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Anonymous 17736[Reply]

What are really beautiful men like? Do you know any? Doesn’t have to be a bf or lover, can also be your friend, colleague, classmate, neighbor, brother, dad, whatever.

Is it true they’re all dumb and rude?
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Anonymous 30186

I think that people who are considered the most beautiful typically just look really generic. Like, the guy in OP's image is cute, but it's the sort of cute where if I'm not looking at him, I forget what he looks like. It's like beauty that comes from the absence of defects rather than the presence of attractive features.

Anonymous 32915

One of my friends is the most physically attractive guy I've seen in person. He's literally been posted on /img/ in a thread because he used to model. He's a very unique person, for reasons unrelated to appearance. One thing I've noticed about extremely attractive men is that they tend to be nicer to ugly people (especially ugly girls), perhaps because ugly guys hate ugly girls for reminding them that they're ugly. These guys are usually really promiscuous, though, and often end up hurting the (attractive) women they get involved with.

Anonymous 32924

Usually ugly on the inside or gay(I mean in the homosexual way and not as an insult).
Or at least the ones I knew.

Anonymous 32926

moid self-insert fantasy

Anonymous 32936


>One thing I've noticed about extremely attractive men is that they tend to be nicer to ugly people (especially ugly girls), perhaps because ugly guys hate ugly girls for reminding them that they're ugly.

As an ugly girl, this is so true. Conventionally attractive guys have been so much nicer to me than the less attractive geeky guys in the past, even though I can relate more to the latter group of guys. I get what you mean about ugly girls reminding ugly guys that they're ugly. My experience with ugly guys is that if they get with an ugly girl, they will always think thoughts like "is this the best I can get?", and when he has a chance to get a "better" girl, he will go for her at the drop of a bat.


Thumb sucking at almost 19 Anonymous 32888[Reply]

Hey guys, my birthday is only a few months away and I still suck my thumb. I have major depressive disorder and psychosis along with anxiety. How should I kick this habit? I’ve already kicked my porn addiction of like 8 years. I’ve tried playing with my hair, rubbing my feet together and shaking my hips side to side (when I’m trying to sleep). It’s one of the only things that calms me down.
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Anonymous 32899

How compulsive are you with it? I have the same problem and while I haven't fully dropped it I now do it extremely rarely.

Anonymous 32904

I do it when I’m tired or anxious. Multiple times a day but I do it more later in the day

Anonymous 32910

I do it mainly when I'm bored so I try to keep my hands busy, also I replaced the compulsion of thumb sucking with drinking water so I always have a large jar of water nearby.

Anonymous 32912

That may actually work for me

Anonymous 32921

tbh i still suck my index finger. and i do it in my sleep, i’m not even fully aware i’m doing anything.
i’ve noticed if i’m stressed out or something it’s worse. i’ve tried the nail polish trick and the mouth guard thing, but i do it anyway.

i’ve ended up not worrying about it too much. it doesnt bother me and i think it’s cute.
i guess you could try to tie your arm down to you bed bit it doesnt sound very comfy to sleep like that.

and tbh trying all this stuff to stop it, was always kinda silly to me. only because it’s so uncomfortable most the time. i think it made me more embarrassed about it. i mean, if it’s just how i sleep why does it bother everyone else so much?


Anonymous 32636[Reply]

Does anyone here as if being a woman is inferior ? Sometimes I wish I could have been a man, not in the transgender way though. I am just confronted to a lot of mysoginistic things daily (both online and offline) and it's as if I've accepted that being female automatically makes me inferior/stupid/unworthy. I wonder if I'm the only one feeling that way. I just wish I could be seen as more than just a female. I'm typing this very late at night so I apologise if my thoughts do not make much sense but I really need to just try and phrase my feelings out and look for advice.
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Anonymous 32833

This is the part that fucks me up the most. I spent a lot of time telling myself I'm dumber than men because of "muh emotional brain" but I've come to accept that men and women really aren't that different.

Except physically. I work out a lot and I'm at my physical strongest and I still can't compare to some men who've never even been to a gym. I could be snapped in half and all those hours at the gym would mean nothing.

I hate feeling weak.

Anonymous 32834

Power implies that they're able to make men do things they don't want to. Women don't have that unless they have men or an institution backing them up.

I'm sure that being chosen by a woman is great, but it doesn't change the fact that the man in question could easily beat her to death with his bare hands if there were no other men around to stop him. The entire relationship is going to be an unbalanced exercise in trust because she's always just one bad day away from getting murdered (regardless of what happens to the man after).

Anonymous 32839

Why are you so focused on "big man break things" mentality?
Unless you live in a fucking third world or can't carry a weapon most people don't worry about this too much especially now that cell phones exist and privacy is virtually nonexistent in modern day societies.

You sound troubled. either that or this is b8

Anonymous 32867

Most self defense techniques were created to counteract raw strength, though. You don't have to be defenseless, even if you 'are weak'. There are exploits in the human body that exist regardless of how jacked you are, and if you know how to work those weaknesses, you have a fighting chance.

Anonymous 32909


You can still get a shot off at 21 feet.
Also, >>32867 this.
There are plenty of things you can do to mitigate a man's raw strength.
Get gud, take control of your life and stop being a perpetual victim.


Dating General Anonymous 29416[Reply]

I didn't know if there was one or if you ladies care. So I made one anyway.

Dating General is for asking questions and or advice, sharing experiences, telling stories and so on
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Anonymous 32770


>Well I am starting to fall in love
>I decided that I would give him a chance
So which one is it anon? Are you philandering around or are you in a fully polyamorous relationship?

From my experience letting the past get in the way of present relationships always ends bad.

Anonymous 32771

Sounds like you fucked him up pretty bad and now he cant stop thinking about you. Hes definitely the same guy for the most part, and the only way for his wounds to heal would be to stay away from you. It might not bother you anymore, but he probably can't go a day without feeling shitty about his interactions with you, or wondering what you would think of him now.

Anonymous 32816

I changed from being bitter and mean to being kind and positive. But it was a gradual process over the course of some years. It was a result of both becoming a more balanced (and happier) person, and from going out of my way to learn how to do nice gestures. (I was raised in a rather frigid household so never knew how to express the good feelings that I did have.)

I wouldn't believe it if someone's actual personality changed over the course of nine months but if his mood improved and that made him nicer then yeah. He may be able to keep it up but expect him to fall back into old habits from time to time.

Anonymous 32901


I messaged my boyfriend saying that we needed to talk about our relationship about a week ago because it's been feeling like we've grown apart. I never got a response and upon investigating further I found out he's blocked on social media so that probably means my numbers blocked too then. Does this just mean it's over? I guess it does. I just wish he had the decency to just tell me especially since he complained about his last ex basically doing this very same thing to him before

Anonymous 32903

How old are the two of you?


The "cool girl" trope Anonymous 32697[Reply]

Narcissists are using this trope to bully real women, its connected to that thing where if girls like anything obscure such as cars, (or things that are portrayed as obscure but isn't at all; videogames, anime, comics), there will be a narcissists to bully them because they are jealous of the love they receive for having interesting interests that unite the genders together because they want to divide the genders and cause problems between males and females by making them think females cant like things that are not hyperfeminine.

I will also point out that jpop and anime (or much of japanese culture itself) is actually feminine, narcissists will act like jpop is obscure and that if a female is into it it makes her a faker that is obsessed with male approval.

I was a virgin wife of my husband and i am into programming and jpop/anime/90's-videogames and needlefelting, crochetting, (a bunch of feminine things i would think) out of these subjects my husband is just into videogames and some anime, our shared important interest is being redpilled (in a way that is not anti female, we see other factors are at play manipulating the genders to cause conflict between the genders when we should just be getting along naturally). I eat what i want but i am overweight and trying to lose weight through calorie counting and skipping breakfast so i can eat how much i desire still.

So my interests are not for male approval.

Don't be ashamed of liking things that are obscure (or seem to be portrayed as obscure when they are not), that does not make you a pretender, it makes you actually cool and its okay that people and men like you for this, just don't be a slut because you are not one of the guys).
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Anonymous 32752

>trying to lose weight through skipping breakfast

It's great that you want to improve yourself, but I would think this one over once more.
If anything, you should be skipping supper.

Anonymous 32756

Ya know what sucks? Anime/manga is considered cool now lmao, it's insane how much can change in a couple of years.

Anonymous 32762

Not OP but I've heard a lot of talk about breakfast being an important meal for weightloss actually not having a lot of basis.

Anonymous 32763

They're both terrible ideas, temporary diets produce temporary results. You should be trying to change your lifestyle eating habits in a way that you can commit to without making yourself suffer.

Anonymous 32881

I'm laughing at how extreme this reply is.
I agree, dinner is too based to skip.


Friendmaking thread Anonymous 31657[Reply]

Currently have no friends and have been experiencing panic attacks all day. What are you guys up to and how are you coping with life?
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Anonymous 32604


I have a little group of online friends I've been with for years now.

Though I would like to make new friends (particularly female friends who share my autism interests) but every time I find someone I really like they end up disappearing from me.
I guess I'm just too clingy/obsessive. Oh well. I've been a lot happier focusing on my real friends who I've been with for years now, but I'm always interested in finding new friends…

But everytime I find someone who seems like they could be a friend to me they end up being a tranny sjw

Anonymous 32644

awh, i tried to add you but you must have changed your name or somethin. i hope u are feeling better!

i hope its not the sjwness that drives u away, i am pretty right wing but i find i can make good friends who are lefty, i just try to stay quiet when political topics come up :-/

Anonymous 32645


discor d dot gg /RY7hNr

Well then, let us make friends. This life is very short, being alone is sometimes nice, and comfy, but the loneliness of being alone is not.

Having just one right friend can make you have the best of both worlds.

Anonymous 32646


discor d dot gg /AnuMCMH
sorry that link is stupid…

Anonymous 32824

Get a patook, you fags. It's friendship!Tinder.


Any femcels here Anonymous 14730[Reply]

>Whats stopping you from not being a femcel

For me its not like there aren't any guys that are into me it's just that its hard for me to connect socially with people.
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Anonymous 31557

i guess i'm more femvolcel (?) because i find it hard to connect to men on a spiritual level. i believe them to be irredeemable cretins incapable of deep thought due to their chronic horniness and testosterone-addled retardation. any relationship with one would end up being completely one-sided due to my disgust for who they are as male beings.

Anonymous 31650


I guess that I am what you could call "The lesbian femcel". No girl has ever been attracted to me, heck I don't even think that boys like me. I used to believe that I didn't look that ugly… But I downloded tinder and only got 3 matches and none of them talk to me. I just feel so fucking stupid and ugly fml

Anonymous 31690

Please tell us you're a tranny who fancies himself a girl. No girl would ever ask a LESBIAN something this stupid.

Anonymous 31695

Not wanting to fuck or kiss someone doesn't mean you hate them lmao.
Is this bait or are you a man?

Anonymous 31712

I mean, it's an imageboard. Some shitposting is bound to happen here.


Anonymous 1167[Reply]

Can we have a wholesome thread?

Post memes, stories, anything uplifting. <3
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Anonymous 17708


That one person who is up for any adventure.

Anonymous 17716


This pic is my life in a nutshell. T.T

>>2074 omg my heart

>>1870 I love birds so much

Anonymous 21480

Anonymous 32807


3 - 2 - 1 - REVIVE!

Anonymous 32815

What in the name of hecc and all that is holy


Images my bf every day watches Anonymous 32810[Reply]

Hi! My bf and I live in Spain together since a year ago.
A few months ago I discovered than my boyfriend is constantly watching erotic/ pornografic images in 4chan platform of women and girls with amazing bodies.
I'm feeling terrible, Now I'm constantly thinking about myself (my body en general).
Sice always I've been so complexed about myself (I'm too short, a little bit overweight and with big boobs)
Its something wrong with me?
Should I forget everything?
I'm feeling do sad, probably I'm not enough for him. I don't know what to do.
I would apreciate your advices and your tips.

Pd. I usually don't write in english, sorry if I made any gramatic mistake

Anonymous 32812

>I'm too short, a little bit overweight and with big boobs
Most guys barely have an issue with either of those things, especially Mediterranean ones. If you really feel bad about it you could do some gym, but better to do it for your own personal achievements than somebody else to like you more, that should not depend on bodyfat%

unnamed (2).jpg

Something you wish someone would say to you Anonymous 21124[Reply]

Whats something you wish someone would tell you right now?

71 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 32720

ok troon. Felt called out maybe?

Anonymous 32726

I'm a day late, but thank you.

Anonymous 32729

>I know, and I will.

Anonymous 32765

"Let's hang out"
"How are you feeling"
"I like you the way you are"
"I'll help you"
"Thank you"
"I love you"

Anonymous 32808

That's supremely wholesome, I'm glad you got to experience that.

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