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Being bullied in childhood/puberty Anonymous 45223[Reply]

>oh no, anon's here
>what did she said?
>stop following us
>what do you want from us?
>we're not laughing with you, we're laughing at you
>I'm not joking, I wish to offend you
>you're not one of us
I wished to die or kill them all each time I heard it. Have you anons been bullied too?
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Anonymous 45252

Sorry that happened to you but also
>having a pity friend
Do you realize you're the same as the people talked about ITT?

Anonymous 45258

>having a pity friend
Do you realize you're the same as the people talked about ITT?

I see the point you’re trying to make but this girl basically used me and thought I didn’t know. If someone else came along she would dump me or run away from me then be all friendly later when it was time to walk home together. My very first day of high school I found out that she had told people in my class about something that had happened to me when I was 6 (I’m still really curious how that played out as she wasn’t even in my class, how did the topic come up?). I meant “pity friend” as I didn’t let on to her that I knew she made faces at me behind my back when I spoke to her and never mentioned the thing about her dad. Most of the time in high school she flat out ignored me as she had other people to prey on, who I suspect were also just putting up with her. She was horrible but I let her do it as I felt sorry for her and I don’t think she realised that I knew what she was really like. Basically I let her low-key bully me and think I wanted to be her friend my entire time at school because I knew no one else liked her much. I never spoke to anyone about this apart from when I blew up at her, which I would never have done if she hadn’t told everyone about something embarrassing about me for the second time (that I know of, I could believe it happened more often).

Anonymous 45259

Why didn't you?

Anonymous 45262


Anonymous 45305

Well played anon, I hope you dream like a baby at night.


bpd pushed him away and i fucking miss him Anonymous 43867[Reply]

i’m so fucking sad I miss him so much he always said he would never abandon me and now he’s gone
i want to die. i was so close to just ending it when he left but i was hospitalized so i couldn’t
how do i find purpose in life i’m always so bored now and i just have nothing
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Anonymous 43931

Here’s a serious answer; what happened? What went wrong? What made him so great? Give us more info and we’ll try to see what you can do

Anonymous 44462

I'm so sad to hear that. Don't worry though, we all have ups and downs. You will find someone better.

Anonymous 44580

relatable, but u dont need him anon. learn a new hobby, go on a nature walk, make new friends, its cheesy but you wont need him. i had to learn too, i was depressed violent for like 8 months, and i realized fuck that asshole. ur better off. this is nights without the constant anxiety of abandonment. nights you can sleep peacefully

Anonymous 44587

He didn’t deserve you. We all have someone made for us in the world, and by abandoning you he has secured his destiny with Jezebel.

Anonymous 45225

How did you push him away anon? Also surely you must still have a way of contacting him if you truly miss him so much?


Neet thread? Anonymous 44922[Reply]

Is anyone else a neet?
>How long has it been?
>How do you spend your days?

Honestly i'm so hopeless for the future and sad that i do nothing these days. I used to watch tv shows/animes/read mangas to cope when i was younger but they bore me now, same with video games, i never finish them. I despise social media so i don't have them, imageboards are fine sometimes but i feel like the toxicity is getting to me. I just stare at the ceiling and listen to music these days.
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Anonymous 44954


>tfw years of internet has destroyed your attention span and reading anything longer than a forum post has become impossible

Anonymous 45031

>almost 5 years
i need friends

Anonymous 45153

>2 and a half years
>Playing video games, watching mindless youtube, and browsing mindless imageboards
I want to die every day.

Why would covid affect neets? It hasn't affected me at all, literally done nothing but give me some free dosh. I live in the midwest and no one has bothered me about a mask the few times i've gone to the grocery store despite the signs saying it's required.

Anonymous 45154

The anxiety I feel every time I even think about doing something, anything is eating me alive. There is no escape, and there is certainly no hope.

Anonymous 45218

You can't have anime/shows/manga be the main "meat" of you life, it should complement your life like how salt adds flavor to your food.
Seems like you are missing a hobby or two in which you are engaged in, consuming media is kind of passive. We get bored/irritated if we don't balance out the passive/active actions in our life (my pet theory, disregard if it sounds like bs)
Active actions can include: socializing (zoom meetings count), exercising(light walks around the neighborhood is fine), learning something new etc etc.
I also league once in two days, even that shit game, is enjoyable if done sparingly.
And it doesn't have to be a grand ceremony or anything just different enough to knock you off of the rutt you are currently in. You can do it anon.


Anonymous 43110[Reply]

>diagnosed with anxiety at age 11
>minor symptoms, barely affects my life
>fast forward 8 years
>in the span of a year develop a major fear of storms and hypochondria, as well as frequent paranoid delusions
What the fuck happened
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Anonymous 43183

Stop running up to people in their cars and screaming at them for not wearing masks, please. Thanks.

Anonymous 43210

>implying i leave my house

Anonymous 43277

Good. You're one of the smart ones.

Anonymous 43453

Just my onion but I think you're expecting more paranoia because of the trend to record strangers and post it online, or the trend of "lolcows"

Anonymous 45201

idk anon, but I have had the same thing happen to me. I've had mild anxiety for years, but suddenly last year I started have constant panic attacks and periods of dissociation. It's absolutely terrifying and, yeah it's easy for people to say "huh just calm down, do deep breathing, meditate" but that doesn't always work

hang in there. just keep reminding yourself it will pass


Shitty friends Anonymous 44627[Reply]

How do you deal with them? Do you just cut them off despite a long history? Been misled by someone you thought you could trust?

Got any ridiculous stories?

Looking for advice on how to deal with shitty people who think they do nothing wrong (besides ignoring them)
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Anonymous 44656

I used to find it so hard to cut toxic friends from my life because I had so few friends to begin with, and didn't want to end up alone.
Then one of my 'friends' tried to fuck my bf, and he turned her down and told me immediately. I tore into her and then blocked her on everything, and got many of my friends to do the same.
Suddenly, now that the floodgates are opened, I don't have problems cutting toxic bitches out of my life. I have a few good friends and my bf, that's all I really need.

Anonymous 45025

Its hard to cut people off that you genuinely were friends with (at one point or another). After dealing with some “friends” who introduced absolute chaos and nearly ended my stable relationship of 5+ yrs, it took a lot of strength, and willpower to cut them off. Really, spent many nights stressed, some nights crying, but its all worth the growth as time goes on. Systematically block, do NOT respond to messages, and completely ignore them(out of sight out of mind sorta thing as best as you can). Once someone truly crosses the boundary of absolute toxicity, you have to protect yourself/your relationship, and tbh know your worth. Don’t stay associated to truly toxic people, that’s torturous. My bf and I just said the other day how happy we both felt after not associating w/ said toxic people for a couple months now. It really does no good to keep people around who just couldn’t give a shit or don’t care to.

Anonymous 45030

I just never talk to anyone I don't want to talk to. If the friend becomes "toxic", then I disengage.

Anonymous 45158

Cut off a friend of 15 years. She became more and more toxic and negative the more I got my life on track. Feels good/No regrets.

Best way to heal and deal with breaking off of shitty friends is literally the hit the gym/delet facebook adage. Exercise is healthy and there is no feeling quite like running into them with your life in order, body in shape, career on track, saying hi, and being too busy to think about them again. Or if you never run into them again, good for you.

Truth. They don't improve, and if they do, they can reach out first, not you.

Anonymous 45172

I had an online friend I made thought it would have worked out, it didn't. I dont want to use the word toxic because it is used so blatantly. She was a good person i know deep down, my gut tells me she hid things from me, I hope she gets better though.
I ghosted her and a group though for personal reasons, I think she was sad, worried most of all pissed and I finally deleted her and it was best for both of our parts.
The trust had been broken long ago, always go with your gut.


Happy Feels/Vent Anonymous 345[Reply]

Share the good things that have happened to you recently!

I randomly got a call for a job that I didn't apply for, but the job offer is my passion (cake decorating)! I went to the interview yesterday, and was hired immediately. The chef is a cool druggy gamer guy as are the other dudes in the kitchen, so now I'm gonna make a bunch of awesome cool nerdy friends! He really liked the cake I brought him and the work I did. The pay is more than I was expecting.
The only thing that makes me nervous is that he also wants me to work the line, which I've never done, but the place is classy so we're putting out beautiful food that I'm really proud of and even messing with molecular gastronomy, which I've wanted to get into for a very long time! I'm so excited to do my best.
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Anonymous 44413

>late 20s
Don't they ALL claim so? wink wink nudge nudge

Anonymous 44414

are you mentally challenged?

Anonymous 44424

I'm over him despite never thinking I would be.

Anonymous 45168


A cute boy followed me on twitter and instagram.

Anonymous 45697

I stopped talking for a couple days with a friend because I get in moods and get too scared to say anything, and she said she missed me! I have no idea why she thinks my company is so pleasant that she misses it, but it made me really happy and I almost cried because I am starved for pleasant social interactions. I hope she really meant it.


Seducing guys as a fat girl Anonymous 39949[Reply]

Any advice? Even when I'm asking them out they seem to be unsure or just plain not wanting to go out on dates
42 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 45113

Moids don't care about personality. They always go for fucking looks first, talk later.

Anonymous 45126

If you don't have anything to talk about, they won't want to talk to you, which leaves you with…

Anonymous 45142

You never approached men when you were fitter, so you're now paying the price with your virginity

Anonymous 45159

Yeah. Lose weight.

Anonymous 45166

>Any advice?


Anonymous 44471[Reply]

>catch myself only finding men with feminine or androgynous traits attractive
>keep pushing it off
>keep dating men and be miserable
>realize one day i need to face the fact that im attracted to women and that ill be happier when i do
>nah thats for future me to worry about

how the fuck do I get over all my internalized misogyny. majority of my friends are male or trans women because of my interests. Didn't have many female figures in my life. I browsed image boards for too long and absorbed too much incel culture. how do you make woman friends? how do you allow yourself to be able to be emotionally intimate with another woman? I just want to be happy dammit.
7 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 44892


OP please listen to >>44472 and fathom that not everyone is a lesbian and you just like feminine men.
If you were truly lesbian, you would have masturbated furiously to your own body (like how male homos "joked" about losing their virginity by having sex with an exact clone of themselves) and you would have been into tomboys and "reverse traps" like Kino a long, long time ago; even before you discovered hentai.

Christ, why have we, as an entire civilization, have not developed some kind of psychological test to determine if someone is truly a homosexual/bisexual so as to not make people force themselves into a homo/heterosexual relationship with someone.

Anonymous 45122

I swear to god, ordinary androgynous people and those who are attracted to them are going to go extinct in our lifetime. Everyone is going LGBT+. All cute guys are homos or transition and all women into them are lez or ftm.

Anonymous 45130

On the Internet, yeah. Take your face away from the screen and search outside.

Anonymous 45152

me on the right.jp…

Move to a more conservative state or settle down with an androgynous bisexual.
I understand what you're saying, though. The most beautiful are beginning to have less and less children while the uglier ones tend to have more children, for some stupid reason.

Anonymous 45163

>If you were truly lesbian, you would have masturbated furiously to your own body
Where the fuck did you get your idea of lesbians from? Jfc. Please, we're not degenerate moids, don't project their shit on us


Anonymous 44958[Reply]

I have drank two fairly big glasses of wine and that has caused me to become too afraid of dying in my sleep to go to sleep. Why am i like this?

Anonymous 44963


I used to make hot wine with spices and drink a fair amount of a bottle so I could fall sleep quickly with a warm feeling. I'm missing it right now. Shit, I love winter.

Anon you'll be fine.

Anonymous 44976


>two fairly big glasses of wine
>too afraid of dying in my sleep to go to sleep
You're still able to type without any grammar errors, so you will be fine.
You only die in your sleep if you pass out very hard; i.e., drinking over "two fairly big glasses" and with high ABV spirits like bourbon instead of wine.
Unless, of course, you take certain meds and you are a huge retard who had the audacity to drink alcohol despite knowing the dangers of doing so. Or you're simply underage and you shouldn't be posting here.

Anonymous 44995

Have some more wine and you’ll fall asleep anyway.

Anonymous 45115

Or short enough that you could be mistaken for underage.


How the fuck are you supposed to trust men again after assault/rape?? Anonymous 41163[Reply]

It happened 3 times already anons, i'm losing my mcfreakin mind and none were even full on rape

Everywhere i look there's predators. On the bus i see men grinding against women who can't move, at college there are known pervert teachers and no one does anything about it, on the street i see harassment and stares, my insurance covers for doctors who abused minors, my favourite musicians and artists are scum and fucked teens, so so many watch violent porn. With every woman i talk to, there is a story like this, of men hurting them just to get off.

I distrust every single man,no matter what they are to me, because these aren't isolated cases, the ones who are normal human beings seem to be the rarity.

But i just can't fucking take it anymore, the fear. They're everywhere, they're stronger and our justice system is completely useless against even rape with all the evidence.

It got to the point where i'm mildly suicidal. There is nowhere to run and i can't avoid them, it seems inevitable something will happen again judging by the experience of the women around me.

I don't know what to do anymore and can't take it much longer, currently i don't even want to bathe because i am disgusted about touching my body and being reminded of stuff that happened or could happen.
53 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 44196


You shouldn't feel guilty. What happened to you and the effects of it are not your fault.

Anonymous 44246

>raped 3 times
>none were full on rape
wtf is your definition of rape?

Anonymous 44637

>If you can, keep being there by her side please. It sounds like isn't ready to process it yet, but i hope she opens up to you or accepts therapy soon.

I'm hoping she does, but our friend group is naturally quite slutty
So while I know that something is wrong and she needs help
The rest of my group is happy that "the prude is now a meag-slut like the rest of us"

Trying to convince her that "hey fucking a new dude every second day is bad" is a very uphill battle when the rest of the group are almost doing that without the rape

Anonymous 45079

>And child predators are pretty much a 50-50 gender split, but when a woman targets a little boy society doesn't care and expects him to enjoy it.
That's because 99% of the time when people find out is because the boy bragged about it to his friends. It's literally every middleschooler/highschooler's dream to lay their teachers.

Anonymous 45084

I know. I read about that.

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