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Period Survey Anonymous 9534[Reply]

I've never been completely sure if my periods are normal or not so I would like to do a survey:

>Are you on any period or contraceptive related medication (including pill, implant, IUD, etc)?

>How long does your period normally last (including discoloured discharge)?

>Do you have spotting in between periods?

>Is your period usually light, medium, or heavy?

>How painful is it normally on a scale of 1 (not painful) to 5 (excruciating)?

>How long does the pain last?

>How often do you need to take pain medication?

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Anonymous 11419


>Are you on any period or contraceptive related medication (including pill, implant, IUD, etc)?
I am not

>How long does your period normally last (including discoloured discharge)?

Around 8 to 9 days. Shortest was 5 days and longest was 11 days.

>Do you have spotting in between periods?

Usually I don't, but I has happened in times when I was very sick.

>Is your period usually light, medium, or heavy?

It usually starts extremely heavy and then gets ligther in the following days.

>How painful is it normally on a scale of 1 (not painful) to 5 (excruciating)?

The first days are incredibly painful, I feel like I might pass out or vomit. Usually I cannot walk. I'd rate it a 5. But on the 3rd day it progressively gets better and goes down to a 2 with mild discomfort.

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Anonymous 11428

I’m like 33 btw

1. No
2. Eh 4-5 days
3. No
4. Starts off heavy for the first 24-48 hours, then lightens up as each day passes.
5. Depends. Sometimes it can be awful for a few months (7-8) then for a year straight it will be like a 1-2. No pain past first 12 hours though no matter how terrible.
6. See above.
7. Naw. But I probably should.
8. Only when the pain is level 8 but it’s rare.
9. Regular tampons. I change them often during the first two days but I don’t like super tampons. I’d rather just change them more often. Around the fourth day or whenever I start getting light (mud blood), I free bleed. I have period panties exclusively for this. They're old. I never bleed through cause it’s just mud at that point lol. It horrifies my mother. I don’t give a shit. Pads give me diaper rash. Cups hurt my cervix. I don’t like dry tampons or light tampons. Suck it.

Anonymous 11429

Oh and I’m regular af. You can set a watch to it.

Anonymous 11432

>Are you on any period or contraceptive related medication (including pill, implant, IUD, etc)?


>How long does your period normally last (including discoloured discharge)?

around 4-6 days

>Do you have spotting in between periods?

YES. sometimes it comes out of no where n it's so scary

>Is your period usually light, medium, or heavy?

let's go with medium
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Anonymous 11459

>Are you on any period or contraceptive related medication (including pill, implant, IUD, etc)?

>How long does your period normally last (including discoloured discharge)?

About a week? One day of hormone fuckery that makes me argue with people before I realise why I'm pissed off, a day of cramps and then a few days of bleeding.

>Do you have spotting in between periods?

Never noticed anything

>Is your period usually light, medium, or heavy?

I'd say it's pretty light, I've had friends with much worse

>How painful is it normally on a scale of 1 (not painful) to 5 (excruciating)?

Usually it just feels like stomach sickness, but once I discovered had a little cut on my vaginal wall and that hurt so much I almost screamed

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oversized crop tops Anonymous 11402[Reply]

oversized crop tops are amazing.
last year, Target had a limited run of Sailor Moon 25th anniversary shirts. unfortunately for me, they were crop tops. i hate crop tops, but i was determined to own and wear this, so i bought an XXL. i normally wear a medium, but i actually love how this shirt fits. it's probably my fav shirt as of right now. has anyone else done this?

Anonymous 11403

I always buy my sweaters oversized because women's sweaters are so often crop-top length and also because I have long arms. Oversized sweaters are the best.

Anonymous 11404

oversized clothes in general are just better i think. well maybe.

Anonymous 11405


i hate crop tops but it's smart how you found a loophole to make them into normal tops. i wish death upon the crop top trend.
yeah i agree. oversized sweaters make me feel like i'm wearing a portable comfy blanket everywhere

Anonymous 11406

give it a try sometime! it's the most comfy shirt i own for sure and i'm super glad i can wear it even when it's hot. i much prefer winter fashion so the summer is paaaaaain.


Anonymous 10525[Reply]

I'm a flat-chested girl and i hate hucows!!
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Anonymous 10611

what is a good archery beginner kit?

Anonymous 10613

20 to 30 pound draw recurve bow. Just look it up on ebay, or aliexpress or whatever you want.

Anonymous 10616

could anyone tell me where is this girl from

Anonymous 10617

manga called my lesbian experience with loneliness

Anonymous 11401

>you're not women to me
Go back to /lgbt/ tranny


Pubic hair Anonymous 3508[Reply]

Do you shave everything, trim it? Have you gotten laser?

I want to keep my vagina as smooth as possible but that's not easy with a razor
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Anonymous 10320

Can anyone recommend hair removal cream that's safe for people with sensitive skin (especially sensitive down there)? Probably a dumb ask but I'm really hoping there is some because the idea of bringing anything sharp near there and accidentally cutting it or something else painful makes my skin crawl

Anonymous 10321

Don’t hair remove, it will still be super itchy when it grows back and irritating. Just trim your hair.

Anonymous 11387

I have thick coarse hair that grows very far apart. When I trim it, it looks like a sparse/balding head of hair down there. Should I go for a full shave? But then my skin isn't entirely hairless. You can still see the blue pigment of the roots (i.e. when you shave your armpit like what >>8151 explains).
It sucks to be pale, hairy, and have black hair.

Anonymous 11395

Is it normal to have different colour pubes? Like in one area it's dark and then the rest of the pubic hairs are blonde?

Idk how to shave I don't want to die so I'm not doing that lul

Anonymous 11397


finding style Anonymous 11291[Reply]

how do you find your own style? i want to dress many things at the same time but i don't have the money to lol. i wish i could find an alt fashion that fits me perfectly
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Anonymous 11331

off topic but what is the name of the style in pic related? i know she's misa amane i'm just asking the clothes so i can search for it lol. gives me 2000s avril lavigne vibes but a bit more feminine.

Anonymous 11344

It could be considered gothic, kindergoth, or possibly emo style. Could even be considered punk by some. You might be better off searching for specific pieces such as corsets, pleated skirts,tennis skirts,thigh-highs, or combat boots, though, since the styles I mentioned are broad categories and have various substyles, and people with similar alt fashions tend to give themselves different labels based on their musical taste.

Anonymous 11345

I would say it's e-girl style.

Anonymous 11377

misa precedes e-girls by a decade lol. looks a bit like harajuku goth style to me!

Anonymous 11396


If style is about self expression, comfort and convenience, ask yourself the following questions.

1) Do you like to blend in, or stand out?
2) What is your favorite season?
3) How do you decorate your room? What colors do you like?
4) What is the type of woman you want to convey? Think of an idealised version of yourself
5) What are local attitudes to modesty? How much skin are you comfortable with showing, and are you in a safe enough area to dress liberally?
6) Does it make you feel comfortable?
7) Think of characters in anime, books, shows that you relate to ~(omg lit rally me!1!!one) this can help you find characteristics to emulate
8) What era is the most aesthetic?
9) How do you want to feel? More powerful? More approachable? More playful? Incorporate this into your outfit, e.g boots for power, or patterned clothes and half up hairstyles for playfulness
10) Can you afford the wardrobe? How versatile are your articles of clothing?

For experimenting and planning with fashion, I recommend pinterest to discover styles you appreciate and building a collage.
Or the Sims, you can use your body type on your characters and combine articles of clothing, I only use the sims for fashion.


Skin whitening Anonymous 11271[Reply]

Is it possible to actually get pale with products? I see lots of korean beauty influencers getting really pale with creams and stuff but everytime I try them, nothing changes. I feel like nothing ever changes. Same for kojic acid soap. Never did anything! My skin is probably as dark as Salma Hayek. She is a really beautiful woman and I think all skintones can be attractive but me, personally, I don't wanna be dark. Everytime I use a filter that makes me lighter it makes 10x times prettier.
Anyone here tried any cream that worked for them?
(also no point in telling me to love myself blablabla, i do like myself i just wanna be paler it's the same as paler women wanting to get tan. nothing is wrong with it.)
2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 11276

Unless you take something extreme (things banned in some countries), you're not going to see much results as most of those things only work for removing old and tanned skin. Just stay indoors for 6 months and you'll see the same results.

Anonymous 11292

This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen. To think this is even possible in the first place is retarded.

Anonymous 11303

Some people tan in the sun significantly without even trying. If those people use skin lighteners, they go back to their "default" color which may be a few shades lighter than their sun-induced color. I don't think it's actually possible to get lighter than your "default" color, though. That's just genetics. Skin lighteners and zinc-oxide sunscreen can definitely prevent and remove sun tan, though, thus making people who tan easily noticeably lighter.
Also, keep in mind that influencers shoop themselves lighter. A lot of asian selfie apps also have a lightening filter.

Anonymous 11304

I don't think a lot of those creams are necessarily bad for you. They can even out skintone, remove dark spots from acne, and protect your skin from sunlight.
They aren't going to make you pale if you weren't born that way, though.

Anonymous 11358

being tanner is also damaging, so i wouldn't recommend that either. anything that damages your skin is not suggestible. even sunless tanner has been found to literally damage your dna.


Strawberry Legs Anonymous 11286[Reply]

Does anyone else have these? Nothing I’ve tried seems to get rid of them. picrel isn’t me but what my lower legs look like. currently using TO glycolic acid to no avail. I don’t think I have keratosis pilaris either.

Anonymous 11353

Waxing, no more shaving. Otherwise it's something genetically, screw hair removal embrace natural hair.

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Anonymous 10931[Reply]

what do you have to wear to job interviews? I don't have any good clothes and I am unemployed due to coronavirus and I'm not sure if i want to do backroom casting couch yet
2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 10934


Ok, try and dress like a dressed up version of someone who works there. Don't wear a suit to McDonalds for example.

Clothing store: wear dressy casual, preferably from that store
Office or anything professional: suit (you can carry the jacket but have one)

Something like pic related will work for most places

Anonymous 10935

Also, if you're applying somewhere that is male dominated (like a lab) don't dress too girly because they always equate girly and dumb unfortunately.

Anonymous 10936

A suit if you have one. If you don’t have a suit, I’d at least wear a three piece set (dress shirt, blazer or cardigan, dress pants or skirt). It’s super dependent on the kind of job you’re going for tho — a paralegal at a conservative law firm wears something very different than an instructional aide at an elementary school and both wear something different than a cashier at Dunkin Donuts. Just put your best foot forward and “dress for the job you want” as cliche as it sounds.

Anonymous 11340

A simple little black dress, black blazer, booties. I think a modest lbd is good for most places and you can dress it up or down and accessorize for the place you want to work. Try to find one from a thrift store maybe?

Anonymous 11348

A full proper business suit sans tie.


Anonymous 9570[Reply]

Losing weight and mewing saved my life.
11 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 9591

No no. the texture and mouthfeel is totally normal just the taste is a bit extreme. I don't really know how to describe it other than "like mineral oil"

Anonymous 9595

Anonymous 11319

Better posture is literally what mewing is. I think the difference in skin/hairtone you notice is just lighting, based on the background, neither of those are the point of the picture though. There's a clear difference in the angle of her jaw.
mewing saved my life, too. Haven't started using the chewing gum yet, but have been maintiaing proper posture, nose breathing, and eating more hard fruits and veggies.

Anonymous 11341

Is chewing gum easier to keep correct mouth position for mewing that without gum?

Anonymous 11342

I think the point of the gum is to strengthen the jaw and tongue muscles. It can make keeping your tongue in place easier since your tongue will be stronger. That's what Dr. Mew stated, if I remember correctly.
You need to use the hard gum make from natural tree gum, though, not the soft chewing gum you find in most stores these days. You can order the Falim brand online.


Health advice Anonymous 8432[Reply]

My right ear is cloggled by earwax. Any help?
2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 8439

Visit an ENT (ear nose throat doctor) if you can afford it

Anonymous 8445

There's some solution that you buy without prescription. I had a clogged ear a few years back and after using it every day for a few days it went away. I cant tell you the exact name because I'm not from the US but I'm sure you can find something similar if you search around a bit.

Anonymous 8457

hydrogen peroxide. it's amazing, all fizzy. dirt cheap too. also removes stains from clothing

Anonymous 8463

Get this: https://www.amazon.com/Elephant-Washer-Bottle-Doctor-Easy/dp/B005M2B5P0
Mix one part hydrogen peroxide to three parts warm water and blast it into your ear. Make sure you do it over a sink because the wax will shoot out.

Anonymous 11334

pour several drops of vegetable oil in your ear. Anything that's liquid at room temperature (basically anything but coconut oil) works. wax disolves in oil, so that should loosen the wax up. Leave it in for a while, then try gently cleaning your ears with a swab.

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