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Asexuality Anonymous 36860[Reply]

How many of you are asexual? I feel like a significant portion of CC is.
I've never been in a relationship as I've rejected any guy who has asked me out, so I don't think I know for sure. I think my distrust of men has led to me feeling this way. The only guys I'm able to be attracted to and consider crushes are guys I don't talk to.
Can anyone relate?
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Anonymous 37531


I'm not asexual, but I can easily imagine how someone might be biologically unable to be attracted to other people and that there is likely a spectrum between complete asexuality and hypersexuality. It's not hard to imagine how one's sexuality or lack thereof might be determined to some extent by both innate biology and environmental factors, and that as a «new» niche and historically ignored group asexual people have created an easy-to-don identity that hangers-on will use to stand out even if they don't really feel that way. I have no way of telling who is «legitimately asexual», so I'll just judge people by who they are instead. And really, it's never too hard to tell the poseurs from the people who really feel that way.

Anonymous 37545

>This is not even a refutation
I know lol, I was just being sarcastic

Anonymous 37620


you are literally describing completely standard people with low libido, also being dellusional about how is such a big trouble or the world is somehow difficult to navigate. Is ridiculous. This kind of labels should not be validated, it´s an excuse to play pretend in the identity politics rpg game.

Anonymous 37626


Homosexuals and heterosexuals have no attraction to one gender. Asexuals have no attraction to both genders. If you agree that lack of interest in the opposite gender is not just low libido then asexuality isn't just about libido either.

It has nothing to do with politics. It is important for people to understand their sexual orientation, instead of forcing themselves to have sex or even worse, getting married, having children and needing to stay married and provide for their husband sexually because couldn't raise the children on their own.

Anonymous 37630


no one is forcing anyone anything, this baloney with make believe identities is just there to confuses kids even more. A lot of it is toxic validation if you ask me.


Feminism General Anonymous 3373[Reply]

Are you a feminist? Because I am!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on feminism, how it has evolved over the years and how it will evolve in the future.
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Anonymous 37528

She didn't call you an incel, lmao. Telling on yourself.

Anonymous 37529

You forgot "man", which is what you probably are.

Anonymous 37532

I didnt call you an incel, or anthing for that matter. as I said, I dont care about you, I care about points. I have no need for calling you anything

Anonymous 37553

>obviously historically wrong
>use your common sence
Sorry, these aren't very convincing arguments.
>I dont care about you I care about points made
Oh, so that's why you didn't make any. I see now.

Anonymous 37607




Sex bots Anonymous 10682[Reply]

Thoughts on the sex-bots debate?

I blame globalization for spreading degeneracy to other countries quickly
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Anonymous 37593


We already did the "no u" stuff. I still don't believe. Any sane person will loathe incels. As natural as the other anon here being protective of her brother.

Whatever you're getting at here is something else and has everything to do with contempt for them bleeding over onto other men and women. Not that that is entirely unnatural either.

Anonymous 37595

Now you just sound like you're reaching very, very far and reading things that simply aren't there.

Anonymous 37596



Anonymous 37598


Not sure what you mean, but good luck with whatever it is you're dealing with, anon.

Anonymous 37599


Anonymous 37127[Reply]

Sex is always a bit painful for me and I enjoy it.

Is this normal?
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Anonymous 37159

you are the female equivalent of a dicklet

Anonymous 37171

Then she just needs to get a 4 inch boyfriend. Simple as.

Anonymous 37536

It's like Christmas for your vagina.

Anonymous 37537


Anonymous 37597

The brown liquid that drips out is the worst part


Newbie here Anonymous 35888[Reply]

I just found this img board but it looks pretty much dead to me, especially /media/, and it's kinda sad because it looks comfy enough.

I tried to power through 4chan because reddit is becoming too much like other social media sites but I prefer staying anonymous and having to wipe my account every week is exhausting. Also now people can follow users there and I don't like dealing with this.
I mainly enjoy talking about video games but… /v/ has to be the worst place I've been in. There's no actual real content there anymore and the mods archive anything that actually promotes discussion. I don't care much that they're very anti-female there, but overall that place is just terrible, low-tier bait shit-hole.
I'm hoping crystal.cafe, /b/ and /media/ are nice alternatives.

Anyways… Hello, /b/. I hope you have a nice Saturday.
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Anonymous 37481


ouo hiii welcomm

Anonymous 37500


I love Zelda Games. My favorite is Majora´s mask. I lean a lot towards atmospheric, kinda spooky and/or depressing games. I loved Silent Hill 2 and Shadow of the Colossus. I also loved the first Dark Souls even though it took me forever to beat and i don´t care much for hard games like that.

I was also way into Final Fantasy games from 7 to X. I played XV but outside of every character being goals af the game wasn´t that great as the classic ones.

There´s a really cute+creepy game called Yomawari Night alone, totally recommend it. Its a fun little game full of yokai lore , if you have similar tastes as me you´ll apreciate it. From the recent ones i´ve played Hellblade Senua was really cool and also the RE2 remake was amazing.

Anonymous 37526

That's a cute drawing <3 :3
I'll check that game out for sure. Can I recommend some stuff? LISA, Nier: Automata, even Psychonauts, Spec Ops: The Line too maybe
I'm playing Majora's Mask right now actually, it's amazing

Anonymous 37534


I tried to get into Nier, the intro seemed promising, i imagined the whole game was going to be action driven and changing between playstyles like that but then it was kinda a generic open world with crafting and fetch quests so i kinda left it at that.

Whats beyond that? what am i missing? i am curious because a lot of people seem to love it.

Anonymous 37535


i shitpost on a local venezuelan board, not much outside of that. I don´t go into lolcow anymore but i check out kiwi every so often. I used to go into x/ on 4chan a lot when it was mostly spoopy stuff but now is just a pol/ clone, like most of the boards.


Drunk thread Anonymous 37276[Reply]

This is just a thread to post in whenever you’re drunk or drinking.

Classes were cancelled for me today, so I’ve been drinking IPAs all day and watching movies with a friend.

Anonymous 37287

Had a nice pick me up stout at work with the team. I love my job.

Anonymous 37297

I just drunk a bottle of Georgian wine
Additional info: it's 11am here

Anonymous 37321

I drink a little bit today with my parents and some uncles, it was pretty meh but I feel like I had to go. Also It was rum and I'm not fan of rum

Anonymous 37362


I spent all day working on a project I’m presenting tomorrow so I’m drinking again to unwind

Anonymous 37530


Me again, I’m done with classes for the semester so I’ve had some vodka with ginger ale and I’m gonna play some cards against humanity with some friends


I was raped Anonymous 37352[Reply]

Friday night I was raped at a party at my girlfriends house. I think someone put something in my drink and some guys fucked my in my bfs bed while I slept. I am going to get a morning after pill but I don't want to go to the doctor. What are the odds I have herpes or something? Can i do anything to prevent it?
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Anonymous 37359

First of all, you can't prevent herpes if you already contracted it… Secondly, go to the doctor for STD testing. If you don't go to the police, that's on you. If you do, do it immediately. Do not wash away the evidence.

Anonymous 37363

This. OP I HIGHLY suggest getting a rape kit done which would mean not showering/messing with your vagina. It's extremely important that you do, if you decided not to then pursuing or doing anything about this in the future will be really difficult.
As for STDs, the only thing you could potentially prevent at this point is HIV which is why you need to go to the doctor as soon as humanly possible to get put on medication for it (PrEP). PrEP is time sensitive, and HIV is a lifelong disease. Any other STDs are unpreventable at this point assuming you got them.
TLDR; pls see doctor, and im sorry that this happened to you. you didnt deserve it and its not your fault

Anonymous 37365

If you don't go to the doctor/police about it just realize that nobody will be punished and you can't complain about it later.
People aren't psychic.

Anonymous 37501

Girl please go to the police. Help them catch these assholes. If not for you then at least for other girls that have become or will become their victims. If they did it to you, I doubt you’re the only one.

Anonymous 37520

I mean, you can still complain later, you just might not have any legal recourse.

Pressing charges can help others but it can also be another nightmare on top of what already happened. It's totally okay if she doesn't want to go to the police.

Also, like 90% of the population has some form of herpes. It's harmless. Of course you still need to worry about other STDs.


Anonymous 30509[Reply]

I know we have a femdom thread, but I think we need a separate gfd thread.


>Blushy boys
>Cute boys
>Cute boys
>And more cute boys
335 posts and 91 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 37425

Whoa wait, if I'm interpreting it right, of course it's gonna sound fucking cringe when he says (exactly as OP) that he likes:
>Blushy boys
etc etc.

Like what the fuck did you expect from such a personal? Isn't that all the stuff you wanted from gfd?

Anonymous 37435


nah because most of the community falls into three categories

1) uwu mommy uwuwuwuwuwuwu i am incapable of basic tasks uwuwuwu

2) gfd is where i just lie here and you sex me, right?


for fucks sake i just want a regular boy who isn't stupid and likes it when i'm in charge of stuff sometimes

Anonymous 37436

I don't think reddit is the right place to find that :/

Anonymous 37437

sounds like you would be best served by a normal guy who you can mold just slightly

Anonymous 37438

Sadly this is how it is. Most guys who identify as submissive or being into femdom are terrible submissives, because they always place all the focus their fantasies. To be fair, they get their ideas of femdom from porn and hentai, where the women is basically doing everything to get the guy off (even if this means pain, orgasm denial, etc) and she doesn't even enjoy it or get any pleasure out of it at all. And then men wonder why there aren't any dominant women! A lot of people tend to forget the whole meaning of submission is submitting to the other person, not forcing your own fantasies on someone else without reciprocating at all.

You'll have a lot more luck with a normal guy. If he loves you he'll want to please you and try new things out. He won't have a warped idea of femdom like 99% who are into it do, and may actually enjoy it in the end.


Anonymous 37346[Reply]

where do i go to find other socialists to start a revolution with?

Anonymous 37347

The gulag

Anonymous 37397

Please don't.

Anonymous 37406

I hear Seattle is nice and violent this time of year


People at my job hate me? Anonymous 37191[Reply]

I think the women at my job hate me because I'm young and beautiful. Can anyone else relate? No, I'm not trolling. Serious replies only.

Anonymous 37204

just make your selfe ugly.. -duh!

Anonymous 37207


>young and beautiful
What are Stacies like you doing on a niche imageboard? Get out of here and enjoy life!

Anonymous 37209

They are more likely to feel nervous around you rather than hating you.

Anonymous 37380

This happens to me all the time. I have no clue why they are so threatened, as I am a super nice person who would never steal their bf or whatever other crazy thing they are worried about.

Anonymous 37381

I have the same problem except I’m really ugly, which confuses me more. I rarely talk to this person or see them but theyre always cold, like holy fuck is my busted face that much of an issue for you lol

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