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4chan(nel) ban Anonymous 20858[Reply]

So fuck those mods over there. I posted about how women are superior to men and gave countless reasons why, including

1. We are ruled more by love than lust.

2. Men have throughout time beat us, raped up, kept us from being educated but we still overcame it all and contributed to the world. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_inventions_and_discoveries_by_women

3. The world has been primarily ruled by men and look how that turned out for us. Look at the condition of the earth, greed, treatment of animals etc

4. Men have killed millions, if not billions of human beings throughout time yet women are blamed for everything shitty out there?

5. My views aren't about the wage gap (the one point those assholes harp on over and over despite all the issues out there), my views are about places like 4chan that show how rampant misogyny is, it's just residing under the surface like racism, and how socially it screws both men and women over.

6. 4chan is the most censored site I've honestly been too. I've been banned numerous time for expressing views that aren't the norm. What a bunch of weak mods running that place.

Thanks for letting me vent.
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Anonymous 26693

OP is a seething dumb bitch lmao

Anonymous 26747

The only thing that is OP's fault is not realizing both sides of this radical spectrum are ignorant and breed nothing but toxicity while segregating genders from each other. But expecting radfems to understand this is like expecting a toddler to understand algorithms. Also OP clearly got BTFO because she was going on a man hate rant in /adv/ of all places where it doesn't fucking belong, that's not advice, you're just trying to preach to people and blames it on the mods being sexist instead of her being stupid enough to think that was an appropriate place to rant about this shit.

Anonymous 26775

>go on advice board
>post thread that has nothing to do with advice, neither asking nor giving
>get deleted/banned

You are literally making our entire sex look like idiot crybabies, and I am actively embarrassed about YOUR behavior.

You are exactly like the /pol/tards that invade /a/, /co/, /tv/, /v/, etc. with posts that don't even pretend to be on topic and then whine about """censorship""" because they got deleted/banned

Anonymous 27025

Sounds like you posted something that is on the tier of the annoying excuses for the “woman bad man superior” raids that we get on here.

I agree with a bit of what you said, but everyone knows that 4chan has a culture of misogyny, just like the rest of the internet. You aren’t changing hearts and minds when you post there, and you’re only gonna make them double down on their idiotic beliefs.

Anonymous 27078

OP is a Feminist Queen

don’t forget that like over 95% of people in jail are men


happines noises.jp…

Anonymous 23294[Reply]

>be me
>find an otaku website called mo for dating
>find a cute 8/10 single guy
>he gives me a welcome
>he said hi and didn't ask for nudes first
>fast forward 3 weeks
>told him i liked him
>he rejects me in the best no harm way but doesn't block me
>keeps chatting with him as everything went normal
>orbiting a little bit and he talks to me about everything in his day

He is the first person who treats me like normal and maybe we can be a couple soon, there's still hope girls :')
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Anonymous 24697

I wouldn't get your hopes up OP. If he wasn't in to you to start then you probably aren't going to win win him over by orbiting. I have never seen an orbiter end up with the orbitee, best case you'll be his "girl best friend" that he'll ask your opinion on what to get his new Stacy gf for Valentine's day :^)

t. Orbited way too many guys before

Anonymous 25281

Well, he hasn't been online since a long time and yeah he is a bit shy , the type of shy that act like he isn't shy (hope you can understand this haha)

Pls, don't kill my hopes

Anonymous 25284

You just gotta be persistent. He can't resist for long.

Anonymous 27063

He doesn't log in anymore

Anonymous 27064

Meet him offline asap OP. I have dated guys seriously off dating sites before but only when we met in person. Men won't love you if stuff can't get physical eventually. That's why he rejected your confession at first


Anonymous 26511[Reply]

Although I’m aware it’s maladaptive, sometimes I take pleasure in considering the misery of others. I believe it mints from bitterness regarding the circumstances of my own life: loneliness, isolation, despair, etc. For instance I may relish seeing someone I perceive as having a better life than myself suffer some misfortune.

Is this normal? Does anyone else do this?

Anonymous 26515

Most people do. Unless you mean you want to see people get cancer and die, or see their family be torn apart by infidelity or suicide. That's a bit out there.

It's perfectly normal to want to see someone fail at something relatively harmless though.

Anonymous 26529

>Is this normal? Does anyone else do this?
The best laugh I had in my entire life was when my friend's grandma had fallen face first to the flowers she wanted to pick for her. I was literally dying from laughter the next 20 minutes. Later found out she got a heart attack and died the next day in the hospital. I even laughed at the funeral, it was so funny. Her face was even swollen like a pro-boxers, because she was alive just long enough to achieve this state and when they put the flower on the grave I just couldn't contain myself. No need to say that we are not friends with the girl. This happened when I was 11. Best years of my life tbh.

Anonymous 26569


I get this occasionally too. I have a pretty great life but go through instances where I switch and start hating those close to me. I hope misfortune falls on them and if it does, immediately feel guilty. That said I offer myself if something bad does happen to friends of mine. I’ve thought about going to therapy to talk to someone about this and find better ways to cope.

>Best years of my life tbh.
Saddest part of your story.

Anonymous 26905

Normal. It even has a name, schadenfreude. Don't get sucked into it but don't like, beat yourself for occasionally privately indulging in something deliciously petty.


asexuals in denial club Anonymous 26756[Reply]

Anyone else an asexual in denial?

>have never felt sexual attraction to anyone or anything (don't even know what it would feel like)

>SO confused by what people mean when they say they fucked someone because they couldnt control themselves
>never get aroused
>have never had pleasurable sex

Now this wouldn't be a problem, but I still desire a relationship. Therefore it causes me constant despair because I have a boyfriend that I will never desire sexually. If i had one wish a functional fucking sex drive would be it, fuck world peace or money.
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Anonymous 26774

Weird, I can really relate to this. Definitely not asexual but… there are some things from porn that really turn me on but when I do them in real life, they don't. And I'm left just feeling confused.

I mean, I can still masturbate and have fun with my partner but it's so frustrating that my fantasies that always worked for me for 15 years in private do nothing in real life.

Anonymous 26858

and This.

I experiencing tingling reading fanfics or seeing a character like Indiana Jones wink (not for the way he looks, but for his demeanor). Sometimes vibrating from riding a horse, motorcycle, or earthquake will do it too. However, I feel nothing when actually touch myself. My genitals are numb, and I've never had an orgasm. I've never been attracted to someone either.

Yep, and all of them came back normal.

Anonymous 26878

Where did you get them tested? Do you go to your family doctor?

Anonymous 26880

Yes, I told my own doctor. I told her about other symptoms I was having that could possibly be thyroid related and she advised blood work, and I asked if I could have my other hormones tested as well.

Anonymous 26884


I'm going in next week to see if I can have a full hormone panel done. I've also had irregular periods for the first time in my life the last couple months. But I think thats because I have a very poor diet due to some disordered eating habits I'm now improving.

Wondering if I should ask to do a full blood test to look for deficiencies too.


how do i know i'm even into guys? Anonymous 26516[Reply]

actually how can i also know i'm into girls?

and how do i know i'm not scared of guys?

i'm a 20 years old student who's never had a bf nor has ever dated and i'm only friends with girls. one of my best friends since hs told me multiple times that she’s never seen me be into any guys, which is true, but I also haven't been 'into' any girls either.

i'm alright being around guys (classmates and members for group projects, coworkers, etc, etc.) but i've recently started to receive attention from guys (prob since it’s summer and i got my braces off, haha) which i realized i’m not really comfortable with. i’m a direct person so while complimenting girls and being complimented by girls feels like a sweet thing to do, i always think guys are expecting something else from you so i quickly stop myself from talking to them. i also really don't like the standard where girls are expecting guys to make the first move or to receive attention…maybe it’s because i’m very much on my own but it just sounds so pushy and clingy..i saw another anon saying that she was rly into a girl friend even if it might not be reciprocal and the way she wrote about her made my heart feel warm.

i used to like the idea of having a boyfriend, but with the ppl i’ve met irl so far, i'm not so sure abt that. i also like the idea of being with a girl, but i don’t know if it’s more than just platonically. i’m a noob about romantic emotions, so how do i know i don’t like or at least prefer girls for sure? the same best friend told me that everyone is a little bit gay, but that doesn’t help much haha.

and also are lesbians/bisexual girls uncommon? i’m in canada but i feel like i only hear about gay guys in my surroundings..
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Anonymous 26833

Jesus Christ, anon. Make friends with yourself, before you try to make friends with anyone else. Please, don't be anybody but yourself.

Anonymous 26834

Totally missing my point. I am myself, but hur dur, you want fun life fact? Being yourself makes you incredibly lonely because being yourself means being the shitty parts about you that people don't like on a superficial level which just makes you alone and alienates you from everyone else.

There's a reason why people meme that mask meme. How you have a fake face that you show to the world, and a real face you only show to people you are close with. No one wants to see your real face in public if you're a mess of a human. I know what I am and I know I'll stay alone if I act like a mess in public.

Anonymous 26836

>being yourself makes you incredibly lonely because being yourself means being the shitty parts about you that people don't like on a superficial level which just makes you alone and alienates you from everyone else
The only reason that happens is because you're not comfortable with yourself, and it shows. Please love who you are. You'll never find love, mask or not, if you don't love what's within you.

Anonymous 26848

See, you keep saying the same shit and once again you miss my point. I've been at this internal reflection and betterment shit for well over 6 years now. I am telling you loving myself, liking myself, or anything else you want to call it, is not the problem. I've solved that problem long ago, I am comfortable in my skin and with who I am flaws and all. I'm not so daft as to call my flaws "me" as if they are positive and helpful, it's important to be realistic with who you are as a person. Co-dependency, low selfesteem, insecurity, and so on is not a good trait about me. I understand it's not healthy and most people don't want someone whose in casual terms clingy and needy. They want something casual or stress/drama free because working shitty low wage earning jobs where the workload put unto you is that of multiple people is awful enough and they want to come home to no bullshit which I can respect but sometimes I might bring home bullshit and I need someone who can sit down and diffuse my bullshit and make me feel okay and it's very hard to find someone like that. The only reason I posted here is because sometimes it's nice to get a reminder that people can and will put up with my bullshit, I just have to find the right person and they are real.

Anonymous 26850

>The only reason I posted here is because sometimes it's nice to get a reminder that people can and will put up with my bullshit, I just have to find the right person and they are real.
This is it. There are people who will be perfectly fine with helping you. They won't see it as a pain or a burden. Maybe, you might find someone with similar problems and you can help each other out together. Unfortunately, you are right about a lot of men who are into nerdy things. A lot of them don't want a loving romantic relationship but a gf who is like a guy friend who they can play games with every once in a while, and also fuck. But trust me, there are a lot of exceptions to the rule. I've seen it with my boyfriend and my friends' partners. So don't let that stop you


leeches Anonymous 26655[Reply]

do any of you attract those people as much as i do??? how do you deal with it? and what are some traits a leech magnet has that don't seem too obvious? i wanna work on them and stop people from taking advantage of me.

i always seem to attract shitty people who take advantage of me and my kindness. i think it's because they sell themselves as nice people and i trust them too soon. i'm not someone who gets approached by people begging for their notes/homework, and i don't give out stuff easily, but somehow this type of person always ends up forcing their way into my life and they always take, take, take but never give. or they give me something small (like say the password for the online platform where the teacher uploads their slides, while i give them notes every single time they miss class). when i ask for something in return they either ignore it or they have already dropped me in favor of another person so i don't even get the chance to ask for something in return.

i hate how wimpy this sounds and it's not like it happens ALL the time, but i noticed that it has happened regularly over the past 10-12 years with different people and i'm starting to become wary of people and trying to make friends in college because i'm afraid everyone will turn out to be a leech again.
2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 26721

I tend to attract people like this too, but I enjoy it somehow because it's an easy way to keep them around.

Anonymous 26724

Can you give us more examples?

I'd say you draw a line as soon as you see the leech behaviour manifest itself. People can't force their way into your life and take if you don't allow it to happen but that's probably easier said than done.

Anonymous 26727

yes. i have all my life, and that's why I've become closed off and more distrusting

Anonymous 26730

what do you mean by things of value? do you have any examples?

Anonymous 26733

I mean like opening up yourself to a new person, something like sharing a story about yourself in relation to what the other person told you.
As a (poor) example:
>X professor did this in class today. I was bothered by it.
>Oh really? I had one last semester that did that all the time, I ended up quitting the class because of it.
>X professor did this in class today. I was bothered by it.
>Oh really? Has he done anything else?
The first scenario has the person share something about themselves while the person who responds also shares.
The second is just asking the person to go into more detail about their experience, the first person learnt nothing about the other.
If I am not interested in talking to someone else I let the conversation die naturally. If my friend is not interested she goes into question-mode and turns her brain off because it's what she's used to. So people start thinking of her as convenient.


A very concerned woman 26596[Reply]

How do you /feel/ about this?
4 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 26624

See, you say this and now I just imagine the anti climatic and somewhat terrifying notion of mtf trannies raping me. But taking 20 minutes to get their flaccid cock hard and being subjected to watching this man faced "woman" jerk his dick and listening to that god awful feminine man voice grunt and groan and the other rapists holding me down look on with glee with how long and tedious it's taking to get to the rape. Like it's almost a slow execution and it actually sounds a lot worse than if a cis male would rape me. All of it sounds horrifying and I would never wish it on anyone nor experience such a shitty thing. But in a purely theoretical situation where I'm completely detached, the concept is kind of funny.

Also regarding OP, it's a shitpost that's meant to be worded in a way to offend women and make them pissed off. Going on 4chan and expecting anything less is stupid.

Anonymous 26631

Anonymous 26636

What are you expecting, what do you want?

Are you here to make people angry? I'm confused. It's a dumb shitpost, stop shit stirring.

Anonymous 26637

And that's how you feel.

Anonymous 26662



Anonymous 15115[Reply]

this is a bit of a silly question that could easily be googled, sure, but - how do you tell if a guy is 'interested' in you? even just vaguely interested. im clueless about friendship and romantic relationships and really want my first bf.

a guy grinned at me after approaching me with his friend once and he called me a gem after, i dunno if he was just being polite or if he maybe wanted to be my friend/was interested in me. today i introduced myself/told him to call me my real name instead of my nickname though, i just wanna get on the right track to getting a boyfriend
26 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 26601

because that's scary?

Anonymous 26607

Probably just scared of being rejected. If you are interested go talk to him!

Anonymous 26612

is he shy? that could be why

Anonymous 26613

Just call him a creepy weirdo and tell him to stop staring.

Anonymous 26626

The most garbage advice I've ever seen. This person is literally interested.


Anonymous 26550[Reply]

how to make a total normie boy into a nerd loser who just gets me?
3 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 26559

Because he's a loser nerd, obviously.

Anonymous 26578


How the heck do you even get a boy in the first place? I'm on my vacation and there's this place called Aoshima shrine where couples get married and they pray for their love. I see happy couples everywhere and I walk there alone like a sore thumb.

Anonymous 26582


It definitely just easier to find someone on the edge of being a loser nerd who doesn't want to be and make him more normal rather than finding (and relating) to someone normal and making them a loser nerd.

Anonymous 26590

Why not make the nerdy boy into a normie? Way easier, all they need is a couple of hardy fucks.

Anonymous 26595

Question: Why do you go to a place famous for couples alone?

Side note: Honestly couples care more about each other than they do care about anyone else around them. So you are basically like a ghost there, you just think you stand out.


I don't know what to do anymore Anonymous 26050[Reply]

It's been a week since I've turned 18, I should be happy my adult life starts now and yet I doubt I'll survive the summer.
For the past few years I've been battling depression and suicidal thoughts but I'm not alone in all of this, there are friends that at least seem to care a bit about me but even when we are together I feel completely alone, I'm nearly always the one that starts our conversations.
My best friend, who knows what I've been through, is also the girl I love and there have been many things happening between us this year.
We are extremely close and we both had feelings for each other at different times.
I fear that she has noticed that I still love her and now she seems quite cold.
I've thought of quitting our friendship so many times but I could never do that for more than a month as one of us would go back to the other.
Without her I would be lost, we've been friends for nearly 8 years and the thought of a life without her is terrifying since I would also lose our common friends, more importantly she is the only person that has shown me love and made me feel truly happy.
However I know that we will never be more than best friends and even if we were it probably wouldn't last: I am really short and quite unattractive so she'd probably leave me for someone better as soon as she finds him.
I feel like I'm stuck between life and death and I don't think I have the strength to make it, she is all I have.
I kept the rope from my last attempt so I could use it once I made my decision.
I feel completely empty and maybe if she is now getting distant because of my fault then I could finally end it once and for all, even though I know she would still feel a bit sad about me dying.
8 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 26475

How are you having trouble finding a depressed manlet leaf? That’s most of them.

Anonymous 26476

To be fair you'd probably also dislike me. It's always like that.
Glad to hear you haven't ended it all yet though. Are you feeling any more hopeful after two weeks?
Finding them is one thing but convincing them to date me is another issue entirely.

Anonymous 26477

Depressed manlets will go for anyone, do you have some sort of severe mental/physical deficiency?

Anonymous 26496

No I don't, but most people have specific tastes. Generally I've found short men tend towards liking shorter women. It's a bit sad but of course I'll keep going until I find someone.
Hope op does the same.

Anonymous 26497

As long as you’re not freakishly tall, you’ll find someone.

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