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Zodiac Signs Anonymous 2895[Reply]

What are your signs, miners?

I’m a Pisces…
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Anonymous 6842


i once asked my friend to analyze my chart but she said my chart is weird and difficult so what was that supposed to mean i understand none of this shit

Anonymous 6847

Why did she think its weird?

Anonymous 6856


I'm gemini!

Anonymous 6859

that't the thing i have no idea why

Anonymous 6860

Its a pretty good chart, lots of harmony between planets. Seem like you need a hug though a blanket and a warm drink


How do I ruin this person's life? Anonymous 6669[Reply]

A year ago, a monster raped my friend. He's never been punished and continues living like nothing happened.

I have this animal's full name, city of residence, phone number, email, some social media accounts, the names/accounts of his parents and some other family members.

What can I do with this info? He needs to suffer.
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Anonymous 6806

i love this idea but it can get op in legal trouble unfortunately
why not help your friend go to the police about this? he deserves to pay for what be's done and theres no better way than to male the truth come afloat

Anonymous 6846

I think the legal trouble could be avoided by just making it hard to identify you. If it's a non dynamic website, as in you just info dump once and never update it, and don't have a scriptable web server, and don't enable javascript, and go through the DNM onion service hardening guide you should be able to do it anonymously. Make sure you do this through a secure line that does not have any connection to your finances or name. Buy a cheap VPN, then work at a coffee shop with no cameras. Nuke your device of any evidence once it's uploaded, and if you can, just forget about it. Connecting to the website itself can even be a breadcrumb to de-anonymize you.

Anonymous 6852

everyone will have to answer for their actions one day

Anonymous 6854

Anonymous 6857

Wishful thinking


coffee message Anonymous 6797[Reply]

this symbol appeared in my coffee… what could it mean?
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Anonymous 6801

Yup, it's telling you to duck, OP. Hopefully this message reached you in time

Anonymous 6804

Anonymous 6812

Turn the coffee around? Are you sure this is the right direction the symbol should be facing? If it really is a flamingo, look up flamingo symbolism

Anonymous 6815

It means you will die in 5 days

Anonymous 6851

Rip op, it was too late.


Anonymous 3581[Reply]

What’s the best way to go about killing yourself?
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Anonymous 6697

Everyone in this thread is a such fag with this "simPly LIVE uNtil deaTH yoUNG lADY" that don't answer anon question at all and is not gonna help. Yall looks like these guys that think the best way to prevent drug addicts is telling kids to never use any type of drugs because all of them are EVIL DEMONIAC. That type of action is not helping anyone, these kids are still going to use drugs but more dangerous ones since no ones gave them any advice. The way to deal with that anon is risk redution, she is gonna unalive herself anyway so why not give tips to how not ending retarded? My opinion is that the best way is jumping on those train rails right before one is coming to you. Its praticaly painless because you are going to die in 30 seconds and its imposible to survive if you do right. And about the nona how said she want to leave this world in a beautiful body: is your goal making a necrophile mortician very very happy? If you knew how many necrophile forum exist you would want to die with the most shattered body possible.

Anonymous 6700

This method, or nitrogen gas or carbon monoxide. All peaceful deaths.

Anonymous 6702

i’m op and i’m finally actually going to kill myself ha ha. i’ll be jumping.

Anonymous 6705

ouch, better luck next lifetime!

Anonymous 6843

jumping sounds horrible because you have time to regret your decision but can do nothing to take it back, like all jumpers whp survived said that they regretted it immiatedly.


Imaginary friend thread Anonymous 6779[Reply]

Different from tulpas.

Did anyone here have a imaginary friend or try creating one.
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Anonymous 6782

Yes, this might be cringe but i used to imagine myself friends with the early 2010s youtuber messes like game grumps KEK. Something about a bunch of people animating music videos and playing video games all day really appeared to 14 year old me. There were also another set of youtube weebs that i forgot the names of. Each group had a cool alt woman i aspired to be like though thats the connection i make today lol. In recent years, it was made up faceless people. a mix of different desired irl people in the back of my head, even more recently tho, i do not imagine friends anymore. Oddly enough, i never imagined my favorite fictional characters as friends, moreso lovers with a fictional better looking self insert or shipping. Looking back, i should have done that instead. Would’ve saved me the trouble of having too much high hopes that i’d score real living friends eventually

Anonymous 6786

Nona this is adorable

Anonymous 6832

thank you it makes me lol every time I remember though

Anonymous 6833

made me lol too-

Anonymous 6840


I've had imaginary friends since I was a child. Nowadays it's become my main coping mechanism. I have a romantic and a platonic character I daydream lots about. Over the years I've also developed a paracosm for all my ocs and imaginary friends I have.
Sadly it's gone a little too far because I also have characters based on ex-partners and ex-friends now. But I've tried my hardest to separate fiction from reality by never allowing myself to daydream about real people in my life so I don't get disappointed when they don't act in character with the daydream versions.


suggestions! Anonymous 2633[Reply]

What are the most fucked-up websites?
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Anonymous 6792

are you the nona who draws dead guys and posted one of her drawings here?

Anonymous 6793

No but i think i know which one you’re talking about. Her art is very pretty!

Anonymous 6825

Very pretty! but he looks kinda fresh? I wonder what is the cause of his death.
Do you remember the name of the artist nona?

Anonymous 6827

Probably a drug overdose
I think nona is talking about this artist miner >>10059

Anonymous 6828

Thank you so much!!


Anonymous 1887[Reply]

What do anonettes on CC think of Tulpas?
I'm oddly fascinated about the subject but all the opinions I've seen have been mostly male dominated. Usually of them trying to bring their waifu into some sort of reality.
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Anonymous 3293

Does it count as on purpose if I started doing it for comfort during a very dangerous time of my life, but I didn't know what it was? Or is it still involuntary?

Anonymous 6783

It takes a while to make one. Plus alcohol is bad for you anyway. drys out your skin thus making you look older, plus fucks with your kidneys and stuff

Anonymous 6784

depends on if your puppeting it or if you view the voice as sentient

Anonymous 6790

I feel like my imaginary friends as a child were very similar to the concept of tulpas. I used to will them into existence to the point that i can see them out of the corner of my eye sometimes. I genuinely had Esmeralda from hbont around me 24/7 in 4th grade. Im 22 but I remember it like yesterday. I wonder if I accidentally created a tulpa back then. I stopped the imaginary friend stuff when i hit puberty and started daydreaming instead bc i didnt like the scenery

Anonymous 6803

I think I'd be a lot less lonely and sad if I could believe in them, but I'm too grounded in reality. If I could believe in them a big hole in my life would be fixed.


Anonymous 6794[Reply]

I know that to practice magick means you will sooner or later get mindraped by qliphoth so I don’t do that and keep the bare minimum knowledge needed to stay the hell away, but can somebody check if tabletop roleplaying game called Runequest is safe? The thing was created by practicing shaman (white moid from California, lol) who described himself as a trickster and the constructed world the game is set in was supposedly revealed to him by a spider spirit while he was tripping on peyote. Plnety red flags if you ask me.

Anonymous 6795

Why not play a non-possibly cursed game?


Piracy thread Anonymous 3033[Reply]

How do you do, pirates?
Let's talk about piracy a little. A while ago, I uploaded a niche game to nyaa. It got leeched the moment I uploaded, and finished in just an hour. Distributed some 40-45 times really fast. Most leechers were Japanese too, to my surprise.

It was a really obscure game so I wonder if people are just hoarding and archiving everything on nyaa, or if there is actually a demand to pirate that kind of thing. I expected it to sit for months since all the similar things on nyaa are dead and 10 years old.

What about you ladies? Do you hoard? How do you pirate usually? Anything you share or upload?
23 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 5910

Just joined my first site with the ratio system and I dislike it. I only want to download less popular stuff that are gonna take a long time to seed back.

Anonymous 6773

>Do you hoard?
No, I usually delete the stuff when I'm done with it. Though in the past I burned some dvds with movies or series I really liked.

>How do you pirate usually?

Mostly torrents, I get stuff from Nyaa, PirateBay proxy servers, XDCC on IRC, GitHub, NXBrew

>Anything you share or upload?

I've only shared pdfs of books I bought myself.

I recently got into pirating and emulating Switch games because fuck Nintendo. Really surprised how well it works so far, but you need a good graphics card for it.

Anonymous 6775


>Do you hoard?
yes, although i used to hoard a larger amount than now
>How do you pirate usually?
slsk or bandcamp dl browser extensions if it's not on soulseek
>Anything you share or upload?
it's a part of etiquette on slsk to share your music files with other users so i guess i can say i share my files too

Anonymous 6777

cute frog image

Anonymous 6778

thanks, i think i took it from the amphibian thread on here


True Crime Community Anonymous 1937[Reply]

Any anons in the tcc?
Any outsiders willing to voice their opinions?
Why is true Crime so popular, especially with the woman audience?
How do non-Americans feel about the subject?
Do you have a favorite killer?
Who do you think is a handsome killer?
Why would you be attracted to a serial killer?
100 posts and 28 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 6191

I really like female serial killers too. My favorite is Lady Eom, because of how impulsive and batshit insane she was.

Anonymous 6197

never heard of those two, will definitely look them up. but definitely the fangirling is too far. there’s reddit pages dedicated to being in love with serial killers, fucked up.

Anonymous 6763

Seeing Travis' family crying is still so pathetic to me. You find out your "Lord worshipping" brother is gross and yet you still cry for him? They only miss what mask he had on with them, not the real him. At least he's in hell now so he won't ever get the chance to get in contact with an actual 12-year-old.

Anonymous 6770

Why are the Parkland victim impact statements so weird, angry and narcissistic compared to other cases?
>Barely mentions his son during the whole statement
>Spends most of his time complaining about the defense and insulting the shooter
>I livestreamed my son's funeral and got 500,000 views, that makes him more important than you
What the fuck. I've seen statements like this for other cases and people are usually, I don't know, sad? They talk about the person they lost and how hard it is not to have them anymore. But in this case the people are acting like they're cussing out somebody who dented their car or destroyed their property or whatever.

Anonymous 6772

You've watched much more than I have so maybe I'm missing something but it just seems like it was a clownshow of a trial from top to bottom, I'd be in a very weird state of mind in his position too. I know some Florida public defenders and they really do have a tendency to be weird and forget the nature of their job.

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