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Should I grow out my bangs? Anonymous 7779[Reply]

I have had straight, blunt bangs for a while, around 6 years now. I am thinking of growing them out because they're now at the length where I have to decide whether to trim them or let them grow out. My forehead is not short, I'd say it's about average sized, but if I were to place it on a spectrum, it'd be closer to the larger end of said spectrum. I also have the reminders of some ugly self harm scars on my forehead that are horizontal. People close to me say they aren't too noticeable, but I think they make it look like I have forehead wrinkles when I don't. I know, I'm an idiot. But with makeup it is possible to cover them for the most part.

I like my bangs, but I have always loved the look of more subtle bangs other women have, as well as other women who don't have them at all. What should I expect if I grow them out in terms of how long they will take to blend in with the rest of my hair? My hair grows relatively fast. Is it better to play it safe and not grow my bangs out since I'm a little anxious my forehead might be a tad large? No one's ever taunted me for that, even when I didn't have bangs, but that was so long ago. I guess I feel indecisive because I want to have fun with my hair and grow it out, but I know bangs appear to suit me. I tried growing my bangs out before and gave up.

Pic related is the closest picture I could find to my hair currently. My hair is a lot thicker, longer, and wavier, though (I straighten my bangs all the time). It's also all blonde except for the roots.

Anonymous 7780

I think growing them out would be nice for the new year. I’ve had bangs before as well and as they were growing out I just swept them to the side and gave myself side bangs. Or you could always pin them with cute clips or a simple bobby pin. If no one’s ever talked about your forehead then you’ll be fine!

Anonymous 7836

You probably won't see this OP, but if you don't like the way your forehead looks, keep the bangs. You can always change the way they're styled if you want a change. I see a lot of people with wavy or wispy bangs these days.


Anonymous 7789[Reply]

Do you stretch? Stretchers post your stretching routines.

Anonymous 7800

I have a shoulder injury so I stretch every day.

My routine:
1. Levator scapulae stretch 3/side 2x/day; hold 20-30 sec
2. Upper trapezius "
3. Scalene "
4. T-spine self-mobilization (with a foam roller); hold 2-3 mins
5. Posture stretch on a foam roller (This one is my fave; just lie on a foam roller so your spine is flush and stretch out your arms at a 45-degree angle, palms up. Great stretch if your shoulders/neck are tight from stress/desk work.)

Right now I'm also doing Home, a daily yoga practice for January 2020 (Yoga with Adriene). https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLui6Eyny-UzzFFfpiil94CUrWKVMaqmkm

Anonymous 7811

My body is really stiff and uncoordinated… I was doing daily yoga for a while but gradually stopped some time last Summer. I've just been doing whatever stretches I feel like throughout the day, trying to work on my forward fold and wrist/ankle mobility.

Thanks for the reminder, I just did the first Home video!

Anonymous 7820

Good channel for stretching routines.


Anonymous 7818[Reply]

Can I still be beautiful if I have terrible gas?

Anonymous 7819

take probiotics. it cured my diarrhea.

Anonymous 7822

it makes you even more beautiful

Anonymous 7812[Reply]

What type of wax is this? It looks easy enough to use at home.

remilia 2.png

Hairystyles advice Anonymous 7806[Reply]

So I have very long hair and a side parting, which I think makes it look too flat. I'd like some advice on giving it more volume and/or some nice easy hairstyles I could do :)

Anonymous 7809

Get it cut in layers is all I can suggest. Though I tried getting my hair cut in layers recently, but I don't think the hairdresser knew what I meant, and just gave me a trim


Uniforms & Attire Anonymous 5431[Reply]

Military, dress attire, etc, or any other articles of clothing you find attractive.

15 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 7736


Anonymous 7737


Anonymous 7738


Italians from what I remember
Remind me of General Bison off that 90's street fighter movie

Anonymous 7740

military diplomati…

German, Japanese, Hungarian, Italian, Romanian in Finland. Note how the Japanese uses 19th century style posing which doesn't include smiling.

Anonymous 7808

Swiss Guard.jpg

these niggas

tsubu anko (sabami…

Anonymous 7786[Reply]

How do I get rid of rosacea?

Anonymous 7804

Most cases of rosacea can be almost completely cured by IPL treatment, or intense pulsed light. You can find videos on youtube about it, but it's non-invasive and not very painful. It's offered by a most skin clinics and not too expensive either

It's also good to keep stress, diet and sleep in check to keep it under control :)


Anonymous 7770[Reply]

Has anyone ever tried Stitch Fix? How did you like it?

I hate shopping for clothes and my sense of style sucks, so I figured I'd try it out. Got my first fix and it was ok. Had one pair of jeans I liked and returned the rest. The clothes were kind of pricey. Think I'll wait for 2-3 fixes to see how I feel about it.

Anonymous 7778

I don't like the styles of clothes available through stitchfix, too boring. It's probably better for men.

I do nuuly & I love it even though it's expensive.


Lower Belly Problems Anonymous 7765[Reply]

Hello everyone, I am desperately in need of help for my lower belly problem. I used to be overweight (27+ BMI) but since January 2019 I made a lot of lifestyle changes (low carb diet, exercise 3 times a week and small meditation sessions). During these 12 months I made a lot of progress and I'm now at a 22.5 BMI, but despite these 12 months of mostly healthy living I still have a lot of lower belly fat (pic related, loks literally like me), so much so that i look pregnant tbh ;///////;
Lower belly fat has been a really big insecurity of mine because its so noticeable that it pains me to even look at it in the mirror. Has any other anon had this problem? If so did you solve it? how?

Anonymous 7767

Accept that "spot training" is a myth and this isn't a problem you can solve by targeting it. Your belly will continue to shrink as you lose weight, but adipose distribution in women generally means that it will be the last thing to completely flatten. I was a big girl at one time (5'8, 33 to 20) and my "pouch" was the last thing to go. I was angry at it the whole time and it took years.

Possible solutions:
-low carb/keto
-it's extra skin so you'd need surgery (I doubt this is it)
-bad posture makes it look worse than it actually is


disfunction Anonymous 7630[Reply]

I have executive disfunction in my vagina. Please, I just want to feel something. Please tell me how I can fix this, ladies

Anonymous 7757

How us that like for you? In my case, it was that i could feel touch, yes, but it couldnt answer to self stimulation (kind of like how it doesnt itch when you tickle yourself). The answer was to get someone to do it for me, or get a huge amount of lube and an extra weak vibrator

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