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Life or Death Anonymous 630[Reply]

Have you ever been in a life or death situation? What happened?
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Anonymous 1028

>there was a part of my brain which was calm.it was so weird

Adrenaline. It makes things not as bad as they seem, while you body does it's own thing the experience is not the end of the world. If you have this happen once or twice to you, you'll stop being scared, as even the worst things aren't as bad as your imagination. Watching somebody go through something bad is usually worse than actually going through it yourself.

Anonymous 1072

I had a stroke. I'm so scared of dying now. Death is just that. There is nothing after. You die and the world dies with you. I don't want to die.

Anonymous 1102

rofl there is life after death anon

Anonymous 1111


If you're being earnest, I'm jealous of you and wish you the best in life.

Anonymous 1183

That sounds ideal to me. I'd be way more scared of drifting about in nothingness or any of the spiritual spheres.

Spooky dump Anonymous 442[Reply]

Share videos and documentaries on the paranormal and macabre with your fellow miners.

My first contribution is the dollhouses of death.

Anonymous 443

This one is more light-hearted, but interesting anyways: the call of Cthulhu, Dr Seuss style.

Anonymous 450

Anonymous 1188


Are There Tech Women Here? Help Concerned 1138[Reply]

I was browsing on the cesspit that is 8chan and saw a new post from the nerve center that read "I am C. I am a child sex slave that escaped 4 months ago."


The post was in /general/. I read through it and they way she was writing and the details and lack thereof made me think this could be genuine.

I have almost no technical skills so there's not a lot I can do on my own. I am reluctant to try another board on 8 chan because there are legitimate pedophiles that would probably try to return her. I replied half an hour after she made her post, she said she would reply to questions but it's been an hour and she hasn't come back.

If this is someone's idea of a joke then they are a sick mother fucker.

But if this is real I really want to help this girl. I don't know where else to ask I am hoping this is a safe place. B and r9k raid here and I know pedos are on b and some r9k are pedos too so I am hoping they don't see this.

The picture attached is the picture she posted on the thread. She mentioned she had computer skills and messages can be hidden in photos. Does anyone have the know-how to check it?

Thank you to anyone who can help me verify if this is true.
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Anonymous 1159

Sounds like a typical ARG and OP is suspicious for using a term like "tech women" on a board for women.

Anonymous 1160



I'm glad you were put at ease OP! Don't let the anons who teased you for being concerned get to you – maintain your "alarm bell" system and care for vulnerable people.

Stuff like this is obviously over-the-top, but it's definitely possible to come across gross, scary stuff online that needs reporting/engagement. I have come across gross Youtube "challenges" where pedophiles are actively baiting young children in video comments into fetish shit and reported it to the FBI. That shit is real and shouldn't be ignored.

Don't ignore those squicky reactions. You have a kind heart.

Anonymous 1161


>>has photographic memory
classical symptom of some deep trauma victims, very well known and reported
if you never read about trauma based mindcontrol your assumptions are irrelevant

the first question is why OP talks about C in the third person

a multiple personalities split is fairly obvious (another classical effect of trauma)

Anonymous 1162

Why did this year old thread just get moved to /x/?

Anonymous 1164

computers are spooky


Lore General Anonymous 1108[Reply]

Seems like people are compiling an epic tome on Irish lore.
Anyone else have similar databases for other such collections?

Anonymous 1109

Oh shit this makes me so happy. Dúchas is a fantastic website. If you'd like to see some manuscripts, I'd highly recommend ISOS (https://www.isos.dias.ie/) and I used archive.org a lot while studying folklore, it actually has a lot of rare books that I struggled to find in the library. Colleges also have great information online for example:

UCC https://celt.ucc.ie/index.html
UCD https://www.ucd.ie/irishfolklore/en/
TCD https://digitalcollections.tcd.ie/home/

That's all I can think of for now. Might link some relevant books as I find them on archive.org later.

Anonymous 1110

Some of the most popular and oldest Irish myths:

Táin Bó Cúailnge (Queen Medb and Cúchulainn)

The Children of Lir

Deirdre of the Sorrows

Fenian Stories (Oisín, Oscar, Fionn)

More Fenian Stories (This one includes The Salmon of Knowledge)

Anonymous 1163

I love the story of Cu.


Anonymous Admin 356[Reply]

          Y̯̥͓̫̦̒ͩ͆ͧͩ͌̈̽O̩ͫ͒͛̌Ǔ͕̞͔͚̘̙͉ͦͬ͋ ͎̰̟̰̱̖̮̓͛̔̊W̳͐͋̔̌ͧͨ̆̏I̜̰̭̣̤̖̱̲ͥS̘̭̤̹͙̤̬͑H̥̲̳̓̔̾̅ͧE̮̻͖̣͖̜̟̙ͬ̈́̓ͮ̓́D͇̓ͣ̂ ̰̰̟̬̩̓͆ͭ͒̌F̞̬̜͇͇̦ͣͨͩO͎̘̊̑ͩ̐ͤ͗͐̀R̖͓̳̮̥ͥ́̋ͥ͐͂ͩ̒ ̟̝̩͗̿ͯI̺̫͕̰̠̹̪̪̒̾ͬ̒̑ͮ̐̄T͔͖̝̱̹̣ͪ̿ͣ̂
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Anonymous 367


No ass-kissing intended but I think you guys did an amazing job with this board and the new styles. Thank you for your efforts, admins!

Anonymous 372

This is so cool!The ghost honestly startled me for a bit :p.

Anonymous 376

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Anonymous 414

Oh wow
I love nature and season boards but this is one of my favorite threads now.

When I was a teen, I used to have very frightening lucid dreams about dark creatures and spirits, some of just wanted to talk or show me things, some of them wanted to play or take me to their home in a park near my home, but I think the creepiest one was the spirit of a girl who lived below my bed and liked to lick my legs, like a leech.

Sometimes I wanted to escape when the creatures weren’t friendly, but I’m always very slow, so I learned to jump very high and fly.

Anonymous 1136


when i was little i used to wake up sweating due to night terrors…
id wake up and be coverd in sweat and hide under my covers id be so scared sometimes id pee my bed..
it all started around 4th grade…
im certain there was something evil tormenting me in tht room…


Spider Goats Anonymous 891[Reply]


>scientists have genetically engineered goats with spider DNA that can produce silk through their milk

>there are now about 30 spider goats at a university-run farm

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Anonymous 901

You don't understand biotech anon. They only selected for the silk producing gene through editing and transferred it to the goat

It's not gonna get 8 legs, 8 eyes or any crazy shit like that

Anonymous 902

Lame. In the future I think goats with more spider like features would be useful to producing this steel webbing. Imagine farms of spider goats, you can just walk into a barn and harvest their web milk.

Anonymous 903

>spider goats
>this picture

really made me realize that if bloodsucking aliens or whatever actually wanted to conquer earth, all they'd have to do is disguise themselves as something small and fluffy.

Anonymous 904

>really made me realize that if bloodsucking aliens or whatever actually wanted to conquer earth, all they'd have to do is disguise themselves as something small and fluffy.
The Thing (1982)

Anonymous 1094

I find this quite sad. Why can't we just work on creating better synthetic materials instead of fucking with nature? It reminded me of how they proposed creating pig/human hybrids so that they could harvest their organs. People only found that creepy because they'd have human DNA in them (and I guess they were then somehow able to…empathise?) but growing human ears on mice and finding new ways to create freakish, giant animals to get more meat out of them is somehow…fine?

Anonymous 404[Reply]

Cryptid thread motherfuckers, let's do it.
Post strange occurences, information, theories and speculation, personal experiences, and general discussion.

>What's your favorite cryptid?

>What's a lesser known cryptid that intrigues you?
>Which cryptids do you think are the most likely to exist?
>Any bizzare experiences that you'd like to share?

Anonymous 845

the mothman stories spooked the fuck out of childhood me. just the thought of some moth guy swooping down on me while i stood beneath a street light @ night had me cold

Anonymous 1069

I love the idea of banshees/mothman (creatures that warn you before disaster is going to strike). Me and my friends used to scare the shit out of each other as kids at sleepovers by talking about banshees (could share my memories if anyone is interested lol). While I don't believe they exist, I can totally see why people thought they did because foxes and bats screeching at night sound like otherworldly women crying in pain.

I think the cryptids most likely to exist are in the ocean. There's some spooky shit down there. Maybe some monsters that survived when the dinosaurs were wiped out. I hope I get to live to see scientists discover all kinds of alien creatures at the bottom of the ocean.

Anonymous 1071


Please do share.
Also agreed @ the ocean. I'm fascinated by deep sea gigantism and the likes.

Anonymous 1093

Whoops late reply. Also LOVE that picture, it makes my shiver. Here are some things I found creepy as a child:
∙ The banshee cries before someone dies. If you hear one, it means someone close to you is going to die soon but you have no indication of who or when or even how.
∙ The person about to die is the only one who can't hear her. So if everyone in the house is like "What's that weird noise?" and you can't hear it, it's bad news for you.
∙ It's supposed to be a comforting sound, like someone crying at a funeral but is unintentionally creepy.
∙ Banshees drop things like combs, hair accessories and even fingernails. If you pick one up and bring it home, she'll come looking for it. My friends used to tell me that they knew people who did that and she'd come to their house every night and tap on the window with her fingernails or scratch at the door until she got her item back or it was destroyed in the fire.
∙ Banshees will cry outside the homes of the families of soldiers or fishermen. So if the family woke in the middle of the night to hear crying, they knew that their husband/father/son died at war or at sea.
∙ She punishes people who try to impersonate or follow her.
∙ Apparently she also wanders around graveyards and if things go missing, it's a sign that she was there and took something.

And then there are changelings:
∙ Fairies replace newborn babies with elderly fairies who are about to die.
∙ The only way to get rid of a changeling is to threaten to throw it in the fire and they leap out of the chimney (scary to think that people actually did this to their sick children/wives and if they weren't killed, they were severely injured).
∙ Changelings look like children but are actually adults so people have accidentally walked in on them playing instruments or they'll ask men for cigarettes or a glass of whiskey in perfect english.
∙ There's a story about a fairy woman who visits a human woman and admits that their children were switched and asks for her fairy child back, suggesting that not even fairy women are on-board with the practice which is sad af.
∙ Basically anyone who had a sudden change or got sick rapidly was accused of being a changeling.


☆Astrology general☆ Anonymous 1[Reply]

What's your sun sign (or other chart aspects)? Thoughts & opinions?
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Anonymous 5

I'm also a Gemini! I used to read my horoscope a lot more often, but lately I've sort of lost interest in it and astrology itself. I'd like to get back into it tho. Most of the horoscopes I read did really relate to my though, and I honestly found a lot of comfort in reading it, and I think I could really use some ~astrological~ advice right now. I do think it's cool to have a symbol that kinda represents who you are tho, so I do have some Gemini related jewelry (sorry if that sounds kinda headass) and I do think it's really cute.

Anonymous 6

Geminis rising, libra sun and Scorpio Venus/mercury/moon here! I love astrology and I feel oddly proud of my chart aspects lmao, after knowing about astral charts and deeper astrology stuff I no longer believe in horoscope as seeing your future with only your sun sign seems way to simply

Anonymous 1088

I think most of the people who are either sag moons/suns that were born in the sag Pluto generation are pretty fucked up

Anonymous 1089

How old are you anon?

Anonymous 1091

Aquarius sun, Taurus moon. I 100% identify with the traits of an Aquarius and I find it funny to read them because they're so accurate to my personality and life. Even though the moon sign is meant to be more accurate, I don't relate to Taurus at all. Unless you're supposed to read them differently and I'm doing it wrong? Almost everyone in my life fits their signs perfectly and to the point where it gets scarily specific (not just vague things like "you're caring!")

I don't read horoscopes though. They never seem to match what's going on in my life, especially when they keep telling me I'll "find a new love!" despite me being with my bf for years. Or when they'd talk about "the workplace" when I was still in school. I don't particularly mind the short, vague ones that are like "you'll have a really successful year this year!" because they're inspiring but I don't necessarily believe that they're an accurate prediction.

If anyone can provide a really good horoscope writer and change my mind about horoscopes I'd be interested lol.


Local Urban Legends Anonymous 886[Reply]

What are some weird or creepy legends that come from the area you live/grew up in? I love spooky stories but enjoy them so much more when they’re close to home!

(Image source: gimb.tumblr.com)
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Anonymous 935


This one is fairly old, and is somewhat widely known.
But in Virginia colony, and up until the mid-20th century, there have been reports of a monster called the Snallygaster.

Some people suggest that it comes from local legends of the Powhatan, though I know little of this particular subject.

Anonymous 941


The Green Man / Charlie No Face
>A green glowing faceless demon who walks along the road at night.

What I find interesting about this urban legend is that the Green Man was a real person. He lost his face and arm from an electrical accident as a child. The legend originated from people seeing him during his nightly walks.

Anonymous 962

A girl committed suicide in my old school's pool (which was in the basement area) in the 1960s(fact), it has been closed off for a very long time but people have said the building above it is haunted.

An elementary school in my city used to be a military base in the 1800s(yes, the building is that old) and supposedly they hung people from a very large tree that still stands on the grounds. Not sure how true that one is with regards to hangings but yeah.

Anonymous 975

In my hometown there is a building downtown that had been boarded up since the 1970s. Downtown barely qualifies as a downtown, the city had a population of about 45,000.

The building was this very tall hotel, every last window had plywood over it. The explanation as to why it always stood was that nobody wanted to deal with it, the building itself was violating some code or had something wrong to where it would have to be torn down entirely to be fixed. And apparently the cost of doing so was not worth it to anyone, so it always remained.

Rumors were it was haunted as fuck and you could see all sorts of ghosts. People would trespass there regularly and get really scared, others said they saw nothing. I never tried but wish I did.

Anonymous 1032


My alma mater was originally built to train priests. They lived on-campus in buildings that are now used as classrooms and offices. I had to walk through the oldest part of the college to get home and it was pretty spooky during the cold, winter evenings when you're surrounded by statues of Mary and Jesus hanging on the cross but when I heard that there's a room in a certain building that's haunted, I had to check it out one evening. There is indeed a room (Room 2) in a building that is now used by the Department of History. The wall and door of the room have been removed and from the outside I could see that the window is boarded up. Pic related is an old, creepy picture of the room.

The true story is that a student living in the room killed himself in 1841 by throwing himself out of the window. He was buried and the college tried to keep it quiet (as suicide is a sin). There was possibly another student who stayed in the room who killed himself by slitting his throat but there's no evidence of that so I can't confirm. Almost 20 years later (1860), another student was temporarily staying in the room for a week, oblivious to what had happened there. Later he was told that a student had commit suicide in that room which worried him and when he returned to Room 2, he cut himself and jumped out the window. He survived initially and told the vice-president of the college that there was a demonic presence in the room. Apparently he had seen a demon's face in the mirror and he had an overwhelming urge to kill himself. He too died from his injuries a day later. After this, a priest wanted to investigate so he spent the night there. He refused to talk about what he saw but it turned his hair completely white. The vice-president ordered that the room not be used to house any more students, that it be turned into an oratory and that a statue of St.Joseph (patron saint of peaceful death) be placed in it. Two of the students are buried in the college graveyard (their names are visible on the graves and on a plaque) and there is evidence that they attended the school so these deaths are genuine.

Now for the legends. It's said that there's a blood stain (from one of the students cutting themselves) in the room that keeps re-appearing after it is cleaned. Apparently the chemistry students tested it one day and confirmed it was human blood. It's also said that students are banned from staying the night in the building or brinPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


The Unsettling, the Upsetting and the Unnerving Anonymous 925[Reply]

Hello everyone,
Shall we share things - pictures, webms, gifs - that give you the spooks, or in some way trouble you? Can also discuss films, books, or any other media that fits the topic.

Anonymous 934


Thank god this shit was eradicated

Anonymous 950

A film that was weird to watch was cat soup.
It left a strange feeling behind. Maybe because i was very young when i watched it…

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