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"older" internet Anonymous 216[Reply]

remember when, before social networks got huge, everyone had their own little website? a custom made corner of the internet to display your interests and personality? gfx sites with paint shop pro tutorials?

the only comparable thing I can think of today is Tumblr, but it seems like personal websites have died out.
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Anonymous 3780


I would use it if it had password protection.

Anonymous 3795

Maybe lj is due for a revival. We could all start a community on there.

Anonymous 3799

What's the point of having a profile web-page on the net if it's private?
You might as well create a custom browser homepage that you can just share with your friends.

Anonymous 3852


Anonymous 3944

Neocities has a community page where every single page from every user is listed there but I don't want anyone to look at my unfinished pages. Other website makers/creators have password protection too. There's no reason why Neocities shouldn't have one!

low quality.jpg

Battle stations Anonymous 3870[Reply]

Alright girls, post you are battlestation in this thread.

No cleaning up before hand.

sorry for 25$ walmart phone picture quality
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Anonymous 3938


Wtf you’re not me.

Yeah that would be really cool! although I’m super busy at uni right now so I have a little bit less time than usual (I mostly visit cc on the train or late at night like right now help). I do have to say I don’t know all that much about EDM, although I do know a bit about electronic music in general (and like grimey techno clubs). I’d really like to learn more about music production and want to lstart incorporating more electronic elements in my music.
Please Mail me at [email protected] (yes I’ve posted this on here before)

Anonymous 3939

So cool anon. I'm >>3899 and my dad tells me my room looks like NASA because of all the monitors but you're the real deal.

Anonymous 3940

I'm cheering for you two, please post your collab once it's finished!

Anonymous 3941

I didn't know a desk was a piece of media, oops

Anonymous 3943

nta but I also cover with tape because I still need my webcam for some online meetings and stuff.

You should post your watercolors! I do watercolors too but I suck at them still!

Wow, I know way less about astrology than I thought I did. What keyboard is that though?


Books Anonymous 1543[Reply]

What are your favorite ones, miners?
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Anonymous 2977

Not that anon, but you sound insufferable. Getting your boxers in a twist because they spelled the title of a classic wrong is ridiculous.
>Perhaps they are, I'm not into the genre overall.
Backpedaling, much? You were making fun of someone who thought a book in that genre was in good taste (and you mentioned the genre, not the book, so don't backpedal further by saying you meant the book was in poor taste not the genre). Nothing you stated gave the impression you merely didn't share their taste.

Good god, I wish men could get banned for just larping on here.

Anonymous 2978

Sage for a somewhat off-topic reply, but oh my God, I was trying to think of the name of a specific author (Capote) for an entire day recently, before I gave up. Finding this name is indescribably satisfying. Thank you so much!

I read In Cold Blood in high school, and the literature teacher I had was absolutely amazing (even if, or maybe somewhat because, she openly admitted to grading me more strictly than others), so I really enjoyed the book, on top of being able to discuss it in-depth and really get a better feel for all of its elements compared to my usual understanding of books that I read. That was a nice class.

Anonymous 2979

Entirely separate anon, but
>Like you know Lolita is considered a great piece of prose too but…let's be honest
Let's be honest what? It dealt with pedophilia, yeah. I guess that's the elephant in the room to which you were referring? That doesn't change the fact that it genuinely is a masterful piece of literature. Just because you dislike the subject matter, that doesn't somehow invalidate the weight of the work. If anything, I think that Nabokov was incredibly successful with his writing, due to the extreme emotions it elicits from people, you included.

I used to seriously abhor Chopin's The Awakening. Just absolutely fucking hated the thing. After thinking about it for a while, though, I realized that because she was able to make me feel that strongly about the subject matter, Chopin had actually done an excellent job as an author, and it has since become one of my favorite books.

Anonymous 2995

Haha I'm glad you found it, anon!

And I agree completely about English lessons. I was so lucky to have some excellent teachers who made the texts we did so much more enjoyable. Being able to discuss them in-depth with an adult who can provide alternative and deeper readings was so important to me as a teen. I'm still in touch with two of my English teachers, and that's just reminded me to shoot one of them an email back.

Anonymous 3942


Earworms Anonymous 3737[Reply]

What song is playing on repeat in your head right now? Post it here.

Maybe you can get it out of your head, or maybe you'll pass it on to someone else…
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Anonymous 3802

Can't get it out of my head.

Anonymous 3806

aww, thank you, I wish I was a cute black haired blue eyed waifu. This band (it's really just one person) is not nearly as well known as it should be. Every song is perfect and they are all so different.
That is such cool music, I've never heard anything like it.
All these songs are really good. I always wonder what kind of music random strangers like, now I have my answer

Anonymous 3848

Utterly transcendent, anon. I'm overjoyed to hear more k-indie music beyond dance/EDM sound.

Anonymous 3853

Mid-Air anon here. Thanks! If you're interested in hearing more, check out the album and the artist's previous work under the pseudonym Gongjoong Doduk. I'd say that his work there is a lot more Animal House-y and whimsical while Crumbling's more long walks and cold weather.

The genre falls under folktronica or psychedelic pop. RYM's a rabbit hole of esoteric artists and world music so you can find similar albums on there as well.

Anonymous 3855

WOW thank you for this discovery anon! Such an AnCo vibe, love it!


2hu Thread and More Anonymous 3829[Reply]

Are you a longtime touhou fan looking for a girl only space to discuss this all girl series sans sweaty neckbeards? Or barely know anything of it besides eye-bleed lazer bullet hell and masochistically want to learn more? Feel free to contribute!

Anonymous 3830

I would say closer to the latter.
I only know of it after getting into the NEC PC-9800 computer Series.
The music is really good though, most of it sounds like it was made with a mod tracker and a variety of sound fonts except it's like a neo-traditionalist Japanese style. I also find the game's aesthetics really attractive and the skill it takes to play is awe inspiring. There's also the many, many fan remixes of it's content (music, artwork, etc.)
It's amazing the amount of creativity no licensing restrictions and high accessibility sparks. All consoles should be more like the PC-98 in this regard.

Anonymous 3831

Zun has mentioned the series originally were born from a desire to have his compositions heard by as many ears as possible.
And I think it works, too because his themes not only characterize it's denizens but the free spirited bombastic world they live in.
Each game takes about 15 minutes to clear from start to finish and I like it's arcade style difficulty that makes it perfect for quick dip-in-dip-out or extended play sessions.
A visual spectacle that's exciting to watch and play and the catharsis emphasized by its score that makes even an easy clear triumphant and thrilling to brag about is what I adore about it all.
I can't get that sense of accomplishment anywhere else. It's just so ridiculous, grand and over the top I can't help having fun.

Anonymous 3842

ive always been curious, is there a touhou game thats easier for a beginner who struggled to dodge shit in undertale? lmao

Anonymous 3846


Imperishable Night (TH8) is widely considered easiest due to how generous it is in giving lives. It's also somewhat easier than UT because you can see your hitbox & the screen is much bigger.
Just keep in mind that it took me a few years of practice to clear on Easy and if I focus on one game exclusively, a few months for a 1'CC.
If all else fails you, there's always the fighting games which are a mix of beat em up, combos and decks that anyone can spam which some fans prefer because they're still official.
Good luck, don't mind the game mechanics and you can give them a shot here:

Anonymous 3854

TH15 might also be a good choice because it comes with a mode that removes lives and continues and instead replaces them with a checkpoint system. In a sense it's more difficult than the others, but since you can just retry the small segments over and over it doesn't matter if you fail them once, twice or ten times.

current music thread Anonymous 16[Reply]

What song can't you stop listening to these days?
What are your favorite artists/bands?
What type of music are you into?

Yt links to videos encouraged.
I'm not creative so here's a Suicide Sheep song I like.
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Anonymous 3825

I have circles I love that I check back on YT for reuploads/translations but I don't manually go through each release at Reitaisei/ect.
Glad to bump into fellow female touhou fans because the fandom could use more of them!

Anonymous 3827

I only became interested in touhou after I fell in love with rare/quirky/interesting retro computer hardware and then met someone who owns a PC-9821 series! I really enjoyed the music, but I just don't have any time to play games.

Anonymous 3828

There's more than one way to be a good fan!
Any love for a series no matter it's form is often positive because you're not treating the cast like your porndump or shoehorning it into posts it has no place in. I'll make a megathread for containment purposes so we can continue our chat elsewhere.

Anonymous 3850

suuuuch a creative group imo

Anonymous 3851



Tropes/Archetypes/Thinking you're actually that character Anonymous 1932[Reply]

What character archetype have you felt that you closely resembled or related to? Using an anime pic, but it can be from western or eastern media.

Did you ever go through a sort of growing process where you're no longer capable of relating to characters you once did?

This thread is for stories about yourself or others you have known.
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Anonymous 3436


To add on to this, I would also portray this kind of "manic pixie dream girl" persona around those guys and act all cheerful and supportive when I was actually a depressed loser irl. It made me feel kind of powerful to have men fall in love with this fantasy of me.

Anonymous 3441


>I was a kind of a neet in that I didn't really go out unless it was for uni.
NEET stands for Not in Employment, Education or Training. A NEET is not necessarily a hikkikomori. A hikkikomori is not necessarily a NEET. A homebody is not either. You are a homebody. One cannot be "kind of" a NEET. One is or is not a NEET.
Please understand, this is for your education and benefit.

Anonymous 3443

It's not that deep.

Anonymous 3845

Akane Minagawa from Scum's wish.

Anonymous 3847

Generally that type of introverted, secretive characters, it's a common trope. There's not really a character but more like a specific trait in different characters, I can relate to two characters who are enemies for example because I see ~something~ in each of them. However, I wish female characters in anime would get more development.

boku no natsuyasum…

Why can't we have more comfy Video Games? Anonymous 3470[Reply]

I want to play video games to put me in that comfortable mood (either before bed or after a stressful day at school) but most games are either high-intense action games with a lot of testosterone and gore, a boring sports game or puzzle games where things are at stake.

I want more games to put me in that comfy mood like:
>Animal Crossing
>Stardew Valley
>Little Big Planet
>Donut County
>Persona 4 (mostly the school sim, not much the murders and dungeon crawling).

Does anyone know any games that put you in that comfortable mood?
45 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3826

Oh whoops! I mean 4, the one where you can finally play as a girl.

Anonymous 3832

anon are you braindead? Try wandering around and talk to random people without creeping anyone out or get raped.

No but seriously though, the comfy part is that you can do slow paced stuff that you don't have the opportunity to do in real life. Why even come to this thread if you're gonna be salty about it

Anonymous 3834


If you have the time and money to buy and run the latest video games on decent settings then you have the time and money needed to actually fish, cook, hunt or hike IRL.

Anonymous 3835


You can play as a girl in Tides of Destiny too. The villages in all rune factory games are always so comfy and the festivals are cute. I remember playing Frontier and really wanting to marry Erik but couldn't cause Raguna's a dude. I still have it so maybe I'll go back and play.

Pic related this is the guy I married in Tides of Destiny. For 4 I married Vishnal.

Anonymous 3844

That game was so boring. I didn't even marry anyone cuz I was too busy fishing 2000 fish for some dumb trophy because my brother is a completionist and must have all the trophies. 0/10 would not recommend

Petz 5 breeds CATZ…

Pet Sim Games Anonymous 3741[Reply]

What are your favorite pet sim games?

Mine is definitely Petz 5, Oddballz, and as for the riding genre, so far it's Let's Ride Silver Buckle Stables because at the time the graphics and customization of the horse were great at the time. Any recommendations are appreciated! I've heard Star Stables is good but it's multiplayer, so I'm not sure if I like that or not.

I really want to get Nintendogs + Cats for the 3DS because I loved how fluffy everyone looked in the demo, but I wish the world was more open in Nintendogs. I've never played Sims Pets because I dislike how uggo the pets are, but maybe I should give it a go anyway. I wish there was a more realistic pet game with more intricacies in it, but unfortunately it's such an associated genre with kids it seems like they'll always have a wide degree of simplicity.

Petz 5 will always be close to my heart as it was the first time I started to get into files and edit shit around. I wish more pet games incorporated breeding into them.

Anonymous 3837

Holy shit op, saw the image you posted and it took me waaaay back. I remember when I bought Petz 5, me and my sister would play it nearly everyday. It was pretty fun game but gave me this weird eerie feeling every time I would play it. I wanna find the disk and play it again.
I played a lot of pet sims when I was little most notably nintendogs (which you already mentioned) and the Catz games for DS and Gameboy. I also played a few other pet games for the DS, one I remember was this Dog Fashion show one which was actually kinda fun cause there was strategy with how you dressed your dog. There was of course basic pet care included as well but fashion was the main point.
I got the Pet Expansion pack for Sims 4 but it gets kinda boring after awhile. The really fun part is making the pets.

Anonymous 3843

Zoo Tycoon: Dinosaur Digs


Femanons with musical talent Anonymous 3797[Reply]

Any femanons here musicians or make music?
Almost exactly one year ago I was near homeless and had pursued music my whole life. I was finally able to get my life together and make music almost everyday and found a producer to help me put my songs and lyrics together. I have come so far and finally was able to upload my first real song.

Share songs you have made or are working on and we comment on each others work.

soundcloud links or youtube/bandcamo whatever

If you do not have any media uploaded to showcase your musical talents just leave a post about musical skills you have or goals you want to achieve.

Are you a singer? Play a instrument? DJ?

More girls need to be in the spotlight! We are superstars!

6 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3809

idk . I am not smart enough for that. I am for eccentric and creative than technical.

Anonymous 3810

That's a bad mindset, you are severely limiting yourself with beliefs like that!
You don't have to be some physicist or engineer to create your own synthesizers.
All it takes is some knowledge of basic electronics a breadboard, wire, and components as well as some switches.
Just learn to read those wiring diagrams, know what each component kind of does, and have at it.
Watch some of the videos on that playlist and you will begin to realize it's not really that hard if you set your mind to it.

Anonymous 3813

Glad you got your shit together and are in a good track OP <3 keep on going!

Anonymous 3819

idk if this is ebegging or not… but maybe you should check elsewhere?

Anonymous 3822


ebegging would imply I am asking for something money or otherwise.

I am just saying share music and musical interests.

I posted in media. It is completely appropriate.

I do not understand what I would be begging for.

Just share your soundcloud or youtube or whatever if you want to share.

Singing talents or otherwise.

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