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Tarot Readings Anonymous 6248[Reply]

Post your question, age, sign, and an image of your choice and get a free tarot reading.
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Anonymous 7013


>Should I start doing things to ruin his life or will life itself show me how his life gets ruined eventually?

Anonymous 7014

kittens going out.…

>will I do well on my finals?

Anonymous 7029


What signs do I need to look out for to have fortuitous encounters?

Anonymous 7037

You will if you study ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anonymous 7057


When will I start seeing myself better and not like a complete burden?
> thank you!


Manifestation/Law of Assumption general Anonymous 6849[Reply]

I'd love to talk about it with other miners because it's slowly improving my life. Does anyone else practice it? I learned about it from scrote/x/ just a few days after buying a book bundle. One of the books turned out to be J Murphy's 'The Power of the Subconscious Mind' which I found after reading on LoA bc I didn't get a look at all of the books before so that's pretty funny.
Some basic concepts and ideas:
>Imagination creates Reality
>Assumptions harden into fact
>Consciousness is Reality
>Feeling is the Secret (when you visualize your goal, let the happiness it will bring overcome you!)
>Mantras/prayers (remaining Faithful to your Idea)
>There is no one to change but Self (Self-concept)
>Thinking Fourth-Dimensionally (Time is an Illusion, don't say that you will be, say that you already are)
>Visualization is manifestation
Good luck!
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Anonymous 7004

Some people are more spiritually powerful than others. Some people are natural manifestors

Anonymous 7043

Have you ever tried to manifest something bad happening to someone?
Someone who fucked me over in the past is achieving all my wants and needs currently and I'm forced to watch because they're still part of my life and I'm resentful over that. They ruined so many things for me and I can't deal with it.
Would it backfire and hurt me instead if I tried to manifest it going down for them? Nothing too extreme just enough to make them regret doing that to me. I feel evil typing this. Sorry.

Anonymous 7049


Im likable and cute and its easy for me to make friends

Anonymous 7050

download (1).jpeg

Fake it till you make it, basically
I think it works on people who are a) not very self reflective b) people who would be affected by placebo

Anonymous 7052

been into LOA since 2018 and it’s honestly improved my life so much. i’ve manifested bigger changes (losing weight, having my desired face) but most of the time it’s me unconsciously manifesting smaller things, like a scenario that i’ve been hyper fixating on for the past week playing out into reality or finding money on the floor or something.


Cyberstalking Anonymous 140[Reply]

I do it, do you?
I love finding hidden accounts and secret blogs and I dox just to see if I can (but never post it or interfere with the person otherwise)
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Anonymous 7018

How do I view someone's LinkedIn without logging in?

Anonymous 7019

peace out.jpg

Update: found another account of his that dates back to 2017 and has way more posts. Dude's charming. He's a total cunt, spits incel rhetoric and unfunny "women xd amirite" jokes, picks hysterical fights in unnecessary places… I'd say he wastes way too much time on this shit, but he does it on the clock, so props to that, I guess.

His personality makes way more sense in this context, though. Seems like I totally misread him initially, or rather, doubted my own judgement in the moment and went for the "more realistic" option. It honestly makes me feel at ease now, lol.

Also, extreme schizo thoughts on par with that anon that's being followed by everyone incoming. Due to the very specific timing that some of his posts/accounts began to appear in, including two that especially stand out, I can't help but feel that I'm being watched. For context, he's basically the IT guy of the building I live in and potentially has access to everyone's data. He might even be reading this. In which case, I may be going fucking insane, but I literally cannot describe how ridiculously fun and addictive this is. So thanks for that, you fucking freak. If you don't want crazy cunts going after you, don't provoke them with your dumb shit. Love and respect.

How far gone am I, anons?

Anonymous 7039

I really wish I had the hacker knowledge to be able to remote control people's PCs and snoop around. I wouldn't steal anything or blackmail anyone, just would LOVE being able to look through someone's PC and all of their little secrets. Alas I am too lazy to learn, but ugh it's probably for the best because I suspect I would be addicted to it.

Anonymous 7040

anon, I don't think you're going crazy but definitely try to step back and think logically before you spiral. it's natural when you spend a lot of time cyberstalking that you in turn get paranoid about it. very very few people have even the drive or care to look this deeply into others- it's such an astronomically low chance that he is looking back at you that it's not worth wasting the stress over.

Anonymous 7046

I don't think that's possible. Just make an account with a fake name and information. It's what I did.


Suicide Anonymous 480[Reply]

How would you do it?
What's the most effective method with minimal pain? I'm a puss.
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Anonymous 6595

I love you miner-sister

Anonymous 6598


I’m planning on jumping off a bridge soon and it all seems quite anticlimactic. My mental health has deteriorated a lot and I am turning into a worse person everyday. I’m physically deteriorating too and I find it more taxing and harder to think and perform certain tasks every day. I feel the window of fulfilment has passed me and I’m becoming a bitter pathological liar and degenerate and honestly I’d rather be dead than continue and facing up would be far too painful for no reward. I don’t know what is to blame, whether it’s myself or something out of my control. I tend to blame myself. I haven’t set an exact date I guess because I’m buying time and I want to have some sort of profound experience before I die but I’m just prolonging all the hurt. I still have a wish for miracles and love and beauty but I don’t think that stuff is for the likes of me, I’m quite soulless and horrible and underserving. I worry about how my suicide will affect my family, my younger sister most of all. She’s only 13 and I know it will scar her for life. Every day I stay I just get deeper in lies and self hatred and being a burden and unable to show up for people or myself. It is quite understated but it runs deep, I wouldn’t wish the desire for death on my worst enemy.

Anonymous 7017



>My mental health has deteriorated a lot and I am turning into a worse person everyday.

I've been feeling exactly like this for awhile. I broke off a friendship with a horrible person only to make me start feeling like I'm turning into someone just as horrible. My mental health has been getting increasingly poor, as my thoughts feel like they get increasingly erratic. I came the closest to killing myself than I ever have before, several years ago, but life has been getting only worse since then so I live with regret that I didn't. I hate my friend for talking me out of it and I hate myself for just not doing it then. There's only one single thing I'm looking forward to in life at this point but it's still so far away and I don't how I'll endure. Either way, I know why I will anyway. Since if I failed to kill myself even back then there's no way I could at this point. Not doing it is something I can't turn back from anymore.

>I want to have some sort of profound experience before I die but I’m just prolonging all the hurt.

I'm waiting for my profound experience as well. It's the only reason I'm dragging myself on the floor of life. Not because of friends (Don't really have much of any anymore) or family (They wouldn't care that much and would even unconsciously welcome their release of the burden that is me). I need to accomplish a certain thing I've told myself I would, regardless of anyone or anything else. My stubborness, for better or worse, is the only thing that keeps me alive. I'm like fucking Poppins from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - the dog that doesn't die no matter what happens. But I don't care how raggedy I come out as long as I accomplish this goal. It's my meaning to life. If you're still here OP, hopefully you can find and accomplish yours as well. In the end, that is meaning of life. Something that only -you- can truly say was well-lived.

>I’m quite soulless and horrible and underserving.

I am as well. At the very least it's a consolation that there will always be people worse, like pedos, murderers, and rapists. A kind of horrible that it would take actual effort for most people to reach. If you continue practicing cordiality and sympathy you are already far ahead of most people. I hope this helps and thPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 7022

It's funny, every time i have seriously committed to suicide mentally, i get flooded with a warm feeling that makes me not want to do it anymore, like endorphins or something, i'm not sure what it is. Anyway, that is why i think i am not capable of actually doing it. Plus, hearing experiences of people who tried and survived, like jumping off a bridge, they said they instantly regretted it. The thought of hanging and struggling in vain to save to yourself and no one is around to help you, not wanting to die but knowing you are going to and it is final, that's grim. Life is short anyway, why not stick around.

Anonymous 7036

Its bringing you comfort and temporary relief from whatever issue lies deeper. Thats whats happening here. Hope this helped


Using men Anonymous 6608[Reply]

tell us ways in which you take advantage of scrotes coomchimp brain
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Anonymous 7027

If you have sex with men, you're not using them

Anonymous 7028


Anonymous 7032

>I don't really feel bad for any of it

Good. Moids are fundamentally scum and you shouldn't feel bad no matter what you do them.

Anonymous 7034

Don't be naive.

Anonymous 7035

How do you judge whether they are incels?


Nightmares Anonymous 55[Reply]

Share your nightmares here!

Hiding mine behind a spoiler in case other anons don't want to see nightmares while scrolling through /b/.

Last night I had a weird dream that there were a bunch of mice in some kind of doll house thing. My parents were there, and I kept breaking the mice's backs. I'd press down on their spine and it'd make this awful fake sounding crunch. My mom told me, "I hate that sound". I did it again, and she told me again that she hates the sound. After that I broke a mouse's skull and my mom asked me why I keep killing the mice, and I felt terribly guilty for what I'd done.
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Anonymous 5134

Last night I saw a dream about playing some kind of indie horror game.
It was about a lost princess in the woods in the middle of the night. She had to choose which animal nest to sleep in, or else she’d die from exhaustion. If she slept in the open, the cold wind killed her.
And when she picked one, she had to face a danger particular to that nest after getting her survival level raised a few points, and then escape.
Bear’s nest had an angry mama bear tearing her apart for getting too near her cubs.
Bird’s nest had man-eating chicks.
Beehive had a flesh-rotting fungus.
Anthill had soldier ants.
It was really dark and gruesome game, and now I want to play it. Does a game anything like that exist btw?

Anonymous 5273


I have had the same recurring nightmare ever since I was a child.
I wake up in a foggy old-growth forest and wander around for a while. It is dead silent. Eventually I stumble across an old abandoned mansion and I enter. The Entrance hall looks like Hogwarts', though obviously not taken care of. It smells.
There is a figure standing in at the bottom of the staircase, it looks like a Balrog, or True Ogre from Tekken, something like that.
I'm scared and try to run away or scream, but I'm stuck in place and can't do anything. I'm frozen.
He tells me I deserve to be punished. Then people that I care about -family, friends, etc.- appear in a neat line in front of him. They can't move or talk either. They get brutally killed, torn apart, tortured right there on the spot.
I am still frozen; I can't scream and I can't cry. I'm scared.

Eventually I wake up.

Anonymous 6085

Not the full dream.
I was outside in the same spot everyday, and this girl would pass by and insult me. So every time she passed by, she said "you're so ____." One time, while it was raining, I started to beat her, I pushed her skull into the asphalt until it cracked and stomped on her. Her friends were there forming a circle around us and watching.

Anonymous 6931

Several people tried to break into my house, some entered through the bedroom window, some through the door, I opened the door to leave the bedroom and they were there.
I woke up tired lmao

Anonymous 7024


Weird high school dream.

I was in class, we had to present an essay and a poem written by us. No problem, I did my homework. Teacher asked me to read my essay. I looked at the paper and couldn't read. The letters were blurry.


Karma Anonymous 3394[Reply]

Any thoughts on karma, miner?

There are Indian religious schools that teach about karma. Westernized the concept is simplified as a rule of cause and effect, reaping what you're sowing, doing good and therefore experiencing good and vice-versa doing bad and experiencing bad.

There is also: good karma, bad karma and neutral karma (not to be neglected, you don't have to be all good and some good can even be bad, think helper-syndrome and/or self-exploitation).
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Anonymous 3566

Good example. They spend a life in luxury to disguise their emptiness and secrets.

Anonymous 3636

I know a lot of people say this and it's commonly the case in stories but I always felt like this opinion was just a cope from poor people. I know being rich isn't exactly all its cracked up to be, but to say poor people have it better couldn't be further from the truth.
Maybe rich people have their own troubles but they still don't have to worry about how they'll possibly afford bills for the month and that by itself is a much more comfortable life.

Anonymous 6873

Former Buddhist here (family’s religion) and I’ve always doubted the whole karmic retribution thing until I’ve seen what happened to people who wronged me (in this life, current timeline). Mom was extremely abusive and violent towards me and my brother, dies in a car crash. Ex gf who was abusive, triggered my panic attacks, and mocked the people with mental illnesses now has developed anxiety and has panic attacks from time to time. Do you think these are legit examples of karma irl?

Anonymous 6879

I don't rely on karma. If it's worth it I'll try to have my revenge, if it's something petty I'd rather forget it, why waste your energy on dumb shit

Anonymous 7020

Yeah. Every carnist is a monster (i.e. like 98% of humans), yet they don't suffer proportionally to the suffering they cause factory farmed animals. I always think of that whenever the absurdity of poverty or unpunished moid behaviour is particularly striking and painful for me - I shouldn't be that surprised, there are greater injustices and their victims are calves.


Anonymous 2378[Reply]

How do i get myself to develop psychosis? Im so fucking bored. I wanna believe in some insane shit
15 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 6981

Psychosis isn’t fun, you little edgelord. >>2426
Yes, i went through a paranoid fit for 3 years when i was 16. Triggered out of no where because of stress and isolation in my developing years i presume. Not a fun time. Still got identity issues because it happened when i was so young.
I have one or two crazy people in my family, but i still haven’t figured out if they’re in narcissistic rage because theyre losing their supply or genuinely going through psychosis

Anonymous 6982

Fucking idiot

Anonymous 6988

>narcissistic rage
>losing their supply
i can't believe instagram and tiktok self help videos have convinced a generation of people that they have every mental illness in the DSM because they had one or two mildly inconvenient emotions
have you bought into the cult of carnism? do you eat animals and their secretions? if so you're already in an insane cult

Anonymous 7005

Anon… it’s not “inconvenient” they threaten to kill me and other members, both destroyed our home, both resort to physical violence very quickly and have beaten the shit out of me as a kid. One of them almost killed me. And one is out there abroad looking for putin because she thinks she’s russian and has been stolen from her real family. All this happened while they were in their 30s. I know you wanted this to be a gotcha moment but please shut the fuck up.

Anonymous 7006


OP is this you?


Most retarded conspiracy you believe in! Anonymous 4991[Reply]

113 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 6997

This they want to milk this until all the wealth is in the hands of a few and all the poor people are priced out of the traditionally held life styles. They want you enslaved enough to be completely comfortable but also subservient. I recommend a book "Standing at Armageddon" it goes over this. "Brave New World" is another example. Huxley knew Rockefellers and their ilk. Brave New World is what he came up with after many long conversations with them.

Anonymous 6998

We have a first world fertility crisis and women are turning to only fans in droves because of this. Moids aren't benefiting from porn at all. They are so starved of any affection to the point they would rather stay home and jerk off to loli cat girls or something stupid that fits a fantasy that is never going to happen like getting a woman pregnant.

Anonymous 6999

I think it's both. Some people really don't show compassion (moids) and it just goes over their heads that a deranged doofas with about 3000 dollars wanted to kill himself and make an indeterminate number of people just as fucked up. People with children are and easy target to make demented. After Columbine it created this social outcast group that everyone else expects to go postal and the social outcasts venerate. Notice how no shooter kids showed up until health class.

Anonymous 7000

wait why would women turn to OF because of the first world fertility crisis? are you suggesting that the crisis is driven by economic issues and so they need OF to make up for their joblessness?

Anonymous 7001

your post makes zero sense lmao


Anonymous 6927[Reply]

I have a recurring skin abscess that comes with my period every month, I had surgery done but it came back so I had MRI and blood work done and there was no reason for it to come back I stopped going to the hospital because it keeps coming back in mild form and bursting from the incision from the surgery.
I feel like it signifies something supernatural because it is always with my period and the only month, I didn't get it was the month I was staying in another city, and it came back as soon as I got back home.

Anonymous 6934

>the only month, I didn't get it was the month I was staying in another city
It must be something in the water or the pipes at your house.

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