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Anonymous 4052[Reply]

umbrella by rihanna is the most satanic pop song of the 21st century, y/n
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Anonymous 4060

>Kinda bug and kinda snack
This refers to the transient nature of the morals of sinners in the physical realm, on one hand every person is born with a beautiful soul and on the other, he can easily become a thing for you to consume.
>Try to catch 'em in your trap
At this point it's revealed that this is sung from Satan's perspective as he walks the Earth and corrupts human souls and recommends his followers to do the same.
>Feed somebody and you'll see we are whatever we eat
Here it's pointed out that as Satan slaughters and corrupts, he too becomes a beast more and more terrible, and likewise the souls he has corrupted will go on to spread sin.
>Find 'em hiding in the sand
A clear message: you can run and you can hide but there's ultimately no escape in the physical realm.
>Come to Snaktooth Island
Satan using his enchanting music to lure you to him.
>and discover its Bugsnax
Further promise of absolute degeneracy to lose yourself in.

Please stay safe, everybody.

Anonymous 4061

This puts a smile on my face.

Anonymous 4113

I guess the satanic paranoia lived past the 90s, kek

Anonymous 4122

The lyrics do not seem satanic to me but more like she is singing about how the commoners should come under her, or the ruling classes, monopoly. Especially with how it mentions the Rockefellers.

Anonymous 4253

this is a promo for the psychological body horror game bugsnax. it is somehow more disturbing than you describe.


Revenge Anonymous 867[Reply]

Fantasizing about getting revenge on someone?
Let it all out.
Need a plan?
Let us help.

Let's get some just desserts.
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Anonymous 4295

Well, obviously you wouldn't be doing this if it didn't benefit you in some way. Any idea of how it's positively affected your ability to live?

Anonymous 4298

Okay, that was bit hard to read, but I think you stated that this feeling helps you focus somewhat and push yourself forward, and obviously that's very useful. Just a question, how meticulously do you clean your living space? How would you describe it, very dirt vs very clean?

Anonymous 4300

I wanted to put together a more holistic picture of your life. You mention
>I make really great strides, I can't deny it.
>REALLY good at dissociating from bad things and turning up all my energy to do something.
is again somewhat vague. It point to some indications of your personality depending on how much you value cleanliness and order around how you live. If your living space is just "normal", then I assume you've made "great strides" elsewhere? In a career perhaps or a hobby? Just trying to figure out where you poor this supposed "energy" into to understand your personality better.

Anonymous 4313

>What does the dirtiness or cleanliness of my house have to do with anything?
It gives me indications of your personality. Having talked to miners on this board that literally have pissjars, there's a obviously a range between living in utter filth and spotlessness that different people inhabit. I wanted to know if I'm talking to someone who is somewhat functioning in modern society, or a NEET recluse, because different people have different patterns of living.
>Why does it suddenly feel like I'm interacting with a moid?
I haven't the foggiest, the question came to my mind and I asked it. I don't know what to do if just asking questions causes this much trouble though.

Anonymous 5128

Yes. Sorry to necro, but I would see my rapist on my uni campus and immediately have such a vivid mental picture of going completely apeshit on him and gouging his eyes out with my thumbs and ripping his throat out with my teeth. After all this I would disembowel him with my bare bands and happily play in the blood and viscera, finally free of this scum.

Yeah, it sounds childish and edgy as fuck, but I sincerely believe I could've summoned the strength to do it in those moments that I saw him around campus living his normal life while he had completely destroyed any chance of normalcy that I had. I never understood the phrase "seeing red* until those occasions. I've also never told anyone about this; the therapist I saw for ptsd said it " was a sign of healing" when I told her I was angry when I saw him as opposed to freezing/vomiting/running or avoiding (previous experiences), lul


Piracy thread Anonymous 3033[Reply]

How do you do, pirates?
Let's talk about piracy a little. A while ago, I uploaded a niche game to nyaa. It got leeched the moment I uploaded, and finished in just an hour. Distributed some 40-45 times really fast. Most leechers were Japanese too, to my surprise.

It was a really obscure game so I wonder if people are just hoarding and archiving everything on nyaa, or if there is actually a demand to pirate that kind of thing. I expected it to sit for months since all the similar things on nyaa are dead and 10 years old.

What about you ladies? Do you hoard? How do you pirate usually? Anything you share or upload?
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Anonymous 3451

bob the cat.jpg

Are you aware of the Great 78 Project? if not, you might appreciate it. basically it's an archive of Shellac rips. lots of fun to be had looking through the thousands of forgotten songs on there

Anonymous 3452

This sounds cool, I'll check it out! Thanks.

Anonymous 5120


How is piracy /x/ related??

Anyways, I used to have accounts on a handful of private trackers for foreign language movies/TV and premium art tutorials, but my interests aren't so obscure anymore which means I can get 99% of what I want from public torrents:
https://searx.be/ > Files
https://kpg.neocities.org/ it's kpop
4chan /t/

For music I use yt-dlp. Any audiophiles reading this I hope you're having an aneurysm.

Anonymous 5124

>Do you hoard?
I hoard art. I'm sitting on 37.2 GB of artwork I've saved for the past two years or so. It's a small collection but I'm proud of it. It's a bit of a cluttered mess but I plan on going through it this weekend and properly sort and organize every artwork. I downloaded Hydrus the other day and will try it out sometime soon (the file and folder system is killing me). I also have a much smaller manga collection in which I only keep my favorites and obscure shit.
>How do you pirate usually?
I usually rip from the scanlators site if it exists. Other than that, archive.org and nyaa are my go-tos.
>Anything you share or upload?
I usually share on various imageboards or Discord.

I'd like to become a proper digital hoarder once I upgrade from my dingy laptop.

Anonymous 5127

The most I've uploaded is a few books on libgen that weren't there before and some ripped CDs that weren't available in flac or 320 online.


Anonymous 4949[Reply]

Urban legends thread.
Post urban legends you know of.

Anonymous 4950

my local battlefield is haunted by a civil war ghost called green eyes
legend says a guy was looking out from a tower in the battlefield, saw green eyes, and was so shocked he fell off the tower and died

Anonymous 4951

Not spooky but a restaurant near me had to close because of an urban legend that they were serving seagulls instead of chicken:


It was really well known at the time and mentioned whenever the place was brought up.

I still ate there and the food was delicious

Anonymous 4952

I knew it had to be a Chinese place

Anonymous 4957


I know about the Mothman

Anonymous 5126

In 2004, user Hasumi made a thread on 2chan asking for help.
Hasumi had taken the night train to come home from work, but she noticed that it was taking too long.
She decided to step out of the train in one of its stops, ending up in Kisaragi's Station.
This place was empty and quiet, and it wasn't supposed to be one of the stops. In fact, it wasn't supposed to exist at all.
She kept in contact with the anons from the thread for a while, exploring the station and trying to find a way out.
But eventually, she stopped answering, only to never be heard of again.


Weirdest people you've met online Anonymous 2178[Reply]

Tell us about them
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Anonymous 4815


afraid i dont really know his real name or where he lives specifically in norway. the only accounts of his i still know of are his steam and discord
i guess i still have part of the conversations to read whenever i want to cringe though

Anonymous 4816

puke emoji.png

peak /pol/cel

Anonymous 5108

i used to go on this cringe anime forum back when i was a kid and i lied about my age and started "dating" this dude i met on there. all we ever did was pm lovey-dovey stuff through the site but then one day he casually mentioned that his cat died and he has to go take care of the corpse. when i asked how it died he said he killed it, and that he's killed several of his own and others' cats before. acted like it was completely normal. don't know if he was trolling or not but psycho moid nonetheless

Anonymous 5118

when i was 11, some 17-year-old goth boy in a group chat would regularly discuss his suicidal ideations and show me his piercing-littered penis. he’s probably in jail for child molestation now

Anonymous 5129

This is so minor compared to a lot of you but it really messed me up as a kid.

I used AIM a lot back when I was like 11 to talk with friends from school and my cousins. Well one of my friends would apparently talk to random men she met on fourms and she gave my screen name to one guy and the conversation he had with me was super creepy. This guy was someone who had lurked on a Harry Potter fourm.

First conversation, 3 messages in, he was desperate to get a picture of me. I was like "I don't have a scanner" (this was before digital cameras became affordable to regular people) and he was like "So? Send me a picture of yourself" (???). He sent me a picture of himself and I was so freaked out that I didn't even look at it much but I remember he was an bald fat dude, probably mid 20s-30s. I don't remember the picture having clothes so it's likely it was a nude but I blocked it out. Also, thanks to my friend, the guy knew my name and the general area where I lived which was so creepy because I have a unique name so it wouldn't be hard to find me.

I blocked him and then he made a new account to message me and I blocked him again and he did it again. Until I changed my screen name it was terrifying to go online knowing this desperate pedo was after me. I was so fucking pissed at my friend. She didn't even see what she did wrong


Manipulation Anonymous 787[Reply]

>What's the most extreme manipulative scheme you've completed?
>How did it affect the people involved?
>Would you do it again?
>Do you feel guilt manipulating people?
>What are your feelings in general regarding manipulation?
>If others were severely harmed in some way because of your manipulation, would that matter to you? Why or why not?
>Have you been manipulated in an as extreme way as you've manipulated others? What happened and how did it affect you?
>Do you take pride in manipulating people?
>Do you feel like emotional abuse is inherently wrong when it is purposefully inflicted? Why or why not?
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Anonymous 5035


Anonymous 5036


Anonymous 5037

You just stole that line from some teen angst drama, what are you though like 24 now??
I thank god everyday I don't feel the kind of desperation necessary to drive me to any of the behavior posted here. It reminds me of having to interact with trailer trash. Just what did your mother do to you to make you so seedy af???? Lmao and I thought my mom was bad. It reminds me of how human beings often add no value to anything, they're kind of just these parasites that suck everything around them dry. Its this kind of thing that gives me so much clarity in daily life. If humanity was wiped out it would be pretty priceless.

Anonymous 5038

Well okay. Half of humanity.

Anonymous 5111

You’re a bad garbage person. Hopefully necked yourself already


Anonymous 5098[Reply]

We live in a world where furries inject their vacine into us. Soon enough anyone that has been vaxxed with the moderna will start to develop furryism symptoms. It first starts with interest in the furry fandom and slowly the pathological thoughts settle in, and the once innocent individual turns into a full blown furry addicted to yiff porn. We live in a dystopia that allows these things to happen. Why? Why must humanity be punished in such a way?
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Anonymous 5102


Anonymous 5103

It all makes more sense now that you realise that there has been an increase in furries during this pandemic. Makes you think.

Anonymous 5104

Good thing I got Pfizer instead. God, I hate furries.

Anonymous 5106

I tried, retard doesn't know how to format tweets in a readable format for shit. I attribute it to autism. Godspeed furry vaccines maker.

Anonymous 5107

What proof is there that this is the guy? Do we even have a human name to go with this?


Anonymous 3581[Reply]

What’s the best way to go about killing yourself?
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Anonymous 5052

Old folks home. Lots of death there.

Anonymous 5067

jump off a large high building or ledge at such a distance up that it will guarantee you won't survive

Anonymous 5079

Not OP, but how do you kill yourself when you are never alone at home? My apartment is very small and there are always multiple family members at home and constantly coming into my room. I guess I could do it at night but I'm worried they might hear and wake up.

Anonymous 5088

not doing it

Anonymous 5089

not worth it anon-chan, 50/50 you'll end up brain damaged. What if the afterlife is worse than this one? ever considered that?


Anonymous 2594[Reply]

Anybody live(d) around paranormal activity?
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Anonymous 5041

My dad's friend Tony lived in a condemned house by the beach that was apparently haunted for a while by a young Victorian girl and even my dad saw her, as well as strangers who came to the house (Tony hosts parties) that didn't even know about the ghost. I wish I could have seen her before Tony's crazy ex-gf apparently chased her away.

Anonymous 5044

Tony hosted parties in a condemned house?

Anonymous 5045

Kek must of had such a rich history

Anonymous 5048

Yeah the deck was at the brink of collapse but the inside was fine, save for the time it caught on fire.

Anonymous 5080

I moved in with my partner after I became pregnant, to his house that his family has owned and lived in since around 1832, and it is absolutely haunted. Childrens' handprints appear on the old woodburning stove during winter. The sound of chopping wood echoes out at night from the stump at the back of the property where his ancestors cut wood and slaughtered animals. Weeds die and shrivel while fruit and vegetables thrive in the plot that used to be their homestead farm. The old bottling pump rises on its own unless there's a cork loaded into it. Dust never settles on the sword that hangs over the old stove. You can hear whispering near the big rain tank that a neighbour boy drowned inside in the 1930's. Melons sudden grew beneath the deck, and his mother told me about how sitting on the deck in summer and eating cold melon then spitting the seeds into the soil was something no one had done since the 60's. Dishes rattle and move if I don't drain and dry them correctly; something his great grandmother, who died in the house, would give swats on the bum with a switch for not doing correctly. If visitors to the house (me included) don't cross themselves at his great grandmother's carving of Christ on the cross outside of what is now a study, you'll feel sudden pricks over your legs and bum, like she's whipping you with her switch still.

He's completely close-minded and just laughs at it, but I think he doesn't notice any of it because of some kind of blood connection, like it's a spiritual security system to drive out people who don't belong there. I just have to wonder if after the baby's born, the house will accept me as part of the family. Until then I have to follow all the house rules to avoid ghostly anger.


Anonymous 856[Reply]

>no monster boys thread up
let's change that
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Anonymous 2137


source: monster porn game called teraurge

Anonymous 4987


Anonymous 5009


Anonymous 5010


Anonymous 5011


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