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Anonymous 234282[Reply]

Question to American nonas, are morbidly obese people common in your area? Do you often see fat people on those mobility scooters? Are weird people really as common in Wallmarts as it is memed?
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Anonymous 234442

That's not even 2% of it.
They blow everything up for power obsession. Entitlement to sex. Pedophilia. RW garbage lies, corruption. Gun access to any deranged nut for the sake of shootings. Porn. We should not breed w most of them.

Anonymous 234444

Anonymous 234464

In my experience the more "expensive" an area is the less likely you are to see obese people.
The one time I visited Colorado everyone was thin. There is a strong "outdoor" culture there. Lot's of hiking, biking, fishing, camping, ect. If you live in a state that offers a lot of actives like that then obviously you will be more likely to go out and do those things. Their hobbies keep them active.

Anonymous 234468

I live in the least fat state in the us. Still a lot of fatties but only a few who are "woah." both of the ones i know at are at my new job…

Anonymous 234640

Not really but last time I was further down south I was in a Buc-ees and saw 2 people so fat they scraped the sides of the aisle fight each other. To this day that had to be the largest number of people all laughing at the same thing I've ever seen.


Do you consider yourself a femcel? Anonymous 61088[Reply]

Well, do you?
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Anonymous 233543

>not interested in traditional relationship stuff, but I still want companionship
I understand that. I don't think I could ever "flirt" myself too. Although there are some romantic things I'd like doing, like holding hands while going for a walk.

Anonymous 233546

>Simply leaving the house also does wonders for the mind since most people are not supermodels
this, looking at random people I see on the street makes me really confident about my own looks. Appearance isn't the issue.

Anonymous 233561

>>Simply leaving the house also does wonders for the mind since most people are not supermodels
Honestly this being the reality makes me sad why can't 3dpd moids look like 2d wtf…

Anonymous 233664

Maybe in the far future we will be able to make everyone look like that through gene editing

Anonymous 234601



1a fennel.JPG

Has anyone here eaten fennel? Anonymous 234536[Reply]

I see it all the time at the store. Yet I have not met a single person who has eaten it. What's it even used for?
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Anonymous 234555

Agreeing with other anons on this. Raw or baked. Fennel is so fucking good.

Anonymous 234603

we have wild fennel that grows on the hills in Northern California. You can peel the skin off the sides of dried stalks and chew on it like gum. The seeds at the top have a strong liquorice-like flavor that can add flavour

Anonymous 234604

My family grills them for BBQs alongside the meat. Love them !

Anonymous 234608

Holy fuck ive been wondering about this plant and how people it! Thanks nonas.

Anonymous 234609

fits really beautifully into a light stock or broth I always pair her w leek


Doll collecting? Anonymous 234482[Reply]

Anyone else collect dolls? I have a shitton of BJDs, two Blythe dolls (like above, not mine tho), and some Monster High I've been meaning to sell.

If so, what got you into collecting? I started during COVID because of boredom.
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Anonymous 234508

I started collecting seashells from the beach. It's honestly relaxing to spend time near the ocean.

Anonymous 234557


I used to have many monster high and ever after high, but was urged to get rid of them. I regret it a lot now but whatever.
I have one WIP 70cm BJD and I really badly want some anime vinyl dolls. The current trend towards pear-shaped dolls is so cute to me and the faceups would be fun to do.
Penny's Box have pic rel cute, tiny dolls that are so tempting because they're a good price. I don't know if I should cave or start saving for Imomodoll's next 1/4 release.
>If so, what got you into collecting?
Saw my first BJD in high school and never truly recovered from that experience.

Anonymous 234563


I have that exact same Penny's doll! They're worth it if you get a centaur. My humanoid girl couldn't stand well at all.

Anonymous 234564

I soooo want to get into dolfies but they're so expensive and you have to get them imported/buy overseas which is a pain

Anonymous 234565


If you're in the states, volks has an online shop that ships from california. But yeah, shit is expensive.

1514508913083 (1).…

A world without males Anonymous 22715[Reply]

Let's pretend men don't exist and we could reproduce on our own!

How would things be like?

Do you think the world would be less violent? Less capitalist? Are any things you think that would be worse? What would be better?
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Anonymous 234433


Anonymous 234434

Anonymous 234529

>we've rejected our intrinsic advantage of being pampered but dependent homemakers
This was only ever true if you were uber rich/nobility and only true for upper middle class after the industrial revolution was well under way.

For 99% recorded history, the VAST majority of people were slumming it down on the farm working from sun-up to sun-down. Even the kids and the old folks (if they miraculously survived into old age).

Anonymous 234530

>If we switched to solar power the need for coal would be very little
LMAO even

Anonymous 234531

stop basing your knowledge of history on tv shows and romance. most people were working hard, men and women alike.
the baby was left with the older siblings or some frail grandma. guess what the mother was doing? SHE WAS FUCKING WORKING.
also the housewife shit is a rich people thing.
you're a fucking moron.


Cooking thread. Anonymous 221505[Reply]

Who here really loves cooking? What recipes do you want to try next? What are your favorite secret ingredients? Favorite dishes to make? Where are you from and what local cuisine is your favorite?
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Anonymous 233550

It is really nice, and the flavor blends in so nicely that it's not fishy at all. Most dishes that start with oil, I'll throw in an anchovy or two.

Lol. Sometimes, it feels you can only get one peanut off season, but it's coming up on the time when stalls will start popping up on the side of roads and raw peanuts will be stores again.

Anonymous 233667


I love cooking.
>what recipes next
I want to practice patisserie again. I haven't made puff pastry in ages and I was never really satisfied with the results.
>secret ingredients
I'm Polish and I've always put 2-3 whole balls of allspice for every bayleaf in most things I cook. I've never seen this in a recipe. It's also important to get good flour. Where I live, there is only 'plain' flour which sort of sucks, though I can get cake and pastry flour from the Polish shop. Also herbes de Provence and a dash of soy or worcestershire sauce in everything.
>favourite dishes
I enjoy making stews. English-style calls for a lot of carrots and has these 'dumplings' which are nothing like actual dumplings but are really tasty and some good ale. Simple and absolutely heavenly. Chef Jean-Pierre has a nice recipe where he combines a stew with onion soup.
If you're new to baking, try out this recipe for scones. Easy and quick while being tasty. I aim for them being as tall as two fingers are wide and if you don't have a cutter, you can try a glass. They should be flat on the sides though. A glass may may not be sharp enough, dunno. They go well with jam and clotted cream but since they're not very sweet, I'm sure you could have them with just about anything. Butter and ham like a croissant seems like it would go well with warm scones.

Anonymous 233668

Oh right yes. If you have a fan oven, you can cook them at 180. I bake most things at 180.

Anonymous 234495

I've been getting into sourdough and got a really old starter to work with. Made some sourdough waffles with the discard from feeding my starter and everyone who ate them (5 ppl) said they were the best they'd had. Sourdough makes everything better recommend if you wanna get into baking

Anonymous 234522

Next time you make this try sourdough grilled cheese with cheddar and Muenster cheese


Mexican Food Thread Anonymous 233972[Reply]

What are your thoughts on authentic Mexican food from local restaurants? Not from fast food or chain restaurants.
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Anonymous 234070

It's the same 6 ingredients rearranged is various ways. I honestly prefer food from any other country, mexican is boring. It's not even really spicy.

Anonymous 234173


I never realized that. Mexican food is really the same handful of ingredients rearranged in different ways. It's really just beans, cheese, tortilla and meat.

Anonymous 234181

And tomato

Anonymous 234276


I like to order chilaquiles, but those tend to be the only thing I can consistently find that would qualify as authentic, I guess? I'm sure I would find someone who would split hairs over anything in a pursuit of authenticity.

It's pretty tiresome, in all honestly, to discuss authentic food. There always seems to be someone who will claim the real thing is from some place I've never heard of in the Yucatan, served up by an old Mayan woman who met someone in her childhood who remembers when the Spaniards came.

Anonymous 234493

Your area just doesnt have a lot to choose from. Off the top of my head
>ceviche (lots of different kinds)
>mole (lots of different kinds)


Anonymous 234126[Reply]

Is it okay to call myself a lesbian if I'm a febfem?
I find most men utterly repulsive but fictional boys make giggle and swing my feet in the air.
Since I like girls so much, I find 98.9% of men are repulsive and have no intention of dating one of them I just call myself a lesbian to make it easier but it isn't technically true.

So what's the ethics of the situation? Is it "correct"? Don't be afraid to give your opinion if you're straight.
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Anonymous 234270

Screenshot 2023-01…

are febfem men just straight guys who watch femboy porn?

Anonymous 234272

Is it okay to call myself a straight if I'm a mebfem?
I find most women utterly repulsive but fictional girls make giggle and swing my feet in the air.
Since I like boys so much, I find 98.9% of women are repulsive and have no intention of dating one of them I just call myself a straight to make it easier but it isn't technically true.

So what's the ethics of the situation? Is it "correct"? Don't be afraid to give your opinion if you're lesbian.

Anonymous 234275

Do whatever you want, my child. Peace.

Anonymous 234280

febfem is a (biological) female-only label: Female Exclusive Bisexual FEMale, no moids or trannies

Anonymous 234290

shouldn't it be mebmem?


Post what makes moids visually repulsive to you Anonymous 149770[Reply]

I actually really wish we could talk about it more. I love seeing what women hate in overbearing masculinity.

I like talking about the worthlessness of deranged repulsive screwballs.. it's the most uplifting kind of post I see on here, really makes my day. I don't think the pink pill thread focuses on what makes men physically/mentally unattractive enough. It's great because it raises all our standards.
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Anonymous 234158


Looks like a troon and manlet

Anonymous 234162

Oh my fucking god

Anonymous 234196

they are dysgenic

Anonymous 234198

people's preposition to general health/fitness and likelyhood to grow obese has been linked to the conditions of the mother while the child is in the womb, the state of the father when he fertilizes the egg and the conditions during childhood.
You're right about the diet, lack of sun and exercise, but this kind of thing can go back to before they were even born. Standards have been dropping across the board.

Anonymous 234273


The red haired one is Cinnabar, a character from the manga, Land of the Lustrous. Chinese alchemy believed that the mercury found within cinnabar would give people who consumed it immortality, so it was commonly ingested by Chinese emperors.

As an aside, while the artwork is pretty overt about the Chinese aspect, the anime does it a little more subtly by having Cinnabar's theme heavily feature an erhu.


Anonymous 142346[Reply]

How to raise a boy in the current political environment?
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Anonymous 226137

Easy don't raise ANY
Who in their right mind would want to bring a child into the world the way it is now??

Anonymous 226173

the cruelest thing any parent can do to their child is have one

Anonymous 234201

men used to get lynched for beating their wives.

if you want to raise a son, put him in contact with men you'd like him to be like. If you hate men, don't try to raise a son.

Anonymous 234205

>>142347 whitelist all educational sites from your wifi

Anonymous 234215

Now more than ever, women have more choice when it comes to marriage and having kids. I think it's ultimately up to women to raise their standards and only pick the best men who are suitable for the role. If you have kids with a pornsick pedo scrote, guess what? Your little moidlet will grow up to be just that

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