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Insomnia general Anonymous 14876[Reply]

A general thread for those of us suffering from insomnia.

>In what ways has insomnia impacted your life?

>What sleep aids do you use?
>Any tips and tricks for a full night's sleep?
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Anonymous 14889

Melatonin works tho

Anonymous 14892

I'm Jewish but damn, check em

Anonymous 14893

Me too and I support you

Anonymous 14939

I second physical exercise. Meditation can help too, somewhat, if your problem is that you've got a lot on your mind.
Having blue-light filters on your phone/computer and having lightbulbs that aren't too bright or too blue in your home also helps a ton.
I tend to get a seemingly incurable insomnia whenever I'm on my period, though. I think it's hormone related. Do any other anons get period insomnia, specifically or have any tips to remedy it?

Anonymous 14962

Avoid all caffeine, all day. Even small amounts like a coke or a hot chocolate will affect my sleep.


Rate Menstruation Products. Anonymous 14073[Reply]

What is your list to the most usefull to worst menstruation products?
Mine is:
>№1 Sanitary Pads.
>№2 Tampons.
>№3 Menstrual Cup.
>№4 Reusable Sanitary Pads Made Out Of Cloth.
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Anonymous 14442


normal pads are expensive and some have been found to have cancerous materials so I've been thinking about making my own (also been dealing with enviromental guilt)
but wtf am I gonna do with them when I need to change my pad in public ew
when I try to research them I rarely find any useful info because it's usually from people trying to advertise their etsy business or something

Anonymous 14443

>№1 Mirena IUD.
>№2 Panty Liners (not the thick pads) for the two mild periods I have while the IUD is fading.
>№3 Tampons for the one real period I have before the IUD is changed every 5 years.

don't really like anything else. I bleed an enormous amount when off hormonal b/c so the diva cup was a real joke.

Anonymous 14464

I have designated underwear in case I leak, but even when freebleeding, I don't generally stain my underwear. I pee often enough that I end up wiping anyway any bit of blood that has come out. But as I said, my flow is super light.

Anonymous 14480

You use a wetbag essentially. Something waterproof to hold a used pad in until you can take it home. I take my used ones and soak them in oxyclean.
T. Make my own reusable pads

Anonymous 14925

I love a menstrual cup. I used one for YEARS before they were "mainstream" so my only option in-store was the Diva Cup. I was on the implant and bled for 3-4 months at a time once so it was easy maintenance for me. Wash in the sink in the morning, in the shower in the evening. This also allowed me to make sure that I was bleeding a healthy amount because you cannot see how much you bleed into a pad or tampon.

I'm currently pissed right now because I bought a new menstrual cup before I gave birth, buying the bigger size, then had an emergency c-section and it's entirely too big. So I just wear my period underwear and change it as often as you would a pad, and wear my menstrual cup when I swim. It's larger size works better for that but is not comfortable for day-to-day use. I bought the saalt cup because I heard it was the most comfortable. I might write an email because I'm too broke to buy another one.


Anonymous 14733[Reply]

Anyone here feel like they just look like a scarecrow or cheap whore when wearing makeup? I've recently been trying to get into it, to looksmax, but I feel like I end up looking ugly but with makeup and like picrel. Maybe it's because I just bought a bunch of cheap drugstore stuff to try. I can't afford any high-end makeup at the moment, though.
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Anonymous 14738


>tinted moisturiser/bb cream

Ok, thanks. I was scared of foundation because of finding it too harsh and worried it would break me out, so I did buy BB cream instead. However the one I bought may be too light coverage, because I was mainly hoping it would cover my acne scars. Either that or my acne scars are too deep to fully hide. I also tried powdering and concealer after that, but it still wasn't enough.

>tightline your eyes instead of eyeliner (you can use a dark eyeshadow or a pencil for this, nothing liquid)

I had received magnetic eyelashes as a present that came with a magnetic liquid eyeliner so I had just been using that, but it has been pretty hard to apply. I've got very unsteady hands and my eyes keep twitching when I try to. I also can't blink with my left eye at all, so I have no idea how I can close it well enough to see the waterline on it. Hopefully a pencil will be easier.

> Use a liquid/cream blush on your cheeks and lips.

Why not a powder blush? The one I bought from the drugstore was in a powder, but I wasn't aware about liquid/cream ones. I'm really worried about my skin drying out, since I've been trying to add more hydration to my skin routine so if liquid form happens to be more hydrating I'd be interested.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 14739



Oh, and the BB cream I got is the Moisturizing Holika Holika Petit BB Cream. I ordered it online after seeing this tutorial whose look I wanted to imitate for my Kotori Minami cosplay:


Anonymous 14740

(nta btw) A bb cream isn't going to cover up scars generally, they're closer to a tinted moisturizer. They may provide coverage for small blemishes and even out unevenskintone, especially asian/korean ones (as opposed to western ones) but don't expect full coverage of severe acne scars, they're not made for that.

A better option would be concealer, they're made for spot-concealing. But foundations, bbcreams and concealers are always tough no matter. Remember that if you have trouble making the one you bought work for you. I can guarantee you that the women you know who wear foundation have bought countless of products in the past that didn't work or match them.

>I also tried powdering and concealer after that

In that order, powdering then concealer? You should never apply creams or liquids on top of powder. There's a transulcent face powder in your list, you use that as a final step (if you want) to set your foundation (not sure if they're necerssary for bb cream honestly), but a translucent one won't provide more coverage.

>Why not a powder blush?

Powder generally accentuates texture. A liquid or cream blush tends to be more natural. That's not to say you can't use the one you already bought.

>magnetic eyelashes

I say just ditch that for now and start with 3-4 of the easiest things, when you get used to that you can move on to harder things like eyelasehs and eyeshadow. Tbh I'd start with these things: mascara (easy), brow pencil (filling in sparse brown makes a lot of difference), blush (should be easy enough to master). Maybe the bb-cream if you feel comfortable with that.

Anonymous 14742

Same, I think I don’t have good enough coordination to be able to blend eyeshadow properly or have good eyeliner. Lipstick is ok but I don’t like the feeling. Mascara is messy to apply but can be cleaned up though time consuming but I don’t usually bother.

The only make up I do wear is Glossier skin tint, concealer, and some light blush. Unless you have bad skin, you probably don’t need all the stuff that they try and push on you.

Anonymous 14916

Don't do anything too heavy and keep in mind that the heavey, contoured look that a lot of influencers go for only looks good with photoshop and staged lighting. Just stick to tinted moisturizer, matte powder to set it in place, and some eyeliner + tinted lip balm or lipgloss. Make sure you start with clean skin and plucked/shaped eyebrows and that you're using the right shade for your skin. Even with cheap drugstore products, you should be alright.


Big breasts thread Anonymous 11662[Reply]

Who here /titcow/?
There is a small breast thread, so I thought we could make one too to discuss our ailments/blessings.

>Do you like having big breasts?

>Would your change your breast size? Have you ever considered surgery?
>How has it affected you growing up? Any bad experiences with moids? Any nastiness from other girls?
>Has anyone ever made assumptions about your personality/character/libido because of your breasts?
>Do you consider any types of clothing a no-no because of your breasts?
>Any favourite bra brands or types?
>Any perceived advantages?

Also don't forget to self-check for lumps. Goes for our itty bitty sisters too.
123 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 14902

>Do you like having big breasts?
No , they're my biggest insecurity

>Would your change your breast size? Have you ever considered surgery?

I actually got breast reduction surgery , 0/10 would not recommend

>How has it affected you growing up? Any bad experiences with moids? Any nastiness from other girls?

got molested by family member since like 7yo and I still feel like if it wouldn't have happened if I didn't have large breasts , and yeah I always get catcalled because of them once I step outside , once in class a boy I knew straight up pushed my shirt and looked at them , doesn't help that I'm short so had full view . No girl has ever been nasty to me because of them

>Has anyone ever made assumptions about your personality/character/libido because of your breasts?

I'm very introverted so no not really tbh

>Do you consider any types of clothing a no-no because of your breasts?

anything tight or revealing , once during summer when I was 15 I was gonna wear a tank top to the beach , my dad basically called me a whore for it so I never wore one again

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 14903

>got molested by family member since like 7yo and I still feel like if it wouldn't have happened if I didn't have large breasts
This is terrible, anon, but I don't think your boobs are the cause since you probably didn't have any when you were 7. Don't blame yourself for what others did to you.

Anonymous 14906

thank you for the kind words

Anonymous 14910

>0/10 would not recommend
Why wouldn't you recommend it anon? I'm thinking about it again after yet another cute dress I couldn't fit into because of my boobs.
I'm so sorry about your abuse experiences anon. It wasn't your boobs' fault, it's the abusers' fault.

Anonymous 14911

Not that anon, but your breasts often get full of scars, and sometimes they end up even more irregular after a surgery. I'm glad I didn't get one.


Female hair loss Anonymous 14509[Reply]

I have been losing hair like crazy and I'm pretty certain I have androgenetic alopecia. I don't have any obvious bald spots but my hair has thinned out like crazy. I had to shave my head because I couldn't deal with the stress of it all. Are there any bald s out there willing to give some advice on how to deal with it? I'm considering starting minoxidil and/or wearing wigs but I would love some input from anons who are going through the same thing.
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 14513

>pretty sure

Have you recently gone off birth control or changed your prescription drastically?
Or recently had a baby?
That's what caused my hair to fall out—going off the pill.
Get a diagnosis before taking any do it yourself treatments.

Anonymous 14523

My sister and mom have issues with hair loss so I think it's just my genes fucking me over. I did make a list of things that could be causing the hair loss (if it's not genetic but I'm fairly certain it is) and I'm currently trying to see if I can narrow down the possibilities.
Good advice anon. I'm planning on being very open about it, that way if I try out wigs the people who know me would cut me some slack if the wig looks bad lol.

Anonymous 14531

Don't want to derail from op's post but I have something similar looking like picrel, except it's not as severe and has been going on for years without any progression. Do I have some form of alopecia or is my hair just really thin? It especially looks borderline balding when it's really greasy.

Anonymous 14532

The pic in the original post is a picture of advanced androgenetic alopecia. If your hair looks similarly, it's probably alopecia. If you want to be sure, get a scalp biopsy at the dermatologist.

Anonymous 14887

Your best course of action is consulting a specialist. Hairloss medication has the potential of causing erectile dysfunction in men because it fucks with testosterone, but I think it should be ok for women


Larme General Anonymous 6152[Reply]

>Favorite brands?
>Favorite models?
>Favorite substyles?

Do you use the facebook group, discord or amino? Do you own any issues of the magazine?
11 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 6164

my normie ass loves this stuff then. it looks sort of elegant yet casual and appropriate. much more flattering than some kyrary pamyu pamyu lookalike outfit imo. how am i gonna shop for groceries at walmart in a decora kei outfit without people stopping and being like wtf

also axes femme looks pretty cute too. im looking at ebay bc im too lazy to order from the jp shop

Anonymous 6165

I think one thing in Larme is that the outfits are supposed to fit the situation. OTT Swankiss Larme is fine for partying, but you might want to wear something different at work. You don't have to make a choice between OTT and "normie", you can very well wear both in different occasions.

Anonymous 6166

do any of you know where to buy larme brands without using jp sites? i dont want to be bothered to go through the whole gaijin shipping process or trying to make out a language i dont understand

Anonymous 6167

Tenshi shop is a shopping service I use for pretty much everything I order from Japan. She's really friendly and good at responding so try looking in that shopping service. Hope this helps!

Anonymous 6168

Does anyone colour match their blogs or instas to look more Larme? I'm attempting too but I feel it looks like shit.

Also has anyone else noticed How much Honey mi Honeys new stuff looks like Monacas new line? God damn it haha


Anonymous 14667[Reply]

my thighs are disproportionately big compared to the rest of my body and i want to make them smaller. the rest of my legs look normal but i kind of hate my thighs. even now i’m underweight and they’re still big. is it just genetics? is there an exercise i can do to help?

Anonymous 14671

There are exercises you can do to minimize quad activation which means you can grow the surrounding muscles to match your thighs effectively. If you're serious I'll compile a list of some easier ones to start off on. Anything with minimal thigh use would be helpful tho.

Anonymous 14701

Fluffier thighs are beautiful, so many people find them majestic and feminine, I don’t get why you hate them. Don’t hold yourself up to other people’s standards.

Anonymous 14744

>underweight, big thighs
They probably aren't big at all, it's probably just you developing mental disorder like anorexia or other body dysmoprhia


Please help me Anonymous 14621[Reply]

Ok, so I have a trully really heavy period and the only menstrual product I am confortable with is one-use sanitary pads, but the enviromental guild is killing me.
I've tried menstrual cups but these didn't work - they were too painfull and the blood was too much for them to handlezalso I remember that everytime I pulled it out the menses was to the top and overflowing. I tried tanpons but I always leaked with them, also it was really unconfortable.
There were times when I used cloth sanitary pads that can be used for more than once, but the cloth could not hold the blood, and the flow was too fast and strong for them to keep up.
The only products that trully protect from leaks, smell, messyness and can actually handle my pariods are one use pads, but I feel like I'm killing the enviroment and it makes me feel too guilty.
I've heard of menstrual sponges but never seen one in person, checked the prices doesn't seem too bad, are there other options?
10 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 14712

It's mhy first time hearing of these. They look unconfortable, has somebody here actually tried them?

Anonymous 14715

You can get them in minky or bamboo fleece, which is a lot softer.

Anonymous 14717

They look like they would put a bunch of fluff up your vagina.

Why are they open like like vagina? Why not closed?

Anonymous 14723

How do you even clean this thing? I’d imagine stuff getting stuck somewhere between the folds and turning moldy.

Anonymous 14732


why are they called "gusher" pads? it sounds sexual and like they named them after gushers at the same time. gross name.


Vaccine side effects Anonymous 11172[Reply]

Anyone here vaccinated? Let's talk side effects.
103 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 14651

Oh, and I got my period right after all 3 shots and it hurt like hell (never happened b4, the pain's usually mild)

Anonymous 14727

hey nonas, could i get some advice?

i need to get a booster shot because of personal reasons. which one is the one that will have the least possible side effects?

Anonymous 14728

Pfizer I think but you probably shouldn’t mix types if you’ve had a different type before.

Anonymous 14729

i had pfizer. ill go with pfizer then, if that's the safest bet.

Anonymous 14866

How do you not know of such a classic pasta


please help me i hate scalp acne so much holy shit Anonymous 14697[Reply]

I have very greasy scalp and hair and its so bad i get regular acne in my hair. I also get a lot of flakes because im picking at them and disrupting the whole scalp and then that makes it itchy which makes more flakes. I can't afford expensive shampoo treatments or oils what the hell do I do it makes me want to die
5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 14705

It’s ok. If you go to the table of contents at the top of that page, number 15 is shampoos. If you click that, it will take you to a list of shampoos. You can also just ctrl + f for “shampoo”.

Anonymous 14706

do i have to invest in conditioners that match these shower shampoos, or can i just use my regular cheap shit after? would it better to not use it at all sometimes? I don't think I can spend 40+ dollars on a matching set

Anonymous 14707

Just use a cheap one but only on the ends of your hair, don’t put it on the scalp.

Anonymous 14708

Forgot to say, another thing that works for dandruff is putting vinegar on your hair for a few minutes after you have rinsed the conditioner out. Then wash the vinegar out.

Anonymous 14716

Any shampoo or beauty product with sodium lauryl sulfate makes me break out in huge cystic pimples on my head, face, and back. I even have to buy toothpaste without it so my face doesn't break out.

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