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I did not know there was a nsfw board on this site Anonymous 3903[Reply]

i dont know where to ask this question so i am just gonna post it here for now but how do you access the nsfw board on cc? are there any other hidden boards? how do you find them? pic unrelated btw
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Anonymous 3905

wtf is this legit
i just went on the nsfw board right now, it was just hidden what is this talk about a mailbox

Anonymous 3906

It seems you are not yet ready.

Anonymous 3907


Anonymous 3909

jokes aside just enter the url manually, the name of the board is "nsfw"

Anonymous 3910

Just replace the board name for /nsfw in the url. Word of warning though. It's more of a /feels/ 2.0 focused on sex talk than a lewd board in case you were expecting something like 4ch's nsfw boards.


Crystal.cafe improvements? Anonymous 3789[Reply]

I personally think a search option would be nice. I have also thought of a possible gender related board where terf and mood discussion is the main focus. What do you guys think? Do you think we need more boards?
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Anonymous 3806

It would increase the speed because the site would be more nucleated, that's the whole point. Rather than schlepping to deader boards, things would be more centralized, which does encourage activity and the speed of posting. Chill, turboautist.

>If there are people discouraged by the very concept that no one will respond to their posts then I don't understand why they're posting in the first place.

What are you even talking about? You think people come to imageboards to… not be social at all and just post into the wind with their feelings and questions? Like, what?

Anonymous 3824

I think a section dedicated to debate threads could be entertaining. Like, actual debates with articulate arguments, not just the standard stuff lmao.

I got the idea from the conversation going on with a moid in the terf thread rn. Debates can actually be really fun

Anonymous 3825

This would also be fun as long as it's absolutely against the rules to fling accusations of the other party being moids or troons. Flinging accusations is used as an easy way to shut down an argument you don't like on this site. If you believe the other person is a moid or troon, report and move on, stop engaging.

Anonymous 3826

Are you the anon who made the rape fetish thread and are still salty about it? We have raids literally every day, it's hard for Spidey senses to not go off when such things are spoken on.

Anonymous Admin 3828

Locked because all these things get discussed on a monthly basis and so far nothing has changed about my stance. Please check the catalog before making redundant threads.


Anonymous 3812[Reply]

how do you see the green texts? i see green ids but nothing to go along with it i feel like im missing something here?

Anonymous 3813


>young lass comes into the surgery
>says she is having trouble seeing green text and would like me to fix her vision
>give her a lethal dose of morphine instead

Anonymous 3815

Anonymous 3816

Kek the green ids are deleted posts anon you're not missing anything.

Anonymous 3817

ty wise one


Non english threads & posts Anonymous 3782[Reply]

Is it forbidden to use non english languages on this website? I've seen no such rule. Btw this thread >>87668 is unintelligable.

Anonymous 3785

I remember some time ago some anons tried to make a turkish thread but it got shut down for not being in english. I think, I'm just talking based on my memory.

Anonymous Admin 3831

Posts that aren't in English are impossible for us to adequately moderate. I'll add this to the official rules during the next update.


Captcha error message, Can't post anywhere Anonymous 2835[Reply]

I keep getting a captcha error message when trying to post. Am I banned or is it really a captcha error?
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Anonymous 2847

Same here, FF on Linux, unknown ban message back in January, sometimes get captcha error, but I only used one computer and one OS.
The email is abandoned, I sent a message in January and no response still. I have a different IP now.

Anonymous 2888

I get that a lot, too. I have to fill the captcha many times.

Anonymous 3615

Anonymous 3651

You must be temporarialy banned buddy

Anonymous 3684

I got this a few times. It always wore off after a few days so I assume it was a ban, but I never know what the ban was for.


rule #7, no males Anonymous 1224[Reply]

Am I allowed to post here if I used to be a female but am now a male (ftm) who wants to detransition back into female?
Am I not allowed to post as long as I stay male or are transmen allowed to post in the first place? and if I'm not, are transwomen allowed to post despite once being men?
or maybe all transpeople aren't allowed to post?
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Anonymous 1226

Try to be subtle about it

Anonymous 1227

just don't bring it up.
pretend you're a female poster on r9k.

Anonymous Admin 1230

If you blend in enough to pass, nobody would notice either way. The rules only forbid openly identifying as or acting like a thirsty man.

Anonymous 1245

i don't think transmen are men, you're just ruining your body, so post away!

Anonymous 1456

It's a female board not a trans board. As long as you keep it to yourself and don't ruin the content here with ur "omg I'm so hip & trans" talk then:


pls just keep it to yourself! <3


forum Anonymous 3633[Reply]

is there any forum similar to this image board? incels have incels.co and shit like that, what about us?

Anonymous 3634

Anonymous 3643

Femcels have their own forum now, but it’s very new and I don’t want to inadvertently lead moids there by posting the name here. If you were active on the femcel subreddit you can just ask for an invite to it.

Anonymous 3694

…and if we weren’t?


Bigger board? Anonymous 3625[Reply]

Should we get biggerboad like vichan style?


Anonymous 3344[Reply]

can we please have a search bar for the catalog

Anonymous 3397

Anonymous 3415


Anonymous 3506


type "F3" or "CTRL+F" B)

Anonymous 3624

>>3344 You can actually search within the site on Google. Just type in "site:crystal.cafe" and then type in what you wanna search.


Anonymous 3602[Reply]

are there unlisted boards aside from nsfw
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Anonymous Admin 3606

Sorry, someone went through the entire /b/ catalog and kept reporting threads from the dawn of time to be moved to the appropriate boards and we were gonna have to do it at some point anyway.

Anonymous 3607

I wish nsfw would get unlisted, or at least it would be easier to find it so more people can use it.
It's rare to find a place to discuss straight female sexuality and preferences without moid gays spamming their opinion, and the nsfw board is way too inactive.

Anonymous 3608

>I wish nsfw would get unlisted
I meant the opposite

Anonymous Admin 3609

It used to be listed, got spammed with porn all the time by coomer moids, and thus got unlisted and I applied restrictions to the porn spam threads. I'd be willing to re-list it, but only if it became a pure discussion board without porn, otherwise it's just too much of a target.

Anonymous 3610


Sorry for the sperg.

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