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Anonymous 8769[Reply]

How do you guys deal with gyno visits?

I need to go eventually but i'm terrified of anyone touching me or puttings things up there due to past trauma. And all the gynos i visited were so damn impatient that i wouldn't have trust in them to deal with me crying and such, my insurance is shit so there are no other ones.
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Anonymous 8855

>go to male gyno
>checking for lumbs in vagoo
>tells me he can't put anything in me because I'm a virgin, so he has to do it rectally
He was really nice but I wasn't expecting to get a finger in my butt. My mom was in the room with me and if not he has a female nurse, he's never left alone with women.

On another occasion I went to a young women and she was nice too. I prefer female gynos, I don't think it makes much sense to go to a male for women-only problems.

Anonymous 8856

Wait, is this a shitpost? I don't think rectal entry is appropriate for anything other than rectally related gyn-issues or something you're addressing when you're there. Virgins have paps for bc

Anonymous 8857

Why would your mom remain in the room at a gyno appointment? Are you German or something?
>if not he has a female nurse, he's never left alone with women.
The nurse isn't there to protect patients, it's to protect doctors from accusations. I don't go to doctors which use chaperones as I don't want more people than absolutely necessary around me when I'm in a vulnerable position

Anonymous 8859

To be fair I probably would have wanted my mom in there for the trauma of having some rando's finger in my asshole. That's a mama in the room situation.

Anonymous 9411

I deal very poorly with it.
I simply don't go. I do not recommend that, but I have such an extreme body shame, that I simply can't go.

I will never have sex or a boyfriend so it will be fine.
Bevor someone is going to see me nacked I will kill myself


Fat distribution for women = Tallness for men Anonymous 9194[Reply]

What does your fat distribution look like? Fat distribution seems to literally be more important than weight, and it sucks because it's genetic, you can't spot train, and if your hormones go a little out of wack it gets ugly fast. I went on the pill for a while and got love handles, kms. There's surgery and lipo…but that's expensive and very risky, plus flabby skin afterwards. And even if you do lose weight, some places will refuse to budge unless you devote all your free time to gym and good eating.
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Anonymous 9318

Damn, fucking disgusting.

Anonymous 9321

all my fat goes to my thighs first. could be worse, but i could do without the chub rub. on a diet for this winter, need to drop 5 lbs of inner thigh mush.

Anonymous 9322

Lucky. At least you're not an egg.

Anonymous 9323


It's terrible. Most of my fat goes to my stomach and face. Some to my thighs and tits, but absolutely ZERO to my ass. It annoys me so much that I could look overweight from my face with fat cheeks and double chin, but utterly anorexic from my butt. It's ridiculous. Also my face just doesn't look good fat, it's not a good look at all for me. I have a very delicate bone structure so my face looks soft even in lower weights. With fat covering even the little structure I have I end up looking like a round flabby ball. It's absolutely necessary for me to have low bf% to look presentable and I rely on muscles to have curves (mainly a butt). It sucks because I am a huge foodie and struggled with binging in the past. I need to work out regularly&hard and I have a strict diet. I treat myself sometimes but honestly if I only didn't gain weight on my face I'd gladly take a fat body just to have the freedom to enjoy food. I honestly hate having to be a gymrat but I hate having ugly face way more.

Anonymous 9381



How do you act lady like? Anonymous 8844[Reply]

How do you act lady like?
And have manners?
Also what are manners?
How can you learn to be lady like and have manners?

I'm tired of feeling like a slob.
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Anonymous 9117

>reality is that women get harrassed and raped if they act like women.
What does it mean to “act like a woman”? To wear uncomcortable shoes a size too small? To walk in a comically exaggerated manner? My god, I hate gender and the way people project gender onto everything.

Anonymous 9119

Are you even in the United States? Or some third world shitbekistan

And anyway I think the schism in this discussion is “ladylike” vs “feminine,” where ladylike seems to veer towards the prim and proper dainty archetype from the Victorian era.

Anonymous 9325

What is Femininity? Aside from dressing up and wearing make up? I rarely see actions as distinctively gender.

Anonymous 9348

Imagine the smell

Anonymous 9368

I think that line of conversation brings us into the rabbit hole where other statements like “there’s no such thing as race, it’s all a social construct” dwell.

I mean sure, no single data point has meaning in a vacuum, but in aggregate across cultures and times we can clearly see certain behaviors and mentalities that correlate to “male behavior” and “feminine behavior.”


Cleaning / Organizing Thread! Anonymous 9273[Reply]

Hi anons! I'm doing a deep clean of my apartment today and thought this would be a good topic.

Honestly, I have no idea how to organize my closet so I'd love to hear how you guys tackle this stuff.

Some misc. tips I have:
- I keep a spray bottle with a couple of drops of dish soap, 1/3 vinegar, 2/3 water. This is great for spot cleaning (especially on carpets (especially cat puke)), getting rid of hard water stains on shower doors.
-I try to make sure my kitchen sink is empty every night so that there's just not a pile of stuff waiting for me in the morning.
-I keep a tote by my door with broken down boxes for recycling so I can just take them with me when I take my trash out.
-I've been wearing my cloth masks while I'm cleaning with bleach / vinegar, it at least feels like I'm breathing in less chemicals
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Anonymous 9284

If you don't like minimalism or the look and it makes you feel worse don't do it! In keeping it clean it's important to make sure every thing has its own place.

If you want to get rid of stuff, think about what you'd do if your entire place caught fire and you lost x piece? Eventually you'd probably forget you ever had it. Objects, of course, don't make you who you are. If you want unnecessary pretty things and it makes you happy though, hold on to them! If you think it's worth holding on to and moving the object itself, hold on to it lol. The thought of moving and having more shit to pack keeps me from buying stuff.

Anonymous 9311

>breaking down your boxes to take to the recycling bin
my boxes are my recyling bin. amazon box? fill it with your cans and bottles until ti's full then dump the whole fucking thing in the bin, box and all. bam.

marie kondo all your shit and you will have less shit to organize.

use a bathroom sized trashcan for your one-and-only all-purpose trashcan. plastic shopping bags fit in it perfectly, so you never need to buy bags. and it gets full quickly so you never have stinky garbage stinking up your house since you need to take it out at least every week. (but really those giant kitchen trash bins would take me 2 months to fill up. imagine leaving raw chicken packaging in a bin for 2 months.)

take your shoes off at the door and then your floor wont get dirty and you dont need to clean it. never use bleach and you wont need to wear a mask to protect yourself from bleach fumes. take your clothing off before eating meals and you wont' get your shirts dirty and need to wash them. drinking red wine? just get naked first and you won't need to learn how to get wine off of your dress.

Anonymous 9312

only buy crappy cheap things secondhand from goodwill and you will never feel like your shitty "it does the job" coffee mug you bought for 50 cents is a part of yourself. don't buy things to begin with and you won't need to get rid of them. idk, you're making a lot of needless work for yourself. just take the lazy man's approach.

Anonymous 9360

Kind of unironically this.

Anonymous 9361

marie kondo


Help I am in pain Anonymous 9246[Reply]

So I've been having really intensely bad period cramps for the last few days, and I need advice on how to lessen the symptoms. It feels like there's a dagger in my ovaries and I don't know how not to break down crying on the floor when a wave of it comes. I feel like I'm at my limit please send help.
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Anonymous 9254

How long have you been swollen for?

Anonymous 9255

Yeast infection comes to mind.

Anonymous 9256



smoke a spliff

Anonymous 9269

- paracetamol and ibuprofen together
- hot water bottle on stomach (heat and pressure)
- drink hot tea
- masturbation
- avoid sugary foods during the month

Anonymous 9313

black cohosh tea. or the pills. the bottle says its for menopause but they're full of shit. imo the tea works better. it tastes awful by the way.


Anonymous 9304[Reply]

I took a plan b on the 7th of this month. I had my period on the 1st, but yesterday I started it again? I don’t know. I don’t know if my body is reacting to the plan b or I’m having a miscarriage or WHAT is going on. I was supposed to have it in THREE weeks, yet here I am having it the week after the other one. Kinda scared

Anonymous 9305

You aren't going to get a miscarriage from plan B. It's just messing with your hormones, causing you to experience changes to your normal menstrual cycle. Don't worry about it.


Best at home workouts? Anonymous 9261[Reply]

Never been the type to care about exercising besides occasional daily walks. Any video or link recommendations (specifically for reducing arm fat)

Anonymous 9266

Wasn’t aware that was a thing. I have proportionally larger arms so am I just stuck with it even at a smaller weight?

Anonymous 9267

You can put mass into the rest of your body to draw attention away from them.

Anonymous 9268

If you have proportionally larger arms, I recommend working out. Make everything else muscular and get down to a lower bodyfat

Anonymous 9272


It's been said to an extent already, but you can't specify where fat would be eliminated/reduced from. Your body's fat storage location is pretty much randomized (though typically distributed somewhat evenly).
If your goal is fat reduction, your diet is half the battle. Despite what HAES advocates like to say, calorie management is the end-all solution to weight loss. The /fit/ sticky explains this well (it's been up for the better part of the decade, unchanged, because there's nothing worth replacing it with). Exercise certainly supports that goal, though, in addition to all the other benefits it provides.
If exercising for the purpose of calorie burn specifically, walking is probably one of the most effective in comparison to time spent and perceived effort. If and when you're fit enough for it, that can be upgraded to jogging/slow running; after some practice you'll be able to run pretty much indefinitely at slow paces, provided hydration.
And finally, for workouts performed in the home, look into calisthenics/body weight fitness. The related reddit has a stickies with the related exercises, routines, and whatnot.


Anonymous 839[Reply]

Will make up make a girl more beautiful, or does it depend on facial structure?
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Anonymous 849


People can be really unpleasant, or boring, or hard to look at. Just like a supermodel with her hair tied, big glasses, and a clean face will still be enjoyable to look at for her features and facial bones, putting on makeup, having perfect skin/hair, big contacts, no glasses, etc isn't going to really make someone ugly suddenly become beautiful to look at.

Makeup can look interesting, but you always know what someone really looks like under it. But, I don't think women NEED to be beautiful. You can just be ugly and shouldn't feel so miserable that people don't enjoy looking at your appearance, because there are mountains and multitudes of persona and knowledge and experience that an ugly person can contain.

Anonymous 850

I'm ugly because my discoloration lol and fucked up skin/acne/dark circles so makeup makes me go from a mannish ghoul to a average person :)))))) Im the only person in my family with bad skin! Yay for genes :D

Anonymous 851

Tbh I think that as long as the person doesn't have a fat face/double chin that engulfs their neck I think anyone could be beautiful if they use their make up the right way, kinda like that one girl on YouTube who's eyes are really far apart(I don't remeber their name but she's pretty popular) and even though her facial feature is odd and not the standard for pretty the way she applies her makeup makes her look so beautiful imo.

Obviously some will have to work harder with finding a unique style to accentuate the more desirable parts of their face but overall I think anyone can achieve a beautiful look through makeup. It's a shame guys can't wear it as a norm since so many would look so much better

Anonymous 852

Depends on a lot of things but I think people go about it the wrong way a lot.
First of all, it's not 2 boxes labelled 'hot' and 'not' like some seem to think, it's a bell curve and most people are more or less average compared to others. It also depends on what someone finds attractive and in some part also what people are being told to like. My bf thinks small rosebud lips are better than big full lips but that's certainly not the popular opinion today, and for whatever reason a lot of guys who used to think otherwise 5 years ago now think big instagram lips are beautiful because they've been told they're supposed to find it beautiful so many times.
Second, a lot of people think you're supposed to have [these] features to be considered beautiful and, while that's partially true in some capacity, there's many different kinds of pretty and sticking someone else's lips on your face and getting surgery to have someone else's nose might actually make you look worse. So it's actually really hard to say which one girl is more beautiful than another since there's so many different kinds of faces with their own special appeal, we can only just say what we ourselves find beautiful. I think Saoirse Ronan is beautiful just the same as Janelle Monae even though they look worlds apart.
Keeping all that in mind, if you learn how to apply makeup through YouTube by watching someone who looks nothing like you, don't be surprised if you still look like painted shit. So makeup can help, but only if you know what you're doing. There's very few people who are completely helpless.

Anonymous 9242

Make-up if used correctly can make a girl look more beautiful. It's not the end-all be-all though.

If this girl lost weight, wore contacts, and let her hair down rather than pulling it back she could be rather attractive. She is blonde and blue eyed after all, and her bone structure will be more defined if she gets thin.


Anonymous 8797[Reply]

I'm working for a cosmetics company in Korea.

Any questions?
38 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous Admin 8839

Keep this thread focused on cosmetics and lifestyle. Don't argue about politics.

Anonymous 8852

She's just a lawyer that happens to work in a cosmetic company. The fact that she's Korean is way more relevant to the thread that what the company she works for really does, doesn't it?

Anonymous 8872


Anonymous 8876

Anonymous 9240

How honest would you say is the company you work for, and such companies in general? Do you feel like they make honest claims, or that they often lie

also, do you know of the best options as far as getting authentic korean skincare brands overseas? What should I avoid to get scammed?

Finally, do you yourself follow the regimens that are popular trends in korean skincare i.e. glass skin or 10 step program?


Ass Hair Anonymous 7354[Reply]

My ass hair makes me want to commit Jihad. Does anyone use an epilator?
10 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 9135

I'll think about it then, I actually don't have any need but who knows some day.

Anonymous 9136

I've used it occasionally in the past, my hair is coarse enough is basically torture for me. Unlike a wax strip that gets removed all at once, an epilator feels like each hair getting pulled out by tweezers individually. Psychologically, for me at least, I don't like subjecting myself to continual pain like that.

Anonymous 9161

Consider trying Nair. You need to trim your hair down for it to work best though (few mm). Just don't leave it on too long or it burns. When they say X minutes max, they really mean X minutes max.

Anonymous 9162

I wish I had a good female friend to support me and pull off my wax strips for me. I know it sounds weird but I'd do it for her too and then we wouldn't have to shill out for a professional waxer.
I love nair. I stopped using it because I feel bad about all the plastic I was throwing away though.

Anonymous 9238

I have that epilator but I'm a ng with ng hair and it was so painful i'm getting flashbacks

I just use veet now. Nair burns me and never does the job for some reason.

What I'm saying is- it might be helpful to invest in a chemical depilatory

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