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DID Anonymous 4212[Reply]

do you believe DID exists? I've noticed most people who have it tend to be attention whores, are obsessed with their "little" alter, etc.
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Anonymous 4215

I meant people online, kek

Anonymous 4216

Cute comfy pic.

No, I think DID is pretty much an Internet meme at this point.

Anonymous 4386

Uhhh, can someone give me the rundown on what DID is?

Anonymous 4387

aka multiple personality disorder

Anonymous 4389

Disassociative Identity Disorder


Labiaplasty Anonymous 3431[Reply]

Is anyone else considering labiaplasty or has had it performed?

I really want it done.

My labia isn't really that big but you see porn stars who have zero labia lip and since they're featured it makes you feel like that's what is acceptable.. I also think it looks better so I have been insecure about that aspect of myself for awhile.

I want to get it done but I will be horrified if the surgeon doesn't do it probably. I saw some botched images and yikes.
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Anonymous 4349

unless you want to become a pornstar, nobody will care what your vagina looks like. I've seen some really weird looking penises and I've never heard a guy talk about getting penis surgery.
except for the whole "hurr durr my penis too small" thing but if size doesn't matter for a penis, it sure as fuck doesn't matter for a vagina.

just don't do it. not worth the risk and time. get some more self confidence instead.

Anonymous 4382

Marinated and Gril…

I have small labia, pinkish on the inside, but the borders are dark purple/grayish like pic related, roasty.

Is that normal? Do men care about that?

Anonymous 4383

Yes it's normal.

If a man cares, it's his loss for having abnormal standards.

Anonymous 4384

Risk of botching your vagina sounds horrifying :x
Also is there any risk of losing ssxual sensation? If so, do not do it, if anything find a guy whose anti circumcision.
You can share your feels on the subject and he will likely accept you however your vag looks while understanding it's natural.

Anonymous 4388

tbh i suspect that having those inner labia is a big part of what actually provides sexual pleasure.
i basically have the 'porn star vagina' naturally (pink, no visible labia, 'clam' type) and I've never been able to experience pleasure from penetration, only clitoral stimulation.
the only bonus to it is that it makes it easy to shrug off the 'roastie' insult, I guess. But you should do that anyways regardless of what you look like down there because it's only used by bitter dweebs on the internet.


Skipping periods with Birth Control Anonymous 3796[Reply]

Why don't all girls skip their periods??? I've been doing it for 2 months and I've never felt so free in my life. For those who skip, how has your experience been? What brand are you using? Any downsides?

I've also gained 10lbs in the time that I've been taking BC, but that's probably my fault.
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Anonymous 4377

>be me

>start birth control for the first time this year (Nexplanon)
>first two months are normal
>third month, period starts and just doesn't fucking stop
>going on six weeks now
>getting symptoms of anemia
>get in contact with Planned Parenthood through their help chat
>'These side effects are normal'
>'So I just have to wait it out?'
>'That's up to you.'
>'Any way to stop the bleeding?'
>'These side effects are not preventable.'

so basically I'm on my own and I have to decide whether to take out the implant and switch over to something like the IUD that's supposedly painful af to get put in, or bleed out for the next 2-8 months.
i'm really annoyed right now.

Anonymous 4378

I can't help you and I know it won't help but I really sympathize with you. I hope it stops soon. But if you're getting symptoms of anemia maybe you should take out your implant before something bad happens

Anonymous 4379

The period you get on the pill is a fake period. You aren’t building up the lining while on the pill. When you take the placebo/sugar pills, the body stops getting that level amount of hormone provided by the pills and quickly produces then sheds lining. If you skip taking those sugar pills, you don’t build that lining.

Anonymous 4380

This is stupid asf. BC helps tons of women who have problems related to their periods, it isn't just for contraception. Even then there are tons of women who DO GO on birth control and don't suffer any bad side effects. Every body is different and adjusts in a different way to medicine.

Anonymous 4381

This, not everything that liberals endorse is bad you retards. My mom also have heavy periods and uses BC to control her periods.


What's the ugliest part of your body? Anonymous 3951[Reply]

Let's sent it some love!

I'll start: it probably is my knees, they're fat, are slowly becoming wrinkled and have a hump above them. One of them is square shaped because of surgery.

I love you knees, thank you for supporting my body and carrying me around!
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Anonymous 4152

I'm never going to be curvy. I'm never going to have nice, huge, perky tits and an equally nice, huge, perky butt with a tiny, svelte waist and small, delicate shoulders.

Fine. I'll never be curvy. I'll starve. I don't look as thin as other girls at my bmi. I will never be tall enough to be model thin. My face sucks up at my fat so no one realizes how hard I've worked to be thin.


Anonymous 4153

My teeth, I have snaggletooth and I know it can be such a big turn off for so many people…but at least the japanese like it!

Anonymous 4157

The worst thing about my body is the acne on my face, shoulders, back, and sometimes my boobs, stomach and thighs.

Anonymous 4166


are you on any kind of treatment? if not, i really highly recommend going to your dermatologist and get yourself on accutane or something. i used to struggle with acne to and accutane was like a gift from god for me lol

Anonymous 4330

I really hate to be this short-necked. Is there anything that can be done?


Anonymous 2304[Reply]

Does anyone here has (chronic) constipation? if so, how do you deal with it? tips?

In my case, I've had it for years. It's weird tho, in that if I don't go number 2 for days, my belly doesn't ache at all, and when I finally go it's just a small amount (and it doesn't hurt when it comes out). Have my body reached the next step in evolution? Is it absorbing most of the food I eat?

Nowadays I don't even wait for days for poop to come out "naturally" anymore, I just take some lactulose or some kind of japanese herbal medicine. Sometimes I drink alcohol and that seems to help next day too but I don't want to drink alcohol all the time to get the laxative effects.

Ah, fiber doesn't help me, neither do vegetables. I do have a suspicion that stress has a lot to do with it but there's no way for me to reduce my stress levels.

It sucks, people. I wish I could just go naturally like everybody else.
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Anonymous 2324



Ah! Samefagging to add:

> Drinking water

This is so obvious that yeah, I forgot lol I actually drink like 4 Liters of water daily, because I don't drink soda at all and rarely drink other stuff. The only stuff that I also drink daily is coffee (as mentioned before) and green tea.

> Sleeping on your left side

I don't know either if this is placebo or not, but a lot of people told me it also help them, so I am guessing not. So yeah, I always sleep on my left, especially after eating. I can really feel my digestion better (including digestive noises lol), and when I turn to my right it just hurts. If I get tired of leaning on my left side, I always turn upward. It's also better than the right side.

I guess that's it. If I remember anything else later, I'll update it.

Good luck anons!

Anonymous 2328

Ah thanks! But my problem is that I never get the "urge" to go, so if I go and sit down Ill just be staring at the wall. So no straining.

Thank you for your super long response! I do many of the things you've mentioned, but I will definitely try to eat more probiotic food, maybe even get some probiotic pills. I do like my carbs tho so it will be hard to get rid of them!

>accidentally drank cooking oil (since I couldn't see, I thought it was soy sauce

lol'd anon. Sorry that happened to you!

What I take is lactulose. It is not a "laxative" per se and the good thing is that your body never gets used to it since it cannot be absorbed. It's too damn sweet tho so sometimes it makes me gag.

Anonymous 2331

Just eating more in general. I'm not necessarily endorsing this because it's not healthy but eating whatever I want even if it's junk and even if it's too much food made a huge difference from when I was on a caloric deficit.

Anonymous 2342


>lol'd anon. Sorry that happened to you!

It's okay lol It was scary as fuck at the time, but now I laugh at myself while telling this cautionary tale lol

>I do like my carbs tho so it will be hard to get rid of them!

Yes, it is indeed hard :( I am addicted to noodles and pizza, I guess they are the hardest for me to get rid of. I also really like rice, but I can live without it, and cauliflower rice is a nice substitute, imho. As for my noodles addiction, shirataki noodles are usually my way to go, but they are so expensive here where I live. I once tried making daikon noodles but since I don't have a spiralizer I failed miserably.
But anyway, I remember once when I went like 10~14 days without carbs and man, it's like night and day for my body. I didn't feel lethargic and tired all the time, my intestine was working like a clock. I even questioned myself at the time why I ate so many carbs at all, until my parents ordered pizza again lmao
But anyway, I do try to eat my probiotics daily, at least. I make homemade kimchi so I can always have something if I need it.

Anonymous 2345


In addition to the stuff everyone else mentioned, you may have poor gut health and an undernourished microbiome. definitely take a probiotic supplement, it will be more effective than simply eating probiotic foods. pic related is great and should help get you going.

i recommend taking it at dinnertime.


Weight Loss Tips Anonymous 4042[Reply]

Sorry if this kind of thread has been posted already but I’ve planning to lost weight and don’t really know where to start. I’m 5’1 and 151 lbs (yes I know I’m very overweight). I plan to lose around 40-50 lbs. Is there a possibility of loose skin? If so, what can I do to avoid it or lower the amount of loose skin? Is there any tips regarding diet? What about exercise? What kind of exercises should I focus on?
61 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4320

Hmmm are you a /fit/ troll or are you for real?

Anonymous 4322

why would I be a troll? I'm in the process of losing weight myself, and this was recommended to me to avoid loose skin. So far i'm good

Anonymous 4323

There’s no weird side effect to taking collagen pills? Also why jello?

Anonymous 4324

not as far as I know. Collagen pills help with the elasticity of the skin. Jello does too since it's a natural source of colagen

Anonymous 4325

Makes sense


tell me your secrets Anonymous 3883[Reply]

what are your lil health & beauty tips and tricks?

>put sheet masks in the fridge before using them for relaxing chilly face time

>use cheap clear mascara to set brows instead of official brow gel
20 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4181

i like to put coconut oil in my lashes (not too much) and use it as a highlighter sometimes when im too lazy to use actual make up lol. i also do oil pulling with it once a week and my teeth are soooo healthy and clean looking

also when i get up, i wash my face and then put a how towel on it so my pores open up. it also feels really good.

Anonymous 4231

In the morning if my face is a little puffy I'll put on an ice pack while doing stomach crunches. I can do 1000 now. After I remove the ice pack I use a deep pore cleanser lotion. In the shower I use a water activated gel cleanser, then a honey almond body scrub, and on the face an exfoliating gel scrub. Then I apply an herb-mint facial mask which I leave on for 10 minutes while I prepare the rest of my routine. I always use an after shave lotion with little or no alcohol, because alcohol dries your face out and makes you look older. Then moisturizer, then an anti-aging eye balm followed by a final moisturizing protective lotion.

Anonymous 4232

Oh I see.

Anonymous 4234

American psycho pe…

Anonymous 4291

>monster shit every morning to make my gut seem smaller
Be sure to dig right in there. Get it all out


Modeling Industry Anonymous 973[Reply]

Let's discuss.

Some questions to get the ball rolling:
>how did you start following the modeling industry?
>who are your favorite models?
>who are your other favorite people in the business?
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Anonymous 4185


Miles McMillan please sit on my face

Anonymous 4186


Lol. I >>4172 posted this exact image a few days ago when I tried to make a long-hair model thread, but I kept spelling his name wrong so I deleted it. It seems like there's interest though, so maybe it's time for a revival?

Anonymous 4187


david gandy is also an incredibly beautiful man.

Anonymous 4188


and dane dehaan is technically an actor but i loved the campaign he did for prada

Anonymous 4189

Screen Shot 2018-0…

maybe just a long-haired men general? there are so many i can think of who aren't models, but are just musicians or instagrammers or something else. pic related, this lithium.snow guy does the nicest hairstyles.
totally did not expect his voice to sound like it does for some reason.


Anonymous 4034[Reply]

I want to camwhore and I was wondering if there's some kind of makeup that I can use with the pretext of looking prettier but that would also help disguise my identity. So nothing too heavy to completely alter my face, but good enough to help me disguise my face while also looking prettier. I rarely use makeup daily, and I've seen some women who use heavy stuff daily, and when I saw them without it for the first time it was kinda hard to recognize.

Not sure if it's better to make this thread here or on nsfw. I'm caucasoid btw, but if you want to post pic examples for other races I think it's fine too, there are probably more women who could make use of this.

Anonymous 4035

hurrr also forgot to say the most important: this is not about makeup only, anything that helps disguise your identity while camwhoring without hiding or altering too much (like masks) will do, I think wigs count too. The thing is that I'm not doing this for money (although money would be welcomed), I just feel very hot about sharing my stuff on the Internet and reading what others think about it, but at the same time I don't want to reveal myself completely. I want them to see my face and my expressions while I masturbate myself (so stuff like masks and sun glasses aren't good), but I don't want to be recognized in the slightest. Using makeup to look prettier while hiding my identity would be the best thing.

Anonymous 4037


To be honest with you anon, I don't really think that there could be a fine balance between using makeup to hid your identity and nothing too heavy, like you said you dont wear makeup daily, but if you are the type of person that can slightly alter you appearance with makeup along with a wig then youre already set, but you still have a great chance of being recognized, most people that I have encountered that look different without their makeup typically wear a lot of it. What I would take into consideration is where in your house are you going to be camming, im not sure of how big your internet following is, but im sure one of your concerns is either a family member of friend or whatever making the connection and finding out that youre camming.
Im speaking from a pov of someone who has no experience with camming and dealing with the fear of being recognized outside of it but I hope that somewhat helped.

Anonymous 4085

You can look into youtube "celebrity transformation" makeup tutorials, kandee johnson has quite a few. using a wig and coloured contacts on top of that might help as well.

Eating once a day / Interminent Fasting Anonymous 2522[Reply]

I know they're not the same thing, but I decided to make a thread to discuss them (couldn't find any, sorry if I missed one!).

Have you ever tried IF? If yes, what results have you achieved, if any?
And eating once a day, what do you think about it?

I've been thinking about giving one them a try because I binge eat fairly regularly, and idk what to do anymore.

Video related is quite interesting.
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 2531

I really need to find something that can help me avoid binge eating. I thought having set times to eat would help, but you're probably right.
Thank you for all the responses so far!

Anonymous 2534


I know it depends on the person, but honestly, when I fast (usually the 16/8 scale), when I eat I can't bring myself to binge, I don't know why. For example, I was preparing my lunch and felt kinda hungry so I drank a milk and strawberry smoothy. It's been like one hour since then and I don't feel even slightly hungry. Just like when a friend of mine said he would try Ramadan for a day, and he thought he would binge by the end of the day but he could only eat like a couple of dates and feel fullfilled.
I'd also recommend meal preping for the next day, cause then even if you feel hungrier than you will actually eat (not sure if that makes sense) and order something fattening, with meal prep you already have something healthy to grab.

Anonymous 3974


fasting is definitely the way to go

this could be a southern American trick…an old african woman told me that she would only eat green beans for breakfast, lunch and dinner

i tried it myself and sure enough…a single can of green beans makes for a pretty great meal

Anonymous 3995

>feta cheese and olives with seasoning & oil
>hazelnut coffee
>caramel coconut bits & nut mix

>spinach omelet
>non-alcoholic beer
>debating having a banana, yogurt,and/or some chocolate

Anonymous 4044

Do you just eat them plain? Green beans are so good for you but I hate how bland they are

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