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Female Reproductive System Anonymous 1288[Reply]

Information, questions, advice, tips and tricks etc.


>menstrual cycle
>birth control
>gyno visits
>vagina talk
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Anonymous 12692

This is a stupid question but are there any drugs I could reasonably get that mimic anesthesia? My IUD insertion was awful and I fully believe we should get anesthesia for it. But of course they won't offer it. I got mine done a year ago so I still have time to figure it out but I know I'll want to keep getting it until I get my tubes tied or whatever.
I just can't face another installation without anesthesia though so I was wondering if there's anything typically recommended for this. If I don't find anything I'll just get smashed and try my best to hide it.

Anonymous 12694

along with kegels, do I get tighter with increased fitness/muscle mass as well? any tips on exercises to focus on?

Anonymous 12708

I've never experienced big menstrual clots before… they were usually mucous and very thin and red like I would imagine a uterus layer to be.
But now I went to the bathroom and i passed a clot with the color, thickness and texture of chicken skin (w/o the bumps). I tried to rip it and it didn't rip it was so thick omg (I washed my hands after)
I felt so grossed out what the hell was that it was so thick like real outside skin

Anonymous 12755

I feel really disconnected from my body, I just started going back to the gym and I think I want to go off of my birth control to see how I feel physically without it but I've been on hormonal birth control since I was like 14 (I'm now in my late 20s).
I hear so many stories about how people lose weight and feel less sad when they get off the pill. Does anyone have experience with going off of it after essentially growing up on it?

Anonymous 12877


okay, i actually have something i need a little help with here. any advice would be wonderful, really, because im a little scared here.

so, in late july of this year i got the nexplanon implant to help with my heavy periods, i got it done in a sexual clinic near me and everything seemed fine until my period came a little late.

i was just sitting on the toilet about a week ago, three days into my period and i pulled out my tampon and had a decidual cast attatched to it. i heard this happens when you have progesterone-based birth control done, but thats not the issue.

my period is still going and i dont know when its going to end, its been a week and a half of spotting enough that i need to keep my tampon in all times, do i go to the doctor this week or is this normal? help please lol


Jfashion general Anonymous 5504[Reply]

Any and all jfash is welcome. Post your inquiries, favorite styles/brands/whatever, advice, and anything related here.
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Anonymous 5634


Be brave and try it. What could you lose? Maybe you make good friends.

Anonymous 11818


i dont know if this is the right place to ask but i cant seem to find any threads regarding (j)fashion umm sourcing ? ( sorry esl ) i thought id ask here
does anyone know where her cardigan thingy is from ? or what its called
thank you in advance !

Anonymous 12016

I don't know where it's from, but I believe it's called a bolero sweater

Anonymous 12121


Looks like it could be by Innocent World. Pic is called Small Flower Lace Bolero which looks similar. There's a lolita clothing database called Lolibrary that you could check out, where I found that one for you.

Anonymous 12802

ex lolita here.I have been trying to orient my wardeobe to more of an Otome vibe, so i checked out the brands. Holy smokes has Jane Marple ALWAYS been this expensive!? They cost easily twice what new releases from lolita brands used to cost. 500-600 for a one piece are you shitting me.


Skincare Template Thread Anonymous 12748[Reply]

I know there's already a skincare thread, but I thought a thread specifically for these templates would be fun. Give advice, tips, etc.

Might stop using Differin. I've been on it for over 6 months and I'm still breaking out and my skin is feeling dry. I've tried everything, including Accutane. I will never have clear skin.

Anonymous 12749


Blank template.

Anonymous 12751


I don't really use sunscreen anymore because I don't leave the house.
I have an oily skintype.

Anonymous 12754


Love me my Indian pharmaceuticals


eating disorder thread Anonymous 4629[Reply]

eating disorder thread - its time for another

do you have an eating disorder?
which one?
are you attempting recovery?
how long have you had it?
what caused it?
how does it disrupt your daily life, if it does?

i have a purging disorder.
i kind of want to attempt recovery sometimes, then i see something like my crush looking happier talking to another girl thats skinnier than me, i think about how much better i could look/how i could compensate for my stupid ugly fact, and i think about the comments my dad gives me when i 'eat bad' even though im 19 bmi/skinnier than him (hes overweight, i think.) ive had mine since i was 13. i was a fat child growing up because my parents didnt know how to feed me, and instead of giving me healthy food they just called me fat/made fun of me. it disrupts my daily life heavily because i cant eat anything without purging after, and it just ruins my mood and has disrupted my health. ill be devastated if i go up 0.1 a pound
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Anonymous 12532

ik this isnt what you want to hear but please consider seeking professional help

Anonymous 12624

>do you have an eating disorder?
>which one?
anorexia, restricting type
>are you attempting recovery?
no, was "recovered" (forced into recovery) a year and 4 months ago and now i'm working on getting back to my pre-recovery weight
>how long have you had it?
it started maybe 12 years ago, but my first honeymoon phase where i was restricting/fasting everyday was 9 years ago
>what caused it?
probably a combination of several things. i was called fat by my family as a kid (4-15 years old), but especially my brother, he always called me a pig and a cow and whatnot, but that might just be because he was a ballroom dancer and, now that i think about it, his trainers and peers must have put pressure on him for his body as well. i have always had a healthy bmi as a kid.
>how does it disrupt your daily life, if it does?
it absolutely does. i can't take a bite out of any kind of food without regretting it, wondering why i did that and how i'm disgusting. it has impacted my physical health immensely, problems with hormone production. i would say it accelerated my depression and ocd symptoms. at my lowest weight(s) i always noticed that i get more easily irritated, it would be way harder for me to study and i would give up after no more than 10 minutes, of course, low energy, fainting (especially in the shower for some reason?), i quit my job of 1.5 years because i was too embarrassed to state the fact that i would be going inpatient, stunted growth, warped perception of not only my body, but others too and so on.

writing this down actually reminded me of an instance where my brother pushed me down to measure my waist and compare it to his. now that i think about it, there was no way that was possible so he was probably lying (we have a 5 year age gap), but he said that my waist was bigger than his. i must have been 6-8 years old. it hurts just thinking about the fact that at that age i felt as if i was not good enough. i dont think i even fully understood what it meant to be fat, all i knew is that that's what i was and that it was a bad thing. and once i was old enough to understand it at least a little bit that's when i started trying to put in effort to change myself. i was a little girl, a kid. it hurts even more that i blame Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 12628


>tfw I 90% recovered from an eating disorder and some of my weird behaviors around food was just the aspergers
feels good, I highly recommend it. So what if you feel fat sometimes, its not like you don't also feel fat sometimes when you're very underweight

Anonymous 12630

im 265 lbs
my life is a mess

Anonymous 12745

im 174 lbs i hate myself


Does anyone have any references to start getting into weight lifting? Anonymous 12726[Reply]

This thread is really embarrassing to make but I’ve never really had any gym experience before besides the basic machines and would really love if someone could link a reference of some sort on how to properly use the more complex ones. I don’t really know any good exercise routines or how to use half the machines there so I’ve always felt really awkward and discouraged from going consistently. It could be anything from a YouTube video to just a thread or article, just any help would be very appreciated

Anonymous 12741

You don't need machines, you need free weights. Machines are memes for beginners and they teach you how to lift wrong because they're doing half the work for you. Use ExRx for exercises and build a routine that fits your needs. You can pair bis with chest, tris with back and shoulders with legs. You don't even have to go to the gym, just get a few dumbbells and start working out at home. I'm >>12717 btw.

Anonymous 12744

I second what the other anon said. Grab some dumbbells and check out this link for some exercise ideas https://www.coachmag.co.uk/fitness/workouts/dumbbell-workouts and there's tons of helpful explanations on youtube if you search a specific exercise name so you can see the proper form in motion. I would recommend adjustable dumbbells or a rack if you plan to use them long term but those can be expensive, so as a beginner woman you can probably just start with a set of 5lbs and 10lbs. Also when you first go to the gym there is nothing wrong with using the machines to just get comfortable, but you will probably see the best results with free weights. Consistency (working out at least 3x week for months) and diet (getting enough protein) are also very important for weightlifting. Don't get too caught up in what routine and just start– anything is better than nothing

OT but damn looking buff as fuck, even before the cycle


Anonymous 12603[Reply]

How can I be a cuter girl?
Should I start with my looks or personality first?
I'm a autistic, hairy, skinny-fat girl so I don't know where to start.
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Anonymous 12699

Diet is important but being more attractive is like 50% body/health and 50% style, mannerisms, personality etc

Anonymous 12700

Don't kid yourself. It's 90% body (read: weight) 10% style. Any point against this is pure cope.

Anonymous 12703

NTA, I agree with you if we're talking physical attraction alone. However, personality, body language, and mannerisms go a lot farther in maintaining attraction and relationships than appearance does.

Anonymous 12724

I barely have style lol
My mom always fights with me because I wear the same things always (which are basically sweatpants with a random shirt)
I don't want a normie style but I do want to seem interesting or extravagant, but in a cool way
Maybe my sense of fashion is really NEET-like (althought I've never been a NEET myself)

Anonymous 12740


bag check Anonymous 12563[Reply]

What do you usually carry in your bag to work/gym/classes?

Do you have any weird/unusual items in your list?
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Anonymous 12596

>Wallet I bought at Kmart 15 years ago. It's got a coin purse built into the side and I had to duct tape one of the card holding pockets. Got the duct tape on clearance after the 4th of July one year so it's American flag print.
>Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. Bought it in 2015 and it was already an outdated model then. It's small for a tablet but people keep thinking it's a really big phone. I do not own a phone.
>Prepaid flip phone I used once then never again. Stopped buying phone cards for it because I wasn't using the minutes. Basically doesn't count as a phone.
>Hair ties
>Winter gloves
>Travel-size lotion
>Regular black Sharpie
>Pink glitter Gelly Roll pen
>Tic tacs
>Icy Hot

Bag itself is small. Ideal size is just a little bigger than my tablet. I like bright prints. I used to have a LeSportsac bag in the mid-2000s that was fucking perfect until it deteriorated from use and age. Can't find a pic of a similar modern style.

Anonymous 12597

front pocket
>chapstick that makes my lips more chapped somehow and also smells of drumstick lollies but in an unpleasant way
middle pocket
>face mask
>ballpoint pen
>planner with comically small line spacing but it was 30p so i can't really complain
back pocket
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 12631

>maybe a pen if I didn't lose it
>tampons just in case even though I use a cup now
>sometimes perfume
>uni books and paper diary
>laptop charger and mouse (laptop in seperate bag)

Anonymous 12659

For work:
Blotting papers
Compact mirror
Hand sanitiser
Notebook and pencil case
Water bottle

Anonymous 12713

>I do not own a phone.
how do you stay among normal people?


Vaccine side effects Anonymous 11172[Reply]

Anyone here vaccinated? Let's talk side effects.
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Anonymous 12644

That's essentially the same but I get your point lol

Anonymous 12705

I got my first Moderna shot yesterday, over 24 hours ago . My arm was heavy/stiff almost immediately. I've missed my last two periods due to stress/undereating and finally started today. My temp is. 5 degrees higher than usual but that could be hormones. No other side effects yet. My arm is prohibitively sore, though.

Anonymous 12706

Misplaced period, should be "My temp is .5 degrees higher than usual."

Anonymous 12709

i got my 1st dose pfizer a while ago, i didnt get any side effects other than some slight soreness on my arm

Anonymous 12711

i got j&j when it was first approved for use.
12 hours after the shot i had a fever of about 102 and a heart rate of 120 bpm plus chills and aches. within 8 hours the side effects were gone and i was lethargic the day after. beyond that i feel perfectly fine. i'm looking forward to getting this booster so i can worry even less about getting ill

old man.jpg

Anonymous 12356[Reply]

I have eye eczema rn and my eyes are red, crusty, and flaky. I'm using a moisturizer and I don't wear makeup, do y'all have any other tips hehe
2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 12367

Just go see a dermatologist. Don't ask for tee hee tips when you've got something serious going on that you can't control. Eye eczema is horrific and I don't know why you'd be asking randos about it.

Anonymous 12380

I used to have this and found out I was allergic to fragrances in laundry detergent and fabric softener. I recommend using only fragrance-free products on your skin, hair, and clothing and see if it helps.
It could be some other allergy causing it as well, though, as other anons have said.

Anonymous 12381

i have blepharitis apparently but 80% in my right eye so these little fleshy zit things grow on the corners of my eyelid and scrape against my eyeball until i scratch them off with my nail (carefully to not scratch my own cornea) and the medicine doesnt do SHIT and all this fucking with my eye is giving me stabbing pains.\

human bodies are STUPID DISEASED MEAT SACKS fuck this shit i want to be a skeleton

Anonymous 12652

are they itchy too? Cerave cream and a paraffin wax ointment for skin conditions fixed this right up for me, though I have to apply these twice a day to stop it from coming back

Anonymous 12695

NTA, but as someone who's had eczema and other skin problems before AND seen doctors/derms about my problems, doctors can't always the underlying cause of something in every individual. It is sometimes helpful to ask others with the same condition what caused their problem to help you get to the root of yours, in addition to seeking medical advice.


Anonymous 9263[Reply]

Do you guys like nails?
22 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 12229

I used to do my nails at home at least twice a week. People at school would always ask me to do for it them too. I was also involved in the nail polish community online. However over time I got tired of the smell of polish and getting angry when my designs would get messed up (like while sleeping) so I don't paint my nails anymore. I've never been to a salon before but I think it'd be cool to go once and get nails like in the OP.

Anonymous 12232

I agree. They look so bulky and unattractive. I feel like its completely unnecessary to make them this thick, especially if they arent even extremely long. And yeah, i was thinking about trying it out myself. I firmly believe that im more competent than the majority of nail techs. I do wish i could grow my natural nails out tho. Unfortunately, they literally shed. It sucks.

Anonymous 12245

try nailtiques, anon. it's incredible. i also have naturally thinner nails but nailtiques gives me those thick as hell unbreakable nails. it's a strengthening polish that works farrr better than any other brand i've used. my nails haven't broken or shed since.

Anonymous 12660

Wish I could make my nails cute but as soon as I try to grow them they just break and when I used to paint them regularly they got flakey. Idk why because I’m fairly healthy

Also for some reason most colours bring out the redness of my hands which I hate. Any advice for me girls ;-;

Anonymous 12688

Asian people just charged me 15 dollars extra for a gel paint. I need to start learning how to properly paint my nails ASAP.

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