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Anonymous 70278[Reply]

contemplating immediate death.

>based my whole life around a guy that said he loved me once and then broke up with me after he got what he wanted, then led me on for 3 years.

>failed attempts because i was a pissy attention seeker
>about to graduate (im 18), i have no aspirations in life
>everyones moving on with life but i seem to be stuck having panic attacks over the past 10 years+
>ive been stuck on the same safe foods for months, i feel sick.
>raging alcoholic, ran out of alcohol.
>hate my body, always did.
>cant go to therapy, dont trust them after they called the police on me because i opened up about being raped
>im bound to die alone because i cant form bonds with anyone
>bpd is throwing me around to no end seeing i cant get any help and my parents been refusing it anyway, so even if i wasnt scared as shit i still wouldnt get any help
>could be a pornstar or a cam girl, but i would have to be attractive for that.
>hypersexualised myself my whole teen years because i was convinced i was unlovable after being used for only my body in the promise of being cared for
>i have too many things to complain about, ill end it here.
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Anonymous 70820

>cant tell them about trauma that bothers you
whats even the point???

Anonymous 71076

therapy isnt a solution to everything

Anonymous 71113

BPD is actually treatable via therapy (DBT) and has a pretty respectable recovery rate

Anonymous 71122

Based. i'd also add don't perform femininity and don't have children. Seriously, not having children might be one of the best choices you can make as a woman

Anonymous 71158

>yeah yeah therapy will fix all your issues bro you just gotta learn to be normal its sooo easy
Spoken like a true neurotypical.
What are you even doing on imageboards?


moids from your country Anonymous 71136[Reply]

went to my first non english speaking imageboard and just couldn't take it
it wasn't anything I haven't expected or seen on 4ch but for some reason reading all this shit in my language made me irrationaly angry and disgusted
I already had a disdain towards scrotoids from my country but this just furthered it
ladies how do I unlearn this?
ik that not every moid is a retard posting on imageboards but I always seem prejudiced towards them anyway
the only scrotoids I've ever been able to form any connection with were foreigners (we have a lot of exchange students at my uni and I kinda want to talk to some of them for this reason)

Anonymous 71137

If you're from a third world country like I am, I don't think it's all that irrational to hate your local moids.
As much as western patriarchy sucks, it's nothing compared to "developing nations".

I can't describe the local moids as anything else but "wanting a surrogate mommy and a slave all at once". In fact, one of my classmates and a former friend is in a relationship with a quite disgusting moid, who driven by his third world primitive morals, disallowed her from hanging out with her friend circles, because moid insecurity about cheating and so on. This is considered normal here.
The sad parts, he's like a head above the average moid here, in that he has a good job, a car, is completely independent, etc. In comparison, it's normal and expected of moids here to live with their parents til their late 20s.

Shortly after she got involved with him, she became completely socially isolated, which also means she lost her support network. Typical insecure moid behavior, cutting of girls from means of escape from their clutches.

Is it normal to be racist towards your own ethnicity, but only when it comes to males? I feel weird saying this, but males of my own ethnicity disgust me for all the aforementioned reasons.

"The stronger sex" my ass. Completely coddled by their parents, while girls here have to try twice as hard to get a good career, because the only alternative is being married off to a retarded moid who lives off his family.
I hate this country.

Anonymous 71138

I'm from eastern europe and yeah it might not be as bad compared to some places but it's pretty much exactly how you described it here
what also repulsed me is how much more vulgar our language is compared to english so whenever I hear a moid open his mouth 80% I wanna kms
I don't think I have ever found a moid from my country attractive (aside for like models etc but that doesn't count)
but western euro moids treat eastern euros like shit too (experienced this myself) but at least they're (supposedly) less likely to beat me to death so there's that I guess

Anonymous 71140

I supposed its 2ch? If so - you never used it before, but prefering foreign imageboards?

Anonymous 71142

nah I'm not Russian
it was a shitty board that's supposedly the most active in my country but even lc has more activity in comparison kek
but yes I prefer english speaking imageboards

Anonymous 71155

>it wasn't anything I haven't expected or seen on 4ch but for some reason reading all this shit in my language made me irrationaly angry and disgusted
Well the fact that you realize those moids might be living near you and are saying depraved shit might play a role.

Screenshot 2021-12…

Christmas/Winter Venting Thread Anonymous 70905[Reply]

Seasonal depression, long dark nights and dysfunctional families. It's a tough time for a lot of people, so here's a thread to vent for those struggling during the holidays.
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Anonymous 71123

I’m having a lumbago, and I can’t wipe myself in the toilet. I’ve been holding my shit for days, and I rinse my piss off with water. It’s fucking stupid, and this is like 6th time this year. Probably have to kms when I get old and it becomes chronic, because I can’t even sleep without the pain waking me up every few hours now, it’d surely will be even worse in my 50’s.

Anonymous 71124

I know. I just don't understand it.
Seeing vodka bottles stashed around the house whilst having no food in as a child just really fucked me up. Provide for your children first.

Anonymous 71128

Use the showerhead to clean yourself. Have you seen a physio?

Anonymous 71129

I used to feel this way but without snow it's just not the same

Anonymous 71141

Showerhead gets the front rinsed all fine, but I’m paranoid about not getting to use paper to make sure the backside’s clean.
I have seen one, but there’s not much to do except gymnastic exercises, once the worst days are over.


Online Dating Anonymous 70961[Reply]

Have any of you succeeded in using dating apps or meeting people online? I have always wanted to give it a go but it's so daunting to me. I would absolutely panic if I caught someone who expressed interest aaaaaaa please tell me someone else was in my boat once
87 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 71049

I guess I expect too much from an app that focus on hookups. I expect some more effort before giving contact info, mostly because I've had bad experiences with online stalkers

Anonymous 71097

Have you tried Okcupid/Bumble/Hinge?

Anonymous 71106

What kind of messages did you send?

Anonymous 71107


>tfw dyke
>look for women on dating apps
>Full of trannies, couples looking for a threesome, married bicurious, plain ol straight dudebros, woke enby qweer genderspecial women and obvious catfish/bots
>tfw probably going to die alone
Feels bad

Anonymous 71139

Tried OkCupid and I while it looks better than Tinder, here in my country people don't seem very active there. Bumble was the same
I guess you meant when I was the one starting the conversation. I usually asked something about their bio, interests or something in a pic. Some guys had pics doing outdoors activities so I asked if they have ever been to X place or something like that. Still, no luck.
I think it's mostly because the type of guy I like try those apps, doesn't have much success and after a couple of days-weeks they uninstall the app.


social media anxiety Anonymous 71055[Reply]

Help me out here. I barely use social medias but my normie friends are all over it. How do I even get into shit like SnapChat if I have barely anyone to add? I feel so pathetic trying to add people I know on somewhere like Instagram with a lousy 13 followers or something.

Anonymous 71057

Either post lots of photos and use lots of hashtags to get randoms following you or only post one pic and make it look like you just don’t use the account much.

Anonymous 71069

Snapchat is dead among normies. I think they mostly use Tiktok or Instagram now. Or if you don't want to use it but feel left out just wait a few years, the older I get fewer and fewer people I know are posting on social media, a lot of their profiles are dead now.

Anonymous 71070

I'm not sure why people keep saying this, I and a handful of friends, old classmates, and coworkers still use snapchat. I'm not sure if maybe it just depends on the type of person you are or what. I do notice people using it less as they get older, but that was a small handful of friends out of the 20 or so who still use it.

Anyways I think Snapchat is only as good as the friends you have that use it. Instagram for example I can make internet friends/mutuals on, same with twitter, but I feel like snapchat is strictly something for people I know directly, or I'd have to meet the person I'm adding online somewhere first.

I think making friends on social media is similar to making friends in general, whatever you do you just have to be consistent. Regularly commenting on a post, seeing other people in the comments and checking out their profiles and following them, commenting on their stuff, etc.

Anonymous 71077

I think you should re-consider if you really want to get on social media. Social media is a cesspit, everything about the apps is calculated to make you addicted and all it's content is made to make you feel insecure. Most people are better off without social media in their lives and it'd be easier to just continue not having it.

Anonymous 71078

Why not just NOT use it?
I never used social media to post about my own life and it was never a problem around my friends. You can use it to follow them and like their pics, but there is no need to be an active contributor.
If you feel like you're missing out on their conversation just download TikTok, literally all the normie memes come from there and spread into other social media.


Anonymous 70861[Reply]

A guy in my class asked me out. He said he liked me a lot and he wanted to take me out to dinner. I was like a deer in the headlights. I said I liked him a lot too but I wasn't dating atm. I didn't really know what to say. He looked hurt. Afterwards the next day he tried to avoid me. The day after that he sat beside me and slipped me a note saying he was sorry for being cold but I was the first girl he ever asked out and didn't know how to handle rejection. Honestly, it was pretty cute and he is a sweet guy who is pretty good looking. I dunno why I rejected him tbh. What should I do? I feel like things are awkward between us now.
8 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 70894

We actually had coffee before and it was a pretty nice time. He never tried to break the touch barrier but paid for my coffee. He even hinted at taking me to the zoo some time when we had to split up for class.
Really? He didn't seem the type but then again I wouldn't be able to tell one from a glance.

Anonymous 70930


>he sat beside me and slipped me a note
you need to be 18 to post here

Anonymous 70951

Stuff like that happens in college. I knew a guy who asked a girl out by throwing a paper airplane with a note at her from a higher floor.

Anonymous 70955

Okay now that im thinking about it, im getting really anxious about seeing him again when the next semester starts. What if i say tge wrong thing that fucks up our friendship or turns him off me??

Anonymous 70960

Just relax and be your normal self because obviously he likes the normal you


How do you rekindle the spark in a relationship Anonymous 70873[Reply]

I’m just not feeling it with my boyfriend any more, for no reason. He’s cool and I like him, but I don’t have that physical “love” feeling any more. I wish I did, I think he still loves me a lot. I feel terribly guilty, so much so that I feel physically Ill when I think about it. I want to love him so bad, please help
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 70882

Well every relationship will eventually lose the infatuation/honeymoon/whatever you want to call it spark it just has to develop into a more meaningful form of love. Don't know your situation but just don't expect that any relationship will have you feeling infatuated forever.

Anonymous 70896

somebody just finished reading the stranger

Anonymous 70898

Tell me why it isn't then.

Anonymous 70916

Anonymous 70919



Relationship/Sexual Inexperience Anonymous 2669[Reply]

Anyone else just either wasn't interested in dating or didn't have the chance in high school?

I'm 21 and have 0 dating or sexual experience. I had a few guys interested in me over the years, but I really had no interest in dating at that point. Having someone in my life in that way feels incredibly off. I'm not the most social person in the world and it picturing having a boyfriend makes me uncomfortable. I have never kissed or held hands with a boy. Just hugged. My parents are very religious Catholics so that probably factored in as well.

Is this gonna bite me in the ass sooner or later? It's honestly embarrassing around female friends because they talk about their boyfriends or sexual experiences sometimes and it makes me feel abnormal. People always say it's good to be a virgin as a female, but it's not. It's awkward and makes me feel weird or less human. Why don't I crave relationships or sex like everyone else? The idea of a one night stand is terrifying to me as well, I've never gone to a bar or anything like that.

Anyone else in my position and is just terribly "innocent" and inexperienced in life? I literally consider answering some Craigslist ad at least every few days because it seems like an easy way to throw away my v-card and is not socially demanding.
68 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 70445

what's with men having autistic spergs about women being lonely and having full on incel meltdowns while pretending they aren't incels?

Anonymous 70446

based moid meltdown

seethe more you waste of genetic material

Anonymous 70459

>being rejected for wanting to wait
it is always better to be alone than to settle for someone who pressures you into sex. DO NOT SETTLE!!!! that being said, sex is an important part of a relationship and we do need to consider the other persons sexuality here because relationships are a 2 way street. for any hope of a peaceful and lasting partnership, you need to have at least started on the path to becoming comfortable with your sexuality… it will take a while and if you need your moid to wait for you, a good moid will. but it isnt right to keep him waiting forever. it wont work.

Anonymous 70904

begone tradthot

Anonymous 70923

usagi mamoru.jpg

OP are you still around? curious if your outlook changed at all.

I wasn't sexual until at least 20-21. Before that point I just wanted a shoujo manga style relationship, cute handholding and cuddling and kisses and emotions. I had a relationship as a teen but eventually he wanted to touch my tits and finger me and I was so uninterested. He tried to get me to touch his dick and I was like "whoa ew no sorry" and then like two weeks later he broke up with me

I thought I was asexual but suddenly that changed in college. I don't know what happened but one day I woke up and was like "yep ready to fuck, time for some dick"

Seems like a fair amount of late bloomers in here too


How do I know a guy is with me because he loves me? Anonymous 68703[Reply]

How do I know a guy is with me because he loves me and not because he wants to use my body?
9 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 69189


No guy on Earth will stay in a relationship with you without sex, and if he does he's probably got a few screws loose. The only "exception" are religious ones that are willing to wait for marriage. Outside of that you can tell he loves you through his actions. Also, if he's waaay hotter than you it's pretty much a guarantee you're a temporary thing.

Anonymous 69513

Wait until marriage to have sex. The only he has to stay in a relationship with you and then propose, without sex, is if he loves you for who you are.
It's a very simple and effective filter.

While religious guys are more likely to wait, the reasoning behind waiting is independent of religion. It's hard but possible to find guys who understand and value the ideal of monogamy for life.

Anonymous 70800

jesus christ you people are bitter
if he loves you he'll want to be around you and talk to you regardless of how you look. my dad always wants to sit closest to my mom, talk to her, watch movies with her, etc, even when shes wearing gross cleaning clothes. if he only wanted you for sex he wouldnt care about your thoughts outside of sex

Anonymous 70809

As long as he treats you like an equal human at all times. Mine has every reason to leave me, but he gives me chance after chance. He must love me to put up with my shit, kek

Anonymous 70859

A pretty good way to know that is by how he reacts when you propose things that don't involve sex and how he behaves after sex. Does he try to come up with any excuse if he thinks it won't lead to sex? If he just want sex, he will try to avoid any activity that won't lead to sex and probably will propose something else that gives him a chance to have sex.
How does he behave after sex? If he doesn't show any sign of affection or doesn't try to talk, and he just avoids anything after sex, wants to leave or inmediatly falls asleep, the chances are that he doesn't care much about you besides sex.

Besides that there are other things that you can notice. Does he actually listen to you when you're talking? Does he care about your well being? Does he always tries to include you in his plans? Does he propose activities that don't involve sex? Those are good signs


Anonymous 70693[Reply]

It baffles me that there’s people in this world that actually enjoy living and waking up every single day and breathing. I don’t believe it, how is this real. Why would anyone consciously enjoy waking up every single day to do the same monotonous activities they did the same day before, and so on and so fourth. It’s exhausting, living and finding the desire to continue is tiresome
9 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 70766

No, and I feel bad now that I read my post because it does give that impression. I won't disclose a lot because it owuld make me sound like a schizo but I'm afraid of being attacked by a specific person.
I'm not depressed but I do identify with the >>70733 anon on being scared of death for myself and the rest of my family. I quit exercising outside and am considering dropping out of college because of the things that can happen if I go out.

Anonymous 70806

it's serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin and healthy relationships
if you don't have at least 2 of these, your brain gets fucked

Anonymous 70852


brb googling how to inject serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin into my body

Anonymous 70856

I'm all set

Anonymous 70858

Masturbation makes me more depressed tbh. It's not the same with you?

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