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Healthy comfort foods Anonymous 1920[Reply]

Habitual eater here, I want to take better care of my health and skin and not eat as much crap. What are nice non-garbage comfort foods?

I crave salt more than anything.
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Anonymous 4944

I like to make oven-baked barbecue chicken

Buy some boneless skinless chicken breasts, some extra virgin olive oil, and some BBQ rub from the spice aisle (same barbecue flavor with much less (sometimes zero) added sugar).

Preheat oven to 400 F, lightly coat chicken with oil, then with the bbq rub (it might take a few times to get a feel for how much bbq rub is enough), bake in a shallow pan for about 25 minutes or until internal meat temp is 165 F. Maybe turn them over halfway through if you're worried about them sticking to the pan.

Then just grab some steamed veggies and refrigerate/freeze the rest for later.

Anonymous 5034

I replaced my old staple breakfast bread with whole grain bread that has red berries in it, and now I stuff it full of veggies instead of expensive cheese slices. Both tastes better and makes me more full than the old rye/flour/sugar bread I used to eat. I also replaced my oats based cereal with regular cornflakes and toppled them with various fruits or berries.

Not sure if it can be considered a "healthy" breakfast, but it has less sugar and a whole lot more vitamins in it, but the main plus side is that it motivates me to wake up in the morning and it feels more like a rewarding snack than a "meal for sustenance" like breakfast used to be for me. Highly recommended with veggie sandwishes though.

Anonymous 6197


Bread with red berries topped with vegetables sounds heavenly!!

Anonymous 6501

dip them in mustard or use malt vinegar. ketchup has a stupid amount of sugar in it.

Anonymous 6514

Cook up oatmeal (the stovetop kind) throw it into a bowl, then mash a banana into it while it's still warm & throw some fruit on top, or honey or agave. I add peanut butter & vanilla protein powder on days I need a post-workout snack.

On a similar note, but on the savory side: cauliflower rice (or whatever rice you have) mashed up with avocado + an over-easy egg on top + spices. I add veggies depending on how hungry I am, usually I throw in some sauteed kale.


What's your motivation to get /ft/, girls? Anonymous 3354[Reply]

I am not disgusting, but I have definitely gained some weight. Should I start doing yoga?
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Anonymous 6450


That's actually tragic.

My motivation to get fit is mostly due to how I'll look, but besides that I always feel better after exercising.

Anonymous 6451

I just woke up and you kill me with this GIF, goddamn it.

Anonymous 6452

gif related is actually the most beautiful creature I have ever seen.
I may prefer the "thicc fit" look for myself, but I will sell my soul and convert to whatever sexuality required to have a reverse trap tomboy gf

Anonymous 6453

Thanks I'm gonna go exercise now

Anonymous 6458


I'm glad I finally found a reason to post it and that it was so well received! Slightly toned bellies are the best. Wish I had the source though…

My body is pretty similar, I just need to bulk a bit more to achieve the firm looking squishiness. SoonTM


Anonymous 6426[Reply]

I gained weight. I keep eating, I hate myself, I have to lose weight or I will not go out of the house ever again. This is a nightmare.
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Anonymous 6439

Step 1: go outside.

Anonymous 6440

Former overeater here, you need to find ways to distract yourself so you’re not constantly thinking about food. Pick up a hobby that requires you work with your hands for hours at a time, for instance. Hand-sewing quilts and making chainmail has really helped me.

Only keeping food that requires effort to prepare instead of things that are easily snackable in your kitchen also helps.

And get out of the house. Being anywhere but home is preventing you from opening the fridge.

Fasting is shit, don’t do that. Just take steps to force yourself back in the habit of eating a normal amount of food. You can do it, just like it.

Anonymous 6441

Just like I did*

Anonymous 6442

>eat 500-800 calories a day
>still manage to be skinnyfat because I'm completely sedentary
And don't say I'm miscounting. My dinner last night was two beets. Literally just two fucking beets. And eating like that isn't unusual for me. Half the time I only eat once a day. Anymore if I eat "normal" portions like I used to eat I'll spontaneously throw up.
But at the end of the day at least I'm not actually fat. Eating less in the first place is far easier than trying to exercise. Fuck cardio, it makes me want to die.
>Discipline is a muscle.
Who needs discipline if you have intense self-hatred to propel you forwards?
Fasting is what killed my appetite in the first place. Now I'm barely ever hungry. If I could be pissed to work out it would have been perfect. It does work.

Anonymous 6444

I don't think dieting is a good idea, if you're so "skinnyfat". Might be wise to take up bodybuilding.


Pubic hair Anonymous 3508[Reply]

Do you shave everything, trim it? Have you gotten laser?

I want to keep my vagina as smooth as possible but that's not easy with a razor
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Anonymous 4911


I don't shave or trim at all and haven't for roughly three years now. Sometimes it's a bit of a nuisance (i.e. when I'm on my period and it gets mucky easily or if I'm going to the beach and I get really self-conscious about the stray hairs poking out and the bulge), but it's definitely better than the days of my early teens where I was using hair removal cream that stank to high heaven and left a red rash behind for days.

Also, my boyfriend's into the floof. Says he likes the friction. Pic related.

Anonymous 6401

i use that veet electric razor to get a nice trim. i get annoyed at the hair on my bikini line but when i try and get rid of hair there it always gets really irritated ):

Anonymous 6404

Use aftershave!

Anonymous 6409


6% representing

Anonymous 6412

I used to keep it clean shaven (shaved every 4 days religiously) when I was regularly fucking (insecure fat girl who didn't want to alienate the straight boys even more than I already do) but now I'm much lazier about it. I don't like it getting too out of control since I get itchy if I let it regrow for too long, but there's enough down there to put any pedophiles off.
>been all of these but can currently be best described as the 33%, but trimmed verrrrry short


Anonymous 3403[Reply]

How can you properly use this in order to avoid infections?
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Anonymous 6392


>she still has her period in 2019

Anonymous 6394

Well as long as you're not collecting it and using its measurement's differences to determine your odds of getting away with committing murder its ok.

Anonymous 6395

If you murder someone because you think measuring menstrual blood will help you get away with it, you deserve the chair just for being retarded.

Anonymous 6397

Er, to get your head run over hy an ambulance, you mean.

Anonymous 6398

Same here, it's fascinating


Anonymous 6387[Reply]

Hey guys. I want some fashion tips for tall women.
I'm not that mature so I'm not really into elegant clothes but more on the normie cute ones. I'm seriously insecure about my clothes so I've never been paying that much attention to what I wear. I'm not really that fat I'm 1.76 and 65 kilos. Also, I have cankles and I want to wear jeans but everything is too short so it makes them seem bad.
I want to finally feel comfortable with my appearance

Anonymous 6393

>1.76 and 65 kilos
>converts to freedom units
>5'9 143lbs
Without seeing your measurements, that's like the perfect size. I'm jealous
>tfw I'll never be a tall qt who could gain or lose 10lbs without immediately looking fat/flat
Depending on weather where you are, you could try light wash boyfriend jeans with a lot of rips. They seem pretty fashionable still, and they will 1) hide canklage and 2) not look terrible if they're too short on you.

Anonymous 6396

Wow we're the same height and weight, that's weird. I just find long versions of jeans if I want that, but I've been digging the ankle trend recently.

Long high waisted skirts are the bomb during the spring/summer too


Eye makeup thread Anonymous 1440[Reply]

Share some of your favorite types of eye makeup. Mine is pic related.
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Anonymous 6352


Anonymous 6353


Anonymous 6354


Anonymous 6355


Anonymous 6356



Anonymous 4059[Reply]

>you will never have visible abdominal muscles
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Anonymous 4930

Please post progress pics and keep us updated! What shape are you in now? Are you mentally Stacy (please post progress about that too)?

Anonymous 5002

imagine being this ignorant

Anonymous 6298


Synthetic compound designed to bring the dawn of a new age. It mimics the mass-building effects of testosterone at excessively efficient levels without most of the repercussions regular test would have. Doesn't work well on men due to existing testosterone keeping it out of the system.

Anonymous 6309

So a testosterone for women?

Anonymous 6310

Yep. Wasn't meant to be, but that's what it became. What do you think?


Who here is Januhairy? Anonymous 4933[Reply]

A month-long campaign encouraging women to grow out their body hair is happening for the first time

Januhairy wants ladies to "love and accept" their natural hair while raising money for charity

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Anonymous 4973

I really like how pubes and armpit hair look on me and other women. But somehow I still can't get over leg hair. It just seems so masculine, I don't really know why, I can't help it.

Maybe because smooth legs are such a hallmark of femininity.

Anonymous 4977

I feel the same even though I don't shave my legs. I feel self conscious about it and always keep them covered.

Anonymous 4987


Lol I'm in Ireland. Are you in the US because I feel like the US puts way more pressure on women to shave? But even saying that, there's been a trend lately of American celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga showing off armpit hair, even on the red carpet. I think they look really cool!

Anonymous 5019

I'm in France where it's non-existent, but nobody is going to bully you for it. However I've seen it much more often in Germany, Spain, and Italy.

Anonymous 5027

That's what my arms look like after I shave
>tfw Med genes


Exercising in the winter Anonymous 4583[Reply]

For those who like exercising, what plans are you making for staying in shape during the wintertime?
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Anonymous 4591


What kind of program? Something like Starting Strength?

Anonymous 4592

No, I "graduated" from that. I did StrongLifts for about 3 months then moved onto a program that my friend wrote.
This January, I plan on running nSuns' 4day program and add in some glute accessories.

Anonymous 4611


>She doesn't bloatmaxx in the winter for tone

Anonymous 6242

Jogging just like during the rest of the year

Anonymous 6266


Any tips/resources for starting jogging? I tried c25k last year but hurt myself in the third week. I think because my form is bad and I heel strike.

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