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Afterlife Anonymous 753[Reply]

Do you believe in it?
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Anonymous 1860

>Because you would become too desensitized by it and go numb
You don't seem desensitised to suffering right now.

Anonymous 1861

Don't worry, I'm wearing down and becoming complacent.

Anonymous 1862

See you in the vent thread, anon.

Anonymous 1869

I've always had this fear that death isn't real and your consciousness is still trapped in your body even after your body starts decaying.

Anonymous 1875

What if you get cremated? Or die in some way that destroys your body?


Anonymous 420[Reply]

What's the worst thing you've ever done?
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Anonymous 1847

Went to, didn't work in.

Anonymous 1849

you didn't ruin yourself anon

Anonymous 1851

Did you actually use their services or did you just browse?

Anonymous 1856

Anon, who would feel like they’ve ruined themselves just from browsing?

Anonymous 1874


Me and my current bf of 2 years fight a lot. Mostly I get hurt by something he said and then I cry for hours and act real passive-aggressively or openly disrespectfully or bitchy because I don't know how to communicate better.
He says he'd never leave me and that I'm his reason to live. He's very autistic and adorable, but doesn't have many friends because he's afraid of emotional intimacy. We've talked about this and I promised him I'll fix it, because it makes me feel pretty shitty too.
In our first year of being in love, we resolved everything constructively and peacefully, but ever since march of 2020, my mental state has been detiriorating and him being recruited for mandatory military service isn't doing any of us a favour. I know it doesn't seem that bad but I feel like shit about it. Nothing worse than hurting a person you love so much.
I've been trying to fix it but today I really dun hurt both him and me. :c


Anonymous 1808[Reply]

who really runs this world? are the Illuminati legit?
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Anonymous 1813

old banker families. rothschilds, soros, etc. the kinds of people who are literally billionaires.

Anonymous 1827


We all know who

Anonymous 1830

'Billionaire' label is misleading. The actual elites own stuff (everything practically), worldwide, not merely technically have a lot of money. Bezos is powerless compared to the Rothschilds for instance.

Powerful enough to make you waste money on worthless junk as a status item or worse investment. Or change your entire perception of the world and culture within a matter of decades for personal vanity projects, inventing markets, and crushing dissidence/independence.

fsociety 1833

What I'm about to tell you is top secret. A conspiracy bigger than all of us. There's a powerful group of people out there that are secretly running the world. I'm talking about the guys no one knows about, the ones that are invisible. The top 1% of the top 1%, the guys that play God without permission. And now I think they're following me.

Anonymous 1872

It's a mix of rich banking families, human AI, alien AI and negative alien groups.


Dreams and Dream interpretation Anonymous 1708[Reply]

I didn't see a dream thread, not nightmare. I thought it would be fun to start one. You can just talk about any dream, it doesn't have to be a nightmare.
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Anonymous 1848

I've been having a lot of complicated an intricate dreams as of late. Lately aliens have been a common theme among them. Along with the world ending. Despite being in a LTR my boyfriend hasn't been in them. And there was a reoccurring guy in my dreams on multiple nights, who I don't know in rl, who was pursuing me.
My dreams are usually wild and detached from reality. A lot of the places in my dreams are fantastical and don't exist in reality.

Another thing common in my dreams is that it's usually night time in my dreams. Or pitch darkness, I don't question it when I fly in space. But it's usually something I note of when I look out a window of my dream or step outside a building.

Anonymous 1866

Most of the time i'd have a dream where in it, i'm hanging out with my old best friend. (We never really talk anymore) I find it strange how she's always the one in my dreams that consist of us having fun doing what we usually do or what we would do if we were still close.

But when it comes to my present friends, who've sticked with me for a long time, they're usually not there or just background people. Sometimes, this one friend specifically is portrayed as a person who avoids and mildly fears me. Tbf, I did dislike him when we first met, but that was such a long time ago.

Is this a way my subconcious is telling me that I miss my friend and haven't moved on? I find these dreams in particular really odd.

Anonymous 1867

If you dream of her, usually you want her. You probably regret not talking more to her. Everyone else has satisfied you socially. Also you really must have gotten some trauma from that "one friend" that time.

Anonymous 1868

They say that if someone keeps coming into your dream its actually them missing you

Anonymous 1870

Yeah, that makes sense. I do miss her. Our friendship ended on a bad note sadly and its mostly my fault, hence why I avoided her because we couldn't get along anymore and want to stop making her feel hurt. A year later, She greeted me with a smile and told me "Anon, we haven't talked in a long time!" And I just smiled back. Now I regretted it and wished I said something because maybe she misses me too.

About the "one friend" nah, wasn't traumatized lol. 2 years ago he just mildly annoyed me because he has a staring problem (he does it to everyone) I openly stated that I really hated him for it hence why he feared me a bit at one point. We're now super close of course, but he's like that most of the time in my dreams and I don't know why I always dream of him like that.

Phantom Troupe.jpg

Creating a group of Intelectuals capable of doing anything Anonymous 1488[Reply]

Basically how would one go about creating his own secret society or something similair.

I would like to create a bound of intelectuals that's unbreakable, a group that's capable of doing anything as long as their together. Like a well functuoning family business, but much stronger and not limited to corporate business rules.

How can I achieve this? Where to start?
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Anonymous 1493

Adopt a bunch of children and raise them as your own indoctrinated kids.

Anonymous 1494

Or you could just homeschool them.

Anonymous 1671



Anonymous 1675


Anonymous 1857


Nightmares Anonymous 55[Reply]

Share your nightmares here!

Hiding mine behind a spoiler in case other anons don't want to see nightmares while scrolling through /b/.

Last night I had a weird dream that there were a bunch of mice in some kind of doll house thing. My parents were there, and I kept breaking the mice's backs. I'd press down on their spine and it'd make this awful fake sounding crunch. My mom told me, "I hate that sound". I did it again, and she told me again that she hates the sound. After that I broke a mouse's skull and my mom asked me why I keep killing the mice, and I felt terribly guilty for what I'd done.
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Anonymous 1479

this was somewhat recently but basically i was in my living room with a sort of boyfriend (in the dream) and my dad told me to look outside. it was the day of an eclipse. me and the bf look outside and the sun/moon appear cartoonish. as soon as they overlap the world sort of just. ended. i felt myself get pushed back but i never landed so i was suspended in the air. all around me all i could see was a dark yellow with light rays. i was holding the bfs hand and just felt my body being compressed. it felt like it was being pulled apart but also being pushed in. i woke up not too long after but since then i’ve not been afraid of death.

Anonymous 1498

I dreamed that I was on a quest and it ended me getting raped by some strange man.

Anonymous 1503

One of the eeriest nightmares i had was when there was a serial killer who was an uncle of a girl (who he had already killed) and was chasing me. I saw a house in the middle of the wood and found out that it was his and the girl's. When i walked in one of the rooms, i'd always see poems on the walls describing the torture the girl received. sometimes, in another room, it'd be a poem about how she was killed. the worst part was in each room, besides having sad poems on the walls was seeing the girl frozen in time, either playing with her dolls or staring at nothing. she had short curly blonde hair and a pink dress and always had a teddy bear with her. The serial killer entered the house and i panicked but the scene changed. Instead of the random serial killer, it was a stranger from back when i was a teenager who forced me to take a picture with him while saying "i wont hurt you" in this one event (this one is true ugh. he also did it to one of my friends) He saw me from the window and started saying things i couldnt understand. I sobbed in fear because i was alone in the house and he's starting to get in. thank god i woke up after that

Anonymous 1505

had a dream where i was a boy who got my house burned down, saw my family getting killed, and was hunted by a hitman. Ran away and feel down a cliff where i landed in the snow.

Eventually i stumbled upon a run down sanctuary filled with people who looked just like me and lived there until the hitman came back, but he got cornered by someone that looks just like him.

woke up after that stand-off, still remember it to this day.

Anonymous 1855

Think Animal Farm, except instead of a pig replacing a farmer it's an army of men, by the billions, replacing a world once taken over by women.

It's all fine up until it turns into the Purge all over again, and rape runs rampant to the point I'm in a large locker room full of piles of dead babies, and there's a machine that sounds like a shredder, which is removing them from unconscious pregnant women. Then amongst them I see one of them is still alive and crying, really loud, when my dream ends with these group of nurses with glocks, led by one who looks like the villain from the 90s Misery movie, who come in and start shooting the babies who might still be alive.

And the last part feels like it's directed by Jason Eisener.


Sleep Paralysis Anonymous 33[Reply]

Have you ever experienced it, Miners? Share stories and tips on how to avoid it.

I've had very short (less than a minute) experiences before, but I had read up a lot about this from hanging on /x/ all the time so I knew it would be better not to open my eyes and just wait until it was over. Still scary though.
Now it happened again while I was napping around an hour ago. I saw some dude I know sitting on the bed right next to me, and I didn't understand how he got here or when, and then he leaned in and kissed me. It felt extremely real. I realized it had to be a dream and it went away after a minute or two but phew. I'm pretty disturbed.
That'll teach me to not take mid-morning naps.
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Anonymous 1722

Are they free to haunt? lol

Anonymous 1723

im honestly disapointed in u anon…

Anonymous 1724


Anonymous 1756

ive experienced it a bunch of times, its definitely an evil spirit. sometimes its stronger than others but i'm usually able to shake my leg out of it enough to disrupt the whole thing.

Anonymous 1853

Once I woke up in the middle of the night. I tried to go back to sleep, and after I don't know how long I heard the window behind me open. The only thing that mentally said was "I caught you in the act", "don't bother to come", and other rhetorical forms. Well, that was until later I felt a hand cover my mouth and a knife squeeze my back. At that moment I felt a deep terror, and I began to think about my loved ones, although inside I only felt that impulse to want to turn towards the window. After a few minutes I was able to pull it off, only to see nothing.

real gdb growth wo…

Anonymous 1769[Reply]

Imagine falling for that fake and gay virus psyop designed to legitimate an economical collapse just when the system reach its end.
Imagine unironically using the term "conspiracy theorist" when all the so called conspiracies just so happen to be true.
Imagine believing lockdown is useful and legitimate when the countries without lockdown are the one with the lowest death rates (Belarus, Iceland, Japan, Malawi, Nicaragua, South Korea, Taiwan, Timor-Leste, Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, Wyoming, South Dakota, Uruguay).
Imagine being for mandatory surgical masks use when a surgical mask is made for sterile closed places and that wearing it outside is useless and dangerous.
Imagine thinking there is an increase of cases worlwide when there is just more tests being performed that do not take into account the rates of false positives.
Imagine falling so deep down in this collective psychosis you're now building a whole new identity around it and become aggressive and angry at anyone pointing out the absurdity of the whole situation.
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Anonymous 1801

Yeah and mine didn't. Life is fleeting.

Anonymous 1802

That's the point, isn't it though? A lot of grandmas and grandpas bite the dust during flu season, or even if they so much as get the natural cold. It's still mainly old people who are dying from the Corona, the same people that would also fallen apart from a light breeze.

There's no reason for Corona to be considered this "apocalyptic" event necessitating the shutdown of all of humanity's actions when this is as contagious as the flu and kills the same people the flu does (and even then, there are not that many deaths, at least not enough to require sending the world to the Black Death era)

Anonymous 1803

dude she was gonna die of the next flu that blew in, that's what happens to old fucks. why the fuck are people so ASTONISHED when a 90 year old keels over? life is finite, deal with it.

Anonymous 1804

reminder to mods that "conspiracy theory" is a term invented by the CIA to discredit anyone questioning the narrative

Anonymous 1834

This is factually not true. This virus kills much more than the flu. Yes, it is mostly old people with other illnesses, but that doesn't make it irrelevant. Lockdown is pointless once it has already spread though.


Alien abduction Anonymous 1725[Reply]

Have you ever been abducted by aliens?
Do you know anyone who claims to have been abducted by aliens?
Any interesting abduction stories?
Why do you think certain groups of aliens abduct people?
What do you feel when watching this video?

Anonymous 1811

that the video is cringe as fuck


Anonymous 1583[Reply]

how do i hack the simulation, get access to unlimited data and become a demigod? im pretty sure this is my life goal and if i fail this there is gonna be another pandemic like corona but this time everyone dies and our timeline resets once again
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Anonymous 1596

Wow I sure am glad we have you around. Apparently you are the only one who can save our universe.
All bow before our alleged lord and savior.

Sheesh come on now. Chill with the overblown ego, you're no messiah

Anonymous 1599

she's just poorly larping as a schizo

Anonymous 1602

how do i open my third eye? deadass

Anonymous 1764

Go insane, all of your impossible aspirations can be fulfilled in delusion. Hidden knowledge is bullshit. Sorry.

Anonymous 1768

you can’t be the nobody I already posted that I was the nobody four days ago on real /x/ stop stealing my kills

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