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Yurika_CG_(DDLC+) …

Why are women romantically attracted to men? Anonymous 180077[Reply]

So I'm coming to realize that when I'm not knee deep in patriarchal brainwashing it's just obvious that women are better conversationalists than men and, given that the only thing I care about in relationships is the conversation, it seems that women just objectively make better partners. You can really see how much better they are at conversation when you compare CC to chan boards.

Why do women even like men? They don't earn money anymore, physical strength is obsolete and even if it wasn't most moids are too weak to be useful anyway, they're unkind and unempathetic and are statistically more likely to leave you than a woman would be if you got sick, they have poorer hygiene and take worse care of themselves, they're less funny and poorer conversationalists and perform comparatively poorly in school. What is the point of moids?

Can hetero women explain themselves?
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Anonymous 183285

Probably for the same reason the terf thread got deleted again. I could tell by the hostility to women refraining from men. Only a male would seethe so hard at the thought of women not needing men anymore.

Anonymous 183291

Ok at this point I think I'm arguing with a troon. No rebuttals to anything I say but a string of projection and ad hominems. My points criticizing heteronormativity still stand though, just wanted to put them out there. Move on and disregard him nonas.

Anonymous 183304

If you aren't blaine, you're still a moron.

Anonymous 183606

>Yet you don't see your average woman wanting to fuck every man on earth
Do you lezzers wanna fuck every woman you see?? Also why do your kind date the gross landwhales men don't wanna touch? This goes both ways lol
t. dating a hot and smart guy

Anonymous 183611



accountability thread Anonymous 181390[Reply]

Post long-term or short-term goals you have so other nonas can keep you accountable. Updates, honesty, and kindness are encouraged.
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Anonymous 183430

My goals are the following:

-Finish a lot least some career, one I like l.
-Have at least 1 kid with the male I love currently before I reach 40.
-Finish the videogames I haven't played yet

Anonymous 183474

>email professors for letters of recommendation for grad school
>start working on personal statements
>make an excel spreadsheet/folder for each uni I applied to
>finish art topic (heads)

Anonymous 183512

Thanks, it's helping me a lot.

I'm a fast eater but drinking a lot of water/tea/diet soda with my meal slows me down and helps me feel fuller sooner.

What's the first video game you're going to play?

Good luck with grad school apps. I hope you get the recommendations yoy want!

Anonymous 183568

-go out more often, at least once a week, maybe even meet people irl
-turn video ideas into actual videos
-finish packing

covering my skin with something like bandages, stickers, masks, or pimple patches has helped me, depending on the area you're picking. i've also learned to just touch the skin instead of picking at it.

Anonymous 183597

>start vacuuming every week again
>drink 3 litres of water daily
>get christmas presents for family members and bf


Anonymous 183463[Reply]

How do we feel about Ye?
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Anonymous 183567

This. When Louis Theroux asked him some slightly hard questions his smirk fell off his face in such a pathetic manner that I actually felt bad for him. It's all a facade, he is an extremely fragile and unhappy person.

Anonymous 183575

>love is for all
Even Hitler?

Anonymous 183588

>How do we feel about Ye?
We is a dystopian Russian novel written by Yevgeny Zamyatin circa 1920–1921, nothing else.

Anonymous 183591

I can’t decide if he’s super mentally ill and having a public schizo breakdown or if this is all PR and he’s going to run for office and get an actual voter base of conspiracy theorists and disgruntled trumpies

Anonymous 183592

He's just a blowhard who plays around with different ideas for amusement and attention. This is just his current flavor, there is no real foundation to it.


Anonymous 183207[Reply]

Look what I bought today!
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Anonymous 183234

Thanks! They are mittens and really warm


Idk why the first thing you think when you see a panda is cum sock but w/e you do your thing

You don't want to know, it's disgusting

Anonymous 183242

Why do they do it tho? Is it like a fetish thing?

Anonymous 183293

So cute!! I love mittens with little animal prints on them.

Anonymous 183437


I have those - to a print per se, but hey

Anonymous 183578

Idk and also don't wanna know but I guess it's some "look how gross I can be xd" style joke or something

I love animal mittens! Used to have cats but idk where they are so I got those pandas

L O V E those <3


legs of the moid Anonymous 149745[Reply]

>get on public transport
>moids sit in their seats
>they spread their legs as if they are magnetically repulsed like polar opposites

does this mean that their is an innate desire for moid legs to run away in the opposite direction from where the body is?
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Anonymous 183389

What’s the maximum leg angle that should be allowed for moids? I’d say 20 degrees maximum.

Anonymous 183390

Anonymous 183540

The solution is tight pants. Cute moids show off their butts while incel scrotes are unable to manspread.

Anonymous 183543

Either 5 or 180 for the Amazon position or the good old fashioned missionary peg.

Anonymous 183551



Anonymous 180694[Reply]

scrotes hate when women have plastic surgery.

whenever i or some other girl bring up our intention of getting something done, they go on and on about how its off putting, vain and one should learn to appreciate what they have because god makes no mistakes, or some other dumb shit like that.

personally i dont care about their opinions and will eventually get either plastic surgery (again) or some cosmetic enhancer like fillers. i will stop afterwards because ofc i dont want to become a plastic doll, but i was genuinely an ugly person before my procedure, and now i can say i like how i look which is something i wouldn't have been able to do if i lived with how my nose was naturally.
my confidence has improved immensely and honestly i think that's why men don't want women to get ps, because they know it will make you look and feel better and an insecure and not conventionally attractive person is easier to control.

why do you think men hate when women get plastic surgery so much?
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Anonymous 183527

they hate the idea of it but in practise, it gets them hard. they know its for them a portion of the time. boob jobs as an example

Anonymous 183531


Anonymous 183547

genes dont work that way though, just because someone has a large nose it doesnt mean their kids are also going to have one, and just because someone has a small nose it doesnt mean their kids is going to have small one either.
what about the genes of the other parent, or of both people's overall gene pool? genetics is a dice roll.
a large (as in slightly bigger than usual) nose is a very, very common trait that kids can inherit from literally any of the mom's and dad's ancestors, and sure as hell there is going to be a couple of people with a big nose in both families.
not to mention the genetic "defects" and variants that can arise regardless.
looking at your partner for how your kids are going to come out is going to give you a grossly general idea at most.

Anonymous 183548

Ah man, guess I'll be off on my way to own the males by playing into their sexual fantasies!

Anonymous 183549

just because someone has plastic surgery it doesnt mean they are playing into anyone's sexual fantasies. plenty of people are born with physical traits that deviate more or less severely from the norm and are teased mercilessly for it, it impacts their life in a way that goes well beyond their sexual prospects.
and women have agency outside of men, too. if i look at myself in the mirror and don't like what i see, it can upset me and it doesn't mean i'm witnessig a scrote observer in my mind's eye. it can just mean i don't like it and i have opinions and tastes that go beyond what moids think.


who the fuck is this anime directed at Anonymous 183420[Reply]

this has to be some of the most uncomfortable shit i've seen, this 28 year old manwhore falls head over heels for this 17 year old girl (who is a friend of his little sister) because she responds with "you are creepy" to his cringe le womanizer advances, not even advances but just 1 advance, and keeps sending her gifts and following her around whenever he sees her like a creep. she explicitly tells him to stop and is not even moved by it once and he literally says "i dont care if you don't like it, i will keep doing it because i want to, you can be angry at me you are so cute". his sister is also so supportive of this and advices her friend to "call him at night" and acts like a wingwoman for her brother. the scene where some woman who he had a one night stand with comes and warns the girl about how scummy he is and the mc actually fucking defending him just blew my mind. then he proceeds to aggressively wipe off the 3rd woman's makeup with a tissue for making him look bad in front of her.

its just the first episode and so far we've accepted a pervert stalker as long as he is handsome and rich and smart, being fooled and tricked into trusting him and defending him against people he has played in the past, seeing them as sluts whose words have no value because they put on too much makeup. its just so disgusting and repulsive. its the first time seeing a show has riled me up so much, who the fuck is this made for? it cannot be for men, and the pacing is so slow and simple you'd assume this was targeting young girls. who thought this was okay? who enjoys seeing this? its baffling
2 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 183447


Lets kill old men who look at younger women. Let's just slit all their throats. :D

Anonymous 183461

I've seen and watched my fair share of questionable fictional romances from various countries but Japanese artists and writers take the cake. They're the only ones I've come across so far who seem to think age gap relationships between a literal teenager and an adult are totally okay. I've even read a BL comic once where the boy was around 12 and the man was in his early 20s, so it's not just applicable to straight romances. And these stories are drawn and written by grown women themselves. It really makes me wonder what goes through their minds when they make them.
Honestly, I can find 17-18 year old guys cute (I take the bus to work and see tons of students before school starts for the day) but I could never fantasize over them in a romantic context or see them as dating material. It just doesn't work in my mind.

Anonymous 183482

Pfft you're complaining about the women ?? That's like .02% of the pedophile predator sex industry. The worst problem is the human trafficking. Sex trafficking is HUGE all over Asia and unreported sexual violence is a nightmare plague in Japan. There is not much justice for victims in a place like Japan and since its the 50s over there, nobody ever has healthy conversations about sex

Anonymous 183529

You can criticize weird content in media without whataboutism and swerving into another wholly unrelated topic…

Anonymous 183537



no subject - chatroom thread Anonymous 143286[Reply]

consider this thread a place to come just to shoot the shit. no specific topic is applied, just talk about anything you like!
233 posts and 29 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 183253

actually, it's for me, but it's cute that you think that.

Anonymous 183267

I'm kind of embarrassed but I wanna try learning more Japanese and Spanish. I've only familiarized myself with hiragana, katakana, then barely any kanji and know basic phrases here and there but never studied seriously because I don't know any great resources for learning and give up easily. (there's a lot of Japanese media out there I want to be able to read and translate) Also Spanish since it isn't far off from the English language and because I've studied it a little as well. I thought if I ever became fluent it would be cool to branch off from there to learn more languages.

Anonymous 183272

no need to be embarrassed, i tried to learn japanese one time but i realized i have less use for it than other languages so i gave up.

Anonymous 183274

I'm sure the progress is still there in your brain, but why do you think you've undone it? At worst the knowledge is in the back of your mind which just takes some digging up again. I believe in ya to surpass JLPT N1/N2

Anonymous 183534

genuine question
did you miss the /meta/ board on your way in?


ways to improve my hot cocoa experience? Anonymous 182150[Reply]

Since it's winter I'd like to talk about hot cocoa. I have some packets of it that I like to make every so often, but recently it just feels lackluster so I'd like some tips on how to improve the experience. Currently I'm thinking stroopwafels, peppermint sticks/candy canes, or maybe figuring out how to boil milk in my electric kettle. I live on a college campus and have no car so I can't really go out and buy that much. Anyone got any advice? What do you like to put in your hot cocoa? What brands do you drink, and when/how do you drink it?
37 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 183457

i drink coffee but this is a weird take.

Anonymous 183464

I literally haven't even asserted the opposite view, but you're still seething like crazy over this. I'm seriously asking: have you had a bad encounter regarding this IRL?

Anonymous 183465

What's weird is thinking cocoa is a beverage of the same class, it isn't. Coffee is a mild drug that is consumed early in the day for energy, while cocoa is used interchangeably with desserts. Completely different purposes, they just happen to both be brown, hot, and liquid.

Anonymous 183473

Honey (Chestnut or lavender honey works really well imo) + cinnamon

Anonymous 183525

i put chocolate at the end, let it melt a bit and eat it with a spoon


Men are usually intimidated by women that not "giggly" Anonymous 179073[Reply]

That's it. There is no reasonable explanation.
I don't consider myself intimidating (I do have a resting bitch face though) but I often notice that a lot of men are somewhat scared of me.
In my work, some guys find me so intimidating they barely respond to me or don't look at me in the eyes when I need to command them into something, like they are scared I will scream or something.
In dating, I usually take the wheel too. Almost no guy ask me first, and I lot of guys I asked said that (That I always look angry).
I personally think I am a very nice person. I am just need to be incisive. Sweetness never took any woman anywhere.
What you guys think?
21 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 180298

you already sound like a butthurt moid, trying to blame the woman pre-rejection for not wanting to talk

what is wrong with that? i think you're one of these people that just hates feeling secretly rejected when someone just doesn't want to talk

so you call them ugly, look for every other insult you can find, to feel bigger

but its wierd, its raging misogyny you reach for first to look for a way to call a girl ugly. god how do you live with yourself when everything you do has to be a fucking tiktok/instagram performance to desperately get in line to parrot mens usual hate

are you fucking 12
how do you live so tediously with yourself

Anonymous 180301

>the seething hostility

Anonymous 180304

If this case she has mind akin to moid or tranny.
She sounds like someone very immature or with severe autism.

Anonymous 180308

I am not op.
And i has nothing to do with your hurt feelings or whoever hurt them, so stop acting like i am.

Anonymous 183522

Post face
I'm curious as to what this "resting bitch face" looks like

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