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current music thread Anonymous 16[Reply]

What song can't you stop listening to these days?
What are your favorite artists/bands?
What type of music are you into?

Yt links to videos encouraged.
I'm not creative so here's a Suicide Sheep song I like.
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Anonymous 2306

Screen Shot.png

I love punk bands with more focus on lyrics than just guitar/drums.
yeah kmfdm suckssssss

Anonymous 2331

this is the real holy grail of stoner

Anonymous 2332

On the topic of doom metal, here's some Brume. Her vocals are beautiful.

Anonymous 2345

I used to ironically joke about liking this album because I found Ice's lyrics so cringe and the epitome of that one guy who thinks he's deep (Life is a Fantasy, I Love You) but is…as shallow as ice. Basically, misogynistic frat music in the 90s. But now, I unironically dig the beat on his songs so much and can't stop replaying this album. Fuck me.

Anonymous 2351

princess peach (2)…

Video games Anonymous 79[Reply]

Let's talk about video games. What are you playing now? What games are you looking forward to play? Which games or consoles are your favorites, and which ones do you dislike or disappointed you? Etc.
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Anonymous 2346

It's funny you mention Odyssey cause that's one of the ones I was actually looking into! I've always had a soft spot for the love that goes into routing Mario (and LoZ) runs.

Anyway, you're exactly right about that. GDQ itself is something I've been unsure of supporting for a while because of the way they handle… everything lol. It feels like it's just a snowflake hugbox at this point and meanies or people the staff don't like are not allowed!!! A shame that a charity event had to end up like this. At least the charities stil get their money though, thank christ.

I find myself generally enjoying what RPG Limit Break does, though I've never looked around to see if they have any drama as it's still fairly small compared to GDQ.

Anonymous 2347


I'm playing civ III right now and i'm so addicted to it.
But i think i'm retarded because i'm always in negative gold and idk how the fuck to get over the stump, i did everything guides said to do, i reduced my corruption to almost a nothing, but i'm still in the negatives (like -100 negatives kek).
I think i'm around 850 AD? so yeah. The latest thing i unlocked is he ability to make banks. (It's my first civ game so i'm a babbie)
What do?

Anonymous 2348

>What do?
Do yourself a favour and buy Civ 5. Best civ game!

Anonymous 2349

I liked IV better tbqh

Anonymous 2350

any good life sim games that'll run on my potato of a laptop? basically something with nice npc's that i can romance / befriend, blah blah blah. doesn't even HAVE to be a life sim really, just something that'll get me engaged.
da 1 ran with a little lag, da 2 ran with quite a bit of lag but was still playable, to give an example of what i'm working with.


Switching to Mac Anonymous 1978[Reply]

My laptop is falling apart, so my boyfriend is giving me his old Macbook Air, so I have to get used to a new OS, help! I've been using Windows for more than 17 years now and my only experience with Apple was using an iPhone 4s for a year. Have you made the switch or are you bilingual? Do you stick with one OS? Do you have any tips and tricks for someone new to this? I mainly do stuff like video and image editing and internet.


>inb4 Linux
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Anonymous 2307


Just use this simple guide I made:

I've been using macOS for like less than a year and once you learn the basic stuff it's really easy to get used to the rest.

Anonymous 2315

That was really helpful, thanks!

So far I'm getting pretty used to it. I use BetterTouchTool so I never have to deal with the loud force click - tiptap left/right open in for new tab/refresh, two-finger tap for right click, and for dragging I use the three-finger drag from the accessibility settings. Other than the loud clicking noise, this touchpad is the first one I'm enjoying. I still occasionally use my trackball mouse, but it's getting less and less.

I'm really liking the terminal, I only used Putty before and hated it.

Anonymous 2322

Any ideas on changing text navigation shortcuts? I swapped cmd and ctrl in system preferences but it went on to fuck up text navigation.

Anonymous 2324

>I swapped cmd and ctrl in system preferences
Don't do this, trust me. Just get used to using command.
Well hmm, like I said: I changed screenshot the entire screen to cmd+f7 and screenshot a area to option (alt) + f7 (and btw pressing space while you're at it changes it from an area to a specific window)
hmm what else? well I guess I have some other stuff but it's p much just for garageband and most stuff I didn't actually change so…

Anonymous 2341

>Just get used to using command.
Can't. I'm dual booting. I need both OSes.


Anonymous 2132[Reply]

Who are your favorite female protagonists? (Any medium.) Pic related for me, I love Anne Shirley's spunk and whimsy from the Anne of Green Gables books.
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Anonymous 2318


yeah it's both underrated and overrated in a way.
overrated because the plots and animation and everything are pretty mediocre
but those two characters and even like trent are a type of protagonist that so many of us relate to, but rarely get to see

Anonymous 2319

>I hate how no one ever talks about Daria , except wannabe edgelords
that's why no one talks about it except for people on tumblr. it's also a 30 year old show so theres that

Anonymous 2321

Because Daria was before its time in terms of character and relationships. It didn't help that it was a spinoff of Beavis & Butthead so the target audience wasn't too far off from wannabe edgelords.

As a protagonist, Daria has a lot more flaws/human qualities compared to the other posts like >>2318 said, but she still has a place in my heart.

>>2319 It came out in 1997, that's only 20 years. There's another 1990s character here too, Scully. Oniisama e the manga is older and the anime is around the same time period. Metroid first came out in 1986.

Anonymous 2333

MFTE. I love the show, though I identify more with Jane than Daria nowadays. It's still ~iconic~ and has a lot to offer in terms of humor and introspective.

Anonymous 2334

MTV back there ruled. I used to watch Daria and Aeon Flux

best boy.jpg

Husbando Thread Anonymous 45[Reply]

Post pics of your husbando (or waifu!)
Bonus for explaining why + any merch you may have for them.
Pic related.
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Anonymous 2314

Good taste anon. You watch the anime or read the manga? Or maybe both?

Anonymous 2320


Top tier taste in anime too.

Anonymous 2323

I keep up with both manga and anime, but I think the first two seasons of the anime are a mistake.
They didn't even get his hair colour right? It's supposed to be a lighter blonde but they made him strawberry blonde and it really ticks me off.

Anonymous 2326

>but I think the first two seasons of the anime are a mistake
I don't know you but we're friends now. At least they're adapting arcs from the manga pretty well. I bet you're looking forward to the Green Witch arc, I was glad Finnian appeared more there.

Anonymous 2329



Not that anon, but even thought I read manga and watched anime, It's really hard to find non-obsessive fujoshi fans who just appreciate the story TT

On topic, I rather post waifu, but since is husbando thread, lets appreciate Gregory Violet aesthetic for a min.


Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Anonymous 1694[Reply]

Anyone playing the new Animal Crossing game? I thought maybe we could share tips and add each other's IDs :)
73 posts and 22 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 2295

I've been playing since the November release. At first I did the strategy of shaking trees everyday and doing all requests, and selling extra items on the market box, but I think I have a lot of bells because I don't really put any money into my camper. I only expanded it 2 or 3 times and haven't bought any of the paint jobs (except for the Rover one).

I hoarded leaf tickets to buy the KK Slider and/or Tom Nook chairs, but then I forgot to get them before the initial time period ran out.

I don't do anything special, just collect stuff, exchange stuff, sell extra things on market box, sell my extra rare things directly.

Anonymous 2298

>be me
>saved up, bought KK Slider's chair
>forgot about Nook until I saw this post
>time period to get his chair is over now


Anonymous 2299

It's ok, I didn't get either of them because I looked at the purchase screen:
>Oh still a week left? I can get it later, the moment of spending leaf tickets can be put off.
>??? days later


Anonymous 2304

i was so excited to see that the new event is crystal-themed. ima deck my camp out in a style worthy of a miner.

Anonymous 2305

Please share when you have completed your vision !

Altered Carbon.jpg

Altered Carbon Anonymous 2287[Reply]

I just finished Altered Carbon that has been released a few days ago on Netflix.
What are your thoughts on the show ?

Anonymous 2290

I watched the first episode last night. Seems like your typical macho man fantasy scifi action … thing. Does it get better?

Anonymous 2291

It gets better

Anonymous 2300


I've finished most of the 8th episode at this point and I have mixed feelings but mostly positive. I like the aesthetic and world, and would love to see more big budget shows in this sci-fi noir style but the story isn't amazing. I don't need all my media to be super self consistent but the plot holes/poorly explained bits are too numerous to ignore, and there's lots of mary sue moments that steam roll through previously established details the writers emphasized. I heard a lot about people hating the last few episode and I can see why, the big twist isn't handled as well as it could have been, but I'm still excited to see how it wraps up.

Overall still enjoyable and would recommend if you're looking for a fun cyberpunk romp but are okay with not having an incredible story. I'm enjoying it and may even rewatch it in the future, but if it doesn't get a season 2 I won't be sad. I'm going to check out the books too, I know they're quite different from the show but it seems like they'll still be up my alley. The first one at least, I've heard mixed things about the second and third book.


3D Waifus and Husbandos Anonymous 2278[Reply]

We have a thread for the 2D ones, now it's time for our IRL crushes.
1 post and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 2280


Does it have to be full-blown waifuism or will a casual ladycrush suffice? If so pic related. She's a lil vapid but damn those eyes kill me every time.

Anonymous 2284

Robert Plant.jpg

I would go for Robert Plant, he has this incredible presence and the face of an angel

Anonymous 2289


I guess it doesn't need to be full-blown waifuism, just someone that makes your heart flutter is enough lol (she's gorgeous btw)

Anonymous 2292


Dakota Fanning is a cutie and she seems really chill and not so beautiful that she's super intimidating. Her sister is so cute too.

Anonymous 2296


I've always had a thing for Emily Browning, even back I was a youngling and watch The uninvited.
Always thought she was so beautiful


animay Anonymous 66[Reply]

what are good animes cc? i liked baccano the most and most other stuff cant hold my interest
80 posts and 21 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 2254

Are mangoes allowed ITT? Couldn't find a manga general thread in the catalog.

I read Oniisama-e many years ago and was bored out of my mind, maybe I should give it a second try.

I'd like to read more female oriented manga bc most of the ones i like tend to be borderline misogynistic. The only shojo I genuinely love is really short, it's Iguana no Musume by Hagio Moto.

Anonymous 2259

DID YOU? Omg I just finished the anime and holy shit was it FUCKED. UP. I was crying episodes after - you know who- died, which incidentally in the anime they make it an accident while i know that in the manga it was suicide. I'm dying to read how it happened tho, I mean what took Rei to that extreme since she looked/sounded happy .

Anonymous 2261


Yeah i vaguely remember that one of the girls that looked like boys had some serious family dramu going on with the other lead girls… tbh i find that type of character a bit obnoxious and unrealistic. The anime might be better, in the manga the drawings and especially the facial expressions were a bit ott, it was pretty but didn't feel like human beings.

The only part of the manga that i remember clearly after these years was when the poor girl was mocked for her reading inexperience, because that made high school me pick up some books lol.

I don't dislike classic shojo though, it's ridiculously charming having characters that are able to feel so intensely, it's like they'll break if you barely touch them and that's just beautiful, but the problem with that is that it can very easily come off as overly dramatic and annoying if your characters aren't human enough. And it doesn't help that to me the "girls drawn like boys" type characters feel super artificial and not human at all, they're basically reverse traps.

I just didn't connect with these characters, either i was too immature when i first read it or they're just not for me. But i liked the classic vintage sorority vibes and how educated and ladylike everyone was so i promise i'll give it a second look with an open mind.

Anonymous 2267

Have you seen (or read the manga) Versailles no Bara? Same author, characters look practically the same (but one of them is actually a man, and the other one - main one, and funnily enough the one that looks exactly like Rei- lives as a man most of her life). Its very fucking good and not as"girly" as Oniisama E.
And yes, the anime was OTT as fuck. Sometimes to the extent of being ridiculous but what else can you expect from an old shojo lol

Anonymous 2293

You should watch the anime version of Oniisama. It's seriously amazing and a very wild ride. The manga is too short to explore the plot that well even though the ideas were solid, honestly. The anime mostly follows the manga but with a LOT of new stuff added in and all of it is great.


Books Anonymous 1543[Reply]

What are your favorite ones, miners?
20 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 1893

There's soooooo much stuff! <3

Anonymous 1894

Daniel Keyes’s Flowers for Algernon is a great psychological/science-fiction read. If you enjoy the true crime genre, Vincent Bugliosi’s Helter Skelter is also an interesting book.

Anonymous 1895

Flowers for Algernon is very underrated and I think part of it has to do with that a lot of people are introduced to it in early high school or middle school…by its short story. I remember trying to explain to someone why I enjoyed it thoroughly and they were confused because they thought it was children's literature, which perhaps the short story is, but the novel itself definitely isn't and I'd say at the minimum should be categorized as young adult.

Anonymous 1919

I'd recommend Josh Malerman- Bird Box is really great and a House at the bottom of a lake is excellently creepy. or Mike Carey - the Girl with All the Gifts is brilliant if you're looking for a zombie story. I also really liked Station Eleven by Emily st John Mandel, another post apocalyptic one. as is Justin Cronin's Passage trilogy. If you want something a little older, John Wyndham is great, especially the Chrysalids.

Anonymous 2285

I'll go for the whole Isaac Asimov history of earth. I've only read the cycle of the robots and the cycle of foundation by now, but I'll read the empire one soon and I'm sure it'll be good.

Everything related to the myth of Chtulhu is also really good.

I also really enjoyed Sweet Beans by Durian Sukegawa

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