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B&J’s Anonymous 51617[Reply]

Before the crying is done, you have to pick one.

I choose New York Super Fudge Chunk, paired with a Bergman film.
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Anonymous 52192

It's not like the majority of other ice cream companies are going to be better morally.

Anonymous 52196

this is cancel culture, smh anon

Anonymous 52199

this is your brain on pol

Anonymous 52242

I'd like my ice cream companies to serve ice cream, not preach and push for shit policies for the country
Vote with your dollar, its the only vote that matters

Anonymous 52243

>far-left corporation
lolwut. you know having "woke" advertising that appeals to gullible troons and libfems doesn't make a company far-left, right? It just makes you good at advertising in an age where libfeminism is popular. Gotta appeal to the majority to maximise profit, ya know? It's just basic economics.
I pick coffee. This thread makes me really want some coffee icecream right now.


anyone else? Anonymous 52215[Reply]

Post a question to ask if anyone else feels the same way.
MNE: Is anyone else generally a bitch off of CC because they just think of others as normalfags and do not really care abut their bullshit in general?
I know this is wrong but I cannot really empathize with normalfags I do not wish ill on them I just cannot care about their problems but when I read a Cafe poster share about some problem even if minor it hits me emotionally.
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Anonymous 52223

implying that male incels are more self-aware, humble, and introspective than normie males. kek.

Anonymous 52224

Everything about this is wrong. It’s almost like you can’t judge people correctly because you don’t talk to them enough.

Anonymous 52225

God I wish I could get rid of it. My life has taken some odd turns and now I don't relate to normies because I feel like nobody really knows me because the things that make me feel so isolated are things I can't talk about with anyone because the vast majority wouldn't know what I'm talking about and those who do would have the power to ruin my life.

Anonymous 52226

haters make me famous tier cope

Anonymous 52227

In what fucking universe?


Anonymous 52141[Reply]

i just want to kill myself at this point. my boyfriend is always belittling me, yelling at me, and making me cry. he only loves me on his time. i got my period last night and woke up today feeling sick and dizzy and asked him to help and he said he isnt a doctor and started yelling at me which made me bawl crying. he said im an annoying childish bitch and should go to the hospital and he said im gaslighting him and started mocking me and recording me…but i just feel like having a break down because of how he treats me. i told him the way he treats me makes me suicidal because i just want it to end and i told his mother if she knew what i can do, meds or what not, because my boyfriend isnt being helpful (she lives near us and helps often) but the. quickly told her nevermind that i need to just go home to get away from this.

he says i shouldnt have involved her and i know i shouldnt have but i dont know who else to tell or talk to. i have nobody and whenever he acts changed or like he loves me this happens again. i have no family here and i start a new job monday and no way to support myself. i dont want to just abandon the job or my kittens and im so lost. is killing myself the only way out? or is it my fault and i just should leave for good to rid him of me? ive tried to be a good girlfriend. i clean, take care of our pets, buy him things he needs when hes tight with money, etc. but i dont know what ive done to deserve this. i dont mean to be sensitive but im feeling really ill and i just asked if he could help me or get me medicine. i feel like im at a breaking point and want to kill myself just to escape this. but then i guess that makes me crazy or something. i just want to be happy but how can icfucking do that please im just so sick of this i just wanted medicine and a hug or kiss
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Anonymous 52178

>how he ends up crying and apologizing or making me feel guilty
>hes even said if i leave one day he will kill himself (but then he yells at me to leave when he doesnt want me around)
You're definitely being abused; call his suicide bluff once you've saved enough and gotten out and away safely.

Anonymous 52182

It is always your choice what you do with your life but if you think you may be able to enjoy it without him and with a loving partner instead it is one thing to keep alive for but ultimately we all die and life is full of suffering I do think that ig there is a chance to enjoy life you should go for it as many do not have that option and we do not even need to know the full story here to see he is just a dick and should be abandoned.

You deserve better than he does he does not even care if you feel awful how is that love? he is not in love he is in love with controlling you and probably the sex but clearly does not care about you.

Anonymous 52184

Your bf is a terrible person, I hope one day you’re able to leave him and be happy. Please don’t kill yourself

Anonymous 52185

this sounds like a textbook unhealthy relationship (and quite an egregious one). get out at all costs, happiness will return to you in time

Anonymous 52204

i kinda hope it isnt a bluff and nobody else should feel guilty if he follows through.


Anonymous 43030[Reply]

Every single one of you is Beautiful
Yeah. Even you

In your life there is at least 5 people who care about you.

Talk to men, get active in hobbies, and take care of yourselves. Drink plenty of water. I want to see every single one of you succeed. You can do it. I know you can. You know it, too.

Godspeed, anons. We're all gonna make it.
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Anonymous 43405


This thread, especially the thread pic, have solved all my life problems, unironically

Anonymous 43545

I heart you whole heartedly anon poster you made my day this post will make my day any time some jerk butt ruins it. I thank you very very much.

Anonymous 48597


Thank you very much anon!

Anonymous 52169

a positive thread

Anonymous 52186

>Talk to men
No. Why would I do that?


living with STD Anonymous 50719[Reply]

Around 3 months ago I caught genital herpes, and my mental health has just deteriorated. I'm legitimately terrified of dying alone.

Anyone else in the same boat? Coping tips? Whatever??
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Anonymous 51265

it wont benefit you in the longrun, you might get beaten up or something if he finds out, better not risk it

Anonymous 51275


80% of ppl with genital herpes dont get any symptoms what so ever, so not the baddest odds lmao

Anonymous 51309


I've had a few coldsores in my life and never thought it was a big deal until talking to anglos online.

What's the verdict, will I be able to kiss again?

>at anime cons
howww? I tried socializing at one in 2019 and only made one (qt) female friend. How do I get in on that weeb action?

Anonymous 51349

It helps if you already know a few people but you can also meet some through panels and stuff. My method is to find the hotel room parties through those fb groups and get drunk. I've met a number of good friends and decent partners this way.
The drinking helps with the autism. If you're not 21+ then cosplay photoshoots/fan meetups are good options.

It'll happen for you eventually, it's especially hard rn to meet people because of the rona but the std isn't a death sentence or the plague.
Just hold out until it's easier to go outside and meet people!

Anonymous 51350

as someone else her has pointed out, the worst part really is the stigma. if it was a recurrent thing that happened on, say, your elbow - fun fact, you could get it there, or anywhere, in theory, if you had an open wound - then you nor anyone else would really care. it's sexual, so we immediately perceive it as a bigger deal

i have it, too. just be upfront about it. the key is to treat it as if it's not a big deal, which it won't be if you don't make it out to be. joke about it. say you've actually got type three and that anyone who fucks you is guaranteed to birth an alien by age 50, but your reviews say that the sex is worth it. then, after the laughs are over, say that it is what it is, and it's up to them to decide>>50719

i used to be like you, i felt like i wanted to kill myself because my partner didn't even tell me they had it before giving it to me. but, i switched up my mentality, and i have never had anyone refuse to have sex with me (or enter into a relationship with me) because of it


I worry I’ll never be ready to have kids Anonymous 48826[Reply]

I’m 25, and quite a few of my peers are already mothers. The others talk of this desire to have kids that I just don’t have yet. I did always think I wanted children, and I’m scared of being an old lady with no one to visit me, but I can’t see myself ever wanting to give up living a (kind of) carefree inner city life, doing cool shit and hanging out. Does this change as you get older? Does anyone feel the same? I think maybe I’m just kind of selfish, I don’t really want to give up focusing on myself.
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Anonymous 52128


>through peers/media/school/uni/internet
I wonder who controls those cultural institutions…

Anonymous 52129

What the fuck? Are you trying to bring up the fucking Jews? I'm a jew you colossal fucking retard.

Anonymous 52130

So every tranny from a nuclear family you know became a tranny because of something entirely different from conservative gender roles

Anonymous 52131


>I'm a Jew
An unfortunate fate, but you there's still hope. Repent, sinner; uproot your Jewish ways and let the power of Christ compel you with his awesome love.

Anonymous 52140


Alrighty, I’m gonna rant

Literally if you aren’t “ready for kids” just don’t have them right now. Simple as.
Believe it or not, many women wait until their 30’s to have kids, even ones who gasp got picked and married young. Yes, even 50-60 years ago that was the case.
Maybe it’s just my country, but I’m around your age anon and while people my age are starting to have kids, it’s never the ideal situation all mixed race babies born to single mothers. I don’t care but I’m sure the /pol/ refugee shitting up the thread does Most high-caste normies in their mid-20s may be engaged and getting married, but they’re not necessarily popping out babies yet. They need to get their doctorate or secure a spot on the waitlist at a good daycare or some shit. You’re ok, trust me. The feeling to have kids may come or it won’t AND THAT’S OK ANON. Seriously, there’s enough kids on earth. The breeder life isn’t for everyone, even if your older female relatives and 20 year old boys on the internet tell you it is.
I’ll end this clusterfuck of a post with a cheeky playgirl billionaire quote for you
“Don’t accept criticism from people who you would not ask for advice”

Pic unrelated and saged for excessive autism


Anonymous 1167[Reply]

Can we have a wholesome thread?

Post memes, stories, anything uplifting. <3
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Anonymous 17716


This pic is my life in a nutshell. T.T

>>2074 omg my heart

>>1870 I love birds so much

Anonymous 21480

Anonymous 32807


3 - 2 - 1 - REVIVE!

Anonymous 32815

What in the name of hecc and all that is holy

Anonymous 52111

Are you still friends?


/asdgen/ - Autism Spectrum Disorder general Anonymous 38848[Reply]

How many cafe goers are on the spectrum? Autism presents itself differently in women and is heavily underdiagnosed and/or misdiagnosed among women. Share your experiences, thoughts, or feelings about your experience with autism in this general.
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Anonymous 51988

recently got diagnosed. i went to see a specialist for what i thought what just ADHD. turns out i'm also on the spectrum. i was surprised and frustrated (though looking back and thinking about it it makes complete sense), my friends tell me they are not surprised, which makes me feel bad that i never realized. i just never considered it before.

Anonymous 51990


before my diagnosis i knew there was something off with me, but as a child my parents didn't really give a fuck so i had to search up stuff and diagnose myself.
first was bpd, but i never did that crazy manipulative sexual whatever thing
second ptsd/cptsd, but the trauma wasn't that serious i assume
then finally the 'tism and it made some fucking sense, especially when looking back into retarded and seemingly random ritualistic things i did as a child, such as obsessing over the number 7, never, ever wanting to be the last one in a line, etc. i fucking went into rage mode and REEEEEE'd when something went wrong which made me into an easy target for bullying.
also never wanting to talk about stuff that isn't my special interest (shit i obsess over and over and what brings me extreme happiness and comfort, no matter how disgusting and/or antisocial the interest is) at the time. even got into huge trouble for obsessing over school shooters
my little brother is also a retard but he never got a proper ASD diagnosis, only a possibility of it even though he has a lot of autismo traits. he does have a development disorder diagnosis but it's mostly blamed on him hitting his head with something very early in age my mother blamed me for it, saying i hit him on the head to make her feel bad

Anonymous 51992

I'm technically diagnosed with it, but I'm pretty certain I'm not. My only experience is people constantly telling me I'm clearly autistic, without being able to clearly explain why, and lowering their expectations for everything I do.

Anonymous 52032

then what do you think about number 9?
i've had a dumb childhood ritual that when i've seen a 9 on the clock, be it a second, minute, hour, etc i just HNNNNNGed up until it became a round number again

Anonymous 52110

i was diagnosed with asperger's at 14. i remember getting "tested" in a hospital by a lady who made me play with toys and make up stories to go along with them, asking if i had any friends and whatnot. the whole thing was kind of hokey to me and i sometimes i doubt my diagnosis on account of that, and also just because i was young and probably didn't know how to respond to questions like that correctly, or differentiate when i actually experienced a symptom to a degree that would be clinically significant. i have some autistic friends and in general i can relate to a lot of their experiences, like with obsessions, not being able to pick up on social cues, "masking" my behavior especially as a girl, etc, i'm still just not sure how to know if that actually means anything or not

after hearing about getting diagnosed, my dad made me start to talk to some lady called a light worker, because he was convinced that autism isn't real and it was just the gubberment making up fake diseases so kids would be sent to therapy and turned into sheeple, that autistic kids were actually these things called crystal children that had souls from stars and were supposed to help humans with their next stage of evolution or some new age shit like that. i was young and didn't really know what to make of it, and just kept talking to this lady and doing the palliative woo woo shit. as i got older i started reading stuff about the barnum effect and how parents that were convinced of their "crystal children" were often narcs and that abused their kids. i'm glad i just dismissed him as a paranoid retard and never got too deep into it, but the whole thing has kind of dissuaded me from getting real help


Anonymous 52081[Reply]

I am a literal autist, I was diagnosed with it by two separate pediatricians. Most people treat me like dog shit because they can tell that something is off about me, so to higher-functioning spergs or those who have known spergs: how do I make being a sperglady less obvious?

Anonymous 52082

Depends how autistic you are if you are not high functioning you may just be fucked as you will never learn the social rules but some mid functioning people can at least learn to act more normal.
Talk to a lot of people and observe social interaction maybe read about sociology and psychology.
Good luck.

Anonymous 52084

Okay so i'm an autist just like you, plus i'm a neet that failed social interaction. Generally rule of thumb is before saying something i think to myself "Ok,is this a socially acceptable thing to say? Would saying this make people like me or hate me more?" and even though i'm highly opinionated and like talking about stuff to people it's better a lot of the time for someone like us to not speak at all, sadly. Because as the other anon said we might just be fucked because we're expected to learn that in our childhood.

Anonymous 52085

Social interaction is far more complex than that and just asking what is socially acceptable is not always enough but a good idea.
The way I see autism is this: An autist may be able to learn how to behave in a certain social situation that is very specific but will not learn the actual rules as to why it is either bad or good within that situation.

It is like learning 1+1=2 but not knowing 1+2+3 for example because you do not understand anything in a deeper way.

Social interaction is insanely complex and for a non autist they do not even understand it because a lot of it is unconscious such as picking up on microexpressions and body language and sadly autists behave strange and look odd to the point that a normie can see them walking and tell straight away that "something is up" with them.


Anonymous 52071[Reply]

I'm a flat-chested girl and i hate hucows!!

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 52086

Moved to >>>/hb/10525.

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