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current music thread Anonymous 16[Reply]

What song can't you stop listening to these days?
What are your favorite artists/bands?
What type of music are you into?

Yt links to videos encouraged.
I'm not creative so here's a Suicide Sheep song I like.
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Anonymous 4663

comfy k-indie

Anonymous 4773

Anonymous 4945

kate forever

Anonymous 4997

Anonymous 5000

doopee time!

[HorribleSubs] Wat…

2019 anime! Anonymous 4295[Reply]

A thread for the discussion of current anime, simply because I'm sure some of you are keeping up with this stuff.
Here are a few questions to get us started.
>What are you currently watching?
>Are you looking forward to anything?
>Have you dropped any shows?
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Anonymous 4789


Ages have passed since I've watched or read Fruits Basket. Most of it is wiped from my mind. All that's left is brief flashes of "Oh right, that happened!" Watching it feels like being a nine-year-old again sans bemused smirks at the screen when the shoujo tropes like GIF attached kick in.

Anyone watching Carole & Tuesday? Shinchiro Watanabe helming another musically inclined anime seemed like another top-tier show stopper, but the first episode fell flat. Does it get better? The artists on the OST sounds interesting.

Anonymous 4793


Feel the same way about Furuba. I barely remember a lot of the scenes, so it felt like I was watching for the first time too.

Carole and Tuesday is ok. I like the animation and the music is not bad. It’s pretty fun to watch, but I get the sense that I can predict every story beat that’s going to happen. Also, the close bond between Carole and Tuesday doesn’t feel all that convincing yet, but we’ll see.

Anonymous 4803

[HorribleSubs] Sar…

Sarazanmai and not much else, tbdesu.
Toi is adorable.

Anonymous 4989


sarazanmai is kicking my ass. anxiously waiting for the final episode

Anonymous 4999

Is it really that good? I've heard great things but it seems so…childish idk? Maybe I'm completely wrong


femfinefrokner 4913[Reply]

Do you like cold wave/dark wave music?

Anonymous 4914

Yeah. Do you have any recommendations?

Anonymous 4921

Soap and skin me and the devil

Anonymous 4944

Yup, I'm hoping to go to some concerts this summer. I wish I could make friends to go with though, I'm scared of looking like an autist if I go alone.

Anonymous 4998

I used to go to a lot of shows. Nobody cares who else is in the audience unless someone's being an asshole or they see someone they recognize. People either go to see the bands or to hang out with friends.

What Song Are You Listening to right now? MadisonLFC 4947[Reply]

I was roaming YouTube then I came across this pretty cool video. Some guy went around NYC asking people what song they were listening to. I tried to guess some people before they answer and got one right. Videos pretty cool
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Anonymous 4992

you a caricature. the epitome of a pseudo intellectual teen who belittles others to seem smart. you havent made a single actual criticism in this thread. you hate it because its popular while making no comment on the actual music. Im not going to reply to you anymore. I hope you grow up

Anonymous 4993

>the epitome of a pseudo intellectual teen who belittles others to seem smart
That's a strawman.
>you havent made a single actual criticism in this thread
Also a strawman. Try to actually look at what I'm saying, okay. Peer-reviewed mass-appeal bass-heavy incomplete trash. Remember that?

Anonymous 4994

a strawman that represents you perfectly. you are a living strawman
>Peer-reviewed mass-appeal
so "its popular"? not a valid criticism
there is nothing wrong with bass. this isnt a valid criticism
what does that even mean? not valid criticism
obviously not a valid criticism

0/4 okay this really is my last reply now

Anonymous 4995

>a strawman that represents you perfectly
Or so you wish.
>so it's popular
Designed to be popular. Practically scientifically proven to be infectious to the mind, like an earworm.
>there is nothing wrong with bass
There is everything wrong when you rely on it to massage and basically drug the listener with what's basically the equivalent to "giving you a hand".
>what does that mean
Incomplete melody that you're meant to obsess over and basically worm into your ear. Hence the term "earworm". This is also why pop songs fade out instead of actually having a fucking ending. Keep your promise!

Anonymous 4996

What the fuck is "None of your business." meant to mean when you're publicly shitflinging on an anonymous imageboard?
LMAO learn to write a persuasive argument or you'll just keep embarrassing yourself for years to come.


Idol Games Anonymous 4889[Reply]

Thread for discussing all kinds of idol games and media (Bandori, [email protected], LL, Enstars, etc.)

>Best girl(s)?

>Favorite units?
>Favorite events?
>Favorite cards?
6 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4918

Is this stuff pay to win?
What is bestest app with male idols available in NA; IOS?
Are the limited time events with their limited rare drops actually worth it?
How confident can I be that if I ever fall for the whale-drug and drop $10 or so on cards that the app wont shut down after 2 years

This stuff interests me but dno where to start

Anonymous 4920

The only male idol game I've seen in North America is Utapri Shining Live.

Anonymous 4922


Top 5 [email protected] (765, Cinderella, Shiny colors
1.) Chihaya
2.) Asuka Ninomiya
3.) Yuuki Otokura
4.) Mika or Shiki ( in general all of Lipps
5.) Yuriko Nanao

Fav Unit, L'Antica

I just play the gacha games, but don't spend $

Anonymous 4927


Forgot to add Kirari Moroboshi as all time fave

Anonymous 4981


I've tried a lot of idol games with female charas: llsif, bandori, mirishita, deresute, t7s, tokidoru and photokatsu. I can say, that all games were good and I've spend a lot of time playing each of them. I recommend every game, but for newbies llsif/bandori gonna be the best, because both of them have an English version. I've also tried to get into imas shiny colors game, but it's way too confusing.
Also, I still wait for love live all stars game, i hope it's gonna be good.
I don't play idols games as much as in past, but I still play deresute and mirishita a little.


E3 2019 Thread Anonymous 4924[Reply]

>What are hoping to see during E3?

In case you reply after E3:
>What exited you the most?

I really hope we'll finally get some news on Bayonetta 3 and Animal Crossing.
11 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4940


Looking forward to Tales of Arise. Glad to see this entry looks above a PS3 game graphically. The character designs look kind of stupid but they usually grow on me after a while.

Anonymous 4942

Animal Crossing, dude. I can't wait.

Also, Ghostline Tokyo.

Anonymous 4946

I'm not a fan of the character design too but we'll always have day 1 school uniforms DLC lol

Anonymous 4952

I was impressed by Xbox's and Nintendo's conferences.
But Nintendo won me over later with all the gameplay footage during treehouse live.
I'm ok with Animal Crossing being delayed, it looks good but if they wanna polish, I say let them. Finally we can decide where the fuck villagers should go, huge thing for me, personally. Also outdoor furniture.

Anonymous 4955

They're doing it in the artstyle of the shitty third game that nobody liked and that really make me angry. It better be modifiable.

best boy.jpg

Husbando Thread Anonymous 45[Reply]

Post pics of your husbando (or waifu!)
Bonus for explaining why + any merch you may have for them.
Pic related.
132 posts and 98 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4882

>father figure
>pragmatic fighter
>always seeking to improve himself
>prince of his entire kin

Anonymous 4883


Trashy in the sense that I want to bend him over and fuck him until he can't walk without a limp, bite him all over, and other acts of erotic sadism. He could take it. He's durable..

Anonymous 4899

goku anon here, I also love Vegeta.
same. I would give anything to dominate the shit out of Vegeta. there's just something about him ya know

Anonymous 4903

Truly, a woman after my own heart. I like Goku, as well, but for me he's more of a self-insert fantasy, or, the kind of person I aspire to be more like. I hope you find your Goku.

Anonymous 4949


I think this guy is just good taste because I don't even watch DB but Vegeta can get it


Favorite Youtubers Anonymous 441[Reply]

A thread for youtubers you genuinely enjoy and watch on a regular basis.

I started getting into YT in 2012 for hair dye tutorials, which grew into watching Lolita and other weeb channels, then I got into jvloggers and now I even watch normie lifestyle channels. I'll share a bunch of faves.

Normie lifestyle/fashion/beauty:
>Krist Yu https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4SV3mvnHRNJJqv5abvZzfg
>Karen Yeung https://www.youtube.com/user/iamkareno
>Jenn Im https://www.youtube.com/user/clothesencounters
>Tasha Leelyn https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFHYXs9Og13WV2Xb-dYUnUg
>Helen Anderson https://www.youtube.com/user/snakebitesparkles

>Jordan Shalhoud https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLdK2gxhD_uJBbK3r54gchQ
>Candance Lowry https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9Cqtzr7SgbAWlRJLTBRGkA
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
45 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4588

Karolina Żebrowska is a vintage fashion goddess and also has an amazing personality as well. So happy to see her mentioned in this threads

I never miss an upload from Overly Sarcastic (history/literature animation channel) or Steph0sims (sims 4 content, but makes it actually funny). I know how CC feels about trannies and overaly leftist ideology, but ContraPoints is pretty neat as well and I recommend watching one of her videos fully at least once for the set design alone.

Anonymous 4589

>ContraPoints is pretty neat

No, get out and stay out. I'm not even against leftists (pretty left myself) but ContraPoints is an absolute joke.

Anonymous 4840

Suzanne Kobela, video related, I love her art style so much and I think she is very talented. Her works have a kind of creepy, dark surrealistic feeling to them, and i personally love it.

As for others, I also like Karolina Żebrowska, her videos are very nice and informative about vintage fashion and things like that, another similar youtuber I like is Rachel Maksy, she has such a pleasant personality and she does vintage fashion/makeup too. Viv Hairtherapy, shes also has a very kind bubbly personality too, she infects you with happiness when you watch her. And also Wineboxpapi, i really like his videos about all those crappy tlc reality shows lmao.

Anonymous 4941

To mention a youtuber that hasn't been mentioned yet, I really like Call Me Kevin. He seems like a big sweetheart and his videos actually made me cry from laughter more than once which I can't say about any other youtube personality. He mostly does video games but he has a few joke cooking videos. I really like his EA Harry Potter games and sims stuff. Some other unmentioned youtubers I've been watching since forever are Lindsay Ellis and Todd In The Shadows.
I generally dislike vloggers/lifestyle/makeup/beauty youtubers and anything dealing with daily lives of others besides like Jenna because I've been watching her on and off ever since she made her channel. Vlogs just seem really boring to me, idk why. I'm always searching for good video essayists and I tend to listen to podcasts or random history lesson if I have troubles falling asleep.
I also tend to care more about what the topic is than who it's coming from even if I don't necessarily agree with the youtuber.

Not that anon but I barely agree with anything cp says and her last video in particular kind of infuriated me but I watch some of her stuff here and there, mostly because I get into interesting convos with others about it and I appreciate the production quality.

I agree with you about h3h3 (honestly filthyfrank too) but I kind of started paying attention to them since Hila got pregnant since I feel happy for them. Ethan is def a dick and a hypocrite though, and their podcasts are really meh.

Anonymous 4943

I like Lindsay Ellis too. I know that the meta of her approach is just to use Disney as a recognizable example of how the audience themselves should be looking at films more broadly (i.e. that you should be thinking similarly critical of all the other things you watch) - but I'd really like it if she expanded into other films. I liked her videos on The Hobbit and when she broke down Transformers and stuff. Hope she does more than just Disney in the future.


Nintendo Switch Thread! Anonymous 1486[Reply]

>When did you get your Switch, what games do you have?
>Do you love it or hate it? Why?
>What games do you want to see get ported to the console?
>What mods/accessories did you get for yours?

I got my switch almost two weeks ago, I got Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Double Dragon 4.
I love my Nintendo Switch, but I don't like how unfinished it feels. There's so many features and apps missing, like video streaming and save backups.
I want Jet Set Radio, Perfect Dark 64, and Cuphead on the Switch.
I got a cover flap, cheap screen protector but I'm planning on getting an Orzly protector, and a modified grip to be a bit more portable.
17 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4309

2018-11-12 12-41-4…

Switch is actually gr8 for chilling in local park. I got:
> Free
- Nes Games
- Fallout Shelter
> Catriges
- Splatoon 2
- Mario Oddysey
- Zelda: BoW
- WolfenStein 2
- Valryria IV
> Bought in e-shop
- Diablo 3
- Stardew Valley
- Everspace
- Rouge Legacy
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 4854


I'm going to wait until Animal Crossing comes out and get the switch game bundle which is most likely happening. Or the pokemon sword/shield one if that comes out before.
But still putting down that much at once is a lot for me, even though in the end it's worth it.

There's also that Umihara Kawase Fresh game coming out…

Damn… those $80 games though (more like $90 final with tax lol)

Anonymous 4923


>When did you get your Switch, what games do you have?
In June 2017.
I own Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Breath of the Wild, Octopath Traveler, some SEGA AGES games, Let's Go Eevee and recently bought Final Fantasy XII. I own some indie games as well. Looking to get Little Friends Dogs & Cats next when I find it cheaper somewhere.

>Do you love it or hate it? Why?

I don't hate it, but I'm a bit disappointed. I was hoping the Switch would get many JRPGs, but at the moment PC and PS4 are still better options. I love the idea and execution of the Switch. I'm just a bit disappointed in the games for it because while the Switch has many games, none but JRPGs and action RPGs interest me, of which there aren't many or already own on either PC/PS4.

>What games do you want to see get ported to the console?

I'd love for the Digimon games from PS4/Vita to get ported on the Switch. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth and it's sequel Hacker's Memory were great. I also really wish Xenoblade Chronicles X would get ported. I'd also like to see some more Tales of games on the Switch, like Tales of Xillia and Berseria.

>What mods/accessories did you get for yours?

I got an ergonomic silicon grip case for my Switch. I mainly play handehld and it's really nice. It sucks when I do want to play docked, however, since I have to remove it and it's really hard to do without putting a lot of strain on the Joy Cons.
I also got myself a stylus for touch-screen controls like in Let's Go Eevee when you pet Eevee. I like keeping my stuff clean.
Also have a case and a screen protector.

Anonymous 4930

I'll throw my hat in.

> When did you get your Switch?

A little over a year ago. around Christmas. It was the Splatoon 2 edition.

> What games do you have?

Stardew Valley, Hollow Knight, Okami, Pokemon Let's Go Eevee, Odyssey, BoTW, Skyrim (yes), and Mario Kart. I play a lot of Taiko no Tatsujin and ran through it on my friend's console, but the Switch version is pretty weak as far as it's installments go, so I skipped out on it. Noticed someone posted about that a little while ago- just simulate it, you'll have more fun :)

> Do you love it or hate it? Why?

Neither, honestly. I love the concept and I'm genuinely impressed with the hardware, but I haven't fallen in love with it like I have with their older hardware. I use it in docked mode pretty much exclusively- it hasn't replaced my 3DS for handheld use.
If they make a Switch Mini, I'd be really interested.

> What games do you want to see ported to the console?

Can't think of any.
I'm so excited for Animal Crossing and Pokemon SS, though.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 4935

I bought one for SMT V, and played a few other games in the meantime (XC2 and Smash bros mostly).

Hurry up and release SMT V Atlus !


Anonymous 4558[Reply]

what are some good films/shows with female characters who have autism, ass burgers, social anxiety, weird, are super introverted etc

can be any genre
22 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4915

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, about a creepy NEET obsessed with her looks stuck with 4 ""handsome"" guys in a house.
its pretty fun and scratches that reverse harem itch. the only problem, the guys are all bug eyed fishpeople, what i mean is theyre all drawn ugly as FUCK. but if you can ignore that for a fun little romcom then its great.

Anonymous 4916


maybe [email protected] ?
also why only female ?
imo autism, social anxiety, … are interesting whatever the sex of the mc

Anonymous 4917


Haha I remember that. That artstyle really takes some time to get used to.

Anonymous 4919

Bitter daisies

Anonymous 4928


Fresh Precure has a girl like that. Here's an example of her social interactions with another girl in the show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6lS0UGO6dY

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