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permanent curls Anonymous 7390[Reply]

yay or nay?

I'm thinking about doing them soon.

Anonymous 7392

If you work anywhere near machinery, hard no. I've seen enough videos from china…

Anonymous 7412

They're nice if you have a nice face, but are known to accentuate ugly features.

Anonymous 7413

str8 haired bitches really think this lmao


permanent makeup Anonymous 7391[Reply]

What's your thoughts on it?

I love it. I just woke up and looked at myself and I'm so glad that I've got my lashes done, tomorrow I'm going to do my lips tattoed and I'm considering doing permanent eyeliner. Yesterday I went to work like a champ without putting any makeup on and still looked decent because of my lashes and microbladed brows.

This helps so much because I'm really awfull at makeup.

Anonymous 7395

I don't know, I mean maybe if you look really shit without makeup.

Anonymous 7396

I don't like it at all.. it just feels like you lose all your naturality. You're on makeup all the time. I wouldn't be able to stand it

Anonymous 7398

I think eyebrow and eyelash tinting is great if you're someone who will only fill them in and wear mascara each day anyway. but I don't know about permanent eyeliner or tatooed lips?? I feel like dying hair is one thing but tattooing seems more extreme to me. I wouldn't go that far.

but, it's up to the individual and if its what you really want and it'll make you happy then go for it!


[health] I think I might have vaginismus Anonymous 7222[Reply]

How do I know for certain?

I tried to put in a tampon for maybe the tenth time this weekend when I went to the beach and I literally couldn’t. It burned and was just extremely painful the whole time. I’ve never had sex but I was molested as a kid. What do I even do? Will sex be really bad forever? I kind of find it hot because I am a masochist mentally but I am worried that it might be really bad for my husband in the future if I am really scared and hate sex because it hurts so bad every time
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 7250

Does it hurt around the entrance (when it stretches/something touches it too hard) or inside your vagina when anything is inserted?

Can you be more specific about where it hurts?

Anonymous 7252

Vaginal pain following trauma is very common. Definitely talk to your gyno about it and also look into seeing a pelvic floor physical therapist if you can.

Anonymous 7253

If I try to insert anything inside it is very painful and feels like a burning, stinging pain

Yeah thinking that's the best option

Interesting, never heard of those

Anonymous 7255

I agree with her, gyno + pelvic floor therapy will help you learn to relax the muscles that are tensing up. Sometimes due to past sexual trauma your body associates sex with pain/abuse/etc so the muscles tense up automatically. You may need to unlearn that response.

Anonymous 7397

I got the exact same. Penetration burns/cramps/stings big time. It hurts on the inside, especially after 2mins with the fibger inside (couldnt fit a benis even if i tried). I can also feel my cervix when im ~2 knuckles deep, although i read thaz thats normal. But shouldnt the cervix go up a bit when youre aroused?
I dont remember any sexual assault during childhood though.
I think it also might be bc my muscles are totally unused to anything down there (never even used tampons before my first time, which failed spectacularly, and masturbating feels as pleasurable as rubbing my arm).


Nail polish collection Anonymous 6196[Reply]

Show off your polish collection
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Anonymous 6623

because doing your own nails is a skill they don't have the dedication to develop. they have to spend money on it and you don't.

Anonymous 6628

Ask to do theirs.

Anonymous 6654

Oooh, what brand is that Blue Siren color? It's beautiful; it looks like a revlon bottle.

Anonymous 7382

Nail polish is actually a really slutty form of make up. ESPECIALLY red nails, disgusting. Lose respect for any girl with it on instantly.

Anonymous 7384

>Oh fuck, that girl has colored nails, WHAT A HARLOT


Yamikawaii Fashion Anonymous 7209[Reply]

Can we have a Yami Kawaii (病みかわいい) thread? I've been really into it recently and it's gotten me really inspired. Thoughts?

Anonymous 7265

Responding but saging because I really feel "ehhh" about YamiKawaii.

I think it's cute and I LOVE the juxtaposition, styles with such contrasts really please my brain, but every yamikawaii person I've met has been fucking insane. Which I guess is part of the culture, but even in Japan the people who look like this and work in the brand shops are batshit. Also OP pic, her hair seems too himegyaru for me to not just be like erugh weeb. Seems outdated. But I guess it's kinda like modern emo so it's gonna feel like that to me.

If you genuinely like it, and are inspired by it, I say do what makes you happy and confident. Just don't become the meme of conforming non-conformist.

Anonymous 7369


I L O V E yami kawaii/menhera and yume kawaii as well even though I still havent gotten over all my nerves wearing alt fashion out


Ass Hair Anonymous 7354[Reply]

My ass hair makes me want to commit Jihad. Does anyone use an epilator?

Anonymous 7355

oh my God. My sister. I really should consider that, but I'm scared it'll fuck up my skin

Anonymous 7356

yep, it's painful as fuck but i'd prefer a few minutes of pain and not having to worry about body hair for weeks then having to shave every other day.

Anonymous 7357


Enjoy your itchy ingrown anus hair!

Anonymous 7358

Just get laser hair removal.

Anonymous 7364


do you all prefer an epilator or waxing? got a brazilian a year ago, it was quite painful but the girl who did it was really kind which kept me from sperging out

if it wasnt so expensive and if i didnt have to interact with another person I would wax more, but it is so hard waxing myself. I've been thinking about using an epilator for different parts of my body, which is the better option in yalls opinions?


How to look cute? Anonymous 7321[Reply]

My ideal appearance and style would be the one of a kpop idol or Ariana Grande - problem is, I'm very tall.

I'd love to wear cute skirts and dresses, but whenever I try on something more girly I feel like some old hag playing dress up in kids clothing. And when I wear something elegant and feminine I look even more mature. Same for makeup, everything seems to age me.
As a child I only wore secondhand trousers and pullovers, so I feel like I completely missed out on being a typical girl.
I've been basically dressing up like a business lady in long cardigans and trenchcoats since I was just a young teen (because my mom says this suits tall people) and I feel that therefore (and because of my face) many think I'm older.

Is anybody in the same boat?
I'd like your advice in basically everything: hair, makeup, clothes… are there even any cute things that somebody like me could wear without looking ridiculous? Having a bob hair cut suits me well, but it also makes me appear even larger.
I also don't know what to do with my body itself: I'm naturally athletic, so I look even manlier, stronger, matronly. If I'm at a higher weight and get a chubby face I look bloated and old - not cute like other girls. And when I'm at a lower weight I immediately look sick and haggard. I have big hands and feet, wide hips and shoulders,… it's just extremely difficult.
I'd appreciate any tips.
2 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 7329

You must be very quite if no one notices you, but I find it hard to belive that a 6ft woman is "invisible", surely they're over exaggerating.
Post a picture of yourself (if you feel comfortable ofcourse) if you truly think your clothes make you feel plain or even one of your outfits layed out. We must go deeper.

Anonymous 7330

I'm obviously not gonna post myself…
Besides the classmates not remembering I existed thing, when I did an internship somebody straight up told me that I need to be more active and then said the shadow comment, so unless they're lying to me (which doesn't make sense) I really am so silent and plain that I go unnoticed.

Anonymous 7331

Well it sounds like you know what to do. On account of being approached by men, it depends on what type you are after but it sounds like you still have plenty of time left, unfortunately not everyone finds their highschool sweet heart and marries right after like a few of my friends have; wait until you're my age before you start worrying!

Anonymous 7362


I have big hands too, anon! im a tall asian whos more into mature looks than cutesy ones so not sure if itll help but maybe try with cute manis? long button down skirts are generally gorgeous on everyone but i think if you keep it feminine you can definitely pull off the cute style!

Anonymous 7368

I'm also tall and athletic with wide hips and shoulders like OP and skirts like that look perfect on me so I second the suggestion. They draw attention to your waist which gives a nice feminine look and the flare out around your wide hips also looks nice and balances out large shoulders. They go well with dainty flats or even low boots, blouses or simple girly shirts, and cardigans, so they're all-around a good staple item if you want to look more feminine but don't suit the super cutesy uguu style. Add some cute jewelry and you're set.

As for makeup being aging, OP since you mentioned kpop, have you tried Korean inspired makeup where everything is softened and more natural/muted colors? Like blended brown liner, brown and pink tone eyeshadow, light blush and maybe a tiny bit of lip color, those things usually don't age people the way more noticeable makeup does.


Anonymous 7325[Reply]

Where do you buy your bras, miners? Any brands you particularly like?

I definitely value comfort over looks when it comes to bra-shopping. My favorite are Maidenform's wireless bras. I hate underwire on bras and I hate clasps on adjustable straps that tend to show through tight-fitting shirts - this one has neither. But I dislike some aspects of the the design. The big bra cups and wide straps sometimes show when I try to wear a lower v-neck.
2 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 7338


Oh, got to check that out! I love their built-in bra dresses, and if they make their bras the same way, sounds really comfy.

Anonymous 7339


I buy them from this great boujie bra place south of where I live. My favorite brands they have are Frey and Natori. Pic related is feathers contour plunge bra by Natori. It's my favorite bra, but I'm in need of buying some new ones.

Anonymous 7345

I wanted to love uniqlo bras but as perfect as they fit on the cups they didn't ever fit on my back (I have a large back/ribcage I guess) and as far as I know the sizes are only in S-XL or something and not cup and band measurements.

Anonymous 7351


A second on Natori bras, I'm wearing a feathers one today. I find them usually at Nordstrom Rack. Calvin Klein is also good for comfort and looking good under clothes without being too plain/ugly. True & Co. also have a good selection but they are not really cheap.

For fun and/or just for myself bras, I have liked Playful Promises, Agent Provocateur, La Fille d'O, etc.

Anonymous 7352

Running I like Moving Comfort, especially the Fiona and the Rebound Racer. I’m somewhat top heavy but have never had back pain running in these, they don’t squash my boobs, they don’t allow any bounce, and they come in fun colors.

Day to day, VS basic demi cup in a handful of neutral colors.

And, yes, I spend a lot of money on bras. But you get what you pay for imo.


Anonymous 4914[Reply]

I always hated my tiny boobs but lately it started to bother me way too much. They are super small, when I lay on my back I'm completely flat. On top of that I'm really tall (taller than a lot of guys) and skinny and I think it makes them look even smaller

how do I deal with it? Seriously are there any tricks to make them seem at least a bit bigger? I tried gaining weight but even when I had 15kg more they didn't grow a bit

it's such a shitty reason to not like myself :|
8 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 6530

that's not true. anon should buy japanese/chinese bras. those things are magical!

Anonymous 6728


I know this board is pretty dead but thought I'd ask anyway.

My boobs are small which I'm alright with but does anyone else's sternum (breast bones) stand out a lot even though you have a normal BMI? Coupled with my small boobs, it just looks unattractive imo, like I'm a bony teenage kid.

Anonymous 7028

I have this, anon. I'm not underweight, either. My boobs are super small and far apart, and I'm tall. I don't like how it looks 100%, but I'm trying to learn to accept it.

Anonymous 7077

small boobs are chic af, embrace the high fashion model look

Anonymous 7333

Just get pec tiddies


K-pop diets Anonymous 7290[Reply]

I can't help but feel jealous when I see how skinny k-pop idols are. They looks so cute in about every type of clothes.
How can they stay so slim while also maintaining youthful skin and healthy hair, and having enough energy to dance?
On top of that Koreans are the "biggest" Asians, many female idols are over 170cm with larger frames, so it's not like they're naturally petite either (e.g. see pic).

How much do you think they eat per day?
Does anybody know how they exercise to avoid getting bulky muscles?
Have any of you ever tried one of those k-pop diets?
2 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 7296

lol kpop diets are a joke. if you're that desperate just go full anachan

kpop idols (via their agencies) probably have access to top of the line skincare products not to mention plastic surgery & hair clip -ins/wigs + the fact that most asians genetically hold more fat than others in their face so they'll never look malnourished facial-wise

idols practice dance, which is a full body exercise like hiit cardio so its slims down fat all around the body instead of in certain places doing regular exercise. if you wanna look like them id suggest developing a calorie deficit and doing one of those

Anonymous 7301

>lol kpop diets are a joke. if you're that desperate just go full anachan
Well, I would like to know what or how much exactly they eat so that I can copy that…

Anonymous 7302

I listened to a radiolab podcast a while back that interviewed someone who underwent kpop training. This was in the transcript:
>SARAH WOLFGANG: Like, they wanted us to lose weight. So we would wake up at, like, 4:00 or 5:00 a.m. in the morning and then go hiking.
>ALEXANDRA: Sarah says after the hike they'd come back, eat breakfast.
>SARAH WOLFGANG: Which usually consisted of lettuce.
>ALEXANDRA: Then they'd have dance classes, singing classes.

Anonymous 7303

If you really want to lose weight anon, there's no need to follow a gimmicky diet. Just eat less calories.

Anonymous 7305

Just do CICO and lift weights friend. 1500 calories is probably a good start, adjust as necessary. Lifting won't make you bulky unless you do really big weights and eat a lot.
Personally I wanted to get slender legs with tight gap so I did a caloric deficit and uphill biking for 1 month and got great results. My bike was very heavy so that added extra weight. The good thing about weight exercises is that you keep more shape than you would with just dieting. So sometimes I get a bit fatter but never lose my new tight gap because I built my legs' muscles. By only dieting you build nothing, you just get rid of everything and end with two shapeless sticks.

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