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How to make self always incorporate lipstick into makeup routine Anonymous 4615[Reply]

How the fuck do you get yourself to wear lipstick? I'm super pale so everything looks so damn dark or super nude. My natural lip color is a medium pink. I guess it's kinda pigmented because strangers have complimented their color before, but I always wish I could wear lipstick on the daily since I own some colors, but nope, looks like it's not going to happen.

I always wear eyeshadow, mascara and foundation (and eyeshadow primer, sometimes face primer and concealer, sunscreen always, yada yada)

Anonymous 4616


but really, I don't know how we could help you. I don't really see what the problem is, just do it. Maybe you could start with tinted lipgloss if you're not used to lipstick.

Anonymous 4617

I can relate, I think I look ridiculous with lipstick one. Like I'm playing dress-up or something.

Anonymous 4624

Lipliner! It makes lipstick look more uniform and keeps your lipstick from "bleeding". Try cooler colors for your skintone. And if your colors look too nude, even on pale skin, maybe its the brand you're buying?

Anonymous 4625

Try other types of lip products that accentuate your lip color like a balm or gloss?

Or try wearing the colors you already own but blotted or mixed together to make a color that you think looks the most flattering.


Exercising in the winter Anonymous 4583[Reply]

For those who like exercising, what plans are you making for staying in shape during the wintertime?
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Anonymous 4589

i plan to gorge myself on nuts and berries and then hibernate for the next four months

Anonymous 4590

Planning on starting a powerlifting program then bulk for winter (then cut in summer?)
inb4 my left knee gives out though…

Anonymous 4591


What kind of program? Something like Starting Strength?

Anonymous 4592

No, I "graduated" from that. I did StrongLifts for about 3 months then moved onto a program that my friend wrote.
This January, I plan on running nSuns' 4day program and add in some glute accessories.

Anonymous 4611


>She doesn't bloatmaxx in the winter for tone


Childfree thread Anonymous 102[Reply]


>"but Anon, you'll want them later!"

Yeah no.
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Anonymous 4577

>People will just keep abusing, raping, and killing each other as long as we exist.

But ano, all of those things are statistically going down globally…

Ann 4587

Girl I'm glad I got my copper iud last week and I don't have to worry about tracking my fertility, taking the morning after shit pill that annoys me or being paranoid about it for the next decade
At least I didn't have complications with it

Anonymous 4600

>Yeah no.
Yeah this won't totally backfire
Making kneejerk impulsive decisions that have a permanent effect on your life should not be taken so lightly
Stop being stupid

Anonymous 4601

>kneejerk impulsive decisions
You seem to be assuming a lot about how other people make choices.

Anonymous 4604

Exactly why one should consider if they truly want children before having them! If someone who truly does not want kids has them due to societal pressure it will make both she and the kids miserable.
Good job, you're right.


Oral sex - female Anonymous 4455[Reply]

I get really shy when my bf tries to get down on me. How can I relax and let him do it? I keep thinking he won't like doing it (he's never complained) or that doing that is embarassing. I'm not ashamed of my vagina, I don't know why I get so self conscious.


Anonymous 4456

It’s probably odd coz it’s a part of us we don’t really get to see, yet others can see it better than we can? So maybe it’s just a weird thing, like getting underdressed around others for the first time? In time maybe you’ll be more confident?

Meme advice but just relax, you’re more likely to orgasm if you’re chill and into it. Maybe if he like kisses your thighs and stomach and stuff for a while first, you will feel more relaxed/confident?

Anonymous 4489

Mount the face and just tell him what to do, you either like it or don't, not everybody enjoy's getting oral

Anonymous 4578


Are you a bit of a control freak (I hate that term but it fits)?

I found that getting a little drunk (okay more than a little drunk) and having him tie me to the bed and blindfold me made me lose ALL inhibition and once everything was out of my hands, I was actually able to relax a LOT. We're all different though, and I might just be a weirdo.


Anonymous 4446[Reply]

i've been using vibrators for the past 4 years or so, and i've noticed i've become desensitized.
i slowly worked my way up to a hitachi, but even now it takes a lot of ~finesse~ to cum with it.
additionally, i lost my virginity after using a vibrator. oral has never really felt like much, and rubbing my clit during sex doesn't do much either.

has anyone else had this problem? and do you have any advice on how to regain sensitivity?

the only thing i can think of is just laying off the vibrator/masturbating for a few months.

Anonymous 4447


Some medicines can desensitize you tbh but also I think maybe laying off it would be helpful. Let yourself build back up to it.

Anonymous 4448

There are some creams that can be applied to the genitals to supposedly increase sensitivity. It may just be sudden sexual dysfunction, and perhaps you just need to lay off masturbation.. or participate in more foreplay while masturbating, instead of trying to force it out of yourself. If its always been like this, I'd suggest seeing a doctor about it.

Anonymous 4530

Just switch to shower fapping until your tolerance for the magic wand returns lol, that's what I do

Anonymous 4541

I almost never orgasm, it takes me forever and rubbing my clit doesn't always do it for me either. I can get there from penetration, but it takes a long time too. I don't think there's anything wrong with you. Sadly some women have a hard time getting there as far as I know :(

Anonymous 4574


Desensitization is pretty common with lots of use of high powered vibes. I started right in with a rabbit and then a girl I was experimenting with got me hooked on the hitachi. Within a very short period of time I couldn't orgasm without it. I had to basically put myself on lockdown for a few months, no sex, no masturbating, until sensitivity returned. Kegels helped too.

Your inspiration Anonymous 4548[Reply]

Who is your personal hero or role model when it comes to your goals, health and fitness? Is it their aesthetic results or the way they speak and the advice they give?


Cellulite Anonymous 4499[Reply]

Anyone else suffer? I am not even overweight but the back of my thighs look like shit.

It was at it's worse as I lived this insane hermit hikki lifestyle which is when most of it happened. Since being more active it reduced but can never go away.

What are some advices to minimize it as much as possible. What exercises would you do for the upper back thigh? My biggest fear is that all the exercise I am doing won't fix anything.

I hate that I feel confident looking at myself front on but seeing myself from behind it all falls apart.

Anonymous 4500

Screen Shot 2018-1…

I have cellulite too but I don't really care because I don't swim and no one sees me naked besides my mother.

Anonymous 4506

Just because you exercise you thighs doesn't mean you they will burn the nearest fat, so you can tone up everything you want, you'll have cellulite on toned muscles which is, of course, nicer than cellulite on a shapeless body.
What works best for me is massage, either with my hands or a suction cup (hands work better but it's much much tiring for the hand muscles), and a nice oil every day to nourish the skin.

Efforts and acceptance, 50/50.

Anonymous 4529

I suffer from cellulite too but I've learned to be fine with it. I think having a good body (through working out or whatever) mitigates most of the damage done to your self esteem by having cellulite in the first place!

Anonymous 4542


This is something I've suffered with since I was in middle school. I'm still pretty skinny, but I accumulate most of my weight to my butt and thighs, and when I was going through puberty my weight would fluctuate so much that I got intense stretch marks and cellulite.

The stretch marks I've come to just accept since its nothing I can change but I just can't seem to get rid of cellulite with just exercise. I think I'll start trying anon's (>>4506) advice so wish me luck

Anonymous 4545

If you have strech marks I'm not sure wether you can use a cup. Some women had skin damage from it, some damaged their veins and gave their skin a reddish colour that stayed.
I would recommend hand massage.

Good luck anon!


Anonymous 4523[Reply]

Do any of you have good posture? Have any of you fixed yiur posture? It’s supposed to make boys (and people in general) think you’re more attractive and respect you more.

Anonymous 4524

i always have a high and "proud" posture because i'm insecure of how people see me

Anonymous 4525


I have this type of posture, too, but I find it often misleads people as to what I'm really like. Posture can't fix a broken personality.

Anonymous 4528

This helps me with sitting posture (I am sitting 97% of the time at my job): http://posturedirect.com/how-to-fix-a-posterior-pelvic-tilt/


Anonymous 4198[Reply]

>mfw I'm 214 lbs

How the FUCK do I lose weight? I'm getting so sick of seeing my fat ass every time I look into the mirror.
19 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4368

1.Lift. Muscles require more calories to maintain than fat. Muscles make you burn fat as they can create a caloric deficit. Don't worry about getting superbuff,most girls can't even achieve that
2. Cardio. Cardio is good for fat movilization. Focus on HIIT rathern than just jugging
3. Drop sugar and liquid calories. Insuline spikes make you store more fat. Processed sugar is poison for your body and makes you fat. Drop all sodas,processed sauces and candies
4. Caloric deficit. This should be really easy to achieve at your weight if you have some discipline
That's literally it. The hard part is to follow through the routine. You will feel like shit at first but you will feel much better once you get over the addiction

Anonymous 4393

>Human bodies evolved to eat meat.

Hahahahahhahaahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahaahahahahahaha next joke

Anonymous 4498

Japanese have a strongly carbohydrate diet and have less obesity than all other first world nations. But they eat less saturated fat(red meat, dairy).

My mother went "muh carbs" for years and nearly died of a heart attack as an obese person. I had an obese roommate eating red meat constantly, who went "muh carbs" keto lecture at me when she saw me eating 4 slices of bread. The best part was that my blood pressure was healthy and her in a constant state of hyper tension, also pre-diabetic. I've met too many fat people with this unhealthy carbs obsession and too many slender people that didn't shy away from rice or bread. It's absurd to think the United States is fat like it is because of bread with all this oil and fried foods and hamburger patties that line the pan with grease as they cook. That people go "can't work without muh coffee" and then proceed to pour saturated fat into it to stomach the taste.

I'm not going to tell OP to do so, but I drink whatever the hell sugary liquid calories I want and my weight stays the same. It is only when I eat red meat(tacos/burgers) over and over and over that I start to notice my weight go up on the scale. And when I stop it goes back to normal, my body refuses to gain weight unless I'm eating saturated fat. Which goes hand in hand with calories in/calories out as these meats(and whole milk/cheese) are the most calorie dense things aside from butter/oil.

OP, I was once 273 pounds at my worst while a teenager. Today my bmi is something like 21 and doctors called me "very healthy". You don't have to follow gimmick diets, ketosis will make you lose weight sure but so would a tape worm. There is nothing fattening about carbs in and of themselves, it's caloric surplus which happens when eating calorie dense foods.

Anonymous 4508

Slender people tend to have more self control around carbs than fats. I think keto is extremely effective for training that carb dependency out of people. What you’re doing is like touting the benefits of alcohol to an alcoholic. It is absolutely fine in moderation but a more restrictive approach must be taken to those who have a problem with it.

The typical Japanese diet is not high in carbs. And the types of carbs they like to eat are far lower GI and less refined on average than what you’ll find in america.

Anonymous 4509

>The typical Japanese diet is not high in carbs.

Rice with every meal? It's not a stereotype, the word for "meal" is actually the same word for "steamed rice" in their language. There are other variables but one thing is certain, they are far from keto, do not avoid carbs, and eat less red meat than the rest of our countries and have a much lower obesity rate. Japanese trying to become sumo wrestlers actually have to give up their traditional diet and switch to eating a lot of beef in order to gain the proper physique, and in turn they on average have substantially shorter lifespans on average compared to a typical(non sumo) Japanese person.

>Slender people tend to have more self control around carbs than fats.

All I have are personal anecdotes, so I can't refute this. Do you have a source for this? Sardinia and Japan have carb based diets (pasta noodles and the other rice) with the meat intake for both being primarily fish rather than beef.

My anecdote says the opposite and that slender people tend to not eat fried food or calorie dense things as a staple of their diet, while also not being sedentary. All I ever see are fat people talking about carbs, fat people saying "I lost 40 pounds on keto" while still being overweight and never actually reaching a slender body before rubber banding back.

>What you’re doing is like touting the benefits of alcohol to an alcoholic.

Except I'm not damaging my body? There's more to health than bodyfat, such blood pressure/cholesterol. It's stupid to compare eating oats/rice/bread to alcoholism as every government health organization of each Anglo country warns that the keto diet isn't exactly healthy(this is where the keto followers say that our governments want to keep us weak and fat by telling us to eat carbs), but the Amerigan diabetus association says keto is fantastic. If it was comparable, doctors would have pointed out some kind of organ damage to me or said I was pre-diabetic. They'd have something to point out to me, like when they pointed out my high blood pressure when I was a fat person. Also rude as fuck to call me some kind of addict, do you think it takes no self control for me to not eat delicious cheese and steak and fried chicken whenever I please?

People can do wPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


You guys have no idea how lucky you are to not be black Anonymous 4495[Reply]

It is hell on earth.

Anyway, discuss minority beauty tips if you have them.

Anonymous 4497


It's dumb to say white people don't ever have curly hair, or that racial minority = curly hair, but as far as beauty tips go I just started doing this Curly Girl method.

I read a guide that has a list of approved products based on ingredients, and found out there are other problem ingredients for certain hair types than simply avoiding sulfate shampoos and conditioners. The fucked up part was I was using a sulfate free product that had silicones in the ingredients, which only sulfate can remove! I was having build up for years and was so clueless, why would a company make a product like that and not warn you? I followed everything a stylist told me to do, read countless tips but eventually decided I must just have shitty hair.

Anyway, I've struggled with my hair for years but switching to the CG method really helped. It hasn't been that long but I'm already seeing dramatic reduction in frizz and coarseness. I enjoy the irony that the products I use now are also less expensive. I think it would probably be really beneficial for a black girl to try if she struggles with dry hair, it would probably benefit you guys more than anyone.

I can post the guide if you want. There is also a curly hair section on reddit where people post before and after pics using this method.

I have nothing else to contribute.

Anonymous 4502

kinda sounds like a shill and most likely won't work for me since im not mixed.

Anonymous 4503

but thank you for contributing! Just bumping if it helps anyone else

Anonymous 4505


To be fair it did read like a shill now that I read it again. But I'm just happy about my hair today, on day 4 currently.

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