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Anonymous 57380[Reply]

What are your thoughts on the whole "time-stop fetish" thing a lot of guys have? Normally this seems to start when the testosterone starts flowing during puberty and the guys fantasize about stopping time in class to grab a boob or whatever. It seems to be a fairly popular sub-genre of porn (at least in Japan).

So, what do you think of it? Rapey and gross? Kinda hot in a wierd way? Neutral or don't care?
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Anonymous 57392

>Not deriving sexual satisfaction from ending the Joestar bloodline

Anonymous 57393

>but as the time-stopper, not the one getting groped
Why have you incepted this thought in my mind, more importantly, why do I want to hear more?

Anonymous 57398

Pizza mozarella, pizza mozarella, pizza mozarella rella rella rella rella~~

Anonymous 57432

Shouldn't posts about fetishes be on the nsfw board ?

Anonymous 57440

It's so obvious this thread was made by a moid. Who cares about this shit if it isn't a moid asking on CC?


Anonymous 57347[Reply]

Why don't men like vaginas? It's common to hear them say they're ugly among other insults.
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Anonymous 57367

Do women actually like penises? I like my bf's (erect) penis, but I don't like random penises at all, and specially not flaccid ones. I assume it's similar for men.

Anonymous 57369

The website says that one's a lady on testosterone tho

Anonymous 57370

I'm not able to be attracted to other men's bodies. My man's penis is the only acceptable one whether it's hard or flaccid, I love the softness of it's skin and to squeeze it with my hand.

Anonymous 57375

Yeah, that one's a FtM troon. So it's still a real vulva

Anonymous 57438

You're right, I mis-read it.


Anonymous 57378[Reply]

hey cafe-goers! in your opinion, what is a better way to deal with physical insecurity?

1. establish goals to target your insecurities OR 2. learn to detach from appearance altogether

if you have another coping mechanism altogether, feel free to share. it can feel like it is a lot harder to feel satisfied with one's looks these days, or is it just me? :P

Anonymous 57379

Both. Simply put, improve that which can be improved. Always note though that beauty preferences can vary greatly. Improving only applies for traits that are generally more attractive like better fitness, smoother skin, proportionate facial features, etc. I'm not ugly though, just unremarkable. So I mostly focus on school, fitness, and extracurriculars.

Anonymous 57383

This. Fix what you can (without unnecessary drastic surgery) and then learn to accept the rest. Just physically stepping back a bit from the mirror (to the distance most people will see you at) can help a lot.

azula confused fac…

How do you deal with the fact that like >90% of men watch porn? Anonymous 55767[Reply]

It makes me sick and depressed at the same time. Like we live in a world where true love and romance is basically dead.

I would never be able to be with a guy, who watches porn. It gives me disgusted shivers all over my body.

Recently I read about how many women give their boyfriends "birthday anal". Even though women have a vagina, which is self-cleaning, doesn't hurt them and doesn't require to give themselves a colonsoscopy to use it for sex, men still want to stick their penis inside it. And the women are manipulated into degrading themselves and doing something they would never be asked to do, if their partner wasn't addicted to porn.

They can never be satisfied. They also want femdom roleplay, very rough oral sex, footjobs, etc. Porn just ruins absolutely everything.
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Anonymous 57227

They’re pets!

Anonymous 57246

It's cute how women will adopt this brand of degrading the other gender yet it looks so out of place to read.

Anonymous 57247

thanks UwU

Anonymous 57323

How do you define "watching porn"?
Just sitting there and watching it like a movie?
Or does opening a video, masturbating, orgasming, closing a video also count as "watching porn"?

Anonymous 57368



Unpopular Opinions #3 Anonymous 12450[Reply]

I think Lain worship is cringy as fuck and I'm wary of any guy who likes her.
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Anonymous 57316

Eh, I think some of it is an expression of likely newfound identity in a culture that is overly encouraging of women desiring men. Some are also bisexuals, meaning they feel the pressure to prove their attraction to women.

Just biting back at comphet and trying to overcome youthful insecurity. It is pretty cringe if it's their whole personality though.

Anonymous 57317

People are the cringiest about things when they've just begun to identify with them, it takes time to mellow out and learn the pitfalls of an identity

Anonymous 57340

I genuinely don't think fatphobia is a real thing, nor does it deserve to be at the same level of racism and misogyny.

Anonymous 57351


Maybe, I lurked through /lgtb/ a little while ago and discovered what ''autogynephilia'' is… ew
What you suggest seems like an understandable perspective.
>It is pretty cringe if it's their whole personality though.
Yes. I have to admit that most of the times I have the sensation (from the people I see in real life rather than from the posts I see online from lesbians I don't know) that what you just said is more the result of following some sort of ''trend'' that being a lesbian or bisexual has become, rather than just the first step towards building your identity. I know I'm being judgemental but the presence of this stuff is SO BIG at my uni that I'm extremely tired of it. We all did dumb things is highschool but when I see this kind of sentences on the back of the bathroom doors at the campus I feel like I'm traped in highschool era forever with these people.

Anonymous 57361

>tfw you live in a world where this is now an unpopular opinion


Anonymous 57325[Reply]

My period stopped a while ago and ever since I've been having libido issues. I tried to read stories, watch videos, nothing seems to work. What do? How do you get yourself in the mindset?

Anonymous 57327

How old are you?

Anonymous 57329


I would suggest you post something like that on the nsfw board. As to answer your question, it is normal to have fluctiations like that, everyone has moments in their lives where they are more or less horny. Trying to force the horny isn't gonna feel that great which will make you less likely to seek out the horny. Wait for the horny to come back naturally on its own. It's just better. Also stop worrying about your horny so much, it's exactly what kills the mood. I wish you a nice day, OP.

Anonymous 57344

This sounds like perimenopausal OP. See a doctor.


Anonymous 57265[Reply]

What does a physically attractive person look like?
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Anonymous 57285

Maybe attractive is the wrong word. How about aesthetically pleasing? What does an aesthetically pleasing face looks like?

Anonymous 57307

How long is a piece of string?

Anonymous 57328

Is that the contrapoints tranny

Anonymous 57330


Nah she looks too pretty to be ContraPoints

Anonymous 57332

Vanessa Axente and Marlon Teixeira


Anonymous 57218[Reply]

>tfw no qt 4ch bf to share edgy memes and make fun of normalfags with
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Anonymous 57286

You sound like best friend material tbh

Anonymous 57298

kek sounds fun

Anonymous 57305

I don't understand this post. Are those supposed to be good things? You are just thugs, it's not even average 4chan poster attitude.

Anonymous 57310

She says a great part of a solid relationship is the complicity between partners.
Partners in crime so to speak.

Anonymous 57311

Guys have a hard time understanding that even if they are attractive, they could be really hot to 1/10 girls, decent to 3/10 of them, and unremarkable to the rest. It's hard for them to understand how specific most womens' tastes are, because most guys aren't that picky with girls. Thus, they try to date maybe 3 different girls, get rejected by all of them, and start to believe they're ugly even if they aren't.


Anonymous 55178[Reply]

Which one are you?
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Anonymous 56829

Blocker and trad

Anonymous 57277

I feel spectre fits me the most.

Anonymous 57281

Rolling for truth

Anonymous 57282

>tfw you'll have to wait till disfigurement or hagdom to achieve making children cry and run away
One day I'll achieve bog witch status and make a wall outside of my house with fake skulls and cobbled together sigils that don't do anything.

Anonymous 57287

Blocker, just not the "moving onto someone else" part
Formerly known as disaster


/brit/ Anonymous 37682[Reply]

A general dedicated to the discussion of British culture.

What part of britain are you from girls?
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Anonymous 39918

Had a horrible dream
Did some random shit with Gordan Ramsey about people writing in about some primitive cooking book, only for some reason it involved a whole bunch of chicks sending their tits in
And i really wanted the book but i kept forgetting what it was called and half waking up and wanting to write it down then forgetting
Only to slip back into sleep and for Gordon to give it back to me a few times and one time a golf club as well for some reason

But then there was a recession and i got a job offer in Melbourne so flew down. But when i got there my mum sent me a Facebook message saying it was probably fake and why would they head hunt somebody like me during a recession.
So i got annoyed and was walking around Melbourne i decided i may as well have a beer.
There was one of those counter sticking out of the wall places like which might sell coffee only they only sold xxxx and vb.
The weird thing is though all the melbournians were only drinking xxxx even though its a Queensland beer.
And im standing at this fucking counter for ages. New people are constantly coming but im never served.
Theres a list of all the sizes of beer but they're all wrong.
Normally i can't read in dreams but shit like a schooner is called a schooeeywooey and middy(which people use in Melbourne i think) was a midriff.
And i want a pint but im not sure if i should be self conscious about it because everybody else is getting runt sized beers.
Never got my beer just woke up

Anonymous 57186

alri lasses as if this is still up haha mental that

Anonymous 57188

What a boring post

Anonymous 57232

Why's it so bloody hot…

Anonymous 57252

cuz ur mum's fat

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