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Anonymous 10488[Reply]

Clueless and 90s inspired outfits.

Anonymous 10489


Anonymous 10490


Anonymous 10491

90 22.jpg

Anonymous 10492

90 20.jpg


McClintock Effect Anonymous 9772[Reply]

Let’s see if CC has synchronised cycles yet.

Bump this thread on the first day of your period.

I just got mine today.
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Anonymous 10444

Does anyone know a good drug to get rid of periods forever assuming future fertility is not a concern?

Anonymous 10445

Sadly nope. Stay strong, you can make it.

Anonymous 10447

A lot of women don’t have a period with the hormonal IUD. You can also take the pill back to back (the week off was just put there to try and satisfy the Catholic church, it’s not actually needed). Hormonal methods aren’t that great though. A non-hormonal way is ablation.

Anonymous 10484


Anonymous 10487



Anonymous 7138[Reply]

Makeup is fakeup?
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Anonymous 10469

No. Do whatever tf you want with makeup. It’s not permanent. Just if you’re not going to art makeup route, at least match and blend your foundation to your neck.

Anonymous 10471

This is like me with wanting to grow a butt and get rid of my flat ass. I feel like I'm being fake because I wasn't born with a big butt and am just working to get what Stacy naturally has. Everyone tells me I'm dumb for thinking that way though so I imagine it's even dumber to feel that way about makeup

Anonymous 10477

So bodybuilders are fake for not being born shredded? People who lose 50+ lbs will always be fatties no matter what because that's their "true self?"
Anon, the work you'll put in to fitness is as real as it gets.

Anonymous 10478

IMO, even if you heavily change your appearance, it's still only fake if you pretend that's what you look like naturally and lie about makeup and photoshop. There are some people who do this to advertise skincare products which don't work and promote an unrealistic standard. If you admit it's makeup, then you're being honest and real.

Anonymous 10486

With makeup, less is more.
Only use it to hide the small imperfections and you're gtg.


Sewing Thread Anonymous 6029[Reply]

Sewing thread general?

Post your fabric stashes, your WIPs, questions, you name it.

Tips, patterns, links, videos, etc are all welcome.
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Anonymous 10288


Anonymous 10290

I can hand sew but I really want a machine.
Advice for finding a good machine or any recs? Budget can be anything but ideally as low as possible

Anonymous 10339

id check second hand places if yoyre looking for something auper cheap. ive seen them at thrift stores, estate sales, and garage sales. they all seemed to work OK. you could also check ebay.

if you want something newer, i have a brother sewing machine that i got for 85 dollars. it works nicely, though i will say it doesnt have any fancy stitches. it has syraigjt stitch and zigzag, but nothing for embroidery like a shell stitch. im fine with having this machine becuase i only use it for mending, im not experienced in sewing enough to actually make garments or do machine embroidery (though ive been trying to learn)
hope this helps

Anonymous 10482


I started (re)sewing recently. I learned the very very basics in high school. But not a lot. Let’s just say I had to relearn everything.
So I hope this info I have found will find you sewing anons well.

YouTube helped so much. Seriously, it would be such a struggle without it. Here are some of my favorite sewing instructors on YouTubers:
Threads sewing
Evelyn Wood
Professor Pincushion

There’s many free sewing books to check out on archive.org. My recommendations are the Singer sewing reference library series. They’re pretty dated but the information is still really good and super helpful. Basically just search sewing in all books/texts.

I have the Brother CS7000i. I got it on Amazon for $200. It’s well worth saving up for because it comes with a ton of things that makes your life easier. It’s one of the highest rated machines at the lowest price point.

Here are some places that I buy extremely inexpensive but exceptional quality fabric or notions:
https://www.wawak.com/ - notions and supplies
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Anonymous 10485

Thanks anon, this is helpful.


Reusable sanitary products 8531[Reply]

Does anyone here have any experience with reusable sanitary towels? I've usually always used the Always brand but I've recently found out how toxic their products are. I'd like to get into the reusable ones but I don't know how effective they are and how comfortable.
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Anonymous 9504

>In reality I just don't take risks with things I see as not worth the gain in comparison to what could happen, even if it is rare. There's other normal things I avoid because of this.

You took the sentence out of context. I was referring to other things people find normal that I don't do, not that I was trying to make out that I was special. For example, I just wouldn't ride a bicycle without a helmet. In some countries not wearing a helmet is more common.

I also said that I use a cup, which has to be inserted in a similar way and that I never "needed" to use a tampon as I don't do sports. If you told me I had to insert a tampon right now I could do it without an issue. I just don't want to use them.

Anonymous 9519

I use pads but I'm still so disgustingly unhygienic during my period that it is a God's miracle that I haven't gotten TSS. I'm done testing my luck though.

Anonymous 10276

I use reusable pads and find them much more comfortable and longer lasting than disposable ones. Less leaky, too and no weird smell. I got them for cheap on amazon.

Anonymous 10451

TSS is more for things that are internal. Mostly, tampons, because they soak up all the blood and bacteria, and if they're in there for a long ass time, they can get pretty nasty.
Some people keep tampons in there for like 12 hours, which is a big risk for TSS. TSS is basically a bacterial infection. A pad won't really cause that since it's external.
I think even most menstrual cups have less risk of TSS than a tampon since all the ones Ive seen are made of medical grade silicone and have less chance to breed bacteria compared to a super-absorbent tampon.

Anonymous 10481

Literally just don't sleep in tampons and you'll be fine. Mine start to feel sore after hours of being in, so I have to remove them anyway. I can't even imagine leaving it in there long enough to incur TSS. I'm guessing some women just don't feel it? Also, make sure not to completely rely on tampons and wear a pad to let it air out a bit after removing a tampon.


Argentina Shopping Anonymous 10480[Reply]

Anyone from Argentina here? Where do you buy clothes online?

I can only find the following:
>lots of overpriced poor quality things on random sites
>very limited selections of better quality things on a handful of boutique sites
>random used things brought back from abroad on MercadoLibre

I really want to buy a bunch of clothes from Reformation but that’s obviously not an option now. I’m not even in a big city where I can look for ferias or browse in person.


Anonymous 10479[Reply]

Guys I want you to recommend me some good sneaker.

I want like a white and a black pair.
For the black pair I'm think some black vans but the comfycush ones.

I want shoes that are kinda cute and kinda cool if you feel me. Nothing extreme.

Новый точечный рис…

/thyroid/ Anonymous 9961[Reply]

Straight from the doc, just found out I have serious hypothyroidism.
Kinda explains why losing weight was so hard for me, and not because I'm a huge slob (I've lost about 12 kg on myself this year but then I hit a plateau and gained 2 of them back). I'll have to take iodine supplements for the next 12 months and a hormonal one for the next 3 before the next hormone check.
Anyone else that had/has thyroid problems here? How did you deal with them? How did they affect your body image and weight?
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Anonymous 10254

Calories in, calories out. Simple as.

Anonymous 10257

that's simplifying it too much.

Anonymous 10258


first of all it's not a weightloss thread as much
second hypo can affect your BMR so that your TDEE (not even BMR) can be 1000 cals/day and it's generally not advised to eat less than 1200/day (BMR of a petite skinny woman) so your weightloss with not ana-tier CICO on hypothyroidism could be extremely slow or even nonexistent (you'd be maintaining)
i'm not saying it's impossible to lose at all though

Anonymous 10462

Fuck man. I went in a blood test and am going to get the results in a few days, but with my existence having been pure suffering and hopelessness all my teenage years, i am getting delusional that for some reason the tests wont reveal what i wish for (hypothyroidism). It just feels unreal to think that this would all be over. I feel so fucking alone with everyone believing im just lazy. I only wish the meds will work so that i may show them how competent ive always been deep down. A year ago i started really pulling my shit together believing similarly as i do now that youll just have to push through in order to beat others at life, but despite my efforts i never managed to reach the level of others, let alone get on top. Ill try again this time with hopefully the right medication. I am driven entirely by anger and sadness. Fuck.

Can someone tell me if the meds help get rid of a puffy face? (Im not fat) I want to atleast be pretty.

Anonymous 10475

in my experience it made some of the bloating/water retention go away, my face looks kinda skinnier now while i haven't lost any fat (even gained lmao but that's on my own retardation)
but please anon don't use any meds you haven't been prescribed, especially hormonal shit. it can seriously fuck you up


How to Dress Cute but Modest Anonymous 10380[Reply]

I have to follow some strict modesty rules. For example, skirts and dresses have to be at least below the knee, no pants, nothing low cut, shoulders covered etc.

How do I do this without looking like an old lady or amish or weird?
I want to just look cute and normal. I’m already ugly in the face so I don’t want to make myself look any weirder. But these are the rules I have to follow. Any outfit ideas?
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Anonymous 10401

You can wear shrawls, hoods and anything that covers your hair for fashion just never do it for that moid ultra misogynistic religion please thats a world that it's better left to die (hopefully it goes away quick). Thanks.

Anonymous 10402

I don't understand this style or how it's supposed to look flattering or well-fitting on anyone, and I'm so frustrated shopping for clothes nowadays because everything seems kinda like this. I don't mean this in a judgey way, and it's not like people should just wear whatever makes them look like the slimmest hourglass or something. But I just don't see it. Anons who are more knowledgeable about style, what is it about coordinating these two pieces that makes the outfit "work" in your eyes?

Anonymous 10466


The model in >>10388 looks a bit like she rolled out of bed. But it's probably from a product page to sell the skirt or top, not really meant as an outfit. If you compare pic related to the other, there's a clear difference that a little styling can go a long way. Then from there, op can mix and match however, and look cute while being modest.

Anonymous 10467

actual retard

Anonymous 10468


This. I was going to post what Dita wears on a normal day cause she is pretty modest and fashionable.
This. Definitely do the cottagecore. It’s super on trend right now.
Morigirl is also super cute: https://mori-girl.fandom.com/wiki/Mori_Girl_Wiki
I have been trying to dress exclusively in skirts and dresses for awhile now. I have even looked up Amish bonnets to wear because I think they’re cute. But alas, I’ll probably end up just wearing bonnets when I hike because I’m scared of ticks.

What does your budget look like, anon?
Do you know how to sew?

You can take inspiration from period fashion. Even the 70s have really cool caftans that are dresses, cover everything but are fun with different prints. They’re also really easy to sew if you do sew.
Some of what Andy wears in the 80s movie Pretty in Pink meets your rules and might be to your liking.
Also, you can take inspiration from different traditional clothing/folk wear from places like Germany or Poland.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


shopping and fast fashion Anonymous 10453[Reply]

I want clothes, but I can't spend a lot on them. Have any of y'all bought from AliExpress? I'm being careful to read reviews and pay attention to sellers' histories. Is it worth? Do you have a noteworthy (or not) experience with the site? Where else can I look (beyond goodwill)?
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 10457

Don’t buy from Shien. I bought a lace dress listed as 100% cotton. When it came it was polyester. Had to pay the return to China (and they made me mark the value lower or wouldn’t refund me). Adding up the two postage costs, I got a fraction of my money back.

Anonymous 10458

Seconding Ebay, it saves me so much money on clothes

Anonymous 10459

OP may I please shill my stupid AliExpress thread in here:

I order from there semi-regularly (once every couple of months) and it's pretty good for small stuff that you don't expect to be high quality. Great for tights, accessories, stuff like that. You can also filter your search results for shop location and pick a country that's closer to you, you'll have a smaller selection but it'll come quicker.

Anonymous 10463

I use Vinted for a lot of my wardrobe. Any issues I've had have always been sorted out quickly.

Anonymous 10464

>I want to consume, but I cannot afford to support ethical business. What do y'all think about modern slavery?

OP, either /thrift/, or admit to yourself that you don't care about the suffering of those who make your selfish lifestyle possible and ball out.

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