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Terfposting #28 Anonymous 213866

Anonymous 213869


Apparently the Joker is pregnant in the comic books.
I fucking hate seeing men replacing women.

Anonymous 213873

Anonymous 213895

somehow i feel this is just an artist/writer shoving in their fetishes for all to see rather than gendershit
unless this is treated as serious business in which case lol

Anonymous 213941


i think it would be funny if we co-opt the blåhaj from them

Anonymous 213944

images (13).jpeg

cause like come on, sharks are the perfect terf animal

Anonymous 213948


Anonymous 213951

it is the second time i see someone comparing shark brains to the female reproductive system in less than a week

Anonymous 214030


straight men and lesbians don't want your frankenstein wound and even tranny fetishists don't like the post-op ones.

Anonymous 214034

Screen Shot 2023-0…

Boo hoo

Anonymous 214085

>it cost money for me to mutilate my penis into a manmade horror, therefore it's better than what God gave you for free.
lol, what an absurd cope.

Anonymous 214094

>people say trans coochie is an inferior product
Why does he sound like he's trying to sell his frankenwound

Anonymous 214174

Why does he twitch like that, he looks severely disabled. Why would he liken his 35k crotchhole to a bag?
He probably is, he's likely a virgin

Anonymous 214217

his freaking voice cracks, it's so painful to hear. all his mannerisms are of a flamboyant gay male too, no straight man would ever be attracted to this faggotte.

Anonymous 214224


Is it weird to say I've never heard an Australian troon before now? All the onces I've heard are either American or European. Those voice cracks are awful.

Anonymous 214256

this is so cringy kek i can't

Anonymous 214381


I think (hope) that this transgender ideology will eventually die like every other popular pseudoscience.

Anonymous 214388


Two men talking about their menstrual cramps

Anonymous 214409

are they just making it up or are they actually feeling pain? i have no idea what they are talking about

Anonymous 214416

I hope they are

Anonymous 214425

Probably just psychosomatic

Anonymous 214428


Anonymous 214429


Anonymous 214430

I saw a meme saying keemstar after getting head from a sexy tgirl or something. He was saying Trans Rights over that harry potter game.

Anonymous 214435


wtf. Why do men have to try to take everything.

Anonymous 214442

Hary Potter and th…

ungodly amounts of cope

He sounds like he's trying to convince himself, more than the viewers

Anonymous 214444

he gets off to roleplaying, jesus christ i hope he kills himself

Anonymous 214445


all the Hogwarts Legacy threads on /v/ are a goldmine of memes against trannies. /v/ is funny af sometimes.

Anonymous 214449


Kekk I like this one

Anonymous 214454

I am fucking dying right now. I need more of these.

Anonymous 214455

lol that's great

Anonymous 214458

Anonymous 214464


>calling us bitches
this is PrOgReSs

Anonymous 214465

That boy needs therapy!

Anonymous 214466


what does that mean?

Anonymous 214467


Uggo self aware enough to call himself a tranny but not self aware enough to know that we can tell he’s a troon without him telling us

Anonymous 214468

you're a nut!
you're crazy in the coconut!

Anonymous 214480

Oh Mr Kirk, I'm as upset as you to learn of Dexter's troonacy, but surely, expulsion is not the answer!


Anonymous 214503

(and he also made false teeth!}

Anonymous 214538

I really like the blahaj cuz i find it very cute but it's SO associated with trannies that im preventing myself from getting one. So I have a plush snake instead

Anonymous 214552


I need to share this because it's too disgusting.
>tl;dr tranny made a wolfenstein clone where you play as a tranny that murders women, and specifically says it's a way to actualize an inner fantasy he has
I want to see this piece of shit doxxed and deplatformed

Anonymous 214553


If anyone founds anything about him I would be very happy

Anonymous 214554


For the moment it would be best to report this game to the steam store, I can't believe they let this piece of shit pass

Anonymous 214555

his identity is already public iirc, someone already tried to sue him and the police said they can't* do anything
*don't want to

Anonymous 214558

Okay, but maybe his future employers would want to know about what he does online, and so society in general. Is there a pic of how he looks like?

Anonymous 214559

He is a norwegian troon named Moen, Reduxx had an article about him

Norway is the same country that wants to send a lesbian to prison for saying men can't be lesbians (yes, you've read that right: https://reduxx.info/men-are-men-norwegian-artist-facing-criminal-charges-potential-prison-sentence-over-gender-comments/) so I don't think anything will happen to him (legally).

Anonymous 214560

This is terrifying.
At the bare minimum he should not get any income for the game, so it should be removed from steam ASAP

Anonymous 214561


this is what he looks like, regular incel programmer with a receding hairline.
This is a Norwegian article about him, I can't understand much Norwegian but it seems like the usual victim shtick crying about not feeling welcome in female changing rooms. https://journalen.oslomet.no/content/trans-formasjonen

Anonymous 214562

I wish the gender critical fascism thing he made up in his game was real, would be based af. Matriarchy utopia with men in re-education camps when.

Anonymous 214563

It's necessary fr. Don't know if troons like this guy could ever be re educated though

Anonymous 214564

We could put him to work in the mines or dying in some war like he was born to do.

Anonymous 214565

Do you know how to report offensive/hate inciting game on steam?

Anonymous 214568

Not much of a re-education, but I would still get behind that. Honestly that guy deserves worse, you just know if he had an inch of actual power in real life he would do tremendous things

Anonymous 214569

I think you need an account. Here's a guide:

Also, I just learned there is ANOTHER Norwegian woman facing up to 3 years of prison for stating that men can't be lesbians. This one is head of the organization whose logo the troon copied for the game to substitute the swastika. Very ironic.

Anonymous 214570

I do have an account, later at home I'll reinstall steam and report it

Anonymous 214571

>does this game fix your male pattern baldness
I kek'd

Anonymous 214573

If only it went on sale I'd buy it just to write a review saying
>you will never be a real woman

Anonymous 214575

I don't think reporting will achieve much. It takes a lot for a game to be banned on steam. For a time valve had a "anything goes" policy, but I think it changed after Rape Day was taken off the store, and it was still after a big controversy. I doubt they will take down a small wolfenstein clone, especially nowadays.
Its still worth a try tho.

Anonymous 214578


Too bad I don't know shit about programming or making video games. Imagine if there was a game along these themes, or a mod in which you take revenge on tranny enfoncers

I guess if you play less than two hours, you can ask for a refund and leave a bad review and still have your money back. Not sure though, I will have to check…

Anonymous 214583

This made me glad I bought Heartbeat, the game they cancelled because one of the creators is a TERF lol

Anonymous 214593

Just found out apparently we can add the "Male Protagonist" tag to the game.

Anonymous 214601

lmao tell yourself that. I'm saving this because this is hilariously sad. Does nobody in their circles find it weird how body parts are treated like products you get in stores? And how toxic they are by bringing other people down all the time? For a group of people that is so against bodyshaming they love to shame real women's bodies a lot.

Anonymous 214604

Everyone in their circles is exactly like them so…

Anonymous 214610

Both the left and the right have problems.

Both are extremely ignorant on history and politics. The right believes in "traditional values" and the left unironically denies that the West is the only civilization that actually gave women some rights in large scale (b-but this Bolivian tribe from 600 ago). When it comes to economics, the left still believes that socialism can work despite its blantant record of failures, while for the right even small government regulation and welfare state for the poor is "communism".

They are extremely ignorant in hard sciences and well. The left supports trannies, astrology, homeopathy denies that GMOs are safe, while the right is still pro-life, believes that the Earth is only 6500 years old and in racialism. There are also anti-vaxxers.

And I'm not even talking about the conspiracy theories that both sides supports. I'm not saying that I'm some sort of enlightened liberal centrist (I'm not), just that this right-left thing is dumb.

Anonymous 214612

This, I also find it suspicious when politics are brought to a thread which states what should ne the obvious

Anonymous 214619


Anonymous 214632

>>welcome to-
no wait, that's a trap. men don't have cramps.

Anonymous 214659

The problem with the argument that right-wingers will prevent GNC women from entering women's restrooms rests on the lie that women can pass as men.

Anonymous 214663

i think at this point it's safe to assume that anyone bringing up a grievance here that isn't about hating troons is a concern trolling troon. just stop responding to it

Anonymous 214664

this thread and the autists and seething troons it attracts is the cancer that is killing cc

Anonymous 214665

This. He's so desperate that he's started replying to himself.

Anonymous 214675

You know that feeling when you almost have a sense of pity for troons and then they just have to remind you how disgusting and predatory and dangerous they are?

Anonymous 214680


>NOT FUNNY GUISE!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 214699


Reminder that he is also the CP spammer

Anonymous 214714

>I have never been kicked out of a female bathroom lmao.
No actual woman has ever bragged about this

Anonymous 214728

This has to be a fucking joke

Anonymous 214768

>be tranny
>get stomach cramp
>"It mUst bE mY pErIOd"

Anonymous 214785

how to clock trannies? like obviously you can go by hair, hands, jaw, etc, but what about the younger ones? like the ones that havent fully evolved into manfaced freaks, like what about teenagers?

Anonymous 214789

IRL they never, ever ever pass. Also most of them smell really badly

Anonymous 214794

theres a few of them roaming around my uni's campus and at first i really cant tell until they open their mouth. like its kinda scary bc i will go into the women's bathroom and be like "oh thank god only women here right now" and then some tranny will start to reply and im like, oh

Anonymous 214834


The face of a man who loves making BBC threads and also spamming interracial porn

Anonymous 214835

Please tell me this is photoshopped

Anonymous 214836

It's the fat version of
It's also clearly photoshopped, not like it makes him look any better/worse

Anonymous 214845


i love jkr

Anonymous 214854

I'm glad the troon is gone. So, do you think we have a chance in getting this game removed from steam?

Anonymous 214857

I reported it. Hopefully i'll work. I doubt it, but it's worth a try.

Anonymous 214858

I don't think we do but we can try.

Anonymous 214866


One of my top favorite LC posts

Anonymous 214868


Anonymous 214871


Trannies are ridiculously racist, more at 11.

Anonymous 214874

it's probably better that the game stays up as an example of how deranged they are. don't interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake.

Anonymous 214877

without pushback it will only escalate into more violence.

Anonymous 214880

i doubt anyone is going to go on a killing spree targeting terfs because of that game, but if you want to try and get it removed i could really care less. i just think that deplatforming unhinged trannies hides what they are doing from normies. i would rather amplify their insane ramblings so everyone sees them for what they are. that's why all of them were upset about libs of tiktok, because she was showing people the stuff they were really saying and doing, which they do not want.

Anonymous 214885

> deplatforming unhinged trannies hides what they are doing from normies
nona I get what you mean but when do these things ever make it to normies? you should know better by now. the world is trooner than ever despite everything.I'm not necessarily saying that a tranny is gonna go on a shooting spree I'm just saying that trannies and their supporter will become more comfortable with the image of "bad women" subjected to violence, it will make them rationalize it.

Anonymous 214888

tories have no values and do whatever gets them in the news? shocked

Anonymous 214892

Love those sweet nu-male groomer tears.

Anonymous 214914


since when are men interested in designer bags

Anonymous 214915

where's the ywnbaw simulator?

Anonymous 214923



Why is the UK so more advanced that US and the rest of Europe in the trans issue? JK Rowling?

Anonymous 214924


I just found this extremely retarded French/Québécois webcomic called Assignée Garçon (made by a TIM of course).
Can anyone recommend some based (feminist/gender-critical) Francophone webcomics in turn?

Anonymous 214925

Yes, please. It'd be hilarious. I've had mine for a while, bought it because it was cute.

Anonymous 214926



Anonymous 214927


never happens amiright

Anonymous 214928

It honestly makes me sad to see Scotland (their government, at least) fall victim to such extreme degrees of woke brainrot. I always supported their independence, it's a lovely place with lovely people, but this shit just keeps ruining it.

Anonymous 214934

The tranny who made this is a diaperfur pedo

Anonymous 214939

>libs of tiktok, because she was showing people the stuff they were really saying and doing, which they do not want.
Is libs of tiktok a terf? I don't use twitter but my impression of it was that it also pushed far right conservative propaganda. I could be wrong though

Anonymous 214941


So that's why he has so many comics justifying obvious child sexualisation. What a surprise. It always comes back to pedophilia with them.
Hopefully Québec kicks out his pedo ass one day. A pedo TIM has no right to be in the only based place of the Western Hemisphere.

Anonymous 214950


>where's the ywnbaw simulator?

Anonymous 214953

i seriously don't understand the roleplaying as a girl toddler thing


Anonymous 214954

i'm not sure, i think i heard she was conservative, it's not really relevant to the point i was trying to make though.

Anonymous 215039


terminal mental illness. This is him irl btw.

Anonymous 215052

I'm not francophone, but sadly for you I have bad news… his comics are well spread even in the anglophone world. "Assigned Male". I think it was even a common meme like loss on 4chan for a while.

Anonymous 215076

My mum saw that picture over my shoulder, said "Oh my goodness" and actually clutched her pearls.

Anonymous 215078

scuffed translatio…

in case some of you wanted it i translated this >>214924 from baguette to english

Anonymous 215082


Anonymous 215086

your mom sounds awesome

Anonymous 215103

Will troons still be a problem when they install artificial organs into them? There’s a lot of research going into artificial organs so they will be real sometime next 30 years. Artificial sex organs will be big, a lot of women and men are infertile already and it will only get worse.

My disgust and hatred for troons comes from the lack of proper functionality I have no problem with crossdressers like the Meg, Mogg and Owl guy.

Anonymous 215105

This stuff is never going to happen. Troons will never, ever be women.

Anonymous 215113

Wut? The lack of functionality of troons is the least concerning part about them. They're always going to be creepy, predatory, misogynistic, personality disordered men, regardless of how advanced the Frankensteinian surgeries become.

Anonymous 215133


Based ai

Anonymous 215135


Anonymous 215164

Not sure about that. How about some surgical neuroablation in the regions that control how they behave and then pump them full of chemicals that supress the neurogenesis supressors so the brain grows back and can be trained to act like decent human.

Anonymous 215165

alright that's funny

Anonymous 215170

They're still male right down to the molecules in their body.

Anonymous 215176

And more important, they still have a male brain.

That won't change, even if they somehow manage to be have XX chromosomes.

Anonymous 215189

I don't like the idea of male and female brains. Trannies use that all the time to justify their fetish.

Anonymous 215190

Males have male brains and females have female brains. You can't have the brain of another sex inside of you. They can cope.

Anonymous 215194

natives are endangered but is their end goal.

Anonymous 215195

Disagree, if the DNA says XX that's a woman and if it says XY that's a man.

Anonymous 215196


With Canada essentially promoting euthanasia for the mentally alongside pro-gender shit I think there will be more stories like this

Anonymous 215198

this whole story is messed up. the guy said he didn't even really want to do it, even at the point where they were administering anesthesia. part of me wants to call him retarded but i've been in situations where the pressure just kinda made you go along with whatever, but this is on another level. the doctors just kept telling him it was normal to feel that way which is insane.

Anonymous 215199

It's because they pushed it first and the hardest and loudest. They let Mermaids UK run loose for years and saw the consequences of letting the trans community get what they want, they've been sued for them. They've seen the reports stating Mermaids and the larger trans community were transing autistic girls and gay children. They let the trannies show them who they were and they didn't like what they saw so that's why they've started blocking and reversing things (after making feminists the villain for this long and no apology)

Anonymous 215209

i hate troons but i feel bad for him kinda

Anonymous 215211

same, he doesn't strike me as the dangerous annoying kind (90% of troons). he also mentioned he's gay i think, and straight male troons tend to be the more deranged weirdly enough

Anonymous 215212

What about chimeric brain?

Anonymous 215213

There is no such thing. Also, there is no such thing as brain sex.
You don't blend with us, also.

Anonymous 215214

Chimeric brains do exist. Not just the bland natural ones that arise when two early stage embryos merge but stuff like human-mouse chimeric brains can be made.

Anonymous 215215

Okay so it's a freak experiment, stop getting off-topic

Anonymous 215219

so can you tell a brain is of a woman or male by scanning it or no?

Anonymous 215220

samefag but its funny that whatever the answer is its a win against troons

Anonymous 215235

Not just a diaperfu pedo, he literally traced over actual pictures of children to draw his furry baby porn. Absolutely sick.

Anonymous 215238

No, you can't. You can make an educated guess based on size (since women's skulls are smaller, it doesn't mean much), but that's it.

Anonymous 215240

thank you for your answer nona

Anonymous 215252

I'm afraid expulsion is the only answer.
It's the opinion of the entire staff that troons are criminally insane.

Anonymous 215301


Anonymous 215302


Anonymous 215303

please spoiler these ugly freaks

Anonymous 215428

His bio has "transsexual" and "biological male". He seems like one of those old school trannies.

Anonymous 215450

Is this that shop teacher that was wearing that stuff to school, or is this common among troons?

Anonymous 215459


Anonymous 215503

The fact that this picture's background is blurred indicates that this is a moid crossdresser who likely hasn't taken hormones, chopped their cock off, or even gone out in public looking like that. Does cc hate crossdressing now?

Anonymous 215504


Moids btfo

Anonymous 215508

I sure do.
This is so accurate. I wonder if the handmaidens who cry "men can have periods too!" realize this or they're just ignoring it.

Anonymous 215510

And what does that have to do with terfs or feminism in any capacity?

Anonymous 215511

I hate moids and I especially hate moids who hate women so much that they fuck each other instead. Where do you think you are?

Anonymous 215513

Personally, I don't care about moids fucking each other at all. They can go fuck each other's asses all day long if they leave us alone, that'd be great.

Anonymous 215514

this. also wouldnt that hurt lesbian and bisexual women too?

Anonymous 215516

I really don't gain anything from moids being legally forbid of fucking each other in the ass. And if you think the kind of people who want to push that wouldn't want to push laws against lesbians, you are demented.

Anonymous 215519

Women don't sodomize each other because women don't have penises, dumb troon
>if you think the kind of people who want to push that wouldn't want to push laws against lesbians, you are demented.
First of all, society doesn't care about what lesbians do because lesbians don't spread disease and pedophilia like gay moids do. Second of all, you're obviously a troon trying to promote gender ideology, do you think the conservative legislators who write anti-trans laws support lesbians? Am I supposed to support troons now?

Anonymous 215521

Yeahh I'm all for male homosexuality, I wish 90% of men were exclusive homos. The world would be a much better place if they stuck to themselves, raped each other etc … I'm straight but I don't care about romance or sex so it makes no difference for me, all I can see are advantages kek

Anonymous 215523


>First of all, society doesn't care about what lesbians do because lesbians don't spread disease and pedophilia

There are many pedophile nuns that sexually abuse little girls.
If you want to encourage society to sweep female-on-female sexual abuse under the rug, you're sick. Simple as.

Anonymous 215526

>dumb troon
you're the poltard moid but okay.

also: Sodomy (/ˈsɒdəmi/), also called buggery in British English, generally refers to either anal sex (but occasionally also oral sex) between people, or any sexual activity between a human and an animal (bestiality). It may also mean any non-procreative sexual activity.
humble down retard scrote lol

Anonymous 215532

In this day and age, there is no certifiable way to tell the difference between a crossdresser and a troon. In the case of that one certain elderly moid, he looks like shit and isn't doing a good job crossdressing anyway. He looks like a dangerous freak. Also what does the blurred background have to do with anything?

Anonymous 215542

Do you have statistics for that? Because men commit 99% of sexual abuse crimes.

Anonymous 215554

Lesbians can also be fucking horrible to each other, but I guess it's fine as long as no one calls it in.

Anonymous 215557


troons are soulless

Anonymous 215559

What is the story?? This is vague af

Anonymous 215561

nta but I think this was about a trahns wahmin changing in a womens locker room

Anonymous 215562

Be the change you wish to see

Anonymous 215568

i bet he his, after he chopped his little sausage

Anonymous 215588

I don't have any stats on hand for this I did hear a woman psychiatrist who specialized in sexual trauma, who was talking about maternal sexual abuse and concluded that it's not really possible to estimate coherent relative numbers because a lot of women who had that trauma would only start admitting to a perpetrating mother rather than a male after years in therapy due to how singularly traumatic it is to be treated that way by your mom. I don't believe I would be able to find her again since she speculated (again without reliable stats) that dysphoria and FtM tendencies might align more with maternal than paternal abuse, so I expect she's been professionally un-personed by now.

Anonymous 215602

I had an abusive mother (severe beatings) and an absent father. She always berated me for not being feminine enough, among other things.
So for a while my group of "friends" tried to convince me that I was actually a boy inside and shit. It sucks because you really start believing shit like "I need to be a man otherwise I will always be hurt". Thankfully I never caved in and also I got away from that group because they were pieces of shit and one of the guys there became your stereotyoical MtF troon.

Ironically my boyfriend recently said that I'm actually very feminine in a lot of ways of thinking and even habits, and when I talked about my experience with him he told me something in moidspeak that basically meant "just because you're not a pick me bimbo it doesn't mean you're not a woman".
Didn't expect to hear that from a man honestly, not even someone close to me. In my country there's even a slur for women who are accused of having too "male" hobbies (which is a bullshit concept to begin with of course but didn't know that as a kid)

Anonymous 215615


why do TiM's get to be in Womens safe spaces again?

Anonymous 215616

This is crazy. Why are troons even worse than moids in general?

Anonymous 215618

I don't think it's very surprising thet men with a rabid obsession with gender roles plus a fancy for overstepping boundaries and a bunch of fucked up fetishes are more dangerous than the average moid. Moids can be bad in general, but troons are bad by definition.

Anonymous 215624

Now that I think of it, I know this tranny that often over-tightens his belt and then complains about how his tummy aches. I wonder if he's been trying to simulate period cramps. God, trannies are such repulsive beings.

Anonymous 215627

Screen Shot 2023-0…

saw this on tumblr and looked "her" up.
….yeah, ofc its a tranny!

Anonymous 215628

Screen Shot 2023-0…

Anonymous 215647

Are there really only 50,000 TIMs in the entire UK? I thought the USA had over a million TIPs

Anonymous 215665

>tiny kitten

Anonymous 215672

Sodomy can mean just about any sex act. It means immoral or unnatural sex acts. One of the things it can include historically is having sex with a woman before she has recovered from giving birth. In this case I'm guessing it just means anal sex. Including hetero.

Anonymous 215679

If it were up to me any man that even tried to fuck a woman in the ass would get the death penalty

Anonymous 215680

I hate when tech trannies do this whole self infantilizing shit. Not only it obviously has a sexual subtext but also actual women in STEM would never be taken seriously if we acted like that. Every time a tranny is paraded as an example of "women in STEM" god kills a kitten.

Anonymous 215726

which source implies the data is from the US?

Anonymous 215729

As soon as I saw this trending, I knew immediately this was a troon kek. They are so easy to clock, even just in text.

Anonymous 215735

Swiss computer nerd/coomer can't find emo/scene gf, tries to become her instead. Tale as old as time.

Anonymous 215745

Yeah, this. I think it’s the combined extreme misogyny and unrestrained paraphilias.

Anonymous 215746

What a dumbass. I hope he gets nerve damage from it, that can actually happen if you consistently wear clothing that is too tight.

Anonymous 215748


Anonymous 215762

does this include anything about men who start identifying as females in jail?

Anonymous 215791

trans fam.jpg

i never post here but i stumbled upon this on r*ddit recently and thought nonas would enjoy. look at the wife's face. you can just see the internal screaming.

Anonymous 215847


Honestly as I post this I've only read the first two sentences. I will read the rest but I'm not ready yet.

Anonymous 215868

>it has 9 "girlfriends"
imagine the smell of that moid polycule

Anonymous 215884

J.K. Rowling on Tw…

Mandia got told

Anonymous 215886

I didn’t realize this person was actually female at first because usually it’s males who get these weird things done. That’s grim.

Anonymous 215887

This reads like something out of a dystopian book. Holy shit.

Anonymous 215888

Is that surgery even legal?

Anonymous 215897

He cannot even be more of a woman than his own mom and never will lol trannies cope, eternally.

Anonymous 215902

Kek. I bet the quotes are full of misogynistic bullshit.

Anonymous 215906

I feel mgtow are similar to non terf feminists. gender neutralists are stopping progress.

Anonymous 215925

what did you report it as?

Anonymous 215928


speak volumes to her ability as a writer that trannies can't just move past the harry potter books.

Anonymous 215930

I hate trannies so much its unreal

Anonymous 215931

don't understand how couples ever stay together through this

Anonymous 215932

I never really got the big fuss over Harry Potter, and a bunch of cringe themby children obsessing over it just turns me off to it more. Its hilarious though how they won't just move on from Harry Potter and instead do absurd and pointless things to make themselves feel better for worshipping an ebil twansphobes writing.

Anonymous 215933

A woman who is willing to date a fat man is either with him for money or doing it as an elaborate form of self harm. And if you look at him you can tell he lost a lot of weight, so his body has objectively improved. He has gone from being a fat ugly unhygenic man to a chubby ugly unhygenic man. And if his penis has been removed the odds that he makes her orgasm instead of just making her pregnant might go up.

Anonymous 215935

This is dumb, I cant believe you think being with a tranny is better than being with a fat man or that "her odds of orgasm go up"what a load of crap. notice their children look transed too. She is grooming her family for woke points, she is as complicit as her husband.

Anonymous 215938

>I cant believe you think being with a tranny is better than being with a fat man
Didn't mean to imply "better." But think about the reverse case. If she was with a guy who trooned out but whom she carefully moulded back into accepting his manhood somehow, but then he blimped out like that. Grounds for dismissal. Fatbeard to dress is more of a lateral move.

Anonymous 215959

And he decided to dress like a teenage girl. I wonder why.

Anonymous 215962

Some women (me) jus think bigger guys are cute lol. You seen the recent SNL skit with SZA? Much preferred to a troon.

Anonymous 215963

>You seen the recent SNL skit with SZA?
Not that anon, but of course not.

Anonymous 215969

I had seen this before, but I really don’t get who this is for. The copies of those books the TiF is making are pretty expensive, and I don’t get what the point is. Who is going to buy them? Why even make them? Everyone knows who wrote HP. Taking her name away isn’t going to change that. Why can’t they just move on if they hate her so much? They’re the ones always saying to “read another book” yet they can’t follow their own advice. If bookbinding is your job or hobby and you’re trans-ID why wouldn’t you spend your effort binding books from your own community instead? Weird shit and rent free.

Anonymous 215971


Who could say something like this to their own mother?

Anonymous 215972


based asf mom lol they own trannies without even fucking trying hahahahahahahaha

"hello son good day" bam its over. One hit is all it took.

Anonymous 215975

why would she post this fucking nightmare fuel to the teenagers subreddit. she is seriously fucked in the head and not just because of the genitalia removal

Anonymous 215979

so they can keep lying to children

Anonymous 215980

if my boyfriend humiliates me to this degree, i would leave. i'm not going to pretend unconditional love exists for anything other than some mothers.

Anonymous 215991

Jfc imagine carrying that little ungrateful shit inside you for 9 months and pushing it out of your vagina only for it to treat you like this. Abort male fetuses.

Anonymous 215997

>eliott roger simulator

Anonymous 215998

I'm not trying to say she deserves it or anything callous like that, but I feel like if you raise your son to be a twitter tranny who calls himself "Pretty Princess Klink (@KittenKicker999)" you have not done a very good job raising him.

Anonymous 215999

look at this dude.

Anonymous 216000

I thought it was a TIF

Anonymous 216017

Reminds me of Jehova's Witnesses shunning nonbelievers (even their own family members). Literal cult behaviour.

Anonymous 216018

anyone else watching i am jazz tonight?

Anonymous 216026

Now I am, I missed the /tv/ threads

Anonymous 216074

That's what happens to pooners who wear chest binders

Anonymous 216168

>I am owed allegiance from my kid
Unfortunately this isn't how the world works. If your kid thinks he's a bird and your options are playing along with his delusions and feeding him bird seed or getting disowned by your delusional bird child, both choices are valid

Anonymous 216243


Troon made a game about lesbians furry girls with undertale levels of humour. I’m so tired of them thinking they are lesbians

Anonymous 216253

The visuals are so ugly and obviously male.

Anonymous 216255


black hole sun won't you come

Anonymous 216256


Even when I was TRA (this game has been in development for like half a decade) it wierded me out how there were just as many “trans lesbian” characters as cis lesbians in the game. The creator is so ugly and you can practically smell the autism wafting off of him.

Anonymous 216267

he looks like chris chan

Anonymous 216281

Scrotes like this are the reason I'm getting an abortion if my baby is male. Having sons is the ultimate form of cuckoldry.

Anonymous 216285

These moids don't have gfs or wives.

Anonymous 216326


pickme gay moids are a special brand of insane

Anonymous 216330

I don't like Posie Parker either. She's a right winger who promotes voting for misogynists to fight troons. As Julie Bindel put it, "Posie Parker is a thick feck who is a bigot and not a feminist. She has taken the Heritage Foundation coin. None of the actual feminists I work with can bear her… I despise the latest tactics of Posie Parker and disciples, and want no part in it. As far as I am concerned, they are motivated by narcissism, bigotry, and ego. They are causing harm."

Anonymous 216331

(ayrt) no, i don't like her either. i was focusing more on the tweet than her though

Anonymous 216332

My opinion of moids would greatly improve if they would just grow a set of balls and end all of the trans stuff. But they wont and just make twitter posts and YouTube videos denouncing it.

Anonymous 216334

MEN: “I’m a total stud and I hooked up with some chick last night and she said my penis was the biggest she’s ever seen and I definitely made her cum like forty times!”

ALSO MEN: “I’m stealth trans and I hooked up with some cishet dude last night and he said I’m the prettiest girl he’s ever seen and my neovagina definitely felt like a real vagina to him!”


(not sure if this is an actual meme already or not, but i think it should be…maybe before/after pic of the same tranny for each half/quote?)

Anonymous 216362

That's no reason to write death threats. And leftists hate women more than right wingers at this point, you can't make me support them.
Who defends prostitution and pornography? Leftists. Who thinks women don't need protected rights? Leftist.

Anonymous 216364

I only ever watched Exulansics commentary of those and greatly enjoyed the horrorshow. But I haven't seen her post those in forever and now she has almost all of her content behind a paywall.

Anonymous 216370


Anonymous 216383

>Prostitutes and troons are worse than right wingers who want to ban abortion and birth control and turn you into breeding stock
Go back to /pol/ moid, so long as the right wing seeks to eliminate women's rights I would sooner vote for a moid in a dress. And no, this does not mean i support troons

Anonymous 216384

She's not a moid. Let's just agree that both left and right are crazy at this point.

Anonymous 216389

>so long as the right wing seeks to eliminate women's rights I would sooner vote for a moid in a dress.
see how they got us trapped? it's like having to choose between eating shit or chugging piss

Anonymous 216390

Kek they've been trying to recruit tarthots in every female forum that's troon-critical and it's honestly so pathetic. Last time I responded on LC they started to claim troons wanted to ban abortion rights just like RWers and when asked for evidence just said "w-w-well they're moids u know they always want to make u breed! w-why are you defending troons???"

Chugging piss is a lot less bad than eating shit, though. The right has overturned roe v. wade and is openly discussing banning no fault divorce. Hell, saying women shouldn't be allowed bank accounts or owning property won't get you shunned or even disagreed with in any online RW space, the most they'll do is say it's just a joke. We can organize to resist troonery, but we won't be able to lift a finger if the right gets their way. Get your priorities straight.

Anonymous 216391

This is heartbreaking. Poor woman

Anonymous 216394

we need a womens party in every country representing non-partisan women's issues, then we can make the LW and RW both fight FOR us and against one another like they do for the TRA's. I'm not talking about a TERF party either but an explicitly sex based rights party. Not unlike the green party they won't win an election any time soon but the leverage would give us more control over mainstream politics. It would take a team of really great leaders to push down any infighting before it pops up and keep things bi-partisan as possible, like the TRA's do. While I really like the TERFS I can't endorse them as a leftist and RW women can't endorse it either i'm sure for various reasons.

Anonymous 216395

>I would vote for a troon
>And no, this does not mean i support troons

Anonymous 216397

are you stupid?? she said she would vote or a troon OVER a right-wing prick who wants to ban womens rights. get some reading comprehension PLEASE

Anonymous 216400

Aren’t trannies fervently pro “sex work”

Anonymous 216404

Probably? But left wing oversteps on liberty (letting anyone declare themselves women, letting people pay for sex etc) are so, so much less serious than a right wing that wants to force you to give birth, views female subservience as normal and natural, etc. Trannies are ugly and scary and if you're alone with one they might try to attack you but that doesn't compare to a government body systematically destroying your rights. I mean, look at the UK. Troons are getting shut down for being the creeps that they are, but they've also passed laws limiting the ability to protest. How much is worth giving up to stop some tranny from leaving disgusting moid-sized droppings in the bathroom?

Anonymous 216410

sorry if this is more of a vent and not a response to the topic but, i’ve been lurking and reading all of the previously available terfposting threads despite previously being extremely pro trans and having a troon phase in my teens that i thankfully grew out of before i mutilated myself. im just so tired of all the bullshit that i go through daily because i’m friends with about 5 TIMs (most of which i met through a friend’s discord) and one i know irl. the one i know irl is obsessed with copying me and tries to act like it’s a sisterhood-ly bond we share because we like the same things and have the same fashion and aesthetic taste, the online troons i considered friends are just actually fucking disgusting and the friend i met them through had to change the rules of her server just so she could punish them for constantly talking about diapers and their other nasty troon fetishes. why are they all so nasty. we were talking about /tttt/ at one point and another friend made an agp joke and then the troons who weren’t even part of said discussion started a fight and threatened to kill us for just mentioning agp, not even calling him one. idk sorry this is venty i just don’t know where to go

Anonymous 216411

You can go to any blue state when you want an abortion or just stop dating moids who demand you fuck on the first date

Anonymous 216413

>the one i know irl is obsessed with copying me and tries to act like it’s a sisterhood-ly bond we share
That's called "skinwalking". if you've ever read the more extreme and brutally honest lolcow MtF threads then you would know that person very likely fantasizes about you sexually to the point where you're now his goal or he hates you with a burning passion for not being you

Anonymous 216414

you can always tell when it's a tradmoid kek, there's never any argument, just "hurr durr so you support troons??"

>hurrdurr close your legs bitch
back to /pol/

Anonymous 216415

I’m now going to go do that. It definitely creeps me out and he constantly wants us to match outfits and cosplay the same characters. I’m kicking myself now because i really enabled the behavior and did his makeup and even gave him some of my old clothes. I feel so gross.

Anonymous 216416

>Hell, saying women shouldn't be allowed bank accounts or owning property won't get you shunned or even disagreed with in any online RW space, the most they'll do is say it's just a joke
Honestly this makes my blood boil. The amount of Trad LARPers online who've hit me up because I own land. Fuckin kek. Like I would give up my property to a moid who lives in the suburbs and aspires to have a trad life. They think going to a rodeo every few months and going back to their shittt suburban home makes them "trad." The fact that they don't think women can own property is a red flag. He will treat your daughter like shit.

Anonymous 216417

Trannies are manipulative, especially to those that aren't aware of how disgusting they are yet. I used to be "friends" with a tranny when I was a minor. At that time I wasn't pro-tranny but I wasn't a terf either. I had the "live and let live" mentality. After all I thought they were suffering people that were going through agonizing pain everyday. Why hate? Well I've had the tranny throw a tantrum and use my traumas against me when I rejected his feelings cuz he was an adult (I was 16 at the time) and also cuz he was hitting on me when i was very mentally vulnerable (I've was dealing with a traumatic situation). I understand feeling gross. I had to hug that tranny in the middle of the night because I didn't want to be attacked since it happened in the unsafe parts of my town, I felt so scared and so gross after that. But remember, these people are the ones that manipulate you into doing these things for themselves. It doesn't make you gross, if anything it makes THEM gross first and foremost.

Anonymous 216423

this, i also want to add that a tranny is dangerous regardless of how socially enabled or legalized it is. of course being tolerant of their behavior and antics carries extra risks and i'd much rather the left not pushed them, and i recognize that as a significant problem the left has. however, the right stands for legislations that harm women on a much deeper and practical level than simply saying troons are epic and brave and can enter our bathrooms. that men can enter women's bathrooms is a huge problem indeed, just look at the news, but the thing is: a disgusting rapist will always be a disgusting rapist, and if a moid wants to invade a female only space he is very likely going to do it regardless of if he's allowed in there or not.

Anonymous 216424

It's still a stupid opinion to have. I'd rather have them both face a wall.

Anonymous 216425

Reminder that this is what "lefty" moids say about us while we infight about political purity.

Anonymous 216427

every now and then i see a scrote online call an abortion a "moloch ritual", as if a single woman having an abortion will bring the end of times for humanity

Anonymous 216428

Pretty retarded of them but the radfem thread is here >>181244. This thread is for troon Ls only, and last time it was derailed it was confirmed to be a moid, so let's stick to the topic.

Anonymous 216430

yeah sorry i had a brain fart and didn't check the catalog and only realized after the fact
dunno if mods can move replies to a different thread

Anonymous 216431

I think they should add troons back again in the DSM but instead of "gender dysphoria" it should be TPD as a cluster B personality disorder.

Anonymous 216438

NTA but moids running psyops in the trans thread supporting right wingers like posie parker should be called out early and often

Anonymous 216439

i see it's time for the weekly concern troll derailing attempt.

Anonymous 216553

all science is bs tho, lol. just cope invented by neurotic moids trying to convince themselves they're smarter than they actually are.

Anonymous 216561

right? the moid in the screencap couldn't give a shit if we're left wing or not, as far as he's concerned anyone who doesn't think twaw deserves death. the weird thing for me is that he's supposedly gay, i'm bi myself but have to wonder if he's overcompensating for not liking pussy or something? i've seen a few gay moids acting like that on twitter lately

Anonymous 216563

Worse, its religion for thoose who don't want to be religious.

Anonymous 216579


i feel like the show is pretty much over. they're not gonna have anything as impactful as his surgeries.

Anonymous 216584

>Worse, its religion for thoose who don't want to be religious.
That's called paganism anon.

Anonymous 216592

Prostitutes aren't the ones I'm against, it's prostitution. And I'm sorry, but the immediate threat to human life and safty that comes with prostitution takes a higher priority than abortion. I can always travel to another state or even go to Canada if abortion is needed.
>right wingers want to ban women's rights
Leftist are the ones doing this by erasing what a woman is. There are no woman's rights is women can't be defined, we've been losing a lot of rights we've had for a long time due to the left. I'm not against abortion, but prostitution is just paid rape and that takes priority in my mind.

Anonymous 216593

What about the poor women that can't travel?

Anonymous 216594

>I can always travel to another state or even go to Canada if abortion is needed
true, but you can, this isn't true for every woman. in fact, women who might need abortions are often the type who cant afford to travel elsewhere to get one.

i agree with you on prostitution being paid rape, but prostitution won't end because it's banned. it will lead to a more unsafe environment for the women involved, who are often coerced into it, and possibly also to an increase in it and its demand, because if prohibition age taught us something it's that exactly what happens when a ban is made.

Anonymous 216595

That's unfortunate, but again, I never said I was against abortion. Women being forced to have sex is a greater evil in my eyes, which is why I can never defend the left.

Anonymous 216597

A woman who can't affort to travel won't be able to afford an abortion, even if it's legal. And you're wrong about legalization making prostitution less dangerous. It actually makes it much more easy for pimps to disguise their crimes and find clients. There are many countries with legal prostitution that are dealing with record high rates of abuse and sex tourism. Many pimps move to countries with legal prostitution because it's easier for them to exploit women and go unnoticed. Anyway, all countries should adopt the nordic model so the industry becomes impossible to profit from.

Anonymous 216598

sorry to ask but what is the nordic model? how does it make prostitution impossible to profit from?

Anonymous 216599

It makes selling sex legal, but buying sex and pimping illegal. No one wants to have sex with a prostitute when she can turn him in at any moment, so the industry collapses.

Anonymous 216606

Why are you speaking as if prostitution isn't already banned everywhere except parts of Nevada? That said I'm inclined to agree with you so many women have been killed because of informal business practices like getting into a guy's car and disappearing into the night with no record of anything left behind. I think it should be legal but some other miner mentioned that some places in Europe will refuse to give public assistance if you refuse to sell yourself? That's incredibly messed up and I don't think I could support legalization unless this were explicitly prevented from occurring

Anonymous 216614

Sir, this is a female-only imageboard
>we've been losing a lot of rights we've had for a long time due to the left
Yeah, such as the right to not own property, not have bank accounts, not be allowed to work or get an education, the wonderful exactly-as-god-intended right to be the property of a father who's then transferred to a husband. The wonderful right to be forced into a shotgun wedding and poverty. The incredible right to not divorce an abusive moid. We got a lot of freedom to, but we lost all the marvelous "freedom froms" of the world pre-sexual revolution that were so great and beneficial to women, and it's imperative that we fight to be chained back to the kitchen table so we can avoid the horrible, horrible fate of having to use our voices to push back on men trying to use our public bathrooms.

Anonymous 216631

>>Yeah, such as the right to not own property, not have bank accounts, not be allowed to work or get an education, the wonderful exactly-as-god-intended right to be the property of a father who's then transferred to a husband.

Which red states have these worked into law?

Anonymous 216794

I am talking about the current day, not 1800

Anonymous 216795

The nordoc model of prostitution prevents this from happening without the need for legalization

Anonymous 216797

>Why are you speaking as if prostitution isn't already banned everywhere except parts of Nevada?
because i wrongly tend to assume everyone comes from the countries like mine where prostitution is legalized, the same way as americans think everyone on the internet is also american lol

Anonymous 216798

Try using an imagboard in your own language

Anonymous 216812

no i dont think i will but thanks

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