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How do I find other girl bosses? Anonymous 120390[Reply]

Hi cc
Im having trouble with friends and need advice. Ive had a small amount of notoriety on different platforms for several years and ive noticed its hard for me to connect with other girls or ppl iin general as equals because they usually approach me as a follower and there’s a power imbalance.
I tried reaching out to other people that are known for similar things as me and i get brushed off and they seem closed to new friends. The few ppl I do talk to that aren’t ‘followers’ are girls i met here and none of them want any kind of public following so i cant have a public friendship with them.
Is having another girl boss bff that ican be friends with in public too much to ask? How can i meet new genuine people without hiding who I am?
Im not like famous or anything but i have a couple popular meme pages and i often run into strangers online that know my art or my stuff.
Idk what to do sorry I’m rambling
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Anonymous 120564

I have a hard time believing anyone actually cares about this "power imbalance"

Anonymous 120566

>>120427 Find hobby or study clubs etc near where you live

Anonymous 120584

Yeah lol, who cares if you run a meme page? It’s not like OP is a major eceleb?

Anonymous 120585

Pretty sure op's the one who's bothered by the perceived power imbalance and not the other way around. I think it's gone to her head a bit.

Anonymous 120633

Maybe OP is being serious and in a world of "clout-chasing" freaks it might be tough to find a good connection, I got the impression she was trying to avoid saying that. Or, alternative hypothesis, she herself would feel bad as the less successful one, so she might be projecting those feelings without directly asking people of they felt that way. Only OP knows, we can only guess


Japanese Men Anonymous 41086[Reply]

Have you ever dated a Japanese guy?
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Anonymous 120555

I'm Korean but lived long enough in Japan and as east asian cultures tbh the men are pretty patriarchal though i heard it was better for young generational japanese men. It is highly conformist and they expect feminine behaviours and roles from you. Just avoid "i was curious about western women never met one before" types and you'll be fine. They shouldn't treat you any less because you're not Japanese and if they do it's his problem

Anonymous 120557

They put many efforts into a girl default though my japanese bfs bought me a lot of expensive stuff even when i refused and that's like the norm among relationships here. Normie men are pretty ok

Anonymous 120558

Nope, I actually met him on Twitch

Anonymous 120568

Which one of you is the streamer and which one is the fan?

Anonymous 120572

He's the streamer

devilish cece.png

D E V I L I S H T H R E A D Anonymous 115101[Reply]

>be me
>at uni, 20 years old
>sperg with no friends in class
>have primitive art course
>professor keeps referencing and praising a specific book on the subject
>term paper is due in december
>borrow the only copy of said book at uni library in october
>don't tell anyone, take my time writing my paper
>fast forward to december
>normies complaining on class fb group about the book copy being missing
>be delighted
>get maximum grade, everyone else fails
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Anonymous 118882

She didn’t deserve that. I also did cruel shit to other kids as a child though so I don’t think I’m better than you lol.

Anonymous 119136

What a queen, I would feel proud of that for the rest of my life. I wish I had stood up for myself instead of trying to be ‘the better woman’.

Anonymous 119404

>I wish I had stood up for myself instead of trying to be ‘the better woman’.
NTA but for me it was partly that and partly because I was quiet and shy back then, way too much, and hated confrontation.

Anyway, there was this one kid in middle school who hanged out with the dumb funny guys. I liked to be around the guys (yes, I was kind of a NLOG sorry) and laugh at the stupid shit they did and said and their banter, although I clearly never participated so the guys wouldn't cross that line with me. However, this fucking manlet would tell me very vulgar dirty jokes and generally annoy me whenever he happened to be around me, even though I clearly didn't find it funny.
But one day when he was doing that during class to the point that I couldn't even focus on the lesson, I kinda snapped and grabbed that annoying little shit by the collar with one hand (I was taller than him kek) and prepared my other fist to punch his face. I still remember the terrified expression he made lol.
However, as I was looking at him, my nature made me immediately realize that everybody was watching so I stopped and sat back down because I'm a coward and also didn't wanna get in trouble. No one said a word. Also he went back to annoying the fuck outta me as soon as that was over.

but god, I felt so powerful at that moment

Anonymous 120506


>in middle + highschool

>have given up saying "excuse me" and trying to squeeze by in crowded hallways, especially when a pack of idiots stand in the middle
>grab moids by their backpacks and push them out of my way

I've gotten my fair share of looks and "excuse you?"s but its worth it. gtfo of my way.

Anonymous 120514

I was about to say she did deserve that but then I realized she said
>be in preschool
That is fucking awful. Her preschool antics didn't warrant bullying until fucking graduation. Imagine being punished for your entire school career for some dumb shit you did as a 4 or 5 year old, she probably didn't even fully comprehend was she was doing.
You probably really traumatized and fucked her up.


Chubby Husbando vs Dragonfuckers Anonymous 120486[Reply]

>be me, 19 year old single white female
>failed friendships with men throughout my teens due to them always wanting to be more than friends
>find refuge in friendships with other women
>pandemic fucked my social life up its ass so i join discord servers to chat
>find some that are girls-only, thedream.mp4
>i chat and shit, debate with some of them and even make a few online friends
>get into this niche server of weeb girls for shits and giggles
>one night, me and 3 others get into a convo about anime
>let's call them Scrawny, Schizo and Bella
>Scrawny is usually chill but tends to sperg due to anger issues
>Schizo is a weirdo who bonded with me because we're both elitist goths
>Bella is a normie and the chillest
>we start talking about which anime characters we would fuck
>shamelessly admit I would fuck the ultimate imposter from Danganronpa, picrel is him
>not a fat fetishist, i just wanna fuck my fave character for being the chillest in the series
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 120493

Isn't dragonfucking technically beastiality? i sort of understand where OP's coming from

Anonymous 120494

>chubby husbando
Don't worry OP I support your autism

Anonymous 120497

I feel like dragons are always sentient if not at a higher level of intelligence of humans in most monster fucker media. Probably one of the most sentences I've ever written

Anonymous 120502

Intelligence aside because this is irrelevant. We're talking purely physical here. Dragons are animals, right? And if you want to fuck a dragon that would count as beastiality, right?

Anonymous 120505


how to stop being such a dork Anonymous 120248[Reply]

my entire life ive been the quiet weirdgirl in the back of the class. im in college now and i hate being nerdy, dweeb, geeky, whatever you want to call it. it's causing me significant internal turmoil and it makes me think suicidal thoughts daily. how do i stop being a nerd
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Anonymous 120464

try teeth whiteners if you can get them, I heard they work. and avoid stuff that stains your teeth like coffee if you can obviously.

Anonymous 120469

Lucky cat, this pic makes me want McDonalds fries. Why are they so good, they give me a saltgasm whenever I eat them

Anonymous 120473


I understand you, anon. It sucks because it can be a long and difficult change to make. I hate how most "nerdy" things aren't even harmful yet still make you different and less desirable.

I am no expert because I am just like you, but here is my plan that I want to go through with:

What I will start with is a general physical change. It's personal to me and my own abilities so find things like this that you feel like you need to learn. I am going to learn how to do makeup and try styling myself with trendy clothing brands. I will also try to fix my hair in different ways. I might try to wear jewelry, too. I just feel like people who wear jewelry are elegant and fancy or something like that.

Second of all, I already do this but I want to do it much more often than usual. I am not going to tell people my own interests unless I'm super close with them. I feel like you can get by being very vague about things. I might also try to get more 'normal' hobbies. (Examples: Going to the gym, traveling, gardening, arts and crafts, etc.)

I am not too sure where to go from there though. I am a creature of habit and I probably won't drop my interests for the pursuit of popularity. But if it comes to it, I would at least attempt to for the sake of being normal.

The only other way out of this is finding other geeks like you and surrounding yourself with them. Live and embrace the small bubble of your interests and hobbies. But, I do understand the longing to be like everyone else. It is something I've wished for too.

Anonymous 120482

original (1).jpg

gave up tea and now religiously floss and brush twice a day. as soon as these braces come off im going to get myself some whiten strips and finally be able to smile in pictures

agree. maccies fries are why im alive. only good when hot tho

hey , glad you understand the desire. the plan sounds good, and im pursuing something similar. can i ask what hobbies and interests that you have that are geeky? i don't think entirely dropping them for the sake of normalcy is a good idea, because you wouldn't enjoy it and people would be able to tell. maybe find things that straddle the line between nerd stuff and normie stuff. although im blanking on things those are.

also, i don't know if normies really have hobbies? not to sound elitist or anything, but i think normal girls go to work/school, hang out with their friends, and go on social media/watch netflix for fun. maybe go to the gym occasionally. i observe girls i perceive as normal (like a creep) and these are the only things i find them doing.

(unrelated, i like to draw and am pretty good at it, but i think art is a nerd hobby. generally young adult (18-25 year old) artists in my experience are weebs, roleplayers, or part of fandoms.)

for me fashion is a mystery, and makeup even moreso. but im going to figure it out. i bought my first piece of jewelry (a tiny chain) and have started wearing it whenever i go out. ive also started going to the gym in order to make my body pretty. ganbare anon and keep me updated

ah i sound like a shallow bitch

Anonymous 120496


>can i ask what hobbies and interests that you have that are geeky?

I do digital art (Fan art or my friends OCs, I play video games like World of Warcraft, I watch anime, I am in a few fandoms. Mostly stuff like that. I tend to keep it to myself, for the most part, only people that are very close to me know what my interests are.

>also, i don't know if normies really have hobbies?

I think you are semi-correct about this. If they do, then it's a small part of their social/work/school life.

A lot of things that I'm planning to learn are very foreign to me. I am afraid that I will chicken out and not go through with it. Especially since I have just been in my own little bubble lately. I still think it's possible to change though.

You are not alone in feeling like this. Our thought process is very similar. Best of luck, anon. I hope things get better for you.


Anonymous 120295[Reply]

are there any girls only discord servers that are still active made by the nonas of cc?

I saw 1 or 2 posted in old threads, but im not sure if these servers are alive or inundated with moids. If anyone would like to make one but doesn't know how to set up bots or other things, I might be willing to help out since I've set up a few before.

slightly off topic, I am part of a pretty big girls only server that is not CC affiliated. It has a voice call interview to get in and trans folk are not allowed because of the verification difficulties that come with them. most of the girls in this server aren't very radical like some here might be, but I promise its a good time. I can post the link if anyone is interested.
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Anonymous 120389

I have a server with like 4 girls i made that i met from the friends finder thread here but its not official or anything

shade#0396 Is my tag add me to a server or just as a friend if you want! Im 27/aus

Anonymous 120442


my tag is catveedee#3211. I'm 28/American. Can verify if need be. Add me if you're interested! Been looking for a semi-active female only discord for awhile. I just joined one but it was just recently made.

Anonymous 120443


Anonymous 120450

kek too real

Anonymous 120474

I love them


Cluster C Anonymous 93352[Reply]

Any cluster C anons out there?
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Anonymous 100114


Anonymous 119979

Cluster A is related, paranoia is related to schizophrenia and schizotypal/schizoid personalities are schizophrenia-like disorders, with schizotypal displaying paranoid behavior. There is a blatent connection.
Cluster C is all anxious behaviors: dependence is related to anxiety, avoidance is related to anxiety, obsessive, compulsive and rigid behaviors are related to anxiety.
You're fucking retarded.

Anonymous 119983


I used to resonate with AvPD highly but as life goes on and I become more detached and lose interest in absolutely everything and feel utterly numb all the time, including relationships, I feel more schizoid.
I'm not diagnosing myself with anything so you can calm the fuck down about that (just using this for comparison), I'm just wondering if anyone else has started to feel this way over time.

Anonymous 120468

I've been going through the same thing. I used to be 100% avpd but now I have more schizoid traits.

Anonymous 120795

Some people say that AvPD is supposed to get easier to deal with as you age, but I'm starting to think depression, nihilism, or something sets in for a lot of us if we make it far in life. You just kind of learn to accept or cope with all of your negative thoughts about yourself and hopefully find a niche in the world.


i like to learn things Anonymous 119882[Reply]

a thread we can share resources to learn things. anything goes!
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Anonymous 120143

internet friend (who’s dead so i can’t ask more) linked this to me a long while ago, so I’m not sure how up-to-date it is, but eh whatever


Anonymous 120166

does anybody have resources abt history of ancient rome

Anonymous 120172

>>120166 The Fall and the Decline of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon

Anonymous 120465

this has a lot of different stuff

Anonymous 120467

if you're fine with podcast format than mike duncan history of ancient rome is worth a listen


Anonymous 116379[Reply]

Do you have a nickname?
11 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 120436


Anonymous 120437

Anonymous 120439

Fucking love fallout, we need a fallout thread

Anonymous 120457

My family calls me "Tita" and I've had a couple of nicknames but none of those lasted too long

Anonymous 120458


University general Anonymous 111529[Reply]

For all those who wish to talk about anything related to post-secondary education and discovering what do you want in life. I decided to make this so all the uni threads don't clog up the catalog, we don't need 10 different threads.
Some questions to get started:
>What did you want to study as a kid? What are you studying now?
>Did you go or plan on going to uni? Why or why not?
>Do you find having a degree important or necessary to have a livable wage?
32 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 120121

Read books, lots and lots of programming books. Read the classics (K&R C programming) to understand where programming constructs came from and why the syntax is how it is etc…

Also practice. Practice with examples, practice with your own original programming ideas. It doesn't really matter what you're writing, so long as you finish it.

You can do it sis!

Anonymous 120153

Thank you. I think i would fail again if i took an easier major/class with the same mentality, so i'm trying to suck it up and go through it. I don't want to mirror the women i've seen and be dependent on a man so i'm going to force myself to stick through if i want to keep my life free from all men…The thought of meeting one terrifies and disgusts me tbh

Anonymous 120207

lol where from?

Anonymous 120292

I'll look into the classics, going to browse libgen hopefully some of them are on there
idk where to begin with projects so I'll look up easy coding projects for beginners and start from there, thanks for the encouragement

Anonymous 120447


>What did you want to study as a kid? What are you studying now?
as a kid i wanted to be a marine biologist or a musician, i really, really loved classical music growing up, i was infatuated with the piano and later on the violin, my family couldn't afford either the instruments nor their classes (although a cousin of mine taught me to play some music on the piano and those are some of my happiest childhood memories)
Rn im a freshman medical student and it's killing my will to live as we speak ;'D
>Did you go or plan on going to uni? Why or why not?
I have always planned on going to university seeing as i was a straight A's kid growing up, i don't remember the exact moment i decided studying would be the thing that defines my value in life, because in primary school i was a careless fun kid who averaged C+ at best, but i grew up in an environment that encouraged studying all the time, and the sentiment of "you're more than grades and academic success, love urself!!!" online wasn't as much of a big thing back then, so now whenever i look back, yep- all i did was study, i didn't go out with friends (didn't have friends actually) or have many adventure/stories to tell. (i used to play vidya a lot tho i miss that time [ironic XD])
>Do you find having a degree important or necessary to have a livable wage?
Not necessarily true everywhere, but in my country, it a 100% is, and i had to grow up watching my parents blow their money into divorce settlement and addictions and unecesary stuff at the expense of our families necessities which made me kind of a bitch when it comes to money, aka i suck at spending money on myself/necessities, etc… And i am always hoarding it for no apparent reason, just like to have enough to not think "i can't afford buying that" but to instead think "i can definitely buy that, but i won't it's not worth it" which is arguably better anyway. So yeah, i will do everything in my power not to end up poor as a grownup, because it just sucks it's miserable, the constant feaf that we might have to sell our home to pay taxes (aka homelessness) or that my parents could end up in jail fucked me up

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