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i feel so inadequate compared to bf Anonymous 111194[Reply]

i don't know how to deal with it. he's just better than me in everything. it would be fine if it was in things idgaf about but now i get so envious. for example i've been trying to learn german for years while he speaks 5 languages. he's way more academically gifted than me, more extraverted and charismatic than me, a quicker thinker than me etc.

Anonymous 111654

It's just impostor syndrome, don't worry
You can always ask him, you might be surprised about how highly he thinks of you too

Anonymous 111659

Stopped reading there

Anonymous 111661

You shouldn't feel the need to be better than him, maybe thats why you two r together? Because of your diffrences. Besides yr just a girl so

Anonymous 111666

when will we learn to just report moids and ignore?


I hate everything Anonymous 111660[Reply]

I don't know what to make out of my life. All i do is stay inside and do nothing, i have no job, no school, no friends in real life. Literally what do i do?? I tried to get a job but they don't want me, friends? I fucking hate everyone because theyre inherently retarted to a point where i would rather disassociate myself from them. Wtf do i do? I just want to be happy. I could maybe spend time on a hobby but i don't know what. I tried out everything

Anonymous 111663

Well, you know there's always the possibility of taking drugs so you mellow out, but that may just be me.

Also, what do you mean, you tried to “get a job”? You'd have one already if you truly wanted one. I don't think you're uber stunted that you wouldn't be able to get a job in the braindead sectors.

Anonymous 111665

I have a job a school and a boyfriend and I still also feel depressed so maybe that has nothing to do with it


Anonymous 111561[Reply]

Did anyone else here never have friends? My whole life I struggled with fitting in and the best I could do was hanging out with people at school but after that I never saw anyone. I've never really seen someone else like myself, usually they have/had at least 1 friend.

Anonymous 111589

i'm probably the problem but thanks to my autism i have trouble seeing others as my "friends". acquaintances at most. i can confidently say i have one actual friend maximum. who also has no friends besides me.

Anonymous 111590

yeah I feel like I'm literally uncapable of having one.

Closest I have been to make friends was at one job I had with more extroverted people than usual, but naturally drifted apart when we moved on

Anonymous 111594

>who also has no friends besides me.
I read this to mean: "who else has me as their only friend"

I have no close friends. There are people whom I like and who like me, but I mostly feel a disconnect with them. They do things without me, but that doesn't bother me because they don't do it to exclude me. I'm not the right person for most things and they probably don't immediately think of me. I also don't immediately think of them for doing the things I want to do. Mutually alone.


Anonymous 109669[Reply]

nonas in third world countries and misogynistic patriarchal societies how do you navigate through the daily struggles of living in a such society without becoming extremely depressed and suicidal?
as soon as I started to understand the world around me as it is in my early teenage years and how women are looked down upon, objectified for their bodies, abused in my family and around me it took a huge toll on my mental health especially after I started getting sexually harassed and cat called whenever I went outside, so I isolated myself from the external world as a coping mechanism and I became chronically online which didn't help as I continued to delve more into feminism and how badly this world is fucked for us women. I've tried to speak about it to my mom and my friends but it I always end up feeling like the crazy one because nobody seems to understand what I'm talking about even if the endless struggles are very much real yet they're all brainwashed by our culture and religion to think that men are not the problem.
I'm just wondering if you're dealing with this too what are your coping mechanisms and how do you go on about your day hearing misogynistic and sexist shit from men and women all the time?
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Anonymous 109951

Anonymous 109963

I'm so sorry nona, life gets very heavy when we start to rationalize our condition in this world. For example, I haven't found a way to deal with it, and it's horrible. The shithole where I live is quite violent, misogynistic and with female hyper sexualization spread like a disease wherever you look; the feminist debate has been completely mishandled in recent years, to the point that almost no one takes it seriously. I did the same thing as you: I isolated myself from the world, using the internet as an escape. Currently I focus only on work and studies, exercise, the few things I still enjoy. I kind of live with a horse blinder on my face and I'm starting to become a completely indifferent person, having little or no hope.

Anonymous 110262

Its a painful experience indeed

Anonymous 111204

I never had a choice but to see the truth of men of my race and culture. I was molested at 4 years old by a family member. The entire family sided with him and from 1992 to 2002 I was forced to live with him. I never let this fucker near me again, he only had one time to show me his true nature. My parents separated and there was peace but then my mother let him move back in with her in 2007. I moved out for the first time from 2007 to 2008, then my mother's father died, my sister had a miscarriage and my mother got deathly ill. I stayed until 2018 and then I left on my own. All that time, I stood my ground, protected myself, and never let any of my family cross my boundaries ever again. I always spoke the truth, even if nobody agreed, even if I was the only one who cared, because that's how I've always lived bc I've always seen men for exactly who they are. Thanks to the internet, the news is spreading and communities are being created. You may have to be the first one to start one in your area. You may have to be the first one to speak up. But other women see the world and see men just like you do and they have friends, communities, hobbies, and they get shit done. I wish you the best. I've elevated myself in society, start business and make money so I'm financially independent. I also take care of my health when I can and travel alone often. This is why you need money. Money is also protection.

Anonymous 111567

"some" arent forced into it, its most women who wear the hijab. Do you think Iranian or Afganistan women being forced to wear hijab so they dont get beaten in public choose this? Most islamic countries force women (by law or socially) to wear the hijab. Also even if some women choose to wear it bc its a part of their beliefs, the belief itself is misogynistic so it is still bad. According to islam wpmen have to be covered head to toe at the bare minimum to pray which is a representation of how women's bodies are inherently seen as sexual which results in men thinking theyre entitled to us which results im all the rape. Hijabs even if its a women's choice are bad because they are an implication of the oppressive system that made them necessary. Women cannot reclaim hijabs.


cluster b Anonymous 111426[Reply]

what's your experience with antisocial/narcissistic/borderline/ histrionic personality disorder? do you have it? do you know people who have it? how do you deal with your symptoms? why do you think you might've developed one?
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Anonymous 111550

yeah my mom is an autist with some kind of mood or personality disorder too and she's a neet even though she's divorced, she just lives off of spouse & child support + welfare. her ass is a single mom with 2 kids and she doesn't work…

Anonymous 111556

My moms borderline and autistic. Dad's also autistic. I inherited all of it. Can't remember what the specific trauma was but I've known something was wrong for like 10 years now. Trying to get a diagnosis so I can at least get medicated for this life ruining bullshit has been hell. They do not want to listen if you have the slightest idea of what's wrong with you. Also because I'm a girl.

Anonymous 111560

I think my mom was narcissistic or had bpd, i noticed it when i was little, how selfish she was with me or my older siblings, the way she always put us down and insulted/hit us, how she always wanted to be the spotlight, she always made everything just about her. She physically (and psychologically) abused me since i was little, i am now 17, she abandoned me when i was 11, but i never really got over the trauma. I sometimes think something is wrong with me, i think i inherited something from her but i don't know what, i don't want to self diagnose.
I really hope i didn't inherited anything and that im sane, at least in that part. She really gave me some abandonment trauma and her same struggles with drugs and toxic substances.. but i'm getting better with that lul.. i think so
sorry for the trauma dump

Anonymous 111563


Unresolved childhood experiences affect a lot of person's personality. These usually happen when we have parents who suffer themselves, and childhood events become traumatic for a child. A child doesn't know how to process these feelings, and if our parents don't help us learn them we develop maladaptive behaviors to hide or push these feelings away. These behaviors are there to repress those memories, coping methods, in time develop into disorders. Most people don't even realize it. There's a lot of unfortunate folks in this world. Don't worry, that isn't a trauma dump, its called opening up

That's good you're working on bettering yourself, is nice; Those small stuff is what keeps us everyday, lead to bigger things.
>everyday empty feeling
Can I ask how strong these feelings occur? Do they stop you from having motivation for daily tasks?

Anonymous 111565

I think my mom is a (undiagnosed) narcissist. And she doesn't realize it. She'll go apeshit when things don't go her way, she's never at fault, it's always the others. I don't think I'll let her see my kids much in the future…


Guy Anonymous 111513[Reply]

For a year now I have had a crush on someone online, I have been with him for approximately 2 years and I have felt very alone because I don't know how to properly deal with this problem. First problem It's just that I'm younger than him and that puts me at extreme disadvantages, He can find a girl, although he has told me that he is not interested, I still think that does not guarantee anything. I have to constantly take care of everything I do because my mother has me hanging with a strapWhen she was young, she suffered a lot because of men and I didn't think I was capable enough.Apart from the fact that he got very upset when he found one of my writings about what I was thinking at that time and I was very afraid.If someone asks, I have seen his face, and of course in the image search engine so as not to be scammed by a Pinterest image. I feel like he is the brother I will never have but that thought seems worrying to me. and it gives me chills.


Anonymous 110541[Reply]

i like girls but only certain type. the hikki femcel type of, but most of them are either straight or not interested in daiting. i dont think i will ever find gf to be with because of it. all the girlies i have liked never liked girls. all im asking for is cute pale hikikomori-ish girl who is similar to me…
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Anonymous 110593

underage much?

Anonymous 111404

are you saying me

Anonymous 111408

literally me except i'm str8

Anonymous 111409

>i'm str8

Anonymous 111505

im religious and I’ve never dated because my parents were strict so I plan on staying celibate forever but deep down I want this too, good luck in your search anon


Anonymous 110311[Reply]

i look too young. i am almost 19 and i look 12 years old, which turns everyone away. even my voice is super high. i understand that its good to look young but every time i talk to moids, they get turned away by me like they dont wanna be me and i honestly think its my looks. its not good to be woman when you havent grow in any way. i had anorexia and im still bit disordered so i didnt get mature (for example boobs didnt grow). i cant fix this anymore and no one wants me like that because people dont wanna be seen as p*dos or whatever idfk. i will obviously age with age but then i just will look old and ugly, i will never be womanly…
6 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 110513

Boo hoo

Anonymous 110527

anon it's ok if you look youthful because all males are closet pedophiles. if they say you look "too young" to date it's more because they care about their image than not wanting to pursue you. but if they're avoiding you in general it's definitely your looks and not in a good way.
>t. 19 and looked 12 once, men were "nicer" to me after i hit the gym and lost weight. it never lasted long however.

Anonymous 110598

Like other said, hang in there.
Soon you will be a bit older and still have the looks of your prime, as if you were still 17-19.
Looking younger is what basically EVERY woman wants after 30 or so.
So play the long game, if you're 19 and look 12, at 30 you'll look roughly 23, at 40 you'll look around 30 and after 65 you could look 20 years younger if you take good care of yourself.

Anonymous 111385

you get me so much… i never came across someone who's experienced the same thing as me… im also 19 (almost 20) i dont think i was anorexic but my relationship w food was always shit growing up and i was underweight my whole life. i guess i never ate enough for my body to develop properly. anytime a moid showed the slightest interest in me is because he was like 17/18 and thinks im the same age…. i just wish i could look hot and normal like other girls my age cause sometimes my self image gets so bad that i cant perceive myself as a woman anymore. i wish i could give u a genuine advice instead of being blackpilled but everything i tried failed miserably bc i have no ass no tits and no thighs. anything i put on doest fit like it fits other normal girls, all bc of my weight and build. im sorry to hear u had a similar experience it sucks but i hope u at least dont feel alone in this lol

Anonymous 111451

Once you hit twenty one, go to bars more…. The alcohol will age you real fast, no joke

1080x360 (13).jpeg

Why are normies like this Anonymous 111375[Reply]

How you go from being married with children to meeting a 20 years younger girl one day and dating her 2 weeks later and already fucking her then getting a divorce months later. How do you go from meeting a moid then becoming a homewrecker weeks later after pretending to care if he is married or not. It's so shitty to do it to another woman. And how you can fuck a literal stranger… Hypersexuality? Pickmism?
4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 111383

Not sure about this. The way i see it, there's at least 4 scenarios:

Scenario A: You take the kids with you
A1. You try to make the kids hate the dad for abandoning you all for some random woman. it works and the kids grow up to hate their dad and the dad either cares or he doesn't.

A2. The kids don't give a shit and love the dad more because he left them so they're desperate for his attention. they also warm up to the stepmom and the only one left seething is you because everyone loves dad. the dad either cares or he doesn't.

Scenario B: you ditch the kids with dad
B1. The dad, stepmom, and kids become a happy family and they never even think of you. You either never come back so you don't know or care about this or you do come back eventually but will learn that your kids hate you and want nothing to do with you.

B2. Kids get stuck with dad. The mistress either stays and has a family or she leaves him. The kids hate the dad for being a shit parent (unless he does a 180) but probably also hate you too for leaving them with him. If the mistress stays maybe the kids hate her and the dad while missing/hating you for leaving.

I think I would leave but only if there were a way for me to not pay child support. I also think it depends on how old the kids I'm leaving are.

Anonymous 111384

You've framed everything in terms of who the kids hate. If you're running off, why give a shit? They're his problem now. Especially if you have young kids. You think some useless moid who runs off having affairs is gonna start changing diapers or taking them to school everyday while managing all the household chores and finances? It's stupid to first let yourself get cheated on by some shitty moid and then to let him throw all the fall-out to you. He can take the burden and be miserable. The way I see it there is one scenario:
1. The dad who expected to have fun with his new mistress now has to take on all of the shit you no longer manage. He tries to shift responsibility to the whore (let's be real, they all do) and she nopes out leaving him sexless and stuck. You run off to Maui and forget about him, his kids, and whores. You are now a free woman.

Anonymous 111395

First toddler kids from first wife he left with her then rum away with a 10 years younger porny bimbo then second wife's kid he got to stay with him after he left her for 20 years younger pickme who seems really proud of herself

Anonymous 111398

In an ideal world the stepmom wouldn't try to murder your children or make their lives hell. But dumping the kids on him is the only way scrotes can learn not to cheat, and the kids grow up less fucked up if they only have their father as opposed to only their mother.

Anonymous 111407

This happened to my great aunt. She was infertile though and that’s why he left her. But he would go on business trips for ten years with her all the while he had a secret family with a younger woman who had his child.
He still stuck with my great aunt because she made big bucks and she’d give him an allowance which he spent on his 2nd family


Uncaring friends Anonymous 111275[Reply]

I don't have many friends but the few I do have seem to have no problem cutting off people they were once close with. Like straight up cutting them off, maybe a short explanation but it ends in "you're getting me down lately so I don't want to see you anymore". It's not one or two people, it's a bunch of them. It just leaves such a sour taste in my mouth about them, I feel like I have to watch my behavior because they had no problem ditching other people, why would they treat me any different? Having no friends is better than this shit, I've stopped reaching out to them because I don't want to get too close anymore. Does anyone recognize this? I don't think cutting people off is inherently bad but treating friends like they're disposable is so vile.

Anonymous 111277

This is why friends can be counted on a few fingers and acquaintances are plenty.

Anonymous 111300

I think it's natural and I don't feel bad when other people ghost me either. Friends are replaceable and not really necessary or enmeshed in your life at all. It's nice to have fun with people, but if someone is going to start making my life unpleasant, I wouldn't want to deal with it either. Life is hard enough without that crap.

Anonymous 111310

Some people are just like that, they have enough people that care about them already.

Anonymous 111381

Friendships are a type of relationship at the end of the day and people want em for different reasons.

Personally I think it's pretty scummy too, but it's just a matter of finding friends who have the same idea/values of friendship

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