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Anonymous 73684[Reply]

What are your thoughts on the Nature vs. Nurture debate?
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Anonymous 73741

One more question, did either of you ever need braces? (Your teeth being straight or not depends on the type of diet you ate growing up).

Anonymous 73760

Mother nature isn't the conscious of the earth acting on thought, it's just the name put to the aggregate of natural forces. Only way it wouldn't exist is if you don't believe in natural forces such as climate change, evolution, and predation.

Anonymous 73762

Read The Bible, you filthy pagans.

Anonymous 73765

You do realise that a lot of Christianity is just a cut and paste job on top of paganism? There’s a reason Xmas is on the 25th and Mary and Jesus are depicted with suns behind their heads…

Anonymous 73766

What does the definition of mother nature have anything to do with religion? Stop making everything about gods


Anonymous 73081[Reply]

how do i make more female friends :( or i just want friends that i can draw with and make a nice group
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Anonymous 73533

im so lost how this thread ended up like this i just wanted to find someone to draw with n play games .

Anonymous 73742

konata 4.gif

play games with me anon ivy#2849

Anonymous 73752

doesnt work

Anonymous 73756



Draw with me anon Attila the Lama#5957

Anonymous 73764


wtf where link some


What are you good at? Anonymous 73510[Reply]

And how did you find out you were good at it? Do you enjoy it?

The only thing I'm good at is drawing, but my skill level is really low for my age/time spent drawing. I'm also not very creative so I can't make ininteresting characters or conceptual pieces. :/ When I can focus on drawing itself and not if other people will like it or not, I enjoy drawing a lot. But not having artist friends bums me out.

I'm curious what skills other miners have and how you feelabout them!!
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Anonymous 73539

Video games, specifically FPS and some strategy games.

I don't enjoy them in the slightest. Anyone else who plays knows the reason. It's moids, it's fucking moids. Every time I speak in voice chat, someone either starts talking shit or hitting on me. Hyperbole aside, it's at least more than half the time. I've noticed that people also listen to me far less than they listen to their male friends. That, alone, vindicates literally every piece of feminist discourse I've heard about how men are socialized to think they know more than women, to the point where I basically dogmatically believe that's how it is.

There are other issues with the games (like balancing, for example) that can make it less enjoyable, but the communities are just the fucking worst, and I consider myself pretty difficult to affect emotionally. I'm basically at the point where I'd rather spend time mindlessly reading about something online, or discussing it, than playing games. The few times I do get nontoxic teams or play with female friends of mine, I don't enjoy it at all anymore.

Men ruin everything, and they're even trying to ruin female-only spaces on social media now.

Anonymous 73544

fist bump

Cool, you must have good upper-body strength.


What games do you like?

Anonymous 73548

Im smart, im good at writing and athletic sports tend to be easy, Tennis, acrobatics, diving, running. Besides that I never learned to play an instrument for example. Im not super great at vydia but I can understand all of them to "git gud" enough to finish them.

Anonymous 73629

Sucking cock

Anonymous 73745


I'm attempting to be good at literary theory, specifically ecocriticism as a hobby, and writing on non-fiction subjects; writer's block is a bitch, though, and I'm still not perfect in the grammar department, but at least I'm pretty good for a dumb ESL, according to my professors.

I seriously fucking hate this skill since I know this will be obsolete in the next 15 years or so, and I should move on to master strategic and soft skills as a way to make myself future-proof and employable. Yet, MSWs and related degrees are a bitch to pay and get into, and worse of all is getting licensed as a clinical social worker since, I think, it is basically an elitist social club given how difficult it is to get in and get employed by another licensed social worker.
But alas, it is what it is and I'm getting close to 25, so I'm pretty sure I will be a forever retard whose only skill is fucking writing, and nothing else.


Anonymous 73147[Reply]

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Anonymous 73473


Anonymous 73493

Anonymous 73571

i'd buy some land out in the country with decent land

i'd buy my parents a house

donate to some various charities and research


open a cafe


throw the rest into my savings

Anonymous 73730

How can you act so self-important when scrounging over literal chump change? Still more fantasy for a lesser cost than a movie ticket. Sorry your poor upbringing made you hostile.

Anonymous 73737

NTA, but that "chump change" adds up to a lot very quickly. If you bought a ticket everyday for a year you would've lost $700+. You may say that's nothing compared to the millions you'd win, but since winning the lottery is so ridiculously impossible that you're more likely to die driving or get eaten by a shark on your way to collect your winnings, you're essentially burning your money.

The only winners of the lottery are the ones that don't play.


Tall vs. short guys Anonymous 35963[Reply]

Which do you prefer? What do you consider the ideal? Pros and cons? (and maybe state your own height too)
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Anonymous 73638


tfw I'm not tall enough to get a normfag bf significantly smoler than me

Anonymous 73660

I'm 5'6" and I prefer 6'+ but not like 6'6"+

short guys are often assholes, but I guess tall ones are too

Anonymous 73717

all guys are assholes

Anonymous 73725

All the small guys I've known have height complexes, so I generally look for guys taller than me (5'5").

Anonymous 73729

Goodnight Punpun v…

Anonymous 73454[Reply]

I am seeing on IB's that 4chin is getting shut down.
What are your thoughts on this?
I think obviously it is bad freedom of speech is being attacked but the silverlining may be that normalfags quit using my image boards although everywhere is so slow that is decent anyway (I do not use shtchan).
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Anonymous 73614

Damn, I'm gonna miss /cm/

Anonymous 73617

Hiroyuki doesn't live in Japan, he lives in Paris.
Which really isn't the best place to be when it comes to protecting yourself from censorship.

Anonymous 73672

It'll be just like 8chan. It'll get taken down then relaunched with a few months and just like 8chan it'll be a shadow of its former self. A cesspool filled to the brim with edgy normalfags and /pol/tards.

On the other hand, we might end up seeing an increase in activity on other imageboards.

Anonymous 73724

where is a good place?

Anonymous 73728


Anonymous 72406[Reply]

Do you believe in evil? Do you think it exists?
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Anonymous 72414

What I'm trying to say is that bad will, not stupidity is the root of evil
>guess our definitions of "intelligence" are different
that might be a right

Anonymous 72415

For sure, people grow resentful and bitter. Anyone who thinks evil doesn't exist is simply inexperienced. There are people who've come to hate reality itself and the conscious experience and will work tirelessly to put create misfortune.

Charles Panzram was like this. The kind of person who'll rape 1000 people, track the dollar value of his arson, try and start a nuclear war between the first and second world. How evil changes but lesser, middling, or greater is jut a matter of degree. Evil exists.

Anonymous 72418


"Bad will" is just another term for "evil" and you're right, evil does cause evil, but it also manifests spontaneously out of stupidity, webm related.

Anonymous 72421

Evil is subjective. Slowly torturing your rapist to death wouldn't be evil (to some people), but doing the same to a good person person would be. So there is no objective evil, or thing or force. It all depends on your and society's values.

Anonymous 72440

People who stump little puppies and kittens on live-stream to make a quick buck must be thinking the same thing. In some Amazonian native tribes, when they discovered that there is a psychopath among them, they simply killed it, from the perspective of the psychopath that probably seemed evil, but for the benefit of the tribe that was good. So ..yeah ..you are correct.


Motherhood is misogyny Anonymous 73037[Reply]

I refuse to have children. Why should women be forced to go through so much suffering in bearing and raising infants just for the selfish needs of men who want to create their progeny? Women have nothing to gain from this.
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Anonymous 73713

Did your mother shit you instead of giving you birth?

Anonymous 73715

Imagine going so deep in the tranny delusion you try to say that 500 years of psychological research on the importance of the father are invalidated due to your opinion. At this point you are literally flat-earther

Anonymous 73720

Is a shitty abusive father better than none?

Anonymous 73721

>only options are shitty abusive father or no father
Literally insane.

Anonymous 73722

>things nobody said

>500 years of psychological research

…by moids, written to enforce moid control of women. And what does this have to do with trannies? Tranny dads are definitely worse than no dad.


Anonymous 65617[Reply]

Is it worth it to live a single life where you only date and go on one-night stands to relieve sexual frustration? I need that person-to-person feeling when I have sex and I can't replace that with toys. I feel disillusioned with the concept of being in a long term relationship. I've been in a few and am currently in one (the others were 3+ years at least, current relationship I've been in for over a year) and they're just…disappointing. Men are excited to be with a horny woman until they realize how much work it takes, so I'm always left sexually unfulfilled to the point where I realize that as much as I used to think it was more convenient to be in a monogamous relationship for the purpose of a secured sex life, it's not. Certainly it's more effort to dress one's self up for a date, get dicked down, etcetera, but unlike a relationship, it's not going to get to a point where the other person doesn't really care about the effort I'm putting in (and then probably goes off to watch porn. Now to be clear, I might not have such a problem with porn if it weren't for the fact I've never been in a relationship where I feel sexually satisfied. I understand why a guy might watch it if I'm denying them sex, but if I'm not only accepting sex but wanting more of it, the fuck? Oh, right, it's just that I don't offer the "variety" every video on the internet could).

Then there's the aspect where I feel like I get consumed by the other person, even in the cases where I'm not in love. They just consume my life so I never get to focus on me. I know that's my fault and I need to learn to not care about the person I'm with so much, but I have had trouble working on it because I've never not been in a relationship since high school with very small turnover time - only a few months max.

Is it worth it being a slut if sex is a priority for a person? It's nice being loved, but I frankly don't care for it that much because I have trouble loving back in the way others love me and it comes with a host of other issues. The only person I've ever been in love with is my current boyfriend and I think that has made this relationship terrible. I take everything personally, am super sensitive, and I feel like I'm an extra ugly person when I'm in love.
4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 65642

Why can’t you just hook up with one of your male friends? It sounds like you need to break out of a dry spell desperately and you have lots of options

Anonymous 65652

I love romance too much unfortunately, and it always turns out that they either wouldn't date me or vice versa.
Cel life is doable though, is all I'm saying. I'm thriving most of the time since the rest of my life is fulfilling.

Anonymous 65658

I just want someone as low maintenance as me, i want things to be simple, my last relationship broke down because of some neurotic feedback loop where i started feeling inadequate, because my ex felt depressed and it got me depressed as well, that made my ex more depressed in turn and so we kept getting more depressed over being depressed until we couldn't go on like that anymore, so stupid.

Anonymous 65947

Seek some kind of mental health healing before you make the mistake of sleeping with some rando and get a bunch of STDs + COVID.
Or masturbate furiously by getting some new toys and getting creative with them.

Anonymous 73707

Unfortunately men won't hook up with you when you get old. They want 20 year olds for that. It's better to be in a relationship before you find out that you're out of options entirely.


What is the normal amount of vanity for a person to have? Anonymous 73665[Reply]

I spend about fifteen minutes a day admiring my facial features i.e. cheekbones, lips, hair etc. I genuinely think I'm the most attractive person I have ever seen. Is this healthy?
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 73670

You should stay away from ponds

Anonymous 73695


Pro tip: try making a self portrait, that way it won't count as vanity anymore.

Anonymous 73701

Considering the amount of negative messages women are constantly given about their bodies, I’d say being a little vain is probably healthier. Just keep in mind that not everyone is going to agree with you (and not because they are “jealous”).

Anonymous 73704


God I wish that were me. I spend 15 minutes a day in front of the mirror squishing my cheeks and moving my jaw and eyelids trying to look less deformed. I genuinely think I am the ugliest woman I have ever seen.

Anonymous 73706

Beauty is not tied to your worth, it's hard to be positive or even neutral with yourself when everything around you wants you to do the opposite, I would stop using ig/normie social media for a while unhealthy amounts of makeup and photoshop is promoted there

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