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Anonymous 12920[Reply]

Does it bother anyone else how fat positive the radfem movement is/can be?

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for not caring what moids find attractive, but being fat or worse, obese is objectively unhealthy. I know moids say this as an excuse to insult fat women but moids use anything as an excuse to insult women, so yeah.

And when you bring it up they just go full libfem mode like "Not your body not your business" etc. and saying you can be overweight and healthy (even if you specifically state that being fat/obese is unhealthy, not just having a bmi of 25). Or that women should live not thinking about looking hot.

I just don't get it. Why is being fat suddenly acceptable now and if you're saying it's unhealthy you just want women to submit to beauty standards, but being underweight is a sign of a life threatening mental illness as a result of being surrounded with unachievable beauty standards?
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Anonymous 14065

I agree, as a fattyfem that's currently losing weight I feel like what the mainstream body positive movement completely failed at was making it all about REEE I'M HEALTHY EVEN AT 600 LBS, instead of just "it's not your business as a stranger to randomly give me your opinion about this".

It has made some fat positive/body positive spaces weirdly fucking toxic. I don't know if any other fellow fatties can relate, but especially as someone who has been on a weight loss journey, I've seen so much snark, jealousy, just plain rudeness, etc. thrown my way or other women's ways for doing this for ourselves. It's fucking weird and smells like projection of insecurity.

Anonymous 14069

>Your weight doesn't matter unless it does


Anonymous 14070

> "it's not your business as a stranger to randomly give me your opinion about this".

Do people actually give out advice to random strangers or vicing your opinion on the internet is now "unneeded advice"?

Anonymous 14071

are you a neet or a man anon? strangers give their random opinion to women pretty frequently, though when it comes to weight I'd say more often than not your family tends to do it.

>inb4 your family just cares about you

yeah yeah yeah of course

Anonymous 14120

> though when it comes to weight I'd say more often than not your family tends to do it.

>"it's not your business as a stranger to randomly give me your opinion about this"

Are you retard or a retard anon?


Anonymous 14061[Reply]

Has anyone lost lot of weight while having PCOS?

I would really appreciate some weight loss tips that work. I tried keto but I can't seem to sustain it long.
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Anonymous 14097

I have pcos. I have been able to maintain a BMI of 18 for five years. Used to have a BMI of 31, it’s all about ignoring hunger cravings. Also knowing what your BMR is very important. It’s so easy to overeat and it makes it so the weight slowly creeps up over the years

Anonymous 14101

PCOS lowers your TDEE. But CICO still applies.
OP you just have to eat less. It's all there is to it, unfortunately.
I have been at it for years and maintain a BMI of 20 with absurdly little daily calories. One slip up and you gain. It's just how it is.
Better focus on being healthy and avoiding insulin resistance.

Anonymous 14102

I mean I might be a dumbass but doesn't a person's muscle amount affect TDEE too?

Anonymous 14109

Yes, in that case it makes it higher. Lots of things affect your basal energy needs, online calculators only give an approximation.

Anonymous 14114

i lost about 70 lbs in 4 months following a very strict keto diet + cardio 3 times a week a few years ago. i didn't count calories or anything, just ate until i was full which is easy with all the protein and fat.

i gained it all back during quarantine. i realized carbs in general are a major trigger for me, i'll just eat and eat and never feel full.

i'm doing keto again now. it was miserable for the first few weeks, but it's working for me; smooth sailing now. it might help to just push yourself through the initial difficulty maybe?


Anonymous 12980[Reply]

why does drinking a lot of coffee make my knees hurt? staying up to 6am has also sometimes made this happen. i like coffee sm tho!!

Anonymous 13053

Caffeine and lack of sleep are both triggers of restless legs syndrome which can feel like a soreness or itchiness in your knees and calves. Next time you feel this, see if moving your legs makes the feeling go away. If so, it's probably RLS.

Anonymous 13301

coffee makes my veins hurt i wonder why

Anonymous 14110

>drink coffee
>run in circles


how to start eating healthier? Anonymous 14001[Reply]

I'm trying to lose weight and have started gymming regularly as well. I've attempted to begin eating healthy multiple times and have always given up because it just seems like such a huge and daunting life change. It honestly overwhelms me and the abundance of articles and clickbait online also overwhelms me. Does anyone here actually eat healthy and what are your tips for starting and maintaining this lifestyle? I really do want to change, but I don't know where to begin. Can you have variety and excitement in your healthy/low cal meals?
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Anonymous 14009

For the simplest, most direct answer that is agreed by everyone. Sugar adds calories with zero other nutrients or benefits. More calories and nothing filling = usually needing to eat more calories overall = harder to diet properly.

Anything else you're getting into jank nutrition science, which is really a scam because they do not do nearly enough captive studies to make anything they say actually have value.

Anonymous 14045

true. processed sugar is so addictive it should be thought of as a drug. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6234835/

Anonymous 14046

as a cope I tried looking up research showing how blueberries are healthy but it turns out most of it is funded by blueberry corporation lobby groups.

still is way better than candy and soda and etc.
idk I don't know all the science but it basically does permanent shit to your body on a cellular level and also can actually contribute to premature aging

Anonymous 14056

Meat is pretty vital

Anonymous 14057

>what are your tips for starting and maintaining this lifestyle?
JOURNALING! there are different ways to go about this, but this helped me:

on the first day of your journaling adventure, you live as you normally would (without worrying about thinking you should eat better) because you want to get an overview of how your current eating pattern is
so, during the day, write down everything you eat (be honest and don't skip anything, don't be ashamed of your diet but look at it as motivation to improve yourself)
at the end of the first day you have a clear overview of where you stand
now you will notice which foods you eat too much, too little, just enough…. but you will also notice that there may be certain things missing in your diet

at this point you don't have to make any changes to your diet yet, in fact I advise you to live and eat for a whole week as you normally would and write everything down without making any changes to live a 'better and healthier' life'. that way you get a clear weekly overview of your eating pattern

but I also advise you to write down your findings after each day of that first week. What do you notice? what do you eat a lot of, where are you doing well, what do you eat too little of? and so on. In the meantime, you can also look up things about healthier eating and write down everything in your diary that you think is useful. you can also fantasize about what your ideal eating pattern looks like on a daily or weekly basis. for example, how much meat or vegetables you should eat and up to how many sweets you can consume per day and how many glasses of water you should be drinking

after a week you have recorded your eating pattern, you have collected information and you have written down what you can best work on and what you are already doing well

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Anonymous 14054[Reply]

Unsure if this is the right board, but does anyone here know of good websites to find photographers for lewd sets? Model Mayhem is pretty web 1.0 and I don't know if it's as active anymore.

Asking for a friend who may or may not be myself


Anonymous 13032[Reply]

What's your day to day routine like?
Is it tiring/boring or are you satisfied with it? What's something in your daily life that gives you comfort?
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Anonymous 14010

>t. skin cancer patient

Anonymous 14013

jfc please return to twitter or whichever hellhole you came from. no one here thinks not being white is a flex, no one. you're completely in the wrong lane.

Anonymous 14014

The sun's rays are reflected all around you, even indoors.

Anonymous 14027

Yes, even indoors. UV comes through the windows. I'm already washing my face each morning, no reason to not put on sunscreen after it, especially since I use retinol and BHA, and both make skin sensitive to UV.

Anonymous 14030

>Wake up 8am and "start work" (I work from home)
>Skin care, coffee, browse internet
>30mins of cardio at lunchtime on my treadmill
>Finish work 4pm, errands/chores/ relax til 6pm
>6pm-8pm relax, hang out with husband, make dinner together, eat
>8pm-11pm watch TV together or read or play video games, sometimes have some wine or smoke weed

I'm not satisfied with my schedule only because there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done, and I always feel like I should be doing more. My husband and I moved into a house about a year ago and trying to set it up and get all the things we need has been hell during covid, what with lockdowns and supply shortages. I become very anxious and uneasy when my surroundings are not right. I've been thinking of trying to take more breaks during the work day to get all my chores and errands done since I'm always so tired after work ends.


Anonymous 13931[Reply]

I don't know what's wrong with my metabolism.

I reduced my calorie intake to 800-900 cal/day for 1 week and didn't drop a pound. Didn't eat all day today to see if it made a difference but I broke down at midnight. I binge ate:

>2 Jimmy Dean breakfast bowls

>3 Tuna-only lettuce wraps
>3 slices of white bread
>1/3 lb shrimp with 1 cup okra, 1 cup peas

My e-friend called me a fatass over voicechat and I can't stop crying. I am genuinely putting in the effort to eat less but nothing is working. I'm 5'8 and 185 lbs. I'm almost 200 lbs.

Please don't comment pro-ana dangerous stuff, just healthy methods.
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Anonymous 13969

Stop eating gluten (anything made with barley, oats, rye and wheat), eat maize tortillas or cornbread instead.
Stop eating fast food. None of it is healthy even "portioned out"
Stop eating sugar, if you're craving something sweet eat an apple or a banana instead of candy or chips.
Stop using cooking oils, use butter instead.

Go walk for an hour everyday.

Anonymous 13970

>nothing is working
It's been a fucking week?? Weight loss takes longer than that eat at a normal calorie deficit (1200+) and either weigh yourself every day or very infrequently. Weight fluctuates massively and water retention means you might not see the results of a diet on the scale until a while after you've actually lost the weight.

Of course you're going to struggle if you expect just about instant results from an unsustainable deficit and binge the moment you feel disappointed in your progress.

Anonymous 14002

Thanks for these tips.

Anonymous 14011

Have you considered seeing a dietitian? It's honestly dangerous to just take dieting advice from any random person, every one is different and what works for one person might not work for another.

Anonymous 14012

Our bodies all have a standardized way of burning and storing energy and using up stored energy. As long as she isn't doing retarded ana-chan shit she's fine.
Unless she has underlying medical issues, there's nothing dangerous about cutting a small amount of calories, eating healthy and doing some excersise.

inflation over tim…

Anonymous 13739[Reply]

Is it true that when I get to my mind thirties I'm gonna start fattening up no matter how much I control my dieting or keep exercising? Or are the older women at work just filling my head with BS because -they- got fat in their thirties?
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Anonymous 13967


Do you live under a rock? We're on CC who the hell cares. Most normie non-pickme women have used porn terms in informal settings when joking around or saying light hearted things. Do you even have female friends?

Anonymous 13973

Why yes you can seethe harder and reply "w-who cares" when people point out your silly hypocrisy. And yes, I do have female friends but 1. She doesn't speak english 2. i do, but it's not my native language, we're from the same country) 3. She doesn't have the type of humor to use porn terms as a joke and it's just overall uncommon to use them, unless you're a porn addicted male.

Also, the word correlation is completely unrelated here. I'm just saying it's funny when someone calls a woman a pickme (which are known to support porn) while using a porn term.

Anonymous 13982

Plenty of normal American women joke around and say porn terms, save your energy for actual porn addicted males sensitive bitch

Anonymous 13983

Plenty of women are also pickmes, how curious. Could it be that… Those that use porn terms and those that are pickmes… overlap? Food for thought…

I'm not gonna save my energy for porn addicted males, why would I? They don't deserve a second of my time. You, however, are probably female, so I'm more likely to pay attention to you.

>Sensitive bitch

Never mind. Reported.

Anonymous 13986

Why did you clarify "non-Pickme"? I've seen a lot more Pickme women using porn terms. It's a "cool girl" thing.


What beauty products should I use? Anonymous 13971[Reply]

Hello, I'm a highschool student that has never used special beauty products.
I've always took good care of myself, showered every day, wash my hair with shampoo every 3 days, wash my face every morning and night.
All the products I used are: Showergell, soap, shampoo and hairmask.

Considering how many other products for hyegine exist like body butter, face masks, feetgell, face butter, hairfood, it starts to make me feel as if I'm not taking good enough care of myself.

>What products can I use for my face and what routine should I follow?

>What products can I use for my body and what routine should I follow?

Sorry if there are mistakes, english is not my native launguage.

Anonymous 13972

You've got to be 18 to post here. Anyway, you have good hygienic habits. You don't need to add anything. The other products you mentioned like body butters and face masks aren't really about hygiene, they're about tackling problem areas (dry skin or dry hair for example) or preventing pre-mature aging. You don't HAVE to do those things. A lot of those things exist mostly for the beauty industry to make a lot of money anyway.

Anonymous 13975

Don't worry about the huge range of products. Companies will try to make people feel like you have to buy all their stuff in order to do it right but it isn't true, in fact a simple routine often works better.
Instead of buying more stuff, you can try to improve your routine with your technique. For example, it's usually better to only put shampoo on your scalp, not the whole length of your hair. If you have thin or oily hair, do the opposite with conditioner/masks; only put it on the lengths.

Anonymous 13976

> it starts to make me feel as if I'm not taking good enough care of myself.
That's what they want you to think to buy their products.

You most likely don't need any unless you have problematic skin, in that case go to a dermatologist instead of asking advice on an imageboard.

Anonymous 13992

Korean and Japanese drugstore skincare is amazing for the price. Hadolabo and Cosrx come to mind as good cheap brands. For western brands, The Ordinary is great for actives and I love the moisturiser they have. Nipfab is another of my favs.
Start with just a cleanser and moisturiser and then try a chemical exfoliant like Cosrx's AHA/BHA, those are incredibly good for a myriad of skin issues. However, if you use an AHA make sure to wear sunscreen (which you should also invest in, Biore is cheap and effective).
Best of luck with your skin, anon!


Unusual BO since starting medication Anonymous 13546[Reply]

I've been smelling like a mix of rotting garbage and soy after starting medication. Weirdly enough literally everything I excrete smells like this, and it's a pretty strong smell.
I've tried telling my psychiatrist about it but she has zero idea about this (she's not stopping anything or lowering the dose though as doing that would be much worse for my mental health) and the internet has nothing.
Has anyone else experienced this? How to deal with this shit? Is the smell even real (I didn't catch COVID or anything so I can't blame it on the flu)?
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 13561

Two antipsychotics (quietiapine and risperidone) and a SSRI (fluvoxamine). None of them have BO changes as a listed side effect.
I tried asking people closest to me about unusual BO changes but they didn't notice a thing (even if I percieve the stench as extremely strong) and I'm sure it's not an olfactory hallucination because it'd disappear when taking antipsychotics, like any other kind of hallucination.

Anonymous 13563

Are you sweating more profusely than you used to? I'm pretty sure that's a side effect of SSRIs

Anonymous 13571

I do sweat more but not as much as I did in my teens, and I assure you the odor was very different back then. It's the stench change that bothers me.

Anonymous 13670

if you take fenugreek (a herb that is good for breast development and will help lactation but not cause it) your BO will smell like maple syrup.

Anonymous 13945


The problem seems to be resolved since I switched risperidone with aripiprazole so it's cool now. (Risperidone made my prolactin skyrocket and it's not good)

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