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(un)official blogposting thread Anonymous 69765[Reply]

tell me about your day cc!
stories also welcome
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Anonymous 112492

A few years ago I hit my absolute lowest on my birthday. This year I got some presents and happy birthdays, and even a hand-drawn card. I feel so happy. Is this how normies feel every year?

Anonymous 112500

Are you emigrating to China, then?

Anonymous 112501

Just high and vibing right now. I hate that I got into weed but it's the one thing that my abusive ex left me with, that and a vape addiction. Trying to be a lesbian with a trans woman was very hard

Anonymous 112503

Lolcow hates her, but I'm loving Taylor's new album. I keep on relistening to it.

Anonymous 112509

what if its vg, and youre a dotatard…


Anonymous 112484[Reply]

I feel super guilty. My friend was feeling upset and was drinking alcohol so I sent her a funny video of myself to bring her mood up.

But instead my video ruined everything and she wants to commit even more because my video was "suicidefuel" and she thinks I am too pretty and it's so over.

I am not very pretty but decent. Not the ugliest but I didn't realize I made her feel this bad, how can I fix this?

Anonymous 112495


Send her a picture of you from your worst angle, making the goofiest yet ugliest face possible. Something so hideous she'll burst out laughing. I'm talking like, worse than when you accidentally open the front facing camera on the toilet. Phone below face angled upwards, extreme close-up, point your jaw downwards to purposely make it look like you have a double chin, pick an emotion and exaggerate the shit out of your facial expression. Try to look as ugly and unhinged as possible. I'm talking Cockmongler levels of retardation. The uglier and more retarded you look, the better. Something like pic related. When you have the perfect photo, send the photo by itself, immediately followed by the text "I woke up like this."

This will make your drunk insecure friend giggle, I guarantee it.


can't ever move on from relationship Anonymous 112483[Reply]

i'm not the sort of person who posts on forums in generals but lately ive been going through a phase of life where ive had more questions than ive ever dealt with but no answers.i broke up with my ex recently and ive been in love with her for quite a while before that (3ish years). I've never felt so insanely crushed in my life. I simply have no clue what to do. I plan on killing my self tomorrow but even in the space of time before it I cannot comprehend how to solve the morbidly overwhelming pain I find myself engulfed in. am I delulu? I find that no matter what I do or think I keep reverting back to crying to a pillow and hurting myself everywhere that is left of my body. Perhaps I am too pubescent to handle it but I don't care. Even knowing that I'm going to do it sometime tomorrow afternoon I don't want to do this I don't want to struggle through another minute of this nonsense I absolutely hate the fact that I spent years killing myself over the possibility that there was something that was going on w her that I didn't know about. I've loved her so so so much and she will never ever believe that I did. How can someone spend so much time an energy on the singular emotion of wanting to  have someone so bad but never have it ultimately gratified. i know I'm too young to have fallen in love but for the love of god I genuinely didn't control any of it. Beyond a point I can't really do anything to dull the pain further. I haven't eaten in days I keep bleeding I keep drinking and it does not go away because there is nothing in my mind in any state regardless of what I'm doing except her. I just want to go home I hate everything ans I hate the fact that she can go on without me without breaking a sweat crushing on other people's looks and vibes.  I hate the fact that all my life I've thought of myself as a unique person because I've been through most of my life alone yet there is no direction I can force my life to run towar-ds but hers. I wish god is dead and there is no afterlife I want to be dead and buried forever so fucking bad

Anonymous 112490

I don't think you're delusional. Seperating from someone is hard. Having a future you imagined with someone disappear is hard. Don't kill yourself, it'll get better.


Vent Thread Anonymous 107281[Reply]

Old thread hit the limit, again.
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Anonymous 112475

that's unfortunately how drinking works once you get older

Anonymous 112480

I finally came out to my boyfriend that I have people pleasing issues and he is now starting to question if anything I've ever done in the past is real. He's right to question me.

Anonymous 112481

My boyfriend ended things with me because of a stupid communication issue, he was my first, I love him so much, I want him back.

Anonymous 112486

are you me?

Anonymous 112489

what was it?


Anonymous 111523[Reply]

i look like a moid. my body is masculine, my face is ugly, my frame is wild and big. i have no femininity left. my whole high school people thought i was guy despite wearing neutral clothing and having long hair. this is making me suicidal, i look moid but i am woman. when i put feminine clothing i look like crossdresser, i am so repulsive, it is making me suicidal. idk how long i can take this anymore. i am ugly moid like woman no matter what i do. i am not even super tall or have big feet or whatever it is my overall looks. i look like ugly incel. why God did this to me?
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Anonymous 111906

people would tell the exact same thing nona, i’m sorry. you’re a woman through and through no matter what they say. if you have facial hair like me try shaving it with those little face razors or get it threaded/waxed. i changed my hairstyle to masquerade my squareish face i got from my dad and it makes my face look a little v-shaped. i feel like mascara, concealer, a colored lip gloss and blush goes a long way too.

Anonymous 111908

not OP, but what kind of hairstyle do you have none? I also have a square face thanks to my dad's gene

Anonymous 111946


something like this, the bangs hide my square hairline and the longer pieces on the side hide some of my face

Anonymous 111947

I am sure you are very pretty and there are many ways to dress flattering for your face and figure even if you don’t have the most stereotypically feminine look. There is no normal when it comes to womanhood and you just gotta own it

Anonymous 112482

me too. idk what to do.


Is there anything more humiliating than a failed suicide attempt Anonymous 111867[Reply]

I had enough this time, but it didn’t kill me. I wrote a heartfelt letter to all my loved ones, and even drafted up a will. Now I gotta tell them “sorry I’m fine” how cringe
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Anonymous 112244

You faced death and won 1-0, what's the humiliation

Anonymous 112272

pooping your pants in public is probably more embarrasing.

Anonymous 112306

I pooped my pants once when I had a herniated disc.

Anonymous 112401

yea multiple suci attempts.

Anonymous 112479

at least you had a medical problem, i sharted on a goddamend date once basically because I was vegan. Went back to an average diet, never shit myself ever since.

Veganism, not even once.


Anonymous 112016[Reply]

are you girls also tired of seeing those typa straight relationships where they're only dating bc they're both conventionally attractive? they be at a function and u can just TELL they have absolutely nothing in common….. and they never make it through a whole year together bc being just pretty isnt enough to make it last…..

just something i noticed happening recently more than usual. what r ur thoughts?
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Anonymous 112395

I think young people (I'm talking high school to early 20s) today just don't know how to connect with people on a personal/emotional level. I blame porn and social media addiction.

Anonymous 112400

true, but I believe it was like this even before the internet. It just enhanced it. Conventionally pretty looking people, who also happen to be healthy mentally, are mostly so bland and boring that they don't really have expectations when it comes to relationships besides "is looking good" and "isn't annoying". There's nothing special about them so why would there be anything special about their relationship? Purely transactional.

Anonymous 112438


The truth about attractiveness is that it's necessary for the first impression and first impressions are super duper important because they actually start the conversation. After a while though, your face doesn't seems good looking or ugly anymore to the other person, it just becomes a familiar face. Think of it like looking at your mom's face. You don't think "She's so ugly" unless you put your mind to it but have a stranger approach you and you immediately start thinking about their looks. So, yeah. You do need to have things that click together and also be half-decent I guess.

Anonymous 112466

>I'd rather be with a 6/10-looking guy who is truly my best friend, always makes me laugh, shares my opinions and interests

I've dated men like this. You fall head over heels for them because you think they really see you. Then because of their moid sensibilities, they slow fade you and you go crazy and start chasing them until they dump you. On net, probably not worth it. It's hard to fall for boring normies in the same way, and that reason in conjunction with their mental stability makes for a generally long lasting relationships that don't scar you.

Anonymous 112478

AYRT; nah I dont fw online dating its a waste of time + he proposed to me already and are living together, have pets we take care of, and the wedding is in just a few months. Words of affirmation every day, lots of quality time together. If anything our love for each other gets stronger every day.

IRL > net


Advice and Support General Thread! Anonymous 68781[Reply]

Come here, wayward souls, for any matter big and small. Insight to comfort can be found here for your issues or conundrums.
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Anonymous 112270

kek I knew someone would say this

Anonymous 112271

Generally that's how people act. If you already know this then just message them?

Anonymous 112279

you're doing great

Anonymous 112470

What do you think about going back to your old job? I quit my job last November and been thinking about going back because I haven't been able to find a new job :( they'll probably laugh at me for crawling back in kek

Anonymous 112474

Why did you leave?


Abusive OCD bf pt 2 Anonymous 95617[Reply]

Last thread hit limit and many nonas seem concerned for her safety.

If you see this, we hope you are ok! Please give us an update on the police situation.
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Anonymous 112191

Sorry if you answered this before, but did your husband ever get psychiatric treatment for his OCD?

Anonymous 112249

No. When we stsrted dating he saw a psychiatrist and was given some medication and took it for a while but he stopped taking it because he found out it was usually prescribed for schizophrenia.

He claims that in the past few years he's gone to several psychiatrists and they all say he doesn't have ocd and everything is my fault. Maybe he doesn't have ocd, but he definitely needs help. I honestly don't believe he's contacted any professionals.

Anonymous 112278

Antipsychotics are prescribed for severe OCD. Well, that would have been the one thing that could have made living with him more bearable, but if he’s not adherent definitely don’t invite him to live with you again.

Anonymous 112356

I'm trying. It's hard to mive on from soneone who has been such a big part of my life.

I told him I'm not moving back but I would consider it if he gave proof he's at least seeing a therapist, admits he has been abusive, and can show he's changed.He wants to go to therapy together and I said okay, but again I'm not moving back any time soon.

Then he asked me if I was having trouble sleeping and I just told him truthfully "No. I'm way less stressed because I don't have to deal with (all his abusive behavior) and I'm not crying every day. I can do (conpletely normal things like watch tv and go for walks) when I want to. It's awesome."

He hasn't replied and I have to wonder if he realizes he just reminded me shy divorce is the best option.

Anonymous 112462

Now he's asking me if there aremen living with me because if so I'm "breaking the law." lol. I can't believe I used to let this kind of behavior control me. I still don't have a concrete plan but keeping communication open with him is actually reminding why I left and keeping me from romanticizing things.


MCR and monoculture Anonymous 112335[Reply]

i was listening to my chemical romance a little earlier today and i felt a bit nostalgic for early 2000s emo culture. i remember how widespread emo and rock was (in the US at least) back then, and how simply being born in the early 2000s meant that you had some panoply of emo bands and songs that connected you to others of a similar time period. nowadays, emo is dead and you don't really see bands as universally venerated and, in my opinion, culturally impactful as MCR. everyone's music tastes and interests are different these days as the world becomes more globalized and "connected," in a paradoxical way.

weirdly, you can compare this a bit to religion. in a religiously homogenous nation like the US used to be, people are more likely to be more familiar with the bible, the story and values of christ, and the moral foundations for which christianity provides. in an irreligious nation, how would you know that your neighbor shares the same values of peace as you do? i can imagine that perhaps might lead to a lack of trust among people, and perhaps this is what people miss and value about religion.

do you guys kind of sense a lack of monoculture in modern culture? everyone's interests and attention are diverted everywhere, our values have become more and more isolated and individualistic. which is maybe not a bad thing by itself, but sometimes i feel like i have nothing in common with others and it contributes to this feeling of societal atomization. i maybe think this is why art consumption and discussion is so important in a country. if you feel similar, what kind of things or media do you think could revive a sense of a monoculture?

also this post may be rambly or incorrect in some way sorry
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Anonymous 112375

The Film Theorists made a video about this exact topic about 4 months ago

Anonymous 112376

really? what video

Anonymous 112386

How YouTube Broke Your Brain. MatPat talks about personalized social media algorithms being responsible for the disappearance of the monoculture, and how tragedies have become the only thing EVERYBODY can discuss

Anonymous 112459

i think i actually watched that video. is that the one where he talks about how marvel is becoming bad? might have to rewatch later, i enjoy film and game theory quite a bit and its sad matpat left.

i was thinking about it a bit more and, it's not like a monoculture, by virtue of simply being culturally homogenous, is good. i mean, there are countries where the rule of religion has inhibited progress, individual freedom, and the standard of living in some way. i guess what i'm moreso trying to point out is that it feels like the US used to have more of a creative monoculture. you watch older comedy shows and the abundant use of referential humor (honestly i dont really like referential humor but, still) shows that people used to have more aligning interests.

when i think of MCR, i think of an instance in which creative people are given a community and an opportunity to create a sort of cultural landmark for monoculture. like imagine if they got picked up by some soulless TV show's music company or through tiktok instead of being the result of a lively subculture and supportive producers that cared about honing their talent. even the way creatives are portrayed in media, the whole "failing artist who can't support themselves", shows that there's not as much community or support for creative people as there used to be, and why opportunities to create a monoculture fail. kind of like game of thrones, which could have been a major cultural landmark if not for HBO and DND dropping the ball.

this was a huge tangent, kinda poorly written, and went off a random point in retrospect but eh. hopefully you get what i mean

Anonymous 112460

i dont necessarily think or am suggesting a monoculture by itself is good. i just think it can compliment the presence of external sub and counter cultures
idk how to encapsulate the sentiment fully but i think the distinction is important. or something

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