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Anonymous 3712[Reply]

What's your favorite scent?

Any particular perfume you really hate?
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Anonymous 3722

Just some comments I've read. It doesn't really bother me! I do tend to like more old-lady scents anyway.

Awesome, I'll go cop some free samples at Sephora tomorrow :)

Anonymous 3745

I've always wanted to ask other people if they feel turned on by male deodorant scents too. Maybe it's just my lack of contact with men, but hnng!

Anonymous 3746

It's definitely your lack of contact with men that's doing this to you. You're literally turning into one of those women from those stupid body spray commercials that aired a long time ago. You're probably not the only one.

Anonymous 3747

Lust by Lush, I've been wearing it for 3 years

Anonymous 3748

I like it, too. probably for the same reason, anon-chan.


Piercings and other body modifactions thread Anonymous 2912[Reply]

Do you have any piercings/body mods? Are you happy with them?Planning to have more in the future?
What are your thoughts about them?Let's discuss.

I have 7 holes in my ears so far (two for industrial piercing,one for tragus,two for earlobe and two for cartilage)I plan a smiley piercing and one daith,nothing more.I always wanted piercings around my mouth (snake bites etc.) but i fear that it'll affect my career in a bad way so i mostly avoid my face.
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Anonymous 3183


I got one on my right ear first so I could still sleep on my left side (side-sleeper here)
Honestly, I couldn't feel any pain or itching one day after I got it and I had no complications even though I was travelling in a van so it's a really simple piercing that heals pretty fast (for me at least)

Anonymous 3188


I got all of my then six ear lobe piercings (unfortunately, now it's just 4 because I lost two earrings while sleeping and the holes closed) at the same day no prob. Just sleep on your back for a couple of days and you're set

Anonymous 3189

Thanks anons!
I think I'll go one by one or ear per ear

Anonymous 3709

Yeah, I got -

-Ears pierced but the holes are a bit too big to wear normal piercings so they need a big back ect. from when I was in HS and decided stretchers were cool.

-Nose piercing on the side (used to be each side), And my septum.

-And a bridge piercing which I suggest people think LONG AND HARD about getting before getting one as I didnt.. Mine for some reason gets a horrible bump continuously which has made a scar beside it and doesnt look very good, TBH I wish I never got it.

Anonymous 3711

I have a nose ring aside from my ear piercings! Sometimes I forget and then I'll see myself in the mirror. I wear a hoop in it because I think it makes me look tougher or more edgy, lol


"second puberty" Anonymous 2819[Reply]

Does anyone else notice significant changes in their body since entering their 20's? I've had a pretty brutal experience so far and these things never really affected me as a teenager. I get acne, raging pms hormones, super sore breasts, cramps, and disgusting cravings, I'm really sick of it.
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Anonymous 3681


trying to! skin is back under control and I've added anti-aging measures too. The weight loss is less clear to me, I was thin my whole life without exercising and so it feels so mysterious and slightly embarrassing to me. Like if I went to the gym or someone saw me running outside I would feel so embarrassed? I know that's stupid.

Anonymous 3682

>I was thin my whole life without exercising and so it feels so mysterious and slightly embarrassing to me
It's called a slow metabolism, which has unfortunately caught up in pace, for you.
>if I went to the gym or someone saw me running outside I would feel so embarrassed
>I know that's stupid
It's very stupid. You need to get this under control, before it gets any worse. You don't have to leave your house for fitness, anyway. Homegyms are way less expensive than memberships. All you need is a bar, plates, a mat, and confidence!

Anonymous 3700

why would i mean 2pm? I mean i can barely stay up until 2 in the morning before i crash and have to sleep. i've always been a night owl, but i know people shift as they get older, and i think that's slowly happening to me.

Anonymous 3701

Wasn't understanding what words meant. Sorry. It's good you're getting your sleeping patterns right. Always sleep before the witching hour!

Anonymous 3708

Same here.. Kinda? I was tiny and I put on 13 Kilos recently and its all gone to my stomach, I read that apparently its gone there to protect my reproduction organs? Only time in my life Ive started to exercise aha.


Vitamins and Supplements Anonymous 2481[Reply]

Do you take any vitamins or supplements (herbal or otherwise)?

If so, is it for any health deficiency or as a boost?

If not, would you ever want to try any?

Related: How do you know if they work? Do you trust any of this?
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Anonymous 3592

been debating taking vitamin D in the winter. i live in canada and was just discussing with friends the other day how all the milk here is fortified with vitamin D because in the winter it's literally not possible for even a pale ass white person like me to get enough. also heard a TA in uni say it helped her with energy levels, but that's super anecdotal so idk. does anyone have any experience with that?

Anonymous 3594

I can tell you my experience with it.

I live in a tropical country that is sunny and hot almost every day of the year, so because of that I didnt like staying outside too long, would just go out to get in the car or so. But then I noticed that I was getting a cold literally every week, it was so annoying. Anyway I read about how your body needs vitamin D, etc etc so I started going out for a short walk every day, morning and afternoon and since I started doing that I havent gotten sick, not even once! All these years fighting these colds and the only thing I needed was to walk outside for a bit under the sun!

tl;dr: yes vitamin D helps a lot.

Anonymous 3598

The best way to know is to get your levels checked.

I live in a very sunny, temperate place and my vitamin D levels are ridiculously low.

Anonymous 3606

yeah, that's fair; I know my sister takes vitamin D but that was because she started fainting and apparently that's what the doctor recommended after her bloodwork or sth… idk all the details. but maybe if it's a problem for her it would be for me?
i honestly don't feel bad during the winter or anything, but I'm wondering if it would make a difference.
I gotta go to the doctor anyway i suppose… might as well check

Anonymous 3706

I take a multi vitamin and some sort of hair/nails vitamin because my BMI was 14.

Not sure if it helps though and It gives me neon piss which apparently is like pissing money down the drain (Or so I read) Because its the extra unneeded vitamins but I could be wrong.


Alternative Sports Anonymous 1956[Reply]

Who here does alternative sports?

I hate going to the gym/doing regular fitness classes so I usually try to find something a bit different to get my exercise!

Horseback riding, rock climbing, dance, and whatever else can be categorized as alternative sports are super fun and usually provide a different type of exhaustion in my opinion, I love doing them!
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Anonymous 3600

I want to try roller derby, but I'm afraid having been sedentary for so long it might break me.

Anonymous 3613

I did HEMA for a few months and would really love to do it again when I can. It's basically kendo but with longswords.

Anonymous 3687

I used to do tae kwon do and I'm trying to pick it back up. Fencing is a really fun sport I always recommend, the only annoying thing is getting the gear

Anonymous 3688

this is lowkey really inspiring

Anonymous 3702

I did archery in my early teen years because I wanted to live the high fantasy life but I gave it up when my depression got bad and getting up early on a Sunday morning became impossible. I keep thinking I should take it up again because I still have all the kit (and I've not grown since then) but joining a club is difficult because they're filled with older men and I just don't fit in.


Anonymous 3403[Reply]

How can you properly use this in order to avoid infections?
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Anonymous 3414

Does anyone have any menstrual cup recommendations? I’m thinking about going with the MeLuna since it’s customizable but I don’t know anyone who uses it…

Anonymous 3416

I like pads because to this day tampons are still uncomfortable no matter how I insert them. I doubt I could use a cup though I'd give it a try if I could use tampons. I don't know the reason since I'm normal according to the gynos I've seen.
As long as you change pads regularly, they're great and feel more natural. The only downsides imo are that they're not very eco friendly and that they can be annoying on hot days.

The brand (tampons, pads, cups) really matters a lot because some still can have toxic materials.

Anonymous 3641

there are also reusable cloth pads as an option. I've been thinking about that for a long time (but I skip my period most of the time so never get around to it lol). apparently they really don't smell that bad and are pretty absorbent. I hate tampons, will only wear them if I have to go swimming when I'm on my period.
but other than that yeah I totally get you- pads are literally fine. I really like those infinity foam ones that always has- I can barely feel them.

Anonymous 3685

those helped me out a ton when i was struggling financially last year. basically just scrub them down with water (admittedly this can get gross but as long as you wash your hands and skin afterwards you're fine) and then soak them in bleach and soapy at the end of the day and you're good to go. they also cut down on waste, which is nice too

Anonymous 3686

*sink, not skin


Review and beauty blogs Anonymous 1257[Reply]

A lot of it seems to be video nowadays, which I really dislike. What are your favourite blogs that still post pictures and written content instead of filming a vlog? I'm particularly interested in nail art and reviews of makeup and hair products. But anything goes!

Anonymous 3636

I tend to gravitate towards skincare/makeup blogs, and prefer hobby enthusiastics to sponsored "gurus."


If there are any that you are interested in knowing more about, I can give a short blurb about why I follow a particular blog (inspo, tutorials, information, reference, I just like the blogger's personality, etc).


Anonymous 861[Reply]

Do you know anyone who has had a tumor or cancer?
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Anonymous 867

You guys complaining is off-topic. This is a health board, I dont see how OP "needs to lurk moar".

The closest one to me was my sister, she had a brain tumor when she was like 10 or so.
Some older people in my family had cancer, it seems to run on my mother's side. Tbh im not worried of cancer as much as I'm worried of alzeheimers.

Anonymous 868

Someone very close to me has over 50 non-cancerous tumors b-but is there a question you have? A specific one?

Anonymous 869

I have an interesting story. My grandmother lived with a brain tumor for most of her life up until she had brain surgery to have it removed. The really fascinating bit was that the doctors discovered that the tumor was actually supposed to be her twin sister that never fully developed in the womb or something like that. She was also told that they could run a story on her and make her famous, but she basically told them to fuck off because she didn't want other people knowing her business lel. Well I think that happened some time around the '80s and she had another brain surgery awhile after that, both of them really shortened her life span so I didn't get to know her that well before she started turning senile and passed away.

Anonymous 3595

my boyfriend has had a benign brain tumor since he was 12. he's 23 now and gets it monitored every year or so.
when we first started dating it was really hard to deal with, especially because the first christmas we were dating he got some news that there was evidence of blood flow into the tumor (which basically means metastasis and things getting Bad Fast). He saw his neurosurgeon a week after we got back to classes and he said that something like a 10% chance of permanent hand weakness was still too much of a risk to operate which was a real relief. after that the blood flow went away and nobody really knows why, and it's been calm ever since.
it really threw into perspective for me how I can't take him for granted. I live every day knowing tomorrow his tumor could up and decide to be malignant, and it forces me to realize how anyone can really be taken away at any point. which sounds stressful but is really helpful to me tbh; it makes me appreciate people more. besides, every time I think about our relationship so far, I don't regret it for a second and I wouldn't regret it if he died tomorrow. of course I hope he has some Medical Mystery tumor that never ever does anything ever for the rest of his life, but one day at a time i guess.
(and yes i know this affects him more than me, but i can't speak to his experience obvi).

Anonymous 3622

Both of my grandmothers had cancer,
paternal with liver (who passed), maternal with cervical (had a hysterectomy, still with us).

And my uncle passed from esophageal/stomach cancer.


Anonymous 3522[Reply]

Thoughts on the nopoo meme?
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3524

I heard that it doesn't get too bad if you hydrate it often and at the end of every week use shampoo to deal with the greasiness

Anonymous 3525

I'm not totally "nopoo", but I rarely wash my hair (once a week is the minimum). I have very long hair, so it's not that bad, but I'm sure for shorter haired people it isn't viable. I get plenty of compliments on my hair when I'm out and about, and my hair is so much healthier than it used to be when I'd wash it every other day.

My hair type is thick, semi-coarse, and wavy to curly (I can get ringlets if I try, or I can have pin straight hair with work).

Anonymous 3526

I tried it but it didn't work out. It is true that your scalp will get oilier to adjust for being dried the more you shampoo so I guess it makes sense.

After that trial I now shampoo no more than twice a week but at least once which is perfect for me. Only my scalp area and not the lengths, but I let the soapy water run down through my ends when rinsing.

But I know girls that must shampoo at least every other day or it just looks bad. Maybe nopoo is only for some special people and the rest of us are the reason shampoo was invented.

Anonymous 3529

I have a really dry scalp and only wash with conditioner (once every other day). Once a week I'll wash it with shampoo just to get rid of any build up and excess dirt, or if I get paint or dirt in my hair. I could probably lower the shampoo washing to once every 2 weeks.

Anonymous 3597

tried it out for a whole year (baking soda + water for shampoo and vinegar + water for conditioner) and i would change my hair color frequently with bleaching and personally it worked great! it was greasy for awhile but it wasn't a bad kind of grease if that makes sense??
it made my hair softer, thicker, and healthier from all the dye/bleach. my head didn't smell bad either.


CBD Oil Anonymous 3583[Reply]

I think this belongs under health – what are people's experiences with CBD oil? What are you taking it for? What have your results been, if any?

I just started a few weeks ago taking 4 drops under my tongue each night. The store owner really emphasized starting low and slowly increasing if needed. I have not really taken for the past week but want to start it up again. I'm mostly taking it for anxiety? Just to see if it helps at all? I'm also in therapy right now, but figured why not??

Anonymous 3584

I am curious to try it, but it seems to get it from a decent source is quite a bit of cash.

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