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Anonymous 3557[Reply]

Admin, why is (was?) pro-ana prohibited but pro-HAES allowed? I'm not saying that we should allow pro-ana, it's an awful thing, but I think HAES is just as bad.

Anonymous Admin 3558

From the rules:

>Discussing eating disorders is permitted, pro-ana thinspiration must be spoilered. Moderators may remove or spoiler images at their own discretion.


Anonymous 3530[Reply]

about how many unique posters do you think there are on c.c.?

Anonymous 3531


cc isn't super active/popular, but I'd guess a healthy albeit modestly low number. I'd love to see it blow up more often and gain more traction and attention.

Anonymous 3532


like 20 max to be honest,
like >>3531 said i would love to have it blow up one day but i'm afraid that would mean an influx of moid larpers

Anonymous 3535

Too many now too many normalfags that have not lurked enough but the core users are still here the culture is alive.
I think CC is as active as it should be for nw it is better it slowly grows instead of blowing up because the original users will be replaced.

mohtz 2.png

Anonymous 3477[Reply]

Out of curiosity, can mods see posts based on IP? So like they could see I posted this and anything else I've posted to C.C? How does that work?

Anonymous 3485

Just be glad cc doesnt have an archive…yet.

Anonymous 3487

I think the mods only look at your posting history so that they can confirm of you are a moid or not when you say something suspicious. They won’t ban you for saying you don’t like shota if the rest of your history is feminine. The janitors won’t be able to see your posting history, only top level mods. If you’re still concerned, use a VPN/tor.

Anonymous 3489

No idea. Maybe try it and find out? I don't think lolcow.farm allows it.

Anonymous Admin 3499

I can see IPs and post histories, but mods and janitors cannot. Unfortunately this is necessary so we can determine who is posting in bad faith (like larpers who post many different contradicting threads to bait). TORposting is disabled because it's almost exclusively used for raids and to evade bans. But I assure you that I only check up on posters if they're reported.


Yes I can see deleted posts, this is necessary to see if someone's been trolling and had their posts deleted or if they're just a brand new user. This factors into ban decisions.


More boards, less censorship! Anonymous 3443[Reply]

Posted something similar on here a couple days ago and it got removed. I WAS ALSO BANNED FOR SAYING NOTHING WRONG.
Crystal Cafe will never be competitive or 1/16th as widely used as 4chan with this type of censorship. Which is honestly sad because women need a voice too. A voice that's free to sing its heart out separate from identity.

The post that was deleted AND I WAS BANNED FOR went as follows:

"Ok Queens, we need a Business and Finance, Science and Math, and a Fashion board on here! You all on here messing around with dolls. Get your boss bitch selves together: get a latte, get some Doge, learn quantum computing."

Jokes on you Crystal Cafe mods! If you had left my post up or listened to my advice, you would be making some sweet dogecoin bucks rn. :P

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Anonymous 3447

Your ideas are bad ideas. But you are right on one thing.
You didn't deserve a ban, it's ok to disagree.

Anonymous 3448

I got annoyed with the site not having new boards to expand and not having enough posters before too. However, after you’ve been here for longer you realise it’s fine as it is. The site has picked up some posters in the time I have been here but also more moids.

Regarding the boards you suggest, no one posts about those things, aside from fashion which goes in hb. The site is quite girly, introverted, and more about feelings. No one comes here to talk about work or numbers. That’s not to say girls can’t like these things, it’s just not what users talk about here.

If you do want to talk about these things, why not start some threads and see how it goes?

Anonymous 3449

very stupid post, thank you for contributing

Anonymous 3450

There is a difference between censorship of the reddit kind and gatekeeping of an imageboard kind that is conductive to the culture here.
The mods are seriously fine and to claim otherwise is something I do not understand I mean we have shotacons here posting and even nazi posters but it is very comfy here I seriously think you are over reacting OP.

Your post was probably removed for being garbage and as others have said we do not need more boards we have enough already.

Maybe not a ban I agree but at least you are not banend now and this thread is up on /meta/

Anonymous Admin 3451

OP was banned not for making this suggestion but for other issues with their post history. I'm banning again for ban evasion but leaving this post up for future reference.


Anonymous 3393[Reply]

There are two drugs threads, one on /x/ and another one on /feels/, shouldn't they be merged or something?

Anonymous Admin 3399

It's been done, thanks for pointing it out.


Anonymous 3354[Reply]

Should we have a board that is a true /b/ for extreme low quality fun posting?
Some slower image boards have a /b/ that is active despite very slow main board.
Can be fun to just sit down fun posting and /b/ here is actually quality so I never want to shit it up

Anonymous 3390

just make a mindless shitposting general on /b/

Anonymous Admin 3395

While I try to moderate only as much as is necessary, we still have too many ground rules and forbidden subjects to have a true /b/ experience. I agree with >>3390.


Comment limits Anonymous Admin 3057[Reply]

I've seen some users comment on how long our threads stay up and how it might be detrimental. Our board is slow and seldom-used threads quickly drop off the first pages, which then makes it harder to find them again, which leads to more duplicate threads. I'm considering adjusting the comment limit to something more reflective of our activity and archiving old threads after a while.

However, this would mean making new threads all the time even though the old ones weren't even close to full, and starting over with the same conversation.

Do you like the current limit or are you in favor of shorter threads?
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Anonymous Admin 3086


The 4chan x beta version works for this purpose. It will give you some errors and you won't be able to use most of its features, but the thread watcher seems to work just fine.


To make it work on crystal.cafe, you'll need to install the userscript, not the browser extension.

Make sure to follow the instructions in the FAQ to add crystal.cafe:

Anonymous 3088

Will it screw up anything if I already have the extension installed?

Anonymous Admin 3089

The userscript and extension both do the same thing, except the userscript lets you modify it to add crystal.cafe. You can probably run them both, but it would be pointless.

Anonymous 3378

What happened to the old threads? I have been here since the start. This is a slow site so I check the threads every few months?

Also, there are poster that are autistically irritating. They make these know-it- all post. The site will always suffer into those people leave.

Anonymous Admin 3379

They should still be there unless the OP got their post history removed. Recently I've been sparing thread OPs from mass-deletion though, for the sake of contributing anons.


Anonymous 3349[Reply]

Tfw you freak out thinking that there is some moving insect on your computer screen but it actually is just crystal.cafe's screen moving snowflakes lol


politics Anonymous 2817[Reply]

Why is there no talk of politics here? I thought this would be like 4chan? why is there no /pol/ ?
16 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3324

politics and spaces to speak about it are not the problem, spaces where men shart out their stupid thoughts and ideas all day long are.

no shit, a political board on a site primarily occupied by malevolent men turns out to be a massive shitshow. says nothing about politics in general. holding up /pol/ as an example of what it might be on cc is just dumb. it might be raided but i doubt any problems would be caused by the actual userbase here.

Anonymous 3329


>"modern" political compass
Fucking gay. Bronze Age ideological compass or fuck off Scythian scum!

Anonymous 3330


Anonymous 3331


Now THIS is my ideology.

Anonymous 3333

what is this gay shit?

Pepe stare.jpg

Anonymous 3249[Reply]

All of the themes but Halloween hurt my eyes, and even then the tree gets in the way of my anonymous image board viewing experience.

Anonymous 3250


Anonymous 3255

Is there any way we can submit our own themes?

Anonymous Admin 3259

Yes, you can make your own theme (the easiest way is to use inspect element and adjust until everything looks good, don't forget about link hover colors and such) and post a screenshot and a pastebin link. You can make a new thread for this and get user feedback if you wish.

Anonymous 3314

dark crystal is based though.

Anonymous 3322

Halloween theme is still on the Catalog by the way. Do you have something more Xmas-y for the next month?

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