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Euro General Anonymous 30061[Reply]

Can we have a Europe thread without discussions about politics and immigrants?

For residents:
>Which country do you live in?
>What's your favorite thing about your country?
>Which European countries have you visited? Which did you like best/least?
>What are some quirks about your country?
>Overall, are you happy with where you are or do you want to move?

For tourists:
>Which European countries have you visited? Which did you like best/least?
>What are some differences between your home country and your European destination(s)?
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Anonymous 31444

For all the stereotypes of commieblocks; aren’t Russian cities actually green and filled with numerous parks and gardens? I can’t recall exact figure/stat but it was somewhere along the lines of Moscow being “greener” than Berlin, London, etc.

Anonymous 31448

nta but It depends, once i fell for the st petersburg meme and it was a 99% stone shithole, no idea why people like it so much
Moscow's green af which makes me like her more than those european cities i've been to, most smaller cities are green too but in a depressing way, honestly idk how people live there and retain sanity

Anonymous 31453

>Which country do you live in?

>What's your favorite thing about your country?

The vast diversity of landscapes and nature across the country, and the quality food.

>Which European countries have you visited? Which did you like best/least?

I've only visited England (London). I'm not well traveled. I must say for now I prefer France, but I imagine London is very much a worse place to live than the rest of the country, like Paris is in France.

>Overall, are you happy with where you are or do you want to move?

I have to live in Ile-de-France (the region around Paris) for my studies and I absolutely despise it. I will probably go back to my native Provence when I'm done, or maybe I'll move to the south-east, or some middle-european country like Czech Republic or Austria.

Anonymous 31454

The T I G E R S have to live somewhere.

Anonymous 31478


>T I G E R S


How did you find Crystal.cafe? Anonymous 5306[Reply]

I'm a newbie and found this place by accident

I found a link in a PULL thread and I'm so happy I'm here, everyone seems so collected and nice.
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Anonymous 31362

someone on lolcow posted asking about "another imageboard for women that started with a 'C'" that they couldn't remember the name of. Someone posted the link and boom. Here I am and I love it.

Anonymous 31370

>mill around as a silent little underage b& on 4chan since highschool
>make lifelong habit of dropping in from time to time
>check up on r9k one day
>see emerald.eatery mentioned
>give it a google
>oh my god a ladychan

Maybe it's corny to get emotional but finding a hive of women who are genuinely like me after being a fish out of internet water for most of my life gave me The Good Feelings.

Anonymous 31382


happy to have you here friendos

Anonymous 31386

ylis is on the speed again

Anonymous 31468


I searched for "fakeboi" in google image search, saw "/b/" in a picture's url, and here I am. Admin must be good at SEO


neets, how do you survive? Anonymous 30944[Reply]

real neets, what do you live off of? i am genuinely curious about your lives and how you make it without income/school funding, etc. i am about to finish grad school and am too lazy/scared/disorganized to strategize jobs rights now, so i'm fantasizing about not doing anything…

do you mind sharing a peek into your lives?
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Anonymous 31461

I don't mean people who are just weird, I mean absolute psychos who reek of alcohol and tell me about their violent fantasies within 5 minutes of meeting.

Anonymous 31462

All of them? I understand you might have a rather polarised sense of morality. I wouldn't want someone telling me they want to carve me up, either, but it can't absolutely be nothing but this being spoken to you. Not one innocent person?

Anonymous 31463


I'm working on it, anon. I've been in therapy for quite a while and I got prescribed antidepressants at the start of this month. I also just landed a work-from-home job in the field I want to go into to ease myself in slowly.

I agree with what the anon upthread said - I wouldn't wish this life upon anyone. When you're busy and life is stressful, it might seem like the ideal, but in reality its dark and bleak.

Sorry for kind of OT/blog post.

Anonymous 31465

Your post is welcome anon. Working at home isn't exactly what I implied, but it's still good progress. Don't give up hope yet.

Anonymous 31467


Thank you anon. And yeah I know, I was slightly disappointed in myself for only working from home, but I'm gonna look at volunteer work to get me out of the house too. As you said, progress is progress!


Anonymous 31449[Reply]

Is this true?

Anonymous 31450


Anonymous 31451

What's it even supposed to mean

Anonymous 31452

Look up the vertical words on the screen and you'll find your answer.

Anonymous 31456


Anonymous 31457


Yeah, although I think everyone is potentially dangerous because of weapons.
But men are the most dangerous, both due to raw physical strength and higher rates of reported violence.
Best bet is to fear all people though. Not in a crippling way, but be wary.


25+ Thread Anonymous 14473[Reply]

I'm curious as to how many "older" anons are on crystal cafe.
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Anonymous 31121

>When younger, i felt older than everyone, now, i feel younger than my peers.


Anonymous 31125

It's the best feel honestly. You're mature when your peers were fools, and youthful when they've gotten dreary.

Anonymous 31364

>27 now
>starting to get panic about finding a husband, agonizing over my face and wrinkle prevention
>still look very young and cute but feeling the urge to land a husband within the next 2 years
>don't even want kids though, just want a qt husband
The memes were real all along. Feels bad man. It seems like men have several more years to get their shit together and find a partner than women do. A guy at 30 is still considered marriageable, but a woman single at thirty sends guys running. It's not fair when we're held to the same standards now for self development, career goals, financial situation, etc. Then again that sentiment comes from the same geniuses who think 35 is "peak sexual market value" in males… Like nigga no that's old. 25 is when men peak. after that they get ugly, fat, and bald as shit. So maybe I just need to stop browsing imageboards because they're a biased pit of loathing and delusion.
I look about 8 years younger than I am, so I should just lie on tinder I guess. Guys who want a late-20s girl are looking for a mature motherly figure with her shit together (IE not me) and guys looking for girls like me (young-looking and still self-developing) aren't setting their search for 25+. It's not my fault men are delusional. IRL men trying to age-stereotype women are like anime creators who put 5'5" G-bust girls as weighing 85 lbs. They really have no fucking clue about reality and pull numbers from their ass.

Socially and financially I'm about five years behind where I should be. Oh well, at least I'm not a single mom or a drug addict.

Anonymous 31409


A very challenging realization I’ve come to: if I don’t sant kids but want a partner, I have to be with the type of guy who doesn’t want kids. That wouldn’t have bothered me five years ago but I’ve definitely started to notice that guys who don’t want kids have some pretty reliably consistent traits that I find unappealing. I’m also starting to feel like it’s not that I don’t want kids, it’s that everyone I knew who was obsessed with having kids was kind of an idiot and an adult child, so I didn’t want to be like that. But some of the most amazing women I know now have them and love them (but aren’t obsessed) and even my mentor in my career has a bunch and she kicks ass!

Anonymous 31443

The sexual market value is 35 because that's roughly when they are done with school and have been working for a couple years. A person with a house, car and good job is more desirable than a ramen eating, broke grad 25 year old student. Isn't cristian grey 26 or something, and he's the most desirable male character ever written.


Anonymous 31435[Reply]

what are some good films/shows with female characters who have autism, ass burgers, social anxiety, weird, are super introverted etc

can be any genre

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 31436

Moved to >>>/media/4558.


ITT: Not wanting to start a family! Anonymous 24533[Reply]

Let's talk about not wanting to start a family. Do any of you anons not want to have any kids? If so, why?
does one even need a reason at all? For those who do want children, why is it? Post your thoughts and opinions on children and family - maybe talk a little about your own family and if possible what your BF/GF think about it.

Personally, I don't really want to have kids of my own, but it seems every one of my friends and their partners can't wait for it.
I can't wrap my head around why anyone would enjoy it? I dont hate children, I actually really enjoy them and love working with kids, but having kids of my own just isn't something I want.
25 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 31424

Oh, great, I'm dying alone, without a family and probably despised by people I don't even remember.

Fuck this.

Anonymous 31425

Not necessarily, depending on where they are in life, said hypothetical man probably hasn't even thought about kids or developed a stance on kids vs. no kids.
It's more about being receptive to what is best for the relationship once that happens. Of course >>24581 would talk about it with her potential partner before getting married. A decent man will take that into consideration. While many people are vocal about their plan for children or no children, even more people haven't really thought about it to the extent that they can make a mature decision.
But of course there's also the issue that there's a dearth of decent men in general, kids or no kids.

Anonymous 31429

They're a waste of time, annoying, and it would make me feel old. I don't get how it is fulfilling to many people it just seems so bland.

Anonymous 31430

Well I won't deny your lack of desire to have kids. Only those willing to give it all they've got actually want them, and there are people like that, by the way. They're the ones having kids. Go figure.
Why would anyone remember you just to hate you?
You'll never know if you'll find the Georgia hick like that anon talked about. Good people are out there. You just have to bear the worst getting to them.

Anonymous 31431


bringing traffic to crystal cafe! Anonymous 461[Reply]

how do we find more users while keeping robots out? i think this site has potential if the user base grows.
102 posts and 14 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4701



I expect other raids to come, but I am happy that she-who-must-not-be-named plans kinda backfired. Feels good.

Anonymous 4780

Personally I came here from the spoony thread in lolcow. This place is adorable!

Anonymous 31360


i've tried dropping the link in in boxes of people i like, no clue if it's worked out.

Anonymous 31371

Vandalize public bathrooms with the link to this.

Only guarantee that males wont see

Anonymous 31406

That wont work soon. Transwomen flock in already


Anonymous 31374[Reply]

What do we do about the T problem?
5 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 31395


>What do we do about the T problem?

There's one solution.

Anonymous 31396

>85 million

We live in a society

Anonymous 31397


See these two threads for the answers



Anonymous 31398

pic related actual makes my blood boil

I know this is to have a laugh at the TERFs or whatever, but when will the trannies learn that excluding real women make them look even more like misogynists with a sissy fetish.
'd probably be swayed to joining their side too if transwomen stopped being such fucking bitches about cis women

Anonymous 31399

once it reaches 100k, gamers will finally be able to rise up against Darth Lord Susan Wojcicki


Pet peeves Anonymous 7276[Reply]

Share yours.
6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 31356

people that always feel the need to talk? does that count
i don't think i'm someone that necessaries values silence, but i'm not very talkative, so

Anonymous 31361

If you don't talk to people now, you'll be wishing you did.

Anonymous 31383

this is so ominous, what do you mean

Anonymous 31392

If you do not take the opportunity to talk to people who wish to talk to you now, then at a later time in your life, you will have wished to take those opportunities, for there will be no one willing to talk to you as you will desire to talk to them.

Anonymous 31393

I wonder how long 'like' is going to survive for. It's been around for years and I don't remember a time when people didn't find it annoying.

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