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Most retarded conspiracy you believe in! Anonymous 4991[Reply]

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Anonymous 5059

with the way things have been going over the past several years my new formula is that whatever your dystopian prediction is, make it 10 times worse, and you'll still be thinking optimistically.

Anonymous 5060

when you play a final fantasy game once

Anonymous 5066

jim carrey is an epstein goon and has probably killed someone

Anonymous 5068

People with red hair are descendants of beings not entirely human

Anonymous 5069

simply scientifically true, if you want to wrap the history of humane evolution up in mystical and mythical trappings. there was a lot more human diversity before. see: homo floresiensis


Anonymous 3581[Reply]

What’s the best way to go about killing yourself?
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Anonymous 5049

Where could I find someone to die with? I don't want to kill myself alone.

Anonymous 5050

The sanctioned suicide site has a partner thread, but the guy who runs it also runs incel sites and it’s monitored by feds. Honestly dying with other people carries more risk than it is worth since law enforcement would rather crack down on suicidal people than those who hurt everyone else. Imagine getting jailed on some bullshit charge like “abetting suicide” because you don’t want to live. Life affirmers are truly cruel people.

Anonymous 5051

Simply wait.

Anonymous 5052

Old folks home. Lots of death there.

Anonymous 5067

jump off a large high building or ledge at such a distance up that it will guarantee you won't survive


Quitting CyberStalking and Creeping Anonymous 4905[Reply]

I know there are a few threads about cyberstalking and creeping already but can we have a thread where we only discuss strategies to quit doing this?

I feel like I see a lot of posts here and on LC about wanting to quit but all the resources out there are for the stalking victims or how to stop looking up your ex bf on social media after a breakup.

It's not something you can easily discuss with anyone IRL, especially if they don't understand sites like LC, KF, PULL, or just why you might become obsessed with a random person online.

Stalkers are treated as creeps to be hated without any consideration that they might not like what they are doing and want to quit before it escalates or ruins lives.

Feel free to vent, do daily check ins, and share tips and resources.

If anyone has a success story, they are also welcome.
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Anonymous 5053

> I guess the people I am stalking are obsessions and I keep searching for "answers" as to why they treated me that way and were able to do things I couldn't.

I’ve been thinking more about this and while I think I have gotten some clues, I think I just have to learn to accept that I’m never going to have all the answers I want.

Recently the former fake friend I was following justified her cyberbullying someone else with the exact same excuse she used for bullying me many years ago. She’s posted about being bullied herself too and I’d convinced myself that she must have grown as a person but she hasn’t.

The other person I follow is the same. No emotional growth and continues to treat others badly yet cries about how people are terrible to them, often in the exact same way.

I think I just have to accept that they both treated me poorly because there is something lacking in their brains that prevents them from seeing other people’s perspectives and growing as a person. They are both incredibly self involved and will step on anyone if they think it will get them ahead. I’m not like that and my brain just can’t make the connections to justify that.

Instead of focusing on other people, I need to look inside more and spend my time doing things for me. I shouldn’t be wasting my time on energy on people who wouldn’t even piss on me if I was on fire.

Instead of keeping these people mentally present in my life, I need to put distance between us and be thankful that they can never harm me again.

Anonymous 5058

I feel like you are venting about personal experiences or have just misunderstood my situation. I don’t disagree that following someone’s posts is bad (that’s the whole point of this thread) but I don’t think quietly following someone online to try and make sense of the past is the same as IRL bullying over years.

Anonymous 5063

Hi, I'm >>4946. Interesting new development - me and my 'person' have been exchanging messages over the past couple of weeks. I don't know how to feel. Though I am elated that we are speaking again, I feel like I have tainted any sort of relationship we could have had by being obsessive and stalkerish, even if they weren't aware of it (and hopefully never will be). It is a dilemma that exists almost entirely within my own conscience, and yet, it's powerful. I don't know if it's the right thing to do to stop talking to them.

>I think I just have to accept that they both treated me poorly because there is something lacking in their brains that prevents them from seeing other people’s perspectives and growing as a person.
Unfortunately, there are many such cases. People like this are unable to change and grow because they are unwilling to see anything wrong with their behavior and treatment of others. I hope you are doing well, I think it will do you a lot of good to focus on yourself and on self improvement - this is what I am doing recently.

>They are both incredibly self involved and will step on anyone if they think it will get them ahead. I’m not like that and my brain just can’t make the connections to justify that.

This struck a chord with me, anon. I often feel the same way. It seems like most of the people who managed to get ahead in life did it through taking advantage and stepping on others. I don't think that I can bring myself do to things like this, but my position in life makes me miserable.

Anonymous 5064

I suppose I should add a little bit of detail so I don't sound too creepy. Me and my 'person' had previously known each other at one point in life (which seems common with cases of obsessive checking like this), things fell apart, but recently I decided that I had enough of my own behavior and decided that I would try to reach out once again, and if it netted me a favorable outcome, then that's that. And if it didn't, then it's time for me to give up. It's strange that I'm lucky enough to have reached the favorable outcome.

Anonymous 5065

I’m glad to hear that things are changing for you too. Stalking feels a bit like being in limbo. They aren’t properly in or out of your life and it’s difficult to get out of it unless there is a big change.


STRANGE DEATHS THREAD Anonymous 2099[Reply]

I'll post the first one: Monica Meyer, the mayor of Betterton, Maryland, died while checking her town's sewage tanks. She fell in and drowned in 15 feet of human waste.
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Anonymous 4877

The same random threads keep getting Russian spam posts. The mods delete the post but the bump remains.

Anonymous 4878

Ohhhhh, there's some guy using an automated script that's probably linking directly to certain URLs associated with the threads and then executing from there. That makes sense I suppose, still annoying, but at least I don't feel like I'm slipping slowly into a schizophrenic episode.

Anonymous 4914


I can't imagine how horrific drowning to death in molasses would be, nor how incredibly humiliating.

Anonymous 4919

not a specific case, but there is a disease that gradually turns your muscles into bone, eventually making you completely unable to move.

it has 100% fatality and there is no cure.


Anonymous 5061

i went to the mutter museum and saw the skeletons of the individuals mentioned in that article. its crazy. i looked at them for like 15 minutes straight just thinking about what it must have been like. i am very grateful that they were willing to donate their bodies. what a sad but fascinating disease

this disease is also just as fascinating/tragic to me
what disturbs me so deeply about lesch nyhan is that these individuals are self harm machines. this disease has destroyed one of their most fundamental traits of a living organism, the self-preservation instinct. they will do anything they can to hurt themselves, physically or otherwise. its like some kind of fairytale curse, but real. what seems most tragic are the ones who make it clear that they hate the pain but their body is hell bent on destroying itself and their mind cant tell it to stop


Anonymous 2594[Reply]

Anybody live(d) around paranormal activity?
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Anonymous 5040

sorry to say your home has a gnome problem, very hard to get rid of once they get established

Anonymous 5041

My dad's friend Tony lived in a condemned house by the beach that was apparently haunted for a while by a young Victorian girl and even my dad saw her, as well as strangers who came to the house (Tony hosts parties) that didn't even know about the ghost. I wish I could have seen her before Tony's crazy ex-gf apparently chased her away.

Anonymous 5044

Tony hosted parties in a condemned house?

Anonymous 5045

Kek must of had such a rich history

Anonymous 5048

Yeah the deck was at the brink of collapse but the inside was fine, save for the time it caught on fire.


Anonymous 4977[Reply]

Has anyone else noticed a dimensional shift lately?
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Anonymous 5005

Yeah I'll incorporate that into my belief system

Anonymous 5025


Do you think the Metaverse happening at this instant is the beginning of the dimensional shift?

Anonymous 5042


It's probably one of the first steps into transferring the human consciousness into digital form in order to encourage transhumanism and our separation from humanity. Maybe transhumanism is the goal of the merge. I think neoliberalism also pushes us towards transhumanism, which in a way is selling our souls to a devil (the selfish hedonism of living in a false digital world and ditching humanity and mortality). Even Chris-chan is transhumanist and has been this entire time. His entrance into the normal world gave consent to the transhumanists to be more open about their agenda. According to Chris-chan, the merge would allow us to meet our "OCS" and other fictional creations which to him somehow exist independent of the human mind. OCs and fictional characters only really "exist" over the internet, and the Metaverse will only encourage the priorities of fiction over fact. The merge itself is our descent into Hell, or the digital world we've created where laws and morals don't matter; we trade mortality for immortality and face the consequences while the world around us crumbles because people look towards the void; the digital world where reality is manipulated, instead of looking outwards at the real world or even inwards towards the Self, the human condition and the natural instincts we all harbor deep inside. The Metaverse is just a haven for selfish cowards to indulge in. People are encouraged to change the world and leave an impact, become famous, rich, and beloved. This is unrealistic for most people and that is okay. Everyone participates in history whether they want to or not, but unfortunately people are willing to sell their souls to the corporate masters; in return, they are promised salvation, but it isn't Heaven they are going, it's into Hell.

Anonymous 5046

Scary stuff. I also feel that VR and transhumanism are linked, and we might be disrespecting our Creator by altering ourselves in such ways. I don't know if current conditions such as lockdowns, increasing price of living, and social isolation will push people into VR, but it will definitely stop us from looking after the real world.

How is joining the metaverse 'selling your soul to corporate masters'? Does it benefit anyone in particular, to have humans in virtual reality?

Anonymous 5047


The Metaverse may allow people the freedom to do whatever they want with it but there's likely going to be some people in charge of it. I don't know if joining the Metaverse itself is the act of selling your soul to corporate masters but it is certainly a first step into introducing people to the idea that we can live our lives in a simulation instead of in reality. When humans turn their backs on reality in favor of simulations, what happens then? I only see this process as basically a testing grounds for when we are expected to just abandon the dying earth and live inside simulation pods. To me this doesn't seem too different from our previous desires to go into space, except that seems unrealistic now because of how expensive it is whereas VR makes money. Who knows, the Metaverse itself may be a fun thing for those willing to try it out but I doubt the Metaverse is the conclusion or the destination.


Manipulation Anonymous 787[Reply]

>What's the most extreme manipulative scheme you've completed?
>How did it affect the people involved?
>Would you do it again?
>Do you feel guilt manipulating people?
>What are your feelings in general regarding manipulation?
>If others were severely harmed in some way because of your manipulation, would that matter to you? Why or why not?
>Have you been manipulated in an as extreme way as you've manipulated others? What happened and how did it affect you?
>Do you take pride in manipulating people?
>Do you feel like emotional abuse is inherently wrong when it is purposefully inflicted? Why or why not?
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Anonymous 3444

70 (1)_kindlephoto…

Stop being so sensitive snowflake.

Anonymous 5035


Anonymous 5036


Anonymous 5037

You just stole that line from some teen angst drama, what are you though like 24 now??
I thank god everyday I don't feel the kind of desperation necessary to drive me to any of the behavior posted here. It reminds me of having to interact with trailer trash. Just what did your mother do to you to make you so seedy af???? Lmao and I thought my mom was bad. It reminds me of how human beings often add no value to anything, they're kind of just these parasites that suck everything around them dry. Its this kind of thing that gives me so much clarity in daily life. If humanity was wiped out it would be pretty priceless.

Anonymous 5038

Well okay. Half of humanity.


What's the worst thing you have ever done? Anonymous 4763[Reply]

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Anonymous 4948

Thank you so much anon, I really needed to hear this.
Kids are retarded and I didn’t want to look “lame” or something like that by spending a long time on the phone.

Anonymous 4955

Why did you do it?

Anonymous 4959

Yeah, I did too but out of sick curiosity. >>4923
Whatsapp has been the default message app in my country since like 2009 and when I was like 12-14 I was in a group full of moids, we all played league of legends, that was the “point” on the group. There was one dude that they added sometimes specifically to share cp and he’d send like 5 videos from 5 different “ages”, we were almost all minors so they wanted to see the 15, and 17 year olds or so they said. I don’t know why I didn’t get out of there sooner but yeah I did watch seconds of the more fucked up ones, well all of them actually.
I did called the police on this dude but the police basically laughed at me on the phone.
I regret watching it but thankfully I don’t remember much of it.

Anonymous 5033

you just didnt like her or what?

Anonymous 5034


Pizzagate discussion Anonymous 4868[Reply]

I'm not even sure if I should make this thread considering how dark and disturbing the subject is. I wonder how deep the rabbithole goes. I already know some things but I still feel like I'm only at the tip of the iceberg. Do you believe in this conspiracy /x/ ? I do. If my thread gets deleted because of the deeply disturbing subject I can understand.
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4879

The part about that pizza place seems like a meme to me but I think it goes without saying the elite are involved in a pedo operation. Probably just as customers though. It is a separate criminal ring that kidnaps the kids and produces the child porn. And then there is more money to be made on blackmailing the customers. This is why Epstein got caught, he was deemed a liability either by the other people in his crime ring or by one of the parties he was blackmailing, likely the Clintons or Trump.

Anonymous 4881

what i want to know is why the fuck its called pizzagate

Anonymous 4882


Because the idea that there is a group fo elites with access to extralegal sex with minors (which is true) got conflated and centered around one pizza place due to Clinton email leaks.

Anonymous 5026

What are your thoughts on Isaac Kappy? His dead man's switch? The circumstances in which he died? There's just too much. I'm convinced that it proves the reality of Pizzagate

Anonymous 5031

I think that Pizzagate was made to sound ridiculous on purpose from the start, so that the rich people actually diddling kids could continue to do so in peace.
And this. Pretty sure that someone really famous is scared of getting caught, so he made this thing public in an attempt to get access to the evidence and erase his part in it. Law enforcement cannot be trusted to not to be compliant to him, because he’s so influental, and that’s why so much data ”disappeared”.


/tig/ - Targeted Individuals General (Electronic Harassment, Gang Stalking, Psychological Terror) Anonymous 3897[Reply]

Targeted Individuals are people reportedly being targeted by various forms of Gang Stalking, usually done by the governments, powerful criminal gangs and federal structures (of various countries since gang stalking isn't exclusive to one country). Reported effects of being a victim of banned psychotronic weaponry include thought insertion (zombification), hypnosis, hot flashes, uncommonly feeling contractions and pressure in your crotch (tele-rape).

Post your experiences with Gang Stalking (being a TI, knowing a TI IRL, etc)
83 posts and 25 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4885


Mind control is the systematic use of unethically manipulative methods to persuade others to conform to the wishes of the manipulator.
Gang stalking is a sort of mind control.
Gang stalking is a hate crime.

Electronic harassment is another sort of mind control. Electronic harassment is the use of electronic devices to harass, torture, and/or physically harm a person, or even the pets of the victim. Many electronic devices can have a negative side effect on your health. So they can be used for harassment.

About 50% of gang stalking victims experience also electronic harassment.

Voice to skull (V2K) is a sort of electronic harassment. Many gang stalking victims hear voices. We suppose that the perpetrators use voice to skull to harass and hypnotize their victims.

Implants are a sort of electronic harassment. It’s the most invasive type of stalking. Some implant victims don’t experience gang stalking. Gang stalking victims see them as medical experimentees.

Anonymous 4906

>works the same way it does in high school
so it doesn't work? i have a history of being bullied and i tried ignoring and laughing at them, yet it never worked. shit only stopped when i changed schools, yet in the new schools (i went to multiple) i was also bullied due to being retarded and schizo.

>Shutting down discussion about what works helps NOBODY.

sorry if i came across as shutting down discussion, you're free to discuss any way to stop it because at this point i'm desperate; the active part started again. i'm only saying that your method sounds not applicable; at least in my case. it may have worked for you but i don't think it works for me. maybe it's due to us being in different countries and gangstalked by different people/gov agencies; mine is known to only stop when the target is either dead or locked in either jail or the nut house (gang stalking-induced artificial schizophrenia).


i've had exactly the same experience as you in terms of the radio shit; thankfully it was only a few times and yes, i ignored it then. i think i ignored it because the radio was not talking about me exactly though.

>(But I think I realize this because my experience with gangstalking has been of a "punishment" for taking drugs. )

here i think our experiences are way different. i am being gang stalked for an entirely different reason; thus they think i am NOT harmless in any way. this could explain why you're able to shut down gang stalking in such a simple way.

Anonymous 4912

>> so it doesn't work? i have a history of being bullied and i tried ignoring and laughing at them, yet it never worked. shit only stopped when i changed schools, yet in the new schools (i went to multiple) i was also bullied due to being retarded and schizo.

Are you really retarded? Or just talking smack about yourself? No offense but I can tell from the internal dialogue you're not actually ignoring them. The problem isn't that it doesn't work, its that you can't keep your head in that permanent state for long, without hearing their influence take up space in your skull again and again.
You see yourself become that way and you think its impossible.
I'm not trying to be annoying , I just want you to know there is a way to go about it that works.

I'm not saying its perfect I have times where I regress and sometimes I get the theatre directed at me again. But for the most part 90% of my life has vastly improved.

>> mine is known to only stop when the target is either dead or locked in either jail or the nut house (gang stalking-induced artificial schizophrenia).

Thats just what they want you to think. Its how they get in your head to terrorize you. I got tons of death threats for years, like I said.. BUT I went further and further into extremes testing out what I could go back to doing and get away with (not just with drugs, with other things too "reading what I shouldn't saying what I shouldnt") and I swear to you, its all a show to terrorize you and break you down, but they eventually stop.

If you really believe you're a dangerous person who deserves this, you sound like me 7 years ago. its probably because they got inside your head and convinced you that you were. (I haven't told you my entire story. There were multiple things I got stalked for.)

Anonymous 5020

They're coming for my fucking walls I can't listen to HNW normally they have to break my connections by breaking into and creating these 1 second breaks in a constant stream of noise

Anonymous 5021

They're already making me an amoeba basically by stripping me of my wishes desires and connections now they're taking away what I use to cope with all of this fucking shit

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