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Ideal Body Type thread? Anonymous 1672[Reply]

What's your ideal body type, anons?

Are you into being thin, or curvy, or maybe fit? Were you born a cone shape but long to be a pear? Or maybe you're a banana but would rather be an hourglass?

I'd like to hear your opinions and what you're doing to get there!
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Anonymous 18352

Samefag, I want the body down to the boobs. I don't want boobs too big they hurt my back or I can't crop tops that stop at the boobs. I definitely need to get a breast augmentation though

Anonymous 18358

She has a really nice body and I love the tanned tone of her skin. I find high-waist clothing so comfy but low-rise looks sooooo good on skunny/fit women.

Anonymous 18556

>my ideal body is an idealized version of mine, precisely because it could be me one day
absurdly based.
I view body types the same way. There are features I admire on other women, but my 'ideal' body is the one that I know I can achieve.

Painfully relatable about being comfortable.

I'm short and very curvy. Only slightly out of the 'technically perfect' hourglass measurement range (slightly too bottom heavy). Small waist.
I'm overweight at the moment. my ideal goal is to lose weight and gain a little muscle. I don't just want to be pretty. I want to be strong.

Anonymous 18695

6 years later but oh well. Like the other person 32C isn't small at all. Those women were probably envious of your wider hips. Trust me when I say tits are flashy and all, but the sign of fertility is in the hips, or hip to waist ratio anyway. Body comments always come from the insecure, whether you have something they want or really don't. It's always some kind of internal lack they intend to mask.

Anonymous 18696

I relate to this heavily. I've started to really get into the nitty gritty of what I find desirous in the women whose bodies/faces I aspire to be like and I realize half the time it isn't really the body I want, but maybe the physical strength of the muscular women (which I can achieve in some sense with the right habits) or the fashion sense which fits the body/complexion/etc. of that particular woman in good lighting/the right angle/etc., or a generally attractive face which makes the body seem even more beautiful. I'm learning I just need to work with what I have, because that appears to be what works best for other women, especially the ones which trigger insecurity or yearning.


Favorite/Sexiest Men's Clothing Anonymous 11679[Reply]

I'm curious. What type of clothing do you like to see on men? Care to post examples? I love muscular men who wear black v-necks for some reason…

I know other women who like men in 3 piece suits, but men rarely wear them.
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Anonymous 18344


Aw yeah, thats it. Short shorts w great legs. Like Tom selleck in magnum pi. So much body hair, peak sexy for me

Anonymous 18615


Not only what >>18343 said, but there's also a certain 'youthfulness' implying that the boy hasn't had to grow up early facing hardship. He's playful, a bit naive, and tries to act like a gentleman.

Anonymous 18679

Idk anon this kind of outfit always makes me think of a middle aged manchild who engaged in date rapes in college

Anonymous 18680


This is how men should look. Simply perfect.

Anonymous 18681

his nose is too delicate and feminine. kind of a small face too. tom from succession looks cuter


Disability general Anonymous 11446[Reply]

I don't think there has been a thread for those who might have some form of disability here. This thread is for discussing any problem related to a disability, it can be a mental or physical problem as long as this thread can help you feel less alone in this struggle it is all that matters. I personally have issues related to my hearing, I am curious to see if other anons do too here.
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Anonymous 18620


Soooo…. my medication is out of stock. Literally in all of my country. Friends from other countries told me it's out of stock there too. I rely on this medication for my day-to-day life. I have to take it multiple times a day. When I stop my illness comes back so strongly it's terrifying and disrupts my daily functioning so much. How fucked am I now? What can I do? I'm tired of rushing to the hospital every single time, I almost start to feel like I'm rude. It's literally a monthly occurence. My multiple doctors all decided to fuck off somewhere else because reasons?? so I have to wait at least a month to see them. There's so little doctors that even if I try to find new other ones my next appointment can only be multiple months later. I've tried to find ways to purchase medication online, but meds are very regulated in the EU so I can't really do it. Unless I just don't know how to bypass this. I don't know. I feel so powerless. Living with an invisible disability is literaly hell. Especially as a woman. No one takes you seriously. It is so isolating. At this point I wish I wasn't born.

Anonymous 18621

I've been forgetting more things. Usually small stuff like what I ate for breakfast yesterday or today. But sometimes important things like someone coming over and having a whole conversation with me in my apartment. I'm really scared. I feel like I will be completely incoherent within ten years.

Anonymous 18622

If it can help i can suggest you keep a memory journal. It can be with the help of a phone app or with a real journal you can decorate. My illness gives me troubles remembering things too so maybe it could help you as well.

Anonymous 18638

I've got my fair share of meds. What I hate the most is that I have to take them with a pretty substational (not necessarily calorie wise but size wise) meal otherwise I'm gagging on acid all day. Anyone know of low acid, high satiety foods to take with them instead? Thinking about almond milk yogurt but that shit is nasty

Anonymous 18642

The meds i take are technically supposed to be taken with a meal but I just don't do it. Supposedly not taking them with a meal would cause me to have nausea. It doesn't though. Have you tried taking your meds alone?


Physical Condishuns Anonymous 1900[Reply]

What kind of physical issues do you deal with? How do you treat them? Have you found alternative treatments helpful? How do other people react when learning about them? Etc.

Let's share our trials here.
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Anonymous 18583

Got diagnosed with Grave’s Disease at 15. Had all of the symptoms save for the eye-bulging. Literally couldn’t sleep some nights due to the insomnia and heart palpitations. I’m in remission for the third time now, but I’m honestly thinking about just having my thyroid shrunk since I’m tired of hopping on and off my medicine when it resurfaces (always mild, thankfully). Still heat sensitive, so that’s a bitch in the summer.

Anonymous 18584

Anon maybe ask a psych about BPD. Sounds like depression/mania

Anonymous 18610

Chronic fatigue. I haven't found anything to cure it. I think it's due to a vitamin d and iron deficiency. I technically have tablets for that but my tablets taste so awful that I don't want to take them. I'll try to find a way to make them taste less horrible.

Anonymous 18617

Gastritis and bad acid reflux. I can't eat shit and have been fighting it for almost two years now, good fun! It wouldn't be as bad if it didn't burn my esophagus and affect my breathing.
Also have had skin issues of some sort for my whole life. I had psoriasis as a child (it still acts up in the winter) and have had some form of acne for 13 years now. Last summer the heat also inspired eczema in my body so I'm getting the best of everything.

Mostly my body functions though and I do love her.

Anonymous 18639


Same on the acid reflux. Have you tried cutting out chocolate, tomatoes, that kind of stuff? Stress is also a big part of it. Get it treated asap because it can fuck up your teeth and give you throat cancer.


nutrition Anonymous 18660[Reply]

i think i might be intolerant to sugar and flour
shit, this sucks
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Anonymous 18667

no wait, the flour i bought said it's gluten free.

Anonymous 18668

I think three months can be enough time. I had a hippie teacher who said she took a trip to Africa to live in a village and I think it was only for a few months and now she can't eat any bread. She was also crazy and broke her neck doing a handstand on a desk so whatever. She was also mean.

Anonymous 18669

always hated sugar and high gluten foods then i found i was prediabetic, maybe thats you? did you starve yourself? it fucks with your pancreas apparently

Anonymous 18670


apparently that condition is common within my family, I asked my cousin about it and she also said that this disease is metabolic.
What she has is hyperglycemia, which just seems to be prediabetes, but also Coeliac disease.
This just sucks.

Anonymous 18671

It's not so bad. Stuff like tofu is cheap. Permaketo looks expensive, but the smaller portions needed to stay full help to balance things out. I eat a lot of kale salads, and, while avocados seem expensive, one is enough for, like, two meals. You can also look into things like blueberry smoothies. Blue berries, a lot carb nut, yogurt, and ice makes for a great and fast meal.


Hair thread Anonymous 569[Reply]

What are some of your favorite hair related YouTube channels?

What's your hair routine?

Do you take any supplements/do (you think) they work?
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Anonymous 18519


Came here to ask something similar.

I've always wanted to shave bald to see how it feels/looks. But I am worried about the social ramifications. I want to look for a new job this year. Will a non-conventional appearance make it harder to do interviews?

Anonymous 18521


Any tips/tricks/techniques to encourage slightly faster hair growth? I already do scalp massages with oils, sleep on satin pillow cases, stay hydrated, do olaplex treatments every week or so. I'm growing out a pixie and I'm in the shaggy overgrown awkward stage.

Anonymous 18568

I've had hair parted down the middle all my life, but I've thought about wanting to try having no or at least not as apparent of a parting.
my problem is, that whenever I try to do that, it just falls back into place.
have you nonas got any tips?

Anonymous 18581


I get my hair cut like picrel. I really dislike styling, so I mostly fluff it with dry shampoo and/or hairspray (nexxus, the pink can). I use Tresemme shampoo and conditioner (red/white bottles). Anyone got good anti-buildup shampoo so I can avoid buildup?

Anonymous 18609

Use a clarifying shampoo. Neutrogena has a really good one.

Browser stats-bro.…

Basic Hygiene Maintenance Tips Anonymous 18217[Reply]

For women who were never taught hygiene maintenance tips by their parents. I'm still learning.

>Teeth should be brushed once in the morning, once at night for 2 minutes each
>Personal preference to brush teeth mid-day
>Floss once a day before brushing teeth, specifically at night to get gunk out of teeth
>After brushing teeth, use a tongue scraper to prevent build up of bacteria, which causes bad breath and health issues
>Visit dentist for cleaning 2x a year (every 6 months)

>Cleanse face in the morning and at night
>Apply moisturizer when done

Body - General
>Get a checkup 1-2 years
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 18218


>Teeth should be brushed once in the morning, once at night for 2 minutes each
Also don't forget to brush your gums, but not to harshly, and also the very back of your mouth. I did not do this for quite some time.

>Cleanse face in the morning and at night

Salicylic acid is very good against pimples and other spots. I only use it when I have something to "clean away" though.

Anonymous 18219

Oh I have tips! Some might be too basic, but here goes.

>Like mentioned, exfoliate/scrub legs, arms, body with a washcloth and shower gel/body soap
>Shampoo first, working shampoo into scalp before rinsing
>Apply conditioner and leave it for a couple minutes before rinsing out
>If you can’t/don’t want to wash your hair every shower, get a shower cap to keep it dry while you wash your body
>If you have curly or textured hair look into curly girl method, some people get better results by washing their hair with conditioner (cowashing) rather than shampooing every time they get their hair wet
>Change towels every couple showers (I change my towel once a week.)
>After towel drying yourself, apply lotion/moisturizer to body

>Wash sheets once a month
>Wash pillowcases more often to prevent acne (I can’t manage more than once a week)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 18608

on top of brushing your gums, make sure to use mouthwash.


/mhg/ - mental health general Anonymous 9712[Reply]

hi anons, hope you're all doing well. i didn't see anything like this and wanted to hear from people in similar situations as i am.

>are you in treatment or recovery right now?

>what has worked well for you in terms of overcoming symptoms?
>thoughts on medication vs. therapy, different types of talk therapies or alternative approaches to medication?
>do you have any treatment horror stories/cringe therapist horror stories?
>how much does your mental illness impact how you function day to day?
>do you tend to tell others about your mental illness or keep it to yourself?
>if you don't consider yourself recovered now, what obstacles are keeping you from recovery/low impact from symptoms?
3 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 9852

I’m kind of freaking out because I had my appointment… it seemed to go well… the psychiatrist said it sounded like I’m bipolar. When she asked about medication I’m taking I specifically said I don’t take any me, not even birth control. She prescribed me valproic acid and told me the only side effects were nausea and drowsiness. I decided to look up the medicine on my lunch break and wtf it’s all articles talking about how women should be on birth control while taking it and lots of articles questioning if it should even be prescribed to child bearing women. Both the prescription from the office and the pharmacy say nothing about not taking the medication when there’s a possibility of becoming pregnant. I feel betrayed. I mentioned a lot of times that I live with my boyfriend and mentioned sleeping together. But I’m just going to do the responsible thing and call tomorrow to ask if there’s another medication I can try.

Anonymous 9879

>are you in treatment or recovery right now?
I take medication for OCD and depression but I am not in therapy. When I was younger I took Luvox but it completely annihilated my appetite. Once I was older I switched to Zoloft which was better in terms wanting to eat (it's still repressed though). I am so grateful that those SSRIs don't cause me to gain weight. They do wonders for my depression, the OCD not so much.

>what has worked well for you in terms of overcoming symptoms?

I have dermatillomania so it is helpful when people around me remind me not to pick, I tend to do it mindlessly. There have also been some studies on excoriation disorder that suggest that treating it like substance abuse is more effective than treating it like OCD, I would like to try that method to see if I have more success.

>thoughts on medication vs. therapy, different types of talk therapies or alternative approaches to medication?

I prefer one-on-one therapy, it allows me to open up more. Medication has been a lifesaver for me, but there are many people who struggle on it. Everyone, and their plan for treatment, should be individualized.

>do you have any treatment horror stories/cringe therapist horror stories?

I suppose I was the cringe one in this case. I was in a new therapy group for the first time which was targeted towards patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder. There was another lady who also had a skin-picking disorder, and she admitted to picking the scabs off her cat. I got quite angry about this, and the therapist ended up kicking me out. "This is a support group, not a judging group." This situation is why I avoid group therapy now.

>how much does your mental illness impact how you function day to day?

When I was younger I used to be extremely embarrassed about it, I never wore shorts or t-shirts. It really impacted my self-esteem as a teenager. My OCD was way more severe then as well, I lived in a house infested with bugs and itching was a major trigger of mine. Now that I am able to a) cope better thanks to therapy, and b) have more control over my environment I am doing much better. The scars have faded for the most part and I can wear all the clothes I like to wear now.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 10031

>are you in treatment or recovery right now?
Was inpatient this past spring. Been in therapy for years. Currently on meds and seeing a therapist bi weekly.
>what has worked well for you in terms of overcoming symptoms?
I have a good therapist who knows me well and doesn't just spout bs or newage treatment plans at me. I try to stay active and have short term tasks or accomplishments so I don't feel useless. Doing dishes, cooking a meal, etc. Also having a dog forces me to at least care for him. I walk him multiple times a day which helps as well.
>thoughts on medication vs. therapy, different types of talk therapies or alternative approaches to medication?
The most effective treatment is the one that you actively participate in. If you don't want to recover, you won't. If you are pessimistic and overly critical, you won't get better. I've been in group therapies where people seem to just pass through, learning and achieving nothing, just so they can say they went to get help. In my personal experience, I enjoy a mix of group and individual therapy, DBT is most effective for my illness. I'm on the fence about anti depressants.
>do you have any treatment horror stories/cringe therapist horror stories?
I've had female therapists who insist on treatment via "natural/healing/new age" hippie shit. Meditation and prayer as answers to complex issues.
>how much does your mental illness impact how you function day to day?
I can function normally, but I have a hard time focusing. If I get triggered I usually dissociate and wait until I'm out of the environment to react.
>do you tend to tell others about your mental illness or keep it to yourself?
My family and friends know about it. I try hard not to be a person who uses it as an excuse for my behavior, so unless I really get pushed to the breaking point I try to not talk about it.
>if you don't consider yourself recovered now, what obstacles are keeping you from recovery/low impact from symptoms?
I still have bad social anxiety and it's hard to recover from it since I have a job which requires me to talk to coworkers. I constantly believe I'm stupid and they hate havingPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 18554

Is anyone here on a mood stabilizer?

Anonymous 18564

I've been having episodes where I get angry and don't remember anything after. I'm starting Lamotrigine on top of my regular Latida. I hope it helps.


how to stop wearing makeup Anonymous 18526[Reply]

>no more washing makeup brushes
>less breakouts
>faster mornings

I no longer care about achieving clear skin/eliminating. Just trying to embrace my human face.
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 18530

You don't have to go all in, you know?

Anonymous 18534

I stopped wearing makeup everyday/every time I went out. I probably wear it once a week at most. Easily one of the best decisions I've made in recent years tbh. You just get used to your natural face after enough time. Sometimes when I wear makeup now I feel like I look worse lol. I still enjoy wearing makeup from time to time because it can be fun, but wearing it everyday became such a pain and made me hate it.
>those are so confusing… and take literally more time and money
All I do now is wash my face and put on sunscreen in the morning. At night I wash my face and use a moisturizer. That's a total of 3 products all of which can be bought at drug stores so it's not as bad as you think.

Anonymous 18535

Same. Cold water, tonic, moisturizer. Rinse and repeat. Except I don't use sunscreen.

Anonymous 18536

get a filter that softens hard water

Anonymous 18555

I recently cut my hair, and it frames my face much more nicely than my old hairstyle. I feel like I don't have to put on eye makeup to emphasise my eyes and 'balance' out my face. I've been looking in the mirror at 3am when I get up for a piss, and feeling happy with what I see.

Skincare and weight management are the obvious answers, but getting a new hairstyle is a surprisingly helpful way to find more confidence in your face itself.

How do you usually style your makeup? What 'illusions' are you trying to create?


Anonymous 18515[Reply]

I ate pizza again despite it being so unhealthy. How do I stop eating junk food?

Anonymous 18517

difficult answer? avoid them as best you can until you lose appetite for them.

easy answer? use appetite suppression pulls.

Anonymous 18518

>appetite suppression pills
do you know of any that work without having too annoying side effects?

Anonymous 18550


cook your own healthier, less calorie induced version. i use

>one tortilla (160 calories)

>less than one serving of tomato sauce (20 calories)
>one slice of mozz cheese (70 calories). i cut the slice into smaller slices to put around the pizza, then i put it in the oven and suddenly i have a pizza that does not go over 300 calories and is a decent meal. pic related

Anonymous 18553

Don’t keep it in your house! Additionally, don’t eat out unless you know you’ll pick a healthier food option. Opt out your cravings for a healthier option.
Sweets?= Fruits
Savory? = Avocado & Eggs

There are so many other options. Also, keep healthy snack options so you don’t have to cook a whole meal to eat something healthy.

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