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Vitamins and Supplements Anonymous 2481[Reply]

Do you take any vitamins or supplements (herbal or otherwise)?

If so, is it for any health deficiency or as a boost?

If not, would you ever want to try any?

Related: How do you know if they work? Do you trust any of this?
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Anonymous 3706

I take a multi vitamin and some sort of hair/nails vitamin because my BMI was 14.

Not sure if it helps though and It gives me neon piss which apparently is like pissing money down the drain (Or so I read) Because its the extra unneeded vitamins but I could be wrong.

Anonymous 9183


just got ginseng (energy and mental brightness) to deal with brain fog/lethargy and st johns wort for muh sad feels (which also cause brain fog and lethargy.)

otherwise i take fiber sups (which seem to have no effect at all) and general multivitamins including one formulated for hair skin and nails. but i'm not consistent in taking them.
it can't hurt and it might help. i have a job so the money isn't a problem. if a $10 bottle of some herbal crap might help solve a chronic health issue then that's a good deal if even 1/10 of them actually work.

pic rel: you should read this manga

Anonymous 9230

I just started taking collagen for joint and skin health. I got some pretty mild hypermobility, bruise easily, and get cuts easily. Only been taking them for two days or so, but I feel good in my joints and i cant touch my thumb to my forearm anymore. it might be working? or i just havent stretched in awhile

Anonymous 9231

I take mugwort infusion and they really help with my pre menstrual symptoms. Go look it up femcelz

Anonymous 9233

I take a daily women's multivitamin cause I can't be arsed to monitor my ever-fluctuating dietary deficiencies. When I have extra time I do use cronometer to try to get every vitamin naturally because they are absorbed better with food. Anons itt don't know what they're talking about regarding vitamin overdoses. They can happen, but not from just taking 1 vitamin. Excess vitamins are just secreted in urine.


Childfree thread Anonymous 102[Reply]


>"but Anon, you'll want them later!"

Yeah no.
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Anonymous 9137

Does anyone else find kids to be very selfish? I don't babies that have a right to be selfish as that's all they know, but kids I guess 7+ that you can have conversations with. They don't seem to be able to consider other people's feelings well and just say and do whatever is best for them. I don't think this is a parenting issue but that they lack the brain capacity and experience to know what things are best kept to themselves or how to express their views more politely.

For example, if you make a cake for a kid they will say it's disgusting and list all the things they dislike about it in a whiny way without considering if that's something they should really say or not. A (mature) adult might say they are not that hungry or eat it anyway or find a polite way to say they don't like it.

Why do people want to live day in day out with multiple people like this? I had some childcare jobs when I couldn't find work elsewhere and this was the biggest thing I hated about it.

Even if you do train your own kids not to do this there is still the training period which isn't going to happen over night.

Fwiw, I don't think I am especially sensitive and I'm sure most people would dislike being told bluntly out of nowhere the flaws in everything they do.

Anonymous 9142

Looks like the /b/ thread about being forced to adopt the brother's kid was copied from here:



Anonymous 9143

oh honey you have a lot left to learn how finance works :)

Anonymous 9156

Are you suggesting that the finances of a marriage certificate are worse than the finances of a mortgage? Do you own a house?

Anonymous 9217

Literally every single person on earth is selfish. Kids just haven't learned to keep that sort of stuff to themselves.


Dream dress thread Anonymous 6035[Reply]

Let's start a dream dress thread!
Post dresses you're looking for , or dream dresses you recently obtained
I'll start with the dream dresses I'm looking for
Btssb- Kumya chan's Love Love Valentine Jsk
Ap-sweetie violets op in pink
Ap- lovely shopping cutsew
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Anonymous 6042

I have quite a big wardrobe. Also >>6039 is right to some extent, I have a lot of basics that flow between styles.

Anonymous 6043

dream dresses.png

As you can tell I'm sweet. My favorite (and consequentially my dream ones) dresses usually have floral aspects, besides dolly cat. Thats just cause I like cats.

Anonymous 9001


Can I post itt if it's not a lolita dress?

Anonymous 9186

Anonymous 9187


Now I can't delete.


Prematurely ageing Anonymous 9201[Reply]

The stuff that my dermatologist gave me for my acne gave me noticeable premature wrinkles, and I STILL have acne, woohoo. I kept making sure with her, and she just brushed it off as normal, no big deal, your skin will become normal once the treatment is over. F-ing liar. I hate this. I look like 7 years older. I don't have the best looking face and this made me even more depressed. Whenever I try to improve it just blows up in my face, either by bad luck or people treating me shitty because of obvious autistic body language, thinking that they can get away with it.
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Anonymous 9210

Yup. Just like the news and educational districts!

Anonymous 9211

I forget the exact quote but I read somewhere that the beauty industry makes something like more money than the music industry, movie industry, cruise ship industry, and casinos… combined.

Anonymous 9212

>“Retinol will not decrease the skin barrier if used in the correct dosage,'' agrees Dr. Icecreamwala. In fact, she says it can actually do the opposite: “Because retinol is collagen and elastin-boosting, it can actually help thicken the skin over time if used appropriately.”

you made me panic but it turns out you are incorrect. it only has side effects long term if you are using too high of a dose, which you need to be retarded to do.

Anonymous 9213

This is what scares me about skincare. How do you know how much is okay? How often should you use something? Where is the list of medically approved amounts and dosages?

Anonymous 9214

Usually it comes with guidelines, you can ask or see posts by the hundreds other people that used X product or even just see a derm. But usually you only use a few drops, just enough to lightly cover your face if it's not a topical product.


Anonymous 9163[Reply]

How can you dress feminine if you have a masculine body type? I have broad shoulders and I'm in the "natural" category in the Kibbe system (haven't narrowed down to the exact type but you get the idea). I could just pick any dress and say it fits, but what if I look like a troon?

Anonymous 9164

Looking like a troon takes more than just a neutral body.

Anonymous 9165

Use wired skirts and corsets to accentuate your figure.


What's the ugliest part of your body? Anonymous 3951[Reply]

Let's sent it some love!

I'll start: it probably is my knees, they're fat, are slowly becoming wrinkled and have a hump above them. One of them is square shaped because of surgery.

I love you knees, thank you for supporting my body and carrying me around!
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Anonymous 9116

Do you think about losing this muscle? i have the same issue and can't seem to lose them since i need to move my arms and legs a lot :/

Anonymous 9123

Nah, I maintain them on purpose. I like the functionality and the ability to shock people when I flex lol. But I am trying to lose some overall fat to gain some definition anyway.
You should also keep the muscle, anon. It's cool to be a stronger-than-average woman.

Anonymous 9139

>I'm 20 years old and I feel like I already look like I'm in my late 40s.
That's what TV and Instagram do to your self esteem.

Anonymous 9141


I don't know, it's quite a lot of things what I listed, I'm not obssessing over a small detail. I don't have an instagram account or follow models or something like that. As I said, I have a huge nose that I love because it's a family trait. But all those skin imperfections aren't traits, they are just imperfections wow. And the fact they all started to appear at age 12 just made me feel miserable during puberty until the present. I couldn't enjoy my teenage years and have fun in certain ways, just like I expected things to get better and they haven't got at all. Now I'm starting a new decade and I guess I'll spend my time looking and feeling like shit.

Anonymous 9144

My eyes, they are so small and uneven, i dont even have long lashes to salvage my ugly ass of a face lmao.


Makeup advice Anonymous 313[Reply]

If this thread is redundant with the other makeup thread, feel free to tell me and I'll delete this one.

Let's ask for advice and answer each others' questions about makeup, and maybe about skincare too.

I'll start. I almost never wear makeup (at most maybe some colored lip balm and mascara), and while I take care of my skin, I feel like I should start using BB cream or foundation and/or mattifying powder or primer. But I don't know where to start with this, there are so many products that I don't know which ones could be useful and which ones would be a waste of money. By the way, I don't trust beauty bloggers and youtubers because there's a good chance they're sponsored to recommend some products and brands, I want sincere advice, which is why I ask here.

If I only want to hide my large pores and acne scars (not the colorful ones, they're more like some holes in the skin), should I only focus on some mattifying powder or a primer, or should I use one of these with a foundation or a BB cream? Also, which brands would you recommend for these products? I know korean BB cream is the best but I would rather be recommended things I can buy in stores and not just online, so I can try it to see if it's the right color for my skin.
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Anonymous 8874

Yeah, they seem to be for deeper scars and lines. Thanks for sharing your experience anon, i hope it works for her.
Good luck!

Anonymous 8875

Good luck with everything, and please report back on it.
I'm happy to share and just hoping that it helps.

Anonymous 9066

Since we are talking about skincare - does it bother anyone else how everyone online seems to have paper skin?

Like, i was searching for a cleanser and decided to go for a gentle one. Since i don't know that much about skincare i went online and the rave seems to be about korean products, but i cannot get them so those were out, and every single cleanser i searched for reviews and such on reddit or other sites you aways find people telling you it made their skin pull, it left them dry, the fragrance murdered their kids and burned their house down.

In the websites reviews were fine, so in the end i bought it and a moisturizer with fragrance and they really are fine… even a bit too gentle. If i went with the hivemind i would have spent a lot more for something even more gentle that might of left me oily. Same thing with foundations and anything that goes on your face really. I am wondering if people were exaggerating because my own skin is sensitive and dry, but most cosmetics still work okay.

Do you think there are really this many people with more than sensitive skin or is it just like the gluten stuff where they follow a trend?

Anonymous 9067

I have this sensitive skin but a little fragrance is okay. Even with body washes - you just have to be careful about the brand/company is what I've found. For example Aveeno advertises to be very accommodating for sensitive skin, but it always makes my skin dry and scaley. Like hard, which is wierd because my skin is really soft. another example is Lush, their products are amazing, and they are very scented. The Body Shop used to be my favorite, but then they were bought be L'Oreal and aren't the same a bit. Now their products are just irritating but smell good.

Anyway just wanted to give you my experience for some insight. I now try to use anything vegan & non comodegenic. If I like a stinky smelly peoduct enough I will use it like a perfume :- ) like put it on my arms where I'm not so sensitive.

I think the effects of scented products are long-term too, like you wont see if it's effected you negatively until you've tried it for awhile. Depending on your skin type.

Anonymous 9068

I forgot to mention the reviews part. I actually worked for a LHR company that has 5 stars and realized it was because we offered a discount to people if they choose to remive their negative review. I try to take reviews with pounds of grains of salts.


Annoying minor health problems Anonymous 9004[Reply]

Figured I would start a thread to discuss problems that are annoying which don't completely warrant a trip to the doctor's, in the hopes that some fellow anons might have helpful tips/insight.

I'll start:
>been having incredibly sore knees for the past several days, usually this happens around my period but that isn't due for a t
>go into a "food coma" whenever I consume a non-tiny amount of carbs or grease (literally can't control when and where I fall asleep) and wake up with flu-like symptoms after
7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 9018

I don't know what it is called but my sister had this and got an operation to fix it.

Anonymous 9019

chronic constipation since i was a child
(neglectful parents didn't give a fuck to have me checked out)
i shit once a day or so but it's rabbit pellets and hard to get out.

Anonymous 9021

This could be a food intolerance (lactose?) or dehydration. Try keeping a food diary and excluding each of the top allergy good for a few days and see how you get on. Also try getting fiber supplements like fybogel. Btw, if you don't know already, you can put your finger up your vagina and use that to help push things out.

Anonymous 9036

>your finger
i'm very aware of that technique. luckily i'm female and not a moid. i'm trying to take a test to see if it's a thyroid issue, because it's not like i've had the same diet my entire life, but i've always had the same problems. hydration makes no difference either. i have other symptoms of hypothyroidism, but life without healthinsurance is hard.

my butthole is kind of ugly too

Anonymous 9037

>it's not like i've had the same diet my entire life
That's true but things like dairy, wheat, and soy are in almost everything these days.


stress Anonymous 8735[Reply]

how do you all deal with it?

i feel like it kept piling over the years and i can't do anything to release it
3 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 8755

W-what god?

Anonymous 8756

I drink or pour myself into work/reading/art.

Anonymous 8759

me too, i love drawing, writing and reading. but i cant really relax while doing it because i have this feeling of wasting time that i could use to learn things useful for job searchs.

Anonymous 8766

yea but i still feel guilty and freeze up because there is aways something to learn or work on. deep down i know its mot humanely possible or necessary to be a master but i still feel left behind because i lost a few years to mental illness.

Anonymous 9020

same. i'll probably commit murder someday.


Anonymous 7138[Reply]

Makeup is fakeup?
5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 7468

Makeup is an I teresting thing. I like it a lot, and I find it so cool what people are able to do with it. You can completely change yourself wearing it. Its like clothing, yknow? Its a form of expression. And it makes some women more confident, which is great.

Ive never been one to wear makeup. I did my freshman year of high school, but after a year of that I got sick of it. I honestly can't remember the last time I actually wore it.
But lately ive been seeing imperfections (dark areas on my face, I have this mole I'm self conscious about) and I think I could seriously revamp my face and feel more confident.

But I don't want to, like… Idk, lie to myself. I know I have the freedom to wear or to not wear makeup. It'd be weird, I don't eve know where to begin or what kind to buy.

Its conflicting when I feel like this should be a really straightforward decision. Its like an identity thing.

Anonymous 7473


Leaving the negative stigmatas aside, makeup has a lot of benefits especially when you're getting older.
"As much as necessary, as little as possible." is the key here to avoid looking like Homer shot you with his Makeup Gun. I like it classy and wear it every day.

Anonymous 7481

Yesterday, something terrible happened to me, anon. I got my new glasses, and as soon as I put them on, I surprisingly realized how ugly the optician was. Then I got home and looked at myself in the mirror, only to find that I had a terrible skin, with giant pores and nasty wrinkles on my 31-y-o face. Living without glasses had kept me in a blurred world where everything looked soft. Now it all looks harsh, sharp, with strong contrasts, and of course, I now know that I look way less cute than I thought. I knew I did not have a perfect skin, but this was shocking.

Today I put fondation on before I went to work, and willingly left my glasses at home.

Anonymous 9000

I have the glasses experience every darn time I change them. But I prefer peelings and good face washers than foundation (never bought a bottle). I might make up a little bit my nose because I have some small veing around my nostrils.

Anonymous 9006

I feel bad for contributing to the expectation that women should wear but i love it. I don't wear it everyday and when i do it's no foundation/concealer, only translucent powder. My acne shows but i don't really mind.

I like to play around with colors, eyeliner shape and shadow texture and look soft or sharp when i feel like it. Sometimes i put it on just to hang around, it's like painting on your face.

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