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Is lolita fashion still alive ? Anonymous 5908[Reply]

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Anonymous 5915

I'm actually really interested to know how it used to be back in the day.

Anonymous 5916

It seems that you're worried people might think you're worried about what people think to the point of thinking too much about it.
Nothing wrong with liking attention.

Anonymous 11294

i'm 3 years late but can someone share those kind of posts? seems like i always came across modern stuff (thanks tiktok) when i try to search for it

Anonymous 11579


As of 2021, it's definitely not dead yet.


Anonymous 11586

I don't think it's dead per se. It seems to have dimmed down, but if you look at current alt fashion, you'll find that lolita just seems to go under different names these days. Find me one current alt trend that doesn't have major lolita influence

I read a post once that the problem is the name "Lolita" and that people want to distance their interest from the implication of that title


Anonymous 3971[Reply]

>tall and skinny with a good jawline is considered the absolute peak of female beauty by women and people immersed in aesthetics
>meanwhile most men like plastic midgets with fake asses and fuckhuge titties and recessed jaws
Explain this. How did this shift take place? Hardcore shilling by the media to push the Kardashians? Or did they take off because men like that crap?
Butthurt womanlets don't get too upset pls.
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Anonymous 11386

I would argue it's the fit strong look that is most popular right now
source: myriad of instagram fitness influencers

Anonymous 11388

>The study also showed that the taller a woman is, the more comfortable she is with her body. And a quarter of the tall women reported not wanting to change anything about themselves.
>Yet 90 percent of the shorter women reported being unhappy with their appearance

Anonymous 11389

Much easier to be overweight when short

Anonymous 11390

Don't overweight people tend to be taller, though? Unless they got fat later in life and were thin as kids/teens.
Also, in my experience, people take you more seriously and see you as more "mature" if you're taller, even if you're thin. I'm thin and need to wear heels to work to avoid being treated as a child.

Anonymous 11393

if you mean overweight in terms of BMI, its the opposite


Anonymous 11545[Reply]

Is there a guy or girl you want to catch right now? Do you have your eyes on them?

Anonymous 11547

My ex. Always my ex.

Anonymous 11549

does my bf count? i love him but hes 3 states away :CCCCC

Anonymous 11550

My husband after he works out.

Anonymous 11553

My boyfriend.


Anonymous 11466[Reply]

How to make my arms stronger? I can't even do push-ups and no, I'm not fat, what exercises do you recommend to get me started?
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Anonymous 11540


Anonymous 11541


Nyart but do Starting Strength (workout plan, first phase posted) + drink a Gallon Of Milk A Day along with your normal food (for fueling gainz)

It was male advice (no beginner would walk into a gym on her first week and do fucking deadlifts) but if overall strength is your goal it’s not the worst thing out there.

Anonymous 11542

>Mark Ripto advice
>on my /hb/
>on crystal.cafe
I am astounded.

Anonymous 11544

Lol ikr? My /fit/-boy to English translation services are always available if you need :D

Anonymous 11546



Muscle on Women Anonymous 8290[Reply]

How do you feel about women having visible muscle or being fit in general?
How much is too much?
Would you be willing to work for it?
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Anonymous 11255

I know she's on gear but HNNNGGGGGGGG THAT'S MY GOAL BODY

Anonymous 11359

she has a really beautiful figure, wow

is she really? i think this is achievable without it.

Anonymous 11519

is it weird that I want to gain enough muscle to the point where at rest it just looks like fat? I have a very sturdy hourglass figure, and I want to further improve my figure by having the perfect ratio of fat and muscle and just go bear mode

Anonymous 11525

bunny girl belly a…

Too much is when it's clear they are juicing.
Some visible tone is hot as fuck
I work out everyday to keep fit and tone for my partner and she loves it. Working out together is really motivational too.

Anonymous 11526

If it'll make you happy you should do whatever you like best. Weird or not shouldn't matter too much. Do it for yourself before doing it for others.


Anonymous 11514[Reply]

I haven’t been able to reup on my birth control. I just got off my period two days ago and haven’t been able to get birth control since it’s been the weekend. I had sex today and my boyfriend asked if I was taking my pills and now I’m paranoid I’ll get pregnant
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Anonymous 11516


Wow so helpful

Anonymous 11517

It's a distinct possibility. If you have no moral qualms just pop a plan B.

Anonymous 11518


just saying

Anonymous 11522


Get plan b as fast as possible.

Also this Pepe makes me think you're a male troll. It gives me disgusting 4chan vibes. CC should really ban pepes. I mean, we got Cece. Why do we need Pepe?

Anonymous 11523

true, we just need more expressive and situational ceces and we should be good to go


Anonymous 8769[Reply]

How do you guys deal with gyno visits?

I need to go eventually but i'm terrified of anyone touching me or puttings things up there due to past trauma. And all the gynos i visited were so damn impatient that i wouldn't have trust in them to deal with me crying and such, my insurance is shit so there are no other ones.
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Anonymous 8857

Why would your mom remain in the room at a gyno appointment? Are you German or something?
>if not he has a female nurse, he's never left alone with women.
The nurse isn't there to protect patients, it's to protect doctors from accusations. I don't go to doctors which use chaperones as I don't want more people than absolutely necessary around me when I'm in a vulnerable position

Anonymous 8859

To be fair I probably would have wanted my mom in there for the trauma of having some rando's finger in my asshole. That's a mama in the room situation.

Anonymous 9411

I deal very poorly with it.
I simply don't go. I do not recommend that, but I have such an extreme body shame, that I simply can't go.

I will never have sex or a boyfriend so it will be fine.
Bevor someone is going to see me nacked I will kill myself

Anonymous 11436

This, why the fuck was he putting his finger up your butt? What does that accomplish? And how does being a virgin prevent him from putting a medical device up your vag? Unless he's one of those morons who thinks "tampons make you impure and not a virgin"
I'm not German, but first time I got a pap my mom was there, and there was no nurse or anyone else in the room.

Anonymous 11521

>you guys


Food you miss when dieting Anonymous 11511[Reply]

(This is only half a joke, I'm on a diet and it sucks that I can't be a glutton)

Eddie Rockets secret sauce EXPOSED

So I'm on a diet right now. For lunch, I had a salad. my salad was tuna, lettuce, and tomato. Simple light lunch for 128 calaroos. But undeniably boring on it's own.

Que Eddie Rocket secret sauce. You will notice it says "the secret is out in the package". Yes, Eddie, yes it fucking is.

I'm actually quite a fan of Eddie Rockets restaurants. Admittedly, this is probably part of the reasons I need to go on a diet to begin with. I had no idea the fucking sauce was like 20% of the calories in a burger??? Thise fucking things are listed as 300ish cals on the menu, how the hell is such a huge chunk of it a tsp of sauce??

Diets suck WHAT THE FUCK. Peanut butter, then bananas, and now this.

Anyway, anyone else have food they miss on diets? Mine is this and a lot if fruits

Anonymous 11513

Why don't you add some vinegar or spices to your salads? They're very healthy for you. Spices and herbs are the best source of antioxidants. Idk why you're keeping things bland.
Also, unless you have a specific medical condition that gives you an intolerance to certain fruits, there's no need to cut those out either. Just cut out juices and such which remove all the fiber from fruit and thus concentrate the sugar. Whole fruits are good for you.


Prematurely ageing Anonymous 9201[Reply]

The stuff that my dermatologist gave me for my acne gave me noticeable premature wrinkles, and I STILL have acne, woohoo. I kept making sure with her, and she just brushed it off as normal, no big deal, your skin will become normal once the treatment is over. F-ing liar. I hate this. I look like 7 years older. I don't have the best looking face and this made me even more depressed. Whenever I try to improve it just blows up in my face, either by bad luck or people treating me shitty because of obvious autistic body language, thinking that they can get away with it.
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Anonymous 11443

Omg this. I dermarolled my forehead and now it’s permanently red, do not dermaroll unless your doc does it

Anonymous 11462

Does anyone know if preventative botox actually works to prevent wrinkles ? Or is it a waste of money?

Anonymous 11467


collagen powder!
my mom takes it and she looks ten years younger than she really is

Anonymous 11468

Real shit? How's it taste? Or is it flavorless? I'm intrigued!

Anonymous 11499

nta but this definitely works, at home we have a huge bottle of it and it lightened the dark spots on my moms legs that she's had for years and her face in general. her hair has grown a lot too. i should start taking it too but i can't get past the taste. i think there's one's that are flavored but ours tastes like straight up fish


Cheugy Anonymous 11320[Reply]

Are you cheugy?

-> relevance of personal style
= how stylish you are (on-trend or outdated in an uncool way)

-> awareness of personal style
= how much you CARE abt being stylish (explicitly saying you dont care, actually not caring or caring a lot)
9 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 11440

no one does ever

Anonymous 11490

I kinda dress like Vince Noir, so does goth/punk/new romantic fit under self aware outdated?

Anonymous 11491

kek, was not expecting to see 'i kinda dress like vince noir' on the front page. i wish i could pull off his style but id look like howard in the goth episode. to answer your question: yes, especially considering how old those subcultures are.

Anonymous 11495

It takes a long while to build a Vince Noir wardrobe but I'm committed to being the absolute purest form of myself

Anonymous 11498


Based and booshpilled. Keep at it anon

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