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Beauty tips thread Anonymous 10233[Reply]

Post em!
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Anonymous 10322

Never too late. Fine lines are normal as you get older.

Anonymous 10326

V good to know anon, many thanks

Anonymous 10332

Sorry cause people may already know this one quite well but I only just found it out: don't leave your hair exposed to super hot shower water. I like my showers scalding but I've noticed that washing my hair with fairly hot water, then covering it with a shower cap before turning up the heat to what I usually like makes hair turn out so much softer and smoother. Before I had it scalding from start to finish and would stand in there singing and fucking around while exposing my hair to it for ages. Sorry if it doesn't work for everyone but it's worked well for me.

Anonymous 10640

Another related tip I have is shower cold if you can. It helps if you work out first, since that makes you feel hot. I've personally noticed a huge difference in both my skin and hair after doing this. Hot water strips both skin and hair of moisture and can be irritating. It can also cause headaches if you're sensitive to light/heat.

Anonymous 10651

Seems like hair doesn't like heat much. In winter I blow dry my hair straight out of the shower but once I got lazy and let my long hair dry in two different towels instead, when I blow dried after that it took much less time and my hair was soft. Of course in summer I don't blow dry at all


Daily workout thread? Anonymous 36[Reply]

Does anyone have a daily (or weekly, w/e) workout routine or exercise? How do you keep from getting bored?

Also: any recs for a female fitness youtuber/IG that isn't totally insufferable lol
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Anonymous 2006

If any anons ITT like HIIT workouts like me, I highly recommend this one.

First because I was never bored; it moves quickly and the moves are pretty energetic. I had to stop at 13 mins because of period cramps, but I didn't even noticed I went this far to begin with (I was betting on about 7 mins), so that's a big plus for me.

Also, while doing the exercise, I thought I it wasn't that hard and that probably I wasn't getting "results" from it (I like to sweat and feel exhausted lol) but boi o boi, once I stopped my whole body became a fucking waterfall, and I mean that in the best of ways. It actually motivated me to finish the workout when my cramps get a bit more mild.

10/10 will do again.

Anonymous 8423


Anonymous 8471

I started using Chloe Tings Videos four weeks ago and I think they are amazing.
This is the first time that I'm exercising but I finally reached my goal of having a flat belly when relaxed. It was great to see how fast you can actually improve your performance. I needed a lot less breaks during the videos after the 5th day.

My next goal is to get a nicer butt.

Anonymous 8488

Just trying to find a way that works for me. Before COVID I was going to a local gym 2x a week to do one TRX class and one intro pilates and then yoga about 2x a month. I was also really busy back then and not trying to add much more and just focus on making those things a habit.
Since the pandemic I did nothing for months and then one day I snapped and my sister and I started getting up at anywhere between 6-8AM to do … something. My parents have a lot of gym equipment so we use that if it's raining, mostly we bike (it's not too hot out that early), sometimes we do general strength training (what I remember from TRX mostly lol) or use the treadmill. And now the pilates gym is open again and I'm so excited, and I can go back to very small yoga classes too.
It's been really helpful for me to keep the focus OFF of weight and body changes. I'm doing it for mental health and physical health to improve my cardiovascular fitness and maybe build some strength and improve my posture and flexibility. Also to have fun and make my days better. I have this mindset where any exercise>no exercise and if I don't enjoy it then I won't do it so I might as well have fun.

Anonymous 10645

I try to exercise about 10 minutes a day bc can't motivate myself to do more than that.
I keep from getting bored by finding new workout videos on youtube when I get bored of one. There are lots to choose from, so I never run out of new ones.
One female fitness youtuber I like is Pamela Reif. Her videos mostly don't contain any talking, they're short and to the point, as well as effective.

Anonymous 10209[Reply]

Reusable pads
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Anonymous 10222

this. i struggled with the learning curve so badly though but it's all good now. i think i would probably use period underwear or a cloth pad for the heavy days

Anonymous 10235

I used washable pads for a few months and really liked them, but it freaked out my boyfriend that I would wash them in the laundry machine, so I stopped using them.

Anonymous 10248

why should it? it's perfectly clean

Anonymous 10249

to people who use these: can you feel the blood when you wear these like how you can feel it when youre wearing a pad or does it feel dry? im curious about period panties but the feeling of the blood is why i dont wear pads and im wondering if i should just stick with tampons.

Anonymous 10644

Yes, a reusable pad can feel wet, just like a disposable pad. If you like tampons, maybe try the cup?
Personally I hate putting things up my vag, but a lot of people love the cup.


loungewear thread Anonymous 10580[Reply]

What do you femanons wear at home? Any tips on feeling cute and comfy? A lot of loungewear I see is hideous unless you're a stacy who looks fab in anything.
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Anonymous 10589

I like wearing granny nighties.

Anonymous 10591

Nightdress & dressing gown

Anonymous 10612

I just wear a tshirt & undies and if I need to leave my room I put on shorts.

Anonymous 10624

I wear a regular shirt and male shorts[they feel very comfortable ngl]

Anonymous 10639

terrycloth PJs are GOAT


Healthy comfort foods Anonymous 1920[Reply]

Habitual eater here, I want to take better care of my health and skin and not eat as much crap. What are nice non-garbage comfort foods?

I crave salt more than anything.
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Anonymous 6514

Cook up oatmeal (the stovetop kind) throw it into a bowl, then mash a banana into it while it's still warm & throw some fruit on top, or honey or agave. I add peanut butter & vanilla protein powder on days I need a post-workout snack.

On a similar note, but on the savory side: cauliflower rice (or whatever rice you have) mashed up with avocado + an over-easy egg on top + spices. I add veggies depending on how hungry I am, usually I throw in some sauteed kale.

Anonymous 10579

apples + peanut butter or almond butter

Anonymous 10619

Oh yeah that is a very tasty combo. Peanut butter goes well with bananas also.

Anonymous 10631

Thank you for reviving my thread Anon but I regret to inform you that I'm allergic to all three of these things lmao, I'm sorry. Thank you for posting

Anonymous 10637



Anger Anonymous 10585[Reply]

Does anyone have any good tips on controlling and losing anger?

I can't remember what it was like to not be angry and misthropic all the time. I just want to let go and enjoy life and maybe believe in people again. But it's so hard and I just hate people, they can be so rude, mean and fucking retarded.
I read somewhere about killing the ego. Like I understand that I'm not the greatest or the smartest and make a lot of mistakes myself. But that doesn't help me when I face entitled customers. And I don't like the whole "you don't know what they're going through," speach because to me it doesn't justify shitty behavior. And then on the internet sometimes its inevitable seeing something upsetting.

Anonymous 10586

It's tough when you have to deal with shitty people at work. Do your best to consume positive shit and surround yourself with positive people when you're outside work. There are some positive or chill threads here on cc, stick to reading those rather than the upsetting ones if you can. Listen to music with positive or motivational messages. Avoid watching the news, you're probably not going to do anything with most of the info you hear anyway.
Also, do some intense cardio workouts, they can be very grounding and release any pent up energy. Maybe get a punching bag and take your anger out on that. Try some mindfulness meditations as well, so you don't ruminate on the things that make you angry and feel that way for longer than necessary. It won't stop you from getting angry when a shitty person is talking to you, but will help you to release that anger as soon as the unpleasant conversation is over.

Anonymous 10587

>retail / customer service
Fuck. I feel bad for you.
Working retail myself has turned me into an ageist. I can't stand old people anymore.
My soul sucking job is shit enough without some boomer getting pissy because they can't read a sign or do basic math.
I've been working retail for 5 years now in a tourist heavy area, and i've never had someone my age or younger cause problems for me or my coworkers.

"You dont know if theyre having a bad day" is, and always has been a shit justification. There's no excuse to take out your emotions on someone who had no involvement with your mood.

The easiest way to stay sane and not snap in situations like that is to have good people around you that you can laugh things off with.

I remember some grandma with one foot in the grave came up to me to buy something that $19.99. She had a coupon that was "get 10% off of your next purchase!" And I offered to bend the rules a bit and give her a coupon someone left that was "get $4 off your next purchase of $20 or more!" But the catch was, she needed one more item to apply for the coupon since she was under $20. Even one of the shitty $0.25 lolipops would have worked for the coupon. But she vehemently refused to use the coupon I offered her and thought I was trying to scam her.

I even did the pencil and paper math to show that she'd save more money and she just didn't believe me. This bitch went "you work retail. I don't know if your math is right."
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 10588

>working customer service
Yeah, that'll do it. I also work customer service and some truly awful people come to my register.
I get mad easily, too, but one thing that helps me a lot is remembering this mantra:
"Don't let that person live rent free in your mind."
You can't control what someone does but you can control how you react to it.
Don't allow them to affect your emotions like that, they don't deserve that privilege.
Also, breathe.

Anonymous 10636

Just realize there is nothing to be gained by being angry. Next time it happens, don't give a shit. Oh sure you may feel that anger rise in you, but just let it pass on through. Don't focus on it mentally, if you feel it effecting you physically, take some deep breathes and force your body to calm down. You will fail, you will fuck up, you will succeed eventually.


Anonymous 10525[Reply]

I'm a flat-chested girl and i hate hucows!!
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Anonymous 10609

i'm sorry to hear anon, that's terrible

Anonymous 10611

what is a good archery beginner kit?

Anonymous 10613

20 to 30 pound draw recurve bow. Just look it up on ebay, or aliexpress or whatever you want.

Anonymous 10616

could anyone tell me where is this girl from

Anonymous 10617

manga called my lesbian experience with loneliness


Anonymous 10551[Reply]

Anyone else here who just knows they have some illness just because they want the suffering that is existence to not be as bad as it appears? I know im not supposed to feel and look as awful as i do. Its mainly just extreme fatigue and depression and looking way too old for my age. Right now im considering its pcos, which is actually probable. Im gonna go on a keto diet now but not immediately because i have bananas i must eat why the fuck have i bought bananas goddamnit. Please god someone tell me its all treatable
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 10553

samefag but forgot to mention, try supplementing with vitamin d as well! Unless you take a multivitamin that has that already. It's another common deficiency that can cause depression, and it's safe to take even if you haven't gotten your levels tested.

Anonymous 10554

Thank you for replying to my thread despite it being quite retarded. Yeah, maybe i wont go for a full keto diet before doing some more research, but a low carb one is atleast recommended for pcos. It just would be nice if there was one simple cure for everything instead of the combination of supplements, an overly complex diet, meds and exercise. :/

Anonymous 10571

if you really think it's PCOS, look into inositol. pretty harmless food supplement that can significantly improve symptoms.

Anonymous 10573

>keto increases body fat
Why do you talk so much shit I lost half my body weight from keto and fasting and no I did not put it back on.

Anonymous 10575

weight does not equal fat but ok anon
According to this:
keto resulted in increased protein loss, and loss of other non-fat weight.
Losing muscle isn't healthy anon. Not all weight loss is good for you.
Also I noticed you said "keto and fasting", not just keto. If you did lose fat, don't you think it might have been the fasting? Cuz when you fast, you don't consume fat, like you do when eating keto. Who knows, you might have lost more fat and less muscle if you alternated between fasting and a normal healthy diet rather than alternating between fasting and keto.
Not trying to talk shit, btw, just trying to keep people from following fad diets that are probably unhealthy according to the evidence we currently have.


Pubic hair Anonymous 3508[Reply]

Do you shave everything, trim it? Have you gotten laser?

I want to keep my vagina as smooth as possible but that's not easy with a razor
54 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 10061

>pay for a stranger to rip a layer of vag off
>treat to myself

Anonymous 10062

I mean hey I don't blame her. I've been thinking of getting it done myself because it helps to have an extra set of eyes get off all the hair. Sort of like getting your hair done. Sure you can do it yourself, but the second person is going to be able to see more of your hair and be more precise in getting it all off.
Thank you for the explanation anon! I might try it soon, but I'm really scared that it's going to hurt when I do it >~<

Anonymous 10063

Treat yourself and don't put yourself through pain that will last a week.

Anonymous 10320

Can anyone recommend hair removal cream that's safe for people with sensitive skin (especially sensitive down there)? Probably a dumb ask but I'm really hoping there is some because the idea of bringing anything sharp near there and accidentally cutting it or something else painful makes my skin crawl

Anonymous 10321

Don’t hair remove, it will still be super itchy when it grows back and irritating. Just trim your hair.

Anonymous 10494[Reply]

What kind of girl are you?
6 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 10502

I watched the vid and I'm not sure why people in this thread are saying it's spreading NLOG shit or why they're talking about makeup…Literally both "types" of girls are wearing makeup in the vid and it says to like yourself whichever type you are? That said, I think the video is dumb, confusing, and full of false dichotomies. I eat pizza sometimes and salads during other times, who would've thought that's possible amiright?

Anonymous 10503

We have a word for them: tradthots

Living for male approval makes you a pickme, whether it’s in a trad or NLOG sort of way. It’s not a look, it’s an intention.

Anonymous 10505

most men prefer "natural beauties" and cry about being deceived by women having gold eyelids kek. if anything wearing makeup is based because men hate it.

Anonymous 10524

not all of this infighting…who cares if you wear makeup or not, are traditional or not, dress modestly or not. a pickme is a pickme because of the intentions behind their behavior and influence of the male gaze, not the superficial actions.

Anonymous 10560

i fucking knew it

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