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Sites like Crystal Cafe Anonymous 2957[Reply]

Are there any more imageboards or forums like this? Im pretty new to CC but it seems like its not very active so I was wondering if there are some other sites only for women and with little to none lurking moids
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Anonymous 9487

ccc is closed for good
>We have decided to close the chapter on Choachan. We want to reassure users that no accounts on the site were hacked, and no IP addresses were leaked. However the site and staff have been persistently and maliciously targeted for an extended period with a particular focus on the board owner. The autiny janitors were not part of this and have been a consistent and trustworthy help throughout the years. We would appreciate if people gave them the grace they deserve for their hard work. We apologise for the sudden closure and we appreciate the disruption it has caused but in the circumstances we feel unable to continue with hosting the site.

>We thank every kind anon that has supported us through these years and we cherish the fun times we had together. Until next time!

Anonymous 9492

and so are our threads

Anonymous 9494

is it true the new site's and nny's board owner is a curry horsefag moid? will we at least have the old mods back? i don't trust this at all

Anonymous 9505

what’s the new site??

Anonymous 9522

yes it is true and dont go on that site or post on it he loves to malware the shit out of anyone who calls him out. hes 100% the same faggot who spams awful shit everywhere too. BEWARE

Screenshot (2702).…

Anonymous 9488[Reply]

why does this site seem so familiar? I feel like i've posted here before but there was a different theme and more pages. Does anybody else feel like this?

Anonymous 9491


Anonymous 9534

image source?

Anonymous 9542

looks like Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion

Anonymous 9543



Anonymous 3271[Reply]

Ongoing raid, porn and gore in /b/. ignore and report. bump this when you see this.
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Anonymous 9364

miners stop pointing out raids, you fuel them further by doing this. use this thread to bump images instead
this is the exact attention they want

Mod 9375

Screenshot 2023-06…

Yep, he'll find the attention he's looking for. I think it's great that this troon warned, my contact at the federal police and interpol was very happy to know.

Anonymous 9378

How to report without having to click the nasty images?

Anonymous 9379

if you don't want to click from the front page, go to each board and find the thread that way

Anonymous 9380

Yes, but I'd still have to open the thread.


why cant we say "n0nny"? Anonymous 8776[Reply]

:( i will delete if i get an answer. i really liked this word.
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Anonymous 8850

i love you nanny

Anonymous 8874

Just realized Nona is anon backwards

Anonymous 8893


Anonymous 9033

Please welcome N. Nonnington, the new intern at the site

Anonymous 9211



Comments & Complaints Pt. 2 Anonymous Admin 3347[Reply]

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Anonymous 9203

Can someone explain to me how deleted posts work? Some times random replies, that don't break any rules just dissapear in threads. I can only guess that maybe the user was banned for something else and all their post history was removed or something. But in a site as slow as this it's just demoralizing. I'm trying to have some sort of interaction and suddenly the thread replies are cut to ribbons. Which kills any interest of continuing to contribute to discussions

Anonymous 9205

Because of /r9k/ we have moids larping as women here, but they slip up once in a while and get banned.

Anonymous 9218


Took a break from imageboards for a while and now that I'm back we have captcha! Thank you staff :) Really appreciating CC today after checking out a cow thread on LCF, I'm glad CC is alive and well after all

Anonymous 9233

Has this been fixed yet?

Anonymous 9234

My home IP has this error (I'm posting from my phone). When will it be fixed?


First post ever! Anonymous 8880[Reply]

Hello! I posted in lgbt that I was a cis lesbian looking to chat with other cis lesbians. I was told to come to this website? So hello! I’m really new to all of this but I’d love to make some friends!! I’m 22, female, a scientist, and I love seals! It’s nice to meet everyone!! :D
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Anonymous 9131

What kind of scientist are you?
Sounds cool

Anonymous 9132

I love seals and science!

Anonymous 9133

shut up dumbass

Anonymous 9134

why cant you be happy

Anonymous 9383

because they're probably XY or lolcow


Anonymous 7202[Reply]

Is it possible to make crystal cafe work with 4chan X?

4chan X (despite the name) enables a thread watcher across a bunch of tiny imageboards across the internet:

I've found this functionality to be pretty useful and would like if I could use 4chan X on crystal cafe as well.
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Anonymous 7270

>And there's a list of errors that pop up sometimes when I open a board, not sure why that happens but it's super annoying having to see that shit fill half of my screen space randomly and then having to close them one by one.
it's because of thread watcher. disable it to get rid of the error pop ups

Anonymous 7275

Thanks, anon!

Anonymous 7380

>that there's already an old thread with instructions on how to use 4chan X here
can you pls post it

Anonymous 7399

Nta but there's info here https://github.com/ccd0/4chan-x

Anonymous 9115

Super late reply but I hope someone is still around. Can you help me set up 4Chan X to work here on CC? A thread watcher would be amazing ;__;


why miners? Anonymous 8917[Reply]

im new to this and figuring a lot of things out here. just wanna know why you call yourselves "miners"? thx <3

Anonymous 8921

Our site's name is crystal cafe, so we're miners (mining the crystals?). We have a miner board-tan too, I can't find an image of her right now though.

Anonymous 9000


TAYRT, sorry? The name came from a thread maybe in /b/ or /meta/ (don't remember exactly) early on. Nonas speculated on the ideal name for the userbase and decided on miner. Pic related is miner-tan


Anonymous 7596[Reply]

As entertaining as it might be I wish nonas would stop replying to obvious moids because it encourages them to come back to cc and breaks the comfy atmosphere this IB has. There's this weird sudden influx of moids lately and nonas can't seem to report and ignore
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Anonymous 7747

It was him samefagging, he talks to himself.

Anonymous 7772

That makes more sense

Anonymous 8715


I’m a month late so I’m a retard but it could’ve been due to frenschan scrotes

Anonymous 8774

100% a moid made that "raid" thread on here. Cc anons don't raid because we aren't men.

Anonymous 8775

yes, obvious false flags. it happened 2 or 3 times and immediately after the post calling us to raid, we got raided.


fbi watching Anonymous 8897[Reply]

what are the site's connections to the fbi or some other higher authority? i've never modded an imageboard site so i don't know the process, but when blatantly illegal shit gets posted here, after the mods cleanses that presence out of public view, do those people get tipped off to the fbi or some other place? what's the process when that stuff happens?

do you reckon it's the same people continuously posting that material to the cafe, that if a few were somehow rid, then the website would be a lot cleaner. Or do you reckon there's unfortunately a lot of people who want to ruin this website, so ridding the problem of illegal shit will always be a constant problem for the mods?

Anonymous 8898

It's usually reported to FBI, yes.

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