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The belief that when someones dies they "go to a better place" Anonymous 5728[Reply]

So this has been on my mind for weeks now, and I'm wondering what exactly the implications for this saying is. For religious people especially, there's the notion that when someone dies they go to heaven where everything is better and there's no more pain. Even some non-religious people have this idea that you at least gain a sense of peace and "ascend" to a higher, better place. And I've just been wondering, if such a god or creator or whatever exists, why the hell did they make Earth rife with suffering that only through death can you be at peace? Like what about the rest of us living people, do we not deserve happiness too? Why do we have to die in order to go to this so called better place?
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Anonymous 5783

If you're talking about suffering inflicted by other people, God gave us freewill to do what we chose, so people have the option to inflict suffering if they want. Evil is the absence of good.

Anonymous 5784

I’m not ignoring it kek it was just not part of OP’s question so i was addressing the better place part. I don’t really care for mischaracterization so i lump all these religions together because at their core, all of them are about control power and faggotry among other things.

Anonymous 5992

OP here, there have been some interesting replies, and I just wanted to add that I'm not sure what's more frightening, the prospect of there being some kind of an afterlife, or there being absolute nothingness. I think for people who feel comfort at the idea that after death there is nothing and they'll be freed from existence, an afterlife sounds like torture. Also, if there were to be some kind of eternal, blissful paradise after we die, I'd actually feel really angry, because why the hell has this paradise not been here in the first place for us back down on Earth? Why all the needless suffering and pain, if such a great perfect place existed and we haven't been able to get to it, only through death where we leave our loved ones? That actually sounds pretty cruel. I'm surprised that people don't realise what this entails, if they believe in an afterlife, that we were stuck on this torturous planet for millions of years, and they feel happy that well at least there's some peace when we die. I'd be furious if that was the case. Stuff like this makes me wonder if we're really not supposed to be here, that our life on Earth was kinda a mistake. I mean we know reality is an illusion to some extent. It's upsetting and disturbing to me that we can't achieve peace on this planet, that only through hope that there's something better when we die brings relief to us. When people say "at least they've moved on to a better place" when someone dies, that seems to me like a crack in the facade so to say, that life is good here and we're glad to be alive - otherwise why would we need to talk about this "better place"?

God I'm so sorry for this long ass rambling post lol. I go into rabbit holes when I think about this topic

Anonymous 5996

Because back when these beliefs became super popular people lived awful, painful lives, especially the poor. Poor people were the most religious for a reason, they thought if they acted stoic and did the work they were meant to do and faced abuse from daily living that they would someday be saved and go on to live a beautiful, painless life.
It was probably also a way to cope with death that was all around you, watching your infants/toddlers die when you hoped they'd survive, watching parents and siblings die, your loved ones, etc. Hoping that they didn't suffer for nothing.
It is an interesting question; why does God make us suffer? People have interpreted it as being a test of fortitude, I guess. It's a way of coping. The real answer is this is all a way to cope with death, as experiencing death is traumatizing. Watching people get sick and waste away, when people die of sudden horrible accidents, watching poor drunkards die in the streets, the outskirts of your village a battlefield for land skirmishes, etc. It's just a coping mechanism.

Anonymous 5998

>Life is hell, designed to forge your soul for your own version of heaven
My only concern with this model of heaven is that when a finite test determines an infinity, it seems incredibly unfair. It's worse than taking a test that's a millisecond and accidentally blinking and then being punished for billions of years. I just hope the afterlife allows for additional opportunities for growth and reconciliation if there are 'layers', as most religions seem to understand it.
>Much like the US justice system


Anonymous 4376[Reply]

Any good books about witchcraft and occultism? And something in the spirit of Pseudomonarchia Daemonum?
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Anonymous 5570


Anonymous 5576

The Kybalion

Anonymous 5919


I'm not as much of a huge occult fag as I used to be, but I've read a couple of books about blood sorcery which were kind of interesting in their theories. https://archive.org/details/copy-of-enochian-vision-magick-lon-milo-duquette/BLOODM/page/113/mode/2up

I pretty much abandoned hope in getting any sort of power through magickal means to favor a more agnostic worldview; constantly reading about disciplines and what makes a good occultist is all just adding your own structure or form into something as formless as energy. Reading about satanism made me realize how corny and moid dominated most of it is anyways.

Anonymous 5979


If anyone is interested in dianic witchcraft here's The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries: Feminist Witchcraft, Goddess Rituals, Spellcasting. I'm almost finishing it and I'm finding it excellent.

Anonymous 5980

Just chant zin uru over and over again lol


Anonymous 5763[Reply]

Selenite makes my hands dry out when I touch it. Is this normal?

Anonymous 5766

why are you touching it with wet hands

Anonymous 5884

How much do you touch selenite with wet hands for you to notice this? This is oddly specific

Anonymous 5941

Another stupid lame thread


Dead Internet Theory: Most of the Internet is Fake Anonymous 3648[Reply]

I wonder if some of you here know about this theory. I'd love to know your thoughts. I personally think there's some truth to it. You can read about it here: https://forum.agoraroad.com/index.php?threads/dead-internet-theory-most-of-the-internet-is-fake.3011/

TLDR: Large proportions of the supposedly human-produced content on the internet are actually generated by artificial intelligence networks in conjunction with paid secret media influencers in order to manufacture consumers for an increasing range of newly-normalised cultural products.
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Anonymous 5834

I am skeptical of the idea that it happened years ago, I think we are actively in the transition right now. In 5 years it will basically be solidified and the internet will be a whole different animal.

Anonymous 5841


Anonymous 5853

I think there’s a strong chance it’s real. Just breaking down some facts:
>10% of users make 90% of original tweets on Twitter
>Even Tumblr had a Russian and porn bot problem back in 2014.
>we know Facebook has a bot problem
>everyone left and right spent millions siding with Depp
>Katylin Tiffany the resident retard at the Atlantic wrote an article on how it’s totally not true, that other retard reporters are quoting as their source. Tiffany’s other works include how femcels are totally real and just as dangerous as incel men, and things like the child sex trade totally aren’t real.
I could see off the top of my head those things giving it weight.

stole this from LC bc it's better at listing it than i was

Anonymous 5858


studies have shown that at least 1/5 of all posts made on major social media platforms are made by bots

there's almost no point of going on facebook or twitter because it's all bots. reddit is the same but worse due to the karma system, if it's not a bot it's a corporate shill

Anonymous 5869

>Katylin Tiffany


Anonymous 2679[Reply]

Do you think Epstein was whacked or that he faked his death?
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Anonymous 5861

Who are you?

Anonymous 5862

>That level of society protects its own.

Anonymous 5863

Creepy male agents whose job is intelligence assigned to the 4chan disinformation copy paste, this dead fake site as well

Anonymous 5866


cc moves slow as a glacier, why not bump old threads? topic is still relevant and i thought it would be fun to discuss since it's been so long

are we really gonna pretend like elite men don't look out for each other? we literally live in a patriarchy. we know low-ranking moids will band together to cover each other, why would the ones with power be any different?

the body they dragged out there doesn't even look that much like Epstein, it was such a low effort fake

these responses are silly as shit

Anonymous 5867

"elite" (barf) moids only give a shit about other "elite" moids when they benefit from them in some way. if they're a liability or could potentially blackmail them, they'll be the first to stab each other in the back, or tie the noose, as in the case of epstein. males are psychopathic bio-robots who don't give a shit about anyone but themselves, and rich ones are no exception.


Anonymous 4903[Reply]

How does my cat know when I'm about to give her medicine? I give it to her 2 times a day and every time when I have the intention to get the medicine she BOLTS outta there. I put the medicine in various places around the house so it's not like there's one place that represents the meds to her.
I have been very attached to her psychically since her birth 14 years ago, she is my baby and I love her. Is she reading my mind?

Anonymous 4904

It's because you're doing it twice a day every day you tard

Anonymous 5816

cats just read intentions. like legit there's no second take

Anonymous 5831

People think animals are dumber than they are sometimes lol. Cats have a sense of time too, I'm sure she knows because you do it at the same time every day

Left hand.jpg

Fantasies Anonymous 2695[Reply]

Anybody else have weird fantasies or urges? Not necessarily sexual things, just strange. For instance, I sometimes spend hours daydreaming about cutting my left hand off, imagining all the blood pouring out my stubby wrist and such. Of course that's a terrible idea and it'd make my life so difficult, not to mention it would be extremely painful for me.
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Anonymous 5796


Don't cut off your fap hand anon.
But if you do….stuff the stump in your pewp chute and show off your new found party trick!
You could say you hand got lost in your fart box just to see the disbelief on all the faces at your birthday party!

>Anon, don't cut your hand off. <It's harder to punch someone with a nub and get taken srsly

Pic loosely related

Anonymous 5797

I had countless fantasies over the years, from childhood pretending im in my favorite anime or in neverland with peter pan, or pretending that i’m a whatever profession i’m fascinated with that day who hangs out with real internet famous people that id crush on of wanna be friends with lol. This all overlapped with my maladaptive daydreams too. But idk they calmed down lately, i don’t fantasize because my depression really grounded me in reality when i became an adult. I still have the occasional mini fantasies where i’m in a huge circle of faceless random friends having fun or doing my dream job. Little things like that that align with reality and my goals

Anonymous 5808

sometimes I want to put a vacuum cleaner tube on my belly (in my gut) and turn it on. suck all the shit and stuff

Anonymous 5825

When I'm sick, I imagine myself being able to make my hand intangible and reach inside my own body to grab whatever is making me feel bad and dispose of it.
But my super chuuni thoughts are the most dominant. I imagine being a powerful witch who can command demons and use magic weapons to fight monsters. Then I imagine said monsters invading the world and having to save the day. Then I'd do shit like start an idol career as the magical witch who saved the planet.
Oh, and I also imagine turning into a kitten and being adopted by someone I like.

Anonymous 5826

I have super chuuni thoughts but I'm too embarrassed to even type them out.


Tech Paranoia Anonymous 5369[Reply]

It probably seems hypocritical but I’m someone who is online nearly 24/7 but extremely paranoid about things such as online tracking, social media using my data, etc. I only have Discord because all my friends do but I fucking hate it because there’s practically no privacy. I want to get more secure and private online but I don’t know where to start. Are college classes good at all or run by feds?
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Anonymous 5604

reading through this thread and reading the guides… im having trouble even understanding the basics of this stuff. how do i know these guides are legit when i don't have tech smarts? where do i even start? there's so much i would have to change, my browser, my computer os, my chat client, my email. im curious but so overwhelmed, i dont know how you guys know so much about computers and computer privacy.

Anonymous 5646

If you're using consumer VPN I'd bet a lot of money on it being a honeypot. Especially the ones with suspiciously large amounts of budgeted ad-time. Good for hiding from your ISP and nothing else.
The low effort solution to data privacy is to just not use the internet for anything private. Having a low profile is a better defense than high profile + loads of security effort. Don't use socmedia & don't download anything off of the internet and you're less at-risk than most of us.
Hardware-level backdoor in over the counter phones regardless of make. Manufacturers were quietly began to install after the FBI got demickey so don't put anything important / illegal on a smart phone. Not sure why you'd want to anyhow.

Anonymous 5785

It's an issue if you're wanted for a crime, but for general privacy, it's a good help. Google won't subpoena your logs to get ad data.
Discord kind of worries me: no privacy at all, they own anything posted.

Anonymous 5787

I used to be tech paranoid before but honestly i don’t see a point in that anymore. We’re all fucked so who gives a shit? Everyone allows access to their locations and their data and everything. Millions of people. I am not paranoid about it anymore. Honestly the way i look at tech paranoia is either someone who is genuinely paranoid which is someone i’d rather avoid or a criminal that i would also rather avoid. This is the new world order, s. Embrace it 666

Anonymous 5875

this is exactly where I'm at as well


Share an unexplained/supernatural/weird experience you had Anonymous 5751[Reply]

Hey nonas, I thought it might be cool to share a supernatural/otherworldly/unexplained experience you had. Even if someone is a skeptic on the paranormal I feel like everyone has a story or two.

I'll share one.

>be me, always like tarot cards but more in a scientific way of it being helpful to use them to look at a problem from a different perspective

>kind of get into paganism, fall down deep into mystery schools/esotericism but as a skeptic
>go off on a rant where I get frustrated and say that I think that following pagan gods/magic is just like worshiping the Lord of the Rings characters
>toss my tarot cards face down on the floor and shuffle them all over the carpet asking for a sign if there is a higher power like a literal child
>focus really hard and pull three cards from random spots that "feel right"
>lay them out and flip them one by one
>every flip is a blank fucking card, all 3 of them in the deck of like 60 cards all randomly splayed out over the carpet

whole thing freaked me out- what are the odds?

Anonymous 5752


>what are the odds?
summoning a maths anon to calculate the odds

Anonymous 5753

genuinely curious if someone can calculate the odds for me (i am math retarded), for more info it was a deck of 69 mixed cards (of course it has to be that number what a cosmic joke), 3 of which were blank. and they were all shuffled by being spread around on the floor and the cards were plucked randomly from the mess, not rounded up and picked in order.

Anonymous 5754


The probability that the first flipped card is blank is 3/69. The next one would be 2/68, and then the last one would be 1/67. Multiplying those together we get 0.000019, so a 0.0019% percent or 1 out of 524 chance of that happening. I think that's equivalent to calling 15 or 16 coin flips in a row. Spooky stuff nona.

I can't really think of any unexplained experiences I've had. It makes me feel boring because I've loved reading and listening to ghost stories since I was young. But it's probably for the best since I can get really affected by horror movies to the point where I'll be unable to sleep because of a noise I heard in the hall, or I'll start imagining seeing people in the corner of my eye while I live alone. I can't imagine how I'd cope with something truly unexplainable. I guess the most otherworldly thing I've experienced is sleep paralysis accompanied by visions of shadow people. It happened first when I was quite young, but also again recently. The shadow people just stand and watch me, which is freaky, but I've heard of people experiencing visions of them walking through walls or pushing down hard on their chest while they're in bed.

Anonymous 5756


bless your math skills nona
That is an even lower chance than I thought it would be, that just makes the whole thing weirder.

I'm the same with horror movies/scary stories- I'll listen to true crime for a day while working and feel eyes on the back of my head all night.

Sleep paralysis is a valid experience, I find it very strange that it tends to be similar for different people. I've had several sleep paralysis episodes, memorable few include one where I was being spooned by a scaly creature and another where my eyes were closed but someone was revving a chainsaw in my ear. The spooning one was nice though tbh. Also had the ol shadow person in the corner of the room one like you. I totally get how the people of olde used to think it was alien abduction.


How to manifest money/ a job Anonymous 5649[Reply]

I am really stressed about my financial situation and have been for a while. I am 10k in debt, not counting my car. I am tired and working two minimum wage jobs. Have any of you manifested money or a high salary job. I've been trying for months with no success. I am appreciative of every moment, but it gets hard sometimes. Abhram Hicks doesn't work for me.
9 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 5669

OP, here is the proper way to manifest things:

1. Make a clear list of things you want. They can be big and small things, such as winning the lottery and getting a promotion at work.
2. Make a mood wall in your bedroom. Something you will see everyday. Put up photos and text that will remind you of your goals. Every time you think of a new goal, add it to the board.
3. Look out for ways to make your goals come true. For example, you can’t get a promotion if you don’t work extra hard at work. You can’t win the lottery if you never play. Obviously don’t push yourself too hard or spend all your money on lottery tickets.
4. For bigger goals, such as a higher paid job, break it down into smaller steps and manifest each of them. For example, if you want to become a nurse, first you would need the right high school qualifications, then get accepted to university, then find a scholarship or loan, then graduate, then get a job.

Manifesting isn’t about making wishes, it’s about keeping your goals at the front of your mind and grabbing any small opportunity that comes along.

Anonymous 5679

That's not magic at all!
That's just setting boring old goals and working towards them…

Anonymous 5680

I've worked at a few and I liked them so much better my god. You also get paid more.

Anonymous 5681

That’s what manifesting is. The book “The Secret” is basically that and it’s the most famous manifesting book there is.

Anonymous 5718

Get some career manifestation crystals (citrine, pyrite). I'm not saying they would instantly change your life but believing my life can be better-with these crystals reminding me on day to day basis, they can help you achieve your goals. You might also incorporate negative energy blockers as you might have been shadowed by curses, intentional or not. Manifestation can go simply from having a board full of your goals and writing them down to praying and acting on your goals slowly yourself. Set them in realistic setting too. Do them one at a time. Good luck to you anon.

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