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Cosy things Anonymous 14351[Reply]

Name or provide an image of something that makes you feel cosy.
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Anonymous 19886

ride a bike.jpg

>non-stop making cups of tea and coffee
I want to be your friend for the rest of my life

Anonymous 19897


homygod we must be friends, I have a similar breed and I am obsessed with all other fluffy white small dogs.

Anonymous 19898

We're friends now …

Let's share a pot of tea and drink with our pinkies out.

Anonymous 19906


I'd love to hang out with both of you <3

Anonymous 20679

Almost a haiku


Anonymous 18172[Reply]

Sometimes I read posts from guys on other imageboards saying how they wish they had a girlfriend they could dress up and do anything to. The guys who have that feel so lucky. And many times the girl is even a bit reluctant. But as for me I would love someone to devote my whole self to, I wish someone thought I was attractive enough to request something like that of me. I have a boyfriend but I'm honestly thinking of leaving him because we have no sex or romantic life whatsoever. It's actually lonelier now than when I was single, because the fact that I would but he doesn't want me to makes me feel so unwanted. Does anyone else know this feel?
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Anonymous 19386

it can happen to anyone, and if it does its nothing to be ashamed of. you just have to get acclimated to having another person in the equation. time and practice, and most of all communication.

Anonymous 19389

Ugh, I would love that lol. Like being given clothes and lingerie to wear. And just having them do what they want to me in bed. Idk where you find these guys.

Anonymous 19394

I know, I always melt in movies where the man sends the woman a dress to wear to a date. I wish someone would think I'm pretty enough that they would want to see me in a pretty dress.
Or even just a little accessory, that is somewhat even better because you can wear it more often, and every time you wear it they will know you're wearing it for them.

Anonymous 20603

I know this is an older post, but I wanted to say something. An ex of mine also whacked off to hentai/doujins constantly, yet rejected me for sex. Men like that do not change because they will always prefer porn over you, even if you are really hot. I recommend finding someone else, or convincing him to let you sleep with other people. He is putting his sexual energy elsewhere, so why shouldn't you? I felt a lot better after dumping two porn addicted boyfriends. There are men out there that are not obsessed with pornography.

Anonymous 20626

>Men like that do not change because they will always prefer porn over you, even if you are really hot.
I wouldn't go this far, but it usually takes some serious introspection on their part to actually see value in not jerking it all the time. This usually comes after a particularly nasty break up. Of course, you can never truly know if they've quit, but I had an ex who was similar to this and went on to live what appears to be a happy life. He was an absolute wreck after I left him, though. Honestly, I'm proud of him. He's found a cute girl and they seem happy. Sometimes, I feel she looks better than me, but I try my best not to overthink stuff. I'm not friends with him on social media just because I unfriended him after one of my recent bfs found it weird we were still friends on FB, but he pops up on my stuff from time to time and he seems to have cleaned up his act.

Again, ymmv


Anonymous 20514[Reply]

"So how come you're not married?"
"Why don't you want to be a mother?"

Well, I dunno, cuz my family life was so horrible?

Anonymous 20532

Wouldn't you want to give your children a better one?

Anonymous 20553

What do you usually reply when you someone asks you those questions? I accidentally told someone that I probably don't want to get married and they judged me so hard for it.

I wish being a single cat lady wasn't looked down upon in society.

Anonymous 20578

I relate so hard. Just want to point you here as well: >>>/hb/102


Anonymous 20479[Reply]

So, I have a crush on this guy for like a year. We don't talk that much, only when we go out with mutual friends but I know he cares about me. So basically we kinda drifted apart these couple of weeks and I miss him like crazy, he's kind of a depressed, emotional chad and likes to make fun of me. Anyways, my friend that he knows that I like him mentioned that I miss him, his reply was pretty confusing. He just sighed and changed the subject. What does that mean? What can I do? I'm not the type of person that texts him or talks to him a lot so his reaction is pretty weird.

Anonymous 20480

>guy sighing at potential crush missing him
Either he doesnt know what to do or considers it a waste of time/a bad idea. He might like you but not be ready for any comitment or maybe he was just in a bad mood.

I wouldnt give up but Id also prepare.

Anonymous 20489

The person you love and the person that loves you are usually not the same person.

Anonymous 20491

>What does that mean?
He didn't want to display his fee fees about you in public.
>What can I do?
Suck his dick ;)

Anonymous 20550

>What can I do? I'm not the type of person that texts him or talks to him a lot so his reaction is pretty weird.

You half assedly pursued him for a year and nothing's happened. You won't do anything to change that, so nothing will happen.

Take initiative and do something.

Anonymous 20574


hell probably fuck you, but it sounds like he doesnt really want a relationship


Anonymous 20534[Reply]

Is it worth a try? Will I possibly find someone interesting through this?
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Anonymous 20536

Matching typically happens only after it hits past the 2500 mark.
I do as well, but I can dream.

Anonymous 20537

I did it and matched with someone months later, but I ignored their email to me. Maybe their message didn't immediately make them seem appealing and I didn't want to put the effort in to make an attempt. Or maybe I'm self-loathing and thought the answers I put are quite cringey so that person must be cringey as well. I don't want to see a mirror of myself.

Guess I can't complain about being friendless considering these things.

Anonymous 20540

>register an email just for this
>go through the whole process very carefully and honestly
>delete account 5 minutes after finishing it

In the end I realized I don't want friends and some poor guy would wait months for a match and not get a response afterwards. Also I found the test doesn't manage to put forward any of my interests and instead made me look like someone into tech, pretty sure my highest scores were on linux distros and browsers. I don't care about it at all though.

Anonymous 20547

Wow I took the bait and this has to have been made by a complete autist. I totally want to be matched up based on how many poets, nazis, and video formats I can name. Gr8 concept

Anonymous 20549

The top banner planet icon is the default web browser icon on most linux distros (older versions if midori/firefox ripoffs?). It's the exact icon of my raspberry pi3.

I'd steer clear lmao


Anonymous 20037[Reply]

>tfw I just want to be the gf of a couple that's already together
>I want the man and woman to fall in love with me together
>I want them to both snuggle me at night and love me
>I want to be a sex toy for them individually and together
>I just want to be the cherished 3rd wheel in a relationship

It's not fair.
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Anonymous 20166

Sounds like you actually want loving parents.

Anonymous 20482

Aren't there many couples who would be down for this kind of play? Tried swingers clubs?

Anonymous 20488

OKCupid and Tinder are full of this kind of trash. I set my profile to only see other women and the majority of my matches are girl profiles with a boyfriend attached to them. OP, you can definitely find this, unicorns are highly sought after.

Anonymous 20521

>>20037 this anon >>20166 is right, get help

Anonymous 20692

ew much?


Changing your personality Anonymous 20436[Reply]

My parents never go a day without telling me I have a shit personality and am beyond help at this point. They always tell me I’m difficult, disagreeable, negative etc. even though I don’t think I’m acting like that. Recently I told my mom over the phone that I’ve been searching Facebook groups for roommates in the city so I can finally move out of my Dad’s house and she sternly told me that I’m “not easy” and should wait until I can afford to live on my own to “spare other people a headache”.

The thing is, I don’t think they’re wrong. I’ve burned a ton of bridges over the years, was suddenly ghosted by my best friend last year without an explanation. I can’t tell you how many times people randomly cut me out of their life, even if we had a long history together.

I don’t even know what I’m doing that’s so horrible that people can’t stand to be around me. I try to be friendly, generous, agreeable but my mom says all my friendships ended because naturally I “repell people”.

I do know that both of my parents are toxic people themselves who see no wrong in their shit behavior. My mom is somewhat of a narcissist with a bad reputation around the town and my Dad is an abuser who beats his wives and adult children. My therapist told me it’s probably gaslighting but how would it be gaslighting if I’m constantly losing all my close friends left and right? I feel like I must’ve inherited toxic traits from them, and the reason I don’t see wrongdoing in my actions is because both my parents are the same way.

How do I change this about myself? It’s gotten to the point that I don’t even want to try making new friends because I’m now terrified of losing people. I hate feeling like shit about myself when someone who I care deeply about kicks me to the curb without telling me why. It’s been making me really depressed. I really just want to be a good person who doesn’t scare everyone away.

Anonymous 20437

Assuming the problem isn't you, people are afraid of having to deal with your family drama. Misery is contagious. Sever ties, move out ASAP.

Anonymous 20463

We have no real way of diagnosing the problem without being able to follow you around and watch your interactions with people. Assuming it isn't you, >>20437 might be right. Can you recall if your parents ever interacted with the people in your past that have been driven away?

Anonymous 20478

You don't seem like a bad person although ghosting can really upset people so if you have a habit of doing that you need to stop because people will start to feel unwanted

Anonymous 20486

I’ve had a couple friends who left even without meeting my parents (one of which I met on 4chan and the other at college) and a bunch who stuck around for a long time after meeting them, but yeah they did an amazing job of scaring off all my siblings’ and my childhood friends. Mom would find petty reasons to hate all our friends, be extremely rude to them if we invited them over, fight with their parents and cause tension between our families, etc. Dad used to grab me and hit me or shove me around, leaving me sobbing loudly on the floor while my young playdates stood there in horror without saying anything. I did have a few people in high school who insisted I was their friend, but no one offered to hang out with me after school like they did with each other, presumably because word got out about the horror show that was being invited to my house.


I’ve contacted several people on Messenger, so far only got two answers that were basically vague “it’s not you, it’s me,” type of responses, along with immediate excuses to not hang out even though I didn’t ask them if we could. I could feel a great deal of tension during the conversation so I cut them short.

I never ghosted anyone? My best friend was the one who ghosted me.

Anonymous 20519

This whole story sounds fishy. I think there is something wrong with you here, while your parents sound like jerks and all, this sounds like something someone with borderline personality disorder would tell me. Something here has to be your fault, everyone wouldn't run away from you because of your parents, even at this age of your life where your parents are ever the less influential in your personal life.

I'd legit suggest to get screened for any mental illnesses by a psychiatrist, I feel like there's a mental illness at work here that's making you blind to your own personality faults that other's see but you refuse to acknowledge.


Anonymous 20376[Reply]

My cat is dying right before we go on vacation. If she doesn't pass before Wednesday we'll have to take her to the vet and put her down.
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Anonymous 20411

I'm also sorry. This is hard for both of you. She's probably scared and trying to find a place to die as cats do. Drop as much as you can and make sure her passing is the best death that she can receive. Make good last memories with her. I'm hoping for this to be as little pain for you and your loved one as possible.

Anonymous 20417


I'm so sorry anon. I'm sure you have given her the best life. Hold her close, stay with her during the final moments. She will slip into the long goodnight knowing that those she loved, loved her equally as much.

Anonymous 20421

Not OP but that pic made me slightly emotional. Thank you for posting it.

Anonymous 20445

She passed away at the age of 20. I'll miss you Cleo.

Anonymous 20454

Good night, Cleo. <3 What a long life.


Anonymous 20330[Reply]

What IS a Stacy?

Is Emma Stone a Stacy? Guys seem to either find her really cute (and she has a badass dewp voice and humor) or absolutely hideous.

Anonymous 20333

>asking if a famous actress is a Stacy

Anonymous 20377


>What IS a Stacy?
It's just Chad but female.

Very confident, very socially skilled, works in a field that has a lot of image and exposure and little places to hide away, like a celebrity or model, and very attractive. Even if they have lots of people who are divided on their attractiveness because they're less conventional, they're still gorgeous enough to warrant millions more enjoying their appearance.

Also a good amount of not-giving-a-fug. Jennifer Lawrence is a good example of a Stacy.
>had nudes leaked
>very opinionated, lots of endorsements of things and decrying of things, not all have been completely favorable or aged well
>got plenty of cringey stuff on video, like chastising a guy who was translating something off his phone and thinking he was half-ignoring her

>still behaves with near perfect composure and was the highest paid actress in the world for two years

Can you imagine actually being her for a day? Most girls here, I imagine, would crumple into a ball and never go outside again. A lot of girls freak out and want to die when an impulsive selfie from five years ago surfaces on 4chan.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Anonymous 20343[Reply]

How do I become less judgmental and more accepting of other people's POV and opinion? I don't think I'm better than others, but if I can't find common ground on some subjects, it ruins the entire person for me. For example making excuses for shitty people or having hobbies that seem goofy to me.

Anonymous 20344

Realize that you are the sum of millions of variables over the course of thousands of days and there's never been, never going to be, and currently no one else like you in all of existence. Extend that same courtesy to everyone you meet. If someone is a little different it just means that they're different not worse.

Anonymous 20370

Its seems like you have a desire to feel better than other people, particularly those different from you. I have problems with this too and its probably pretty common among most people. It can be a pretty difficult urge to fight sometimes, I know I fuck up all the time and get angry or frustrated by people when they do something that seems dumb or silly to me.

Ultimately nobody really chooses who they're born as and the environment that led them to be who they are, and its best to try and not think of anyone as being a worse person than you, including the worst people. Learn to forgive other people for being different or bad (obviously don't let them take advantage of this). Apologize if you've been unfair to them. Try and catch yourself when you realize that you're trying to be better than somebody else and instead try to empathize with them. Understand that they're a person just like you.

And of course, make sure that you also forgive yourself when you make the mistake of being judgmental or egotistical. Its a pretty natural human response and I myself still judge and lose my temper at people all the time even though I know its not good for me. You're a human being with flaws and that's okay.

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