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Anonymous 6447[Reply]

anyone into bossa nova/brazilian jazz type music?

i’d really like some recommendations because i’m pretty into this song. i also like some of joão gilberto’s music.

is there any more artists that someone who just started getting into this type of genre should listen to? (doesn’t have to be older artists).
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Anonymous 6449

love astrud gilberto! i think i'll listen to the other artists right now.

Anonymous 6451

Let's add Seu Jorge as well.

Anonymous 6452

thank you for this post! i know that sounds dramatic, but listening to this brightened up a mediocre day and it’s bizarre discovering him would have never happened otherwise.

Anonymous 6453

Anonymous 6454

kinda basic, but one song by joão is deserved in this thread.


Anonymous 5761[Reply]

When I was a kid I used to love playing those virtual worlds like club penguin, moshi monsters and fantage and I really miss them. Anyone know some good and wholesome adult alternatives? I've thought about MMOs before but I don't know of any cutesy ones which is sort of what I'm looking for
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Anonymous 6401


are u me? i enjoyed those games so much as well. currently im playing Kawaii Home Design, really cute animation and you can meet friends too. You can add me! @/zumee
just lmk in the game's PM you are from cc~

Anonymous 6413

I remember playing Zwinky over a decade ago and it fucked up my sister's computer.

Anonymous 6421


Baguette here, for my part I used to play Blablaland a lot. It was my favorite game, I would have still played it if it wasn't shut down.

Anonymous 6427


i miss habbo everyday :'(

Anonymous 6450

neopets is still pretty active believe it or not and virtually nothing has changed about the site since the early 2000s (ignoring the attempts at switching to mobile), would highly recommend. i have neopets autism tho so im biased


Kpop thread Anonymous 576[Reply]

Thread for all of us fans of kpop share our bias, why we love them and their song recommendations and just general photo thread!

(all genres of korean music and all bands/artists are welcome)

Please do not disrespect, anyone's opinion is valid!!! Please don't say stuff like 'he just ugly', cause everyone knows beauty is subjective

(tbh made this cause I want to ind more k-groups/artists to stan)

Girl groups would be very appreciated!
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Anonymous 6440

Yep. Many popular guys on TikTok also have the same look as these Kpop guys and it's not just teenage girls who find them attractive.

Anonymous 6443

So much has happened since kpg was banned from lolcow. Did you guys see the whole AOA’s Mina scandal? I feel bad for her, she finally said what we all suspected and she is getting a ton of backlash. I think I read somewhere that netizens were doubting her story because of this one video where she was acting friendly towards Jimin. I thought maybe the rest of the girls were secretly supporting Mina but after reading that they all went to her house and basically gaslighted her I’m not so sure anymore. Guess this is it for AOA.

Anonymous 6444

Yeah the whole thing was nuts. It feels really rare to see a huge scandal for a girl group like this one. I didn't see much backlash for Mina though? It's definitely over for AOA now though which sucks since I really like Seolhyun.

Anonymous 6445

At least they got rid of her, sucks that it was a little too late but I guess AOA were already past their prime so FNC is probably not that concerned about losing them as a group. I was never a huge fan but I did like some of their older stuff, always hated Jimin's parts though, she has an incredibly grating voice.

I'm particularly disappointed that no one stood up for Mina, and now I can't help but dislike Seolhyun by association considering she was bff with Jimin. I just saw that Youkyung came forward and also gave hints of having gone through the same stuff Mina did, I'm wondering if perhaps ChoA was in the same boat as them and that's why she jumped ship when she saw the chance.

Anonymous 6446

Their comeback after they went on Queendom flopped so they'll just put the group on indefinite hiatus while the members hide until people move on. Though I like Seolhyun it's impossible for her to come out of this clean. It's hard to play it off as "just for show" when you get matching tattoos lmao. I thought about Choa too but I doubt we'll hear about anything from her. FNC seems like a mess in general which makes me wonder about their other groups.

best boy.jpg

Husbando Thread Anonymous 45[Reply]

Post pics of your husbando (or waifu!)
Bonus for explaining why + any merch you may have for them.
Pic related.
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Anonymous 6386


I can't be the only one.

Anonymous 6387


I can't be the only one.

Anonymous 6388

the phrase you used burned into my subconscious, sorry about that, anon.

Anonymous 6420


i just think he's neat! and he's also awfully cute and noble and…he's just perfect.

Anonymous 6442


Good taste anon


Couples thread Anonymous 5287[Reply]

Post couples that are important to you!
Canon or not canon, straight or homosexual, any form of media.
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Anonymous 6369


I like all the couples though.

Anonymous 6414


There is a severe lack of pics of these two.

Anonymous 6417


Anonymous 6429


love them so much forever in the corniest and most sincere way. can't wait for the inquisitor to save solas from himself ha… ha

Anonymous 6441


princess peach (2)…

Video games Anonymous 79[Reply]

Let's talk about video games. What are you playing now? What games are you looking forward to play? Which games or consoles are your favorites, and which ones do you dislike or disappointed you? Etc.
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Anonymous 6223


To pass time during quarantine, I've been revisiting old DS games that I loved as a child. I bought Trauma Center: Under the Knife and Under the Knife 2 a while ago and have been playing them daily, along with Pokemon X. Last night I ordered Mario Party DS and it should arrive within a week. The last time I played any of these games, I was eight years old had a pink DS Lite. It's crazy how time flies.

Oh, and Victor is very handsome.

Anonymous 6377


Friendly reminder that steam sale is starting SOON!

Anonymous 6431

the only rockstar game i've ever really enjoyed

Anonymous 6432

Fave games:
Yume Nikki
Silent Hill 2
Cave Story
Pokemon Crystal & Emerald
Final Fantasy 9
Yoshi's Island
Shadow of the Colossus
Mario Sunshine

I have a huge backlog of games i want to play since I tend to just emulate older games on my pc.

Anonymous 6439

Silent Hill 2 incarnates art in its totality.


Alternatives to tumblr Anonymous 2970[Reply]

I know pic related is long dead, but does anyone use dreamwidth? is these anywhere else to go and blog about shows and comics/anime and manga you like with other people that isn't the blue hell?
28 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 5045

Yes you need to learn html to even use it, but it has the text editor built right in, and even has the tutorials needed on the site to begin. From there you can just search what code you need if you want to do something more specific.

The freedom is your's in the end.

Anonymous 5049

HTML is like the most thoroughly well-documented markup language in the world, i don't think that's even a hurdle. w3 schools is waiting for you with all the answers.

And my god i love the nostalgia that hits me when i see a slapped together html page. Especially on someone's *eocities. gifs, centre aligned text, wow, i really miss geocities.

Anonymous 5076


is neocities any good for making friends?

Anonymous 6437

Dreamwidth is gud. It's oldschool enough to be LJ from when LJ was gud, minus the huge userbase. It supports a broader spectrum of opinions than Tumblr/Reddit. Their policy is 'We can only ban you if you are being mean to others'. It also supports communities.

Twitter is hard AF to navigate and getting canceled for liking the wrong ship is easy, ppl are literally swapping around lists of 'who to block'.

Anonymous 6438

i'm on tumblr/twitter/insta to post fanart, but dwrp is my favourite way to interact with fandom nowadays. though you have to like, you know, enjoy rp and meta and shit. unfortunately, it's nothing like classic lj was.

i miss livejournal. lj circa 2010 was perfect to me. i also liked early fandom tumblr where people were comfortable being more earnest and cringy (where have the superwholock gifsets of yesteryear gone). twitter is the worst fandom platform ever.

avril top15.jpg

Anonymous 5343[Reply]

Change my mind.
4 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 5349


>hello kitty

Anonymous 5350



Anonymous 5388


where is losing grip though??

Anonymous 5509

Complicated is essentially the national anthem of angsty early 2000s suburban girls. It deserves the top spot.

Anonymous 6433

where's slipped away?

Music Videos Anonymous 3305[Reply]

What are some of your favorite music videos?
Can be of all time or just recent ones that caught your eye.
Post em, girls!

This is my current one!
12 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3456

this one gave me feels for some reason.
who's slicing onions in here…?

Anonymous 3681

>When the lesbians are spared, hue

Anonymous 3688

Anonymous 6424

I am here to revive thread, I love this video also his face is funny

Anonymous 6430

based as fuck


Clannad Thread Anonymous 5540[Reply]

I am watching this anime for the first time, and I am not all the way through it. This anime has touched my soul in a way i thought not possible. It has made me feel so happy, and it has made me feel so sad. When i watch it i almost feel like i am entering another life, I am not sure how to describe it. Are there any girls here that also like Clannad?
7 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 5603

Did you finish, OP?

Anonymous 5613


No I did not. And I doubt I will for some time, Because I found someone to watch it with. This way if I start to feel sad I can turn to them, and if I feel happy I can feel it with them.

Anonymous 5758

You got me to pick up Clannad again, and I was surprised by how much I’m enjoying it. I originally started watching it when I was in high school and found it kind of boring and too moe for my tastes, but now around ten years later, I’m really liking it. The romance is really sweet and I find Nagisa really relatable.


That’s sweet, anon. Hope you find your happiness with this person!

Anonymous 6212


anybody feel like watching this with somebody?

Anonymous 6428

i love clannad so much. it kind of gets a bad rap if you're in sufficiently elitist circles but for me it's one of my top fav animes which i never get to talk about ..! i love all the girls, too, but nagisa and her bond with tomoya is my favourite.

i relate so much to tomoya's trauma, sadness and yearning for family that it always makes me bawl. tomoya having slightly more development as a protag than your usual bland harem lead elevates it above the rest of the genre, in my opinion.

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