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when your moid hits the wall Anonymous 234228[Reply]

My bf is a bit older than me, over half a decade and after the passing of his recent birthday I no longer find the gap cute and hes just too damn old. I hear other people's age who are younger than him and I think "wow thats old", then I remember my bf is older.
Sigh. Despite growing older he doesn't seem to grow up more either.
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Anonymous 234302

Ralph Macchio aged really slowly. Maybe even too slowly.

Anonymous 234304

Screen Shot 2023-0…


Anonymous 234972


Does anyone know if this chart actually prevent moids from hitting the wall?

Anonymous 234975

That wont stop them from hitting the wall but they will generally be healthier and twinkier. It also says nothing about preventing hair loss and half (probably more than that tbh) the supplements are just pseudoscience.

Anonymous 234988

I heard spearmint tea helps women with pcos and hirsutism.


Anonymous 229454[Reply]

women against pornography
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Anonymous 234809


Anonymous 234851


Anonymous 234866


Anonymous 234867


Anonymous 234889



Fanfiction Thread Anonymous 233524[Reply]

Thread for Fanfiction discussion: you're favorites, likes, dislikes, pet peeve, etc.
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Anonymous 234657

I feel like the number of women writing fanfic is even higher because of course "non-binary" doesn't exist and it's usually women tacking on that stupid made up identity to their profiles. Women will always dominate the fanfic writing world, even in fandoms where it seems like there are more male fans than female fans

Anonymous 234665

Anonymous 234675


here's the real one

Anonymous 234799

It’s so obvious you haven’t spent more than 5 minutes on AO3.

Anonymous 234860

there should be a term for when maleposters try to neg, pathetically, with bad logic.

dunno, negsopping?



Anonymous 233478[Reply]

>if he isn't vocal about feminism then he's a misogynist and I shouldn't date him
>if he is vocal about feminism then he's faking it to get women so I shouldn't date him
bit a dilema I got going on
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Anonymous 233652

This is best post thus far.

Anonymous 233657

Just watch them behave in their general life. Where are their priorities, what is their internet history like ?

Anonymous 234636

The only acceptable answer from men I ever really heard on this subject before is "I'm sympathetic to feminism but I don't consider myself one."
That's not perfect either but it's at least honest while not being in opposition.

Anonymous 234842

All men are misogynists, hope this helps.

Anonymous 234848

pick one that isn't faking it


Emigrating Anonymous 230162[Reply]

How do i emigrate to asia?
I cant stand my shithole country (france)
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Anonymous 234644

2500 euros per month net. soon 3000
> she could get her ass to Finland or any other EU country tomorrow
you dont know what you are talking about, you need to be fluent in whatever language they speak to even get a chance at being hired there
also i would rather get out of europe alltogether
>she'd be an eXpAt after all, not one of them dirty immigrunz
i want to be an immigrant though, an expat comes back, i want to live this dump forever

Anonymous 234645


its a shithole and an ugly one at that

Anonymous 234651

Anonymous 234656

Nearly a month of this thread and still no French has exchanged places with me in my third world country.

Anonymous 234840

Immigrants make up over 10% of the total population in France lmao why do you think rightoids there constantly sperg about the great replacement? I'm getting a feeling that you aren't actually French (or if you are, live in some kind of rural gated community which would make your constant tantrums here even more funny)
Touche l'herbe stp


Draw yourself in mspaint Anonymous 142685[Reply]

Hello fellow summer victims
https://jspaint.app if on mobile
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Anonymous 234784

it was a moid poster

Anonymous 234801

Are you short? You look really adorable.

Anonymous 234810

I guess i'm considered short, though i don't think too much about it. I'm 1,56cm.

Anonymous 234821

Screenshot 2023-05…

my favorite thing do do is rot

Anonymous 234825

Nona you look very cool, I want to put you on my pocket


Gen Y women Anonymous 230927[Reply]

any Gen Y women here who remember the fun days of 4chan like 2007-2010?

There was sexism back then, but nothing like today. The manosphere/mgtow/incel/red pill destroyed that place. Likewise, I feel Gen Z engage in lots of bullying.

I used to pretend to be a guy circa 2007 and never admit to being a woman and it was fun. I also feel this was before politics and echo chambers. /pol/ destroyed 4chan. I remember before /pol/ existed.

Anyway, this is my first post ever here. Just want to get this off my chest. I feel bad that I can no longer enjoy a message board I grew up on.
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Anonymous 233955

gen alpha is people born after 2011 or some shit

Anonymous 233974

I not only built a small community on 4ch back then, but I met my partner and good friends I still talk to today. Now, I can't imagine ever wanting to go out on a limb to communicate with anyone there. I blame it all on /pol/, as it was always bad, but aside from random slurs and whatnot being thrown around on other boards, it wasn't a big deal because their politics were cartoonish neo-nazi stuff. Now, those white supremacist libertarians/anarchists ect. are the minority, arrayed against this coalition of extreme authoritarians that have slowly taken hold. I shoot as a hobby and visit /k/ quite often, and it is jarring to see /pol/ refugees that would have once been right-wing death-squad tier, forced to admit they have more in common with everyone else on the political spectrum than the dominant force on their old home board.

Anonymous 234000

If you're a real woman than it shouldn't matter. I think the only people who genuinely let those comments effect them are well… trannies.

Anonymous 234035

On cc its particularly annoying because people just start calling you a tranny if you disagree with them and refuse to address whatever it is you are actually talking about. The witch hunts get people wrongfully banned and just encourages the group polarization that happens here.
So its not the insult itself that is bothersome because obviously real women know they are real women and don't need "validated", its how its used.

Anonymous 234812

00s /y/ was peak.
>I can't imagine ever wanting to go out on a limb to communicate with anyone there.
I relate to this. My last real "from 4chan" friend is from 2012. Not much longer after that interacting with anybody became too much of a dice roll.


Unpopular Opinions Anonymous 233992[Reply]

Time to dig up your unpopular opinions anon.
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Anonymous 234760

Big homophobia rant time.

What the actual fuck is wrong with homo males? Why are they so mentally ruined? Why do the project their mental illness on straight men. It's absolutely obnoxious and what's worse is that they are awful to women. I have been treated so badly by gay men and transwomen in spaces where homos are allowed to be fairly unhinged. The trannies especially are creepy because they want to be ugu lolishit but they're grown men.

But we already have troon threads, I'm just pissed off about gays being cretins that don't act right.

Anonymous 234763

I've also noticed that gays tend to be more misogynistic than normal moids too. I've already larped into gay forums and there they admit all their racism, classism and misogyny; I've seen them admitting that they are jealous of women and saying that "whoever has a pussy has everything"

Anonymous 234775

Gay males have an entirety different mindset, they're faggots so everything they do is funny and sassy.
I'm saying this as a masculine lesbian, they will treat you like shit, mock you and talk about how gross you are.They relentlessly put women down as just these stupid smaller versions of themselves, or as sidekicks if that makes sense.
Shit baffles me

Anonymous 234802

For gambling, I think a full ban could work.
Don't criminalize participation but heavily criminalize organization.
For alcohol I think the best it's gonna get is to make advertising it illegal.

Anonymous 234806


I don't think gay men are more misogynsitic than any other man, I think you probably categorize them as honorary women in your mind so you find it shocking when they act like the men they are, same applies to trannies. Gay men also don't have to put on the nice guy act to get in your pants so that's why they might seem more hostile.


men being overly professional Anonymous 234769[Reply]

has anyone else encountered this?
dudes at work only speak among themselves, and are very stiff when they talk to me and other women
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Anonymous 234793

>they won't
i literally work at a tech company. they will.
>being left alone is better than the alternative
what alternative? suffering through some dude bro's lame attempts at pick up? no, it's not. you distance yourself from the rest of the office, you achieve nothing.

Anonymous 234796

Maybe you just have a thick skin nona but i'm not built to deal with their bullshit. I will gladly miss out on whatever benefit I'd get from having to break into their fratenity if it means that I won't die at 50 from a scrote induced cardiac arrest. I can't be a Cool Girl.

Anonymous 234797

>I can't be a Cool Girl.
you'll never know unless you try

Anonymous 234798

That is unprofessional behavior.

Anonymous 234803

OP said they are overly professional, that would mean you can actually still communicate with them when it's work related. If my chances of growing career wise depended on me being a sycophant, I'd be screwed even if they happened to chat with women too.


I've had discussions with MGTOWs Anonymous 232616[Reply]

Some want to take away women's rights and impose an incel version of shria law. While others hate women to the point of trying to replace them altogether. With sex dolls, robots and artificial wombs. What causes this level of hatred for women?
28 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 234093

They would be too preoccupied with their masturbation toy. All molds think about is sex.

Anonymous 234303


Don't know if it's true or not, but there's some intel on a MGTOW site about them being eclipsed or taken over by incels.


Anonymous 234709

>They want unconditional love
In other words, they have mommy and daddy issues. Sad!

You're on drugs produced by your own body, that's why you feel 'happiness'. Your body literally is that of a junkie.

Anonymous 234710

>quoting CNN
Why not Chinese state propaganda? It's on the same level of fake news. Pathetic. Try harder, sheep.

Anonymous 234757

Lol ew then I take it fox News is your alternative to it? No?? moid filth

Only moid filth would have an opinion about CNN

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