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terfposting #27 /ourqueen/ edition Anonymous 206754

Anonymous 206755


reposting this from last thread because it's gold

Anonymous 206756

How long before he physically assaults one of those girls he hangs out with? Speaking of violent troons, here's a classic.

Anonymous 206757

>I had top surgery this summer, and overall, it's been a hugely positive experience. Before, I had felt torn between getting "traditional" top surgery and getting a reduction, but afterward I felt a lot of relief and was very glad that I made the choice that I did. I think my results are great. I really like how I look in my clothes now. I feel like going through the process has made me more confident about pursuing my goals. But lately I have been mourning my old chest a little. My chest wasn't what I wanted, but I lived with it for a long time and it had its charms. And I think I'm far enough into the healing process from my surgery at this point where I need to come to terms with the imperfections that might not go away (like, one of my nipples has a bit more scar tissue than the other), and I'm removed enough from my old reality that I can idealize it somewhat. My identity is probably best described as genderfluid non-binary lesbian, so I knew going in that presenting as a man wasn't necessarily my objective. I'm really attracted to breasts on other people. But I decided not to go with a reduction because I thought it was more of a crapshoot whether I'd be happy with the outcome. I couldn't see having surgery based on a possibility that maybe I would be happy having breasts if they were different. I'm really happy with the size of my chest now. The only things I'd change are having the tissue concentrated into more of a slight breast shape and having my nipples look more like they did pre-op. But I know the latter wouldn't be possible with nipple grafts, and I was going to need grafts either way considering how large I was starting out. Pre-op I absolutely hated touching my nipples and any breast or nipple-related kinks were a big squick for me. Post-op, I like how my nipples feel and the idea of playing with them is more appealing, but they're not very perky and I don't know how much that will change. I don't think I could have gotten to the point of wanting that without having surgery, but emotionally it's easy to have those "what if" feelings, you know? And I've always struggled with change and making big choices. I don't know if there was ever going to be a perfect option. I just wanted to share this. I don't really feel like I have anyone else to share these feelings with. Most of my trans friends probably wouldn't relate. I'm not detrans. I don't want people to get the impression that I regret it, because I don't feel that way. I'm not really comfortable bringing this up to my therapist.

Anonymous 206759

this is an obvious troll account. they needed to throw in a few posts about feeling euphoric in their sisters panties or getting whistled at by straight men to make the seething and coping and dilating a little more believable.

Anonymous 206772

>I'm not really comfortable bringing this up to my therapist.
This is what gets me every fucking time, what's the point of having a therapist when you can't even discus your actual issues with them? You're paying out the nose to end up censoring yourself to the one person you're not supposed to be censored with. These gender therapists are absolute shams, they either gas you up with bullshit to encourage transitioning or gaslight you into being ok with something you're not

Anonymous 206774

I've found a new way to troll troons; when they mention transitioning just call it an "incel power fantasy". They hate that.

Anonymous 206776

> I'm not detrans. I don't want people to get the impression that I regret it, because I don't feel that way.
What an odd thing to bring up, I think the regret is bubbling up, rarely do they bring up detrans women after performing surgery

Anonymous 206791


Anonymous 206794

is something up with kf? it's not loading right now

Anonymous 206795

all the diapers.. just fucking die dude

Anonymous 206836

so is it true when TIMs take estrogen they go infertile?

Anonymous 206840

With enough time their dick stops working and eventually they can't produce viable sperm. Blaire/Robbie White tried to get some sperm out recently for a baby. He mentioned he got off the hormones to do so but that if I remember correctly his hopes weren't that high and he wished he'd frozen sperm earlier. Thankfully he indicated the likelihood of it working was low and I'm assuming it failed because he never spoke of it again after he did a psa style video about it

Anonymous 206844

holy shit

Anonymous 206846


Anonymous 206847


Anonymous 206859

Trannies are now sticking tomato juice up their fake vaginas to emulate periods

I wish I was kidding

Anonymous 206877

I still have no idea how this mf won season 8. He puts on the body of a drag queen but literally refuses to do his makeup with any form of contouring so you just look up and see an absolute man face which shatters the whole illusion. He always just looks like a failed tranny, hilarious because I think he's claiming to be an enby but is just all man.
I also fucking hate how these drag queens will claim that drag for kids is fine because it isn't inherently sexual but then refuse to do anything except sexual performances. Then they claim that female performers do the same but Ariana Grande isn't flashing her ass and many do get pissed when pop stars with large child audiences do things over sexual (though the bar for overly sexual is on the floor nowadays).

Anonymous 206878

Just encourage TRAs to donate their used tampons and pads. If enough trannies beg for them, it'll make some people realize it's just a fetish.

Anonymous 206880

Exactly. Like who the fuck wants a period? Only fetishists

Anonymous 206903


Anonymous 206904


these fucking weirdos man

Anonymous 206909

most normal trans person

Anonymous 206950


Anonymous 206952

I have no idea what South Asian nation "fish girl" is supposed to suggest, but I assume the pseudonym is racist as hell.

Anonymous 206961


god why

Anonymous 206968

I hope he got arrested and put on the sex offender list

Anonymous 206974

Way ot but JKR is just so damn beautiful. No wonder they hate her so much. She’s aging so gracefully and is so feminine and sweet looking. She’s everything they’ll never be.

Anonymous 206975

You don’t believe a male can think like that?

Anonymous 206976

that agp smirk is off the rails

Anonymous 206987

People with severe body dysmorphia aren’t satisfied even after they’ve fixed their supposed ‘imperfections’? How surprising. If this was someone spending their whole life worried about their nose no (good) plastic surgeon would be comfortable operating because they’d never be happy with the outcome

Anonymous 206989

It won't go away because it's self-induced, often from an autistic fixation. They need to be convinced to change their beliefs and habits. It should be easy to treat. Easier than most mental problems. Because it results from this one simple thing that certain people get caught up in, typically unreflective and overly literal people vulnerable to taking a narrow range of information to heart and from that delusion.

Anonymous 206990

I saw a short video of a troon being denied entry to a women's bathroom and he said "I'm a woman. I'm wearing a skirt. I'm wearing heels." Why do women stand for this? That's exactly what feminism teaches not to equate with being a woman.

Anonymous 207040


Anonymous 207050

Who would've guessed that men would take advantage of womanhood being treated as a costume to infiltrate their spaces and abuse them?

Anonymous 207061

Why do they even bother
Just walk in and claim to be a TIF

Anonymous 207069

The thing that never ever happens fucking happened, AGAIN.

Anonymous 207072

>I hope he got arrested and put on the sex offender list
no such thing in germany (which is were I think this is)

Anonymous 207081

I don't know if this has been posted before but it's so beautiful, on one hand you have a person in shorts, short hair, no makeup, on the other hand a person in a dress and long hair, and still, it's obvious who's male and who's female.

Anonymous 207082

What is a Woman Ju…

his scowl when the woman spoke, kek

Anonymous 207083


Queen shit

Anonymous 207094

Are greentexts allowed? Here's a first attempt at one

>at my part-time job

>there's this suicide awareness and research event happening and we have to cater it
>ok, sounds interesting
>supervisor gathers everyone for a group meeting before we start
>she starts explaining that there's a lot of lgbtq+ people here, lots of gender non-conforming people, transgender, non-binary
>turns out yesterday there were some complaints, and consequently all the bathrooms have been basically changed into these non-binary bathrooms, where everyone is free to go into any bathroom they want. In particular, if we see some any curiously manly >people going into the women's bathrooms, we're not to stop them, in fact we're to be extra fucking nice.
>we have literally never had any issues with the bathrooms before
>we return to our positions
>old lady I'm partnered with mutters that to be honest she doesn't really get all this new gender stuff, it doesn't make a lot of sense
>I tell her I don't get it either, it's just a bathroom, just go to whatever one was made for what's in your pants
>we are instantly best friends
>later we steal salmon from the kitchen together using paper cups and cling foil

Anonymous 207095

>the tranny's bra strap falls out his sleeve

Anonymous 207096


Some comments are pretty good

Anonymous 207106

would love to see this one without the filters, you can clearly see it all over his jaw to hide the stubble

Anonymous 207150

Based. I wish this would happen to me. Too many people I know irl are tranny caterers, I wonder what happened to thinking for yourself.

Anonymous 207165

Dylan Mulvaney STILL hasn't revealed his new face. How botched do you guys think he'll look?

Anonymous 207177

this is some fetish larp lol, this isn't an effect of HRT or else all women would lactate on birth control. Also hormone induced lactation doesn't respond to babies crying god i hate trannies

Anonymous 207185


He's hiding it in his birthday pictures but zooming in on one of them seems to indicate some horrors. I think his eyes got worse
Also it amuses me to no end that trannies shave their jawline off meanwhile there are women looking effortlessly stunning with very defined jawlines

Anonymous 207190


Another pic, his eyes are going to look so frightening everytime he smiles. His birthday post also included a very obnoxious video (from behind, you don't see him) where he reveals his new face to two family members who act over dramatic about how "pretty" he looks now. Pure narcissism to include something like that. I couldn't imagine showing off other people reacting to my face after surgery like it's some exclusive preview. He probably shouldn't be hyping himself up too much, I don't think it's actually going to be that dramatic of a change from the bits we see of his new face shape and it probably just looks worse in motion now. Plus the eyes, they look horrid

Anonymous 207191


Anonymous 207196

Shit, lmfao. I'm the op anon and I didn't realize that those pictures were his new face because he looks EXACTLY THE SAME. I thought he was just recycling pictures. This is hilarious, he's hyping himself up too much to just let people down and force them to lie about how 'beautiful' he looks.

Anonymous 207198

I can't believe ffs heals that quickly. Don't they get jaw and brow ridge shaves and nose jobs? Shouldn't he still be bruised and swollen?

Anonymous 207200

I guess the real reveal will be his nose job because yeah, aside from looking puffy and his eyes looking odd his face doesn't look much different. I bet you he's pulled a Robbie White and gotten a nose too small for his face, it must be a mile between his nose and his lips now kek. Also I wonder how his anachan twink ass feels about his fattier looking face
It is odd yeah, unless these are pictures he's passing off as new but actually aren't. He might also be making mistakes and taking everything off too early. Who is his surgeon? It's always fun to check out trans reviews of how their butcher's treat them. Maybe this doctor doesn't believe in true recovery like the butcher woman who didn't put drainage tubes in that really fat girl and nearly killed her

Anonymous 207225

How the fuck is this accepted? Who the fuck writes out PUBLICLY how they obviously and blatantly kill a woman that's done nothing wrong because of "muh dysphoria" ?? I feel genuinely scared for 'fish girl'(which also seems to have racist connotation, they don't even hide it anymore) and the people this psychopath hangs out with. Best case scenario he tries to kill himself and gets locked up in a psych ward forever, but it very much sounds like he's intent on injuring this girl or her friends, I really hope she's safe. Poor girl, it's not her fault she was born with the right chromosomes.

Anonymous 207226



The fake happiness of these two women couldn't be any more obvious. That looks like the face of a woman who just saw an Eldritch Abomination.

Anonymous 207237

Ive been laughing at this for like 30 minutes

Anonymous 207244

Does she have YouTube? I would watch her but I don't wanna download shittok

Anonymous 207247

Did he get his hairline pulled forward? Even with all the surgery, he'll always have that big, wide, manly looking mouth that resulted from his big jaw. His mouth is probably going to look really weird after the jaw reduction.

Anonymous 207248

>be me
>samefag from radfem thread
>still on twitch
>click on a random female streamer's livestream
>she's celebrating new years
>chat tells her "say trans rights"
>she says it
>she and chat continue to say "trans rights" for 5 minutes
how does this have anything to do with new years? her channel isn't even listed as lgbtq or anything

Anonymous 207268


They make everything about themselves

Anonymous 207269


>sharp, structured features with hollow cheeks
I gotta laugh, they wish this was true. If that was the case most of them wouldn't troon out in the first place. These potato-faced, dough-bodied, no-chin having mfs are trying to escape reality for a reason.

Anonymous 207270

images (1).jpeg

spot the difference

Anonymous 207274

Exactly, when I used to frequent twitch this would happen all the time. People would literally spend money to ask the streamer to say "gay rights!" "Trans lives matter!" at the most random times and then chat would spam it for another 5 minutes, uselessly. Genuinely what do they think they're doing? If you have to pay someone to validate you you're obviously doing something wrong. It's all so superficial

Anonymous 207294

This is rich. Some tranny (male deluding himself into believing he is a woman) wagging his finger at otherkin (children deluding themselves into thinking they are animals) and he likes to try and twist it so the 2 look different when they are not, lmao, both are equally ridiculous, based in a deluded belief that one can morph into something it is biologically incapable of being. Pure fucking cope

Anonymous 207300

This is also the guy that faked did before it was cool kek. I’d forgotten about him

Anonymous 207326


He has now, partially. And he is still undoubtedly and painfully male. He's so uncanny valley, look at those lifeless eyes. Classic psychopath look

Anonymous 207331

what the hell???? did he actually get FFS?? he looks exactly the same LMFAO

Anonymous 207336

this guy has male modelesque facial features. why ruin a perfectly fine masculine appearance by trooning out??

Anonymous 207338

Lmao, SUCH a reach. Buccal fat removal is to remove a chubby babyface, not to look "masculine" wtf? The cope is unreal. No one wants to look like you, TiM.

Anonymous 207343

From what we can see in his photos, he looks exactly the same, I don't understand her reaction.

Npc response

Anonymous 207344


Lots of Asian women have been getting it for years, some Vietnamese women get it to look more Japanese like Michelle Phan did (she hated her rounded face so she got the fat removed and a chin implant to still give a very distinct feminine look, just a different one). Older ladies get it removed because of sag as well

Anonymous 207351

Yeah but that only applies to Asian women… other people usually get it to have more defined cheekbones and look more mature. I don't think some of them realize that hollower cheeks age them horribly especially as they get older.

Anonymous 207355

doesnt this guy have a video saying he wants to off hismelf something like that and that the tranny shit just didnt work. why he is still lying to himself coping for life lol.

Anonymous 207359

I went back to his videos from 8 years ago and he seemed to have passed better then. Now his features are more masculine. Jesus what happened??? Is this how trannies age?

Anonymous 207360

At least otherkin is kind of a funny hobby. Who didn't like to go into the woods as a kid and pretend you're a wolf pack and go hunting or stupid shit. Kids just love rping and being imaginative. I don't see the harm in drawing yourself as a cat or making videos of yourself jumping around with a tail.

Now to tell a kid you can only be happy through self mutilation is a different story

Anonymous 207361

The effects of testosterone get worse with age. Look at even the puberty blocked TIMs like Petras and Jazz Jennings, even they're going through male puberty and development, just at a much slower pace. Males are affected by testosterone on a cellular level that women simply are not due to not having an SRY gene that all males have on their Y chromosome (xy females are female because the SRY gene is mutated/deleted, the SRY activates and turns them male in the womb so those who totally lack it remain and are born female. If they have the partial gene then they're Intersex or male and not female). They can't totally block off testosterone from their bodies so the maleness is inevitable. Their hormone fuckery, while drastic, doesn't and can't actually stop it

Anonymous 207362

*Intersex and male not "or" male sorry

Anonymous 207367

But they DO look more masculine removing it. And you are all desperate pickme twats for even spreading discussion about it like the pathetic needy approval obsessed faggots you are.

I don't even care if you're female you're fucking pathetic talking about it, spreading awareness of it. God you must ge such pathetic trend obsessed cringy faggots irl.

Anonymous 207372

? Talking about it isn't condoning it. We're saying these women aren't trying to look manly or troonish regardless of you thinking they do. I think you might need to touch grass and calm down kek

Anonymous 207374

Who needs to know about it ?? Especially on here? Why make this board more hellish than it already is with the tranniez cp and gore? Now I have to hear about tiktok plastic surgery trends ? It takes special a degree of self loathing to want to talk about plastic surgery at all

Anonymous 207375

that looks more like masseter reduction than buccal fat removal, and having big masseter muscles isn't really masculine since anyone can overdevelop them due to chewing/bruxism, in which case botox reduction is used primarily to alleviate the pain caused by clenching the muscles and not to feminize the face, although some people who do buy into the "more defined face = more masculine" narrative do it for aesthetic purposes as well.

on the other hand, i'd say women do have a tendency to store fat in cheeks/neck way more than men so i don't think saying that chubbier cheeks are more "feminine" is a stretch at all.

Anonymous 207376

Republicans are already getting behind the tranny, drag queen, male homo shit while STILL voting against abortion and even BIRTH CONTROL. I wanna scream

Anonymous 207378

Late, but I bet there were people tripping over themselves to tell her that “not all women can or want to give birth, does that make them not women???!!!” As if we don’t still call a male cat that’s been neutered a male cat. As if people aren’t aware that DSDs exist. I haven’t actually checked the comments so idk if anyone did this, but I see it all over the place elsewhere. The strawman arguments are so annoying.

Anonymous 207379

I don’t get this. My first thought of women getting this procedure is to look like people like Angelina Jolie or someone like that -women who are known for having angular features but still clearly look like women. I think it’s a silly thing to get but the idea that any woman is doing that to look like a TiM is absurd as fuck.

Anonymous 207380

trooning out of control

Anonymous 207386


Anonymous 207389

This is bait, right?

Anonymous 207390

Actual misogyny

Anonymous 207394

Where the f does this come from I will personally track him down and gouge out his eyes

Anonymous 207397

If this is bait, it certainly rustled my jimmies. With everyone seeking to sway your opinion, it can be so hard to figure out who has nefarious purposes, and who's actually grassroots.

Anonymous 207402

>year of our lord 2050
>the trans plague has been removed from existence
>negative trans population grow over the years
>has meant that the male population has become… more masculine
>however, simultaneously incel populations has decreased which is strongly correlated with the trans population decrease
>only the worthy men pass on their genes
>meaning everyone is highly attractive, strong, intelligent and kind
>welcome to the future

Anonymous 207406

Mask off

Anonymous 207407

The SRY gene is only involved in sex determination during fetus development though. Although I don't doubt that natal males, including MtFs, are more sensitive to the effects of testosterone on a cellular and biochemical level but there's still so much research to be done on transitioning and transgender people.

Anonymous 207421


Why does she love trannies so much?

Anonymous 207424

Tate, she won, move on. Youll never not be an incel.

Anonymous 207428

Tate is a escortcel

Anonymous 207431

tate and tunberg are both shills of the establishment in some form or another anyway. both are huge morons.

Anonymous 207433

You can hate both of them, you know? TRAs and MRAs are two sides of the same coin and they can both eat shit.
They probably both agree on prostitution and porn issues which is what he was arrested for lmao

Anonymous 207434

Yeah, that means it's irreversible. Troons would only "pass" biologically if their pathetic excuse of a chromosome was deactivated in utero before they spawn. Since troons are by definition born male, there's no cure for their ailment and their maleness is sadly fatal.

Anonymous 207492

It's because all movements are the same two movements these days. It's either Transbian-"feminist"-globalwarming ect. Or Gunrights-antiabortion-Jesus ect. You can't have just one.

Anonymous 207508

>tate and tunberg are both shills of the establishment
libs lost their shit when Greta finally arrived at the conclusion that it is capitalism that is the problem

Anonymous 207511

It was really funny to watch the trans community force out the idea of democratic socialism in exchange for "no ethical consumption under capitalism so buy everything and do what you want I'm an anarchist uwu" because they can't live outside of an obsessive, individualist materialistic world. They need their sweat shop clothes as cheap as possible for their instant gratification and immediate full wardrobes, afghan child labour for their mica filled makeup, encourage billion dollar pharmaceutical companies to sell their products without question or ethical barriers, and drain the shit out of any country with free healthcare for their shitty elective experimental butcherings. The last part pisses me off the most, most countries are spread so thin with their healthcare due to an aging population but these fucks "need" to spend upwards of 10k of our money to fail at looking like botched LA strippers.

Anonymous 207526

that's not really the point of "no ethical consumption", though personally I think it's a useless thought terminating slogan. the point is that no amount of "consoom 'ethical' product" will fix shit.
I hope Greta reads actual theory soon and becomes red pilled rather than getting caught in the cul-de-sac of radlib nonsense

Anonymous 207534

TRAs at least pretend to be decent people, MRAs are openly hateful and insufferable

Anonymous 207557

>TRAs at least pretend to be decent people
Openly supporting pedophilia and sexual harassment doesn't qualify as "pretending to be decent". You just have a soft spot for them.

Anonymous 207568

TRAs are MRAs and often say the same things?

Anonymous 207576


Sometimes when I see trannies I blurt out Ugly tranny alert

Anonymous 207579

She's 20 and was thrust into activist circles at a young age
Find me one western girl that doesn't support this. It's very hard to do so

Anonymous 207580

The majority of the posters in this imageboard.

Anonymous 207597

Yeah, most don’t, you would only think they do if you are a retard going on sjw cringe comp sites or twitter and purposefully seeking it out without realising the difference between real life. Most woman are normie progressives who support gay people and other races and women but real women. I’ve naturally come across more male supporters of troons than female ones. There’s a reason antifa and troon rallies are mostly men while terf ones are mostly women.

Anonymous 207608

>I’ve naturally come across more male supporters of troons than female ones.
Really? Because there's almost none. Few men participate in activism and virtue signalling so few support troons.

Anonymous 207615

Most avid troon supporters are men. Women usually just tag along and throw the occasional virtue signalling platitude on twitter, but avid TRAs are usually men.

Anonymous 207617

>tranny chasers don't count
Men not identifying as tranny supporters while being the majority to support trannies is the reason tranny problem has happened. "I identify as a based troon hater" they say, while troons are majorly supported by men and the trans movement/troons themselves are majority men.

Anonymous 207624

It's especially hilarious when they blame women for the troon menace, when troons are MEN.

Anonymous 207637

Although social contagion is making mos young trans people being fakebois and TIFs.

Anonymous 207642

How? They take every chance they get to openly shit on women, lesbians in particular. They’re the exact same men. Some TiFs might be nicer since they’re women and have been socialized as such, but they usually speak to you in a patronizing tone if you try and ask any kind of question.

Anonymous 207644

Wait what? Is he saying he orgasmed while a stranger at a bar was dancing with him? And he didn’t care that this man didn’t ask for his consent? That’s funny, I’ve never heard of this kind of story from a woman unless she was extremely drunk maybe. But most women know full well to stay away from strange men at bars, especially if they’re trying to touch you in inappropriate ways. That’s when you tell the bartender so security can be called. I’m still not over the orgasm thing though. What??

Anonymous 207650


No. I'm crying, and I'm het.

Anonymous 207651

They were always an internet phenomenon for me so it was terrifying when I ran into one yesterday at the mall. Let’s not kid ourselves, it’s just a man trying to look like a woman. It’s just plain creepy and bleeds mental illness.

Anonymous 207660

did you get any pics?

Anonymous 207678

I remember hanging around the oldschool otherkin communities to figure them out, and most of them just got into it because it's "what they felt like inside" when they couldn't put it into words. They saw it more as a former state or totemic guidance thing for personal identity and didn't believe they were actually wolves. It was an interesting method of self-exploration and there were entire philosophies typed up on old forums for getting in touch with who you are and your part in the world. Then the furries, sexual degenerates, and batshit people who think they're literally cats took over everything and it became a proto-troon thing. Got to watch it in realtime. Suddenly there was an increase in risque furry art and posts saying "I'm a video game fire dragon :)" and the more traditional types faded into the background.

When I was a clerk, one used to work waiting tables in the same area as me and would come in to use my job's services. He always looked disheveled and couldn't dress properly for his size and build. Every cell in my body would scream warnings at me when he came near, especially when it was clear he wasn't in a good mood, so I can tell he had violent tendencies. I never get those warnings for no reason.

A number of trannies came to that location, actually. There was another one who had a pudgy, ill-kempt beta orbiter that got mad when I used the wrong pronoun on his "girlfriend", which was a rare case of the troon being the more reasonable and accepting one seeing as the one in the wig simply gave a polite correction and laughed it off. And another guy that came in dressed like a prostitute, covered in dirt with chipped nail polish and was obviously grumpy. I have no idea what happened to him, but I assume he got his ass kicked by someone and he just wanted to finish his errands for the day.

Anonymous 207680

>the one in the wig simply gave a polite correction and laughed it off
There's nothing polite about bullying strangers over pronouns. Either he was aggressively trying to police your language or he laughed it off, there's no middle ground
>Look at the poor tranny prostitute got beat up :'(
Kys moid

Anonymous 207684

When you work in retail, someone simply attacking you outright can be considered polite, at least relative to what you usually experience. I also wasn't defending the dirty guy (or any of them, really), it was just a neutral observation and educated guess on what happened to him. That's all I was doing, presenting what happened and how it appeared at the time with my general impressions so people could form their own opinions. Calm down.

Anonymous 207687

*simply not attacking you outright
Damn it. But yeah, gross willful misinterpretations like this is why I don't post here often.

Anonymous 207723


fucking retard

Anonymous 207750

Why even call this terfposting? Its just tranny hate


you must be new babe..

Anonymous 207755

It is normal to hate incels? Most troons are incels.

Anonymous 207758

ain't that the same thing?

Anonymous 207763

Did you think gender critical activism was driven by something else? Kys tranny, the world will only be clean when all trannies are dead

Anonymous 207768


Is there a way to develop the ability to absolutely insult and destroy trannies in a completely derisive way like moids do?
I feel like it's the only way to really drive them away from communities. They seem to just enjoy being asked to leave and respect women's spaces no matter how strongly or nicely you try to do it

This is exactly what I mean. This freak obviously loves exposing himself and be shamed.

Anonymous 207770

Hateful and personal insults are probably the way to go.

Anonymous 207773

>tranny chasers don't count
>please disregard anything that proves me wrong.
This is moids argument style kek.

Anonymous 207774

Majority of troons are male and transition due to pornsickness. Most young troons are women, while most troons overall are men. An adult man has the same maturity as a teenager.

Anonymous 207783

Radfem thread is for radfem posting terfposting is for troon dunking

Anonymous 207784



Anonymous 207787

Juat keep making fun of them and encouraging them to chop off their penis.

Anonymous 207846

I do hate both but one side of that coin is a few porn sick freaks and the other is a bunch of actually powerful people trying to turn us back into mens slaves. They are just not comparable. I can (very) crticially support other women even if they are bluepilled about troons. I can't support mysoginistic crybully scrotes no matter what they think about that subject.

Anonymous 207848


>Metal Gear Solid VI: The Phantom Vagina

Anonymous 207850

Posts like this are some how only freakier when you realize that the person typing it is just making up some deranged story and probably isn't even actually on HRT.
Why on Earth do redditors make up such weird stories?

Anonymous 207873

I mean I guess but at least /b/tard stories are made to be funny most of the time where as reddit stories are just… gross.

Anonymous 207876

>Why are we still here
>Just to suffer
>every night I can feel my phantom vagina
>even my phantom womb
>the genitals I lost
>the transisters I lost
>they won't stop hurting
>it's like they're all still there

Anonymous 207879


Anonymous 207892

The definitive Kojima experience.

Anonymous 207901

I'm siding with JK Rowling on this subject. It's okay to promote people who are anti-gay rights or anti-abortion etc if it helps us get rid of tranny scum. Getting rid of trannies is the number 1 women's rights issue

Anonymous 207909

Try to not even acknowledge them. If one is in the room, make a beeline for real women without even giving him a second glance. They hate when women talk about female-only experiences too, like periods or pregnancy, but speaking about those things is risky since so many fetishize it.

Anonymous 207934

I'm sorry, you're delusional if you think /pol/-tier scrotes and clowns like Andrew Tate have any sort of power compared to troon ideologists backed by shady politically-motivated billionaire funds, infiltrating your government, businesses and educational system. Troons and their whole ideology are 10000x more dangerous to us than conservatards.

Anonymous 207943

I am more scared of an anti-abortion crowd that will literally force you to have a baby like a slave than I am of some burly retard in a dress who jerks off a lot in the bathroom. Everyone here knows troons are freaks but the impact on my life personally from issues like abortion/birth control and some lesbian family friends who live in the south like, right wingers are so much worse for women's rights. Trannies are like creepy moid autist, I don't want to be around them that's it

Anonymous 207948

Trannies don't want to let you organize politically to advocate for abortion rights and want men to have as much of a say in your uterus as you do. Good luck sucking up to the scrotes in dresses to ensure your basic rights I guess.

Anonymous 207967

What is this troonacy? It is normal and good to hate incels. They are horrible people and some of them are dangerous. Troons are a subset of incels, so it is normal and good to hate troons.

Anonymous 208000

>>207934 /pol/tards and andrew tate are not the extent of men who want women to be subservient. Are we forgetting that entire countries where this is the case by law?
>infiltrating your government, businesses and educational system.
And doing fucking nothing with it because they couldn't even hold onto their right to troon out in the military?
At what point did we go from "trannies are a problem because they're mentally ill and a danger to women" to just being your version of "the jews"?

Anonymous 208002

>Are we forgetting that entire countries where this is the case by law?
No, I am not forgetting them and I am quite happy to call them out, unlike your libfem friends who suck up to the Muslim's right to oppress women.
We've already reached the "you're literally a nazi" stage? Fast.
Anyway, again, have fun sucking troon cock to ensure 1/10th your humanity is recognized.

Anonymous 208004


This tranny convicted of murder and rape was executed today.

Things only happen if we let them. Fight back.

Anonymous 208005


I am not calling you a nazi. I am calling you a delusional retard, not dissimilarly to the way nazis are delusional retards.
You delusional retard.

Anonymous 208006

Yes, troon ideology isn't invading our educational system and causing a mass trooning of teenagers, no drag queens are exposing themselves to children, no teen girls are chopping off their tits, no parents are reported to the police for not using fake names for their children and absolutely no males are invading female sports teams. There's also no pressure from government or big enterprises to change our language in order to erase mentions of women or female anatomy, it's all in my head, and you definitely have a vagina.

Anonymous 208007


Anonymous 208021

Anon you oughta write a book about the corruption of the otherkin community. That'd be an interesting history.

Anonymous 208075


Anorexic TIF encouraging other anorerxic TIFs in their dysphoria/dysorphia.

Anonymous 208078

clown world shit.p…

>calling women "non-males"

as if TiMs and men have cervixes or something.

it's so over.

Anonymous 208082

i cannot fucking fathom how these porn addicted moids sexualize pregnancy AND anorexia. disgusting behavior.

Anonymous 208086

Jfc I'm showing this text to anyone who ever argues that transing girls isn't rooted in misogyny.

Anonymous 208088

>most of the posts from yesterday were deleted
Quelle surprise. This is a reminder to trust your gut and report every concern troll or even slightly compassionate post about troons in this thread. This is a troon hate thread, any normal person who doesn't want to hate on them would simply stay sway. If they come here, it's because it's a troon trying to derail us.

I find it hilarious that they go to these lengths to stop our speech. It shows we are doing something right. Remember: you never pass, not even in anonymous posting.

Anonymous 208091

Transmen are women, nona.
Completely different brain disease.

Anonymous 208097


Anonymous 208098


I hate these creatures so much

Anonymous 208141

trannys should be encouraged to get neo-cervixes and neo-wombs so more surgical complications/rotting can occur

Anonymous 208150


Do people even call TIMs cute? Except when they're virtue signalling, of course.

Anonymous 208152

Maybe I'm not understanding your definition of incel. An incel is just someone not getting sexual attention. You hate those people?

Anonymous 208153

Why the fuck can't a bitch eat a God damn Caesar salad and lift a fucking weight?

Anonymous 208156


i'm qt anime neko waifu princess UwU tits or gtfo terfs! Real women have booba.

Anonymous 208159

Gosh the faggot ate the terfs!

Anonymous 208161

this motherfucker looks like the predator got an episode on my 600 pound life

Anonymous 208173

Do you have any instances of trannies stepping in the way of pro choice organization to back that up? I was at a pro abortion rally last May and while there were unfortunately a few troons there, smelling the place up and even trying to make it about them, they were there in support all the same.

Anonymous 208199


Can we get a Metal Gear Solid: Phantom Vagina musical started?

Standing on the edge of the 41 percent
Looking at the abscess of my neo vaginaa
I'm hoping for some miracle
whispers of ywnbaw
of a life that's wrong
my dilator
what a mess I made

Anonymous 208201


he needs a paperbag over his face that's what he needs

Anonymous 208203

They don't want you to be able to say women are the only ones who get pregnant. That is on a very elemental level incompatible with woman organizing around our own reproductive rights.

Anonymous 208205

tbf, people who become obese start looking androgynous. hard to tell gender when people are amorphous, shapeless blobs. So, he probably could pass as a really fat woman until he speaks

Anonymous 208206

The real solution to >>208075

Anonymous 208207

I agree it's wrong and I would refuse to take anyone who says something so foolish seriously but I would hardly say it does anything to our ability to organize.

Anonymous 208209

>At what point did we go from "trannies are a problem because they're mentally ill and a danger to women" to just being your version of "the jews"?
Schizos picked up on things and turned concern about troons into accusing your grandma of being trans, accusing Justin Bieber of being trans, etc

Anonymous 208210

>Bible thumping men who want to use the police state to turn women into animal-tier breeding stock
>Bearded freak in a dress wants you to call his pregnant TIF gf's abortion a "boibortion"
These two things are not remotely the same magnitude

Anonymous 208211

Nta but why do you think incels are not wanted by anyone? Because they're good people?

Anonymous 208212

>accusing Justin Bieber of being trans
Now that you mention it…

Anonymous 208227



what exactly do you think the T and E in TERF stands for?….



my bfs friend added me to a fb messenger for their 'boys meme chat'…. why is literally every single meme some recycled 2012 shit about dicks and pussy. not a single fucking original non sexual thought to cross their mind…. sigh, moids will never change

Anonymous 208239

How are you going to organize politically for your reproductive rights if you're unable to organize with other females exclusively and even name these rights?
Jfc the troons already won. Libfemmery and the communist co-opt of feminism killed feminism forever. I unironically wish to ally with literal nazis every time I hear a libfem speak.

Anonymous 208249

on one hand pictures like this make me laugh and i love the tranny seethe they cause, but on the other hand i also know the type of scrote who types that out is just as misogynistic and a porn freak.
men ans women have undeniable physical differences but plenty of women don't have wide hips or small waists or or shorter ring fingers and store fat in the abdominal area. you just know his hatred for troons isnt based on wanting to cherish women.
all men view women as inferior sexdolls just in different ways. as a woman you cant trust rightoids any more than youd trust a libtard moid.

Anonymous 208255


>me and my friends on the way to buy Hogwarts Legacy after the millionth tranny says it'll kill them

Anonymous 208256

>Keeping abortion legal by supporting people who want to make abortion illegal
Nobody's falling for it moid

Anonymous 208257

I cant help but laugh at the hysterical absurdity of this situation.
On its face, the mere concept of a coomer male acting out his derranged paraphilia by pretending to be female is the absolute peak of absurdity.
It's akin to debating a schizophrenic who thinks evil gnomes set up CIA listening devices in his walls. On its face, the whole thing is absurd and trying to debate against the person and treating him as rational entity is just as insane.
When are we going to stop pretending that troons can be reasoned with through logical debate. They're just insane lunatics and need to be treated as such. When you try to reason with troons, you are simultaneously giving credence to their bizzare insanity by treating it as something that is worthy of intellectual discussion. When instead it should just be mocked and made fun of outright

Anonymous 208260


Supposed to mean she's Bengali. Their diet consists of a lot of seafood

Anonymous 208277

How dare they defile my precious pheeny-boi like this.

Anonymous 208292

Damn you're dumb as fuck. It's actually impossible to have any sort of discussion with NPCs.

Anonymous 208293

So we should all sit on this cock-shaped fence and suck tranny cock like our overlords tell us to. Happy ending.

Anonymous 208304


Opinion on the faggot "pasoid". I hate how his idea of ​​a woman is be a sex doll, these fagots even have the nerve to think of themselves as more feminine. https://youtu.be/AiVgKWOClX8

Anonymous 208333

Blaire White looks like Michael Jackson after someone beat his face into mush

Anonymous 208359

Gender dysphoria exists in everyone, and women have it worse than men, regardless of identifying as trans or not.

Anonymous 208367


Anonymous 208372

>gender dysphoria exists in everyone
is this what troons actually belive?

Anonymous 208376

No, they think it's some special condition that makes them very special and valid. But what that study means is that gender dysphoria is a meme for "feeling bad about own's one body" which isn't special at all.

Anonymous 208377

No, actually, I am better than every single troon that exists, existed or will exist from the simple fact that I am not a troon.
Now go back to wherever you came from and don't come back ever.

Anonymous 208380

I was here from literal day 1, newfaggot. Just leave, leave leave. I'm so tired of you tedious NPCs, just stay gone.

Anonymous 208381


Anonymous 208383


Anonymous 208384


Who the fuck even insulted women, you schizophrenic troon? Shut the fuck up and leave, I can smell your smegma from here.

Anonymous 208386

Jfc i fucking hope you're a master baiter because if you're not you need to kys asap

Anonymous 208387


Anonymous 208388


Anonymous 208389


Anonymous 208390


Anonymous 208392

Just want to add that I cancelled my Amnesty monthly donations over this. I encourage any nonas that still give money to those backstabbers to cancel it. This is where they use it, violence against women.

Anonymous 208395

im partially Bengali and this made me sick to my stomach i hate trannies so fucking much

Anonymous 208398

>but plenty of women
But that post wasn't about women. Weird thing to get upset about.

Anonymous 208403

it's a troon

Anonymous 208416

Yeah this is funny and absurd but honestly let's ignore this shit, most of this "mogai gender" stuff is made by mentally ill teenagers in their 'not like the other girls' phase, they'll grow out of it. I don't want to make fun of them because they're really just doing what kids do, I get what it was like to be a autistic kid on tumblr too. I just take it as them having fun and move on, they'll look back on this shit and laugh when they're older

Anonymous 208418

Why are they all Bara creeps tho

This is obviously a statement about the antithesis of a tranny.

Masculinity obsession is just as awful though, if not worse because trannies you only have to see once in a while.

Disgusting meat
heads are virtually everywhere obsessed with outsizing and controlling women. They're both fucking repulsive.

Anonymous 208422

>meme pic is about masculinity obsession because it's buff men in pic(????)
>reddit spacing
>buff man meme pic is worse than trannies because trannies because you only have to see troons once in a while
>disgusting meat
YWNBAW. Trannies are rapist men and not a meme photo and you are not fooling anyone. I hope everyone buys the new Harry Potter game.

Anonymous 208427

Gawd, look at the manly muscle definition on his legs. Shouldn't he be gaining fat on his thighs if he's on HRT?

Anonymous 208439


>she constantly smells so good and feminine
What does femininity smell like?

Anonymous 208446

Didn't you know? All females naturally emit a scent of daisies and cherry blossoms with a hint of period blood :)

Anonymous 208448

I'm just reading this as men who've degraded so much from porn that they forgot what a good orgasm was like until they escalated to troonism/agp. Gonna be funny once this no longer works and there's no way to escalate from here. Maybe they'll cope with that sexist "well women don't always cum from sex and still love it" (aka man doesn't do anything to get his partner off then blames it on her and copes) idea kek

Anonymous 208454

I'd understand boosting some of the anti gay activists' anti tranny talking points since those fucks can't do anything right now in western countries to reverse gay marriage being legal, but unless you're in a country that has no plans to reverse abortion bans it isn't a good idea to hitch onto them too. America just reversed Roe V Wade and women's rights to abortion is equal to or even a bit more important than trannies in my opinion. Trannies do a lot damage to women but abortion is required to save lives both literally (medically required abortion is barely legal in some states) and for the women whose lives would end having to take care of a child who is unwanted. Also it doesn't look good to look like raging homophobes since trannies hitched themselves to gay rights for a reason and usually try to denounce us as raging homophobes to hide the fact that we're mostly non conservative and/or Lesbians, best to boost/steal talking points and not the people themselves. The anti gays also tend to only be anti tranny cause they're uber gendies themselves too
Asian men falling for the 6foot Chad fantasy will never not be funny to me. When the average woman of your part of the world is smaller than 5'5 they don't want someone who they need to break their neck to look in the eyes or kiss. At 5'8 he's at least 4 inches taller than many Asian girls and it's not like 5'4 is that uncommon for white Western women too (girls wanting taller guys don't necessarily mean a foot taller ffs)
Peak deadly male fat distribution. Not a lick of fat sent to anywhere safe, all gone to suffocate the organs as visceral fat. Bet you he also thinks he's better than women because he can't benefit from cellulite and mocks women whose cellulite is visible under the skin
All jokes aside it's the fact that she showers so she doesn't smell offensive kek (or she also wears perfume and he associates it as a female "requirement" like they see makeup). Men do smell stronger due to T, but if they showered daily it wouldn't be an issue (pcos women with high testosterone can get a bit of that smell too if they don't shower, but they do and it's fine)

Anonymous 208460


Oh you can stop with the charade now, I adore jk Rowling but masculinity is just as disgusting as the trans fad.

You're just trying to throw the accusation around because youre probably a secret woman hater. What difference does it make??

BOTH trannies and men have equally
bloated potential to be rapists. Difference is trannies you hardly have to interact with in daily life. They dont stalk you around campus or the mall, yell obscenities as much as normal males, because usually all you see are normal males.

Trying to avoid talking about it by calling me and everyone a tranny doesn't change that fact. They're exactly the same

Anonymous 208467

I guess the absence of dick cheese.

Anonymous 208468

I love meaty muscly masculine men and hate troons. If I ever have the misfortune of having to use a bathroom or changing room with troons in it, I'll make sure to bring my gymbro bf with me so he can protect me with his dense born-to-simp body.

Anonymous 208469

You guys know there's more to radical feminism than just hating trannies right

Anonymous 208474

You know this is not the radical feminism thread, right? If you don't want to see tranny hate, don't go to the tranny hate thread.
this was the first thread, read the OP >>59700
We can't keep having this discussion every time some ovarit refugee discovers this website.

Anonymous 208481

Do you know what TERF stands for?

Anonymous 208486

You were shown the OP of the original thread and you have the sticky at the top of this page saying
> >>114365 TERF Memes/shittalking
Why do you keep arguing and pushing when you are clearly in the wrong?

Anonymous 208491

So you don't know what a terf is

Anonymous 208493

I am the OP of this thread, please just gtfo for good and stop shitting up the board with your retardation.

Anonymous 208494


Anyway, back to posting troons being troons.
When I read this I thought it could be the one that keeps coming here. Seems like claiming to be intersex is a common troon grift.

Anonymous 208496

Fucking gross gymbros are the epitomey of rapey overbearing and in your face. The exact opposite guy you want to meet when you're trying to get a work out done in peace. We're you born yesterday? great example, not

Anonymous 208498

the irony is that you sound aggressive and vulgar like a scrote

i guess you do need at least average cognitive abilities to understand implications

Anonymous 208504

Absolutely not. I'll trust a gymbro 1000x before a fucking troon invading my spaces. The sex offender prison statistics also corroborate my reasoning. 50% of troons in prison are sex offenders, a number much higher than normal moids.

Anonymous 208505

You sound like a disgusting troon scrote who thinks women are hugboxy little retards who can't use no-no words.

Anonymous 208506


From here onwards, I'll post a troon being a disgusting groomer scrote moid every time a handmaiden/troon larper comes here to defend them.

Anonymous 208507

Anyone have some good book recommendations on transgenderism? Preferably something that isn't rambling but actually gives good scientific evidence

Anonymous 208508

Irreversible Damage, Abigail Shrier
Material Girls, Kathleen Stock
Trans, Helen Joyce

Anonymous 208509

Thanks! I just looked into all of these and I think I'll start off with the last one

Anonymous 208510

I was at the movie theater yesterday. Before the movie started some trannies sat in the row in front of me and spoiled the movie for me.
I hate trannies.

Anonymous 208522


If they like doing this that much, it doesn't mean everyone else should also

Anonymous 208527


imagine being out with your friends and getting stared down by an angry man in a dress.

>basking in femininity

they're just existing and having a nice and pleasant time, disgusting moid.

I hate it here.

Anonymous 208528

>until I can drive home good and trashed

Anonymous 208529

It's because they just want to skinwalk the women or the ideal women they'd fuck. i refuse to believe any troon does this for reasons that aren't tied back to their porn consumption/addiction.

They just reduce the concept of "womanhood" and ""being female"" down to heels, makeup and bimbo shit. it's vile.

Anonymous 208533

Our mere presence is enough to send them into 41% mode KEK

Anonymous 208542

KEK everything about this is hilarious and makes me love being a woman. Today I will bask in my femininity purely to spite trannies.

Anonymous 208547

why is this thread invaded by trad larping pickmes, you can hate troons and other flavors of misogyny too including the 4chan scrotes you see as your saviors because they share like one opinion with you and not even for the same reason

Anonymous 208553

you seem to think there are only two types of women, those who agree with you and liars. please remove your head out of your behind and grow up already.

Anonymous 208554


Anonymous 208555


Anonymous 208559

Lol yeah this must be the most braindead thread on this site, right winger scrote buttlicking women are a walking joke also before anyone calls me a TROON for not being in love with anti abortion racist misogynistic males no i fucking hate trannies and yes youre proving the point of the above post with your black and white "thinking"(why are you samefagging?)

Anonymous 208560


Are you going to vote for a pro-tranny party, yes or no?

Anonymous 208565

Oof ouch seems like no one agrees with you. Sucks, hey, have you heard of Twitter.com?

Anonymous 208566

All my undying love for Reduxx for taking the time and mental pain to dive into these disgusting underbellies of the troon movement. I could never do that.

The support for puberty blockers has always seemed clearly pedo-adjacent to me.

Anonymous 208567

I am skimming through the site right now, it's pure gold

There is a LOT of "trans activists" arrested/convicted for (child) rapes and murders, I should start translating "trans activist" to "convicted child rapist/murderer" in my head.

Anonymous 208569


Troons are notably more dangerous than normal moids, despite what handmaidens say, so that would be warranted.

Anonymous 208573

agreed. it makes me feel a lot better knowing that someone out there is doing this work and that it isn't just going unreported.

Anonymous 208576

>eunuchs advise the king but are castrated so they don't seize power
son of a bitch, they're still making policy today

Anonymous 208578

i shouldn't laugh but that's a good one

Anonymous 208581

I wouldn't trust EITHER trannies or gymbros theyre virtually the same creature dressed differently to get the same results

Both have the same capacity to be absolute creeps. Frankly it just sounds like you've never been to the gym before

Anonymous 208582

Honestly it's better than the normal trans predating lesbians. Who try to be and invade womens spaces. Eh I could care less about this. If they want to be eunuchs I won't stand in their way lol.

Anonymous 208583

Pfft no they're not, you sound larping moid with that tryhard MOG

Trans women and men have the same biological hardwiring for chaos, power control, antagonism, violence, control over sex.

It's all exactly the same.

Anonymous 208585

im not american so i cant answer, but you can vote for right wing parties because of their anti tranny policies without being completely blind to their own misogynistic politics right? if for you anti trannism is more important than pro abortions, thats completely fine as a woman, but wholeheartedly believing scrotes of both parties arent just as woman haters but in different ways is delusional.
not accusing you personally of being delusional as i dont know your stance on this specific matter, but lots of women itt do seem to think a random 4chan scrote who types out i fucking hate trannies (and then posts some schizo infograph about how western women are the fall of civilization in some other thread lol) is a knight in shining armor of female liberation or something.

Anonymous 208587

Yeah, reality doesn't work like that, troon. You can't just declare "no it's not" when presented with material proof and reality magically shapes itself into your delusion.
Half of the troons in prison are violent criminals or sex pests, half of the normal moids are not. Present counter-statistics or go seethe and dilate.

Anonymous 208588

I don't know what isn't clicking with you retarded samefag, but understand this: you can't force other women to think like you. You literally can't. You just have to live with it. You can name call and try your Twitter tactics all you want, but they won't work here. Cry about it or idk, idc. This is a thread specifically for hating on troons. It's right there in the first OP. There is a radfem thread for discussing broader radical feminism >>181244 go pester them with your moralfagging if you wish, or just leave this website. It's not for you.

Anonymous 208589

im not samefagging again, yeah i did before because i was upset as hell lol but im nowhere implying im a different person now so what?
anyways im not forcing you to think like me, i genuinely just want to understand your view more. like do you asslick right wing scrotes and their antics? is this more to your liking as a way od debating? thats about as far as you seem to go

Anonymous 208590

My view is explained right there with the statistics that prove troons are worse than normal moids. Again, this is the troon hate thread, not the American libfem indoctrination thread, no one needs to justify their views to you. Tradthots are more welcome here than you if they're coming to stay on topic and hate on troons instead of derailing the thread with inane uninspired ramblings you could find on Twitter.

Anonymous 208591

you either didn't read the whole thing, or your reading comprehension isn't very good.
seems like you are trying to downplay the tranny menace by claiming that all moids are that way, but it simply isn't the case. if it were the case then there should be an identical rate of sex crimes for tranny and nontranny moids, but that has been shown to not be true.

Anonymous 208592


I have to assume that they're just using some kind of opiate drug to emulate the feelings of endorphins being released from an orgasm.
The troon "bottom surgery" involves the surgical removal of the testicles and penis entirely, so I would imagine that the ability to have an orgasm at all would be impossible, right?
Unless it's all some deranged mega cope and they think they can simply will an orgasm into existence if they believe hard enough.
Either way, it's so incredibly demented. Reddit posts like that and the others posted in this thread really expose them as the dangerous lunatics they are. If their entire identity didn't revolve around an intense hatred of women and humanity at large, I might have actually come to pity them.

Anonymous 208593

This, plus even if troons were as dangerous as men (which they aren't, they are more), they'd still be a bigger problem because they want to insert themselves in our spaces (not just toilets and changing rooms but also hospital rooms, prisons, shelters where vulnerable women are usually protected from men).
As for abortion, that poster keeps ignoring the fact that troons don't want us to even be able to discuss our reproductive righst on our own terms. It's not a coincidence that women are losing rights that we had gained before, like abortion, at the same time as the movements that fought for them in the first place are systematically deleting words like "woman", "mother" and "female". It's impossible to secure our rights if we are not allowed to name ourselves and organize politically without males, so in the end troon rights are always inherently anti-abortion.

Anonymous 208594

some update about this guy btw. he was groomed as a minor on 4chan himself, ended up in some shady sexual harassment in the basement situation and now has detransitioned and exposed these grooming groups.

Anonymous 208595

i just find it suspicious that all of a sudden there is this aggressive attitude that is targeted not at troons but nonas who are…i guess not being women in the right way? i don't even fully understand what the issue is. there is a post in /meta/ about it, and i have been seeing it in these threads and some other threads. i don't like throwing accusations of troonery around lightly, but it is definitely pointless infighting that is uncharacteristic of what i saw when i first began participating in these threads.

Anonymous 208596

What you are seeing is a troon trying to get us to stop talking about the L's that his kind keeps taking. It's literally just that. Yesterday we had CP being posted around the same time these concern trolling tradthot or conservative-accusation posts were posted.
Last week we had a bunch of those posts, which I have reported, and they were all deleted, which means they were probably from a confirmed moid. This thread has always been extremely hostile towards troons, right from the start, which makes sense since it's a containment thread for that type of content. Anyone coming here and complaining about it, we can safely assume is a troon.

Anonymous 208598

yeah it should have been obvious to me when he used the term "trans women"

Anonymous 208601


Anonymous 208602

nichijou laugh.gif

>(why are you samefagging?)

Anonymous 208604


he tries so hard, but the harder he tries, the more he takes himself away from the effortless "be" that is the thing he's trying to become

Anonymous 208610


Just watched the Sally McNeil docuseries and I'm fuming
>beaten by her dad for her entire childhood
>beaten and repeatedly raped by roided out scrote for 8 years
>forced to enter weird sex work to pay for his steroids
>forced to give up her dreams because he insisted his failing body building career was more important than her successful one
>he tries to choke her to death so she shoots him in self defense
>she gets arrested and subjected to a media circus painting her a violent murderer
>she rots in prison for the sin of defending herself from a murderous rapist

Anonymous 208615

>Half of EVERONE in prison is some kind of sex offender.
This is demonstrably false. Why are you spewing lies in favor of troons?

Anonymous 208616

very sad but offtopic. go to the radfem thread to post non-troon related content.

Anonymous 208618


I think it's time for you to get banned for repeatedly derailing threads with low quality posts. MOOOOODS.

Anonymous 208622

what was photoshopped? the article i posted is about how those psychos are helping to determine medical policy, not just that they are degenerates. but all that aside, why are you trying to downplay it? this thread is about trannies, and you are trying to make it not about trannies. like i seriously can't comprehend why you are arguing about this

Anonymous 208626

they are, and only a tranny would have a problem with that statement

Anonymous 208629

… the rf in TERF is radfem. If your radical feminism is centred around troons then you're just gendercrit

Anonymous 208630

The trannoid doesn't understand that he doesn't pass, so he'll keep samefagging ITT until it reaches bump limit, which is probably what he wants.
We should just ignore him and carry on. I don't get why he isn't banned already though, isn't bait also a bannable offense?

Anonymous 208632


I love manly men and hate troons. Anywhoot.

Anonymous 208635


ladies, don't you hate it when you catch monkeypox in your glans from putting your female penis inside another female woman with a penis' hairy asshole that you met on a grindr hookup?

Anonymous 208636


If only a straight up moid was there to kick this monstrosity to the curb.

Anonymous 208637

I threw up in my mouth
Aren't you just the deluded gymbro obsessed freak

Bara is disgusting and hideous

You might as well swing the other direction and simp for trannies what's the difference

Anonymous 208638


I am so happy my bf would annihilate any troon in my vicinity.

Anonymous 208639


Reminder that half of the troons in prison are sex criminals, while only 20% of other men in prison are.

Anonymous 208640

Who needs moids for this??

so now you just have a massive controlling gym rat harassing you and stalking you in place of a tranny???

Ate you fucking brain damaged?

We will never find you Bara creeps attractive sorry. Honestly trannies and Bara creeps should just marry each other it would be a perfect union.

They can both stay the hell away from us ugh

Anonymous 208642


Anonymous 208645


>go back to -ACK

Anonymous 208648


this is who the handmaidens think will protect our reproductive rights.

Anonymous 208650


they/them? more like 'them sex crime convictions amirite.

Anonymous 208651

>counter demonstration

Anonymous 208652

The troons organized a counter-protest to fight the women who were protesting against sex trade.

Anonymous 208653

Anonymous 208654

because most troons are pro-prostitution.

Anonymous 208684


Anonymous 208685

Mods can see the entire posting history of everyone here, no matter if you use a different ip. If no one is getting banned even if you keep reporting them then they're most likely not moid/tranny.

Anonymous 208687


h-hehe whoa take it easy ladies i know we all agree that rats are bad, but i mean come on…they aren't the only pests around, let's not go crazy over here…what about the squirrels and ahhh the racoons, yeah, i bet they're up to somethin, in fact i don't even have rats where i live, rat? what's that never heard of it…let's just…you know…talk about something else, unless maybe i don't know…you guys like sniffing racoon butts? is that it? that's it isn't it. anyway, no more rat talk.

Anonymous 208692

I could bet this one has no post history at all. This behavior is too bizarre for anyone who spent more than a few hours here.
Either way, posting bait to derail and cause infighting should be a bannable offense. This poster has been doing it non-stop. Similar posts last week also ended up being deleted, so I'm still betting on this being a troon and not just a retarder newfag.

Anonymous 208701

Funny thing is that the one on the left is Judith Butler's belief, but the TRA's haven't noticed that yet (and mostly everyone keeps ignoring it when she mentions it).

Anonymous 208757

I am convinced Judith Butler already peaked but she's in so deep that she can't entertain the thought even for a second or she'll break down completely.

Anonymous 208763

I loved how they were acting like everyone should have been deathly afraid of monkeypox when it was just gay men and trannies getting it.

Anonymous 208769

What did you do to fight the troon menace today /b/? I met a TIM client at work and refused to use his name or pronouns or refer to him at all, and just stared daggers at him the whole meeting

Why does this post feel antisemitic

Anonymous 208770

Anonymous 208799

Hating on moids and troons is standard cc fair, dunno why you're all hung up on it honestly

Anonymous 208805

because that poster is not concerned with hating on moids, he is hell-bent on minimizing the troon menace and insists we MUST hate all moids the same, on a thread dedicated to troon hate, for some reason.

Anonymous 208815



Anonymous 208818

that doesn't work it only makes them more delusional on what they get outta the hrt scam they are on. Which will never change the bone structure or give them a real working vagina by the way.

Any pregnant woman makes trannies seethe.

Anonymous 208820

How do you figure this was minimizing the Troon menace
Troons are moids

Are troons are moids are trons are moids are secretly troons

All men secretly want to be women so they can fuck their brains out erry day

We are lucky only 1% of them actually Troon out

Because then we'd really have to share our bathrooms with these freaks

Anonymous 208823

reddit spacing + shit take + samefagging
kys please

Anonymous 208827


Anyhoot, back to posting troon Ls.

Anonymous 208828


I love this image because it always makes them seethe.

Anonymous 208829


Wtf is going on in Brazil, Brazilian nonas?

Anonymous 208830


worry not, LadyCocque McRottingCrotch will fight for our basic rights!

Anonymous 208833

Can you write this again but in English?

Anonymous 208835

I believe it is as follows:
How do you figure that this would minimize the transgender menace? MTF transgenders are still male. These MTF transgenders are men are transgenders are men are secretly transgender. All men secretly wish to be women so they can have intense sex everyday. We are lucky only 1% of men decide to become transgender. Otherwise, we'd really have to share our bathrooms with these freak men.

Anonymous 208836

This translation made me laugh so hard, thank you nona.

Anonymous 208839


Don't forget

Anonymous 208845

Destruction is destruction

Anonymous 208849

Cute and heckin valid.

Anonymous 208850

Anonymous 208866


>We'll make dilators from their ashes, and carry them into bedrooms with us

Anonymous 208874

She never really agreed with them and has done multiple interviews complaining how TRA's have been misinterpreting her for decades.
>I suggested more than 30 years ago that people are, consciously or not, citing conventions of gender when they claim to be expressing their own interior reality or even when they say they are creating themselves anew. It seemed to me that none of us totally escape cultural norms.
>My sense is that my “gender identity” – whatever that is – was delivered to me first by my family as well as a variety of school and medical authorities. It was with some difficulty that I found a way of occupying the language used to define and defeat me.
>I still rather think that pronouns come to me from others, which I find interesting, since I receive an array of them – so I am always somewhat surprised and impressed when people decide their own pronouns or even when they ask me what pronouns I prefer. I don’t have an easy answer.
She explicitly stated that she doesn't believe in some sort of inherent identity and that she doesn't understand the whole pronouns thing. Her work was meant for activism for intersex people and generally against medically unnecessary surgeries on infants (like cliterectomy, which is also done in the west).
TRA's ended up coopting her work, but it was never meant to be for troons. Just for that minority within a minority of intersex women and girls. Her point is that for all intents and purposes that's a woman, because she was raised that way from birth, everyone sees her that way etc. She never intended for her shit to be used by AGP's.
Most haven't even properly read her shit and just have seen quotes pulled out of context, which gets TRA's cheering and RF's (most who dismissed her outright) seething. Even though her critiquing the categorization of sex should be viewed within the context of her trying to prevent unnecessary surgeries on babies.
She also likes to do philosophy thought experiments like how there could be an universe where patriarchy isn't the main oppression, but that it could be based on height instead of sex. Easy to take quotes out of context from when the entire chapter is a wild hypothetical she probably wrote while she was high and not something she believes about our universe.
The problem is that in recent interviews she also got asked what she thinks about the gender critical movement and that keeps stealing the show. Both TRA's and radfems haven't noticed the other stuff really, because she went on critiquing that several GC's have allied with conservative fash types. She didn't have a problem with the concept of gender critical or radfem points as a whole.
>I think it matters a great deal how we understand that “centrality”. My own political view is that identity ought not to be the foundation for politics. Alliance, coalition and solidarity are the key terms for an expanding left. And we need to know what we are fighting against and for, and keep that focus.
>So what does that mean for the left? If we base our viewpoints only on particular identities, I am not sure we can grasp the complexity of our social and economic worlds or build the kind of analysis or alliance needed to realise ideals of radical justice, equality and freedom. At the same time, marking identity is a way of making clear how coalitions must change to be more responsive to interlinked oppressions.
She did complain that she doesn't like constantly being asked about the gender critical movement and that she doesn't want to talk about identity politics, it's seemingly the only time she's given a platform, but not for the stuff she actually wants to be talking about. She's basically on nobody's side and that's why everyone hates her.
>She says it is essential feminists and others band together against this serious assault on things like reproductive rights and same-sex marriage and not engage in what she calls “this nonsensical debate”.

Anonymous 208875


has to be satire but LOL if it’s not

Anonymous 208876


does he think he can get away with having a whole fucking five oclock shadow, bushy sharpie drawn eyebrows and fucked up eyeliner that’s not been allowed to dry long enough so it’s all on his eyelid.

also, not sure why being female = wearing bright red lipstick to these cavemen? how often do you genuinely see a woman under 50 wearing red lipstick…

Anonymous 208879

he's going for the taylor swift look, probably one of the coomer creeps who worships female celebs and calls them mommy goddess

Anonymous 208898

all that work but he couldn't bother getting a clean shave

Anonymous 208900

judging by how delusional troons are his brain may not even register it, like a reverse dysmorphia. when he looks in the mirror, he sees malibu barbie

Anonymous 208920

That's a hilariously bad wig. Halloween-tier shit.

Anonymous 208923

She called radical feminists fascists when they complained about a man exposing himself on the WiiSpa saga and compared them to nazis. The Guardian had to censor her commentary after it came out the dude was a known sexual predator, but she never took her comparison back. Her commentary aligns with most GC analysis on the trans issue but she's too addicted to being "the good guy" and is overall a coward, so she prefers to throw other women under the bus. The fact that she knows they are right makes it even worse, imo.

Anonymous 208939


Why do they look so terrifying when they smile?

Anonymous 208967

maybe it is possible to identify bad people from their faces.

Anonymous 208968

Not Mad Lucas Robe…

it's the AGP smirk.

Anonymous 208969


>mommy goddess
I just search kek

Anonymous 208971


KEK thank you mods for your service, another one for the buttchincel evidence locker

Anonymous 208973

lmao good catch. they're so pathetic when they squirm like that.

Anonymous 208979


Your stupid american gender theories got into the intelectual rich classes of this shithole and now we are paying the consequences.
>didn't you have trannies vefore that?
Yes we did, but they were mostly HSTS, and had the decency to not bother women (their violence was amongst themselves and weirdo chasers, as they mostly worked as prostitutes).
Also, they almost kick out the girl for telling that the guy was a man. Fuck this anglo ideology.

Anonymous 208980

nao sou gringa, but I get the frustration.

Anonymous 208986

If I started talking about HSTS from my third world shithole country, I'd probably end up labeled a handmaiden, I don't believe they are women or that they are "valid", but they are wildly different from agps who imported the american activism larp.

Anonymous 208995

I know this is mentioned a lot, but can we talk about how their pfps are ALWAYS some anime child?

Anonymous 208997

I see this too. Some user I saw once posted a theory on why troons love anime so much and it has to do with the fact that many of them are autistic or extremely childish. They love anime more than any other kind of show because anime characters are designed to have a much more recognizable range of emotions (this makes their socially inept brains work less hard to understand the characters). Basically, they love anime because anime is easier for their dumbasses to understand than something like a sitcom where you have to look at real people. Now as to why troons love to focus on specific characters like Madotsuki, Rei, or Lain, I'd guess it's because these characters are "weirdos" just like their troon fanbases who do some heavy projections on them.

Anonymous 208999

suspicious image, careful with this lad >>208979

Anonymous 209000

Because many of them come from incel-adjacent circles like 4chan or they're neckbeard programmers and so on. Many weebs do, not just troons, difference is that troons are so obnoxious and feel so sheltered by their victim status that they have no shame in using the same pictures for their main or even work accounts. No one can touch the troon with a loli pfp.
The reason it's always children is because they're pedos.

Anonymous 209001

nta but why is the picture sus?

Anonymous 209002

Yeah I can fairly say with 100% certanty that there is trannies ITT, they believe in the HSTS crap this is one >>208979

Typical scrote makes mistakes they are trying to push the lie that if they are HSTS they are valid and we should ignore them, fuck off. I dont give a fuck if the mod deletes my posts for being hostile.
You're not a woman and lying better doesnt mean you should be accepted as one. I'm gonna make damn sure of it.

Anonymous 209003

>if a mod deletes my posts
It's messed up that you can even get punished for telling a male that he's a male.

Anonymous 209004

happens often I have my theories on why.

there was another one that said that hrt is good because "it provides a physical punishment to these people at least!!" again a typical tranny lie they are trying to subvert the whole thing but fail.

Ban hrt. They can go get fucked. They want war against normal so called "cis" society, we give them total war.

Anonymous 209010


Neovaginas are even worse than buttholes because at least buttholes serve a functioning purpose (which is obviously to help your body get rid of wastes). Neovags are just surgically induced, hideous and filthy holes whose sole purpose is to help trannies feed on their own beliefs that starving themselves, dressing like prostitutes, and destroying their insides makes them the biggest women to ever woman.

Anonymous 209012

REDUXX on Twitter.…

who keeps funding these retards?

Anonymous 209014

I seen that age of sin message shit, its literally some retarded satanic shit like they wanna make the people hate them even more on propouse.

I also dont get the radioactive symbol on it, like are they fallout 3 super mutants or what lol. I mean they "reproduce" in the same way I guess. Through grooming others into their hrt scam instead of the FEV virus thing like in the game and they are also infertile but with super strength, trannies get none of that just the infertility lmao.

I seen that same shirt but more explicit with a demon with breasts and a cock with a satanic pentagram inside the gender circle shit.

Anonymous 209019

Remember: the first sign of pedophilia is an anime pfp

Anonymous 209022

LMFAOOOO NONAS MY SIDES. I had the suspicion that one of my male acquaintances was going to troon out soon. He changed all his social media handle names today. You know what he fucking changed it to? MY FRIEND'S DOG'S NAME. Jesus fucking christ.

Anonymous 209023

Congrats to Luna

Anonymous 209024

>skinwalking a dog
For a bunch of mentally unsound males who hijacked the phrase "may body, my choice", they sure love to mimic people and things they're not.

Anonymous 209027

oh that reminds me of a troon i found on twitter who is also a furry and into pup-play along with his troon "wife". they pretend to be dogs and post porn of themselves. iirc he also owned at least one dog, but he also posted pictures of him at a dog shelter where he either works or volunteers. i'm not saying he's a dogfucker, but he's probably a dogfucker.

Anonymous 209029


IIRC, there's a higher proportion of troons to the furry community than there are troons to the population. And based on picrel…well…I guess if a man troons out, he's probably into other things as well…

Anonymous 209031

Im fucking pissed
>guy in my friend circle only likes feminine things, proclaims hes a girl, is autistic, wants to wear feminine clothes, indie gamer, etc.
>ask him privately if hes trans. Some time ago we asked him if he was gay and that's how he came out, so no big deal right?
>he says no
>i ask him "really?"
>we persisted him like this playfully when he came out, so i didn't think he was uncomfortable
>only asked him TWICE.
>he never told me he was uncomfortable, i moved on
>later my friends are mad at me
>tranny had already came out as trans to my OTHER friends, but not me and another girl
>apparently i 'forced him to come out publically'
>wtf????? when
>i literally show them our dms and point out we did the same thing when he came out as bi
>"it's not the same"
>it was the tranny's choice to come out publically and he pins this shit on me like i was holding him at gunpoint
>"you should have known"
>how was i supposed to know if this tranny was a tranny if he never fucking told me
>im literally autistic too
>with his mannerisms i suspected it but he has never tried to dress feminine or appear feminine so i thought he was just a guy with faggy interests
>i asked out of curiousity like we did before
>forced to apologize to him??? because i dont want to lose my friendship with other girls

Anonymous 209032

Not meaning to derail the thread, but already kinda derailing the thread.

Anonymous 209035

this is why i choose to avoid talking to suspected trannies and tranny sympathizers about anything relating to their religion, because you can never win unless you are walking on eggshells to validate them, and even then it's only a matter of time before you get scolded and lectured to.

Anonymous 209039


If troons really believe that transwomen are women, why are they still mad when people say that men can't be lesbians? According to tranny logic, transwomen are women, so by their standards, they can be lesbians as well. You hit the nail on the head with their childish temper, because they can't even seem to keep up with their own mental gymnastics of who is what.
So cute of you to draw yourself.

Anonymous 209040

>i dont want to lose my friendship with other girls
they don't sound like very good friends to begin with

Anonymous 209042

Gonna second this >>209040
In your place, as a non confrontational coward, I'd slowly distance myself.

Anonymous 209045

it's absurd how basic logic is thrown out the window when a protected class is involved. penises are feminine and valid as a female organ, while simultaneously being a source of dysphoria that needs to be sculpted into a "vagina" for them to not hang themselves. they want things women have in order to be validated, but at the same time the thing they have is already female because they say so. they are creating laws and government policy based solely on emotional blackmail, because none of the data backs them up. i feel so bad for that woman, it's like she's living in a kafka novel, i guess we all are

Anonymous 209053

the taylor swift song trending on tiktok atm, 'all eyes. on. me. horrified looks for everyone in the room'

Anonymous 209060

>I seen that same shirt but more explicit with a demon with breasts and a cock with a satanic pentagram inside the gender circle shit.

i had a troon send me his unsolicited'girlcock' videos including a rap song along with it in order to get more onlyfans subs KEK what a joke and a waste of a beautiful cock

Anonymous 209065

i sense it as well

Anonymous 209068

No worries, nobody knows that there actually were real women on CC and we made our places with our strict verification methods. There are already tranny free safe heavens out there that cant be infiltrated by men who think they are women.

Anonymous 209071


Okay let's get down to the business since you keep begging for my attention. First of all, I am a woman. I hate males, I hate trannies. No amount of your dumb schizo brain matter will make your delusion true. Secondly, since when did someone using the words "socially inept" indicate that they're a man or a tranny, because the last time I checked in the real world, "socially inept" is a phrase that's used by all people to describe retards who don't know how to effectively talk to others. Especially retards who think only men use that term, and start worthless internet fights about it. I call trannies socially inept because they are. They are mentally ill. Yet you attempt to call me a male or a tranny just for describing trannies as the perpetual artists they are. It's almost like you're mad at me for calling them that, and defending them. When I casually tell you to shut the fuck up and take your meds, you accuse me of "medposting" which you proceed to string with me being a "tranny" who's on HRT. And again, this is because I gave you a figure of speech that you are being rather schizo? You are deliberately blowing shit out of proportion, and for what? Because I said that troons have the social skills of a five-year-old? Why are you jumping at me for saying that? It's looking like you're defending trannies if you can't handle me describing them as socially retarded. Yet you're so quick to call someone else a tranny. It's almost like you're deflecting. This isn't new. Trannies, just like BPDfags, love to accuse others of trannies over the teeniest, tiniest, and most minuscule things to take the suspicion off of their own backs. To here's my theory at the moment: you're actually a troon yourself and you got triggered at me for hitting your smelly nerve when I called your degenerate ass out for being obsessed with anime. But because this is CC and trannies aren't allowed, you can't come at me as you would with your rabid troon fury. So instead, you pretend to be another concerned TERF who "found the larping tranny" and come at ME with your projection to shift the mods' suspicion onto me, while you keep the guise of being "one of the fellow girls".

I see what you're doing. You will never be a woman. And by the way, I'm not even white so your own tranny meme probably looks a lot more like you than it does with me.

Anonymous 209072

If they're dumb enough to let someone convince them to poison their bodies with hrt or cut off their tits, they deserve it.

Anonymous 209073


Based, Hsts faggots will never be women and valid.They're like your average fagot, many are willing to exploit women's bodies. https://www.surrogateparenting.com/blog/lgbt-surrogacy/amp/

Anonymous 209074

well he will keep coping because that has already been tried and it didnt work, hope he has fun with his dead organ corpse inside of him. It's not gonna make a difference. It never has.

Anonymous 209079


evidence that this is all just some sick sexual game for them. teacher at a high school wearing fake size Z prosthetic breasts.

Anonymous 209080

does anyone know what happened to this guy? I remember seeing this story blow up for like a few days and then heard nothing about the aftermath

Anonymous 209106

Other anons already answered you, but that's just wishful thinking, I guess someone on 4chan came up with this theory and people just ran with it, even tho there are apparently no other absurdly dressed teachers around and even tho anyone who operates a saw wearing those prosthetics is insane regardless of their motivation.

Anonymous 209128

My uni had some uncharacteristically based XX and XY signs on the bathroom doors, they just changed it to some troon virtue signalling gender neutral shit. Incidentally, the stalls are much grosser, messier and stinkier than they were. Women don't piss on the floor.

Anonymous 209132

What did they change them to?

Anonymous 209134

Don't wanna be too specific because I don't wanna dox myself lol but something that conveys the idea that "everything goes".

Anonymous 209156

aka tranny symbol lol

Anonymous 209175

Anybody who thinks this is a woman is insane. This is vile, an abomination of porn ideals and fetishes.

Anonymous 209184

NTA but I'm that anon, I wasn't banned (or at least not that I know of). I also didn't make any other posts today. Unless someone got the IP I was using. Assuming good faith of the janny/that it was a mistake, I'll repost it since I still have the text of the post:

It's a fake explanation pushed by one Canadian person who spammed it on /pol/ verbatim non-stop for days, using the exact same wording. Trannies have also been pushing it on social media as a form of damage control. Whenever you see someone make that claim, ask them if they have any proof whatsoever, and also ask them to explain these.
Additionally, there have been documented cases of him appearing uninvited at children's recitals and pools outside of work.
Also ask them to explain why he bothered keeping up a Mickey Mouse voice for an entire online lecture: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAfps7xaW2U
This is not someone "getting back at the wokies". He wasn't "a normal shop bro just last year (2021)", he's been doing this since at least 2021. This is what happens when men are allowed to live out their fetishes.

Anonymous 209187

Ah okay. I guess baseless 4ch rumors really tend to make their rounds.
Admittedly, I wanted to believe the story that it was all an act because the truth is too depressing.

Anonymous 209188

Late but the "terf" label is meaningless and a tranny/handmaiden invention so it's being used for these threads the way they use it (anything anti tranny/gender) . It's meant to be an anti tranny thread, that's why the other thread is actually called radfem
Feminists fought for companies to (sometimes)
run sex segregated tests only for sex to become meaningless. Fuck me
Trans when they do good things, ~lgbt~ when they're caught doing something bad

Anonymous 209211

the school board didnt wanna get rid of him or correct his explicitly sexually perverted behavior which the students hated.

My answer: take the kids off that school, next semester they would be studying at another school where their friends are going as well, thats what I would do. Tranny teacher = boycott the school

Anonymous 209215

I don't want to be all "b-b-b-but poor people!" but a lot of people don't have a choice in where they can go to high school because the district they live in locks them to that school. Religious schools can be extremely costly too, some tuitions can exceed college tuition. A bunch of kids should just band together and say he touched them or lead him on so he actually does.

Anonymous 209231

Why can't they just adopt if they want to be a parent? There's no need to pass on their mentally ill genes.

Anonymous 209243

because trannies that adopt are known to groom the children and sexually abuse them early.

Anonymous 209351

I can smell him through my screen

Anonymous 209357

Gymbros are pretty vile as well. Maybe not as bad as troons are, but they are still predatory and don't understand "no". They feel entitled to women's bodies just because they've worked on their own and have become "attractive".(Which isn't always true) It's annoying how they try to convince themselves that women are as shallow as they are.

A bit of derailing the topic on my part, but I speak from experience and I want you to understand how bad they can really be.

Anonymous 209373

Don't want to derail move, but this has not been my experience at all. Guys who work out care more about self-improvement than posturing and mind their own business more. While harassment also happens at the gym (because every place with moids will have cases of harassment), it's not less safe than your normal night club with drunk moids or walking home alone, again, people are minding their own business.
If you show me statistics that gymbros are more dangerous than normal moids, like the ones that exists for troons, I might take this whataboutism seriously.

Anonymous 209430

Screenshot 2023-01…

Anonymous 209431

This is nitpicky but god genderspecials really destroyed the entirety of goth in less than half a decade. It's just ruined. No part of goth is about goth anymore. Every goth space, event, concert, you name it, is just inundated with Lilith the 6'2 transbian in fishnets and Komaeda the 5'2 "man" with "his" in a fishnet top so his mastectomy scars and XX chromosome vocal range are on display

Anonymous 209437



Anonymous 209438

he must be in the experimentation phase otherwise all those windows would have tranny flag curtains.

Anonymous 209439

yes i been saying this forever. its over if you liked the style just dont. fuck it, its over. it makes it easier to filter trannies by not doing what they do so they can get spotted in the wild quickly.

Anonymous 209440

if they want to get laid so bad I dont get why they dont kpop surgery maxx is he aware of how popular kpop men are with women? what a retard. I bet he mained Ahri in League of Legends and got so horny watching huge amounts of hentai about that character that he wanted to "become her". These dweebs have no fucking idea, clue, nothing in life I hate how retarded and mentally ill they are.

Anonymous 209443

'passing' in tranny language i've found unironically just means you're not hideous. has nothing to do with actually passing (trannies don't get to decide if they pass or not). this is why they believe they're more woman than ugly women. i've seen them say they pass better than ugly women. they obviously don't. they've just changed the meaning of a very basic concept so much.

Anonymous 209446


Anonymous 209475


Anonymous 209485


Who would have thought.

Anonymous 209496

I swear it's like all of these gendertards just have something against women. They don't want to identify as women, they identify as "nonbinary" yet they still surround themselves with males, they call themselves "gender neutral" yet almost deliberately put down things that women are known for. What even started this.

Anonymous 209514

silence of the lambs?

Anonymous 209515

i love this woman's words so much. she perfectly expresses all my feelings

Anonymous 209540

Can i confess something? I hate TIMs. I hate TIMs because theyre MALE, and always will be, but are trying to emulate and appropriate the female experience just to get off, or just because they want to. It is infuriating how they can just go "oh, i want to be a woman" and therefore, he's a woman, a man who doesn't know anything about what being a woman is like, is a woman, and gets praised for being oh so brave in an "oppressive" context, while real women are thrown off the boat to fend for themselves. This is one of the prime examples of male domination in this fucking world.
But for TIFs, i just feel sorry for them. Of course we can't deny that they are harming women by injerently solidifying the belief that women can't be GNC, and that if you don't like the societal norms of being a woman (ex. being married, being harassed/sexualized, having kids, anything really) you are a man, or a 'nonbinary.' But ultimately, this is really not their fault. These women are pushed to hate being a woman, to believe that they aren't women because of this patriarchal style of belief. It is a safe bet to say nearly every TIF has undergone sexual trauma. Because of this, they go about hating their body, what they are and therefore out of fear of being seen as what they were when they went through trauma, try to change themself by declaring they aren't women. To these women i feel so sad for because of how everyone has let them down. Imagine battling trauma, ED, mental illness etc, and instead of being told to seek therapy, you're told you aren't a woman, because essentially what that is saying is that it only happens to men.
I hope people start to see how incredibly fucked up and hurtful the trans movement is. It's like a weird food chain- it fully uplifts the oversexualization of women, which causes women to not want to be themselves, which makes people think that if they aren't comfortable with their body, they should instead try to be a different sex entirely, which creates more identity issues- do you see what a cesspool of mixed identities and labels the LGBTQ community has become? Anyways, what i'm really trying to say here is that TIMs are created out of sexualization. TIFs are created to escape that sexualization.

Anonymous 209544

PLEASE tell me the TRAs got arrested from that… hurting pregnant women should be a crime

Anonymous 209546

>Why does this post feel antisemetic
the posing of the rat, is similar to that of the anti-jew propaganda, hunched over while rubbing his hands

Anonymous 209564

i listened to this interview recently and i found it very fascinating. especially the part where the husband had a strange reaction to his mothers death leading up to him trooning out. i have heard stories of other people, both men and women having bizarre psychotic episodes after losing a loved one, and i am 99% sure i saw another story of a guy who trooned out after not being able to cope with his own mothers death.

Anonymous 209574


Anonymous 209575

I'm sure it will make him very "euphoric".

Anonymous 209576

Does this retard think male nipples don't have holes?

Anonymous 209577

"Whenever I manage to have kids I can breast feed them"
Does he think he'd be the one breastfeeding them rather than their mother? Does he seriously believe anythings going to come out of there? Answer is of course, yes.

Anonymous 209580

He talks like an alien, he might as well have said that he finally has nipples.

Anonymous 209582

Most TIMs talk that way about anything they see as relating to the female body

Anonymous 209590

yes, it's like when they say "i'm so dumb because of hrt now, just like a bimbo!" but they were assigned dumb at birth.

Anonymous 209625


Women aren't "people" apparently. We're all dolled-up, dress-wearing stereotypes (unlike her of course).

Anonymous 209631

Remember all the creepy nerds you ignored (for good reasons) in middle and highschool? Well thats trannies and of course they hate you. They were of the mindset that you owed them sex just for their ugly asses existing there in the corner, they took that weird rotten ugly moid sexual frustration and became trannies.

Anonymous 209632

Lol this. Especially the programmer trannies.

Anonymous 209634

So sad that she can't see herself as a person and a woman.

Anonymous 209641

I wonder if her pay will also become "gender neutral" (of course it won't lol)

Anonymous 209679


Anonymous 209695

Apology for the slight blogpost

How would i go about peaking my friend without losing or damaging our friendship? We're both the same age and young, and though gen z presents themself as the most open minded generation they really aren't, especially with opinions that deviate from the trans narrative. My friend is like this. She's very pro trans rights, pro LGBTQ etc. She's also bisexual and has expressed discomfort of her body, but has never considered transition (afaik), nor goes by different pronouns. But she is giving me really mixed signals- we both joke about faggots (she doesn't say the word) and how men are awful, gay men are awful etc, and usually i'm not joking, and half the time i don't think she's joking either. She has a crush on a TIF tho. We have this male "friend" (person that our friends are friends with, sorta complicated) who seems to be borderline trooning out, we've both pointed it out. In fact, we both make fun of him for being an autistic faggot. We both hate this post-tranny, and she has expressed how she's hoping that he'll slip up so our other friends will realize he 'isn't one of the good ones,' but she says she wouldn't be surprise (but really pissed) if our friends say its OK for him to be misogynistic bc "hes a woman." It sounds like i could peak her, but she also has a detransitioned sister that became very against the trans movement, and is against literally anything she 'terf'-y, for example she was once was complaining how stupid it was for her sister to say that trans people should never get surgery. I really really want to peak her, i have nobody irl that is radfem. Also i want to make fun of our tranny friend when he inevitably troons out.

Anonymous 209708

with a detrans sister and you for a friend it sounds like it's a matter of time before she comes around on her own. it really doesn't sound like you need to do anything different or extra.

Anonymous 209766


How many more times are moids gonna bring up only a hand number of cases where women are psycho just to "prove" that radical feminist groups are "entirely evil and are not to be trusted"?
>discover a radical group of women
>one confirmed case of a psychopath in that group badly abusing a child
>just ONE.
>moid:"uhhh uhhh that's proof that da whole group is evul. Ya".
First of all, radical feminists aren't a monolith. Just because two women call themselves radical, it doesn't mean they're going to agree on every step. That being said, how does it make sense to label an entire group of radfems as monsters just because of what a whopping ONE person did? That's like a serial killer "being born" from CC, and the media saying that every single one on CC is a psychopath just because of that single individual. In the USA, it's speculated that 20% of pedophiles that are confirmed are women. What does that make the other 80% though? Yet despite the large disparity in which members of society do what disgusting thing, moids still reach with every might of their mental gymnastics to "prove" that radfems that they are as hellish as groups like the fucking KKK or neo-nazis. Yes, there are exceptions. Yes, in some cases, there are women who are just as bad or even worse than the males involved. However when we're looking at the sheer numbers of which groups are red flags, radfems don't even seem to come close because normally, women aren't as violently unhinged. Matter of fact, women seem more likely to feel remorse and guilt for whatever unfortunate thing happens to others, so even with the problem of extremists, you can still count on women to disapprove of the damage the spare psychopaths cause more than you could a male group.

Anonymous 209770

Notice how its not all men this, you're just cherrypicking to make trans "women" look bad that, but suspiciously there's never any benefit of the doubt for radfems or "terfs"?

Anonymous 209775


Thank you. The original argument the moid presented was that a group of radfems were a bunch of "child-raping psychopaths" just based on ONE case of a female pedo. I can understand calling a group dangerous if there's at least five awful cases coming out of it, but no. It was just one. That group isn't even comparable to the incel community on sites like preddit because there are enough documentaries exposing that the incel community does have more than enough evidence of being objectively dangerous for things like mass murder. Then the moid tries to say "hurr durr that's what you get for generalizing men then". Generalizing women for violent offenders isn't the same as generalizing men for violent offenders because female and male violence arent the same in the first place. Matter of fact, there is statistical evidence that unlike men, women have larger odds of being murdered than they are to be murderers. By comparison, men have earned the generalization that males are more dangerous. Why do men want women to be as terrible as them so badly?

Anonymous 209781

Exactly, its a false equivalence.

Anonymous 209783

>Why do men want women to be as terrible as them so badly?
Because they can't tolerate being a member of the "bad" group. They themselves haven't committed a crime, so you're not allowed to discuss anything negative about anything they are a part of or like. They think they're forcing us to empathize with them by pointing out the minority of female abusers, but all it really does is reveal how narcissistic they are.

Anonymous 209801

> Matter of fact, there is statistical evidence that unlike men, women have larger odds of being murdered than they are to be murderers
> unlike men
It is almost certainly the same for men because necessarily there are more murders than there are murderers.

Anonymous 209848


You do have a point. Men do get killed more than women when we're talking about sheer numbers. And you're right, there should be more victims of homicide compared to the number of people who do the killing. At the same time, however, I believe some of my point still remains. Statista (the same source as picrel), states that the global percentage of female homicide victims to males is 21%-79%. Look at that gap between female murderers and female murder victims. 5% to 21%. The percentage of female homicide victims is jumped by a little over four times the percent of female murderers.. Then look at the gap between the percentage of male murderers and male homicide victims. 95% to 79%. This means that despite males making up the vast majority of homicide victims, the other percentage in the second half of this situation reveals that males are almost 100 percent of those doing the homicides. The opposite is true for women. And again, while this answer isn't the same if you look at it from a sheer numbers perspective, picrel and the disparity percentages point to murderers having a higher percentage of males than do murder victims involving male percentages. The population of killers has a higher proportion of males to its group, than do the grouping for victims of homicide. Meanwhile, women may not be the main targets of homicide by numbers, the difference between them being murderers and targets for the act is different than males because chances of them being killed than being killers is even more true.

Anonymous 209945

saddest thing is. This is just the consequence of constant brainwashing. She's one of millions that drank the cool aid. Don't be surprised if she turns out to be trans later.

There's a harrowing video of a girl who suffered BPD recounting how her therapist and doctors constantly pushed her toward her being trans and going through with surgeries and hormone treatments when she quentioned them every step of the way if this was really a way to make her happy with herself. Of course it turned out it wasn't and she now has a ruined body. I can't begin to imagine how often this story repeats itself with young vulnerable women all over the world

Anonymous 210016

When did this start being progressive?
>Oh I'm not a woman I'm a person
So women aren't people now?

Anonymous 210122

gay red flags.png

please remember gender is very valid and real and totally not based on stereotypes.

Anonymous 210137

Lmao, that has to be a troll.

Anonymous 210140

Incredible, having a lisp is only a gay man thing. Straight men could never!

Anonymous 210142

So true, the kids who wore makeup in elementary school were totally the gay boys because we totally had out gay boys in elementary school! Yas and I remember the gay boi brought in his teddy on pajama day. All of those kids in the speech impediment class were all flaming queers that wore drag queen makeup and vogued at recess! Yas queen!

Anonymous 210206

every day we get closer to these comics being real >>208601

Anonymous 210221

This is too fucking hilarious to be true lmao

Anonymous 210580

what does it take for an ftm to detransition? my friend is fully committing to her yaoi fantasy larp and getting t and I know that’s gonna negatively impact her health. She’s already pretty obese and never exercises. I obvs can’t stop her but it pains me that all I can do is watch her harm herself

Anonymous 210593

Omagawd, a girl with a teddybear collection AND wearing makeup, call news

Anonymous 210627

might be best to just slowly phase out of her life and hang out w normal friends. sorry

Anonymous 210651

God, that'll be child abuse.

Anonymous 210681

hahah holy shit. if this is a troll post it's a god-tier one, very well done.

Anonymous 210696


I want to say this is a troll but honest to God aidens believe this. Aidens are not capable of developing identities that are not based on stereotypes, they have this shared fixation on falling into one of a handful of archetypes and one the one pictured here is RuPaul Drag Race contestant. I say that specifically because this is word for word a mish mash of those emotional cuts when one of the queens will talk about growing up gay and they will list out exactly what this person has posted as their childhood interests

Anonymous 210718

>RuPaul Drag Race contestant
Why is it that many women are obsessed with this archetype? Not just Aidens, I've seen straight acquaintances of mine worshiping drag queens and being obsessed with this show. What compels anyone to be obsessed with ugly gay men in hideous fashion?

Anonymous 211070

Are you guys watching the new season of I Am Jazz? They found another dude to date Jazz, however Jazz lost of sexual function is brought up by the mom as she suggest Jazz may be asexual. From what I've noticed TRAs seem to ignore Jazz and I've never seen the show discussed in trans spaces. Maybe the TRAs realize he's no longer the ideal poster child for youth transitioning.

Anonymous 211146

i don't watch the show because reality tv hurts my brain, but i enjoy the i am jazz threads on /tv/. as far as jazz being asexual goes, even doctor bowers has come out saying that puberty blockers kill the ability to orgasm. jazz probably can't even get horny, but that being said i was wondering about the possibility of jazz actually being into women, which he has alluded to in the past. if that is the case then it adds another reason why he wouldn't be into ahmir2.0 on top of the fact that he is just ugly lol

Anonymous 211186


God not even the makeup can hide his disgusting scrote face and receding hairline.

Anonymous 211222

You're right, but I don't like making fun of Jazz. He's just an abused boy who never had the opportunity to grow up normally. He's one of the only troons I'm actually sympathetic of because it was other people's decisions that ruined his life rather than his own. He was hoisted up as the poster child for transitioning and passing and living a normal life, but he always just looked like a small child to me, and his life is so weird and abnormal. He's never known what life off the camera is like. The entire situation is fucked.

Anonymous 211328

Everytime I see Jazz I just see a sad little boy trapped in a fatsuit. I just want to yank him out of it so he can live his best gay, bisexual, whatever the fuck life. But he can't. He's passed the point of no return and it wasn't even his fault. His stupid family couldn't deal with the idea of having a queer, gender non conforming child and forced all these surgeries and misery on them to make themselves feel less homophobic for being disgusted with a boy playing dress up. Most TRA activists are hateful homophobic sexist bastards. How is this a better life for a child? Just let him be a him, but in dresses. Not hard.

Anonymous 211426

i would feel sorrier for him if he wasn't complicit in pushing the agenda.

Anonymous 211428

Screenshot (851).p…

I felt so sick when I heard the story about Jazz's vaginoplasty surgery failing because there wasn't even enough tissue of his penis to construct a vagina out of since he never went through puberty. He had to have 4 corrective surgeries and articles are still saying,"Yep she couldn't be happier!" You have to be sick freak to do that to a kid.

Anonymous 211435

I mean when he's been parotted the same talking points over and over by every adult he trusts in his entire life, are you surprised? The kid is basically trapped in a cult.

Anonymous 211444


Anonymous 211458

He was only 4 or 5 when his mother decided to make him the face of the pro trans movement for kids. I won't fault him. I see him as yet another victim of narcissistic, homophobic parents who want to be seen as woke without having to deal with the negative consequences of wokeness. I doubt he'll go against his parents while he's still so heavily dependant on them, especially his mother for emotional, physical, mental and financial support. I'll be interested to see what becomes of him when that momager of his croaks.

Anonymous 211468

Looks like Kim K on a roblox man body

Anonymous 211543

This is so sad.

Anonymous 211617

is he trying to become her? that's creepy

Anonymous 211646

Screen Shot 2023-0…

Americans belief in gender ideology is slowly going down

Anonymous 211650

Lmao yes he is it's so obvious. They do this creepy skinwalker thing so many times with the women closest to them, Silence of the Lambs material.

Anonymous 211698

Ayrt I think a lot of it is the intricate costumes and loud personalities that people find entertaining. Aidens who cling to flamboyant gay male stereotypes are a different breed though. Drag queens heavily appeal to theatre kid type personalities and funny enough a lot of aidens just so happen to be theatre kids, and then they're shown all these men talk about how their families knew they were gay because they had interests that are usually seen as stereotypically feminine (make up, dancing, dressing up, etc) which to a hair brained theatre aiden is a sign that not only are they not like other girls but they're SO not like other girls that they were supposed to have a penis

Anonymous 211766

I still think bringing her to a gay party and her getting no attention will work.

Anonymous 211822

I'd love to see a sex-segregated version on this data. Because if more moids who don't believe in gender ideology anymore, it's probably because hard-right conservatism is on the rise again. But if it's more women, then maybe our message is actually resonating with them.

Anonymous 211831

that's good news, although i would rephrase what you said to americans are becoming emboldened to tell the truth, because a lot of people are simply pressured into going along with it. i refuse to believe that almost half the country actually believes in that crap.

Anonymous 211846

>They do this creepy skinwalker thing so many times with the women closest to them
i think foodie beauties simp ex-boyfriend is doing the same thing, that video actually reminds me of them lol.

Anonymous 211866

i have a feeling it also has a lot to do with the negative consequences becoming more apparent to everyone, they didn't realize how far it would go. "oh it's just a man in a dress trying to be his authentic self, what's the harm really?"

Anonymous 212367

I would never be able to tell the truth about trannies in a research survey, phone survey, or anything else attached to my name or any other identifying characteristics. Tranny rights are law in the shit hole of California.

Anonymous 212384

i knew a guy who trooned out and was trying to be his sister so bad
trying to be "goth" like her but of course in small pleather skirts and ill fitting micro tops
it's always an indicator of how they view that specific woman, disgusting

Anonymous 212414

Has anyone else had multiple men they know troon out during the pandemic? It honestly makes me really angry. Both my childhood best friend who is a boy and one of my exes trooned out, in addition to a couple guys in my outer social circle. I should not know this many fucking trannies!! aren’t they like less than 1% of the population? It has absolutely convinced me that it’s a social contagion.
With my childhood best friend, I honestly wonder if I planted the seed in his head because I used to do stupid things like pressure him into letting me do his makeup. It was just me being an overbearing little kid that liked doing makeup but I honestly wonder if I gave him a fetish or something. Idk I just hate that this is the reality we live in

Anonymous 212415


Anonymous 212480

that sucks, i'm guessing you are on the younger side if you know that many? fortunately, i don't know anyone who has, but i don't keep in touch with many people, and i don't have social media. i'm also older so we didn't get caught up in this current fad. i do sometimes wonder if anyone i went to school with trooned out, we did have some gay kids and nonconforming greasy emo types who liked to gender bend, but that was the fashion at the time.

Anonymous 212564

Thats a very common problem for neo-vagina having males.

it's because its scrotum skin lol there is some "realistic" neo vaginas but you can still tell it was made with scrotum even the skin texture between the sexes is different how can trannies even compete lmao its over, pure mental illness.

Anonymous 212739

how does this troid know the bengali fish thing?

Anonymous 212937

KEK I love this, it's hilarious if you think about it. Trannies becoming more popular only means more people have to interact with them, thus ruining the entire delusion of "he's just a gay man who feels more comfortable in dresses and makeup, totally harmless". I've talked to many people about this, the instances that made them peak were simply by having to interact with trannies. Infact I know a few who peaked from learning that most trannies were straight men. Just that fact alone breaks the fairytale

Anonymous 212949

I only know 1 who trooned out, my male cousin. Unsurprisingly, he's an autistic social reject programmer in his mid 30s who lives in Seattle. When his parent's asked him why he decided to do this, he completely shut down and wouldn't speak.

Anonymous 213039


Troons make me wanna commit seppuku.

"Companies that holster up men who sexually harass/assault women are perfectly fine. Where I draw the line is a woman hurting my feelings."

They couldn't make it any clearer that they have no empathy until it's something that affects them personally.

Anonymous 213050

There was no competition from the start

Anonymous 213103

>Company that literally sexually abuses its female employees and mistreats them
>Nah that's ok separate art from artist
>Book series written by person who MUCH LATER IN LIFE doesn't support trans ideology
The truth about these people becomes so obvious. It gets said a lot, but real women don't need trans rights, and when trans "women" actively care more about trans ideology than issues that directly impact women… our whole world feels like the emperor with no clothes, it's SO OBVIOUS at EVERY STAGE, but nobody is allowed to say it. They're not women.

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