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Anonymous Admin 7699[Reply]

Don't make new kpop threads. All kpop-related posts go in >>>/media/16016


oof ouch my individuality complex! Anonymous 17522[Reply]

post your niche music interests.

mine centers around sewersvt and breakcore/animecore. unfortunately the zoomers on tiktok are getting ahold of her, but its better than some other bands' fates.

do your niche music give you a sense of superiority?
what do you like most about the music you listen to?
do you share your music with friends? participate in any online communities around the artist/genre?
when/for what mood do you listen to your artist?
how did you discover them?
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Anonymous 17691


well it's not quite as obscure as it was years ago when I first got into it, does anyone else here like japanese city-pop? my favorite artists are tatsuro yamashita and taeko ohnuki.
>do your niche music give you a sense of superiority?
not really? i don't even tell that many people about it unless it's something they already know about since i don't wanna be seen as a cringe weeb by normies desu.
>what do you like most about the music you listen to?
i've always liked real funky and unique sounding music, and i think city pop is good for the times i usually listen to music, which are drawing, driving, daydreaming, or exercising. if you look into different artists it's actually a pretty diverse genre in terms of tempo and style, as there's a good combination of more slow chill songs and real funky bangers.
>do you share your music with friends? participate in any online communities around the artist/genre?
i'm kinda cringe but i'm actually in a discord server for it haha. i usually only give song recs if i'm asked first and i know the person asking me is already a bit of a weeb.
>when/for what mood do you listen to your artist?
like i said above, i like to listen while just living my daily life. cleaning, cooking, drawing, driving, or fuckin maladaptive daydreaming
>how did you discover them?
on youtube back when i was still in high school, probably around 5 years ago

Anonymous 17718

>calling moid who calls himself “slvt” she

ugh i recently found out a lot of my fav artists i thought were female like blacksquares/mom/devi/black dresses and gooseworx are male :/

idk about gooseworx but devi is a transbian and likes showing off his girldick

i always thought their works were porney and misogynistic but i thought it was just internalized misogyny

Anonymous 17719

I like finding obscure artists on Spotify. I’ve been listening to all this girl’s albums lol.

Yeah, I like Sewerslvt and Lauren Bousfeild/NDAD. Too bad they’re men lol. I have a completely unprofessional theory on why a lot of breakcore artists are TiMs. A lot of TiMs have aspergers. Maybe something to do with autism is connected to liking repetitive-sounding music? The pattern is just too weird to ignore.

Shut the fuck up lmao

Anonymous 17720

Another obscure artist I found on Spotify. Breakcore, and it wasn’t made by a troon (I’m pretty sure lol)!

Anonymous 17722

>something to do with autism is connected to liking repetitive-sounding music
then industrial would have a lot of TiMs too oh wait it kinda does


Anonymous 6374[Reply]

what are some good youtube channels? i want something to listen to while i draw. they can revolve around anything really as long as its interesting.
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Anonymous 17619


I find him hilarious. I definitely think that he is mentally ill in part due to problems stemming from his childhood, but he and Orlin are smart and have perfectly executed the style of comedy on his channel. I enjoy listening to him when I cook food or clean my house.

Anonymous 17624

LEMINO is one of the best channels on youtube because the guy does original research and puts a lot of effort into his videos, rather than lazily repeating other youtube videos and articles.

Anonymous 17694


here's a few a like to listen to personally


mainly videos on lost media, but will also talk about obscure stuff too. really interesting if you're into that stuff.

>Nick Robinson

another good lost/obscure media youtuber with a bit more of a focus on obscure gaming stuff.

>Stephen Silver

artist/animator with industry experience (remember kim possible?), good channel for art tips (butch hartman but good)

>retro rerun

literally just uploads full episodes of old cartoons and shows


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Anonymous 17711

>Nick Robinson
His videos are pretty good, but he's also the guy who got fired from Polygon for sexually harassing every female journalist he ever came in contact with, even making sockpuppets when they blocked him, so YMMV with him.

Anonymous 17721


oh damn fr? i should really start looking more into the youtubers i like, but then again i try to have a "don't get too attached" mindset with any male youtuber at this point.


comfort media Anonymous 17573[Reply]

What kind of games/shows does cc use to relax and unwind? Harvest moon and Ghibli movies are a pretty relaxing way to spend an afternoon.
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Anonymous 17581


ai yazawa's work are particularly enjoyable, the drama in them and how it subverts shoujo tropes is compelling too

Anonymous 17692


i have kind of a lot of sort of comfort/guilty pleasure things.

i love getting out my old gamecube, gba, and ds games and just playing through my old save files from my childhood on games like animal crossing, pokemon, or nintendogs. i also have a collection of those old shojo beat manga magazines and sometimes i like to flip through the old articles while listening to lo-fi or calm video game music.

before flash died i really liked going on dolldivine or rinmarugames and making my ocs on the dress up games. this was good for days when i couldn't really draw (i have a wrist condition :/ )

as for other sort of escapism stuff, i love really long jrpgs with lots of content that i can kind of just immerse myself into when i'm stressed. ghibli movies are a+ tier as well as far as calming and satisfying media goes. I love retro anime in general, something about old cel animation hits different.

Anonymous 17705

ahhhh i loved dress up games so much when i was younger!

Anonymous 17707

Minecraft is the best game to relax

Anonymous 17717

I always like Star Trek when I'm stressed out (the old series, not neo trek). It's just exciting enough to keep me interested, but everything is pretty low stakes, the characters are all good people, and every arc has a happy ending.


Comic Strip Thread Anonymous 17669[Reply]

Post your favorite single page, short comics here.
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Anonymous 17703


Anonymous 17713


Anonymous 17714


Anonymous 17715


Anonymous 17716



Hetalia Anonymous 17627[Reply]

Apparently it's now socially unacceptable to like Hetalia because it's for nazis somehow. This is the most retarded take I've ever heard and I hate that I have to pretend that I don't think the show was fun when I watched it (which I know every anime-watching female on the fucking planet also has). I'm going to have to watch the new series in secret, I guess.

More importantly, who's your favorite Hetalia boy (or girl)? Mine's Canada.

Anonymous 17629


Everything is considered problematic now, op. You should stop giving a fuck about what other people think and just enjoy it. and if anyone bothers you about it, tell them to fuck off.
I personally can't wait for the new season; I absolutely loved hetalia back in the day.
Canada is a really good choice, but Prussia will always be my fav^^

Anonymous 17642

Lmao fucking anglos. People calling this nazi obviously have never seen it, just call them out on their bullshit.

Anonymous 17645


I think it’s mostly younger people and people who were never into Hetalia saying that. If you actually watch it, it’s just fun and cute. I totally get you though, especially since Germany was my favorite when I watched it. Canada’s a really good choice, though.

Anonymous 17658

Japan and Netherland/Holland. I love Japan's quiet old ass and Netherland's crochety self. Maybe Turkey and Belarus too.

Anonymous 17712

Listening to these underaged zoomers bitch and moan about Hetalia and other subversive media make me think that this generation has really lost its punk rock. My sister's hardly a zoomer, but even she refused to watch it.
The English dub was removed from Hulu, but the jp dub's still there because Funimation's disingenuous ass doesn't want to lose the liscense.

Anyway, my favs are Spain and Southern Italy.


Anonymous 17708[Reply]

Anyone here like Minecraft and want to be friends? We can create a server and play multi-player. I'm 26 years old from Canada, I like drawing and fashion and making friends. Were I live is currently locked down so let's play together! Maybe we can get a group going.

Anonymous 17710


godspeed, go find those diamonds


Anonymous 8597[Reply]

can we get an updated "music discovered" thread for 2020? i'm sure you guys have discovered something shareable, all genres welcome.
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Anonymous 17243

Anonymous 17260

Screen Shot 2020-1…

i loveeeee this song. v atmospheric

Anonymous 17331

Weird youtube mashups I guess as a genre, but especially William Maranci because they're mildly cursed

Anonymous 17693

been obsessed with this song lately :3

Anonymous 17709

best boy.jpg

Husbando Thread Anonymous 45[Reply]

Post pics of your husbando (or waifu!)
Bonus for explaining why + any merch you may have for them.
Pic related.
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Anonymous 17636


Yuu Kashima from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun. I have a thing for handsome androgynous girls and I absolutely love her.

Anonymous 17659


Anonymous 17695


yamaguchi from haikyuu! the main reason that i watched and read the series is because i thought he was cute kek

Anonymous 17704

based. kashima is truly a female himbo.

Anonymous 17706

good taste!

princess peach (2)…

Video games Anonymous 79[Reply]

Let's talk about video games. What are you playing now? What games are you looking forward to play? Which games or consoles are your favorites, and which ones do you dislike or disappointed you? Etc.
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Anonymous 17601

Post character.

Anonymous 17654

There's rumors of The Great Ace Attorney being localized for console. I'm really happy I can finally play this game

Anonymous 17660

you mean the switch?

Anonymous 17661

switch and ps4 but I could be wrong,

Anonymous 17668

Deus Ex is amazing. Another Western RPG that which is as good is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Even if you hate Star Wars you should play it, I believe it was perhaps the single most important RPG of its time and unlike many other games you can play as a female.

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