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Why is 14/10 IF recommended for women? Anonymous 6528[Reply]

Instead of 16/8?

Anonymous 6529

I think it's cuz reproductive health or whatever. There's fears of IF, or "skipping meals" in general, fucking with your periods, since most research on diet stuff is done on men unless explicitly stated.
I think this is bullshit unless you're losing weight for vanity reasons only. If you're significantly overweight to start with, there's no way that just restricting your food intact to 8 hours a day will do anything to your cycle.
Personally, I did what was essentially a 16/8 IF along with cycling to lose weight and go from medically classed as obese to the larger end of normal.

Anonymous 6531

Just from my own experience, I didn't purposely do if (busy work schedule plus low carb) and it seriously fucked up my hormones. I lost NY period and ut took at least a year plus to get it back.

Anonymous 6532

>along with cycling
Cycling what?

Anonymous 6551

…a bike


Anonymous 6463[Reply]

Does anyone know any good toning exercises or sports for stomach, butts and thighs? I'm trying to avoid things like running or squats because it fucks with my knees but i don't know what other options are worth trying
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Anonymous 6465

I've never been to a doctor about it but they just randomly ache sometimes so I don't want to make them any worse

Anonymous 6466

Spin classes! Or biking in general. It's low impact and well really help you lose weight all over as well as tone your entire lower body. I lost 30 pounds within 4 months with them before I got too poor for 2 day a week pay-per-class deal.
For abs, I've heard pilates is good for building a strong core, but I've never tried it. I do planks after I run, but I don't do much ab stuff because I'm afraid of bulking up in that area.

Anonymous 6467

What makes you so afraid of bulking up your abs?

Anonymous 6468

Unironically squats are your best option. You just need to do them right. When you are at it, look down your feet and check your knees don't go over the tip of your feet.

Anonymous 6537

I have issues with my knees too. I like to bike, but I couldn't overdo it or my knees would start hurting again. Swimming is the best cardio for crummy joints. You get a great workout and you can become pretty toned if you train enough.

You would think this would make it worse but it actually works. I did weight training, so I had to wrap my knees at first, but once I built enough muscle it really helped my pain a lot. After about 6 months I didn't need the wraps anymore either.


Anonymous 2364[Reply]

How do you guys feel about the controversy surrounding MakeApp?
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Anonymous 6495

It's not the app that should stir controversy but how people can't live without make up.
Including men.
Two of those animals are disease ridden vermin tho.

Anonymous 6497

feral dogs can be disease ridden vermin too
>t. triggered rat owner

Anonymous 6521

I wonder who could have bumped this cancerous thread???

MakeApp shows me what I've always known: make up is a political thing.
Women who wear makeup hate the app because it makes them look ever so slightly worse than they look without makeup, but still like themselves. This is upsetting to them because it gives them spots and wrinkles they know they don't have but will make them think "oh my god, maybe I do look like that!" anyway.
Men take this app and the backlash as evidence that women who wear makeup are vapid and deceitful. Even other women who don't wear makeup, or are """red pilled""" on makeup, have this same vitriol towards the women who do use it liberally.
Honestly the women are even worse than men. Men mostly just view make from a childish "not fair" sort of lens. The women view themselves as superior since they're "natural beauties" instead of these "lying roastie whores" with purple lipstick who society celebrates.
I support this image heavily. It's ok to be ugly. Once woman stop equating beauty and worth like how men do for women, we can finally live in harmony.

Anonymous 6523


I agree with most of your comment but I want to point out that it really doesn't show women looking "like themselves". It's really such a weird approximation that it falls more into the uncanny valley with the grey skintone and misshapen eyes to overcompensate for liner and mascara. The OP gif isn't even flattering before the app and washed out the entire picture too. The app has been given wayyy more credibility than it deserves, it's not accurate.

A much better example is pic related, a collection of porn actresses before/after makeup. They're way more accurate because it's a real before/after and not AI clumsily approximating parts of a face.

Anonymous 6527

Looks fake lmao. There's no way she looks like that without makeup. Maybe in 20 years tho.


Healthy comfort foods Anonymous 1920[Reply]

Habitual eater here, I want to take better care of my health and skin and not eat as much crap. What are nice non-garbage comfort foods?

I crave salt more than anything.
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Anonymous 4944

I like to make oven-baked barbecue chicken

Buy some boneless skinless chicken breasts, some extra virgin olive oil, and some BBQ rub from the spice aisle (same barbecue flavor with much less (sometimes zero) added sugar).

Preheat oven to 400 F, lightly coat chicken with oil, then with the bbq rub (it might take a few times to get a feel for how much bbq rub is enough), bake in a shallow pan for about 25 minutes or until internal meat temp is 165 F. Maybe turn them over halfway through if you're worried about them sticking to the pan.

Then just grab some steamed veggies and refrigerate/freeze the rest for later.

Anonymous 5034

I replaced my old staple breakfast bread with whole grain bread that has red berries in it, and now I stuff it full of veggies instead of expensive cheese slices. Both tastes better and makes me more full than the old rye/flour/sugar bread I used to eat. I also replaced my oats based cereal with regular cornflakes and toppled them with various fruits or berries.

Not sure if it can be considered a "healthy" breakfast, but it has less sugar and a whole lot more vitamins in it, but the main plus side is that it motivates me to wake up in the morning and it feels more like a rewarding snack than a "meal for sustenance" like breakfast used to be for me. Highly recommended with veggie sandwishes though.

Anonymous 6197


Bread with red berries topped with vegetables sounds heavenly!!

Anonymous 6501

dip them in mustard or use malt vinegar. ketchup has a stupid amount of sugar in it.

Anonymous 6514

Cook up oatmeal (the stovetop kind) throw it into a bowl, then mash a banana into it while it's still warm & throw some fruit on top, or honey or agave. I add peanut butter & vanilla protein powder on days I need a post-workout snack.

On a similar note, but on the savory side: cauliflower rice (or whatever rice you have) mashed up with avocado + an over-easy egg on top + spices. I add veggies depending on how hungry I am, usually I throw in some sauteed kale.


What's your motivation to get /ft/, girls? Anonymous 3354[Reply]

I am not disgusting, but I have definitely gained some weight. Should I start doing yoga?
21 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 6450


That's actually tragic.

My motivation to get fit is mostly due to how I'll look, but besides that I always feel better after exercising.

Anonymous 6451

I just woke up and you kill me with this GIF, goddamn it.

Anonymous 6452

gif related is actually the most beautiful creature I have ever seen.
I may prefer the "thicc fit" look for myself, but I will sell my soul and convert to whatever sexuality required to have a reverse trap tomboy gf

Anonymous 6453

Thanks I'm gonna go exercise now

Anonymous 6458


I'm glad I finally found a reason to post it and that it was so well received! Slightly toned bellies are the best. Wish I had the source though…

My body is pretty similar, I just need to bulk a bit more to achieve the firm looking squishiness. SoonTM


Makeup advice Anonymous 313[Reply]

If this thread is redundant with the other makeup thread, feel free to tell me and I'll delete this one.

Let's ask for advice and answer each others' questions about makeup, and maybe about skincare too.

I'll start. I almost never wear makeup (at most maybe some colored lip balm and mascara), and while I take care of my skin, I feel like I should start using BB cream or foundation and/or mattifying powder or primer. But I don't know where to start with this, there are so many products that I don't know which ones could be useful and which ones would be a waste of money. By the way, I don't trust beauty bloggers and youtubers because there's a good chance they're sponsored to recommend some products and brands, I want sincere advice, which is why I ask here.

If I only want to hide my large pores and acne scars (not the colorful ones, they're more like some holes in the skin), should I only focus on some mattifying powder or a primer, or should I use one of these with a foundation or a BB cream? Also, which brands would you recommend for these products? I know korean BB cream is the best but I would rather be recommended things I can buy in stores and not just online, so I can try it to see if it's the right color for my skin.
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Anonymous 6399

According to brands, bb creams are shade-adjusting and contain skincare benefits in addition to your base, but honestly it's just another type of base product. There are general differences in how they are marketed, but the bottom line is that both serve the purpose of evening out your skintone by covering redness or blemishes.
Mostly marketing, slight difference if you consider tinted moisturizers different from normal foundations. (I consider them all base products, but acknowledge there is variation and that is why there are different terms for it)

Anonymous 6417

How do fair-haired miners do their eyebrows?
I have naturally light blonde hair and basically invisible eyebrows. Super dark "insta brows" look overly fake on me, but I look like an alien if I go without any brow makeup. Currently I just draw over my natural brows as best I can with a blonde or taupe color without trying to shape them in a specific way. As a result, they look very "natural" but more like 2nd cousins than sisters. My little brother describes them as "boy eyebrows"
Are there any better techniques out there for natural-looking light eyebrows?

Anonymous 6421

Have you tried dyeing your eyebrows? I don't know anything about this stuff but I remember a friend told me they make dye especially for eyebrows. Then you wouldn't have to worry about them being different and it would save time every day.

Anonymous 6424

I've considered it. Too scared to attempt it at home and I'm too poor to justify a salon visit for them. That goes in the "if I ever win the lotto and become some rich lesbian's trophy gf" category for me.

Anonymous 6473

nayrt but I'd use a slightly dark tinted brow mascara over a light pencil. It gives your brows more depth and the mascara lets you shape the hairs easier


Anonymous 6426[Reply]

I gained weight. I keep eating, I hate myself, I have to lose weight or I will not go out of the house ever again. This is a nightmare.
12 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 6439

Step 1: go outside.

Anonymous 6440

Former overeater here, you need to find ways to distract yourself so you’re not constantly thinking about food. Pick up a hobby that requires you work with your hands for hours at a time, for instance. Hand-sewing quilts and making chainmail has really helped me.

Only keeping food that requires effort to prepare instead of things that are easily snackable in your kitchen also helps.

And get out of the house. Being anywhere but home is preventing you from opening the fridge.

Fasting is shit, don’t do that. Just take steps to force yourself back in the habit of eating a normal amount of food. You can do it, just like it.

Anonymous 6441

Just like I did*

Anonymous 6442

>eat 500-800 calories a day
>still manage to be skinnyfat because I'm completely sedentary
And don't say I'm miscounting. My dinner last night was two beets. Literally just two fucking beets. And eating like that isn't unusual for me. Half the time I only eat once a day. Anymore if I eat "normal" portions like I used to eat I'll spontaneously throw up.
But at the end of the day at least I'm not actually fat. Eating less in the first place is far easier than trying to exercise. Fuck cardio, it makes me want to die.
>Discipline is a muscle.
Who needs discipline if you have intense self-hatred to propel you forwards?
Fasting is what killed my appetite in the first place. Now I'm barely ever hungry. If I could be pissed to work out it would have been perfect. It does work.

Anonymous 6444

I don't think dieting is a good idea, if you're so "skinnyfat". Might be wise to take up bodybuilding.


Anonymous 6443[Reply]

Endometriosis is a disorder where the lining of the uterus, the endometrium, grows where it's not supposed to - in and on the Fallopian tubes and ovaries.

Wonder what that feels like?

A study of people with endometriosis got the following descriptions:


>dragging pain to the legs
>shooting rectal pain
>sense that insides are being pulled down


Labiaplasty Anonymous 3431[Reply]

Is anyone else considering labiaplasty or has had it performed?

I really want it done.

My labia isn't really that big but you see porn stars who have zero labia lip and since they're featured it makes you feel like that's what is acceptable.. I also think it looks better so I have been insecure about that aspect of myself for awhile.

I want to get it done but I will be horrified if the surgeon doesn't do it probably. I saw some botched images and yikes.
14 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4383

Yes it's normal.

If a man cares, it's his loss for having abnormal standards.

Anonymous 4384

Risk of botching your vagina sounds horrifying :x
Also is there any risk of losing ssxual sensation? If so, do not do it, if anything find a guy whose anti circumcision.
You can share your feels on the subject and he will likely accept you however your vag looks while understanding it's natural.

Anonymous 4388

tbh i suspect that having those inner labia is a big part of what actually provides sexual pleasure.
i basically have the 'porn star vagina' naturally (pink, no visible labia, 'clam' type) and I've never been able to experience pleasure from penetration, only clitoral stimulation.
the only bonus to it is that it makes it easy to shrug off the 'roastie' insult, I guess. But you should do that anyways regardless of what you look like down there because it's only used by bitter dweebs on the internet.

Anonymous 6402

girl don't get that shit done. i understand, mine is kinda big and i felt so insecure about it for the longest time. i've had sex with a bunch of guys and i'm now in a long term relationship and guess what… decent guys don't care how big or little it is. in fact guys have told me they find it hot

Anonymous 6415

>wait, what?
>sudden realization.jpeg
Maybe this is why I've never been able to climax from sex. It can feel good, even great, but just penetration is never able to get me off.

Not to give the lurkers more fuel, but what if the roast beef vag=slut stereotype comes from women who enjoy sex tending to have that larger labia minora thereby making men conclude that sex causes this when no amount of cock will stretch out my non-existent inner labia
This is probably false because that would require this misogyny to actually have some sort of reasoning behind it besides "ew vaginas are icky" but still.


bras Anonymous 3569[Reply]

do you wear bras? why or why not? (also do you guys cover your nips if not?)
personally i don't wear bras but i cover my nipples, partially out of respect for those that would rather not see my nipples and partially because it hurts when it's cold lol
30 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3938

Do you even need a bra, at that rate?

Anonymous 3939


D-don't judge me

Anonymous 3948

They’re not flat and I’d feel weird not wearing anything since my nipples get hard when they rub against something or it’s cold. I range from 36a to 34b depending on the brand.

Anonymous 6403

my boobs are small so i don't wear bras - literally don't need them. i wear tops sometimes where you can clearly see my nipples and it's actually feels really liberating and cool

Anonymous 6414

I'm a 34D and I only own 1 real bra (a pushup from VS) that I will only wear for when I want to have big tits.
I wear bralettes (like the Calvin Klein ones without lace or anything) for regular life stuff and sports bras for high-impact stuff. I've gone braless before, but I like having an extra layer in the winter to cover any hard nipple issues.
Used to relate to >>3574 but I have stopped giving a fuck.
Round, pushed up boobs that look like perfect orbs are so 2009.

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