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Can we get an app or something? Anonymous 2381[Reply]

I usually browse this site on mobile, and it's not very good on mobile

Pic unrelated

Anonymous 2395

I'll let management know

Anonymous Admin 2407

Our new platform will be much better for mobile browsing. It should be ready in a few weeks.


Anti-spam measures Anonymous Admin 1595[Reply]

Captchas are off for the moment, but will be turned back on if necessary.

We had to implement some anti-spam measures due to increasing amounts of posts made by raiding users and specifically written spambots. (So flattering, you shouldn't have!)

If any new feature is giving you trouble and you are indeed a human female, try refreshing the page - your written text should survive this, but it's better to copy than to lose it. Sorry for all the trouble - this is why we can't have nice things.
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Anonymous 1609

I'd like that too.

Anonymous 1625


When I'm on mobile, I don't have to solve captcha. Did I become admin without knowing it?

Anonymous Admin 1626

Captchas are disabled again, I will toggle them on/off as needed when we're dealing with spambots or raids. I'm going to remove the announcement in a few days.

Anonymous 1627


Anonymous 1629



Anonymous 1902[Reply]

Will there ever be a political discussion board?
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Anonymous 2361

/pol/ posting is almost always off topic, disruptive and shit. this is the mods site and if she doesnt want retarded /pol/ shit, she has no obligation to give you a seat at the table

Anonymous 2362

No, shut up if you're a /pol/fag. If you're a normal human I disagree with go ahead, but /pol/posters are like furries with more ambition.

Anonymous 2363

You do realise /x/ exists with a thread about wanting to rape people? But god forbid a place where someone can discuss politics, culture and race.

Anonymous 2364

The idea with this is that it's the same as the idea of a male containment board. Men have their own places for discussion off-site. Same with pol, there are already plenty of places off-site to discuss those topics.

A /pol/ here is completely unnecessary.

Anonymous 2365

God, you're so transparent.

>I just wanna talk about race haha, why are you so triggered?

If anyone is unconvinced by my hostility to a /pol/ thread just try having an actual discussion about a film on 4chan's /tv/.

Yuru Camp 03 - Mou…

Phallus containment board Anonymous 2281[Reply]

Good idea or bad idea? I think it could work, plus it'd serve as a discussion ground.
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Anonymous 2292

I don't see the point since you can already discuss with men on other image boards

Anonymous 2318

I thought the other chans were for this.

Anonymous 2323


Anonymous 2324

Looks like the male version of myself.

Anonymous 2326


I'd suck his dick for some LINK tokens


Anonymous 1965[Reply]

i'm going to sound like a butthurt weeb but can we please ban pepes, wojaks, & other such symbols from this chan? i swear no good post has ever had one of them attached
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Anonymous 1967

are you the same anon that's been raging against troons in every thread of late
if so please stop that. i don't like them either but to claim every post you dislike was made by one is cringe

Anonymous 1968

holy shit, this is so dumb.

Anonymous Admin 1969

If you don't like a certain kind of content, feel free to post something more to your liking. For every anime girl or outdated meme, post something better.

Anonymous 1972

There’s the lizard counterpart to the wojack but its seldom used but I will agree that i am suspicious of any wojack posts.

Anonymous 1981

but wojak is cute :^(


Anonymous 2340[Reply]

What is your opinion of polyamory

Anonymous 2341

Dammit wrong board. Sorry, meant for /b/

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 2342

Moved to >>>/b/38251.


Captcha Anonymous 2334[Reply]

Any odds of moving to a non-tracking captcha alternative that doesn't penalise VPN users? 8chan, despite being otherwise a spaghetti-coded mess, uses some other non-google alternative.

Or failing that making it necessary only for thread creation rather than posting in existing threads would be good.

Anonymous Admin 2335

I've been disabling Captcha periodically to see if we're still getting spam. So far it's going well. I might disable it altogether soon and only switch it back on when neeeded.

Anonymous 2336

Much as I dislike captcha disabling it outright is not a good idea unless you've got 24/7 moderation coverage and even then puts you at the mercy of even a single dedicated spammer with nothing better to do. Limiting it to only thread creation instead should be an option in tinyboard, a good middle ground even if you stick with google's tracking-and-ai-training 'free' captcha.

Keanu Reeves in DeathStranding? (meme) Anonymous 2315[Reply]

is that possible?


Cece the lizard Anonymous 1255[Reply]

Meet Cece the lizard - or the lizbian - crystal.cafe's answer to Pepe the frog.
Based on an article about a certain type of lizard that is female only.
feel free to make your own versions of her or even edit mine, anything's a contribution.
By the way - this does not snuff out the miner waitress mascot girl. She would be the wojak equivalent.
91 posts and 44 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 2277

>no fun allowed
Good thing you seem to be in the minority here.

Pepe might be annoying but he's far from a dead meme. He and Wojak will probably be around forever at this point, go look at any board on 4chan and at least 1/3 of threads have either of those two characters as the OP.

Anonymous 2278

4chan is shit though. They they are just as embarrassing as reddit was in 2010 with all the rage comics, and they don't even realize.

Anonymous 2288

Anon, I think you just started a 21st century enlightenment.

Anonymous 2296


Ok I did it you psychopath

Anonymous 2297

I love you


Anonymous 2160[Reply]

I petition the guberment to remove the name field to force anonymous posting

Anonymous Admin 2184

I've been considering that for a while now. Still considering.

Anonymous 2194

i don't think we should

Anonymous 2225

That would be alright. Another alternative would be a randomized name for each thread. Flower names, mineral names, and the like would be a cool theme to something like that.

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