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Any girls have under boob acne problems? Anonymous 10119[Reply]

Hello, I am 5’3 (on a good day) and I weigh around 135 pounds. I have 36 ddd’s or E’s. My life is constant pain because of these stupid fucking tits. Constant back problems and itchy, throbbing acne. I am very much so considering a breast reduction but my boyfriend believes I will not be able to breast feed after it. Would there be anyone that could give me advice? How to get rid of acne or about breast reduction. Any input helps at all. Thank you so much.
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Anonymous 10124

It wont its just a very dry sulfur soap… Does nothing. The key is mostly having that area dry while sleeping, or sleeping with your face up thats good in general, you will only get pimples at your back who gives a damn lol. Clean face, clean boobs, clean front is what matters more.

Anonymous 10125

Try the usual acne products, just on this area instead of face.
>benzoyl peroxide
>salicylic acid/BHA
>sulfur soap/ointment
I have no underboob acne because I'm flat, but have chest fungal acne. For me, I wash with nizoral (antifungal shampoo), use salicylic acid every other day, and moisturize with niacinimde.
Your combo may be different. Just do research and trial and error.

Anonymous 10127

Count your lucky stars. I’d kill to be flat. Thank you very much for your help, I ordered some of the items online. I hope you have a nice night. I’ll make a update thread in a few weeks!

Anonymous 10130

Have a look at r/abrathatfits if you’re having backpain as you’re probably wearing the wrong size. A 36 band sounds possibly too big, you might be more like a 32 or 34 band, which would mean a larger cup too.

Anonymous 10135

I'm sorry, is nobody going to mention the fact that her boyfriend is 100% wrong and she shouldn't let that kind of misinformation sway her from doing something with her own body?
Because OP your boyfriend is 100% wrong and you can absolutely breast feed after a reduction surgery.


eating disorder thread Anonymous 4629[Reply]

eating disorder thread - its time for another

do you have an eating disorder?
which one?
are you attempting recovery?
how long have you had it?
what caused it?
how does it disrupt your daily life, if it does?

i have a purging disorder.
i kind of want to attempt recovery sometimes, then i see something like my crush looking happier talking to another girl thats skinnier than me, i think about how much better i could look/how i could compensate for my stupid ugly fact, and i think about the comments my dad gives me when i 'eat bad' even though im 19 bmi/skinnier than him (hes overweight, i think.) ive had mine since i was 13. i was a fat child growing up because my parents didnt know how to feed me, and instead of giving me healthy food they just called me fat/made fun of me. it disrupts my daily life heavily because i cant eat anything without purging after, and it just ruins my mood and has disrupted my health. ill be devastated if i go up 0.1 a pound
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Anonymous 10066

I used to have bullimia. I am no longer bullimic but I feel worse than I ever did before I started. 6 years on and I cannot look at myself in the mirror without crying. My teeth are ruined and so am I :) I wish I could go back. I wish I could tell myself that even if I think ruining my body won't matter, even if I think I cannot ever look worse than I do now even if I choose not to seek help for my disorder, that it will hurt so much very more than I ever imagine. It is a long, drawn out full pain that hits you every day of your life, and my god, it hurts so much. I want it to stop so much. I no longer feel like a human being anymore, I am an ugly and rotten woman. But nobody knows, and nobody cares except me.

The only way I live on now is by starving now. I just move on to a different medicine, one that I pretend will make me feel so much better despite the fact that I know it will kill me inside just as much.

sorry for blog posting lol

Anonymous 10067

Stop doing this anon. Stop thinking about the things you hate about yourself. Put the mirrors and the scales away. We don’t need them anymore. Being happy and healthy will make you beautiful. Chase that instead.

Anonymous 10083

i had bad depression as a preteen/teen to the point i wasn't even grooming myself minimally. my teeth are absolutey fucking fucked. all the expenses getting them fixed has cost me $15k out of pocket in the past few years. that's all of my vacations and my debt being paid off gone out the window.

iktf, it sucks so much. and when a dentist is judgemental it really hurts. the last one commented, "wow, you really had a lot of cavities". i think about his comment almost every day. he didn't even realize he said something hurtful either and he's a great dentist and nice guy. i feel like i'm just absolutely fucked.

Anonymous 10085

You can get lots of cavities even if you brush every day (like I did) so don't feel bad about that.

Anonymous 10115

Thank you anon I just hope one day I won't feel like pain is necessary.


When did you get your first period? Anonymous 4796[Reply]

As the title says.
I have a friend that has an 8yo daughter and she already has hairs under her arms. My friend is a little bit freaked out because she doesn't want her 8yo to get her period yet. I mean, who would want that?
I got mine when I was 11 or 12, and so did my friend. Do you guys think this is genetic? We've read stuff online about it but we want to hear your opinion. Also she has gone to the doc before and even though her daughter is not showing any "puberty signs", the doctor said that nowadays is normal to get their period earlier than before.
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Anonymous 10093

It can start at any time during puberty and it's not weird. 12 is as normal as 14. A quick search says it's women "before" 11, so yeah 11 and 12 is perfectly normal. Sure it's concerning if it starts at 6 years old but you're being weird about nothing. It's not like it's something people can control anyway.

Personally I got mine at 13.

Anonymous 10094

13, i remember getting it on the day of my birthday

Anonymous 10096

Lol ok because it's something you can control and assign an arbitrary number you feel comfortable with.

Anonymous 10099

I got mine at 14 but I was about 20 lbs underweight at the time.

Anonymous 10108

I think I was 11? I just realized how odd it is that I don't remember the age, but I have a clear memory of telling my mom. My cramps were horrible for the first ~3 years or so but now I hardly get any, also I'm on birth control so my periods are super sparse

I HAD THIS BOOK and would freak out about the tampon page, I knew what a period was beforehand but I thought if you just put a tampon in your panties it would.. repel it? Somehow? So once I realized the tampon goes IN the vagina I couldn't handle it.


Nail Art Thread Anonymous 592[Reply]

Anyone into nail art?

I've recently gotten into free-handing/painting on my nails. It's really hard but the results are quite pretty when they come out good.

Also if anyone is wanting to try out nail art but don't want to drop lots of money on products and kits, I really recommend the Makeup brand Essence! It's a teen girl/starting makeup company but they're very trend focused and usually have all the nail art stuff that is big right now for really affordable prices like stamping sets for $5 (last week I saw them carry that glitter dust that you can rub on your nails for half the price online)
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Anonymous 2774


Anonymous 2775


The japanese nails trends is shorter and rounder nails with cute gems on. I prefer it to the super long and pointy nails we see in the west. I follow so many Japanese nail salons on Instagram for inspo.

Anonymous 2776


dropped pic

Anonymous 10106


i like simple, elegant, and cute designs so i really admire japanese nail artists and things like picrel. i usually go through the # ネイル hashtag on insta to get inspiration. i want to actually start painting my nails and doing nail art since i usually just leave mine completely bare

Anonymous 10107


same anon, just another cute picture of nails i saw while scrolling through the tag


Face yoga etc Anonymous 10064[Reply]

Don't think I see another thread for this. Has anyone tried following those face yoga videos which claim to change your appearance slightly by building muscle? Do they actually work?

They seem super fishy to me as I can't find anything on it except the yoga videos themselves but I'm so desperate and this is the only way I've found to change what I hate without Botox. I just want upturned mouth corners… :(
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Anonymous 10089

yes. there's a slight clicking sound from the right side whenever i open my jaw.

Anonymous 10090

idk abt face yoga, but lymphatic drainage massagges do work i think. i like doing this one, and she has you do one side at a time and theres a certain point she pauses to have you look at the difference of either side of your face. for me one side definetly looks more lifted

Anonymous 10100

That's not a big deal. I've had that on my right side since I was in middle school. Just arose by itself, probably caused by stress, I guess.

Anonymous 10103

That woman is either using Photoshop, had cheek implants or buccal fat removals, or is just very gifted genetically. You are never going to look like that from face exercises.

Anonymous 10104

It's called temporo mandibular joint dislocation, if that's the case


Stretch marks Anonymous 10046[Reply]

Do you have any? Do they bother you? Have you managed to fade them?

I got quite a lot from puberty that I've never really managed to fade despite treatment. Thankfully I'm pale enough that they aren't noticeable unless you're looking for them. It's still really annoying though, I think I might try dermarolling them.
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Anonymous 10059

Dermarolling should be done by a professional, it's too easy to mess up your skin or create an infection.

Anonymous 10060

My mom significantly removed her teenage acne scars with a dermapen (it looks like it's a newer version of the dermaroller). But it was done by a professional and she took like 4-5 session.

Anonymous 10065

I've tried bio oil but I never saw much of a difference with it. I don't know if it's because the scars are too old now

Anonymous 10069

>less than a-cup chest
>stretch marks on tiddies
Also on hips, but at least that makes sense. I kind of find the irony of the boob marks funny though.

Anonymous 10091

i disagree about needing to pay $$$$ to get someone else to do it. I have the pens, not the roller. all you do is stab yourself a few times until it looks like enough blood came out, and then smear hyaluronic acid on it. it isn't rocket science.
an anon on 4chan posted about using derma pen stamping to subdue those zits where you feel it forming under your skin but there isn't a head formed yet. i tried it and it worked.

technically that's only my 3rd session. so if it took 4-5 for your mom i just have to keep going. but it needs at least 2 weeks break between sessions.

but i also have scars on my hands and face i can't really get at. doing it on my hand hurts too much and i'm skittish on my face. the one for my face is .5mm and it's just so shallow it's hard to penetrate meaningfully. maybe to clarify, i don't have an electronic pen device, i have the cheapo $7 ones where it's just landing needles on the end of a handle and you press it down yourself.
>c cup
>no tiddy stretch marks
crazy shit.


Antipsychiatry Thread Anonymous 10029[Reply]

This is a thread for all your bad experiences with therapists, psychiatrists, school counselors, etc.

My experience was being forced by my (former) psychiatrist and my parents to take Paxil for several years, which upset my school performance, my weight (I gained 30 pounds on Paxil), and my mental health.

Anonymous 10030

Therapy does seem to work for some people but I'm not a fan personally. I also dislike that it seems to be the go to answer for problems these days, instead of working it out yourself.

I saw two therapists and then a specialist about an issue, after being told to by a doctor. The first gave terrible advice, the second barely said anything the whole session, and the third made me feel worse and didn't listen to what I told them. I've never seen anyone therapy related since then and would probably not the future either.

I only found out recently that a lot of therapists don't have qualifications, or only have a few days of informal training at best which might explain things.

I also dated two people who were seeing therapists and it always felt like there was a third person in the relationship encouraging them to do things that seemed out of character, instead of weighing things up themselves or getting suggestions from friends who knew them well. I didn't like the idea of a complete stranger that I had never met been told intimate details of my private life. At times it seemed like they would go to their therapist to talk about their feelings instead of discussing them with me, their partner.

I would never date anyone in therapy again and a partner seeing a therapist would likely be a deal breaker for me, unless it was for something specific like a phobia.

Anonymous 10038

Therapy and psychologists are usually complete trash lol. (Not talking about relationship therapists. Mediation can be genuinely helpful because poor communication is a relationship killer. I'm talking about ones for personal issues.) I do understand that they can be useful for people with actual behavioral issues, discipline problems and for people who aren't especially in tune with themselves, but for the person who knows their issues, dealt with chronic depression and physical reactions you can't literally control, it's annoying. They push "accountability" dogma for victims, and people who have literally no control over the issues they're trying to vent about, as well. It's actually harmful and basically every interaction I've had with a psychologist has been more harmful than useful, as they don't listen and they believe themselves to be masters of the universe. They're a huge cash drain for no benefit, and I think most of them you'll come across, especially if you're a child of abuse and persistent, on-going trauma in particular, will not understand or hear you. The majority of these people have absolutely no clue what the hell they're doing with their lives and have no clue what field to go into.

It's also obnoxious that people in the field will praise therapy and psychology and talk shit about meds like meds are for those that lack discipline or something, when in reality they're both largely ineffective for some people, if not a fair percentage of them. Therapy is not the solution to everything, and a lot of the typical meds don't work. So fucking say that, stop putting it on the patient and acting like it must be their fault your shit is ineffective. We know the typical meds don't work for many people, and we know therapy does not work for people who are intimately aware of their issues. Their solutions are not extremely effective and they need to admit that, not blame the patient at every turn. This is a field wide failure and it should be admitted.

Anonymous 10040

>They push "accountability" dogma for victims, and people who have literally no control over the issues they're trying to vent about, as well. It's actually harmful and basically every interaction I've had with a psychologist has been more harmful than useful, as they don't listen and they believe themselves to be masters of the universe.
This so much. My issue was to do with physical pain and the specialist kept coming up with bizarro theories about what was causing it and criticising normal things I had done in the past. None of any of the therapists I saw gave me any sort of advice or even just sympathy. The specialist then complained that I wasn't opening up enough. Wonder why!

>The majority of these people have absolutely no clue what the hell they're doing with their lives and have no clue what field to go into.

Another excellent point. I forgot to say in my post upthread but one of the guys I dated that was in therapy was because he was training to be a psychiatrist himself. He was probably the worst possible person to give any sort of advice in life. Very immature, easily swayed, and pushed me to do things I wasn't comfortable with. Perfect example of this is that as medstudent he once pointed and laughed at a transwoman in the street who was just minding their own business. Now his Twitter account is very "transwomen are women" and I guess he just ignores the XX/XY medical difference. He also told me that he would repeat things I told him to make himself sound smarter in sessions (I have no therapy experience, it was just quotes I had picked out of books).

Anonymous 10074

I went to a therapist who diagnosed me with schizophrenia because I avoided big crowds. I'm just shy. I also insisted I didn't want any pills and then found out she was the type to put all her patients on them. Thank God my mom wasn't retarded and told her to fuck off.


Pubic hair Anonymous 3508[Reply]

Do you shave everything, trim it? Have you gotten laser?

I want to keep my vagina as smooth as possible but that's not easy with a razor
52 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 10042


No, anon, I've never been a salon™ before

Anonymous 10045

I did years ago and tbh I don’t really remember much of it, so the pain couldn’t have been that bad. I had just graduated high school and one of the people who worked at the salon new my parents by chance and recognized my last name so it was really embarrassing and that’s mostly what I remember lol. I remember it felt really nice to treat myself to something like that, that’s really completely just for myself because I was a virgin at the time and not in a relationship.

Anonymous 10061

>pay for a stranger to rip a layer of vag off
>treat to myself

Anonymous 10062

I mean hey I don't blame her. I've been thinking of getting it done myself because it helps to have an extra set of eyes get off all the hair. Sort of like getting your hair done. Sure you can do it yourself, but the second person is going to be able to see more of your hair and be more precise in getting it all off.
Thank you for the explanation anon! I might try it soon, but I'm really scared that it's going to hurt when I do it >~<

Anonymous 10063

Treat yourself and don't put yourself through pain that will last a week.

Новый точечный рис…

/thyroid/ Anonymous 9961[Reply]

Straight from the doc, just found out I have serious hypothyroidism.
Kinda explains why losing weight was so hard for me, and not because I'm a huge slob (I've lost about 12 kg on myself this year but then I hit a plateau and gained 2 of them back). I'll have to take iodine supplements for the next 12 months and a hormonal one for the next 3 before the next hormone check.
Anyone else that had/has thyroid problems here? How did you deal with them? How did they affect your body image and weight?
6 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 10009

>Hashimoto's from my father's bloodline and it's his sister (she's also an anachan). I guess I'm fucked then.
You are. My condolences, but at least we still have it better than diabetics or asthmatics when it comes to the dependence on medicine, i guess

>What do you mean by healthy though? Small calorie restriction or such?

nta, but I guess healthy dieting means anything that is not batshit crazy diet like crash diets or straight up ana "diet"

too bad i do not have a will strong enough to go full pro-ana and refuse carbs entirely, guess I am cursed to be a fatass no matter what

>One thing I can't relate to is feeling cold all the time, I'm kinda the opposite - sweating horribly 24/7 so my clothes stink. My palms are still really cold tho.

Can happen, too, basically your entire body temperature processing system is screwed

>but im glad i didnt get a worse disease i guess.
be wary, though, because any thyroid problem is a long-term invitation of thyroid cancer, this is more of a problem for hyperthyroidism, though
either way, hypothyroidism leads to all sorts of problems, so still, be wary, do regular health check-ups

Anonymous 10018


I looked up the symptoms and no way I don't have this. I literally related to every single one.

However, I have been psychward too where they did blood tests for me and they caught nothing. I was there for Eating Disorder (anorexia) and I guess they didn't have that in mind or something.

Anonymous 10019

For diagnosing hypothyroidism they usually need specific blood tests: checking free T4 and TSH come to mind first. I don't think it's something they do in psych wards. Go straight to endocrinologist, and be prepared for ultrasound test, too. You might be in a loop of your thyroid sabotaging your mind and mind sabotaging your thyroid as well.

Anonymous 10044

My thyroid turned out to be fine. I’m just anemic and have a few other deficiencies that can easily be fixed by eating a bit better or taking supplements.

Anonymous 10057

>thought i might have hypothyroidism
>did test i bought on amazon
>levels totally normal
thank god i guess because i cant afford medication for that shit.


Breast Implants/General Plastic Surgery Anonymous 3999[Reply]

Does anyone here have breast implants? How did they affect your life? Do they hurt? Do they even feel like your own body? Has anyone here ever considered a boobjob?

Do most men consider fake breasts normal now? More and more young girls are getting them and male oriented media is dominated by women with implants. I’m pretty sure most men can’t tell the difference.

All plastic surgery discussion is welcome. Please stay reasonable and open minded, and don’t try to talk others into stuff they don’t want.
55 posts and 14 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 8283

Do they hurt when boys squeeze them? How hard/soft are they?

Anonymous 8289

Doesn't hurt. They are less soft than normal breasts, but I wouldn't say they are hard. Maybe more firm? My bf says they're soft.
I think softness also depends on where they place the implant (under skin only or under muscle).

I got my first bf ever before getting the surgery. He was excited and now likes them a lot.

Anonymous 9979

I was supposed to be getting a breast reduction before the pandemic hit, I have a DDD cup and they kill my shoulders and back. They also do not look proportionate with the rest of my body, so I am hoping to get a B or C cup. Moids and women alike have called me crazy for wanting them smaller, even though it is for health reasons. Usually, it's women with big chests themselves who are the most understanding.

As long as women are getting plastic surgery to make themselves, and not some moid, happy then I am all for it. Just do your research, look for a good surgeon, prepare for recovery and follow all post-op instructions.

Anonymous 10028

It's not your breasts hurting your shoulders and back it's your bra. Get rid of bras for a month and see if the pain doesn't go away before you decide to get yourself filetted

Anonymous 10033

That’s only because she is wearing the wrong size. Go to r/abrathatfits

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