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Beepbox Song Thread Anonymous 5811[Reply]

>BeepBox is an online tool for sketching and sharing instrumental melodies. All song data is contained in the URL at the top of your browser. When you make changes to the song, the URL is updated to reflect your changes.

I've had some fun lately making little 8bit songs on beepbox.co

I'm curious to hear what you creative anons might come up with. Post links below.

Anonymous 5813


Anonymous 1580[Reply]

What TV shows are you watching right now, anons? Let's give each other recommendations!

I just started watching Alias Grace (pic related) and it's so good that I just had to share it with someone. It's a really great representation of what Irish people went through around the time of the Famine, especially the scenes on the coffin ships and the family dynamics. It's pretty upsetting but it's refreshingly realistic for once. I've also been loving the positive female friendship and feminist themes.

I'd highly recommend it to anyone who enjoyed The Handmaid's Tale or any kind of period dramas like Downton Abbey (although it's a lot more dark than this). Or even anyone who would like to see a less optimistic and darker version of Brooklyn.
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Anonymous 5265

I've been getting in to japanese procedurals lately. Unnatural was pretty much excellent all the way through.

Anonymous 5355

I just finished The Boys, Killing Eve and Dead to me. All were very good and I'd recommend them, currently watching Chernobyl. Don't know what to think yet, but it seems promising.

Anonymous 5806


Just binged Fleabag. Holy shit. I'm too sleep deprived to string proper sentences together, but when the self-titled character proclaims "This a love story" at the beginning of season two…yes. Not just in the romantic sense—though, my god, that storyline broke my heart too. First good TV show in a long while. Hit harder than expected. Anyone else seen it?

Anonymous 5809

Nobody mentioned these yet and they're very good in my opinion so if you're on the lookout to binge a new show I recommend The Mentalist: 7 seasons, ended in 2015, fairly old now but my favourite show that I watched 4 times in a row now, it features the best and most well done imo couple on TV; and Succession, which is new and finished its second season last summer and it's a bonkers insane series. But the latter might be triggery if you experienced abuse from family members.

Anonymous 5812

I absolutely love The Mentalist. I remember watching as it was airing and getting so excited with every season finale. I'm still glad that CBS gave it that last short season to wrap everything up.


Magical Girl General Anonymous 682[Reply]

Most of us grew up with the genre so I thought we could start off with nostalgia and childhood memories~

>Which series/dubs did you watch on television?

>Did you ever get into Japanese releases?
>Favorite series/characters from your childhood?
>Favorite series/characters overall (including recent releases, reboots etc)?
>Are you currently watching anything?
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Anonymous 4795


Magic Knight Rayearth. Just started this on a whim and really enjoying it so far.

Anonymous 4797


SM was my first mahou shoujo and anime, I still love it. I also liked Ojomajo Doremi and Fancy Lala.
But I cannot get over CCS. I cannot.

Anonymous 5697


Been rewatching Sailor Moon. the DIC dub is awful but I love it all the same.

Precure is also something that I am big into. What do you guys think about Healin Good Precure?

Anonymous 5745

God. I’m 32 years old and I still love the magical girl anime I grew up with.
Sailor moon, magic knight rayearth, card captor Sakura, fushigi yugi

Anonymous 5810



Liking it so far. It seems to be a very heartwarming and down-to-earth season so far. Cute mascot characters too (which I can't always say about Precure).


Movies General Anonymous 2793[Reply]

What have you watched recently?
What is on your to-watch list?

Favorite genre, topic, director, actor/actress, and so on?

Movies that you found memorable as a cinematic experience, movies that you rewatch for the feels or comedy, movies that you found bad (and why)?
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Anonymous 5171

The Villainess is a korean thriller on netflix and it’s insanely good. Surprised no one seems to know about it, I highly recommend

Anonymous 5172


I watched Vibrator recently. It's really beautiful, though a bit of a fantasy depending on how you see it. I'm sure some of the other (older) miners on here would like it too. For a self-inserting target audience the protagonist is a 31 yo alcoholic NEET-ish single woman.
Also, it was done by a pinku/erotica director and there's this almost completely explicit sex scene about 20 minutes in, so don't watch it on a plane or something.

From all the other things you mention, I assume you mean the animated one that came out recently. I watched the live action before and it had some really nice cinematography but the story and the "twist" were just awful. Perhaps the praise is from a wider context, I know it's all based on a novel so maybe it's the novel that's super popular and everyone in Japan forgives the story in the adaptations (or something).

Anonymous 5173


I realized that I hadn't watched any movies during the first half of this year when I ended up watching 4 movies during international flights (2 going, 2 returning). Here are the short responses:

Into the Spiderverse - I ended up watching this twice because none of the other choices seemed that appealing. It's fun, and a good example of how comic adaptations of movies and put the boundaries are visual storytelling.

Crazy Rich Asians - Got around to watching it since the movie selection was so shit. Went in with no expectations other than ~Azn Representation~, and it was okay. A generic romcom as those go, very poor male lead character development, nice outfits and decent atmosphere.

The Lego Movie: The Second Part - I knew going into it that it would not be as good at the original. Turned out better than the Batman version. Had a better message that was aligned with the first one but more catered to ~feminism~, but worse music and a worse plot twist.

Anonymous 5804

Ran poster.jpg

I still can't get over Ran. Really made an impact on the way I look at films. I hope it inspires the same kind of feelings in others, but with a long-ish running time and subtitles to read, not too many of my friends would be willing to sit through it :(

Anonymous 5808

Thanks for the reminder anon, I have to watch it again soon. :)


Anonymous 5807[Reply]

Anyone watching Kyokou Suiri? What do you think of it?

Kotoko is cute and I found her attitude refreshing in the first episode, but the more I watch this show, the more I find Saki to be more relatable (and Kotoko can be kind of a brat to her sometimes).

Kuro's backstory is really interesting. The storyline kind of reminds me of (possible spoilers if you haven't caught up to the anime) a Rumiko Takahashi series called Mermaid Forest. If you liked watching the segments on his backstory, I'd recommend watching/reading that.

Love the ED dance.


Parasite (2019) Anonymous 5788[Reply]

What did you think of Parasite? I recently watched it with my bf, and then again with my mom. It was not bad, but honestly it wasn't as ground breaking as people claim it was. The idea itself was actually creative, I'll give it that much, and the message it carries is not an entirely bad one either.

Spoilers ahead (it's just me chimping about a particular part of the film):

Honestly the fact that one of the subplots was Da-hye (who is 17 at best, though most people say she's 16) and Kiwoo (who's at least 21, but could be 23) getting into a relationship just ruined to whole film for me. I don't know how the producer can be so highly regarded when he's putting this on the big screen out of all things.

Like, I can't even begin to explain how disgusted I was when it all went there. I probably sound like a fucking chimp trying to type this all out, but the fact that my natural reflex to it was disgust and continuously saying what the fuck at the screen really says something.

Other than that, though, it would've been a really good movie, if it wasn't for

that plot twist with Moon-gwang's husband just going apeshit. Honestly made no proper sense to me. Like, I get it, he respects Mr. Park as some kind of deity from heaven and knows what's going on with the Kims, but I feel like that subplot I mentioned above is the same as this part of the movie, where it's just in to be in, for the shock value, or whatever. Sure, it was really fucking unexpected and I was honestly kind of taken aback by it, but it felt.. unnecessary..? I don't know.

I have a huge girl crush on Park So-dam (Ki-jung) because of her character in the film.
What are your thoughts?
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Anonymous 5795

You HAD to know that would happen though. Part of the fun of the movie is that you sorta know where it's going, and yet you don't. Their romance was just meant to be another stick of dynamite, for the big boom at the end.

Anonymous 5796


Loved it. Simple enough idea executed masterfully, with plenty of cultural, interpersonal, and political nuances.

I knew nothing about it going in so that probably helped too.

Didn't care about the inappropriate age relationship. But I'm a degenerate European so what do I know?

Anonymous 5797

I'm from the UK and I never considered people would find anything wrong with relationships where one person is 16-17 and the other is in their twenties until recently when it has kept coming up online. I knew the US had a high age of consent but I thought it was like the drinking age where it was something people didn't actually care about. I was really surprised to see that people take it so seriously, like being disgusted at the very idea like OP was.

Anonymous 5798

Americans really are strict when it comes to age of consent.

Anonymous 5801

I'm OP, also from Europe. It's also common here (what >>5797 said), but I've always been heavily against it.


Star Trek Anonymous 5361[Reply]

Post about your favourite Star Trek show, episode, movie, novel, comic, character, OTP, fanfic, podfic, etc

Post about your most hated too.
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Anonymous 5592

He was far better without ir, honestly. I like on average older looking guys, but his beard was terrible. I mean, he is still hot, but not Kirk tier like on S1.

Anonymous 5610

I am finally finishing DS9. And I must say I like it. At first I thought a majority of the episodes were boring and kind of dull. But I really like the characters. Garak is my favorite. And I really like Odo and Quark's bickering. I kind of like how they developed more alien cultures. I found some Cardassian and Bojourian(?) conflicts a sonre.

Anonymous 5612

I want to watch it, but I simply cannot watch anything that is not HD anymore unless it's an old black and white movie.

I still have hope.

Anonymous 5614

I always liked Next Generation because my dad watched it with me. And this was one of my favorite scenes:
>Post about your most hated too.
||the troublesome little manchild…||

Anonymous 5803

I watched the motion picture yesterday and just finished watching wrath of Khan.
a. what were they thinking with the motion picture? holy shit why is everything so padded out, minutes upon minutes of establishing shots.
I also wish there was more to the "kirk competing with the fresh, new captain of the Enterprise" storyline, it basically ended with bones telling Kirk he was the one competing.
b. wrath of khan was fantastic, I absolutely loved it.
The fact Kirk was sort of coming to terms with needing reading glasses really struck something with me, reminded me a lot of how I felt when my father started wearing reading glasses.

on to the next generation.

princess peach (2)…

Video games Anonymous 79[Reply]

Let's talk about video games. What are you playing now? What games are you looking forward to play? Which games or consoles are your favorites, and which ones do you dislike or disappointed you? Etc.
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Anonymous 5737

Cyberpunk got delayed to September…
I hope it's actually worth it.

Anonymous 5752

Anyone here play Dom 5? Been struggling to find a game.

Anonymous 5759

I haven't played eve online since highschool and now want to get back into eve but I don't know whether I should get a starter pack or buy some PLEX. Can anyone help?

Anonymous 5766

Anyone here play fighting games? I got into them recently and they're really fun, but I don't have anyone I can do casual matches with to improve in a meaningful way.

Anonymous 5802

I've been itching for an MMO, a lot of it probably comes from the fantasy of reliving a certain aspect of when I was a kid and teenager and Maplestory was a sort of social placebo, but I know I couldn't possibly get into it.
For one, MMOs are all but a dead genre and people don't really use them as a social hub anymore, not when they can jerk around in discord or whatever.
And for two, I guess I just got older, between school and work I hardly have the time for something so time consuming as an MMO, and I also can't imagine lighting that flame that was in me when I was a kid and I was in awe of the new areas I would explore.

I'm shocked they never did anything more with this IP, this game was a blast in almost every way.


Idol Games Anonymous 4889[Reply]

Thread for discussing all kinds of idol games and media (Bandori, [email protected], LL, Enstars, etc.)

>Best girl(s)?

>Favorite units?
>Favorite events?
>Favorite cards?
9 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4927


Forgot to add Kirari Moroboshi as all time fave

Anonymous 4981


I've tried a lot of idol games with female charas: llsif, bandori, mirishita, deresute, t7s, tokidoru and photokatsu. I can say, that all games were good and I've spend a lot of time playing each of them. I recommend every game, but for newbies llsif/bandori gonna be the best, because both of them have an English version. I've also tried to get into imas shiny colors game, but it's way too confusing.
Also, I still wait for love live all stars game, i hope it's gonna be good.
I don't play idols games as much as in past, but I still play deresute and mirishita a little.

Anonymous 5029


I have become addicted to King of Prism. I love how silly it is. The difficulty is a little too easy though as most male idol games are.

Anonymous 5791

i really like the new love live game and bandori. they're pretty fun

Anonymous 5800


The [email protected] is my favorite idol game. Yukiho and Yayoi probably have to be my favorite girls in it.

current music thread Anonymous 16[Reply]

What song can't you stop listening to these days?
What are your favorite artists/bands?
What type of music are you into?

Yt links to videos encouraged.
I'm not creative so here's a Suicide Sheep song I like.
292 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 5732


Anonymous 5768

Anonymous 5769

Really surprised to find this here.

Anonymous 5787

I love watching Tosin Abasi play guitar. I know nothing about guitar but it's so captivating. Especially when he just taps the stings with both his hands. he's so awesome
Igorrr is a legend. I love how he made a song out of his chicken playing piano, adorable

Anonymous 5799

lmao I have been on such a Lana kick these past few days. embarrassing but true.

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