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Proofing God through Satan Anonymous 3574[Reply]

I've been thinking a lot about this one. In theory, if God does not give me any signs of his presence than his antithesis may proof his existence. I'm speaking of summoning demons to proof God. Heresy, I know. But Jesus is supposed to forgive any sin as long as we believe in him. Thus there is no risk attached… right? ;)
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Anonymous 3598

None of that stuff is real anon. Don’t waste your time.

Anonymous 3970

Don't play with fire. If I were a christian (I may convert soon) I'd read instances of supernatural events proving god's existence.
>do you have any to suggest
No I don't lol do your own damn research. I'm considering conversion because I'm terrified of demons and have been reading too much religious stuff online.
Got freaked out last night after I read about how John Lennon sold his soul to the devil. Also read about how Alleister Crowly influenced a ton of bands I listen to.
My entire life I've been listening to the devil's music and had no idea.

Anonymous 3974

Demons might just be monsters from another dimension (or realm/plane if you prefer the magic equivalent). There's no guarantee they would have anything to do with God at all. And whether they did or not they would say they did to fuck with you.

Anonymous 4202

> Heresy, I know. But Jesus is supposed to forgive any sin as long as we believe in him. Thus there is no risk attached… right? ;)

this is so fckng stupid I can't even belive you mean it

Anonymous 4328

Idk, imo a lot of the point of God is the dichotomy of:
Requiring faith to maintain your connection to God, and not needing proof.
against the antithesis of those that require affirmation seeking those that do answer, demons and charlatans

Trying to definitively prove God to reaffirm your own belief is kind of intrinsically against the point and a sin, and summoning demons to do it is definitely "You fucked up"


Good paranormal imageboards/forums Anonymous 4177[Reply]

I wonder if there's any place online where I can read paranormal and /x/ related stuff. Like some forum, or a specific board in some imageboard. It doesn't need to be alive, good quality is enough.

Anonymous 4193

the places I went all died

Anonymous 4205

Anonymous 4324


Fake internet deaths Anonymous 819[Reply]

Let's talk about people who fake deaths online, either elaborate stories about people close to them or their own death or suicide.
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Anonymous 1388

i've known someone who killed himself. And i honestly pray for this to be fake. It would be so much less burden on my heart to know if this person faked it all. I wonder if anyone is going through something similar.

Anonymous 1394

I am :(

Anonymous 1395

how long has this person been dead for you? for me it has been 2 years. And i still get dreams where he might have faked it all, and that one dya i just randomly meet him on the street.



I followed prettylittleliar’s thread with regards to Plaaastic’s (real name Nhi) death before it was inactive. There was this screenshot. According to this facebook post in Vietnamese, it translate:
Sad news:
Our daughter and sister, Le Tran Mai Nhi, born in 1994, has left this world on 15/12/2018.
The funeral will be held from 11:00 to th 13:00, Wednesday, date 19/12/2018, at funeral home of Bach Mai hospital. She will lay to rest at Hoan Vu - Van Dien - Ha Noi.
Reported by eldest son, Le Vu Long, on behalf of the family.

We can learn from this post that:
1. Nhi has really passed away
2. Who her family members are

- Lê Vũ Long is her elder half brother who brought her on his dance tour, you can google and find out who he is. He also acts, just like their father.
- Her father who she mentioned was famous in her book is Dũng Nhi (can google him too), an actor in Vietnam, while her mother is Bình Nhi

Her mother’s facebook:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 4320

I actually did it once, not really that interesting, though. When I was 17 there was a guy I was talking to and I felt like he was manipulating me so I said I was going to kill myself and it was his fault. The next day I pretended to be my mom and somehow he believed that I was actually dead.


Psychic Links Anonymous 4232[Reply]

Do you believe in them?
I truly do believe I have one with this somewhat obscure celebrity I've been a fan of. Frequently she makes posts that match what I am thinking of at the time and sometimes I think things that don't match my current mood at the time, and I've been wondering if it could be her thoughts getting inserted into my mind.
Expecting to be called a schizo for this post to be honest but I don't believe I am.
I don't plan to pursue a relationship with her or anything because I am fully aware of the fact I'm weird and creepy.
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Anonymous 4243

Kind of, yes. My boyfriend is deeply connected to me, we understand each other and know what we are thinking like I am a part of him and I his. Our personalities match impeccably. This is the biggest reason I will marry him. Aside from all our thoughts and ideas matching in some way, we also have the tendency to appear exactly when the other one is just done with work or business, like "I was just about to call you!" but happens a lot more often with us.

I don't think it's magical, but it does feel very divine and deep.

Anonymous 4245

i think it makes more sense if it's someone you don't know. if it's someone you're close with then it's just… being close with them. knowing what someone's thinking is hardly impressive when you've had years upon years of interactions to learn their thought patterns lmao. i suppose that also applies if the celeb op's thoughts match is someone she's been following for a while

Anonymous 4248

I did not know my boyfriend for years when that happened. I became his girlfriend because we had that kind of connection immediately, before prior contact or experience. I hardly knew him for a month when I decided that.

Anonymous 4314

ugh i feel like i have one with my cyber stalker. she's a girl but she always changes her bio/posts things that I was literally thinking. stuff I don't even have in my notes app (thought i was hacked for some time). it's so weird. but she hates me, never wanted to actually be my friend just actually BE me. hope that makes sense bc it does freak me out (been ongoing for years)

Anonymous 4315

>it's so weird. but she hates me, never wanted to actually be my friend just actually BE me. hope that makes sense bc it does freak me out (been ongoing for years)
Oh yeah, there's an entire thread devoted to this on this board.


Revenge Anonymous 867[Reply]

Fantasizing about getting revenge on someone?
Let it all out.
Need a plan?
Let us help.

Let's get some just desserts.
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Anonymous 4293

Nta, but what do you mean "get over this feeling"? Do you not want to feel it at all anymore, or for lack of a better term are you trying to "channel it" into something more productive/positive for you?

Anonymous 4295

Well, obviously you wouldn't be doing this if it didn't benefit you in some way. Any idea of how it's positively affected your ability to live?

Anonymous 4298

Okay, that was bit hard to read, but I think you stated that this feeling helps you focus somewhat and push yourself forward, and obviously that's very useful. Just a question, how meticulously do you clean your living space? How would you describe it, very dirt vs very clean?

Anonymous 4300

I wanted to put together a more holistic picture of your life. You mention
>I make really great strides, I can't deny it.
>REALLY good at dissociating from bad things and turning up all my energy to do something.
is again somewhat vague. It point to some indications of your personality depending on how much you value cleanliness and order around how you live. If your living space is just "normal", then I assume you've made "great strides" elsewhere? In a career perhaps or a hobby? Just trying to figure out where you poor this supposed "energy" into to understand your personality better.

Anonymous 4313

>What does the dirtiness or cleanliness of my house have to do with anything?
It gives me indications of your personality. Having talked to miners on this board that literally have pissjars, there's a obviously a range between living in utter filth and spotlessness that different people inhabit. I wanted to know if I'm talking to someone who is somewhat functioning in modern society, or a NEET recluse, because different people have different patterns of living.
>Why does it suddenly feel like I'm interacting with a moid?
I haven't the foggiest, the question came to my mind and I asked it. I don't know what to do if just asking questions causes this much trouble though.


Anonymous 4052[Reply]

umbrella by rihanna is the most satanic pop song of the 21st century, y/n
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Anonymous 4110

>umbrella by rihanna is the most satanic pop song of the 21st century, y/n

Anonymous 4113

I guess the satanic paranoia lived past the 90s, kek

Anonymous 4114


Anonymous 4122

The lyrics do not seem satanic to me but more like she is singing about how the commoners should come under her, or the ruling classes, monopoly. Especially with how it mentions the Rockefellers.

Anonymous 4253

this is a promo for the psychological body horror game bugsnax. it is somehow more disturbing than you describe.


Anonymous 2679[Reply]

Do you think Epstein was whacked or that he faked his death?
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Anonymous 2685

There were no cameras and he didn’t have a cell mate and was off suicide watch after attempting g suicide. The Jew was murdered by even more powerful Jews. Ryan Dawson has a lot of info into Epstein. But of course he was banned off YouTube I think his videos can be found on bitchute

Anonymous 3945


Anyone following how is Ghislaine Maxwell doing? Weird there's almost no pictures of her after being put behind bars. The drawings are annoying af

Anonymous 4218

Epstein is still alive and the whole he didn't kill himself thing is a massive psyop

Anonymous 4220

If he killed himself how is he still alive?

Anonymous 4221

You're misunderstanding how the psyop works. The "Epstein didn't kill himself" narrative does not refute the base assertion "Epstein is dead", it in fact reinforces it. The two groups of "Epstein killed himself" and "Epstein did not kill himself" both agree with the assumption that he has actually died. By capturing the majority of counter-narrative energy with the assertion of proving how he died, we lose focus on the fact of whether he is even actually dead in the first place.


/8ball/ Magic 8-ball General Anonymous 4150[Reply]

Post your experiences with Magic 8 balls here. Ask it a question, and the answer will appear. Or not. It's probably bs, but it's fun.
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Anonymous 4184

Screenshot 2021-08…

Anonymous 4195

does my bf really love me?

Anonymous 4196


Anonymous 4197

will it get better?

Anonymous 4198

hell no


Using your own body as an experiment Anonymous 4161[Reply]

Does anyone else see their own physical body as a something to experiment with? I like to test its limits and see what happens if I do certain things like not take medications, take expired medications to see if they still work, do random drugs to see how they affect me. I'm just curious about my limits as a healthy young adult. I guess I see it as a tool of discovery rather than something I should leave as untarnished and clean as possible.
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Anonymous 4170

taking expired medication etc is not a "subdued" way to test your body's limits. it's just retard behavior

Anonymous 4171

How does one "subduely" test ones limits? Is that like "subduely" assaulting someone?

Anonymous 4180

>use your own physical body as a something to experiment with
I taught myself how to squirt, or something like it, since the science is still not clear on this and people like to say its piss. Does that count?
Other than that, taking drugs is not an experiment unless you actually collect data of some sort

Anonymous 4186

There are things you can do that hurt a lot but aren't dangerous to your health, like the weirdos who voluntarily suspend themselves in the air by putting a bunch of hooks through their skin. I guess that would count as relatively subdued body limit experimentation.

Anonymous 4187

that hook suspension shit is fucking psycho and not subdued at all


Evolutionists Anonymous 3333[Reply]

I need to do some research regarding shit that opposes evolutionist theories but the only thing any browser or search engine throws back at me is evolutionist shit and debunking anything that tries to question it. Why? What are they trying to hide from us, girls?
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Anonymous 4032

asexual species are vulnerable and genetically limited, eventually dying off. they are suited for a fixed environment that they can exploit to rapidly reproduce. their future genetic potential is limited and a deadend. and they are vulnerable to change of that environment.

specialisation and distribution of labour. gestation for example leaves you pretty vulnerable. of course, it's not like it's strictly deterministic, many things could just be kind of coincidental but they continue to exist simply because they manage to continue existing.

Anonymous 4040

Anon, that’s fake.

Anonymous 4044

Because if you trace humans and look at the other humanoid species (neanderthal, denisovans etc) things become even more confusing, not to mention the fact that so many old religions globally refer to kings having to prove they were related to “gods” (Egyptians, norse/Germanic). Things are sussy. Then there’s pyramids/stone henge that are just insane as concepts and people would travel MAD distances with legitimately painful physical conditions just to see them (this one dude was found at stone henge from like somewhere turkey way with a disease that meant his literal bones rubbed together, no protective nubbins, he would have walked for YEARS in agony just to get there and we don’t even know why lmao)

& TLDR Something something aliens, basically.

Anonymous 4159

what's fake?

Anonymous 4172

The Giant of Castlenau
What makes you think its fake? No one anywhere is denying its existence or validity, so why do you think it is?

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