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Anonymous 81587[Reply]

why are normies like this?
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Anonymous 81590


I worry for you people.

Anonymous 81604

>they're just encouraging us to spend our lives in front of screen
I was already doing that anyway tbh

Anonymous 81614

Sit down restaurants are where I go to pretend COVID is over. There are some bars where I live where masks aren't mandated at all and once I get my second vaccine shot I'll be there all the time.
For now I've gone to bars/restaurants a few times and I always feel a little bit of fear but it's mostly that I'll infect my family who are older, or that I'll cause an outbreak at work which would fuck us over since we're short staffed. I don't fear for myself though.

I think the most republican thought I have about it all is that I feel like once you get your vaccine you should be free to do whatever you want. People say you should still social distance and wear a mask but honestly I can't take it anymore and if you put yourself in a risky situation without a vaccine that's your fault, not mine.

Anonymous 81615

The reaction has been seriously overblown. They act like this is Captain Trips. It could be that they blew it out of proportion as a social experiment, a prank bro. They want to look at how a serious pandemic would play out and identify the dissenters.

Anonymous 81618

god some of you are retarded

Online friends Anonymous 81609[Reply]

Where do I make them? Where/how did you meet yours? I don't really have hobbies besides reading and drawing but I hate showing my art and most people in these circles are very sensitive/SJW. How the fuck do I get friends who just want to talk about whatever? I already tried and gave up in /soc/

Anonymous 81612

I have no friends lol. Do you think I would be posting here if I had friends to talk to?

Anonymous 81613

I know lolcow has a discord server and the atmosphere is pretty similar to what we have here.

Anonymous 81633

That discord is crawling with drama and weird shit ngl


Fight Club Anonymous 81120[Reply]

A thread to fight and "debate" all sorts of topics. The only banned topics are raceb8 (because I don't want to see it) and trannyshit (because there's already a thread for that).

Have fun!
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Anonymous 81556

Like febfems/straight women who separate? IDK they're annoying too, they both have a holier-than-thou attitude lol. They're like vegans x100 except they blame you for being raped when you aren't around.

Anonymous 81563


Bisexual separatists are the master sex because they still have a reproductive mechanism. They can have moid sex slaves for when they want to make new generations and rule Matriarchaly.

Anonymous 81576


Basado y rosadapíldora

Anonymous 81610


Jalapenos and tomatos are only technically fruit. For me they are vegetables as they're also sold with other vegetables and aren't especially fruity. For a fruity fruit maybe figs? Then again only works with cheese and I don't eat that


Anonymous 81611

I will never give up meat sorry veganon


shitposting gen Anonymous 74104[Reply]

don't think
just feel
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Anonymous 81517

going to the yaoi convenience store, anyone need anything?

Anonymous 81521


alexa, add unfettered devotion in a word to my shopping list

Anonymous 81537


eat shit

Anonymous 81538


Anonymous 81577

fabric modloader very based


Anonymous 80632[Reply]

im stuck in the middle of nowhere please can someone please teach me where can i make friends irl (nc) im going crazy its so boring here
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Anonymous 80652

north carolina?

Anonymous 80790

Anonymous 81550

im also nc lmao let me teach you to knit

Anonymous 81570

i hate how this is like some sort of default answer to lonely people.
i already suck at finding people and now i'm just supposed to find groups of people. fucking where? how? through what means? i don't even use social media and then i finally break down and i try to get on social media and you can't do anything on social media unless you already have irl friends you're connecting with on social media so it's just me sitting there on social media not socializing on the internet nor irl fucking amazing i love it this is the best i am so glad this option exists

Anonymous 81571


there is this thing called technology. whre if you live in a 1st world country its literally impossible to be lonely unless you really do not vibe with anyone ever you meet.


do u guys collect anything? Anonymous 79279[Reply]

do u guys collect anything ???? something u guys like to use ur money on ?? i just started collecting anime figures, and i was wondering if anyone knew some goods so to buy some from. how many of u guys collect anime figures, or just anything in general ??
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Anonymous 80606

I love Nendoroids and would love to collect more, but they're really difficult to find in my country and the shipping prices are sometimes double the amount of a Nendoroid, so I can't really buy them. Used to get them during a Japanese culture con that was held here before Corona hit.

Anonymous 80646


Anonymous 81541

>order new things for collection to cope with life
>supposed to come today
>no updates on tracking
>realize I fucked up the address when I ordered
>they might never come
I hate myself

Anonymous 81542

:( Which part did you fuck up? If the zip code is correct it might be ok

Anonymous 81543

The zip code is correct. I am hoping it will be fine but the lack of updates makes me anxious.


Anonymous 80785[Reply]

Where did all my threads disappear?

Anonymous 81533

i ate them nom nom
and now im gonna eat you

Anonymous 81535


>mvnch mvnch
>gobbel gobbel

indir (2).jpg

turk anons?? Anonymous 80429[Reply]

ı saw in vocaroo thread that there's turk posters in here. can turkish anons denote themselves in here?
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Anonymous 81104

türkish neet terfs??? amazing. i thought i was the only one

we don't -_- so many türkish moids are cumbrained uggos i pity straight women

de ayrı

Anonymous 81462

i fucking hate this country. my biggest dream is to gtfo

Anonymous 81516

Wich country are you thinking about going to turkanon?

Anonymous Admin 81529

All posts need to be in English.

Anonymous 81531


Is life in Western Turkey (like Thrace, Istanbul, the Smirne zone) substantially different from life in Eastern Turkey?


Anonymous 14618[Reply]

Have you ever done something evil?

Something minor you consider evil, something major others would, just anything that can be considered evil in any way. What was it? Do you regret it? Were there consequences? How do you cope with it?

Posting this thread on /b/ instead of /feels/ so we can keep the discussion interesting and broad, not focusing solely on feelings.
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Anonymous 81476

Yeah thirded, the troon cousin sounds like a teen in an identity crisis, getting kicked out will only validate their worldview that everyone hates trannies just for existing and wants them to suffer. This person could have been salvaged but OP just wanted to be petty and watch shit burn. Assuming any of this is true

Anonymous 81486


Yes, female to male.

>did this guy ever do anything bad to you anon

Yes. They weren't my favorite person, even pre-transition. I won't go into many details, but we went to the same high school together. I started there in my senior year not knowing anyone, while my cousin had known everyone in the town their entire life. When I first started attending, my cousin spread a rumor about me that left me on the receiving end of some pretty vicious bullying. During one of the final instances, I was physically harmed by girls my cousin was good friends with. When I confronted my cousin about it they brushed me off, played dumb in front of the entire family, and said it was only "a joke."

I was told later on that my cousin was given the option of seeing a professional in order to get help, or leaving the house. They chose the latter. You can't help someone who doesn't want to help themselves.

>The troon cousin sounds like a teen in an identity crisis, getting kicked out will only validate their worldview that everyone hates trannies for existing and wants them to suffer.

My cousin was twenty-two at the time. They didn't end up out on the streets afterwards, and outside of my aunt and uncle, almost everyone else in my family was supportive. My Grandma, unfortunately, even paid for my cousin's mastectomy about a year later.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 81500

good for you then lol she's young and probably regret transitioning 10 years later

Anonymous 81502

>male tranny
>female to male
so which one is it kek ftm are female troons

Anonymous 81522

Typically, revenge only ends up hurting you more but what you did was pretty funny and based. Fuck that hoe


Anonymous 79537[Reply]

How do I turn myself into a lesbian. I hate moids so much
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Anonymous 81460

I love the original Addams family comics.

Anonymous 81495


Get a bi or lesbian friend who's a pillow princess and work it

Anonymous 81496

It's probably the smell of hormones that turn you off

Anonymous 81501


Try dating me, I'll turn you off of women forever
t. two of my male exes now exclusively date men

Anonymous 81514

Is the key to knowing your sexuality to sniff peoples crotches

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