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Vic Mignogia Anonymous 4636[Reply]

I want to talk about the Vic Stuff
Do you think hes Innocent and all this is blown out of proprtion? Or do you think he's Guilty and should be taken to court?
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Anonymous 4671

When you said Vic I thought "who?" until I saw the pic related realized you were referring to that VA scandal from like last month. I guess when social media people twitter-cancel someone, sometimes they actually get canceled from my mind lel

Anyway, I think it could go either way. I was never into voice actor lives, so I know nothing about his character before this incident, but he could have easily done it all. I think the evidence is there, but not enough to go to trial over since none of the allegations seem airtight enough to survive "innocent until proven guilty".
However, I think that the reaction of all of these studios distancing themselves from him is more to protect themselves than actual concern.

Anonymous 4680


This. I'm old, I've been attending conventions and entrenched in weeb shit for nearly two decades, and everybody knows - and has known, for quite some time - that this man is a creeper.

If anything I'm shocked that the metoo wave has actually dealt out some consequences for this scumbag.

Anonymous 4682

>watching anime dubbed

Anonymous 4683

There is nothing the matter with watching some series dubbed, but I know you just wanted to shitpost.

Anonymous 4704

A bunch of VA's and Content Creators just pulled out of a con that has Vic as a guest.


Anonymous 4558[Reply]

what are some good films/shows with female characters who have autism, ass burgers, social anxiety, weird, are super introverted etc

can be any genre
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Anonymous 4570


>tfw no Kuranosuke bf to teach you how to be less ugly

Anonymous 4571

That's a bizarre screencap you picked but Kuranosuke would be a qt bf.

Anonymous 4576

Kind of surprised how little of these movies I can find on my watched list. Representation, where art thou? I think these themes are more common in anime, and maybe newer youth films I have yet to see. Here are some films that fit some criterion on a stretch:

>Welcome to the NHK!

Centers on a male NEET, but the other female main character, Misaki, has her own issues. If you want to watch something go for the anime, but I do prefer the original light novel for being on more realistic side. The anime adds more arcs, focuses less on the drug abuse, and has a happier ending. Haven't read the manga yet but people say it stands on its own merits.

>March Comes in Like a Lion (1991)

Not related to the anime. The synopsis may sound like a cheesy romcom but it's actually a psychological, surrealist film. Odd female lead who carries the film with her charm.

>A Bride for Rip Van Winkle (2016)

Loneliness drives most of the characters here. Poetic directing. Great performance from the lead actress.

>Millennium Actress (2001)

The female character's quite normal, but the film's direction is quite introverted and subtle. Themes revolve around the impermanence and searching for one's personal freedom, hence the inclusion on the list.

>Starry Starry Night (2011)

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Anonymous 4695

Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter (2014)

There isn't much going on but it was engaging kino.

Anonymous 4703

Such a touching movie! I had completely forgotten about it.


Alternatives to tumblr Anonymous 2970[Reply]

I know pic related is long dead, but does anyone use dreamwidth? is these anywhere else to go and blog about shows and comics/anime and manga you like with other people that isn't the blue hell?
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Anonymous 4698

Anonymous 4699

jfc that tumblr clone has a UI worse than the original

Anonymous 4700

just use twitter, it's the same shit but better unless you're interested in things beyond standposts and memes

Anonymous 4701

I think twitter is the only good option, everything else is suited for teenagers and it'd be cringe to be there.

Anonymous 4702

twitter's character limits are a huge pain, and twitter is full of cringe teens too

best boy.jpg

Husbando Thread Anonymous 45[Reply]

Post pics of your husbando (or waifu!)
Bonus for explaining why + any merch you may have for them.
Pic related.
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Anonymous 4483


I love Shinji so much, I am almost twice his age now though so he is not really my husbando anymore but I still have nostalgia for when I was his age and used to daydream about how we could love each other and help each other overcome our problems.

Anonymous 4506


God-tier taste in husbando and anime.
But I'm never going to get over this man.

Anonymous 4509


God tier huh? nta but I started out with liking his manlet friend then something went wrong and I ended up falling for him instead. It feels like shit, i've cried too many times about him, i would've felt embarassed if only i didn't have so much feels
It must be like this with any of them, rein included

Anonymous 4693


good taste op, personally i prefer jotaro <3

apart from jojo some of my other crushes include howl, mugen from samurai champloo, kaiji, michael corleone,

Anonymous 4697

LT 3.png

this is Luna-Terra. she's an untouchable 6'1 sniper ice queen… who ended up that way because she doesn't know how to return girls' affections. she is a bottom who just wants to get her mecha wrecked but doesn't actually know how to lose. her ship Mare Crisium is 20 years old and she pilots completely manually, with no psychic links, which makes her kind of a genius savant and kind of an idiot because she doesn't know how to pilot the normal way. she is kind of stupid and very hot and I just, love her so much.

I know nothing about this character I can't even tell if they're a guy or girl but you, anon, have absolutely matrician taste.

Anonymous 4691[Reply]

post here rock music which you like. i begin

Anonymous 4692

Anonymous 4694


Anonymous 4684[Reply]

What kind of games do youuuu plaaaaay?
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Anonymous 4686

mostly boardgames like Bilbo, DnD , RISK, drakborgen and that type of games. You only into videogames?

Anonymous 4687

I used to play dnd when I was 14 with a bunch of friends that I haven't got anymore :_(

Anonymous 4688

It is hella good times! I`m old as fuck now, and me and my pals was thinking about making it work like ever 2 weeks or so. We could really down on the drinking thou, i havent had this fun in years.

Anonymous 4689

reading my own reply, i almost puked and understand i need i fucking girlfreind. Going on this board is got damn toxic.

Anonymous 4690

Mostly Sims 4 and mobile games cuz I'm a fuckin casual


"Not many girls like Pink Floyd." Anonymous 4672[Reply]

Some guy said this to me the other day. My immediate response was, "That can't be true." But then I realized I don't really talk to anyone anyway so I wouldn't really know. Y'all like Pink Floyd? Which song have you been into lately?
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Anonymous 4674


Pink Floyd is pretty popular among both genders. I see a bunch of girls wearing DSotM shirts on my campus.

>Y'all like Pink Floyd?

I like some of the albums, others are meh. Pic related is my favorite

> Which song have you been into lately?


Anonymous 4675


well, he's definitely wrong. i've met lots of girls who loved pink floyd, i'm one of them. my favourite song is the thin ice.

Anonymous 4676

Cant wait for boomers to go deaf so we no longer have to listen to rock.

Anonymous 4679

Ever heard of a thirty-year-old boomer?

Anonymous 4681

I downloaded their discography and saved only dsotm. Rest had not a single song worth saving. I don't know why but I watched the whole concert 'the wall' in Berlin (on VHS) and it was pleasant to watch.


BOOK GENERAL Anonymous 3098[Reply]

Subject says it all.
Discuss everything to do with books. Writing, reading, burning, etc. Ask for recommendations and stuff.
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Anonymous 4608

Is Blood Music similar to The Fly in a way, then?

Anonymous 4610


Pic related.
Somewhat tedious on definitions, but otherwise kinda interesting if you're into math. I should've kept it for later, but still not too bad. I'm not a big fan of Russell, but this is one of his least… polarized books.
That said, I often question why I read so much philosophy. At times, I wonder if I'm too dumb to properly comprehend the content of what I'm reading.

Anonymous 4611

i think that's pretty much the feeling everyone gets when reading philosophy

Anonymous 4612

I haven't watched that movie, but from the summary on Wikipedia it's only similar because of the "mad scientist does weird experiment on himself and transforms" bit but Blood Music's story is deeper and goes far beyond that. I didn't want to spoil too much but now I remembered about the spoiler feature:
After the scientist injects his reprogrammed cells back into himself they start reshaping his body so it works better. The cells spread to other people as well but cause very different effects in them: they melt and turn into weird blobs… but they're still alive, living in the universe of the sentient cells, and they are happier than ever before. Soon all of North America is infected, and all the people dissolved and their bodies form alien landscapes all across the continent. There is a bit of storytelling from the point of the few people who were not transformed, travelling across this alien landscape, I liked that part a lot, I could really imagine how bizarre it looked and how scared the humans were. Later one scientist realizes that this massive increase in the number of sentient beings on Earth causes the Universe not being able to shift (because it can only shift while it is not being observed, it's some bogus theory but just accept it) and a bit of reality bending stuff happens, which culminates at the ending.
My favorite parts were conversations humans had with the sentient cells in them, also I liked the transition from a focus on genetics to life in a postapocalyptic world to a focus on the nature of the universe/reality.

Wew that was long. One bit that is just subpar in this book are the characters, they are quite flat but I don't mind that much, they are just tools to drive the interesting story. There was one girl character who I liked, the rest were very forgettable.

Also I started reading "Rocheworld" (also sci fi), it's interesting but the introductions of characters had me feeling like I was reading an excerpt from some tutorial on how to write interesting characters, I mean not that it's bad it's just a bit uncanny.

Anonymous 4678



It was definitely the right call to save Brothers K for last! I feel like it contains pieces of all his other novels in it, so having already read them made it a richer experience.

>my secret

Idiot savant, probably. Apparently I taught myself to read when I was 3.

I liked Crime & Punishment a lot more than I thought I would at first - the first Dostoevsky I ever read was The Idiot, which has his most idealistic and sympathetic protagonist (to me, anyway). Raskolnikov is probably his 2nd most sympathetic protagonist - depends on where you put Alexei from Brothers K - but also, I think, the only one who manages to be endearing and pitiable in his evil.

Currently almost done with The Book of Disquiet, which has been a slow and meandering read, but very beautiful.


Kpop thread Anonymous 576[Reply]

Thread for all of us fans of kpop share our bias, why we love them and their song recommendations and just general photo thread!

(all genres of korean music and all bands/artists are welcome)

Please do not disrespect, anyone's opinion is valid!!! Please don't say stuff like 'he just ugly', cause everyone knows beauty is subjective

(tbh made this cause I want to ind more k-groups/artists to stan)

Girl groups would be very appreciated!
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Anonymous 4667

Reviving this thread just to say I'm happy all the corruption and disgusting behavior in that bubble is coming to light right now. So much for those ~pure~ boys am I right

Anonymous 4668


Anonymous 4669

Everyone of my mutuals on twitter said something along the lines of; “Sad with all these dumb kpop stans defending him instead of his victims”

Maybe its who I follow and interact with but I barely saw any defense of him compared to people complaining about that supposed defense. I feel like too many people online waste time complaining about these other people into kpop and trying to make themselves differentiate from “the dumb kpop fangirls” all so tiresome

Anonymous 4670

Did you know there’s a K-pop imageboard? https://kpop.re/all/

Anonymous 4677

Yeah but I don't want to talk to crazy stans, this thread is as much as I'm willing to take


Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Anonymous 1694[Reply]

Anyone playing the new Animal Crossing game? I thought maybe we could share tips and add each other's IDs :)
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Anonymous 4643

That isn't my result, I would consider that a really lucky one (no repeats!)
I was just walking through >>4628 anon's potential use for their leaf tickets. Or I guess they could buy up to two of the special character furniture visit items.
Draw bundles as in the bundles of drawing 5 cookies at time for the bonus stamp. I guess I should have said cookie bundle to be more clear. I think of them as drawings since it's a gacha.

Thanks for the good vibes, but I dunno what I want from the free cookies (there aren't any clothes in the Poppy one and I'm not that into the Apple theme).

Anonymous 4653

Oops sorry I was a moron. I get it now.
I would absolutely hate to get clothing items from a cookie, so I don't think I'll get any of them, but none of the terrain options please me either. I guess I'll just keep saving.

Anonymous 4664

Right now you can get 5 free cookies that would usually cost tickets plus an extra 2 (or 3?) through completing goals and I even bought two more of Diana's cookies but I got such shit items reeeeeeeeee

I got:

Diana's fay cookie (1 free, 1 through goals, 2 bought)
>daisy dress
>daisy hairpin
(FML because I don't care about the clothing items at all)
>giant dandelion
>leaf umbrella (this one's cute)

I wanted the jar and giant flowers so it's at least 50/50.

Apple's glazier cookie (1 free, 1 through goals)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 4665

why do people hate the clothing repeats so much? at least you can dress the animals in them

i just want diana’s damn wings

Anonymous 4666

For me it's not about repeats, it's about me just not caring about clothing items in general.

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