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Shopping thread Anonymous 272[Reply]

- What are your favorite shops?
- What are you buying right now?
- Wishlist items?
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Anonymous 2681

Giiiiirl you are rockin that dress! Have fun on Boxing Day~

Anonymous 2684

what's your height/weight?

Anonymous 2686

omg it looks so good on you! Thanks for sharing with us <3

Anonymous 2687

Thank you both!! <3

Thank you. And I bet you could, anon. I am the least confident person ever but sometimes you just have to.

Aww thank you!! Have a great Xmas :)

I'm 5 ft. 5, and I'm not sure how much I weigh. I think last time I was weighed I was 120lbs? It fluctuates quite a lot.

Thanks so much!!! <3

Anonymous 8427


>What are your favorite shops?
Target, TJ Maxx, Amazon, and thrift stores. I'm trying to get into the habit of shopping from small businesses more.
>What are you buying right now?
I have no monies.
>Wishlist items?
Okay I have a lot on Amazon, but recently I found some small shops that I would really like to purchase from in the future!

I really want to buy her floral knife:


Press-on nails:
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Anyone else here have really saggy boobs? Anonymous 6339[Reply]

I grew up raised by a single father who pretty much neglected me. I didn't wear a bra until late middle school and i developed fast. Im 22 now and my breast have been 100% saggy (point straight down) for as long as ive known. They are also pretty big (F cup) and Im planning on losing a significant amount of weight and I know they will get worse. I dont think surgery is a option, do you think guys honestly care that much? Im a virgin but im scared that once i get into a relationship ill be scared that my SO will be turned off by my ugly boobs. I dont think surgery is a option. Is it weird to keep your bra on during sex?
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Anonymous 8373

As far as I know, guys only care about saggy breasts as long as they are small. The bigger they are the less they care about shape.
Pretty sure they won't care if you're an F-cup like you mentioned, OP.

Anonymous 8401

I also have saggy c cups. doesn't seem fair. I've been increasing my bench press lately and it seems to have helped a bit. Mostly it's just like >>6748 said and you have to just accept it.

Anonymous 8402

Kinda wish I was saggy so I would have an excuse to get a boobjob. I have the pyramid shaped pointy breasts so it would seem weird that I want to get implants out of nowhere. Saggy breasts with an implant tends to give a really natural look. I’d love to be able to be super busty from implants but kinda too embarrassed of what people who know me think to do it. At least if I was saggy I was have an excuse to tell people.

Anonymous 8403

Girl you don't need an excuse to get implants. You can do whatever you want and you don't need to explain your choices to other people. This genuinely is a case of my body my choice.

Anonymous 8404

Yeah, I get that. Most people would think it's very out of character for me and I don't want awkward looks or mentions.


Anonymous 8354[Reply]

Should I get my hair permed and cut? My hair is really flat and kind of ugly. I've never gotten my hair permed before and I think it might look good on me. I just want to get a wavy look on my hair (like pic related). Any tips for perming your hair?

Anonymous 8391

No it will damage your hair.

Anonymous 8393

As someone who can't stand the very idea of sitting and not feeling my hair reaching my butt at least a bit I say, don't cut it.


Anonymous 8383[Reply]

What are good online stores for shopping comfy, e-girl-ish clothes with relatively good prices?

Anonymous 8384


Anonymous 8385

I didnt expect it to have as nice a selection as it has. Thanks :]

Anonymous 8387

>cat tail coming out of the middle of her back instead of the end of her spine

Anonymous 8389

Yeah i thought about that too but i guess its because of her shorts


Speeding up hair growth Anonymous 8371[Reply]

I'm currently recovering from bleach damage, cut it all off and am at chin length now. But it looks terrible on me (tfw butterface). I know all the hair growth "hacks" like Monistat 7, inversion method, rice water etc are anecdotal, but I'm trying the fermented rice water right now just because it's cheap and not much hassle. Any experiences or advice?

Anonymous 8374


Wash your hair only every other day.
Make sure you're using a sulfate-free shampoo.
Use a scalp exfoliant once or twice a week, spaced out equally.
Make sure you're not deficient in anything (particularly Vitamin D3 and B vitamins) manage your stress, and don't think too much about it.

Beyond that, let your hair grow and treat it kindly, that's all.
Anything else is wasting money and time.


Female Reproductive System Anonymous 1288[Reply]

Information, questions, advice, tips and tricks etc.


>menstrual cycle
>birth control
>gyno visits
>vagina talk
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Anonymous 8093

Thank you anon, all of this is really helpful.

Anonymous 8095

>isn’t so rough as he isn’t trying to get his half missing penis off
This is so true. I am so sad that my bf is circumcised.

Anonymous 8096

You can get it back, search "foreskin restoration".

Anonymous 8369

Another outbreak. At least this one won't be as bad as the first one. I fucking hate this, I tried to do everything right such as using lube, etcetera, but it happened anyway. Not to mention my boyfriend still doesn't believe he gave it to me though he tested positive for herpes type 1.

Anonymous 8370

I hate to say it because I feel bad for men who have been subjected to circumcision but this is really true. There were other factors at play but I was really surprised at how much better sex was with my uncut bf vs my cut ex because he didn't need to be as rough and he also didn't need to fuck me so long I would get sore and exhausted just to cum. With my ex there were times I couldn't have sex 2 days in a row because my vagina was so sore from him pounding me for 25-30 mins, and we used lube although sometimes he didn't care enough to reapply. I don't care what anyone says (and I've had cut dudes argue with me about this), circumcision definitely causes difference in sensation for a lot of guys.


lopsided boobs Anonymous 8309[Reply]

my left breast is visibly bigger than my right breast, like at least twice the size, it shows even through the clothing and it caused me immense embrassement. anyone else having this problem? is there any solution to this that actually works and isn't surgical?
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Anonymous 8313

It's dependent on your dominant hand. If you're left-handed, usually your right breast will be a bit larger, whereas if you're right-handed your left breast will be a bit larger. The same goes for size inconsistencies in other body parts (eyes, feet, ovaries, labia, testicles, etc.)

Anonymous 8316

It's the opposite for me, lmao
Also OP I saw somewhere bras specifically made for asymmetrical breasts, they have more padding on one side but you can do that with any bra you have, just put something inside like socks or something made for putting in bras, I know they make that sorta stuff but I don't know what it's called, or you could sew a tiny pillow, that would surely be more comfortable than socks

Anonymous 8321

i know, it's just that most women don't have as much of a drastic difference and it makes me self-consious and scared of intimacy.

i did try padding one side before but i'll look up those bras you mentioned, thanks anon.

Anonymous 8353

What if my tits are saggy? Is there any hope or should I just accept suffering?

Anonymous 8357

>my left breast is visibly bigger than my right breast, like at least twice the size, it shows even through the clothing and it caused me immense embrassement.
Hitomi Tanaka made a career out of such a problem.

Anonymous 8326[Reply]

Self esteem issues are around because of images of perfection being peddled to people

Anonymous 8328


Jeez anon, how long did it take to figure that one out?

Anonymous 8329

She looks like Nash Grier.
And…did someone post her feet on the porn board?

Anonymous 8334


Indeed, someone did, and someone also linked one of her videos in a /b/ thread about a month ago. I haven't watched it, so I can't say whether or not it's relevant to that thread, but a poster here does seem to like her quite a lot. I doubt it, because she's got 450,000 YouTube subscribers, but maybe she's a miner trying to promote herself on the down-low?


Anonymous 8335


They also posted a video of hers in the eating disorder thread, lol. What's going on?


Anonymous 8340

All the videos are on point and it's a girl speaking about those issues


dilemma: skinny or implants Anonymous 8248[Reply]

Hi, anons. I'm a not really, but at least weight-wise "recovered" anorexic. I miss how my face looked badly; I gain weight in my face so only by being in the 15s bmi-wise did the fat start to recede. So now at a bmi of 19-20, I feel hideous, but a lot of the weight is because I've worked out and that helped me gain.

The dilemma I'm faced with is that part of why I became anorexic in the first place is because I realized I would never have a "balanced" body. It'd always be fucked because I don't have large breasts to offset how huge my shoulders are. It doesn't help my butt sticks out so it makes my breasts look even tinier. I wear a 32C/32D but they look more like what most people think a B cup looks like because of their damned shape (very round and not projected). If I got implants, I think I could be persuaded not to go back to being anorexic since it'd look ridiculous with the implants. But if I didn't get the implants, it's like, yeah, my body is fucked, why not become anorexic again. Any insight? Do you all think it's better to achieve an ideal body by long-term extremely low-cal diets (and exercise), or by plastic?

pic-related is some random with a bmi of 15. I looked a little more "strained" at that bmi
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Anonymous 8276

Sorry to hijack the thread, but:
What does it feel like to have implants? How does it feel to have them inside your body?
What’s the recovery like?
How big were you naturally and how big are you now?
Are you happy with them? How much did you pay? Would you recommend getting them?
Why did you get them (or I should ask: why did you want larger breasts?)?
Are you Stacy? Were you before the implants?

Anonymous 8277

theres literally nothing wrong with having small breasts. but youre mentally ill so you wont accept this…

Anonymous 8279

I replied to your post in the plastic surgery thread. >>8278

Anonymous 8280

How do boys react to them? Are you too autistic to get a bf?

Anonymous 8281

Anon pls move to the other thread, I don't wanna hijack OP's.


Breast Implants/General Plastic Surgery Anonymous 3999[Reply]

Does anyone here have breast implants? How did they affect your life? Do they hurt? Do they even feel like your own body? Has anyone here ever considered a boobjob?

Do most men consider fake breasts normal now? More and more young girls are getting them and male oriented media is dominated by women with implants. I’m pretty sure most men can’t tell the difference.

All plastic surgery discussion is welcome. Please stay reasonable and open minded, and don’t try to talk others into stuff they don’t want.
52 posts and 14 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 7611

Hate when some huge girls whine about their size. I wish I was huge so I could live my breasts to compensate all of their hate.

That being said, I have mixed feelings about fake breasts. They look beautiful when the girl is wearing clothes and that's how most of people would see me, so I guess it's ok. The problem is when you're naked, I guess I would feel insecure if some guy asked me "why did you get implants" or something like this.

Anonymous 8278

>What does it feel like to have implants? How does it feel to have them inside your body?
I guess you could compare it to contact lenses. You don't feel the implant inside you, you can only feel it with your hand, but sometimes when you press your chest against something or do certain movements you can feel some pressure or discomfort.
>What’s the recovery like?
For me it was terrible, for other people that I know it wasn't so bad. Mine was worse because I got horrible hipbone and leg pain due to having to lie on my back all day. That was the worse part.
>How big were you naturally and how big are you now?
Honestly idk, I never really bought bras before and mine didn't have a normal boob shape so all sorts of things fitted. Right now I have one that says 34B but it's a bit small, I think I'm between that and 36B now.
>Are you happy with them?
Yes, so happy.
>How much did you pay?
$3000. That's considered expensive in my country and it's what the best doctors charge.
>Would you recommend getting them?
Only if you REALLY want them. Not something you do on a whim, and it does give your body some limitations so you have to be willing to live with that.
>Why did you get them
I had tuberous breasts.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 8282

How do boys react to them? Are you too autistic to get a bf?

Anonymous 8283

Do they hurt when boys squeeze them? How hard/soft are they?

Anonymous 8289

Doesn't hurt. They are less soft than normal breasts, but I wouldn't say they are hard. Maybe more firm? My bf says they're soft.
I think softness also depends on where they place the implant (under skin only or under muscle).

I got my first bf ever before getting the surgery. He was excited and now likes them a lot.

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