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The X Effect Anonymous 1[Reply]

The X Effect started on reddit as a method of forming habits and building willpower.

The idea is to track the habit you want to form for 49 days on a 7x7 grid. Each day you cross off a box if you did the thing, and you try and keep the chain of X's going for the whole 7 weeks. The theory is if you can do something every day for 7 weeks then you can keep doing it.

I've been using it to form basic morning/night routines and it's been really helpful, not only for motivation but also for accountability and tracking my progress. Have any of you tried this before?
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Anonymous 7266

Just want to bless this entire OP because getting into this was the single most beneficial thing at helping me move forward and deal with my depression and I can't recommend it enough to you all, so bump bump bump

Anonymous 7281

thanks for bumping. I hadn't seen this thread before but now I'm inspired and I'm gonna try this out! I would like to track healthy eating habits

Anonymous 7288

This has really been helping me. But I've realized once I go past 4-5 things I start dropping the difficult ones and then just dropping all but the easiest. Anyone else have this problem or am I just lazy? (or both?)

Anonymous 7289

That may be from trying to form too many habits at once. Why not focus on 3-4 for the first 7 week cycle and then evaluate later?

Anonymous 7432

update: I started small with brushing teeth before bed and keeping a gratitude journal. I'm on day 26 of brushing before bed and day 20 of gratitude journaling (only missed one day total). it feels really good to mark of each evening! I want to incorporate some new habits soon


Anonymous 7023[Reply]

What are your thoughts on short hair for women?
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Anonymous 7204

woah she looks fantastic with that cut

Anonymous 7205


Anonymous 7211

I love it. I think buzzcuts or bobs look the cutest. Wish I could do that with my hair but it’s pretty curly.

Anonymous 7214



Anonymous 7428


cutting my hair short was my salvation. it looks absolutely amazing and is extremely easy to take care of (a blessing during depressive months)

do it!!!!!!


When did you get your first period? Anonymous 4796[Reply]

As the title says.
I have a friend that has an 8yo daughter and she already has hairs under her arms. My friend is a little bit freaked out because she doesn't want her 8yo to get her period yet. I mean, who would want that?
I got mine when I was 11 or 12, and so did my friend. Do you guys think this is genetic? We've read stuff online about it but we want to hear your opinion. Also she has gone to the doc before and even though her daughter is not showing any "puberty signs", the doctor said that nowadays is normal to get their period earlier than before.
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Anonymous 7300

>Also I have noticed that girls who have early period tend to be plumpier and more curvy than other girls.

That's just your wishful thinking.
Periods usually end your growth so if anything the girls who get them later should be bigger.

Anonymous 7304

I got terrible "stomach" pains days before my period came for the first time. My parents took me to the doctor and got me all sorts of tests and an endoscopy. Then my period dropped and we understood that the stomach pains were actually cramps. Now as an adult I have terribly painful cramps and constantly fuck up my stomach from taking too much ibuprofen. Fuck periods.

Anonymous 7327

Is this true? I grew another 5 inches after I started having periods. I could be an outlier though.

Anonymous 7409

12 years old, in a hotel in Orlando visiting Disney world with my family. Got up In the middle of the night to go pee and noticed blood in the stool. Didn’t really surprise me, I knew my period would’ve come eventually sooner or later. I didn’t feel any pain the first few times they happened. Regarding age, I have a 8 year old god-sister who has already started her period.

Anonymous 7426

i was 10, it was a night and i had to pee. i felt something thick sliding down and when i looked down it was what i now know to be a muscle lump. i freaked out bc we never had conversations about it and shouted for my mom. she came in and told me to shut up bc dad was sleeping (walls were made of cardboard), then just helped me put on a pad and said "this means youre a grown up girl now!", telling me how hers went and yada yada. in retrospect telling me to shut up about it wasnt the best thing to do but in general it was an okay experience. my next one was ~6 months after that when i was 11.
my mom and aunts all had their periods at 12-14, so my mom went crazy going to endocrinologists etc. with me about it. it paid off in a way that we found out early that i had pcos and could then treat it.
after this, my sister got assessed early on and now she gets hormone blockers.

>the docs also told me basically what says pesticides, fertilizers and all the crop protection products they grew up in the middle of were endocrine disrupters that could cause early puberty amongst females."
the docs also told me the same thing fam, but the twist was that meat these days has a lot more endocrine hormones (so that it grows faster), which causes the girls who eat it develop faster than in the past.

>girls who have early period tend to be plumpier and more curvy than other girls.



Anonymous 6443[Reply]

Endometriosis is a disorder where the lining of the uterus, the endometrium, grows where it's not supposed to - in and on the Fallopian tubes and ovaries.

Wonder what that feels like?

A study of people with endometriosis got the following descriptions:


>dragging pain to the legs
>shooting rectal pain
>sense that insides are being pulled down

Anonymous 7328

I had it for idk, 15 years or so. Used several different versions of hormonal birth control including Depo. Only thing that worked was stopping my periods completely. I didn't have a bunch of excessive bleeding, but holy shit the pain. Never passed out from it but came close a few times. My stomach is permafucked from years of taking NSAIDs because Tylenol wouldn't even touch the pain and nobody likes prescribing opioids for chronic or recurring pain for obvious reasons. Weed helped, but it was still illegal back then (go-to-prison illegal, not just ticket illegal) so I only used it a couple times. Drinking helped but I don't recommend it for obvious reasons. Valerian root and heating pads or hot showers helped a tiny bit but not enough to make it possible to function.

Eventually had a complete hysterectomy because I also had PMDD and nothing was really helping that very much. Even the shot didn't really totally get rid of it, and for some reason I started having breakthrough symptoms between shots. Between the two, my life was damn near unlivable. Now I'm living that childfree life, and if I end up getting osteoporosis, well, at least I had a few good decades which is more than I would've gotten otherwise.

Anonymous 7411

I have suspected for years I have this. I get intense pain when standing for even just short periods of time when I'm on my period and I have to consistently sit down as the pain around the top half of my legs and vaginal opening is so intense its unbearable. I've been to the doctors about it and all they did was prescribe me some high level pain killers but I live in the UK so trying to get a referral to a gynaecologist is like pulling teeth.

Anonymous 7420

My sister has this and Im so thankful I dont have it, too.

I did, however, have an ovarian cyst that got so bad it swelled to the size of a fist and almost killed me. So now I'm missing an ovary. I'd get birth control if it didn't require a prescription in my state (southeastern US, no health insurance)


permanent curls Anonymous 7390[Reply]

yay or nay?

I'm thinking about doing them soon.

Anonymous 7392

If you work anywhere near machinery, hard no. I've seen enough videos from china…

Anonymous 7412

They're nice if you have a nice face, but are known to accentuate ugly features.

Anonymous 7413

str8 haired bitches really think this lmao


permanent makeup Anonymous 7391[Reply]

What's your thoughts on it?

I love it. I just woke up and looked at myself and I'm so glad that I've got my lashes done, tomorrow I'm going to do my lips tattoed and I'm considering doing permanent eyeliner. Yesterday I went to work like a champ without putting any makeup on and still looked decent because of my lashes and microbladed brows.

This helps so much because I'm really awfull at makeup.

Anonymous 7395

I don't know, I mean maybe if you look really shit without makeup.

Anonymous 7396

I don't like it at all.. it just feels like you lose all your naturality. You're on makeup all the time. I wouldn't be able to stand it

Anonymous 7398

I think eyebrow and eyelash tinting is great if you're someone who will only fill them in and wear mascara each day anyway. but I don't know about permanent eyeliner or tatooed lips?? I feel like dying hair is one thing but tattooing seems more extreme to me. I wouldn't go that far.

but, it's up to the individual and if its what you really want and it'll make you happy then go for it!


[health] I think I might have vaginismus Anonymous 7222[Reply]

How do I know for certain?

I tried to put in a tampon for maybe the tenth time this weekend when I went to the beach and I literally couldn’t. It burned and was just extremely painful the whole time. I’ve never had sex but I was molested as a kid. What do I even do? Will sex be really bad forever? I kind of find it hot because I am a masochist mentally but I am worried that it might be really bad for my husband in the future if I am really scared and hate sex because it hurts so bad every time
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 7250

Does it hurt around the entrance (when it stretches/something touches it too hard) or inside your vagina when anything is inserted?

Can you be more specific about where it hurts?

Anonymous 7252

Vaginal pain following trauma is very common. Definitely talk to your gyno about it and also look into seeing a pelvic floor physical therapist if you can.

Anonymous 7253

If I try to insert anything inside it is very painful and feels like a burning, stinging pain

Yeah thinking that's the best option

Interesting, never heard of those

Anonymous 7255

I agree with her, gyno + pelvic floor therapy will help you learn to relax the muscles that are tensing up. Sometimes due to past sexual trauma your body associates sex with pain/abuse/etc so the muscles tense up automatically. You may need to unlearn that response.

Anonymous 7397

I got the exact same. Penetration burns/cramps/stings big time. It hurts on the inside, especially after 2mins with the fibger inside (couldnt fit a benis even if i tried). I can also feel my cervix when im ~2 knuckles deep, although i read thaz thats normal. But shouldnt the cervix go up a bit when youre aroused?
I dont remember any sexual assault during childhood though.
I think it also might be bc my muscles are totally unused to anything down there (never even used tampons before my first time, which failed spectacularly, and masturbating feels as pleasurable as rubbing my arm).


Nail polish collection Anonymous 6196[Reply]

Show off your polish collection
3 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 6623

because doing your own nails is a skill they don't have the dedication to develop. they have to spend money on it and you don't.

Anonymous 6628

Ask to do theirs.

Anonymous 6654

Oooh, what brand is that Blue Siren color? It's beautiful; it looks like a revlon bottle.

Anonymous 7382

Nail polish is actually a really slutty form of make up. ESPECIALLY red nails, disgusting. Lose respect for any girl with it on instantly.

Anonymous 7384

>Oh fuck, that girl has colored nails, WHAT A HARLOT


Yamikawaii Fashion Anonymous 7209[Reply]

Can we have a Yami Kawaii (病みかわいい) thread? I've been really into it recently and it's gotten me really inspired. Thoughts?

Anonymous 7265

Responding but saging because I really feel "ehhh" about YamiKawaii.

I think it's cute and I LOVE the juxtaposition, styles with such contrasts really please my brain, but every yamikawaii person I've met has been fucking insane. Which I guess is part of the culture, but even in Japan the people who look like this and work in the brand shops are batshit. Also OP pic, her hair seems too himegyaru for me to not just be like erugh weeb. Seems outdated. But I guess it's kinda like modern emo so it's gonna feel like that to me.

If you genuinely like it, and are inspired by it, I say do what makes you happy and confident. Just don't become the meme of conforming non-conformist.

Anonymous 7369


I L O V E yami kawaii/menhera and yume kawaii as well even though I still havent gotten over all my nerves wearing alt fashion out


Ass Hair Anonymous 7354[Reply]

My ass hair makes me want to commit Jihad. Does anyone use an epilator?

Anonymous 7355

oh my God. My sister. I really should consider that, but I'm scared it'll fuck up my skin

Anonymous 7356

yep, it's painful as fuck but i'd prefer a few minutes of pain and not having to worry about body hair for weeks then having to shave every other day.

Anonymous 7357


Enjoy your itchy ingrown anus hair!

Anonymous 7358

Just get laser hair removal.

Anonymous 7364


do you all prefer an epilator or waxing? got a brazilian a year ago, it was quite painful but the girl who did it was really kind which kept me from sperging out

if it wasnt so expensive and if i didnt have to interact with another person I would wax more, but it is so hard waxing myself. I've been thinking about using an epilator for different parts of my body, which is the better option in yalls opinions?

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