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Watery as fuck discharge Anonymous 15236[Reply]

Anyone else get so much discharge that you feel like you've peed yourself and it soaks through your pants? What the hell is up with that?

I usually get it when I go out in the cold when it's winter and get chilly. Now I'm living in a house that's chilly except for my room, so whenever I go out to grab something I get slimy and it annoys me so damn much. I've been having more discharge more frequently and I'm not sure if it's just feeling cold or something else.
I know that it's not pee because I can hold myself, and my panties look all slick/shiny, not just wet. Unless you can pee out slime or something???

why does this happen

Anonymous 15244

Idk but if you use commercial panty liners, those contain chemicals that actually worsen discharge.

Anonymous 15245

Yeah, I'm the same. I have a lot of discharge and they can be pretty watery. Turned out I had a fungal infection. Went to see a midwife (in my country they do a similar job to gynecologist, and they're really easier to book) and she gave me some pills and a cream. Well this goddamn infection come and go and when I start to itch or after I took a shower I usually put some cream on my pussy and I noticed less discharges.
Also maybe doing some sort of sport to muscles up the vagina? I know they usually do that to women after pregnancies because it does help with discharge and water retention


Ideal Body Type thread? Anonymous 1672[Reply]

What's your ideal body type, anons?

Are you into being thin, or curvy, or maybe fit? Were you born a cone shape but long to be a pear? Or maybe you're a banana but would rather be an hourglass?

I'd like to hear your opinions and what you're doing to get there!
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Anonymous 15102

Iktf ugh. Used to be underweight in middle school & now am slightly overweight. I used to pride myself in my thigh gap and flat stomach and now I hate seeing myself in the mirror.

Anonymous 15103

This lmao. I hate when skinny people try to victimize themselves when their body type is universally praised and adored.

Anonymous 15108

To be honest that body type is actually above average. Her hips are big and her waist is particularly tiny, her bone structure is also on her side. I looked twice her size when I was 18 bmi (no I kid you not, I almost for a second understood women that fetishize anorexia considering I couldn't look half as good as pic related at my best).

It looks basic to most people bc people are used to ridiculously gifted bodies. People will come in and shit on that body, it won't change that it's still above average even in places where people are all skinny.

Anonymous 15112

is this a larp? I have a massive ass and my pants fit weird but it's not uncomfortable

Anonymous 15160

I'm a rectangle shape and now I'm starting to like it a ton more after watching this video by Justine Leconte.
She did videos on each body types and other on how to dress, what type of hairstyle depending on the face and so on…

I also started to do pole dancing and I'm hoping to gain some muscles and loose some fat. I found a really nice class and it is giving me a huge boost in self image, more than theater. I really recommend it.


Hysterectomy questions Anonymous 15104[Reply]

I'm a younger woman who had to have a hysterectomy due to medical problems out of my control. I'm six weeks post op and having problems. The doctors listen, but don't comment or offer advice on it all. They also kick the responsibility back and forth. 'not my area of expertise' they say.

Has anyone else had hives outbreaks, intestinal issues, and rapid weight gain after hysterectomy. I am not FTM, so I am not taking steroids. Just a XX with medical issues.

Anonymous 15105

I'm assuming it's something hormonal?

Anyway, you might have better luck asking on mumsnet as they have a lot of older women and women with medical knowledge. CC tends to have a younger audience.

Anonymous 15106

my mother had a hysterectomy a decade ago and has terrible weight gain from it too. i'm no doctor obviously, but my guess is that it has thrown your hormones off and put your body in a state of physical stress. I would get second and third opinions though. I would be worried about the hives.

Anonymous 15111

>rapid weight gain
was it a radical hysterectomy? If so, your body isn't producing hormones, which tanks metabolism. unless there's a cancer risk or something else holding you back, supplement with estrogen (or testosterone if you want to be a moid lmao)

Anonymous 15155

Yeah, you're in a really unusual place as a young wombless woman so get to a specific support group. HRT will be essential for you, cos your body isnt even nearly ready for menopause, but for the weird little stuff drs don't bother talking about you need some actual peers…


Reusable sanitary products 8531[Reply]

Does anyone here have any experience with reusable sanitary towels? I've usually always used the Always brand but I've recently found out how toxic their products are. I'd like to get into the reusable ones but I don't know how effective they are and how comfortable.
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Anonymous 10276

I use reusable pads and find them much more comfortable and longer lasting than disposable ones. Less leaky, too and no weird smell. I got them for cheap on amazon.

Anonymous 10451

TSS is more for things that are internal. Mostly, tampons, because they soak up all the blood and bacteria, and if they're in there for a long ass time, they can get pretty nasty.
Some people keep tampons in there for like 12 hours, which is a big risk for TSS. TSS is basically a bacterial infection. A pad won't really cause that since it's external.
I think even most menstrual cups have less risk of TSS than a tampon since all the ones Ive seen are made of medical grade silicone and have less chance to breed bacteria compared to a super-absorbent tampon.

Anonymous 10481

Literally just don't sleep in tampons and you'll be fine. Mine start to feel sore after hours of being in, so I have to remove them anyway. I can't even imagine leaving it in there long enough to incur TSS. I'm guessing some women just don't feel it? Also, make sure not to completely rely on tampons and wear a pad to let it air out a bit after removing a tampon.

Anonymous 15092

I use some made from bamboo cotton, and while they're very comfy and absorbent I haven't switched to them for my main menstrual use, only for sleeping and for discharge I get before/after a period. My first issue is: because the poppers can only hold it on loosely and even pads with two popper options can't always stay put without rolling sideways or slipping up and down I don't trust it to keep blood from going on my thighs and trousers. I've had them slip when heavy discharge was coming out and I ended up with a big wet patch above where the pad had been sitting, and thank god it wasn't bloody.

Second issue: I don't bleed when lying down but that means when I get up there's a fucking tsunami of blood and clots I have to rush to the toilet to get rid of. I've noticed when it does hit the pad all the clots and, for lack of better words, stringy red goopy shit in the blood sits on the surface without going in. I'm honestly amazed how the material has never soaked through to the other side when with disposable pads I'm frequently only saved by the plasticy adhesive backing being waterproof, which suggests it really does absorb a lot. But why the fuck does so much sit on the surface like chunks and silly string? It's unpleasant to feel and rinsing it off in the sink is nasty too. Is that just something with bamboo cotton? Do they all have this problem?

Third issue: the side you bleed on is dark gray so I don't have any problems with blood stains, however there are occasionally lightish stains that can survive a few washes and handscrubbings before going away. It's embarrassing because I can't tell if this is from the discharge I can't help, or some moment where I happened to be talking lewd and might have leaked other fluids. I don't know. Never had a problem with those staining anything in the past so this is news to me. Could just be that the pads are getting worn and the rougher surface holds stains more easily? I have no idea but I'm glad the neighbors don't use binoculars to eye my laundry.

What I'm most curious about is whether there's a brand that's particularly secure and doesn't slip, and whether "period pants" are basically the same thing. The latter are way more expensive than buying reuseable pads, and the thought of changing your whole underwear every 4-8hrs to stay fresh seems pretty inconvenient, so I've never tried it.

Anyway if you opened this ancient thread because you're thinking of switching to Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 15115


overpriced and overshilled garbage thread Anonymous 12426[Reply]

Have you guys used Olaplex? What are your thoughts on Olaplex treatments?

People are shilling this shit like it's the second coming of Christ. i've tried the 3 step system no less than 4 times now and it has done virtually nothing to my hair. i switched to the Aphogee 2 step system and it's like night and day. Aphogee is amazing yet it gets no love from the haircare community in comparison. is it because it's not gatekept by license required shops? plus it's not $200 for 16 oz.
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Anonymous 14434

What products do you use? I just have the no. 7 bonding oil and I have no idea how to use it, I feel like an idiot

Anonymous 14854

my MIL is a very high earning hair stylist and salon owner and she advised my the only olaplex product that is worth my money is the no.8 hair mask once weekly. i have seen amazing improvement of the texture of my hair and it really has seemed to help repair my hair. i have medium length blonde straight relatively thin hair.

Anonymous 15094

I've only used the step 3 and i agree with you, it did nothing and the bottle is so tiny. I've followed the instruction and all, but it's a complete waste of money. I think it was shilled online by paid influencers.

Anonymous 15107

The No. 3 worked well for me for a leave in conditioner after showering, but apparently now its linked to cancer and reproductive issues. I think it's just No. 3 though.

Anonymous 15110

I started using it home too. I didn’t get much of a result using 3 by itself for a short period but using a generous amount of 0 and 3 together and wrapping a plastic bag over my hear for about 6 hours really counteracted the dryness and frizziness from dying my hair.

If your hair is not damaged already it’s probably not going to do much. Avoiding colouring your hair and using heat and general damage in the first place will always be better though.


Ballet Clothes Anonymous 15095[Reply]

I'm going to be starting adult ballet lessons soon. I've been trying to find cute ballet clothes made from natural fabrics but nearly everything is polyester. I'm really surprised as I would have thought there would be a huge market for high end ballet clothes.

I want to have a few cotton leotards in different colours and arm lengths, real silk sheer wrap skirts, tights made from a natural material blend, and wrap cardigans from wool or cotton. I get really sweaty in synthetic materials, even when not exercising.

So far all I've been able to find are black cotton yoga pants and a leotard, both from Katz Dancewear, and random cardigans from non-dance brands.

Anyone know any brands that sell this sort of thing?

Pic related is the look I want (the costumes were made specially by Rodarte).

Anonymous 15096


Another look.

Anonymous 15097


And another.


chubby face, skinny body Anonymous 14125[Reply]

my face has always looked fat. i’ve lost a decent amount of weight from when i was a kid to now and my bmi is in the normal range (18.9) but i feel like i look borderline overweight from the neck up. is there anyone who’s had this and fixed it (without surgery)? im desperate for tips on this

Anonymous 14127

I used to feel bad about the roundness/width of my face but I got a haircut that's actually similar to your OP pic, with the two shorter pieces of hair framing the face, and it helped a lot with visually slimming things down. It might not work well on everyone but at least it's harmless to your body (worst case scenario you have an unflattering hairstyle for a little while) unlike some stuff people try.
I also feel like it just got better on its own over the years? Idk if I did something to improve it or I just stopped being as critical.

Anonymous 14144

Round face is cute though, and if your bone structure supports it (wide cheekbones and jaw) then you'll age better/more slowly.
Embrace the cute, op.

Anonymous 15041

My face was that way when I was in my 20s and I hated it, but as I age, I feel as though it was a blessing. My face has slimmed down in my 30s and I don't look "older" per se, just different. It's like a second 20s! Embrace it.

Anonymous 15059

Seconding this, I know that when i enter my twenties my face will slim down, just trust the process and know the chub will go with time. It’s the case for many people.


Cosplay Self-Post Thread Anonymous 5358[Reply]

Post your cosplans, cosplays, WIP, costest, cosplay makeup, etc~
I wanna see what the C.C cosplay community is like
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Anonymous 5370

Thank you for your reply c: I was torn between Terra Branford and Lightning but I think I will choose Terra now (also my mom told me not to choose Lightning because her outfit is too revealing lol)
I have lots of time, adequate skill and I think enough money, I think I will be able to make it really fancy! I'll post here if I manage it! (but that will be in like a year.)

Anonymous 15003


I'm planning on cosplaying Yukako Yamagishi this summer! My city is holding a convention in late May and me and some friends decided to go. I'm a bit torn because I think it'd be fun to make the costume myself. I don't really have any experience sewing, but it has been something I've been interested to learn. On the other hand, I have a pretty busy schedule and will be finishing my grad program in May so I don't know if I'll have time to properly learn and make a costume. Decisions… (sorry for necroing the thread, I didn't see another cosplay thread in the catalog)

Anonymous 15004

How will you do your hair?

Anonymous 15005

My hair is pretty long and the same color, so I'm thinking of just curling it and giving it a lot of volume. I don't know how well it'll work because I have a lot of hair (and I also don't know much about hair shit), but I think it'd be fun to try to style my actual hair rather than a wig!

Anonymous 15008

you'd probably feel a lot more proud wearing something you made yourself but if you're busy with school, buying an already made cosplay might be the smarter choice
the hard part for making costumes in my opinion is more so the pattern drafting/altering than the actual sewing so that'd cause you a lot of frustration as a beginner


any women that dress without showing/barely showing skin? Anonymous 14677[Reply]

hello! thirdworldsis here! I am short (5'2/1.56) I tend to love all things usually considered 'feminine' when it came to dressing (crop tops, short dresses and skirts, high heel boots, fishnets, see through shirts over tanktops, etc), however, I'm interested in changing my style into something that covers me up much more (not because I think what I previously wore was wrong, but becuase I've been harassed in public and I'd rather avoid that as much as possible.) I always liked to be stylish and creating outfits, I know I can still be stylish and have a non-boring style with this clothing shift, but I'm so unfamiliarized w it that I don't know where to start, I also want to still express the feminine aspect through clothes that aren't generally female only ones (unlike skirts, dresses, crop tops, higheel boots, etc). Help? recommend me yt channels or any resources to get inspiration, or tell me about your personal style choices
22 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 14965


Anonymous 14966


Anonymous 14967

And I forget to mention few one that are not only for women - jackets, trousers, gloves, nice sweaters or some modern version of mantelet

Anonymous 14968


Anonymous 14969



Insomnia general Anonymous 14876[Reply]

A general thread for those of us suffering from insomnia.

>In what ways has insomnia impacted your life?

>What sleep aids do you use?
>Any tips and tricks for a full night's sleep?
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Anonymous 14889

Melatonin works tho

Anonymous 14892

I'm Jewish but damn, check em

Anonymous 14893

Me too and I support you

Anonymous 14939

I second physical exercise. Meditation can help too, somewhat, if your problem is that you've got a lot on your mind.
Having blue-light filters on your phone/computer and having lightbulbs that aren't too bright or too blue in your home also helps a ton.
I tend to get a seemingly incurable insomnia whenever I'm on my period, though. I think it's hormone related. Do any other anons get period insomnia, specifically or have any tips to remedy it?

Anonymous 14962

Avoid all caffeine, all day. Even small amounts like a coke or a hot chocolate will affect my sleep.

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