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Are you happy with your face, anons? Anonymous 1021[Reply]

What would you change if you could?
Would you get surgery?
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Anonymous 18453

I am 20 and still have face fat too. I think by 25 (or at least 30) our faces will mature a bit. I compare celebrities at 20 vs 25 vs 30 and sometimes all it takes is age.

Anonymous 18454

Baby fat is endearing, enjoy it while you have it.

Anonymous 18455


This chin filler (Dr. Simon Ourian) can transform your life. I’m literally saving up for it.

Anonymous 18456


A side profile of it

Anonymous 18458

I've definitely grown fonder of my face over time. This is probably because I lost a bunch of weight, lost additional weight in my face due to getting older, and became more symmetrical after getting my teeth fixed with invisalign. There are a few things I would definitely change if I could guarantee that they would turn out 100% perfect, but nothing so far that I would actually commit to surgery for.


What do women find attractive in other women? Anonymous 18416[Reply]

Im not comfortable showing my face but what kind of personality, looks, body, and fashion style do most women find attractive in other women? I dont know why women find me repulsive

Anonymous 18417


i like girls that are strange in some way, it doesn't matter what as long as it shows they are true to themselves and have a deep self and outer awareness. anything that makes me think they are "like everyone else" is an instant turn off.
my favorite kind of girl is aloof, a bit mysterious but also secretly incredibly sweet and protective.
i prefer logical thinkers rather than emotional ones (that tend to get on my nerves a lot actually), but being passionate about something, especially if humanitarian in some way, is a big plus.
i like autistic and schizoid traits in girls.


i don't have many preferences, i like all kinds of healthy shapes and heights but if i really had to choose then i'd say i like pale skin, slim girls the most.

>fashion style

again no preferences but i'm not big on the normie (like trends following, slightly elegant but still casual style) or hip-hop fashion, the first because it makes me think she might be uninteresting and the second because it's ugly to me. anything else goes, maybe i prefer feminine clothing though. your picrel is a good example of something i would find nice.

Anonymous 18418

>strange in some way
>secretly incredibly sweet and protective
>pale skin, slim
Lel that’s basically me. Not into feminine clothing though.

Anonymous 18426

Tbh you'll never get a straight answer because everyone will have a different opinion on what makes a woman attractive to them.
As for me, however
Introverted, but a bit more extroverted than myself is okay, she should be at least empathetic and willing to listen, likes/doesn't mind going outdoors, intelligent to some extent
Dark curly hair (at least shoulder-length) seems to be my flavor, but I'm not wedded to this either
Pear or hourglass shaped, can be slim or a bit chubby—just as long as the shape is there
>fashion style
I'm not very picky about this. It just needs to look good on her.


Gothic/Alternative Thread Anonymous 5731[Reply]

It says that general fashion is permitted here, so how about a gothic/alternative fashion thread? Western, not gothic lolita.

Gothic rock started in the UK in the 1980s and is an offshoot of post-punk. The subculture that was based on the music survived through the decade and to this very day still has many "followers". Many fashion styles have been connected to goth, and they will be discussed here.

A list of some goth bands (NOTE: There are way more bands than I listed. I just posted the more popular ones):
Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, Alien Sex Fiend, Christian Death, 45 Grave
Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Love Spirals Downwards, etc.

Such styles include 1980s goth, deathrock, victorian, cybergoth, etc.

Some shops:
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Anonymous 18245


>tfw I missed out on my emo/alt/edgy phase in my teenage years and cope by making collages of vaguely alt outfits I see when I take the public transport every day to work

Anonymous 18276

you can take the plunge and have an edgy phase as an adult anon, i believe in you

Anonymous 18300


i've been searching for this dress for a while now but all the places it sells at just reuse this photo and I don't trust them :c

Anonymous 18301

Anonymous 18422

Cute! Nona, if you live in an area where so many girls dress alt I think you should just take thd plunge!


how to get my parents to stop buying unhealthy food Anonymous 18372[Reply]

I was able to stop my binge eating for a few months. however it came back and I know why, since i still live with my parents they do most of the shopping. they wont stop buying unhealthy food. even when i do my own shopping they still buy unhealthy food. when i tell them to stop they say they will but then the next week i see a bunch of garbage in the fridge. luckily i havent gained alot of weight, honestly my weight is maintained. but im worried it may make my heart worse because thats usually what happens when i binge

Anonymous 18373

i have the same problem, I have stopped to eat after 8pm to avoid gaining weight. When I get craving for unhealthy food I buy a lot of fruits and eat them between meals, also when I see them eating fast food I just stay in my room and drink a lot of water to forget and pretend Im full

Anonymous 18378

I go grocery shopping with my mom and buy food I would eat. When I crave sweets, I eat fruit. I also try to only drink water, this limits any cals or sugar from sweetened drinks. You can just create a substitute for each craving.

There’s a chart somewhere on each craving and a substitute. It usually means you’re lacking in some nutrient that your craving contains.

Anonymous 18388

>I have stopped to eat after 8pm to avoid gaining weight.

That's also good because it will force you to reconsider what you eat. As carbs aren't very filling, you'll be hungry again at midnight, while if you eat protein and vegetables and stuff you will be much more comfortable at night and be able to fall asleep.

Anonymous 18401

Brush your teeth after every meal. It removes the sugar and cravings from your mouth.

Brushie Brushie Br…

How Do You Exfoliate Your Face? Anonymous 18400[Reply]

I generally have dry, flakey skin that is prone to building up. My face is the same except for my t-zone which is extremely oily. I have pretty big pores and sebum buildup that was bothering me. I bought a soft toothbrush at the drug store and I've been using it to scrub my face with my cleanser in the shower. It seems to be helping my skin.

How do you exfoliate your face? I know a lot of people do chemical exfoliation but I don't wear sunscreen any more.


Unconventional/Dramatic features Anonymous 18379[Reply]

I have unconventional features but a soft face. Think Rihanna. I am in no way saying I’m attractive like here but she has a youthful face but a really big forehead (dramatic). Again, I’m not Rihanna, so what combinations (makeup/style) can I use to make my features blend and attain harmony?

Anonymous 18381

What are your unconventional features?

Anonymous 18382

Large forehead, no nose bridge, slightly wider nose (but not really big, again like rih’s nose), face fat but had shape at the same time.(Rihanna side profile)

I noticed i get the most attention/hit on when I have long hair so I might start wearing extensions.

Anonymous 18393

Hm, that sounds like a good idea. It’s a little difficult to give solid advice without a photographic reference of some sort, but I could suggest contouring your nose and cheekbones to give the impression of higher definition.


Anonymous 861[Reply]

Do you know anyone who has had a tumor or cancer?
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Anonymous 867

You guys complaining is off-topic. This is a health board, I dont see how OP "needs to lurk moar".

The closest one to me was my sister, she had a brain tumor when she was like 10 or so.
Some older people in my family had cancer, it seems to run on my mother's side. Tbh im not worried of cancer as much as I'm worried of alzeheimers.

Anonymous 868

Someone very close to me has over 50 non-cancerous tumors b-but is there a question you have? A specific one?

Anonymous 869

I have an interesting story. My grandmother lived with a brain tumor for most of her life up until she had brain surgery to have it removed. The really fascinating bit was that the doctors discovered that the tumor was actually supposed to be her twin sister that never fully developed in the womb or something like that. She was also told that they could run a story on her and make her famous, but she basically told them to fuck off because she didn't want other people knowing her business lel. Well I think that happened some time around the '80s and she had another brain surgery awhile after that, both of them really shortened her life span so I didn't get to know her that well before she started turning senile and passed away.

Anonymous 3595

my boyfriend has had a benign brain tumor since he was 12. he's 23 now and gets it monitored every year or so.
when we first started dating it was really hard to deal with, especially because the first christmas we were dating he got some news that there was evidence of blood flow into the tumor (which basically means metastasis and things getting Bad Fast). He saw his neurosurgeon a week after we got back to classes and he said that something like a 10% chance of permanent hand weakness was still too much of a risk to operate which was a real relief. after that the blood flow went away and nobody really knows why, and it's been calm ever since.
it really threw into perspective for me how I can't take him for granted. I live every day knowing tomorrow his tumor could up and decide to be malignant, and it forces me to realize how anyone can really be taken away at any point. which sounds stressful but is really helpful to me tbh; it makes me appreciate people more. besides, every time I think about our relationship so far, I don't regret it for a second and I wouldn't regret it if he died tomorrow. of course I hope he has some Medical Mystery tumor that never ever does anything ever for the rest of his life, but one day at a time i guess.
(and yes i know this affects him more than me, but i can't speak to his experience obvi).

Anonymous 3622

Both of my grandmothers had cancer,
paternal with liver (who passed), maternal with cervical (had a hysterectomy, still with us).

And my uncle passed from esophageal/stomach cancer.


How to tell if I'm getting fat or just a paranoid eating disorder haver Anonymous 18353[Reply]

So I am recovered from a restrictive eating disorder for over a year. However me and my bf broke up two months ago and now I'm starting to feel the desire to lose weight again. I know for a fact I've gained weight since I've recovered, and I'm not sure if it's a good amount of weight, or if it's getting to the level of chubbiness.

How do I tell if I'm just having body dysmorphia and not actually fat? I plan to weigh myself tomorrow morning (my weight would be inaccurate now since I obviously ate today, it's 11 pm where I live)

Anonymous 18355

It’s probably just the ed talking since it works like that. Ending a relationship can leave you feeling insecure. I don’t think weighing yourself would be the best idea if you’ve had an ed in the past.

May I ask what triggered these feelings to come back?

Anonymous 18356

>my weight would be inaccurate now since I obviously ate today, it's 11 pm where I live

Only someone with an ED would think like this. This strikes me as an odd thing to say. It's probably the ED talking. Stay healthy.

Anonymous 18357

Yeah, you're right, I've avoided weighing myself like the plague for the whole time I've been recovered, so starting again probably will easily bring me down a bad path.
Honestly, I think what triggered it is that I want to find someone else to have feelings for and move on as fast as I can, and I guess my ED having brain thought that losing weight will help the process. I also was kind of feeling insecure about how much junk food I've been eating lately, because for some reason in the past couple months I often don't feel hungry, and then when I do, I only want specific foods which are typically "junk".
Thank you for pointing out that it's not a normal thought. I wouldn't have even considered it to be outside of the norm, which is probably bad. So that opens my eyes.

Anonymous 18362

i feel similar nona. im "recovered" now but when i look at myself in the mirror i feel like my thighs are huge and i must be considered at least chubby. but everyone says i am at a healthy weight. so idk

Anonymous 14561[Reply]

What's your morning routine?
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Anonymous 18332

All you lucky bastards pooping the first time you wake up. It takes me 1-2h to feel the urge to poop after waking up. So I make myself get up at 6-6:30am just so I can leave the house on time to get to work.

My routine:
>alarm rings
>immediately get up by turning lights on
>spring out of bed and go cook breakfast
>boil hot water for tea or coffee
>drink gallons of water to hopefully encourage body to shit
>eat breakfast
>still don’t feel like taking a shit, drink 3-4 cups of coffee/tea while browsing imageboards
>maybe post something (like I’m doing now)
>maybe read a book on some mornings while I wait to poop
>finally have to go
>still on phone on toilet
>take a shower
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 18333

>wake up
>get dressed
>wash face with gel thingy
>put on my moisturizer sunscreen thingy
>brush teeth
>leave for uni

Anonymous 18335

>wake up, lately before alarm.
>husband made me breakfast.
>spend at least 30 minutes listening to him bitch about a nonexistent problem he created in his head.
>have some coffee
>go to work early just to get some quiet.

Anonymous 18359

Try getting some movement in the morning like going for a walk or doing some squats.

Anonymous 18361

>wake up
>wash face, brush teeth
>wash dishes
>make coffee
>make lunch if necessary (usually i try to mealprep so i don’t have to do much)
>drink coffee and read Time magazine
>poop (optional)
>put makeup on, get dressed (possibly spiral about not wanting to go to work)
>go to work


how to look mature when you have 'cute' features Anonymous 18318[Reply]

like subject says, i want to look more mature. i'm 24, but i have a very round face and big eyes (girls on socials would say "doe eyes") but i get mistaken for younger than i really am. often times its led to people talking down to me as if i were a child. i lost over 30kg in the last year, but my face is still very round. i really like feminine jfashion styles like dark girly and picrel, but as time goes by and im entering a period of my life where i'm starting my career in healthcare, i feel my "cute" appearance has become a detriment to my goals. what can i do to gradually transition into looking more mature?

Anonymous 18319

I have the same issue
>feminine jfashion styles
You can start by dropping this and dressing more mature. You don't have to dress matronly, but simple things like ditching bows, wearing more fitted longer skirts and coats and changing shoes really make a difference. I found that combining medium/high-range designer "adult" items (like LV Alma bags, Stuart Weitzman shoes, etc) with "cuter" feminine clothes makes you look more adult and put-together while still maintaining your overall style.
Makeup makes a huge difference too. I found that, contrary to what I thought would happen, bold lipstick (like bright red) makes people mistake me for younger more often. Look at normie western influencers and see what they're doing, sharper arched eyebrows, dark eyeliner especially in the lower lashes or the millennial "cat eye" can age your face quite a bit.

Anonymous 18324

i'm in the same boat as you at 21, i don't really have any solutions besides what above anon said. if you want to look mature, don't accentuate the things that make you appear young. but yeah, people so often assume i'm 16/17 that sometimes i want to say i'm that age for the lols. i do think the way you carry yourself makes a bit of difference, i think sometimes that if i acted more confident and sure of myself it might lead people to assume i'm older but it could also have the opposite effect

Anonymous 18334


I'd like to know as well. I still look 14 and I feel like only pedos and other creeps are attracted to me. People tell me I should be glad I look younger but I feel like I can't be taken seriously because of it.

Anonymous 18338

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