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Anonymous 5276[Reply]

What is the hat man?
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Anonymous 5347

I've had sleep paralysis but have never seen a figure. In fact, I've never seen anything because my eyes were always closed and could not open during my sleep paralysis. I've also went through a phase quite some years ago where every night, sometimes more than once, I'd become paralyzed.
With this said, what is the difference between different types of sleep paralysis? Why do some people see a man in a hat versus other images or nothing at all?

Anonymous 5348

Please share your knowledge.
I've only had sleep paralysis once and I couldn't open my eyes or move. I was lying in a ''Z'' position (I used to sleep in a fetal position back in the day but that still felt weird and uncomfortable because of the 45º angle my legs were doing, parallel to the end of the bed). I felt a dark malevolent presence and managed to slightly open my eyes. I could only percieve a vampire-like tall completely black figure who whispered some shit to my ear and pressed/touched my neck. My head was turned to the wall. Before that I already knew about sleep paralysis but I believed everything was about the visual hallucinations. Maybe it just was my good ol' pedo cousin.

Anonymous 5349

Do people really feel a presence? Every time I've had sleep paralysis it's just the feeling of being unable to breath and the panic that ensues. I never hear anything or feel anything on my neck but people describe pretty much what you just described. I mostly get sleep paralysis if I am lying completely straight with my head facing straight on. Now I tilt my head to either side if I want to sleep straight.

Anonymous 5351

I really did feel a presence. It felt like something in between a dream and reality (sounds dumb but I don't know how to describe it). So you can condition yourself into having sleep paralysis depending on how you go to sleep? That's almost good luck.

Anonymous 5353

Yeah I guess I can force myself to have it if I sleep completely straight and rigid but I don't want to because I hate it, it feels like if I don't break out of it then I'll die. If I wanted to die in my sleep I don't want to feel it happening kek


STRANGE DEATHS THREAD Anonymous 2099[Reply]

I'll post the first one: Monica Meyer, the mayor of Betterton, Maryland, died while checking her town's sewage tanks. She fell in and drowned in 15 feet of human waste.
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Anonymous 4878

Ohhhhh, there's some guy using an automated script that's probably linking directly to certain URLs associated with the threads and then executing from there. That makes sense I suppose, still annoying, but at least I don't feel like I'm slipping slowly into a schizophrenic episode.

Anonymous 4914


I can't imagine how horrific drowning to death in molasses would be, nor how incredibly humiliating.

Anonymous 4919

not a specific case, but there is a disease that gradually turns your muscles into bone, eventually making you completely unable to move.

it has 100% fatality and there is no cure.


Anonymous 5061

i went to the mutter museum and saw the skeletons of the individuals mentioned in that article. its crazy. i looked at them for like 15 minutes straight just thinking about what it must have been like. i am very grateful that they were willing to donate their bodies. what a sad but fascinating disease

this disease is also just as fascinating/tragic to me
what disturbs me so deeply about lesch nyhan is that these individuals are self harm machines. this disease has destroyed one of their most fundamental traits of a living organism, the self-preservation instinct. they will do anything they can to hurt themselves, physically or otherwise. its like some kind of fairytale curse, but real. what seems most tragic are the ones who make it clear that they hate the pain but their body is hell bent on destroying itself and their mind cant tell it to stop

Anonymous 5306

Not really strange but it is interesting how many deaths have been caused by selfie related reasons.


True Crime Community Anonymous 1937[Reply]

Any anons in the tcc?
Any outsiders willing to voice their opinions?
Why is true Crime so popular, especially with the woman audience?
How do non-Americans feel about the subject?
Do you have a favorite killer?
Who do you think is a handsome killer?
Why would you be attracted to a serial killer?
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Anonymous 4960

There is a YouTube channel called That Chapter all about this kinda shit. Usually shorter videos with a lot of light hearted jokes thrown in to keep it from getting too real. Maybe that would be something your paranoia could tolerate?

Anonymous 4964

I like true crime and especially unsolved disappearances shows/podcasts because of how formulaic they are. They introduce the victim, the crime/disappearance, the investigation and conviction if there's one… Knowing what to expect is weirdly soothing.
My favorite true crime case is the Snowtown murders one. Serial killers who started out as pedo-hunting vigilantes before they started killing for profit and for the sake of torturing people. I actually stopped listening to the Casefile podcast after they took down that episode because the host ~misgendered~ the serial child raping tranny that was one of the victims.

Anonymous 5262

I think the case is way played out anyway. There is not really that much to it compared to how much coverage it has gotten. The story last year about the girl whose boyfriend killed her when they were on vacation was interesting and not just the same old "guy kills his family" story with the names changed

Anonymous 5278

If you're still around, do you have any recommendations for shows, podcasts or even YouTubers? I also really enjoy the formulaic ones and have been struggling to find those in the flood of new content creators because true crime is so popular now.

Anonymous 5296

>Any anons in the tcc?
Not really in the community but I do watch true crime YT videos from time to time.
>Why is true Crime so popular, especially with the woman audience?
I'm not sure, maybe like how other s said, to be aware.
>Do you have a favorite killer?
No, but there were killers I enjoyed watching about more than others, like Jennifer Pan. Really fascinating story and I can relate a bit
>Who do you think is a handsome killer?
There are hardly any handsome killers lol
>Why would you be attracted to a serial killer?
I wouldn't be, but I think some women would be because they could see them as possessive and feel a strong desire to be loved so much. Like a yandere I guess


Nightmares Anonymous 55[Reply]

Share your nightmares here!

Hiding mine behind a spoiler in case other anons don't want to see nightmares while scrolling through /b/.

Last night I had a weird dream that there were a bunch of mice in some kind of doll house thing. My parents were there, and I kept breaking the mice's backs. I'd press down on their spine and it'd make this awful fake sounding crunch. My mom told me, "I hate that sound". I did it again, and she told me again that she hates the sound. After that I broke a mouse's skull and my mom asked me why I keep killing the mice, and I felt terribly guilty for what I'd done.
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Anonymous 4817

my boyfriend

Anonymous 5115

i was flipping a house with my parents. the room i was in charge of was a fucking mess. masses of cockroaches kept appearing and "congealing" in various stages of life – think living baby nymphs, living adult cockroaches, and dead cockroaches all congealed together by a combination of poop and fluids excreted by the dead cockroaches. these "islands" of congealed cockroaches were capable of moving thanks to the squirms of the nymphs and adults. every time a new island appeared i had to clean it up – only for another island to appear. this repeated for most of the dream. eventually, a family visited wanting to tour the house. i gave myself a pep talk along the lines of "this is a great house. if they want to buy it knowing the specs they'll buy it even if this room is messy. even if there are cockroaches in this room. we'll just tell them that the cockroaches are only in one location and we're going to call an exterminator to handle the problem. everything's going to be okay."

Anonymous 5119

This needs to be a book

Anonymous 5134

Last night I saw a dream about playing some kind of indie horror game.
It was about a lost princess in the woods in the middle of the night. She had to choose which animal nest to sleep in, or else she’d die from exhaustion. If she slept in the open, the cold wind killed her.
And when she picked one, she had to face a danger particular to that nest after getting her survival level raised a few points, and then escape.
Bear’s nest had an angry mama bear tearing her apart for getting too near her cubs.
Bird’s nest had man-eating chicks.
Beehive had a flesh-rotting fungus.
Anthill had soldier ants.
It was really dark and gruesome game, and now I want to play it. Does a game anything like that exist btw?

Anonymous 5273


I have had the same recurring nightmare ever since I was a child.
I wake up in a foggy old-growth forest and wander around for a while. It is dead silent. Eventually I stumble across an old abandoned mansion and I enter. The Entrance hall looks like Hogwarts', though obviously not taken care of. It smells.
There is a figure standing in at the bottom of the staircase, it looks like a Balrog, or True Ogre from Tekken, something like that.
I'm scared and try to run away or scream, but I'm stuck in place and can't do anything. I'm frozen.
He tells me I deserve to be punished. Then people that I care about -family, friends, etc.- appear in a neat line in front of him. They can't move or talk either. They get brutally killed, torn apart, tortured right there on the spot.
I am still frozen; I can't scream and I can't cry. I'm scared.

Eventually I wake up.


Using your own body as an experiment Anonymous 4161[Reply]

Does anyone else see their own physical body as a something to experiment with? I like to test its limits and see what happens if I do certain things like not take medications, take expired medications to see if they still work, do random drugs to see how they affect me. I'm just curious about my limits as a healthy young adult. I guess I see it as a tool of discovery rather than something I should leave as untarnished and clean as possible.
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Anonymous 5221

when i was still a fattychan i decided to "see what would happen" if i only had x amount of food per day (following a break up - i felt like i just wanted to fuck around and change my life) and i treated it like an experiment. i was doing a case study on myself basically taking meticulous progress pictures and notes on how i felt, how much i drank, etc. but it got to a point where i was seeing myself from an outside perspective so often i treated my body like a subject and ended up talking about myself from that perspective in my diary. it was never about being skinny and petit waify it was more about convincing myself i didnt need anything and i could be invincible cause no matter what happened to my body my analytical brain would remain the same. i showed my notes and pictures to a boufriend once and he got so freaked out and basically broke up with me, cause "im insane" and "killing myself every day".
anyway i learned that the body doesnt need much and separating your brain from your body is not very cool but kind of a fun experiment. i think next ill do a gut bacteria thing and only eat certain foods and drinks until i notice my poop changing

Anonymous 5239

>but it got to a point where i was seeing myself from an outside perspective so often i treated my body like a subject and ended up talking about myself from that perspective in my diary.

You don't do this outside dieting?
Normalfags don't do this at all?

Anonymous 5258

cant say cause ive never really read another persons diary and dont know what normies think in true privacy, but no i didnt used to see myself like that. i was very much myself and my body was a part of myself. but i got to thinking that my brain is my self, and my body is outside of me so there was a big disconnect between what i was thinking and what i was actually physically feeling.

Anonymous 5259

i don't plan on doing it but i've always wanted to consume small doses of poisons, chemical substances etc. not enough to kill me but enough for me to understand what it feels like

Anonymous 5263

As somebody who just started antibiotics, really has been helping regulate that. But I've felt better in general. Worried since I'm on it for acne and it causes yeast infections. But you go anon, nothing better than regular poo schedule and regular sleep.


crystal dream diary. Anonymous 3081[Reply]

whenever you remember a dream, log it here.

picture used is tako otoko from yume 2kki.
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Anonymous 5216

does anyone remember fandom!secrets… i had a dream i was browsing it. all of the fandoms were made up but the secrets were extremely detailed and i was having a blast reading through them. some of the fandoms:
>a new sherlock holmes book series (there are a lot of series like this, since sherlock holmes is public domain)
a lot of people were enjoying the series because the mysteries were dense and interesting, and it was a refreshingly historically accurate depiction of the victorian era. at the same time, some people were upset because the characterization of holmes was oddly mean/cruel. some people thought he actually came off as a villain.
>a video game centered around an owl character
to be honest i skimmed over these ones but the art was really cute, it looked like a professor layton-esque puzzle game but with animal characters.
>a harry potter mmporg video game that took place before the statue of secrecy
people could play as wizards and witches in ancient garb, engaging in battles and inventing new spells and potions along the way. a lot of the secrets involved people's attitude towards jkr and wondering if zoomer's attitude towards hp was unfairly turning people away from a great gaming experience. a lot of people were afraid to admit how much they loved the video game in their fandom circles. (to be honest the game looked crazy cool, i wish it was real so i could play it.)

Anonymous 5217

>a new sherlock holmes book series (there are a lot of series like this, since sherlock holmes is public domain)
>a lot of people were enjoying the series because the mysteries were dense and interesting, and it was a refreshingly historically accurate depiction of the victorian era. at the same time, some people were upset because the characterization of holmes was oddly mean/cruel. some people thought he actually came off as a villain.
This actually sounds like a good read.

>a lot of the secrets involved people's attitude towards jkr and wondering if zoomer's attitude towards hp was unfairly turning people away from a great gaming experience.

FS is still up and sadly very woke these days. They would probably hate any new JKR related thing.

Anonymous 5248

i’ve started opening the voice memos app as soon as i wake up to record everything i can remember because i heard it can help with learning to lucid dream. here’s some of my favorites:
>my sister and i randomly met eminem. we confronted him about using footage of our dead mother in an anti-drug psa he made. he started crying and told us he only did it because he relates to her so much.
>i went to a meeting for the improv club i’m part of and in one of the games, i was told to play an asian woman who just got cheated on. i don’t think they would like that irl but in my dream they loved it so much that they asked to share it on their instagram page.
>my sister and i were hanging out with kurt cobain and decided to go to an aquarium. we saw my grandma smoking a cigarette and when i asked why she was smoking she told me she wasn’t.
>i was hanging out with my ex-best friend and we were looking at each other’s most listened artists on last.fm, my fourth most listened artists was the trolls from that trolls movie that came out in 2016 or something.
>the first one i recorded was about giant rats. i was in my sisters room and suddenly a bunch of HUGE rats started crawling around so i called her to kill them. then i stared at the tv for a minute and realized i was dreaming…but that woke me up.

i wonder if i’ll ever be able to lucid dream. anyone got some tips?

Anonymous 5257

i keep seeing the same street in my dreams that i've never seen in my life

Anonymous 5261

Is it a peaceful place?
I love to revisit dream locations
Why are they exist and how are they planned?
Fascinating how our brains are architecting place we never saw
I love my dream locations more than any real ones. So I think brain makes them to feel itself happier, I guess. Sad thing is I can’t dream them by my own will

Desperte a bruxa e…

Witchcraft General Anonymous 1359[Reply]

Can we start a witchcraft general?

Post witchy photos, media, tips, spells, etc.
Has anyone ever had any spells work?
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Anonymous 5206

So sad this thread is dead.

Anonymous 5207

Anonymous 5208

Anonymous 5213


Imho, I get what type of aesthetic they tried to accomplish but the fake chalices, sword and the greenhouse roses are out of place and make it look cheap, not to mention the cliche black lace. The second video is plain ugly.

Anonymous 5256


I've gotten into 'witchcraft' over the past few years and it has really helped me a lot.
I put it in apostrophes since witchcraft means something different to everyone; what may work for me might not for you.
At first it was a way for me to connect to my deceased mother, who was into all things Wicca, Pagan and so on. I explored these areas to hopes to understand her more.
In that process I was intrigued by the history of it all, the mysteries, but also became closer to nature, more understanding of my emotions, started practicing more self-care and maybe just generally being more aware and grounded.

I do also enjoy the whole stereotypical aesthetic around it as well though, I will not lie, but I think personally it's just very therapeutic. I feel happy and it's nice to see many other women experiencing something similar.


Conspiracy theories Anonymous 386[Reply]

Which ones do you believe in?
111 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4628

My whole child hood my father was convinced that "they" would come back for the Towers. So when 9/11 happened in my freshman year I wasn't surprised. Being fed a conspiracy theory your whole life having it come true and then realizing that no one else saw it coming really messes you up. And no, my dad wasn't on to something he believed in dozens of crazy conspiracies. I had conversations with him about bigfoots lol

Anonymous 4690

Anonymous 4796

It's still fucked up though - there is a reason why they have said that wives should submit to their husbands and love them as they would love lord and not just partners needing to submit to each other and love each other as they would love lord in the first place. And it wasn't in any way "feminist" for that time (like even before xtianity ancient egyptians had a verse about husbands needing to submit to their wives lol), except perhaps for some ancient earthkistan, like the romans, so there is no excuse for that sort of message. I think the fact that the bible had a lot more books that it does now (the most -potentially- misogynistic books were cherrypicked by the church) and also was retranslated a bazillion amount of times could support your notion about it being less misogynistic in the past than it is rn though.

Anonymous 5133

COVID is a psyop and pedophilia is being promoted via mainstream consumerism through the LGBT community. I'm not anti-gay but it's easy to see this abuse with stars like Desmond is Amazing and drag queen story hours. I'm particularly fond of the Deprogarmer on YouTube as she makes informative videos particularly on the sexualization of children. It's easy to see how all similar conspiracy theories relate that aren't absolutely insane when it comes to understanding propaganda and how it's use to control the masses. I'd suggest reading Edward Bernays and researching how his techniques fueled consumerism over the last 100 years. The pedophile ring hits home for me because of personal ties I have to it, nothing more then anyone else whose been victimized by it has though. Rich and powerful people are connected, that much is simple and when you're family becomes involved in ways were people end up dead and you never see or hear from people agajn, it's not that hard to believe that these sorts of things aren't incidents in isolation. Either way, I think it's foolish to say these are conspiracy theories but that's me, I can't convince people of anything, I would hope the curious would look it all of it a bit more though.

Anonymous 5253


Mossad did 9/11

Drag has kinda been coopted for str8 entertainment, I'm not sure how much I'd count it as part of the queer community anymore. All of the trans people I know certainly hate it. I agree with you about covid, though. My town just now ended its mask mandate and I'm so relieved
What do y'all make of the argument that hijab can be empowering in the right context? I definitely think it's worn due to social pressure in the Mideast but in the West it's pretty against the grain. I live in a college town too so standard attire for girls my age is short-shorts and cutoff tees
I mostly just cover everything because it's comfy but I have noticed that it gets me more attention from rednecks and black guys lol. I had a guy try to flirt with me once by talking about how dirty he gets working on cars


Question about Reporting Posts on 4chan Anonymous 736[Reply]

This is a certified idiot question

but is there a way to report posts on 4chan to fbi
7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3997

Yes. Enjoy the comf.

Anonymous 3998

well dang, that's pretty crazy. i might hang around a little bit, but my attention span demands moar so i'll probably keep 4chan tabbed

Anonymous 3999

probably a good time to hang here though, the female thread over there is getting goreposted.

Anonymous 4008

try lolcow.farm , they're more active than here

Anonymous 5252

most western imageboards post-2014 get relatively low traffic compared to how they did when the internet was less centralised


Intrusive and obsessive thoughts Anonymous 5246[Reply]

>be me, 3/10 stinky urbanism nerd
>studying cs in uni, freshman year
>see a beautiful moid with long (like, really long) blonde hair
>he is in my program so we are having lectures together
>no common friends so i don't talk to him and just enjoy his presence
>no stalking or intrusive thoughts
>maybe some staring… and head turning..
>guy suddenly drops out
>experience loss of overall satisfaction
>start obsessing over this guy, he now lives rent free in my head
>all constructive thoughts escape my mind, intellectual productivity drops to 0
>start stalking
>develop ethnic supremacy values
And these thoughts seem to never leave my mind. I would explore philosophical and urbanistic questions before he had left, now all i can think of is blonde supremacy, this sounds so fucking stupid. Why would i become like that? I would still never get a chance with someone like him, first - i am not the most pleasant person both physically and emotionally, second - moids aren't pleasant as well. Is there a way to get this obsession out of my mind? Pic unrelated

Anonymous 5247

Channel this energy into drawing? Draw yourself a beautiful long golden haired male.

Anonymous 5251

based advice. turn the musings into a muse. sculpt, model, dress up characters in games, make up stories and post them anonymously, etc. it is great fun, and if you turn him into a character, he will be a cooler version of that guy.
alternatively, masturbate so much to him that you get bored, it worked for me sometime as i exhausted every fantasy scenario. the best one though is to develop a new crush, one that would get you interested in urbanism or computer science. it could be an attractive teacher, another classmate, or potentially a hot youtuber on this topic. i am not good with forcing crushes but once i am bored of an old one i easily transition to a new crush. i think this dude is just your type and you've discovered this for the first time. i am really into dudes that look like a mexican jesus, so at one point i tried finding models with that style and found some porn list of guys with long hair. i still think that's the hottest look a guy could have and i am kinda ashamed that i am so autistic about a type but if moids can have types for boob and butt size i think this is fine too.

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