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Anonymous 404[Reply]

Cryptid thread motherfuckers, let's do it.
Post strange occurences, information, theories and speculation, personal experiences, and general discussion.

>What's your favorite cryptid?

>What's a lesser known cryptid that intrigues you?
>Which cryptids do you think are the most likely to exist?
>Any bizzare experiences that you'd like to share?

Anonymous 845

the mothman stories spooked the fuck out of childhood me. just the thought of some moth guy swooping down on me while i stood beneath a street light @ night had me cold

Anonymous 1069

I love the idea of banshees/mothman (creatures that warn you before disaster is going to strike). Me and my friends used to scare the shit out of each other as kids at sleepovers by talking about banshees (could share my memories if anyone is interested lol). While I don't believe they exist, I can totally see why people thought they did because foxes and bats screeching at night sound like otherworldly women crying in pain.

I think the cryptids most likely to exist are in the ocean. There's some spooky shit down there. Maybe some monsters that survived when the dinosaurs were wiped out. I hope I get to live to see scientists discover all kinds of alien creatures at the bottom of the ocean.

Anonymous 1071


Please do share.
Also agreed @ the ocean. I'm fascinated by deep sea gigantism and the likes.

Anonymous 1093

Whoops late reply. Also LOVE that picture, it makes my shiver. Here are some things I found creepy as a child:
∙ The banshee cries before someone dies. If you hear one, it means someone close to you is going to die soon but you have no indication of who or when or even how.
∙ The person about to die is the only one who can't hear her. So if everyone in the house is like "What's that weird noise?" and you can't hear it, it's bad news for you.
∙ It's supposed to be a comforting sound, like someone crying at a funeral but is unintentionally creepy.
∙ Banshees drop things like combs, hair accessories and even fingernails. If you pick one up and bring it home, she'll come looking for it. My friends used to tell me that they knew people who did that and she'd come to their house every night and tap on the window with her fingernails or scratch at the door until she got her item back or it was destroyed in the fire.
∙ Banshees will cry outside the homes of the families of soldiers or fishermen. So if the family woke in the middle of the night to hear crying, they knew that their husband/father/son died at war or at sea.
∙ She punishes people who try to impersonate or follow her.
∙ Apparently she also wanders around graveyards and if things go missing, it's a sign that she was there and took something.

And then there are changelings:
∙ Fairies replace newborn babies with elderly fairies who are about to die.
∙ The only way to get rid of a changeling is to threaten to throw it in the fire and they leap out of the chimney (scary to think that people actually did this to their sick children/wives and if they weren't killed, they were severely injured).
∙ Changelings look like children but are actually adults so people have accidentally walked in on them playing instruments or they'll ask men for cigarettes or a glass of whiskey in perfect english.
∙ There's a story about a fairy woman who visits a human woman and admits that their children were switched and asks for her fairy child back, suggesting that not even fairy women are on-board with the practice which is sad af.
∙ Basically anyone who had a sudden change or got sick rapidly was accused of being a changeling.


☆Astrology general☆ Anonymous 1[Reply]

What's your sun sign (or other chart aspects)? Thoughts & opinions?
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Anonymous 5

I'm also a Gemini! I used to read my horoscope a lot more often, but lately I've sort of lost interest in it and astrology itself. I'd like to get back into it tho. Most of the horoscopes I read did really relate to my though, and I honestly found a lot of comfort in reading it, and I think I could really use some ~astrological~ advice right now. I do think it's cool to have a symbol that kinda represents who you are tho, so I do have some Gemini related jewelry (sorry if that sounds kinda headass) and I do think it's really cute.

Anonymous 6

Geminis rising, libra sun and Scorpio Venus/mercury/moon here! I love astrology and I feel oddly proud of my chart aspects lmao, after knowing about astral charts and deeper astrology stuff I no longer believe in horoscope as seeing your future with only your sun sign seems way to simply

Anonymous 1088

I think most of the people who are either sag moons/suns that were born in the sag Pluto generation are pretty fucked up

Anonymous 1089

How old are you anon?

Anonymous 1091

Aquarius sun, Taurus moon. I 100% identify with the traits of an Aquarius and I find it funny to read them because they're so accurate to my personality and life. Even though the moon sign is meant to be more accurate, I don't relate to Taurus at all. Unless you're supposed to read them differently and I'm doing it wrong? Almost everyone in my life fits their signs perfectly and to the point where it gets scarily specific (not just vague things like "you're caring!")

I don't read horoscopes though. They never seem to match what's going on in my life, especially when they keep telling me I'll "find a new love!" despite me being with my bf for years. Or when they'd talk about "the workplace" when I was still in school. I don't particularly mind the short, vague ones that are like "you'll have a really successful year this year!" because they're inspiring but I don't necessarily believe that they're an accurate prediction.

If anyone can provide a really good horoscope writer and change my mind about horoscopes I'd be interested lol.


Fake internet deaths Anonymous 819[Reply]

Let's talk about people who fake deaths online, either elaborate stories about people close to them or their own death or suicide.
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Anonymous 823

The latter but I don't know about Plaaastic, please elaborate if you like

Anonymous 827


Okay! Plaaastic is a Vietnamese girl that amassed a following by posting edgy pics on IG. She had her own fashion brand and an autobiography. She also had lots of drama related to her background: her parents abused her, she was homeless for a while and her husband serially cheated on her. She was pretty open about her mental illnesses but one day a picture was posted in her IG account that claimed she had taken her own life.

People mourned her death but a few months after a similar edgy aesthetic account called nitenite99 started posting pics with the same props as Plaaastic and even the same room and tattoos as her. People on PULL and Lolcow ended up discovering it was truly Plaaastic and that she had lied about many, many other things about her

Sorry if this isn't very clear, you can find more info on those sites!

Anonymous 834

omfg I feel so gratified right now. I remember when everybody on PULL Was poring over her translated autobiography and I remember thinking ffs, this is too over the top and extreme (whether or not she was dead or not). No one would allow any criticism of her and so I just stopped following the thread. haha, I knew something was up, I was so sick of how everybody idolized and made her out to be this uwu angel even when she was alive.

Anonymous 838

Read the thread now, everyone has pretty much turned on her, it's an amazing shitfest. I read her PULL and lolcow threads after reading >>827 and it's been some of the most intriguing drama I've seen, especially considering (like you said) the amount of support she used to get.

Anonymous 1067

She's supposed to be "really dead this time". https://lolcow.farm/snow/res/602401.html#750518

death valley.jpeg

"The Death Valley Germans" Anonymous 1042[Reply]

German tourist family disappears in the Death Valley. Random guy starts a blog while he tries to investigate what happened to these people and at the end he found out exactly what happened. This is his blog http://www.otherhand.org/home-page/search-and-rescue/the-hunt-for-the-death-valley-germans/ and I 10000000% recommend reading everything. It was an amazing investigative work from this guy.


Anonymous 856[Reply]

>no monster boys thread up
let's change that
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Anonymous 967


Hmm I said I would draw a slug man but I drew an incubus instead, I'm very happy with it, if you compare this with my first drawings in this thread this looks much better (in my opinion) even though it's messy, so maybe I am improving (yay) also I still haven't finished the dragon boi :c I just draw when my roommate is not around so I don't creep her out with my choice of subject matter.
I have an idea, I can draw what you asked for (but it will be messy) and when I post it you can pay me to make it cleaner and add more detail to it if you want, but you don't have to if you like it messy. Because drawing something doesn't take that long actually but cleaning it all up and making it nice takes a while, like they say: the last 10% takes 90% of the time, but it adds 90% of the impact.

Anonymous 968


Also does anyone else love this painting, I had it in one textbook and I just couldn't stop staring at it and I copied it because it's so beautiful. It's a design of a costume for the ballet Afternoon of a faun painted by Leon Bakst

Anonymous 969


It is not my type of artstyle, but otherwise it is kind of nice.

Anonymous 1006


Anonymous 1037

just want an eldritch bf


Local Urban Legends Anonymous 886[Reply]

What are some weird or creepy legends that come from the area you live/grew up in? I love spooky stories but enjoy them so much more when they’re close to home!

(Image source: gimb.tumblr.com)
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Anonymous 935


This one is fairly old, and is somewhat widely known.
But in Virginia colony, and up until the mid-20th century, there have been reports of a monster called the Snallygaster.

Some people suggest that it comes from local legends of the Powhatan, though I know little of this particular subject.

Anonymous 941


The Green Man / Charlie No Face
>A green glowing faceless demon who walks along the road at night.

What I find interesting about this urban legend is that the Green Man was a real person. He lost his face and arm from an electrical accident as a child. The legend originated from people seeing him during his nightly walks.

Anonymous 962

A girl committed suicide in my old school's pool (which was in the basement area) in the 1960s(fact), it has been closed off for a very long time but people have said the building above it is haunted.

An elementary school in my city used to be a military base in the 1800s(yes, the building is that old) and supposedly they hung people from a very large tree that still stands on the grounds. Not sure how true that one is with regards to hangings but yeah.

Anonymous 975

In my hometown there is a building downtown that had been boarded up since the 1970s. Downtown barely qualifies as a downtown, the city had a population of about 45,000.

The building was this very tall hotel, every last window had plywood over it. The explanation as to why it always stood was that nobody wanted to deal with it, the building itself was violating some code or had something wrong to where it would have to be torn down entirely to be fixed. And apparently the cost of doing so was not worth it to anyone, so it always remained.

Rumors were it was haunted as fuck and you could see all sorts of ghosts. People would trespass there regularly and get really scared, others said they saw nothing. I never tried but wish I did.

Anonymous 1032


My alma mater was originally built to train priests. They lived on-campus in buildings that are now used as classrooms and offices. I had to walk through the oldest part of the college to get home and it was pretty spooky during the cold, winter evenings when you're surrounded by statues of Mary and Jesus hanging on the cross but when I heard that there's a room in a certain building that's haunted, I had to check it out one evening. There is indeed a room (Room 2) in a building that is now used by the Department of History. The wall and door of the room have been removed and from the outside I could see that the window is boarded up. Pic related is an old, creepy picture of the room.

The true story is that a student living in the room killed himself in 1841 by throwing himself out of the window. He was buried and the college tried to keep it quiet (as suicide is a sin). There was possibly another student who stayed in the room who killed himself by slitting his throat but there's no evidence of that so I can't confirm. Almost 20 years later (1860), another student was temporarily staying in the room for a week, oblivious to what had happened there. Later he was told that a student had commit suicide in that room which worried him and when he returned to Room 2, he cut himself and jumped out the window. He survived initially and told the vice-president of the college that there was a demonic presence in the room. Apparently he had seen a demon's face in the mirror and he had an overwhelming urge to kill himself. He too died from his injuries a day later. After this, a priest wanted to investigate so he spent the night there. He refused to talk about what he saw but it turned his hair completely white. The vice-president ordered that the room not be used to house any more students, that it be turned into an oratory and that a statue of St.Joseph (patron saint of peaceful death) be placed in it. Two of the students are buried in the college graveyard (their names are visible on the graves and on a plaque) and there is evidence that they attended the school so these deaths are genuine.

Now for the legends. It's said that there's a blood stain (from one of the students cutting themselves) in the room that keeps re-appearing after it is cleaned. Apparently the chemistry students tested it one day and confirmed it was human blood. It's also said that students are banned from staying the night in the building or brinPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Nightmares Anonymous 55[Reply]

Share your nightmares here!

Hiding mine behind a spoiler in case other anons don't want to see nightmares while scrolling through /b/.

Last night I had a weird dream that there were a bunch of mice in some kind of doll house thing. My parents were there, and I kept breaking the mice's backs. I'd press down on their spine and it'd make this awful fake sounding crunch. My mom told me, "I hate that sound". I did it again, and she told me again that she hates the sound. After that I broke a mouse's skull and my mom asked me why I keep killing the mice, and I felt terribly guilty for what I'd done.
33 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 377


My nightmares usually involve somebody I know beating me to death. I don't usually even register them as nightmares, it's like I'm walking just kinda walking around and suddenly my dad starts bashing my head, and I'm like ouch, could you please stop.
Sometimes I wake up cause my body just jerks upwards, and I can't remember anything, just a vague sense of dread. Sometimes im not even fully asleep, it just happens.

Anonymous 382

i still remember my very first nightmare, because it had such a big effect on me. in it my mom sent me to buy shampoo in the drugstore close to where we lived. while i was there i noticed that one of the beauty attendants (i have no idea if that's actually what they're called) was following me through the store, but was like whatever. she had deep red hair and was very tall and buff, she was pretty and had nice makeup lol. i payed and started my way home and noticed she was still following and i freaked out and started running into some public clinic and cried and asked people to help but no one helped me, and then i felt a blow to the back of my head which really hurt. next thing i know i'm like outside of my body, and looking at the woman who followed me skinning my dismembered body. i was really young and i was inconsolable for days because of this nightmare

Anonymous 388

I used to have really bad nightmares of my ex before I seeked help. It started in 2013. I have a shitty small apartment where you have a main hallway that leads to the bedrooms that are adjacent from each other. The end of the hall is my living room/dining room/kitchen area. We have a small balcony with railing and sliding glass door.

The point of view would be floating past the railing and looking towards the glass door. He wore brown "oxfords" (weird brand ones that were split fake leather and corduroy?) that would peek underneath by the foot of the door, his body covered with a glare from the sunlight. My body would be hanging from the railing with a noose and bloody from the waist down. I looked so tense and my legs were bent back like I was straining. The actual porch would have something different each night like my cat crushed to death or something else that upset me greatly like a dead fetus. I eventually traded these for just hallucinations of his shoes walking down the hallway towards me. The nightmares leaked into real life. My boyfriend found me one time in the laundry room freaking out because I thought I saw someone that looked like my ex outside the door.

Anonymous 396

I've been having recurring nightmares that I am being stalked, they are all kind of similar but different. Lately they have gotten more violent and they end up with me getting raped and then murdered and getting my limbs chopped off and put inside drawers, I take the same rout to/from the gym and work so it's pretty scary, the alternate route is even more desolate than my main one.

Anonymous 1023


Last night I dreamt, I woke up alone in a black room without a discernible end or beginning. On the floor at my feet was a pill bottle, I felt a sort of pull, almost instinctual urge to open it. Unable to resist the itching temptation, I popped the lid off and the bottle spewed it’s beady and circular contents outwards, forcing me backwards and flying out of my hands like a deflating balloon as it sporadically jerked every which way. Soon the pills came like a wave out of the bottle, enveloping me, trapping me, drowning me. All the space around me was filled with pills, the pills became as the air, filling every vacuum, forcing themselves down my throat, and as I choked and coughed under the weight of the ballpit of drugs, I felt something that I haven’t felt in a long time, not during movies, not during walks late at night, or even car crashes, complete and utter fear. I began uncontrollably shaking, spasming, like there was some sort of vibration in my chest, and woke up crying.

captain faggo.jpg

Spooky greentext Anonymous 966[Reply]

Femanon from 4chan /x/
I haven't seen any greentext threads or real story threads, so post yours!

>Be me

>Hanging out with grandpa
>Fisihing at a pier near his house (he lived near the ocean)
>Its night, maybe 11
>See something glowing in distance
>see it get closer
>looked like of like a pig?
>Pointed it out to grandpa
>he freaked out
>took me home right away
Everytime I would ask him about it, he would be super vauge. I'm not sure what it was, but it was unsetteling.

Anonymous 976

It's not very good, maybe I was delusional, but it must be noted I've never had an audio hallucination smoking pot prior or ever since.

>be me in 2013

>middle of winter and im living with a coworker temporarily
>nearby his apartment are some quiet woods with a stream that runs through
>after work sometimes i would walk the trail a bit and then wander a bit into the trees to smoke
>one evening i do this after dark
>im sitting there smoking and i hear a baby crying
>i don't even consider what im hearing for 20 seconds until i think about how im all alone and theres no one nearby
>i stand up and look around and there is still this crying but nobody in sight
>i throw everything away and bolt to the trail and out of the woods as fast as i can

I never went back there at night.


Halloween thread Anonymous 113[Reply]

It's getting glum outside, let's talk about the spooky season.

>favorite things about Halloween

>costume ideas
>party planning
>music and movies
>decor inspiration

mystery thread:

/x/ thread:

witchcraft thread:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
24 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 138


Can we have more /x/ discussion threads? I would love for the thread links in OP to be more active. I'll make a true crime thread if anyone is interested.

art by https://twitter.com/hxkxtxxxn

Anonymous 139


thank you, anons!! <3 these are lots of great ideas. i love you all.

Anonymous 369

tomorrow's the big day!! or maybe it already is for some of you guys on the other side of the world.
im glad it's getting gloomier here and im finally getting into the halloween spirit im just bummed everyone else here is not really feeling it lol.
so what are your guys halloween plans?

Anonymous 380

Have fun Anon!

Anonymous 964

>favorite things about Halloween
the atmosphere. i love the coloring and the gifts, the weird masks people wear as they run around and beg strangers for candy. idk there's just something magical about this season
>costume ideas
>party planning
>music and movies
probably going to start up welcome to nightvale & watch some ~spooky~ movies. and play a few creepy rpgmaker games ( those aren't movies, but still )
>decor inspiration


The Unsettling, the Upsetting and the Unnerving Anonymous 925[Reply]

Hello everyone,
Shall we share things - pictures, webms, gifs - that give you the spooks, or in some way trouble you? Can also discuss films, books, or any other media that fits the topic.

Anonymous 934


Thank god this shit was eradicated

Anonymous 950

A film that was weird to watch was cat soup.
It left a strange feeling behind. Maybe because i was very young when i watched it…

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