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Anonymous 43030[Reply]

Every single one of you is Beautiful
Yeah. Even you

In your life there is at least 5 people who care about you.

Talk to men, get active in hobbies, and take care of yourselves. Drink plenty of water. I want to see every single one of you succeed. You can do it. I know you can. You know it, too.

Godspeed, anons. We're all gonna make it.

Anonymous 43193


Thank you anon… that was really nice..

Anonymous 43194


Thank you anon!! I love you

Anonymous 43405


This thread, especially the thread pic, have solved all my life problems, unironically

Anonymous 43545

I heart you whole heartedly anon poster you made my day this post will make my day any time some jerk butt ruins it. I thank you very very much.


Vent thread Anonymous 41254[Reply]

>>38741 last thread reached bump limit so I thought it would be a good idea to make a new one
A thread for talking about your problems and venting your frustrations.
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Anonymous 43516

>marries a Brown man
>Have kids with Brown man
>Is upset when her kids aren't as light skinned as she is
I hate myself and my whore mother

Anonymous 43517

God that's relatable why do white women do this.

Anonymous 43521

i may have fucked 61 people but i have more self-value than to be with a guy who shits in a bathtub and leaves it there.

Anonymous 43552

You didn't bang 61 moids in a week, you are a moid making shit up. It's impossible unless you are a pornstar doing gangbang scenes overworking every single day of those 7 days.

Lying is bad. Stop.

Anonymous 43566

need to watch lupi…

they never said a week… i'm pretty sure they meant 61 as a lifetime body count, where are you getting a week from here?

single and beautif…

Anonymous 30878[Reply]

>well over 33 years of age
>still single

At least I'm still good looking
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Anonymous 43505

I don't talk to the men in my courses. Simple as

Anonymous 43506

What kind of courses?

Anonymous 43507

The majority of my classmates are male, if that's what you're really asking.

Anonymous 43509

Nothing to do with dating and relationships but everyone must think you're a stuck up bitch if you don't talk to anyone.
I mean I hate people and I still like talking to them and would hate to be around people all the time and not talk to them.
But you do you. Not judging.

Anonymous 43511

Seethe more, normie.

fuschia orchids.jp…

How do you want to do stuff Anonymous 43486[Reply]

I just cba to do anything. All the things I was into like anime, movies, make-up, fashion, braiding, even pointless shit like watching anime and drinking just feels boring to me. I am always like "yeah I will do X later I cannot right now" and later usually never comes.

Only thing I enjoy nowadays is taking long contemplative walks at night or in a forest by myself so that i feel scared and unsafe. The danger is the only thing that makes me feel alive. Also smoking I guess.

Maybe it is just depression but I used to be a lot more depressed some years back when I did all that suff, nowadays I just feel sort of disappointed and bored.

Anonymous 43492

Have you tried physical activities

Anonymous 43497

You need to do something out of the ordinary to spark an interest in life again.
Anhedonia, but close enough.

Anonymous 43504

I mean, do the walks count?

I try and I usually like the stuff I try, but it just becomes like other stuff "wow I should really do X again it was so fun" but I never do

Anonymous 43510

I was thinking something more strenous. One hour every other day, your mind will come back around, i promise.


Anonymous 43494[Reply]

I took a plan b on the 7th of this month. I had my period on the 1st, but yesterday I started it again? I don’t know. I don’t know if my body is reacting to the plan b or I’m having a miscarriage or WHAT is going on. I was supposed to have it in THREE weeks, yet here I am having it the week after the other one. Kinda scared

Anonymous 43496

You aren't going to get a miscarriage from plan B. It's just messing with your hormones, causing you to experience changes to your normal menstrual cycle. Don't worry about it.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 43501

Moved to >>>/hb/9304.


/asdgen/ - Autism Spectrum Disorder general Anonymous 38848[Reply]

How many cafe goers are on the spectrum? Autism presents itself differently in women and is heavily underdiagnosed and/or misdiagnosed among women. Share your experiences, thoughts, or feelings about your experience with autism in this general.
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Anonymous 39415

Autism is only a deal breaker for shitty people unless it manifests in ways that make the autist an asshole. From what I understand from my friend with autism your best bet for getting better at social situations is figuring out the underlying mechanics behind social interaction since that's a lot easier to grasp for autists apparently and memorizing a script from a self help book is just a bad idea because you won't ever deviate from it depending on context which is just bad

Anonymous 43249

same. god i hate myself

Anonymous 43468

it's not a spectrum
it's over diagnosed
it's hard to find someone really struggling when everyone pretends

Anonymous 43470


Anonymous 43472

source of what?


Vent Thread Anonymous 38741[Reply]

A thread for getting things off your chest, say what's on your mind, organize your thoughts, anything goes.
We reached bump limit. Old thread: >>35766
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Anonymous 43309

The solution to that is to just automatically lock threads when they reach a certain age, if not a certain post count.

Anonymous 43315

I think the best method would be to lock or archive threads once they've been inactive for a week.
At that point of we want to bring up an old subject when can just make a new thread

Anonymous 43318

why bump to say this? they've probably migrated to the new vent thread now

Anonymous 43319

This could easily be solved by limiting the number of threads per a board from 950 to 100~150
Traffic is not the problem. 4chan/a/ has only 100 threads up at at time, for some godforsaken reason, admin thinks boards need 950 max threads. We certainly don't have 9.5 times the number of users 4chan has, I have no clue why we need this number of threads open at one time.
8chan already does this with each thread being archived once it falls off the board. No need to lock threads, just reduce the number of threads per a board and archive threads that fall off.

Anonymous Admin 43465

I can decrease the comment limit, please weigh in here: >>>/meta/3057

However, archiving threads in the sense that you're describing isn't possible with our current platform, they have to be manually locked - which is something we can start doing. I just think it'll lead to having the same basic conversations at the start of each new incarnation of a thread.


The "Sorry" Thread Anonymous 2969[Reply]

Have you ever wanted to apologise to someone but never had the chance or courage? Do you want to rehearse your words before you go through it? Just wanna vent on an apologetic note?

Write your feelings away.
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Anonymous 43360

Dear A,

I'm sorry for everything. If you ever wished karma could come back to me in full force for what I did to you, it did, and then some. It's okay. You're the only guy who ever actually loved me purely and i treated you like complete shit because I couldn't wrap my head around the idea of someone ever loving me. It's been ages and the guilt still haunts me. I hope you never think of me and are fully healthy and happy. I'm so sorry. I don't ever expect you to forgive me, that's entirely your call.

Dear J,

fuck you. My only apology was ever standing by you at any point. You've ruined so many people, myself very much included. I want to expose you but I can't. You've won. Congratulations. I hope your voice acting career plummets, you sick, sick pervert.


Anonymous 43374

Dear M,

Sorry for doing those things to you for all those months. I am sorry for continuing to keep a distance between us still. It will be worth the trouble, I’m sorry if you get impatient. I have so many insecurities I refuse to let even you see. They are my own wounds, I’d risk even you if it meant fixing them.

Anonymous 43428

Dear A,

You were always curious, and you were very gentle with me even when you didn't need to be and even though it wasn't in your nature to be. You made me laugh a lot and I wish I could've done the same for you. I know you've lost a lot of people and I wish I could've done more to help you through that. If only you had told me, but I understand why you didn't. I'm sorry I didn't communicate my emotions very well, I guess we had that in common. I just miss making you feel calm is all, I wish we had more time.

Yours, and nobody else's, - A

Anonymous 43455

joshua tomar finally exposed

Anonymous 43461

How can I fix it?


Self Harm (and related) General Anonymous 40410[Reply]

I haven't seen one yet and I want to discuss that shit.
Let's not post pics, though, don't think the mods would allow it anyway.

>Do you self harm?
>How do you do it? (cutting, punching, burning, etc.)
>What's the longest clean streak you've had?
>Do you have any tips on how to keep the urges at bay?
>Does it stem from your mental health issues if you have any?

Kind of side thing, but do any of you know how to be less of a toxic girlfriend? Whenever I relapse my boyfriend gets upset at me and I get spun the fuck out and treat people like shit. I don't really care about treating others badly, but I don't want him to leave me.
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 40421

Fuck no, as you can see.

Anonymous 40422

Not Op but the catalog is a mess. I would say there needs to be a way to purged old threads. But this site is too slow to care


Anonymous 40427

>Do you self harm?
>How do you do it? (cutting, punching, burning, etc.)
i cut my wrists & thighs, and will scratch ny skin to draw blood if i have no bladed available. i also have an eating disorder so i vomit up my meals.
>What's the longest clean streak you've had?
probably 6 months
>Do you have any tips on how to keep the urges at bay?
truthfully i focus myself on doing hobbies that require a full attention (video games, reading)
>Does it stem from your mental health issues if you have any?

Anonymous 43353

>Do you self harm?
Haven't properly self harmed in over a year, have been

>How do you do it? (cutting, punching, burning, etc.)

Cutting used to be my go-to (I have been self harming for 8 years or so now), now it is easier to hit myself or throw myself against a wall. Usually would cut with whatever I could, box razors, exacto knives (love the control you get with those), sometimes I would have nothing and I would break apart my shaving razors and use those. Sometimes i've been in such an upset haze ive used coat hangers or other pieces of metal to hurt myself. sometimes the urges come on so fast and so strong I use whatever I can to relive myself.

>What's the longest clean streak you've had?

Maybe a year or two from full blown cutting, but even during the "clean streaks" I have to fight the urges by digging my nails into my skin, or hitting myself.

>Do you have any tips on how to keep the urges at bay?

try to work on regulating your emotions, easier said than done. when I get swept up in my mood swings I try to stop for a second and think about it. I try to write lists of things I can do instead of cutting myself, like take a bath, allow myself to cry, wrap myself in a blanket. it's hard, but i always remind myself that now that im an adult i have control over more things than just cutting myself.

>Does it stem from your mental health issues if you have any?

yes. my self harm stems from my depression, adhd, and my not so good family dynamic i had growing up im sure. i have trouble regulating my emotions, and i use a lot of different negative forms of coping for my adhd and other issues. I used to cut myself for punishment, just to feel something, etc. lots of different reasons! it used to be my go-to for many years so that's why I still think about it all the time. now i drink or smoke. not a better option but hey

Anonymous 43357

Rest well, anon.


Medication/anti-depressants thread Anonymous 40156[Reply]

Who else here is medicated? I've been on sertralin for a couple months now and I hate it. I feel nauseous and my appetite and enjoyment of food has completely left me, I've lost a good deal of weight. Anyone else here have any experience with anti depressants?
8 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 40175

the logic is that being depressed stresses you out, and being stressed for long periods of time damages your body. therefore, depression damages your body.

Anonymous 40179

One way of putting it but yeah

Anonymous 40409


Any advice for someone trying to become less dependent and get off of zoloft?

Anonymous 43349

Was on lexapro for a bit, stopped after 2-3 months because i decided to keep abusing drugs than medicating. anyway, the lexapro helped calm my thoughts down but i knew it wasn't what i needed (i have adhd, really would be better on adhd meds than ssri's for my depression, i can manage my depression better than my adhd). I remember when being on lexapro it dulled my emotions a bit, my sex drive was lowered, but my thoughts were much calmer and a bit slowed down which i enjoyed.

I would not go on ssri's again though.

Anonymous 43412

FYI guys if your meds still make you feel like shit after a month, ask your doc for something different jfc.

Get friends who care about you.

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