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Cognitive dissonance on weight loss Anonymous 13811[Reply]

I have been working on losing my corona weight and it's been going well be mentally I'm in conflict with myself and my beliefs every hour of the day.
I know that being skinny won't make me happy because I looked at my old pics when I was visibly skinny and had my ribcage visible and I still thought I thought of myself as fat and was too insecure to be social and identified as a femcel online (+ had some health issues that made my everyday life harder) so I know factually that my self-image issues are in my head and not my body, at the same time I have slightly more confidence in myself now and I've been feeling generally better when I allowed myself to eat the foods I enjoyed in quarantine.
I tell myself that my weight loss is merely caused by my desire to be able to wear the clothes I don't fit in anymore and that I don't have enough money for a new wardrobe but I can sense myself falling back a little into that old mindest where I'm so fixated on weight and the weight of everyone I see, crazy how I stopped caring for two years but now I'm back checking people's bodies full time and comparing them to mine, I can't even explain why I suddenly feel shitty and want to go home because I'll look stupid.
Going online seeing profat landwhales makes me wanna lose weight then seeing proanas with endless health complications makes me wanna keep being chubby.
I don't know what I want to do anymore regarding my diet and I keep on binging and restricting because I feel so conflicted.

Anonymous 13815

>PPPS because I'm stupid and I fix one formating error and forget the other
>it's been going well be mentally I'm in conflict with myself
>I still thought I thought of myself as fat
>and I keep on binging and restricting

Luckily I haven't been purging and I hope I don't get to that point again, and that's another reason I'm scared of going back to being skinny.

>inb4 see a therapist

1. I'm broke broke I can barely afford my bills and food.
2. Therapists are enablers and my experience with therapy wasn't good.
>inb4 you have an ED
I don't think I have an eating disorder simply because I lived most of my life leaning to the chubby side and only was skinny for few years.
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Anonymous 13837

1. maybe tone up/weight lift more as it's way better overall tbh, I also like body weight stuff. It's fine if you stop around 23, 24 BMI as it's a healthy weight

2. IMPORTANT: drop any apps and etc. related to other people's bodies, including "landwhales". Make it so annoying and awful to check them that you'd prefer doing other things (yes there's ways of locking sites too). Also limit ways you can look at yourself. You're literally programming yourself into negative behaviors

4. Be realistic. You judge others for having weight issues which in turn reflects on yourself because you're used to picking apart others all the time. I mean, how do you feel if you tell yourself "we're just meat bags. It doesn't matter." each time thoughts of your or people's bodies come up? Or do you think other people look "stupid"? I mean either ways people don't actually care or look

5. I really don't want to argue about this but eating disorders can happen to any size. It's like how an ugly person can still technically have BDD if they have an obsessive fixation and maladaptive set of behaviors related to their looks

6. Start nothing new that's just so stressful and/or distracting or something (idk this worked for me)

I found that after losing weight I didn't really feel much better and the best thing I could do was embrace a set of behaviors acting like my looks don't matter, and also just focusing on being strong while realizing that all along I was really just frustrated with the world for caring so much about looks–that I personally don't…nor do I want to.
And it really helped me to imagine someone kind who suffers from self-image issues and ask myself if I really want them to feel horrible over such things. I don't. So, I'd prefer to act like it doesn't matter.

Anonymous 13838

something* not nothing


Anonymous 13700[Reply]

2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 13707

>in the XIX century
>for women

Anonymous 13711


Anonymous 13712

I think it's also genes and the way she's shaped–she got very lucky.

My chest is naturally shaped like that and I'm pretty muscly, I'm very strong by nature but then I have the tiniest, weakest pigeon wrists.

Anonymous 13735

That image is clearly from the 1920s

Anonymous 13737

The girl on the right yes, but on the left is Vulcana, who was born in 1874.


Anonymous 13455[Reply]

Tomorrow I want to start eating healthy.

I don't want to do this with losing weight as my main goal (although I would like that, too). I just want to try to eat in a decently healthy and balanced way, drink enough water and ideally work out. No counting calories or weighing because I used to be an anachan and I don't want to take risks.

I will try to use this thread for accountability, and maybe post recipes or updates sometimes - anyone else who wants to do the same or just share and talk about healthy eating in general is welcome! (I hope this is okay, I was gonna post in the ED thread but that would kind of defeat the intention of this plan not being a disorder thing.)
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 13457

I'm sure there are some, but I haven't found any so far that i found helpful. I feel like a lot of ED-specific advice/literature is written in a sort of infantilizing, weird way. So I'm just trying to kind of wing it. If you have any resources you would recommend I'd love to hear them though!

Anonymous 13582

Alright, so week 1 has been going okay!
I've still had some overly processed foods here and there, and i ordered pizza with friends yesterday (I only ate until satiation and didn't just keep eating cause it's fun), but for the most part i've been cooking for myself instead of just snacking and have been trying to keep it balanced. Some of the meals/snacks I've hat that i liked the most:

>porridge with blueberries

>lamb's lettuce with homemade vinaigrette
>honey-teriyaki salmon with cauliflower rice
>guacamole on sourdough
>chili con carne (never knew this actually had such good macros lol)

I would say so far I'm more "eating healthy compared to what i ate like before" and less "eating healthy compared to the general public" but idk. Hope everyone is well!


I don't know if I could get myself to eat organ meats.. I might try it if I have some specific vitamin needs that I can't get otherwise. But generally I'd like to eat a bit less meat instead of more haha. Gotta read a bit more about supplements too, an omega 3 one would probably be good for me aswell. And yes, thank you for looking out! I don't think I'm a high risk for orthorexia but I will definitely keep an eye on it.

Anonymous 13593

I’m >>13456 . Glad to see you’re making progress. As far as resources I’m not sure because I’ve never had an ED, but I think “intuitive eating” may be a useful phrase because whenever I see someone explaining it as a concept I’m like …but that’s just normal eating. I guess they put a bit more thoughtfulness into it.

Anonymous 13733

My meals for the past month
>peanut butter oatmeal with chia seeds with a little bit of cinnamon
>tea with 3 sugars and 2 Maryland cookies or a donut r something from the cafertia
>curry with some sort of chicken in it or just beans, curry and rice

My lunches are in dire need of an upgrade, and I'm considering making myself some seasoned rice with some frozen vegetables and maybe a little bit of chicken. It'll probably not be warm by the time that I eat it, but it's probably better than what I was eating before

Anonymous 13736

kind of joining in my own way; wanted to fast but I ended up deciding to try keto instead.

Honestly I've just been feeling terrible and it's just an extremely easy way to eat a basic diet. I remember years ago going a long time without eating and feeling better than I had in my entire life (even other people noticed it). What I didn't realize was that I had been eating high-fat foods solely and no carbs around that time, which I discovered days later upon looking at my food journal. Thought nothing of it back then but I realize that maybe it's worth revisiting.


Anonymous 13374[Reply]

Anyone here used henna hair dye before? (Even better if you've used the brand in pic, I have a box of it I'm wanting to try.)

Looking for any tips- I have been bleaching and toning my hair a natural coppery red for a while, and did my roots about a month ago and hated the result (even though I used the same products as always, it went funky this time). I have heard that using henna too soon after dyeing with chemical dyes can do crazy shit to your hair, so I have been waiting. Now I have like 1cm of dark brown roots after a month of waiting, do you think this is a long enough wait to do the henna now?

Also, I have heard you need to leave it on for hours- I only ever tried henna once before years ago and it literally did nothing at all to my hair after letting it sit for 2 hours.
7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 13673

No, henna is permanent and you won't be able to chemically bleach or dye it again (you can dye the new growth of course)

Anonymous 13674

Does that mean there are improved methods of non-chemical dying that's natural and non-damaging nowadays? That's the only way I could see henna being outdated.

Anonymous 13675

Henna isn't a chemical?

Anonymous 13676

Henna is plant-derived, it's considered a natural/non-chemical hair dye as opposed to box dye which is chemical dye.

Anonymous 13727

Hmm, posting this here bc I don't want to make a similar thread
So if I wanted to dye my hair for a few weeks, what other treatments are there?
I have very muddy dark yellow, muted hair and want to go to a more rich dark brown.

I actually have tried googling this before and getting confused as so many products act like you have to bleach and have nonvirgin hair for everything to deposit right. I.e., there's shampoos and glosses that look promising.


ovulation cramps Anonymous 13373[Reply]

i've been having gross cramps for what it seemed all month long, it wasn't sharp pain but rather dull mongering cramp similar to pms cramps for half , i was worried that i had something wrong with my uterus so i went to an obygn and i got checked but i was healthy and my obygn told me that it's normal ovulation cramping. i have to deal with ovulation cramps, pms cramps, and period cramps, i just can't catch a break can i?

Anonymous 13388

When say "checked" do you mean an ultrasound or just a visit with your obgyn? If the cramp feeling is on your right side it could be gallstones.

Anonymous 13389

visit and urine tests, the obygn refused to do more because she said i'm healthy and don't need it, the pain is in the lower abdomen and exactly in the center, happens around ovulation and i get other ovulation symptoms. i don't think it's too painful it's simply annoying.
worth noting that i choose a female obygn because i wanted to be taken seriously but she was very dismissive of me because i'm a virgin and in my 20s so she thinks i can't possibly have anything wrong.

Anonymous 13390

i did two urine tests and two blood tests. forgot to mention.

Anonymous 13393

Women can be even more dismissive of reproductive-related pain than men because their periods might not be so bad. I'd want an ultrasound for peace of mind–for example, the knowledge that I have a relatively large cyst, even though it's "normal" for women, helps take the edge off the anxiety I get when pain related to it flares.

Anonymous 13671

they say exercise and caffeine can help (as well as OTC pain meds like ibuprofen) but it never helped much with mine.
The only time I was free of cramps was when I went years with only 2 periods a year and I was on depo provera but that also made me gain an insane amount of weight and it was impossible to lose until I got off of depo.
I don't know, fren.


Anonymous 12060[Reply]

I seen this girl posted on lolcow. Apparently she is heavily disliked because she posts in the body positive tags preaching about the struggles of beauty standards/body image while she looks like this.

The person who posted this says that the problem is not that this girl is skinny or pretty. The problem is that she is aware that she is skinny and pretty, has identified a space where people use her body type as an example of "societies idea of a perfect woman", and proceeds to post to that space showing off her body to stroke her ego.

I agree with the poster. I don't think it's right to hijack a movement based around struggling with image just to show off how well you fit the standard. It's incredibly obnoxious and she should just be honest about what shes really doing and stop pretending she has the same struggle as everyone else when some women literally die trying to acheive her "genetic" look.

What do you guys think?
109 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 13426

I think it's attractive, my 21 bmi ass wishes it looks like that

Anonymous 13501

Nta, yes you can, what a bizarre claim.

Anonymous 13549

>21 bmi
That's not even fat. (Nta btw)
Maybe I'm imposing my own opinions, but mid-tier bmi on women looks so cute.
Lower bmi is also nice, but I do like soft but healthy looks on women. Just enough for squishy thighs+arms, and soft belly.

Anonymous 13581

she is very strange looking and her body type doesn't conform to "conventional beauty standards" so i don't see the problem with her being in the body positivity movement to cope.
there's other ways of looking 'weird' or having a strange body than just being fat y'know

Anonymous 13583


>her body type doesn't conform to "conventional beauty standards"
Oh shut up. She literally has the body of a Victoria’s Secret model. Young girls all across instagram are photoshopping themselves to look just like her. Fuck this person for exploiting young girls’ insecurities to stroke her own ego. Disgusting person.
Maybe naturally skinny if you have something like Marfan Syndromw, but no one is naturally obese lmao.


Anonymous 13322[Reply]

I have been using fermented rice water on my hair for two weeks now. Omg it is literally the best thing I have ever used. I don’t have to wash my hair as often because it doesn’t get oily and after washing, it immediately feels soft. If you have any problems with hair growth, I really recommend it.
Anyways I hope this helps someone
11 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 13436

Because your scalps are overcompensating because you're washing too often. Yes, at first, your hair is going to be greasy and disgusting because your scalp is going to produce the same amount of oil it has to keep up with being washed every day or two. But it will get better with time.

Anonymous 13490

Isn't your oil production adapting to your washing frequency a myth?

Anonymous 13518

No. It's the same reason that using too many drying products on your face can also lead to oil overproduction. When you dry your skin out, your body produces sebum to compensate.

Most people just don't have the patience to wait out the time it takes to see results (6-12 weeks), so they say it doesn't work. And everyone is different, so some people aren't going to ever get down to once a week, but most people wash their hair far too often.

Anonymous 13523

I did this for months, much longer than 12 weeks, and I found the the best frequency to wash my hair is definitely 2-3 times a week.

Anonymous 13576

This reminds me. One time on a whim I was using a fermented rice toner with some filtered water and a tiny bit of jojoba oil in a spray bottle and spritizing it onto my still drying hair in a very hot car.

Usually I had no routine but for some reason something was telling me my hair needed more so I kept rubbing it in. It was honestly really dumb.

The entire day for the first time in YEARS people were complimenting my hair and wanting to touch it and swarming around me. Including people that had insulted my hair before. Like what?? My hair looked thicker, lusher, shinier. It looked straight out of a Disney cartoon.

And what shocked me is that normally my hair looks dead and greasy 1 hour after showering but it looked absolutely perfect all day long. Tf.

To this day I've tried similar things and etc but never have achieved the same result. Blow outs never really gave the same effect.


Cut on face, help please Anonymous 13564[Reply]

Hello, I accidentally got a cut on my cheek yesterday. I covered it up sloppily with foundation so it would be less visible at work, but it’s now the next day and it’s scabbed over and even worse looking :(

Does anyone know how I can cover it up on Monday when I have to go to work again, or even make it go away somehow? How long does a moderately shallow cut take to heal?
2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 13567

It happened to me once and the best thing I found was to cut a stretchy skin coloured bandaid to fit the length and width of the cut
It didint make it disappear but it was definitely better than having the cut completely visible or with concealer

Anonymous 13569

Why do you want to cover it up though? Are you emberassed you managed to cut your face? I say just leave it as is. I know from experience when I was younger I was always trying to cover scabs from acne up, it really only made things more ugly and accentuated. No one is going to be grossed out about a simple cut on your cheek.

Anonymous 13570


Hmm, I could use a bandage that I cut up so it’s small, that’s a good idea!

In an ideal world I wouldn’t care about people seeing it, but I got it in a very stupid embarrassing way and don’t want anyone to ask about that

Anonymous 13572

Wouldn't a bandage make it even more noticeable? The texture wouldn't blend in with your skin at all. I'd just make up a lie that isn't embarassing.

Anonymous 13573

First make sure the area is very moisturised to avoid cracking. Then you need a thick creamy concealer like Benefit’s Boing in the round pot or Mac’s Studio Finish concealer in the round pot. Get a lip brush and carefully paint it on in small amounts. Blend the edges into your foundation.

Should mostly heal in about a week, depending on the size and that you don’t pick it.

old man.jpg

Anonymous 12356[Reply]

I have eye eczema rn and my eyes are red, crusty, and flaky. I'm using a moisturizer and I don't wear makeup, do y'all have any other tips hehe
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 12380

I used to have this and found out I was allergic to fragrances in laundry detergent and fabric softener. I recommend using only fragrance-free products on your skin, hair, and clothing and see if it helps.
It could be some other allergy causing it as well, though, as other anons have said.

Anonymous 12381

i have blepharitis apparently but 80% in my right eye so these little fleshy zit things grow on the corners of my eyelid and scrape against my eyeball until i scratch them off with my nail (carefully to not scratch my own cornea) and the medicine doesnt do SHIT and all this fucking with my eye is giving me stabbing pains.\

human bodies are STUPID DISEASED MEAT SACKS fuck this shit i want to be a skeleton

Anonymous 12652

are they itchy too? Cerave cream and a paraffin wax ointment for skin conditions fixed this right up for me, though I have to apply these twice a day to stop it from coming back

Anonymous 12695

NTA, but as someone who's had eczema and other skin problems before AND seen doctors/derms about my problems, doctors can't always the underlying cause of something in every individual. It is sometimes helpful to ask others with the same condition what caused their problem to help you get to the root of yours, in addition to seeking medical advice.

Anonymous 13551

Do you use any kind of facial/acne perscribed medication? I found out that is what did the same to my eyes. I fixed it eventually with hydrocortisone

Anonymous 13413[Reply]

How's your sleep quality lately?

Anonymous 13414

Good when I can get it. But falling asleep is the hard part.

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