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Anonymous 12577[Reply]

>be me
>never had irl bf before, no males interested in me
>random girl with her group of friends calls me over to ask if i think her friend is cute because he needs a gf
>i do
>i joke around/act really lighthearted about it because i'm too afraid of rejection but i try to show that i am interested in him
>send him two texts that are just joke flirting and he ignores them
>the next, call out something very purposefully silly (unsure of how to actually start a conversation while showing interest
>"hey babe do you still need a girlfriend" "are you friendzoning me?"
>he stays silent and just flips me off
>been in a huge crisis/anguish about this throughout all of this, think about him all day
>suddenly understand that he might just think i was messing with him instead of being cold and rejecting me
>im fucking dumb
d-does it sound like he thinks i was messing with him/im messing with him? how do i casually reverse this? i'll see him tomorrow again at lunch break
help help help
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Anonymous 17328

Honestly I'm so lonely I would, but none of them are romantically attracted to me.

Anonymous 17361

This comes a bit too late, but for the record if a guy doesn't respond it means he's just not interested and doesn't want to hurt your feelings. They have this "good guys don't make girls cry" ideology stuck in their heads.

Anonymous 17632

i thought this was all over but nah. we've had a few lighthearted brief interactions (i told him to tell me a joke. he said 'my life') but not much. just a bit ago he followed me on instagram then let me follow him. hmm

Anonymous 17633

You're looking way too much into these micro-interactions with him. Overall, he doesn't seem interested.

Anonymous 17634

yeah i guess. although it probably does mean he doesn't truly hate me


Anonymous 17589[Reply]

Are any of you cuckqueans? I’m not into it but I want to hear some stuff from those who are into it. Is it just a fantasy or do some of you also actually practice it?

I posted pic related because it’s applicable and I think it’s funny.

Anonymous 17590

I thought it was a boy in the picture but looking closer I can see it's just a smol ugly man. Relieved but still disgusted.

Anonymous 17591

Damn, I shouldn't have reported this to mods before reverse image searching. He just really passes as 13 in this pic, while looking adult in others.
Low key grateful to op since I've been looking for a tiny male porn star like that. Thanks! What a good day.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 17592

Moved to >>>/nsfw/1538.


Long Distance Relationship Advice Anonymous 17561[Reply]

My boyfriend is getting deployed, and I was looking for advice from other people in long distance relationships and how to stay sane.

Anonymous 17565

wait outside.jpg

Definitely, definitely make time to talk or text on the reg. Even if it's once every 48 hours, the regularity of it helps for staying sane. Go ahead and indulge yourself with thoughts of him, because if you try to suppress that shit, it'll come back with fire and depression instead of excitement and comfort.

If you plan on keeping up with naughty things, get really descriptive. Make one second last 1 minute. Make 1 minute last 5 minutes. I've done this with my boy who is in a different state right now and has been for months. I'll tell him how I miss his hands. I miss licking between his fingers and then brushing his now slightly wet fingers along my lips and staring into his eyes. Describe your breathing, his breathing, the smells the tastes, etc. This shit has really helped keep things fun, sexy, and not so lonely.

Keep him being part of your day. Send him a link to a folder on your google drive and save short videos there of you making coffee or picking something up from the grocery store. Then he can jump on the folder that you've shared with him and see what your days are like. Maybe he can save some stuff there for you to see, as well.

Hope this helps! It's a bummer, but it can be done! You'll survive, girl!

Anonymous 17582

I had a friend in your situation and it seems like they sent a lot of letters to each other. Maybe try that in addition to calls or emails because you can make things as long or short as you'd like.


Nicknames Anonymous 17451[Reply]

Post cute, silly or funny nicknames you've given your friends and loved ones or ones that have been given to you. Bonus if you explain the context.
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Anonymous 17476

Rae-bot, supposedly because I was the socially stunted robotic one of the group. It was so lame.

Anonymous 17478

Well, as far as I know he doesn't watch that lol.
But he has surprised me in the past. I'll have to ask next time I get a chance.

Anonymous 17480

My friend from kindergarten was called Petra and we all called her Peppa, it was cute until the cartoon Peppa Pig came out and everyone started calling her Peppa Pig. poor girl

Anonymous 17481

People only called it me occasionally but i got called 'grape' cause one girl took a photo of me where my face was shaped exactly like a grape

Anonymous 17500

My name initials are KFC


Anonymous 16302[Reply]

Does depression ever go away?
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Anonymous 17271


Oh, hi, fellow PDD anon. I’m assuming you mean persistent depressive disorder/dysthymia right? What are things that help you feel better? I cannot even come up with one moment this entire year where i haven’t either felt crushingly numb or miserable.

Anonymous 17488

Not for me, it comes in spouts though. Had it since I was 14, 22 now.

Anonymous 17491

I pretty much cry every single time I go to college or work now. Home, too, on the occasion. I have felt "sad" for long periods of time and intensely since I was young because I felt trapped by my parents. I still feel that way. I used to believe there might be an escape from them, but I'm useless and I'm still stuck. I feel like I'm stuck as an emotional teenager and yet I'm a fourth year. Still don't have any female friends, am basically alone for the most part. I hope that being able to live on my own will help my feelings but I can't be positive.

Anonymous 17545

No, unfortunately it doesn't. There are ways of managing it though. I know that sounds negative but it's actually not, the fact that we can live normal lives and that there is support out there for us is a positive, imo. Learning to manage it and the patterns in your own behaviour will make you feel a lot better, I've come a long way from when I was at my lowest and I'm proud of myself for it. I could have another depressive episode around the corner but I know how to better deal with it now, which is such an improvement and makes a huge difference (that's as satisfying as it just "going away" imo). I still beat myself up on a daily basis and I avoid socialising all the time but at least I recognise what I'm doing. I went from being completely apathetic towards everything to actually feeling scared during horror films and rollercoasters lol, that was a big thing for me. That's just me though, I know that there are people who are suffering from it a lot worse than me.

People who say it does go away do not have clinically-diagnosed depression. There's a difference between "depression" and "being depressed" and I wish more people knew the difference. Please do not listen to people who claim that their depression was cured by "just trying harder!". I have someone like that in my life and it's so frustrating to be told that you're not making an effort (you're just lazy or you don't want to be helped). This person genuinely thinks that she "cured" depression through wacky foods and self-help books and if people around her aren't cured by the same thing, they must be just stubborn! That's just a low mood, not a mental disorder. Literally just don't talk to these people, cut them out of your life because they're fucking scam artists.

Anonymous 17546


mine went away because one day i decided i didn't want to be sad anymore and repressed any negative emotion/thought which came into mind. i also kept a mood journal, trying to maintain a neutral/slightly content 7 everyday. it's worked. i can get stuff done now and hardly ever cry. only downside is i don't get those really euphoric highs either.

anyways it took 3 years so definitely hard work trying to control your emotions but it is so worth it not to want to kill yourself and cry in front of the mirror every night.


Anonymous 16299[Reply]

what are the best things about being an adult?
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Anonymous 17394

Nothing but being kid had nothing either so meh

Anonymous 17417


Living alone and being able to enjoy the peace and quiet at dawn is the best.

Anonymous 17422


Gambling legally.

Anonymous 17484

Being able to make mistakes, not dealing with my overbearing parents, growing as an individual due to not having to rely on my parents, being forced out of my comfort zone more often

Anonymous 17496

walking around the house butt ass naked tbqh

but also feeling like I have control of my own choices and decisions is the major appeal


RE: EX CONTACTED ME, HELP= Resolved. Ethereal. 17370[Reply]

I told him goodbye.
I told him that his dependency was stopping him from moving on from me,that continuing any contact, anything at all would cause nothing but the same results, that you cannot piece back together something one (myself. and him soon enough.) has moved on from, even if you are a new person instead of the past, he still switches and moves to many and others, it would be and is unhealthy, and must end, with anything related to it whatsoever, and in general.
he said goodbye to sleep, I told him to regulate his sleeping schedule, to sleep well.
and goodbye.

I feel ethereal, this was a good choice.
I felt the trauma in the moment,i ended my first love, finally. My fingertips shaking over the enter button, it was 11:59 am, I did it yesterday. I gave him a final paragraph, telling him to find himself ,love himself,and to learn how to have control over himself, and that I hope he can make himself as happy as he says I have ever made him.

it was 11:59AM, i felt regret before clicking the enter button,I shriveled over it. I inhaled, felt my heartbeat,and exhaled, it was done.I sent it, I unfriended him.
Once I clicked it, I felt bliss.

I am in bliss.
I am bliss.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 17401

good on you anonette

Anonymous 17415

what kind of drug made you write that?

Anonymous 17416

> I am a strong, loving, lovely, smart, beautiful woman, and I love myself.
Does anybody know that episode of Friends where Chandler listens to a stop smoking tape in his sleep, but it was actually geared towards women? That's what this makes me think of.

Anonymous 17441

Life, and the early morning, kid.


To Everything, Turn, Turn, Turn Anonymous 17381[Reply]

>December 1st, 2018
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Anonymous 17388

It all ascends flipwards, in clumsy motions.
It's okay, though. It never achieves its desired state.

Anonymous 17400

happy world aids day

Anonymous 17409


(jk i don't want to die jk jk jk)

Anonymous 17411

Time just fly's by you as you get older. I still vividly remember the year 2000 which was almost 19 years ago..

Anonymous 17429


Schizanon, is that you?


Paranoid Boyfriend Anonymous 17151[Reply]

>Start dating this guy, he's really attractive and loves me
>He is also a national socialist, I am fine with this
>He joins a political movement in his country doing activism, I am also fine with this
>Starts to get paranoid, thinks people are monitoring our calls and texts, tells me to start using encrypted email with him
>Starts telling me he's worried for my safety and that the secret police in his country are gonna detain me and everyone he loves because of his activism
>Starts corresponding with political criminals
>In a call one day hear sounds, ask what they are
>He tells me he's checking for wire taps
>Occasionally he calls me up frantically warning me to "get out of the country as soon as possible"

Does anyone else have this problem? Any advice? I don't want to dump him because I love him but I wish he wouldn't get so paranoid and weird. I am worried about the people he is hanging with tbh he says he can't not do activism or he'll hate himself.
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Anonymous 17231

It really sounds like he's suffering from schizophrenia and paranoid delusions or something very similar. I really hope just based on that you maybe don't pursue a long term relationship with him because it probably won't work out.

It's not illegal in the US but they still monitor potential terrorist groups pretty closely, but that's every potential terrorist group not just nazis. A family friend is a gay troll irl and went to germany, all he did was have a hitler mustache and they literally detained him and questioned him for 2 days after pulling him off a bus randomly. They take it very seriously and in a lot of places in europe. So he could be telling the truth. Still not a good idea to engage with some one like this because they're doing something very stupid.

Anonymous 17420

just looked up what national socialist meant.

"modern day word for nazism"

uhh you're just okay with dating someone that shared the same ideals as hitler?

Anonymous 17421

Welcome to imageboards, anon-chan!

Anonymous 17423

Honestly, I would rather have a right wing boyfriend. They at least seem to have long term plans about buying a house and having a family. Can't seem to get that from left wing boys, it's all about pretending to like me to get sex.

Anonymous 17428

Dressing up as Hitler or being part of a nazi organisation is illegal in some European Countries.(E.g Finland, after the nazi's killed someone with a provable racially motivated reason).

If he's part of a nazi organisation in some countries, where they're labeled a terrorist organisation, yeah no wonder he's in the shitter. It means he's part of a legit terrorist organisation, good one OP.


Do men even have feelings? Anonymous 15289[Reply]

I've never met a man that had a shred of empathy, even when they are "depressed" it's all about ohhhh no I will never have this 10/10 asian stacy suck my penis or waaaaaah women find men who are taller more attractive, do they care about love or friendship or anything deeper than sex and social status.

non-femcel anons please answer this question.
180 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 17389

How can you say you love him if you don't eat his poop?

Anonymous 17391

Why do all the girls itt caping for men ignore that op is talking about empathy and not general emotions? It's in the first sentence ffs.
Empathy =/= expressing sensitive feelings like sadness and fear; op stated she knows men feel those things. It just seems men care less about the pain of others, such as males being more inclined to commit violent crimes or caring less for victims of said crimes. Even in regards to each other (saying young male rape victims "scored" with a predatory teacher, etc.).

You're calling op a dumbass and you can't even read. Every other anon posting itt cannot read. You're all just punching a strawwoman, stop.

Anonymous 17403

Maybe but I prefer sympathy over empathy. I know a few people good at empathy and psychology in general and they use it to hurt others, not with good intentions.

Anonymous 17404

men are capable of empathy, yes

but not with how they're socialized, so effectively, no.

laffin' at everyone here confuzzled at whether op means "in reality" or in "alternate socialization universe".

Anonymous 17426

If you're going to speak German, at least don't speak Austrian. Come on now.

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