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Anonymous 54012[Reply]

How do i begin my transformation into an egirl? Im gonna be an iconic internet persona then livestream my suicide.
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Anonymous 56443

people always say this but i cannot tihkn of anything more demeaning

Anonymous 56457

>keep dream journal
>master lucid dreaming
>become electronic girl
>aquire dream fame
>collect 24 effects

Anonymous 126115

Be slutty and attractive

Anonymous 140222

is she really though? I don't know, I wish she wasn't

Anonymous 140232

In my opinion she faked her death to get away from her internet persona


Anonymous 138710[Reply]

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Anonymous 140193


Agreed, only cute guys from now on

Anonymous 140195

They look like that and yet they settle for the bottom of the barrel and ugly as sin

Anonymous 140211


Elliot was so cute. I want to shrink him down into a snow globe and shake him up.

Anonymous 140212

first time i see this pic. he does look cute there, also first time i notice how asian he looks and fair. i wish i could open his stomach and grill his cheeks.

Anonymous 140220


Anonymous 140162[Reply]

are there really men this hopeless nonas?

Anonymous 140194

>chat up some edgy, retarded ESL teenager
>expect an actual conversation

Anonymous 140209

You're right in this situation we can all agree the man was reasonable for once

Anonymous 140210

least chimpbrained moid


Anonymous 140102[Reply]

hi does anyone here wanna play val (east server)/league or any games with me? im rly lonely and want to make new friends i’ll post my discord if anyone interested

Anonymous 140106

yeah totally i love that game

Anonymous 140108

which one :o

Anonymous 140112

idk both of them i guess haha


thread for love and wholesome Anonymous 133276[Reply]

too much negativity lately, lets change that
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Anonymous 139377

котенятко спить.jp…

Anonymous 139378

киця з кроликом.jp…

Anonymous 139380

Super cute

Anonymous 139387


Thanks, Nona

Anonymous 140117



Rain, rain, go away. Anonymous 138542[Reply]

Hi miners, a girl called Isa that I considered a close friend just unfriended me.

I know she was a miner and came here sometimes, so this is my goodbye to her.
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Anonymous 139353

I don't like this thread because I remember when I was like this, I'd get ghosted by people I met on forums and make "muh come back ;(" or sad goodbye threads.
Grow thicker skin. Like leather.

Anonymous 139359


for having empathy? you sound like you have issues tbh

Anonymous 139397

Why is the concept of anonymity so hard for you to understand?

Anonymous 139472


Anonymous 140099


These kinds of posts are cute. It shows people still see the value of friendships, and don't just huff their SOs dick or pussy.

Annotation 2022-06…

Anonymous 140067[Reply]

Who wanna go with me
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Anonymous 140072

omg meetup when

Anonymous 140075


LOL I live in that state and was aware of the city of Crystal, but I never knew it had a restaurant called the Crystal Cafe and Grill in it. I could have a miner meetup with myself if I go there. Neat.

Anonymous 140078

Take pics of the food

Anonymous 140085

This, do a review anon!

Anonymous 140088


I know my dessert

unnamed (4).jpg

Reproductive rights Anonymous 132021[Reply]

If they affect you, here is the thread.

All year long gnarly old men have been in the background obsessing over whether we have them or not. They're not just obsessed with taking down abortion, they're obsessed with hacking up your right to use birth control too.

I'm not making this up, they've recently gone after a 1960s law that legalized married couples using birth control! (Guess where). There are/were only a FEW senators standing in their way.

The US is going south fast for women's reproductive health and rights. If "the powers that be" change hands again the zealous freaks will ruin it for every normal person out there.

It's not just about banning abortion, (whether you were raped or not!!!!!) It's worse than that. If you haven't heard any of this yet, you weren't paying attention enough

The fact that I can't say in detail which disgusting laws the senate narrowly prevented from passing, "lest it become politics" blows me away. If we can't talk about it here in cc where can we? Reddit the tranny internet capital ?? (Trannys are political too HELLO)

If this thread gets deleted I'm just going to assume the board is run by filthy scrotes. Reproductive rights are essential to basic health and wellbeing. Welcome to discussing what you will do without reproductive rights
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Anonymous 139977

>Wasn't most of the leaked ruling all about how abortion access should have been accomplished through legislature?
Technically, yes.
In practice, as far as the Republican party (who is basically the face of the pro-life side as much as the Dems are the face of the pro-choice side) goes, I don't think Republican politicians have ever been subtle about their arguments against abortion being purely religious/moral and having nothing to do with the mechanics of the actual court decision. Like, I've never heard of a pro-life politician saying "the constitution doesn't offer any explicit protection for abortion which is why the decision needs to be returned to the states." It's always more along the lines of "abortion is evil and we need to STOP it."

I can't read the minds of the SCOTUS justices, but many of them are card-carrying Republicans and it's not completely unrealistic to think that some justices might use their position to try to enforce policy changes based on personal beliefs instead of the law, potentially enough of them to sway a majority decision.

On paper, "the constitution doesn't provide this, make an amendment/federal law if you want it" is a sound argument, but that's assuming passing such legislation is possible and it won't simply be perpetually shot down/deadlocked.
In theory that's the hazard of a democracy and just means there isn't enough support for the thing and it shouldn't be passed anyway, but politicians rarely play fair.

Anonymous 139983

Protest by spreading awareness of the sex boycott. Knife scrote faces good by bringing them the sex recession on steroids.

Anonymous 139985

I'd rather lure scrotes with the promise of sex before castrating them.

Anonymous 140035

Wish I could be there to see the glory

Anonymous 140221

Mandated male birth control fucking when, scrotes who want to bang that also don't want to be fathers need to be the ones to pill the fuck up with their own damn money.

дивна киця.jpg

Anonymous 139459[Reply]

Can you talk about anything with me? Tell me how was your day, something interesting you've learned, just send some stuff you like, anything.
I'm lonely and have nobody to talk to
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Anonymous 139602



Anonymous 139622

Anonymous 139629


Meow meow op. Meow meow.

Anonymous 139765

oh that nose
also nosedcat

Anonymous 140017

watched Ran (1985) last night. have you ever seen it? it's pretty good imo, tho i was surprised by how stupid Jiro acts in it and am still confused why Saburo was being a jerk in the beginning.


Crochet/knitting/sewing etc Anonymous 137729[Reply]

A thread dedicated to garment and textile making, including, but not limited to, crocheting, knitting, and sewing.
Share patterns, questions/advice, what you're working on, etc.
Questions to get started:

>What craft(s) do you enjoy

>what is your skill level
>how long have you been at it
>what got you into it
>what have you finished recently
>what are you working on now
>what do you hope to make in the future
>what materials do you prefer using (brands, fiber, etc)
>how often do you get to participate in your craft?
>any other online spaces oe resources good for discussing your craft?
>what do you think is beneficial about your craft
>advice for any beginners
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Anonymous 139007

Thanks for the advice. I think I'll try making a test sock using slip stitches and see how that goes.

What beginner knitting projects would be good to help me work my way towards knitting socks?

Anonymous 139177

I personally don't see many troons in knitting communities, TIMs are stil wallowing in moid communities with their programming socks, and TIFs are too insecure to even have hobbies. I am more sick of everyone simping for moids making the simplest thing ever. They always get twice the attention women get.
Anyway, I wish people would come back to chrocheting lace gloves, collars, blouses etc. The patterns I find are from 40s-70s and the are unavailable.

Anonymous 139249


When I started knitting, socks were kind of my first "real" project.
I think I knitted a couple of ugly garter stitch scarves (in the wrong needle sizes at that) and then I went and made some dishclothes which were mostly to practice stitches, like seed stitch, moss stitch, stockinette, ribbing, and then some fancier things I found on random youtube tutorials. knit with me on youtube has some good tutorials, and an insane amount of them at that. Another was dandelion stitch.
After that, I jumped right into socks. Socks are really one of the most fun things to make, they knit up quick and even though they're simple you can do so many different patterns with them, you can make them lacey or cabled or with colors. I also think its nice because you're never really bored, there is always something engaging like turning the heal.
My first socks were kinda ugly, I helical knit them in red and white worsted acrylic yarn. I still have them somewhere, in a pile of dirty laundry ;-;
What knitting communities are you in? I've checked reddit and discord and they're literally full of troons. Last I checked reddit there was some dumb video about "muh genderqueer fibre artists" calling knitting "historically female dominated" which is something factually incorrect and easily visible on the wikipedia page lmao.
>I am more sick of everyone simping for moids making the simplest thing ever. They always get twice the attention women get.
Where do you see this?
I'm not a fan of moids who knit because they're always pretentious and hilarious douchebags like picrel. I did learn to knit from RJ Knits on YouTube though and I like him. My grandpa crocheted and I don't mind him either.
>Anyway, I wish people would come back to chrocheting lace gloves, collars, blouses etc. The patterns I find are from 40s-70s and the are unavailable.
Here is a blogspot I really like that features some lacier crochet stuff, idk if its what you are looking for though
She has a longer pineapple skirt tutorial that is floor lengPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 139999


I'm on reddit fibre arts communities. Yet to see a single troon, but men's posts "I am a guy and i made my first chain" are so overly praised. And i meant picrel

Anonymous 140006

I’m surprised there aren’t any FtMs at least since that’s one of the things I noticed about AO3

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