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Anonymous 7192[Reply]

>no pictures to attach
Any tips for exercising with painful scars? I had my appendix removed years ago and the scar has always caused pain when stretching it, even mildly. I'd say it's even gotten worse in recent months where I try to exercise. If I try to do push ups, planks, whatever, I just feel this stretching that gets unbearable after a minute, and I usually have a pretty high pain tolerance.
It's particularly annoying because I don't have the ability to do much exercising other than walk a lot (which is difficult for other reasons, but improving) and things I can do at home.
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Anonymous 8670


Do you apply anything to your scar? Pic related is good.

Anonymous 8671

I have some scars on my knees from 3-4 years ago that still haven’t healed. They’re mostly a pink color. When they were still newer I tried bio-oil but it didn’t seem to have much/any effect. On a whim, I recently started putting hado labo gokujyun moisturizer on my knees every time I moisturize my face, and it’s surprisingly lessened the appearance of the scars. Ymmv.

Anonymous 8674

Is it good for stretch marks?

Anonymous 8675


Yes, sadly it's very expensive, always search for a good quality oil in a dark glass bottle. I have a lot of stretch marks and I used to aply it whenever I could buy a (small) bottle. But right now I'm using literally pic related, which also hydrates fairly (gives me fewer pimples than cremas), smells really nice as well and is cheaper.

Anonymous 8676

i got my appendix removed too a year ago but my scars don't hurt at all, weird


Anonymous 6674[Reply]

Do you like wearing skirts?
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Anonymous 8602


really comfy yes i love skirts, i just wish more girls at my place wear them so i dont have to stand out when i do

Anonymous 8603

I used to, but ever since a guy lifted my skirt up when i was getting in the bus i feel bad and anxious when i wear them.

Anonymous 8606

I'm sorry that happened to you. If you want to keep wearing skirts you could wear booty shorts underneath. Or 3/4 length leggings.

Anonymous 8616


Not anymore. Only ankle length is acceptable.

Anonymous 8650

Thank you, very indeed


Anonymous 8355[Reply]

What are some good wristwatches for women? I feel like we are missing out on all the good stuff, the watch market is mostly aimed at men.
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Anonymous 8360


I bought this a couple days ago. Less than 24€, I really like this brand. The pic is not mine but I decided a photo of someone wearing it would give you a more accurate idea of how it suits my wrist. My mother said it's a winter watch!!

Anonymous 8361


Here's a picture of the model.

Anonymous 8362

This is nice. Simple, understated, elegant, and austere. Casio is a reliable brand too. This watch would probably look great if you dressed in black and white formalwear

Anonymous 8363


Only watch I will ever wear tbh.

Anonymous 8649

Yes! I wanted something formal and discrete.


Help Finding Shoes! Anonymous 8478[Reply]

TLDR; i found these super cute shoes on amazon that i wanted to order for work & casual wear. i thought they were perfect because i’m very picky and typically not attracted to clothes but these really caught my eye, however, my size wasn’t offered. i am usually a size 7.5/8 in US shoes but according to their shoe chart i’m a 9, so i messaged them and asked if a 9 was available somehow and they were just like “no” and then immediately took the shoe off of their page. that made me sort of fishy, like maybe the design was stolen? i’m not very familiar with shoes or fashion so if anyone is familiar with this sort of thing do you recognise this shoe from anywhere? it would be really awesome if i could find the original maker and buy from there. if not, does anyone know where i could find a very similar type of shoe? i tried looking at lolita shoe websites but i don’t really like any of those, most of those seem a bit “over the top” to wear in the office.
any help is appreciated <3
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Anonymous 8487

Those are adorable… real unique. They have this sort of “what if Lolita but loafers” thing going on

Did you try a reverse image search? Post here if you find them, I kind of want a pair now.

Anonymous 8504

The shoes you picked in the op are cute but verrrry young looking. There are plenty of more sensible heels that aren’t 3+ inches tall. Maybe try looking at kitten heels? Or shoes with wide heels?

Anonymous 8507

Those shoes are hideous and you will look like you're LARPing as a child. Get some loafers or something like the Everlane day heel.

Anonymous 8508

If you wear a size nine shoe, there is absolutely no way that you look young.

Anonymous 8648


Well, this look cheap, in Spain we call them ''merceditas'' and I was myself looking to purchase some in leather (a good quality material). Something like this. I'm not a lolita or anything like that. I like the witch aesthetic tho, but more associated to elderly woman than to killstar shit.


Body Hair Anonymous 4073[Reply]

What are your preferences for personal grooming?
How has it changed, or does it vary seasonally?

What does your routine consist of?

(I know there's a pubes thread, a few head hair threads, but I haven't seen anything about this yet)
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Anonymous 8524

Im the original ipl poster. Surprisingly it works. I dont even believe it myself. At around a month of very regularly using it I started getting busy and lazy and stopped, fustrated that it wasn't working and it wasted my time.. but my hair hasnt grown back. Honestly I sometimes feel like its a trick but my leg hair hasnt grown in a month when it normally visibly grew back in less than three days, sometimes one. I was less consistent with underarms and other areas, so no results there to speak of yet.

About buying the cheapest model you can find as I did, my guess on the main difference is the speed it can flash. Also, the higher the level, the slower it is. This doesnt seem like much but it's extremely time consuming to use a tiny little window on your entire legs' surface areas so often, so consider the value of your time vs a few coins!

Anonymous 8526

Can I use an epilator on the netherzone? Are these things strong enough to break skin?

Anonymous 8528

How often did you use it? My manual said to do it every two weeks. Thank you for reporting back! I'm trying to use it on my chin, armpits, and treasure map (line between belly button and pubic mound). for some reason i have been getting a lot of black/dark hair growing on my chin in the last year or so which is absolutely unacceptable. i'm also using it on where smilelines would come, because apparently ipl helps with wrinkles. no effects thus far.

i will try to be regular with it. i'm doing it every other weekend. even with the provided calming gel sometimes it's major ouchies on my armpits more than anywhere else.

Anonymous 8583

I despise any form of body hair in mem and women. It's just something I can't stand. One of the most idiotic things of feminism is trying to normalize body hair just because mem have it. The change should be otherwise, we should teach men that they should shave/wax too.

Anonymous 8608

I use a hair trimmer to get as close to my legs and bikini area as possible without actually shaving anything.
I used to shave pretty regularly, but I began getting ingrown hairs as I got older and I can't help but fuck with them. I have permanent scars around my inner thighs from this, so I said fuck it, I'm not doing this anymore.
Now I just trim.


Cost/Benefit of Losing Weight When Not Necessary Anonymous 8610[Reply]

I was underweight for my entire adolescence, got into a major ana phase as I entered my 20s, and now I'm finally at a healthy bmi (18.5-19). The problem is, at this weight, my clothes are having trouble fitting. I was a size 0 or 00, whatever the smallest size available was, and unfortunately, most of my wardrobe I've accumulated is now having trouble accommodating how I've gained weight in the bottom area of my body. Furthermore, even my size small/xs tops are also having trouble fitting because my bust increased, too. I'm very compelled to lose 10 pounds so I can utilize my full wardrobe because I don't want to spend the money on buying a whole new one; however, that would mean I'm underweight again. Wat do? Does anyone have any advice? I don't want to be ana again, I just want a fit/lean body.

Anonymous 8611

Also, I'm quite conflicted regarding tops because I am planning on getting implants in the near future

Anonymous 8612

you sure losing weight again wouldn't make you relapse?

Anonymous 8613

By the clothes you need (not a whole new wardrobe) second hand or on the cheap while you're in this in-between state. Don't use clothes /money as an excuse to relapse.

Anonymous 8614

If you lower your bodyfat while maintaining the same weight you will take up less volume and fit in your clothes better.

Anonymous 8600[Reply]

10 habits you might like


Anonymous 4096[Reply]

Have any of you ever been able to transform yourself to Stacy? How did it change your life?
56 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 8594

No. I'm glad I don't look like a Stacy. Imagine being seen primarily for your looks. Everyone would assume you're a dumb npc bitch too.

Anonymous 8595

Very salty indeed

Anonymous 8596

Nice projection, but I'm just stating facts.

Anonymous 8597

>Imagine being seen primarily for your looks.
Literally everyone of every second forever.
The maymay that personality, confidence, attitude comes first is a lie. What you look like is always the first thing that starts to affect someone's brain regarding you.

University studies have proven that 'gay face' and 'pedo face' are not only real, but very accurate. People can very accurately, without any information other than looks, guess a criminal or a sexuality.

I'd rather be pretty than ugly because people are going to immediately judge you for your looks either way. At least when you're pretty people are shallow in a helpful way, like giving you more money or holding doors and stuff. When you're ugly, people are still shallow but just even more openly cruel or dismissive.

Anonymous 8598

You're close minded if you think there's only pretty or ugly. The example posted by anon here >>8590 is unappealing to me if that's what you consider a "Stacy" and I would still not like to look that way. You can also experience bullying if you're too attractive since people are cruel and jealous.


OOTD / recent purchases thread Anonymous 5339[Reply]

There was a thread for this at one point, but idk what happened to it.

>Outfit pics

>Recent buys
>Advice on how to style pieces
>Store recs
>Outfit inspo/aesthetic posting
>Have fun!

Pic related, bought these trousers recently. I like them! They mix up my wardrobe which I feel is full of dresses atm.
24 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 8543

original (5).jpg

Just bought this dress from reformation as a weight loss motivation thing

Anonymous 8565


I’ve started wearing long skirts and I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback about it. I’m in my 30s so maybe it was time to step away from body-con miniskirts all the time anyway lol. Love how feminine I look and how comfortable and loose long skirts feel. I recently bought this skirt (I think, or one similar. I don’t want to spend all day looking for a pic) from Uniqlo. The color is really pretty irl.

Anonymous 8566

Now that I’ve looked at the full sized image, this isn’t the skirt I bought at all. I’ve been buying more cottony skirts so I can wear them in my private life and to work. The skirt I recently bought is a pretty pastel blue.

Anonymous 8573


I recently got this from Spencers. It's really cool but I feel like I'm not cool enough to wear it out in public haha. Also does anyone have any idea what the text says? I've tried looking it up in kanji translators and such but can't find a match.

Anonymous 8575

top: “six” 六
bottom: “lover(s)” 恋人


Diet Thread Anonymous 6210[Reply]

Who here is on a /diet/?

I'm 5'4 and 165lb and trying to lose some weight. I started a diet yesterday. Trying to eat lots of veg and lean proteins and keeping my total calorie intake below 800.I'm so hungry tho
How's your diet going?
234 posts and 37 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 8046

Don't worry too much about what kind of weight you're losing. If you're losing weight, you're losing weight. If you stop losing weight, reconsider your diet. Also, always stay hydrated. People only lose significant amounts of actual water weight through dehydration.

Anonymous 8142

What talking about the ABC diet be against the rules?

Anonymous 8161

it wouldn't but it's pretty stupid to do it in my opinion. you should probably just restrict and do if

Anonymous 8567


I'm 5'8" and 160lbs atm. Been yo-yoing between 165 and 155 due to shelter-in-place orders for the pandemic, but I'd ultimately like to get down to 135-145ish. Usually I'm pretty good with my diet and fasting, but I've noticed that the week before my period I devour EVERYTHING, ruining my progress. Any tips on how to fix that?

Anonymous 8569

Stop fasting, it’s stupid and it won’t make you look good. Slower weight loss is better for skin laxity.

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