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Color analysis Anonymous 19661[Reply]

>Color analysis (American English; colour analysis in Commonwealth English), also known as personal color analysis (PCA), seasonal color analysis, or skin-tone matching, is a term often used within the cosmetics and fashion industry to describe a method of determining the colors of clothing, makeup, hair style that harmonizes with a person's skin complexion, eye color, and hair color for use in wardrobe planning and style consulting.[1] It is generally agreed that the wrong colors will draw attention to such flaws as wrinkles or uneven skin tone while harmonious colors will enhance the natural beauty of the individual making them appear healthy, brighter, and possible more attractive or put-together.

General thread for color analysis discussion, ask for/share advice, color palettes, etc.
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Anonymous 19707


Yeah I kept saying videos about it on my fyp and YouTube shorts and tbh I think it's placebo effects or just something that limits your creativity.. also are those places wayyyy too expensive for the services they offer, even consider they lay out a bunch of colored towels on your shoulders in front of a mirror and talk you into picking a side. I've seen the results of some of these and I was just left utterly shocked.
Yeah, maybe some people look better in certain tones and colors but it certainly doesn't apply to the majority of us. It feels like such a scam

Anonymous 19713

I remember this from the 90s/00s. It's just another rehashed trend

Anonymous 19715

light blue eyes, white with olive undertones, brown eyebrows with darker brown hair, streaks of blonde due to dye fading.. i have the blobfish phenotype

Anonymous 19791


Honestly, shit borders on astrology. But it has some merits: I had never really wondered what color suited me best, I just used to pick whatever I liked.

Anonymous 19792


tiktok lady.png

Face yoga Anonymous 19574[Reply]

Do you think face yoga is legit? does anyone here have experience doing face exercises?
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Anonymous 19577

probably. i think that just being active improves the fat distribution in your face and makes you look better

Anonymous 19581

This is photoshop, make-up, lighting and plastic surgery.
>being active improves the fat distribution in your face and makes you look better
Apparently, lifting (strength training) specifically does that.

Anonymous 19596

I am doing guasha and girl, I see the result! My jawline is more defined. I’ve been doing that since this summer!! It also help with your facial muscle! Do it!!

Anonymous 19619

>maybe if I look in the mirror and make funny faces for 15 minutes every morning, I'll change my facial bone structure
nona, no… that's not how genetics works. the closest you'll ever get to actually changing the shape of your bones without the use of plastic surgery is several years of weightlifting and adherence to a diet that is conducive to testosterone production. i'm not saying "take troonpills", but rather, "eat lots of red meat and dairy and work out 3x a week".

Anonymous 19779


You mean using a gua sha ?


How to train a gorilla grip pussy? Anonymous 19560[Reply]

Or how to strengthen kegels basically. I can do a ton in rapid succession, but I have problems holding them for a long time. Any of you ladies have experience in gorilla grippage? I want an iron will pussy. I want my pussy to be as jacked and muscular as picrel. I've been reading up on strapless strapons and seen that they only really stay on well if your grip is in the top %s, so I want to live up to that for my future girl. Thanks.
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Anonymous 19563

How do I get abs like that without leaving my bed?

Anonymous 19564


Fucking keeek.

Try heavier kegels maybe? Different positions?

Anonymous 19565

Get better at painting :)

Anonymous 19623


Anonymous 19624

doing too much kegels might make it painful to insert things inside btw, everything is good in moderation


Anonymous 19584[Reply]

How to look more feminine naturally? Other girls seem to look so effortlessly feminine and elegant. I feel like orge next to them so any tips? Any time I put dress I feel too masculine in it. Idk how to explain. Thank you for help.
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Anonymous 19616

Sad. I used to be like that, even skipped breakfast to have enough time to do my makeup. I'm so glad I got out of that phase and am fine with just mascara now. Hope you can find peace with yourself too.

Anonymous 19617

its not sad. i enjoy taking the time to do these things becuz in a way its self care for me. but im glad you stopped. whatever makes you happy, nona :]

Anonymous 19659

Seriously this. Like, sure, there’s the odd lucky snowflake who looks stunning with or without makeup. But for the rest of the world, it takes time and effort. Maybe not daily routines, but keeping groomed eyebrows, healthy hair, nice skin, etc etc takes some dedication and upkeep - unless you’re one of those rare always beautiful types OR so far gone that no amount of grooming can save you, but that’s doubtful.

That said, throwing on some mascara and necklace can go a long way.

Anonymous 19708

What seems effortless may as well be layers of foundation and so called "natural" make-up. I read an article recently about this phenomenon
Essentially, it's another evolution of patriarchal capitalism and that knowledge doesn't stop me from falling victim to it or feeling really bad about not fitting the quota.

Anonymous 19760

Funny that you mention patriarchy and capitalism, since they add extra layers to "feminity" that you have to worry about. Also, many are contradictory. The ideal woman for capitalism is one who is constantly "improving" herself, while the ideal woman for moids is a bro-like creature they can fuck


Anonymous 19763[Reply]

What do you do on sundays or no-work days to keep your mental and body health up?

Anonymous 19764

ride my bike around the neighbourhood if the weather is nice

Anonymous 19765

for mental health i write in my journal and i ban sad music after 7:30 p.m, i also draw, read, play with my girl cat, study, anything to keep my mind occupied and safe from the Sundays sadness, im too lazy to have a workout routine but i think my skincare and haircare routines can count as body health :3

Anonymous 19766

journal, foodprep, reading

Anonymous 19767

I drink
It helps my body health because all my stress goes away

Anonymous 19768

I read, journal and crochet. Sometimes I go for a walk in the woods if the weather is nice. Or I try to anyway, I also often end up on the couch browsing. I should workout but I never do.


What's an indicator that you're attractive? Anonymous 17855[Reply]

For me, it would have to be
>someone paying for your meal/coffee
>strangers smiling at you
>having your first kiss <20 years
How about you?
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Anonymous 19110

Nona, please… If a man respects you he will remember stuff about you without lovebombing. It's called "being interested in your partner"

Anonymous 19237

people treating you kinder in generally and talking to you first. I get treated better with light makeup and put together outfit than my usual clothes. I was also treated better younger

Anonymous 19626

>people smiling at you or upon seeing you
>receiving free stuff randomly
>people being nicer and letting you get away with stuff
>people having prolonged eye contact with you OR nervously looking away from you
>moids and confident lesbians will openly hit on you, womyn and shy lesbians will covertly flirt with you
>people embrace your touch/are unbothered if you touch them
>children, especially little girls, want to be around you (bc you remind them of a princess etc)

Anonymous 19759

>children, especially little girls, want to be around you (bc you remind them of a princess etc)

MFW I have never experienced this and never will

Kids are the ultimate litmus test: they are less indoctrinated by society, yet they instinctively don't want to be like you

Anonymous 19761

Kids are not less indoctrinated by society. They have a less nuanced understanding of social rules and roles than adults, but they also have little critical thinking ability to question them.


Anonymous 19669[Reply]

Recently watched this video and while I don't normally like scrotes' side of YouTube, I stuck through this one to see something
I, as a biological woman who's not particularly a tomboy, haven't been able to answer most of those questions??
I didn't even know women referred to their mood swings throughout their cycle as a "rage cycle", I couldn't name makeup brands off the top of my hair, I didn't have any particular routine for anything. I felt like I would have gotten eliminated out of that show very easily..in fact, I probably could answer like 5 questions tops, one of them was about a Disney princess
Why did this get to me so much. Am I missing out on the "average female experience"?
Is it just autism diff?
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Anonymous 19718


God damn watching this video felt like such a chore… These guys's channel is disgusting it virtually smells like broke male living space… Nothing could convince me to put myself up on a show like this, I was surprised that many women on the show were mothers maybe even grandmother's, older and responsible and mature… I thought this kind of TikTok-able content only appealed to gen z wannabe influencers with ego problems

Anonymous 19724

Slapping moisturizer on your face has nothing to do with hygiene unless you meant cleansing by skincare.

Anonymous 19727

the fact you are worried about it is proof enough you are a normal woman. You think men ever go, "am I missing out on the male experience"? You're just a bit insecure, don't worry about it too much.

Anonymous 19746

Honestly, that vid was a scam because they changed the voices, and a male voice is a dead giveaway no matter how many hormones or surgeries they have, their nasty frog voices. None of them got caught because of their routine, there were even several women who didn’t have a skincare routine.

Anonymous 19758

>Is it just autism diff?



anyone know this style of makeup? Anonymous 10110[Reply]

I see this type of eye makeup alot of pinterest usually of white slavic girls. Ive been trying for months to figure out what this style is called so i could find tutorials on it but nothing ever give this look a name.
16 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 19445

already have this look naturally, lol

Anonymous 19447

Screenshot 2023-11…

>how can makeup be racial

Anonymous 19671


Tbh don't even know if this is the right term but this is what I've been calling it whenever I wanted inspo. Like, "goth makeup" just doesn't cut it and gives me something too dark for my taste

Anonymous 19728


Edgy makeup

Anonymous 19738

tumblr makeup or grunge makeup
makes me think of dark circles from iron deficiency
probably comes from punk/glam rock subculture's inspiration from kabuki and mime makeup


Anonymous 8383[Reply]

What are good online stores for shopping comfy, e-girl-ish clothes with relatively good prices?
2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 8387

>cat tail coming out of the middle of her back instead of the end of her spine

Anonymous 8389

Yeah i thought about that too but i guess its because of her shorts

Anonymous 19668


I never believed this one but Yesstyle has grown on me.. what I love about their stuff is that it feels both feminine and cute but also mature like you could see someone non weeb-y wearing it outside

Anonymous 19731

shop on taobao and buy through pandabuy
there's also 42lolita

Anonymous 19736

you can translate taobao with built-in google translate on chrome or the "TWP - Translate Web Pages" extension on firefox


Ray Peat Anonymous 18376[Reply]

Is anyone here into Ray Peat? Do you follow his philosophies? I only started down the rabbit hole that is his website but I find his ideas pretty interesting.

As a coffee-drinker, I enjoyed his article on how coffee is a vitamin.

I'm going to start incorporating some of his ideas and eat more fruit but I'm not sure how deep I'll go.
10 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 18448

I forgot how utterly disgusting canned liver is. Opening is like opening cat food and the texture/taste is so bad. But I felt great for the rest of the day. I'll definitely incorporate it into my meals a few times a week. There's a Chinese place nearby that does good liver but it's in a stirfry and probably drowning in pufas.

Anonymous 18470

I actually got into him after years of struggling with PCOS and OBCD and I don't follow this fully because meat grosses me out. I thought there's no other way for me to lose weight then to just starve myself but now I just eat a lot of fats/dairy/sugar and I've lost around 5kg in a month

Anonymous 19112

if you can, you should try to get fresh liver from a butcher's it tastes SO much better

Anonymous 19729

Bumping this thread to ask if anyone has ever supplemented progesterone? What was your experience like?

Anonymous 19735

i followed his advice a few years ago but there is too much contrary evidence to me. i wish i had a strong background in physiology to do more of a deep dive but from the research i can do too much of it just doesn't hold up.
increased vaginal discharge, higher libido, better masturbation. i stopped taking it because when ever i took it i got purple dots on my skin (petechiae?)…it was supposed to be bio-identical progesterone.

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