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Anonymous 37378[Reply]



Horse thread Anonymous 37372[Reply]

QOTD: what's your favorite thing about horses?

Horses are both elegant and masculine at the same time. I like the sensation of a powerful and beautiful beast underneath me, keeping me safe, and protecting me.

Anonymous 37389

stealth gfd thread.


Anonymous 35035[Reply]

What does crystal cafe think about the whole ASMR scene? I've read that some girls are making up to 60-80k a year doing it.
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Anonymous 37214

How the fuck is asmr porn? Hell yeah i love masturbating to sounds of drawing with ballpoint pen

Anonymous 37318

ASMR is creepy

Anonymous 37350

I'm not that anon, but I love Ephemeral Rift, he does great stuff. He does some weird roleplays and his voice is so relaxing, I just love it.

Maybe not porn, but some ASMR is just sexual content

Anonymous 37353

> I've read that some girls are making up to 60-80k a year doing it.

outside of un-cited anon comments, no you haven't

Anonymous 37390

My god this goes for 30 goddamn minutes, not gonna lie, watching the lockpicking lawyer unlock pretty much the exact same thing in one tenth the time is a lot more satisfying and time-efficient. I know that isn't the point of the video, but watching this is awful to me. Plus I think LPL has a nice voice and a great way of just talking in general.


Anonymous 37098[Reply]

Have you ever caught someone posting about you online? Bonus points if it was on an imageboard.
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Anonymous 37240

How do you get here? Someone posted about CC somwhere? This feels weird

Anonymous 37316


>How do you get here?


>Someone posted about CC somwhere?

not on liceo/, that i know of

Anonymous 37323

Weird, looks like we're at least 2 or 3 here on CC

Anonymous 37326

I bet it was fuck

Anonymous 37327

Yeah back over 4 years ago when I still browsed r9k.
Posted on describe yourself thread and started chatting up with trip fag. Got into email and ghosted him after a few messages.
Posted again a few days later, saying on a virgin thread that he thought a girl posting was me. Posted the same pic I used my post. Felt bad and messaged him again. Only to ghost again, sorry dude.


Anonymous 37119[Reply]

Do you get jealous by fictional stuff? I do sometimes.
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Anonymous 37317

i get jealous of anime girls all the time

Anonymous 37320

Any anime obsessed boy would drop it in an instant the moment there was an actual chance of dating a decent looking flesh and blood woman.
Nope, I befriend lonely weebs guys like that, they choose 2D. These people are hopeless, beyond help.

Anonymous 37322

I'd just like to say that culture almost certainly plays a part, it's not simply biological (regarding your distal cause). Otherwise you would see comparable attacks of similar frequency and severity in other countries with widely available firearms (Czech Republic springs to mind).
That's all.

Anonymous 37325

I agree. However I’m inclined to believe biology probably explains more variance than culture wrt this sex difference. Also, I’m skeptical of the suggestion that any particular kind of media drives such violence.

Anonymous 37329

I don't really get jealous about fictional characters but I sometimes do with non-fictional characters loved one's social circle of the opposite sex, or simply actors/singers but to a lesser degree.
I don't really pay attention to it though because I really tend to trust the person I'm with and dwelling on it only makes me feel worse.

Unfortunately, partners would tend to look at my 'response' as being non caring. It's hard.


Anonymous 36281[Reply]

what have been the wierdest things you've masturbated to? mine was just some bdsm but im pretty sure some of you have had masturbated to worse
im curious post stories
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Anonymous 37129

Hey I erped my fair share in TERA and ended up dating a guy I erped with. Funny how that works.

Anonymous 37133

Move on from your abuse, and quit being a ticking time-bomb for whoever's unfortunate enough to try and get close to you.

Anonymous 37156

Any proof that this is what I'm doing, that I've actually been abused or if I did or did not get help? Name me one quote me or the other anon said that hinted we did or did not try to get help

Oh right nowhere, I suggest you get help if you're sperging this hard about how the victim is evil and at fault when you can't even prove your own claims

Imagine being so sociopathic to the point you try this hard to take focus off the abuser and focus on how evil and toxic the victim is for their thoughts

Anonymous 37195

>Also his fear from the jump scares turned me on.
That gave me a good laugh. Thanks for sharing anon

Anonymous 37319

you would probably enjoy gun/knifeplay


Anonymous 37057[Reply]

Was he right?
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Anonymous 37096

you might be right, but is it really wrong?

Anonymous 37111

Love isn’t a trap of Capitalism instead it is used by capitalism for its own purposes. You can see this through things like Tinder that turn relationship building into a game of hot or not and prey on people’s insecurities and anxieties by not showing likes and having like limits until you pay money. This simultaneously hurts humanity and helps capitalism by making love into more of a transaction rather than a embodiment of desire, dedication, and trust.

Anonymous 37112

dating sites in general are sadly pretty poor. they try and keep you scrolling as long as you can to see as many adds you can, or subscribed for as long as as long as possible. if a dedicated dating site is ever to work it would probably just have to be a 5 dollar flat fee to make an account and no adds, but even then they might just sell your data.
it's never gonna happen as long as we are human, there has never been a better system on this earth in practice.

Anonymous 37117

>destroy capitalism
>implement something better
like what?
all dreams, no concept and you call others lazy

and dont hate the game because you lost it, resourceful people thrive in capitalism

Anonymous 37298


Not an argument.


On the illusion of photography Anonymous 37264[Reply]

People appear to dislike reality more and more now

The Internet allows them to put sugar on everything, but putting sugar on carbonized cookies won't help much, sometimes a cookie is just a cookie, and you have to eat it anyway

Anonymous 37269

Real life: frontal photo with webcam

Internet: photo with different angle and lighting in a professional studio

Wow really makes me think

Anonymous 37271

They look exactly the same

Anonymous 37273

I know what you're trying to say OP, but this was a bad attempt.

Anonymous 37324

this is like the dumbest thread on /b/ front page right now, congrats.


Anonymous 37080[Reply]


Anonymous 37092


Anonymous 37252

wish i had big tits

Anonymous 37257

>tits are her size
>Fat landwhale women usually call me flat

Anonymous 37261


So many cute girls on earth and so little time.

God should've made me a turbo lesbian.


Anonymous 37250[Reply]

>tfw no tea bf

Anonymous 37255

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