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Gothic/Alternative Thread Anonymous 5731[Reply]

It says that general fashion is permitted here, so how about a gothic/alternative fashion thread? Western, not gothic lolita.

Gothic rock started in the UK in the 1980s and is an offshoot of post-punk. The subculture that was based on the music survived through the decade and to this very day still has many "followers". Many fashion styles have been connected to goth, and they will be discussed here.

A list of some goth bands (NOTE: There are way more bands than I listed. I just posted the more popular ones):
Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, Alien Sex Fiend, Christian Death, 45 Grave
Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Love Spirals Downwards, etc.

Such styles include 1980s goth, deathrock, victorian, cybergoth, etc.

Some shops:
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Anonymous 5745

that's so… Cool? Disgusting? Both I guess. In my opinion these skeleton tops/bottoms look odd if you only have either the top or bottom on but not both, if you know what I mean. It's like you're only half skeleton.

I saw a cute goth girl and a cute goth boy strolling around a few days ago and now I have an immense desire to be just like them. But at the same time I don't want to waste money on clothes right now.
So… does anyone have any goth diy ideas? I can only think of embroidering something…

Anonymous 5746

what kind of goth are you talking about?
i really like finding normie stuff at thrift stores and then dying/distressing it to make it look spooky. you can do a lot with a tub of black RIT dye and/or some bleach. you could also try making some headdresses/hair accessories. i made a pair of horns at one point that i just carved out of foam from the dollar store and then sealed with mod podge and painted.

Anonymous 15616


Anonymous 15617


Anonymous 15618

Sinisterdarling is my only crush


Bullying Anonynoose 15604[Reply]

Brother told me I probably couldn’t have children, being an asshole again. Does anyone have advice for how to combat these pricks that comment on appearance and whether or not I can have kids? I’m thinking maybe throwing tampon at him would be the ultimate fuck you to that comment

Anonymous 15605

id say to tell him no woman will ever fuck him, but he's a man so he will probably beat you.
try the tampon thing but he could masturbate to it.
theres no winning with moids, make him seethe silently by becoming the best version of yourself inside and out. that will be a blow to his (already clearly damaged) ego

Anonymous 15606

also i wanted to add moids image of women and bodies is skewed because of all the plastic porn they watch since 12 and their own mental illness, you more than likely look just fine and cute anonette

Anonymous 15608

What's your BMI? If it's outside the Normal range your fertility actually would be negatively affected in a serious way.

Anonymous 15609

seconding this, though correlation between making a man cum and BMI is inverse, so I think the brother might be right if she has a high BMI.


Anonymous 15401[Reply]

Anyone else feel absolutely miserable after shaving? As soon as I dry off after getting out of the shower, the itches from all those tiny cuts set my body on fire and get so painful that I end up nauseous and lightheaded for the next few hours. Does anyone know what I mean? Anyone know what to do to ease the pain?
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Anonymous 15546

I used to get that before I switched to a safety razor. Don't use some shitty drugstore shaving cream, use a nice one or shaving oil. I hear there are guides on yt for shaving razor techniques.

Anonymous 15548

Well the obvious solution is; don't shave but not everyone's comfortable with that. I too would rather not shave but end up doing it anyway because I don't want to deal with "ew nasty" or "why don't you shave??" comments.

What do you use to shave with? I find that a safety razor gets cleaner cuts with less irritation and it's cheaper too. Alternatively, how about using a delipatory cream? It works by weakening the keratin in your hair after which you can simply wipe off the hair after a few minutes. It doesn't create tiny cuts.

Anonymous 15563

try using nair it smells like shit but works & no razors needed. whatever u do always always always use lotion right after. im not pro shaving myself but my parents always forced it on me so i get it

Anonymous 15567

I use different types of conditioner. Also, is depilatory cream permanant?

Anonymous 15590

nair is not at all permanent, its basically chemical shaving. if you want something that lasts a bit longer, get an cheap epilator to try. epilating is nice because it after the first few times it grows back slower and finer so you dont notice as much.


Water fasting Anonymous 15402[Reply]

Would it kill me to go on a water fast on my period? I don't have anything to do for the next two weeks and I wanna lose weight so I'm thinking of fasting for 10 days or maybe longer if I can stand it. The longest I've gone without food was 9 days but that was a couple years ago

Does anyone have any experience with fasting?
15 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 15467

It looks silly because you misread it or maybe don't understand how weight loss works. She will not lose a lot of weight by fasting for 10 days. She may lose a lot of weight by limiting calories for a longer period of time.
>Eating "light" through the day basically conditions someone to feel hungry through the entire day.
There is very little scientific validity for this, or for "intermittent fasting" as a whole. Weight loss boils down to CICO, there's nothing else to it. You can achieve it by fasting, but it is not sustainable. Not sustainable = you'll gain your weight back. Why do something that has an 100% chance of failure? It's simply irrational.

Anonymous 15568

This nona gets it.

Anonymous 15570

>Weight loss boils down to CICO, there's nothing else to it.
Exactly, there's nothing complicated about it.

Anonymous 15571

What, so ghrelin levels and how it changes depending on a person's eating pattern is a myth?

Anonymous 15573

Also, you misread me too. I said mild caloric restriction was fine and good. I wasn't disagreeing with CICO as a whole.

In the past I fasted for maybe 1-2 days at a time ever 2 weeks and cut my calorie intake by 200 calories and lost calories extremely quickly. What helped me was not getting used to snacking all the time and eating the right foods instead of blindly doing "CICO".
Someone can post evidence proving that small meals are best for a person bc I'd be interested.


Sports Thread Anonymous 15302[Reply]

What sports do you play, anons? I’ve been getting back into rock climbing.
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Anonymous 15542

Oh cool!! I just started BJJ! What belt level did you get to? I tried finding women's-only gyms but couldn't find any (fine with me as long as there are other women in the class).

Anonymous 15544

isn't it possible for womento beat guys at bjj? i tought the whole point of the martial art was that you can use leverage and technique to make up for a lack of strenght
like this girls

Anonymous 15547

Yes, I've read BJJ is good for women because it isn't heavily strength-based. Didn't stop men on the internet from telling me to quit because they "still could rape me" even if I knew BJJ. Well fuck them, I'm gonna keep training.

Anonymous 15565

Its pure cope, its better to have technique than not. Period.

Anonymous 15566

Thanks anon, agreed <3


Anonymous 15083[Reply]

currently trying hard to lose weight. im just slightly overweight, a bit chubby, i usually work out but i eat a lot so it cancels out, ive been eating less lately on a calorie deficit and working out more, but i didnt lose any noticeable weight yet and gained unwanted muscle mass in my legs instead. my legs look like tree trunks. pls haelp
70 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 15250

…but how much CC users are normies?

Anonymous 15254

Internet people are just hidden away in closets anon, most of us have jobs, relationships, friendships, etc and function as a normal human being

Anonymous 15366


Don't want to reignite the argument, but I came across this video and it is a perfect example of the sexualization of female athletes that was mentioned before. Notice the gross comments from men, along the lines of "forget her jump, give her a medal for her ass".
The fact that women have to compete in these garments is outrageous in itself. For comparison, men usually compete in pic related (they can sometimes wear shorter shorts, but never panty-like form-fitting bottoms).

Anonymous 15378

personally i dont know lolcow. only heard of it there. i learnt about crystal cafe with twitter
maybe bc im french

Anonymous 15545


>im french
There's two of us! Je ne vais pas sur LolCow non plus, it's no good for the soul.


Anonymous 15509[Reply]

Is there a way I can minimize the appearance of my buttchin?

Anonymous 15510

Get the cleft injected with filler.

Anonymous 15524

Yeah, fix your head and it will stop seeming so prominent.

Anonymous 15526

grow a beard

Anonymous 15534

Embrace it?! It is relatively more rare to find in women than in men IIRC.
Hopefully you don't have more masculine features elsewhere in your face.


Female Reproductive System Anonymous 1288[Reply]

Information, questions, advice, tips and tricks etc.


>menstrual cycle
>birth control
>gyno visits
>vagina talk
260 posts and 26 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 15518

It should be fine anon, just keep the area clean and avoid touching it unnecessarily for a few days.

Anonymous 15519

Not sure about the entire wall, but the wall near the entrance at least presses together when you're not aroused or when you're anxious/tense.

Anonymous 15522

My fucking ovaries don't work
It's been over 100 days since my last period

Anonymous 15523

>a few days
Some prices are not worth paying.

Anonymous 15531

recently my cycles have started being more common… went from the standard monthly to about 20 days for the past couple of periods, so idk. it's stressing me out

Rage against the atopic triad! Anonymous 15514[Reply]

I hate eczema!
I hate asthma!
I hate hayfever!

Life would be so much better without any of them!

Anonymous 15515


( i was worried the previous file picture might be too flashy, so here's a new picture to represent the thread. )


Anonymous 4059[Reply]

>you will never have visible abdominal muscles
34 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 15476

you lift weight for bodybuilding or just to get stronger?

Anonymous 15495

Maybe try wearing corsets then.

Anonymous 15508

If you have a lot of muscle but it isn’t visible, then you just need to lose some fat.

Anonymous 15511

What is your band size for your bra? Usually that’s a good indicator of what your waist circumference can at maximum reach at your lowest weight. Honestly for an apple shape any sort of weight on you will not look good. You should definitely aim for the lower end around bmi of 16-18. Either that or consider lipo-ing your midsection if you want to stay at a higher weight. Women with your waist circumference are at a much higher risk of dying from heart disease though, so maybe consider decreasing a lot more bodyfat.

Anonymous 15512

32 inches at the tightest.
stronger mostly; I focus on my lower body.

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