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Anonymous 1616[Reply]

Do curses exist?

Anonymous 1618

piss off a witch and find out


Anonymous 1586[Reply]

How do I make a person up online? Need to put them on a Whitepages too so people think they're real.
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Anonymous 1607

is there something i can use to get multiple pictures of the same 'person'? like just to add variety and believability.

Anonymous 1610

You would have to use "deepfakes", as there is technology to create faces there is technology to transfer faces from one image to another (actually the face creation method works like that too, it picks a couple of faces and transfers details from one to another to create something new).
Alternatively you could use photoshop. YOu could take a photo of yourself and shoop it to look like the fake person… and then put lots of filter over it so it doesn't look suspicious lmao.
Actually I'm gonna try that, it seems like a tough task

Anonymous 1612

Sorry I know it's unrelated but I clicked on the cat version of the generator and got a good little boy isnt' he the best

Anonymous 1613

download (1).jpeg

Of course I forgot to include him

Anonymous 1615

cat wearing t-shirt with his face. cute!


Sleep Paralysis Anonymous 33[Reply]

Have you ever experienced it, Miners? Share stories and tips on how to avoid it.

I've had very short (less than a minute) experiences before, but I had read up a lot about this from hanging on /x/ all the time so I knew it would be better not to open my eyes and just wait until it was over. Still scary though.
Now it happened again while I was napping around an hour ago. I saw some dude I know sitting on the bed right next to me, and I didn't understand how he got here or when, and then he leaned in and kissed me. It felt extremely real. I realized it had to be a dream and it went away after a minute or two but phew. I'm pretty disturbed.
That'll teach me to not take mid-morning naps.
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Anonymous 516


Dropped pic

Anonymous 520

I used to experience sleep paralysis and hypnopompic hallucinations a lot when I was into lucid dreaming exercises, so I stopped: never experienced them again. It was scary.
The worst paralysis+hallucination experience I've had consisted in me looking around the room from my bed, not being able to move a finger, while a strange figure slowly raised itself from behind my sister's bed next to mine.
It was a woman with very pale skin, white clothes and long dark hair that however didn't cover her face. Her face was the scariest thing I've ever seen, and trust me, I've watched a lot of horror stuff and NOTHING compares to what I've seen that day.
Now standing on her feet, she stared at me with her eyes wide open, from behind my sister's sleeping body. Then she put her hands on my sister's body to give herself leverage and crawl towards me, slowly, with her head pointing forward, without blinking. Just staring at me. She also had the creepiest, faint smile on her face. She was seriously trying to move her face closer just to scare me.
I was frightened and I hope it never happens again. Fuck lucid dreaming, I can live without it.

Anonymous 618

I’ve only had sleep paralysis three times.

The first time, I didn’t see or hear anything but at that time I knew what sleep paralysis was, and because I was terrified of hallucinating, I somehow mentally thrashed my body and woke myself up.

Second time was the worst. I heard several faint, incoherent whispers and shrieks in my ear. Then, my door was opened by a blurry figure whose body looked like it had been unevenly scribbled-in with a black crayon and was “cartoon-ishly” shaped (sort of like the male bathroom symbol). He was irregularly coming towards me. I had a feeling of dread and somehow knew that he was “bad”. I mentally tried moving my fingers, then tried violently thrashing my body and screaming at the top of my lungs, but it was all futile. The whole episode lasted less than a minute. It is probably one of the most frightening things I have ever experienced. I think it’s also interesting to note that during this episode, there were minor changes in my surroundings. For example, my TV sat atop the dresser in the bedroom in which this occured, but during the sleep paralysis, it was propped up on the wall.

The third time I’ve had sleep paralysis, I had just exited a dream where I was with some sort of scientist. I don’t remember what he was saying, but in some old-timey, upper-class British accent a phrase he had said to me echoed a couple of times while I stared at the bedroom ceiling and then I woke myself up.

Each time I woke up I’ve been a little disappointed that the experience is so completely petrifying because I’d love to explore that realm of consciousness more, if that makes sense. I’ve also found that in all these instances, I was laying on my back. Since then, I’ve never slept on my back because I’m too scared of having another episode.

Sorry for necromancing, but I thought this thread was interesting

Anonymous 1608

I get sleep paralysis CONSTANTLY. Every person I talk to that has experienced it, has experienced it a couple times in their life, for a minute or less, where as I get it weekly, sometimes multiple times a fucking day, and I hate it.

It's accompanied by horrific auditory and tactile hallucinations that feel so fucking real. My mother has schizophrenia, and I've always been paranoid of developing it, so when I hallucinate, it really fucking scares me.

I usually get "molested" or "raped" in my sleep, and I… feel… it, which is beyond disturbing. I have an issue with waking up, mid sleep-paralysis, and being so tired, I can't bring myself to wake up, and I fall asleep again, and get sleep paralysis AGAIN, and again, and again, all throughout the nightmare, and it won't stop unless I COMPLETELY wake myself up fully, and go back to sleep. If I try to go back to sleep when I'm still in that half asleep state, the hallucinations will keep coming.

I also always get a THROBBING migraine afterward. It's extremely weird… why rape? I've never been raped in real life, but I have these weird sexual molestation sleep paralysis-nightmares constantly, and it disgusts me.

Anonymous 1636

late but you are literally being haunted…see a catholic, anglican, or orthodox priest. in the meantime:


Anonymous 1588[Reply]

How do I summon spooky stuff?

Anonymous 1606

What does spoke you?


Art thread Anonymous 1603[Reply]

Post Zdzisław Beksiński, Hieronymus Bosch and whatever the fuck you want. Or dont, nobody cares anyway

Anonymous 1604


Anonymous 1605



Anonymous 1583[Reply]

how do i hack the simulation, get access to unlimited data and become a demigod? im pretty sure this is my life goal and if i fail this there is gonna be another pandemic like corona but this time everyone dies and our timeline resets once again
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Anonymous 1593

that is an almost unattainable life goal and youre most likely joking, but if youre being serious, the best thing to do as a start is to learn how to code and study about encryption

Anonymous 1594

also become friends with people who can code well so you can have a hacker group or something with the same goal

Anonymous 1596

Wow I sure am glad we have you around. Apparently you are the only one who can save our universe.
All bow before our alleged lord and savior.

Sheesh come on now. Chill with the overblown ego, you're no messiah

Anonymous 1599

she's just poorly larping as a schizo

Anonymous 1602

how do i open my third eye? deadass


/gsg/ - Gang Stalking General Anonymous 1463[Reply]

>Gangstalking/Isolation & Intimidation tactics are real
>Thousands of police departments, security services (state & private) use this
>Interconnected webs of tens of thousands of volunteers/paid people.
>Political activists, dissidents, "problem" people, et al. are targeted by these groups
>Average citizens (mentally ill/randomly selected) are targeted for "dry runs" and the improvement of gangstalking tactics

Be on the lookout though, mates, every time a thread like this has been posted, it has been brigaded and undermined by many steamcordgruppes or downright malicious people who are trying to undermine the credibility of this threat and the people who are truthfully posting here. The first group has a clear agenda, while the second one is attempting to attack your character. They are known for shitposting and derailing threads, report and ignore them.

How fares your mental health, /gsg/?
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 1573

you're not being gangstalked karen, you're just a lolcow.

Anonymous 1574

Who are you replying to? No one in this thread claimed that they were being gangstalked.

Anonymous 1575

Isn't it the same thing?

Anonymous 1576

take your casual ageist sexism elsewhere

Anonymous 1600

honestly cursory familiarity with the released documents on cointelpro and mkultra makes gangstalking stuff ring of truth. even very popular and mainstream guys like chomsky have talked about their experiences with getting low-level intimidation campaigns run on them.

you can't say that insane psychological experiments on random civilians don't happen when we know that they have happened.

it seems unlikely that the government would have bankrolled famous and renowned psychiatrists to stuff random clueless teenagers full of lsd and sit back to record the results, but that's true according to the cia's own documentation. nobody would have believed the victims of this in their day either.

obviously the usual case is that it's psychosis that isn't induced by like, the government making a human guinea pig out of you, but i never dismiss what i hear out of hand, even if it's from an obvious schizo. (schizophrenia itself is something that's easily induced by trauma or these isolation/intimidation tactics. schizophrenia alone doesn't discount the veracity of their story.)

personally i have no experience with this sort of thing though lol i'm just talking about what i see online


wicca/spells/manifesting? Anonymous 1581[Reply]

i've been looking to start getting into casting and manifesting but i'm not sure what other people's experiences are like…
how has your experience been with manifesting? where would you start?

Anonymous 1597

Most of the things I have intentionally manifested so far have been done through sigils
>make sigil
>scan it on my phone and try to make it look aesthetically pleasing
>make it my phone wallpaper so it can infiltrate my subconscious through time
>forget about it and let subconscious/universe do its thing
This method can take a while though so it's not very efficient in this regard. I'm thinking about trying spell casting, which sounds much more fun and exciting than looking at a doodle for months. I'd recommend buying a pdf guide on casting spells by @sighswoon (on ig) it's very short, useful, and to the point! or I could also send you the pdf through email if you want


Coping with Death Anonymous 1432[Reply]

How do you cop with Death?
Have you lost someone close to you?
How do you feel about dying?
Are you religious? Do you believe in the afterlife?

I've had a quiet a few people who died in my life. Family to friends, some from illness, old age and even a suicide. I've grown pretty numb to being told about so and so dying. Just with in this hour my dad told me, my former neighbor's daughter passed away suddenly. I haven't spoken to her in years, it's a shame really. We used to hang out and she was really nice. But I don't feel horrified, and I am not really sad.

Anonymous 1433

> How do you cope with death?

Not too well.

> Have you lost someone close to you?

I lost both of my grandparents in the same year of 2015. My grandpa died three days before my birthday and was buried on my birthday. Months later, my grandma died. I was very close to them so them passing was hard for me.

> How do you feel about dying?

Well I have been suicidal throughout most of my teen years, but I’m now kind of just floating. If I were to be in a life threatening situation I wouldn’t mind if I died. I feel pretty awful saying that since I love my parents and I have a loving boyfriend.

> Are you religious? Do you believe in the afterlife?

Um, I’m not sure.

Anonymous 1466

How do you cop with Death?
For the first few days, I don't feel anything because I'm still in denial and that gets me through the removal, wake, funeral etc. Especially if it was someone I didn't see every often. It only hits me when I haven't seen them in a while and I remember they're not coming back. Like when I just want to visit them and I remember I can't. That's really hard. In the case of my pets who I would see every day, it hit me faster than usual. I'd come home and there would be no wagging tail to greet me or I'd see an empty food bowl in the corner of the kitchen and just break the fuck down crying. The thing that ultimately helps me get over the pain is knowing that the person was old and had a good life or if they were sick for a long time, knowing that they'd be in a lot of pain and discomfort right now so passing away peacefully was what they would have preferred.

Have you lost someone close to you?
I've lost grandparents, aunts/uncles and pets but nobody in my immediate family, thankfully.

How do you feel about dying?
I'm not really worried about dying itself because I know everyone has to go through it eventually but I do feel sad that our time on earth is finite. It makes me want to learn as many languages, travel to as many places and watch as many films as I possibly can. I wonder sometimes if I can even do all of that. I always wonder what moments I'll look back on when I'm older and if I have problems walking. Will I be satisfied with what I have achieved? I think I can die peacefully if I am.

Are you religious? Do you believe in the afterlife?
I'm not religious. I was raised Catholic so I'm used to telling people that their loved one who passed is "looking down" on them but I don't really believe in this very specific idea of heaven and eternal life and pearly gates. It's too far-fetched to me. I do like to believe that your energy exists elsewhere and some semblance of you is floating around but I'm not going to let someone else tell me what an afterlife is and just blindly believe it. That doesn't bring me comfort.

Anonymous 1467

>How do you cop with Death?
I try to learn from the stoics.

>Have you lost someone close to you?

Not really, aunts, uncles and grandparents, but I was never close to any of them.

>How do you feel about dying?

Sometimes indifferent, sometimes I visualize the eternal nothingness and it drives me crazy and force myself to think about something else.

>Are you religious? Do you believe in the afterlife?

No, its ridiculous.

Anonymous 1582


I nearly died after contemplating suicide. Long story I won’t get in to. The thing that stopped was a sudden conviction that Hell is a real place, and I was about to spend eternity there. I felt myself recoiling from it like one does standing too close to a cliff.
After I got out of the hospital, I was a physical and emotional wreck, and people abandoned me. In that place of absence, I starting looking for the one who showed Hell to me as a warning and saved my life.
I began researching the resurrection of Christ, and I am convinced He is who he said he is.
I’m only less sad now because I know Him a little. I know I have to do His will, even though I’m a fuck up. That’s okay though, Saint Peter was too, in his own way, and he was the one Christ used to build His church. I pray the rosary daily, and I don’t miss mass now. You may not be happy if you convert, but you’ll put the world’s vanity behind you. Peace be with you.

Anonymous 1590

>How do you cope with Death?

Terribly. It's one of my more troubling anxieties.

>Have you lost someone close to you?

Four years ago I lost a dear friend in a traffic accident.

>How do you feel about dying?

Terrified, but I have a strange relationship with death. On the one hand, I love visiting cemeteries and looking at fossils, yet I'm petrified of my own mortality. The closest I've come to it was a suicide attempt last year. Funny how the mind works.

>Are you religious? Do you believe in the afterlife?

I'm neither.


Weird/absurd/bizarre internet blogs? Anonymous 1253[Reply]

Anonymous 1560

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