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Anonymous 11863[Reply]

do you think you're good looking? what would you rate yourself
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Anonymous 18678

uhh like a 6 because I have a pretty good body and some nice facial features but my face can improve. I have terrible eyesight so I have to wear ugly ass giant glasses but i'm going to start wearing contacts instead soon and work on skincare and stuff

Anonymous 18690

I find myself pretty but I’m probably not that conventionally attractive. I think 6 or 7. I‘m afraid to ask other people though

Anonymous 18733

4. I’m fat, when I was skinny I was like 5, maybe a soft 6 at best. I have manface, big nose, massive jaw and a weird body shape (top heavy, pencil legs when skinny but built like a fridge when fat)

Anonymous 18736

I think I'm a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10. I'm a 4 on bad days like when I'm on my period and I break out in hormonal acne, or if the dark circles show up. I can be a 6 if I try hard enough, but I don't go out often so I don't really try. I'm okay with being a 5 most of the time. 5 means average, and most people in the world are average anyway. I'd rather be average than be ugly I guess.
I dunno, I have a skewed sense of self due to years of self-hatred. If my face were on someone else it would be fine, but since my face is attached to me I automatically hate it.

Anonymous 18786

I rate my face 3/10 and body 7/10. I don't know why my face is so ugly. My mother was a famous model and beloved for her beauty in her country but her genetics weren't passed on to me properly. I do have some of her facial features but I think they're just arranged in a….weird way? I have never been complimented (except by elderly) for my face, classmates I didn't even talk to would say to my face I look like a nerd for no reason (like yeah I do, but why do you feel the need to tell me that), kids would fake ask me out and also people would make school shooter jokes about me. I could have been born attractive, because I do actually have features that fit some beauty standards from my culture, but the pieces were put together in such a strange way where I just look ugly, too different or un-stereotypical, and like a man, maybe it's because my father's genetics mixed with my mother's poorly.

I never cared about my ugliness until I gained interest in having a relationship because growing up I never could identify with the female gender so I didn't pay attention to beauty standards and kind of even liked being ugly. Now I care because I keep thinking about how even if I date a guy he might monkey branch to another girl because it seems a lot of girls where I am like to date guys on a lower level so it wouldn't be hard for a guy to ditch me for someone prettier.


PMDD Anonymous 18011[Reply]

Does anyone else here have PMDD?
For the last 2 years I have been sure I have it but never really did anything because none of the treatment really felt like an option for me.
Its been kinda bad though and causes me to start massive fights with my bf and blowup to the point where it damages our relationship.
I finally admitted to him this, and I am thinking about going on hormonal birth control to try and stop my period all together. I hate my period and I dread it every month because I know for a couple days I will feel sick with intense stomach and back pain.
My apprehension comes from some of the terrible things I hear about hormonal birth control like how it can make you more depressed, can kill your sex drive, make your boobs always sore etc.
Has anyone tried birth control to treat PMDD? Which kind should I try?
Any other ways you have managed this?

Anonymous 18701

I'm in almost the exact same position as you - PMDD symptoms, relationship issues, avoiding birth control

I also have PCOS caused by years of stress/poor diet. If you aren't eating well, have untreated trauma, or have some other stress factor, take care of those first. It all heightens this hormonal response and all the emotional and physical distress that comes with it

Anonymous 18729

I think I might. I become very suicidal right before my period, as well as experiencing the other symptoms of PMS. I’ve never tried hormonal birth control. My period is very regular and I’m afraid of the mood changes or worsening my PMDD. I try to manage it by tracking my period. So whenever I do feel suicidal, I can see that it’s due to my hormones and not my actual thoughts.

Anonymous 18731

I thought I had it for years, but I got off the pill after nine years of misery and my mood's been way less cyclically extreme, except for feeling stupid ambitious and the funniest person alive who spends a ton of money immediately before my period. Happens every time with a bizarre mix of on-off anxious hesitation. Then after a period I feel stupid and bad about all the things I bought/promised to do but not so heavy I can't rationalise and carry on. I think that's just PMS levels.

My physical symptoms are still shitty. I'm pretty sure all PMDD diagnosis and discussion is focused on the emotional swings though, and I remember a news article saying they feel better when the bleeding starts but that's the worst point for me. The fatigue stops taking me out, and sleep at night doesn't seem as far off, but the pain is unbearable and I get a good three days of never storing information I literally just heard. Listening to podcasts and lying down always helps in the moment but afterward I have no fucking clue what I just heard.

Also "breast tenderness" - bitch that pain shoots through my fucking ribs like pulling barbed wire that's wedged in my flesh. I have had dreams about getting my tits removed because of the pain and embarrassment my nipples cause me. Can't wear bra or pasties because they hurt but because they hurt they're gonna go hard and stick out even worse. Fuck you, nipples. Believe it or not it's been worse since I got off the pill - there was constant pain on it but turns out constant lowkey pain is just how my breasts are, but with a proper cycle I get treated to the extra nasty pain before each period.

Sorry I'm just using this to vent. I had a friend who was diagnosed with PMDD by a professional and she steadily became super fucking weird. Said she screamed on the floor in delirious states (and not like making stupid repetitive noises to manage pain, no pain mentioned at all) and had spent six months with "no leisure time" because she was too sick to read/watch/play things she was reading about online. Would say we couldn't watch her favorite shows because it gave her anxiety. Got into breathless indignant rage over completely unpredictable things eg. she and her family weren't religious, but an otome game using names from Ars Goetia set her off about how disrespectful anime is to Christianity and Japan should not be allowed to touch it. Our friendship fell apart after she suddenly announced she actually hatePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 18735

Being aware of when your period is sabotaging you is the biggest life hack and I wish I knew this sooner. I would have made the same bad decisions but not felt as bad about making them.

>I get the feeling that is the key characteristic. Saying shit you might not even mean because now you hate someone/thing.
PMDD wouldn't have helped but your friend sounds awful. The only thing stopping someone from apologizing for doing something hurtful is being selfish.
>My libido was pretty low and would flip round to a month long horniness every so often, but that may have been because it didn't stop my periods very well
I had this at its most extreme. My libido would disappear and then shoot up like crazy for months at a time. It ruined a relationship I had in college because my partner could not deal with me literally waking them up for sex some months and feeling like I could live without sex forever on other months.


Anonymous 18684[Reply]

have you gotten breast augmentation surgery?
please share your experiences and tips!

i decided to get mine done after struggling for many years with my self image.
i'm mainly worried about them looking unnatural (the basketball look) and not being able to go as big as i wish.
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Anonymous 18717

are you seething because you're fat, or a small dicked scrote?
btw, A and B cup aren't flat chests, but actually the most common breast sizes (alongside C) so even calling them small would be a fallacy. porn, push ups, obesity and cosmetic surgeries blurred the lines of what is average.
exceptions surely exist, but they're not the rule.

Anonymous 18718

how many piercings do you have nona?
surgeries are surely scary but i dont mind them that much tbh

Anonymous 18722


None at the moment, but I had six done all at once this last time. I've gotten pierced before that, but I have the tendency to take them out and then get them done again years later. Six is the most in at any one time, two in each of the tops of my ears and one in both of my nipples. I wanted to get my ears and my tongue done, but I was recommended by my technician that due to how small my tongue is and where my veins are, not to do it. The ears are an ignorable pain that shortly goes away comparable to a needle in the arm. The nipples are a deep clenching, throbbing pain like taking a hit to the head or maybe chipping a tooth. The nipple pain made hungry. I got lucky and unlucky with my right nipple because it must've been close to a nerve or something. It made me moderately horny for weeks. How good it felt was constantly on the edge of my mind. It was actively distracting. Ages later, one morning when I was half asleep, I pushed my blanket off me, but my right piercing got caught on the blanket and I half ripped it out. That actually didn't hurt barely at all, but it wouldn't heal so I decided to take them both out. I've been looking into clip-on piercings since they're more my speed given I'm so temperamental. But yeah, I get I'm being hypothetical. It's just too much for me. Same with tattoos. Too lasting a consequence.

Anonymous 18723

Why did you get your nipples pierced?

Anonymous 18724

Like I said, wanted to get my tongue done but was recommended not to. The nipples were a spur of the moment spite thing after my ears were already done.


Vaccine side effects Anonymous 11172[Reply]

Anyone here vaccinated? Let's talk side effects.
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Anonymous 14728

Pfizer I think but you probably shouldn’t mix types if you’ve had a different type before.

Anonymous 14729

i had pfizer. ill go with pfizer then, if that's the safest bet.

Anonymous 14866

How do you not know of such a classic pasta

Anonymous 18711


I never got it KEK

Anonymous 18712

Non-vaxxie sisfist


Anonymous 18625[Reply]

What surgery/procedures would I need to get to look like this?
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Anonymous 18672

The OP images make a funny human

Anonymous 18689

Having sex with women

Anonymous 18694



Anonymous 18703


the resemblance is uncanny

Anonymous 18704



Healthy comfort foods Anonymous 1920[Reply]

Habitual eater here, I want to take better care of my health and skin and not eat as much crap. What are nice non-garbage comfort foods?

I crave salt more than anything.
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Anonymous 16650



Pita chips with hummus is probably one of my favorites.

I also like veggie straws and fruit snacks personally.

Anonymous 16653

Green beans! Lightly seasoned with lemon pepper or dashi is amazing.

Also edamame has already been mentioned a bunch in this thread, I also recommend chamame which is even tastier.

Anonymous 16655

Toast with homemade strawberry jam always brightens up my day

Anonymous 16780

Celery! I always accidentally freeze it when I use my minifridge though.
Then when it thaws it's all wet and floppy.

Anonymous 18702

Miso soup


Inaccessible (The Girl They Can’t Have) Anonymous 18374[Reply]

You know the whole “I was the girl they didn’t want so I became the girl they can’t have)? Former femcel here.

How can I become completely inaccessible (in the beautiful and successful kind of way, not in the “lives in the woods” kind of way)?
Beauty tips?
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 18377

Samefag, I feel like “natural beauty” comes from hair, skin & nails.
I need to keep taking my biotin supplements and stop being lazy!! But they taste so bad :(

Does any Nona have a gummy rec?

Anonymous 18421

The olly glowing skin gummies taste good to me, and I’ve started seeing results!

Anonymous 18423

natures bounty have strawberry flavored gummies, they worked pretty good 4 me

Anonymous 18474

By definition it first means appealing to the male eye, become more attractive. Be the woman they desire and reject them. Have fun, go dancing, go to bars, go to concerts, alone or with female friends. Be beautiful and man-less.

Anonymous 18698

This one is multi-faceted. First, we have to accept some men just will not be attracted to us. Even if we are beautiful, successful, charming, funny, smart, etc. Some men just have a certain type they're drawn more to. This could be blondes over brunettes, asian over black, chubby over slender, poor over rich, wild/extroverted over relaxed/introverted. Some men are drawn to women they want to "fix" or control or those they feel are "on their level" in some way. Understand the journey of becoming "the girl they can't have" will piss off many men who are used to women who make it "easy"/who are palatable or "on their level" and systems of culture which usually reward them getting their way, through aggression, coercion, etc. Most of this journey is internal. Not just because of the whole "you gotta love yourself first girlboss !!!" but simply because you will not be able to act from your core, with conviction, if you're not designing your persona/wardrobe/makeup/habits after something natural for you and your essence. The male nature is to analyze and categorize (hence Pokemon, Baseball cards, and fetishizing a "type" of girl - goth, bubblegum, whore, trad, egirl, waifu, and so on) and if you function from this perspective of almost mechanically looking at other women, trying to simply copy and paste their parts onto you, it will come off as awkward as it feels. It'll be like an itchy seam or food in your teeth. You will likely have to compromise at least some of your, what I'd call tainted, standards. Years of ED fuel and cyclical trends and Big Beauty propaganda is going to stain your view with some cosmetic utopia you will never reach. This is okay. This is ideal. Ever heard the line "you don't fit into this world because you're meant to create a new one"? It's like that, but the world is your body. Obviously, be inspired. Take notice to what you find beautiful and appealing. Like the whole Marie Kondo thing, notice what "sparks joy" within you. Regarding clothes, makeup, interests, mannerisms, places, and especially people. If your frame of reference is always wondering "do they like me, do they like me?" you will flounder for scraps from people you wouldn't even care about or respect if you were more secure. Start by asking "do I even like/respect this person?" first. Anyway, please, please Listen to this. Transform into someone who DOES, not someone who LOOKS LIPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


sweat smell between thighs Anonymous 18476[Reply]

This is getting so bad. Its the worst on my period. I just got out of the shower 30 minutes ago and already the space between my thighs and labia smell like armpit again. Its so bad. How the fuck do I get rid of this??
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 18484

This smell can be cause by yeast or other infection

Anonymous 18487

>do you think you have a possible yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis or uti?
>what kind of soap do you use to wash your labia?
I suggest a Dove, scent-free sensitive skin soap bar. Also, try using a dove deodorant between your thighs to rub chaffing.

Anonymous 18488


Anonymous 18493

Do you shave down there?
I notice I sometimes get this issue too if I shave everything off, or most of it.

Anonymous 18697

Remember sweat odor can also be influenced by diet. Eat cleaner for a while and see if you notice a difference. Less sugar and junk food and dairy if you eat a lot. Or if you're eating garlicky, oniony, fishy type foods


Ideal Body Type thread? Anonymous 1672[Reply]

What's your ideal body type, anons?

Are you into being thin, or curvy, or maybe fit? Were you born a cone shape but long to be a pear? Or maybe you're a banana but would rather be an hourglass?

I'd like to hear your opinions and what you're doing to get there!
448 posts and 95 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 18352

Samefag, I want the body down to the boobs. I don't want boobs too big they hurt my back or I can't crop tops that stop at the boobs. I definitely need to get a breast augmentation though

Anonymous 18358

She has a really nice body and I love the tanned tone of her skin. I find high-waist clothing so comfy but low-rise looks sooooo good on skunny/fit women.

Anonymous 18556

>my ideal body is an idealized version of mine, precisely because it could be me one day
absurdly based.
I view body types the same way. There are features I admire on other women, but my 'ideal' body is the one that I know I can achieve.

Painfully relatable about being comfortable.

I'm short and very curvy. Only slightly out of the 'technically perfect' hourglass measurement range (slightly too bottom heavy). Small waist.
I'm overweight at the moment. my ideal goal is to lose weight and gain a little muscle. I don't just want to be pretty. I want to be strong.

Anonymous 18695

6 years later but oh well. Like the other person 32C isn't small at all. Those women were probably envious of your wider hips. Trust me when I say tits are flashy and all, but the sign of fertility is in the hips, or hip to waist ratio anyway. Body comments always come from the insecure, whether you have something they want or really don't. It's always some kind of internal lack they intend to mask.

Anonymous 18696

I relate to this heavily. I've started to really get into the nitty gritty of what I find desirous in the women whose bodies/faces I aspire to be like and I realize half the time it isn't really the body I want, but maybe the physical strength of the muscular women (which I can achieve in some sense with the right habits) or the fashion sense which fits the body/complexion/etc. of that particular woman in good lighting/the right angle/etc., or a generally attractive face which makes the body seem even more beautiful. I'm learning I just need to work with what I have, because that appears to be what works best for other women, especially the ones which trigger insecurity or yearning.


Favorite/Sexiest Men's Clothing Anonymous 11679[Reply]

I'm curious. What type of clothing do you like to see on men? Care to post examples? I love muscular men who wear black v-necks for some reason…

I know other women who like men in 3 piece suits, but men rarely wear them.
89 posts and 44 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 18344


Aw yeah, thats it. Short shorts w great legs. Like Tom selleck in magnum pi. So much body hair, peak sexy for me

Anonymous 18615


Not only what >>18343 said, but there's also a certain 'youthfulness' implying that the boy hasn't had to grow up early facing hardship. He's playful, a bit naive, and tries to act like a gentleman.

Anonymous 18679

Idk anon this kind of outfit always makes me think of a middle aged manchild who engaged in date rapes in college

Anonymous 18680


This is how men should look. Simply perfect.

Anonymous 18681

his nose is too delicate and feminine. kind of a small face too. tom from succession looks cuter

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