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Anonymous 16638[Reply]

I just ate some mochi (just opened the box) in the dark and thought they smelled funky. When I turned on the light, I saw that they were absolutely fucking covered in mold. Am I gonna die?

Anonymous 16641

I mean, some day for sure

Anonymous 16644

You probably won't die from that but will feel nauseous and have bad diarrhea/abdominal pain for a while.

Anonymous 16651

Update: eating mold is apparently fine, nothing happened to me


Anonymous 2304[Reply]

Does anyone here has (chronic) constipation? if so, how do you deal with it? tips?

In my case, I've had it for years. It's weird tho, in that if I don't go number 2 for days, my belly doesn't ache at all, and when I finally go it's just a small amount (and it doesn't hurt when it comes out). Have my body reached the next step in evolution? Is it absorbing most of the food I eat?

Nowadays I don't even wait for days for poop to come out "naturally" anymore, I just take some lactulose or some kind of japanese herbal medicine. Sometimes I drink alcohol and that seems to help next day too but I don't want to drink alcohol all the time to get the laxative effects.

Ah, fiber doesn't help me, neither do vegetables. I do have a suspicion that stress has a lot to do with it but there's no way for me to reduce my stress levels.

It sucks, people. I wish I could just go naturally like everybody else.
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Anonymous 2331

Just eating more in general. I'm not necessarily endorsing this because it's not healthy but eating whatever I want even if it's junk and even if it's too much food made a huge difference from when I was on a caloric deficit.

Anonymous 2342


>lol'd anon. Sorry that happened to you!

It's okay lol It was scary as fuck at the time, but now I laugh at myself while telling this cautionary tale lol

>I do like my carbs tho so it will be hard to get rid of them!

Yes, it is indeed hard :( I am addicted to noodles and pizza, I guess they are the hardest for me to get rid of. I also really like rice, but I can live without it, and cauliflower rice is a nice substitute, imho. As for my noodles addiction, shirataki noodles are usually my way to go, but they are so expensive here where I live. I once tried making daikon noodles but since I don't have a spiralizer I failed miserably.
But anyway, I remember once when I went like 10~14 days without carbs and man, it's like night and day for my body. I didn't feel lethargic and tired all the time, my intestine was working like a clock. I even questioned myself at the time why I ate so many carbs at all, until my parents ordered pizza again lmao
But anyway, I do try to eat my probiotics daily, at least. I make homemade kimchi so I can always have something if I need it.

Anonymous 2345


In addition to the stuff everyone else mentioned, you may have poor gut health and an undernourished microbiome. definitely take a probiotic supplement, it will be more effective than simply eating probiotic foods. pic related is great and should help get you going.

i recommend taking it at dinnertime.

Anonymous 16625

I don’t know what’s wrong with my bowels but I feel like my farts and shit smell way worse than they should. Guy farts are supposed to smell worse than girls yet the guys I’ve dated farts don’t smell anywhere near as bad as mine. Is my microbiome fucked or something?

Anonymous 16635


Stop eating mummies.


Advice for a Makeup Newbie? Anonymous 16349[Reply]

I just started getting into makeup but I'm having so much trouble. Especially eyeliner, I've tried watching youtube videos but the ones I've watched don't really help. I have kinda shaky hands and I'm not sure the eyeliner I'm doing fits my eye shape.

Any makeup tips/ video recommendations for a newbie?
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Anonymous 16563

Downturned eyes look really cute, remind me of Marilyn Monroe

Anonymous 16572

I really like watching vogue makeup videos since most of them use their fingers and aren't skilled makeup artists.
Jeanne Damas's video is my favourite.

Anonymous 16576

Using fingers doesn't mean you don't know what you're doing. The heat of your hands can help products melt and blend better.

Mary Greenwell does this she is one of the best and most respected MUAs there is.

Anonymous 16633

Practice doing your make up right before taking a shower. If you shower often it’ll be a good way to practice doing makeup, plus it’ll come off anyway if it looks bad.

Dont pull on ur face when doing eyeliner (or any part of your make up) bc your face won’t rest like that

Figure out what your eye shape is and what you want to accentuate, and stuff you might want to avoid (ie if you have eyes that are close together, it’s best to avoid dark colours on your inner eyelids etc)

I also used cello tape on my face to get a nice wing but that was before I ever attempted doing wings free style

Anonymous 16634

Learn facial anatomy. Especially how things on your face are shaped. As dumb as it sounds thats honestly how i learned to do my makeup because it made it easier to navigate the face and put certain stuff where it belongs rather than shadows and highlights in places it doesn’t make sense for them to be in. Second is basics like know what works for your skin type, color, etc. for example i’m dry as the Sahara and powder did me dirty for many years i don’t set things in with powders and i don’t use powder blushes or bronzers/contour so you should be wary of things like that


Eating disorder but not caring about weight Anonymous 16606[Reply]

Tomorrow marks 7 days since I ate anything and I feel do alone. I can't find eating disorder spaces where I feel I can relate to anyone. I've had anorexia for a decade, I've long since graduated past the point of thinking this was about weight. I become majorly food repulsed when my emotions are fucked, idc about calories or thinspo or "one day you can wear THIS". I just wish there was a place for people like me who aren't working towards some kind of goal

Anonymous 16607

When I was in my early teens I thought it was about weight. I would weigh and measure myself constantly, save hundreds of thinspo pics to idolise, and watch anorexia documentaries obsessively. Idk how it even developed in me but I know it was a cope for extreme emotional abuse. At this point I'm in my 20s and I'm almost the exact opposite. I want to eat and I'm scared to die like this but I just keep losing weight from food repulsion and I just don't really know what to do when it's getting particularly bar

Anonymous 16609

i relate to your sentiment that you have the eating disorder but dont care about weight. for the first few months of my eating disorder, it was weight-focused, but quickly that faded to the background and i just couldnt eat, even eating a full meal would give me extreme anxiety and was almost unbearable. i would try to find someone to relate to, but would mostly encounter wannarexics online when i tried to find people to relate to. or people with eating disorders who didnt have any desire to stop and just wanted to lose more weight and continue their binging and purging.
ive managed to mostly recover, and believe ill be able to completely recover (if thats even possible). i eat three meals a day and usually eat three snacks as well. it seemed like i would never be able to do that when i was deep in my disorder, but its possible now and im slowly getting myself back. some days i want so badly to give in, and let my hunger pains take me away so i dont have to worry so much. i feel weak for being all emotional and having a womanly looking body. i feel afraid.
the good things are that i can think so much clearer now, i can run around and have fun and be full of energy, and i dont look unwell anymore. i have my body back. i lost her for a while and i was scared id never have her again. i get afraid that ill lose her again.

Anonymous 16611

Finally, someone who gets it. you're in a place I wanna be. You're a fantastic brave person for being able to recover and by God I hope you stay that way for the rest of your life. Nobody deserves to live like this

Anonymous 16631

There are people like you on ED sites btw, they're just in the OCD subforum.


How to treat a cold Anonymous 16621[Reply]

I'm dying over here the onion honey garlic combo is not working herbal teas are not working nothing is working UGHHHHHHH

Anonymous 16626

Drink a few litres of orange juice

Keep hawking it all up and spitting it out

Anonymous 16630

You forgot to add lemon zest. Also, stay away from dairy/meat/sat. fat as these can increase inflammation and make your cold worse.


Anonymous 16594[Reply]

Is there any way to feel sexy when you're short and built like a fridge? I feel like to be seen as sexually attractive you have to either be short and curvy or have a rectangle body but still look mature. It usually doesn't bother me because I prefer to feel cute rather than sexy anyway. But when my bf expresses his sexual attraction to me it feels puzzling and I get all awkward because it feels so hard to accept. I guess it's a sensitive topic my body does look a bit childlike so a lot of people do associate the attraction to women who have my body type with being a pedo. I feel like we do need to be cautious of pedos but I'm not sure it's a good idea to throw the women with my body type under the bus and act like they can't express their sexuality because pedos might find it appealing. I wonder if there is anything that can help someone with my body type feel sexy. Maybe some styling tips or something like this?

Anonymous 16597

Hang around submissive men, that's how.

Anonymous 16613

I feel you, same bodytype here.
I am too hatefull at myself for ever having a relationship, so I am happy for you.
For me looking cute is not a possibility, my face is not cute, it looks more like a serious librarian. I would love to look more womanly. Yes, yes I know every woman is womanly. You guys know what I mean.
But it is not possibly.

I am not a fashion person, but maybe shorter dresses? Dresses look often sexy. Maybe something like business attire? penicl skirt etc.


You know that you can be short and still look older?
We are getting older like everyone else. Do not need to be so rude to other woman and many men love sexy and women with curves more.
Also it is not important what a men thinks, but what the person themself wants.
No amount of insult will help here.


Anonymous 16591[Reply]

When I bend over I can kind of see and feel my coccyx/tailbone sticking out slightly. I never noticed this before until now. I feel so self conscious now, especially about the thought of having sex. Does anyone else have this or am I just a freak?

Anonymous 16592

>does anyone else have a coccyx
just you sis

Anonymous 16595

my coccyx is broken cyz u fell on it and now it's bend in weirs ways too dw about it nona

Anonymous 16601

Don't worry nona, someone who truly loves you will find your unique features (even the ones you don't like) endearing and cute. I'm sure it isn't as bad as you feel it is. Based on pictures online it is just rare-ish and not very noticeable. Doesn't look bad to me at all. If you really dislike it I've noticed people who build a lot of muscle and gain weight stop having a visible spine (concealed by all the extra cushion). But it isn't necessary imo.

Anonymous 16602

Focus on your own pleasure instead of his visuals. What he sees isn't important, certaintly not more than your pleasure. It's not your body that's faulty, it's your mindset.

Sorry but I really want to slap some sense into women when they're so deeply concerned with how they look during sex. Is that your sexuality? Is that what you get or want to get out of sex, looking good for your partner instead of getting your pleasure?

Anonymous 16610

My tail bone sticks out a lot even when I'm not bent over. If it isn't painful don't worry about it.


Anonymous 16108[Reply]

Do any of you suffer from PMDD? (It’s the sever form of PMS)
How bad are your symptoms and is there anything you do to help with anxiety and panic attacks?
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 16112

God I read this post a couple of days ago and today and yesterday I was all irritable and exhausted, ate some snacks I shouldn't have, and today collapsed crying for a while. It's like every month I forget I have this shit.
The most important thing, for me, is to tell myself again and again that it's hormonal, it will pass, these emotions have no ground, it's temporary, I will be happy one day though it seems impossible.
I try to go easy on myself but it's hard with work and studying. Haven't figured out a solution yet. I read a research about calcium supplement, maybe I'll try it next month.

Best of luck to you. Please stay safe, it will pass

Anonymous 16113


5-htp has been a godsend. I just take it as needed when I feel like my soul is dying and it's just the luteal phase of my cycle

Anonymous 16280

>be bisexual and mentally ill
>look like a masculine incel looking autist and not a blonde feminine woman like the op pic

Is this what being validated feels like?

Anonymous 16357

I never had mood symptoms but I had such severe insomnia (think 0-2 hours every night in the week before my period). It made me drop out of grad school before re-enrolling at a less prestigious one. Birth control was the only thing that fixed it. I fucking love birth control.

Anonymous 16596

yes. I feel possessed during my pmdd phase, like an entirely different being until it starts, usually lasts 3-5 days.

ive recently learned that caffeine is a MAJOR trigger. please stay away the week before your period


is there a way to fade/possibly get rid of self harm scars? Anonymous 16358[Reply]

i know with time it’ll go away, but it takes years for it to actually fade. I’m just sick of looking at it, it’s an ugly reminder and I’m sick of people staring at my legs whenever I wear shorts/skirts/dresses of any kind.

is there anything like a lotion or a supplement I could use for collagen or a retinol I could apply so my skin could heal from the trauma?
i love wearing dresses and skirts and having them really makes me dislike wearing them and putting makeup on my legs is impractical since my thigh would still be bumpy and foundation wouldn’t match the rest of my legs.
6 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 16393

for laser scar removal, fractional lasers work best, FRAXEL is most popular and pretty strong but really expensive

Anonymous 16394


mederma extra strength worked well for me. it was on large burns. not sure if this helps.

Anonymous 16425

Massage, preferably with an oil good for the skin like E or coconut. I hear some people just rub their scars when theyre watching tv or doing something else, becomes kind of habit and soon in a few weeks they start to flatten and fade. Massage breaks down the scar tissue in your skin.

In my experience, they fade in 2 years. They weren't super deep, they hit the dermis, nearly fat but didnt require stitches. Everyone's skin is different though and dark skinned/asians tend to scar worse than whites I've heard, idk I am white.

Avoid picking at scabs for anything healing. I found if you don't pick then they scar very minimally.

Anonymous 16463

This worked wonders for mine. Applied religiously every night, exfoliated a couple times a week, and kept out of the sun, and after a year they're virtually non existent. It seems like
a long time but the wait helped me refrain from making new scars since I didn't want to ruin my hard earned progress.

Do consider that mine were superficial and none of them got seriously infected.

Anonymous 16587


I went to a top plastic surgeon and here is how he told me to heal the wounds so I wouldn't have scars. This method also improves old scars, regardless of age.

You need silicone sheets like pic rel. Leave on 24/7 until the scars are improved or not visible. This can take months or years so be patient. The plasters can be washed and reused.

When you change the plasters, rub hard with vaseline to break up scar tissue and keep the scar moist. If the wound is still bloody, don't rub and avoid things like stretching that could split it open.

You can use surgical tape to hold the silicone plasters in place (wet it a bit and it sticks better) but be careful that the edges of the tape can leave indents on the scar so either make the plaster smaller than the tape or only tape the edges not touching the scar.


Anonymous 12668[Reply]

What do you do to feel pretty?

I know I can look pretty, but I think feeling pretty might be better for me since I believe that the mental aspect of feeling good about myself is more important than just putting it on.

Some evenings I do a simple sudocrem facemask and out some oil in my hair. That makes me feel better about my appearance than putting on makeup or getting dressed up, likely because I've pampered myself.

Idk if this is weird but there are some specific albums that make me feel pretty when I listen to them
32 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 16432

Pretty is a dumb juvenile word imo, I prefer to feel beautiful, and I feel most beautiful when I’m feeling healthy. Whenever I was sad I would always reach for chocolate or junk food and it would always leave me looking and feeling washed out, bloated, fatigued and sluggish.

I had a health scare a few years ago so now I really prize taking care of myself. If I feel crap I will force myself to do some intensive exercise, take a walk if it’s nice outside or go jogging, either juice detox or eat as much fruit and vegetables and herbal teas as I want to plus a bunch of supplements, I find all these things give me lots of energy so to wind down I will do dry brushing, lymph massage, have a really long bath with herbal bath salts in it, put scented oils in my hair and use an organic creamy face mask, put on silk pyjamas, lay in bed and watch my favorite tv show or listen to meditation music. I don’t care about the way I look to others, appearance is not important, self care isn’t about the way you look imo, it’s about nourishing your body inside out and if you treat yourself well and reduce stress in your life, then your hair, skin, nails, and body in general will glow anyway, it’s just a side perk.

Anonymous 16452

i love alexa chung. she looks so effortless and pretty all the time.

Anonymous 16457

Not coquette, more in an "arthoe" way than anything.
Yes, she's so exceptionally beautiful and down to earth.

Anonymous 16542

Dry brushing is amazing. I need to buy a brush and start doing it again. It just feels so good and luxurious.

Anonymous 16580


taking an evening to do some self care makes me feel pretty! i run a nice warm bath, sometimes with those aveeno oatmeal packets or some almond oil. maybe light a candle. put on a face mask (queen helene mint julep mask is really refreshing, there’s also a paula’s choice mask that i find really good for acne). using a body scrub kino, helps me feel clean and scrubbed from the world. if i used oil in the bath i’ll rub that in after i get out but if not i’ll put on some moisturizer. then some music that i like, maybe dance a little and lip sync in front of the mirror. make some tea and have a favourite snack and watch a show or a movie… i used to have a rice cake with peanut butter, banana slices, and cinnamon. it tastes so good

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