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Abusive OCD bf pt 2 Anonymous 95617[Reply]

Last thread hit limit and many nonas seem concerned for her safety.

If you see this, we hope you are ok! Please give us an update on the police situation.
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Anonymous 112821

OP again. He wants money for food and utility bills so I said I would give him some, but he keeps refusing to tell me how much he needs. I'm pretty sure he's trying to get me to meet him multiple times so we can convince me to come back. He hasn't done tge one thing I asked him to do (go to therapy) so I won't.

He's surprised that I had the forethought to bring all my important documents, get housing set up, etc. He literally thinks I'm retarded. He's upset because I didn't tell him I was going to leave. I did! I told him, in tears, that he was abusing me and making life hell. I told him almost every day "If you don't stop, I'm going to leave." and "One day I'm not going to come home." which he says he doesn't remember, despite always bragging to me that he has a photographic memory.

Once again reminding me why I was stupid to consider givibg him another chance.

I'm trying to work on building carreer skills and look into jobs I could get if I decided to go back to the us.

Anonymous 112840

Anon block him already.. you don't need his dumbass messages to remind you why you should stay seperated, you've got two threads full of anons yelling at you to leave him.

Don't give him money, treat this man as a stranger.

Anonymous 112953


Meanwhile, on the other end of the scale you have:

He is an abuser
He is a loser
He is thinskinned
He is more dependent than an actual infant
He is a manbaby
He has mental problems
He was sucking you dry for years like a leech

Seriously OP, if you are a real person, this thread has been a non-stop horror story for everyone reading it. In my mind, I sometimes use your life before you left as a negative reference point of "how miserable the lives of people can be". When you're making lists in your head trying to come up with reasons in defense of your abuser (which seems to be a habit of yours), please keep this in mind also.

Anonymous 113519

I'm glad you're not living with him anymore and are divorcing him. can you go to therapy or group therapy for yourself somewhere? please take care/stay safe

Anonymous 113699

What do you even like about Jp guys? What ethnicity are you?


Anonymous 113684[Reply]

i miss my bf who isnt my bf. technically we broke up long time back but i just cant seem 2 move on. i miss him evryday. hes so nice 2 me which im thankful for but every time i talk 2 him it feels like im so close to him yet so far away…. i miss the way things used to be. they r v good even now but its just not the same yk. when he hangs out w his other friends it makes me think how hes gonna forget abt me soon. he hasnt yet even tho its been so long so i doubt it. but god why cant i just be with him . hes the only 1 i want. i love him sm. everyday while sleeping i pretend that hes hugging me just how he did when we were dating. everyday i talk 2 him in my head cuz i dont wanna overdo things irl and burden him alot. in my head we r still together but i can nvr let him know that. loving from a distance is hard.

Anonymous 113688

You write like a retard.

Anonymous 113689

idk that feel

pfp but hallucinat…

getting over him process thread Anonymous 113202[Reply]

day 1:
Im gonna kill myself
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Anonymous 113531

day 1919:

Sometimes I forget you were even there. Other times I frantically search for updates on you. Everyone has moved on and I don’t miss our relationship but I’m nostalgic for the pain of being with you.

Anonymous 113565


Anonymous 113569

not OP but I found this book incredibly comforting.
how did you find this out? if someone's actually in love with you they won't break up with you (or if they do they'll take it back shortly after) - it's fairly straightforward. everything else is a line.
I get this. My worst relationship, which was also my first one, ended 3 years ago. Not at all in love with my ex and he's sort of the baseline against which I measure if I don't want to date someone (since I had another partner after him who was much better and is the baseline for what I do want) but there's this weird hole the first one left in my solar plexus that aches whenever the weather changes and certain kinds of music come on. It's pretty weird. I like stalking him sometimes online, but he's incredibly boring. He just isolated and has acted like a total schizoid ever since. afaik he's unemployed now, which makes me quite happy, since his job/money was all he had and he'd always pick it over me. I'd be happier if I had a new bf though.

Anonymous 113680

Day 117: im starting to realize that learning how to cope with loss is a very difficult but positive thing

Anonymous 113686

1 year later: I don't care anymore but I also think back at those moments with nostalgia although it's not been too much time


Anonymous 113069[Reply]

I fear that I go to hell because I am a woman. I know this sounds bit silly especially to non-religious people but I truly fear that. "Women are from hell" "Women are evil" "Women cannot be true believers" "Women can only produce more believers" and so on. I am virgin and single. This will never change but I am scared of that. I am scared that I do a mistake, that I am evil or bad. I don't know I just don't know how I should act and be. Because of this I cry lot. Am I not enough for God because I am a woman?
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Anonymous 113102

Flying Nun made them look cool. I don't they still exist though.

Anonymous 113112


Anonymous 113654

jesus 2.png

Jesus loved and respected everyone, women included. Also check out Gnosticism and Wicca.

Anonymous 113658

Gnosticism is satanism and Wicca is unga bunga new age crap. There are many good and positive spiritual movements and religions and you chose to suggest two of the worst ones

Anonymous 113659

>archon and possibly a male


Anonymous 113576[Reply]

I was kind of harassed at work twice today
>One guy was really pushy and basically insinuated that if he ordered room service I’d come to his room and we’d have sex. He tried to get me to let him come home with me.
>another guy called on the phone and basically said that whenever he hears Hampton inn and suites he gets wet and asked if I was wet. Then he knew like when I was getting off of work.
Am I just so ugly that men think they can talk to me like this? That like I’ll just bite at any chance for a man to touch me? If so I’m gonna kms

Anonymous 113592

>he gets wet

Anonymous 113649

I think it's just the hotel setting that does this. Too many memes that link hotels to sex.


Femcel rant Anonymous 112049[Reply]

I don't feel any solidarity or sisterhood with beautiful women. There I said it. Maybe I'm bitter and jealous but I think there's pretty women and then there's rest of us. Pretty women can't and will not ever be part of experience of average and below average women. Whenever a pretty woman makes post about her woes, I can't relate to it. I can't relate to their problems and their life. They seem aliens to me and somehow we are forced to feel solidarity and sisterly feelings towards them just because we are of the same gender. It doesn't make any sense to me. To me it feels like how an average person is told "look billionaires and millionaires have problems too"
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Anonymous 113633

wtf she's so based

Anonymous 113634

Indeed, she's correct, happiness can only be found from outside rather than within. If nothing makes you happy, kill yourself.

Anonymous 113635

again making weird, unrelated assumptions about me.
is everything okay?

Anonymous 113636

No that wasn't about you this time, it was just contradicting my last, deleted statement. Apparently that is the correct answer.

Anonymous 113638

I don’t feel any degree of sympathy or kinship with attractive people in general. They may as well be a different species.


Is there anything more humiliating than a failed suicide attempt Anonymous 111867[Reply]

I had enough this time, but it didn’t kill me. I wrote a heartfelt letter to all my loved ones, and even drafted up a will. Now I gotta tell them “sorry I’m fine” how cringe
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Anonymous 112272

pooping your pants in public is probably more embarrasing.

Anonymous 112306

I pooped my pants once when I had a herniated disc.

Anonymous 112401

yea multiple suci attempts.

Anonymous 112479

at least you had a medical problem, i sharted on a goddamend date once basically because I was vegan. Went back to an average diet, never shit myself ever since.

Veganism, not even once.

Anonymous 113617


How do you mess up something that simple? Don't use meds, use a rope and go to a remote area. Don't do it tho


When did you miss your chance? Anonymous 113582[Reply]

When I was in my early teens, I lived down the street from a cute guy. Very tall, skinny, feminine face- not even close to conventionally attractive but my god, I loved him.

I found out he lived close to me after getting put in the PHP program for wanting to die because my home life was tragic at best. PHP was a program where you only did half days at school, and the other half you were at a hospital program for teens. I nearly shit myself when I walked in and found out he was already in that program. I thought he was just out sick.

He made a joke about not being surprised to see me there. It made me feel better somehow. I learned he lived 3 streets down from me (!!!). I never knew that, I hated the bus, because one girl kept throwing my manga out the window and dumping water and perfume on me. Spoiler alert, she bullied me for liking anime, and now she’s a porn star who got “famous” for her cosplay porn. Such is life. I ended up just taking a shit ton of tramadol and ambien in 7th period most days so I could tolerate the extremely long walk home and forget most of it because I’m lazy as fuck and the idea of exerting energy makes me want to sleep.

We started hanging out occasionally. We hung out even more frequently the summer before school started. I had never, ever felt that kind of attraction to anyone, and I still haven’t to this day. His dad was a mean son of a bitch, but was less mean when I was there for posterity. My dad never noticed I was gone so I was allowed to be anywhere, anytime. So, I would go over to his house often and he and I would sit in the backyard, shoulder to shoulder, and we would just talk and talk about anything and everything and he would show me funny YouTube videos on his phone. I mean, full shoulder to arm contact. His weight on mine. TMI but I would get really wet when he did that and always had to change my underwear when I got home, it was completely subconscious.

This went on for a while until the next school year started andI got expelled. Small town, pretty sure his dad found out, most people did. It was for sharing pills. It was really stupid on my behalf. No cell phone and dad often used the internet money for vodka so, rarely did I have contact means outside of being face to face. I would knock on his door occasionally but there would either be no answer or his dad would say he’s grounded. Again, his dad was an abusive bastard, just like mine.

Years later and I getPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 113586

Scrotum detected, post rejected
I’m sorry anon. When I was 13 or 14 I became really close friends with this girl, and one day when I was looking down reading something she sort of flipped upside down and put her face in under the curtain of my hair and looked at me like she was trying to get me to kiss her. I froze and she pretended it was a joke, then mostly stopped talking to me.

Anonymous 113588

>now he’s single
Message him!

Anonymous 113590

I second this. It could be beautiful, anon.

Anonymous 113594

>divorcee with child
nonas . . .


Consequences of actions Anonymous 113496[Reply]

So when I was 19 this old man raped me and purposefully gave me a lifelong sti. It’s called ‘gift-giving’ and the most fcked up thing I’ve come across. This man David happens to be a Singaporean billionaire I believe in the hotel business with his sister. What makes this even more sketchy is the fact that he goes by two names I think. Peter and David? Nothing about him on the web. 1 photo. His friend was there and he was staying at the como hotel so pretty sure he’s got something to do with that. Now I’m 27 now and I want fckin justice. It’s actually more than just the rape and sexual assault. It’s the fact that these ultra-wealthy people think that they can just do as they please?! I just messaged him and he is saying that he’s going to sue me for defamation of character lol like I have nothing to sue. He also got off on the fact that I was covered in self harm scars and the fact that my father had raped me whilst growing up. Are men just not the most repulsive species?! I just honestly want no one coming near me ever again I think they are fucking vile the lot of them. Also I can’t be the only girl that this has happened to. He showed me all these girls he was talking to on his phone. I just hate men I can’t explain how vile I find them. So I’m going to report him to the Singapore police department because honestly I’ve had enough of men thinking they can do as they please with no fking consequences. I’m not from Singapore btw I’m from the uk but going to file a report online. These ultra-wealthy people think that they are untouchable it’s a joke. Probs got a whole legal team but I don’t give a shit like bring it bitch

Anonymous 113585

I hope something somehow comes of it. I’m sorry everything is so evil.


Anonymous 113390[Reply]

Today I met my internet friend irl and we ate fast food. I couldn't say a word that he could hear due to my voice being too quiet, he told me that I was very shaking and I had odd mannerism and that I was more "autistic" than he thought. And that I was damn shy. How I could be more normal?
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Anonymous 113414

I wouldn't worry too much. Most people meeting internet friends is awkward and you're probably more anxious than usual

Anonymous 113422

>I was more "autistic" than he thought.

Anonymous 113423

Thank you :D

Ah this may sound very harsh but it's usually how we talk on text. Not like this but he is kinda making fun because I said I will be normal and then I wasn't in his pov :D

Yeah lol. Thank you :D

I wasn't planning to be friends with him but we just become. I don't have other friends so if I am not his friend then I have no one other than my mom. He also accept my flaws which would drive most people away.

It's okay I don't mind lol and thanks.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 113448

Practice. Do it more often, get used to it until you're doing it like a fish is swimming.

Anonymous 113568

don't be autistic nona she's obviously hoping to traverse the friends -> lovers pipeline. it's the only romantic way to meet someone

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