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So.. How the hell do people shave their backs? Anonymous 6931[Reply]

I have no idea if I have hair back there or not, but I do know the back of my neck has hair that doesn't connect to my head hair, so I can only assume my back does too.

So. How do people shave something they can't even see?

Anonymous 6932

they ask their bf

Anonymous 6933

Go in the bathroom, face away from the mirror and take out your phone and go to the camera to see your back

Anonymous 6934

cant believe i never thought to do this. i always crane my neck like some shaft character trying to see


The X Effect Anonymous 1[Reply]

The X Effect started on reddit as a method of forming habits and building willpower.

The idea is to track the habit you want to form for 49 days on a 7x7 grid. Each day you cross off a box if you did the thing, and you try and keep the chain of X's going for the whole 7 weeks. The theory is if you can do something every day for 7 weeks then you can keep doing it.

I've been using it to form basic morning/night routines and it's been really helpful, not only for motivation but also for accountability and tracking my progress. Have any of you tried this before?
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Anonymous 4806

I think I'm going to this. Does everyone use a physical calendar /card, or has anyone tried doing this on their phone calendar /planner?

Anonymous 4900


Replying to myself because maybe it'll help someone else: if you search "habit tracker," There are a lot of useful-looking apps!

Anonymous 6631


I definitely want to try this!!!!!!! I'll post my charts when I get home on Tuesday.

Anonymous 6682

I'm starting this today :)
>Brush teeth
>Wash face
Simple ones but something I struggle with having depression, so I'll make sure to do them every day.
If it goes well after a week or two I'll start doing some others like
>Stay hydrated

Anonymous 6918

How did your first month go?


Female Reproductive System Anonymous 1288[Reply]

Information, questions, advice, tips and tricks etc.


>menstrual cycle
>birth control
>gyno visits
>vagina talk
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Anonymous 6889

For dates? That sucks and takes away any spontaneity tbh

Anonymous 6890

Blah, then just try to hitch him. You get him, you get more from wetness. You lose him, you don't have to worry about wetness anymore.

Anonymous 6898


in like… 2009 or 2014 or something a woman finally managed to get some scans done to determine the anatomy of the clitoris. pic related, that's what it actually looks like - most of it is internal and it wraps around your vaginal canal.

posting it here because I want everyone to know about it (and bc it made me really angry to find out how long and difficult it was to actually get imaging done for this)

Anonymous 6900

We still can't even decide if the G-spot exists, so I'm not surprised. Women's anatomy is still a mystery to most because who cares if it's not a penis. Ree

Anonymous 6917

panty liners are muuuuuch thinner than pads, you could try those instead?


Gala Thread Anonymous 6903[Reply]

Whose outfit was the best? Worst? Which was your favorite?

Pic related, I loved Lupita’s outfit

Anonymous 6904


I'm too out of the loop to know most of the celebs there, but some of the outfits were amazing

Anonymous 6905


There are some amazing male outfits (Billy Porter, Ezra Miller, Hamish Bowles) but I wanted to focus on the women. James Charles was abysmal though, you’d think he’d at least put some effort into doing camp makeup.

Anonymous 6906


This one is great, it looks like aladdin's persian carpet


Aliexpress thread Anonymous 5500[Reply]

Post your latest buys, your wishlist items and your favorite stores for clothing, accessories and more!

Anonymous 5501


Part 1 of my “fall is coming” order. Going to order more stuff later probs.

Anonymous 5502

Do you usually find that sizing is okay when ordering shoes from AE? And is the quality on par with the pricing?

Anonymous 5503

Literally all my shoes are from ali express besides like 3 pair .. and I have a lot of shoes . The sizing is good. I’ve only had issues like 2 times with them being too skinny. I wear a size 8 and sometimes get 8.5 depending on the measurements. The quality is beyond the price for a lot of the shoes. And the ones that did eventually fall apart , they did after a lot of wear and I just buy the same ones again lol. Worth 25$ ether way.

Anonymous 6577


Recently got this for $4 due to coupons. Decently well-made and cute!
I want to get shoes for AE but nervous about the sizing.

Anonymous 6879

I ordered some clothes from there before, but the quality was pretty bad. Is there anything to look out for?


How do I become as classy and elegant as Dita Von Teese? Anonymous 6817[Reply]

She’s pretty old at this point, has gone through a divorce, and is basically a porn star but she’s so elegant and glamorous. How do I learn to be like this??

Anonymous 6818

Ballet lessons probably. Also, didn't she write a book about it? it's called your beauty mark iirc

Anonymous 6820

Step 1: Be attractive
Step 2: Ballet training
Step 3: Acquire fashion
Step 4: Acquire makeup and makeup skills
Step 5: Don't skip Step 1

Anonymous 6864

>find what you love. it will give you strength.
Dita Von Teese appears so elegant and graceful in nearly everything she does because of the confident she has. Her confidence gives her strength.
shes confident because shes surrounded by things she loves. she **loves her hair, her makeup, her outfits, her body, her personality, herself*
* those last 3 can be hard to reach, but as long as you’re investing time into yourself, talking care of yourself and developing mentally and emotionally youll eventually find that strength and grace too


Fashion as art Anonymous 1426[Reply]

Post fashion you find artistic
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Anonymous 1428


Anonymous 1429


Anonymous 6801

Literally anything by Iris Van Herpin

Anonymous 6819


Anonymous 6831


sometimes just the way people look makes me feel


Hair thread Anonymous 569[Reply]

What are some of your favorite hair related YouTube channels?

What's your hair routine?

Do you take any supplements/do (you think) they work?
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Anonymous 6552

>It's bumping time

How often do people on here wash their hair? I do it every 3 days but I want to know what other anons do.
For context, my hair is thin but has a some wave to it. It's long, like back brastrap length. Only products I use are shampoo, conditioner, heat protectant, and dry shampoo when I need it.

Anonymous 6823

I have long, medium thickness hair. Pretty straight I’d say. I wash my hair once a week because my ends are so dry ( no matter what I do ) so I try my best to keep my good oils in my hair. My scalp doesn’t get oily until maybe the 5-6 day because my hair is used to it and I’ll use dry shampoo if needed, but doesn’t often. I’ll wash my hair every Friday or Sunday depending on my plans for the weekend. I think it’s better for your hair to wash it less and just oil the ends through out the week as needed instead of drying it out and wasting money on shampoo.

Anonymous 6827

>tfw washing dries out my hair for several hours but if I don't wash daily it will be greasy/smelly
There is no winning. I would almost prefer being a full-time greasy teen again to this.

I know no-poo people say "just wait a few weeks and it'll adjust :)))" but man, I'm not putting up with the inevitable acne that will set off.

Straight and somewhat thick hair btw. I use head and shoulders because folliculitis and whatever conditioner is handy.

Anyone know if coconut oil treatments work? What about argan oil?

Anonymous 6828

Anywhere from daily to every 4 days. I have really thick, coarse hair that I recently cut into a bob. The shorter length is a lot more forgiving wrt greasiness, when it was long I had to wash every other day because it would look dirty, and washing+drying took forever.

Anonymous 6829

Every 2nd day usually, I like it when they're floofy.


Anyone else here have really saggy boobs? Anonymous 6339[Reply]

I grew up raised by a single father who pretty much neglected me. I didn't wear a bra until late middle school and i developed fast. Im 22 now and my breast have been 100% saggy (point straight down) for as long as ive known. They are also pretty big (F cup) and Im planning on losing a significant amount of weight and I know they will get worse. I dont think surgery is a option, do you think guys honestly care that much? Im a virgin but im scared that once i get into a relationship ill be scared that my SO will be turned off by my ugly boobs. I dont think surgery is a option. Is it weird to keep your bra on during sex?
5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 6416

Guys, in my experience, don't give a fuck. If they have any experience with a big tiddy girl, they know there's gonna be some sag once the bra comes off if they're real.
As a general rule, as long as you're not selling a total lie (think ultra filtered photos where you look like a different person), no guy is gonna care once the illusion drops if they even notice

>based lesbo/2D-pilled femcel

Anonymous 6734

Fuck that dude above me. Bra usage doesn't prevent boobs from sagging. Saggy boobs are caused by genetics, boobs size, and dietary habit (whether u drink/smoke/spent unhealthy amount outside w/o sunscreen).

If he really loves you for who you are, he'd accept and love your boobs too.

Anonymous 6747


I have saggy uggly boobs too, except mine are a C-cup. It always blew my mind how such small boobs could sag, but anyhow:

I gained 50 lbs within about a year and a half ending in 2017, and have since lost about 35 (normal BMI now). Just looked at my chest this morning and noticed the inner side of my left boob has similar wrinklage as the OP pic, which was obviously non-existent before. [internal screams]

So one of my many hideous physical traits is now 1000x more disgusting. How do I cope with this?

Anonymous 6748

Acceptance. There's no point in mourning over how you look. Much more is important than appearance in this world. It's your soul that counts.

Anonymous 6797

op are you me? even with the weight i gained they didnt fill out and just stayed sad sacks, ive lost some weight now but they are still the same size mostly we are about the same size and age op, im sad about my ugly tits all the time, i wanted reduction as soon as i turned 18 but i want to be able to breastfeed my future kids so i hold off
they have been like this my whole life


Pain during sex Anonymous 6778[Reply]

I'm 20 years old and I've been dating my first boyfriend for 7 months now.
I've always been really shy and inhibited, but he's gently been easing me into sexuality by just teaching me how to kiss and do mouth and hand stuff and such.
We've tried to have sex twice now and every time it hurts when he goes too deep. It feels like he's hitting my cervix, but he says he's only halfway in. We're using plenty of lube and foreplay but I just get so tense and anxious when we have sex.
Is there something wrong with my vagina or is it just a mental thing? Why can't he enter me fully without me hurting?

Anonymous 6779


Anonymous 6780

> something wrong with my vagina or is it just a mental thing?
Vaginismus is sorta both at the same time - it connects your feelings to an involuntary physical response.
By the way - why do you think you get tense and anxious - what are your emotions when you are intimate? How you think intimacy should be?

Anonymous 6784

What you're describing doesn't sound like vaginismus, since he can go in at all without you feeling pain.

He is probably (like you said) hitting your cervix. The vagina gets longer the more aroused and relaxed you are. And possibly you're just naturally short, or he has a long penis.
Either way, he needs to suck it up and be more careful until you get used to it.

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