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Anonymous 120656[Reply]

>guy who I had a crush on in high school but was too scared to approach, is now married and has children with the girl who used to wear braces
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Anonymous 120666

Sorry about that, you should've worn braces obviously.

Anonymous 120676

Nothing. OP’s mad abt her crooked teeth.

Anonymous 120697

Not everyone has inferior alveolar genetics. Some women are blessed with straight teeth. OP, as a superior specimen with naturally aligned molars, deserves a boyfriend more than braceface becky. She is upset at the disturbance in the natural order, rightfully so.

Anonymous 120701

Story of my life

Anonymous 120715

You are not entitled to A bf more than her. Next time don't just stand silent watching life go on.


How did you find Crystal.cafe? Anonymous 5306[Reply]

I'm a newbie and found this place by accident

I found a link in a PULL thread and I'm so happy I'm here, everyone seems so collected and nice.
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Anonymous 120071

Was it from the "feminine bodied evil cabal" idiot?

Anonymous 120635

I don't understand how you could read that screencap and not immediately think the person who made it was mentally ill

Anonymous 120652

i found it from a general on 4chan's /vg/ a few months ago

Anonymous 120690

piss off, she is based

Anonymous 120702

Is it wrong though? Is it?


Misandry quotes? Anonymous 119321[Reply]

Anyone has some good misandrist quotes? I'm looking for some phrases that would work well in a matriarchal society
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Anonymous 119971

An oldie but a goodie: poison men

Anonymous 120175


Misandry irritates. Misogyny kills.

Women are afraid of meeting a serial killer. Men are afraid of meeting someone fat.

Men are afraid women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them

Anonymous 120176


>The male is a biological accident: >the Y gene is an incomplete X gene

>that has an incomplete set of chromosones

Anonymous 120655

Yeah, undeveloped human
A woman can do everything a man can and also have an option to create life

Anonymous 120685

I miss her


Ukrainian thread Anonymous 118583[Reply]

Who's here /hohol/? Я тут Українська діаспора?
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Anonymous 120428

>her smile and optimism: gone
>chances for presidency: gone
>her braid: gone
The Last years weren't kind to her

Anonymous 120444


Vsyem privyet.

Anonymous 120456

those are some scary trips

Anonymous 120621


>Asking for ukrainian diaspora

>while simultaneously labeling us as "hohols" right off the bat

Great way to start the thread.

Anonymous 120657

>що це? Іронія?


What is your favourite dinosaur? Anonymous 115180[Reply]

Mine is Panoplosaurus.
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Anonymous 119417

Reminder that birbs are modern dinosaurs

Anonymous 119420

I think Triceratops are cute. I love the dinosaur segment from Fantasia.

Anonymous 119432

Yeah this one's my fave for sure, good taste anon. Noot noot

Anonymous 120661

turtle sex.jpg

Turtles and tortoises first appeared 200 million years ago and have changed very little over all these millions of years. So, there were essentially the same cute little turtles hanging out with the dinosaurs as hang out with us now. I just think that's neat.

Anonymous 120680

Kinda strange when you think about it.

>shark and alligator

Slow moving shelled reptile. Only one species can fully retract themselves into their shell. Unchanged for millions of years. I wonder what gives them the advantage.


Anonymous 120667[Reply]

Ancient greeks were so based in regards to sexuality. Sure women werent free but it was still the kind of society that couldve actually enabled them to be. The way men nowadays idealize femininity in regards to sex appeal makes them see women as some kind of different beings they just basically wanna fuck. When everyone was instead fucking everyone (and/or masculinity was idealized..?) women werent cared about much which is what made them potentially free.

Anonymous 120668

I wish I had a time machine so I could send people who say things like
>it was so much better in x era when people like me were literal slaves because y
so they could see how ridiculous they are being. Just appreciate the aesthetics or whatever else it is you like about the Greeks and accept that living among them would have been hell.

Anonymous 120669

I agree it was probably hell im just saying they were based regarding sexuality

Anonymous 120670

based because they routinely groomed young boys to be subservient and view sexual gratification of their elders as part of an education?? cmon now

Anonymous 120671

damn i dont mean that part okay? I guess sexual degenerates will be degenerates regardless of which gender its directed towards but im just interested in the fact that males have had the capacity to leave women alone the way they did and wished society would stop embracing degeneracy in the modern era directed towards women

Anonymous 120672

i guess some replaced women with young boys but i feel like ancient greece also brings to our attention that this doesnt have to be an ingrained part of society and instead is caused by hedonism, since we can tell that those werent inherent gender roles. Yet nowadays we dont see how our gender roles are influenced by hedonism and degenerate men delude themselves to believe their views on women are healthy and natural.


lets talk: friendship Anonymous 120598[Reply]

where does one make a true friend?
someone you relate to, or someone you connect with at even a decent level. do you search, or do they find you? is this attainable or a one in a million friendship.

loneliness is achey. greatful for the kind people i do meet? very much so! however craving a real connection with others? someone you can always talk to?

should i make a podcast?

Anonymous 120615

Can't you talk to the kind people you know? Don't you connect well enough with them or do you just want more friends?

Anonymous 120622

NTA but in my experience the kind people already have their own friends and dont think about asking you to do anything with them. and you can only ask them so many times without seeming clingy

Anonymous 120632

exacty this, i want someone to be close to that values me in a similar manner (not codependent, but at least talking often, always having them to go to and updating them with things vice versa) i just think itd be fun to share things with someone that isnt just me :-) oh well, i think if the universe wants me to have a lovely friend connection it will come.

Anonymous 120646


i've been on the earth for a long time and i'm still trying to find a female friend i can relate to on a deeper level. the girls that are in proximity of me just don't fit the bill, but i'm sure there are some other girls out there similar to me, i just have to put in the effort to find them…


Anonymous 44115[Reply]

Where the fuck do you meet men
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Anonymous 120157

Get me the Tonga guy from the olympics…where do you find well-oiled guys?

Anonymous 120158

Men would get cuter if we abandon the ugly ones to die alone instead of getting desperate or kind to pick them up. You having more money and being independent helps to not settle for less

Anonymous 120507

I met my current bf when my best friend forced me to go out with her to some hard rock club.

Was left alone at a table and some guys on the table next to me were having an argument.

Then some tall lanky guy with a blonde Mohawk looked over to me and asked me if his haircut looks gay.

We've been dating for almost four years now, he's a weirdo, I somehow lucked out anyways.

Anonymous 120513


Kek, I used to post on /co/ too. That sounds about right.

Anonymous 120629



Perfect bf Anonymous 118638[Reply]

Let's construct the perfect bf. Ok. I'll start.

He wears corduroy pants.
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Anonymous 120540


Anonymous 120545

>likes cats
but also he likes all animals because he has empathy

Anonymous 120546

>but also he likes all animals because he has empathy
If you really had empathy for all animals, you would want them to go extinct. Wild animals are stuck in constant loops of
>do this so you don't feel bad
until they get eaten by something larger.

Anonymous 120586

I hate that I know exactly what this is… help

Anonymous 120604


He loves and accepts everything that you are and, of course, isn't real; but, maybe you could get one if you were a gigastacy? Maybe


How do you find a guy's insecurities? Anonymous 120504[Reply]

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Anonymous 120573

Your post >>120547 clearly shows that you do judge them by their clothes they wear since you assume they're hiding something, lmao

Anonymous 120579

“What size are your feet? They look kinda small. You know what they say about men with big feet, heh”

Anonymous 120580

Men have always loved wearing hats…

Anonymous 120599

Oh no, I am not advocating for her doing these things, I think its a bit fucked up and pointlessly cold. I'm just saying that the thing most men are insecure about is their manhood? Best way to attack manhood? Their penis; the very symbol of their manhood.

Anonymous 120602

I was dating a guy who was very insecure about being circumcised. In the US it's normal but he hated that his parents would do that to him. I saw something online about it once and brought it up with him after he told me and he got very insecure about it. Anything penis related is very good for that.

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