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Lolcow dying Anonymous 3221[Reply]

Am I welcome here? What is the general board culture of CC?

Anonymous 3222

sorry guys i meant to post in /b/


Does this board have a discord? Is there any discord server adjacent? Wine_dine_69 3198[Reply]

Anonymous 3200


Tldr not really

I think I’ve seen other threads mentioning this topic though I can’t find them, this was the most recent result. Consensus on Discord invite spam you occasionally see is that they’re trannies luring people into their den

Also lol “cowch” lmao that’s so funny

Anonymous 3201


Funny CC screencaps thread Anonymous 2967[Reply]

We have a thread for 4chan screencaps, why not one for our own site?

Anonymous 2992


Anonymous 2993

Saying that my post was funny was probably the nicest thing someone ever said about me. Thank, you, OP.

Anonymous 3166


Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 3167

Moved to >>>/b/64434.


Anonymous 3110[Reply]

Cannot post either on /meta/ and on the terf threads. Anyone facing similar problems?
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Anonymous 3121


Anonymous 3122

can i post?

Anonymous 3123

oh thank god. all of yesterday it kept telling me "you look like a bot" with no explanation. 2 different posts blocked on 2 different boards so it wasn't a post content issue.

Anonymous 3125

Are you sure you’re not a bot anon? Have you checked your skin for metal filaments lately?

Anonymous 3126

Oh, we're back.
FYI >>3114 picture is 304403.

Thank you!


Anonymous 3098[Reply]

why is the kpop thread on autosage?

Anonymous 3102

And stop sabotaging it with dumbass questions and complaints


Anonymous 2599[Reply]

Guess they got bored of their "Wizardchan".

Anonymous 4155

im just testin this dont mind me

Rebuild Of Evangel…

Anonymous 2372[Reply]

I'm worried that there are lots of men pretending to be girls here. Maybe I'm seeing things wrong but there are too many posts which just ooze a very "male imageboard user" feeling. I can't be the only one seeing this posts which read like a re-written /r9k/ post.
44 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous Admin 3040

I absolutely understand the suspicion, but I checked that user's post history and they've been here for years and have over 1000 posts on record. I will add religious topics to the sticky though. And I think it's time to add an official rule about political soapboxing.

It's possible, but I always err on the side of caution when seeing a suspicious post from someone who's new. They usually get bored after a while. Another thing I noticed is that ironically, legitimate user activity often picks up after a raid in a bid to reclaim the site.

Anonymous 3041

there's scrotes in the kpop thread

Anonymous 3042

yup theres a ton of spamming and shitposting, im trying to report but i feel like it's gonna get worse, they came in a huge wave and are just spamming out any conversation

Anonymous 3043

They were linked in from here. I get the feeling someone really doesn't like this site.

Anonymous 3044

yup thread is unusable at this point, just gonna keep reporting and hope mods get to cleaning house

what a mess lol


What are some other websites similar to this one? Anonymous 3033[Reply]

Anonymous 3036


Anonymous 3039


Anonymous Moderator 3055


Anonymous 3017[Reply]

What era would you travel back to?

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 3019

Moved to >>>/b/61714.


Anonymous 2985[Reply]

the site may get raided by men, some twitter incels found it and are sharing the link, mods be vigilant

Anonymous 2995


Anonymous 3007

The thing about moid raids is that they literally don't matter. They just get deleted within 30 min anyway. And this site is so slow that hardly anyone even sees it.

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