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What did you eat today? Anonymous 3476[Reply]

Share your daily food intake and whether you're trying to lose/maintain/gain weight or just indulge in whatever you want (plus maybe add your weight and height)
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Anonymous 4758

2 slices of bread with margarine
cup of black coffee and cup of tea
2 mcchickens, 2 mcdoubles, 1 large fry
1 liter dr. pepper and 1 Rockstar energy drink

Anonymous 4772

Rice crackers & peanut butter
Homemade mocha (milk, cacao powder, coffee)


A whole roasted sweet potato
Some milk to help vitamin absorption.


Currently eating while I browse.
Some light beers
Frozen okonomiyaki
Homemade chicken & vegetable soup

And probably after this some kind of salad and cheese, maybe. Olives sound good, too.

Anonymous 4787


porridge with 100ml soy milk
black coffee

a kind of ramen made with udon noodles, spring onion, miso, tofu, soy milk and chilli

homemade potato and leek soup
vegan cheese toastie
low calorie soft drink

two squares of dark chocolate

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Anonymous 4795


>a kind of ramen made with udon noodles, spring onion, miso, tofu, soy milk and chilli

Ughh that sounds so good. Now I have a miso/conbu dashi base nabe going with onion, bok choy, and chicken thigh. And some alcohol. I started dinner with a cabbage/dashi salad.

Anonymous 4798

>mushroom and tomato soup
>PB toast
>piece of smoked salmon


Sleep patterns Anonymous 4779[Reply]

What time do you wake up?

And do you go to bed at regular times during the week?

Anonymous 4781

Between 5am and 6am now. Am NEET.

I always sleep at the same time.

Anonymous 4788


Depends on my schedule on what I'm doing the next day. Either way I don't think my sleep schedule is so good as I tend to usually get about 4-5 hrs of sleep plus no naps throughout the day.

During weekdays it is usually between 7 to 8 AM.
Weekends are from 11 AM to 12 PM.

As for going to bed it's usually about the same time between 2:30 AM to 3:30 AM. I'm a night owl, but I always want to wake up in the morning to have as much time to do work so then I can have more time to goof off.

Anonymous 4792

This week I've been going to sleep around 2am and waking up around 10:30-11. I usually go to bed later, though. Naturally, I function best going to bed early and waking up early. But my work/living situation doesn't allow for that at the moment.


Tall Girls Thread Anonymous 3090[Reply]

For sharing tips and tricks on how to make the best out of your height!

How did you come to terms with being tall? (how to be more confident and comfortable)
Clothes that suit you the best?
Maybe other specific hair or beauty routines and styles?
Diet and excercise? (since there are differences depending on height/build)
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Anonymous 4750


I'm about five ten, for reference.

I've always quite liked being tall because my nature made me slightly scared of everyone who was teller than me growing up. I was never tormented by the 'less feminine' idea because I knew that if I want to exude feminine vibes, I want them to be /gfd/ vibes. My only gripe is that the world is made for short people and my tallness is in my torso so I'm inclined to slouch.
Again, since my height is in my torso, things that travel all the way down to my waist are paramount. I like wearing blazers and other things that compliment long limbs. The era of crop tops is my bane because I already struggled with finding shirts that are long enough- Dynamite has betrayed me completely in this respect, they used to be so good for tall people.

Pic related hair length but a bit more fluffy. I work for the hair, the hair does not work for me, I don't 'care' for it as much as desperately try to tame it.

Anonymous 4751

>gfd anon
>almost every boy is a smol boy at that point

Envy hurts… t. 5'0'' gfd anon.

Anonymous 4754

I'm 5'9 and I love it. I usually wear 2-3 inch heeled shoes b/c I wish I was taller. It's great being tall and thin with long legs. I also hear that men are intimidated by tall women, but that's just a plus if it's true.

Anonymous 4757

I heard the opposite of this, I thought majority of boys loved tall girls.

Anonymous 4766


Tall men love tall women so all tall girls should just move to the Netherlands


Anonymous 4741[Reply]

Please god how do i stop obsessing over getting super skinny? i just want to let go of the idea that average isnt good and everyone will love me if i get super super tiny.

i used to be super duper fat - 170 at 5'4. now im 112. but it just doesnt feel enough. some days i feel alright but most im just obsessing over losing another 10 then 10 more.

how do i let go of the idea ill be happy and loved if i lose my weight?

Anonymous 4742

try to put on muscle, that will force you to eat more while improving your look. dont be afraid.

Anonymous Moderator 4743

Please use this thread: >>>/hb/1398


Accountability Thread Anonymous 3168[Reply]

The first one doesn't bump anymore for some reason.

Post your current diet here, along with your goals and progress. In your initial post, note how often you will update. Feel free to name-fag in order to keep this thread organized, and please quote your previous posts when updating!

Let's support each other and stay positive~
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Anonymous 4536

I'd consider calorie restriction to be a fad diet.

Anonymous 4538

I'll probably stick to the diet that worked for me which involves a lot of fruit and veg. I think it's healthier and more sustainable. But thanks.

Anonymous 4539


CICO is not a fad diet.. jesus christ. Its a lifestyle change. Im not telling people to restrict to 800 calories a day, 1500 is hardly even a diet its just what you should be eating

That diet is just eating healthy foods under your TDEE calories anyway! And how is it sustainable if you said it yourself you had to stop because it was too expensive.

Just eat healthy, fruits and veggies, but also eat cheaper stuff like rice and chicken if you cant afford to eat fruits all the time

Anonymous 4540

Also it didnt work for you if you couldn't reliably drop below 163lbs at your height on that diet. You were clearly eating more calories than you should have. The weight would melt off easily if you just ate below 1400-1500 calories, which is extremely reasonable for your height

Anonymous 4735

I don't know if you guys are the anons I was talking to on discord, but I just wanted to let you know that I lost 12lbs over the course of our weight loss buddy exchange! Thank you so much for being so encouraging. I hope you also had good results.


long story short, I just need advice Anonymous 4372[Reply]

Trying to use cardio to lose weight, a mix of trampoline jumping, hiit sprinting, roller blading, and biking as soon as I replace my rusty chain.
I'm doing intermittent fasting, I'm taking Alpha Lipoic Acid to balance out my energy levels and metabolism, and Saw Palmetto to maintain breast size as I lose weight.
I was doing really well for a good year but stopped when I realized my breasts were shrinking, so I had to gain a little bit of that weight back and plateaued after losing 40 lb.
I was a healthy 125 my whole life until an abusive relationship, fucker had me cut off my friends, family, and all outlets that kept me in good health and I feel into depression and stress ate until I started realizing the toll the relationship was taking on me and dumped the guy.
So far the Saw Palmetto is helping me maintain my boobs, but if anyone has experience/success stories with these supplements please let me know, including any potential side effects I should be aware of if I stop taking them down the road when I reach my goal weight.
I'm just trying to lose 25-30 more lbs to get back down to my OG weight, and keep myself tone in the process.
I stretch and lift too, as well as doing hand stands, and doorway yoga, but I noticed doing too many crunches was actually increasing the size of my midsection so I stopped doing those.
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Anonymous 4699



hey I know it has been a while but have you trien intermittent fasting? I got great result from it and drinking a 1/4 part apple cider vinegar with a bit of lime juice mixed in with a 1 a day womens vitamin to dissolve in it with a teaspoon full of cream of tarter for potassium then add water add a bit of pink Himalayan salt for minerals your body need. throughout the day I drink that and eat a small branch of spruce needles from a local spruce tree. After about 10 hours eat a nice big meal with all the essentials.

pic related

Do this everyday. Stay healthy. Do research and see if it works for you

the spruce needles are great greens and are packed with vitamin C

The apple cider vinegar drink with the spruce needles kicks your metabolism into overdrive and your body starts burning fat like crazy! you can build muscle and tone the right places a lot easier and keep those perky tits and ass and hips cuz you are not starving yourself :) your welcome anons

Anonymous 4702

Juice fasting is superior as it gives the body the nutrition it needs to metabolize the lipid soluble xenobiotics as well as stops digestion because fresh pressed juice is titrated.
Paavo Airola's books on Juice Fasting are pretty good.

Anonymous 4716

I found fenugreek to be far more effective for helping retain size and shape than anything else. Supposedly stacking fenugreek with either or both of saw palmetto and red clover works best of all but I’m nervous to take that many supplements.

If you don’t mind playing with fire, there’s also pueraria mirifica, which will give you amazing boobs but like quadruples your likelihood of breast cancer (it’s what many ladyboys take in Southeast Asia if they don’t have access to hormone therapy).

Anonymous 4725

This. You should be happy your boobs are getting smaller, that means you are deeefinitely losing fat. Also if you lose a ton of weight, your -big- boobs will get super saggy and you'll look like you have flat pancakes.
If you want to be super thin and have big boobs then get fake tits.

Fenugreek is taken by lactating mothers to make their milk supply higher. Imagine if you start lactating in the middle of a run lol

Anonymous 4728


Yes, fenugreek is commonly suggested for women to help with lactation, but it doesn't do that if you didn't just have a baby. I take one dropper full twice per day and and I've never lactated lol (25yo).


Contact Lenses General! Anonymous 2591[Reply]

I didn't find a Thread about contacts (circle lenses or normal ones)so here we have the Contact Lenses General!

I've had my eye (lol) on the solotica ones for a while and im thinking of getting a pair for my birthday.
Do you guys have any experience with them?? what other realistic brands do you know??

Anonymous 3710

I used to wear them quite a lot for fancy photos n shit when Id paint my face and stuff.

I just got nearly whatever brand as long as I saw customer photos and thought they looked pretty good :)

I guess my other two cents is that Scleras can be hard to get in and that I hate some containers Ive had for them because If I dont check on them periodically they dry up >.>

Anonymous 4527

Based and pinkpilled

Anonymous 4713

I finally got some cute Kuromi circle lenses that are 14mm in diameter and they're too fucking big on my face. wat do?


Are you happy with your face, anons? Anonymous 1021[Reply]

What would you change if you could?
Would you get surgery?
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Anonymous 4593


Make up certainly helps

Anonymous 4594

Screen Shot 2018-1…

How could anyone be happy with a face that has brought nothing but misery? If I were to fix my face to match aesthetic ideals, I would need a lot of work done.
>maxillo-mandibular advancement with lower jaw rotation
>combo jaw and chin implant
>orbital decompression
>oculoplasty for ptosis
>laser eye surgery
>eyebrow lift
>buccal fat pad removal
>midface lift
>rhinoplasty for bulbous tip and weak nose bridge with rotation
>zygomatic arch implant

I'd opt for surgery over fillers because those tend to turn women into balloons. Of course I'd only get these procedures done if I could afford preferred surgeons like Eppley and Taban. I saw some post-op photos for a zygomatic arch implant done by Eppley that was the best surgical cheek improvement I've ever seen. I don't think I'd go to him for the jaw, though I haven't decided which surgeon would be best in case the advancement isn't enough and I really do need an implant. It depends if I only really need the chin implant. As for the nose, I'm wary because rhinoplasties rarely end up looking good. I already have an upturned nose, so I might need to go to a revision specialist even though I've never had work done. They tend to be more competent than the average facial plastic surgeon.

Anonymous 4597

I think if I changed my nose I'd be prettier. wish my face was smaller too. I can't tell if my eyebrows are too bushy for me, like if they're making me look more harsh. I'll have to try to get them waxed and see at least, i'm too pussy for a nose job

Anonymous 4697

I like your glasses.

You do not look ugly.
Braces are qt 3.0

I like your glasses.

Your acne is not that bad and your cheeks are really cute on your face.

If you want some advice get some sun. Go outside and get some air and sun.

I am sure you do a lot to help with your skin as you are self conscious about your acne. One simple thing that worked for me was drinking a small amount of apple cider vinegar and applying it to my face after washing it. First thing in the morning and before bed after removing makeup. Maybe it will help you but your acne is not that bad and you are not ugly at all.

Get some sun for your skin and be a happy girl. :) you are special.

Anonymous 4698


that is a sad story anon. kids can be cruel I am sorry that happened to you.


Am I peeing too much? Anonymous 4643[Reply]

I've peed 14 times today, is that normal?

I had a couple UTIs when I was younger, but it doesn't feel like I have one now (it doesn't burn, I pee a normal amount instead of just a little bit).
I don't think I am drinking more water than usual either, and when I googled it it said up to 10 pees is still normal, but is it REALLY? Do you pee how many times a day in average?

Weird question, I know that, but I don't have other people to ask about it irl.
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4673

mb you have diabetes

Anonymous 4675

maybe you arent getting enough sodium?

Anonymous 4677

Have you lost weight recently? Super hungry? Very thirsty?

Anonymous 4686

Have you been losing weight? You might have the beetus.
>I don't have other people to ask about it irl.
How about a doctor?

Anonymous 4696


Pic related.

Check your diet. Maybe your estrogen levels are low?
Are you bloated or gaining weight?


Anonymous 4631[Reply]

>conditioner says it makes brushing easier
>it's still just as hard
2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4641

Try a silicone free conditoner and use loads. Then use your fingers to detangle, working from the bottom to the top. You can then use a detangling brush (I use a tangle teezer, although there are cheaper knock offs) again working from the bottom to the top to get rid of any remaining knots.
Be really, really generous with the conditioner. The more slick the hair, the better the untangling process will be.
If your hair is curly, it's normal to have a lot of hair that naturally sheds but 'sticks' in your curls until they are brushed, which could cause a few more knots.

Anonymous 4667

If you having a hard time brushing is due to dry hair, maybe you need one of those deep conditioner treatments, the ones that you just leave on your hair for like half an hour (plus points if you wrap a towel around your head)

Anonymous 4668

I switched to the low-poo life brushing has been much better for me. I use sulfate shampoo once a week and every other time I use a co-wash. No issues here.

Anonymous 4670

How often do you co-wash?

Anonymous 4674

No-poo only works if you have a sedentary life. If you do sports/exercise and do no-poo you'll stink like ass

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