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Vent Thread Anonymous 18315[Reply]

Last one has reached post limit
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Anonymous 21588

aerobic exercises are the galaxy-brain tier of caffeine

Anonymous 21594

*drinking lots of water and eating plenty of meat and greens

Anonymous 21607


I got turned down for 3 jobs in the space of 1 week. All mainly down to location. I can’t deal with this anymore, I can’t move, all I can do is basic functions like eating and bathing and even that is a mammoth task. All I do is lie in bed and listen to audiobooks and stare into space, I can’t deal with this anymore. I have no future and I don’t see the point in trying or living anymore when I already know my outcome is always going to be failure. (Pic unrelated).

Anonymous 21615

I've ruined my life and there's no way do to anything at this stage.

Anonymous 21616

I feel so pathetic about crying over a job because they want to revisit the next steps after I graduate. Ik I posted on lolcow but god I feel so fucking pathetic crying about something that wasn't even guaranteed. It might not even a soft rejection and I'm just overreacting because they didn't give me an offer.
Shit hurts but I'll be better tomorrow. I just can't focus on my studying fuck


Advice General Anonymous 6683[Reply]

In this thread we ask (or give) for advices to or from other miners

Don't be unnecessarily rude to each other
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Anonymous 21506

Sorry to hear that, this is why I was kinda skeptical to the whole thing. People lie to spare feelings as if somehow it's better. It's not and this is why I'm forever single with a deep rooted hatred to humans at this point. I hope you're doing alright aside from being a bit drunk.

Anonymous 21507

I really want to call him out on it… If your'e not emotionally ready then why be on tinder???? But I do not want to cause any problems by looking crazy since it was the first thing I saw in my feed. Seriously like why? I've been honest. Don't spare my feels gh why.

Anonymous 21508

Don't bother, honestly all it's going to do is consume you in anger and he will just feed you more lines of bullshit prob to defuse rather than admit his shitty actions. Someone like that will try to defuse the situation rather than let it explode. Just be happy you weren't baited for multiple years like I was. Just label him as an asshole and try to move on, and if you need to vent anger, do one of those bullshit anonymous letter things or scream and punch a pillow if you're the violent type.

Anonymous 21509

Thank you anon. All I want to do is cry because I felt lied to… I don't care if there was anything between us anymore, but please don't lie to me. It just shows you have no respect for me nor my own feelings.

Anonymous 21510

I feel that, I share the same sentiment as well. I hope you feel better soon.


Anonymous 21493[Reply]

Post your favourite movie

Anonymous 21495


Anonymous 21499


This thread doesn't belong here, unless we're supposed to talk about our feelings too.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 21500

Moved to >>>/media/4496.


Anonymous 12577[Reply]

>be me
>never had irl bf before, no males interested in me
>random girl with her group of friends calls me over to ask if i think her friend is cute because he needs a gf
>i do
>i joke around/act really lighthearted about it because i'm too afraid of rejection but i try to show that i am interested in him
>send him two texts that are just joke flirting and he ignores them
>the next, call out something very purposefully silly (unsure of how to actually start a conversation while showing interest
>"hey babe do you still need a girlfriend" "are you friendzoning me?"
>he stays silent and just flips me off
>been in a huge crisis/anguish about this throughout all of this, think about him all day
>suddenly understand that he might just think i was messing with him instead of being cold and rejecting me
>im fucking dumb
d-does it sound like he thinks i was messing with him/im messing with him? how do i casually reverse this? i'll see him tomorrow again at lunch break
help help help
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Anonymous 21121


Kek, thats just mean anon! True, but mean.

Anonymous 21122

I'm sad that this thread has ended like this. At least you got a nice friend group out of it.

Anonymous 21123

Ask his gf if she posts in crystal.cafe

Anonymous 21149

This is so painful. Reminds me of all the times I was rejected by boys in high school. At least I wasn't frens with them, they just ignored me
But it still hurts. I'm sorry anon. M-men suck anyway

Anonymous 21494


I guess sometimes things can't turn out like movies and shows.

Sorry to hear that. W-We don't need them..

she normie


Gigolos Anonymous 13118[Reply]

Have any of you ever hired a gigolo? Thought about it? What do you think of them and the women who hire them?

Posting on this board because I guess the miners most likely to be interested in this would post here.
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Anonymous 13823

Well not to be judgy but on average they're not the most socially capable people; plenty of doctors, lawyers, accountants etc too who make money, right?
but I guess it comes down to what you're looking for and if it's bfs in stem then that's that
my question was answered by >>13795 anyway

Anonymous 21447

Anonymous 21453

Exactly. So if you hire a gigolo, he's most likely had lots of gay sex. Do you really want to be near that?

Anonymous 21482

Doesn't that mean you could easily hire two gigolos and have them yaoi each other?

Anonymous 21492

>have them yaoi each other
I can't stop laughing at this, 10/10 expression anon


Anonymous 1167[Reply]

Can we have a wholesome thread?

Post memes, stories, anything uplifting. <3
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Anonymous 17619


Anonymous 17707

pocket hedgehog.gi…

Hedgehegs pour toi!

Anonymous 17708


That one person who is up for any adventure.

Anonymous 17716


This pic is my life in a nutshell. T.T

>>2074 omg my heart

>>1870 I love birds so much

Anonymous 21480


Anonymous 15115[Reply]

this is a bit of a silly question that could easily be googled, sure, but - how do you tell if a guy is 'interested' in you? even just vaguely interested. im clueless about friendship and romantic relationships and really want my first bf.

a guy grinned at me after approaching me with his friend once and he called me a gem after, i dunno if he was just being polite or if he maybe wanted to be my friend/was interested in me. today i introduced myself/told him to call me my real name instead of my nickname though, i just wanna get on the right track to getting a boyfriend
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Anonymous 15426

Oh. Yeah if you don't even know his name then don't go for it yet. Get to know him a little and then ask him out.

Anonymous 15477

Today he said "You really are a gem you know that" to me and he walked up to me and told me I looked lonely and invited me to stand with his friends, we didn't really talk then outside of me telling a joke they all found funny but this makes me really really happy. Maybe I'm finally going into normiehood

Anonymous 21399

update: nothing happened with this to my dismay, but just today i messaged him a joke (we're still friends - its just clear he doesnt like me like that) and he responded telling me his friend wanted to 'hit me up', and one of his friends added me and we've been conversing all day and they are very clearly into me. i hope this works out!

Anonymous 21402

good luck!

Anonymous 21476


how old are yall? curious because i havent had my first relationship yet either and im 21


Anonymous 21196[Reply]

Is anyone else here a closeted weeb? Can we have a thread about these feels plz?
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Anonymous 21397

I think so, but the insane number of episodes could keep someone late to it busy for a while.

Anonymous 21401

I made a new year's resolution to finally learn Japanese, since I've been meaning to do so for years but have never bothered to actually start. Now I'm a month into kanji/vocab, and honestly it's easier than I thought it would be, though prior to this I already knew my kana and had picked up a lot of vocab/grammar from anime (of the +500 words I've gone through so far, maybe a couple were something I didn't already know).

Hardest part is definitely starting because learning thousands of kanji seems so daunting, but after a while doing your daily reviews becomes a routine.

Anonymous 21403

Yeah, but there's a sequel, Boruto, which is currently ongoing.

Anonymous 21459

i know what you mean, the worst trope for me is the tripping one where the guy always catches her. It even seems to worm it's way into the more stand out original anime/otome games.

Anonymous 21462

Normal brain:convert friends to weebs
Galaxy tier brain: convert parent to weebs

My mom watched Candy Candy and Heidi in her youth and I recently showed her how to view it online. I’ve been noticing her watch history that she is viewing sailor moon (which was reccomended by algo).

If all goes well she should be familar with such gems like Shirobako by years end


What are your thoughs on PUA and why men are so sneaky? Anonymous 11642[Reply]

They are digusting and make me feel dirty only thinking about it.
Are there really other women out there who fall for this shit? And man who are in need to pay for this kind of stuff?
Makes me ashamed to be a women/makes me want to become a lesbian. I'm I the only one who feels this way?
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Anonymous 12867

Every home schooled guy I know (and I know a ton) is better adjusted than the public school guys

Anonymous 12878

really? it's the exact opposite in my experience.
i was homeschooled for two years and i'll be honest, when i got back to a school setting where i had to interact with other people my own age, i had very little understanding of how socializing was conducted.

oddly enough it was after learning what i think of as a 'script' for normal social behavior, i've done fine. but my script is something that's completely the opposite from PUA behavior: giving attention to people's interests and lives, being incessantly positive, and showing appreciation for others.
if i were a dude, incels would probably call me a beta for this kind of behavior, but man did it ever help me to actually make friends.
imo PUA act the way they do because they think they have to trick women into liking them. these dudes actually have seriously low self-esteem; they think without gimmicks like 'negging' or 'peacocking', nobody would ever give them the time of day.

Anonymous 12945

I spend a lot of time on places where they hang out - TRP, /r/seduction, returnofkings, etc. - it's really easy to pick up on the formula and it's easy to sniff out forced "alpha" behavior

Anonymous 13023



Anonymous 13175

It be much easier is they'd just admit that they are not steve mqueen


Good looking men Anonymous 9357[Reply]

Has anyone here dated a man more attractive than them? Are they more likely to cheat?
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Anonymous 10257

better just be a lesbian or commit suicide then

Anonymous 11312

Do you have any source for this /r9k/ tier generalization?

Anonymous 11313

Anonymous 11323

And the one who's always known he can get as many as he wants somehow doesn't want any? He's the one who's satisfied with a single girl who's less attractive than him?

That really does not make any sense. Sounds like you're just falling for the halo effect.

Anonymous 11324

I was in a similar situation anon. I was with this guy who had similar characteristics as the guy you were with.
>at a better university than me
>in an honors program and aiming for a prestigious degree & career
Personally I didn't find him really attractive but the fact that he had a lot going for him, was good at his hobbies, and had a great personality made me like him a lottt more and I did feel inferior to him.

Would he ever cheat? I don't think he would've. He seemed way too sweet to ever do that but we weren't together long so I don't know. What we had was very short lived and not very serious.

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