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Female autogynephilia Anonymous 44540[Reply]

Don't know where to post this, but does anyone else here relate to autogynephilia despite being a woman? I grew up scrawny and ugly with a visible illness that made me even uglier, didn't grow curves until my late teens, had very thin and dry hair due to said illness and only wore clothes that would make me invisible. Nobody acknowledged me as a girl until later in life and even then I was only approached by guys who sensed my insecurity and awkwardness and got off on me being "weird". Growing up I romanticized the experience of being a girl that was perceived as such, I was obsessed with femininity. I envied classmates with pretty faces or long hair, asked them to wear it down more, had a dislike for short haircuts or ponytails. I couldn't understand why someone who had everything I wanted to have wouldn't be proudly displaying it. I was so obsessed with women that I identified as lesbian for some time, while also longing to be desired by boys. I fooled around with bicurious classmates who would come for sleepovers with benefits but shunned me at school. I know this sounds like a stupid moid fantasy, but it was extremely confusing for me. I thought I loved women, but craved the validation of men. To this day I don't know if I'm straight or bi. I started doing art and had women model for me, so I was always surrounded by pretty women while being mousy and too self-conscious to try to make the best of my features. I have awkward body language and never learned how to do flattering makeup because I can't stand to look into a mirror for too long. When I date women, I miss men and vice versa. I could stare at women forever but sex with them leaves me feeling awkward and like something's missing, meanwhile when I have sex with men my experience is based entirely on feeling like a real, desirable woman by making the man desire me and get off on me. I often wonder if I'm really into girls or if I just fetishize living vicariously through a desirable woman and crave being validated by lesbian women as the ultimate confirmation that I am perceived as female. I compensate for my childhood experiences so hard I refuse to wear pants, resent everything that could make me look androgynous, I even experience what tranners call gender euphoria when people refer to me as she or girl and thus validate me in even the smallest way. I've never had normie men ask me out, I've never received flowers or a valentine's something or had a normal classic first date, and I know that'sPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 44560

Lmao I know that, my title was bad but in the body I said relate to agp. It's a bad comparison but it's the only thing that came to mind. My bad

Thank you

Anonymous 44579

AGP is a fetish. Unless you’re trying tp say you’re some kind of degenerate you shouldn’t relate to it. And we don’t like trannies here so I don’t know why you would intentionally talk about relating to them either.

Anonymous 44592

I already said it was a bad comparison. And I don't like trannies either, but what you're saying is some SJW-tier "don't mention the unmentionables if you're not gonna actively sperg about how much you hate them" shit. I didn't say I empathized with them, if anything it's just another vent about how even the plights they say are specific to their experience are felt by women who don't fit into societal standards.

Anonymous 44595

You sound a bit emotionally stunted from your childhood. You're not an AGP.

Anonymous 44666

>I even experience what tranners call gender euphoria

You get boners when the supermarket clerk calls you ma'am? That's crazy.


Anonymous 44507[Reply]

I'm 26 now and someone very important to me who's been there for me for the past decade is now gone
I feel lost
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Anonymous 44561

you should play silent hill 2

Anonymous 44564

That is too spooky.

You should play a game where you can just zone out and not care about the world until covid is over. Like for example modded Skyrim or Fallout. Or a longish J-RPG any of the Final Fantasies does.

Anonymous 44575

RIP Donald Trump

Anonymous 44589

I've nothing to add except same, OP. So sorry to hear. I feel fucked up and contemplating suicide just to make everything stop. Just so I don't have to think of it all anymore. I miss her so much after all this time, how am I supposed to live several more decades like this? I'll manage, somehow. You will too.

Anonymous 44602


thanks man
good advice i'm going back to play FFXV


Anonymous 44588[Reply]

How can I find a therapist/psychologist who does not just deal with normies and could actually help me? I really wanna go to one, but have no idea what to look for :(

Anonymous 44593

I feel you OP. Not to NLOG but my experiences are so far removed from the typical human experience that I don't know how to not have everything I do immediately pathologized.

Anonymous 44594

Idk if you feel like this would help but when I was going in I asked specifially for a woman. I felt like that was at least one step into being able to get actual help as a man would not be able to understand me. I think you should also try to maybe talk to the therapist or whoever is in charge about what you want to discuss and see if they would be able to handle it. I don't know how things are looking in your country when it comes to this but I Hope it goes well!


Found the perfect guy but I can't feel attracted to him Anonymous 44362[Reply]

This sounds like bait but I swear it's not. Hear me out.

I'm 20.
He's a 24 year old virgin. A 7/10. Has a good paying, full time job, an amazing GPA, and is on his way to get a compsci degree. He says he loves me and would marry me within 2 years if everything worked out.

Things didn't work out. I'm hysteric, depressed, and really socially retarded. I cannot feel love. Not a single bit. Not for him or anyone else. I don't even have a libido.
He was literally the perfect guy. I could be completely comfortable if I just married him. I don't know what to do. I'm stupid, ugly, and insane, so I really don't think I'll ever get the chance to marry ever again.

Should I just get back with him and deal with it? I feel like this is my only shot at life, but I also think I'll be miserable if I stay with him.
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Anonymous 44436


Maybe you just need to know him for a longer period before dating him and getting intimate with him

Anonymous 44440

There's your problem.

Anonymous 44442

Plenty of men who cheat talk about their "chemistry" with the outside woman. I don't think basing your relationship off "chemistry" is a safe bet.

Anonymous 44448

You're 20 try having some patience and get what you actually want Jesus Christ…

Anonymous 44590

You should tell him (if you two are in touch) that you need some time to sort yourself out, and then accept he can do whatever he wants to knowing that. He can move on and find someone else or wait for you, who knows. And then work on yourself. You shouldn't get back with him if you don't want to rn, "you can be the juiciest peach but someone else just likes apples" maybe you like apples ok.

Literally saw this play out with my friend's lil sis this weekend.


Anonymous 44438[Reply]

Why is life so unfair? I literally cant wear the types of clothes that i want just because im not the type to wear them and would look straight up weird in addition to unattractive. I dont wanna live if my chances for achieving the social status im wishing for are limited. I cant help but feel like some people are fundamentally defects. Why has nature come to create beings unable to achieve what they strive for?
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Anonymous 44455

the other day i saw a literal landwhale walking around in high waisted short shorts and a belly shirt. trust me, you're not gonna be the ugliest one in the room in 2020. the freakshow left the circus a long time ago.

Anonymous 44461

Because nature doesnt have a will. Things just are. Things just happen. There is as much reason to why nature made you the way you are as there is to why nature gave some rock the shape it did. The only response to why questions outside of the stories we tell ourselves is "causality".

Anonymous 44501

Not OP, but that's what I actually find sad, the complete indifference kek.
But it could also be comforting, depending on how you see it.

Anonymous 44509

Most of us aren't born as aesthetically gifted Stacies, but it's still possible to get something out of this life.

Anonymous 44531

Nothing stops you from wearing whatever you like, only normfalfags care about what others think of them.


Anonymous 44381[Reply]

I hate my career. I hate finance and business. I really do.I'm so bored. What should I do? I've already given up another career and I'm not sure what career to follow.
14 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 44510

It was because the other person has a Master’s and I didn’t. I didn’t apply anywhere else as it was only that specific project (that I had been doing already) that I wanted.

Anonymous 44515

Did you make the rookie mistake of thinking an economics degree was about math and not just communications with math sprinkled on top? You don't sound like the social type.

Anonymous 44517

Which cartoon?

Anonymous 44521

A Pixar one and not very deep.

Anonymous 44523



You are welcome, anon. I strongly advise you to get involved in research groups before submitting your application to have a trial before. If it is your thing, just go ahead if not you still have shiny curriculum points.


Nerdy normalfag references are being considered "quirky" at least in humanities, and it is somehow a trend. You get cool points, especially on symposium presentations. Sometimes they are cool if you sprinkle one thing or other on your text because academic reading is boring as hell, but mostly I found them to try hard and cringe.


Pretty Girls Make Me Sad Anonymous 44142[Reply]

I feel depressed and inadequate when I see pretty girls.

Being on the internet is especially hard with the constant surplus and bombardment of beautiful women selling themselves or selling a product.
12 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 44394

Half of the girls or women make me sad because of other reasons not their level attractiveness

Anonymous 44499

That ronaldo guy is a scumbag rapist who got away with it because he's rich

Anonymous 44500

tfw no beat the me…

the fact that so many people would consider the way she naturally looks unclean or unkempt when its literally just a woman with a normal face depresses me so much. It depresses me that moids would think that her makeup version is "deceptive" when they're the ones peddling a society where you have to cake your face in pore clogging liquid that ages up the skin up to manage to look "presentable"

Anonymous 44505

I like to think we would still wear a little makeup in a world without moids. It's not always for their benefit.

Anonymous 44520

You're just assuming, I doubt anyone would consider her ugly, she is Jane Average without makeup at worst people would consider her bland or a grey mouse, but not ugly. Moids don't care that much about makeup as long as the makeup doesn't turn a 4-5/10 into an 8-10/10.


Cheated on Anonymous 44298[Reply]

I have been married to my husband for 8 years and we have two kids. I just found out my husband got a blow job from our also married neighbor over the summer. I feel like shit and don’t know what to do. Has anyone been cheated on and gone on to have a healthy relationship?
13 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 44345

Make him publicly apologize to the husband of the other marriage that she-bitch and him cheated on and lets see what happens… If he gets beat the fuck out on the spot just let it happen. I think he might never do it again after that.

If that doesn't work divorce on the spot. The kids will hate it but also make the kids confront him about it they will grow up to be more stoic and more resilient even if its rough.

Anonymous 44366

I have no personal experience with cheating but this talk had a real impact on me and gave me some hope and a new perspective on why people cheat, maybe it can give you some comfort anon.

Anonymous 44374


Once a cheater always a cheater. Personally I'd not forgive, because I think cheating is a testament to your partner not loving you.

Anonymous 44432

>wash your dirty laundry in public and advertise the fact that youve been cheated on whike still staying with the cheater
>if that doesnt work traumatize the kids by getting them involved in their parents drama with cheating
I hope this is some sort of joke Im not getting, otherwise what youre saying is not only incredibly stupid, its evil.

Anonymous 44449

Imaging thinking that infidelity is normal and thinking that this way of thinking is also normal.


I still dont know what i want in life Anonymous 44153[Reply]

Nothing feels enough. Not beauty, wealth, admiration or love. I go through periods of sticking to different extreme life philosophies and always return to emptiness. Maybe its a part of being young. But its gotten to the point where i cant trust any of my long-term decisions and im starting to suspect its going to be like this forever. Its just hard to imagine ever reching a conclusion and finding happiness with the way that i am.

What stage are you all in in regards to finding meaning???
7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 44219

Ive achieved all of them on some level. Each time i gain a significant amount of one of them i dont feel all that much.

Anonymous 44238

just go have a baby already, that's the only true lasting meaning that you will ever have

Anonymous 44358

What you call oscillations, I call it an idiot trying to use a compass in Alpha Centauri to figure out where is the true North, and finding a wrong answer every time.

Anonymous 44363

Men are unreliable. All a woman needs for a good life is good fortune.

Anonymous 44369

Let's go.


ex bf broke up with me keeps contacting me Anonymous 36135[Reply]

Ex bf broke up with me because I did something that hurt him.
So I accepted that he didn't want to get back with me and went no contact.
The bitch keeps breaking no contact and messaging me.
However, everytime the same situation happens: he tells me he misses talking to me/miss me or some variation of that, I want to get back with him, he tells me he doesn't want to get back with me. He keeps telling me he wants to stay friends and not lose contact with me because I am important to him. I get mad and tell him never contact me again. He keeps contacting me, however, the no contact time period has gotten longer and longer and it's pissing me off. First we went less than a week, then 2 weeks, then 4 weeks, now it's been about 7 weeks and he contacted me once again.
I haven't replied or left him on read because I got school shit to worry about. I haven't left him on read so he doesn't know if I read it or not.
What the fuck sick game is he playing. This shit is pissing me off. I am too weak to leave him on block forever because I still want to get back with him. What do.
36 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 44218

UPDATE: We’re back together and happy haha

Anonymous 44229

Happy for you anon

Anonymous 44264

You are going to break up again in like 3 months.

Anonymous 44283

Oh honey no

Anonymous 44284

You never know whats true or false in an imageboard just saying. So personally I don't believe it. I think OP was wiser and cut the crap, the post is more than 4 months old ffs.

Pics or didn't happen.

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