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Vent thread  Anonymous 89432[Reply]

Previous one >>86775
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Anonymous 92319

feels like both the internet and irl are dead

Anonymous 92320

I cut off tiktok. It was a spur of the moment decision. I haven't been feeling really well. I'm restless. Cognitively, I'm incapable of forming even the most basic processes, or even organizing my thoughts (few as they are). I no longer have dreams, aspirations or goals. My brain is a barren field. So creatively bankcrupt I could no longer even maladaptively daydream.

But all these are symptoms of a bigger problem. Doom-scrolling is just escapism. I've been marinating in all the painfull sadness and misery all afternoon and evening. I broke down thrice. I don't feel good. I'm wasting my life. I have no plans. I have 1.2 friends. I have 1 (ONE) failed situationship and no boyfriend. I'm so delusional I feel physical pain. It hurts. It's always going to be like this.

You know what fucking kills me? Is how crippled and helpless I act. And I'm not nearly sick enough (or even sick at all, I'm just a moody generally unhappy cunt) to warrant a real diagnosis from a real doctor. I'm sad. I want this to end. And I'm supposed to be religious too. Where's God? Where's my faith? Where did my strength go?

Anonymous 92376

>had to blackmail
It's crazy how moids can only act like decent people when they're actively punished for NOT doing so.

Anonymous 92377


I don't agree with the mentality of women who put down women from other races for being "ugly". That kind of superficial generalization is the black/white thinking I would expect more from a male. Males have made it clear many times that they have less tolerance to anyone outside of their race, just for being outside of their race. Slave trades, genocidal wars, you name it. Not just to men of other races, but also to women of other races. Males always look at just several "ugly" white, asian, or black women and within seconds the males believe that ALL women from that race are ugly. The woman in question doesn't even have to actually be ugly. The male could just find the features of her face unattractive to him personally, but his mind translates this as "she's completely ugly because she's X race". Just by observing male behaviors across history and two this day, racism is definitely more common mindset for males.
However, what do women truly have to gain from putting down women from other races? What is the reason for jumping at the thought of another woman being "uglier" than you? To boost your own self-esteem by distracting yourself of all your personal flaws? To feel more attractive and deserving of male attention? To mentally get kicks from being the "prettier" woman to an entire group of women is rather insane, insecure, and pickme-ish.

Anonymous 92378

I am so stressed about my final today. I have studied so hard and I still feel like I don't know nearly enough. This is my last class I need to graduate. I've been doing okay in the class but if I somehow fail this and don't pass it would be so heart breaking. It would absolutely shatter me. At least I can say I tried.


Vent Thread Anonymous 15610[Reply]

Old Thread >>12294

Get it off your chest.
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Anonymous 91003

just stumbled on this post and read this, but I hope you're doing a bit better since 4 years ago.

Anonymous 91011


everyday I fight the urge to relapse on cutting myself

Anonymous 91032

They changed the recipe of my popcorn snack
It was white cheddar and it used to be lightly dusted on, now its caked on AND it looks like fucking mac & cheese powder
The taste is different too, I liked brand but now its gone
Why can't things I enjoy stick around

Anonymous 91033

This was similar to how I felt when they changed the recipe of the cheese pringles a while back. They started tasting super metallic. Now I have to eat ruffles but those are even pricier then pringles. BTW which snack was it?

Anonymous 91034

please don't, i relapsed just yesterday and i already regret it


Vent thread Anonymous 86775[Reply]

Previous one: >>>/feels/83058
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Anonymous 89428

I e-cheated on my bf and it completely broke him. I never planned for us to break up and it made me realize I'd never find someone like him again.
After a few months we ended up talking again and got back together. I'm both feeling blessed because I love him to death but I also feel like he deserves someone better than me.

Anonymous 89429

bf told me he was out with his friend and he had a brief thought about kissing her. i told him it was fine and lots of people have random weird thoughts. he said it's not normal for him to have such thoughts when already dating somebody and he said the only decent solution he sees is either for us to remain friends or get him more sexually interested in me. i don't mind remaining friends but i feel like i got too emotionally dependent on him so i might have a hard time processing it. but the other option is weird too and i'm not sure it can work if he lost his sexual interest in me so easily.
how do you stop being emotionally dependent on other people, nonies? i feel like i can never deal with my life alone and always need someone to be dependent on who'll tell me what to do and who'll take care of my emotional wellbeing. idk why am i like this. daddy/mommy issues? i feel like i'm incapable of handling my life independently. an older guy i'm working with was giving me a ride and we were talking about stuff mostly related to his line of work and he gave me some advice and i felt so comforted and had a rush of warm platonic feelings towards him and didn't want to leave his car but i obviously had to. this makes me think it's some sort of daddy issues situation with me starting to develop emotional dependence on any older guy or sometimes an older woman who shows some care and warmth towards me and i'm usually pretty successful at not showing it but with my bf it's different and i guess it got too far.

Anonymous 89430

theres a lot to unpack but first thing first, dump him nona

Anonymous 91907


I hate this faggot art professor like you wouldn't believe. He assumes his subject is as important as the rest of the main course ones, even the main one (I'm studying in STEM). He explains chapters on chapters on chapters of the most useless shit that I won't even get to use in my life since again, history of arts and architecture is not from the main course. Today he did the exam for our class, and obviously not only was I late due to period but I also completely fucked it up with no chance to recover. Mind you, I didn't get any bad grades since I started, and now THIS huge faggot is gonna ruin it. I hate him so much, he's got no family and nobody loves him, he should just kill himself and let his pathetic existence expire because I'm not sacrificing my mental health for this piece of shit faggot professor. God

Anonymous 91909


STEM Professors tend to have that focused lens otherwise they wouldn't have been doing both STEM and being a professor in the first place. But one thing you do pick up along the way in doing STEM is knowing what to study for and what you can just ignore on. Try clarifying with the professor at his office after class to see what he would consider important in the EXAM and just work around that


Vent Thread Anonymous 83058[Reply]

New vent thread. Last thread: >>>/feels/79488
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Anonymous 86763

Moid friend will not fucking reply to me. Ugh.

Anonymous 86764

Why do I keep saying ugh

Anonymous 86766

Practice not replying to him

Anonymous 86812

ffs goddamn
my nigel's not perfect but fucking arguing with him pisses me off like no other.

The absolute inability to understand that women don't act like that troon Blaire White and that he acts like a HSTS and is something I didn't think I'd have to explain.

Imagine being so detached from reality that you think that's how women act. I hate his moid opinions on female issues. It basically turned into me arguing with a YouTube commentator when I had to explain medical sexism is real and affects women worse. With my own experience and other women I know. He was so combative about it and just wouldn't swallow the truth until I started plying him with data but there was just a flagrant lack of respect and this "HWHELL I KNOW BETTER" & "Men and women arent that different" ignorance that makes me want to screech.

Am I losing my shit? I'm not even that radical, I don't do annoying protests and shit, I don't express my opinion much at all.

There's just shit moids fundamentally will not understand and I had to cut the dialogue short on the Blaire/tranny thing before I split my head open because I knew he'd say some dumb shit I'm gonna be spending ages trying to sink through his skull with him kicking every step of the way just like with the medical sexism this like what the fuck nonas.

I need some god damn female friends that aren't wokepilled. Fuuck

Anonymous 86824


My latest ex boyfriend once said that he would "get over it" in a week if we ever broke up. I left him for a woman almost 2 years ago and he still winges about me sometimes on social media. I remember him crying, saying that he'd never find a person that loves him as much as I did. And he's right. Nobody will ever put up with, love him, or be as patient with him as I was. I feel pretty smug about it. Especially because he treated me like shit for so long.


Relationship General Anonymous 68927[Reply]

Paradise to trouble in paradise. Come here for:


>?s about romance, love, potential partners, etc.
>experiences and wishes

Play nice!
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Anonymous 84416

other posted that just replied to you doesn’t seem to understand how relationships work…? nona if you are ever uncomfortable or questioning a relationship going to see them (esp if they’re far away) must be pretty stressful, and it might be nice if after this trip you can carve out some breathing room for yourself or even talk to him about how you feel during this trip (if you’re in a safe situation—maybe just bring up ldr struggles? but i have no idea how well you know him and men can overreact sometimes so please don’t feel the need to talk about this with him)

Anonymous 84450

I wish it were that simple ):
I've told him I'm still questioning the relationship but i sugarcoat it i guess to make it seem less serious because i love him so much and don't want to hurt him. I'm just in pain from an LDR that has no end in sight, i feel lonely both physically and emotionally. This is the longest relationship I've ever been in. He's not violent or anything, so it's not a safety concern. I just don't know how to break it to him that I don't think I should go on the trip. Maybe I should tell him my mental health is a mess (it is)…?

Anonymous 84467

Anonymous 84473

You could try to ease the burden of your trip being successful on your mind by not having it depend solely on whether or not it will go well with your boyfriend. You could enjoy the trip as its own thing and forgive yourself if things don't go your way.

Anonymous 85121

Yeah, physicality. A hand on a shoulder or hug or something immediately can help change the tone if you cant get him alone. But telling him is the only sure-fire way


/tfw no bf/ - general Anonymous 71974[Reply]

Can we have a no bf feels thread? I'm tired of pretending to be single and happy. I want a man, dammit.
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Anonymous 83212

Being attracted to men is a curse, especially as a zoomer. All these poly and open relationships, being gradually accepted in society is really just pandering to male whores and it’s fucking disgusting. And that the idea to have a long term relationship can only survive if you can accept getting cucked sometimes cause god fucking forbid you ask a man to have some fucking self control. It’s hard to believe that there is genuine love out there, in a sea of porn sick degenerate’s. I fucking hate being here and I fucking hate being touch starved and wanting a deep relationship that I’m not sure will exist.

Anonymous 83219


you should try getting into something over long distance
it's not hard to do

Anonymous 83221

Still comes with the same problems.

Anonymous 83223

i would say you're probably not looking in the right places

Anonymous 83224

I've just accepted it and enjoy life as a volcel anyway. I think not looking is the best way to go. Its always when you're searching avidly for something that you don't get it anyway.

I know its not that kind of thread but JESUS being a volcel is so liberating. Why would you WANT to subject yourself to all the horse shit out there?


Vent Thread Anonymous 79488[Reply]

Previous: >>>/feels/77420
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Anonymous 83017

Thanks anon. I've embraced being a loner these days so that part doesn't bother me anymore thankfully. Right now I'm trying to work on the deep rooted shame and self worth issues but it's really hard when they are things that I've always had and still keep causing me to make more poor decisions.

Even then, if I get rid of the feelings, I still have to deal with the mess they've made of my life. It feels like an mountainous task and yet when I finally complete it, I will have nothing real to show for it, just a vague sense of normality. Imagining what else I could achieve with all those hours and brain power instead makes my stomach sink.

Anonymous 83020

>be told by my mom that I should figure out some kind of activity to do outside (pretty much all I do is work out, read, learn a language, draw sell stuff, etc), pretty much just a loser shut-in
>"you're a young person, you should hang out with young people"

>yet, she also complained endlessly about my only irl friend's family, her lifestyle, her, etc., completely unsolicited

>"bad influence" (she's a Christian and her favorite hobby is going to the library ffs, I've never see her do anything weird)
>even was planning a big hiking trip with her + something we could volunteer at together, as well as workshopping our job skills, and completely derailed by my mom complaining
>always have defended my friend but over time got exhausted and felt so deeply awkward and ashamed of my mom's behavior…overtime stopped having bimonthly sleepovers and going places constantly with my friend (moreover, the house is now embarrassing)

>I've slowly become almost completely mute irl and very awkward, I can't even talk to my family besides in "yes" and "nos"

>ashamed of even facing people and only go outside with a hat and a mask and feel like a monster

>now has been so, so many months since I've met up with my friend that my dumbass avoidant anxiety is kicking in, in spite of knowing she's always did nothing but love me and support me

>miss her but tell myself I am no longer the same person, I'm not me, so there's no use in knowing anybody anymore

Weird how I went from just a plain ol' loser to a bad friend and person that abandons people. I had severe speech issues and delay I needed years of therapy for as a kid but my friend had been always there for me in spite of it and she really helped me get get out of my shell, and made me feel safe to talk. No one else ever has.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 83032

Ugh there’s a picture of me with my family on 4th of July I had on Instagram and I just had to take it down after having it up for so long. I just looked SO UGLY.

Anonymous 83033

Can you start going out for walks alone and then draw and learn languages in a park? It will get your mom off your back a bit.

Also text your friend and tell them you are going through a difficult time and sorry for being distant and that it isn't anything to do with them.f

Anonymous 83034

I saw a language related masters course years ago that would be a dream to do. My grades from years ago were terrible due to trauma and hating my subject but over the past few years I was motivated to take extra classes and self study a similar difficult language so that I could exceed the requirements.

Right now I'm on track to get the required grades, gain advanced qualifications and translating experience in the similar language, and gain qualifications at intermediate or advanced in two more unrelated languages. The course especially appealed to me as it's at an elite college and I've always had a huge chip on my shoulder that despite having a (tested) high IQ, I've never achieved anything.

However I made the mistake today to look up people who are currently doing the course on linkedin to see how I compared. I had done this before and it helped me to see what was expected. This time the results all had advanced levels of multiple difficult languages, multiple prizes, degrees from other elite colleges, only perfect grades, and were several years younger than me. It feels like I'll never be enough.

What's worse is that, either they changed the requirements or I somehow missed it before, as the ability to work in a group is now a requirement. I'm autistic and I will just never be able to do that. The college is known for small group teaching so I thought that it would finally be an environment where I could thrive as only distant or self education works for me.

Why do I set my goals so high that they are never achievable. Why do I feel the need to "prove" how smart I am when no one cares. I know I should be proud of the progress I've made (even having a basic conversation in another language is impressive where I'm from) but somehow once I reach something it becomes unimportant in my mind.

It's like there is a glowing sphere labelled "self worth" just outside of arms length. I can't see what it is but I know what I have isn't enough. Every now and again I'll gain something and go up to the glowing sphere and compare what I have to see if I've finally obtained value but what I have in my hands is never enough. The sphere always changes and instantly anything I have gained becomes worthless.

1649389513018 (1).…

Vent Thread Anonymous 77420[Reply]

Previous thread
Post your woes and copes here sisters.
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Anonymous 79460

Is anybody else getting really fucking annoyed that like crazy femcles is becoming an atheistic for girls without personalities or is it just me?

Anonymous 79462

Crazy what? Wdym?

Anonymous 80102

Friday night, stoned, I felt something strange. An alien sentiment. I was relating to the protagonist of some film. Down to getting aroused when she was getting aroused. It was an illuminating experience, in that it unveiled how much of an unemphatic person i am normally. I mean, I have enough social tact to pretend like I'm concerned about other people and their worries. But the awful truth is, I've only ever been concerned about how their worries are related to me; and how my reaction and support may affect my image in their eyes.
I cried that night because I realized I may never experience genuine love. I will only ever be drunk on the feeling of liking to be loved, and will misconstrue it as actual affection. This is both good and bad. Good in the sense that I'll never really be hurt by what other people do to me. I'll never be as attached to a person the way they are to me. And bad because I'll only ever be addicted to love and attention they give me. My low self esteem and my narcissim will always prevent me from developing healthy standards and boundaries with strangers, because I'll always prefer them loving me over not giving a shit even if i don't necessarily love them back.

Anonymous 80105

I'm so fucking confused on how and what i should eat. I moved to Paris during Ramadhan, so my body didn't even have time to adjust before getting violently thrust into a routine of 30k steps with less than 900kcals consumed daily. I was already losing weight whilst leading a very sedentary lifestyle, by getting into a deficit in a budget of 1400kcals, but the new routine changed my body from top to bottom. This is the first time in my life that I can fit into size 32's.
I probably got to 44.0kilos at my lowest, and now that I'm back to a very reasonable budget of 1300/1400 kcals a day, I can feel myself piling back the weight (I was 45.4 kilos this morning). Yes, I know it was inevitable, but on the one hand I can't stay in the 900 deficit forever (I lost my period for two months) so the reverse diet is okay (reasonably). But at the same time I don't want to be fat and pudgy again.
Feels like things were much clearer when I was in deficit. My whole life revolved around food, and looking forward to the next meal (especially breakfast) and the nervous excitement I'd get when i check if something might fit in my budget or not. I even miss the guilt that would grip me if I ever eat something "hefty" and the awful panic i'd get into if i step on the scale before going to the bathroom. Now I don't have anything to look forward to when i step on the scale because the fucking number is only ever going to go up and it won't fucking stabilize (apparently).
I suppose I could always become a pilates girlie since gym is fucking expensive in this god forsaken city.

Anonymous 80118

the difference between nice guys and "nice guys" is that different between being nice and good. "nice guys" put on an act and white knight thinking it will get them pussy, while nice guys are genuinely nice and good


Ace thread Anonymous 75770[Reply]

How do asexual or sex repulsed nonas cope in a sex obsessed world where increasing numbers of people are making their entire identity about sex?
39 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 79167

this sounds tough nona. are you sure theres nothing that can be done about it?

Anonymous 79174

So far it seems by making it their entire identity too.

Anonymous 79175

I'm not sex repressed or asexual but I don't have it because I don't like relationships. I simply enjoy my life and ignore everything else.

Anonymous 79189


I deal badly with my asexuality because i feel defective. I've never felt any attraction towards anyone but i've always been depressed, i mean at least when my puberty started i was already a depressive mess so i suppose it fucked me up, and not treating my depression for more than a decade didn't help. I think.

I feel pressured by society to have children (i'm 28). I want to be normal, i'm scared of never finding love. I want to feel attraction, but i don't and just thinking about it disgusts me…

I've just finished playing Detroit: Become Human and i wish Connor was my boyfriend. He's so cute i want to cuddle with him and talk all night long and he doesn't need sex because he's an android wtf why is there no android yet i want a robot boyfriend fuck this earth

Anonymous 79193

Based fellow aromantic


Vent thread Anonymous 74767[Reply]

Previous thread >>72144
500 posts and 73 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 77271

gatekeep gaslighting, girlboss

Anonymous 77278

Just because you're in a relationship doesn't mean you magically stop finding every other attractive person attractive. It's normal to have crushes on other people and it's absolutely inevitable you'll meet other people in life who are more attractive and charismatic than your partner. Whether you act on this is an entirely different matter, but let's not virtue signal here and pretend we don't see other attractive people despite having a partner.

Anonymous 77292

Finding someone attractive shouldn't occupy that much brain space that you keep fantasizing about it. "Oh, that's an attractive person" is a harmless fleeting thought, but it's also not what those two anons were describing.
It's not virtue signalling, it has been my experience with my LTR, so I know for a fact it is possible.

Anonymous 77302

You're not responsible for your thoughts or fantasies. As long as you never let the other person know or act on it, it's harmless. I'll guarantee the OP's bf, your bf, and everyone else's bf have sexually fantasied about other women before. As long as it stays fantasy it doesnt harm anyone.

Anonymous 77404

I avoid using two common words because they're triggers for me and my friend, even though one of those words is one of my favorite things. The trigger isn't even a "trigger" for the one I want to say but mentioning it and the chain-reaction it could potentially cause would piss me off very badly, so it's better if I just cleanse myself of the word entirely and its variants. Really sucks when awful people ruin nice words.

Kind of like how Dream ruined the word dream for everyone, and how even though Ninja is kind of a forgotten meme he really tried to put his foot in the door with all the money he had, for the word "ninja" lol.

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