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please watch kimi …

makeup??? Anonymous 9615[Reply]

I really want to natuarally look pretty, but I dont mind wearing a bit of natural looking makeup. The thing is, I dont know where to start? any tips for learning how to apply light makeup or any good recs?

Anonymous 9616

tinted moisturizer, tinted lip balm (like Fresh)

Anonymous 9617

This is an >>>/hb/ topic.


Anonymous 9597[Reply]

Can I eat it safely? It's for dogs but dogs and humans are quite similar, aren't they? The composition is very good, 89,5% of chicken and it costs less than sausages for people

Anonymous 9598

Humans can have a little dog sausage, as a treat.

But seriously, it probably won't hurt you but it's probably not humsn-consumption grade meat. Also, iirc cats and dogs are a lot more sensitive to sodium so it's probably pretty bland.

Anonymous 9600

Thanks, lack of sodium is not a problem, I can flavor them myself

Anonymous 9603

This seems like a troll post.

Anonymous 9630

For some reason this sounds 110% like something gimpgirl would post


Anonymous 9394[Reply]

how to make my breasts bigger? Have you tried anything? Has anything really worked?
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Anonymous 9568

I haven’t read whatever sources you have, and this is a scientific-yet-not-academic citation, but the perky black nips in National Geographic suggests to me that going braless is the way. I read a Cracked.com article years ago positing this, that boobs have a tissue / fibrouslike structure inside which atrophies in the absence of constant gravity leading to sag. The braless women in the south Sahara are constantly running after lions or whatever and it builds the tissue strength. I don’t want to say muscle because that’s not what it is but it basically works like muscle; if you don’t use it you lose it

Anonymous 9593

For some of us they will barely sag because they're so small, so this is only a secondary question.

Anonymous 9594


Congratulations but how? Any tips please?
I already don't do sports (couch potato life) and have been eating more milk-based snacks, as well as ready-made meals. But I didn't gain much and feel sad about it.

Anonymous 9601

Just eat more if you have to, but fat distribution is genetics

Anonymous 9602

Some people are just like this. Some of us will remain flat no matter how much weight we gain.
The genetic lottery is a bitch.


Does this bracelet match my engagement ring Anonymous 9554[Reply]

I've been looking for a diamond bracelet set in gold to match my silver engagement ring/wedding band to the rest of my gold jewelry that I wear on my hands, arms, neck and ears. Everything but my wedding rings are gold and I felt like it didn't match so I bought pic related solitaire diamond bracelet in gold to try and "tie" the rings to the rest of my jewelry if that makes sense. Does it work? I feel like maybe I need to get one with bigger/more diamonds? Am I overthinking it? Diamond is reallyy small in person. Help.
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Anonymous 9556

yeah it's very minimalist it doesn't clash with anything.

Anonymous 9557


Does it tie in the wedding rings with the rest of it though? Like does it make the silver jewelry look more like it belongs with all the gold? I know I'm autistic with this shit lol

Anonymous 9560

Other than the your wedding band, the rest of your jewelry is so small that it'd be difficult for anyone to notice let alone care. No matter what though, you won't be able to tie gold and silver together. At best, you could get two equally large gold rings to wear on the fingers adjacent to the wedding band to create a band pattern, which isn't the same thing, but is the closest you're going to get.

That's not an autistic trait. That's obsessive if anything. The fact your agonizing over your image coordination is actual the exact opposite of what an autistic person would do.

Anonymous 9566

It looks fine to me. Although I don’t really have a good sense of what wedding rings are “supposed” to look like besides the standard silver band / centered diamond template. They both have the same color metal and they’re both shiny, idk what else people are gonna look at. You’re right that the thickness is different but that’s just something to emphasize the ring and make it stand out more

Anonymous 9599

It doesnt seem to clash and looks good.

I'm jelly you have such a nice ring. The only way for me to ever get a ring is if I buy it for myself.


Wigs Anonymous 9437[Reply]

Does anyone here wear wigs daily? I want to stop dying my hair, but I don’t want my natural color lol. What are your experiences wearing wigs at work?
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Anonymous 9496

I wore mine for the first time on Halloween so I would have an excuse in case anyone noticed. Let us know how it goes! Have you found one yet?

Anonymous 9510

I go back and forth on liking/not liking it. My hair color is less saturated than hers, and I feel like a warmer color compliments my skin better. But I do like how my natural color brings out my eyes. I also want to try going darker. I’m tired of bleaching my hair, and I don’t want to use strong chemicals on my body any more. So I was thinking with a wig, I can grow out my natural color while also enjoying a fun new color.

I haven’t decided on a wig yet. I’ve run into a problem about styling… My dress code at work states that long hair should be pulled back. So I’d have to buy a wig that can be styled in a ponytail, or a short hairstyle.

Bangs aren’t too much of a problem. They make me look really young, and accentuate how round my face is. But I do like some styles.

Thanks for the input everyone, it’s helping me as I bumble along with this.

Anonymous 9528

Op here, after looking back at my replies I realized I shouldn’t buy a wig yet… The only place I go out to is work, but I have to have a reserved style for work. (Technically non-natural colors are ok but ~frowned upon~) So maybe I’ll wait until I can go out more… Either way, I’ve found a lot of good wig comms thanks to you guys and I’m still learning a lot for when I take the dive!

Anonymous 9558

I’m a liar… I’m probably going to get a short bob for work and a fun colored wig for the weekend. But I’m waiting until I get paid at the end of the month. Also I can’t decide on the color for the work wig. Hmmm

Anonymous 9596


If you get human hair for the work wig then you can color it however you want, wash the dye out and start over when you get bored. It'll also look more natural than any synthetic fiber could.

If you need to do a ponytail, you need to look for a 360 degree lace wig so you can pull it up. Go for a low density if you can or it'll look bulky. Ponytail wigs are the hardest to pull off tbh, can you get away with an updo? Short styles can be super cute though. I'm a fan of the shoulder length wavy bobs like pic related.


Anonymous 9570[Reply]

Losing weight and mewing saved my life.
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Anonymous 9588

what does the star flavour taste like?

Anonymous 9589

The one in the lower left you mean?
That one's flavorless. That's the mineral oil one.
It also happens to be my favorite since it doesn't have any sugar.

Anonymous 9590

How does the mineral oil thing work? It’s oily?

Anonymous 9591

No no. the texture and mouthfeel is totally normal just the taste is a bit extreme. I don't really know how to describe it other than "like mineral oil"

Anonymous 9595


Anonymous 9184[Reply]

How do we get men to put more effort into their appearance?
33 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 9561

On average, the majority of men are held to a different cultural standard of beauty. It's fine you dig a non-conforming standard, but by nature of wanting non-standard beauty, you are going to have a harder time finding men that reject the societal standard of beauty, but still put in enough effort for their own personal ideal of beauty. You are simultaneously seeking someone who doesn't care what others think about what he looks like, but he cares about what he looks like, a relatively rare trait.

Anonymous 9567

Outlier tastes like chubby chasers in men don’t get a say in shaping societal norms. On average I think western men are very out of shape, tending either towards too skinny sickly pale incels or too fat neckbeard hairy incels. I would think most other women my age agree that the “hottest” male body is relatively muscular and tall

Anonymous 9569


Anonymous 9585

Thats gross af.
Gym dudebros should kill themselves. They still always manage to end up looking unclean somehow, they don't shave (and hopefully perma laser) their retarded, god awful dirty pig disgusting body hair to appeal to men I guess, they should just be gay if they are gonna be like that. Also he is bald. There goes 50% of beauty, having beautiful flowy hair.

Anonymous 9586

you can always tell guys like this got riped later in life. their face never matches their body.

Women's Faux Leath…

eGirl Aesthetic Anonymous 8364[Reply]

I want to dress like an egirl but I'm having a hard time finding brands that fit the specific image. Please dump outfit inspo and images here.

I'd prefer this not turn into bashing the style as edgy and wannabe as it is. I just think its fun
3 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 8372

Anonymous 8390

i hear aliexpress has good stuff too



Found this at https://allthingsrainbowstore.com/ They have aesthetic fashion blog on their website with lots of ideas on Egirl aesthetic outfits

Anonymous 9571

don't use this its all dropshipped aliexpress stuff

Anonymous 9583

Why would anyone want to get on a dead trend?

a31 (1).png

Anonymous 8571[Reply]

>exercise regurarly
>have a good diet
>use moisturizer on face
>take cold showers
>dress up decently
>take good care of hair
>use light make up such as concealer to hide eyebags
>sleep required amount
>stay hydrated
What am i doing wrong? Why havent i looksmaxxed yet?
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Anonymous 9338

Just survive it. Corona means nothing to a healthy body.

Anonymous 9339

i was talking about things like cancer and autoimmune disease, which can have an almost exclusively genetic component or be simply bad luck. what if you get cancer and suddenly are but on chemo? corona could knock you down in one single coof, there's nothing "muh healthy body" could do against it.

Anonymous 9340

Meds won't help. That's the real redpill. You'll only relapse back into after chemo.

Anonymous 9349

1. Realising your self worth isn't just about male attention, fuck that

2. look on r/vindicta to find some tips but seriously if you don't have a set destination you're chasing a vacuous void…

Anonymous 9563

Habe you tried smiling :)?


Anonymous 7816[Reply]

Anyone into running?
Does any one have any tips into people starting to run?
Is there a smarter way to build endurance and not get winded as easily?

Since this is a slow board you can talk about general exercising advice.
16 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 8395

>want to go run
>check the weather
>33 degrees
>5:40 PM, not even the peak of the day
The sun will be down by 8:30 and even then it'll still be 28 degrees. One of the pains of living in the US is how the temperature can fluctuate so much in one day.

Anonymous 8396

Bruh for fucking real, we had such a nice cool May and I've been so pissed the last week or so that I can't just go on hourlong walks whenever I want to anymore because it's summer hell outside. I have no other reason to leave my apartment…

Anonymous 8397

Lmao, I just got back from jogging, decided to go out anyway. I ended up a sweaty mess, of course.

Anonymous 8408

I'm a bit late, but well done! Getting out there is half the battle.

Anonymous 9562

I miss running on the regular. I have no excuse, especially since I lost my job. Depression just kick my ass so hard. I lost all motivation. I can't wake up early enough to go for a run and no way I'm in my neighborhood at evening. Cardio has to be the funnest exercise to me. I don't get most complaints against it. I wish I could have more discipline to lift weights but I find it boring.
I got so gross and flabby. My bmi is at 25 with my body fat is around 27%.

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