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Am I shadow banned or something? Anonymous 1849[Reply]

On 3 different browsers as well as my phone I keep getting a "failed to verify captcha" error after 20+ attempts to post, after the captcha has given me the go ahead.

Yet on my 4g this isn't happening. Is my IP banned or something mods I am sorry CC is like all I have anymore please I will stop being bad

Anonymous Admin 1850

Please send an email to [email protected] and we'll fix this!

Anonymous 1871


>please I will stop being bad
That's what they all say. Back to the shadow realm with you.


Anonymous 1817[Reply]

>most active threads are about sex and relationships
Le sigh
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Anonymous 1824

>tfw this thread is also about sex and relationships

Anonymous 1826

This reply is like meta^4

Anonymous 1862

is there a thread for asexuals/aromantics?

Anonymous 1863

Anonymous 1870

If one got made i’d be scared it would get raided by ace discoursers or some shit like that

I lol’d


Anonymous 1828[Reply]

Why was my thread deleted??

Anonymous 1829

Are you the paedophile?

Anonymous 1838

Take it up with PR.

Anonymous Moderator 1839

Yours was one of the two pedo threads I deleted.


Anonymous 1744[Reply]

The navigation header shows up as this on the Rules and FAQ pages. It's lacking the discord link and some boards

Anonymous 1745

correction it's just lacking the /x/ board oops

Anonymous Admin 1747

Sorry, the board menu on the static pages is updated manually. I'll include it in the next update.

robert muldoon.jpg

Anonymous 1739[Reply]

why aren't mods banning all of these /r9k/ retards who've shown up?

Anonymous 1740

You gotta use the report button so they see it homie

Anonymous 1741

But they did?

Anonymous 1743

Lel that would be a disaster


Giveaway Time! Anonymous Admin 1642[Reply]

This has been a few months in the works, but I'm happy to finally announce our first giveaway! Every user has the opportunity to win a small prize for their participation in the crystal.cafe community. We do not receive any compensation other than the actual prizes, so the goal of the giveaways is to get this place a little more active by rewarding our users for posting.

Please read this thread >>>/giveaway/1 to learn how it works, and then head over here >>>/giveaway/8 to take a look at this month's prize!

All questions and comments can be posted right here in this thread.
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Anonymous 1646

Anywhere. Just include a tripcode.

Anonymous Admin 1647

Every post across all boards (except /img/) counts as long as you include your user ID (or tripcode). The tripcode will never be visible to other users or even to mods, you'll always show up as Anonymous.

Anonymous 1648

Kk thanks :)

Anonymous 1649


Anonymous 1711

Hallo Leute, wie geht's?


Anonymous 1663[Reply]

I havent posted in several days and all the sudden I come back and Im banned? Why? I never infight or anything

Anonymous Moderator 1664

If you didn't it was probably a mistake. Could you ban appeal, please?

Anonymous 1665

How do I do that?it doesnt direct me to any page showing me the post that got me banned

Anonymous Moderator 1666

It should give you the option to ban appeal.

Send us an email: www.crystal.cafe at gmail.com we will talk to you asap.


how do i appeal a ban? Anonymous 979[Reply]

made a thread during the event yesterday & got banned on my pc. how do i appeal it?
new here btw

Anonymous 980

Email admin, I think the contact is somewhere in meta or the FAQ. I think I saw your thread and thought it was bait lol. Good luck, anon! I'm sure you will be unbanned.

Anonymous 982


Anonymous 1628

Don't want to make a new thread, but just want to say thanks to admin. Willing to hear you out, and they turn around quickly. I don't know if it is just 1 person that runs the place, but they do good work.


In case some here don't know Anonymous 1233[Reply]

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Yes I Am A Gay Faggot 1253

I think most guys understand that women are trash, led by emotions and not to be trusted; Ban me you failed normies(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 1254



Anonymous 1341


just reported 3 or 4 posts on /b/.
is there another r9k raid?

Anonymous 1342

Anonymous Moderator 1343

Thanks for the heads-up! If anyone was banned by accident when we were dealing with the raid, please ban appeal and wait/talk to us on discord.

Thanks and enjoy CC!


Anonymous 1478[Reply]

Hi, new here

Serious question: is this site actually a 4chan like board but for females or just Tumblr "but with green text" edition?
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Anonymous 1580

It's like 4chan but slower, less racist, and with more shoujo. Also most people here don't like trannies, if that wasn't obvious from the no penis rule.

Anonymous 1581

Really? The discord is full of tranny sympathisers

Anonymous 1586

They're nice there and truthful here, isn't that obvious?

Anonymous 1587

>Upload a screenshot to preview a link.

Most sensible rule I've ever read. It seriously makes me question why not every board or social media generally requires this.

Anonymous 1588

Discord member here. We never talk about trannies so I don't know where you get your " full of tranny sympathisers" statement from.

Admin/mods have said before that trannies aren't allowed in the discord because men can use that as an excuse to pass the voice check.

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