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Anonymous 140320[Reply]

I have been saving up phone numbers of everyone that shared it to me or that I have found online. I still have the phone number of my teachers from middle school and high school and people I do not talk to. I have phone numbers of random discord people as well. Those might eventually be useful someday. We never know. Better save everyone that dared to share their number with me.
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Anonymous 140322

You're like the guy that saves every cord just in case.
I understand the urge, but in doing so you'll pass the opportunity to ask for help to many people you haven't talk to in years in order to find someone's number. You'd be surprised how often it happens, and how often friendships are rekindled in this context.

Anonymous 140343

They will eventually change their numbers. Your best use for them is searching through breaches to find their secret accounts.

Anonymous 140353

good idea

Anonymous 140362

an actual hampter.…

I have the phone number of a teacher I hated, if you want it…

Anonymous 140363

I can sort of relate this isnwhy I save every number to the phone instead of the sim card because there was one time I met a girl online on a chatroom and I kept sending her texts every so often over a course or like 2 or 3 years until I finally just deleted it off my sim card and never saved numbers to it again but tbh it seems like snapchat is able to add people based off their phone numbers and your history with peoples numbers you might not have stored anymore but I can't find hers


K.O Tom Cruise Challenge Anonymous 140337[Reply]

Your goal: Knockout Tom Cruise at least once, and get away with it for ten years.

Tom Cruise's goal: Track you down, and catch you.

Tom Cruise's resources: Everything he has right now. All his money, Scientology, his pilot's license, whatever.

Your resources: Whatever you have right now.

Tom Cruise begins this challenge not initially aware of your existence.

You too, begin unaware of Tom Cruise's location, until you find the information for it.

How do you plan to K.O Tom Cruise and get away with it?

Anonymous 140342

Do this but instead of water, a jack in the box boxing glove will hit him.

Anonymous 140344

eddie murphy think…

good thread OP

i would do as much research in to figuring out what movie he is filming next and follow literally everyone i can who is working on the film on whatever social media platform to get as much info as possible
i'll find the coffee guys twitter and the lighting people and all those contractors and just get a sense of where he'll be.
travel to wherever that is, try to keep finding an in with someone who could get me close
unsure if that would mean like seducing them in a bar -in a friendly way- since i would know their social media stuff or just straight up trying to get a job on set.
i think it'd be pretty easy to falsify a resume

anyways once i'm on there i don't think i'd be able to really get that close to TC so the best bet would probably be to just throw a brick at his head from a crowd and then RUN

i think after that so long as i cut ties with everyone i met to get in there and delete any faux social media i made i would probably be fine. i don't believe tom cruise would try that hard to find me. should i be concerned about the church of scientology?

Anonymous 140348

firstly i would do my best to infiltrate the church of scientology, try to get as high up on the hierarchy as i can. then, i start subtly embezzling money from them, as well as use the resources at my disposal to research everything about tom cruise, including his location and, if possible, his bank account information. After that, i wait for an opportune time to sock him (probably some sort of public scientologist appearance where an important person like me could shake his hand). i'll try to smuggle in something like some brass knuckles so that when i punch it really will knock him out, but if i can't i guess i'll just have to punch him real hard. after i've done the deed, i withdraw as much money from his bank account as possible as well as steal a large chunk of money from the scientologist church. that way he will have to recover from this depletion of his resources, giving me the head-start i need to go underground and disappear.

Anonymous 140350

The same magical creature that compels you take undertake this quest, would also compel Tom Cruise to hunt you down at all costs for 10 years.

Scientology is notorious for being excellent at stalking people.


Beware, if you're on a film set or if you've contacted people, they may remember your face, or have a photo of it. Or Scientology may ask social media sites to release confidential information due to legal reasons of having to pursue a criminal that had assaulted, and in their eyes, possibly attempted to murder one of their top members. (I think the terms and conditions/privacy policy of many social media sites state that they retain information for a period of time after public deletion, and will release that information if it will help in criminal investigation).

Social media can contain what ip you logged in from, which will link to your internet service provider, which will link to you. maybe log in from proxy ip, IDK (just guessing. I'm not a professional people-tracker / avoider of people-trackers.)

but if Tom Cruise has compelled Scientology to find somebody, you're going to have to cover your tracks the best you can.

Paid actors pretend to be homeless Anonymous 140233[Reply]


I first viewed this video around May of 2021, I saw it in a class I was taking. I remember everyone was hurt by it but it always rubbed me really wrong, because of how staged it felt.
Well, I stumbled across this gem today featuring the same exact guy telling a DIFFERENT sob story.


Yes I know that homeless people often make bullshit up to garner pity and sympathy, or some aren't homeless at all and are just druggies begging for cash. But this is weird that he shows up in TWO different videos. Paid actor?
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Anonymous 140254

but i also know of a russian teacher who worked at a very good school and had a very good situation who had to flee from russia to france because he spoke against homophobia or something. became homeless in france.

Anonymous 140294

Am I missing something? These aren't the same people.

Anonymous 140302

It's the same, even in the US, most people who have been "homeless" are in a very temporary state; and they will have an apartment to live in again very soon. They are only technically "homeless".

But for the recurrently or permanently homeless,
are both correct. Their brains are damaged from mental illness, substance abuse, or both. They lack the mental capacity to make proper choices for themselves anymore. And just like allowing a child to drive a car, it is dangerous and cruel to give them such freedom. They should be considered wards of the state, like orphans. So nothing should be optional for them. Homeless people should be forced to get drug/alcohol treatment. They should be forced to use mental health services. If they're schitzos, they should be forced to take antipsychotic medications. If they're bi-polar or violent, they should be forced to take mood stabilizers like lithium. They should be forced to live in the free housing or shelters provided for them. They should not be allowed to live in tents at the park, under bridges, or in the entryway of a small retail business. If they try to live anywhere that they are not allowed to, they should be physically removed by police. If they continue to flout the rules, they should be hospitalized in a psych ward. It may sound harsh, but this is the most compassionate way to handle the permanently homeless. The activists who think that being lax is better for the homeless are like a parent who lets their child eat ice cream cake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; until they have a heart attack at 10 yo and need to have a leg amputated for diabetes.

Anonymous 140338

This thread's pretty sick, ngl. We should build some kind of second Earth where we can send all the nutters and horrible freaks like OP. Before that we should probably build some houses, but now I'm REALLY dreaming.

I knew they were plotting something when I saw them all huddled together under that bridge.

Anonymous 140345

Nice bait OP, I laughed


Something you want but can't get Anonymous 140312[Reply]

i want to play a theremin, but they're so expensive, especially with added shipping costs to my country. also all the cheap ones are sold out. aaaaaaaaa

for personal reasons, i don't want to live at the house i'm at forever, so i want my own house, but the housing prices are shit. one tiny little one-story house in my neighbourhood back in 2010 was $500,000. i checked the median price for my neighourhood today, and one house was over 1,300,000$ (converted to 'murican dollars, it's approximately 900,000$.). this isn't even in the middle of the city, just the suburbs. Need to be more than a literal millionare just to get a house, or be in even more decades of debt than my parent already is in, bloody hell. maybe i'll just live in the outback where all the roos and the worst spiders are when i grow old. but the bad thing about houses in the outback is they're prone to fire seasons, so you might just put yourself in debt for a house that'll burn down one summer anyway/ :/
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Anonymous 140334

yuri on mice.PNG

I want a ticket to this movie, but Studio MAPPA has been silent on what's going on with it. I hope the long development time is just trying to make quality, instead of massive development hell… It's probably massive development hell….

Anonymous 140335

I want my own nice house. Ohhhh this economy is so sad…

Anonymous 140336

>I thought this was a "I have a problem, let's find a solution" thread.
Nothing in the OP even hints to that.

Anonymous 140339

Japanese style dumbphone. But they don’t work with local 4G/5G.

Anonymous 140340

And most don’t even work with the (dying) 3G either.


Anonymous 15804[Reply]

I'm pregnant and super excited :3 who else /babby/ here?
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Anonymous 140286

Catalog pics are so small that they don't bother me as much. Pic I have found on tumblr under blogs that post neocities/old web aesthetics. I had this pic for probably over a year so I do not know the exact source.

Anonymous 140287

I will keep bumping it now and then for you. I love anti-natalists because they are so easy to trigger. Please never stop being you.

Anonymous 140292

Just did a reverse search, her name is Nini-tan. I thought it was a touhou oc for a moment. Thanks for the answer, .

Overstatement. I'm not triggered just by seeing something ugly. It's just that even without opening it, I kind of knew the content of the thread since it was up for a long time.
I acknowledge that the miners above shouldn't have brought up antinatalism to a pregnancy thread, it was unwarranted.
But you guys are just reproducing the same discussion that has always been had, literally everywhere on the internet. Just move on and let a hijacked thread die, this is so damn pointless.

Anonymous 140311

>stop talking about things I don't like

Anonymous 140354


More like, follow the rules instead of behaving like this place is a shithole like 4chan or lolcow. I literally don't care what you talk about as long as you do.


Job & Career Thread Anonymous 2867[Reply]

- What job/career are you currently working or working towards
- What have you noticed about people in certain career paths
- Where da money actually at for least stress, etc.
- Which fields do generally higher IQ/savvier women excel in (let's be honest, if you've made it to imageboards/Crystal Cafe you're over a certain threshold of smarts of some kinds)
- Tips for other anons/Ask for advice
- Shit that sucks about work in general
274 posts and 30 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 130430

I’m about to graduate with a bachelors in bio. I originally was premed but im graduating with a GPA of 3.6, so I don’t think that’s in the cards for me. I’m gonna do a gap year to get clinical experience, but it feels so difficult to find a relevant job. Any advice?

Anonymous 133422

1 year special masters program, clinical research, prep classes for MCAT, apply to DO schools.

Anonymous 133860


Electronics factorys that do contract manufacturing have a few ok job opportunities that don't require credentials. In assembly you sit next to a conveyor belt that carrys circuit boards into a soldering furnace and your job is to put electronic components onto the boards in a paint by numbers fashion.
Or in visual inspection you look at finished boards to spot mistakes and mend them with a soldering iron. All you need is good eyesight and a little bit dexterity. It's female dominated too. What sucks is the shift work and kind of dead end, but it pays well

Anonymous 134013

Thank you for your advice! I considered a special 1 year masters, but they’re so expensive. On the other hand, I was wrong about my GPA, it’s actually a 3.66. Still not great, but better than a flat 3.6. Are there any MCAT courses you’d rec?

Anonymous 137604


studying comp neuro/comp bme at college, but not sure what kind of career i want? ideally i'd get a comfy swe job or some coding related bio job that's not too heavy on the workload side of things i hope, but right now i am doing an internship at a pharma company and its pretty nice desu. i don't make too much, but it's a fair bit more than minimum wage so that's nice i guess.
any nonas here have any suggestions for my major? i know comp neuro is a bit specific but if anyone has any ideas for potential jobs i'd might like i'd love to know as i feel a bit lost at the moment.


Lolcow.farm hate thread Anonymous 106961[Reply]

Can we discuss lolcow? Does anyone still visit this shithole?

>a bad mixture of wizardchan. Posts retardation with a good sprinkling of kiwifarms aids

>facebook/tumblr of imageboards

>Overrun by "woman" who calls you "faggot","tranny" if you say something they disagree with

>Overflooding with retard moids posting their right-wing manifestos

>Kpop threads got banned
213 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 139980

I think if I had never found lolcow I would be a lot more confident. Anons there have given me a lot of insecurities I don't think I'd have ever developed if I didn't browse there. But I'm grateful that it pinkpilled me.

Anonymous 139997


I fucking hate this, I deleted cookies and changed my IP, the problem is on their end. Wtf is wrong with this site?

Anonymous 140229

>a bad mixture of wizardchan. Posts retardation
>facebook/tumblr of imageboards
>Overrun by "woman" who calls you "faggot","tranny" if you say something they disagree with
Absolute projection.

Anonymous 140244

CC certainly does less of the third one

Anonymous 140285


link would be great


Anonymous 140158[Reply]

Why can't Americans just be normal
10 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 140263

Ok scrote

Anonymous 140266

Anonymous 140269

Europe is absolutely the centre of the world and always will be.

Anonymous 140270

If you have to say you are, you aren't.

Anonymous 140281

>Christian majority
Religion is a breeding ground for toxic personality types and mental illnesses.


anyone /linux/ here Anonymous 20549[Reply]

hey guys, i seem to have trouble finding fellow femails within the general linux community so i thought i'd go here!!! say down below:
1. what distro you use
2. how long you've been using linux
3. why you use linux
and anything else you'd like to add!
(picrel is my distro)
76 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 119091

I've been using Debian for eight years and it is neat. I don't care about recent software, all I do is browse the internet and cry in front of my screen.

Anonymous 132195

started with mint half a year ago, eventually switched to arch. arch was kinda fun but i had minor (mostly network) issues with it.. this month out of curiosity i tried void linux (okayish) and ghostbsd (ehh not for me). atm im back to mint and it feels like a vacation ^^
i see a lot of debian here, should i try it when i go distrohopping again? :D

Anonymous 132460

>1. what distro you use
>2. how long you've been using linux
>3. why you use linux
Can't deal with Windows anymore: ads everywhere, unfirable Cortana…
I had to go back briefly on Windows for work, it was hell. I got used to fine tune my software and OS, I can't deal with the "all size fits all" philosophy sprinkled with billboards and spyware.
It's neat.

Anonymous 140234


1. NixOS
2. Since 2019
3. Honestly no idea, I like Windows and macOS just as much. Mostly to see what’s on the other side.

Anonymous 140308

>what distro
Debian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)
>how long you've been using linux
5+ years
>why you use linux
more customisation means more cute


Anonymous 54012[Reply]

How do i begin my transformation into an egirl? Im gonna be an iconic internet persona then livestream my suicide.
16 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 56443

people always say this but i cannot tihkn of anything more demeaning

Anonymous 56457

>keep dream journal
>master lucid dreaming
>become electronic girl
>aquire dream fame
>collect 24 effects

Anonymous 126115

Be slutty and attractive

Anonymous 140222

is she really though? I don't know, I wish she wasn't

Anonymous 140232

In my opinion she faked her death to get away from her internet persona

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