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moids from your country Anonymous 71136[Reply]

went to my first non english speaking imageboard and just couldn't take it
it wasn't anything I haven't expected or seen on 4ch but for some reason reading all this shit in my language made me irrationaly angry and disgusted
I already had a disdain towards scrotoids from my country but this just furthered it
ladies how do I unlearn this?
ik that not every moid is a retard posting on imageboards but I always seem prejudiced towards them anyway
the only scrotoids I've ever been able to form any connection with were foreigners (we have a lot of exchange students at my uni and I kinda want to talk to some of them for this reason)
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Anonymous 79739

the site is literal shit, some of the screenshots are also from jvc-like sites but either way they are all equally shit and all of the people that i've had the misfortune to meet from these websites are all retarded anyway j'espère que le site et ses semblables brûleront pour de bon un jour. what amazes me is that it's been years that the people there talk about the same thing over and over again (they literally have the "boucle" meme for it now), i think you need to be actually autistic to go there because at some point it's just vomit inducing to go through the same stale shitty uninteresting recycled epic redpill they got from /pol/ or /r9k/ that they need to copy from cuz french moids are unoriginal and will never ever be original as demonstrated with the french internet scene. It's all just a copy of whatever is trendy internationally or in the usa. french moids are doomed and have nothing for themselves. This is why french males should never reproduce, i really hate the men from my country.

Anonymous 79740

What race is that?

Anonymous 79741

Tell me so I can know to avoid them

Anonymous 79742

I don’t talk to males or read anything they have to say because I don’t care. My only interaction with men in my country is when I go for night walks and they bother me. Tonight one moid in a van stopped directly next to me, honked, and drove away. I sincerely hate them and wish they would die.

Anonymous 79784

NTA but bad moid behaviour is universal. She only thinks her moids are the most disgusting because she has more interactions with them. I bet all the reasons she hates them can be applied to men of your country too.


Anonymous 65664[Reply]

Anyone else feels like there are no CC women in your whole country?
I really wish I could have an at least semi-irl friendship with a like minded girl, but I live in a place with a disproportionate amount of normies.
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Anonymous 79643

I relate too. I wish more people were in the middle ground. I feel like I have to walk on eggshells to not offend either of those extremes and that's no way to live. Wish there were more places for women like us.

Anonymous 79674

Yeah, it's a bit crazy that a middle ground is hard to find nowadays when terf views are literally just normal feminism that Usamericans on the internet recently decided is evil.

Anonymous 79675


Any nonas from Washetnaw? I haven’t lived in the USA for a suuuper long time but it definitely has a much higher chance than Morocco.

Anonymous 79726


Anonymous 79735

nona sois mon amie :(

Screen Shot 2022-0…

Anonymous 79593[Reply]

Anyone else feeling hopeless about dying alone?

I'm a 27 year old woman who has had zero dating success. I've been on maybe 4-5 dates in my life and none ended up with a second date. Of those guys, 3 lied about their age and made themselves out to be younger than they were. I recently went on a date after years and it was the first time in my life that a man had called me beautiful. He later texted to me to ask for a second date and I was ecstatic to get a second date for the first time ever. Today, I decided to look him up and it turns out, he's 10 years older than what he told me (among a handful of other lies he said).

I'm feeling so hopeless and dejected. Any ladies come to terms with always being alone? All my friends and partnered up at this point and moving on with their lives while I'm stuck in the same place as always. I want to give up.
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Anonymous 79614

i know… people act like its nothing, but not feeling desired and feeling behind in social aspects in life can have a great effect on you and your self esteem and mood end up taking a toll. im not expecting a boyfriend to magically cure my depression or fix my life but loneliness can be so painful and youre kinda stuck in a circle where youre down all the time and you wanna meet new people but cant bring yourself to because youre feeling down. i think the most important time for you to feel more motivated to go through with them is to be attracted to them. at least a little bit. even though in my head im like "im so desperate!! when i actually go on tinder i gotta remind myself to have standards. maybe not super high ones if theres only ugly men near you but at least someone you'd make out with. dont waste time on dates with men that are so ugly you wouldnt do anything with. and dont feel bad about failed dates. theyre frustrating but think of them as practice, you didnt waste time, you went out and socialized and even if it didnt turn out you should still be proud of yourself.
And thank you, i hope you can catch a break soon too ^^

Anonymous 79622

you're too good for them op. i don't mean this as an empty platitude but that most men on dating sites/apps are trash so stop feeling hopeless and instead realize that they are not worthy of you

now, delete all online dating stuff. go to singles events and join some non-dating related clubs. be ruthless. talk to as many men as possible and be prepared to cast them aside if they do not live up to what you want. you should expect to go through at least 50-100 men this way

get out of the mentality that you are the issue and that you will never find someone. you are a queen and you will find someone good but you have to go through a lot of trash first

Anonymous 79630

please ignore this user op, they sound like a moid

Anonymous 79640


No. I prefer being alone and get really annoyed when I have to live with people. Especially if I have to talk to them everyday. How do you keep that going without getting really tired of it?

Anonymous 79644

why is it so hard for men to stay out of women's spaces? holy shit, I swear all of you WANT to be women.


Anonymous 79473[Reply]

Does anyone else feel like all pastimes are lacking in something?
Every hobby or media I've tried just feels kind of empty, or it doesn't make me feel quite enough. There's exceptions but they're quite few and far between. I wouldn't even say I'm depressed but I'd definitely say I'm chronically dissatisfied cause i feel like i just can't enjoy anything. I'm slowly becoming a workaholic and all of my hobbies are basically just some form of work even though I don't care at all for money, but work is the only thing that makes me feel fulfilled. I always thought there was this one hobby waiting for me somewhere and once I'd find it I'd finally be like, oh yeah finally this is it, and focus on that 100%, but i don't think it exists anymore.

Anonymous 79477

>chronically dissatisfied
You have depression.

Anonymous 79505

>the rapists have arrived

Anonymous 79506

Could you say that…

Anonymous 79512



That's a consequence of getting older. Content being pushed out of mediums that you used to enjoy will feel like they are getting worse and worse every year (And in some ways that's true, because many of them are now prioritizing profit and appeals to pro-censorship idealogies over artisticness). They are pushing out content that wants to appeal to what the new generation wants. Stick to the indie scene if it ends up bothering you that much, but realize that even those artists would also likely end up tied to companies that just shill them out if they get big enough. Good art can only be good when there are humble and modest intentions behind it. (And I'm not saying there aren't artists tied to big labels that aren't. But it's still the label that more often than not that does not have these intentions for their art and that controls it, because the artist is now their product.)


This too. You can't enjoy something when you can't even get yourself to do it properly. I also suffer depression and it keeps me from finishing almost all TV shows, albums, books, etc. that I start. Even when I really enjoy them in the moment. A therapist would likely help for that, but I wouldn't know personally because I can't even afford one. That's why I'm waiting around rotting right now, until I become financially stable enough to be able to.

Anonymous 79517



I don't have any advice but I can commiserate with you OP. It feels like all of my memories of doing something enjoyable are a lot more magical than they really were, and my fantasies of enjoying things in the future are similar in that actually partaking in them feels flat.

I keep buying books, games, etc and hype myself up for them. Like, I get too involved in how excited I am to read/play/watch whatever and then when I sit down to it it's flat. I've developed a horrible habit of buying a shitload of books only to never open them, because I know the fantasy of reading them and enjoying them will be more powerful than opening it and being disappointed.

I think I'm depressed personally but I won't touch a doctor's office with a ten foot pole so I'm just shit out of luck.

I've found that doing journey meditation and maladaptive daydreaming is the only way to tap into that happiness, and honestly it's probably unhealthy as fuck so I can't exactly recommend it.


Anonymous 77406[Reply]

>Do you talk to yourself?
>How often and why?

I talk to myself constantly- even in public sometimes. It's because of some stupid psychosis that makes me think there are people watching me who need explanations for every little thing I do and think. It's also because I'm lonely.
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Anonymous 79350

Instead of making a head friend I've decided to make a head family. I'm no contact with my family but I often wish I had one. It's not like I can ever get another real family so it's this or nothing.

When I made my head friend before I thought of all the coolest characteristics I could think of but this time I'm just letting them come to me when I'm half asleep. Like a real family, I don't get to choose.

Anonymous 79365

I have pretend conversations with people in my life in my head all the time. Or just imagine speaking/writing to a jornal or general audience. So kind of? It helps me process things and feel less lonely I guess.

A coworker once told my friend I worked with that I talk to myself under my breath at meetings so maybe I do and I just don't notice.

Anonymous 79366

My train of thought sounds like whatever I was listening to most recently.

I don't just mean that my inner monologue is more formal after I listen or read formal content. I will literally hear the voice speaking in different accents, with different phrases of speech / mannerism, etc…

I might be dumb, idk

Anonymous 79385

I talk to my cat. She has won. :v

Anonymous 79461

Yes, never in public tho. But alone i can talk to myself for hours


Anonymous 78205[Reply]

I just turned 18 so i can finally post on here.
I'm curious what u would want to tell yourself or someone else if u were my age?
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Anonymous 79293

>date men not boys
But they are old and ugly…

Anonymous 79351


Sure nona

Anonymous 79408

Take care of your hair, skin, teeth, and joints.
Sunscreen always.
Cold showers are better for your skin and hair than hot showers.
Take vitamin D, calcium, biotin, and collagen supplements. Some supplements will combine D and calcium so you don't have to buy separate ones.
Stop eating so much sugar. Store-bought juice has a fuckton of sugar, it's practically soda.
After you brush your teeth, let the toothpaste just stay for a minute before spitting and rinsing.

Anonymous 79410

Could I just take supplements for pregnant women? Dont't those have all you need?

Anonymous 79429

Are you teaching her on how to remain visually fuckable for the most time possible, lol?

1649389513018 (1).…

Vent Thread Anonymous 77420[Reply]

Previous thread
Post your woes and copes here sisters.
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Anonymous 80048

I finally talked to him and he cried so much. Not because of the vomitting part, and he actually didn't realize i vomitted, and told me we should stop. i dont think i want to stop because i still like giving him pleasure so i guess ill just tell him to avoid forcing me and try gripping something else if he really needs to, if it works then we can keep doing it.

he cried because i talked to him about something else he did thats related to the "hes not listening to me part". i was surprised to see that he understood why it was so bad. because yes, objectively, its the kind of thing men would say "its not that serious, not that bad". but he understood why it hurt me. in the end i ended up being the one comforting him, but i feel so much better knowing that if i need to talk to him about something, i wont have to fear an angry reaction or him trying to put the blame on me. we're both the kind of people to take the blame on us, which is bad in general but ig good for our couple because we both want to take responsibility for our actions. which means we can trust each other. i still feel weird about how he can just "not care" without realizing or how men have these violent sexual urges but since he does listen and tries to understand when we discuss it seriously, i guess i should not complain too much and understand too that we all have flaws and what matters is how we try to not let them be the most of ourselves. and he does try. im actually kinda happy now.

Anonymous 80049

while we discussed i realized once again that i look much more into details than him, maybe just men, maybe even most people. it could have been a simple "you dont listen to me" episode but i told him that it wasnt just that to me and that sometimes i dont feel like im a person at all to him. he was a bit confused with that but he didnt try to make me sound like im crazy or something. he really feels bad about it, i think he believed i wanted to break up with him, i mean i sounded really serious. but i love him, and he loves me, and we both try hard to make it work. now i really believe that it is worth it, that i can give myself and our relationship a shot. i feel like a survivor in this sick world knowing that i got myself a man who wants to be good, and that im also good for him.

Anonymous 80102

Friday night, stoned, I felt something strange. An alien sentiment. I was relating to the protagonist of some film. Down to getting aroused when she was getting aroused. It was an illuminating experience, in that it unveiled how much of an unemphatic person i am normally. I mean, I have enough social tact to pretend like I'm concerned about other people and their worries. But the awful truth is, I've only ever been concerned about how their worries are related to me; and how my reaction and support may affect my image in their eyes.
I cried that night because I realized I may never experience genuine love. I will only ever be drunk on the feeling of liking to be loved, and will misconstrue it as actual affection. This is both good and bad. Good in the sense that I'll never really be hurt by what other people do to me. I'll never be as attached to a person the way they are to me. And bad because I'll only ever be addicted to love and attention they give me. My low self esteem and my narcissim will always prevent me from developing healthy standards and boundaries with strangers, because I'll always prefer them loving me over not giving a shit even if i don't necessarily love them back.

Anonymous 80105

I'm so fucking confused on how and what i should eat. I moved to Paris during Ramadhan, so my body didn't even have time to adjust before getting violently thrust into a routine of 30k steps with less than 900kcals consumed daily. I was already losing weight whilst leading a very sedentary lifestyle, by getting into a deficit in a budget of 1400kcals, but the new routine changed my body from top to bottom. This is the first time in my life that I can fit into size 32's.
I probably got to 44.0kilos at my lowest, and now that I'm back to a very reasonable budget of 1300/1400 kcals a day, I can feel myself piling back the weight (I was 45.4 kilos this morning). Yes, I know it was inevitable, but on the one hand I can't stay in the 900 deficit forever (I lost my period for two months) so the reverse diet is okay (reasonably). But at the same time I don't want to be fat and pudgy again.
Feels like things were much clearer when I was in deficit. My whole life revolved around food, and looking forward to the next meal (especially breakfast) and the nervous excitement I'd get when i check if something might fit in my budget or not. I even miss the guilt that would grip me if I ever eat something "hefty" and the awful panic i'd get into if i step on the scale before going to the bathroom. Now I don't have anything to look forward to when i step on the scale because the fucking number is only ever going to go up and it won't fucking stabilize (apparently).
I suppose I could always become a pilates girlie since gym is fucking expensive in this god forsaken city.

Anonymous 80118

the difference between nice guys and "nice guys" is that different between being nice and good. "nice guys" put on an act and white knight thinking it will get them pussy, while nice guys are genuinely nice and good


grandparents Anonymous 79358[Reply]

just found out earlier that my grandpa was in the emergency room. he's been moved out of the ER, but he's still in the hospital, hooked up to all kinds of stuff.

we'd had plans with my grandma to go on a trip, all three of us. i haven't seen them in over a year.

Anonymous 79388

I pray your grandpa will be alright nona, if you're allowed to visit him please try to spend some time with him while you can, it will mean a lot to him, if you aren't allowed that- then simple gifts/letters do go a long way i don't know how lenient hospital bureaucracy/protocols are in your country but we used to do that a lot here.
All four of my grandparents have died when i was really young, and since my parents were divorced/fought on and off whenever they were together, connecting with their families really wasn't much of a thing, i have very few memories of my grandparents before they died and i still sort of blame my parents' selfishness for it, really really wish i got to connect with them more, and i always envy people my age who still have living grandparents and choose to ignore/neglect them, they won't be around forever you must cherish them while you can. My last living grandparent died when i was 15, i couldn't go to any of their funerals because of family issues, but i did visit a grandma's grave once, i don't think i even prayed for her back then, i just watched, i must have been like 9-10 years old.
I really really hope your grandpa will be alright, that the lot of you guys will get to make good memories together again when he recovers. Please try to support your grandma emotionally while at it for now, i wish y'all the best. It'll be alright you'll always have them with you

Anonymous 79389

best of luck


Anonymous 79309[Reply]

i feel so cold and lonely. ive felt like this as long as i can remember. does it ever really end?
2 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 79319

Anonymous 79324

i dont know my whole body just gets cold especially when im feeling extra lonely

Anonymous 79325

love this game
sometimes ill play it and just wonder around the first section

Anonymous 79329

maximvm sovl
>tfw no simon bf

Anonymous 79343

I'm sorry, Nona. You can always talk to your friends on CC tho, even if we won't replace IRL company


Night Time Thread Anonymous 12786[Reply]

Night is a blessing and a curse. The comfiest time and emptiest time. What are you doing awake? Enjoying the quiet? Regrets eating at you?
Please only post if it's night time for you. Night requires a special haven.
60 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 79286

I'm >>79239
After some rest, I can easily say that I'm still down. Life is what you make of it and my brain was born too broken to make anything positive of it. Had I the will, maybe, but there's been no better day than this one. I've never been happier than I am in these times, and I don't think it gets any better from here. Never have I known, never will I know, and I think it may well be better that way.

Anonymous 79289

Anon, don’t kys. Things can get better, even if they haven’t been good so far. CC is here for you and we will help you in any way we can. What do you need?

Anonymous 79300

>What do you need?
To have been born a different person, I suppose
>CC is here for you
I'm sorry, but I really don't find that comforting

Anonymous 79302

Anonymous 79303


Ntayrt but we're really here

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