 20's?!

Anonymous 180074

On the one hand, I totally agree, but on the other, if you're 27 and have been dating for so long why don't you just get married?

Anonymous 180132

Why do you all have tall bfs ITT and why do you feel the need to point it out? How's that relevant?

Anonymous 180134

I pointed it out because >>179645 claimed having a tall bf sort of "made up" for him being bald (hence saying "but he's 6'4") and I was claiming that it didn't.

You really could've just answered your own questions by reading the thread and knowing what the word "but" means.


Job & Career Thread Anonymous 2867[Reply]

- What job/career are you currently working or working towards
- What have you noticed about people in certain career paths
- Where da money actually at for least stress, etc.
- Which fields do generally higher IQ/savvier women excel in (let's be honest, if you've made it to imageboards/Crystal Cafe you're over a certain threshold of smarts of some kinds)
- Tips for other anons/Ask for advice
- Shit that sucks about work in general
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Anonymous 164011

Any business nonas here? What department do you work in and what’s the job like?

Anonymous 166902

Sigh. Another job interview, no calls back. Not even a rejection. Why am I so bad at this? Maybe I should just go for a job I’m overqualified in. Surely I’d get a job offer then? Job search lowers my self esteem even more and I’m beginning to turn suicidal over it. Maybe I should not give a fuck anymore and become a neet and leech off the government. Society doesn’t want me, maybe I don’t want to be a part of it either.

Anonymous 166932

You have to spam your resume for months to get a job these days

Anonymous 166940

What a fucking nightmare. I hate this world.

Anonymous 171515

youll be miserable if you obsess over comparing yourself to others.

The BS is more useful. There's a stigma against BA CS degrees. A little more math wont be horrible. My program only had calc 1 and 2 yet was still a BS. Just do the required math, a few months of your life, and enjoy the better degree.


What should I get at starbucks Anonymous 174581[Reply]

s I won a starbucks gift card in a halloween costume contest a week or so ago. But I don't normally go to starbucks so I don't know what to get? What should I get? picrel unrelated I just thought it was cute
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Anonymous 179818


Starbucks isn't for real coffee. It's for various experimental, overpriced drinks with some flavor of coffee. Invest in your own coffee machine if you're into it.

Anonymous 179823

it was never bitter for me wtf im sorry

Anonymous 179997


It’s fine I guess it’s a lesson for the future, never get matcha. Depending on how much you could customize your drink I would actually recommend tiktok for ideas

Anonymous 180034

It’s supposed to be made with classic syrup which makes it much sweeter, but a lot of baristas don’t know that/forget to add it

Anonymous 180095

Not any of those anons but matcha often tastes bitter for some people. I guess it's like cilantro. Some people love the taste of it, some hate it and think it tastes like soap.


Trench coats Anonymous 166700[Reply]

Anyone else love wearing those?
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Anonymous 178119

You just have to see which length may look good on you

Anonymous 178120

Nah, people just dont know how to wear them properly

Anonymous 178177

Don't respond to the moid, just report him and ignore him. attention is what he's looking for

Anonymous 178656

Sadly it's too cold to wear my trench coat anymore. I miss it but I value warmth over looks.

Anonymous 180053

Anyone know where I can get a trenchcoat for relatively cheap? Like $50 or under?


How would you have died if you had lived and had all the same accidents and illnesses 100 years ago? Anonymous 179763[Reply]

I don't think about it much now but when I was in college I got super stressed and my period wouldn't stop. It was extremely heavy. They put me on birth control to reset my cycle and stop it. They said if I'd become any more anemic I'd need a blood transfusion.

If you lived the same life how would you have died before the last century ?
4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 179871

Probably constipation, though I think the food back then would've been better for pooping so I don't know.

Anonymous 179942

My tummy would've hurted too much

Anonymous 179943

Would've died (or at least gone deaf) 4yo or younger because of all the ear infections I got. Why must I live in the 21st century…

Anonymous 179945

I don't know if I would have even been born since I was long overdue and the doctors had to give my mother something to chemically induce labour (might have needed a C Section otherwise).

Anonymous 179989

infection from my dog biting my lip as a kid, or swimmers ear.


why are troons antinatalist, nonas? Anonymous 179762[Reply]

I do understand arguments for antinatalism, that it's unethical to bring new life into a world where it is bound to suffer.

But having children means continuing a legacy, passing down handicrafts and skills my mother taught me. How to appreciate and analyze fine literature, taking a child's hand and showing him/her the wonders of this world, watching the awe in their eyes as they take in a night full of stars. Guiding them to be kind, perceptive human beings who will go on to bring light to the lives of the people they meet and love. Seeing them stumble and trip but mature into fine, respectable adults.

Carrying and nourishing a new life in my womb for nine months. Being able to nurse the baby, sustaining this little life with my body.

We all carry within us the font of life. Everyone who ever lived was born of a woman.

They will never be able to do this. Their bodies are dead ends.
Nothing they do to try to substitute can ever compare. Is that why they seethe so much about it?
33 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 179959

>shouldn't evolution recognize this and only allow those who can reproduce the most easily to reproduce
Evolution doesn't think, it only adapts. So it doesn't care if we killed everything on this planet and then ourselves, it would just start over.

Genetically, yes. Sterile animals are genetic dead ends. But that assumes that someone's worth is measured only by their reproductive success.

Anonymous 179977

Most of time they are just type of coomer.

Anonymous 179983

Kek sorry you think kids will complete you. Kids are hard and for most of humanity most people didn't reproduce at all. Get over it

Anonymous 179984

Who are you talking about?

Anonymous 179985

That is true, but playing god and making women who were never meant to be pregnant, to be pregnant completely fucks the cycle of that up and we're already seeing the effects it has on lives of kids born via IVF

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