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Anonymous 13366[Reply]

Hey miners which country are you from?
Have you ever lived/studied abroad?
What was it like?

me first:

I've lived my entire life here although I've been to florida once and it was amazing except for the fact that back then it was raining a lot there and we ended up mostly indoors. I wish I could visit Canada and/or maybe some European countries like Sweden.
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Anonymous 13672

I'm from the UK. Never studied abroad, although I regret not doing that now. Have only ever left the country a few times anyway.

Anonymous 106416

longshot but anon wtfffff i am in your exact situation what !!!!! i am so shocked i thought this was me at first. are you ? i dont know. i almost feel like throwing up. are you there in indonesia ? i am so nervous i could kill myself i really dont want to leave morocco

Anonymous 106420

If you're still here: why? Just curious, I don't know why out of all countries in the world you'd want to travel to here.

Anonymous 106424

Brazil. I studied in Australia for 6 months in 2007 as a highschooler.
Not really good. Spent most of my time on the Internet, just like I do now. The biggest difference was that I was the best student in my entire class for those 6 months.

Anonymous 106428

>Hey miners which country are you from?
>Have you ever lived/studied abroad?
I have done some internships around Europe and some volunteering stuff around the globe but the economy of Turkey has been so bad over the last 7 or so years that you literally can't afford to leave the country let alone stay and study in one unless someone sponsors you. So unless I find a qt bf from first world, I appear to be stuck here for a good while now.
>What was it like?
Traveling really grows a person imo, it forces you out of your comfort zone and puts you under circumstances where you either become a normie or die pretending to be one, at least till you get back to your hikikomori ways. And not to mention all the people you get to meet and relationships you will leave behind to look back in the future. The memories of that kind will always give you a clear indication of how much you have grown over time. Forexample the dialogue of which country has the most fuckable people always shifts around as you all progress in life as a friend group who travels and comes across each other from time to time. But based on all my info over the years:
good food, cheap unless you live in a shithole like me, hot language, history and places to visit are absolute kino at its peak, if you live in a smaller city; you get insane amounts attention if you are blonde or look foreign in some particular way. It is like you are giving people a story about having done it with a foreigner, which is for some reason a cool story for people who live and die in the same place they are born. People being up close is kind of scary though, so I'd give a 7/10
>balkans ( don't @ me even the language is almost the same in most of them)
also cheap, terrible roads, currency is different in almost every single one, having to buy stuff becomes a nightmare when this is combined with non english speaking cashiers, small cities with good air and nature, and in "big" cities commie blocks are weirdly adding sovl into their weirdo city planning type, people are just mean instead of being insincere like in greece though, so I'd give a 6/10
its cheap and most certainly a uniquPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Vivid dreams Anonymous 104880[Reply]

I dont wanna post this on x cause i dont wanna talk about this from a paranormal perspective :/. Do you ever get dreams that feel like way more real than real life, not just emotionally but also literally as experienced through our five senses sharper and more detailed? I often generate fully developed musical pieces in my dreams but they lose their meaning after i wake up and i forget them
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Anonymous 106352

There was a dream I had as a child, long before ever touching a boy sexually, where I lay with one on this huge map of the world and touched his flaccid penis. I could really feel it and felt I changed after that.
And I have the music thing too, OP. I create songs in my sleep and can still hear them when I wake up but lack the musical ability to recreate them.
My vivid, adventure type dreams leave me feeling as though real life is inferior to the life I could have had, which would have been closer to my dreams. Waking up from meeting new people and exploring, only to sit in my room all day.

Anonymous 106356

>Do you ever get dreams that feel like way more real than real life, not just emotionally but also literally as experienced through our five senses sharper and more detailed?
not more detailed than real life, but just as vivid as real life.
>I often generate fully developed musical pieces in my dreams but they lose their meaning after i wake up and i forget them
i have dreamt of music too. i don't have the skills to recreate it, though.

Anonymous 106357

I also make music in my head in that weird period before completely falling asleep.

Anonymous 106361

I have the same thing with the music. I lucid dream relatively often so there's a lot of times where I'll be thinking "I better remember this so I can plagiarize it, and since it's from my own dream it's not technically plagiarism!" In a similar vein, sometimes if I have a really long or detailed dream I'll revise it in my head or try to write it down before waking up, to help me remember it when I wake up.
I remember dreams decently well EVERY night but they are not always vivid. I had a log for a few years' worth of dreams but my bf has it and cut contact since we broke up, dunno if I'll ever get it back

Anonymous 106394

Similar situation - dreams feel more real than what's real, especially if it's visiting a place. I saw a mountain range more beautiful than anything I've seen so far, with crisp details I don't see irl. Same applies for unpleasant locations, like the inside of a stuffed room or being lost outside at night. I've made up the theory that the experience feels more real because it's 'localized' in the sense that all your attention is poured into it while we usually juggle many different thoughts and experiences while we're awake, diminishing the intensity of each.
Right, also had the music thing happen, the song/melody is usually fascinating but keeps getting louder and louder until it wakes me up.


Self destructive behaviors Anonymous 104557[Reply]

Anyone here has a history of self destructive behaviors? How do you manage to keep them in check?

I've been doing good for a few months up until recently. I cut contact with my friends and boyfriend, began drinking heavily again and contemplating worse things.
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Anonymous 106215

This exact thing happens to me almost monthly. Do you have a diagnosis anon? I suspect i might have type 2 bipolar

Anonymous 106249

No I don't have one besides being told I have trauma. Because people misinterpret it as "I believe this irrational thing and react accordingly" instead of "I don't believe anything irrational but act irrationally anyway," I just get told it's normie anxiety and depression which don't feel fitting at all. I relate most to CPTSD but that isn't in the DSM5 so you cannot be diagnosed with it.

Anonymous 106360


saging for incoherent ramble

happens to me all the time tbh, and i have been diagnosed with cptsd (though currently not in therapy, loooong story)

regardless, you are not alone at all anon. it hurts knowing or feeling that your actions are coming from a place that feels like its outside of yourself, like someone else is hijacking your actions or whatever, and that youre just kind of watching them until you realize that its affected those around you and possibly yourself too.

it's even tougher for you bc it sounds like youre unsure if anyone else you know has felt that way or what youre even feeling to begin with. i cant tell you i have a good answer for you but its not overreaction or anything, perhaps it looks that way from the outside but it's something like a loss of your sense of self, or whatever, that makes it so confusing. it's understandably difficult to understand because your understanding is taken away from you in those moments. I hear that sort of thing happens from complex trauma, the brain does so to protect itself from perceived triggers, but I'm definitely not a doctor. anyways hope youre doing well, just wanted to lyk youre not alone out there.

Anonymous 106365

Thank you anon that's a really nice post. What you said about losing your own sense of self and awareness definitely resonates with me, it absolutely feels like getting hijacked. It's different from regular anxiety where it's me being anxious, instead I feel like someone else is anxious and is expressing it through my body if that makes sense
I am seeing a therapist but not as often as I'd like so it's slow going, but still hopeful. I recently lost a very dear friend because of my illness so I'm just trying to take it day by day.

Anonymous 106371

totally makes sense, a friend of mine has panic attacks and while terrible, the experience is totally different/not rly comparable to what I go through. I cant imagine what a pain it must be to survive trauma and have your brain crap out on you with recurring anxiety attacks. stay strong out there.

about ur friend…. christ im sorry for your loss. can't say I cant relate either. my friends and bfs have been a revolving door and these days I just keep to myself! hard to control yourself especially around those you feel safe around or loved by. hell id say that might arguably be the hardest thing to deal with. sometimes love or friendship feels like abuse and vice versa, and yeah I can very well imagine that something snapped in you or caused you to lose control with them.

hey listen I'm sure you dont want to forgive yourself for what happened, it totally makes sense that you want to be responsible for the damage your actions cause. hoping you get to a better place with your therapist though, might be hard with the recent events you've dealt with but thats the best way to acknowledge what happened without letting yourself off the hook, I think.


Friend Finder Thread (Revived Edition) Anonymous 88862[Reply]

For all anons who want to make friends and trade contact info. Please no scrotes or troons (report any you see). Also, no links to servers.

Info you might want to include in your post:
> Your age
> Preferred age range for friends
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
> Contact info
> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)

Don't be afraid to reach out! You will meet more potential friends if you post your info and respond to others rather than just posting and never checking the thread again.
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Anonymous 106146

awww! im friends with pantsu hes in my discord server

Anonymous 106248


Fuck I just turned 100 last month.

Anonymous 106336



>friends age range

over 18 and under 30, as it's easier to relate for me that way

>hobbies and why i'm looking for friends

i really like the occult, fashion, make-up, niche-y movies, idols (j-pop and k-pop), internet culture and psychology. some anime and manga/manhwa too, but i've outgrown the majority of them and don't keep much up to date with recent ones.
i occasionally watch true crime videos and have fun profiling the killers and getting outraged over moids.
i'm super into underground things of any kind because they fascinate me, and i want to get to know them even if it might turn out they're not for me.
i'd love to give you tarot readings also!

i'd like to connect with bio girls to have comfy conversations about anything, have occasional movie nights and share media recommendations. picking up outfits together and giving make-up tips would be really fun too.
if you are very passionate about some interest i'd love to hear about it. i'm very curious and enjoy discovering new things, so it's fine if you don't share many interests with me.
another thing is that i'm planning a dream trip to japan next year and i already know a couple of amazing girls from CC that will tag along, but i'd like the group to be bigger so we can have more fun and be safer. it'd be very nice to find other girls that want to come too.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 106341


u liek deadmau5?

Anonymous 106358


18, usa. would prefer to talk to people around my age :-)

i'm into manga/anime, funny weird internet culture stuff and occasionally true crime. i like to research conspiracy theories, i'm a pretty passionate radfem & i'm also learning french lmao

i'm looking for more friends who are girls and have similar interests i guess!

contact: georgia#2697


Anonymous 90643[Reply]

This says a lot about our society
505 posts and 72 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 106384

I honestly feel sorry about flat girls ITT. At this point they're lying to themselves.

Anonymous 106386

What did a flat girl do to hurt you

Anonymous 106387

Who is it that's trying to convince everyone that moids don't like Megan foxes boobs?

Anonymous 106389

Have perky boobs maybe

Anonymous 106444

stole their man, committed insurance fraud and pinned it on them, have nipples that don't take up 50% or more of their titty, be slim and healthy looking. Those pesky flat girls really at it


Anonymous 106186[Reply]

What is your favorite animal?

There was a thread but I think it got nuked in a moid purge
3 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 106247

Anonymous 106276


They are absolutely adorable. The adult males with the long orange hair and giant face flaps look oddly… wise? If that makes any sense.

Anonymous 106280



Anonymous 106281

why do you pity them, anon?

Anonymous 106331

I feel bad mostly for domestic dogs, a lot of people will get dogs and neglect them. Not that they don't feed them or they "abuse" them as you'd typically think, but they never take them for walks or pet them or anything.
A lot of big dogs need exercise or they suffer from health issues. Unfortunetly people who live in tiny ass apartments will get them for "protection" but not care for them as necessary.
My grandma did this bullshit. When I was little our family adopted a german shepard, and my grandpa adopted her brother the same day. We would care for our dog, take her for walks and pay attention to her etc. She was very healthy.
My grandma's dog never recieved any exercise, and any time it barked she would shriek at the top of her lungs and sometimes slap him on the back. He had numerous health issues and was super depressed. She absolutely hated all of her dogs but would keep getting ones she wouldn't properly care for.
Its disgusting and it really depresses me, even though I don't feel much of a deep emotional connection with them.
It is a pretty common thing too at least where I live in america, hopefully its not as bad in other countries


Is it possible to find a non-coomer boyfriend? Anonymous 104972[Reply]

This gets asked a lot but still, is there any hope? I think my chances are zero since I'd like someone who shares my nerdy interests like vidya and anime. I've never seen a decent man who liked those. Are super normies and asexual dudes the only choice?
20 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 105330

This. They have to coom at least SOMETIMES. Cancer is no joke.

Anonymous 105348

Cooming sometimes doesn't make a moid a coomer as commonly understood. Coomer = pornsick

Anonymous 105354

Not her but good to know you guys don't mean "masturbates every now and then" when you say "coomer".
In that case, yes, it is possible. I've known young men who are very dedicated to their job, supporting their family and/or passions (like filmmaking). Those guys liked me, but they also fapped, although they weren't pornsick, they never displayed coomer behavior and very rarely talked about porn or sex. Now that I think about it though, they were both Christian (one of them a Catholic).

Anonymous 105903

A non-coomer? yes
Someone who has not been negatively affected by porn to the point it impacts his view of women and sex? I don't think so
I get that it's difficult to not seek a boyfriend even when you've been exposed to horrid shit they do/say, but even the thought that they fap to the horrid shit that is porn upsets me.
Also they don't just masturbate every now and then. Men are not women, and I think they make it obvious they need to get sexually relieved much more often than women do.
It will also be harder for you to find a decent boyfriend if you're young, most moid zoomers got exposed to pornography much earlier than older moids and therefore it impacted them more.

Anonymous 106294

your chances are not zero.


Anonymous 106253[Reply]

what happened to lolcow
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 106263

fucking finally
Imagine dedicated a large sum of your life to shitting on/obsessing over absolute strangers because you feel inferior IRL.
Was always a shit place, lets pray it stays down.

Anonymous 106282

It's back now?

Anonymous 106290

Really something happened to lolcow! What could have happened!! The fbi raided their secret stash ??

Anonymous 106292


Wow I really agree ! I'll forever miss the yaoi thread tho, the one place I regret not going back to and copying all the links.:[

Anonymous 106372

It's not dead yet you idiots, did you even check?

half pint valzy.pn…

this is my husband! Anonymous 106175[Reply]

say something nice about him
2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 106180

his servant is ten times better

Anonymous 106181

he isn't as cute and his personality is a hundred times worse

Anonymous 106189

Nice. Is he a tsundere?

Anonymous 106195

Based. It's true and you should say it.

Anonymous 106203

Being invested in disgaea is a mistake


Anonymous 106073[Reply]

Hey, draw a seal
10 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 106193


Anonymous 106194

What does ylilauta mean?

Anonymous 106202

finnish image board

Anonymous 106216

miner seal.png

Anonymous 106218

Yo we back in the mines

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