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Real life horror stories Anonymous 2606[Reply]

I noticed we have lot of paranormal spook threads in /b/ right now so let's have a irl spooks thread.

What's the scariest thing to happen to you or people you know that involved real life people or events.

Any people who didn't sit right with you? Any cazy ex boyfriend or girlfriends? Any scary family stories? Share them here!
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Anonymous 2608

Was in Tokyo during the 2011 Fukushima earthquake.

I was breastfeeding my baby when everything started moving. I'm used to earthquakes ( was born in an earthquake-prone country) and by then I've been in Japan for a couple of years so this was just like "oh well, another one". After a little shaking it stopped for some seconds. Then the big one started so I grabbed my kid and darted out of my apartment out to the street. Everybody came out at the same time. I didn't think it was safe to go back home (at least not yet) so I just started walking around the area, (and yes the ground was still shaking a bit). After some minutes of walking and a couple of blocks away I saw a big bunch of people outside of an electronic shop so I went to watch what they were watching. What I saw will forever hunt my mind: live footage of the tsunami just fucking destroying towns and thousands of lives. For , literally, 10 seconds I almost shat myself because I thought this was happening in Yokohama but when I asked someone they told me it was in the Tohoku area. It somehow didn't make me feel better.

For the next few days (and under a nation-wide warning that stated that an even bigger earthquake was expected soon) I couldnt sleep at all. There were many smaller earthquakes here and there, and the tv would give its warning about one coming many times a day. (same with the phone warnings).

I still get a little anxiety when I hear the "earthquake coming" sound.

Unfortunately the "earthquake cycle" (or wharever its called) and predictions state that a BIG one is going to happen in Tokyo "soon", since its way over due.

Anonymous 2609

When I was younger (probably around 9 or 10) I had gone to the beach with my family and some family friends, and it was a semi-secluded beach out in the countryside with nearly no one there. It was really relaxing and calm and everyone was kind of taking it easy. As the day went on me and a couple of people started swimming a bit farther back not realizing the tide was coming in as well as the fact that there was a rip current in the area. Slowly these massive (and I mean massive, it was a surfer beach) waves started crashing down and while two of the people were strong enough to break out of the current and swim to shore myself and one other person weren't and we kept getting hit with waves and pushed out further into the ocean. No one could hear us screaming either since we were so far back. Eventually the two people who were strong swimmers got to shore and got people's attention and two surfers who were there got on their boards and swam out to get us. My friend had fainted at one point and I was shaking like crazy when we got to shore. My mom was in hysterics as well.

You know that feeling your skin has when you sit on the banks of the ocean and leave where you can almost still feel the waves hitting your skin? That sensation didn't go away for like three days.

It isn't spooky or anything like that, but it really fucked me up with the ocean and now I don't go near the beach when there are waves, lol.

Anonymous 2610

I survived an an attempted terrorist attack but now I have mad PTSD from it and I feel like people don't believe me outside of my family so I just have to suffer in silence when friends suggest public transport to me.

Anonymous 2611

That's so awful, anon. It's one of my biggest fears. What happened, if you don't mind talking about it?

Anonymous 2612

>>2611 the TLDR is a crazy extremist tried to blow up the train I was on, whilst simultaneously playing weird footage at me. I left at the first available stop screaming down the platform and the police took me home and updated me on the mans arrest etc later. They told me he was a "big deal" in such circles which fucked me up more tbh.

This makes me sound like a crazy person but I don't want to go into too much detail because I convince myself sometimes the evil group who cannot be named will come and get me if I talk about it publicly.

death valley.jpeg

"The Death Valley Germans" Anonymous 1042[Reply]

German tourist family disappears in the Death Valley. Random guy starts a blog while he tries to investigate what happened to these people and at the end he found out exactly what happened. This is his blog http://www.otherhand.org/home-page/search-and-rescue/the-hunt-for-the-death-valley-germans/ and I 10000000% recommend reading everything. It was an amazing investigative work from this guy.

Anonymous 1356

Thanks for posting this. I grew up close to Death Valley, and this story gives me a mixture of nostalgia and envy. One must love a good mystery.

Anonymous 4351

Old ass necrobump but this was an interesting read!

Anonymous 4416

I like to see when someone is reading years-old archives. Cheers!

Anonymous 4418

good find anon, it was an interesting story


Have you ever felt like you had no personality, no consciousness, that you were just... Blank? Anonymous 3228[Reply]

I'll start. I have felt like I am not real on several occasions. Most recently, right now as I'm typing this. Has any anon felt this way?
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Anonymous 3405

Yeah but it only happens when I'm either really tired or angry/stressed/depressed.

Anonymous 3406

Same, I think it's normal and healthy to not obsess over "who you are" when you're not around other people, as well as to have different "egos" that you present to different groups of people.

Anonymous 4332


Anonymous 4341

i just feel really fucking bland, nothing redeeming of me and i just feel like bore the shit out of people, and sometimes i’m just sitting there like i’m a blank slate who just listens to other people’s conversations

Anonymous 4363

I feel like I have no personality, but I'm self-aware. I can feel my personality starting to shift the longer I spend with others, even if I don't want it to. I feel like a sponge that can't help but soak up other people's selves, and the only way to avoid it is to isolate myself.

too pretty for pri…

What are your thoughts on the Cameron Herrin case? Anonymous 4252[Reply]

Is it possible to be "too pretty for prison"? For those who don't know, here are two youtube vids to fill you in.


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Anonymous 4319

armpit skin too da…

This is you.

Anonymous 4321


>man crushes mother and toddler child to death with his car he got from his rich daddy while illegal street racing
>normies want to release him because he's "so cute"
Do normoids even possess self-awareness? Fucking hell, i hate these people so so much.

Anonymous 4323


It’s just so tiresome. Why can’t normies stop simping for murderers. We’ve seen it dozens of times already

Anonymous 4327

Screw that, I sure as hell do not know these people. What I am well acquainted with is moids who derangedly loved american history x, so as far as I'm aware, the way that people normally think of a guy being too pretty for prison is in the sense that he seriously fucked up by ending up there and should have been aware that crime-options are a privilege that he had ended up exempt from.

Anonymous 4334

Most women are disgusted by serial killers The fuck are you talking about lmao.

And everyone is so quick to point these weirdos out but not the abundance of men who fap to violent porn


Fake internet deaths Anonymous 819[Reply]

Let's talk about people who fake deaths online, either elaborate stories about people close to them or their own death or suicide.
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Anonymous 1388

i've known someone who killed himself. And i honestly pray for this to be fake. It would be so much less burden on my heart to know if this person faked it all. I wonder if anyone is going through something similar.

Anonymous 1394

I am :(

Anonymous 1395

how long has this person been dead for you? for me it has been 2 years. And i still get dreams where he might have faked it all, and that one dya i just randomly meet him on the street.



I followed prettylittleliar’s thread with regards to Plaaastic’s (real name Nhi) death before it was inactive. There was this screenshot. According to this facebook post in Vietnamese, it translate:
Sad news:
Our daughter and sister, Le Tran Mai Nhi, born in 1994, has left this world on 15/12/2018.
The funeral will be held from 11:00 to th 13:00, Wednesday, date 19/12/2018, at funeral home of Bach Mai hospital. She will lay to rest at Hoan Vu - Van Dien - Ha Noi.
Reported by eldest son, Le Vu Long, on behalf of the family.

We can learn from this post that:
1. Nhi has really passed away
2. Who her family members are

- Lê Vũ Long is her elder half brother who brought her on his dance tour, you can google and find out who he is. He also acts, just like their father.
- Her father who she mentioned was famous in her book is Dũng Nhi (can google him too), an actor in Vietnam, while her mother is Bình Nhi

Her mother’s facebook:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 4320

I actually did it once, not really that interesting, though. When I was 17 there was a guy I was talking to and I felt like he was manipulating me so I said I was going to kill myself and it was his fault. The next day I pretended to be my mom and somehow he believed that I was actually dead.


Psychic Links Anonymous 4232[Reply]

Do you believe in them?
I truly do believe I have one with this somewhat obscure celebrity I've been a fan of. Frequently she makes posts that match what I am thinking of at the time and sometimes I think things that don't match my current mood at the time, and I've been wondering if it could be her thoughts getting inserted into my mind.
Expecting to be called a schizo for this post to be honest but I don't believe I am.
I don't plan to pursue a relationship with her or anything because I am fully aware of the fact I'm weird and creepy.
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Anonymous 4243

Kind of, yes. My boyfriend is deeply connected to me, we understand each other and know what we are thinking like I am a part of him and I his. Our personalities match impeccably. This is the biggest reason I will marry him. Aside from all our thoughts and ideas matching in some way, we also have the tendency to appear exactly when the other one is just done with work or business, like "I was just about to call you!" but happens a lot more often with us.

I don't think it's magical, but it does feel very divine and deep.

Anonymous 4245

i think it makes more sense if it's someone you don't know. if it's someone you're close with then it's just… being close with them. knowing what someone's thinking is hardly impressive when you've had years upon years of interactions to learn their thought patterns lmao. i suppose that also applies if the celeb op's thoughts match is someone she's been following for a while

Anonymous 4248

I did not know my boyfriend for years when that happened. I became his girlfriend because we had that kind of connection immediately, before prior contact or experience. I hardly knew him for a month when I decided that.

Anonymous 4314

ugh i feel like i have one with my cyber stalker. she's a girl but she always changes her bio/posts things that I was literally thinking. stuff I don't even have in my notes app (thought i was hacked for some time). it's so weird. but she hates me, never wanted to actually be my friend just actually BE me. hope that makes sense bc it does freak me out (been ongoing for years)

Anonymous 4315

>it's so weird. but she hates me, never wanted to actually be my friend just actually BE me. hope that makes sense bc it does freak me out (been ongoing for years)
Oh yeah, there's an entire thread devoted to this on this board.


Does anyone else wish magic was real and or to be a magical girl? Anonymous 2224[Reply]

For me its a bit of a chunni rant. I hate this world simply because magic isnt real. I dont mean as in wicca/pagan. I mean more of magic as in the showy magic in anime and games. The stuff that defies science and controls nature or just is pure energy.

Even though as I get older theres still a part of me that wants to be a magical girl.
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Anonymous 3949

Based and witchpilled

Anonymous 3962


Magic is real.

Anonymous 4116



Anonymous 4128


Should we start a coven?

Anonymous 4140

I still wish it was real. Wanted it to be real so badly as a kid and in my teenage years, especially when I started getting into anime and books about magic.


Weird and creepy buildings Anonymous 185[Reply]

Let's start with some Stalenhag
20 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 1506


Some of these are really good o_o

Anonymous 1552


in my city someone built a cathedral of junk in their backyard, my friends think it’s creepy to look at but I think it’s rly cool, my bf and I were going to visit it before quarantine :T

Anonymous 1553

this one looks so wild how much does rent cost here, SO big if true

Anonymous 1556


That's genuinely cool and I'd love to go there. It reminds me of the City Museum in Missouri, USA, an interactive 10-story museum which was built in an abandoned shoe factory.

Anonymous 4109



Subliminal Audio Thread Anonymous 3279[Reply]

Anyone listen to subliminals? They seem to mostly be popular with women so I thought I'd start a thread here. I've started listening to a few but haven't seen results yet. I have them organized in a playlist that I listen to whenever I'm using the computer.

Some of the before/after photos seem faked but many of them seem legitimate as well. What do you guys think? Have you personally tried them?
4 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3287

I tried once and I don't think it did anything.
The fact that it's such a new thing makes it sus too. If subliminals worked, wouldn't they have existed in some way or form before the internet?

Anonymous 3300

It works like any other placebo, but it doesn't work to change your facial bone structure or for any drastic physical changes.

Anonymous 3349

starting to think the biggest problem with subliminals is that they're almost always geared toward changing the appearance. I'm still not sure if that's truly possible but I do believe in reprogramming the subconscious. basically you can change your thought patterns so much you truly believe that you're beautiful/confident/etc. and it becomes true. also trying to get in tune with my "divine feminine" through this process. whatever that means.
meditation, journaling, prayer, and daily positive affirmations seem to be more effective than listening to audio recordings.

Anonymous 3401

This was the last subliminal I watched. I think it worked a little but only temporarily.

I think it makes sense that they could change your mental state with subconscious messaging, but physical? Definitely not. The changes would have to be perceived by your brain washed mind, so it's still not really physical.

Also I'm not sure if it's a bit sussy to use LOA if you're religious

Anonymous 4043

they were used in brainwashing i think? and apparently michael jackson and prince used their own as well


Human Psychology Anonymous 3605[Reply]

Do you guys ever wonder if people are easier to manipulate than you'd originally think?

I keep watching psychology videos (this channel, especially: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYwVxWpjeKFWwu8TML-Te9A) and it makes me think most people probably fall into certain sets of behaviors you can just…recognize, and go from there when interacting with them.

This feels like such a chuuni way to think, though, when I think on it.
5 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3893

it could all very well be, i had no idea interrogation videos like that were obtainable like that, he's got a nice voice

Anonymous 3928

Any good psychology youtubers?

Anonymous 3929

Robert Sapolsky has an entire semester of lectures for free on youtube.
Jordan Peterson lectures are good, the rest is meh.

If you instead mean someone who will give you persuasion techniques, that game is completely filled with PUA. The other people in that game are the business-minded types like Scott Adams.

I for one hate JCS because he seems to be projecting his own view onto the scenario rather than just letting it stand. It's absolutely infuriating trying to observe the flow of a conversation, and having it paused every 10 fucking seconds for him to run his mouth. When he's good he's good, but he seriously needs to figure out when to stop fucking talking sometimes.

Anonymous 3930

>jordan peterson
peterson is an insane quack, sapolsky shills for troonery using crap neuroendocrinological claims. neither have any integrity, both have an agenda that either intentionally or unintentionally seeks to denigrate women through "science". peterson is the bigger quack of the two, however. jbp is a complete clown.

Anonymous 3932

Why is Peterson a clown? I keep digging to find anything he says that denigrates women and I can't seem to find it. I'm told it's there, but I've yet to see it.

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