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What's the worst thing you have ever done? Anonymous 4763[Reply]

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Anonymous 5603

How did you do it anon?

Anonymous 5605

Used foreign women’s instagrams as a source for my persona. Surprisingly most of them fell for it even though they were young men in their 20s. I feel really awful for it to this day, i wanted to use my own picture and talk to boys my age but mental illness ig.

Anonymous 5606

>Catfished men when i was 16
> I feel really awful for it to this day
Don't be, we all do stupid things when we're lonely.

Anonymous 5627

I did the same when i was younger, too. I wasn't very confident in my looks and couldn't be bothered to take a good picture of myself, besides i really wanted to know what it feels like when someone is attracted to you, even if it wasn't actually me.
And similar to you, I took authentic pics of not well known but really beautiful girls, mostly from my country (it's non-english speaking) and mostly chatted with guys from europe or us so I had no chance of meeting them

Anonymous 5629

Yeah it’s comforting to know another girl (hopefully kek) did the same as i did. After the deed i felt like a fucking creep which i was but you know. Not all of us had the luxury to be coddled and given attention i guess.
>i really wanted to know what it feels like when someone is attracted to you, even if it wasn't actually me.
That was a part of my motivation yes, but also i was struggling with ocd and religious indoctrination that lead me to ruminate over being a lesbian. (I got called that for being a tomboy and my ocd latched on to it) so i texted them to test it. Its a horrible mental illness and leads you to do the weirdest things and delusions. Like a bug in your brain…


Paper Trip Anonymous 5578[Reply]

I'm terribly interested in starting life anew. I think about going abroad, but would rather not. I'm in America and I'd be fine moving anywhere without much. No, truthfully, I'd be fine working paycheck to paycheck and working scrubbing tables and waitressing. I'm waiting for the one person who is dearest to me to die (they're elderly) to move on so I can truly move on myself while still alive.

I wonder if I'm someone who spends a lot of time thinking about this due to just not having any history of a decent domestic life. I have family that doesn't particularly care for me, but I'm working on building up a variety of skills to work elsewhere without bringing a lot of attention. I think remote work is good to evade people from knowing me as well.

Any talking points about the pandemic on those who did such a thing? I imagine with the paper/electric load burden officials would be prone to making mistakes. Any other forms of info that would be beneficial for somebody like me who just wants to disappear? General discussion about famous people who take a new identity is encouraged as well, modern and older.

Anonymous 5579

No info but planning to leave too. What type of skills are you learning

Anonymous 5588

I was originally practicing steno, as a hobby but then I realized it was solid pink collar work. Then I realized if I became a court reporter, might be a bad idea to change my identity and work as such. My new goal is accounting. Boring, hard, but it's def a solid one where if I get in and it's a small company I'd be less likely to be talked about.

Anonymous 5589



What's your picrel? I didn't know there was a tarot deck made out of The Last Unicorn. That's cool as fuck.


World Economic Forum Anonymous 5226[Reply]

How do we stop the World Economic Forum and The Great Reset?
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Anonymous 5229


Anonymous 5232


Anonymous 5240

youll definitely need xanax after this shit

Anonymous 5571


Female Separatism

Anonymous 5587

Why? What's wrong with it?


Paranormal experiences Anonymous 5581[Reply]

Thread to collect paranormal experiences you had or know about

Anonymous 5583

Something that happened at Gettysburg University, known as one of the most haunted in the world:
"Some college staff said they once used the lift to reach the first floor of the building but were instead taken to the basement. In there, they felt trapped in a time warp and before their eyes was what seemed like a hospital scene with wounded soldiers and doctors attending to them".

Anonymous 5584

There are already 4 different older threads for this on /x/. Would you newfags learn to lurk before making new threads?


Shoplifting Anonymous 4152[Reply]

Have you ever shoplifted? Why? Did you regret it or ever get caught?
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Anonymous 5559

If you feel justified, but also like shit, you probably aren't justified.

Anonymous 5560

I dont feel justified, I think we both done wrong things to each other in the past. I'm probably never gonna admit to stealing and just get through with it silently because I'm just gonna get screamed at and in my experience screaming never helped with anything.

Anonymous 5561


>Youre right that Im being cruel, but I even feel justified,

>I dont feel justified,
Are you this minor?
>but I even feel justified
It's okay if you are, just trying to make sure you're the same person. It's okay to move from "justified" to whatever else. Just felt confusing.

>I'm probably never gonna admit to stealing and just get through with it silently because I'm just gonna get screamed at and in my experience screaming never helped with anything.

That's certainly one approach, may even be the right one. Really it's whatever helps you progress forward as a person.

Anonymous 5562

Oh sorry I'm being dumb. I think i do feel partly justified, but I still feel like I'm crossing the line now.
>That's certainly one approach, may even be the right one. Really it's whatever helps you progress forward as a person.
I feel like it's the only one in my scenario.

Anonymous 5577

I’m not struggling financially but i’ve always wanted to shop lift, i can’t fathom why i have to pay for water or whatever else. I once shoplifted by accident by thinking i already paid. So i told the cashier that and gaslighted her and only realized i didn’t actually pay when i opened my wallet and saw the same amount untouched lol. Gave me a power trip and i’ve wanted to do it again, but i’m not a good liar


Anonymous 4376[Reply]

Any good books about witchcraft and occultism? And something in the spirit of Pseudomonarchia Daemonum?
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Anonymous 4391


Can this stop being a debate thread? Can someone actually recommend books or discuss them here instead of arguing how bullshit or childish occultism is?

Anonymous 4392

You acknowledge that "occultism" as a word refers to various disparate beliefs, yet you seem happy to generalise them all. Not all occultists/esotericists are Wiccans or LaVeyan Satanists. I agree that many people who might consider themselves occultists have half-baked ideas and are more interested in aesthetics than in philosophy. But these people can't be taken to represent all occultists. Not all occult systems of belief are woefully underdeveloped.

>Religion was created to give man purpose and calm his existential fears

I'd agree with this, though I might take issue with the idea that religion was "created". However I think that any number of ideologies or philosophies can provide a person with a sense of purpose, including political, religious and occult beliefs. Whether or not you or I agree with the doctrines underlying these beliefs is irrelevant, they provide a sense of purpose nonetheless.

>Both sentience and civilization are crimes and anomolies, nature's mistake. They shouldn't ever have existed

This is a matter of personal belief, clearly.

>…so you need a new force to help enforce them

Why? This seems like a bit of a leap in logic. There's no reason to prefer this to, for example, aiming for the destruction of all sentient life and civilisation, or simply accepting the absurd nature of reality. Again, this is your personal belief. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, but it's a belief, and clearly one which underlies your worldview. There are different beliefs which underlie certain occult worldviews which are radically different to your own.

>Occultism is so loose it can't unite

Yes, naturally. Occultism is not a religion. Perhaps the goal of Satanism is to "unite", or perhaps the goal of Thelema is to "unite". But occultism has no goal, because people who would be called occultists have very different goals. They don't all share a single belief system. This would have made more sense if you had clarified exactly which occult beliefs you're referring to.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 4538

Most occultists aren't children, you're just a retard who think that occultism is for le edgy teenagoors. Occultism and occultists are no more or less pathetic than any other theists or pagans.

Anonymous 5570


Anonymous 5576

The Kybalion


Dead Internet Theory: Most of the Internet is Fake Anonymous 3648[Reply]

I wonder if some of you here know about this theory. I'd love to know your thoughts. I personally think there's some truth to it. You can read about it here: https://forum.agoraroad.com/index.php?threads/dead-internet-theory-most-of-the-internet-is-fake.3011/

TLDR: Large proportions of the supposedly human-produced content on the internet are actually generated by artificial intelligence networks in conjunction with paid secret media influencers in order to manufacture consumers for an increasing range of newly-normalised cultural products.

Anonymous 3649

Ooo, can you imagine if this was true? Maybe those two weird AI influencers (Micheala and green hair guy) are like shitty glitches in the simulation

Anonymous 3658


Yeah, there is definitely something about 4chan and other, much more obscure websites than the former. Maybe included is this one too given the rise of the fujoshi and femboy lovers and the absolute decline of femcels in the entire Internet in a short amount of time; this being, of course, sort of appearing in the normalfag surface as there was that one tiktok trend on femboys, an overall explosion of women being kpop fans (especially in Latin America), and certain feminist websites having an obsession with cute boys now such as r/FDS, as if there was some kind of motive to make women reproduce out of desperation of the declining birthrates worldwide.
However, some points in that post can be easily argued against like 'algorithmic fiction.'

Like OP in that thread said, it is true that normalfaggotry media is AI generated, which its greatest example is Dead Koontz and Amazon. However, original thought is also alongside the normalfag trash in places where a good degree of intellect is neccesary; an example of such are places like DARPA, the majority of the Internet that is in university campuses, and obscure literary fiction publishers and translations. Especially for the second as a proof, there is a good reason why university library-hosted books in their physical form as so expensive and over 50 bucks. This is because it is made by real people rather than AI, as seen by the difference in prices on genre fiction written by 'writers' sponspored by Amazon originals. This latter point is one of the most concerning for me since this implies that, if we go by this rate, high quality original human thought is going to be more expensive over time. And if we ever want a piece of that, it is very unlikely that you will not get access to it unless you're part of a particular elite.

On another point, we are definitely more advanced than we think, but most content is restricted because it is unknown on what could happen if certain things were released. An example of such an experiment is VR since it is pretty fucking obvious that this has been used for decades:
Yet, it waPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 3659

>fujoshi and femboy lovers
>short amount of time
As in since at least 2009? I started being an online femboy-loving fujo back then and never wanted for content. The idea of tech giants generating Western-made gay Kirby gijinka doujinshi is hilarious though. Personally I think the mainstreaming of anime in the West likely has more to do with it.

Otherwise the theory is kind of interesting. But I still like to think that people are gross and stupid of their own volition.

Anonymous 3889

True that, but it is still a mystery why it became more popular right now. Yet, maybe it will go away eventually unless it could be a trend that stays for a long time in the likes of Doge.

Anonymous 5574


Wow, I found myself being so mad about this absolutely retarded text and stupidity of a person who wrote it
Nearly every sentence is uh debatable to say at least, others - just dumb
I know it's weird to complain about tinfoiling on /x but I just can not to
While I do agree actually that there is a lot of ai bots, payed shills - real-people-"bots",
fake traffic and stuff, but not in those colors like the author of the article is painting

is this post ai generated
>as if there was some kind of motive to make women reproduce out of desperation of the declining birthrates worldwide.
If there are no or very limited cute boys and kpop stars out there
Is it implyed that a woman be so horny for a qt femboy twitch streamer that she will lay under a random gamebro slob or what, idgi


Anonymous 4977[Reply]

Has anyone else noticed a dimensional shift lately?
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Anonymous 5421

Virtual reality supposed to be better and more pleasant than real reality
I am not gonna spend my virtual years in such an ugly space

Anonymous 5423

What makes it more pleasant or better? There will still be laws in place. The highest order will probably be the creator of the virtual reality. Our current reality has no one creator; whether you believe in God or not, we abide by the laws of nature and of the universe which dictate our moral and ethical laws. You would rather live in a world created by one or a team of people who think of themselves as gods? Why?

Anonymous 5427

Because they would give me an opportunity to be somewhere where I couldn’t be and to be something I’m not
I think I wouldn’t care who they are and why they are doing what they are doing
If they would abuse their power - that would just make a virtual space not comfortable, thus not interesting for me and for many other people, I think

but yeah, by pleasant I actually meant visually

Anonymous 5568



Anonymous 5569



parasocial relationships Anonymous 2965[Reply]

>do you have them?
>who are your parasocial relationships with? fictional characters? podcast hosts? celebs?
>if you don't have them, what do you think keeps you from doing so?

i'm interested in this bc it seems like as a society our interactions or exposure to others will become increasingly distant/indirect. i wonder what issues it will lead to.
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Anonymous 2988


Yes. I self insert into a lot of anime/manga and sometimes books. Usually I have to invent my own character because existing female ones aren't at all similar to me. Usually a lot of angst and romance with a husbando, but also general friendships or hate-mances with the characters, and if there's magic I like being a healer-type. It's really cringy and probably maladaptive but oh well. I pay my own bills and get IRL dates so I'm not doing so bad.

Pic rel is Sharrkan from Magi, I feel like I'd get along well with him as a non-romantic friend. I want to go bar-hopping with him and train with swords (my character uses a knife as well as magic). He is from not!Egypt and enjoys banter, womanizing, drinking, and sword fighting, but is also very laid back, lazy, and chill. My IRL friends have always been male except in elementary school–I just get along with guys better. I can see myself hanging out with him easily. To help me fall asleep, or if I'm feeling lousy, I replay or make up different scenes along an overarching storyline I came up with. I have one for every anime I self-insert in.

2D characters are more interesting people than people.

Anonymous 2989

it’s really embarrassing, but i’ve been in an imaginary relationship with a kpop idol for almost four years now. only one person knows the extent of it, i just feel like i’ll never find someone to love irl so i’m happy enough with this

Anonymous 2990


I am friends with many comic book characters and dead murderers. I am in a long-term relationship with a forum incel e-celeb. I am the disciple of of my mentor tulpa. It feels good to not be alone. :)

Anonymous 5487

What is it exactly?
I am not getting it, maybe because I think, that it's me, who people should have parasocial relationships with, lol, but I am pretty apathetic and have no real need for that
I do get what celebcrush is and how people can like a person, who they don't know
I mean, is licking a regular guy or gal you don't know is parasocial?
I don't get it - why liking a person(a)/image and wanting to get to know somebody in any way is suddenly "parasocial relationships"

Anonymous 5541

I used to be obsessed with fictional characters and husbandos. I've now been obsessed with a celebrity for two years in the midst of the pandemic. The fascination and the realization he's not a good person under the persona somewhat ruined my life and I'm tired of it, but what can I do? It's not secreting out of me easy.


I believe in reality shifting Anonymous 5265[Reply]

And I will do it
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Anonymous 5447

no you die die die die die die die die dieeeeeeeeee

Anonymous 5448


Stop fighting… We’re supposed to look out for each other. The whole world is against us.

Anonymous 5461

I'm gonna tear your fucking heart out with my bare hands

Anonymous 5480

Anonymous 5511

I believe in astral projection but not reality shifting, that's just too farfetched for me.

video from 4chan /x/ /apg/ that I like, but I'm only partway through it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQjAIlFZWWc

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