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Anonymous 41360[Reply]

Me and this guy met on tider. We’ve been talking for a week and have seen each other in person 3 times. He really wants to have sex with me and gets halfies during our hardcore makeout seshs. We like the same shit. Anime, 4chan, paganism. I feel like I’m being too easy cause last night he played around with my boobs. I don’t know how to feel. I want to have sex, but I don’t want to be a easy little whore. I don’t want him to think low of me, even though he’s seen my breast. I want to disappear and just ghost him so badly right now. I just want to have a relationship.
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Anonymous 41409

Wrong! It’s Johnny cash you fucking idiots

Anonymous 41450




“Hey man sorry if this is out of the blue, but I actually really like you and I want to take things slow to make it feel more serious. Sorry if that’s not what you’re looking for, but I want a real relationship, not a hookup”

Either he accepts it or he doesn’t

Anonymous 42037

If he's so insistent on having sex with you, then that's a clear sign of what he's looking for. Have you considered that he's putting on an act to get you into bed with him? If he genuinely loved you, he would take it slow. Finding someone who shares all your obscure interests is a shot in the dark, and most certainly so on on a hookup app like Tinder.

Anonymous 42474

>If he's so insistent on having sex with you, then that's a clear sign of what he's looking for.
him wanting sex is a sign of him being a healthy moid with a functional libido, nothing more and nothing less

the key is finding out whether he's in it for the long haul or just wants to pump and dump. since this is tinder i would assume pump and dump until proven otherwise. making him wait is a good way to test this, but if he gets the impression that you're stringing him along or friendzoning him then he'll feel taken advantage of and bounce. so if you have an ex who you put out faster than you want to do with him now, then better not let him know that, cause that will make him think he's getting cucked and moids hate that feeling (unless theyre cuckold fetishists)

Anonymous 43756

Honestly? I think you should talk to him about your intentions, and see what his intentions are. He might want to be in a relationship with you, and is just picking up on your hints that you want to have sex with him. Tell him how you feel about the situation, and he'll give you your answer.


Friend & siblings Anonymous 43711[Reply]

This is something that has been eating me for a while. I have a very deep crush for the brother of my best friend from childhood. We have really good chemistry and lately we have become very close, it's getting harder with each passing day to suppress the need to confess or take steps at this point. To be honest there isn't any reason not to, except that I'm very insecure about how my friend will react to this.
She means everything to me, we have been together in everything, I wouldn't have with whom to share my happiness nor my sorrow. If she somehow doesn't approve our relationship or gets mad at me I wouldn't forgive myself for trading her trust and friendship for something that feels selfish or just wrong, but it is definitely what my heart wants.

So I am kind of desperate to hear if anyone has experiences similar to mine or if you have heard of such cases. How did it go? Is my fear just stupid? A part of me believes I'm overthinking and even if she's against it she'll grow to accept it over time.

Anonymous 43717

If you are really great friends, I don't know why she would mind. I am sure that she would even feel bad if she knew she was inadvertently making you unhappy. I think you should tell her first that you like her brother and she might even help you get closer to him.

Anonymous 43718

You know she already knows right?
You just have to talk to her but she is already waiting for you to talk to her about it.


the one who got away Anonymous 42440[Reply]

do any of you know how this concept really works? did any of you lose a really great guy? is he coming back ever? pls share stories
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Anonymous 43426

I met a really great guy online. He was sweet, funny, accomplished, romantic, really monogamous, independent… but I had to reject him because of the distance. I think it's the right decision but I hate that I might never get to have a bf like him.

Anonymous 43454

He wasn't the one who got away but I wasted my developing years on a random long distance relationship, this was 2010 or so and the some years where long distance relationships were trendy

Anonymous 43471

Thank you, that's so friggin sweet. I appreciate you, anon.

Anonymous 43650


Maybe not the one who got away, because I feel like ultimately he just wasn't that into me.

But I can't help but feel like in different circumstances we could've had a very meaningful and beautiful connection. When we met I was in a very dark place. At the start he showed interest to me, even said that he started to like me, but I was too insecure of myself to do anything about it. I just felt like the ugliest most unlovable person at the time who he would abandon the second if he ever got to know me. That feeling made me so passive, and maybe uninterested in his eyes. My self-hatred got so bad I ended up hospitalized for over a month, and after that we just drifted apart. We both tried to rekindle the spark a few times but it didn't lead anywhere.

It's been 2 years, almost 3, when we met the first time, over a year since we spoke last time. I even have gotten into a relationship with a person I could spend the rest of my life with, but I still find myself thinking about him at times. Especially lately.

I just can't shake the feeling of undisclosed desire our thing left me with. I don't think I even love him, I just wanted to experience us together way more than what we actually did. What we had made me feel so alive, I have not felt anything like it since and I didn't get enough of it. I even know that eventually our flame would have subsided, but I'd have left satisfied. Now all I have this bothersome itch and regrets that are always going to haunt me, and I hate it. I should have been more confident, more open and braver.

Anonymous 43661

Ngl you will probably regret it. Good dateable guys are incredibly hard to find no matter how far you look and if he was accomplished I’m assuming he had enough to fly you over?


Anonymous 42724[Reply]

anyone from portugal? i always see other girls act too bitchy when trying to pick up guys and I dont get it

Anonymous 42725

Is that a thing in Portugal?

Anonymous 42729


anona depravada!

Anonymous 43606

Bom dia from Luxembourg

Anonymous 43655

I like how broad the first sentence is and how suddenly specific the next sentence is.


Gaslighting Anonymous 16979[Reply]

Gaslighting seems to be a really common tactic among men to use against women, especially ones who get angry and vent by taking it out on others. Men in my life regularly use manipulative tactics and lie to try and make me feel bad about myself or tell me that things that happen to me are deserved. My boyfriend constantly says edgy shit about women and upsets me and then just calls me sensitive. It happens on 4chan and even on this board. We're told we're crazy for finding certain behaviours and thoughts repulsive, and we're not allowed to criticise them. If we even try doing the same thing to them we get swamped by accusations of being 'crazy'. It's all too much. I'm sick of being painted as crazy or angry for trying to get people to give a shit about my feelings and understand me.

Anyone else have this problem?
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Anonymous 43325

>if he told me an opinion i disagreed with, i would accept it
Are you saying he made you agree to accept it in advance or did he mentally force you to agree with what he was saying?

Anonymous 43522

i can accept that someone holds different opinions than me, without judging them or freaking out or demanding that they change their opinion to match mine.

he was not capable of that.

Anonymous 43525

Gaslighting is a twitter buzzword that has had its meaning stretched so wide it means literally fuck all anymore.

Just like all twitter buzzwords.

Anonymous 43580

Yep. Nowadays, arguing with strangers who disagree with you already counts as "gaslighting".

Anonymous 43581

>I have opinion x about subject y.
>excuse me, but isn't opinion x a little bit of an overreaction?
Pretty much all it is now.


who /lazy/ here Anonymous 42644[Reply]

I'm starting a new job soon but I really don't want to go back to work
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Anonymous 43595

I'm so lazy I keep disappointing everyone.

This is like the fourth time I built a nice relationship with a professor only to disappoint them when I get a mediocre grade on the final.
I'm starting to think school isn't for me.
I just cannot stand studying. I like doing things and being productive but studying for the sake of learning useless facts just doesn't work for me.

Anonymous 43601


>tfw so lazy i'm heavily researching the stock market
if i can make at least $300 dollars a month to start off with, i'll honestly be gucci. that'll cover my internet bill + meds

Anonymous 43602

A lot of people lose trying to play the stock market just watch the retards of wall street bets, they have various YouTube videos failing going bankrupt. Be careful.

Anonymous 43603


i'm too broke to be reckless anon, don't worry

Anonymous 43607

It's pretty easy to start off with something like an IRA and index funds that pay a dividend. If you can find one that pays 5% annually, every $1200 you put in is $5/month for life.


Betrayal Anonymous 43593[Reply]

I am a part of a gang of friends. One of my friends really betrayed my trust. What can I consider as acceptable from my other friends, knowing that they know the situation and acknowledge that it wasn’t right?

I tried to treat her like normal tho there was no accountability from her side. She blamed instead for overreacting and my other friends agreed with me that I didn’t. On group chats, I can talk to her but seeing her today, I felt ultimately disgusted.

Anonymous 43594

Her behaviour, includes that if I confront her of a lie, she’ll start talking about how I have trust issues with ppl and she’ll say stuff like “oh, you feel that way, too bad” so talking is a big no-no with her.

Anonymous 43599

If you keep being upset like this, just skip being part if you don't feel like it. There is no merit in brewing more drama.


Anonymous 43030[Reply]

Every single one of you is Beautiful
Yeah. Even you

In your life there is at least 5 people who care about you.

Talk to men, get active in hobbies, and take care of yourselves. Drink plenty of water. I want to see every single one of you succeed. You can do it. I know you can. You know it, too.

Godspeed, anons. We're all gonna make it.

Anonymous 43193


Thank you anon… that was really nice..

Anonymous 43194


Thank you anon!! I love you

Anonymous 43405


This thread, especially the thread pic, have solved all my life problems, unironically

Anonymous 43545

I heart you whole heartedly anon poster you made my day this post will make my day any time some jerk butt ruins it. I thank you very very much.


Vent thread Anonymous 41254[Reply]

>>38741 last thread reached bump limit so I thought it would be a good idea to make a new one
A thread for talking about your problems and venting your frustrations.
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Anonymous 43516

>marries a Brown man
>Have kids with Brown man
>Is upset when her kids aren't as light skinned as she is
I hate myself and my whore mother

Anonymous 43517

God that's relatable why do white women do this.

Anonymous 43521

i may have fucked 61 people but i have more self-value than to be with a guy who shits in a bathtub and leaves it there.

Anonymous 43552

You didn't bang 61 moids in a week, you are a moid making shit up. It's impossible unless you are a pornstar doing gangbang scenes overworking every single day of those 7 days.

Lying is bad. Stop.

Anonymous 43566

need to watch lupi…

they never said a week… i'm pretty sure they meant 61 as a lifetime body count, where are you getting a week from here?

single and beautif…

Anonymous 30878[Reply]

>well over 33 years of age
>still single

At least I'm still good looking
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Anonymous 43505

I don't talk to the men in my courses. Simple as

Anonymous 43506

What kind of courses?

Anonymous 43507

The majority of my classmates are male, if that's what you're really asking.

Anonymous 43509

Nothing to do with dating and relationships but everyone must think you're a stuck up bitch if you don't talk to anyone.
I mean I hate people and I still like talking to them and would hate to be around people all the time and not talk to them.
But you do you. Not judging.

Anonymous 43511

Seethe more, normie.

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