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Female killers general Anonymous 429[Reply]

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Anonymous 7893

>In 1994, Florida charged her in the killings of the two-year-old boy and the married couple. She faced the death penalty, but the case fizzled after two secretaries in the state prosecutor’s office allegedly had “phone sex” with lead prosecution witness Jorge “Rivi” Ayala, Blanco’s hit man who killed the three victims.
…fucking hybristos ISTG.

Anonymous 7898


Here's a sketch of her that was made by the executioner. The old photography plus the front profile probably didn't do her good.

Anonymous 7914

>Despite twice unsuccessfully having attempted to escape from prison in 1971, she was released in December 1972.[6]
>After her 1972 parole, Paula Baniszewski assumed a new identity.[163] She worked as an aide to a school counselor for 14 years at the Beaman-Conrad-Liscomb-Union-Whitten Community School in Conrad, Iowa, having changed her name to Paula Pace, and concealing the truth regarding her criminal history when applying for the position. She was fired in 2012 when the school discovered her true identity.[168] Paula married and had two children.[169]
I have to admit it sickens me how she could torture her best friend to death, be found guilty in a court of law, and then go on to live what is by most measurements a respected and comfortable life. Career, family, and community.

Anonymous 8047

There was one with a funny wikipedia page because she kept trying to kill people but kept failing in all sorts of different ways. I think she tried like 4 times but only actually killed one person. I cant find her name now, anyone know who i mean?

Anonymous 8380

I wonder if the official figures regarding deaths by poisoning are actually valid, since a lot of the most convenient poisons seem either untraceable or plausible as non-murders. Epinephrine-induced heart attacks like in the embed managed to look like normal hospital work cardiac events for nearly a decade, and epipens are pretty common. There are other "untraceable" killer drugs too, most commonly based on things found naturally in the human body or continuously metabolized or degrading postmortem, like potassium. And fentanyl or ketamine would look like a drug overdose if a given moid had a history of drug use.


Deity devotion Anonymous 3239[Reply]

Thread for women who worship deities from any pantheons (not counting Abrahamic religions)

>Which deity/deities do you worship?

>How and when did you start?
>How is she/he?
>What offerings do you give?
>Do people around you know?
etc etc tell us about them!
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Anonymous 5486

>Which deity/deities do you worship?
Faceless god.
>How and when did you start?
Been worshiping way longer than I can remember.
>How is she/he?
It is wonderful.
>What offerings do you give?
I justtry to do what I'm asked.
>Do people around you know?
Everyone who explicitly did with the exception of a child is dead now.

Anonymous 5573


I'm trying to learn as much as I can about Bona Dea, a deity that was worshipped in ancient Rome.
>Her rites allowed women the use of strong wine and blood-sacrifice, things otherwise forbidden them by Roman tradition. Men were barred from her mysteries and the possession of her true name.
>The house was ritually cleansed of all male persons and presences, even male animals and male portraiture. Then the magistrate's wife and her assistants[16] made bowers of vine-leaves, and decorated the house's banqueting hall with "all manner of growing and blooming plants" except for myrtle, whose presence and naming were expressly forbidden. A banquet table was prepared, with a couch (pulvinar) for the goddess and the image of a snake. The Vestals brought Bona Dea's cult image from her temple[17] and laid it upon her couch, as an honoured guest. The goddess' meal was prepared: the entrails (exta) of a sow, sacrificed to her on behalf of the Roman people (pro populo Romano), and a libation of sacrificial wine.[18] The festival continued through the night, a women-only banquet with female musicians, fun and games (ludere), and wine; the last was euphemistically referred to as "milk", and its container as a "honey jar".[19] The rites sanctified the temporary removal of customary constraints imposed on Roman women of all classes by Roman tradition, and underlined the pure and lawful sexual potency of virgins and matrons in a context that excluded any reference to male persons or creatures, male lust or seduction.[20] According to Cicero, any man who caught even a glimpse of the rites could be punished by blinding.[21]
> Nothing is known of its architecture or appearance, save that unlike most Roman temples it was walled. It was an important centre of healing; it held a store of various medicinal herbs that could be dispensed at need by its priestesses. Harmless snakes roamed its precincts. Men were forbidden entry but could dedicate offerings to the goddess,[44] or, according to Ovid, could enter the precincts "if bidden by the goddess".[45]
Sounds very cool, too bad it's lost in time.

Anonymous 5632


I really want to explore my inner worshipping tendencies again, it's been a long time since I did it. Do you have an altar at home? Is it in your bedroom or in a different room? What do you keep on it?

Anonymous 6039

I keep an altar in my bedroom. It features offering water jars, other offering items, and appropriate devotional objects. Sometimes I'll put other things on there to take on the altar's energy.

Anonymous 8379


>Which deity/deities do you worship?
Lots, a mix between known local deities and Roman one - Mainly Mercury and Juno.
>How and when did you start?
I started properly last year, just decided to take the plunge after years of wanting to.
>How is she/he?
Mercury is extremely friendly, Juno was initially hard to connect with. I persevered however, making offerings and repeatedly stating that I would try to live a life up to her standards.
>What offerings do you give?
Frankincense, Myrrh, Dried flowers/Plants associated with the deities in question, Water, Milk, Tea, etc.
>Do people around you know?
Yes, deciding to not hide my natural inclination towards Polytheism was one of the best things I've done in my life. Such a huge weight off my shoulders!

>within a year of 'feeling' that Queen Juno was accepting my offerings, I was engaged and pregnant

She's the best!


Weirdest people you've been friends with Anonymous 8072[Reply]

Thought this could be like an accompaniment to the "Weirdest people you've met online" thread. I got to thinking about weird friends I've had and it made me realize alot of them have been pretty weird. Back in grade school I befriended:

>A furry who became my best friend. She would draw porn and gore in the middle of class. Obligatory weeb.

>Someone who gets sexually aroused by setting things on fire. Also is very into traps but not gay AFAIK. Obligatory weeb.
>Someone with a gigantess and vore fetish, and that would have a weird obsession with Germany and talking with a German accent. Obligatory weeb.
>Someone who got obsessed with getting their whole body pierced. Started with getting a lip piercing, then a nose piercing, then nipple piercings, and then a clit piercing. Also started fictionkinning as a little anime girl. (This was a girl btw, not moid FYI).
>Chainsmoker Chinese friend covered in tattoos and supposedly with BPD.
>Someone that would suddenly text me that she's taking a shit, while I was in the middle of class.
>Someone with aspergers that could sing the entire periodic table from memory. We ended up developing a whole depraved AU with him and the rest of my friend group. Huge Science nerd that knew alot about guns.
>Someone that developed over 50-60 different OCs and basically had an entire Tolkien lore of them.
>A girl that joked about raping me, because I'm "so kawaii". There was this one Japanese sims-like hentai game I got into at one point that you could make models of your favorite characters to have sex with them. She made a character based on me in it, apparently.
>A bunch of Hetalia-obsessed fujos that started only calling me by a country name rather than my real name. All started becoming lez for eachother to live out their yaoi ships.
>Someone who suddenly out of nowhere said he would walk into class and slit everyone except mutual friend sitting next to me's and my throat, because we "are nice".

Yeah, I've been friends with some pretty weird fucking people, bordering on possibly demented occasionally. Most of them have been pretty nice pPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
14 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 8096


None of the names in this are real. This all takes place on Amino.

Basically I was like 12 when this all happened. Through this guy named Fred (creep guy) I get invited to the Wendys groupchat. Now there were like 10-20 people in this chat but I remember like 4. Anyways 2 people were talking shit about this girl on like snapchat or something. There was a reason but I forgot it. I suggest the idea of a second groupchat to Fred after he tells me this and he rolls with it. He makes a new gc and we start inviting random people we know. We call it dennys as a spinoff of wendys. Then we autistically yell at the 2 people for like 3 hours until Fred and the others get a strike from the mods for not behaving. I start crying irl because I feel like a criminal for befriending someone who got a strike and I leave the chat out of fear. But Fred kept it around and soon more people were joining dennys and put shit abt it in their bios. Meanwhile, I stalk those 2 people and feel bad.

Eventually, a friend I knew from somewhere else named Tatiana joins. I apologize to Fred and he invites me back to dennys. I am immediately met with weird dirty humor about a kangaroo pussy my little 11 year old brain was not prepared for. I learned many things in that server. I also meet Ezekiel for the first time (the racist guy). The chat was a constant game of “guys delete the message where you said “balls” I dont want my parents seeing :(((“ like I was basically a baby to most of them. Also Tatiana kept repetitively venting in the chat even when people were joking around. She clearly had some major issues and drew a lot of edgy art, but the way she forced it onto other people was terrible. I had to talk her out of suicide a few times. Keep in mind, I was 11 and she was like, 15. Also Ezekiel had a crush on me and put a little puzzle in his bio about who his crush was that was super obviously about me. It was pretty cringe. He was only a year older than me, so it wasnt like he was a pedophile, but I hope he grew out of how he acted. I can honestly say my weird little 11 year old brain may have had a small crush on him, but I rejected him because I didn’t date online. He also had these two friends with eddsworld pfps who would say really gay shit to each other and joke about cocks a lot. ApparePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 8098


Anonymous 8369

Where the hell did yall go to school?!???!

Anonymous 8375


OP here. I'm in the U.S. Probably not that surprising, especially when you consider how nowadays we have complete mental asylum patients completely loose in society, like at Walmart. People Of Walmart is real.

Anonymous 8377

I used to know a guy who started going by the name Loki, and his dad played along by legally changing his own name to Odin. This guy started dressing up as the Joker on a daily basis. One time he told me at a friends birthday party how in middle school he and his best friend had made a plan to shoot up the school and never got around to it. He wasn’t really a friend, I guess, but he was part of our circle for a while until he got too weird. I wish I could find his profile and see what he’s up to.


What event made you believe in the paranormal? Anonymous 8106[Reply]

The first time I was sitting in a room was renting out a while back. I smelled a man. It was so obvious, because it was like standing next to one in an elevator or especially church, because he smelled like he was dressed up. Aftershave, cologne, some hint of pipe tobacco. Somewhat old like from the 70s, because you'd never smell something like that now. It was there for a few seconds then it was completely gone.

The second time I was riding my bike to work. Every night I drove home at the crack of dawn, and crossed this big suspension foot bridge right next to an abandoned Levis factory. Another biker turned down my street 40-50 ft ahead of me a few blocks before the bridge, but then he turned into the chained up entrance to the factory and vanished. I did a double take, looked everywhere to see where he could have gone and it made no sense. It was a straight steep brushy hill down into the river on the left, & chained up factory entrance to the right. I wish I had more interesting stories to tell but I don't they're surprisingly boring. Neither situation was scary, or carried bad energy, I was just extremely surprised.

Anonymous 8107

Wow, some people are convinced by so little. I'm not saying this in a mean way, I'm jealous. I feel my brain is physically incapable of letting me believe in anything I haven't seen a bunch of first-hand evidence for, like I'm just wired to be a killjoy cynic or something.

Anonymous 8108

Okay, how would your brain make sense of a guy and a bike virtually vanishing into a wall?? Would you start calling yourself insane based on one instance of seeing things??

Anonymous 8321

I saw some box move when i was a child and my dad tells me it was home spirits pranking me, once i heard snoring next to me, i saw the hat man at 12 in a dream before he became viral, i had premonition dreams about my domestic abuse before it happened and other dreams that predicted life altering events in my life. Thats what i could think of rn

Anonymous 8362

No event. I've just always believed in the paranormal.

Screen Shot 2022-0…

Profiles of dead people online Anonymous 6652[Reply]

Can anyone find me some interesting profiles owned by dead people or maybe also schizophrenic people?
19 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 7997

Random schizo, just search it up and browse

Anonymous 7998

seems like a delusional narcissist, how did he die?

Anonymous 8018

He is likely still alive

Anonymous 8053

Yeah I saw that, but is there any obit or article about her death? I read the whole thread and I don't think she's dead

Anonymous 8358


The creepies PM you get? Anonymous 2402[Reply]

Post or tell here the most creepiest pm you get..
16 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4347

And no one is surprised

Anonymous 4354

Yeah bad decision but it was made so they would educate themselves and better their lives themselves but this happened instead
Cheap internet was a mistake

Anonymous 8354


I used to like the idea of goth boys, but this moid ruined it for me.

Anonymous 8355

Once I got a DM from some creepy Indian faggot. He sent me a video of some asian guy hanging himself, and said that I'll "have the same fate" and that my body will be "beautiful".

Anonymous 8356

can we see the other dms? I thought when you said he was goth you meant he wanted to pretend to be a vampire and kill you or some shit.

I guess my idea of a goth is dated.


Lying online Anonymous 3316[Reply]

Has anyone ever seen someone secretly lying online for no apparent reason?

I don't mean things like photoshopping your instagram pictures or exaggerating on your dating profile. Instead recently I've noticed people posting fake backstories on accounts separate from their real identifies (e.g. reddit or forums). Things like claiming they are experts when they are not, pretending to have been the victim of bullying when they were a bully themselves, or lying about being richer and more important than they really are.

It's not an attempt to hide their real identity as the type of things they post attract more attention than they would get otherwise.

Why do people do this? I could understand if it was linked to their real identity or somewhere dumb like 4chan but why do it in a post no one will see or care about? What do they gain from it?

I honestly find it kind of creepy as I can't understand if they somehow genuinely believe what they are posting or what could motivate them to waste time repeatedly lying with no apparent benefit.

Does anyone here do this? Why?
13 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 8109

i used to when i was a teenager, i'd make up a whole new identity and catfish using someone elses pictures and type out my darkest and cringiest thoughts to people. just to test the waters on what is acceptable vs not. i'm sorry pretty random girl from instagram for stealing ur pictures

Anonymous 8316

i wish i was better at lying online just for fun. i think it would be fun to troll an entire community and then drop the ball at the last minute and bounce, leaving everyone in disarray. i've seen people do this all the time, especially when message boards were more popular. i wish i had that kind of maliciousness in my bones but i am too fucking honest to a fault. on the other hand, sometimes i think it's stupid how people online won't believe you when you are actually telling the truth because of god knows what reason, but then someone comes along with this obviously shitty lie and everyone just laps it up like candy.

Anonymous 8339

I used to lie all the time. I would go on places with lonely men, and larp as their preferred women based on what they would say about their lack of a love life. I would casually talk to them, let things escalate with the male flirting with me, and then I would give them something like a rejection letter before ghosting them. Rejecting them would be even more entertaining if they had already shared their deepest insecurities.

Anonymous 8347

Lying online is fun, its like acting or playing pretend, it's an imaginative exercise.
Its fun to see peoples reactions to certain things (in some ways this manifests as "trolling").
I constantly play "what if" situations in my head, and the best way to test some situations is just by lying.
Its just fun.
I guess if you wanted to get really analytical you could say a bully pretending to be a victim secretly feels bad or just wants attention. You could call it an attempt to cope with deep seeded wrongs in their lives, but that is all explanations non-liars come up with because they can't accept that lying is just fun.

Anonymous 8353

i used to lie a lot online when i was a teenager, and a lot of it was stupid small things no one cared about either way. i don't even know why i did it, i kind of just did it because i could.

Desperte a bruxa e…

Witchcraft General Anonymous 1359[Reply]

Can we start a witchcraft general?

Post witchy photos, media, tips, spells, etc.
Has anyone ever had any spells work?
60 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 8069

Can i curse family members or would that affect me since i share the same blood

Anonymous 8095

Black magic corrupts you no matter who you're fucking with.
Unless it's something fully deserving, I wouldn't recommend.

Anonymous 8102

Please bless me with money.

Anonymous 8111

I’m not an occultist or anything but i’d like you guy’s input on this
>start getting into astrology while in a suicide haze to prove reincarnation is real
>it ironically saves my life and i decide to stick around after all and get this life time over with
>pull out old tarot set and play with it
>”eh lets get in touch with the other side*
>starts praying to entities associated with divination so the tarot actually predicts more accurately
>i know it probably doesnt work like this but like i said i just do things my own way
> seeing angel numbers 111, 555, 444, 1010, 1212 appear on my clock, on my coffee order, the number of the snacks in the vending machine every fucking day for months
>start hearing “hey” and all different kinds of things before falling asleep
>hear cats fighting where there are non almost as if something is playing a light hearted prank on me

Anonymous 8112

I forgot to mention the cat thing happened just now. Theres this cat that keeps trying to get into the house and my own cat keeps fighting it. So i’m always breaking up the fight between them and shooing the stray out. Its a common occurrence, And i heard it happening inside the home only for me to find my cat chilling in the living room.


What are the darkest thoughts you have? Anonymous 5684[Reply]

Tell CC what you can't tell anybody else.
127 posts and 14 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 8030

I'd like to be eaten instead of buried or incinerated when I die. By people or animals, doesn't matter. I don't understand why people hate the idea. Make me into hamburgers for all I care.

Anonymous 8040

What kind of meat would you want to be made into? Sausage links, hamburger, etc?

Anonymous 8054

edgy shit:
I used to be very careless with my health. I would stand up just to immediately faint, and sob… It was a terrible feeling to be so incapable, but I could see myself as an external observer and how attractive it was from the outside.
There's someone I love, and he's already very weak, but I want to see him become weaker. I want to swap sides, I want him on the edge of death, where I was.
I'll never speak to him, I embarrass myself so badly whenever I speak. I wish I had him alone, just watching him slowly fade.

Anonymous 8071

I got strangled once and passed out and it was lowkey fun, it wasn't sexual at all

Anonymous 8078

i have an intense fear of losing my teeth and i some how represed it into something sexual and have fantasies of having my teeth being pulled out by a guy, its certainly intensified over time to different fantasies of being chopped up or killed during sex


Weirdest people you've met online Anonymous 2178[Reply]

Tell us about them
116 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 7960


Yes. He typed in a way that was very unusual for members on that forum too - constant emoticons and Zoomerspeak. I hope it wasn't some kind of grooming tactic.

Anonymous 7977

How did you manage to withstand that constant flow of shit from nazis?

Anonymous 7980

I calmed myself down and kept reminding myself that they were retarded losers whose only "winning" trait was that they were white.

Anonymous 7982


Anonymous 7995


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