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Contributions Anonymous Admin 5[Reply]

Use this thread to post:

- banners (300x100)
- alternate 404 images
- alternate spoiler images
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Anonymous 2828


Anonymous 2883

so cute!

Anonymous 2918

>>142 Nah

Anonymous 2919

love this one

Anonymous 2949



Anonymous 2938[Reply]

Parts of the site seem to be oddly down: /feels/ works, but certain threads don't. /b/ doesn't work, but going into a specific thread by clicking on a post from the front page does. Are you guys going through maintenance?

Anonymous Admin 2939

We're out of disk space, I'm upgrading the server at the moment. Should be back to normal in a bit.

Anonymous 2940


Little CC's growing up.

Anonymous 2945

There's still a thread in /feels/ that doesn't load:


Anonymous 2892[Reply]

What's the deal with all the recent discord spam?
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Anonymous 2912

Poked my head in the recent discord, to verify if it's a honey pot, was kicked because I was too autistic to realize "DiscordThrowAaway" isn't a good name

Anonymous 2916


begins with T, rhymes with janny
yeah, im thinkin its a fucking tranny

Anonymous 2921

Why the fuck do trannies want to befriend us??? To feel more female or what??? Bunch of creeps. They will never understand how it feels like to be a female! The mental and physical pain, the objectification, being overlooked, etc.

Anonymous 2922

They’ve imagined a fabricated camaraderie with us and think that they’re simultaneously “one of the gals,” while also being here to find a chan gf “just like them”

Anonymous Admin 2941

Sorry about this issue still persisting. I always bandelete them and have adjusted the spam filter, they're just stubborn. I've thought about simply blacklisting any mention of Discord altogether, but that would get legitimate users caught up in the crossfire and the spammers would move to posting invites as images. Can't do anything but play whack-a-mole until they get bored, sorry.


politics Anonymous 2817[Reply]

Why is there no talk of politics here? I thought this would be like 4chan? why is there no /pol/ ?
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Anonymous 2831

there's no rules against politics threads. just go to /b/ and make one.

Anonymous 2882

Admin has said that there isn't going to be a /pol/ board. That isn't the culture here. You can go literally anywhere else cranky

Anonymous 2884

there's plenty of talk of trannies it seems. Surely that counts?

Anonymous 2887

This. That would be interesting.

Anonymous 2917

Politics always ruin everything. Take 4chan as an example. it's shit.
Lainchan had the same issue. They removed their political board and they're all good.


Programmers? Anonymous 1154[Reply]

I'm curious what software crystal.cafe uses. I'm a programmer and think this community is really awesome! My friend linked it to me a few days ago. I'd love to help out if possible
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Anonymous 1520

Why won't my dollchan userscript work on this site? It should run on vichan boards.

t.not a computer expert

Anonymous Admin 1658

To be more specific, we're actually using a customized fork of Tinyboard, which vichan is itself a fork of: https://github.com/savetheinternet/Tinyboard

Anonymous 2628


Admin, I noticed that this imageboard doesn't have the readonly JSON interface enabled. This interface is very useful for writing mobile phone applications that can interface with imageboard software:-


I was attempting to add support for crystal cafe to a modified version of Kuroba I was working on (primarily for another site), would enabling the JSON inteface be a possibility?

Many Thanks

Anonymous 2686

lmao I just noticed the thread photo is horribly photoshopped

Anonymous 2891

Hello I also would like to request API pretty please.
> $config['api']['enabled'] = true;


Captcha error message, Can't post anywhere Anonymous 2835[Reply]

I keep getting a captcha error message when trying to post. Am I banned or is it really a captcha error?
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Anonymous 2840


Thank you! Also, I'm using Chrome for both PC and mobile.

Anonymous 2841

Oh and
Android & Windows

Anonymous 2845


From personal experience, it will only give you the ban message on the device you were originally banned on. Attempting to post from other devices on the same network will only yield captcha error with no respect to OS or browser used. I have attempted to post from 2 linux machines running Firefox, a Windows computer running Chrome, and a mobile device running Firefox and Chrome. Only the original mentions the ban. Clearing cache has no effect across devices.

Furthermore, and I don't know if this is exclusive to Firefox on Linux, it will only tell you "you are banned" in a dialogue box, it does not give a reason why. I only remember seeing the standard imageboard ban message screen on Firefox once, and even then, the reason field was left blank. I attempted to reach out to the email address in the FAQ, and have been given no response after 7 days. It is hard to use the website if I don't understand why I was banned.

Anonymous 2847

Same here, FF on Linux, unknown ban message back in January, sometimes get captcha error, but I only used one computer and one OS.
The email is abandoned, I sent a message in January and no response still. I have a different IP now.

Anonymous 2888

I get that a lot, too. I have to fill the captcha many times.


Comments & Complaints Anonymous Admin 4[Reply]

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Anonymous 2801

Yeah. I reported many of the original ones and nothing has occurred

Anonymous 2822

Am I still banned?

Wished there was a ban page showing us the reason why we get banned. I suspect it's because I've replied to males once too often.

Anonymous 2866


It has been a while since I've last visited. Hope all is well, miners.

Anonymous 2926


Can we get a feature to see how many unique posters there are per thread?

Anonymous 2927

While we're at it, an indication of whether a thread has reached the reply limit besides just attempting to post and not being able to would be really nice.
CC can move pretty slowly, so I've sat in some threads for days with no new posts before it occurs to me that the thread might be full.
Hell, there isn't even a way to see how many posts are in the current thread besides trying to find the thread in the catalog (which lacks a search function) and looking at the post count there.


Anonymous 2818[Reply]

"Do not respond to maleposters"

This includes trannies right? I'm new here. I hope this place isn't filled with them!!
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Anonymous 2860

> trannies are just like normal women, we just want innocent things like pregnancy and holding babies, we're not all sex perverts i swear
> check his twitter account
> it's a nonstop timeline of openly furry fat fetish cartoon porn


Anonymous 2862


I think there are some traitors in here

Anonymous 2863

There's also been a massive amount of threads lately by "women" who have a "transwoman" friend/interest and have to mention that they totally view them as women. It's so obvious these are just spamming trannies.

Anonymous 2864

I never thought of that but now that you mention it, it is pretty suspect. I do know of the one anon vehemently defending her "totally passable, loved by all our friend group!" tranny friend in the megathread on /b/

Anonymous 2865

Why do they need to be everywhere and be included in everything that is advertised as for woman? Even if being a tran definitely wasn’t a mental illness this obsession with these spaces definitely is.


Anonymous 2712[Reply]

random but may i request the "tomorrow" theme here


Anonymous 2632[Reply]

When can crystal cafe have a zine? All the cool hipster imageboards are doing it, why can't we?
4 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 2665

what does the process usually look like in communities like this? would contribute something like art / essays

Anonymous 2677

One or a group of people take care of the editing and "publishing". At the start of the month, a thread asking for submissions is posted, and users submit content. The submission period usually lasts until a few days or a week before the publication date. What the users provide is then compiled into this month's zine and released.

That's mostly how it goes.

Anonymous 2678

This sounds like a fun idea. Like >>2665 I'd contribute art or writing if one is made.



This is a really cool idea. I absolutely love coming across zines from smaller communities, and being a part of making one for a community I actually participate in would be a fun project.

I would be interested in helping organize this. What I would like to see in a zine from here includes essays about experiences or feels, poetry, thoughts on the world, that sort of thing; comics, oc, collages, anything artistic; or things like that. As an inaugural issue, it would be interesting to loosely focus on the experiences we've had in online spaces and how it affects our lives, just to keep things closer to the board itself, but other topics would be great as well.

I'd have to think about this in more depth; these are just my immediate thoughts. I would contribute myself. I enjoy writing, some image editing, and making art, but I think my technical skills are lacking in putting something like this together as a finished product. I'd have to do some research and learn more.

I'll leave an email in case anyone else is interested. Hopefully that's okay. If you do email me, just let me know in what capacity you'd like to contribute, if you have a vision for a cc zine, if you just have something you'd like included in it, or anything else related. If interest is expressed in actually creating one of these things I'll see about setting something up.

[email protected]

Anonymous 2711

hi anon, i sent you an email! also responding here in case others would like to see it; i have experience designing, printing, and putting together books/booklets due to my major as a designer so i'd love to be a part of this project if it moves forward. i also enjoy illustrating on the side.

being online is a pretty big part of me, and i think it would be cool to create content about it with others that feel the same way.

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