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Antidepressants Anonymous 15942[Reply]

What are your experiences with ssris?

I'm tired of having no interest in anything except for hating myself. I want friends and hobbies and to date.

Which ssirs don't cause weight gain or loss of libido?
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Anonymous 16147

Or maybe, just maybe, everyone’s bodies are different and what works for some people gives bad side effects to others? I know many people whose lives were saved by SSRIs. Likewise I know people who had terrible side effects. It’s stupid to dismiss the benefits of a medication and claim it’s prescribed as part of a global conspiracy just because it didn’t personally work for you.

Anonymous 16269

you should look into wellbutrin

Anonymous 16270

This. How people react to them is so individual.

I've taken escitalopram, citalopram, sertraline, and paroxetine, and none of them were helpful for me. I got bad side effects from all of them and never felt any better.

Then I switched to SNRIs, first duloxetine which was okay but made me sleep wayyy too much, and then venlafaxine which is great, although I still sleep a bit more than is ideal. But I'd rather have 12-13 good hours a day and need to sleep an extra 2-3 than have zero good hours a day.

Anonymous 16273


I've taken several for my depression and social anxiety, before.

I've taken Zoloft which only made me dizzy a few days and then did nothing. (Though to be fair I stopped using it after like a month and didn't know antidepressants take longer to start having effect, back then)

I last took Paxil and that helped me with my social anxiety alot, but eventually started turning me into a Zombie (My whole family kept commenting how slow I'm being at doing everything) and killed my libido. After a few months, I started forgetting to take it all the time so I started taking it very inconsistently and became very suicidal (First time I actually attempted suicide twice). Not sure if the very inconsistent taking may have been a reason.

Not an SSRI, but before Paxil and after Zoloft I had also taken Wellbutrin. It seem to help with my depression alot but was nightmare fuel for my anxiety. I felt like I was having out of body experiences everywhere in public. I'd be shopping in the store or just sitting in class and I thought I would have a complete meltdown - completely disarrayed, frantic thoughts, heart-racing, shaking, etc. I've had pretty bad social anxiety most of my life but it got worse on a whole new level while on Wellbutrin. Unlike Paxil, it made my libido crazy and I had very powerful orgasms (Can't complain about that though, since I usually have trouble even achieving any. heh)

>Which ssirs don't cause weight gain or loss of libido?

Wellbutrin could cause weight-gain, actually. I was eating alot on it - Probably more than I ever have before. Not really a negative effect for me, since I've always been very underweight and so would have welcomed some weight gain but that was just my experience. If you have anxiety though, again - very bad idea. I do not recommend because it will make it 10x worse. It made my train of thought feel like it was on a very bad acid trip.

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Anonymous 16274

escitalopram also helped soothe my anxiety, I used to almost have panic attacks in the morning before work at a busy restaurant. that's gone away since I started taking it. still feel unmotivated as ever though

Konachan.com - 313…

Nail thread Anonymous 16201[Reply]

What's your preference for nail related things? Do you like them short, or long? Or bare, painted, or some kind of nail art? Me, I generally grow them out by around 3~4 mm. Also, nail care advice/tips are welcome.
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Anonymous 16216


I used to do the newspaper transfer a lot. If you have access to a printer, you can always print images yourself and do the alcohol transfer! If you do text, be sure you flip it backwards if you want to read it. I used to love reading the daily nail blog, and was my inspiration to get into nail polish. I unironically loved the Shrek collection and have a couple of them.

Anonymous 16217

I really like long natural nails with a clear coat. However I’ve found most people naturally have yellowish nails which is kind of gross.

Anonymous 16236

I keep them obsessively short, to the point I actually end up cutting into my cuticles sometimes and/or cause them to bleed. I find it more hygienic and don't feel a need to keep them long, since I don't paint them.

Anonymous 16239

sally hansen hardening polish is a gamechanger for anyone with flimsy nails after years of biting

Anonymous 16240


really? mine peel so bad and every strengthener has been shit. i'll have to try that, thanks for the rec!


Anonymous 13034[Reply]

does anyone else here get UTIs all the time and they're so painful and they just won't go away
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Anonymous 13065

Try a women's probiotic. The one I'm using right now is up4. it has 10 billion CFUs and doesnt need to be refrigerated. another one I get when I have more money is Garden of Life's women's probiotic which has 85 billion CFUs but needs to be kept refrigerated. ive seen doctors, been as hygienic as possible and changed my diet but nothing helped except for probiotics. they are also good for your immune system anonita, I cannot shill them enough they have saved me

Anonymous 16210

Just recovered from a UTI that evolved into pyelonephritis (kidney infection). It hurt like a bitch, I don't wish that on my worst enemies. Stay safe nonas.

Anonymous 16212

I’ve heard bacterial vaginosis can evolve into a full on pelvic inflammatory disease or womb infection and now I’m freaked out

Anonymous 16218

If you’re prone to UTIs you should NOT take baths as the dirty water from your body can enter your urethra easily. Always shower instead. You should also not use anything like bath bombs or scented bath additives or scented soap as these can cause irritation to the urethra and sometimes yeast infections too. Don’t use bar soaps as they gather dirt and bacteria grow on them. Use a fragrance free ph balanced wash with a pump bottle.

Anonymous 16220

Yes, almost always after sex. I got prescribed sulfamethoxazole tmp ds and take it every time right after sex and haven't had one since, ask ur doctor abt it


how do get rid of septate hymen Anonymous 15888[Reply]

I have a septate hymen that I first learned about when I was about 11 and started trying to finger myself and use tampons. Thanks to yahoo answers I knew what a hymen was, so I wasn't concerned about that but I was concerned because I realized I had 2 holes. Over time I managed to stretch it enough to fit a tampon or about 2 fingers inside (though the first few times I used a tampon I panicked quietly because it almost got stuck). I never said anything to anyone because I was embarassed and worried about it.
Well, fast foreward to today and sex with this stupid thing is pretty fucking painful and it won't just break. The opening of my vagina is sore after today, my 2nd time having sex. My BF is pretty well endowed which makes the issue a little bit harder to deal with.
Anyways is there a way I can get rid of it or deal with it without surgery? I'd rather not have a hymenectomy but I don't see any other options, I was just wonderinf how you guys have dealt with it.
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Anonymous 16178

I’m also a virgin and anything more than two fingers hurts. I am honestly too scared to use a dildo because they look huge.

Anonymous 16193

> Virgins are not "tighter" than non-virgins. That is a myth.
NAYRT but their hymens (NOT their vaginal canals) definitely can be “tighter”, for lack of a better word, depending on the person. It’s not unusual for young women who aren’t used to inserting stuff in their vag (tampons etc.) to have a very tight hymen that they need to stretch a bit before they can comfortably insert anything.

> Sounds like you didn't want to have sex, and your body didn't want it to happen, either.

This is such a weird and presumptuous thing to say to a person.

You may want to practice insertion on your own with a vibrator or dildo that’s just a little bit larger than what you feel like you can currently insert. A lot of brands make travel size vibrators that are a bit smaller than the standard size.

Anonymous 16194

There are lots of women who need to be stretched out before sex every single time. When you finger yourself, you're probably not attempting to do this. There's no reason for you to try to fit anything bigger than what you need. But if someone is fingering you for foreplay, they're going to want you to be comfortable for penetration.

Lots of women also need lube to assist with sex. You'd be surprised how easily some stuff can get in there once it's slippery!

Did you not read their post?
>i remember not really wanting it

Anonymous 16195

Lol sorry, I misread it as “I remember really wanting it”

Anonymous 16206

>NOT their vaginal canals
Actually vaginal canals can be tighter and loser especially in virgins, not because of the typical moid logic though.

When you aren't used to inserting things or are uncomfortable your vaginal canal contracts and tightens. This is common in women who haven't had sex.
What controls "tightness" is your pelvic muscles, which can be weaker or stronger depending on a number of factors, age, posture, etc. They tend to become weaker as you get older and are stronger in your youth.

Both of these are the main things that make moids associate vaginal tightness with virgins/less sexual partners comes from, even though the notion that a penis could actually "loosen" a vagina is laughable.


Too small Anonymous 16014[Reply]

My whole life I wanted to be tall you might even say big(but not fat).
I felt pretty tall in high school where boys were short and I was slightly above average girl.

But now I feel short all the time.
It's horrible, I always hoped I will have a next growth phase but it never came.

I am not even really short(170), but I wanted to be much taller(at least 180).

I can't even take growth hormone now because it won't do anything. I am so sad, I thought it will pass, but it never did. As time passed by I was feeling worse and worse that my dream will never come true.

I want to revert time and hop on growth hormones, but even when I was kid I started realising what they are when I already stopped growing and it was too late. Boys have it easier because they have much longer to take it.

I am sad, and I don't know what to do with myself, it haunts me all the time.
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Anonymous 16021

The only person I know that was put on HGH (a moid) had serious issues and committed suicide at 22. He was on other stuff as well and probably had some stuff to begin with, but I can't help but think it was a factor.

Anonymous 16031

>the internet
what ? might just be an asian thing but i knew families that were friends with my parents who had their children take hormones for taller(?)/faster growth since before the internet went mainstream. i think this has little to do with zoomers or whatever, but again it might have just been an asian thing.

Anonymous 16038

That's crazy and borderline child abuse imo. Are there medical grounds for that or is it purely for looks?

Anonymous 16042

I'm American and my boomer uncle was pit on growth hormones as a kid because he was short.

Anonymous 16148

Did it work for him?


Hair thread Anonymous 569[Reply]

What are some of your favorite hair related YouTube channels?

What's your hair routine?

Do you take any supplements/do (you think) they work?
236 posts and 50 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 15999


Anonymous 16036

Okay, that's kind of cute.

Anonymous 16058

What are some tips other baby-fine/thin haired ladies have to make their hair look cool?

I do plan to get it cut to my shoulders soon, but I'm worried about it looking too austere–it's already a very mousy color. I have bronze skin and hair that's pretty much the same exact color, so I have a very unfortunate rustic look.

I am very much used to the wind completely destroying my hair and sending it in a million directions. Trying to fluff it up and maintain it is pretty much impossible because my hair hates all products. At most, I can maybe do half-up styles that give some lift to the hair around my crown.

Anonymous 16061

I have the same hairtype that's about 6 inches below my shoulders. For the most part, I've given up on trying for volume. If feeling fancy, I will curl it with a ½ or ⅜ wand, sometimes hot rolls, but those fall out in an hour. Can you use hairspray at all? There's this brand called big sexy hair that is supposed to give volume but works as a hairspray. If you're willing to put money down on that, it may be worth trying out styles with. Personally, I just accessorize my otherwise straight, styleless hair with clips, headbands or hats and call it a day.

Anonymous 16132

Question–I want to get a balayage. If I wanted a different color in it (i.e., rose gold), should I just use temporary color/toner at home? Or would it look sloppy?


Anavar cycle Anonymous 12533[Reply]

I've been lifting for a year with minimal results and I want to try Anavar but I'm a little scared. If someone with experiene could answer a few questions that would be great. Is it safe? Are there any sides? How much do I need to take and for how lobg? How much muscle can I expect to build on it? Before/after pics would be appreciated. Thank you.
150 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 15947

I don't get it.
The guy could obviously lift it.
Where is the joke or mog?

Anonymous 15962

I wish I knew where to find an anavar dealer.

Anonymous 15975

lol what is this. pretty sure her whole page is a joke

Anonymous 16081

Ugh, I want to get super buff, but I also don't want to take roids.

My body is unfair really.

Anonymous 16089

>don't want to take roids
Actually why? You don't need to jump on high doses of heavy stuff.
Any way my advice would be to optimise exercises, my ex(who was a trainer) always told me that if you want muscle go for 6-12 reps with 3 series. If you can do more you are not lifting enough. The last rep possible rep should always be in this range.

Generally a lot of girls tend to do meme exercises for years, which discourages them because the results are quite bad.



You don't throw your dog out because it got fleas. ITT we discuss rehabilitating plants, treating diseases and illnesses in plants, and sharing useful new research (or old knowledge) that involves keeping plants healthy. This is not a general gardening thread, this is a hyper-specific PLANT RESURRECTION AND REHABILITATION thread for the hardcore plant lovers.

It's on /hb/ because it's for plant health and plants are beautiful, I don't think that logic can be disputed.

Anonymous 16083

Huh well coincidentially I have a problem with my pumpkin plants. I keep getting newly developed pumpkins, about the length of my fist or shorter, that suddenly get all these black spots on them. The individual plants are healthy I'm pretty sure because each of them has large, healthy looking pumpkins too. What causes it?


Clothing stores for xxs/xxs Anonymous 16013[Reply]

I have a lot of trouble finding clothes for my size. I try my best to find fitted clothes but they always end up just a bit too baggy on my waist or hips. My current favorite brands are Uniqlo and Everlane, but even they miss the mark sometimes. Any recs that aren't as basic?

Anonymous 16017

Is the thread title supposed to say xs/xxs? I believe Brandy Melville clothing (tagged one size) is supposed to be the equilevant of xs. They're also pretty basic but their clothes are pretty cute imo.

Anonymous 16018

Screenshot 2022-07…

Yes it is sorry!! Brandy has some cute pieces but they're a bit too tall for me. Brandy's models are typically 5'7 and a size 0-2. I am 5'2 and a 00-0 (sorry about American measurements). Pic for reference.

Anonymous 16030

I admittedly prob have shit advice because I'm not this size, but are you willing to be a little exploratory/investigative? If so I would check into Japanese or Korean clothing brands, anything east asian in general. I've noticed a lot of western brands still might not be small enough for particularly small people, but since that sort of bodytype is more common in East Asia, the JP/KR/CN brands will have stuff that's smaller. You would just have to a bit of research for more brands and you might need the help of a shopping service. Also, international shipping sucks right now and the major downside to this is obv if something doesn't fit right, doing a return/refund is complicated or impossible. Just wanted to throw that out there as a potential option.

Anonymous 16037

Keep in mind with Asian brands you don't just have to be thin enough but also short enough for them.

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Anonymous 10931[Reply]

what do you have to wear to job interviews? I don't have any good clothes and I am unemployed due to coronavirus and I'm not sure if i want to do backroom casting couch yet
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 10936

A suit if you have one. If you don’t have a suit, I’d at least wear a three piece set (dress shirt, blazer or cardigan, dress pants or skirt). It’s super dependent on the kind of job you’re going for tho — a paralegal at a conservative law firm wears something very different than an instructional aide at an elementary school and both wear something different than a cashier at Dunkin Donuts. Just put your best foot forward and “dress for the job you want” as cliche as it sounds.

Anonymous 11340

A simple little black dress, black blazer, booties. I think a modest lbd is good for most places and you can dress it up or down and accessorize for the place you want to work. Try to find one from a thrift store maybe?

Anonymous 11348

A full proper business suit sans tie.

Anonymous 16022

I'm not sure depending on the job but a nice fitted shirt and formal pants or a knee length formal skirt should be enough, no ?

Anonymous 16023

And neutral colors

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