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Urban myths Anonymous 7[Reply]

Bonus points if local from your area.
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Anonymous 373


When I was a kid I used to go to Ukraine every summer and they had the same legend about needles. (once I went to a local cinema and something stung me and I freaked out, but it was just a bee). Guess it's common.
These needles are literally everywhere. We've had them strewn like a damn carpet near our kindergarten, in our yards, elevators, stairways. Also rat poison. Man, was that annoying, why would you throw this shit around the places where the children play

We've always had a legend about an abandoned hospital, something about satanic cults, members of which used to sacrifice stray dogs and were killed by a flood (or by cops, nobody's sure). It was also told that an extraordinary amount of people died building this hospital. (it also looks like an umbrella corp symbol from above). A couple of my classmates went there once, dogs and hobos chased them away

Anonymous 375

That was a cool post, Anon!
I reverse searched the image and found one article not in Russian lol

Anonymous 1500


Casually necroing this thread since it's a topic I'm interested in and /x/ is slow

Arkansas is an otherwise uneventful state, but around an hour from where I live is the Crescent Hotel, notorious throughout our region. It opened in 1886 as an elite resort hotel, then changed to "the Crescent College and Conservatory for Young Women", then to a junior college, then again to a hotel, and then to a hospital and health resort in 1937, though the millionaire who reopened it as a hospital advertised himself as a doctor despite having no medical training. Legend has it that many of the hospital's patients were treated cruelly and medically experimented on (the hospital reported a significant number of deaths) and those who've stayed there claim that some of those patients still haunt it (some of the patients had names, like Michael, Dr. John Freemont Ellis, etc.) It was found after the hospital closed down that it had underground passages.

Here's an excerpt from the Wikipedia page:
>Norman G. Baker, a millionaire inventor and radio personality, styled himself as a doctor despite having had no medical training. He claimed to have discovered a number of "cures" for various ailments, including cancer, and launched frequent attacks on organized medicine, which he accused of being corrupt and profit-driven. Having been run out of Iowa for practicing medicine without a license, Baker moved his cancer patients to Arkansas and advertised his new health resort at the Crescent. His "cure" consisted primarily of drinking the area's natural spring water. In 1940, federal charges were filed against Baker for mail fraud and he spent four years in prison. The Crescent Hotel was left ownerless until 1946. In the spring of 1946, the Crescent Hotel was purchased by John R. Constantine, Herbert E. Shutter, Herbert Byfield, and Dwight Nichols. On March 15, 1967, the hotel was nearly burned to the ground. The only living owner at this time was Dwight Nichols.

It's currently still open as a hotel and people can take tours or book rooms to stay in overnight. Many of those who stay report odd phenomena. It was also featured in an episode of "Ghost Hunters" in 2007 and "Ghost Adventures" in 2019 (though I don't personally find those shows to be very credible.) I visited it with my mother and sister in the summer of 2013 and my sister said she experienced a strange feeling and heard odd sounds, but mPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 1501

I've been there before many years ago on vacation with my parents. One of the balconies has an iron fencing to it where some of the spikes are suspiciously missing from them, like something or someone was shoved off of it and they broke off.

When I stood by it, I could feel something tugging at me to fall. I can't remember how long ago that was, I think I was 11 or 12 so it was probably around 2006.

Anonymous 1530



Creepypasta and other scary stories available for online reading. Anonymous 16[Reply]

Borrasca -

A great, atmospheric story. In my opinion, the ending was a bit heavy-handed and relied to much on shock and female torture, but aside from that, it had me hooked.
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Anonymous 1085

Which of the stories are you replying to?

Anonymous 1169


Has anyone watched the now-cancelled Channel Zero on Syfy?
It's a TV show based on creepypastas, one pasta per season.

>Candle Cove

>Nowhere House
>Butcher's Block (originally Search and Rescue Woods)
>The Dream Door (originally Hidden Door)

Anonymous 1338

Anonymous 1339

That was cute. Lizzie got BTFO'd

Anonymous 1527

Hwo to make Jeff the Killer as a clay sculpture: https://youtu.be/pnyb_URzbsA


Clairvoyance Anonymous 1448[Reply]

I think I might be a clairvoyant, so much so that it has become a meme in my family. I usually have very vivid dreams and it has happened many times already that I actually dreamt of something that would happen the following day. What's the catch? These dreams that come true are usually really petty things (eg. that my bf is going to radomly take me to mc donald tomorrow and there's going to be my favorite limited edition burger), still I totally dig this thing, just wish I had a bit more control over it. Has any other anon ever experienced this? Can you control your premonitions?

Anonymous 1453

Try lucid dreaming. It'll give you control over your dreamstate and you might be able to find out how deep your rabbithole goes. I've had regular dreams predict reality in the same way you mention it, minor seemingly meaningless events. Since I've started to go after lucidity, my dreams have been a lot more intense and unreal. It might sound insane, but some of my dreams feel a lot more real than waking reality itself does. It's a great experience and I would recommend it.

Anonymous 1483

I wish I saw this thread earlier. I have a habit of predicting events in my dreams. For instance, a family member's house was threatened by a fire which burned straight to their property line and we had to rescue their cats and I dreamed that a week before it occurred. I will dream of people I haven't thought of in a while and then other people will mention them out of the blue.

The problem is, I also get PTSD dreams mixed in with all this, so lots of violence, incest, rape, partner infidelity, etc. so it's hard for me to untangle what is PTSD versus what is clairvoyance.


Anonymous 1473[Reply]

Plasma & tachyon energy holographic medical pods cure all diseases (cancer, diabetes, leukemia, you name it), regrow body parts (nugget's wet dream), and age reverse (from old wrinkly 80 year old back to the body of a 20 year old). Yes they exist but where? Med beds are locked up in dark projects (Secret Space Programs). How do we get access to them? Sooner Trump discloses the entire truth, the sooner everyone will get to use these regenerative capsules.

>Randy Cramer


>Ileana the Star Traveler


>Jared Rand


>Soft Disclosure (to rub it in your face)

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Manipulation Anonymous 787[Reply]

>What's the most extreme manipulative scheme you've completed?
>How did it affect the people involved?
>Would you do it again?
>Do you feel guilt manipulating people?
>What are your feelings in general regarding manipulation?
>If others were severely harmed in some way because of your manipulation, would that matter to you? Why or why not?
>Have you been manipulated in an as extreme way as you've manipulated others? What happened and how did it affect you?
>Do you take pride in manipulating people?
>Do you feel like emotional abuse is inherently wrong when it is purposefully inflicted? Why or why not?
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Anonymous 1424

BPD, or borderline personality disorder, and bipolar disorder are different from one another, Anon.

Anonymous 1426

I manipulated someone into sustaining my neet life and giving me money sex etc for an entire year. I didn't once feel love or even happiness.

Anonymous 1441


This kinda' stuff never works out for the "manipulators" it's some Wile. E. Coyote shit where he always fucks himself over in the end. Grow up

Anonymous 1443

You don't even know the difference between Bipolar and BPD. kek.

Anonymous 1461

Is it possible to learn this power?


Anonymous 1430[Reply]

Do you believe in Aliens?
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Anonymous 1435


Right? I mean the universe is so huge. It'll be ridiculous if we were the only ones to exist.

Anonymous 1436

I wonder if any lifeforms out there would be as intelligent as us though. More intelligent even? We seem like an anomaly though, there aren't many animals on our own planet that come close to human intelligence, nevermind alien planets.

Anonymous 1437

I like to believe so.
Although I think humans would be the invaders and not the invadee?

Anonymous 1457

Yes but I have doubts about whether UFO sightings and alien abductions are extraterrestrial in nature or not. I'm pretty sure at least some of the craft that are spotted are just secret government shit. Maybe there's something to do with aliens but maybe they had a much bigger military tech boom during/after WWII than they've ever let on.

I think alien abductions are related to historical reports of faeries and that they may be the same beings, but I can't hazard a guess as to what kind of beings they are. It could also be they're a hallucination or some other neurological effect tied to a very specific kind of experience, in the same way that people commonly report seeing tunnels and bright lights on DMT/during NDEs, but also kind of like McKenna's machine elves. I don't know what experience would trigger that, but it'd have to be something that people have had for centuries. Part of me wants to say that they're being victimized by someone and that their brain makes up a story about aliens/faeries to protect them from the trauma, but some of the abduction stories are so damn weird I'm hard put to explain them away like that. Group abductions like the Coronado abduction are pretty hard to write off.

Anonymous 1460


When I was a kid, I used to fantasise about what I'd tell the aliens in order to convince them that we're intelligent and not kill us lol. Maybe write a few lines in different languages, draw some star constellations, draw things you can only see under a microscope like plant cells or dust mites, write a few lines of poetry, draw a map of my country with all its mountains and rivers… I think if I was an alien, I'd have so much fun trying to figure out what all these symbols and drawings mean. It would show them that even a random child has a basic understanding of the world around them and that we've created these complex ways of speaking to each other and that we can create beautiful art. I always prayed that I'd be the first to make contact and not some shitty adult who would try to kill or exploit them.


eerie/weird thread Anonymous 277[Reply]

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Anonymous 724


Imagine being roasted to death within this thing surrounded by hot metal. Medieval torture methods were brutally creepy in their own way. Fuck scaphism, quartering, Judas cradle, and the heretic's fork too.

Anonymous 725

This is heart-wrenching

Anonymous 728

I've seen them in person and it's the most claustrophobic place you can be in.

Anonymous 1446

Reminds me of Twistee Treat

Anonymous 1458



Industry Plants Anonymous 754[Reply]

An industry plant is an artist who has Major/Indie Label backing their movement but presents themselves as a "home grown start up" label to create a pseudo organic following. They act as if things are miraculously happening for them based on their talent (via blog coverage, media coverage, mtv playing their vids, etc.) The reality is a low risk/high reward situation for labels looking to build the next "new star"

Who do you think is planted?
7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 1383

I don't really have a dog in this fight but I can see the argument for why being an "industry plant" would detract from the art. I'd argue that art is degraded if it's attached to a sold package or product, and the sold product that it's a part of (celebrity image, personality, a fantasy,) turns out to be false a.k.a. false product.

So, if you just dig the art (void of the image or package attached to it) then the art is not affected for you.

Anonymous 1398

the entire music industry is plastic as fuck. rule of thumb is, if you find yourself reflexively calling a musician an 'artist', they are a corporate product. the music industry and media define who gets to be an 'artist' and is to be taken seriously, versus who is merely an amateur.
whether they come from humble beginnings or not is irrelevant, they aren't an 'artist' until the industry brands them.

Anonymous 1399

Anonymous 1400

I'm not sure if the only people who can shit out artist titles are those in the music industry. If anything, what you're saying would work best in defense of small artists that haven't been knighted.

They are artists BECAUSE no one in the music industry acknowledges them. It is exactly the moment they're swallowed up by labels and corporations and whatever else that they're nothing but a product to be sold.

Anonymous 1445

Screenshot 2019-12…

That makes so much sense. They got popular between 20012-2014. MCR split up in 2013. I used to be a huge MCR fan back in middle school. Anyway, its obvious the Gerard was wanting something different than everybody else. Their Danger Days was definitely them trying to keep their shit together and get as much money as they could before the split. I think their recent get togethers is just to make money but idk.


Fake internet deaths Anonymous 819[Reply]

Let's talk about people who fake deaths online, either elaborate stories about people close to them or their own death or suicide.
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Anonymous 1067

She's supposed to be "really dead this time". https://lolcow.farm/snow/res/602401.html#750518

Anonymous 1380

I still remember when Tourettes Guy was said to be dead on his website then came back years later.

Anonymous 1388

i've known someone who killed himself. And i honestly pray for this to be fake. It would be so much less burden on my heart to know if this person faked it all. I wonder if anyone is going through something similar.

Anonymous 1394

I am :(

Anonymous 1395

how long has this person been dead for you? for me it has been 2 years. And i still get dreams where he might have faked it all, and that one dya i just randomly meet him on the street.


Anonymous 452[Reply]

Have you guys ever had any delusions? Episodes of psychosis? Paranormal activity?

I haven't really shared this story with anyone I know in real life and I'm a little nervous to post it, honestly. I'm sorry it turned out so long.

For a couple of months when I was around fourteen, I started to have trouble sleeping. I was a bit depressed and friendless, normal teenage girl. I sat around and played Gaia Online instead of going outside, lol.

I started to have more and more bad dreams. It kept getting worse and worse. At a point, after getting maybe an hour or two of sleep every night, I started to feel a… presence. Something had its eyes on me.

As this went on, I slowly started to piece together that the thing "watching" me was a demon. I deduced that there was a portal under my bed, leading to some kind of demon dimension. I felt one presence in particular. I named her Millie. My heart was pounding every night as I felt eyes on me.

This went on for days. Weeks. Months. My grades slipped. Different demons started to emerge from under my bed, watching me at night. I drew pictures of them. I wrote poetry about it. I wasn't sure what they wanted.

I tried to go to my guidance counselor and emphasized I was really depressed and needed help, but I was kind of brushed aside. I started to have anxiety attacks. I asked my mom for help, but she thought I was joking.

I started asking for help from my online friends. It was embarrassing to talk about and no one really took me seriously. I poured my heart out to an older, wiser woman I trusted. She revealed she had experience with such matters and witchcraft. She decided to have me do a cleansing ritual.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 1340


Dead thread but reviving it.

I believed in a Mind-Hole that prevented me from thinking about God and my existence in reference to him. He was controlling my thoughts and plans and inserting ideas into my head about homicide and suicide. I truly believed that I was being tested by him to do harm against others or myself and that if I passed the test, I would pass the material world into a higher world and become a god myself.
I believed only myself and God were real, and that everything around me was fake and part of the test. Everything I googled did not show up online and I believed that God purposely removed them so I could not find an easy answer.
I died when I was 8 falling down the stairs and ever since then I've been living in his test.

I was hospitalized shortly after an episode and after I was released, I believed the police was following me. I saw police cars constantly and police men in multiple establishments around where I lived that would stare at me. I also thought people were taking pictures of me in public when I was smoking. People in transit that held their phones towards me were taking pictures of me as well.

I think I'm better now. I don't really have these delusions as something that I feel to be real but I still think about them some time, like I was "deactivated" for some time further. Sometimes I freak out because I hear weird sounds that aren't there but it doesn't really get in my life.

Anonymous 1341


/x/ is best board on Crystal cafe

Anonymous 1354

i once saw a tiny elephant in my room when i was on acid

Anonymous 1355

I believe in your mind hole too. I have a suppressed superstition that there's something I'm not allowed to think about, that both my thoughts and my speech is blocked. the thoughts are delivered through a sieve, I can touch that they were once there, but I can't express them. I wouldn't be able to say exactly what I can't think, but power over consciousness to this degree is attributable only to god or to the sum of humanity, which must be the same thing. I think we are all suppressed this way, because I really do think it is global consciousness itself, the spark that produced sentience, which is permanently unhinged and attempting to repress the disruption as not to further the fissure.

but to no avail, something's coming

Anonymous 1381


I was half-asleep in my bed when suddenly I heard a voice in my mind telling me to let them in. I knew that if I did I would die. I was starting to lose control and I felt myself slipping away and I got so scared I think i woke up some kind of last second strength and I managed to fight it off.

Still no idea what the heck that was but I really think I almost died that day.

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