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Stalenhag and Co Anonymous 148[Reply]

Inspired by >>>/img/1925

Post any Stalenhag paintings or similar detailed, retro-futuristic, post-apocalypse age and flesh robotics. I'd be excited to find similar artists! Starting with a dump of my favorites.
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Anonymous 180


Anonymous 181


Anonymous 182


Anonymous 183


Anonymous 184



Free Tarot Readings Anonymous 214[Reply]

'Sup miners. Anyone interested in some free readings? I've been practicing and studying tarot for over two years now. I've read for my family, but I mostly read for friends and strangers over the internet. If enough people are interested I'll post my guidelines on how to properly request a reading from me and formulate a question + some background info on tarot for those who are largely unfamiliar with it.
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Anonymous 272

I'm still around if anyone would like to give me a read. I'd really appreciate it. <3

Anonymous 273

this spread looks kind of worrying imo.

the querent card is the page of pentacles, which corresponds with new beginnings in the material sphere.
your independence is tied to the moon, which has connotations of deception as well as intuition. So although you may feel strongly drawn to this person, there is a possibility they are not being totally honest with you about their character.
balance–meaning whether the relationship is based on mutual respect and trust–is the three of swords. imo this is one of the top three worst cards to get, signifying heartbreak and betrayal of trust. so there is defintely a disconnect there.
creativity, whether this person allows you to express yourself fully, is a solid six of pentacles. i usually interpret this card as signifying generosity, so it may be that this person encourages you to express yourself in ways that are beneficial towards others?
Foundation/security is the hanged man. in this spread i would say that represents self-sacrifice, giving up your own interests for the sake of others.
Adaptstion: page of cups.
Someone who is emotionally immature yet passionate. Change may be met with opposition.
Harmony: Eight of Pentacles
A card signifying apprenticeship or hard work. I'd say this would signify the difficulty of reconciling with this person, if you happen to get into a disagreement with them.
Seeker - whether this relationship will be fulfilling to you or not–came out as judgement, which is a weird card in this situation. i think maybe it refers to your own judgement in whether this relationship is worthwhile or viable, and how much you're willing to do to make it work.
motivation - the chariot. signifies whether the relationship will push you in a new and positive direction. The Chariot is a symbol of control over acceleration, which means that whatever happens is going to happen fast, but in a way that will develop your sense of mastery over the situation, i imagine.
humanity–whether other people benefit from your union–is the five of cups. i would say that there's definitely some discouragement from those around you when it comes to the situation.
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Anonymous 274

You can call me PM
>Is N ever going to sort himself out?
>Should I make this trip next year?
>Am I ever going to sort myself out or will I stagnate as a bored housewife?

Anonymous 275

My name is Rose.
I would appreciate it a lot if you could tell me if P is ever going to love me back or at least understand how deep my feelings for him actually go?

Anonymous 276

hi tarot anon! addy here. couple of questions:
>what's up with my parents?
>how do i make this school year good for me?
>what should i do about R?

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