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Anonymous 6674[Reply]

Do you like wearing skirts?
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Anonymous 7212

omg, please be joking

Anonymous 7213

I started wearing skirts from the ages of like 18 - 24 then just stopped when I started wearing skinny jeans. now I'm getting older I'm tired of tight as fuck and uncomfortable jeans and am probably going to go back to skirts. I picked up a really cute one and am looking forward to wearing it! I want to get some chelsea boots to team it up with.

what kind of shoes do miners wear with floaty just above the knee skirts?

Anonymous 7231

i have a weird body shape: im a little tall (5' 9") with slightly broad shoulders a smallish waist and a flat butt and biggish thighs. skinny jeans look terrible on me (i feel like it makes my thighs look like sausages).

i used to hate my frame, but them i started wearing dresses and they drape really nicely. skirts, particularly high-waist ones also really look nice.

i only started figuring this out recently so im still pretty excited

Anonymous 7566

Love them, much more comfy than jeans tbh
>does any other country use it for genuine racism?
All of Latin America.
Also, I heard Spanish, Italians and French people using it to insult African street venders when I went to Yurop for the summer.
I laughed so hard when this little French lady went off on one of the niggers who grabbed her and tried to put some shitty little bracelet on her.

Anonymous 7585

yes, theyre awesome.
i never wore skirts until very recently and honestly, as a woman with large hips/thighs, theyre like heaven on earth.


Anonymous 7544[Reply]

How do you carry pads/tampons to the restroom at work? I try to wear clothes with pockets (unfortunately hard to find when it comes to business casual attire) to carry them in my pockets. If not, I use a makeup bag like pic related, but I wonder if I should be more discreet about it. Because I don’t wear makeup, it gets really obvious in my small office what’s in the bag when I carry it the same time every month. What do you all do?
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Anonymous 7558


Mostly women at my workplace, but there are a few men who sit close to me. People at my office like to gossip, so I try not to rock the boat/do anything differently from other people.

Anonymous 7559

OP, you asked what would have been a notmal question 20 years ago. You're not weird. Unfortunately trans women have latched onto periods as something sacred and often ask questions like this.

Anonymous 7560


Anonymous 7563

When I worked in an office, I was constantly asked for tampons or pads or even just panty liners. When I switched to a menstrual cup, I kept a handful of tampons in my purse for that reason lol.

Anonymous 7564

I have a huge ass bag, so i usually just throw my pads in there and bring it with me wherever. When i cant bring my bag though I make sure i put on a bigger pad so it doesnt overflow, otherwise i just hide it somewhere on my clothes or just grab it on my hands anyway.


Anonymous 3403[Reply]

How can you properly use this in order to avoid infections?
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Anonymous 7524

I wanted to try cups but read some stories about it getting suck on your cervix like a suction cup and that scared me away. I'm not in a country where I could just go to the doctor if it got stuck.

Anonymous 7530

all you would need to do in that situation is to pinch the cup at the base to release the suction. that's why all cups have tiny holes at the top for that exact reason

Anonymous 7533

I've been using the cup for over a year and have never had an issue with infection. It also doesn't smell, wtf, are you guys not cleaning it? I just bought the cheapest one on Amazon and I love it, though in a pinch I'll use a tampon.

>tfw live in the south and birth control requires a prescription from a doctor
>tfw no health insurance
speaking of which, i'm about to visit Colorado. I'm considering buying an ass-load of birth control over the counter while I'm there and bringing it back to my homestate. Is this possible?

Anonymous 7554

>tiny tampons hurt
>different brand tampons, big or small, soft, "stiff", hurt
>insertion hurts no matter different methods way
>a (small) cup doesn't hurt

what gives? not complaining, but hey.

Anonymous 7561

Agree about smells. It smells less actually, since the fluids are not exposed to the air until you go to empty the cup.


Pubic hair Anonymous 3508[Reply]

Do you shave everything, trim it? Have you gotten laser?

I want to keep my vagina as smooth as possible but that's not easy with a razor
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Anonymous 7509


honestly leaving it wild for both is the best. why fucking cut it? its so annoying and itchy and in general too much work to bother with.

Anonymous 7510

It's my fetish, I like to touch my smooth skin.
I'm too ashamed for waxing though, but I shave everything every ~3 days.

Anonymous 7513

pubic hair is annoying and itchy.
you don't have to keep it bald, but there's no reason to let it grow out. you can take it down with clippers once a month and it will be more manageable and less annoying, and it won't itch because you're not irritating the skin. I do not understand why so many girls are all or nothing on this issue. having a mass of coarse scraggly hair rubbing against your crotch all day doesn't feel good.

going by that image, 3/4 of men cut their pubes too, so what exactly is the feminist statement anyway?

Anonymous 7536

>a trend that only came about starting in the 90s, in the least patriarchal time in history, and was nonexistent for the entirety of human history prior
Pretty sure women like it (on women) more than men like it (on women) too.

Anonymous 7537


So what?


Anonymous 7323[Reply]

Does anyone have dental fluorosis? What treatments worked to fix it? Does teeth whitening work or would that make the fluorosis stand out more?

Anonymous 7464

Standard treatment is enamel micro-abrasion followed by whitening.
t.dent student
More to the point, why even ask here? Just go ask your dentist and if you are so schizo ask a second or a third dentist.

Anonymous 7501

again. you are a very off putting person. no one can ask a question with out you writing a smart remark. if you notice once you speak the thread dies. that's because of you attitude.

I think I saw you in the plastic surgery thread as well. just stop responding. jerk.

Anonymous 7502

Not the same person but a dentist might push you towards a certain procedure because they offer it or becuase it has a high profit margin. I think the OP wanted some impartial advice, especially from people who had it done a while ago.


Anonymous 5439[Reply]

Does any of you gulls have a girl crush or just admire a certain lolita? For me, it's skullita. She lives all the way in California and I really want to meet her one day but I also don't want to be seen as a creep ;_;
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Anonymous 5487


i also think kiyohari is very cute but iirc there are rumors that it's all either photoshop or plastic surgery.

Anonymous 5488

I always loved her walolita coords, I think I saw them on Alice holic, I find it so creative and beautiful but I had no clue that she passed away…now I'm sad. ;_;

Anonymous 5489

Omg!! I loved her coords so much but totally forgot her nickname so I couldn't search for her anymore, thanks anon!

Anonymous 5490

Speaking of her, where is she now? Does she post anything new on another platform nowadays?

Anonymous 7500

Sorry to bump an old thread but I'm wondering the same. Does lizchenr have an instagram or something? I can't find any way to follow her.


Anonymous 7138[Reply]

Makeup is fakeup?
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Anonymous 7298

It burns me how common and expected it is for a woman to hide her true looks. Some companies even have the nerve to have make up as part of company uniform. Why should I lie to others about my face? Why should I hide all the slight imperfections that make us human? Why should I have to "feel" beautiful in public to boost my self esteem?
All the thousands people waste, the hours, the damage done to the skin and all those people who crash their cars trying to put it on on their way to work. What for? Empty validation. Vanity.
And they push it on to kids from an early age…

Anonymous 7454

Always was, always will be.
Makeup is ok with me and I wear it everyday. I wish I could stop though - but you know how it goes.

I have that kind of face that doesnt look serious or tody enough, and I need that for my job. Not a company policy, just that clients react different when I wear it.

If all women just stoped wearing it I would not have a problem. But it is how it is.

Anonymous 7468

Makeup is an I teresting thing. I like it a lot, and I find it so cool what people are able to do with it. You can completely change yourself wearing it. Its like clothing, yknow? Its a form of expression. And it makes some women more confident, which is great.

Ive never been one to wear makeup. I did my freshman year of high school, but after a year of that I got sick of it. I honestly can't remember the last time I actually wore it.
But lately ive been seeing imperfections (dark areas on my face, I have this mole I'm self conscious about) and I think I could seriously revamp my face and feel more confident.

But I don't want to, like… Idk, lie to myself. I know I have the freedom to wear or to not wear makeup. It'd be weird, I don't eve know where to begin or what kind to buy.

Its conflicting when I feel like this should be a really straightforward decision. Its like an identity thing.

Anonymous 7473


Leaving the negative stigmatas aside, makeup has a lot of benefits especially when you're getting older.
"As much as necessary, as little as possible." is the key here to avoid looking like Homer shot you with his Makeup Gun. I like it classy and wear it every day.

Anonymous 7481

Yesterday, something terrible happened to me, anon. I got my new glasses, and as soon as I put them on, I surprisingly realized how ugly the optician was. Then I got home and looked at myself in the mirror, only to find that I had a terrible skin, with giant pores and nasty wrinkles on my 31-y-o face. Living without glasses had kept me in a blurred world where everything looked soft. Now it all looks harsh, sharp, with strong contrasts, and of course, I now know that I look way less cute than I thought. I knew I did not have a perfect skin, but this was shocking.

Today I put fondation on before I went to work, and willingly left my glasses at home.


Anonymous 7472[Reply]

I'm on week 2 of this full-body dumbbell workout plan. It's 4 complexes of 2-5 rounds of different exercises. I raised one of the complexes to 15 lb dumbbells today and my form was awful and now my back fucking hurts. Was today a complete waste?

Anonymous 7474

you learned what not to do so its not a waste. you'll have lots of ups and downs, no failure is a waste if you learn from it. and it will take 100s of days to get fit, one bad day doesnt matter


Anonymous 7310[Reply]

Have some of you considered to dye your hair ? Natural or unatural color ? Is it a disaster ? Was it pretty good ? Share your expreciences !
9 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 7419


I have medium brown hair. I've done black before but I will never do it again because it made me look very washed out and sick. I've also dyed my hair red many times which people told me looked good. I just dyed it red for the first time in a few years for a fun change but I think I made a mistake since it's too vibrant and I look like a clown. Thankfully red is one of the colours that fade the quickest.

Growing up I always wished I could be like those scene queens on youtube who would make videos in their bathroom bleaching their hair/hair extensions and using all types of Manic Panic colours to make patterns like rainbow, coontail, cheetah, etc. That era seemed really fun although I'm sure their hair got fried as shit from all the bleach and hairspray and teasing. Unfortunately I was born a little too late to be able to participate in that subculture at it's peak.

Anonymous 7421

◜ ˗ˏˋ

I've become obsessed with split hair which I know is horribly egirl of me but it looks so good. It would be the first time I've changed my hair in a few years so drastically. I've done about every color in the past except yellow, green, and orange and it all turned out fairly well with bright blue being the best of them

Anonymous 7438

Split colors look really good!

Anonymous 7443

im >>7421 and i took the plunge. My hair bleached out nicely to a strawberry blonde color and then toned to a nice and fairly light blonde with a hint of copper ( i do plan to do another toning and then maybe one more round of bleach towards my ends which are a bit dark). I've gotten a lot of compliments and people asking me how i've done it. im very pleased so far

Anonymous 7520

What a legend. [spolier]And a QT ( ° ʖ °)[/spoiler]


Why does my pussy stink Anonymous 7332[Reply]

My pussy has really been smelling awful for the past few days. I've heard it might be my ph levels. Would a cleanse fix it?

Anonymous 7334

Is your discharge any different? Could just be a good ol' yeast infection

Anonymous 7336

Did you change your routine or put anything abnormal in your vagina?

Aren't yeast infections odorless?

Anonymous 7337

I don’t think you should be using a cleanse. Just use water.

Anonymous 7361

Take pro biotics made for women and it will fix that problem. You want the tablet kind.

Anonymous 7435

You should see a gyno. Really. Pussied aren't supposed to smell.

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