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Type 4 Hair Thread Anonymous 4864[Reply]

Are you 4a, 4b or 4c?

What products do you use in your routines?

What is your favourite protective hairstyle?

Are you natural? If so, how long? If not, why?

Posting hair inspo is encouraged! And feel free to ask questions no matter how silly :)

>inb4 we already have a hair thread
Type 4 hair is harder to maintain and has overall different needs/demands compared to other hair types.
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Anonymous 4880

Your hair looks so healthy!

>Pic related is my hair 4 days post twist-out. Would you say my hair is 4c?

I'd say 4c tbh

>I’d also love tips on how to straighten it.

What is done in this video is pretty much the same thing my hairdresser did! Straightening by yourself can be challenging at first but once you get the hang of it it'll be okay. The hardest bit for me is to straighten the back, since you can't see the back of your head

Anonymous 4922

Thank you for the help anon. What's the name of that video? Also, how do you maintain a twist-out for more than a day or so? Like what do you do with it at night?

Anonymous 5013

Oh and I don't do anything special at night after a twist out since my hair is pretty short. It becomes coily after a few days so I just spray a bit of water and use an afro pick to like, add volume (??)
what happened to your previous post lol

Anonymous 5025

I'm contemplating getting a keratin treatment. I recently went natural after having keratin treatments for a while and I miss having a bob.

Anonymous 6200

Did it damage your hair a lot?


/cgl/ merge Anonymous Admin 6195[Reply]

After discussing this in the chat last week, I have now moved the threads from /cgl/ to this board.

A few users requested I rename the board to something like /bb/ (beauty board) or other abbreviations, but the platform I'm using right now does not allow renaming of board URIs. I'll do this once we're in the process of moving to a different board software.


Anonymous 3193[Reply]

Do you think the curvy meme is a real thing which is gaining traction outside the internets?
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Anonymous 4945

>high test goes for big curvy women
There are definitely sticc men into that though. It's almost a meme, I've seen many skeletons with women like you describe…but also seen some buff boiz with them. And I've seen those high test threads on that bodybuilding site lol.
Also, where do "thicc" pear shaped women fit in here? A-cup titters but big hips and butt? That's one of my favourite bodies for a woman (speaking as a bi woman though…also as a narc since that's my body). Are they thicc stacey lite?

Anonymous 4947

>shit genetics
Not really sure what's bad enough about this body type to be worth calling it "shit genetics". Average is average.

Anonymous 4949

My BMI is 21 and the internet thinks I'm a fat cow too. Someone on /lgbt/ told me at 5'7" I should weigh no more than 120 pounds, and blamed my weight on me being American.

As a word of advice, don't post your weight on an imageboard and instead listen to what your doctors tell you. Imageboards are full of trolls and anachans who are severely triggered by any mention of weight so it's best to just keep your mouth shut about that topic in general if you don't want to be bullied.

Anonymous 4951

Not only weight, have you seen what they say about other girls' faces? She's disgusting, her nose is too big, her face is too long, her lips are too thin etc. It's not like you can change those things naturally and then when someone shoops themselves to "correct" these things they shit on them even more.
It's so dehumanizing, they don't even see these people as people, but as dolls or images, I mean don't you have friends who look average? Do you shit on them because they're not model tier? You don't, you see them for who they are, people with their own lives and personalities, who have more worth than just their looks.
sorry for off topic rant. It just makes me so angry

Anonymous 4952

I imagine the people who say these kinds of things are very insecure about themselves and putting down other women somehow makes them feel better about their own averageness/ugliness. For instance, if you read through lolcow's /ot/ or /g/ you see girls complaining about how ugly and fat they themselves are.

Lolcow is a cesspit of insecure, mentally unstable women who feel the need to bully others because they feel like shit about their own lives. People here seem to be a lot less like that, which is probably why we moved the fuck away.

inb4 some farmer decides to screencap this post and put it in the crystal.cafe thread


personal color analysis? Anonymous 4938[Reply]

has any of you had a personal color analysis done? was it worth it? how much did it cost you?

I'm sort of intrigued but not sure I want to drop ~$200 on it…

Anonymous 5011


I’ve been tempted after my own research into improving my aesthetic but I’m also p sure you can DIY this. There must be sneaky PDFs around to learn how to do it. I know they have fabric they drape on you but surely this can be diy-ed also?

Usually charts finding your undertone is a good place to start anyway, that takes into account your skin colour, hair colour, eye colour and vein colour (lol). That’s freely available online, just google and find a place that explains it best~!

Like you I would like the actual full analysis but it’s so expensive and I’d have to travel to somewhere that does it, which is more money. One day when I have the extra cash and I haven’t worked out how to do it myself I’ll go, but otherwise nahhhh.

Anonymous 5012

It's all bullshit. I'm supposed to look good in grey and pale blue because I'm a light summer but actually it just brings out the redness in my face. and I'm supposed to look bad in black

Anonymous 5016


No, I look good in every color.

Anonymous 5017


>I'm supposed to look good in grey and pale blue because I'm a light summer but actually it just brings out the redness in my face.
I think you might be fall, like darker warmth to subdue your complexion, not summer. You couldn't be summer at all if you have problems with redness in your skin becoming apparent when you wear pale blue, someone has told you wrong.

>and I'm supposed to look bad in black

You can't bring up black to knock color theory.
Every living thing on the planet looks good in black, it's an absence of light, your brain isn't getting as much information and so whatever it's perceiving is more stylized and simpler, hence 'better' and more striking.
It's why the "little black dress" safe choice exists at all.


Bunny Lolita Thread Anonymous 5133[Reply]

Where bunny theme meets lolita fashion! Post all the bunny goodness.

Anonymous 5134


Anonymous 5135


Anonymous 5136


Anonymous 5137


Anonymous 5138



Anonymous 4096[Reply]

Have any of you ever been able to transform yourself to Stacy? How did it change your life?
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Anonymous 4620

This. Having sex with beta orbiters does not a Stacy make.

Anonymous 4622


>during middle school



Anonymous 4623


whoops sorry anon im not a native speaker so i kinda just used this word bc i've seen it being used a lot to describe shut-in people lol

Anonymous 4649

that's understandable, a lot of people seem to use it in that way

I too also thought that was meaning behind it tbh

Anonymous 4957

That's not a Stacy, that's a grotesque bimbo.


Gained weight in college Anonymous 4962[Reply]

This is my last semester of college. And even though I told myself I would never fall trap to the "freshman 15" I've gained 50 lbs since freshman year.

I want to get a head start on losing weight before I graduate.

There is a huge rec on campus. So I can basically do anything.

What are some good exercises to lose weight? I'm thinking running, biking, or swimming? But I know weight lifting is probably important too.

I hope I'm not the only one here who got fat in college

Anonymous 4965

You should definitely focus on your diet. Lifting is a great addition to a good diet to lose weight and gain muscle. Fitness alone won’t help, you have to take care of your calories in some way. I personally hate counting calories and intermittent fasting works magic for me, but each body is different, so find something that fits your routine and preferences. Good luck, anon! You can do this!

Anonymous 4968

You're not the only one anon! I was grew 2 pants sizes in college, I started a 7 and went to an 11 all from drinking soda all day everyday and overeating.

I can't really help you much with exercise advice since I really only used WiiFit & Just Dance and youtube videos because I don't like going to the gym. I can help you with some tips to change your diet in general.

>stop drinking your calories and drink water

>read and pay attention to your calorie intake: 1,000 - 1,500 a day is good
>eat smaller portions or on smaller plates, also eat slow and take your time with your food
>do not eat until you are full, eat until you are satisfied
>drink water in place of cravings
>eat dinner earlier: 5PM - 7PM

Also if you decide to eat some junk food for one day, don't beat yourself up over it and promise yourself that you will get back on track once you are done eating it. You can do it anon!!

tenor (3).gif

Nail biting thread Anonymous 4646[Reply]

>Who else here is a nail biter?
If so
>how many years have you've been biting them.
>Have you've ever tried to quit.

my whole life basically
Yes haven't bitten them in two months
4 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4659

I used to do it out of nerves since elementary school, but now it's incorporated into my routine as grooming. Probably gross, but whatever.

I could stop if I wanted to. I only get the automatic urge when shit's really going down.

Anonymous 4661

I don't bite my nails, I rip them off. I make a notch near where I want the cut-off point to be, then I pull .

Anonymous 4662

same here anon. For me it's either all or nothing, once I get started there's this overwhelming urge to destroy every last one of them.

Anonymous 4909


I'm an unreformed nail biter, no one can stop me.

But yeah, I've been biting them since I was 10. I started nibbling at my cuticles as a nervous habit, and my mum used to scold me for biting my nails and I used to get annoyed because I wasn't actually biting my nails but she wouldn't listen to me. So to show her I started biting my nails. Now I'm 22, and I just can't stop.

I quit once for prom (I was 16), put the anti-nail biting stuff on that makes your nails taste bad, let my nails grow. Then they broke when I was trying to change my bedsheets and I got so annoyed that I bit them all off again.

And yes, sometimes I go too far and make my fingers bleed. Ouchie.

Anonymous 4910

I did it for all my teenage life (pulled off my toenails too) and finally managed to stop when I found a good job and wanted to take care of myself. I'm extremely fidgety and prone to dermatillomania and pica so it's extremely hard and I go back to it when I'm stressed. What helped me was to buy nail polish and apply it religiously, at one point I got a DIY peel-off gel nail kit and did my nails with it once a week. When I get the urge to pick or bite, I chip off my nail polish instead.


Celebrities you find beautiful Anonymous 643[Reply]

I'll start.
141 posts and 109 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4896


I worked the ISA in 2018 and couldn’t keep my mouth closed when I watched Greta Gerwig posing. I don’t have strong feelings for any films she’s been in - she’s a little MPDG - but the way she carried herself and oozed beauty was absolutely striking. pic related.

Anonymous 4897

She looks so cute here!

Anonymous 4898


Son Chaeyoung from kpop girl group Twice

Anonymous 4907


Rachel Mcadams <3

Anonymous 4908


garbage opinion but ok
love her

always thought emmy rossum was fuckin gorgeous in phantom of the opera


Vegan General Anonymous 1186[Reply]

Take all ethical, environmental etc. debates to >>>/disc/263

ITT let's share favorite recipes and vegan ~life hacks~

>how long have you been vegan?

>what made you go vegan initially?
>what makes you stick with it?
>noticed any health benefits?
>tips for beginners?
50 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 2723

I don't use measurements but boy do I love smoothies!

>kale, avocado, banana, matcha, honey liquid. I like to add cocoa powder or blueberries instead of honey
2.banana, espresso, oatmilk, kale.
3. Peanut butter, kale, banana, cocoa powder, liquid.
4. Mango, pineapple juice, kale, cucumber lemon
5. Carrot, kale, pineapple juice, lemon, capsicum.
6. Melon, banana, mango, kale, liquid.

Kale can be subbed with spinich, these are bases so I will often add additional chia seeds, flax seeds, yogurt etc.

Things I use to thicken: ice, mango, banana, physillium husk(??)

Anonymous 2777

It's been awhile since you posted, but it might help to have some raw greens or a digestive enzyme as your body gets used to the fiber. Some raw broccoli might help. I don't get gas and bloating anymore, but if my tum starts to stick out I hit the broccoli hard with normal meals and it reduces it in a couple days down to nothing.

Anonymous 4886

What do you guys eat when you're trying to lose weight? I'd like to get some ideas. My goal for 2019 is to lose and to do that I need to eat more fruit/veggies and stop relying on processed meat alternatives and carbs. I prefer simple, one-pot type dishes. I'll share a few of my favourites to get started!

Dry soya protein, kidney beans, black beans, tinned tomatoes, onion, garlic, bell peppers, vegetable stock, tomato paste and spices (cumin, paprika, cayenne…). Normally I'd make a really big batch that lasts a week and make different things out of it every day (chili with rice, nachos, quesadillas…) but since I'm cutting down on carbs, it tastes delicious by itself too.

Ramen noodles (used sparingly when I'm dieting so I can fill myself on broth rather than noodles), vegetable broth, kombu, miso paste, a few tablespoons of soy sauce, chili paste (might use fresh chilis since the paste contains flour and salt), spring onions, mushrooms, ginger, garlic, bok choy, mangetout, soft tofu and sometimes a little soy milk.

Chickpea curry
Chickpeas, tinned tomatoes, tomato paste, onion, garlic, ginger, spinach, bell peppers, curry powder and even more spices (coriander, turmeric, cumin, chili powder). Would normally serve with rice but again, tastes great on its own.

Onion, garlic, carrot, celery, herbs (basil, oregano, parsley, thyme), tinned tomatoes, tomato paste, vegetable stock, cannellini beans, spinach/cabbage and zucchini.

Anonymous 4891

I'm a vegetarian who leans vegan, when I'm alone I only cook vegan and I only buy vegan things. I make exceptions for family dinners and such, they barely understand me being a vegetarian. My biggest drives are environmental reasons and reducing animal torture. I kind of eat like shit most of the time though, like I'll eat vegan chicken nuggets + vegan mayo, or have a day thats all carbs and no protein. I want to start eating healthier, like more legumes and green vegetables.

Anonymous 4903

I'm thinking about going vegetarian. Meat is just starting to gross me out. I used to like sashimi, but lately thinking about eating a slice of raw meat kind of disgusts me.

I already eat a lot of vegetables and soy products (tofu, edamame, etc).

My partner has been on the fence about going vegan before so I think they'd be supportive.

I've been getting into yoga, and it seems like a lot of practitioners advocate plant-based diets as well. But it's hard to separate shilling and real advice.

WHfoods has fish and stuff on their site, and I really trust them. But I suppose omega 3s are available through chia seeds and other plants, as well?

Does anyone have stories about slowly moving over to vegetarianism /veganism?

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