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Dream / Dream SMP Anonymous 72267[Reply]

Why is everyone obsessed with this YouTuber?
My little sister and her friends talk about him and the people on his Minecraft server daily. Is this fandom shit healthy? Is it merited in the first place?
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Anonymous 72988


Anonymous 72993

I think this video did a good job of explaining it. A mixture of stan culture + Dream being manipulative so people will feel bad about saying anything bad about him.

Anonymous 73058

His friends have to be the dumbest player ever or that whole manhunt stuff is scripted af. I refuse to believe that someone can be played this hard on a regular basis
>dream does thing

Anonymous 73594

I can just tell by that profile picture that he isn't funny

Anonymous 73703

His gamemodes are simple but unique and engaging. It reminds me of playing around when I was a kid – sometimes scripted or overdramatic but hey it's fun. Who cares, it's kids shows for zoomer-alpha children


Anonymous 30084[Reply]

What is your opinion on homosexual men and/or women, in real life, yuri/yaoi, and in general?
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Anonymous 73651

they gross me out

Anonymous 73652

anon honestly it's hard for me to explain that. i am nowhere near fluent in japanese. i guess they are already supporting the L or B. they are literally lesbian/bi. there was a lesbian LGBT activist (higashi koyuki) who was one of the first with her wife to get married at tokyo disneyland. she also wrote a manga about her life as a lesbian and her and her wife trying to get pregnant using a sperm donor/artificial insemination.

what i get from japanese lesbians is that they are living their lives, ever since the partnership system was introduced in several prefectures throughout japan many couples have started living together and companies are offering benefits to LGBT couples on that partnership system. LGBT rights are different in japan, very different to the west and homophobia is still very rampant in japan. there was a recent livestream on yt for an LGBT rights group presenting their case for gay marriage to be legalized in japan,and there were women who were apart of the group while they were speaking.

i've noticed that a lot of people of LGBT community in general in japan seem to express themselves through literature, especially manga and novels and forms of media. i firget their name but this really famous trans man's novel blew up all over japan. and there was a drama i watched, based off a manga about intersex people. (i'm sorry i literally forgot all the names to half of the shit i watched and read) basically, the movie and drama industry in japan is quite literally dependant on manga and light novels. there actually a LOT of lesbian/yuri movies, in japan and other parts of east asia. and i think there are way better resources out there with information on gay rights, especially for lesbians in japan, because i'm not really informed on it. i just don't really see the problem with reading gay media or liking it especially if you are a lesbian or bi yourself. besides being a fujo just means that you like or consume gay, male x male content. nothing more than that. a lot of them just happen to either be lesbian or bi. sorry for the blogpost

Anonymous 73664

>But why would lesbians create romances between two male characters?
because they want to. imo you're looking too deeply into this the things people fap to don't necessarily equal what they want to do irl especially where cartoons are concerned. like i doubt anyone that faps to sonic the hedgehog wants to fuck a hedgehog irl

Anonymous 73671


>because they can hah
Come on, that's not an answer. You could say that to any question.

Like another anon said, gay men probably don't consume/create as much lesbian content as lesbian women consume/create gay content. So why is the latter more common than the former? Also, Sonic barely looks ands behaves like a real hedgehog, neither in the games nor in porn. Anime boys do have dicks and balls and usually a male body structure, though. It's a valid question to wonder about and this anon >>73602 actually tried to give a legit answer.

Anonymous 73673

It could be that they're more flexible with their sexuality. Like yeah, they might enjoy seeing two fictional guys fuck but that doesn't necessarily mean they'd be attending irl gay orgies. Doesn't make them any less lesbian.


Anonymous 65509[Reply]

I get fucking pissed off when I see a below average female with a hot guy.
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Anonymous 65809


It's overrated. Why would I be with a shitty man that is going to cheat on me anyway, he has everything to gain by just using me, I dont like being manipulated.

Sure you can sculpt his ass but it's nothing impressive to me, it's more of what we have seen already a thousand times. How about being original? He is not ugly but not my ideal. My ideal is a racoon.

Anonymous 68286

I find that hard to believe.

Anonymous 68287

you're a shitty person op. seek jesus for your jealousy probs

plenty of men have fat fetishes it's old news

Anonymous 73655

Why do you assume he's shitty?
>plenty of men have fat fetishes it's old news
And plenty of people prefer to date people who are less attractive than them because they feel more secure. I don't think it's okay to judge people for this.

Anonymous 73661

Why would that make you mad? Girls usually ca't make up for their bad looks with things like charm and money so if one manages to do it then she must be crazy good.


Anonymous 73053[Reply]

Guess the country.
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Anonymous 73069

India based on the people and the gradient and text of the sign on the left

Anonymous 73073

Anonymous 73093

rollin for this one

Anonymous 73099

lets host the annual meet up here

Anonymous 73640

Interdasting, never thought of meetups of CC.

smirk wojak with e…

Analysis Anonymous 45306[Reply]

>how often do you post on cc
>why did you/do you want to leave 4ch*n?
>do you like cc? why? why not?

once a week, maybe less often

I'm trying to eave 4chan because I fear getting doxxed, also because it's full of fucking degenrate scum incels that can't stop talking about women and sex, that think women fuck dogs unironically and that objectify women and talk of them in an objective manner, I'm personally not a fan of modern feminism and I try to stay out of it, but enough is enough

I don't like CC all that much because it reeks of feminists, and on the other hand Judgemental Mary's who can't go a minute without shaming other women, and also because there are no boards for dicussion of culture like /int/ or /his/ or discussion of literature like /lit/
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Anonymous 73506

what's dreamchan?

Anonymous 73534

>how often do you post on cc
not very often. i mostly lurk and just come here when i need a break from moids or want to bitch about trannies
>why do you want to leave 4chan
i dont, i enjoy some of the boards
>do you like cc
yeah, just not all the time

Anonymous 73535

>how often do you post on cc
whenever I come across a thread I think I have actual input on, so a little less than once a week
>why did you/do you want to leave 4ch*n?
Never really was there. I found out about here via kiwifarms, but I've never thought about letting kf go
>do you like cc? why? why not?
I like it, I like the vibe when it comes to posts that aren't doomerposting about males, but I like even those posts when I'm in the right (wrong?) mood

Anonymous 73601

shirt 4.jpg

>how often do you post on cc
everytime i find something i can contribute to, so like once every two or three days [not counting my huge unprompted breaks from this site]
>why did you/do you want to leave 4ch*n?
no good content
>do you like cc? why? why not
yes absolutely. good community, better content, somewhat active.

Anonymous 73635

>how often do you post on cc
Usally every second or third day, depends

>why did you/do you want to leave 4ch*n?

I didn't fully leave

>do you like cc? why? why not?

Its nice, but it is very niche, which keep the population of the board low.
This means that CC is a very slow imagie board, only usally getting about 3 posts an hour site wide. It means it hard to give up other places because it's harder to get thing rolling here


Anonymous 61402[Reply]

Icelandic State Church just posted this image. Discuss.
16 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 73553

Well it looks like a fucking joke, what where they thinking. It's not even a tranny tranny its straight up a jewish moid with a full beard, tits and a weird butt. It's even making fun at trannies lol.

It's has moderately strong meme potential.

Anonymous 73615

>are unreliable for obvious reasons.
They're not unreliable at all. They just don't give much religious details maybe because they were considered problematic but more likely because they didn't have them or didn't understand how it went outside of the stories and folklore. A culture doesn't just disappear. Christianity moulded itself to Europe extensively, a lot of it is just Greek and and Roman culture.

Our main source is Snorri who wrote them down and even his own prose fanfiction (reusing elements) specifically because he wanted to preserve the old stories of his people. Before other forms of entertainment and information mediums, oral traditions were pretty strong things. It could be that the reason there aren't much religious details is because there never were any in these epics about heroic deeds, bloody battles, and family feuds.

Anonymous 73616


If you're a non-Christian or very close to being one, the only thing you need from the Christian religion is to learn about biblical exegesis and Christian ethics for the sake of being learned about the entire Western world and how it came to be.
If you're a Christian, then change your denomination for something that you would like, or maybe become self-learned about the religion and do a seminary-like course of study, albeit you won't get a degree for this and maybe it would be a complete waste of time depending on what you're into (big candidates being missiology and the like that are meant for the clergy).

Anonymous 73618


And, of course, my thoughts on the picture is that secular topics and academic fields are meddling a little too much with religion and it should never be this way if it means that this will get spread to the laypeople instead of being a clergy-only thing.
Perhaps this is the consequence of too many gender studies graduates wanting to shelter themselves into religion given their career prospects, so we get ridiculous stuff like this as they begin to become part of the clergy.

Anonymous 73619

>State Church
What a horrific concept.


Anonymous 59167[Reply]

Do you like older men?
87 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 73306

yes, but not the gross ones who are overweight and unshaved, i like older men who take care of themselves and look mature and professional.

im 21 and only like men as old as 49

Anonymous 73307

Anonymous 73597

Where do I meet an older man?

Anonymous 73598

anywhere. there should be some in your neighborhood.

Anonymous 73600

where do i meet younger men? they are superior in every way.

lost paradise.jpg

Anonymous 73451[Reply]

what is that you fundamentally want out of life? pic unrel
6 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 73560


Thanks for the response, anon. I'll keep your wisdom in mind <3 The comic is also pretty good. I'm gonna link it to some people.

>btw pic related made my day lmao

Anonymous 73580

I'd settle for omnipotence.

Anonymous 73587


I want enough passive income to live a humble, but carefree life.
I want to love and spend my time with someone, who would never abandon me.
I want to move somewhere with better climate.
I want a quiet home with pleasant architecture, a fireplace and a library.
I want inspiration to create.
I want to be in good health.

Anonymous 73591

sorrow and extinct…

>I want to move somewhere with better climate
do you mean scandinavian winter by that, by any chance?

Anonymous 73592


Not really, i already live someplace cold, i was thinking of somewhere that's in between temperate and subtropical climate.


Things to leave in 2020 Anonymous 72831[Reply]

What are some things that you would like to see left behind in 2021?

For myself:
>Wojak memes
>Karen memes and videos
>Spergouts over masks
>Shitty Netflix shows
>Harry Styles
>Annoying twitterspeak (periodt, chile, etc)
>"E-girl" and "e-boy"
6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 72939

i can agree with the masks and the karen videos just fuck off are you that sheltered to not realise these people are retarded and we just have to ignore them…

the rest will just go away on there own replaced by new annoying forms

Anonymous 72940

Me too

Anonymous 73351

fuck yeah
Please kill e-girl culture and Onlyfans

Anonymous 73377

Wojak (covering fa…

>Wojak memes
Do you mean all Wojak memes? Because the original drawings were just innocent reaction images instead of nonsensical ad hominem.

Anonymous 73582


they've been usurped by normalfags on tiktok… its too late… you have to say goodbye…


Moid secrets. Anonymous 68756[Reply]

We all know how primitive they are, but even they have their gender specific secrets.
Maybe you know some myths about men that turned out to be true? Share them here.
405 posts and 46 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 73438

This. “Rape fantasy” is an oxymoron. The very definition of rape is that it is unwanted.

Anonymous 73459

Rape is not just unwanted sex. If you don't/can't consent it's still rape. Or at least that's how I see it.

Anonymous 73465

Sure in legal terms. But mainly is unwanted sex, thats where the concept comes from, the second part you wrote is how we as audience or investigators, law enforcement, etc can tell if it was or no.

Because you know extreme case I know but there might be a mute girl, and we gotta go through observation to deduce, its hard right? It would be really hard to catch that with little body language. Point is, it is unwanted sex at its core thats what the person being offended by the crime feels and thinks. When people have a "rape fantasy" just means kinky sex would be oxymoronic otherwise because of what rape is as a concept, just like some moids are into femdom that aint rape.

Anonymous 73529

Related to this, men can still cheat on you, but not always with a woman. Especially nowadays that we are more open about homosexuality.
Why do they do it knowing they have a close FWB, gf, or wife? Who knows. But still, they will have the audacity to have a child with a woman, while also sleeping with their "friend," or so.

Anonymous 73530

Being on the downlow is nothing new you silly zoomer

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