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Anonymous 71199[Reply]

yesterday I stole a Triazolam blister from my grandparents' house. I had terrible anxiety today and so I took it. When my bf found out and made me admit it he forced me to toss every pill in the toilet and seemed upset. I think he's overreacting, saying that those drugs are very dangerous and easy to abuse. He did the say thing when a month ago something similar happen and I stole Ambien (I didn't get to take it then) saying it was even more dangerous. He also says these drugs dont actually solve anxiety and mak things worse, and I cant self medicate by taking this without a valid reason and a doctor. This made me very upset and I think he's overreacting, am I in the wrong?
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Anonymous 71290

Your bf is a life-saver. I have seen what drug abuse does to people. You are already at the "stealing from family members" stage. I have seen some good-hearted, kind people turn into monsters, who only care about getting their fix.

Anonymous 71414

Yeah, you are.
If you wanna abuse drugs then that is fine, I honestly don't give a fuck. However your bf was just looking out for you, because those drugs are harmful and not solutions, obviously because he cares about you.
What's actually fucked up is how you stole shit from your grandparents and for some reason don't consider that wrong.

Anonymous 71415

That is the opposite of abusive behavior. Get some help.

Anonymous 71427

Benzos are incredibly addictive, I had seizures when I became addicted to them and stopped having a supply.

Anonymous 71742

Tell me you never were in a relationship without telling me you never were in a relationship.


Anonymous 71710[Reply]

I think im a genetic defect and that i cant escape this fate. There is nothing good or conventional about me and the way my mind works. The only way to control my intrusive thoughts is with meds that deteriorate my brain and/or through dissociating. I wish i wasnt myself but someone else completely whos physically wired a different way. How do i start believing in free will? Every time i look in the mirror i am reminded that i cant change these physical qualities.
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Anonymous 71716

Write down all of your intrusive thoughts so other people can read them

Anonymous 71717

I know there is no objective good. I just think that in regards to survival i function in a counterintuitive way.


Thank you for the reminder. Youtube videos do sometimes help, probably since these kinds of thoughts in the end are triggered mainly by loneliness.

Its hard when in the end they are very typical intrusive thoughts regarding existence that everyone suffers from and noone wants to hear about

Anonymous 71718

I'd read them and maybe it'll help to write it down and get rid of the paper

Anonymous 71720

Get out of your comfort zone. Go out and do something new. Seriously it's the only way out of the hellhole that is your mind.

It isn't just you that sucks. Everyone sucks. Everyone. Some just hide their shittiness better than others.

I used to fucking hate myself and compared my traits to others. I was miserable throughout most of my 20s because of overthinking. You know what the truth is? You don't HAVE to live up to your own completely ridiculous standards. Lower the fucking bar a little. Recognize your major faults and try to improve, but don't belittle yourself for making a mistake.

You don't have to be great. But don't be completely shitty either. Shoot for "pretty good". Mediocrity is pleasant and, more importantly, BALANCED. Why? "Great" people usually make absolutely insane sacrifices of themselves or their relationships to achieve their goals. "Average" people are happier because their time is divided healthily between family/friends, hobbies, and self.

Neuroticism will ruin you. There is no need to think so much. There is a reason your mind is inside a BODY. For DOING stuff. Fucking get off the internet

Anonymous 71721

Not OP but this is really helpful and ily


Everyone on CC hates me Anonymous 71516[Reply]

I just can't shake off the feeling that everyone can tell when it's me posting, and chooses to ignore me or secretly make fun of me on this website.
I can't post without think everyone is saying
>there she goes again, that idiot! when will she shut up? she has no clue we know!
It's not limited to CC, I get this feeling in other chans/disc*rd too, but here it's particularly strong. I'm sure there has to be some kind of marking I can't see that everyone else can, to differentiate me from other posters without me knowing. Especially with some particular posts made in this site, they seem to be directed to me in a very mean and mock-y way.
IDK, I just feel sad because I really want to get along with you all, and I can't help feeling self conscious knowing none really likes me.
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Anonymous 71645


Any person that has a healthy self-esteem and self-awareness views themselves as the center of the universe, but is still self-conscious about how they look to others since reputation and comfort is like food for the soul. It makes total sense to feel weirded out and paranoid if you are just being ignored wherever you go and feel as though it's done on purpose.

I also freak out about being stalked and strategically ignored by people who are obsessed with me or are otherwise out to harm me, and feeling talked about rather than being talked to is a good metric for that and a very real anxiety-inducing concern; it's how I nearly ended up murdered before. Heck, I've used the same tactics on others as well simply because of how effective it is (and I only admit to that because /x/ has shown that most of us are a little unhinged).

That said, to me you are a nobody and I don't think anyone on cc knows you, so you probably just don't say anything interesting.

Anonymous 71673

That's comforting anon, ty.

Anonymous 71677

there she goes again, that idiot! when will she shut up? she has no clue we know!

Anonymous 71685


Anonymous 71691

schizo thread.jpg


Attention! Anonymous 71566[Reply]

Attention all neurodivergents!

You are some of the most lovely, interesting people there is to meet. Your presence is like a color splash in an otherwise dull and gray world full of normies. Your inability to follow trite social norms and unwritten rules makes every conversation more interesting. You make the world infinitely less boring to live in. Without you, everyone would just be boring machines that have been conditioned into a dull social mould. Whenever I meet one of you, I absolutely love hearing you ramble about some niche interest and carefully observe your aberrant body language. It will always be the highlight of my day. You are beautiful, amazing, chaotic individuals and I love every single one of you.

That's it. That's what I wanted to say. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
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Anonymous 71606

Would you say other people feel a similar way? I feel like most people hate me and aren't willing to understand

Anonymous 71607

This is a sign that we are secretly discussing you in a negative way.

Anonymous 71612

I have met some really boring neurodivergent people. OP is a good example of them.

Anonymous 71625

thanks op

Anonymous 71648

No, most normies shun "weirdos" simply for being different and not conforming, it's a tribal instict kind of thing, I guess.

I've always gotten along with them, though. They are my people and I must protect them.


Sister Thread Anonymous 67638[Reply]

Post any sister things!

Mine is that I've often wanted to tell my younger sister about this site but I'm not sure how she'd react, god forbid she found lolcow. Would you show your sisters this site?
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Anonymous 71532

Honestly, i love my sister. She's 9 years younger than me, but we get along so well i sometimes feel like a degenerate lol. maybe cuz we both like kpop, the same video games (FNF, fnaf, TF2..) and cringe-y stuff like that, but she's genuinely so sweet. i sometimes worry about her because she's had to grow up alone in the midst of my parents arguing all the time, they're thankfully not abusive towards her or anything (probably learned their lesson whenever my 17 y/o self slipped up and wore shorts sleeves when she was supposed to hide her s/h cuts. damn who would have guessed a dysfunctional family has bad effects on people???) she's a bit of a people pleaser and too sensitive though, and i worry about her for that reason a lot too..Growing up, i had my other 2 brothers (2 years younger) with me to carry each through other through our emotional struggles, now her older siblings are almost always away from home because school/work, i feel so bad for her. i wish i can do more for her than buy fancy pencils and Disney princess themed stuff, she's a sweet kid but i can almost see my past self and all her mental illnesses "in-genesis" in her, i wish i can be there for her more.
PS: he's a drawing she made for me last time i came back home, shout-out to you, lil' sis.

Anonymous 71533


forgot image
>me, Albanian boi.

Anonymous 71538

You’re male? Or am I misunderstanding?

Anonymous 71543

Anonymous 71591


For those with big sisters, which song better describes your relationship: My Sister by The Juliana Hatfield Three, or Big Sis by Sales?


Anonymous 69967[Reply]

i am in a relationship where i feel deeply unsatisfied at times. i feel that my boyfriend can lack patience, discretion, and doesn’t pay enough attention to me. he talks to other women on apps for sexting purposes but i don’t feel included (it turns me on in a way i don’t really understand yet). maybe he’s scared or something because i’m the type of girl to freak out about my own feelings. i’m really shit at processing them because i’m a pretty judgmental and lazy person. we have conversations and we do have fun. we are deeply compatible. he’s important to me. i just feel burnt out and he told me he doesn’t miss me. but then he tells me he misses me once i am ready to leave and spend time with my dad. i can tell he’s sick of me and that i’m not wanted. i know he loves me though. i need to just get away from him for a while. but not for too long because i promised him to help him with setting up his bed and make him a pie. i’ve spent so much time with him. i don’t want to cheat on him or anything like that. sometimes i feel resentment and would like to scream for a while, but i really do love him. a lot of my problems come from my own insecurities. he called me a loser when we first started dating and i haven’t forgotten that. he also called me a pet. he doesn’t want that, of course. i don’t have friends i see anymore. my interactions are parasocial and are with men. i struggle with following directions because i have pride issues (like using a dishwasher right, using correct form in yoga, and at worst: holding a job). i’m terrified of other women and they make me cry. i’m unhappy with myself, which makes me unhappy with others. i’ll be 25 next year and i still want to be a hatsune miku/chi from chobits/whatever anime character i’m larping archetype. it can get cringe when i think too much about it, but anime has influenced me heavily in life. i’ve isolated myself for too long. i wish i could jump off from somewhere and crack my head open, but i know deep down i have potential to be whatever i want to be. life genuinely excites me when i stop being anal about everything. how do you let go of being in control and balance that with being self-reliant? that’s so hard for me. it’s like either i’m in deep control or i’m completely off the grid and rotting in my mom’s living room, vicariously living through anime openings from the mid 2000s. maybe i just have to believe in myself and just subscribe to to the pressures of society: “glowing up”, getting a job, and Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 70064

fully unironically, you are CRAZY if you think staying with him is a good idea.
>he talks to other women on apps for sexting purposes
he is cheating on you.
>i don’t know if it’s unhealthy
it is. by no stretch of the imagination is this healthy, stop lying to yourself, please.

respect yourself. treat yourself like a human being for fucks sake. i doubt you would let this happen to a female friend, so why do you allow it to happen to you? learn to love yourself anon

Anonymous 70068

>it turns me on in a way i don’t really understand yet
No it doesn’t. You’re coping because of how awful this situation is. Either that, or he’s trying to make you “into it” so he feels less bad about being a literal cheater.

Anonymous 70076

1. You have to be above 18 to post here. Mentally.
2. Why are you staying with this retard? It sounds like you are close with your father at least so you should talk to him about how your shit boyfriend is treating you. The cycle in these kind of neetcore bpd relationships is as follows: your boyfriend is shitty to you, he makes you hate yourself, you are angry with him, you fault yourself for your anger instead of his actions, and you allow him to lovebomb and weasel his way out of consequences. Just fucking dump him and walk away. Let it go.
3. The way to balance being self reliant and letting go of being in control, as you put it, is to realize these two goals are in sync with each other. You have to forget the facade that you are in complete control of your life because literally no one is. You should get help from the people around you - not help like mooching or trauma dumping on people, help like being taught how to make a resumé, help getting your license (if you haven't), help with conversational skills (essentially can be achieved by just talking to people), discussion of realistic goals in life. Unironically talk to your dad, he can help you.

Anonymous 70151

>he talks to other women on apps for sexting purposes
You are going to hate yourself for not dumping him sooner.

Anonymous 70325

not OP but my ex did the same, and can confirm that yes OP you will hate yourself for not leaving sooner. worst three years of my life, I feel like such an idiot. you probably don't feel like you deserve/can't do any better but honestly, what's worse, being treated this way or being alone?


shit normies say Anonymous 57823[Reply]

>Why do you never talk?
146 posts and 21 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 71279

There's a difference between finding certain behaviors/symptoms annoying or scary, and expecting/thinking it's possible/easy to suck it up or elevate symptoms of your mental illness without medication, just by your own willpower. It's like thinking it takes the same strength to stop being lazy and do something and getting out of bed as a severely depressed person

Anonymous 71285

Are they male by any chance? And diagnosed from a young age? I feel like women who got late diagnosed would be more likely to mask that type of thing even if they were dying inside.

Saying that, some NTs will have a meltdown because you look at them wrong, don’t say hello right, etc. It’s not just NDs that get upset over petty things but NTs doing it is more accepted.

Anonymous 71315

Lol I'm a female autist who tried dating a male autist recently. He legit SCREAMED once when something set him off and he was tired/overwhelmed, and when he was sad he yelled and sobbed uncontrollably like an insane child.
I could not handle it at all, in fact I think I can handle this stuff less than non-autists because I've been so ashamed of myself my entire life and learnt to control every single thing I do to seem more "normal". Meanwhile, he'd be an unabashed retard without feeling bad and couldn't understand why I was so inhibited… Maybe because I was bullied and not coddled?
Male autists are always loud fucking MESSES and get away with it, I'm probably going to be depressed and borderline mute my entire life

Anonymous 71511

Just talking too much in general about nothing.

I moved to the capital recently and the staff here are so irritating, like Lush staff on speed. It's as if they are all trained to be constantly talking, upbeat in an over the top way to the point that it becomes a bit unsettling, and just generally wasting your time for no apparent reason.

It's not that I think they should act like emotionless service robots or anything (I appreciate that their job is probably boring) but I wish quiet staff were more appreciated or even if they just gave training to all staff about how to modify their energy levels in response to the feeling they are getting from the client.

Worst of all are the ones that feel the need to comment and critique what you are buying at the till. Why would anyone want that?

I know autists are known for talking too much as well but at least they have a specific topic to talk about, even if it is a niche interest. And they seldom work in shops anyway.

Anonymous 71526


The character is Sawa Nakamura


Anonymous 71395[Reply]

Feel like if my parents were normal and competent enough, they would and should have had my older sister killed at birth or awhile ago. She’s 32 and has the brain function of a child and mentality of a child, I don’t know if it’s narcissisism per say, but my older sister just only thinks of herself and is also very guillible. She didn’t graduate highschool due to being placed in “special classes” which she said she hated because she felt stupid. She has been diagnosed with a learning disability a long time ago but I’m not sure what, ontop of that she has a deteriorating health condition that essentially immobilizes her arm movement and sometimes she can’t even get out of bed.
She’s also suicidal or used to be, i don’t think anymore but idk, I think she would wanna die more that anything
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 71455

op wtf

Anonymous 71515

OP do you understand how ironic it is that you're calling your sister narcissistic for being apparently extremely disabled and thinking of her own problems all the time while simultaneously saying you wish she was dead for something she can't help because it burdens you? You genuinely sound very evil and completely lacking in awareness. I pity your sister and think you should be the one who died.

Anonymous 71517


Normies are the cruel ones. People who have such shit lives should never be born to begin with. You will call out OP for wishing she was dead without even considering why. The quality of life of someone like her sister is not worth living and it will only get worse when her parents die and there is no one to care for her. Did you also miss the part where she was suicidal? You are the evil ones, wanting to keep people alive for your own peace of mind.

Anonymous 71524

She doesn't sound narcisstic. Psychopathic maybe, but not narcissistic.

Anonymous 71537

What is wrong with her arm and her health? Seriously she can't even work from home ? So many people work from home for call centers. OP sounds like a psycho though, assuming her sister really wants to die. She sounds ignorant and hollow.


Anonymous 71065[Reply]

I was never a “normal weight girl” or “skinny girl” I’m over it but I wish I could be a healthy weight for once. Ive been struggling with my body weight since I was 5. I was told by many doctors I was a “morbidly obese child who’s at risk of diabetes type 2” which I really was. My mother tells me I used to binge eat eat as a child and chug bottles of 2 litre Pepsis and eat whole boxes of Oreos to myself when I arrived home from school. Can’t even look at photos of myself as a child (for various reasons, but the weaker reason being I was a morbidly obese child) I had to wear boys clothes all the time because cute girl clothes never fit me, I felt so disgusting. But essentially it doesn’t matter, so I endured all the pain and suffering for nothing. I’m 23 now and I’ve lost 60 lbs, but it’s not saying much since I still have some stubborn fat in places I really hate (like my upper arms) my waist became quite small, but I have hated my upper arms for how fat they are for eternity. I’ll also add its not about guys, I’m asexual and a dick is the last thing on my mind, companionship would be nice though. It’s about me, it’s about feeling something I never got to feel, which is skinny or healthy.

Anonymous 71067

Well done anon, we're all proud of you

Anonymous 71068

Thanks, I feel like it’s nothing still

Anonymous 71525


Obviously idk what you like look so I can't tell if you have dysmorphia or actually can lose some fat but the absolute easiest way to lose weight without being a schizo about ED or diets is just:

1. don't snack, eat with intention. Don't buy crap at the supermarket you don't need like cookies. If you still have cravings, then make it a treat *with intention". Don't just scoff some cake because you're bored. Want cake? Make a coffee, sit down at your patio or whatever/go to a nice cafe and eat a sensible portion and savour each bite. Enjoy the taste and go for quality over quantity, one slice of a very nice cake instead of loads of crappy biscuits.

2. eat protein based animal products meals with vegetables. These are lower calorie, still tasty and very filling. avoid unnecessary carbs that don't satiate you.

3. Exercise with resistance training. Having muscle means you burn more calories doing absolutely nothing. You need to exercise anyway to not be sick later in life.

If you do these things it will be very hard for you to be overweight.


Anonymous 48622[Reply]

I'm half mexican half white but i have a goblin black-tier nose and tan skin. I was thinking about getting a nose job and bleaching my skin after i lose some weight

Pic related is the ideal look I'm going for, I kind of feel guilty for wanting this. Does this mean I have internalized racism? or does it mean I just want to be more attractive.. idk
50 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 70847


(I made a longer post but I think it got eaten)
The average white person doesn't look like a supermodel or celebrity. They just look average, sometimes unattractive. If you resembled the average white person, OP, you'd probably still feel inadequate. If you were truly ugly and also white, you'd feel worse because you wouldn't even be able to blame white supremacy as the reason people don't find you attractive, and you wouldn't have an exotic factor unless you purposely traveled to poorer countries (and even then, you'd have to either compete with actually pretty white women for hot/rich guys with a fetish for white women, or just hope a decent-looking poor guy is into you/thinks you're rich bc white)
Stop thinking that looking whiter will necessarily make you prettier, you'll just end up disappointed in yourself. Imagining the exception and not the rule is just making everyone more delusional

Anonymous 70848


The difference between >>70825 and >>70842 is… telling.

Anonymous 70850


Found a group pic with only women, might help drive the point further. They're all wearing makeup and trying to look pretty/dressed up for a night out, keep in mind
Bleaching your skin and getting a nose job might indeed make you look "whiter", but be realistic and understand that you probably wouldn't be happy with the results if you're looking for "beauty" (not just to change your race for whatever reason)

Anonymous 70853

Wut do you mean?
They’re all pretty except for the overweight ones.

Anonymous 71490

yah like DON'T get a nose job unless it's a medical thing and don't bleach your fucking skin ffs ;-;

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