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2000s fashion Anonymous 5041[Reply]

You knew this thread was coming…2000s fashion (first decade). Like it? Love it? Hate it? What trends from this time period are you excited to see coming back? What trends are you glad are stuck in the 2000s? Post pics of your 2000s inspired outfits or of general 2000s fashion related inspiration!
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Anonymous 10159


is this a joke? autismcore? how long until this becomes a well loved trend by the girls on pinterest? maybe in 2 years they will be wearing sonic yaoi shirts and those fingerless gloves for the ~aesthetic~

Anonymous 10176

Snooki & Deena.jpg

Currently rewatching Jersey Shore. My obsession with Snooki is back again.

Anonymous 10178

Did you know she got gifted Gucci bags by Luis Vuitton in order to make Gucci look cheap and trashy?

Anonymous 10194

Glasses Snooki.jpg

How messyy. I also just found out Abercrombie & Fitch offered to pay Mike to not wear their brand, lol.

Anonymous 10240

omg i used to love the movie mean girls. me and my friends made a burn book when we were in middle school.


Does this bracelet match my engagement ring Anonymous 9554[Reply]

I've been looking for a diamond bracelet set in gold to match my silver engagement ring/wedding band to the rest of my gold jewelry that I wear on my hands, arms, neck and ears. Everything but my wedding rings are gold and I felt like it didn't match so I bought pic related solitaire diamond bracelet in gold to try and "tie" the rings to the rest of my jewelry if that makes sense. Does it work? I feel like maybe I need to get one with bigger/more diamonds? Am I overthinking it? Diamond is reallyy small in person. Help.
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Anonymous 9566

It looks fine to me. Although I don’t really have a good sense of what wedding rings are “supposed” to look like besides the standard silver band / centered diamond template. They both have the same color metal and they’re both shiny, idk what else people are gonna look at. You’re right that the thickness is different but that’s just something to emphasize the ring and make it stand out more

Anonymous 9599

It doesnt seem to clash and looks good.

I'm jelly you have such a nice ring. The only way for me to ever get a ring is if I buy it for myself.

Anonymous 10215

Thanks anon. I'm lucky.

Anonymous 10217

Yeah, I think I might actually be a bit OCD or something because this has really been stressing me out. I impulsively buy jewelry trying to "fix" my look but I'm never satisfied. I have spent so much money and have had to keep my spending habits secret from my husband and hide the jewelry, which doesn't really work because I buy it for every day wear. When he notices it I have to tell him it's from a long time ago or something. He hasn't caught on yet but he will if this goes on.

I'm just so obsessed with reaching the perfect look and I don't even know what that is and am never satisfied. It's giving me so much anxiety. Sigh.

Anonymous 10227

lol my husband notices if I spend 40 bucks urs must be dumb


Cosmetic Augmentation & Surgery General Anonymous 219[Reply]

Discuss cosmetic augmentations and surgeries, from lip fillers to boob jobs.
What procedure(s) you want.
What procedure(s) you have planned.
Why you want them.
If you've ever had any.
Feedback, advice and general discussion.

Etc. etc.
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Anonymous 269

Good genetics, the rightmost is an exact copy of my profile. I am 5'9 and 135lbs, so I am healthy weight/height. Do you mouthbreath? left most is usually encountered in mouthbreathers, start by fixing that and posture, it will help the appearance. I would say try those and find some jaw muscle exercises for a bit.

Anonymous 270

That Anon might be mouthbreathing is a pretty good catch, but sadly chin-recession due to mouthbreathing is a permenant developmental disfigurement, so it can only be corrected via surgery.

Anonymous 271

Thank you all so much for your replies!!

Wow this gave me such great insight, I just spent a lot of time googling "mouth breathing" and I'm pretty sure that that is really the issue.
Kinda sucks that this could have been prevented by breathing properly, but I'll definitely work on correcting that from now on, and then look into the other suggestions for appearance.
Thanks so much for all you guys' help.

Anonymous 10225

if i could i would get
- lip lift
- rhino
- fix my long and recessed chin
- surgical brow lift
- boob job

can't and never will be to afford all of that shit, and since the flaws aren't severe enough i'll be getting lip + nose filler and botox in about a month. hopefully looks good

Anonymous 10226

ah and to follow up, i want lip filler bc my upper lip is small and my philtrum is long (2cm), thinking of getting 2ml and most of it would go to my upper lip
nose filler to try to make the tip of my nose appear slimmer, as my issue is a bulbous nose
and botox to raise my eyebrows, i have nct + look like a child, i want that lift for a more sultry look


Antipsychiatry Thread Anonymous 10029[Reply]

This is a thread for all your bad experiences with therapists, psychiatrists, school counselors, etc.

My experience was being forced by my (former) psychiatrist and my parents to take Paxil for several years, which upset my school performance, my weight (I gained 30 pounds on Paxil), and my mental health.
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Anonymous 10185

i believe in therepy and whatnot,as long as you have a good therepist who isnt lazy and who doesnt patronize you and ignore you.
but let me fucking say that putting kids on antidepressants is plain WRONG.
as a kid, when i was a month away from turning 13, i had a violent outburst after about a year of depression. i was depressed because my home life sucked, like would get into fist fights with mom and my dad would beat the crap out of me if i didnt behave (pulling me down stairs by my hair, punching) and i had just been forced to break up with my first bf. i used to slice up my body with a razor too.
my mom and dad constantly fought, considered getting a divorce after she cheated on him. they alchoholics and both were on meds for depression.my mom was diagnosed with bipolar depression.
anyhow, after my violent outburst i was sent to a school for 6 weeks where we basically did therepy all day and learned to cope. i lived with my grandma during this. peopke there were wonderful, i look back on it fondly. anyhow while i was there i was also told i needed to go on an antidepressant. i was told it would help me feel better and whatnot. no such thing happened.
i was on xoloft for like a year. i kept getting in trouble at school, i gained a shit ton of weight, and would act like a fucking mentally ill whore all the time. then i was put on prozac, which also did nothing. my grades in middle school were horrible, i continued to gain weight. at my fattest i was 175 lbs and 5 feet 7 inches.
i was doing therepy theough all this, and id say that helped the most. it helped solve the issues in my family.after doing 2 years of therepy i was less of a psycho but still really fucked in the head. like i woukd constantly draw gore, eat junk food, and write edgy crap.
then when i was 14 and a half i said "fuck it" and stopped taking my meds. once i got off my meds it was like my problems dissolved. my grades got better, earning all As and the occasional B. i stopped drawing edgy crap and lost 20 pounds.

anyways, my point is that people are wrongfully placed on meds that fuck with their brains and a far healthier alternative is to adress the environmental issue. drugging angsty teens is not ok. people build a dependency on that shit and it can permanently alter brain chemistry.

Anonymous 10186

tbh i agree with this. when i was in therepy, it was mostly family therepy to help mediate family issues, but whenever i did a one on one session she would ask critical and pointed questions while treating me like i had aspbergers or something.

i actually recall her making me fill out a work book. at the end of the work book i was supposed to draw my favorite part of therepy. i drew a picture of a stick figure walking out the door saying "bye".

Anonymous 10189

my therapy pretty much does nothing for me long-term. i've been with him for years so he pretty much knows all about me/my life but he's recently admitted during a session that he literally doesn't know how to help me. like, am i supposed to tell you how to do my therapy? wtf? i don't fucking know either. we pretty much never do skills or anything, i just kind of talk about my day then i go home.

recently had a friend who was raving about his therapist and how he'd totally fixed all his problems and he's actively becoming a better person because of him. i was so excited and emailed the guy and he said he could make an opening for me. basically we emailed for a month or so until i found out he's not on any insurance boards and costs $200 dollars per session. fucking bullshit

Anonymous 10192


I think you should trying asking for more skills if that's what you're interested in! Therapists are trained professionals but they also aren't psychic and we gotta tell them what's up. Hopefully since you've seen him for awhile you trust him enough to be honest with him.

Anonymous 10193

I went to one because I wanted to find out if I have depression or some other kind of mood disorder. She said that there is no test for that and asked me if I wanted to have antidepressants. o_O I can't decide that on my own! Also every other time I've talked to someone their attitude has been bad like they just want me to go away. I've given up for now but at least I'm healthy enough that I can go about my days.


stretch marks (pic unrelated) Anonymous 10169[Reply]

I have noticed that on my inner thighs (and quite high up) I've been developing stretch marks. I already have quite a lot of stretch marks on my outer thighs but they happened a few years ago when I started gaining weight.
This time though, I haven't lost or gained any weight and my thighs are still the same size as before the stretch marks started developing.
Does this happen? I thought stretch marks are because the skin can't keep up with the expanding area so it tears. So why would stretch marks happen if the area hasn't been expanding??

I already fucking hate how my thighs are already and I just don't get why this is being added.

Anonymous 10170

If you’re the same weight, you’re probably losing muscle and gaining fat. Fat takes up more volume than muscle so it would explain the stretching.

Anonymous 10171

There was already a thread about stretchmarks

images (1).jpeg

Anonymous 3181[Reply]

Any anons here are obese or considerably overweight?

Share the struggles, drama, stories, problems and the not so bad parts of being like that.

>Please don't share your weight x height. That always ends up in infighting. We will trust your word that you're big.

>Also no fat fetish bait. It will be reported and removed.
10 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 9869

what do you weigh and what's your height, anon? it sounds like your hang ups about your weight really impact your life. you can always go to a doctor and they will prescribe hunger suppressants (that aren't heavily abused). it's really not hard to get a script if you're overweight, i've known quite a few people who've done it. don't think they'd prescribe it for like 20 lbs overweight or anything though. if not you could always try adderall if you can't get a script for weight loss specifically. it really makes eating feel absolutely disgusting.

Anonymous 9870

I didn't want to mention it because the OP asked not to but I have a BMI of 35 so I am well overweight. I have spoken to a few doctors about it but medication isn't prescribed here as easily as it is in the US so the most they've been able to do was put me on the pill (which didn't help and if I'm honest, I think it made it worse!).

I'm checking "natural" alternatives from a health shop, would they be totally useless?

Anonymous 10158

I became overweight and eventually obese in the span of 3 years.
Everyone treats you so different. People are colder and more judgemental. Im not going to teach a priest how to pray, but it came to the point where someone insinuated to me that the reason i am fat is that my mother could not love me as a baby.
The only clothing i have are hand me downs from women twice my age or really elastic stuff. Im afraid to buy clothing for my size because i dont want to admit to myself i am this fat, and because
I have so many long, angry red stretch marks all over my body and i cant help but feel like i ruined my body forever. No matter what, these scars will always be there and will always remind me of my period as an obese woman. A loved one also has stretch marks snd compares mine to theirs in an attempt to make me feel better. The difference? Their stretch marks come from strict, harsh, olympic level body training during puberty, while mine come from sitting around and eating like a lardass for 2 years.

>I'm conscious of the fact that these "younger" styles I like will look silly on me one day and I'm wasting my youth by being overweight. I barely wear makeup or style my hair because what's the point if I'm still fat? I want to look cute but wearing makeup and dressing nice will draw attention to myself.
>I never take any photos of myself anymore and when I see a photo taken by someone else, it upsets me so much.
>I want to change but I have a binging problem, especially when I'm stressed. I don't have any hobbies and I have the attention span of a cardboard box so I immediately turn to food to make myself happy. I keep reminding myself of all the things I can't do because I'm overweight (i.e. all the things above) but it doesn't help when I'm in that state, I just want to eat everything around me for that tiny bit of momentary joy it gives me. Then I go back to being depressed.
I couldnt have written it better anon. I hope you find the sttenght to overcome this

Anonymous 10160

The pill often makes it much worse. I remember taking it and getting the worst depressive episodes and gettong 15kg fatter just in the 3 months i was on it.
For me it was a thpusand times worth it to quit it and get smart about other forms of birth control. It just wasnt worth it.

Anonymous 10161

With condoms is the best bet but its feels more rubbery worth it for your body's health. You will just have to do things differently and instead of the usual you will have to opt for finishing the love making with a bj.

Your moid better not dare to finish without making you finish first.


Anonymous 10095[Reply]

So I have been struggling with this idea for some time now, whether to do it or not do it, but I have been considering changing my hair into wearing dreadlocks/locs.
Are there any miners on here who have this hairstyle? I personally don’t care what race you are (I believe any race is allowed to wear them).
But if you do wear dreadlocks could you please explain why you choose to wear them over regular hair? What inspired you to start wearing them and what have been the pros and cons of wearing dreadlocks for you?

Also, do you have some tips that you might offer to someone who is just starting to wear dreadlocks and what they should do? It would mean a lot to me if someone could help with answering my questions, thank you!

Anonymous 10109

You can never un-dread.
And they stink.
Be prepared to have a Very short next hair cut….
And for everyone to assume you are radical left

Anonymous 10114

I saw a reply here before that someone had sent me a YouTube video and supported me getting dreads, but now I'm looking back on this thread and saw the post got deleted for some reason :/ idk why

Anonymous 10126

honestly, you would be better off getting the fake/yarn type ones, you can't undread them, like the anon above said, especially if you have straight hair or a wavy hair pattern, or if you need to wash your hair every 1-2 days. i've worn fake locs in the past and even considered getting real ones at one point, but i just love staightening and curling my hair too much. it's all up to though you anon

Anonymous 10129

This. Am I the only one who thinks they look ugly as hell?

Anonymous 10143

Most girls with dreadlocks (especially white girls) look like crackheads living with their 5 kids who all have different dads.

I just think they're ugly, but they look much better on black women, but half black but fully black women. I think only very pretty black women can pull them off, otherwise it kind if looks trashy.

And yikes!I couldn't imagine trying to get those out. My scalp is very sensitive I cant imagine the agony of brushing those things out. I've heard of women brushing them out and it takes like 10 hours of brushing and afterwards hours have a super sore scalp.


Nail Art Thread Anonymous 592[Reply]

Anyone into nail art?

I've recently gotten into free-handing/painting on my nails. It's really hard but the results are quite pretty when they come out good.

Also if anyone is wanting to try out nail art but don't want to drop lots of money on products and kits, I really recommend the Makeup brand Essence! It's a teen girl/starting makeup company but they're very trend focused and usually have all the nail art stuff that is big right now for really affordable prices like stamping sets for $5 (last week I saw them carry that glitter dust that you can rub on your nails for half the price online)
51 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 2774


Anonymous 2775


The japanese nails trends is shorter and rounder nails with cute gems on. I prefer it to the super long and pointy nails we see in the west. I follow so many Japanese nail salons on Instagram for inspo.

Anonymous 2776


dropped pic

Anonymous 10106


i like simple, elegant, and cute designs so i really admire japanese nail artists and things like picrel. i usually go through the # ネイル hashtag on insta to get inspiration. i want to actually start painting my nails and doing nail art since i usually just leave mine completely bare

Anonymous 10107


same anon, just another cute picture of nails i saw while scrolling through the tag


Stretch marks Anonymous 10046[Reply]

Do you have any? Do they bother you? Have you managed to fade them?

I got quite a lot from puberty that I've never really managed to fade despite treatment. Thankfully I'm pale enough that they aren't noticeable unless you're looking for them. It's still really annoying though, I think I might try dermarolling them.
10 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 10059

Dermarolling should be done by a professional, it's too easy to mess up your skin or create an infection.

Anonymous 10060

My mom significantly removed her teenage acne scars with a dermapen (it looks like it's a newer version of the dermaroller). But it was done by a professional and she took like 4-5 session.

Anonymous 10065

I've tried bio oil but I never saw much of a difference with it. I don't know if it's because the scars are too old now

Anonymous 10069

>less than a-cup chest
>stretch marks on tiddies
Also on hips, but at least that makes sense. I kind of find the irony of the boob marks funny though.

Anonymous 10091

i disagree about needing to pay $$$$ to get someone else to do it. I have the pens, not the roller. all you do is stab yourself a few times until it looks like enough blood came out, and then smear hyaluronic acid on it. it isn't rocket science.
an anon on 4chan posted about using derma pen stamping to subdue those zits where you feel it forming under your skin but there isn't a head formed yet. i tried it and it worked.

technically that's only my 3rd session. so if it took 4-5 for your mom i just have to keep going. but it needs at least 2 weeks break between sessions.

but i also have scars on my hands and face i can't really get at. doing it on my hand hurts too much and i'm skittish on my face. the one for my face is .5mm and it's just so shallow it's hard to penetrate meaningfully. maybe to clarify, i don't have an electronic pen device, i have the cheapo $7 ones where it's just landing needles on the end of a handle and you press it down yourself.
>c cup
>no tiddy stretch marks
crazy shit.


furry is good Anonymous 10407[Reply]

I grow a shit of facial hair, upper lip. Lower lip, chin. Neck. Long thick black hairs too, visible to the naked eye. I have to go into a threader once a week and maintain so I can pretend around boyfriend not a horrible gorilla.

But on weeks when he's gone on business trips, I love letting it grow out because it's sickened satisfying to see how gross it can get then all plucked out by the threader the day before he gets back.

Just me?
8 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 10416

My boy doesn't mind that I don't shave, and i think he's the first I've been with who told me he doesn't mind if i don't shave my legs. Of course I love the feeling of freshly shaven skin but I'm unsure of how to feel about his aloofness to it. Most guys want you to shave? Why do I feel like he's weird for not caring?

Anonymous 10417

I have the opposite problem since I have trich. I’ve been trying to let my brows grow back, but I’m scared they’re too damaged to fully come back.

Anonymous 10418


Anonymous 10419


>I shave my moid whenever I can
Do you ask him to shave his body or it's really you in a bath shaving him?
Second one sounds very sexy!
>wish i had a bf to sensually shave…

Anonymous 10420

I usually only ask to shave his eyebrows, sometimes other parts like chest, and sometimes he asks me because the hair gets in the way (like the hair on his legs when he works out). The other day I was shaving his legs and also shaved the hair on his butt cheeks. Looks so much better now. It's overall just very funny since he's ticklish.

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