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Sleep Paralysis Anonymous 33[Reply]

Have you ever experienced it, Miners? Share stories and tips on how to avoid it.

I've had very short (less than a minute) experiences before, but I had read up a lot about this from hanging on /x/ all the time so I knew it would be better not to open my eyes and just wait until it was over. Still scary though.
Now it happened again while I was napping around an hour ago. I saw some dude I know sitting on the bed right next to me, and I didn't understand how he got here or when, and then he leaned in and kissed me. It felt extremely real. I realized it had to be a dream and it went away after a minute or two but phew. I'm pretty disturbed.
That'll teach me to not take mid-morning naps.
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Anonymous 3601

Kek like I said I don't get sleep paralysis very often so I'm not sure how this works. I've maybe experienced it 3 or 4 times in my lifetime and each time, my sleep-addled brain's first response was
>fuck this shit I'm going back to sleep
I think it might have something to do with the fact that I experimented a lot with lucid dreaming in the past. I guess all those years I spent obsessively cataloguing dream signs weren't a total waste; at least I won't panic when freaky shit happens :')

Anonymous 3661

I've only ever experienced it 3 times, two fairly recently (Within the last 3 months).
The first time was when I was a kid, purely visual hallucinations, there were masks of all different sizes and colors nailed up covering the wall, smiling and making faces at me. They were super shadowy and difficult to see well.

Second time, lasted for a really short time, spent the whole time actively struggling to escape to no avail. Saw a shadowy figure in the corner of the room, and heard chainsaw noises drawing nearer and nearer to me from the back room.

Third time, I think it morphed from a dream- there was this weird alieny merman looking dude on the bed next to me. I turned around to be the little spoon, and then I was locked in place and the paralysis started. The alien guy was kissing the back of my neck and doing horrid ASMR whispering in my ear while I was paralyzed. I got out of the paralysis, and my eyes were already legit open, it was so surreal to turn back around in bed and have the bizarre creature man be gone. It felt so real, gives me the chills just writing about it.

Anonymous 3663


this makes sense. instead of panicking more and feeding into the fear of the situation you somehow let go and let your attention drift off again. by instinctively not fighting the sleep paralysis, you're able to fall back asleep and can wake up normally again

Anonymous 3676

I get it pretty often, but I know it happens whenever I have a bad sleep schedule. As in, I go to sleep really late. I had one last night, I felt like some weird cat like thing was knawing on my hand. Usually tho, I feel like only my eyes can open and I simply cant move. If I try to yell, nothing comes out. What I usually do is "attempt" to twist my head. Even though I know it wont move, it's just instinctive, and eventually I wake up. Problem is, if I try to go back to sleep, it often happens again. If prevention doesnt work, after I wake up from sleep paralysis, I try to fully wake up my brain by moving around or getting up, then try to go back to sleep. Kinda like a soft reset. That or I just try to go back to real sleep while in sleep paralysis, but that's usually annoying.

Anonymous 3684

I've had it four times. I'd really rather not discuss it since I'm afraid making active efforts to recall those situations will make it happen tonight, much like lucid dreams, but tbh it's sort of cool so I want to share anyway.

The way it happens I "wake up" while it's still dark. I open my eyes and look around the room idly for a bit and then something catches my eye. It's the same person each time, a woman standing just around the corner, her face directly towards me, but she's positioned in a way the wall/closet/whatever hides most of her face. I can see her eyewhite but the pupil is hidden by the object she's behind.

I have some sort of awareness that she's holding an axe. She's not trying to hide it from me or anything, she just happens to hold it a way I can't see it properly, sometimes I catch part of the handle if I can make it out in the dark. She never moves, I don't think she blinks, she just stands there with her axe.

In the moment it's happening I can't recall the previous occurrences and I don't even know I'm paralyzed, I just stay still and stare at the part of her face that's visible. I feel sick and derealized and can't seem to bring myself to even try to do anything but look at her and wait. Eventually I fall back asleep or snap awake properly.

My sleep paralysis demon is 45-50 years old, dark hair in a ponytail, wears a shabby windbreaker. I mistook it for my stepmom the first time due to the vaguely similar hairstyle and since we were at the cottage with just her, my father and me. I fell asleep instead of seeing it disappear so I was very worried in the morning. But when I saw my stepmom again I realized it couldn't have been her.

It felt 100% real and the memories are exactly as real as the memories of having seen any other person. I would've been convinced it really happened if I didn't happen to have gone through a lucid dreaming phase recently and wasn't aware of sleep paralysis. I wonder if the lucid dreaming shit is what triggered it. I sort of want to try again but those dreams started getting very scary and out of control towards the end of it, and honestly, axe lady makes me uncomfortable even if she hasn't really done anything so far


Free Tarot Readings Anonymous 214[Reply]

'Sup miners. Anyone interested in some free readings? I've been practicing and studying tarot for over two years now. I've read for my family, but I mostly read for friends and strangers over the internet. If enough people are interested I'll post my guidelines on how to properly request a reading from me and formulate a question + some background info on tarot for those who are largely unfamiliar with it.
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Anonymous 3352

nickname: Mini
I'm trying to do the impossible. a person (call him W) I was once good friends with has been lied to by a girl he's dating, and now thinks I'm some sort of freak. this girl (M) hates me and actively spreads gossip about me. I think he has my number blocked to avoid offending her.

My query is, where do I even start to try and mend this situation so that my friend can know the truth? he seems to have blocked me for a very long time.

Anonymous 3355

>A nickname, anything I can refer to you as.
Freya :)
>your question
What is most important for me to focus on right now

Anonymous 3665

i'm bored and suck at tarot readings, especially with my italian art nouveau deck that confuses me, but fuck it i wanna give it a shot with you guys if you guys want a free one

give me a question to ask the cards and ill respond, i'm so bored

Anonymous 3669

Anonymous 3680

What does K think about me? Is it true he thinks I'm an annoying whiney baby? Trying to overcome the embarrassment.


Anonymous 1898[Reply]

Which one is more terrifying to you
>We are alone in the Universe
>We are not alone in the Universe
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Anonymous 2275

There is also no origin to the iniverse matter is infinite. Cant be created or destroyed only transformed. Which means this has already happened at some point in the universe eternal existance. Or not this exactly but very similar things, infinity allows for unlimited difference too but lots of similarities.

Anonymous 2287

i think i remember hearing that space is actually probably brimming with life, just it's mostly microbial.

Anonymous 2290

There's gotta be intelligent life out there, we may never meet it though. in the vast infinite universe, if we truly were alone that would be so boring and honestly scary. in the infinite universe how could we be alone?

Anonymous 3662

That we are not alone but there's a great filter. Imagine being the highest level of refinement matter ever had in the universe, only to wither away faster than a supergiant star

Anonymous 3677

i've got assignments i need to submit, that's what is more terrifying to me than both these possibilities.



do you think schools like this still exist? and if they do, how prevalent are they?
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Anonymous 2087

This extreme? Probably not, but something similar might.

I really wanted to learn why MC got sent here, when I found out it was because he planned to distribute drugs to other High Schoolers I kind of lost all empathy for him, kind of a scumbag.

Anonymous 2089

I remember reading an AMA on Reddit about this. I read the first few chapters years ago but didn't finish the comic (I don't remember the exact reason). The comic was interesting though and even a few chapters was enough to understand the severity of the situation the writer found himself in. And yes, I believe cults like this still exists.

Anonymous 2091

After looking through all these, I found out about Judge Rotenberg Educational Centre, Tobinworld, and all other behavioural schools. Makes me wonder how these places still continues to exist.

Anonymous 2092

Because those with money need to have a place where they can send problem children, while simultaneous are aware that juvie will hurt the childs prospects later in life. The compromise is that instead of having the child go to juvie for being a delinquent, you pay enormous sums of money to have your children go to not-juvie that isn't held under the same regulation oversights.

This could all be solved if parents would actually take time to discipline and control their children themselves, but for one reason or another, they have enough spare income to throw at the problem as opposed to deal with it themselves.

Anonymous 3647

The author is fucking insufferable. He made fun of other kids for trying to adapt/integrate like he wasn't a grade A bootlicker…they were all trying to survive, but because he became a part of the staff and they didn't it's "different."


Have you ever fantasized about killing someone? Anonymous 473[Reply]

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Anonymous 744

i mean, this makes since if you think about it from the perspective of a criminal psychologist. stranglings are a very slow and intimate way to kill someone; if you encounter a body that's been the victim of strangulation, especially if it's done with the hands as opposed to, say, a noose or garrote, it usually indicates that the killer was prompted by a strong emotional response and wanted to see the victim suffer.
i used to work at a retail store that catered to ~trendy~ teenagers with too much allowance and their catty, entitled soccer moms. i totally understand. the amount of pure human shittiness that i witnessed on a daily basis completely drained me of my will to live, but the fact that it still makes you mad means at least you've got some spunk left in you. get out while you can.

Anonymous 3429

Yes, a few exes and bullies. I'll save the gruesome details for gurochan.

Anonymous 3637


you know, i never fantasized about killing my bullies, mostly i just want them to forget i exist and i'm pretty sure they would have by now anyways

Anonymous 3640

I play a game with myself whenever I have to wait around in a public setting. For example, a waiting room in a hospital. I size up people around me and imagine how I would kill them

Anonymous 3645

I'm going to guess that your bullies were primarily female, not male. The added sexual element in male-on-female bullying pushes a lot more victims to edgelord territory.


Karma Anonymous 3394[Reply]

Any thoughts on karma, miner?

There are Indian religious schools that teach about karma. Westernized the concept is simplified as a rule of cause and effect, reaping what you're sowing, doing good and therefore experiencing good and vice-versa doing bad and experiencing bad.

There is also: good karma, bad karma and neutral karma (not to be neglected, you don't have to be all good and some good can even be bad, think helper-syndrome and/or self-exploitation).
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Anonymous 3466

Sure. I seen things reverse themselves, etc. none caring exes get depressed. A ex who left me during my miscarriage is now divorced. A ex who attacked me is sucidial. People who ignored me in junior high are now being ignored themselves. Healthy people who were nasty to the sick are now sick themselves.

Anonymous 3467

I donno, maybe it's cause or effect too.

Anonymous 3534

not the one u replied to but i feel like an example of this is the richest people are often unhappy

Anonymous 3566

Good example. They spend a life in luxury to disguise their emptiness and secrets.

Anonymous 3636

I know a lot of people say this and it's commonly the case in stories but I always felt like this opinion was just a cope from poor people. I know being rich isn't exactly all its cracked up to be, but to say poor people have it better couldn't be further from the truth.
Maybe rich people have their own troubles but they still don't have to worry about how they'll possibly afford bills for the month and that by itself is a much more comfortable life.


Art thread Anonymous 1603[Reply]

Post Zdzisław Beksiński, Hieronymus Bosch and whatever the fuck you want. Or dont, nobody cares anyway
25 posts and 21 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 2372


Anonymous 2373


Anonymous 2374


Anonymous 3190

prints + reproductions and it's surprisingly cheap. You'll need a Polish friend tho or try emailing them and negotiating the details.

Anonymous 3578

Hypnosis (1904). D…


No faith but spiritual needs Anonymous 3546[Reply]

Title says it all. It is kind of weird. I do not believe in anything super natural right now though I have tried getting in touch with God and/or traditional faith. There is a strong craving for spiritual guidance and serving a master. Still I am unable to believe in anything. It is a thirst that can't be quenched. When I dived back into Christianity I could not trust that our Lord is good at all. That's when I started to read some lost scriptures discussing that Elohim (God) actually created this world to fulfill his sadistic needs and that Jesus is a deity from another world who came to save us from our creator. Which kinda makes sense since Jesus is deviating quite a bit from the old testament. This may sound irrelevant but it actually made me hate abrahamic religions even more because those guys would not think twice about their sources and/or God's motivation. Sorry I kind of lost the focus. The point is that I want to serve a deity, a god who is in close contact with me. Not some cause like helping social institutions (people hurt me too much), I'm talking about being a messenger or pilgrim. I hate myself, I hate this world and no social interactions or materialism can build up my hopes for a better tomorrow. It is all worthless. I would shed a tear if I could but I'm all dried out. Why do I have the desire for an imaginary friend?

There… was just one time a being in my dream. I giant phoenix carved into a rock in the montains. It appeared to be of native american origin. It did not speak but it's glowing eyes gazed into me. There I was dancing and performing rituals to pay my respects and it did something to me. I was burning but I felt like being in ecsteasy. The only time this need was fulfilled. But I never heard of this deity before and never again. I lost it's track, I want it back.
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Anonymous 3560

Is it hedonistic to realize that our lives are just a passing blip in the universe and so nothing really matters? If all your desperate prayers aren't reaching anyone and you know this, why do you cling to it? Do something else.

Anonymous 3561

>Is it hedonistic to realize that our lives are just a passing blip in the universe and so nothing really matters?
No, that's nihilism, which, if after accepting this point, you jump to
>Why does life need a purpose besides doing whatever things feel enjoyable? I
Then it becomes hedonism.
>If all your desperate prayers aren't reaching anyone and you know this, why do you cling to it?
For the record I'm not OP. Seeking spiritual relief is for people who are both tired of nihilism and hedonism most of the time.

Anonymous 3563

OP here, again.
Thanks a lot for your responses. Let's just say I am already a nihilist but it doesn't bring me much joy… like life in total haha. Don't get me wrong, I do cool stuff in my free time but these are all just distractions from life's daily suffering. I don't care that there's no afterlife, the trade-offs of being alive are just not viable. Work 8+ hours a day for what? Some enjoyable yet meaningless activities? Micro managing life is such a bitch, it's not worth it. The only reason not to kill myself out of philosophical conviction is that firearms are hard to come in my country and any other method is unsafe.

Anonymous 3564

Nihilism isn't supposed to bring a form of happiness, if you thought it was supposed to you're severely mistaken.

Anonymous 3565

I know, it's just a relief from the burden of """sin""" and other metaphysical burdens.


Anonymous 420[Reply]

What's the worst thing you've ever done?
66 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


I manipulated and used someone and was gonna leech energy off them as well. It was this guy who I thought was quite pathetic and a "loser". They have a sad life as an unemployed pothead and they were fairly easy to manipulate. It fell apart in the end though, as I didn't really want to do that to someone. I simply was acting out unconsciously due to anger and hatred from having had that done to me in the past by a similar person to the guy I was doing that to(they were not a pothead though) and I was not aware of how bad the emotional damage was that had been done to me nor how angry and hurt I felt from it. Thankfully this guy I saw is okay and I did no real harm, as the other person did to me, as I stopped very soon in. I'm not really a narcissist but was acting that way due to my unresolved shadow, but this person I dated in the past does have a lot of those narcissistic traits and caused me a lot of harm. I did not know they were a narcissistic when I dated them, as they have another condition which is said to be confused for narcissism (the pothead guy also has this condition) and that the two cannot go together but in his case, they did.

Anonymous 3472

>unresolved shadow
What does it mean?

Anonymous 3531

- Stole a bunch of people's keyrings from off their backpacks in 1st grade (got caught)
- Spent an unsettling number of hours torturing Norns in the 'Creatures' games
- Stalked someone for years until he told me to stop
- Wrote cringy DDLG abuse fanfic and drew furry porn
- Had an acute psychotic episode, while in ambulance started masturbating and told my mother I wanted to kill her (I have no memory of this, she told me afterwards, and the thought of doing it horrifies me)
- Cyberbullied transgender people
- Seriously considered committing a political assassination

That's about it O_____O

Anonymous 3555


>Spent an unsettling number of hours torturing Norns in the 'Creatures' games

Anon, are you anti-norn?

Anon, are you the fucking source of the norm abuse controversy a few years back?

Anonymous 3557


No, but I downloaded Norns from his website (cringe I know.) I-I'm not that evil!


Piracy thread Anonymous 3033[Reply]

How do you do, pirates?
Let's talk about piracy a little. A while ago, I uploaded a niche game to nyaa. It got leeched the moment I uploaded, and finished in just an hour. Distributed some 40-45 times really fast. Most leechers were Japanese too, to my surprise.

It was a really obscure game so I wonder if people are just hoarding and archiving everything on nyaa, or if there is actually a demand to pirate that kind of thing. I expected it to sit for months since all the similar things on nyaa are dead and 10 years old.

What about you ladies? Do you hoard? How do you pirate usually? Anything you share or upload?
13 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3047

Anyone willing to share some private tracker invites

Anonymous 3048

>Do you hoard?
No, after I'm done with something I delete it.
>How do you pirate usually?
DDL sites, and a handful of streaming sites without ads.
>Anything you share or upload?

Anonymous 3450


Hehe, I'm a pirate in the sense that I rip, copy and distribute for historical and archival purposes. Chaotic good, in a sense. It ain't always fun but I see it as a duty. Foremost underground tapes and vinyls of bands which never saw CD or digital releases. It hurts me to know that such creative work goes to waste. Further I safe game mods, patches and similar files. Basically anything I get my hands on which is already forgotten or will be soon. I even scan manuals of old consoles. I started uploading the stuff on archive.org …

Say, fellow pirates, collectors and preservers: Got any recommendations for other sites like archive.org which don't compromise certain formats? Thanks in advance.

Anonymous 3451

bob the cat.jpg

Are you aware of the Great 78 Project? if not, you might appreciate it. basically it's an archive of Shellac rips. lots of fun to be had looking through the thousands of forgotten songs on there

Anonymous 3452

This sounds cool, I'll check it out! Thanks.

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