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Conspiracy theories Anonymous 386[Reply]

Which ones do you believe in?
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Anonymous 1956

I believe religion is the source of misogyny. Christianity is the worst offender.

Anonymous 1957

You haven't heard of Islam then…

Anonymous 1959

Im told Christianity came before Islam

Anonymous 1961

Yes it did and Judism before that which is also misogynistic.

Anonymous 1962

Hinduism came before all of them which is also sexist. Then there's the greco-roman religion too that has sexism. Which is why I said religion.


Anonymous 1887[Reply]

What do anonettes on CC think of Tulpas?
I'm oddly fascinated about the subject but all the opinions I've seen have been mostly male dominated. Usually of them trying to bring their waifu into some sort of reality.
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Anonymous 1889

Isnt it just a advance imaginary friend taken to the next level? Where you can see touch and smell them and actively engaged with them.

Anonymous 1891


I had one special Tulpa I carried with me through high school. Problem about creating them is that they grow off what you emotionally project onto them, so if you hate yourself they have the capacity to just be a very literal 'forefront of your mind' abuser.
My imaginary husbando started out like a therapist, then got a whole 'real' life career,background, family life etc. to the point of making him a facebook page.
When shit started to hit the fan , my inner self hating mantras got into his core personality and he was just a representation of those things, just unavoidable.
Only way to fix it is by 'purifying' them, which is essentially a concerted imaginative effort of either containment or simply ignoring their existence until reabsorbed into the subconscious.
It really did feel like a self inflicted psuedo-schizophrenia, and will never recommend it

Anonymous 1892

So he became "abusive" towards you? Like did his behavior change? Did start to criticize or judge? I'm just curious how the relationship would change and how his personality would become.

Anonymous 1894


It's the same kind of pattern that a partner you put too much emotional burden on would behave. He went from sympathetic and trying to give advice (compartmentalized logical side of my brain) to then controlling (do this or that differently so you don't get hurt, don't question me) to eventually giving up when I gave up on myself. The dialogue from then on was along the lines of "why should I give a shit? You're always gonna be a miserable bitch anyway" or "can you shut the fuck up already, you're giving me a headache."

In the end it was just a bizarre dissociative personification of my own self loathing and criticism, which only ended when I went to seek professional help.

Anonymous 1960

Can/should you make a tulpa whiel drunk? What would happen. Serious question


Cyberstalking Anonymous 140[Reply]

I do it, do you?
I love finding hidden accounts and secret blogs and I dox just to see if I can (but never post it or interfere with the person otherwise)
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Anonymous 1941

I found the account of someone I used to know by recognising a random picture she posted as being the same as had been on her instagram before she deleted it a while before. The chances were incredibly slim of it happening as there was zero identifying information in the picture, just that I had seen it before and it had stuck in my memory. Her instagram wasn't easy to find either.

She had always acted like she was right about everything and everyone was beneath her. I read her posts and found she often tried to shill her partner's business, pretending it wasn't connected to her. I waited until she did it again and pointed this out publicly. She denied it of course, replying in a really patronising way, pointing out a minor unrelated mistake I had made in my post as a way to discredit me. That just made it more glorious.

I then posted overwhelming proof. She deleted her posting history, the page I linked to on her website, and had my post removed. She then tried to continue using the same account so I replied to her again asking why she had denied it yet deleted things and what a coincidence it was that the website had changed too. She stopped using it after that and deleted her posts again.

I'm sure she's posting on another account now as she posted something and then quickly deleted it (I set up a service to get emails when she posted for a bit). The great thing is that my post detailing what she did still shows up when her name is googled as it's still on my profile and her name is unique.

Anonymous 1944

>I've found passwords and emails through pastebins
Elaborate. Do you just get random emails from pastebin, or are you looking for specific people when you do this? If so, how do you find their pastebins?
>You're better off finding what websites that email is signed up for and trying the same password.
How do you do this?

Anonymous 1947

They are searching for breaches. For example, if Facebook has a breach, someone will eventually post all the emails and passwords on Pastebin (I don’t know why, they just do that). That anon then googles their friend’s email address or searches for it on Pastebin. They can then log into their Facebook account and try the same details for other sites that person might use.

Anonymous 1949

NTA but I go to haveibeenpwned.com and enter the email address. It'll show which breaches the email has been included in. Then I google the name of the breached website(s) with combinations of dump/pastebin/leak/database/hack and go from there.

Anonymous 1958


Update to previous post, don't ask me how but I have, in ascending order of difficulty: facebook, instagram, reddit, youtube, address and a mobile phone number. What can I possibly plug the latter two into? everything is very profesh and surface-level so far, I want the dirt


Anonymous 856[Reply]

>no monster boys thread up
let's change that
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Anonymous 1951


Anonymous 1952


Anonymous 1953


Anonymous 1954

Hot as fuck

Anonymous 1955


Arachnid bf


True Crime Community Anonymous 1937[Reply]

Any anons in the tcc?
Any outsiders willing to voice their opinions?
Why is true Crime so popular, especially with the woman audience?
How do non-Americans feel about the subject?
Do you have a favorite killer?
Who do you think is a handsome killer?
Why would you be attracted to a serial killer?

Anonymous 1938

stop asking incel questions

Anonymous 1940

>Any anons in the tcc?
I read posts and books but don't contribute if that counts.
>Any outsiders willing to voice their opinions?
>Why is true Crime so popular, especially with the woman audience?
I guess because it feels like these things might actually happen to you and so you should be aware of them.
>How do non-Americans feel about the subject?
I follow true crime in my own country as well and read stories from around the world.
>Do you have a favorite killer?
No, they are all the same. Think they are so smart but in reality just got lucky.
>Who do you think is a handsome killer?
None, they are all repulsive.
>Why would you be attracted to a serial killer?
I'm not…

Anonymous 1942


>Any anons in the tcc?
Kind of?
>Any outsiders willing to voice their opinions?
I like following true crime/unsolved mysteries, but I hate having a "community" around it where podcasts and youtubers create a little club to identify with. Every time I see someone say "murderinos" or "stay sexy, don't get murdered" I want to die.
>Why is true Crime so popular, especially with the woman audience?
The thrill of digging into the most abhorrent actions and people, like watching a horror movie but in real life. It appeals to the inner vigilante if a killer is caught after a long time. Morbid curiosity and the fascination of a good mystery.
>How do non-Americans feel about the subject?
Violent crimes aren't unique to the US, I don't know what you're trying to get at
>Do you have a favorite killer?
>Who do you think is a handsome killer?
Who cares? That's cringe.
>Why would you be attracted to a serial killer?
Pickme-ism, "I can fix him" syndrome, terminal edginess, sadomasochism, pic related

Anonymous 1943


Women are probably initially attracted to reading these stories to find out how to avoid being the victim. It’s a way to gain scripts of what to do if you’re in unexpected situations. By exposing yourself to them, you think about it more.
Pic related, the Dating Game killer.
Looks, the thrill. Even people who are attracted to them would probably never respond favorably to that same person if they were on the other end. For most hybristiphiles it’s just a fantasy they won’t engage in.


Drugs Anonymous 1850[Reply]

From stuff like weed and acid to DMT and coke, share your experiences with drugs. They don't have to be particularly profound or bad, feel free to share your positive, benign, or spiritual trips as well.
I'll start with something fairly benign.
>first time smoking weed
>pretty much have the joint to myself
>"lol I'm not feeling anything"
>suddenly begin to lag behind myself
>black out/can't remember anything every few minutes
>nothing bad yet, just chilling
>start to giggle at something my friend said
>can't control myself
>fall back onto the floor and begin to roll around, still out of control of my body
>become aware I am not myself and forget my being entirely
>can't stop crying now either
>friends laughing at me but I'm genuinely panicked
>Convinced I'm not real
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 1883

i definitely am more forgetful but im cool with that, there's a lot of my life i want blocked out. i dont think im dumber, im definitely slower with my thoughts and my memory is of course shit but i can still retain info no problem, ive always been obsessed with studying and learning everything etc so intellectually im still all there. i still do dumb stoner shit sometimes but i generally just let people think im a ditz

Anonymous 1895

has anyone tried mdma? what was it like?

Anonymous 1896

amazing, wonderful, 1,000% would recommend! Kind of feels like being in love and wrapped in a fuzzy warm blanket

Anonymous 1904

I’ve done acid and shrooms once each. Acid wasn’t great but only because I did it with an ex who wanted to be “just friends” even though the breakup was a year ago and messy (pro tip: do NOT do this). Overall it was pretty influential

Does mdma make people horny sex freaks? I’ve heard this but never done it, and the person I’m interested in claims to have done it several times and said “touch feels really good” but gave cagey responses about anything else

Anonymous 1934

Been on fentanyl for 2 years, literally ruined my life, still love the high though , I literally can't say no to drugs, I smoked a little too much crystal last night and everytime I do the stuff I end up vomiting once I come down for like 15 min straight. I think I'm giving up the crystal, fu king hate being wired anyways, just wanna sleeeeep and and snort my pills, sleep, snort, abort.

Desperte a bruxa e…

Witchcraft General Anonymous 1359[Reply]

Can we start a witchcraft general?

Post witchy photos, media, tips, spells, etc.
Has anyone ever had any spells work?
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Anonymous 1906

Any other witches have opinion about witchtok?

Anonymous 1910

What the hell isn that?

Anonymous 1911

Young teenagers getting into witchcraft because its popular and making videos about practicing the craft.

Anonymous 1925

Aren't they the ones that tried to hex the moon? lol

Anonymous 1926

In their infinite wisdom, they also tried hexing The Fae


who here /insecam creep/? Anonymous 1912[Reply]

I like to watch people and things on publicly available IP cameras. Security cameras and such.
Here are some links to get started:
A cow farm in Japan:
A woman hanging laundry in Tel Aviv:
A Serbian medical clinic:
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Anonymous 1920

/x/ is for occult and conspiracy type stuff. this is just normal people-watching.

Anonymous 1921

Screen Shot 2020-1…

Thanks for sharing this site anon. The airliner and industrial/construction ones are cool. Nature cams and things like the medical clinic and coffeeshops are nice for just shutting your brain off and relaxing.

Anonymous 1922

There used to be one in some kind of medical lab (pretty sure it's something to do with genetics) in Australia. I fell so in love with one of the guys who worked there that I learned his schedule and would just have it on my second monitor constantly. It got to the point where I collected little scraps of information and figured out what city he was in so I could find him on social media. I realised how unhealthy the obsession was and stopped, but I still have this fantasy where I move there and masterfully insert myself into his life, making him fall in love with me.

Anonymous 1923

Anonymous 1924


Yes there's some nice scenery out there.

Here's a woman handing out flyers in a Serbian market.

haha that's great


Anonymous 1619[Reply]

does anyone else constantly have the feeling that everything you are doing on a smart device is being monitored? im kinda used to it tbh.
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Anonymous 1871

I don't really feel the need to hide anything minor from my global lizard overlords. What do I care if they see my browsing or purchase history? Of course I uninstalled drivers for my audio and cameras on all devices though.

Anonymous 1893

just tape it over anon

Anonymous 1897


We're living in a technological dystopia and it's happened slowly enough that we are like frogs in boiling water. It's funny to see idiots on reddit and everywhere freaking out about China's surveillance state, as if our own system is that different.

I've tried to get into using ProtonVPN and DuckDuckGo but it sucks that ProtonVPN is blocked in so many services. I don't understand how it works so I don't know if paying for it would help that (I use free version). And it's just too easy to be lazy. Mobile scares me even more because every app asks permission to "record phone calls" or whatever (wtf). I use prepaid phone SIM for easy and have taped over my laptop camera.

Anonymous 1903

I mean… you could live in the woods. Move to Nepal and set up shop in the mountains.

Anonymous 1905

protonvpn sells your data too, and people who are in protonvpn sell your data without them knowing as well
all you are doing is putting up delays for botnet AI essentially


Anonymous 1898[Reply]

Which one is more terrifying to you
>We are alone in the Universe
>We are not alone in the Universe

Anonymous 1899

that we are alone. It's nonsensical of course but… eugh it gives me the shivers thinking that humans could be the 'be all end all' of sentient, intelligent life.

Anonymous 1900


Anonymous 1901

We are definitely not alone.

Anonymous 1902

Yeah, I’d have to go with this one being scarier. The ENTIRE fucking universe, and humans are the exclusive rare anomaly of sentient intelligence forming out of carbon atoms. It shifts the paradigm of life being a “thing” towards life just being “one of many one-off quirks in the universe’s buggy code”. Because then who knows what else is out there that’s as rare and phenomenal as life, yet NOT life? What else can random arrangements of atoms do that we haven’t witnessed?

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