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Anonymous Admin 7699[Reply]

Don't make new kpop threads. All kpop-related posts go in >>>/media/16016


Anonymous 23587[Reply]

Is vinyl better?
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Anonymous 23628

Pros: Sounds better, more of an experience, nice to display

Cons: Annoying if you don’t like an entire album, overpriced these days, can get stratched

Anonymous 23636

Vinyl is better than Spotify in the same way that writing with a pen and paper is better than using software. Analog will always remain, in a way, superior; its physicality will always make it so. The digital lacks the physical - when you read a book instead of an ebook and jot down notes in your journal instead of using software and listen to vinyl instead of using Spotify, there is a spatial element that’s being interacted with. But, as a poorfag with limited access to vinyl, I use still use streaming services and pirate ebooks, because analog isn’t cheap. I only buy books I’ve read multiple times and know that I enjoy, and listen to my favorite albums in entirety on Apple music or Spotify or whatever streaming service is available.

Anonymous 23638

Samefag, but although I hate it, the Spotify algorithm really helped a couple of my favourite artists rack on an audience. Someone like Judee Sill for example - a forgotten genius singer-songwriter and song composer - was barely known years ago. You knew her if you made an effort to know about that kind of music. But Spotify’s algorithm really did help reawaken interest in her music, especially with younger people.

Anonymous 23648

I don't think its better, per se. However, I really like getting music on vinyl that I can't find online. There's a lot of obscure stuff I can only find on vinyl.

Anonymous 23655

>obscure stuff
Do share, anon!


Podcast General Anonymous 731[Reply]

What are you listening to right now, miners?
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Anonymous 19679

you're listening… ironically, right?

Anonymous 23629

I like pods where it's basically just women talking about a topic, mainly because I have very few female friends IRL and it makes me feel less alone.

Some of the ones I listen to:
>Teatime (part of Ringer Dish, focused on pop culture)
>Decoder Ring (focued on random topics, mostly pop culture-y)
>Ologies (Host interviews someone involved with the "ology" of the episode)
>Office Ladies (someting about their tones are very soothing and it just feels like two good friends talking to you about their jobs. I know, "The Office is cringe," etc. A lot of folks don't like them but I'm including it anyway)

Anyone have any other favorite women-hosted podcasts?

Anonymous 23640

I like improv comedy podcasts like Comedy Bang Bang. Comedians come on the show in character and just improv with each other for about an hour. Fun, chaotic.

Anonymous 23643

My favorite podcasts are Lexicon Valley (mostly linguistics, but the host is autistically into musicals) and Philosophize This (history of philosophy).

I like ologies but it always makes me fall asleep. Some female hosted podcasts I've liked are
>Let's Talk About Sects (cults)
>Gastropod (history and science of food)
>You Must Remember This (history of hollywood)
>You're Wrong About (talks about events in pop culture that are widely misunderstood/misremembered, used to be cohosted with a scrote but he was reasonably tolerable)

Anonymous 23654

I have long shifts at work so I have a lot of podcasts that I cycle through, some of my favorite timewasters are
You're Wrong About, Underunderstood, History of Philosophy With no Gaps, Iron Dice, Scamwow, Red Scare, [spoiler]Cumtown, [spoiler]Chapo[/spoiler][/spoiler]


Cliches in media that bug you. Anonymous 22667[Reply]

What are some cliches in media that you want to see less of? No matter of story, characters, world building, design, cliches about everything is accepted here. The discussion is open.
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Anonymous 23537

>You just got used to the tropes and realised the voice-acting is overacted and repetitive.
Watch 5 anime from the 70s-80s and 5 anime from the mid-90s onwards and tell me that anime has never had voice acting that sounds like real people and that it has always sounded as overdramatic and grating as it does now.

Anonymous 23563

cracked rock.jpg

>it's tiring knowing that this is what every zoomer and moid in my age range enjoys
Do they? The majority of "popular" music is only listened to because it is framed and marketed by the industry as "stuff cool people listen to", not because of its own merits.
Reminder that Hollywood and the culture industry in general has a caste system and runs on nepotism. They have absolutely no clue about anything beyond their circle, don't care about anything beyond their circle, and every story they tell is a condescending appropriation of the myths and perceptions of the society they parasitize.

Anonymous 23565

It never had voices that sound like real people. I suppose one could say some things got worse, but voice actors are never actually realistic unless it's for a dry narrative or education animation.

Anonymous 23650


japanese TV is so fucking boring. i swear i go to any channel to find something to watch and its just dumb variety shows that are just random celebrities going "heeeeeeh!?" to whatever stupid clip they're shown. actual torture.

Anonymous 23653

call me shallow but moids are mostly ugly in media compared to their female counterparts. old and mediocre at best but this whole world pretends like they are the hottest, i wish if the women are pretty at least make her partner her equal to make it visually pleasing but it's rarely aesthetic given the imbalance….i watch media to feel good if i wanted to watch a normal life with normal looking people i'd just live my life i don't need a tv screen at all tbh


niche/obscure games Anonymous 23387[Reply]

looking for game recs but i'm somewhat sick of normie stuff. what are some games that you enjoy but are not known at all?
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Anonymous 23603

Playstation 2 emulator, despite needing a BIOS, is really easy to use in my experience. Usually a BIOS is linked in the same location as the game you're downloading. Then you just add it to the file for the emulator and use the emulator to search for the BIOS. There are walkthroughs online and also videos explaining how to do it.

Anonymous 23605


Galaxy Fraulein Yuna, an old adventure game, they made an anime out of it.
Yuna is kind of a typical ditzy cheerful magical girl but I like it so far. It is always really cool when one of these really wordy weeby games gets translated. Up until Phoenix Wright and the DS there really weren't a lot of these games available in the english but there's a lot of them buried on these old systems.

Anonymous 23625

hypnagogia box.png

Play Hypnagogia, which is free

Anonymous 23646

I can tell your age based off of the fact that you don't know how insanely popular this was.

Anonymous 23652

I know, most of these games aren't really obscure, just old.


old/nostalgic internet animations Anonymous 23600[Reply]

Let's talk about one of the more obscure eras of animation: early 2000s-2010s internet cartoons.
Anyone else ever found cartoons like these more endearing? They're more relatable, in a sense, like they're made by real human beings and not some corporate studio.
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Anonymous 23612

da classic

Anonymous 23614


Pementa from Mugman! It's an obscure web series made by a moid with the tisms, he still makes good animations to this day (Pike's Lagoon, Loose ends)

Anonymous 23622

was on the furry side of youtube in the late 2000s/early 2010s
yeah yeah furries are weird but man the animation memes from that era give me warm feelings of nostalgia

Anonymous 23649

I dont know why, but I loved these stupid sonic animations when I was younger and now they haunt me in my dreams.

Anonymous 23651

I was never into newgrounds junk, but I loved Homestar Runner, they still post new stuff on Youtube sometimes.


Fave YouTubers/YT crushes? Anonymous 22793[Reply]

What are your guys' favorite channels? My faves are I Hate Everything, Izzzyzzz, Strange Aeons, and Athens. I have a fat YT crush on Ralphthemoviemaker. He's cute
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Anonymous 22840

ive never watched him but he looks cute. a lot of underages fawn over him tho.

Anonymous 22841


while I barely watch him (watched his kenshi, frog detective, and dollhouse streams tho) he's a male youtuber that I particularly wish is what he seems to be: a gigantic himbo.

Anonymous 22978


I don't know how but pretty much around a month before she quit youtube, I became a huge Jenna Marbles fan against the odds. I have never been into any other vlogger or…really normie type persona ever…not because I have standards or tastes but because I like escaping reality too much and thought I just disliked everyday stuff.

For some reason she just felt incredibly therapeutic for me–seeing her just having fun doing silly stuff with her family just felt beyond authentic and wholesome in a way that just…hit differently, in a "wow, maybe life isn't that bad" way?

Of course that's kind of copey, considering that, in spite of her issues and self depreciation, she's still a rich youtuber that's privileged in having normal friends, a cute bf/fiance, and cute dogs.

Anonymous 23644

vineasuce joel thu…

Anonymous 23647


Been having recurring dreams about WolfeyVGC for months now. He's too cute.


Anonymous 23566[Reply]

Deltarunefags, why do you want to fuck this??

Anonymous 23567

Just look at him.

Anonymous 23568

Why wouldn't you?

Anonymous 23569


Ummm he's cute?
People are attracted to his personality, his character type, his quirks, his voice etc. etc.
It's probably the same reason why people are attracted to (western) cartoon characters, only a bit more abstract because he is a puppet with a proportionally small body.

t. not a Deltarunefag but I get the appeal

Anonymous 23571


Fuck him? I just want to tuck him in

Anonymous 23574


I mean…

images (30).jpeg

Is synthwave considered pop? Anonymous 23642[Reply]

Genuinely curious, music connoisseur anons please help! what is your take on it? +any songs you'd recommend?
I only know home's resonance and a couple other of the most popular tracks

ITT: Documentaries you have seen on YouTube Anonymous 16956[Reply]

3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 18170

and some on https://www.youtube.com/user/askasianboss
Haven't watched that channel in a while, though.

Anonymous 18390

I knew nothing about the Black Eyed Peas and their music is not my cup of tea but this video was thoroughly interesting. The dignity this woman shows is inspiring.

Anonymous 19208

This documentary is famous for being terrible. It's made by an independent film maker who is horrendous at making documentaries but his heart is in the right place. His biggest failing is speaking to people. There are some golden cringe moments in this including the most awkward interviews and a constant line of over acted anger

Anonymous 22877

I'm not into video games but this is pretty interesting

Sequel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKbuNwS-gaI

Anonymous 23641

The part with Debbie and Steven makes me laugh so much. I suspect he has some sort of fetish which is why he does all that for her.

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