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Pinkpill thread Anonymous 62606[Reply]

Post about all the wrong things men have done in your life, either to you or you witnessed it.

For me I witnessed a man abandoning a ten year old girl and she had to be adopted by our family or she would have been homeless.
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Anonymous 66940


Can men just die?

Anonymous 66951

I don't believe for a second that an adult over 25 wrote that. Especially because I'm pretty sure the username is a Mass Effect reference.

Anonymous 66959

>I’m a straight woman and the majority of men are honestly repelling
This is common knowledge even among moids, they often complain about women finding only very few moids attractive.

Anonymous 66970

It really do be like that. Majority of men just can't, or don't bother to take care of themselves.

Anonymous 66971

Most of the time it's because they think grooming and taking care of yourself is ''gay''. So cringe.

0wPg9LU (1).jpg

Choose Wisely Anonymous 66607[Reply]

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Anonymous 66964

How about we try to get the worst combination of shit to spend points on?
I'll try:

Minigolf course
Internet (no devices to use it mind you)
Illegal drugs
Art studio

This would add up to 51 points so I'll only get the 5 Million

Anonymous 66965

You could just get the deck of playing cards 51 times really.

Anonymous 66966

Easy. Two companions

Anonymous 66967



Anonymous 66968

If I need to take meds to survive, do I need to pick med care or do I die?
if yes then
gourmét chefs
4k tv

if not
gourmét foods
4k tv
soda machine
uni degree


Anonymous 66563[Reply]

As far as I'm concerned, prior to the 1940s blue was mostly the color representing women and red/pink the color representing men. Since red is associated with passion, energy and sexuality while blue is associated with tranquility and composure, I interpret this as painting men as the degenerate sex driven by simpleminded urges. The view has for some reason shifted and now women are no longer considered the pure ones. It's as if men are considered to be inherently calm and composed until coming to contact with a woman - with the r e d gender driven by sexuality and everything earthly.

Feel free to disagree but I personally find symbols like these to have quite a great impact on the shaping of our culture and society. I propose an alternate reality where blue still represents femininity and red masculinity - do you anons believe peoples views on women would be totally different?
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Anonymous 66812


I don't know if red prior to 1940 was a gendered color. There is that famous quote about how pink is a strong color and therefore for boys and blue is more "dainty" and feminine. But that was like one magazine, there were others that said blue was better for boys etc. There was no real culturally defined gender seperation.
I think the main shift just came with people 1. being able to buy a ton of commercial toys for their kids during the economic upswing making some marketing strategy important (see also how video games became associated exclusively with boys, same thing a few decades later) and 2. parents preparing for a specific gender because you could now know that months prior to birth

In western culture color has always been more closely related to class than gender imo - there were actual laws regulating what colors you are allowed to wear depending on social status. I know of no colors regulated or seperated by gender until recently. I'd argue the true red vs blue divide is the "blue blooded" higher classes vs the red (socialist) workers. That's why the right wing party in most countries (america excluded) is blue and the left wing parties are red.

High heels were used for horse riding, then men used them for fashion purposes (famous example pic related, louis the 14th). If you think about it there are still shoes that have raised heels like cowboy boots.

Anonymous 66843


Colors have an impact through collective interpretation not through any intrinsic values of the color. So no, I don't think it would make a difference. Maybe ideas and interpretations could be tied to different colors but that wouldn't change the views or the division of views in itself.

Anonymous 66849

I watched the whole show and I also want to punch her stupid face

Anonymous 66851


Zoomer males have taken it away years ago, grandma.

Anonymous 66953

I was taught (or heard somewhere) that light blue used to be associated with femininity because it’s the color associated with Mother Mary.


Was it the same for you? Anonymous 33287[Reply]

My boyfriend is 25 years old. He's 3 years older than me and a virgin and he didn't quite cry, but got pretty close to it, when we were cuddling for the first time.

He didn't have such a reaction to when we had sex for the first time, so I am wondering what the difference is. Why is cuddling more emotionally intense? Is it like men can practice "sex" in a rudimentary way by masturbating, but since cuddling has no replacement, it feels more intense?
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Anonymous 66544


Anonymous 66555

Shy girls have to worry about getting raped by predators. Incels ARE predators. If you find incels relatable, unplug for a while. Go to womyn's land. Detox.

Anonymous 66558


Anonymous 66571

Might be cultural, too. My family (in America) is old school Catholic and my dad has too few qualms about PDE and my brothers are the same. Big hugs all around, openly crying at sappy songs, getting misty-eyes when we are all leaving the house after an event, you name it. I see some Catholic families I grew up with that are the same, like one of all sons (five of them) and they are like that with each other and with my brothers. But I have personally never seen a family that wasn't devout Catholic like that?

Anonymous 66928

What'd I miss?


Anonymous 66608[Reply]

should i make an onlyfans?

it is against what i believe but seeing so many girls make money and look all pretty makes me feel like i should partake. people insult me when i say it seems degrading and the opposite of empowering, and i worry for their futures. but should i just take advantage and dress up and let guys jack off to me? i don’t want to reduce myself to that but the money seems nice. i have goals of owning a shop and making music and stuff but agghh what the fuCk anons…
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Anonymous 66680

i didn't know the average was $60 a week. that's really shitty, especially since the ones making millions are probably inflating that average.

Anonymous 66805

If youre even contemplating it then no. You will regret it, the only girls that should do it are the ones that dont have to weigh the pros and cons of it

Anonymous 66872


Anonymous 66875

Are you on the verge of homelessness, hunger, have mouths to feed, are disabled or can't find a job?
If all negative, then no.

Anonymous 66901

Where are you going to post your link? Think about that more than everything else.


Returns Anonymous 66210[Reply]

Homemaking anons, please help

I ordered an expensive blanket from Amazon and tried it out for a week but I want to return it. I only used it on top of my regular blanket but it still smells a bit of my bodylotion now and I'm paranoid they won't give me a full refund. How do I neutralize it? I know about DIY fabric refresher sprays but I'm worried it'll end up smelling like whatever I put in it instead of plain neutral. Would appreciate anecdotes from other anons. It's microfiber btw.

Also discuss any tricks to return 'used' items if you want. Protip: Needle nose pliers can open almost any plastic tag loop closure so you can save it and put it back on.
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Anonymous 66215


I work somewhere that vends through Amazon. Just return it anyways, you’re well within the 30 day return window and amazon pretty much always takes returns, and then the vendor is the one who eats the loss not amazon. Once it’s returned the vendor has to dispute it with amazon to get amazon to pay them back if something is out of place.

Anonymous 66216

I don't sleep better in it, which is why I want to return it and try something else

Oh interesting, thank you! For some reason I love hearing stories from people who work in industries like that

Anonymous 66264

>Protip: Needle nose pliers can open almost any plastic tag loop closure so you can save it and put it back on.


Anonymous 66821

It's a blanket, how expensive can it be? You can get a cali king goose feather blanket for like 40 bucks. What's it made out of?

Anonymous 66866

baking soda neutralizes odors


Anonymous 66826[Reply]

Who else watched this as a child?

I love when I remember the words "witch's brew"

Anonymous 66829


friend purchased me the album when it first released

Anonymous 66908

Homestar Runner is so nostalgic~
'gotta have blue hair!'

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 66915

Moved to >>>/media/16772.


Anonymous 66699[Reply]

Tell me how I found a dried dead frog in my room…how did no one smell it? I’m honestly freaked out

Anonymous 66724

You entered an area where the frog was in your field of vision and processed the sensory information with your visual cortex

Anonymous 66735

Was it behind some furniture?
Also I notice reptiles don't really decay like mammals. They dry out and mummified. At my old house I kept finding a lot of dead lizards when ever I moved the couch. Unlike mammals that tend to rot and attract more pest.


Anonymous 64722[Reply]

Whats it like being pretty?
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Anonymous 66108

>You’ll grow up having friends and receiving infinite validation

Just because you're ugly on the outside doesn't mean you have to be ugly on the inside.

Anonymous 66158

Eh generaly it does. Its a lot easier being nice and positive when youve always been given attention and affection. And its much easier becoming bitter and hateful when you get ignored. These things don't happen in a vaccum.

Anonymous 66200

What’s it like being ugly or just not pretty? Does your appearance cause you major problems? Are you treated worse than attractive people in general? I’m curious about how the other side lives

Anonymous 66207

They are, they get bullied in school and hate going to it. When adults they just get politely ignored.

Anonymous 66703

for me it's mostly just like being invisible. which isn't terrible considering i'm a shy person anyway


weird youtube crushes Anonymous 66645[Reply]

who in your youtube subs do you have unexplainable crushes on? here is my list, rusty cage, (young keyboard playing) adam/yourmoviesucks, rebel taxi.
i dont know why. i dont even like men that much. but i have the biggest crushes on them.

Anonymous 66646


Anonymous 66648

Andreas Peahc, Markiplier, よりひとYorihito, uni_mafumafu, HidingInMyRoom, Adrian von Ziegler, Boyinaband

Some of those arent weird but I listed them because I have liked how they look at some point in time. Most of them I still dig how they look.

Anonymous 66701

I kind of have a crush on Brittany Venti. I don't agree with everything she says but I appreciate her sense of humour and how she's not afraid to say what she wants. I also don't think she's ugly like a lot of people think she is.

Anonymous 66795

Jenny Nicholson, Karolina Żebrowska (does anyone else get gay vibes from her?), Deadwing Dork (more of a desire to be bros tbh), Hbomb, GoHerping, Call Me Kevin.
All the male youtubers I like are not who I'd find attractive irl (aside from herp maybe). Parasocial relationships are bizarre.
Only race spergs and lolcow nitpickers find her truly ugly. Most normies would agree she's cute/at least average.

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