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Do you think being born ruined your mothers life Anonymous 85786[Reply]

I know motherhood is an extremely difficult thing in general but I spoke with her recently and she said somethings that made me question if she would be far better off if I hadn't been born.
a bit of background info her marriage with my father was ok I like to think my father is a nice man he's always protected me and loved my mother not remarrying even 16 years later but after I was born the stress it placed on my family tore them apart she hated having to spend all her time taking care of me and after 2 years she had enough told my father she wanted a divorce and left us she felt awful about this don't get me wrong I know she loves me and cares about me she even paid for me to come visit her but she sacrificed so much to have me she left behind friends her job her dreams of being a musician some of my aunts completely cut her off after she left me with my father and I can't stop feeling so guilty about this.

I'm curious if anyone else has had similar thoughts or feelings though advice or anything else relating to ruining your parents life is welcome
p.s I know its a long stretch I don't know how many parents use CC I cant imagine many but any perspective from the parent side would be appreciated as well
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Anonymous 90841

Nah cause my older brothers already took care of that. Though I do wonder why she decided to have me, since 2 of my older brothers had very severe disabilities since birth. I guess that's just catholics for you, every sperm is sacred kek.

Anonymous 90859


I think both my parents were happy having children but as the youngest of three I can't help but feel like I shouldn't have been born. They had a son and a daughter already. Without me both of them would have had more financially and emotionally. We were lower middle class and between three kids money was spread thin.

I also can't help but feel like the lost child. Might be because there's something wrong with me but I have few childhood memories relating to my family, most of them are me being alone. I don't fit into my family and I only took away resources from my more successful siblings who deserved it more.

Anonymous 90860

My mom swears that I was the best thing that happened to her. She said I "saved her life" because she started to focus more on work and doing something with her life and maturing instead of goofing around. But I was also born disabled, so in my head, I feel like I did ruin her life. Like, imagine you have a kid, you're poor, and it needs surgeries right from birth. Fucked. Sometimes I wish she would have aborted me. Her life would have probably been better idk.

Anonymous 91401

When I was a teenager my mom would talk about all the ways I fucked up her body and how she was super depressed during and after the pregnancy and that fucked me up real bad for a long time. I like to think I didn't ruin her life, but I wonder if she regretted having me for a while. We get along now though, so I hope she doesn't.
tfw you're pretty sure you were an accident

Anonymous 91415


Maybe not my birth but definitely my continued existence. I can tell she tries not to guilt me but she doesn't have to try when she's so obviously miserable.
She's said conflicting things about whether she wanted children in the first place, I think she just didn't use protection and justified it to herself in retrospect.


recovering agoraphobe Anonymous 91359[Reply]

I've been out of work for over a year and a half because of a harassment incident at a previous job made me too terrified to go out in public by myself. I think i'm ready to apply for a new job but i'm unvaccinated because obvious reasons and am scared the interviewer will make a big deal of it. Do people still care about that? Also confrontation advice is apprecited.

Anonymous 91370

People don't really care about that anymore. Unless you have to provide documentation of being vaccinated (unlikely at this point),they probably won't even ask.

For confrontation, do you mean confronting people or dealing with being confronted? Either way, try to be assertive rather than passive. You don't have to go full-on extrovert. Just be direct and clear when you communicate. I hope that helps. Good luck!

Anonymous 91398

Thank you nona! I was mostly just worried that the interviewer would be really hostile about the coof-vaxx and would give me a major setback with my agoraphobia.

Yeah being assertive is hard cause i freeze response really bad, the last time i confronted someone in a work place they got physically aggressive and i had a panic attack on the spot. Thankfully at the job i'm applying to i shouldn't be in that situation again.

download (1).jpeg

Anonymous 91356[Reply]

I am absolute failure as woman and I don't understand why my boyfriend would want to be with me. I am ugly, don't know latest fashion trends, terms, I barely care about how I look aside from showering everyday and using clean clothes. Makeup feels icky to me. My boyfriend knows more about fashion than I. It's my suspicion that I'm on spectrum (will be getting assessed soon). Its embarassing. He says he loves that I'm awkward and introverted since he's same, but it's not true. I bet people acknowledge is presence and want to talk to him even if he's man of few words. Whereas with me, I'm invisible to everyone. Many times people see right through me.
I just wish my boyfriend takes off his rose tinted goggles and sees what a trainwreck I am
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Anonymous 91382

Normally I don't care but I've been very conscious of it since I got a boyfriend.


We like it or not in society woman's worth is tied to her appearances. I'm failure on that front. Not to mention lack of feminine grace, interests, not being sociable etc

Anonymous 91383

Don't drag down the rest of women who don't care about making their lives a performance for males because you have low self esteem. None of that shit matters, if your bf didn't like who you are he wouldn't be dating you.

Anonymous 91387

OP you're literally normal

Anonymous 91388

>lack of feminine grace, interests, not being sociable
That's literally me and I've never had a boyfriend nor do I have the confidence to ask out a guy. How did you get him? Did you ask him out first or the other way round?

Anonymous 91417

I bet you're qt. People have types, anyway.
Dangerously based. Expand the definition of womanhood by not catering to what men want.

my boyfriend is a …

What is the most fucked up thing your boyfriend ever wanted from you? Anonymous 65034[Reply]

My first boyfriend turned out to be a porn addict. He was also generally a loser. I wish I had the confidence I have now.

>has a foot-fetish and wanted footjobs

>wanted me to watch porn with him, which was one of the most mood-killing experiences I ever had

I broke up with him not soon after he asked me to try anal. I hate how that's a thing now. I hate how so many moids can't enjoy normal sex anymore and demand these weird things from you.
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Anonymous 91178

Post product

Anonymous 91181

What?? Obviously that does mean you should moralize about it and whoever's receiving anal is a victim and whoever's penetrating is the person who's being immoral. This is like saying 'oh female genital mutilation is bad for women but don't moralize what subsaharan africans do'. God, postmodern moral relativism has gone too far.

Anonymous 91182

I'm not talking about rape, Blaine. Seek professional help.

Anonymous 91187

Maybe he’s settling for her.
How many women have naturally huge H cups in this world?
I think the average is B-C anyway.

Anonymous 91193

Everyone settles, it's just how life works. No one is going to be the absolute best in every possible measure.


Older Men/Daddy Issues Anonymous 90415[Reply]

I'm worried my daddy issues are worse than I thought.

I'm starting to be drawn to an older man (almost twice my age, I'm 22). I know I'm just drawn to the interest he's showing and the way he could offer financial security, but that awareness doesn't make the feelings go away. I'm having a lot of fantasies about being taken care of emotionally and financially.

Tell me your stories, good or bad, about being with or hit on by older men. Share red flags and their tactics.
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Anonymous 90754

you all be talking about liking older men for money but i developed a but of a crush on an older guy without knowing how much money he makes just because he's sweet and seems caring
he sees me as a kid and jokes how i could've been his daughter though and it's probably for the best

Anonymous 90755

I suppose most people assume it's a money thing because old men are ugly and why would you develop a crush on an ugly person unless they brought something unique to the table (and being "sweet and caring" isn't specific to old moids - there are plenty of sweet and caring moids who at least aren't fucking balding).

Anonymous 90757


op listen to your cisters

Anonymous 90792

I'm seeing a guy that's 17 years older than me right now and it's been great. It's just nice to be around and have conversations with someone that's not a fucking neurotic anxious phone-addicted millennial/zoomer like me. I've also been completely financially (and otherwise) independent since I graduated college so I'm not looking to marry or be supported by this dude. He's truly just nice to be around and makes me feel good.

Anonymous 91371

i'm crushing HARD on my ~60 yr old professor right now and it's the cruelest act of god i've ever experienced. i don't even like boys my age anymore and i feel like a freak who will never find a meaningful relationship. its 100% a trauma response but i don't respect myself enough to unpack it in therapy lol


Anonymous 78342[Reply]

>finally fall in love with a guy
>he’s gay
why? why are all the good ones fags?
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Anonymous 79671

If you like gays so much why not get with a lesbian?

Anonymous 79673

this is probably a troll but god i wish i could

Anonymous 79839

>What about imaging his penis in another woman's butthole?


yeah, unfortunately a lot of straight men are like this now.

Anonymous 91362

i'm late but

>have very cute and sweet coworker

>he seems to go out of his way to talk to me
>we share interests and talk easily
>start thinking about him in the date-y way
>he has a boyfriend
>not just any boyfriend, he's dating our coworker who is morbidly obese, black, and smells so bad i literally gag whenever he walks by, who got another black/gay coworker fired because he couldn't stand someone else having his only personality trait
>he tells me he's the bottom

a moid getting a crush on a lesbian can't even compare

Anonymous 91365

oh it did, i can't help but feel repulsed whenever i see him now


Parasocial to friends to parasocial Anonymous 81455[Reply]

My brain is in a constant loop. I met this artist I was a fan of (I won’t reveal her name, she’s not a big celebrity or anything) back in 2020 after knowing her parasocially for a long time and casually looking at her stuff. I knew somewhere in my gut that maybe we might meet someday, and I can’t explain it. Then, we started to interact on discord and stuff (I got in through a link on a stream) and we became friends, maybe not as good as her other friends but friends. Then, the chat started dying around mid fall and I started talking a bunch of shit there to keep it alive so I could keep talking to her (she did not like dms). It wasn’t justified, but it was 2020 so I’m pretty sure a lot of people can relate to not being in the best mood. They seemed like the type of people to like gossip, but this backfired. Understandably, was a major turn off to her and her friends. They tried communicating to me that they didn’t want me there anymore, but my tone deaf ass just couldn’t take the hint. Eventually, they were explicit about their feelings, told me they had another server that wasn’t dead, and kicked me on February 11th, 2021, and drew some terrible pictures of me 4 days later on my birthday.

I was heartbroken. It became a weird relationship. I still viewed her content, but as a parasocial outsider that couldn’t interact, a vow that we made together. I talked about her to my therapist whenever I could. Around fall 2021, I began to become less obsessed, but still sort of obsessed. I eventually did make new friends, never talked about her, and become a better person, but it didn’t help. Internally, I still thought about her to a weird degree. Every two weeks or so, I check up on her. Even though her content is behind a paywall, I still try to make out what her art looks like through blurriness. Half of the notes on my phone are still about her friend group, and it’s usually jokes I use to cope. We haven’t talked at all besides me wishing her happy birthday and one other thing where she basically told me the same thing: saying respectfully that we’re not friends for now and not to talk to her, but that was 10 months ago. It’s been a year and a half since when I was kicked, and I still catch myself thinking about her way too much sometimes, I’m not even a big fan of her anymore, even though I know I don’t have to prove myself to anyone I think I just hate that she met me when I was some bitch. I try to distract myself with other things, but those oftenPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 90935


Anonymous 90939


Anonymous 90941

is she not actually your friend again?

Anonymous 91227

Nah, she’s being genuine
Honestly, a lot of stuff here is really exaggerated, and it’s not like she was the person who posted that inside joke shit on the website. It’s really just on her terms and not anyone elses. She admitted she has trust issues and was overly brutal towards me, and I accepted her apology and said sorry to her as well :)

Anonymous 91360

Oh god, this thread got bumped again.
How many times do you need to get burned to learn the stove is hot?


I cheated on my bf Anonymous 89164[Reply]

I know that the general consensus is that someone who cheats doesn’t love their SO but that’s not how I feel. I was in another city, got very drunk, connected with someone and we kissed. Before I left there were instances where I wasn’t feeling loved by my bf but I didn’t speak up bc I felt that I was being unreasonable. When I cheated I wrote to him first thing. We talked a lot and unanimously decided to break up bc we didn’t love each other in the same way anymore, but because we live together and he hadn’t gotten a new place yet, we continued to spend time together and all of a sudden it was like we were falling deeply in love again. Am I being toxic for still wanting to be with him now that I feel like we can love again? When he’s away I miss him so much, and he writes to me like normal but I can’t help but feel that I’m a deeply immoral person that doesn’t deserve him. Do I have to break up with him for his sake even if I love him?
29 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 91262

nta but still cheating to me tbh, i can't imagine if my bf was even flirty with another girl

Anonymous 91273

Cheating doesn't mean you don't love your partner, it's a character flaw. An abuser can still love their victim even as they hurt them, your issue is that you feel unloved. That's an internal problem. Maybe there are things your bf could've done to ameliorate that, but that conversation / fix would've had to come before cheating (and if he wasn't willing to consider your feelings, that'd be breakup worthy). Instead of acting like an adult you look for attention outside your relationship by getting drunk and finding people to "connect" with. Maybe work on your communication & relationship skills before getting back into it? It's toxic in that you know you hurt somebody but aren't trying to change or understand the reasons behind your hurting them. Instead you just want to try again under the same circumstances, likely to the same ends.

Yeah people are acting like sex is the important part in cheating, but it's the trust. If you can't trust your partner to not step outside the relationship (even if it's just a little) then there's no relationship to begin with.

Anonymous 91276

> Cheating doesn't mean you don't love your partner
It does
>An abuser can still love their victim even as they hurt them
Haha no

Anonymous 91330

It might not be comfortable to hear, but broken people still love even if that love is cruel. Broken people aren't capable of externalizing their emotions in healthy ways and instead hurt themselves and the people around them. This doesn't mean they're justified, they're still responsible for that cruelty. But understand that people don't cheat on their partners because they're selfish unemotional monsters, they do it because they're deeply maladjusted, warped, and incapable of healthy relationships. There's a poignant difference.

And that's not to say every abuser/cheater loves their partner, just that abuse isn't mutually exclusive with feelings of love or attachment.

Anonymous 91358

Didn't read past the thread title he probably deserved it


"Worst thing he could say is 'No' " Anonymous 90484[Reply]

Anyone else fell for all this incelish desperate rhetoric that even the most normie moids on the internet repeat like a mantra every chance they get?

>I would take ANY woman that showed interest in me

>Just dont be a landwhale theory
>Ryan Reynolds sadboi edit with a caption about how women get complimments every day and guys still cherish the random crackhead that complimented their shoes in 6th August 2007
>I wish women made the first move

But somehow I got rejected the most cruel way by a guy. He lost all respect for me (which i understand bc they dont respect themselves, why would they respect someone who fell in love with a malnourished hentai addict borderline-hikikomori?). Everyone is entitled to reject anyone they don't like but the thing is: men are empty vessels, they are soulless beings so once you have inflated his ego by making the huge mistake of being vulnerable, they will ruthlessly ridicule you, treat you like a circus monster and be extremly disgusted by you.

And this is the best case scenario tbh, men lose whatever little interest they had in you when you make the first move, so even if they dont reject you on the spot, they will just use you for sex and make 0 effort into the relationship.

"Maybe he's just shy" no man is shy enough to not approach the woman he likes. "Maybe he doesn't know i like him" he does lol, he doesnt care. "Im tired of waiting for men i like to make the first move so i will get this over myself" then suffer the consequences.

Maybe after all gender roles exist for a reason.
39 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 91307

I try to assume I didn't since I was a teenager (and stupid) at the time and his issues were deeply rooted with his familly/work but it is hard to not blame yourself. At worst all I did was probbaly annoy him since he was much older than me.

Anonymous 91315

>no man is shy enough to not approach the woman he likes.

Anonymous 91316

this is why so many men are single and deserve it. well its not the only reason they deserve to be unloved for sure but one of them lol

Anonymous 91346

it’s better to operate on that assumption instead of pursuing a guy you think is “shy” when he actually just isn’t interested, but wants to keep his options open.

Anonymous 91354

yikes, have sex incel


ugly womyn angst Anonymous 89665[Reply]

I'm very ugly
I'm so jealous of the way other women are treated I wanna scream
I'm miserable and nobody irl sees me as worthy of a scrap of attention, I'm engaged and I have a career path and all of the things that are supposed to make me happy but being "the ugly one" everywhere makes me feel so worthless and I just can't have the kind of life I want
the better I put myself together the more disappointed I am in the end
I've put so much effort into my appearance my whole life and I've gotten nowhere
I just rolled badly with the shape of my face and body and I'm sick of moping around trying to find tiny things that make me happy and stuffing back the urge to jump into the river
I just wanna be seen as beautiful, desirable, I'm fully convinced nothing else will change how I feel, it's the only thing I really value, I'm never going to get to enjoy my youth, I just missed out
it's unfair, I didn't even get the perks of being ugly because I'm not repulsive I'm just like, a three, I was still raped as a child
the more I try to socialize the bleaker things look
I think I'm probably going to have a pretty misserable rest of my life and I miss being closer to killing myself I felt like I had a goal kinda, for lack of a better word
I would eventually stop feeling like this
but now, I have too many obligations and I just have an unknown number of decades of misery stretched out infront of me, there's nothing for me to overcome, the obstacle is the shape of my fucking skeleton,
I just don't think I can stomach any more of my life idk wut I'm gonna do
I don't have the option of suicide
too many people that I care about would be hurt, so I'm just going to keep sucking it up
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
2 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 89668

Great poem

Anonymous 89756

related question, do any if you know how to tell if you're ugly/very plain looking or just weird? the only male attention i've ever gotten is occassional street harassment or 1 or 2 male strangers approaching me, but i've never known of any guys having a crush on me (even during my childhood), never been asked out by a guy, all of the guys i knew liked my friends/other women around me, and people always tend to assume i'm a lesbian/asexual even when i dress feminine. curious to hear some of you girls' experiences.

Anonymous 89782

>I'm engaged
Stopped reading right there.

Why is it that most people who go on sad rants about being ugly and blah blah blah are always in a relationship? Same goes for people in real-life who try to appear relatable by joking about having no friends and being "so socially awkward tehee", yet their phone is filled with numbers from at least 50 people and their WhatsApp is always buzzing. You can't be that ugly and yes, I'm fucking salty.

Anonymous 91292

We often suffer more in imagination than reality. The reason you're so upset isn't because you're conventionally unattractive. If you'd accepted that about yourself and adjusted your expectations, you'd be happy.

Instead you're choosing to focus on the negative parts of yourself rather than the positive. You have a functioning, healthy body. You can presumably eat and move around unassisted.

The problem with your mindset is that even if I made you beautiful with a magic wand, you'd still be unhappy. You'd just find something new to be unhappy about. You'd complain about not making enough money; not being smart enough. Your mindset is killing you, not your unattractiveness.

If you're actually as ugly as you claim you are, I'd suggest accepting that fact about yourself and adjusting your expectations. You'll be much happier that way. The fact that ugly people exist means ugly people have consistently reproduced. You can find someone too, though it may not be the person you envision.

You're like someone who is 4'11 being upset they'll never play in the NBA.

Anonymous 91329

>Same goes for people in real-life who try to appear relatable by joking about having no friends and being "so socially awkward tehee", yet their phone is filled with numbers from at least 50 people and their WhatsApp is always buzzing
I hate these kinds of people so much. Everyone wants to believe they are quirky social outcast uwu until they actually meet someone who is socially outcasted and they treat them like the plague.

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