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Tarot thread?? Anonymous 2940[Reply]

I want to exercise my tarot muscles so please throw me requests/questions!
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Anonymous 2963


Ok, i felt it was only right to use a special deck that has been handed down to me from a group of men who created each image by hand. I find that these cards, though often abstract in their meaning can sometimes provide better readings. what i drew is their rendition of 6 of swords, upon meditating upon the meaning of this draw, i came upon the conclusion that it is not what that card often means, it is a warning to you.

Do not allow yourself to drift through life driven by some other person than yourself. Too often in life you take on the color of things around you, becoming the product of your environment. I am telling you that if you do not start doing the inverse and make this world shape around your own will; it shall drive you straight to a sad and boring life, and the grave.

Take charge. Become the master of your own fate, respecting all the powers that be. But never letting your life slide away.

Anonymous 2964

Idk anything about tarot, but I have been fasting 3 days/week for the past 2 months. I've done calorie restriction before, and this was WAY easier once I go used to it. I did a 1 day fast, then 2 day, then 3 day. Some weeks i go an extra 8 hrs overnight because I just don't feel like eating dinner. Just make sure you have your Na, Mg, and K just in case. You can do it!

Anonymous 3946

Will I earn enough money to buy that piece of land I need, build a small house and live there?

Anonymous 3952

my reading for you says yes. a new and fresh beginning for you (financially) seems to be on the horizon, and your financial goals should be met. if there's a financially unrewarding situation going on, or that has gone on, feel confident that walking away from it was the right choice.

keep in mind that i don't take tarot seriously and this is my least favorite deck, so.

Anonymous 4149

Here is my question:
Will I ever hear from him again? If so, when?


Does anyone else wish magic was real and or to be a magical girl? Anonymous 2224[Reply]

For me its a bit of a chunni rant. I hate this world simply because magic isnt real. I dont mean as in wicca/pagan. I mean more of magic as in the showy magic in anime and games. The stuff that defies science and controls nature or just is pure energy.

Even though as I get older theres still a part of me that wants to be a magical girl.
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Anonymous 3949

Based and witchpilled

Anonymous 3962


Magic is real.

Anonymous 4116



Anonymous 4128


Should we start a coven?

Anonymous 4140

I still wish it was real. Wanted it to be real so badly as a kid and in my teenage years, especially when I started getting into anime and books about magic.


Weird and creepy buildings Anonymous 185[Reply]

Let's start with some Stalenhag
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Anonymous 1506


Some of these are really good o_o

Anonymous 1552


in my city someone built a cathedral of junk in their backyard, my friends think it’s creepy to look at but I think it’s rly cool, my bf and I were going to visit it before quarantine :T

Anonymous 1553

this one looks so wild how much does rent cost here, SO big if true

Anonymous 1556


That's genuinely cool and I'd love to go there. It reminds me of the City Museum in Missouri, USA, an interactive 10-story museum which was built in an abandoned shoe factory.

Anonymous 4109



weird dream/vision Anonymous 3887[Reply]

hi, my bf and i were talking about creepy things that happened to us and he told me about a vision he had many years ago as a kid. he said that in that vision he was bleeding from his nose and spitting loads of blod to a sink (probably an old fashioned one). he also said that in that vision he was a bit chubbier than he is now and he had shoulder-length hair (just like now). as a kid he never wanted to have long hair. he told me that he feels that vision is the way that he's going to die. whay should i think about that? also, should i be worried?

Anonymous 3888

That bunny said "○"

Anonymous 3926

Was it a dream or a vision? They're two very different things.

Anonymous 4107

a vision. i also planned to write about his dream which was really bizzare but he said that it isn't that big of a deal.


Intrusive thoughts and bad intentions Anonymous 2002[Reply]

Post your temptations here
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Anonymous 3983

>when you kill yourself you don't go to heaven
Not necessarily, that just comes from "thou shalt not kill" but all sins are supposed to be forgiven after you accept jesus..
I'm not into theology so I don't know. I've heard that before too and its made me afraid to kill myself.

Anonymous 3989

I remember being in middle school and horsing around with a girl. I got excited so I got my arm around her neck and held my pencil as if to stab her in the side of the neck with it. It made me come alive. I don't think anybody thought anything more of it than just a joke but I look back on it now and think hmm there were signs.

Anonymous 4085

Whenever I’m holding a knife cutting cucumbers or something I feel like stabbing my mother or myself lol

Anonymous 4091


oh my god annoying things!!
On weird days I see people naked even if I don't want to. You know like standing in line, or at the store. Shriveled tits and all. Why?!?!? It feels like my brain is mocking me and screwing with me. This one time I thought about grabbing my bosses dick but I would have been absolutely reviled if I did it. I had no attraction to him whatsoever. Its like my brain punking me, it gets on my nerves. I think about all the horrible things that I would do to a dog if it attacked my cat outside too! But this is more of a scary survival fantasy. How I would open its throat with a knife, really clean-like. I wouldn't hesitate. I know I wouldn't. I hate aggressive dogs, so I would just open that muts throat. Any violent dog, attacking my cat, or a relative or my niece. I would open its throat, and it would give me a rush. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anonymous 4100

I want to split my stomach open, cut out my ovaries and sew myself back up again.
I suppose it's because I'm deathly afraid of pregnancy (even though I'm a lesbian, thus excluding any consensual PIV) but I'm not quite sure, maybe I just want to do grim things to myself again.
Not menstruating rn though.


Anonymous 3807[Reply]

Everyone on 4chan and here etc seem to think everyone is one person.

It’s on par with people being afraid of “gang-stalking”. It’s absurd to think that 70% of threads on all boards on all image boards are one person.
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Anonymous 3832

you're either a schizo or you make highly recognisable posts and regular users can tell it's you so they (likely light-heartedly) reference things that have happened previously.

Anonymous 3833

It is an interesting evolution of internet era tribalism. On other internet communities like reddit and twitter, when two people disagree on one subject they color in their mental image of each other with more disagreements, to presume they would disagree on everything. This way they can make the other person the "enemy."
On an anonymous message board no one has a recognizable identity. They try to color in pictures that don't exist and the colors go everywhere. So it fosters the paranoia that anyone could be an enemy and that they're surrounded by enemies.

Anonymous 3858

There could be several explanations for this. I lurk out on /r9k/ on and off and I can definitely recognize a dozen posters just from their typing style, images they post… and if even one person recognizes you, they can take advantage of your paranoia and make you feel like there are more than just the one. 4chan feels really big, but when it gets down to it, it's not as large as it feels and individuals are easily noticed, especially those who are invested in the board.

Anonymous 3981

lolcow is a breeding ground for psychos. People who spend all their time obsessing about other people are psychos? Noooo…

Anonymous 4048

This post reminded me to go touch some grass. I definitely have some kind of nosey psycho ocd or something about some cows (also just the tranny thread) and I literally can't pull myself away from lolcow sometimes.

It's so toxic and addicting and it breeds the worst types of interactions.


Subliminal Audio Thread Anonymous 3279[Reply]

Anyone listen to subliminals? They seem to mostly be popular with women so I thought I'd start a thread here. I've started listening to a few but haven't seen results yet. I have them organized in a playlist that I listen to whenever I'm using the computer.

Some of the before/after photos seem faked but many of them seem legitimate as well. What do you guys think? Have you personally tried them?
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Anonymous 3287

I tried once and I don't think it did anything.
The fact that it's such a new thing makes it sus too. If subliminals worked, wouldn't they have existed in some way or form before the internet?

Anonymous 3300

It works like any other placebo, but it doesn't work to change your facial bone structure or for any drastic physical changes.

Anonymous 3349

starting to think the biggest problem with subliminals is that they're almost always geared toward changing the appearance. I'm still not sure if that's truly possible but I do believe in reprogramming the subconscious. basically you can change your thought patterns so much you truly believe that you're beautiful/confident/etc. and it becomes true. also trying to get in tune with my "divine feminine" through this process. whatever that means.
meditation, journaling, prayer, and daily positive affirmations seem to be more effective than listening to audio recordings.

Anonymous 3401

This was the last subliminal I watched. I think it worked a little but only temporarily.

I think it makes sense that they could change your mental state with subconscious messaging, but physical? Definitely not. The changes would have to be perceived by your brain washed mind, so it's still not really physical.

Also I'm not sure if it's a bit sussy to use LOA if you're religious

Anonymous 4043

they were used in brainwashing i think? and apparently michael jackson and prince used their own as well


Anonymous 3821[Reply]

Post green texts of unsettling or mysterious things that have happened to you. I’ll start:

>be twelve

>visiting grandparents in cabin on the edge of some woods to spend part of the summer
>i bring a stack of books with me, I used to read a lot and was excited to spend a few weeks reading great books and hanging out with my grandma and grandpa
>the first few days are spent alone by a window trying to read but failing to concentrate
>also grandparents are busy because grandpa works during the day and grandma has all kinds of chores and projects to tend to
>my concentration for reading never takes hold, I end up just staring out the window often
>in the distance I hear what sounds like a boy playing
>nothing else to do and curious so I go outside and into the woods to investigate
>walking for a few minutes, not seeing or hearing anything relating to other people
>eventually feel like i’m being watched, look around, look up, see a boy about my age sitting in a tree
>when he sees me seeing him, he jumps down in front of me
>i ask him what he’s doing
>he explains that he is “looking for the ghost of his friend”, explains he has a friend who died in these woods and wants to find his spirit and “force him to move on”.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 3969


how dare you call her "that dinosaur"

Anonymous 4011

>video chatting with bff
>talk about what shows we’ve scene over break
>she never takes recommendations from me, but I beg her to watch this one show Ill call Show A.
>Huzzah! She’s already watched it too!, she tells me when I tell her
>I’m elated, I asked her if she liked Villian A, who has a very memorable name.
>she’s says “oh yeah! I love Villian A! Villian A is great” We talk a bit more about the plot but nothing very memorable

>for a month I think about how I’m excited she likes the show too

>I mention it again to her one day
>”that show? I couldn’t get past the first episode.”
>but she told me she saw the whole season, we talked about it. We talked about how Villian A transformed at the end of the season
>I ask ALL of my friends if theyve seen Show A in case I mixed up our conversation with someone else
>none of them have seen it and have barely heard of it

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 4013

>do you still have the locket? If not, what happened to it?
I never had it in the first place. When my grandpa showed it to me, I told him it wasn’t mine and that he should get rid of it. I was very off put by it and didn’t want anything to do with it. When I came back for another extended stay two years after those events, I was irrationally fearful that it would still be in the house. That it would be in the room I was staying in. For this reason I was on edge and avoided opening desk drawers and stuff for fear of coming across it for some reason.

Anonymous 4020

I have no idea what Villian A is. Perhaps you dreamt it (often times I confuse dream with reality), or more likely she didn't want to admit she had watched it for some reason, and felt like denying it.

Anonymous 4034

off-topic, but there are a number of people who post that character whose name is cece


Question about Reporting Posts on 4chan Anonymous 736[Reply]

This is a certified idiot question

but is there a way to report posts on 4chan to fbi
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Anonymous 3996

totally new to this site, been using 4chan this whole time

was this thread started fucking three years ago? is that how little traffic we get here?

Anonymous 3997

Yes. Enjoy the comf.

Anonymous 3998

well dang, that's pretty crazy. i might hang around a little bit, but my attention span demands moar so i'll probably keep 4chan tabbed

Anonymous 3999

probably a good time to hang here though, the female thread over there is getting goreposted.

Anonymous 4008

try lolcow.farm , they're more active than here


Clairvoyance Anonymous 1448[Reply]

I think I might be a clairvoyant, so much so that it has become a meme in my family. I usually have very vivid dreams and it has happened many times already that I actually dreamt of something that would happen the following day. What's the catch? These dreams that come true are usually really petty things (eg. that my bf is going to radomly take me to mc donald tomorrow and there's going to be my favorite limited edition burger), still I totally dig this thing, just wish I had a bit more control over it. Has any other anon ever experienced this? Can you control your premonitions?

Anonymous 1453

Try lucid dreaming. It'll give you control over your dreamstate and you might be able to find out how deep your rabbithole goes. I've had regular dreams predict reality in the same way you mention it, minor seemingly meaningless events. Since I've started to go after lucidity, my dreams have been a lot more intense and unreal. It might sound insane, but some of my dreams feel a lot more real than waking reality itself does. It's a great experience and I would recommend it.

Anonymous 1483

I wish I saw this thread earlier. I have a habit of predicting events in my dreams. For instance, a family member's house was threatened by a fire which burned straight to their property line and we had to rescue their cats and I dreamed that a week before it occurred. I will dream of people I haven't thought of in a while and then other people will mention them out of the blue.

The problem is, I also get PTSD dreams mixed in with all this, so lots of violence, incest, rape, partner infidelity, etc. so it's hard for me to untangle what is PTSD versus what is clairvoyance.

Anonymous 3220

This has been on the back of my mind ever since I met someone. It's so uncanny - I knew I knew him from somewhere before. It was like reuniting with a very old friend. And I have always felt so warm and fuzzy in his presence. To provide context, I used to have strange dreams where I would predict the grade in my assignments - and then get that grade the very next day. And other dreams where my family would do or say things, and then they would do and say those things the next day. I would always get a sudden dose of de ja vu when that happened - like "Oh, where did I hear that saying from before? Oh right, yes, they said that particular phrase in my dream." So I think I have always had some weird clairvoyance?
Anyway, I've had a dream in the spring of 2016. In the dream, I just woke up from a good night's rest. The sunlight poured through the window and bathed the entire room in a brilliant warm gold. It felt so real. I could feel the warm sunshine on my skin. The room was bare. I shared a barebones single bed (all white sheets, simple bedframe) with this man. He wore a plain white shirt. The messy sheets were pulled over his waist and he looked up at me, sleep still in his eyes but the bliss shined through. He had the biggest warmest smile on his face with big brown eyes - all squinty and crinkly with genuine love and happiness - and messy brown hair. It shone like copper in the sunlight. In that moment, I felt so loved, accepted, cherished, wanted. I was so completely at ease. I woke up to someone who loves me and smiles instantly at the sight of me. It was a feeling I never felt before, but this year it has returned again ever since I met someone who gives me those fuzzy feelings.
It's strange, but the man in that 2016 dream is the person I'm dating now. Should I tell him about this dream or will it scare him off? He believes in spiritual things like soulmates and fate - maybe he'll believe in psychic dreams?

Anonymous 4000

I’m convinced we dream about people we’re meant to be with. I had a similar experience. Currently we are broken apart though (feels v twin flame waawaaaaaaaa, just have to focus in on myself).
The dream has stuck with me for a long time. And he felt so familiar when I met him irl. I think the distance between the dream and meeting him for the first time was like 7 years or so though. Interesting stuff

Anonymous 4001


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