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Anonymous 10177[Reply]

Men gotta stop posting

Anonymous 10178

yep, I sense m*n and AGP crossdressers posting here

Anonymous 10440

Where are they?

Anonymous 10441

Under there


I wish CC had something like a hobby board Anonymous 6087[Reply]

I frequent 4chan only because of their hobby discussion variety, but all these "will doing xyz get me a gf" or "women aren't interested in anything but starbucks you can't get a gf anon" annoy tf out of me. I really wish for a female-only hobby discussion board, but so far I haven't seen any hobby discussion in here, not a single thread (I've been on here since december). Is anybody even into some craft (except for occasional low quality drawingt) here?
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Anonymous 8972

Holy shit do we need this. I've seen a few times suggested that there should be a board that bans discussion of moids, I think those ideas would work well together.

Anonymous 8973

admin is dead though so nothing can be done.

Anonymous 10293

right? feels so silly to have a female imageboard without having crafts… i want to share my niche hobbies with other nonas

Anonymous 10306

Am I having a fever dream or did we have one in the beginning when cc was new?

Anonymous 10435

sticker (12).png

I'd love a hobby board so much
I want to enjoy colouring with people but I'd far rather upload and talk about colouring here than instagram or some other site


Anonymous 10241[Reply]

Anonymous 10355

menacingly cute..

Anonymous 10379

eats u


Mod appreciation thread Anonymous 1908[Reply]

Thank you mods for putting in your time to destroy the male invaders and keep this place nice. I see you and I love you. This thread is for good vibes to the mods only. Put complaints elsewhere.

Pictured: Me hugging a mod

Anonymous 1909


That's a male hand. I fucked up. I'm sorry. Take this one

Anonymous 1914

I want to wish the mods the most wonderful new year full of great joy and triumphs in their lives for recognition for the time and effort they put into this

Anonymous Moderator 1919


Thank you ladies!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Anonymous Moderator 1935


Thank you! <3

Anonymous 10310

asked mods to delete something i posted for privacy reasons and they did. thank you mods i appreciate it <3


Anonymous 9443[Reply]

Can crystal.cafe get an archive? Sometimes I come across a thread with bunch of replies to a deleted post and I think it'd be useful to be able to see the whole discussion in the archives.
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Anonymous 10029

No point in deleting posts if they're still visible to the users. like graffiti that was sandblasted off the school wall. the paints gone but now there's a big bright spot that still says "fuck" if you squint hard enough

Anonymous 10054

Imageboards archives rarely stock the images. That make archives loose 99% of their point.

Anonymous 10055

Anonymous 10056

does this site even have an admin

Anonymous 10102

this made me laugh. thank you nona


Do you ever spot people you think use this site? Anonymous 9614[Reply]

I see women all the time and wonder if she might use CC. Have you guys ever experienced this?
6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 9778

No :(

Anonymous 9982

this is a small imageboard, so it's statistically unlikely. i do tend to scroll it on the bus though, so watch out i guess

Anonymous 9996

I act completely different irl, you would never tell me apart from a tired normie

Anonymous 10008

i can think of a solid 4 people irl who would fit right in on this site. i dont want to bring the burden of knowledge on them so i refuse to ask them.

Anonymous 10030

CC is not 4chan or Reddit. There are like 12 posts a day, meanwhile previously mentioned sites get 1000 posts and 100 000 posts a day each. There are like 1500 CC active users in total and are all spread around the world. Chance of finding one in the wild is zero.


Anonymous 9670[Reply]

Are there any public shaming websites you guys know about? Specifically North America/Canada??? Where you can post about people

Anonymous 9671

Lolcow.farm kek
Look for the "personal cows" thread

Anonymous 9672

Under snow??? Right?

Anonymous 9788

>Are there any public shaming websites you guys know about?
yeah, i think it's called "X" now


Contributions Anonymous Admin 5[Reply]

Use this thread to post:

- banners (300x100)
- alternate 404 images
- alternate spoiler images
333 posts and 217 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 9465

Unico Banner 01.gi…

Anonymous 9466

Unico Banner 02.gi…

Anonymous 9467

So cute i love Unico.

Anonymous 9520


Dokis :)

Anonymous 9989


madotsuki is walking through rain :)


Anonymous 9781[Reply]

Is anyone else having a problem with uploading images with an imgur link? For me it says
>server failed to handle your upload
I don't have a problem with uploading directly from my pc though.


Growing c.c Anonymous 684[Reply]

Hey guys,

as a user whose life has been largely improved by having this community around, what are you guys doing to make c.c a better place? I've been linking it to all of my smart, strong female friends who I think would appreciate this place. I've noticed everything is getting a bit slower, so I think we need to make this kind of effort. I think this is a place that's really empowering for women, and that has become more and more important to me.

Word of mouth growth is going to get us the best kind of community, imo.

Anonymous 686

Uchuu Patrol Luluc…

I'd do it if I had friends. I wish I could make it more active too.

Anonymous 689

This. I would love to make this place more active, but that is physically out of my control as I have no large social media presence and most people are normies who are instantly knee-jerking at the sight of an imageboard because they associate it with 'the hax0r known as 4chin'.

Anonymous 8933


Cc is way more active than it was before, which is awesome, but it still feels very slow, i just wish a few more people used it. Maybe we could share it in female discords, telegram groups or something.

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