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Favorite/Sexiest Men's Clothing Anonymous 11679[Reply]

I'm curious. What type of clothing do you like to see on men? Care to post examples? I love muscular men who wear black v-necks for some reason…

I know other women who like men in 3 piece suits, but men rarely wear them.
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Anonymous 13292

most formal wear. overcoats, layers, vests, gloves, scarves, belts. collared dress shirts tucked in on a very fit guy are also super attractive.

Anonymous 13293

need to add that, while tailored clothing is hot, if it's too tight it's a little off putting. really hate when men wear tight tshirts and from the back it's just all meat and no form.

Anonymous 14492


hard to find pics but i fucking ADORE the playboy bunny leotard
not a speedo, not just the cuffs and the ears, the full leotard and tights

Anonymous 14493

not if theyre well fitted

Anonymous 14494




Anonymous 13832[Reply]

Will adderall age me like meth? Since it's an amphetamine.

Anonymous 14080

barbara kroll 3.jp…

very good question I've thought about a lot.

"According to a report on Erowid, an organization that provides non-judgmental information about psychoactive plants and chemicals, amphetamines can cause an increase in oxidative stress in the blood and tissues and, at higher doses and frequencies of use, it can cause premature aging. Stimulants, such as Adderall, can also cause dry skin, which can make your skin appear worn out and aged. Another possible reason your skin is not looking as healthy as before is because Adderall can reduce your appetite, which can lead to not getting enough of the proper nutrients."

horrible drug.

Anonymous 14081

I've been on and off 20mg of adderall and have not noticed any premature aging

Anonymous 14084

not if you make sure to drink enough water and eat enough nutritious food

Anonymous 14095

Same here. I had to quit it tho, since it didn’t help, it just made me angry instead of sad.

Anonymous 14490

i sure hope not, i have adhd and i take it nearly every day


Female Reproductive System Anonymous 1288[Reply]

Information, questions, advice, tips and tricks etc.


>menstrual cycle
>birth control
>gyno visits
>vagina talk
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Anonymous 14353

have a practice run in the bath and see if they work

Anonymous 14354

I don't have a bath though. Only shower.
I guess I'll have to buy big tampons again, would that make a difference?

Anonymous 14369

I have a doctor phobia (not looking for advice, it's bad, I know) and ended up with a yeast infection a couple months ago. Successfully cured it! Holistic methods might not all be shams. Here is how I did it over the course of 2 weeks:

-I took 2 hair skin and nails vitamins a day
-I drank a mug half filled with kefir (kind of yogurt) and half filled with straight cranberry juice every morning
-drank a glass of Good Belly probiotic juice every evening
-wore loose cotton boxers and changed them twice a day
-kept an air conditioner pointed at me to keep sweating down

It actually worked- I had never gotten a yeast infection before so it took a couple of days of suffering to even figure out what was wrong, or I would have been able to clear it up faster. I had mild discharge (no smell) and the main issue was incessant itching around my vaginal opening.

I suffer from extreme paranoia/anxiety over medical issues, especially about my privates, so being able to fix this without going to the doctor (I probably wouldn't have no matter how bad it got anyway) was monumental. I hope this helps someone. You can also get yeast infection medication prescribed online, you just have an IM chat with a doctor- I just didn't want to go the medicine route until I was sure the holistic approach wouldn't work.

Anonymous 14373

I got a pfizer booster today because I'm visiting family over new years. My period is supposed to come within this week, and I have a fibroid so it's already pretty heavy normally. Pray for me.

Anonymous 14489

I'm going to start tracking my period and cycle in general (discharge, pain). I saw a lot of guides online mention charting when I have sex, however these articles are aimed at women trying to get pregnant. What would be some other reason I should consider tracking that? i'm monogamous and such


how do you accept looking twice your age? Anonymous 13577[Reply]

I am developmentally delayed (from a mix of neglect and a debilitating illness) and now that I'm in my mid 20s I'm having massive amounts of people considered me in my early 50s and I get a lot of insults about it when people know my real age. It isn't like I have a lot of wrinkles but something about my face looks extremely ill and sunken despite being a normal weight.
I've been happy with improving; i.e., making some money freelancing, doing some government, legal and taxes stuff for people I know, etc., but there's still something extremely off about the way I come across.

It's really not fun at all being seen as someone mature and "dead-looking" according to everyone. I know even nice people aren't blind either. Oh to clarify I think most older women look good. It's just the way I look old is B-move horror type shit. I look scary.
And I don't like that I look scary. It makes me feel so ashamed to make people feel like that.

How do you separate how you feel from how you look and continue on your life journey peacefully and with excitement? A nasty part of me is feeling like my life is already over because I'm "not allowed" to do young people things or at least be silly around others. So I usually act like a brick wall. It's dumb. I go on tiktok and it's obvious that people truly and deeply hate it when older-looking people do awkward things. Or, well, not just that, but that people have massive hang-ups and obsessions with stuffing others into strict categories of behavior based off their obvious "numbers." I get it when someone does something actually morally wrong. But most of it has nothing to do with that. Maybe cringe is sometimes born from someone relating too hard to someone else being awkward.

The positivity stuff doesn't really help.
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Anonymous 13728


>people doubting I look the way I do (asking for a celebrity lookalike)
>people accusing it of being my fault
>no one answering my question

didn't expect much but, geez.

Anonymous 13730

Anon… I have no advice to give and no experience with this sort of stuff, but I'm sorry you are getting such gross replies. I think "people" don't really care if you try to have fun as an "old" person, it's just underdeveloped 15 year olds being mean but I don't use tiktok so maybe I don't know really

I hope you can find some peace soon.

Anonymous 13738

Maybe you should look into fillers if it's really that bad (looking 50 at 25). Even just relatively simple eyebag fillers could really freshen up your face.

But if you want to accept it: get off tiktok (what are you doing on there at 25 anyway?) and social media first and foremost, that shit will NOT help if acceptance is what you're looking for.

Anonymous 14485

I get that too, way too often. Somehow, wearing nice eyeglasses seemed to help. I usually got called old-looking when I didn't have them on.
My genetics make it really hard to get fat on my face, even when I gain weight. Do you have the means to get a fat transfer?
If so, maybe a mild fat transfer and a lip lift might help you a lot. A face lift might also be an option. The teeth also make a difference, so try to get them lightened and possibly straightened.

Other options more up your budget are going to the gym to get a round fat ass so at least the body looks proportionate. That's what I'm going for, since I can't afford any surgery. Get some perfume to smell great, get a better posture and train walking with your hips swaying, look up on kibbe types and learn how to dress better. Get a decent haircut and a hair color that suits you.

Breaks my heart that those of us with the shitty genetics have to strive so much just to be treated like the lucky pretty women.

I'm not going to go into the "accept yourself" route because the issue is not how you see yourself (even though I really wish a lot of self love to you), it's usually how people treat us, and this moid society only values us based on our looks, unfortunately. Ugly women are less than scum for them.

So by investing in getting prettier and more attractive, you will be investing in better jobs, better friendships, better opportunities, etc.

Anonymous 14486

I recommend getting someone to analyse your face (https://www.qoves.com/ does private paid reports) and then look into getting some cosmetic surgery.

It might also be worth considering lying about your age and pretending to be 40 so that people have more reasonable expectations. There are lots of older people on TikTok so don’t be put off by younger people.

>but there's still something extremely off about the way I come across.

Have you considered that you might be ND?


Rate Menstruation Products. Anonymous 14073[Reply]

What is your list to the most usefull to worst menstruation products?
Mine is:
>№1 Sanitary Pads.
>№2 Tampons.
>№3 Menstrual Cup.
>№4 Reusable Sanitary Pads Made Out Of Cloth.
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Anonymous 14409

Thanks anon, will do

Anonymous 14442


normal pads are expensive and some have been found to have cancerous materials so I've been thinking about making my own (also been dealing with enviromental guilt)
but wtf am I gonna do with them when I need to change my pad in public ew
when I try to research them I rarely find any useful info because it's usually from people trying to advertise their etsy business or something

Anonymous 14443

>№1 Mirena IUD.
>№2 Panty Liners (not the thick pads) for the two mild periods I have while the IUD is fading.
>№3 Tampons for the one real period I have before the IUD is changed every 5 years.

don't really like anything else. I bleed an enormous amount when off hormonal b/c so the diva cup was a real joke.

Anonymous 14464

I have designated underwear in case I leak, but even when freebleeding, I don't generally stain my underwear. I pee often enough that I end up wiping anyway any bit of blood that has come out. But as I said, my flow is super light.

Anonymous 14480

You use a wetbag essentially. Something waterproof to hold a used pad in until you can take it home. I take my used ones and soak them in oxyclean.
T. Make my own reusable pads


Anonymous 12603[Reply]

How can I be a cuter girl?
Should I start with my looks or personality first?
I'm a autistic, hairy, skinny-fat girl so I don't know where to start.
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Anonymous 14473


Anonymous 14474


Anonymous 14475


Anonymous 14476


If you're curvy and worried about baggy clothes making you look fat, try to make sure that your clothes are fitted at the waist as well either through the ribcage or the hips.

Anonymous 14477



When did you get your first period? Anonymous 4796[Reply]

As the title says.
I have a friend that has an 8yo daughter and she already has hairs under her arms. My friend is a little bit freaked out because she doesn't want her 8yo to get her period yet. I mean, who would want that?
I got mine when I was 11 or 12, and so did my friend. Do you guys think this is genetic? We've read stuff online about it but we want to hear your opinion. Also she has gone to the doc before and even though her daughter is not showing any "puberty signs", the doctor said that nowadays is normal to get their period earlier than before.
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Anonymous 14414

I thought I got it when I was 13 but it was haemorrhoids
I got it at 14, irregularly
Lost it at 15 because of sports and stress
It got regular at my current age, 18

Anonymous 14418

I was 15 years old. I am one of the lucky ones :)

Anonymous 14420

Sorry if it was a weird question! I asked because I also went to an all girls school and all the girls that got theirs late were also Japanese.

Anonymous 14438

I got mine when i was 13, was too scared/ashamed to bring the subject up to my dad (mom died when i was younger, my dad never really discussed feminine hygiene stuff up to that point) for a month or two so i stole some pads when i was at my friend's house and looked up how to use them.
Later when i told him he went out and bought a large pack of pads from Tesco and hid it in case my brothers would make fun of me.
I still remember catching him googling how to handle this stuff later that day lol he was very flustered, but he was generally a shy man and i suspect that i may have inherited my mild asperger's from him.

Anonymous 14444

I got boob lumps at 8 years old (me and my sisters called them "quarters" because it felt like a big coin under your skin lol) but no period until like 12 years old. I think I had hair well before period too… but can't remember. I wouldn't worry about it.


Anonymous 14435[Reply]

hello idk if this post is for /adv/ or here its just I wanted to ask.
Can I just take bc pills whenever I want? Like can I take them for a month then quit for 2 or smth and then another month?

Anonymous 14436

I think this is fine but I'm not a doctor. Probably shouldn't do it too often though.

Anonymous 14437

Anonymous 14439

Idk if they're all the same, but for what I have been on you have to take it for at least 7 days for it to be effective.
So, yeah. As long as you've taken it for the first week you should be okay

Anonymous 14440

Ive been to several doctors that all have told me that you can take bc pills perpetually. As in, you can take them everyday and it's fine for your body.
I, for example, choose to take mine continuously because I'm at risk for ovarian cysts, so not ovulating at all is the safest option for me.


overpriced and overshilled garbage thread Anonymous 12426[Reply]

Have you guys used Olaplex? What are your thoughts on Olaplex treatments?

People are shilling this shit like it's the second coming of Christ. i've tried the 3 step system no less than 4 times now and it has done virtually nothing to my hair. i switched to the Aphogee 2 step system and it's like night and day. Aphogee is amazing yet it gets no love from the haircare community in comparison. is it because it's not gatekept by license required shops? plus it's not $200 for 16 oz.

Anonymous 12433

people probably convince themselves it does more than it does because they paid so much for it, sunk cost fallacy and all that. i'm glad you found something that works for you!

Anonymous 12891

I had a treatment of this when I got Japanese straightening and my hair turned out nice. I don't know how much that was down to the Olaplex though.

Anonymous 14433

I like their products, they work well. Idk if it's worth the hype, but it works.

Anonymous 14434

What products do you use? I just have the no. 7 bonding oil and I have no idea how to use it, I feel like an idiot


Skincare General Anonymous 431[Reply]

Post your skincare questions, routines, recommendations, rants, raves, product recs, etc.

I'll start with my routine that's finally working for me:

Thayer's unscented witch hazel (as a toner)
COSRX Oil-Free Ultra Moisturizing Lotion
CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion

Pond's cold cream cleanser
Thayer's witch hazel toner
Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid (leave on for 15 minutes)
Oil cleanse with mineral oil
Remove with Pond's cold cream cleanser
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 14399

Yeah I think maybe I'll try to use the retinol only once every 2 days

Anonymous 14403


honestly anons, I'm tired. I'm almost 30 and I still get pretty bad acne on my lower half of my face. I have tried fixing my diet, simple skincare, etc.

…and in recent weeks I've just…stopped. Despite having extremely dry and dehydrated skin (feels like paper, flakes, etc., but despite that looks extremely shiny and rough), I don't even use lotion anymore because I'm so afraid of not knowing what it is that's breaking me out. And I go days without putting anything on my face, yet I still break out.
Tretinoin? I tried for probably 6 months and I ended up chickening out because I heard some stories about it negatively affecting the skin.

I don't want to go on some sort of pill to fix my acne but I look so genuinely disgusting that I'm now genuinely getting afraid. The only thing keeping me comfortable is that now I have an excuse to literally ONLY wear a mask around other people and never take it off.

Anonymous 14404

What products do you use? How did you change your diet?

Anonymous 14416

I only have a mattifying toner and a standard face wash to go with it.
OPs routine seems a lot, am I doing it wrong?

Anonymous 14419

Less is more in my experience.

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