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Stuff you love to hate Anonymous 2891[Reply]

Do you read/watch things "ironically" or as hatewatching/hatereading?

I used to read the Twilight saga for the sheer ridiculousness, later did the same with The Hunger Games and 50 Shades of Grey. I also enjoyed reading "snark" blogs about Twilight back in the day, especially the LiveJournal sites like Cleolinda's blog.

Recently I've been watching Shadowhunters with my bf for the horrible plots and cheap CGI and it made me reminisce about those times. So yeah, let's talk about those stories that are so bad you just can't stop.
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Anonymous 2900


The whole ACOTAR series by SJ Maas.

Anonymous 2901

I’ve started reading this cause i jerk off to elves, but it was so bad

Anonymous 2902

Laurell K. Hamilton. Her and everything she's written is trash but i went through everything my library had from her when i was in high school because i was fascinated by how every novel got progressively worse somehow.

iirc there was sex about every two pages with either a vampire, live-in houseboy, or were…whatevers, laurell's self-insert character anita became a polyamorous hypersexual avatar of a vampire goddess and ALSO the queen of the local were pack and ALSO ended up getting like three different strains of lycanthropy and ALSO had every man she encountered fall in love with her/sex her up except for the unattractive ones. it actually became a game for me when the writer introduced an attractive male character to try to figure out how little time it was going to take before anita ended up fucking him.

Anonymous 2904

This isn't lit related, but I loved making fun of Vanilla Ice so much that now I associate only positivity with his music and now I'm actually trying to learn the dance for Ice Ice baby. I also know nearly all the lyrics to his To The Extreme album by heart. Be careful, let this be a warning not to hate too passionately in case it flips over and causes you to love….

Anonymous 2905

I feel you anon, I know all the words to Ice Ice Baby off by heart


animay Anonymous 66[Reply]

what are good animes cc? i liked baccano the most and most other stuff cant hold my interest
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Anonymous 2261


Yeah i vaguely remember that one of the girls that looked like boys had some serious family dramu going on with the other lead girls… tbh i find that type of character a bit obnoxious and unrealistic. The anime might be better, in the manga the drawings and especially the facial expressions were a bit ott, it was pretty but didn't feel like human beings.

The only part of the manga that i remember clearly after these years was when the poor girl was mocked for her reading inexperience, because that made high school me pick up some books lol.

I don't dislike classic shojo though, it's ridiculously charming having characters that are able to feel so intensely, it's like they'll break if you barely touch them and that's just beautiful, but the problem with that is that it can very easily come off as overly dramatic and annoying if your characters aren't human enough. And it doesn't help that to me the "girls drawn like boys" type characters feel super artificial and not human at all, they're basically reverse traps.

I just didn't connect with these characters, either i was too immature when i first read it or they're just not for me. But i liked the classic vintage sorority vibes and how educated and ladylike everyone was so i promise i'll give it a second look with an open mind.

Anonymous 2267

Have you seen (or read the manga) Versailles no Bara? Same author, characters look practically the same (but one of them is actually a man, and the other one - main one, and funnily enough the one that looks exactly like Rei- lives as a man most of her life). Its very fucking good and not as"girly" as Oniisama E.
And yes, the anime was OTT as fuck. Sometimes to the extent of being ridiculous but what else can you expect from an old shojo lol

Anonymous 2293

You should watch the anime version of Oniisama. It's seriously amazing and a very wild ride. The manga is too short to explore the plot that well even though the ideas were solid, honestly. The anime mostly follows the manga but with a LOT of new stuff added in and all of it is great.

Anonymous 2354

I finished watching made in abyss recently, I went in mostly blind and I was very pleasantly surprised.
It's kind of scary, but not a horror movie type of scary, but rather I was afraid for the well being of the characters, it FEELS like they're in terrible danger, it FEELS like they're on a suicide mission.
spoiler: when they decided to go down to the abyss I was shouting in my mind "NO! you MORON! you will DIE THERE!", I felt genuine anxiety
The whole fantasy style to the world feels very original and creative, it looks beautiful and the entire mythos around the abyss feels so original and fresh I was glued to the screen.
I recommend this, probably one of my favorite animes of all time.
Expect some gore, well, not OUTRIGHT gore since they always "show" it obstructed from view, but there are strong depictions of painful things happening, with the VAs doing an excellent job screaming in agony.

Anonymous 2903

i just started watching Asobi Asobase - workshop of fun and i really like this show. if any other miners have a crunchyroll account they should check it out. The Daruma Otoshi puppet show at the end of the first episode was one of the skits that made me think of y'all.


Male actors Anonymous 2890[Reply]

Who are the most handsome ones?

I kind of like Jared Leto.

Anonymous 2898


Douglas Booth is so pretty uwu

Anonymous 2899


I fell in love with that weird kid when I watched the Fantastic Beasts and where to find them movie, he isn't very handsome here because of the stupid haircut (which I like actually) but if you google the actor's name, Ezra Miller, he's very very really handsome. his jaw is so nice. I feel creepy.


Anonymous 2825[Reply]

What music do you guys listen to while you're sad? I like Cyberbully Mom Club, Teen Suicide, and Lil Peep.
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Anonymous 2840

Anonymous 2857

Anonymous 2893

Anonymous 2894

this and every other cover of running up that hill

Anonymous 2895

That, and For No One


Morrissey Appreciation Anonymous 2654[Reply]

songs, gifs, pics, gladiolas, etc.
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Anonymous 2874


Anonymous 2875


Anonymous 2876

Anonymous 2877

Anonymous 2889

Morrissey is such a great artist but I have to block out everything he says because he's such a fucking tool, lol. Shhh just use your mouth for singing and nothing else.

Vid related


Anonymous 2355[Reply]

Do /tg/ related things belong in /media/? I'll just assume they do.
Do any of you girls play any tabletop RPGs like D&D, exalted, world of darkness or whatever?
I played some fourth edition D&D when I was a teenager and I'm getting really nostalgic for it recently.
Do you have any stories you would like to share? what kind of characters do/did you usually make? any interesting people you've played with?

I would contribute with my own story but I didn't actually do anything worth a story, there was this one time I sliced a badger in half by rolling a natural 20, it was one of my first encounters ever, I wasn't older than 13 and I felt like the coolest girl on the planet.

Anonymous 2357


Ooh me!

I play D&D (prefer 5e but also play 3.5e), Pathfinder, and Vampire. I would love to play more but it seems like it's so hard to find groups to play with for some reason. I have a regular group that just doesn't seem to get together much anymore and I was in the lolcow /tg/ group but something happened and it's pretty much disbanded now.

Let's see, my regular DM tends to overthink his campaigns a little too much so if we end up biting it for whatever reason he keeps bringing us back to life so we can continue his story. I remember one campaign my character died at least once a session. To be fair, she was chaotic good with little impulse control and he kept putting her around a bunch of evil baddies. The first time she died she did natural 20 her god for diplomacy in the afterlife so that's his reasoning as to why she keeps coming back. Still haven't finished that campaign.

I always thought it'd be fun to try out some niche TTRPG's though like Maid RPG. Perhaps FATAL if I were drunk enough lol.

Anonymous 2887

Girls like elves
Women like dorfs
weirdos [spoiler]like me like halflings[/spoiler]

Anonymous 2888

I always wanted to try playing D&D since it looks like fun but I never wanted to try it so much that I would actually learn how it's played and find more players and all that stuff, and I bet I wouldn't be very good at it anyway.

But I really like how you can make your own characters and I like all the races and classes, and if anyone here has a D&D character but no drawings of it I would love to draw it. Really please someone post a description of your character.

princess peach (2)…

Video games Anonymous 79[Reply]

Let's talk about video games. What are you playing now? What games are you looking forward to play? Which games or consoles are your favorites, and which ones do you dislike or disappointed you? Etc.
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Anonymous 2865

Actually yeah it must irritate his skin. I guess he is ready to suffer for fashion

Anonymous 2866

If you don't suffer, you shouldn't be fashionable desu.

Anonymous 2879


I have never played any FF games and I don't know where to start. Any recommendations, miners?

Only posting pic related because I think she's really pretty

Anonymous 2883

FF1 is a good introduction to JRPGs in general if you've never played one before. You can choose 6 classes to assemble your four-man party, and you can have as many of one class as you want in a party (e.g.: Warrior, Warrior, Warrior, Warrior in a single party). Highly recommend playing either the GBA remake or the remake for PSP (it might be on mobile too? Not sure, I played the GBA one), as it fixes a lot of the issues with the NES original, such as giving mage characters an MP meter instead of limiting spells so you can only use them a specific number of times.

FF6 I've not played yet (though I own it…), but I've heard the storytelling is very good, as well as the battle mechanics.

I didn't grow up playing FF7 like a lot of people did, but I bought it for PS4 two years ago. Got past the first boss, then stopped playing a bit afterwards. The graphics bothered me a bit (especially the backgrounds), but I might give it another go sometime.

FF13 is meh. I almost beat it to the end until the disc got fucked by my Xbox. It's been 7 years since I've played it, but I remember it being very linear. There were side quests in the game as well, but I literally don't even remember completing one?

TL;DR: Recommend FF1 to learn about JRPGS and basic FF mechanics if you've never played one (play the remakes, not the NES version). I guess I'd also recommend FF6 as well, by word of mouth saying how great it is.

Anonymous 2886

I love Terra Branford, and I also like FF 6.
FF 12 is also a good one, I really like it although I still haven't finished it, but if you have a PS2 take the original version, not IZJS.
But I still don't understand why Vaan and Penelo are even travelling with the rest, ok Vaan has a valid reason to want to join them but Penelo is in the group literally just to babysit Vaan, and tbh the others should have just not let them come along, they're just children and also Vaan is stupid and annoying.


Shipping Thread Anonymous 2845[Reply]

inspired by the thread discussing problematic shipping on /b/! post your otp/otps. Tell us what they're from and get livejournal fangirl in the mid 2000s levels of excited about it.

I'll start with pic related, Seishirou and Subaru from CLAMP's Tokyo Babylon and X/1999. I read TB when I was 15 and it's stuck with me all these years. I know it's old as all hell but i'd recommend it to any of you guys anytime.
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Anonymous 2847

I am >>2846 and forgot to add,

Problematic af, but I think Sesshomaru and older Rin make a good couple although Sess + Kag is my fave from that serie.

Royai still owns my ass tho.

Anonymous 2867

>Seishirou and Subaru from CLAMP's Tokyo Babylon and X/1999


Anonymous 2878

op here

COME BACK ANON, I need someone to yell about my old as hell ship with/be bitter about X never being finished with

Anonymous 2884


(Sorry for yelling)

Anonymous 2885


honestly the best pair in any CLAMP series imo, they just make ya hurt. I'll never forget Seishirou giving up his eye for Subaru at the hospital, because you know it was only out of obligation bc of the bet.. but.. yikes

Are we in agreement that Seishirou's last words were "I Love You?" I remember back in the day a bunch of people trying to argue that he actually said I Hate You


Love Nikki Thread Anonymous 1343[Reply]

Discuss the game, show off your outfits, ask for help, find friends, promote your association, etc!
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Anonymous 2849

I just started playing love nikki, feel free to add me 109278049! Also maybe this is a dumb question but i linked the app to my fake facebook account, i did use a different nickname but when i go to the friends thing i see my facebook account name. Does this mean that everyone is able to see my facebook account?

Anonymous 2850

I will add you when i get on the app!
And about the Facebook thing, no it only shows that way to you, the other players will only be able to see whatever name you chose for nikki.

Anonymous 2880


I'm gonna spend all my diamonds trying to get this outfit, it's so damn cute…

Anonymous 2881


You can get one and a half suit for free if you have high accuracy on the event! So maybe wait until the last day of the event to drop dias on it.

I'm so excited for the keyboard cat from the new circus event, the whole suit in general is amazing and fulfills all my cat lady needs, i hope it's a pick and choose event so i can spend my dias on this one and some pieces from the others.

Anonymous 2882

Literally the better suit in the event.

Speaking of which, what is you all's favorite suit? Or if thats too hard, kingdom? Lilith is obviously the most superior~


Books Anonymous 1543[Reply]

What are your favorite ones, miners?
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Anonymous 2771

Recently I've finished Smilla's sence of snow and it was the coolest thing I've read in a while

Anonymous 2805

Good taste

Anonymous 2810

The only piece of literature I acknowledge is My Immortal.

Anonymous 2829

Flame me if you want but I actually like the FOS grey series lol

Anonymous 2859

I just finished In Cold Blood by Truman Capote which was an excellent read. He is a captivating writer.

Currently reading The Girl On the Train. I went into it totally blind, not knowing anything about it or its genre, and have been so pleasantly surprised. Would recommend.

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