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Gen Y women Anonymous 230927[Reply]

any Gen Y women here who remember the fun days of 4chan like 2007-2010?

There was sexism back then, but nothing like today. The manosphere/mgtow/incel/red pill destroyed that place. Likewise, I feel Gen Z engage in lots of bullying.

I used to pretend to be a guy circa 2007 and never admit to being a woman and it was fun. I also feel this was before politics and echo chambers. /pol/ destroyed 4chan. I remember before /pol/ existed.

Anyway, this is my first post ever here. Just want to get this off my chest. I feel bad that I can no longer enjoy a message board I grew up on.
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Anonymous 269170

I can't help myself from lurking on there frequently even tho it's one of the worst places on the internet

Anonymous 269186


Noone is paying just to make those loser feel worse lmao.
They're doing it to themselves, and they do it for free.

Anonymous 269195

We should run gayops and encourage the tranny shit. Maybe they'll leave women alone if they start fucking each other.

Anonymous 269240

It's impossible, they've already hit Peak Tranny
Any more propaganda would oversaturate and slide past the top of the Laffer curve

Anonymous 269261

Literal retardation, as if the world needs any more God damn AGP men


Self Defence Anonymous 86486[Reply]

Hello miners. Do some of you carry weapons for your self defence? Guns? Pepper spray? Knives? Do some of you learn how to fight? Discuss self defence tips.
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Anonymous 268491

I've seen some fat piece of shit at my local gym squat more than that. Suffice it to say, he was horrendously out of shape.

Anonymous 268496

Fat people compete in triatholons and even cross country events.
That means jack.

Anonymous 269239

I own a berreta 92 for daily use. I also have a Mk18 back at home which was really a kind of a forced gift by my dad.

Anonymous 269241

A man I met in Uni (not dating, but kinda close) gave me a pocket knife. Told me that he hoped I would never need it. Never saw him again. I think he was autistic. Handsome though

Anonymous 269259

FYI, if someone ever puts you in a headlock using one arm, do your best to use your chin as a wedge at the fold created by their elbow, once you've got your chin between their upper arm and lower arm keep pushing down with your head as hard as you can and this will actually free you from their grip even if they are really strong. At that point they will most likely be very briefly surprised that you got out of the headlock which is your best chance to as turn around as quickly as you can and knee, not kick, them in the balls as hard as you can. At this point it's time to start sprinting, but ideally you if you can: whip out a knife or gun and go to town. If gun, aim for center mass, if knife, stab, slash, and twist for maximum damage. Even if you manage to absolutely wreck them, still get the hell out of there as soon as you can, you should probably even prioritize that over fighting back because they could be on some crazy drug like pcp that dulls pain quite a bit. I guess you can skip kneeing them in the nuts but imo chances of gtfo'ing are higher if you do and it can be done literally one or two seconds after breaking the chokehold.


Tell me about your day Anonymous 268888[Reply]

How was your day? Anything interesting happen? What sre you feeling and thinking?
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Anonymous 268935

being a brain dead bulimic but on the come up yeah i swear we on the come up

Anonymous 268964

Made 60 jars of jam from the berries I grew, built a wall, planted a bunch of trees.
Steaming some rice

Anonymous 268965

Anonymous 268967


Thats pretty cool! What berries? I was just thinking of making my own jam the other day, because I remembered how my great grandmother used to make jam from strawberries and one time I went to pick some berries with my aunt.

Anonymous 269238

Ever since I got dumped from my first relationship (a 6 year one) I had a lot of difficulty being alone and rebounded into another 2 year one. After that I was once again struggling being alone but this morning was the first morning I woke up in a good mood (without that pit of dread in my solar plexus) and felt kind of nice being alone with my cat. I'm feeling optimstic about being able to enjoy life again, even if I'm alone.


Anonymous 269211[Reply]

Here we go again

Anonymous 269218

get well soon

Anonymous 269219

I wonder how long they have had the cold?

Anonymous 269220

6 years bro

Anonymous 269224

oh no maybe you should go to the Dr

Anonymous 269230

It just hit


accountability thread Anonymous 181390[Reply]

Post long-term or short-term goals you have so other nonas can keep you accountable. Updates, honesty, and kindness are encouraged.
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Anonymous 229435

I did core 2k and read a bit of my novel every day! This week I have thd samd goals and I will definitely start my drill book.

Anonymous 229436

Which novel are you reading?

Anonymous 229727

It's an adaptation of a manga I like. It's different enough to be interesting but familiar enough to make understanding the Japanese a little easier. And all the names are in katakana.

Anonymous 266557

Set boundaries because I'm being gaslight, I need to stand the fuck up

Anonymous 269221

I passed N2, now I want to pass N1.

every day:
business japanese study
kanji study
bunpo (just review ok)
read something (novel, news, manga)
vocab anki (at least 5 cards)

multiplication anki (at least 5 cards)
game anki (at least 5 cards)


What’s your lowest point of your time on the internet Anonymous 264232[Reply]

Saw the question on reddit, curious about the responses here.
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Anonymous 268938

I used to catfish this bitch I hated. Good times, but kinda pathetic in retrospect.

Anonymous 268941


I wouldn't recommend getting one. most of them are just using you to pass the time or acting our some trend. it's gonna lead to disillusionment

Anonymous 269009

for me its
>i want to draw cool toasters
>find a community on the internet with 1000+ members about toasters
>they are extremely boring as hell and 995 of them don't even talk
>if i was as sensitive as one of those omori kids i would've kms by noww

Anonymous 269020

publicly humiliating and arguing with girls who are attention seekers on twitter

Anonymous 269208

I sat in front of my computer for 14 hours while talking to a cute russian guy that just attempted suicide. Turns out that he got a boyfriend.


Anonymous 254183[Reply]

I'm the only real woman that still goes here
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Anonymous 263398

how do i learn to draw (digitally)? i bought a laptop with a touchscreen recently but i dont think it has pen pressure detection which kinda sucks. i dont really know where to start aside from maybe tracing stuff i think looks cool or trying to do redraws of art i like?

Anonymous 263401


Are you already used to drawing traditionally? Just draw a lot digitally, also get a cheap drawing tablet to make it easier it's painful to draw with a mouse or touchpad, when you install the drawing tablet drivers it puts (??) the pen pressure config thing in your computer i think, my art is really shitty though and i'm very unprofessional and just doing it for fun i myself am unhappy with how most of it looks currently so i don't know if i'm the best one to be asking this lol!

Anonymous 266542

i love this art so much. miner-tan walks cece and elsie walks her cow and then they get coffee together and life is beautiful

Anonymous 267051


It’s ok anon, I’m back. I can’t drawfag tho

Anonymous 269180

see rule 7


Why do Gen z males have such horrid haircuts Anonymous 231441[Reply]

We should all carry electric razors so when we see these cuts we can chase them down and bzzzz zing
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Anonymous 268190


Anonymous 268192

Seems like you just hang around wiggers.

Anonymous 268197

I racebait by being a terrible person and creating new stereotypes.

Anonymous 268207

So do I. Want to be friends?

Anonymous 269181

please stop being Mormon


Dolls Anonymous 268955[Reply]

Does anyone collect dolls here? What kind of dolls?

I collect pullip family dolls but only isuls and dals because for some reason I dont really like pullips and taeyangs :D I have 3 ones started in 2017!
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Anonymous 269005


I used to have a few littlest pet shop toys as a kid, recently they brought back the old designs style which is great (The image i choose are the old ones though)

Anonymous 269023

Never collected any because of how expensive it can get, but I always wanted to collect monster high dolls. Maybe I'll check secondhand. Do you buy new or used ones mainly?

Anonymous 269027

I have bought all the 3 as new because it is more limited what dolls are sold as used but if you can find the ones you want as used in good condition sure buy :D

Anonymous 269172

isn't that bit childish?

Anonymous 269175

I don't see any problem with having "childish" hobbies and interests, after all we're still adult and have much different perspective on it than kids.


Anonymous 238004[Reply]

Why do you simp for virgin men?
You do know that the reason they're still one is most likely because they're assholes and don't give much of a fuck about anyone besides themselves, right?
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Anonymous 269039

lmao what did he say? i missed it

Anonymous 269042

People are literally just as promiscious in korea and japan. It's just that they don't have kids.

Anonymous 269043

I made this thread 9 months ago?
Where did time go?

Anonymous 269052

Has your question been answered?

Anonymous 269173

I have a Nigel husband and he's perfect. This doesn't mean I'm some kind of retard who can't acknowledge how shit the majority of men are. Even my husband admits this.

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