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Conspiracy theories Anonymous 386[Reply]

Which ones do you believe in?
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Anonymous 5253


Mossad did 9/11

Drag has kinda been coopted for str8 entertainment, I'm not sure how much I'd count it as part of the queer community anymore. All of the trans people I know certainly hate it. I agree with you about covid, though. My town just now ended its mask mandate and I'm so relieved
What do y'all make of the argument that hijab can be empowering in the right context? I definitely think it's worn due to social pressure in the Mideast but in the West it's pretty against the grain. I live in a college town too so standard attire for girls my age is short-shorts and cutoff tees
I mostly just cover everything because it's comfy but I have noticed that it gets me more attention from rednecks and black guys lol. I had a guy try to flirt with me once by talking about how dirty he gets working on cars

Anonymous 6036

On drinking? Apart from a few hillbilly states with "dry" counties (that have lots of loopholes and are flagrantly violated anyway), nowhere in the US has notably strict drinking laws. The only real differences from state to state are in whether it can be sold outside of liquor stores. Some states (like Utah) are pretty lame about that while others (like Louisiana) will literally let you buy a flask of whiskey when you fill up at a gas station. That's fun and all but the practical effect isn't much, there is little deviation from the 'you can buy whatever you want if you're 21, just don't drink it on the street' model, as states without open container laws still have local laws most places you might actually try it.

Anonymous 6050

Do you guys ever try explaining the conspiracies that you believe in, and even provide evidence to substantiate what you believe, yet no one is really receptive to it?

Anonymous 6184

Nona I also have experienced similar things to you. Not surprised people like us would hang out on imageboards.

What do you mean COVID is a psyop? That it was planned or that the virus doesn't exist? I agree that it was planned but it seems to me that it's clearly a real virus.

Anonymous 6217

in my opinion most drag shows heavily stress that they are not for young audiences. drag was usually a crude, adult thing. but now it's in the mainstream because of shows like rpdr so they are trying to market it as this "family friendly" thing even though it shouldn't be.


White sun mandela effect Anonymous 4216[Reply]

When did you notice that the sun was no longer yellow but white? Have you felt a fundamental change in reality since the sun became white? Why do you think the sun turned white?
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Anonymous 6111

I hope Nona's brain started working since this thread was posted :/

Anonymous 6112

seed oil.png

yes i know this thread is about the conspiracy theory about the change or replacement of the sun but

>The sun is white now and burns you way quicker than it used to.
Yes, the burning thing is so true! As a kid, I spent whole summers outside without sunscreen and never got a sunburn.

it's actually very well known (especially in the redpill community and i've even seen some feminists post about it) that sunburn is caused by a change in our food. In recent years there has been a major shift from cooking with animal fat to cooking with vegetable oils and seed oils (and also other oils, not all of them ig). When we ingest a lot of those oils, it slowly changes our DNA tissue, making us less able to withstand the sun's rays than before, when those oils had not entered our food at all.
if you look at the ingredient list of food products you bought, chances are they contain vegetable or seed oils. they are in almost everything. this was not always the case

Anonymous 6120

Native Americans used Eastern hemlock for a sunscreen. Ancient Egyptians used rice bran which absorbs UV rays and jasmine which helps DNA repair. Ancient Greeks used olive oil on their skin which has an spf of about 8. Doesn't seem like sunburn is modern. Also pigs and various other animals roll around in mud to help prevent sunburn.

Anonymous 6123


Oh, you actually believe this.

Anonymous 6182

I could buy this if we were talking a change in the last few hundred years, but we're talking about the last 20 years. Everyone was using canola oil, olive oil, peanut oil, etc in 2000, and the sun was different then.


where to start on occultism Anonymous 6084[Reply]

title says it all… where do i start? literature, important figures. don’t give me retarded new age or scientology shit… jewish mysticism, renaissance “magic”, math/cryptology, nazi esotericism, any religious mysticism… stuff like that.
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Anonymous 6099

how do you even read those without having grown up in bible study classes? the language is so old and antiquated and hard to understand

Anonymous 6113

There are different translations–youre probably thinking of the King James Version (KJV), which is the most common English translation and uses the sort of wording that most people think of when they think of 'the bible'–lots of 'thou','thine',etc.

Try reading the Orthodox Study Bible–it uses a more modern version of the kjv, and contains lots of helpful notes along with the books of the Bible which Catholics and Protestants don't have. Even if its tough at first, I promise that if you keep reading it will become easier over time.

Also, if you tried to read from Genesis to the end you will probably become discouraged. There is a lot in the old testament that is super dry and a real wall for people trying to read it 'in order'.

Try reading the Song of Songs (also called the Song of Solomon), Ecclesiastes, and the Psalms first.

After that read these books from the New Testament:
Gospel of Luke
Gospel of John
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 6133

Start with the kabalah. Breathtaking shit

Anonymous 6134

Bad take.

The average 'Kabbalah' that dumb gentiles promote is just new age junk with a Jewish veneer. Don't bother with trying to learn Kabbalah unless you're:
a) Jewish and willing to become Hasidic or go to Israel – and also a moid – because, surprise! the Abrahamic religions are sexist.
b)A Christian and willing to study Renaissance Christian Kabbalah – in which case read Francis Yates and just study Christian Hermeticism instead.

The Jews traditionally had men wait until they were 40 to begin Kabbalah. Its not the right place to start. Read the Bible. Read Plato.

If you want to learn about Kabbalah read Gershom Scholem rather than some California woo woo bullshit Kabbalah book

Anonymous 6269

Could you tell which religions aren't sexist towards women? I'd like to follow some religion, but the ones I've looked at all have had some misogyny to them.


Anonymous 6101[Reply]

So when someone has a messy suicide, like they blow their brains out and it splatters all over the wall and carpet, or if they slit their wrists, who's job is it to clean all that shit up? Like after the police take the body, do they scrape as much brain and skull chunks as they can into a ziplock bag and call it a day and go "sorry bro the rest is your job"?
I'm genuinly curious. I was thinking about what if I blew my brains out, where I'd do it, and I thought "well I'd do it in the bathtub so they can just rinse all that stuff down the drain easily, and I'd barricade the door shut and leave a note outside that just said to call the police and not come in".
I heard before from some guy that he had to clean up his best friend's brain chunks.
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Anonymous 6109

did he throw it in the trash, or keep it? what did he do with it exactly

Anonymous 6114

A family member killed themselves and after cleaning my family just threw everything in a trash bag and had sanitary services pick it up. It's considered hazardous so you can't just dump it anywhere.

Anonymous 6117

my cousin died of heroin overdose while staying at our house. cops came and told us there were way too many needles to go in there and we shouldn't go through the door until we get a cleaning crew. they gave us the number of a good service who came and appraised the room and quoted us $2000. when they realized we had no money whatsoever for that and would've just had to leave it and clean it up slowly and carefully they decided to come back and clean it up for free on their personal time. nicest thing anyone's ever done for me.
tl;dr you hire a hazardous material removal company to do it for you, or if you're poor you just gotta do it yourself.

Anonymous 6129

my cousin passed away and his wife killed herself with a shotgun a few months after. It was pretty awful. My uncle and aunt and the wife's parents were responsible for cleaning up the house. They hired cleaning crews to help out.

Anonymous 6148

Reminds me of Sunshine Cleaning, it's a decent movie directed by a woman. It's about two sisters who are struggling in life and end up working as a hazardous waste / crime scene clean up crew.


Major Arcana Tarot Reads Anonymous 6054[Reply]

Taking queries. DUMB QUESTIONS ONLY!

Anonymous 6055

just why

Anonymous 6061

What's the best way to cook potatoes?

Anonymous 6066

the devil. you are a slave to vices stop touching ur pee pee so much

the lovers
with love
but i like them boiled.

Anonymous 6069

Can't go wrong with love

As for another question,are children good people or servants of the devil?

Anonymous 6094

why is my toenail so weird recently, its yellowish and hurts when i press on it


Proofing God through Satan Anonymous 3574[Reply]

I've been thinking a lot about this one. In theory, if God does not give me any signs of his presence than his antithesis may proof his existence. I'm speaking of summoning demons to proof God. Heresy, I know. But Jesus is supposed to forgive any sin as long as we believe in him. Thus there is no risk attached… right? ;)
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Anonymous 6067

Just because you can summon demons, doesn't necessarily prove the existence of god or the proof of any one religious doctrine, unless of course the demons are up for a little Q&A session

Anonymous 6068

The demons are probably as clueless as we are tbh

Anonymous 6070

Fun fact: Lucifer is the planet Venus, not the devil

Anonymous 6073

most of the time when modern witches or people talk about summoning demons, they give off this "im gonna have a fun and cutesy chat with this spoopy entity" vibe and it's so cringe

'demons' is a name that humans gave to dark forces that bring chaos to people and the world in an organized way that ordinary people (including me obviously) don't fully understand. but it's clear that they don't target individual people, therefore it is impossible to summon demons because they do not obey and do not care for common people. demons only obey and are servile to their master, who humans has given many names throughout history such as the devil or satan. the master cannot create anything new, only destroy or corrupt what 'was made by God' or 'what is'. the only people who the master is interested in are earthy people (the elite) who are mighty, have power and money aka the ability to change things around in the world. the elite make sacrifices to the master in exchange for who knows what. they possess supernatural knowledge that they would never reveal to ordinary people. the master wants to corrupt the people and in order to do that he appeals to the elite who can influence people, aka who have the humans under their control. the master does not carry out orders himself but orders his demons to do so. luckily you can resist the attacks of demons, otherwise we would literally live in 'hell' lol. demons or dark forces come to you as 'gifts': so you can 'accept' or 'reject' them. in many movies, for example, vampires or demons are said to not be able to enter your house if you don't welcome them. even though this is substantively incorrect, because demons do not come to you personally but rather work on a broader plane, there is truth in it, namely that you can reject the attacks of demons by not welcoming them. when you become aware of 'dark' or bad behavior, thoughts, words, reasoning, choices… and actively and consciously choose to do the 'right' thing, that's when you reject a demonic attack. at that time, the demonic power cannot affect you. you can probably guess it already, but welcoming a demon attack is easier than rejecting it: just like it's easier to sit lazily on the couch all day instead of doing something productive with your day. the problem with this is that you have to know what is 'good' and what is 'bad', but what is good and what is bad? people throughout history have always wanted to answer this question, why? because thePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 6078

I agree with half of what you said, but i think just like there are ordinary people, there are ordinary(?) entities you can summon with smaller life forms like killing a sheep or a chicken for it for example. demons and other entities have free will. things like hair, nails, bugs, animal matter, certain things etc… in your rituals attracts them and appeases them just the same. But you basically get what you give. at least that’s what i’ve seen in the culture i grew up in.


Anonymous 3459[Reply]

I literally constantly think. I can genuinely imagine massive stories and scenarios vividly, all while simply walking to the bus stop. I often am completely detached from reality, other than simply walking/staring because i am fantasizing something. I constantly think about the inner workings of stuff. For example if i see a car i start thinking of how it's engines work, if i see a musket on a parade i start thinking of it's mechanisms.
Often while i imagine an apple i can kinda taste it? Idk how to explain.
I've been told it's because i am autistic, but i always thought everyone was capable of this.
I randomly went on 4chan's /x/ when i saw this thread discussing it. Someone mentioned seeing the "static", and i instantly knew what they were talking about.
So i was wondering. Am i the weird one or can the majority of people do these things?
40 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 6046

Glad you relate, its always nice to not feel alone. I suppose balancing it out and doing it for fun every now and then is the way to go rather than going completely clean at once. The first step to not let it consume your life is being aware of it and you already have that down.
>I can only do it regarding banal, mundane every-day shit
Same lol, it was all self indulgent fantasies for me, nothing really worth sharing or turning into art.

Anonymous 6053

The static is just something called visual snow. I have it too. It's strongly associated with autism

Anonymous 6058

I relate to this but im not autistic. i was also on 4chan and saw other people mentioning this and it seems at least somewhat common. I am schizophrenic if thats a factor in this but im medicated and it seems like other neurotypical people experience this just as much.

Anonymous 6059

something i dont know if other people relate to or not though, is not being able to see in real life when im seeing in my head. ive never asked anyone about this before so i would love to know if you cant see in your head and in real life at the same time either.

Anonymous 6072

For me it's like I only have so much attention. I can see reality and my imagination both at 50% clarity or I can see only one at 100% vividness. I can't see both 100% at the same time.


Anonymous 5467[Reply]

I'm hurting the people around me by my negative thoughts.
I have thought of bad things happening to me and they happen to people around me not long after, i have caused chronic illness, strokes, and death of family members to people around me by thinking these things upon myself but it deflects and hits other people to teach me that I shouldn't think of these things either by worrying about getting them or wishing for them.
I feel guilty because these people get the exact same illness I worry about getting, the stroke caused a relative of mine to lose ability to speak and had to relearn with difficulty after I had fantasized about becoming mute, my friend's dad died after I had wished mine would, another got cancer, and another got penumia after I had worried about having it.. and many other instances I can't recall right now that can't be just coincidences.
I want to stop this, I want to stop having negative thoughts because I feel terrible about putting people in these situations because of me.

Anonymous 5790

Vanilla sky was a decent movie
It needs tits tho

Anonymous 5793

youre schizophrenic babe

Anonymous 5814

I went to work once in the worst mood of my life, kept it polite but brief with the people around me, and a freak accident happened causing my boss to break her foot right next to me.

Also, people who've humiliated or tried humiliating me in the past have a habit of dying premature deaths or having freak accidents happen to them. Can count on two hands the times this has happened.

I wonder if there's some entities that feel protective of us? Or at least in my case it feels like there's some darkness looking out for me. Maybe start showing yourself love instead.

Anonymous 5815

If you're really determined imo, Only way to heal that is buddhism but mahayana, like Chan or some tibetan branch. Not a woman-fearing branch. It's true that you can worsen things for others by having bad thoughts and it's commendable that you want to stop.


Deity devotion Anonymous 3239[Reply]

Thread for women who worship deities from any pantheons (not counting Abrahamic religions)

>Which deity/deities do you worship?

>How and when did you start?
>How is she/he?
>What offerings do you give?
>Do people around you know?
etc etc tell us about them!
7 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 5224

That's a cool story anon. Your life seems exciting with all those traditions around you. I myself would like to have an altar of some sort to a goddess or female spirit but I need to do some research first.

Anonymous 5486

>Which deity/deities do you worship?
Faceless god.
>How and when did you start?
Been worshiping way longer than I can remember.
>How is she/he?
It is wonderful.
>What offerings do you give?
I justtry to do what I'm asked.
>Do people around you know?
Everyone who explicitly did with the exception of a child is dead now.

Anonymous 5573


I'm trying to learn as much as I can about Bona Dea, a deity that was worshipped in ancient Rome.
>Her rites allowed women the use of strong wine and blood-sacrifice, things otherwise forbidden them by Roman tradition. Men were barred from her mysteries and the possession of her true name.
>The house was ritually cleansed of all male persons and presences, even male animals and male portraiture. Then the magistrate's wife and her assistants[16] made bowers of vine-leaves, and decorated the house's banqueting hall with "all manner of growing and blooming plants" except for myrtle, whose presence and naming were expressly forbidden. A banquet table was prepared, with a couch (pulvinar) for the goddess and the image of a snake. The Vestals brought Bona Dea's cult image from her temple[17] and laid it upon her couch, as an honoured guest. The goddess' meal was prepared: the entrails (exta) of a sow, sacrificed to her on behalf of the Roman people (pro populo Romano), and a libation of sacrificial wine.[18] The festival continued through the night, a women-only banquet with female musicians, fun and games (ludere), and wine; the last was euphemistically referred to as "milk", and its container as a "honey jar".[19] The rites sanctified the temporary removal of customary constraints imposed on Roman women of all classes by Roman tradition, and underlined the pure and lawful sexual potency of virgins and matrons in a context that excluded any reference to male persons or creatures, male lust or seduction.[20] According to Cicero, any man who caught even a glimpse of the rites could be punished by blinding.[21]
> Nothing is known of its architecture or appearance, save that unlike most Roman temples it was walled. It was an important centre of healing; it held a store of various medicinal herbs that could be dispensed at need by its priestesses. Harmless snakes roamed its precincts. Men were forbidden entry but could dedicate offerings to the goddess,[44] or, according to Ovid, could enter the precincts "if bidden by the goddess".[45]
Sounds very cool, too bad it's lost in time.

Anonymous 5632


I really want to explore my inner worshipping tendencies again, it's been a long time since I did it. Do you have an altar at home? Is it in your bedroom or in a different room? What do you keep on it?

Anonymous 6039

I keep an altar in my bedroom. It features offering water jars, other offering items, and appropriate devotional objects. Sometimes I'll put other things on there to take on the altar's energy.


xanax Anonymous 5986[Reply]

Does anyone else here have experience with this drug?

I have not taken them in forever but I've been thinking of them a lot lately its unsettling. Its a cringe drug I know but I don't wanna feel alone and I don't wanna talk to male dominated corners of the web.

Anonymous 6010

Not specifically xans, but I was put on the sister drug klonopin after getting assaulted. I used to use them pretty constantly to get through my senior year without thinking of what happened. After a while, I just couldn't find the right dosage to get high anymore, weirdly. They just kinda weren't working for me. I mostly just smoke weed now but I think about getting back into harder stuff all the time.

Anonymous 6027


I tried them recreationally with a friend who took them to get high. I felt great - productive, but not terrified of the outside world like I usually was. My friend fell asleep, I cleaned my apartment and ran some errands I'd been putting off for months

That was the day I discovered I have anxiety

Anonymous 6037

I love how they make you feel comfortable anywhere.

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