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Anonymous 7192[Reply]

>no pictures to attach
Any tips for exercising with painful scars? I had my appendix removed years ago and the scar has always caused pain when stretching it, even mildly. I'd say it's even gotten worse in recent months where I try to exercise. If I try to do push ups, planks, whatever, I just feel this stretching that gets unbearable after a minute, and I usually have a pretty high pain tolerance.
It's particularly annoying because I don't have the ability to do much exercising other than walk a lot (which is difficult for other reasons, but improving) and things I can do at home.


No Makeup Anonymous 7014[Reply]

Does anyone else never wear makeup? If so, why not?

I've pretty much never worn makeup my entire life (in my late 20s right now). The women in my family don't wear makeup, and growing up, my friends didn't either. I've recently noticed that the majority of women who I see walking down the street have at least a little bit of makeup on, and it's rare/almost impossible to find a woman who doesn't wear any at all (yeah, I'm not a very perceptive person, to have noticed it this late). Starting to feel like I should too. What are your thoughts on this? Anyone out there who's this way too?
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Anonymous 7087

i don't know if it counts since i do apply powder to avoid shiny/oily-looking skin and use an eyebrow pencil to make my eyebrows a bit darker/more defined. aside from that people just have to live with my bad skin, dark shadows under eyes, etc.

i never learned how to apply makeup and i hated myself so much that i rejected everything "feminine" because nobody ever saw me as a female being.

Anonymous 7108

i used to have acne and naturally, i tried to cover it up with make up since i was like 13. wore make up religiously ever since then until i was 19 and i finally decided to go on accutane. face was mega fucky during that period so i stopped wearing make up bc my skin was so sensitive. and since then i haven't gone back bc i realized that i actually like the way my face looks sans make up (as soon as the pimples were gone…). also, i kinda changed my lifestyle. i try to be more natural, more minimalistic and i realized that make up is just unneccessary. and i HATE the way it becomes cakey throughout the day and that you have to reapply all few hours to stop that from happening. PAIN in the ass

NEVERTHELESS i still have some products that i like to use once in a while, like mascara and a bit of lipstick when im feeling wild haha. makes an outfit look more dramatic sometimes. but i said bye to foundation, concealer, blush, etc…

plus, ever since i stopped caring abt make up i got really invested in skincare, so my face actually looks way fresher and more put together now than it did with make up on.

Anonymous 7109

I clean up my eyebrows a bit(I like em thick), trim my upper lip, and have a skin care regimen. Nothing super intense, just sulfur soap wash, BHA or AHA depending on mood, sunscreen, and moisturizer. I also put benzoyl peroxide cream on my nose and spot treat pimples with calamine lotion.

Anonymous 7117

I have a skincare routine and clean up the hair on my face. Otherwise nada. Same thing for pretty much every career woman I know, for some reason in my industry (STEM) the career woman wearing sharp-looking makeup thing has long passed. I think it's because makeup is pretty pointless for a woman working a high salary job in tech, she has no time and at best it's a fun hobby but not a prerequisite for earning a living. Guys who work in that world don't care either.

Anonymous 7180

i used to put on makeup daily because i was super insecure about my bare face, but when i started running i started going out more without any on, and now i feel more comfortable without it. i look back on my pics with a full face on and realise how much older i made myself look too - its definitely made me change the way i view makeup and how much i use


Labiaplasty Anonymous 3431[Reply]

Is anyone else considering labiaplasty or has had it performed?

I really want it done.

My labia isn't really that big but you see porn stars who have zero labia lip and since they're featured it makes you feel like that's what is acceptable.. I also think it looks better so I have been insecure about that aspect of myself for awhile.

I want to get it done but I will be horrified if the surgeon doesn't do it probably. I saw some botched images and yikes.
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Anonymous 6415

>wait, what?
>sudden realization.jpeg
Maybe this is why I've never been able to climax from sex. It can feel good, even great, but just penetration is never able to get me off.

Not to give the lurkers more fuel, but what if the roast beef vag=slut stereotype comes from women who enjoy sex tending to have that larger labia minora thereby making men conclude that sex causes this when no amount of cock will stretch out my non-existent inner labia
This is probably false because that would require this misogyny to actually have some sort of reasoning behind it besides "ew vaginas are icky" but still.

Anonymous 7168

>facehugger alien
NOT ok

Anonymous 7170


tell me it ain't so……. holy shit

Anonymous 7171

Idk, I have an innie that looks like a pink butt and sex feels great to me, I've also had almost 100 partners, I guess it just depends on the person

Anonymous 7178

nah, they’re all fine


Hair thread Anonymous 569[Reply]

What are some of your favorite hair related YouTube channels?

What's your hair routine?

Do you take any supplements/do (you think) they work?
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Anonymous 6829

Every 2nd day usually, I like it when they're floofy.

Anonymous 7130

How do you tame/prevent flyaways? I get a lot of them in the morning.

Anonymous 7134


I use coconut hair wax that also smells good.

Anonymous 7150

Do products like this need a sulfate shampoo to wash out? I feel like I should use styling products to make my hair more smooth, but I'm afraid an ingredient like silicone or wax will build up and make it like straw after awhile. That's happened with a few conditioners I used, seems like I can't win since sulfate shampoos that would remove them have the same damaging effect on my curly/wavy hair.

Anonymous 7174

has anyone had any experience with Malibu DLL? i feel myself growing out of the unnatural colored hair thing, and i just want my natural dark brown back. i have a deepish teal hair color right now. would it just be better to go over it with a dye closest to my natural hair color and skip trying to strip the color?

Anonymous 7079[Reply]

Are you glowing up right now?
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Anonymous 7113

I feel as though I had my 'glow up' when I left school around 17 (uk) when guys who ignored me at school we're suddenly like 'you look so different' and became interested in me. I basically started wearing a little makeup and changed my hair (shorter/fringe) from the long straggly mess I'd had at school.

I'm in my late twenties now and feel I'm having a mini glow up rn. I've been wearing clothes that make me feel more confident but I still struggle with acne which pisses me off so much cause I'm vegan (drink green smoothies most days too) and don't drink or smoke :C my skin has been shit since I started puberty though lol

Anonymous 7120

I have a bad stomach and cheese and dairy really fucks me up. I cut that out and decided to go all the way. I still occasionally have one meal a week thats non vegan and if someone personally gives non vegan food to me ill eat it to be polite unless it is meat.

Im also fat and use it to help drop weight.

Anonymous 7121

Oh, that's cool. Good luck on weight loss!

Anonymous 7129

You can get it swabbed and tested but the tells for me were that it only started after using antibiotics (allowing yeast to overgrow), my usual acne cream made it worse, and it responds to anti-fungals.

Anonymous 7172

Fat regulates hormones, vegan-chan.
You need to pay attention to your macronutrients. Eat fatty nuts.

Go get tested for DHEA, estradiol, estriol, ovarian testosterone, FSH, SHBG and LH.
It's not normal to have acne in your late twenties if your diet and hygiene are on point.


Anonymous 7006[Reply]

how the hell do i get cute? seems like getting skinny isnt helping really i need to lose weight from my face somehow why are my cheeks so baggy shit… both my sisters are so pretty and cute my little sister doesnt have to wear makeup shes so pretty without it they both make me feel like shit why am i this way. wish i had brown eyes i look soulless and evil and tired constantly shit hist shit hopw do i get cute

Anonymous 7008

What color of eyes do you have?

Anonymous 7009

>Skinny with round cheeks and light colored eyes
You probably are already cute enough by most people's standards.

Anonymous 7011

You are cute, anon. You’re cute. Love yourself. When you see yourself that way, others will too. I’m not even joking.

Anonymous 7078

take good care of your skin and hair, find the makeup and clothes that work for your body/face and you'll look good

Anonymous 7167

wear skirts, sandals, and take care of your feet and hands


Online Shopping Anonymous 7126[Reply]

What are the best stores for a pear shaped linen/natural fabric loving girl like me? I'm always skeptic of online stores because the product doesn't always match the picture.

Your inspiration Anonymous 4548[Reply]

Who is your personal hero or role model when it comes to your goals, health and fitness? Is it their aesthetic results or the way they speak and the advice they give?

Anonymous 7105

how is this 8 month old with no replies

Anonymous 7106

And the first reply doesn't even have a role model handy either

Anonymous 7107

My dog only eats and sleeps

I want to reach a state where the highlight of my day is napping


Anonymous 7068[Reply]

do products like this work?

Anonymous 7075

If they don't, it means you don't believe hard enough.

Sage and hide.


Twerking for Sport Anonymous 4406[Reply]

Is it all just a meme?
I get that twerking is probably good cardio like any form of dancing, but does it really do anything as far as toning the booty is concerned?
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Anonymous 4411

I guess it's as good cardio as any other dancing, except DDR.

Anonymous 4421

No, muscles need added resistance in order to break down, and then grow more in mass. Unless you're doing squats, twerking does nothing for it.

Anonymous 4451


Can't beat the DDR booty.

Anonymous 7010

consider bellydance as a way to tone your body and get in touch with your femininity

Anonymous 7044

dark post, anon, very dark

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