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confessions thread 2 Anonymous 63992[Reply]

>>51270 previous bread

I never brush my teeth for the full 2 minutes
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Anonymous 71588

I'm self harming as a way to decorate myself and look more visibly mentally ill. My SH is the kind that leaves no traces (I purge, beat myself up, choke myself with ropes) and because my coping mechanism for when I'm uncomfortable is to laugh about it, nobody believes I'm struggling. Not even psychiatrists take me seriously. It makes me feel like I'm going insane, like it's all in my head since no one believes me. So I'm going out of my way to leave permanent marks.

Anonymous 71824

Imma pray for u

Anonymous 71862

I still pick my nose

Anonymous 71863

I pick it and eat it

Anonymous 72036

I still almost every week from grocery stores nearby me, I’ll steal anything I can but mostly food items that I can afford but they are still expensive plus the tax here is high. Every week I probably steel around $100 worth of groceries, i steal from the same 2 stores


Anonymous 71891[Reply]

I get disturbed by reading smut or just anything having to do with sexual content
It's disgusting but many people today are in it, I feel weak but I just feel like shit whenever I do try reading anything remotely sexual
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Anonymous 71897


I just came here to poast about the same thing.
I was lurking a friend's alt profile in where she posts all kind of kinky and sexual things and it kinda made me sad. I have no problem with people having and enjoying sex, but I hate how some people whole life revolve around sex. Internet makes everything worse because people use the internet to show what kind of deviants they are. It shouldn't bother me as much as it does, but I find it depressing.
In some way I hate the sexual liberation, or at least some things that were caused by it, like pornography, making your sex life a casual topic, public nudity or any of those things being normalized

Anonymous 71898


I think you are being too harsh in yourself and others,you should try pursuing happiness even if it's contingent on the quality of those around you

Anonymous 71904

is this the skeleton from the tim curry music video? if not, skelly sauce?

Anonymous 71913

I honestly don't know. I've had that pic on my PC for a while but I don't know the sauce

Anonymous 72005

It’s the album cover for UNRENDERED by Bones


/fcg/ - femcel general Anonymous 59574[Reply]

post all things related to your involuntary celibacy

thread prompts:
>when did you realize you were a femcel and how old are you now
>what does being a femcel mean to you
>vent about celibacy
>what are your interests ? ( just curious, not necessarily related )
feel free to add more
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Anonymous 71991

Ya similar chemical process involved but in my case diet doesn't fix it and I smell more like shit even though I'm one of the most hygienic people ever

Anonymous 71992

I have almost eradicated all desire for companionship, because it has gotten easier as I’m older and less eager to [put myself out there only to get rejected over and over], but last night it really hit me.

Anonymous 71995


Even princess Avril sings about guys ghosting her. Moids are literally retarded.

Anonymous 71996

OT but she was so pretty in this era

Anonymous 71998


If moids can mistreat and ghost a girl as beautiful as her then there's no hope for men. They're all idiots.


Anonymous 71948[Reply]

what is living with a moid like? Is it hard sharing a bathroom and bedroom? how long till i get fed up?
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Anonymous 71963

Gabby Petito. Her boyfriend shot and dismembered her.

Anonymous 71964

No he didn’t she was strangled

Anonymous 71965

You'll find that most of them have different standards regarding cleanliness and hygiene. And by different I mean lower. And you'll either have to lower yours or mommy them and compensate for them on your own time and energy. No more living with moids for me unless I meet a rare clean one. (This is even more true with kids btw. Don't have kids myself but have seen it with most of my friends and family who do- the bf promises to do equal work before birth but surprise surprise, once the kid is there bf thinks all sorts of thinks are not necerssary or they "don't know how" and the girl ends up doing all the work)

Anonymous 71980

Depends on the moid. In general women are more easily disgusted by messes than men (obviously this won't always hold up, but it will happen most of the time). In the case that you have severely different standards, if you make no protests he'll just not be bothered by things that bother you, and you'll clean them up because they bother you, and then you'll feel resentful that he doesn't help out more. If you're more likely to shirk away from conflict, this will just keep going until you get pissed one day and he won't even know what the fuck you're on about. I recommend actually discussing the problem with your moid and calling him out on his bullshit when he fails to meet his own agreements. If he can't even keep his word a moid isn't good for anything.

Personally my moid is more of neatfreak than me so I'm usually the one who's in hot water for not doing my due diligence, but my case is literally in the minority.

Anonymous 71988

i've lived with 1 moid full time and 1 moid for a few weeks at a time.

moid 1 did not care about messes and was fine living in filth. leaving dishes everywhere, clothes piling up over the floor, not picking up his trash, among other things. forget about wiping counters or cleaning the bathrooms

moid 2 is relatively clean and does not like to let messes pile up. he would let laundry go a little longer than i would have liked but it was kept in the laundry basket 90% of the time, not on the floor. he does dishes either right after dirtying them or right after eating. i think he tries a little harder because he knows cleanliness is important to me, but even without me being there i don't
think it would be much dirtier. he's a rare moid that likes to keep himself and his environment clean

so it really depends.


Periodic feelings of emptiness Anonymous 71639[Reply]

How do you deal with it?
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Anonymous 71744


More than 70% of crabeater seals have scars resulting from killer whales attacks. They're the main prey of transient killer whales. Looking at how deliciously fat they look, it's hard not to understand killer whales, even if I love seals.

On the bright side, them having scars mean that they are able to escape attacks and go on with their comfy krill eating life.

Abyss animals are very inspiring ! They give us an idea of what alien life coud look like.
Do you also enjoy learning about weird inerspecies interactions going on underwater ? For example gangs of humpback whales harassing killer whales on the hunt, as retribution for their calves ? Lots ofpinnipeds have been saved this way. Thank you whales !

Anonymous 71785


i see, glad that seal escaped, god i wanna hug her.
unrelated, but you guy's inspired me to learn more about marine biology/animals of the sea if u will, where can i start?

Anonymous 71872


I would advice you to watch documentaries. There is tons of them on youtube :
-NatGeo wild : the golden standard, available in a fuckton of language. Sadly their official channel only release shorts, not full documentaries, but you can find them on unofficial channels. Some people prefer shorts tho, whatever floats your boat nonette.
- Arte : great documentaries, often with original takes, but it's only available in french and german.
- documentaries reupload channels : there are a lot of them on youtube, the contents can be pretty good, but it's often a bit dated, especially for the good content (recent documentaries would get striked for copyright claims.)
- /an/ board on 4chan : it's a comfy board, but it's still a 4moid board with 4moid culture. The misogyny is overall absent, except in pitbull hate containment threads where they shit on white women pitbull owners. You can have actual discussions with little infighting. Just ignore the occasional /pol/ baits, and you'll have a smooth experience. There are an orca and a pinniped thread (i made the last one) up as we speak.

Anonymous 71950

Thank you! French is my first language anyway so yes i will be watching Arte, and Nat Geo, i think i want to full documentaries though, shorts would only provide so little info. God, kinda forgot how good watching documentaries was, haven't done that since i was a teenager,

Anonymous 71957


>Do you also enjoy learning about weird inerspecies interactions going on underwater ?
I do, but the web of interactions is so complicated!

And I totally agree about the strangeness of sea creatures, especially when you start looking at the crazier phylums. I've been interested in learning more about microscopic life, but the resources tend to be much more academic and less common.


Anonymous 52248[Reply]

Hello guys, there has been something strange happening to me that kinda left me friendless.

I can't bare being with my "friends", I used to have a normie friends group that we used to go to parties like every Friday and stuff. It was my only female group, it consisted my "best friend" and 2 more girls. Once we stopped going to parties (quarantine and I got a boyfriend and honestly I never was a party person I was just going for the girls) we kinda drifted apart some drama happened now and there and when I go out with them I feel uncomfortable like there's a cold feeling I can't describe. We never really shared anything. I'm like okay I'll just talk to my other friends that kinda like anime and are the same with me. Sameish cold feeling??? Wtf what is wrong with me I feel like everyone is cold and I have a very weird uncomfortable feeling I can't describe. I just want some female friends that are kinda like me watch anime, play games and I know most of you if not all of you are like that and having you guys as my friends would really help me but we can't share our contact info and it's such a lost potential of many great friendships…
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Anonymous 52294

I feel the same around my friends. Usually we just run out of topics to talk about and then it's awkward 'so nice weather today, huh?' conversations with way too long pauses after somebody talks.
Not sure why this happens but maybe it has to do with me never sharing personal stuff. It feels weird to randomly tell someone that my grandma is in the hospital or something like that. Do people really want you to bother them with personal stuff like that?

Anonymous 52299

I have friends who will tell me stuff like that so I guess they're okay with it. I don't mind hearing about it when they tell me. So theoretically they wouldn't mind if I told them about some of my personal stuff. I still can't do it though.

Anonymous 52301

I guess we are meant to be lonely.

Anonymous 71888

Sounds like you grew apart from those friend circles. This is a normal af life thing op and something you have to get used to. You sound young. I’ve “ended” most of my friendships and only have one bff and two other close friends now. Try going to meetups or do club activities that will allow you to meet like minded people. If you’re shy you can start off from online spaces and scout for someone near you from there. If you’re desperate, join the army. A lot of soldiers will say that there’s no greater camaraderie you’ll ever experience outside of the unit of people you’re assigned to. Those friendships can last a lifetime

Anonymous 71946

I'm not sure how old you are, but this happened to me constantly until I was like 24. Looking back, I just attribute it be part of growing up. If youre older then feel free to ignore this.


Vent Thread Anonymous 69156[Reply]

Previous thread >>66074
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Anonymous 72077

Are you sure you still aren't in love with this guy friend? It sounds like your feelings are still strong for him and that you're still very attached.

Anonymous 72081

Sounds like we have the same exact friend anon.

Anonymous 72089

It's hard to say. At some point it transformed into some sort of familial-esque bond because he was such an obviously bad match.
I've felt just as intensely about purely platonic friendships so I think it's just my clinginess. I loved him but was no longer in love.
Mixed maybe with some guilt that I'm letting him down by moving on. But he never took my advice and kept getting progressively worse so I doubt that it matters.
I'm sorry to hear that, anon. Loving someone that hurts to care about is hard. I hope your friend can also get better.

Anonymous 72105

I feel like I don't want to leave my city and always live near my family, we have been separated briefly but for the longest time so far and I miss them so much, Indo love hacing them in my life and being near, I'm feeling lonely because they are the people that I love most

Anonymous 72106

it's hard to sleep


Qt Partner Thread Anonymous 37674[Reply]

Greentext traits and how lovely your partner is
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Anonymous 69561

Goddamn anon that's amazing

Anonymous 71889

don't worry about it most people on /fit/ are gay anyways.

Anonymous 71902


This is a cute thread. I liked reading about all everyone's partners

>cute geeky guy

>knew I wanted to be with him the first time I saw him
>helped me through some shitty times
>cuddles with me constantly
>listens to me even if I'm ranting about something for the millionth time
>we watch anime together
>we read fantasy/romance books and have long discussions about them
>we cook together
>gives me the cutest little smile when he hugs me
>holds my hand when we go for walks
>we can talk for hours about everything (like we had a long drive to family the other day and we were planning to listen to an album but we ended up talking the whole time)
>been together for almost 10 years now and it's still the same as when we first met

Anonymous 71907

>patient and sweet with me
>loves me more than anything and wants to get married
>wants kids
>all animals instantly love him
>knows self defense and handles guns
>doesn't tolerate other people's bullshit

Anonymous 71912


>super passionate about old video games
>very kind and has trouble being mean even as a joke to people
>always makes me laugh
>treats me like i am the best thing on earth
>literally so loyal and protective
>constantly complimenting me and saying i am the sun
>asks for pictures just of my smile
>absolute cutie all around, personality and appearance wise
>very patient and understanding, never makes me feel judged while helping me be a better person
>6 month anniversary in about a month
i love her so much, i’ve never felt so stable and in love in a relationship. i really want to be with her forever and spoil her every single day. she deserves everything and more


Anonymous 71428[Reply]

>Male shows interest in me
>We talk
>some other red flags are there
>I am honestly scared of him and I don't want to be the one ending things because I am afraid it will be very complicated for some reasons I cant disclose here

How to make him stop liking me? I want moving on from me to be his decision.
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Anonymous 71436

>We talk everyday
well, that seems like a good place to start changing some things ROFL

>I want it to be amicable and from his side.

that latter part is just not going to happen unless you manage to throw another woman his way who will take over his time and attention. it seems borderline megalomaniac that you think you could just "make" somebody lose interest. you say you're scared of this guy and yet at the same time you act like with the right advice from strangers on the internet you see yourself mind controlling him into behaving how you want. do you see the contradiction? or think of it this way, even if you were a skilled manipulator that would mean you could make suggestible people do your bidding or maybe average people. the fact that you're scared of this person means he isn't neurotypical and probably leans towards defiance, he's the opposite of suggestible.

the way I see it there are two likely scenarios:
1. slow, long fade out. you gradually stop giving him attention, stop doing all the things that give him the impression that you're available. I have no idea why you're currently giving him such signals by talking to him every day etc. but whatever. this will take a long time and eventually he will give up. but what do you gain from all this effort? why would you do this to yourself? why is this what you seem to want?
2. quit being inauthentic. no interest shown from your side whatsoever starting right now. I wouldn't suggest "ghosting" since that's too anti-social a move to pull against somebody with real life friends in common! actually I think it's a disgusting thing to do in general. but any way, don't initiate conversation, don't act interested, take a long time to respond and then only answer briefly etc. just show your lack of interest. chances are he's only trying to build a connection with you because he has interpreted your behavior so far to mean that you want that. if he ever confronts you directly just be honest. you just don't care about him that much. why WOULD you give him all your attention? you have other friends, this isn't a big deal. it's normal to lose interest.

Anonymous 71448

>tell him you're an avid poster on crystal.cafe
>wait an hour for him to search it up
>he will ghost you

Anonymous 71460

the amount of moids who come here already says otherwise

Anonymous 71626

I have been through you exact situation not long ago OP and let me tell you if he says I love you or I like you don't reply back with the same thing, pull away slowly but don't wait for HIM to decide he doesn't want to be with you. I literally googled "How to tell someone you don't want to date them anymore" followed the guide on the first page, cried like a little bitch for a whole day, sent him the message and he took it well. Basically, don't be a pussy
it's like ripping off a bandage it will hurt for a little but eventually you'll be so much better.

Anonymous 71887

>How to make him stop liking me? I want moving on from me to be his decision.
unironically, mention how promiscuous you are.


How to fix an anxious attachment Anonymous 71697[Reply]

I am struggling with an anxious attachment style and a severe fear of abandonment/being alone.
I'm currently in a relationship and have made the relationship into my entire life, which I realize is stupid, but I mostly did it out of fear of abandonment and because of codependency issues. I have no real social life outside of my relationship. I just got a job but I still hardly know how to socialize anymore.
The main thing I'm worrying about currently is my inability to talk about things and set boundaries without being plunged into extreme fear that he will leave me. I got a little upset at him today over something (can explain if anyone wants) and he didn't seem mad, but now he hasn't responded to me in a while and I'm just terrified that I seemed controlling and convincing myself that he has been more distant lately.

tldr Has anyone dealt with an anxious attachment style and effectively dealt with it and if so how?
18 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 71881

Some men have self-control and don't engage in simping for e-girls when they have IRL girlfriends. You just need more self-confidence and higher standards for men. For example, you shouldn't fret about whether or not he'll respond after you call out his disgusting behavior, that only makes him think he's more valuable than you. The only thing you should be considering is if he'll stop before you throw him out.
And if he dated them, he'd be settling for them too. He's going out of is way to look at heavily edited women online.

op 71882

Do you think there is anything he could do to prove that he respects me? Like what would someone have to do in a relationship to prove they love the other person, in your opinion?

Anonymous 71884


People saying you should break up with him are just focusing on the one thing you mentioned that he did wrong. You don't necessarily have to break up with him, in fact, I don't think that will solve any of your attachment problems. You don't have an anxious attachment when you are single, so the only way to address and ultimately fix it is while you are in a relationship.

Therapy is a good place to start. I would prioritize individual therapy but couples therapy also helped me a bit after I did some work on my own. I have anxious-avoidant attachment style. It's similar to anxious attachment, with the added struggle of ALSO having avoidant tendencies. It's extremely difficult to deal with because while one side of my brain is telling me to cling on to my husband with every fiber of my being, the other is shutting down and telling me to fuck him off without a word about it. It's apparently the most rare style and the most difficult to deal with. All of this to say, that I am currently in a happy and healthy marriage with my husband, so if I can do it, you can too.

If you have the means, definitely go to therapy. Tell your bf about your attachment style and ways he can help, and try to invest time into your relationships outside of the one you have with him. Sometimes, just simply being aware of the issue is 50% of the work. You're doing great and you'll get there anon, just don't give up.

Anonymous 71885

That being said, he definitely does need to stop with the egirls. If he refuses, then others are right that he lacks respect for you. But that is unrelated to the issues you yourself are facing, hence the post above.

Anonymous 71886

Not simping for internet girls, but he already failed at that.

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