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Redefining feminism Anonymous 258042[Reply]

So tired of libfems twisting feminism and advocating for behaviors entirely contradictory to what feminism stands for like housewives and cosmetics.
Feminism is not about empowering women to do whatever they want and equality.
Feminism is about advocating for the interests of women, for ensuring their independance from men, their safety, and their rights.
Firstly, just because women CAN do whatever they want doesn't mean these things are positive and good for women. For example, I will NEVER understand why so called "feminists" will advocate for women being tradwives when 50% of marriages end in divorce and most abusive situations involve financial abuse. Advocating for housewifery is advocating for women to willingly give up their tools to leave an abusive situation and surrendering their independence. When there is a 50/50 chance it fails, why the FUCK would you do that? And how in any way is this feminist? There are many other things peddled as "feminist" such as makeup and sex work.
Secondly, we do not fight for equality because equality simply is not a possibility unless women were to seperate from males entirely. We are advocating for the interests of women, womens rights, womens safety. There ARE divisions between the genders, and no I will not fight for equality because when you say feminism is about equality some m*le comes chiming in trying to distract from sexual harassment women face by going "but what about MALE sexual harassment??" when they are the main perpetrators. I do not care for equality, I care for advancing the interests of females, period.
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Anonymous 258122

I don't know how to engage in discussions because it always falls into "let people do and live however they want" no matter how much I try to explain it is not a choice, not healthy for you, and that it endangers many other girls and then it's "well that's how YOU think"
This individualist mindset is too strong they aren't able to think outside their own little box of tiktok trends

Anonymous 258134

Pick-mes are behind libfeminism and pick-mes will always hold us back.

Anonymous 258135

>Tell them it sucks but that it's called feminism, not masculism, and men's problems aren't what we're focusing on
Exactly. I am not fighting for equality I am fighting for women's rights, not that i am necessarily against mens issues getting attention but they dont even care about their own issues, they just use it as a talking point to distract from womens issues. Its all a ploy to undermine feminism.
Saying feminism is about "equality and womens freedom" is better optics. Also, during 2nd wave feminism when they said they fought for equality they just wanted rights. They wanted freedom, as in freedom to pursue independence snd careers. However the definition of equality and freedom has changed since then, and now libfems twist it to mean something completely different and regressive, to justify sex work and such. Then they will call YOU the fake feminist lol.
Tradwives and prostitutes are 2 sides of the same coin. Both surrender their independence and trade their dignity to mooch off of males for their entire lives. Their entire livelihoods are dependant on men. Tradwives are better in the sense its less dangerous and more stable, but still an absolute shit position to put yourself in. I dislike sex work too (but I feel bad for the women who get involved and empathize with them, and its often out of desperation) but was just using tradwives as an example.
I always tell them the real effects of their ideology is overall BAD for women. Try and act more moderate.
Ex. sex work
"sex work is bad, statistically almost all sex workers are assaulted"
"its womens choice and we should not restrict womens choices based on the actions of men, that is victim blaming."
"The real effects of that idea leads to more women being harmed, which is BAD for women, and feminism is about prioritizing womens safety. I don't blame victims who were assaulted, but we know that sex work is a dangerous profession, so its best for women not to get involved. Women SHOULD be able to do what they want without fear of being assaulted, but unfortunately bad people exist and there isnt much we can do and must take precautions. Just like it is wise to lock your house before you leave because bad people exist who will rob you, it is wise tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 258145

It's a choice but some choices are stupid and have consequences. At least that's how I see it. I don't engage in debates though tbh.

Anonymous 258267

>I agree that aiming to be a housewife is stupid and sets you up for being vulnerable, but how many women are housewives anyway? In my irl circles, there isn't a single family where the woman is a proper full-time housewife. It's borderline impossible in the modern economy.
It's still the norm in immigrant families from Middle Eastern countries.


Anonymous 255739[Reply]

Is 4chan or reddit worse?
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Anonymous 258094

I thought it was funny how boomers and bandwagon cool kids fell for it. It really proves the meme that some people are normies with lower brain function.

Anonymous 258095

because women tend to be more smarter than men which are a big portion of 4chan. i am aware there are some weird characters here but everyone is mostly chill and doesn't do the same ragebait bs as 4chan lol

Anonymous 258219

4chan also is worse because it’s too well known and flooded with normies and bots, and attracts weirdos who push agendas and shitfling there. cc is relatively unknown by comparison and you can’t find this place unless you’re in pretty deep online

Anonymous 258253

Agreed. It is relatively easy to find good subreddits, but even the less popular boards on 4chan are flooded with cancer

Anonymous 258263

what are some good subs?


Anyone get depressed when going on incel spaces online? Anonymous 257134[Reply]

I've been lurking on incel forums the past year just out of curiosity since I've been hearing about them a lot and that shit is so demoralizing and has made me more scared of men outside of my family lol. Idk why I do but I feel like many other girls can relate to this when lurking on fucked up places on the internet out of morbid curiosity. Like I don't obviously generalize men but I just assume any man or boy my age I see is an incel now. The negativity just gets me down and it doesn't help that I am already a depressed shut in.
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Anonymous 257837

>make society accept the existance of lonely man and build ways to sublimate(?) their desires
That is a dangerous line to balance.

Anonymous 257842


The basis of incel-thinking is: I deserve sex from women, I can't control my urges, so it's unfair I don't get a free vagina.
They are laying out social justifications for rape and diminished women rights. It gets repeated enough, it will get accepted.
Be sure that this is what is coming: demography being in the shitter, abortion is going first, equality is next.

Anonymous 258021

yeah, just make it normal for men to distract themselves with video games and porn and never speak to a real woman and… whoops, most men end up doing this because it's the path of least resistance so you just ruined society forever. lmao

Anonymous 258210

Anonymous 258230

This sounds like an incel who wants women to confirm his doomer mindset about all men being unattractive or something


Anonymous 258107[Reply]

Is "comphet" a bishit cope? As a lesbian I've never simped any male celebrity or fictional character, not even 2D. I find it pretty spot on the thought that bisexuals use "comphet" to seethe about wanting to fuck moids so badly but want to keep LARPing as lesbians. What do you think?
53 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 258209

Fair enough, thank you!

Anonymous 258220

I’m bisexual but yaoi and depictions of male homosexuals really disgust and bother me, I don’t even know why I’m like this

Anonymous 258222

By acting sweet and stuff? What kinds of men or depictions do you like?

Anonymous 258223

I just don't like any men really, or like I don't ever like seeing them portrayed as cute or desirable or sexy. I used to think I was lesbian actually but then I got a bf and I liked it so I'm clearly not. But I feel like my attraction to men in general is kind of weird and broken compared to how most girls seem to experience it.

Anonymous 258224

Fellow bisexual here. Yaoi doesn't disgust me but I just don't find it interesting for some reason, and neither do I like het. Maybe because I'm not really attracted to men outside of a sexual context, but in porn I NEED that there is a girl. So for romance I just read F/F, and for porn I go for F/F or M/F depending on the mood. I have jerked it to bara before and it was very underwhelming despite finding bears attractive lol.


/fumo/ thread Anonymous 253759[Reply]

Post your favourite softs
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Anonymous 253939



But I guess if you want easy context to fanworks and refuse to play the games you're a fake fan best bet is the manga and books written by ZUN.

Wild and Horned Hermit is good and follows Kasen and several of the major players. Forbidden Scrollery is legally available in English if you prefer physical works. Perfect Memento in Strict Sense is awesome because it basically acts as a who's-who guide to the characters framed as chronicles by Akyuu, the Touhou wiki also has it in full.

Anonymous 254700

touhou is filled with moids and it's hard to get into the community if you don't already have connections

Anonymous 255121

prehistoric fumos.…

I make my own fumos, here you have 3 best friends

Anonymous 255122

omg i know who you are

Anonymous 258218

for me it's Yuuka Kazami


Honestly i would feel absolutely nothing if I got an abortion Anonymous 228209[Reply]

I've never had one, but I got to thinking and realizing if I did I would feel nothing. Just zilch nada nothing. It means nothing to me that it's a baby, if anything I'd feel resentful towards it for embodying both a death sentence and financial nightmare.

And wow that's pretty much it.
Thank God I've never been pregnant. Truth to God though, why are we expected to feel anything else about unborn babies?

Now if we desired to have them, and they aren't an accident, that's a different story. But why must I naturally like something that's mostly a nightmare alien growing inside me? I really don't know why I should. If I have something like that in me, it's in my own interest to get it the fuck out of me as quick as possible.

I don't know why I should be sentimental. Why??? I really resent babies just thinking about this wow.
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Anonymous 257613

I'll see if I can find any. I'm interested about this too so I was just looking it up.
It seems like anything that has a live sample in the vials has to be avoided.
>We recommend that you avoid “live” virus vaccines (like measles, mumps, and rubella) that contain small parts of the actual virus. They may cause miscarriage or birth defects if they are transmitted to the baby. This risk is very small though.
>Other examples of “live” virus vaccines include chicken pox, smallpox, Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) and poliomyelitis vaccines.

Anonymous 257662

I get liking or not liking babies but why do people who like/want/have babies have to insist everyone likes babies? I don't care about your offspring and probably would only care about mine. not everybody need to be a parent, some people are not suited for it and it's ok.
babies are also not inherently cute, I've seen plenty of ugly babies, just because your brain is programmed to find them cute doesn't mean they're actually cute.

Anonymous 257684

>babies are also not inherently cute, I've seen plenty of ugly babies, just because your brain is programmed to find them cute doesn't mean they're actually cute.
This. Also applies to dogs and cats and other animals and their babies, if you think they are cute I'm sorry to say your brain is weak and you are a victim

Anonymous 257702

i think abortion is part of the golden rule: treat other people as you would treat your selfe. if one treat and think all life is worth of value, the same sould also apply to you. in a society that dose not think of people as value, or some people as not value, is maybe, bad. idk. but i think it is part of the "golden rule". and how you treat others, reflect on how people should treat you. …like, you are not the only person will feelings and thoughts in this world…

hard question op has, not here to answer, but maybe provide more info? idk

Anonymous 257709


I thought I'd get used to it but that image in OP gives me the jeepers every single time this thread gets bumped.


Meme Template Anonymous 258129[Reply]

Fill in the blank


Mandatory vasectomies Anonymous 257795[Reply]

Would you support a law that required all males to get vasectomies at age 12?
8 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 257821

man wtf is this whole thread lmao. this proves my theory that moids larp and get off to this shit.

Anonymous 257823

Males are already crying about muh circumcision and how awful and evil it is. Vasectomies would definitely not fly since circumcision at least is backed up by patriarchal religions. And it's stil heavily protested against by most males.

Also, there would be lots of pressure to reverse the vasectomy because I can already imagine breeders going "y-you're not a REAL man if you can't impregnate! >:(" So
>100% of males get vasectomy at 12
>90% of males reverse vasectomy at 18

Disgusting OP pic btw. Testicles?! On MY crystal cafe?! Get this shit out of here REEEEE

Anonymous 257827


>do I support something that sounds like an idea Dr. Mengele would propose.

Anonymous 257840

Why not full on castration?

Anonymous 258106

>muh circumcision

foreskins are cute and feel good though


Are Slow Cookers Worth It? Anonymous 255352[Reply]

I'm too exhausted from work to cook anything from scratch. Should I invest in a slow cooker? I like the idea of coming home to an already cooked meal.
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 255663

slow cooker ist just a port wiht an automatic shut off button.

Anonymous 255664

Imma try making lentil soup, broccoli cheddar soup and creamy mushroom soup.

Anonymous 255685

They're great but not ideal if you're working full time since you should ideally do some prep and make sure you stick everything in 7-8 hours before eating or 3-4 if you have a high setting
A pressure cooker is probably better since you can whack everything together with minimal prep after work

Anonymous 258071

Anonymous 258087

thanks for reminding me since i've been wanting these for a while now. it heard it's so convenient which is great.


Seperating the art from the artist Anonymous 256370[Reply]

Do you watch, read or listen to anything made by people who've [allegedly or actually] abused, raped or sexually harassed others?

It's very annoying when you find something you like, and then you read about them and find out that they're toxic people. Hollywood is full of toxic people and you have no idea who did what until someone opens up about it.
33 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 257967

I really like polanski's films but feel weird about consuming them knowing he's a pedo rapist who managed to get away before being put behind bars. All of hollywood is probably pedo rapists anyway but yeah it's crazy how such a bad person could make good films but yeah he's a truly vile person and this isn't some allegations either he actually did it and got away.

Anonymous 257971

There's no perfect victim but the first wave of MeToo really turned out to have such imperfect victims that the only clear winners were the tabloids. Rose McGowan arguably causing but inarguably reacting callously to Jill Messick's suicide, the whole Asia Argento and underage boy situation. I know a lot of women turn understandably nasty after abuse but that's usually confined to being mean and short tempered and defensive, when the tabloids started documenting them as predatory the momentum of the movement broke. Makes you wonder if powerful men had decided in advance to orchestrate the whole thing and use those specific women as faces just so they could have a built in self destruct switch to flip the second their own goals were achieved.

Anonymous 257996

If men are problematic, do you call it "male psychosis"? I think you're still feeding into the "crazy hysterical woman" stereotypes.

Anonymous 258005


don't blink or you just might miss me.

daily reminder to never stan a moid. looking past anything beyond his face and movies is a cocktail for disaster. I again warn my sisters. sooo many celeb men ruined. rapist abuser pedophile sicko degenerates. they have unchecked sadistic amounts of power and are dripping with STDs. they are not worth your body, your sanity, or your soul.

Truman Show was one of my favorite movies, Liar Liar when I was a child. He was inspiring to me once, but has pixilated into a blur. maybe I hold grudges too long, it's okay to feel the way you do if you have trauma. if the celeb you like turns out to be a heinous creature it's fine to say you can't. people love to call women crazy but I completely understand and relate to those who can't diverge art and artist. when the artist hates women? By all means, hate away.

I just wanted to love. I don't want to hate. To be here is painful. I just wanted to forgive and forget. I was letting go, the gossip reels me back occasionally. Saw something about him having an underage victim after not seeing any rumors for awhile and poor girl wanting to come out. Exposé now. CDC mold spore deserves to be shoved under the jail if he out there abusing under 18s, and suciding 30 year olds. Under. the. jail. Get him.

Gradually back on Lamo. Things have improved. Justice for all his victims if anyone does come out. Never forget J!m C@rrey is an abuser. Don't let me trip someone's google alert.

Anonymous 258036

I do listen to music artists who are alleged horrible people but what i do is i record or download it to my phone so i can listen to it without giving them money.

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