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how to tell if a guy is gay Anonymous 78980[Reply]

My gaydar is broken and I'm horrible at telling if a guy's gay or not. I have a huge crush on a guy. For some reason I have this sinking feeling that he's not actually straight. I don't know him well enough to ask him, nor do I know anything about his dating history. I follow his ig and noticed he doesn't follow any pretty or hot girls which is kind of surprising to me. Are there any other subtle red flags for when a guy isn't straight?
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Anonymous 78986

>For some reason I have this sinking feeling that he's not actually straight.
This is your gaydar in action warning you with the little life in it left. Youre welcome

Anonymous 79010

or she's obsessed with homosexuality and imagines a world where way more than 5% of the population are gay.

Anonymous 79028

Play this but don't show him the screen. His face will tell you everything.

Anonymous 79033

Thats genius

Anonymous 79270

You’re unironically a gigabrain.


I hate reading consoomers Anonymous 78147[Reply]

I hate everything about the "reading" market. I hate how oversaturated it is. I hate how people only read cheap erotica (if they read at all mind you). I hate the covers. I hate everything about it. I am actually talented at writing and I try had but I will never get a chance to get anything published because it takes me thrice as long to research the setting of my short story to make sure it is as realistic while also having a unique storyline as possible, but instead I am beaten by the generic "Hello I am 14 year old Amy from China and I running away from factory life in China very bad I want emigrate to west!".

The first meaningful writing accomplishment I had as a kid was coming in 3rd place in some national-level writing competition, it was actually a great story for a kid and the idea was original too but the 1st place was given to some guy who wrote a generic "my mom has cancer lol" story. It makes me so angry. Everyone I talk to only reads such crap too, lotr, "what's his cat's name", sarah j mass…But then they tell me they are writing also with elementary-level reading skills and I wanna pretend like I am happy for them but really I just want to tell them to read first and stop flooding the market with crap. But why do I bother, they have a higher chance of getting published than I have :^)

sry i was originally gonna just write 2-3 sentences but it turned into a whole paragraph
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Anonymous 78708

That's ok anon, we all have those days. I really hope you don't give up writing.

Anonymous 78778

>Id like to be somewhat famous.
if this is your reason for writing then give up. this shouldn't be why you write.

Anonymous 79100

Please post more stories OP!

Anonymous 79114

so pretentious

Anonymous 79260


Maybe I have terrible taste but I like most book covers, especially the garish typographical ones. And I especially love the dumbass poetic titles. The only thing I love more than a book called something like "The yellow conifer cries for nothing" are idiot indie song titles like "I wish I had a benzo addiction to forget about you".

>But isn't it because the passage of time applied its filter and mainly preserved the good media
Yes. There are so many trash movies from the 1920s-50s. You just won't hear them pop up in general discourse, because why would they?
Hell even well-regarded media of the old times kinda sucks imo. I hated Tale Of Two Lovers.


Why are we here? Are we losers? Anonymous 77746[Reply]

I like Crystal Cafe. I like reading its posts, and ever since I've discovered it, I come here every day.

But sometimes I'm wondering,

why am I here? Why do I keep coming back here? When did I fall into the crowd that browses imageboards? What type of person comes to these sorts of websites?

Earlier I was looking at 4chan, but I got sick of 4chan, and sometimes Tumblr doesn't do it for me, so now I come here.

I guess not all of us are down in the dumps. Some of you probably have a well paying job, good social life, live brilliantly, and are generally satisfied with life.

But from the way some people talk on here e.g. dunking on normies and neurotypicals, I get the feeling that a lot of us fall into one of the below catergories:

Socially awkward women. Isolated women. Those that got bullied at school. NEETs. Women having various issues one way for another. Women whose lives aren't going anywhere. Women waiting for a diagnosis, or diagnosed with something. Women who have suffered a lot.

I like there's a place for those types to congregate.
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Anonymous 79176

But why would you want to be retarded

Anonymous 79216

goddammit I want lettuce, they're like 13 bucks each right now.
I got here through 4chan, with 4chan I lurk various boards but never post. I don't particularly care for the misandry here but it's an improvement, I guess.
Recently I have become more normie due to my job but was definitely very schizo and retarded as a teen. I'd still be classified as higher than average in terms of introversion though.

Anonymous 79220

I am proudly a loser, i’m tired of feeling ashamed of it.

Anonymous 79231

retards are happy. Unironically. Even actual retards.

Anonymous 79249

Retards can be mad


/rock bottom/ - general Anonymous 76609[Reply]

This thread is for people who have hit rock bottom. Not people who are having a bad day, but people who are living in the depths of despair. Whether you're a nona who is struggling with serious addiction, mental or physical illness that severely precludes your life, constantly feeling suicidal, whether you're being abused, have any other serious life issues or if you are simply unable to function and don't know where else to turn, vent here and let's try to support each other.
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Anonymous 79065

sure smells like ball sweat in here

Anonymous 79066

this thread's just turning into another "i hate moids" general
the mods should just delete the off-topic shit and let people have actual discussion

Anonymous 79068

You are pasting MRA talking points that are irrelevant to the post you're replying to, with no other context, and accusing everyone here of being a radfem because you disagree with them. Of course people are going to think you're a male when you're acting like one.

Anonymous 79070

what can i say, i'm a big fan of magnetic resonance angiography

Anonymous 79240

But anon isn't cooking, cleaning, or being useful in any way. She is lying all bed all day being a leech. The relationship is dead.


How to have fun Anonymous 79222[Reply]

Im not terribly imaginative at coming up with leisure activities, mostly I have my one girlfriend over and we drink, talk, and watch a show. What activities would you do if you had time, money, and a small group of friends you don’t know too well but would come on an outing if you were hosting?

Anonymous 79223

video games are always fun way to bond. but it's not for everyone… when i had friends i liked to put on a video game and we'd just chill and just comment on the plot and characters and make fun of it all or admire it. that was the activity that really spiced up the night

Anonymous 79230

I've lot to make collages. I guess I don't need money to do that. Seems fun anyway…


i think game nights are fun like board games or like a murder mystery type of deal. window shopping is always fun and gets you out of the house. also just going out to eat at niceish restraunt.


Online Dating Anonymous 70961[Reply]

Have any of you succeeded in using dating apps or meeting people online? I have always wanted to give it a go but it's so daunting to me. I would absolutely panic if I caught someone who expressed interest aaaaaaa please tell me someone else was in my boat once
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Anonymous 71097

Have you tried Okcupid/Bumble/Hinge?

Anonymous 71106

What kind of messages did you send?

Anonymous 71107


>tfw dyke
>look for women on dating apps
>Full of trannies, couples looking for a threesome, married bicurious, plain ol straight dudebros, woke enby qweer genderspecial women and obvious catfish/bots
>tfw probably going to die alone
Feels bad

Anonymous 71139

Tried OkCupid and I while it looks better than Tinder, here in my country people don't seem very active there. Bumble was the same
I guess you meant when I was the one starting the conversation. I usually asked something about their bio, interests or something in a pic. Some guys had pics doing outdoors activities so I asked if they have ever been to X place or something like that. Still, no luck.
I think it's mostly because the type of guy I like try those apps, doesn't have much success and after a couple of days-weeks they uninstall the app.

Anonymous 79987



Ace thread Anonymous 75770[Reply]

How do asexual or sex repulsed nonas cope in a sex obsessed world where increasing numbers of people are making their entire identity about sex?
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Anonymous 79167

this sounds tough nona. are you sure theres nothing that can be done about it?

Anonymous 79174

So far it seems by making it their entire identity too.

Anonymous 79175

I'm not sex repressed or asexual but I don't have it because I don't like relationships. I simply enjoy my life and ignore everything else.

Anonymous 79189


I deal badly with my asexuality because i feel defective. I've never felt any attraction towards anyone but i've always been depressed, i mean at least when my puberty started i was already a depressive mess so i suppose it fucked me up, and not treating my depression for more than a decade didn't help. I think.

I feel pressured by society to have children (i'm 28). I want to be normal, i'm scared of never finding love. I want to feel attraction, but i don't and just thinking about it disgusts me…

I've just finished playing Detroit: Become Human and i wish Connor was my boyfriend. He's so cute i want to cuddle with him and talk all night long and he doesn't need sex because he's an android wtf why is there no android yet i want a robot boyfriend fuck this earth

Anonymous 79193

Based fellow aromantic


confessions thread 2 Anonymous 63992[Reply]

>>51270 previous bread

I never brush my teeth for the full 2 minutes
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Anonymous 79048

i don't wanna troon out? you must have replied to the wrong person lol

Anonymous 79110

there are still body mods you can do that aren’t as extreme as being FTM. something like anavar could improve your gym experiences without affecting future fertility.

more than that I think psychologically there may be ways of reconciling the many different sides of yourself rather than completely burying it.

Anonymous 79117

Nta, but judging from this logic I'm also gnc even if I don't identify as such, I just rarely put effort into being feminine and thought of myself as being frumpy for this

Anonymous 79122

it’s not about “identifying” if you don’t conform you don’t conform. if you don’t look and act feminine you will be perceived aa gnc regardless.

Anonymous 79298

Cringe, but I cried last night because of fortnite. I just want my friend and my bf's friends to win. Everyone is going to quit soon because we lose most of the time. I'm ok with losing but my friend who carries us gets frustrated. I don't want to let go of this game, I like it a lot and idk what else we could even play.


Anonymous 1167[Reply]

Can we have a wholesome thread?

Post memes, stories, anything uplifting. <3
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Anonymous 32815

What in the name of hecc and all that is holy

Anonymous 52111

Are you still friends?

Anonymous 79011

this thread makes me feel so cute and cuddly

Anonymous 79042

That's because the person who took the picture clearly did it to share with the internet. It is a deeply personal problem and its insensitive to take pictures of people grieving their loved ones for internet clout.

Anonymous 79049

Makes me want to kms


Self-Love/Confidence Thread Anonymous 79012[Reply]

Post tips, share experiences, ask for advice etc.
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Anonymous 79017


Anonymous 79018


Anonymous 79019


Anonymous 79020


Anonymous 79021

Isn't #2 a quote from ASAP Rocky's Peso lol

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