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Do you prefer textboards or imageboards? Anonymous 171130[Reply]

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Anonymous 183440


I wish it was easier to upload all types of video though

Anonymous 183448


Anonymous 183501

the stuff that has to get cleaned by mods sometimes

Anonymous 183516

Do you ever get the feeling that textboards are subject to slightly less insanity?

Anonymous 183518

Yes. I think it's because (as other anons said) no images = less shitposting. And less people with a 3 second attention span.


Post like a moid pt 2 Anonymous 137470[Reply]

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Anonymous 182365

faggity fag fag, seethe and cope

Anonymous 183365

Unlike Chad hes a 10/10

Nothing but a perfect jawline, sculpted abs and slim uncut penis a mile wide. A dick that can pound its way into any ass. Any ass. Imagine the feeling bros………

The very gaze of him can drive anybody into orgasm. Unlike those nasty females.

Foids have it so easy! They get to fuck such a perfect god and I'm stuck with a bunch of roasties!1!1

Also did I mention I hate fags? I'm straight and they're just as bad as foids.

Anonymous 183366

Boy oh boy I sure love managing packages in Gentoo.

Anonymous 183428

>soystemd distro
At least get Void if you are too retarded for Gentoo

Anonymous 183500

i don't get it


candy Anonymous 46534[Reply]

>what are ur fav holiday candies?

I love Valentine's conversation hearts and just got a lil bag yesterday while grocery shopping. They are just sugar chalk but are so weirdly satisfying to me.
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Anonymous 180078

You can always try hard candy, there's tons of really nice hard candies being sold in all sorts of crazy and awesome flavors. If you ever get the chance to go to a victorian-style candy shoppe where they make it in house, go there! Also, even though its not advertised as holiday candy, I consider botan rice candy to be christmas candy cause as a kid I only ever got it during christmas

Anonymous 180093

I used to like coconut wreaths but now I find myself loving those cheap marshmallow Santa's

Anonymous 183455


Cherry rainbow canes and Xmas m&ms

Anonymous 183456

These make me SO nostalgic

Anonymous 183478

>go to grandparents house around Christmas
>demolish their stash of candy canes on the tree along with my siblings

Good times. Anyway my favorite holiday treat has to be snickerdoodle cookies. There really is no reason I can't bake these at any time of the year, but I do enjoy these during the Christmas season.

Question marks.gif

Male "Humor" Anonymous 182210[Reply]

Why do men find shit like this funny? It's literally just them swinging their dicks around and pretending that it's comedy. What's the point of it all?




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Anonymous 183218

Is she wrong tho?

Anonymous 183228

It happens but it's way less prevalent. I imagine you've spent a lot of time on 4chan boards like /fit/, but it's not like that irl.

Anonymous 183248


that doesn't un-gay them, things are much more complicated my dear nona…. all moids are gay that's just the nature of how things are

Anonymous 183396

I'm sorry but who told you that they like those kind of things?
This is some real federal shit posting.
I also imagine that you though this was male humor just because somebody out of nowhere with no meme grade called it a dank meme and you believe it?

Anonymous 183462

>it's not like that irl
And how would you know that?


/tg/ – Tumblr General Tublrette 92253[Reply]

/tg/ – Tumblr General

This happens to be the newest addition to the continuum of bot threads on crystal.cafe, Tumblr General (/tg/)

In case you haven’t heard of /tg/ before, this is the thread to post tumblr related topics on crystal.cafe. I hoped we could keep this a safespace for all relevant topics and transgender rights. <<333 xoxo !!!

Topics such as:
>secret tumblrs
>the legend of korra

pic related
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 179605

I still use tumblr, but I don't follow political shit and block all that. Just wanna see funnie cartoons

Anonymous 179608

I wonder how tumblr’s culture will change after what’s going on with twitter

Anonymous 179652


Anonymous 181619


Your opinions on Goncharov craze?

Anonymous 183458

Nowadays I frequently see posts with 100k+ replies. It's only a recent thing no ? It used to be exceedingly rare that I saw that


now these orbs i can get behind Anonymous 181002[Reply]

>b-but fushigi was a scam
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Anonymous 181636


I am partial to these ones

Anonymous 181638


Anonymous 181645

So, where is this gif from because I need to watch this drama right now

Anonymous 181840

orbs me

Anonymous 183454



Anonymous 178993[Reply]

Starting on December 15th Pixiv will no longer allow and delete lli and shta content on their site. Finally some good news this week.
Cope and seethe, pedoweebs.
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Anonymous 179146

I was writing a bunch of replies until I saw this. How disappointing.

don't forget

Anonymous 179147

That's just how people nowadays are in this pornsick world I guess. Everyone is a porn addict and they feel entitled to their coomer trash everywhere because otherwise they'll have porn withdrawal syndrome.

Anonymous 183441

It always felt weird being an english speaker using pixiv, because all the other ones were legit pedos. Thank god for this update

Anonymous 183444


i like /ss/

Anonymous 183449

How will pixiv get rid of all the school girl art on their site though, won't that mean erasing 95% of the content??


Anonymous 178051[Reply]

Do ugly moids like Andrew Tate because he is unattractive and they can relate to him?
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Anonymous 182623

No just he ruined Indila's fanbase and now her music is just known to be associated with him.

Anonymous 182628

>shidding themselves
a twitter troon wrote this post

Anonymous 183265


in spite of being funky looking he has a substantial amount of weath/status so instagram thots can persuade themselves to sleep with him, significantly less well-off n unloved losers on the internet would like to fantasize about being able to do the same thing with his alleged 'alpha mentality' thus declare him their new father figure

Anonymous 183266

That's one piece of a gross and massive puzzle

Anonymous 183394

God he's so fucking thickkkkk


Trends you hate Anonymous 179356[Reply]

What are some trends that you dislike? Can be fashion, social, media (movies/music), etc…
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Anonymous 183345

i tried looking up the name you said but it was just porn i could find so i'm not looking anymore, but it was an older bimbo type like that. her breast was just gone and there were just some skin flaps with a gaping hole left. so gross

Anonymous 183349

Which dumb new surgery would you rather get, BBL or leg lengthening surgery?

Anonymous 183355

nta but if i had to it would be legs so i can reach things without needing a chair to stand on lol

Anonymous 183381

leg lengthening is for insecure moidlets

Anonymous 183417

I hate all trends to be honest, especially the whole "y2k" one


/r/FemaleDatingStrategy/ Anonymous 181825[Reply]

Thoughts about /r/FemaleDatingStrategy/? I heard good things about it but reddit in general kinda sucks.
30 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 183316

most of their points are valid, but some make my eyes roll to the back of my head. anything is a red flag to these freaks, if you hate men so much why are you even trying to date them

Anonymous 183386

Jesus it’s anons like you who drive away new users on cc
Take a chill pill on the man hating for once

Anonymous 183387

They hide all the worthwhile episodes on their Patreon. They got Lundy Bancroft to talk about Why Does He Do That? On 2 episodes. But the second episode where all the good juicy stuff like men’s usage of porn, manipulation tactics men use, and other juicy info is locked behind a paywall. Need to be a patreon subscriber to access it which sucks.

Anonymous 183415

>it’s anons like you who drive away new users on cc
good. handmaidens aren't welcome here

Anonymous 183418


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