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Dreams Thread OP 1096[Reply]

This is a thread where you can post all your dreams you have and maybe discuss it with other anons. I don't know where else to post it on here so here goes:

I had a strange dream last night that I can't quite understand. I usually have dreams that foretells of future events or just random dreams that are made up of the thoughts I had the night before so this one is unusual even by my own standards.

>for some reason im in a jail cell serving 5 months for disrespecting a officer

>im sharing a jail cell with some guy, which is weird because im pretty sure mixed sex jails don't exist in my county
>he's nice to me and we end up being friends
>i get out one month early for good behavior
>while im walking out of jail i think "i can see how this fucks up people now. it makes you more antisocial [???]"
>the police officer who pressed charges on me calls me to his office and says he released me early because im 17 and i shouldn't be serving 5 months in jail anyway (im 19 in real life)
>i try to get to my house but i end up bumping into my cellmates jogging outside with a drill instructor
>i leave to use the public restroom and two prisoners end up following me in there
>one of the prisoners was my old cellmate. wtf

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Anonymous 40050

I've been having these strange dreams where I can feel something following me around my neighborhood but can't run away from it. It feels so creepy because I can recognize these places but they feel slightly off. And then when I wake up my body feels heavy and I don't know what's happening.

Anonymous 40065

>strange dreams where I can feel something following me around my neighborhood
>and then when I wake up my body feels heavy and I don't know what's happening
Might I suggest some new bedroom decor? Maybe a titanium door that seals from the outside? Some barred windows? Maybe reinforcing your walls, ceiling, and floor?

Anonymous 40094

i just woke up from a weird ass dream where there was a new seasonal anime about demon hunters in this one high school and the main villain was this sephiroth looking moid

Anonymous 40143

Yesterday morning I dreamed of having my period. I woke up at 4am without any stains and ended up preventing an accident.

Anonymous 40145

I just dreamed I was invited to Eurofurence. Oh dear.


Dealing with aging Anonymous 36[Reply]

I'm in my late 20s and now I miss being younger and more naive and feel like I lost my opportunity to have cute stereotypically female experiences. I mingle with much younger people sometimes due to shared hobbies (weeb stuff) and I realize that I feel way too old for it (and them). It makes me feel bitter about missing out on all the fun stuff because I feel like I wasted my entire youth being depressed and anxious. I really dread becoming even older.
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Anonymous 38178

Am I the only one who thinks he still looks cute?

Anonymous 38180

It's time to become a wine aunt.

Anonymous 38181

>the male model vs. the balding janitor

Anonymous 38183

I think a lot of it is true. A lot of my classmates look like they’re in their 40s at 30. Buuuut like you said, a lot of it is drinking/smoking/partying. Hard to say.

Anonymous 38188

>recently mistaken for a 14-year-old
Happens to me in my mid 20s too, but it makes me feel very uncomfortable for some reason


Help me cope with grooming Anonymous 39999[Reply]

Hello everyone
This is my first time posting on /feels/ and im glad CC is such a warm and supportive community because I can post sensitive topics.
I was groomed online and i dont know how to cope with it. It all started when I was 11, my mom let me have a facebook account (she controle it) and since I've always been a weeb I joined a group of anime lovers. Some dude added me and we started to chat frecuently, he was 5 years older than me and by time we became friends. But when i was 13 I "fell in love" with him, and he took adventage of that. In that time he was 18 and he asked me for nude pictures. I agreed and after that night everything became worse because we kept exchanging lewd messages for other three years. I knew something was wrong at 16 and blocked him on all social media, and deleted my facebook.
I feel so sick by just thinking I satisfied a pedophile's desaires without even knowing, i just pretended he was my boyfriend.
Tl;dr: I was groomed and i need advice, so please help girls ;_;

Also my mom stopped controlling my facebook when I hit purberty so she doesnt know.
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Anonymous 40087

Imagine thinking grooming a 13 year old is ok

Where the fuck are you from where they have no problem with this anon

Anonymous 40091

Don't respond, it's obvi a pathetic no-life moid trying to get attention.

Anonymous 40092

Imagine being ok with a freshman in college fucking a middle schooler

Anonymous 40095

>its normal and reasonable to feel distrust towards men now
while this statement is true, you always need to be aware of danger, its important to remember that you're in control now. don't let this fear and paranoia run your life.

Anonymous 40101

Thank you girls for the support :( i had less trouble sleeping last night but thats only because i was too exhausted for thinking
I live in south america so even though im 18 it would be really expensive to have a therapist
I dont know if I want a boyfriend right now, or at least one irl. If I already feel bad about having those pictures up irl imagine how i'd feel if I lost my virginity to someone who doesnt want me after that


Qt Partner Thread Anonymous 37674[Reply]

Greentext traits and how lovely your partner is
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Anonymous 38981

Americans are extremely likely to overreport their non-English ancestry and to ignore English roots. If we were to believe survey results, the average "John Smith" in America is an Irish-German. Americans being of British height rather than German height makes sense.

Anonymous 38984

this poster is correct >>38979
There is also something called the 'founder effect' even though your recent ancestry might be mostly german, in the big picture many of the people will be very largely anglo-saxon

Anonymous 38985

got the replies the wrong way around, lol

Anonymous 39024

Most German-speaking people have no close genetic relation to original Germanic-speakers (Nordics), it depends more on where exactly they're from. Germany was once the Celtic heartland. As for Anglos, it depends on location. Some are practically the same as Southern Swedes and Danes both because of Anglo settlers and later Norse settlers. Like with most Germans, most Brits slowly shifted to Germanic languages/dialects though the languages in Britain remained strong in their areas until modern colonial practices and the damaging effects of mass communication too.

One thing not often mentioned is that many of these Celtic-speakers were already Christian and had heavy intake of Roman culture and their own dialect of Latin. Irish missionaries were instrumental in Christianising Anglos and through that transferring Roman/Christian culture.

Anonymous 40028

handsome, tall, deep voice with a gym body
is emotionally intelligent and a very good listener

let me guess hes german ?
when i lived in russia i met there two exchange student from germany that was very much like this.
Thank god germans cant resists slavic women


How do i get a gf? Anonymous 39953[Reply]

ive always liked girls but ive never had a gf before. i dont know any girls that aren’t straight, i dont leave the house and i just have no idea how to meet girls. how do i meet girls that like girls?
5 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 39971

but my only chance is meeting girls online bc i dont go anywhere

Anonymous 39972

Shiogami is a pretty cool guy.

Anonymous 39973

So if online "dating" is easy for most het girls, hard for most het guys, easy as fuck for gays, does that mean it is really difficult for lesbians?

Anonymous 39987

Screen Shot 2020-0…

all the benefits of not being with a scrote while inheriting the drawbacks of being one

Anonymous 39990

>does that mean it is really difficult for lesbians?
Not if you're up for a LDR.
Had a friend who had several e-gfs from various places online, but she was lowkey the Chad in >>39965 (and joked about being one). For the less charismatic and more timid of us it may pose a challenge.

Not sure about apps though (aside from the usual unicorn hunter complaints), also have never tried either myself.


I feel like my family is turning a blind eye on my mental illness Anonymous 39479[Reply]

>grandmother dies, mom sends brother to therapy
>start starving myself at 13 for around 2-3 years despite being thin to begin with, nobody cares
>gain a bit of weight back, mom points out that I gained weight, suggest I don't wear very short pants anymore if I feel uncomfortable, making me feel even more insecure
>am the only person not participating in prom, parents say they're disappointed instead of asking why (the reason being me thinking I'm too disgustingly fat + lovely boys in my class made an "ugly girls, don't dance with"-list I was on)
>get very depressed after graduating, cry all the time, even tell my mom that I have suicial thoughts, she only get's angry
>around the same time my brother get's himself diagnosed with ptsd because he had a falling out with members of a local club, resulting in me also no longer being welcome there
>fail to find friends in university, of course never date either, barely sleep, gain 50 lbs more, don't brush my teeth, don't wash my hair or face, wear the same clothes for a month, cope with it by joking that I'm lazy, family goes along with it
>brother calls me fat and ugly every day he visits home, no1currs that he makes me cry, mom worships the ground he walks on
>little sister starts eating less and less, I tell my mom for months that she can't allow her that, am scared that my once extrovert sis turns out as fucked as me, I constantly get nightmares about her
>she finally sees therapist, but mood at home is horrible, sis cries on the daily, my dad has zero patience for her, mom is so fed up, constantly complaining to me, meanwhile I should study for my finals in less than 2 months, but I can't because I'm too down

Am I in the wrong for feeling like I was neglected and my problems being downplayed? My siblings are extroverted, attractive, popular, extremely talkative, my sister is spoiled, always get's brand clothes, meanwhile I barely talk at all. I'm the oldest and I was very mature as a kid or I had to be, I was always very quiet, get constantly told that I must take care of my siblings despite already doing that anyway, I'm supposed to be the easy, unproblematic one. My pPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 39550

It does sound like you're family is either ignoring your mental illness or you're doing an exceptional job disguising it. Either way, what do you want to do about it?

Anonymous 39563


Reading your story was like reading my own diary, desu. All the characters and even the narrator are screwed up. I don't know the answer to your problems, other than to keep living. Both the past and the future make you want to die, but the present you can deal with, right? People say you need a lot of things to be happy, but you don't really need anything but the present moment. There are no requirements for happiness, or people who don't deserve it. Allow yourself to feel positive emotion, then you can think about fixing your problems.
>I'm so scared of failing those exams and thus resulting in all those years of going to school and uni being for nothing
All those years, just for a piece of paper? Surely, your life is worth much more than that. You are not the same person as when you started school, surely you have grown, learned to work hard, discovered things about yourself. In this fucking absurd world, you gave it your best shot. Be proud. Stop punishing yourself.

I don't think they're the best of people, your family. Even if they do care about you, they're doing it all wrong. So, stop waiting on other people to save you. This might be just nonsense, however, I have a suspicion, that you already know that they aren't going to do anything. Maybe you don't even really want them to do anything. Being abandoned and other people acting nasty to you - it feels like vindication. It feels good to be proven right. But really, do move on. Try to help them yourself, maybe they will give something back.

And do you really need to be saved in the first place? Anxiety builds everything up in your head, until you can no longer deal with it. But in reality, things are never as hard or tough as you make them out to be. You're probably going to pass your exams. Stop living as if the world is going to end any minute.

Anonymous 39647

There is a point in life were you need to carry on with your choices, mistakes, flaus, and fears in order to be independent. You need to stop blaming your family, even if the fault is mostly theirs, and take responsability for yourself, otherwise you will never be independent enough to solve your own problems. At this point in your life, only you can solve this, and only by your own. Friends cant help, family cant help, a boyfriend cant help, not even a cat. Rather you focus on your studies or you accept the low pay shity job.
Finish college, get a job, get a floor for yourself. Then and only then life opens up for real, and you get real freedom.
expecting something from your parents or your sister wont bring you anything, or being self compassionate for not being social.
If it is to much pain and lonleyness and you start bing eating or getting thiner look for help within yourself first. Love yourself. Protect yourself. Apreciate yourself. Because people wont be doing it if you dont do it first.
With this being said, you are great person, someone that deserves better than this, I hope you overcome this sis!

Anonymous 39658

Sorry anon you had to go through neglect and abuse from your family and peers. Youre parents shouldve been there to support you. Its not your fault.Now your older and time has passed and you got important stuff to focus on, you and your test and etc.

You have to pick yourself up, i know its really hard to do. But you have to. Youre a big girl now and youre the only one who can do it. Someday youll find a friend or few who will be like actual family that will join you on the ride to growing as a person. Just let things fall into place.

Imagine your nearest goal and strive for it. Try your best on the test. Don't be too hard on yourself. Try to find local community support groups? But really try to pick yourself up and then later on when its available get a therapist. Eat right, exercise (walk, dance, run, body weight exercises, anything to move and let anxiety out), drink water, get sunlight, listen to bossa nova perhaps?, watch funny things, look at cute pics, wear your favorite lotion, wear nice perfume (oil based is much lovelier on the nose than alcohol based) Good luck on the test and please try to not be so hard on yourself!

Anonymous 39959

That's a very retarded anime pic.


Anonymous 38659[Reply]

I’ve spent my whole life being second choice. Family, friends, relationships… I cannot think of a single time someone picked me first unless there were literally no other choices.

Anyone relate?
11 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 38686

>The only leadership position I have ever gotten in sports/clubs at school were due to there being no other options for people to vote for. I have been selected for many things throughout the years. While I am grateful for it, I was never given these things due to any value of my own, but simply because I was there. Imposters syndrome vibes.
>I have been told both to my face and behind my back in my old job that I’m not as good as the model employee of the hour (who usually would either quit or fuck up in a spectacular fashion a few days later). It was a toxic work environment for sure but it always sucked that someone who remained loyal for as long as I could (mostly because I wasn’t sure I could get another job) was constantly looked over for everything.

Same. I've never gotten any leadership position or job when there has been any remote competition. When I do have these things I put in a lot of work but I've also noticed that when a first choice is stuck in people's minds it's very hard to surpass that, even if the first choice is clearly worse than me.

>Probably the thing the hurts me the most is that I’m usually the second choice for people to hang out with or talk to, including my own mother. Over the years, all of my “best friends” viewed me as little more than a second-class friend and now I have no one because they’ve all left.

I'm the second child and second choice child too. It's part of the reason I cut contact with my parents. My mother would ignore me when my sister was there. I didn't have a best friend until I was 11. I had a few after that but they always ditched me for someone else or it was one sided. I haven't had a close friend in about a decade. I had a few not close friends that used me until recently but I grew a backbone and ditched them all. Now I've just resigned myself to being alone.

>I think it’s just a symptom of being outwardly easygoing. No one is afraid of hurting your feelings by not choosing you for things because you won’t throw a fit. People may not like a petulant toddler but they’ll do whatever they can to keep them from screaming

Very interesting, I had never thought of it this way before. I definitely had a problem with lacking boundaries when I was younPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 39906

maybe you should stop worrying about that
les claypool tried out for metallica as a bass player, they didnt pick him, he went on to be the frontman of Primus and is regarded as one of the best bass players ever
stop trying to join metallica, Imagine being stuck being the bass player for metallica
Primus sucks, metallica is just shit

Anonymous 39907


Yeah, at some point you just realize that there is always someone better than you.

Anonymous 39919

I understand what you're saying but I feel that it's hard to apply that to the situations I mentioned. Family for example, am I just supposed to forget about my parents and find new parents?

I've gone alone before and attracted a new bf or bbf to me yet I get ditched when they find someone new or the person they really want comes back.

I don't think the issue is trying to fit in but not being good enough for people to stay or attracting the type of people who will never stay.

Anonymous 39920


lmfao nice one


Anonymous 39533[Reply]

What is the meaning of life/human existence?
22 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 39765

This seems modern and entirely european in terms, values, and purpose.

Anonymous 39908

to live longer than people you hat

Anonymous 39914

>you hat
Rude. OP was only asking a question.

Anonymous 39916

I think it was a typo and she meant to say
>to live longer than people you hate

Anonymous 39918

I know. I'm joking.


Anonymous 36663[Reply]

The fact that most men watch porn even when theyre in a relationship makes me wants to die. How the fuck am I supposed to find a bf when 99% of men are coomers because they cant stop themselves to save their life from jacking off to a screen. I wish guys understood how shitty it makes us feel. You’ll never look as good as the girls he sees on porn. Anyone else feel this way?
234 posts and 19 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 39685

Are you sure you didn't reply to the wrong post. I admit I'm not lesbian nor bisexual (sadly) but I find her kind of attractive in other pictures. Just not in this one.

Anonymous 39686

There are amateur couples that film together, that I think are cute.


Anonymous 39707

Just give them an ultimatum. Like, fuck, if they won't change for you then it's not worth it.

Anonymous 39713


Nah I've seen her in other pictures and she's not that great. Mia Khalifa is cute but I really don't like her titjob.

Anonymous 39909

>looks skinnier than people at 155
is she like six feet tall?


Anonymous 39705[Reply]

When did sex positivity turn into shaming women with social issues?
12 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 39897

>quoting incel pseudoscience

Anonymous 39898

As much as FDS would tell you otherwise, masturbation to pornography and multiple sexual partners has the same effect.

Anonymous 39899

sexual attitudes in the US are retarded (among everything else thats ass backwards), I feel like a foreigner visiting half the time, they want purity and sluttiness at the same time, but they fucking hate actual slutty people and especially women who fuck whoever they want and they simultaneously hate people who dont have sex

Anonymous 39900

humans are a promiscuous species, so much so we still orgasm past reproductive years, average sex partner couples last 5-7 years, likelyhood of cheating basically grows exponentially after that

Anonymous 39903

>different people have different opinions
Damn, that's crazy.

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