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Anonymous Admin 7699[Reply]

Don't make new kpop threads. All kpop-related posts go in >>>/media/16016


bluey Anonymous 32615[Reply]

I haven't watched it but for some reason this kids show has a large adult following? Why? What makes childrens shows like Bluey and MLP have such an appeal to adults? Can someone explain it to me?
I understand cartoons like Spongebob, Regular Show, and Adventure Time having a large adult audience (because they have consistent stories, jokes that appeal to all ages, and there can be some nostalgia involved), but why shows like bluey and MLP?
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Anonymous 32645

my boyfriend loves this show lol
The brony thing was always mostly a meme among 4chan retards. I get there's nonas who love the show too, don't care, we all know it's true. The thing that makes the Bluey phenomenon truly unusual is the fact that this time a lot of the adults who love it are totally normal and not at all online. It is to be fair, definitely an above average quality kid's show. If I had to deal with kids I'd be much happier watching it than anything else for them but it's still a kid's show.
I saw somebody in a record store buying the official soundtrack and the cashier said to the person buying it "I love this show" and then the buyer said "Yeah I wish I had kids so I had more people to show it to."
Very weird times.

In general I think it's yet another example of culture moving in a direction of perennial childhood. I notice this trend in everything from fashion to television to (especially) music.
The interest in content that is truly "for adults" seems to be disappearing and it's really odd because I see nobody talking about it anywhere.

Anonymous 32745

My niece (4) loves it so we frequently end up watching it when she comes over. It's wholesome and cute and there's occasional jokes put in for adults (nothing dirty or raunchy, mostly the parents being cynical and sassy).

Anonymous 34688

I personally can't watch it for opposite of this reason. Bandit playing with his daughters reminds me too much of my deceased dad.

Anonymous 34712

Because they have an earnest, sincere wholesomeness that you really don't get anywhere else, with characters that have a lot of love and talent poured into them.

Anonymous 34781

Never watched Bluey (and don’t plan to) but I’ve read that it teaches people how to be good parents.


I Became A Garfield Addict Anonymous 31955[Reply]

I started binge watching everything related to Garfield. Garfield & Friends, the TV specials and even the mediocre live action movies. I've even binge watched the terrible CGI Garfield show and direct to dvd movies. Feels like Garfield is slowly taking over my life.
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Anonymous 34613


Anonymous 34636

Screenshot 2024-05…

i wish nermal had more than 1 second of screentime

Anonymous 34676

Is that cc??

Anonymous 34699

yes it is

Anonymous 34780


favorite female characters Anonymous 28352[Reply]

Post any that you like, why you like them etc
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Anonymous 34626


Currently watching breaking bad and omg I love Marie so much.
She seems a little crazy on the surface but she's frequently the voice of reason and despite being really pushy does push some people in the right way and always with the intention of doing what's best for them. She seriously cares for everyone and only wants the best for them all. Anytime a character close to her has an emotional breakdown even she's there for them in super supportive ways but she also knows not to take their shit if they're taking her offers to listen in a negative way. Her flaws are also interesting and I'm enjoying her kleptomania cause it's an interesting trait to give a character on screen and I can't wait to see what happens in regards to it. I love that it never took over her character and has even been in the total background recently. I'm really enjoying how layered she is, at the beginning you might think she's very much a "my way or the highway" type of person yet she's one of the few who was shown to take the time to think about if it's her right to make a decision for someone or not. Top to bottom she's probably one of my favourite perfectly imperfect characters of all time so far. I also really like her sister Skylar and my liking for her is increasing as the seasons go by but Marie from the start was easily my favourite for all her quirks.
I'm only on season 4 so I bet there are going to be more revelations and interesting moments with her. But if they kill her I will absolutely riot but I think I may have spoiled myself on her future in the series looking for a pic of her in a good way cause I think she lives! Also she's in better call Saul which I hope is good cause I'll be super happy to see more of her after the show is over.

Anonymous 34633


These gals!
Based, best jobro. We love Foo Fighters!

Anonymous 34718

I'm one year late but bless you alicenona

Anonymous 34733


forever my favorite doll <3

Anonymous 34779


I like that she cares about bugs.

Literally me


Hater Thread Anonymous 30199[Reply]

Post about media you hate i.e. books, movies, anime that you dropped (or finished) and why you hated it.
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Anonymous 34730

That is my point. If all the smart people move to the city then there will be no one smart enough to farm properly left in the countryside.

Anonymous 34736

walkable cities

Anonymous 34738

It's still elitist and you're an elitist too. At least be honest about it.

Anonymous 34739

I thought that the Great Gatsby sucked. I mean we read it for school so I mean I guess that doesn't count. The writing is super incoherent and I think the whole messages behind it were super obvious. Rich people in the 20s were vapid assholes? Wow, that's so crazy and surprisng kek.

Anonymous 34777

That’s one of the few literary classics we read for school that I actually liked somewhat, and only because of the vivid scenery descriptions and the ~symbolism~ that got me a good grade on my English essay. A bit weird because I tend to hate anything with romance


comfy vidya music Anonymous 30172[Reply]

music from video games to chill, sleep, lurk
soundcloud links for phoneposters

Start a Cult

talk is cheap


Receding Hairline Celebration Party

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 34772

Anonymous 34773

Anonymous 34774

Never played this game but this track hits me straight in the heart.

Anonymous 34775

Anonymous 34776


albums Anonymous 32737[Reply]

whats your current favorite album(s)?
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Anonymous 34341


Anonymous 34342

Anonymous 34357


Anonymous 34359

Anonymous 34771



I’m not a libfem but…. Anonymous 34364[Reply]

Don’t jump me but I absolutely love Ethel Cains music. I know he’s a troon but his music is just so good. His songs have joined my comfort playlist along with mitski and lana del ray. My favourite songs have to be A House in Nebraska and White Light.
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Anonymous 34587

Eek he's advocating for assassinations now

Anonymous 34592

Ridiculously overrated album & artist. A shame that he got popular when there are plenty of women that have done much better songs than this 2deep4u nonsense album.
Chelsea Wolfe, Weyes Blood, Daugther, Frankie Cosmos, Grouper to name a few, and on an extremely niche side there is Yikii, all with excellent albums that convey emotions and a message without being the fetish of a weirdo.

Anonymous 34752

none of those are niche

Anonymous 34758

What do you love so much about this unoriginal skinwalking incel's music about his horrifying fetishes?

Anonymous 34770

that is against the christian god


Anonymous 34767[Reply]


Anonymous 34768

What if Zelda was a girl

Anonymous 34769



Anonymous 34765[Reply]

Do you like BL and yaoi anime? Why or why not?

I got into BL because I had already watched the more popular kdrama shows and wanted something similar.. but different if that makes sense.

Anonymous 34766

i love banana fish! any fans?

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