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Fitness general Anonymous 2106[Reply]

Old thread seems to be locked.

>post fitness related questions

>share your workouts, goals, inspiration etc.
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Anonymous 16893

Great, starting is always the hardest step.
Now try to be consistent and it will slowly become easier.
Also if you do bodyweight exercises get pull up bar if you have a solid door frame. It's really useful for home exercises.

Anonymous 16894

I did them in sets (I think of 10) with short 30 second rests.

Thanks! Just did day 2 today. The house I live in now is extremely old and I don't really trust the doorframes. But when I eventually move out I'll look into a bar or at lesst do the sliding towel trick (sadly don't even have space for that).

Anonymous 16920


Protein powders are not "empty calories". They're lower quality protein sources, but they're still protein sources. That's the whole point of their existence: cheap accessible protein to reach your macros.
And wtf does "empty calorie" means anyway ? A calorie is a calorie, the same way a kilo is a kilo.
/fit/ has bro science, /hb/ has siscience it appears.

Anonymous 16922

Okay can anyone tell me how to use the glute press machine where it’s like a hip thrust and you lie horizontally and there’s a bar under you and above you is a bully where you drape over your hips. And then you’re supposed to thrust up? When I thrust up, nothing happens. Lol I don’t know how to use it

Anonymous 16923

Belt, not bully omg


Got Pick-Pocketed, need Makeup recs Anonymous 16547[Reply]

I'd slimmed down my makeup use to what can fit in a little back pocketbook I used in middle school. Been loving how convenient it is to keep all my makeup in one place that I can just tote everywhere without worrying about it.

But then my bookbag got pick-pocketed and the consequences of keeping all my makeup in one place have shown themselves.

I Need makeup recs. I like things that are versatile (for example, this cocokind glow stick that they discontinued -_- that I could use as a bronzer, lip contour, and eyeshadow, etc), buildable, dewy, and products where a little goes a long way (compact would also be awesome cause I'm gonna get a new makeup bag of a similar small size)

Thank Ya,!
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Anonymous 16554

In general elf/nyx have a lot of little smudge highlighter or eye shadow type sticks that might be somewhat like what you're looking for

I prefer Nyx > elf tho. My old roomie and I used to steal every brand we could from the drugstores just to test and I never felt elf was that great, but I don't think the selection was the best here then (this was maybe 7 years ago now). I liked a lot of Maybellines stuff too in general.

Every single thing Revlon has ever made turned out crap for me. Milan or whatever it's called too. I don't really remember any other specific brands that stood out as a whole to me. I was very into highlighters and dewy looks and back then and >>16550
Was by far my fav type (pick your shade of preference), very minimal amount needed for good effect.

Says it's a pore minimizer but if anything I felt it just made by skin look smooth in a "dewy" way (apply sparingly). Nice feel too.

Good luck

Anonymous 16560

When I saw the title with that pic, I thought this was going to be a thread about disguising yourself to get revenge on the thief.

Anonymous 16574

retaliate by shoplifting makeup lol, full cycle

Anonymous 16577


Here’s my recs. Some are expensive, but you could always try them on in store and buy on eBay at a discount. I’ve just had really poor results with drugstore brands.

1. Bare Minerals tinted moisturizer ($22 for mini). It’s quite dewy and sheer compared to other TMs like Laura Mercier and Lancôme. Good buildable option and the mini comes in tons of colors. While I would never stop wearing makeup, I do think it’s worth ditching foundation ;)

2. KVD mini tattoo eyeliner. My favorite for precision. Not waterproof though.

3. Charlotte Tilbury luxury eye palette. Is it overpriced? Yes. Have I been wearing it multiple days a week for a year now? Yes. I often use the darkest color as eyeliner and the second lightest in my crease for a natural smoky look. Lots of colors to choose from.

4. Nyx lip and cheek color. Seconding the nona above. I haven’t worn this but it looks versatile!

Anonymous 16917

what’s your budget?
generally, if you’re willing to spend the money, i’d point you to glossier. in particular their boy brow and futuredew. if you're looking dewy products where a little goes a long way i’d say look at rare beauty’s liquid blushes in the dewy line (i’d warn you though it is really difficult to work with because of how pigmented they are). I personally like ilia’s blush sticks. loreal’s voluminous brown balm mascara is my ride or die and you can pick it up at any cvs. for bronzer, contour, eyeshadow and lipstick i literally just use a creamy brown lipstick (i like merit’s lipstick in 1990, but literally any brown lipstick with a creamy formula works.) best of luck queen, love ya


Ideal Body Type thread? Anonymous 1672[Reply]

What's your ideal body type, anons?

Are you into being thin, or curvy, or maybe fit? Were you born a cone shape but long to be a pear? Or maybe you're a banana but would rather be an hourglass?

I'd like to hear your opinions and what you're doing to get there!
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Anonymous 16872

Off-topic but that's not the right bra size for her, right? Am I wrong in thunking her breasts look awkward the way they're bunched up over themselves?

Anonymous 16906

>many women of our land, if they had seen her features, would feel embarrassed for not having theirs look like hers.
That's projection.

Anonymous 16907

Yeah. Usually men only think if one person is attractive than the other can't be. Women don't get insecure from other women being beautiful unless men purposely put them against each other

Anonymous 16913

offtopic, but man, who’s idea was to put this model into this pair of lingerie, it looks like middle school level project - and this tape, did they even try

Anonymous 16914

My good body is wasted by my face, orz


scene girl hair Anonymous 16328[Reply]

healing my inner child, would love 2 have myself scene hair - I was never allowed to do any of that stuff as I grew up a little strict. Does anyone know how I'd be able to do it?

I was thinking going to a hairdresser that does those type of hairstyles but there is barely any where I live. Plus, there are few tutorials on it. Only thing worrying me is that I might cut my hair too wonky, I was told back-comb & strongest hairspray.
Any genuine tips to help achieve the hair style? (I want it spiky and puffy btw)
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Anonymous 16331

oh by the way, a lot of them use extensions for the long parts

Anonymous 16342

The cut in the OP is called an Asian mullet done with a feather razor..whatever that is. Then backcombed for volume which can potentially damage hair shafts.

Anonymous 16360

Get your hair cut and layered/feathered until it’s just below shoulder length with choppy bangs and looks like a Christmas tree, straighten that shit until it’s poker straight and then backcomb and spray it with a shit ton of hairspray, then clip in some long weft extensions underneath.

t. Used to have this hairstyle in 2006

Anonymous 16911

Do it anon
I did it and it was so reliving and now I can finally live my little emo dreams

The worst thing that can happen is you fuck up your hair but unless you're balding/prone to losing hair you'll be fine because hair always grows back but in case you're extremely nervous about fucking up, buy a back up plan, aka a wig that you can wear for daily use (but i doubt you'll mess up that bad)

I'm not any sort of hair professional so take what I say with a grain of salt/caution. Everything I learned is via reference images and YouTube videos (which can be very useful)
How I start off is I style the way I want my hair to look, push bangs to the side I want it to face, put the side hairs on my cheek, just a general/basic shape and then I straighten it till it is flat.

My hair generally has alot of volume to it so I prefer to trim alot of that off to lessen the poofyiness of the style and make it more sharp/edgier.

If you have bangs the recommended height imo is a little below your eyebrows is how I do it personally because I like my hair in my face.

If you don't have bangs I would cut them into your hair. Makes it easier to style the hair style but I know some don't like them, that's just the way I personally do my hair.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 16912

Wedding haircuts for a big long hooked nose?
My fiancé wants me to get bangs and leave it down.
I want to have an elegant updo with real flowers in my hair. I am open to bangs because my forehead is freakishly small and covering it makes my wide chin look dainty.
My veil of choice is a blusher veil (covers your face) which may crush the flowers if I wear it in a crown or headband.


Question from a fashion noob Anonymous 16890[Reply]

Why is it that some fashion trends look bad on me but some others fit me to a T?

I love alt fashion with fishnet tights, lots of black and dark jeans and edgy prints, but I just can't pull it off. The Instagram Baddie style, for example, also looks bad on me, like I'm just playing dress up and stole the clothes from another person. It doesn't scream "me".

Anyone else have the same problem? Does it have to do with Kibbe body types? Face shapes? Are there any unwritten rules that fashion noobs like me should know about?

Anonymous 16891

you likely have softer features and should play into it more. if i wore the goth ig baddie makeup & clothes i'd look absolutely foolish bc i have an oval face, big round eyes, a round nose, and generally softer features. you skin's undertones also may not suit black/cool colors. it's generally a combination of things

Anonymous 16892

Could be the colours that don't look good on your complexion, could be the clothes that don't work for your body type, could be a matter of lacking confidence, could be a combination of these factors.


Anonymous 15017[Reply]

How can I lose weight without physical activity? I hate sports and gyms and also a vegetarian. Is there hope for me(can do hard diets) or should I just start puking my guts off
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Anonymous 16863

Cut out sugars. If you don’t consider walking as a part of sports and gym, I suggest just walking more. Doesn’t have to be intense just try walking to your destination if possible or go on a simple stroll after dinner. That’s what I did

Anonymous 16873

intermittent fasting and not eating junk food or drinking sugary drinks.
i'm guessing you eat a shitload of carbs from dawn to dusk and drink diet soda or something.

Anonymous 16880


Beware you can kill yourself with it, especially if you buy some chinese pills instead of lab grade pure chemical.

Anonymous 16887

Why do you keep bringing this drug up?

Anonymous 16888

Anon check into rehab


Giving up vices/ bad habits: advice, support, celebration Anonymous 7240[Reply]

What vices are you trying to leave behind? Why? Let us know and let's help and support eachother.

Some starting points :
>What are you giving up/stopping?
>How long have you gone without so far?
>What are you struggling with?
>What's helped you the most?
>what victories have you made?
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Anonymous 8184

…and I’m definitely not as in control as I thought because there’s a lot of stressful things going on in my life and I want a drink soooo bad. I can feel myself throwing a toddler crying tantrum for alcohol in my head 70% of the time recently.

Anonymous 8221

I need to stop eating sugar. But I'm addicted to sugar.last night I wanted a snack and I didn't realized how much of what's in my cupboard is sugar. My diet is over 75% carbs. No wonder why I am so fat.

Anonymous 8223

Everytime you go overboard with sugary stuff you win a full hour of strenuous cardio each day, pick your choice

Anonymous 8224

Try cutting it out slowly. As you go through the sugary stuff in your house, don’t buy new sugary stuff to replace it with.

I have a huge sweet tooth, too. I know it’s hard.

Anonymous 16886

I started drinking again on New Years. I got to drinking a six pack of light beer a night but had reeled it back in to 3 a night. Then this weekend I went out with my husband, got black out drunk, we had a fight and I hurt him. So now I'm going sober again.


I hate acne Anonymous 16743[Reply]

Anyone here knows good homemade remedies or mixtures for acne? I have it similar to picrel but a hundred times worse, it looks disgusting and it itches. I wash my face everyday with soap but it doesn't get better, i want it gone. Pls help.
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Anonymous 16819

>meme advice
Scientific studies have shown that sugar (amongst other foods) can cause acne. There's a reason why acne is a pre-dominantely Western problem, because of our diets. Tribes with very traditional diets of fish and vegetables don't suffer from acne. You're just too addicted to your sugar and would rather slap on 10 products every night than eating clean.

Anonymous 16820


You're right diet can improve acne, but the idea that acne is only caused by diet and people in cultures where they're forced to eat healthy don't have acne is bullshit. Anyone who's ever been to rural parts of Asia, Africa or South America knows this. The thing is, for documentaries or pictures and such they usually don't get that much of a close up to their skin or they simply chose the more photogenic tribal people to document. I would even argue that some tribal people even have worse acne than Americans due to lack of medical care for hormonal problems, lack of clean water and stress from lifestyle

As for older pictures, photoshop existed back then too, it just wasn't as intense as it was today. Even grandma's will straight up admit they had acne in their pictures that was edited out

Anonymous 16821

I tried spirolactone and it worked like a charm and wasn't as intense of side effects as accutane you just can't have lots of potassium

Anonymous 16822


use THIS specific soap. it will be gone in a week. i swear by it.

also, start taking vitamin c supplements + apply sunscreen (preferable with niacinamide in it)

Anonymous 16882

Honestly go to a derm or get curology or something like that. Most over the counter stuff isn't very good at helping acne. Only going to a dorm helped.


Dream dress thread Anonymous 6035[Reply]

Let's start a dream dress thread!
Post dresses you're looking for , or dream dresses you recently obtained
I'll start with the dream dresses I'm looking for
Btssb- Kumya chan's Love Love Valentine Jsk
Ap-sweetie violets op in pink
Ap- lovely shopping cutsew
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Anonymous 16810

Don’t worry, it’s ugly

Anonymous 16812

Anonymous 16829


Anonymous 16834

Anonymous 16870



I really like the military uniform aesthetic this one has.


Anonymous 16839[Reply]

Everyone should be able to do at least one-pull up.

Anonymous 16840

>Everyone should be able to do at least one-pull up.
Strong agree.

OP's program is the Russian Fighter Pull-Up Program, since she didn't mention it.

Misty Posey's program is good too, especially if you can't do any at all yet:

Anonymous 16853

Thanks for the links, I can do 4 pull-ups now so they will be useful.
But I generally also agree, I was trying to do first pull up for more than two months, I was basically just jumping on the bar and then trying to drop as slowly as possible. XP

Anyway would recommend to buy a bar for anyone it's super cheap and you can basically do a workout for half your body in 5 minutes.

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