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Daily Makeup/Skin Care Routine Anonymous 1258[Reply]

Post what you honestly wear on a daily basis (or at least the days you leave your house if you're unemployed this summer).

Which makeups brands/products do you reach for every day? Do you keep up a skin care routine even on days you skip make up? Discuss.
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Anonymous 15465

that insta is editing photos to make them look worse. i forget how it's done but you change one of the levels in photoshop and everyone looks cakey with huge pores. some people really don't have large pores naturally. most people do have pores like you do though

Anonymous 15474

Your skin's amazing! That's what my skin looks like fresh after washing, a week after diligent skincare and masks etc.

Anonymous 15484

Yes, stop caring about your appearance so much.

Anonymous 15486

The shape of your face and your skin color have nothing to do with hygiene. You are just insecure. Are you showering? Brushing your teeth? Then you’re fine.

Anonymous 15761

recently I got an overnight treatment (Cerave's) and I realize that after a few days of use, there's tiny whiteheads in my usual problem area (around mouth, jaw, chin) which I never get normally. Is this probably an indication that I'm breaking out from it–not purging? My skin is extremely congested and it's the first time I'm using such acids like lactic/glycolic.


Fine hair struggles Anonymous 15061[Reply]

I’m losing hope in ever being able to style my hair and it’s been this way forever. It’s not that it doesn’t grow or that I have hair loss, but the actual strands themselves are thin. So it ends up feeling like I have barely any hair to work with. If I pull it back there might as well be nothing there. Is there any hope for something I can do to change this or do I just resign to wigs and extensions?
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Anonymous 15063

I use castor oil sometimes but I guess it can’t do anything to change the actual density of my hair. I’m thinking I might just need to find some good quality extensions at this point since I’m getting tired of wearing hats all the time

Anonymous 15068

make sure they're clip ins and not glued on since hair glue can cause bald spots over time which would be super noticeable with already thin hair

Anonymous 15739

I have the same issue, my hairs are just naturally thin and extremely frizzy with no rhyme or reason for the frizz. I tried different products including switching up my shampoo and conditioner, hair masks, henna dyeing, simple treatments for frizz, nothing that required an actual stylist though. The only thing that somewhat helped was dyeing my hair a natural color, mainly because the dye I buy coats the outside of the hair shaft and makes it thicker looking. Once the roots grow out it makes my hair start breaking where the dyed part meets the undyed part and I have to dye it much more often than I should to prevent that. I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that my hair is a mess and I've worn natural looking wigs in the past and will probably start wearing them again. I recommend trying out various products and going to a hairstylist for a trim and wash specifically to ask the stylist what she recommends for thin hair. Sometimes they can figure out your holy grail product that can help, though it will be more on the expensive side. If you do go with wigs, get a somewhat pricier one that already has a style that you like to make it easier for yourself. If you take care of it the wig will last a while and make it worth the extra money. Definitely look up how to take care of wigs and lurk in cosplay communities. Also don't let self conscious beat you, plenty of women wear wigs and after wearing one for a while you will start noticing more and more women and even the occasional moid wearing wigs. As long as your wig isn't extremely cheap, flashy, or an obnoxious and obvious color, lots of people won't even notice. Sorry for the long post!

Anonymous 15740

I have fine hair too and I just have a shorter hairstyle like a bob that can be sort of styled in different ways but it definitely isn't gonna get you a lot of crazy options. But it looks good so maybe you can try something smaller like that?

Anonymous 15750

Same here. It really helps to always use a volumizer shampoo, if I use a regular shampoo it just looks worse. I'm annoyed I can't wear most types of hair clips, ties, or pins, they easily fall out. Have you had your thyroid level tested? I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism several years ago and thin hair was one of my symptoms leading up to that. I've been on a medication since and my hair has noticeably thickened up over time but yeah it's still unusually fine, compared to the average girl. I think some of us just unfortunately got stuck with bad genes or something. And yeah like the other poster said, going with a shorter hairstyle can be a good idea, I don't let mine grow out too long myself.


Anonymous 15726[Reply]

i am self conscious that smiling will accelerate wrinkles so sometimes i force myself to not smile but then i hear that smiling makes you beautiful so which is it?
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Anonymous 15729

Do your daily skincare and you should be okay! Dont worry too much smile! I’d rather be with a laughing grandma face rather a grumpy grandma face

Anonymous 15730

I never smile because I have no reason to. I don't have wrinkles but I look ugly regardless.

Anonymous 15731

You will get wrinkles no matter what. Laugh lines make older people look more approachable and nice. Don't sweat it, you will only drive yourself mad like that

Anonymous 15741

Totally worth a thread of its own. May I suggest this already existing thread for your little concerns about skincare?

Anonymous 15749

You will never be a 14 year old anime girl, smile, we all will rot. Death is inevitable, aging is inevitable whether you smile or not


Anonymous 15734[Reply]

Has anyone here tried an animal-based (not fully carnivore) diet?

If so, how did you feel? Did you see any positive changes to your health?

Anonymous 15746

I did keto for a few months a year ago. The first couple of days are hellish as you go through keto flu, but once you get into the swing of it and figure out what you can and can't eat, it's alright.

I can't say there were any huge changes to my health or anything like that, but I was doing it in combination with a slight calorie restriction, so I guess there's that to factor in. Two big changes I can remember are that my acne cleared up a lot, and my taste palette changed a lot (while I was still on keto) so that I was finding dark chocolate surprisingly sweet. I think it had to do with reducing the amount of artificial sugars in my diet generally. I stopped after a couple of months though - I missed fruit way too much, and I was doing very strict keto so I had literally no leeway.


Anonymous 15721[Reply]

Does anyone else feel alienated by the way people talk about puberty? Maybe it's because I was a fat, loserly child so I had bigger concerns (no pun intended), or maybe it's because my family was chill and accepting. Either way, I have zero emotions positive nor negative towards puberty and it makes me feel alone.

Anonymous 15722

I barely noticed puberty happened tbh

Anonymous 15724

puberty barely happened to me so yeah. also makes me feel awkward when topic of bras/boobiez comes up, i forget that normally women my age have them

Anonymous 15732

Yeah I never got why it was such a big fucking deal. Most of it was pretty neutral. Even when I got my period, I hear some girls have this mini "celebration" for becoming a woman or some shit, well when my period came I knew what it was, my grandma told me, so I just got a pad and didn't give a shit as my first few periods had none of the pain or PMS I get nowadays.
I mean periods being some gateway into womanhood is honestly pedophile moid logic ("if she bleeds she's ready to breed.")
Most other changes I literally ignored and garnered an unenthusiastic "oh", or if they did leave a blip on my radar it was really nothing. It wasn't a rollarcoaster ride of embarassment and hormones like some people describe.

Anonymous 15737

It made me feel sad. I wanted to be a child forever.

Anonymous 15744


I also began pretty early, partly due to being overweight. I started menstruating at 9. I'm sure some people have valid fears around puberty especially if they had no education or warning about it. The big issue with adolescence isn't adolescence itself, but the adults in your life and the kids around you. My mom and grandmother didn't get that I couldn't use tampons at 10, I still can't as an adult. The issue wasn't I was scared or hated my period, I hated tampons and the adults being reluctant to give me my pads. Breasts and wearing bras was easy, but kids at school do not make that process easy with their insults and eyes.

OP is right, puberty is just a process everybody goes through, there's nothing inherently bad about it or great. It's normal and healthy, it's just how the people in our life react that make the idea of it traumatic.


Alternatives to grain /rice carbohydrates (that don't taste BAD) Anonymous 15686[Reply]

Ok I've been trying to do keto for a while. I tried some soybean pasta/ edamame pasta into carbonara but the bean taste overpowered the whole dish. Is the yellow Pea pasta any better?

I need an alternative for rice too…

I don't know how to live without these staples but I gotta find something that works. Carbs make me tired.
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Anonymous 15715

Chickpea pasta literally tastes and feels like normal pasta. No bean taste at all. If you overcook them though you get Aquafaba or whatever it’s called the bean water boiling voer

Anonymous 15717

Do you they make mushroom pasta?!

Anonymous 15718

I've looked into chickpea pasta and been informed its high in carbs

Anonymous 15719


OP baby you can't eat legumes on keto. There are loads more carbs than just wheat and white sugar. I would advice you to read a bit more about keto and food groups, maybe some videos on youtube? Pinterest is also a good recipe/meal inspo site to use. I also found this article after a quick googling https://www.ditchthecarbs.com/easy-low-carb-swaps/

There is also many keto/low carb processed foods nowadays in grocery stores depending on your location, like shirataki noodles that are basically zero calorie.

Anonymous 15723

No idea, I just use actual mushrooms.

Anonymous 14561[Reply]

What's your morning routine?
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Anonymous 15633

wake up at 5:30 or 6:00
weight myself, shower, wash hair, get dressed, drink tea, do makeup and hair, brush teeth, pack my bag and leave at 7ish

Anonymous 15641

>wake at 9 am to random noise
>weigh myself
>go back to my nice dreams
>wake up at 10 am
>what the fuck is it this time i'm too tired for this
>wake up at noon
>browse phone for an hour
>splash water on face
>get back in bed and browse phone for another hour
>get out of bed to charge phone
>do 10 squats
>shower and put clothes on
>start a pot of coffee
>open fridge
>close fridge
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 15649

10.50am - wake-up
10.51am - read email
10.52am - roll out of bed
10.53am - make a cup of matcha in the microwave
10.54am - pee
10.55am - get dressed
10.56am - fill water bottle
10.57am - find textbook
10.58am - open laptop
10.59am - connect zoom
11.00am - class starts

Anonymous 15672

- wake up
- gently brush knots out of hair
- get in the shower, shampoo and condition hair, wash body, shave armpits if needed
- dry myself off, apply salicylic acid gel to parts of body where i’m prone to acne/ingrown hair and benzyl peroxide on any body acne/bumps
- body lotions, deodorant, perfume
- floss and brush teeth
- make face slightly damp then apply moisturisers, sunscreen and primer
- comb hair
- make breakfast, put on clothes and jewellery
- somehow eat breakfast and apply makeup at the same time
- feed my cat

Anonymous 15716

>wake up
>chat good morning to bf
>get up
>change my cats' water and food
>spend time with the cats
>eat light breakfast while reading a book
>go back online and chat bf
>he sleeps
>do yoga and french / work

this is my ideal morning routine but my work schedule is flexible but whenever i have the chance, i do this. wish it's everyday though


Why does this horrible condition exist!? Anonymous 15679[Reply]

Do you ever read about some horrible condition, and wonder "Why!? Why must this thing exist!?"

If God exists, we've been forsaken.

I'll start. Endometriosis.

Cells: "Hurrr durr, instead of growing in the proper place inside the uterus, how about I grow elsewhere and cause massive pain because I can?"

Another one, harlequin babies.

Wikipedia's quote about it:

The disease has been known since 1750, and was first described in the diary of Rev. Oliver Hart from Charleston, South Carolina:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 15688


I'm jealous of kangaroos. Kangaroos don't have to worry about voracious placentas trying to hijack the rest of the blood supply like women do. For periods, kangaroos can just reabsorb their uterine lining, instead of discarding it all away.

For pregnancy, the baby is born at around the size of the jelly bean. The fetus doesn't grow much in the womb much at all, nor does it squish all the organs internally. Instead, after around 1 month of pregnancy, the baby is easily birthed, crawls out of the kangaroo's vagina, crawls up and into the pouch, latches onto a teat (teats are in the pouch), and grows big while sitting in the pouch.

Unlike birds, they don't even have to worry about pushing out a fat egg.

imagine that. while not pregnant, free pouch to use. pregnancy barely affects the body, non life-threatening, and the joey occupies the external pouch until it can hop by itself. Threatened by something? Some female kangaroos have been documented throwing the joey out of their pouch, at the predator.

The only downside is that the joey poops and pees in the pouch, so it would require regular cleaning

Anonymous 15690

>Some female kangaroos have been documented throwing the joey out of their pouch, at the predator.
based female kangaroos

Anonymous 15691

i reread some more sources. apparently kangaroo arms can't throw, but they can still drop their joey from the pouch, leaving it to the predators, if necessary.

but going back to horrible conditions, "fetiform teratoma". basically fetus-shaped tumours. they mostly grow on ovaries, but apparently they've been found in males too. (one case was found in a two and a half year old boy). They're rare, but no one is safe from random fetus-tumors.


Anonymous 15692

I wonder if a teratoma has ever developed consciousness. Not sure if teratomas can grow brain matter but that would be kind of fascinating.. link didn't work also!

Anonymous 15693

oh, that's a shame about the link not working. it's "Robinson, T. L., Surapaneni, K., & Nardi, P. M. (2007). Intracecal fetiform teratoma. Pediatric Radiology, 38(3), 336–339. doi:10.1007/s00247-007-0684-x"

A teratoma did grow brain matter once. Not a good result though. The woman's immune system began attacking the teratoma's brain matter, and also her actual brain.



Anonymous 15645[Reply]

Are some women really just not suited for long hair? I'm trying to grow it out but I end up looking like picrel.

My mother is vehemently against me having long hair because she keeps saying "Your hair looks bad long", "You aren't meant for long hair" etc.

I've wanted it to be at least waist-length since I was very young but even I am starting to notice it looks like shit these days compared to when I had it shorter.
7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 15655


Also, I do wonder if the water being too hard and the amount of chlorine in it or something isn't making it look worse. I think it's looked better every time I've showered in my mom's apartment. The water is kind of crap at my place, in comparison.

Anonymous 15656

>If your hair is curly/wavy then look at r/curlyhair for routines.
>Don't use any heat on your hair, not even a hairdryer.
>Use real silk pillowcases and hair ties.
>Avoid metal things in your hair.
>Use the thickest conditioner you can find.
>Let your hair get oily if you aren't going anywhere and brush the oil through your hair.
>Don't brush or comb wet hair. Use your fingers under the shower.
>If your hair is naturally wavy, pleat in the morning and then undo later for neater waves.
>Use Olaplex 0 and 3 every couple of weeks and leave on for hours. Only buy from sellers listed on the Olaplex site as lots of fake sellers out there.
>Don't dye your hair. A boring natural colour in good condition looks better than dyed blonde that is falling out.
>Get your hair trimmed whenever you see split or dried ends. Your hair should always feel soft and healthy.
>Get Japanese straightening. It's more expensive than Brazilian but permanent.

Anonymous 15657

Bad water can definitely play a role. How much conditioner do you put on ? I put a shit ton usually and leave it for around 5-15mins, then squeeze out the leftovers back into the container (I know some people would find that gross or pointless but really it's just hair you're not putting the conditioner on your asshole), it seems to have more of an effect than using only a tiny bit and leaving it for <3mins.
I remember how I put 3 different conditioners onto my hair, for 10 mins each, my hair was silky smooth after that. I don't recommend doing it though because it's a waste of time and probably the conditioners too.

Anonymous 15658

>then squeeze out the leftovers back into the container
I was thinking about doing this recently but I wondered if my wet hair won’t dilute the conditioner?

Anonymous 15659

A little bit, probably. But as long as you're not pouring the water directly into the container it won't affect anything that much, I should've also mentioned people have different hair porosity so if your hair doesnt absorb moisture very well you might need to leave the conditioner for a bit longer, while for others 2-3 mins is enough.


Best electric shavers? Anonymous 14970[Reply]

I’m so sick of shaving all the way with shitty disposable razors that just give me bumps. Any good affordable electric razor brand recs for beginners?
10 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 15025

Yeah, plus a “shitty” disposable razor works fine for me. But a male with a lot of body hair could struggle with it and want an electric razor like OP…

Anonymous 15031

Women can have a plethora of different types of hair growth. Plus depending on the amount of blades those “disposable razors” can be quite shit. Are you actually this retarded

Anonymous 15628

womens remington. I got the purple and white one from target like 15 years ago. if its awful, just return them in the store or online until you find a good one. just dont fall for the epilator meme, it effective but painful.

Anonymous 15642

I hate my body hair too. If laser wasn't that expensive, I would have done it. Instead I settled for the lesser of the two evils and I bought an at-home IPL machine. I'm gonna come back here to comment once I finish the recommended time

Anonymous 15653

i have the same feeling
also the pic OP chose has a different vibe from al the other thread pics on this board
checkerboard floors are a red flag

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