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Single Pringles Anonymous 3963[Reply]

Singles general. How long have you been single? How do you feel about it?
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Anonymous 38947

I've been single for a year now. My last relationship was awful because my bf was a dumb military jock. We exchanged very cheesy letters during his serving time, which was like solace to me. He would write sweet nothings about offering me all his time and attention in the world. However when he got back, he immediately got to ignoring me. He would just be online posting about how he wants to fuck art hoes (which I'm not) and write paragraphs about Satoshi Kon movies. I ended up breaking up with him, to which he started sadposting about his ex he dated for like 3 weeks before he dated me.

It was honestly a blow to my confidence and I'm glad I ended things with that military NEET.

Anonymous 38948

>top two thirds
I had to do a double take when I remembered two thirds was a majority. Men send most of their messages to a majority of women.

Anonymous 38954


>tfw pretty sure this was me
>tfw still single
Oh well, at least my mental health is better. I was a whole ass other person that year and had just stopped self-harming; now I love myself and have two good frens.

Anonymous 38958

>How long have you been single?
23 yrs
>How do you feel about it?
i feel

Anonymous 39003

>How long have you been single?
22 years
>How do you feel about it?
I honestly don't care that I'm single.


Difficult Room-mates, Feels plus Advice Anonymous 37804[Reply]

Has anyone lived with or currently live with someone, a room-mate, a friend, a relative, that they didn't get along with or that was mean to them?

Feels, I guess, plus advice?
How did you survive? (Did you?) What advice do you have? What would you do different? What do you suggest others do?
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Anonymous 38471

(I'm guessing you're the same person?)

I don't really care about him anymore, at this point, I'm barely keeping from axe-murdering him. He's told me he thinks my boyfriend's cheating on me with a young girl.

What I want to know is whether I can actually trust my boyfriend?
Do I trust the psychological observations of someone I don't trust? Do I take it as pure data, or is biased, due to him being untrustworthy?
Are his behavioural observations and criteria compromised?

Do I trust the person I love most in the entire existence of eternity when it's damn near impossible for me to trust anyone anymore?

Anonymous 38474

Yes you can trust your bf.
No you shouldn't trust your roommate.
Super biased, give his claims about your bf negative weight.

Have you talked with your bf about him?

Anonymous 38491

you were pretty dumb to let a guy like that into your home, and quite irresponsible to expose him to your friends, has to be said anon…..

Anonymous 38492

>Is the insanity on my part or his?
Both, your relationship is codependent. You both sound like broken people, albeit we're only hearing one side.
To experience intimacy is to make yourself vulnerable. I wouldn't take the advice of a scumbag. The only way to truly know is to confront your boyfriend though. If you can't trust him enough to confront him with your feelings, do you even trust him?

Anonymous 38494

literally what. it's obvious he's telling you that because he wants to take advantage of you. trust your boyfriend, cut the other guy out of your life.


Anonymous 37186[Reply]

>tfw no girl group of internet friends

men suck and their shitty discord servers
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Anonymous 38131

ah nevermind, it's against the rules. Brutal no frenspill

Anonymous 38156

I have a girl group, what are your discord tags?

Anonymous 38182

times like these make me miss my cringy and mildly toxic roleplaying days on skype. i don't wanna be friends with e-girls/streamers, just a common interest and passion… ;_;

Anonymous 38184

Someone made a group already, you can DM the person's discord info above and ask for an invite.

Anonymous 38200

The only female friends I have are normie "Mom friends" and it's hell. Never have kids.


Online fame and paranoia Anonymous 3766[Reply]

I'm probably going to get some hate for this, but here we go.

I have a slightly successful YouTube channel and a pretty slow thread on lolcow /snow/. Through mutual interests, I've met a girl, and we've developed a mutual crush on each other.

Unfortunately, I found out she's in the lolcow discord. Now I can think about is whether or not she's a farmer trying to get close to gossip about me. I know it sounds self important but I've been catfished before due to my online presence. What do I do? How fucked am I?
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Anonymous 5406

You're a piece of shit. I pray that you leave this girl alone and that she doesn't/gotten invested in you.

Anonymous 6024

Wow I sure ruffled some feathers.

One of my friends (male) told me he suspects his gf of cheating on him. I befriended her online with someone else's photos but as a fellow girl. Hoping she would tell me about her love life. Long story short the male (my friend) was abusive to her and all her sneaking and asking about his schedule was in order to plan moving out without him realizing until she was gone.

Anonymous 6025

And you have a share of that abuse by partaking in his surveillance plot.
If you tell her, she will be broken. But if she's already emotionally invested in you, leaving without coming clean will only cause confusion and guilt. Anon I think your best option here is slowly stepping back and letting her lose interest by herself. There's no way out of this without someone being hurt.

Anonymous 36248

>I would not trust anyone in the lolcow discord as someone who has no online persona.
This. I wouldn't trust a person who's part of a community who feeds off of other people's apparent flaws. lolcow is r9k tier to me

Anonymous 36280

Oh wow. I've actually had similar experience. Turns out you cannot trust anyone if you're even remotely famous, unless they're independently successful themselves. (I'm not even a famous persona or anything close to that, just well known in a niche online community.) You shouldn't be paranoid but just careful and be slow on letting people into your private life, and bail if someone seems super impatient to get near you.


/exfeels/ Anonymous 20981[Reply]

what are your relationship with your exes like?

>ex 1, female, online, a few years ago - she ghosted me after we broke up, we were best friends since i was 8

whenever i see something that reminds me of her i get panicky and feel physically hurt inside, and a lot of things remind me of her. she left a hole in my heart
>ex 2, online, male, broke up a few months ago
i still obsess over him/think about him every day/night
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Anonymous 35547

He wanted to be friends with me badly after he broke up with me but I said no because I still love him and want to get back with him but I know he doesn't want that.

Anonymous 35618

First ex, female, super crazy relationship that went too fast and got too serious. Her parents got involved and there were threats. She dropped out of school and nobody sees her any more, her parents are batshit insane.
Next ex, male, year and a half long distance relationship but we met in person. I either lost feelings for him or never had them, either way I had to break it off and stop wasting his time once I realized it. He wanted to stay friends/ wanted to get back together, but I didn't want to catch feelings again, so I said no.
Next ex, male, met on tinder, dated for a month or so, didn't get to the "I love you" stage. He broke up with me a few days before my senior homecoming that we were supposed to attend together. No contact, not interested in there being any.
No exes since then

Anonymous 35745

My ex keeps leaving me voicemails telling me how much he misses me and that I'm everything he ever wanted. Before we started hanging out we both talked about how we wouldn't want a relationship and then he sort of pressured me into one and I tried to give it a go, but broke it off within 3 months. It's been a year since then and he's still not giving up. I keep telling him we can only be friends and if he can't respect that, then not even that. So he acts like a friend for a while and then asks if there's any possibility of us dating again in the future. I keep saying no. I'm so tired of it. I can't just block him because we share a social circle and I was his first gf and he's only ever been a total puppy of a guy. I'd be #cancelled.

Anonymous 35759

I was really pigeon-holed as the school lesbian, so when a new girl arrived from the city who was out and proud, we pretty much immediately started dating, except over time it became apparent she was just experimenting and broke up with me just before final exams. I was so broken hearted I missed my physics and math exams, destroying my life trajectory and setting me back years. I haven't seen or heard anything about her since graduation.
First guy I liked and he was great, but he signed up for the army for the free engineering degree and came back from his eventual deployment very different. He was just so sad and reserved, always sitting on a well of anger with a hair-trigger that anything could set off. He refused to acknowledge it as PTSD and broke up with me to spare me the pain. We still talk, but he has a wife and kids now.
We met online and he was just so amazing that I really fell hard. He's brilliant, but dumb as a rock when it comes to reading people, so I had to get him alone on skype and tell him straight that I liked him. We had a great relationship and he fell hard for me too, and when we met for the first time I really did feel like uprooting and moving to be with him. Eventually, though, I got my uni acceptance and suddenly actually had a life with a career. We realised neither of us could move and be together, which ended things in a really depressing and awkward way. I learned only a few months ago that the whole ordeal we went through was because he essentially gave me up. He left our group of friends because he couldn't bear to be around me every day and not be there with me. We don't talk anymore, but I can't bear to get rid of our massive chat logs, the GB's of things he's sent or the gifts he gave me all these years later. I think he was the first guy I ever really loved and I do still love him.

Anonymous 35765

ex #1 - love of my life and i fucked it up. but i wasn't all that happy while we were together and as much as i look back wishing it had worked out i don't think it ever would have. i haven't heard from him since we broke up. i miss him a lot sometimes.

ex #2 - things are and were… difficult. our relationship wasn't all that normal. after we broke up we said we wanted to be friends but he would say so much shit that made me unhappy i told him i didn't wanna talk anymore. few weeks later we had an argument in some r9k thread and started talking again and i dont think i ever really got over him but the things he says still make me so unhappy. i think he thinks im trash but i still want him in my life against all my better judgement.


Anonymous 53820[Reply]

Any of you ladies have male friends?

What is your relationship with them like?

Is the friendship different from the one you have with your female friends?
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Anonymous 53868

I've got a couple male friends that I met through work. One of them is younger than me by a few years and the other a little bit older than me.
My friendship with the older one is very casual, we get along because we have a shared interest. We meet up once a week with other friends of ours and it's all fun and games.
The younger one is a bit more of a sensitive person so he often vents to me and shares his emotions, which I don't really mind. I'm often told that I'm good at "being there" for people when needed so I figure that for him I just might be that person in his life.

For me my friendships with males are a lot different than my friendships with girls actually. I feel more emotionally comfortable with other girls, so I'm able to vent and cry to them and talk passionately about the things I like, whereas with males I rarely even think of doing so. I think it has something to do with making myself appear vulnerable to other people. For some reason it feels okay and even natural with girls, but with men it seems scary.

Anonymous 53869

All my male friends are ex-military, so it's kind of weird. When they banter with me they are the most homoerotic, homophobic, sexist, racist assholes on the planet who absolutely shred me with insults any time I mess up, but in all other circumstances are incredibly sweet, polite, protective and respectful. Aside from one of their girlfriend's who happens to be an ex-neonazi, I don't think I've ever met a woman who would ever say, even anonymously, half the shit they say to my face.

Strangely the biggest difference that I've noticed between my male and female friends is the level of mutual respect. With the guys they all have opinions, but if I want to do something and believe in it, they will 100% back me with absolute conviction and treat me like an equal. With the girls they all have an opinion and if I want to do something even one of them doesn't agree with on whatever level, we are paralysed as everyone treats my decision like it's a democratic debate, voted on by everyone.

Anonymous 53870

Since 99% of the time it is rather one-sided affection and no friendship at all. In cases like that, imagine putting someone in position of non-enjoying self-masochist and calling yourself their friend.
This is plainly vile.

Anonymous 53871


>have a bunch of male friends I play vidya with and share memes
>havent had a real female friend who i connected with deeply in years
>the friends I do have browse reddit and twitter and watch shit anime
>connecting with girls is really hard because I always feel insecure and inferior to them
>tfw no imageboard girl friend

Anonymous 53872


The fact is that imageboard friends also watch shit anime, they're just don't admit it.


tfw no bf Anonymous 14789[Reply]

Last thread maxxed out: >>>/feels/10193

Admin's post: >>>/feels/10163
>We ban trolls and delete their posts as we find them, but we've also had an influx of new genuine user groups who have clashing ideas of what the board culture should be like. Please report suspected troll posts and we'll take care of the rest.

Never made a Thread so I hope I did nothing wrong
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Anonymous 34103

You do know that it's possible to meet someone even if they don't live across the street, right? There will be meetups and eventually even moving together if you seriously click with someone you met online. It's not for everyone and it takes patience. I personally think there is more to relationships than cooming and handholding, so I can be interested in person even if I don't get my bobs and vegena greeted every day.

Anonymous 34951

Then I want to cope with an ugly guy and have ugly babies and our ugly love would be real as opposed to the artificial love between beautiful people.

Anonymous 42922

Anyone from the UK looking for a bf? I dated a guy and we never fucked so he's still an incel and we still talk. I need someone to stop him from depression texting me in the middle of the night

Anonymous 42924

have you tried asking him to stop tho?

Anonymous 42927

No, I don't think he knows I don't like it


Anonymous 53670[Reply]

How would you make up for cheating on someone you love? Not necessarily because you got caught.

Asking for a friend.
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Anonymous 53708

tell him you wan't to have a threesome with a big titty goth hooker

Anonymous 53709

Theoretically,not that I am encouraging it, but suicide is the best way to truly atone for that tier of betrayal. Anything less is vapid and not genuine regret.

Anonymous 53710


Anonymous 53711

The only way to atone is to break up with him, then give him a lot of money anonymously (you could periodically throw wadded up balls of cash through his window, but try to be more subtle if possible). Anything else would just be self-serving to appease yourself.

Anonymous 53712


imo any girl who cheats is a retard desu, which if its u, u r a retard desuuu. you crave sex. your bf may be attractive but your too deep in hookup culture. be honest and if he wants to break up dont be crawling back. but fyi since you cheated on him hes more likely to cheat on someone else and ruin their experience, and you have very little chance to have healthy relationships without this happening desu, let alone marriage


Virgin Thread Anonymous 19173[Reply]

Post here if you haven't lost your virginity.

>turn 22 in two weeks

>never had sex
>never had a boyfriend
>only kissed a boy once in high school
>too afraid of rejection to actively seek relationships
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Anonymous 36636

>I was just trying to recreate what I love about women in men since I felt as if I could never date a woman.
I wonder if this is common among women who date shorter men, in general.

Anonymous 45587


Bumping this thread just to share an experience.

I've posted in this thread before about feeling like the only virgin in college, and how now feels like the time to lose it.

Still a virgin (lul), but finally had an experience that involved penetration. He said I was rly tight and I told him it hurt, so we didn't really continue much after that though I wish we did. I honestly think I needed more foreplay and what not but he just assumed it was cause I was a virgin which kinda irked me.

I really do feel ready to lose my virginity and wanna see him again I'm just worried I'll have another situation where I'm too tight/he doesn't want the ~responsibility~ of taking my virginity. I dunno, overall enjoyed the experience I just feel like I lack the knowledge of how to proceed in situations like this.

Anonymous 46339


29, here.
I started reading fanfic at 13 and was fascinated by romance. However, I had no interest in dating or even talking to boys throughout high school and college. I never felt attracted to them irl (or girls for that matter).
Having a bf has always been a weird fantasy, but not something realistic.
Now I live alone and desperately want romantic companionship, but have little or no sexual attraction to men or women. Over the past 10 years, what little interest I had in sex irl has dwindled to something like sex nausea. I like men purely for aesthetics and company, but I know the no-sex thing is an immediate red flag.
This pandemic, I feel, has prepared me to live the rest of my life in isolation

Anonymous 68051

y'all thought you saw the last of this thread
think again

Anonymous 68055

We’ve got Sherlock fucking Holmes on this lesbian geology forum


Anonymous 27562[Reply]

blah blah max capacity blah

500 posts and 74 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 31403

Thanks anon. I'm definitely planning on having a conversation with him in the near future. I'm making a list of things to talk about, which is actually really helping to alleviate some of the tension/anxiety that's been constantly burdening me these days.

Anonymous 31404

Maybe he wants you to grow some thicker skin.

Anonymous 31406

what's your profession?

Anonymous 31409

People like her boyfriend don't even know what thick skin is. They're made out of stone.

Poking fun at other people's appearances or shortcomings is something like a funny pastime to a lot of guys and they can be absolutely savage about it. Reason being that they lack kindness and empathy, almost to a sociopathic level. They pride themselves on it while mocking humane guys for being "weak". There's no point taking them seriously because they may look and talk like but aren't really humans.

Anonymous 31411

I used to be called ugly by people in high school, they'd go into detail why, and it didn't bother me as much. I'd laugh in their faces even at times, because some of them were clearly just trying to be mean. It did add data points to what my level of attractiveness is to other people, but it didn't seriously bother me. I get a fair amount of compliments
related to my physical features by strangers of both sexes now and it doesn't make me feel more attractive than I was in high school. I've accepted a lot of my flaws and how I'll never measure up to models and the like.

It just bothers me my own partner is like that especially since I've told him my history.

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