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Breast Implants/General Plastic Surgery Anonymous 3999[Reply]

Does anyone here have breast implants? How did they affect your life? Do they hurt? Do they even feel like your own body? Has anyone here ever considered a boobjob?

Do most men consider fake breasts normal now? More and more young girls are getting them and male oriented media is dominated by women with implants. I’m pretty sure most men can’t tell the difference.

All plastic surgery discussion is welcome. Please stay reasonable and open minded, and don’t try to talk others into stuff they don’t want.
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Anonymous 4028


Thanks for your input but are you a tubie?

Anonymous 4029

no, but one of my sisters has fake breasts. they look normal, but feel unnatural.

Anonymous 4030

Aha. Interesting perspective. Do you think it changed her (love)life at all?

Anonymous 4036

I used to know a 50 year old woman who got tit implants, they looked pretty stupid. It didn't make sense for her age and body type

Anonymous 4038

I don't want full implants, but i'd love a fat transfer to my tits, thighs, and ass. I wish that there were cheaper options.


Low quality orgasms Anonymous 3940[Reply]

I feel that my orgasms have become weaker over the past years, wether alone or with my partner. Sometimes I even acknowledge that the climax happens without even feeling it, as if there was no connection at all between my brain and my genitals, I mean no physical pleasure at all. But the rest of the act is perfectly normal, I feel it coming and then it flops. I still enjoy making love but this is really frustrating; fortunately it doesn't happen every time.
Can it be that I don't have enough happy little molecules te release?

Here is a snailcat for you anons. Or is it a catsnail?

Anonymous 3945


Happens to me too sometimes, I think it's more likely when I come too quickly. I might have also ruined my body by having consecutive orgasms too often, now the first one rarely feels satisfying at all. Maybe try to masturbate less? I don't know if there's any real benefit to female 'no-fap', or doing it less, but it could help.

Anonymous 4024

Maybe try retraining your body to respond to sexual touch by edging, which is stimulation until almost climax, but just stop all touch and letting the build up fade, then repeat. When you finally let yourself orgasm, it should be more intense?


Seizures Anonymous 3991[Reply]

I had a definite seizure today and I'm freaking out. My muscles were all involuntarily jerky and I lost consciousness, but the weirdest part was that I had visual and auditory hallucinations even after the jerking stopped. I'm so lucky my friend was there to help me…. I'm so, so scared, I've had the jerkiness and inability to control my muscles before, but usually I would be near a counter and I told people about those incidents, but they thought I was just describing a headrush (even though I tried to convince them it isn't normally for me to have my muscles jerking around while I have no control). I don't know what to do. All these seizures occurred right after I woke up and walked somewhere. I've been looking up what kind of seizures I've been having, but like, all the seizures I look up for adults revolve around muscle stillness or relaxation when mine are jerky and violent. My friend said I was talking and then suddenly my words didn't make sense and I was jerking on the ground after I fell. They grabbed me and put me onto a toilet afterwards while holding my steady, so I don't know if I had incontinence or not. All I know is I don't remember a lot and that for minutes, it was like I was on a bad Dxm trip.

Anonymous 3993

Not sure if you've seen a doctor yet. Mine were a bit different but only after 5 years of testing did I discover it was due to my heart causing me to pass out first. I hope if they give you an eeg that it catches something because if it doesn't, you may be diagnosed with pnes and be the laughing stock of medical personnel.

Anonymous 3994

Fuck. I've already had conversion disorder episodes, including one that landed me in the emergency room. Those incidents revolved around me freezing up and being unable to move, and I sometimes convulse a bit, but I'm aware the entire time and don't lose consciousness. I didn't feel like this was anything like that, and I am underweight and anorexic, so maybe it's because of the complications from my weight also. Thanks for the heads up, your input is valued. I don't think I'll go in unless some other serious seizure occurs.


chest pain after running, could it be serious? Anonymous 3629[Reply]

(reposting from anothet site)

So basically four days ago, I

-went for a short, brisk run

-everything was fine while I was running

-but after like a minute of rest i:

-felt a tightness in my chest

-hearing faded out

-vision faded away
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 3719

i've got an appointment on the 17th!
hoping i don't arrive at the office & get told there's an issue with payment. or sth awful like heart issues

Anonymous 3720

Good luck, anon!!

Anonymous 3960

i guess this'll be the last post i make here –
got a nuclear stress test & they detected a small amount of blockage / plaque in a lower artery. the nurse told me it's totally reversible, i'll have to take meds + improve my diet & lifestyle.
depending on how much of the artery has been blocked i may have to get a stent, praying this isn't the case.

Anonymous 3970


I'm glad you got it checked out! Take care and good luck!

Anonymous 3975

chest pain after running…that sounds mysterious

i have chest pains that feel like heart attacks but they are just stress

usually after i run all the stress is gone and there is no more pain


Fatigue Anonymous 2276[Reply]

I'm fucking tired of feeling exhausted all the time. Even when I get a lot of sleep for a while vs a little amount of sleep, I still feel fucked. Exercising makes me more exhausted instead of giving me energy. It doesn't matter if I have caffeine or not. Any help would be appreciated, I just want energy to be able to do homework and overall be more successful.
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Anonymous 3034

What do you guys eat when you "eat healthy"?

Anonymous 3075

Personally, it's nearly whole food plant based (meaning no refined carbs, processed junk foods, or animal products; and avoiding abundances of added sugar or fat – I don't put whole tablespoons of sugar or oil in my cooking but I'm not bothered by the occasional jar of hummus or if my almonds were roasted in canola oil). It's summer where I live so I've been having huge salads to take advantage of the current price of produce.

What I put in my salads:
>chopped romaine lettuce
>chopped baby spinach
>carrot, julienned
>red bell pepper
>alfafa sprouts
>sweetcorn kernels
>cilantro YMMV

And depending on how relaxed I am regarding calories:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 3093

I've had terribly sleeping problems since I was 8 or so, I just roll around in my sleep nonstop and never woke up with blankets covering me they just get kicked off. I even fell off the top bunk of a bunk bed so many times my parents had to add one of those removable net guards on the side. However, when I was 14 I got so fucking tired of rolling around in my sleep I just started sleeping on the floor. Turns out I couldn't roll very well as I was basically forced to sleep on my back as the only comfortable position, and holy shit did that change my life. Since I didn't roll around I actually got restful sleep and could stay awake in school. I refused to sleep on mattresses or couches from then on as I absolutely cherished how good sleeping on the floor felt. There was a bit of a problem as my Mother was incredibly upset that she had purchased a mattress for me that I was never going to use it. Lead to us arguing plenty of times, as soon as I could find a possible excuse to shove it off on one of my siblings I did so my room wouldn't be blocked by a piece of furniture I wasn't going to use. To this day she still bugs me about wanting to get me a mattress but I always have to say no. Only thing I like mattresses for is having sex and I don't do that enough to warrant it taking that much space in my room.

I will say though lately I've had the issue where it doesn't feel like I get enough rest for either my body or head at the same time, either I sleep only 6 hours and my head is clear and very focused but my body feels lethargic and tired, or I sleep for 8 and my body feels much better but my head is groggy and I can't think straight, it's a hard choice to make. Maybe you just suffer from a lack of restful sleep because you're too active in your sleep?

Anonymous 3191

I had to go without a mattress when I was younger and slept on the floor for a couple months due to staying with my friend, and it really helped eliminate any back pain I had. I seemed a lot more well-rested too, I was very surprised by the results. The first few days were uncomfy due to being unused to it, but I'd recommend it for someone to try at least once in their life.

Anonymous 3192

I'm not a doc but this sounds like it could be sleep apnea.


Lime Crime Angels Collection / Should I Buy Anonymous 2728[Reply]

Hi gals, I'm debating as to whether I should buy the Lime Crime angels collection while they have this 15% off sale on $75 or more. I don't own a lot of lime crime and I'm aware of their past, but fuck, I really, really want this collection because I know I'd get good use out of it. I've always wanted their Diamond Crusher glitter lip toppers, but I've never caved in because they are so freaking expensive.

Also, I did look for dupes for their diamond crushers, but i've only been able to find one current company that sells a comparable product (a glittery lip gloss/topper that dries down and won't budge). I'm considering maybe only buying the angels lip collection? But idk, the highlight palette seems like I'd get multiple use out of it since I think those colors would look awesome as eyeshadows.

What do you all think? Should I go for it? Also, I am by no means a makeup hoarder. The only own two palettes (one that I purchased with my own money at a drugstore, the other was a high end palette that was gifted to me) and I recently threw away one I've owned for 6 years. I wear makeup a lot, though. I just try to be economical about it.
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Anonymous 2735

Screen Shot 2017-1…

the urban decay line looks comparable in effect? maybe try that? i avoid lime crime because they're untrustworthy af like other anons mentioned. i would maybe just look into buying some glitter palettes containing the shades I wanted, dusting those on top of my lipstick, then either using a sealant or a primer to make it last. Urban Decay has a topcoat for this that's got an iridescent/glittery finish to it, if you want to make it extra sparkly.

Anonymous 2736

The pigment on these is actually shit. Becca is better.

Anonymous 2765

OP i'd take it because i like most of their products that i've tried from them. but its all up to you. most people don't bother with LC because of their shady past.

lime crime makes good lip products and good eyeshadows. everything else i'm weary of (i mean the highlighters).>>2731 i legit don't want to start world war 3 itt but that was years ago and their products are safe and regulated now. there was that scandal with the foiled eyeshadows that went bad, but i don't think they were intentionally trying to make all their customers blind tbh. i understand why people don't support them though.

pls don't kill me they are one of the only indie companies that ship to my shitty country i don't have many choices ;-;


oww they looked cute that's a bummer. did you like the lip toppers? people either love or hate them. from what i've heard they look cute but they feel sticky and gross, is that true?

Anonymous 2766

I also heard that some of the "toxic" materials and repackaging stuff was from people who purchased bootlegs off ebay or whatever.

Yeah, the reason I was so tempted is because all the reviews I looked up on YouTube were stellar and a lot of people were saying this is their best highlight palette. Ugh I'm still torn because $76 is $76 but I know if I'm set on getting it I should do it sooner than later in case it sells out.

Anonymous 2768

The lip toppers are not as pigmented as the website or certain vloggers are making them appear to be. Its literally like taking a Sally Hansen diamond collection nail polish and streaking it over your mouth. Black Moon Cosmetics, Becca, and Dose of Colors have way better lipsticks.


bras Anonymous 3569[Reply]

do you wear bras? why or why not? (also do you guys cover your nips if not?)
personally i don't wear bras but i cover my nipples, partially out of respect for those that would rather not see my nipples and partially because it hurts when it's cold lol
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Anonymous 3934

I’m weird, I usually do wear bras but if I’m at home and going to take out the dog or to the Walmart nearby to pick up some stuff I don’t bother putting a bra on. It helps that my tiddies are small.

Anonymous 3935


Sure thing anon

Anonymous 3938

Do you even need a bra, at that rate?

Anonymous 3939


D-don't judge me

Anonymous 3948

They’re not flat and I’d feel weird not wearing anything since my nipples get hard when they rub against something or it’s cold. I range from 36a to 34b depending on the brand.


Dental Health General Anonymous 1336[Reply]

How's your oral hygiene girls?
Are you brushing 2-3 times per day?
Did you remember to floss?
How long has it been since your last dental checkup?
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Anonymous 3801

>I need my wisdom teeth pulled
O-ouch. I had mine removed when I was 21 and it hurt so much. The surgery doesn't hurt, of course, I felt awful on the next two or three days.

Anonymous 3802

Just mewl until you have room for it.

Anonymous 3821

>dentist appointment on Monday
>been flossing with dedication for a whole entire week

God I hope it helps, getting them cleaned always sucks because I hate flossing even though I know I have to do it. I always abandon it a week after I go to the dentist. I always brush 2-3 times a day, I've never had any cavities or any serious problems except inflamed gums. Flossing is what helps, but they make flossing fucking hurt and it's a hard cycle to break. I've decided now is the time to really make it a habit, I feel really guilty about it.

Anonymous 3825

It will become a habit after a while, I floss mine everyday and I feel like my mouth is dirty when I skip a day.

Anonymous 3864

A reminder to go brush your teeth right now if you haven't done it yet.

giphy (2).gif

BPD Support Group Anonymous 3847[Reply]

I've noticed it seems like we have no shortage of people with BPD. I thought I'd start a support group thread. Share your experiences, vent, and be sure to let us know when you are able to stop yourself from engaging in disordered thinking or behaviors!

DBT Basics: http://dbtselfhelp.com//html/dbt_lessons.html
^ This entire site is quite helpful, especially with their diary section, though I know that some might not like having to record their whole day.
Diary card: http://dbtselfhelp.com//html/diary_card_1.html
How to use (example): http://dbtselfhelp.com//Diary_Card_Examples.pdf
Pocket version of Diary Card:

Visually focused PDF on DBT basics:

Distorted thinking patterns:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

How To Look Good Without Makeup Anonymous 3625[Reply]

i'm planning on ditching makeup and start focusing on skincare and enhancing my features naturally.
any tips? i've watched a few videos besides this one and i'm looking forward to trying it out. i've been obsessed with the whole natural beauty no makeup look.
10 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3752

But how do you determine what looks "good"? I'm so skeptical of this because when I see people saying "I do it for me" i'm like really? you spend all this extra time and money to do for you what every single makeup company and celebrity and advertisement tells you looks good?
the only time I believe this is when I see people with intense goth makeup in public. it makes people happy to look good outside because people are vain af and treat pretty people better. it makes me happy inside to do something valuable with my time, like make myself smarter, help out a friend, teach someone something I know, or doing something kind.
also LOVING the assumption that the opposite of caring about your appearance is self-loathing and depression. might wanna do some more introspection.

Anonymous 3754

nta, but I wear makeup because I like to wear formal sort of clothing (pencil skirts, blouses, etc.) and it completes the look I'm after. In the end it probably is shallow nonsense, but I've always liked feeling put together and fancy even just to go to the mall. Sometimes I also just like getting dressed up for the sake of it, not even to go outside at all.
It may seem like a waste of time to you, but the enjoyment is derived from matching different colours and shapes to discover something that you find works as a cohesive whole tailored for your own tastes and body/face. I can't speak for people who strictly follow trends, but for me it's mostly for aesthetic pleasure. I like to create art for the same reason.

I agree anon was getting touchy saying that you're lazy for not wearing makeup, but getting on our backs for wasting time is equally touchy. There is no objective measure for what is the best use of free time. Humans do not exist for any purpose despite what value you have arbitrarily assigned to certain actions and hobbies. You can make goals for yourself, as we all do, but they do not apply to every person on Earth. Within the parameters of the law and other societal functions we get to decide for ourselves what we value most, based on personal principles and benefits gained. I have judgments I can pass on many people since they don't adhere to my moral code, but I know deep down that it's irrelevant.

Anonymous 3756

>Tbh most people who don't wear makeup don't give a rat's ass how beautiful they are.
[citation needed]

I'm more inclined to believe that they're just comfortable with their natural appearance. Some people are genetically blessed, like it or not.

Anonymous 3786

I really only wear concealer, subtle liner, blush, brow pencil, and tinted lip balm. The biggest difference in my appearance is due to the concealer I use to cover up my undereye circles. Usually for work I try to go for a look that's more awake and fresh since it actually makes me feel more productive (in the same way that making your bed first thing in the morning encourages productivity).

However I do love my dark circles, I love how people look when they're sick and tired (but still hydrated lol). So I guess it's just two different looks that I like equally, but one of which is more appropriate for work.

Anonymous 4201

totally ot but thank you op for helping me discover valeria lipovetsky lol. i've been binging her chanel for a week now

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