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Anonymous 47164[Reply]

umm helo anon.
If you are sad and reading this I just wants you to know that you are not alone in how you feel.
I know life does not always get better but lets hope it does because life is really hard and full of hurt and people hurting us
I can feel all alone and then knowing other anons are sad can help but it makes me feel sad that they feel as I do.

Wish I could help you feel better.
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Anonymous 47330

hi anon
I actually really needed this, I've had a rough couple of days. It did make me feel a bit better and I hope you're feeling better too. thank you for the little bit of comfort, it's really sweet of you! we gotta look out for each other in this world.

Anonymous 47401


I don't know why, but your post gave me underage b& vibes.

If you happen to be, please remember to only take the positive things in this website, and take it easy and keep your mental health healthy while browsing this particular board as it is certainly one of the most emotionally laborious of all; all done for free by kind, good-willed Anons like you, OP.

Have a great day, week, month, year, and life, OP!

Anonymous 47539


Anonymous 47589

I shall endeavour to rember hapy day

Anonymous 47784

we love cringe


Anonymous 47755[Reply]

i'm so sick of men begging me to do butt stuff. Literally annoying af
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Anonymous 47757

Both tbh. They beg to do anal with me, and i've had some beg to peg. Both annoy the fuck out of me

Anonymous 47765

I've always wanted to try it but haven't found a guy comfortable with it, maybe we could swap?

Anonymous 47770

butt stuffis so disgusting, everytime i think about it i feel like throwing up.

Anonymous 47777

Ok, but what does it mean if a guy doesn't want to try anal and is turned off by blowjobs?

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 47780

Moved to >>>/nsfw/3456.


Anonymous 47734[Reply]

Can you brake a media addiction? If so, how?
I KNOW I watch too much youtube and it prevents me from getting work done.
Its not even that enjoyable but the weekends are mostly spent like that, middles video after middles video and suddenly it's night when it was morning just a moment ago. At least with TV shows it's structured so even if you spend hours on it at least you can say that you have watched a show but with YouTube you didn't even accomplish that much.
Any advice on how I can break this habit and get into a more productive or educational one, for example reading books.

Anonymous 47736

Make a playlist of the videos you want to watch. Anything else that looks interesting, put it on the playlist for tomorrow. You might be surprised to see how many are no longer interesting the next day. Start watching videos at x2 speed to make them shorter.

Anonymous 47738

I have a similar issue with mindless scrolling and youtube. This is advice is really basic but i've been trying to celebrate and focus on the good feelings I get after doing something I deem "productive" or more worthwhile, rather than how much of a piece of shit I feel when i've wasted my day. Even if its something small like a household chore or a spending a short time on my hobbies. I remind myself "hey, this wasnt as bad as your brain was making it out to be, you even had fun and feel much better off now!" It's pretty barebones psychology techniques the idea that re-inforcing the good feelings and dismissing the bad ones will help you think more positively over time. I also like to use to-do lists for that extra hit of endorphins. I write down everything I want to, even the small stuff and things I do for fun. I find that writing them down holds me more accountable and getting to tick each item off gives me a boost. But there's loads of really good videos out there on how to motivate yourself, thats where I looked when I still couldn't tear myself away from youtube.


This playlist idea is really good. I always find myself watching random shit I don't even care about just to fill the time.

Anonymous 47751


I have this exact same issue. I already take Vyvanse and even that barely helps me get into the mode to do my schoolwork. I can't imagine a day without using the computer, I'd probably have a mental breakdown.


Anonymous 13080[Reply]

Is she our queen?
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Anonymous 47691

hiding in my room, onision (at times, he at least isn't hideous and without his skin issues women find him attractive, probably a bunch more that were on /cow/ and kiwifarms, but i never really visited them.

Anonymous 47693

>hiding in my room
He isn't attractive in the conventional sense, not to male standards of what a man should look like. I supposed a should have clarified, men who are attractive to other men since it's men doing the trolling. Not in the homoerotic sense, but in the Statue of David sense. Hiding in my room has the androgynous angle that most J-Pop stars have, but most men don't actually like that look or find it admirable.
Closest counter-example provided. Citing the above, at any point where he's doing the emofag haircut he's not looking admirable to other men. He's attractive in that same androgynous sense when he is attractive. When he tries to fully be masculine he looks anywhere from complete fucking garbage to maybe slightly above average.

Men who are harassing men on their looks are using their own masculine standards for admirable traits in other men. Because men are doing most of the harassment, you have to use their standard for determining whether or not the man is good looking.


>Women don’t write 15 paragraph posts hating on men for being physically unattractive to them. Only men do that, because of their porn rotted brains that have been conditioned to fapping to factuned 14 year old tiktok/instagram thots shaking their asses on video.
Exactly, and since it is usually moids doing more of the harassment, that means men's standards of who is pretty or not is relevant.

It should also be stated that trolls are also going to attack to get a reaction. If it turns out that woman react more negatively to comments on their looks, then the trolls are going to keep aggravating using that point because if it works it works. No need to be idea logically sophisticated about it.

Anonymous 47694

Looking at Onision more, while he does have the "chad jaw" his thick upper eyelashes (that may or may not involve eyeliner?) and the tilt of his eyes don't actually lend itself to the look at all. He looks creepy whenever he smiles because of it.

Anonymous 47698

Well of course, because now his appearance matters. It's only obvious for people to make fun of the new radical thing he's trying.

Anonymous 47737

Joey salads, Logan paul, some professional wrestler I remember people mocking and harassing, and martin cabello


Anonymous 47601[Reply]

I'm so overcome with fear at the thought of going to university Judy because of the debt.
I know that where I am, is fortunate since school debt is one without interest and quite lenient but it will still be stuck with you for life, unlike for the previous generation.

I would be fine with a job that doesn't require a degree but I will never get to have that uni experience and fulfill mundane but desirable goals such as living in a dorm or getting to actively study what I'm passionate about.

I also think that I just want an academic career, or one that requires higher education, just because I will have validation that I am intelligent and that I am capable. And the kind of person I want and the friends that I surround myself wouldn't want the type of person I am currently heading to become.
Mostly just a vent but any advice from people with similar experiences would be very appreciated.


Hedonism Anonymous 47411[Reply]

Lets talk about it. Are you capable of stoicism or dependent on comfortableness and immediate pleasure?
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Anonymous 47484

I'm not sure if hedonism and stoicism are truly opposites. It makes more sense to me for the opposite of stoicism to be sensitivity. I'm a sensitive person and it's hard and unpleasant for me to hide my emotions, but I don't think I'm necessarily a pleasure-seeker.

Anonymous 47496


Philosophy is for scores, women don't spend their lives reading retarded pseudo-deep nonsense or asking bullshit questions, they just live.

Anonymous 47497


Anonymous 47572

That's a fair take on stoicism, I'd say it's to minimize the effect the world has on you, focusing primarily on how you display the world's effects on you. Simply put stoicism is to seem and be unaffected by the external forces.

And here I thought it was the other way around, regardless of your thoughts on philosophy you still live your life by one. Just cause you haven't codified it doesn't mean you don't partake. Though I get what you mean, partake as in as contribution and consumption of the literature.

Anonymous 47574

I used to be incredibly needy, emotionally expressive and focused on creature comforts, but in high school, right around the time of the GFC, I became homeless. Even though it wasn't even for a whole year, it really changed me fundamentally.

Crying didn't help, and I couldn't spill my guts for emotional catharsis. Stoicism just became the most useful way to go about things. I couldn't control anything around me, but at least I could control the way I felt and reacted. It also made me safer, less vulnerable and more able to be aggressive.

I definitely became far less focused on most comforts, stripping it all down to the essentials. I was lucky enough to have someone who looked out for me and taught me how to get by, and he convinced me to keep only the essentials and treat it like I was playing a horror survival game. I sold most of the things I'd packed, wore men's clothes, threw away anything I could get easily elsewhere. When I was finally living normally again, I just plain didn't accumulate the sheer amount of objects I did before. Having 6 pillows with matching cases just didn't make me happy, and I could get by with a single shelf of items, so I never bought the desk, dresser, drawers and wardrobe I thought I needed before.

Conversely I became absolutely fixated on immediate pleasures and would impulse buy junk food and useless shit that I'd never even consider wasting my money on before. It completely wrecked my willpower and even now I sometimes can't stop myself from buying something sweet, salty or alcoholic I don't need.

original (7).jpg

Anonymous 47471[Reply]

all i want is cute lesbian friends why is that so hard im so fucking sad
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Anonymous 47483

Or they label themselves as lesbian because straights and gays both hate bis.

Anonymous 47487

link a throaway discord and i will talk to you

Anonymous 47554

>freshman year
>intro to psychology class
>meet a nice girl, was almost certain she was a lesbian
>never asked if she wanted to hang out after class because I couldnt figure out how to socialize at the time
>never saw her again
I'm a junior now, all I know is regret

Anonymous 47557

Do you actually talk to people to see who can be a friend?

Anonymous 47570

Oof. Here's a story from me.
>freshman year, first term
>be me, closeted (at the time) femme who reads as straight
>philosophy class
>an out and proud art lesbian is in my class
>I also draw
>approach her once, ask for and follow her art blog
>think the interaction went well
>she doesn't follow me back and never acknowledges me again
Crie evertim


Anonymous 47492[Reply]

Maybe it's the air we breathe. The people's faces we see. The traffic. The school. The teachers. The coworkers. The boss. The insurance. The rent. The bank. The car. The Wal-Mart. The wood. The machine. The rain. The sun. another Christmas gone. Another year gone. Another summer gone. Another winter gone. Another year alone. Another cigarette. Another beer. Another hit. Another hit. Another hit.

Anonymous 47493

I just wanted to be talented. To have a creative seed. If I am to be ugly and undesirable then give me some sort of alternative seed. But no. People need a good laugh. nobody listens. Why would they? YOU ARE NOT LOUD ENOUGH OR RELEVANT ENOUGH.

Anonymous 47519



Anonymous 46715[Reply]

>mom and dad are arguing again

Anonymous 46719

It's gon b ok calamari.
Plug your ears and listen to some music,

Anonymous 46739

I am sorry this i happening anon, my parents used to argue too before they finally divorced. The main thing you should do is stay way from this as much as possible, sometimes you might feel like you should do something but trust me, you're already doing your best.

Anonymous 46776


Anonymous 46779

my life for 21 years until recently. they had a huge break up, almost thought they'd divorce. i know how stressful it is for you anon. are you still a student? you can live on your own if you can, peace works wonders for your mental health

Anonymous 47516


>tfw you used to beg god everyday to divorce them


help help help Anonymous 47485[Reply]

i have no friends online or irl. i spend excessive amounts of time on anonymous messaging services like omegle (and a few tor sites), usually 2 or three hours a day. im such a shit person i drive everyone i love away. i constantly feel like im dyimg, literally. i always have this feelimg in my chest that i suffocating, sometimes its not that bad and sometimes its worse, but its always there. im incapable of communicating with other human beings for anything but necessity. the best i can do is 30 minute conversations over text, and that normally doesnt go well. im a boring person, my only real hobbies are home ec type things like sewing and knitting, and i play the flute but am pretty shitty.
Last night me and my very last friend were fighting so i told him "i fucking hate you, never talk to me again and i wish i never met you" (paraphrased, but you get the point).
anyway, you get the gyst of it. how do i repair myself? am i beyond saving? i used to be kind of cool but then i turned to shit.
i hate myself. i hate myself so much and i hate the world.

if youre advice is "kill yourself" please at least describe the method you suggest i use thats most effective (no guns pls). im open to almost any suggestions, and will try anything to fix myself.

Anonymous 47486

Get off the internet and go to therapy anon.

Anonymous 47490

Basically what >>47486 said, anon. How's your family life? Could they be of any help?

Anonymous 48383

>if youre advice is "kill yourself"
Anon, this isn't 4chan.

Sage because no real contribution but I hope you'll sort your shit out. I second >>47486

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