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Discord Ettiquite Anonymous 269414[Reply]

Is it some kind of faux pas to just… unfriend somebody on Discord that you never talk to?? I notice that people will add me from somewhere, ask me a question or something, and won't talk to me ever again but they won't just unfriend you for some reason. Yet when I unfriend somebody on Discord that I don't intend to talk to again (like someone I rped with for a few weeks but we aren't friends or anything) it's considered this big deal, apparently. I never thought about it as a crime to keep people in my contacts that I talk to/are friends with, but it seems like I'm the odd one here. Do you keep people on Discord that you don't talk to or intend to talk to?


Is humanity doomed to fail? Anonymous 269044[Reply]

I'm not even talking about nuclear war or similar psychopathic shit moids might do.
I just can't help but notice, how whenever a country goes through industrialization, and women no longer rely on some filthy scumbag to make a living, the birthrate drops below replacement.
Genuinely makes me wonder if moids are too inherently disgusting for our species to exist.
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Anonymous 269280


I think humanity will continue to exist, world population will just level out once resources get too tight for comfort (picrel). Certain countries may depopulate but I trust that humans will not be driven to extinction by the continued existence of singles and childfree couples: someone people actually want babies and will have them despite the circumstances.

What we should actually be worried about is how governments are going to prevent stagnation. Even if humanity don’t need to constantly growth or to even stay at replacement levels, our economic system literally relies on it. Abortion bans and birth control restrictions are just the start, buckle up ladies.

Anonymous 269402

Which just means each and every time women do get liberation, thay society is doomed to collapse and the patriarichal immigrant cultures inevitably replace it.
Given the current rate we're probably going to live to see that.
What's the solution?

Anonymous 269403

Not all societies are falling at the same time. That's the problem. It isn't extinction, it's the rapist societies enduring while the industrialized ones go under. And in the current model import from the rapist ones.

Anonymous 269404

Is that a good thing?

Anonymous 269408

it's also happening in latin america. it's because having babies costs way too much and you have to interact with a moid to make one. women here have realized the psycho nature of moids and the chance of ending up with an abusive or stalker one is way too high and justice wouldn't do shit


Anonymous 268200[Reply]

salad time

Anonymous 269323

Best thread.

Anonymous 269330


Needs ketchup

Anonymous 269366

I used to pretend I was a giraffe eating from a tree when I ate broccoli as a kid. Good times.

Anonymous 269400

omg same but i was like a dino or some sort of marsupial maybe a kangaroo? anyways i love the crunch it makes me so happy


STEM Majors Thread Anonymous 266664[Reply]

How many users here went into STEM? Doesn't matter if you actually ended up making a career out of it.

Especially interested in seeing how many engineering majors there are because, for whatever reason, just about every engineering class seemed completely devoid of women at my school. It seems like the majority end up going into life sciences or pre med, personally wasted years poking around with bacteria in microbiology just to end up 'producing' (AI does most of the work) low effort mass produced content for some tiktok dude who pays me way more than this junk is worth. Feels like I sold my soul.

What's your major? Did you end up where you thought you would, or did you basically just end up spending a ton of time and money for a wall decoration? Would/will you do things over again and study a different field?
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Anonymous 266738

Should I do compsci or it as a second major? I have an associates already but I’m not sure if I’m prepared for all the math and moids in cs

Anonymous 266744

It does. It's a form of hard science, although I guess I shouldn't be exclusive to soft sciences here. Psych majors welcome!

Anonymous 268267

Compsci here as well, I suppose I relate to you in that aspect but I kinda isolate myself from people in general.

You are going to have to deal with moids in most STEM fields. The degree to which compsci is maths heavy really depends on which uni you go to (mine has been overwhelmingly just mathematics and theory, which I personally don't mind too much).

Anonymous 268280

This feels sleezy and dishonest, does the high school popularity contest ever end, why can't I just study and research something and people automatically realize the value of my work and give me credit like honest human beings.

Anonymous 269384

They are extremely insufferable. I felt and endured their superioty complex towards women. A lot of talented and smart girls get pushed out of interesting fields because some scrotes feel extremely entitled to said positions and will give you a hard time on purpose just because you are a woman. Men say women are snakes but I say men way worse because they will do anything to get their way in life. Plus are mentally unstable asf.


Friend Finder Thread Anonymous 218051[Reply]

Please include the following in your post:
>Preferred age range for friends
>Hobbies & Interests and other details
>Are you a busy person or is it okay to contact you whenever?
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Anonymous 268201


[email protected]
>preferred age range for friends
>hobbies and interests
reading, journaling, philosophy, religion, monkeys and apes, ambient music, boring artsy movies. i have a mild interest in astrology as well. don't really care about anime or games, but i do play rhythm games occasionally.
>are you a busy person/is it ok to contact you whenever
i am in college so i am often busy. you can contact me whenever and i will respond as soon as i can

Anonymous 268204

pubbychans on discord
>Preferred age range for friends
18 and above
>Hobbies & Interests and other details
I like a lot of things just ask
>Are you a busy person or is it okay to contact you whenever?
talk to me all the time be aware that I do have a job but I still text on breaks

Anonymous 268448


[email protected]
>Preferred age range for friends
18+ or around my age range preferably
>Hobbies & Interests and other details
Standard weeb interests like anime and manga, also into visual kei. I’m a pretty casual gamer, I like Animal Crossing, Splatoon, and Project Diva. I’m autistically into Pokemon. I draw and write sometimes. I like animals. I like plants too but I tend to kill anything I touch. I also like collecting dolls
>Are you a busy person or is it okay to contact you whenever?
Okay to contact whenever, I’ll respond when I can

Anonymous 269040


rubyslipper._ on discord
>Preferred age range for friends
>Hobbies & Interests and other details
My main interest is music (90's alternative rock, 90's emo, shoegaze, dreampop, and all genres alike). Would be cool to talk to people with similar taste, recommending stuff or just talking about life in general, being chill
>Are you a busy person or is it okay to contact you whenever?
Feel free to contact me whenever, I'll try my best to respond!

Anonymous 269368


[email protected] id rather get to know people better before i give my socials out
+12 gmt
>Preferred age range for friends
18-22 i dont want a huge age difference it makes it harder to relate
>Hobbies & Interests and other details
i like berserk bloodborne skyrim and anything that aligns with that. listen to a lot of old school death metal/doom metal and the occassional. just a little bit. of bladee
talk to me about literally anything the only thing thats hard is small talk hajfsdkg
>Are you a busy person or is it okay to contact you whenever?
talk to me whenever i respond quick ^.^


Anonymous 269345[Reply]

>browsing on the internet trying to find content that I would like
>come across content that I seriously do not like
>rant about it
it has happened to you, has happened to me, and may happen again

Anonymous 269352


troon anime.png

Terfposting #34 Anonymous 255893[Reply]

Since #33 reached the reply limit.

Previous threads:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 269305

Snarking it up and going overboard with the woke speek sounds like a great idea
Tell them that the term "transwomen" is offensive because "woman" is an outdated term from colonization or something.

Anonymous 269314

what if this backfires

Anonymous 269320

Anonymous 269321

While I really cant fault the original poster seeing as they were both retarded 14 year olds, I really hate shit like this. Your friend was also a feminist. This is a woman who was seeking female solidarity. I get that it must have been annoying to see all these misogynistic moid and tranny bullshit shoved in your face all the time, but I think ur friend was just starting to become aware of the adult world, and discovering this gave her such a visceral response because she was scared and felt like she could be herself around you.

She couldn't. Maybe you said you didn't care, but you failed to offer someone who saw you as a close friend the peace of mind she needed. You failed to show solidarity for your fellow woman because she was a little bit cringe.

You may not realize this, but you might have actually traumatized your friend, and made it more difficult for her to navigate through life because of the passive aggressive way you dismissed her.

Then again you were both 14 year old retards, and kids are fucking stupid.

Anyways, I hope you use your 20s to learn how to actually grow with the female friends you make whenever they do something you don't like instead of just lying to and abandoning them.

Anonymous 269344

How would it backfire?
You can always find something problematic if you look hard enough.


I wish Texas was real Anonymous 269295[Reply]

Too bad it's not

Anonymous 269311

I have been to the fictional land of Texas and am thankful it was all just a figment of my imagination.

Anonymous 269322

That fantasy land when you can fry eggs anywhere

Anonymous 269331

Wdym "too bad its not"?

Texas is a moid-hellhole. It would be very awesome if that place would just vanish.

Anonymous 269333




Kiwi Farms Thread Anonymous 156200[Reply]

LC doesn't work atm so I thought we could have a thread here.


333 posts and 56 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 263270


Stay mad?

Anonymous 263287

I seriously doubt this will accomplish anything

Anonymous 267248

So now a tranny actually "confirmed" dead specifically because of their thread? Does this mean it's over?

Anonymous 269307

I saw that crystal.cafe has been mentioned on KF yesterday, expect moids.

Anonymous 269308

moids already know about this place and have raided it to death


What is going on with Gen Z? Anonymous 269265[Reply]

Why are young women so based nowadays and young men so cringe?
Was this planned by the government?

Anonymous 269268

The government wants us all as happy little slaves content and grateful with what we have so no

Anonymous 269271

Zoomer scrotes are just so horrible that zoomer women don't seem so awful by comparison.

Anonymous 269303

More exposure to misogyny through smart phones

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