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Limerence Anonymous 85259[Reply]

Anyone else here struggle with being extremely limerant/obsessed with certain people? I’d like to hear your stories. Rather not tell mine though.

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Anonymous 107728

at an all time low again… I’m so exhausted of being in the depths of despair again and again. I’m so tired of my own limerent mind. sometimes i lowkey never want to wake up again

Anonymous 107852


I miss (the very romanticized version of) my ex, and I keep dreaming about her. Also there's a girl in one of my uni classes that looks eerily similar to her and it's driving me insane.

Anonymous 108761

was well on my way to recovering from my current limerent episode since I hardly saw LO around my workplace…..AND THEN out of nowhere she was assigned to have regular meetings with us. She laughed at my stupid jokes today, too. FUCK MY LIFE

Anonymous 108936

I have to work closely with LO. I want to die

Anonymous 109090

No, I have never been obsessed with other people besides myself.


Any advice in how to deal with loneliness? Anonymous 106292[Reply]

I've been in a really toxic on and off friendship with a girl for the past two years and recently we've stop talking again. She's turned all of my other friends against me and now none of them talk to me except one childhood friend who I suspect had/has some sort of crush on me which makes me extremely uncomfortable. On top of that she's also really awkward and I have to do all of the talking (sometimes it feels as if I'm talking to a wall) . Although I appreciate her sticking around with me I feel like I have nobody who I can truly make a connection with.
Does anyone have any advice in how to cope with loneliness?
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Anonymous 106310

im sorry that you had a falling out with this friend, ive dealt with that before countless times and its the worst :(( have you considered joining any clubs/groups/community projects? going to places to participate in really helps combat loneliness, esp hanging out with family members is ideal when you have fights with friends. hoping you guys can make up if you two choose to be friends again <3

Anonymous 106316

>On top of that she's also really awkward and I have to do all of the talking (sometimes it feels as if I'm talking to a wall)
I really hate it when someone does that, especially if it's online.
They come online, they indicate that they're present, they say nothing, they expect me to talk something, I talk but it's usually boring stuff, they don't continue the conversation, I feel that they're busy with something else, then they leave.

>I feel like I have nobody who I can truly make a connection with.

I don't know what to say, but I like this video.
>Does anyone have any advice in how to cope with loneliness?
Eternal copium by indulging in at least 6 different types of media to prevent a chance of a single thought from occuring.

Anonymous 108843


NTA I've had this problem alot as well. I prefer writing back and forth online with several paragraphs, almost mini-novels sometimes. Getting only several word replies tends to make me feel uncomfortable and that I have unrequited interest. Granted, I know most people wouldn't be able to keep up with that style of communication though.

Anonymous 108984

ew you should bail on your childhood friend asap. theres now way theyre not going to take advantage of this situation. like theyre literally only with you because youre lonely and vulnerable. thats predatory

Anonymous 109073

Just stay alone. It's easier.


terminally alone Anonymous 109061[Reply]

recently a girl quit at work who had only met me twice bc i had "off vibes" and its not the first time something like this has happened. i try hard to make friends but they always fuck me over or stop liking me or never even like me in the first place. i dont mean to be off putting. i dont know whats wrong with me. i see other autistic ppl like on tiktok have loads of friends but i am just offputting to everyone and i dont know how to change that. i was always the girl getting bullied in highschool and now that ive left, its the same things, pretty popular girls treat me like a freak once i open my mouth. how do i be popular. how do i be normal

Anonymous 109064

im not boring but all my interests are weird or niche ig, im not fat and i am conventionally attractive but its the talking to people thats hard, i try to do the normal nice friend things and ask people about themselves and it usually works for a few interactions but then they end up thinking im weird and have weird opinions (radfem)

Anonymous 109065

Quitting a job because one felt "off vibes" with ONE coworker they have only met TWICE…
Idk about this, seems so extreme that I wonder if there not more to it. She prolly already wanted to quit and needed justification.

How do I be normal?
I imitate ppl, with limited success.
I am somewhat functional.

Anonymous 109066

there were some other work related reasons i was just explicitly mentioning by name but i really didnt even talk to her other than when i told her i didnt want to go to therapy and she went on a rant abt therapy saving her life

Anonymous 109067

Maybe, just maybe, very controversial topics are to be avoided during first encounters.
What about the weather, shows and whatnot?

Anonymous 109069

What did the original post say?

why women deserve …

Anonymous 108962[Reply]

Your average moid (including your bf) thinks this is what all women think. But I can't stop lurking on 4chan. Anybody similiarily addicted to rage inducing stuff?
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Anonymous 109031

Are you being serious? Cheating is still cheating and it doesn't matter if you've emotionally disconnected from the relationship because you're still in it lol

Anonymous 109038

Sorry, nona, but I think you're the mentally stunted one if you can't simply say "we're done".

Anonymous 109045


It is one thing to stoop to moids level. You do you, I guess.
But it quite another to formulate such a cope to justify objectively bad behaviour.
The older I get the less I feel I relate to people who cannot take responsibility for their own action.

Anonymous 109053


Is that really over the top decency to inform in a clear manner you former partner you do not want to pursue the relationship?

This all reads like an awkward cope to give yourself good conscience.

Can someone enlighten me here? I can't relate at all.

Anonymous 109054

you're a shitty person and your girlfriend didn't deserve that

Ekran görüntüsü 20…

im so insecure its insane Anonymous 108361[Reply]

nonas.. i need help
im so insecure that literally hearing a moid say "i think we all can agree that boobs are great"
like idk why im like this… i couldnt finish the fucking video i literally fucking cried over it what do i do
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Anonymous 108384


Body Dysmorphia is a disorder, and at least 1 in 50 suffer from it. That's a high number actually. Social media and these exaggerated super-models that you see in videogames also makes things worse. You also can't really get over it.

You can only cope.

Some ways to cope with small breasts are: humor [making fun of big breasts], rationalization [reading about big boobs problems], sublimation [adopting small breasts into an idiosyncratic fashion statement], radical acceptance [it is what it is] or reality testing [observing average looking human bodies that don't really have big, firm and round breasts].

I'm sure there are lot of videos on this topic out there that you can watch instead of triggering 40 minute videos about videogame boobies.

Anonymous 108385

>im so insecure that literally hearing a moid say "i think we all can agree that boobs are great"
That hearing that will what?

Anonymous 108388

i just realised i didnt finish my sentence it was supposed to read "im so insecure that literally hearing a moid say "i think we all can agree that boobs are great" makes me break down"
thabk you for your advice nona, appreciate it

Anonymous 108492

Here's a tip on insecurity about your body: literally everyone feels it. You can either let the negativity sit in your head or you can force yourself to get over it by being positive.

There are few naturally positive people, most are forcing it because they need to to make it through. This has been true since the dawn of humanity. Find a positive hobby to help you through the day to day, it makes it easier.

Anonymous 109035

Avoid social media like the plague, I recently saw a girl on Twitter posting a pic of another girl with confirmed eating disorders, with the title "I will never have this body" and some dipshit went ahead and agreed with her saying the girl with the head the same diameter as her waist was just naturally gifted lmao


how do i make online friends? Anonymous 109006[Reply]

ive been NEET for so long that i can’t even desire to make in person friends. where can i find (preferably girls) like me that need online friends?

Anonymous 109010

Go on Stan Twitter, learn the lingo, spam the gifs and reaction images they use and viola

Anonymous 109019

Best bet is honestly cyberstalking people you went to school with and figuring out who is still local. I've tried the bumble bff shit and it is just that – shit.

Anonymous 109034

Forums aren't dead yet. Join a forum for a female-dominated hobby, I met a girl who I email with pretty often.


Any nonas also struggle with OCD? Anonymous 99300[Reply]

I have obsessions about my health, harm coming to loved ones, ending up in jail, forms of relationship OCD, trans OCD, OCD about possibly having disgusting fetishes. My compulsions usually consist of Googling, checking, and reassurance-seeking.
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Anonymous 107470

OP here again
Nona, how long have you been on Prozac?
I am so glad that it is helping you, but I have heard of it decreasing in efficacy once the “honeymoon phase” (approx. 1yr) fades away.

Does it affect your sex drive, if you don’t mind me asking? You don’t have to answer if that question makes you uncomfortable

I’ve been considering bringing Gabapentin up to my psych doc due to my severe social anxiety and OCD as I not only have a am currently on Wellbutrin for anxiety, depression, and ADHD (works wonders for being more “present” in public settings as it gives you a fairly substantial confidence boost and helps quite a bit with anhedonia but doesn’t do jack shit for anything else and gives you extremely odd side effects especially during the adjustment period), but I also do not wish to keep relying on alcohol and/or other drugs to cure my sociali anxiety. However, I am toooo embarassed of my intrusive thoughts to bring them up to my psych doc and I am afraid that she will say that I am being silly or overdramatic. As a child, a licensed child psychologist did not believe that my issues of my mom dying in a car accident were actually a debilitating condition for me. I’m not sure if she is too OCD-informed, because other docs have been incredibly dismissive of my OCD-related issues in the aforementioned manner in the past. I am also terrified of her believing that I am a drug seeker as I initially came to her office looking for ADHD medicine and I have admitted to using and abusing drugs in the past to my psych. She has not said this yet, however, I feel that bringing up any anxiolytics may raise red flags for her.

Probably rambling at this point, but I definitely need some answers, because I cannot live in fear throughout my entire life. All I am going to ask is this:

So, Nona, do the adverse effects outweigh the benefits or do you find yourself with little to no side effects? Also, how did you initially bring up and address OCD with your psych doc? Is he or she an OCD specialist or a regular psychiatrist?

Anonymous 107471


>If I went to jail for life
I just read about fear of going to prison, nona. I'm pasting some exposures below.

>Ask you to write a script about going to jail/prison

>Ask you to watch a video portraying people’s lives in prison
>Ask you to watch interviews or read articles about someone going to jail because of a hit and run accident or child molestation (or whatever potential crime you may be worried about)
>Ask you to write a script about what you did wrong that will land you in prison

>dying in a freak accident

Some exposures for this.
>Therapy begins with exposures that trigger lower levels of anxiety, such as reading statistics of auto accidents and the resulting injuries and deaths. A next step might be watching videos of car accidents with or without injuries resulting. After that, exposures could involve riding in a car with another driver and then, eventually, driving by oneself. Ideally a person would begin with short drives in low-traffic places and would work up to longer drives and driving in congested areas.
Thank god I don't know how to drive.

I wish I could find something for fear of being a [literal] shit-eater.

Anonymous 107479

Sadly, there are a lot of therapists who suck and try to use CBT exercises (like challenging the thought or having "evidence" against the thought blah blah blah), but my therapist didn't play into the thoughts. He didn't reassure or validate me nor did he challenge me, he just had me do exercises that exposed me to the thought and instructed me to not engage with compulsions for as long as I could.

Exercises that could help with the other stuff you're talking about might be like reading articles about people that had those life events or writing a script as if that happened to you, or watching a movie that those events happen in then not engaging in your compulsions.

I wish you the best! It is very tough and OCD does feel like hell to go through.

Anonymous 107635

1 MKZLbZZ3mnSw-vqr…

I have been trying out exposures on my own by writing scripts and browsing /d/ and scrolling through um… images that has shit and gas in it for the past days.

I attempted to push and try to convince myself that I do like this shit stuff which only makes me laugh and think about how ridiculous it all is. Looks like I have to truly believe in what I expose and think about for it to work, but I can't. This is too funny and stupid. I felt quite stupid. I couldn't sit with the exposure though I just immediately realized how stupid everything is and closed it. I also can't believe that people are actually into disgusting stuff like soiled diapers and all that.
I tried to read about this, and apparently it's called "flooding" and it's not effective.
>Flooding is a psychotherapeutic method for overcoming phobias. In order to demonstrate the irrationality of the fear, a psychologist would put a person in a situation where they would face their phobia. Under controlled conditions and using psychologically-proven relaxation techniques, the subject attempts to replace their fear with relaxation. The experience can often be traumatic for a person, but may be necessary if the phobia is causing them significant life disturbances. The advantage to flooding is that it is quick and usually effective. There is, however, a possibility that a fear may spontaneously recur.

I did notice my OCD trying to tell me that I need to keep checking and if one image didn't work, I gotta move to the next image to confirm it, and if that didn't, then the next one. I also kept going back once I stopped experimenting just so I can confirm once more and "put an end". I also noticed that I also wanted to confirm that my "arousal" works only for vanilla stuff. These are actually compulsions, or specifically checking and pure obsession, and its a trap.

>I'm a lesbian

>check out lesbian porn
>it doesn't work
>okay so this means you are straight?
>you should confirm if you are straight
>check out straight porn
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 108845


I just learnt that a lot of basic therapy strategies like helping the patient understand that "thoughts are just thoughts" and to help them understand that the scenarios that they fear have extremely low chances of happening won't work if they have OCD because they'd still go "… but what if?". I need these things because I have BPD as well and I think aggressive and hypersexual thoughts all the time, but OCD will surely sabotage it. These thoughts CAN happen even if it's improbable.

Trying to convince someone pizza is bad because of saturated fats won't really stop them from liking pizza. In the same way, trying to convince someone that the thing they fear won't happen is wrong because these fears do and can happen. It is possible to contract AIDS by accident and it is possible that you accidentally ran over someone and forgot to notice it. CBT fails if it's logical. It has to be repurposed and do something else.


Have you ever lost a best friend? Anonymous 108240[Reply]

My best friend in the whole world just broke off our friendship and idk what to do with myself. I am heartbroken and devastated to my core but as a coping mechanism I think my brain has entered a state of shock — similar to when someone gets shot/stabbed and they don’t realize it until the severe pain kicks in later — I will likely have a severe mental breakdown pretty soon but until then, have you ever lost a bff ? If so, how did you cope with it ? I feel rly scared right now but I know I need to prepare myself for the pain that is to come once this finally hits me……
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Anonymous 108673

We met in high school, at a time where I was a mess, and he turned my life around. He got me to break up with my abusive boyfriend and beat him up when he tried to come after me. He spent a night searching a wildlife reserve after I passed out drunk there and carried me home. He got me to stop drinking, go to uni with him, forced me to study through my depression and then demanded I get treatment and medication when I wanted to refuse. When I was kicked out, I lived with him, we carpooled everywhere and he gave me a job. Then I managed to find work, my own place, a partner and a car. It became harder and harder to see him, saying he was always busy, and eventually I stopped calling and messaging because he was so unavailable. Months later I got a call from one of his online friends who'd tracked me down. He hadn't been around for a long while and they'd wondered if something was wrong. I called and called, but eventually had to go to his house, only to find it empty with the door unlocked. Most of his stuff was gone, with the rest boxed up and organised by type. His suicide note was on the desk, addressed to his landlord. It described how he had gone to die in an anonymous part of wilderness, because he didn't want to inconvenience anyone with his body. He donated all his belongings, mailed his expensive PC to an online friend in a developing country, sold his car and distributed the cash in lockboxes to everyone who needed it. He left instructions not to tell anyone he'd died, just inform the police and leave the furniture for the next tenant. He'd been depressed since he was 13 and wanted to die, but couldn't let down his friends and family. He'd alienated everyone else in his life over time, making sure no one needed for him anything and letting them all drift away. I was the last one he had to help so that no one would miss him.

Anonymous 108693

my childhood best friend i havent seen since 2019 yup, we were already growing distant from each other by the point, but he defintely was my childhood, pretty mischevious but sweet and i was protective over him and we were each others firsts in a lot of things, when we met again in 2019 he sent me a message sometime that week saying "i miss you anon"

i checked his twitter last year and occasionally check it now, he is a Andrew Tate and Donald Trump worshipper now

Anonymous 108772

Weird, something similar happened to me as well with a long-distance friend. Never was any talk about it before, just as sudden "B-but I thought we were in a relationship!?" The only difference was that it wasn't entirely online.

I still get a little down thinking about it because she was nice to chat with at first, but it's long gone.

Anonymous 108804

yes and I was in shock at first too. I did my best to distract myself so I wouldn't think about it and was scared of what it'd be like once it finally hit me. then a little later once I found it easier to think about I wrote about how I was feeling as if i was talking to my former friend and that might've helped even though nobody ever saw what I wrote. what also helps is reminding myself of how much the friendship break up hurt and that I never would've done that to that person and feeling angry instead of sad about it. eventually it fades because life goes on.

Anonymous 108822

i was the one that started the argument. we were three friends, two girls and one guy. i was friends with the guy only because of the girl. we started talking towards the end of 2018 on the internet. i was 15, she saw me go through the worst things such as weight gain, my mother randomly lost her motherly nature towards me and treated me like a burden, i used to confide in her so much. i used to tell her everything. at one point i felt like i was in love with her. we planned to kiss each other on the lips but i backed out last minute because i felt like it would ruin our friendship. i was so fucking attached to her. it was all funny and goofy stuff once we started going to uni, finally being sort of free from our parents, we were discovering being young adults and i had the best moments of my life with both of them. last year, the two of them started dating. i was genuinely happy for them because they never really got to date anyone while they were in school, and they got along pretty well. but our dynamic changed and it was totally their fault. they started pda-ing in front of me. and im not talking hand holding, cute kisses, im talking almost having sex in front of me, smashing their faces together. the worst only happened when we were all drunk, so i ignored most of it. but the final straw was the day when we were in an uber, stuck in traffic, buzzed out on ONE BEER. they started smashing faces RIGHT NEXT TO ME. the uber driver was looking at them from the rear view mirror. i am from a conservative country, i felt so fucking violated that day i ended up screaming in the car. the worst part is that ONLY THE GUY APOLOGIZED TO ME. at first i didn't even plan on ending our friendship, i just really needed them to understand that they crossed a boundary. i didnt bother fighting with the guy because he apologized right away but i did fight with the girl for several days. i just wanted her to say sorry. she never fucking did. and you know what? it's been 4 months. i miss her so much it makes me cry sometimes. i miss them both. i check their twitter pretty often. they badmouth me. it hurts so bad. but things will never be the same. i will always want them to be happy, but the way they talk about me online makes me feel like they would be sad if im doing good. i celebrated new years with a different friend group and they tweeted about how i got over them so quick, i dump people and stick to new ones etc. i could never approach them after that. even though it hurPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Anonymous 105449[Reply]

Honestly I'm just such a fucking loser the only place I feel comfortable communicating is on anonymous imageboards, where I actually feel equal to everyone else. At least the boards make me feel valued. I have no mental resources to deal with the social warfare and people attacking my person. I don't even care about myself at this point after all this treatment throughout my life.

Anonymous 105458

you've been doing this for too long. piss off, get a life.

Anonymous 105459

Doing what?

Anonymous 108821

Yup I noticed normies like to one-up each other and make snide remarks/comments, and they tend to do it to losers like us so they feel better about themselves. I’m often the butt end of jokes in my family. Then I got a full time job working in a library (no credentials required I just put away books) and my coworkers do that to me too.
They treat me like an idiot which I guess I am because I have zero social skills or worldly knowledge.

Anonymous 109464


i hate boykisser so much it's unreal i feel enraged everytime i see one. i want to choke it i want to crush it with my bare hands i want to throw it against the wall repeatedly until it's reduced to unrecognizable shapeless mush of flesh and bones. only then i will find peace. i fucking hate this disgusting retarded faggot piece of shit cat or dog or whatever the fuck. i heard it's creator turned out to be a groomer which is no surprise. i hate hate hate hate these memes i need all people who make these to drop dead.


Anonymous 106158[Reply]

someone else suffering the consequences of an abusive/dysfunctional family?
My mother was very violent and not very affectionate with me, and I never had a father because he was a selfish drug addict like her. So my mother resents me because my dad si a bastard. I can't understand people who say that a rough childhood makes you stronger, I feel extremely weak, insecure, I had suicide attempts and depression. Sometimes I have violent flashbacks (physical, psychological, sexual violence and the way he cruelty talked about my chubby childish body) these memories of my childhood keep me awake and the thoughts about the future are increasingly hopeless. I hate my mother, maybe not as much as she hates me but the rejection is definitely reciprocal. I understand that I could be telling this to a psychologist but he is only going to pat me on the back, when really what would help me is to listen to people who experienced similar things.
17 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 106276


>it was one of the creepiest experiences of my life
That's creepy indeed. It's honestly scary how despite all this anonymity it's still not that hard to figure out details.
I mean, I didn't expect someone to get desi vibes from ranting about a superstitious mom, lol.
Ugh, sounds bad.

Zoom meetings… t-too shy…

Anonymous 106284


My family isn't abusive, but there has been a significant amount of neglect. I feel like I barely know them because I've never had a truly meaningful conversation with them. They are the reason I struggle to talk to other people today because I was simply never taught how to socialize.
What makes it worse is that it's not only my parents who are like this. I have two older siblings who are twins, and they share this weird bond that often leads them to prefer spending time with each other rather than with me. They have always done everything together, and as the youngest child, I have felt consistently dismissed throughout my entire life. While they are good people, and I envy their relationship, I can't blame them. However, I do wish they would spend some time with me.

Anonymous 106298


>isn't abusive
>a significant amount of neglect
>isn't abusive

Anonymous 106317


Neglect is a serious issue, nona.

Anonymous 106323

>Zoom meetings… t-too shy…
Oh well, it's fucked then.

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