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General Chat Thread Anonymous 15251[Reply]


Tell me, what's on your mind? What are you all up to? Lets talk.
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Anonymous 28662


Good morning :)
I really like the snowflakes falling on my screen lol, it's so cute.
Does anyone know other online female orientated communities similar to CC? Even if it's a forum idc anymore tbh. I like CC but it's a bit too slow.

Anonymous 28663


Good morning! What are your plans for today? :) I sadly don't know any other community like this. The Discord server might be nice, but they aren't accepting new people atm.

Today I have a lolita comm meetup and tbh it's the only thing I looked forward this week. I'm a little stressed with exams and family stuff, it might help me to take a break and distract myself~

Anonymous 28664

Your images are very cute, anon. Please post more!

Anonymous 28665


Oh, I'm glad you liked it! In fact I just did a little search to post something fitting, ahahahaha.

Here, have a lil' Hiroto to brighten your day, because he's beautiful and perfect. ♥

Anonymous 28678


My plans for today is finishing a bunch of assignments before next week. I know, super boring hahah. So you're going to a lolita comm meetup?? That's so cool, I remember I always wanted to be part of a lolita community ;-; Please share how your day went :)
And it's unfortunate they're not accepting new people in the server atm. I'll just wait until they start acepting again!


Anonymous 27889[Reply]

do you guys think it's possible for a girl to fetishize femininity?
i've been wanting a gf lately and finding women attractive but i don't know if it's because i live in a society where the female form is heavily sexualized all the time or what
is there a bisexual / lesbian bingo i can consult? or does anyone have any tips for figuring out sexuality
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Anonymous 27961

Me personally I stopped worrying about my sexuality as much. I put it this way: There's people I'm attracted to, and there's people I'm not. I realized a while ago that any sort of title I used for myself didn't do much for me either way beyond not wanting to seem straight, as that's the only thing I can say for certain I'm not. Granted, I don't do anything to not seem straight and everyone just assumes soooooooo, yeah idk fam.

Anonymous 27963

I think it doesn't matter what you say your sexuality is if you are already in a relationship.

Anonymous 27987


I think if at some point you felt desire for another girl you're at least a little bi. Having one bad sexual encounter doesn't mean it's not for you. There was a sexual act that a bf kind of pressured me into doing and I hated it and it took forever until I was willing to let later bfs do it. But with a guy I liked more it was somehow different. Maybe girls are the same way for you?

Anonymous 28620


Anonymous 28666


honestly, does it really matter? date whoever you want. you can date a girl. you can date a boy. you can date anyone. and nobody is going to judge you or say "oh but you're not a lesbian, so you cannot date other girls because it's wrong", it is NOT wrong.
i think you should find a girlfriend and see if you're actually attracted to her. do different things together. does she make you happy? do you find her attractive? do you like having sex with her? if yes, then you're probably (?) insterested in girls, and you can define yourself as a lesbian. but, we don't really need "tags", just do whatever you want. it's not a big deal. definitely not the end of the world.


showerthoughts Anonymous 11307[Reply]

Showerthoughts thread, post any random things you're thinking about
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Anonymous 28656


this is pretty heckin cute idea tbh…. ^^^°^^^^°^^^

Anonymous 28659


just found out about this. Only reading about it doesn't hardly make sense, but take it from me. I'm very much a tomboy, almost my entire wardrobe is men's clothes. But every once in a few blue moons I dress all-out girly and then usually masturbate. Something about feeling so feminine, dressing so different from normal really turns me on. It practically feels like I'm cross-dressing, except I'm not a guy.

Anonymous 28660


Anonymous 28661

do you know what redundant means?

Anonymous 28692

Fuck, I used to be the same when I dressed in men's clothing all the time. And even now that I'm pretty feminine in presentation, I find that doing heavier makeup and wearing provocative clothing (mini skirts and tight shit) has the same effect.
I always just assumed I was a narc lol. Because I'm definitely dtf myself.
>inb4 we get called troons
No! I'm just self-centered!


Unpopular Opinions 3 Anonymous 15047[Reply]

The other one is dead or has reached post limit.
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Anonymous 28687


What's Crystal Cafe's favorite plane?
Doesn't necessarily have to be military.

Anonymous 28688


The xy plane.

Anonymous 28693

completely agree. z axis not welcome here

this post was made by
x-y gang

Anonymous 28699


I like planelegs anime girl Chuck Yeager, also my favorite car is Utena

Anonymous 28702

HOLY SHIT is that a Jay Jay's Bizzare Adventure reference?


Funny manga caps. Anonymous 19907[Reply]

Post funny manga caps. They can be text boxes or full caps, doesn't matter.
(Hentai caps allowed, but keep it pg in the "imagery" department.)
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Anonymous 28306

what does it mean.…

Anonymous 28307

you're cute.png

Anonymous 28374

What's the context here?

Anonymous 28397


It's from Fushigi no Kuni no Arisugawa-san where one of the sheltered MC's friends pretends to be a guy hitting on her.

Anonymous 28635



Anonymous 12278[Reply]

what are u
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Anonymous 28477


taking the bus home
nothing, but gonna make cauliflower nachos for dinner
weirdly drained even though today wasn't terrible, but I will feel a lot better after a work project is completed tomorrow
Death Valley Girls

Anonymous 28479


homework and studying for finals.


nothing. I want coffee but im broke


lonely. wish I had a bf to cuddle with and talk to rn.


to the music the person a floor below me is playing

Anonymous 28482

[HorribleSubs] Jin…

Studying for my CS final tomorrow
rice and beans
Slight anxiety that comes with finals. Also rage at a sociology professor of mine for giving contradictory and vague guidelines for all our work, and for being condescending. I will leave a negative review on rate my professor, passive-aggressive style.

Anonymous 28511

how did it go?

Anonymous 28528

All things considered I think I did pretty well. I know I made a few stupid mistakes on a couple of the multiple choice problems but other than that the test was easier than I thought it'd be. Thanks for asking!


Anonymous 28583[Reply]

Vroom Vroom
Let's go for a ride
Where do you wanna go?
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Anonymous 28613


The employee alerts the police to drug use inside their facility.

>Quick, get on the bike!

Anonymous 28615

I get on the bike, but not before leaving behind a polite holiday share of weed for the employee and the cops'.

Anonymous 28617


You made it to the bike, but I tripped over a stray banana and faceplanted. The police officers grab the weed you left for them and use it to convict me of distribution.

I hope you'll always remember the adventure we shared.

Anonymous 28618

did they at least shave a little off the top and get baked with Christmas cheer?

Anonymous 28619

>go to see butterflies
>leave for an hour
>user was jailed for this post
esoteric kind of feel
thank you for hosting us op

Fundamentalism Anonymous 27272[Reply]

Have you considered becoming a fundamental Christian?

- Loving husband who will never divorce you
- Lots of kids
- Get to stay home all day
- Have time to perfect cooking and baking
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Anonymous 28572

what is the difference between being a live in nanny and the pros op posted? At least as a nanny you earn money

Anonymous 28575

It's actually another clear Bible teaching. Someone who is not saved cannot understand the Bible, though.

Anonymous 28581

I personally don't think I have done that, I trust in God's mercy and am working on bettering myself. But you have yet to provide any substance for why you think Christian fundamentalism is the truth, you've just been telling people who disagree they're wrong and going to hell without even giving a rebuttal to anyone's arguments. That does not seem like a very effective evangelization method to convince people to become fundies.

1 Peter 3:15
>but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence

Anonymous 28605


Please be nice.

Anonymous 28614




Anonymous 17585[Reply]

Tampons or pads answer now
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Anonymous 28557

I've never used a tampon. They're just really unappealing to me. Also I imagine toxic shock syndrome is way overblown, but that freaks me out, too.

I've been thinking about getting a monocular/divacup/whatever for yeeeaaars but never acted on it. So I'll probably be using pads until menopause.

Anonymous 28559

>Not sure why so few women don't just avoid their period entirely, it doesn't negatively impact your health or your fertility or anything.

I lost my period for a long time a few years ago due to being underweight. I hated it. I felt unnatural and like something was wrong with me. I have somewhat heavy bleeding and cramps, but I know some people have nausea/throw up/really painful periods. So I understand why people choose to skip their period. I don't look forward to mine. But I felt so wrong not having it.

Anonymous 28561

Tbh you have to be one dirty fuck to get toxic shock syndrome. Change your tampon every 8 -10 hours (tops) and youll be fine.

I have one of those "cups" but Im so afraid of using it. Im worried it'll get stuck , esp since I don't have a big/wide kookah

Anonymous 28584

Happened to me, don't worry. Eventually it comes out after you learn what giving birth roughly feels like.

Anonymous 28603

I have a small kookah too and taking out cups is easy, I don't even have to "break the seal" as most women do (to release the vacuum). I just tug on the end until it comes out. The biggest challenge really is putting it in and after 2 periods it was such a breeze that I could do it without putting my foot up or squatting.


Anonymous 24875[Reply]

Would you ever fight on the front lines?
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Anonymous 28264

>>tfw airsoft community is filled with toxic children and manchildren plus don't want that unwanted attention you would get from being the only female there

I would start a women only airsoft community with you anon. We could larp in uniforms too. As a tween I had an electric m16 and spring-loading famas my grandpa got for me but I never had any friends to play with so I just shot them in the woods by myself.

Anonymous 28265


Yes please. Where are you from? I'm moving to Texas from the third world in a few months for college.

Anonymous 28266

You know, depending on where in Texas you're moving there might be enough of a population for that to exist already. Where are you moving from?

I'm quite a ways away unfortunately. Hope your stay here is nice.

Anonymous 28267


I'm moving to a small city (300k pop) so I don't think I will find anything, but even if there was something I just don't want to deal with dudes who act like they are playing CoD IRL.

>Where are you moving from?

It's not even worth mentioning. Just a random shithole.

>I'm quite a ways away unfortunately. Hope your stay here is nice.

That's too bad. I would kill to have a nice female friend who shares interests with me. It's been a lonely existence.

Anonymous 28531


>tfw you want to buy historical rifles but too afraid what your christian family would think of you
if you're moving out and are an independent woman, you should follow your desire to collect a bunch of century old bang sticks. plus, i'm sure the bible has something in it about self defense (wouldn't know myself, not christian)

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