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Men's taste in women Anonymous 44738[Reply]

Does anyone else think the average man's taste in women is weirdly pedophilic?
Sure there's plenty of men who like "thick" women but I meet so many men who fetishize petite women and it irks me because they so obviously are attracted to the fact that these women look like teens still.
Am I just paranoid or is there something to it?
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Anonymous 45632

Find it funny that no one seems to have replied to this with any type of come back. Some of the people here really just want to trick themselves into depression by believing that there is not a single man on this earth who could find a 20 year old or in general mature women attractive and dateable.

Anonymous 45638

I must've misremembered or conflated the numbers in this study

"study used 21,245 participants between 18 and 65 years of age who were not involved in a close relationship. As well as asking participants a number of questions on mate selection criteria, they also had to provide the oldest and youngest partner they would accept. It was found that for all ages males were willing to accept females that are slightly older than they are (on average 4.5 years older), but they accept females considerably younger than their own age (on average 10 years younger). Females demonstrate a complementary pattern, being willing to accept considerably older males (on average 8 years older) and were also willing to accept males slightly younger than themselves (on average 5 years younger)"


Everyone loses quality of offspring with age, but once again I said that men don't lose the ability to procreate till their late age.

Anonymous 45639

Anon,eggs aren't taken from women after 35 either.

Anonymous 45640

Because it's stupid. No one has said that. If it's for sex, men will pick on the most horrible woman if she's willing. We were referring, rather, to the creepy tastes that moids have.

Anonymous 45653

Sounds a little weird you dislike men who are attracted to your qualities. It seems largely coincidental either way, if you had the opposite features you'd find men attracted to that but it wouldn't be any weirder either way.


College/Uni feels Anonymous 10[Reply]

Share the good, the bad, and hell of pursuing a degree. Whether it be living in a dorm with a horrible roommate, classes kicking your ass, or something happening relating to school that has filled you with joy.
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Anonymous 43907


Resuscitating this thread to say that online college learning (adapting from a traditionally taught class) is fucking awful and I expect to pass by the skin of my teeth or just end up repeating this semester entirely. Being stuck at home with nowhere to go in a place where fucking nobody wants to wear their masks and the cases just keep going back up is way too distracting.

Being the guinea pigs is a horrible feeling.

Anonymous 43947

lectures and especially online lectures are a waste of time. the OU (british open university - distance only for decades) doesn't have them. they just give you text/video/audio sources and lots of multiple choice quizzes for practice. hopefully more unis copy their style next year. i tried another uni's online course but after experiencing the "lectures" i quit after a week.

Anonymous 45576

I feel like I'm finally experiencing a burnout, or at least expecting one soon, for the first time in my life.

I'm currently in my third year and fed up with this online school bullshit, all I do is sit at my desk, watch lectures, and complete assignment after assignment. I don't even feel relieved after finishing one assignment because I know I have a bunch more to complete. It's ridiculous.

I've always been really into my major and school, and really want to go to grad school and potentially get my PhD but lately that idea sounds worse and worse. I used to love looking up grad school programs, seeing what courses and work I needed to do to get there, and think about how fun it would be to get really into my field of study. Idk how much more schooling and assignments I can take. I really just want to get out of this cycle of never ending school work and actually go out, meet people, see new places, do new things, and experience life away from my studies, desk, and computer screen.

I usually look forward to weekends because I get to do these things but now it's just time for me to catch up on my lectures, assignments, and study. And when I don't do that on the weekends I feel so shitty cause I know I'm just making more work for myself for the upcoming week, but I really can't bring myself to stay up to date on my assignments anymore.

I'm doing pretty well in my classes so far but I'm so tempted to say fuck it and just let my grades be shit and take a break.

Anonymous 45612

Don't do it. We can suffer together on it. I was so fucking excited when I managed the concentration levels required to finish a fucking paper today in 3 hours, only to see two emails from my math instructor letting the class know that all of the assignment due dates and another fucking proctored test are moved up to being due the 27th.. an entire week earlier. So now I'm traveling 4 hours down, then 4 hours back for a funeral tomorrow, and scrambling back to do all of the stupid math assignments.
We'll do it. It's fine. Everything is perky.

Anonymous 45693

thanks anon.
wishing you the best. we got this.


Anonymous 42174[Reply]

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Anonymous 45523

huh, don't know why my post was deleted but I was saying that they aren't any more misogynistic than CC is misandrist, it's just a vocal minority. You are right about them being pretty depressed though

Anonymous 45525


I asked him out on a hiking date. I mean I didn't call it that, I just called it a hike, but I didn't invite anyone else and nor did he so as far as I'm concerned I'll either get murdered in the forest this weekend or married to him. Either way I am fine with it.

Oh fuck seriously though I hope this works out.

Anonymous 45530

What kind of moid? I hope you made the right decision otherwise yeah you run the risk of getting murdered.

Anonymous 45533

Well I've talked to him four times before and asking him out like this was basically the only way I could think of asking him out without making it obvious that I'm asking him out. I also really like nature so there you go.

If I get murdered at least my suffering ends.

Anonymous 45550

I was lurking around and apparently they were invaded by r9k moids and some pedos. How unfortunate… There were some nice guys.


Anonymous 45360[Reply]

anyone else miss being younger even if getting older has its perks? i miss my childhood the most even if it was bad, and i even get nostalgic on the last few years - i remember when id post here all the time asking for advice on my life, in the end it seemed to fall quite short. and my life is getting progressively more worse in multiple aspects - im getting more isolated and disconnected, both of my parents are tragically ill, ive been through a lot with drugs and i have a horrible eating disorder and not to mention i am terribly ugly. i miss the days when i had more hope, even if things seemed terrible back then too.
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Anonymous 45424


Yes, although I was bullied a lot as a kid/teen I still had some friends to have good times with. I barely have friends now and don't know how to find new ones and either way I don't know if I'd be able to connect with them. I had more interests and hobbies in a variety of subjects while today I have almost none. Life seemed brighter and I had more trust people. I didn't feel the hatred that so many people/groups have towards each other in today's society. There seemed to be more fun subcultures to participate in back then which I don't see much these days. Even the city around me is becoming some shitty gentrified place that feels alienating and it's too expensive for most normal people to live there. I also have eating/weight problems that are just becoming worse every year and it makes me want to die.

Anonymous 45437

I miss childhood but not my childhood.

I was forced to grow up quicker than I liked due to an early puberty and life circumstance but my life before that was frankly garbage as well. However, I’ve always been mentally “immature” despite my physical maturity. I relate to kids and young people more than other adults in my life circumstance and have always had immature interests compared to my peers as a teen/young adult.
In some ways I feel like I need to force myself to become mature for my future spouse and children but in other ways I think I’d make an amazing mom since I haven’t lost my childish side.

Anonymous 45442

I don't remember being a child at any point, so no I don't miss it.

Anonymous 45443


31 as well but I can't say I've had a traumatic pasted at all. I regret spending my 20's being a hermit and doing nothing with my life. At least I'll actually be starting a career within the next year so that's good I guess?

I've been thinking a lot about moving to a different state and starting fresh.

Anonymous 45542

Congrats for getting out of that hermit life. How did you manage to start a career after the hermit period? How did you explain it to your (future) employers?


Anonymous 45462[Reply]

i almost have no friends or people to talk to in my day-to-day life. The only person I talk to regularly is my boyfriend. I'm too intimidated by people I guess and even those I talk to probably find me annoying :/ I'm also extremely ugly so I guess that scares most people away .. w/e

Anonymous 45478

You're in good company. I'm lucky that I talk to people every day because it's part of my job, l think it's probably the only thing keeping me sane. Are you a neet?

Anonymous 45483

i was like that, then i lost my bf and there was no one left. please work on your self esteem. ugly people have normal lives. they have friends, bfs/gfs, jobs. i doubt you're even that ugly since you have a bf. please try to connect to other people. what about your family?

Anonymous 45484

I'm currently studying at a university. But the only time I speak to anyone at uni is when I'm doing TA..

Anonymous 45485

I'm definitely ugly I think my bf is just kinda delusional regarding my looks. my parents are my only family and I have a good relationship with them. I really want to connect with people but I have no idea where to go or who to talk to. I'm trying to work on my self-esteem - I started paying for a really nice therapist a couple of months ago and she has helped me so much I definitely feel that it's worth the money.. but my self-esteem is still so low


moid friend dating lesbian Anonymous 43918[Reply]

moid friend's gf messaged me saying she really isn't into men as much as she thought and is losing feelings for said moid.
I'm close enough to both to know this may end poorly.

I also have a crush on her but I will never admit that to them
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Anonymous 44339

Please don't let yourself get caught up in any of it, LDRs are almost always bad news

Anonymous 44353

truthfully im not that interested in her. shes cute and nice but i dont like long distance.
i also dont want to risk losing an irl over something like this.

Anonymous 44354


That's good anon, it sounds like you've got your priorities in check

Anonymous 45480


OP here. this situation got even more ridiculous.
moid friend makes questionable decisions at times. out of the blue, he messages me to tell me he thinks our friendship is toxic because we "enable" each other to overshare, which sounds super dumb to me because that is literally what all of my friendships are like. he claims us oversharing is what ruined his relationship? i dont understand this logic at all. he then unfriends/unfollows me on all social media.

I had to admit I was quite hurt by this because it wasn't any flimsy online friendship. We were irls and had been close for 5 years. i considered him a brother. i hate men because they're all so violent and stupid, and yet i could tell you i trusted this moid with my life. it felt like betrayal

oddly enough, his ex gf even messenged me saying she thought his sudden decision was stupid and apparently even yelled at him for this, because there was no good reason for him to do this.

Anonymous 45481

wow heejin looks gorgeous here


Anonymous 44718[Reply]

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to have a penis? I don't even necessarily mean the sexual aspect, I just think it would be neat. I also wonder if having one would immediately make me want to fuck and kill things 24/7.
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Anonymous 45087

Train him so he beats you at arm wrestling.

Anonymous 45088

Why would I do that?

Anonymous 45089

Intimidation is just the first step to infatuation.
It's up to you to grab him by the waist and sprint him down this road.

Anonymous 45125

>a raccoon like this will most likely not date you if you're bigger and stronger
That's why you cover yourself up and act nice. They can only know once it's too late, and they're in love.

Anonymous 45253

It's probably more trouble than its worth


Anonymous 45453[Reply]

I was fucking put on latuda years ago and ever since it fucked up my emotions completely and caused my head constant brainfog up until now eventhough i quit it as soon as i went on it, the effects of it lasted up until now STILL. i am now forced to be on abilify which i recently had to go on a lower dose of (10mg) because it made me unable to feel anything or get excited or happy about anything,and i am forced to stay on it or else i will apparently go crazy once i get off it and i will get brain damage. this is my life, im going to be stuck emotionless uncaring monster forever.

please watch kimi …

makeup??? Anonymous 45426[Reply]

I really want to natuarally look pretty, but I dont mind wearing a bit of natural looking makeup. The thing is, I dont know where to start? any tips for learning how to apply light makeup or any good recs?

Anonymous 45430

tinted moisturizer, tinted lip balm (like Fresh)

Anonymous 45431

This is an >>>/hb/ topic.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 45436

Moved to >>>/hb/9615.


Anonymous 44811[Reply]

my kitten died yesterday. we found him under the couch and my boyfriend pulled him out. he went there to die within 30 minutes and i feel like i failed him. he was said to be 9 weeks but we suspect he was given to us too young. we treated him for worms and fleas and had a vet appointment in two weeks. as soon as i came inside within that time period to feed him dinner and give him another dose of medicine, he was gone. i feel guilty for not being hysterical. i just feel numb. my boyfriend asks “are you not sad?” because i haven’t been crying as much as him. and i am really sad, i miss my baby boy. he was so young. but i’ve only cried on and off randomly, not so often like him. is something wrong with me? it doesnt feel real but hes dead in the other room and we have to bury him later. hes dead hes actually dead but i dont believe it i feel like hes going to come out soon but i cant cry i feel so bad
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Anonymous 45119

it just seems like low-level bait/screenshot material/gotcha’ setup.

sorry OP for derailment—other anons are right that there is no “correct” way for how you should’ve reacted to that situation.

Anonymous 45161

hmm….ur logic is silly….i cannot find the correlation between the loss of a pet and a bullied child. that child would still be alive and bullying builds character anyway… our kitten is gone forever. im very much okay with him being sad over the loss, id feel odd if he shrugged it off lol

Anonymous 45162

anon said that these are both equally shallow things to cry over

Anonymous 45190

I'm sorry about your kitten. I think you're like this because you are shocked, and it's natural. Your boyfriend on the other hand…

Anonymous 45415


>god forbid a dirty moid dare cry over a kitten dying in one of the most tragic ways, when it seemed like it could be saved
You're just awful.

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