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Learning beauty from scratch Anonymous 18960[Reply]

Hi /hb/. I'm new to the site.
I was always really shy growing up. I was too quiet and introverted to make friends, and my parents were terrible role models who didn't teach me anything. I'm an adult now, but I don't feel like one at all because of my bad upbringing. Eighteen feels so young, but at the same time, I feel like I completely missed out on girlhood.
When I leave the nest for college, I want to be as confident as other girls my age.
But I never learned anything about makeup, fashion, or anything… I just wore what my parents tossed at me.
I promise I'm not trying to throw a pity party. I'm just really overwhelmed by how big and busy the world outside my town is.
Where do I even start with beauty, fashion, makeup, things like that? I would probably cry if I had to ask this from a classmate I barely know… Please help?

Anonymous 18961

Welcome. I was in the same place as you where I didn't know a thing about any of that. I think you first need to decide what kinds of fashion you like and how you want to present yourself. One resource that helped me was browsing Pinterest for clothing styles that looked good to me, and then looking for similar clothing pieces that go with it. If you're not sure what you like, looking up 'minimalist wardrobe' can give you ideas for some clothing pieces you can mix and match together to get multiple outfits out of, which can give you more of an idea of how to layer clothing and wear different pieces. This similarly applies to makeup. Look for inspiration, watch any of the countless tutorials on YouTube, Pinterest, or even Tiktok if that's your thing. I think going for simple styles of clothes and makeup in the beginning will be a good step. Once you're familiar with that you can feel more confident branching/experimenting into other styles.

As for beauty, you can look up basic beauty routines other people have for some ideas? I think the main things to get into a routine for are washing your face, showering regularly, brushing hair, and applying skincare (which can be as simple as lotion and sunscreen). Starting with that is good, then you can do some research into hair care if that's your thing (like a weekly conditioning mask).

All in all, learning a lot of these things from scratch feels like a lot. Take it one step at a time and good luck

Anonymous 18962

Slight correction- searching up 'capsule wardrobe' will give you more pictures and ideas of sets of clothes that you can make multiple outfits from.


Skin whitening Anonymous 11271[Reply]

Is it possible to actually get pale with products? I see lots of korean beauty influencers getting really pale with creams and stuff but everytime I try them, nothing changes. I feel like nothing ever changes. Same for kojic acid soap. Never did anything! My skin is probably as dark as Salma Hayek. She is a really beautiful woman and I think all skintones can be attractive but me, personally, I don't wanna be dark. Everytime I use a filter that makes me lighter it makes 10x times prettier.
Anyone here tried any cream that worked for them?
(also no point in telling me to love myself blablabla, i do like myself i just wanna be paler it's the same as paler women wanting to get tan. nothing is wrong with it.)
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Anonymous 18750

MJ did it

Anonymous 18751

okay but what's the point of skin whitening if the skin will always be covered

Anonymous 18764

Right now im using hidrógen peroxyde ( 30 volumes)to get my skin more light and it works , I have fair skin but for some reason my armpits and knees seem to be very dark ( compared to my skin tone) the faggot who cuts my hair told me he used hair bleach to clear all his skin and it really works but you can get hurt if you leave it in your skin more than 10 minutes ,I buy one of those boxes that they sell in the supermarket to bleach your hair at home , it was really cheap, anyway I mix the powder and the cream and I apply to my problem areas , wait 10 minutes and I rinse , after two times that I used it i can say my Skin is now all uniform and looks the same tone , be careful , and apply cream once you are finished , because the skin will be very dry, also put a little bit of the bleach in your arm before you do this ( sorry for the gramatical errors English it’s not my first lenguage

Anonymous 18789

Intravenous glutathione and vitamin C

Anonymous 18956

salma hayek isnt even that dark i hope you fail miserably at lightening your skin


Shy bladder Anonymous 18289[Reply]

Do/Did you have shy bladder? How did you overcome it?

I've always had trouble peeing in public places, but nowadays it's the worst, I can be dying to go but my own body shuts down down there and won't let me pee. Of course I end up feeling like shit, very bloated and sick. It still won't come out. How do I even fight this
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Anonymous 18464

aubrey eilish.png

I even hear people farting while they're in the bathroom at my home, so it's a non-issue for me.

Anonymous 18465

Lol how do you cope with the far worse things in the world if you can't even pee in a public bathroom:/

Anonymous 18466

I mean if this gives you anxiety what else gives you anxiety.

Anonymous 18478

I pee fast while flushing. Or I pee discreetly, by putting some paper to avoid water noise and by targeting above the water and by peeing slowly.

Anonymous 18934

I used to whistle while I peed.


Quick weight loss no matter how unhealthy Anonymous 18752[Reply]

So I’ve been a fat piece of shit my entire life but once I had to get on hormones for fucking chemo therapy to work (which didn’t help me lose any weight whatsoever) I gained 30 kg and over the course of 5 years have not been able to lose even a bit. I barely eat, I do strength training and cardio training, walk at least 5 km a day and according to my doctors apparently my blood and organs are all fine and I should just stop stuffing my face :)
I am telling you I am at my fucking limit
I’d rather die than stay fat and I’m too poor to avoid coke
Any recommendations to lose a lot of weight as quickly as possible? The good old finger doesn’t work anymore since it seems I’ve gotten used to it and smoking makes me break out. Help a girl out
P.S. I know I have a severe eating disorder and I’m not the most sane nona around. I’ll get therapy once I’m skinny and pretty
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Anonymous 18840


currently drink pepsi max to substitute desserts when cutting calories, any better alternatives then?


isten to me LISTEN,
calorie counting + calorie deficit + literally any type of exercise that burns calories

drink water, and if u must then just drink water between every glass of coke

when eating check the calorie info shit on the back, it will give u how much thats supposed to be of how much to consume daily, so try to eat less sodium, and a huge tip is to get as much protein as you can eat in, get good sleep and be active after eating (metabolism), pooping is ur friend literally, switch from pop to tea/coffee/some juices, dead ass kool aid pouches arent that many cals per pouch and are so fucking toe curling so good

Anonymous 18881

do keto. keto shake during breakfast if you have to eat, 3 eggs for lunch, steak and salad for dinner. eventually you can fast until 3-4PM and just eat dinner. have a cheat meal every 3ish weeks to stay sane. cut all carbs from sauce and drinks out. I lost about 25lbs last year doing this, then my bad habits came back. When you go off keto, you have to continue eating vegetables and exercising, a restrictive diet like keto helps you plan out your treats and treat them special like they are supposed to be. Stay under 20-25g of carbs, this allows me to have a small bag or two of small chips every day.

Anonymous 18900

Keto takes 2 weeks to set in and if you fail it you reset. This diet is retarded and not quick at all. Just eat less simple sugars and sodium dont completely cut carbs. I don't understand how this shit fad diet is still being propogated in current year.

Anonymous 18922

How do I even lose weight without coffee and amphetamines, I used to fast and exercise daily while restricting but eventually snapped and gained back more than what I lost anyway, I don't know how to soothe myself other than with food.
>Go fix your mental issue
I'm not willing to replace my binge eating addiction with sex, smoking, or gambling. Video games aren't as stimulating/ no longer more pleasurable than food is. Wtf do I do


allergic shiners Anonymous 18908[Reply]

i recently discovered what allergic shiners are. for the longest time i thought i just had undereye circles. it doesnt make sense as i dont have allergies but ive had these since i was young. is it possible to have them from being hit in the nose too much in my teen years? have you had them? how can they be cured?


Thongs suck Anonymous 10665[Reply]

How do I cope with this shit being up my butt all day. My boyfriend likes them but I feel like I'm back in middle school being wedgied.

Would it be shitty to tell him I'll only wear them if he wears thongs too? Could be funny
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Anonymous 10680

Are you washing them at too high a temperature? Using too much spin? A tumble dryer?

Anonymous 11024


Why are you wearing them all day and not saving them for special ocassions if you hate them? Do you wear heels all day too? Ain't no moid that's worth that on this Earth.

Anonymous 11149

i have to wipe my ass with wet wipes to make sure its clean otherwise ill get shit smeared on my thongs

Anonymous 18891

Was your ass when you go

Anonymous 18892

was you your ass what? in outer space?


Kibbe types Anonymous 18912[Reply]

What do you guys think of the kibbe body types?
I think I am a soft dramatic. I think the logic behind how people are typed makes a lot of sense. I like how it can explain why some silloettes look better than others on you and I think its a good tool to help accentuate your features. However I HATE how the followers treat kibbe types like zodiac signs or something, dictating your personality to you and the style in which you dress. I HATE the "diva chic" style pushed on my body type, I want to know what lines to use on my body, nothing more. They also use gross hippie jargon like "essence" and "energy". It kinda ruins it for me.

Whats your kibbe type? Do you agree with how you are typed and told to dress?
4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 18917

I think soft natural? But I find it hard to evaluate tbh, all I'm really sure of is not romantic or dramatic. And yeah followers are super dogmatic and catty about it for no reason

Anonymous 18918

I think gamine recs look best on me but I'm "too tall" to be one according to kibbe followers

Anonymous 18919

I feel like Kibbe type is a bit hard to determine if your face and body are VERY asymmetrical because one time I tried to do sone test and I usually would land on the classic type or something but I feel like it's not me at all. I listened to one video and it made more sense for me to be soft natural or something. However naturals are supposed to have average to tall height and I'm really short so my stature seems closer to gamine and now that I think of it I guess gamine fits me more in the general vibe but it's so confusing

Anonymous 18920

Chauvinistic garbage

Anonymous 18921

I don't really care about this stuff but your OP pic made me want to buy a girdle !


For those struggling with hygiene Anonymous 18888[Reply]

This is what helps for me
Brushing teeth
1. Take out some floss
2. Floss your teeth by tying a circle around each tooth except your molars.
3. Wipe your teeth with
4. Squeeze toothpaste into your mouth
5. Wipe your tongue with a paper towel

Washing your face:
1. Use the bathroom to piss/no. 2
2. Wash hands with soap and rinse hands
3. Put some water on your face.
4. Add bar of soap to your face.

Do you have any additional tips? Especially for showering?


Childfree thread Anonymous 102[Reply]


>"but Anon, you'll want them later!"

Yeah no.
284 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 16096




I don't think pointing out that some women did this to themselves when they could have, I don't know, done literally anything else with their life is the equivalent of putting the blame on women or absolving men. And if women can't self critique and understand how we are culpable in our own oppression, we will never be able to fight it.

Women's tendency to "see the good in men" is mostly rationalizing away their shitty traits in order to be able to accept them as a partner. Most humans - male and female - are afraid of being alone, but also afraid of taking chances with high stakes. That's why people ending up in relationships with someone they've 'settled' for, rather than someone they really desired, is such a prevalent stereotype.

A lot of middle class women who walk willingly into the trap of motherhood do so because they feel bored and all their friends are doing it. It's conformity and, in a way, laziness.

Two of my closest female friends had kids for that exact reason and regretted it after. They also told me I am the only person they've admitted this to. I see them, in front of everyone else, play the Happy Good Mommy For Whom Childbirth Was The Greatest Day Of Their Life.

I would be happy for them if THEY were happy, but they aren't. They're exhausted and they're not allowed to express their true feelings or they'll be labeled monsters and Bad Mothers. They'll keep their mouths shut and keep going through the motions for the next two decades.

And being socialized to not worry about the ability of males as partners to actually act as supportive partners and parents is just another example of how we allow ourselves to be exploited willingly. Women SHOULD care if a man qualifies as a "subpar male" if they want to have a family with him. Does he make very little money and have low self esteem? He's DEFINITELY going to be a shit father.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 16097


I also think women who keep their mouths shut about how shitty motherhood is are, in their own way, class traitors and collaborators.

Girls deserve to know how bad it is. And guess what - women really aren't ACTUALLY protecting themselves by playing The Good Mommy. Society still shits on them if they perform perfectly. Ok, if someone gets demonized if they say anything about regretting having a kid or that it's a miserable existence. So fucking what?? She wasn't lionized as a mother. She's a socially approved domestic slave and a second-class citizen.

Anonymous 16141

True. I also hate how people talk about how much happier moms are than non moms. Any mother will tell you, she’s not actually happier, she’s just too exhausted to pay any attention to anything else besides the kid.

Anonymous 16303

Overpopulation is a myth. It's a misallocation of resources veiled as a "poor people take up too much space" issue. There is more than enough space and resources on this earth, one multibillionaire's wealth could quite literally end homelessness globally or end world hunger but capitalism says it's okay for some of us to hoard wealth because "Well, they earned it!" By exploiting whose labour, I wonder.

Anonymous 18877

Aren't there studies out there that basically state childless people are on average happier than those with children?

Wealth isn't a resource that determines overpopulation because on a basic level money is not necessary to survive. Arable land, water, and food are. The way we use those resources is simply not sustainable, ergo we are overpopulated. Simple as.


How to get rid of double chin Anonymous 18860[Reply]

Hello Nonas, I am 18 and 5'4 but also skinny fat because of my double chin, how do I get rid of it?

Anonymous 18861

by burning fat how you would normally - changing your diet and exercising.
however you could remove it faster and perhaps more effectively surgically, idk about the specific methods but there are some safe and unexpensive(?) ones afaik.
just be careful with fat dissolving injections (like aqualyx) bc they have a pretty rare but present side risk of augmenting the fat in the treated area, which cannot be removed in any known way afterwards.

Anonymous 18863

I tried mewing, it worked for a bit but I still see my double chin.

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