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are gymbros worth it? Anonymous 91738[Reply]

I went on to a fitness forum a while ago and realized most of them are lonely have low standards they fuck anyone who is chubby or skinny

is it worth a try i been lonely for a while and could use someone to cuddle with

Anonymous 91741

Gymbros have terrible personalities

Anonymous 91742

Go to the gym, do your workout and go.


Fucking stupid ass brother Anonymous 91726[Reply]

My brother is really into fitness and is fit so i asked him for advice on fitness and he told me it was pointless because i will always be fat i feel like killing him

Anonymous 91740


fuck him lol but if u still want advice do "squat jumps", cardio is really good, running and swimming are ur easiest options


I feel fat and stupid Anonymous 91673[Reply]

I recently started working out and i still feel fat went from 160 pounds 5ft5 to 140 i still feel fat is this fucking normal

Anonymous 91732

some people gain more body dysmorphia the more weight they lose, it doesn't make you stupid and you're not fat. it probably has to do with negative self perception which is something in your head not with the way you look. hope you'll be ok

Anonymous 91739


U are making awesome progress and dont develop an eating disorder just find recipes with yummy food that r somewhat healthy


lesbian nonas, how did you know Anonymous 91728[Reply]

hi, im sorry if this shits up the board but this is free of trannies/men so i wanted to ask here.
how did you know you were a lesbian rather than a mix of anything else?
left an abusive relationship recently and have been feeling very strongly that im just a lesbian, and that my relationships with moids have been purely comphet
however, this would make me a late bloomer and I don't know how to meet women but I want a gf.


Anonymous 49247[Reply]

>there are males on this board reading this post right now and they're just here to laugh at us

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Anonymous 90919


Men who lurk or post here are rude and should let women have our own spaces

Anonymous 90926

They are so fucking annoying why can't they just let us be in our own spaces.

Anonymous 90948

yeah like saying "women are human" should be the bare minimum lol

Anonymous 90959

The men that go out of their way to spam shit in women's paces instead of keeping to their own women-hating circles have honestly the mentaly capacity of a 14 year old if not worse. They're like the worst phenotype of the incels cuz they just won't stay among themselves. Women don't go in their spaces to spam literal gore, never have I heard of a mass female led gore spam in male spaces.

Anonymous 91712

> underaged moid rape fantasy greentexts
do such things seriously exist??


Moids having too much control over my thoughts Anonymous 90598[Reply]

Despite being a lesbian I always focus on what men think of how I look and act. It’s excruciating. A lot of the hate I read is from the internet. I don’t feel any attraction and yet I’m worrying about if I look like a “bad bitch” or not, or if I’m masking my autism well enough to be perceived well. It’s so stupid. I’m constantly checking myself in the mirror to make sure I look right. Anyone else experience this?
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Anonymous 91012

Okay yeah after thinking about it some more I understand what you and OP are saying now

Anonymous 91015

I'm this way too except whatever men find disgusting, I become it.

Anonymous 91618

Sounds like you do like men

Anonymous 91671

This is a problem I have but with straight women, even though they obviously would never date me I'm always terrified I'll fuck up around them and make them homophobic somehow. I'm scared that they'll be scared of me, essentially. IDK why since I'm like the most non-threatening girl ever but sometimes when talking to a stranger it will come up and I've seen them have like an almost fearful reaction or something and they'll go quiet and it freaks me out. Maybe I'm just reading the social situation wrong though kek.

Anonymous 91717

i'd just ignore the replies that have zero basic knowledge of social psychology and claim you're genuinely being some form of a 'pick-me'. as a woman from birth you're classically conditioned to seek out the male gaze when the modern woman's identity's centripetal point is being a desirable counter-part to moids lol, to be that is to be a 'top-tier' woman, its too deeply embedded in most grls


a guy is going to send my nudes to my family Anonymous 84433[Reply]

Um yeah I just want advice on this. i posted a video of myself pissing into a discord server and a guy who is obsessed over me is going to send it to my family if i don’t continue to be friends with him. should i just rip the bandaid and tell him to do it already and then drink though the pain of my family havjng to watch my piss videos? it’s inevitable it will happen unless i move to germany and start a homestead with this rando which also doesnt seem like a good option. yeah idk? has this happend to anyone else and did you recover?
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Anonymous 87113

How did it go from
>i posted a video of myself pissing into a discord server
>start a homestead with this rando

Honestly, it shows how degenerate tradtional-identified moids are. Their expressed morals are just an excuse to find a female sex slave with low self-esteem.

Anonymous 87176

You're clearly underage, stop using discord and go to therapy

Anonymous 87180

revenge porn is a crime regardless of age. but if you're underage even moreso. go to the police, you're being threatened.
im so sorry this is happening to you. men are freaks & you're learning the hard way you can't trust them with anything ever. you're probably already feeling ashamed so there's no need to drill that in, but dont ever do that shit again.

Anonymous 91716

>i posted a video of myself pissing into a discord server

Anonymous 91723



how do i reward my bf Anonymous 91703[Reply]

weird title dont mind it

he's been very nice recently and i feel like something's going on, maybe with his family or maybe he just misses me more than usual. i want to do something good and unusual (i already do gifts and i try to compliment him often).

what do you do when you want to do something like that for your boyfriend (or girlfriend)? not the usual gifts, but something to thank or comfort them.

Anonymous 91707

>he's been very nice recently
>nice recently

none, I …

Anonymous 91709

You could cook or bake him something

Anonymous 91713

My thoughts exactly …

Nona… He may be ch-

a friend.jpg

Anonymous 20905[Reply]

anyone else here /bpd/? this is hell
i either cant form a connect to someone, or i do and then when they dont respond fast enough or if they make other good friends (specifically female) i get so so so so so jealous and it hurts so much. i hate this

Anonymous 91705

yeah, I'm the same way. I only want to be very close to people and I have to be their number 1. Hence why i have no friends now. it's hell

Anonymous 91708

you can manage your bpd and it will take time.
i had pretty bad tendencies and the best thing for me is avoiding substances, choosing good coping mechanisms like if you feel stressed and in a bad mood/fixating on something do something positive like take a bath or shower, do some cleaning, work out.
bpd is lonely, it's unforgiving. remember the only person who can be your one true best friend is yourself and maybe God if you're into that. seeking validation from others is never a satisfying route.


Im so depressed Anonymous 91688[Reply]

I hate my life. Im 23 and super lonely. Ive never been in a relationship and i lost my only friend that ever mattered to me a year ago. I dont know what to do with my life. I just go to work, come home, eat and sleep. Thats what i do everyday. I know you guys are going to say „ohh just get another friend!!“ but the problem is that i have c-ptsd so its hard for me to connect to others. Even if i would find other friends, i wouldnt feel a connection with any of them. I also dont like getting to know other people, it feels like work to me. I dont talk a lot and i have low self esteem and social anxiety so everytime i speak, i feel like it doesnt matter and i think i bore everyone. I dont know if going to therapy would help or if anything would help at all? Im just so hopeless. Everytime im outside i see people having fun with their family or friends or with their boyfriend. Meanwhile im the weird social reject thats just hanging out on her own. I hate myself.
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Anonymous 91696

By interacting with a lot of people online. I used to be very active on the internet on sites like instagram, tumblr, tiktok and discord but im not anymore. I found a few people that i talked to everyday but its my fault that we dont talk anymore because i abandon everyone i meet.

Anonymous 91697

Also i wanted to add that you have to talk to a looot of people until you find the right ones. Its a lot of work finding true and genuine friends online that fit you and that i can connect with. At least in my case… idk im a picky person so its hard for me

Anonymous 91698

yeah same
i just use discord i dont really like most social media

Anonymous 91700

same but discord kind of sucks cause theres a lot of annoying retards on there that will fuck you over, at least in my circles

Anonymous 91701

most people online are shit wherever you go

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