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tsubu anko (sabami…

Anonymous 7786[Reply]

How do I get rid of rosacea?

Anonymous 7804

Most cases of rosacea can be almost completely cured by IPL treatment, or intense pulsed light. You can find videos on youtube about it, but it's non-invasive and not very painful. It's offered by a most skin clinics and not too expensive either

It's also good to keep stress, diet and sleep in check to keep it under control :)


Anonymous 7770[Reply]

Has anyone ever tried Stitch Fix? How did you like it?

I hate shopping for clothes and my sense of style sucks, so I figured I'd try it out. Got my first fix and it was ok. Had one pair of jeans I liked and returned the rest. The clothes were kind of pricey. Think I'll wait for 2-3 fixes to see how I feel about it.

Anonymous 7778

I don't like the styles of clothes available through stitchfix, too boring. It's probably better for men.

I do nuuly & I love it even though it's expensive.


Lower Belly Problems Anonymous 7765[Reply]

Hello everyone, I am desperately in need of help for my lower belly problem. I used to be overweight (27+ BMI) but since January 2019 I made a lot of lifestyle changes (low carb diet, exercise 3 times a week and small meditation sessions). During these 12 months I made a lot of progress and I'm now at a 22.5 BMI, but despite these 12 months of mostly healthy living I still have a lot of lower belly fat (pic related, loks literally like me), so much so that i look pregnant tbh ;///////;
Lower belly fat has been a really big insecurity of mine because its so noticeable that it pains me to even look at it in the mirror. Has any other anon had this problem? If so did you solve it? how?

Anonymous 7767

Accept that "spot training" is a myth and this isn't a problem you can solve by targeting it. Your belly will continue to shrink as you lose weight, but adipose distribution in women generally means that it will be the last thing to completely flatten. I was a big girl at one time (5'8, 33 to 20) and my "pouch" was the last thing to go. I was angry at it the whole time and it took years.

Possible solutions:
-low carb/keto
-it's extra skin so you'd need surgery (I doubt this is it)
-bad posture makes it look worse than it actually is


disfunction Anonymous 7630[Reply]

I have executive disfunction in my vagina. Please, I just want to feel something. Please tell me how I can fix this, ladies

Anonymous 7757

How us that like for you? In my case, it was that i could feel touch, yes, but it couldnt answer to self stimulation (kind of like how it doesnt itch when you tickle yourself). The answer was to get someone to do it for me, or get a huge amount of lube and an extra weak vibrator


Getting a fringe Anonymous 7705[Reply]

I’ve discussed this with my friends but I feel like they’re too nice to go against what I want, which is to get bangs! I want bangs but i don’t know if it’ll look good on me? I’m asian/Caucasian and look like Lauren Tsai (pictured) except with a bigger bumpier narrower pointier nose. Her face shape, eye area, lip shape and small forehead are very similar to me. Bangs are supposed to cover 5heads, right? But they also draw attention to ugly noses, too…
So I shouldn’t get bangs with these features, then? I really want bangs but I don’t know which style to get. I’m leaning towards Korean wispy bangs as it might soften my sharp nose.
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 7707

I think the wispy bangs would look cute!

Anonymous 7722


I prefer my hair long but I get this impulsive urge every once in a while to get bangs. And I always do. First few days go well but then I regret it because its a little more extra work then just putting everything in a ponytail. Then theres that awkward faze when your bangs start to grow out and look weird so you have to decide to cut them again or bobby pin them down some how. Most girls look amazing with bangs as long as they style them.

Anonymous 7748


i tried to paint a fringe on her. do you like it? personally i prefer her original hair.
Sorry it's black and white. accidentally exported as the wrong format (pgm instead of png). and closed the program without saving. oof…

Anonymous 7749


this is her but just bangs. and i didnt fuck up this time

Anonymous 7756

OP here. Thank you for the photoshop! I wish I saw this sooner. She doesn't look too great with bangs…

I got my bangs and now regret it. Now I have to live with the regret for 8 months before I grow it out and get a bob. Everyone says I look like a soccer mom with it. I thought it would make me look quirky and fun but it just makes my round face into moon face :(

Btw, there are fringe wigs where you attach it to your forehead. I didn't discover this until after I cut my hair. I wish I bought that before I committed to getting a fringe so I could see what i'd look like.


Anonymous 3193[Reply]

Do you think the curvy meme is a real thing which is gaining traction outside the internets?
34 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4947

>shit genetics
Not really sure what's bad enough about this body type to be worth calling it "shit genetics". Average is average.

Anonymous 4949

My BMI is 21 and the internet thinks I'm a fat cow too. Someone on /lgbt/ told me at 5'7" I should weigh no more than 120 pounds, and blamed my weight on me being American.

As a word of advice, don't post your weight on an imageboard and instead listen to what your doctors tell you. Imageboards are full of trolls and anachans who are severely triggered by any mention of weight so it's best to just keep your mouth shut about that topic in general if you don't want to be bullied.

Anonymous 4951

Not only weight, have you seen what they say about other girls' faces? She's disgusting, her nose is too big, her face is too long, her lips are too thin etc. It's not like you can change those things naturally and then when someone shoops themselves to "correct" these things they shit on them even more.
It's so dehumanizing, they don't even see these people as people, but as dolls or images, I mean don't you have friends who look average? Do you shit on them because they're not model tier? You don't, you see them for who they are, people with their own lives and personalities, who have more worth than just their looks.
sorry for off topic rant. It just makes me so angry

Anonymous 4952

I imagine the people who say these kinds of things are very insecure about themselves and putting down other women somehow makes them feel better about their own averageness/ugliness. For instance, if you read through lolcow's /ot/ or /g/ you see girls complaining about how ugly and fat they themselves are.

Lolcow is a cesspit of insecure, mentally unstable women who feel the need to bully others because they feel like shit about their own lives. People here seem to be a lot less like that, which is probably why we moved the fuck away.

inb4 some farmer decides to screencap this post and put it in the crystal.cafe thread

Anonymous 7755

I don't think IG models/"influencers" really present themselves as anything more than dolls, so it makes sense to treat them that way. I'm not as critical of my friends because they're multi-dimensional.


No Makeup Anonymous 7014[Reply]

Does anyone else never wear makeup? If so, why not?

I've pretty much never worn makeup my entire life (in my late 20s right now). The women in my family don't wear makeup, and growing up, my friends didn't either. I've recently noticed that the majority of women who I see walking down the street have at least a little bit of makeup on, and it's rare/almost impossible to find a woman who doesn't wear any at all (yeah, I'm not a very perceptive person, to have noticed it this late). Starting to feel like I should too. What are your thoughts on this? Anyone out there who's this way too?
12 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 7117

I have a skincare routine and clean up the hair on my face. Otherwise nada. Same thing for pretty much every career woman I know, for some reason in my industry (STEM) the career woman wearing sharp-looking makeup thing has long passed. I think it's because makeup is pretty pointless for a woman working a high salary job in tech, she has no time and at best it's a fun hobby but not a prerequisite for earning a living. Guys who work in that world don't care either.

Anonymous 7180

i used to put on makeup daily because i was super insecure about my bare face, but when i started running i started going out more without any on, and now i feel more comfortable without it. i look back on my pics with a full face on and realise how much older i made myself look too - its definitely made me change the way i view makeup and how much i use

Anonymous 7746

I threw out all my makeup because it was old and I've been going absolutely bare-faced the past couple of days… It feels SO good!!

Anonymous 7747

Honestly I only start wearing a bunch of makeup when Im sleep deprived or on my period because I breakout and my skin starts to looks awful. I try to cover up under my eyes but it only helps a little. But whenever I get sleep and feel good my skin looks good enough that I just wear a little powder and mascara. If I go without any makeup for a while my skin freaks out when I start wearing it again & I know its not good/ages your skin but I dont wanna look like an insomniac.

Anonymous 7753

I don't wear makeup every day for work (software engineer). I think my face looks quite nice without it (clear/healthy skin + high-contrast features). In fact i get more compliments on my appearance when i'm not wearing makeup (but maybe I just suck at applying makeup?)


Anonymous 7677[Reply]

Does anyone else get cold sores?

>How long does each outbreak generally last?

>Do you do anything to conceal it?
>What do you do to help it heal faster or prevent scabbing?

I hate having a walking “I have herpes” sign on my face.
2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 7684

You could post in the right thread for starters…

Anonymous 7685


Pool's closed due to herpes.

Anonymous 7686

I got chicken pox two years ago and now I get outbreaks sometimes, although very rarely.
You need to apply topical acyclovir as soon as you suspect an outbeak is comming (when you feel that the skin is a bit hot or sore). I also take an acyclovir pill before the outbreak comes, then keep the treatment according to the dosage I usually take. Supposedly acyclovir is useless unless you start taking it right before the outbreak.
Also I know this is gross but if it's just a little redness with no big bumps then I do conceal it with foundation and red lipstick. Make sure to clean the lipstick with alcohol afterwards though, although afaik the virus can't live outside of the human body for long.

Anonymous 7696

I don't get cold sores, but I get styes on my eyes and canker sores that are sometimes visible in the corners of my mouth a lot. I usually just skip makeup to let it heal but if I absolutely need to cover it up I use a concealer and a lip and/or eye color that blends in with or distracts from it as needed

I wouldn't even mind being that fat if I had those tits

Anonymous 7723

I used to get them more in high school. Ive learned to not touch my face without washing my hands first. It saves you from all kinds of zits and pimples. For me anyway.


The X Effect Anonymous 1[Reply]

The X Effect started on reddit as a method of forming habits and building willpower.

The idea is to track the habit you want to form for 49 days on a 7x7 grid. Each day you cross off a box if you did the thing, and you try and keep the chain of X's going for the whole 7 weeks. The theory is if you can do something every day for 7 weeks then you can keep doing it.

I've been using it to form basic morning/night routines and it's been really helpful, not only for motivation but also for accountability and tracking my progress. Have any of you tried this before?
34 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 7281

thanks for bumping. I hadn't seen this thread before but now I'm inspired and I'm gonna try this out! I would like to track healthy eating habits

Anonymous 7288

This has really been helping me. But I've realized once I go past 4-5 things I start dropping the difficult ones and then just dropping all but the easiest. Anyone else have this problem or am I just lazy? (or both?)

Anonymous 7289

That may be from trying to form too many habits at once. Why not focus on 3-4 for the first 7 week cycle and then evaluate later?

Anonymous 7432

update: I started small with brushing teeth before bed and keeping a gratitude journal. I'm on day 26 of brushing before bed and day 20 of gratitude journaling (only missed one day total). it feels really good to mark of each evening! I want to incorporate some new habits soon

Anonymous 7720

I second what this anon has said. I remember hearing somewhere that you aren't supposed to try to introduce too many habits at a single time as it often lead to failure - instead, you're supposed to focus on only a few to start with, then add a few more each month.


Hair stuff Anonymous 7662[Reply]

I have grown my hair for years but I don't seem to be able to do anything with it. Even a basic braid goes awry and my arms get tired holding the hair in the back of my head. I can't count how many times I enthusiastically tried to reproduce Youtube tutorials and ended up really sad, wondering why I bothered growing it if I can't even take advantage of its length and thickness.

How to not suck at doing my hair? How do you do yours? God I wish I knew how to make a French braid.

Anonymous 7667

I know it isn't really helpful, but I only can do the simplest braided ponytail and if I have to remake it too often, my arms are getting tired too.
I have longer hair, so I can do a bun without a hair tie.
How long is your hair? I could send you the link, it is super easy.

And that is mostly all I can do with my hair.
I would love to make some viking hairstyles. But my arms getting tired too and if I try it often looks ugly.

But I have something positive for you, at the beginning I couldn't even do the braided ponytail. You have to try and try and try. Practice is the key, I know no one want to hear that. Sadly it is the true, try it often, you will get better at it.

Anonymous 7672

I would say my hair is nearly halfway down my back, like 6cm under the bra hook, not long enough to tie the knot from the video I guess.
This is a beautiful channel! Makes me very envious.
Practice and not losing heart, then.

Anonymous 7715


Just growing your hair now? As an adult? Educated guess you are a tranny and you don't pass.

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