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Rebuild Of Evangel…

Anonymous 2372[Reply]

I'm worried that there are lots of men pretending to be girls here. Maybe I'm seeing things wrong but there are too many posts which just ooze a very "male imageboard user" feeling. I can't be the only one seeing this posts which read like a re-written /r9k/ post.
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Anonymous Admin 3040

I absolutely understand the suspicion, but I checked that user's post history and they've been here for years and have over 1000 posts on record. I will add religious topics to the sticky though. And I think it's time to add an official rule about political soapboxing.

It's possible, but I always err on the side of caution when seeing a suspicious post from someone who's new. They usually get bored after a while. Another thing I noticed is that ironically, legitimate user activity often picks up after a raid in a bid to reclaim the site.

Anonymous 3041

there's scrotes in the kpop thread

Anonymous 3042

yup theres a ton of spamming and shitposting, im trying to report but i feel like it's gonna get worse, they came in a huge wave and are just spamming out any conversation

Anonymous 3043

They were linked in from here. I get the feeling someone really doesn't like this site.

Anonymous 3044

yup thread is unusable at this point, just gonna keep reporting and hope mods get to cleaning house

what a mess lol


What are some other websites similar to this one? Anonymous 3033[Reply]

Anonymous 3036


Anonymous 3039


Anonymous Moderator 3055


Anonymous 3017[Reply]

What era would you travel back to?

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 3019

Moved to >>>/b/61714.


Anonymous 2985[Reply]

the site may get raided by men, some twitter incels found it and are sharing the link, mods be vigilant

Anonymous 2995


Anonymous 3007

The thing about moid raids is that they literally don't matter. They just get deleted within 30 min anyway. And this site is so slow that hardly anyone even sees it.


Suggestions & comments Anonymous 2929[Reply]

Can we get a feature to see how many unique posters there are per thread?

I posted this the other thread but it reached its bump limit and I wanted to make sure this got seen (another anon below me suggested implementing a notice to say when the bump limit has been reached)
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Anonymous 2933

Arrow next to the post number.

Anonymous 2936

Fuck I’m dumb. Thanks

Anonymous 2944

You're welcome!

Anonymous 2986


What about an /int/?

Anonymous 2990

Purely for demographic purposes I’d be interested to see the breakdown of where CC traffic comes from


sports Anonymous 2983[Reply]

We need a board to discuss sports

Anonymous 2984

nope not enough interest. I made a thread a while back and got maybe 5 replies.

Anonymous 3195

giphy (1).gif

Why is Kimmich so cute? Also why does Goretzka suck?


Anonymous 2948[Reply]

When a moid gets sniped, do all of their posts get instantly deleted, or just the post that got reported? There's a thread on /b/ where it seemed like the OP was responding to someone, but then those posts were deleted but not the OP post itself. Does that mean those responses were a separate moid pretending to be OP?

Anonymous Admin 2950

All their posts should be deleted. Please report the thread you're referring to and I'll check.

Anonymous 2951


Anonymous Admin 2952

Thanks! The deleted response was not OP.


Anonymous 2938[Reply]

Parts of the site seem to be oddly down: /feels/ works, but certain threads don't. /b/ doesn't work, but going into a specific thread by clicking on a post from the front page does. Are you guys going through maintenance?

Anonymous Admin 2939

We're out of disk space, I'm upgrading the server at the moment. Should be back to normal in a bit.

Anonymous 2940


Little CC's growing up.

Anonymous 2945

There's still a thread in /feels/ that doesn't load:


Anonymous 2892[Reply]

What's the deal with all the recent discord spam?
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Anonymous 2912

Poked my head in the recent discord, to verify if it's a honey pot, was kicked because I was too autistic to realize "DiscordThrowAaway" isn't a good name

Anonymous 2916


begins with T, rhymes with janny
yeah, im thinkin its a fucking tranny

Anonymous 2921

Why the fuck do trannies want to befriend us??? To feel more female or what??? Bunch of creeps. They will never understand how it feels like to be a female! The mental and physical pain, the objectification, being overlooked, etc.

Anonymous 2922

They’ve imagined a fabricated camaraderie with us and think that they’re simultaneously “one of the gals,” while also being here to find a chan gf “just like them”

Anonymous Admin 2941

Sorry about this issue still persisting. I always bandelete them and have adjusted the spam filter, they're just stubborn. I've thought about simply blacklisting any mention of Discord altogether, but that would get legitimate users caught up in the crossfire and the spammers would move to posting invites as images. Can't do anything but play whack-a-mole until they get bored, sorry.


Anonymous 2818[Reply]

"Do not respond to maleposters"

This includes trannies right? I'm new here. I hope this place isn't filled with them!!
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Anonymous 2860

> trannies are just like normal women, we just want innocent things like pregnancy and holding babies, we're not all sex perverts i swear
> check his twitter account
> it's a nonstop timeline of openly furry fat fetish cartoon porn


Anonymous 2862


I think there are some traitors in here

Anonymous 2863

There's also been a massive amount of threads lately by "women" who have a "transwoman" friend/interest and have to mention that they totally view them as women. It's so obvious these are just spamming trannies.

Anonymous 2864

I never thought of that but now that you mention it, it is pretty suspect. I do know of the one anon vehemently defending her "totally passable, loved by all our friend group!" tranny friend in the megathread on /b/

Anonymous 2865

Why do they need to be everywhere and be included in everything that is advertised as for woman? Even if being a tran definitely wasn’t a mental illness this obsession with these spaces definitely is.

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