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Figuring yourself out Anonymous 5098[Reply]

Do you all know truly know yourself?
Do you know your personality?

I've been feeling really lost lately, as if I have no personality anymore. Does anybody feel the same? If you don't feel the same, how do you figure yourself out?
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Anonymous 6931

I used to be very fixated on my identity, subconsciously picking traits/interests and basing my personality off of them. I'd be the X friend, or the friend who likes X thing, and that would be super important to me. Sharing traits too much with others would shake the sense of self that I built and I'd immediately try to change myself or cut them out of my life.

After graduating and being able to spend a lot of time being introspective, I came to terms with this aspect of myself. The only part of me that exists are my desires, raw emotions, and fears. Nothing else has ever been real. Given this new power I can now engineer a personality based on traits I personally find interesting and that can help me achieve my goals. I've never been so in control, it's great.

Anonymous 78097

i think u might have autism
see "masking"

Anonymous 78229

Why you bumping a 4 year old thread, moid??????

Anonymous 78253

Nta, why not
Are you a zoomer with trendbrain who can’t grasp a concept of something older than 15 min?..

Anonymous 78254

I’m glad she bumped the thread, i like the discussions in it and i relate. Also, how does bumping a thread make you a moid. Serious question


Anonymous 78227[Reply]

I really really hate having ADHD. I know your not suppose to blame your mental illness blah blah. But I feel like if I was just normal my bf would treat me better and not call me annoying all the time. Maybe he wouldn’t belittle everything I say, because I wouldn’t talk so much. He would actually wanna be around me. Maybe I would have friends because I wouldn’t be so anxious about over talking or being weird. It’s not fair because I see these couples on tiktok who have a SO with adhd and their so kind and loving to them. My boyfriend just tells me I need to grow up for just acting like a normally do. If I cry I feel stupid because he tells me I’m just crying for attention and that I don’t cry like a normal person. I feel like everyone sees me this way and I don’t wanna go outside anymore. If I’m not normal soon I’m just gonna kill my self. Sorry for the long post <3

Anonymous 78230

You already know what i’m gonna say… dump him

Anonymous 78231

your bf doesnt care ab you. why are you with him?

Anonymous 78252

what the fuck are all of you people with these dogshit bfs? fucking dump his ass, christ

torches and pitchf…

The Mob Anonymous 78038[Reply]

A couple of years ago, at my high school, I was very curious about politics. It was a constant topic of discussion at school. The school itself was composed almost entirely of liberals, so partially out of curiosity and boredom from the constant stream of sameness I decided to look up conservative commentators in an effort to make debates more interesting. But, once I started debating those talking points students, teachers, and my own goddamn parents started horrifically clutching their pearls. My school was supposed to be one of the highest achieving in academics in my state and yet the students and teachers could barely hold their own against Steven Crowder talking points. They resorted to constant dogpiling in order to have any victories, but even then sometimes I won. Eventually this behavior lead to my friends leaving me and the student body and some teachers growing really sour and passive aggressive. After seeing this behavior I decided to research a little about the school only to find its run by a bunch of corporate defense lawyers very rich. But the experience of constantly being dogpiled again and again by the mob has taken its toll on me. For one left-wing politics are hard to get into now because of the association. The only reason that stops me from discarding it entirely is fear. Fear that either the mob will come back or I'll be apart of the mob. I also have a huge fear of talking to other people in general for the same reasons. The experience has left me REALLY pessimistic towards others almost subconsciously. The only upside for me was I got really good at debate. For now I'm just trying to develop more positive associations with people in an effort to quell the fear a little. Funnily enough, whenever I get nervous now I bring up politics although I've been cutting back on that. Anyone else have experiences with the mob? How has it effected you and how do you cope?
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Anonymous 78143

Also this isn't about what you believe it's about mob mentality. Don't change the subject to be left vs right bullshit idc. That's exactly the kind of shit I hate because it hurts people and breeds disfunction.

Anonymous 78219

Your first mistake was getting "into" politics
your second mistake was expecting high-level discussion at a high school from a bunch of nobodies with zero life experience
your third mistake was not recognizing that the debate format is a sham which accomplishes nothing except for effectively aggravating a crowd.

Check out this talk by an FBI behavioral analyst.
He specializes in convincing people, and recognizing who can be convinced.

Anonymous 78232

It just sounds like you've got one of those intractable personalities that're immune to reason and logic and what you took for 'pearl clutching' was just an empathetic reaction to whatever indefensible dribble fell out of your mouth.

It sounds like the people in your life just don't want to hurt your feelings by explaining to you exactly how daft your perspective on life really is.

Anonymous 78235

Being a sanctimonious asshole isn't a personality either.

Anonymous 78236



Gore? Anonymous 78052[Reply]

Hello I have a little question. It is about gore, and more precisely about liking gore. I do not refer to guro, or drawn gore. I do not refer to ficticious gore or horror movie gore. I refer to real gore. Why do some people enjoy it? I'm not even thinking about the moids that do, because I've come across women that enjoy looking at dead bodies/dead people/rekt threads/real life gore. Why? This isn't even a judgement. I can say I am a little bit guilty since I used to own a gore blog on tumblr 4 years ago when I was depressed and in a very bad mental place. It featured real injuries and surgical pictures and stuff like that. I was going for a fucked up aesthetic and yes you can shame me for being edgy on that one. I don't operate the blog and it has been abandonned a long time ago. One reason I have seen people like gore is because looking at gore images is a form of "overcoming themselves"? The thought goes like "If i can not flinch at gore or not be impacted, it means I am mentally strong". But is this even true? Isn't the disgust we feel while looking at gore there for a reason? Survival reason? Do people who "like gore" simply like it as a form of mental self harm? Could this even be a thing? Or maybe liking gore is just a form of curiosity? I am pretty sure it must depend from person to person. I also notice a lot of people simply liking shock factor gore for the sake of it being shock factor gore and nothing more. Isn't this a bit pointless? Is it good to like gore for the simple fact that it is shock factor? A lot of people also seem to show off how much they can take in gore content to gain edgy points and make themselves look cooler among their peers. In the end, I think it must depend from person to person. But I really do wonder about this phenomenon. Maybe you reading this also like gore? Or hate it? Maybe it has to do with mental illness. Or maybe it is a perfectly normal trait of the human brain. Either way, I do not know where those ramblings of mine will send me but I needed to write that down somewhere.
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Anonymous 78125

i'm sorry, why would you want to look at that? i can't fathom wanting to seek that out.

Anonymous 78130

I think they do it as a way of coping with a concept of human mortality

Anonymous 78131

I didn't even look at the vids, I read the chat and that was enough. They sound the same as any other men and if it was in a context of I dunno, hardcore/bdsm porn there would be no difference.

Anonymous 78134

Anything involving children or animals is an instant no for me.

Anonymous 78141

It’s basically this. The more I seek death, the less I’m afraid of it and the more I start to appreciate life. You have way more fun taking life way less seriously and looking at videos of people literally dying reminds me of how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things.


I'm tired of being around women Anonymous 76086[Reply]

I'm tired of being around women. It's depressing, boring, heartbreaking. Every female space I go, it's all the same: discussion of abusive relationships, unquestioned heterosexuality, "beauty" tips, self-loathing, gossip, bitterness, and well-accepted hopelessness.

Women talk about how ugly, inappropriate, fat, and revolting they are. It's so, so boring. They talk about fashion and make-up and the moral implications of either. They view the world like a movie where they're both the director and the starting actress, carefully planning every move and choosing every angle in order to create magic. If I'm uglier than she is, she'll look at me with pity and try to "improve". If I'm prettier than she is, she'll look at herself, then at me, then at herself again, and she will compare us, letting me know how my existence is a threat to her sanity.

Most, if not all, the conversations I have with women don't pass the Bechdel test. They talk about their men, and how much they hate these men, and how miserable their lives are by their side. They'll spend hours complaining about male behavior, and will not have the self awareness to realize that they can live without them. I'm tired of seeing them wear themselves out for some being that I see as so below me I don't even waste time considering, let alone allow him to take over my life. He's ugly and a loser, he's boring and stupid. Are they all blind? Am I going crazy? Can we shut up about these men and talk about anything else?

I want to discuss my hobbies and the things I learn and the things that shape my world, and yet all of it gets derailed and frowned upon. I keep getting affected by the venomous conversations most women have. They all make me feel like I'm too much or too little, as if I'm some failed subhuman parody of a woman. They don't listen to me, they just enforce their authority on womanhood to try to correct who I am.

Whenever I talk to another woman, I find my mind filled by self-hatred, vanity, obsession, and resentment. If I ever bring this up, I get shut down as a "NLOG" and "not feminist enough". Well, then I don't want to be a feminist if feminism means uncritical consumption, holding women to impossible standards while praising men over the bare minimum, sexism, male supremacy, shallowness, and hostility. That's not feminism to me, that's just using the "women must support each other" in order to avoid change.

Why is it wrong if I tell her I find centPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 77905

so did you join a cult because you were too stupid to separate parts of things you dont like out alone, or because you enjoy the high of being a political underdog

Anonymous 77917

Absolutely, since male-dominated spaces tend to contain men who despise women and make their life hell. All sorts of nuisances come with discussing things with males. To start with, if you share their interests they tend to feel entitled to romantic feelings from you. Any response to these unwanted feelings will result in drama and the destruction of whichever enjoyable environment existed before in the group. Moids on 4chan complain about this all the time, they just fail to realize it's their own fault. In the unlikely case that this doesn't happen, they'll just invalidate your interest or put you through constant shit-tests.

Anonymous 77924

How is radical feminism cult??

Anonymous 77925

Sorry, I had a gut reaction to reading your posts because it's pretty much identical to how political cults recruit.

Anonymous 78050

I'm that anon, I only have one IRL friend who is an anti-capitalist(-ish) feminist, so there is no way I am some cultist weirdo when I can only have one friend, lol.
What I wanted to emphasize in my post is to find just one friend who shares the closest thing to your political view, not to join a political party/group long-term per se; they can't even get elected in a local election, so there is no benefit outside of making a friend and then getting out of there.

Should've specified further and written my post better, apologies!


how to stop looking masculine? Anonymous 77908[Reply]

i have very masculine facial features and ppl often mistake me for a young man. it makes me rlly insecure because my character doesn't correspond to this image of me at all. should i go for plastic surgery or use makeup? i'm kind of a tomboy and i never rlly used makeup before, it feels like 'cheating'
4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 77950

It's impossible to genuinely look like a man as a woman. Square jaw isn't a masculine trait, it's just genetic. Some people are just blind retards. You're probably fine.

Anonymous 77952

Like >>77950 said, people are just retarded and think all women should look like actresses and models on tv. Have you ever groomed your brows anon? Maybe wax and shave facial hair. Get a new haircut. Wear jewelry. Things like that make you more feminine

Anonymous 77982

You're just a bifauxnen.

Anonymous 77996

Getting more muscle mass is actually a great idea. The androgynous look comes from either being so thin clothes hide your feminine shape, or being a ham planet. Muscle will never look like a man's without serious amounts of steroid use. You'll look like a cute tomboy woman.

Look up feminine fashion where you live. Other girls not wearing feminine clothes is a GOOD thing because it will make you stand out in a good way. Men like women who look like you put effort into looking good.

Men think they like no makeup. But what they like is using makeup while looking like your not. A touch of mascara will make your eyes look large and feminine, lipstick will make you obviously a woman but you can focus on eye makeup if you want to keep it low effort cute.

Where I live, the majority of young women wear sweat pants, hair that is not brushed tied back in a tangle of unwashed hair, flip flops, and sweatshirts. I stand out by dressing what was normal in the old place I used to live. What I see as bare minimum.

Another thing is to change your clothes and hair. Baggy masculine clothes + hair not styled can look masculine. Get new feminine clothes you will feel confident and sexy in. You can be comfy too, but focus on highlighting hips, hourglass figure, and boobs. Get a haircut in a easy to upkeep style you like. Do your own research to find a haircut for your face shape to stress female features.

Anonymous 78020


Just gonna say I relate. People thought I was a male model when I was 12.
I'm sorry but I have 0 advice.


cant stop smiling Anonymous 77842[Reply]

i keep smiling and laughing in a very stupid manner. with friends and family, with strangers. how do i stop laughing all the time? how do i control my emotions? i want to come off serious and be taken serious. it doesnt help that im very short and therefore not intimidating at all. really cant help but laugh or smile pretty much everytime anyone says something to me.
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Anonymous 77849

dont have the answer but in the same boat OP it sucks

Anonymous 77852

I had this problem in high school and was always very self-conscious about it possibly making me looking like a psycho serial killer. It's like the opposite of resting bitch face, although I used to have that too and would have still preferred it instead.

I've heard biting your tongue can work but if you have this problem constantly, especially out of social anxiety like I have, then you'd just be biting your tongue all the time. You don't want to damange it and have something happen like biting too hard, making your mouth bleed in public, then making yourself even more embarrassed, etc.

Anonymous 77949

this breaks my heart. there is no room for silly girls in this world </3
used to try not to laugh and b srs because it does seem such cooler than when im autistically smiling and laughing. to answer ur quesion what i did to smile less was practice saying stuff that makes me laugh with a straight face and when i caught myself saying stuff all excited i would stop myself and repeat it calmly to train myself. I stopped tho because why not enjoy the fancy pretty funny things in this world. I HATE that im made to feel like thats not cool or not ok.

Anonymous 77981

i usually just have a number of things to think about to feel sad and unhappy (e.g.: guys who have rejected me in particularly uncomfortable ways, awkward moments from the past, and so on, everyone has these) every time i feel my mouth moving into a smile by itself, that kinda stops the reflex. generally being depressed helps this lol. biting my tongue never worked for me, for some reason, only emotional pain works

Anonymous 78022

Anons we’re not doing it because we’re silly or fun, it’s an uncontrollable tick and it’s painfully embarrassing. At least in my case


Moids Are In Our Midst Anonymous 77081[Reply]

Moids are infiltrating our spaces. I saw this on r9k. Watch out for them, and do not listen to them. They need to be culled.
40 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 77643

depends what kind of loser. some losers are simply mediocre and mildly pitied or made fun of by luckier people, other losers are actively detrimental to your life. the former type can be great if they’re basically competent and well-intentioned people who are committed to living a decent life but just aren’t ambitious or classy or whatever, but there are so many people who just wanna mooch off of you any way they can and have nothing but ugly thoughts.

Anonymous 77651

And that's why you're still a loser.

Anonymous 77652

Maybe in their 20's. I cannot believe the same for later in life. I cannot imagine living exactly like this for the rest of time. That is a tvought more horrid than i dare think.

Anonymous 77671

Agree. People being together out of loneliness or "they can't handle being single" usually end up in shitty relationships they can't get out of. You need to be in a relationship with a good man, or a construction worket who makes good money or something.

Anonymous 77794

That is, unless you're that one woman at Walmart living out of her car which is filled to the ceiling so you can't look out the back window.


any tips for talking to people?? Anonymous 77678[Reply]

i feel like a failed human being asking this at my age, but due to circumstances that no one cares abt, i grew up with no friends, neither on school or family (all my family are older ppl, i dont have cousins or anything near my age), was bullied until i was 15 & so i never developed a normal socialization and also ended w social anxiety

since my social anxiety is getting a bit better little by little, i decided to take the plunge and start talking to ppl online to practice my social skills

and it isnt going well. i almost never know what to reply outside 'cool' 'nice'; i try to think something that interested me abt what they said or relate it to something that happened to me, but doing that often feels like im making the convo all about me.
i do have hobbies i could talk abt, but theyre kind of weird and i dont think they would be interested.
i have a common media interest with another person, but i dont want all our convos to be about that, and again i dont know how to start the convo or if they would be interested on a random thing i thought.
there has been a few days i could talk for very long, but 90% of the time i cant last for more than 3 messages…
i also tried group chats, but they overwhelm me and by the time i thought of a reply, the topic has already changed
this girl who messaged me almost daily hasnt talked in a week n half, which makes me kinda relieved because talking takes so much energy, but also i hope she doesnt think i dont care abt her… (i talked to her abt that, but still…)

i kiiind of can talk more naturally irl, but i still cant form friendships and my anxiety still gets in the way; everyone else has friends so i feel like an intruder they hate since im not as interesting…

it also sucks because there are ppl online who ask/want to be my friend and the feeling is mutual, but i dont know how to talk outside writing random ramblings to myself & so i always decline all offers….

i know the most important thing is to practice, so im on the right path, but if anyone has any tip of how to reply, topics to talk about or anything i would appreciate it
2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 77697

How about starting small by talking to people online until you've gotten used to it a bit more, then you can make the next step and talk more to people you meet irl?

Anonymous 77698

I mean unscripted reality tv like Big Brother. Not fake reality tv like The Kardashians.

Anonymous 77701

that's the problem, i got even more trouble talking online 😭😭 i guess because writting isnt as fluent/natural as speaking (at least for me), words just dont come out and i never know what to say. Ig voice chat could be an option, but i live with others n have no privacy. Both talking online and irl are hard, but for different reasons….

i barely watch tv aside… cooking and home decorating programs lol but yeah i will check out if theres anything like that where i live 🤔

Anonymous 77702


If you are talking online, you can just write about what you did just now, or about random thing you thought about - and from that go to some topic, then ask a question or two, but make sure they are not y/n questions
A good strategy also is to send pictures, videos, music: for example memes and photos of something you have taken
It could go nowhere, but that’s like - a ping, a sign that you are here or an opener for a conversation if you have nothing to say specifically

But I am not an expert, I don’t really like to talk online, so yeah

Anonymous 77740

all of that was very helpful actually, thanks you!! T-T

img (1).png

Anonymous 76902[Reply]

>be introvert college nona
>have a crush on a cute guy in my dorm I see sometimes
>smiles and says hi when he sees me, makes me get butterflies in my stomach
>can't stop thinking about him
>go to a party to get him off my mind and become more sociable so he might like me more
>see him there
>watch 5 pretty girls walk up and playfully kiss him on the lips, which he quite happily does
>6th girl gives him a shot of something and takes him upstairs
>watch the door of my dorm through my window all night, he never comes back

That's life, ladies
29 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 77465

Total bullshit. Birth records about women from the early twentieth century shows it was common for women to continue giving birth well into their 40s. The risk of a down syndrome child at 40 is 1% btw.

Anonymous 77466

Anonymous 77729

>falling for someone you haven't ever spoken to
What the fuck is wrong with you?

Anonymous 77730

Yes, it's pathetic. But he was really cute and tall, I can't change how I feel

Anonymous 77733


The risk of DS after 40 is 1% like the other anon said. https://www.stanfordchildrens.org/en/topic/default?id=pregnancy-over-age-30-90-P02481
This is a study about non-chromosomal anomalies (does not look into DS). Both under 20 and over 40 are associated with birth defects. There's also only one "over 40" category, which makes it hard to see how common birth defects really are in the 40s decade, although yes, the risk of some birth defects increases with age when they treat it as continuous (and for others decreases, and for yet others has a U-shape distribution). This does not disprove that women can give birth well into their 40s.
This only shows that after 40 conception is more difficult, which is of course true, but still achievable by the majority within 4 years.
This says the risk of DS does not increase linearly with age and actually declines in increase rate after 45.
Seems like having children later in live has both advantages and disadvantages, as anyone would expect. It's entirely up to each person to make their choice. This was a nice paper to read actually, showing how biology is not the end-all, be-all in the final choice.
>https://acaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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