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Conspiracy theories Anonymous 386[Reply]

Which ones do you believe in?
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Anonymous 993

Just found this one, The New Order of the Barbarians



Anonymous 1004

I like reallygraceful's conspiracy channel on YouTube but I wish she would post sources for where she gets her info

Anonymous 1005

Anonymous 1019

Pizza Gate. There is something fishy going on in there, im not sure about children being stored in pizza shops, but those emails obviously have some sort of code in them. I mean, many of the people who were associated with it were called out for being pedophiles before it was confirmed, so there is some sort of legitimacy in the theory.

Anonymous 1020

A guide to the tru…


images (1).jpeg

Irrational fears Anonymous 499[Reply]

What are you scared of?
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Anonymous 970

I have a few.
>uncovered windows at night
>nuclear holocaust
>just suddenly dropping dead of a heart attack, aneurysm, or stroke
>having a stroke but not dying from it, just being paralyzed and completely helpless forever
>everyone secretly hates me but is too polite to say so (I live in Minnesota so this isn't out of the realm of possibility since people are so nice to each other's faces, which makes it even harder to tell myself I'm just being silly)

>eye contact
When I was very little (2-4 years old) if I was reading a book and there were eyes staring out of the page at me, I'd scribble them out with black or some other dark crayon. I don't know why and I don't remember doing it. I've always hated being stared at though, so maybe that was part of it.

Jesus, that siren/klaxon/whatever that is at about 7 minutes in. Why did I watch this alone in the middle of the night?

Anonymous 978

does it still do it?

Anonymous 995

i can’t sleep in the dark by myself, usually. i’ve always hated the dark

Anonymous 996


Anonymous 1015

We share so many anxieties, I feel like lots of my fears have already been explained for me. They're common?
Being hated by someone I love or respect, being made fun of maliciously or someone confirming my deepest fears that I fight to not accept scare me.
Oh, and being digested and skin debridement/any prolapse shudder.
Research all these possible medical abnormalities out of boredom was a mistake.


Cyberstalking Anonymous 140[Reply]

I do it, do you?
I love finding hidden accounts and secret blogs and I dox just to see if I can (but never post it or interfere with the person otherwise)
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Anonymous 983

>growing old
>having families


Anonymous 1001

I have the habit of checking the social media of people I used to hang out with to see what they are up to and random people on the internet who I had minimal contact with and was checking up on them in some way

the most "extreme" case of cyberstalking I've done was with an old classmate of mine who greeted me randomly a few years ago and had changed drastically(from obese to thin and very attractive to me)and after a bit he started working at my father's business but not at a place I could see him daily.My stalking was mild till then till I got a weird crush on him the last time I got to see him.then I started stalking him and having annoying obssesive thoughts over him for a while.He isnt super active on social media but I get to stalk on his friends' profiles too so I got to see extra stuff from him.

fast forward to september,he started working for us again and we get to be on the same space and it's super strange to see him most days of the week and pretending i didnt know about his social media and all that.I also got to learn a lot of stuff about his life that he doesnt share on social media which left me at a big state of shock bc I had a different image of him in my head.I have a folder of shame with insta stories and old posts of his that I can't let go of because they are "receipts" of what he has done and it makes me feel good to have such proofs

since he has a gf(which I was partly sure of since he was way to friendly with my at first but then i realised it's just his attitude)I have toned down my stalking in regards to crushing on him but I keep doing it out of habit and to make sure he isn't bullshiting on the things he says and does

it's such a weird situation to be into.I just expected to never see him again or just randomly and the crush would fade.I've been in a weird rollercoaster of emotions-partly-bc of him but I have finally started to ease myself and at least act somewhat normal around him

Anonymous 1009

I have a question, not exactly related to stalking but I didn't find an appropriate thread and didn't want to make a new one. It's a bit weird. Say if you follow someone on social media and they don't post personal info at all (I mean somewhere like a forum or blogging site, not facebook) and somehow you find out it's a person you know in real life, how would you react? Did it happen to anyone?

Anonymous 1010

Sadly I haven't so I don't know exactly how I would react. I think it would be really cool if it happened.
I would probably be surprised and maybe bring it up in a conversation with them.
Did this happen to you recently?

Anonymous 1018

This hasn’t happened to me either, but if it did… if the person interested me enough, i wouldn’t mention it and might even keep tabs on their posts just to secretly learn more about them. But if it just were some aquaintance i barely knew or cared about i wouldnt really take any action.


Anonymous 856[Reply]

>no monster boys thread up
let's change that
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Anonymous 965

no pressure to finish the drawing! or do this request! I like your art style and I would like to see a sea monster/merman/siren bf. I don't mean that all at once, but like either one of them! If you go with siren, I'd like him to be visibly singing? ^^; You dont have to do it if you dont want to! They can be like green or blue or look more human, whatever way you interpret that kind of thing!

(if anything I'm actually willing to pay for a commission if you do that, so if you are interested let me know and ill reply back with an email you can contact me on)

Anonymous 967


Hmm I said I would draw a slug man but I drew an incubus instead, I'm very happy with it, if you compare this with my first drawings in this thread this looks much better (in my opinion) even though it's messy, so maybe I am improving (yay) also I still haven't finished the dragon boi :c I just draw when my roommate is not around so I don't creep her out with my choice of subject matter.
I have an idea, I can draw what you asked for (but it will be messy) and when I post it you can pay me to make it cleaner and add more detail to it if you want, but you don't have to if you like it messy. Because drawing something doesn't take that long actually but cleaning it all up and making it nice takes a while, like they say: the last 10% takes 90% of the time, but it adds 90% of the impact.

Anonymous 968


Also does anyone else love this painting, I had it in one textbook and I just couldn't stop staring at it and I copied it because it's so beautiful. It's a design of a costume for the ballet Afternoon of a faun painted by Leon Bakst

Anonymous 969


It is not my type of artstyle, but otherwise it is kind of nice.

Anonymous 1006



Anonymous 420[Reply]

What's the worst thing you've ever done?
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Anonymous 585

I told my little sister she was adopted (it's true)

Anonymous 640

Not sure if this belongs here or in the catfishing thread but…

When I was about 13-15 I used to make fake AIM screen names and Myspace profiles pretending to be popular Disney Stars from when I was a kid (Miley Cyrus, Nick Jonas, etc.) and so many people believed me. I even became close friends with a girl my age who was convinced I was a Jonas brother that she had a huge crush on.

Thankfully, she found out eventually and I was hugely embarrassed but she forgave me and we're still Facebook friends now in our 20's. She ended up getting a job following around celebrities like Ellie Goulding and doing personal work for them, which made me extremely happy that she finally got to (sort of) befriend actual celebrities instead of some dumb insecure teenager who was lying to her.

I believe my reason for doing that is because I was a lonely, friendless, mentally ill loser looking for an excuse to be well-liked and popular with kids my age. And it worked out for me temporarily, but crushed some of the people I took advantage of. It still haunts me to this day.

Anonymous 939

I've done plenty of horrible, manipulative shit to others but the one thing that makes me feel bad about myself happened in real life. I was shopping and trying on some clothes, and I made a comment which I don't remember but it was snobbish and made me sound like a rich bitch. I made that comment around a lady that obviously looked poor, and I felt awful because I was poor, and still am poor, it's just that my mom and I are better at dressing than other poor people.

Anonymous 946

do you have any tips fellow poorfag

Anonymous 997

Babying them is demeaning, unless they are stuck spasming, drooling in a wheelchair don't let them get away with retard behaviour. Be straight forward and upfront with them. For the lower end of the spectrum one of the few things they do understand is pain. I should know, I have worked with an autistic person within my family for most of my life. My family is quite different we didn't believe the mainstream medical system when they said there is little we can do. Instead we went to as many different alternative therapies as we could find. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment, cranial sacral, tomatus, PEM, electromagnetic brain entrainment, speech therapies, detoxification therapies to mention just a few. When one wasn't producing any visible results we simply moved on to the next we could find. By far the most effective therapy was neurobiofeedback in combination with a specialized organic diet and juice fasts. Now after many years of therapy he's pretty much a completely normal person aside from a slight lack of social development. Compare this to before where he would run around and bite people.


Life or Death Anonymous 630[Reply]

Have you ever been in a life or death situation? What happened?
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Anonymous 897

Wow that is really interesting…

…especially where you say that you did not even feel anything except for a sharp pain and then (blank)

Anonymous 898

wow, your boyfriend referred to you as "anon"

that is abusive

Anonymous 900

I nearly choked on a fucking after eight when I was about 19.
Got the mint filling into the wrong tube. Turns out the shitload of menthol in it is highly irritating on more sensitiven tissue.
Worst part was when I ran to my dad after I realized that I cant breathe anymore (lived at home) and he was just unable to do anything because it was nothing that got stuck but the menthol indicating extreme spasms. Like a bossfight asthma attack.
The only thing I thought was "I'm such a frail doll that I get chocked by pretentious pseudo british sweets, fucking emberassing"
It wore of right before I passed out.

Anonymous 914

No but if I knew how many I have been in without knowing I probably would have been scared.

Anonymous 1000

during the summer i was eating calamari and i choked on it and started coughing and could barely breathe till some tourist got to do heimlich to me and pretty much saved me(from such silly death lol)

it was a scary thing to go through but while all this happened and everyone in the tavern were alert and terrified,my mind was mostly calm saying "you will be fine,you will swallow it or spit it out.it will be ok".my whole body was in panic but there was a part of my brain which was calm.it was so weird


Anonymous 989[Reply]

Any experience with Angels?

Anonymous 990


well, i'd say i'm conversing with an anonymous one now, anon <3

Anonymous 991


Anonymous 992

Idk if this count as an angel but:

>be 12 year old me

>been trying to sleep for half and hour by now
>suddenly a 2 feet wide white orb goes from the window trough the wall (lol) just above my head head
>fucking lost it and end up sleeping with mom

Mind you in that house always happened weird shit but never anything that uh visual, my mom did ended up telling me it was an angel but Idk, I also had something kind similar happen a few weeks ago but idk if it was the same thing at all


Creepypasta and other scary stories available for online reading. Anonymous 16[Reply]

Borrasca -

A great, atmospheric story. In my opinion, the ending was a bit heavy-handed and relied to much on shock and female torture, but aside from that, it had me hooked.
47 posts and 22 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 984


Anonymous 985

I stayed up until 9 am to finish this lol
It was a good read, reminded me of Stephen King, but the last part really fell flat imho.

All of a sudden this portal opens like the laziest Deus Ex Machina and from there it just devolves into "you're the chosen one!!! you're the most special person on earth" which is a trope I really can do without.

Aside from that, it was solid.

Anonymous 986

Same. Binged it. Yeah that makes sense, the ending was a bit odd. Glad you liked it!

Anonymous 987

If you haven't, you should read The Long Walk, it feels very similar!

Anonymous 988

Thank you, I will

captain faggo.jpg

Spooky greentext Anonymous 966[Reply]

Femanon from 4chan /x/
I haven't seen any greentext threads or real story threads, so post yours!

>Be me

>Hanging out with grandpa
>Fisihing at a pier near his house (he lived near the ocean)
>Its night, maybe 11
>See something glowing in distance
>see it get closer
>looked like of like a pig?
>Pointed it out to grandpa
>he freaked out
>took me home right away
Everytime I would ask him about it, he would be super vauge. I'm not sure what it was, but it was unsetteling.

Anonymous 976

It's not very good, maybe I was delusional, but it must be noted I've never had an audio hallucination smoking pot prior or ever since.

>be me in 2013

>middle of winter and im living with a coworker temporarily
>nearby his apartment are some quiet woods with a stream that runs through
>after work sometimes i would walk the trail a bit and then wander a bit into the trees to smoke
>one evening i do this after dark
>im sitting there smoking and i hear a baby crying
>i don't even consider what im hearing for 20 seconds until i think about how im all alone and theres no one nearby
>i stand up and look around and there is still this crying but nobody in sight
>i throw everything away and bolt to the trail and out of the woods as fast as i can

I never went back there at night.


Local Urban Legends Anonymous 886[Reply]

What are some weird or creepy legends that come from the area you live/grew up in? I love spooky stories but enjoy them so much more when they’re close to home!

(Image source: gimb.tumblr.com)
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 899


there are lots

there are also many thing people do not speak about openly, much of it being supernatural i bet

Anonymous 935


This one is fairly old, and is somewhat widely known.
But in Virginia colony, and up until the mid-20th century, there have been reports of a monster called the Snallygaster.

Some people suggest that it comes from local legends of the Powhatan, though I know little of this particular subject.

Anonymous 941


The Green Man / Charlie No Face
>A green glowing faceless demon who walks along the road at night.

What I find interesting about this urban legend is that the Green Man was a real person. He lost his face and arm from an electrical accident as a child. The legend originated from people seeing him during his nightly walks.

Anonymous 962

A girl committed suicide in my old school's pool (which was in the basement area) in the 1960s(fact), it has been closed off for a very long time but people have said the building above it is haunted.

An elementary school in my city used to be a military base in the 1800s(yes, the building is that old) and supposedly they hung people from a very large tree that still stands on the grounds. Not sure how true that one is with regards to hangings but yeah.

Anonymous 975

In my hometown there is a building downtown that had been boarded up since the 1970s. Downtown barely qualifies as a downtown, the city had a population of about 45,000.

The building was this very tall hotel, every last window had plywood over it. The explanation as to why it always stood was that nobody wanted to deal with it, the building itself was violating some code or had something wrong to where it would have to be torn down entirely to be fixed. And apparently the cost of doing so was not worth it to anyone, so it always remained.

Rumors were it was haunted as fuck and you could see all sorts of ghosts. People would trespass there regularly and get really scared, others said they saw nothing. I never tried but wish I did.

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