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how to get a hot humanities bf? Anonymous 30271[Reply]

in uni, i see them all the time HELP

Anonymous 30277

Be hot humanities gf material.

Anonymous 30285

go to philosophy club. honestly.

Anonymous 30286

have you had much success with that?? is that where they hang out???

Anonymous 30292


>wants a man who goes/went to uni and studied humanities
Just fuck workies and end up settling for an autistic STEM boy like every other collegette does.


random online crushes Anonymous 685[Reply]

Do you ever crush on girls you see on social media that you've never interacted with? I'm going through this currently and don't want to feel alone with my creepiness. Please share.
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Anonymous 708

I dont do it often but I usually admire a girl if she's really pretty and resembles me in some way. The more physical features closer to mine the more I like them

Anonymous 1482


yep i have a small crush on Magdalen Berns lol

Anonymous 30131

Yes… then it became an obsession, but I’m not obsessed anymore. Now I’m able to admire pretty girls on the internet without getting weird about it.

Anonymous 30142


No. My only girl crush is blondie.

Anonymous 30287

Ancient post but it’s so hard to believe she’s actually dead. And the fact that we’re never going to see a new Mags video blows my mind.


can you be more pathetic than this 28542[Reply]

i am 100% heterosexual

i never had sex with a guy

i had sex with 4 girls
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Anonymous 28708




>Neither of us have the means to get a study done on this though

In current year any possibility of scientists and psychiatrists going back and studying this and going against the grain with facts is haram, everyone fell for the bandwagon and there's zero funding or approval for that information. We get social "scientists" with fake degrees whining on twitter though, all else gets shut down.

>Neither of us have the means to get a study done on this though

Proper treatment for these conditions should exist, instead there's an exploitative society profiting from creating even more mental illness and confusion in vulnerable kids. Like all those poor autistic kids that are being injected hormones because turns out they are trans before they even understand what that means.

I'd be very sad and concerned if that's the case because i know that as a parent i am very impotent to influences from the environment and i know what ideas he is going to start getting in his head imagine rasing a kid in the middle of a crack epidemic. You just try to raise him right and hope he knows better than the junkies he' ll come across.

Anonymous 28800


Anonymous 28809

i am 100% heterosexual

i never had sex with a guy

i never had sex with a girl

Anonymous 30261

>homosexuality is by definition a fetish. Just as oral sex is a kink. It doesn't aid in reproduction
Could that be said about straight attraction if you're only in it for the act, and not to have children (birth control, abortion, pulling out, etc). Anywhere the jizz goes that's not in the hole would be a fetish too. It seems silly, other creatures in nature engage in homosexual acts because it is a social ritual, or is bonding, often to create a stronger pact to protect the herd. I wish I remembered the species, it is an ape of some type, I believe. There are also female creatures that engage in sexually pleasuring each other because their fellow males are too dangerous. Sex can be emotional and pleasurable, without the need for reproduction. Breeder mentality is gross; reproduction is the main purpose of heterosexual relationships, for sure. Everything else is still arbitrarily understood. We're still recovering from the religious age that silenced any study on sexuality due to taboo.

Anonymous 30279

Any interest in a girlfriend that has a boyfriend?

She's not really into sharing but could definitely use a female friend who's good with her hands.


Anonymous 29990[Reply]

>MPA bugged the fuck out again
ok anachans, what are the cool sticks using these days as an alternative? inb4 livejournal

Anonymous 30273

I finally got around to switching. MPA's been shit for a while. All the old people have migrated already.


Quitting cyberstalking Anonymous 30024[Reply]

How to quit cyberstalking people?

>Obsessively stalk a bunch of people, most of whom I went to high school or college with.

>Especially those who were mean to me.
>Want to know that my life is better or something.

>Others are people I've met only once or twice (or never).

>Have some quality or lifestyle that I wish I could have.
>Want to absorb every little aspect of their life so I can be like them.

In bother cases I save up incriminating stuff or sometimes leave them mean comments to make myself feel better. Wish I could just get over it and forget about them.
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Anonymous 30249

Donald sounds pretty dorky tbh, and I'm Scottish. Don is tolerable. Trump is still better than Drumpf.

Anonymous 30260

Or, alternatively, get this — she wasn't speaking to the people who needed to be spoken too.

I know some miners out in the cities like to think us out in the sticks are all stupid, but when you're surronded by an opiod crisis that's taken lives of people you know, and the only one who's giving you any signal that they are aware of the problem and want to solve it is a fat orange dude, then yeah, you vote the fat orange dude. I wish it wasn't the fat orange dude who had said it, but it was, and so far, during the time the fat orange dude has been president, things have improved a little bit. Fentanyl seems much more difficult to get, and legal opiod prescriptions seem much harder to acquire. Heroin, however, is still everywhere.

I don't think Clinton visited our state once during the campaign, and only came up here right at the end when it was becoming clear she was going to lose.

Anonymous 30263

i remember how the opioid crisis began. the govt cant do anything about it except tell the drs to stop writing heavy. the parents and spouses have to recognize the addiction early and stop it. opioids isnt like cocaine.

Anonymous 30264

Uh, I don't think I've misinterpreted anything:
She's quoting the claim: Bullies are the one who rule the world
Then she summarizes that the data says both men and women are bullies.
Then rephrases it as: Men rule the world

Where did the women bullies go?

She's completely dismissed her own summary that women are also bullies. If both men and women bully and bullies are the ones who rule, then surely both men and women are the ones who rule?

Anonymous 30268

i used to cyberstalk a few hippie/unschooling families when i was younger (came across them on encyclopedia dramatica, free jinger forums) – started with just their family blogs, but then of course finding social media and stalking out to various degrees of friends/associates. I initially told myself i was doing it because they were so stupid and easy to mock, but i think it was really because they seemed like really happy, free families with good relationships and lots of freedom for their children, and i wanted those feelings badly for myself.

i think you can stop by reminding yourself that you have your OWN life that you control and can work to fill it with things/experiences that you care about.


Copycat Anonymous 22563[Reply]

Are you a copycat? Have you ever stolen aspects of another girl's personality, interests or fashion sense on purpose to be more like them?

If I told anyone this in real life, they'd probably think I was bizarre, but i want to get it off my chest. To be honest most of my personality now and my likes and dislikes and interests were stolen from a girl who's blog I used to read 3-4 years ago. She wasn't anyone e-famous but I just stumbled across her and somehow I became obsessed. I cyberstalked her all over the internet and I started listening to every band she posted about, watching every movie, posting things with the same sense of humor and going over her selfies for aesthetic details every time she posted them so I could try my best to copy her style. I've never spoken to her openly but I used to send her all sorts of anon messages so I could find out things about her to better emulate them. Eventually I stopped stalking her accounts as much and lost track of her online profiles as she would change names a lot. Recently I checked back to find she was completely different now, and in my opinion much less interesting. I'm still basically a reflection of her from 4 years ago, and I'm fairly comfortable with it all still even though it sounds quite creepy when I type it out. Most people who know me now weren't really around in my life 4 years ago, and they have no idea that almost everything about me is copied from some random girl online i've never even properly spoken to. I still use some of her dead aliases as screen names (don't worry, only as nicknames on places she would never be able to see or be disturbed by if she did find me). Am I alone in this? is anyone else this creepy?
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Anonymous 30068

This thread is oldish but is the OP still about? I find this whole thing really fascinating. I've absorbed interests from other people before but never this much. Could you give us some specific examples of the things (movies, music, clothing) she liked that you adopted? How different was this from what you liked before? Did it feel natural to adopt all of it or did you have to force yourself to love/like some it for the overall ~aesthetic~? I'm really curious.

Anonymous 30214


Honestly I kind of did something similar when I was like 14 with a deviantart artist I liked. She had been big into a band I liked but when I discovered her she had sort of moved on from that period in her life but I basically started emulating everything about her from that 'era' of her life. I used her syntax, copied her art style etc. I just obsessed over her, she's actually a pretty well known artist now and works at Cartoon Network I believe so its nice to see she did well for herself. (Pic unrelated)

Anonymous 30222

God my best friend in middle school was like that and it was interesting to observe from my perspective. She hung out with a lot of people and every few months had a phase of morphing into a person she liked or looked up to. Last time I saw her she was 19 and copying her boyfriend at the time.
She would copy everything; speech patterns, mannerisms, music tastes, opinions, political leanings, hair color, hairstyles, fashion, piercings, mental illnesses, drugs, type of alcohol the other person liked etc. She was really extreme with that and since most people that knew her didn't know everyone she hung out with except for me they didn't notice it, she always stood out as this really quirky original girl that burns through interesting music and fashion all the time. She was a damn chameleon but a really fun person to talk to beneath all of that. It's been 2 years since I've last seen her, I wonder if she grew out of that.

Anonymous 30246

I know this is selfish but I REALLY want to see this blog, OP.

Anonymous 30258



i feel interested to.

i wish i was brave enough to inentionally craft a persona/look or try to emulate people i admire – but i'm to shy/scared to really change or do much out of the ordinary. in middle/early high school i was hot topic goth but that's not so original/risky.


Changing your life Anonymous 11264[Reply]

Anybody else wishes to have a fresh start?

While I was always very shy, I still had at least some friends in kindergarten and primary school.
Getting an ed when I was 13 ruined my life. I always felt inferior to other girls, my body was all I ever cared about. Over the years the number of my friends shrunk more and more, I started to become the "weird" one. I missed out on so many things because of it. While the other girls were busy dressing up, having fun and going out, I was even wearing sweatshirts during summer to hide my "disgusting fat". Later I fled to the internet, got interested in unusual things (kpop and vkei), meaning I spend even more time in my own world - on the internet.

Now I'm starting my 4th year of uni, I gained 70lbs, have close to zero friends and major social anxiety.
I just wish I could be like any other normal girl as well. Waking up without feeling miserable, having the energy to do a skin care and makeup routine (without being obsessive over it), eating something healthy, being confident enough to put on cute clothes and then go meet up with my friends. I don't want to be super popular, just have some girls to talk to, sometimes go out to eat or the cinema, etc. I'd love to overcome my weebness or at least also have interest in other, more normal stuff, so that I could talk about it openly without having to fear judgement(also, getting over the fact that I'm white and will never look like some asian waifu). I want to be able to enjoy food and exercise regularly without getting obsessive over it. I don't want to cry and panic every time exams are coming up, I just want to be more carefree and don't overthink every single little shit. I feel like I never really go to be a young person, simply doing stupid things, I was always already stuck up, acting much more mature - and that's why I don't fit in with others (not that I'm not trying to, I'm just always somehow perceived as unpleasant).

Yesterday I got so desperate about losing weight that I started browsing pro-ana sites again, that's how dumb I am. I tried starting a diet (of course I failed again and binged in the evening), but while I was sitting there and studying I thought to myself 'What if I succeed in losing weight and being disciplined enough to study? In the end I'll just be a skinny person who studies all day long, alone in her room, that's all that there is to my life.'
That one guy who called my calves "manly" which caused myPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 29542

this. I hate discord, I like talking to people without an identity holding me/them back. ironically I think you can be more personal when you dont have to worry about what you say being attached to you

also cc is small enough that you can kind of recognise certain posters from the way they write which makes them feel like individuals but not in a bad way

Anonymous 29543

I agree with this whole heartedly.
I love being able to confess anything, even those little dark secrets and potential tell my life story without a name attached to it. I can't say what ever is one my mind, no matter how insignificant or awful it is. Online I can express my troubles without worrying someone I know coming across it.
Besides I am awful at chat rooms. Legit I am bad at texting, it sometimes take me three days to respond back. Group one I'd never contribute, they cause too much anxiety.

Anonymous 29544

ye, the discords Ive tried, lobby will move way too fast for me. and they feel like a popularity contest. you cant make friends unless youre posting 100 posts per second (pps) 24/7

Anonymous 30252

How do I gain the courage to apply for jobs, knowing I have no experience and can't really talk about anything in an interview. I also hate when I get call-backs. I want to throw up when I answer the phone.

Anonymous 30255

I have this problem too. The first few times I applied to the sites with my practically blank resume and answered the phone I was extremely anxious, but over time I got used to it and don't even give it a second thought now. I know my resume is shit and if I screw up the application process I don't really care anymore, those places probably get so many applications that they won't remember my shitty one specifically. Same with the phone, I don't think the manager is going as hard on us as we think they are, I think they won't really remember how you talked unless you screwed it up really, really bad. Over time I got used to that too. I don't know how bad your problem is, but I recommend just giving it a go a few times and seeing what happens. I still can't pass the interview because I also get anxious and don't have any experience to talk about, but I'm sure I'll become used to it over time as well. I just tell myself if millions of people can follow this process and get a job there's really no reason why I shouldn't be able to do it either, most of us are eventually going to have to learn how to do it.


Lying about your age Anonymous 30248[Reply]

Anyone here done this (for any reason)? If so why did you do it and were there any repercussions?

I’m 28 and after a series of events that happened within the past few months I’m considering knocking about 9-10 years off my age to start an e-thot career. How bad an idea is this?

Anonymous 30250

I shaved a few years off when I worked as an escort. I think that is expected though.

I'd advise just not mentioning your age. If you have to give a number for a site, give something stupid like 95.


Pressure to excel but I want to do something else Anonymous 17807[Reply]

Hi all, posting here rather than on a forum for anonymity.

For context, I'm currently a college senior at a top university in my country in Asia. Not gonna reveal too many details, but basically it's a school full of people that are wealthy, smart, or both.

There are lots of things happening in my life (young adulthood and graduation are transition periods after all) and for the most part I'm happy with where I currently am.

I am content with being average. although I am fine with being average, and I am currently contemplating to disinherit myself to become a monastic, I don't think my family or the people I'm surrounded would appreciate it.
I feel pressured to excel, and it does not even have to be an explicit, verbal thing. Because of my background (above), it is very easy to feel insecure when you're acquaintances with the children of businessmen, politicians, scholars, celebrities, artists, athletes, musicians, etc. It is easy to brush away insecurities regarding famous people, brushing off their beauty or glamour as 'photoshopped' and 'curated.' But I find it not so easy at all, in my case. When you go to class with actual models, national athletes, and teenagers that have start-up companies… even some of our country's presidents are alumni of our uni. It's frankly a surreal experience.
What makes it even more surreal is that seeing these people as acquaintances just going about their day, their day-to-day lives aren't that far of a stretch to the ones filtered and manicured in a social media profile. Another thing is that many of them are unaware of their privilege. While there are always those that are jerks about it, a lot of them are just so… "humble," or at the least, "innocent" about it? Real conversations I've had with my classmates on their experiences such as: 'oh i lived in 5 different countries growing up because my dad's a government official,' or 'yeah I placed on a national scholastic competition when I was younger. it was ok' or 'i do practice every week because i compete for the national team' etc. to name a few.
The thing is, they're so unassuming and nonchalant over their achievements and privilege you can't even hate them for it. The humility might just make one admire them even more.

I think I have some qualities that aren't bad at all, but I still can't help feeling inadequate by comparison to my (very skewed) social circle. I do not want to bring my friends down, buPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
12 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

OP 21481


Hi all, sorry for necro-ing this thread. I wrote a reply a month ago but the browser seems to have reloaded or something and it didn't save. sorry!! I read the earlier replies and thank you for the advice.

Thank you. I know people like that too. People that 'peaked' in high school (or earlier) but then end up dropping out of uni because of depression/other issues. Whenever I see those coeds of mine I can't help but feel a bit sad because they weren't able to make use of their full potential.
Will definitely look into Blue Zones as places I can build my future hermitage hahaha

Yes I'm really just bearing with it as long as I can lol. I really hope I "learn" to love the career path my major leads to - as much as I want to live rural I need the money for my family.

>I also feel very inadequate in comparison to my colleagues at college, which isn't half as prestigious as yours, but sometimes I just realize how lucky I am to be among such smart people and that being around them will help me grow, too.

it's a good perspective :) it really is a blessing to be around people that help you grow. Thank you

Yeah it's really crazy. I grew up middle class too, but when I was in high school my dad made some good business deals and suddenly they could afford to send me to this expensive uni. It was really a culture shock. The stereotype that the rich are 'detached' from how middle and lower classes live isn't a stereotype AT ALL.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 21653

Glad to see you live, op

OP 29064


OP here, life update.

I graduated last May and while I didn't get honors, I was 0.2 away from it so an ok effort I guess? It's been a few months since graduation so the misgivings I had about it had mostly faded.

It's my first semester in law school and I moved into my own apartment so life is great for the time being. I get along ok with my classmates; one of my classmates also lives in the same building as me so having a neighbor makes me feel much less homesick. I try to see my boyfriend at least once a month.

I keep running out of money for utilities so I'm applying for a part time job. Really hope I get accepted and of course, that I don't flunk out of school.

I definitely still think about wanting to be a hermit or part of the clergy whenever I'm having a difficult time in law school, but for the time being that's taken a back seat. As much as I would want to pursue that I still have siblings to support as the eldest. I still don't know what career path I'll take, but I guess I'll just figure it out as I go along in a few years.
I don't have everything together but I really feel like I'm in a much better place now than last year.


I got accepted to the part-time job. It's midterms next week.

Anonymous 30231

Congratulations on the job and best of luck on your midterms.


Trauma and Recovery Anonymous 30210[Reply]

>14 year old me, freshman year of high school
>internet socialite, meeting new people all the time online
>loving member of a small handful of tight-knit communities
>read maximum ride book series
>"come to our official website and talk with other fans!"
>log on, see they have a giant public chat room for the whole site
>meet a ton of new people
>become close with a guy, start private messaging Eachother
>talk all the time, become really good friends
>couple of months pass
>one day he comes on and starts telling me how horrible his home life is
>tells me he's going to take his own life
>spend an hour trying to talk him down, no use
>tells me he's ending it, and goodbye
>he logs off
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 30211

It's just a prank bro

Anonymous 30215

I agree with >>30211, it could have been just a cruel way to cut contact. Even if it was real, these things are extremely rare. It sounds like it has really impacted you, have you spoken to anyone about it? Even just a friend or parent could help if you can't see a therapist.

Anonymous 30230

Over the years, I think I've told maybe 3 people? I tried to tell my ex that I broke up with a year ago. they convinced me so see one of the therapists at my college Before I graduated, but it was someone who was barely older than me and I got the feeling they weren't very experienced. Only ended up having 3 or 4 meetings.
Besides that, I think I told a friend or two when I was drunk.
If therepy was an option I might consider it, but right now it doesn't seem like a possibility for me right now.
I've just been doing my best to take care of myself and heal on my own.

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