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The X Effect Anonymous 1[Reply]

The X Effect started on reddit as a method of forming habits and building willpower.

The idea is to track the habit you want to form for 49 days on a 7x7 grid. Each day you cross off a box if you did the thing, and you try and keep the chain of X's going for the whole 7 weeks. The theory is if you can do something every day for 7 weeks then you can keep doing it.

I've been using it to form basic morning/night routines and it's been really helpful, not only for motivation but also for accountability and tracking my progress. Have any of you tried this before?
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Anonymous 2208

Ohhh, that seems like a good idea. Thanks, anon.

Anonymous 2926

Just started one for "shower daily" as a way to ensure self-care when I'm have depressive episodes. It's been very helpful so far.

Which made me think how useful a lot of anons in /hb/ and /feels/ would probably find the X effect sheets. For example, a lot of threads on improving appearance etc (shower daily/style hair daily/exercise daily) or even for girls with anxiety pants, they could set a small daily goal to help them with that (speak to one person a day, do one thing that makes you anxious a day).

I've used x effect before for habit building around my skills and career etc but I really think people overlook how useful it can be for stuff like this. I hope someone takes inspo from this anyway <3

Anonymous 4771

Sorry to bump an old thread but I love this idea and I'm going to make some of these today. My little goals are:
>do morning stretches
>drink 2l of water
>drink (at least one cup of) green tea
>do yoga/meditate
>track my food intake (but allow a free space for a cheat day lol)
>eat (at least) 5 servings of fruit/veg
>spend 15 minutes cleaning my room
>read something before bed

I'm probably going to start off with one or two and see how it goes instead of doing them all at once.

Anonymous 4806

I think I'm going to this. Does everyone use a physical calendar /card, or has anyone tried doing this on their phone calendar /planner?

Anonymous 4900


Replying to myself because maybe it'll help someone else: if you search "habit tracker," There are a lot of useful-looking apps!


Anonymous 4838[Reply]

Why are there so many threads and posts about being overweight, but every post that references being skinny (aside from a few on /hb/ get deleted)? Fat girls have it easier because they can always change when you’re skinny you’re in your endgame and you know there’s no way it’s going to get better and thisis what you have to work with. Also, I’d really like to inspire and help all the fat girls here to lose weight and become the skinny queens they want to be, but it’s not allowed which is dumb: why disallow self-improvement?

Who /skinny/ here?
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Anonymous 4851

I used to be pretty chubby but now I'm skinny to the point where I get regular comments about it. There is no possible way that fat girls have it better. They're generally treated pretty poorly by everyone

Anonymous 4853

I think the OP meant fat girls have it better in terms of self-improvement stuff. When you are fat you can make yourself look twice as good simply by losing weight, when you are skinny you are more limited. Makeup, clothes, and exercise only does so much after a certain point.
Of course fat people are treated more poorly though.

Anonymous 4854


no, this is wrong. skinny girls can do a lot to make their bodies more attractive. it's super hard work though.

Anonymous 4858

I'm not a skinny girl but I say never fully trust what you think of yourself. You might perceive differently to other people without realizing it. I always used to be a chubby girl but I thought I was monstrous. Now I'm fatter and I look at old photos of me and see that I was just a little chubby. I probably had a BMI of 24 at the time those photos were taken. Even though my BMI is much higher now I literally feel the same about my body and I realized this when I actually looked at older photos and reflected.

Anonymous 4894

How long have you been lifting? I'm curious because my pecs too are my weakest muscles (but I'm "novice" all over otherwise)


Ideal Body Type thread? Anonymous 1672[Reply]

What's your ideal body type, anons?

Are you into being thin, or curvy, or maybe fit? Were you born a cone shape but long to be a pear? Or maybe you're a banana but would rather be an hourglass?

I'd like to hear your opinions and what you're doing to get there!
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Anonymous 4376

I'm a pearshape and I used to hate it when I was a kid. I was overweight and people would call me fat (one time a man yelled insults at me from a truck) because you couldn't see my body shape. Then I lost weight and people would think I was older and see me as a sex object.
I always wanted to be skinny, I have never been skinny but I am getting there. I no longer care how men look at me, it's my body, it belongs to me, I shouldn't have to worry about people saying things to me. My dad told me when I was younger that I should not be ashamed of how I dress, he told me older men should be ashamed of looking at teenage girls.
I still don't like my body, not all of it, I still want to be skinny, but I am thankful I have a good hip-to-waist ratio, and I don't mind having A cups or being tall. It's the way I am. I also like having small shoulders. I am not perfect but I'm not aiming to be perfect, I want to like myself.

Anonymous 4501


I just want to look like Jazzma

Anonymous 4549

Based dad!

Anonymous 4767


Don't worry. Being thin will always be in fashion and a beauty standard. This thicc trend is just fat girls capitalising on dumb rap trends.

Anonymous 4882


Pretty much a leaner version of the golden era Hollywood/pinup girl body. I’m already blessed with an hourglass figure and big boobs, just need to work on getting a toned stomach/bigger butt


Routines Anonymous 2141[Reply]

>Morning Routine?
>Evening Routine?
>Misc Routine?
>How consistently are you able to do your routines?
>How long do they take you?
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Anonymous 4745

Circulation I guess.

Anonymous 4773

It's so cute that you go to have breakfast with your friend. Makes me miss being a student.

Anonymous 4774

yes, it's great. Sometimes I take it for granted that I have friends here, some people are here all on their own and have to share a room with someone they never met before, and I have my roommate, who is my friend from highschool who I always sat next to.
I'm scared that once we finish college we won't see each other often anymore :'( the adult world is so scary

Anonymous 4776


You might drift apart, but the internet makes keeping in touch a lot easier. And then there's work, where you might make new friends.

But I've also seen friends stay together from high-school into adulthood! Don't worry too much about it.

Anonymous 4879

during uni I have a pretty strict routine

>wake up at 7am

>go make myself eggs on toast and a cup of coffee for breakfast
>scroll social medias etc for a while
>get dressed (i don't usually wear makeup or anything so it doesn't take long)
>go to uni for 9am
>work in my studio at uni until 12.30
>go to lunch in the canteen, usually with friends
>resume work until 5pm
>on specific days I'll have a group critique for an hour at 4pm
>go home, relax for a bit, hang out with flatmates, sometimes I dinner sometimes not
>go to the gym around 7pm
>work out for an hour, 30 mins cardio 30 mins muscle building
>go home and smonk
>watch tv in bed and sleep by midnight


Mental Health General Anonymous 974[Reply]


So how've you been feeling lately, Miners?
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Anonymous 4765

I've been doing meditation after initially being very skeptical about it, and it really helps! I'm neurotic and pretty much anxious 24/7, it calms me down especially if I'm in the middle of a panic attack. It feels really difficult to start especially noticing how hard it is to breathe and how tight my chest gets during it, but after a few minutes it's almost like the panic attack didn't even happen. I suggest starting with some guided meditation rather than just sitting down unguided and overthinking shit, it really helped me.

Anonymous 4822


Do you have any suggestions for guided meditation? I remember I downloaded an app ages ago that had lots of free guided meditation, but more of the ones I listened to really grabbed me (I probably gave up too soon).

Anonymous 4835

I don't have a good suggestion since I use an app that is linked to a fitness device, but I think you should keep trying to find a guided meditation that works for you.
Other than apps, there's always youtube videos. Different genres to experiment with are breathing, walking, visualization (like going on a mental journey), body scan, focus, and a lot more. Go for it!

Anonymous 4850

There's a huge compilation of stuff here https://mega.nz/#F!7gNEiJqR!nnYY0HznoK5mtmj1vXzPPg, I recommend you start with the Take 10 series first if you aren't used to meditation. I'm still going through it so I can't say exactly which programs are the best, but that's a good starting place.

Anonymous 4855




Anonymous 4777[Reply]

Sup miners,
So, how does one develop their own fashion style? This includes hair, makeup etc.. I don‘t want to dress like a basic bitch. Images are encouraged.
7 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4789

Hory shit, she does! Thanks for letting me know!
Holy fuck pic related is amazing. Is it real vintage?
Rip lookbook. I downloaded the vogue app and runaway vogue app, so maybe I‘ll find some fun styles there. But I‘ll definitely give it a try.
Damn I have really thin hair though. But I‘ll order some rogaine. Thanks for the pics, I really appreciate it.

Anonymous 4790

I found the source, it's an etsy store, I don't know if it's real vintage: https://www.etsy.com/shop/JUNKKYARD/items?ref=pagination&page=3
(I dunno if the link will work but if it doesn't just google junkkyard)
If you liked that you can also check the site of Dolls Kill, although it's pricey.

Anonymous 4791

I'd suggest going on Pinterest so you'll have a little dashboard of stuff you like that you can look over to determine any patterns/recurring themes. Also there's nothing wrong with being a "basic bitch". Dressing like an IG art hoe or a tumblr girl or a goth gf are also very basic and formulaic, even though people try to adopt these styles to be "original".

Anonymous 4815

Holy shit thanks! I think I found my style.
Well that’s what I meant with basic bitch. What did you have in mind? Pls post pics.

Anonymous 4852

I don't have anything in mind for you because I don't know you, but it appears you've found an aesthetic (internet girl) so that's good! Just wear what you like – I suggest going thrifting at first so you don't invest too much money into a wardrobe that you're just testing out.


Is it normal to never think about sex? Anonymous 4808[Reply]

I had my first boyfriend. He was 22, I was 16, and I have had sex with him until I broke up with him when I turned 18. I'm european here so it's legal.
Since then I haven't engaged or wanted to engage in anything intimate or sexual, except making out with 1 guy at a bar last summer that led nowhere.
I've never wanted, had the desire to, or attempted to masturbate either. Sex is very nice in my opinion but only with another person.
I'm 21 now, is this normal?

Anonymous 4809

I'd say it's normal, as long as you feel at least somewhat positive about sex in general you're fine.
BTW I think I only started genuinely enjoy sex right before my 30's. Give it time.

Anonymous 4814

Yes, asexuals do it all the time. Yet paradoxically they probably talk about sex more than sex-havers do.

really makes you think huh?

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 4816

Moved to >>>/feels/18076.


Anonymous 4810[Reply]

Hey, /fit/.

I'm a 1.77 and 67 kilos woman. I'm interested in fasting and I would like to ask some stuff regarding it and having your opinions about it.
So I'm gonna give some exams at the end of the year for my college entrance exams so I can't really have all that brain fog and tiredness that the fasting will make me have.
Should I exercise when I fast? I'm anemic so will fasting make me collapse or something?
Also, will fasting make me lose my breasts?

Anonymous 4812


Girls, can we please stop pretending fasting has health benefits? This isn’t some pro-ana shithole where we want to sabotage each other and compete over who can become sicker, I hope. You shouldn’t be fasting, especially if you’re anemic. I advise you to make subtler changes moving forward. Exercise is great, but for the love of our patron miner Cece don’t starve yourself.

Anonymous 4813


Disordered eating & body image Anonymous 1398[Reply]

Whoops, put the subject name in the wrong field. Trying again.

Who else suffers from disordered eating and body image problems? BDD?
What has helped you?
How do you get by with these feelings?
How do you keep going?
What do your family, friends, and loved ones think?
Do you think you will recover? Are you in a recovery stage?

Please vent here.

>Please don't post any pro-ana tips or obvious ana images. Refer to the rules.
136 posts and 19 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4740

Thanks for the reply, it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. I don't really know what kind of answer I was expecting when the real work towards recovery is the point where I'm stuck.

It did help me write down a list of actionable items in response to urges:
- Drink water
- Write down What, When, Where, Feeling in response to urges
- Move to a different room/place or take a walk if possible

Anonymous 4744

Please god how do i stop obsessing over getting super skinny? i just want to let go of the idea that average isnt good and everyone will love me if i get super super tiny.

i used to be super duper fat - 170 at 5'4. now im 112. but it just doesnt feel enough. some days i feel alright but most im just obsessing over losing another 10 then 10 more.

how do i let go of the idea ill be happy and loved if i lose my weight?

Anonymous 4747


>posting photos of thin bodies is wrong because it's "pro-ana"
>posting disgusting fat fetish material is okay
Mark me baffled.

Anorexia is often a goal-oriented disorder. There is a need to reach the next milestone or "do better". It's a flawed mindset because when you're overweight, losing weight is a good thing, so you keep setting new goals for yourself as you drop the weight, but at a certain point, it no longer becomes beneficial and eventually harms you.

I've gone through it myself, and the best advice I can give is don't try to recover; it will lead you to continue centering your life around your body and food. If you try to regain weight, it will make you depressed; if you try to lose weight, you will get sicker without peace of mind. Find something else that's important to you, try to create other goals for yourself that can occupy your time and thought. Find other qualities or accomplishments to idolize.

It can be hard to stop thinking about when you need to eat multiple times a day or exercise, so another thing I'd suggest is having something else to do when you eat/exercise. Maybe listen to music, or read something, or do some work. Any distraction will help because eventually you'll stop thinking these negative thoughts throughout the day.

Anonymous 4748

I started at the same weight and height as you but I'm still only at about 150, if it's okay to ask, how long did it take you? I want to eat less meat more veggies, cut out dairy and bad carbs but is there anything else that really helped you? I understand if you choose not to answer and I'm sorry this doesn't answer your question.
I feel the same way as you though. It goes back and forth in my head too between like "I think I'll have to reach a lower weight" and "no this goal is fine just chill out" so maybe keep telling yourself it's okay even if you don't necessarily believe it at first. The other anon gave you great advice, I hope you can overcome it

Anonymous 4749

I've been vegetarian since I was very young. It took me a few months to go from 180 to 150 then a while to go from 150 to 140 then I went from 130 to 110 fairly fast. Remember though fast weight loss makes you prone to binges and going up and it's terrible. I started purging everything i ate at around 135. It's gross and not dainty and beautiful.


What did you eat today? Anonymous 3476[Reply]

Share your daily food intake and whether you're trying to lose/maintain/gain weight or just indulge in whatever you want (plus maybe add your weight and height)
120 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4758

2 slices of bread with margarine
cup of black coffee and cup of tea
2 mcchickens, 2 mcdoubles, 1 large fry
1 liter dr. pepper and 1 Rockstar energy drink

Anonymous 4772

Rice crackers & peanut butter
Homemade mocha (milk, cacao powder, coffee)


A whole roasted sweet potato
Some milk to help vitamin absorption.


Currently eating while I browse.
Some light beers
Frozen okonomiyaki
Homemade chicken & vegetable soup

And probably after this some kind of salad and cheese, maybe. Olives sound good, too.

Anonymous 4787


porridge with 100ml soy milk
black coffee

a kind of ramen made with udon noodles, spring onion, miso, tofu, soy milk and chilli

homemade potato and leek soup
vegan cheese toastie
low calorie soft drink

two squares of dark chocolate

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 4795


>a kind of ramen made with udon noodles, spring onion, miso, tofu, soy milk and chilli

Ughh that sounds so good. Now I have a miso/conbu dashi base nabe going with onion, bok choy, and chicken thigh. And some alcohol. I started dinner with a cabbage/dashi salad.

Anonymous 4798

>mushroom and tomato soup
>PB toast
>piece of smoked salmon

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