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/lg/ - lesbian general Anonymous 108545[Reply]

felt like this should be a thread tbh
what's everyone up to? i'm thinking of downloading tinder again
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Anonymous 114047

No, it's not weird at all. Your age difference is only 2 years and you're both adults, so everything's fine

Anonymous 114126

Nope. You're in the same peer group, and an 18 and 20 year old can easily be classmates in college or coworkers without it being weird. If it was 25+ and 18 that would be iffy, but it's not. Have fun

A lesbian is a homosexual woman. If that's your sexuality, you're a lesbian. It's not about looks or aesthetic. A lot of people dunk on femme4femmes but it's mainly because they're common in media portrayals and tend to look down on GNC women, but if you aren't like that it's fine. Just get a backbone about it

Anonymous 114678

Who will be my girlfriend?
I'm socially stunted, a virgin, and average looking
Also I will eat you out for as long as it takes

Anonymous 114812


>first crush?
Raven from the Teen Titans.
>what’s your local lesbian/LGBT scene like?
Full of troons, as usual.
>favourite lesbian media?
I've read Price of Salt and Carmilla, but honestly I keep going back to wholesome doujins of ships I really like from different anime. Also Sailor Moon I guess.
>lesbian media you hate?
I really did not like Bloom into you. Anything aimed at males I guess.
>coming out stories
I came out to my mother in the McDonald's drive thru. She seemed fine with it then, told me she'd love me no matter what, etc. I think she's secretly disappointed in me, though.
>bitch about being lonely
Damn, I guess I see myself as an unattractive fat and ugly monster, even though I'm not really all that overweight. Every time I download tinder the only girls who swipe right on me are troons and unicorn hunters. Some bitch who seemed really sweet at first eventually revealed after a week that she was looking for a third.
>butch? femme? how do you feel about labels?
I kind of hate them ngl. Tomboy is the only one I like.
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Anonymous 114928

Would you date a bisexual woman, nona?

Why or why not?

Only after escaping troon spaces did I realize it was a thing. I guess I'd be open to it because I haven't had any relationship experiences to sour my opinion of them yet.


AAAAAAAAAA Anonymous 114270[Reply]

>My bf
>My boyfriend

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Anonymous 114872

I went on a dating site to find women one time just to try, but no women messaged me. I've never in all my years been approached by a woman who was interested even when i dyked out my look
basically what nona said

Anonymous 114912


>Ooh, I'm desired by so many men, woe is me :(

Anonymous 114914

im straight and would eat out another woman for fun, so maybe

realistically speaking i wouldn't mind dating/marrying/fucking another woman or even being a cuckqueen if she saved me from my shithole country

Anonymous 114919

If you want to eat out other woman and even date her, then you're not straight, simple as it

Anonymous 114920

l o l only in extremes like drunk or "green carding" in most cases no


(un)official blogposting thread Anonymous 69765[Reply]

tell me about your day cc!
stories also welcome
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Anonymous 113913

just how ugly are you?

Anonymous 113914

gtfo moid, you wouldn't get it

Anonymous 114000


Sounds like you have an attraction to the GAME of love itself, but can't commit. You like the chase, but you love it too much, and it leaves you wanting when feelings become mutual, since you haven't become content with loving what being in a relationship is actually like.

Hope you're doing better now nona, been a while.

Anonymous 114062

I walked past six baby skunks eating a trash pizza

Anonymous 114908

i fully believe in the concept of toxic camaraderie. the concept of friendships can be toxic, in spite of how media portrays friendship as always being pure or wholesome. for example, people who assume that you do not like them or are against them as people solely for the fact of not desiring to be their friend. in actuality, most people just want to have friends that they believe align with their goals and interests. being selective about who you are friends with, or not desiring to be friends with someone, does not indicate that you are against that person or dislike them AT ALL. it just means you do not perceive someone as adding to your life - that is not dislike or hatred, or that you are against them as people. people are groomed by society into believing that someone that does not want to be friends with them threaten their security. i can think of examples in real life where someone assumed that my desire not to be their friend was based on malicious feelings towards them, where none but neutrality existed. you do not have to want to be friends with EVERYONE - that is a waste of emotional energy and humans are limited by their lifespan and how they dedicate their time.
additionally, being friends with someone can result in malicious behavior, even if you BELIEVE that the friendship itself is pure. just because you are friends with someone does not mean you will hate someone just because your friend does. people who are friends and think of their friendship as a means of hating people together, that is absolutely dumb. friendship should be about supporting your friend, not about hating people together, even IF you care about your friend or perceive them as being hurt by someone and believe that hatred is justified, when it never is - media's portrayal of such friendships is an example of propagating and normalizing toxic camaraderie.

images (12) (30).j…

Anonymous 114828[Reply]

I am not allowed to lament. Since I was young the place I've been in was crowded and continues to be . I do not want to cry in front of anyone nor to be screamed at. Yet I can barely hold it in. All I'd like to do is curl on the ground and break down. I'm tired of the constant noise and stimuli. It's driving me insane. I wish I could lock the outside world out of my head

Anonymous 114831


How could I have been so stupid? It's not like I was content with my circumstances but I always coped by thinking I could be satisfied with less, with nothing. I was careless, I overlooked many things and I can no longer go back. Instead of being this worthless I should have worked into bettering my life even if it was useless, even if it wasn't enough, I would have had a silver of hope I could hold onto. Things will continue happening in spite of me. There's truly no point, I can feel myself crumbling. I can't protect anyone

Anonymous 114842

sometimes i wish that i was the only person on earth at times. i know its selfish but i just can't keep dealing with people who are not as "sensitive" about certain things as i am. a part of me understands this as weakness. but god i am so tired of dealing with other people all the time. and if you try to decentralize, if you try to make your own little space, you get bullied for it and targeted because you wanted inner peace in the first place.

Anonymous 114850

not to be an asshole as i can see ur sad and i hope u can feel better but this is justa vent shitpost.and couldve easily been in the vent thread or ur own journal instead of shitting up the catalog.

Anonymous 114856

Sorry I seriously tried to delete after posting but it said I can't. I only lurked before but apparently it wasn't enough to not make a stupid mistake. Sorry I hope it gets buried fast or something

Anonymous 114858

This is not a weakness, people are just exhausting. Solitude is key the key to happiness in my universe. Pretty much everyone i encounter annoys the shit out of me. Oh sure i would like to meet someone i mesh and vibe with but thats like finding a needle in a haystack. If i do great. But im not counting on it or anything. Things you love make life bliss so forget everything else. Trying to control everything and resisting the state of things too much just makes you unable to appreciate the bliss.


Having Chad and Stacy Relatives Is Pure Hell Anonymous 112225[Reply]

>Went to a family party.
>All the cousins end up splitting off in another room , away from the main party.
>My female cousin (who called me the ugliest person in the room )waltzes in with her new boyfriend.
>The topic of relationships comes up.
>My male cousin reveals his body count is now 4 (he lost his virginity when he was 15).
>Her sister says the only reason she’s not in a relationship is because she gets bored of guys too quickly
>I realize that even though I’m the oldest person in the room, I have the least amount of relationship experience.
>I haven’t even held hands with a guy yet while my baby cousins are drowning in romantic and sexual attention.
>Fuck my life.
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Anonymous 113980

Anonymous 113989

You give good insights but I get the sense that you just like hearing yourself talk and its shown by you going off on tangents that have nothing to do with OPs post. Maybe it's just a stream of consciousness or autism. I agree though the average person is a literal NPC

Anonymous 113997

how is romantic/sexual attention a win? men will literally fuck anything that moves and fall in love with anyone who's even vaguely nice to them

Anonymous 114082

I understand, anon. Idk if people itt are pretending not to get it. I'm sorry that your cousin insulted you that's really mean and she sucks. My cousins are pretty normie. In my early teens one of them asked me if I had a bf and when I said no she asked why not and that made me feel we live very different lives. I was thinking obviously I don't have one. I think it's weird your cousins were that open about their sex lives but that might be a cultural difference. I know how lonely it is when your cousins have boyfriends and then husbands and children and it seems effortless. And when older relatives say it's your turn at weddings and ask you when you're getting a bf. Different worlds.


go back

Anonymous 114815

They're not bragging. It's just something attractive people do and assume everyone has the same experience, it's really not that deep


Self harm addiction general Anonymous 98173[Reply]

A place to talk about and vent this particular issue.

I suppose questions to get started (don't feel obligated to answer any of this though, venting is fine too):
>How long have you been self harming?
>What made you start?
>What types of self harm?
>are you trying to quit?
>any effective alternatives/ways to minimize harm?
>why do you self harm?
>how does this effect your daily life?
>any other places you go for support?
>Treatment for old scars/damage?
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Anonymous 114717

Just relapsed after being 5 months clean. Fuck my life

Anonymous 114730

Hey girly, I'm sorry you felt you need to harm yourself again, but I hope you don't discount the work you did for those 5 months - it takes a lot. What matters now is moving forward. Clean your wounds, recognize what set you off and have a plan for if you feel the need to self-harm, and be gentle with yourself. When we're not used to walking a new path, sometimes we trip - what matters is we get back up and keep trying. Hugs!

Anonymous 114731

Thank you anon. I took care of myself and tried to sleep and eat well today.

Anonymous 114732

That's great! Getting back to healthy sleep, eating, and exercise is the foundation of health and well-being, but I know how hard it is to get back to after we hit a speed bump. That you're already doing that much, really shows your strength.

Anonymous 114803


I was never able to live normally as a teenager because of mental health issues. I'm in my 20s now and I'm trying to turn my life around. I recently got a job, which is a big step for me. But still, every few months I'll go into a tard rage where I get unreasonably upset and cannot think rationally. That's usually how the cutting happens these days. I have scars all over my arms from when I consciously chose to cut in my teenage years. My most recent cutting was a few months ago. They were bad, worse than I thought. Thankfully it didn't come to infection, but I was afraid it would. The freshest ones are very visible and I'm terrified that my place of work will notice, see me as unfit, and fire me.


Male Friends: Can They Be Trusted? Anonymous 90414[Reply]

Share your experiences with male friends proving to have nefarious or secret motives.

What are signs a male friend is interested versus just being nice, despite having a boyfriend?

What do you think these mean:
>tries to hang out one on one
>gives you random gifts
>offers to pay for everything
>texts you frequently
>takes pictures of you during group outings
>says "oh you don't mention your boyfriend much" despite having done so
>seems to focus on topics that lead to personal info
>asks questions relating to more intimate things
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Anonymous 108260

The easiest way to resolve this problem is to simply stoop to their level. Don’t befriend guys you wouldn’t date or fuck.

Anonymous 108268

I had men consider me their friend, but I never reciprocated. We had nothing in common except mutual friends we hung out with together and for some reason that was enough for them to think of me as a friend. They never tried to come onto me btw, that wasn't the case. I guess I was just nice and fun to be around? They were nice but immature and dumb, that sounds really mean but it's true.
Throughout my whole life I could never form a connection with any man, they felt alien to me, like there was an invsible wall separating us at all times. All my friends were women, until recently. But he's already more than a friend at this point. I guess it's all or nothing with me

Anonymous 114733

>really excited to meet someone I thought was interesting and could relate to on that deeper soul level
>it's a moid
nona please…

Anonymous 114762

this is so true lol, tried being friends with a guy whos neglected by his parents plus coombrained. i thought it was genuine at first until he became creepy and started stalking me. i hate how i dont notice these stuff immediately lol

Anonymous 114788

most of my friends are moids and i just try to delude myself into thinking they have no interest in me and are normal about it despite the fact that i'm not fat and i'm average looking

Not Important.jpg

Anonymous 113790[Reply]

Does anyone else ever feel like they are turning into the female version of these deranged men who carry out mass shootings?

Honestly, I just fucking hate this miserable world and everyone in it. I mean, I try my best to not have any friends and not talk to anyone, but, even when I base my life around avoiding other people as much as I possibly can, I still hate them with every fiber of my being - and, with each passing day, that hatred only grows more and more extreme. For my entire life, I've been pushed around, taken advantage of, and viewed as easy prey. Just for once, I'd like to be the one that people are afraid of.

When I look at the disturbed individuals responsible for mass shootings, I see a lot of myself in them, which is a truly terrifying thought. I really fear that I have the potential to do something truly horrible. I don't want to be the first female mass shooter (or, at least, one of the first), but I honestly feel myself going down that path more and more each day.
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Anonymous 114724

i related to a lot of mass shooters when i was in hs. a lot of them were bullied and so was i. kids are cruel

Anonymous 114728


I'm so disillusioned with humanity because I made the mistake of getting involved with people who were adjacent or on the darkest side of it, and that transformed me into a toxically nihilistic and disdainful bitch. I realize just because one subset of humanity is evil (ie the people who constantly get passes to be degenerate filth who are at the upper money crust of society, we live in one) doesn't mean the rest of us are, but that line of thinking had me fantasizing about a potential suicide mission where I'd kill myself in Los Angeles in front of a known celebrity worship destination and leave a dramatic note. Nothing about harming anyone but myself, merely the intent to make a scene and a statement, people worship is pointless. It was diabolical I even had those thoughts, sometimes they still plague my nightmares. The evil some people can get away with is truly unfair and the amount of good people who are shorted in this life. People say karma is real but I don't see it work enough, or catchup fast to those who deserve an asswhooping. My sentiments alone and my negativity towards humanity on account of the abuse I've endured in childhood, adolescence and now adulthood mark me for potential "danger". I remember my sister stating during a particularly deranged and heated argument we had that I was destined to become a serial killer, now I feel like I'd be more serial killed than anything else. Lacking the prototypical male anger and the drive to harm or prey upon anyone, I always turn myself inward but end up in situations that leave me pretty wounded. Like some sick halfway point between perpetrator and victim where if driven the wrong direction I could go either way.

Anonymous 114735

Honestly same. I deeply resonate with them sometimes but that doesn’t mean I will go berserker and take random people out like moids do when they don’t get their way. You just do it the normal way and just take yourself out and don’t drag people into your mess

Anonymous 114736


Very relatable post but I try to not focus on that feeling too much. I've always felt like mass shootings would be the ultimate adrenaline rush akin to a psychological orgasm. I've been in the TCC since like 2017 and have always been fascinated by mass killers and murder cases because I can relate on certain aspects. Obviously, I know they're moids and moids are filth but there's something extremely satisfying about bringing out your own revenge and impacting people's lifes forever just like they did yours. To keep myself in check I also look through the victims so that I do not solely focus and empathize with the murderers. Anyway you can call me filth for this, I understand. That's enough edge for today. Officer, don't take what I post too seriously mmmm'kay?

Anonymous 114782

The thing is mass shooters don't exactly ruin the lives of people who ruined theirs. They just kill random ppl and perpetuate the cycle of pain


Anonymous 114603[Reply]

>24 years old
>Never had a bf
>Spent most of my youth either watching Netflix or playing video games
>Kissless virgin
>Shut in NEET

Should i feel ashamed about myself? I am not the best looking girl in existence, but I've had at least 5 boys approach me before with the intent to start a relationship with me, but i rejected every single one cause they were either ugly or i felt like i wasn't ready and i feel nervous around the opposite gender.

To make matters worse, I've cut almost all contact with my friends from high school / college..

Anyone else here who's stuck in a similar situation and feel like a total failure and loser? The worst part is how envious I feel about other women that has experienced all the things i would like to experience in life
10 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 114654

Didn't add that I would have to have less self respect and accept humiliation. Lmao you're so fucking mad Holy shit

Anonymous 114655

Kek I'm "mad" enough to make you double-post for clarity, please continue to reassure me that you are not are NOT a SUBMISSIVE PIG WHORE.
>Lol not lmao I was never rejected neither wanted to date
You have a me vs. them mentality, social rejection is still rejection. This stacy/becky dichotomy is only found in one other group: incels and bottom of the hierarchy losers. Everything you've written reeks of a reject trying to convince themselves that their philosophy isn't a trauma response.

Anonymous 114656

Oh, welcome back, cocksucker-pig chan!

Anonymous 114659

Lol your mentality "I'm a submissive whore so I will accuse you of it cause I feel humiliated"
I posted twice cause when I clicked post I thought the post didnt go through then I decided to add something more I forgot to add but was too lazy to delete it
You literally exposed yourself, by femcel I mean a volcel I just like to make fun of it. I don't mind being this way, I never had male friends ir sought male attention or wanted to attempt it all of my isolation was self choosen. I was half joking about the stacy thing retard cause I think its funny, I wouldn't wanna be a "Stacy" I literally dont mind lifelong celibacy etc.
And I said I was sad subconsciously but I hasn't been rejected neither attempted to date or would go along with it if someone hit on me, it happened a few times and I literally ignored it.
Just how fucking high is your body count that you need to cope this much?
Do you understand that every woman can have sex? I'm just not built mentally to go through with it and be a pig, I'm literally not submissive I would never allow a male this close, it would piss me off, when I see males I see a predator and have self preservation, I wouldn't accept any man cause they would enrageme with every little thing. I have too much pride and dont like being controlled or humiliated in any way

Anonymous 114779

Fret not, there is someone somewhere (probably) who will embrace you as you come, tooth and nail and all that vitriol, shards of glass and broken dreams will smush together, and you'll collapse like a dying star.


Anonymous 114255[Reply]

I feel so insecure. I'm uglier than my bf, not very much but he is tall so he does mog me even though his face doesn't that harshly. Idk, I just get uglier each year it's such suicidefuel. He asked friend to looksmatch us and this friend gave 2 points more to him than me so he mogs + the height. I do say he is like 5/10, I'm 3/10 so he is not like super model or whatever. He does say "you are cute to me, others opinions dont matter" but i cant help but let them affect me. He just deserves someone better looking and all. How can I even better my looks?
8 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 114307

>He just deserves someone better looking
This is probably the backstory of half of all cuckqueans.

Anonymous 114743

Why do you care about the height difference? Taller bf and shorter gf is like the most normal thing ever.

Anonymous 114745

imagine taking advice from someone who makes a mistake like this. this is what parabens from makeup do to the mind

Anonymous 114746

exercise and eat less carbs. it's that simple. Also probably helps if you figure out why you are so insecure, normal people dont score themselves on a relationship like its some points game

Anonymous 114747

normal people are actually very obsessed with looks matching, so much that there are many successful internet couples content about an attractive person with an unattractive (often physically disabled) person

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