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Terfposting #31 Anonymous 222938

Anonymous 222942


Anonymous 222944

this retard doesn't know what a comparison is, he's clearly not doing the same pose at all. also his attempt at stretching out as much as he possibly can to give himself a defined waist but still failing is hilarious

this post gives me the same vibes as those russell williams selfies that he took in his victim's underwear

Anonymous 222948

I find it funny how he's doing the pose that is supposed to highlight the curves of his body makes it extremely noticeable how rectangular his whole body is.

Anonymous 222950


Trannies will be walking around in their rectangular, curveless bodies, with dick and balls between their legs, while wearing skimpy clothing before they hop on Twitter and send death threats to women who tell them that they're men. Troon from the Twitter looks like picrel.

Anonymous 222954


Anonymous 222955


I wonder why

Anonymous 222956

Is having someone in your DMs even a normal way of start dating if you aren't an online attention whore?

Anonymous 222957

This man srsly looks like a demon in every picture I see of him. He wouldn't have gotten a speck of the attention he gets online if he didn't look like such a freak.

Anonymous 222961

Trannies once again being so daft not realizing they are creepy as fuck and this repels normal people. This is why I say its a mental illness, its mentally ill behavior not being self aware of your environment, like they are hyper autistic like Chris Chan or something.

Anonymous 222971



Holy fridge body

Anonymous 222977

fascinating resource if you aren't familiar with it. These are the people who call gender clinics "undercover" to see what the clinics are willing to greenlight for child patients.


Anonymous 222980

Anonymous 222983


It's time

Anonymous 222985


Anonymous 222988

sometimes i get the feeling that things are getting really messed up in the lgbt movement and lesbians want to "divorce" themselves for this (not to mention that this movement only protects male sexual antics)

Anonymous 222991

yeah this is very reasonable honestly. Especially at this point. Not only trannies are the most bat shit crazy menace for women out there in the LGBT crap but gay moids as well sometimes gay moids say we owe them our wombs so they can reproduce. Fuck that, they can go fuck themselves. Men (this statement ESPECIALLY includes trannies the most annoying mentally ill type of men out there) will never stop being fucking annoying and batshit controlling to women, it sucks but this is how it is, if you want freedom from these narcissistic fag moid loons gotta stay as far away from them as possible, let them kill each other with AIDs and mental illness those things dont belong in our spaces.

Anonymous 222992

Screenshot (87).pn…

this made its way onto my dashboard despite the fact that I don't follow gendy related shit. had me dying last night

Anonymous 222995

How bold

Anonymous 223003

I don't like how that user applies the word "we". Who tf is "we"? I highly doubt the vast majority of people, especially the good-looking and mentally stable ones, would sleep with a tranny. Sure, normies say they would on surveys, but those are surveys. Obviously, they're gonna to say that they would sleep with a tranny to not look "mean". But when it all comes down to practice, I have a gut feeling that virtually nobody is going to fuck trannies except for desperate males (including other trannies). Why else would they sit on the internet and complain about nobody wanting to date them, or encourage other trannies to withhold their real identity from any unsuspecting boyfriend/girlfriend? Almost nobody really wants to fuck a tranny, and they know this. Sorry to anyone who already read this, I made a typo.

Anonymous 223005

>normies say they would on surveys
the funny thing is that even in surveys the number is still like 0.n to 3% at best

Anonymous 223007

she transitioned into spongebob

Anonymous 223008

LMAO this is just too priceless. 0-3%. Jesus Christ, God hates trannies because they seem designed to die alone no matter what KEK

Anonymous 223011


Not gonna lie…I’m super worried about having a baby. Like I’m preggo right now. God, I hope it’s a girl.

I know my husbando is pretty much clueless about these issues (dumb moid i don’t see the problem with trans) but at least I’m in a position I can homeschool them and we agree on keeping the internet out of their hands until they are older.

Ugh, I’m worried.

Anonymous 223013


What the fuck is up with his body? Why does it look so absolutely alien?

Anonymous 223014

Is there a term for the people who only support trans if they pass?
I feel like there's a term for that.

Anonymous 223015

'truscum', kind of

Anonymous 223016

Congrats on the babby anon

Anonymous 223020


Anonymous 223021


Thanks hon

Anonymous 223022

lmao why are you calling her "hon"? do you not know what it means?

Anonymous 223023

not op but it's okay that some people are just overly nice

Anonymous 223024

it's a term to describe trannies

Anonymous 223025

Its short for honey

Anonymous 223028


Have they also stolen 'sug,' too?

Anonymous 223029

Sorry I’m old and from the US south. We call everyone hon here. I didn’t know troons took it over. Sorry.

Anonymous 223031


I've read this theory from somewhere else, so if anyone wants to research to confirm this theory, that would be cool:
The seed reason why the trans-movement exists is to openly celebrate the degradation of other people, especially women.
>minstrel shows existed to make fun of black people
>eventually it gets stopped because society changes
>people still look down on women, because hating women is more universal
>drag shows replace minstrel shows to crown women as the new regular targets of comedic degradation
>drag shows trigger a wave of male who take sexual pleasure in the idea of dressing up as and "playing a woman"
>transgender concept is born
>now have males thinking they really are women just because they basically meme'd themselves into liking the roleplay
If these kinds of "shows" never existed, we probably wouldn't be having as many freaks. This gross, transtard movement ultimately exists because of the pleasure to publicly degrade whichever group society chooses to dehumanize. If this theory is true…it really makes you think..

Anonymous 223033

Sounds plausible

Anonymous 223036

I fucking hate coomers

Anonymous 223040

why does this pair look so cute. i mean the visual depiction. is it even possible for the girl to look cute employing this style in real life?

Anonymous 223046

>i saw a screencap of two troons role-playing in some chat as hank & peggy
the funny thing is that they would both be disgusted by that kind of stuff. or at least Hank would be, I can see Peggy being peer-pressured by someone she thinks is smart into supporting troon nonsense so she can look like an intellectual.

Anonymous 223048

it's not about them looking cute or not, it's about them being toxic and mentally ill

Anonymous 223070

I think it's the opposite. Moids like to posture about how straight and heterosexual they are but you could put a literal chimpanzee in a dress and 10% of moids would go for it. I'm assuming you're gay because everyone knows a moid wanting to have sex with you isn't worth jack shit, they would have sex with literally everything including inanimate objects

Anonymous 223087


based lol

Anonymous 223090

The modern concept of the "tranny" is rooted in Weimar Berlin during the 1920's, with men like Magnus Hirshfeld pioneering the practice of sex change surgeries. The research and advocacy quickly died once the Nazis took power in 1933, with Hirshfeld himself being forced to flee after his clinic was sacked and his books burned.
This issue is far older and more insidious than most people think.

Anonymous 223092

>you could put a literal chimpanzee in a dress and 10% of moids would go for it
Okay 10%. Yes, there is a large sum of men who will sleep with "anyone and anything" But within that gross population, there's more nuance. With means while 10% of men would fuck animals, that leaves 90% of the rest not wanting to fuck them. While there are men who would sleep with trannies, I doubt those men in particular are in high numbers compared to the men who would not. Most men aren't even gay.
>I'm assuming you're gay
Ummmm okay
>because everyone knows a moid wanting to have sex with you isn't worth jack shit
did I say it was worth jack shit?

Anonymous 223109

The issue is far far oldern than that too:

Nobody has ever liked the gender people because they always groom the youth. That is their mundus operandi they are motivated by fetish.

Anonymous 223110

>pedophilic by nature
Holy shit, we need to go back to highly discouraging the act of transitioning. Society has made a terrible mistake by normalizing this. The movement needs to end.

Anonymous 223111

Agree 100%, I'm tired of hearing people say stuff like "I don't care what adults do, just leave the kids out of it!" It is a bad choice and destructive for everyone, no one of any age should ever be a tranny.

Anonymous 223112



Its always the same, they will always want to spread to children, no exceptions that is always their ultimate goal no matter how much they wanna veil it, the information age has accelerated things it makes information that "shouldnt be in the surface" get leaked, one only has to go to the tranny discords to see what they really think and now that is well known. Its because they are fetishists and grooming the youth as gross as it sounds in their view produces "better results" which means they want to fuck them, they see them as their object of sexual devotion they are building up for public use and what not. The whole trans ideology is straight up fucking disgusting, its all autogynephilia.

Anonymous 223115

mirin moid seething. I couldn't even tell what his/him/guy/male point was. Anger and stream of consciousness makes for a weird dribble

Anonymous 223117

>Empress Dowager He immediately rejected the idea because it required her to interact with men on a regular basis, which she found offensive
>They indiscriminately slaughtered anyone who looked like a eunuch; some young men who had no facial hair, in desperation, dropped their pants in front of the soldiers to prove that they were not eunuchs.
I kekked at these parts. I know that wasn't the point, but thanks for sharing OP.

Anonymous 223125


> ancient troons trooned for special status

> or parents trooned their kids for special status

…and this is different from now, how, exactly?

Anonymous 223126

>parents trooning their children out
There's a special place in hell for parents that let their kids be guinea pigs

Anonymous 223127


but, it’s not rare.
I Am Jazz…Nat Geo kid…all the other vegan cats.

Anonymous 223142

>didnt read a part about the faction being corrupt and always wanting more power for themselves just to build palace like housing for themselves using the taxes of the actual peasants who dont castrate themselves

Anonymous 223144


Anonymous 223197


What do people think about the whole "failson" idea as a primary reason for men trooning out as opposed to the more talked-about causes like agp and homosexuality? A male relative of mine decided on his own to drop out of college and quit his part-time work on a whim several months ago, has essentially been a neet since, and then semi-recently "came out as a girl." Everyone else in the family I've spoken to about it agrees that there were no prior hints or signs, it was just completely out of nowhere. These circumstances don't seem at all uncommon to me. I think there's a lot of autistic (or just generally weird/inept for any number of other reasons) men that get this idea that women are afforded much more grace for their shortcomings, which isn't really true in my experience, or at least not in the way I feel these men want it to be

Anonymous 223212


All trannies ever fucking do is project. If trannies stopped being disgusting twats to women and girls altogether one day and forever from that point, I would no longer give a real damn about hating them. Trannies, on the other hand, NEVER seem to stop obsessing over women, girls, what we do, our bodies, and what we believe. It's even why they keep flooding back to CC so they can keep spamming their pathetic bait, porn, and soyjacks.

Anonymous 223214


>"hurr durr I'm gonna troll the radfemz!"
lol yawn. as if a billion trannies just like her don't already try to do that every day. We'll just verbally tear her apart, and send her back crying to Reddit about how we're "too mean :("

Anonymous 223218


Its obviously all AGP. Blanchard got that one right, he is not entirely right I would theorize its all AGP and shades of it, even cross dressers have AGP but grow out of it. Homosexual moids too they usually crossdress but again they grow out of it they dont take it to that next level of wanting to deny reality they always end up growing up discarding the fetish this is why trannies are more often autistic or other mental illnesses they are men with less mental maturity they are just incapable of it like they are stuck in an infantile stage of stupidity playing pretend and coping. It is def a mental issue have no doubt.

Anonymous 223220

Anonymous 223221

That user is a woman who wants to become a male. I'm calling her what she is.

Anonymous 223222

If you browse places like /r9k/ for a while you'll see men articulating this idea very clearly. It's definitely one of the reasons for trooning out, although I don't think it's completely independent from AGP. Posts of men complaining about women having it "so much easier" are usually accompanied by some extreme porn image, showing they sexualize even this idea of being "worshiped for being a girl" (they immediately think of easy sexual gratification and getting a pass for being "slutty" and so on), so I think in the end this idea and AGP go hand-in-hand. In fact, I think even HSTS have AGP.

Anonymous 223223

oh okay my bad

Anonymous 223224

tbh there's also this weird idea that everyone treats women nicely and care for us that moids are jealous over, as if it even is a thing to begin with

Anonymous 223226

The problem is that they think getting 30 cum-shots in your face in an extreme bukkake porn video and having 300 bucks thrown at you after is being "treated nicely". Some of them are really jealous of that. They don't understand that that is the opposite of being "treated nicely".

Anonymous 223227

Don't be afraid of having a boy. As long as you raise them correctly, are actually there for them, they will turn out okay. Where parents go wrong is depending on society to raise their kids. Watch your children and think about them and their needs.

I had a girl first then a son three years later. My son saw his sister wearing princess costumes and wanted to do the same. Why? Because he saw her getting attention and having fun that's why. Some women would see this and transition their son. I saw this and got him boy outfits to wear when she dressed up. Now I have a fairy princess and a dinosaur.

Anonymous 223231



Anonymous 223232

Based fairy-princess and dinosaur raiser.

Anonymous 223239

HOW THE FUCK am i supposed to tell when someone is a tranny or not if theyve already got all the surgeries and literally look like a girl??? i scroll thru tiktok every day and every time i think i see a woman its a fucking MAN

Anonymous 223241

Screenshot 2023-03…

So there's this trans Nazi on Twitter arguing in favor of zoophilia saying that white women are naturally inclined to have sex with dogs so white moids need to legalize zoophilia so that it can preserve the white race

Anonymous 223242

Nice try, troon, but none of you pass ever.
i'd say this is parody but it's 2023

Anonymous 223245

anyone who spams about women women and black men can be ignored as an incel autist, tranny or not.

Anonymous 223246

Trannies need to be euthanized at this point kek

Anonymous 223247

One of the most embarrassing qualities of /pol/fags is their tendency to fall for their own false flags.
I am not going to pretend that there are no psychotic trannies, but this seems unlikely to be legit.

Anonymous 223250

many troons are /pol/fags actually.

Anonymous 223251

Go figure. When you're a failson with nothing going for you, the desire to claw at others to make your own life seem more awesome and valuable starts growing. They can try to shit on women, "da jooz", and "the blacks" all they want, they'll still never be women lol

Anonymous 223261

Look at his arm. Goddamn, I've never seen a tranny that isn't clockable. Whether it's their jawline, their arms, their feet, or just the proportions of their face, you can always just tell. Hormones never save them.

Anonymous 223263

is it fair to even call this clockable? my man didn't change one bit

Anonymous 223264

>creating an elaborate scheme to detransition a failson away from his pathetic effort to be a woman
His parents are superheroes.

Anonymous 223269

>forcing transition is to destroy one's body for a psychotic mind
>forcing detransition is to restore the body back to the way it was
Those two things are not the same, and it doesn't even take rocket science. Troons are horrible at analogies case number 192744791018348463838

Anonymous 223272

I think it's funny when trannoids try to use the "if you hate us so much, why don't you cis women make your OWN spaces?!" card. What they fail to understand is that we DO try to make our own spaces. Our own bars, our own gyms, our own rest/changing rooms, etc. It's just that trannies get jumping up at us like pit bulls who forth at the mouth, screaming at us that we're unfair for not wanting to be around them.

Anonymous 223273


Anonymous 223274

That has to be a troll. It needs to be. Theres no way this is an actual take. Please be a troll please be a troll please be a troll please

Anonymous 223288

>trusting troons not to use filters and tricky angles

Anonymous 223289

Exactly. I wanna see what these trannies look like without all those layers of makeup.

Anonymous 223290

The nanosecond you see them in real life, not distorted by compression, optimal camera focal length and image manipulation software, you will know.

Anonymous 223291

some are more obvious than others even with the makeup
they can never even walk like a woman no matter how hard they try lmao

Anonymous 223296

Could someone make an AI to automatically tell you if they are trannies or not as you are scrolling through?

Anonymous 223307

Cyber security? What the fuck are they going to do
>>Detransition or I'm going to fuck up your Arch Linux thinkpad

Anonymous 223317


actually cracked up on this one

Anonymous 223318


thats because of the hip leg angle yeah, its what its the most comfortable standing pose for the body.

Anonymous 223323

I'm dying

Anonymous 223327

it is glaringly obvious, are you blind? the only one who sort of passes is the 20 year old, and I could bet his voice gives him away.

Anonymous 223330


I always spot trannies by the hands and neck its just so easy. Also likely that poster is one he is really trying to get more info too bad he cannot cut off his hands I wish trannies got so mentally ill dysphoric they did that, that way at least they cannot groom on the internet anymore, the more these loons chop out of themselves the better. No dick they cannot rape with conventional means, shoulder surgery their skeletons wont be able to carry their muscle weight well and will be notably weaker with some shitty scars along the armpits and the shoulder, brow reduction gets their skull shaved off closer to their frontal brain lobe. All their attempts are so retarded and the results are awful.

Anyway point stands, hand size is almost always the most consistent one.

Anonymous 223332


You would raise suspicion because of their height and akwardness of their limbs you are making the retarded tranny argument of "le passing is everything and that is what makes a woman" no dude, its in very simple terms having a real vagina. Everyone "passes" inside a burka in fact terrorists do this to approach enemy soldiers and blow themselves up when they get close.

If you wanna get good at human anatomy start with the hands they are almost always very notably different between the sexes. Males have more large ones with longer fingers and the surface is more vascular/veiny. Women on average have very tiny hands in comparison and rarely vascular on the surface the difference is almost night and day and its too easy. There is more than that of course, often its a combination of anatomical factors that raise my suspicion but when I get going I can almost always spot the sex of a person especially on full video or irl its so easy.

Anonymous 223334

they look like obvious males. be honest, are you a troon? there's no way a biological woman doesn't recognize those obvious, glowing, male features.

Anonymous 223336


>ugly woman
I hate that troons use ugly women to leverage themselves about their looks, or their "femininity". "transwomen" are literally just males. They don't and will never have "femininity" because they will never be women. Ugly women are women and will always be women because of their biology. No matter how ugly a woman may look, she will never be the same as a male, and especially not comparable to a troon.

Anonymous 223341

Passing is irrelevant, we just point it out because it's funny to mock ugly men. But no, those filtered passing troons would not pass irl, they might as well become hikikomoris who communicate exclusively through tiktok.

Anonymous 223342


I swear to god this is what happens when people blindly trust gender norms as real. Long hair, makeup and feminine clothes aren't what makes a woman. If tomorrow every woman shaved her head, started wearing men's clothing and grew out their body hair what do trannies have left to emulate? Not to sound rude but I noticed that women with tons of plastic surgery end up looking like trannies anyway because it's all just an emulation of gross gender stereotypes.(Although it's a bit of an easy explanation, I won't dwelve into the subject of mysogyny within plastic surgery because this isn't the point of the thread).
The newfags of the terfposting threads should learn about the old "tucute" and "truscum" terms and why terfs are not truscum. Because this post feels like something a truscum would write because they believe in looks-based rights. "If they pass enough it's ok", when in reality it doesn't matter if you pass or not (and troons almost never pass). Sex based rights are where it's at and it doesn't matter how much a man is feminine or a woman is masculine because they are either born one or the other.

Anonymous 223343

The "truscum" bullshit is another tranny reach to make themselves feel more like women, when they're not. It doesn't matter how much a tranny "passes", because attractiveness is not what being female, or male is about. If you have a female anatomy, with all the organs and etc within you, you are a female. You are a woman (or a girl), no matter how "ugly" you may look on the outside, and no male can ever be a woman no matter how much makeup, filters, surgeries, and camera angles he uses.

Anonymous 223344

Plus looks-based rights give the free gate for stuff like that to happen. If a woman is too 'masculine' for some random person's taste she'll be refused in female only spaces because NOW she doesn't LOOK like a woman should! You see how vile this whole tranny thing is? be it tucute or truscum. This is why we should never have looks-based rights, but sex-based rights. Because when they are sex-based we actually protect women.

Anonymous 223345

Exactly. The definition of being a female (a woman) and a male (a man) is literally based on biology. Trannies want to change that definition so that they can invade our spaces like how they always do.

Anonymous 223350

You know whats funny that statement you just made is right
>If tomorrow every woman shaved her head, started wearing men's clothing and grew out their body hair what do trannies have left to emulate?

What would happen would be ever funnier though men being men would start fetishizing shaved heads and very short hair on women because that would be their only way to get coochie.

It would be dope if collectively all women, all celebrities, models, etc did it but I know it just wont happen lol just a funny thought. What men fetishize would flip over, they are already into the tomboy style so there is that.

And trannies would get mad as fuck because it would be much harder for them to trick dumb males that dont know basic anatomy because hair covers up. If fact it is extremely hard for a tranny to trick even the dumbest of men with a fully shaved head, it seriously do be like this.

Anonymous 223353

Lately I keep seeing all these nebulous references to the US government moving to enact "a genocide on trans people" (this is the specific terminology they keep using about this) and states rolling out tons of anti-trans legislation and such. Would be lifefuel if true, but is it at all? The posts that I see about this tend to not actually cite any specific examples of the anti-trans legislation in question that's apparently trying to result in them getting killed

Anonymous 223358

>posts deleted
it was a troon after all lol

Anonymous 223359

a bit off topic but I find it baffling how troonies act like there's a literal genocide against transpeople when apparently in South Carolina if you have an abortion you might be executed for it now.

Anonymous 223362

There is no genocide against trannies. Trannies are the most privileged group in the world because despite all their "troubles", they're STILL killed at lesser rates than women and girls. Trannies don't seem to understand pain, and will compare their spilled milk issues to things like human slavery and the holocaust.

Anonymous 223363

idk how it came about but it's hilarious because it's peaking a ton of people. they really are their own worst enemies.

Anonymous 223367


This just doesn't seem worth it to me. Like yeah sure, gay & bi & tranny moids might be predisposed to rape/pedoism, lots of demographic groups are predisposed to crime and the people who you'd have to ally with to get what you want aren't going to extend a fig leaf to lesbians, they're usually religious nutters and do not care that sexual orientation is not chosen. Are you really that scared of troons that you'd empower anti-gay groups? Stop being weak and dependent on men and start advocating for right for women to carry guns in public – moids can't be trusted with guns in public but women can. Like this shit is such a deliberate astroturf, really, we want to roll back the gay rights movement for GBT and hope somehow the L escapes the wrath?

Anonymous 223372

The L has historically always escaped the biggest part of the wrath. They were not criminalized even allowed to adopt in Nazi Germany. It's gay moids that always bring them down to their level and guilt-trip women to do their bidding, much like troons. "You have rights because of US how DARE you to not be our perfect political puppets!".

Anonymous 223376

The truth is all tranny problems are just psychological and we as a society shouldnt give them any rights or care for them they live in their own world like lunatics what they demand is that we deny reality and we dont want to do that. There is no real oppression only the one they imagine.

In reality nobody gives a fuck they crossdress the problem is they want to enter women spaces and groom children. Everyone would be fine with them if they stayed in their lane but they already didnt its a fetish kink group gone too wild, it will never be enough with them, the sole presence of women triggers them because how dare you remind them what they are not they want to blame their mental trauma on YOU but its THEIR problem they are the mentally ill ones.

Anonymous 223379

AND I forgot to add also that we call them by some retarded she/they/them pronouns remember that the whole pronous shit started because of them. Everyone finds this shit so annoying. Everything wold be fine if they didnt want to force their mentally ill view of the world on us, literally the fuckers need to leave us alone.

Those are the reasons they are disliked the crossdressing I dont give a fuck, they should express their autogynephilia in gay bars just like gays been doing it forever just dont groom children into it and dont go to spaces that aint for your sex and it is that easy.

Anonymous 223384


No retard it is different because this shit does irreparable damage and you should read that book while at it. This is another retarded tranny argument "b-but families force the bible upon children all the time" yeah mine did and yet I'm an atheist. Did it do irreversible physical harm? No. It's just ideas, I discarded some I kept others simple as.

Anonymous 223386


I'm referring you to this book, not the bible but tranny mental illness might not be able to tell the difference, I mean who am I kidding they wont they never engage with the arguments in good faith. Point is tranny's personal mental illnesses aint our problem we were not born confused or hyper autistic enough to be easily confused or hating the sex we are, so trannies fuck off, you dont wanna fuck off we are gonna use the state to make you fuck off. And if that gets them to kill themselves that ain't also my problem they treatening with suicide is literally again their own personal mental illness of being unable to handle reality. Make men respect women spaces again.

Anonymous 223388

Speaking what we were all thinking, truth to power, truly

Anonymous 223390

Because trannies are extremely creepy, it showcases what kind of fucked up lab experiments they would like to do (that dont work by the way: womb transplant has been tried, twice know to my knowledge both moid patients that got it fucking died a week later lol, good).

Anonymous 223391

Double (You), most underrated post in the thread

Anonymous 223392

Laptop unattended, They upgraded it to windows 11. Just couldn't take it

Anonymous 223397

Parents teaching their religion to their kids is not the same as sterile pedophiliac eunuch strangers grooming your kids at school away from all family protection wtf lmao

Anonymous 223399

Thats the point, its the unconfortable truth of thats happening today in most of the 1st world and its all because its very profitable in the inmidate sense. LGBTs spend more money, now you know why corporations love them their flaw is long term though they dont reproduce except real woman Lesbians, Lesbians are the least retarded consumerists of the LGBT thats why they are disliked the most by the powers that be and Straight people too ofc. Sexually deviant moids is where the biggest drone consumer mindsets are at.

Anonymous 223404

It's a combination of everything you just said and how the modern LGBT works, their goals and how it is funded. Corporations control its views, corporations dont give a fuck about what is healthy just immediate profit, if your whole family goes infertile and dies good they made at the very least 10k from your dumb autistic son's lifespan, etc, etc. They are even transparent about how much money there is on it, as of now I'm sure its very well invested on or at least other "gendie" shit for sure is, its on forbes ffs its that website is like the 4chan for billionares they just read it almost everyday, at least to watch their rankings in the top 100 they take so much pride in:


Anonymous 223411


i have a similar thought about trannies in women's sports - real women should ALL just walk away. leave it to the trannies, then see what it becomes; see who would want to watch THAT.
(maybe i'm underestimating the amount of jerry springer freakshow interest…?)

of course, reality is that most women's sports aren't doing well financially in the first place, and asking women to shave heads is a lot less than asking to walk away from paying contracts/endorsements/scholarships/etc…

but, i still like to imagine 2-on-1 tranny basketball played on a full court, watched by maybe a dozen other tranny spectators in an otherwise empty madison square garden.

trannies are dystopian.

Anonymous 223427

modern democracies usually prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex. if you think you're going to somehow empower right wingers to ban gay moids from doing something without it also applying to lesbians you're confused

Anonymous 223430


democracy is fake, democracy = oligarchy just like everywhere else in the world.

Bring back Empress Tomyris. Just kill the retarded opposition and stop bothering with sociopathic moids that don't want a fair sex society if you dont kill them, they will kill you to take political power it really is that simple send the army against those fuckers, don't flinch.

Anonymous 223493


>transwomen that want you to call them "mommy"

Anonymous 223519

Who the fuck uses the word "transwomen" here retard?

Anonymous 223533

History tells us otherwise thought. Lesbians only have to go down with gays and troons if they want to.

Anonymous 223644


>tranny male
>specializes in taxidermy
Everybody watch out, it's Buffalo Bill

Anonymous 223648

Anonymous 223674

Do you want to actually die from cringe? I have found possibly the worst tiktok account I have ever seen.


Only watch this if you're a glutton for extreme punishment

Anonymous 223680


Yes, it is indeed a bad thing for a person's mental well-being to be entirely dependent on a routine, long-term "therapy" that fucks up their body's hormonal balance beyond what it was ever supposed to be like and generally causes increasing adverse effects with enough time. Good on the woman in the original post for coming to terms with her own situation and having enough clarity to try and correct it, I wish only the best to her. I honestly feel so bad for detransitioners. It's bad enough that they have to deal with the ordeal of reversing a transition, on top of that they have trannies constantly berating them for doing that. It's like crabs in a bucket.

Anonymous 223688

Testosterone deadens the brain to emotional pain. Your own as well as others'. That's why men who have no intention of exercising are so eager to get testosterone replacement when their natural levels start to fall even though it turns their organs into chewing gum and causes cancer. The empathetic response that Dr. Theodore Kaczynski realized while mailing explosives across the country was that our current social order relies on making emotional pain tolerable by altering the brain chemistry of the afflicted rather than by addressing it or its root causes, which may indicate that those root causes are themselves vital to the operation of the prevailing social order.

Anonymous 223692

>That's why men who have no intention of exercising are so eager to get testosterone replacement when their natural levels start to fall even though it turns their organs into chewing gum and causes cancer
Do they inject fake testosterone? Or do they inject more than natural levels? I am not sure how this Frankenstein thing works.

Anonymous 223693

i wonder if shes just talking about a lack of obsessive thoughts because ive seen someone talk about how she had to stop taking testosterone because it made her brain empty in a way that made her really uncomfortable, like her internal monologue was just gone, and she said it made her feel stupider.

Anonymous 223694

Male testosterone replacement therapy is supposed to aim towards the higher end of natural t levels since it isn't trying to induce a false late puberty the way ftm hormone replacement therapy does.

Anonymous 223695

this is probably embarrassing but does anyone else tend to find women like the ones in the op pic >>222938 mildly attractive irl? if they didn't have such terminal brain rot (and if they actually liked pussy) i'd feel tempted to hook up with them

Anonymous 223698

"I can fix her"

Anonymous 223752


Anonymous 223770

Where is the lie tho

Anonymous 223786

Agreed its like dumb depressives addicted to anti-depressants they really think that shit is going to fix them but it just makes them dependent they become fucking drug addicts. Trannies are already on like at least 5 drugs by the way they also consume a lot of weed, alcohol, heroin, etc to dissociate from reality it's very common among them having the whole package of mental illnesses.

Anonymous 223790

Are you one of those anti-psychiatry schizos

Anonymous 223898


Anonymous 223900

Men can't be trusted with children

Anonymous 223902

I think someone posted a study revealing that male social workers who provided for children are so much more likely to possess sexual feelings for the children they interact with. Why are males like this?

Anonymous 223903


Actually horrifying

Anonymous 223916

>my use of heroin has lead to an addiction that severely altered my brain chemistry and the withdrawal symptoms have caused my quality of life to deteriorate. as such, I don't think people should take this drug.
>wtf why aren't you just taking more heroin then?!?!?!? sounds like you're blaming the medicine for working sis, smh.
this is what trannies actually believe.

Anonymous 223917

its weird i never seen this pic before and i have investigated the topic. Could be straight up lies and made up who knows. The pic might not even be in the place mentioned, the more information technology progresses the more i doubt the information. In the future all "news" will be AI generated.

Anonymous 223926


Diaper fetish trannies at it again, and there is a fuck ton of those.

Anonymous 223927

I disagree with cancelling him though because I disagree with cancel culture in general just cancel what is strictly illegal like the whole internet HRT black market and the grooming of children that happens in Tranny discords, the more mental retardation these people expose out of themselves the more they show the public they are potential pedophilic sexual offenders.

Anonymous 223929

I disagree with cancel culture, I agree with instant popular justice for pedophiles.

Anonymous 223935

Anonymous 223939

Anonymous 223940

Yeah see they got corporations on their side thats literally it. They might not be majority but they get sponsored by the powers that be. Everyone hates them for good reasons.

Anonymous 223941

Galileo gambit

Anonymous 223946


…when i'm doomed to root for some New Nazis (proud boys? trumpers? general republicans?) to come along and repeat history for the New Hirschfeld Institute (the Kinsey Institute, no question mark) because we didn't learn…

Anonymous 223948

Just don't vouch for them if it happens, you can think a result out of something is based but not subscribe to the ideology. Anyway that is never gonna happen, besides part on why our TERF argument got so good is because we debated the dumb claims trannies threw out there, not a single one of them was objective their final argument legit is "I deserve women spaces because I'm mentally ill and if you dont give them to me I get sad and wanna kill myself" well tough fucking luck, threatening others with suicide is what mentally ill people do and it only works on spineless mentally weak idiots because it fixes no problems it creates more. The other one is stopping them from grooming children that one is more diffiuclt but possible cut HRT and its over, they are like drug addicts sure they will find black markets but that is the point the more horrible that shit is and the more groomerish it looks its gonna make kids think twice who they hang out on the internet, make groomers operate strictly in the deepweb see how they fare, they are going to slow down a lot.

Anonymous 223951


yeah, i’m not gonna start sieg heiling or anything. i don’t actually want to see the Kinsey Institute research burned the way that the nazis burned Hirschfeld. on the contrary, kinsey currently contains “scientific” files and records of crimes against children that should be investigated to help victims of said “research” and to prosecute/execute any of the perpetrators who are still alive.

Anonymous 223956


Unrelated to tweet caption but why and how does their hair always look so disgusting??

Anonymous 223957

Mentally ill people tend to be bad at taking care of themselves.

Anonymous 223975

they live in their own mental worlds u know they aint all out here they are trippin 24/7 a lot of trannies are hardcore druggies

Anonymous 223981

I hate how trans has become regarded as the most oppressed marginalized group and the one that you get the largest amount of internet oppression points from being in, maybe even more than being black at this point. Nobody ever notices or wants to point out that trans doesn't fit in with any other marginalized demographic (gay, non-white, disabled, etc.) because none of those things are something a person has control over while trans is something you opt into by choice. A tranny could simply drop the woman larp at any point they wanted to and all of their "oppression" would be gone, it literally isn't real. Yet there's still this pervasive idea in leftist spaces that trans people are the most oppressed and the most important. I just want to know how it ended up like this.

Anonymous 223982

They also push the idea that they're murdered at crazy rates. They're not. Women and girls are still being murdered more than them, across the world. The reason why it LOOKS like trannies are being actively hunted is because a large number of them are prostitutes, which is an already dangerous "job".

Anonymous 223983

I'd think trannies have a higher violent victimisation rate not because they're trannies but because they're men

Anonymous 223990

Not wking troons but they used to argue that gender dysphoria (that they had no control over) couldn't be treated with therapy/meds and only transition could cure it. Things changed now bc they claim that you don't need dysphoria to be trans lol.

Anonymous 223993

Didn't someone on the last thread post an article revealing that anti-psychotics DO basically cure the urge to troon out? And, many sources are revealing that around 90% of children who "identify" as trans naturally grow out of it by the time they reach adulthood. When you look into AGP as well, it really just feels like trooning out is a big fat choice instead of an obligation of any type. A cultish, mentally unsound fetish, yet ultimately a choice. Trannies who try to suicide-bait people into believing their bullshit actually should just kill themselves at this point. Such wastes of space.

Anonymous 223995

Seems like male trannies only try to bait incels, which is a lateral move. "Egg cracking" from what I have seen always starts with identifying a male as sexually isolated and underexperienced, most commonly with compensatory pornographic fetishes. The fact that non-incel TiMs like Bruce Jenner keep popping up and producing a tide of trans widows seems accidental.

The only trans recruiters who seem to target people who were worth saving, are Aidens targeting young women. Even with that knowledge I have a hard time buying the idea that Aidens should die.

Anonymous 223997


found this with no context so idk if it's an mtf or a she/they/it tif

Anonymous 223998

I'm sure their files are stored online. No organization worth anything doesn't have backups.

Anonymous 224049

Holy fucking shit. It's so hard to take trannies seriously when they say they "pass" or that they're "more feminine" than black or brown women just because of our skin color. Trannies' jealousy is rancid, and can be smelled from miles away.

Anonymous 224058


Jesus christ. That looks like an axe murderer that dresses up like his victims.

Anonymous 224063

This must be one of those mutations that happen to people that drink the water of Flint Michigan.

Anonymous 224070

FtMs and enby Aidens earn $700 per every $1000 earned by a cisgay male, which is about $820 per every $1000 earned by a lesbian.
MtF troons earn ~$700 per every $1000 earned by a lesbian, and about $600 per every $1000 earned by a cisgay male, which is about $850 per every $1000 earned by an Aiden.

It's almost funny. The pay gap between subspecies of troon matches the pay gap between cisgenders of matching assumed identity.

Anonymous 224072

perfect example of leftist doublethink. They DARE you to say something

Anonymous 224073


People are calling her crazy for this but it's not like she's wrong

Anonymous 224074


You VILL entertain my delusions.
You VILL scan my non-existent organ.

Anonymous 224075


Remember this south park episode?

Anonymous 224076

TiMs make me sick. What a disgusting, filthy beast to barge his way into a women's sport and beat up this athlete. Round up all these trannies and put them on their own island with no way off of it.

Anonymous 224077

This was considered a joke just a few years ago


Anonymous 224083


here's some more sportsmanship

Anonymous 224088

No technique at all, he just cannot be stoped by the female fighter thats literally it.

Anonymous 224089


This is how one beats a gorilla tranny. With superior numbers and guts. If you are going to fight a tranny in the wild have friends with you also you are doing a favor to humanity by pulling them out of women spaces but not every woman can or has the guts for obvious reasons, black women are based though much less scared take note. Justice was made that day.

Anonymous 224090

Men can’t even wipe or wash their ass properly…how tf do they make their rot pockets not straight up septic?

Anonymous 224097

Fucking based. We need to normalize beating up trannies when they do shit like masturbating in public restrooms or flashing people.

Anonymous 224098

Makes sense though, given that the medical industry is pushing this tranny shit as a source of insane profits (medical patients for life on hormones/mood stabilizers/etc + tens of thousands in surgeries). Might as well fool them into going for preventive screenings for diseases they literally can't get - charged at full price, of course. And for the trannies themselves, no price is too much to pay to enforce their narcissistic delusions.

Anonymous 224100


Yea its based but its not that easy, most women are at a genuine physical disadvantage against men. But if you want to learn how to fight learn muay thai or judo probably that is a good start there is some universal techniques that work for almost all sizes in those fighting styles. Hit trannies with the tip of the elbow and knee them.

Anonymous 224101

Krav Maga

Anonymous 224103

Nah I heard from my bf who trains MMA that a lot of the teachers there are just scamming people they are actually karate teachers posturing as self defense experts, most gyms labeled that have a high chance of being liars.


Anonymous 224104

Well shit. That sucks.

Anonymous 224105

This video makes me feel so hopeful even though it's just one incident. Where can I read more about it? Any other similar incidents to this?
I hope beating trannies up gets normalized like beating other sexual predators such as pedophiles is. TIMs in women's spaces are sexual predators after all.

Anonymous 224106


No its super rare like you just said its only one that had the luck of being recorded, its based but its one of a kind. It shows women can do something about this problem but they need to stick together it's very essential against a man to have help close by. Fighting one on one skill can make the difference but size even more but when its a two vs one now the odds are flipped it gets much easier with 4 arms to take down some moid with 4 distributing the whole weight of the moid around between two women, it also gets much harder for the moid because he can only keep eyes on one girl while the other can come from angles he ain't checking, it's great to have friends in situations like that and trannies usually have none, so use your advantages wisely if it happens, if he doesn't wants to apologize and then leave the women's bathroom alone, in peace like any reasonable man should for example.

Anonymous 224107


"Men are stronger, women can't possibly win" is a huge demoralisation effort by misogynists. In peak, competitve settings, yes. But on average a woman can easily be as strong as men.

The average 1 rep max bench press for men is 135lb or one full plate on each site. A female who lifts vigorously for several months can reach this level.

Anonymous 224108

No because you are not accounting for the average woman as well which is like 10 cm shorter than men on average sometimes 15 cm it's a lot honestly. Height also means total muscle capacity, a larger body means potential to build larger muscles. But yes training is good against untrained people whatever advantage you can build up do it, dont get caught lacking.

Anonymous 224109

In this video, the man seems to be actively avoiding landing a serious strike on the women, including changing the shape of his hand from a fist to a floppy slap before landing during the couple of times he performs a limp slap against non-vulnerable surfaces. He is instead concerned, apparently entirely, with making sure that everyone sees him behaving defenselessly and pathetically.
Here is a moid making no apparent effort to protect any part of his body or move offensively.

What is this? What is the context for these? I have a hard time believing that these moids were taking their situation seriously.

Anonymous 224111

Obvious money-grab.

Anonymous 224112

isn't medicine free in canadia

Anonymous 224114

They got both public n private

Anonymous 224116

found the link with audio for one of the videos.
still doesn't give too much context but it seems like the girls jumped him after he was in the womens bathroom the same time as they were. also kek at the mcdonalds employees letting the girls run before the cops get there and referring to the troon as male. there's lots of racist TRAs in the comments under this video as expected

Anonymous 224118

The comment section was hilarious. trannies were really upset McDonald's workers didn't put themselves in the middle and get stabbed for min wage.

Anonymous 224119


Height in itself is actually negatively correlated with strength, because longer limbs are longer levers and need more force to move. Why people think height = stronger is taller people on average have more body mass. But if they have the same muscle mass and are shorter, it's a big advantage. Many champion boxers were much shorter than their opponents, like Rocky Marciano or Mike Tyson.

A woman who has the same muscle mass as a man who is taller than her would easily overpower him.

Pic related is 1.79m judoka Kaguera beating legendary 2.04m judoka Teddy Riner.

Anonymous 224120

Also to add: the highest strength to bodyweight ratios are achieved by the smallest people.
>Weight classes in the men's division range from 114 to 308 pounds with no upper limit after this. Using established records as the limit and the top weight for each class, men achieve 8.9 times their bodyweight on average when setting a world record. The highest ratio is in the lightest weight class, where Andrzej Stanaszek of Poland achieved 10.6 times his bodyweight. The lowest ratio is in the heaviest weight class, where John Cole of the U.S. totaled 7.7 times his bodyweight in competition.

The first man to achieve a strength to weight ratio of more than 5x was a man who was 5'2

Anonymous 224133

Kek. Tranny lives do not matter. Sorry not sorry.

Anonymous 224136

>there's lots of racist TRAs in the comments under this video as expected

Honestly I respect black women a lot because the hood roughs them up, they know they shouldn't take shit from anybody so they learn to fight for themselves. Women will have to be more rough nowadays with all the crazy shit going on and its getting worse so it will end up being pretty much a necesity fuck this Clown World.

Anonymous 224137


Opinion time. Men who would and do sleep with trannies should be avoided like an animal with rabies. We all know that trannies are disgustingly mentally ill, but what does that say about the people who would sleep with one? What is the thought process that would occur in a man's head to look at another man who is psychotic enough to think he's a woman, says he is what he is not, uses pathetic attempts to become something he'll never be, and still agree to have sex with the mentally ill male? If a person is mentally ill enough to chop off perfectly healthy body parts to "become" something they are not and will never be, do you think that person can properly consent to anything related to sex? If you would sleep with someone who is this mentally detached from reality, what does that say about you as a person? What does that say about your morals? If the man agrees with the tranny and believes the tranny to be a woman, the man in question would be as psychotic as the tranny he's sleeping with. If the man chooses to sleep with the tranny, but actually knows that the tranny will never be a woman and is mentally ill, then I would think of the man as desperate and manipulatively dangerous. A person who is unsound enough to think they're an identity that they are completely not, is on par with being mentally unsound enough to think that chocolate milk comes from brown cows. People like that need to be on medication, in therapy, and staying away from serious decisions until they are in tune with reality. To knowingly feed into a person's mental illness just so you have some sex is blatantly and objectively fucked up. It's manipulative. Dishonest. I'd put that action at the same level as coercing a person with extremely low-functioning autism into having sex. The fact that a man would even do this with a tranny also blends very well with the likelihood that he is too desperate and hungry for sex. A man who will have sex with something like a tranny is a man who probably won't stop there, and will stop at nothing to keep getting his penis wet. Such an animal of a man is not to be trusted.

Anonymous 224142

Men that sleep with trannies are extremely poor hygiene and sexually desperate and it shows signs that they would cheat on you very easily once they get a boner for anybody else in the wild, also he could have aids or tape worms on his dick for having anal sex with a tranny's unwashed male asshole so fuck dealing with that.

Anonymous 224144

42% have HIV in this article.


Only a sad mentally ill man would fuck a tranny and risk getting aids.

Anonymous 224145

David Bowie really let himself go, huh?

Anonymous 224147

Even if shorter men can lift more proportional to their bodyweight and taller men do worse in fights against shorter men, this does not mean men should be competing against women or that a woman has the upper hand in a fight.

Anonymous 224158

Thats not what she meant but yea everyone here agrees with you. Her argument was more against people who don't train and that is kinda true people that don't train regularly are much weaker compared to those who do especially in cardio they cannot last 1 minute straight up fighting, they run out of breath. But nobody here should have a standard that is just above those who don't train, its a very low standard imo, there is room for more.

Anonymous 224161

>the moid makes no apparent effort to defend himself
It happens, often times people just sort of get shell shocked when they're attacked and take it. If you aren't mentally ready to fight its quite easy to try to get overwhelmed by the stress

Anonymous 224162

Apologies for being unable to find a video without shitty scrote commentary on this but I would absolutely recommend not starting physical altercations with scrotes, no matter how you've trained. It is delusional to rely on the idea that a serious fight between a woman who brought her body to the peak of its biological limits and a scrote who looks like a random schlub will go the same way as some viral video of some guy who refuses to throw a single weighty, connecting punch.

Anonymous 224163

I don't mean that, and in general fights should be avoided, but "woman" is not the way you should look at it, you should think about how you can protect yourself. The average woman would lose, but there's no reason to keep being average

Anonymous 224164

i've notice that most part of people who are talking about being trans allies do not have any trans friends or deal with any trans people.

Anonymous 224165

I think you're right about all of this. Everyone knows the "men will fuck anything that moves" meme which is real to an extent, but I really do think it takes a special level of detachment from reality for one to get into a relationship with or even just sleep with a tranny. Like, a normal and well-adjusted adult wouldn't do that, male or not.

One explanation I see sometimes is that it's kind of a cope for repressed gay moids who see a tranny as a less shameful option than just hooking up with a man outright, which I suppose makes some sense, but at the same time… doesn't. Of course I'm not a gay moid so I wouldn't know but a maladjusted man who tries and fails to look like/behave as a woman, kind of just seems like "the worst of both worlds" to me.

I think the vast majority of moids that get with trannies are either doing it because they specifically have a fetish for it, or because they're future troons themselves ("uncracked eggs" in their own terminology.) Very often both reasons at once. In fact I honestly might argue these two categories are one and the same. I have a hard time buying that any man pursues relationships with trannies irl solely for the fetish reason because I imagine for them what they're actually into is like anime trap shit, and obviously real males that troon out will look nothing like the ones in drawn porn. In any case you're right, I would say anyone that knowingly associates with trannies in that way is suspect at best and a legitimate potential threat at worst

Anonymous 224166

(I also watch physical 100) for context the male was a trained MMA fighter and they were about the same weight class, although she was heavier. If anything it shows how you can even beat heavier opponents if you're trained.

Anonymous 224167

Yeah. The issue is that scrotes don't always "show" their training.
Even simple things like arm strength, arm diameter is a notoriously unreliable predictor of one-rep max. It is entirely within my observation that a guy with 15" arms might outlift a guy with 17".
But for things like fighting, combat sports experience, or street fighting experience? Forget it. Waaaaay more scrotes have been in and gained some aptitude in serious and meaningful physical 'scraps' than you think, particularly physically weak looking or conventionally nerdy ones. I doubt there's a single nona here who could realistically best programmer legend John Carmack as he is today, at 52 years old.

Anonymous 224170

The biggest problem I think is that fat is highly visible and the androgenic fat pattern ensures that the deep and core strength of men is kept buried beneath pretty much 100% of their fat (if they are high t and lot estrogen). It is likely easier for lower t and higher e men to gain visible abs due to the androgenic fat distribution pulling all fat from the extremities to the core, while the estrogenic fat distribution stores fat away from the core. So a man with more e and less t than usual can have arms with significantly higher volume and a core that ripples with muscle while the higher t and lower e man has a paunch and comparatively little arm volume but much more muscle concentration.
It's sad, abs are the most attractive kind of muscularity but pretty much every moid who shows them off is using """""gear"""""" and will die clutching his chest at age 40.

Anonymous 224179


Does John Carmack run everyday? I think I can beat him I would just get him tired round 1 and increment the speed round 2 and 3. I doubt he has good cardio I can definitely beat him with pure thai kick-boxing moves and with a good fight plan.

Anonymous 224184

>and a good fight plan
Carmack is a thinky fighter who says his interest in fighting is in the ability to apply his mental faculties to the sport. Given his immense mental powers as a higher dimensional being it is fair to say a normal human level strategy would fall apart when he no-clips through adjoining polygons and employs bunny-hopping acceleration to outmaneuver you from a higher dimensional reference plane.

Anonymous 224185


You didn't say he knows how to wrestle, you just said he was just a nerd its unfair, yeah I don't know anything about wrestling but on kick boxing rules I can beat him I'm confident. Since you moved the goalpost by not saying that he has trained I can move the goalpost on what rules I would fight him.

Anonymous 224189

What I said was that an invisibly high number of weedy nerds actually do have training and experience as fighters, and then cited Carmack as a programmer legend who could most likely handle a much younger and maybe even physically larger stronger nona. You then ran into the trap of looking at photos of him, seeing a short weedy nerd, and making assumptions regarding the invisible factors.

Anonymous 224190

>Men who would and do sleep with trannies should be avoided like an animal with rabies
Agreed but they already are, right? It's an inherently gross fact that would make any woman's vagina dryer than the Sahara if not outright repulsed, any man with half a brain would try to hide this. The problem is that most men will fuck anything, they just hide it.

Anonymous 224201

This is real. It's very easy to be outwardly in support of trans people when they're more of an abstract concept to you, and I think that is what they are to a significant portion of trans allies. A lot of them are lucky that they'll probably never experience a family member or lifelong friend or similar decide to transition. My adult brother trooning out was literally the reason I peaked, I was a pretty typical libfem before that.

I fully believe loved ones trooning out is one of the biggest peakenings out there and happens way more often than people think, it's just that a lot of the time this happens the person will keep their true feelings about it to themself. Even if you can't support it, it often just isn't realistic or worth it to burn bridges like that. And even besides that, the optics of having any opinion even slightly aligned with terfs, transphobia, etc are fucking terrible right now. I have nothing but respect for women that are brave enough to be openly gender-critical, but also think it's extremely reasonable for one to decide to stay crypto. Depending on things like how liberal your family is, where you live, what kind of job you have, you can risk ruining your life by speaking out against this kind of thing, and that isn't an exaggeration.

This isn't to say I think every single person who's had a loved one troon out is actually upset about it, there's obviously people out there that legitimately support it and that's part of why the entire issue has been able to progress to the point it has. But for the most part, you are right, I feel like what generally happens is that even if someone is really vocal about being a trans ally, they'll kind of start avoiding talking about that topic on social media after someone close to them troons out and they realize how awful it actually is. They'll just show the bare minimum of expected support to avoid causing friction all while dying on the inside

Anonymous 224205


Anonymous 224206

Where is this from?

Anonymous 224208


Been going through a trans thread about "going stealth" and haven't dound a single troon there that doesn't give me nightmares. Hmmm.
This guy says that "he's planning to go stealth as soon as he can manage". Also posts on porn subreddits of course.

Anonymous 224209

Gosh I though that the scat poster was back lol

Anonymous 224213

the fucking trannies in lgbshit are mentally ill as well every single tranny is that is the staple to be one its just all a fetish gone wild but they believe the retarded thing of tru trans which is also stupid anything to deny the truth that they are just mentally ill. Penises or butchered dicks whatever they call their neovagina doesnt belong in women spaces, real vaginas only. All trannies deserve what it happened to the McDonalds bathroom tranny, man goes into the women bathroom he deserves to get beat up and gtfo rules are simple they couldnt respect them: DONT go into the spaces that aint your sex's. I dont give a single fuck about what fetishes they got that makes them want to do this. No is no.

I dont give a fuck if some trannies get the weird look when they go to the mens they should just say that they are trans and actually a dude and every dude there would understand and be like ahh ok man carry on at least you are honest with yourself.

Anonymous 224220

What do you call someone that hates agps but is fine with tifs?

Anonymous 224221

Just a person, there's not really a name for it

Anonymous 224222

Normal. TIFs probably call them "transphobes" though since it probably involves a paternalistic and infantilizing view of the threat of any masculinity of transmascs, which invalidates them.

Anonymous 224224

a groomer

Anonymous 224226

How am i a groomer for viewing tifs as tomboyish confused women while aknowledging the true threat which is male trannies?

Anonymous 224228

I am the anon they replied to

Anonymous 224232


Speaking of butterflies

Anonymous 224237

lmfao fucking hell brutal, i love it.

Anonymous 224240



Anonymous 224242

Wow, and this is what we "cis" women are supposed to be jealous of? A pair of miserable, rotting, mutilated former boobs? This is why I think people who sleep with trannies are some oddballs who aren't quite right themselves. You can't sleep with someone like picrel, and be right in the head at the same time.

Anonymous 224246

TIFs baffle me. I don't even see them conforming to conventional yaoi stereotypes, except for some really disturbing shota yaoi uke things. They talk like they're naive about young boyhood or overly influenced by cartoons or something but I don't see how that can really be. People mostly went to the same public elementary schools and boys who acted anything like aidens were bullied by girls as well as by males since there wasn't a meaningful strength disparity before puberty, and teachers were just as contemptuous of those failboys as anyone else. Did every aiden just happen to attend some sort of magical public schools where girls only bullied other girls and boys only bullied other boys out of sight of each other, or where a teacher would intervene to protect boys but not girls? If the latter, are they trying to become boys because they think a functional, responsible, maternal adult woman will protect them for life afterwards?

Anonymous 224249


So many TiFs are dogfuckers (zoophile furries), shotacons, and women haters, I just don't care about them anymore.

Anonymous 224250

I don't honestly believe that. If it were true it would lend credence to the idea that they are legitimately male-brained given the male monopoly on paraphilic disorders.

Anonymous 224254

Damn, can't believe I laughed at a stonetoss meme….

Anonymous 224260

The ones i have met online are nice and are against misogyny, maybe that's because i never befriended the more edgy ones that talk like a 14 year old boy or 4chan pooners.

Anonymous 224270


At first I thought "is this person trans" then I searched "trans" on his profile and I was right

Anonymous 224271

>peggy likes pegging
hank doesn't. he prefers the fundamentals

Anonymous 224277

an enabler of medical abuse.

Anonymous 224279


You have a good eye and intuiton you know the anatomy of the male skull. The eyes are more sunken in, the browridge is larger and creates more shadow around the eyes, they always look sleep deprived, longer wider noses, more distance between the mouth and nose, notably bigger teeth. Everything else u probs already know, hand/feet size, more veininess, thicker tendons. They are absolutely disgusting abominations. Pic related he censored his face, i bet he looks like Golum.

Anonymous 224280


fetish moment

Anonymous 224291


Happy Gingers Day

Anonymous 224311

One benefit to trannies getting surgery done is the fact that they're basically sterilizing themselves. It's disgusting what they have done to themselves, but at least we don't have to worry about their fugly, tiresome, rotten, low intellect, dysfunctional, and utterly worthless genes that would bastardize the human race.

Anonymous 224316

Tangentially related but if visual studio GUI didn't do a dent to people supply-demand for programmers I doubt that GPT and copilot do anything. Normal people don't want to deal with parsing and reviewing code even if you lay down a comment for every line of code

Anonymous 224332

shh let them slip and fuck up so we can weed them out.

Anonymous 224335

What is agps?

Anonymous 224336

autogynephilliacs men with a fetish/paraphilia for imagining themselves as women

Anonymous 224337

Thats gross

Anonymous 224347

Lmao that's not gonna stop users from infiltrating and leaking their shit. All their surgeries and deets are already on google images, so they can have fun with getting laughed at anyway.

Anonymous 224349

>Love engerland
cringe, FUCK THAE BRITS!!!!

Anonymous 224390


Rent free.

Anonymous 224396

I've wondered if sounding might help with his *a-hem" narrow urethra.

Anonymous 224400

Screenshot 2023-03…

they're so entitled. the op is 29.

Anonymous 224406

>I'm a TME nonbinary woman
>29 years old
How does someone reach that age while still posting things like this? I always try to console myself with the knowledge that most female they/thems are going to grow out of that and quietly drop it at some point by their mid/late 20s, or just once they get some actual life experience and realize how inconsequential and silly the gender stuff is. Then I'll see women like the OP in this image and wonder if we might actually be fucked.

As an aside, the TME in OP's post means "transmisogyny exempt," in case anyone doesn't know. Handmaidens and gaydens on tumblr will put it in their bios the same way they do with their pronouns.

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Anonymous 224420

We need to do a statistic on how many trannies are also pedophiles. How high do you think the percentage is for them? 30-40%?

Anonymous 224422

It hasn't. thanks having more info dump is always good.

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Anonymous 224425


Anonymous 224426

All of the AGPs at least

Anonymous 224427


Anonymous 224432

Anons, do you think that covid ultimately ended up accelerating the trans issue? I've been thinking on this a lot, I think we were always headed in this direction regardless, but covid sped it way up by forcing a significant portion of people to live their lives almost entirely online. People are legitimately addicted to social media and receiving constant validation through it. Even though lockdown restrictions have been gone for a while, I think those kinds of developments seem a bit more permanent. At this point people seem more interested in curating this ideal image or idea of themselves for others rather than actually doing anything more material when it comes to self-expression. For example at this point it's considered lame and unacceptable to be straight or "cis." If you've been in proximity with any zoomers online nowadays a huge portion of them are using these nebulous labels for themselves like "queer" that don't even seem to specifically mean anything, just so they'll be seen as interesting and valid by their peers. It's to the point that it feels legitimately uncommon to see a young person on the internet that isn't identifying as "queer." There's no way all of them are actually gay. This wouldn't necessarily be any huge issue on its own, kids and teenagers have always gone through phases as they're seeking approval and trying to figure out who they are, but nowadays they're prime targets for tranny groomers that are always trying to recruit others into their ranks. I feel like none of this was nearly as bad even just a few years ago.

Anonymous 224455

brazil tranny vs m…

taller people have more mass (also thicker bones usually) and more reach though. and this is really important for random people on the street fighting.

Anonymous 224458

dresses too performative, too tall. my first impression is: is that a fucking tranny? The hands look large too that shit is consistent, yea im willing to bet its a trannoid and his voice is deep. This is so easy. Also Brazil, thats clearly portugese its a tranny.

Anonymous 224459


yea I was right, its just not the same the hands especially and the skull, one just knows by instinct, not only the skull shape and size, feet and handsize was different but the musculature of the legs doesnt go the same way might be because the male hips of trannies cant build muscle in the same way, the calf is all different and the quads. Trannies will never pass especially on video in motion and with audio lol which means irl they will always raise suspicion people either just stay quiet or laugh in their minds.

Anonymous 224460

fighting in the to…

i thought it was obvious i posted it because it's a tranny but here's an example of smaller guys winning for balance

i'm not sure you can relate this to women managing to win against men though

Anonymous 224461

I should learn Judo honestly they teach chokes, there is a female Olympian giving classes like 15 min away from where I live. Seems a very proper martial art because you can keep a tranny controlled until security arrives to kick him out the women's bathroom for being a pervert freak.

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Anonymous 224463

This video is so gay lmao. They can't hit and they're rolling in piss.

Anonymous 224464

smaller guy not sc…

that's most street fights. it ends quick when one side knows how to punch and the other doesn't. derailing here but this is the one i was looking for to post.

Anonymous 224465

This is just some dumb russian bullying shit I wouldn't get too fuckin excited about that either

Anonymous 224467

Based slavic boy that won, he is so cute. I hate subhuman troglodyte bullies that look like that they just hate on the cute guys because they are jealous I seen it happen a lot in middle and highschool. Bless his heart.

Anonymous 224469

Its none of your fucking business for what I train for. Go be a tranny somewhere else.

Anonymous 224470

First of all, it was the fatty who threw the sucker punch. Secondly, yes.

Anonymous 224471

that moment when.p…

Anonymous 224472

Even the ones that dont say it deserve to be kicked the fuck out and I know there is many of those lurking right now. Fucking loons.

Anonymous 224473


LGB without the T

Anonymous 224474


I wouldn't even say that the "reassignment" surgery cures them. When they get what they want, they STILL kill themselves LMFAO

Anonymous 224475

its not even a medical condition its just psychological mental illness

Anonymous 224483


wow, it's almost as if trooning out is something that maladjusted loser moids do because trannies are now one of the most protected social classes and these people have realized it basically gives them an avenue to constantly say whatever they want unchallenged

Anonymous 224485


>I survived butchering myself and now I'm going to spend my short time here to make everyone else as uncomfortable as I possibly can before I kill myself

fascinating story

Anonymous 224488

another trancel bites the dust im gonna grave dance when he offes himself

Anonymous 224489

Height in itself it depends, if you can wrestle or get close taller people are often at a disadvantage. Mass is an advantage but this is muscle mass, which you can close with the average man with some training. It's a problem if men werent fatasses who went to the gym regularly but they are.

Anonymous 224499


unbelievably vile, even as a joke/bait

Anonymous 224500

Trannies have a pedophilia problem and at this point, they are not even trying to hide it. They have 110% earned their hatred from approximately everyone. They're another set of males that need to be taken behind the barn and put down already.

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Anonymous 224511

ah, so this the girl version of the many cases of moids trooning out from watching too much porn

Anonymous 224512


An infertile woman is still a woman. Trannies will never be women.

Anonymous 224518

Oddly enough, I like trommers to post this kind of thing, never interrupt your enemies when they make a mistake

Anonymous 224520


moids prefer an infertile woman to a tranny anyway. Nobody likes disgusting anal sex and aids.

But infertile women are so rare that this is the dumbest tranny cope ever anyway, their mothers will always mog them just by existing might be why they hate life so much they look at their life givers with envy and hatred they should kill themselves if they are so ungrateful for life.

Anonymous 224521


This is not new that they relate everything with Satanism and Demon shit they are fucking stupid in general I agree I will let them have all that Satanic garbage all they will end up doing is making themselves even more hated around 90% of the world. This retard unironically drew literal child porn of kids sucking off each other in the street in front of some demon shit with syringes, trannies are mentally ill they live in their own world so stupid.

>pic related other stupid shit they make

again let them express themselves with dumb shit such as that they wont realize why they are so universally hated among all the people until its too late lol and they deserve this popular hate too they asked for it they are like perverts really pushing boundaries into healthy people's lives who didnt asked for their shit

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Anonymous 224537


this is beyond psychotic, Jesus Christ what the fuck is wrong with these people?

Anonymous 224543


thats the most dangerous type of tranny if he goes ape shit

Anonymous 224556


wow based terf drainer

Anonymous 224559

Who's this faggot?

Anonymous 224574

Found this obvious tranny on reddit

Anonymous 224607

Stfu tranny

Anonymous 224609


Ignore the bitter trannies. They're just some of those worthless males who desperately compare female users to the incels in 4chan to convince themselves that we're just as bad. But we're not even close to being on their level. Try as they might to make women and 4chan males seem indistinguishable, women will always be the morally superior sex. Deep down inside…they know this.

Anonymous 224614

Late reply but yes it's free, however somebody has to pay so the doctors do try and squeeze extra cash out of the government by trying to get extra tests (at least in areas that don't have long waiting lists). They can't screw the government like they can screw individuals under private healthcare so the best they can do is overdo tests. Overdoing cervix screenings has led to more false positives than good findings causing more issues for women in the long run so doctors/gynecologists here now are telling women not to come until 25 and only if sexually active but it seems the actual board is going against gynecologists here or trying to make up for the less tests by getting more older ladies in.

Anonymous 224616


TikTok is one of the most pro-troon spaces on the internet. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this post calling a pre-pubscent boy a girl get 1.5 million likes just because he was acting mildly flamboyant

Anonymous 224618

That is actually incredibly creepy and just goes to prove how much troonism is about adherence to stereotypes, not defiance. What were the comments like

Anonymous 224623

I'm assuming it must've been heavily moderated because it was literally 100% positive. Most troontoks have at least a few comments calling them out usually, generally though TikTok is super pro-tranny

Anonymous 224634

The poster of that is the boy, and is trans now

Anonymous 224635


Look at the screenshot of that kid acting silly while he stares at the girl standing next to him, clearly wanting and searching for some validation of his silly behavior. Yet the girl stands there and focuses on anything that's happening outside of the annoying boy right next to her. If that boy really did grow up and trooned out, that screenshot right there is such a small, yet precise metaphor for trannies' one-sided relationship with women for the most part. Trannies dress funny, act a fool, and say all these silly things while they stare in awe at women, and routinely demand for our attention and validation. Yet, the vast majority of women who walk this earth don't give a flying fuck about trannies, and just want to live their lives. The most attention the average woman is going to give a tranny is the internal thought of, "wow what a sad and strange little man", before she returns to whatever it is she's doing. All this, while the average troon is constantly jealous, attention-seeking, and utterly childish for any inch of attention and thumbs up from their ultimate obsession: the female human.

Anonymous 224637


I need advice nonas… my friend has been considering transition for a long, long time. she has friends who are FTM and wants that. she has legitimate dysphoria (disgusted by her boobs, vagina, feels like she’s in the wrong body, you know the deal). a lot of it comes back to how she can’t imagine sex unless she has a dick, and she wants one BAD. strapons don’t work for her apparently (she’s still a virgin though). she wants to be a man. it’s sad and she’s sad and i’m sad.

basically, she’s really considering T. she’s coming to me for advice because she finds the “clit dick” you get from taking T “freakish”. how do i talk her out of taking T?? im really worried it’s going to make her mental illness (suicidal) worse, but her dysphoria is also making her suicidal. i cant support a transition especially if she’s showing so much apprehension but i’m afraid her FTM friends are encouraging her. she lives in a different state so i can’t be around her irl. what do i say? do y’all have any sources? i want to direct her towards detransitioners but i don’t think she’ll listen to them. i need advice/sources that are … friendly/not aggressive.

Anonymous 224639

If she thinks an enlarged clitoris is freakish she really is going to regret the frankensausage surgery. You would think the awful skin graft scars alone would scare most people out of it, maybe start with that.

Anonymous 224640

Decided to watch a random video from my rec feed when I wasn't logged in and got this.
I died laughing the first time I heard this guy's voice cause his "girl voice" sounds like a poor Barney the Dinosaur impression.

Anonymous 224643

TikTok is literally controlled by the NSA they told China they can operate in there if they let them have a hands on approach on their English version of the website.

Anonymous 224647

If you ask me, she sounds already fugged whatever she chooses. Damned if you do damned if you don't. As much as people laugh at mtf axe wounds they are still less goreish and feasible than growing a penis. FtM SRS is seriously the stuff of horrors. I would just be honest with her and go through the previous threads and show her the Frankenstein monstrosities that ftm "penises" are. You should just try to warn her what are the risks and if she is ready to accept worst case scenario because there is a good chance that her friends and doctors won't tell he the truth that there is a chance the surgery will end up looking all fucked up

Anonymous 224649

What a surprise…

Anonymous 224655

Tell her if she touches testosterone you'll never talk to her again

Anonymous 224671


it got bought up long ago so it cannot be more conservative like the chinese, the chinese wouldnt have cared if anti-trans people made content in their platform but the current US state does.

Anonymous 224683

hank (female).jpg

canonically the only thing that helps with hank's.. issue is laaaadybird

Anonymous 224686


Anonymous 224692


saw this in nyc yesterday =)

Anonymous 224693


We need to make TERF stickers.

Anonymous 224703

Gabi Garcia isn't a troon, bitch is just brazilian and loaded to the gills on steroids

Anonymous 224704

assuming that is true its technically the same shit, a woman on roids is a woman on testosterone and its cheating.

Anonymous 224717

Hon is a derogatory (based) term to refer to a non-passing tranny, usually middle-aged. They call people "hon" a lot to compensate, hence the name.

Think the "It's Ma'am" guy

Anonymous 224743


the shit i just found on a table with a bunch of “affirmations” at my “historically womens college”…. ………. and sex? /sex/???

Anonymous 224758

Academia is ran by men go figure, most modern "feminism" is written by scrotes to subvert it.

Anonymous 224759

Glue cut outs of the history of your school as a single-sex university for the love of God pls

Anonymous 224767

I think somebody once posted an article which exposed that liberal feminism was actually invented by the government, and planted in feminist spaces to water down women's fight for rights and respect.

Anonymous 224770

i'd love to read that article

Anonymous 224773


lol id love to do something like this but i can get expelled for “being terfy” as they see it as a title IX violation. which is insane because title IX was made to protect women who’d been sexually assaulted. literal insanity. pic is another one from the table.

Anonymous 224775


Even Varg mogs him at being better looking, like what the fuck is wrong with those people are they so sexually frustrated and rapey they snap and get into this shit the answer is a very likely yes

Anonymous 224776


It wasn't an article, now that I remember. But it does give you something to think about.

Anonymous 224786

Varg aged like milk.

Anonymous 224792

Kek hi pakichan

Anonymous 224804


there's also this one

Anonymous 224805


and this

Anonymous 224806

Lately I've been considering posting pictures of myself of MtF subreddits and claiming to be one of them to see how they react, Maybe I'll claim being 31 despite being 18 just to add onto it

Anonymous 224808


Contrary to what trannies and activists will tell you, children can't and are never truly trans. Almost zero percent of them ever commit suicide from not having gender reassignment surgery, because child suicide is rare in general. Swedish child and adolescent psychiatrist Sven Roman, sums up the research regarding children who are “transgender” and the suicidality of their regards: “There is currently no scientific support for gender-corrective treatment to reduce the risk of suicide.” Psychologists Dr. Michael Bailey of Northwestern University and Dr. Ray Blanchard of the University of Toronto agree: “The best scientific evidence suggests that gender transition is not necessary to prevent suicide. … There is no persuasive evidence that gender transition reduces gender dysphoric children’s likelihood of killing themselves”. This same article also makes a great point. “Bear in mind that in no other medical or psychological condition is a suicidal patient — let alone a child — allowed to dictate treatment. Children and adolescents are cognitively immature, and their thinking is further impaired under psychological distress. This is gross medical negligence”. No one is in danger from not getting these surgeries, or from not having access to hormones. Trannies are just trying to suicide-bait you into being their "yes men". I do find it really low that trannies would hide behind children to be their pawns though.

Anonymous 224809


But there is still some hope in this world.

Anonymous 224811

dont do it, they will jack off to them and dm you more nudes and shit

Anonymous 224812

The fact that troons believe in "transgedner kids" says everything about their sexual deviancy and where are they willing to go. The Slippery Slope was real.

Anonymous 224814


Anonymous 224816


Anonymous 224830

>french tranny
The French haters are gonna have a fit

Anonymous 224831

i'm guessing canadian

Anonymous 224836

Is he also pretending to be pregnant or does he have an unfornutely huge gut? If the first, why at that age? Is it a mid-life crisis thing?

Anonymous 224837


How tf does this dude mess up his makeup, nails, wig, and clothing this badly? Goddamn, his makeup looks like a fucking chimpanzee did it, and why is the fake nail of his pinky finger missing? Gosh, trannies look so blatantly mentally ill. They get so triggered when you call out their tacky fashion choices, but why do they except sincere compliments when they literally look like jokes? Big, wrinkly gorilla male in the pic looks like Patrick Star in drag.

Anonymous 224838

every tranny is that starting out there is a difference between somebody marely adopting the creepy fetish of autogynephilia and mastering it, all trannies are autogynephiles no exceptions just different shades of it.

Anonymous 224853


I hate trannies so much, they're like bedbugs. When they infiltrate a community the only way to get rid of them is to burn everything to the ground.

Anonymous 224856

young varg was cute idc
when did guys who like long hair and makeup stop being edgy black metallers and start being troons? strong downgrade

Anonymous 224866

Tell me about it. There is this cute boy in my class with long hair, dresses in black, super skinny…then I look at his phone and he has a trans flag in this twitter profile and follows a bunch TRA stuff on twitter so I am pretty sure he is a closet troon

Anonymous 224871

absolutely disgusting. it's also a bright neon sign announcing they are porn addicts too. make my lady parts shrivel up in horror.

Anonymous 224889

they look here a lot too be careful who you engage with, you can often tell though

Anonymous 224913


Anonymous 224916

It's now where I realize that trannies think everyone is constantly out to get them because half of the "hatred" they feel is actually coming from themselves. They think everyone has knives hidden up their sleeves, ready to hunt and kill trannies, but ultimately, the only thing holding the knife to the trannies' throats are the trannies' own hands.

Anonymous 224928


What a dumb, entitled dipshit. You deserve nothing you worthless fucking, dick-having male. Now seethe at the fact you'll never be a woman and will never understand what being pregnant feels like. Sympathy? Empathy? I will give out neither.

Anonymous 224930

Is this guy already a father? Why not focus on raising the kid he has? He's fetishized pregnancy but thete's no tjpught about actually raising the hypothetical child.

Anonymous 224931


Just like how they try to reduce the biological state of being a woman down into a "feeling", they see nothing of value within pregnancy other than it being "fun". Trannies are the most shallow, stupid fucks in existence. I shed no tears when I see them getting beaten after harassing women and children.

Anonymous 224932

What metal gymnastics do these people have to do to not count a man mutilating himself to experience childbirth as mental illness?
At what point will it be okay to let someone chop off their arm because they want to experience being an amputee?

Anonymous 224933

his dysphoria should center around a need to 41%

Anonymous 224938

I find it horrifying that we live in a world where mutilated, mentally ill scrotes could reproduce with an artificial womb. It's bad enough that men can raise children, much less create them

Anonymous 224954


Anonymous 224959

that won't happen lol if you transplant a womb into a man it'll just necrose and kill him

Anonymous 224965

lmao it will be fun when he realizes womb transplants won't be here anytime soon

Anonymous 224968

Never said it wasn't. Yeah, she's fucking cheating lol. But so are like, 70% of all competitive fighters.

Anonymous 225001

Considering that the majority of users here appear to radfem or at the very least anti-troon, why does this site have a reputation of being infested with troons? Genuinely curious

Anonymous 225011

Trannies come here to derail anti tranny threads because we're talking about their fucked up antics.

Anonymous 225013

They lurk here and screenshot our roasts about them to try on Reddit about how we're "soooo mean". Derail us, often by starting random fights like accusing some user of being a tranny over the tiniest things. Trannies from 4chan will also try to spam our board with porn and shit.

Anonymous 225014

It's either troons falseflagging or anons who are unfamiliar with cc parroting the word of other anons without actually checking the place themselves.

Anonymous 225017


They make me sick, and should not be allowed near women or children.

Anonymous 225018


She got out

Anonymous 225019


I don't care how many times I'm gonna repost this on these terf threads. Trannies are psychopaths and if I had a daughter and a tranny tried talking to her like picrel, I would stomp his fucking face in.

Anonymous 225020


Holy fucking shit, that wife is so fucking based. I'm so proud of her, and I don't even know her lol. Tranny that's crying about it is right, the wife isn't doing anything wrong. Good for her for getting herself and her kids the fuck out of that marriage because trannies can't be trusted to raise families. This story made my day.
>she gets everything and the tranny doesn't even get a crumb
>tranny has to pay child support

Anonymous 225021

I got so fucking mad when I see this shit but at the same time, extremely satisfied when these bunch of fucking pigs in ugly dresses show their true colors

Anonymous 225022

Shakespeare voices…

I do not know if this was ever posted or not but I found it funny so here it is

Anonymous 225023

Absolute queen shit. Still not enough for what he deserves but it's a good start.

Anonymous 225027


Anonymous 225039

Trannies will forever want to infiltrate women spaces, or things labeled a "woman space" even if its a shithole. That is their mundus operandi, they are autogynephilic mentally ill pieces of shit like that. They only dont make it into places that are properly filtered.

Anonymous 225045

she's talkin TES lore you pleb

Anonymous 225047

Height correlates with fighting prowess way more than it doesn't. Being shorter gives you a lower center of gravity which helps with wrestling but being taller = reach advantage. Mike Tyson is an exception not the rule. Usually the people with longer limbs have an unfair advantage like 90% of Jon Jones fights.

Anonymous 225048


Anonymous 225068


found on a moids coomer tumblr today

Anonymous 225074



How the fuck does nobody see anything wrong with this shit?

Anonymous 225077

imagine this mentally ill tranny gets arrested in SF for being a rapist sex felon but he is put in womens jail because woke retard law.

All real women should get the fuck out of SF and let that place rot in hell, there is literally a tranny tax as well they get free money they literally pander to them like they are the eunuchs just below the royals in ancient corrupt societies.

Anonymous 225078

Anonymous 225080

Trannies getting violent at a Posie Parker rally in Auckland today

Anonymous 225082

Now this protest is in the news I get to hear my family's opinions on terfs again. It's just so depressing how radfem beliefs are represented. I knew but didn't really realise how most people genuinely see us…

Anonymous 225097

i'd feel pretty bad for this guy if it weren't for the fact that he 100% brought it on himself.

Anonymous 225098

It's so telling that so many trannies are cowardly, weak ass males. They want to be in women's spaces, because it's only when they're around women and children that they feel like the strongest jackasses around. Tranny in the video is too proud of himself to have assaulted a woman with a bag of cat food just because he felt offended. So trannies have all this male energy and violence for women who hurt their feelings, but they can't use that energy and violence for all the men who actually fucking kill them? Very telling.

Anonymous 225121

Very much in-character for the failed males they are. They still have all that male aggression pent up but they know they're too pathetic and weak and would have their asses handed to them if they tried using it against other males. Pathetic little loser men, troons.

Anonymous 225129

This is why you must learn to fight and use superior numbers to drag fucking tranny lunatics out of the women's bathroom. Be like the black girls in that video posted before. If you ain't prepared you gonna be taken advantage of its a dog eat dog world and males have an advantage (if you are not smart and use all means necessary to win). Knock them tf out with your elbows right in the fucking jaw while he gets grappled from behind by a friend of yours so you get some easy shots then dump his ass outside when he is unconscious.

Anonymous 225134

what if the majority of trannies are just paid actors. you know actors say whatever they are paid to say, they will pretend whatever the highest bidder wants them to pretend. it takes just a handful of bored elites with too much money to pay a few struggeling actors to pretend to be a woman to make it seem like this is actually happening. i'm still struggling with the basic premise of people saying they are born in the wrong body, that just isn't believable to me.

Anonymous 225135

You are so close but still off, instead of "actors" it's spoiled boys who are losers and cannot compete with real men so they do what's easiest and pretend they are women and expect everyone else to put up with them.

Anonymous 225138


yeah you are totally not worried, you sound very much like someone who isn't worried about this at all; very believable and human-like.

Anonymous 225141


Girls who say "tranny"

Anonymous 225180


Anonymous 225308


Anonymous 225316

Does anyone else get a chuckle from how tims lean on the idea of "long hair = female" so hard when trying to look like women, when it doesn't even actually work for them? They just end up looking like cavemen. I had this old acquaintance that basically just stopped cutting his hair when he decided to transition because I guess he thought that would be enough. But I swear it almost made him look manlier than he did with short hair. I think a lot of it is that moids generally don't have the faintest clue when it comes to hair care or styling, so of course their hair will look like shit, but even ones that seem to have a slightly better idea of what they're doing still have this unkept, unappealing quality to their hair a lot of the time. Do you think troons seethe that actual women have the option of cutting their hair short and not only still looking female, but actually looking good with it?

Anonymous 225317

Yeah, troons especially hate tomboys who dont try to be tradtionally feminine because those tomboys are still far more attractive and feminine than trannies who put immense effort into looking like a woman but still cant pass lol.

Anonymous 225333


You know whats up, its because no tranny can pull short hair like this they just dont have bone structure, hand sizes and everything. They will forever cope and kill themselves they are in the end just infertile males with a mental illness

Anonymous 225362

I'm so fucking happy I'm a lesbian and tomboys tend to be gay too
I'm so fucking sad most of these girls are fujoshis that got meme'd into identifying as trans

Anonymous 225366

How superficial all of that is, they claim to be genuine to themselves but they're so afraid of superficiality gender roles.

Anonymous 225368

they are afraid of being called the fuck out thats even more thin skinned because being a tranny is all about the lie after all, they know that they are liars they dont wanna be exposed so expose them everytime it is that simple.

Anonymous 225370

Real men don't have to look it up

Anonymous 225376

Why must I be skinwalked by incel men? I hate it

Anonymous 225379

Several good points made that I've thought about as well but haven't ever been able to articulate that well. I think it's the same overall idea that was talked about a little bit earlier in this thread, the point about failsons transitioning because they think it will make them less pathetic. That type of autistic moid definitely has this mindset that their off-putting/unacceptable qualities would immediately become so much more palatable and forgivable, even attractive, if they were just female instead. The only part in that screenshot that I disagree with is the suggestion that troons of this flavor aren't necessarily autogynephiles, because they almost certainly are. Even when it's not the primary reason, autogynephilia is literally always a factor in men deciding to troon out. The only exception would maybe be gay moids that do it, but that obviously wouldn't be the case in the examples the screenshot is talking about

Anonymous 225381


Anonymous 225382

I might argue that the Lain ideal trannies might be some of the most insufferable ones of all. Actual autistic shut-in females, in my experience, are usually so based. At absolute worst they'll be kind of annoying, I guess. Autistic shut-in moids on the other hand are usually unhygienic, obsessed with themselves, and actual incels with deep-rooted issues. Deciding to troon out is the one thing that will manage to make them even more off-putting to any normal person.

And then they all still act exactly like the entitled maladjusted nerds they were before they decided to try and become a girl. They'll try to physically transition to varying degrees of success, but it's like it doesn't occur to them to alter their behavior too, and it ends up being the biggest contributor to most of them not being able to remotely pass. There was one mtf tranny like this in a discord server I used to be in, and the biggest thing that constantly reminded me of his maleness was how he just acted like your typical coomer weeb r9k poster every time he said anything. Always talking over the girls, always needing to be right about everything even if it was the most inconsequential thing. They can't even make themselves sound female over the internet, you can only imagine how bad it would be interacting with one in person

Anonymous 225383

like I have said before let them appropriate that shit of lain and emo aesthetics and what not so they are easier to filter we can enjoy lain and anime and those things in private anything that makes it easier to detect them is good, all we have to do is recognize the stereotypes they use thats it and take note make it PSA and the rest of the world will do the rest to filter them tf out.

Anonymous 225384

One shouldn't have to enjoy the things they love in private just because troons decided to take them from us. Fuck off with this idea.

Anonymous 225389

then dont cooperate to the cause but I will.

Anonymous 225397

based tsa.jpg

lifefuel. the article is actually hilarious

Anonymous 225400

There's no way the writers didn't do that on purpose lmfao
This is exactly what Ricky Gervais was making fun of in one of his standups

Anonymous 225401

for ease of viewing
>She claimed her “balls hurt so bad” after the alleged assault.
please i can't with this

Anonymous 225439


I can't take trannies seriously when they accuse normal people of being "superficial" about gender, sex, or whatever they fuck they want to complain about. They think it's unfair that the definition of a woman or a man is directly dependent on what their organs are, but we're supposed to unironically listen to them when they rewrite the definition of being a man into eating a stick of beef jerky?? Fucking retards. Whatever study concluded that trannies have a higher IQ needs to check again, because trannies seem to mostly be dumb as all fuck in hell.

Anonymous 225473


Wow, another tranny mass shooter, imagine my shock

Anonymous 225475


Anonymous 225476


I swear, it's like when trannies do shit like rape, assault, and murder and have the system clock them as "female", that only shoots our criminality statistics up. Imagine how much more honest the numbers would be if the law clocked trannies as the men they are. But in this world, women can't seem to have nice things. Therefore, all these trannies are about to have the naive retards thinking women are shooting up schools, raping, and killing people just as much as men….which is bullshit.

Anonymous 225477

There were rumors that the Uvalde shooter was a transgender illegal immigrant which turned out to be false. Nothing has been confirmed yet.

Anonymous 225478

It's a FtM

Anonymous 225479

I see. Still, the concept of men being an absolute drain on society but then identifying as female and having their doings written down as "women's crimes" is some bullshit.

Anonymous 225480

it's real, instagram's already scrubbed

Anonymous 225483

>Aiden Creates
Too on the nose, smells fake.

Anonymous 225484

If this is real, this just goes to show that trannies are fucked as a whole, regardless of if it's a TiM or a TiF. Not that I'm surprised; you have to be quite mentally ill to be a tranny anyway. And I think someone posted a link showing a statistic that trannies are technically more likely to murder than they are to be murdered, so let that sit in your pot to simmer.

Anonymous 225485

>you have to be quite mentally ill
What gave you that idea? Was it the self-mutilation?

Anonymous 225487


Source from transcrimeuk.com

Anonymous 225488

NBC confirmed that the shooter is named Audrey Hale. Considering Nashville's size, the shooter could potentially be a different person with the same name. If not, that makes Hale the 2nd TIF school shooter.

Anonymous 225489

Not the anons you were responding to, but I already knew I wouldn't stand a chance to fight off any moid. Still, I did not know the risk was bigger than I thought. Thank you so much for this.

Anonymous 225490

it's extremely unlikely that you'll ever be attacked if you live in europe

Anonymous 225502



PSA: I would have simply laughed at you all and moved on if you weren't feeding girls such blatantly dangerous misinformation that could get them maimed and killed. Stop coping and come back to reality.

Short people only have an advantage in grappling and wrestling and only when they have the muscle mass to make up for it in weight.

If you ever god-forbid get into a fight with a moid, most of those fights will be:

#1. over before they reach the grappling stage, because most moids have enough strength to knock you out standing as well as a longer arm reach than you.

#2. You would still lose grappling/wrestling against a moid unless you were RIDICULOUSLY strong and/or fat because despite moids having the center of gravity disadvantage, they have the strength advantage. Male thighs and legs still have a higher strength/muscle fiber density than female ones despite being longer.

If you were a short man going up against a tall man you have an advantage only in wrestling, but as a woman you don't and will never have that advantage.

Let me list some facts that will completely change the way that you think about engaging in a physical altercation with a male:

#1. Male bones are more dense than female bones. This means that even if a man was as exactly as weak as you, and the same exact height as you. He would still have the advantage to win in a fight.

#2. The minimum baseline for a man to be considered a "gym goer" Is to be able to Bench-Press 135 Pounds. A 5'4 woman who is medium weight (not obese or overweight) should weigh roughly 115-130 Pounds. This means that the average reasonably fit man can lift your entire body in the air if you were lying down on top of him with just his chest muscles alone, not even using his back and legs which are typically way stronger. And Bench press is a repetitive motion that is done a lot, he only needs to lift you in the air once to hurt you, not lift you up and put you back down 8 times.


#2.5. Even if you are a girl who has trained enough to be able to bench press 135 Pounds, most men weigh more than that, and simply because he weighs more, he has the advantage in a fight even if you are as strong as him. (See Point 1)

#3. Even The top 10% of Muscular and Athletic women, including those who compete at a professional level will still lose 10-out-of-10 fight against a same-height reasonably fit Amateur Male Boxer who does not even compete at a professional level.

#4. Almost all fights where you see men lose against women, it's because the male is holding back. The only exception is if the male is physically disabled or old, or if the woman is extremely tall or obese.

Sure. The only women who even have a possibility to beat men in fights are professional top-level competitive female boxers and MMA fighters, but most of them would still lose against a reasonably trained amateur male boxer who does not even compete professionally.


Because Even if a female professional boxer outmatches a male boxer him, most of her punches won't seriously damage him, while an amateur male boxer only needs to land one or a few serious punches to send a world-class female boxer to the shadow-realm. This is simply due to size and muscle mass difference.

If you want to learn to fight and defend yourself (pick up boxing and maybe jiu jitsu as a distant second, no other martial art will help you in a real fight), that's fine, but you need to accept that the only situation you'll ever use it is if a moid has already 100% made-up-his-mind about pounding the shit out of you and there is no escape. Even then you will still lose, but his win will come at a higher cost. And that may make him second-guess.

As a woman you should instead invest in running and sprinting because even though most trained men can run faster than you, running is still the only way you can escape a physical altercation with a deranged man in one piece.

The only winning move is not to play.

Anonymous 225504


I'm glad my post helped nona. <3
I couldn't let that dangerous bullshit slide.
I reposted it here: >>225502

Anonymous 226353

look at meta

Anonymous 239727


Bindel is a bisexual/heterosexual woman that wants to control lesbians. Don't listen to her grift

Anonymous 260417

An army made out of whom, exactly?

Anonymous 261582

This is a meme that started on 4chan. It's fairly popular on /r9k/, /b/, and /pol/. The punchline is literally "it happens every once in a while but we'll pretend it's common". This twitter user is either an expert-level troll or FUBAR-level mentally ill.

Anonymous 261583

>dating a man who does drugs and doesn't shower
I want to feel bad for him/her but I have to remind myself that dating someone is more often than not a conscious and continuous choice. May God help this person find some self-esteem.

Anonymous 261600

White men

Anonymous 261623

disgusting, no self respecting lesbian should listen to this heifer

Anonymous 261645

>princess mom
Why do so many troons have mommy issues. No sir, you are NOT a ""mom"". By any metric.

Anonymous 262486

Gave me a nice chuckle , thanks nona. <3
what the fuck?????

Anonymous 263747


Anonymous 263750


When I read AGP I still think of Accelerated Graphics Ports before anything else, damn I'm old

Anonymous 263757

this is a good post but never forget if you are face to face with him and can't escape always gouge out his eyes (gouge them out with your thumbs/fingers) and crush his nose if possible (with a closed fist for more force) (eyes first, nose second)

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