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favorite cosplays Anonymous 6177[Reply]

post your favorite cosplays ever ITT
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Anonymous 6191

Ghost in the shell

Anonymous 6192

this pic made me laugh out loud irl. thank you anon.

Anonymous 19670


Jessica Nigri's Edward Kenway cosplay from back in the dead lives in my mind rent free

Anonymous 19700


Azujaamu is my favorite, used to look up to her a lot growing up

Anonymous 19706


does she count kek


I want plastic surgery Anonymous 19653[Reply]

On the left is a messy edit of the features I want to work on for me, in plastic surgery. Ideally, that is, because there is no way I can afford it. Beauty is a key factor of my life and my self perception. The first time I saw my side profile when I was 12 it was like my whole world view shattered. I can hardly keep up with other beauty facets like skin cair and hair care because ultimately my biggest problem will be my face, and I'm born that way and stuck with it until I can get plastic surgery, so I tell myself what's the point. I've lost all my confidence especially after starting college, I can't talk to anyone without feeling extremely self conscious and wanting to hide myself, I always feel like people are looking at me and judging me or pitying me for how hideous I am. I was I could go back to the blissful ignorance of not knowing what I look like, it's cheaper than plastic surgery and would improve my social skills. I hate having my pictures taken or especially appearing in videos, I'm incredibly non photogenic. And I as a person put a lot of emphasis on my self worth based on my looks, I essentially don't think I deserve being loved or befriended when I am this ugly, I pity the ppl who talk to me and try to show interest in me because I know they're ignoring the elephant in the room, and that's my looks.
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Anonymous 19655

It honestly just sounds like you belong in an institution. You need a mental health intervention.

Anonymous 19657

From what I see you are not unattractive, fix the double chin and you will look even better imo. It appears you have thick hair, nice nose shape and lips - you do not need invasive plastic surgery imo. Also, a styled haircut that suits your face shape makes a huge difference

Anonymous 19694

no way you posted this seeking plastic surgery validation. you're fine why the fuck are you posting on CC just to act like every other moid incel who chokes about having "undesirable" features. you're fine and if you really feel ugly, suck it up. you are dealt with the cards in life

Anonymous 19696

this isn't lolcow, go back catty lady

Anonymous 19704

Learn how to do your makeup and hair, if you get good at makeup you can change your entire face.

Winter Time.gif

Winter Protection Anonymous 19539[Reply]

It's winter time and time for the freezing cold and dry weather to wreak havoc on our skin and hair.
What are some products you recommend for the winter months?
Moisturizers, hair masks, fancy serums and treatments, whatever you enjoy! Or don't, save our wallets if you know a dud!

Anonymous 19540

shea butter.jpg

Starting with mine, shea butter as well as wheat germ oil are my favourites. Wheat germ just for my face but I whip my shea butter to make it easier to spread and use that.
I'm hoping to find a good in-shower or wet-skin cream though cause I hate using cream while my skin is wet

Anonymous 19612

cetaphil face wash and moisturizer, and then aquaphor healing jelly/ointment. i slug that shit on every night. i also have chronically dry skin (eczema) and live up north where its dry and cold so sometimes after i wash my face and put my cetaphil moisturizer on, I put zinc oxide (or diaper rash cream IK ITS WEIRD BUT HEAR ME OUT) on my face, then put on the aquaphor as a layer on top. I find it locks in moisture and helps with redness. But I heard some people with acne don't react well to it so be careful with that. I do it a few times a week becuz of my eczema but i think 1 or 2 times a week should be good!

Anonymous 19660

Cetaphil is awesome. I wonder if they changed their lotion formula recently though. Texture is kind of different and it smells (not necessarily bad) which is unfortunate because I loved that it was actually unscented, like lots of skincare products claim to be.
Petroleum jelly is great. It’s uncomfortable and sticky but it’s so good and simple for locking in moisture. If you have dry skin chill out with exfoliation. I stopped using my acne exfoliant in the winter because it’s just too much for my skin. Sounds counterintuitive but try showering less if you’re not very active during the day. Soap is a big dryer of my skin and triggers my eczema. Lastly I wash my hair less in the winter. Look into the concept of “hard water”. Briefly explained, lots of minerals and metals and stuff in your water may be causing damage to your hair. I have naturally frizzy hair so washing it with “hard water” makes it worse


Thoughts on first plus size Miss Universe contestant Jane Dipika? Anonymous 19627[Reply]

>Miss Nepal Jane Dipika Garrett is the first plus-sized woman to compete and place at Miss Universe.

Do any of you chubby nonas feel represented? Is embracing “body positivity” the future of international beauty? Is this the new ideal female shape? Discuss
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Anonymous 19641

She's pretty i'm not an wannarexic so idc if she is fat, plus it makes men seethe.

Anonymous 19643

Lol skelly

Anonymous 19646

>clearly not unhealthy.
She's literally obese, excess fat has undeniable health consequences.

Anonymous 19652



But being obsessed about it and having any insecurity about it whatsoever is pathetic since moids
are ugly as all sin and rarely worth a second of your internal strife if it damages your brain enough to make you a rageaholic

Like i want to be encouraging and supportive if a woman's simply
insecure. But if they talk like you, hurling moid rage, its beyond pathetic and you need to take a long look at your faggotry.
No matter what you look like your brain has become a pile of garbage and i dont regret being as miserable as that.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 19658

tbh i'm glad she made moids seethe. it was blackpilling when i saw normie womyn seethe about her. i was happy to see her there and i think she is beautiful and sexy regardless of the opinions of womyn and scrotes


'Boudoir' 'cosplay' Anonymous 6135[Reply]

Post the good, the bad, the wtf
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Anonymous 6138


Anonymous 6139

"Boudoir cosplay"?
I believe that's referred to as "underwear". Loads of inspo in Kay's Catalogue, if that's still a thing.

Anonymous 6140

How is this not porn?

Anonymous 6141

imo it is softcore porn
A way for girls to get quick followers on their instagrams and patreons and pretend that they're still doing "cosplay"

As a cosplay oldfag, this trend really rustles my jimmies.

Anonymous 19618

that's not cosplay. that's softcore porn.


Anonymous 19550[Reply]

I feel so sleepy all the time. What do I do?

Anonymous 19552

Fix your sleeping schedule and excersise regularly, if that doesn't work, have your blood work tested for deficiencies

Anonymous 19554

how much sleep do you actually get

Anonymous 19578

alternate between sitting and standing at a desk and get out of bed in the morning

Anonymous 19582

This. Go to bed at 23 every night, no excuses accepted and no phone.
If it don't work, then you probably need magnesium or some vitamin.


Hair thread Anonymous 569[Reply]

What are some of your favorite hair related YouTube channels?

What's your hair routine?

Do you take any supplements/do (you think) they work?
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Anonymous 18568

I've had hair parted down the middle all my life, but I've thought about wanting to try having no or at least not as apparent of a parting.
my problem is, that whenever I try to do that, it just falls back into place.
have you nonas got any tips?

Anonymous 18581


I get my hair cut like picrel. I really dislike styling, so I mostly fluff it with dry shampoo and/or hairspray (nexxus, the pink can). I use Tresemme shampoo and conditioner (red/white bottles). Anyone got good anti-buildup shampoo so I can avoid buildup?

Anonymous 18609

Use a clarifying shampoo. Neutrogena has a really good one.

Anonymous 19257

I got similar hair length to you and what I like to do is a regular braid, then wrap it around a big hair clip and secure it to the back of my head

Anonymous 19569

I just got a amazon gift card, what should I buy for hair? I have blonde, straight hair. I could always use more volume and I like to curl it, any recommendations?
Looking for…
Hair spray
Dry shampoo
Leave in products

Or anything else you recommend. There's so many options it's overwhelming lol


Any doctor nonas in here? Anonymous 19500[Reply]

Why do I get sick every single time I eat food X?
5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 19536

What's a reflux?
Acid reflux?

Nope I don't.

Okay, so last week I was sick for like 10 days because I ate Chinese food an I got some seasonal hay fever or something and my throat looked white and painful like someone raped and creampied in it. The doctor got scared when she looked at my throat.
I took a lot of antibiotics and anti-allergens to cure it.

Not even 3 days after that and I really didn't eat anything bad and I feel sick again. I feel like I have a fever and runny nose right now.

I honestly wish I had a healthy body because being sick and tired all the time really makes my life go to waste.

Anonymous 19542

>I ate Chinese food
That was your mistake. They keep it in display until it sell, so it may have been two weeks old. Never buy meat there.

>my throat looked white and painful

Look like an allergy.

Anonymous 19556

>my throat looked white and painful
Pharyngitis or step throat can look like that, but at that point you need a physician to know and deal with it, not cc.

Anonymous 19566


Maybe you have SMA syndrome.

Anonymous 19568

1. elimination diet can help identify food sensitivities
2. could have h pylori infestation, need to get tested at ur doc
3. could be mesenteric ischemia
4. you might have ulcers of another cause, as excess acid or damaged mucosa. maybe you take too much NSAID meds?
5. you might not be eating enough fiber, or you might be eating too much at once


Fitness general Anonymous 2106[Reply]

Old thread seems to be locked.

>post fitness related questions

>share your workouts, goals, inspiration etc.
238 posts and 23 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 19412

What's the best time during the day to workout? I usually do it in the morning, but today I did it in the afternoon and I feel different - better, I think? But I see all the fit girlies working out first thing in the morning, and some sources I read said it's best in the morning for burning fat. Does it actually matter?

Anonymous 19428

The best time to work out is the time you'll do it. If you're not a morning person, and you keep missing your morning workouts, then any advantage to working out in the morning is negated.
Sleep is important too though. If it disrupts your sleep later, then it's not a good time either.

Anonymous 19444

anyone else here have experience with building chest muscles (as female ofc). i love benching because its just really fun, but as i've been browsing more fitness influencers profiles i want to build visible pec muslces too. is this only possible through getting very low bf%? symmetricstrength.com says my strenght is 'sufficent level' on bench press and incline benchpress.

Anonymous 19545


Does anyone here know a female only forum like this one specifically for female bodybuilders? I have some questions specific to my sex so it'd be a nice resource to have. Doesn't need to have the same board culture but that'd be nice as well.
I haven't gotten that far personally, I'm a lifting noob, getting to too low bodyfat% combined with lifting can make you have straight up pecs and no tits. Webmrel.
Which is one of my goals. But I can see why a woman wouldn't want that.

Anonymous 19546

>Does anyone here know a female only forum like this one specifically for female bodybuilders?
not what you're looking for but iirc lc has a thread for bodybuilding


Weight loss: things you didn't expect Anonymous 4878[Reply]

Share some experiences you've had after weight loss that you didn't expect. How did you feel afterwards? Did people treat you differently? Were there changes to your body that you didn't anticipate?

I lost around 15kg / 33lbs recently and I just notice how strangers happen to be a little nicer to me than before. Females as well as males. Unfortunately i've been catcalled on the street more often. I also noticed a lot more changes in my face than anywhere else and sex has become a LOT better.
29 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 19117

I lost 25kg and yeah, everyone is much nicer to me in general. Having people, men in particular, actually smile at me instead of giving a pleasant neutral expression, changed the entire disposition of my days.

I was really fat in high school and had a huge crush on a fat boy because he was the only person who treated me well. A while back I met him and some others from school and I was hoping we'd have this moment where we'd both grown up and form an attraction, but he just gave me the same serene, warm smile I remember and proceeded to treat me the exact same way. Kind of a letdown, but it's nice to know he's just a very warm, nice person.

Anonymous 19118

same here, I used to feel so hungry all the time and now I get full so easily. It's actually a little bit frustrating sometimes bc I'll want to eat something yummy but feel stuffed so fast lol
I was also surprised that a lot of the junky stuff I used to eat uncontrollably doesn't really appeal to me anymore; I feel more attracted to healthy stuff and just outright feel disgusted at super processed stuff. And it's easier to just have 1 of a snack without feeling compelled to keep going and have like 5 or 6

Anonymous 19210

>someone who used to be "below" them would drop them first
Jealousy and insecurity is a very ugly thing. Glad you don't have those types of "friends" anymore

Anonymous 19532

I have recently lost 9kg over the span of 4 months to go from the higher end of a healthy BMI to the lower end of a healthy BMI for aesthetics purely. Throughout my life, I have never been properly skinny, except when I was a kid. When I was a teenager, I was overweight and at some point border-line obese, but I was able to get back down to a healthy weight by simple lifestyle changes like decreasing portions and cutting out junk a long time ago. However, I was never able to get under 61kg at 164cm unless I was sick. I usually maintained between 61-63.5kg. However, I never like to get above 63.5kg because it is too close to overweight for me.

I was not overweight, technically, but I was not skinny either. I observed the women at my college and wished that I had figures like them. My dream weight since I was 14 has always been 54kg. I spent time, oddly (this sounds disordered as hell), just obsessively calculating the BMIs of random female celebrities, influencers, and models, and I noticed that almost none of them had a BMI of over 22. I also read about the most desirable BMI being 17-20 in men (oddly, I am not too interested in male attention - there is the feeling that I just want to "maximize" my looks for the shits and giggles.) (I know BMI isn't 100% of a perfect indicator of health at times and does not take lean muscle mass into account, but my thought process loves numbers like these to use as a reference and benchmark). This made me realize that the beauty standard is essentially women who are borderline underweight, unfortunately. I also felt bad because I saw people like Billie Eilish being mocked for being "fat" when she had a similar figure to me. I could envision people saying similar things about me.

At some point, I started counting calories, using measuring spoons and cups and whatnot; I set a goal of about 1200 calories daily, but really, I ended up more at 1200-1400 due to inaccuracies. At some point, I bought a food scale, and that was a big game changer. I lost about 7 pounds that month (though, I suspect that a bit of it was water weight.) It required an insane amount of precision, though. When I was overweight years ago, I seriously didn't have to count calories - all I had to do was cut out bullshit and make better choices. But, at a healthy weight, it seriously required all of my effort to ensure that I was at a deficit and still receiving the right amount of nutrients. With my TDEE already being quite low, one Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 19538

>But, I also noticed that weight loss at a healthy weight leads to diminishing returns. It requires a fuckload of effort and insane amount of precision to get right, unless you have a smaller appetite naturally.
This is something I've been accepting myself recently. I only reached a comparable BMI to your goal (I was at 20.5) when my diet was severely restricted because of outside issues. I balanced my nutrients and protein because I have been compulsive about it since I was fat and lifted weights prior to my problems. During this time I was very cold and would feel like fainting at least 3 times a week in the afternoon despite controlling my diet and getting sleep. Similar to you it also became obvious that my body is just wide despite being 168 cm (which I had already seen coming when I was much larger).
I am left with body image issues now that I've regained to 63 kg, but I am far more active again and my body functions well. There was little energy for 2 hour workouts when I was eating two bland meals and broth each day, even if I was closer to the ideal in looks the functionality for me just wasn't there.

This isn't to say small and skinny women are all weak and low energy. Some of us just might genuinely be a bit bigger and require more food. It is sad female beauty standards are less about function than those of men.
>less male attention
Kek yes. I somehow received more when I reached around my current weight and stopped dressing feminine. I also don't seek it from them, it's just funny.

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