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Anonymous 91283[Reply]

Have you ever had a panic attack in public?
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Anonymous 91314

On my third day of work at my new job some like aggressive hulking Semitic gay guy who was supposed to be training me kept yelling at me. I don’t know if this was a panic attack or just me being a little bitch but I started crying uncontrollably on one of the last times he did and my ribs started moving really fast trying to get me to breathe but like I wasn’t able to inhale lol. He was asked to take time off after that

Anonymous 91317


it's typically catagorised by hyperventilation and your brain just starts running at 100mph until no coherent thoughts are tangible

Anonymous 91325

Yup, several.
I'll just greentext the worst one:

>be me

>co-op student who has to write stupid co-op report and present it to underclassmen
>thing is, my job was a STUDENT job meaning I did shit all
>have nothing to write about for my report
>have nothing for presentation
>bullshit it and apply MBTI (meme psychology) to report in professional tone
>presentation is about different job roles in company and which MBTI type gravitated to which job
>suck at presenting
>read off my script in the palm of my hands
>don't look up, not once once
>no one knows when I end as I stand there awkwardly after speed-running through script
>presentation does not last the allotted time because I mumbled and spedrun through it
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Anonymous 91326

You could be experiencing anxiety attacks when you go out in public rather than panic attacks.

I get both panic attacks and anxiety attacks. A panic attack is basically a short period of suddenly feeling extreme distress with symptoms like extreme fear, uncontrollable shaking, shortness of breath, fast heartbeat, nausea, dizziness, uncontrollable crying. They can be like 5 mins long but for me have lasted for up to 2 hours where i just shake and cry no matter how much i want to stop. Anxiety attacks have a feeling of building over a period over hours but feel less severe with a lot of the same symptoms but can last for over 8-12 hours.

Some advice for the shortness of breath thing is that your thoughts are typically racing so fast your brain forgets to exhale so your lungs are actually full. So when doing deep breaths to calm yourself focus on exhaling instead of inhaling, this has helped me from the anxiety attacks from escalating as bad as they used to.

Anonymous 91328


When I was younger I had them frequently both at school and at home. As an adult, while I still experience anxiety, I don't panic in public really. Nor do I go out much. In middle school and high school I would have crying/panicking fits where I would leave class to go to the bathroom and lock myself in there so I could hyperventilate and sob in private. This is embarrassing, but once I was gone from class for so long that they sent a teacher in the bathroom to ask me to come out, and when I refused she came back with a broom and reached over the door, unlocking the stall with the broom handle and took me to the office.

I'm sorry this happened nona, presentations can be hell. I had to take a public speaking class when I was younger and I had a few moments like this.


Anonymous 89578[Reply]

I wanna shave my head and peel all of my skin off I feel so ugly guys. I wish I was pretty and boys liked me. I wish I didn’t wanna smash my phone everyone I look at it. Because it’s some creepy ugly asshole trying to fuck me or me just embarrassing myself. The last time I even hung out with a guy he made me feel just awful. I went over and there was just a bunch of girls there with him and his friend. He didn’t try to flirt with me at all. I still went back a second time and there was this girl and he obviously thought she was hot and at some point he just disappeared and left me with his friends. He kept asking me to hang out after. Idk why proabbly to make himself feel like less of a loser either way I’m just done trying.
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Anonymous 89592

I’m really an adult I swear
It’s not bait…. I don’t see how it could be

Anonymous 89597

this has been said here already but men are fucking dumb. they think the shit they're taught is hot is hot, and that a certain type of style adhering girl is "pretty" even when she doesnt have an actually nice facial structure.
if you start behaving like you're hot shit and adopt a different style they will immediately believe it

Anonymous 89599

Find others things in life to care about other than looks, find a cool hobby you like.

Anonymous 89621

That’s really stupid. It’s crazy that people are multifaceted and can have hobbies and still care about how they look.

Anonymous 91320


I mean if you don't have good looks, obsessing over looking good will not do anything for you. It's better to just distract yourself at that point.


Anonymous 90535[Reply]

Why does everyone leave me, Am i not worth sticking out for? whats wrong with me
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Anonymous 90944

It's tough to say without more context.
1. Who approached who first - you or the guy?
2. What did you initially like about the guy?
3. How long were you together?
4. What are his relationships with his friends or parents like?
5. Who earns more? Who's more educated?
6. Are you racialized?

Anonymous 91065


Everyone wants relationships;of any kind;to be easy. You'll find that a lot of people will not bother to engage with you if you become even slightly inconvenient to be around.

It is better this way. True friends will make time for the people they recognize as valuable, and will make efforts to find friends.

Not everyone makes or has true friends, or can be a true friend, because being a true friend takes work. Don't give up.

Anonymous 91294

I want to forget about some ppl too,but i keep thinking about them from time to time.I guees only itll go away on its own it just takes time

Anonymous 91295

It doesnt even matter,i cant change how things are right now..

Anonymous 91296

Youre so right,but i think im giving up already,friendships and connections arent for me i guess


Anonymous 91256[Reply]

For those with bpd or ptsd, what was your longest relationship?
Mine was 6 months before losing all interests

Anonymous 91268

3 years

Anonymous 91280

2 years

Anonymous 91285


My first gf probably had undiagnosed bpd and we lasted 3 months. She said that was the longest relationship she'd ever had. and she left me for a moid.

Anonymous 91287

>dae with alphebet soup disorders do x
Reddit please


/rock bottom/ - general Anonymous 76609[Reply]

This thread is for people who have hit rock bottom. Not people who are having a bad day, but people who are living in the depths of despair. Whether you're a nona who is struggling with serious addiction, mental or physical illness that severely precludes your life, constantly feeling suicidal, whether you're being abused, have any other serious life issues or if you are simply unable to function and don't know where else to turn, vent here and let's try to support each other.
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Anonymous 83327

>chronic illnesses
>completely isolated
>family hate me and avoid me
>zero friends or romantic prospects
>weird unconventional opinions on many things that makes people think I’m weird and even more unpleasant than I already seem once they get to know me (can’t help it, it’s the tism)
>no higher education or qualifications
>poor as fuck
>born in a country full of evil abusive sexist men
>have a bunch of weird obscure things wrong with me that make it impossible to be normal
I’m not even an active participant in my life anymore, I just observe it and wonder why the fuck I was born

Anonymous 91198

>dont have friends

But i get what you mean get friends locally online facebook or meetup try these platforms

Anonymous 91267

I'm having trouble believing that things will be ok for me. I am mid functioning autistic, have facial psoriasis, am balding, have a lazy eye, etc. I do my best to spend my time doing hobbies and stuff that might fulfill me, but I am so lonely. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for what I can do to improve even a little bit? I tried wigs once but I hated how they felt on my head and it also felt a little bit like lying. My hairloss is severe though, and the psoriasis does not relent, I have giant patches on my face all the time. For so long I have internalized that women are only prized for their looks and it is making me bitter. I just want a friend or someone who might not be disgusted by me.

Anonymous 91269

I have uncurable cystic acne all over my face, constantly, so I understand that part.. do you think blunt bangs could hide the receding hairline?

Anonymous 91279

Why not make some e-friends nona? They can't dislike your looks if they can't see your face.


Anonymous 76610[Reply]

I'm 5'11.5. My mother complements me on my height, but I hate being this tall. Clothes don't fit me properly. I am lanky and awkward, especially in small places like getting into cars. My back hurts. But most of all, it's such a huge challenge getting a moid to like me.

I don't get asked out like other girls. Moids of an acceptable height are incredibly rare. Those that are all want to date petite or average sized Staceys. They don't want to date a lanky beanstalk. I feel like I'm always last in line to be chosen. Once I overheard a moid I was kind of crushing on that he would ask me out if X rejected him. Like he was so certain I would say yes because I'm desperate (I am). I would've said yes because I have no choices, but I hate that I would.

Any other lanklets have the same experience?
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Anonymous 89673

>no you can't have standards you must sleep with every balding pot bellied moid and thank him for it

Anonymous 91217

>They have many other choices
They have many better choices

Anonymous 91218

moids aren't attracted to tall women because being tall is abnormal, and therefore it's unattractive.
Not because of some kind of insecurity, otherwise you'd see 6'3" moids lining up to date OP, but you don't see that ever because tall moids have options.

Anonymous 91220

Exactly lol. Tall dudes have their pick of the lot and short girls outnumber tall girls. Also short girls literally fetishise tall dudes. I'm 6" and I've been scolded by male friends for a menial comment when questioned if I was attracted to a specific dude we know that stands at literally 5'3, they're so retarded they jump to the defense and don't understand how it makes THE WOMAN feel, and it does feel weird, it's not society telling me that, my family is tall, i am taller than most people, of course it feels fucking weird and abnormal to tower over people from this fact alone.

Anonymous 91243

What was the comment?


Anonymous 91184[Reply]

how do i deal with being bigger than my bf?
i'm not fat or anything, i think, i'm actually fairly average. however my bf is taller and quite lanky and so even though i'm shorter and everything, my build just makes me look bigger.
i know he loves me and doesn't care about such things, but it's really making me feel insecure. is anyone else having this issue?

Anonymous 91188

Yeah my bf is naturally skinny guy but taller than me. I store more fat than normal girls. My bicep is as big if not bigger than his. And my legs are monster legs because I’m pear shaped and he has tiny little chicken legs.
I love him and don’t care that we look like a good looking power couple. I like that we look like an unlikely pair.

Anonymous 91223

You're relationship doesn't need to fit an aesthetic if you love each other.

Anonymous 91229

I don't date lanky guys for this reason. No point in dating a guy if he's just going to make me feel worse about myself. Tall ripped or chubby guys are infinitely better.

If it makes you feel any better, he probably burns more than 1000 more calories than you in a day, which is why he can afford to be skinny.


Online Dating Anonymous 70961[Reply]

Have any of you succeeded in using dating apps or meeting people online? I have always wanted to give it a go but it's so daunting to me. I would absolutely panic if I caught someone who expressed interest aaaaaaa please tell me someone else was in my boat once
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Anonymous 84248

That sounds super cute and fun, anon! Good luck!

General question, what age range +/- your own are you willing to go? I honestly can't see going higher than 3 years, because the older the moid the more likely he will try harder to manipulate. On the flip side, I've got my lower set 6 years less than myself, but still can't find anyone I'm really interested in or I think they're too attractive to ever want to talk to me. My city isn't big so I've pretty much gone through everyone and it sucks.

Anonymous 84287

Aw, those sound like really nice, comfy dates. That’s cool that you felt comfortable enough with him to open up about what you were looking for in a partner. Hopefully you guys are looking for similar things, but I assume you must be if you agreed to go on a second date. Do you plan on seeing him again?

And thank you for the encouragement! Actually, this job has really been tough, which is why I wanted to take a break from dating so I could concentrate on doing a good job and not falling behind. It made me a bit depressed for a while when it felt like both my dating life and work life weren’t going well, but at this point I know struggle is part of life and good things don’t come easy so I just have to keep working at it. I love hearing about other people’s dating lives though so I hope this thread continues to stay active. It makes the process a little less unbearable when I know other people are also putting themselves out there like me. Once I unpause my profile in a few weeks (hopefully lol), I’ll probably have more things to contribute!

I set for two years below my age because any lower and I’d end up with college students. And then I set my age range 6 years above so my cut off was 30, which I thought was reasonable because my oldest friends are around that age. That being said, I was surprised once I started looking, because I realized that most of the men I was interested in were my age or younger. It wasn’t intentional, but I thought it was unexpected. Dating apps are so hard. It’s hard to get a feel for someone just through a profile and I rarely use up all my likes in one day. If you’re feeling stuck though, it might be worth it to just send out likes and see what happens? Not like completely randomly, but maybe try sending out a few likes to those guys you think are out of your league or send a like just because you think someone’s prompt is funny or you think you’d have a funny answer for it. I find that it always takes me a while to start finding guys I’m interested in, but once I take that initial plunge it becomes easier. Also idk if I’m just making this up, but I also find that once you start liking more people that the profiles start being tailored a little more to what you’re into. I use Hinge, which I know has some sort of algorithPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 84289

Thank you!

I'm 32 and have my age range set to 27-38.

I get what you mean about going through everyone. I live in a mid sized city, and even then, it's easy to run out of people. Prior to this, I hadn't used dating apps in 2 years. Sometimes it helps to just delete it for a while and then when you go back, there are a bunch of new faces rather than the slow drip of new people daily.

But also, don't think any men are out of your league!

Yes, we have another date planned for Friday! We're both pretty lowkey people who like being outdoors but don't really like sports or anything, so just being out in nice weather and walking around and chatting is super nice!

And yes, he actually said it was a big relief when I mentioned that I may never want to live with a future partner because he said he had always wanted the same but felt a lot of pressure to compromise on that.

I feel you on balancing work and life! My job was super busy the last few months, and I'm now just getting time to date again, as well. I'm sure once you spend some more time at your new job and find your groove, you'll have an easier go at making extra time for both yourself and perhaps a boy!

Anonymous 84312

I ragequit hinge. My biggest pet peeve is when my easy name is spelled wrong, and a guy used the masculine version to boot. Petty, I know, but it's taken me into adulthood to like and go by my full name, and I felt disrespected. Been on bumble for a month now since. I asked the age question because my lower is honestly edging a bit too low for my comfort (I'm 36, so 30-39 right now), and truthfully would like either 3 up or down tops, but it's a bit restrictive, and as you said, you ended up liking younger or near your age more than older. So I may never know until I meet people. Which brings my other issue of avpd. Even sending a like is something I struggle to think of doing and left swipe everyone, often thinking how inadequate I am even for the average, yet cute guy. I used to he so bold as a teen, and had an e-bf ages 14-16 that I met once, but for 10 years I've been stuck in an isolation mindset that's really hard getting out of the older I get.

A lot of people think the pandemic is "over" (it's not) so many people abandoned at least bumble here. Thank you for your age input as well, I'm just a bit older, but have somewhat similar sets. Thinking everyone is not out of my league is something I'm trying to work on. Thanks!

Anonymous 91216

All "likes" mean on dating apps is that you aren't so ugly that they wouldn't talk to you.
that's it.
If you don't talk, then nothing's going to happen.
you're going to get blackmailed into being his toy.


I want to lose my virginity Anonymous 91019[Reply]

I want to lose my virginity, but is it worth doing?

I want to have sex and enjoy it. But is it worth looking for moids to do it or better buy a vibrator? I don't plan on having a boyfriend. I've never met any moid that doesn't stink.
7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 91048

You won't get anything out of sex you can't get out of toys if you don't care about the male you're having sex with. The most important part of it is the bonding/emotional experience, especially if you can't orgasm from vaginal intercourse.
Just buy a vibrator

Anonymous 91049

Sex without a strong connection is kind of meh. Unless you really like them, don't take the numerous risks associated. I didn't lose my virginity until I was 31 and it didn't seriously impact my life in any meaningful way.

Anonymous 91154

I don't know. I'm always asking myself if I am heterosexual or a lesbian.
Women are pretty, more pretty than men.
But there is something in males that I like (or need (?)
I really want to stop being a virgin, but no male wants me nor females :c

Anonymous 91195

Why do you want to lose your virginity so bad? A lot of nonas say masturbation feels better anyway. Any other reason besides possible pleasure?

Anonymous 91202

relating to other people, being in relationships


detrans femcel hell Anonymous 80868[Reply]

I trooned myself when I started college and post-grad I hate myself for thinking I was moid-brained. I chopped off my tits but didn't do hrt, so I just present and pass as a masculine woman. I don't even miss my boobs but holy shit, I mutilated myself when I was a mentally ill teenager and no one questioned it. I'm permanently fucking mutilated. I'm peak femcel now because no one (men or women) finds mastectomy scars sexy. I look like a fucking female eunuch. I can't forgive myself for being so retarded.
11 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 89843

I think most would probably be sympathetic anyway. It's not the same as cosmetic surgery for the sake of vanity and it doesn't come with the same connotations.

Anonymous 89846

Really? Implants always seem obvious to me but I guess moids fall so deep down the coom chamber of porn they usually don't know what natural women look like.

Anonymous 89893

>no one (men or women) finds mastectomy scars sexy.
depends on the type or specific details of the scarring but they can be sexy to me.

Anonymous 89894

You can say you have the brca gene mutation and underwent mastectomy because of that.

Anonymous 89900

there are good ways to get very natural results. ive seen plenty of unrecognizable implants. with no breast tissue it admittedly does get much harder to achieve that look, but if you go for under the muscle teardrop shape + small implants + fat transfer you could get good results

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