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Terfposting #19 Anonymous 136173

This is a thread for shit-talking troons and meme-posting.
Radical feminist discussion goes in the pinkpill thread (use the catalog).

Previous threads:

Anonymous 136175

We had the exact same idea, I'm impressed.

Anonymous 136176

Sorry I’m actually samefagging and responding to myself. It’s autism sorry teehee

Anonymous 136177


Does anyone else thinks it’s mainly art’s fault for people taking the tranny pill? rcdart definitely comes to mind, but really I feel art/lewd art in general is at fault for accelerating this degeneration

Anonymous 136178

'kay, schizo-chan.
I think in TiF's case it may be an important factor, but AGP has always been common in moids. They just found the right political climate and civil rights movement to piggy-back on and hijack.

Anonymous 136179


Anonymous 136180


Definitely 100%
Everyone wants cute quirky ocs and unique online personas and fringe sexualities and pronouns are just another level of avatar customization

Anonymous 136181

Screenshot (191).p…

Anonymous 136182


Anonymous 136183

I wouldn't call that art, but yeah, devianart was a mistake.

Anonymous 136185

cringe collage.jpg

when will furries grow up and get some fucking skill. This is shit, it's probably a child that made it but it's so shit.

Anonymous 136187

Good evening ladies that still haven't peaked. Biological sex is unchangeable and not even the most inocuous male on womanface deserves to call himself a woman or invade our spaces. There's no such a thing as a woman with a penis or a menstruating man. There are no ''trutrans'' people, only males with autogynephilia and males with internalized homophobia, both of them deeply misogynistic. This twans shit is the epitome of conversion therapy and fethishism, fueled by the pharmatheutical industry, by any single aspect of this capitalist male-dominated society actually.

Anonymous 136190

They hated her because she spoke the truth

Anonymous 136191


Or impose themselves on already existing characters (look what they did :(( )

Anonymous 136193

So many hyper-feminine young women, who are usually engaged in some kind of sex work, whether it's stripping, cam-work, starring in some amateur porn project, or just straight up escorting are also quick to take on a they/them label.

I see them everywhere and the glorification of sex work along with having a non-woman identity just seems like such a big cognitive dissonance. It's sad to hear some young barely 20 something girl talk about how much porn she's been in, how she wants all these body modifications, all to clearly steer her away from acknowledging the damage that sex work has caused her. When you can remove this type of sexual exploitation away from being specifically targeted at females, then you'll never truly acknowledge the harm it causes to you.

I want to make some kind of zine about it as a former sex worker myself who dabbled in "gender identity". I know what it's like to slowly come to realize how deep of a despair it is when you correlate your own sexual exploitation as something deeply personal to your sex that can't be separated from it.

Anonymous 136194

>A tranny with a little child sitting on top of him with a bear head
Is this a subtle nod at the pedophile tendencies of trannies and all men in general?

Anonymous 136196

I was my unhappiest during my ultra feminine phase, I had entered my first relationship discord edating lmao and was just following the motions of what a girl with a boyfriend was supposed to do and say. He pressured me to send nudes, I became extremely self conscious, developed an eating disorder, and when it all ended I felt so gross and flopped over to considering they/themming out because if i didn't like being sex posi and girly maybe there was something wrong with me. Peddling sexualization and femininity to girls like it's inevitable is such a huge factor to females thinking they're trans that everyone ignores. No woman likes everything about being a woman.

Anonymous 136197

All this sex work glorification coming from girls as young as 20 or under speaks volumes about the selfworth of the girls in this generation and the ones who are reinforcing these ideas. It's clear that they see it as something cool and especial that makes them more appealing towards men and different from other women that don't do it. I'm unaware at the phenomenon of they using they/them pronouns but I'd say it's mainly because they want to be percieved as different, better than the rest of their sex. It's undeniable that there is a theme in multiple girl fashion trends right now that is the extreme sexualization of one's own body.
>I know what it's like to slowly come to realize how deep of a despair it is when you correlate your own sexual exploitation as something deeply personal to your sex that can't be separated from it.
This is something many of them don't consider yet but I wonder when will they realize about this and how they will react, specially after years posting explicit content of themselves online.
Since this is the terfposting thread, I'm really worried about why is NOBODY asking themselves questions about why MtF are so obssessed with putting themselves out there in the most sexualized way possible. Troons attemp to bimbofy themselves and fail miserably but the outcome must be indicator enough of their perception of womanhood. I'm talking mostly about HSTS, a lot of AGPs go extreme too but their degradation fethishes have even made them to larp as muslim women kek

Anonymous 136199

do you think society at large will look back at some point and realise this?

Anonymous 136200

Off topic but does anyone have that screenshot of a woman ranting about how men experience/interact with the world through their penises and sexuality in general? I think the original post was from another image board website and was posted in one of the terf posting threads but I don’t want to sift through all 21 of them for it. It spoke to me so deeply and I genuinely think it can be referenced in feminist discussions.

Anonymous 136201


same anon but the board was s4s and this is what the post looked like(with different text obviously). in the meantime enjoy this rant about fakebois

Anonymous 136203

I don't know, depends partialy on us women. I don't know what the elites have in mind but is unlikely that men will stop tranning out because they see the absurdity and misogyny of it. What do you think?
>no dark triad byronic traits

Anonymous 136205

how do people put up with this obvious pedo shit

Anonymous 136207

why does her mouth look so uncomfortably tense?

Anonymous 136209

they made an epistemology out of oppression, so the further you stray from a norm the better a person you are.

Anonymous 136211

my best friend came out to me as nonbinary the other day + told me i'm probably nonbinary as well, despite me clearly expressing i want nothing to do with gendershit. i am so incredibly tired.
we're close enough to be honest with eachother and she didn't seem overly upset when i called it bullshit so maybe there's still hope? she's a chronically online neet at the moment so it definitely won't be anytime soon… but i'm really hoping she snaps out of it eventually. i cannot fucking stand gendies, i legit feel like part of me died when she announced this shit.

Anonymous 136212


I feel you. Almost all of my friends trooned out and it hurts. Also I had people ask me if I was non binary as well simply because I do not really care about how "feminine" or "masculine" i present. I just wear what's comfy. It's insane, the moment you don't fit a gender sterotype genderspecials just come at you and impose some gendie logic onto you.

Anonymous 136215


Ask her why she thinks she's nonbinary -> I'm just not feminine I don't "feel" like a woman -> ask what she means by feel like a woman -> will probably say something about not conforming to stereotypes or not wanting to -> tell her this implies other women do enjoy being stereotyped -> explain there's no wrong way to be a woman butch lesbians are still women, women who don't perform femininity are still women etc
You can unironically beat this with facts and logic just make sure you don't come off rude because people exploring gender immediately get defensive and you might end up reinforcing her nonbinary people are oppressed mentality this is coming from an ex almost became nb but radfems helped me accept myself with their knowledge and intelligence

Anonymous 136216


This world is rot, we got just mind our own business and stay away from this degeneration, protect your soul and your mind

Anonymous 136235

anyone here went from being an advocate for trans people to terf? please share how it happened

Anonymous 136236

Every single terf I’ve spoken to irl and online has gone from being a trans rights activist to a terf. I think we supported it by default because it’s progressive and “left” and right wingers hate them so we have to love them.

I personally peaked when I saw a video of a trans woman saying he was a better woman than bio women because he could take as many loads as he wanted without getting pregnant. A “terf” then responded by saying he was a misogynist by equating being a woman with being a sex object, and that he was somehow “more of a woman” because he was a better sex object. I thought to myself “huh, that makes sense, why don’t I go see what else these people believe” and then you know the rest.

Anonymous 136237


crystalcafe cured my nbism. some dude on a 4chan themed instagram responded to one of my comments saying i probably use cc, so that led me here, and these terf posting threads led me to blogs like sharts and honsaplenty, and they led me to less mean spirited more analytical radfem blogs and they helped me peak completely.
thank you anons, unironically led to ending my self hatred and eating disorder by posting tranny memes.

Anonymous 136238

Very recent for me, all it took was seeing the enormous amounts of receipts from tims and their ilk to realize this shit was bunk. Personal experiences too, but I thought I was alone in feeling dissuaded and that it was only one bad egg. Comparing my experience with a tim vs all the documented evidence that pretty much all these guys are fucked made it all clear.

So glad I'm not alone.

Anonymous 136239

I don't actually consider myself a terf because I still believe that there's still some smidgen of biological fuckery with people getting their wires crossed when they're developing in the womb, especially considering much stranger things have happened and it's not the most farfetched thing to imagine if people like Tarrare or the Elephant Man were a thing, and that's just on the physical side of the world of birth defects. The psychological side is even stranger. I just don't believe it's actually as common as it seems to be these days, and I strongly believe that the vast majority of people who embrace the term might not actually be truly "trans" and it's a different sort of psychological condition they're coping with by labeling themselves as such. The amount of people I've seen on Twitter who call themselves trans and autistic in the same breath is staggering. There's no such thing as a transgender person without any mental illnesses/conditions, I firmly believe that.

The stuff that's driven me away from being accepting of the transgender community (and to some extent, a portion of the LGBT community as a whole) has been things that I seen here and there all over Twitter and Tumblr over the course of an entire decade. It's all slowly built up my need to keep a good majority of these people at arms distance, even avoided as much as possible.

>saying that evidence/personal accounts of LGBT community being shitty is just "made up" or "strawmanning" unless there's a very clear and defined source or something because they seem to refuse to admit that they can do no wrong (this is ESPECIALLY bad with the transgender community, it's unsettling how much they deny/try to hide the dark underbelly) and even getting mad at people who were formerly trans/nb for making them "look bad" or something, even trying to silence them or devalue their experience because it hurts the narrative they're trying so hard to push

>jokes and memes about transitioning sometimes go into groomer territory ("if you like x then why not consider HRT", "why are people still cis? that's so sTuPiD!", trying to label ANYTHING as being "trans" such as crossdressers or men who like unconventionally feminine things, etc) and while not always intended to be as such it can be used to manipulate vunerable people (most often kids) into believing they're trans when they might just have a different mental illness that needs to be addressed properly by a licensed professional
>constantly making up new rules and criteria to make their identity "valid" or changing what it means to be trans just to suit their personal situation and beliefs so they don't have to admit that they aren't actually trans and are just weird cis girls who wants to be included
>creepy old men worming their way into the community so they have a place that they can be as much of a freak as they want and if anybody tells them they're a freak they'll pull the transphobia card so it's hard to argue without being coined as a bigot for fighting back against a poor, defenseless, oppressed trans woman
>the lack of self-awareness a lot of them seem to exhibit to a delusional degree that they ARE what they insist they are and absolutely refuse to at least accept that their bodies are factually, undeniably, entirely the opposite gender of what they're claiming to be to the point where it's uncomfortable to even try to have a discussion about it because of how defensive and aggressive some of them tend to get

In the end, I believe that people should simply be judged as individuals based on their actions and who they are, not what they are. Still, it shouldn't exempt the community from being called out on the weird shit that happens and the strange, nonsensical, and sometimes uncomfortable ideas that seem to permeate it. Fortunately, it seems more and more people try to start these kinds of discussions (teens growing up into young adults and realizing how weird it all is, I guess?) despite being told to shut up by people who don't want to face the facts. Maybe the insecure ones are the ones who seem the most vocal about silencing "detransitioners"?

Anonymous 136245

speak for yourself

Anonymous 136248

Based never tra

Anonymous 136250

we love you <3

Anonymous 136251

I never really advocated for trannies. But for my case, I used to be in circles of nerdy girls growing up. We were all into art and weird fandoms so I developped a friend group there. Slowly but surely each friend trooned out, which was weird but I tried to accept it. I had a friend back in the day who was a lesbian and we used to be sort of critical together because almost everyone trooned out. We both noticed it and saw it as a weird "trend". When I said "critical" I do mean it in a transmed/truscum way. I used to believe in "trutrans" because I saw people like Blaire White (ew) and other "passing" troons back in the day. The thing that made me peak, is when eventually my lesbian friend (whom I was very close to) trooned out as well. Especially since it felt like she wanted to become "normal" by switching to "hetero" by trooning out. Weird weird weird. Plus it was very contradictory to us criticizing the "trans trend" but when I look back… It does align with the whole "but trutrans exists!!!" thing. I tried to accept it at first but after seeing how unbelievably miserable she became as a "man" I started to simply doubt it. I ended up going to lolcow FtM threads to try and understand why do women troon out which made me slowly peak. After I went ahead and visited the MtF threads then I peaked even harder. I still think I'm a bit heartbroken over losing my friend to troonshit like that but my friend wasn't a good person either (especially once she trooned out, it's like all her bad traits got on steroids because she tried to emulate toxic moid behavior) so I try to let it go.

Anonymous 136254

hahaha you just take a random cast of characters and just slap lgbt flags ontop of them and instantly make them gay for no reason, WHY ARE THEY ALL GAY LMAO

Anonymous 136311

Not in my case, I was always very skeptical but had to maintain appearances for a couple of months because a now former friend started befriending a troon. I've been very vocal about it since 2018 and I'm glad I never fell for the trap, but again, I think deep down everyone, even most handmaidens, acknowledge reality and if a troon interrogated your past self it wouldn't be enough for them and still call you a twansphobe.

Anonymous 136326

One of things that helped me let go of troon friends was acknowledging how fucked and selfish it was for them to get life threatening surgeries and not allow any concern and I was just supposed to be supportive. Somewhere along the third complication I was just like I’m enabling this and kind people wouldn’t make me watch them suffer and almost die for their mental illness.

Anonymous 136327

Oh yes: I was always chill about trans in a way that if anyone wants to represent themselves in a way they feel comfortable - that's no big deal
And it was 5-6 years ago when I started to see more "trans voices", reading about how they see it and how they percieve their gender experience
And fuck - I understood what bullshit it is
At first, I was questioning myself also - what if I don't understand something and being prejudice
But, funny enough, the thing what convinced me for sure was trans youtubers: I watched some videos of contrapoints, kat blaque and kalvin garrah to understand the trans thing better and yeah
Yeah, I did, lol

Anonymous 136332


>Especially since it felt like she wanted to become "normal" by switching to "hetero" by trooning out.
You see: if you are a lesbian woman - there is a limited number of lesbian/bi women to date
But if you are a "hetero (trans) man" - you (theoreticaly) have all hetero women for you
Very convenient

Anonymous 136357

it was the same path for many of us nona, we hear you

Anonymous 136367

I supported trans rights for years - until I became friends with several trannies irl and actually listened to what they were saying.
Every single one of them still acted very obviously male despite their claimed womanhood. My favorite was a guy who told me he realized he was a woman because of hentai. My least favorite was this dude who started near constantly trying to pressure me into sex - as a lesbian I should be totally into him unless I'm a filthy transphobe, right? I'd been slowly waking up but was still thinking the people I'd met were just a few bad eggs, then he came at me with the classic "having a genital preference is kinda terfy" and I looked into what the fuck that meant. And what other transwomen were saying online. I was shocked at how common the things I'd heard from these people were and finally saw the light. Terfs didn't need to tell me shit, trannies do all their work for them.

Anonymous 136370

>Terfs didn't need to tell me shit, trannies do all their work for them.
That's EXACTLY how it goes. I peaked because of troons first, the terf stuff came later.

Anonymous 136371

i think that's the thing that has made me question trans people the most - lesbians in particular being accused of being transphobic if they don't want to have sex with a dick lol. how is that not completely lesbianphobic?

the more i read about autogynephilia and especially the dangerous ones who rape women i become really scared. i don't know if i believe all trans women have autogynephilia, but the ones who do are entering women's spaces and endangering us simply because they have a fetish. and of course silencing anyone who is worried about this.

i do wonder if my thinking here is me giving into fear-mongering and yeah, perhaps it is rare that trans women rape and harm women in their spaces? (if anyone can provide sources that it is actually common i'd be very interested to see). but even so, i think many of us who are 'TERFS' have this fear and it comes from past traumas. i feel that a lot of us who speak out about this have been victims of sexual violence from men, and are not speaking from a place of hatred but trying to protect ourselves. more than anything it makes me angry how people don't see this and are so quick to harshly attack us, suddenly acting as if women haven't been oppressed for years and have reason to question these things.

Anonymous 136374


What is the general "liberal" concensus on genital preference though ???? How can that possibly really make you a "bigott
ed" terf?! I refuse to accept they can get away with saying that to most people it's too disgusting.

Anonymous 136375


"seahorse dads" are you kidding me, I cannot imagine a TIF going through the extremely feminine experience of pregnancy and not growing out of it.

"Oh, doctor, the patient's masculine man non-penis is tearing, should we give him the nonbinary penis haver partner stitch to tighten it up?"

Honestly though imagine the doctor going in and husband stitching a TIF's vagina. Would it no longer be a feminist issue?

Anonymous 136376

samefagging but on a second note do we even know how hormonal birth control works for TIFs? How could it possibly work?

Anonymous 136377


My question is for TiFs that take HrT during pregnancy. Wouldn't that fuck up the baby?

Anonymous 136379

According to the posts on that subreddit, they have to stop taking T during the pregnancy and when breastfeeding. Apparently a lot of them choose to just food formula so they can get back on T immediately after birth.

Anonymous 136380

But wouldnt some of the HrT still float around in the body? You know similar to how drugs/medecine can stay in the body for weeks and even months after you stop taking them

Anonymous 136381

I would have to assume that you are absolutely right, at the very least the permanent damage done to their bodies (more or less depending on how long they have been taking it) like damage to their connective tissue must take its toll.

Anonymous 136382


Oh we have to absolutely take this into account.The closest comparision I could find is maybe with women that experience PCOS and pregnancy and even then the data seems to be pretty scarce since most women with PCOS end up being infertile or do not want to bother with pregnancy. I do have to say that trying to compare TiFs with PCOS might not be the best comparision out there but I can't come up with anything better.

Anonymous 136392

homeschool your kids

Anonymous 136394


Anonymous 136398

you make it sound harder than it is. the basic principles that children should know are reading, writing, math, and science.
There's so much content online that can be used. I have friends who are well into their careers making serious money just by being self-taught. classrooms are obsolete

Anonymous 136407


fresh from /tttt/

Anonymous 136415

So they’re all male.

Anonymous 136416

wasn't deviantArt more about sonic OCs and general autism and tumblr was the real ground zero for tranny art?

Anonymous 136418


>discord edating

Anonymous 136419

They're not even gay, they're some bullshit gendie alphabet soup as usual

Anonymous 136420

deviantart is for moid troons, tumblr is for enbies. Or it was like that at elast

Anonymous 136421


These alphabet soup sexualities/identities seem to happen mostly in the USA. I've wondered if that's due to their particular history. People have a strong urge to belong to a group, in most other countries they have a strong sense of national and ethnic identity, so people know exactly who and what they are. If you ask a gay Spaniard what he is he'd likely answer "spanish" before "gay".

Maybe the weak national and ethnic identity people have in the USA drives them to seek belonging and fill the void with something else? Like those people who take pride in being 1/64th german, are alphabet soup sexualities just another attempt at trying to fill the void inside and develop an identity that just being American does not provide?

Anonymous 136422

They're pushing it because its common in other countries. But the US was founded by puritan xtians. Its why some TV shows are censored before they can even play here.

Anonymous 136423

>its common in other countries
but they aren't hysteric about it and shove it into people's faces every 5 seconds

Anonymous 136424

it sounds like he knows a lot of them

Anonymous 136425


from the mtf thread on 4chan

Anonymous 136426

skin suit.png

Anonymous 136427

suicidal jealousy.…

Anonymous 136430

ridiculous how he's trying to come off as a good person by attempting to tone down the misogyny i.e. i wear i'm just into clothes guys - exceptialsoenvywomenforbeingoneasymode

Anonymous 136433

>envy for being treated like women

Anonymous 136439


Could she have been saved?

Anonymous 136452

i have a hard time imagining people look at this pic and think to themselves "yes that's a man!"

Anonymous 136464

Looks like bad photoshop, even being in b/w isn't helping

Anonymous 136473

Interesting point, but there are still a lot of non-white lgbt++++

Anonymous 136492

Because there's nothing more feminine than literal male genitalia! what the fuck lmao

Anonymous 136494

It definitely has spread but I remember when being qu**r and various different flavors of gender special was stereotypically associated with teenage white girls on fandom tumblr for a reason

Anonymous 136501


Anonymous 136532


note: in countries that generally accept gay people that aren’t the USA, or the UK even, gay people are mostly seen as regular people, just same sex attracted. In the US and UK gay people are portrayed/seen as “different”. They're also seen as being apart of a cohesive "community", which isnt seen in other countries.

i think "alphabet soup sexualities/identities" began to arise in the USA the moment being LGB was portrayed as being quirky and alternative and cool. likewise, the LGB community was portrayed as some niche club full of quirky and alternative and cool people, and thus being apart of it made you those things. heterosexuality being portrayed as being “boring” or “basic” also had a hand in this.

young people, specifically middle and high school girls, are known for going through identity crises, rebelling against their parents( i.e, goth and scene phases), and wanting a sense of belonging, and what better way to do that than to be a part of the LGB community? its “taboo”, niche, alternative, different, and makes you apart of a special community. (this is why you almost never see people over 25 at the latest pulling any genderspecial/sexualityspecial shit, because they’ve already made it out of that phase and developed a sense of esteem/ reached self actualization).

the problem is, its hard to fake same sex attraction, especially around people that genuinely experience it, and especially if you plan on being around them long term. so, in order to be apart of the LGB community, they tacked the T, Q, and + onto the end and declared that any “special” feeling you had regarding your gender or sexuality made you apart of the LGBTQ+ community, which is where you get they/thems, neo pronouns, noun genders, demi genders, demi sexualities, and everything else.

Anonymous 136536

Anonymous 136554

I come from a very old fashioned traditional region and there is this tranny that is my grandparents neighbour, they never seen the likes of it, no one has. They are so innocent and the bewildered stares they give him every time they see him… just… cracks me up so hard. He literally looks like a 60 year old ugly man in women's clothing and that is literally all he is. He got his penis "surgery" and everyone laughs behind his back how he "got his willy cut off"
My grandparents still called him his real name for a long time until one day he scolded them, so they don't call him his name infront of him any more because they are so civil. Its been over a decade and they still can't get over it. No one wants to speak to him or touch him with a bargepole. He doesn't even make an effort to act like a woman, as I said, he's literally an old man with long hair in womans clothes

It's quite the sight. I don't know what the world is coming to, I hope it ends soon so it can't get any worse

Anonymous 136555

There's already been a few lawsuits over doctors and therapists pushing the trans diagnosis on teens and people with mental illness. Honestly give it another 15 years for the lawsuits about "harmless and reversible" hormone blockers come in.

Anonymous 136557

>He doesn't even make an effort to act like a woman
I used to be more accepting if trannies in the past before things went out of control, this is big part of it. Troons nowadays don't even out any effort into passing, it's literally just hairy dudes with beard shadow or even actual beard just dying a streak of their hair pink, going 'I'm a woman now' and calling it a day.

Anonymous 136558

Anonymous 136559

Why can't they just, you know, accept what they are? There are many things I could wish to be, but I cannot be. I am not going to go around deluding myself and demanding to be recognized as such. Troons are seriously fucked, they need their brains removed, or at least disabled so they can't think

Anonymous 136582


Where did this idea come from?

Anonymous 136583

I literally met a teenage boy who wore teenage boy clothes and had regulae masculine hair, was literally just a normal boy and the only hint of femininity was he dyed his hair red, and he insisted everyone call him "she" "her" and "ma'am" unironically.
This shit is out of control and its just for attention. He was a DID faker too so go figure.

Anonymous 136586


Anonymous 136588

Is this from your YouTube channel Anon? Or did you just make a compilation? This is the most disturbed I've been in a while.

Anonymous 136589


Anonymous 136590

got it from a friend on discord

Anonymous 136600

I'm just going to quit image boards forever now, thanks for nothing anon

Anonymous 136601

Still overkill to sign you're rights away to fascists ya dumb cunt

Anonymous 136613

People who post things like this should go live in a dictatorship since it's basically their wet dream.

Anonymous 136664

fascists, nazis and liberals are the same side both have a lot of trannies in their communities the only difference is fascists pretend they are not gay but then talk about "boypussy" any change they get

Anonymous 136672


You are delusional moid

Anonymous 136674

they are mentally ill why do you think the tranny nazi femboy whatever the fuck is a meme, why are profiles like that all over steam they are real you idiot. nazism is mental illness. liberals and fascists touch.

Anonymous 136677

>this nazi was gay thus liberals who support homosexuality are nazis!
>wait nazis also sent gays to death camps? that means conservatives who oppose homosexuals are also nazis?
>conservatives and liberals are both 100% exactly the same, and in some sort of quantum superposition of both hating and supporting homosexuals
>this makes sense!
yea this is why 90iq midwits like yourself should stop posting online completely. The fact you leap to the most asinine conclusions like "liberals and nazis are similar" shows youre not capable of higher order thinking.
Youre the useful idiot politicians of all sides love. Good job.

Anonymous 136678


because trannies statistically lean conservative, in one of the great ironies of the world

Anonymous 136679

Screen Shot 2022-0…

whoops wrong pic but also related

Anonymous 136680

tfw you get drunk and dress in womens clothes at the Weihnachtsfeier as a joke once and 80 years later people equate you to a tranny

Anonymous 136681


damn look at those digits!

Anonymous 136685


>dont you know the brits were all trannies? i have proof

Anonymous 136686

looks like some moid is mad

Anonymous 136689

Thoughts on the AH trial? I’m genuinely frightened at how this will impact IPV victims trying to come forward in the future as the public consensus right now is essentially just “women be lying”

Anonymous 136690

one door down >>129384

Anonymous 136700

nah, they are not round enough to be implants. ellen has has anorexia for a while. the low bodyfat is making them show

Anonymous 136710


>when he tries to get the pediatrician to admit santa isn't real
holy shit, top notch. thanks for posting.

Anonymous 136730

>trannies bad
>therefore trannies can't be on MY TEAM, they must be on ENEMY TEAM
let's just ignore that your 'enemies' are also the biggest enemies of trannies and your team rabidly defends trannies and propelled them into the mainstream due to it having a cultural monopoly and being in bed with the media, academia, and the state.

I'm not saying ENEMY TEAM good, I'm saying stop being braindead and emotionally shallow. Stop letting others frame things for their own interests. Viewpoints are relevant, not identification and aesthetic. Have the will to discard social concepts and framing others have imposed on you.

Anonymous 136742

Why are Americans like this

Anonymous 136747

>Your team
Nta but you mean big pharma? There's no feminists in government save few libfem women who ree about prostitution being cool. Troons are men with conservative views, such as female = costume/social role.

Anonymous 136748

No I mean the conservative vs progressive dichotomy the person posting about nazis and trannies and conservatives as if they were one team. They want to keep the progressive aesthetic and deny the origin of trannies by associating them with their perceived enemy.

Anonymous 136755

No one is saying trannies are not on “Muh team”
Theyre saying nazis and liberals are not ideologically similar except in schizophrenic American nonsense and that trannies skew conservative. Both facts.

Anonymous 136756

Sure thing conservatroon

Anonymous 136771

this was hard to watch

Anonymous 136857

I legit hope he is just ded for his own sake jesus trannies are 100% mentally ill

Anonymous 136860

he still posts on twitter @killblankyy

Anonymous 136877

What are you talking about? All the other LGBs are their main supporters, other than TERF lesbians

Anonymous 136881

if you mean on /tttt/ that board is an anomaly, its also 98% tranny discussion so hardly a place to consider accurately reflects anything

Anonymous 136917


Anonymous 136919

I wonder how many of these people have genuinely well-meaning parents who just couldn't actively support their children mutilating themselves and sadly had to watch their child be indoctrinated into this TRA cult not being able to do a thing about it because their kid cut all contact.

I know plenty of LGB youth are thrown out of their homes due to homophobic parents but it's not the same. I really hate seeing this stuff, people intentionally isolating themselves because they're "actually a man".

Anonymous 136920

this looks psychotic

Anonymous 136925

Id wager every tranny who has "transphobic" parents has parents that love them.
Its a tale as old as time
>groomer teacher or discord tells kid they are woman for liking pink or other sexist stereotype
>kid tells parents they are woman and need dick removed to finally be happy
>parents tell them thats nonsense
>kid reports back to groomer that transphobic parents wont let them place dick in blender
>groomer suggest kid come to their house, where they can explore how tight eachothers bussys are

Anonymous 136926

My heart sank like a stone when the lesbian girlboss sales executive cut to the interview footage.

Anonymous 136932

I don't think most do. Children only get fucked up like this if they go through trauma. Trauma is what makes them rebel into fads/substance abuse/addictions/etc. I'd say most of the time the parents are the cause of the trauma, directly or indirectly. You can see in the drawing she most likely went through religious trauma. And sure maybe the parents meant well, but it still harmed the kid.

Anonymous 136933

i am desisted and I am not sure I entirely agree. I am sure my parents love me, but most people do not really understand lgbt. If I had ever came out to them they would have just kicked me out, meanwhile I really needed to get some therapy and encouragement to get over it.

Anonymous 136942

I think this is key here. if you take a look a lot of the current young folks into the queer identity stuff, you can see that there's a lot of people who seem to think that just because they aren't boring normies who like going to sports bars, or wearing vineyard vines, going to the country club, aren't aspiring to have a suburban family, who like to wear fun clothes, who listen to weird fun music, etc. they seem to think that alone means they aren't straight or cisgender or whatever. I'm not sure exactly where it happened (seems like people's understanding of gender roles and presentation got broken when the trans stuff started gaining traction) but somehow this image of straight and cis became very binary to some people; if you don't fit the stereotypical image then clearly you must not be straight or agree with your biological sex.

some might think I'm exaggerating, of course I'm sure this view is different depending on the person but I had a coworker who clearly thought this way even if she didn't want to admit it. I remember once there was a discussion about food allergies and people not being mindful of them, and she said she didn't have to worry about that because all her friends are queer. She seemed to think that because her and her friends were queer, they automatically were just more thoughtful of people's food allergies. that's kinda what I mean here, these people think that if you think about stuff a certain way, if you dress a certain way, you like a certain kind of music, you have certain hobbies, etc. it makes you queer.

I've seen people do this with being "neurodivergent" too, some chick on insta made a post about "the neurodivergent urge" to like want to dress up and decorate her living space in regards to whatever time period/decade she was obsessed with. like just having a simple hobby/obsession made her neurodivergent. I know there's the jokes about autism but I'm sure most of can agree, simply being really into something doesn't necessarily mean you're an autist. but it's that mentality. it's fucking weird.

Anonymous 136955

I don't have much to really add but I think you really hit the nail on the head with all this. People's whole lives increasingly taking place online (lockdown accelerated this) has contributed too I think. Tons of teenagers/young adults have this "main character syndrome" and are in the midst of self-actualization (a normal part of being that age) but this combination becomes toxic when you throw propaganda from social media into the mix. If you're constantly being fed this narrative that even people who are "only" gay are starting to become not hip enough anymore, then I can see why it's tempting to go the enby route. You can literally just opt into it without changing anything about your presentation or doing anything at all really, just instant clout and validation for saying you use they/them pronouns and that you've decided you're not a woman now. It's so dumb, but I understand why people do it. My only consolation is that you don't really see people over ~25 participating in this nonsense which gives me hope that at least some of my handmaiden friends will eventually someday realize how fucking stupid this shit is and quietly drop it out of embarrassment

Anonymous 136966


>Literally groomed in the second and third panel.

Anonymous 136970

>People who post things like this should go live in a dictatorship
god i wish, i miss saddam :(

Anonymous 136972

You're talking about developing self-identity, not self actualization, at that age.

Anonymous 136975

>saddam purges the trannies . mp3

Anonymous 136988

Anonymous 136991


Im actually impressed with how trannies have invaded almost every online space.
4chan for example, was this bastion of almost pure right wing schizo thought after the 2016 election. Fast forward six years and if you call out legitimate trannyism (not just randomly call someone a tranny as is so common), youll get trannies crawling out of the woodworks to defend their perversions on any board.
Something like 80% of reddit power mods are trans
Join any /soc/ discord (with a burner account of course) and youll see trannies grooming children in most every channel.
They are quite literally everywhere, which for their supposed rarity in the general population, is an alarming feat.

Anonymous 136999

That's so selfish. Just get an abortion if you don't intend to take proper care of the baby.

Anonymous 137002

in the past i've posted spoilered surgical tranny wounds. i'm not going to post this one but i have a video of a woman peeing through a phalloplasty and the urine shoots out the side in three places but just dibbles out the tip. its like a hose a dog has chewed at.

Anonymous 137003

I saw this vid but didn't save it because i was so disguted by it. But turns out I needed that video a few times before to help peak some friends. If you have it please post it, spoilered of course.

Anonymous 137004

Why are you joining /soc/ discords? Kinda sus nona, if you ask me.

Anonymous 137005


nta but heres a picture of the surgery they do on your arm to construct the neo-penis

Anonymous 137006

No way this is real. No way a doctor would mutilate your arm like that.

Anonymous 137007

>its not mental illness
>also gender isnt sex
>but we need to change our genitals so we match our preferred gender

Anonymous 137009

butchers. flesh sculptors.

what amazes me most is that these people still get these surgeries despite the results being so obviously abysmal. whether its mtf or ftm, what they're getting is at best a useless and grotesque caricature of the real organ, this is assuming very best case scenario where nothing goes seriously wrong during/post-op which is absolutely not a guarantee

Anonymous 137010

Aren't trannies even more suicidal after surgery lmao?

Anonymous 137012

To groom children why else would I

Anonymous 137016

>Id wager every tranny who has "transphobic" parents has parents that love them.
I know a tranny who has a family member who tried legit to understand him, yet slipped up once with pronouns and he blocked her, of course called her a whore first. She was trying very hard to learn all the tranny terms and misworded just ONCE. And he snapped. I have since seen 2 more times the same exact situation play out with 2 other trannies I knew.

Anonymous 137017

im not actually sure but it wouldn't surprise me

Anonymous 137018

thats important behavior in the church of oppression. When you only get clout from your friends via victimhood you cant let even the slightest mistake be forgiven. Your mom accidently used the term shes called you for 17 years? HOLOCAUST

Anonymous 137019

Yes there was one study which said usage of mental health resources is reduced after surgery, which became the foundation of the whole trans movement, and proof if you cut your willy off or graft a hotdog to your FUPA youll be happy. The study has since been redacted, since none of the data supported the end conclusion. The madness carries on though

Anonymous 137021



Anonymous 137022

not a mental illness btw. just look at that thing. what is the fucking point? it doesn't look, feel or function like the real thing so literally what was the fucking point? who would want to touch that thing or do anything with it?

Anonymous 137028


shouldn't the pee only come out of that suasage

Anonymous 137029


Anonymous 137030

Christ my eyes WHY anon WHY ;_;

Anonymous 137031


Anonymous 137034


this is one of the most stomach challenging terfposting threads we had on cc in a while

Anonymous 137035

How do you clean this? It's not self-cleaning, and it doesn't look like you can go in it. Imagine the smell, cheese, and UTIs.

Anonymous 137040

They attach it to the upper part of your pelvis, its basically just there cosemetically and has no other function. You still have a vagina and its not hooked up to your urethra or anything.

Anonymous 137041

Anonymous 137043


Anonymous 137046


Anonymous 137048


there's a bunch of different techniques and methods, some of which do include a "urethra extension". i'm not sure if this makes it better or worse.

there's also a surgery called metoidioplasty which, according to google, is "a gender-affirming, lower body surgery that creates a penis by cutting ligaments around the erectile tissue (clitoris) to release it from the pubis and give the shaft more length (4 to 6 cm). The urethra can be lengthened and incorporated into the penis." and apparently this can somehow be done in combination with the phalloplasty

this is what it looks like, i do NOT recommend clicking this image

Anonymous 137054

jesus fucking christ anon, my eyes

Anonymous 137055


why did i click why did i click why did i click why did i click why did i click why did i click why did i click why did i click why did i click

also there is no guide to tranny genital surgery, there is no method, there is nothing. It's all experimentating, this is why each "surgeon" (ahem butcher) does it in their own unique ways

Anonymous 137056

LOL, love this one.

Anonymous 137058


he looks like pearl lol

Anonymous 137067


Being on social media at all is tiring at this point. You can't scroll 5 seconds without coming across a post begging for money and it's prefaced with "help a trans woman buy groceries" or similar. As if the fact that they're a tranny makes them somehow more deserving of financial aid than someone else

Anonymous 137068

1. Why are you on social media. At all.
2. You get those posts because of the amount of rage porn you consume

Anonymous 137072

You can filter everything on social media to a bubble of only things you agree with. You're seeking it out and it is a harmful practice common to people spend a lot of time online.

Anonymous 137074

enjoy your echo chamber then retard

Anonymous 137078

nayrt but it's the average internet user's own responsibility to curate their personal online experience. The entire point of following, unfollowing, blocking, and filtering things is to hide shit you don't want to see and find the stuff that you DO want to see. What is the point you're trying to make here? You trying to tell others that they HAVE to look at stuff they don't want to see on the internet? That creating the ideal space for themselves on the web is a bad thing? Then again using social media at all is a mistake, the only winning move is to not play the game.

Actually I think a lot of 4chan users pretend to be "trannies" because they want people to take the bait because they know it works almost every single time, and it really fucking does. Openly "admitting" you're trans on a board that isn't /lgbt/ almost always guarantees angry/ironic replies. People really just want to start shit and even if they actually are trans they still do it just to make people angry because it's funny. As long as people will reply, even jokingly, it will continue to happen.

As for everywhere else, I have no idea how it keeps happening. I just don't interact with the internet outside of being a random nameless poster on imageboards anymore because I'm tired of having to deal with weirdos I don't understand and/or have anything in common with and likely never will. Do you think it might be how nerds permeated the world wide web in the 90s and 00s because they couldn't find acceptance in real life, so now that nerds can live comfortably in society thanks to mainstream media accepting them more that the LGBT community has taken their place so it makes them seem like they're literally everywhere? Maybe people like me who don't want to get involved hiding away the way I do just makes them all the more prominent?

Anonymous 137079

Yeah, imagine if you were selective about how you interact with and like, random idiots couldn't call you a retard out of the blue? That would SUCK.

Anonymous 137090

Imagine forcing yourself to watch things you don't like on a platform that's supposed to be there for entertainment.

Anonymous 137091

no, I doubt that theres that many people pretending to be trans.. I think the reason why trannies flock onto 4chan is because of the anonymity. If they rage from all the meds and hormones on reddit, their acc "rep" is gone and everyone knows theyre mentally ill. On 4chan they can just hide the thread and post in another one and chances are nobody will notice theyre the same person.
Also, they can project their presence more greatly due to the same reason (since nobody knows how many of the posts are made by one person)

Anonymous 137096

Theyre still there.

Anonymous 137098

Absolutely disgusting, I hope that in 20 years the doctors who do this get thrown in prison.

Anonymous 137100

sadly even if society rejects it at some point, these butchers will do about as much time as the ones who were performing lobotomies for much of the 20th century

Anonymous 137108

why do i torture myself by looking at this shit?

Anonymous 137135


Anonymous 137147

Dangerously high levels of Facebook boomer energy.

Anonymous 137148


Its from sinfest, the quintessential schizo webcomic. With strange radfem undercurrents.

Anonymous 137160

There are no good terf comics

Anonymous 137176



idk, i'd say redkatherinee had good ones

Anonymous 137197

Anyone else feeling more assured of their own identity due to trannies? The increasing boldness of trannies is really just a sign of desperation as they increasingly realize that they will never, ever, be real women.
-sexual attraction is a result of evolutionary history, inherent and cannot be changed(this is why gay conversion therapy doesn't work)
-as a consequence people who are attracted to women will only ever be attracted to real women(who look, act and smell like women, something which trannies will never ever achieve), i.e. the only people attracted to trannies are, and always will be fringe fetishists
-trannies will never, ever be able to give birth
-people wil lalways be repulsed by trannies due to them consciously defying millions of years of evolutionary history shaping our very nature and every acceptance is at best, faked, because people are just afraid of social consequences for not conforming

Basically, trannies are only ever getting more bold because they have realized they well never be truly accepted, desired, that they will be tolerated at best and are now trying to double down to force their goals through what is basically gay conversion therapy on a societal scale, which has been proven countless times to never work.

Anonymous 137204


We are living in the last few years were it is legal to refuse to suck the girlcock

Anonymous 137210

varg vikernes if he was a troon

Anonymous 137211


someone look at shit like this and tell me this whole thing is a grass roots movement

Anonymous 137212

this is the dumbest concept for a burger i've ever seen.

Anonymous 137214

> 'What is it those gays are always going on about? Bottom tops? Just do two tops or two bottoms on the burgers. That will be zany and fun for the queers.'

Whoever ok'd this has no idea what the fuck topping or bottoming means.

Anonymous 137218


can't be posting kikomi in every thread

Anonymous 137219

Is there a bio trans boy version of this?

Anonymous 137220


>offending remarks

Anonymous 137221


Picrel is "Christine" Jentoft. Note the "truth hurts" shirt kek

Anonymous 137222


I think the profound use of tattoos and unnatural hair colors by trannies follows similar ideas as the dazzle camoflage used on ships in WW1. The tattoos tend to break up the body shape in an attempt to make the obviously masculine shape less noticeable, and the unnatural hair color serves to draw attention away from the body alltogether(which only is successful from certain angles as it also attention towards the masculine face fron the front).

Anonymous 137225

Interesting hypothesis anon. I would have said the opposite, that they are attention seeking.

Anonymous 137233

I am an actual attention-seeker and that's not how you attention-seek. We don't dye our hair, we try to make it grow long so it draws attention and with natural color so we don't get judged on it

Anonymous 137283

Sometimes people do change their looks to attract attention, but it seems as though people use this as a presumptive insult rather than a true observation because they want to rally against the attention-seeking boogeyman that lives rent free in their minds. Sometimes people like the way things look, and they derive joy from emulating it. Shocking!

Anonymous 137308

Anonymous 137313



Anonymous 137314


Really makes you think

Anonymous 137320

True, but when you're an attention-seeker you don't want negative attention from positive people or people who have potential to be positive. So in order not to alienate people who dislike colorful hair you just do something like keeping it long, it draws attention and doesn't alienate much people and might cover your face if you feel like it will give you more attention. There are more socially acceptable things to get negative attention, like wearing no makeup or bright/unusual/weird makeup if you feel like it, but you can always remove it if you're trying to get attention from more conservative people who might be nice. With negative people you can do whatever you want, but if it's something people might be judgemental about it would make sense for it not to be long-lasting as the next day you might wanna get attention from people that might get alienated from colorful hair. Being an attention-seeker is rather complicated and we have to take many things into consideration, it's not just colorful hair = attention.

Anonymous 137321

How I wish boobs weren't sexualised to death… this feeling of relief is because you are removing what is sexualised from your body. They do not understand that boobs just are… they are a just a part of the body to the same extend your leg or ears are. But since they are so sexualised women are willing to do anything to get rid of them. It makes me sad. I used to want to have my boobs removed too or at least made smaller so that they did not stick out as much. I wish boobs weren't seen as sexual… A lot of women like men's chests and even their nipples and yet they are allowed to be seen as non-sexual. It's annoying. Sorry for the rant.

Anonymous 137322

Hit the nail on the head anon the majority of ftms are just looking for an escape from how the world treats women and their bodies

Anonymous 137324

Is it really this bad in the USA? I mean boobs are treated kinda sexual here too but it feels more casual, no one makes that much of a big deal out of it really

Anonymous 137328


I think it's more about how normalized porn culture (onlyfans sex work is work), the increase in hyper femininity and the products girls are encouraged to consoom ($50 for some eyeshadow and 12k for a bbl in mexico) and sexualizing standard female celebrities has become in english media. Like name one popular female artist whos record label isn't pimping her out on her own album covers. That and the Y2K hyper feminine bimbo thing that came back because of tiktok sure isn't helping either. All this is cumulating into "accept this as what being a woman means and if you're uncomfortable with it you're not one" to teenagers. I blame firstly porn, make up, plastic surgery, feminism is for everyone libfemmery, and honestly how "trendy" being trans has become

Anonymous 137329


Anonymous 137330


Anonymous 137339

I meant ppl are still sexualised here but there isn't such a hyper focus on tits and butts it's more about the whole body. American media seem almost fetishistic in their hyper focus on singular traits.

Anonymous 137340

I am from western europe and i personally feel that even here it's super sexualised. I don't know how it is in other countries.

Anonymous 137371

not that i know of, but there really should be one.

Anonymous 137380

> all by myself
> surgeon's hands literally in the panel
> likely had a GoFundMe or leeched from tax dollars to pay for her mutilation

sorry , 100% legit. Look up radial forearm free flap phalloplasty. The picture is from a publication titled "Phalloplasty: Techniques and outcomes", figure 4, DOI:10.21037/tau.2019.05.05

imagine being a man at the urinal and catching this disaster out the corner of your eye. horror

Her singing doesn't start until about 6:30. I do feel worse for female detrans in that their changes are harder to mask. Easier to be a male that got electrolysis and has moobs than a woman with more visible body/facial hair and deep voice. She's lucky to not have the really noticeable frog sound. I'd duet with her. Wasn't expecting her singing voice to be so deep compared to her speaking voice.

yes it can be that bad and usually is. the sexual harassment in schools from male peers is more severe than it was a decade ago and more frequent at younger ages. the schools usually don't seem to give a fuck or actually reprimand the boys either, despite all the "anti-bullying" campaigning. girls can more easily get a snapshot into their male peers mindset with how readily available the internet is, harder to fool yourself that it's not as severe as it is - more girls know how to get to incel or 4chan type of sites than they did in the previous decades.

Anonymous 137408

This illustration is absolutely hideous, my god, clearly made by a disturbed person

Anonymous 137430

Anonymous 137444


Anonymous 137445


Anonymous 137448


that account is banned now lol

Anonymous 137449

I wonder what the left guy is thinking. He looks very uncomfortable.

Anonymous 137450

>All I wanted to do is play video games…

Anonymous 137452



Anonymous 137453

jesus christ

Anonymous 137454

>no guestbook
>can't sign "ywnbaw"

Anonymous 137455


similar vibes

Anonymous 137456

>half of my favourite anime are on that list
I feel defiled

Anonymous 137457


its always about the money

Anonymous 137460

Ironic coming from the troons that see children as “tight eggs” to “hatch”

Anonymous 137461


i know, i just feel bad about all the people that got sucked into it and now have done irreversible damage to their bodies

Anonymous 137462

They honestly deserve it all. These people hiss venom at anyone who tries to question their devotion to this fetish. Bigot, nazi, transphobe, TERF. Fuck them all. They want to be victims and in the end they are, of their own stupidity.

Anonymous 137468

I mean, if they had a mastectomy at 18 that means they were groomed and brainwashed deep into this ideology for years prior as basically a child. Children truely don't know better.

Anonymous 137475

Sorry but at some point we need to stop the cycle of rape and grooming by fighting back against both the groomers and their victims who so loudly support their own grooming. Its an unfortunate side effect of the model these predators have built but in the long run it would save lives.

Anonymous 137490

had the amongus music rolling in my head when i read "imposter" i think i am beyond saving

Anonymous 137496

Honestly, this. Groomer supporting victims shouldn't be coddled and need to be called out as well.

Anonymous 137513

that doesn't apply to detransitioners, though

Anonymous 137523

Yes. I give it 30 years.

Anonymous 137547



What the fuck?
And the site layout actually looks nice, too. What a waste of talent.

I always lose hope in humanity seeing people like this in tech, as well. Tech should be much more no-bullshit but now it's just overrun with degenerate sjw troons and cucks.

It should have been one of the most sjw-proof fields, but now we've lost it to libtardery too.

Anonymous 137569


Damn even in the old days the only way they could remotely pass was with over-reliance on angles/lighting and copious amounts of makeup. TIMs have always been the same. Such a strange thing to think about

Anonymous 137570

And the fact that they are literally a goldmine for pharma is the reason why I will never take their crying and whining about "anti trans legislation" seriously. There is so much money being made here by performaning their vomit inducing body modification and prescribing them hormones to guzzle that there will absolutely, positively NEVER be any kind of law attempting to legislate troons out of existence. They're simply too profitable

Anonymous 137572

his brow and his chin
and he has a dick poor mentally ill moid when will they learn

Anonymous 137591

and yet he still looks like a man on the left

Anonymous 137606


Anonymous 137619


Anonymous 137620

Funny how he could stop taking his hormones and get a haircut and his "oppression" would go away but women have to live with it for life.

Anonymous 137621

Someday the ghoulish "therapy" and surgery boing done to children will be looked back on the same way we look at lobotomies today.

The only difference is patients didn't choose to get lobotomized and get praised for their bravery afterwards.

Anonymous 137622

>unironically led to ending my self hatred and eating disorder by posting tranny memes
CC: Why hate yourself when you could be hating trannies instead?

Anonymous 137623

I don't think shaming people for phases they clearly regret (and are probably deeply embarrassed about) is the solution here.
I wonder how many teenage girls have proceeded to ruin their lives even when they were having second doubts because coming to their senses and changing their minds after raising such a fit about their gender to their friends and families feel like more trouble and embarrassment than just continuing forward.

Anonymous 137624

>child actress
>"could she have been saved?"

Anonymous 137625


Anonymous 137626

tech fields tend to be full of lonely nerdy guys with poor social skills and autism, the perfect grooming victims.

Anonymous 137632

I'm going into IT and I'm kind of worried about this. At least I don't live in the fucking US though, it would be a lot worse there.

Anonymous 137635

The state of tech and IT is horrifying tbh. Being a tim in tech is not even the exception anymore. It's the rule. And ofc they get pushed and promoted hard because they count as "women in stem" somehow. It literally makes me sick

Also majority tim staff of websites often band together and enforce deranged anti female policies. Like reddit literally banning subreddits for female specific medical conditions and generally scrubbing the site clean of even the slightest mention of femaleness (except the "cis only" porn subreddits though of course)

Anonymous 137653

I wonder if this actually happened or is just his fetish fantasy of everyone wanting to fuck him

Anonymous 137654

I think you should be safe unless you're from the UK, 95% of the tranny stuff you see online is from the USA

Anonymous 137655

Definitely his humiliation and sa fetish talking here. No way the average straight man would feel anything less than visceral disgust at the prospect of fucking a troon. Even if he passes to some extent (which I'm sure he doesn't), there's just no way

Anonymous 137662

Are there other (non-sexual) furries over there?? Considering how large the community is, I'm sure I'm not the only one, where are yall… I'm tired of trannies being the only visible people on it

Anonymous 137663

if he painted himself green he could maybe pass as an orc woman

Anonymous 137668

At this point they should have a study about the link between trannyism and furryism. Especially hardcore porn furry shit or even babyfur. Many many many examples of troons who are into babyfur shit. It's almost like a comorbidity between two forms of sexual degeneration (no offense to you )

Anonymous 137682

Took 0 offense, all you said is true and I hate it 😭😭 That's why I'm so closed about it, I swear people look at me worse for wanting a fursuit than for eating pussy lmao.
But I guess that's a problem with every big community, there are freaks everywhere and sadly they're too loud.
I wish it wasn't so sexualized and could find normal people, I just like cute animals like calico critters & animal crossing…..

Anonymous 137684

one of the worst things about troons is how they see women as their sworn enemy when it was the goodwill and self sacrifice of women that gave them their current rights and hyperprivileged standing in society in the first place. troons of either sex will not shut up about the diabolical evil scheming transphobic woman. meanwhile the vast majority of women are bending backwards until their back breaks to please and appease trannies

Anonymous 137705

A little song an a…

Is there fundamentally any difference between Chrischan and any other tranny? Ive never heard of or seen a tranny who wasnt exhibiting the same behavior he does. All cut from the same cloth

Anonymous 137710

This guy's life will be remembered as the most poignant horror show of early 21st century internet culture.

Anonymous 137714

Feels like every tranny is living a similar horror story of their own making ever day. cutting their genitals off, putting on a custom every day and trying to brainwash themselves they were born differently. Thinking anyone who plays along with the larp actually believes it. Some "straight" men also gaslight themselves into believing they are lesbians, and then go full circle into sleeping with other trannies. In a few decades everyone will look back in horror at how this could have ever been normalized.

Anonymous 137723


Anonymous 137748


god fucking damn. why are troons everywhere on discord? i know they're crawling in fandom and weeaboo spaces, but i really thought i might find a small normie server by looking up the "crochet" tag. freakin' crochet, and they're still there.

Anonymous 137775

Never underestimate the tranny grooming industry. Either the trannys in your crochet group were groomed as kids by troons or they are on discord for the purpose of grooming children on random servers

Anonymous 137782


Anonymous 137784

stop liking anime watch dramas instead trannies will never understand dramas

Anonymous 137788

I really wanna believe this ain't real but knowing these clowns I'm sure it probably is. Gross, hate this world. I don't feel bad for idiots who cut their dicks off and smell like literal shit, not my problem.

Anonymous 137792

the whole site is satire though

Anonymous 137793

The articles under that particular one seem to be. But then going to the front page it doesn’t seem to be satire at all.

Anonymous 137844


Anonymous 137855

I run a twitter bot that posts pics of a character i like and one time this other character bot from the same series followed me. I blocked it+the mod because he was a transbian. The mod ended up confronting me about why i blocked him, so looking for an excuse i went to his following list and.. to no one's surprise it was FULL of porn and fat fetish acc 💀💀💀
Ever since then, i check every transwoman who follows me & 70% are cumbrains, yall are not joking. I dont even have to scroll, most of the time the porn is at the top of their following or likes, or they got an entire nsfw side acc posted on their bios.
That bot is my only social media (everything else makes me angry, so i only kept the acc i use to only talk about her) and took me entire days to set up, so i'm pretty picky about who follows it & these degenerates keep getting angry at me for blocking them 💀💀 i delete the dms now, but transwomen just cant believe not everyone wants to be surrended by porm 24/7, i wonder when will i get my terf callout when they realize i always block transwomen.
(actually theres this girl i have been talking with for a few months and i think she may be a moid… kept talking about gender and is studying it)

Anonymous 137856

The guestbook was on the index page, you can comment now
But for real what's up with these people

Anonymous 137860

I was contacted off-site by a mod for a subreddit tangentially related to one that I created like 10+ years ago and haven't bothered with since, and he was asking me about directing traffic to his subreddit and making some of the mods of his subreddit mods on my subreddit since it's largely unmoderated at the moment. I didn't have a problem doing that because I'm not invested in reddit at all anymore, but I went out of my way to ignore multiple messages from him specifically because he's a transbian.

Anonymous 137864

Rule 2:
>Do not use emojis, all caps or any obnoxious typing style.

Anonymous 137865

i find it weird that emojis are allowed on the site's code if you're not allowed to post with them
but yeah, agreed

Anonymous 137938

lol look at this guy dancing

Anonymous 138011

Based woman with superior technique beats moid trannoid.

Anonymous 138012

I started using reddit more regularly in the last year or so since I found some subreddits I liked. I noticed in some of the women-oriented ones I'm in, TIMs will post what might seem like a normal (or normal-ish) post, but when you go to their profile, you will see them posting in all these other weird NSFW subreddits, OR posting to sfw subreddits in a suspicious way (like it feels like they're secretly getting their rocks off from this, AGP style). I have a running game now, how long will it take me to find the perverted posts? I think there's only been 2 (out of like, 10's) TIM's who had seemingly normal profiles, but who knows if they had other throwaway accounts for the degenerate shit.

on twitter, I noticed some of the TIMs I follow will do something in similar in that, I will see them posting about being a slut/bimbo/etc. or make little jokes and references to it. in the circles I run in and I don't see a ton of porn following (that might be reserved for their private accounts) but I do notice I almost always see them have an OF as well.

Anonymous 138013

Ew Reddit is full of trannies, soyjacks and trannies go hand in hand. Same for incels. It's like they are the same breed of moid all of them. The defective ones.

Anonymous 138014

Btw another thing you should beware about is that trannies do the same here in crystal.cafe so keep your eyes open you can tell who they are by what they post, what they say, especially what characters they like they dont even like the same anime that is commonly liked by women it's clearly moid taste and the reaction pictures they use so when you are 99% sure it's a tranny you know what to do… They do not exactly post like women, not even if they think they do.

Anonymous 138031



Anonymous 138052

I've never seen this before. Thanks for posting it.

Anonymous 138055

The comments show that trans ideology is overwhelmingly unpopular and it is that way because it's just wrong. Even tho Twitter wants to pretend otherwise, its all a smokescreen. The world is on our side.
Every moid there is admitting that match was unfair but give props to the female fighter for winning against a significantly physically stronger moid opponent. Fallon Fox was also booed and in the full video you can hear a moid in the background yell "kick him in the nuts !!". lol

Anonymous 138058

Proud of her, but worried trannies will look at this as justification for allowing men in women's sports.

Anonymous 138059

I can't use discord because you can't go anywhere without trons & I can't bring myself to pander to their delusion when I'm Anonymous.
Never sign up with a email attached to your real life name!
I'll play nice IRL because I don't want to get beat up, raped and/ or convicted of a hate crime.

I crochet a little bit myself! I remember one of my first things I did after making a bunch of hats was make a terrible Fluttershy plush!
She is all lop sided but I still have her! I mostly only use crochet to make doll cloths now.

Anonymous 138077

its possible if the discord does shit tests for trannies its easy to get a tranny out of cover when you know how. voice test, hand test, there is a lot of ways and even with the behavior alone you can out them.

Anonymous 138079

Voice test I agree with, but it's not impossible for a woman to have mannish finger proportions. I suppose if you're willing to shaft a few actual women to guarantee a troon-free zone maybe it will work though.

Anonymous 138080

Any got a link to a free copy of "What is a Woman?"? I didn't finish the first youtube video posted here.

Anonymous 138121

most of them do

Anonymous 138149

He's trying to mimic so hard what he thinks women act like…

Anonymous 138208

No way this tranny got anything but people trying to avoid it as much as possible. This is just more LARP.

Anonymous 138211

It doesn't seem like moids in sports like trannies very much. That referee didn't do his job properly simply because he hates Fox and was even smiling about it. I imagine he got punished for that.

>On April 8, 2013, Matt Mitrione, in an appearance on The MMA Hour, said that Fox was "still a man", and called Fox an "embarrassment" and a "lying, sick, sociopathic, disgusting freak". UFC "was appalled by the transphobic comments" he made,[7] and, referring to itself as "a friend and ally of the LGBT community", immediately suspended Mitrione,[8] and fined him an undisclosed amount.[9] The next day Fox issued a response stating that Mitrione "personally attacked me as a fighter, as a woman, and as a human being".
I was surprised trannies had this much pull even in 2013 but it was only two weeks
>Mitrione also criticized the state of Florida for licensing Fox to fight. The suspension was lifted after two weeks when Mitrione's next fight against Brendan Schaub was announced.

>He's still a man. He was a man for 31 years. Thirty-one years. That's a couple years younger than I am. He's a man. Six years of taking performance de-hancing drugs, you think is going to change all that? That's ridiculous.
>"That is a lying, sick, sociopathic, disgusting freak," Mitrione said. "And I mean that. Because you lied on your license to beat up women. That's disgusting. You should be embarrassed yourself. And the fact that Florida licensed him because California licensed him or whoever the hell did it, it's an embarrassment to us as fighters, as a sport, and we all should protest that. The woman that's fighting him, props to you. I hope you beat his ass, and I hope he gets blackballed and never fights again, because that's disgusting and I'm appalled by that."

Anonymous 138213


Anonymous 138214


Anonymous 138215

well to be fair i don't think they can find either of them

Anonymous 138216

Gives me hope to see that most people are not TRA ideology lunatics. These are the common people that don't even have Twitters because they see that website as boring and as a waste of time because it is like that.

Anonymous 138217


Anonymous 138218


Anonymous 138219


Anonymous 138220


Anonymous 138221


Anonymous 138222


Anonymous 138223


Anonymous 138225

I assume that to be true, but the comments only show that those willing to comment find trans ideology unpopular, presumably enough to comment in the first place. You'd need to know the ratio between comments made and views to correlate if the comments accurately represent all opinions.

Anonymous 138236


Anonymous 138238

That thread is fucking tragic, I'm glad it's getting the traction it deserves.

Anonymous 138239

Anonymous 138240

Anonymous 138241


Anonymous 138243


Anonymous 138251

>mfw I realize I own the same skirt the tranny has
>he's wearing it backwards


Anonymous 138267

>at work
>talking about clothes/fashion with this one girl
>she casually mentions she wants to get top surgery and is going to schedule a consultation soon
>Doesn't even bat an eye and just continues talking about what kind of shirts and outfits would look good with no breasts
I don't even think she's a trans, just "non-binary." Gen Z is just going farther and farther off the deep end with this shit.

Anonymous 138268


this is a symptom of overly sexualising breasts in today's day and age, the world is truly fucked up

Anonymous 138269

Please ask her about this anon. Why would anyone do that.

She clearly brought it up as she craves attention so will probably be happy to talk about it.

Anonymous 138277

Soo, all that to state that he likes to have a group of friends? Like people often do?..

Anonymous 138278

>what kind of shirts and outfits would look good with no breasts
Uh the same with breasts
That’s some ana shit there

Anonymous 138280

Sounds like she was fishing for OP to say men’s clothing so she could go look in the men’s section.

Anonymous 138285

that and IMO, on a smaller scale, a symptom of being reliant on factory made clothes. all of our clothes are being made in pretty much one-size-fits-all types of measurements and patterns. obviously, some body types and frames are complimented better by certain cuts/styles, but generally, clothes should look fine on anyone as long as they just fucking fit your own measurements properly. even with other women I know who have gotten just a breast reduction, one of the first things they mention is clothes fitting better. in general I find ill-fitting clothing seems to give people some sort of body dysmorphia. I don't think this is a major reason why people do this but yeah.

Anonymous 138293

That's interesting. Thanks for pointing it out! Also clothes and fashion is super sexualised too now so there's also that aspect that sort of mixes both sexualisation of breasts and the need to look perfect with clothing

Anonymous 138295

the worst fucking artstyle, please dont ever make shit like this if ur an artmoid

Anonymous 138311

why is that word so funny, I'm trying to imagine what an "artmoid" might look like and the image that comes up in my mind is something gollum-like with a brush and color palette in his hand

Anonymous 138326


I am dying and this is what did it to me- what the actual fuck.
I saw this post after I noticed the OP post a creepy comment on an illustration featuring a child on an art sub.

Anonymous 138335

just watched this with a friend tonight.

man, what happened? back in 2011 when I first discovered this trans shit on tumblr, I felt like everything was pretty clearly about how like, biological sex is binary but it has nothing to do with how you express your gender - you could have more stereotypically "masculine" traits and interests as a woman and vice versa for men, and that's fine. when did it turn into all this "SEX MEANS NOTHING SO ANYONE WHO FEELS LIKE A WOMAN IS A WOMAN" shit?

Anonymous 138336


these morons are producing slimy butthole leakage that most people produce for various reasons, and thinking it's because uwu they're a GORL with a PUSSY

Anonymous 138341

also, are they not aware that all men, including them, produce precum? why are they obsessed with this uwu im wet shit.

Anonymous 138354

i remember when i was 13 i was so confused by the trans stuff that i told people "isn't it impossible though?" lol

Anonymous 138358


Anonymous 138362

What are the comments on this one?

Anonymous 138383


Anonymous 138428

it is realistic in that yeah, a man WOULD open up his laptop and search something like this

Anonymous 138432

went to go look myself and literally every comment starts out with "I'm so sorry" and then some of them have some variation of "you're a woman/girl no matter what"/"she's not a lesbian if she can't accept you for what you identify as/because you're not cis"/"you deserve better/someone who sees you as the girl you are"/"you're so valid/you're a real woman"

based on the avatars it looks like most of the people replying are handmaid zoomers or other troons

Anonymous 138435

If there's anything that sets men apart from women it's their taste in porn.

Anonymous 138436

That was me too, lol

Anonymous 138459


Anonymous 138500


Anonymous 138502

Circle jerk time
Thank you !

Anonymous 138503


Anonymous 138504

holy crap, look at the chin on the guy on the left.

Anonymous 138510


it ain’t just the chin, this guy is a horror to behold in general.

Anonymous 138511

what a beautiful woman wow just stunning

Anonymous 138514


While it annoys me to no end how troongoomvagoons will hide behind anime girls due to their delusions, I must admit I do get a kick out of the thought of vocaloids being transphobic.

Anonymous 138518

everyone decides to represent their views on the internet with anime girls for some weird reason

Anonymous 138519


same tbh

Anonymous 138520

Can someone post a not racist edit

Anonymous 138521


Anonymous 138522

Screen Shot 2022-0…

Why is discord full of unhinged trannies?

Anonymous 138524

Transphobic fanloid when

Anonymous 138525


Anonymous 138527

omg based

Anonymous 138528


Anonymous 138530

what the hell is an amab?

Anonymous 138531

I knew a female-to-male transgender in one of my uni classes. She looked just like a typical girl except for the fact that she exclusively wore sweat pants and a white tank top with motor oil stains.
Apparently the oil stains were just part of the male "aestheic".

Anonymous 138532

Anonymous 138533


Anonymous 138534


Anonymous 138536

I refuse to let males claim sleazecore. I am a dirty woman and I am proud.

Anonymous 138537


Anonymous 138538

I have to say that the whole Ezra Miller debacle and "their" proximity to JK Rowling via Fantastic Beasts is fucking hilarious.

Here's this guy, screaming belligerently at the police in Hawaii about being "transgender and nonbinary" and accusing the male police officer of groping him, requesting a female officer instead. He's being arrested for assaulting a WOMAN with a CHAIR to her HEAD.

And now he's like, playing cops and robbers after allegedly grooming and abducting an indigenous woman, and taking over all of her social media accounts.

It's like, beautiful irony that a TIM is getting in trouble (honestly more like some wrist-slapping) over assaulting and grooming women while also appearing in the Harry Potter franchise.

You can tell people are stepping on eggshells when trying to cover him to make sure they don't sound like they're making fun of this total clown.

I am just wishing JK would make a statement about him. Oh how it'd be juicy.

also what a fucking waste of a beautiful man.

Anonymous 138539

fuck me forgot picrel

Anonymous 138540


this is the girl he has been accused of grooming.

imagine being a regular looking teen girl who advocates for indigenous people and a handsome "woke" celebrity gives you attention. what a scumbag

Anonymous 138541

I hope they follow their own example and kick him out of FB movies too.

Anonymous 138548


At that point might as well just remove the text since the flag's already burning

Anonymous 138574

is this a watpad story
Did he really kidnapped her? I mean I don't doubt ezra's retardafion, but if she is an adult and just flee with him
Idk, if I was mid fat girl I'd flee with a hot millionaire lol

Anonymous 138576

She's 18 now, but he has been grooming her since she was 12 and he was 23.

Anonymous 138578


Putting down other women, especially one you just learned has been groomed by a filthy pervert man in a position of power, is fucking disgusting.

Anyway, it does sound like a wattpad fanfic but it's in fact quite real and disturbing. I just hope this girl doesn't turn up dead, but I get horrible vibes that is where this is headed.

Not a good look for the tra community I guess is the only good thing to come from this.

Anonymous 138579

I'm not hating on her for being ugly or "putting her down', I just mean I find his interest in her weird given both of their looks and statuses. Relax sis, you are in an imageboard still, not twitter.

Anonymous 138581

You sound like a raging scrote or pickme with two self-loathing brain cells

Anonymous 138584

And yet you still manage to sound like your typical misogynistic bimbo. Everytime you post something I can tell it's you and it's pretty transparent

Anonymous 138588

Shall we be honest here? No hypocrisy, no demagoguery? She's an ordinary girl, she doesn't keep attention, and well, she's chubby, and we all know what moids think of chubby girls. Surely he must have attracted this girl because she is an easy target, he is a flop and a junkie his carreer is dead, but he is still kind of famous and handsome, he should be able to manipulate her easily

Anonymous 138591

There is no way she takes a lunatic like him seriously, how could anybody? It's so low effort to just just assume. He assaulted her and many other people. For all we know he could have blackmailed her or threatened violence. It's low effort trashy to assume women are all easy stupid victims just because you might be.

Anonymous 138592

What you don't get about moids is that they operate with completely disparate motives. He was never planning on committing to her, so her ugliness was not a deterrent. In fact, he probably chose her for that exact reason, because he viewed her as a desperate, vulnerable girl who would appreciate his beauty all the more, the sick pleasure of knowing she would never have anyone as beautiful or desirable as him again. Men love taking young girls like this, chewing them up, and spitting them out like trash. It's no coincidence the girl he chose is also from one of the more vulnerable races in America and clearly has mental issues.
>tfw you will never get groomed by Ezra Miller

Anonymous 138597

It sounds more like a story mirroring your own personal life somehow anon. Everybody knows mediocrity projected outside on other women comes from a kind of desperation experienced within, like a Freudian slip. You can't fathom anything else, so you're incapable of assuming anything else.

Appearance has nothing to do with it. A ton of beautiful females I grew up with were the WORST doormats and headcases because they were afraid of leaving their perfect comfort zone. They were also treated like trash by men. They would think oh cause I'm pretty I won't get treated like garbage, rofl so they'd keep running into the same misery hole over and over expecting something different. They would parrot the pickme script over and over and wonder why nothing ever changed, while also doing this exact sane thing. Projecting tiresome petty bs onto other women because they had no concept of leaving pickme syndrome/ doormats syndrome.

You can practically hear the brain damage when they project the inferiority complex onto other women. Just assuming because your female you must want to run around the same desperate circles as they do.

Anonymous 138598

she was groomed as a literal child. why is this concept so hard to understand for some of you?

Anonymous 138599

She's 18 she's not a child. Even when I was 15, I still wasn't that stupid. Just assuming and spewing all this misogynistic vomit needs to stop its trailer trashy and vile

Anonymous 138600

What you just wrote is about how women feel and has nothing to do with my post explaining the motives of grooming moids like Ezra Miller. Also, pure projection. I can recognize what he's doing without having been groomed. You seem offended.

Anonymous 138601

You painted what you wanted to see in the most misogynistic way possible, not what actually happened.we can't know because she's missing and there is no evidence

Anonymous 138602

lmfao, how? people saying things you disagree with isn't misogynistic.

Anonymous 138603

did you skip over the part where he started grooming her when she was 12(twelve) and he was 23? if you’re a literal 12 year old and a handsome celebrity starts coming on to you like something straight out of Wattpad do you think you’re going to react to it like a rational adult or a boy crazy 12 year old girl?

Anonymous 138604

It was ridiculously misogynistic.

Anonymous 138605

Even when you're 12 MOST kids aren't actually about to run away with creepy adults. I know I wouldn't have and most kids I knew when I was 10 weren't that dumb. Especially since you get stranger danger drilled intl your head incessantly from the age of 5. 23 would have been creepy to me when I was 12.

Anonymous 138606

Some women are vulnerable. It's a fact. Sorry that you're too much a strong woman and get offended over anyone not fitting your idea of what a woman should be, but sincerely, get over yourself no1curr.

Anonymous 138609

Yeah but most of them aren't, even when they're 12. She could just of easily have been threatened with violence or blackmailed with photos. Men are pigs no matter what the fuck you look like at 12 and nowadays women learn that pretty fast with the internet.

Good God either way, youre right no1curr how petty and trashy you are, stop projecting it. All women aren't you. either stop projecting onto them like they are. She's the victim here. Talk about having human swine in this thread.

Anonymous 138610

Ezrafags are the worst. Can't project a fantasy of running off with a "handsome millionaire" onto someone deemed less attractive then yourself.

Anonymous 138611

A child is a child why is it so hard for you to understand that young people can be easily manipulated ? It’s sound like you don’t know what manipulation is. It’s not about being stupid here eistein

Anonymous 138612

trannies or other lgbts that groom children like Ezra deserve the death penalty

Anonymous 138613

Could it have been laid out with anymore crass misogyny though? Keep the bottom-floor-doormat projection to yourself. It's not even a talking point its just repugnant and sus.

Anonymous 138614

Sorry, but if your reaction to a TWELVE year old being groomed by a celebrity in his 20s is to blame the child, I'm going to assume you're a moid. You have to be.

Anonymous 138615

Honestly more hetero men would get the death penalty for being groomers and child rapists for the simple fact that there's more of them.

Anonymous 138620

Not really what I was saying. Was not blaming the child. Earlier posts simply described her in a really vile way. I'm saying she could easily have been a victim, but I wasn't going to assume how, or presume to know the victims errors in an abhorrent trashy way

Anonymous 138623

why are you acting so dense? in hindsight yeah, you can confidently say that when you were 12 you wouldnt have done that, but that didnt happen to you when you were 12. also yes, most 12 year olds wouldn't run away with a creepy adult, but in this case it wasnt a "creepy adult"(i.e a hairy, fat, geriatric stereotypical predator), it was a handsome celebrity that she probably idolized and felt like she knew based on watching his performances. stranger danger wouldnt register in a 12 year olds brain when it comes to a handsome celebrity that theyve already seen on TV. another thing you seem to be ignoring is the fact that she was groomed for 6 YEARS. if a child has been groomed for a literal fucking 1/3 of their life of course theyd be more gullible when it comes to the whims of their groomer, even if they are technically an adult and should be more mature.

Anonymous 138632

Lmao that was my 1st post in the thread.

I don't even like Erza, I'm not into troons. I just find his choices very strange.

Anonymous 138639

Nta, but I think he might have her for something like destruction fetish, don't know how it should be called - but it is not for anything sexual - well, not with her, I suppose. I wouldn't be very surprised if he gets off on the scenario where she is being introduced to h and gang raped while being mindless
I hope it was just a mutual agreement to go somewhere and she just didn't tell her parents (why would she if she's 18 though), but eeeh - as I said, I wouldn't be surprised if he have a psychopathic fetish like that

Anonymous 138643


Anonymous 138657

Screenshot 2022-06…

Damn you might be onto something.
>Ezra said to the mother: "I’ve talked extensively with your child, and they have a lot of power to them.
>They’re an elevated being, and they would be lucky to have someone like me guide them
>They also accused the mother of being a witch and a vampire
I didn't know this dude was absolutely delusional. I only heard about the troon shit like a day ago but had no idea he was this insane.


Why did you bring this up if you are going to be so sensitive about it? Jesus.

Anonymous 138658

I was not the one who said the misogynistic thing i just added about that it’s weird to say that if a child fall into a creep’s trap it’s because he is stupid. It sounded too harsh

Anonymous 138659

There is probably a whole background context to this

Anonymous 138660

Ew why are you saying disgusting retarded shit, keep that to your head or I don’t know go clean your head too

Anonymous 138661


Yeah I think the "I wouldn't do this when I was 12" take is ridiculous. Good for you, here's a little pat on your head for being not like the other stupid vapid little girls. We've evolved from "not like other girls" to "not like other children"

I had to talk to my little sister and have a sitdown with her about a guy she was talking to on TikTok who claimed he was Ricegum. I think she was 11 or 12 at the time- she is very smart and opinionated and generally has good sense but she was totally convinced it was really her favorite youtuber flirting with her and being nice to her.(yeah cringe but kids gonna kid) Imagine if he WAS the real Ricegum?? That's basically what this situation is. Throw in a drug fueled manic bender with your handsome celebrity and then you've got this dumpsterfire.

Add on the whole "your parents don't love you because they don't accept who you really are" bullshit from TRAs and now you've got an even more isolating situation for this poor girl. If she's not dead (knock on wood) then she is probably completely brainwashed that Ezra knows what's best for her.

Or she's chained up in a fucking dungeon while Ezra goes on schizo rants writhing around in front of her in women's underpants on the basement floor.

Anonymous 138663

>she is probably completely brainwashed that Ezra knows what's best for her
Yeah, she defended him in an instagram post and accused her parents of manipulating her. I think she considers herself "non-binary" like Erza too.

Anonymous 138677

Trauma dump time…

I can relate to this. All of the hate I felt towards my body as a chubby teenager was because clothes didn't fit me. I mean, I was a teenager. Fashion was important, looking presentable at school was important, I was very aware of my fat and my boobs. I wanted to wear clothes that looked good on skinny people. But I couldn't. Going shopping with my mom was a literal nightmare.

When I started losing weight, I wore the exact same clothes as before, stylistically. Nothing about my personal style changed. Yet, finding a clothing items that were clearly made for my body was no longer like hunting for my white whale. I could just… walk into a clothing store without breaking into a cold sweat? And walk out with multiple items!? The fit of clothing was astronomically superior. Not only that, but shopping for bras became a breeze. I could just throw a $25 bralette into my online shopping cart, as opposed to my previous pattern of going to five different in-person stores only to find one (1) $60 dollar flesh-toned medical-grade bra that still didn't quite fit right but hey at least it was something.

I could move around comfortably in shirts that fit me. And most of that came down to the fact that my boobs weren't a problem anymore. If I hadn't lost that weight I would 100% have gone in for a breast reduction, which probably wasn't a bad idea, but the point was I was able to get the results one way or another. When I was a teenager I dreamed of getting my boobs surgically lopped off. Now I'm glad I kept that fantasy a secret.

Anonymous 138687

trans "people"

Anonymous 138728


Wish I remembered where I got this from, it's absolutely amazing

Anonymous 138736

>choose fake suicide stats

Anonymous 138766


Troonism was the sentence of death of the feminist movement. I already knew that it was on it last breaths, but never imagined such a sad, miserable death

Anonymous 138780


how would you respond to some of the points itt? tl;dr they're saying hormones are more important than puberty, in terms of sports performance. i don't know what to think.

Anonymous 138781

They still have a male skeleton, a male wingspan, male lung capacity, and male cardiovascular endurance. Muh HRT doesn't change that and the evidence in the screencap is obviously anecdotal. And it takes years of HRT to even break down most of the already gained muscle mass during puberty, if they do.

Anonymous 138783


thank you nonas. also, thoughts on this? the response on the tip of my tongue is basically "sometimes the easiest solution is the best solution" (e.g. dividing men's and women's sports is the easiest solution, rather than… all this).

Anonymous 138788

Simplest solution is to create trans categories. Sports are already sectioned off by these physical characteristics. In any sport you must have certain body characteristics to be competitive. Because sports are generally highly specific. Or roles within a sport are.

You don't need to look at people's bodies to tell the difference between trannies and women. You can look at the results. You don't need 'science' beyond that. Men who would not be anywhere near competitive against men are competitive against women. It's not because they're more skilful or because they trained harder. It's precisely because they have a huge physical advantage.

Anonymous 138789

Neither creating trans only categories or categories for those with certain scientifically tested physical attributes are practical because then the teams and leagues become incredibly small or there simply isn't enough people to form them.

I think having an optional co-ed team might be something to try, still divided by males and females but then all the enby and trans freaks and their supporters (which are more numerous than them themselves) can all have a jolly mentally ill time together.

Anonymous 138790

oh yeah and to add, they have tried excluding women from their own sports because of their too high NATURAL testosterone levels before aswell.

Anonymous 138818

They are objectively wrong. But you can't convince anyone of anything when they already have their mind made up, even shoving the scientific evidence in their faces doesn't do much.
The last study is by Joanna Harper, a transwoman. They don't give a fuck regardless, as this has nothing to do with reality or fairness. The only way we can win is if we make them admit that they don't give a fuck about the female athletes. Some are already advocating for the destruction of the women's category altogether, and I think we should goad them into being vocal about it.

Anonymous 138820

If you're talking about Caster Semenya, he is a male with an intersex condition. The reporting regarding that case was an absolute disaster, because they tried to make it seem like it was a case of a woman with hyperandrogenism (which by definition can only happen in females) and then try to give it a "racism" spin. Caster is a male with XY chromosomes, testicles and a penis, but people with his condition can often be wrongly assumed to be girls at birth and childhood (before puberty), which is more likely to happen in developing countries without access to tests like karyotyping and so on. There is no way Caster and his team didn't know that, but they abused it since the condition obviously gives him an advantage. He still has less testosterone than the average tranny post HRT.

Anonymous 138824


Yes this makes sense and some sports do that like lifting where they sperate by weight. But you can't do this with every single sport. And I assume that in swimming the differences between women are not big enough to warrant different categories.

Anonymous 138825

In swimming, height is extremely important as well. It's just that most short people get filtered in the earlier stages. However, it's more important in some events rather than others (ie height is not that important in long distance), plus there are many other things (shoulder strength, wingspan, hand size, etc) and you can't make categories for all of that.

Anonymous 138826

there's a larger amount of fast twitch muscles in men than in women, which is important in heavy weight lifting, and, as far as i know, cannot be changed by hrt.

Anonymous 138830


Like >>137654 mentioned, this is likely only a problem on English online spaces. I'm learning Japanese and one of the reasons I'm looking forward to getting fluent is so that I can abandon English online spaces completely (Other than these image boards, at least). For example, I just want to use Twitter completely in Japanese and only follow Japanese accounts at this point tbh. Not a weeb, but English Twitter is just too cancerous at this point. Especially stan twitter. I'm hoping Japanese K-pop fans are less annoying.

Anonymous 138832

The thing with weight classes in sports is that the real reason some sports have them is individual vs team sports. Its not viable to be a short 150 lb guy in the nba, nfl, or nhl, but they can become a UFC champion. So its got nothing to do with what is fair competition ots just to do with what sports it is practical to have weight classes in.

Anonymous 138836

agreed regarding USA trannies colonizing every online space, it's especially scary how they got it to spread to multiple other non english speaking countries. but idk if japanese social media is the best alternative, theyre huge conservatives and misogynists plus perversion is even more normalized and widespread than in tranny circles. they fucking love loli/shota and other deranged fetishes. its so frustrating because you'll seek to escape the misogyny and degeneracy of the left wing but then your only options are the misogyny and degeneracy of the right wing. whole chicken hates women

Anonymous 138837

we shouldn't stop occupying spaces online, at this moment women need to learn to stay anonymous at the internet, not revealing a lot of details of it personal lives, but not stay silent

Anonymous 138838


Most of the Japanese Twitter users I've seen just post food. Alot of food. lmao I do also follow alot of Japanese art twitters, but most of them don't post NSFW art unless they're specifically hentai artists. Even then I don't really care though, because it's just drawings. English Twitter is annoying for constantly raising a fuss about loli/shota/proshipping/etc when there's real CP being actively made and distrubed in the world.

>its so frustrating because you'll seek to escape the misogyny and degeneracy of the left wing but then your only options are the misogyny and degeneracy of the right wing.

I haven't noticed the JP twitters I follow being right-wing. Alot of Japanese people are actually kind of apolitical and/or don't want to talk politics. Especially if it doesn't give them more anonymity..hence why 2chan is actually notoriously right-wing.

Anonymous 138839

agreed but its hard lol learning that most online moderators are trannies who often nuke womens accounts for making the most basic unproblematic feminist statements felt like a ton of bricks dropping on my head (and how didn't i put it together before, of course the basement dwelling mras would take up jobs like programming or online moderating). you either gotta stay quiet about misogyny and lesbophobia or accept that you're gonna have to make new accounts every few weeks/months and its so annoying

Anonymous 138840

>>Twitter is annoying for constantly raising a fuss about loli/shota/proshipping/etc when there's real CP being actively made and distrubed in the world.
true but it still doesnt make drawn cp right. im pretty sure theres sources of japanese people speaking on the direct link between their widespread normalization of loli shit and their increasing numbers of child prostitution.
>>Alot of Japanese people are actually kind of apolitical and/or don't want to talk politics.
yeah that basically just means they're conservative but they're non confrontational about it. i guess it's okay if you can ignore it since it's just twitter but yeah i definitely wouldn't wanna live in japan. from what i can see it's pretty clear which side of the "apolitical" spectrum they lean towards.

Anonymous 138841

"apolitical" is not a good thing, it just means you don't know their opinions. they could be anything.

Anonymous 138843

I've got banned 12 from twitter/tumblr and just don't care lol, I will always comeback, already got a stock of cellphone chips, and a vpn, these pigs can't stop us from being at the internet

Anonymous 138870

i know, ig i should just make throwaway accounts so i don't lose all my followers and posts when i get nuked but its just annoying. in an ideal world i could say tranny on main and people would just call me an edgelord or send me a rape threat and dip, now your whole account is gone OTL

Anonymous 138871


This. I patiently wait for the day that this cult hits the great normalfag filter and they no longer have the power to get you banned for making fun of their religion.

Anonymous 138872


Like actually, how is this legal. What else can I say.

Anonymous 138874

It literally looks like an elephant's trunk. She is obviously coping hard.

Anonymous 138875

She’s already gone through at least four stages of this shit. With that many operations and it still looking like a tentacle I cannot possibly see how this would be a good thing.

Anonymous 138877

Wow I wonder who is going to agree to stick that inside…

Anonymous 138878

at this point she should just accept her female body or just do a flip and hope to reborn as a male cuz this shit ain't worth it.

Anonymous 138879


Anonymous 138880

she identifies as a gay man so hopefully some DEFINITELY not bisexual chaser 100% “gay man” is willing to take a skin cone up the pooter.

Anonymous 138882

Poor her she is going to look for a gay man all her 10years of life or maybe 5. It might go full necrosis

Anonymous 138884


but she still has her female genitalia right below the elephant trunk like wHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS???!!! it looks like a 5th malformed limb coming out of her stomach!! i don't get it!!!

Anonymous 138885


she seems to say herself she likes it, and that people who call her botched are “so evil” but i don’t see how having a flesh tube stuck to your lower stomach isn’t botched.

Anonymous 138888

More anons need to see this. This is GOOD NEWS. Trannies who went thru male puberty now cannot compete against women in the Olympics or world championships.

Anonymous 138889

why is it half way up her stomach? look like the baby stomach thing from total recall is emerging

Anonymous 138890

New video from Kiwi Farm's owner Null going over scrotes with womb envy.


Anonymous 138892

I am always so surprised by null's voice, it's not how he looks like it would sound

Anonymous 138893

He sounds especially exhausted in this one, and honestly I can't blame him.

Anonymous 138894

Wow this post is actually showing all the red flags it’s amazingly bad. The fact she just trust the surgeon and don’t really know what he is doing is so awful. I wish she could wake up and go back on a healthy lifestyle.

Anonymous 138897


holy shit, that's genuinely horrifying.

gyns weren't kidding when they said this is mutilation.

Anonymous 138899

god i want this so bad but considering its a genuine male supremacist movement im kinda hopeless. it's nice knowing most normies are only on board because they don't know half of the shit trannies are doing to women especially lesbians, but it's still awful when you try to raise awareness and they either don't believe you or don't care.

holy shit that's awful and still not the worst one I've seen :( i know obviously TIMs surgeries are easier cause they got more to work with and it's easier to chop off a dick and make a hole than to make a dick out of arm skin but besides that i seriously think it's medical misogyny that bottom surgery for TIFs is so ugly and frankenstein-ish while TIM surgeries sometimes pass visually (even if the neovag still stinks like asshole and it's rotting from the inside out lol).

OMG im so happy for female athletes! i really didn't think we would get this win. hopefully they'll also give all the women who's medals and scholarships were stolen from them by mediocre trannies who wouldve never even qualified for the mens team.

Anonymous 138900

this is just sad to read

Anonymous 138907

at about 19 mins in, the person saying she thinks her husband is trans and he's copying her personality…god, my TIM ex was like this. suddenly you have this weird realization where you're like wait, are they copying me? and you don't want to be the crazy bitch that's like, "I am the only thing that can enjoy these things" but still, once you notice you can't stop noticing and it's super fucking weird.

Anonymous 138922

Fuck, I didn't realize how many dudes troon out after their wives give birth. Pure narcissism.

Anonymous 138944

Unfortunately, it's only swimming and rugby for now. Others will probably come around after this, though.

Anonymous 138945

Not to armchair, but did he seem bpd to you?

Anonymous 138946

I don't even feel bad for him. I bet at least one normal person tried to snap him out of it and he responded in a violent way. Oh well, you learn the hard way.

Anonymous 138950

not sure. I definitely felt like there was some mental illness there but tbh not really familiar with what BPD looks like in men.

Anonymous 138953

Someone with a necro fetish.

Anonymous 138959


Oh boy, nonas. I am actually not one to complain about or pathologize trannies normally, but holy fuck…

>be in a hobby group full of girls

>girl comes in, let's call her Boo, invited bc someone said she's been struggling to make friends
>acts super cutesie, unironic UWUs and moe gifs
>someone vents about something horrible in the community around the hobby
>everyone agrees besides Boo, who starts repeating some weird incelish takes
>next topic was weird invasive sexualization and it being impossible to fully filter it out
>everyone agrees except Boo as per usual–"what? It's ok! It's just fantasy! Y'all prudes!"
>Boo negged another lesbian in a group for not being open to dating her
>someone said something casually that set off Boo into a sort of gatekeepy "my opinion is the objective truth" rant, even doing this over weird semantic hang-ups that had 0 deeper meaning

>OG members get sus

>do a background check
>Boo is a MtF into anime, 13 year old girls and ponies in weird poses line his profiles
>regularly consumes that hyper-sexualized content of weird stuff the group of girls all agreed about, too
>gets into constant arguments about the status/quality of what he's into
>some evidence of a history of creeping on lesbians and getting annoyed when they are scared of him, or trying to infiltrate girls-only groups

In any case I know this isn't that absurd but it was shocking just how much he was acting like a completely normal…well, weird male when the cute veneer was stripped away.

Anonymous 138961

Anonymous 138962

Only 13 and already doomed, someone should cut his internet

Anonymous 138971

And then you kicked him out right?

Anonymous 138993

Certain sports already do, in boxing and wrestling you have weight classes because even a 10lbs difference between fighters can make a huge world of difference.

Of course the answer we're really dancing around is that we already HAVE categories that divide the people in question based on their measurable physical characteristics… male and female categories. Sports don't stand to gain anything from reinventing a new tiered list of categories on an infinite spectrum to accommodate 0.01% of contestants, especially when everyone knows it isn't some impossible to quantify category of new contestant, we're talking about trannies. Setup a tranny sports league, fine I guess, but we all know they'd still whine. As for the first picture stating its all hormones and puberty doesn't matter, that's literally not even close to being true. The level of delusion these people have is insane.

Anonymous 139014

Actually how it went down is that the girls and me all ghosted the group and made a new one, leaving him to this day pinging the old one. They did it even before I told them about the MtF thing on their own. Not sure if that was the best option.
Yeah, more into young girls (and I thought it was just anime until I saw him saying "hot" on a post of a real 13 year old…)

Anonymous 139015

Oh. And he was in his early 30s.

Anonymous 139029

is it a j-fashion groups? troons have been really descending upon them lately

Anonymous 139030

I really love these stories because female TRAs will spend so much time coddling trannies, telling them how heckin valid and stunning they are, how they're in a safe space, how they belong on women's spaces, how they don't make lesbians uncomfortable, how theyre hotter than women, etc. Only for them to be smacked with reality once they finally go outside and realize they stick out like a sore thumb between actual women and its impossible for them to hide their degenerate fetishes or their misogyny. I especially love the one where the TIM went home from the lesbian meetup crying because the women there looked at him, a grown adult male not even on hormones and doing absolutely nothing to even "pass", weird.

Anonymous 139036

The women who coddle trannies are just as bad as the trannies themselves. Women as a whole are too used to trying to be unconfrontational and supportive, and it's what's led to troons taking over the way they have. TRA women deserve to hang right next to the heckin valid 6'4" 200lbs uwu kawaii 5 o'clock shadow trannies they created.

Anonymous 139045


I guess it’s a bit of strong wording to use. But I genuinely think those ball-cupping handmaidens are failed women themselves. I do want to rehabilitate the ones that have simply gone along with the herd.
but if they want to defend grown men who’s entire ideology relies on sexism, homophobia, borderline racism, and hatred of those with disabilities or non conformity - I think I have a pretty hard time accepting them as my sisters.
It’ll all go down in a few years anyways, so if they want to seal their own fate by being traitors to their sex - fine by me. Won’t be missed.

Anonymous 139046


I don't think I've seen a post quite so accurately sum up my opinions on trannies. I'm so fucking sick of seeing them everywhere I go online. They're literally everywhere. I have to actively stop myself from looking in to the people behind any content I enjoy online because all too often there's a tranny involved somehow and it sours my enjoyment.

Anonymous 139049



The wildest thing about these neo genital surgeries is that these TIFs and TIMs have no clue what a real penis/vagina feels like so they can be totally tricked into thinking what the surgeon has done to them seems legit

Anonymous 139074

I mean, if they're children or have no sexual experience, yeah. But plenty of troons have been in relationships with the opposite sex.

Anonymous 139078

Think she meant how it feels having it on your body, not having sex. Could be wrong but point still stands

Anonymous 139085

Ah, I understand what you mean.

I was typing up some thing about how, there's no possible way someone could see a tentacle hanging off the edge of their fupa and think "yep, this looks right", since as adults most of us have seen genitals a few time, whether it was just a pic online or IRL. But then I thought about a friend of mine who thought balls were on the head of a dick, even though we both had health class together, because she didn't want to pay attention, and probably wouldn't have really known otherwise until she saw her boyfriend's dick when they had sex for the first time. So yeah, maybe anon is right and some of these people really are this retarded, which helps aid in the thought process of their mutilated genitalia looking normal.

Anonymous 139111


this is going to be a pathetic confession, but honestly hearing mtf trannies come forward talking about getting creepy attention from men and finally understanding what it's like to be a woman depresses me because I can't relate at all as a certified bridge troll.

I have grown up being throughly bullied for the way I looked and have 0 experience of anyone besides maybe 2 girls I knew (I'm bi) being attracted to me. I have had men approach me to call me ugly but I haven't even ever been crept on by one. Not a catcall, not even an old guy showing interest. Just complete apathy even when I was a teen.

I am very much aware that I'd hate it if it happened often. But this constant sense of all women getting creepy male attention, which now I've seen on CC and elsewhere probably 100s of times, and me being too unattractive to get it at all makes me wonder how hideous I must be. I've seen morbidly obese trannies come forward talking about men hitting on them and I can't even relate.

Also I'm not really that butch. I look masculine but, like, my hair is down to my ass and I wear clothes that get constant compliments from other women.

Anonymous 139122

The reason this happens is because they put themselves in situations where it’s only inevitable a man will try to make advances on them. If you went out clubbing and going to seedy bars all the time you would have men giving you dirty comments too.

Anonymous 139139


Anonymous 139140

>"I'd rather have a gore-dick over no dick."
She says this now, but give it a few months post-surgery when she realizes it isn't getting better and she's irreparably destroyed her body and payed hundreds of thousands of dollars to do it.

Anonymous 139142


Anonymous 140076


Anonymous 140110

>cc is incapable of producing high quality content other than biochan so we have to scrape 4chan for it

where did we go wrong?

Anonymous 140116

4chan is mostly twitter screencaps anyways

Anonymous 140525


Anonymous 174489

jesus christ and i thought demons weren't real

Anonymous 174496

char the butcher is back with a vengeance

Anonymous 174508

Probably because in their circles, 13 years old is le prime breeding age, or something. Also maybe those 13 year olds are fictional, in which case it's le freedom of expression to jerk off to them. Just stupid echo chamber porn addiction shit.

Anonymous 177461

tranny, tranny, ywnbaw.
you wear the trappings of femininity like blackface.
you're fooling no one with your man hands, as you use them to shove your autogynephilia and fetishes down our throats.

Anonymous 177478

bump to hide cp

Anonymous 177646

If you are dumb enough to click on an obvious CP link, you deserve the virus tbh.

Anonymous 177850

aww are you still there? would love a non degenerate sane furfag friend

Anonymous 177851

is the word banned

Anonymous 177852


NTA, but I'm in a similar boat. I love furries, but hate the nsfw part of the community. I just think anthro animals make very great character designs.

Anonymous 177854

Furries are cute, but the community is horrible and full of trannies and zoophiles.

Anonymous 177855


deadass, I used barq casually to see if I could find friends, and the moids were fucking creepy as hell. I joined a "lesbian" telegram group that was either full of straight men or trannies who aren't even trying to look feminine. One of them was just a buff dude with long hair and he called himself a "tomboy lesbian". cringe as fuck

I know (actual) female furries exist, but in English communities, it's really rare to find them. I have a friend who lived in Argentina and he found a bunch of chill furries that weren't odd people who needed to touch grass. Kinda jealous of him ngl.

Anonymous 177868

YES TAIL CONCERTO. And exactly lol, and if you get away from the coomers you have the genderoid terminmally-online teenage wolf/ warrior cat autist girls which unfortunately make up most of the art side of the community. I'm going to bring up furryism in the new cc discord soon i think if you wanna join and we can meet there.

also yes i am insane using funny terminally online language as well

Anonymous 177869


unfortunately I quit discord, it was terrible on my mental health. i only use telegram or steam atm if you have those.

Anonymous 177884


I used to draw furry porn to make extra money while I was going for my degree. Only other options were waiting tables, selling drugs or exotic dancing. So I chose the option the worked best for my crippling social anxiety… Sorry for making the world a slightly worse place.

Anonymous 177887

should I sell my soul too and draw furry porn

Anonymous 177889

Sage cuz very off topic to the terf thread but i've honestly considered doing the same since furries are so suspiciously rich.

Anonymous 178103


(1) Trannies sending hundreds and hundreds of racially motivated, pedo rape threats to a 15 year old girl, but that's just healthy normal female sexuality, right?

Anonymous 178104



Anonymous 178613

jesus fucking christ this is vile. Who was this targeted to? I'm curious.

Anonymous 179687

some TERFs on Tumblr or something, one of them wasn't even a terf iirc, just rejected a creepy troon in her DMs and then he sent his followers after her or something. Scary shit.

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