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/alcoholism/ Anonymous 77194[Reply]

Who here a /crippling alcoholic/?

Whats your drink of choice?

I like absinthe and paint thinner vodka! It makes me happy
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Anonymous 255201



Anonymous 255202

Was getting there, I hate my job. I’m addicted to smoking weed but need to bc of my dragon breath/fried lungs. Have been considering picking up wine again, don’t have an issue with alc but can’t stand being sober. Hoping to transition back to being an adderall fiend if I can get my script back next week

Anonymous 257562

I like hard cider. There are a lot of local cideries in my area too so I like trying out new flavors every now and then.

Anonymous 257564

hahaha anon are you me? i was hoping to return to my fiendish ways this year as well

Anonymous 257574


Green apple vodka and hard cider. It didn't help that I was also addicted to xanax. Then I started mixing liquor and codeine syrup.

troon anime.png

Terfposting #34 Anonymous 255893[Reply]

Since #33 reached the reply limit.

Previous threads:
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Anonymous 258378

Kinda. I didn't care at all about trannies, then I discovered radical feminism and from there I got into the GC rabbit hole. I'm not a radfem anymore but I'm still GC.

Anonymous 258390

i guess everyone responding to you had a lib phase or whatever but i always disliked them and especially the "transbians" i'm generally left leaning and all but i really do cut the line off at troons lmao

Anonymous 258399

No, I think it's a really common terf experience to id as a tranny or just being generally really involved with the t community before peaking. Being so fully immersed with the trans rhetoric and knowing some things are wonky but not having a framework to fully makes finding and understanding radical feminism a pretty eye opening experience.

Anonymous 258402

>I'm not a radfem anymore

Anonymous 258404

Sort of. Never thought a man was a woman but did not care about trannies much (they were not everywhere and weren't trying to alter the laws and invade womens spaces). I was the minute Jenner won woman of the year and found out what the term gender critical meant. Could've found a more worthy woman of the year by walking in to the nearest business and awarding the first female employee they saw.


Do you tip servers? Anonymous 31694[Reply]

Tipping culture is so fucking ridiculous. I'm Canadian and live in a province where servers make $14 an hour and where food is hella expensive. I always hear in the US servers make very little money and food is cheap as a result, but customers are meant to subsidize their wages. I always see servers on the internet (from Canada too) talking about how people shouldn't go to restaurants if they won't tip 15-20%. fucking entitled cunts.

In Canada, food is expensive, servers make decent money AND we're expected to tip? wtf? And servers feel SO entitled to tip money too. Like, if you don't tip on every drink you get, bartenders will refuse to serve you. Or if you regularly go to a restaurant and they start to recognize you as the "non-tipper" you have to start being concerned about them doing shit to your food. Or dipping their balls in your sauce like that recent news story.

I always get comments from friends and family about being rude and not tipping, but IDGAF. I've had servers approach me and ask where their tip was. I've worked behind the counter at a food service place (where tipping wasn't expected) as a teen and in retail, and where do these employees get off being so rude over this shit? This all makes me less sympathetic with those "tales from retail" stories about customers being assholes.

Anyone else pissed off about tip culture? It's pretty much giving donations at this point, fuck off, they make more than many professions that require degrees.

Anyone else annoyed?
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Anonymous 258349

>I don't tip policemen either.
that's not the best comparison because you have to actually do your job to get tipped.

Anonymous 258350

I don't know if you're joking (this is the Internet in 2023), so just in case: tipping the police is bribing, it lands you in jail.

Anonymous 258375

>tipping the police is bribing
And this is why I disregard the law. These rules make no fucking sense. You tell me there is a difference between showing my gratitude for good service when it comes to dining at a restaurant and extra care and attention given by nurses on the ward? How can this be considered 'bribery' if you're doing it after the fact? Are you telling me I should 'bribe' the waiters before being served a meal, so they don't spit in my food?

Anonymous 258379

I don't want to see such corruption in healthcare where nurses treat you better based on just how likely you are to tip them later

Anonymous 258383

I'm in the US and I don't get it either. Restaurants should just pay their staff properly. Recently dined in an upscale restaurant where it was already over $100 a person and at the end there was a forced "gratuity" of 20%. Seriously why?

1975 06 Dalsland V…

Time Anonymous 234023[Reply]

During what period were scrotes at their best and at their worst? Was there any benefit of being a woman in the past compared to today? I get the feeling that modern scrotes are not as genuine as they were in the past. They were very open about being manipulative and controlling assholes but nowadays everyone puts on a fake smile in order to appease women and tell them how feminism is good.
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Anonymous 258255

Never underestimate the stupid shit a scrote can do for no apparent reason. If you look at moid leaders they all have the same huge ego that expands beyond reasonable boundaries.

Anonymous 258331

Moids exaggerate everything they do.

Anonymous 258337

every recorded war in history is the result of a scrote sperging out

Anonymous 258345

Anonymous 258347

they do anything to get laid


Anonymous 142346[Reply]

How to raise a boy in the current political environment?
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Anonymous 257778


Anonymous 257914

nope, not how it works. He will rebel and be able to consume whatever he wants. The way to make a guy avoid becoming mentally deranged by consuming stupid stuff is by creating a fulfilling and healthy environment where he doesn't fall into some type of vice.

Anonymous 258283

Moids are the entire problem. They will be sent their own way without having a lineage or grow up and become human beings.

Anonymous 258313

I think a college athlete has way more pressure. Nobody is really pressuring a guy to be a comic book writer but a college athele has a lot of personal, social and financial things at stake. They've been raised from young in an environment that rewards hyper aggressiveness, domination and scoring. It's no wonder that male college atheles are 1% of college populations but 20% of the rapists.

Anonymous 258346

No one here is being toxic.
Want to raise a degenerate moid,go ahead. You will be adding to a statistic one way or another.


Are asexuals real? Anonymous 257743[Reply]

I'm not sure if this should even be on /b/ but this is a genuinely random thing that I've been thinking of lately. I guess I'm asking this because I myself have a very low drive and little attraction to others however, I acknowledge that I'm depressed and that could be the reason due to hormones. I've seen many asexuals brand themselves as being "oppressed" and discriminated against like the rest of the LGBTQ community but it just seems very disingenuous to make an identity around not wanting to have sex or be in relationships. Zoomers are known to be overmedicated and pumped full of SSRI's and they don't even consider that this could be what's causing it and not because they feel literally zero sexual attraction to others when human beings are meant to mate biologically. I am considering that some do exist, but I would be even more surprised if there are moids who are like this. I'm aware that asexuals are still a very small portion of the population but I have seen more of them being vocal in recent years and there's even a forum they have. I guess zoomers aren't the only ones doing this and millennials are definitely the ones who brought this to the limelight to begin with. I've just been thinking about this a lot recently and wanted to hear what others think.
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Anonymous 258312

To this day there is no evidence that pheromones in humans exist… but anyway, the level of brain masculinization in uterus does seem to be related to being bisexual and homosexual. In male rats, low brain masculinization was related to homosexual tendencies, and female rats also showed signs of homosexual behavior for high brain masculinization. Homosexual behavior seems to be caused by the way the brain structure is affected by testosterone (or lack of) in uterus, not by "pheromones" or whatever bullshit.

Anonymous 258323

Any piece of media or article making wild assumptions about LGBT sexuality based on pheromones, MRT scans, genetics, and so on is, at best, cherry-picking and intentionally blowing out of proportion some extremely minor and unreliable scientific findings (something said studies don't even deny). We don't know how any of it works. We can not reliably predict someone's sexuality based on any of those factors. There absolutely is at least some social element, but there's no telling how strongly it manifests in each person.

Anonymous 258327

Haha, I know who you mean. People like this puzzle me

Anonymous 258332

>Moids who say they’re asexual just have fem dom kinks and are too incompetent to make effort with women.
Fucking amen. This has been what I've noticed too.

The other major kind of "asexual" moid is one that's a degenerate with unrealistic, chronically online tier fetishes, but either way, is strongly closeted and filled with shame about his desires. Hence why he uses "asexual" to shoo away normal people from his unhealthy sense of sexuality.
Likewise, he could also just be homosexual and deeply ashamed of it and says he's ace to shoo away gay types that he doesn't like.

Anonymous 258344

same story, I was pretend marrying and joke kissing my friends since kindergarden, grew up in a happy functional family

Screenshot 2023-10…

Moid Ls Anonymous 257303[Reply]

Let's have a "moids posting their Ls online" thread. I have a small folder of screenshots that I mainly collected from 4chan. If any of you suffered from the misogyny on that website (which I'm sure a lot of you did), remember that these are the kind of moids that shit on women.
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Anonymous 257912

Oh wow lol, there's LAYERS to this one.

Anonymous 258328

Well, that‘s expensive

Anonymous 258333

>"high quality man"
>pro-human trafficking

The scum under my shoe is more valuable than someone with such a disgusting mentality.

Anonymous 258334

Most sane and kind /r9k/ poster. Only on /r9k/ will you find such spectacular living specimens.

It's funny too because moids bait each other all the fucking time with "femanon here" posts. Misogynists are sad retards.

Anonymous 258335

Men who say this have always been projecting. Especially when they try to argue that "men get better in old age" when their dicks shrivel up, and the best looking old men are ones that were already taking good care of themselves whe the were young.

A lot of these idiots don't take care of themselves and just magically expect women to like them.


the more you know Anonymous 258274[Reply]

>Đorđe Martinović was a Serbian farmer from Kosovo who was at the centre of a notorious incident in May 1985, when he was treated for injuries caused by the insertion of a bottle into his anus.
>On 1 May 1985, Đorđe Martinović, a 56-year-old resident of the Kosovo town of Gnjilane, arrived at the local hospital with a broken bottle wedged in his rectum. He claimed that he had been attacked by two Albanian men while he was working in his field.
>Public investigators reported that "the prosecutor made a written conclusion from which it appears that the wounded performed an act of 'self-satisfaction' in his field, [that he] put a beer bottle on a wooden stick and stuck it in the ground. After that he sat 'on the bottle and enjoyed'."
>He was transferred to Belgrade for further investigations at the prestigious Military Medical Academy, but a medical team there reported that his injuries were not consistent with a self-inflicted wound.
>A second opinion was sought and provided a month later by a commission under Slovenian Professor Dr. Janez Milčinski. The Milčinski team concluded that Martinović could have inserted the bottle by positioning it on a stick, which he had pushed into the earth, but had slipped during masturbation and broke the bottle in his rectum under the force of his body's weight.
>The Martinović case was held by some Serb nationalist ideologues, intellectuals and politicians to symbolise a supposed Muslim penchant for sodomy.
>Many analogies were made with the Ottoman Turks, who had ruled Serbia until 1833 (and Kosovo until 1912). The incident was widely compared with the Ottoman use of impalement as a means of torture and execution.
>For their part, many Kosovo Albanians took the view that (as indicated by Martinović's early confession) he had accidentally inflicted the wound on himself and tried to cover it up by blaming it on Albanians, enabling Serbian nationalists to exploit it to provoke anti-Albanian feelings.
>The prevalent opinion in Slovenia and Croatia was wariness of Serb nationalism and that the Martinović case was merely a pretext to force a change to the Yugoslav Constitution to give Serbia full control over its two autonomous provinPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 258286

So according to this image, it was the wide end of the bottle he sat on?
mouth gape


Moid Copium Anonymous 130480[Reply]

Post funniest moid copes in this thread, whatever it may be about
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Anonymous 257035

I'm so sick of this word. It's not derogatory enough to insult moids. Since moids like fucking, they'll almost take it as a compliment. Just call him a slut.

Anonymous 257302

Screenshot 2023-06…

You sure do buddy

Anonymous 257389

>How does this happen /b- I mean /po- I mean /fi- I mean /biz/
>Maybe it's the reddit spacing holding me back???
Hahah. I'm pretty sure this is just a joke making fun of all the similar /r9k/-tier posts with delusional scrotes listing how amazing they are. You know, "I am perfect in every way, especially the ways YOU wish you were perfect, and yet no modern femalé will give me the time of day. :((( You certainly have no chance if I, the ultimate man, somehow can't collect a harem even with all these things you wish you had. Truly we live in a society. u_u" I could be wrong, but it's pretty on point and the extra comments seem tongue in cheek.

Anonymous 258256

not true, there are some surgeries and broscience devices which can be used, but they're either several thousands of dollars or risk causing permanent damage and dysfunction or both

Anonymous 258277

guy in OP was doomed from the start when his parents named him artful


Anonymous 258245[Reply]

what exactly is "the tea"?

Anonymous 258248

Coffeegreen tea mo…

It's the arch nemesis of covfefe.

Anonymous 258251

It's already been spilled…

Anonymous 258276

It means gossip. Whats the latest scoop. I never understood why people said this, but I imagine classy grandmas gossiping about the goings on at the country club while sipping on their tea. Thats how I remember.

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