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Aliexpress thread Anonymous 5500[Reply]

Post your latest buys, your wishlist items and your favorite stores for clothing, accessories and more!
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Anonymous 8669

I don't wear it normally, I ordered it to wear for prom (kinda cringe when I think back on it), I feel bad about it just hanging in my closet, but I really have no occasion to wear it to, I only leave my house to go to college. I wanted to wear it to the zoo but it could get ruined there, my friend suggested wearing it to concerts, but I only go to black metal concerts… I think if you want to wear it out and about it's better to get the short version like in the pic (I have an ankle length version) because it has a layer of tulle that could catch on things and get ruined.
Also if you buy it, this is maybe just my experience but I got both the shirt and the dress in size M and the shirt is a bit too small and the dress is a bit too big.

Anonymous 8705

Why do people spend money on this plastic garbage?

Anonymous 8713

If you're into victorian/lolita etc fashion, there are SUPER cute blouses there for crazy prices (if you buy during the right time + using coupons).I got a couple of black lolita blouses that way and they're very good quality.Other than that, in my experience ali express is a mixed bag and you should comb thru reviews carefully before making a purchase.If there are few or no reviews, avoid.

Anonymous 8720

>and think they are being smart

They know what AE wants, anon. They also know that they got scammed and there's fuckall they can do about it, so they're expressing their frustration in the best way that they know how.

Anonymous 8767

I bought a lot of sexy underwear & outfits on AE, the prizes are absurd.


Vegan General Anonymous 1186[Reply]

Take all ethical, environmental etc. debates to >>>/disc/263

ITT let's share favorite recipes and vegan ~life hacks~

>how long have you been vegan?

>what made you go vegan initially?
>what makes you stick with it?
>noticed any health benefits?
>tips for beginners?
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Anonymous 4891

I'm a vegetarian who leans vegan, when I'm alone I only cook vegan and I only buy vegan things. I make exceptions for family dinners and such, they barely understand me being a vegetarian. My biggest drives are environmental reasons and reducing animal torture. I kind of eat like shit most of the time though, like I'll eat vegan chicken nuggets + vegan mayo, or have a day thats all carbs and no protein. I want to start eating healthier, like more legumes and green vegetables.

Anonymous 4903

I'm thinking about going vegetarian. Meat is just starting to gross me out. I used to like sashimi, but lately thinking about eating a slice of raw meat kind of disgusts me.

I already eat a lot of vegetables and soy products (tofu, edamame, etc).

My partner has been on the fence about going vegan before so I think they'd be supportive.

I've been getting into yoga, and it seems like a lot of practitioners advocate plant-based diets as well. But it's hard to separate shilling and real advice.

WHfoods has fish and stuff on their site, and I really trust them. But I suppose omega 3s are available through chia seeds and other plants, as well?

Does anyone have stories about slowly moving over to vegetarianism /veganism?

Anonymous 9835

Bumping this thread as I recently decided to go vegan(ish) again.

>how long have you been vegan?

This time, less than a week. Last time was most of a year, though never 100% vegan.

>what made you go vegan initially?

I love animals. I understand that eating animals is in nature (though I would never be able to kill an animal myself) but the worst part for me is factory farming and how short and miserable the lives of the animals we eat are.

>what makes you stick with it?

It's not that difficult and I like that it's healthier. I have food intolerances which I mean I have to make most of my food anyway. (Food intolerances are also why I had to give it up before and why it would be difficult for me to go 100% vegan, as it's difficult to buy foods that suit both things when traveling and I can't have most meat/milk substitutes).

>noticed any health benefits?

Not really, but I do know that if I eat too much junk food that makes me feel bad. Being vegan(ish) doesn't do that.

>tips for beginners?

Don't feel you have to go completely vegan in one day. It's ok to take your time and find meals you like and ways to make vegan versions of the foods you like. Try starting with "Meat Free Monday". If you try to do it do quickly, you might end up resenting veganism because you find it too difficult to find things to eat.

Anonymous 9836

I think it's good to care about the animals. But I think a lot of vegans overlook the exploited farmers it takes to but their food on the table. And in some ways it's not more environmentally friendly like some claim. I just think it's good to acknowledge that everything has faults.

Anonymous 9840

there is like no vegan that is denying the exploitation of vegetable, grain, and fruit pickers. the entire food system is built on exploitation. abattoir workers are also largely undocumented people and abattoir work is extremely traumatic.

however, a serious and overlooked problem is the reliance on cashews when it comes to cheese substitutes, cashew milk, etc. the cashew industry is extremely fucked up and while it is definitely the best nut, there's no reason why it should be relied on so heavily. there are delicious vegan cheeses without cashews.


Anonymous 9736[Reply]

Why am i so damn tired? Ive been exercising, sleeping and eating well but it hasnt been helping. Could this be coffee addiction? Because normally i drink 2-3 cups a day and i havent been drinking at all a few days. If thats the case, how long is it gonna be until im able to feel awake without coffee again? Im so tired of being tired. I just wanna be productive.
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Anonymous 9752

Have you had any blood work done, anon? It's possible you might be low on iron.

Anonymous 9753

Are you getting enough calories? Too much screen time? Are you spending much time outdoors?

Anonymous 9755

Because you're not taking adderall.

Anonymous 9816

Caffeine withdrawal can take a couple weeks to go away. Also, coffee can block iron absorption. So can milk, which people tend to add to coffee. You should get your levels checked, if you haven't already, and try to keep your iron stores well within the normal range, not just barely high enough to be considered normal.

Anonymous 9838

if you normally drink 2-3 cups a day and suddenly stop you will DEFINITELY feel very lethargic the next few days. i had periods when i cut out caffeine completely for a few days and i could sleep like 15 hours wake up 7 then go to sleep again


/glasses/ general Anonymous 9515[Reply]

How do you find glasses that suit you? Did you switch to contacts? What would you recommend for x faceshape?
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Anonymous 9530

Nah I'm okay with glasses, I don't wear makeup and I have pretty bad bags under my eyes.

Anonymous 9533

>tfw tried them as an adult but it just gave me horrible dry eyes despite using moisturizing eye drops
Destined to look like a dweeb forever.
Also was constantly afraid of scratching my eye due to fragility because of the dryness and just having poor control over my strength when taking them out.

Be careful, anons. Beauty is fleeting but blindness is until death.

Anonymous 9543

I want to change the contacts. I have a lot of prescription (-6.50 diopters) and I feel that the glasses make my face look very strange. I also wear braces. You can imagine how I look, lol. Advice on contacts?

Anonymous 9783

i tried an app that can scan your face and you can just virtually see how each type of glasses look on you

scary and cool

btw how do you fix your glasses if one of the handles broke?

Anonymous 9815

The only way to figure out which glasses suit you is to try a bunch on.

I spend a really long time trying on basically every pair in the shop (with a few exceptions: frameless glasses, ugly/loud colours, any that have those nose thingies and frames made of metal) and then narrow it down to a few pairs. By that stage, I sometimes ask the optician for their recommendation (especially if I'm stuck between two or three pairs) since they have a good idea of what face shapes suit what frames. Some people might find it embarrassing to do this but you're going to have to wear these for 2+ years and you're going to have to wear them at work, in photos and going out so they should be perfect.

I personally hate contacts. You can only wear them for a certain amount of time and then you'll have to put your glasses back on so I don't really see the point. Plus you always have to carry your glasses around in your bag anyway. They're always dry even if you use eye drops and that makes them so uncomfortable. Also they're really expensive and I've just gotten used to how I look with glasses on at this point.


Anonymous 9928[Reply]

God, I wish I was just infertile

I don't want children. I never have and still don't. I'm 23.

I want to have unprotected sex with my boyfriend without having to worry about pregnancy and having to mess with my hormones and deal with side effects of the pill

I fucking hate having period. Every fucking month I have to go 3 days of hell, pain and discomfort.

Just make me infertile.
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Anonymous 9941

>doesn't want kids
>wants to actively have unprotected sex
>wants to have sex in general
Get your tubes tied or non-hormonal implant.

Anonymous 9942

There is no non-hormonal implant.

Anonymous 9943

>3 days
ok, lucky bitch

Anonymous 9944

I'm pretty sure you still get periods with your tubes tied

Anonymous 9945

Copper IUD. Not an implant, but still, this changed the game for me. Periods suck but I'm so much happier with my body's natural hormones.

Nexplanon completely ruined my sex drive and made my face fat.


Anonymous 9263[Reply]

Do you guys like nails?
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Anonymous 9787


Anonymous 9788


Anonymous 9789


Anonymous 9791

Why is this godawful nail shape so popular?

Anonymous 9792

It's pretty :3c

heart_earring (1).…

Earring Thread Anonymous 9694[Reply]

Wasn't sure wether to create this thread here on at /cgl/, but alas

ITT: Post cute/cool/nice/etc earrings, and preferrably, where to get them, if possible.
Personal collection displays are also ok.
17 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 9745

if i was rich af i would literally just collect belle epoque rose cut diamond earrings

Anonymous 9746


dropped pic

Anonymous 9747

These are gorgeous.

Anonymous 9768

guys im sorry but they fug

Anonymous 9771

What’s fug about them?


Anonymous 9721[Reply]

i want to be a model but im old and ugly and browm
9 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 9733

For this type of modelling, doesn’t matter.

Anonymous 9734

which you mean ?interesting

Anonymous 9738

Unless you’re going to be a supermodel then it doesn’t matter.

Anonymous 9748

i have an ugly face im 21 ,158 cm but i can get to a low weight wat do owo

Anonymous 9749

Do what is listed here >>9722

Your looks really do not matter for this type of modelling. Being able to copy a pose and relax in front of the camera is the most important.


Anonymous 9662[Reply]

How to look cute but not stand out as a tall female?!
I'm 175 cm (5'9) and 57 kilos (125 lbs)
10 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 9685


Anonymous 9690

get /fit/.
Work your delts to the point where he has a decent amount of cushion to put his head on when he's resting your head on the front of your shoulder.
The part that's right next to your collarbone and is kinda plush.

Anonymous 9713

Why are you with him if he isn't already doing that? Believe me, there is a man out there who will value you without you having to do extra things for him, or be "better" than you already are in whatever way. Worse yet, if he's TELLING you "I'd be proud of you if you did X" or "I wish I could show you to my friends, but Y," GET OUT OF THERE.

Anonymous 9715

Yeah. I dont know what the actual hell OP is thinking but you know what it's a chan board OPs lie all the time. I hope its a lie, nobody can be that stupid to think that such kind of relationship isn't bad or that mentally OP is absolutely not in a good place rn due to expectations, constantly looking for the approval of the guy in her life as if she wasn't good enough already its either delusion or the guy is a sociopath piece of shit you should dump and kick in the nuts. You are a woman, not a slave jester dancing for the king's amusement you dumbo.

Anonymous 9737

What other types of females there are? Fucking spoted!


Can we overweight women get hot? Anonymous 8761[Reply]

I'm 25 and look like this. On Hinge I'm not able to get hits on guys who have it going on, just losers. I know I'm overweight and this could be the problem. Is it possible for someone like me to become thin and attractive again? How much work am I looking at, how long, etc…?
24 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 9659

Overweight doesn't looking good though anon… And you got to understand that the BMI scale is becoming more and more lenient. Very little women look good overweight unless they already have decent features like kelly brooks, even then kelly brooks was undeniably more hot when she was thin

Anonymous 9660

Btw please stop equating chubby to curvy, curvy is about ratio, most girls start looking like refrigerators when overweight

Anonymous 9661

I'm talking just over the bmi, not multiple points over it.
See above. When I was a butterbeast my waist was still at 73.5 cm and hips/bust around 100. You can still keep proportions, and be disgusting but have a decent shape.

Anonymous 9663

That's only 11 inches better anon, that's not a lot, skelly's have similar proportions and soft stomach look bad when panties come off

Anonymous 9675

Can confirm this regarding the skelly thing. Proportions become their absolute best when you are a healthy weight (and work out).

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