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Anonymous 6660[Reply]

Denim skirts. Yay or nay?
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Anonymous 6670

they were still ugly even when they were "in style". denim is garbage.

Anonymous 6671

Damn, I had no idea people had such strong opinions on denim skirts. I always thought they were just cute and casual.
Guess I won't be buying one any time soon.

Anonymous 6672


Denim skirts at this point are more of a relic from 00s fashion. I do think black denim skirts like pic related are nice though.

Anonymous 6673

I find them cute on the right person. I'm actually into 90's-early 2000's fashion tho. It's too tight on my lower belly/hips so I don't pull them off well.

Anonymous 6677

images (20).jpeg

They can be cute. I have something like pic attached that works with most of my tops if I don't want to think too much about a casual outfit. What matters most is the fit anyway. Treat it like jeans: high waisted for pear/bottom heavy figures, and ones that start at the waist for straighter types.


Broken vagina club Anonymous 6474[Reply]

Anyone else have trouble with having sex? No matter how much foreplay, I feel like everything is super desensitized down there. Its impossible for me to become aroused. PIV literally feels like nothing, albeit uncomfortable from a penis entering my unaroused vagina. Oral and fingering feels like nothing.

I kinda just have sex since my bf has a high drive. I would literally prefer to do anything else, since it is a little painful but i love him so w.e. Anyone else deal w this shit? I got of an antidepressant of 1 yr, 2 months ago and just stopped my birth control last week because im sick of it and trying new shit.

Basically, send help. Would doctors even take me seriously
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Anonymous 6632

Don't shun yourselves for not being exactly like everyone else! If that isn't what you want, it's not what you want. Don't force yourself into it. You'll only disappoint yourself with how little you're enjoying it.

Anonymous 6634

>not wanting to have children is selfish hedonism

I'd be a horrible mother and I've got schizophrenia & major depressive disorder, me not popping out babies is an ethical choice. (I also think it'd be cruel to bring a child into this world, but that's not as relevant.)

OP, have you tried the "pink pill"/female viagra? It might not do anything for you, but it can't really hurt to try.

Anonymous 6637

There's a pill for that. One meant to help you recover, and not be used permanently.

Anonymous 6653

Ah yes, a fellow ace. I know your pain, but you aren't alone.

Anonymous 6659


You are probably assexual and there's nothing wrong with your vagina, anon!


Nail polish collection Anonymous 6196[Reply]

Show off your polish collection
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Anonymous 6564


I have sooooo many only bc my mum used to work at Avon and would get free products.

Anonymous 6616


…am I a hoarder?

I use acrylics because they are the only thing I've tried that keep me from biting my nails. Otherwise I've got torn skin all around my nails and bleeding nail beds because I won't stop until I'm in pain. Over the years I guess I've gone a bit crazy with it, but I cant bite my nails anymore so I guess it works? Also the hour or two I spend a week doing tiny paintings or stickers on my nails is quite relaxing.

Fyi those press on ones are great if I'm in a rush. You can even use them twice if you peel off the adhesive they use, clean them, and use nail glue the second time.

I also have a little box of nail glitter in a couple colours and you can't really see the nail oil I made to heal up peeling skin and help my nails grow. I guess I must be good at it by now if my sister in law has me do hers for her.

On a side note, does anyone know why people would make a weird, sort of grouchy face at me when they ask me where I get them done and I say I do them myself?

Anonymous 6623

because doing your own nails is a skill they don't have the dedication to develop. they have to spend money on it and you don't.

Anonymous 6628

Ask to do theirs.

Anonymous 6654

Oooh, what brand is that Blue Siren color? It's beautiful; it looks like a revlon bottle.


Anonymous 6515[Reply]

Do you do your nails regularly?
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Anonymous 6535

Lol this.

Oh hi, me too. It really helped the nail biting as it is impossible to do that at work.

I'm off work for a few months though so I found myself biting them again. I started doing the stick on acrylics myself so I can't get at them. I just do it once a week, and let my nails recover when they come off after about four days. Before I started this job I used to do them all the time and I was pretty good at it so I'm kind of happy I get to do them again for a little bit.

Anonymous 6556

Not regularly, but I'd like to. I just did my nails today and looking at them makes me happy.

Anonymous 6620

I have honestly never done my nails, I hate the smell of nail polish.

Anonymous 6621

I have never done my nails, really hate the smell of nail polish.

Anonymous 6625

No. It's a waste of time and money, and I hate how suffocating it is to my nails. I just keep my nails short, a habit I picked up from piano and violin lessons.


Meditation general Anonymous 6557[Reply]

Meditation is probably the only thing between me and daily nervous breakdowns.
Miners who get their Zen on,
What time of day do you like to meditate?
Where do you like to meditate?
Do you aim to be a blank slate or do you focus on a particular thought, image, mantra, etc?
How long have you been meditating?
What benefits have you noticed in your life?

I’ll start :
I prefer daily in the early morning in my house with the sun rising in the windows but if I’m particularly stressed or anxious then whenever is convenient will do.

I try to keep my mind blank and in tune with my body. I mentally put intrusive thoughts into imaginary boxes for storage.

I have been meditating for closing to 2 years and over time I have become less stressed, more socially capable, and more focused

Anonymous 6608

i sometimes meditate by just getting in a comfortable position and focusing on the inbreath and outbreath as much as possible. id like to do it more often though as i did in the past. found it made me a less bitter person

Anonymous 6617

I meditate in the morning if I have time. I meditate at night before I sleep, after filling in a gratitude journal. I do competitive esports (ESL), I meditate before every game; mostly focus or intent meditation. I found I played so much better once I started doing this.

I use guided meditations, in my room, or I’ll find a quiet corner if I’m at a LAN event.

I’ve been meditating for around five years now, initially it started as part of the therapy I was having. I use it for more now. I find it to be incredibly life changing, for me personally anyway. I used to find it was a bit lame, most of my friends and team do. My captain backs it though, as do my family.


Anonymous 3727[Reply]

The last thread about tattoos is dead so I'm making a new one

>Do you like tattoos? Do you have any? If you don't but want to get one, what are you going to get?

>If you have tattoos, do you regret any?

>Do you think tattoos make people look "cheap" or impulsive, especially if the person has too many?
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Anonymous 3737

Almost like it's a crude drawing trying to convey placement and not artistic accuracy.

Anonymous 4946

I think something like a sleeve or big piece can look nice, but when they're small and scattered they end up looking cheap.

Anonymous 4974

I love the artistry of tattoos. I follow a lot of tattooists on ig. But when I see a person with tattoos, I almost always think they would look better without them. Especially in artistic photos and such. It takes away from their natural beauty. I've thought about getting a tattoo since high school, but this is one of the main reasons I have never gotten one.

Anonymous 6588

I got a stick n poke recently and love it and it makes me want more, more legit, tattoos. I have ideas of what I want next I'm just not 100% ready to commit. I like smaller thinner tattoos too

Anonymous 6589

>Do you like tattoos? Do you have any?
No and never really had any desire to have one.
>Do you think tattoos make people look "cheap" or impulsive, especially if the person has too many?
Yes, but only if that person be it male or female isn't fit. If you just get a tatoo and look like a slob/unhealthy skinny then it looks very trashy to me.
If a person is fit and has good looking body i look at tatoos like minor enhancements to overall image, even if a person has plenty of meme tribal tatoos but still has good looking fit body


Anonymous 6538[Reply]

Is the body positive movement coming to an end? More and more people seem to be changing their mind again about sexiness of certain types of bodies


"Nothing has changed in how most people feel about themselves; instead, it’s simply become very gauche to articulate any of those negative feelings"
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 6548

I agree with this. I personally don't value beauty and it's surprising how much other people do.

Anonymous 6549

I get what you're saying and agree but
>tfw weirdo who actually finds a lot of atypical features aesthetically pleasing like squishy bellies and acne
Not that I talk to people enough to compliment them anyway lel. Would it just be best to avoid it if given the chance? What do if I get an s/o with some unconventional traits?

Anonymous 6553


Morbidly obese models wearing too much makeup are out. The new "woke" movement is trannies, who all have perfect, surgically enhanced, bodies.
Keep up anons.

Anonymous 6554

Nothing. This is like having a seduction style of genuinely caring about someone's life, wanting them to improve and be happy. It's called being a respecting and caring person. Have pride anon.

Anonymous 6867

blessed post


Why is 14/10 IF recommended for women? Anonymous 6528[Reply]

Instead of 16/8?

Anonymous 6529

I think it's cuz reproductive health or whatever. There's fears of IF, or "skipping meals" in general, fucking with your periods, since most research on diet stuff is done on men unless explicitly stated.
I think this is bullshit unless you're losing weight for vanity reasons only. If you're significantly overweight to start with, there's no way that just restricting your food intact to 8 hours a day will do anything to your cycle.
Personally, I did what was essentially a 16/8 IF along with cycling to lose weight and go from medically classed as obese to the larger end of normal.

Anonymous 6531

Just from my own experience, I didn't purposely do if (busy work schedule plus low carb) and it seriously fucked up my hormones. I lost NY period and ut took at least a year plus to get it back.

Anonymous 6532

>along with cycling
Cycling what?

Anonymous 6551

…a bike


Anonymous 6463[Reply]

Does anyone know any good toning exercises or sports for stomach, butts and thighs? I'm trying to avoid things like running or squats because it fucks with my knees but i don't know what other options are worth trying
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 6465

I've never been to a doctor about it but they just randomly ache sometimes so I don't want to make them any worse

Anonymous 6466

Spin classes! Or biking in general. It's low impact and well really help you lose weight all over as well as tone your entire lower body. I lost 30 pounds within 4 months with them before I got too poor for 2 day a week pay-per-class deal.
For abs, I've heard pilates is good for building a strong core, but I've never tried it. I do planks after I run, but I don't do much ab stuff because I'm afraid of bulking up in that area.

Anonymous 6467

What makes you so afraid of bulking up your abs?

Anonymous 6468

Unironically squats are your best option. You just need to do them right. When you are at it, look down your feet and check your knees don't go over the tip of your feet.

Anonymous 6537

I have issues with my knees too. I like to bike, but I couldn't overdo it or my knees would start hurting again. Swimming is the best cardio for crummy joints. You get a great workout and you can become pretty toned if you train enough.

You would think this would make it worse but it actually works. I did weight training, so I had to wrap my knees at first, but once I built enough muscle it really helped my pain a lot. After about 6 months I didn't need the wraps anymore either.


Anonymous 2364[Reply]

How do you guys feel about the controversy surrounding MakeApp?
57 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 6495

It's not the app that should stir controversy but how people can't live without make up.
Including men.
Two of those animals are disease ridden vermin tho.

Anonymous 6497

feral dogs can be disease ridden vermin too
>t. triggered rat owner

Anonymous 6521

I wonder who could have bumped this cancerous thread???

MakeApp shows me what I've always known: make up is a political thing.
Women who wear makeup hate the app because it makes them look ever so slightly worse than they look without makeup, but still like themselves. This is upsetting to them because it gives them spots and wrinkles they know they don't have but will make them think "oh my god, maybe I do look like that!" anyway.
Men take this app and the backlash as evidence that women who wear makeup are vapid and deceitful. Even other women who don't wear makeup, or are """red pilled""" on makeup, have this same vitriol towards the women who do use it liberally.
Honestly the women are even worse than men. Men mostly just view make from a childish "not fair" sort of lens. The women view themselves as superior since they're "natural beauties" instead of these "lying roastie whores" with purple lipstick who society celebrates.
I support this image heavily. It's ok to be ugly. Once woman stop equating beauty and worth like how men do for women, we can finally live in harmony.

Anonymous 6523


I agree with most of your comment but I want to point out that it really doesn't show women looking "like themselves". It's really such a weird approximation that it falls more into the uncanny valley with the grey skintone and misshapen eyes to overcompensate for liner and mascara. The OP gif isn't even flattering before the app and washed out the entire picture too. The app has been given wayyy more credibility than it deserves, it's not accurate.

A much better example is pic related, a collection of porn actresses before/after makeup. They're way more accurate because it's a real before/after and not AI clumsily approximating parts of a face.

Anonymous 6527

Looks fake lmao. There's no way she looks like that without makeup. Maybe in 20 years tho.

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