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Vent Thread Anonymous 77420[Reply]

Previous thread
Post your woes and copes here sisters.
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Anonymous 79460

Is anybody else getting really fucking annoyed that like crazy femcles is becoming an atheistic for girls without personalities or is it just me?

Anonymous 79462

Crazy what? Wdym?

Anonymous 80102

Friday night, stoned, I felt something strange. An alien sentiment. I was relating to the protagonist of some film. Down to getting aroused when she was getting aroused. It was an illuminating experience, in that it unveiled how much of an unemphatic person i am normally. I mean, I have enough social tact to pretend like I'm concerned about other people and their worries. But the awful truth is, I've only ever been concerned about how their worries are related to me; and how my reaction and support may affect my image in their eyes.
I cried that night because I realized I may never experience genuine love. I will only ever be drunk on the feeling of liking to be loved, and will misconstrue it as actual affection. This is both good and bad. Good in the sense that I'll never really be hurt by what other people do to me. I'll never be as attached to a person the way they are to me. And bad because I'll only ever be addicted to love and attention they give me. My low self esteem and my narcissim will always prevent me from developing healthy standards and boundaries with strangers, because I'll always prefer them loving me over not giving a shit even if i don't necessarily love them back.

Anonymous 80105

I'm so fucking confused on how and what i should eat. I moved to Paris during Ramadhan, so my body didn't even have time to adjust before getting violently thrust into a routine of 30k steps with less than 900kcals consumed daily. I was already losing weight whilst leading a very sedentary lifestyle, by getting into a deficit in a budget of 1400kcals, but the new routine changed my body from top to bottom. This is the first time in my life that I can fit into size 32's.
I probably got to 44.0kilos at my lowest, and now that I'm back to a very reasonable budget of 1300/1400 kcals a day, I can feel myself piling back the weight (I was 45.4 kilos this morning). Yes, I know it was inevitable, but on the one hand I can't stay in the 900 deficit forever (I lost my period for two months) so the reverse diet is okay (reasonably). But at the same time I don't want to be fat and pudgy again.
Feels like things were much clearer when I was in deficit. My whole life revolved around food, and looking forward to the next meal (especially breakfast) and the nervous excitement I'd get when i check if something might fit in my budget or not. I even miss the guilt that would grip me if I ever eat something "hefty" and the awful panic i'd get into if i step on the scale before going to the bathroom. Now I don't have anything to look forward to when i step on the scale because the fucking number is only ever going to go up and it won't fucking stabilize (apparently).
I suppose I could always become a pilates girlie since gym is fucking expensive in this god forsaken city.

Anonymous 80118

the difference between nice guys and "nice guys" is that different between being nice and good. "nice guys" put on an act and white knight thinking it will get them pussy, while nice guys are genuinely nice and good


Ace thread Anonymous 75770[Reply]

How do asexual or sex repulsed nonas cope in a sex obsessed world where increasing numbers of people are making their entire identity about sex?
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Anonymous 79167

this sounds tough nona. are you sure theres nothing that can be done about it?

Anonymous 79174

So far it seems by making it their entire identity too.

Anonymous 79175

I'm not sex repressed or asexual but I don't have it because I don't like relationships. I simply enjoy my life and ignore everything else.

Anonymous 79189


I deal badly with my asexuality because i feel defective. I've never felt any attraction towards anyone but i've always been depressed, i mean at least when my puberty started i was already a depressive mess so i suppose it fucked me up, and not treating my depression for more than a decade didn't help. I think.

I feel pressured by society to have children (i'm 28). I want to be normal, i'm scared of never finding love. I want to feel attraction, but i don't and just thinking about it disgusts me…

I've just finished playing Detroit: Become Human and i wish Connor was my boyfriend. He's so cute i want to cuddle with him and talk all night long and he doesn't need sex because he's an android wtf why is there no android yet i want a robot boyfriend fuck this earth

Anonymous 79193

Based fellow aromantic


Vent thread Anonymous 74767[Reply]

Previous thread >>72144
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Anonymous 77271

gatekeep gaslighting, girlboss

Anonymous 77278

Just because you're in a relationship doesn't mean you magically stop finding every other attractive person attractive. It's normal to have crushes on other people and it's absolutely inevitable you'll meet other people in life who are more attractive and charismatic than your partner. Whether you act on this is an entirely different matter, but let's not virtue signal here and pretend we don't see other attractive people despite having a partner.

Anonymous 77292

Finding someone attractive shouldn't occupy that much brain space that you keep fantasizing about it. "Oh, that's an attractive person" is a harmless fleeting thought, but it's also not what those two anons were describing.
It's not virtue signalling, it has been my experience with my LTR, so I know for a fact it is possible.

Anonymous 77302

You're not responsible for your thoughts or fantasies. As long as you never let the other person know or act on it, it's harmless. I'll guarantee the OP's bf, your bf, and everyone else's bf have sexually fantasied about other women before. As long as it stays fantasy it doesnt harm anyone.

Anonymous 77404

I avoid using two common words because they're triggers for me and my friend, even though one of those words is one of my favorite things. The trigger isn't even a "trigger" for the one I want to say but mentioning it and the chain-reaction it could potentially cause would piss me off very badly, so it's better if I just cleanse myself of the word entirely and its variants. Really sucks when awful people ruin nice words.

Kind of like how Dream ruined the word dream for everyone, and how even though Ninja is kind of a forgotten meme he really tried to put his foot in the door with all the money he had, for the word "ninja" lol.


Vent Thread Anonymous 72144[Reply]

Previous thread >>69156
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Anonymous 74634

Block and delete on all platforms, put all profiles on private. Don’t have any communication with him again, he’s an emotional abuser.

Anonymous 74686

guy who groomed me, emotionally abused me, spread my (underage) nudes to god knows how many people constantly finds new ways to stalk me online and act as if he was the victim and i'm some evil cunt. all i wanted was for him to leave me alone, i tried my best to distance myself from him in a calm manner but he was just went apeshit as me. it feels like he is purposefully stopping me from just living normally, like he wants me to be as depressed and pathetic as i was when i first met him

Anonymous 74699

I should really learn how to manage my pettiness.

Anonymous 74700

I think you need to contact police.

Anonymous 74702

my dad is such a creep who tries to enforce his fetishes* on the whole family and i feel so gross and uncomfortable having to live with him.
*i'm not using fetishes the way some people do; e.g. anything sexual. i literally mean fetishes.


confessions thread Anonymous 51270[Reply]

i tell my dentist that i floss regularly even though i dont
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Anonymous 73809

I want a friend

Anonymous 73863

I "doxxed" a tranny for being in a female-only online group and hiding the fact that he was a tranny the whole time he was in it. I do not feel bad about it since he was strongly advocating for puberty blockers and had weird pedophilic fetishes.

Anonymous 73865


Anonymous 73905

Me too

Anonymous 73973

i like doing drugs :)


Vent Thread Anonymous 69156[Reply]

Previous thread >>66074
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Anonymous 72081

Sounds like we have the same exact friend anon.

Anonymous 72089

It's hard to say. At some point it transformed into some sort of familial-esque bond because he was such an obviously bad match.
I've felt just as intensely about purely platonic friendships so I think it's just my clinginess. I loved him but was no longer in love.
Mixed maybe with some guilt that I'm letting him down by moving on. But he never took my advice and kept getting progressively worse so I doubt that it matters.
I'm sorry to hear that, anon. Loving someone that hurts to care about is hard. I hope your friend can also get better.

Anonymous 72105

I feel like I don't want to leave my city and always live near my family, we have been separated briefly but for the longest time so far and I miss them so much, Indo love hacing them in my life and being near, I'm feeling lonely because they are the people that I love most

Anonymous 72106

it's hard to sleep

Anonymous 72382

I am obese.
I despise myself.

I want to kill myself because I will never be loved or attractive to anyone.
I don't even blame them. I see myself as ugly as well.
Not to mention how being fat reflects my character.

I am losing weight slowly, but I am nearing my 30s. By the time I'm normal weight, I will already be past my prime. Not to mention the loose skin.

I want to kms


Vent Thread Anonymous 66074[Reply]

Previous: >>63354
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Anonymous 69031


sigh. I can't tell if I'm just selfish or what, but my mom has been driving me crazy with guilt trips.

This morning we were prepping to go out. She usually takes an hour. I ended up going back to my room to prepare. When I went back out after 30 minutes, dressed, she is still sitting on the couch - she hadn't even gotten up to change - and immediately says "here I am SILENTLY CRYING BECAUSE YOU AREN'T HELPING!! I HAVE BEEN WAITING! THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO BEFORE WE LEAVE!" she hadn't even told me so beforehand!

She has repeated the "silently crying" line 100s of times in the past months.

I'm sorry but…I ended up snapping and for the first time in my life letting slip a cuss word to her "I'm so done with this shit, please goddamned stop." She has said 100xs of more cuss words to me through my entire life. Called me names and stuff. I don't know if I deserve it or something, but it was the breaking point for me.

It turned out the thing she was upset over(she didn't mention it needing to be done before BTW) was something that we got done in 3 minutes. :| And it was something…she could have done herself…in the same amount of time…

Then she FINALLY went and got ready, which took an hour. Yes…it was something irrelevant to that small task.
Then when we went out…while we were at the store she suddenly remembered she forgot 3 other things she never told me about and started getting upset and blaming me, which, well, made me upset.

So. Yes. She actually spent apparently half an hour sitting there in silence getting frustrated with me instead of remembering.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 69034


I still miss him. I tried talking to him again last weekend but he didn't reply so I blocked him.

So I guess that's it. I really wish I could just disappear right now.

Anonymous 69123

This is really dumb but I'm putting this here to get it out.

5 years ago, I had a huge crush on the TA in a class. I'm pretty sure the feeling was mutual. I'd catch him turning around to stare at me during the regular lecture class – which was a big lecture hall with probably 200+ students. (I was 22 and he was 27, so it really wasn't creepy aside from the fact he was my TA.) I've been with several people, but I never really stopped having a crush on him, even though I knew nothing would happen. He doesn't even live in this town anymore. I've developed this whole "forbidden love that never had the chance to come to fruition" thing that's made me sad when I think about it. I guess a little part of me has kept myself emotionally unavailable in case of the very, very small chance we'd ever talk again (which is dumb). I actually saw him a few months before covid around a group of people, and we made eye contact, but we didn't speak.

I creep on his letterboxd from time to time, and I saw him mention his partner. Then, of course, my dumb ass logs into my burner facebook to creep. His girlfriend is fucking gorgeous. It never would have worked anyway because it seems like we'd have nothing in common aside from trivial interests. I don't even creep on him very often, but now, I don't think I ever want to anymore.

I'm glad this happened because now I can really focus on my relationship with my actual boyfriend. And I'm on track to advance in my job very soon. Now I can proceed with my life without distractions and without having this relationship that never existed in the back of my mind.

Anonymous 69124

I mean, I do feel a little sad, but I know it's a very temporary feeling of sadness. Like a sadness that goes along with letting go before your life changes for the better.

Anonymous 69145

I'm so tired and sad.

I'm 22 and had a child when I was 19 with a 33 year old. Why didn't I listen to everyone's warnings? My life is ruined. He broke up with me one month ago and I moved back into my mom's house and he hasn't even contacted me/our son this entire time.

I still have tons of stuff over at our apartment but I'm too scared to get anything. I HATE him so much. I'm 22 now and I guess I'm a single mom? I feel so pathetic. All I wanted was a bf. All I wanted was for him to like me. He can just break up with me and kick me out and go back to being a regular single adult. I'm stuck with a child lol and he can just pretend we don't exist?? Not to mention I now have saggy boobas and stretch marks so I'm disgusting.

I never had a bf or any friends until meeting him and then I got pregnant 6 months after starting to date him. As much as I want to blame him because he's 13 years older than me and met me a few months after high school, I have myself to blame as well. I'm so DUMB. I want to kill myself so bad. I don't like being a mom. I always thought I had autism and lol guess what, my child's doctor thinks my child has autism.

I almost always feel nothing. The times I do feel emotion it's anger/hate. It's like there's this "brain fog" and I can barely even think about anything. My memory has gone to shit too. I want to apply for community college but after reading some paragraphs of stuff I can barely recall what I read. Wtf happened to me???

Anyways, shit sucks. I guess I need to apply for work now because even my mom is getting tired of me. btw, please respond, even if you have nothing to say, i'm just so lonely


Vent thread Anonymous 63354[Reply]

Previous thread >>60740
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Anonymous 66058

Yeah just make sure you don't squeeze out a baby because then your life will be TRUE inescapable hell. You sound like my best friend she had anxiety that made her driop out of college. She never finished her degree at q prestigious school because she felt like you're describing. A kid and a job would be 20x worse than college especially if you don't have really really high standards for men.

Anonymous 66060

I'm very fucking tired of hearing "You're not gay. Girls can't be gay. They can only be bi. You just haven't had a good dicking yet."

Anonymous 66066

What the fuck. It's definitely a cult

Anonymous 66067

Lol what did she say that lead you to think she's a troon? She wasn't even justifying what her coworkers did, she's saying the truth. That you're either autistic or just asocial enough to not understand why your coworkers reacted that way. Hell, I'm autistic as fuck and even then I understand that there are opinions that are deemed wrong/weird by normalfags that you're safer to hide from them.

Anonymous 66068

I have friends, but I still feel so miserable and lonely. There were periods of time where I just existed on my own and that was a different type of miserable where I felt really empty and nonexistent. Having friends also makes me feel miserable in a different way. Sometimes it feels nice to have someone to talk to, but then the other 50% of the time I'm full of anxiety, convinced they don't like me, resentful, etc. I know this must be an attachment issue or something and I tried going to a therapist over the summer but I didn't even know what to start talking about it so it ultimately didn't really go anywhere. Anyway I think I'd rather just be lonely without close friends than have people I care about and be full of anxiety every time I see them. Especially nowadays for some reason after talking or hanging out with someone I get so fucking depressed afterward and I don't know why.


Any femcels here Anonymous 14730[Reply]

>Whats stopping you from not being a femcel

For me its not like there aren't any guys that are into me it's just that its hard for me to connect socially with people.
501 posts and 65 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 66102

another day of me waking up and looking at white women on my screen for hours then looking at myself in the mirror and realising that I'll never make the cut, the way the current beauty standards are just the default of a white person even though I'm in a non-white majority country hurts, add to that the media I consumed online for years and years and my self worth is in the gutters.
I hate everything about myself and I feel too shitty ugly for even fantasizing about this guy that I'm talking with who is already showing little to no interest because his type is white.
I was gonna post this on >>59574 originally since it's the femcel general and there was a discussion on gatekeeping femceldom from white women but it's true, any white woman/pale asian who identifies as a femcel doesn't realise how much easier she has it. I've always fantasized about being paler since I was a kid because if I did many people would've found me more attractive, I want to stick to my principles and not skin bleach and embrace my tan skin but on days like this it's just so hard not to.

Anonymous 66103

So true. The more you expect the more you get. The more you write yourself and what you should expect off the more you miss out on. I still bet half the women in here are more like 7/10s, because its exactly like you say, my god. Women in general just trap themselves with this self-loathing mentality that they MUST settle for something, even if its he's hot garbage. Even if they're beautiful. It makes no difference if your head is a cesspit you will live like you are a cesspit.. I mean look at Britney Spears she was beaten down like a dog. Honestly its not even worth it to beat yourself up for any guy, no matter who he is. Men WANT you to live in a self-hatred circle in your head so they can manipulate you and coax out anything they want from you so.. Why would you do it? You should live like you have nothing to lose no matter who you are, because none of its worth experiencing dark self-loathing over a guy. Its fucking shameful to trap yourself mentally that way. Its rigging your own mind to screw you in the end.

Anonymous 66598

Well it goes both ways actually doesn't it
Woc are also mostly attracted to euro features more than their own ethnic group features
They are fixated to getting a white bf, so many women who throw other women especially white women and men of their own race under the bus

Anonymous 66865


I'm too much of a retard socially, but also the fact that I honestly just don't give a fuck anymore. As I've grown older over the years my mental health has steadily declined to the point of being exhausted when dealing with people.

Whenever I find myself affectionately gravitating towards a guy, my mind just automatically mentally distances my feelings from them; convincing me I'll never be good enough, that they're not good enough, and I don't fight it, I don't have a reason to.

I don't make myself seen, don't have an interesting personality, I just literally do not care. I used to be insecure over being unattractive, but eventually I came to terms with it. Sure, it's hell when I get horny every month a week before my period, but I try my best to suppress any feelings, though of course I do have urges. I remember I unironically used to think The One would come one day even if I did nothing, fucking laughable in retrospect. But honestly the difference between me and your average incel is that I don't think looks play the biggest role in me being alone, just my schizoid ass. Solitude can be painful but I've chosen it, so I persevere.

Anonymous 69249

Aren't ogre men and stacies a good thing though? mybe it's just my fetish talking but I feel like high sexual dimorphism is a good thing, everyone in the uk looks metrosexual to me.


Vent thread Anonymous 60740[Reply]

Previous thread >>58197
471 posts and 65 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 63345

>I don't want to live if I can't have what I want
Good first step, are you also going to make arrangements to stop wanting things to make your stay more pleasant?
>I don't want to do anything if I can't get recognition for it
Oh gosh this is so relatable. The worst part is this is the first step towards getting recognized, actually doing anything in the first place.

Anonymous 63346

Do we have to stop wanting things? That sounds so depressing, anon.

> The worst part is this is the first step towards getting recognized, actually doing anything in the first place.

Do you think that’s why we end up spiritually and emotionally paralyzed? It’s a vicious loop. But I can’t help but look at more accomplished women and think myself less….how did they do it?

Anonymous 63347

You don't have to do that, but don't let the existence of other people bring a standstill to your life. It is not a matter of not wanting things, more of having realistic expectations out it. Otherwise you are going to be frustrated, there is nothing wrong with being optimistic, just consider some boundaries for it, don't go crazy like that.

Anonymous 63703

I hate my brothers gf, she’s an annoying fat bitch who makes retarded loud screeching noises while having sex in the next room. I think she’s bpd too, just so messy and gross. Sorry but I fucking hate her.

Anonymous 64029


I’m not even curious as to what the kink is, but I can’t give any other advice on this without knowing.
But, duh, don’t get with some other guy to scratch your itch. What is it, cuckoldry?
(1 month ago) hmm.

Friends are best when they’re not emotional crutches. For whatever reasons you two are having self-worth issues and you need to learn how to love yourselves. You are worthy of their company, I assure you. If one of them gets weird and wants to part ways, you attitude needs to be a nonchalant “who the fuck cares. I can always get some other friends”.
Good luck straightening that out kids

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