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So what's the point of having men (you aren't dating/related to) in your life? Anonymous 30977[Reply]

They make bad friends and are often only interested in getting into your pants. I used to have male friends, but they were incapable of controlling themselves and eventually made advances towards me. I have a lesbian friend and she would never make me uncomfortable like that or ruin our friendship. Not only that, but I have never felt such closeness to a male friend as I have a female friend. Can someone explain this to me?
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Anonymous 33582

I'm not really religious, but I see the point of things like chastity, or abstinence.

Anonymous 33584

>Cant count the number of hoes who act all friendly and then gossip about your ass behind your back
And that behavior's due to emotional complexity?

Anonymous 33585

>Cant count the number of hoes who act all friendly and then gossip about your ass behind your back.
Don’t @ me like that

Anonymous 33605

Normal, "non-Chad" men also pump and dump like "Chads" do.

Anonymous 33610

The reality is that there's no real way to judge someone's character by their looks. It helps to be more direct.


Anonymous 32449[Reply]

it feels so fucking good to be a fwb I don't know what problem you people got in here
>inb4 get removed cause happy
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Anonymous 33537

Sometimes both parties just don't want a relationship. But everybody wants the nut. Is this really so hard to understand??

Anonymous 33546


Needing others to nut? Sounds like communist propaganda but ok
>pic related

Anonymous 33554

We both know masturbation isn't an actual replacement for sex, for men or women.

Anonymous 33555

>communist propaganda
Seize the means of reproduction!

Anonymous 33570

It's funny, because "resettlement" was a very real thing, and population control no doubt was it's MO. .


Anonymous 30509[Reply]

I know we have a femdom thread, but I think we need a separate gfd thread.


>Blushy boys
>Cute boys
>Cute boys
>And more cute boys
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Anonymous 33430

I like this thread. I've had such inclinations for a while but didn't realize it fit into an actual label. Thank you all.

Anonymous 33431

there's also reddit.com/r/gentlefemdom and /r/rolereversal

Anonymous 33432

/r/gentlefemdom is just porn now and most of it's content feels forced imo

Anonymous 33552

If you’re going to plug Reddit, I will mention 8chan’s /gfd/ even though it’s ded.

Anonymous 33553

That's because "she" is a guy

Screenshot 2019-03…

Anonymous 33336[Reply]

Has anyone here ever made or worked on a visual novel? How long did it take? How was your experience?
I'm planning to make a short one. I have some skill with Python, but when it comes to the actual storytelling process, I'm having awful writer's block.
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Anonymous 33423

>miner visual novel when?
Please make it anon and put it on steam I will give you my money for it

Anonymous 33427

Programming isn't necessary but it has its use. I've seen people write some horrible code for basic ass games then turn around and blame Ren'Py for their game being slow/broken when it's their own fault.

A agree story, art, and music are more important, but it grinds my gears how many awful "coders" in the EVN community feel like they're in any position to give advice on programming.

Anonymous 33480


I made one a long time ago for a friend I had. It was pretty bad, since I was using backgrounds and music I ripped from other VNs and a character generator for the sprites.

Making one on RPG Maker can be kind of tedious, since the engine isn't initially designed for that and you would need custom scripts. There are some people who have done it pretty well (Idolcraft comes to mind) but I think overall an engine like Renpy would be much better since it's specifically designed for making VNs.

Anonymous 33483

I made a joke VN for a friend with TyranoBuilder in a day. If you just want to fuck around a little it's good because it's incredibly easy and you can pirate the software easily too. My game ended up pretty slow though and sometimes the saving part would break.

Anonymous 33551

Thought this was a nice sample.


Anonymous 33538[Reply]

Have some chicken tendies
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Anonymous 33540

>she ate them all
Bulking or binge eating?

Anonymous 33541

No thanks, I’m vegan

Anonymous 33544

My head cannon is she's binge eating, putting the condiments straight into her mouth, and then crying on the kitchen floor after because I did this last night

Anonymous 33545


My cc tendies potluck would definitely have vegan options just saying

Anonymous 33548

Glad you’re looking out for us


Anonymous 33255[Reply]

Abit out of nowhere, but if anyone is still interested, i can explain why guys like lain, or to be specific, a certain subset of guys

Most anons that like lain, probably post on /g/, know some degree of technology and have obviously watched SEL. But Lain's garnered attraction isn't some warped sexual desire (which would'nt make sense since the show isn't even about that), but rather a kind of wish fulfillment, that anons could just use computers so frequently that they start to merge with it, developing a omnipresent existence through technology, leaving behind all your worries of the past, present and future etc.

I guess, to make it relatable, it's like being able to traverse Instagram and have an infinite number of experiences with the people your attracted to, a goddess within the machine and network i suppose

that or i'm abit drunk whoknowas
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Anonymous 33366

I wanted to watch Lain for a while but I also find it cringe, like what even >>33337 means…

Anonymous 33487

I like SEL but it's kind of autistic that you expect people to care.You sound like a weeb.

Anonymous 33517

I don't think it's that complicated. It stars a young girl which obviously appeals to fetishistic weeb men. It is cerebral sci-fi which also appeals to techy nerds, and it strongly involves the internet, which appeals to men who spend a lot of time on the internet. It is also somewhat cryptic which encourages people to obsessively discuss and analyze it.

So yeah, sex drive + sci-fi geekiness = cult following.

Anonymous 33522

I think he's talking about the whole salaryman culture that emerged during the cold war, although it should be note Japan's westernization began a long time ago.

To condense it, i believe he feels something deeply wrong about how Japan's objectification of it's own society has reached such point where even human relationships can be rented, faked at a price (lookup hireable girlfriends/boyfriends etc.)

sci fi geekiness sure but in general attempting to sexualize lain is very looked down

the attractiveness is one much more akin to camaraderie/self-identification, given how lain does mentions parts where she learns data structures, programming languages etc, something relatable to alot of /g/nerds.

well, i guess i find it odd that such a site would dislike it, lain is pretty relatable for alot of socially awkward people

Anonymous 33535

It's just that silly japanese sense of national uniqueness. The guy doesn't even speak English yet he pretends to understand how Americans think.


Anonymous 30489[Reply]

I asked my FWB on a date and he rejected me
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Anonymous 33466

Wow you read a lot of bullshit into what I'd like to do recreationally with someone who I know wouldn't enjoy or be able to participate in my usual hobbies and interests, gg. I just want a casual thing with him because as much as I like him as a person, I know I'd be alone with my interests and pursuits and I don't want that in a full-time relationship, that's the whole issue I was lamenting in the first place.

Anonymous 33482

>Does he have other female acquaintances? Would you try to play match-maker for him?

What the fuck is wrong with you? She doesn't have to provide him with third-party pussy and companionship to make up for not wanting to date him.

Anonymous 33508

Don't be mean :(

Anonymous 33509

No one should have to play matchmaker for anyone, that's weird

Anonymous 33532


I can't fucking stand this post.
>make an agreement to use each other as objects
>try to breach the agreement
>other party upholds agreement
Did you think fucking him would make him love you? Be honest, I want to laugh at you.


Was it the same for you? Anonymous 33287[Reply]

My boyfriend is 25 years old. He's 3 years older than me and a virgin and he didn't quite cry, but got pretty close to it, when we were cuddling for the first time.

He didn't have such a reaction to when we had sex for the first time, so I am wondering what the difference is. Why is cuddling more emotionally intense? Is it like men can practice "sex" in a rudimentary way by masturbating, but since cuddling has no replacement, it feels more intense?
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Anonymous 33422

top 10 questions scientists still cannot answer

Anonymous 33424

Someone came from 8ch and linked a thread with the same pic as OP. Then he accused me of being a poster there when I said >>33406

Anonymous 33426

Angry boy screaming: "NO STOP IT I'M GOING TO CRY FUCK OFF". Then proceeded to link 8/b/ thread full of multiple boys going "NO STOP IT I'M GOING TO CRY FUCK OFF". I think OP may have cracked the case.

Anonymous 33429

Most responses I saw there were the opposite of that. Girls who dream of having bfs and loving relationships: Please don't go there, kek.

Anonymous 33497

I half don't buy this. My boyfriend likes to be held and cuddled but like I don't think adult men who do date women are starved of physical affection or anything much more than adult women who date men. I mean I do hug my girl friends but no ones going around kissing me on the forehead and rubbing my shoulders unless I'm dating them. Mind you my parents weren't particularly physically affectionate ever so I probably see this differently…

women crazy chart.…

Anonymous 32862[Reply]

Do you have an equivalent chart representing hot/crazy guys?
14 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 33464

That seems pretty obvious.
My point is that, for me, marriageability is a qualification for me to even seriously consider adult relations for a guy. Chad/normie guys will just have "don't be fat" or equivalent low standard as their only rule (which 90% will eventually break anyway) for finding girls to sleep with. THEN they try to look for a hotter girl to actually be with long term if a girl their sleeping with doesn't manage to move into the permanent zone.

Anonymous 33475

I am a sweet cinnamon roll when it comes to love/romance and I hate it

Anonymous 33478

>Wait, you never imagine screwing people you wouldn't imagine marrying?

wait, is this not normal?

Anonymous 33481

Not in the eyes of the media, no.

Anonymous 33485

Women are more crazy for the same reason that crazy men are far more dangerous.


San Jose or Seattle Anonymous 33212[Reply]

Hey cc,

After graduation, I will most likely move to San Jose or Seattle for work (Software dev). Do any of you live there or have lived in those places? I want to hear of the pro/cons and maybe some stories if you'd like to share.

Anonymous 33224

Washington has no state income tax, California does and has highest in nation.
Though San Jose itself is nice, there are some issues with housing costs even when commuting out. That is something that is seen in every major city in CA (i’m in LA area). I never lived in Seattle though I am sure you can find more affordable housing in the surrounding suburbs compared to CA. As for things to do… that’s up to personal preferences. If we would include the SF area is being included with living in San Jose than we should also include Vancouver for Seattle

Anonymous 33253

What are your interests outside of work? I don't know San Jose, but I know Seattle/Washington and can try to help.

Anonymous 33254

I live close to San Jose, the traffic is a nightmare around it, it is very expensive to live in the city itself as well. I visited Seattle once and it seemed to be nicer, probably cheaper as well. I liked the colder weather more and that the water was nearby.

Anonymous 33258


California is too expensive and overpopulated, and hot.

Anonymous 33458

I've lived in San Jose since 98.
If there's anything that people can agree on in this city, it's that parking is hard to find and the traffic never gets better.

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