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Women's Faux Leath…

eGirl Aesthetic Anonymous 8364[Reply]

I want to dress like an egirl but I'm having a hard time finding brands that fit the specific image. Please dump outfit inspo and images here.

I'd prefer this not turn into bashing the style as edgy and wannabe as it is. I just think its fun
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Anonymous 8372

Anonymous 8390

i hear aliexpress has good stuff too



Found this at https://allthingsrainbowstore.com/ They have aesthetic fashion blog on their website with lots of ideas on Egirl aesthetic outfits

Anonymous 9571

don't use this its all dropshipped aliexpress stuff

Anonymous 9583

Why would anyone want to get on a dead trend?

a31 (1).png

Anonymous 8571[Reply]

>exercise regurarly
>have a good diet
>use moisturizer on face
>take cold showers
>dress up decently
>take good care of hair
>use light make up such as concealer to hide eyebags
>sleep required amount
>stay hydrated
What am i doing wrong? Why havent i looksmaxxed yet?
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Anonymous 9338

Just survive it. Corona means nothing to a healthy body.

Anonymous 9339

i was talking about things like cancer and autoimmune disease, which can have an almost exclusively genetic component or be simply bad luck. what if you get cancer and suddenly are but on chemo? corona could knock you down in one single coof, there's nothing "muh healthy body" could do against it.

Anonymous 9340

Meds won't help. That's the real redpill. You'll only relapse back into after chemo.

Anonymous 9349

1. Realising your self worth isn't just about male attention, fuck that

2. look on r/vindicta to find some tips but seriously if you don't have a set destination you're chasing a vacuous void…

Anonymous 9563

Habe you tried smiling :)?


Anonymous 7816[Reply]

Anyone into running?
Does any one have any tips into people starting to run?
Is there a smarter way to build endurance and not get winded as easily?

Since this is a slow board you can talk about general exercising advice.
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Anonymous 8395

>want to go run
>check the weather
>33 degrees
>5:40 PM, not even the peak of the day
The sun will be down by 8:30 and even then it'll still be 28 degrees. One of the pains of living in the US is how the temperature can fluctuate so much in one day.

Anonymous 8396

Bruh for fucking real, we had such a nice cool May and I've been so pissed the last week or so that I can't just go on hourlong walks whenever I want to anymore because it's summer hell outside. I have no other reason to leave my apartment…

Anonymous 8397

Lmao, I just got back from jogging, decided to go out anyway. I ended up a sweaty mess, of course.

Anonymous 8408

I'm a bit late, but well done! Getting out there is half the battle.

Anonymous 9562

I miss running on the regular. I have no excuse, especially since I lost my job. Depression just kick my ass so hard. I lost all motivation. I can't wake up early enough to go for a run and no way I'm in my neighborhood at evening. Cardio has to be the funnest exercise to me. I don't get most complaints against it. I wish I could have more discipline to lift weights but I find it boring.
I got so gross and flabby. My bmi is at 25 with my body fat is around 27%.


/glasses/ general Anonymous 9515[Reply]

How do you find glasses that suit you? Did you switch to contacts? What would you recommend for x faceshape?
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Anonymous 9527

I know some apps on the App Store use AR to show how they’d look on your face. Warby Parker has one

Anonymous 9529

Give contacts a try. I was scared of them but finally took the jump as an adult. They’re a game changer.

Anonymous 9530

Nah I'm okay with glasses, I don't wear makeup and I have pretty bad bags under my eyes.

Anonymous 9533

>tfw tried them as an adult but it just gave me horrible dry eyes despite using moisturizing eye drops
Destined to look like a dweeb forever.
Also was constantly afraid of scratching my eye due to fragility because of the dryness and just having poor control over my strength when taking them out.

Be careful, anons. Beauty is fleeting but blindness is until death.

Anonymous 9543

I want to change the contacts. I have a lot of prescription (-6.50 diopters) and I feel that the glasses make my face look very strange. I also wear braces. You can imagine how I look, lol. Advice on contacts?


Nose piercings. Anonymous 9290[Reply]

Who started this trend?
Why does everyone have them?
And how the heck does ANYONE think this looks good?
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Anonymous 9523

Snake bites are cooler than septum piercings.

Anonymous 9524

I don't like either, but still, my point stands.

Anonymous 9526

why do people these days act like having an opinion about something means that you are OBSESSED with it

Anonymous 9531

Honestly my issue with piercings like this is that 9 times out of 10 women thing it’s a personality trait or makes them unique. Like alt/goth in 2020. Please do it because you like it and not because you want to look different because honestly everyone looks the same to me at this point and I’m BORED and uninspired.

Anonymous 9532

Don't worry, the feeling is mutual.


Reusable sanitary products 8531[Reply]

Does anyone here have any experience with reusable sanitary towels? I've usually always used the Always brand but I've recently found out how toxic their products are. I'd like to get into the reusable ones but I don't know how effective they are and how comfortable.
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Anonymous 9498

if you don't put it in deep enough it can stick out of you a bit if you mean that

Anonymous 9499

I've never tried them because of the toxic shock thing. I don't do sports so it's not like I ever "needed" them.

I once had a doctor try and make out from this that my vaginismus was because I had a phobia of inserting things into my vagina. In reality I just don't take risks with things I see as not worth the gain in comparison to what could happen, even if it is rare. There's other normal things I avoid because of this.

So far there has been one case of TS supposedly from a cup. If it turns out cups can cause TS as well then I'd just go back to pads.

Anonymous 9500

>In reality I just don't take risks with things I see as not worth the gain in comparison to what could happen
There's not a single person on this planet that doesn't do this. The point of having a phobia is that you are mentally over-exagerating the risks vs benefits. Hypochondriacs that don't leave their houses use this same line of thought to justify not going outside.

Anonymous 9504

>In reality I just don't take risks with things I see as not worth the gain in comparison to what could happen, even if it is rare. There's other normal things I avoid because of this.

You took the sentence out of context. I was referring to other things people find normal that I don't do, not that I was trying to make out that I was special. For example, I just wouldn't ride a bicycle without a helmet. In some countries not wearing a helmet is more common.

I also said that I use a cup, which has to be inserted in a similar way and that I never "needed" to use a tampon as I don't do sports. If you told me I had to insert a tampon right now I could do it without an issue. I just don't want to use them.

Anonymous 9519

I use pads but I'm still so disgustingly unhygienic during my period that it is a God's miracle that I haven't gotten TSS. I'm done testing my luck though.

download (1).jpg

Favorite vulvu moisturizer? Anonymous 9195[Reply]

I ran out of mine, want a new one what do you guys recommend.
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Anonymous 9239

erm no one 'services' me, but I like the other anon use coconut oil on my hand when masturbating

Anonymous 9245

You shouldn't be putting moisturizer down there…

Anonymous 9314

gotta get a wet ass pussy doe. you moisturize everything else. why not the kitty cat?

Anonymous 9481

it's good to use topical lubricant but… coconut oil is not a good idea, as much as I love the stuff its not good for your kitty.

use water-based lube instead!

Anonymous 9505

Op of this thread use lip glawse.
Only of your lips tho idk about putting anything inside your vagina.


Anonymous 9279[Reply]

I don't want to get fat and ugly when i have a kid (I'm already fat and ugly so there's kind of a disadvantage) what do you think women like her do all day?
23 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 9457


Yes :)

Anonymous 9458

>I cannot quite tell how fat she is

You can. Consider the ways fat women have their photos shot and edited, how they tuck their rolls into shapewear to hide them, and look at the places where there's spillover. Mentally undo the compression effect and you'll see the real picture.

Anonymous 9460

rin nakai.jpg

I like her proportions anon I think you are being too hard on her. She is not morbidly obese she is within range of having a nice body. I'm skinny myself and petite and I do like slender body type sin both men and women but a stout woman can definitely look good as well.

Anonymous 9463


Anonymous 9503

She is short and stout, stocky, hefty but yea she is very cute.


Anonymous 9293[Reply]

So what's preventing us from unironically becoming this?
Is this a Stacy? You know the type that has brunch, perfect teeth, talks too much about wine, and has a tiny, ugly dog?

I am mentally broken after the past year (and my whole life), and it's like, why not? At this point, we've tried everything, why not just become a biblefag (any religion deemed socially "acceptable")?

Either tell me why you haven't or why I shouldn't ditch our weebneet niche femcel lifestyles.
28 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 9420


When people say that dressing well improves your appearance - it's true ofc, but the thing is I don't know what "dressing well" means. I know how to choose clothes that fit, suit my body type etc but it's hard to tell the difference between a plain "nice" outfit vs a "stylish" outfit. And the person who wears it matters too, an ugly person can make good clothes look ugly and a beautiful person can wear the ugliest things and make it stylish. Anyway it all comes down to genetics.

Anonymous 9433

I hate that I understand this.

Anonymous 9449

The more you look like a JoJo character, the less "bland" you are.

Anonymous 9477


I don't think what you posted is exactly a Stacy, or at the very least not the type of Stacy I'd seek to be.

That said, what is stopping me to become a Stacy is

>Very thin hair, no matter what I do

>Terrible hairline that's quite far back into my head.
Almost like it's reseeding when it's just been like that for all my life, giving me a huge huge forehead. I'd definitely go for a hairline lowering surgery if I had the money.

It also limits the hairstyles I can go for, I basically go for one type of hairstyle all times, which is just bland almost centered part (not completely center but not sideswept either). I avoid cute hairstyles where I have to pull my hair back like cute ponytail or like in pic related.
-Not being naturally blonde, my hair is too weak and unhealthy to be bleached. Not saying dark haired Stacies don't exist
(Kardashians example or Ariana Grande and Valkyrae) but I just personally adore blonde hair. I wish I had blue eyes too.

Hair is a woman's crown, and I feel so bad for being a hairlet. I just feel so inferior and less of a woman with my thin, short and bland hair. Even more than not having a womanly voluptuous body honestly. I'd kill for a long, thick and wavy Stacy hair.

Anonymous 9495

Get a human hair wig, anon


Anonymous 9459[Reply]

How do i get rid of vaginismus? Has anyone managed to get rid of it by just relaxing and adjusting?

Anonymous 9461

How long have you had it?

Anonymous 9473

I posted this before in another thread but since this topic comes up a lot and doctors are useless I'm reposting:

I had it. Some background:
I went to the doctor (who didn’t even examine me) and got told to see councilors, who were useless and only recommended some weird 70s sex book that included a section on armpit sex (yes you read that right). Another doctor just gave me a lube prescription. Went again a couple of years later and saw a sex therapist who did examine me but was also useless and just wanted to talk about the times I had tried to have sex and criticising my choices. She couldn’t seem to grasp why I thought losing your virginity wasn’t a big deal (virginity is a man made concept) and couldn’t find anything in my childhood so I stopped going. Aside from an examination, I don’t recommend involving doctors at all.

How I cured it:
I went to another doctor and asked about a treatment that is basically inserting dildos of varying size until you are ok with a normal size. While men can get viagra as a free prescription, I was going to have to pay $$$ for a dildo set. I didn’t want to do that so I did the following instead:

1. Stop dating completely. It just put pressure on me to put up with the pain and made things worse.

2. When masturbating, right before climaxing, insert my pinkie finger for a few seconds, then remove and continue as normal. Gradually I built up to having the finger for longer, using the finger for stimulation, larger fingers, multiple fingers, etc. One you can bunch your whole hand together and insert that you’re pretty much fine.

3. During sex I now insist that I masturbate or my partner gives me oral until the brink of orgasm before anything is inserted into me. My partner can lick my nipples, kiss me, stroke themselves, while I do it. Also, if it hurts even in the smallest way (which basically never happens now) I stop immediately. No more pretending.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous 9474

I should add to this, I was reading yesterday about the training to be a councilor and it's really bad. I don't recommend anyone ever see them about anything, vaginismus related or not. Research a proper therapist or psychologist if you want to go down that route.

Anonymous 9478

Thanks anon. This did help

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