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Anonymous 11443[Reply]

What chans do you visit?

I got caught into a rangeban at Krautchan, and 4chan is too bothersome with all of those captchas, this makes a viable alternative
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Anonymous 33065


Anyone who feels the need to say they’re an oldfag, debate or defend they’re self-proclaimed oldfag title, or how they’ve been on 4chinz for ~sooo long~ is just playing into the “I’m an oldfag! I be been here since 2010! The OG /b/ was soooo much better even though I never actually saw the site until 7 years after it’s conception ” meme and it immediately raises a red flag. Embarrassing circlejerk. Especially if you say “I’ve been on there since 2011!” Aka “I came during the summer once years after the site was made, when it started being mentioned in national news and was sick of being called a newfag, so as soon as I got a few years in I started claiming I was an oldfag bc I earned it after all the time I’ve spent there!” Esp if you debate about “this is what old 4chan was like!” “4chan used to never talk about so-and-so!” ….when you weren’t on there anywhere near the OG years, so how would you know? How would you know about the early political leaning of the site and boards if you didn’t even see the site until 2012? That’s not the “original old 4chan”. It’s like a bunch of newfags larping as oldfags with a dash of un-earned elitism, defensiveness, self convincing, and a sprinkle of ~muh old chan culture~ trying desperately to escape the newfag title. Real oldfags don’t feel the need to tell others or brag about how long they’ve been on the site. They literally don’t care and will most likely make fun of you for caring so much. It’s like these faux post-2007 “oldfags” incorrectly believe thats how actual oldfags talk and try to assimilate.

Protip: being an oldfag doesn’t mean you’ve been on 4chin for an extended period of years, even if you’ve been on for 5, 7, 8, 9, 10 years. oldfag refers to anons who were present during the first few years of the site, if you were not posting on the site BEFORE 2007 you’re not an oldfag, and can never be no matter how many years pass or how long you post. Just like you can never join generation X if you were born years after generation X, you can’t just wait for a few more years to be added on your belt and claim your from a different generation bc you think you’ve lived a longtime. You can’t change the past and you can’t time travel. If you posted after the oldfag era, but posted for a few years you’re just a longtime poster at best kek, it shouldn’t bruise your ego to just admit that jfc


if you care too much about Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 33070




* Boy, you don't know the first thing 'bout old. Back in the day - I was booting up my Vax Workstation, this was back in the 1980s, maybe 1982, 1983 – and the phosphorus display is on the fritz – the manufacturing process wasn't as sophisticated back then, not your "LCD" this and "LED" that. And I'm like : "Hey, Jimmy - I'm gonna need a new board for my terminal - where did we put the soldering iron?" Then he calls out "Well we got a few new boards in the spare parts cabinet, but the soldering iron broke." So we rigged up a new one from some wires, duct tape, and a nail we had lying around in the lab. A few minor burns later we had the machine up and running. Computers these days don't hum like they used to. Anyhow, I remember when FORTRAN 90 was released, and it was all the rage – I remember posting on UseNet boards, back before AOL existed – I remember when 256 Kb was +large+. I remember getting my first floppy disk so I could put Rogue on it.
And you think you're old?
Baah. *

Anonymous 33076

No argument, then. You don't represent anything of tradition.

Anonymous 33141

Hello totally real girl nice to meet you

Anonymous 33434

If you used a public VPN or proxy most likely someone has used it before you and that person was doing something bad with it.4chan might actually not know it's you, but the fact that you are not using your real IP makes it kind of obvious what you're trying to do.Either find an obscure vpn/proxy service and/or try removing cookies like others have suggested.You may find it impossible without paying for a decent vpn.. 4chan isn't really worth it.Find a better chan.


Anonymous 26479[Reply]

So what's your beef with lolcow farm?
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Anonymous 33331

What thread did that happen in? I've always suspected that of janitors to be honest

Anonymous 33334


I was the "lol sure you are fatty" poster, replying to the anon who was obviously the OP. Farmhand was convinced that the OP was samefagging from multiple IPs or something and assumed I was one of them for some reason. In short, she's an idiot, as evidenced by her replies to us.

Anonymous 33345


>tumblr conspiracy theories
yawning @ u

Anonymous 33353


Pic related, you rn calling common knowledge tumblr conspiracies and anti-huwite propaganda

Anonymous 33425

No beef with it but don't go on it these days. I had enough people on the internet who larp as mean girls in my teens

They have beef with us, not the other way around


Anonymous 33036[Reply]

Should I buy one??? I want to learn some programming stuff and maybe make some stuff?? idk yet??? is this a good place to start or just a meme (i do not have much money if that helps)
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Anonymous 33228

I think there’s a women Linux users IRC.

Anonymous 33348

Why do people never want to have these conversations here?

Anonymous 33373

insecurity and fear that anonymous /g/ kids will start laughing at them.

raspberry is a great tool, if you are motivated go ahead.
Its a weird place to start but you will learn a shit tone of things if you figure it out, i actually think its a fun idea.

Anonymous 33393

everyone laughs and insults each other on /g/ though

Anonymous 33409

you are unfortunately, thousands of centuries early


Baby Names Anonymous 32892[Reply]

Have you thought of what you'd like to name your children? I've got baby fever right now and been thinking about what names I like. My top five are


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Anonymous 33073

Because we live in a world where employers see your name on a resume before meeting you and are more partial to Elizabeth and Michael over Jaxxon or Jurnee. Individuals with "basic names" have more financial success. If you think having a unique dumbass name will make your child more interesting you're stupid and hurting your kids chances.

Enjoy having your child bullied and passed over for opportunities lmao

Anonymous 33081

I like biblical/saint names, they're classic forever. Mary, John, Mark, Elizabeth, Luke, etc. stuff like that.

Anonymous 33136



Anonymous 33340



I'm a basic bitch who thankfully won't be having kids any time soon.

Anonymous 33341

Why so Irish? Do you speak Gaeilge?


Unpopular Opinions #3 Anonymous 12450[Reply]

I think Lain worship is cringy as fuck and I'm wary of any guy who likes her.
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Anonymous 33163

>yeah let's beat her if she walks outside without permission, let's make her eat on the floor like a dog.
That's how Islam works, not christianity. Concepts like chivalry and gentelman etiquette evolved in christian countries because the incentive was to protect women rather than subjugate them, you stupid bitch

Anonymous 33178


I find Billie Elish to be extremely overrated as if she is saving or changing the pop industry. I'm not saying that she isn't talented, she is, but the way how she is treated by the media and her rabid fans like she is anything completely new and unique. Especially when she is privileged to have all these connections and access to musical knowledge from being born in a wealthy artisic family in LA, I just find her music to be more valued than what it's value will be proabably in the long run. Don't burn me on a torch plz.

Anonymous 33180

Now now, you're being a bit too islamophobic right there. Just kidding, its always funny seeing people attack christianity basing on how patriarchal it is while defending islam few minutes later where woman can literally get killed for disobeying husband and he wont face much repercussions. Reminds me of westerners wearing hijabs to "show solidarity" with muslim culture. Guess next we're going to toss stones at people as a symbol for islam lgbt treatment.

And i'm not a christian, im atheist before anyone asks

Anonymous 33191

This isn't really an unpopular opinion outside of her fanbase tbh

Anonymous 33324

This. I like her fashion, but her music isn't masterful or anything.


Anonymous 33233[Reply]

How do you deal with a guy who is having some depression/anger problems and is normally wonderful…but can be really aggressive and mean when he drinks too much?
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Anonymous 33244

There are mitigating circumstances for why I don't want to leave him. Most of it has to do with the fact that he took my virginity when I was 14 (he was 33) and that I've never been with anyone but him. I've seen him feel remorse after he threw me around a few times after I had made him mad again by breaking his PS3 because I was jealous of his stupid whore friend (she's old enough to buy liquor (25) and she's mean to me because I am still in HS and she likes to bring him drinks and even drugs.) Should I just call the police on her because it seems like she just wants to turn him against me because she's got money from her daddy and I am basically living with my BF alone in a different city. I quit HS formally, but I am talking the last year for a GED equivalent after I moved in with him. I don't have anyone to talk to here except my BF and he gets mad if I use social media sometimes. I don't know what to do.

Anonymous 33245

>he took my virginity when I was 14 (he was 33)
perfectly normal, perfectly healthy. there's something about you that make you seek out this guy, i would recommend finding someone to talk about this and work through it.

Anonymous 33246

Sarcasm or maleposter? Or DDLGfag? Or Greer-chan?

Anon please try to get a job and leave that fuck. Maybe wait until you get your GED then SCRAM. And get therapy.

You can find someone better and be happier.
Or stay with the miserable fucker in a shitty relationship, it makes no difference to my life. But I believe you could be happier.

Anonymous 33248

I didn't seek him out, but I suppose you're right that I was attracted to him almost immediately after seeing him hanging out and volunteering and such.
Get a part-time job and work 2 jobs and be alone in a studio apartment or stay with him and make him go back to how he used to be? Meh.
I love him. Why would I call the police on him? It's that stupid rich girl that is in the way tbh. I think she buys a lot of cocaine and meth and really bad stuff from scummy types and she's leading my BF into doing coke with her sometimes. I know he's fucked her before, but if he just comes back to me and that whore goes away then things will be OK again. I feel like I can't sleep and I get scared if he's not cuddling me until I fall asleep.

Anonymous 33250

He's an abuser and should be in jail for statutory rape. Also, he's not being dragged into sin by some evul "whore". HE'S a whore and a druggie. He's a fully grown adult man with complete agency and he's actively chosen to be a complete piece of garbage in literally every way possible. At least call a therapist ASAP if you feel like cuddles are worth sticking around this scumbag.


Anonymous 12278[Reply]

what are u
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Anonymous 32478

Scrolling through all the stolen mommydom content on instagram
Whole grain English muffin with garlic butter
A bit emotionally groggy, had a mild nightmare with some imagery I'm still working through but it's not too bad.
Indulging in the Tiny Meat Gang podcast.

Anonymous 32480

More accurately, I meant the bathroom fan. I don't live in cold climate, but it has been colder than usual here.

Anonymous 32958


planning out tasks for the day


drinkin coffee


alright except my back hurts


yard work noises from outside

Anonymous 33238


about to leave for volunteering


no idea, can't decide what to eat




bf has lobos stream on

Anonymous 33240


About to doodle some bullshit.
Disappointed in myself.
Some clothing haul video.


Anonymous 32828[Reply]

Did you get use to being alone? What do you do when you feel the lack of a company in your life? How do you get over with the forever-alone feeling?
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Anonymous 33176

People have written about this. Not that I have to attention span to read heavy sociology.
Supposedly "Bowling Alone" & "The Denial of Death" are good books which explore the social changes that have occurred at the close of the 20th century going into the 21st. That and maybe "Amusing ourselves to Death" by Neil Postman.

Anonymous 33186

I just masturbate.

Anonymous 33219

It's such a vicious circle though.
>don't have friends
>scared to go outside and meet people
>afraid that people who see that you don't have friends is weird
>stay inside and having the problems develop more

Anonymous 33222

This is exactly my life.
I don’t know what to tell you.

Anonymous 33229

You've got to break the circle. Don't let yourself fall into despair like this. punch a higher floor. Do something!


Anonymous 33171[Reply]

>put in bio I’m asexual so guys don’t bother me
>get harassed for being asexual and say I have a mental disorder and am useless to society
>get called a whore and emo and a bitch and cunt etc, only reason being they’re mad I’m asexual
How retarded and primalistic are some of these men my fucking god, apparently if you don’t want to fuck anyone you are wasteful to society
7 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 33194

Get away, degenerate! Quit hunting down and proselytise innocents into your filth! Shoo, shoo!

Anonymous 33205

Block them. Breeders are truly the worthless ones to society; they bring people into this world without their consent and give said children shitty lives. Allosexuals pass on all sorts of diseases that range from permanently debilitating to deadly. Allos are so controlled by their urges they would cheat and destroy a sacred emotional connection for the temporary fleets of two mashing genitals. Asexuality is evolution. We can still reproduce if we want to, but we have no urge, so we can wait for as long as necessary to reach the top of the food chain and provide a godly life for our family. Allos are a disease, surely.

Anonymous 33207


>Asexuality is evolution.

Anonymous 33225

>Asexuality is evolution.
No, having consciousness is. If you didnt have that asexuality would mean death of species

Anonymous 33227

>tfw no asexual bf
Why live?


Anonymous 32493[Reply]

Does Crystal.Cafe have it's onw zine?
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Anonymous 32716

bump, how is it going

Anonymous 32781

C'mon, gals!

Anonymous 32926

I'd be interested in potentially submitting artwork if this becomes a thing.
Perforce is a pretty good file sharing program like Github, but you can have 20 collaborators for free rather than a max of 3 on Git.

Anonymous 33062

We have at least one confirmed contributor with some potential ones. I need to do the proper research into the topic yet but I don't deem it necessary until I have some material to work with.

Anonymous 33223

Down to contribute what I can to the zine! I'm an artist so I'd be cool to contribute art.

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