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Terfposting #20 Anonymous 139266

Anonymous 139267

Anonymous 139272


Anonymous 139273


Anonymous 139274

bio trans girl.jpg

Anonymous 139275


Anonymous 139276


Anonymous 139277

shinigami eyes.png

Anonymous 139278

pique efficiency.p…

my favorite twitter post, way too underrated.

Anonymous 139279


Anonymous 139287


Anonymous 139288


Anonymous 139290

Disgusting and z failure as a parent

Anonymous 139291


>I did everything right

Anonymous 139292

>Mother 98% of the time
It astounds me that while a father will beat his child half to death, a mother will chemically castrate hers and feel good about it at the same time.

Anonymous 139293

This is probably an unpopular opinion for the terf thread, but I genuinely believe chemically castrating men is good for women as a whole, second only to males not being born in the first place.

Anonymous 139295


these “people” need to be put down

Anonymous 139296

so they can’t define woman, or acknowledge that women and trans women are different in every way, but they know they don’t want to be trans women, they want to be cis, because only one of those options is actually… female. wow

Anonymous 139297

Castration in this case also applies to young girls, and, in this specific case, happens about five times as often to girls. Is that also good for women?

Anonymous 139298


Anonymous 139303


Anonymous 139312

i never know what the hell they mean by “woman things” or “acting womanly”. the only woman thing you have that makes you one is a vagina, anything else is just superficial and you can do whatever you want because. who cares.

Anonymous 139321

This is mainly because society rewards and entices women that receive the moniker of "accepting", "loving" and "understanding". Would these titles mean as much to men and gain them as much respect in their social circles and the statistic would be 50/50.

This is not to say you shouldn't be these things, just not JUST for the sake of acknowledgement of others.

Anonymous 139333


Cross posting here from LC in case the girlfriend in question is a miner.

Anonymous 139335

Such a disingenuous sounding piece of shit. If this woman is here I don’t even know how to help you but I wish I could give you a hug.

Anonymous 139337

What part seems disingenuous? Certainly structured in a very selfish manner, but being self-centered doesn't mean being disingenuous.

Anonymous 139338

>should I inform a woman about my insanity before binding myself to her forever? please tell me reddit!

Anonymous 139342


We have been blessed with hot fresh Kikomi content

Anonymous 139343

Where are these all coming from I need to make an archive of all the kikomi I can find

Anonymous 139344

I got that latest one from the terf thread on LC, I saved >>139274 a long time ago. I don't know if she has an official account she posts anywhere.

Anonymous 139345

Anonymous 139347


Anonymous 139354

great example of how TIFfery happens. of the TIF's I know personally, if they aren't struggling with the the resulting ptsd of a traumatic experience, then they are struggling to accept that they are a lesbian.

Anonymous 139375

really hope this guy realizes how ridiculous this all is, for his own sake if for no one else's.

Anonymous 139396

I would fucking murder him.

Anonymous 139398

He's a dumb trannoid and she is based for not disclosing the site to the moid. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous 139415

At this point I believe anyone still keeping up the "remember that it isn't only women that can get pregnant! not only women are affected by this!!!" shtick truly do not fully grasp the situation. Imagine watching women's basic autonomy get stripped away and language-policing is the first thing on your mind when discussing it. Literally deranged. You have to be disconnected from reality to still be doing that at this stage. Like please drop the meme and be serious. There's no hope for any of us

Anonymous 139431


i don't normally feel bad for troons and their supporters, but i feel kind of bad for this one. he sounds like he was just a kid trying to trans the gay away.

idk if this is munchausen, i'll give the mother the benefit of the doubt, she might have been coerced into it by the TRAfia. there was a father that lost custody of his daughter for acknowledging her as such, not as the male she wanted to be.

Anonymous 139453

>I recently started to rediscover porn
>Now im 90% sure I want to transition
Wonder if there's some correlation between constantly consuming pornography and developing warped self destructive views IRL… hm… if only we could crack the code!

Anonymous 139486


Oh absolutely, I’ve noticed even TIFs seem to have a higher porn consumption rate than just the average female. For almost all TIMs that aren’t literal children or self-hating gay men, it’s their lifeblood. Take the coom away and you take away their raison d'etre for being a tranny.
I feel like they wouldn’t be able to hide it anymore if there was some kind of huge public outcry against porn In general, thing is though it’s pretty hard to try and arrange a mass protest against a mutibillion dollar industry that’s treated as so normal these days.

Anonymous 139493

This is so true. I know 4 TIFs off the top of my head that I knew in highschool that were obsessed with yaoi manga. They'd watch all of the really graphic animes- Okane Ga Nai? I think that was one of the more depraved ones.

I did partake in some yaoi media when I was a kid but it wasn't my whole life- it was more of an edgy teen thing for me. However I ABSOLUTELY got brainrot from it over time and probably nearly fell right into the troon pit after I started following a few TIF artists I liked that drew exclusively yaoi/bl art and were basically just hot butches. This was back on Tumblr, they were a couple who were "gay men" but really just skinny emo girls with expensive haircuts. This was before the hormone thing was mainstream.

Porn rots everyone's brains, it's just that men are more predisposed to the disease.

Anonymous 139520


>she's part of this all female forum that regularly bashes trans and nb people.

Wait so this piece of shits gf uses this website

Anonymous 139523

Possibly, but if not I’d love to know what forum they could possibly mean.

Anonymous 139596

Please spoiler that terrifying fatty

Anonymous 139646


Thank you, here is a poon man.

Anonymous 139650

I don't understand.

Anonymous 139663

>Heh, this angers the moid.

Anonymous 139666


A caricature of FtM's. It kinda reminded me of Kikomi.

Anonymous 139676


Reddit moment.

Anonymous 139684

So, wait. Trannies (male) are making this to make fun of ftms for… being too supportive? Lmfao so now they're literally blaming females for all the cringe over the top tranny validation shenis worship THEY themselves forced these women to constantly perform around them lest they face the fury of every tranny and mra supporting them? Insane shit, they always manage to elevate their misogyny to a new level.

Anonymous 139690

>100%. I used to have to wake up and put on clothes and brush my teeth and wipe my butt after pooping and remember to do things humanly. Then I stopped. Feral animalistic beast is just my base state without having to remember the performance.

Anonymous 139719

iirc the creator of pooner is a self hating FTM that goes on /tttt/

Anonymous 139724

I guess I'm glad a tim didn't make it but still really pathetic. Self hating ftms self awareness almost always comes from a place of wanting to be accepted by transphobic moids as one of the guys. Probably why they focus on how evil tifs are towards moid trannies instead of showing all the transbians being rapey towards lesbians lol.

Anonymous 140045


Anonymous 140046


Anonymous 140049

Laughed, thank you for posting this one nona

Anonymous 140059

this is so sad, women putting men's words above their own physical and mental discomfort

Anonymous 140081

wtf i also draw the trannies of my city

Anonymous 140086

Anonymous 140090

Yeah like >>140086 said, let's see it

Anonymous 140098

please shame them for all of us to laugh at

Anonymous 140103

Kik i also draw tr00nz of my city as well rofl

Anonymous 140127


Does anyone have more candid no photoshop tranny pics where you can really tell they don't pass? I remember seeing a ton of them on Tumblr with their ig pics for comparison

Anonymous 140136

Anonymous 140145

It's tough to tell, but if you squint and look REAL close… one of these women is transsexual! Bet you didn't think so before I told you, huh?

Anonymous 140172

god, this picture is so fucking funny. he doesn't even just look like a really tall woman with larger features, like he straight up looks like the man he is.

Anonymous 140176

>It kinda reminded me of Kikomi.
I'd have guessed it's the same artist, it feels really similar

Anonymous 140178

Anonymous 140182

irl troons.png

ok the collage is really bad but those are troons i've seen irl, there has been more but i didnt draw them all

Anonymous 140186

>banana as fake penis

Anonymous 140192


Anonymous 140196


Anonymous 140197

Why did they redraw Stacey?

Anonymous 140201

What is it

Anonymous 140203

Incels and polfags are addicted to trashy egirls, tranny porn and alt girls so this image isn't pretty dumb.

Anonymous 140205

stuff like this makes me so glad i was raised to be myself, not "like a girl". i can only imagine a lot of people who feel this way were raised with super strict gender roles. tangent, but one time my mom asked me what nonbinary meant because she has some zoomer coworkers who identify that way. when i was done explaining the reasoning behind it, all she had to say was "…isn't everyone nonbinary?" and we had a bit of a laugh.

Anonymous 140215

Lold at the white shirt guy. I can already see how punchable the first guy's face is.

Anonymous 140217

boy trapped in a g…

Had a genuine chuckle from this

Anonymous 140227


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