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eerie/weird thread Anonymous 277[Reply]

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Anonymous 352


Anonymous 353


Anonymous 354


Anonymous 355


Anonymous 655


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Irrational fears Anonymous 499[Reply]

What are you scared of?
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Anonymous 650

I'm scared of height. I think it's because of when the news were reporting the attack on September 11th 2001, they would show people jumping out of windows from the buildings on tv. And soon after that someone from my school died because she fell from a really high balcony and she was friend with one of my siblings. Just being in high places, even if I can't see the ground, makes me nauseous, expect on planes for some reasons. I find being in a plane scary for other reasons.

>video-game glitches
I hope you didn't play Pokemon Blue/Red, because it was full of the most insane glitches I've ever seen. It was my first video game ever and I had to use so many cartridges because of the glitches that would fuck up the sprites, the music, the sound effects and the save files (as in, you can't save anything anymore). The gameboy color camera was just as fucked up but not because of the glitches. It was straight up creepy even though it was supposed to be full of funny things and easter eggs. It gave me the same impression as when I found glitches in other gameboy games, except worse.

Anonymous 651

Haha, Pokémon was my life as a kid! Funnily enough, despite how much I played those games, I never encountered any bugs other than the scrambled Nintendo symbol on startup. Now I like to watch glitch compilations every once in a while but it's so creepy. The GB camera is even worse since those screens were put in intentionally.

Anonymous 652


I used to live in a small town which had an alarm like this, for some reason they tested the alarm every once in a while. Like this alarm would start playing and people were just like oh it's just another test. It was creepy.

Anonymous 653

The glitches in Link's Awakening fascinated me for ages.

Anonymous 654

Reading this gave me chills. You just reminded me of the time I accidentally downloaded a virus. I hate myself for it and I think it was what made my computer just shutdown (I didn't realize at the time though).
Basically I was trying to download a minecraft texture pack (lol) and there were like 50 different download buttons to click on. Sadly….I clicked on the wrong one and downloaded some video software thing. Deleted it immediately after realizing what I had done but I believe I was too late. Eventually the computer just started slowing down and getting super pixelized over time. Specifically when playing minecraft. Lost a bunch of old photos and screenshots from that computer and a lot of childhood videos. I just wish I hadn't clicked the wrong download button. Thinking about it makes me really sad. That's why glitches really freak me out, but they can also be kinda aesthetically pleasing in a way.


Cyberstalking Anonymous 140[Reply]

I do it, do you?
I love finding hidden accounts and secret blogs and I dox just to see if I can (but never post it or interfere with the person otherwise)
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Anonymous 637

honestly, if you´re not doing anything bad with that information , I don´t see the problem. It´s not normal, as far as I know, but it´s pretty tame compared what some actual sick people do.

Anonymous 643

I've got a folder of memes with a guy I've only ever seen once, not sure if that counts.

Anonymous 644

There's this person whose writing I love, I've been combing through their blog and saving their more interesting tags & all their writings in a folder on my computer.
I also infiltrated their discord ( she runs this collaborative writing thing ) and saved what she had posted there.
Trying to find out if they've got a GoodReads or something. I'm hella interested in finding out what what they like in literature.

Anonymous 645

>offers co-habitation even though it is a sin


Anonymous 656


>tfw cyber stalking that person you adore
>using your sockpuppet account of course
>seeing one of those insta posts with multiple pictures
>accidently hit like while trying to see the other pics
>blocked almost immediately cuz that person just knows


Crime General Anonymous 581[Reply]

Thread is open to anything and all crime related.
Post documentaries, news articles, podcasts, art, blogs, etc, all to your heart's content!
Keep it classy and "true crime cringe"-free, fellow miners. Cheers!

Anonymous 582

I'll start with a Psychopathy documentary. The style is refreshing imo. I'm just a bit into it so far but it looks promising

Anonymous 589

Nathaniel Bar-Jonah. Sick fuck who not only raped children, also cooked them, ate them and fed them (supposedly) to his neighbours.


Anonymous 638


This is a weird murder that happened a few weeks ago not far from where I live:


Some young guy was just chillin at a gas station looking to hitchhike, when a group of illegals ambushed him, slit his throat, chopped his body into pieces, stuffed the bits into a trashbag and then threw the remains in a ditch. All because they wanted his laptop.

It's so unnecessary and you wonder why they didn't just beat him up and run off with his stuff. But no, they had to chop the poor guy into pieces. I felt so fucked up after hearing about this from people who knew him.

Anonymous 641


If you're lucky enough to be of British residence, I'd highly recommend this 50 year old doco about forensics from the BBC's Horizon programme. It's really informative, and harks back to a time when the unattractive and awkward were allowed on TV, but sadly women could only be secretaries or corpses.


Anonymous 642

What a bunch of nonsense.
It could be a good way for teenagers to act out their agressions by beliving they have magic dementia though.


Anonymous 420[Reply]

What's the worst thing you've ever done?
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Anonymous 575

I literally don't get this. If you didn't murder someone, produce/post cp of another child, or rape someone (mind you, currently, if you molested someone, there's nothing anyone can do about it), I doubt anyone would care.

Anonymous 576

You don't get it because those are the only 3 things you can list out of a billion different situations and actions people go through and commit.

Anonymous 583

>did cocaine on several occasions
>stole a loottt, mostly from stores, probably stole over 5k worth of stuff in total, starting from when I was 15
>hit and run
>friend borrowed a bunch of money from the mafia, negotiated them out of it so they don't go looking for her
>drove a group of people to someone they were feuding with's house so they can beat them up, although I didn't have any part in it I still felt guilty for driving them and giving them tools, but the whole reason they were feuding is because the sold one of our friends in sex trafficking, choked her if she didn't make money, then he sent other girls to go look for my friend, when I finally got her out of it, we found bricks, guns, pepper spray, bats, etc, they fucked up their house, no one was hurt badly though or killed
>threatened people with a gun before, but never actually hurt anyone physically
>vandalized before

I feel bad reading these tbh, the worst most people's ever done is bullying, I wish I was innocent again and didn't get involved with all this

Anonymous 585

I told my little sister she was adopted (it's true)

Anonymous 640

Not sure if this belongs here or in the catfishing thread but…

When I was about 13-15 I used to make fake AIM screen names and Myspace profiles pretending to be popular Disney Stars from when I was a kid (Miley Cyrus, Nick Jonas, etc.) and so many people believed me. I even became close friends with a girl my age who was convinced I was a Jonas brother that she had a huge crush on.

Thankfully, she found out eventually and I was hugely embarrassed but she forgave me and we're still Facebook friends now in our 20's. She ended up getting a job following around celebrities like Ellie Goulding and doing personal work for them, which made me extremely happy that she finally got to (sort of) befriend actual celebrities instead of some dumb insecure teenager who was lying to her.

I believe my reason for doing that is because I was a lonely, friendless, mentally ill loser looking for an excuse to be well-liked and popular with kids my age. And it worked out for me temporarily, but crushed some of the people I took advantage of. It still haunts me to this day.


Have you ever fantasized about killing someone? Anonymous 473[Reply]

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Anonymous 543

I think these are relatively normal when you've been heavily bullied or comes form an unhappy family. The problem is really stying with these fantasies in your twenties and up.

Anonymous 623

I think about it all the time. People on the bus, people walking down the street. Sometimes I just want to run up behind them, take them over and strangle them. Though I've heard strangulation takes a lot more effort than you'd imagine.

I'm not even really that worried about getting away with it in most cases, just that it seems like it'd be a lot of effort, you know? I also wouldn't want to clean up/dispose of a corpse, but if it was just some random person down an alley getting stabbed near a club or something, I'm sure no one would ever know.

Don't really care enough to go out of my way to do it. But I think if the opportunity came up, like someone tried to attack me first, I'd go out of my way to kill them - even if I could get away without.

Maybe I wouldn't in the moment, who knows. I've been in a lot of situations though, like having a gun to my face, having my face punched, knife to me, etc, and I never really paniced or felt 'frozen with fear' or whatever people talk about. I actually feel really calm in those situations, more calm than I feel any other time - as I usually feel weirdly anxious around other people. I can't stop thinking about how much they disgust me, that I want them to get away from me, etc… and I think maybe that feeling is where part of the fantasy to kill someone stems from.

I digress, it's really just edgy talk in the end.

Anonymous 634

To be fair, the people who idolize school shooters are also sad losers who need therapy.

Anonymous 635


Mostly my bullies in high school.
I would fantasize ways to make them suffer the most and ways to kill them. I also fantasized f them dying horrible deaths. I was pretty fucked up but i was full of hate for those pieces of trash that made my life impossible and i wanted them to feel just how much pain they made me go through, which sounds borderline "school shooter manifesto" like, so fucking yikes.
Kinda glad i didn't do any fucked up shit and that remained on my mind only, still wish their lives end up horrible but don't really about killing them kek.

Also, agreed with >>536, those tumblr kids idolizing shooters are fucking mental, no matter how much you relate to them, those people are fucking monsters. I read a pretty "interesting" article about the columbine shooters fans specifically:

I also fantasize about killing animal abusers every time i read or watch news articles about them, like, i burn with hate when an animal suffers.

Anonymous 636

sexists, rapists, pedophiles, animal abusers, racists and every single one of their enablers, including lolicons and ddlg fags


Life or Death Anonymous 630[Reply]

Have you ever been in a life or death situation? What happened?

Anonymous 631

Probably it was very short but still felt like an eternity.Around age 11-12 i was going to a swimming course.At the end of the course teachers would let us have fun,splash,swim or even fight with water around.As i always had a special thing for diving,i was diving and resurfacing between lanes,having fun in my way.And suddenly when i was underwater i felt a fucking sharp pain behing my neck,and lost all my breath,all my movements,everything.I don't open my eyes underwater and it was dark,i couldn't move, breathe or anything for a real long while.Apparently someone jumped into the pool and landed on my neck while i was underwater.It was forbidden to jump into the water all the times but it was end of the day and you know how hard it is to take care of a bunch of 12 year olds.After the pain in my neck i was just there..in the water.Just inside,floating.No idea where i was,no idea if i was short on oxygen or not.Only thing i knew that i was inside the water and couldn't even move my hands.Teachers said they took me immediately out and i was fine after 10-15 seconds.But honestly it felt like an eternity and nothing can explain how scared and weird feeling i was.now i'm afraid to dive in deep places and whenever someone is around.I also have a lot of nightmares with the same feeling/same thing happening over and over again.

Anonymous 632

>be me
>19 or 20
>in an abusive relationship with a guy who abuses me physically, emotionally and sexually
>he's also a raging alcoholic and pathological liar
>hides my important shit so i can't leave him, rapes me, the whole nine yards
>has a gun he likes to wave around
>eventually he beats up my elderly dog and I get the fuck out
>guy harasses me 24/7 with terrible messages, attempts at calling, spewing conspiracy theories about how his 'friends' (actually just people he hangs out with at uni, they turned on him and helped me get out) were all just trying to sabotage our wonderful relationship
>blames his best friend for the dog's injuries despite the best friend being in another city on the day of the event
>holds my work materials and personal items hostage for leverage
>frames me for credit card fraud and my apartment is searched and my computer taken for evidence
>everything is fucking nuts
>return once to fetch my stuff
>bring my big buff Russian friend for protection
>ex attempts power play, says he will keep this or that of my expensive tech for work because I'm a dumb slut who fucked him over yada yada
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Conspiracy theories Anonymous 386[Reply]

Which ones do you believe in?
11 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 619

I believe pretty strongly that Kurt Cobain was killed by an assassin hired by Courtney Love and his death was framed as a suicide.


Anonymous 620

This conspiracy was pretty wide-spread at the time

I believe that there is a group of people that methodically and knowingly are pushing immigration of able-bodied, fighting-aged men from the Islamic fundamentalist middle-east into Europe and the mass terrorist attacks and mass rapes are merely a preview of what's to come and the media's push for acceptance and the governments' cognitive dissonance is conditioning.

Anonymous 621

During Hurricane Katrina, the Murphy Oil refinery in St. Bernard parish, just outside of New Orleans, had a container rupture and leak oil on a lot of the surrounding neighborhood, including my grandparents and aunt/uncle's houses. After the clean up the land was deemed uninhabitable and the oil company was able to purchase all the land for very, very cheap. Many people that were affected and in the area believe that the oil company did it on purpose, and I tend to believe them.

Disney's frozen is only titled like that so when you Google "Disney frozen" the movie comes up instead of conspiracy theories

Swiper and The Map are in cahoots! Think about it… Swiper always seems to know exactly where Dora is going to be. And who is always telling her exactly where to go? Wake up sheeple!

Anonymous 624

El Duce right? Did you see that video of him being interviewed and then you can hear a woman screaming "help me" in the background or something like that? Pretty chilling

Anonymous 625

>And yes I order all of my drinks with no ice I want to drink my raspberry coke not my raspberry coke diluted with slightly cooler water damn it


Although I curse internally when the dude filling the cup doesnt fill it to the top and leave a space of like 2 inches ("because you dont want ice lol"). Fuck u.


Creepy places Anonymous 385[Reply]

What's the creepiest place you've been to?

Anonymous 415


I have been to famous Aokigahara forest. It is a quiet and beauitful forest but I also felt a sudden surge of sadness while I was there, it's just weird to see all those anti suicide signs in such a quiet place.

It's also a very lonely place, just you and the lush forest, in some areas trees are so so big and so many that you can't see the sky, almost no daylight, just musk and wood.

I heard that people who enter the the forest can no longer return because it is very easy to lose the way and the notion of time.

It seems that once you get into the depths, you are destined to be part of that forest.

Anonymous 439


I'm moving to a small appartment, exactly opposite a cemetery which is said to be haunted. The cemetery itself is really beautiful in fact, but this sounds like the beginning of an horror movie.

Anonymous 445


Reminds me of eastern European forests.

Anonymous 622

I live in a place with lots of mostly empty, abandoned small towns.
The weather is often bad (grey sky, fog …) so they can be quite scary.


Sleep Paralysis Anonymous 33[Reply]

Have you ever experienced it, Miners? Share stories and tips on how to avoid it.

I've had very short (less than a minute) experiences before, but I had read up a lot about this from hanging on /x/ all the time so I knew it would be better not to open my eyes and just wait until it was over. Still scary though.
Now it happened again while I was napping around an hour ago. I saw some dude I know sitting on the bed right next to me, and I didn't understand how he got here or when, and then he leaned in and kissed me. It felt extremely real. I realized it had to be a dream and it went away after a minute or two but phew. I'm pretty disturbed.
That'll teach me to not take mid-morning naps.
21 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 441

Interesting that you mention that, my psych said I'd get weird dreams on lithium. I don't remember having any though.

Anonymous 515

The first time I had sleep paralysis, I thought I was dying because I had a fever. When I discovered what had really happened, I used it (the WILD technique) for lucid dreaming. It's scary at first, but it's a useful and easy way to start practicing it.

It's common for figures to touch or pick me up during sleep paralysis. Kinda creepy how real it feels. I find it's easier to experience it if you sleep on your back.

Pic related is what my first sleep paralysis looked like. Shit was scary, so now I choose to keep my eyes closed. Doesn't keep me from hearing or feeling things though.

Anonymous 516


Dropped pic

Anonymous 520

I used to experience sleep paralysis and hypnopompic hallucinations a lot when I was into lucid dreaming exercises, so I stopped: never experienced them again. It was scary.
The worst paralysis+hallucination experience I've had consisted in me looking around the room from my bed, not being able to move a finger, while a strange figure slowly raised itself from behind my sister's bed next to mine.
It was a woman with very pale skin, white clothes and long dark hair that however didn't cover her face. Her face was the scariest thing I've ever seen, and trust me, I've watched a lot of horror stuff and NOTHING compares to what I've seen that day.
Now standing on her feet, she stared at me with her eyes wide open, from behind my sister's sleeping body. Then she put her hands on my sister's body to give herself leverage and crawl towards me, slowly, with her head pointing forward, without blinking. Just staring at me. She also had the creepiest, faint smile on her face. She was seriously trying to move her face closer just to scare me.
I was frightened and I hope it never happens again. Fuck lucid dreaming, I can live without it.

Anonymous 618

I’ve only had sleep paralysis three times.

The first time, I didn’t see or hear anything but at that time I knew what sleep paralysis was, and because I was terrified of hallucinating, I somehow mentally thrashed my body and woke myself up.

Second time was the worst. I heard several faint, incoherent whispers and shrieks in my ear. Then, my door was opened by a blurry figure whose body looked like it had been unevenly scribbled-in with a black crayon and was “cartoon-ishly” shaped (sort of like the male bathroom symbol). He was irregularly coming towards me. I had a feeling of dread and somehow knew that he was “bad”. I mentally tried moving my fingers, then tried violently thrashing my body and screaming at the top of my lungs, but it was all futile. The whole episode lasted less than a minute. It is probably one of the most frightening things I have ever experienced. I think it’s also interesting to note that during this episode, there were minor changes in my surroundings. For example, my TV sat atop the dresser in the bedroom in which this occured, but during the sleep paralysis, it was propped up on the wall.

The third time I’ve had sleep paralysis, I had just exited a dream where I was with some sort of scientist. I don’t remember what he was saying, but in some old-timey, upper-class British accent a phrase he had said to me echoed a couple of times while I stared at the bedroom ceiling and then I woke myself up.

Each time I woke up I’ve been a little disappointed that the experience is so completely petrifying because I’d love to explore that realm of consciousness more, if that makes sense. I’ve also found that in all these instances, I was laying on my back. Since then, I’ve never slept on my back because I’m too scared of having another episode.

Sorry for necromancing, but I thought this thread was interesting

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