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I wish I was a guy Anonymous 71270[Reply]

I often fantasize about being a guy. Everything would just be so much easier. I would just be seen as a baseline normal human by society and not an object of sexual desire. I don't like being asked out by men. It always seems so weird to me:
>You don't know me! Why are you asking me out? You know nothing about me, my interests, my hobby, my personality. Why do you act interested in me? Why not just get to know me first? You are obviously only interested in me because "muh dick".
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Anonymous 71287

Yeah. If they told me in Kindergarten "Hey, if you want to be a boy, you can." I'd would have said yeah, I'd love to be a boy. lol

What the fuck. Nowhere did I imply I wanted to be a transgender man.

Anonymous 71296

me too. i sympathize with a lot of tifs because if i had the opportunity to physically be male id probably take it, even if there were health complications. i wouldnt want my personality to change though so i think what i really want is just to be treated like a human

Anonymous 71446

>I don't like being asked out by men. It always seems so weird to me
But the entire point of dating someone is to get to know them anon. It's not like you're being asked for marriage.

Anonymous 71463

I know this is how it works according to society.
But my dream scenario would be for a man to first casually be my friend for some time, to genuinely enjoy each other's company and then one day something sparks between us and we are a couple.

Anonymous 71873

virtually all men throughout history have been at least somewhat misogynistic, if you want your son to be the normal kind of misogynist and not the mass shooting kind you need to make sure he participates in sporting from a young age, stop him using the computer all the time and hope he has a good circle of friends that includes women


cruel revenge Anonymous 71614[Reply]

I need to get cruel revenge on my boyfriend. What do I do? It wouldn't matter too much if I fucked someone else.
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Anonymous 71623

Destroy a prized possession in that case.

Anonymous 71756

Laxatives, lots of laxatives

Anonymous 71765

Only works on older cars I think

Anonymous 71770

Tell us what he did. Punishments should fit the crime.

Anonymous 71871

My advice OP : stop giving too much shit about bottom of the barrel scrotes. Give the middle finger to their mind games and find someone decent who's more fitted for you.



I don't think I'll ever be happy Anonymous 68327[Reply]

My self-loathing is getting to be unbearable. I hate myself so, so much. I feel so much shame just for existing: I'm embarrassed when I eat, I'm embarrassed when I do things I enjoy, I'm deeply embarrassed by how I walk, talk, look, everything about me I hate and am ashamed of and I wish I were exaggerating or just being dramatic. People seeing me makes me want to disappear, looking in the mirror makes me want to cover them up. How do you help yourself if you truly don't feel like you deserve it? Doing "fun" things seems like a waste of time (though nothing has truly felt fun in years), self-care is a waste of time. The only times I strive for anything better is when I have someone directly in my life, like a romantic partner, pushing me to do those things. I worry I am broken and a complete fuck up. I worry that I am a waste of time, space, and energy, and I feel so so SO bad for the people in my life that have to put up with me. I feel like I'm disabled by how much I hate myself. I've had some unpleasant experiences in my life,, sure, but nothing that I feel would warrant me feeling so extremely about myself, it feels like I'm just broken and shouldn't have been born and given the opportunity to one day pass on my shitty genes. It seems like it would be better to kill myself. I've been on medications since I was 13 and nothing has ever made me feel content, I've stopped them all now and feel the same. I feel like I really am a hopeless case and that I shouldn't be here. I am miserable and I don't know how to fix it. I just want to be happy and to feel like I deserve the love people give me. I am as useful as a corpse.
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Anonymous 71252

I have some okay days, but most of the time I'm really empty inside and cannot stop ruminating on bad things that happened to me. it's all very tiring and I can't seem to find a purpose to it all, hardly anything is fun or enjoyable

Anonymous 71253

my test was fine btw and I'm not even very excited for the job opportunity. everyone else is so excited and happy for me, why can't I feel like that for myself?

Anonymous 71328

seeing women with better bodies than mine makes me want to mutilate my body. I know that's extreme but I promise it's not a larp or me trying to be edgy. I don't hate these women and I don't want anything bad to happen to them - only myself. how do I deal with this much self-loathing? I'm skinnyfat but objectively my body is "normal"

Anonymous 71330

my breasts sag but that's normal I guess. I really really hate them though no matter how objective I try to be when I look at myself. i just feel like I ruined my body with ana-chan bullshit as a teen (losing and gaining a lot really fast over and over) and the self harm. I have ugly scars all over

Anonymous 71817

I'm never going to be happy

I stay in bed for hours because thinking of facing the day stresses me out. everything is too hard and too much to deal with

I'm a burden on everyone around me, they don't deserve to put up with this

what will I do with my dog? I want someone who will love him as much as I do


i just want to lose the weight already Anonymous 71497[Reply]

i've been a lower weight than this before, yet somehow i can't break whatever mental barrier i have. any time it comes to food my body goes into autopilot. i open my eyes and the food is eaten. it's so embarrassing. i've even relapsed into bulimia before fixing this issue… controlling food intake is the only thing that keeps me balanced and i've lost control.

i'm not fat by any means but i want to apply myself for once and lose this weight so i can at least have a body that i would like, or to know that i have control over something in the world. i feel like i'm at my wit's end. i know it's up to me to fix it and have discipline but i'm searching for mental tricks or some fucking way to restrain myself. i just want to be pretty and live this new year differently..

i'm depressed, rotting in my room and a near college dropout. i just want this one thing for myself. it hurts.

Anonymous 71500

Anonymous 71531


im just the same a anon,
>not fat, not skinny
>life spiraling out of control, want to at least have a say in how my body looks
>want to look smaller and dainty and cute
>recently recovered from an E/D
>"Oh gee is that whole pizza for me?????"
i think it has to do with recovering from an E/D, although i did not have bulimia, i had a restrictive eating disorder too, i was at a weight classified unhealthily low for so long it was basically all i got used to, then decided to recover to focus on my studies because, wow, who would have guessed, calorie deficit isn't good for mental endeavors.
i graduated highschool, got into medical school, gained 10kgs, and feel like a whale all the time.
do you think you could be having this type of problem? because your body is still PTSD'd from the ED, and thinks every time you eat is gonna be the last time you do so in a long while, so it eats everything in sight. it makes me feel ashamed and weak, and it's honestly even worse than just "being fat" because i doubt i have some sort of sexual trauma, so being viewed as a "sexual object" horrifies me to the point of nausea, and whenever i look down, it's all there
>The thick thighs, no flat chest, stomach rolls, fat arms, etc..
i don't want to lose weight rn though, as we speak, it's 4:20 (lol) and i have an exam in 4 hours. i decided to put my studies first and im gonna commit to that choice, you should find something in life to Look forward to that isn't just how you look. it can be just, being kind, painting, reading, video games, baking, etc… life is so full of possibilities when you don't have to study for 12 hours a day everyday, take it from me.
don't waste even this one chance :')
things are bad, but they can be worse, is all im saying.
have you any other concerns?

Anonymous 71806

2 things:
Eat all you want, but try to substitute sugar and carbs for meat, veggies and fruits.
Lift weights.

Anonymous 71807

>because your body is still PTSD'd from the ED, and thinks every time you eat is gonna be the last time you do so in a long while, so it eats everything in sight.
Oh man, this is probably me. I zone out completely when I eat and have done so ever since my stint of starving myself in my teens

Anonymous 71813

>any time it comes to food my body goes into autopilot. i open my eyes and the food is eaten
Same thing. I also get urges to eat when I'm bored/stressed. I hate it. I'll try appetite suppressants but I'm scared anything other than prescription drugs will be just quack medicine that doesn't really work.


BPD Anonymous 71506[Reply]

Borderline personality disorder, or literal fucking demons in human form. I did not find a thread discussing this specifically but yell at me if there is one.

I'm the embodiment of every single negative stereotype of BPD (and bisexuality) and I have basically ruined my life. Idk if I should honestly just end it.
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Anonymous 71513

BPD occurs to genetics and childhood trauma. It actually has a lot of overlapping symptoms with CPTSD.

Anonymous 71514

I wouldn't really say BPD is all that easy to get diagnosed with, but as with any diagnosis, it's good to look into it yourself. If anything other disorders are often diagnosed INSTEAD of BPD, such as bipolar.

Anonymous 71536

it might be very un-PC but i've seen people call BPD "PTSD for women" (i don't agree or disagree); but then i have CPTSD but not BPD, so it makes me wonder if there are environmental factors that lead to development of symptoms that's classified as BPD

Anonymous 71541

Thanks for responding. Your opinion is really surprising to me, no one has ever even bought up anything related to trauma or PTSD in the several contacts with doctors and psychologists I have had. I bought BPD up myself when I was about 22, but they did not want ti diagnose it due to my age, but eventually ended up with that one. The problems in focusing in cptsd symptoms is really interesting, since I recently was evaluated for ADHD, since I have had so much trouble with uni (I'm currently failing every course I have). The doctor did not think I have that though, and said it's just a quirk of my personality I guess. And she recommended taking melatonin for sleep lmao.

Thanks for others for responding too.

Anonymous 71809

Have you tried CBT?

I'm diagnosed bipolar, but I have a lot of the bpd behavior. I actually went to the psychiatrist originally thinking I had bpd.


Anonymous 71574[Reply]

Is anyone else still hesitant about getting the COVID vaccine? My mom has scared me from getting vaccinated due to telling me about people who have died because of getting it and is strongly against it, but with all the shaming and guilting of non-vaccinated people, I feel like I'm starting to succumb to peer pressure.

I'm starting to get skeptical myself however, because it seems like pretty much everyone who has gotten the vaccine is still getting COVID and spreading it. They're still making us do online classes at uni, too. What the hell is the point then? The vaccine looks like it's not doing anything (Especially with these newer variants) and it seems they won't let us ever return to normal at this point, whether we get vaccinated or not. All I see is vaccine propaganda. Also I'm in the U.S., where Americans tend to act like pretty big sheeple hypochondriacs, despite their extremely shady and scammy healthcare system, so this is another reason why I'm skeptical.
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Anonymous 71786

But using the internet is ok. Wew lad.

Anonymous 71787

Got educated, I'll get vaccinated as soon as it's no longer mandatory. If I'm going to be a guinea pig trying out a new vaccine technology that has never been tried before, and is thus unknowable as far as effects longer than actual trials have been going (approaching two years at this point) I'll do so voluntarily.

I'll also take it if I am legally allowed to sue whatever megacorp manufactured it should their product prove to be shitty. Without that guarantee I'm depending on a megacorps "goodwill" that the product isn't complete garbage. One that got rushed out the door in a year.

Anonymous 71790

Got 2x Phizer with the Moderna booster. Had about 12 hours of flu-like symptoms with the booster, but that's it. I'm in my late 20s and not scared of dying from 'rona, but I am scared of Long Covid and it's neurological/vascular symptoms. I work in an intensive job that I could not continue if I had "brain fog", like so many covid "long haulers" do.

Anonymous 71792

Pro tip, he is one of the people in this list. There is even an article in a local newspaper about him.
I can see that we are vaccinating more in general, inflating the statistics, but how does that mean that there isn't anything at all to consider here? I'm so tired of this death cult.

Anonymous 71804

I'm in the same boat as you. I'm a teacher in Australia, and we were all told to get it or find a new job (despite the teacher shortage). I wanted to just say 'eff you' to everything and not get it, but I'd be letting down my HoD who has worked so hard to get me the really good classes that I wanted, plus I didn't really want to be jobless, so I acquiesced and got the clot shot. My parents and friend groups were vociferously attacking anyone who didn't get it, I even kept it a secret from one group I've been distancing myself from, because they called anyone against getting vaccinated a "fuckwit". My partner's parents treated me like an idiot for not getting it, because they're ex-nurses and think they're smarter than me, when I've deep dived into how Western propaganda and politics works while they still watch news delivered by millionaires in Melbourne. It's like the potential for a debate has been completely shut off here; even saying "we should be allowed to debate what's happening" is highly controversial.

I'm laughing at them now; ever since we hit 80% vaccinated, the government has opened borders, and now our case numbers have went from essentially 0 cases to the tens of thousands, probably more now because I don't watch the news. My brother, who was so vehemently enraged at antivaxxers, is now outraged that the government have eased restrictions and he's exposed to more of the public now (as a retail clerk). I always say, "oh but the vaccine will protect you, and me. We're vaccinated now so we can't get it". I repeat this now every time someone complains, it's cathartic.


petty boyfriend family drama Anonymous 71761[Reply]

hey girlies, I need to write about this because at this point I'm going BALLISTIC and INSANE over my boyfriends' dad. I need to know if I am giving a normal response and need advice. To help me out, I will green text it
>NYE, I am in London at the time with my family spending the night until the 1st

>My boyfriend decides to go to a public moshpit - he is into Carti bla bla rap (which isn't relevant)

>He really wants to go but to avoid the chance his parents disapproval over it, he lied to say he was going to mine

>Normal stuff you'd expect at a moshpit happened, he made some friends all studying medicine at universities

around and a little drinking, he starts to make his way back at 7ish

>The closest train station from his to mine is a 7 minute walk from mine, he walks back my way

>He realises his dad is waiting outside mine to probably walk back

>Boyfriend makes quick excuse saying that he went to the tescos to get food

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 71764

Parents strange like that, he lives under their house

Anonymous 71766

your boyfriend is a manchild. you should re-evaluate whether this relationship is what you deserve.

Anonymous 71769

This seems like the kind of drama 16 year-olds get involved in. Either you and your boyfriend are underaged, or you're both mentally underaged. Bad situation either way, regardless. You can't fix this situation, you can't anything this situation. It is, quite explicitly, between your Boyfriend and his Dad. You can't make your boyfriend happy, you can't make the Dad happy, you just have to watch it play out.

Anonymous 71771

How are these people even allowed rights? Boggles my mind to know human beings like this even exist. Are you underaged? Not that would make any of this make sense but it would be a start.

Anonymous 71797

Seems to me like they're worried about him and what could happen at the concert.
Lol they're clearly underage


feeling like a loser Anonymous 71719[Reply]

i am the only one in my friend group without a boyfriend, some are already engaged, one is married, the others are in LTR's and seem really happy and i am happy for them. for the longest time i thought i was glad being alone as i am, took the pinkpill too early only reading stuff like Jane Eyre and the like, then growing up and realizing i am asexual which didn't help. i don't think guys (or girls for that matter) are attractive, but there has always been a side of me that yearned for a strictly platonic relationship, with nothing to do with sex, a shoujo-manga style relationship if you will, but soon enough, that side of me also realized it is a strictly fictional thing, (or a one in a thousand?) which made me give up, and i was happy giving up because it felt easier. for a while, it felt like a huge burden was taken off my shoulder, when i was able to say "im asexual" and it made sense. But recently, ive realized that hugging my cats to kill off touch starvation, and reading fanfiction like i used to when i was a middle-schooler "ain't it" anymore.
Whenever my friends are talking about their S/O, either in a positive or negative light, they seem so much cooler than me. not just in the sense "how do you do fellow kids"-cool, but just- relevant, got their life together, typical, safe, etc.. qualities none of which i have for my own.
and recently, it's gotten even more humiliating because they seem to like joking about this state of mine too, i can't stop thinking about that time i was talking to this one girl, and the conversation ended with me wishing her well on her upcoming marriage like "y'all are so cute together, i wish you well!" and she goes
>thank you anon, and i wish you and Aatrox well too :))
Which made me want to kill myself.
i still do tbh, it's just- the idea of getting in a relationship horrifies me to no ends, the committement, the "being the best version for yourself", the sappy cringe, but especially all the sexual stuff. But on the other hand, i feel dysfunctional and weird being the only one this way, and i wish i can stop feeling this way and love moids like everyone else and be normal in this sense
7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 71750

Didn't make those posts but it's imageboard culture. I expect mean and rude anons every time I come here.

Anonymous 71774

She told you to have fun with a league of legends character?

Anonymous 71775



, it's OK if you don't want to date or ever be in a romantic/sexual relationship. It sounds like your real source of distress is your shame about being "different". It's OK to have different priorities than most people. You have friends and don't sound like a total hermit or anything. Just accept yourself and if people give you shit about it, that's their problem. You are fine.

Anonymous 71776


This is unnecessarily harsh. If she doesn't want a bf/gf, she doesn't need one.

Anonymous 71784

If she didn't want a bf/gf she wouldn't feel like a loser, she would just be. However, she does feel like a loser, so obviously something is reacting to the outside world around her. If she was okay with being single she should be just that, okay. Instead, other people upset her by the mere mention of the fact that they are in relationships. They're not ganging up on her and calling her "catlady", they're living genuinely happy lives and she is upset by this.


Oneitis Anonymous 71389[Reply]

>dreamt about him again

Anonymous 71397


yeah, sucks. I'm honestly happy now, getting married to a lovely guy next year. But I do have regrets about the last ex. I don't love him anymore, but we had an extremely long history. I really wish I stood up for myself during our final conversation and told him exactly what a shit person he was. I still dream about him every once in a blue moon and it always disgusts me, because it feels like my subconscious still wants his attention, when I really just wish I told him off instead of letting him get to me.

Anonymous 71641

same. i still remember how his voice sounded in my dream. we haven’t spoken in some time.

Anonymous 71702

heard a song by a band that he showed me in a movie nearly killed myself right there and then

Anonymous 71779


I get nightmares, and they're awful, but I'd still choose to have them if it means I can occasionally see him in my dreams.
I'm afraid of forgetting him or how he sounds. I get you and your feels are shared, anon.


Anonymous 71569[Reply]

Last year or so I made a attempt to end my life and ended up in mental hospital
Got anti psychotics for 2 months straight and after I got out I was addicted to them
I gained about 8 kg
My boyfriend always told me how much he hates that I take them so I stopped cold turkey for him
One month later he told me while he was on ecasy how much he hates that I gained weight and that he also hates my skin eye and hair color
Developed bulimia and only managed to gain 2kg
I'm now a bit over 140lbs or so

I feel terrible almost everyday what do
6 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 71601

Yes because he's my first boyfriend and I think I still love him..

Anonymous 71616

I'm going to be straight up with you, it takes a lot more than love to have a good healthy relationship. Just because this one happens to be your first boyfriend doesn't mean you should feel particularly attached to them. Especially when they continually try to change you to suit their needs without putting you first. I also wouldn't put too much stock in the words of somebody who does ecstasy or any hard drug.

I know they are very few and far between but they're do exist good men out there that will make a bunch better partner for you that won't make you feel like shit just for being born with a certain eye color or whatever. It's your life and you shouldn't keep people around that are only going to drag you into the Earth with them. There is no one else in this world that can fight your battles for you or look out for you so you've got to learn to do it for yourself before it's too late.

It sounds like you are in an incredibly vulnerable state so you really can't have shitty people like that around.

Anonymous 71755

Let him know how he made you feel. If he does not show clear repent then he is beyond pasable partner material.
If he has a drug problem dicth him without second thoutghs

Anonymous 71758

Bin your bf and start making some healthy changes to your diet such as hibiscus tea for soda but don’t restrict. Throw away scales and anything else used to record your weight and size.

Anonymous 71767


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