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Anonymous 1472[Reply]

so few threads are made here so i'm hoping this doesn't like, upset the balance of c.c or anything but i just wanted to say i love this website
yeah it's slow and it can be boring, i haven't had any particularity great conversations here *( i've head a lot of arguments actually ) but like, it's so comfy.
i adore the layout, the /feels/ board is filled with good advice, /b/ can be entertaining, i wish /x/ had more /x/ content and not just picture dumbs and /media/ was more active but like whatever!! thanks for existing is what i'm trying to say

ps don't drink cognac it's kinda gross

Anonymous 1473

I just want more fashion people to post on cgl!!

Anonymous 1474

All true!

pls resurrect Anonymous 1197[Reply]

</3 don't go breaking my heart Crystal.cafe
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Anonymous 1390

Sure Stacy.

VS might be empowering for you, but if you post here all the time like you say, you'd know that isn't really the ideal that many anons are going for.

Anonymous 1391

Calm down, some of us don't want to look like growth-stunted basic K-pop idols, anon. I haven't made a Victoria's secret models thread for a reason. I posted one picture of a group of conventionally attractive women that happen to be from there. Not to mention I've seen other girls that resemble their type in other cute girls thread.

Anonymous 1396

Sorry for being rude, it was bad timing with the robot thread. (Also I feel like it wasn't the best choice of picture to go with the subject at hand, but that is neither here nor there)

To answer your initial question, there's a tradeoff between increased growth due to advertising in other girl communities and the chaos of growing pains if the newer posters are unfamiliar with imageboards.

As for threads that encourage participation, I wish media were a bit more active, but I can see that the wide variety of interests other people have make it a hit or miss most of the time.

Anonymous 1468

how tf do we increase activity?
i wouldn't want it to be too active, maybe 50 new regular posters would be nice

Anonymous 1469

>>1468 It will be busier after July


rule #7, no males Anonymous 1224[Reply]

Am I allowed to post here if I used to be a female but am now a male (ftm) who wants to detransition back into female?
Am I not allowed to post as long as I stay male or are transmen allowed to post in the first place? and if I'm not, are transwomen allowed to post despite once being men?
or maybe all transpeople aren't allowed to post?
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Anonymous 1226

Try to be subtle about it

Anonymous 1227

just don't bring it up.
pretend you're a female poster on r9k.

Anonymous Admin 1230

If you blend in enough to pass, nobody would notice either way. The rules only forbid openly identifying as or acting like a thirsty man.

Anonymous 1245

i don't think transmen are men, you're just ruining your body, so post away!

Anonymous 1456

It's a female board not a trans board. As long as you keep it to yourself and don't ruin the content here with ur "omg I'm so hip & trans" talk then:


pls just keep it to yourself! <3


re: rules Anonymous 1442[Reply]

Hi! I'm new here, and so far I really like the vibe of this board compared to the others. I've read the FAQs and the rules but I still don't quite get how rules #6 (no persons under 18) and #7 no male bait/thirst-posting can be enforced? This is an anonymous board after all.


Anonymous 1444

Hey anon, welcome aboard. There isn’t an explicit way to enforce these rules (and similar rules) on imageboards aside from the posts someone might make that reveals that they broke a policy. Technically, a 13 year old or a man could post here for months without getting banned if they blend in with the culture and post according to “code”.

Anonymous 1445

I agree with the Anon above me ^. This is standard in imageboards and is enforced to make sure you are ~mature~ enough not to shit up the boards with spam and edginess imo.

About rule number 7 and being anonymous: we're anonymous but staff can see which posts are yours so they will know if you're taking the bait or posting bait, and if you made that a habit.

Anonymous Admin 1446


Rule #6 is to give users a heads-up that we're an 18+ community with 18+ content not suitable for minors.
It also means that users shouldn't post in an annoying or juvenile way.

#7 means that in general, we don't want men on here. Of course it's impossible to tell a users' gender by their post alone, so in a way, it just means 'don't ask, don't tell'.

Bait in this case means for example users who only come here to write posts intended to rile up our users. e.g. making threads asking for girlfriends, controversial content veiled as feminism, etc


Anonymous 1232[Reply]

I don't know if this is the right place for this, but text formatting on mobile is not super readable. (pic related)
It seems like it might make sense to just put all of the text beneath the image?

Anonymous 1242

Are you able to click the pic? What happens when you do it? It should change the format and make it more readable.

Anonymous 1250

Yeah, it does. It's not a huge issue, just doesn't seem like the best default.


Anonymous 989[Reply]

Just want to let other users know that if you see a troll post child pornography here or anywhere else online, you can report it to the FBI at https://report.cybertip.org/
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Anonymous 1056

Still worth tipping the FBI anyway. My country is a shithole for the most part but it's not unusual for me to watch the news and see someone was arrested for looking at/distributing that type of thing here.

Anonymous 1057

has this site actually been targeted like this in the past

Anonymous 1058

nvd… just scrolled up… faith in humanity reshattered

Anonymous 1059

that's just untrue tho.

Anonymous 1060

>t. asshurt burger


Social Media! Anonymous Admin 888[Reply]

We are looking for someone to help maintain our Tumblr blog to keep spreading the word.


If you are interested and you have experience in maintaining Tumblr blogs, using third party extensions for queuing and tagging, and communicating with followers, please let us know by filling this short survey!


If you are interested in running any other social media profile for crystal.cafe, please comment below.

Anonymous Admin 894

We found some great additions to our blog team already, thanks and stay tuned!

Anonymous 896

I looked at our Tumblr and it's still empty, when can I follow?

Anonymous Admin 897

I temporarily redirected it, please check back now!

Anonymous 908


User Survey #2 Anonymous Admin 276[Reply]

It's time for another survey! Let's discuss the future of crystal.cafe. Please post any questions you'd like to vote on in this thread and I'll add them to my points.
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Anonymous Admin 278

Thank you, I am planning for this to have a write-in section for an alternative name.

Anonymous 280

I didn't initially like the name back when it was chosen in that thread on lolcow. But it's grown on me. I still think that a survey is valid though! It's definitely a good idea.

Anonymous 581

I didn’t know where to contact you but I wanted to say I really miss our little talks. Sorry if this is not the appropriate thread or place, feel free to delete it if it’s not the right place!

Anonymous 716

Hi, Admin!
I know that you owned Girl Talk back when 8chan was going to crap and I'm really happy to see that you created an alternative community. It was pretty difficult during that time to have any place for femanons that wasn't rampant with d&c and politics due to the whole gamergate fiasco.

Anonymous Admin 717

Hi there, I had nothing to do with Girl Talk, sorry! crystal.cafe is my first board. But thank you for the kind sentiment.


Growing c.c Anonymous 684[Reply]

Hey guys,

as a user whose life has been largely improved by having this community around, what are you guys doing to make c.c a better place? I've been linking it to all of my smart, strong female friends who I think would appreciate this place. I've noticed everything is getting a bit slower, so I think we need to make this kind of effort. I think this is a place that's really empowering for women, and that has become more and more important to me.

Word of mouth growth is going to get us the best kind of community, imo.

Anonymous 686

Uchuu Patrol Luluc…

I'd do it if I had friends. I wish I could make it more active too.

Anonymous 689

This. I would love to make this place more active, but that is physically out of my control as I have no large social media presence and most people are normies who are instantly knee-jerking at the sight of an imageboard because they associate it with 'the hax0r known as 4chin'.

hmmm-ing birds.jpg

Rule 7 Anonymous 661[Reply]

While I appreciate what you're tying to do here, the way I see it eventually one of two things is going to happen:

1) the userbase is going to grow to the point where this rule becomes un-enforceable, at which point the community is going to change and this'll just be another imageboard like all the others

2) you're going to have issued infinity-1 length IP bans on the entire IP range and you'll limit yourselves out of existence. When most people go to a site and find that they're banned when they try to make their first post, they don't bother to appeal the ban, they just go somewhere else.

The reason 'tits of GTFO' is a thing on other imageboards is precisely because using your gender as a means of validate your point is a shitty argument. imo you'd be better off preempting the first outcome by using a 'balls or GTFO' equivalent to dissuade the kind of posts you're trying to limit.

I'm glad to see you've at least come to your senses with the 88 year bans (88 is an odd number btw, is that a reference to something?), you might want to consider reviewing your existing ban list if this kind of length has been the norm.

As I pointed out in the other thread, you're also not making your lives easier by not having a link to the rules on your homepage; unfortunately, men are not mind readers. Just chucking bans at people that feel like they're coming out of nowhere is generally going to generate a certain kind of reaction.
11 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 678

> expecting what
I didn't really have expectations so much as curiosity. I certainly didn't expect literal systemic oppression because of my gender. I hate hypocrisy but only other people's hypocrisy and I fully expect other people to be the same, so whatever.

I clearly said in the OP
> I appreciate what you're tying to do here
and my point is that you're going to have to have the discussion sooner or later - and it's probably going to be a lot harder to come up with a cohesive solution later.

But by all means, if the mere suggestion of the discussion is too offensive, stick your head in the sand instead - that'll solve it.

Anonymous 679


>didn't expect literal systemic oppression because of my gender.
Are you serious? People are complaining because of your behavior, not because you have a peen. Can't you read? Also you created a new thread for absolutely no fucking reason if you genuinely just wanted to make suggestions. If just comes across as desperate and it makes you look like an attention whore.

Anonymous 681


I was going to move this to the suggestions thread (seeing as apparently making a new post on a board with 2 pages is spam), but were' stuck with it for now - though I've little doubt the admin will be along to rectify that shortly

> Are you serious?

yes, you're taking my response out of context; what I was referring to was:
> You obviously have known from the beginning that male posting was not permitted.
Because it's not actually clear at all, and there's one link to the rules on the entire site.

Anonymous Moderator 682

I will lock this thread. What I said to you in /x/ is still 100% valid though. Next time please suggest things in the appropriate thread. Eventually admin will read them.
Thanks and happy posting, everyone.

Anonymous Admin 683

I appreciate what you are trying to do, but doing so in the midst of ban evasion, fear mongering, and creating spam threads does not help your arguments and makes your advice look like a case of sour grapes. Bye now.

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