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How do I not let what moids say affect me emotionally? Anonymous 111137[Reply]

I have stopped browsing various sites like 4chan because of the shit they say about women, especially Western women, it affected me emotionally.
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Anonymous 111142

The only person who can allow their words to affect you is yourself. Why do you feel negatively about what they say, do you believe it to be honest and truthful? As they admit there; "Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact."

Anonymous 111147

Think about how completely asinine every other opinion they hold is and then ask yourself "why would this one be the exception"? It's probably not a silver bullet, but I stopped browsing 4chan for basically that reason myself; nothing I had read on there in years had held any worth whatsoever.

Anonymous 111148

moids hate women, what's new

Anonymous 111152

4chan moids say those things because they are a bunch of sour grapes. none of them will ever know the touch of a woman outside of sexually abusing one. surround yourself with people who speak kindly and respectfully instead of doomscrolling through ragebait.
>t. someone who should follow this advice too

Anonymous 111911

Stop using those sites, I don’t get why anyone subjects themself to that nonsense. 4chan is a shell of what it use to be, just go in imageboards that are revolve around your particular interests to avoid the nonsensical bullshit.


Does anyone else want to get married and have kids but feels like it's just totally hopeless? Anonymous 111091[Reply]

I literally have no idea how ppl even get to point where they kiss someone. Like how does that even happen. It's so hard for me bc I find anything moids say and do too obnoxious. On the other hand every woman I like just ends up becoming a friend.

Anonymous 111120

in the same boat. it feels like to get in a relationship with a man you have to make yourself a complete doormat or look and be perfect. it's just not worth it

Anonymous 111146

Same. You're right about moids being too obnoxious. Turned off immediately.

R (2).jpg

remote places thread Anonymous 110993[Reply]

i am obsessed with remote places. i know some of you must be as well. picrel is the baikal lake.

Anonymous 111022

Sometimes I like to just open up google earth and fly over remote and desolate places.

Anonymous 111086

me too but i prefer street view


Anonymous 110491[Reply]

this guy asked me out on a date and of course i went. it was nice, and i'm guessing he enjoyed it too. w start talking about our types and he says either twink men or muscular/fit women and i just sit there confused because im most most definitely not a fit woman. im fat as fuck and yeah i lift weights but not in a way that makes me look strong i just am strong. why would he ask me out knowing im not what he wants? maybe im missing something, but i dont know what it could be. he even said as he was driving home that we should do it again sometime. idk i feel like im loosing it.
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Anonymous 110496

i asked him why he went on a date with me evn though i wasnt his type and he told me it wasnt a date so yeah im actually delusional ig lol

Anonymous 110503

Bullet dodged tbh why did he waste your time in the first place? He sounds like a jerk.

Anonymous 110521

Nah he's just gaslighting you op.
If he asked you to hang out alone and said the things he did it was just a date with plausible deniability.
It's a sign of low confidence and sneakiness on his part, not worth it. You'll find someone better.

Anonymous 111083

I swear wtf is up with ‘straight’ men dating/sleeping with twinks and keeping it secret? Two of my exes cheated with twinks.

Anonymous 111085



Does my ex have CP on his computer? Anonymous 110555[Reply]

>refused to use internet without VPN
>paid VPNs despite being broke
>uses VPN on top of VPNs
>major chimpout if i ever accessed his devices
>became violent if i ever accessed his devices
>password managers for everything
>obsessed with encryption
>deleted MY entire hard drive citing 'evidence against him' being on there, wouldn't elaborate
>objected to loli being outlawed
>minimized own cousin's molestation and sympathized more with her abuser

why else would someone be so protective of his digital footprint while also having a pedophiles mentality?
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Anonymous 110950

He's a lolishitter, it's not a stretch to assume he collects material of real children. So many of them do.

Anonymous 110980


>minimized own cousin's molestation and sympathized more with her abuser
What the fuck?

It's not just pedophile mentality but he definitely has paranoid personality [disorder]. I also won't be surprised if he is a paranoid narcissist. Narcissists are emotionally stunted and they also see loli as a symbol of "freedom" or some shit that I see 4channers talk about.

Anonymous 110981

>When I found out about it he cried and asked 'Why is that wrong?'.
Definitely a narcissist.

Anonymous 110983

many do, many don't and avoid it
Some are weebs that are too deep in the rabbithole that simply would prefer the loli to real CP despite their pedo tendencies because they don't like flesh bodies visually.
Personally I would assume he doesn't have real CP (which isn't hard to track down for the cops) but has lots of loli encrypted since it has social consequences anyways.
And like other nona says it is seen as a libertarian/ancap symbol against government censorship and surveillance (not justifying them).
Anyways he's not your problem anymore, don't talk to him and change your passwords.

Anonymous 111010

/qa/ won


Anonymous 109730[Reply]

i feel annoyed that lot of the posts here are about relationships or other normie bs. this website supposed to be for us yet these women who are normal come here and brush their relationships and norminess on our faces. pure suicidefuel. it's so fucking annoying i have hard time even controlling myself
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Anonymous 110117

I don't know why, but I laughed my ass off at the wording of the post. But, I'm totally with you there, girl.
Lonely, my ass. I swear, some of these chicks just come here just so that they have a way to make themselves ""unique"" and ""different,"" and ""not like all the other girls.""

Anonymous 110125

you should be banned for picrel

Anonymous 110190

What, why?

That's not a shark. It's a whale!

Anonymous 110200

Anonymous 111098

i cant help but cringe a bit when i see a nona talking about her moid. the way some people on here are so attached to men is strange considering we’re all aware of how theyre all freaks… maybe im just too far gone already but i could never imagine myself being that obsessed with a moid. im already at the point where id rather perish than have a relationship with one. theyre all the same anyway, so itd be a waste of time. le blackpilled


Anonymous 110840[Reply]

>Smallest thing goes slightly wrong
>Intense desire to cut myself
Please help, how do I stop this?
I haven't self harmed in years and my scars are almost invisible but nowadays the stress has been pilling up and I'm thinking about slicing myself when I get minimally upset over anything.
I don't want to relapse, I'm trying to date around again and I don't want the first girl I get frisky with to think I'm a mentally ill attention whore (aside from desire to self harm I'm actually really healthy)
I sound so fuxking stupid, I'm just rambling
Please help
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Anonymous 110856

>>110840 Mind over matter nona, if you're stressed rn then find more outlooks that's not selfharm. Maybe go join the gym to release stress or punch a pillow but don't let yourself fall back into self-harming because it'll be hard to breakout again.

Anonymous 110875

why don't you unironically try open awareness meditation? or journaling (but I've always found the latter's conducive to rumination while the former's conducive to real well-being)

Anonymous 110882

Mindfulness girl, you’re already on the path by recognizing it. Training your brain to think different is all about repetition. Reward yourself when you recognize a bad pattern and successfully avoid it — the only way to get better is self love.

unironically gaslight yourself into new behaviours. You’ll be okay <3

Anonymous 111080

Anonymous 111087

My urges have returned too after being dormant for so long.
I either channel it into exercise (which also hurts and takes some energy away) or, if I really can't resist in the moment, I hit myself. Ideally there would be no self-harm at all but at least it doesn't scar.


in-group filtering Anonymous 110747[Reply]

once power starts to accumulate in a community, whether its social or economic, bad actors will inevitably try to insert themselves into the community in order to use said powers abusively.

how would you prevent these bad actors from proliferating in your in-group? moreover, how do you prevent people from trying to drag down your in-group? a sense of accountability i guess is a must.

i think there are certain mechanisms which can gatekeep the types of people whose proliferation you would not like to see and rewards those whose proliferation you would like to see. for example, a strong academic structure awards those with the best intellectual rigor. a culture which values its teachers and pools resources towards curriculum planning, textbooks, etc. will proliferate academics, intellects, and long term planners.

what about rewarding those who are honest and good at cooperation? people who are highly empathic and those who are emotionally resilient? that becomes slightly trickier. it is concerning to me that, everywhere in social media, the people that gain the most notoriety are those who are not good at cooperative play, are aggressive, time-wasting, or emotionally manipulative. how do you gatekeep emotionally manipulative people from a community? why is it that the world's "bullies" are winning?

it only becomes a matter of trying to cultivate a culture which rewards good people. but i'm not even sure how one would do that. i am just sick of seeing bad people around, seeing badness in me, and wondering if the next generation will suffer from it.

Anonymous 110793

la violencia es la respuesta


Jobs Anonymous 108888[Reply]

I work front desk at a hotel and I keep making tiny mistakes or just saying the wrong things.

Like last week my manager asked me to get this guys card that’s staying at the hotel till the 26th. They wanted his card because the last time he stayed here the company they book through, didn’t cover the cost of the room. So basically they’re trying to nab his card and charge him without really telling him what they’re doing. I felt really uncomfortable asking him for his card because of that tbh. So I just didn’t. I was gonna tell the lady who worked after me that I just forgot to get it but I forgot to tell her. So I have no idea if anyone got the card or not and I’m so nervous about Friday now.
How do you guys deal with the anxiety of working? Does everyone make little mistakes at their job?
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Anonymous 109317


How do I stop ruminating about extremely creative scenarios that could possibly happen where I fail at work and embarrass myself?

I'm getting a new job for the first time and I can't stop it.

Anonymous 109321

You basically just don’t go to the doctor at all. Most Americans are living in real poverty. So there’s no point to pay for health insurance cause it’s not gonna cover anything. We don’t have a lot of assistance offered to us. Kids do just not adults. I get health insurance through my job it’s not great but because it’s a small town it’s not so bad here. You just go into medical debt which most Americans have. We have special apps that help keep pharmaceutical costs down or certain pharmacies have their own discounts they’ll use.

Anonymous 109323

By forcing yourself to think about something else whenever that occurs.
Ex: the positives things that will cone out of it.

Anonymous 110595

I work at a hotel and there’s only like one other girl who works with me besides the mangers and the two women who run night audit. She genuinely kind of fucking doesn’t do half of the shit were suppose to. Like we have this drink cooler and I fill it every night on my shift. When I have my days off and she works my shift. I’ll come back and it’ll be basically empty. It’s just a bunch of crap like that. I haven’t really said anything about it. Welp yesterday I told these guys they could have rollaways in their room. When they showed up they never asked for them so assumed they didn’t need them. Well I guess rollaways aren’t suppose to go in those room types blah blah. So she booked them another room and there was quite literally no issue. This dumb cunt literally left a note for the managers about it.

Anonymous 111097

I left my pretty decent job in November bc depression and now I kinda regret it. Still unemployed and my parents are kicking my ass about it.

I'm thinking of going back (to the old job) but it would be embarrassing, wouldn't it? They made me a farewell party and everything. My HR manager said something like "you can contact me if you need anything/if anything ever happens".


I wish I were a man cause they don't care about romance Anonymous 110651[Reply]

They don't have the romantic feelings which women have so they literally can just chill while women are getting tortured and spend their life projecting the feelings onto men which men dont have. Then we get disappointed. Men can just be detached emotionally while women to get detached must first accepted abandoned… Men don't even get abandoned or dont cry over being abandoned unless they can't get other women. They see romance as them getting a servant they are emotionally detached from besides seeing her as a mommy bandmaid they dont want to be nagged by, they want her to stay in her place. Everyone is an individual but that means women are only wanted on the individual male world as their feminine gender role.
Getting attached to men romantically means being burnt by the hell fire while men are just chilling…. I dont wanna care about this retarded romance shit that is just an endless schizo delusion or a trick to make me serve a moid
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Anonymous 110845

I don't even wanna know how piggish, filthy, sloppy, retarded someone would have act for it to be considered "good"… Atp talking about this act or hetero sex to others without their permission should be considered a sexual harassment. And anyone who wants to be good at this act is an obedient whore willing to train themselves.

Anonymous 110851

Seek professional help, nut job!

Anonymous 110895

Banned on lolcow again?

Anonymous 110900

>Women are cocksucking piggish sluts
>Sucking dick is actually empowering

Anonymous 111054

bye moid

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