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Anonymous 3349[Reply]

Tfw you freak out thinking that there is some moving insect on your computer screen but it actually is just crystal.cafe's screen moving snowflakes lol


politics Anonymous 2817[Reply]

Why is there no talk of politics here? I thought this would be like 4chan? why is there no /pol/ ?
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Anonymous 3324

politics and spaces to speak about it are not the problem, spaces where men shart out their stupid thoughts and ideas all day long are.

no shit, a political board on a site primarily occupied by malevolent men turns out to be a massive shitshow. says nothing about politics in general. holding up /pol/ as an example of what it might be on cc is just dumb. it might be raided but i doubt any problems would be caused by the actual userbase here.

Anonymous 3329


>"modern" political compass
Fucking gay. Bronze Age ideological compass or fuck off Scythian scum!

Anonymous 3330


Anonymous 3331


Now THIS is my ideology.

Anonymous 3333

what is this gay shit?

Pepe stare.jpg

Anonymous 3249[Reply]

All of the themes but Halloween hurt my eyes, and even then the tree gets in the way of my anonymous image board viewing experience.

Anonymous 3250


Anonymous 3255

Is there any way we can submit our own themes?

Anonymous Admin 3259

Yes, you can make your own theme (the easiest way is to use inspect element and adjust until everything looks good, don't forget about link hover colors and such) and post a screenshot and a pastebin link. You can make a new thread for this and get user feedback if you wish.

Anonymous 3314

dark crystal is based though.

Anonymous 3322

Halloween theme is still on the Catalog by the way. Do you have something more Xmas-y for the next month?


Comments & Complaints Anonymous Admin 4[Reply]

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Anonymous 3311


What happened? I can't access this board unless I use VPN, and I don't remember being banned or spamming

Anonymous 3312

Does it work now?

Anonymous 3313

Okay, I tried contacting via Discord but it says messages can't be sent. Waiting for friend accept.

Anonymous 3316

It does! Thank you.

Anonymous 3332

Anyone else having to complete a hcaptcha every hour or so?
This wasn't a problem a few days ago.


Lolcow dying Anonymous 3221[Reply]

Am I welcome here? What is the general board culture of CC?

Anonymous 3222

sorry guys i meant to post in /b/


Does this board have a discord? Is there any discord server adjacent? Wine_dine_69 3198[Reply]

Anonymous 3200


Tldr not really

I think I’ve seen other threads mentioning this topic though I can’t find them, this was the most recent result. Consensus on Discord invite spam you occasionally see is that they’re trannies luring people into their den

Also lol “cowch” lmao that’s so funny

Anonymous 3201


Funny CC screencaps thread Anonymous 2967[Reply]

We have a thread for 4chan screencaps, why not one for our own site?

Anonymous 2992


Anonymous 2993

Saying that my post was funny was probably the nicest thing someone ever said about me. Thank, you, OP.

Anonymous 3166


Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 3167

Moved to >>>/b/64434.


Anonymous 3110[Reply]

Cannot post either on /meta/ and on the terf threads. Anyone facing similar problems?
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Anonymous 3121


Anonymous 3122

can i post?

Anonymous 3123

oh thank god. all of yesterday it kept telling me "you look like a bot" with no explanation. 2 different posts blocked on 2 different boards so it wasn't a post content issue.

Anonymous 3125

Are you sure you’re not a bot anon? Have you checked your skin for metal filaments lately?

Anonymous 3126

Oh, we're back.
FYI >>3114 picture is 304403.

Thank you!


Anonymous 3098[Reply]

why is the kpop thread on autosage?

Anonymous 3102

And stop sabotaging it with dumbass questions and complaints


Anonymous 2599[Reply]

Guess they got bored of their "Wizardchan".

Anonymous 4155

im just testin this dont mind me

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