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Kibbe types Anonymous 18912[Reply]

What do you guys think of the kibbe body types?
I think I am a soft dramatic. I think the logic behind how people are typed makes a lot of sense. I like how it can explain why some silloettes look better than others on you and I think its a good tool to help accentuate your features. However I HATE how the followers treat kibbe types like zodiac signs or something, dictating your personality to you and the style in which you dress. I HATE the "diva chic" style pushed on my body type, I want to know what lines to use on my body, nothing more. They also use gross hippie jargon like "essence" and "energy". It kinda ruins it for me.

Whats your kibbe type? Do you agree with how you are typed and told to dress?
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Anonymous 18917

I think soft natural? But I find it hard to evaluate tbh, all I'm really sure of is not romantic or dramatic. And yeah followers are super dogmatic and catty about it for no reason

Anonymous 18918

I think gamine recs look best on me but I'm "too tall" to be one according to kibbe followers

Anonymous 18919

I feel like Kibbe type is a bit hard to determine if your face and body are VERY asymmetrical because one time I tried to do sone test and I usually would land on the classic type or something but I feel like it's not me at all. I listened to one video and it made more sense for me to be soft natural or something. However naturals are supposed to have average to tall height and I'm really short so my stature seems closer to gamine and now that I think of it I guess gamine fits me more in the general vibe but it's so confusing

Anonymous 18920

Chauvinistic garbage

Anonymous 18921

I don't really care about this stuff but your OP pic made me want to buy a girdle !


For those struggling with hygiene Anonymous 18888[Reply]

This is what helps for me
Brushing teeth
1. Take out some floss
2. Floss your teeth by tying a circle around each tooth except your molars.
3. Wipe your teeth with
4. Squeeze toothpaste into your mouth
5. Wipe your tongue with a paper towel

Washing your face:
1. Use the bathroom to piss/no. 2
2. Wash hands with soap and rinse hands
3. Put some water on your face.
4. Add bar of soap to your face.

Do you have any additional tips? Especially for showering?


Childfree thread Anonymous 102[Reply]


>"but Anon, you'll want them later!"

Yeah no.
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Anonymous 16096




I don't think pointing out that some women did this to themselves when they could have, I don't know, done literally anything else with their life is the equivalent of putting the blame on women or absolving men. And if women can't self critique and understand how we are culpable in our own oppression, we will never be able to fight it.

Women's tendency to "see the good in men" is mostly rationalizing away their shitty traits in order to be able to accept them as a partner. Most humans - male and female - are afraid of being alone, but also afraid of taking chances with high stakes. That's why people ending up in relationships with someone they've 'settled' for, rather than someone they really desired, is such a prevalent stereotype.

A lot of middle class women who walk willingly into the trap of motherhood do so because they feel bored and all their friends are doing it. It's conformity and, in a way, laziness.

Two of my closest female friends had kids for that exact reason and regretted it after. They also told me I am the only person they've admitted this to. I see them, in front of everyone else, play the Happy Good Mommy For Whom Childbirth Was The Greatest Day Of Their Life.

I would be happy for them if THEY were happy, but they aren't. They're exhausted and they're not allowed to express their true feelings or they'll be labeled monsters and Bad Mothers. They'll keep their mouths shut and keep going through the motions for the next two decades.

And being socialized to not worry about the ability of males as partners to actually act as supportive partners and parents is just another example of how we allow ourselves to be exploited willingly. Women SHOULD care if a man qualifies as a "subpar male" if they want to have a family with him. Does he make very little money and have low self esteem? He's DEFINITELY going to be a shit father.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 16097


I also think women who keep their mouths shut about how shitty motherhood is are, in their own way, class traitors and collaborators.

Girls deserve to know how bad it is. And guess what - women really aren't ACTUALLY protecting themselves by playing The Good Mommy. Society still shits on them if they perform perfectly. Ok, if someone gets demonized if they say anything about regretting having a kid or that it's a miserable existence. So fucking what?? She wasn't lionized as a mother. She's a socially approved domestic slave and a second-class citizen.

Anonymous 16141

True. I also hate how people talk about how much happier moms are than non moms. Any mother will tell you, she’s not actually happier, she’s just too exhausted to pay any attention to anything else besides the kid.

Anonymous 16303

Overpopulation is a myth. It's a misallocation of resources veiled as a "poor people take up too much space" issue. There is more than enough space and resources on this earth, one multibillionaire's wealth could quite literally end homelessness globally or end world hunger but capitalism says it's okay for some of us to hoard wealth because "Well, they earned it!" By exploiting whose labour, I wonder.

Anonymous 18877

Aren't there studies out there that basically state childless people are on average happier than those with children?

Wealth isn't a resource that determines overpopulation because on a basic level money is not necessary to survive. Arable land, water, and food are. The way we use those resources is simply not sustainable, ergo we are overpopulated. Simple as.


How to get rid of double chin Anonymous 18860[Reply]

Hello Nonas, I am 18 and 5'4 but also skinny fat because of my double chin, how do I get rid of it?

Anonymous 18861

by burning fat how you would normally - changing your diet and exercising.
however you could remove it faster and perhaps more effectively surgically, idk about the specific methods but there are some safe and unexpensive(?) ones afaik.
just be careful with fat dissolving injections (like aqualyx) bc they have a pretty rare but present side risk of augmenting the fat in the treated area, which cannot be removed in any known way afterwards.

Anonymous 18863

I tried mewing, it worked for a bit but I still see my double chin.


Anonymous 9184[Reply]

How do we get men to put more effort into their appearance?
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Anonymous 15311

step 1: LARP as giga-chad, slayer of pussy on 4chinz
step 2: give advice to lonely moids on how to look in order to attract women
step 3: watch as they screenshot your post and spread it around all of their self-improvement and dating forums
step 4: profit
then all you have to do is deal with their god-awful personalities.

Anonymous 18116

Shame moids to death

Anonymous 18394

The internet is separated into little bubbles where people go if they’re interested, so we have men gathering around Reddit and refusing to look into what women want, and then they COMPLAIN about “not knowing what women want.” You didn’t even try!

Anonymous 18546


Anonymous 18562

This nona >>15311 has it right at a basic level.
If you want men to change their behaviors they need role models for how to be men.
Many of them didn't have fathers at home, or the fathers were working the whole time. Leaving only the media for impressions.
And mass media has largely eliminated positive role models for men. They only have basketball players, Pete Davidson, and Jack Harlow as things that are praised in current year. Oh and ones that wear dresses (I wonder why that's pushed?). The more ignorant the moid on tv, the more mass media pushes him.
Things like idolizing the k-pop bands is a great start. But they need something far closer to home for them to culturally to embrace.


does anyone here know how to make cheap meals that are healthy Anonymous 18045[Reply]

i am broke and only have 400 bucks in my name so i am wondering if anyone here knows how to cook cheap meals for weightloss
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Anonymous 18054



This is a thread that taught me how to cook. Hope it helps you as well nona.


Anonymous 18105

Healthy food is cheap to make and if you know what you're doing, you can make it taste good too.
If you have a target nearby, they have packs of six large chicken breast for under 3 dollars per pound. I like to trim them up and bread them in panko mixed with ground pepper, oregano, rosemary, and paprika. Then, you just fry them in peanut or corn oil. Super cheap to make, tasty and very healthy.

Anonymous 18126

Oats, rice, bananas, peanuts, sunflower seeds, and beans/lentils are cheap and healthy. Don't be afraid to season your food if you don't like things bland. Spices are proven to help slightly with weight loss.

Anonymous 18524

Learn to cook if you don't know how to, you'll save a lot of money. Also if you're really broke you might want to start dumpster diving, there's a lot of ressources about it on the internet.
Some healthy vegan recipes: https://based.cooking/tags/fasting/
Lainchan's dumpster diving thread: https://lainchan.org/%CE%94/res/9620.html

Anonymous 18700

For weight loss? Soups. Pasta, potatoes, carrots, chicken in bulk are cheap. Seasonings/broth you can pick and choose.


What sunscreen do you guys use? Anonymous 12359[Reply]

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Anonymous 18071

La-Roche Posay Anthelios SPF 65

Anonymous 18247


My dermatologist recommended me the UV Daily tinted one for my sensitive skin. It really is gentle and soothing, feels so moisturising. It dries down to a nice healthy glow, too, and not in the way that makes you look greasy.

My only complaint is that the tint can rub off on clothes and has stained a few of my shirts. This one also gives me a "heavy" feeling sometimes, similar to how makeup feels.

Anonymous 18249

You convinced me. I tried it and it's great indeed. The skin is neither glossy nor dry.
That's said, it is bloody expensive.

Anonymous 18856

eucerin 30spf loti…

I bought this one recently and I have such mixed opinions about it. It's a combination sunscreen so part mineral part chemical. It doesn't make my eyes burn which is a huge plus but it doesn't always go on smoothly/ blend into my skin properly. I noticed that it can pill easily too if I have lotion on underneath. It does double as a lotion though so I like how moisturizing it is. It isn't thick either which is nice. I think under makeup this can work really well but it's only 30 spf and if it's going to go under makeup then I would prefer a stronger spf so it has a better chance of lasting longer. Oh and the white cast is minimal but not ghostly. Eucerin recently came out with a tinted mineral sunscreen so I will probably give that a try next. I am a big fan of their products but this is the first I've tried from them where I thought it was just okay.

Anonymous 18866


EAU THERMALE AVENE mineral lotion
great if you have atopic dermatitis or a bunch of allergies
after application your skin may seem a bit oily and rly whitened, but after 15 minutes it looks just fine


fasting Anonymous 18842[Reply]

whats your stance on fasting and such. is it actually, like, an eating disorder thing or is it ok and normal. ive been taking vitamins and fasting and drinking water and teas but apparently that's just ed stuff. even when i dont want to eat (which is always, just because i dont care that much) its apparently an ed thing to have no appetite.. nonas help
2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 18845

im fine i just want to lose weight and its not like i dont have an appetite but i just dont have the natural urge to eat i guess
its not being directly affected i just pretty much force myself to eat because it seems like i may have one but ive been thinking i dont but i dont really feel like i do but i eat anyway but i do not mind not eating at all and when i fasted for a week everything was ok but after around 5 days i didnt really feel that hungry anyway sooo i mean im fine

Anonymous 18846

>i just want to lose weight
Google "TDEE calculator" and plug your numbers in. Start counting calories and eat less than that. Add light cardio and weights (even something as simple as a walk and dinky 3lb dumbbells) if you are up to it. Understand that it takes time so if you are at the end of a week of "good behavior" and don't see the results you want it's because it takes months of good behavior to really see it (this was infuriating to me when I first began weight loss and was responsible for several false starts because I just gave up, lol).

Anonymous 18847

vitamins won’t be absorbed if you aren’t consuming macros with them. i dont think this is any more disordered than what most chubby people have to do to diet. i gained 40lbs during my undergrad, did what you did with tea and soymilk for a few months and then lost all the weight and went back to eating normally. its been a few years and I still haven’t gained it back

Anonymous 18848

>Google "TDEE calculator" and plug your numbers in
btw this is extremely depressing and demotivating if you're an average sized woman or smaller (say, 5'3) and not very fat. You'd have to eat at disordered levels to lose any noticeable weight, incompatible with any normative, socially acceptable eating patterns.

Anonymous 18849

in my experience, long fasts (2 weeks or more) are not conducive to health and harm your metabolism afterward, but shorter fasts (like 24-72 hours) are not harmful and can be very beneficial


Why do everything just look better on taller people? Anonymous 18816[Reply]

Are there clothes that are unflattering on tall people but aren't on short people? because it seems that it's always the other way around.Just why does everything look better on taller people basically? what makes height such an attractive quality?
4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 18824

>Lolita and anything "cute"
but it's not appropriate for every age, and if you don't have childish features you'll look retarded wearing lolita fashion even if you're short.
I believe they are girls nona, but now that you asked I'm not so sure anymore…

Anonymous 18830

baggy clothes

Anonymous 18831

Anonymous 18836

>if you don't have childish features you'll look retarded wearing lolita fashion even if you're short
Well, agreed, but the same can be said for tall people. If you're fat pretty much everything will look bad on you regardless of height. Very wide features like hips or rib-cages will also make it difficult to find flattering fashion choices.

Anonymous 18837

Another requirement should be people with huge eyes and round faces or at least heart shaped faces.
Having a youthful face with big eyes is almost as a requirement as being "skinny" is,If not even more.


Anonymous 18469[Reply]

Anybody here have chronic pain, and how do you treat it? My body always hurts, should I worry about it progressively worsening? I'm 21.

Anonymous 18480

Have you seen a doctor?

Anonymous 18485

Seconding seeing a doctor. Chronic pain can be caused by all sorts of things. About 3 years ago my body started hurting all the time, was extremely worried about it getting progressively worse, then after seeing many doctors got diagnosed with a joint hypermobility/defective connective tissue condition. Mine probably won't get progressively worse as long as I exercise and keep my muscles in shape to hold my joints in because my connective tissue can't. I also have neurological issues that are probably linked to it (migraines and seizures during my period). Also I have autism so I notice every single pain at a higher intensity than most people would so a lot of doctors wouldn't see anything wrong with me from tests and imaging. (being a woman probably also played into them not believing me)

I tried various combinations of steroids, gabapentin, NSAIDs, SSRIs for the pain, but the side effects were unacceptable in each case; aggression, dementia/stiff joints, stomach irritation eventually, and complete numbing of emotions respectively. This does not mean that you will have these same side effects, try them if your doctor suggests them because even if you do have the same side effects I did it'll go away a few weeks after you stop. I found that CBD has the best pain relief:side effect ratio for me but I've had to stop while looking for a job because it pops drug tests.

tl;dr: see a doctor, stay in shape, medications may or may not help.

Anonymous 18825

cbd tbh. only thing that actually helps me

Anonymous 18828

I get it on and off. I don’t do anything against it and the doctors don’t either. I’m unfit to work already though. So maybe not more can be done. I’m just glad I don’t have it all the time. When I’m feeling good mentally, my body usually does too. It’s very connected for me

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