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Monster girls Anonymous 206[Reply]

Post 'em
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Anonymous 1200


Anonymous 1320


Anonymous 1550


Does anyone know any nice monster girl manga that isn't porn or something? I love this manga T-rex na Kanojo which is about dinosaur girls but it seems to be discontinued, my favorite is Kram the autistic ankylosaurus

Anonymous 1557


Maybe you could make a thread in /media/ for people to give you recommendations.

Anonymous 1559

This manga looks great, always makes me sad when they end up being inconclusive


Weird and creepy buildings Anonymous 185[Reply]

Let's start with some Stalenhag
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Anonymous 205


Anonymous 1506


Some of these are really good o_o

Anonymous 1552


in my city someone built a cathedral of junk in their backyard, my friends think it’s creepy to look at but I think it’s rly cool, my bf and I were going to visit it before quarantine :T

Anonymous 1553

this one looks so wild how much does rent cost here, SO big if true

Anonymous 1556


That's genuinely cool and I'd love to go there. It reminds me of the City Museum in Missouri, USA, an interactive 10-story museum which was built in an abandoned shoe factory.

Pregnancy Horror and Conspiracy Anonymous 1507[Reply]

Not sure if this belongs here, but does anyone else find the idea of being pregnant and giving birth truly horrifying?

There are so many ways that babies can ruin your body and health. You're literally having something growing inside you and sucking the life out.

I knew none of this before I started researching pregnancy out of curiosity. I kinda feel like there's a conspiracy to keep this out of mainstream knowledge so women keep being naive human incubators for men and because men don't care about women's issues.

NSFL pic related - up to 80% of women will tear to some degree (they actually used to cut ahead of tearing happening as it's that common) :
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Anonymous 1523


>You just confirmed that diabetes from pregnancy was a thing. Not sure what you were trying for there.
I never denied it being a thing. Having the causes in front of you makes you relise what kind of people are prone to it and how related is to overweight and actual diabetes.

>Again confirming.


Yes, what sounds good to me is that you have your baby, not that you need dtitches. Again, learn how to read. And it's really ususally not big dealbecause is not that common. For example in the UK.
[article: https://www.rcog.org.uk/en/patients/patient-leaflets/third--or-fourth-degree-tear-during-childbirth/]

>In the UK, a third- or fourth-degree tear (also known as obstetric anal sphincter injury – OASI) occurs in about 3 in 100 women having a vaginal birth. It is more common with a first vaginal birth, occurring in 6 in 100 women, compared with 2 in 100 women who have previously had a vaginal birth.

>Because what? It compares the size of a baby to something everyday?

Well, it's not an everyday thing for many people that don't usually eat pumpkins in their countries.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 1524

>In the UK, a third- or fourth-degree tear (also known as obstetric anal sphincter injury – OASI) occurs in about 3 in 100 women having a vaginal birth.
As written in the OP, up to 80% of women will tear to some degree (they actually used to cut ahead of tearing happening as it's that common) :
Any type of genital tearing is horrific and no baby is worth that.

>Well, it's not an everyday thing for many people that don't usually eat pumpkins in their countries.

Is this supposed to be some smart comeback because I said pumpkins are not commonly eaten where I am? Have you never heard of Hallowe'en or even just seeing things in photos?

>And does the size of a standard pumpkin makes you yikes?

The idea of pushing it of my vagina, yes.

>And you using it when trying to make a point about psychosis makes you a cherry-picker.

I already said it was one of the first results that came up. I doubt you're going to find a nice calm psychosis account anywhere but feel free to prove me wrong.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 1525


I am absolutely terrified over the thought of giving birth. If I was pregnant I probably try to hurt myself. My biggest fear is getting postpartum depression.
If I ever get to the point where I want a child and can take care of it properly, with out money being a concern, I'll adopt. I'm not one those people who can't love a child simply because it's not blood related. If anything that would make me love it more.

Anonymous 1526


>Any type of genital tearing is horrific and no baby is worth that.
Yes it is.
>Have you never heard of Hallowe'en or even just seeing things in photos?
What do you think?

>The idea of pushing it of my vagina, yes.

Babies don't go out of vaginas in the shape of pumpkins, their head usually comes the fist and the the rest of the body bits by bits, which are absolutely not the size of a regular pumpkin.

>I already said it was one of the first results that came up. I doubt you're going to find a nice calm psychosis account anywhere but feel free to prove me wrong.

Not cherry-picking in the concret aspect of psychosis but in the fact that you post this to enhance your horror-based idea of what pregnancy is like.

>>Says a lot about you that you defend childbirth, either because you've already done it or want to one day, but don't care about something that might affect someone else and their feelings. Hope you don't have a child that has any learning problems.

You said:
>Btw, it isn't cool to use "retard" as an insult anymore.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 1547


weird world wide web Anonymous 538[Reply]

post odd things you found online
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Anonymous 1504

Oh god if your cursor leaves the window he gets sad and starts looking for you

Anonymous 1528

I know you posted this ages ago, but if you're still here did you find out what their 'goal' I guess is? Like why are they 'typing' people? What political agenda do they have if any? It seems weird having a forum just putting people into these highly specific groups for no reason

Anonymous 1529

Anonymous 1531

the pointerpointer website actually makes me want to cry. I love the fact these photos are so candid. It makes me feel like I'm laughing with friends at them. God I'm alone.

Anonymous 1536


I was reading the Wikipedia article and saw
>One business venture they are well known for is creating eight text adventure video games. The Secret of St. Bride's was the first game they created, but they were also responsible for titles such as Bugsy and Jack the Ripper. The latter was the first video game to receive an "18" rating. Although television was shunned, computer games were liked as they involved "concentration and commitment".

Interesting to think this matriarchal quasi-cult would be making furry PC games.


Urban myths Anonymous 7[Reply]

Bonus points if local from your area.
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Anonymous 373


When I was a kid I used to go to Ukraine every summer and they had the same legend about needles. (once I went to a local cinema and something stung me and I freaked out, but it was just a bee). Guess it's common.
These needles are literally everywhere. We've had them strewn like a damn carpet near our kindergarten, in our yards, elevators, stairways. Also rat poison. Man, was that annoying, why would you throw this shit around the places where the children play

We've always had a legend about an abandoned hospital, something about satanic cults, members of which used to sacrifice stray dogs and were killed by a flood (or by cops, nobody's sure). It was also told that an extraordinary amount of people died building this hospital. (it also looks like an umbrella corp symbol from above). A couple of my classmates went there once, dogs and hobos chased them away

Anonymous 375

That was a cool post, Anon!
I reverse searched the image and found one article not in Russian lol

Anonymous 1500


Casually necroing this thread since it's a topic I'm interested in and /x/ is slow

Arkansas is an otherwise uneventful state, but around an hour from where I live is the Crescent Hotel, notorious throughout our region. It opened in 1886 as an elite resort hotel, then changed to "the Crescent College and Conservatory for Young Women", then to a junior college, then again to a hotel, and then to a hospital and health resort in 1937, though the millionaire who reopened it as a hospital advertised himself as a doctor despite having no medical training. Legend has it that many of the hospital's patients were treated cruelly and medically experimented on (the hospital reported a significant number of deaths) and those who've stayed there claim that some of those patients still haunt it (some of the patients had names, like Michael, Dr. John Freemont Ellis, etc.) It was found after the hospital closed down that it had underground passages.

Here's an excerpt from the Wikipedia page:
>Norman G. Baker, a millionaire inventor and radio personality, styled himself as a doctor despite having had no medical training. He claimed to have discovered a number of "cures" for various ailments, including cancer, and launched frequent attacks on organized medicine, which he accused of being corrupt and profit-driven. Having been run out of Iowa for practicing medicine without a license, Baker moved his cancer patients to Arkansas and advertised his new health resort at the Crescent. His "cure" consisted primarily of drinking the area's natural spring water. In 1940, federal charges were filed against Baker for mail fraud and he spent four years in prison. The Crescent Hotel was left ownerless until 1946. In the spring of 1946, the Crescent Hotel was purchased by John R. Constantine, Herbert E. Shutter, Herbert Byfield, and Dwight Nichols. On March 15, 1967, the hotel was nearly burned to the ground. The only living owner at this time was Dwight Nichols.

It's currently still open as a hotel and people can take tours or book rooms to stay in overnight. Many of those who stay report odd phenomena. It was also featured in an episode of "Ghost Hunters" in 2007 and "Ghost Adventures" in 2019 (though I don't personally find those shows to be very credible.) I visited it with my mother and sister in the summer of 2013 and my sister said she experienced a strange feeling and heard odd sounds, but mPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 1501

I've been there before many years ago on vacation with my parents. One of the balconies has an iron fencing to it where some of the spikes are suspiciously missing from them, like something or someone was shoved off of it and they broke off.

When I stood by it, I could feel something tugging at me to fall. I can't remember how long ago that was, I think I was 11 or 12 so it was probably around 2006.

Anonymous 1530



Creepypasta and other scary stories available for online reading. Anonymous 16[Reply]

Borrasca -

A great, atmospheric story. In my opinion, the ending was a bit heavy-handed and relied to much on shock and female torture, but aside from that, it had me hooked.
53 posts and 23 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 1085

Which of the stories are you replying to?

Anonymous 1169


Has anyone watched the now-cancelled Channel Zero on Syfy?
It's a TV show based on creepypastas, one pasta per season.

>Candle Cove

>Nowhere House
>Butcher's Block (originally Search and Rescue Woods)
>The Dream Door (originally Hidden Door)

Anonymous 1338

Anonymous 1339

That was cute. Lizzie got BTFO'd

Anonymous 1527

Hwo to make Jeff the Killer as a clay sculpture: https://youtu.be/pnyb_URzbsA


Nightmares Anonymous 55[Reply]

Share your nightmares here!

Hiding mine behind a spoiler in case other anons don't want to see nightmares while scrolling through /b/.

Last night I had a weird dream that there were a bunch of mice in some kind of doll house thing. My parents were there, and I kept breaking the mice's backs. I'd press down on their spine and it'd make this awful fake sounding crunch. My mom told me, "I hate that sound". I did it again, and she told me again that she hates the sound. After that I broke a mouse's skull and my mom asked me why I keep killing the mice, and I felt terribly guilty for what I'd done.
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Anonymous 1478

Had a dream where I was about 4 in my childhood home taking a bath. My mom was there and she grabbed the back of my hair and repeatadly kept forcing my head under water to the point where I almost pass out and the brings my head back up again for air then does it again with pushing my head underwater, all while she is screaming at me.

It felt so vivid and real like an actual memory. I woke up feeling such in shock and fear and it's been a few days and I still feel shook about it. I mean it probably is just a dream and this never happaned in real life but my mom was actually pretty terrible to me and has done physically violent things to me so this isn't too unbelievable.

Anonymous 1479

this was somewhat recently but basically i was in my living room with a sort of boyfriend (in the dream) and my dad told me to look outside. it was the day of an eclipse. me and the bf look outside and the sun/moon appear cartoonish. as soon as they overlap the world sort of just. ended. i felt myself get pushed back but i never landed so i was suspended in the air. all around me all i could see was a dark yellow with light rays. i was holding the bfs hand and just felt my body being compressed. it felt like it was being pulled apart but also being pushed in. i woke up not too long after but since then i’ve not been afraid of death.

Anonymous 1498

I dreamed that I was on a quest and it ended me getting raped by some strange man.

Anonymous 1503

One of the eeriest nightmares i had was when there was a serial killer who was an uncle of a girl (who he had already killed) and was chasing me. I saw a house in the middle of the wood and found out that it was his and the girl's. When i walked in one of the rooms, i'd always see poems on the walls describing the torture the girl received. sometimes, in another room, it'd be a poem about how she was killed. the worst part was in each room, besides having sad poems on the walls was seeing the girl frozen in time, either playing with her dolls or staring at nothing. she had short curly blonde hair and a pink dress and always had a teddy bear with her. The serial killer entered the house and i panicked but the scene changed. Instead of the random serial killer, it was a stranger from back when i was a teenager who forced me to take a picture with him while saying "i wont hurt you" in this one event (this one is true ugh. he also did it to one of my friends) He saw me from the window and started saying things i couldnt understand. I sobbed in fear because i was alone in the house and he's starting to get in. thank god i woke up after that

Anonymous 1505

had a dream where i was a boy who got my house burned down, saw my family getting killed, and was hunted by a hitman. Ran away and feel down a cliff where i landed in the snow.

Eventually i stumbled upon a run down sanctuary filled with people who looked just like me and lived there until the hitman came back, but he got cornered by someone that looks just like him.

woke up after that stand-off, still remember it to this day.

Phantom Troupe.jpg

Creating a group of Intelectuals capable of doing anything Anonymous 1488[Reply]

Basically how would one go about creating his own secret society or something similair.

I would like to create a bound of intelectuals that's unbreakable, a group that's capable of doing anything as long as their together. Like a well functuoning family business, but much stronger and not limited to corporate business rules.

How can I achieve this? Where to start?

Anonymous 1489

ok brainlet

Anonymous 1491

Hitler numbers wasted. This is kind of a cringe question, but you might as well join the jews or the fascists if you have hope. You could also start a, y'know, family. There isn't a certain way of doing this and the fact that you're asking how to do it gives off the idea that you don't have what it takes to fulfill the majority of what you're looking for.

Anonymous 1493

Adopt a bunch of children and raise them as your own indoctrinated kids.

Anonymous 1494

Or you could just homeschool them.


Clairvoyance Anonymous 1448[Reply]

I think I might be a clairvoyant, so much so that it has become a meme in my family. I usually have very vivid dreams and it has happened many times already that I actually dreamt of something that would happen the following day. What's the catch? These dreams that come true are usually really petty things (eg. that my bf is going to radomly take me to mc donald tomorrow and there's going to be my favorite limited edition burger), still I totally dig this thing, just wish I had a bit more control over it. Has any other anon ever experienced this? Can you control your premonitions?

Anonymous 1453

Try lucid dreaming. It'll give you control over your dreamstate and you might be able to find out how deep your rabbithole goes. I've had regular dreams predict reality in the same way you mention it, minor seemingly meaningless events. Since I've started to go after lucidity, my dreams have been a lot more intense and unreal. It might sound insane, but some of my dreams feel a lot more real than waking reality itself does. It's a great experience and I would recommend it.

Anonymous 1483

I wish I saw this thread earlier. I have a habit of predicting events in my dreams. For instance, a family member's house was threatened by a fire which burned straight to their property line and we had to rescue their cats and I dreamed that a week before it occurred. I will dream of people I haven't thought of in a while and then other people will mention them out of the blue.

The problem is, I also get PTSD dreams mixed in with all this, so lots of violence, incest, rape, partner infidelity, etc. so it's hard for me to untangle what is PTSD versus what is clairvoyance.

images (1).jpeg

Irrational fears Anonymous 499[Reply]

What are you scared of?
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Anonymous 1229

fear of fox tapeworms cost me 2 years of my youth

Anonymous 1230

What did you do in your youth?

Anonymous 1231

developed some sub category of a neurosis and stayed inside unless I had to go out, got addicted to the pc as well. Funny thing is the fear triggered from one day to another, like flipping a switch. But I am all good now

Anonymous 1474

My fear of heights warped into a fear of ceilings. Whenever I walk into a building with a really high ceiling I'll get freaked out. I keep playing out this scenario in my head of me suddenly falling up into the ceiling, kind of like how you'd fall off something high. Obviously unless somebody fucks with gravity then this isn't likely to happen, but my retard brain doesn't realise this.

Anonymous 1477

Ahhhh I used to do think about this a lot as a kid. I tried to stay under trees while outdoors, so I would at least have a chance to grab something before falling through the fucking sky and dying up there. Also low ceilings or other structures that maybe wouldn't break my neck when I was indoors.

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