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Omnipresent daytime sense of doom Anonymous 9220[Reply]

I just hate the sun. Whenever it's daylight outside I can feel every second of my life tik-tok-tik away. Slowly. Like nails scraping away at a rusted board.

I genuinely feel uncomfortable during the daytime. Every day. All my life. It usually isn't so bad as to interfere with my daily life, but it's still uncomfortable. Particularly during sunsets, I get this horrible feeling of impending doom. I cannot properly describe it, it is like a terror you can see from a distance. Far enough yet not to panick but close enough to want to do something about it. Except nothing ever comes.

But this feeling always goes away during the night. It doesn't matter what time it is during the day. When the sun is out, I feel stress 10x worse. I can (by thumb) measure the time that has passed since I started studyin, the time left for me to finish the assignement, if I am at home it makes me feel bad for missing out on some fun, if I am outside it just makes me feel annoyed somehow. But at night I feel at peace.

In a weird way, I feel like this song captures this feeling fairly well, I listen to it almost every day since I found it.

Sorry for the weird post, I just needed to vent my feelings once. Feel free to reply with whatever and feel free not to. Not like I want any type of advice or consoling.
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Anonymous 9327

I go out after sunset to run and exercise because when its light outside i feel like Im being watched always. In the dark I feel anonymous.
The sun feels like it is watching me and is heating up the world. it feels like a fire about to happen. Part of this may be the doom of global warming.

and here is some music about the sun exploding.

Anonymous 9328

>The sun feels like it is watching me and is heating up the world. it feels like a fire about to happen.

I get this EXACT feeling except I find it comforting - like god is watching me and is about to let me return. I love warm weather and summer for this reason

Anonymous 10551


You guys should read SCP-001: When Day Breaks. IIRC it’s pretty disturbing though (just a warning)


Anonymous 10552

Literally read any other 001, When Day Breaks is shit and has no business being a 001 in the first place

Anonymous 10557

Sorry, I read it years ago and the thread topic reminded me of it. I’m no longer into SCP and haven’t read any of the other 001 stories


Tarot Readings Anonymous 6248[Reply]

Post your question, age, sign, and an image of your choice and get a free tarot reading.
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Anonymous 10508


>26F Taurus

Could I get a reading on my love life in the next year? I am currently single with no prospects kek. It's okay if it says I should stay this way. I just like to know what to expect.

(And additionally, I'd be curious to know whether I am on the right path with my career or if there is anything that needs to be changed, but you can skip this if you aren't in the mood)

Anonymous 10530

Me aqua rising, leo sun, gemini.moon
He gemini sun (conj mercury), cancer moon
Any chance? His self worth is in the shitter and he hates being happy
I'm emotionally stable but can't handle the whiplash

Anonymous 10537

Haha sike, we broke up

Anonymous 10554

Need to get my love life back on track.

Anonymous 10555

Screenshot 2023-03…

anything, everything idk…
am I a failure? should i try again or move on? will i ever be succesful/make it out of this? will i ever experience genuine love? what should i focus on?

sorry if thats too many..


Will pay to harass Anonymous 10315[Reply]

Is anyone here willing or able to make someone’s life hell with just their name and phone number? This hag at my job needs to be punished
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Anonymous 10329

Fedpost made by glowie.

Anonymous 10548

a dog.jpg

have you ever heard of a little quote called ''we are not your personal army''

Anonymous 10549

Homie, this is crystal cafe. Why dont you harass a moid and leave the bitch alone

Anonymous 10550

Homie, this is crystal cafe. Why dont you harass a moid and leave the bitch alone

Anonymous 10553

, I feel your pain. I honestly would kind of enjoy harassing a moid. What's his number?


anyone here have experiences with the hat man? Anonymous 10540[Reply]

My mom saw him when she was hanging out with some friends as a teenager. he was hiding behind trees. a dark shape of a man with a hat.

Anonymous 10541

Tell her to lay off the Benadryl

Anonymous 10542

Ol mom needs a nap, what say?

Anonymous 10543


Anonymous 10546

Only one time as a chronic sleep paralysis sufferer. I heard him come up the steps into the room I was sleeping in. I could hear his fancy shoes. He took hold of my vision to make me see those shoes. Sort of like when the camera changes in a tv show. Two toned oxfords. He then put my vision on some playing cards. I can’t remember what they were. He was holding them. I knew it was the hatman without even seeing his entire body. He made me know his presence without words. This was in 2018. I usually don’t see beings during sleep paralysis, only feel them, but I saw parts of him. This is the only sleep paralysis demon or being that I’ve seen that others have also seen. The others that I have seen don’t have names or sightings by other people, to my knowledge.

disappearing door.…

have you ever seen a painting move? Anonymous 10544[Reply]

Anonymous 10545


Is in my living room and I swear to any higher being, I saw her eyes move late night when I was 11 or 12 years old.


Michelle Carter case Anonymous 2042[Reply]

In your opinion, should what Michelle Carter did be considered illegal or was she just being unethical but overall not guilty?

>Conrad Henri Roy III was an American man who died by suicide at the age of 18. His girlfriend, then 17 year-old Michelle Carter, was accused of encouraging him in text messages to commit suicide. The case was the subject of a notable investigation and involuntary manslaughter trial in Massachusetts, colloquially known as the "texting suicide case". Roy had seen numerous mental health professionals, and he insisted that he wanted to die. Carter and Roy had both been prescribed psychiatric medication. The case raised questions pertaining to the nature and limits of criminal responsibility.
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Anonymous 8962

I agree

Anonymous 10534

I don’t believe you have ever been suicidal. If you were, you wouldn’t use something like “rough lives” as an insult.
To be clear, I think she is guilty as well.

Anonymous 10535

Nah. It's a dumbass moid doing dumbass moid things. It is not her moral responsibility to mother him out of killing himself.

Anonymous 10536

literally this. her bf sounded exhausting and insufferable - it's insane to hold other people responsible for the decisions someone makes when taking their own life. also the government of canada literally listens to basically any plea to kill themselves - why is it okay for them to do that but we expect a child to exercise more rigorous discretion?

Anonymous 10539

I remember this case back when it happened. And I remember reading the text logs. And he honestly sounded like such a burden, and a pain in the ass. And I can definitely see a young teenage girl getting frustrated with his constant suicide baiting. I think the Glee stuff is just made up for the documentary that was apparently made.

Zodiac Signs.png

Im new to astrology. Your experiences! Anonymous 10512[Reply]

What are your experiences with other people (for example your bf/husband) and their character resembling the attitudes commonly attributed to their sign?

I know a cancer guy and he fits almost perfectly with the description given in the internet (like being very empathetic and family oriented but also having mood swings especially during a full moon).

It makes me wonder if there really is something to all of this. I have never paid attention to Astrology up until now.

Anonymous 10533

I have some experience with guessing people's rising or moon sign correctly

Screenshot 2023-04…

uncanny/weird sites thread Anonymous 8858[Reply]

/x/ removed uncanny sites ?? i cannot find…
send links i nedd
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Anonymous 10356



Anonymous 10359

Anonymous 10360


Maybe it's off-topic since I wouldn't call it a 'weird' site. It's more an art collage than a website. Makes me miss old internet things…

Anonymous 10440

Anonymous 10531

20230429 201214 98…


Anyone else getting weird dreams recently?? Anonymous 10529[Reply]

I remember my dream from last night. I can't remember all the details, but I'll summarize it as best I can.

I was at school, or at least at a school (I dropped out), and I was me, but not at the same time. I just looked a little different; I basically had my dream body. Me and this group of people stopped at some random location, I belive it was an apartment of some sort, and this guy comes up to me and we start chatting (he used my real name and acted like we were besties). We eventually get into one of the apartments with a few others, and while I was sitting, he laid down on my chest, and we watched YouTube together. Thats basically all I can remember. Nothing crazy is happening but me and some randoms hanging out. After that, I woke up crying and in a cold sweat.

I just want to know if anyone else is having weird, vivid dreams for some reason…


how do you think souls/spirits look like? Anonymous 8977[Reply]

Ever since I got rid of my ex's mementos and memories, my vision of him has slowly deteriorated until the only thing I could remember was a body of water. Similar to Chaos or that guy from Terminator. All that remained is a human being made of water. He hugs me and cuddles me, but I don't see hair, nor skin, nor a face in it.
And I wonder, my mother used to say she was very spiritual and that she could see spirits because she went to many spiritual locations, and she did say that these spirits would be like a body of water. I went to search on the internet but there seems to be no real consensus on how these spirits/souls look like.
Anyhow, how do you think spirits/souls look like?
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Anonymous 10056

I don't think souls and spirits reflect any photons for us to see

But they probably look cute, probabbly little kitten ghosts or bird ghosts, or little soft dango blobs, maybe even cat-eared dango blobs

Anonymous 10057


Haro evurinyan, hou aru you?
Fai, sankyu!

Ai wish ai waa a bardo.

Anonymous 10403


If you can see a spirit, it's someone who hasn't fully moved on from their worldly attachments!
If you fully move on and rejoin the All, you lose your individuality for a bit .. to be one with Everything.
A spirit with a full body is held back by something.

Anonymous 10417

>lose your individuality
on my way

Anonymous 10528

Spirits are formless. They don't "look" like anything because they are beyond the field of vision. If you are to imagine a spirit, imagine a thin layer of silk spread evenly over the entirety of space time. Spirits exist everywhere at all times. They're neither here nor there. Spirits are immaterial; they aren't tied to the physical realm. Your mother was right in that spirits appear like bodies of water; meaning, like liquids, they take the shape of the containers that hold them. When there is no containers, they overflow across the material realm. Spirits can appropriate the forms that they have seen in life, but those are like crass impersonations and don't hold weight. In your mind, imagine a great big ocean, but the ocean has no borders nor landmasses, it's just endless water. Now imagine all that has existed and all that will exist is held within the confines of that ocean. That is what the spirit is.

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