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Thongs suck Anonymous 10665[Reply]

How do I cope with this shit being up my butt all day. My boyfriend likes them but I feel like I'm back in middle school being wedgied.

Would it be shitty to tell him I'll only wear them if he wears thongs too? Could be funny
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Anonymous 10677


Anonymous 10679

Do the H&M panties last you a long time?
Literally all the panties I buy get ruined in the wash after about a year, even the cotton ones, might be cuz I buy the cheapest options, though.
I'm willing to spend more if I know they're gonna last, though.

Anonymous 10680

Are you washing them at too high a temperature? Using too much spin? A tumble dryer?

Anonymous 11024


Why are you wearing them all day and not saving them for special ocassions if you hate them? Do you wear heels all day too? Ain't no moid that's worth that on this Earth.

Anonymous 11149

i have to wipe my ass with wet wipes to make sure its clean otherwise ill get shit smeared on my thongs


Labiaplasty Anonymous 3431[Reply]

Is anyone else considering labiaplasty or has had it performed?

I really want it done.

My labia isn't really that big but you see porn stars who have zero labia lip and since they're featured it makes you feel like that's what is acceptable.. I also think it looks better so I have been insecure about that aspect of myself for awhile.

I want to get it done but I will be horrified if the surgeon doesn't do it probably. I saw some botched images and yikes.
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Anonymous 11114


Anonymous 11116

IDK anon

I'm literally an aspiring surgery addict but I would never recommend it to someone else. You are being put under general anesthetic (something that has a possibility of killing you every time it is done no matter what) to fix a purely aesthetic issue that will leave you unable to walk or sit normally for weeks and potentially ruin your ability to orgasm for the rest of your life because most plastic surgeons are male and do not know clitoral anatomy.

It's not worth the time, money, and pain.

Anonymous 11119

Losing weight if you're obese is objectively healthy, it's not just about beauty, which is subjective. There are dudes who love fatties, after all.
Getting your genitals cut up is objectively unhealthy in most cases (though there may be some cases where it's medically necessary). If you want medically unnecessary surgery down there, yes, you're mentally ill and it's caused by some deep-rooted issue.
I'm not entirely against people getting surgery to boost their confidence in some cases but your analogy that it's the same as a fat person losing weight it shit.

Anonymous 11124

I suggest staying natural. All labias are fine but if it's visible but not big like you said then it's actually perfect. When there is no lip, that's a little too childish, a little bit is sexy.

Anonymous 11125

I was wondering if this could be a porn-induced problem.


weird body stuff Anonymous 7888[Reply]

>what's the weirdest/grossest body thing that ever happened to you?

i might regret asking this but i just had a weird body thing happen and need to feel less alone.

i've had a bump in my armpit for YEARS. over 10 years. Last week it got inflamed and weird. i treated it with hot compresses, neosporin, and hydrocolloid bandaids to draw the gunk out. it calmed down and i thought that was that. but today i looked at it again and it looked black. i freaked out, but then realized that the black was…hair. i had like the world's longest coil of ingrown armpit hair. that must've been growing all the years?? wtf.

share yours.
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Anonymous 11051

I like dancing, and when I rapidly move my upper body in a jerking motion, I get this feeling of being momentarily unable to breathe and like, feel icy wind in my throat accompanied by bad breath. I hope I don’t have some kind of tissue damage.

Anonymous 11058

I had some kind of rash on my arms in my senior year of high school. I had to wear long sleeve shirts that whole year. They tested it and determined it was some kind of biological thing like a parasite or fungus or something but they never figured out what it was. I stopped scratching and it went away.

Anonymous 11084

I have a weird skin-"slice" under my armpit. I hate it. It's ugly. It's not a bump like OP. It's more like a piece of weird skin just coming out of my skin and hanging there.

I thought about cutting it off, but I am just going to let a professional beauty surgeon handle this. Hopefully it won't cost more than a couple hundred euros.

Anonymous 11090

I had some sort of cyst on my back and I just can't stop picking and squeezing stuff like that in the hope it will pop because it irritates me so much which most times makes it way worse, just like that one. It was quite deep under my skin and I tried to cut it open with a razor and accidently went a bit too far, bled like hell and became infected so the cyst got even larger but it just wouldn't give in. Fast forward a week sitting at the dinner table I dropped my spoon and bend down to pick it up, the weakened tissue from the X I cut into it gave up at that point and basically the whole thing unloaded right into my shirt like a nerd on his first date. It even made a faint popping sound. Looking at it my mom told me that I was quite precise with the razor and it looked like someone hollowed out a loaf of bread on my back because of the cuts. It bleed worse than the first time and even my underpants got stained. But the feeling to finally get rid of this thing was grade A 100% heaven.

What you experience is the fluid in your body gaining momentum trough your movement and since the solid part of your stomach moves way faster than the fluid the secondary gets pushed out like a simulated reflux.
The feeling of being unable to breathe is a instinctive reaction of your body to prevent you from inhaling your own stomach acid by accident during sudden movements since acid and lungs seldom get along well.
The icy wind in your throat is actually the feeling of the slightly caustic irritation caused by leaked stomach acid which is also the reason for the bad breath because hydrochloric acid with food crumbs is not quite the most delicious thing. Also for some reason chemically burned mucosa tissue can reek pretty bad.

Anonymous 11115

I have PCOS and insulin resistance so I have acanthosis nigricans on my skin folds.


Diet Thread Anonymous 6210[Reply]

Who here is on a /diet/?

I'm 5'4 and 165lb and trying to lose some weight. I started a diet yesterday. Trying to eat lots of veg and lean proteins and keeping my total calorie intake below 800.I'm so hungry tho
How's your diet going?
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Anonymous 9958

I hope you like white fish because you're going to need to eat a lot of it to get adequate protein on 1200 calories a day. And lots of veggies. I don't suggest doing 1200 kcal for long periods of time unless you're very small. Be kind to yourself.

Anonymous 9962

>i know so many people have heard this, but 1200 calories is what a toddler needs to eat to stay alive.
Christ, I wish people would stop bringing this up as if it's a convincing reason not to starve yourself. A toddler is tiny but they are growing a whole ass body, their caloric needs are completely irrelevant to an adult's and the comparison is pointless. 1200 is an arbitrary number and whether or not it works depends on the individual.

Anonymous 10633

I've been dieting for 1.5 months and lost 10lbs as of today!

I just saw that an Anon upthread was trying to do 1200cal and coincidentally that is my daily goal too. Some days it's really hard, but I've adjusted to the worst cravings. Something I eat a lot is smoked fish on rice cakes. Also lots of meat and vegetables that I make casseroles with. Keeping carbs as low as possible. I replaced most of my sugar with stevia.

Anonymous 10635

im so proud of you anon! i fell off the wagon a bit so this inspires me.

Anonymous 11026

Seconding this blogpost with my own. I lost 50 pounds as a short (like 5') mega fatty (morbidly obese going by BMI) by restricting myself to 800-1200 calories a day. Drank water when I felt hungry to suppress the urge to eat. It felt great and I lost all that weight in like 6 months. But it doesn't work in the long term. At some point the weight lost plateaued and I fell into depression and started eating the same way I used to. I fucked up my metabolism majorly and gained even more weight than I had lost back when I couldn't take it anymore.

Don't be a retard and starve yourself.


Holy Grails Anonymous 9781[Reply]

post your holy grail skin products, hair products, and i guess, makeup
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Anonymous 10173

Showering, then putting on Cosrx Hyaluronic Acid Hydra Power Essence while the bathroom is super humid. Then seal it in with vitamin e oil. My face texture vanished like overnight.

Anonymous 10175

I am HOOKED on liquid keratin.I do my bangs every 2 weeks.

Anonymous 10642

My holy grail for skincare is bentonite clay or "aztec healing clay" mixed with lemon juice, used as a mask at night. It's great for acne and hyperpigmentation.
And before people tell me "lemons are too acidic and super dangerous!" The clay is basic, so you're supposed to mix it with an acid to neutralize it and make it foamy.

Anonymous 10650

Oof…Well I've personally never had that problem anon. I only use it once a week and wash it off once it's mostly dry, plus I use it when I don't have to use my facial muscles at all. Like, when I'm not eating or talking.
Idk if any of that makes a difference, but thought I'd share in case doing it that way helps anyone to reap the benefits while avoiding any side effects.

Anonymous 11002


This stuff is amazing. No crunchiness. Gets flyaways and baby hairs down. Washes out easy. Not greasy. Not too expensive. Don’t need too much. Gets frizziness down so you don’t have a halo of frizz. You may still need to use frizzease or whatever if you got crazy amounts of frizz like me but even frizzease doesn’t help with the frizz halo.

Fuck that it says it’s a men’s product, this shit is absolutely a holy grail.


Beauty Failures Anonymous 3308[Reply]

I just cut a hole in my eyebrow trying to look like Lauren Bacall. How's your Thursday going?

Anonymous 3310


went to the hairdresser to trim bangs and the stylist decided to get creative. i look like a freaking unamused poodle.

Anonymous 3311

>lauren bacall
oh I remember her from various bogie films. She was a top of the line actress. It is good to see young people have not forgotten her and draw inspiration from her.

>just fuck my shit up

Anonymous 4490


I tried to cut my banges into a fringe , but my bangs kept sticking up like in dbz

Anonymous 8122


Are you me? I try to have Patricia Morrison's eyebrows.

Anonymous 10981

use a flat iron bro


Anonymous 9394[Reply]

how to make my breasts bigger? Have you tried anything? Has anything really worked?
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Anonymous 10521

>tall with 32F tiddies
Are you a lesbian or at least bi?

Anonymous 10522

for me they grew with birth control but i started when i was 18, i take belara. does come with pain though and was only 1 cup (b->c).

no it does not work. it is genes and hormones and weight. the reason weight gain works is the adipose tissue.

no offense but you sound abit young, boobs grow as you age and breasts will be replaced by the firm youthful tissue with adipose tissue as you age. you already do store fat in your boobs but a miniscule amount that increases w/ age..

Anonymous 10691

You sound like a shitty friend lmfao

Anonymous 10692

sounds like you have shitty friends lmfao

Anonymous 10979

get fat


Life Makeover Thread Anonymous 10937[Reply]

A thread for anyone who is trying to improve some aspect of their life to discuss, give tips, post sources for improvement.
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Anonymous 10966


There are so many butt workouts on Youtube. I do barre and pilates inspired workouts and they work really well for building muscle and sculpting.

Anonymous 10967


I really encourage you to go. Our stories are different , but going to a counselor for just a brief time during my early 20's helped me go form failing an entire semester of college and fantasizing about crashing my car every time I drove, to successfully re-enrolling and getting my life together.

If I hadn't taken the step to get help and work out my issues I most likely would have never gone back to school or maybe even acted out on my fantasies.

Anonymous 10968


I quite enjoy School of Life. The guy has a soothing, re-assuring voice and really knows how to phrase things in a way that gives you key messages to take away and practice with. The concepts and ideas they talk about aren't groundbreaking by any means, but I appreciate the effort they put in to break down bigger concepts into bite sized videos that I can throw on whenever I'm overthinking myself into oblivion.

Anonymous 10969

Is it just me, or is the biggest difference between "curvy" and "average" the fact that "curvy" has fake boobs and "average" has the natural breast shape?

Anonymous 10970

I don't give a shit what they want. I want the chubby body honestly but I don't have an hourglass figure so it bunches up on my gut. Sad times.


/thrift/ Anonymous 993[Reply]

>throwing money at the big textile
>current year
Who /thrift/ here?
37 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 8687

Has anyone used ThredUp? It's an online thrift store.

I've gotten a lot of stuff off of that site lately, like a brand new pair of shell toe addidas and a nice gap trenchcoat. All were reasonably priced for the item and quality. It's not "thrift store" prices, but you can narrow down your fav brands and styles, and they offer nice discounts. It's for sure cheaper and more "ethical" than buying muhfastfashun

Anonymous 8688

why do americans only have the cool stuff
t. coping pleb

Anonymous 10180

My city is THE main hellscape when it comes to vegan hipsters who suck all the good items from thrift shops/who open a store and sell a rugrats tshirt with a hole on the belly for 30€.
So I dont even bother.

Id much rather thrift online but wjete should i go??? Ebay here is shit upon shit, other shops ive seen are scams and come out pricier than if you buy new. Someone please give me good recommendations!!!

Anonymous 10183

thrifting sucks sm where i am. there's literally no clothes in my size ever, and the prices are barely cheaper than in stores.

Anonymous 10641

Poshmark is great for finding nice vintage clothes.
You can also find things for quite cheap. Often people try to sell their shit there before moving and have these "everything must go" sales where they almost give things away for free.


Growing out hair Anonymous 10659[Reply]

Does anyone have tips for keeping your hair healthy as you grow it out? My hair is almost at my butt, but I’ve noticed I get a lot of split ends even though I try to cut them.

Anonymous 10660

I like to apply a DIY mask to my hair once every month or so to help keep it soft and prevent split ends. I use one egg yolk and one cup of mayonnaise, whisk it together, apply it to my hair, and then leave it on under a shower cap for at least thirty minutes.

Another thing I can recommend to keep it healthy is to condition a lot. I only shampoo twice a week or so, but I use conditioner every time.

Anonymous 10661

Friction causes split ends for me. I also make diy hair masks just like the anon above but with avocado too.

Anonymous 10662

Back when I used to keep my hair long, I used to make hair masks from hibiscus leaves. Just stick them in a blender and it makes this really slimy goo. It leaves your hair feeling super soft and moisturized. I recommend washing with cold water, as heat damages hair and because hair is made from dead cells, the damage never really get repaired (except when the hair grows out and gets replaced).
Also, you can get rid of split ends without having to make your hair shorter by twisting your hair and just trimming the ends which stick out.

Anonymous 10664

Don't use any heat products at all. No hairdryer, let hair air dry.

Use the conditioner that comes with home hair dye, it is the strongest. They sell it separately.

Use sulphate free shampoo - look up the product list on r/curlyhair.

Don't pile your hair on your head when you wash it as it causes tangles.

Don't brush wet hair.

Sleep on a silk pillowcase and only use silk hair bands.

Keep your hair in a loose plait when not going anywhere to stop it getting tangled and needing brushed more.

Have someone you trust trim a few centimetres offf your hair every few months. Don't go to a hairdresser, they are always obsessed with cutting long hair short for some reason.
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