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What was used to make CrystalCafe? Anonymous 5205[Reply]

What engine or website was used to make CrystalCafe? How was it made?

Anonymous 5206

You'll find your answer in the FAQ section


Anonymous 5130[Reply]

If shotas(and, I assume lolies) both nsfw and sfw are banned from the site in general then why is that not posted in the rules? At best we have a blurb on /nsfw/ but that just seems to imply that no nsfw shota is to be posted, as opposed to it being against the rules to post Naruto.

Image unrelated
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Anonymous 5168

>Somehow, its socially acceptable for men to like younger women, but not me?
How about you don't try to justify liking little boys or being a creep just because moids are pedophiles? Also where the fuck do you think you are? We shit on males for being degenerate pedos all the time, and we will shit on you for being one, too.
And fyi, the character you posted at least looks ambiguous, like the other anon said. I've seen other shotafags post about liking unambiguously prepubescent characters. That's the sort of person that should be banned on sight.

Anonymous 5171

shota isn’t a term for young men it’s a term for prepubescent boys, there’s a difference between types like picrel and fetishizing a child and trying to justify the latter is still disgusting. just cause other sites put up with pedo-pandering doesn’t mean cc should

Anonymous 5173

>oh yea picrel doesn't count even if he is like 13/14 teehee but below that they have holy bodies that you shouldn't feast your eyes upon
god you amer*cans are mentally ill

Anonymous 5174

>you should "feast your eyes upon" children below the age of 13/14
>defending your preference for underage boys at all
Fuck off pedophile. This is why everyone finds you obnoxious.

Anonymous 5181

fuming and no argument's so results to " >ok p-pedo!!! " as expected like the typical twitteroid
the cartoon drawing pic related is as " pedo " as another drawing depicting for example a 9 yo, don't play the double standards game


Raid report thread Anonymous 5128[Reply]

I only see a thread for ongoing raids. Is there one to warn about future raids, or should I just contact the admins?

Anonymous 5129

Probably best to contact the admin.

Anonymous 5134

How do we contact admins? There is a thread in one of the websites on the raid report thread that claims that they are going to raid us.

Anonymous Admin 5138

My contact info is on the rules page.


raid warning board Anonymous 4889[Reply]

Since posts about raids encourage more raids, and therefore get removed, I propose a hidden board to post about potential raids (similar to how others sites have boards to organise raids, this one would be to inform about raids that could happen)
Discussion points:
>Would this new board help enough?
>Potential negative consequences?
>Since it would be hidden, would enough people know about it to post to it if they knew a raid would happen?

Anonymous 5086

Anonymous 5087

Anonymous 5093

>Potential negative consequences?
The only one I can think of is that other sites might misinterpret the purpose of the board and assume that it's for organizing raids.
>Since it would be hidden, would enough people know about it to post to it if they knew a raid would happen?
I don't think so, they're are still people here who don't know about the hidden board.

Anonymous 5094

I clicked that link and the first raid there is literally people printing posters of a friendly bald man as a way of covering graffiti. I didn’t realize that raids looked like that.

Anonymous 5095

Would it better if you just send the admin a message on discord?


Anonymous 4875[Reply]

>CP, along with other types of spam, are being posted at least once or twice a week
Is staff working towards a captcha system yet? It's very obvious that these people are using bots to spam some of this shit considering how it's formatted. There are a couple off of Github that'd do just fine.
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Anonymous 4879

Are Russian anons faced with a captcha prompt? Since it's pretty much well-known at this point that most of these CP rings come from the Slavic world.

Anonymous 4880

I was talking about Russia so yes.

Anonymous 4882

how do you know it's country-specific?

Anonymous 4888

So that's why I have to do captcha every time and it's buggy as hell… But why Russia?

Anonymous 5068

What does everyone think of needing to solve captcha to post with a name?
I noticed that the "other types of spam" posts, ones talking about the ones about ads or "visit my website to grow your business," nearly always use a name for some reason. It also kind of discourages frivolous namefagging though I haven't seen that as an issue


Anonymous 4871[Reply]

Make it so when a moid is banned, they can't appeal their ban and don't even get a notice of the ban. It seems like they are able to posts, but their posts don't actually show up so it takes them longer to realize they are banned.
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Anonymous 4964

Same. I made a joke post about deepfakes on my work wifi and got my entire work banned, lel.

Anonymous 4966

Can you link some?

Anonymous Admin 4967

You made a joke about hoping to create deepfake pornography of people you're into, that's a ban even when it's just bait. Read the room, you know where you are.

Anonymous 4968

Based admin

Anonymous 4996

Yikes, ban evasion.
I guess that sounds really disturbing, but wouldn’t that technically be allowed on x or nsfw?


Anonymous 546[Reply]

You guys can be kind of mean. (Not the staff but many of the people who post here.) You're not going to have a totally new and comfy place on the internet to hang out if you keep bringing around the same bitter attitude you picked up from other imageboards.

Before you comment just think for a second, is what I'm posting helpful? Is it kind? Is it charitable? Is it respectful? Maybe you should reconsider what you have to say or how you're saying it if it's none of those things unless you want this place to be just like everywhere else online.
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Anonymous 4867


Anonymous 4900

The sperg on /hb/ is getting kind of out of hand. For how long will people be forbidden from talking about their bodies or posting girls with a figure this sperg doesn't approve of without the thread being derailed and swirling into an infighting mess? It's easy to say to ignore it, but it's shitty that you can't speak your mind without this lolcow refugee newfag/moid putting its claws on your throat every time.

Anonymous 4902

I reported the troll and hope she or he gets banned. They're just looking for a shitstorm and managed to derail three threads /hb/ already, disparaging both small and big boobs with different body types. This has got to stop.

Anonymous 4903

Omg is that the one getting triggered over insulting both a girl's face and body and then pulls the "b-but I deeply care about women's health! You want everyone to die!" thing to justify it?
Reported her a few times. Thought she'd be off because she's just so disingenuous.

Anonymous 4904

Yes it is. It always follows the same formula. "But saying you like xyz bodytype is unhealthy! I am just concerned for young women's health!" while throwing not so subtle insults to their appearence.


Am I stupid or is there not a "hide post/thread" option anywher? Anonymous 4947[Reply]

I imagine it would be a bit difficult to implement, but I really think it's a QOL improvement that site could use.

Anonymous 4948

Sin título.png

It doesn't look like you can hide posts in a thread, but you definitely can hide whole threads from the board index.


Anonymous 4165[Reply]

I have an idea regarding maleposters. What about implementing a script that automatically hides a thread for everyone after a couple of reports said it’s a moid? And then when mods revise them and decide it is indeed a scrote who crossed the borders of his sty, he gets the banhammer. This way they will not get the attention they crave.
6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4177

we don't need a separate report button. just x number of normal reports is fine.

Anonymous 4180

Agreed, hope mods consider this. May not be easy but given enough time and effort they can find a couple, I'm sure.

Anonymous 4212

but what about VPN users?

Anonymous 4293

We all know when a moid is posting anyway, they can't hide their nature. Just report MORE and never reply to suspected scrotes.

Anonymous 4910

I think that's way too easily abuse-able.
In a raid moids could just spam report on anything.

pretty cyclops.png

Anonymous 4896[Reply]

/media/ won't load for me at all. What's the deal?

Anonymous 4897

Same problem here.

Anonymous 4899

same. just a blank page

Anonymous 4901


Anonymous 4908

/media/ now loads, but /feels/ does not.

Anonymous 4909

Now the troon thread won't load ether

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