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Cyberstalking Anonymous 140[Reply]

I do it, do you?
I love finding hidden accounts and secret blogs and I dox just to see if I can (but never post it or interfere with the person otherwise)
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Anonymous 4717

i understand that too well, i too know that i wont end up with this guy but i cant help but think about him when im feeling down so its really like you said just an escape.
no one is an angel but selective perception is not a joke, hope we two can walk away from this lifestyle soon enough.

Anonymous 4736

is there any way i can possibly deduct someone's email from their spotify or steam accounts? it's all i have and i desperately need to find more.

Anonymous 4743

search their username in breach databases

Anonymous 4744

where can I find those? google isn't turning up with anything for me. I'm sorry I'm being such a noob.

Anonymous 4745

you need to buy them or pay for a subscription to somewhere that shares them

it's not really worth it tbh


/tig/ - Targeted Individuals General (Electronic Harassment, Gang Stalking, Psychological Terror) Anonymous 3897[Reply]

Targeted Individuals are people reportedly being targeted by various forms of Gang Stalking, usually done by the governments, powerful criminal gangs and federal structures (of various countries since gang stalking isn't exclusive to one country). Reported effects of being a victim of banned psychotronic weaponry include thought insertion (zombification), hypnosis, hot flashes, uncommonly feeling contractions and pressure in your crotch (tele-rape).

Post your experiences with Gang Stalking (being a TI, knowing a TI IRL, etc)
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Anonymous 4737


this is the one van that has been following me around the town, on today's walk i even saw it following me home

Anonymous 4739


this is one of the cars of the people responsible for the gang stalking. notice the federal structure badge in the red circle.

Anonymous 4740


two random moids following me and looking at me until i stopped to pass them. i am completely sure they were hired to collect information on where i usually walk at night, when etc

Anonymous 4741

wtf goin on

Anonymous 4742

Shared some of the pictures of things related to my gang stalking experience. I highly suggest you to read the stuff above for more, I've posted a lot


Universe People Anonymous 4725[Reply]

How based are they? Are the things they are telling true? Should we praise Ashtar Sheran? They even have a website: http://www.angels-light.org/
I really wonder what miners think. Insanity or the ultimate truth?

Anonymous 4726


More to think about

Anonymous 4727

what in the kumbaya-new-age-schizocollective fuck is this

Anonymous 4728

unknown (1).png

the more I read about, the more fascinated i become

Anonymous 4729

unknown (3).png

this is the last one i will post


Female Creep Thread Anonymous 2475[Reply]

Has anyone else here just done unabashedly creepy things in their life?
Recently, I saw a really cute guy in one of my Zoom classes, and I feel guilty, but I took a bunch of screenshots of him. Every moment felt like something that needed to be captured and collected. Him holding a cup, standing up, turning to the side, closing his eyes. He looked like a painting or something. The more I think about it, the more I realise that wasn’t a socially acceptable thing to do.
I feel like I should delete them all out of common decency, but then they’re gone forever, and it’s not like I intend to doxx him or anything. Plus, the Zoom itself was recorded, so he might be shown there, anyway. I still feel wrong for doing it at all, though. I know I wouldn’t want to be recorded or screenshotted. Am I the only one like this?
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Anonymous 4679

it's taking all my self control not to be creepy around one of my professors. he's in his 50s and has an infant grandchild but he's so fucking handsome and isn't a retard like the other 99.99999999999% of men I've met. truly everything i want in a man.
every now and then i try to sneak a picture of him. i never get a pic of his full face tho because i can't afford to be outed as a creep. tried finding his old yearbook pictures after he told us when he graduated, but had no luck. i think he knows i like him because i'm always asking him questions about himself and i get so happy upon receiving any sort of validation from him.
i would never homewreck. i highly doubt he'd even take up the opportunity to fuck me anyways because he's such a saint. wait, i'm not even interested in sex.

Anonymous 4680

anon pls
he's a r*tard, he knows, and he so would. trust me.

Anonymous 4681

wdym? you're saying any man would?

Anonymous 4684

How did you approach her as a made-up, random person?

Anonymous 4721

Made a whole new Instagram account, drew mediocre art for a month or so before following her randomly. Posted pics of a new cat I had that she hadn't seen while we were friends. I also did one of those "Meet The Artist" things and put a fake name, age, listed interests that I was never into, said my hair was a different length/color, etc. Also changed up some of my typing quirks when she finally DM'ed to say my cat was cute. It was minimal effort for sure, and I slipped up on some stuff like a fucking amateur. When I eventually do it again I'll go all out to make it the perfect fake account


666 Anonymous 3476[Reply]

Let's think of this imaginary situation:
The world as we know is about to end. Everyone we ever rejected who talked about Jesus, love and God was right and you can visibly see they are being saved. The rest of us will need to stay with the demons and S U F F E R terribly forever and ever.
You have the option to save one person though.
- Who will you save?

1. Yourself
2. Your mom
3. Your dad
4. A sibling
5. Your favorite star (hahaha)
6. Your SO
7. Someone else

- Plus: do you think anyone you know would choose you?
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Anonymous 3972

I would probably save a random child. Most of the people I know are religious anyway

Anonymous 4630

I'll take my chances on earth. Judging by their track record I'm not gonna believe that Yahweh's heaven is anything less than a narcissistic dictatorship.

Anonymous 4632

Me and my boyfriend would save one another.

But what happens to pets?

Anonymous 4633

I would choose my sister, she's my ride or die.

I've been getting back into my faith recently so I like to think that I would be saved. But I know my sister would choose me, too.

Anonymous 4715

lady lilith.jpeg

I'd save my dead great grandmother and then apply for a position as a demon torturer at the Eternal Suffering In Hellfire Inc.

I have an extensive curriculum in emotionally torturing men so i'd hope to be accepted for the job hehe


Anonymous 4709[Reply]

I can feel hamsters around me. Sometimes I sit on my chair minding my own business, when the hamster smell strikes my nostrils. Recently I came out of the shower, squaky clean, and as I reached for the towel, I could feel the hamster odor. I shower every day and the house is tidy, but occasionally the odor catches me off guard. There are no pets in this household, but I did kill a hamster thirteen years ago.

Anonymous 4710

Seems like a case of hamusuta-tsuki, a relatively rare type of animal possession. You can expect some shortness of breath, phantom pains, speaking in strange voices and/or epileptic fits, but probably nothing serious. You're lucky, hamster curses aren't hereditary so your entire line won't be tainted. And there still might be a way to turn this curse around. You can try finding a pregnant hamster and feeding it, after the little hamsters are born you must name one, that just might do the trick.
What was the color of the hamster btw?

Anonymous 4714

Get a hamster and take super good care of it anon


Anonymous 4696[Reply]

What do dreams of things under people's skin mean?

I keep having nightmares of things inside people's skin (such as cubicles being carved into someone's back and that person hatching spiders inside the cubicles, and another dream where a person had a bat forcefully implanted into a skin pore, and the bat then began eating the person).

I usually use google to interpret dreams, but I can't find anyone on this one.

Anonymous 4699

You can often dream of things you wish to happen, or you're afraid/anxious of. It's impossible to tell without you providing information on what your fears and wishes are, or your traumas.

Anonymous 4704

itchy now


True Crime Community Anonymous 1937[Reply]

Any anons in the tcc?
Any outsiders willing to voice their opinions?
Why is true Crime so popular, especially with the woman audience?
How do non-Americans feel about the subject?
Do you have a favorite killer?
Who do you think is a handsome killer?
Why would you be attracted to a serial killer?
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Anonymous 3799

Classic hybristophiliacs.

"Nooooo, it was just that evil bitch pushing him to it, if it were me I could have fixed himmmmmm"

He was an absolute spaz and an evil one at that. These women are crazy, they let their edgy crushes blind them to the fact that he is an evil person born to destroy

Anonymous 3801

yep. i understand hybristophiliac children and young adults, what i do not understand is the band of pick-me middle aged wives and mothers with established families, obsessing over this vacuous loser, shitting on shannan and saying she deserved it (with little to no mention of the kids) and "of course, a woman depriving a man of his masculinity would make him snap". wtf is this shit.

Anonymous 4033

i have no sympathy for this moron's family. cindy and ronnie watts couldn't have cared less about shannan except to just say they forgave him for murdering her and their children. to this day cindy is acting like a crazy old bat and bashing shannan on social media for being a "bad mother" as if it justifies anything he did

imo it's not their place to "forgive" him for anything he did when cindy pretty much did nothing but fuel his disdain for shannan. your son is going to rot in prison, get over it

Anonymous 4046

same. the parents are sick in the head completely. they give absolutely no shits about the kids at all. i don't think they ever did. what kind of grandmother gets ego wounded and makes almost giving their severely allergic grandchild nuts, about them? instead of admitting fault she uses the nut incident as another opportunity to demonize her murdered daughter in law, very classy. the narcissism is off the charts with this family. ronnie is retarded and the mother belongs in a straight jacket. literally no mention of the kids basically, and just non-stop praise and concern for their triple murdering son. really sick shit.

Anonymous 4700

Richard Chase (001…

>Why is true Crime so popular, especially with the woman audience?
There are plenty of reasons, women aren't a hivemind that like the same thing for the same reason.
>How do non-Americans feel about the subject?
It's interesting, but after you get over all the american serial killer stuff and some euro stuff, it's just the same old thing with degenerate men killing prostitutes/little girls/homeless people, no 'charming psychopath' syndrome whatsoever in there.
>Do you have a favorite killer?
I think Richard Chase and Herbert Mullin. I've always been interested in schizo serial killers more. I don't really know why, maybe it's because they're more chaotic
>Who do you think is a handsome killer?
It's a serial killer/mass murderer who happens to be attractive, and therefore attract the freaks out of the corners.
>Why would you be attracted to a serial killer?
The same reason you'd be aroused by any bdsm kinks like strangling or getting your ass bruised, I guess? In my experience, most of those who are strongly attracted to them were also kink degenerates.

I do find Chase attractive and feel bad for him, but knowing that he tortured animals and barely washed I'm glad he's dead.


who here /insecam creep/? Anonymous 1912[Reply]

I like to watch people and things on publicly available IP cameras. Security cameras and such.
Here are some links to get started:
A cow farm in Japan:
A woman hanging laundry in Tel Aviv:
A Serbian medical clinic:
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Anonymous 4250


lights in the palm tree?!

Anonymous 4657


just spent 2 minutes watching this guy walking backwards into a bunch of dogs for some reason

Anonymous 4658


doing squats with the duggs

Anonymous 4662

I assume it's probably gone now and I'm not sure if it's the same site, but when I was like 12 or 13 I found one that was in some people's living room. Saw a family sit down at watch TV in their own house, kind of weird. There were two parents, a child that I couldn't really determine the gender or age of because they were rather overweight, and a large dog.

Anonymous 4693


such a pretty view. I'm glad this thread is still alive.

that's understandable. i don't like the idea that I could be being watched while in public. I've spent a lot of time watching these things and so far nothing inappropriate has happened. except for me becoming a borderline stalker

Here are some lovely mountains in Austria, Salzburg.


Conspiracy theories Anonymous 386[Reply]

Which ones do you believe in?
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Anonymous 4609

look at how your bible is broken up into sections as well. In the original texts they had books, but not sections. In most translations 'Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.' is separated by a heading from the following verse 'Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord.' to justify the idea that a woman submitting to her husband is a seperate, more extensive submission than all members of the church should do to each other. In the actual text, these two verses are literally right next to each other. Then there is a long section explaining to those men (who were told that women were essentially foul, failed men by roman teachings) that they should love their wives like jesus/god loved them. This is a reoccurring theme (love/forgive your neighbor as god first loved/forgave you) and was deliberately twisted to mean something more condescending than what is repeatedly preached in every other part of the bible.

Anonymous 4610

A lot of modern feminist outrage is directed to school dress codes targetting girls. A lot of feminists talking about how they should be able to wear whatever they want. I agree with that, but I think we should look at WHY girls want to dress as they do. When I go into a target, all the girls' clothes reveal way more skin, are more formfitting, are more sexualizing than the boy's clothes. They boys at schools are wearing baggy gym shorts and t shirts and they are marketed as having cool slogans and being comfy. Why do girls feel the need to dress cute always? It seems obvious to me that the patriarchy is involved in this level as well. They convince you that YOU want to dress like that. Men look for women who have a hard time defining what they want vs. what the men around them want. This means their dress is inconsequential (if they are in a burqua vs. booty shorts vs. a gown) except as a signal to men in that area that they have been brought up in a system where they are participants in their own subjugation. Idk how to identify these flags. I think you just have to go through self-examination and rebuilding until you can separate your wants and desires from others'. Not that it's bad to dress to please a man you want to attract, but you should be aware you are doing it and not insist it's not the case.

Anonymous 4627

Recently started to lucid dream by accident. I don't intent to I just suddenly just have control of the dream. Actually a lot of the time I have no clue what to do in the moment, feels kinda like stage fright.

This is horrible to think about but also very plausible. To tack on my own conspiracy: I genuinely believe that most men are attracted to people far younger than they'd care to admit. If you look at many historical societies and the age girls could be become (likely sexual) wives then you soon come to the conclusion that a LOT of men today would be sexually perusing teenagers if it wasn't for age of consent laws.

>They convince you that YOU want to dress like that
I feel like. Took me way to long to realize that ultimately you enjoy life so much more if you focus on buying comfy clothes.
If you look at other societies with less gendered dress codes they tend to opt towards flowing comfortable garments (though I understand a lot of this is also ease of tailoring) even so; togas, robes, even many hippy clothes of the 60 all have more comfort and androgyny than is pushed on kids today.

Anonymous 4628

My whole child hood my father was convinced that "they" would come back for the Towers. So when 9/11 happened in my freshman year I wasn't surprised. Being fed a conspiracy theory your whole life having it come true and then realizing that no one else saw it coming really messes you up. And no, my dad wasn't on to something he believed in dozens of crazy conspiracies. I had conversations with him about bigfoots lol

Anonymous 4690

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