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I am Korean girl and I will talk about Korean boys Anonymous 14679[Reply]

Korean boys who have foreign gf always they upload his gf naked photo and face. He say that she is teenage and very kind to him and sympathy. Maybe the foreign woman was lonely in korea and she thought the korean boy is kind. But this things always happen in Korean website. The korean website are not porno site. Almost korean boys use the web site. And they dont think it is not problem. The victims are not only asian. There are white victims too

And Korean boys even upload his daughters photo on web site. Korean boys talk sexual insult to the child. Any Korean boys dont think it is wrong.

I heard that the girls are very kind to the korean sex offenders and feel sympathy for the korean boys. And the victims are usually teenager so they cannot filter out sex offenders. I want to talk about this to all foreign girls.
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Anonymous 23257

Hope you don't blame your family's ethnicity for your hardships too much, like some Asians I know who turned kinda annoyingly self-hating because of that. People of other nationalities experience plenty familial abuse too, it just manifests in different cultural ways.

Anonymous 23278

Jesus christ. I don't even have anything to respond with that's appropriate.
You should write some novels exposing that. Or shit, send me enough material and I'll compose one for you.
how much of that carries over into korean-american families? the school system is pretty easy here and suicide is more rare, and there's no 18 hour school days of course.
>to keep a figure
seriously slender, those full leg gaps are impossible without intense fasting or tons of cardio. i'm pretty skinny by american standards but my thighs still touch. they must weigh like 80-90 lbs max.

Anonymous 23292

Not her, but it’d just turn into a white savior thing. People in Asia aren’t going to change, but I expect Asians in the West to be pissed enough about it to not be as abusive.

Anonymous 23314

Stuff like this happens on 4chan a lot too. The "WWYD" threads with people posting their girls nudes and asking others what would they do. I guess its part hotwife fetishism where you get off on thinking how other guys desire your partner.

Doing this on organized site with pics of your kids tho? Holy crap that's a bit too weird

Anonymous 23603

Accurate. Most Koreans and Chinese Americans (can't speak for other Asian-Americans) I know seem to be hellbent on either having no kids, or just one kid that they're constantly super nervous about fucking up anyways.


Happy Feels/Vent Anonymous 345[Reply]

Share the good things that have happened to you recently!

I randomly got a call for a job that I didn't apply for, but the job offer is my passion (cake decorating)! I went to the interview yesterday, and was hired immediately. The chef is a cool druggy gamer guy as are the other dudes in the kitchen, so now I'm gonna make a bunch of awesome cool nerdy friends! He really liked the cake I brought him and the work I did. The pay is more than I was expecting.
The only thing that makes me nervous is that he also wants me to work the line, which I've never done, but the place is classy so we're putting out beautiful food that I'm really proud of and even messing with molecular gastronomy, which I've wanted to get into for a very long time! I'm so excited to do my best.
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Anonymous 23090

Thank you <3 I'm worried that he might be looking for more than I'm looking for, but I'll do my best to give him the best possible experience.

Anonymous 23253

I feel cute today somehow, even if I'm not perfect.
I hope all insecure anons here can feel cute, too.

Anonymous 23258

I got a new phone (well, it's a hand-me-down from my mum) and it's so much faster than my old phone. I can't wait to download all those cute photo apps I've seen other people use lol.

Anonymous 23290


I'm in a really good mood today. The sun is shining, it's nice and warm outside, and I just want to give everyone a hug and skip around. Being kind and cheerful is easy today

I want to be nice to everybody!

Anonymous 23563

Yay! That's such a good feeling!

I just had a really satisfying breakfast and I'm getting ready to start the day. I just feel positive today for some reason. Maybe because I've had a really relaxing weekend so far.

kitty pink.gif

LDR Experiences? Anonymous 23282[Reply]

How did they go for you guys, if you had them?

Mine is currently okay, but I'm afraid the distance will do us in eventually. When we argue, the argument always revolves around the distance or things to do with the distance.
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Anonymous 23484

Lol sorry,
Did some reading - was thinking of Romania and Serbia - not Slovenia.
BTW - does Slovenia “Remove Kebab” ? Not that I support ethnic cleansing, I just want to know if they were part of that conflict.

Anonymous 23486

This question only exists for people who intentionally sought out Americans. Or I suppose any other people from stable countries. I also think a lot of people from stable countries might be seeking out people in shitty countries intentionally on their own end, because they'd rather have a meek indebted bride/husband with no family in your own country to stop you from taking advantage of them.

Whether you're the citizen from the stable country or the citizen from the unstable country, there's a chance you're playing with fire. But I think this can be avoided if you weren't looking to date a foreigner on purpose.

Anonymous 23501

Not really, sure they were once a part of other countries that were involved in that. But Slovenia wasn't really part of the main conflict besides their own little ten day war.

But on the topics of mail order brides, bf had a Russian friend who wanted to ask me if I knew anyone who would take his money to marry him so he could leave. So lul.

Anonymous 23541


>TW - does Slovenia “Remove Kebab” ? Not that I support ethnic cleansing, I just want to know if they were part of that conflict

Part of what? Do you really view history through memes? I'm sorry but I LOL'd hard at this exchange.
Slovenia used to be part of Yugoslavia but was ethnically homogeneous and managed to secede without bloodshed. It's now the most successful post-yugo state.
Also Slovenia is part of EU and Schengen so he can, at any moment, move to many countries which are imo better than America.

Anonymous 23559

>How did you keep your relationship alive during LDR?
(Not them but) We committed nearly immediately because we were friends for a few years prior.

We went out of our way to make time for each other every day while we were both awake, and we made sure to tell each other about even the most mundane portions of our lives. When you're in an LDR, the only thing you really have for each other is communication, so we sat there doing nothing but cooing and talking about life for hours, taking pictures of anything which could start a conversation, etc.

We made immigration plans early. He didn't want an LDR in the longterm and neither did I, so we made sure we knew that there was a promise on the end of any struggle. Uncertainty kills relationships, and being serious and upfront about what we wanted made sure that it was worth it


Anonymous 14928[Reply]

What are your first names? Do you think you have a cool/beautiful name? Do any of you have femcel names that hurt your confidence like Agnes, Larkin, Prudence, Helga, Gertrude, Mildred, Bertha, etc.
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Anonymous 19365

I went on a school trip once where 1 in every 5 people was called Alex

Anonymous 19370


Literally my fucking life. But, I've recently have gotten reconnected with my Italian heritage and I do like the Italian version of the name better.

Anonymous 23372

you fucking hoolig…

Won't say specifically which, but It's one of those "old-lady names" that you named.

Having a name in a country where my name has a reputation of being associated with old people sucks sometimes, sure, but luckily, I live in a country where I'm almost positive I'm the only one with this name in my city – and its population is a couple million people. Plus, I can always tell someone to call me by a nickname.

Besides, I used to really hate it when I was a kid, but now, I realize it's given me a unique start to shaping my personality, and I actually really like it now. If I could go back in time and be able to name myself, I would still name myself the same name. To me, Mildred, Velma or Edith is much better than other overly-popular names.

Anonymous 23375


>Alexa! Play despacito.

Tbh it all boils down to our presonal stereotypes based on experience with people.
Whats so manly about them? Their size? that might be blamed on perspective. Because they're wrinkly like a sausage that has been in the dry air for weeks? Bitch please, Not everybody here is 16.
If you're Sabrina in any slav country than I immediately hate you. I assume that's north american name and anyone else using it wants to be hip and perceived as western-ish.
Are any Gertrudes here? Would you be angry if I were to call you (as a friend) Geralt?

Anonymous 23475

Not to dox myself, but I have a name that a lot of Gen X have (standard spelling and everything). So it's common enough that everyone knows it but it wasn't super popular in my birth year (only #19) and has been on the decline since then.
I used to hate it, and I still don't think it 100% fits me, but I've become partial to it I guess. I'd name my daughter my name if it wasn't my name. I like baby names that are very 80's-90's lol.


What are your thoughs on PUA and why men are so sneaky? Anonymous 11642[Reply]

They are digusting and make me feel dirty only thinking about it.
Are there really other women out there who fall for this shit? And man who are in need to pay for this kind of stuff?
Makes me ashamed to be a women/makes me want to become a lesbian. I'm I the only one who feels this way?
87 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 23352

You wouldn't?
I mean like, what do we mean by "average" – like, I mean not usually, but once in a while, definitely.

Anonymous 23353

Dear God no.

Anonymous 23356

>You wouldn't?
No. I take care of my looks. Get my share of compliments and pride myself in the fact that i can choose from the top, not middle looking guys when its only about sex.

Anonymous 23361

Well that's why I specified "in a perfect world". My point was that I understand we don't live in a perfect world and thus I understand why men aren't always upfront when all they're looking for is a one-night stand.

Anonymous 23470

>You wouldn't?
This is honestly so based I love it

I wish I was like this. Personally, I would sperg out if anyone told me they wanted to bang straight up unless we were already somewhat acquainted and I was attracted to them initially.


Anonymous 9581[Reply]

ITT anything that makes you cry easily and gives you the feels: videos, images, stories, movies/books suggestions, discussion, etc.
It's good to have a good cry once in a while.
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Anonymous 23381

>needing external stimuli

I just think back to times people hurt me

Anonymous 23382

guess I need to specify
*people I loved

Anonymous 23393


HxH Chimera Arc spoilers. Komugi, are you still there?"

Anonymous 23403

Christ, the movie adaption had my friends and I bawling like babies

Anonymous 23455

It's under 10 min and yet I feel so sad after the song. Am I weak?


IT’S FUCKING OVER HELP Anonymous 16409[Reply]

I met a perfect boy at uni. At first I just noticed him because he is the absolute most handsome guy I’ve ever seen. Call me superficial but that alone made me develop a crush. I sort of tried to forget about him since I didn’t think it would go anywhere and tried to tell myself that he probably was a jerk anyway.

However, I was grouped with him and a few other girls for some group assignment, and he turned out to be the nicest person I’ve ever met. He’s ridiculously funny, interesting, cultured, creative (turns out he’s actually semi-famous in multiple fields), exciting, smart, he just has literally everything going for him. I’m not the most beautiful girl ever but I take care of myself (I’m skinny, have very well maintained natural blonde hair, blue eyes etc.). Acne has slways been a problem but after meeting this guy my face was finally clearing up. I suggested that everyone in the group exchanged numbers and everyone obliged.

Then the guy started texting (actually whatsapp which is the norm in my country but whatever) me. Mostly school stuff but also some personal things. He’d always reply to me right away, never left me on read, and was always willing to help and when I helped him he was super grateful and cute about it. I’ve never had text contact as good as this. He’d always say hi to me when we ran into each other, and in class he’d letvme sit with him. If he was talking to other people he’d always try to make me a part of the conversation too.

It got even better when I found out he was basically pure (yes meme af I know, you know what I mean). He was very serious about hygiene (he talked about how he disliked visiting friends who didn’t clean their rooms properly), wasn’t active on FB, IG or dating apps, isn’t part of a frat, and disliked weed (he does drink though but so do I so ehrm yeah). He also never mentioned a gf or anything like that.

The thing is, despite growingsomewhat close he never asked me out or anything and I was afraid to ask him out because I’m not sure if I’m worthy of him and came to the conclusion that he might be gay or something and I didn’t want to embarrass him. He was literally too perfect to not have a gf.

Then it all went wrong.

Last night I went out for drinks with a few uni friends and afterwards walked back to the train station (I don’t live in my uni’s city, I live with my parents in my hometown (which is completely normal in my country, the boy does the samPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
94 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 19864

>I've always wanted to know though, why is this considered bad?
Not bad, just cringe.
Doesn't help the whole multicultural/diversity thing neither when they're basically breeding themselves out lol. A lot, like, easily 7 out of 10 non-white successful men in movies, sports, whatever, go on about being role models for their community and championing their culture/race and then just have a white wife and three half-white children, some of which have light eyes and skin that is seven shades lighter than their father.

It'd be like if white guys in the mainstream were going on about their image and being a role model for young men that look like them, then in high numbers were only marrying and having mixed kids with non-white women.

Anonymous 19887



No pls
Each thread has a lot of content and discussion. It would be sad if they all got rounded up and hauled. Also, it's not like we have that much traffic, that we have to prune down on threads.


dowman <3

Anonymous 19896

this dog is cute & you have good taste in manga so i agree with your opinions fren

Anonymous 23061



Anonymous 23341

You realize you're responding to a 4 month old post right?
Damn this site is ridiculously slow.


Task Accountability Thread Anonymous 6922[Reply]

Need some support with achieving your daily tasks and reaching your goals?
What things do you want to get done today/tomorrow?

Here's a thread where we can put down our tasks for the day, cheer each other on for accomplishing them, and offer support/ideas for those finding it hard.

For example:
19th May or Saturday's Tasks or To do
- Do laundry
- Take out trash
- Read chapters 3 and 4
- Get out of bed before 9am

Helpful links that may help you set goals and tasks
Mini habit ideas: https://minihabits.com/mini-habit-ideas/
The ABC method: https://www.briantracy.com/blog/leadership-success/practice-the-abc-method/
Pomodoro technique: https://francescocirillo.com/pages/pomodoro-technique
59 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 17624


- Assignment 4
- Revision for course in preparation for review session tomorrow
- Self-quiz on chapter 11
- Do reading 9

Productive break tasks:
- Baking
- Relaxation yoga
- Read for 15 minutes

Anonymous 17913

giphy (1).gif

I'm >>15184 and >>16239 and I failed again yesterday.. for the same reason: Parallel parking. I did it perfectly three times the day before but… i don't know. This time I got inside the box finally (we used cones instead of real cars) but I was too far away from the curb and I didn't know how to fix it… The instructor gave me ample time to fix and she even repeated herself multiple times to try to help me. -sigh- will I ever get this shit?

Anonymous 17918


Sorry about that anon, but I believe in you!
Now that you know what the test format is like, you can recreate those conditions by getting non-car obstacles to practice with.

I tried to type out some tips, but I think in this instance diagrams and video is more helpful:

Anonymous 17919

Thank you so much for this video anon! Haha I wish I saw it yesterday but I am going to study it and rebook my exam again (though I have to wait two weeks until I can book again). I'm so grateful!

Anonymous 23318


- 143 Notes
- 151 Notes
- 151 PS1
- 146 HW1
- Groceries


Anonymous 19245[Reply]

>go on 4chan
>entertaining to scroll through but I don't feel I belong
>too many naked girls
>too many fetishes
>too many nazis
>talking about how all woman are shitty
>girl friends irl normies
>distance myself from feminine traits
>hate girls
>find this site
>could it be?
>a place where I belong?

I never throught there was somewhere for us. I knew I couldn't be alone.
38 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 23275

because the only kids who ever bullied me in elementary were other girls

Anonymous 23277

If you'd been picked on by boys as well how do you think you'd feel? Or if your father was shit?

I can see where you're coming from honestly, I can't seem to befriend other women and some of my shittiest friends were female. I socially fear most other women and I hate being a woman because of the judgements males make about me based on it.

But I absolutely hate men more. The majority of them are incapable of any sort of empathy or caring about each other or us, not to mention the crime stats like I said. Males are fucking awful. The top percentage of them are more intelligent than the top percentage of women and they're often physically stronger, but holy fuck are they monsters. At least I've met women who are capable of emotional complexity and caring. I can only put up with male friendships because they're simpler when it comes to socializing, but I'd never be vulnerable with them.

I love this board since I can interact with the nicer sex without having to get close to deal with the flaws. I'm sure meeting most of your girls irl would result in you hating me for having some ugly features or whatever bullshit. But at least connecting anonymously with you is better than connecting anonymously with men.

Anyway despite this tangential rant I do actually love people on some level, and I'm a cursed bisexual who's attracted to both shitty sexes. Do any misanthropic anons know that feel? Female-misogynist-chan, you must feel this on some level since you're still fucking here after all. Do you hate men, too? It doesn't seem like it because you're caping for them, but who knows.

Anonymous 23279

Really, I was half joking, though there might be something subconscious there.
And my father actually was terrible.
But male or female I don't really like most real people, though I don't socialize.
I do tend to enjoy male characters more than females when it comes to entertainment though.

Anonymous 23305

you've probably noticed but discourse on 4chan isn't toxic unless you're baiting people… which I guarantee you are, whether you realize it or not.

Anonymous 23619

4chan is full of hateful spiders


I got dumped by being ghosted Anonymous 22409[Reply]

He went from being super into me to just not responding to my texts for a few days then unfriending me online.

Why do people ghost? It's such garbage.
7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 22969

Wait so he wanted to break up with you and you knew this? And he just never contacted you again? That's awkward and borderline creepy.
Should've dumped his ass before he ghosted you tho.

Anonymous 22970

I mean, how would she have any idea he could do this? Literally just suddenly ghosting has no signifying redflag.

Anonymous 22971

Sorry, just sounded to me like anon knew about the breakup in advance.

Anonymous 22972

Not everyone is as cowardly as you, my friend.

Anonymous 22973

Fear of commitment, emotional immaturity, you're not a novelty for them anymore…you name it.
It's never you.

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