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Anonymous 21275[Reply]

I haven't really made any new friends since I left high school. Well, that's not exactly true, but I haven't made any friends that I hang out with outside of class really.

It's been three years since I graduated. I don't know what's wrong with me. I used to have friends I did things with regularly.

Does anyone else have this problem? Am I just a schizoid?

Anonymous 21277



But are you in college at-least? or are you still in hometown, college offers plenty of opportunities to make friends. However staying in hometown and working is more lonely since

1) most people your age are not there
2) the few people who are, are busy with work

I think it's in agreement that highschool is the time where you make the most amount of friends, not necessarily those bonds being deep though

3 (1).0.jpg

Talk about how you suffered as a child Anonymous 20177[Reply]

Share how you suffered as a child or what scarred you as child.
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Anonymous 20423

I'm not suicidal. All things considered my needs are met as I am. I live in a nice house in a crime free area of a 1st world country and don't want for anything. My life is pretty good. I'm like a retired spinster at 34. I'm getting too old to consider having children anyways so it's probably too late. So my legacy won't be in genetic form. I'm not big on legacy anyways because I'm pretty nihilistic at this point. Not depressingly so but if nothing matters you can make the individual moment matter more than living in the past memories or future hopes and worries. That's pretty freeing. I can't do much irl because of the illness but we live in a technological age where I can get anything I need delivered to my door and talk to people all over the world any time I want and without any worry. This is the golden age for people in my situation. How could I not be content in this world? Eventually I had to realize my limits and I have met them so I would call that a success. It's a little sad that the bar is low for potential for myself but there's no use hoping for things that can never happen. My grandfather was blind but he reached his potential without the ability to see and was a success because of that. My legacy will be the positive influences I put out to the world hopefully make enough ripples to make the world a better place for a while. I'm happy if that's what I can do.

Anonymous 20431

Anon… you're not very bright, you're trying to give input on situations you don't fully understand or comprehend, it's time to stop.

Anonymous 20433

Yeah, I guess it's probably too late in that case. Be sure to get your prescription upped. Good luck anon.

Anonymous 20435

Thank you.

Anonymous 21253

Literally a movie-tier life story. I'd pay to see this.

Shiina Mashiro.jpg

/Aspie/ Feels and Vent Anonymous 19645[Reply]

Non-spergs are welcome to join in too, but, this is a thread about all the bad (and good I suppose) feels that are a part of a spergy life.
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Anonymous 21047

>Flipping an egg

As in a fried egg? Why are you flipping it? Just spoon oil on the top. You crazy Americans, next you'll be telling me you keep uncooked eggs in the fridge or something…

Anonymous 21050

>keep uncooked eggs in the fridge
Are you not supposed to?

Anonymous 21198


I'm 21 and I just accepted I will never know how to tie my shoes at this point. I just wear laceless shoes now. I get comments sometimes "are you just coming from work."

Anonymous 21233

American eggs should be kept refrigerated until they're cooked, because our eggs/hens are raised in deplorable conditions that give rise to a lot of nasty stuff in unrefrigerated uncooked eggs. The rest of the world doesn't have this problem on nearly such a scale, which is why you'll often see Japanese just eating raw egg like it's no big deal.

Anonymous 21244

>> Usually it's so bad I have my father tie my shoes for me

That is super cute, I wish I had a dad :(


Anonymous 21053[Reply]

Tfw:posts comment on meme page receives dick pics and tit requests for three days…
Anyone else relate?

Anonymous 21070

Who knew people into memes were abnormal blokes heh

Anonymous 21096

It's like the internet houses the insane

Anonymous 21144

I haven't been able to maintain presence on any form of social media because of this. Even down to QUIZ UP. I CANNOT PLAY QUIZ UP BECAUSE OF CONSTANT CREEPY BROKEN-ENGLISH DMS

Anonymous 21156

no, people just become crazier on internet

Anonymous 21669


ah these are the best

>yes helo i have big balls u want slut

>you have turkish cock beofre white bitch
>you want slut
>fuck you cunt have rape

holy god

a friend.jpg

Anonymous 20905[Reply]

anyone else here /bpd/? this is hell
i either cant form a connect to someone, or i do and then when they dont respond fast enough or if they make other good friends (specifically female) i get so so so so so jealous and it hurts so much. i hate this

William-Adolphe Bo…

Growing up in a religious household or community Anonymous 3316[Reply]

Did it fuck you up? How?
Did it help you in the long run?
Are you still religious? If yes, how much?
Do you wish you were raised like other people?
Is your family still very religious?

Share and discuss.

Just looking to relate to other people as my upbringing fucked me up in many aspects, but I am thankful for several things as well.

Should I post this to /b/? Not sure. I know we already have a thread asking if anons believe in god, so I wanna hear from people who were raised to do so.
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Anonymous 20791


>Did it fuck you up? How?
I had cognitive dissonance between my sexuality and my beliefs, which definitely fucked with me for a while. I've had romantic feelings for women for as long as I can remember, but when those feelings became sexual in my preteens I was plagued with anxiety and depression. I'd often go to bed crying and praying for God to take those feelings away. I still haven't come out to anyone even though I know my parents would accept me.
>Did it help you in the long run?
Praying has always been a good coping mechanism for me. I still believe in God and there are several moments in my life in which I think divine intervention was involved.
>Do you wish you were raised like other people?
There were a ton of problems in my family but I don't think religion was ever the stem of the problem. Both my parents had really terrible childhoods and that showed in how they treated my siblings and me.
>Is your family still very religious?
They've pretty much stopped going to church completely in my late teens. One of my sisters flip-flops between Catholicism, Buddhism, and atheism, but I think it's because she's going through an edgy phase.

Anonymous 21063

>religion keeps the waman in check! waman will be happier if they only have sex within a marriage!
also men
>lol fuck religious chastity imma go cheat on my gf/wife with escorts and fap to 20 year olds nudes well into my 70's, dont tell me how to control my peepee God

I wish I could kill my dad and every other "religious" scumbag out there. If hell really is real, they should all burn there forever.

Anonymous 21065

You can tell they're genuine Christians when they have about 144 children.

Anonymous 21083

Mom is very Catholic and dad is a theologian for the Catholic Church.
You bet my family is religious.
Did it fuck you up? How?
Did it help you in the long run?
I think so. I can always count on my education to help me figure out what to do.
Are you still religious? If yes, how much?
Very religious still, yes.
Do you wish you were raised like other people?
I was??? Almost everyone I know is at least a little religious
Is your family still very religious?
Yes, very.

I think that it helps that my parents mean it. Mom is constantly helping other people and I have never in my life hear her utter a harsh word about another person. My father has strict limits but is very loving and let us all be us, I guess is how to put it?One thing I am told is unusual is my parents always apologized to us,
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 21093

Mt father, close quote,
"90% of what is said about any Pope is hearsay and gossip, but it is very bad now. The Church has people in it, and people sin. We cannot approve but condemning the Church for the sins of men is like blaming a school when a student sins. Punish the person. The Church always needs reform because it is full of people."


Who else here /middleofnowhere/? Anonymous 20872[Reply]

>Be me
>23 years old
>Live in the North of England so everything is expensive and moving out of my parents house isn't an option
>Trying to make a career in a creative field
>Don't drive
>Transport links from my shitty tiny town in the middle of nowhere to the city are abysmal
>Tfw constantly being turned down for jobs due to location
>Absolutely no career options closer to home
>Literally being cucked out of making a life for myself due to this

Anyone else feel absolutely hopeless sometimes? People who live in suburbs near the city don't know how fucking lucky they are, the world is their goddamn oyster. It's honestly so depressing to be stuck in a dead end town where everyone knows who you are when you go out. It's so freeing to be in the city and to just blend in with everyone.

Also just general /inthemiddleofnowhere/ feels
7 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 20915

One state away isn't awful, unless someone is dying soon or needs a lot of support you can manage the drive for holidays or when you need to see them. Minneapolis/surrounding smallish towns area has a lot of opportunity.

Anonymous 20916

That's 100% how I feel and I'm 29 now. Everyone has been driving since they turned 18 here and I'd just be completely overwhelmed. If I did something wrong and someone honked at me, I'd just freeze. Literally - I'd just stop the car and panic and not know what the fuck to do. No matter where I'd be at the time. So no thanks, I'll just stick to public transit, even if it's a total pain. I cherish the times I can afford a taxi or someone pays for it for business reasons.

Anonymous 20918

Everyone feels that way when they start. It goes away with practice. Also, not everyone is a great driver, even if we think we all are. I hate being a passenger with some people, but I haven't found anyone uncomfortable with me driving, so I usually am the driver and we have no problems. If you ever do decide you start, just remember that there is always more road and most people are observant, you can always keep going with the flow of traffic if you miss an exit or whatever. Insurance does suck but I literally couldn't hold the job I have or enjoy several hobbies without personal transport.

Anonymous 20954

That's pretty much the situation, a family member that needs care daily. I don't know how people dealt with being out here before the internet… The only thing to do here is go to the little bar and get hit on by the bottom of the barrel dudes from my high school or go drive an hour to the nearest Wal-Mart.

Anyways I digress. Are you in Minnesota, sis?

Anonymous 21000

Born and raised. Getting super sick of the cold, though. What keeps me here now is the dying years of older relatives and my current company. If you decide to check out Minneapolis, don't actually look to live in the big city, live in a town a bit away from it like Watertown, Chaska, Chanhassen, etc. Very suburban/borderline rural but the job market still reaches out there.


Porn and Envy Anonymous 20008[Reply]

I was using my boyfriend's computer today and saw porn pop up from the search tab. I don't mind him looking at it but it makes me kinda sad that the girls he looks at look nothing like me at all. They're actually quite opposite of me. There's a bunch of results and I don't know if I shouldn't say anything or if i should tell him im uncomfortable.
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Anonymous 20964


pretty much the same thing happened to me OP
>borrow bf's laptop to send an email and fuck around on tumblr, porn pops up as suggested link
>laugh but don't bring it up or say anything
>i don't watch porn but i realize it's a thing most other people do, so whatever
>lots of time passes
>ask bf how much he jerks off
>he deflects the question, looks uncomfortable, "o-only when i'm bored"
>go through his browser's history and this fucker watches porn almost every day
>it's all mostly JAV or costhots/stolen patreon lewd upload sites

why'd he lie to me…hurts my feelings…

Anonymous 20969

Come on! We're on an anonymous imageboard. What did you expect? Normal people or something? Lol.
So you're saying here that which chart is wrong? Male, female or both? Just because proportions are wrong doesn't mean the whole idea is wrong. Which sex have more narcissists on a high horses?
Also theoretically this chart is right. If majority of women is average, then they would rate men mostly as below average. If most of men are bottom feeders then they wouldn't rate majority of women as below average; they'd rate them as good looking because beggars can't be choosers.
I'd be more worried about him not saving all his cummies for me than about his preferences.

Anonymous 20971

I agree with that post

Anonymous 20975

>>this fucker watches porn almost every day
How close are you to him? I think this might be a cry for help.

Anonymous 20978


maybe he doesn't want his cool gf to know he's a loser that watches porn. (not trying to call him a loser, just that this may be how he thinks) i'm sure you have things about yourself that you'd rather he not know, so no shame in that.

also do you guys share a laptop or something? if not, you snooping through his pc's history is sort of. uncomfortable.

+ do you guys have sex often? do you guys enjoy having sex with one another?
maybe y'all just need to link up more, & he'll stop watching so much porn. like if it seriously bothers you


Sexuality Anonymous 17343[Reply]

Is it normal to start having sexual feelings about a different sex than I have previously liked at a late teen age? I have way passed puberty, but some things are…stirring in me about women. Is this normal to have? Thanks anons.
4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 17843

yeah, its common.
Found out I'm bi one day with a close friend after some drinking.
Helped me be introspective too

Anonymous 17852


Anonymous 17854

Always appreciate a good earthbound reference

Anonymous 17908

how is any of that cringe

Anonymous 20815

this post just sent me to 2014 tumblr and i don't like it


Anonymous 17821[Reply]

309 posts and 51 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 20508

>Guys will add anyone because they know no matter who they add, they aren't going to have 50 thirsty people bothering them
What about guys with low self-esteem who, if approached by a girl out of the blue and asked for their number, would immediately assume the girl must be a stacy, or have been dared by staceys, playing a cruel prank on him?
I just think it would be better to become acquaintances with him in public social situations first before attempting to initiate one-on-one contact, lest it seem too good to be true.

Anonymous 20509

Bear in mind that not everyone is a fit for everyone else. That story does sound unusual, but on the other hand I know that there are a lot of robots who would find such a direct, candid approach very refreshing. That's not to say it will necessarily work for this guy, but I don't think you need to feel like it's you who must radically change. Your pool of potential matches might be smaller than average, but it's still there if you don't mind having to spend more effort than average looking for it.

Anonymous 20510

There is a lot to break down here.
On your green text here is my highlight points for you, you treated the date as almost like a job interview or if this was some meeting through a dating agency. Quizzing someone on a date can be a bit weird, it's like they are on trial and you have an internal checklist that you are comparing the answers to, to see if they are worth anything. I will admit, even though I'm forward too, I wouldn't have said "and have romantic intentions" part. I would have left it as a date, the rest is implied. You're right, you have a bit less tact, but I'm seeing two different games going on here. You haven't figured out the happy medium of direct interaction but not EXTREMELY direct. You can take it to an extreme level.

With that said, with your question, I think you should try talking to him and say something simple like "I'd like to get to know you more! Do you have a way we can talk outside of school?" and just try to have a casual conversation with him on terms that might be less stressful for him. You're trying exceptionally hard to get this persons attention and I believe they either A. don't care, or B. don't notice. You just gotta go for it, because wasting a semester like this isn't good for you especially if you're just trying to figure out if he's into you or not.

He's lost if he thinks like that. You are better off not interacting with people like that who assume every interaction with someone with the opposite sex is some high school grade shame prank. More often than not you will see highly sexist things come out eventually and probably thinks like an /r9k/ robot and will turn into a douche after gaining confidence that they are desirable.

Anonymous 20512

It would be really strange for him to think that specifically, I'm not Stacey-passing at all. Or even Becky-passing.
Not that I'm a frumplet, I just dress differently than most people where I live (think vintage inspired business casual) and wear glasses some days.
I can see him being nervous because I'm a girl, but assuming that it's a prank is really out there.
>quizzing someone can be a bit weird
Oh no, I kind of pulled this with my first interaction with this boy, too. But didn't ask him on a date so it was probably even weirder. Fuck I'm bad at this.
Regardless I definitely don't intend for this nonsense to go on for the whole semester, I'll try to settle it within the week. Your advice sounds good, I'll go for it next time I can feasibly snag him for a conversation. But definitely before the weekend.
tbf we really weren't a good fit, he's also quite social while I'm (evidently) not. It's for the best nothing happened there lol.
I'll try my best to be forward-but-not-too-forward.

Anonymous 20513

Best of luck to you, at least some of us won't be dying alone.

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