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Anonymous 11545[Reply]

Is there a guy or girl you want to catch right now? Do you have your eyes on them?
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Anonymous 14496

my tulpa

Anonymous 14497

I want to catch a break ;-;

Anonymous 14522


Well, there was this one kinda nice looking gas station attendant. Was rreallly hoping he would just magically have a nice face under his hood and mask due to his nice eyes and nest eyebrows.

Unfortunately he looked very much like pic related. (A little shorter tho)

Anonymous 14540


Anonymous 14664

My best friend :(


Am I developing an eating disorder, or is it no appetite? Anonymous 14639[Reply]

I always had a hard time with eating since I was a kid. No, I wasn't picky, it's just that I could not consume the food from the entire plate, and I sometimes feel full from eating 1 small apple.
This tendency is coming back, from the last month I've completely lost my appetite - even for the hoiydays. Now everyday I eat only one meal, that can't even be called a proper dish. Sometimes I only eat one fruit or veggie, and if there are none I just go for a food that doesn't require cooking. I'm not lazy to cook, I am the one who mainly cooks for my family, so I have no problem with doing this task. Most of the time I can't eat the food I cook because I feel like I'll throw up.
I never bought in the beauty industry lies that my body should look a certain way, I am 167 centimeters and weight 44 kilograms.
I am worried I'm going down the path of anorexia without knowing it.

Anonymous 14640

An underlying non-ED related (medical) issue sounds more likely. Losing your appetite and feeling like throwing up from cooking without driving thoughts behind it sounds more physical than mental to me. I'd discuss it with your doctor if you can.

Anonymous 14641

This, sounds like you could have some kind of thyroid issue


having broad shoulders Anonymous 10603[Reply]

My shoulders are wide compared to my body and it makes me feel ridiculous. Any tips on dressing etc to help hide it
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Anonymous 14111

I wish I was tall with broad shoulders. I'm 5'1…

Anonymous 14112

at least you're not short with broad shoulders…

Anonymous 14115

i am :(

Anonymous 14121

dang sorry. i am too, i know it sucks.

Anonymous 14629

Hi there, tall and broad musclefag here. Anyways after about 30 years of experimenting I have found the best way to distract from my broad shoulders is to just wear an asymmetrical top. Something with one strap over one shoulder but not the other, anything that just hangs off the shoulders a little bit, dark colors rather than bright colors. Stuff like that will really help you minimize the look of the size. It really sucks to be tall, broad and small breasted but the upside is it scares off the manlets.

Embrace your power and bulk up.


ECA Stack/Appetite Suppressant Anonymous 14599[Reply]

I don't give a shit that it will kill me. I just want to stop feeling so fucking hungry all the time. all I can think about is food and I'm so fucking tired of being fat

have anyone else tried ECA stacking? can someone please tell me how to stay not fucking hungry until they lose weight

Anonymous 14605

How many would you say to take in a week in order to combat building a tolerance?

Anonymous 14617

it's all fun and games until your digestive system gets fucked up and you shit yourself LMAO


hair growth Anonymous 14551[Reply]

recently ive been using argon oil to grow my hair longer and currently its breast length but its quite thinner than it used to be before i cut it. any tips for growing thick long healthy hair ?

Anonymous 14552

No hairdryer or any heat/styling, basic shampoo, thick conditioner for damaged hair, olaplex (type 0 and 3, put a bag over your head and leave for hours), silk pillowcase, gentle brushing, only silk or velvet hairbands.

Anonymous 14553

And don't wash your hair if you aren't going anywhere.

Anonymous 14554

Not op but since I’ve been exercising daily I’ve started having to wash my hair daily which in turn is making it become greasy fast. Any way to combat or avoid this? :( I’m also trying to grow my hair out

Anonymous 14566

Some damage is still unavoidable, ends of your hair will still be somewhat thinner and some splits gonna happen, because it's been there for years enduring all wear and tear you get from just moving around
Stop washing it daily


if body image issues are such a big problem, why are there so many ugly people? Anonymous 14016[Reply]

hear me out.
i can understand body image issues being a big deal among younger women. but it seems like once you leave your 20's they dissipate. i work at a grocery store and watch people come and go all day, and the vast majority of them seem to make little to no attempt at grooming themselves. a lot of them come in pajamas or just weird as fuck last minute clothing choices, most are fat and look like they haven't been to the gym in 25 years, most make no attempt at doing anything with their hair (including brushing it), and some smell like shit.
the easy answer is "poverty" but these people walk around with their well groomed teenage daughters that they're obviously providing for.
maybe it's because i have bdd but i have no clue how a majority of the population can stand living like this and then have the audacity to say, "beauty standards are so high and i'm so insecure!"
do women just stop feeling ugly after a certain age, or do they just live with it and stop trying?
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Anonymous 14534

it's totally normal to look like an escaped mental patient when grocery shopping in the US

Anonymous 14535

Walking around the grocery store in my PJs after dark for junk food has become a hobby of mine

Anonymous 14536


Oldfag here, at the ripe ol age of 30+ I can safely say I just don't care as much. I still take care of myself and don't always look like a bag of smashed asshole. Honestly tho my outward appearance has taken a backseat to more important things in my life. Like not spending extra time on a lot on picking a super nice outfit or going all out with my hair.

Anonymous 14537

I have had two jobs at grocery stores, one at an upscale one and the other at Aldi which is known for being cheap. The difference in women's effort in their appearance was night and day (and even moids' tbf)

Anonymous 14538

Lack of energy. Women are basically slaves to their families and jobs. Plus society is telling them they are ugly no matter what they do.


Bangs too short Anonymous 13076[Reply]

I went to a hair stylist who fucked up my bangs. They're too short and now my hair looks pretty much like a bowl cut. It's like a half inch above my eyebrows.

How long until they will be just below my eyebrows? How much of my bangs will grow per week?
22 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 13667

is it silly to grow it out to bra strap length if you have very fine hair? it's very lovely hair but it's just trailer-trash thin. and I realize that I look like shit with shorter hair and that a more witchy long-haired aesthetic would suit me.

Anonymous 14491

mine grew in a week or two

Anonymous 14505

Is your hair fine that your actual hairs are extra thin or fine that you don't have a lot of hair overall? My actual hairs are thin/fine but I have a lot of hair and long hair looks good on me.

Anonymous 14519



It will probably take about 4ish weeks. I find myself having to trim mine about every 2-3 weeks.

I hate it so much! Sadly tho I have to admit they do a better job than I can. I tried it myself for the first time last year and ended up with the He-Man bangs…

Pic related was the goal but turns out I should be banned from scissors.

Anonymous 14533

image (7).jpeg

i have no fucking clue, but i just cut my own bangs at this point. every time i get them professionally cut, i look like spock.


Antique clothes thread Anonymous 14506[Reply]

Do you s wear any authentic vintage clothes?
I got myself a few old garments this year and I'm really worried about ruining them. I'm especially concerned about sweat stains because I wear white blouses almost daily, I never had an issue with that until recently after wearing a velvet dress all day because I found stains on a tank top I was wearing underneath it
>How do you care for you stuff?
>Do you find vintage clothes to be more durable?
>How do you avoid getting scammed?

Anonymous 14527

I used to wear a lot of vintage stuff but not antique.

>How do you care for you stuff?

Hand wash in the bath with non-bio washing liquid and tepid water.

>Do you find vintage clothes to be more durable?

No. This is part of why I stopped wearing them. While they might be made better and from better quality fabrics, they are aged and will usually have a certain amount of wear. I switched to wearing more recent used designer items instead and the same quality is there but less wear.

>How do you avoid getting scammed?

Learn to look carefully at the stitching, fabric, and become used to the different styles of each era. If something seems "off" then don't risk it.


Anonymous 13832[Reply]

Will adderall age me like meth? Since it's an amphetamine.

Anonymous 14080

barbara kroll 3.jp…

very good question I've thought about a lot.

"According to a report on Erowid, an organization that provides non-judgmental information about psychoactive plants and chemicals, amphetamines can cause an increase in oxidative stress in the blood and tissues and, at higher doses and frequencies of use, it can cause premature aging. Stimulants, such as Adderall, can also cause dry skin, which can make your skin appear worn out and aged. Another possible reason your skin is not looking as healthy as before is because Adderall can reduce your appetite, which can lead to not getting enough of the proper nutrients."

horrible drug.

Anonymous 14081

I've been on and off 20mg of adderall and have not noticed any premature aging

Anonymous 14084

not if you make sure to drink enough water and eat enough nutritious food

Anonymous 14095

Same here. I had to quit it tho, since it didn’t help, it just made me angry instead of sad.

Anonymous 14490

i sure hope not, i have adhd and i take it nearly every day


how do you accept looking twice your age? Anonymous 13577[Reply]

I am developmentally delayed (from a mix of neglect and a debilitating illness) and now that I'm in my mid 20s I'm having massive amounts of people considered me in my early 50s and I get a lot of insults about it when people know my real age. It isn't like I have a lot of wrinkles but something about my face looks extremely ill and sunken despite being a normal weight.
I've been happy with improving; i.e., making some money freelancing, doing some government, legal and taxes stuff for people I know, etc., but there's still something extremely off about the way I come across.

It's really not fun at all being seen as someone mature and "dead-looking" according to everyone. I know even nice people aren't blind either. Oh to clarify I think most older women look good. It's just the way I look old is B-move horror type shit. I look scary.
And I don't like that I look scary. It makes me feel so ashamed to make people feel like that.

How do you separate how you feel from how you look and continue on your life journey peacefully and with excitement? A nasty part of me is feeling like my life is already over because I'm "not allowed" to do young people things or at least be silly around others. So I usually act like a brick wall. It's dumb. I go on tiktok and it's obvious that people truly and deeply hate it when older-looking people do awkward things. Or, well, not just that, but that people have massive hang-ups and obsessions with stuffing others into strict categories of behavior based off their obvious "numbers." I get it when someone does something actually morally wrong. But most of it has nothing to do with that. Maybe cringe is sometimes born from someone relating too hard to someone else being awkward.

The positivity stuff doesn't really help.
8 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 13728


>people doubting I look the way I do (asking for a celebrity lookalike)
>people accusing it of being my fault
>no one answering my question

didn't expect much but, geez.

Anonymous 13730

Anon… I have no advice to give and no experience with this sort of stuff, but I'm sorry you are getting such gross replies. I think "people" don't really care if you try to have fun as an "old" person, it's just underdeveloped 15 year olds being mean but I don't use tiktok so maybe I don't know really

I hope you can find some peace soon.

Anonymous 13738

Maybe you should look into fillers if it's really that bad (looking 50 at 25). Even just relatively simple eyebag fillers could really freshen up your face.

But if you want to accept it: get off tiktok (what are you doing on there at 25 anyway?) and social media first and foremost, that shit will NOT help if acceptance is what you're looking for.

Anonymous 14485

I get that too, way too often. Somehow, wearing nice eyeglasses seemed to help. I usually got called old-looking when I didn't have them on.
My genetics make it really hard to get fat on my face, even when I gain weight. Do you have the means to get a fat transfer?
If so, maybe a mild fat transfer and a lip lift might help you a lot. A face lift might also be an option. The teeth also make a difference, so try to get them lightened and possibly straightened.

Other options more up your budget are going to the gym to get a round fat ass so at least the body looks proportionate. That's what I'm going for, since I can't afford any surgery. Get some perfume to smell great, get a better posture and train walking with your hips swaying, look up on kibbe types and learn how to dress better. Get a decent haircut and a hair color that suits you.

Breaks my heart that those of us with the shitty genetics have to strive so much just to be treated like the lucky pretty women.

I'm not going to go into the "accept yourself" route because the issue is not how you see yourself (even though I really wish a lot of self love to you), it's usually how people treat us, and this moid society only values us based on our looks, unfortunately. Ugly women are less than scum for them.

So by investing in getting prettier and more attractive, you will be investing in better jobs, better friendships, better opportunities, etc.

Anonymous 14486

I recommend getting someone to analyse your face (https://www.qoves.com/ does private paid reports) and then look into getting some cosmetic surgery.

It might also be worth considering lying about your age and pretending to be 40 so that people have more reasonable expectations. There are lots of older people on TikTok so don’t be put off by younger people.

>but there's still something extremely off about the way I come across.

Have you considered that you might be ND?

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