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Items you would buy for your home/room Anonymous 42571[Reply]

So sometimes I like to pass time by putting on some music and 'window shop' online (I think I wrote that out weird lol). Anyway, I like to envision what my future home will look by adding neat items I find to my wishlist even if I don't actually buy it. Found these cute coconut bowls.
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Anonymous 43761


I dont know how to play the piano nor do I have any money, but I love window shopping antique pianos. This one is only 75k.

Anonymous 57501


I just want many plants and among them a bonsai tree.

Anonymous 57564


I want one of these ugly things

Anonymous 57595

whyyy it looks like it is waiting to swoop down and peck your eyes out while you sleep

Anonymous 57603

i unironically find these cute


Anonymous 56446[Reply]

Aren't you worried about how aggressive and violent many men are becoming lately? You know. Incels, blackpillers… and all that shit.
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Anonymous 57594


> extreme sexual dimorphism
In mammals, yes, but in nature overall, not really. The largest male-is-bigger sexual dimorphisms are for certain fish where the male is about 12 times the mass of the female, and in mammals the elephant seal male is 8 times the mass of the female.

The largest female-is-bigger sexual dimorphism in vertebrates is the giant seadevil female being 500,000 times the mass of the male.

The blanket octopus male is 1/150th the length of the female. If men were 15 times taller than that height ratio, 1/10th the height of women would involve men being about 6.5 to 7 inches tall; Barbie dolls, in contrast, are 11.5" tall.

Raccoons can weigh 12 to 30 lbs, and very large raccoons have been known to weigh 50 lbs. The average weight of an American woman is 170 lbs. If we take the "very large raccoon" as the basis of comparison, then the mass ratio is about 3 to 4 times male mass, which is only half of the difference in average mass by sex among elephant seals. If we take the smaller 12 lb raccoon as the basis of comparison, that's a mass ratio of 14, which is unprecedented in mammals but still reasonable in the animal kingdom itself.

Of all possible worlds, this is the one we live in.

Anonymous 57597

The world would be a better place if men were little.

Anonymous 57598

Not to mention the smallest humans are about the same size.

Anonymous 57600

I was expecting to see that pic eventually. The information was an added bonus

Anonymous 57601

You'd honestly have to force-feed your moid at force, since I imagine that moids would probably be used to going long times without food.
Then again you could just wait until he's too malnourished to even resist your slices of fruit or whatever you decide to shove down his throat.
It would probably be better to make him come to you for things like warmth.
Like intentionally turning down the temperature at night to force him to crawl into bed with you.
It would also be best to act as smug about it as possible whenever he gives in to your offerings, to assert dominance over him of course.
Though what sort of clothing would be best to wear around a moid you're trying to tame?
You shouldn't try to normalize being naked around him 24/7, otherwise it might make him less susceptible to your sexual advances.
But you would still want to show off while not being overtly naked.
Maybe a form fitting sweater would work?


Anonymous 57092[Reply]

Don't settle down too early.

Imagine honeymooning with a 1 but celebrating your 30th with a 4 or worse.
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Anonymous 57509

hair loss comes from losing semen too frequently
shaving the head or cutting hair short pulls energy upwards
balding is the male body trying to preserve itself

this pulling up of energy is also why people with short hair tend to be more mentally unstable
their imbalances literally go to their head
see most black people, feminists and skin-heads

it workds for buddhist monks, but they meditate and are balanced (at least they should be balanced)

Anonymous 57533

The idea that in the future I'll have a shorter hair is anathema to me. I just love sitting and feeling my hair under my butt, it's actually my favorite thing about my appearence. Let's hope that in the future they'll find a way to stop our hair to grow thinner.

Anonymous 57534

What's your hair colour, anon?

Anonymous 57536

Dark brown. Why?

Anonymous 57538

Just curious. I cut my hair a while ago because it was a disaster and now I want to achieve the pre-raphaelite look. I'm ash blonde. Now I'm off topic


Anonymous 56980[Reply]

Moid this, moid that… moid there, a moid somewhere… !? come on let's stop talking about them for a while, it's depressing seeing how /b/ is filled with moid related threads. Let's change that a bit. Tell us your future plans, doesn't have to be big, just what are you all up to lately?
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Anonymous 57085

Sounds adorable. I hope you have a good time. Remember, you are not old yet (not even close) and can still be healthy and fit for travel!

Anonymous 57086

Going to start classes at Uni on Monday :)

Anonymous 57087


I need to get my GED.

Anonymous 57276


I'm working on some personal projects I'd promised younger-me that I'd get to once out of school and employed. It's a nice feeling.

Looks cool! Hope you had fun at the beach!

Anonymous 57532

>some personal projects
Like what, anon? Would you mind sharing?


Anonymous 56885[Reply]

Some women marry houses.

Anonymous 56891


Anonymous 56897



Anonymous 56989

Eggsplain please

Anonymous 57519


Anonymous 57526

ow shit


Anonymous 50094[Reply]

Kinda hate that even in all female communities creepers be creepin.
Everything I join a discord server just for women it feels like half the user base are lesbians trying to hook up rather than have real conversation.
Anyone else have this problem?
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Anonymous 57499

Ok retard moid buddy retard

Anonymous 57513

I don't like being around lesbins, then again, I don't like being around people my age.

Anonymous 57516

what kinda communities are you joining to have dykes creeping on you? asking for a friend

Anonymous 57522

Most lesbians I know are pretty chill but occasionally I encounter ones who barge into standard discussions about breasts/bras to be thirsty. The last one I encountered who was like this was a bi chick in an art group who was also poly so I wonder if they're a troon or just really plays up being attracted to women for attention.

Anonymous 57524

we don't even flirt with each other in our own communities, i tried to join online lesbian groups and the only ppl hitting on me were 30+ years old tranners


Anonymous 57334[Reply]

Why live?
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Anonymous 57417

As much as I hate porn compared to the next person, this "study" was a survey in 2016 by a private entity wanting to sell you internet security software.


They don't list anything about methods, nor the raw data, just a blurb of.

>The research was conducted by Bitdefender in September 2016 covering 706 users of Bitdefender’s security solutions.

Which tells me that the people who bought bitdefender have a higher chance of already having children with porn consumption problems.

I'm not going to get upset without more raw data on how this "study" was performed. Preferably from a neutral source.


Yes but unironically. People “want” to make porn because they are victims of sexual violence or suffer from a mental illness. It’s not possible for a healthy human being to want to make porn.

Anonymous 57459

>Liking sex
>Liking money
>Becoming famous

There are lots of reasons, they just don't get the full picture I guess…

Anonymous 57467

Do you have any data to back up this claim? I know that those who star in porn are more likely to have been abused or to have mental illness, but that's a fundamentally different argument then those who do porn are exclusively doing porn do to such reasons.


If you add up the amount of people in porn with mental illnesses + the amount with a history of abuse + the amount of pornographers charged with human traffic and violence + the amount of porn stars who are queer and therefore likely victims of abuse as well + the amount of male porn stars charged with rape + the amount of people in porn due to poverty + the lives ruined by porn addictions you should probably start realising the tiny percentage that are just natural born degenerates aren’t worth allowing an industry that hurts millions to exist


Anonymous 57447[Reply]

How do I stop feeling ashamed for masturbating and my sexual fantasies? My parents aren't even conservatives, I don't feel like society or anyone else is shaming me, and society as sexualised like never before. Why am I feeling so bad about it?


Trust your instincts. If you feel bad you should probably feel bad. Humans have been designed to feel bad for this because it’s dysgenic and antisocial. You shouldn’t be masturbating you should be finding a good strong moid to make children with. There’s a reason it’s being a degenerate is usually associated with men, it’s subhuman and even subpar women can do better.

Anonymous 57452

Maybe it's because you subconsciously think you are wasting your time?

Anonymous 57454

What this anon says is quite right I think. I felt bad too about those things and quit masturbation. Now I feel much better. Killing your fantasies is way harder to do though.

Anonymous 57469

What exactly are you feeling shame about? The physical action, the time it takes, the fantasies, when does the shame kick in?

michael jackson sk…

Anal bleaching Anonymous 57103[Reply]

Anyone tried anal bleaching? I'm considering it

Anonymous 57236

Something about you including MJ getting progressively whiter really made me kek.
But no, I've never done it and I would never do it. It's purely cosmetic and that makes it useless as fuck. What if your ass is darker than the rest of your body? It's not something people will look at anyway and it's natural for it to be that way. Other cosmetic things might make sense, but who the hell cares about it beside porn sick moids and pick-mes?

Anonymous 57366

I'd like to have a pink butt because I have an anal fetish. Bleaching seems too extreme, I'd just like something that makes it lighter.

Anonymous 57450

>tfw naturally pink anus
[email protected]

Anonymous 57468

that's racist


Anonymous 57433[Reply]

Any art miners here?
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Anonymous 57442

i am a digital artist but i don't want to share my art here since a reverse image search could reveal all my social media lol

Anonymous 57445

You don't have to share art, it's just a thread to talk about art in general, maybe share some advice too

Anonymous 57451

Art is not dead.

Anonymous 57456

The source is literally slapped on the picture. https://twitter.com/Handupup/media

Anonymous 57460

damn thanks I didn't notice it

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