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I got dumped by being ghosted Anonymous 22409[Reply]

He went from being super into me to just not responding to my texts for a few days then unfriending me online.

Why do people ghost? It's such garbage.
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Anonymous 22969

Wait so he wanted to break up with you and you knew this? And he just never contacted you again? That's awkward and borderline creepy.
Should've dumped his ass before he ghosted you tho.

Anonymous 22970

I mean, how would she have any idea he could do this? Literally just suddenly ghosting has no signifying redflag.

Anonymous 22971

Sorry, just sounded to me like anon knew about the breakup in advance.

Anonymous 22972

Not everyone is as cowardly as you, my friend.

Anonymous 22973

Fear of commitment, emotional immaturity, you're not a novelty for them anymore…you name it.
It's never you.


Long term relationship recently ended and now I have too much spare time. What do? Anonymous 23228[Reply]

Hi /feels/, My relationship of two years recently ended and I'm finding myself at a loss for what to do with all the spare time I have now. I've got back into learning japanese and I've downloaded a tonne of stuff to watch but I can't shake the constant loneliness. It is so horrible not having someone around all the time for company and I don't really have many good IRL friends. what do you guys suggest I should do? How can i stop myself from becoming a social isolate again?
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Anonymous 23245

wish i had a means of removing the black background to the image but unfortunately that's beyond my current ability, guess i can't be your friend

Anonymous 23246

It's easier than that. You don't need special tools - other than the one between your ears. :)

Anonymous 23248

I'll give you a hint
I might begin with the topic overview for Section 3. It's there if you look for it.

Anonymous 23251

other anon
jesus, you seriously find friends that way? that game is quite pathetic…

Anonymous 23254

yeah I think the special tool between my ears isn't smart enough to play your game :-)


4chan(nel) ban Anonymous 20858[Reply]

So fuck those mods over there. I posted about how women are superior to men and gave countless reasons why, including

1. We are ruled more by love than lust.

2. Men have throughout time beat us, raped up, kept us from being educated but we still overcame it all and contributed to the world. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_inventions_and_discoveries_by_women

3. The world has been primarily ruled by men and look how that turned out for us. Look at the condition of the earth, greed, treatment of animals etc

4. Men have killed millions, if not billions of human beings throughout time yet women are blamed for everything shitty out there?

5. My views aren't about the wage gap (the one point those assholes harp on over and over despite all the issues out there), my views are about places like 4chan that show how rampant misogyny is, it's just residing under the surface like racism, and how socially it screws both men and women over.

6. 4chan is the most censored site I've honestly been too. I've been banned numerous time for expressing views that aren't the norm. What a bunch of weak mods running that place.

Thanks for letting me vent.
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Anonymous 22984

> I wouldn't propose killing them or being abusive, but clearly they're a dumb pitiful animal that can't survive on its own.
most of the greatest atrocities in history have been caused by men needing to hold dick measuring contests. a man doesn't value success for its own sake, just for how likely it is to get him laid. the male cannot go a single moment without thinking about his penis. they live or die by female attention to their penis. It's just pitiful. If they ceded their civil rights and became the property of women we'd all have better lives. all men should be turned into obedient catboys forced to wear kemonomimi headbands and frilly skirts. the fat ones will be put on a diet and forced to go to the gym. the ugly ones will be forced to wash their face and get a better haircut, or if truly necessary, shipped to korea for plastic surgery. men need a firm hand and strict discipline, but I firmly believe they can be quite adorable when behaving themselves.
Big words from somebody that requires a safe space board because they can't handle the "endless misoginy"
>you're a peener
no I'm not. You're just as insane as incels.

Anonymous 22985

i see you, femdom-fetish penis-haver

Anonymous 22986


Who hurt you?

Anonymous 23191

The only decent guys I've ever known were by at large genuine monk-tier asexuals who lived and breathed to work and/or be a good dad. They all went on to do great things and have happy relationships, or lived ascetically on a small patch of land somewhere adopting dogs.

Yet most of the guys I know orbit around women at the drop of a hat while most of the women I know live prettily successfully without a single prominent male presence. I don't know what to make of it. There's that statistic too that says women live longer and healthier without men, while men live longer and healthier with women.

You had me until the second paragraph. Now that's just quality rp.

Anonymous 23213

So wait you got mad for being banned on a male dominated site? Wow, if only there was a website for women to post…


What should I do? Anonymous 22868[Reply]

Went through my bfs phone and found an old conversation he had with a mutual friend, in which he talked about how he wanted to fuck some girls and then they rated them.
The conversation happened a month before we got together. (We've been dating for 13 months)
Also searching through his Facebook history I found out that he looked up a girl that only uploads bikini pictures.
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Anonymous 23181

I'm giving advice as someone who grew up very sheltered and in my own fantasy world.

There is a difference in men and women's brains and thought patterns. Guys look at a picture girls and immediately start eating their attractiveness /fuckability. I only realized this late in college after becoming friends with some guys, and really only understood it after getting a boyfriend whom I speak frankly about celebrity crushes /types with.

I'm pretty sure this thread is bait. But, if it's not: you need to tell your boyfriend you looked through his phone. From there, you two can talk it out.

Anonymous 23182

Do other women not do this? Am I a failed woman?

Anonymous 23183

Maybe I'm the failed human because I don't. I've never had a friend I could talk to honestly about these things.

But guys (in my experience) rate everyone instantaneously.

Anonymous 23189

This is right if your dating pool is only middle school to uni age manchildren. And truth be told, some guys never grow out of that phase.

Anonymous 23210

Nah, it's pretty much a universal thing. Gentlemen would never let it on though.


the "sub chad" Anonymous 14997[Reply]

Does he exist? Is it worth hoping that i'll find it one day or is it just a myth. Not just sexually submissive obviously, but submissive in general. If he does exist, is he a decent person and not just a womanhater who has a secret femdom fetish? Is it possible to find a nice attractive boy like this?
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Anonymous 23054

never met one before, and I don't think they exist

Anonymous 23058

>men say sex is how they express affection and see hugs and shit as meaningless
>men also say emotions are never involved in sex
I'm done trying to make sense of this.
It's clear men really are just like glorified dogs in regards to how they relate, they can't match women at all in regards to love and emotional connection. But it's fine since they're so darn cute. I will continue to long for hugs and sex with men (well…just one man for life ideally) even if they see no value in it.

I think I've finally concluded this conflict within myself. Sorry for ot.

Anonymous 23063

>I'm done trying to make sense of this.

That's not the same man saying those contradictory things.

And the same man can want different things at different times. Emotions are fickle and can contradict each other.

And he could just be playing tough and pretending he doesn't have emotions because he's afraid of being rejected if he opens up.

And some people just demand maddeningly impossible and contradictory things from their partners without realizing it.

Anonymous 23115

i was thinking about it and i think i'm particularly drawn to this kind of man because they seem more non-threatening to me than other men…

Anonymous 23175


Men say this about us all the time, but the reverse is certainly true when trying to understand their behavior; "pay attention to what they do, not what they say."

I had a bf once who was very quick to tell me he loved me, but treated me like crap, and I got my heart broken because I wanted to believe what he said.

I had a different bf who who was never verbally affectionate, never said out loud that he loved me even when I asked him if he did, but was always kind, considerate, thoughtful, emotionally available, devoted to making me happy, but I couldn't get over the fact that he found saying "I love you" to be difficult so I left him. He's been with his current gf for years now and they look so happy in all the pictures I see him post on fb.

My point is, don't listen to what people say. Does the person act emotionally connected to you? That probably won't just come out in one domain but not the other. Is the person cold and distance except when they want something from you (sex)? That's probably what they really want then.


Anonymous 22560[Reply]

anyone else here just have no friends? i mainly mean irl friends. but ive gotten to the point in my life where even my close internet friends are too busy to talk to me because they found real life friends. im not bitter about that, i think its healthy and theyre way happier. but its just reminded me that i don't really have that, even though i've always wanted that. i have one irl friend but i can tell we're growing apart, fast. shes into partying and all that and thats just not me. id love to join a club or something but.. i had a bad experience with the last club i joined(my fault) and my schedule makes anything like that difficult. where my lonely bitches at?
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Anonymous 23103


I just realized that I met all of my friends through internet. But at least I have some irl friends. I used to live in a town far away of all of my internet friends and I guess life was way boring. I don't see them really often, like once a month or sometimes even less than that. I guess I could be called a hikki, cause I rarely leave home.

Anonymous 23104


Wanna talk anon?
Don't do it, fam, sometimes it seems like there's no way out, but then something happens and suddenly everything gets better. Just don't give up, I know it will sound like a cliche, but if something happens it would be because you make it happen. Good luck anon.
Internet really helped me tbqh. I started understanding what people likes to hear, how to start a conversation, how to be nice, etc. And it also helped me in irl situations. The friends I made through internet were way more autistic than most people, so it's like a easy mode of how to socialize with people. And how to make them to like you.
I used to be pretty much like that. I didn't had any friend tho, that's why it wasn't really hard to get isolated, to have a perfectly monotonous and scheduled rutine, etc. I eventually had to move out to study. Breaking with my rutine was so damn hard, and it really fucked me up. Especially cause I realized I was doing it to not paying attention to a lot of shit I had go through. I barely can leave home, I'm so fuckin depressed, and I have developed social anxiety, agoraphobia, and some other shit. But I realized I HAD to go through this shit, cause it's necessary. The lifestyle I had was untenable ina long term. I will work really hard this year for stop being a doomer and become a fuckin bloomer.
I learned that having a bf/gf is great, but it won't solve your problems. Actually, you are the only one who can change your life. We are all gonna make it, lads.

Anonymous 23127

Keep on truckin'. It sounds like you've been through a lot of shit, but you're still trying to help others. Thanks for making me happy tonight. (And you don't have to use lads here)

Anonymous 23128

Please don't kill yourself. You are worth living. And that one friend you have? Will probably blame themselves.

I had 1 (one) frriend who, like you, actually had a social life, unlike me. Another friend of hers committed suicide, and it still fucks her up. Honestly, I think the only reason we're still "friends" is thst she thinks I'll do the same.

Please don't end your consciousness. I understand wanting to fade away, go back into the earth, and eventually jump off a stairwell. Every day I'm glad I didn't. You will be, too.

Anonymous 23163

ot, but this wojak makes me happy.


Nicknames Anonymous 17451[Reply]

Post cute, silly or funny nicknames you've given your friends and loved ones or ones that have been given to you. Bonus if you explain the context.
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Anonymous 23069

Trisha. It's not my name. Nowhere close to my actual name actually. It just has stuck for some reason.

Anonymous 23075


I don't have any.
The only nickname anyone uses for me is that my dad calls me 'Madame Menstrual Musk' because 'you always smell like period blood'. Its a joke in my family that I smell like period blood because I have quite strong periods with lots of metallic blood smell. my mother quite likes to call herself 'Madame Menopause Musk' because she doesn't smell, she finds it hilarious.

Anonymous 23105


My HS classmates called me sloth. Not because I was lazy, but because my face is as ugly as a sloth face.

Anonymous 23107

This is amazing if it's true
but slothes are cute? yeah theyre a little goofy but ugly? nah

Anonymous 23109

Spider girl due to hairy arms.


Anonymous 23039[Reply]

So this boy I liked recently got this other GF who is far less attractive than myself despite him already knowing I liked him??
What could possibly make him do this? How do I turn it around now?
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Anonymous 23052

Did you actually expect a supportive response from a site full of femcels, anon?
We're going to take the side of the "ugly" girl. Don't try lolcow either, they'll have a laugh about how crazy you sound.

Anonymous 23065

>How do I turn it around now?

It's not that I don't care to help you. It's just that there's no clear way to turn it around right now.

Just wait for an opportunity to arise.

Or get over it.

Guys don't do things like this out of spite; they feel lucky to get any relationship they can get. Maybe you're overestimating his understanding of your feelings for him, and his value as a partner.

Maybe he's a blundering idiot when it comes to love who doesn't think about other people's feelings; maybe he's with her because it was easier and immediate.

He's better off without you, but maybe you're better off without him as well.

Anonymous 23067

Interesting bait, but I'll take it.

The real answer to this is that, despite what men and women on the internet say, it's not actually all about """objective""" looks. Attraction is weird like that. Even if we assume he's actually more attracted to you on a physical level, the things that make a dude's dick hard and the things that make a good gf are two different categories.

Anonymous 23073


This is the baitiest shit I've seen this us the type of bait that bait wishes never was related to it. Hell even the cheapest BBC /pol/ bait thinks this bait is shit.

Anonymous 23094

HaVE YoU HEaRD aBOut THE cOol nEw THInG CALleD PerSOnaLITy ?


Anonymous 19259[Reply]

I know it sounds edgy but when I found this place a I felt profound sense of belonging. I’m so glad I found you, sisters.
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Anonymous 19263


We love you too, anon-chan <3

Anonymous 19291


I wuv everypony here

Anonymous 19888

I feel that still.
Please don't die.

Anonymous 23016


I'm so glad I found this place. I love you all.

Thank you miners for reminding me that I love being a girl.

Anonymous 23018


I've never had a friend I could tell anything to without censoring myself, hiding my beliefs/feelings, etc. Thanks to all of you I feel like I finally have that friend.

My mental health is so much better for having found you.

unnamed (2).jpg

Something you wish someone would say to you Anonymous 21124[Reply]

Whats something you wish someone would tell you right now?

41 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 22835

These may be too specific but..
>"I think you're really cool. I know things might not work out, but I'm willing to try."
>"It's been a while since we last spoke, but I just want you to know that I've been thinking about you everyday since we stopped talking."
>"I came back to tell you that you're still the one I think about everyday."

Anonymous 22845

"I miss you. I wanna be friends again."

Anonymous 23002


>you’re really cute
>you’re a lovely lady
>can I see your hand

Anonymous 23004


>You're one of the strongest people I know
>You'd make such a great mom! have actually been told this multiple times, die inside every time
>You're really good at this anon, can you explain how -circuits, car motors, insert one of my hobbies here- work?
>You're a fair, just, and highly respectable person
>When I'm having a difficult time in life, I am reminded of you/some conversation I had and I can stay strong
>You want to be in the Army/Be an Engineer/Tradesperson? That's so badass!
>Any man would be lucky to have you as his wife also been told this multiple times, RIP.jpg

Anonymous 23005

You wanna be a ground pounder? I got mad respect for that.

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