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Weight loss Anonymous 15695[Reply]

I'm only allowing myself to eat a maximum of 400 calories a day and doing brisk walks for one hour (I'm trying to increase the time gradually.) My weight is 49kg and I'm 5'0, which means a little bit fatty. How much weight will I lose in four months? I don't look pretty enough, so I'm going to try and lose weight instead.
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Anonymous 15706

You will lose weight, but it will leave you with an untoned, pancake ass. I wish I had put my mind into eating healthy and exercising, but I choose to go down to the road you're heading into, and let me tell you, it's hell.
Even if you lose, you will still see yourself as fat and hate your body. I really think this is not the answer, but I've been in your place and I know that you probably won't listen and think that you'll do different, and it will work for you.
Alas, no one can't stop you, only yourself. If you feel like doing it, just try to stay as safe as possible. Anyway, I like using this site to define my goals:

Anonymous 15707

This is a stupid diet. Even if it works and you lose weight, you still will have to adjust back to eating normally which will cause weight gain until you get the balance right. You'll end up yoyo dieting and it will affect your health and looks.

Instead focus on making long term changes so that you don't have to diet again, e.g. no more sugar, eat more filling vegetables, smaller portions, etc.

Anonymous 15708

I'll be doing this alongside you for 10 days. I'm doing a water fast and walking 1 hour per day. Hoping to drop 10lbs during this time frame. After it's complete I'll add in more difficult exercises and eat at a deficit. Day 1 almost down… 9 more to go!

Anonymous 15709

I've gotten more muscle recently and I magically dropped 5 pounds in the past month even though I feel as if I've been pigging out. I don't really know why but I agree with the anons talking about lifting. Also, maybe don't eat as little as 400 because it does make your body grow accustomed to it too much. Mild caloric restriction is extremely healthy.
Look into high-satiety foods.

Anonymous 15712

wanna-rexic phase thread, ignore


Why does this horrible condition exist!? Anonymous 15679[Reply]

Do you ever read about some horrible condition, and wonder "Why!? Why must this thing exist!?"

If God exists, we've been forsaken.

I'll start. Endometriosis.

Cells: "Hurrr durr, instead of growing in the proper place inside the uterus, how about I grow elsewhere and cause massive pain because I can?"

Another one, harlequin babies.

Wikipedia's quote about it:

The disease has been known since 1750, and was first described in the diary of Rev. Oliver Hart from Charleston, South Carolina:

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Anonymous 15688


I'm jealous of kangaroos. Kangaroos don't have to worry about voracious placentas trying to hijack the rest of the blood supply like women do. For periods, kangaroos can just reabsorb their uterine lining, instead of discarding it all away.

For pregnancy, the baby is born at around the size of the jelly bean. The fetus doesn't grow much in the womb much at all, nor does it squish all the organs internally. Instead, after around 1 month of pregnancy, the baby is easily birthed, crawls out of the kangaroo's vagina, crawls up and into the pouch, latches onto a teat (teats are in the pouch), and grows big while sitting in the pouch.

Unlike birds, they don't even have to worry about pushing out a fat egg.

imagine that. while not pregnant, free pouch to use. pregnancy barely affects the body, non life-threatening, and the joey occupies the external pouch until it can hop by itself. Threatened by something? Some female kangaroos have been documented throwing the joey out of their pouch, at the predator.

The only downside is that the joey poops and pees in the pouch, so it would require regular cleaning

Anonymous 15690

>Some female kangaroos have been documented throwing the joey out of their pouch, at the predator.
based female kangaroos

Anonymous 15691

i reread some more sources. apparently kangaroo arms can't throw, but they can still drop their joey from the pouch, leaving it to the predators, if necessary.

but going back to horrible conditions, "fetiform teratoma". basically fetus-shaped tumours. they mostly grow on ovaries, but apparently they've been found in males too. (one case was found in a two and a half year old boy). They're rare, but no one is safe from random fetus-tumors.


Anonymous 15692

I wonder if a teratoma has ever developed consciousness. Not sure if teratomas can grow brain matter but that would be kind of fascinating.. link didn't work also!

Anonymous 15693

oh, that's a shame about the link not working. it's "Robinson, T. L., Surapaneni, K., & Nardi, P. M. (2007). Intracecal fetiform teratoma. Pediatric Radiology, 38(3), 336–339. doi:10.1007/s00247-007-0684-x"

A teratoma did grow brain matter once. Not a good result though. The woman's immune system began attacking the teratoma's brain matter, and also her actual brain.



Anavar cycle Anonymous 12533[Reply]

I've been lifting for a year with minimal results and I want to try Anavar but I'm a little scared. If someone with experiene could answer a few questions that would be great. Is it safe? Are there any sides? How much do I need to take and for how lobg? How much muscle can I expect to build on it? Before/after pics would be appreciated. Thank you.
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Anonymous 15442

curling 45 with one hand is insane! how many reps can you do?

Anonymous 15461


are you doing powerlifting or bodybuilding?

Anonymous 15497

did you ever mogged dudes like this girl?

Anonymous 15660


can we get an update?

Anonymous 15675



Body Hair Anonymous 4073[Reply]

What are your preferences for personal grooming?
How has it changed, or does it vary seasonally?

What does your routine consist of?

(I know there's a pubes thread, a few head hair threads, but I haven't seen anything about this yet)
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Anonymous 15530

should have told him he go first

Anonymous 15578

I'm cursed with both the hairy genes of Eastern European women and very sensitive skin that is very prone to ingrowns and irritation, so I vastly prefer epilating. Shaving has tended to make my skin too itchy and leave me with very prickly hairs. Epilating has been a godsend in comparison. My legs feel much smoother and I don't have to worry about hair removal for at least another week or so, since it makes it grow back slower. I just won't go anywhere near my pubes with an epilator, though. It hurts bad enough on my legs and underarms, already.

Anonymous 15643

I am not a fab of hair removal, but I in summer I need to do something with pube hair, because simply wearing shorts and going swimming is impossible
I used razors, it is effective but irritating my skin, then I tried sugaring - it was super effective and very long lasting - I like the feeling of a result a lot, but the process was so painful I promised myself never doing it again
Then I just start to use depilatory cream for sensitive skin - and it is ok. Not painful, easy to use, ok results
So if you are not allergic or have highly sensitive skin x I would recommend chemical creams
Not sure if you can use it very often, though

Anonymous 15644

Ah, and I used it a couple of times for legs, arms and armpits - effective and I am not dead yet

Anonymous 15673

i shave my legs and armpits and use this veet electric razor thing for my pubes. i shave my bikini line (it doesn’t do a completely clean shave but decent enough and i rarely get razor bumps) and it has this extension on it so i can trim my pubes and it looks really neat. i also use hair removal cream on my bum lol


Anonymous 15645[Reply]

Are some women really just not suited for long hair? I'm trying to grow it out but I end up looking like picrel.

My mother is vehemently against me having long hair because she keeps saying "Your hair looks bad long", "You aren't meant for long hair" etc.

I've wanted it to be at least waist-length since I was very young but even I am starting to notice it looks like shit these days compared to when I had it shorter.
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Anonymous 15655


Also, I do wonder if the water being too hard and the amount of chlorine in it or something isn't making it look worse. I think it's looked better every time I've showered in my mom's apartment. The water is kind of crap at my place, in comparison.

Anonymous 15656

>If your hair is curly/wavy then look at r/curlyhair for routines.
>Don't use any heat on your hair, not even a hairdryer.
>Use real silk pillowcases and hair ties.
>Avoid metal things in your hair.
>Use the thickest conditioner you can find.
>Let your hair get oily if you aren't going anywhere and brush the oil through your hair.
>Don't brush or comb wet hair. Use your fingers under the shower.
>If your hair is naturally wavy, pleat in the morning and then undo later for neater waves.
>Use Olaplex 0 and 3 every couple of weeks and leave on for hours. Only buy from sellers listed on the Olaplex site as lots of fake sellers out there.
>Don't dye your hair. A boring natural colour in good condition looks better than dyed blonde that is falling out.
>Get your hair trimmed whenever you see split or dried ends. Your hair should always feel soft and healthy.
>Get Japanese straightening. It's more expensive than Brazilian but permanent.

Anonymous 15657

Bad water can definitely play a role. How much conditioner do you put on ? I put a shit ton usually and leave it for around 5-15mins, then squeeze out the leftovers back into the container (I know some people would find that gross or pointless but really it's just hair you're not putting the conditioner on your asshole), it seems to have more of an effect than using only a tiny bit and leaving it for <3mins.
I remember how I put 3 different conditioners onto my hair, for 10 mins each, my hair was silky smooth after that. I don't recommend doing it though because it's a waste of time and probably the conditioners too.

Anonymous 15658

>then squeeze out the leftovers back into the container
I was thinking about doing this recently but I wondered if my wet hair won’t dilute the conditioner?

Anonymous 15659

A little bit, probably. But as long as you're not pouring the water directly into the container it won't affect anything that much, I should've also mentioned people have different hair porosity so if your hair doesnt absorb moisture very well you might need to leave the conditioner for a bit longer, while for others 2-3 mins is enough.


Best electric shavers? Anonymous 14970[Reply]

I’m so sick of shaving all the way with shitty disposable razors that just give me bumps. Any good affordable electric razor brand recs for beginners?
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Anonymous 15025

Yeah, plus a “shitty” disposable razor works fine for me. But a male with a lot of body hair could struggle with it and want an electric razor like OP…

Anonymous 15031

Women can have a plethora of different types of hair growth. Plus depending on the amount of blades those “disposable razors” can be quite shit. Are you actually this retarded

Anonymous 15628

womens remington. I got the purple and white one from target like 15 years ago. if its awful, just return them in the store or online until you find a good one. just dont fall for the epilator meme, it effective but painful.

Anonymous 15642

I hate my body hair too. If laser wasn't that expensive, I would have done it. Instead I settled for the lesser of the two evils and I bought an at-home IPL machine. I'm gonna come back here to comment once I finish the recommended time

Anonymous 15653

i have the same feeling
also the pic OP chose has a different vibe from al the other thread pics on this board
checkerboard floors are a red flag


how to start eating healthier? Anonymous 14001[Reply]

I'm trying to lose weight and have started gymming regularly as well. I've attempted to begin eating healthy multiple times and have always given up because it just seems like such a huge and daunting life change. It honestly overwhelms me and the abundance of articles and clickbait online also overwhelms me. Does anyone here actually eat healthy and what are your tips for starting and maintaining this lifestyle? I really do want to change, but I don't know where to begin. Can you have variety and excitement in your healthy/low cal meals?
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Anonymous 14045

true. processed sugar is so addictive it should be thought of as a drug. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6234835/

Anonymous 14046

as a cope I tried looking up research showing how blueberries are healthy but it turns out most of it is funded by blueberry corporation lobby groups.

still is way better than candy and soda and etc.
idk I don't know all the science but it basically does permanent shit to your body on a cellular level and also can actually contribute to premature aging

Anonymous 14056

Meat is pretty vital

Anonymous 14057

>what are your tips for starting and maintaining this lifestyle?
JOURNALING! there are different ways to go about this, but this helped me:

on the first day of your journaling adventure, you live as you normally would (without worrying about thinking you should eat better) because you want to get an overview of how your current eating pattern is
so, during the day, write down everything you eat (be honest and don't skip anything, don't be ashamed of your diet but look at it as motivation to improve yourself)
at the end of the first day you have a clear overview of where you stand
now you will notice which foods you eat too much, too little, just enough…. but you will also notice that there may be certain things missing in your diet

at this point you don't have to make any changes to your diet yet, in fact I advise you to live and eat for a whole week as you normally would and write everything down without making any changes to live a 'better and healthier' life'. that way you get a clear weekly overview of your eating pattern

but I also advise you to write down your findings after each day of that first week. What do you notice? what do you eat a lot of, where are you doing well, what do you eat too little of? and so on. In the meantime, you can also look up things about healthier eating and write down everything in your diary that you think is useful. you can also fantasize about what your ideal eating pattern looks like on a daily or weekly basis. for example, how much meat or vegetables you should eat and up to how many sweets you can consume per day and how many glasses of water you should be drinking

after a week you have recorded your eating pattern, you have collected information and you have written down what you can best work on and what you are already doing well

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 15636

lunch: 2-3 eggs or single quesadilla with keto tortilla or turkey sandwich with keto bread

dinner: stir fried vegetable + meat
vegetable: salad or stir fried with soy sauce and/or butter zucchini, broccoli, green beans, asparagus, gai lan
meat: steak, keto hawaiian chicken, roasted chicken, italian sausages, spam, salmon
snack: string cheese or another sugar free (diarrhea inducing) snack


What's your motivation to get /ft/, girls? Anonymous 3354[Reply]

I am not disgusting, but I have definitely gained some weight. Should I start doing yoga?
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Anonymous 15569

I haven't yet but I'll check it out, hopefully there are some helpful posts I can find

Anonymous 15575

>What's your motivation to get /fit/, girls?
I wanna be able to squat multiple people.

Anonymous 15577

started yoga during lockdown with yoga with adriene on youtube and i think she’s amazing for beginners. her motto is ‘find what feels good for you’ and she emphasizes that you have to take things slowly, building up towards some poses instead of straining. she also often reminds you to check your lower back, drop your shoulder blades etc. to keep your alignement and prevent injuries.
when i started i hadn’t done any sports in years so i did the 20min complete beginner video for a few days and then tried other classes. if you want to prevent injuries i recommend starting out with a really easy class, taking your time with it and focusing on keeping your back aligned and synchronizing your breath, then start introducing new poses and videos one by one. everytime there’s a new pose, especially more demanding ones like downward facing dog, check online how you’re supposed to hold that pose and what are the common mistakes. there are often easier alternatives to the harder poses so you can build up towards them. if it strains or hurts in any way just stop what you’re doing.
i also like yoga with kassandra. if you want to take things really slow look into yin yoga, sarah beth yoga has some great yin videos.

Anonymous 15610

thanks for all the recommendations, I followed along with some of the beginner yoga with adriene videos and I like the ones I did
I'm going to take it slow and work my way up to the harder poses, I appreciate the helpful advice!

Anonymous 15630

get a bite guard if its sleep apnea, if that doesnt help get a sleep study with a sleep doctor.


ADHD General Anonymous 14541[Reply]

No ADHD/ADD general? I know some of you have it too.

Post resources on coping skills. Especially how to keep ur fucking room clean. Idk how to do that at all.

Anonymous 15444

It's simple but I just set a mental schedule ahead of time and my perfectionism kicks in to save the day. Say for instance you wanted to read a book and all of the chapters were roughly similar in length and one chapter took like 30 mins for me to read, then I might say to myself "read at least two chapters per hour from 1pm to 6pm." That's it. If it's 1:50 pm and I haven't finished my second chapter, my perfectionist drive kicks in like "ohshit" and speed reads it. Kind of like when you have an essay due on the last day and under pressure you suddenly crank out gold. Obviously you can't magically get stuff done that way but in my experience, simply having a mental schedule like that which is a good balance of challenging/productive but also realistic is good.

Anonymous 15459

the most common mental conditions in the planet are those two. so much so I legit don't think they should be considered something "abnormal" but just a behavior. Just get up and start putting things in order, hang your clothes, broom out all the dust in your floor and then mop it. Just dedicate some time to it, you have time to post, it means you have time to clean just do it with some music its not even hard.

Anonymous 15460

>Especially how to keep ur fucking room clean
I assign one day a week for a "stay at home" day. I put olaplex on my hair and do all the chores. Then I let them build up again until the next week. Works for me.

Anonymous 15493

forgive me for sperging, but this is why i hate having ADHD. it's overdiagnosed, most people don't think it's real, and many of those who do believe it's real think it's a personality trait or a moral failing. i don't choose to forget everything that is told to me 2 minutes later if i don't write it down, i don't choose to be paralyzed for days on end by executive dysfunction. i don't want to have to choose between doing everything perfectly at work or taking care of myself. i have almost no object permanence, i have auditory processing & sensory issues. i struggled all through school despite testing well. why would i choose to be a lazy, borderline-retarded mess? i'm a perfectionist who does good work, but it's clear to everyone who knows me that i have a difference in mental faculties compared to a normie. read a book before spouting harmful nonsense about a medically recognized disorder.

Anonymous 15629

if I want to abuse my body with focus drugs to study boring ass programming just to get enough money to live, that should be my right.


Physical Condishuns Anonymous 1900[Reply]

What kind of physical issues do you deal with? How do you treat them? Have you found alternative treatments helpful? How do other people react when learning about them? Etc.

Let's share our trials here.
19 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 14873

Bordering on having anemia from being a self-harming moron

Anonymous 14886

First of all, I'm sorry if I sound whiney. I know I don't have it horrible. I just want to vent.

I've felt like a zombie for most of my life and I don't know why…I mean, even in old family pictures, as a little girl I had black, hollow, tired eyes despite no one else having them. People constantly asked if I was ill (and still do) or say I look like I'm dying. I always acted numb and distant. I never cried or emoted, even as a tiny baby.

One night in college I spent talking to a good friend and laughing and having fun, which was already pretty shocking for someone like me who is super reserved. The "laugh once a year" type…

…I slept all day and woke up…and I felt so goddamned alive. Everything felt different and I flew out of bed. I felt so good. I told jokes and made several people laugh too! Like holy shit! Me thinking of jokes! Wow!

Everyone I knew immediately was shocked and said I looked amazing and glowing. Someone took a picture of me and compared to what I usually look like to make a point (which was rude but whatever)…and it turned out my lifelong black circles were gone. What was very surprising was it being nighttime and STILL feeling great.

And then…I went to sleep…and woke up feeling like shit again, burning bloodshot eyes, head and neck pain, with a numb-feeling, heavy body.

I don't have a condition, I think. I just wish I felt energetic. I have brain fog constantly and I'm barely capable of speaking or really functioning as a normal person.

Thank god I found a way to independently earn money because I'm not sure how I'd get the spine to work 9 hour days 6 days a week, feeling this way.

Anonymous 15614


Anonymous 15615

Had a stroke and I lost a wide range of my vision so I bump into things/people. It's embarrassingand kind of dangerous because I don't notice bikes and cars when I'm walking.

I also get this big bump on my left wrist that I thought was from working it too hard but I don't do anything that strains the wrist like puships and I got another huge bump right now. Maybe from holding my cellphone for hours? idk. If kind of hurts and I think it's filled with liquid. It's bigger than my wrist bone and kind of hurts.

Anonymous 15620

I'm dumb as a box of rocks but the lump on my wrist I was trying to describe is a ganglion cyst, I think.

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