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Anonymous 51037[Reply]

Do any of you have good males in your lives that aren't family or partners? Like just friends. I'm a little frustrated because I've only had one guy who didn't try to make a move on me and he was good to me.
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Anonymous 52159

What is a homosexual?

Anonymous 52175

Counter: you can be friends with someone who wants to fuck you, as long as he understands boundaries and genuinely likes you otherwise. You both just have to know your place, it's really rare for men to let go of their entitlement and accept it ain't gonna happen but it is possible.

I'm still friends with an ex of mine, and we were friends for years before we dated. I broke up with him due to no spark (so yeah, friendzoned) even though he was really into me, but it was an amicable split and although he needed some space at first we stayed friends. Since then, aside from one early attempt to hold my hand that I rejected, he never once flirted, hit on me, touched me inappropriately, tried to steer the convo to be sexual, made me feel uncomfortable etc etc. Just totally platonic and friendly. He got a new gf, they've been together for ages and although she was jealous of me I could have honestly told her she had nothing to worry about because he was so respectful.

Anonymous 52176

Ooh, late but I live in a small town in Canada and meet friends at university. My coworker is another part-timer at my job. He's the only dude there but is respectful to everyone.
Guys I've met have been from diverse backgrounds culturally though. My pothead friend is "Muslim" but I've even been to his house alone and he's never tried shit.
>inb4 he wanted to uwu
Confirmed no. But the point of this thread is respect and not thought crimes, anyway.

It may be a combo of my country and the small community aspect? Canadians generally care about women's rights and since everyone knows everyone, guaranteed a rapist will be called out and shamed on local social media groups.

A note is that most of my male friends have at least one sister (and not with a weird relationship). Perhaps that helps them see women platonically.

Anonymous 52179


I met my best friend through a chatroom for an online game a few years ago.

He's pretty great.
I've never had him flirt with me, or make weird sexual jokes unprompted.
I'm not very knowledgable about a lot of different subjects since I was a sheltered bean for 14 years, so I can't hold conversations about things like music and movies that came out when I was a child. But even so he'll happily explain stuff and let me experience things I havent without a hint of pity or a condesending attitude.

I'm usually super closed off about my personal life, and prefer not to dm people, but he slowly chipped away at my defenses I suppose.
He's helped me more than i'm willing to tell him honestly.
I don't depend on him to get through issues in my personal life, but he always seems to know when and how to cheer me up without me having to explain what's wrong.

I lowkey developed a huge crush on him randomly like 6 months ago. He's bi with a "slight preference" for guys though. Fuck. He's better looking than me by a good 2 points minimum. And even if I could compete in the looks department with the other people he talks to, doubt he sees me as anything other than a friend.

Anonymous 52286

I've had a few male friends who never tried to make a move on me and never talked shit about women or acted in creepy ways. They're few and far in between but sometimes you get lucky.


Anonymous 52248[Reply]

Hello guys, there has been something strange happening to me that kinda left me friendless.

I can't bare being with my "friends", I used to have a normie friends group that we used to go to parties like every Friday and stuff. It was my only female group, it consisted my "best friend" and 2 more girls. Once we stopped going to parties (quarantine and I got a boyfriend and honestly I never was a party person I was just going for the girls) we kinda drifted apart some drama happened now and there and when I go out with them I feel uncomfortable like there's a cold feeling I can't describe. We never really shared anything. I'm like okay I'll just talk to my other friends that kinda like anime and are the same with me. Sameish cold feeling??? Wtf what is wrong with me I feel like everyone is cold and I have a very weird uncomfortable feeling I can't describe. I just want some female friends that are kinda like me watch anime, play games and I know most of you if not all of you are like that and having you guys as my friends would really help me but we can't share our contact info and it's such a lost potential of many great friendships…
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Anonymous 52284

I doubt it. We never really had anything special tbh and my best friend ditched us for her boyfriend much more than me.

Anonymous 52293


I've been dealing with this same cold, uncomfortable, and horribly awkward feeling for many years now. Its happened to many if not most relationships in my life at some point, including both friends and family. There's no drama or anything, it just feels like one day I can't be around that person without that awkwardness and I can't hold a conversation with them in the way that I used to. It usually happens after we haven't been around each other for some time. I don't know what it is or how to deal with it, and its one of the big reasons why I worry I may never be capable of having a long-term relationship with anyone. Honestly this is the first time I've ever heard of anyone else dealing with this problem before, so its at least good to know that its not just me being crazy.

Anonymous 52294

I feel the same around my friends. Usually we just run out of topics to talk about and then it's awkward 'so nice weather today, huh?' conversations with way too long pauses after somebody talks.
Not sure why this happens but maybe it has to do with me never sharing personal stuff. It feels weird to randomly tell someone that my grandma is in the hospital or something like that. Do people really want you to bother them with personal stuff like that?

Anonymous 52299

I have friends who will tell me stuff like that so I guess they're okay with it. I don't mind hearing about it when they tell me. So theoretically they wouldn't mind if I told them about some of my personal stuff. I still can't do it though.

Anonymous 52301

I guess we are meant to be lonely.


Anonymous 52296[Reply]

How to cope with aging?

Anonymous 52297

You don't. You summon the nerve to kill yourself before your useless body deteriorates further. Inb4 b&, I'm a suicidal woman, thankyouverymuch

Anonymous Moderator 52298


Trouble making friends Anonymous 52236[Reply]

Anyone else has trouble finding friends, in real life and online?
I want a female friend, I truly do, but I find myself unable to. My politicals views, in all honestly, a turn off for most women. I'm not a BLM/ACAB SJW type of girl, and I'm not the "right" type of feminist (oh no, she's a terf.)
I don't use social media, nor do I go to the the places where you could find women around my age (clubs/pubs, sports teams, college.) Which leaves me the online world as my only option to find female friends. I'm not in fandoms and I don't use social media. I tried going on 4chan, and other male-dominated spaces (not the smartest choice if what you want is finding a girl friend, an actual adult female.)
Where should I go? What should I do? Should I hide my views? My hobbies include literature and art which are, on my opinion, feminine hobbies. Is there any female community with people who share those interests I'm not aware of?
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Anonymous 52240

I'll try finding a good discord server, that will do it.

Thank you! I started learning english when I was maybe 15 (I'm 18) because I really wanted to read mangas that weren't translated to my mother language.

Anonymous 52245


I feel like "my political views are so extra and that's why I can't make friends :(" is a silly excuse that I see all the time on here.

When I was 15/16 I became a retarded /pol/ semi-nazi and I still had friends despite going to a german art school full of girls that wore Antifa badges.

I think if you're a genuine person who is willing to listen to folks people won't find you obnoxious (even if you won't shut up about the free market place of ideas and defending every dumb thing trump does).

The trouble of finding people to socialize with is a different beast but >>52238 has a good plan for that.

Anonymous 52250

Well, I don't want to talk to people who think I'm evil or a baf person because of my views (trust me, they do.) Nor do I want to keep quiet while someone defends things I personally find evil (like trannies.) I don't know WHERE to find friends, which was the whole point of my post. Not my fault I want like-minded people.

Anonymous 52266

Find a decently chill church. You might have to try a few in your area, but there's plenty around, at least where I live. For a lot of people, the belief in God is kind of secondary to the socialization that church provides. My mom is kinda like that, not many friends, political beliefs that don't fit in our area, but church has been great for her even though she's not religious in any kind of serious spiritual sense.

Anonymous 52277

be very fucking careful, someone I know was sexually assaulted very seriously by someone at one of these "chill" barely actually religious churches after we went there weekly for five fucking years. you NEVER know with those fucking people.


anyone else hearing from colleges rn? + happy news Anonymous 52260[Reply]

After getting rejected/waitlisted from all the colleges I applied to, I got accepted into the last college I was hearing from. Yes, I know this is kind of indicative of poor decision making on my part, but honestly, I’ve never felt more relieved in my life.

Anonymous 52280

Not going to apply for graduate school until my grades are done.
Will probably don't get accepted because of my lack of job experience, but I'll see if I can write some convincing biographic essay so as to get two professors under their wing and get that MA.
I really want to work but holy shit the U.S. economy is so fucked up right now, the new bare minimum is an MA.


Qt Partner Thread Anonymous 37674[Reply]

Greentext traits and how lovely your partner is
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Anonymous 51439

This entire thread reeks of fantasies. Might as well be an ideal boyfriend thread at this point.

Anonymous 51477

having a bf at all is a fantasy >:(

Anonymous 51681

>Might as well be an ideal boyfriend thread at this point.
That's not a bad thread idea but the moids are lurking.

Anonymous 51968


>see this thread several months ago
>post actual description of bf
>fast forward to 2021
>“this thread is all fantasy”

Anonymous 52279

Which one's your post?
You may or may not be the most realistic.


Anonymous 52259[Reply]

i just started my first day of fulltime work at a factory its temporary i plan to quit at the middle or end of summer but god its terrible and strict and i get one small break and cant listen to music while i work but i just want some money so i will suck it up until i can do online classes again

Anonymous 52265

Wishing you the best of luck. I used to work at a potato chip factory and it was the most soul crushing shitty job I've ever had. Work really hard to make something of yourself and don't end up as a factory lifer like the people you'll probably meet in the next few weeks/months.

Anonymous 52271

i feel so bad for the ladies who have worked here for 10+ years! the work is terrible. my last job we at least got to listen to music or whatever on our phone, we could have them on us and wear pretty comfy clothing. this new job is so strict with attire and everything else. but no definitely not the goal… i just figured it was a healthy alternative to my neet lifestyle before i continue my education in fall.

thank you though anon! fuck factories!


Anonymous 52269[Reply]

ive signed up to therapy after experiencing assault, i'm sceptical about wherever it will work or not but it is my final option really, can someone with experience please tell me what to expect? honestly i just want a hug


Anonymous 49247[Reply]

>there are males on this board reading this post right now and they're just here to laugh at us

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Anonymous 52058


I screenshotted this from LC awhile ago. Thought I'd share to ease worries and share her insight.

Anonymous 52059

that's just dogisaga. shes a woman

Anonymous 52076

what’s k—ie?

Anonymous 52077


Anonymous 52108

You might have a point if you were talking about total post volume, but do you really think moids spend all their time talking about women on the origami board or the music board?
Even if I grant that all the NSFW boards, all the video games boards, and all the anime boards are cesspools, that's still not even half of all the boards on 4chan.


After-Death Plans Anonymous 51460[Reply]

What do you want to happen after you die? Do you want to be embalmed or not? Cremated? What do you want your funeral and burial to be like?
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Anonymous 52203

dang, wanted the same for over ten years now. still not sure how practical it is so probably just going to ask for cremation and flushed down the toilet, cotton hill-style.

Anonymous 52210

Me too but a public toilet one of my parents is onboard but I now think it may be wrong to force family to dispose me like trash once I am dead also I am starting to think it would be best to be eaten by an animal so my consciousness in the form of matter can live on but then again who really wants to go through this hell again.

It is not legal at least where I am to officially dispose human remains in the sewrage system.

Anonymous 52222

I want a natural burial like Caitlin Doughty talks about, no chemicals, no fancy casket. Just your body being returned to the earth. I would hate to be cremated.

>I don't think classroom skeletons are actual skeletons anymore, I'm fairly certain they just make plastic models nowadays.
>At least that's what we had when I was in elementary school.
Yes, I think this is the case. However you can donate your skeleton if you really want. I remember some guy donated his skull to be used in Hamlet.

Anonymous 52231

If I die I want to be burned on a funeral pyre on my own property. If that is not legal where I am, my spouse will have to ship me to the cheapest chemical based body break down facility.

I suppose I could donate for science, but eh, I am ambivalent.

Anonymous 52244


I want my consciousness to be uploaded to a computer so I can shitpost and play vidya for millenia even after the degradation of my flesh.

But realistically I want to die on a warm, sunny day in December, surrounded by all my loved ones who are still alive. My funeral would happen on a bright day, buried in a biodegradable casket with pictures of my family and pets surrounding me, a gothic gravestone with angels and devils and a giant Rosemary bush surrounding me so I can give it nutrients and "become the plant" in a sense. People can pick off some branches from time to time but fuckers better not over-harvest me.

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