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Anonymous 190[Reply]

What are your thoughts on non-monogamous dating?
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Anonymous 626

My first boyfriend tried to manipulate me into it, but something like this was never for me. Once I commit to somebody I really commit. Of course I realised not too long after that he was only pushing for polygamy as an excuse to fuck other girls, and was going ahead and doing so without my consent. Whew lass.

My current partner is extremely committal. We have brought up the possibility of threesomes in the future, but if it ever did occur it'd be a purely sexual thing, no emotions involved.

Anonymous 627

This is a weird post. How is being artsy or awkward looking reeking of insecurity?

Anonymous 49668

Im in a V (my boyfriend has a boyfriend who is just a friend). We are really, really happy. We live together and consider our relationship a very long term thing.

Im not "out" and my family would never understand. My boyfriend is out to his mom (she said she was also in a poly relationship once) but not to his dad. My meta (bf's bf in poly terms) is out to his family, and they say this doesnt top the chart for crazy things hes done.

Just ask anything you want to know, i cant come up with topics rn for some reason. Were happy though, and thinking of adopting some pets in the future.

Anonymous 49669

Tried it, doesn’t work.

Anonymous 49679


maintaining and being in a monogamous relationship was hard enough for me. can't imagine how more than one person would be. terrifying stuff.


cute romantic fantasies Anonymous 49622[Reply]

does anyone here daydream extensively about an ideal boyfriend to do romantic things with? like going on picnics, road trips, cuddling on the couch, relaxing on the beach or going to the movies. i'd be interested in hearing other people's visualizations of their perfect date with their perfect guy.

Anonymous 49626

Lord Alfred Dougla…

kinda but with dead people
>Lord Alfred Douglas with his brother Francis Douglas

Anonymous 49634

Might be the depression or poorly hidden masochism, but I honestly have daydreamed of a divorce. First I dream of a stable marriage with romantic moments but then it breaks down or abruptly ends in cheating, death or worse. I don’t allow myself daydreams of romance without a healthy dose of negativity.

Anonymous 49673

I don't think that's depression. It's just a recognition of the fact that men are incapable of lasting love. I likewise daydream about finding love, but then my future ex-husband inevitably cheats on me because he is a porn-sick diseased male animal, and then I put him out of his misery (male lives are not worth living.)


Feels about pets Anonymous 3379[Reply]

This thread goes out the anon in the vent thread that lost her cat and recently adopted a different one. I know there's already an animal general thread in /b/ but I think this thread would be more suited for feels inducing stories and vents. I have many stories about cats and kittens to tell and I know there are anons that must have things to share about other animals too.
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Anonymous 3385

I miss having a pet. I love animals, but one of my family members is extremely allergic, and that's their excuse to never get a cat or dog. I remember when I was younger and we had a really loyal dog who stayed with me from the day he was born (we owned his mom) to the day when he passed away. I don't remember how many years he lived because I was pretty young, but he left such a good impression of animals on me that I desperately want to have one again, and give it the same kind of love. I'm a sucker for cats though, so I'll probably get one. I feed strays whenever possible and one of my neighbors has an adorable cat who comes to visit me every now and then. I can't wait to get my place and adopt one.

Anonymous 3386

Can we have a funny/silly/cute pet and animal stories thread too?
I just lost a cat as well, she was more of a mother to me than my own mother is, and it feels like I'm dying inside when I read sad cat stories, but I have like ten funny stories I could contribute to a funny thread. I'll even start the funny one if you'd like me to?

I'm sorry about your cats, and everyone else's cats too. Hearts for everyone <3 <3 <3

Anonymous 3387

Ok! I'll make one right now! I created this thread to help people share their grief and so we can all help each other through it but a happy thread is a good idea too!

Anonymous 49670

My dog, Blackie, will soon be 12 years old. Ive been away from home almost 3 years now and from the pictures i can see how old she has become. Her snout is white and she doesnt have so much energy.
My mom brought her home after finding her wandering around the train station, trying to avoid getting hit by a bus. She wrapped Blackie in a towel and put her in her purse, praying that our then-puppy wouldnt make a sound. Blackie was 4 months or so old when we found her, and she grew up alongside my sister, who was about 7 months old.
I understand and accept it logically that her time is coming to an end, but im just not fucking ready. And i cant start the process of emotionally accepting the fact that she is old now. Im in denial, and i cant even give my dog one goddamn hug.
I miss my doggo, anons ;-;

Anonymous 49672



Aw, anon, that is really tough. I know 'rona makes it hard right now, but could you make it home this summer to see Blackie? It will hurt a lot when Blackie goes, but you will always carry your love for/from her and good memories with you. When my sweet old childhood cat started to get to the end, I wrote down EVERYTHING I could remember about our life together - weird nicknames I gave her, songs I'd sing to her, funny habits she had, etc. Blackie will always be with you.


Anonymous 47538[Reply]

Anon, why haven't you killed yourself yet? Genuine question, what's stopping you from ending it all?

I can't find any will to live anymore.
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Anonymous 49524

My parents would be crushed if I died.

So it’s better or me to stay alive despite being a depressed failure for them. I’ve already memorized the freight train night schedules. If both mom and dad die of covid, I’m gone.

Anonymous 49527


>Why haven't you killed yourself yet?
Simple answer: because the ride never ends.

Anonymous 49536

Hope in God, tbh.
And I am afraid of failing.

Anonymous 49635

Okay, off-topic and all, but duolingo sucks at learning langauges

Anonymous 49641

This. Pirate Assimil instead.


morals and pride Anonymous 49414[Reply]

Do you ever feel like that your sense of right and wrong is the only thing that keeps you in line?

I've had some lesbian experience with a friend of mine (let's call her Dolly) while I was single. Now I'm with my boyfriend (long-distance relationship) and there is still this sexual tension between her and I and it's unbearable. We often chat about lewd stuff and she would describe how she's masturbating in those moments and taking pictures of herself. Of course I decline Dolly's offers and joke around to distract… but the mere thought of her makes me shiver. My sense of dignity keeps me from sexting with her. I'm kind of proud for keeping her off, but I still feel like a slut. Because deep down I probably am. It's not like I'd even want Dolly for myself alone. I would be fine with my boyfriend pounding her while I hold her hand. But it's all too risky, my love for him is stronger than lust. God, someone with more guts would block Dolly…

You don't have to give me any advice, but I'm interested in your stories in regards to moral dilemmas. Storytime :)
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Anonymous 49428


Yup, it's fucked up. She and I are tainted, it's not excusable. I just don't have any (female) friends beside her and she's also isolated. She's oversexualized and if it wasn't for COVID she would probably sleep around and I would not have to worry about my loyalty either. She's the only chick I have this kind of cravings for. Pathetic.

Anonymous 49440


well LDR stuff isnt really the same as actual relationships so I wouldn't go as far to call yourself "tainted" tbh if your bf even found out the first thought that would come to mind would probably be "at least shes a girl."
I really wouldn't go as far as to think you're a dirty person for being attracted to someone whilst you're in an LDR with someone you will likely never meet or truly date

Anonymous 49616

>You don't have to give me any advice
Just don't slut-shame yourself, by the way. Remember what you just said about how you had those lesbian experiences with her when you were single, so there is nothing wrong with you nor what you did in the past.

Anonymous 49625

eh, my sense of right and wrong is probably the only thing keeping me from doing all sorts of drugs (that and i have to graduate uni). i get the temptation to try them until a voice in my head tells me not to – not that it's always morally wrong to do drugs, but i know intrinsically that it will lead to bad outcomes for myself (that, and a lot of people i know who do lots of drugs are shitty people, so maybe there is some moral association). i would like to try them at some point though.

sorry if this was inappropriate or irrelevant to add >.>

Anonymous 49631

>well LDR stuff isnt really the same as actual relationships
Oh shut up, yes they are. OP is in a relationship and is fantasizing about cheating, and you're trying to justify it? You're gross lol


Anonymous 49006[Reply]

Is there a name for when you discover something traumatic happened to you in the past, but you didn’t know it was wrong when it was happening to you?
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Anonymous 49604

Sounds like a narcissist. Of course you believed him, you're not awful like him.

Anonymous 49608

Let me preface this by making it very clear I am denying the impact of molestation but I wonder in these cases where it is only later realized as something bad how much harm comes from internalizing trauma due to social conditioning? I had something happen when younger but papa did not care and it never bothered me which is why I ask.

Anonymous 49618

Do you have children? Often when victims have their own children and realise how small and naïve they would have been at that age, it starts affecting them more.

Anonymous 49620

Yeah, very likely had a cluster B disorder. He told me he had schizophrenia but I am now starting to believe that he was lying about that too to make himself look tragic and interesting. He was always the victim in all of his stories. His mother said he had bipolar. I don’t know the truth, just that he was extremely attention-seeking and had no empathy for me. I just fucking hate him.
This is an interesting question, I was actually just thinking about that.

Anonymous 49621

Samefag but I get heated just thinking about this. The last time I spoke to him, I sent him a long letter calling him out for all the lies and abusive shit he did to me and then I blocked him. I hope it gave him a panic attack lol. Iwish I was harsher.


advice please? Anonymous 43884[Reply]

so i finally did it. i made friends. im in a really sweet friend group of 5 other girls, but i’m super scared to fuck it up. it’s been 2 days and it’s going well, but that lingering thought of it all being temporary doesn't leave my mind. this is my path out of hikikomori-dom but i’m too scared to ruin it, so i stay quiet a lot even though that’s the opposite of what i should do if i want to make friends :/ i’ve been ignored for so long that it kinda all feels surreal now
i’ve been feeling so much better and now i walk home like a dumbass with a smile on my face
any advice to stop the autisms from fucking it up? thank u :)
2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 43888


i did a year ago and spent all of last year without friends :(
it’s been two days since i’ve started talking to them, the year started a couple weeks ago

Yeah i’m trying, i have some people i talk to occasionally about academic stuff but it never clicked, with these girls i feel really accepted for who i am so that’s why i’m scared

Anonymous 43932

You know what literally always works? Just be nice. I have literally never met anyone who hated the one friend in each group whose defining feature was “she’s nice :)”. And every group has one, trust me. Of course being respected is another thing, but if you get known as the nice one you’ll always have friends

Anonymous 49245


this. be nice, mirror their energy. If they're excited, share the excitement. pick up some of their lingo, what shows they watch, etc (in a subtle way- ask for recommendations). Make eye contact, smile, laugh at their jokes, say their name when you speak to them.
See what you have in common and indulge in it (you both like coffee? bring her a cup one morning. You both watch some anime? get matching keychains with her for her birthday or something).
But ultimately, being nice is the best thing to do. Also don't say anything weird kek. How are you doing?

Anonymous 49302

It takes more than one mess up to lose a friend, so if you mess up just apologize and move on as soon as you can. That's what helped me the most, I used to turn small mistakes into big deals and that just makes things worse.

Anonymous 49619



How to make friends? Anonymous 47255[Reply]

I have a hard time making friends with others both online and irl. Does anyone have advice in how to make friends and be likable and sociable?
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Anonymous 47333

I had only heard of NEETs and shut ins before, but the hikikomori description also applies to me.
Kind of wary to send you a request, as I never talk to anyone online. Should I? I don't even play games anymore. No idea about what we could have in common tbh.

I hope it gets better for you anyways. I'm also at a similar situation, i just don't know what to do with people's attention; can't keep a conversation going or started.

Anonymous 47334

wow thanks soo much for being a nice poster anon!!

I think you should know that unless the community you join is using true incel talk like "looksmaxxing" and all that stupid shit it could just mean they are meming but I know what it is like out there.
For some reason incel stuff is everywhere.
Incels are failed normies.

You will make a friend eventually I have met the most autistic girls as in mid functioning full spergs and even they managed to make friends.

hikikomori is a shut in.

Anonymous 48165

look at what youre really interested in/do on the regular basis. Do you watch movies all day? Why not join some movie forum and discuss about them. Do you like music? Why not pick up an instrument or become a music critic? Do you like fighting for justice? Why not join a group that advocates for this and that. But also know making friends as adults is hard and has more luck involved. I too want friends but its really hard.

Anonymous 48173

As someone who also didn't have friends for a long time because I missed out on socializing as a child, I can say to you that it's definitely possible to make friends as an adult, but getting started is the most difficult part. Because if you have friends who you like you can easily meet new people through them. But if you don't have any friends at all it can be kinda difficult. First of all, stop searching online, as people before me already stated, most people won't get really close with people they only know online. Instead try joining a club or going to an event with likeminded people. For example I met some really cool people at a jam session in a bar and started hanging out with them occasionally. Another advice I would give you is dont be shy. I know it's easier said than done but you just have to force yourself to get out of your comfort zone, drink some alcohol if that helps you. Don't wait for the others to start a conversation, most people already have many friends and probably won't even notice you. Start talking to them, just be yourself. You can even say something like "Hey I'm trying to find some more people who are also into subject of the club or event you're at, what is your name?" most people are actually nice and interested in meeting new people. And even if they're not: fuck them and talk to somebody else. Whenever I feel too socially awkward I just try to pretend that they are just Npcs in a game and you're not afraid to talk to those, aren't you? ;) Good luck to you and I hope you will make some friends!

Anonymous 49610

As someone who had to learn social skills from scratch as a late teenager, I can say the thing that worked for me is treating socialising like you're playing an RPG. You have to be mindful that when you say specific things, or encounter people in specific situations, you'll get specific responses. You also have to grind for XP in areas such as music, TV, and sports (which isn't fun) so you have enough small talk to have with strangers. If you pass the small talk speech check, you unlock new speech options about deeper topics. Most of all, you need to start side quests by going out of your way to join hobby clubs or talk with people outside work/school. Be sure to say hi to people you see regularly or compliment them every now and then. Remember that your best bet is to talk to real human beings, not loners on the internet. The people you surround yourself with leave an imprint on you.


Anonymous 48714[Reply]

>24 year old
>no BF
I thought there was no such a thing as Womcel, what is happening with me?
50 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 49572

Ignore Stacy, I recently got my first bf and even before that happened I knew that it would be very nice if I had found the right person and we were in love. But I guess it can suck pretty easily if you didn't know well your partner before and things turn out bad, like he isn't as much committed to the relationship as you are.

Anonymous 49573

I'm the anon here >>49572 , I mistook you for Stacy too, sorry.

Anonymous 49590

> jerk off

Anonymous 49592

sadly women say this too. there's no slang for female masturbation that doesn't sound weirdly gross (flicking the bean, schlicking, etc) so we have to resort to male terms if we want to be casual. i recommend "getting off" as a neutral term.

Anonymous 49593

It's okay, anon. But honestly I feel worse for women who have reached this conclusion after having been hurt by men they trusted.
Technically you still jerk your hand. But also what >>49592 said.


The strength of men scares me Anonymous 31526[Reply]

I am a caddy for my part time job (best job for an unskilled highschooler or university student btw). There is this cute guy there I have a crush on, but he seems quite shy and just likes to read his book while waiting for a golfer. The few times we’ve talked he seems quite pleasant.

I’ve always known men were stronger than us, but it’s another thing to see it in person. I’ve noticed that when he caddies, he carries the entire golf bag with one arm by the handle up and out to his side, kind of like the pose when flexing your bicep, and he fucking SPRINTS with it. He runs ahead on each hole to see where the ball lands, and he runs significantly faster than the golf carts.

He doesn’t even look like some sort of muscle beast from /fit/. He’s just a tall, thin, toned guy who might lift a few times a week. He could probably kill me with a single punch, and then follow up with 80 more without running out of breath. I would probably have a panic attack if we got in an argument and he got angry and started shouting. I don’t even know how you could have an equal relationship with someone when the difference in power is so immense. They say it’s borderline rape when a CEO fucks an intern due to the difference in power, but what about physical power?

I was already a little afraid of men’s predatory instincts and behavior, but to see it reinforced that whenever I’m around men I’m only alive because they permit it freaks me out. How do you cope with this?
427 posts and 45 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 49577

Moid detected, not fooling anyone with the chad stealing your virgin gf analogy scrote

Anonymous 49580

It's just a size difference fetish sis, it's not that deep.

Anonymous 49586

Yeah you two go date guys shorter and thinner than you are, I wish you luck. They like that we're smaller than they are, why is it weird when reversed?

Anonymous 49588

>They like that we're smaller than they are
People generally like having more power.
>why is it weird when reversed?
People generally don't like having less power.

Obviously not everyone can be the biggest and strongest, and there's realistically no changing the hand that nature's dealt, but it seems weird to me to actually enjoy it rather than just accept it.

Anonymous 49591

Size =/= power
Anyhow I enjoy it cause I like feeling protected. I know guys are capable of terrible things but that's not the sorta guy I keep around me. Don't quote me if you're just gonna say all men are bad and there's no such thing as a man who can protect

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