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Nuva Ring Anonymous 7235[Reply]

Anyone here use the nuva ring? What are your thoughts?

I've been using it for about four months now. Its my first time using birth control and I'm pretty content with it. I've skipped my period twice with it. The first time I had spotting and the second (now) I'm having cramps but it might be because of something else.

Anonymous 7237

Yay, a BC thread!
I used to really like it, but I had to get off it because insurance reasons and my lack of a steady relationship meant I was using condoms anyway when I was having sex

Any anons who are super forgetful with taking a pill everyday (like me) but don't want/need to rely on barrier methods, the nuva ring is great 10/10 would recommend.

Anonymous 7285

I never considered the nuva ring! glad to hear its working so well for you, I was on the shot for a few months but it fucked up my fat distribution a little, and now that i'm off of it my period is quite wonky. All in all the depo shot was an okay experience. I'd love to just not get a period, on the shot I would have 3 week long periods.


Rant and Rave Thread Anonymous 7283[Reply]

Wanted to make a separate thread from >>313 for talking about skincare and makeup products specifically. What are you using?What products do you swear by? What do you absolutely avoid?

Anonymous 7284


I went to ULTA the other day and bought some stuff I was really satisfied with.
>Urban Decay Stay Naked foundation
Absolutely amazing. I bought it in shade 30NN and it feels very light and provides good medium coverage. Before I was using Tarte Amazonian Clay, but it's a bit too thick for my liking. I also recently started using tretinoin and noticed that the Tarte foundation would dry out throughout the day; I don't have this problem with UD.
>Tarte Shape Tape
I bought this in light sand, and while the coverage is great, I think the shade might be a little too light. It would be good as a highlighter if I wanted to contour, but I'd have to wear it more to see if I'm comfortable using it just for my dark circles.
>Tarte Busy Gal Brows
I bought this in medium brown. Does a great job of filling in my brows, and looks more natural than the Pixi brow powder I was using before.
>Colourpop BFF volumizing mascara
I bought the red color because I wanted to see how it looks and I wasn't really impressed. The red wasn't as vibrant as I was expecting and it did a meh job of elongating my lashes. I might try using my covergirl clump crusher first next time for longer lashes and than use this for color and see if that works better.


how to take good outfit pics? Anonymous 7261[Reply]

i honestly have no idea

Anonymous 7264


Oh I'm 10000% bumping because this is so relevant to me rn. I have no idea how to dress anymore. I used to think colour matching would make it ezclap but apparently that's outdated now.

Atm I'm noticing a lot of "everything one colour" stuff. It looks very luxury. Especially in beiges and creams. I just googled, it's called "one tone" outfit.

Interesting gallery here; https://www.harpersbazaar.com/uk/fashion/style-files/g36775/one-tone-dressing/ Saying that I'm working on my confidence atm but I don't think I'm quite there enough to wear some of this stuff.

Also, from a sustainability POV, this is a good trend for capsule wardrobe gals I think. You could mixy matchy some 70s parisian chic in too if you wanna move away from the trend. Sorry if this post comes across as too much info and weird I've taken a lot of modafinil.

Anonymous 7274


i was actually asking if anyone knew how to take photos of their own outfits like pic i provided.
i like how she specifically takes her outfit photos but i was wondering if full body mirror ones would be better or just do it the way she did in the photo, or would it better to go out and have different nice natural backgrounds?

Anonymous 7277

Lmao fuck I'm so sorry.

You can get phone tipods super cheap online! Use that and find a good "area" to take a photo. Apps to crop and splice etc etc.

Mirror pictures don't look as good as the image you showed tbh, she's also cropped her face so the focus is the outfit. I say replicate this style. Just find a good background (or make one, you can get semi-permanent wallpaper for a mini outfit studio)

Sorry again haha

Anonymous 7280

i think you're right about one tone outfits looking luxurious however I think that's only applicable if the individual pieces look expensive as well. otherwise it might look frumpy?
because all the clothing in the article look expensive and designer.

thank you! getting a tripod would definitely help. i plan to crop my face out as well because i want the main focus to be the outfit and if i have head accessories i'll just take a separate headshot photo and post that as well.
any app recommendations? for outfit shoots?


Anonymous 4096[Reply]

Have any of you ever been able to transform yourself to Stacy? How did it change your life?
49 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 7224


I would love to be a coastal elite fine art Stacy, ie what Anna Delvey tried to pull off.

Anonymous 7246


How does knowing you will never look like this make you feel?
>me: like shit

I'm a hopeless weeb and kboo so for years I've tried to reach asian beauty standards - which caused me to look like a hopeless and depressed mess.
I'm very tall and naturally athletic, I will never look small and dainty, so I decided that trying to reach stacy looks is more realistic for me.
Problem, I'm very pale and also don't like insta baddie makeup. I'd still love to look cute and youthful (which I'm not).
Is there a way to look beautiful without being a short, cute, babyfaced asian or being a curvy, tanned american blonde?
I don't fit any category, I just look so ugly and boring, people constantly tell me I'm invisible. I'm also a former ana, so accepting that I have boobs and hips, and showing cleavage is extremely difficult for me…

Has anybody of you come closer to your dream of finally being a pretty and popular girl?
Are there any tall thin and pale (brunette) stacies without extreme makeup whom I could look up to, does that exist?

Anonymous 7248

It only looks good because they're filthy rich and constantly slathered in products and filters. I'm sure you already know that, but I still had to repeat it. Someone like us will never look like this even with the same amount of plastic surgery. You also picked two terrible examples because both of them look really botched. If you've seen Ariana's new lips as of recent, you'll see what I mean - and Dove doesn't even has a nose bridge. She looks freakish.

My advice is top stop spending all your time looking at facetuned, thrice made over, modified like hell celebrities and check out who's considered cute or hot in real life, not the internet.

TL;DR Stacy looks aren't realistic, you're setting yourself up for disappointment

I loved this girl's story, what a wild ride. Wonder what she's up to now.

Anonymous 7251

Are these girls Stacy enough for you? It's hard recommend someone without knowing how exactly you look like.


Anonymous 7259

Tbh now I'm going to have more money coming in, I wouldn't say I want to stacyify myself, but more just improve my overall facial aesthetics.

To start, I will get my eyebrows shaped and then microbladed into a straight, wider brow. This suits me more and makes me look cuter. Then I will get a non-invasive rhinoplasty to balance out my slightly broken, and thus asymmetrical nose; they do this using fillers.

Also considering spray tans, regular facials and tear trough fillers.
But again tbh the end goal isn't to become stacy, I just want to feel ok without makeup on. I feel like I look very masculine without makeup, and even sometimes with makeup on I feel like I look like a tranny or an old porno star, idk it freaks me.

I want to be like a soft stacy maybe? I guess the anons posting art hoe kinda people is the ideal really. Stacy is too… bimbo 2010. It looks passe.


What do you gals think about water fasting? Anonymous 7175[Reply]

Fasting is one way for our body especially the Gastrointestinal tract to heal and to “rest” from all the work. During our fasting state, our body uses glycogen—this is the storage of our reserve energy. After several hours, when all our glycogen stores are depleted, that’s when our body uses fats—hence the weightloss.

Anonymous 7176

nonsense pseudo science. you lose weight because youre in a calorie deficit. which can be achieved by less anorexia-liteᵗᵐ methods

Anonymous 7177

I intermittent fast, but really I'm not sure if it's the fast itself or the fact that I eat less since I have a tinier window to eat. I was a grazing fatty and not a binger so my belly doesn't accommodate 2000+ calories (what I used to consume rip) at once.

Anonymous 7233

Fucking wish I could, lmao. I think I've done so successfully, but only for 24ish hours. I need to try again.


Anonymous 6992[Reply]

Anyone here have to deal with sciatica pains or at least some kind of lower back ache?
Trying to manage mine without pills/surgery.
Already tried yoga, stretching, physical therapy, etc and the only thing that helps at the moment is weed, but I can't use that everytime it happens
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 7005

I don't have any experience with inversion tables. I like pullup bars because if I feel pain or any need to suddenly stop, all I have to do is let go of the bar. I don't know if tables have a similar sort of "safety" mechanism.

Anonymous 7189

Got into yoga and did the pull up bar thing >>7000 mentioned
Haven't had a sciatica flare up in a while

Anonymous 7193

I do this on my trees it's fun.

Anonymous 7197

massage therapy really helped but only in conjunction with this really specific stretch. i know you already said you tried stretching, but this one is amazing for sciatica. it's really easy and you should feel it right away. (ignore the lame dude in the video lol)


Anonymous 7215

Dude this is great, thanks so much


Anonymous 7192[Reply]

>no pictures to attach
Any tips for exercising with painful scars? I had my appendix removed years ago and the scar has always caused pain when stretching it, even mildly. I'd say it's even gotten worse in recent months where I try to exercise. If I try to do push ups, planks, whatever, I just feel this stretching that gets unbearable after a minute, and I usually have a pretty high pain tolerance.
It's particularly annoying because I don't have the ability to do much exercising other than walk a lot (which is difficult for other reasons, but improving) and things I can do at home.


Labiaplasty Anonymous 3431[Reply]

Is anyone else considering labiaplasty or has had it performed?

I really want it done.

My labia isn't really that big but you see porn stars who have zero labia lip and since they're featured it makes you feel like that's what is acceptable.. I also think it looks better so I have been insecure about that aspect of myself for awhile.

I want to get it done but I will be horrified if the surgeon doesn't do it probably. I saw some botched images and yikes.
17 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 6415

>wait, what?
>sudden realization.jpeg
Maybe this is why I've never been able to climax from sex. It can feel good, even great, but just penetration is never able to get me off.

Not to give the lurkers more fuel, but what if the roast beef vag=slut stereotype comes from women who enjoy sex tending to have that larger labia minora thereby making men conclude that sex causes this when no amount of cock will stretch out my non-existent inner labia
This is probably false because that would require this misogyny to actually have some sort of reasoning behind it besides "ew vaginas are icky" but still.

Anonymous 7168

>facehugger alien
NOT ok

Anonymous 7170


tell me it ain't so……. holy shit

Anonymous 7171

Idk, I have an innie that looks like a pink butt and sex feels great to me, I've also had almost 100 partners, I guess it just depends on the person

Anonymous 7178

nah, they’re all fine


Hair thread Anonymous 569[Reply]

What are some of your favorite hair related YouTube channels?

What's your hair routine?

Do you take any supplements/do (you think) they work?
131 posts and 26 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 6829

Every 2nd day usually, I like it when they're floofy.

Anonymous 7130

How do you tame/prevent flyaways? I get a lot of them in the morning.

Anonymous 7134


I use coconut hair wax that also smells good.

Anonymous 7150

Do products like this need a sulfate shampoo to wash out? I feel like I should use styling products to make my hair more smooth, but I'm afraid an ingredient like silicone or wax will build up and make it like straw after awhile. That's happened with a few conditioners I used, seems like I can't win since sulfate shampoos that would remove them have the same damaging effect on my curly/wavy hair.

Anonymous 7174

has anyone had any experience with Malibu DLL? i feel myself growing out of the unnatural colored hair thing, and i just want my natural dark brown back. i have a deepish teal hair color right now. would it just be better to go over it with a dye closest to my natural hair color and skip trying to strip the color?

Anonymous 7079[Reply]

Are you glowing up right now?
7 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 7113

I feel as though I had my 'glow up' when I left school around 17 (uk) when guys who ignored me at school we're suddenly like 'you look so different' and became interested in me. I basically started wearing a little makeup and changed my hair (shorter/fringe) from the long straggly mess I'd had at school.

I'm in my late twenties now and feel I'm having a mini glow up rn. I've been wearing clothes that make me feel more confident but I still struggle with acne which pisses me off so much cause I'm vegan (drink green smoothies most days too) and don't drink or smoke :C my skin has been shit since I started puberty though lol

Anonymous 7120

I have a bad stomach and cheese and dairy really fucks me up. I cut that out and decided to go all the way. I still occasionally have one meal a week thats non vegan and if someone personally gives non vegan food to me ill eat it to be polite unless it is meat.

Im also fat and use it to help drop weight.

Anonymous 7121

Oh, that's cool. Good luck on weight loss!

Anonymous 7129

You can get it swabbed and tested but the tells for me were that it only started after using antibiotics (allowing yeast to overgrow), my usual acne cream made it worse, and it responds to anti-fungals.

Anonymous 7172

Fat regulates hormones, vegan-chan.
You need to pay attention to your macronutrients. Eat fatty nuts.

Go get tested for DHEA, estradiol, estriol, ovarian testosterone, FSH, SHBG and LH.
It's not normal to have acne in your late twenties if your diet and hygiene are on point.

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