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Anonymous Admin 7699[Reply]

Don't make new kpop threads. All kpop-related posts go in >>>/media/16016


The death of online communities Anonymous 16989[Reply]

Were you part of a community that died?
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Anonymous 18380


tinier me, fantage, pixie hollow..

Anonymous 18389

I used to play a lot of alien adoption agency, which was a browser-based text mmo full of people in the early 2000's. I guess it came back online a few years ago, but obviously nearly 20 years later, it wasn't the same kind of thing.

Anonymous 18395

I used to be a member of a dragonball forum with a very active community. Those people were so nice and we had some really great discussions.
I miss forum culture in general.

Anonymous 18396


I drew the logo for pigchan back in 2014.

Anonymous 18579

when i was pretty young and new to the internet (between the ages of 9-12 i guess) i had a friend group on this pretty small quiz website which had pages for different interests and you could post on each other's profiles. it was pretty nice, everyone else was similar age to me, but we all grew up and moved on. i think the site is still around with regular quizzes and things still posted but i can't find any of my old friends - one of them still has her other social media profiles up but they've been inactive for years. i miss those pre-teen wholesome friendships i had online really bad sometimes. hope they are doing well.

parksrec leslie kn…

TV Series Anonymous 18571[Reply]

What do you think of:
- Parks and Recreation
- Orange is the New Black
- Elementary
- Criminal Minds

Also talk about your preferred series

Anonymous 18573

I haven't seen any of that but I know the criminal minds lead (inigo montoya my beloved) literally resigned because of how much gratuitous violence there was against women so there's that

I'm still fucked up that The Dark Crystal prequel series didn't get renewed.

Anonymous 18575

I loved Elementary, has some fun odd cases and It got a proper ending. Never watched any of the others. Don't really watch comedies.


Book recs! Anonymous 18404[Reply]

What are you guys reading? I am compiling a book list to read over the summer. Give me your suggestions!
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Anonymous 18437

the secret history

Anonymous 18438

the snouters.png

I have just finished Ovid's Metamorphoses, which I enjoyed a lot. If you like Greek and Roman mythology, it's a fabulous resource and sounds very beautiful even through translation.

Next up, I will re-read The Snouters, which is a very precious book to me since my father left it to me before he passed. It's a fictitious report on an order of mammals who all have very strange snouts. I've been increasingly interested in biology and zoology lately and I've been reading up on the subjects, so I want to come at The Snouters with a fresh pair of eyes. When I was a kid, I just liked the pictures.

Anonymous 18440

Just finished the Iliad. Really fucking good, would recommend. Possibly 10/10 with the Robert Fagle translation. Only problem I had was there was a spelling error once.

Anonymous 18443

I would recommend the Lattimore translation since it's better considered in academic circles. But I don't speak Greek.

Anonymous 18570

Really? The book summary looks intriguing


Anonymous 16777[Reply]

Kaworu isn't gay. Shinji isn't gay.

I'm tired of fujoshi and horndogs confusing deep friendship with romantic love. Anno never wrote Shinji as a bisexual, he was never attracted to Kaworu on a sexual level.

Sorry to shink your ship but Asuka x Shinji is and will forever be the canon pairing
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Anonymous 18497


>Sorry to shink your ship but Asuka x Shinji is and will forever be the canon pairing
Pic related.

Anonymous 18500


Anonymous 18502

They were right in the sense that neither of them ended up in a gay relationship.

Anonymous 18558

And I wish people like you would shut the hell up and let people ship whoever they want, but that won't happen either.
>Sorry to shink your ship but Asuka x Shinji is and will forever be the canon pairing
She says, completely ignoring the recent movie and it's conclusion. Also fujos never have and never will care about "canon" ships. They do it for fun, not because 'I need the author's approval on how to enjoy a series!'.

Anonymous 18562

I don't understand why shipping triggers Eva fans so much. Almost every other character is top notch, why do you want to see you favorite one with Shinji?


What's she playing? Anonymous 17296[Reply]

Anonymous 17297

the title was meant to be "what she's playing" but fuck it

Anonymous 17299

Anonymous 18506

Necroing but whatever, she just reminds me of this song

Anonymous 18507

Anonymous 18538


Console Gaming General Anonymous 18503[Reply]

Anyone else into console gaming here ? What's your favorite console ? I personally prefer nintendo handheld gaming, my current favorite console is the 3ds although I own a Switch lite. What's yours miners?
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Anonymous 18515

When I was younger I was into consoles but nowadays I'm not interested in enough new games to have the purchase be worth it. That being said right now I have a lot of fun playing Beat Saber on an Oculus Quest.

Anonymous 18524

Beat Saber is very fun, it's nice when you don't have much opportunity to go to the gym and have to stay indoors because of coroon

Anonymous 18533

Switch. I play Smash Bros. Ultimate. Casually. And my overall favorite game for the platform is Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

I might get Monster Hunter: Raise.

Anonymous 18535

Have a switch but have had very little time + attention span to play it despite enjoying it. Really want VR.

Anonymous 18536

What games do you own ?


Recommendations Anonymous 6076[Reply]

Recommend me some anime/manga, preferably 1960s/1970s/1980s/1990s.
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Anonymous 18467


>The Story of Perrine
a timeless classic
My mom watched and loved it as a kid, and I watched and loved it as a kid as well.

Anonymous 18472

Rose of Versailles - a good dramatic historical manga based on the French Revolution
Touch - a baseball manga which is very comfy and has some romance
My Name Is Shingo - A mindfuck about an assembly line robot that gains sentience…you just have to read it trust me

Anonymous 18493


One Outs
Zankoku na Kami ga Shihai suru
Palepoli (pic related)



Anonymous 18521


Chargeman Ken

Anonymous 18534


Ghost Stories. English dub. Japanese version sucks, English dub they gave them total freedom so the characters are different and better.


Anonymous 17393[Reply]

what are some movies that men like that are actually fucking trash?
my brother tried to make me watch this movie and omg it was the most boring experience ever
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Anonymous 18494

Yeah because basing this analysis on one scene where a few guys compare dick sizes over their business cards is definitely not pretentious at all. You got me, anon. Btw would you be male by any chance?

Anonymous 18498

In Asia, Fast & Furious seems popular with everyone, not just moids. I don't get it either. It's the movie equivalent of a rap video.

Anonymous 18499

>mad men
It's far more popular with women than men.

Anonymous 18511

the point is that he had suspended his disbelief for so long he forgot about reality. it hit him like a ton of bricks to see his robowife as just another unit off the assembly line. what she was all along

Anonymous 18531

it took a while to track this essay down, since the author (a professional psychiatrist) had apparently been canceled by trannies or something.


Unrealistic things in movies/TV Anonymous 1020[Reply]

Discuss the things that you find unrealistic in movies/TV that seem to go unnoticed regularly/is so ingrained in society that it's not a real "issue".

One thing for me is make up when a woman is sleeping/showering/just waking up/whatever. No matter how far I'm supposed to suspend disbelief, that little detail always fucks me up. I know it's because real people's skin is gross but why not just PS that shit later?
66 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 18481

I've always had a big healthy breakfast in the morning so I don't think it's unrealistic at all in movies. But then again, I had a stay-at-home mom who liked to cook. My dad would sometimes make big breakfasts on weekends to give her a break. I recently tried remaking it and oh my god it takes 1h to cook something nice in the morning.Most people would rather sleep in I reckon

Anonymous 18484

I haven't skimmed this thread but leading on from what OP said, bodyhair on women in post-apocalyptic scenarios or wilderness civilizations. Once I had it pointed out at me I couldn't stop noticing it. I remember the scene in Hunger Games where Katniss had to get her legs waxed and she was already super clean shaven, because of course they wouldn't let JLaw go a week or so without shaving her legs. It's so ridiculous.

Anonymous 18487

This is what I meant. Lower class people that can't afford one parent to stay home and cook, and whose parents are too lazy in the morning to give them a nice meal are the weird ones.

Anonymous 18522

That's an incredibly narrow-minded take

Anonymous 18523

>being lower class is weird

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