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Anonymous 63062[Reply]

how does one accept being ugly?
i’m a hideous bio female that has linebacker shoulders, a round face, wide nose w/ a bulbous nasal tip, acne, and narrow hips with no ass. i’m working as hard as i can to fix my acne and gymmaxxing to increase my glute size, but as far as all the other stuff, how do i stop hating myself for being ugly?
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Anonymous 64817

Maybe it's the acid talking but you look good woman. Trust yourself.
No one judges you as hard as yourself

Anonymous 64861

>wear cute outfits
yo, fashion isn't closed behind looks, have fun with it

Anonymous 64981


>that OP
I know I took the bait, I can't help it.

Anonymous 64986

what the hell you are so unbelievably cute REEEEEE
idk everyone (maybe only most women) struggles with self-image. Have you been cheated on and dismissed by moids and that's why you think this way? Helpful tip: 30% of moids cheat, and the person they cheat with is often not even more attractive. Probably it was a him issue and you could have been literally perfect and it still wouldn't have mattered.

Anonymous 64987

It's not her you dumbasses


marriage and stuff Anonymous 64603[Reply]

how do you have a wedding when you don't have friends?

also did any of you get married?
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Anonymous 64796

gonna be getting married to my military bf early next year. he's my only friend and we are planning to have an expensive honeymoon and just a cheap shit wedding where we get the papers signed and go get drunk

Anonymous 64803

retard absorber.jp…

Yeah I thought about how awkward this would be for me as well. But good thing I don't have a boyfriend ha-ha!

Anonymous 64815

Fun fact, diamond rings only became a thing back in the 1940s when a diamond company pushed an ad campaign that, to paraphrase, said 'she can't say no if you propose with one of our diamond rings'.

The ring itself is also not necessary, it's pomp and circumstance. Whether secular or Christian, what matters in a marriage is that it's properly officiated (either by the state or under the eyes of God if that's your thing) and that both parties want in.

Also, genuine attraction and commonality helps, but if you're getting bound in matrimony that's probably something I'd say should be a requirement, else misery tends to follow swiftly after.

On my side, we got married back in 2013. Small affair, only direct family. Apparently weddings like that are statistically more likely to produce happy marriages, who'da thunk? We drifted apart on good terms years later and still meet up for drinks now and then. Probably one of the better relationships I can claim to have had.

Anonymous 64966

You don't need anything except to sign the marriage certificate and have 2 witnesses. You can get married in city hall and the workers can witness. This is if you live in the US.

Anonymous 64984

You would only invite good family members that aren't going to shit on your wedding with drama and alcoholism.
The pickier the merrier, IMO. After all, you would save a TON of money for not spending it in too many wedding-related things, and with that saved money, you can always pay the entire house you will live with your husbamd earlier than 30 years or so.


Anonymous 60871[Reply]

>4chan makes me hate women
>cc makes me hate men
>just stay home 24/7 unnerved about people
Is this the ultimate outcome of imageboarding?
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Anonymous 64878

I'm too weak to fully embrace misanthropy.

Anonymous 64895

Everyone is literally stupid, boring and awful. I'm not telling you from like an edgy chronically online dweeb point of view but as a grown-ass doomerpilled piece of shit who managed to get a decent life. Don't expect shit from people. Learn to be nice to people just for the hell of it. If you can learn to appreciate someone else's happiness without deluding yourself into thinking that they aren't worthless poobrained NPC, you basically made it in life. People everywhere will love you and you can see the world like the big labyrinthine pile of horseshit that it is without feeling like shit about it.

Think about how you can love dogs, animals, retards, etc. this is perfectly feasible. As human beings we are conditioned to have at least some degree of empathy and you can exploit that amongst other social instincts to do good things for shitty people exclusively for your own satisfaction.

Anonymous 64921

The problem with this truth is, that your life becomes a videogame if you embrace it. If 99% of humans you meet are idiotic, worthless husks of meat, then you will start to notice how their reactions and thoughts are limited to the same handfull of NPC dialogue trees updated with current events.
This makes social Interaction of any kind brutally boring because you can't even skip its dialogue or it becomes angry.

Anonymous 64965

This is the key to a happy life, a social existence is incredibly fulfilling as opposed to hating anything. My boomer dad used to say this all the time but after actually reconnecting with friends after High School in University I genuinely truly understand that. Genuinely find a community or a group of friends that you like whether be all male or all female.

Anonymous 64979

Tfw op is a sheeple that follows any mainstream opinion it encounters.


Feeling bitter about good news of others Anonymous 64941[Reply]

I'm at a really shit place in my life where nothing is really going my way, it has been this way since the pandemic. All of the people I talk to are getting jobs, getting accepted to places, their hobbies are booming, moving in with their boyfriends etc. I cannot handle their good news anymore, I feel bitter and build up resentment towards them. It's not like I don't want them to succeed, I just can't handle any more good news from others (the lives that I wish I could have a sliver of) when my life is so shit. I desperately want to be happy for them but every time I have to congrantulate someone on something I rip my hair out. Does anyone else feel like a bitter bitch even though thats not their usual personality?

Anonymous 64946

Sometimes, a little bit of jealously is normal to be honest, but the important thing is being happy for your friends and loved ones regardless and not letting this ruin your relationships with them.

Do you have any hobbies, anon? A career?

Anonymous 64947

No not really.

Anonymous 64948

My problem is that I'm unable to get a career because I have a useless degree so the jobs I work at pay minwage and are unfulling to shit, I cannot afford anything with minwage as well including rent. My hobbies don't take off and I end up spending lots of money and getting shit results, making myself more depressed. I try to be supportive of them and never wish any ill-will but I cannot stop gritting my teeth. I feel like such a failure amongst everyone and don't wanna hear any more achievements, I don't know how to get over it.

Anonymous 64949

Try to get a part time job to make some money and get work experience? If you're in a non English country I'd recommend something like hostess at some hotel or something in a hostel or hotel, if you can speak English even moderately well it will go a long way. I assume you live with parents or a boyfriend, if you can't pay the rent? What's your degree if you're comfortable in sharing?

One of my hobbies is fanfiction, it's free to read and free to do, read a few fics on fanfiction dot net of your favorite fandom and see if you get into a mood to write!

Regardless like I said I don't think this is anything out of the ordinary, so long as it's not ruining your relationships.


Anonymous 64919[Reply]

there’s this girl i have mutual friends with and for some reason she’s just rude shit to me all the fucking time for literally no reason, i’m really nice to her and i honestly don’t even interact with her much so i’m not sure why??? it’s driving me crazy and the fact that i’m on my period rn doesn’t help either, i’m taking serious hits to my ego rn

i usually wouldn’t care about stuff like this at all but i’m having pretty extreme mood swings rn and i honestly don’t know what to do or how to cope, i don’t even know why she doesn’t like me in the first place (we only have 1 mutual friend that i regularly talk with so it isnt because of some beef or whatever)???? she has been rude to me since she met me and i really genuinely have no idea why

Anonymous 64925

Does your mutual friend know that this girl is rude to you all the time?

Anonymous 64926

Stop being nice and caring about what she thinks?

You met her, you're nice so you were nice to her. She didn't reciprocate. Whatever, maybe she was just in a bad mood that day.

This happens again? Fuck her, she's a cunt and not worth the headache she's giving you. You're obviously a nice person don't deserve to feel insecure about yourself just because of what some girl thinks.

Anonymous 64930

Is she rude as in confrontational or does she just ignore you?

Anonymous 64932

Some people are just rude. Its not personal, they just are full of themselves. I wouldnt try to make her happy.

Anonymous 64937

yeah, he said she just gets annoyed for no reason sometimes but honestly i just think she doesnt like me

thank u anon :)) i stopped hanging around in places shes in so i feel better now albeit still a bit confused about why she dislikes me but i’ll probably get over it in a few days

confrontational, like she just starts insulting me out of nowhere and i get really confused

yeah i figured, thank u all for the support <3 i feel better now


Anonymous 64907[Reply]

Every time I imagine myself in the near future I don't see myself as anything coherent. My plans are to get a job and to improve the skills I'm interested in, but that's about that. I don't imagine myself raising kids or marrying anyone.

There's a lot of stuff to do besides the most common stuff like family and career. I'm too autistic for either of those things.

But what happens when I've exceeded in things I pursued? books, music, crafts, art, etc., both making and consuming. Is there anything to look forward to?

Anonymous 64912


We happen to be in a similar situation, albeit I am currently a NEET so…
Depending on what is the #1 thing you like, you can always become a master of it and then move the expertise on other areas, as senseless and silly as this sounds!
I myself want to be a good non-fiction general writer and critic. So, assuming I ever become really good, I could always transfer my initial expertise into something else like food/recipe reviews, nature writing, etc. Therefore, in a similar vein, you should be able to master something first so it can be moved to another interest.

To add, looking at what you listed, you can always master geometry per se by creating art first, and then, as you get other skills, you can move this to create visual music you composed with beautiful colors thanks to the color theory you learned while mastering art.

Anonymous 64913

Ah, I'm a bit dumb and sleepy, so pardon me for not responding your question.
Yes, there is still A LOT to look forward to as information, very likely, is going to become endless. So "exceeding" something is kind of impossible in certain things, but not so much in others as long as you're willing to literally create your expertise.


Anonymous 62829[Reply]

god when I get PMS sometimes I suffer the most agonizing self-loathing. and I KNOW when it is happening, too, and it doesn't even matter. the urge to self-harm (typically banging my head against things or biting my knuckles until they bruise/bleed) gets so fucking unbearable it's all I can do to just sit and keep myself from doing it. I can't get any work done for a fucking week, and I seem like an absolute lunatic to my husband who has to suffer through it too by proxy. He always listens to me but he always wants to try and solve the problems when I physically and psychologically cannot fix them with just making adjustments to my actions. It's this absolutely unfounded self-hatred that comes along every 3 or 4 months that puts me into an absolute state until my period is over and done with.

I always hear about women getting grouchy/irritable during PMS but I have never met another woman who just gets demented levels of depressed like I do. It's like, any mistake I make or if I perceive I have caused any trouble for someone else, I fly into a violent shame spiral and need to hurt myself to atone for it. Not looking for medical advice (try going to the goddamn doctor and explain this to them, at best they'll prescribe you birth control for the thousandth time, at worse they'll have you committed) just wondering if I am alone out there, and also needing to rant about it.

Anonymous 62834

I don’t really get depressed but I get insanely angry and have ragie bitchfits over the slightest thing so I can understand you. My ex told me I become like a demon before my period.

Anonymous 62837

You aren't alone kek. During PMS I get angry easily but it is not normal anger, it's the school shooter type of anger. During my period I calm down but I'm sad and quiet.

Anonymous 62838


I mildly cackled at picrel, thank you anon!

I get really tired a couple of days before, and hit emotional lows too. I would recommend a cold shower and exercise though (AHH ADVICE NUU) but you definitely aren't alone. I'm sorry your symptoms are that extreme, sending thots and and prayers

Anonymous 64897

It sounds like you have PMDD


Jealous Boy Anonymous 64034[Reply]

I have a boyfriend who is a little insecure and gets jealous over silly things. He's a nice guy actually, but I'm a little worried about his jealousy.

Well, I've been talking to an old friend who I kinda liked years ago. And he's been more upset than ever. We've only been talking as friends, but it still makes me feel bad. I'm really scared of losing my boyfriend, but I also don't want him to feel like I own him. Is the jealousy he feels for my friend justified? Is it okay for me to talk to this guy if I was a little attracted to him in the past?
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Anonymous 64200

I told you to directly tell him if he diddnt stop you would fuck your friend in front of him but you diddnt listen

Cuck your bf
Emasculate your bf
Peg your bf
Make your bf drink your lovers cum
Force feed hormones to your bf
Lock your bf in chastity
Mutilate your bf when he acts bad

Anonymous 64231

Just leave him as fast as possible. All the red flags are there.

Anonymous 64245

Confront him about this, and I really do mean confront. You did what he wanted and he is still fucking with you over it, that is fucking bullshit, and you call him out on that.

Anonymous 64882

>We've only been talking as friends
But, he's not.

Anonymous 64883

All the red flags are there alright, but their yours


Romantic friendship Anonymous 60353[Reply]

How would you feel about a female friend expressing some level of homolust towards you? Is any level acceptable?

I am quick to get infatuated with friends. It isn't sexual and I don't want to escalate but the feelings are definitely romantic in nature. I just want to flirt and hold hands and face no consequences.

I don't get infatuated with the occasional male friend since I need to be wary of them trying to fuck me and moid friendship isn't very intimate or interesting anyway.
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Anonymous 60896

It's hard to see it as exploitative, from my POV I'm the one giving my affection to a girl and I don't even mind if she's only accepting it because she likes being worshiped.

I feel both romantic and sexual attraction towards moids and I still don't deem fucking them worth it most of the time, the romantic, emotional intimacy part of it is just so much better that I wouldn't mind marrying a moid and never having sex despite the attraction being there. I think the sexual portion is what undermines love if anything but maybe that's from having witnessed so many moids faking love in an attempt to get sex.

Anonymous 60899

>sex undermines love
You know this is kinda why sex before marriage was a no-no. You form a relationship and build mutual trust and love before doing the do and that way it's much more intimate.

Anonymous 60904

I would be fine with it. I don't really "catch feels" with friends but I have flirted and had them flirt with me. I like to cuddle and feel close to a girl. I guess I would resist it becoming serious. Part of what makes it fun is that it isn't serious and like you said, men think everything they do with a girl is serious. If a girl smiles at them they think "she wants to be my partner for life and have my babies." Whereas I can cuddle with a girl watching a movie and maybe kiss her on the neck a little and nobody thinks about it the next day

Anonymous 64032

And yet, marriage isn’t protecting you from a loveless relationship. People that get together and have tons of premarital sex are still falling in love, and ideally considering, weighing, their sex/love feelings.

Anonymous 64880

>I just want to flirt and hold hands and face no consequences
Wait, does everyone see this as romantic? I have one friend who I regularly cuddle and hold hands with, but I never saw it as a romantic thing.


Fat bitch hours, tips 2 lose weight Anonymous 64837[Reply]

Tired of being over 200lbs. Anyone have any ACTUAL good advice for starving? I hate being light headed all the time, it makes it hard to drive n shit. Also any advice for stomach pain would be mint. Also no body positivity bs, I’m here for it for other people just not me thnx.
7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 64852


start with small steps. Stop drinking soda & alcohol. Drinking lots of water will help with cravings. Stick to eating mostly meat and veggies, making eggs for breakfast is also good. Getting some exercise couldn't hurt too. If you're in couch potato mode I suggest starting with a 7 minute workout. Johnson & Johnson has a free app I like.

Anonymous 64856


this is where to start, OP. cut out clearly unhelpful foods/bevs.

I like intermittent fasting (eating between 12pm-8pm, otherwise only drinking water/tea/coffee/seltzer outside that time) as a way to prevent nighttime snacking and also to shave off some daily cals by not eating breakfast too.

Anonymous 64873

Hey anon, I lost 60 lbs! Here's my advice.
>gradually cut out bad, high-calorie foods (I called these my danger foods since they tempted me to overeat)
>replace sweet or salty cravings with healthier things to ease your taste buds into a healthier diet (eg. Raisins, bananas, air popped popcorn)
>start exercising by WALKING. I lift now but being able to walk miles and miles with ease is the best to start with if you have no baseline. Start small and build. Helps if you have a buddy, but music is also fine.
>choose your preferred exercise or else you won't stick with it. I hate running, but you may like it. All that matters is you'll enjoy it long-term
>BE PATIENT. Permanent changes take time, but it's far better than being stuck in the relapse cycle

Good luck, anon!

Anonymous 64879

I can't stop staring at this gif. I've already seen it a few times today but it still mesmerizes me.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 64887

Moved to >>>/hb/12878.

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