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Anonymous Admin 7699[Reply]

Don't make new kpop threads. All kpop-related posts go in >>>/media/16016


Anonymous 25889[Reply]

Any good Russian media for people learning? Please post here!
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Anonymous 25954

it's like you can already tell what they're saying even when you don't speak their language kek

Anonymous 25955

Moids really are the same the world over huh

Anonymous 25956

This board is all about having slightly homoerotic conversations with friends about life and occasions sharing Tik Tok videos

Anonymous 25959

There are a lot of old famous Soviet movies on youtube. For example "Ivan Vasilievich: Back to the Future" (1973) is known by most Russians and is one of the most referenced movies in daily life speaking.

Anonymous 25960

The master and margarita….. read ot in Cyrillic.


Anonymous 25957[Reply]

How was he in the wrong here?

best boy.jpg

Husbando Thread Anonymous 45[Reply]

Post pics of your husbando (or waifu!)
Bonus for explaining why + any merch you may have for them.
Pic related.
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Anonymous 25560

O-oh. Good to know, I guess. ;_;

Do you girls play mahjong, too?

Anonymous 25564

Consider reading the manga instead? The anime cuts short some of the scenes, and has a tendency to generally portray Akagi’s reactions inaccurately, making him look colder than he actually is. And, well, it also finishes in the middle of the manga. It even drops an entire arc, which I suppose you could call a filler one, but I liked it nonetheless. It was pretty disappointing that the yakuza chohan scene wasn’t fully animated, so I never watched the entire thing in one go. I had thought it’d be great to see it in motion after reading the manga, and then it just cut straight to the middle with zero build-up. I can understand removing an arc and some lines to not cause a pacing issue, but damn, at that point it really felt like they didn’t have that much interest in the source material.
Yeah, it’s a good game. Although you do have to be a mild masochist to keep playing it at times. That’s when it’s a terrible game. I used to play on Tenhou until they ran an Akagi collab on Majsoul, so that’s what I’m using nowadays.

Anonymous 25671

>Although you do have to be a mild masochist to keep playing it at times.

iktf. I used to play on masoul until my boyfriend sperged out about it being chinese spyware. I was also close to spending money on it. Now I play on MJ mobile. The running commentary makes me feel excited and the avatars are ugly so I'm content with the free gacha stuff.

Anonymous 25826


no matter how bad my life might get he would always be there to reassure me and let me know that I can always improve myself and be a better person I want to hug him I want to stroke his ribcage

Anonymous 25950


It was mostly because of his design at first but his personality shined quickly.

boku no natsuyasum…

Why can't we have more comfy Video Games? Anonymous 3470[Reply]

I want to play video games to put me in that comfortable mood (either before bed or after a stressful day at school) but most games are either high-intense action games with a lot of testosterone and gore, a boring sports game or puzzle games where things are at stake.

I want more games to put me in that comfy mood like:
>Animal Crossing
>Stardew Valley
>Little Big Planet
>Donut County
>Persona 4 (mostly the school sim, not much the murders and dungeon crawling).

Does anyone know any games that put you in that comfortable mood?
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Anonymous 24733

Thanks for the reccomendations, i will try reccomending these to her. Maybe she will be interested in some of them. Maybe i'll try multiplayer on dragon quest builder with her, but i'm not too fond of crafting and building myself though. (Love lego in spite of this) She loves crafting, gathering and building, so good reccomend.

Anonymous 24734

Np anon, I hope she likes.
If she likes crafting then Altelier Sophie 2 (no need to play 1) is on the switch and is rather comfy to me.

Anonymous 24736

Screenshot 2022-05…

little witch in the woods on steam is cute and comfy.

Anonymous 25946


I've started playing Spiritfarer on Switch and it has all the cozy vibes. Relaxed pace, crafting items in minigames, cute characters and dialogue, emotional mythical-based story (the premise is you are taking over Charon's job as ferryman of the underworld but the souls just want hugs, snacks, and to tell their stories).

Anonymous 25949

I felt like I rushed through the game and then felt bad about it, I still didn’t finish it either.


Old RPG fans? Anonymous 25106[Reply]

Anyone else on here a fan of older RPGs like Neverwinter Nights, Baldur's Gate, etc? (I guess Dragon Age Origins is allowed to count, Alistair is my favorite RPG romance)

I personally love modules made for a female audience like Demonheart and A Dance with Rogues for Neverwinter Nights. (Yes, they are antiquated and riddled with early 2000's nonconsensual erotic romance novel garbage but I love them)

What are your faves? And your favorite romances from these old games?

Valen Shadowbreath from NVN Hordes of the Underdark sold me on the game back when I was a kid. I couldn't believe there were games where you could play as a girl, go on adventures, and romance a character back then- it was magical to be able to step into that world.

I am forever irritated I can't play as a female character in Planescape Torment- it's totally stopped me from playing it.
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Anonymous 25890

There is a smaller dungeons mod for the unity version that a lot of people seem to like. Besides that idk sorry. And when i played i thought the same as you at first but if you use primarily fast travel (not really fast, it passes a realistic amount of time compared to other games where its basically teleportation) that helps a lot. I can only assume this is intended because even short distances on foot is insane

Anonymous 25891

samefag but i just noticed the manual says its preferable lmao

Anonymous 25916

ok final samefag I swear but I also wanted to include this lazy attempt at morrowind-like controls if you try it out and dislike the original layout, place in the arena2 folder of the main directory. you also have to enable the "look to move" option

Anonymous 25939

Has anybody tried those classic Fallout mods like 1.5 and Nevada? How are they?

Anonymous 25944


Does VTMB count?

Koi wa Ameagari no…

Anonymous 25926[Reply]

What are your thoughts on age-gap romance between older man/younger girl?
Do you find it amusing or just downright creepy?

Anonymous 25927

Older men have more mutations in their sperm than younger men. This means your kid is more likely to end up disabled, schizophrenic or autistic than if you get pregnant by a younger man with healthier sperm. They found that older men produce less healthy kids, even when the mother is 10-20 years or even more younger. In fact, age gap children actually have the highest rate of autism and schizophrenia.

Anonymous 25928

creepy if the male looks old (in a bad way)

Anonymous 25931


What comes to mind first is woody allens flicks and shit like this, bond movies also - when it’s a male fantasy of being desirable by a young attractive woman for using her sexually
It’s worse when it’s a woman who writes it - they should know I better, I think
Manga like usagi drop or otoko no issou - just why
Things like tsubaki chou are slightly better - still though
I can picture an age gap romance, but only when an older man is not an ugly loser and the younger woman is not conventionally attractive and not naive
Is there such a story? Don’t think so, lol. Because it’s not just a “younger” woman - it is out of his league beautiful woman, so yeah

Anonymous 25932

I always liked older guys so in times it can be relatable. I guess it also depends on how old both characters are exactly, 20 and 25 is quite different than 15 and 55

Anonymous 25943

In shoujo manga I get the appeal, because often the male lead is not intentionally looking for a relationship with a younger girl, and it's the girl who pushes for it. Unlike in real life.
So I can enjoy it in anime if it's nice and he doesn't look old. Didn't like OP pic tho, it was boring.

In things with real actors it's a no for me. Just creepy regardless of who is pushing for it.


Movies that show true male nature Anonymous 25137[Reply]

Pls share movies that show, explicitly or not, voluntarily or not, true male nature and/or realistic female characters as well (good or bad)

No dumb feminist trap movie which just use stupid buzzwords and quotations like "im a strong independent woman" without showing an actual exemple of a woman with worth.

No movie where masculinity is shown as the greatest quality. No fake heroes, no fake strength, no pseudo good patriarch.

Thank you
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Anonymous 25929

Moid's basic method of getting laid is predatory by default.

Anonymous 25937

This. They also targeted children as they were easier to snatch and kidnap and dispose of without getting found later

Anonymous 25938

i liked it a lot. finished it (up to what is released at the moment), the final episodes are basically entirely set in the future-tense saul after the events of BB.

Anonymous 25940

definitely watching this movie, thanks

Anonymous 25942

Any film about pedophilia makes me uncomfortable, even if it’s supposed to be empowering for the victim. The fact directors even know about terms like Hard Candy (especially back in 2004/5) is kinda disturbing to me. Patrick Wilson def looks like a pedo though, so well done to the casting agent.


Anonymous 23928[Reply]

What's your favorite ship and why?
30 posts and 23 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 25577

Historia and Eren Jaeger

Anonymous 25609

disgusting tbqh

Anonymous 25908


For me it's Nora and Asuma from Patlabor.

Anonymous 25909


Anonymous 25941


I'm not usually a shipper but this makes me all fuzzy.


Smile Fest 2022 Anonymous 25912[Reply]

Has anyone else kept an eye on this year Smile Fest? Are there figures you're excited about?

For me, I'm still crying about the 15th anniversary Miku, turns out she is a 1/6, so my hopes of her being on the 30k yen range shattered… Figures can be re-sold (and for a higher price than you bought them originally!), so if one day you end up broke, you can always sell them and get your money back, but I don't think I'm ready to spent +$500 (shipping will be insane) at once on a figure…

Other than that, I'm very excited for the new Ace Attorney nendoroids! I thought they would stop at Phoenix and Edgeworth. I prefer Figmas and Parfoms (nendoroids are too chibi for my taste), but new AA merch is always welcome.
And the Persona5 HELLO! GS figures, I'm not a huge fan of that collection even if they look super cute, but for $10 I can't say no to a new morgana.
I'm curious about the Pretty Derby scale too, I haven't played that mobage, but the design looks so nice!

Anonymous 25918

that's a pretty nice looking figure

Anonymous 25936

The Junko Enoshima nendo is tempting. I've only gotten one nendo in the past though, I'm not really that big on figures and things. I always thought funko pops were a ripoff of them.

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