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Long Distance Relationships Anonymous 44204[Reply]

Thread to discuss Long Distance Relationships. The struggles, the pros… meeting the person for the first time… meeting them for the 50th time… vent both sad and happy things. LDRs can be quite a challenge but it's the right thing for some people.
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Anonymous 96231

Btw, its not like me and my bf connected immediately or realized we were soulmates or best friends immediately, but we put lots od effort and time into our relationship and I have never felt more connected to anyone in my life. Love at first sight may exist, but companionate love is deeper and what lasts, and to get there you need to put in lots of effort.

Anonymous 96232

Yeah the guy had anger issues. Also shared too much stuff to me like how he was into being a sub and liked having a dom gf. Crazy people on the internet.

It’s fun meeting new people. Though there are some crazies who LARP and troll cuz they’re bored.

I made my own posts because I wanted people to know who they were adding. Plus the lurkers will have to make the effort to say something and get the conversation going as you have nothing to say at the start. I’d always say “why’d you add me” and then things would roll off that.

Yeah just ask what they’re into, what is going on in their life, if they have any funny or interesting stories to tell etc. Some like phone calls only or video calls because they’re into Omegle. I just talked to the texters.

Anonymous 96712


e-partner texts me 1-2 times a day
is this what they call a relationship

Anonymous 96713

That's what they call being cucked.

Anonymous 96907

My gf messages me like once every two weeks without even attempting to converse and only replying to my texts

Jeff_DOn't Laugh.j…

Mean teachers Anonymous 96162[Reply]

Has a teacher ever said anything to you that's stuck with you? Have you ever been bullied by a teacher? Have you ever held an emotional/trauma bond with a teacher?
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Anonymous 96523

"If you think your looks and personality will be enough to get by without every academic advantage possible, you are sorely mistaken." He was my math teacher throughout primary and high school and was a demanding, ruthless dictator. He'd make us stand up in pairs and do quick-fire times tables battles, which evolved into improv calculation competitions, and would occasionally make sure to pit the smartest against the dumbest. He was always so disappointed in me because I bought into the family line that I'd marry rich at 16 and wouldn't have to worry about school, which I interpreted as a personal hatred of me. When I came back home from my first year at uni studying STEM, he gave me a firm handshake and told me he was relieved I'd proved his fears wrong and later recommended me to an old colleague who gave me work placement in an incredibly prestigious lab for my final year.

Anonymous 96529

Once a teacher called me "retard" in a very harsh tone because he thought I was intentionally spoiling a joke (I accidentally answered a question without realising it was rhetorical and there was a punch line coming). I don't even care that he called me "retard" because he wasn't insulting my intelligence, it was the sheer hatred and disdain in the way he said it that stuck with me. He didn't do anything of the sort again and said to me "In 5 years you'll be earning more than me" at graduation.

I still didn't like him because he was touchy with the really tall, really skinny girls (supposedly he was helping them "stretch" to alleviate back pain). His wife happened to be really tall and really skinny. Go figure.

Reminds me of a kid in my class who got a D+ on a maths test, asked another teacher to look over it, and got it bumped up to a B-.

It has to be, there is no way you could train such a hungry predator to have that much restraint around so many eggplants

Lolwut? Nona that's bizarre. I wonder what must've happened to make her react like that to you missing a few lessons.

Quick-fire times tables are about the only way you can make times tables remotely fun; pitting the smart against the dumb is inevitable when you're trying to make the match-ups seem random. What he said was harsh, it's unfortunate that it stuck with you and will probably never leave. On a more positive note, what he said has affected your life trajectory for the better (seemingly). He probably saw your potential from a young age and didn't want it wasted. It's sweet in a f'd-up sort of way.

Anonymous 96535


>Lolwut? Nona that's bizarre. I wonder what must've happened to make her react like that to you missing a few lessons.

I think she had mentioned her and her daughter being on foodstamps before, so maybe that was a reason why she freaked out over the possibility of one of her students having food insecurity. Still no excuse to be so creepily intrusive and "buddy-buddy" with me though. I looked at her past RMP reviews and they're mostly positive, like about how supportive and friendly she is, but I saw some students have complained about her nosiness and rudeness as well so it seems it was not just me. She needs to mind her own business and remember she is dealing with adults.

Anonymous 96820

In high school I had to do a book presentation and the teacher straight up told me 'You're not good at it, you'll probably never be good at it but without the presentation you would have a good grade'. I don't really care now but when I read this this came up, I was so insecure about even just talking to people face to face for about a year.

Anonymous 96826

I'm filing him under "pedophile".

depressed black gi…

I fucking hate my life 95857[Reply]

I haaaaaaaaaaaate being a woman of color. So. Fucking. Much.
And before you wonder why, let me make it clear that it has little to do with actually being a woman and of color. I'm not a fucking tranny, I appreciate my womanhood. And I don't see white as being any more special than the skin color I have.
But the reason why I hate my existence has everything to do with the male counterparts I'm forced to acknowledge by association. There is nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, I hate more than men of color. Out of all the men on Earth, they are the most openly volatile, most vocally aggressive, most physically aggressive. Anytime you see the face of a toxic red-pilling manosphere vlogger, they're 100% of the time bound to be a man of color. They breed hood culture from a young age, which instills the idea into men of color that they have to be totally incompetent soon to be convicts that drop racial epithets all the time as a form of comraderie and wear shapeless tacky clothing that denotes to the classless cultureless heathens that they are. They have a proclivity to openly woman bash and see women as their personal cum barrels, which is why many of these mouth breathers will open their lips and say the most vilely abhorrent things about women to anyone within earshot and what they'd want to do to a woman in bed. The highest amount of sex traffickers, drug pushers, domestic abusers, gang bangers are all: men of color.
At least in White and Asian culture, they seem to raise their men with a sense of dignity and pride. They instill honor by their name and what's the first thing they teach young boys in their culture to do? To honor their culture by honoring their women. They'll defend women and look out for their own kind. Even in message boards like 4chan, when I write something where I address my race, white men will jump on me like blood thirsty dogs and call me all sorts of things like shitskin and goblina. That's one last thing I'd like to add. Being a woman of color, my existence can't be left alone without people feeling compelled to mention white women as if I mandatorily must 100% of the time be dredged into a negative comparison in favor of white women. I would like to live my life in peace without having to be referred to as a "shit skin" or "ugly monkey" because a white man feels he has no other way of complimenting his pedestalized Aryan queen. Just please leave me the fuck alone already. My life can be perfectly fine without havinPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 96755

Not the same anon, but why did you post that screencap in this specific thread in the first place? It was all about non-white women ranting about men in their own communities until you came in and suddenly started making assumptions about the previous anons and talking about a tweet that has nothing to do with OP's thread.

Anonymous 96768

I am suspicious of this post. Did moid hands write this, I wonder.

Anonymous 96800

Because I felt like it. Feel free to ignore it if it doesn't ring any bells for you.

Anonymous 96805

Screenshot 2023-03…


Aaaaaaand here come the white trad-thots to troll and shit up this thread that was innocuously made to allow minority women to simply vent.
And then women wonder why female solidarity will never exist?
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous Moderator 96806

This thread has derailed too heavily into race and stereotypes so I'm locking it. Please check the sticky thread at the top of every board to see what kind of topics are not allowed.

jacksonville pride…

What are giant red flags to you Anonymous 92412[Reply]

here are mine
>plays total war or paradox games
this can be explained by itself
>does roids
i have personal experience with this
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Anonymous 96169

literally me minus the sanrio and twitter parts

Anonymous 96193

Lmfao same except the lovebombing

Anonymous 96581

Would you prefer he smack talks women of other races even your own?

Anonymous 96610

>active on Twitter and/or Letterboxd

Anonymous 96611

Why does he have to disparage any woman of any race?


Hikki/NEET Diaries Anonymous 23206[Reply]

I wanted to make a thread to blogpost about being a Hikikiomori or a NEET, mainly to be able to talk about how you're progressing and to help with accountability.

I've tried journalling for a long time but I always fall off because it feels pointless to write long pages to myself that no one will ever read.

Post ITT: How your day has been, woes of being a neet/hikki, things you've achieved lately, your fears, and goals.
343 posts and 157 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 96298

Screenshot 2021-07…

in 3 months i get to quit my job and be a neet wife for a few months before giving birth and then being a SAHM. i'm looking forward to it so fuckin' much, i'm tired of people.

Anonymous 96309

Lucky duck

Anonymous 96337

Im so jealous this is literally my dream

Anonymous 96371

I hope you have some money saved up and a good relationship with your family and friends in case shit hits the fan.

Anonymous 96553

good luck in the future, i believe in you!


work thread Anonymous 65868[Reply]

ITT: we discuss frustrations at our jobs whether you were wronged or you yourself messed up

NEETS need not reply
38 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 94929

This will sound weird but I hate that I don't work all week. I have free weekends and I hate it. I thought having an income would allow me to enjoy more things, but it has been pointless because I have no friends or close relatives.
I've tried going out alone but I don't enjoy it at all, if anything it makes me feel worse.
Tried signing to some classes on the weekends to see if I could make some friends but I didn't achieve anything.
At least i feel appreciated at work. My coworkers are nice to me and I have my mind busy. Anywhere else I feel miserable.
Still, I know my coworkers aren't my friends, they make plans together and I'm never invited, so I know they see me just as a coworker and nothing more. But I won't complain about them because they are the first group of people that makes me feel appreciated since I was a preteen

Anonymous 95479

i hate remote work. I am the only person in my office who works in-person (because of my junior contract) and i fucking despise that my coworkers (as much as i like them) feel some sort of entitlement to me doing everything by myself in person all the goddamn time.

They are always on vacation or business trips or working from home. I bust my ass to get to work every goddamn day with a 13 mile, 1 and a half hour commute total back and forth and god forbid im slightly late to an appointment and they just take a different meeting and have to reschedule with me.

as soon as i get into graduate school I'm going back to my home country for a long needed break for at least a month (and hopefully find a moid to spend the rest of my life with in that time) before I start school again

Anonymous 95563

Why oh why did I get invited to an interview that I’m clearly not going to get the job in the end? I’m qualified on paper but there are many more qualified people vying for this job. Plus I have to do a test and I forgot everything since graduate school … I’m going to fail the test for sure.

Anonymous 96525

same. i think this applies to some of the other ladies in my work place, one of my older colleagues would call up everytime i asked her a simple question like "which address should i be putting for this order" which can be answered in basically 2 seconds on teams but instead she wants to call me up and have a 1/2 hr conversation :/ im now afraid of asking her questions.

id also like to speak more but i think my sense of humour is kind of different from theirs.

i just need friends who are aspie like me but dont show it but only a little bit and we laugh at the same stupid things. i tried bumble before but it's all dog and wine girls. i hate dogs.

Anonymous 96537


Just change companies then. You are clearly an exception because most people hate even the idea of ever going back to an office again.

>I bust my ass to get to work every goddamn day

Cool, no one cares. And no one would care even if you had your coworkers physically around while doing it, either.

>1 and a half hour commute total back and forth

Cool, so you like torturing yourself with needless commute. Well others don't. They're doing what's best for them and you have to do what's best for you.


Dreams and wishes thread Anonymous 1652[Reply]

Wanted to make a thread for us to write about stuff that we want. Could be:

- Attainable dreams
- Unrealistic dreams
- Stuff that you want for the long run, like a type of career, housing and moving plans, etc
- Stuff that you really just want right now, like a holiday, a cute set of clothings, food
- An imaginary setting in your head that you want and want to talk about, being it realistic or not, like imagine a life you wish you would have

And all the stuff in between, I guess.
79 posts and 14 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 96214


> Attainable dreams
I want to graduate with a top grade from university!

> Stuff that you want for the long run

I want a career in the psych field, not sure what exactly but definitely a 9-5 type job! I'd like a sweet cosy house I share with my partner with a pretty kitchen like picrel. I dream of sharing the rest of my life with another woman who I love and who loves me. I also want to have cats!

> Stuff you just really want right now

Clear skin and some cute clothes!

> An imaginary setting in your head

I dream of being a princess! hehe maybe with a female knight who falls in love with me. I think it's dreamy to imagine brushing my long hair and wearing pretty dresses and strolling around the palace gardens

Anonymous 96233

>Attainable dreams
Getting licensed in my field. Maybe getting a PhD in a few years once I have more work experience. I'd love to be a professor one day and teach what I know, but that's a dream for the distant, distant future. Eventually I want to make enough money where I can be completely financially independent from my parents. And actually afford to live in a cute place instead of a run-down apartment.

>Unrealistic dreams

Not being so alone lol. It sucks not having many friends where I currently live. I'd love to share my life with someone, but there is something in me that prevents me from getting close to people on that level.

Anonymous 96518

>attainable dreams

I want to learn to play piano but it makes me sad to be 18 years old. I feel like it's too late. Even so if I join classes I could learn. I would like to be a musician. My other goal is to learn how to crochet well and be able to sell my creations. Finally, I would like to have a vegetable garden and completely stop any ultra-processed product, I am even planning to create my own tea plants.
>Unrealistic dreams
Live in a cold European country, have a house in the woods, collect dolls and old dresses (I have some but the best ones are too expensive).
>Stuff that you really just want right now, like a holiday, a cute set of clothings, food

Anonymous 96519

18 is far from too late
but if you're gonna do it you should be prepared to commit to it without fear of giving up

Anonymous 96522

you know that scene in howl's moving castle where sophie has her own room. she opens it up and there's just her shop, outside only flowers and butterflies? that's my dream.

fingers crossed i hope hard enough it comes true <3


confessions thread 2 Anonymous 63992[Reply]

>>51270 previous bread

I never brush my teeth for the full 2 minutes
335 posts and 43 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 96471

I have piss stains on my bed because I drank too much & pissed myself while sleeping. I haven't changed the sheets yet.

Anonymous 96472

my husband was a John at one point
I love him to death, and he's a great candidate for a husband, but he confessed to me that he used the services of a sw a few years ago once
It hasn't really changed my opinion on him as a person, i just never would have seen myself marrying someone like that

never been a sw, but im personally against porn and sw because i think it's unethical

Anonymous 96473

>husband used to receive "service" from sex work
What the fuck?

Anonymous 96474

like, before i had ever met him. once. years and years ago. and he said he didn't care for it….he knows how i feel about sw and i told him how money=/=consent and etc. he knows im anti-porn too

Anonymous 96565

Pippacucks be like…

Thank you Pippa.
Thank you for wringing the wallets and attention of the worst and most mentally ill incels out there.
Thank you for not only doing that, but also lying to them about your virgin status (because they're creepy enough to care) and then still date and spend time with guys IRL as you like anyways, cuckolding those freaks even more.
You've done a good service and I respect the hustle.
You are no role model by any means, and I'm thankful to never have to be in your position, but thank you nonetheless. I am glad to have my wealth and financial freedom through honest education and work.
It makes me happy that you filter out losers so I can feel good knowing they're too obsessed with watching you to even have a chance at wasting my time. It saves me a lot heartache and energy when you attract them like fly paper.

And I want to thank vtubing as a whole for being something that also just easily filters unlovable, used goods scrotes. These dramas over the past week have made it very clear that the hobby as a whole is a massive cringey joke and full of brony-tier weeb losers and some of the worst of the internet.


Crush rejection posting Anonymous 80058[Reply]

>have crush
>crush text me song lyrics from a song I posted on my story
>I reply with the next lyrics (that’s my favorite song anon)
>”me too”
>I respond with “cute”
>he then responds ”wanna have sex”
>”wait what”
>he then informs “just ducking with you”
>in shock all I can do is say uh huh and call him a pussy
so that’s my night. What’s crush rejection story
52 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 95442

That was fricking brutal. Sorry nona.

Anonymous 95445


>he disappears to finish his degree elsewhere and troons out

Anonymous 95468

This is the weirdest shit I have ever read. If a moid doesn't like you then it's over.
Unless the moid you're trying to attract is a literal ape that wants to get you as a "prize" for beating another man, he won't give 2 shits if you claim to like another man. If anything that ends your quest to get him then and there.
If you do get him on a hook then that shows that he's a shitty insecure person.
My best advice is to mirror him. Does he wear hoodies? Switch up your clothing to something comfy. Is he into nerdy stuff? Talk to him about rockets or idk.
You want to be his "ideal gf."
In reality this is just compensating because men look at your face, butt, and boobs and then decide.
If your tits aren't big enough then he will cheat.

Anonymous 95472

Thank you nonas. No worries though, I just miss our friendship because I'm a loner and he was the closest I had to a best friend in my whole life.

Anonymous 96344

He could have saved you the embarrassment by putting a ring on his finger.


Justice after Tragedy Anonymous 74419[Reply]

Have you sought justice after being raped/sexually assaulted? Was it a success? What advice would you give to a victim finding justice through court or other means?
27 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 75101

i hope you treasure your family anon. few people are willing to risk their freedom to do the right thing.

Anonymous 75122

What country are you in

Anonymous 75361

Absolutely the correct approach to dealing with this.

Anonymous 96040

legal justice was not an option in my scenario (my word versus everyone who loves him)
anyway his personal and financial information was leaked in minecraft roblox edition.
but of course since everyone loves him it didn't do much besides give someone a free credit card i guess. even if the other content was horrible.
it's depressing how everyone simps for criminals just because they're socialable.
"well my son said you are very crazy, why would he lie to his mother?"

Anonymous 96281

No, but my husband is currently in jail for going after my childhood abuser.
I have been disowned by my family and the only light in my life are the small visits I'm allowed to pay him. His lawyer is currently fighting tooth and nail since we sincerely believe the judge was biased and unfair.
I swear if anything happens to him while he's inside there I'm going to do something really fucked up in minecraft.

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