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Psychedelics General /PG/ Anonymous 4967[Reply]

Post your experiences with psychedelics.

>Preferred substance

>Preferred place to do it
>Favourite psychedelic realm you've entered
>Do you believe psychedelic trips are spiritual?
>Has a trip ever healed you?
>Have you ever had a bad trip?

Let's share our experiences!

Anonymous 4968

I've wanted to share this with someone for a while now and I think this is the perfect place to do so; no weird alleged "specialists" or doodes that can only talk about ego death.
I've never taken any real psychedelics other than weed, I can't find any proper substances so I sometimes do 25i nmbome.
In almost every trip I had, I've seen and experienced a never-ending loop that seemed to be a representation o the concept of infinity, I couldn't reach the end because my mind would tell me "it's infinite" and I would surrender only to be caught in the loop a few minutes later.
I can never reach infinity and I don't think it is possible, unless you believe in God or something, when God will be what you see.
My friend said she saw the end, which I don't believe because she could never explain it. She has said that she saw Pennywise at the end of everything before, so yeah, there's not much there lmao.
I need to read more experiences like this, I couldn't find anything relatable by just googling, only reddit dumb moid rambling lmao.

Anonymous 4971

I so want to try dmt as wel, I used to know a guy that did it himself and we were going to smoke together but I couldn’t manage to pretend to be his friend for too long to Iost my chance. It is SO hard to find some here and I think almost everywhere.

Also it’s so weird that you don’t get any visuals from shrooms, have you tried with more stimulant strains of weed?

Anonymous 4972

That's a bummer you need to get back in touch. I really want to try to make it!!!! There are a few trustworthy sites from Holland that sell the mimosa bark, but most sites are scams. I suppose Everytime I tried mushrooms I bought weak mushrooms though. You know like something homegrown. Maybe I didn't eat enough? I had trailing colors but that was it.

Anonymous 4973

Anonymous 4998

>Preferred substance

DMT and shrooms. LSD is cool but kind of speedy for me.

>Preferred place to do it

DMT - bedroom
shrooms - bedroom
Lsd - outside doing something active!

>Favourite psychedelic realm you've entered

I like those low-moderate doses of DMT where I get to watch my room come to life. One time I hallucinated that when I closed my eyes a veil would come over my head and I saw two men brawling. I thought, sucks to be them. I'm cool just chilling. It was so strange.

>Do you believe psychedelic trips are spiritual?

I believe they are what you make of them.
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Left hand.jpg

Fantasies Anonymous 2695[Reply]

Anybody else have weird fantasies or urges? Not necessarily sexual things, just strange. For instance, I sometimes spend hours daydreaming about cutting my left hand off, imagining all the blood pouring out my stubby wrist and such. Of course that's a terrible idea and it'd make my life so difficult, not to mention it would be extremely painful for me.
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Anonymous 4888

when theres a man i like i think about doing horrible things to him. rape, mutilation, torture, murder, etc
ive always been into light sadism/domination but its gotten a lit more intense in recent years
this isnt even inherently sexual i just want to kill the men i love

Anonymous 4889

where are you keeping your guns that you can see them often? dont you use a safe

Anonymous 4927

I used to have cringy fantasies about a beautiful man getting obsessed with me and stalking me until he kidnaps me to keep in his old mansion that nobody knows about so that he can take care of me there
It's stupid and obviously irl the kind of scrote to do that shit would be an ugly neckbeard and instead of a mansion it would be some filthy basement kek
Recently I've had this intrusive scenario play out in my head where I get into a codependent toxic relationship with a rich pretty boy who's for some reason a medical student and when he discovers my self harm scars he cuts me really deep and then stitches me up on a bathroom floor while staring at me emotionlessly while I cry
I'm not a masochist and this sort of thing isn't sexual to me, it's just my self destructive urges and victim complex ig

Anonymous 4928


If I see a small gap I have an urge to drop my phone down it.
If I see a wide metal object, I imagine smashing my teeth on trying to bite it.
Sometimes I'll play out little scenarios where my bones get to big and start tearing through my skin.
Or maybe what if I die and instead of ceasing to be, my soul is stuck in my rotting corpse forever.

I miss the days when I daydreamed about being Godzilla so I could step on all the gross boys.

Anonymous 4966

nah I don't have kids or ever have kids around so I don't typically lock them up. The glock I was talking about is for home defense so it needs to be easy access technically. But most of my hunting guns are just chilling in the corner. I want a safe for them tbh. But I just set the gun somewhere not out in the open and now this never happens.


Anonymous 4849[Reply]

This is not a larp.
I'm writing here because the topic is morbid and I need advice/insight.

Is it normal for children to pleasure themselves? I'm related to these siblings a 2 year old boy and a 7 year old girl and I've seen both of them humping objects or applying pressure on their gental area through one way or another and I noticed this behaviour because I did it as a child but 2 years old is far too young I'm concerned that there might be someone sexually abusing them I suspect it's their cousin who is special needs and on the older side because when she is around them she holds them in creepy disgusting ways and likes to lay with children and have them sit in her lap but no one notices because it's the special needs cousin.
I don't know how to talk to their mother about it without sounding creepy, I've tried talking with her about the cousin but she didn't say anything and didn't do anything and looked at me like I'm crazy.
I wasn't sexually abused or at least I don't remember being sexually abused so could it be that children diecover such things naturally? The only people whom I've seen talk about this were pedos and I'm scared of looking that up.
Please help

Pic unrelated.

Anonymous 4851

I dated a psychiatrist and he mentioned a situation like this. Yes, it’s normal. If they were being abused they would probably not want the area touched.

Anonymous 4859

short answer yes but keep an eye out for other inappropriate behaviours.

children go through genital stimulation stage from two and again later on if that's all that's going on i would not worry

Anonymous 4918

It's normal to mindlessly stimulate your genitals as a child with no exact sexual intent, but i'd still keep an eye out for this person. If they have their own smartphones as its common with children now they might also be simulating things they see in online porn. I started watching porn at 6 years old and it was friends around my age who introduced me to it, and it wasn't even as common on the web as it is now.

Anonymous 4938

Kids sound fine developmentally. Keep an eye on the tard obviously. Never know for sure.


Anonymous 4903[Reply]

How does my cat know when I'm about to give her medicine? I give it to her 2 times a day and every time when I have the intention to get the medicine she BOLTS outta there. I put the medicine in various places around the house so it's not like there's one place that represents the meds to her.
I have been very attached to her psychically since her birth 14 years ago, she is my baby and I love her. Is she reading my mind?

Anonymous 4904

It's because you're doing it twice a day every day you tard


Anonymous 4514[Reply]

how do i suppress and control the urge to crush my cats
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4519

Can't help but can relate.

Anonymous 4521

I've been experiencing this kinda stuff for a very long time. Not very violent, but every time I pet my cats or kittens it become so manic I start to pet them harder, kinda scratching them but they're yet to show any signs of pain.
Maybe buy some stim toys?

Anonymous 4522


Anonymous 4562

You might have harm OCD.
I was struggling with it in middle school and finding out there was a name for it and I wasn’t a monster really helped.

Anonymous 4880

My kitten is so cute, it is very hard not to pop


suggestions! Anonymous 2633[Reply]

What are the most fucked-up websites?
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Anonymous 4677

Any gore website is more fucked up than that, this screams "I'm mysterious…"

Anonymous 4746

probably lookism.net


Anonymous 4776


Anonymous 4779


Anonymous 4801



Turpin Case Anonymous 2833[Reply]

57 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 2891

man i'd love to read their journals

Anonymous 2892

it makes make sick the size of the parents look at the moms chubby leggs ……my god

Anonymous 2893

I bet the mom will have to be kept in solitary for the rest of her life, female inmates will fuck your shit up for hurting children.

Anonymous 4759

Necroing since the 20/20 special on the case came out recently.

The majority of the special talked about the case and showed police footage, but towards the end it covered what happened to the kids after the state took them into custody. The county took control of the money raised (~$600k) and put it into a trust for the kids that their conservator then refused to grant basic requests for. The eldest son, Joshua, couldn't even get a bike for transportation. And since it's controlled by the courts there isn't any transparency about the money.
The kids, once under the care of the State, were put into the foster care system (they point out some of the kids ended up in the worst neighborhood in their county) and then further abused. The older kids have found themselves with no food and are homeless with no help from their state appointed guardian in charge of helping them integrate into society (her realty page on yelp is currently being spammed with reviews using her "just google it" quote).
At least the 4 youngest kids are in a good home, according to Jennifer and Jordan, but it's still depressing how everything went.

Anonymous 4768

One of the most horrifying cases I've heard of, things like this hurt me so bad and make me wish I had gone into child services


Mindreading/Aura? Anonymous 476[Reply]

I have no rational explanation for this. Please hear me out. I did a terrible thing two years ago. I've never mentioned it to anyone ever. Recently everyone seems to know. My friends are texting me vague questions asking about my past. People on the metro whisper about me. Am I cursed?
4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 781

I mean, she might have been lying or exaggerating, but the thread never really left me. I wonder if I could still find it, but then again it wasn't in English anyway

Anonymous 4718

Maybe you are non-consciously telling people without realising it.

I do this cause my parents cultivated a split personality in my mind to tell them everything I was thinking. When I left home it went mad cause it had no purpose and just started to imagine strangers were my parents so it could tell them my thoughts and have an, albeit stupid, reason to exist.

Anonymous 4730


interesting thread

tbh a few years ago someone knew something that I did completely alone and in great detail. they asked me about it and added the details–which just knowing/guessing would be a one in a million chance to guess.

inb4 security cameras
I dunno, like, this was a family member without any money and it was before pocket cameras existed. the only weird thing about them is that they're schizophrenzic.
Also yes…my door was locked. My window was covered. I said nothing about it to anybody.

Anonymous 4734

Now tell what did you do.

Anonymous 4752

your parents sound horrible and I'm sorry. But also what is this? I have never heard of this being a thing. Thant's wild.


Anonymous 4352[Reply]

a collection of people will never be unique and have their own culture as long as they keep using addicting apps with algorithmic feeds that give people from the same demographic the same content, old internet cultures died because people became more and more same-y, you can walk to any person from your age group who uses the internet regularly and they'll most likely know about the same things you do, have a similar taste, and a similar sense of humour.
I want to do an experiment with my friends where we all cut algorithm-based feed apps; pintrest, Instagram, tiktok… etc, and see if we can get further from normies and have different ways of thinking or not.
4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4705

honestly does everyone really use IG, pinterest, and tiktok? I don't and I don't consider myself that weird.

Anonymous 4713

I sue pinterest to save cute anime pictures and food and instagram to post drawings and photos of trees. It's not about the website it's how you use it. Except if it's a porn website ofc. Fuck that shit isnt ever good

Anonymous 4724


>world citizen

Anonymous 4735

i noticed this year how when you stop using social media for a while you can literally feel your mind become freer. when you start using it again you can feel yourself deteriorate in real time. it's weird.

Anonymous 4747

I never really used social media apart from imageboards. I wonder if i'll feel the same if I stopped using imageboards.


666 Anonymous 3476[Reply]

Let's think of this imaginary situation:
The world as we know is about to end. Everyone we ever rejected who talked about Jesus, love and God was right and you can visibly see they are being saved. The rest of us will need to stay with the demons and S U F F E R terribly forever and ever.
You have the option to save one person though.
- Who will you save?

1. Yourself
2. Your mom
3. Your dad
4. A sibling
5. Your favorite star (hahaha)
6. Your SO
7. Someone else

- Plus: do you think anyone you know would choose you?
56 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3972

I would probably save a random child. Most of the people I know are religious anyway

Anonymous 4630

I'll take my chances on earth. Judging by their track record I'm not gonna believe that Yahweh's heaven is anything less than a narcissistic dictatorship.

Anonymous 4632

Me and my boyfriend would save one another.

But what happens to pets?

Anonymous 4633

I would choose my sister, she's my ride or die.

I've been getting back into my faith recently so I like to think that I would be saved. But I know my sister would choose me, too.

Anonymous 4715

lady lilith.jpeg

I'd save my dead great grandmother and then apply for a position as a demon torturer at the Eternal Suffering In Hellfire Inc.

I have an extensive curriculum in emotionally torturing men so i'd hope to be accepted for the job hehe

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