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What do you do to cope? Narrator 3515[Reply]

In a world of stress and sorrow, with only glimmers of Hope and joy, what is it that drives you? What makes you feel right, and whole? Me personally, I've been pouring my soul into D&D and podcasts for it. Other than that, I spend a lot of time laying around thinking.
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Anonymous 21549

what podcasts do you guys listen to

Anonymous 21568

mom, dad, my 4 brothers. Dad has been playing since '77 so we all grew up playing. Every other Sunday we go back to see mom and dad, Dad makes pancakes, bacon, and more, we have brunch, then play for hours, then mom serves dinner (something from crockpot and delicious) and we play late, then head home.
A slice of childhood twice a month. We all just enjoy the day and each other.

Anonymous 21573

Richard Lewis if you are into eSports and can handle banter

Anonymous 21583

I like
>Last Podcast on the Left
>You Must Remember This
>Hardcore History
>My Brother, My Brother, and Me
>Stuff You Should Know
>This Podcast Will Kill You
>all the stuff from the Belfry Network
I used to like listening to Hidden Brain and This American Life but they got really political after the 2016 election so I dropped them

Anonymous 21613


I have me a couple of new ones but posting more than 1 would probably get me b&


Anonymous 21564[Reply]

how can i get over my ex who cheated on me? we're still talking and he's always on my mind.
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Anonymous 21570


Anonymous 21572

Anonymous 21584

What's the story, OP? Also, FPBP

Anonymous 21587

he's always on your mind because you keep talking to him. quit it.

Anonymous 21589

it's literally this simple


Why exist box? Anonymous 21166[Reply]

Why guys are so violent and trying to destroys themselves?

>Be me

>have a younger brother
>brother be a boxer
>i never see a boxing fight irl
>he invite me and my friend to see his fight (just to impress her).
>Go and see the fight with my friend and family
>finnish the fight
>My brother looked like a balloon at the end
>he even't win the fight
>that night i confront my brother
>"do you want to die?"
>"where is the fun?"
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Anonymous 21232

i don´t know, but they look so hot with his pants

Anonymous 21242

Life shouldn't be about locking yourself away and not enjoying yourself. Whether or not your brother enjoys boxing or just wants to impress others, you should encourage him, after all we only live for such a short time. Let him have experiences and make the most of everything he does, its better to try something and experience it than to regret never giving it a go for the next 10 years ❤

Anonymous 21557


>he should not be in the ring
Boxing is a sport and a fitness activity. Many men find fulfillment through moderately violent sport + activities (recreational wrestling with friends is extremely common among men, especially outside the west where it's likely only declined due to close male relationships being characterized as homosexual by society.) There's nothing wrong with a boy / man boxing regardless of his motivations. Most physical (and hence mental) damage from boxing is cumulative, with few exceptions, so unless you build a career out of it chances are you'll be fine.

>fasting is a test of will
Fasting CAN be used as a test of will, but it can also function as a perfectly legitimate method of controlling your diet, providing the fast is controlled and done sensibly.

You really throw a lot of advice out considering you don't know much about the topics you choose to weigh in on.

Anonymous 21559

Fasting is mainly meant as a test of will. It is not supposed to substitute for a proper diet. You're supposed to build discipline with fasting not lose weight.

Anonymous 21561

>my brother just tell me that women likes fighters and he wants to improves himself.

this is gay and pussy as all fuck.

the only reason i would respect is
"i like beating people up and i like to get beat up"

also as a woman who likes pro wrestling, i actually hate shoot fighting. i'm not impressed by people getting hurt for real


Anonymous 20254[Reply]

>cute guy in my class
>shy and introverted like me
>have never talked but we both still know each other
>both of us steal glances at each other multiple times a day, both look away quickly everytime
>has been going on for a few months now

what do?
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Anonymous 20345

You don't necessarily have to say anything to him. Come half way with this, wave to him, sit next to him, don't use your phone, and try to look as welcoming as possible. Make it so obvious for him that he has no fears of getting rudely rejected or embarrassed.

Alternatively you could just say hi to him and let the nature take care of rest.

Anonymous 21446



>cute introverted guy in my class

>become friends
>actually begin out to hang out privately
>Tfw he's an extrovert normie with literally millions of friends in private and only an introvert in school


Anonymous 21451

Being introverted is cool, now. Please wait at least one(1) year for poseurs to leave. I'm sorry for you anon. Don't give up your search.

Anonymous 21558

>tfw you will never get a shy introvert bf because you're too shy and introvert to approach him and so is he
it hurts

Anonymous 21560

Approach! Do it anon!


Anonymous 20984[Reply]

what are good tips for moving away from obsessing over old friends/old habits?
i want to stop posting onto 4chan so much and want to stop obsessing over my ex.
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Anonymous 20996

Agree with above anon. Maybe find a subject to study or a skill to learn to steal away the time spent obsessing? Works for meeee

Anonymous 20998

Cold Turkey for 4chan, and I agree on finding a new hobby or picking up an old one. Coding could be a neat thing to do as it keeps your mind busy. A musical instrument or knitting / crochet could be options too if you wanted to keep your hands busy.

Anonymous 21001

Don't forget, you're here forever. As long as an anonymous forum exists, there is a unique draw to posting unhindered of previous forum reputation or IRL reputation/history. As anon, you disappear into the wind with every thread, so you can say what you truly feel, talk about whatever you want to talk about, with no baggage carrying over to other conversations ever. I barely speak aloud anymore, but I can have dialogues about weird shit here or elsewhere with other people I can only meet through this magic portal we call the internet.

Anonymous 21241

Take up a time consuming hobby, I took up art and anytime I have free time I use it to work on my craft. I use to waste entire days on internet forums but now I'm way more productive, whenever I'm not studying for classes I'm either working on my app or drawing.
Just try to stay busy so you don't feel the need to do those bad habits.

Anonymous 21544

I used a web browser extension to block 4chan except for 20 minutes every 12 hours. Really 20 minute is all you need to pull up a couple threads worth any of your time. It's pointless to hope to ever be completely free, but I don't want to anyway.
Now I waste my time reading fanfiction instead. I'd block Ao3 too, but my phone (main method of browsing it) sucks and this ship has me by my throat. What can you do.
But there's only so much fanfiction, so it's also allowed more time for reading books again, which is nice.
Thanks for reading my blog. Try it out OP.


Vent Thread Anonymous 18315[Reply]

Last one has reached post limit
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Anonymous 21588

aerobic exercises are the galaxy-brain tier of caffeine

Anonymous 21594

*drinking lots of water and eating plenty of meat and greens

Anonymous 21607


I got turned down for 3 jobs in the space of 1 week. All mainly down to location. I can’t deal with this anymore, I can’t move, all I can do is basic functions like eating and bathing and even that is a mammoth task. All I do is lie in bed and listen to audiobooks and stare into space, I can’t deal with this anymore. I have no future and I don’t see the point in trying or living anymore when I already know my outcome is always going to be failure. (Pic unrelated).

Anonymous 21615

I've ruined my life and there's no way do to anything at this stage.

Anonymous 21616

I feel so pathetic about crying over a job because they want to revisit the next steps after I graduate. Ik I posted on lolcow but god I feel so fucking pathetic crying about something that wasn't even guaranteed. It might not even a soft rejection and I'm just overreacting because they didn't give me an offer.
Shit hurts but I'll be better tomorrow. I just can't focus on my studying fuck


Anonymous 21493[Reply]

Post your favourite movie

Anonymous 21495


Anonymous 21499


This thread doesn't belong here, unless we're supposed to talk about our feelings too.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 21500

Moved to >>>/media/4496.


Anonymous 12577[Reply]

>be me
>never had irl bf before, no males interested in me
>random girl with her group of friends calls me over to ask if i think her friend is cute because he needs a gf
>i do
>i joke around/act really lighthearted about it because i'm too afraid of rejection but i try to show that i am interested in him
>send him two texts that are just joke flirting and he ignores them
>the next, call out something very purposefully silly (unsure of how to actually start a conversation while showing interest
>"hey babe do you still need a girlfriend" "are you friendzoning me?"
>he stays silent and just flips me off
>been in a huge crisis/anguish about this throughout all of this, think about him all day
>suddenly understand that he might just think i was messing with him instead of being cold and rejecting me
>im fucking dumb
d-does it sound like he thinks i was messing with him/im messing with him? how do i casually reverse this? i'll see him tomorrow again at lunch break
help help help
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Anonymous 21121


Kek, thats just mean anon! True, but mean.

Anonymous 21122

I'm sad that this thread has ended like this. At least you got a nice friend group out of it.

Anonymous 21123

Ask his gf if she posts in crystal.cafe

Anonymous 21149

This is so painful. Reminds me of all the times I was rejected by boys in high school. At least I wasn't frens with them, they just ignored me
But it still hurts. I'm sorry anon. M-men suck anyway

Anonymous 21494


I guess sometimes things can't turn out like movies and shows.

Sorry to hear that. W-We don't need them..

she normie


Gigolos Anonymous 13118[Reply]

Have any of you ever hired a gigolo? Thought about it? What do you think of them and the women who hire them?

Posting on this board because I guess the miners most likely to be interested in this would post here.
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Anonymous 13823

Well not to be judgy but on average they're not the most socially capable people; plenty of doctors, lawyers, accountants etc too who make money, right?
but I guess it comes down to what you're looking for and if it's bfs in stem then that's that
my question was answered by >>13795 anyway

Anonymous 21447

Anonymous 21453

Exactly. So if you hire a gigolo, he's most likely had lots of gay sex. Do you really want to be near that?

Anonymous 21482

Doesn't that mean you could easily hire two gigolos and have them yaoi each other?

Anonymous 21492

>have them yaoi each other
I can't stop laughing at this, 10/10 expression anon


Anonymous 1167[Reply]

Can we have a wholesome thread?

Post memes, stories, anything uplifting. <3
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Anonymous 17619


Anonymous 17707

pocket hedgehog.gi…

Hedgehegs pour toi!

Anonymous 17708


That one person who is up for any adventure.

Anonymous 17716


This pic is my life in a nutshell. T.T

>>2074 omg my heart

>>1870 I love birds so much

Anonymous 21480

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