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Anonymous 8103[Reply]

How do i get cuter and more friendly looking :( i look malicious and i wanna manipulate people :)
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Anonymous 8106

Cute people have their own problems too, like sometimes guys will hate them just for being cute.

Anyway, can you give some examples of what you normally wear, someone who looks like you, etc?

Anonymous 8107

I kinda look like the prime minister of Finland (Sanna Marin), or atleast emit the same vibes. Although im way younger.

Anonymous 8108

Dont get me wrong shes beautiful but im mentally the opposite of her and cant deal with that confident look

Anonymous 8109

Lose weight

Anonymous 8110

Maybe try dressing more girly?


Could traveling farts cause vaginal discharge? Anonymous 7849[Reply]

I almost always have this green vagoo discharge. It looks like phlegm, but doesn't smell particularly bad or itch. (I've been to the doctor but never diagnosed because it happened to not be active on those days)
I have good hygiene and wash every day. I've tried dietary changes, using different water, cleaning with wet wipes, using different soaps and intimate washes, but it never goes away for good. But I do get a lot of farts who travel and end up going through my vulva. Could that be causing infections?

Anonymous 7850

This thread smells funny.

Anonymous 7853


What direction do you wipe in? It should be front-to-back.

For years I wiped back-to-front and didn't realise I was smearing poo into my vagina which made it stink.

Anonymous 7854

I don’t think green is a healthy color for discharge. Maybe you’re wiping the wrong way like this anon is saying >>7853

Those types of farts shouldn’t be causing an issue (unless maybe you’re not wiping yourself clean enough after pooping? Sorry to pry, but just throwing some possibilities out there). It’s pretty normal to get farts that travel in front like that.

Don’t use soap or special washes. That messes with your pH level and could actually cause issues like this.

Anonymous 7856

Front to back. I use wet wipes too.

But if I don't use something to wash it smells bad. It's soap designed to clean there and keep your ph right so I don't think it's causing this. I've also used different soaps throughout the years and it's always been the same.

I forgot to mention, I started having sex and it's the only thing that seems to stop it for 1-2 days.

Anonymous 8074

it's obviously because you're washing too much and using soaps and fragrances down there. vaginas are self cleaning. you should wash the folds with water or mild unscented soap/wipe, but never get soap/wetwipe fluid/etc near the opening
the healthy bacteria have been killed and the bad bacteria are proliferating in your vagina. the foul smelling discharge is your body trying to fight against the bad bacteria, or the bad bacteria growing in there…


Beauty Anonymous 7883[Reply]

Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. So, what is that you find beautiful?
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Anonymous 8064


women who look 0% like me.
Long, straight hair. Light colored eyes, pale skin, asian epicanthic folds, large eyes, v-shaped face, very small waist, wide hips, shapely butt, 90-100 pounds, full lips

Anonymous 8065

Is that a real girl? Not hating on the beauty, genuine question. She looks a doll to me.

Anonymous 8066


honestly had to google that myself (found her pic on tumblr) but indeed she is a real woman

Anonymous 8067

meisa kuroki

Anonymous 8072


fiona apple

Most Sexiest Wet G…

Anonymous 7717[Reply]

Is coffe bad for you? Ive been drinking 4 scoops daily

Anonymous 7718

Google can give you a answer
But like everything too much is bad and moderation is good.

Anonymous 7719

That's Rich

Anonymous 7739

Chugging coffee every day is normal for people who have jobs and lives. Whatever it takes to get out of the house and do what you gotta do.

Anonymous 8069




Fitness general Anonymous 2106[Reply]

Old thread seems to be locked.

>post fitness related questions

>share your workouts, goals, inspiration etc.
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Anonymous 7674

Sign up to that gym and try the weight section. I find cardio to be boring.

Anonymous 7675

I'm a few days past two solid months of push-ups every-other day. I feel more strength in my core, and can see more firmness in my stomach. I see the slightest bit of ab definition… It's really motivating me. 100 push-ups weren't giving me doms anymore, so today I moved up to elevated push-ups. I'm definitely feeling soreness again. I'm working in some squats, too.

My only concern is soreness in one of my wrists. I read about doing push-ups with closed fists, so I might work on that.

Nice work! If you're not employed full time, have you thought about working out at home (if your living situation allows for it)? Like fitness blender or other free cardio videos?

Anonymous 7855

I swim a lot and recently, this guy at the pool has been giving me unsolicited advice on my swimming technique. I’m kind of conflicted because he’s a good swimmer and his advice is helpful, but I’m an introvert and like to enjoy swimming as a time to be alone. I also sometimes just want to swim casually just to relax, but this guy is really serious about swimming. It makes me feel like I can’t measure up. I feel like he’s frustrated that I’m such a slow learner - but the thing is, I never asked for his help.

Do you ever have people giving you unsolicited advice when you work out? How do you deal with it?

Anonymous 8056


Any recs for at home workout plans?
I've been considering the Darihana Nova lower body + abs (at home)
All gyms are closed because of Corona obv, so I guess I gotta make do..

Anonymous 8057

Athlean X on Youtube


eyebrow enhancing serum Anonymous 8025[Reply]

Has anyone here tried any eyebrow enhancing serums? And if so, which ones, and did they make any noticeable difference to the fullness of your brows?
A lot of reviews I've found online were from people who wanted to regrow overplucked brows. Mine are naturally very thin and sparse and I've never plucked them, will this affect the effectiveness of a serum on them much?

Anonymous 8026


I've mostly heard of using castor oil to promote hair growth. There's also the "soap brow" technique which doesn't re-grow but makes them look fuller.


Meal Prepping Anonymous 7903[Reply]

Anyone into meal prepping?
I know it's just a dad but it looks useful.

I like the thought of only cooking once or twice a week. Maybe it'll stop my dependency on fast food because I'm too lazy to cook.

Anonymous 7904

Fuck me

Anonymous 8007

I did it for a while. It's kind of fun to hunker down once a week and do a lot of cooking, and it makes mornings a lot easier. But you have to have a lot of fridge space. And you have to make sure what you prep will still smell/taste/look good after sitting in the fridge for a while. I did just simple base flavors and would Dave the seasonings for the day I was going to eat that meal.

Anonymous 8008

Typos are contagious, I guess.

Anonymous 8015

get a slow cooker and find some recipes online. you just throw things in there and let it cook for 5-10 hours and you have plenty of servings. i also recommend you to go to budgetbytes, it's a website that lists the cost for recipes and the servings too. meal prepping to me is like preparing the clothes i want to wear the next day. it makes things a lot easier and convenient when you can just grab food and go. you'll notice that actual food is way cheaper than fast food.


Anonymous 7851[Reply]

>be me
>short with a baby face, look like a 12-15 yo
>need to look like a professional
>afraid no one will take me seriously in a business sense

How can i look mature/professional if im the opposite of that? Im afraid i wont be able to get the job bc i look too immature

Anonymous 7861

not to necro, but the most important thing is to make sure that your clothes fit right. If your clothes are too baggy or tight, you'll look like a kid wearing her mom's clothes.
People are used to seeing young-looking women and tend to judge their age by context, so if you dress and do your hair and makeup like a normal young professional, you'll look like an adult.

Anonymous 7882

Your post made me think of this video. You should know your body type and how it affects the look of clothes on you.


What's the ugliest part of your body? Anonymous 3951[Reply]

Let's sent it some love!

I'll start: it probably is my knees, they're fat, are slowly becoming wrinkled and have a hump above them. One of them is square shaped because of surgery.

I love you knees, thank you for supporting my body and carrying me around!
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Anonymous 7844

My feet. I have gross calluses covering most of the pressure points. It might sound immature or over reacting but I make sure I'm never in a situation where I don't atleast have socks on. No one but close family and a few doctors have ever seen my feet.

Anonymous 7846

That sounds easy to solve. Use a scrub and a moisturizer that contains urea in high concentration (10% to 30%) and get your feet done at a salon regularly.

Anonymous 7847

my back, i have scoliosis and i often feel bitter about it

Anonymous 7879

My stupid, ugly forehead and my fat fucking thighs.

Anonymous 7881

kisses your back

kisses you on your forehead

Examples For Cafe.…

Cute Clothes, Anything Goes! Anonymous 7712[Reply]

Okay! So I hope this is okay with the mods but I couldn't really find a Lolita/Victorian/Cute/Old School/Street Wear/Alternative Fashion thread, and I figured I would make one, I know it may seem like some of these themes don't fit together but I think you get the general idea!

The example is just a example, you can also post any frilly, light up, ruffled, mute colored clothes you like! Anything from American 50's to Punk! As long as it's girly, it can go here!
20 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 7869

larme (17).jpg

Uh sorry that one was really low-res.

Anonymous 7870


Anonymous 7871

larme (25).jpg

I LOVE these mesh larme skirts, I think I'll try to make one, it'll be great in the summer.

Anonymous 7872


I want to try to put more effort into my style, and jfashion is great at giving me inspo.

Good luck anon! I want one as well, although I can't sew.

Anonymous 7873

I don't know how to sew with a machine but sewing by hand is really easy! Just google it or ask someone, it's super easy, you can do it. I also wanna make a belt like the lady in your pic has, I have some scrap (fake) leather! I made a DIY thread here a long time ago, I think I might just revive it, I think more people should do DIY instead of buying premade things.

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