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Anonymous 64676[Reply]

What's it like having bipolar disorder?

Anonymous 64709

its great and I hate it

Anonymous 80962

Untitled_Artwork 2…

its just suffering. A lot of crying. I'm sick of myself and I want off this ride

Anonymous 80977

abilify is my only friend

Anonymous 81432

Emotions are 0 to 100 to -100. Long periods of depression. Manic periods where you fuck up your life for no reason. It sucks.


HEY LOOK! Anonymous 81426[Reply]

>Right there is the person who refuses to believe in herself
>Right there is the person who deserves a loving partner but is untrusting to others
>Right there is the person who deserves better,but needs to understand that luxuries are only earned,not given
>Right there is the person who can conquer the world
>Right there is the person who can succeed
Plan your day,then conquer it.We belive in you.


Help Anonymous 80674[Reply]

I want to write a story but i cant seem to be able to make it meaningful to me while it has a satisfying conclusion. This is because my own life lacks narrative and i have no idea what meaning really is. I could write a shallow simpleminded story, yes, but that would really suck the fun and the point out of it. Maybe its me having bpd (idk if i have it) or then its just a lack of serotonin giving me the view that what i write will never be meaningful because i suck. Either way, does anyone else have this problem? Another way i could put it would be that i face the problem of feeling like enough stories have already been written and enough has already been said, making anything new i try to write devoid of meaning. (Retarded pic attached ik)
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Anonymous 81171

Honestly so true. There's a lot of published bullshit out there, and that's encouraging more than anything else. If other people can do it why not you?

Also, OP I'm sure could write something meaningful if you wanted. But more importantly, you don't need to! You can just try to write something that's fun and enjoyable (and usually readers will fill in the rest for ya ;) ).

Anonymous 81176

I was in Clarkesworld and Fantasy & Science Fiction. And although I always recommend applying to all of them, Fantasy & and Science is almost not worth it because their application process is such a pain in the ass.

Anonymous 81201


It might help to make an outline for your story and yourself, OP. When I write I find that having one helps me remain on track and flesh things out better.

As for feeling anxious about writing stories that have already been done: there are literally no completely new, fresh ideas anymore. A lot of narratives are based on stories that have already been done before but have been tweaked slightly. I really think once you write your story, put it out there, and get feedback these feelings will start to fade.

Anonymous 81262

I want to start writing some simple CYOA/interactive fiction games but I feel so intimidated by learning twine/inform. And by the incredible production values I see people putting into their own games.

Anonymous 81425


WE BELIVE IN YOU ANON!!! You will probably make a great story as long as you just keep it enjoyable for you.


Any other websites like this? Anonymous 80711[Reply]

Any other websites like crytal cafe, i know there is lolcow.farm but I don't know any other websites….
pic not related.
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Anonymous 80721

i’m not sure if the owner ever put out an official statement but i feel like she just got tired of running it. moids spammed it with shock images of women having sex with dogs and stuff like that, the last time i tried to go on it it wouldn’t even load. someone mentioned an alternative but i don’t remember the name right now. if i find it again i’ll post.

Anonymous 80725

It's so fucked up, we can't have anything :(

Anonymous 80729

Yeah I know, although if a website has a good moderation team, i think it can survive.

Anonymous 80731

i found it: https://grungebunny.wixsite.com/anna-koldings
it’s really dead though. barely any posts.
i hope that ag will come back one day but it seems unlikely, it’s hard for women to have spaces anywhere

Anonymous 81206

i wish it was more active lets boost it


Anonymous 44115[Reply]

Where the fuck do you meet men
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Anonymous 81032

No. He is a devout christian and I am atheist. Barring that and the fact he physically disgusts me despite the fact I am aware he is conventionally attractive to others, I would. But it grosses me out to think about because I know him as my brother. I have no interest in him.

Anonymous 81035

>If you believe in "power dynamics" you can't mutually believe in consent at the same time.
Let me demonstrate. If a daughter decides to get into a relationship with her father (who raised her since she was a baby) once she turns 18, how likely is it that that relationship is going to be fair and equal when she has acted in the parent/child relationship power dynamic for so long? She is at considerable risk that her father will treat her in an unequal way because of this dynamic. Even if her father treated her lovingly in the relationship, the dynamic still remains, likely has unhealthy results, and can easily, easily be abused. Consider why 13 year olds in school having relationships with their teachers is considered unsafe, even if the teacher really does have an interest in the person they're in a relationship with.

With most siblings, it's not an equal relationship. Most sibling relationships have order instilled in them (elder vs. younger) and look at each other, depending on this order, usually. They also might have special roles assigned to each other from a young age. The point is, if they grew up with each other, the potential for inequality in the relationship, as well as abuse, is huge. Ask people who are molested by siblings - it's often not a clear cut "someone didn't want it". The sibling's relationship to each other was utilized for access that usually wouldn't be granted. The same would apply to a potential relationship once a person's 18.

I mean, consider how that would impact certain scenarios - you could groom relationship partners for yourself and legally nothing could stop you as long as long as they hit a certain age. Obviously, this isn't the main situation I'm thinking of in my above responses, but it's an opened up possibility.

I think of it similar to the legal age of consent isn't technically necessary in that I'm sure there have been positive relationships of 12 year olds with 20 year olds, etc. But, the age of consent provides a certain protection to its victims.

Anonymous 81074

So… the femcels are afterski responsible for the incest shit on pornhub huh?

Anonymous 81088

Yeah, that sounds like a great way to end up old and alone.

I think I'll pass.

Anonymous 81204

find on campus, message him on instagram. is it that hard for you?

autistische katze.…

Anonymous 81154[Reply]

Does sometimes looking ugly and sometimes looking pretty on photos mean you are average looking? In the mirror I tend to look best. On photos that show my profile the worst.

Anonymous 81167

i think it's pretty much the same for everyone. i have some photos that i look hot but they are usually ugly. depends on the angle + light

Anonymous 81170

Almost nobody is good looking in every single photo, and you're your own biggest critic so probably look better than you think you do a lot of the time also.

Anonymous 81172

It is the same for everyone, everyone thinks they look better in the mirror than in photos. The reason is that our faces are not perfectly symmetrical. So, for example, if your nose is 2mm to the right of where it should be, it looks natural to you in the mirror because you've gotten used to it. But when you take a photo, you see it 4mm to the left of what your expected position is. So you think you look hideous, but to others your nose is just off by 2mm so you look fine to them.
This happens all the time to me, I have a weird jaw offset to the right. In the mirror it looks fine but in a photo it looks really really weird.


I think I might be autistic Anonymous 78369[Reply]

Since I was a kid I have been very weird and quiet. I never thought I had autism until last year but I was diagnosed with Atention Deficit Disorder when I was 10 years old so obviously I'm not neurotypical
I don't want to self diagnose but I'd love to read more experiences of autistic woman! I'll post mine as well.
(The image is in spanish because that's my native language lol)
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Anonymous 79575

I love you

Anonymous 79724


>Your broader autism cluster (Aspie) score: 119 of 200
>Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 75 of 200
girls… does this mean…

Anonymous 80953

OP here again!! Idk if its correct to self diagnose but if you think youre autistic you should see a theraphist
Me too!!

Anonymous 80981


'your communication is both neurotypical and aspie'…okay? I'm def not aspie (I have a couple of cousins who are) but I may have add.Didn't realize they have overlap.

Anonymous 81138


so how legit is this supposed to be

indir (2).jpg

curiosity Anonymous 80516[Reply]

is there any male imageboard? ı'm just curious
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Anonymous 80522

Wizchan. They don't want women over there.

Anonymous 80523

ah selam

Anonymous 80692

Hey, selam!

Anonymous 80697

no men are too retarded to use computers

Anonymous 80701

Selam is males spelled backwards


Baking thread Anonymous 7341[Reply]

Do you enjoy baking, miners? Let’s share our favorite recipes!
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Anonymous 80909


I bake a lot, and people really love when I make sprinkle coated sugar cookies. Pic isn't mine, but this recipe is:
1 cup butter
1 egg
Splash of vanilla
2 1/4 cups flour
1 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
Roll in sprinkles
Bake 350° for 8-10 minutes depending

Anonymous 80935


I love to make these but add more garlic and seasoning and some bacon bits.

Anonymous 81021

1 DSC_0079.JPG

I made chai spice snickerdoodles yesterday and they were really good. I used the snickerdoodle recipe on King Arthur Flour's website which gives you a really amazing texture.

Anonymous 81028

Black pepper or a tiny pinch of cayenne is great on a snickerdoodle, too! I've never tried chai spice, but I like to use pumpkin spice in fall/winter.

Anonymous 81073

Any suggestions for Macaroons? I'm scared of not getting the fluffy texture right; I've seen people's recreations turn out into flat, eh cookies.


Voices of Earlier English: Benjamin Franklin Declares Independence Anonymous 80076[Reply]

Anonymous 80145

Yes but I don't know much about it apart from taking a casual interest in some weird lingual quirks and a few specific pidgins and creoles. The enunciation in your list is a pretty fascinating mix of what we think of now as Irish and Scottish though, like the screenshot says. It's like Irish but with very emphasised rhotic R's.

Anonymous 81085

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