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Anonymous Admin 7699[Reply]

Don't make new kpop threads. All kpop-related posts go in >>>/media/16016


BOOK GENERAL Anonymous 3098[Reply]

Subject says it all.
Discuss everything to do with books. Writing, reading, burning, etc. Ask for recommendations and stuff.
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Anonymous 31001


has anybody read this? It makes me think about the psychological implications of religions/philosophies on us as women. In the west we are probably swinging away from patriarchal consciousness and towards more matriarchal religions and philosophies (eg new ageism). Really great read overall!

any good book recs? I dont like non-fiction and I kinda want an intro to feminist literature but Im not sure where to start.

Anonymous 31072

i definitely agree about you with the writing! she's one of the authors that can make me feel so entranced in the world of the book, like i did when I was a kid.
I've read three of the books but right now I'm unable to find any website that ships the last book in the series to my country ;(. I'll probably just end up getting a pdf of it.
Also I'm curious about the TV show, have you watched it, what did you think?

Anonymous 31079

There's going to be a huge book sale on Friday where I'm from. Anyone got any interesting fantasy book recommendations? I recently read the first Earthsea book and am planning to get the edition with all 7 books in one. I've read most of the books that are currently popular (Grishaverse, Poppy War and so on) as well as older popular fantasy (LoTR, Narnia, The Witcher and so on). I don't really enjoy the romance fantasy genre but if it's a really good one I'm willing to give it a try as well.

Anonymous 31080

Percy Jackson and The Olympians

Anonymous 31081

Read those back in high-school, they were a blast! Also read the 1st book of the Egyptian mythology series but never got around to finishing the rest of it.


Is there any Yuri that isn't obviously directed at males? Anonymous 30712[Reply]

I'm at the point where I read yaoi with cute artstyles and reimagine them as butch x butch relationships.
Is there any Yuri or fxf media that isn't obviously directed at scrotes? Please, any type and any genre is ok
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Anonymous 30770

>Oniisama e
what did you like about this anime? i got nothing out of it

Anonymous 30771

Tamen de Gushi.jpg

Anonymous 30772

2DK, G-pen, Alarm …

Anonymous 30773

Ayaka-chan wa Hiro…

Anonymous 31078

Madoka, Sasameki Koto, Kurau Phantom Memory, Starlight Revue, Avatar: TLAB


Has anyone watched this? How did you like it? Anonymous 30007[Reply]

It looks really good!
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Anonymous 30017

I watched the original ages ago yes.

Anonymous 30104


It’s great, it looks gorgeous and overall I’d recommend it if you want to watch something new. Being a fan of the 1998 anime I was a bit skeptical at first, but Trigun Stampede is really enjoyable, especially for a reboot

Anonymous 30268

Evil Vash.png

I just finished yesterday. Still can't get over just how much better it is than the original. Especially since its a reboot and we all know how they usually go. Although there are some things that I miss from the 1998 anime, but seeing how it is a prequel (of sorts, its complicated as it features many events from the original despite happening before the july incident) I think that things that I miss will appear in season 2. Some things are already back or confirmed to be back. At the end of this season Vash gets his iconic hairsyle back, and at the very end the show appearance of Milly Thomspon is foreshadowed

Anonymous 30998

Wow. I hate CGI even more. Why destroy the original anime like that?

Anonymous 31077

I like plantcest but it made Wolfood into an insufferable cunt pretty much. No real fondness towards any characters aside from Vash and Knives, they really had no motives and were there for exposition or to push the (non existant/jumbled mess) plot along.


Anonymous 31012[Reply]

Why did they cast every ugly man in Hollywood as Ken?
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Anonymous 31068


Anonymous 31070

Words can't explain what I would do to him

Anonymous 31073

all of the asian moids in this thread are easily more attractive than 90% of hollywood actors.

its so sad that they dont get roles in the west

Anonymous 31074

Drop the kpop

Anonymous 31076


NTA but while the music is trash korean boys can be so beautiful it's actually insane
I do agree, the dissonance between western and east-asians male performers is ridiculous, Hollywood gotta step up


/mia/ - Made in Abyss General Anonymous 26591[Reply]

Made in Abyss general y'all.

Anyone else thought that S2 blows ass compared to S1? I don't care about the narehate village and am very glad to finally move on
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Anonymous 27051

thank you for saying it. I don't care what they say about the author, Made in Abyss is good

most of the 2nd season is on the sixth layer but don't get your hopes up, there is very little exploration and they mostly just stay in an ugly village

Anonymous 30835

>most people agree that Narehate village arc is weak
it has its problems, but it's also like a distillation of the themes of the entire story

Anonymous 30841


I don't know much about this show. It seems incredibly violent for no particular reason at all (I've seen GIFs of it), however, the video game looks really cool and like a lot of fun to play!

Anonymous 30847

so many adventures…

the show does get pretty violent and dark at times, but it doesn't do it for no reason - it's the bad things to contrast the good.

the game is pretty fun - though not worth paying full price. if you find it on sale, skip the tutorial (hello abyss!) and go straight into the main gamemode (deep in abyss)

Anonymous 31075

finally got around to reading the new chapter…

… boy this shit's weird


The Elder Scrolls Anonymous 26366[Reply]

lets have an elder scrolls thread
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Anonymous 30866

The last time I played Skyrim, I was a lesbian vampire.

Anonymous 30867


Played Skyrim at my friends house. For some reason everything has tits for no biological reason.
Why does the fire summon have tits?
Why do the tree spirits have tits?
Why does the wisp have tits?
Why do the lizard people have tits?

Anonymous 30868

I guess it's part of the genre, cuz in Daggerfall and I'm assuming Arena there are way more tits, uncensored nipples included. I don't remember flame atronachs having breasts in other games. I don't remember the wisp having boobies at all!

Anonymous 30869

Argonians are especially funny. Imagine a snake with tits, holy shit.

Anonymous 31071


>>30857 update: it's only been 14 days but looks like I'm 107 hours into Skyrim now. It held my attention after all. And holy shit I need to get a job.

I loved Solstheim and Dawnguard. The Dark Brotherhood was pretty funny. Haven't touched the civil war since I can't decide which side I hate more.

Also, lmao at the College of Winterhold, I gave it a proper chance because I wanted to bone Ancano and the whole questline ended anticlimactically right when I thought it was finally about to start. It was all so brief, bad and strange that I can't even be mad. I barely got to know anyone. That Psijic and the Synod walked me through little tasks like I was a kindergartener and then that nice grandpa declared me Arch-Mage as an afterthought in a casual conversation. What??

Infiltrating that Thalmor party was fun but I don't remember where the main quest went after that, it just dropped off my radar and my heart


Plants vs Zombies Thread Anonymous 30984[Reply]

Thoughts on the game and it's sequel?
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Anonymous 30987

Plants vs Zombies 2 is better than the first game

Anonymous 30996

I loved the first one back when it came out. I constantly played it on the computer, on the DS, I got the XBOX one so me and my sister could play the multiplayer. Eventually I even got it on the phone too.

I liked the idea of the second one but didn't really like how microtransaction heavy it was. I played up to the "Far Future" area but that was it.
I've checked up on it recently and it seems they doubled-down on the microtransactions and there's some new plant leveling system which is just way too much. I liked it when the game was simple.

I heard they're working on a third one but apparently it's just awful even compared to the 2nd one.

Anonymous 30997

I beat Plants vs Zombies 2 without paying for any microtransactions. The Zen Garden helped with the tougher levels in Jurassic Marsh and Big Wave Beach. Although they felt doable without any help. The daily events get you most of the premium plants if your patient enough though. Got Squash and Guava just by beating the game normally.

Plants vs Zombies 3 is awful. It's half text adventure with cringy dialogue. The levels are also too short and lack any real strategy. Feels like it's designed for kids with low attention spans.

Anonymous 31000

Every difficult world in Plants vs Zombies 2 has a specific counter plant
>Frostbite Caves = Snapdragon
>Neon Mixtape = Winter Melon
>Jurassic Marsh = Sun Bean
>Big Wave Beach = Rotobaga & Infi-nut

Anonymous 31069

The international version of Plants vs Zombies 2 is actually unfinished. While the Chinese version has more levels, worlds and plants.

A.I Song Covers Anonymous 31009[Reply]

Post some of your favorites

Anonymous 31056

this just sounds like a talk box

Anonymous 31066


What was your first concert? Anonymous 30270[Reply]

I'll start!

My first concert was Evanescence at Universal Studios Hollywood for the Nintendo Fusion Tour!
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Anonymous 31017


I don't have irl friends.

Anonymous 31019

Black Uhuru when I was 10… my dad was weird but now I appreciate it

Anonymous 31031

You're a lucky one

Anonymous 31057

My parents dragged me to see Billy Joel.
Hated it and I hate him.

Anonymous 31065

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