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Sites like Crystal Cafe Anonymous 2957[Reply]

Are there any more imageboards or forums like this? Im pretty new to CC but it seems like its not very active so I was wondering if there are some other sites only for women and with little to none lurking moids
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Anonymous 6670

PULL used to be a gossip website, it’s dead now.

Anonymous 6862

sims forums are the closest thing to a female-only community online

Anonymous 6869

The interface of that website was really annoying and overly complicated and the page and post layouts were buggy and hard to organize. I can see why most people abandoned it.

Anonymous 6870

Just put kpop constantly all over the front page and it will instantly drive the moids away. They get extremely triggered by that stuff.

Anonymous 7208

thepinkpill.co is a female-only reddit clone. It's unfortunately not very active but there are subs for all kinds of stuff


Can we get an app or something? Anonymous 2381[Reply]

I usually browse this site on mobile, and it's not very good on mobile

Pic unrelated

Anonymous 2395

I'll let management know

Anonymous Admin 2407

Our new platform will be much better for mobile browsing. It should be ready in a few weeks.

Anonymous 6946

Are you sure about that?

Anonymous 6947


Anonymous 3958[Reply]

what is wrong with /b/? i get that it's the random board, but the recent quality of threads has been especially low. a lot of the op's could go in the shower thoughts thread instead.
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Anonymous 3961

I’ve been wondering the same. My initial thought was that it was all one anon spamming the board but I guess the jannies would’ve done something about it by now. Regardless, even though I enjoy how chil the CC mods are compared to LC, I feel like they should crack down on low quality posts even if they’re not necessarily inappropriate or against the rules. At least redirect the users to the proper threads.

Anonymous 3966

I think it's one person and hope they're okay tbh

Anonymous Admin 4025

Sorry, there is indeed a very, very dedicated poster running around making all the disjointed schizo threads. They're also very dedicated to ban evading, so we're just playing whack-a-mole until they get bored.

Anonymous 6758

> be male
> come across site for female users
> sweaty hands touch keyboard
> avatarfag x100 samefag x1000000
> sit in dark, empty room
another day well spent anons

Anonymous 6797

>be male
>come across women's website
>hm, i think i should spam interracial porn and a suspicious link that literally no one will ever click
>this website that discusses women's issues, relationships, and mental health will SURELY give a shit!


Anonymous 3381[Reply]

So just wondering how many of us are cross posters or lurkers on the magic man image board (wont say name to avoid causing problems here).
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Anonymous 3384

But why are you posting there? I can't see the appeal considering
its not for women and how misogynistic the user-base can be.

Anonymous 3385

Yeah, posting on their board isn’t going to make them fall in love with OP. What’s the point.

Anonymous 3387


yeah sometimes, i'm an occasional mahou shounen enjoyer..autism is entertaining.

Anonymous 3389


i lurk but i don't post because it isn't my place

Anonymous 3391

i lurk but i don't post there. i just like reading the stuff on there


Anonymous 4434[Reply]

Why is this place so unnecessarily ban-happy? I have NO idea why I get temp banned but it happens a lot! Even if I don't break the rules..? It feels like being allowed to post here has nothing to do with the actual rules. My posts are obviously from a female, they're humorous most of the time, I don't have beef with anyone here, It is too much.

No wonder this board is slow or dead… I'm sorry but how is it conducive to creativity and humor if you constantly have to worry about getting banned for anything?

Cc needs to loosen up, because the boards POORLY represent women. You have all of 7 subtopics to represent their interests??? and then you ban-hammer those women for ANYTHING?? It feels the opposite of progressive to me. It feels as liberated as Sunday school.
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Anonymous 6204

I’ve been temp banned for an unaesthetic image. I come here precisely because I don’t fit into fem norms and have masculine taste in humor and hobbies. (How dare I shitpost. I get that many normie women can’t comprehend levity, but some women do. Rant over.) Mods, I have no problem with post removal. I get the message when I see patterns in the types of posts that are discordant, and I learn from my -sins- agains the community. But there’s no need for a ban. Esp if you do really see our ip history.

Anonymous 6291

Hmm, maybe give an example of what got you axed if that's possible.

Anonymous 6319

The nature of this website necessitates ban-happy mods, there is no other way to keep it in line with its mission. 4chan hands out bans like crazy and they don't even have a real vision to protect, they're just dealing with overt abuse in an otherwise "do whatever you want lmao" system, so you have to assume there will be at least as much on a website explicitly meant for women to support each other.

Anonymous 6330

Does anyone else feel like they don't? I feel like this site is full of toxicity, maybe because I can't tell who the moids are anymore and I'm tired of it.

Anonymous 6741

Same. I think ID posting and possibly even a password for members, with female voice verified by the cc mod should be required to post here. Too many samefags and raiding moids.


Anonymous 4776[Reply]

How can we grow this community while avoiding moids?
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Anonymous 6207

I wish they'd ban the obvious male who's shitting up every thread and is too retarded to know what sage is.

Anonymous 6215

Has he been banned yet?

Anonymous 6217

I don't understand the point of men interfering with Crystal Cafe. I doubt they're going to convince anyone on the board to agree with their opinions, so they're mostly wasting their time. If men fill the board, then it becomes just like every other male-filled board, then at that point, they might as well just hang out at any other male-filled board instead of coming here. Their shitposting and baitposting and raidspamming is like they see a place that's somewhat tame, and they just can't accept that. Nooo, they want to make it trashier, make it just like the rest of the internet.

Like honestly, it benefits both of us that men don't post here.

If they post here, it becomes like the other sites, and at some point, multiple men pretending to be women will be arguing with each other, trying to out-ridiculous each other with their performing caricatures. If they came here to know a women's point of view, then they won't get any honesty, because it's filled with men. If this site was already trashy, then men's inclusion would make this site 100 times trashier.

If they don't post here, then it will be an honest and amusing place for us to post in, and i guess they can just lurk-view since there's no way to stop someone from lurking. The site doesn't become complete trash, and holds a unique spot in the internet, and gets to be comfy again if outsiders stop bait-posting and other forms of interference.

Anonymous 6687

you cant

Anonymous 6714

>acting rationally


I wish CC had something like a hobby board Anonymous 6087[Reply]

I frequent 4chan only because of their hobby discussion variety, but all these "will doing xyz get me a gf" or "women aren't interested in anything but starbucks you can't get a gf anon" annoy tf out of me. I really wish for a female-only hobby discussion board, but so far I haven't seen any hobby discussion in here, not a single thread (I've been on here since december). Is anybody even into some craft (except for occasional low quality drawingt) here?
24 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 6116

This. /hb/ feels like such a useless board

Anonymous 6136


Anonymous 6137

Yeah, it's just a waste imo and I think easily it can be changed into a hobby board. People can post about all sorts of stuff including beauty/fashion.

Anonymous 6144

Mods pls make this a thing, it might be slow but it'll be cozy, the radfem stuff can be very distracting and drowns out hobby threads. Thread ideas include arts+crafts, stem, nature, cooking/food, books, sports, instruments, etc. /b/ would be more for random thoughts and discussions, /media/ for tv/culture/games.

Anonymous 6211

This would seriously be so fun. It's a lot harder to start a thread on /b/ about a niche hobby because it feels so out of place, but on a hobbies board it would draw a lot more attention to people those that are seeking it.


So, what about a board dedicated only to interests/hobbies? Anonymous 6083[Reply]

Hobby/interests threads get posted on /b/ and die in a day as pinkpill/terfposting/low-effort questions are constantly bumped. What if CC got a new board only for hobbies, no moid problems, no trannies, no "tfw no bf"? Pic unrelated
4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 6163

>They would be buried in /b threads and hardly anyone is actually going to browse b to find their own respective hobby threads!!
Search /media/ first before going onto /b/. If the thread you created gets buried re-bump it again I guess, but if you haven't gotten any replies or only gotten 1-2 you wouldn't get any more interaction than that on a new board anyway. The only time buried threads get a lot of activity is when someone says something provocative and it starts an argument.
>How hard can it be to add one or two more boards?
I dunno, i never had to manage an imageboard. How would mods categorize what threads should go in /media/ and what should go in /hobby/?
>Honestly this board feels stagnant because people posting the same things all the time.
New things won't get posted because of a new board which pretty much already exists. People have been asking for a /pol/ though, which I do think would attract more users, male and female alike, so it's risky and would be hard to maintain ("is that poster a girl with insane beliefs or a moid?")

Anonymous 6165


Like I said in another thread literally /hb/ can be turned into /hb/–the hobby board. Beauty/health stuff can still be included. That board is already almost dead anyway.

If there's a hobby board then you can actually get more people drawn there for the explicit purpose of finding someone with their exact hobby. It might not be that active but there's no reason why it wouldn't be less active than /hb/ is right now.

Also this is controversial but I think changing it to hobby would be more feminist.

Anonymous 6172

I agree, a hobby board would be good. Let’s change /hb/ to hobby.

Anonymous 6173


I am supportive of new boards but how would it differentiate it between /media/ since most hobbies are media related especially with cc’s user base unless I’m projecting. I feel like /media/ should be getting way more activity but it isn’t for whatever reason and I doubt people would share their creations in a hobby board for the same reason people on lc abstain for posting their art.
I’ve been a bit cynical and thought what’s the point when you could post the same stuff on other websites with more activity and get a discussion easily.
Either way it doesn’t hurt to make a hobby board but I’m worried that it will be so broad or overlaps with /media/ and cause problems.

Anonymous 6174

I strongly AGREE.


Comments & Complaints Pt. 2 Anonymous Admin 3347[Reply]

436 posts and 37 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 6276

Please stop deleting post histories. An older post of mine disappeared.

Anonymous 6695

Didn't see a question thread, so sorry if this doesn't fit here.
Emojis are banned on this board, but are text emoticons (:)/<3 atc) banned too? Do they fall in the same category?

Anonymous 6707

MODS I can't find the place where to report moids, but a moid is posting disgusting pedo things. There's the same raid at fujochan too.

Anonymous 6708

it's the downwards arrow next to the post number. the reason box and report button should appear under the post.

Anonymous 7709

Did the dollchan extension stopped working for anyone else? I ventured back to 4chan to see if it works, and it does. Is anyone else having this problem?

Screen Shot 2022-0…

Anonymous 6026[Reply]

We should have a crystal.cafe Omegle field day. we should pick a date for it to be on and a tag to agree to use so we can mingle and meet other girls who use the website.
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 6028


Awful idea, just like >>6027 said. I prefer not to risk it.

Anonymous 6030

I tried using the tag before, it’s already mostly men.

Anonymous 6031

are they ugly or cute

Anonymous 6033


Anonymous 6047

OP = tranny

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