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Anonymous 16700[Reply]

What are some good weight loss tips? Like what are the best at home exercises, foods to eat and not to eat? I’m really bad about binge eating and I don’t know what to do. I just can’t be fat anymore. I wanna be skinny and pretty and not look like a fat monstrosity in every piece of clothing I own.
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Anonymous 16781

You could try IF - strictly eating one meal per day, or eating within a 4hr time frame. Helped for me because the strict rules help you control your intake, and eating so much in a short time is pretty second nature to chronic overeaters anyways. The reddit sub is pretty good for info and support. You just gotta find good liquids like coffee and tea and no-sugar drinks to pass the time, gum also helps. Also also I started drinking protein shakes (even though I don't really exercise), which is great.

Anonymous 16795

drink vegan protein shakes and don't keep anything else in the house. you'll basically only eat when you're actually hungry because protein shakes taste meh (and they should be vegan so you're not an immoral animal abuser) and fill you up a lot and slow muscle loss while you're calorie restricting. if you're really concerned about muscle loss you could also lift while doing this shit but I imagine you want to look all slender and ana like a kpop girl

Anonymous 16804

girl, shut the fuck up. stop moralizing women consuming animal products.

Anonymous 16809

Drink water. Thirst cues are often confused with hunger cues. If your stomach isn't making a noise, it's most likely a thirst cue or you're trying to cope with anxiety/boredom/stress etc. through eating so get something on hand to distract you.

Anonymous 16842

thank you. I want to know if it's just therapy that can resolve those issues?
I have binge eating episodes since childhood.


Skincare General Anonymous 431[Reply]

Post your skincare questions, routines, recommendations, rants, raves, product recs, etc.

I'll start with my routine that's finally working for me:

Thayer's unscented witch hazel (as a toner)
COSRX Oil-Free Ultra Moisturizing Lotion
CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion

Pond's cold cream cleanser
Thayer's witch hazel toner
Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid (leave on for 15 minutes)
Oil cleanse with mineral oil
Remove with Pond's cold cream cleanser
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Anonymous 16540

Is that a new zoomer word?

Anonymous 16582

Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that your attempt to treat your skin ended up hurting you. I fully understand wanting to take it slow. At the very least washing your face daily will help a lot, if you don’t already. Sounds like you would benefit from a soothing moisturizer, maybe purchasing one specifically for sensitive skin. I just want to encourage you because your issue seems so treatable and I believe that you can easily solve the problem. I’m rooting for you anon! Good luck

Anonymous 16660

You need to take away the yellow part of aloe vera, it's toxic. Just use the transparent gel.

Anonymous 16718

Has anyone else had really bad experiences with vitamins? I’ve always had pretty clear skin. A pimple here or there, nothing that bad. I started taking a regular multivitamin and I started getting really bad breakouts and my hair started coming out. Not super bad but it was noticeable. Well I found out that if you take too much b12 that’ll happen. So I stopped and my skin and hair went back to normal.

Anonymous 16833

I changed my routine about a week ago and I think I'm already seeing improvement in clogged pores/overall appearance.

Hado Labo SP50 all-in-one am gel
Eyeliner and mascara

Senka oil makeup remover (really message it into my face)
Hado Labo gokujyun anti-aging moisturizer

Simple is best.


Small Breasts Thread Anonymous 3427[Reply]

Let's discuss our thoughts on our small breasts and offer solutions and bra recommendations. Please, no derailing with people saying how we have it "easy" or anything like that.

>How has having small breasts affected your body image and confidence?

>Do you believe breast augmentation is alright?
>Do you prefer going braless?
>What are your favorite types of bras, if you wear bras?
>Do you care about having cleavage or not?
>If you have been berated for having small breasts, how have you coped?
>What are your favorite aspects of having small breasts?
>What's your favorite breast type visually?
>Any other advice for other small-breasted ladies, stories related to your small breasts, etc.
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Anonymous 16824

he has no idea what hes talking about and it sounds like it would just make you fat, which as we know can cause larger breasts too but who knows to what extent and tbh not a good trade off.
if you want to grow your breasts:
1 eat meals high in protein every day. aim for at least 80 g of protein (usually a woman needs around 40 g a day but if youre trying to grow a body part you need way more than that)
2 change your diet to include fruits and veggies too if you didn't eat them before, they have essential vitamins for the process
3 drink around 2 liters of water for good blood circulation so that it can deliver the nutrients to your breasts
4 linked to the above, massage your breasts everyday, once or twice a day. usually its better to do it before bed as hormones are more active at night, or around 2 to 3 hours after lunch when the nutrients are circulating in your body after digestion. look up japanese breast massage videos on yt there are many good ones you can choose from
6 exercise regularly, aim for around 150 minutes of exercise a week. do not overdo it, just do the basics for optimal blood circulation and growth hormone release
7 linked to the above, sleep at least 7 hours every night, preferably avoiding blue light at least 30 minutes before bed

if you are underweight, get it to a healthy range during the program. if you suspect medical conditions, seek professional help as both these things could hinder the growth even if you do everything right.

there are extra steps one can take but with doing just this there should be a good change. note that it's a long process and getting to your desired size can most likely take years (around 3/4).
the first results will also take a bit, although that depends on the individual and the starting point. usually the larger the breast, the fastest the first changes can be seen. id say it takes around 3 months to see the initial increase, and it gets easier from there. yes it is a slow process and it isn't magic, if you have a flat bust you more than likely won't end up with very large breasts but there are women who grew up to 5 cups doing this.

Anonymous 16825

>listening to what a man thinks about a woman’s body

Anonymous 16826

this is all bullshit and it sounds like some fetish posting. boob size is 90% genetics, and that's all there is to it. a dna test can correctly predict if you have big or small boobs (i've tried this myself with promethease)

Anonymous 16828

>especially on 4chan

Anonymous 16830

Lol no. NBE enhancement subreddits were all shut down because they were filled with men forcing their girlfriend to take a bunch of snake pills and complained about how "it didn't work though! She must have high testosterone, that's why she wants to have sex with me". Not even joking. This is just another way to blame women for "not trying hard enough" if they don't have features moids like


Female Reproductive System Anonymous 1288[Reply]

Information, questions, advice, tips and tricks etc.


>menstrual cycle
>birth control
>gyno visits
>vagina talk
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Anonymous 16659

you wont get in the mood without loving, its very hard but whatever try tinder idk

Anonymous 16684

Anyone else have bad mood swings with combined oral contraceptive pills? I was taking ethinyl estradiol + cyproterone acetate for PCOS and felt batshit insane and suicidal all the time I was on it. I switched over to a different brand with drospirenone instead and I feel normal?

Anonymous 16723

I'm going to stop my BC pills in the next few days after a year and a half of taking them and I am really excited to get back to my normal cycle. I am worried about the adverse side affects of stopping though i.e. acne, mood swings, fatigue, ect. Do anyone have any tips? Or do I just need to ride it out and hope for the best.

Anonymous 16801

oowwnnn it hurts even though i took painkillers… i hope i'll manage to stay focused in class tonight

Anonymous 16803


How do I make my period stop without damaging my fertility for later in life and taking BC? I can't stand it, yesterday I laid in bed practically all day because my stomach hurt so bad but it was also radiating to my back and hips.


hair growth Anonymous 14551[Reply]

recently ive been using argon oil to grow my hair longer and currently its breast length but its quite thinner than it used to be before i cut it. any tips for growing thick long healthy hair ?

Anonymous 14552

No hairdryer or any heat/styling, basic shampoo, thick conditioner for damaged hair, olaplex (type 0 and 3, put a bag over your head and leave for hours), silk pillowcase, gentle brushing, only silk or velvet hairbands.

Anonymous 14553

And don't wash your hair if you aren't going anywhere.

Anonymous 14554

Not op but since I’ve been exercising daily I’ve started having to wash my hair daily which in turn is making it become greasy fast. Any way to combat or avoid this? :( I’m also trying to grow my hair out

Anonymous 14566

Some damage is still unavoidable, ends of your hair will still be somewhat thinner and some splits gonna happen, because it's been there for years enduring all wear and tear you get from just moving around
Stop washing it daily

Anonymous 16800

Argan oil*


Body Hair Anonymous 4073[Reply]

What are your preferences for personal grooming?
How has it changed, or does it vary seasonally?

What does your routine consist of?

(I know there's a pubes thread, a few head hair threads, but I haven't seen anything about this yet)
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Anonymous 15578

I'm cursed with both the hairy genes of Eastern European women and very sensitive skin that is very prone to ingrowns and irritation, so I vastly prefer epilating. Shaving has tended to make my skin too itchy and leave me with very prickly hairs. Epilating has been a godsend in comparison. My legs feel much smoother and I don't have to worry about hair removal for at least another week or so, since it makes it grow back slower. I just won't go anywhere near my pubes with an epilator, though. It hurts bad enough on my legs and underarms, already.

Anonymous 15643

I am not a fab of hair removal, but I in summer I need to do something with pube hair, because simply wearing shorts and going swimming is impossible
I used razors, it is effective but irritating my skin, then I tried sugaring - it was super effective and very long lasting - I like the feeling of a result a lot, but the process was so painful I promised myself never doing it again
Then I just start to use depilatory cream for sensitive skin - and it is ok. Not painful, easy to use, ok results
So if you are not allergic or have highly sensitive skin x I would recommend chemical creams
Not sure if you can use it very often, though

Anonymous 15644

Ah, and I used it a couple of times for legs, arms and armpits - effective and I am not dead yet

Anonymous 15673

i shave my legs and armpits and use this veet electric razor thing for my pubes. i shave my bikini line (it doesn’t do a completely clean shave but decent enough and i rarely get razor bumps) and it has this extension on it so i can trim my pubes and it looks really neat. i also use hair removal cream on my bum lol

Anonymous 16798

If I wear a skirt with no tights, I likely shaved THAT morning. If I'm not dressing with my legs out, then no need.


Face masks Anonymous 16386[Reply]

Does anybody else love wearing surgical masks? Even tho where I live we don’t need to where them for Covid that much anymore I still want to keep wearing them. I know people will judge me but I just like how it covers my face makes me more invisible
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Anonymous 16581

why the fuck would you wear lipstick under a mask

do something more productive with your time than worry about this

Anonymous 16584

I work as an extra and we are made to wear masks on set, but we still have to have our makeup perfect for filming. I'm not fucking stupid and I don't think masks are necessary anymore.

Anonymous 16585


Get KF94 masks. Most of them are in a "boat" shape where they sit away from your face.

Anonymous 16599

i cant stand being forced to wear them. at this point most people dont care if i wear it beneath my nose. i just adjust it when i walk by the people who would yell at me for it

Anonymous 16797

>loves wearing a mask.
Certified NPC


Weight loss Anonymous 15695[Reply]

I'm only allowing myself to eat a maximum of 400 calories a day and doing brisk walks for one hour (I'm trying to increase the time gradually.) My weight is 49kg and I'm 5'0, which means a little bit fatty. How much weight will I lose in four months? I don't look pretty enough, so I'm going to try and lose weight instead.
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Anonymous 16618

Im not really depressed about it more like disgusted and just avoidant of the whole thing. I take anti depressants for life related anxieties not my body if i stop taking them i’ll go back to waking up panicking everyday. It just sucks to have be fat, i had such a beautiful hourglass thin figure before this whole ordeal :/

Anonymous 16619

Antidepressiva have that kind of effect. A friend of mine gained a lot of weight wenn she got on them,but they helped her so much, that she said "I prefer to be fat and fuktional, than going back to the mess I was."
But I understand you. Do you have to take the meds your whole life?

Anonymous 16627

>do you have to take the meds your whole life
I just started them this year so it isn’t clear. i have tried to taper off a couple of times after my psychiatrist’s required time frame of using them but i got back to being anxious and a wreck so honestly it could be 9 more months of this or for life

Anonymous 16629

The best thing to do while you're on them and semi-functional is making improvements to your life that might allow you to stop taking them eventually. There are environmental factors that can induce anxiousness that you might not even be aware of. There was some woman who was hallucinating for months and she became a mental wreck and it turned out she just had a black mold infestation and she went back to normal after it was cleared.

Anonymous 16796

well it's been 5 months. are you alive? did this work?


Healthy comfort foods Anonymous 1920[Reply]

Habitual eater here, I want to take better care of my health and skin and not eat as much crap. What are nice non-garbage comfort foods?

I crave salt more than anything.
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Anonymous 16645

For comfort I like eating strawberries, almonds, boiled eggs and banana blended with milk.
Just try eating more real food and avoid ultra-processed food.
It's hard at first but you get used to it and it's really worth it. I've been doing that for a while now after a lifetime of eating like crap and my skin looks much better, I'm less tired, menstrual cramps are much less painful and I even got hornier.

Anonymous 16650



Pita chips with hummus is probably one of my favorites.

I also like veggie straws and fruit snacks personally.

Anonymous 16653

Green beans! Lightly seasoned with lemon pepper or dashi is amazing.

Also edamame has already been mentioned a bunch in this thread, I also recommend chamame which is even tastier.

Anonymous 16655

Toast with homemade strawberry jam always brightens up my day

Anonymous 16780

Celery! I always accidentally freeze it when I use my minifridge though.
Then when it thaws it's all wet and floppy.

unnamed (2).png

Anonymous 3712[Reply]

What's your favorite scent?

Any particular perfume you really hate?
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Anonymous 16586


Any Byredo girlies here? What's your fave scent? I've only had Gypsy Water and I really like it. Planning on buying Mojave Ghost next.

Anonymous 16590

Does anyone know a perfume that smells like roses and baby powder mixed together? I love powdery scents.

Anonymous 16598


Easily Marc Jacobs Daisy

Anonymous 16615


anyone try Raghba?

I see it recommended fairly often on tiktok.

Anonymous 16777


>>15297 dove has a pretty long lasting scent especially this mango one. i can smell it the entire day plus the next morning

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