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how tf does anyone want a baby Anonymous 78998[Reply]

>shits and pisses and vomits and you have to clean it
>moid babies grow up to be addicted to porn and abusive
>normal girl babies just suffer because of the moids
whats the point, my brother and his gf (she works and hes at home ofc) have one and i fucking hate it and i hate the people who talk about how great having kids is

Anonymous 78999


refuses to elaborate

shits itself*

Anonymous 79000

Anonymous 79001


Does he love me or am I young Anonymous 66120[Reply]

I'm still in hs and have been getting attention from older men recently (their age range being 22-35). So I started dating this one guy who's 6 years older than me and he's nice and all, buys me stuff, takes me out…

But how do I recognize whether he actually likes me for me and doesn't want me just because I'm young?

And another issue, I'm still a virgin and don't feel the need to hurry, he asks to have sex every time and I tell him no, but I feel like leading him on or that he'll be mad at me for doing so. I feel like men would judge me harshly in future relationships for not being a virgin/would make them less likely to marry me.

What attitude to have towards losing virginity? Saving yourself for marriage?
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Anonymous 73403

Not much better than a dumbass reddit atheist.

Anonymous 78859

Another unsolicited update… Or just me, venting.

Short after, we got back together (and now I broke it off again). And not to say he was treating me bad, not in the least, at least materially. I constantly got invited out, to dinners, new clothes and all that. He was wonderful and caring. BUT. He made it like he was giving me this huge favor by letting me talk to people and have friends. The sex was great, love it. However he would get super upset, when once in a blue moon would not put out. After losing virginity, I do not feel any different, nothing about me changed, simply a new experience. I guess sex is just something that you do in a long-term relationship. And the age gap was fine honestly (6 years). Now I was talking with guy 16 years older, and yeah, that was kinda weird.

What really made me end it were not all the 'possessiveness things', but multiple instances of friends telling me he got really drunk at events and did some things, followed by him denying everything. That left me questioning reality for a long time.

Anonymous 78876

I think it's for the best, I mean early on everything was a huge red flag to me; someone asking for sex constantly with such a young person just reeks of user, but lying to you is far, far more unacceptable and sets the stage for a shitty future.

Anonymous 78883

You should take those signs of possessiveness more seriously with future partners. Possessiveness goes hand-in-hand with being a controlling asshole. I'm glad to hear you broke it off either way and that you recognized his poor party behavior & denial was significant.

> He made it like he was giving me this huge favor by letting me talk to people and have friends.

This is a huge deal. He would isolate you from your other friends and family over time, making it harder on you when you needed support from someone other than him. Your partner should never be giving you 'permission' to simply talk to other people and HAVE friends! That's a completely normal expectation of how people live, not something someone gives you permission to do.

> However he would get super upset, when once in a blue moon would not put out.

This is also a big deal that he does not respect your autonomy. Thankfully you did not end up getting married to this guy because his expectations would have been even worse. Bet he is the type of man that thinks his wife owes him sex whenever he demands.

Not to sound up my own ass, but you will see by the time that you're 23 that dating a high schooler at that age is fucking weird, no matter how "mature" they might seem. You'll realize these guys are fucking creeps that either can't or won't date women their own age because they want to predate on the naive. There's only so much relationship experience you can have at that point, you're not going to recognize all their tricks. It's hard to explain how it feels when that last bit of brain maturation finally settles in, but you'll know it when it happens.

Best of luck to you in the future OP.

Anonymous 78987

stop being a fucking retard and dating/talking to these old ass men lmfao i hope you dont come back here 1 day like "GUYS I GOT RAPED GUYS IM BEING ABUSED" or i'll just have to laugh.


Anonymous 78914[Reply]

Anyone else's teachers think they're retarded?
Over the course of my last year of highschool, I completely gave up. I started just not interacting with anyone. I stopped doing all work that wasn't necessary for me to simply have a passing grade.
All year, for acting retarded, I basically got special treatment because I think people thought I actually had special needs they weren't told about?
For example, on a lot of group projects the teacher would pull me aside and just give me an alternate, independant assignment. Everyone else was hassled for failing to participate in things, yet I was not. Even right in front of me as I sat in the corner refusing to play sports for gym class, other classmates not participating would get grilled, yet they'd ignore me and just let me do my thing.
Multiple times doing "sports stations" in gym class you were supposed to get in a group to rotate around and play the various sports, such as badminton and volleyball. The teacher approached me and just told me I could do "whatever I was comfortable with" and I basically got to go to the weights room by myself.
When not doing my work teachers would harass other students. They'd just kindly ask me if I felt like participating.

Idk where I'm going with this, but did anyone else experience this? Its so funny to me that everyone thought I was stupid or something (even though I was in multiple higher level classes and score in the 95th+ percentile for all standardized tests, scores my teachers would look at so its not like they would think I was cognitively impaired). Sure, my teachers from the 1st semester would kind of hassle me, but only after acting more and more retarded to the point where I wasn't even ashamed of myself anymore did my teachers basically start babying me.
Its not like I'm ungrateful, I almost feel guilty, but I don't get it. What am I missing here??

Yes I am 18.
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Anonymous 78916

that makes a lot more sense now. I'd get a lot of comments on how I always looked down, I figured it was just "resting bitch face" because I would get those comments even when I was happy.
I was really depressed for a lot of this year, some of the worst its been but I really don't feel like I was genuinly doing as much as I could and trying my hardest.
Now I feel really guilty for it because I do feel like I was just being lazy. Fuck.

Anonymous 78918

No, most teachers hated me because I was quiet and depressive. When my English teacher asked me what I liked to read, I told her I didn’t like reading. She hated me after that, and would use false pretenses to punish me. One day another girl was talking loudly, and she accused me of it instead, and when I denied it, she had me sit at a desk in the corner of the room away from everyone for the rest of the year. I didn’t have any friends and never spoke, if that wasn’t clear, so it was obvious she just thought I was an unremarkable eyesore.

Anonymous 78939

True, i was pretty much in OP’s place back in high school. The singling out and mistreatment was insane. Being a depressed kid makes you a target for narcissists with a desire for power trips aka teachers. Glad op’s in a decent environment though

Anonymous 78951

Yeah, I think you're right, at least in my case. I always figured, like OP, that some teachers mistook me as low-key retarded, but those teachers were also one of the more empathetic and nicer ones in my school. They probably sensed that I was not in the best mental state at the time.

Anonymous 79988


Photo on 5-2-22 at…

Anonymous 77798[Reply]

Does anyone wanna be friends? I want friends who are like me but i cant find anyone like me irl and im feeling alone thought maybe id have better luck here!
8 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 77948

a friendly girl interested in the meme noosphere.

Anonymous 77998

That doesn't tell me very much

>Conservative or liberal?

>Terf or tranny supporter?
>Favorite book and book genre?
>besides memes what are you passionate about?
>what are your hobbies or interests?

Anonymous 78009

I’m the one you replied to, i don’t really care for your politics except if you support trannies or not since that tells me everything i need to know. And your hobbies/interests kek

Anonymous 78627

am i late to this?

Anonymous 78856

I am not sure, I think I'm a bit late too. But I've been trying to make friends. Wanna add each other on discord or something?


Can autistic people manipulate? or should I say, autistic moids? Anonymous 77489[Reply]

I will preface this thread by saying that I am not autistic (at least not that I know of, I never have had a psychological assessment done to me in my life so I do not know if I'm neurotypical or not). From what I understand, autism has one caracteristic which is a lack of theory of the mind (I am aware that basing the whole definition of autism on this is very carricatural and incorrect). I also want to preface that I personally do not think that all autists lack empathy, I think it is harmful to the discussion to think only this. When I mention theory of mind, by that I mean something more like "Autistic people cannot lie", "Autistic people cannot recognise a lie", "Autistic people do not understand irony or sarcasm" (although as I have said before, it is incredibly caricatural, and I'd even go as far and say that it is quite infantilising on my part.)
The reasons I am explaining this (or at least how I have viewed autism up to this point) is because I need some insight on a situation I have been through, and I hope some autistic anons could maybe help me understand a bit better: did I have the wrong assumptions to begin with? was I the asshole from the start?

I will explain now. I became friends with a moid (I believe that him being a moid definitely impacted the situation). This moid has confided in me that he was autistic, I did not see it as a problem as I have talked to autistic people before and have had autistic friends (all female). I remember when he told me about his autism it was incredibly hard for him to accept this part of his diagnosis and I tried to tell him that it is okay and that he wasn't any less "normal" to other people and that my feelings of friendships will not change towards him simply because I learned he was autistic. (I do have to say, "friendships" with moids lol).
The reason we were friends was because we shared a common interest, which involved creativity and lots and lots of work. We were both involved in a project together and I enjoyed working with him, we have created a lot of things together and it was very fun. He did always try to claim that it was all "his" stuff but I did not mind at the time because I was too caught up in having fun creating. The friendship was bumpy though, he talked to me everyday and it did end up being exhausting for me. He forced me to voice call him everyday, and when I told him I did not want to, he said he needed it because he is autistic and that it is was part of his rPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
9 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 78495

Hello! I'm an autist so I thought I'd give some input.
>lack of theory of the mind
To my knowledge this is more of an assumption related to low-functioning autistics who can't interface socially. I've heard it theorized that high-functioning autistic people are brute-forcing a theory of the mind 'system' which is what allows socialization, but I'm p sure that's speculative.

The way I'd personally describe autism is that we occupy a different modality of thought than what's being expected of us. Like if the common mode is monkey-mind I might be a cow-mind or wolf-mind. Some social animal but not the one you're expecting to interact with. The way we interpret social/sensory stimuli is different and so the lingua franca of human experience doesn't totally mesh, which can cause a breakdown in top-level communication.

>"Autistic people cannot recognize a lie", "Autistic people do not understand irony or sarcasm"

Personally I can recognize malicious duplicity with stupid ease, to the point that it weirds people out (people's breathing and posture get funny when they're lying… also their smell. I don't make a habit of sniffing people but I guess they get sweaty or something?). Sarcasm and jokes, however, I can never pick out from tone alone. I sorta get it from context clues. Not sure where irony comes from since that's more of a literary thing.

>He did always try to claim that it was all "his" stuff

Out of everything in this post, this is most characteristic of a ritual. Some things get set in your mind and they have to be done that way or it's not comfy. E.g. if anybody so much as nudges my silverware whether dirty/clean I'm just going to entirely replace it because it wouldn't feel right even having it in my house.

>he said he needed it because he is autistic and that it is was part of his routine

Well, everyone's different so I don't want to talk in absolutes. But I've literally not once heard of a ritual that was predicated specifically on socialization. Autism is usually a lot of the opposite. This sounds more like he's just a lonely nerd that wants attention.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 78510

Thank you very much for all this insight. I am already discussing with my friend on how I can out this guy in a way that makes it as visible as possible. Thing is, he is now playing the tranny card to get away with male accusations so I might have to find out instances where he'd act transphobic.

Anonymous 78672

>the tranny card
Of course he would. This is bad news, anon. I don't know in which niche your art is inserted but in many of these artistic circled an accusation of transphobia is all it takes to tarnish your entire reputation forever. His own past transphobic offenses will be forgiven as "internalized" something. You don't have much wiggle room here, unfortunately.
I'd focus on his stolen art and lack of crediting. Unfortunately this is common with troon artists, using women artists as literal human masks.

Anonymous 78690

The callout posts have been made. It's been for a bit more than 24 hours. I just hope it works because he clearly does not deserve the recognition he has. Riding everything off of uncreative stuff most of which he hasn't even created himself, not even being an artist (but letting other claim he is, I do not see the credit to the original artist anymore on his page) and lying about his identity to women to appear more approchable… ugh.. i'm tired.

Anonymous 78791

the callout posts are not working because he is trying to burry it by posting new content with the hashtags, so i will just post them here out of desperation
i hope the transphobic shit is gonna help people realise he is a man and stop giving him excuses just cuz he's now a tranny
Ik anons on crystal.cafe probably won't care but here it is anyway


How not to fuck up Anonymous 78652[Reply]

Nonas, I need some help.
I think I found a guy exactly my type, we've been talking for a while, everything is great. But I have this paralysing fear that I'm gonna do something stupid or run out of topics to talk. It's very bad, it makes me anxious to even talk to him. How to stop, how to keep it going? I really want a bf, never had one, so I'd be delighted if it worked out.
7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 78663

Not a NEET, has a job. I guess social anxiety

Anonymous 78664

How old is he?
if he's not in his early 20's, he might be gay.

Anonymous 78665

We are both 23, so I guess we still have plenty time to get experience etc. etc.

Anonymous 78666

Think loosely about what topics to bring up before talking with him. You won't be able to rehearse the whole convo of course, but it helps.
If he really doesn't have any experience, he's as nervous about messing things up as you are, so don't worry too much about it. He has to impress you just as much as you feel like you have to.

Anonymous 78667

Thank you nona <3


Anonymous 78596[Reply]

I’m so tired, i just failed a class of mine. I can retake it but it’s been hell since i don’t like college or the major i’m in. I have other dreams that 19 year old me dismissed. Wondering if i should just drop out. I can’t imagine a future. My brain is foggy. I can’t imagine myself working in an office job, people have always ignored and belittled me and i doubt anyone would hire me. I wish i could figure out a way to just make money. Nothing i do works out. I’m stuck in this cycle of pure confusion, all i have been taught in childhood and adolescence is some narcissist’s bullshit rants. That’s the tool i was given. Schizo rants. and now i’m learning how hard living in the world can be, i’m paying the price. This is such a stressful situation
5 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 78603

Psychologically you need a change in environment and then behaviour. I won't go into the literature, but I assume you stay at home or in your room? Go out to the library or coffeeshop to work. Visualise what you want to be. Build a routine to get you there. And as importantly everyday get some exercise and get some sunlight. This will help alleviate brain fog.

Anonymous 78605

>and now i’m learning how hard living in the world can be
Yeah, that's the crux of the issue for most of us isn't it. My hearts goes out to ya.

This is a good post. I agree with it all, but I think to be more specific OP is saying she was left without a lot of fundamental skills and knowledge that modern folks need to have because her parent(s?) was a schizo freak. OP, what kind of skills and knowledge do you want to have that you think you missed out on?

>since i don’t like college or the major i’m in

Naive question but, why'd you take on that major then? Have you ever taken one of those academic inventories where you input detailed info about your personality and skills and it gives you info about what you'd be best at? You kinda have to balance what you could do well and what actually has career prospects 'n stuff.

>and i doubt anyone would hire me

I started off 'behind' (and still am tbh), but even without any work experience in the beginning, wondering why anyone would hire me, I figured out that I was able to find some simple online volunteering stuff to do like grading some K12 essays and making a spreadsheets from some online research I was asked to do. It wasn't super easy to find them but if you are patient you'll come across those neat online ones that anyone can do. I'm sure that looked very cool on the resumé when I was first applying for a job (that I did get) without any proper work experience. This was the site I used: https://volunteermatch.org/

Cheers, rooting for you OP

Anonymous 78609

>what kind of skills and knowledge do you want to have that you think you missed out on?
Dunno anon, basic social skills, the ability to speak without fearing people (schizo rants caused much of that), it would’ve helped if they put me in classes or nurtured my curiosity and desire to learn as a child as well as confidence. I never spoke to people at all. I was shut in since i was very young and my future was never discussed. I guess my mom decided i’ll just grow up and get married to a guy and it all will be a ok like she did in the 1970s
>why’d you take on that major
College where i’m from is free and government funded, you get in based on your hs diploma and so the major i’m in was the one i could get accepted to get into.
Aside from that, thank you OP you’re really sweet and you and >>78603 make good points. I have considered volunteering and i check that site from time to time haha. Hope it works out somehow.

Anonymous 78614

>basic social skills, the ability to speak without fearing people (schizo rants caused much of that)
I'm an aspie myself and had to learn the hard way. I would weird people out a lot as a kid and also would get fixated on a few specific topics and annoying people about them, but after being teased/rejected enough I was able to restrain myself, learning by imitation and all. I don't know exactly what you're like but you sound perfectly fine over text, what happens when talking in person?

>so the major i’m in was the one i could get accepted to get into

Just so I'm understanding, you were only given a single choice of major, not even at the very least a few?

>thank you OP you’re really sweet


Anonymous 78640


check out a couple different career counsellors. they might help you figure out what to do.


Happiness Anonymous 78085[Reply]

Do you live a mostly happy life?
If yes, how?
If no, why not?

I'm asking because I feel very lost and miserable recently. I wonder how happy most people are and what things make them happy, even with the world being like this. People who are mostly happy (I say mostly since nobody is happy 24/7) are the people I look up to the most. I wish I knew how to be happy too.
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 78133

Honestly i used to live without being able to think of the future at all, i was very suicidal all throughout highschool, and struggled with stupid cringe self harm since i was a middle schooler, and it was almost impossible for me to not wake up and be drowned in dread over not having died in my sleep, etc.. you get the point.
But as i grew older things became better almost imperceptibly. I don't have the most social university life, i know the name of like 10 folks in my class, i talk to 2 of them on a day to day basis, but the independence i got over my daily life and especially being able to live away from my family/hometown contributed to that.
A few weeks ago i suddenly came to the realization that i was no longer living life wishing i was dead every waking moment, i don't have an exact goal to fulfill, I'm not the most religious and I'm not very fond of living, but honestly- not wanting to die is a step I'm willing to take and embrace. I was having a conversation about this with an online friend and almost broke into tears thinking about it.
I just realized how many little things in my day to day life i liked, like the morning breeze through my room's curtains, taking the metro and passing by the sea, the sunlight everyday, friendly stray cats on the way to uni and back home, listening to G-idle while walking in the city, etc…
There were some mundane things i started looking forward to every time i woke up, and slowly realized maybe i have found my happiness in this
I'm not exactly sure i would settle for continuing to live over erasing my existence and everyone's memory of me but this is an improvement from whatever state i was in for as long as I can remember of my childhood/teenagehood.
Maybe a change of scenery was all I needed but i really don't get how something as simple as that just ended up "fixing things" when i was the most suicidal asshole i know in my life but it is what it is.

Anonymous 78135

I know brain chemistry is a meme but maybe something did change inside you? Whether triggered by moving or something else.

Anonymous 78137


I went through a similar shift gradually throughout my early twenties (almost 25 now). It may have been due to a conscious effort to be healthier, or perhaps it was partially brain growth, but either way it's a beautiful thing when compared to how dire life had felt before. When describing it to a friend who has his own demons, I credited getting old but he said it's likely my own internal work as well. So you should take credit for your own growth, too. Even if it was subconscious.

I'm so happy for you, anon. Hopefully OP can also feel simple joy too at some point soon.

Anonymous 78613

Well, I was suicidally depressed for a long while. I'm not anymore. I think the biggest change for me was a separation between happiness and enjoyment. A lot of the things I was doing was essentially just for the distraction rather than for any sort of fulfillment. Mislabeling enjoyment as happiness is a huge mistake methinks, since a lot of the things that will make you happy (dieting, exercise, cleaning, creative work, practicing skills, etc) are not very fun. My advice for happiness is basically just
>expend as much effort as possible on a completable task
It sounds stupid but humans are designed to do labor and it forms a positive feedback loop in your brain. Do something difficult you psychologically acknowledge as positive (not fun) and it'll help you move away from the doomer mindset.

Also believe nothing you read on this or any other forum, lol. Only ever take advice from people who's lives you want to emulate. Taking advice from strangers is usually a bad move. Yes that includes this post.

Anonymous 78617

Just being who I am. I had too much depression before which made it impossible. I started cutting influences that poisoned me out of my life, or decimated those certain people/ influences with words and never went back. I got a job where I virtually get paid to do nothing so I write all day. No children, don't care if I have a spouse or not. I completely ripped out a bunch of old practically cultlike influences thst society pushed onto me, which do absolutely nothing for me and destroyed my old fears

I mean I seriouskly beat the SHIT out of those influences in my journals. They are crumpled heaps in a landfill now torched with gasoline like 80 or 90 times. I'm more angry now than depressed but most days I get exactly what I want out of my writing and I'm really satisfied


Anonymous 52452[Reply]

do you like traumacore?
39 posts and 14 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 78293

Everyone I know who's liked traumacore in some way wasnt transfemale. The closest would be shit like Sadboy Sheldon's album "art," but even then you cant compare his use of pixelated CP to distorted images of childhood icons from Sanrio or Beanie Babies

Anonymous 78294

The difference between men and women into traumacore is that women like exposing the pain inside them and being recognized for it, whereas men derive pleasure from the pain of others.

Anonymous 78295


i get really nostalgic for the aesthetic

Anonymous 78350

bladee's not traumacore, don't do that to him

Anonymous 78554

I always see his images posted on traumacore blogs, his songs are pretty depressing too


Having nothing to say and not wanting to talk most of the time Anonymous 78283[Reply]

How to psych myself out of this trap??

Eversince I can remember I am bored by most conversation. I don't understand why people talk so incessantly about crap. Because it's mutual..! I know people won't want to hear about whatever I'm doing or thinking or what's happening to me, unless they're a few close friends. I will listen to people if they talk to me, but I get none of the same enthusiasm returned. So i just I don't bother, don't really get fulfillment from it. But my god my god the fucking double standard !

At one point I decided I'd had it.

At work I never want to talk with anybody about myself which is so common among others. People just talk like it's breathing when they get the chance!! Why do they have no filter!? I talk if it's about work or about the other person. Like I'll listen a lot but I developed a huge wall because I'm a niche interst person. My life is very different

I just leave work hardly talking and this satisfies me. I wish sometimes people would stfu when they're in your face or loud ( mostly custmers) (unless they're funny then I love them)

I think it's my upbringing… My parents never talked with me about anything and you can't have chatty conversations with them oh my god they are really negligent in a way. I don't know if it rubbed off onto me but I'm really not up to it. Is anyone else like this or did anyone else learn a trick to get around it.

Yes I know I should fake it but then I feel absolutely ridiculous. I don't even know why I'm doing it. I hate pretending like I want to belong somewhere when I'm not genuinely into it, it feels ludicrous

Anyway it pisses some people off,even though I'm not trying to offend them. It follows me everywhere. Their attitudes are ridiculous. How thin skinned they are is ridiculous! I'm not about to explain it to them either though!!! It's not like i get of to it. It's like get off my case you neurotic, thin skinned, drama queen why the f do you even care what i have to say??? Since when has anybody??? F you
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
31 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 78503

Like I've said, for about the 10th time I failed to pass a test as one. I was tested by a professional.

And like I said, for the 10th time, im just sick of seeing this word thrown around like a candy bandaid for everyday things online, and hurled at normal people who don't want to socialize at work. The anon was antagonizing af from the beginning too.

You are not a professional. You have no professional background. If you ever actually took the test then you would know damn well that story is not NEARLY enough to put someone on the autism spectrum.

Which is another reason I find a ton of these posts in my thread bogus. They don't even sound convincing.

How many normal people do have you convinced of a misdiagnosis because you're rude and overbearing to the point of forcing someone to accept something ? Even after being told they failed an autism test? Like it's not enough for you and you carry on like you lost some fight why?

>>Norms get very upset at this comparison though, I'd guess because they (sub?)consciously view autists as lesser? Regardless, some people don't have cognitive empathy disorders to blame their socialization problems on. Some people are just bad people.

Excuse me what?

Anonymous 78507

Nona, don't worry. Everything pisses of this day. If you were more sociable you would get called an atenntion-seeker, like I do. Just do your best not to worry what other people think.
Maybe make yourself as an appealing of a company as possible. It comes naturally to me but maybe it can be developed too

Anonymous 78508

It’s common for women not to “fail” the autism test because autism symptoms were written around boys. Women who are good at masking will not be seen as having autism by some doctors. You need to be tested by someone familiar with women’s symptoms if you haven’t been already.

Anonymous 78509

pisses people off*

Anonymous 78529

>there's a significant subpop of women who are autistic and don't know.
I know this, but I also know that women having more discreet symptoms than men suddenly has a lot of people thinking they're autistic who aren't, and people try and gaslight others into believing they have autism and just spew an endless stream of validation at eachother.
You have to be reasonable with this. At this point we have pseudo reddit psychologists pathologizing every behavior someone has and viewing it through the lense of autism.

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