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uggo feels Anonymous 64678[Reply]

>be 22 year old khv
>finally find a bf
>he is super cute meanwhile you look like a rat
Anyone else has this problem? I know guys cheat on girls quite often, and I'm afraid of my bf getting bored of me/cheating on me because of the difference in our attractiveness. I'm unfortunately completely ugly (tall wide face etc.), meanwhile he is a pretty boy. How do I improve? I feel so happy and blessed when we are together, but it hurts to be compared to him and constantly feeling insecure. Has anyone here managed to maintain a relationship despite big gap in attractiveness?
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Anonymous 64799

Where do plain janes like me find these towering demigods?

Anonymous 64807

Dump anyone who talks like that behind your back let alone to your face. (If he's good then those two things are the same thing.)
On tinder.

Anonymous 64831

Tinder seems kind of filled with gross middle aged perverts. Are there really lots of hot guys there?

Anonymous 64840

>im definitely a solid 4, 5
You're either underestimating your looks or you're totally his type, so in his eyes you're also a 9/10 just like you see him.

>he hopes he wont get bored of me

Is that not a red flag for you?

Anonymous 64864

Yeah I feel this. That’s y I’m trying to lose weight, cause if my face is ugly atleast I’ll have an okay bod.


pain Anonymous 64785[Reply]

>be me, 19 femoid
>dating a 20 year old dude from the next province over, let's call him J
>both me and bf are friends with this 28 year old from across the country let's call him P
>we both love this guy and see him as a crazy older brother type friend
>me and P have recently gotten quite close, but we've been friends for a while before that
>J and P have met up before and they love hanging out together
>it's just me and P who haven't met up yet
>fast forward to last night
>have a horrific nightmare of P assaulting me and myself getting pregnant from it
>in the nightmare P then stops talking to me for fear J might find out
>wake up crying in a cold sweat
Why would I even have this dream? What does this mean? I love P like a brother and he would never do something like this in real life at all. Why did my subconscious do this to me?

Anonymous 64786

You want his seed

Anonymous 64788

I thought he was gay for a long time because he speaks with that accent. Turns out he is just from Louisiana
I don't see him as anything more than a friend and have never really thought about him like that

Anonymous 64835

I have had many similar dreams in chich my close friends have tried to straight up murder me. In one crazy dream, my cousin had tied me up and was about to cook me in a giant cauldron. Needless to say, that never happened. I'd advice to ignore the dream. They are absurd nonsense and usually mean nothing.

Anonymous 64838

Probably comes from some unresolved trauma. It’s the same reason ppl w ptsd have flash backs even tho the flashbacks upset them, it’s their brain freaking out.


/fcg/ - femcel general Anonymous 59574[Reply]

post all things related to your involuntary celibacy

thread prompts:
>when did you realize you were a femcel and how old are you now
>what does being a femcel mean to you
>vent about celibacy
>what are your interests ? ( just curious, not necessarily related )
feel free to add more
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Anonymous 64278

Anonymous 64809

rejected by my looksmatch or even below my looksmatch time and time again, they dont even see me as a woman.
it hurts.

Anonymous 64824

so we are gatekeeping femcels now? wow

Anonymous 64826

happy dance.gif

>when did you realize you were a femcel and how old are you now
less than a year ago, I am now 20

>what does being a femcel mean to you

I dont think being a khv doesnt equate to being a femcel but it can contribute to it. I think its mainly a mindset that is convuluted by mental illness, trauma and being blackpilled on people in general. Although it doesnt have to be all three, but at least one of those aspects contributes to the femcel mindset.
Also i believe femcels crave and desire a true relationship and bond that is healthy and pure. We want to make love, not have sex. And even though we know we could possibly find someone or have a good chance, femcels will hold back even when an opurtunity is presented. I would like to think its a treatable mindset, but it feels better to wallow in it than actually change it, no matter how painful it eventually becomes. This mindset eventually drains you to the point, where it drives you even farther on giving up and living in some isolated part of the world.

>vent about celibacy

even though i really want to be with someone, i would never do it in a fwb sort of way. I find that truly heartless and disgusting and i believe that participating in that will just push me over the edge. I really want to have sex with someone i love and who knows me (bad and good parts) and who i feel safe with. The problem is that I have such a debilitating mindset towards myself that i prevent myself from actually cultivating a healthier mindset and eventually relationship. I just feel so hopeless, and trying to motivate myself to get better just feels like its never going to happen and i am in denial, it feels wrong being happy or wanting to be happy. I also am just afraid of settling for someone to satisfy external pressures. I really want a family and love of course, but i dont want to just get married and get knocked with someone i dont even love or can trust, so i rather do myself a favor and consecrate myself. Oh yea, and i am catholic, and even more so i am terrified of meeting someone of the catholic faith because most of the ones i have seen are "political". Its all so tiring, and just thinking about how stupid and tiring some people can be makes me want to give up even more. I still hold onto hope, but its hard to apply when you are faced with mental illness and weird people all around you.
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Anonymous 64828



what do with moid dad Anonymous 59535[Reply]

gals, I accidentally ranted to my leftist pro tranny father about my frustrations with transcult, and he told me that I'm just full of hate and was clearly disappointed. I fear that I might have damaged my relationship with him…I'm a lesbian, so he started saying homophobic shit and said that it's the same as my arguments against delusional moids cutting their dicks off…he just wouldn't listen to me, and I really fear that he might view me differently now. what do I do?
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Anonymous 60890

Lol I think they're just boomers who take the brain sex theory for granted.

Anonymous 64745

he's right

Anonymous 64808


Dont worry about it. I was excommunicated for telling my brother to skip the expensive and painful surgery and just do a backflip from his apartment balcony as it would be a lot less painful to the family than seeing him struggle and walking on eggshells every time he enters the room. I don't regret it and my dad is secretly emailing me from his work inbox and I can tell he knows I'm right. Haven't spoken to my mother or brother for over 2 years.

Men are weaklings OP. Your dad is literally taking the easy way out instead of facing the fact that he supports pandering to instead of treating a mental illness.

Anonymous 64810

I don't think being opposed to deranged autogyno fetishists in female spaces is homophobic. I am fine with lesbians and gay moids.

There's something off about MtF in particular.

Anonymous 64827

Old people hate changing their opinions, even when they are wrong, specially moids.

Maybe you should try getting a job


why are moids so heartless Anonymous 64767[Reply]

Got cheated on by the only guy I ever dated, I have told him before how I feared cheaters and if he ever felt out of love, just resolve it thru communication or break up, told him about my abandonment issues and how I was abused/neglected as a kid which made me already have low self esteem. Still the mf did it. How can someone be so heartless? I gave him all my love, respect and was nothing but loyal even tho he was below my looksmatch and had problems of his own. He even cheated on me with this airheaded, frivolous, feminine girl who probably doesn't even love him. I just loathe moids right now.
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Anonymous 64792

cheating isnt justified with that.

Anonymous 64793

I never said it was JUSTIFIED just why it happened. Moids fall over themselves for the braindead super femme presenting girls. Super feminine is kryptonite for them, even more so if she's dumb.

Anonymous 64812

have you considered the possibility you might be a bad person that doesn't deserve happiness? I don't mean this to be demeaning, I've been feeling that way lately to where maybe it's that I'm just not built to be in a relationship.

Anonymous 64814

we both opened up about our traumas and insecurities but that doesn't give him green light to hit it right where it hurts especially since I never did anything to him, why couldn't I just be awarded little respect to not be treated that way and have an exit that doesn't mess up with my mental state? it's just bizarre to me how people can completely destroy the people that love them over selfish reasons

Anonymous 64816

Unfortunately, some guys lead their lives with their dicks in front, tugging them along like a leash. Guys don't think in the long term about… 95% of the time. I'm willing to wager he cheated not out of being a malicious prick (which he still is just by dint of action) but because he wasn't thinking. He wasn't taking your feelings or his side piece's into account. Hard to when he's got everything he needs right there in the moment.

Take this, think on the red flags and next time, try and Matrix dodge these fucking bullets if/when you're feeling brave enough to try out dating, moid or not. You deserve the chance to be loved.

I suffered this shit as well and my best recommendation is to dissect what you did wrong with as little bias, positive or negative, as possible. Did you overshare too fast? Did you trust him too quick? Was he giving warning signs you just ignored because you were so desperate for intimacy? What were red flags either of you were giving off?

The solution to the problems you can fix start with you.


How to deal with feeling trapped? Anonymous 64296[Reply]

I feel like I'm trapped with men in my life, making my life considerably less happy and more cumbersome. It feels like I have no control over my life. I just want to be free, but it feels like it'll never happen. Does anyone have experience feeling this way, and how did you/do you deal with it?

Anonymous 64302

Feeling the same way too. Feeling like my parents live a quiet life and thus I'm more chained to them in this house. I'm not like my siblings who have the connections and ability to move out.

Anonymous 64684

That is my exact situation.

Anonymous 64720

Which men are you reffering to ? coworkers ? acquaintances ? family ?
Because it's your right to spend as little time as possible with men, and even cut them off if you can.

Anonymous 64769

sleep cat.jpg

Freedom is also a little scary, which is maybe part of what's keeping you feeling trapped. What's the first step you can think of to get some more of this freedom you're craving?

Anonymous 64790

Luckily, they're men who I could cut out of my life, but it's easier said than done. It's just that the circumstances make it difficult. So, realistically, I'm not as trapped as I feel. But at this point in my life, I really don't want to be tethered to anyone else, and I feel troubled by the fact that my time and space is so occupied by them. It's suffocating. Aside from logistical things that will help in the short term, I need to think about what I can do to prevent myself from feeling stuck again in the future. My problem is that I go along with things because I feel like I'm supposed to, and before I know it, I'm in a situation/relationship that's causing me stress that I can't easily get out of.

images (88).jpeg

Is true deep love possible? Anonymous 64781[Reply]

feels like every relationship ends, people can't truly connect, post your good love stories or share your bad relationships that ended sourly

Anonymous 64782

My last bf didn't even really knew who I was, his love was all just meaningless words, guess he just liked the attention I gave him, not enough to stop playing videogames and do anything with me tho, I'm tired of moids, I'm tired of dating

Anonymous 64783

It's possible, just requires you to be putting yourself in a vulnerable position, being honest, having something to offer and not taking shit.


Can't sleep because of nightmares Anonymous 64776[Reply]

Like I am a pretty happy person and I am more-or-less in an okay place, but I have constant nightmares, almost every day. Every day I wake up shaken and sometimes I just wake up in the middle of the night and just sit there for an hour (while crying). The nightmares themselves are also completely random but also insanely horrific (I have to cut off a kid's fingers and tongue with a knife for some reason; get lost with a kindegarten class in a nightmarish world where the kids start to vanish one by one without ever starying from the group, etc). I have no insomnia or anything and I just don't know why it happens to me, I hate it so much

Anonymous 64777

Have/can you seen a doctor about it?
idk I was just looking at this


Anonymous 39624[Reply]

What's it like being an attractive girl? I feel life would be completely different for me if i was at least a 4/10
149 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 64017

But if an attractive woman admits to having advantages, she might be perceived as arrogant and shallow by other people. I think that's why some of them downplay it.

Anonymous 64037

Sorry, but you sound a bit jealous. Imagine having to deal with jealousy from every other girls and not be able to have friends. I'm ugly as well, but I can see both sides.

Anonymous 64040

They can be friends with their own kind

Anonymous 64712

I've lived in isolation my entire life. But I'm mentally ill so there's that.

Anonymous 64765

I don't get it. There wouldn't be anyone left. Are they being ironic or something or do some people actually think this way?


Anonymous 64517[Reply]

so there is this dude I met through 4chan… kinda.

I joined a 4chan server in 2019, wasn't super active, people were talking about the Bianca murder the hour it happened since it was everywhere and I was confused and this cat pfp person that I assumed was a lady from the pfp and speaking manners DMed and told me all the details and shared links to the threads, I talk about how men suck and s(he) agrees, we talk about how sex work, kink and all these things are promoted by liberal feminism that are dangerous we keep talking and I later discover that it's a guy who is younger than me [ 17 years old ] but we quickly become friends.

We get closer and closer and we wind up exchanging nudes a few shameful times, he even asks for cam sex but I refuse, we get over it but it was obvious that we both liked each other sexually at least, he even grew his hair out for me and changed a few other things I talked about.

Gets more troubling as I start feeling guilty even though he's no much younger than me but also because I had a boyfriend at the time I'd vent to him about.
It becomes obvious that we're too different, he's an immature 4chan user with yellow fever and a misogynist.

I block him.
I keep thinking about him.

six months later I add him back and he accepts me, welcoming me back, he didn't care and was just happy that I added him back, same cycle minus the yellow fever.

rinse and repeat 4-5 times.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 64542

>so there is this dude I met through 4chan
Block him. Problem solved.

Anonymous 64686

Damn OP can do all this but CallMeCarson gets cancelled? Fucked up

Anonymous 64701


Anonymous 64750

lmao how did you get suckered into this?

Typicall retard incel behaviour, if he is genuinly saying the things you wrote without being ironic there is almost no hope.

Anonymous 64751

sounds like she deserves him tbh for being so retarded lmao.

>omg i have a boyfriend but i keep repeatedly crawling back to this manchild

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