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Diet Thread Anonymous 6210[Reply]

Who here is on a /diet/?

I'm 5'4 and 165lb and trying to lose some weight. I started a diet yesterday. Trying to eat lots of veg and lean proteins and keeping my total calorie intake below 800.I'm so hungry tho
How's your diet going?
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Anonymous 7787

It's been a month since I posted and I haven't even try to lose any more weight. The only thing I'm glad about is despite over eating all through December is that I'm still 165 lbs, thanks to the gym. But I think I had let my stomach stretched out because I didn't realized but I began to eat larger portions. So when I went back to eating smaller portions, I noticed that I still feel hungry. I'm trying to remediate that by drinking more water.
I'm going to go back on Keto and intermittent fasting.

Anonymous 7797

I have used slim-fast to get all my nutrients. it worked. I have used weight watches at home. it was okay but i couldnt plan my meals. the best part is you get a kit so i can always go back.

once my fibroid shrunk. I had success with nutrisystem. I ordered a cheap kit on ebay. it came directly from nutrisystem. i actually followed the plan about 95%. im ready to go back on the plan. I weighed over 300lbs. I lost about a dress size in a month.
i know someone will belittle this and say cook your own food but at my state I needed helped.
a healthier person can order schwann at home. schwan makes some of nutrisystem foods now. schwan doesnt do small meals.

Anonymous 7813

5'6" and 165 lbs. Good amount of muslce, but I carry my weight on my lower half so the fst I do have is obvious.
Quit drinking for new year, my goal weight is 150lbs. Might go lower, but I've wanted to see 150 for a long time and I'm really taking the steps to do so.

Anonymous 7857

You’ll feel more comfortable at 150 than now obv but ultimately you will feel the best once you get into the 130’s. You’ll be able to go for runs without feeling winded and too heavy (or do just about any exercise easier), suddenly feel 10x stronger and able to lift heavy things you couldn’t before because the flab on your arms isn’t weighing you down, plus
>your stomach will be flat/mostly flat
>no love handles
>look good in pictures taken by others
>clothes of all types actually look cute on you and not lumpy
>it’s a surprisingly easy weight range to maintain, even with occasional binges and mild drinking

150 should just be a milestone, because you will get none of this and after losing 11+ more pounds realize just how shit 150 was. Been there, done that.

Anonymous 7875


….thanks for the advice, I guess? Not really, tho. I'm actually already very strong and the "flab" on my arms is minimal and doesnt affect my lifting performance at all. I don't have love handles and I look great wearing clothes that fit because like I said, I've got a lot of muscle at this point.
130 would make me feel like a stick and that's not my aesthetic.


Skincare General Anonymous 431[Reply]

Post your skincare questions, routines, recommendations, rants, raves, product recs, etc.

I'll start with my routine that's finally working for me:

Thayer's unscented witch hazel (as a toner)
COSRX Oil-Free Ultra Moisturizing Lotion
CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion

Pond's cold cream cleanser
Thayer's witch hazel toner
Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid (leave on for 15 minutes)
Oil cleanse with mineral oil
Remove with Pond's cold cream cleanser
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 7772


Sunscreen going into the future.
Retinoids, but only after a solid sunscreen habit. Vitamin C.

Anonymous 7829


Heya I am here for anons with acne, I have to tell you what worked for me, it might not work for you but you can try.
I put aspirin dissolved in water on my face in the morning and evening and it's the only thing I've tried that helped me. Aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid and salicylic acid is helpful against acne. I've bought a salicylic acid solution before but it didn't help me so I'm sticking to aspirin.
It also helps fade scars faster. Although I have to admit I still get a few spots if I don't exercise but they don't hurt half as much and they go away in a couple of days.
I don't use any other products, just the plain old nivea cream. I don't even wash my face anymore with face cleanser/soap/whatever it's called, just water.
Pic related is my forehead right now and from last year. The texture of the skin is still a bit wonky but I have bangs anyway

Anonymous 7848

I used to dissolve an aspirin in honey and mix it with honey to use as an exfoliant! I really liked it. I stopped because I had a roommate then and it made a mess.

I've been washing my face with baby soap lately. It's really cleaning out the gunk from my face, and completely annihilated a whitehead I got within one day.

Anonymous 7860

I have been using red and green light. Love it.

Anonymous 7874

Examples For Cafe.…

Cute Clothes, Anything Goes! Anonymous 7712[Reply]

Okay! So I hope this is okay with the mods but I couldn't really find a Lolita/Victorian/Cute/Old School/Street Wear/Alternative Fashion thread, and I figured I would make one, I know it may seem like some of these themes don't fit together but I think you get the general idea!

The example is just a example, you can also post any frilly, light up, ruffled, mute colored clothes you like! Anything from American 50's to Punk! As long as it's girly, it can go here!
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Anonymous 7869

larme (17).jpg

Uh sorry that one was really low-res.

Anonymous 7870


Anonymous 7871

larme (25).jpg

I LOVE these mesh larme skirts, I think I'll try to make one, it'll be great in the summer.

Anonymous 7872


I want to try to put more effort into my style, and jfashion is great at giving me inspo.

Good luck anon! I want one as well, although I can't sew.

Anonymous 7873

I don't know how to sew with a machine but sewing by hand is really easy! Just google it or ask someone, it's super easy, you can do it. I also wanna make a belt like the lady in your pic has, I have some scrap (fake) leather! I made a DIY thread here a long time ago, I think I might just revive it, I think more people should do DIY instead of buying premade things.


Could traveling farts cause vaginal discharge? Anonymous 7849[Reply]

I almost always have this green vagoo discharge. It looks like phlegm, but doesn't smell particularly bad or itch. (I've been to the doctor but never diagnosed because it happened to not be active on those days)
I have good hygiene and wash every day. I've tried dietary changes, using different water, cleaning with wet wipes, using different soaps and intimate washes, but it never goes away for good. But I do get a lot of farts who travel and end up going through my vulva. Could that be causing infections?

Anonymous 7850

This thread smells funny.

Anonymous 7853


What direction do you wipe in? It should be front-to-back.

For years I wiped back-to-front and didn't realise I was smearing poo into my vagina which made it stink.

Anonymous 7854

I don’t think green is a healthy color for discharge. Maybe you’re wiping the wrong way like this anon is saying >>7853

Those types of farts shouldn’t be causing an issue (unless maybe you’re not wiping yourself clean enough after pooping? Sorry to pry, but just throwing some possibilities out there). It’s pretty normal to get farts that travel in front like that.

Don’t use soap or special washes. That messes with your pH level and could actually cause issues like this.

Anonymous 7856

Front to back. I use wet wipes too.

But if I don't use something to wash it smells bad. It's soap designed to clean there and keep your ph right so I don't think it's causing this. I've also used different soaps throughout the years and it's always been the same.

I forgot to mention, I started having sex and it's the only thing that seems to stop it for 1-2 days.


Fitness general Anonymous 2106[Reply]

Old thread seems to be locked.

>post fitness related questions

>share your workouts, goals, inspiration etc.
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Anonymous 7661

Thanks for the warning, that's actually what I'm using atm.

Anonymous 7673

Today I went to a gym for a free trial class, I thought it would be nice strengthening but it was cardio as fuck and I suffered a lot. I felt weak, sluggish, and kept wondering why I was doing this to myself. However the lady instructor told me I had done a good job in the cardio part.
I really disliked the stupid electro music and the fact that the instructor was yelling to cover it but it was fun nevertheless, the ladies were not showing off and I now enjoy a delicious soreness a few hours later.
I have not had salaried work for months so I simply meant to take advantage of the free class, but I am now considering going on a regular basis if I manage to earn more.

Anonymous 7674

Sign up to that gym and try the weight section. I find cardio to be boring.

Anonymous 7675

I'm a few days past two solid months of push-ups every-other day. I feel more strength in my core, and can see more firmness in my stomach. I see the slightest bit of ab definition… It's really motivating me. 100 push-ups weren't giving me doms anymore, so today I moved up to elevated push-ups. I'm definitely feeling soreness again. I'm working in some squats, too.

My only concern is soreness in one of my wrists. I read about doing push-ups with closed fists, so I might work on that.

Nice work! If you're not employed full time, have you thought about working out at home (if your living situation allows for it)? Like fitness blender or other free cardio videos?

Anonymous 7855

I swim a lot and recently, this guy at the pool has been giving me unsolicited advice on my swimming technique. I’m kind of conflicted because he’s a good swimmer and his advice is helpful, but I’m an introvert and like to enjoy swimming as a time to be alone. I also sometimes just want to swim casually just to relax, but this guy is really serious about swimming. It makes me feel like I can’t measure up. I feel like he’s frustrated that I’m such a slow learner - but the thing is, I never asked for his help.

Do you ever have people giving you unsolicited advice when you work out? How do you deal with it?


bras Anonymous 3569[Reply]

do you wear bras? why or why not? (also do you guys cover your nips if not?)
personally i don't wear bras but i cover my nipples, partially out of respect for those that would rather not see my nipples and partially because it hurts when it's cold lol
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Anonymous 7664

i never wear bras, for some reason even if i wear sports bras my boobs start to ache really badly. i have small boobs so its fine though, and i don't give a damn if my nips are visible

Anonymous 7793

i mostly wear nipple covers nowadays, i find bras make my chest look too big in proportion to the rest of my body as im quite baby faced. bras are pretty uncomfortable

only downside to nipple covers is that i woke up to my cat having them stuck to her paws while she was running around frantically LOL

Anonymous 7798

I feel extremely conscious about my breasts so yea, my right breast is like third the size of the left one and bras make them look more even.

Anonymous 7799

Wearing a bra makes me feel less vulnerable/more confident in public so I only put one on when I have to go out

It's ok all our boobs arent of equal size

Anonymous 7852


im a b cup and quite petite in general so i prefer Bralettes or just going braless. it does hurt a little bit when it's cold but i just layer up to avoid that. i think being able to see a little nipple through a jumper is kinda cute. I'm going for that feminine/cute look.


Should I grow out my bangs? Anonymous 7779[Reply]

I have had straight, blunt bangs for a while, around 6 years now. I am thinking of growing them out because they're now at the length where I have to decide whether to trim them or let them grow out. My forehead is not short, I'd say it's about average sized, but if I were to place it on a spectrum, it'd be closer to the larger end of said spectrum. I also have the reminders of some ugly self harm scars on my forehead that are horizontal. People close to me say they aren't too noticeable, but I think they make it look like I have forehead wrinkles when I don't. I know, I'm an idiot. But with makeup it is possible to cover them for the most part.

I like my bangs, but I have always loved the look of more subtle bangs other women have, as well as other women who don't have them at all. What should I expect if I grow them out in terms of how long they will take to blend in with the rest of my hair? My hair grows relatively fast. Is it better to play it safe and not grow my bangs out since I'm a little anxious my forehead might be a tad large? No one's ever taunted me for that, even when I didn't have bangs, but that was so long ago. I guess I feel indecisive because I want to have fun with my hair and grow it out, but I know bangs appear to suit me. I tried growing my bangs out before and gave up.

Pic related is the closest picture I could find to my hair currently. My hair is a lot thicker, longer, and wavier, though (I straighten my bangs all the time). It's also all blonde except for the roots.

Anonymous 7780

I think growing them out would be nice for the new year. I’ve had bangs before as well and as they were growing out I just swept them to the side and gave myself side bangs. Or you could always pin them with cute clips or a simple bobby pin. If no one’s ever talked about your forehead then you’ll be fine!

Anonymous 7836

You probably won't see this OP, but if you don't like the way your forehead looks, keep the bangs. You can always change the way they're styled if you want a change. I see a lot of people with wavy or wispy bangs these days.


Anonymous 7789[Reply]

Do you stretch? Stretchers post your stretching routines.

Anonymous 7800

I have a shoulder injury so I stretch every day.

My routine:
1. Levator scapulae stretch 3/side 2x/day; hold 20-30 sec
2. Upper trapezius "
3. Scalene "
4. T-spine self-mobilization (with a foam roller); hold 2-3 mins
5. Posture stretch on a foam roller (This one is my fave; just lie on a foam roller so your spine is flush and stretch out your arms at a 45-degree angle, palms up. Great stretch if your shoulders/neck are tight from stress/desk work.)

Right now I'm also doing Home, a daily yoga practice for January 2020 (Yoga with Adriene). https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLui6Eyny-UzzFFfpiil94CUrWKVMaqmkm

Anonymous 7811

My body is really stiff and uncoordinated… I was doing daily yoga for a while but gradually stopped some time last Summer. I've just been doing whatever stretches I feel like throughout the day, trying to work on my forward fold and wrist/ankle mobility.

Thanks for the reminder, I just did the first Home video!

Anonymous 7820

Good channel for stretching routines.


Anonymous 7818[Reply]

Can I still be beautiful if I have terrible gas?

Anonymous 7819

take probiotics. it cured my diarrhea.

Anonymous 7822

it makes you even more beautiful

Anonymous 7812[Reply]

What type of wax is this? It looks easy enough to use at home.

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