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Anonymous 86947[Reply]

Should I trust other people? Is it worth the pain?
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Anonymous 87357

I don't really get it. So if A is doing a negative thing to B then B should do the negative thing too?

Anonymous 87372

Start small and build up trust along the way, with certainpeople that show they are trust-worthy. Trust is not an all-or-nothing concept.

Anonymous 87374

Ehhhhh just enjoy your life and go along with things but expect nothing. Prioritize enjoying your life by yourself anyway and you can't really be let down :D

Anonymous 91179


Anonymous 91180

trust and care for animals. go vegan. don't bother with humans.


Mother hate thread Anonymous 88562[Reply]

I get that parents are people and they make mistakes blah blah. But honestly I’m done forgiving my mom and acting like I don’t absolutely hate her. I can’t keep excusing her shitty behavior because she had a bad childhood. She’s the reason I had a bad childhood and I’m not a dumb drunk slut. Like she’s had chances to grow up and be a better person and she actively chooses not to. She’s making active decisions that make her a shitty person. She does all this horrible stuff and still expects sympathy from me. I just don’t have any left to give. She’s wasted it all.
Anyways post about your shitty moms and what they’ve done to you.
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Anonymous 89675

My mum completely neglected my emotional needs as a child. She is completely incapable of empathy or any form of genuine positive emotion, and all she really used me for was her own personal therapist and would constantly pour poison into my ear about my dad, who actually loved and cared about me. She would constantly undermine me, scream at me, call me every name under the sun, etc. on a daily basis.

She tried to abandon me interstate with family (that i didn't like at all) and screamed at me and went off her rocker when i didn't want to.

She's hit me, slapped me in the face, threw a cooler at me, and a bottle of vodka, all of that, most of it always over really minuscule shit. I'm not combative, i don't fight people, so it wasn't because of me.

I suffered pretty immensely in school cause of my ADHD and autism, she absolutely refused to accept i had neither, so i wasn't offered any assistance or counseling and she'd just gaslight me into thinking i'm a stupid lazy cunt for almost my entire life.

Anonymous 89677


my mom blamed it on me when my older sister sexually abused me when i was like 6, called me a sinner and "kicked me out" of house (she let me in after shortly a.k.a me crying hysterically which attracted neighbours), also regularly took her anger on me physically whenever her shitty husband shit on her mood. years passing, physical abuse eventually stopped but not emotional. she still defends her husband's abuse on me and others by pulling out "he's still your father" card. when we had that talk on how my sister used to rape me, she cried and told me "why haven't you told me this before". this was the moment i finally gave up on her, and focused on my comfort instead.

she also had a shitty childhood but that doesn't excuse anything. i sometimes feel like i'm somehow still emotionally attached to her to the point that it hurts really bad. aside from those abusive cunt moments, she was also being stereotypically lovely parent so i'm really torn apart between grief and deep hatred, i don't know how much longer i can take it.

Anonymous 89688

picture a dearly loved friend of yours. if you do not have one then envision this anyway.

what would you suggest her to do?

Anonymous 89731

very happy for you nona

Anonymous 90835

I could never understand the way my mother treated me, she is better now but the damage is done.. And it's extreme lol.


Bipolar & Schizophrenic Feels Anonymous 6125[Reply]

Can we have a thread for people who suffer from either of these illnesses? I made a thread including both since the symptoms often overlap.

What meds are you on? Are you stable or still struggling? How do your family/partner/friends react to your symptoms? What advice do you have to give to newly diagnosed or struggling patients?

Also general vents and greentexts are appreciated. It’s easy to feel alone when struggling with a severe mental illness so it’s nice to hear stories you can relate to.

*And please don’t turn this into a thread complaining about your mom, ex-partner, or anyone in your life with these illnesses who “wronged” or abused you when you don’t have the illness yourself. There are other threads for relationship and family venting. Let this be a support thread instead of a hate thread.
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Anonymous 85239


went to another doctor in another city i moved to, she didn't try to change my main medication (one of my meds that i was prescribed in the hospital was causing a very unpleasant allergy-like reaction) and redirected me to two mental "daily wards" (like a mental hospital but only for 8 hours a day instead of 24/7) which i wasn't accepted into due to my recent suicide attempt(???, i still don't remember what it was), both of the doctors said i need to be properly hospitalized in order to try different medications and that my mental health could get worse (i'd start to hear commanding voices, etc, i think they were trying to scare me into thinking i need the hospital)
weirdly enough, my main doctor said my full story isn't quite typical for schizophrenia but she couldn't recognise what it was or maybe she didn't want to bother because it was too hard or idk.

Anonymous 85250

>with quotes around it
Very telling how you phrase this, do schizos and bipolars really think just because they're mentally ill they have no autonomy and can do no wrong, denying responsibility for their actions?

Anonymous 89971

i started lamotrigine again and now i think i am having delusional thinking. all i can think of is how food is so toxic, how disgusting everything is, and how i had a mild cold due to stress but its actually a sinus infection from a cavity which has turned into an infection that is eating my brain. the past week i didn't feel much better from when i started taking it, i felt pretty good initially. but now things have seem to have gotten bad again and i don't really know what to do. can't call the psych since its the weekend AND i don't want to miss work. I asked the psych nurse for antipsychotics just in case and she completely misunderstood me, either that or i did not explain myself well enough. i have some from my previous psych, but i really do not want to take them. quetiapine seems so dreadful and aripiprazole does not seem much better because of the possible side effects.
I am unsure as to how I will get through this next week without seeing the psych, if she does give me antipsychotics I probably will not take them anyway. No hope of any benzos either, they pretty much refuse to give those out despite being so helpful in times like these. This shit is just not fun, even psychiatric hospitals are a bad idea here. If I go to the ER they will just shoot me up with Haloperidol and send me home. Something very far from ideal as it will remove any ability to function and I will just stay in the same situation.

Anonymous 89973

I take Latuda. It's completely given me my life back. Highly recommend. I also don't take birth control and Latuda is considered safe for pregnancy.

Anonymous 89974

Sorry, should've specified I'm bipolar.


Anonymous 90212[Reply]

My girl left me for a scrote :(
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Anonymous 90940


Anonymous 90950

Well sounds like you know how bisluts are like so I guess your only good option is to keep coping until shit hits the fan and then try to walk out of it as painlessly as possible.

Anonymous 90951

did she say why she downgraded??

Anonymous 91059

I'm bi, and I hate scrotes so much I refuse to even be platonic friends with them. Is it even worth trying to date women or should I accept being alone?

Anonymous 91162

Perhaps only date other bi women.


Two things: I'm addicted to internet and... Anonymous 91023[Reply]

I'm addicted to internet and to certain topics, like feminism, redpill, mgtow, incels, gender critical, transgender, detrans, etc.
I have blocked all those words with Cold Turkey, but it's difficult to not surf through internet. I have tried to block all internet with cold turkey (there is a feature to do it), but it gives me anxiety and I can't. I don't have friends and I think I'll broke uo with my long distance relationship. All I do is listen to music or watch videos on youtube, because I feel lonely.
I'm autistic and I have tried everything in the past to make friends but it doesn't work. I don't like myself.


I'm studying computer engineering. I'm not too bad at it.
I would like to create a way to block all moids on social media and block videos/images/sounds with moids in them. Do you imagine women blocking all moids on social media and creating real safe spaces for them?

I want it!!!!

Anonymous 91026

>I would like to create a way to block all moids on social media and block videos/images/sounds with moids in them.
Like Shinigami Eyes? How would your idea work from a technical perspective?

Anonymous 91035

I would pay good money for your extension nona. Something like that old hbomberguy extension that blocked all anti-sjw youtube vids but for moids and the whole internet? godly.

Anonymous 91056

>I'm not too bad at it.

If you were any good at it you would understand why it is impossible.

Anonymous 91157

Bruh, I know that it is impossible.
And if can create something similar, I would like to do that.


Anonymous 83367[Reply]

Is anyone else's here only source of socialization social media and imageboards as well? I don't even use stuff like discord anymore because my severe social anxiety made it impossible and irl i'm a recluse.
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Anonymous 86357

NTA but yeah, same… I only ever found 1 girl like this and she ghosted me in the end. Even though it was a very predictable outcome, I missed her so badly I cried.

I really just want someone similar to me to talk to, but they all either ghost me or we end up feeding each others' issues. Guess that's some kind of indicator about the kind of person I am?

Anonymous 86504

Ghosting someone you’ve been talking to for a long time (like longer than a few weeks/months) is definitely rude, especially if there wasn’t any falling out or argument. It’s perfectly fine to want to stop talking to someone, but if it’s someone who hasn’t wronged you in any way and who obviously wants to continue speaking with you, you should at least give them a small explanation and assure them it isn’t their fault before you disappear. It’s mean to leave someone wondering if they said or did something wrong when they didn’t.

Anonymous 90085


Anonymous 90131

It depends on the person. I've had people harrass me before for telling them I want to stop talking and why, I wish I had just ghosted those people. Many people can't handle rejection or that you don't want to be their friend anymore.

Anonymous 90135

i don’t interact with others even on internet i don’t have public social media accounts i just started posting here


Anonymous 90215[Reply]

>gets to know me
>larps as type of guy he could guess I'm into
>i like him
>rejects me
>continues to be committed to the larp
>i find out it is larp
>stop liking him
>stops larping
wtf is the psychology behind this? all of that effort put in would be just as bad but only makes sense if he was trying to bag me, but nope.

Anonymous 90218

He wanted you to chase him more to make sure he'd have all the power in the relationship and gave up when he couldn't fool you anymore, most likely.
Classic narcissistic predatory behavior.


Anyone else feel too ugly to be allowed to like people? Anonymous 87877[Reply]

I feel like a creep for liking people who are obviously more attractive than me because i'll never equate. Ugly girls unite!
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Anonymous 90550

oh and don't forget this gem: "my guy friends always fall in love with me". KEK

Anonymous 90551


I feel so depressed and inferior around cute guys. I'm mousy and covered in acne. How painful it is to have something so close to you, but so impossibly far.

Anonymous 90601

ahhh young daniel bruhl is so cutee. i wish twink death didnt exist

Anonymous 90633

i literally feel like shit whenever i talk to ANYONE because i think “wow im too ugly to even be conversating right now”. its so painful, i compare myself so much and wish i was a fucking model or some shit. yes, my mind is tainted, this is unhealthy and unrealistic. i just cant get rid of this mindset, maybe because i think everyone has insanely high standards and im just so fucking far below that

Anonymous 90652

I can't even hate moids for being attracted to looks, I'm the same.
I'd rather stay a virgin for life than date the fat old men hitting on me.


Anonymous 91061[Reply]

I like living alone, I'm independent financially but I don't make much money as far as saving for retirement goes. When I'm in a bind my mom is the one who helps me, like recently when I broke my ankle and couldn't get groceries. She's getting older, and so am I. I'm autistic and never made friends that would have my back. The only part of being alone that scares me is having no one to help me when i need it, and being broke when I'm old. I'm bi, and I'd like a wife but I'm obese and drink too much.

Tl;dr is it worth it to try and find a wife just to have someone to have my back (and have theirs too of course).

Anonymous 91067

>don't have much money
>obese and drink too much
anon c'mon I'm not even trying to be mean, if you're worried about health and getting older then you should put some effort to take better care of your body…

Anonymous 91075

You got the money for food you fat fuck

Anonymous 91077

Cheap food is fattening, i don’t doubt shes obese for munching on carbs

Anonymous 91083

I do in home care. Pretty sure you don't need a wife depending on your state. they pay me to go grocery shop for this old woman. you can apply to that when you get old and feeble

Anonymous 91087

Op here

Food isn't that expensive. Raising money for retirement is. Just worried about that. I've been through some crazy shit and yes i have addiction problems


Anonymous 90936[Reply]

I've been pushed along and coddled by the public school system that lied to me and made me think I was smarter than I really am, and I ended up thrown into the chilly waters of college. It was a sink or swim thing and while I did end up swimming I didn't end up swimming good enough (failed and retook courses which resulted in my graduating with a <3.0 GPA which apparently isn't good enough to earn a callback from hiring managers).
Job prospects are bleak because of how fiercely competitive my field is and the job boards are filled with fake entry-level positions that require 10 years experience.
I just want to give up on engineering now and restart my life but I can't because I have an albatross of nondischargable debt that's going to make me worth less than someone who never tried at all.
If this was twenty years ago I could just go bankrupt and move on with my life. But because it's not, I'm just ruined to the point even incels wouldn't want me for anything but a casual fuck.

Anonymous 91058

what would you do differently now tht you have hindsight.?

Anonymous 91060

I've heard about engineering graduates going into finance or law. If you don't want to work in engineering you don't have to.

Anonymous 91084

Not with a <3.0 GPA they don't. Those types of jobs only take top students from top schools. Getting a finance job as an engineer is harder than getting an actual engineering job.

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