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Anonymous 47179[Reply]

I love America. It is the greatest nation in the world. It is a paragon of peace in virtue in the world and will be for a thousand years. God bless America and our allies.
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Anonymous 106187

shut up burger

Anonymous 106188

You can't even spell "American" right.

Anonymous 106198


Anonymous 106205

Anonymous 106213

Great Satan, simple as


Anonymous 105541[Reply]

Whyd he do it?
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Anonymous 106157

Please, grow up and leave behind the 4chin /pol/ edginess. Have you been the one posting insufferable race garbage everywhere? You need to stop.

Anonymous 106160

It's not even remotely edgy, it's the truth. If she wants to make this a race thing she's going to have to acknowledge the problem said race has in relation to crime.
And no that's not me, I'm not obsessed with race unlike Americans so I barely touch the subject.

Anonymous 106163

You’re right and I’m glad you said it. The only reason a black woman’s disappearance doesn’t go viral is because they murder each other constantly.

Anonymous 106200

>Media: focuses all of its attention on a specific missing person who also happens to be a young white woman
>Also Media: shames you because you somehow cared "too much" about that missing woman who had the wrong colour and whom they over-reported for no reason

the US media is an entire circus made by demented people for demented people

Anonymous 106204

the media doesn't report on poc women being murdered because that would draw attention to the people who are doing the murdering. they don't want to draw attention to anything that goes against their narrative.

hard times.jpg

Anonymous 106041[Reply]

I am a Jupiter brain
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Anonymous 106070

No it's not I'm special
I'm a supercomputer the size the size of a planet and in powered by the sun

Anonymous 106071

All that computational power and what have you done with it?

Anonymous 106072

Im going to make a million dollars before 30 and 10 million before 35

Anonymous 106099

That's it?

Anonymous 106201

The same thing we do every night, Pinky; try to take over the world!


Job & Career Thread Anonymous 2867[Reply]

- What job/career are you currently working or working towards
- What have you noticed about people in certain career paths
- Where da money actually at for least stress, etc.
- Which fields do generally higher IQ/savvier women excel in (let's be honest, if you've made it to imageboards/Crystal Cafe you're over a certain threshold of smarts of some kinds)
- Tips for other anons/Ask for advice
- Shit that sucks about work in general
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Anonymous 104678

Look up construction jobs in your country and see what kind of qualifications theyre asking for. In the mean time, apply for no skill construction jobs if there are any. This is general advice for anyone in high school tbh.

Anonymous 104863

Hey miners, I would consider myself someone who is creative and enjoys making things. As a hobby, i really enjoy arts and crafts but I honestly dont think I can turn that into a profession and enjoy it (at least right away, I want to publish some of my works in the future, but I dont want to have to rely on that for income) So I have decided to aim for a business administrative major with a minor in marketing. Is this a good idea?

Anonymous 105934

what the fuck is this

Anonymous 105941

t-the fucking what? anon are you okay?

Anonymous 105943

Guys it's just a spambot using some predictive text kind of writing script


Anonymous 105936[Reply]

do guys like kiryu actually exist? and if they did would they make good boyfriends?
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Anonymous 105945

how would you tell if he is really like Kiryu or just someone who pretends to be that way like Mine from Yakuza 3

Anonymous 105953

No, they don’t exist, any more than Disney princes.

Anonymous 105965

this is false

Anonymous 106031

Yes, in my dreams

Anonymous 106161

I already saw this thread on /r9k/, what are your goals with this


Tranny discussion thread Anonymous 67804[Reply]

A thread for tranny discussion and views on trannyisim
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Anonymous 105909

I'm doing another online class where most post profile pics on the class homework site (canvas). It's just tranny in the haystack when someone uses they/them. Theres at least one in every class.

Anonymous 105946

>b-but you just don't get it!

Anonymous 105948

gtfo tranny

Anonymous 105954

gender euphoria does not exist the way you think it does. It is the same as fasting-euphoria for anorexics, cutting-euphoria for cutters or plastic-surgery-euphoria for people with BDD. It is not a feeling people just get, it is a manifestation of their severe mental illness and it should not be pursued or incentivized.

Anonymous 106144

Sex isn't determined by chromosomes. It's determined by gametes. No matter how many chromosomes you have, doctors can still categorize you as either a man or a woman. You're either evolved to produce ova or spermatozoa.

I actually have intersex friends who are annoyed by this. Trans people are constantly pressuring them to say that they're trans, and calling them transphobes if they refuse. It's despicable. They're tired of getitng lumped in like this.

Intersex conditions aren't the counterargument that you think they are.


Anonymous 103877[Reply]

A post-scarcity utopia is an inherently immoral ideal to try to achieve.
Solving the central economic problem of "Unlimited desires, limited resources to fulfill those desires" in a utopia would mean that we can enact free effort/work. Whether it comes to the extreme abundance in America that is backed by networks of unpaid Central American farmers and East Asia sweatshops, or Communist work quotas and gulags, Utopian ideals in the real world, where free work/effort is impossible, are reliant on slavery.
Some people point to technology as the answer for moral free labor, but ignoring the dangers of growing automation and unchecked technology for existential reasons, how long until human desire continues to grow and requires more complex robots to support us, and until we start creating things analogous to sapient creations? All the way up back to the square one; Slavery. Utopian abundance relies on it.

The ideological and opinion factor of Utopian also turns up similar issues. What should be done with people who break rules and laws in it? Is it just assumed that anyone viewing a utopia will be instantly awestruck enough to conform?
If they're enforced, it can be assumed that any level of punishment can be justified. Punishment systems exist to push people in the correct direction, if you have a 100% soundproof moral system, then NO amount of punishment would ever be unjustified when propping up Utopian perfect ideals. That might work and be okay for "rule breakers", but what about those that want to do things that are just morally grey within the Utopian laws? How would those be decided? A moral council would lead to subjectivity, and when enforcing perfect moral laws, adding layers of subjectivity ruins the point. Putting in an absolute moral framework is still going to lead to people finding loopholes, whether maliciously or by random chance.
Okay, so what if instead the moral framework was omniscient, and could always reinforce itself? That framework having every single possible scenario and clause that will ever happen likely mean that it would've had to have been made with FUTURE sins in mind, meaning that whoever IS going to sin, always was going to.
And what about people who just simply disagree with the Utopian ideals? Is it immoral to disagree with a system, that at least within itself, considers itself perfect? Is that subversion, and the thought-traitor is just as guilty as the murderer and the rapist? If it's nPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 103894

>how long until human desire continues to grow and requires more complex robots to support us, and until we start creating things analogous to sapient creations? All the way up back to the square one; Slavery.

On this point, I respectfully disagree. I don't believe we could create an artificial intelligence that would be sapient - at least not any time soon. Even if a machine were super advanced, I don't think it would be an ethical problem (could it even be hurt, or understand itself?).

Anonymous 103911

I hope you’re underaged

Anonymous 106078

>how long until human desire continues to grow and requires more complex robots to support us, and until we start creating things analogous to sapient creations?

Artificial Intelligence ~= Artificial mind. The term Intelligence is kinda misleading, as we tend to equate it to the human experience of intelligence. Nowadays, AI might replicate well some human capabilities, but they are not of geral purpose, i.e. they are trained especially for one task. The training process involves a lot of data mashing, probabilities estimation and with it the fitting of non-linear functions, and that's it. Models don't have to deal with a natural world, predators, gathering of resources and thus natural selection. That's why I think AI wont lead to an artificial mind like ours. Of course, mind emulation still is a thing, but I guess it will probably be it's own field with years to come.
But if we talk of analogue to sapient, as you said, well… How we draw the line? Biologists have a similar question, "What we can call to be alive?" If we conclude that having a self-replicating mechanism is a must have, then we can call a self-replicating computer virus a living being?

Well, this topic is extense, and isn't the focus of your text.

About the Utopia: Have you ever believed in absolute morals?

With absolute I mean whole reaching, i.e. one rule, or set of rules, that every human, dead, alive or to be born, agrees on. And by rules I mean an answer to a question or a guide to a situation, no valor stipulated to those questions/situations.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 106100

cba to read the whole thing but I skimmed it and liked what I heard, but we've all heard it before soooooo


RIP ANGEL Anonymous 105416[Reply]

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Anonymous 105838

there are pictures of her as a young girl, dumbass. now Iran does forcibly troon its gays, but Iranian parents don't do it to literal children.

Anonymous 105859

>this entire thread
tf am i reading

Anonymous 105935

You are worse than a moid. Just because a woman doesn't conform to your super special beauty standards doesn't mean she has balls. You speak with absolute conviction yet you know nothing on the topic. Maybe you are a moid after all.

She is a queen. It's a terrible shame that nobody heard of her while she was alive.

Anonymous 106060

was just thinking about her today a true heroine

Anonymous 106085

she did nothing wrong


Anonymous 55730[Reply]

what’s crystal cafe’s thoughts on lolcow/kiwifarms? this might be unpopular, but both of those sites make me really uncomfortable for bullying people and doxxing people
92 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 105926

Admin just doesn't want to run the site anymore and is not really having luck finding a competent replacement. The server fees are paid for for a year now thanks to donations though so we'll see.

Anonymous 105969

I'd be happy to run it but I can barely turn a computer on.

Anonymous 106002

>people who are scared of people knowing who they are usually are involved in some sort of wrong doing
Yikes anon. Also there is a difference between your address being publically available and posted in a hate website with information tailored against you. Fatwas are a real thing. People also have uninvolved families and stuff. Anyway doxxing is not allowed on lc.

Anyone scared the new admin will go jokermode and expose all posters? I can see it happening since that website has many enemies and current admin doesn't seem too bright.

Anonymous 106077

I dislike it. They think they are so high and above everyone else so they take satisfaction in picking on someone that could have easily just been ignored or blocked. But people want to feel better about themselves and do that. Take a look at any of the off-topic threads and you'll see the amount of mentally ill posters who could have easily had enough ''milk'' to warrant a thread but are smart enough to not expose themselves to the public. I won't deny that some people are evil and deserve to be exposed but 90% of the ''cows'' are just mentally ill women (like Venus Angelic who is a victim of abuse) and mocking someone who is clearly mentally unwell feels sick.

Anonymous 106082

I don't understand how they turned on Venus. Last time I posted there she had just run away from home and everyone was cheering her for getting rid of her abusive mother. Now she is mentally fucked up, but who wouldn't be? I think most of the older posters left and now there is this new wave of posters who were drawn there only for the le edgy anonymous drama board novelty and have no real experience of the context and overall culture surrounding these personalities so they judge them more harshly and viciously.


Anonymous 104311[Reply]

Besides imageboards, are you a part of any other niche/not widely known website? For me it's selfharm.pics, I know it may seem shady but it's the only place where I can vent about this specific mental issue without stupid normie shit.
27 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 106033

Yeah your right
I checked out those tags more and they got some great pics if you dig a little bit

Anonymous 106059

Have you seen the japanese ones?

Anonymous 106061

Look up user Bacteria_x_x

Anonymous 106064

Holy shit I saw one of her vids reposted on someone else's account

Anonymous 106067

I think a good portion of her posts get retweets, unless you mean something else

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