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acne Anonymous 54497[Reply]

my acne ruined any chance i had at looking average. it’s all over my body and face, i don’t even feel human when i look at myself anymore, i feel like i look diseased. my best friend has amazing skin and i feel almost embarrassed standing next to her.

>inb4 just wash your face/see a derma/eat healthy/try this random product etc

as if i haven’t tried all of that for years. i’ve had bad skin since i was a preteen and i’m on differin now. i saw some progress but i feel like i’m just stagnating. might just be bad genes since my family has skin issues too.
how do i come to accept myself like this? i hate putting on foundation because it just clogs my pores and my skin still looks bumpy underneath. i was going to post this in /hb/ but it just turned into a rant, so..
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Anonymous 54657

It depends on the dermatologist I think. The only extra thing I had to do on accutane was take birth control because apparently saying that you'll be abstinent isn't good enough. My only side effect on accutane was my lips being painfully dry if I didn't constantly have chapstick on me.
Although none of the products my dermatologist gave me, including accutane, worked. The only thing that helped me was age, I stopped breaking out at 20.

Anonymous 54667

Definitely go to a dermatologist. I figure that now is the best time to not wear foundation since we are in a pandemic and you can cover up at least the lower half of your face.

Cut out bad carbs/sugar. Even if it doesn't stop the acne, it will make you feel a lot better cutting them out. I don't know if you have possible PCOS symptoms; if so, I would also suggest a trip to your doctor's and they could look into your hormone levels.

Anonymous 54670

Try cutting out other bad foods too. Doctors insist chocolate can’t mess up you skin but they’re taught that based on one bad paper from ages ago. Orange juice, soya, dairy, eggs, etc all can make acne worse.

Also try using only the products here:

Anonymous 54675

Estrogen is dangerous if you're predisposed to blood clots for any reason.

Anonymous 54747

>get your blood drawn each month while you’re on it
Developed country medicine is wack. I didn't even get a baseline liver function test taken when my dermatologist prescribed it for me. Just don't get jaundice and you're fine lmao


Anonymous 54727[Reply]

I love large dogs, I even consider myself a dog person, but I hate those little yapping ones. Yap yap yap. My neighbor has one and it angrily yaps at me every time I leave or come home from work. I wish they would teach it not to bark at people who are just walking by, that is literally the bare minimum to being a respectable dog owner in an urban area. I would like to give that evolutionary failure a stout kick. Pic related is a based dog and a good boy, not a useless oversized rat.
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Anonymous 54732

Could be a troondog

Anonymous 54733

I DON'T like pugs, they look retarded and one tried to bit me for no reason and ended up only pulling on my jeans.
Smaller dogs are constantly defensive making them noisy and unbearable, it's the same with horses. Ponies are usually the worst behaving and most stubborn while the biggest are 'gentle giants'.

Anonymous 54734

wouldn't dare to ask

Anonymous 54736

Oh, I thought that's who he was supposed to deliver the alcohol to. Lol

Anonymous 54744


It comes down to extra training I think. My chihuahua was very healthy, most chis that aren't a fucked up puppy mill purebreds made for ultimate smallness are healthy. I found him on the street with my mom, very aggressive but became very sweet and protective when he got used to us. He remained aggressive towards others though. I went to my mom's friends house and her chihuahua absolutely loves everyone and I didn't hear a single yap from her because she grew up visiting all the neighbors and other strangers. My current dog is a chihuahua mix I found as a pup and he barks but is either very sweet or skittish and awkward.


no love no life Anonymous 54645[Reply]

>the only guy who has ever flirted with me is a fuccboi
I'm autistic but him larping "babe" with me has awakened this deep, void in me that yearns for love
>tfw he isn't serious
I told him that I liked him and he didn't respond when I asked if he would consider going out with me
>I'm so ugly and my voice is so deep and I'm old and I don't have any accomplishments
I'm so sad that I keep crying. I want to block him because he doesn't actually like me more than just a friend, but at the same time, he's the only person to have flirted with me. Why am I so pathetic
>why am I everyone's sister but noone's gf
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Anonymous 54655

Is it really that bad? How old are you actually? Remember to NOT be fat anon

Anonymous 54659

If this were a romcom, some stacies would make a bet one day that they could turn a femcel into a popular girl and by chance come across your plight. Then they’d give you a makeover, and you’d attain a newfound confidence and start talking to boys like a normal person. But when you remembered how they treated you before, you’d realize the hollowness of male attraction and relationships and start plotting your revenge on the male sex. Or something. Have you tried training yourself to think you’re a different person?

Anonymous 54689

>I want to block him because he doesn't actually like me more than just a friend, but at the same time, he's the only person to have flirted with me

You probably not a friend to him, just a way to get attention and maybe sex. Block him because of that.
Block him because you try to compensate your bottomless pit where your heart once were.
Block him because he uses you as a way to boost his ego.
Just block him.
Move on, either towards your solitude in loneliness, or actions towards finding partnership. Either way block him.
You don't really need him, and he don't really need you.
Do it.

This won't really help you with feelings of loneliness, but do remember that you always have us, 24/7 available to talk to you and share your feelings with.

Anonymous 54691

are you me

anyways anonette pls i beg,,,,go no contact with this fool. block him and prosper. life in all its fullness can be found and is waiting for you, whenever you're ready. we're gonna make it friend i promise. im rooting 4 u

Anonymous 54716

Thanks everyone for listening T T love you all

I'm just going no-contact. I will focus on making a comfy life for myself


Being lonely Anonymous 54708[Reply]

i'm always lonely, i have social anxiety because i go bullied by subhumans in middle school. I just can't trust people, what if they call me ugly or stupid


Anonymous 39624[Reply]

What's it like being an attractive girl? I feel life would be completely different for me if i was at least a 4/10
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Anonymous 45772

I had a really gorgeous friend growing up, she was on the introverted side and had one bad experience after another because of that combination.

Completely fucked her up and people of any gender have no sympathy. She is beautiful, yes, but I don't like the idea that being a bombshell would utterly change one's life for the better. It's whatever you make of it. Some people would thrive in being beautiful and others will be nothing but hurt for it. And others, well their lives don't noticeably change.

Anonymous 45805

Stop reading stupid bullshit and ask yourself that question instead.

Why the hell would I find a person in a relationship more attractive. If this was the case kpop boys would be freely in relationships with kpop girls but they get told not to, its forbidden by their contractors because that experiment has already been done once those idols enter relationships they lose popularity quickly. For either shipping otp reasons or because the fans have a crush on them they want to keep going on.

I hope you are not a FUCKING moid.


Of course not that argument is stupid. Period. Nobody does.

Anonymous 45809

Can you disprove each argument in the article, though? Just because it might apply to the average woman, doesn't mean it applies to everyone.
I also don't find taken men more attractive. In fact, it feels wrong and immoral to me to even find another woman's husband or boyfriend nice or handsome.

Anonymous 54676

she is so beautiful, how do you know all this about her though, can i follow her somewhere

Anonymous 54703

Holy fuck I hate Sam Hyde now


NEET Feels and Vent General Anonymous 52868[Reply]

Vent about being NEET and discuss your plans to escape neetdom, if applicable.
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Anonymous 54697

Any reason to escape when there is nothing you even want in life?
I just like laying in bed all day everything is too much effort including anime.

Anonymous 54699

I experience this a lot too. I just don't think I'll ever be happy.

Anonymous 54700

hey, at least you're in college

Anonymous 54701

I’m not. I graduated and I’m a NEET now. But the experiences of having fun and partying and meeting people are reserved for other people. My life is much better when I am not surrounded by normies.

Anonymous 54720

Understandable, I feel the same way about being surrounded by normies, being around them and having to deal with their scripted, shallow conversations and unfunny jokes is so nerve-wracking


Anonymous 54698[Reply]



Anonymous 54508[Reply]

How to cope with extreme loneliness? I have zero (0) friends in real life because of my autism. I try to speak to people on the internet but they're always so rude and vulgar. I feel that the last friend I had was my brother but he is also very mentally ill now so I can't really approach him anymore.
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Anonymous 54510

Anonymous 54512

Ananya ????? wtf are you doing here ?

Anonymous 54521

Adopt a cat.

Anonymous 54624

*a dog

Anonymous 54677

"No matter how isolated you are and how lonely you feel, if you do your work truly and conscientiously, unknown friends will come and seek you."


Anyone else terrified of becoming exactly like their mother? Anonymous 52550[Reply]

>narcissistic personality
>alcohol addiction
>mood stabilizers
I'm terrified
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Anonymous 52589

I have a mother like OP's and I can already see myself in her. It's scary and disgusting. We're very similar now when it comes to arguments, especially with a partner. It makes sense that we'd both get it I guess, but it's harsh.

Anonymous 52596

My mom had a nervous breakdown when I was in my early 20s and I've spent most of the time since living with her and helping out with money. She hasn't held down any job since (she has had a couple but has been fired for drinking on the job soon after starting), abuses alcohol, lies about pointless and trivial things and has done some shady stuff like secretly take out loans and credit cards in my name with my personal details.

I will never end up like my mother but at the same time I've basically ruined my own life to make the last 5-6 years of her life easier. IDK why and I couldn't explain it if you asked.

Anonymous 52685

look at his eyes p…

no not really, I love my mother and she loves me.

Anonymous 54673

I'm only scared of inheriting her mental illness. My mother was everything I aspire to be before she developed her psychosis and some things even stuck around after. Kind, loving, intelligent, beautiful. If anything I'm afraid I won't be like her.

Anonymous 54674

Experiences like this are a lesson to value those you have while you still can. After my grandfather died I did my best to live so I don't have regrets about how I treated my loved ones.


Virgin Thread Anonymous 50440[Reply]

I always feel so alone because it feels as though EVERY woman has had some sort of romantic, or sexual experience. And here I am with nothing, a pathetic adult female KHHV. I feel so alone and as though my time is running out. My goal isn't to lose my virginity, but find someone who loves me.
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Anonymous 54491

human consciousness is a wasted gift developed by mistake, which gets constantly chewed in the cogs of physics and evolution. certain bits of consciousness cant help but mimic such cogs, probably not to get completely obliterated. you are one of such mimic cogs

Anonymous 54493


I feel really bored and lonely rn and I was thinking of downloading tinder again when I suddenly remembered that I literally only got 2 matches last time that didn't even talk to me so what's the point.

Anonymous 54638

I am a 24 year old female khhv. I've learned to just move on with my life. Basically, I was fat throughout high school and had virtually no real friends (I had acquaintances in classes where we would pair up for projects only). Teenage guys can be very cruel to teenage girls when they aren't conventionally attractive (they usually thought they deserved someone like Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus in terms of looks). College I had a terrible experience with two roommates and moved to a single dorm. No bfs. After moving back home, I still had no bfs. Finished college at 23 and have been neeting for almost a year (thanks pandemic). I would feel pathetic going on a dating app with nothing going for me in life. Only been approached by one creep and it scared me. One guy offered to take my virginity but he was a clear player, so I refused.

Anonymous 54651

I am also a 24 year old khhv too anon. I had similar experiences as you. I was fat in elementary school so I had no friends. Come middle school and high school, puberty had ruined my cute features and turned me ugly. I got bullied by both boys and girls. The boys made fun of how ugly I was. The girls made fun of me for how I dressed. I tried desperately to fit in with makeup and fashion trends but no matter how hard I tried, no style will improve the looks of an ugly mannish looking girl. In college I coped with my loneliness through binge eating and got tricked into thinking my youthful metabolism would stave off the pounds. Metabolism is a myth because I soon turned obese. On top of that, I was stressed with school and got acne everywhere - all over my face, my arms, my chest and back. I was so depressed because I was lonely. And I was so stressed because of school and commuting. I commuted 3h a day to attend lectures, and by the time lecture was done, all I wanted to do was escape home and sleep. I made no friends. I joined no clubs. Dating in college was impossible. I couldn't bring boys home because I still lived with my parents and felt like a massive loser.
Now I am still living with my parents and feel like a massive loser. I don't think I'll ever find happiness until I move out. If given the choice to fuck a hot guy, I would refuse too. I would rather have someone fall in love with me for my personality instead of fucking for the sake of horny. Dating apps are a plague. The men on there only want a quick fuck whereas most women just want a nice relationship.

Anonymous 54666

I also had to commute to high school on a bus. It was hell. I got my driver's license and a car by the time I was 22 (and it is important to drive where I live to get around). I also can't bring a guy home because I have no privacy.

It took me years to find a proper hair care technique and skin care routine by myself to look somewhat presentable. I just regret so many wasted years.

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