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Fashion Style Anonymous 951[Reply]

What is your current style like?
What are some of your staple pieces?
Favorite shops? Favorite/most flattering cuts?
Do you like it? If not, what would you like it to look like in the future/if you had more money?

Ask for advice or give some to the other miners seeking fashion advice here!
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Anonymous 16343

What is your current style like?
Either preppy or girly.

What are some of your staple pieces?
Long dresses, bags which stand out, moccasins, turtlenecks, and I like both vibrant colours and dark colours but my favourites are pink, navy blue and green because they suit me a lot. I love flower and tartan patterns.

Favorite shops? Favorite/most flattering cuts?
I buy a lot online now, except for shoes. French brands. I like my clothes fitted around the waist and large for the legs because I have a thin waist and my thighs are chubby. This way I achieve a hourglass look. I really like good materials, I enjoy linen, cotton, and wool the most.

Do you like it? If not, what would you like it to look like in the future/if you had more money?
I like it but I'd like to find clothes that fit me better.

Anonymous 16389


>What is your current style like?
Basic and normie. All summer long, I wore wide airy pants with single-coloured tank tops or t-shirts, a combination that pretty much everyone around me wore if they didn't go for summer dresses.

>What are some of your staple pieces?

- Blue jeans
- Single-coloured tops in neutral colours
- Tops with a white-blue stripe pattern
- Comfortable black-white sneakers

>Do you like it? If not, what would you like it to look like in the future/if you had more money?

No. I only wear it because it's affordable, easy to find, and appropriate for my age and personality. Bottom row in pic-related is the kind of style I'm actually into just because it's something I didn't have the guts to wear in my teenage years. I still like edgy anime teen/mall goth/alt fashion now but I'm a tad too old to pull it off. Plus, I live in a small town and these would make me stand out too much.

Anonymous 16399

What is your current style like? Goth, a little grunge or punk sometimes.
What are some of your staple pieces? Leather jacket, maxidresses
Favorite shops? Favorite/most flattering cuts? I usually buy fast fashion or thrift.
Do you like it? If not, what would you like it to look like in the future/if you had more money? I have excellent style usually but I've been a depressed NEET lately and stopped bothering.

Anonymous 16400


Picrel, I just wanted to say I have finally bought my first lolita dress and I couldn't be happier! It's from a taobao brand I think, but I don't even care, the second I saw it I knew I HAD to buy it (witch themed, lots of frills rather than printed fabric, pink-black combo… everything I love!)

Suddently, I feel ok being an adult… It has been my dream since I was 10 or so to own one of these dresses, but due to lack of money I couldn't buy anything.
I worked lots into saving money (my job doesn't pay well lol) and losing some weight, the dress better turns out perfect when it arrives…!

Anonymous 16414


> What is your current style like?
I'm really into 50s-90s fashion, depends on what I feel like wearing that day. My major fashion influences are Anna Karina, Francoise Hardy, Chloë Sevigny and Anjelica Huston.
> What are some of your staple pieces?
Turtleneck, a frilly blouse, corduroy pants, polo sweaters, 70s-style jeans.
> Favorite shops? Favorite/most flattering cuts?
I buy from second-hand shops near me mostly, otherwise Etsy or Depop when I have more money.
> Do you like it? If not, what would you like it to look like in the future/if you had more money?
I like it, I feel like I've finally found "my style". Picrel is similar to an outfit I wore today.
I love this.
Go for it.


Anonymous 7325[Reply]

Where do you buy your bras, miners? Any brands you particularly like?

I definitely value comfort over looks when it comes to bra-shopping. My favorite are Maidenform's wireless bras. I hate underwire on bras and I hate clasps on adjustable straps that tend to show through tight-fitting shirts - this one has neither. But I dislike some aspects of the the design. The big bra cups and wide straps sometimes show when I try to wear a lower v-neck.
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Anonymous 15819

He's cheating on you. Dump him immediately

Anonymous 15820

garish neon colors damn does he have a stripper fetish or something

btw its pretty normal to look good for the person you love but that doesnt mean you cant have lingerie type of underwear to wear for yourself, it doesnt have to be all for men.

Anonymous 15855


Amazon. I have bought the same bra for over three years (Natori Yogi Underwire Sports Bra) since it is just amazing for me. I keep track of when the price decreases so that I can repurchase.

Anonymous 16408

When I still used to buy bras I would always buy them second hand through reddit. It's incredibly difficult for me to buy bras at a store because I have a very small band and slightly big cup. My favourite brand is probably Ewa Michalak and I only splurge on bras when I really can afford it. Comexim is also a nice brand but has REALLY weird sizing (more affordable than Ewa Michalak tho). The thing I really like about Ewa Michalak bras is that there is not just a big variety in sizing but also the cuts of the cup, meaning they make bras for all sorts of breast shapes also, and for me when I usually buy UK brands (also known for good sizing) the wire is too wide and when it isn't, the cup is too tall.

Anonymous 16410

No, us Slavic girls just have naturally massive knockers


Anonymous 16324[Reply]

I started reading a webtoon about an ugly girl who manages to become hot by getting really good at makeup. Is it actually possible to transform yourself that much with makeup (Unless you're a professional makeup artist or something…)? I like this webtoon so far but I can't help but feel it is too unrealistic. Plus it feels like it is contributing to toxic feminity and slightly misogynistic - Implying women should do makeup for others, rather than just for themselves, to be noticed and treated nicer. No women should be encouraged to use makeup to be fake and moid-pandering.
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 16348

She made fun of someone for being ugly when she was in makeup form. Absolutely no self awareness

Anonymous 16359

Koreans call each other ugly quite casually

Anonymous 16384

>Don't they grow lighter/almost no body hair and age slower too? Great, now I have Asian genetics envy.
No. You sound like some r9k weeb, lmao.

Anonymous 16385


You sound like you don't know what a weeb is.

Anonymous 16403


Asians are not some mystical race please don’t mystify us


Anonymous 16264[Reply]

Any nonas with ptosis here? I really dislike my uneven eyes so I'm considering ways of hiding them. I'm not very good with make up and can do only basic tricks to make them appear more even like putting dark eyeshadow on the bigger eye and light eyeshadow on the smaller one. I'm considering doing something like always wearing sunglasses which can be pretty weird when it's not sunny or even an eye patch which would also look pretty unusual with my usually plain outfits. Any nonas had similar problems?
8 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 16367

Interesting, thank you for sharing! Seems like one of my eyes is just more hooded, I wonder if this advice or some other one could help with this.

Anonymous 16368

If it's just hooded not weak another possible option is eye tape to mask it. The stuff youd find from Asian beauty products to give Asian women an eyelid fold they otherwise wouldn't have. I never used it so I dont know how comftorable or not it is but worth looking into it bothers you how your eyelids look.

Anonymous 16381

is this even a medical thing? doesn't everyone with big/feminine eyes have this?

Anonymous 16382

oh wait sorry I'm retarded - is this something that happens to only one eye? yeah I've got this and my parents used to make me wear an eyepatch for years. It didn't change anything.

I think you can fix it with surgery though.

Anonymous 16391

Hm, yeah, it could possibly help! Thank you, nona!
True, but surgery is kinda expensive


Anonymous 15713[Reply]

How do I get naturally curly/wavy hair? No perms, no curling irons, etc.
5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 16279

What's a diffuser?

Anonymous 16284


The circular pronged attachment piece that nicer hair dryers come with. It's better to dry wavy/curly hair with. The airflow is dispersed more evenly and the prongs help with keeping the hair shape and volume.

Anonymous 16286

Keep your hair well conditioned and so long as your hair isn't dead straight it will make waves more visible. This seems especially the case with leave in conditioners.

Anonymous 16295

Do you mean naturally as in heat free?

Anonymous 16334

Hair must be damp
Cover hair in moose
plait your whole hair
Wear silk bonnet if can
Leave overnight (no more)
depending on how tight the plaits are the more curly (Or how many plaits) you could easily make your hair coily.


Whats your budget on hb Anonymous 16024[Reply]

I don't buy any makeup except for lipsticks because oh yes pretty colours love it. Lipsticks last long even though I use them almost everyday. I have about 4 I think and it's been more than one year or two that I didn't buy any.

I don't spend a lot on haircare because I use what I have in my kitchen to wash and do masks. I think it's been more than one year. I only bought recently two products to try because it's made for curls. Cost me about 40 euros but I don't mind since I didn't buy any hair product for a while and it is quality stuff.

I don't buy much skincare products either, now good soap is enough for me. Recently I used pH neutral stuff I buy at the pharmacy. Costs less than 10 euros for 2 soaps if I remember correctly. But i swap a lot because I like to try soaps. I avoid conventional ones so I either buy stuff at the pharmacy or at bio shops.

As for health well I'm really inconsistent with the way I nourish myself so… It's either I spend way too much on junkfood or nothing at all or I'm being a good girl who buys nice meat and a bit of vegetables and fruits. I avoid fish now because it's so overpriced for its worth now with all the pollution. Too bad cause I do love the taste
I don't spend money on meds I don't live in US
Im taking better care of my illness tho. (It's not mental)

So in one year I usually don't even spend 100 euros in Health and beauty.
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Anonymous 16313

i just rinse my face with water and moisturize at night. when i go outside i put on moisturizer with spf in it.
i'm considering getting anti aging things and actually caring about my skincare. what routine would you consider for a newb? i live in a dry climate but have normal skin thanks to birth control (BC really dries me up - dry eyes, dry coochie, turns my normally oily skin normal kek).
i live in canada and retinoids are unfortunately required a prescription :/

Anonymous 16316

I found a really nice set of 5 scented ones in Japan for like 3 bucks.

Anonymous 16319

You still have to wear masks?! I stopped doing it very soon and I just kept the tissue masks I was given on some occasions. Only times I bought masks was only one in the moment because I didn't have any on me and needed one to go to some place. So i probably spent 2€ max en masks. I only wore them if I really had to

Anonymous 16320

I don't know much either tbh, that's why I have a simple and safe routine.

I'd say that since you don't really seem to get pimples and stuff you should just find a neutral pH soap to wash your face and find a good moisturizer with an app that reviews the composition. This way you will avoid bad products without struggle. You just have to scan the barcodes when you shop, or you can directly scroll on the app with filters to find good products then look them up.

So yeah, basically a soap that will not dry your skin and a skin product that will protect your from the cold without injecting your skin with chemicals. I think charcoal products are good but that's a personal choice and you'd still have to find an actual good product. I also like aloe vera and it will protect your from the sun as well. I don't like sunscreens because they usually don't have a very safe composition imo. Good, extra virgin oils are nice as well (I prefer coconut oil, carrot is nice for the sun as well and it gives you a nice tan in summer)

Anonymous 16322

i have no skincare because everything breaks me out and my skin does best if i let it be. i have a lot of makeup that i use for special occasions or costumes/cosplay though. i use cheap hair products but i do oil it religiously and use a mousse.
most of my beauty budget is spent getting my legs waxed tbh.


Childfree thread Anonymous 102[Reply]


>"but Anon, you'll want them later!"

Yeah no.
301 posts and 19 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 16215

Why is antinatalism under health and beauty lol

Anonymous 16232

>For future women

If we were to will your belief to be axiomatic;
What future women?

Or am I speaking to Dolly The Sheep?

Anonymous 16237

Can you type in normal colloquial English, smartass? Your post is incomprehensible

Anonymous 16242


moid detected

Anonymous 16303

Overpopulation is a myth. It's a misallocation of resources veiled as a "poor people take up too much space" issue. There is more than enough space and resources on this earth, one multibillionaire's wealth could quite literally end homelessness globally or end world hunger but capitalism says it's okay for some of us to hoard wealth because "Well, they earned it!" By exploiting whose labour, I wonder.


Gothic/Alternative Thread Anonymous 5731[Reply]

It says that general fashion is permitted here, so how about a gothic/alternative fashion thread? Western, not gothic lolita.

Gothic rock started in the UK in the 1980s and is an offshoot of post-punk. The subculture that was based on the music survived through the decade and to this very day still has many "followers". Many fashion styles have been connected to goth, and they will be discussed here.

A list of some goth bands (NOTE: There are way more bands than I listed. I just posted the more popular ones):
Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, Alien Sex Fiend, Christian Death, 45 Grave
Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Love Spirals Downwards, etc.

Such styles include 1980s goth, deathrock, victorian, cybergoth, etc.

Some shops:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
19 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 16248


Anonymous 16258

Thank you! I just looked up dollskill and some of the outfits do come pretty close to the one I posted.

Anonymous 16265

This just looks like stuff from Hot Topic. It's e-girl at best, also sort of like a modern version of mall goth.

Anonymous 16287

pastel goth?

Anonymous 16292


Pic is peak pastel goth. What the other anon posted is not that. I'd just consider it generic alt fashion rooted in what dolls kill sells like >>16248 said.


Sports Thread Anonymous 15302[Reply]

What sports do you play, anons? I’ve been getting back into rock climbing.
20 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 16069

Do former sports count? I used to do swimming. My breaststroke was well, I think. Not really for competitive swimming, but I got 34Seconds in 50M which is fast enough.
Nowadays, though, I don't do it anymore. I'm scared of anyone finding out about my self harm scars. I really want to get back into it. Now, I do sprinting.

Anonymous 16136

You should honestly just get into boxing, especially if you’re interested in self defense.

Martial arts are kind of a meme, no offense. Knowing how to throw a hard punch and swiftly knock a moid out or stun him with a strike and immediately incapacitate him, is way more useful than knowing fancy wrestling moves or on the ground grappling.

That’s also pretty much useless in a real life fight, especially in a fight between a man and a woman. However if you’re doing it for fun or exercise then it’s not a problem.

Anonymous 16137

how hard is the sparring?

Anonymous 16283

If you are still here. I want to get into pole dancing. Is it ok that I have 0 strength and stamina? How long does it take to see any results?

Anonymous 16285

>Martial arts are kind of a meme, no offense.
Disagree but thanks for the disparagement lol


plastic surgery Anonymous 13395[Reply]

should i get a facelift at 29 years old?
24 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 15411

read the justbreastimpants forum

Anonymous 15424

Maybe but don't over do things.

Anonymous 15856

Honestly, just do your research carefully. If you want to do it and can afford it (or have a proper financial plan to pay for it) then just do it.

Anonymous 16263

is there a perfect (young) age for a nose job? i know you cant get it if you're underage ofc, but does it really become safe at 18? not like i can afford it rn anyway but still curious

Anonymous 16278

As far as I know your bones keep growing until you are in your late teens. The cartilage in your ears and nose also continues growing with age, so even if you get a great result in your youth, your cartilage can grow and change the result as you get older and nose jobs tend to have a long and extensive healing process even after the initial one year settling period. You see this with women who had their noses done in the 80s and 90s quite a lot. I would say 18 is fine. But bear in mind you might need a revision in your 30s or 40s.

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