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Anonymous Admin 7699[Reply]

Don't make new kpop threads. All kpop-related posts go in >>>/media/16016


favorite female characters Anonymous 28352[Reply]

Post any that you like, why you like them etc
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Anonymous 34304


i also really like maka too. you can tell i have a type

Anonymous 34317


Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn is so hot to me bc she is obv very butch but still fairly femme presenting. It's really fun playing as her bc it very much feels like playing Breath of the Wild, except with a more masc Link, lol. The game is also more realistic, not that I have a problem with the fairytale fantasy aspect of Zelda games at all, always been a huge fan. She's just so much more badass. Very nice to play a strong and capable female protagonist who is human first, her womanhood is treated as only incidental.

I fucking love her, and I'm only just almost half done with the first game. I also noticed when moids flirt with her in the game she's noticeably uninterested (although you can choose to play along for the sake of manipulating them into giving you needed info.) At the same time, there was a female NPC I did a quest for and while I don't think there's any actual romance scenes in the game, there was a noticeable yet somewhat subtle mutual flirtation between Aloy and the female blacksmith (also an awesome character) NPC who gave me the sidequest.

Also, I'm definitely gonna play the sequel when I'm done with the first game, but upon searching for a pic of her to post here I accidentally came across a spoiler that in the sequel she is confirmed to be gay and apparently has an on screen kiss with another woman and holy shit I can't wait to finish the 1st game now, knowing THAT awaits me.

Sorry for the wall of text, I'm just really fixated on this game right now.

Anonymous 34428


Eileen from Bloodborne, she such a badass.
I already love some good plague doctor theme and she got the best drip in the entire game, has one of the most coolest weapons, a charming voice and she hunts other hunters.

However, her quest is a kinda of a pain for me to do, ugh.

Anonymous 34431


she should have been in reload still pissed at Atlus

Anonymous 34432


the doll from bloodborne! shes just so adorable i could emote at her for hours :(


Emo thread Anonymous 34360[Reply]

Share emo stuff that cuts you deep, nonas. Can be a song or an album.

>Sunset In Reverse - Ribbon Fix

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Anonymous 34372

music that I can [REDACTED] my wrist to <3

Anonymous 34373

This song makes me emotional.

Anonymous 34395

Anonymous 34396

When I listen to this song I do a dramatic performance in my head.
There's a massive side of me that wants to do a drag performance of it at a local gay bar I frequent kek. It's so embarrassing

Anonymous 34430


Popular characters that you hate Anonymous 26855[Reply]

We already have a "hated" characters that you love thread so I thought why not do the opposite?

Anyway, mine is Yuffie from FF7.
She used to be mainly hated but now she seems mainly loved so I think she counts.
I will never forgive her for stealing my materia and her design is lame too. She's just annoying for no good reason, but annoying characters seem to get a pass if they're a "cute" girl. You can make a character energetic without being annoying. If Wutai was completely run down and shabby maybe I'd have some sympathy but not only does it look completely fine, it's quite pretty and in way better condition than Sector 7 was. Actually it seems better than where I live irl lol. She adds nothing to the story or cast and is actively mean to Barret too.
Tifa is by far my favorite in the OG and Aerith is by far my favorite in the Remake, she barely felt like a character in the OG. But yeah, Yuffie sucks and her fans go rabid if you dare dislike her cuz she's so quirky teehee
Only talking about OG Yuffie I haven't played her Remake DLC
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Anonymous 33987


I'll put her in here too if we're doing Persona characters.

There aren't any proper female equivalents to Sherlock Holmes, so she wants to become a boy instead of a trailblazer by becoming the first proper female equivalent to Sherlock Holmes. Weak cowardice, just like any other woman who follows that line of logic. THEN she blows it anyway by """""accepting her femininity"""""" and growing her hair and tits out and becoming a generic lady detective just like all the others. P4 was pretty vicious with putting the girls back in their society-approved places. I'm getting too mad at a teenage girl written by men.

Oh and she was useless in a fight. I didn't like gambling with the instakill if I could just bulldoze through with Kanji like usual.

Anonymous 34298


This. I also hated the change in Testament's design to appeal both to Twitter users by making him some non-binary shit and to horny-ass man by making him have a more female appearance.
This change was completely unnecessary, he had a much more androgynous appearance before.


Also based. It's so cringe and disgusting to see so many coomers simping to this bitch even though she's a horrible person.

Anonymous 34301

>pixie dream girl
I agree, but I don't necessarily hate her for that.
I don't know if I'll continue reading the manga, but as far as I've read, all she does is act like some pixie dream girl and doesn't contribute anything to the cosplays while Gojo works his ass off on everything. This bitch doesn't even want to learn a thing or two from him and that's the most frustrating part for me.

The best part of this manga is the useful cosplay tips, I would love to read more manga on the subject.

>Can't believe this shit was made by a woman. Goes to show that women in Japan are being brainwashed by mysogyinsts and sexist men to be their sex dolls and doormats

Nah, buddy. It's simply a reflection of the otaku industry that shows how resorting to ecchi and waifubaits is an excellent old tool for gaining great popularity and sales.
Furthermore, there are also women who can be sexist as much as some men, even more so, as absurd as it may sound.

Anonymous 34335


Thank you! I never understood her appeal, I guess her design but even then I felt like Ann, Haru, and even Futaba are cuter and have more personality even with Haru’s shoehorned and sped through story.
It’s supposed to be a bikers outfit hence her persona but it didn’t make sense if her inner rebellion is that and she becomes a fucking cop.
Tbh she felt like a copy paste design of my beloved Akira

Anonymous 34429


I hate the entire cast of this show as well as everything related to Vivizie Pop. I also can't stand her fans everywhere on the internet.

Screenshot 2023-04…

Youtube thread Anonymous 32910[Reply]

Let's talk about youtubers we like and videos we watch!!!

What youtubers do you watch regularly?
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Anonymous 34368

I don't understand it. Can anyone explain it?

Anonymous 34421

Ryan Trahan. His videos are chill

Anonymous 34423

I like watching wickedbunniez, she does fashion stuff and is also a feminist so sometimes she foes little skits and stuff about men which are very funny.

Anonymous 34426

Anonymous 34427

I love Tangomushi! She covers old Japanese horror franchises with great retrospectives and commentary. Her videos are long and well researched so they don't come out too often but I'm always checking to see if she's posted something new. She takes these games from an unabashedly woman's perspective too which is nice to see cause most of these games deal with female-specific horrors. Haunting Grounds is an example of a game where her commentary exceeds anyone I've seen cover the game cause she had read so many more sources and being a woman she discussed the scares much better.
Another game channel I really like is "fakegamergirl" who does sims 4 content. It's cute and hilarious. She reviews dlc and creates cute builds and things


Writers of Novels Anonymous 34329[Reply]

Nonas, are any of you writers for fun? I'm writing a horror novel rn centered around college-aged girls and women's rights rn
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Anonymous 34389

how ironic is it from a scale of 1-10?

Anonymous 34390


It's kind of like Rosemary's Baby and a woman's but modern and set in Texas. More of a Hispanic spin on a tale about abortion.

I'm also working on a piece about furries in the hood that started as a joke but is now evolving into something bigger about social justice and themes of shame.

Anonymous 34392


>Garfield makes a wish to become human
>Leaves John and Odie to live his own life as a human
>Realizes he's only happy around John and starts falling in love
>Without Garfield to take care of John decides to marry Liz and start a family
>Garfield confesses his feelings to John but is immediately rejected
>Garfield wishes he could be with John despite the rejection
>He turns back into a cat and time reverses before he made his wish
>The End

Anonymous 34394


This is actually bittersweet and sounds angsty yet yummy. Requesting an Odie-John one sided rival pairing :3
Also same.
And I feel it. I genuinely write a surprising amount for my little amount of time between college and my part time, but I end up deleting a LOT of fluff. It's hard not to feel stuck sometimes, and like there just isn't enough time.

Smoking weed helps me stretch it out a little longer tbh

Anonymous 34425

Im trying to write one but it just comes out as incoherent passages that don't really connect about a sad and troubled woman. I don't want to be self inserty and base it off my own life too much but they do say write about what you know


Got any ideas for a new video game? Anonymous 34422[Reply]

Anonymous 34424

FPS on a totally flat plane. Like Wolfenstein 3D, you can mouselook horizontally but not vertically. Instead, moving the mouse up and down moves a cursor forwards and backwards in front of you. This cursor is where your attacks appear when you click the mouse. So when aiming at an enemy, you must face them and slide the cursor to how far away they are.

fall 2023.png

Anonymous 32801[Reply]

Choose your personality.
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Anonymous 34320

I wish I was like Mizu, sadly I'm more like Ramona Flowers.

Anonymous 34328

What show is bottom-right from?

Anonymous 34358

Levi from Scavenger’s Reign I believe.

Anonymous 34384

looked up the show and looks cool enough to watch. feels like maybe it'll be similar to love death and robots

Anonymous 34420



I’m not a libfem but…. Anonymous 34364[Reply]

Don’t jump me but I absolutely love Ethel Cains music. I know he’s a troon but his music is just so good. His songs have joined my comfort playlist along with mitski and lana del ray. My favourite songs have to be A House in Nebraska and White Light.
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Anonymous 34401

I like Queen Bee (女王蜂).

Anonymous 34407

Oh, no. I'm becoming old. For some reason I thought Ethel Cain was a whole band.

Anonymous 34410

you can enjoy him all you want but him singing about his little incest fantasies and about female experiences he'll never understand is hugely disrespectful and retarded

Anonymous 34418

>Ethel Cain is a troon
The first I’ve heard of this. I don’t listen to his music despite hearing about it all the time from women with better taste than me so I’m not disappointed but it definitely doesn’t make me want to check him out.

Anonymous 34419

girl i love ethel too <3
you should check out nicole dollanganger, she has skme great songs that are similar to ethel's sound!

current music thread Anonymous 16[Reply]

What song can't you stop listening to these days?
What are your favorite artists/bands?
What type of music are you into?

Yt links to videos encouraged.
I'm not creative so here's a Suicide Sheep song I like.
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Anonymous 34385

Anonymous 34393

Anonymous 34397

Anonymous 34408

Anonymous 34417

listening to this a lot while losing my sanity adn ym control, it at least feels comforting :)

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