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Alien abduction Anonymous 1725[Reply]

Have you ever been abducted by aliens?
Do you know anyone who claims to have been abducted by aliens?
Any interesting abduction stories?
Why do you think certain groups of aliens abduct people?
What do you feel when watching this video?

Anonymous 1811

that the video is cringe as fuck


Anonymous 1583[Reply]

how do i hack the simulation, get access to unlimited data and become a demigod? im pretty sure this is my life goal and if i fail this there is gonna be another pandemic like corona but this time everyone dies and our timeline resets once again
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Anonymous 1596

Wow I sure am glad we have you around. Apparently you are the only one who can save our universe.
All bow before our alleged lord and savior.

Sheesh come on now. Chill with the overblown ego, you're no messiah

Anonymous 1599

she's just poorly larping as a schizo

Anonymous 1602

how do i open my third eye? deadass

Anonymous 1764

Go insane, all of your impossible aspirations can be fulfilled in delusion. Hidden knowledge is bullshit. Sorry.

Anonymous 1768

you can’t be the nobody I already posted that I was the nobody four days ago on real /x/ stop stealing my kills

pretty girl murdered by jealousy Anonymous 1714[Reply]

How many of you know about this case?
I really suspect she was murdered by a fellow colleague. Its a shame whenever these incidents happen. I hope her family finds justice.

Anonymous 1718


Anonymous 1719

watch the video, idiot

Anonymous 1720


>blue eyes
She had greenish grey eyes.

Anonymous 1726

didn’t realise it was a video, thought it was just a screencap. was trying to be nice and get your thread going since no1curr.

images (1).jpeg

Irrational fears Anonymous 499[Reply]

What are you scared of?
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Anonymous 1697


Drowning in a a sea cave. When I was a child I read a book whose protagonist (another child) stayed with his father in a house near some cliffs that had a lot of caves. He met a girl and went exploring them. By the end of the book the girl is revealed to be the ghost of a girl that drowned inside one of those caves. She was looking after the boy but also kind of encouraging him to go further into the caves to find a pirate treasure. Pretty sad. The sea is spooky.


Anonymous 1699

reading or watching the news about unfortunate events or drastic irregularities in nature makes me sick, always have a huge stomach ache after knowing about it

basically feeling as if something is not like it used to makes me scared of the future, always dreading tomorrow

Anonymous 1700

Mine too. Maybe not irrational, but I also hate scuba diving in general. I had never been before but managed to do the PADI basic and open water certifications back to back. I had to do a night dive when I had to swim away from the instructor in the pitch dark. I did it slightly wrong first and had to do it twice. It wasn't near caves but it was still terrifying. While I love wild swimming, I haven't been scuba diving since then and don't think I would go again. That and learning all the things that can go wrong completely put me off of it.

Anonymous 1701

I'm afraid of birds. Not all the time, I think they're fine on the ground and I quite like water birds, but the second they swoop at anything my stomach drops. So… a fear of things swooping? Except I'm fine with insects, so I don't know. It was probably caused by watching The Birds as a dumb 10 yr old

Anonymous 1702

for me its the depths of the sea in general
its dark, cold and uknown
im sure theres a lot of creepy stuff and beings and im worried that they might come up one day
also mirrors, i have no issue with a mirror in the bathroom, but like being at my room using the pc and having a mirror thats visible from the corner of my eye is creepy af


Anyone else follow this pattern here? Anonymous 1578[Reply]

People were talking about strange coincidences between kids who were in gifted/TAG/GATE classes in school. Anybody else have similar circumstance?
>Blue eyes (hazel seems equally common)
>Occipital Bun (aka math bump on the the back of the skull = Neanderthal trait)
>Birth Complications (like weeks early or not breathing)
>Near Death Experiences (especially drowning)
>lack of memory of TAG (we all did many many hours there, and it's very vague)
>windows covered in TAG classrooms
>tendency to be followed, especially by creeps
>Law enforcement being very lenient
>IQ's are often as high as 130; 100. Many IQ's even higher.
Other similarities, less common but still common enough to mention
>interest in /x/ phenomena
>heavy early twenties drug experimentation period
>forehead scars
>early speech therapy
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 1630

I was an alcoholic for a few years and still was very high-performing.

Anonymous 1634

>GATE conspiracies

The worst and dumbest conspiracy by and for the worst and dumbest of failsons. Leave it on 4chan where it belongs.

Anonymous 1645

Let's see how I stack up:
>Blue eyes
>Occipital Bun? (honestly have no idea if I do)
>Birth Complications (I was a very difficult birth for my mother but nothing lasting)
>No Near Death Experiences
>lack of memory of it
>windows covered in classrooms (most of mine were in rooms without big windows)
>tendency to be followed, especially by creeps
>Law enforcement being very lenient
>IQ's are often as high as 130 (122 according to psychologist back when I was a teen)
>interest in /x/ phenomena
>some drug experimentation, but not much
>no forehead scars
>early speech therapy (TONS)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 1646

Not white, brown eyes.
>lack of memory of TAG
My whole childhood is a blur
>Law enforcement being very lenient
I've only had one run in with police and it was a ticket for making a U turn at a no U turn sign. He wasn't mean about it, it was my fault, but a ticket is still a ticket.
>first born
Only child
Stopped having them around 18
>above average intuition
Maybe? I get intuition thoughts all the time, but I never really confirm if they're true.
Nothing else applies.

Anonymous 1690

hqdefault (1).jpg

There aren't really any "gifted classes" in schools in my country but we do have a CTY, which I went to.
>Hazel eyes
>Occipital Bun (I have no idea)
>Birth Complications (nope I was right on time)
>Near Death Experiences (only with alcohol in my teens so idk if that counts)
>Lack of memory (of all my childhood, I only remember specific bad memories that usually involved social rejection or humiliation)
>Tendency to be followed, especially by creeps (occasional creeps but I wouldn't call it a tendency, just being female. I never go out though)
>Law enforcement being very lenient
>IQ's are often as high as 130; 100. Many IQ's even higher (don't know my IQ or remember my exact SCAT score but to get into CTY you needed to score above the SCAT 95th percentile for either maths or english, I went beyond it for english and just scraped maths)
>Interest in /x/ phenomena (obviously)
>Heavy early twenties drug experimentation period
>Forehead scars (only from acne/pox, which everyone has so I'm guessing this is asking for interesting slashes? idk but I have none of those)
>First born
>No premonitions/prophetic dreams (I get weird symbolic dreams though that focus on specific images like a dying seagull laying on the ground with its wings and beak torn off and laying next to it, crying like a person. Or just randomly cutting mid dream to the house in the tornado from the wizard of oz while piano music that sounded like it was played by broken fingers plays in the background)
>Above average intuition (I don't think so but then again I've never actually trusted it)
I don't know how accurate this can be since a lot of (non-gifted) people can either check off many items on the list (like birth complications) or convince themselves they apply (for example it seems every single person I talk to toadally doesn't remember their childhood at all!!!!)


Hallucinations Anonymous 1650[Reply]

Does anyone ever get auditory or visual hallucinations? I realized I've been hearing voices fighting (a man and a woman) and as soon as I start paying attention they go away.
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Anonymous 1656

>These examples suggest hallucinations arise when the brain gives more weight to its expectations and beliefs about the world than to the sensory evidence it receives, says study author and Yale psychiatrist Philip Corlett.
>The findings confirm that, when it comes to how we perceive the world, our ideas and beliefs can easily overpower our senses, Powers says. The work also suggests that the cerebellum is a key checkpoint against this distortion, he adds.

>A 2013 meta-analysis, combining much of the existing data, by Jim van Os of Maastricht University in the Netherlands and Richard Linscott of the University of Otago in New Zealand, found the prevalence of hallucinations and delusions in the general population was 7.2 percent—much higher than the 0.4 percent prevalence of schizophrenia diagnoses found in recent studies.


Also see this AMA on auditory hallucinations: https://old.reddit.com/r/science/comments/2or00m/science_ama_series_we_are_a_group_of_researchers/

Anonymous 1664

opera apu.jpg

Can a person with no inner monologue experience auditory hallucinations?

Anonymous 1665

Anyone can hallucinate. It can be caused by extreme stress, lack of sleep, lack of food and water, too hot or extreme exhaustion.

Anonymous 1667

>Anyone can hallucinate.
How the fuck do you know?

Anonymous 1669

Because everyone does every night while they sleep.

Valkyries Anonymous 1644[Reply]


Question about Reporting Posts on 4chan Anonymous 736[Reply]

This is a certified idiot question

but is there a way to report posts on 4chan to fbi

Anonymous 737

What kind of post? If it's something against the law usually the mods report it themselves.

Anonymous 738

You can, there's a way to report to the FBI online, but I'm a yuropoor so I don't recall the exact site.

Anonymous 740

Can we report the woman hate thread posters to the fbi while we’re at it?

Anonymous 1632

You're not truly /x/ until you realise it's the FBI posting those threads.


Anonymous 1586[Reply]

How do I make a person up online? Need to put them on a Whitepages too so people think they're real.
3 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 1607

is there something i can use to get multiple pictures of the same 'person'? like just to add variety and believability.

Anonymous 1610

You would have to use "deepfakes", as there is technology to create faces there is technology to transfer faces from one image to another (actually the face creation method works like that too, it picks a couple of faces and transfers details from one to another to create something new).
Alternatively you could use photoshop. YOu could take a photo of yourself and shoop it to look like the fake person… and then put lots of filter over it so it doesn't look suspicious lmao.
Actually I'm gonna try that, it seems like a tough task

Anonymous 1612

Sorry I know it's unrelated but I clicked on the cat version of the generator and got a good little boy isnt' he the best

Anonymous 1613

download (1).jpeg

Of course I forgot to include him

Anonymous 1615

cat wearing t-shirt with his face. cute!


Anonymous 1588[Reply]

How do I summon spooky stuff?

Anonymous 1606

What does spoke you?

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