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real gdb growth wo…

Anonymous 1769[Reply]

Imagine falling for that fake and gay virus psyop designed to legitimate an economical collapse just when the system reach its end.
Imagine unironically using the term "conspiracy theorist" when all the so called conspiracies just so happen to be true.
Imagine believing lockdown is useful and legitimate when the countries without lockdown are the one with the lowest death rates (Belarus, Iceland, Japan, Malawi, Nicaragua, South Korea, Taiwan, Timor-Leste, Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, Wyoming, South Dakota, Uruguay).
Imagine being for mandatory surgical masks use when a surgical mask is made for sterile closed places and that wearing it outside is useless and dangerous.
Imagine thinking there is an increase of cases worlwide when there is just more tests being performed that do not take into account the rates of false positives.
Imagine falling so deep down in this collective psychosis you're now building a whole new identity around it and become aggressive and angry at anyone pointing out the absurdity of the whole situation.
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Anonymous 4050

Anonymous 4685

I can't believe the cc cultist mods locked a thread with legitimate discussion around the political polarization of the vaccine and posted a link to this thread

Anonymous 4686

Maybe its because a lot of you haven't seen people you knew for years drop dead like flies because of that shit, but i have. A lot of theorists talk about it just killing the really weak people when this is not the case at all. I believe this is manufactured but i don't believe it's a dramatization of a common flu. Biological weapon would be more accurate.

Anonymous 4687

My uncle died after taking Pfizer and a friend got myocarditis.
I know not a single person who has long-term symptoms from CoViD or who died from it.

Anonymous 4688

There’s just no need for duplicate threads
How do you know their deaths/illnesses were linked to the vaccine?


Monster Girls Anonymous 4398[Reply]

what do y'all think of her,

Anonymous 4399

my pussy exploding

Anonymous 4400

Cool but I'm not a furry

Anonymous 4683



Is there a ritual to make me perfect? Anonymous 4637[Reply]

Do I have to sell my soul? Do I have to sacrifice a goat?

Anonymous 4639


Nope, I would rec starting with Quareia if you want to improve yourself using the occult/magick/whatever you wanna call it.
Great free online course written by an amazing woman magician called Josephine McCarthy.
Another option is creating a tulpa or summoning an incubus/succubus to aid you in your goal of reaching as far as you can to perfection (my father always said that perfection is worthless; it means you cannot improve further blah blah blah).
I'll warn you now; you have to put in the work to get results with occultism, there's no shortcuts really, unless you want to suffer intentionally.
Feel free to ask any questions you like, I'd be happy to answer them.

Anonymous 4643

Alright, what exactly is Quareia? Do you practice i?

Anonymous 4647

Anonymous 4682


Yes, I do study that particular program, since I'm very much into ceremonial magick. Just give it a google, it's nothing scary. Just like a university course but for magick and shit. The meditation exercises are excellent!
It's a very in-depth, proper guide to shaping yourself into a better person, using occult methods, and like I mentioned, free. Check it out, , you never know, it might pique your interest! Sorry for the late reply btw, been busy recently.

conspiracy theorie…

Anonymous 3308[Reply]

what tier are you on?
tier 5 here
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Anonymous 4132


>Do you think it's healthy to look further?
I don't know but right now that's the only path I would follow, the only thing that strikes my curiosity.
>Where do you go to find things out?
Books and the internet (I STILL CAN'T ASTRAL PROJECT AAAAAAA).

Anonymous 4329

I met a mermaid when I was little, so atleast 3

Anonymous 4337


Anonymous 4629

>the universe is chaos and order

The world is shadow and light
The nature of reality is flowing and still
The essence of existence is crust and filling

Anonymous 4674

went from 0 to maybe 3.5 over time, with all the insane shit that we've seen happen right in front of us for the last several years.


Anonymous 3581[Reply]

What’s the best way to go about killing yourself?
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Anonymous 4667

I agree with you. I think we have to blame religion for that because we are created by GOD and killing HIS creations is disrespecting HIM!!1

Anonymous 4668

I mean.. What if that's true though? What if there is a God, and you ARE disrespecting him?

Fun hypothetical.

Anonymous 4669

Then he deserves to be disrespected because his creations are shit.

Anonymous 4671

then he's a fucking narcicist

Anonymous 4675

even if a god is real and created us, there is no reason to really worship it. big deal!


Anonymous 4641[Reply]

Is it a bad thing to enjoy well drawn, non-sexual guro art?

Anonymous 4642

Nah i wouldn’t say so, art is art

Anonymous 4644

Where do you find jpgs like your picrel?

Anonymous 4653

Nah, it just means you care more about the inside.

Anonymous 4655

tunglr dot com


Dreams and Dream interpretation Anonymous 1708[Reply]

I didn't see a dream thread, not nightmare. I thought it would be fun to start one. You can just talk about any dream, it doesn't have to be a nightmare.
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Anonymous 1972

Lately I've been smelling and tasting stuff in my dreams.

Anonymous 4591

I dream a lot about her, what does it mean?

Anonymous 4619


I had a dream where I was a little child, I couldn't see my body but I could feel it was a child's. I was under duvet covers in a bed, could have been my own I'm not sure. Someone grabbed my face through the covers and held my head down against the the mattress. I could feel them lift the covers around my legs, exposing my naked body. I felt them start to touch in-between my legs and woke up abruptly.

Despite the unpleasant content, I felt almost no feelings during the entire dream. I get emotional numbing from depression. But this was a new level of emotional numbness. It wasn't like 0.01, it was flat zero, it's how I imagine inanimate objects feel.

Anonymous 4634

i pet and fed a cute hyena cub :) but thats all i recall
any other miners here have a problem with remembering dreams? what can i do to change this?

Anonymous 4640


Last night I saw my oneitis, this megane dude that used to go to the kinoplex with me I think. He was smiling at me from a television screen, with a sockpuppet or something. Interesting because iirc he loved creepy puppets and all that shit, weird guy but he was really sweet to me.
Even if I never see him again, at least I can in my restless dreams.


crystal dream diary. Anonymous 3081[Reply]

whenever you remember a dream, log it here.

picture used is tako otoko from yume 2kki.
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Anonymous 4322

I rarely see long and consistent dreams, so this is pretty interesting.
In that dream, the society collapsed, and I had to leave with my family. We lived in the wilderness, starving sick and cold, for years without meeting anyone else but each other. Building huts from cardboard boxes and tree branches.
Some kind of creature was after us. The creature first appeared when we settled into a cave, It visited sometimes, to scratch the cardboard and silently screech from the other side while we were sleeping.
I were walking ontop of that cave with my brother, and stepped on a covered sinkhole and fell into a deep dark section full of glowing web-like fungus. Brother was freaking out, but couldn’t reach my hand. I felt the presence of the creature, and wanted to die rather than face it.
Then I woke up. It was kinda scary lol.

Anonymous 4595

Me and some random faceless people were lined up against a wall preparing to be shot down. I was really scared at first, but with each person executed I calmed down, and when it was my turn I closed my eyes before falling down with a hole in my stomach. Somehow dying felt really good, my whole body was relaxed and it was blissful, I didn't feel any pain or such.
The bad/nightmare-ish part is when my soul was transported to the sky and then I fell back on Earth to be reincarnated. I screamed "NO, NOT AGAIN" the whole time and then I woke up.

Anonymous 4599

Had a really weird dream that there were these North Korean exiles on the loose and that they were trying to kill a bunch of people. For some reason I was living with my parents in our old house and the whole time they were looking for metal to slip under the frontdoor to "stop" them or something. In the dream I kept asking why can't we just leave the house before the North Koreans come and my mom kept saying "because of the acetone". I also asked my parents where were the cops/swats/feds etc and they just laughed in my face and said "do you really expect them to do anything?". In the dream I also kept watching the news (it was basically a count down until they found our apartment, according to my dream-dad) and they had driven all the way from like Texas? after they decided to go on a killing spree. Anyway, the whole time I'm very nonchalant and don't help my parents at all as they look for like, metal to put under the door. The end of the dream was the most vivid, which is really weird since I never have vivid dreams. Basically, I decided to take a shower for some reason, and as I get out I hear the North Koreans begin to enter my apartment and kill my family. The whole time I'm pushing against my bathroom door and trying to figure out ways to hide from them (inside the cabinet etc). I ultimately give up and then I woke up. The dream was so vivid though that I had to look up news about North Korea because it felt so real.

Anonymous 4604

i want to go back to that feeling.
i really hope i have this dream again (i'm too much of a pussy to actually kms), it was the most pleasant feeling i've ever experienced in my life, even now as i'm typing this i feel like i'm being dissolved into blissful static and i love it but it's not even remotely comparable to that feeling in my dream
i shall fall asleep to claustration I again and if it doesn't work i'll go back to mastering lucid dreaming

Anonymous 4622

I love lucid dreaming, it's probably my number 1 hobby. Here's a great book for beginners: Are You Dreaming? by Daniel Love
One of my top tips is to invest in a good sleeping mask, when you wake up you will remember dreams more easily because you wake up in the dark rather than with the bright, sharp morning sun.


Unsettling internet aesthetic thread Anonymous 2332[Reply]

8 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4307

Well that exact 3D CGI CP pic was posted two times there and hasn't been cleaned up like other imageboards do. Maybe it's just a dead board…. doesn't make it any less alarming.

Anonymous 4308

I just wanted to add that the fact that that DameIB has a whole lolicon board is also fucked up.

Anonymous 4309


God I miss Geocities

Anonymous 4318


I recognize sound from thet webm
some russian jumper over a fence and proceed to put hand into cage with bear
you can guess the results by the sounds

Anonymous 4613

i tried looking up youtube and got this instead

Left hand.jpg

Fantasies Anonymous 2695[Reply]

Anybody else have weird fantasies or urges? Not necessarily sexual things, just strange. For instance, I sometimes spend hours daydreaming about cutting my left hand off, imagining all the blood pouring out my stubby wrist and such. Of course that's a terrible idea and it'd make my life so difficult, not to mention it would be extremely painful for me.
93 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4451

i almost constantly have an urge to bite something. not something solid, not just food, just something like a pillow, my own arm, or things like biting my nails. i’m not a glutton or anything, it just seems so appealing to me to bite stuff

Anonymous 4455

I sometimes have fantasize where I pull all my teeth out and I can feel the pain and the tangy taste of blood. I just feel really frustrated because my teeth are perfectly shaped and straight, but all of my back teeth have cavities and these big black stupid fillings.

Anonymous 4456

I used to purposely losen up my teeth and then let them re-root.
Once you start its hard to stop and let them heal, its like a scab you have to pick at.

Anonymous 4458

I feel the grips of bony hands as I'm walking sometimes. From the mountain of dead the world is built on.

Anonymous 4600

Every time I see one of my guns I imagine picking it up and just blasting myself in the side of the head. I like to imagine it's some 'lure of the void' type action that my brain is trying to warn me not to do it? But it only started after I was suicidal ideation mode for a while and had to hide the guns to stop myself from imagining it. (I'm not suicidal ideation mode now)

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