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/cyst/ Anonymous 16323[Reply]

does anyone get bartholin cysts? they seem to be pretty ignored by gynecology. I've just recently been seeing medical sites claim they're linked to STDs meanwhile entire communities of women who get them are saying they've never had an STD, myself included. Just got tested.

Mine seems to reoccur whenever something "traumatic" bodily speaking happens. Usually if there's an extreme irritation to the area. Some pads seem to trigger it too so I've switched to menstrual cups. It finally fucking came back after I got my first brazilian wax…

I'll post ways ppl deal with them later. Some are kinda goofy.

Anonymous 16327


Hey I had that!
My doc wanted to send me to the hospital for an ablation, but thankfully, Ibuprofen was enough to get them back to normal size.
It's stress related in my case, and yes, it's related to sexual trauma.
Neurotraumatology/psychotraumatology explains the process well: a sexual trauma happens to a child, shame ensues, the child gets hyper vigilant with her sex, she develops more sensitivity in the area (as in she physically develops more neural pathways (not sure if this is the right word), or a better sensitivity to them: her safety depends on it).
Later, once adult, this translates in extra-sensitivity, painful periods etc.

Anonymous 16341


This video mentions the 2 methods I use! Prid, and Phoebe's method. And of course sitz baths, which are the most important thing by far.

this is extremely based

Anonymous 16669

I thought I had one or a similar unpoppable cyst. I ended up using salicylic acid, bathing more, not shaving pubic hair and it thankfully went away.


is there a way to fade/possibly get rid of self harm scars? Anonymous 16358[Reply]

i know with time it’ll go away, but it takes years for it to actually fade. I’m just sick of looking at it, it’s an ugly reminder and I’m sick of people staring at my legs whenever I wear shorts/skirts/dresses of any kind.

is there anything like a lotion or a supplement I could use for collagen or a retinol I could apply so my skin could heal from the trauma?
i love wearing dresses and skirts and having them really makes me dislike wearing them and putting makeup on my legs is impractical since my thigh would still be bumpy and foundation wouldn’t match the rest of my legs.
6 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 16393

for laser scar removal, fractional lasers work best, FRAXEL is most popular and pretty strong but really expensive

Anonymous 16394


mederma extra strength worked well for me. it was on large burns. not sure if this helps.

Anonymous 16425

Massage, preferably with an oil good for the skin like E or coconut. I hear some people just rub their scars when theyre watching tv or doing something else, becomes kind of habit and soon in a few weeks they start to flatten and fade. Massage breaks down the scar tissue in your skin.

In my experience, they fade in 2 years. They weren't super deep, they hit the dermis, nearly fat but didnt require stitches. Everyone's skin is different though and dark skinned/asians tend to scar worse than whites I've heard, idk I am white.

Avoid picking at scabs for anything healing. I found if you don't pick then they scar very minimally.

Anonymous 16463

This worked wonders for mine. Applied religiously every night, exfoliated a couple times a week, and kept out of the sun, and after a year they're virtually non existent. It seems like
a long time but the wait helped me refrain from making new scars since I didn't want to ruin my hard earned progress.

Do consider that mine were superficial and none of them got seriously infected.

Anonymous 16587


I went to a top plastic surgeon and here is how he told me to heal the wounds so I wouldn't have scars. This method also improves old scars, regardless of age.

You need silicone sheets like pic rel. Leave on 24/7 until the scars are improved or not visible. This can take months or years so be patient. The plasters can be washed and reused.

When you change the plasters, rub hard with vaseline to break up scar tissue and keep the scar moist. If the wound is still bloody, don't rub and avoid things like stretching that could split it open.

You can use surgical tape to hold the silicone plasters in place (wet it a bit and it sticks better) but be careful that the edges of the tape can leave indents on the scar so either make the plaster smaller than the tape or only tape the edges not touching the scar.


Fashion Style Anonymous 951[Reply]

What is your current style like?
What are some of your staple pieces?
Favorite shops? Favorite/most flattering cuts?
Do you like it? If not, what would you like it to look like in the future/if you had more money?

Ask for advice or give some to the other miners seeking fashion advice here!
42 posts and 21 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 16343

What is your current style like?
Either preppy or girly.

What are some of your staple pieces?
Long dresses, bags which stand out, moccasins, turtlenecks, and I like both vibrant colours and dark colours but my favourites are pink, navy blue and green because they suit me a lot. I love flower and tartan patterns.

Favorite shops? Favorite/most flattering cuts?
I buy a lot online now, except for shoes. French brands. I like my clothes fitted around the waist and large for the legs because I have a thin waist and my thighs are chubby. This way I achieve a hourglass look. I really like good materials, I enjoy linen, cotton, and wool the most.

Do you like it? If not, what would you like it to look like in the future/if you had more money?
I like it but I'd like to find clothes that fit me better.

Anonymous 16389


>What is your current style like?
Basic and normie. All summer long, I wore wide airy pants with single-coloured tank tops or t-shirts, a combination that pretty much everyone around me wore if they didn't go for summer dresses.

>What are some of your staple pieces?

- Blue jeans
- Single-coloured tops in neutral colours
- Tops with a white-blue stripe pattern
- Comfortable black-white sneakers

>Do you like it? If not, what would you like it to look like in the future/if you had more money?

No. I only wear it because it's affordable, easy to find, and appropriate for my age and personality. Bottom row in pic-related is the kind of style I'm actually into just because it's something I didn't have the guts to wear in my teenage years. I still like edgy anime teen/mall goth/alt fashion now but I'm a tad too old to pull it off. Plus, I live in a small town and these would make me stand out too much.

Anonymous 16399

What is your current style like? Goth, a little grunge or punk sometimes.
What are some of your staple pieces? Leather jacket, maxidresses
Favorite shops? Favorite/most flattering cuts? I usually buy fast fashion or thrift.
Do you like it? If not, what would you like it to look like in the future/if you had more money? I have excellent style usually but I've been a depressed NEET lately and stopped bothering.

Anonymous 16400


Picrel, I just wanted to say I have finally bought my first lolita dress and I couldn't be happier! It's from a taobao brand I think, but I don't even care, the second I saw it I knew I HAD to buy it (witch themed, lots of frills rather than printed fabric, pink-black combo… everything I love!)

Suddently, I feel ok being an adult… It has been my dream since I was 10 or so to own one of these dresses, but due to lack of money I couldn't buy anything.
I worked lots into saving money (my job doesn't pay well lol) and losing some weight, the dress better turns out perfect when it arrives…!

Anonymous 16414


> What is your current style like?
I'm really into 50s-90s fashion, depends on what I feel like wearing that day. My major fashion influences are Anna Karina, Francoise Hardy, Chloë Sevigny and Anjelica Huston.
> What are some of your staple pieces?
Turtleneck, a frilly blouse, corduroy pants, polo sweaters, 70s-style jeans.
> Favorite shops? Favorite/most flattering cuts?
I buy from second-hand shops near me mostly, otherwise Etsy or Depop when I have more money.
> Do you like it? If not, what would you like it to look like in the future/if you had more money?
I like it, I feel like I've finally found "my style". Picrel is similar to an outfit I wore today.
I love this.
Go for it.


Whats your budget on hb Anonymous 16024[Reply]

I don't buy any makeup except for lipsticks because oh yes pretty colours love it. Lipsticks last long even though I use them almost everyday. I have about 4 I think and it's been more than one year or two that I didn't buy any.

I don't spend a lot on haircare because I use what I have in my kitchen to wash and do masks. I think it's been more than one year. I only bought recently two products to try because it's made for curls. Cost me about 40 euros but I don't mind since I didn't buy any hair product for a while and it is quality stuff.

I don't buy much skincare products either, now good soap is enough for me. Recently I used pH neutral stuff I buy at the pharmacy. Costs less than 10 euros for 2 soaps if I remember correctly. But i swap a lot because I like to try soaps. I avoid conventional ones so I either buy stuff at the pharmacy or at bio shops.

As for health well I'm really inconsistent with the way I nourish myself so… It's either I spend way too much on junkfood or nothing at all or I'm being a good girl who buys nice meat and a bit of vegetables and fruits. I avoid fish now because it's so overpriced for its worth now with all the pollution. Too bad cause I do love the taste
I don't spend money on meds I don't live in US
Im taking better care of my illness tho. (It's not mental)

So in one year I usually don't even spend 100 euros in Health and beauty.
24 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 16313

i just rinse my face with water and moisturize at night. when i go outside i put on moisturizer with spf in it.
i'm considering getting anti aging things and actually caring about my skincare. what routine would you consider for a newb? i live in a dry climate but have normal skin thanks to birth control (BC really dries me up - dry eyes, dry coochie, turns my normally oily skin normal kek).
i live in canada and retinoids are unfortunately required a prescription :/

Anonymous 16316

I found a really nice set of 5 scented ones in Japan for like 3 bucks.

Anonymous 16319

You still have to wear masks?! I stopped doing it very soon and I just kept the tissue masks I was given on some occasions. Only times I bought masks was only one in the moment because I didn't have any on me and needed one to go to some place. So i probably spent 2€ max en masks. I only wore them if I really had to

Anonymous 16320

I don't know much either tbh, that's why I have a simple and safe routine.

I'd say that since you don't really seem to get pimples and stuff you should just find a neutral pH soap to wash your face and find a good moisturizer with an app that reviews the composition. This way you will avoid bad products without struggle. You just have to scan the barcodes when you shop, or you can directly scroll on the app with filters to find good products then look them up.

So yeah, basically a soap that will not dry your skin and a skin product that will protect your from the cold without injecting your skin with chemicals. I think charcoal products are good but that's a personal choice and you'd still have to find an actual good product. I also like aloe vera and it will protect your from the sun as well. I don't like sunscreens because they usually don't have a very safe composition imo. Good, extra virgin oils are nice as well (I prefer coconut oil, carrot is nice for the sun as well and it gives you a nice tan in summer)

Anonymous 16322

i have no skincare because everything breaks me out and my skin does best if i let it be. i have a lot of makeup that i use for special occasions or costumes/cosplay though. i use cheap hair products but i do oil it religiously and use a mousse.
most of my beauty budget is spent getting my legs waxed tbh.


Hair thread Anonymous 569[Reply]

What are some of your favorite hair related YouTube channels?

What's your hair routine?

Do you take any supplements/do (you think) they work?
236 posts and 50 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 15999


Anonymous 16036

Okay, that's kind of cute.

Anonymous 16058

What are some tips other baby-fine/thin haired ladies have to make their hair look cool?

I do plan to get it cut to my shoulders soon, but I'm worried about it looking too austere–it's already a very mousy color. I have bronze skin and hair that's pretty much the same exact color, so I have a very unfortunate rustic look.

I am very much used to the wind completely destroying my hair and sending it in a million directions. Trying to fluff it up and maintain it is pretty much impossible because my hair hates all products. At most, I can maybe do half-up styles that give some lift to the hair around my crown.

Anonymous 16061

I have the same hairtype that's about 6 inches below my shoulders. For the most part, I've given up on trying for volume. If feeling fancy, I will curl it with a ½ or ⅜ wand, sometimes hot rolls, but those fall out in an hour. Can you use hairspray at all? There's this brand called big sexy hair that is supposed to give volume but works as a hairspray. If you're willing to put money down on that, it may be worth trying out styles with. Personally, I just accessorize my otherwise straight, styleless hair with clips, headbands or hats and call it a day.

Anonymous 16132

Question–I want to get a balayage. If I wanted a different color in it (i.e., rose gold), should I just use temporary color/toner at home? Or would it look sloppy?


Lifting Anonymous 13775[Reply]

Anyone here lifts weights? I'd love to have a lifting buddy
83 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 15637

12lbs ;__;

Anonymous 15638

12 lbs is perfectly fine, most of the pro bodybuilders i know don't lift above 20 lbs

Anonymous 15747


What would you recommend for a beginner at home? I don't want to get big just lean and stronger/healthier. Should I just buy light lifts and start from there?

Anonymous 15748

push ups
and pull ups if you can do them

there's all kind of tutorials on youtube with a lot of progression, check them out

and for cardio you can do long walks/running/biking

Anonymous 15894


I'd look up r/bodyweightfitness recommended routine (RR). It passed the test of time.
Eventually from there, you might need the added weight, but at the beginning, your body weight is enough.


Daily Makeup/Skin Care Routine Anonymous 1258[Reply]

Post what you honestly wear on a daily basis (or at least the days you leave your house if you're unemployed this summer).

Which makeups brands/products do you reach for every day? Do you keep up a skin care routine even on days you skip make up? Discuss.
31 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 15425


We have been gaslight by social media -especially the past few years- into thinking that airbrushed skin or faces with filters are the norm. That's something you really have to keep in mind; even the smallest pimples, larger pores, etc. can and often are edited out.
We all have skin texture and it's just as diverse as all other aspects of our bodies. Your skin looking like "an orange peel" is normal! Skin has texture!
Maybe popping by r/SkincareAddiction and having a look at some posts there will help, or some other websites that try to spread awareness about it.

Anonymous 15464


In my teens I was extremely self-conscious about my skin texture especially when I did my makeup. I thought that surely I was doing something wrong because those beauty youtubers had the smoothest skin whereas I could see lines and pores everywhere. I often spent an entire hour in front of a magnifying mirror, picking at my skin and extracting blackheads (which obviously made my skin worse).

Turns out it was just lies : filters, lighting, extreme amounts of makeup to hide what normal skin actually looks like. What we often describe as texture are pores or hair follicles : for every hair on your body, you have a tiny hole that it peaks through. Even though your face isn't hairy there are still pores there - actually humans have on average 5 million of them on their body. They are there to protect your skin from bacterias, clean up deadcells and most importantly produce sebum so that you're skin stays hydrated. This moisture is very important for your skin's health : when you get older, your skin produces less sebum and this dryness is the cause of skin aging, wrinkles etc. So pores are pretty neat and helpful !

Picrel is my skin fresh out of bed, before doing any skincare or even splashing my face with water. As you can see it's a bit greasy so the pores are very visible from up close, aswell as blackheads and little bumps, or milia under the eyes. I have pretty good and clear skin but it will never be perfectly smooth, and it's normal !

99% of people won't see your skin up close, but rather from at least a 1 meter distance where pores or blackheads aren't noticeable at all. I try to not look at my face that close anymore because it will only highlight texture and what's 'wrong' with it. Keep in mind that bathroom lighting can also emphasize texture.

You should also check out the instagram @celebface which shows close up of celebrities. Even people that spend up to tens of thousands of dollars a month on skincare, treatments, procedures and have access to the best dermatologists have texture, large pores, blackheads, pimples, fine lines… They don't want you to see it, that's why everything is filtered these days. But it's here and even if they try everything to make it disappear, they can't because it's just how skin is.

Anonymous 15465

that insta is editing photos to make them look worse. i forget how it's done but you change one of the levels in photoshop and everyone looks cakey with huge pores. some people really don't have large pores naturally. most people do have pores like you do though

Anonymous 15474

Your skin's amazing! That's what my skin looks like fresh after washing, a week after diligent skincare and masks etc.

Anonymous 15761

recently I got an overnight treatment (Cerave's) and I realize that after a few days of use, there's tiny whiteheads in my usual problem area (around mouth, jaw, chin) which I never get normally. Is this probably an indication that I'm breaking out from it–not purging? My skin is extremely congested and it's the first time I'm using such acids like lactic/glycolic.


Physical Condishuns Anonymous 1900[Reply]

What kind of physical issues do you deal with? How do you treat them? Have you found alternative treatments helpful? How do other people react when learning about them? Etc.

Let's share our trials here.
19 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 14873

Bordering on having anemia from being a self-harming moron

Anonymous 14886

First of all, I'm sorry if I sound whiney. I know I don't have it horrible. I just want to vent.

I've felt like a zombie for most of my life and I don't know why…I mean, even in old family pictures, as a little girl I had black, hollow, tired eyes despite no one else having them. People constantly asked if I was ill (and still do) or say I look like I'm dying. I always acted numb and distant. I never cried or emoted, even as a tiny baby.

One night in college I spent talking to a good friend and laughing and having fun, which was already pretty shocking for someone like me who is super reserved. The "laugh once a year" type…

…I slept all day and woke up…and I felt so goddamned alive. Everything felt different and I flew out of bed. I felt so good. I told jokes and made several people laugh too! Like holy shit! Me thinking of jokes! Wow!

Everyone I knew immediately was shocked and said I looked amazing and glowing. Someone took a picture of me and compared to what I usually look like to make a point (which was rude but whatever)…and it turned out my lifelong black circles were gone. What was very surprising was it being nighttime and STILL feeling great.

And then…I went to sleep…and woke up feeling like shit again, burning bloodshot eyes, head and neck pain, with a numb-feeling, heavy body.

I don't have a condition, I think. I just wish I felt energetic. I have brain fog constantly and I'm barely capable of speaking or really functioning as a normal person.

Thank god I found a way to independently earn money because I'm not sure how I'd get the spine to work 9 hour days 6 days a week, feeling this way.

Anonymous 15614


Anonymous 15615

Had a stroke and I lost a wide range of my vision so I bump into things/people. It's embarrassingand kind of dangerous because I don't notice bikes and cars when I'm walking.

I also get this big bump on my left wrist that I thought was from working it too hard but I don't do anything that strains the wrist like puships and I got another huge bump right now. Maybe from holding my cellphone for hours? idk. If kind of hurts and I think it's filled with liquid. It's bigger than my wrist bone and kind of hurts.

Anonymous 15620

I'm dumb as a box of rocks but the lump on my wrist I was trying to describe is a ganglion cyst, I think.

Screen Shot 2022-0…

Anonymous 17864[Reply]

I'm only 20 and yet have nasolabial folds I have suicide thoughts about, how to at least prevent its development I do can give it any time to improve my case, I don't even know where to search for any tips other than take hyaluronic shit. Please help, I'm crying
53 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 17918

Stop being obsessed with looking like a child. Adults have nasolabial folds.

Anonymous 17919

When people say they have 'nasolabial folds', they do not mean wrinkles, not at that age. They mean prominent cheeks that create permanent deep creases. This makes a person looks either old, because old people's cheek sag, or like an inbred dog.

You cannot do anything about it without resorting to such cringe as plastic surgery. This is the fat distribution you have. Deal with it.

Anonymous 17920

I have such only on one side of my nose/cheek, second is smooth - there must be something that can be done, somehow, by massage I've done this, sadly, it didn't work out on the second cheek

Anonymous 17921


most guys don't even care about that

Anonymous 17922

Wait I've had these lines since I was in the 1st grade or so, doesn't everyone have them? They're fine! Perfectly normal!


Vegan General Anonymous 1186[Reply]

Take all ethical, environmental etc. debates to >>>/disc/263

ITT let's share favorite recipes and vegan ~life hacks~

>how long have you been vegan?

>what made you go vegan initially?
>what makes you stick with it?
>noticed any health benefits?
>tips for beginners?
54 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4903

I'm thinking about going vegetarian. Meat is just starting to gross me out. I used to like sashimi, but lately thinking about eating a slice of raw meat kind of disgusts me.

I already eat a lot of vegetables and soy products (tofu, edamame, etc).

My partner has been on the fence about going vegan before so I think they'd be supportive.

I've been getting into yoga, and it seems like a lot of practitioners advocate plant-based diets as well. But it's hard to separate shilling and real advice.

WHfoods has fish and stuff on their site, and I really trust them. But I suppose omega 3s are available through chia seeds and other plants, as well?

Does anyone have stories about slowly moving over to vegetarianism /veganism?

Anonymous 9836

I think it's good to care about the animals. But I think a lot of vegans overlook the exploited farmers it takes to but their food on the table. And in some ways it's not more environmentally friendly like some claim. I just think it's good to acknowledge that everything has faults.

Anonymous 9840

there is like no vegan that is denying the exploitation of vegetable, grain, and fruit pickers. the entire food system is built on exploitation. abattoir workers are also largely undocumented people and abattoir work is extremely traumatic.

however, a serious and overlooked problem is the reliance on cashews when it comes to cheese substitutes, cashew milk, etc. the cashew industry is extremely fucked up and while it is definitely the best nut, there's no reason why it should be relied on so heavily. there are delicious vegan cheeses without cashews.

Anonymous 15426


>How long have you been vegan?
For around 6-7 years. I was vegetarian for years before that and just slowly transitioned, so I have no exact time or date.
>What made you go vegan initially?
I've always been an animal lover. When I learnt about what sausages, eggs, milk, etc. actually are/come from as a child I was shocked, felt lied to and didn't want to eat them anymore. Then I started educating myself on factory farming, the environmental impact and it snowballed from there.
>What makes you stick with it?
I want to do as much as I can do do as little harm as possible. I'm passionate about animals and they mean a lot to me. Plus, after a while it becomes normal - and the growing options for vegans the past few years definitely only makes it easier.
>Noticed any health benefits?
I wouldn't attribute it to veganism alone, but when I went vegan I started learning and caring about nutrition, what I put into my body, getting my bloodwork done and just generally being more aware of my health.
>Tips for beginners?
Take it slow, it's similar to losing weight in the sense that you have to look at it as a life-style change. Making drastic changes from one day to the other, restricting yourself and trying to do everything at once will most likely lead to failure and you just being disappointed.
Experiment with new foods, educate yourself, get in touch with other vegans and don't feel bad when you slip up in the start. Just keep on going!

Anonymous 15427

>undocumented people
Then they specifically chose to come here illegally to kill animals. I don’t feel bad for them at all.

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