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Anonymous 4059[Reply]

>you will never have visible abdominal muscles
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Anonymous 15476

you lift weight for bodybuilding or just to get stronger?

Anonymous 15495

Maybe try wearing corsets then.

Anonymous 15508

If you have a lot of muscle but it isn’t visible, then you just need to lose some fat.

Anonymous 15511

What is your band size for your bra? Usually that’s a good indicator of what your waist circumference can at maximum reach at your lowest weight. Honestly for an apple shape any sort of weight on you will not look good. You should definitely aim for the lower end around bmi of 16-18. Either that or consider lipo-ing your midsection if you want to stay at a higher weight. Women with your waist circumference are at a much higher risk of dying from heart disease though, so maybe consider decreasing a lot more bodyfat.

Anonymous 15512

32 inches at the tightest.
stronger mostly; I focus on my lower body.


Vegan General Anonymous 1186[Reply]

Take all ethical, environmental etc. debates to >>>/disc/263

ITT let's share favorite recipes and vegan ~life hacks~

>how long have you been vegan?

>what made you go vegan initially?
>what makes you stick with it?
>noticed any health benefits?
>tips for beginners?
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Anonymous 4903

I'm thinking about going vegetarian. Meat is just starting to gross me out. I used to like sashimi, but lately thinking about eating a slice of raw meat kind of disgusts me.

I already eat a lot of vegetables and soy products (tofu, edamame, etc).

My partner has been on the fence about going vegan before so I think they'd be supportive.

I've been getting into yoga, and it seems like a lot of practitioners advocate plant-based diets as well. But it's hard to separate shilling and real advice.

WHfoods has fish and stuff on their site, and I really trust them. But I suppose omega 3s are available through chia seeds and other plants, as well?

Does anyone have stories about slowly moving over to vegetarianism /veganism?

Anonymous 9836

I think it's good to care about the animals. But I think a lot of vegans overlook the exploited farmers it takes to but their food on the table. And in some ways it's not more environmentally friendly like some claim. I just think it's good to acknowledge that everything has faults.

Anonymous 9840

there is like no vegan that is denying the exploitation of vegetable, grain, and fruit pickers. the entire food system is built on exploitation. abattoir workers are also largely undocumented people and abattoir work is extremely traumatic.

however, a serious and overlooked problem is the reliance on cashews when it comes to cheese substitutes, cashew milk, etc. the cashew industry is extremely fucked up and while it is definitely the best nut, there's no reason why it should be relied on so heavily. there are delicious vegan cheeses without cashews.

Anonymous 15426


>How long have you been vegan?
For around 6-7 years. I was vegetarian for years before that and just slowly transitioned, so I have no exact time or date.
>What made you go vegan initially?
I've always been an animal lover. When I learnt about what sausages, eggs, milk, etc. actually are/come from as a child I was shocked, felt lied to and didn't want to eat them anymore. Then I started educating myself on factory farming, the environmental impact and it snowballed from there.
>What makes you stick with it?
I want to do as much as I can do do as little harm as possible. I'm passionate about animals and they mean a lot to me. Plus, after a while it becomes normal - and the growing options for vegans the past few years definitely only makes it easier.
>Noticed any health benefits?
I wouldn't attribute it to veganism alone, but when I went vegan I started learning and caring about nutrition, what I put into my body, getting my bloodwork done and just generally being more aware of my health.
>Tips for beginners?
Take it slow, it's similar to losing weight in the sense that you have to look at it as a life-style change. Making drastic changes from one day to the other, restricting yourself and trying to do everything at once will most likely lead to failure and you just being disappointed.
Experiment with new foods, educate yourself, get in touch with other vegans and don't feel bad when you slip up in the start. Just keep on going!

Anonymous 15427

>undocumented people
Then they specifically chose to come here illegally to kill animals. I don’t feel bad for them at all.


Anonymous 15384[Reply]

Former amateur glima fighter here. Here's some good shit you can do that we learn in true combat courses:

Dirty clap tackles. Stomp on one foot and pin it down. Crouch and grab the opposite leg by the ankle and quickly stand up pulling the leg with you. As you stand put all of your weight into the opponent's chest via your shoulder and fall forward using them as a cushion. You will crush their diaphragm. This will likely puncture the lungs with the rib tips if you are heavy, and can be lethal. Regular clap tackles are a legal wrestling move wherein you do not stop the foot. Dirty ones hurt like hell and throw your opponent back faster.

Grab the nose between your thumb pad and index knuckle. Squeeze as hard as you can and pull up sharply. DO NOT DO THIS TO YOURSELF. DO NOT PRACTICE ON YOURSELF. This will destroy the nose. The bleeding will be so extreme that it may drown your opponent.

If you manage to land a bite, do not let go. Continue to clamp as hard as you can and shake your head until whatever flesh you grabbed comes clean off. If a fight is nasty enough that you need to bite, don't be afraid to rip someone's throat or shoulder out.

If you are significantly larger and stronger than your opponent you should not fight them traditionally. Rely on grapples and forced clenches. If your opponent if less than half your size pr weight it is likely you can squeeze them out with a bear grapple. Wrapping an arm around the thigh and slamming their head into things also works.

Generally if you are big enough that you can pick up or throw your opponent cleanly off the ground you should do it. Look for sharp furniture edges, curbs, and glass to make this more effective.

My grandfather was a trench raider in WWI, who insisted on passing some stuff on:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 15390

1 - WgV9z5H.jpg

>fights have unspoken rules
Just carry a gun you fucking retard.

Anonymous 15391

i had no intentions of doing anything besides lurking in this forum, but please don't listen to your gramps, he will get you killed on top of whatever terrible thing might happen to you.

Anonymous 15392

>just carry a gun
Not everyone lives somewhere where that's allowed you fucking retard

Anonymous 15397

I'm sorry but I laughed at this for some reason and I dunno why.

Anonymous 15413

glima is like jiujitsu right?


Are there others who completely don't wear make up? Anonymous 14558[Reply]

I've never wore make up, and I don't think of putting it on in the near future. I don't have skin problems and I like my skin, also I don't see things that need to be changed on my face.
All the women my age I know wear make up.
Anyone in CC that does the same?
34 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 15135

I've tried makeup a few times when I was in elementary school because my mom gave it to me, but of course, it looked bad. I bought makeup for the first time a year ago from Daiso and Walmart and the Walmart stuff just irritated my skin.. I'd love to learn how to do it but I feel it always looks bad on me, and I'm scared of irritation.

Anonymous 15182

Yeah I've never worn makeup. I'm just completely average looking and I'm ok with that. My facial skin is soft and smooth and nobody's ever pointed out I'm not wearing makeup. In fact I've often been complimented I look younger than I am. I didn't grow up around other girls so I was just never encouraged or taught how to use makeup. Also I've heard a lot of things about how unhealthy it is thats scares me away from it like clogs pores, damages skin, etc. Plus just seems like a lot of extra cost and effort I don't want to deal with. I use a couple of mild products to clean my face regularly and that's it really. I guess I'm also lucky I don't have any bad skin problem, at worst I might get a small acne flare up around my period but there's cleansers that can heal that up pretty quickly.

Anonymous 15274

Oh I do this too! I've tried to put on a full face of makeup but my skin hated it. I'm also just really lazy and also terrible at doing makeup lol

Anonymous 15407


I used to wear make-up, but now I won't even wear it for special occassions. Struggled a lot with acne a few years ago, but I found that healthier lifestyle >>> any amount of shitty make-up/skin products. XYs preying on our insecurity deserve nothing

Anonymous 15410

i just moisturize my face everyday and exfoliate it every few weeks, but no makeup. i use lip gloss which i don't know if it counts as makeup, and sometimes mascara. it doesn't do much, though …


Looksmaxxing Anonymous 15334[Reply]

>What have you done to looksmaxx?

>How was it?

>What do you want to try?

>Any looksmaxxing tips?

I tried an DIY eyelash lift today and the results were great. Would recommend.
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Anonymous 15340

umm besties so heres my current skincare routine!

>wake up

>apply isntree sunscreen (asian sunscreen is the ABSOLUTE BEST)
>this step is important because its my primer for make up later but THIS IS IMPORTANT
>apply make up like normally
>mid day, i use very gentle cleansing wipes, ESP after a rough workout
>use cetaphil cleanser for any type of skin (its too good and very cheap esp at CVS or amazon)
>apply retinol A (this is the latest retinol tech out there and is a MUST, it reduces fine lines and wrinkles and even like makes sure you wont ever break out! I know because my birth control made me feel like a dominoes pizza
>APPLY IMMEDIATELY CERAVE PM TO YOUR FACE (MIGHT STING A BIT BUT PRETEND IM THERE WITH YOU GIRL)The hylaronic acid will make your skin absorb moisture omfg its a game changer for this strong shit FR
>apply a heavier cream afterwards like la roche posay and THEN APPLY VASELINE TO SUCK ALL OF THAT GOODNESS IN

Do this and you will literally be a glowing QUEEN

Anonymous 15345


Anonymous 15347

Thanks for clarifying bestie, I couldn't figure it out and was angsting so hard about whether to ask??

Anonymous 15379

Guessing from that stupid word, I'm betting looksmaxx is supposed to mean you at your beast or something.
For me it was knowing my body shape and what type of clothes fits me better (I'm a rectangle so lots of high waist), going to an hair stylist that knew what to do with my hair (luck really) and finding glasses that suits me.
I also started doing some low sport regularly (20/40 mins walk per day) and I slightly change my diet. Less meat, more vegetables. That helped me loose some fat.
I lso take care of my skin, and know how to do OK makeup now.

For what I wanna do, definitive hair removal, gain muscles, try another hairstylist, makeup classes or at least done by a professional (that way I can get tips)

Anonymous 15389


There’s a little more behind the word. Looksmaxxing applies to mid/ugly girls who put in effort above and beyond the usual to enhance their looks, whether that be spending more time or more money than the average pretty girl, since it often requires that level to get comparable results. I follow the subreddit for looksmaxxing, r/Vindicta, and it has a similar culture to CC. Another crucial part of the philosophy behind it is that it’s not really body positive or affirmative, one is supposed to be honest with yourself and others who ask for opinions because of the belief in objective or even scientific beauty standards. So yeah, I get why you find the name weird but it’s a very specific concept.


Birth control questions Anonymous 14976[Reply]

Pic unrelated

How do you feel about birth control ? I dont need it and honestly I dont trust it, but Im wondering if the anti birth control opinion is 100% right considering how some women testify that they took pills or smth to help for something else and that it worked. I still dont think its safe (making someone infertile even temporarily seems just not trust worthy for me, but i dont know how it actually works anyway) but I wonder to which extent.
27 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 15353

>trusting men with birth control
I don't know what to tell you. If you're leaving it to the man, you might as well believe him when he promises to pull out.

Anonymous 15361

honestly condoms should be insisted on. also is the best way to prevent infections (yes you can still have your vag pH thrown off even if a guy is clean).

Anonymous 15362

Honestly if you trust a man on that and catch aids or smth Id mostly blame you for being dumb enough to let a stupid male trick you so easily. Ofc theyd be responsible for being horrible but to be tricked like that ? Would be your fault

Dont trust them. Better to not have sex at this point. But Im very judgemental on sexual behaviour (im 100% pro sexual répression for both men and women) so im biased on that

So my only real advice is : do not trust men, because it does not work. At least not now when we live in times where women are considered as responsible for birth control. The whole thing about women having most access to sex wouldnt help your case and men wouldnt give you support if they got you pregnant or sick.

Anonymous 15374

Thank you for your informative answer, I'm glad you had a good experience with it. Two friends of mine are getting a copper IUD very soon so I'll ask them about it and will probably try it out when I'm less busy. I'm mostly worried about the periods getting out of hand as mine are already pretty painful and long. Didn't know about zinc thank you for mentionning that, I know iron complements might also be needed if the flow gets too heavy.

Anonymous 15377

I've considered using birth control but I just feel like the symptoms are too much for me. Plus my mom told me her friend died once getting off of birth control because of a blood clot? I can't remember what it was but it's a very rare case. Still makes me scared and want to avoid it though


oversized crop tops Anonymous 11402[Reply]

oversized crop tops are amazing.
last year, Target had a limited run of Sailor Moon 25th anniversary shirts. unfortunately for me, they were crop tops. i hate crop tops, but i was determined to own and wear this, so i bought an XXL. i normally wear a medium, but i actually love how this shirt fits. it's probably my fav shirt as of right now. has anyone else done this?
2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 11405


i hate crop tops but it's smart how you found a loophole to make them into normal tops. i wish death upon the crop top trend.
yeah i agree. oversized sweaters make me feel like i'm wearing a portable comfy blanket everywhere

Anonymous 11406

give it a try sometime! it's the most comfy shirt i own for sure and i'm super glad i can wear it even when it's hot. i much prefer winter fashion so the summer is paaaaaain.

Anonymous 15326

nearly a year later and i return to state that my opinion is unchanged, oversized crop tops are still the best.

Anonymous 15327

Tbh oversized clothing made me more confident than actual fitting ones.
I respect the dedication

Anonymous 15346

Tell me about it sisters I really love my zara (10 dollars btw crop top) its so amazing. I walk out whenever I go to pick up my paycheck from work and I just feel A M A Z I N G

stay slaaying girls


Anonymous 9184[Reply]

How do we get men to put more effort into their appearance?
33 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 9561

On average, the majority of men are held to a different cultural standard of beauty. It's fine you dig a non-conforming standard, but by nature of wanting non-standard beauty, you are going to have a harder time finding men that reject the societal standard of beauty, but still put in enough effort for their own personal ideal of beauty. You are simultaneously seeking someone who doesn't care what others think about what he looks like, but he cares about what he looks like, a relatively rare trait.

Anonymous 9567

Outlier tastes like chubby chasers in men don’t get a say in shaping societal norms. On average I think western men are very out of shape, tending either towards too skinny sickly pale incels or too fat neckbeard hairy incels. I would think most other women my age agree that the “hottest” male body is relatively muscular and tall

Anonymous 9569


Anonymous 9585

Thats gross af.
Gym dudebros should kill themselves. They still always manage to end up looking unclean somehow, they don't shave (and hopefully perma laser) their retarded, god awful dirty pig disgusting body hair to appeal to men I guess, they should just be gay if they are gonna be like that. Also he is bald. There goes 50% of beauty, having beautiful flowy hair.

Anonymous 15311

step 1: LARP as giga-chad, slayer of pussy on 4chinz
step 2: give advice to lonely moids on how to look in order to attract women
step 3: watch as they screenshot your post and spread it around all of their self-improvement and dating forums
step 4: profit
then all you have to do is deal with their god-awful personalities.

me too.jpg

any miners with skin picking/excoriation disorder/dermiotilliomania? Anonymous 12858[Reply]

>how long have you had it?
>where/what do you pick?
>how does it make you feel?
>any coping mechanisms/tips?
24 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 14959

>how long have you had it?
Almost ten years at this point. It started when I was about eleven. My mom mentioned that I had a blackhead on my nose and tried to squeeze it. She couldn't get it out, but I went into the bathroom and used a rubber tooth pick to get it out myself. A year later, I first leaned into the mirror to look at the skin on my chest and then I spent an hour or two picking at my chest. By the end of it, my chest had a bunch of sores and it throbbed and ached. I think that was the last time I ever had un-picked skin.
>where/what do you pick?
Originally, primarily my face (mostly my nose, forehead, and above my upper lip), but over time I switched to primarily my chest/breasts/upper back. Now I've started picking at my upper arms and forearms. Feelsbad.
>how does it make you feel?
When I find actual acne and express it, it's definitely an instant release of dopamine. Almost a rush. But that's only with actual acne, most of the time It's not actual acne I'm picking at, my dumb monkey brain goes into overdrive and I just pick at whatever remotely resembles acne or a spot or something. It's usually just skin, so it's typically not too rewarding, but at this point it's a force of habit.
>any coping mechanisms/tips?
Distract yourself. Stay away from the place you usually always pick at. For me, it's my bathroom mirror. A rule I follow is that I'm not allowed to lean over the sink. Once I lean over that sink to get a closer look at myself, I can't resist. Also, set a timer on your phone when you are where you usually pick. So if I have to use the restroom, I'll set a timer for 3-5 minutes. Stay away from mirrors, especially stay away from magnified mirrors. Chuck out all thinks you use to pick. If you want to pluck your brows or something, set a timer. Try your best to be as mindful and in the moment as you possibly can. Don't try to push away the urge to pick, instead acknowledge that it is something that you want to do, but that it is not beneficial for you and tell yourself to put it off for five minutes. When those five minutes are up, do another five. And another five. And another, until the urge has subsided or mostly subsided.
I'm in the same boat as you, anons. And I know how embarrassing it can be. Some days I don't think it's even worth it to try. I relapse a lot. But in my experience, IPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 14961

I didn't know skin-picking was an indicator of stress because I guess for me it's always been a compulsion, I pick my nailbeds and thumbskin constantly and have for years. Same with my lips, but I think these are normal places for picking? For me is it just a bad physical habit?

Anonymous 15043

I've been doing the following to stop picking my face

>acid exfoliation every day to get ride of perfections

>only use a hand mirror with a handle so I hold it further away and see less imperfections
>using lots and lots of acne patches for the smallest thing
>keeping skin moisturized so harder to pick

Basically, the more I care for my skin, the hard it is physically to pick but also the more healing happens.

Anonymous 15077

I've been chewing my lips ever since I was 13. I'm 26 now.

I don't feel any particular way, I do it usually because I feel stressed and anxious. My lips look so ugly now.

Anonymous 15306

I’m finding that using exfoliating acids on my skin daily is helping a lot as they get rid of many of the “imperfections”. When there is one, I put an acne patch on asap so I won’t feel or see it anymore.


Anonymous 12060[Reply]

I seen this girl posted on lolcow. Apparently she is heavily disliked because she posts in the body positive tags preaching about the struggles of beauty standards/body image while she looks like this.

The person who posted this says that the problem is not that this girl is skinny or pretty. The problem is that she is aware that she is skinny and pretty, has identified a space where people use her body type as an example of "societies idea of a perfect woman", and proceeds to post to that space showing off her body to stroke her ego.

I agree with the poster. I don't think it's right to hijack a movement based around struggling with image just to show off how well you fit the standard. It's incredibly obnoxious and she should just be honest about what shes really doing and stop pretending she has the same struggle as everyone else when some women literally die trying to acheive her "genetic" look.

What do you guys think?
118 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 15278

Obviously. I hate anorexic girls who pretend they’re all natural to make other women feel like shit.

Anonymous 15280

this. i was pretty skinny in high school as i barely ate anything because my parents never cooked anything nice or had treats. i still was not as skinny as her

she clearly works out a lot too and has deliberately not eaten anything more filming

i think she might even have small breast implants or has used make-up shading as her left breast is slightly wonky

Anonymous 15285

It's just the bra, my body looks similar to this when I'm a lower BMI but I have a larger bust and thighs. Boobs that are far apart naturally look wonky like this when you wear a bra that's a bit too small

Anonymous 15290

/thread lol

Anonymous 15303

its not a standard, its an ideal.

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