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Anonymous 452[Reply]

Have you guys ever had any delusions? Episodes of psychosis? Paranormal activity?

I haven't really shared this story with anyone I know in real life and I'm a little nervous to post it, honestly. I'm sorry it turned out so long.

For a couple of months when I was around fourteen, I started to have trouble sleeping. I was a bit depressed and friendless, normal teenage girl. I sat around and played Gaia Online instead of going outside, lol.

I started to have more and more bad dreams. It kept getting worse and worse. At a point, after getting maybe an hour or two of sleep every night, I started to feel a… presence. Something had its eyes on me.

As this went on, I slowly started to piece together that the thing "watching" me was a demon. I deduced that there was a portal under my bed, leading to some kind of demon dimension. I felt one presence in particular. I named her Millie. My heart was pounding every night as I felt eyes on me.

This went on for days. Weeks. Months. My grades slipped. Different demons started to emerge from under my bed, watching me at night. I drew pictures of them. I wrote poetry about it. I wasn't sure what they wanted.

I tried to go to my guidance counselor and emphasized I was really depressed and needed help, but I was kind of brushed aside. I started to have anxiety attacks. I asked my mom for help, but she thought I was joking.

I started asking for help from my online friends. It was embarrassing to talk about and no one really took me seriously. I poured my heart out to an older, wiser woman I trusted. She revealed she had experience with such matters and witchcraft. She decided to have me do a cleansing ritual.
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Anonymous 5673

It’s definitely an entity that latched on the suitcase from the trip

Anonymous 5674

It certainly seems so. It was just so cliché that my experience was something like moving objects, but it hit me down to the lizard part of my brain for how spooked it made me.

Anonymous 5675


Anonymous 5676

It’s such a scary story though. Why the fuck did it hate megara’s song or did it like it so much it wanted to dance lol. I wonder where you went on the trip too, is it a place with active paranormal activity/witchcraft/cults? I remember seeing a dancing box as a child with my brother on the roof of my family’s home. Like a cardboard box on the edge of the house. we were star gazing and everytime i pointed at it to show my brother it would quickly disappear which made my bro think i was fucking with him. That’s the only object related ghost story i have lol.

Anonymous 5683

in elementary, i was convinced the entire class and then my school (not only the people in my grade but the upperclassmen too) was conspiring against me even if in reality it was just simple old bullying because i acted really weird. it happened again in middle school (i changed 5 different schools in my life because of bullying and stuff).

when i was 13 i seriously believed one guy on a private minecraft server was in love with me, i saw signs of it everywhere in random places, for example, i believed that the love songs on the radio were commissioned by him because he somehow knew i was listening to it or some random words on the tv were proof he loves me. it was scaring the shit out of me since he probably was 19 at the time, i avoided going anywhere on the internet and especially that server. shortly after the erotomanic delusion was over i looked back at it and saw no signs of grooming or etc since we didn't even talk, he just teleported to me one time (he was on the admin team) and that's it.

i also believed i was stalked by the government multiple times in my life. i have to admit i've seen them personally when they came to my school because i threatened to shoot it up, and after that i've had intense paranoia seeing signs of stalking everywhere, on the tv, on car plates even, in public, etc, i was scared of men who looked like government officials and literally ran away from them in public or stared at them intensely (even if they were probably random men who happened to dress like that). my ex boyfriend at the time i was dating him just laughed at it (that's part of the reason why i dumped his ass).

conspiracy theorie…

Anonymous 3308[Reply]

what tier are you on?
tier 5 here
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Anonymous 4629

>the universe is chaos and order

The world is shadow and light
The nature of reality is flowing and still
The essence of existence is crust and filling

Anonymous 4674

went from 0 to maybe 3.5 over time, with all the insane shit that we've seen happen right in front of us for the last several years.

Anonymous 5660

6. I think 7 requires dying.

Anonymous 5661

All of them depending on what i tell myself that day

Anonymous 5664

the most based possible answer


Darknet (and women.i2p) Anonymous 5590[Reply]

I don't really know whether belongs in >>>/media/, but does anyone here use the Darknet? Tor, I2P, Yggrasil or what-have-you. Discuss:

>hidden service recommendations

>clearnet sites on the darknet
>general darknet stories

>inb4 complaints that crystal.cafe is banned on Tor

Also side-note but the otherday on a whim I registered the "women.i2p" eepsite thinking of populating it with TERF propaganda. Any suggestions or diagrams are welcome. (Does this count as TERFposting?
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Anonymous 5625

it goes down all the time, try again later

Anonymous 5636

I've been refreshing all day and still not working. Annoying as I really want to see what it's like.

Anonymous 5640

its just a retarded imageboard lel. pretty decent and not full of pedos like the rest of them are

Anonymous 5641

nvm i just checked the /b/ catalogue i take that back

Anonymous 5645

Yeah, I'm pretty disappointed now that I finally accessed it.


Paper Trip Anonymous 5578[Reply]

I'm terribly interested in starting life anew. I think about going abroad, but would rather not. I'm in America and I'd be fine moving anywhere without much. No, truthfully, I'd be fine working paycheck to paycheck and working scrubbing tables and waitressing. I'm waiting for the one person who is dearest to me to die (they're elderly) to move on so I can truly move on myself while still alive.

I wonder if I'm someone who spends a lot of time thinking about this due to just not having any history of a decent domestic life. I have family that doesn't particularly care for me, but I'm working on building up a variety of skills to work elsewhere without bringing a lot of attention. I think remote work is good to evade people from knowing me as well.

Any talking points about the pandemic on those who did such a thing? I imagine with the paper/electric load burden officials would be prone to making mistakes. Any other forms of info that would be beneficial for somebody like me who just wants to disappear? General discussion about famous people who take a new identity is encouraged as well, modern and older.

Anonymous 5579

No info but planning to leave too. What type of skills are you learning

Anonymous 5588

I was originally practicing steno, as a hobby but then I realized it was solid pink collar work. Then I realized if I became a court reporter, might be a bad idea to change my identity and work as such. My new goal is accounting. Boring, hard, but it's def a solid one where if I get in and it's a small company I'd be less likely to be talked about.

Anonymous 5589



What's your picrel? I didn't know there was a tarot deck made out of The Last Unicorn. That's cool as fuck.


World Economic Forum Anonymous 5226[Reply]

How do we stop the World Economic Forum and The Great Reset?
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Anonymous 5229


Anonymous 5232


Anonymous 5240

youll definitely need xanax after this shit

Anonymous 5571


Female Separatism

Anonymous 5587

Why? What's wrong with it?


Paranormal experiences Anonymous 5581[Reply]

Thread to collect paranormal experiences you had or know about

Anonymous 5583

Something that happened at Gettysburg University, known as one of the most haunted in the world:
"Some college staff said they once used the lift to reach the first floor of the building but were instead taken to the basement. In there, they felt trapped in a time warp and before their eyes was what seemed like a hospital scene with wounded soldiers and doctors attending to them".

Anonymous 5584

There are already 4 different older threads for this on /x/. Would you newfags learn to lurk before making new threads?


Anonymous 4977[Reply]

Has anyone else noticed a dimensional shift lately?
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Anonymous 5421

Virtual reality supposed to be better and more pleasant than real reality
I am not gonna spend my virtual years in such an ugly space

Anonymous 5423

What makes it more pleasant or better? There will still be laws in place. The highest order will probably be the creator of the virtual reality. Our current reality has no one creator; whether you believe in God or not, we abide by the laws of nature and of the universe which dictate our moral and ethical laws. You would rather live in a world created by one or a team of people who think of themselves as gods? Why?

Anonymous 5427

Because they would give me an opportunity to be somewhere where I couldn’t be and to be something I’m not
I think I wouldn’t care who they are and why they are doing what they are doing
If they would abuse their power - that would just make a virtual space not comfortable, thus not interesting for me and for many other people, I think

but yeah, by pleasant I actually meant visually

Anonymous 5568



Anonymous 5569



I believe in reality shifting Anonymous 5265[Reply]

And I will do it
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Anonymous 5447

no you die die die die die die die die dieeeeeeeeee

Anonymous 5448


Stop fighting… We’re supposed to look out for each other. The whole world is against us.

Anonymous 5461

I'm gonna tear your fucking heart out with my bare hands

Anonymous 5480

Anonymous 5511

I believe in astral projection but not reality shifting, that's just too farfetched for me.

video from 4chan /x/ /apg/ that I like, but I'm only partway through it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQjAIlFZWWc


Unsettling internet aesthetic thread Anonymous 2332[Reply]

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Anonymous 5365

Anonymous 5367


Anonymous 5475


anon! thank you so much! i thought i lost it forever
bumping again

Anonymous 5483


bump, I love this shit

Anonymous 5506

The site seems to be down
Why's that?


Michelle Carter case Anonymous 2042[Reply]

In your opinion, should what Michelle Carter did be considered illegal or was she just being unethical but overall not guilty?

>Conrad Henri Roy III was an American man who died by suicide at the age of 18. His girlfriend, then 17 year-old Michelle Carter, was accused of encouraging him in text messages to commit suicide. The case was the subject of a notable investigation and involuntary manslaughter trial in Massachusetts, colloquially known as the "texting suicide case". Roy had seen numerous mental health professionals, and he insisted that he wanted to die. Carter and Roy had both been prescribed psychiatric medication. The case raised questions pertaining to the nature and limits of criminal responsibility.
15 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 2059

Your first problem is that no one in the actual criminal proceeding was considering her a murderer, no one who knows what they word actually means was accusing her of that. They were instead accusing her of manslaughter, which, by definition, is not murder. You have built up a straw man and knocked it down, congratulations.

Second, a consensus is not reality, I don't believe anyone is arguing the legality of what she has done, if we were, you would be correct. We are arguing the morality of the situation.

Third, killing someone doesn't mean you're a bad person by default, else all soldiers would be completely reviled by society (well, more of society I guess), her being a "sociable, charming and entirely well-behaved individual" has nothing to do with the problem at hand, other than the case being unconventional. I would strongly propose that most people charged with manslaughter, not murder, are probably also well-behaved members of society. This can contribute to why they were charged with manslaughter, not murder.

Finally, now that all the bullshit you are pulling has been called out. If you at all believe that, inherently, suicide is wrong, and should not be encouraged, she is a contemptible for doing so. A contemptible person not in her right mind because she herself is mentally ill? Maybe, but contemptible nonetheless.

Anonymous 2063

I saw the documentary on this case and feel like it needs more context than what is given ITT because the girl's motive was entirely selfish and attention-seeking. Like other anons have said, she was obsessed with the TV show Glee, specifically she was a stan for the main couple whose storyline came to a sudden end when the actor of the male character died of an overdose. The actress of his in-universe girlfriend was widely regarded to be a major bitch, but as she was also engaged to the guy irl, she was whitewashed of all sin and nobody dared to speak badly of her until recently. They had a commemorative episode where everyone sang songs and reminisced about how amazing he was, and everyone felt so bad for the girl, both in-universe and irl. Michelle wanted to emulate this situation, she compared them to the Glee couple all the time, texted him comparisons and quotes from the show, and really took the role of the grieving love of his life after he died. That's why I can't write it off as her just encouraging him to kill himself because she thought he was going to do it anyway and wanted to help him- she had a very specific goal and wanted to play a specific role in his death, as in getting all the sympathy and pity afterwards. She even told him to get back into the car and get it over with when he was having second thoughts. All because she wanted to larp as a grieving widow just like her fav celeb. That means she didn't just encourage him because she wanted his suffering to end, she directly wanted to profit from it socially.

Anonymous 5488

Imagine died because of Glee

Anonymous 5490

I don't know what kind of sentence she should have gotten but I do think she has some culpability. Looks like she got involuntary manslaughter and 15 months, I think that's quite fair. That's the minimum any bully should get when one of their victims kills themselves and that's exactly what she was.

Anonymous 5502

I wouldn’t classify her as a bully honestly, she was a disturbed teenager— they both were and i don’t think she thought far ahead about the consequences probably having a fried low empathy young brain she did. Sometimes people who are at their lowest are joined at the wrong time and place and shit like this happens

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