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Anyone else a bad person and don't care? Anonymous 90639[Reply]

Anyone else here who finds being a good person agonising? I hate morality and whenever someone tells me I need to change or I am doing something bad I want to scream
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Anonymous 90689

What's the most recent bad thing you've done? I just stole some qtips from the store lol

Anonymous 90693

Ever since I was a kid I've been selfish. I treated my friends badly. But also I don't really feel like changing. I prefer to keep acting how I want. I don't have any friends now or try to make new ones.

Anonymous 90696

Does everyone hate you?

Anonymous 90705

theres been many days where i tell myself "okay ill be nice to everyone" and it ends up being so draining. this mindset made me worse because i ended up being meaner than i was before. i fuckin hate everyone and dont care

Anonymous 90722


Oh so this, been there

But the funniest thing - I am not even a bad person - I am not doing any harm x at least intentionally, I just really despise people both individually and en masse, while I understand that’s not fair and every human being is unique and interesting in a way. But I think I just born bitter, my mother told me I was vocally hating people in my preschool age, kek


Anonymous 89868[Reply]

is it possible as a straight girl to be happy without ever being in a relationship with a man again?
i love women, but as friends only, and so i'd have to give up on dating entirely if i took the route of not dating scrotes.
sure, i had some fun times and it wasn't all bad, but ultimately the most i've gotten from having relationships with men was pain, anger and extreme amounts of stress, and i never want to go through that again, especially not for people that are less good looking, less intelligent and less thoughtful than me so don't even have much to offer except breaking my heart and acting scrotey.
i think that since my sex drive is very low and i'm also not much dependent on others this path might be easier than expected for me, but i think i might really miss a deep connection and the feeling of being in love.
anyone who took a similar decision?

Anonymous 89883

Is there really such a thing as a deep connection with a male?

Anonymous 89884

lol thats a good question nona, i guess i was lucky in the sense that 2 of my exes were people that were sensitive and with enough depth to be able to do that, but it wasn't enough for me becaue of course being scrotes they lacked in a lot of other departments. most men are unable to do that for sure though, and i also don't want to risk an even worse relationship with someone like that

Anonymous 90604

Sure. Anyone of any gender, race, sexuality can do it

Anonymous 90759

You've gotta look into FDS. It's the only thing that stopped this pattern of dating shit moids that bring nothing but stress.


Overdosing survivors Anonymous 89990[Reply]

Is anyone here a survivor of overdosing on fatal amounts? I'm 39.2 kilograms and I'm planning on taking 12000 mg of paracetamol, which is around 300mg/kg (fatal amount.) Is this going to fuck me up? I don't care anymore if it's slow and painful. Will I survive?
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Anonymous 90343

Not that anon but what good would blowing up the bank do?
I'm not suicidal anymore but when I was I had wanted to do some "good" act before leaving, then I realized there's not really anything I could do that wouldn't risk innocents dying. Visiting a prison? Maybe but strict security idk.

Anonymous 90344

The current system kills innocents by dozens every second. You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.

Anonymous 90345

Girl i can barely get out of bed. I would love to commit some lovely homicide here and there before dying trust me but i don’t wanna die painfully if i’m caught

Glass 90610


im off. 500mg Ben RN (righ now) Nona….Truth to Power in ur daily life u must find joy and peace…….and tahts the facts of the matter

Anonymous 90649

You gotta get some sodium nitrite. One thing you don't want to do is fail, nona. I'm not pressuring you, I'm just trying to give you what I know from my own research so far.


Anonymous 89715[Reply]

Are women who fall for pretty boys statistically more likely to be lesbians or bi and just be in denial about it? Or maybe some kind of subconscious reflex to avoid Andrew Tate-looking moids that could send you in the ER without even trying?

Women get told they'll "outgrow" being attracted to pretty boys after they stop being teenagers, but I haven't and it's still one of the only types of guys I can be physically attracted to. Sometimes it's made me wonder if it's not because I must be the world's most closeted lesbian.

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Anonymous 89794

it’s normal for young adult women to be attracted to youthful looking males pretty boys don’t look feminine they just look young women like men their age so it’s normal if you’re 30+ and you still like pretty boys you just like younger men you’re not a lesbian

Anonymous 90377

pretty boys >> old looking men
i have never thought that older looking men were attractive (old men can be attractive, of course). if i had a crush on someone older it was because they looked young for their age. and young women like boy bands and male pop stars, everything you read about girls liking old dudes is just fogies on the internet psyoping.

Anonymous 90441

I saw a study showing women that are at least somewhat attracted to other women are more likely to prefer pretty boys while completely straight women preferred more masculine men. I don't think it necessarily means you are bi/lesbian though. Pretty boys are my type but I'm not into women romantically at all. I am sexually attracted to women but I don't know if that's relevant since the attraction women have toward pretty boys is usually romantic/emotional rather than sexual.
>Or maybe some kind of subconscious reflex to avoid Andrew Tate-looking moids that could send you in the ER without even trying?
I think so, men with lower testosterone are more likely to be in committed romantic relationships and be better caregivers. Men with higher testosterone are aggressive and grumpy and more likely to cheat, and women usually prefer these types of men for hookups rather than long-term relationships. That might be why pregnant women and women on birth control(their bodies think it's pregnant) prefer more feminine men because they'll be more likely to support her.

Anonymous 90494


>I saw a study showing women that are at least somewhat attracted to other women are more likely to prefer pretty boys while completely straight women preferred more masculine men.

It could also be a cultural thing. I remember seeing a video somewhere of a Western woman parodying her experience talking about men with her female Japanese friends. She was shocked they didn't find some muscular, lumber-jack looking dude hot and they were shocked she didn't find some bishounen-looking dude hot. East Asian culture just values men who self-groom more. My mother, who is Eastern European, says it's gay and complains saying "[Stepdad] spends more time in the bathroom than me. He's like a woman. I don't want to be with someone who's like a woman." lmao

Trad-masculine men also seem to get threatened by women who are attracted to pretty boys. I live for how pretty boys exist unapologetically with their androgyny, in a way that makes Western trads (and troons) so insecure.

>I don't think it necessarily means you are bi/lesbian though. Pretty boys are my type but I'm not into women romantically at all.

Usually, it's been dependent on who I'm attracted to at the time. When ever there was a girl I was attracted to, I started leaning mostly towards girls. And vice versa for guys.

>I am sexually attracted to women but I don't know if that's relevant since the attraction women have toward pretty boys is usually romantic/emotional rather than sexual.

That might be because women understand eachother's bodies better. Too many moids that don't even know what a clit is.

Anonymous 90603

>I'm le heteroflexible XD


Anonymous 53728[Reply]

I asked my FWB on a date and he rejected me
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Anonymous 53786

If you're already fucking him on call, what does he have to gain?

Anonymous 53787

A relationship?

Anonymous 90541

Literally letting him use you like a fleshlight, the least he can do is hangout with you..

Anonymous 90579


based psyoper.

Anonymous 90839

a moid willing to have FWB is a moid not worthy of a relationship nona


Anonymous 90475[Reply]

I need some advice. I recently found out that a friend of mine has been raped by someone close to her and this was not the first time.
Her parents pretend to not know or straight up blame her for it.
I'll be going to the police with her but I have no idea of what to do. Should I ask for a female police officer? Do I need to do something else? It's been some time it happened so I doubt there will be any evidence but I'm hoping that with a police report her parents might realize how serious the situation is and do something about it.
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Anonymous 90477


Anonymous 90478

None as far as I know. She had no intention at all of ever reporting it and I'm not going to suggest her doing anything that would put her in more danger just so she could gather evidence. If it does happen again then of course I'm making sure she goes straight to the police so they can gather evidence.
I'm hoping more for protective services and police to get involved so her parents realize how fucked this is and don't allow the rapist close to her anymore.

Anonymous 90479

>>90478 you can and should ask for a female police officer. Are the relatives and abuser violent ontop of being dismissive ? If they don't have a history you probably don't have to worry… but her getting a camera in her room would not be a bad idea AT ALL. Nobody has to know if it's hidden. You should ask a female officer what they could do too. I guess it also depends on your country.

Anonymous 90481

I'll pry if they are and will talk about the hidden camera as well. Country is US.


Me too.

Anonymous 90486

Thanks I'll do some research on this and see if there organizations that could help with the case even if it's to recommend a lawyer for a civil case.


Is he not interested? Anonymous 89696[Reply]

I'm in my mid/late 20s and have never had much luck with dating. I'm finally seeing a guy that seems like he might be interested in me but he only texts me last minute for dates and goes days without texting or responding to my texts. He works in a different state but comes to my state pretty often and he says he's very busy with work. When we are together, he's nice and we have fun (thought I can't tell if he's just nice or attracted to me). And he always contacts me again to go out again (though he's cancelled a few times due to last minute travel).

My friends say that I should let him go. And that men usually shower them with attention and affection and if a man doesn't do that, he doesn't like you. Tbh that doesn't make me feel very good but it does make sense. Guess I already know the answer but it sucks.
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Anonymous 89978

snuggle your doggie and do not kill yourself for a moid, literally or emotionally.

Anonymous 89981

good for you and your puppo

Anonymous 89985

Thanks, I will! Also, it wasn't me that posted about suicide, it was another user. I'd never kill myself, I have a new doggo to feed.

Anonymous 90440

I saw this exact thread on /r9k weeks ago. Wtf

Anonymous 90472

Go back and stay there traitor

J. S. Bach - Conce…

Friendship Issues Anonymous 90455[Reply]

I have a small but relatively close group of friends with which I frequently interact with, yet I feel a great disconnect between my investment into said friendships and theirs.
I often feel as though I have to forcefully demand or arrange situations and behaviors I myself consider should come naturally out of them and yet don't. The word I keep coming back to again and again is "reciprocity". I feel as though the amount of emotional energy I put into fostering said friendships is greater than the amount that is reciprocated towards me, and has led throughout the years to a stable growth in resentment and bitterness in my treatment towards them.
Don't get me wrong, they are good people and never done anything to hurt me and in fact think highly of me, but the simple fact is that they have other stuff going on in their lives and I don't factor in that much in them, and I don't really have anyone else in my own life whilst they have. I am self-aware enough to realize that this is mainly an issue of my own emotional immaturity, but I really don't know how to deal with it, and it has led me to unhealthy behaviors which I would very much like to cease to carry on doing, such as: lashing out at them verbally for verily minor and trivial "offenses", making them pay for things despite being in a much better economical situation than them as a petty attempt to obtain a material "reciprocity" for my emotional investment (which is pointless anyway since I have no need for any of it anyway, it is mostly drugs and alcohol to numb myself and have a good enough disposition to interact with them in the first place), as well as simply ignoring them completely for a given amount of time until they show any signs of concern towards my person.
Yes, I am aware that those are indeed very assholeish things to do and I feel truly guilty for them, so my reason for making this thread aside from venting is to ask if anyone here has dealt with a situation similar to mine, and what can I do in order to deal with my emotional issues in a less harmful way?


Weaponized tears Anonymous 90393[Reply]

Why do people accuse women of crying to get sympathy or crying to weaponize their tears? I'm not trying to do that I just have a hard time controlling them. I will just start to cry in front of my family members when they say I'm ungrateful and selfish, and then they accuse me of crying for sympathy. It's just so hard not to cry in front of people. I even cry when I have to talk to professionals like counselors or doctors.i just don't know how to hold it in.
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Anonymous 90399

Yes, it's much easier psychologically to not have to stoop to the level of people like this. Being angry the way they are can be very draining. But I've found that's basically all that works to get them off your back, if you're forced to be around them (of course the other, probably healthier long-term alternative would be to find a way to move out. I promise you even though you're probably autistic and scared of roommates they're usually not bad and stay out of your hair).

Anonymous 90401

My narc brother would accuse me of weaponizing my tears when he beat m and acted inappropriately around me. Don’t take them too seriously, you know your feelings are real

Anonymous 90410

>if you didn't cry, I wouldn't feel bad and helpless
>you're totally crying on purpose
>it's actually your fault I feel ashamed and guilty
>I didn't do anything wrong
>stop crying

This is probably what they think. They just want to blame you for their negative feelings.

Anonymous 90412

A long time ago I learned the same so I stopped crying, now I hardly ever do and I often feel like somethings missing that I can't properly explain lol

When I cry I feel like I'm lying

Anonymous 90413

Tbf I often learned to feel that way. Its extremely confusing so I just turn it off. I turn everything off that is any deep negative feeling and save it for writing / creative writing, or rage fueled internet posts relating to men. Shrug


I have to go to the troon club today Anonymous 90040[Reply]

So long story short, a while ago I pooned out, but recently I've been trying to go back to normal. However, since I was stressing a lot over the whole thing, I made the mistake of telling some people and now everyone knows. One of the TiFs I know signed me up for the troon club without my consent and now if I don't go she'll think I'm rude and weird. What do I do nonas? I'm panicking! How do I come back from this? Should I come back from this? Should I just accept it? Sometimes it feels nice when people use my troon name, I never liked my old one.
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Anonymous 90289

Don't make a big deal about it and flake out. You're thinking about it too much. Just mention it sounds unrelatable,and that you don't have time for this kind of thing, you're up to your neck in other school activity

Anonymous 90315

No you don't have to. Why on earth would you ever sacrifice your personal health and happiness to avoid being seen as a flake by some weird troon? Bail. Do not go. If you want make up some excuse like social anxiety.
This is how this shit starts. It really is a social contagion and you need to cut ties with these people, because they are all toxic.

Anonymous 90331

So what if she thinks you're rude and weird? No, really, what exactly is going to happen, realistically, if she thinks you are rude and weird? There's not gonna be a group of angry townspeople with pitchforks coming after you. Worst case scenario she stops talking to you which is probably actually ideal here.

I know there's some situations where you do want to care about being polite, but this is not one of those situations. If anything she's probably just going to ask why you didn't go, all you have to say is you had a conflict in your schedule and you're unable to go to a club at that time.

Anonymous 90359

Do NOT go to school LGBT clubs. You will regret it. I did, ended up getting kicked out and bullshit spread about me because of my wrongthink, and ended up attempting suicide afterwards because of it. It spiralled me into one of the darkest, most horrible periods of my life and I still get terrified thinking about it. If you're LGB, spare yourself from environments full of nothing but cult-brainwashed and cringe af TRAs, and get friends that do not subscribe to it. Simple as.

Anonymous 90379

i dont get people who think they "have" to do things. just dont go

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