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Anonymous 20121[Reply]

Does anyone have experience with this color corrector?

blue eyebags.jpeg

eyebags Anonymous 19349[Reply]

how do you get rid of these?
I've had them for half of my life and barely even notice them. But sometimes when I do I get aware of how creepy I look. My eyebags are basically the biggest ones I've ever seen and even pics on the web don't come close. They are wide and blue with some blue veins being visible on the left and some red veins on the right. It's not actually a bag in that it hangs or is fatty, it's just the color.

Self help sites recommend sleep and low stress but I've had both for at least two years now and it didn't change a bit. Any recommendations please?
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Anonymous 19413


Do you have allergies? They could be allergy shiners.

Anonymous 19426

I have these too and i haven't found a way to get rid of them, but what i do is 'colour correct' the purple undertones, yellow cancels out purple afaik. get some yellow colour corrector and apply concealer over that.

Anonymous 19572

You can't really because they're genetic.

Anonymous 20111

I was just at the drugstore yesterday looking for something to cover my dark circles. They dudn't have specific salmon/yellow cream for dark circles and concealer seemed both too heavy or not enough so I decided to save my money and just try to get more sleep.

Anonymous 20118

If you notice it gets worse around your period it could be iron deficiency not just lack of sleep. Mine get crazy when I'm iron deficient and worse on my period. I thought it was sleep deprivation until I started being serious about supplementing and noticed them mostly go away. It also helped with my mood and lethargy too


Anorexia recovery Anonymous 19479[Reply]

I'm in recovery because I wanted to commit suicide but all the food makes my stomach hurt. I think it happens because I have gotten used to only eating vegetables and coffee or tea. Could it be that coffee damaged my stomach? Or maybe it's just my anorexia mind feeling guilty for eating?
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Anonymous 19808

Everyone's digestion gets fucked up in anorexia recovery. Try some yoga for stomach pain like puppy pose. I saw doctors for it but after like a year and a half I figured out that most of the pain was just trapped wind

Anonymous 19834

It's not the coffee, you can keep drinking that.

Anonymous 19912

>Could it be that coffee damaged my stomach?

Coffee can cause heartburn.


>Effects of Coffee on the Gastro-Intestinal Tract

Tea as well, I'm sure there's a study somewhere confirming it.

These are the facts, though I don't know what to suggest, I don't want to imply you should stop eating or drinking something. Maybe try other drinks that are not fizzy or wash down the coffee with water.

>Or maybe it's just my anorexia mind feeling guilty for eating?

I don't think anyone here can answer this. Try to reduce the physical pain, eat food like soup and beans that is easy on the stomach.

Anonymous 19930

It takes time for your body to readjust to processing normal amounts of food. When I was recovering from undereating I also had gas problems. It goes away and recovery is worth it.

Anonymous 20107

Are you doing better, nona?


What are some trends your glad to see gone? Anonymous 19476[Reply]

That thing in the early 2000s where girls would use too much mousse on purpose and end up with those disgusting crunchy curls. I always hated it, I feel so vindicated seeing people in modern times scrutinize it.

What are some trends your glad to see gone? Can be from any era you lived through
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Anonymous 20071

I always saw that as beach hair tbh. A lot of people where I grew up would try to say they went to the beach and that's why there hair looks like that

Anonymous 20093


As a fat woman with hip dips I rejoiced when the tik tok zoomers declared that skinny jeans weren’t stylish anymore. They only look good if you have nice hips, like pencil skirts, but everyone got gaslit into thinking that it’s flattering as long as you put a sweatshirt or shapeless tunic over it.
Also the distressing is terrible but I literally had a pair back in 2017

Anonymous 20094

i dress like this sometimes lol

Anonymous 20096

I really hate this, both the skinny silluette and the dumb ripping all over, but I still see women wearing these kinds if jeans all the time. I really wonder why they like it in the first place.

Anonymous 20100

I'm not fat, but low rise skinny jeans give me no figure. I don't think they look good on anyone


acrylic nails Anonymous 19827[Reply]

what is everyone's opinion on the expensive habit that is getting fake nails? i dont even do it anymore after thinking, "who am i actually doing this for? i dont really care."
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Anonymous 20070

They look cheap and trailer trash. I think if you can't invest in good nails, you should leave them alone, or paint them with basic nail polish.

Anonymous 20072

>trailer trash
so are all other kinds of ugly thick long fake nails

Anonymous 20085


I struggled filling them down to size but got them on! The other hand's nails look a little worse on the nail bed cause I filled a little too agressive but still they look really nice! They're thin so they don't really look like bad quality acrylics like you'd get done in a mall. Up close you wouldn't say they're customs but they're really cute
I got them at a local African beauty store. They're a brand I've seen around called Miss Yes that's under 10$
You can buy press on nails by real nail artists. They're real acrylics just done to your size on a mannequin then applied later by the artist or you at home. Imo they're a better idea than getting the acrylics done on you cause it's the same quality and will actually last if you remove them carefully. As for mass produced press ons they're nothing like they used to be in the 00s, I think they're better than a cheap nail artist now cause they're thin and come in nice designs you'd be paying so much extra for to get done. Tbh they beat a lot of "artists" in my city from seeing pics online unless you jump to 150$ minimum but I couldn't imagine paying for that to be applied temporarily instead of getting a set to keep at that price

Anonymous 20089

how cute! I recommend brush on nail glue, i can link the one I use. super strong. also you should have pushed back you cuticles and put the nails further up so they looked more real

Anonymous 20095

I would really appreciate the glue recommendation, I used these stickers it came with but the nails popped off by night haha. It did come with glue too but it's probably not great.
Should I cut a bit of the cuticles do you think? I pushed them as back as I could but they're a little long so they moved back into place onto the fake nails. I've had a lifetime nail biting habit (partially why I got the nails) so I don't really know anything to do with nail care lol.


Diet Thread Anonymous 6210[Reply]

Who here is on a /diet/?

I'm 5'4 and 165lb and trying to lose some weight. I started a diet yesterday. Trying to eat lots of veg and lean proteins and keeping my total calorie intake below 800.I'm so hungry tho
How's your diet going?
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Anonymous 20074


I need a help for diet planning.
I have phenylketonuria, so I am kinda forced to eat a lot of carbs, because I have no alternatives. I can't munch on proteins, because they contain phenylalanine, so my intake of them is very limited. I compensate by taking amino acid, mineral and vitamin supplement mixture, which doesn't not contain phe, so I recieve a daily norm of protein equivalent. Is there a way to manage carb intake without sacrificing energy intake? Also I would like to know is there a way to somehow stimulate muscle growth without protein?

Anonymous 20076

Mushrooms or kale?

Anonymous 20077

If you eat enough fibre to create concrete ass blasters maybe you could eat oil to offset the solidity. Just eat oil. Tonnes of oil. High in calories and easier to gulp than carbs

Anonymous 20081

Besides pku formula I don't think you have any other options without risking brain damage, and I don't think its possible to stimulate growth without protein. You should probably talk to a nutritionist.

Anonymous 20090


Thank you for your suggestions, nonas!
>>20081 You're right, probably talking to nutritionist is the best thing I can do. Too bad they're too rare in my country


Anonymous 19115[Reply]

Aluminum free deoderant. Do you use it? I am paranoid about getting breast cancer because I'm genetically predisposed so I'm always trying new brands but I haven't found any that are effective at making me not stinky.
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Anonymous 20048

as a deodorant i use a homemade mixture of (organic, virgin, cold pressed) coconut oil and baking soda. first i rub a little coconut oil on my armpit and then i press my index finger* into my jar of baking soda and then rub it into the coconut oil on my armpit so that it becomes an even mixture. then i just wash my hands and it's done. it doesn't feel sticky and the oil doesn't run if you use the right amount.

this actually has no scent. all you smell is your natural, neutral, clean body odor. if your natural body odor is stinky, it indicates an underlying health problem that needs attention. if you take care of yourself, eat right, exercises etc, then your body odor shouldn't smell bad.

*use a finger with which you have spread your coconut oil on your armpit, because some coconut oil will still remain on your finger. this is helpful if you press your finger into the baking soda because the salt will stick to the oil that remains on your finger. this is also the perfect amount of salt you need for one armpit.

the fact that it is an european product does not guarantee the quality and safety of the product. european products still contain unnecessary additives that, for example, change the color, structure and texture. the fact that the product now looks better than without those additives is at the expense of our health. and this is just a simple, well-known example. there are so many more ingredients and additives that many people question, but are simply approved by authorities …until, of course, a study is released that concludes that the additives turned out to be harmful…

Anonymous 20049

Wouldn't shea butter or something like that be better? Coconut oil can clog pores and that feels like the worst place to get a clogged pore or induce an ingrown hair. When I shaved back in high school I used to get them so bad I had to take a needle to get them out, now I'm constantly being careful to avoid them at all costs.
Also out of curiosity have you tried using a starch or powder to help absorb liquid too? Or is the baking powder enough? My recipe uses baking powder and a starch like corn or arrowroot powder. But I might just swap purely to baking powder to make it easier if that works.

Anonymous 20058

In and of itself aluminum doesn't do much harm except to clothing.


If you are exposed to aluminum directly enough for long enough it will pass into the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, it can and will be catalyzed with acids (from food or from metabolic processes) and be bound to nerve cells. Once aluminum enters cell walls bad things start to happen, including Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease.

Anonymous 20059

ty for the proof

Anonymous 20084

>shea butter
shea butter could be better, but depends on what you are looking for. i prefer coconut oil because it is extremely low in polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), and PUFAs are unhealthy, both for internal (food) and external use (on skin). i see that shea butter is also low in PUFAs, so that's good, but coconut oil is still lower.
>coconut oil clogs pores
i am aware that coconut oil, as a comedogenic oil, can clog pores. anyway, i personally haven't had any problems with that yet, and i've been using it for a long time (also on other parts of my body, including my face). i suppose this has to do with my skin type. of course i would stop using coconut oil if it gave me clogged pores or ingrown hairs. you have to figure out what works for you
>ingrown hairs
mind you that i don't shave my armpits, but i trim the hair there very short. this may also explain why i have not had any problems with ingrown hairs so far. i switched from shaving to trimming because i noticed that since i started trimming exclusively, i no longer suffered from irritated skin. i now trim my whole body.
>starch or powder
i haven't tried using a starch or powder to help absorb liquid yet, but i'm interested in this idea, so thanks for sharing. the baking soda or sodium bicarbonate (not baking powder, as you said) is enough for now. mind you, i made this homemade deodorant (coconut oil and baking soda) in september - after the summer, in colder weather - so it may well be that the baking soda becomes insufficient, as soon as the weather warms up and sweating increases.

anyway, nice to hear that you also experiment with your own recipes. i suggest that you just find out for yourself what works for you and what you want to put on your skin, don't just take what you read on the internet (or even from me lol), experiment and you will immediately know best.


Painful thing you've done for beauty? Anonymous 19917[Reply]

Probably getting waxed is the top of the list for me. Never again.
9 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 20032

Did you get bleach designed for body hair?

Anonymous 20046

ayrt I don't remember because this was years ago and I was a teen and my mom bought the bleach for me, it might've been for head hair and not body hair, but either way I'm done with hiding my leg hair, I just don't care anymore.

Anonymous 20053

I also realized most people just don't fucking care. Made me care way less even though I said shaving was for myslef lol.

Anonymous 20069

Nose job
lip filler

Anonymous 20078

using epsom salt mixed with soap to exfoliate despite having multiple severe open wounds from ripping off hangnails/cuticles


Teeth Anonymous 11451[Reply]

Aer your teeth healthy?
Do they look good?
Any imperfections?
Jaw and maxilla problems?
42 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 20004

I get abscesses now and then it's so painful it makes me wanna kill myself

Anonymous 20009

I have this one tooth on the bottom row that's out of alignment with the others, like it's positioned a few millimeters back. It also sticks just slightly above them and looks unsightly

Anonymous 20027

apparently your teeth can grow extra bone from grinding on the bottom so now I have this tiny bone dot nuisance attached to my lowest gum! fun!

Anonymous 20028

I have this tiny gap in my front teeth and not the cute type. I try to ignore it or think of it as "cute" but it's not and it's pretty noticeable. I did use braces when I was younger and I think there's something wrong with my retainer or maybe I chew incorrectly or something. I kinda hate it. Dentists never say anything about it though.

Anonymous 20067

One of the teeth on my bottom row isn't as straight as the others so it stands out when you can see my teeth


How to Get a Bilateral Salpingectomy? Anonymous 20051[Reply]

>good BMI
>relatively healthy other than ADHD
>took hormonal BC from about 15 y/o - 27 y/o
>normal period flow and duration
>have health insurance and a PCP
>married and already discussed with my husband
>have never ever wanted kids and he stopped wanting them a few years ago
OK ladies what's your advice regarding how best to get myself sterilized? What should I bring to the doctor? Should I find my own surgeon and go straight to them? I've never gotten a major surgery as an adult.
I got sick of taking hormonal birth control for a number of reasons and still cannot believe the difference in my sex drive since I stopped taking it. I refuse to take it again. I need the peace of mind of knowing I'll never be pregnant, whether accidentally with my husband or from a rape. I've read online that it can be quite difficult to get any sort of sterilization before your mid 30s but I obviously want to get this done ASAP. If doctors still ask your husband for some sort of approval/permission, I know he'd give his OK.
If you have any advice or recommendations for a particular sterilization method as well, I would love to hear it. I think a bilateral salpingectomy would be best for me. It'd give me the peace of mind of knowing there's absolutely no way an egg could get into my uterus anymore. I've read some issues with the ablation method allowing that in freak circumstances. I think this would also disrupt my reproductive and hormonal systems the least. I want to keep as much of my reproductive/hormonal system in-tact as possible while still achieving my goal of 100% guaranteeing no children. I've seen how ovary removal can encourage early onset of dementia and who knows what else since women's health research is so neglected.

Anonymous 20064

This isn't directly related to your question but make sure you search the methods well to see if early onset menopause is a possible result. My mom had the lining ablation which doctors swore up and down had no side effects but then she went into menopause and had to keep fighting with them about getting tests because they didn't want to accept the procedure had caused it so they refused to let her get tested until she went herself and found herself in the post menopause stage at 49 and it seems to have caused her menopause to last an extremely long time too cause years later in her mid 50s she's still in post menopause but not past it! The docs still try claiming it wasn't the procedure and some still gaslight her claiming she isn't in menopause even now she has proof but in researching herself she discovered lots of women had the same result of spontaneous menopause, even a woman in her early 30s.
It's really important to do half the research yourself unfortunately so this is more a heads up on that. I'm sorry I don't have anything more for you. I don't have any surgeries to recommend but a copper IUD is a good failsafe while you research if you have the insurance for a temporary solution. But I wouldn't recommend it if your periods are bad cause it'll make them worse. Hormonal IUDs don't do that but then there's the hormone issue of course. It's much lower than BC pills but some are still sensitive to it. I think it made my PMS (I forget the new acronym) worse personally but it could have also been age making it worse cause it's always been an issue for me

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