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Anonymous 11545[Reply]

Is there a guy or girl you want to catch right now? Do you have your eyes on them?
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Anonymous 14497

I want to catch a break ;-;

Anonymous 14521

Mine is 5 states away rip
We have something planned for jext month though
LDR is hard, I wish you the best

Anonymous 14522


Well, there was this one kinda nice looking gas station attendant. Was rreallly hoping he would just magically have a nice face under his hood and mask due to his nice eyes and nest eyebrows.

Unfortunately he looked very much like pic related. (A little shorter tho)

Anonymous 14540


Anonymous 14664

My best friend :(


Am I developing an eating disorder, or is it no appetite? Anonymous 14639[Reply]

I always had a hard time with eating since I was a kid. No, I wasn't picky, it's just that I could not consume the food from the entire plate, and I sometimes feel full from eating 1 small apple.
This tendency is coming back, from the last month I've completely lost my appetite - even for the hoiydays. Now everyday I eat only one meal, that can't even be called a proper dish. Sometimes I only eat one fruit or veggie, and if there are none I just go for a food that doesn't require cooking. I'm not lazy to cook, I am the one who mainly cooks for my family, so I have no problem with doing this task. Most of the time I can't eat the food I cook because I feel like I'll throw up.
I never bought in the beauty industry lies that my body should look a certain way, I am 167 centimeters and weight 44 kilograms.
I am worried I'm going down the path of anorexia without knowing it.

Anonymous 14640

An underlying non-ED related (medical) issue sounds more likely. Losing your appetite and feeling like throwing up from cooking without driving thoughts behind it sounds more physical than mental to me. I'd discuss it with your doctor if you can.

Anonymous 14641

This, sounds like you could have some kind of thyroid issue


Anonymous 14516[Reply]

I advise anyone who gets a yeast infection to just use apple cider vinegar. It works pretty painlessly in about 2 or 3 days for me. I made the mistake of getting this awful shit this time because I wantes to gone fast.
This stuff is literally evil.

Anonymous 14520

Chemicals always are bad for your body. Glad you went with vinegar

Anonymous 14526

wew lad

Anonymous 14528

I just buy the pill that you take one dose for and it clears up.

Anonymous 14530

Are you certain it was a yeast infection? Because taking yeast infection treatments when you actually have a bacterial infection can cause burning and itching exactly like you described. Since the symptoms are very similar it's pretty common.

Anonymous 14634

You sure it was a yeast infection and not bacterial vaginosis?


having broad shoulders Anonymous 10603[Reply]

My shoulders are wide compared to my body and it makes me feel ridiculous. Any tips on dressing etc to help hide it
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Anonymous 14111

I wish I was tall with broad shoulders. I'm 5'1…

Anonymous 14112

at least you're not short with broad shoulders…

Anonymous 14115

i am :(

Anonymous 14121

dang sorry. i am too, i know it sucks.

Anonymous 14629

Hi there, tall and broad musclefag here. Anyways after about 30 years of experimenting I have found the best way to distract from my broad shoulders is to just wear an asymmetrical top. Something with one strap over one shoulder but not the other, anything that just hangs off the shoulders a little bit, dark colors rather than bright colors. Stuff like that will really help you minimize the look of the size. It really sucks to be tall, broad and small breasted but the upside is it scares off the manlets.

Embrace your power and bulk up.


McClintock Effect Anonymous 9772[Reply]

Let’s see if CC has synchronised cycles yet.

Bump this thread on the first day of your period.

I just got mine today.
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Anonymous 14529


Bump. (It came earlier this time and I hate it.)

Anonymous 14539

missed my period and idk if its because im pregnant or because I have been sleep deprived for a month :,)

Anonymous 14585


Bump for last night

Anonymous 14595


Bump. Happy New Year, ladies.

Anonymous 14624



plastic surgery Anonymous 13395[Reply]

should i get a facelift at 29 years old?
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Anonymous 14587

It does work but you need to be fitted with a mouth piece to do it properly. No one makes them though, they were only a few produces for a paper on it.

Anonymous 14588

For me I can see the change instantly when I do it, I looked around and this video demonstrates what I mean
I don’t know if I believe any of the claims that it can change your facial structure though.


Anonymous 14598

Has anyone here gotten a nose job? how much did it cost/what was the healing process like?

Anonymous 14601

I'm not sure if this technically qualifies as makeup, however last night I bought myself a lip exfoliator and some clear lip gloss to help seal it in. I have to say my lips have never felt better and they have never looked so good. Other than that I think the only thing I really bother with lately is just some mascara. Mostly I just focus on keeping my skin as healthy as I can with plenty of healthy moisturizers and vitamins. It's nice that I don't feel like I need makeup to go literally everywhere and can be mostly confident in my natural appearance.

But really though I do recommend the lip exfoliator if you always have dry or chapped lips.

Anonymous 14619

Your relationship with reality sounds healthy lol


Are there others who completely don't wear make up? Anonymous 14558[Reply]

I've never wore make up, and I don't think of putting it on in the near future. I don't have skin problems and I like my skin, also I don't see things that need to be changed on my face.
All the women my age I know wear make up.
Anyone in CC that does the same?
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Anonymous 14608

i don’t wear makeup, the rare occurrence i did was my sister applying some eyeliner on me for a party when i was like 15. the thought of trying out makeup has peaked my interest somewhat but i don’t want to waste even more money than i already do on products i’m not sure i’m going to use again. i’m a shut-in so applying makeup isn’t a priority for me when I have nothing to show for it

Anonymous 14611

I'm 22 and I've never worn makeup except when my mom insisted that I try it once, she put foundation on my face and I woke up the next day with the biggest pimple ever on my cheek so yeah, no thanks!

Anonymous 14616


No makeup for me! I used to wear it a lot but kind of fizzled out a couple of years ago. I feel so much prettier without it and I love being able to rub at my face without worrying about smearing anything or getting goddamn mascara in my eyes. I use a lot of really nice moisturizers and cleansers (mostly Earth Harbor- that shit is NICE) and I just love it. The best part is just being able to put on my shoes and go places spontaneously without needing to do anything else.

I think wearing makeup when I was younger gave me severe facial dysmorphia if that is even a thing. I would take off my makeup and feel so hideous; it ate at me. I also would wear circle lenses, so like, bedtime would come and I would take out my circle lenses and wipe off my makeup and look at some discolored, pale, beady eyed wendigo in the mirror. It totally fucked me up. I quit washing my face except in the shower every other day to avoid looking at myself underneath it all.

Now I love my face and the freedom I have, plus my husband likes it and is supportive, so I am lucky in that regard I guess. He doesn't even give a fuck if I have inch long armpit hair lol. The only thing I do these days is shave my legs and moisturize militantly. I feel like a pretty cottage witch from times long ago. I take really good care of my hair as well.

I think makeup is part of what ages women so fast- the constant wiping at our faces, manipulating the skin, drying it out, etc.

Anonymous 14618

I think the last time I wore makeup was about 12 years ago, for a job interview. I got the job and nobody ever called me out for not having makeup on ever again. They can't fire me for that so who cares.

I think a lot of people just don't think about your face in close detail. If they're used to seeing you with makeup then you stop, they'll notice a change. If you just don't bother to begin with, people start off just being used to your natural face. They won't find you uglier for it, they just won't think about it at all.

If I ever need to interview for a new job, I think I'll skip the makeup. If I ever plan to be in videos (why? idk) I would probably invest in concealer, foundation, and some subtle brown eyeshadow and lipstick. Nothing more.

Anonymous 14620

I've stopped wearing foundation and concealer which was a big accomplisment for me because I struggle with acne (no my skin didn't improve whatsoever when I stopped wearing it and it's been a year and a half). I know I look uglier without foundation but at least I'm not obsessed with checking my make-up every break anymore. When I stopped wearing foundation I realized that the stress of wearing foundation is more severe than the stress of showing my ugly skin. I don't think I could ever give up on mascara and eyebrowpencil though, my eyebrows and eyelashes are just invisible without it. I'm kinda jelly of all of you who have clear skin and dark hair cuz you won't look like death like I do without make-up.


ECA Stack/Appetite Suppressant Anonymous 14599[Reply]

I don't give a shit that it will kill me. I just want to stop feeling so fucking hungry all the time. all I can think about is food and I'm so fucking tired of being fat

have anyone else tried ECA stacking? can someone please tell me how to stay not fucking hungry until they lose weight

Anonymous 14605

How many would you say to take in a week in order to combat building a tolerance?

Anonymous 14617

it's all fun and games until your digestive system gets fucked up and you shit yourself LMAO


eating disorder thread Anonymous 4629[Reply]

eating disorder thread - its time for another

do you have an eating disorder?
which one?
are you attempting recovery?
how long have you had it?
what caused it?
how does it disrupt your daily life, if it does?

i have a purging disorder.
i kind of want to attempt recovery sometimes, then i see something like my crush looking happier talking to another girl thats skinnier than me, i think about how much better i could look/how i could compensate for my stupid ugly fact, and i think about the comments my dad gives me when i 'eat bad' even though im 19 bmi/skinnier than him (hes overweight, i think.) ive had mine since i was 13. i was a fat child growing up because my parents didnt know how to feed me, and instead of giving me healthy food they just called me fat/made fun of me. it disrupts my daily life heavily because i cant eat anything without purging after, and it just ruins my mood and has disrupted my health. ill be devastated if i go up 0.1 a pound
124 posts and 19 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 14432

>do you have an eating disorder?
>which one?
>are you attempting recovery?
no, i relapsed recently
>how long have you had it?
around 3-4 years
>what caused it?
ive been body shamed my whole life by everyone but my family
>how does it disrupt your daily life, if it does?
anything bad that happens i seem to find a way to blame it on my body, its exhausting

Anonymous 14596

currently suffering a lot lately. im hungry and not hungry. i feel the hunger pains. but i dont want to eat because it stresses me out. i feel like i cant find the split between by body and my soul anymore. the split between my thoughts and my feelings. im not sure

Anonymous 14597

>which eating disorder do you have?
>are you attempting recovery?
Not yet. I know I should, but I'm not ready yet. I feel like I don't deserve to recover, either, or like I'm making it up for attention, having developed it in my late 20's rather than adolescence like most women.
>how long have you had it?
A year and half. I always had disordered tendencies (I was diagnosed with BED at one point) but I started purging in this time.
>what caused it?
A combination of growing up as an anorexic's fat sister, the pandemic, and a pornography addiction. I felt like I had no control over my mind, life or body because of these three, so I started purging to feel somehow in control. Unsurprisingly it doesn't work like that.
>how does it disrupt your daily life, if it does?
I suffer, but I'm able to putter along and function right now.
I'm losing hair and my breath smells like shit no matter how much I brush my teeth, though, and I'm often tired and dizzy due to electrolyte imbalance. I love to work out, and I worry about the effects purging will have on my heart over time. I also feel ashamed by how wasteful my disorder is.

Anonymous 14602

this is literally horrible. i want it to end and i feel like im suffering constantly. it is always hanging over my head. how do you get rid of anorexic behaviors? i havent been actively restricting for years but i still have problems keeping on weight and feeling gross when i eat.

Anonymous 14612

>do you have an eating disorder?
>which one?
Anorexia, I'm pretty sure, but it almost is a physical revulsion than a mental on at this point.
>are you attempting recovery?
Yes, partially through drinking a lot of milk which is my favorite drink and contains a lot of calories, in addition to trying to get myself to eat foods more and actually enjoy them rather than just force myself.
>how long have you had it?
6 years
>what caused it?
Not wanting to gain too much and conditioning myself to eat less, in addition to being prescribed medications that ruined my appetite.
>how does it disrupt your daily life, if it does?
I have a lot of trouble eating solid foods without


Big breasts thread Anonymous 11662[Reply]

Who here /titcow/?
There is a small breast thread, so I thought we could make one too to discuss our ailments/blessings.

>Do you like having big breasts?

>Would your change your breast size? Have you ever considered surgery?
>How has it affected you growing up? Any bad experiences with moids? Any nastiness from other girls?
>Has anyone ever made assumptions about your personality/character/libido because of your breasts?
>Do you consider any types of clothing a no-no because of your breasts?
>Any favourite bra brands or types?
>Any perceived advantages?

Also don't forget to self-check for lumps. Goes for our itty bitty sisters too.
119 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 14560

Reminds me of the HAES argument that men like skinny women therefore skinny women are somehow privileged or should shut up about struggles with their body

Anonymous 14592

This thread makes me seethe so bad it's insane I'm about to go out on the streets and steal some boobs this mid-to-small-tittery of mine is killing me

Anonymous 14606

This only happened to me once, some woman told me to "hurr durr get a reduction" because all the bras that fit my size were ugly.

Anonymous 14607

Which posts make you seethe, anons complaining about having big breasts or anons saying they love having big breasts?

Anonymous 14609

>Anyone else feel unwelcome in discussions around clothing and fashion due to their chest size?
it's about that thread on /cgl/ isn't it? salty bitches lol

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