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Anonymous 76178[Reply]

Not rlly sure how to post this but I kinda need to get it off my chest
>last night me and boyfriend were watching shrek 2 in bed
>asked to watch it bc I really liked the movie last time I watched it
>around the end during the climax scene where they revive mongo and have the cool music number to “I need a hero.” his hands wander
>kinda get roped into it when I wasnt in the mood but he goes for it anyway and I get off really quick
>notice that the climax is over after our little pat session so I kinda pout
>Asks me whats wrong
>Explain that was my favorite part of the movie
He hasnt talked to me today I don’t know what I did wrong help me pls
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Anonymous 76190

First of all moids can’t be based, second The Thing isn’t even good

Anonymous 76194

Don't really agree with you on The Thing not being good, it's one of my favorite movies.It's just yknow i was trying to have a moment watch shrek 2 bc we kinda fooled around last time and didnt actually watch The Thing like he said we would :(

Anonymous 76197

If it happens again tell him gently you wanna wait til after the movie

Anonymous 76198

Sorry, can't blame him here. Shrek 2 always makes me horny, so I understand the moid more in this situation:(

Anonymous 76202

What you did wrong ¿..

Shot 001.png

Anonymous 76774[Reply]

>had a random dream of classmate from high school
>spend all day wanting to meet up and fuck that person

Anyone else like this?

Anonymous 77268

Yes, these dreams especially make me want to sewercide. I hope I never run into anyone I knew in high school.


Vent thread Anonymous 74767[Reply]

Previous thread >>72144
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Anonymous 77278

Just because you're in a relationship doesn't mean you magically stop finding every other attractive person attractive. It's normal to have crushes on other people and it's absolutely inevitable you'll meet other people in life who are more attractive and charismatic than your partner. Whether you act on this is an entirely different matter, but let's not virtue signal here and pretend we don't see other attractive people despite having a partner.

Anonymous 77291

It's one thing to find other people attractive, and another entirely to continuously fantasize about another man. The latter is not acceptable in any reasonable relationship.

Anonymous 77292

Finding someone attractive shouldn't occupy that much brain space that you keep fantasizing about it. "Oh, that's an attractive person" is a harmless fleeting thought, but it's also not what those two anons were describing.
It's not virtue signalling, it has been my experience with my LTR, so I know for a fact it is possible.

Anonymous 77302

You're not responsible for your thoughts or fantasies. As long as you never let the other person know or act on it, it's harmless. I'll guarantee the OP's bf, your bf, and everyone else's bf have sexually fantasied about other women before. As long as it stays fantasy it doesnt harm anyone.

Anonymous 77404

I avoid using two common words because they're triggers for me and my friend, even though one of those words is one of my favorite things. The trigger isn't even a "trigger" for the one I want to say but mentioning it and the chain-reaction it could potentially cause would piss me off very badly, so it's better if I just cleanse myself of the word entirely and its variants. Really sucks when awful people ruin nice words.

Kind of like how Dream ruined the word dream for everyone, and how even though Ninja is kind of a forgotten meme he really tried to put his foot in the door with all the money he had, for the word "ninja" lol.


Anonymous 77148[Reply]

>try tinder
>guys keep asking me about my age
>I have to put in my bio that Im definitely 24
>get called jailbait
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Anonymous 77186



Anonymous 77193

I knew classmates who got long-term relationships off Tinder. Then again, those probably started off as hookups. Anyways, dating apps all suck and the pool of men is terrible so I don’t bother anymore. Even when I had an extremely brief hookup phase, talking to normie men on Tinder was a massive pain and it’s not worth dealing with their sheer mind-numbing normiedom.

Anonymous 77199

Are you guys just upset you can’t use tinder because you don’t get matches?

Anonymous 77213

Using Tinder to build relationships with your matches is like using Facebook to have intellectual discussions with your -friends-.

Anonymous 77219

you can try to use tinder to get a bf but the chances on that are slim
most just use it to hook up and if they really like their hook up they pursue them.
if there are a million options on tinder with the slim chance that you can get someone 'out of your league' or higher, it's a chance ppl take which then creates a dissatisfaction game between both parties. they have the mentality that there is something better out there so they don't settle with someone who is in their league when they really should be doing that and be happy with that person.
anyway once someone settles they feel unhappy because they know there is someone out there who is "richer/more beautiful/better personality/better family/insert any good characteristic here and are addicted to dating apps and try looking again.


can men and women be just friends? Anonymous 75808[Reply]

i've been in a happy irl committed relationship with my bf for 3 years now.

i recently met another guy online from a community we're both in and we've been talking a lot. we have good chemistry and share genuine interest in each other. we exchange music, talk, and play games in groups together and it's really cozy. but i've been spending more time with him than with my bf and i feel really guilty. it's because my boyfriend is really busy with school and me and this guy are both neets. he doesn't even know i have a boyfriend yet and i'm worried about him developing a crush on me or already having one. sometimes i catch myself having weak feelings for him but i know i'll be perfectly content staying online friends.

do any of you guys have similar experiences with keeping men as friends? do you think its possible to develop a close friendship with a man without it becoming romantic?
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Anonymous 77088

he wasn't or he would have showed interest. anon would just have been used for sex and then dumped for the hotter HPD lady anyway

Anonymous 77090

Simple answer: no.

Anonymous 77115

No women and men cannot be friends in a one on one setting.

Anonymous 77133

do you guys exclusively make friends with guys who aren't good with girls/capable of dating other women? i have guy friends who want to date but know we aren't compatible and it's not a big deal to them because they aren't socially inept guys incapable of finding someone else. normal irl guys who are good with women can be friends with you without it getting weird imo

Anonymous 77170

the answer is yes, my best friend is a man


Weird wartime troubles thread Anonymous 76492[Reply]

My country is at war and I wanna be helpful. But the thing is, my mother cares about me too much and doesn't want me going out and volunteering and being helpful and she says me going out would make her worried and her heart problems worse, even though she does go out to work or to meet with her friends. The only other person who cares about me lives in another country and is also worried about me going out and helping and he doesn't want me to. The thing is, my city is relatively safe, it's fully controlled by my country. Sometimes there are air threat sirens but our air defense is good so I'm not very scared of going out because we have shelters everywhere and I can stay safe. And it's weird, I don't wanna worry the close ones, but I also wanna help. How do you even deal with such situations?

Anonymous 76516

Why not volunteer in a safe way? Such as raising money to donate, writing letters, spreading awareness.

Anonymous 76686

That's one way to go about this, but it feels like it's not enough even when I do this


Lesbian Feels Anonymous 3502[Reply]

Discuss the difficulties and joys of being lesbian, whether it's related to your partner or how you're treated by society. Share your stories of when you realized you were lesbian, too!
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Anonymous 7443

Any butches here kind of feel out of place in society? I don't relate to other women my age because I'm too masculine and they only want girlfriends they can do girly shit with, I can't befriend straight or bi men without them eventually developing feelings for me because "oooh cool tomboy", most gay men I know appear to be pretty lesbophobic and get angry at me/call me a hateful bigot for being gender critical (despite the fact that they themselves clearly hate the ftms who hit on them).

My only friends are two other lesbians I know, but aside from the fact that we like women we don't have that much in common personality-wise.

I just wanna be normal with a normal group of friends.

Anonymous 7448

idk, if you can hang out with lesbians you have nothing in common with other than being lesbian, you could probably stand to hang out with a few straight girls you don't have much in common with. I find it hard to believe that every single female in your age range wants to do 100% girly stuff 100% of the time.

Anonymous 10369

I was in line at my local grocery store and the cashier was this short and cuter version of saafiya nygard or however you spell her last name, and anyway, the cashier looked very reserved and quiet but she kept on looking at my face and smiling and I smiled back and I'm so deprived I keep on feeling like she was flirting with me. My male friend was with me and he had to scoot behind me and such and she didn't look at him once. The people before us she didn't smile at. Am I crazy for thinking she was flirting with me? My friend told me it could just be I'm attractive and that's why she was smiling. But her smile looked so cute and inviting, I really want to believe it's possible for girls to flirt with each other in public 2k18….

Anonymous 10372

It isn't?

Anonymous 10396

Why wouldn't it be?


Feeling fat Anonymous 76644[Reply]

I feel very fat, even though I know I'm not fat. It doesn't matter what I wear, I look chubby. Especially so in pictures. I'm starting to think I'm actually fat and I have reverse BDD.

I don't know what the issue is, exactly. Am I not "dressing for my body"? Am I crazy? Is everyone coddling me, and telling me I'm thin, even though I'm fat?

I don't know my height/weight at the moment, but I suspect I look heavier than other women with my same body weight. I don't know how I look, or even how thin and fat people are supposed to look like.

It's all very distressing. I just want to hurl in my room, and never look at myself in the mirror ever again. How do you shake off this feeling?
17 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 76861


Has no one noticed she mentioned being 90lbs? Unless she is an actual dwarf there is no way she can be fat. Must be poor luck with proportions if this is not a BDD issue (e.g. I have a big tummy but a bmi of 18.5).

OP, perhaps you can ask for a rating of your proportions on a looksmaxxing forum? They tend to be objective and not overly body positive, and can probably offer some advice on potential weight gain or exercise.

OP 76987

Of course I'm an ana chan, I have BDD. I just made this post to ask for advice regarding dealing with BDD and I worded it weird because I felt distressed.
I'm 5'1.
I walk 15k steps a day and I skate sometimes.
I've been trying to add proteins to my diet. My legs and stomach are toned but barely.
It's just my thighs that hold a lot of fat.

Anonymous 76993


If it helps any, just know that everyone is into someone, that you don't have to look "right" or "normal" to be beautiful to that someone. Even if you feel weird, even if you feel like nobody has the heart to tell you what you "really look like", someone sees you and sees something truly amazing. This isn't a cope, this is the truth, something you might know if you've ever seen someone you liked who didn't look "perfect", but was perfect. At least that's what I know.

OP 77014

It's not about others it's about me. I don't care how people see me because I barely talk to anyone/leave my house.

Anonymous 77053

You're my height and weigh a bit less than me, everyone calls me skinny. So, there's no way you're actually fat. You might've heard this a thousand times but consider therapy, posting on an imageboard with moids lurking isn't a good idea.


Oneitis Anonymous 71389[Reply]

>dreamt about him again
25 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 76583


i’m never going to get over him. he has ruined my life

Anonymous 76594

is that kaji

Anonymous 76645


No, it's SHIKI Tohno/Roa.

Anonymous 76665


I don’t think about him too much anymore but our breakup was one of the major contributing factors to my life falling apart these past two years. I still have feelings for him and I don’t think I’ll ever feel so strongly towards anyone else but I’ve repressed them so hard I feel nothing now about anything in my life.

Anonymous 77013

it’s been years since we broke up and he’s still the only real man i’ve found sexually attractive. it’s over


Fiancée question Anonymous 76800[Reply]

Okay so this is my first post on CC after years of lurking. I'm not sure if this is the right bored to make this post in so if it's not pls feel free to delete it.

So my fiancée (the wedding is next year) and I have been together for 3 years and we have had sex on and off for most of our relationship. I grew up in a very Catholic family and I to am Catholic and believe that Sex before marriage is wrong. It's hard to explain how I feel about sex exactly because i really like it but feel very guilty afterwards. Ive had numerous conversations with him about in which after we go to confession we stop for a while (usally like 2 weeks) before he starts getting resentful after I shut down his attempts to get frisky. He is Catholic too but really he doesn't care about sex before marrige being wrong. This is causing a massive strain on the relationship and I always try to make it up for him in other ways like cooking nice meals and giving him extra attention but This only works temporarily, he used to get angry about it but now he just gets quite whenever I shut him down. I feel really bad because I know how much it means to him but I just dont feel its right. He supports me in every way and I think he feels entitled to it. How do I keep celibate without my fiancée being resentful towards me for it? Image unrelated
25 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 76951

Even if you had a UTI and couldn't do vaginal sex, most moids really like blowjobs and other forms of fooling around. Im not saying you SHOULD be having sex, because your partner sounds like kind of a dick. I'm just saying it kinda sounds like you're using the UTI as an excuse to avoid intimacy with him, as there's other ways of pleasuring your partner and meeting their sexual needs. Are you sure you actually want to be sexually intimate with him at all? A lot of women lose sex drive a couple years into a relationship (which is normal especially if your partner isn't a Greek god or some shit) meanwhile men's tends to stay stable. Unfortunately this is often a point of contention between couples, as juggling meeting your partner's needs with your own right to space and sexual autonomy can be really difficult. My sex drive is pretty low so its made relationships difficult for me as I feel irritated, almost feel raped or pressured when my partner nudges me to please him. It's why I'm volcel pretty much. Most men just can't understand love without lots of fucking.

Anonymous 76962

Nah I don't think you realize how bad this hurts. I've done blowjobs and all that, and it's fine when you're in the mood, but when your urethra is on fire 24/7 and even walking hurts, you don't feel like having sex at all. And yeah there was a lot of pressuring too which definitely kills any desire you might have had.
The pain was similar to how your cramps make you feel. Moving hurts, being touched anywhere near your uterus hurts, you don't want to move, etc. Imagine trying to give a blowjob while feeling like that.

Anonymous 76964

Anon, I am so sorry you have found yourself in this situation because it sounds incredibly tough. I don't think anyone here can give you a true answer, but I would like to discuss and reflect on several things you've brought up.

>I grew up in a very Catholic family and I to am Catholic and believe that Sex before marriage is wrong. It's hard to explain how I feel about sex exactly because i really like it but feel very guilty afterwards.

This is incredibly common. Your entire life you have been told that God is watching and judging you constantly. So when you break one of the rules he has laid out, you feel very guilty and full of shame, because you have been told you have done something wrong and that your eternal soul is in danger from it. But during the act, because you are human, you enjoy sex and crave it again later. So first you have to ask yourself, even if I completely gave up feeling bad and saying sorry, would God still love me? And the answer is a definite yes. According to the Bible, God's forgiveness is unlimited. So by the very rules you are feeling bad about, you know that your eternal soul is not damned and that all will be forgiven should you ask for it. Plus, what we view as a marriage is very different from when the Bible was written. If you guys are committed to each other, then God views heart vows as a form of marriage. This allows you to set aside the guilt of what you are doing and consider other parts of your problem.

>he starts getting resentful after I shut down his attempts to get frisky.

This concerns me. He isn't respecting your no, and he isn't respecting your shared religion. Marriages must be built on mutual respect and trust, otherwise they will crumble. When you say no about having sex, he must always listen. I have stopped men a few moments after penetration and told them I am not feeling this, and in every situation, they've stopped and respected that. They may ask why, such as, "Is it something I did?" and I just explain that I'm not in the right headspace. They then drop the issue and we fall asleep in each other's arms. Badgering, pleading, sulking, and the silent treatment are not appropriate. I worry that him refusing your no is part of a deeper problem where he doesn't respect you, but if you would like to work on itPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 76968

Well I've also had a really painful UTI that still gives me kidney pain years later so I do understand.

Anonymous 76978

Ok so if you had such a bad UTI going on for months would you have any desire to be intimate? I don't know about you, but getting someone off while I am in pain and get to have no emotional or physical connection is not fun to me.

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