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compulsive habits Anonymous 18880[Reply]

Did/do you have a compulsive habit (nail biting, lip chewing, hair pulling, skin picking, etc) and did you improve it or get rid of it? Tips please, I bite the skin around my nails until they throb and get infected, I just can't stop even with bad tasting spray coating them or nail polish. I'm so tired of it. Before this I used to lick my lips compulsively until they were covered in a rash and peely. Seems like I have to replace one with another to kick it.
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Anonymous 18952

tracking my monthly progress with a habit tracker and painting my nails daily helped a lot for me

Anonymous 18959

Thank you, I am desperate enough to try it.

I have anxiety and adhd that causes my life to be neverendingly stressful (even going to the grocery store or dealing with mundane shit is enough to trigger it) so I can't really reduce stress to try and fix it.

I chew my fingers/inside my cheeks when I am stressed but I also do it when I am playing games or reading. Maybe the hypnosis stuff will work, I will try anything.

Anonymous 19014

i’ve been a chronic nail biter since i grew my teeth as a toddler. for as long as i can remember i can’t stop, the only time my nails will grow is with acrylics, but even then i can’t stop gnawing at those too. recently i began to pick at my skin a lot, especially any acne that might show up, and now i have bad bacne scars from it. it really sucks, i wish i could stop all of these things.

Anonymous 19015

I was asked about skin picking at my adhd interview dumbass

Anonymous 19025

ive been a compulsive nail biter all my life, but i managed to kick the habit and my nails are super long these days. my tip is to use nail polish and replace the habit of biting with picking off the polish. had to reapply nail polish several times a week, but it worked


Psychiatric medication Anonymous 18794[Reply]

ITT we talk about psychiatric medication.
>Do you take any? Which ones?
>When did you start?
>Are you diagnosed with anything?
>Which ones have you tried? Did they work?

Anti psychiatry posts and negative experiences with psychiatric medication are welcome.
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Anonymous 18797

antipsychotics = brain poison/chemical lobotomy
>Are you diagnosed with anything?
""schizophrenia"" (had been involuntarily hospitalised 2 times now for it, both times they made me take the poison pills and i hated it)

Anonymous 18814

What did they put you on when you were admitted? Any side effects?

Anonymous 18820

>Do you take any? Which ones?
Sertraline and Cariprazine, thinking of quitting both.
>When did you start?
I started taking SSRI meds at 15 years old.
>Are you diagnosed with anything?
Autism and major depressive disorder.
>Which ones have you tried? Did they work?
A bunch. I hate depending on pills to function. Whenever I don't take them, I want to kill myself. They messed my brain up and made me dependent on them. They only work because it seems I have become addicted.

Anonymous 18841

i've been taking lithium for about a year - i'm bipolar. i had been on antidepressants, other mood stabilizers, and many different antipsychotics and they didn't help in the long term or made things worse. i still get depressed or manic sometimes, but it is mostly manageable

Anonymous 19022

>Do you take any? Which ones?
nope not rn but used to take seroquel and prozac
>When did you start?
prozac awhile ago as a kid, seroquel more recently
>Are you diagnosed with anything?
no and if i am the cuntfucks didnt tell me
>Which ones have you tried? Did they work?
wanna be numb then sure. i'm not even fucking psychotic they just wanted me to shut up and the ssris were after i tried to kill myself as a kid because of people being shitty to me and prescribed under 5 minutes by this stupid bitch. no "informed" consent, get gaslit about withdrawals/side effects. i fucking hate shrinks so much. many get away with prescribing dumb shit because IME they dont see you again .


Pubic hair Anonymous 3508[Reply]

Do you shave everything, trim it? Have you gotten laser?

I want to keep my vagina as smooth as possible but that's not easy with a razor
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Anonymous 18909

That always happens to me when I use a normal razor. I use an electric shaver now and don’t get that anymore. I wanna wax but it’s so painful in that area

Anonymous 18978

I'm peeping here because /fa/ mentioned this place and this is completely true. If you personally want to shave everything, go ahead, but men who aren't closet pedos don't find that attractive.

Anonymous 18990

every once in a while I'll grab some small scissors and trim things up nicely but that's as much gardening as i typically do.

Anonymous 19005

I never shave, tried it for a moid once. I didn't like it and his obsession with the baldness below the waist seemed pedophiliac at times

Anonymous 19012

currently seeing a guy who prefers bush when i used to shave. it feels liberating honestly. i don't have to worry about cuts or ingrown hairs anymore. i do shave my thighs though


Anonymous 18939[Reply]

How to achieve Gonad body type?
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Anonymous 18949

You can take T, it's why the bodytype is called "adrenal" anyway

Anonymous 18951

going to have to turn to the black market for that. i'm glad there's a demand for testosterone already because of bodybuilders.

Anonymous 18954

pullups, trap, and delt exercises?

Anonymous 19000

The ideal male body isn't really a thing because nobody cares how men look - they don't objectify them, they see them as subjects and evaluate them on traits like their personality, achievements, intelligence, humor etc.

Anonymous 19010

You're better off losing the weight. Don't fall for bbls, they look stupid.


Anonymous 18725[Reply]

im unsure whether this should go into /feels/ or here but since this is the beauty board i think its better to go here. if this ends up being the wrong place im so sorry!!

i need advice on what places i can go to buy clothes in the same style as picrel. i guess my style at second glance is quite boyish, i really hate wearing skirts and dresses and really anything remotely "girly". i have tried places like ali-express and amazon, but the amount of choices is too overwhelming. ive never really had the chance to develop my own style or pick the clothes that i wear, i have really only gone with what i know my parents are okay with (which i all hate). all i know about "myself" (from other sources) is that i suit blues and purples, and the "deep winter" colour palette, and i like wearing baggy clothing. i haven't asked my friends anything about this because im too scared of coming off as out of the loop, so i figured i would come here as the ppl here seem very nice :) if you could give advice on just fashion stuff in general that would be very nice, and thank you in advance for saving my uni life…

Anonymous 18726

I'd check out Emmiol's website, they have a good selection of baggy jeans and shorts, as well as graphic tees. Thrifting's also great, I like getting my baggy tees from the mens section, and getting jeans/cargo pants from both mens & womens section. If you have access to a printer, you can use iron on transfer sheets and add your own designs to plain clothes to make them look like the left 3 images.

Anonymous 18997

I feel like the best way to find stuff like this is in thrift stores. I spend a lot of time in the men's section in thrift stores and buy XL or XXL men's stuff. You can make your stuff into a little project too if that's your vibe, painting on it or adding some "crafty" things like in picrel.

Anonymous 18998

So oversized sweaters/hoodies, graphic tees and baggy jeans? You can find that at mainstream stores on the high street, you just need to be able to see past the outfits on the mannequins and how the store has styled them but look at the individual items instead. And like >>18997 said thriftstores.


Fine Hair Anonymous 18857[Reply]

Does anyone else have very fine hair (diameter of each individual hair much smaller than average but a normal amount of hairs) and find that hairdressers don't know how to deal with your hair type?

Every time I go, they wash it wrong, dry it wrong, brush it wrong and then complain how difficult my hair is. It's like they've never seen fine hair before.

Anonymous 18879

i'd look online into places that specialise in fine hair. i have the opposite problem; thick, curly kinda fucked up hair and used to have the same problem. try figure out main culprit of shitty haircuts (for example, mine was when idiots used thinning scissors after i said my hair poofs lol). research into what others with your hair type are doing, and maybe even consider cutting your own hair if you are informed and confident. once you know what works for your hair then you can either do most the work yourself or properly instruct hairdressers.

but yeah try do those. try avoid cheap franchise hairdressers because they dont care and unless you are ultra specific theyll do what they do to every client so we get fudged over lol. good luck anon hair is a funny but dear thing.

Anonymous 18985


I have fine curly hair. Im not sure if the hair type matters, but porosity for sure. I have low porosity hair which requires lighter products, nothing heavy. Perhaps thats also what fine hair strands need? Everyone is always too rough with my hair so I do everything myself.

Anonymous 18996

I also have extremely fine straight hair and I, for one, have no idea how to manage it. If anyone has any tips on how to force it to hold a curl longer than 30 seconds and give it some volume that would be helpful


Cosmetic Augmentation & Surgery General Anonymous 219[Reply]

Discuss cosmetic augmentations and surgeries, from lip fillers to boob jobs.
What procedure(s) you want.
What procedure(s) you have planned.
Why you want them.
If you've ever had any.
Feedback, advice and general discussion.

Etc. etc.
52 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 10225

if i could i would get
- lip lift
- rhino
- fix my long and recessed chin
- surgical brow lift
- boob job

can't and never will be to afford all of that shit, and since the flaws aren't severe enough i'll be getting lip + nose filler and botox in about a month. hopefully looks good

Anonymous 10226

ah and to follow up, i want lip filler bc my upper lip is small and my philtrum is long (2cm), thinking of getting 2ml and most of it would go to my upper lip
nose filler to try to make the tip of my nose appear slimmer, as my issue is a bulbous nose
and botox to raise my eyebrows, i have nct + look like a child, i want that lift for a more sultry look

Anonymous 18979

have any of you had lip filler?
I got it done for the first time last week, but my lips feel so lumpy and it's freaking me out. Do the lumps go away?
The swelling has gone down already, to the point where the filler is barely noticable. I just hate being able to feel these lumps with my tongue.

Anonymous 18993

almost same as my list, but i need breast reduction + lift and instead of chin stuff i need orthodontics to fix my crooked teeth.

Anonymous 18995

Need an extreme breast reduction


Sustainable beauty products Anonymous 18986[Reply]

Does anyone here use zero/ low waste/ natural products? Eh shampoo, deodorant, makeup products. What has been your experience? What would you recommend/ avoid and why?

Anonymous 18987


op here, just bought the Wild deodorant that comes with a case and 3 different scents, will post a review once it arrives. Pretty expensive but i got a discount code that gives 50% off, let me know if you want me to post it.

Anonymous 18991

I use bar shampoo. It's okay? It takes some getting used to and it's a little less convenient than bottled shampoo because it doesn't spread at easily, even if it lathers up between the hands. I also tried a crystal deodorant stick, hated it. It only applies on wet skin so I brought it with me in the bathroom to apply after showering but I kept dropping it on the bathroom floor so it eventually broke. So I'm back to regular deo. I don't use low/zero waste make-up, I buy little make-up and use everything up so I feel like I don't have to go low/zero waste on top of that honestly.


eating disorder thread Anonymous 4629[Reply]

eating disorder thread - its time for another

do you have an eating disorder?
which one?
are you attempting recovery?
how long have you had it?
what caused it?
how does it disrupt your daily life, if it does?

i have a purging disorder.
i kind of want to attempt recovery sometimes, then i see something like my crush looking happier talking to another girl thats skinnier than me, i think about how much better i could look/how i could compensate for my stupid ugly fact, and i think about the comments my dad gives me when i 'eat bad' even though im 19 bmi/skinnier than him (hes overweight, i think.) ive had mine since i was 13. i was a fat child growing up because my parents didnt know how to feed me, and instead of giving me healthy food they just called me fat/made fun of me. it disrupts my daily life heavily because i cant eat anything without purging after, and it just ruins my mood and has disrupted my health. ill be devastated if i go up 0.1 a pound
184 posts and 37 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 18618

i have binge eating disorder, but with an autistic "it must be in my limited palate or i will starve myself and binge worse" twist
it developed because i lived with my abusive grandmother for two years, and she would forbid me to eat at all so long as she was awake. i was only chubby, and yet she was paranoid about me becoming diabetic, because i ate a single grape. she'd threaten me constantly, too. so i could only eat while she was asleep.
i had from midnight to 5 in the morning to eat anything at all, for an entire 24 hours. i never lost a single pound due to the amount i'd eat.
she was also extremely upset that i'm a ssa female with gid, a ftm, a lesbian, whichever you choose or believe, point stands she didn't like i wasn't trying to marry a man and wasn't trying to be ladylike. she kicked me out over this, and i gladly left.
but despite the cause being separated, i was still struggling with binging. and still am, a year and a half later. it even got worse.
so that's approximately three years with it, and i haven't attempted recovery, if only because i don't know what to do and my psychologist recommended i, someone with both caffeine induced anxiety and a potent caffeine/soda addiction, drink one cup of coffee for a full meal replacement and eat one small plate of healthy food a day, and only one plate a day. this obviously doesn't work for someone with a bmi of 38 and a violent reaction to hunger due to their medication. (intense shaking/jittering, lots of salivation, confusion, loss of balance, et cetera.) so i'm pretty much fucked from the get-go. no idea what to do.
i also absolutely love my current weight and how it looks, i'm 5'7-8 and have a weight of 240 exactly. (gid effects genitals and the perception of others, not weight, thats bdd/bidd), but i don't want to go through 3 people's worth of food every sitting without my body spazzing out. if i lose my figure that way, so be it, but it's annoying, expensive, and deeply disturbing if you ponder it long enough. and god, the hunger pangs. you could have just eaten and your body still feels like nothing went in. and one bite more and you feel like you're ill because the nausea, you can feel. but the fullness? completely doesn't occur. i never feel "full." i lack the ability to, i always have. i was very thin untill i was about 14-15, and now i'm an adult. my body's negative reaction to hunger started at around there as well, andPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 18619

I looked at this last week amazed that I hadn't purged not too long after posting it yet I'm now back ejecting a sleeve of cookies.

Anonymous 18884

>do you have an eating disorder?
ya, ednos i fall into restricting and binge/purging cycles
>are you attempting recovery?
>how long have you had it?
idk, i first started purging in 4th grade but didnt become super disordered until i was in 7th grade
>what caused it?
fatphobia + my obsessive-compulsive disorder
>how does it disrupt your daily life, if it does?
feel guilt over everything im eating, cannot throw out food b/c guilt so i end up overeating and then binging, comparing myself to everyone basic ed shit.
in 2021 i started fasting more and more again, ive always been average or a little overweight and never got below bmi 19 unfortunately. i found that high res worked best for me but i ended up eating less and less until i couldn’t take it and went into a binge cycle. my lowest weight at that time was 105 lbs, i maintained at 115 until the second half of 2022 where i gained 30 pounds for no reason. i’ve been fasting every day for weeks but i cannot get the fucking weight off me and it just feels hopeless. part of me is wondering if i have pcos for some shit but maybe i’m just making excuses for being a lazy fuck. it’s incredibly hard for me to lose weight and idk why

Anonymous 18902

I try to quit and then find myself relapsing. It's past the point of just wanting to be super skinny. I've noticed friends and my mom commenting about how thing I look lately but I can't see it. I just feel average (skinny fat).

I don't even know if I necessarily care about my initial goal of just weight loss. I lost all of the weight I initially planned to get rid of and I'm still not happy with my body. I recently got off of edtwt and all social media but I still peruse ed forums. I find myself punishing myself for what I eat. I am more aware of what I eat than ever before. I also eat way less than I ever have. So much so that food in my fridge quickly spoils due to it not being used.

Anonymous 18980

full swing relapse and it feels so good, oh god why is it the only thing that works


Coping mechanism thread Anonymous 18955[Reply]

Been riddled with anxiety and OCD lately, therapy is terrifying so ive been trying meditation recently and its actually been surprisingly helpful. What are your coping mechanisms?

>what mental illnesses do you have?

>how do they make you struggle?
>whats your way of coping?
>would you suggest it to anyone else struggling?

Anonymous 18963


> what mental illnesses do you have ?

A lot of them, diagnosed

> how do they make you struggle ?

They handicap me in my everyday life. I live like a rat…

> what's your way of coping ?

I've learned through therapy that some on my coping mechanism are healthier than others. I punched my walls, I would hurt myself, had ideations of hurting others…

I still work on all of that. I have to, it's anchored in me. But I've learned to let it out in more gentle way. I journal everyday, I do art, abstract or whatever, to let it all out. I do go on long drive, like, whole afternoon, because it calms me so much
And I also like to go in the middle of the forest, or, in the middle of crops to scream. It may sound insane, but, it helps me so much ; and it's not like I'm hurting myself or others

> would you suggest it to anyone else struggling ?

I would suggest the healthy one to everyone and anyone. I really do believe in therapy

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