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Deity devotion Anonymous 3239[Reply]

Thread for women who worship deities from any pantheons (not counting Abrahamic religions)

>Which deity/deities do you worship?

>How and when did you start?
>How is she/he?
>What offerings do you give?
>Do people around you know?
etc etc tell us about them!

Anonymous 3258

I don't worship a particular deity. I'm not sure about her name. It has manifested to me several times wheen I felt anxious or had insomnias. I almost saw it in the back of my vision field, into the darkness of my room. It was a greyish naked woman surrounded with all kind of scary night animal-looking creatures. It was terrifying, and had to turn on the light.

It is simply a force that influences my life, and I decided to submit to it. Freedom has no meaning for me at this point, other than unconditional submission to her will. She grants me drive the drive to learn about what is unseen, might it be forgotten historical events, astroturfing campaigns, social engineering, repressed thoughts. I also create art pieces as offerings.

Anonymous 3339

I’m not sure if it fits the thread but when I was very young, like 5 or 6 years old I was told to go to bed before 9pm. I didn’t question it. Somehow I imagined a pair of creatures that would go from window to window and check if children are sleeping because back then I thought that all the children in the world had to go to bed before 9pm. I imagined them as a pair of imps with wings, I have no idea why. I knew it’s silly, that it’s just my imagination but I always pretended to be asleep after, 9pm just in case.

Later I thought that it’s how religion is made. That there’s probably some mechanism in the brain that makes things up whenever you really want to know something but have no tools to acquire that knowledge. Now I just think it’s some kind of neuroticism.

Anonymous 3630

i can't really name a particular deity or religion i'm attached to but if anything at all, it's the feminine divine, womanhood, femaleness in general i guess.

i started a couple of years ago when i began to read a lot of feminist and radfem theory because i was tired of having to bend over for the dumb liberal "female empowerment" and genderspecial bs. i was """trans""", before then i hadn't realized that being a woman wasn't what made me uncomfortable but the way women are treated, that transitioning wasn't going to solve my issues with being a woman, other peak trans stuff. after snapping myself out of that phase i began to recognize and appreciate being a woman and have since saw femaleness as something sacred and something that i loved deeply. it compels me to be a better person, to protect and help women, to love myself and embrace the way i am

i burn candles, collect figures of female deities, make sigils for myself, that sort of thing. i also try to help and empathize and advocate with other women in any way that i can. no one around me really knows, except one of my friends who practices paganism

Anonymous 3643

Sounds interessting!

Anonymous 3950




Lying online Anonymous 3316[Reply]

Has anyone ever seen someone secretly lying online for no apparent reason?

I don't mean things like photoshopping your instagram pictures or exaggerating on your dating profile. Instead recently I've noticed people posting fake backstories on accounts separate from their real identifies (e.g. reddit or forums). Things like claiming they are experts when they are not, pretending to have been the victim of bullying when they were a bully themselves, or lying about being richer and more important than they really are.

It's not an attempt to hide their real identity as the type of things they post attract more attention than they would get otherwise.

Why do people do this? I could understand if it was linked to their real identity or somewhere dumb like 4chan but why do it in a post no one will see or care about? What do they gain from it?

I honestly find it kind of creepy as I can't understand if they somehow genuinely believe what they are posting or what could motivate them to waste time repeatedly lying with no apparent benefit.

Does anyone here do this? Why?
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Anonymous 3325

Most people aren't particularly good at things they do on impulse like this. If they're doing something like this to create a consistent false identity they're better at it just as a byproduct of the commitment

Anonymous 3327

That's true. I wonder what makes them do it impulsively.

Anonymous 3340

I was a compulsive liar in high school, for me it was a coping mechanism for my depression, I was able to live a different life and be someone else.

Anonymous 3407

My bet is on propaganda, for lack of a better word.

Your opinion is more important in certain places if it comes from certain demographics. So you have places like Reddit where white men are the authority, and SJW circles where disabled PoC trannies dominate. You don't a consistent online identity for that. Maybe one person found your Lamborghini comment on page 30 and thought your opinion is 'valid' because of it, but would have ignored it if you didn't mention the car.

That being said, it's a waste of time, you have to be mentally ill to care about this enough to start lying.

Anonymous 3937

I think the answer to this is compulsive lying. People like that can't help but lie, even if there is no reason to and they have nothing to gain from it. I guess it's hard to make sense of other people's mental problems.


Human Psychology Anonymous 3605[Reply]

Do you guys ever wonder if people are easier to manipulate than you'd originally think?

I keep watching psychology videos (this channel, especially: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYwVxWpjeKFWwu8TML-Te9A) and it makes me think most people probably fall into certain sets of behaviors you can just…recognize, and go from there when interacting with them.

This feels like such a chuuni way to think, though, when I think on it.
5 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3893

it could all very well be, i had no idea interrogation videos like that were obtainable like that, he's got a nice voice

Anonymous 3928

Any good psychology youtubers?

Anonymous 3929

Robert Sapolsky has an entire semester of lectures for free on youtube.
Jordan Peterson lectures are good, the rest is meh.

If you instead mean someone who will give you persuasion techniques, that game is completely filled with PUA. The other people in that game are the business-minded types like Scott Adams.

I for one hate JCS because he seems to be projecting his own view onto the scenario rather than just letting it stand. It's absolutely infuriating trying to observe the flow of a conversation, and having it paused every 10 fucking seconds for him to run his mouth. When he's good he's good, but he seriously needs to figure out when to stop fucking talking sometimes.

Anonymous 3930

>jordan peterson
peterson is an insane quack, sapolsky shills for troonery using crap neuroendocrinological claims. neither have any integrity, both have an agenda that either intentionally or unintentionally seeks to denigrate women through "science". peterson is the bigger quack of the two, however. jbp is a complete clown.

Anonymous 3932

Why is Peterson a clown? I keep digging to find anything he says that denigrates women and I can't seem to find it. I'm told it's there, but I've yet to see it.


Female killers general Anonymous 429[Reply]

11 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3692

Anonymous 3793

the shanda sharer murder, along with junko furuta, are some of the worst, most horrifying cases that still stick out to me because of the prolonged cruelty and torture. the girls were so fucked up and miserable, but what they did to her was so atrocious.

Anonymous 3906

This is way more interesting that mainstream TCC and their idolized criminal moids.

Anonymous 3913

Shand Sharer, haven't heard this one in a while.
>12 when she was murdered
>murderers were girls aged 15 to 17
>tension due to silly relationship drama
>abducted and taken to a castle
>bound in ropes, terrified
>took her Mickey Mouse watch and danced to the music it made
Jesus she was just a kid
>took her from the castle, she begged to go home
>took her bra
>got lost and ended up at a petrol station asking for directions
>drove out to the middle of nowhere
>stripped her naked and beat her
>slammed her face into someones knee until her mouth was torn apart on her braces
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 3915

Damn, this channel does no longer exist.


Dead Internet Theory: Most of the Internet is Fake Anonymous 3648[Reply]

I wonder if some of you here know about this theory. I'd love to know your thoughts. I personally think there's some truth to it. You can read about it here: https://forum.agoraroad.com/index.php?threads/dead-internet-theory-most-of-the-internet-is-fake.3011/

TLDR: Large proportions of the supposedly human-produced content on the internet are actually generated by artificial intelligence networks in conjunction with paid secret media influencers in order to manufacture consumers for an increasing range of newly-normalised cultural products.

Anonymous 3649

Ooo, can you imagine if this was true? Maybe those two weird AI influencers (Micheala and green hair guy) are like shitty glitches in the simulation

Anonymous 3658


Yeah, there is definitely something about 4chan and other, much more obscure websites than the former. Maybe included is this one too given the rise of the fujoshi and femboy lovers and the absolute decline of femcels in the entire Internet in a short amount of time; this being, of course, sort of appearing in the normalfag surface as there was that one tiktok trend on femboys, an overall explosion of women being kpop fans (especially in Latin America), and certain feminist websites having an obsession with cute boys now such as r/FDS, as if there was some kind of motive to make women reproduce out of desperation of the declining birthrates worldwide.
However, some points in that post can be easily argued against like 'algorithmic fiction.'

Like OP in that thread said, it is true that normalfaggotry media is AI generated, which its greatest example is Dead Koontz and Amazon. However, original thought is also alongside the normalfag trash in places where a good degree of intellect is neccesary; an example of such are places like DARPA, the majority of the Internet that is in university campuses, and obscure literary fiction publishers and translations. Especially for the second as a proof, there is a good reason why university library-hosted books in their physical form as so expensive and over 50 bucks. This is because it is made by real people rather than AI, as seen by the difference in prices on genre fiction written by 'writers' sponspored by Amazon originals. This latter point is one of the most concerning for me since this implies that, if we go by this rate, high quality original human thought is going to be more expensive over time. And if we ever want a piece of that, it is very unlikely that you will not get access to it unless you're part of a particular elite.

On another point, we are definitely more advanced than we think, but most content is restricted because it is unknown on what could happen if certain things were released. An example of such an experiment is VR since it is pretty fucking obvious that this has been used for decades:
Yet, it waPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 3659

>fujoshi and femboy lovers
>short amount of time
As in since at least 2009? I started being an online femboy-loving fujo back then and never wanted for content. The idea of tech giants generating Western-made gay Kirby gijinka doujinshi is hilarious though. Personally I think the mainstreaming of anime in the West likely has more to do with it.

Otherwise the theory is kind of interesting. But I still like to think that people are gross and stupid of their own volition.

Anonymous 3889

True that, but it is still a mystery why it became more popular right now. Yet, maybe it will go away eventually unless it could be a trend that stays for a long time in the likes of Doge.


Creepypasta and other scary stories available for online reading. Anonymous 16[Reply]

Borrasca -

A great, atmospheric story. In my opinion, the ending was a bit heavy-handed and relied to much on shock and female torture, but aside from that, it had me hooked.
53 posts and 23 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 1085

Which of the stories are you replying to?

Anonymous 1169


Has anyone watched the now-cancelled Channel Zero on Syfy?
It's a TV show based on creepypastas, one pasta per season.

>Candle Cove

>Nowhere House
>Butcher's Block (originally Search and Rescue Woods)
>The Dream Door (originally Hidden Door)

Anonymous 1338

Anonymous 1339

That was cute. Lizzie got BTFO'd

Anonymous 1527

Hwo to make Jeff the Killer as a clay sculpture: https://youtu.be/pnyb_URzbsA

18204824._SY540_ (…

Teal Swan Anonymous 2153[Reply]

thoughts on Teal Swan?
2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 2165

my ex started getting into her stuff after he broke up with me and somehow he is still alive. dont know much other than that

Anonymous 2171


Anonymous 3629

she makes no sense unless you're already schizo. that being said, she's fun to listen to, but ultimately derivative

Anonymous 3632


I can see the appeal as her voice is nice to listen to, but she convinced people to kill themselves and lied about her past. Also, her artwork is ugly.

Anonymous 3774

she's hot. definitely not someone to follow, though.

Desperte a bruxa e…

Witchcraft General Anonymous 1359[Reply]

Can we start a witchcraft general?

Post witchy photos, media, tips, spells, etc.
Has anyone ever had any spells work?
41 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3441

Not a spell, but you could try leaving some of their favorite beds or toys outside where you last saw them. Hope kitty comes home soon, anon.

Anonymous 3743

Any news?

Anonymous 3752

crossing my fingies it will return or be found

Anonymous 3754

This is going to sound gross but it works. If you take some of their litter and put it near the house if you can it can attract them back. I've done it a few times over the years whenever my cats have gotten out and they have come back

Anonymous 3759


To witch, pagan or neo-pagan anons: how did you find your path? How did you start your reasearch?


Lore General Anonymous 1108[Reply]

Seems like people are compiling an epic tome on Irish lore.
Anyone else have similar databases for other such collections?

Anonymous 1109

Oh shit this makes me so happy. Dúchas is a fantastic website. If you'd like to see some manuscripts, I'd highly recommend ISOS (https://www.isos.dias.ie/) and I used archive.org a lot while studying folklore, it actually has a lot of rare books that I struggled to find in the library. Colleges also have great information online for example:

UCC https://celt.ucc.ie/index.html
UCD https://www.ucd.ie/irishfolklore/en/
TCD https://digitalcollections.tcd.ie/home/

That's all I can think of for now. Might link some relevant books as I find them on archive.org later.

Anonymous 1110

Some of the most popular and oldest Irish myths:

Táin Bó Cúailnge (Queen Medb and Cúchulainn)

The Children of Lir

Deirdre of the Sorrows

Fenian Stories (Oisín, Oscar, Fionn)

More Fenian Stories (This one includes The Salmon of Knowledge)

Anonymous 1163

I love the story of Cu.

Anonymous 3745

Any good book on this subject? I know about Georges Dumézil but he doesn't have any specific book on the celts.


Anonymous 3653[Reply]

have you ever interacted with a ghost? If so please tell!

Anonymous 3656

Yes, and it laughed at me.

Anonymous 3664


Anonymous 3689

I'm sorry I was just remembering a really funny joke I watched you make once

Anonymous 3690

The freakiest early childhood memory I have is me screaming in response to the wailing if a ghost

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