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any miners with skin picking/excoriation disorder/dermiotilliomania? Anonymous 12858[Reply]

>how long have you had it?
>where/what do you pick?
>how does it make you feel?
>any coping mechanisms/tips?
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Anonymous 14959

>how long have you had it?
Almost ten years at this point. It started when I was about eleven. My mom mentioned that I had a blackhead on my nose and tried to squeeze it. She couldn't get it out, but I went into the bathroom and used a rubber tooth pick to get it out myself. A year later, I first leaned into the mirror to look at the skin on my chest and then I spent an hour or two picking at my chest. By the end of it, my chest had a bunch of sores and it throbbed and ached. I think that was the last time I ever had un-picked skin.
>where/what do you pick?
Originally, primarily my face (mostly my nose, forehead, and above my upper lip), but over time I switched to primarily my chest/breasts/upper back. Now I've started picking at my upper arms and forearms. Feelsbad.
>how does it make you feel?
When I find actual acne and express it, it's definitely an instant release of dopamine. Almost a rush. But that's only with actual acne, most of the time It's not actual acne I'm picking at, my dumb monkey brain goes into overdrive and I just pick at whatever remotely resembles acne or a spot or something. It's usually just skin, so it's typically not too rewarding, but at this point it's a force of habit.
>any coping mechanisms/tips?
Distract yourself. Stay away from the place you usually always pick at. For me, it's my bathroom mirror. A rule I follow is that I'm not allowed to lean over the sink. Once I lean over that sink to get a closer look at myself, I can't resist. Also, set a timer on your phone when you are where you usually pick. So if I have to use the restroom, I'll set a timer for 3-5 minutes. Stay away from mirrors, especially stay away from magnified mirrors. Chuck out all thinks you use to pick. If you want to pluck your brows or something, set a timer. Try your best to be as mindful and in the moment as you possibly can. Don't try to push away the urge to pick, instead acknowledge that it is something that you want to do, but that it is not beneficial for you and tell yourself to put it off for five minutes. When those five minutes are up, do another five. And another five. And another, until the urge has subsided or mostly subsided.
I'm in the same boat as you, anons. And I know how embarrassing it can be. Some days I don't think it's even worth it to try. I relapse a lot. But in my experience, IPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 14961

I didn't know skin-picking was an indicator of stress because I guess for me it's always been a compulsion, I pick my nailbeds and thumbskin constantly and have for years. Same with my lips, but I think these are normal places for picking? For me is it just a bad physical habit?

Anonymous 15043

I've been doing the following to stop picking my face

>acid exfoliation every day to get ride of perfections

>only use a hand mirror with a handle so I hold it further away and see less imperfections
>using lots and lots of acne patches for the smallest thing
>keeping skin moisturized so harder to pick

Basically, the more I care for my skin, the hard it is physically to pick but also the more healing happens.

Anonymous 15077

I've been chewing my lips ever since I was 13. I'm 26 now.

I don't feel any particular way, I do it usually because I feel stressed and anxious. My lips look so ugly now.

Anonymous 15306

I’m finding that using exfoliating acids on my skin daily is helping a lot as they get rid of many of the “imperfections”. When there is one, I put an acne patch on asap so I won’t feel or see it anymore.


Reusable sanitary products 8531[Reply]

Does anyone here have any experience with reusable sanitary towels? I've usually always used the Always brand but I've recently found out how toxic their products are. I'd like to get into the reusable ones but I don't know how effective they are and how comfortable.
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Anonymous 10276

I use reusable pads and find them much more comfortable and longer lasting than disposable ones. Less leaky, too and no weird smell. I got them for cheap on amazon.

Anonymous 10451

TSS is more for things that are internal. Mostly, tampons, because they soak up all the blood and bacteria, and if they're in there for a long ass time, they can get pretty nasty.
Some people keep tampons in there for like 12 hours, which is a big risk for TSS. TSS is basically a bacterial infection. A pad won't really cause that since it's external.
I think even most menstrual cups have less risk of TSS than a tampon since all the ones Ive seen are made of medical grade silicone and have less chance to breed bacteria compared to a super-absorbent tampon.

Anonymous 10481

Literally just don't sleep in tampons and you'll be fine. Mine start to feel sore after hours of being in, so I have to remove them anyway. I can't even imagine leaving it in there long enough to incur TSS. I'm guessing some women just don't feel it? Also, make sure not to completely rely on tampons and wear a pad to let it air out a bit after removing a tampon.

Anonymous 15092

I use some made from bamboo cotton, and while they're very comfy and absorbent I haven't switched to them for my main menstrual use, only for sleeping and for discharge I get before/after a period. My first issue is: because the poppers can only hold it on loosely and even pads with two popper options can't always stay put without rolling sideways or slipping up and down I don't trust it to keep blood from going on my thighs and trousers. I've had them slip when heavy discharge was coming out and I ended up with a big wet patch above where the pad had been sitting, and thank god it wasn't bloody.

Second issue: I don't bleed when lying down but that means when I get up there's a fucking tsunami of blood and clots I have to rush to the toilet to get rid of. I've noticed when it does hit the pad all the clots and, for lack of better words, stringy red goopy shit in the blood sits on the surface without going in. I'm honestly amazed how the material has never soaked through to the other side when with disposable pads I'm frequently only saved by the plasticy adhesive backing being waterproof, which suggests it really does absorb a lot. But why the fuck does so much sit on the surface like chunks and silly string? It's unpleasant to feel and rinsing it off in the sink is nasty too. Is that just something with bamboo cotton? Do they all have this problem?

Third issue: the side you bleed on is dark gray so I don't have any problems with blood stains, however there are occasionally lightish stains that can survive a few washes and handscrubbings before going away. It's embarrassing because I can't tell if this is from the discharge I can't help, or some moment where I happened to be talking lewd and might have leaked other fluids. I don't know. Never had a problem with those staining anything in the past so this is news to me. Could just be that the pads are getting worn and the rougher surface holds stains more easily? I have no idea but I'm glad the neighbors don't use binoculars to eye my laundry.

What I'm most curious about is whether there's a brand that's particularly secure and doesn't slip, and whether "period pants" are basically the same thing. The latter are way more expensive than buying reuseable pads, and the thought of changing your whole underwear every 4-8hrs to stay fresh seems pretty inconvenient, so I've never tried it.

Anyway if you opened this ancient thread because you're thinking of switching to Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 15115


overpriced and overshilled garbage thread Anonymous 12426[Reply]

Have you guys used Olaplex? What are your thoughts on Olaplex treatments?

People are shilling this shit like it's the second coming of Christ. i've tried the 3 step system no less than 4 times now and it has done virtually nothing to my hair. i switched to the Aphogee 2 step system and it's like night and day. Aphogee is amazing yet it gets no love from the haircare community in comparison. is it because it's not gatekept by license required shops? plus it's not $200 for 16 oz.
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 14434

What products do you use? I just have the no. 7 bonding oil and I have no idea how to use it, I feel like an idiot

Anonymous 14854

my MIL is a very high earning hair stylist and salon owner and she advised my the only olaplex product that is worth my money is the no.8 hair mask once weekly. i have seen amazing improvement of the texture of my hair and it really has seemed to help repair my hair. i have medium length blonde straight relatively thin hair.

Anonymous 15094

I've only used the step 3 and i agree with you, it did nothing and the bottle is so tiny. I've followed the instruction and all, but it's a complete waste of money. I think it was shilled online by paid influencers.

Anonymous 15107

The No. 3 worked well for me for a leave in conditioner after showering, but apparently now its linked to cancer and reproductive issues. I think it's just No. 3 though.

Anonymous 15110

I started using it home too. I didn’t get much of a result using 3 by itself for a short period but using a generous amount of 0 and 3 together and wrapping a plastic bag over my hear for about 6 hours really counteracted the dryness and frizziness from dying my hair.

If your hair is not damaged already it’s probably not going to do much. Avoiding colouring your hair and using heat and general damage in the first place will always be better though.


Cosplay Self-Post Thread Anonymous 5358[Reply]

Post your cosplans, cosplays, WIP, costest, cosplay makeup, etc~
I wanna see what the C.C cosplay community is like
11 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 5370

Thank you for your reply c: I was torn between Terra Branford and Lightning but I think I will choose Terra now (also my mom told me not to choose Lightning because her outfit is too revealing lol)
I have lots of time, adequate skill and I think enough money, I think I will be able to make it really fancy! I'll post here if I manage it! (but that will be in like a year.)

Anonymous 15003


I'm planning on cosplaying Yukako Yamagishi this summer! My city is holding a convention in late May and me and some friends decided to go. I'm a bit torn because I think it'd be fun to make the costume myself. I don't really have any experience sewing, but it has been something I've been interested to learn. On the other hand, I have a pretty busy schedule and will be finishing my grad program in May so I don't know if I'll have time to properly learn and make a costume. Decisions… (sorry for necroing the thread, I didn't see another cosplay thread in the catalog)

Anonymous 15004

How will you do your hair?

Anonymous 15005

My hair is pretty long and the same color, so I'm thinking of just curling it and giving it a lot of volume. I don't know how well it'll work because I have a lot of hair (and I also don't know much about hair shit), but I think it'd be fun to try to style my actual hair rather than a wig!

Anonymous 15008

you'd probably feel a lot more proud wearing something you made yourself but if you're busy with school, buying an already made cosplay might be the smarter choice
the hard part for making costumes in my opinion is more so the pattern drafting/altering than the actual sewing so that'd cause you a lot of frustration as a beginner


Rate Menstruation Products. Anonymous 14073[Reply]

What is your list to the most usefull to worst menstruation products?
Mine is:
>№1 Sanitary Pads.
>№2 Tampons.
>№3 Menstrual Cup.
>№4 Reusable Sanitary Pads Made Out Of Cloth.
26 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 14442


normal pads are expensive and some have been found to have cancerous materials so I've been thinking about making my own (also been dealing with enviromental guilt)
but wtf am I gonna do with them when I need to change my pad in public ew
when I try to research them I rarely find any useful info because it's usually from people trying to advertise their etsy business or something

Anonymous 14443

>№1 Mirena IUD.
>№2 Panty Liners (not the thick pads) for the two mild periods I have while the IUD is fading.
>№3 Tampons for the one real period I have before the IUD is changed every 5 years.

don't really like anything else. I bleed an enormous amount when off hormonal b/c so the diva cup was a real joke.

Anonymous 14464

I have designated underwear in case I leak, but even when freebleeding, I don't generally stain my underwear. I pee often enough that I end up wiping anyway any bit of blood that has come out. But as I said, my flow is super light.

Anonymous 14480

You use a wetbag essentially. Something waterproof to hold a used pad in until you can take it home. I take my used ones and soak them in oxyclean.
T. Make my own reusable pads

Anonymous 14925

I love a menstrual cup. I used one for YEARS before they were "mainstream" so my only option in-store was the Diva Cup. I was on the implant and bled for 3-4 months at a time once so it was easy maintenance for me. Wash in the sink in the morning, in the shower in the evening. This also allowed me to make sure that I was bleeding a healthy amount because you cannot see how much you bleed into a pad or tampon.

I'm currently pissed right now because I bought a new menstrual cup before I gave birth, buying the bigger size, then had an emergency c-section and it's entirely too big. So I just wear my period underwear and change it as often as you would a pad, and wear my menstrual cup when I swim. It's larger size works better for that but is not comfortable for day-to-day use. I bought the saalt cup because I heard it was the most comfortable. I might write an email because I'm too broke to buy another one.


Big breasts thread Anonymous 11662[Reply]

Who here /titcow/?
There is a small breast thread, so I thought we could make one too to discuss our ailments/blessings.

>Do you like having big breasts?

>Would your change your breast size? Have you ever considered surgery?
>How has it affected you growing up? Any bad experiences with moids? Any nastiness from other girls?
>Has anyone ever made assumptions about your personality/character/libido because of your breasts?
>Do you consider any types of clothing a no-no because of your breasts?
>Any favourite bra brands or types?
>Any perceived advantages?

Also don't forget to self-check for lumps. Goes for our itty bitty sisters too.
123 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 14902

>Do you like having big breasts?
No , they're my biggest insecurity

>Would your change your breast size? Have you ever considered surgery?

I actually got breast reduction surgery , 0/10 would not recommend

>How has it affected you growing up? Any bad experiences with moids? Any nastiness from other girls?

got molested by family member since like 7yo and I still feel like if it wouldn't have happened if I didn't have large breasts , and yeah I always get catcalled because of them once I step outside , once in class a boy I knew straight up pushed my shirt and looked at them , doesn't help that I'm short so had full view . No girl has ever been nasty to me because of them

>Has anyone ever made assumptions about your personality/character/libido because of your breasts?

I'm very introverted so no not really tbh

>Do you consider any types of clothing a no-no because of your breasts?

anything tight or revealing , once during summer when I was 15 I was gonna wear a tank top to the beach , my dad basically called me a whore for it so I never wore one again

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 14903

>got molested by family member since like 7yo and I still feel like if it wouldn't have happened if I didn't have large breasts
This is terrible, anon, but I don't think your boobs are the cause since you probably didn't have any when you were 7. Don't blame yourself for what others did to you.

Anonymous 14906

thank you for the kind words

Anonymous 14910

>0/10 would not recommend
Why wouldn't you recommend it anon? I'm thinking about it again after yet another cute dress I couldn't fit into because of my boobs.
I'm so sorry about your abuse experiences anon. It wasn't your boobs' fault, it's the abusers' fault.

Anonymous 14911

Not that anon, but your breasts often get full of scars, and sometimes they end up even more irregular after a surgery. I'm glad I didn't get one.


Larme General Anonymous 6152[Reply]

>Favorite brands?
>Favorite models?
>Favorite substyles?

Do you use the facebook group, discord or amino? Do you own any issues of the magazine?
11 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 6164

my normie ass loves this stuff then. it looks sort of elegant yet casual and appropriate. much more flattering than some kyrary pamyu pamyu lookalike outfit imo. how am i gonna shop for groceries at walmart in a decora kei outfit without people stopping and being like wtf

also axes femme looks pretty cute too. im looking at ebay bc im too lazy to order from the jp shop

Anonymous 6165

I think one thing in Larme is that the outfits are supposed to fit the situation. OTT Swankiss Larme is fine for partying, but you might want to wear something different at work. You don't have to make a choice between OTT and "normie", you can very well wear both in different occasions.

Anonymous 6166

do any of you know where to buy larme brands without using jp sites? i dont want to be bothered to go through the whole gaijin shipping process or trying to make out a language i dont understand

Anonymous 6167

Tenshi shop is a shopping service I use for pretty much everything I order from Japan. She's really friendly and good at responding so try looking in that shopping service. Hope this helps!

Anonymous 6168

Does anyone colour match their blogs or instas to look more Larme? I'm attempting too but I feel it looks like shit.

Also has anyone else noticed How much Honey mi Honeys new stuff looks like Monacas new line? God damn it haha


Vaccine side effects Anonymous 11172[Reply]

Anyone here vaccinated? Let's talk side effects.
103 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 14651

Oh, and I got my period right after all 3 shots and it hurt like hell (never happened b4, the pain's usually mild)

Anonymous 14727

hey nonas, could i get some advice?

i need to get a booster shot because of personal reasons. which one is the one that will have the least possible side effects?

Anonymous 14728

Pfizer I think but you probably shouldn’t mix types if you’ve had a different type before.

Anonymous 14729

i had pfizer. ill go with pfizer then, if that's the safest bet.

Anonymous 14866

How do you not know of such a classic pasta


narrow hips Anonymous 14131[Reply]

is it possible to stop being a hiplet? and before you screech at me about bone structure, i'm not talking about that.
there must be something that can improve the appearance of narrow hips. how far can muscles be built in that area? how narrow can i make my waist in order to exaggerate my hips? and how do i do these things?
31 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 14668

No keep rambone, I like that one.
Like a spoof of Rambo.

Anonymous 14669

>i have never seen a woman talk about…fucking hip width

Um sorry do you know what thread ur in? Did you not read what the OP of this thread wrote? Lol

Anonymous 14670

I am talking about male hip width. Ofc i'm not saying kleinfelter dudes with literal wider hips than 90% of women look great or whatever, but i have never seen a woman complain about a man having a slightly wider hip than his stomach.

Anonymous 14675

Oh I see my bad. Very true. My ex had a similar shape and it was nice cause I had something to grab onto while pegging him.

Anonymous 14676


having broad shoulders Anonymous 10603[Reply]

My shoulders are wide compared to my body and it makes me feel ridiculous. Any tips on dressing etc to help hide it
10 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 14111

I wish I was tall with broad shoulders. I'm 5'1…

Anonymous 14112

at least you're not short with broad shoulders…

Anonymous 14115

i am :(

Anonymous 14121

dang sorry. i am too, i know it sucks.

Anonymous 14629

Hi there, tall and broad musclefag here. Anyways after about 30 years of experimenting I have found the best way to distract from my broad shoulders is to just wear an asymmetrical top. Something with one strap over one shoulder but not the other, anything that just hangs off the shoulders a little bit, dark colors rather than bright colors. Stuff like that will really help you minimize the look of the size. It really sucks to be tall, broad and small breasted but the upside is it scares off the manlets.

Embrace your power and bulk up.

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