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girlhood Anonymous 90998[Reply]

i hate being a girl so much im not even trans i just fucking hate myself i just want to mutilate my genitals i don't want to be celibate forever but that's all i know and if i ever did lose my virginity nobody would see me as valuable when the dump me. my only value to people interested is that im dumb and a virgin it feels like and i think if i lose it i will never be wanted again

Anonymous 91001

why do you care about what males wants, males are worthless and women’s lives are better without them, moids simp all the time for promiscuous women even marry them, males are incapable of love and loyalty and when you become 30 you will become unattractive to them so i don’t understand why do you want men in you life?,you are aware they want you to be dumb and submissive shouldn’t that makes you hate them instead of hating yourself, sorry anon but you’re so pathetic and a pickme

Anonymous 91004

If you have a positive outlook, you'll find happiness. Ask and you shall recieve.

Anonymous 91005

Why do you use pedophilic tranny terms such as "girlhood" nona? ik >>91001 mentioned you might be a pickme but please actually think through what she has said. Being a pickme will bring you suffering and frustration. Banish moids from your brain and you'll see your outlook on life unironically improve.


I can't tell if im lesbo or not because I'm too retarded to understand my own feelings Anonymous 90881[Reply]

Ever since I broke up with my 2nd and last boyfriend in highschool a few years ago, I've been pretty sure I'm gay, but recently I'm not so sure. Maybe its just because I've been depressed nowadays so my libido is shot. IDK why but whenever it's nightime and I'm alone I just start trying to think of ways that I could be straight/bisexual and lying to myself somehow even though I"ve never been turned on by a man IDK. Maybe I'm just insecure because I struggle with finding a girlfriend so hard that none of my family believe me-Every person in my family that I've come out to has either told me directly or said to another person later that they think I'm faking it. I wish people would just trust me, then maybe I could trust myself.

Anonymous 90883

If you go on reddit, there's a sub called comphet. The very first pinned post is a "Masterdoc" of signs that you're gay and have been tricking yourself into thinking you're straight.

If you don't really resonate with these, then you're probably straight/bi.

good luck.. I've struggled with this question for a long time, but not at all in the same way as you

Anonymous 90927

>I've been pretty sure I'm gay
>my libido is shot
>I've never been turned on by a man
so what about by a woman. has that ever actually happened or are you perhaps asexual and have just been imagining "what ifs" about women when you realized that men weren't doing anything for you?

also how do you get two boyfriends if you never felt attracted to a man? lol

Anonymous 90989


Let me ask, how exactly do you think the lesbo gene would have passed down so many generations?

"Lesbians" are a meme.

Anonymous 90991

I was in middle school and elementary school and they asked me out and I didn't want to make them sad and cause a scene by saying no… I was kind of a retarded kid. Also I thought that dating a guy was just kind of what you supposed to do to grow up and I didn't want to look immature anf have other kids judge me. As for being turned on by women, IDK, I have been turned on by like, some celebrity women? Like siouxsie sioux and annie lennox. And anime girls.

Anonymous 90992

I remember hearing once that it has more to do with hormones in the womb so maybe its that instead of a gene. Things don't have to be genetic for you to be born with it.


Will guys hate you if youre a NEET/hikikomori? Anonymous 90038[Reply]

If i wanna date a cute intelligent guy who more or less has his life together, will he hate me if im a NEET, even if im otherwise wife material ? I think i can talk to people fine and connect with anyone like that so the issue is not with me being antisocial or smtn, Im just CURRENTLY extremely stuck in life and depressed with no aspiration to serve this fucked society, but im very capable of caring for individuals.
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Anonymous 90146

imagine simping for society or moids that willingly share resources. yuck.

Anonymous 90388

It’s generally hard to be in a relationship if you cant even take care of yourself first. Doesn’t matter if you’re “wife material” or not, you’ll suck all the energy out of him.

Anonymous 90810

It's definitely not true. Maybe in terms of looks a man would be more flexible, but mental wellness is a completely different thing. Would you date a man with a list of mental illnesses or even one that is simply depressed and has no motivation in life? Some normie men might be into you regardless of your mental health if you're a stacy because of the "crazy hot chick" meme, but even then it probably wouldn't last due to most normies nowadays being addicted to the whole dating app culture where they can leave you at the drop of the hat for someone else the moment they get bored or tired of dealing with your issues.
If you really are passable and just have social issues though then maybe a concert could work. Not a big one, some small indie band concert would probably work since there would be a crowd that isn't so big that no one can notice you, but still has a good chance of bumping into someone interested.

Anonymous 90822

If they do, they can go fuck themselves. There's nothing morally wrong with being a NEET. I would kill to be with another hikikomori woman.

>comparing manhate to incel misogyny.
Except its not the same thing tho. Women have all the reasons in the world to hate men, men have murdered and raped women for millenia. You can "not all men" all you want, but women not wanting to put themselves in danger seems like a perfectly """valid""" reason to despise the oppposite sex.

Based. You don't owe "society" anything for existing.

Anonymous 90975

when will humanity create robots and ai to do everything for us
i want to be the fat blobs in the plot of wall.e


Anonymous 24898[Reply]

I just want to be a wife and a mother. Why do I have to go through college to get a degree I don't care about and don't want to use? I just want a family. Female liberation was a mistake, now I'm expected to start a career when I just want to be a housewife.
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Anonymous 30391

I want a little girl so fucking bad my relationship with my mother is shit and I never had any sisters but I'm gong to die alone fuck my life

Anonymous 30507


My boyfriend wants a housewife and he's exactly the kind of man I want to be with forever… Which makes this line of thought even more appealing to me when I have him right there. I know I need a degree so I don't put all my eggs in one basket. I would be fucked if he left me and I'd invested everything into being a housewife.
It's so infuriating.

Anonymous 90922

who is this guy (girl?)

Anonymous 90923

Margaret Anne Bulkley

Anonymous 90928

>3 years ago
I wonder if OP is working as an engineer or found a husband to be a housewife to now.


confessions thread 2 Anonymous 63992[Reply]

>>51270 previous bread

I never brush my teeth for the full 2 minutes
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Anonymous 90589

I am going to make a comic but only I can read it.

Anonymous 90591

Also was this thread made by a moid because wtf is this thread pic. I swear men have the worst taste.

Anonymous 90797

If the muskrat destroys Twitter I'll be happy because I go through periods of addiction to that site and find that hard to control. If it shuts down I will definitely spend less time online. Sorry to those who liked the site but personally it would be good for me.

Anonymous 90895

I hate medicine and don't give a single shit about most of my patients. I watched a kid with global developmental delay shit and piss while standing up, completely missing the bed pan. He did this while screeching and groaning the entire time. His parents brought him into the ED because he threw up. They thought it was food poisoning. He was just backed up with shit.

I have to work 12 hours tonight. End me.

Anonymous 90897

It was the same as the lolcow's cinfession thread at the time because lolcow shut down for a week then.


Anonymous 90095[Reply]

I got sexually assaulted 1/2 years ago by a man I didn’t know. Maybe the details don’t matter but I guess an important one would be I was only in this circumstance because of my older sister (she KNEW the man)

I’m disappointed that my sister afterwards said “well atleast he found you hot enough to grope”

It’s just shockingly sad that that’s how low her self esteem is, I already know it’s mostly due to her struggling health condition along with weight issues she’s dealt with both her entire life, (I’ve also been obese most of my life and childhood but I hate male attention at all)

It’s just crazy how different we both see it, I see him groping me and forcing kissing me as disrespectful, I mean if anything if I was attractive and worthy enough why would he disrespect me by neglecting my own personal boundaries???

But then my sister thinks him attempting to rape me is a compliment… it’s tragic

Anonymous 90108

I've had a guy attempting rape on me when I was 15 and had short hair (shaved on the sides), acne on my face, dressed very masculine, no makeup, resting bitch face, had masculine gestures/talks, had hair on my legs and under my armpits, bags under my eyes, and just overall trying as hard as possible to not be appealing to men. I escaped him before he got to rape me and I ran my way back home thankfully.
Rape is never a compliment. Men rape anything. I hope your sister will hopefully someday realise that.
Picrel is a museum of people's clothes when they were rape to remind people that rape is a power thing. It's not a compliment. It doesn't mean the moid finds you attractive. It's power they want. Moids get off to the feeling of power. This is why they rape.

Anonymous 90118

Your sister is a retard and clearly has no empathy, be careful around the stupid bitch and don’t engage too much. Source: i have mentally ill family

Anonymous 90845

I'm sorry but maybe reread my post? All you did was prove my point. I was 15. Do you seriously believe underage girls are aware of how depraved men can get? Some probably are but the overwhelming majority arent.
>if you believe that doing cute things like "dressing masculine" or "having short hair" will hide the fact that you are a sexy fragile little thing full of hormones that men really want to stick their dick into, you should stop believing things and start living in the real world
>sexy fragile little thing
>men see fresh meat, they don't care about the packaging ; moreover, the harder you try to modify that packaging, the more you look feminine and cute and rapeable because it screams "im insecure and I can't fight back"
>cute and rapeable
Maybe stop talking like a moid. You're talking about a 15 year old here. Disgusting.

Anonymous 90852

he is a moid lol. pretty evident


Anonymous 90848[Reply]

I hate my appearance so much i feel like a tranny sometimes when im next to cute girl.
I'm so ugly but having unattractive features isn't my biggest issue, my biggest issue is how asymmetrical my face is, it is very unsymmetrical in every way, I wish I could take a liquefy tool and adjust it a little and even that won't fix everything, my face looks melted on one side, my nose is crooked sideways, I have the darkest, deepest, under eyes which bring it out even more, and my mouth is shaped like a sine function and my jaw itself is crooked also.
I have a raised eyebrow and small round eyes, long face, long nose with added deviated septum, and thin sickly lips.
people always tell me I look sad even when I'm in a good someone would tell me that I look grumpy/tired/sad, and it would ruin my whole day.
If I were to fix my face, I'd have to start with bone surgery for a total reconstruction.
I hate my face so much there is no helping it, makeup only brings out my flaws more, and I'm not keen on losing the extra weight I have because it won't make me attractive.
I'm not 25 yet but I don't see myself getting in a relationship or getting married ever, I will remain a virgin my whole life because not even filters can fix me, no man was ever interested in me and no man will… even girls don't like me because I depress them.
my health isn't great either, I swallow a handful of pills every day and I get sick on monthly basis, I get sick so often I had to change doctors because my doctor doesn't believe I'm actually sick until my symptoms progress too much.
When I go outside by myself or with others and get reminded of what I look like I quickly get so overwhelmed I wish I could be home instantly because even thinking about being preserved by more people on my way back home makes me feel sick.
At this point I'd rather die than to continue suffering because there is no point to my existence, I was never good academically and I excel at nothing, I'm terrible at everything even vidya, I'm just a burden to my parents and the people around me.

Anonymous 90849

I wish I can be a bouncy cute anime girl adored by everyone around her in the next life. or in dreams, I don't ask for much.

Anonymous 90861

Hey Op, don't feel bad. I know how you feel because I have very "mannish" features that I got from my dad unforch. But the one thing that trannies can't erase is that women are adult human females. They are trying hard to erase that fact. They even drag black women into their argument by going "terfs are racist… black women look like men so according to them, they wouldn't pass as females." kek. No. If you're born a girl, your solace is that no matter what you look like, you will be more of a woman than the most "passable" tranny. Even if you shaved your head bald.

You don't "look" like a tranny because you were born a biological girl.


Anonymous 90559[Reply]

Through pretty trust-worthy sources I got to recently learn that a moid in my uni has a literal fetish for eating women. Not vore but like cannibalistic eating. I think there's a subreddit for this shit that he's subbed to. NGL i'm a bit scared to go to uni now. Am I paranoid?
14 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 90777

Oh. Well, at least this fetish doesn't harm anyone. I wouldn't say the same for men with cannibalism fantasies. Who knows which one of them could turn into another one of those serial killers who not only murdered their victims but also ate them. And no, I'm totally not paranoid because I've been browsing true crime communities a lot during work.

Anonymous 90778

regardless of paranoia why would you ever want to spend your time in the same room as someone who gets off to the idea of eating the people in the room>

Anonymous 90790

Honestly this sounds like one of those really pervasive rumors people start about other people to ruin their lives. I would still keep my distance but not participate in spreading this

Anonymous 90791

loads of moids have mental illnesses like this. it's totally believable and he probably deserves it.

Anonymous 90846

OP here, rumor or not the moid is pretty creepy to begin with. Imagine a typical neckbeard. Very weird around me and and wants to be seen as a good guy that "cares" about me (as an example when he gets the chance to see me he strikes up conversations where he'd keep asking me if i'm doing ok and if i'm not depressed, but it feels forced and disingenious. Like he has something to gain by appearing "caring".). The "rumor" just makes him look even creepier.


I have the libido of a 13 year old moid Anonymous 90240[Reply]

I have a problem. I get off almost every day now. It used to be every other day but now it’s almost every day. I stopped for 3 days to see if I could and the withdrawal was so bad that I was unreasonably angry for like 2 days straight. I got in some horribly heated arguments with ppl. Then I started doing it again and everything was fine and I didn’t feel angry anymore. I think if I hadn’t started again, it would’ve genuinely ruined my life in those few days. I feel like it’s hurting my body though and I feel like it might hurt my ability to have relationships if I’m turned on like this all the time. I don’t even watch anything, I just use my imagination. And I don’t use toys either. I’m constantly thinking about fucking and it’s the only thing keeping me sane. It’s a vicious cycle and I need advice.
6 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 90303

I relate I do it so much I don't even need porn i just like how it relax my muscles. But I need to stop im not having as good orgasm as I use tom

Anonymous 90309

You are fine op lol

Anonymous 90321



Well that just looks like me lmao

Anonymous 90833


Anonymous 90834

When I use a toy I get a big orgasm that satisfies me for a while. If I use my finger it's not as good and I feel the need again soon.


tfw no bf Anonymous 85586[Reply]

Still no bf edition.

previous threads:
288 posts and 36 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 90537

i agree but do you have links

Anonymous 90602

Straight women exist

Anonymous 90699


Anonymous 90823

She's more gorgeous than any moid could hope to be!

Anonymous 90830

>tfw no gf

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