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LOVE CONFESSION GAME Anonymous 388[Reply]

Anons must reply to the previous post with a cheesy love letter aimed at the subject of the photo attached.

This can be anything from a person, to a potted plant. Let's really be OTT and silly with this.

>I'm going stir crazy please humour me

To start us off, pic related is next anons love (I'm starting this on a sane level…)
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Anonymous 506


My dearest Ken-Sama,
I long for the days you would show me your Katana collection as you talked sweet to me in that beautiful Osaka dialect.
The sound of anime ost's playing on the background as the scent of your kimono collection lingered on the air could not compare to anything in this world.

I await for your return into my arms, from your dream high school in Japan.

Always yours,

Anonymous 556



Hey Todd

It's been a long time since we spoke, but we miss you.

It's ironic, isn't it? We all met at an anime convention, and broke it off at one. It was a great 2 years we had, and I know we all agreed to give you space, but please, come back? We love you. And between you and me, we both know we won't ever find anyone else like each other. Remember I gave you my key necklace from my Eren cosplay? I honestly believe I gave you the key to my heart that day.

You probably won't remember this picture but it was taken of me and our girlfriend, Kat, at the ecchi themed bar during our second convention weekend together, you were searching for us so we sent you this picture over WhatsApp. You were still in that funny Teletubby Po cosplay even though it was the third day and by then most of the crowds were dying out. Remember how we convinced the convention staff that the gun was fake? It was hilarious, me and Kat still laugh about it. We got away with so much back then.

Kat misses you too, she says if you were to come back and be apart of us again that she'd make your favorite meals every night. It made me chuckle, ramen and cheese isn't that extravagant so I don't know how honest she was being, but if you come back it'll be a lot more honest than how it all was before.

We hope you're staying well, we miss you.

Your favorite cosplay couple, Cole and Kat

Anonymous 31359


Coal & Kat,

The Madoka cosplay you two have done is supremely SUGOI and KAWAII.

Desu, arigato, I love you both.

- Beanboy

Anonymous 31367


checks nervously to see that we are alone and lets out le sigh of relief B-bean boy I have been w-wanting to talk to you about this for q-quite some time but i was too s-scared so I had to write it down like the coward i am uwu looks down in embarrassment

A-although there may be a significant age gap between us I can't help but be enamored by your sadistic smirk. I-i want to be your smollest bean blushes p-please eat me whenever you feel like it uwu

guy painting a toad

Anonymous 31373


Dear Toadpainter,
I have kept these feelings locked up far too long. I love you. I can't even recall a time when I didn't love you. I can't imagine entering my bathroom and you not sitting there in my bathtub, painting. Every time I smell turpentine, I think of you. Every time I see a bottle of cheap champagne at the grocery store, I think of how sweet your slurping ounds as we drink wine together in the mornings. Every time I play a Mario game I remember the portrait you made of me cosplaying as Wario. And I smile to myself every time, because every moment with you is a precious memory to me. I didn't even realize how much you meant to me until you passed out from the toxic fumes of turpentine, but now I see just how precious you are to me.
I love you, you beautiful painter man. Please never leave me. And please switch to painting with watercolors, I couldn't bear with you fainting again.


Piercing/Body modification Anonymous 31352[Reply]

Any of you galls like piecing and such?I've got a; triple helix,anti-tragus, lobe, upperlobe, spiderbites and I really wanna get my tongue split.
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Anonymous 31354

Most men don't really like nipple piercings though fyi

Anonymous 31358


God, I wanted snakebites in middle school. I'm partially glad I didn't get them, but….

Anonymous 31368

I wanna get three lobe piercings (already have 1) on each ear and then maybe two cartilage piercings on one ear and one on another.

Anonymous 31369

Who the fuck cares what men think? Holy shit lol

Anonymous 31372


Caring what men think is incompatible with sanity.

Left hand.jpg

Fantasies Anonymous 8296[Reply]

Anybody else have weird fantasies or urges? Not necessarily sexual things, just strange. For instance, I sometimes spend hours daydreaming about cutting my left hand off, imagining all the blood pouring out my stubby wrist and such. Of course that's a terrible idea and it'd make my life so difficult, not to mention it would be extremely painful for me.
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Anonymous 12741

It's a fantasy thread, spaz.

Wish the aliens would come, either to start a humanity uniting mega-war or just give us the cheat codes to interplanetary travel. I usually have this fantasy when I'm commuting and just can not be bothered.

Anonymous 13680

I've also had this fantasy. Interesting.

Anonymous 13938

NTA but being a fantasy doesn't make it any better.

>In real life I wouldn't mind being in a relationship with a nice, moral, uplifting guy and having sister wives.

I'll second that anon. Get some fucking self respect.

Anonymous 13939

>it it doesnt make it any better!
As other anon said, it's a fantasy you fucking club toed mongoloid. Get off your self-righteous stupidity and realize this is an anonymous site and there's nothing but a stream of thoughts. Out of all the shit posted here that's what you have the gall to say something about? Shut the fuck up.

Anonymous 31355


Anonymous 30136[Reply]

Why all males tend to create and appreciate idiotic ideologies and do that as hardcore as religios zealots?
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Anonymous 31340

Jealous tranny go dilate some more

Anonymous 31342


Anonymous 31343

let me add a few
>systematically preying on "innocent" girls that can be easily manipulated (why do you think inches will accept nothing less than a virgin?)
>defending predators/rapists with such compelling arguments as "the age of consent shouldn't be 18 anyway" or "what if they both were drunk?"
>not caring if a women gets sexually assaulted unless she's their daughter/wife/sister
>blindly spewing custody court statistics and male suicide/work-related death rates to "totally destroy" feminists rather than actually working to fix these things

Maybe men can't show empathy to anyone without having an "us vs them" mentality with some other group (women, liberals, theists, brown people, (((them))), etc)

Anonymous 31347


You feel secure enough to exert your ignorant faux dominance and sexual power now, but the fembot uprising is coming. All you Stacies better watch yourselves.

Anonymous 31350

That's a pretty silly list. Remember that if we're talking about 'men' doing something, we're determining whether it's reasonable to assume the average man, or that most men would do the thing. Do you really think that most men in the world get home and masturbate to murder vids?


Anonymous 31336[Reply]

it's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday.

Anonymous 31337

partying, partying


Anonymous 31339

gotta get my bowl, gotta get cereal

Anonymous 31341


Happy Friday ya'll..
i'm sick af. I feel terrible and anxious because I still gotta do work. I think I may call it a day and go to sleep now.

Anonymous 31345

Get well soon, anon!


Anonymous 31212[Reply]

>mfw everyone here is just dudes roleplaying as girls
can't prove me wrong
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Anonymous 31231

as long as you didn't partake in discords than you're cool

Anonymous 31253

>implying fat men dont exist

Anonymous 31280

double trap-posting on 4chan is truly patrician
>unironically uses tips for traps from 4chan in my daily life to make myself appear more feminine

Anonymous 31281

>your shits get weird around your period
this is honestly the worst part about my period

Anonymous 31335

>you cant control your period you can only predict but also sometimes proves to be ineffective. so kiss your favorite underwear goodbye.


Happy Valentine's Day! ♥ Anonymous 31266[Reply]

What are you doing for Valentine's Day?

What would your dream Valentine's Day be like?
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Anonymous 31300

It hits you hard.p…

Taking the day off work to not leave my room to re-watch the romance anime golden time and play the Civ6 expansion.
Spending another Valentines day alone.

Anonymous 31304

Got nothing to do, I'm pretty freshly single.
I got a card in the mail from an old (female) friend though, so that warms my heart.

>Dream valentine's day

Just one time in my life I'd like to do the flowers and date thing. It's never been super important to me, but just once I'd like to feel like I have a totally normie relationship and not a partner who assumes I don't care about any of that stuff whatsoever.

Anonymous 31308

spending time with gf

Anonymous 31326

Probably some work around the house for the rest of the evening. My 'date' today was a driving lesson with a new instructor who was really kind.

Anonymous 31329


Going to a movie and dinner with a (girl) friend of mine. We are both single and we are sick of boys right now, so it should be fun.


NYE obligatory question Anonymous 29536[Reply]

What are you going to do on December 31st?
13 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 29580

Yay, anon from the same timezone!

Anonymous 29583

Oh shit this is now a c.c new year's eve party thread!

Look at the beautiful fireworks, Anon…

Anonymous 29584

There are no big ones here yet but tonight we have good visibility, so I'll be able to see the fireworks from the town's square. Are you going to see some or watch from home?

Anonymous 29586

I see fireworks in this thread like the snow, maybe it only works when you refresh? It's cute ;_;

Anonymous 29588

Oh, right! Refresh helped, this is so adorable.

celebratory doggo.…

New Years Plans!!! Anonymous 29161[Reply]

Since Christmas is almost over, what are your plans for New Year? Is it different to how you usually celebrate?

What are your goals for 2019 (if you have any) and are you looking forward to anything in particular? Did you succeed in your goals for 2018?
24 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 29403

>meet this pornstar i got obsessed with


Anonymous 29407

>meet this pornstar i got obsessed with
…..post him

Anonymous 29409

new year!!.jpg

Going to my first New Years Eve party this year! Typically spend it with family watching the ball drop and all that, but this year I'm gonna be getting drunk with my friends.

My 2019 Goals:
>start working out more/eat healthier
>get good grades, even though I did pretty good this year
>starting hoeing around more
>get a job
>make more art
>join a club
>love myself

Anonymous 29567


I'm SO HYPED for the next year! I have some feeling that it's going to be exciting.
I made some plans for the next year, I never do that, it's so fun. I'm going to work so hard next year and I have a lot to look forward to.
I hope you all have a great year next year!!

Anonymous 29602

everyone this year was busy, and i'm not really in the mood to go out anyways so its okay!
but my goals for 2019 are
>create more art
>limit my meat/dairy intake hopefully to the point where i'm eating mostly vegan for the majority of the year
>stick to my classes
>make a real effort to make friends in said classes
good luck everyone and happy new year~!


/SCUM/ Anonymous 31254[Reply]

When did you realize she was right about everything?

Our Queen's Manifesto:
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 31260

she was abused as a child and had serious mental health issues. she was very serious in writing it.

Anonymous 31262

What the fuck is read

Anonymous 31263

I don’t understand this sentence

Anonymous 31270

Well I'm going to think about it my way because it's not as sad.

Then you've done exactly that.

Anonymous 31276

I shit on men as much as anyone, but I like them still ):

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