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Anonymous 15115[Reply]

this is a bit of a silly question that could easily be googled, sure, but - how do you tell if a guy is 'interested' in you? even just vaguely interested. im clueless about friendship and romantic relationships and really want my first bf.

a guy grinned at me after approaching me with his friend once and he called me a gem after, i dunno if he was just being polite or if he maybe wanted to be my friend/was interested in me. today i introduced myself/told him to call me my real name instead of my nickname though, i just wanna get on the right track to getting a boyfriend
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Anonymous 15398

No anon I'm not baiting. Just don't know much about guys or how flirting works. Honestly I still believe he just wants to be my friend

Anonymous 15399

I don't want to reinforced the whole "men are animals that just want sex" meme, but a lot of them are. More importantly though the ones that aren't usually just as lonely as you. This boy sounds like he likes you, so ask him on a date.

Anonymous 15424

For some reason the idea of asking a boy out on a date sounds horrifying to me. I think next I'll ask him for his name then after that I'll ask him for his phone number or something.

Anonymous 15426

Oh. Yeah if you don't even know his name then don't go for it yet. Get to know him a little and then ask him out.

Anonymous 15477

Today he said "You really are a gem you know that" to me and he walked up to me and told me I looked lonely and invited me to stand with his friends, we didn't really talk then outside of me telling a joke they all found funny but this makes me really really happy. Maybe I'm finally going into normiehood


eating disorder thread Anonymous 15443[Reply]

eating disorder thread - its time for another

do you have an eating disorder?
which one?
are you attempting recovery?
how long have you had it?
what caused it?
how does it disrupt your daily life, if it does?

i have a purging disorder.
i kind of want to attempt recovery sometimes, then i see something like my crush looking happier talking to another girl thats skinnier than me, i think about how much better i could look/how i could compensate for my stupid ugly fact, and i think about the comments my dad gives me when i 'eat bad' even though im 19 bmi/skinnier than him (hes overweight, i think.) ive had mine since i was 13. i was a fat child growing up because my parents didnt know how to feed me, and instead of giving me healthy food they just called me fat/made fun of me. it disrupts my daily life heavily because i cant eat anything without purging after, and it just ruins my mood and has disrupted my health. ill be devastated if i go up 0.1 a pound

Anonymous 15456

I used to be 17.5 bmi, that was like half a year ago and it started because I was narcissistic plus I had the feeling that food was disgusting, I got better and now I am pretty much where you are at 19 and going to be 20 if I don't do anything to stop it, I just started to not care about food and I understood "people just don't give a shit about how you look anyway" and that's when i got back on track with my weight, but I still want to be skinny and have a nice figure so I think it's time for some meme fitness period in my life

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 15487

Moved to >>>/hb/4629.


Anonymous 15374[Reply]

Have you ever had a friend who was a really bad influence on you?

Anonymous 15396

Yes. She got me into drugs, although in the end it was my fault and by extension my parents for me having such low self esteem.

Anonymous 15402

>she got me into drugs
>it was my fault […] for me having such low self esteem
You can't be serious. I'm unaware of a single person who hasn't gone through a phase where they're not fully confident in themselves, such people must be not self-aware at all actually.
Forgiveness is fair and well, but forgiveness does not mean you shift blame to the blameless.

Anonymous 15403

You sound like such a retard

Anonymous 15440

It might not be the kind of bad influence OP is looking for, but yeah. I had a terrible friend for most of my childhood. She would regularly tell me no one loved me and I'd die alone. I remember if she ever caught wind of someone liking me in a romantic way (even if I didn't like them), she would kiss/date them to keep them from asking me out, kept potential friends away by basically sticking to me like glue and being a cunt to them so they wouldn't hang out with me. I grew up with stupidly low self worth, believed everyone hated me as my only 'friend' seemed to abuse me, and have a general distrust/dislike of people. I left it all behind after high school, but it wasn't until years later when I had to go back to my home town that I was actually able to talk to the people I grew up with, found out most people didn't even have a problem with me but just didn't bother being my friend because they'd get attacked by that ham beast.


Anonymous 5669[Reply]

>tfw no bf
it's not fair
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Anonymous 8835

>guy doesn't try to have sex with you
>he's a coward
>does try to have sex with you
>he's manipulating you
>you say yes
>he only wants you for your body
>you say no
>he only wants you to be his pure virgin waifu

Have you considered the possibility you might just hate men? Maybe being a militant lesbian would be more up your alley.

Anonymous 8838

>i can easily get 18-year-old dick until i'm 80

18-year-olds are horrible in bed, i don't know why you'd want to. tbh you sound very young and overconfident. i've been there, so i can understand that, but i also warn you that you'll look back on this moment in about five years and cringe.

Anonymous 8840

This is so cringey, please stop for the sake of your future self.

Anonymous 15323

statistically speakikng you are WAY more likely to reproduce then a male
i believe the actual statistic is something 60+% for all women and only <45% of all men

Anonymous 15324

its a /g/ joke, that normal guys who like computers become trannys after being exposed to image macro sites like 4/8chan and getting a bc in CompSci is a stepping stone


Vent Thread Anonymous 12294[Reply]

Old thread: >>8291

Last one reaches autosage status.
Vent your heart out, anons.
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Anonymous 15338

Being a NEET is too easy. I want to do more but keep reverting to destructive habits. While I have an idea of what I can do to improve and have been taking small steps for the past few months, I haven't accomplished much compared to my peers and even damaged relationships with some good people due to a mindset warped by depression and BPD. Then again, my actions are on me and not my disorder.

I can drown in self-pity, know that it's futile to engage in cyclic verbal abuse and instead persevere towards stability. I can do those things. Why haven't I maintained consistency in those mantras at the very least?

I hate my character. I want to get better. Two contradictory statements, since the latter implies that I see something worth sculpting in the former. I wish I had enough money for medication and a psychologist.

Anonymous 15340


I've got this silly issue of forgetting what made me do certain things unless I consciously try to remember it - otherwise the true reason eventually gets lost behind the kinds of reasons I give people when they ask me about it
(though I suppose that isn't so uncommon, at least the process itself: just something people do without being aware of it?)

Like with Japanese I always tell people that I saw it at the bottom of a list of hardest languages to learn for a westerner and decided to challenge myself on it, and sometimes I'd almost believe that story myself, if I didn't have memory of how the first time I was asked about it I just spontaneously remembered having seen a list like that and mentioned it on a whim

Mhm the issue with these sorta questions is that it's too easy to give an interesting sounding answer - before I know it I'm saying something like "I guess I was always interested in creative endeavors; I'd value a work more the further disconnected it was from real life while still managing to connect itself via a consistent thread to the world we know - Japanese just struck me as a means to reach further "out" than the languages I knew would let me, probably because of the impressions anime left on me."

It'd be nice to argue that just by virtue of having come up with a reason like that I could comfortably claim it as one of mine, but confidence in that fact gets lost, for lack of better phrasing, when you know that what you were thinking while writing that out was just how to intrigue the reader.

The more I think about my "reasons" the more pseudo-motives I come up with. It's like I'm diluting myself or something, stretching myself across more and more made up reasons.

Hell, knowing myself I'd unconsciously reject any uninteresting yet true motive just due to not wanting to acknowledge it. That I could still live with actually, if only it didn't make it this difficult to stick to one modus, to be true to one "fake," instead of flipping between personae without feeling any attachment to any of them.

That's what I meant with the conscious remembering at the start. Whenever I tackle something new these days, like a book, a skill to learn, making new acquaintances and so on, I make a sort of mental snapshot of the impression I originally held at the time, with the idea that it'll allow me to keep track of, well, the truth of myself, trifling it may be. A sort of anti-measure to giving myPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 15352

someone i hate just joined my newest circle of friends.
the reasons for my hatred are mostly (somewhat? i dunno) petty so i can't tell anyone, i guess i'll have to deal with seeing their face.
they don't remember me because i've glammed up since we were last acquainted, but. yeah. fuck i hate it so goddamn much
would not be so mad if they were also originally an anxious nut like me but she's a femchad w/ a ton of good friends that take her traveling and stuff!

Anonymous 15401

>and even damaged relationships with some good people due to a mindset warped by depression and BPD

What did you do?

Anonymous 15532

My current relationship is hanging on by a thread because my guy got complacent. He conquered me, his work is done. This seems common among my friends too. I'm deeply afraid that every man is like this. I think, if I run off with my friend, there's no guarantee he'll actually be a better partner in the end.

I have about a million excuses not to go through with it. Idk. Thanks for your response, though. It is a tough time. I'll be thinking about this a lot.

Screen Shot 2018-1…

ugh Anonymous 15196[Reply]

I know this might sound dumb but this is just some bs that I wanted to spill and vent about… so there is dude in my class and I found out that we have mutual friends and so at first i felt like i should just approach the guy and make a new friend but honestly thats hard af and its difficult to approach him and he doesn't seem to be very friendly to be real BUT he stares at me constantly and I can feel his attention on me in class… my friends and him work together and they tell me he has asked about me… and then it became really weird when one of my friends told me out of nowhere that they told him what I had said about him and it made him really upset and now he thinks i talk shit about him even though thats not true at all and i wasn't i was just saying how it is… i wasn't cool with my friend exposing that information and it was unclear as to how that was brought forth… and now it just brought on more intensity when im in class and its just draining and annoying and I am clear with my body language that i don't care that he's there or what he thinks but he won't stop looking at me and im just confused af

Anonymous 15197

If he still looks at you a lot he probably likes you.

Anonymous 15204

Pls greentext next time ffs

but yes I agree with the anon above me.

Anonymous 15205

damn im sorry i haven't been on here in a while :/

Anonymous 15249

>green text

And just go up to him and talk to him. You know he’s staring at you, and probably just wants to get to know you.


Boyfriend is mad at Anonymous 14412[Reply]

So some years ago I was kind of very open, I kissed a lot of guys, sent my nudes to guys over the internet, even gave a bj to a friend while drunk.
My bf thought I hadnt done any of those things, as we were still virgins when we met, then I confessed to him everything i've done and he feels "repulsed".
He says that he had no prior experience before knowing me, not even kissing a girl, and that its unfair for him.

What should I do?
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Anonymous 15241

What makes you think anon is a boy…?

Anonymous 15242

Because they bought into the modern idea that sex is nothing more than an exchanging of fluids. They're jealous of girls that get to have sex involving love. All they've known is sex that's essentially mutual masturbation.

They can't go back in time and change their decisions but they can at least convert someone else so they won't regret it so much anymore.

Anonymous 15244


You know, if you think >>15233 is a male, you should report the post so admins can check their history. NOT reply to them (I think that doing that can grant you a ban too), you should just ignore.

But really, there's nothing wrong with her post and her analogy??? I don't see why. It's easier to think you're the actual male and not that anon with your "you're not gonna spend your life with that person anyway!!", "sex with a dick is not as good as a wand, suck this boys~~~ :))".

Anonymous 15245

Correction: "if you think >>14982 is male"

Anonymous Moderator 15246

Just report posts and threads that you find suspicious, we will take care of them if necessary after checking the all the posts associated with the poster. Encouraging male anons by responding may result in a short ban.

We look into every report.


Girl crushes Anonymous 20[Reply]

Post your 3D waifus
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Anonymous 15228


Anonymous 15229


ntayrt but yes yes yes

Anonymous 15231


Anonymous 15232


Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 15282

Moved to >>>/img/4599.


last friend to be single Anonymous 15174[Reply]

Are any of you anons the last (or were the last for those with bfs/gfs) of your friends to be single?
How does it feel for you to be the last of your friends to be single?
Have your friends tried to set you up with someone?
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Anonymous 15199

I feel really bad for laughing at this

Anonymous 15201

Un ironically, this

Anonymous 15203


Anonymous 15210

hug shirt.jpg

I was going to say something like this earlier today but decided against it.

Lone wolf ftw

Anonymous 15214


Your post reminded me of that 80s werewolf movie Lone Wolf that I watched expecting a gore fest centered on a heroic lonesome terror that spreads its misery through bloodshed but instead got a cheesy teen movie highlighting how the power of friendship conquers monsters who deserve to lose, with not nearly enough violence to make up for it.
No, you only have yourself to answer, and often that self is more detrimental to your psyche than any friend could be by virtue of being the only voice you hear.


Anonymous 16589[Reply]

ITT: we post stupid problems that not many will share and may or may not be only in our heads

I can't stand looking at my face and wish I could cut it off and replace it. Don't even think it looks that bad, I'm just tired of looking at it. I don't allow candid pictures for this reason.
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Anonymous 16592

There is a single hair grows in the middle of my forehead away from the rest of my hairline. I've plucked it forever and it always comes back. One time I let it grow pretty long.

Anonymous 16593

My issue is that my reputation is cursed forever. I have been accused of being paranoid even though its normalized to gossip and talk about other people….? so its not dumb, its just people refuse to believe it or "be aware" of it.

Anonymous 16594


I get so bitter when I see people make friends with one another. Especially when they're people I wanted to talk to. I'm a pretty unpleasant (?) person, so most don't want to be bothered with me, and I know I'm not worth anyone's time, a friendship with me would never work, but it still hurts to see things happen I'll never be part of.
In the next life, I really do hope I'm able to have a few good friends to Rabb.it things with or go exploring the plains or, whatever is available.

Anonymous 16595

I feel exactly the same anon

Anonymous 16596

I know exactly what you mean. The skin on my body is absolutely fine but my face is scarred by over ten years of acne (and nothing to help it has worked well enough). Makes me feel very self-conscious.

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