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Long Distance Relationships Anonymous 44204[Reply]

Thread to discuss Long Distance Relationships. The struggles, the pros… meeting the person for the first time… meeting them for the 50th time… vent both sad and happy things. LDRs can be quite a challenge but it's the right thing for some people.
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Anonymous 64996

Writing this from my bf's sofa. I'm living with him. All gucci.
Don't let anyone tell you LDRs aren't real. It's as real as both of you decide. You'll be fine.

Anonymous 65179

>ldr for 4 years
>both isolated shut-ins who find it euphoric to finally connect with another human being (it's so much better than nothing)
>strong trust, no worries about cheating since we both barely talk to people irl anyway
>help each other with confidence
>spend whole months just being comfy together
I blew it earlier this month, blocked now. I have this issue where periodically I have trouble remembering where/who I am and it makes me feel afraid. Sometimes it gets strong and is like a panic attack, and I'll cry frantic nonsense at people because I feel disproportionately endangered. obviously this is highly stressful for others
I know it's wrong to have just one person in your life to support something like this, and I realize that I was overstepping boundaries a lot by being super clingy or aggressive. I can't really make excuses because I honestly was really unreasonable and threatening I just wish I could do better.
I feel pathetic for feeling so crushed by someone I've never met, but this person is still the closest I've ever been to someone and now I have nobody again.

Anonymous 65187

And to add to that most insurance doesn't cover anything lol. Just read stories about Americans who make like 12/hr, have insurance through the company that's paying them but will have to end up ditching out $5000> if the deductible is a certain rate or they simply just choose not to pay for whatever. They can also choose not to pay for much needed things as well and practically no insurances cover that 1-6k bill. Most Americans are suffering and it's completely ignorant to assume someone is set just because they have insurance

Anonymous 65285

That's horrible, I'm sorry Anonette. Even if you two never met in person, they still meant a lot to you, so don't feel pathetic. There are plenty of others out there looking for something special just like you, so don't give up! Do you take any meds for your outbursts or disorientation?

Anonymous 65316

Thanks for the kind words. I don't take meds right now. I was forced to take several meds as a kid and it messed with my body so I have a lot of discomfort with medication now. I'm hoping to do some specialized types of therapy like EMDR first and keep drug-related stuff as a last resort.


Anonymous 65009[Reply]

What do you do when you crush on someone? Is it bad that I sometimes ignore or ghost him?
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Anonymous 65012

>What do you do when you crush on someone?
I get nervous when around him and feel like crying when I think I do something stupid while he's watching. I'm too much of a coward to take the first step.

>Is it bad that I sometimes ignore or ghost him?

Not if you don't see yourself in a relationship with him in the future.

Anonymous 65118

I also ignore my crush because im nervous and feel like i might say the wrong thing and i care too much about what he thinks of me. I stalk his social medias and every girl he follows. and i become interested in his interests and copy things about him.

Anonymous 65271

>What do you do when you crush on someone?
I usually try to suppress it and avoid the person I like. I am getting better though in learning to "sit in it" rather than running away.

>Is it bad that I sometimes ignore or ghost him?

it sounds like you have self esteem/attachment issues anon. I really reccomend you do more research on the topic if you are open to it! Doing so has personally helped me get less nervous around people in general, and I believe that if I keep going, I could eventually try to approach someone I like :)

Anonymous 65279


I no longer crush, i avoid making eye contact with potential lovers as much as possible, another heartbreak would kill.

Anonymous 65307

>What do you do when you crush on someone?
Me, I become a nervous wreck. I feel like everything I say or do is cringe, and want to curl up in my own shell.
>Is it bad that I sometimes ignore or ghost him?
In my case it’s her (am lesbian), and yeah I’d say it’s pretty bad… since she blocked me recently. Can’t blame her, I guess. Idk what I expected. I think I just took too long to reply this time. Maybe I was waiting for her to ask me if everything’s okay, which was stupid of me, but yeah.


Regrets Anonymous 663[Reply]

what do you regret, anons?
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Anonymous 64714

letting my ex keep our kids when we split up.

Anonymous 64727

I feel that. Did a science degree. Didn't have good enough grades to do anything with it. Now in the final throes of a techie degree, but not sure I like it enough to finish. I finally have a decent job but everything would have been a lot smoother if I had the willpower to do things right the first time.

Anonymous 64728

Joining the army.

Anonymous 64736


rn i wish that i had friends who were serious about game art or that i went to a better psychiatrist that could have made me admit my retardation and helped me with it and not have fucked me up with zoloft and benzos like literally wtf i dont want to think about how fucked up that was

Anonymous 65272

I regret not taking the time to spend more time on my hobbies during hs. Im a khv, but i honestly didnt care about that, I just wish I learned and did more of the things I liked. At least I am doing it now, but it would have been helpful back then too..


Dreams and wishes thread Anonymous 1652[Reply]

Wanted to make a thread for us to write about stuff that we want. Could be:

- Attainable dreams
- Unrealistic dreams
- Stuff that you want for the long run, like a type of career, housing and moving plans, etc
- Stuff that you really just want right now, like a holiday, a cute set of clothings, food
- An imaginary setting in your head that you want and want to talk about, being it realistic or not, like imagine a life you wish you would have

And all the stuff in between, I guess.
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Anonymous 58736


I wish to stop having ADD. More realistically, I wish my country would legalize Adderall

Anonymous 58739

I want to attend a top tier uni, like Ivy/Oxbridge/etc for a masters.

I used to think these things were impossible, but having met a handful of people who attended these, or went on to attend them, none of them were mega geniuses. In fact, they just seemed to apply themselves well when it came to studying and were sharper than average in their subject (but sometimes dumber than average in other things).

Oh, and all of them were incredibly full of themselves but I guess I can fake that. I suppose you need to have self confidence to apply for these things.

Anonymous 60222

I wish I could stop being dead inside

Anonymous 65208


I want a job that pays well… I want to be able to travel while working, so I can get a taste of life in other places too.
I want to be able to afford the newest fancy tech gadgets, too.

Anonymous 65268

I want to hug and kiss a good fellow


Need to get OUT Anonymous 61546[Reply]

I need to get OUT of this place.
I’m going to lose my fucking job because of stupidity. I’m going to lose my therapist, my doctor, my apartment, my life up to this point. I’m 20 and am entirely financially independent, if/when I get my plug pulled I am going to be FUCKED. Fuck this hick ass state, fuck these ignorant ass people, get me the hell away from PA. Help me live out my Dune fremen fantasy and pick which state go to in the American Southwest.
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Anonymous 63959

>only one person was recommending the pacific northwest
Yes, the southwest has much better weather and it constantly rains in washington and oregon. Oh boy do I wish I could live in Colorado

Anonymous 64009


stop moving to California.

Anonymous 64062

Anonymous 65257


Just my opinion, buuut… California sucks booty, why would you wanna come here, it's hot af, dry, dusty, everything is fucking expensive, it's bright AF too. (Well, this is all depending on where you go. Can't really speak for Norcal. Guess they got trees and shit.) I don't think I need to tell you about the cities.

But definitely don't just jump into anything, Anon. I'm going to leave when I can, personally. Idk where I'll go. Somewhere nice and green and rainy, that experiences something called "snow," maybe. Have a choccy milk and rethink this, think about what you really want. Things might get better. Or they'll get worse, or just stay the same. But don't believe every little thing you hear. Including from me.

>>61781 actually, I was moving my moms couch the day before yesterday, and there was a dead scorpion underneath. I didn't notice it, if it was alive it could've gotten me lmao. Second time we found one in the house

And one time I was just chilling on my bed, and I look down randomly and a brown recluse was right next to my leg, it was a big ass one, too. Creepy.

Anonymous 65264

That's 'cause any true resident doesn't want any more out of state people moving to the PNW. The house prices are already out of control.

t. person who rages inside every time she sees a car with out of state plates, especially that one that said 420 FUN.


Anonymous 65142[Reply]

my ex has ruined my life and taken my friends from me and he continues to be popular despite abusing myself and other girls and people look up to him i cant take this its ruined me so bad mentally i need to kill myself im not strong enough for this
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Anonymous 65230

funny thing is hes been posted there before and they dont even know half of what hes done. but i cant do that. he will know its me and then go after me.
and i dont want drama. i just want him to stop. i want to forget it all.

Anonymous 65231

you have to provide actual milk and receipts of his behaviour else nothing will happen

Anonymous 65232

Anon said she has receipts, and the milk is on his public SM.

Anonymous 65236

You should just avoid feeding anyones ego anymore you sound like you walked right into it.

Anonymous 65237

Youre seriously still calling this guy an influencer? He sounds like a washed up turd =o

1 (4).jpg

Is it okay to pursue roommates? Anonymous 63751[Reply]

A few weeks ago, we got a new housemate in the house and I have a massive crush on him. He's good looking, tall, super kind and makes us all dinner, very clean we have a lot of deep and meaningfuls and I think if we were to go drinking, I could pretty easily successfully make a move.
The thing is, I've had roommates in other houses go after me before and I haven't been interested, so it made things super awkward and frankly, awful for me having to avoid people in my own house. So I know how badly this could go if he turns me down.
Have any of you had experiences of hooking up with roomies or trying too, or it happening to you and how did it go?
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 65151

You're asking for suffering and misery. If you have a good roommate don't fuck it up theyre rare. Don't screw yourself, you might have to vet 80k more people before you find something like that again.

Anonymous 65152

She knew him for 3 weeks, I don't think she loves him.

Anonymous 65157

He won't turn you down unless you're very ugly, men don't turn women down.

Anonymous 65165

Don't listen to this retard

If you wanna confess, make sure that he likes your back first. If you don't see any signs, don't do it, it would be too risky.

Anonymous 65215

Booty call isn't love and my guess is she won't like it if it's like this. Moids won't turn you down, but won't always want a relationship tho
And remember that good looking and tall are quite wanted so this probably means multiple girls are into him just because of that (depending on how much tho).
So don't rush unless you want dick from pretty boi


Anonymous 65154[Reply]


Suicidal anime gir…

Why do random teenage girls laugh at other people in public? Anonymous 65148[Reply]

I hear it happening to moids all the time but it just happened to me too. I think they fucking followed me home. I had just got back from the gym so I looked like shit, maybe they were calling me ugly and unkempt or something.
It reminded me of when I was in highschool and the "popular girls" would straight up verbally harass people in public, and get away with it because… they were pretty I guess?

Anonymous 65149

Yeah this is something some girls do, particularly the really pretty ones with nice hair and clothes, but they only do it in groups. I can never tell what they say but whenever on the tram or subway if I'm in a cart with a couple of them I can feel their eyes on me and know they're saying and gossiping about me. It makes me want to cry.

Anonymous 65150

Because they know how easy it is to laugh at teenage girls.


Lifelong perm neet Anonymous 62718[Reply]

Any other disabled neet here? I’m a woman and a lot of neet communities on discord resent me for such. I’m asexual and aromantic and have no boyfriend or interest in one. I also can’t drive and am essentially a adult child. My therapist even says my mental age is 12 due to me still loving toys at my age. I am autistic. I typically lurk here figured this will be likely my one and only post. Im in my late 30s almost 40. I like my life and it’s fairly ok. Parents gave me the master bedroom and I chill all day with my hobbies and internet. Curious, am I the only one? Totally fine if I am a lot of times I feel like the only one. I lurk the entire internet never or rarely ever posting.
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Anonymous 65019

Sometimes idk what to do because everyone’s expectation of me is to either get a job or get married and start a family but the truth is I have an aversion to hard work and am extremely lazy and both of those things require so much investment of energy and time. I honestly just wanna sit around.

Anonymous 65021

u aint gonna do shit. just lmao @ ur life and keep waging away

Anonymous 65026

blame the system

Anonymous 65031

>I expect that soon you will have to become like me or die.

Sounds like a parody of a wagie

Anonymous 65140

you live my dream life. unfortunately i was born stupid and to poor parents. therefore i cant live my neet dream

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