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Anonymous 38194[Reply]

meme. do you like it?

Anonymous 38199

this is framed grossly. i feel like this a good meme. i dont even want to share this image, but women have to put with this shit irl. this person in is a position of power. he was ellected to advocate for women.

note this masterbating hand in penis grasp position.

Anonymous 38249

This image will never not be funny

Anonymous 38250


Imagine losing to male females.


Anonymous 37186[Reply]

>tfw no girl group of internet friends

men suck and their shitty discord servers
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Anonymous 38131

ah nevermind, it's against the rules. Brutal no frenspill

Anonymous 38156

I have a girl group, what are your discord tags?

Anonymous 38182

times like these make me miss my cringy and mildly toxic roleplaying days on skype. i don't wanna be friends with e-girls/streamers, just a common interest and passion… ;_;

Anonymous 38184

Someone made a group already, you can DM the person's discord info above and ask for an invite.

Anonymous 38200

The only female friends I have are normie "Mom friends" and it's hell. Never have kids.


Dealing with aging Anonymous 36[Reply]

I'm in my late 20s and now I miss being younger and more naive and feel like I lost my opportunity to have cute stereotypically female experiences. I mingle with much younger people sometimes due to shared hobbies (weeb stuff) and I realize that I feel way too old for it (and them). It makes me feel bitter about missing out on all the fun stuff because I feel like I wasted my entire youth being depressed and anxious. I really dread becoming even older.
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Anonymous 38178

Am I the only one who thinks he still looks cute?

Anonymous 38180

It's time to become a wine aunt.

Anonymous 38181

>the male model vs. the balding janitor

Anonymous 38183

I think a lot of it is true. A lot of my classmates look like they’re in their 40s at 30. Buuuut like you said, a lot of it is drinking/smoking/partying. Hard to say.

Anonymous 38188

>recently mistaken for a 14-year-old
Happens to me in my mid 20s too, but it makes me feel very uncomfortable for some reason


Siblings, toxic family Anonymous 37907[Reply]

My brother has been ignoring me for the past months, I’ll say the past 3/4 months.

To set the setting beforehand, my family is quite toxic. There’s no privacy for us kids, even as adults, our phones are ransacked through, bank letters read because we’re still living under their roof. Constant fights are normal between everyone in the household. When we were younger, for the smallest wrongs we’ve done, it won’t be surprising if the older one would be punished severely ranging from anything being kicked to a corner or being caned till bruises are left. They’re changed people now but still, the effect lingers.

So, me and brother, we’re kind of like all what we have. We’ll share everything from insecurities to ranting about school. We share clothes, we share blankets,heck, if needed we’ll also share pillows.

But soon, I went to university so we barely met. He hates phone calls and texting so, we could barely stay in touch. Still, I’ll try to contact him here and there by maybe asking about my outfit or what photo to post on instagram, anything to keep the connection. Whenever I’m home, our relationship was fine.

Fast forward, somehow he’s close with our mother now. We had a fight a few months back and lord, it dragged for so long, We used to fitght before but never had it been dragged for this long.

I’m not entirely sure what my mum told him but it ended up with him sleeping outside our room. We fought and the only substance was that I told him, his actions are making me angry and I’ll need my space for now which irked him. Whereas for me, I didn’t make sense on why am I getting punished for acting as such?

So for now, because of the pandamic, we’re home together. He doesn’t really talk to me and it’s mostly just me trying to save the relationship. Once, I had a breakdown and went to sleep in other siblings’ room because even if I kinda brushed him a bit, he would make it clear it annoyed it. Even then, obviously, my parents took his side and told me to shut it up and stop being such a baby. I was literally brawling my eyes out as I’m hurt on how could he just cut me off like that but obviously, I’m still the wrong one because this action of mine, might hurt him instead and whatever I’m feeling, I should just deal with it.

Fast forward, we started to talk, more like, he won’t ignore me but won’t necessarily add any content to the conversation. But then, I keep getting hurt by his behaviour.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 37999

As a person who also grew up in a family with few to no boundaries, you must consider that you're now imposing that lack of boundaries you are familiar with on him. He is getting older and wants space from his sister; that's normal. He's going to want to date, be with other girls, and soon, he will be rating his girlfriend's outfits and sharing his stuff with her, not you.

I understand you both grew up close, but you aren't his life partner. It isn't on him to tell you where he hangs out. This seems like a natural process to me. Have you had a boyfriend of your own, anon? I get the feeling you are substituting certain things that people feel in a relationship with your relationship with your brother.

Anonymous 38010


It's hard if not impossible to have a decent relationship with a sibling in a toxic family. No matter what you do, you're both still stuck in crazy dynamics, and your relationship is framed in this madness.
As far as I know, getting out, building yourself as an individual and then coming back for that sibling relationship you might want to salvage from the family tends to work better (but not always).
It's the usual: save yourself first.

Anonymous 38030

thank you for this.
had a big fight with 2 of my siblings- they're inconsiderate and ungrateful. i really wish i just lived alone

Anonymous 38153


Anonymous 38154


images (5).jpeg

Online Female Only Spaces Anonymous 36833[Reply]

Everyone who was butt mad about women shit talking men in the man hate threads is laughable. Who cares? Say what you want because men do it anyway. Fuck you.

Now onto my rant. Fuck these pathetic ass scrotes who go out of their way to invade women's spaces, including online. You shits find out women made their own thing and you go out of your fucking way to disturb. It's unbelievable really. Discord servers and everything. This one dude who couldn't prove he was a female autistically admitted he was going to find other female only servers to shit up. He wasn't even doing this with other people as a raid. He was just pathetically going server to server on his own like a retard. It's really not a mystery why people assume you assholes are desperate incels.

I mean look at this board. I love this board, but it's become /r9k/ 2.0. Fuck off.
21 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 37216

Is there something other than discord? I don't really like chats with avatars and usernames, these things always develop into a circlejerk.

Anonymous 37226

>it's become /r9k/ 2.0. Fuck off.

Anonymous 37227

>I don't think there's enough online spaces for trans women to "hang out" with biological women.
There are plenty of sites for men to hang out with women, not sure what you mean?

Anonymous 38148


Tbh, there is a major double standard in discussions like these because male-only spaces aren't socially acceptable in the same sense female-only spaces are. Male-only spaces exist de facto by the fact the topic the space is dedicated to is something that interests primarily men like video games and sports. There are no male spaces by title with the exception of sites in the recesses of the internet like wizchan, or if the focus is primarily biological like hygiene. Traditionally male-oriented activities like video games have been called out as being sexist even though there are barely any women besides a couple of outliers interested in games that aren't played on a phone. On top of that, there are still gaming groups that are for women only (at least in theory, but I won't get into that :\) but men aren't really allowed to have men-only groups. This practice of simultaneously wanting equality in spaces that are predominately male-oriented AND wanting woman-only spaces while barring mainstream male-only spaces is ludicrous. Ideally, there shouldn't be such a thing as a X-only space beyond biological stuff, but given both men and women have their fair share of sexists, it would be unreasonable. If we cannot manage complete equality of space, then there should be BOTH male and female-only spaces.
That is also unlikely though, because many if not most feminists are glorified misandrists. I know I'm going to get shit for this post and anons are going to imply I'm a "scrot" because I want reconciliation, not retribution or to antagonize all men. Many anons on this board and places like it are just inverse incels, to the point they use downright derivative terminology like scrotes or moids which is just the female version of roasties and foids. It's a disgrace to what it means to be female that we have to stoop down to basement dwelling virgin levels in being a victim of the opposite sex instead of celebrating being our sex.

Anonymous 38399

what is wrong with being a virgin?

anyways, I agreed with every other thing you said


Anonymous 38139[Reply]

>i make friends with a guy
>We have a lot in common and chat near every day
>Have voice calls which I rarely do and we watch things together
>I offhandedly mention my bf
>He loses interest in me and messages me a lot less frequently if at all
Why does this always happen? Why do men value friendship so little?

Anonymous 38140

oh, anon


Anonymous 38141

It's almost like men and women prefer to be friends with their own sex and sexual partners with the opposite. Sure, you can develop a friendship with your sexual partner, many consider their best friend to be their boy/girlfriend, but you would have to be fairly naive to think the friendship comes before the attraction.


Any femcels here Anonymous 14730[Reply]

>Whats stopping you from not being a femcel

For me its not like there aren't any guys that are into me it's just that its hard for me to connect socially with people.
419 posts and 59 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 37260

this may be true but I will probably never find out

Anonymous Janitor 37324

Reminder not to respond to male posters!

Anonymous 37326

idk if the dom anon is still lurking but nowadays female dominated realtionships are becoming more mainstream, all the femdom bdsm stuff is considered artsy and hip so anytime soon men in general will be more openly looking for something among those lines

Anonymous 37866

This is true, the only times I've not been depressed is when I've been loved and in a relationship. It really is like the childhood light returns.

Anonymous 38128

Femcel is a state of mind: deep inside you feel like a loser and you think no man would appreciate your company.


Anonymous 37767[Reply]

Does anybody else ~have~ some friends but they are extremely hurtful? I don't know how to word this well. I always think I don't have friends but then I reminds myself that I do, however I do not feel comfortable or understood when talking to them. It's like I'm only friends with them just so I'm not completely friendless. I try to put effort into the relationships, but they always seem one-sided. Every time I reach out I'm made to believe I'm bothering them. So in a way trying to not lose contact with some of them makes me feel embarrassed and desperate. But I feel like I have no other choice but to message them because I have no one else to write to. And saying 'find better friends' doesn't really help since past experiences have proven that I'm not really good at it. I'm not really friends with anyone from high school, no one from university either and I don't talk to my family. Eh, I may be too sensitive at times, sure. But being completely alone and lonely does that to me. Does anybody else go through the same? Where do I even find good people?
7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 38049

Too close to home?

Anonymous 38051

I watched the video and it's nice but I don't get how it is relevant. Yes, I was bitter before I understood how badly they treated me as I didn't understand the repeated rejection but not now. Writing a long post on an image board about my experience doesn't mean I'm constantly thinking about them or looking them up. Sometimes it's just nice to share things and I thought the anon might appreciate knowing that it is possible that people can go from someone you as desperate for attention from to someone you laugh at how pathetic they are.

For example, I had one "friend" comment under a photo of me from a mutual friend that I had "lost everyone". She knew that I would end up reading it. This is the same person whose ugly bf bought her a cheap engagement ring with her card and constantly cheats on her while they live in boringsville and she goes from one bad job to another. Meanwhile I was living abroad in one of the big fashion cities and working as a model (until I married a rich sexy bf and retired to a country cottage).

Am I bitter or envious for laughing her for being so out of touch with reality? Or for sharing my experience? Or just enjoying karma? I haven't been in contact with any of them for 10+ years and haven't had any social media accounts in 5+ (not that I was ever a heavy user). If I wanted to brag and show off it would be pretty easy to make sure all of my old "friends" saw what I'm up to now and see them come crawling back. I just don't care what they think anymore. If that's not a healthy mindset then I don't know what is.

Anonymous 38052

>Am I bitter or envious for laughing her for being so out of touch with reality? Or for sharing my experience? Or just enjoying karma?
I mean these as genuine questions btw. I'm curious what made me seem bitter.

Anonymous 38065


>Doesn't mean i'm constantly thinking about them or looking them up.

>condescending rant about intimite details of their life over a long period of time that you'd only obtain or care about for the sake of gossiping
>I'm curious what made me seem bitter

Is this bait? Am I taking the bait? I can't tell anymore

Anonymous 38067

>condescending rant about intimite details of their life over a long period of time that you'd only obtain or care about for the sake of gossiping
Not sure which post you are referring to but all of >>38051 happened to her while we were still friends and she told me herself which makes it even more hilarious. One glance at her profile shows it is all still the same. The things in >>38031 are pretty standard social media posts.


LETTER THREAD Anonymous 38018[Reply]


Initials, full name, whatnot, post them letters

Anonymous 38020

Dear S,

I wish you make me feel you're into me but I know you aren't. I miss the way we were before; how you called me love, talking til past our bedtimes, and telling me how you daydream about doing everything with me. I promise you'll always have a friend in me even when you'll finally be happy to go out and find a gf. Don't let me know her name/usernames though because I might cyberstalk her. Feel better and come by to say hi sometimes, doofus.


Anonymous 38040

Dear A,
You were a semi-good friend but your beliefs made me want to skin myself and sit in a tub of lemon juice. I can't believe I was pathetic enough to brush all the things you said to the side just so I could still have a long-term friend in my life. I'm glad I cut you off because you were also annoying and rude at random times.

Dear E,
You toxic, attention-starved stupid bitch. We had a lot of good times, but you were always on some dumb shit. I hope you're doing okay and woke up and realized cheating on your boyfriend is a shitty thing to do, you stupid whore. I tried to get you to stop but you just made excuses as to why you should cheat. I'm glad I didn't pay you the whole amount I owed you. I don't understand why you had to be mean to me. I never fucking did anything. I always listened to your pathetic boy problems. Maybe if you focused more on yourself and less about retarded men, you would've been happier. I used to miss you after I cut you off, too, but I realized it's only because I miss having girl friends.

Dear K,
You were so fucking annoying I hated you. You used to humiliate me in front of others. If I wasn't on medication I would've stabbed you with my pencil in class. Go to hell.

There's a lot of people I want to write about, but my brain has erased most of my memories from middle and high school.

Anonymous 38042

I wish you'd become your own person. I look at your social media and see you're a reflection of the things I'm confident in liking. I hate it. It hurts. I feel violated. You sucked the life out of me when we were together and left me with no confidence in my hobbies or interests, and now you act like you're passionate about each and every one of them. Really? You disgust me. I hate that part of you. You started it in an attempt to get me back but it pushes me even farther away from you than ever. I wish you'd stop. I wish you'd be yourself. I think about our relationship a lot but it never leaves me happy. I'm so angry I let my past self be with you. I'm angry that I let myself be limited by you. Who knew shy men could be evil inside?
Leave me alone. Stop pretending.

Anonymous 38043

I wish you'd become your own person. I look at your social media and see you're a reflection of the things I'm confident in liking. I hate it. It hurts. I feel violated. You sucked the life out of me when we were together and left me with no confidence in my hobbies or interests, and now you act like you're passionate about each and every one of them. Really? You disgust me. I hate that part of you. You started it in an attempt to get me back but it pushes me even farther away from you than ever. I wish you'd stop. I wish you'd be yourself. I think about our relationship a lot but it never leaves me happy. I'm so angry I let my past self be with you. I'm angry that I let myself be limited by you. Im so mad that I believed you shared the same morals and values as me; you lost them as soon as we broke up. I find it ironic that I talked shit to you about someone going through chemo dating someone and breaking up with them after, but I was ignorant. Going through that showed me how limiting my life was with you. Fuck you for choosing a dumb fucking game over your girlfriend going through chemo. Fuck you for letting the fear of other peoples opinions ruin our time together.
Leave me alone. Stop pretending.


Anonymous 37943[Reply]

i just want him to message me
but no
he’s too busy talking to ewhores
6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 37951

>he's only talking to me because he wants to talk to girls in general
this is the ONLY reason you need to stop liking him. Hes a manwhore

Anonymous 37952


idk if you are the same person from previous replies, but if you don’t mind I can send an explanation of my relationship with this dude…
it would be a long ass response which is why i’m asking if you want it so i dont waste your time lmao.
from there you probably would be able to give good advice, if you’re the same person from the previous two replies, you seem pretty cool and wise :3

Anonymous 37959


Anonymous 37976

NTA (and I don't think they're the same person), but I don't think anyone's going to mind you sharing your story. It might also feel good to put your thoughts on paper/screen.

Anonymous 38039

im >>37951. go ahead anon, share your story. I'd be glad to help you in a way.

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