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Why are they like this? Anonymous 16677[Reply]

>meet a cute guy, we get on well and he’s funny and kindhearted
>he seems like he’s interested, we start flirting at a party and things are looking promising
>next time we’re at a party I’m going at it, (“let’s share a seat”, lots of hugging eye contact etc)
>this time somethings wrong, he looks all conflicted and uncomfortable
>turns out one of his friends, who is in my lectures, likes me and he has promised not to “get in his way”
I never expressed any interest in that guy and made it clear to him but now it’s ruined forever just for some bullshit territorial boy friendship thing.
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Anonymous 17026

>gross men

Anonymous 17029

You're probably not in an impoverished country where there is a real financial incentive to being in a rich guy's harem so you can afford basic necessities, the only motivation for engaging in polyamory in developed nations is sexual hedonism.

Anonymous 17030

We need to help these women so they don't need to resort to that

Anonymous 17061

If T invites K when he could hang out with just you alone, he's never going to make a move on you or he's going to reject you (he's been doing it for a while now girl, wake up)

Anonymous 17392

It kind of feels like you use what happened as an excuse for why you don't like K. Especially seeing as you didn't really like him prior to that either.


Anonymous 17254[Reply]

>reply to someone here who posts something I think is interesting and is looking for a conversation
>she never responds
Why does this keep happening?
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Anonymous 17257

You thought they were interesting but they didn't think you were.

Anonymous 17260

Maybe they forgot they made a certain post and didn't see your reply?

Anonymous 17303

I think I may know who you are and I can’t believe I didn’t post a reply. Was it that thread about a miner inquiring about politics/philosophy knowledge? Sorry sometimes I find trouble in typing out a thoughtful response

Anonymous 17321


Anonymous 17367

Same thing keeps happening to me. I keep telling myself that it's because they forgot about the site since it's so slow, but it's more likely that I'm just boring.


Anonymous 15955[Reply]

How do you get to know a boy more when you're interested in them bit still just barely friends with them?
This is a bit of a sequel to a thread I previously made, asking whether or not a guy calling me a gem/sweetheart meant he was interested in me.

I sent him a follow request on Instagram, he accepted it and followed me back, he seemed happy to talk to me. He responds to all of my story posts with responses enabled but it's just with one word that's a nickname for me.
I convinced myself he hated me and I should leave him alone after I messaged him saying I hoped he had a good day and instead of responding he just liked the message but after he did the one word thing again today I snapped out of it.
He seems like my kind of guy - Not a chad, nice to me, and has made a few jokes about wanting to die. I would have trouble with someone who was 100% normie emotionally that I couldn't relate with.

So.. How do I approach this? Should I just try sending him a meme once or twice? I'm very shy and awkward so a basic thing like messaging him to ask how his day went isn't my best option.
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Anonymous 16887

Yeah. Another update that isn't so juicy.
So I truly think he may just be interested in me just as a friend. We still message eachother and speak but he still hasn't really flirted or made a move or displayed interest. I guess we'll just remain friends then. Or maybe over time if we get closer he'll end up liking me.
I don't think I'll ever tell him I like him unless he ever displays interest in me further, but honestly I can't even stand how adorable he is. It melts my stupid heart. Sucks.

Anonymous 16888

To continue with a bit of cringe -
Seriously, there's really just something about him I absolutely love and honestly it sparks some sort of tsundere thing in me, it's like I hate how much I love him. He's really just an adorable dork - He has a unique face, blonde hair, glasses, he usually wears bright colours and has this adorable stupid grin. He's a few inches taller than me or so I think. Our humour is the same and we send eachother memes. He's the type of person I could just lay around with forever.
Earlier I jokingly asked for a video of him doing a cartwheel and he got his friend to record him doing a damn cartwheel while in class and.. Yeah I don't know why this stands out to me like this but really. What a loveable dork. Stupid.
I guess I don't mind if he never ends up 'liking me' back but boy if he gets a girlfriend I hope he doesn't tell about her too much.

Anonymous 17284

Nothing has really happened still. I posted a stupid thing to my Instagram that were two questions with sliders that read "How much do you like me?" And "how much do you think I like you?" And he answered the maximum option to both of them, we've talked more on Instagram quite a bit and usually briefly speak every day in person, and he hugged me yesterday. We also did Xanax together. Buuuut nothing hinting him having a crush on me has really happened. Oh well.

Anonymous 17362

>not chad
>wants to die
>my kind of guy
Had a hearty chuckle at that one.

Anon, he may be a serial flirt but it sounds like he likes you. I think you should go for it, and honestly, it seems like even if you take minimal action but continue on this trajectory, something is bound to happen. Honestly he kind of sounds like bad news to me, if he's doing drugs with you and likely stringing along multiple girls to see who bites, but either way it will be a good experience for you. Indulge in teenage (but not underage b&) love while it is still available to you. Even if there is rejection or heartbreak you won't be stuck wondering for decades later what could have been.

Anonymous 17365

It's interesting isn't it?

The drug thing was only once and after he said he's done with it cause of the bad comedown, so it's not a worry. I really do hope you're right and i do agree teenage love is something that truly is to be indulged in. I will continue on with talking to him and maybe taking minimal action until something happens,maybe I will start actively flirting/trying to take action, either way I will keep this updated. I also think I may have overreacted about him doing the same thing with other girls because it kinda is common for people to do that on Instagram posts I guess.


Ex confessed his love to me after a few months, ladies I need HELP. Anonymous 17314[Reply]

I’ve had an ex in the past, we dated for a year and broke up to due to both of us being abusive to eachother, and abused, as well as a lot of past drama involved online.
It was long distance and it still is.

Recently, after 4 months he messaged my friend asking if everyone’s ok, and that if anyone wants to talk to him to make amends, he’s there.

My friend said
>”oh anon dosent hate you at all by the way”
In which I don’t, and he responded saying that’s good and all..
I wanted to make amends so I told him to add me back on social media, we talked things out and both agreed we were abusive and the abusers to eachother in the past, and recently he left a bunch of friends over stuff as well (as an add on.)

I’ve changed, I’m not the girl I was in my past, I’m a strong, beautiful, intelligent woman.

We’ve both changed overtime, yes,
We agreed to call after he said he was really happy talking to me again, and that he missed me and such. Once in call, I asked him as of why he’s feeling the things he does.
I asked him.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 17319

This will largely depend on what exactly happened to make you guys break up? I don't understand how people break up and get back together again, once I make a decision in regards to a person, I just can't seem to give them a second chance because I realise most of the time, people don't change. So if something really big made you guys break up then it's bound to pop up again.

Anonymous 17322

We broke up due to us not being able to handle ourselves during the relationship, we were both incredibly toxic and abusive to eachother, and also abused.
As well as friend drama in the past online stopping us from being together without facing others getting upset.
A constant having to hide our life type deal.

And he said that he’s able to be happy, but that nobody makes him as happy as me,I told him that he needs to love himself and he accepts that as well.
It’s just so difficult like.. I don’t know what to do about him, I’m fine with helping people out and making them happy, but this is really surprising to me. He said he’s changed overtime as well, since he did dislike me at some point out of petty, he realized he still liked me and wished to have talked out our problems before it spiraled.

Anonymous 17323

He said he’s been able to be happy and can make himself happy; but he does have a dissociative disorder with his emotions so I can’t entierly be lost on why it’s hard for him to feel things as correctly with himself as he should. I told him to love himself before he loves another, and that he needs to learn how to make himself happy and loved before anything else, which he does agree on.

He wishes he actually talked out his problems instead of hiding them.
I’m lost on what to do since I don’t know what else to do besides wait a week and see if he’s really changed before anything.

Anonymous 17324

I told him I didn’t want what we had before. I don’t want anything,
I said if somebody I’ve broken off a relationship with, comes back after a period of time as a new person, and I relearn them as a whole new person, then put relationship into consideration? I probably would! But that’s because they would be a whole new person, not from before. Not continuing what was had, but rather starting anew.

It’s a really confusing thing, and I’ve made peace and ive moved on. As well as he, he just told me his feelings never left, but rather he suppressed them.

Though I don’t regret anything that’s happened in my life ever, it made me who I am now.

Anonymous 17363

I'm unsure your age because sometimes age means something as well when it comes to these things. I'm turning 26 in a few weeks and my view points in life are changing, and this is my point in all of this.

As you get older, your friends stop mattering as much, yeah you will still interact with them to a degree maybe, maybe not. Life happens and a lot of times the friends you make as a young adult/teen don't stay there forever, but the person you date and perhaps fall in love with might be for a very long time if not a life time. They will be the most prominent influence in your life, and the person you go home to every night and interact with. Someone whose younger and just establishing their young adult life may just visit each others lives and have a private life rather than live each others lives. The reason I say these things is because when it comes down to it in a relationship, it doesn't matter what anyone else says, what your friends think, and sometimes even family, you gotta go with what you feel is right. If you're open to this experience, go with it, see how it goes and see if you care for him all over again. If you really aren't into it and all you're feeling is pity for him as he's still hung up on you while you moved on, that's not the best move to get tangled up in it. In the end everyone can give their advice, but you are your own person with specific thoughts and feelings towards this person in the situation that no one here nor any friend will understand or grasp, go for what you feel you should do.

>tl;dr No one can tell you what to do nor influence your romantic life, you gotta do what you feel is right even if everyone else thinks it's a bad idea. Excluding NTR, NTR is unacceptable.


Secrets & Confessions Anonymous 1068[Reply]

Spill 'em girls.
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Anonymous 17304

I just tell people about it and they call me a pedo or say he's basically a child

Anonymous 17305

Are you sure that they weren't just joking? If anyone genuinely believes a 2 year age gap is pedo, they are being ignorant beyond levels that should be allowed in society.

Anonymous 17335

lol I had a crush on a 17 year old celeb as a 25 year old. IDGAF what anyone thinks of it. He just turned 18 a few months ago anyway.

Just do you, 19 to 17 isn't even questionable.

Anonymous 17336

My ex became a youtuber and right now he has around 500k subscribers.

My confession is: Even though I am dating another guy (that I left him for like 7 years ago) I still watch his videos sometimes, and I don't know why - I do not miss him, actually I cringe about the fact once I was this guy's girlfriend.

Now, I don't know why I do this, but I feel like a weirdo. I think it has to do with guilt. The way I broke up with him probably has something to do with it and left him really heartbroken. I regret that but I was like 15.
I guess it's just curiosity, but it feels weird.

Anonymous 17405

Who is it
>>inb4 no!!11 I cannot name!!
This was 7 years ago he'd never know it was you and you will never be tracked unless he hasnt had literally anyone else in 7 years which I doubt.

download (1).jpeg

Lesbian thread - no bisexuals allowed edition Anonymous 6828[Reply]

I decided to make this thread because the other one is filled with complaints and bisexuals derailing.
Post away!

Feel free to delete this thread if inappropriate or if keeping two threads seems like too much. I suggest that the other stays active so bis can keep posting on the topic too!

Anonymous 17208


Anonymous 17248

bump hi


Height in guys Anonymous 17137[Reply]

I recently got to know an 8/10 guy. He's really cute, but he's only like 5'6 and im 5'8. Idk how to feel about this. He's hot but it might be weird?

What do you think of height in guys?
Would you date someone 1 or 2 inches shorter than you? If not, what if he's an 8-9/10?

Pic only for attention
4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 17162

Hello /r9k/ tourist.

Anonymous 17166

It only feels weird because of stupid social pressure. And caring what other people think of your relationship is retarded, how old are you?

To answer your other question, short men are great and all I'll ever go for barring some spindly lanklet falling into my lap. Anywhere between 4'11" and 5'4" is great, the tinier the better since they're so rare. Less than 1% of men in my country are 5'3" and below which makes them little fucking TREASURES. So wonderful. I could go on but I talk about it enough on this board.

Not really into guys with dwarfism though. Just regular guy proportions.

Anonymous 17167

Another roleplaying robot thread…

Anonymous 17169

Eh, I personally wouldn't date a shorter guy. But I don't judge women who do.

Anonymous 17221

I'm 5'4'' and I would absolutely not date someone shorter than me. Not attracted to short guys at all, but a 5'8'' guy with 8/10 face is better than a 6'4'' guy with 5/10 face.


Torn between two worlds Anonymous 17207[Reply]

So I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately and I don’t know what to do so I’m coming here to ask you guys. I’m in highschool and last year I transferred to another school for an arts program I auditioned for. The school is across town from me and sort of the rival school of my old highschool. I wasn’t in the right mindset when I auditioned and I was just looking for a fresh start away from all the “fake people” I had been with since kindergarten. I thought that maybe at this new school I could get a new start new reputation and new friends. I also had two friends I already knew that were going to transfer to this school too. I’m three months into this new school and I realized that the friends that made me autition for this school with them are actually fake friends. They knew nobody at this school just like me yet they hurt me and embarrass me infront of all of the people I’m trying to become friends with just so that they can be friends with them. I have exactly zero friends now and I feel so much social anxiety because I feel invisible at this school. I still talk to some of My friends from my old highschool but I never hangout with them because our schools have different schedules. I see their stories and social media of them having stupid fun like when we were in elementary school together and I miss it so much. I miss them so much. I really want to transfer back to that school next year but I feel like nobody will remember me and I’ll be in the same position I am now. Also it will mess with my corses because I am currently taking a specialized course for preforming arts. So should I stay at this school and suck it up or switch schools again?(Minimum age to post is 18)

Anonymous 17214

feel some comfort in knowing that most people lose their connections from high-school even in this digital age where you can easily decide to communicate with one another easily.

Look forward to new friends in university

Anonymous 17215

find the two other people at the school like you and become friends with them. Unless your school is like 200 people max, they exist.


sexual trauma/rape Anonymous 17174[Reply]

I was raped back in 2010 when I was 13 by a assistant teacher.
Stayed back to help him since it was his last day at the school till next year,got late,offered to drive me home and yeah raped me.

I just wanted to get that out but it still feels like it's weighing me down

Has anyone on here whose been assaulted told anyone?
How was their reaction?

Anonymous 17196

Well I just wanted to say I'm so sorry for your experience. And It's good to share no matter what form. I just want to say it's almost important to find the right person to talk about it with and that it's a very difficult thing to do.

I've never been raped but have been molested multiple times by two different people. One was a female when I was extremely young and a few attempts were made in my teens but I was able to stop it, I've never said anything about this at all for the most part because I know absolutely nothing good would come from it. I then had a man try to have sex with me which I was able to stop. I tried talking with my family about it and they were all extremely dismissive and told me to brush it under the rug. I finally got so stressed about it I called it out during thanksgiving in front of my extended family. My immediate family acts as if I've assaulted them by doing this. But the rest of my extended family was extremely supportive, at least in comparison to my immediate family(almost every one living in my family is also female except for 3 who are disabled). It's still a very upsetting position to be but I'm glad I did it. I omitted some details but this is the jist of my experience.

Their reactions will vary depending on who they are.

Anonymous Moderator 17203

Please use this thread:



Dreams and wishes thread Anonymous 1652[Reply]

Wanted to make a thread for us to write about stuff that we want. Could be:

- Attainable dreams
- Unrealistic dreams
- Stuff that you want for the long run, like a type of career, housing and moving plans, etc
- Stuff that you really just want right now, like a holiday, a cute set of clothings, food
- An imaginary setting in your head that you want and want to talk about, being it realistic or not, like imagine a life you wish you would have

And all the stuff in between, I guess.
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Anonymous 17171

>you wanna be my mom

Anonymous 17181

I fear letting people down too. Thanks anon, it's good to know one person might listen at least lol.

Anonymous 17197

You just gotta do it anon. My dream was to be a youtuber and just playing those cute otome games. I'm not trying to quit my job for this or even make money I just thought it would be fun to do. I finally just jumped into it and its been about 3-ish months now. And I actually get nice comments and people actually watch it a little. Getting nice comments are nice anon! Do it.

Anonymous 17198

Aw anon, that's really sweet and I'm happy for you. You're basically living my dream rn. I know that if I start now, I'll learn from my mistakes quicker than if I were to keep putting it off like I'm doing now atm.

Should I be worried about trolls or stalkers?

Anonymous 17199

Doing it because you like to is definitely the way to succeed in that profession. I hope it works out for you two!

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