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Anonymous 5692[Reply]

Last night was a large full moon. I felt deeply disturbed all day. Feelings of need, lacking, boredom and a moment of fear. What is this?

Anonymous 5693

You’re a werewolf

Anonymous 5694

Despair. It's only natural.

Anonymous 5695

Gravity changed

Anonymous 5704

you are depressed or just in a bad mood, sometimes you can just have a "bleh" day, and it is unrelated to the visibility of some random rock lol


Cyberstalking Anonymous 140[Reply]

I do it, do you?
I love finding hidden accounts and secret blogs and I dox just to see if I can (but never post it or interfere with the person otherwise)
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Anonymous 5663

I remember googling the woman from this video.

Seems she went to Durham university:

She teaches forest things:

Has a slightly different name now and uploads music videos, playlists suggest she teaches languages too:

Against 5G:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 5665


holy shit, who was this person?

Anonymous 5677

The girl I cyber stalk has always had her accounts on private ever since I started the stalking. I never attempted to get access to the accounts though, but recently she made one of her accounts public and I got to go through it and save everything. Stalking someone online is sometimes just a waiting game. Waiting for them to slip up and reveal more information about themselves.

Anonymous 5678

Thats a clear cut psychopath.

Anonymous 5689

Hi You can find some songs from wires! On YouTube (saintvlxx) the channel. You can request some songs and see if I have them!


Anonymous 452[Reply]

Have you guys ever had any delusions? Episodes of psychosis? Paranormal activity?

I haven't really shared this story with anyone I know in real life and I'm a little nervous to post it, honestly. I'm sorry it turned out so long.

For a couple of months when I was around fourteen, I started to have trouble sleeping. I was a bit depressed and friendless, normal teenage girl. I sat around and played Gaia Online instead of going outside, lol.

I started to have more and more bad dreams. It kept getting worse and worse. At a point, after getting maybe an hour or two of sleep every night, I started to feel a… presence. Something had its eyes on me.

As this went on, I slowly started to piece together that the thing "watching" me was a demon. I deduced that there was a portal under my bed, leading to some kind of demon dimension. I felt one presence in particular. I named her Millie. My heart was pounding every night as I felt eyes on me.

This went on for days. Weeks. Months. My grades slipped. Different demons started to emerge from under my bed, watching me at night. I drew pictures of them. I wrote poetry about it. I wasn't sure what they wanted.

I tried to go to my guidance counselor and emphasized I was really depressed and needed help, but I was kind of brushed aside. I started to have anxiety attacks. I asked my mom for help, but she thought I was joking.

I started asking for help from my online friends. It was embarrassing to talk about and no one really took me seriously. I poured my heart out to an older, wiser woman I trusted. She revealed she had experience with such matters and witchcraft. She decided to have me do a cleansing ritual.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 5673

It’s definitely an entity that latched on the suitcase from the trip

Anonymous 5674

It certainly seems so. It was just so cliché that my experience was something like moving objects, but it hit me down to the lizard part of my brain for how spooked it made me.

Anonymous 5675


Anonymous 5676

It’s such a scary story though. Why the fuck did it hate megara’s song or did it like it so much it wanted to dance lol. I wonder where you went on the trip too, is it a place with active paranormal activity/witchcraft/cults? I remember seeing a dancing box as a child with my brother on the roof of my family’s home. Like a cardboard box on the edge of the house. we were star gazing and everytime i pointed at it to show my brother it would quickly disappear which made my bro think i was fucking with him. That’s the only object related ghost story i have lol.

Anonymous 5683

in elementary, i was convinced the entire class and then my school (not only the people in my grade but the upperclassmen too) was conspiring against me even if in reality it was just simple old bullying because i acted really weird. it happened again in middle school (i changed 5 different schools in my life because of bullying and stuff).

when i was 13 i seriously believed one guy on a private minecraft server was in love with me, i saw signs of it everywhere in random places, for example, i believed that the love songs on the radio were commissioned by him because he somehow knew i was listening to it or some random words on the tv were proof he loves me. it was scaring the shit out of me since he probably was 19 at the time, i avoided going anywhere on the internet and especially that server. shortly after the erotomanic delusion was over i looked back at it and saw no signs of grooming or etc since we didn't even talk, he just teleported to me one time (he was on the admin team) and that's it.

i also believed i was stalked by the government multiple times in my life. i have to admit i've seen them personally when they came to my school because i threatened to shoot it up, and after that i've had intense paranoia seeing signs of stalking everywhere, on the tv, on car plates even, in public, etc, i was scared of men who looked like government officials and literally ran away from them in public or stared at them intensely (even if they were probably random men who happened to dress like that). my ex boyfriend at the time i was dating him just laughed at it (that's part of the reason why i dumped his ass).


weird world wide web Anonymous 538[Reply]

post odd things you found online
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Anonymous 1531

the pointerpointer website actually makes me want to cry. I love the fact these photos are so candid. It makes me feel like I'm laughing with friends at them. God I'm alone.

Anonymous 1536


I was reading the Wikipedia article and saw
>One business venture they are well known for is creating eight text adventure video games. The Secret of St. Bride's was the first game they created, but they were also responsible for titles such as Bugsy and Jack the Ripper. The latter was the first video game to receive an "18" rating. Although television was shunned, computer games were liked as they involved "concentration and commitment".

Interesting to think this matriarchal quasi-cult would be making furry PC games.

Anonymous 5572

Found this show on yt. The girl is amazing.

Anonymous 5672


Nuts prison letter from NXIVM cult leader Keith Raniere to his ex-girlfriend Toni Natalie

Anonymous 5682

I relate to this, whats the story behind it


Suicide Anonymous 480[Reply]

How would you do it?
What's the most effective method with minimal pain? I'm a puss.
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Anonymous 5549

A bullet though the lungs, pericardium, etc. often results in a relatively quick death for animals. Sometimes, the chest trauma from a gun shot will cause enough instantaneous disruption to blood pressure and flow to cause an immediate loss of consciousness. If they pass out like this, they typically do not regain consciousness. When this happens they would have no or almost no perception of the event. This is not really a bad way for something to die from the standpoint of experiencing pain and suffering. Personally, I do not feel there is anything wrong with killing animals for food or as part of a scientifically directed population management program. I'm a bumpkin and have been around this sort of stuff since I was little, but I can see why people would view hunting as unsavory and cruel.

More importantly, I'm sorry for the tread derailment from my coyote picture. I did not intend to direct things down this path.

Anonymous 5550

Don’t apologize you’re not the one who derailed it

Anonymous 5565

I’m in this weird limbo where i want to stay alive and enjoy the aspects of life that i’ve enjoyed before it all went to shit. But also want to set myself on fire for the past situations and current situation i’ve been forced into. Yes— i was forced into them i won’t elaborate. But also i’m too suicidal and dysfunctional to actually do something and days pass by with just me ruminating. But then i decide on taking my life and my desire to fulfill certain wishes best me. Make up your fucking mind, brain. Being certain you want to live or die is something i have always longed for.

Anonymous 5566

Just a gun to my head, no fuss. Whenever I see people talking about how having a gun increases attempt/success in suicides I’m like “yah no shit”. I think once I graduate I’ll do it probably.

Anonymous 5670

So damn tired

conspiracy theorie…

Anonymous 3308[Reply]

what tier are you on?
tier 5 here
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Anonymous 4629

>the universe is chaos and order

The world is shadow and light
The nature of reality is flowing and still
The essence of existence is crust and filling

Anonymous 4674

went from 0 to maybe 3.5 over time, with all the insane shit that we've seen happen right in front of us for the last several years.

Anonymous 5660

6. I think 7 requires dying.

Anonymous 5661

All of them depending on what i tell myself that day

Anonymous 5664

the most based possible answer


Darknet (and women.i2p) Anonymous 5590[Reply]

I don't really know whether belongs in >>>/media/, but does anyone here use the Darknet? Tor, I2P, Yggrasil or what-have-you. Discuss:

>hidden service recommendations

>clearnet sites on the darknet
>general darknet stories

>inb4 complaints that crystal.cafe is banned on Tor

Also side-note but the otherday on a whim I registered the "women.i2p" eepsite thinking of populating it with TERF propaganda. Any suggestions or diagrams are welcome. (Does this count as TERFposting?
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Anonymous 5625

it goes down all the time, try again later

Anonymous 5636

I've been refreshing all day and still not working. Annoying as I really want to see what it's like.

Anonymous 5640

its just a retarded imageboard lel. pretty decent and not full of pedos like the rest of them are

Anonymous 5641

nvm i just checked the /b/ catalogue i take that back

Anonymous 5645

Yeah, I'm pretty disappointed now that I finally accessed it.


What are these lumpy brown things in my bed Anonymous 5607[Reply]

How do I placate them
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Anonymous 5635

learn crochet

Anonymous 5638

In searching for a readable pattern because I hate YouTube videos, I found the original source of the image


Anonymous 5639

Blessings on your house!

Anonymous 5643


I juggle their demands and needs everyday, its really taking a toll I can't juggle anymore. Don't even start with me human.

Anonymous 5644

god is good


Deity devotion Anonymous 3239[Reply]

Thread for women who worship deities from any pantheons (not counting Abrahamic religions)

>Which deity/deities do you worship?

>How and when did you start?
>How is she/he?
>What offerings do you give?
>Do people around you know?
etc etc tell us about them!
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Anonymous 5218


I like the concept of Santa Muerte but I'm not the type to really become a devout follower. For context, I grew up Catholic in a Mexican/Native American household, but I'm American and my dad was white. I wasn't raised with his side and they were hicktown racists so I felt more kin to my mom's side of the family. A lot of my childhood was following around my grandma to powwows and my grandpa to feistas, celebrating mass, getting baptized and all that jazz. Since my parents were involved with drugs and a lot of weird shit, I was kind of between two worlds. My grandparent's culture and my parent's wild lifestyle. When I found out about Santa Muerte, I felt I could relate to the idea of worshipping a female folk saint that represented the lost, misjudged and broken of society.

I had a friend in my teenage years who was into witchy/occult stuff. She was from Mexico, forget which part, but she grew up in gang culture. Her brother was a real fuck but he had this badass tattoo of this skeletal lady and an altar dedicated to her. This was about the time I had started researching about Santa Muerte. Eventually my friend grew out of it, ran off with some guy and converted to some Christian sect. It's a shame, I never really heard from her again. Overall, I have a lot of iconography about my apartment, including this figure my friend gave me a long time ago. For me, it's more about the idea it represents I guess.

Anonymous 5224

That's a cool story anon. Your life seems exciting with all those traditions around you. I myself would like to have an altar of some sort to a goddess or female spirit but I need to do some research first.

Anonymous 5486

>Which deity/deities do you worship?
Faceless god.
>How and when did you start?
Been worshiping way longer than I can remember.
>How is she/he?
It is wonderful.
>What offerings do you give?
I justtry to do what I'm asked.
>Do people around you know?
Everyone who explicitly did with the exception of a child is dead now.

Anonymous 5573


I'm trying to learn as much as I can about Bona Dea, a deity that was worshipped in ancient Rome.
>Her rites allowed women the use of strong wine and blood-sacrifice, things otherwise forbidden them by Roman tradition. Men were barred from her mysteries and the possession of her true name.
>The house was ritually cleansed of all male persons and presences, even male animals and male portraiture. Then the magistrate's wife and her assistants[16] made bowers of vine-leaves, and decorated the house's banqueting hall with "all manner of growing and blooming plants" except for myrtle, whose presence and naming were expressly forbidden. A banquet table was prepared, with a couch (pulvinar) for the goddess and the image of a snake. The Vestals brought Bona Dea's cult image from her temple[17] and laid it upon her couch, as an honoured guest. The goddess' meal was prepared: the entrails (exta) of a sow, sacrificed to her on behalf of the Roman people (pro populo Romano), and a libation of sacrificial wine.[18] The festival continued through the night, a women-only banquet with female musicians, fun and games (ludere), and wine; the last was euphemistically referred to as "milk", and its container as a "honey jar".[19] The rites sanctified the temporary removal of customary constraints imposed on Roman women of all classes by Roman tradition, and underlined the pure and lawful sexual potency of virgins and matrons in a context that excluded any reference to male persons or creatures, male lust or seduction.[20] According to Cicero, any man who caught even a glimpse of the rites could be punished by blinding.[21]
> Nothing is known of its architecture or appearance, save that unlike most Roman temples it was walled. It was an important centre of healing; it held a store of various medicinal herbs that could be dispensed at need by its priestesses. Harmless snakes roamed its precincts. Men were forbidden entry but could dedicate offerings to the goddess,[44] or, according to Ovid, could enter the precincts "if bidden by the goddess".[45]
Sounds very cool, too bad it's lost in time.

Anonymous 5632


I really want to explore my inner worshipping tendencies again, it's been a long time since I did it. Do you have an altar at home? Is it in your bedroom or in a different room? What do you keep on it?


What's the worst thing you have ever done? Anonymous 4763[Reply]

58 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 5603

How did you do it anon?

Anonymous 5605

Used foreign women’s instagrams as a source for my persona. Surprisingly most of them fell for it even though they were young men in their 20s. I feel really awful for it to this day, i wanted to use my own picture and talk to boys my age but mental illness ig.

Anonymous 5606

>Catfished men when i was 16
> I feel really awful for it to this day
Don't be, we all do stupid things when we're lonely.

Anonymous 5627

I did the same when i was younger, too. I wasn't very confident in my looks and couldn't be bothered to take a good picture of myself, besides i really wanted to know what it feels like when someone is attracted to you, even if it wasn't actually me.
And similar to you, I took authentic pics of not well known but really beautiful girls, mostly from my country (it's non-english speaking) and mostly chatted with guys from europe or us so I had no chance of meeting them

Anonymous 5629

Yeah it’s comforting to know another girl (hopefully kek) did the same as i did. After the deed i felt like a fucking creep which i was but you know. Not all of us had the luxury to be coddled and given attention i guess.
>i really wanted to know what it feels like when someone is attracted to you, even if it wasn't actually me.
That was a part of my motivation yes, but also i was struggling with ocd and religious indoctrination that lead me to ruminate over being a lesbian. (I got called that for being a tomboy and my ocd latched on to it) so i texted them to test it. Its a horrible mental illness and leads you to do the weirdest things and delusions. Like a bug in your brain…

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