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Anonymous 28523[Reply]



Anonymous 15463[Reply]

The last 3 digits of your post equals to which Pokemon you are.
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Anonymous 28507


Anonymous 28508


I accept this.

Anonymous 28512


Anonymous 28513

Rhydon, I am very pleased.

Anonymous 28515


Anonymous 27350[Reply]

/b/ what're some things you do that make you feel stupid? reveal your bad habits.
personally i, whenever i read over arguments, have this awful inclination of agreeing with what i've read ( if it's convincingly stated ) automatically without bothering to go out for sources.
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Anonymous 28426

Whenever I play scrabble I can't help but spell as many dirty words as possible even at the expense of losing the game. I'm old but giggle like a child at writing out fag or poop on the board. I got very close to writing "cuck" today but my opponent took the 'U'. Next match I magically had in my starting letters NGGER and got the stupidest grin on my face.

Anonymous 28432

>Amazon goes bankrupt in 2043
>whole $12000 digital library vanishes

Physical copies are better, trust me.

Anonymous 28433

You can download ebooks you purchased.

Anonymous 28481


I have to be a smartass here:

>house where books are stored catches fire, gets flooded, hit by tornado or devastating earth quake

>12,000$ mega library is destroyed

What if the library of Alexandria had a digital backup?

Anonymous 28494

>What if the library of Alexandria had a digital backup?

You would be available to access and cite all the wisdom of BC philosophers at a rate of $50 per manuscript/scrolls + membership fees thanks to and courtesy of Elsevier and John Wiley unless Alexandra Elbakyan invents a time machine and digitizes said pieces + makes em free. That is assuming they would let a woman like her inside; they were elitist and only open to select few scholars (much like access to modern-day academic journals). Then again at that time only a select few could actually read.


Pets thread Anonymous 24416[Reply]

Does anon have any pets? Does she have any CATS? Does she pet them and love them?

Post about your pets. And if you have any pictures to share please share them!

I am also excited to see if there are any guinea pig owners, I miss mine. When I have my life sorted out I wanted to build a guinea pig fort just like this English girl on youtube. The only issue is that their is a social dynamic and some might end up bullied and excluded rather than be a hamtaro friendship club.
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Anonymous 27913

My cat is going crazy. She was having hairballs from time to time. Yesterday I caught her trying to eat hair she had shed, so I quickly grabbed it and pulled it away and she got made and slapped my hand. Later that day I saw her inside her litter box licking the inside wall… she is too pretty to act so disgusting.

I need to bring her to the vet soon as her breath is absolutely rancid and this could be a sign of all sorts of health problems. She's so old and frail I'm afraid my dad would have her put down if it's anything serious.

She's also been kind of stupid her whole life compared to other cats we've had, she has always been 'off'. The other day she was going to hop up on my computer chair but instead managed to get her front claws stuck and got the chair spinning, so she was frantically trying to get unstuck and let out the most concerning cry for help as I rescued her. She got singled out as a bully victim by the others but was the only cat that befriended and cuddled the dog. The dog was nice to her but the cats despised her. She has been the clingiest and most cuddle obsessed cat. I don't want her to die.

Anonymous 28018

>Later that day I saw her inside her litter box licking the inside wall
Is a pretty shitty sign, how old is she, 10+?
If you do take her to the vet, please make sure to describe everything the best as you can to the vets, even if it makes you seem stupid. Details like telling them she's eating litter can tell them to watch for diet deficiencies they can test for

Anonymous 28019

She's about 15 years old. It's becoming clear how much of a granny she is because she has a harder time hopping onto the bed now and doesn't even bother with my desk or bathroom counter. I'm thinking of building her some kind of ramp up onto the bed so she can just walk up.

Okay, I'll tell the vet everything.

Anonymous 28088

>I'm thinking of building her some kind of ramp up onto the bed so she can just walk up.
Is never a bad idea as pets get older, even if it's just putting up a short table/night stand adjacent she can jump up to, then jump to your bed.

Exercise/playing in addition to cuddles is also a good idea to keep her mobile. I have an eighteen year old calico that hates jumping up to furniture, but you'd never know it after watching her chase string drug on the ground near her, even diving under furniture or climbing anywhere to follow it.

Anonymous 28425

The Great Gatsby was an okay book, I guess, but I prefer The Great Catsby.


Drug Use General Anonymous 469[Reply]

high thoughts
Favorite things to do while elevated
Wild stores
Music to lift up to
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Anonymous 28417

Oh oops, thanks. I'm from Europe btw and not on probation (yet).

Anonymous 28418

Oh and she posted a blunt or joint selfie in the same manner.

Anonymous 28419

Makes sense, maybe Alaskanon is my Doppelgänger.
I was:

Anonymous 28420

What was your run-in with the law?

Tbh I quit smoking for the same reason as you. All the joy of it faded and it started to feel pointless as if I was only high for like 10 minutes. Every time I get back into w33d it goes back to that boring pointlessness within a few weeks.

Anonymous 28422

I got a warning letter after the 435673th time of buying weed on a darknet market, responded, never heard back again, moved (unrelated), and after six months or so tried again. It worked 3 times and the 4th and 5th package didn't come so now I'm paranoid as all hell and decided it's just not worth the risk. If I lived in a big city again I'd at least find a plug irl, but as it is right now, I'm dry. I'm a fool.

I need to find this cute sweater! Anonymous 28275[Reply]

Can anyone help me find this cute sweater? (I need help)
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Anonymous 28367

<3 <3

Anonymous 28398

Is liking Kuragehime considered a controversial opinion? I thought everyone liked it.

Anonymous 28399

no from her first comment it might be thought that she dislikes Kuragehime so that's why she says don't come for me
Also should I read kuragehime to the end, I stopped less than halfway because I just can't stand stupid love stories where a girl falls in love with a guy who is twice her age

Anonymous 28403

Anonymous 28404

Yeah my initial summary might have come off as a dig at the animu, so I wanted to avoid any arguments. Sorry scrotes, you can never be Kuranosuke.


Anonymous 28377[Reply]

Whenever I do drugs in my dreams, I feel the effects of the drug right then and there. When I wake up, it often feels like I'm experiencing the afterglow/comedown. What's happening in my brain when this occurs? I find physical effects so interesting in dreams.

Anonymous 28378

Also, could this effect be harnessed to reduce drug addiction or at least act as a stand-in?

Anonymous 28380


Your brain is releasing DMT mid dream to simulate the affects.

>Also, could this effect be harnessed to reduce drug addiction or at least act as a stand-in?

DMT is a good cure for drug addiction.

Anonymous 28393

I'll give a more serious answer now that I'm not about to fall asleep. Sorry OP

>Also, could this effect be harnessed to reduce drug addiction or at least act as a stand-in?

Can't speak for others, but personally when I cut drugs and later tobacco out of my life these kinds of dreams made relapse hard to avoid. I would spend all morning wanting to get high after one of these, also with a mix of "thank god it was only a dream and I didn't mess up". Cold turkey is the only way to get over it mentally. Substitutes to help with physical opiate withdrawals is one thing, I'm not sure if a dream could be harnessed to help with physical withdrawal.

>What's happening in my brain when this occurs?

Placebo most likely. Your body can't synthesize a drug itself. I've smoked meth in my dreams before and know what you're talking about, it's a weird feeling to wake up to. But not too dissimilar to waking up after a sex/cuddle dream or hyper pleasant dreams in general.


Fetishes and Ethics Anonymous 28316[Reply]

Okay miners, highly specific question.

Let’s say someone has an odd fetish where they become aroused by traditionally undesirable traits, like an attraction toward obese people, paraplegics, deformed people, mentally damaged people, etc. A lot of the people with said characteristics usually dislike those aspects of themselves.

Would it be ethically wrong for a person to initiate a relationship with someone who pertains to their fetish? Should they tell them? Would the fact that they become aroused at something their partner possibly hates about themselves, that possibly causes them mental/physical hardship, be… unethical?
(This is assuming the person with the fetish doesn’t enable any harmful behavior, isn’t abusive, and actually loves the person.)

t. anonette with a weird fetish
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Anonymous 28371


Yea, and it's unethical if you try to stop them from improving management or encourage their behavior, but depending on the affliction there's no complete cure.

Anonymous 28372

But then what happens if theyre cured? Would the other person stop loving them? They'd probably just find someone else who fits into their fetish.

Anonymous 28373

Like I said, there's ultimately no cure for most mental illnesses, there will always be a struggle against it, and it's kind of part of who the person is. I don't see what's wrong with being attracted to a person for who they are.

Anonymous 28376

>I don't see what's wrong with being attracted to a person for who they are.

It depends on the psychology that goes into it, tbh. I'm half on your side.

After reading an anonymous confession from a person that claimed to be into bestiality, it word for word was describing my black man interracial kink. It's immoral to the very core to have an attraction that disrespects a person so much.

Similar to what anon above said about white men with yellow fever, some fetishizing of traits have very negative beliefs behind them.

Anonymous 28390

Ya I didn't think about that, I'd agree that if the psychology of the kink is disrespectful to the person than it would be immoral to go into a relationship with someone who pertains to that fetish.


Writing General - NaNoWriMo Edition! Anonymous 5464[Reply]

Let's talk about writing, miners! Are you a writer? Want to become one? Ever wrote a full novel? Any writing tips you'd like to share?
Participating in NaNoWriMo this year?

For those of you who might not know what NaNoWriMo is: https://nanowrimo.org

Anonymous 5465

I'll start the discussion!

I used to love writing since I was a child (I wrote children's tales, mostly with talking animals and the stuff) and really wanted to become a writer. I wrote cringey yaoi fanfics as well as self-inserts (cringe) and some more mature short stories. Also, I did role-playing at forums and so, which helped me improve. However I stopped writing after a huge writers' block and feeling that everything I wrote was pure shit.

I want to shake off both the block and the insecurities by tackling NaNoWriMo after years of no writing. It will probably result in utter shit, to be honest, but I want to overcome that fear and shame of showing other people my writing.

>sorry for the blog post

Anonymous 5485

Hey anon! I'm thinking of taking part this year. I've had an idea for years but I've never written anything for it so I think I'm ready to start. Only problem is thay Nano is always at such an awkward time of the year. I used to start it every year while I was in school and fail because I was studying for Christmas exams and in college I always had an essay due that time of year. I'm doing a really intense course this year and I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to manage but I'm considering cheating a little and starting now so that I have time to study for exams next month.

Like you, my interest in writing started really early. My mom enrolled me in creative writing classes (which I miss so badly!). When I was a teenager, I got into fanfiction also and it surprisingly got a really good response, I was actually fairly popular. When I decided to start writing for myself again I just didn't have the motivation because I wasn't writing to impress my mom or as homework for creative writing class or for a fanfiction deadline. Hopefully Nano will encourage me!


Happy New Year: 2019 Edition Anonymous 27691[Reply]

Questions borrowed from the 2018 New Year thread, I hope OP of that thread doesn't mind.

♡ How did 2018 treat you? Was it a good, bad, or meh year?

♡ Is there anything important you still want to do before 2018 ends?

♡ Did anything life changing happen? Did you reach any milestones?

♡ Do you have plans and goals for 2019?
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Anonymous 27885

Keep on in my art career and maybe get a masters degree.

Anonymous 28328


♡ How did 2018 treat you? Was it a good, bad, or meh year?
mostly horribly. i finally got acceptance to get surgery for my endo but spent the entire year getting fatter sitting at home in pain playing mmos. i lost what was left of my female friends too.

♡ Is there anything important you still want to do before 2018 ends?
quit mmos or at least the one i'm playing currently. clean my room and work on myself.

♡ Did anything life changing happen? Did you reach any milestones?
after 7 years of public health system i finally got acknowledged and started getting help once i took the private path.

♡ Do you have plans and goals for 2019?
fix my shitty life somehow

Anonymous 28338


>♡ How did 2018 treat you? Was it a good, bad, or meh year?
A shit year.

>♡ Is there anything important you still want to do before 2018 ends?

Try to get into a routine again. It feels just as numbing with depression, but at least you are somewhat getting somewhere rather than nowhere as you walk along like a zombie.

I'd also like to pass this one class I'm in. Its final is tomorrow. But let's be honest, I probably won't. I'm going to try my best, though.

I also want to muster up the courage to get my hair professionally dyed.

I'd like to read a lot of books and finish the TV shows I started this year, too.

>♡ Did anything life changing happen? Did you reach any milestones?

I nearly died, my parents found out about my double life, I failed a class every quarter (including the summer quarter), I found out I couldn't switch to Computer Science, I am now trying to switch to another major, I started therapy, I got diagnosed with some mental illnesses but my psychiatrist refuses to test me for ADHD which would help me in school because I "need to deal with my other mental illnesses first" like you can just cure them with a magic wand, I got a job interview and if I get the job I can finally move out of my parents' which would help me immensely for many reasons, I got my driver's license, and I also turned 21 so I can now drink whenever I want instead of needing to use my "boyfriend" for alcohol. I still don't have any female friends like every other year of my life because I'm so limited by my parents and because I'm an ugly, decrepit person inside who takes pretty much anything as an attack on who I am.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 28340

Become an escort yo

Anonymous 28341

I see stripping as a gateway to that. I think I'd be too fearful to go straight to escorting.

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