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College/Uni feels Anonymous 10[Reply]

Share the good, the bad, and hell of pursuing a degree. Whether it be living in a dorm with a horrible roommate, classes kicking your ass, or something happening relating to school that has filled you with joy.
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Anonymous 48574

>If math anon is still here, is it possible for a person who is average at mathematics to get pretty far on their own?

I'm not 'math anon', but I did a straight mathematics course throughout university. The answer is that you'll get as far as your interest takes you. I don't think I was born proficient at maths, I don't think I'm necessarily great at maths; you study so many great figures who came before you (Euclid, Euler, Gauss, Kepler, Riemann, Cauchy, etc…) that you kinda just feel like an ant among giants. Also, I just don't feel smarter than the average person; I don't feel like I was born knowing maths, I just really enjoyed it and I spent a lot of time doing problems and working through proofs, so I'm not 'better', I just spent more time doing it.

What I want to say is that there are countless resources online, not only to teach you maths (Khan academy), but to pique your interest in the topic (3b1b, Think Twice). The latter channels provide beautiful proofs with brilliant visuals, some of which I believe should be accessible to someone with an average understanding of maths. But maybe your idea of 'average at mathematics' doesn't meet my idea; if you don't understand the basics (fractions, logarithms, rates, exponentials, surds, trig ratios, calculus, etc…) then you can definitely learn this on your own, there are lots of resources online, however they are 'dry' topics, so it may feel boring. Just try remember that you're learning foundational stuff and it gets interesting and a lot more fun after this (admittedly I enjoyed all of maths throughout hs because at the time it was all new to me).

I hope some of this was helpful.

Anonymous 48591

I'm the one who offered math help a few days ago in this thread, but I don't know if you're referring to me.

Nevertheless, I agree with >>48574 in that you can get anywhere as long as your interest for it holds and you keep going at it.

There will naturally be some subjects you have more of an affinity towards : where you just understand the vast majority of it intuitively without having to work to develop that intuition.

Conversely, there will be subjects where it'll feel like you "don't really get it", and where your intuition and mental representation of things won't really be working. However, and this is very important : this is not a permanent state of affairs. If you keep working at it and trying to better understand / build a better mental model, it will eventually "click" and become as easy as any other subjects. This happened to me with number theory and graph theory, where I initially felt utterly powerless, but eventually had the eureka moment after a month or so and managed to ace the course afterwards.

To summarize all this stream of consciousness verbal diarhea : don't get discouraged. The most important part of mathematics (to me at least) is to build yourself a mental model of the logical constructs you're manipulating, and to refine that model when you get stuck. I've been able to overcome anything mathematical thrown at me this way, so I'd wager it works.

Anonymous 48592

And to add to my rambling : I personally believe that there is no such thing as a persons that are good or bad at math, just persons that have different stages of understanding. If it seems like some people understand things better than you do, that's because math has increasing returns : the more of it you do, and the more of it you understand, the faster you are at understanding more of it.

Anonymous 48596

My last final is today then I'm free!!! Definitely has been an interesting semester but pretty happy with how everything turned out.

Best of luck to everyone else finishing finals/studies!

Anonymous 48598

Not math anon, but I would say math is one of very few subjects that you can pursue entirely on your own. Even if there weren't dozens of websites (i.e. Khan Academy) or dozens of youtube channels (3b1b, Mathologer, etc.) math can be done completely on your own as it has through the ages. You can go plenty far on your own, just try to find problems to solve.


Anonymous 43030[Reply]

Every single one of you is Beautiful
Yeah. Even you

In your life there is at least 5 people who care about you.

Talk to men, get active in hobbies, and take care of yourselves. Drink plenty of water. I want to see every single one of you succeed. You can do it. I know you can. You know it, too.

Godspeed, anons. We're all gonna make it.

Anonymous 43193


Thank you anon… that was really nice..

Anonymous 43194


Thank you anon!! I love you

Anonymous 43405


This thread, especially the thread pic, have solved all my life problems, unironically

Anonymous 43545

I heart you whole heartedly anon poster you made my day this post will make my day any time some jerk butt ruins it. I thank you very very much.

Anonymous 48597


Thank you very much anon!


My boyfriend keeps forcing PDA on me Anonymous 48253[Reply]

I have no problem with hugging, cuddling or kissing him in private, when it's just us. But he keeps doing PDA, when I am with friends and even my family.

It's annoying and embarrassing. He thinks it's "cute", but at this point it's almost humiliating.

A few of my friends also think I am showing off and one no longer wants to hang out with us.

Anonymous 48254

Tell him that there is a time & place for those things… Stupid moid doesn't listen.

Anonymous 48255

Have you tried tried talking to him and explaining that this is making you uncomfortable?

Anonymous 48552

I think it would be a good idea to just tell your boyfriend about it, and if you don't have the courage to, you can confide with one of your friends and ask them to be there with you when you tell him for moral support.


Was it the same for you? Anonymous 47895[Reply]

My boyfriend is 25 years old. He's 3 years older than me and a virgin and he didn't quite cry, but got pretty close to it, when we were cuddling for the first time.

He didn't have such a reaction to when we had sex for the first time, so I am wondering what the difference is. Why is cuddling more emotionally intense? Is it like men can practice "sex" in a rudimentary way by masturbating, but since cuddling has no replacement, it feels more intense?
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Anonymous 48431

all men are pedophiles lol

Anonymous 48479


I don't mean to sound rude, but if the subsection of weirdos on this website could stop obsessing over whatever's at the top of Porn Hub today it would do them a world of good.

Anonymous 48483

Based fuck men do it to an incel make them an hero.

Anonymous 48501

I don't mean to sound rude, but if the subsection of pickmes on this website could get their heads out of the sand regarding men's behavior today, it would spare them a world of heartbreak.

Anonymous 48525

Yeah, I'm a heartbroken pickme for not brain poisoning myself, okay.


Anonymous 31437[Reply]

Has anyone here suffered from an eating disorder in the past and recovered? Or are you suffering from one now and trying to recover?

How do you deal when the eating disorder thoughts start to get really bad or when you see something that really triggers you? I'm having a really tough time right now, I think I'm relapsing.
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Anonymous 41275

Im not sure. I feel guilty when i eat, but eating also takes away stress and i have this weirdly territorial behaviour of "must eat the good food before anyone gets it" that makes me binge too. And i try to throw up sometimes but its like no matter how much i jam my fingers down the vomit stops at my throat and wont come out.

But im still fat so its not like anyone would worry, i just keep it to myself.

Anonymous 41276

Just pump weights, as a countermeasure. If you're concerned with "good food", make sure it's actually good for you, like meats and greens.

Anonymous 48481

lmao i've been telling my friend about my ed for a while and only now he realises im talking about having an eating disorder and not erectile disfunction lmao

Anonymous 48482

I fidn when mine gets going I need a reality check so I have posted my belly on /soc/ in non sexual way (yes I know they fap anyway) and they will call me an anorexic bitch or something and I know chanfags are usually honest like that so can trust them.

I assume online friend unless they thought you are tranner lol.

Anonymous 48490

no they're a real life friend who know i'm a woman so it was kinda weird lol


Sorry please help fic admin Anonymous 48415[Reply]

For some reason it says I look like a bot when I go to reply anywhere and the captcha is not even available for me to complete anywhere but here on feels or I would obviously ask in meta.
Can this be fixed I cannot reply to anything I am using google chrome and when I started posting here I had to get a ban appealed for being a bot so assume someone was IP hopping…
Should I just change IP? I was posting here fine the past few days.
>click on thread
>no captcha avalible
>cannot reply it says I am bot if I try
>no other board has the captcha for me to post a thrad on to troubleshoot
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Anonymous 48420

even norm chan is dead? weird….
Anyone know some doomer websites or depressing communities aside from discord?
Sanctioned suicide is full of normalfags even..

Anonymous 48421

earlier today I couldn't even post on /feels/. all the boards were missing captchas for a while, then they magically reappeared here and on /b/.

Anonymous 48422

I'm the reason this is happening.

Anonymous 48423

hi heidrich >.<

Anonymous 48425

>Anyone know some doomer websites or depressing communities aside from discord?
There's wizchan/dep/ but it's only for males. You could just not mention your gender. Plenty of scrotes lurk and post here as well as on lc so it's only fair.


How do i stop running away? Anonymous 48310[Reply]

Whenever something gets the tiniest bit too difficult for me i just end up doing something easier, where the payoff is more certain. Such things ofcourse would be eating and browsing websites, but also more specifically in my case drawing and i guess other kinds of creativity aswell. This is why artists are all miserable.

Anonymous 48311

I don't want to sound patronizing but do you have any skills or hobbies that are practical and will get you a job? Doing freelance work that I was actually guaranteed to be paid for gave me a lot of discipline to do other things in my free time. I recommend A.V. stuff or CADD.


Sex doesn't feel good Anonymous 48197[Reply]

Nothing haunts me so much as the fact that I can't enjoy sex with the man i love. I am straight, i find men aesthetically attractive. I mostly drool over 2d men and do find 3d men attractive.

I love my boyfriend but i lost my virginity to him in my early 20s and have never had sex with anyone else. I didnt start masturbating until 18 and sex was never a priority to me. I get horny but the idea of sex is so much better than the reality.

I don't feel even a little bit of pleasure when i have sex. He goes down on me, fingers me tries to really make me feel good. The only time i enjoy it is when i use my vibrator and he fingers me. When j use my vibrator during sex it doesnt feel good unless we're almost entirely stationary so i can focus it on one spot on my clit.

When we first started having sex i had a lot of pain but he helped me through it and was very gentle even though it took ages for us to have normal sex. I dont know what to do. He's my soulmate.

Do i just pretend to enjoy sex for the rest of my life? I never fake orgasms but i do pretend to enjoy penetration for his sake because i love him. But then i think, would any man go through these lengths for me? I am so sad
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Anonymous 48257

I could not masturbate or have sex for the rest of my life and i probably wouldnt care. I get horny but its not something that I NEED to relieve. I still desire sex though even though I KNOW it wont feel good. Its fucked up.

I didn't even masturbate until i was 18.. I have gone months without masturbating when were having sex because i tried almost everything. Like sure ill stop. It won't solve my problem I'm just defective i guess.

We DO have normal loving sex where we hold hands and just get really passionate but i decided to try rough stuff just to see if it would change anything. Neither do anything for me. I'm not a coomer at all.

If anything, I do look at a lot of cute fanart of 2d men but i rarely if ever look at sexual ones. I used to read a lot of lemons/fluff fanfic but it was mostly healthy loving stuff. I very rarely look at porn.

Gynecologists don't care about sexual pleasure. Only men get to go to doctors about erectile dysfunction or low sensation. Doctors literally could not give a fuck. It was quite awkward to bring up lack of pleasure to my family doctor and the 2 gynos because they very clearly did not care after the pain was solved.

I feel so hopeless tbh.. i feel like I've done everything right and God just decided to fuck me over. It used to cause me so much despair but i guess ive just come to peace with never enjoying sex

Anonymous 48258

This is a cool resource ill look into it thank you

I hope im not part of the group that doesnt enjoy sex until their 30s

Anonymous 48297


>Do you think a sex therapist would actually be able to help me?
They're better positioned than a gyno or other doctor, since you've already investigated the obvious stuff on the medical side. Find one and send them an email or give their office a call, briefly explain your problem ("I am experiencing a complete lack of physical pleasure during any kind of sex with another partner, even though I experience arousal at the thought of it, and I can experience physical pleasure on my own. I have previously overcome vaginismus and investigated possible medical causes to no success. Might you be able to help me or refer me to someone who can help?"), and go in for an initial consultation. Investigate reviews and references to make sure you get a good one. Good ones will refer you to other good ones if you fall outside their specialty.

>Gynecologists don't care about sexual pleasure. Only men get to go to doctors about erectile dysfunction or low sensation. Doctors literally could not give a fuck.
It's true. They're reluctant to go outside their area and most gynos are perfectly happy as long as your bits are functioning physically okay. Even with men, issues of low libido or low sensation are solved by prescribing pills that dilate the blood vessels of the penis to trigger artificial erection without arousal so the patient can do the act regardless of how they feel. It's purely material to them.

>I feel so hopeless tbh.. i feel like I've done everything right and God just decided to fuck me over. It used to cause me so much despair but i guess ive just come to peace with never enjoying sex

Don't give up! But even if you try everything and still somehow lack physical response for mysterious reasons, you can still derive satisfaction from sex by other means like enjoying the touch/closeness parts of it, enjoying your partner's satisfaction, technical mastery (sex as fun game), and so on.

Anonymous 48299

>that pic
so gross… how can someone think that to be cute?

Anonymous 48300

shrug copy.JPG

It's one of those things you either get or you don't.


Dissatisfied with submissive sex Anonymous 46457[Reply]

Why does it seem like most submissive men aren’t truly submissive, but instead are just channeling their lazy behavior into sex? I relish in being dominant from time to time but it’s exhausting when every time I feel like I’m centering the whole experience on his fetish, even when I’m not into it. It just seems like a manifestation of his depression or insecurity or repressed traumas into our sex life, which isn’t his fault. However, it’s annoying when I’m always taking the reigns because of one time where I was more dominant.
It doesn’t feel like truly submissive behavior. It just feels like him wanting me to tie him up and spend as much time as works for him pleasuring and indulging his very masochistic tendencies. I don’t even like being physically sadistic, and inflicting pain, but he loves it more than anything. There’s no real submission to me, and no real dominance over him. The dirty talk he wants is always forced and awkward for me, because it makes me feel awkward to verbally degrade him all the time. I’m fine with indulging this fantasy every so often, and I even like it from time to time, but it’s so exhausting when he always wants to submit to me on the bottom and be pleasured. And I love him, so I’m not letting something like sexual compatibility ruin our loving relationship. But I’m avoiding intimacy like the plague because I’ve been so exhausted by it for weeks. It doesn’t feel like my needs are met at all and it’s making sex feel like labor, or a chore.
Again, I am definitely a switch. I love taking the reigns. But I don’t even get off, even when I’m masturbating myself. It’s just so performative and strenuous and annoying for me. I’m even beginning to be resentful of submissive behavior from him in general.
And the worst part is that he has the rare dominant streak- and I don’t even want dominance sometimes. Sometimes I want loving missionary sex. But it feels like my options are blindfolding him and giving him blowjobs until he’s satisfied and goes to sleep, or being bent over a cabinet and fucked like I’m a whore. I don’t even want the latter. I’ll do it and sometimes it’s really good, and enjoyable for me, but I don’t want either extreme. I just want to enjoy sex without indulging a weird fetish. Sometimes, in his more vanilla moments, it’s really enjoyable. These are few and far between, but happen. But then he always goes back to “submitting” halfway through and I’m left slapping and abusing him when I hate it.
HePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
31 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 47080

It's a common occurrence, sure. But the post said men CAN'T be truly submissive. Period. And that just isn't true.
It's like saying women can't be truly dominant.

Anonymous 47081


Anonymous 47082

Except that one. Kill that fucking thing.

Anonymous 47083

it's cute still, don't disrespect. they are actually amazing and dutiful mothers, sometimes too dutiful depending on species iirc the children eat the mother after birth

Anonymous 48286

it's called topping from the bottom, and it's a fucking epidemic.


I would like to propose an idea Anonymous 48279[Reply]

I want to start an internet addiction support group. Obviously don't want to post on 4chan about it because of all the moids that would join, but an all-female discord server about it would be a nice idea I think. I don't really know how it would function or how discord servers even work, so I'm not very qualified.

I think it's safe to say a lot of the people who still use image boards have some level of internet addiction. What do you guys think? Would you join? How would it work?

Anonymous 48280

>Break your internet addiction by continuing to use the internet

I guess it could work, but only if the server were to find people near you to hang out with. Idk how well people would trust each other (no offence I just wouldn't trust someone I met online, it's the boomer in me). It might just be easier to join a hobby group.

Anonymous 48281

I think it would work if we made a rule that we couldn't use certain websites for x number of days and had to try and spend no more than x amount of time of Discord and stuff like that.

I know it's pretty ironic but I think it could be helpful.

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