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Terfposting #30 Anonymous 227017

Anonymous 227018


Thank you God. Now we can go back to info dumping.

Anonymous 227019

Any anon can make the continuation for our terf threads. You just have to put the previous threads and correct title. Just fyi in the future.

Anonymous 227020

Thank you for this information. I'll give it a try next time.

Anonymous 227021


Why is the tranny even at Chick-fil-a if he thinks it's so anti-LGBT? And calling a family "trash" just for trying to get some food. How "classy"…

Anonymous 227022


Oh, and here's his nude since they always seem to post themselves naked on reddit.

Anonymous 227024


Anonymous 227027


Anonymous 227028


Anonymous 227029


JK Rowling is my superhero. She is so strong to never back down when this is what so many people think of her.

Anonymous 227031


I hate these fucking freaks so much it's unreal

Anonymous 227032

It's astonishing how quickly the lesbian community was hollowed out by this ideology.
"Never took a testosterone injection" is going to be the new measure of gold star status in lesbianism for gen z/alpha.

Anonymous 227037



Anonymous 227039



Anonymous 227040


Anonymous 227041


Anonymous 227043


Anonymous 227044


Anonymous 227045


Anonymous 227046


Trans "women" are not the most targeted for sexual assault out of all the gendertards. The most likely to be sexually assaulted are the ones that are actually female. Gee, I wonder why.

Anonymous 227048


I'd rather be called a "FART" than to be some nasty, smegma-coated tranny.

Anonymous 227050

Do you know what TERF even is? Its hating on trans, not homosexuality or asexuality.Being asexual is like the most innocuous sexuality ever.
Hideous nails though.

Anonymous 227051

The thing I find most egregious is that apparently we have a flag too, and it seems to be daily dose with white in-between. I don't want a flag. I don't want a flag because I don't base my entire identity about my views towards trannies. I don't base my entire identity around any singular opinion. Flags are for retards.

The FART acronym is cute

Anonymous 227053


Found this article from last year. Some surveys found the number of people identifying as trans and nonbinary went down, although it was only one year. I hope they do an update for 2022 data.

Anonymous 227055


I also have this article showcasing that gender transitioning is NOT the answer to psychosis, despite what trannies will tell you.

Anonymous 227056


Anonymous 227065

Oh man. I was kinda looking forward to seeing that. I mean I doubt it's the height of film or anything, but it just looked like it would be an amusing watch. Plus Gosling and Margot are both kino.

Anonymous 227066

>transmen less than 100%
I do not believe this graph.

Anonymous 227067



Anonymous 227068

Motherfucker tried to give himself permanent programmer socks with all those fucking cut marks LOL

Anonymous 227069

Very ironic that they choose the phrase "rot in hell" out of all things.

Anonymous 227071


Anonymous 227073


Anonymous 227075

where is this from?

Anonymous 227077

>friend is bi
>she is now pan
>she is now enbie
>she is now trans
>she is now genderfluid
>makes a huge deal of how masculine she is and how she always knew she was a man inside a woman's body
Turns out that throughout her grand transformation, she's been sleeping with a guy as a sub, dresses in lingerie and cute dresses for him, hasn't actually cut her hair short because she'd look too butch for him and still takes birth control for his sake. She broke down crying because people didn't start treating her as a dominant, masculine man, then went home to become a cute little feminine sub for her daddy who had no idea she was serious about the genderfluid thing because he had never seen any evidence of it, besides her wearing work boots and jeans a few times. I want to fucking scream.

Anonymous 227079

If you do end up screaming please do so in a space where you don't end up stealing any attention away from that friend.

you might upset her deeply.

Anonymous 227083

lmao same happened to one of mine
>massive pickme
>goes to college, realizes she can get popularity points by being a hand maiden to gay moids
>idolizes drag queens
>professional fag hag
>suddenly "not straight" (has never dated a woman, lives with her straight bf in perfectly heterosexual relationship)
>now not subtly dropping hints about being some kind of genderspecial
I'm just waiting for the big reveal.

Anonymous 227084

I guess I also have a story similar to this

>Be me, teenager

>Chronically online
>Disconnected from womanhood
>Feel alienated from everything I've been taugh a woman is (conservative family and 4chan)
>Don't want to be a girl
>Hate my body
>Hold really sexist views
>Conclude I must be FtM
>Tell my best friend
>Girl with a lot (a LOT) of issues who looks up to me
>Couple of months pass
>They start identifying as Nonbinary
>"I've never felt connected to womanhood either nona"
>Credits me as the reason she realized she was trans

>Years later

>I discover radical feminism and better understand my feelings (Womanhood is a construct)

>Working to remove all of my internalized misogyny
>Friend still identifies as nb
>Legally changed her name
>Planning to get top surgery

I kind of feel like shit now, if I had discovered radical feminism sooner.

Anonymous 227094

probably a scrote. they love these threads to spread their ideologies just because we have this one point in common, and often don't know what they're even blabbing on about.

Anonymous 227103


I'd seen the story about the tif sports team, but of course it didn't mention that they lost. I feel bad but I also think it's kind of hilarious

Anonymous 227109

Not her, but not everyone who disagrees with you is a male. Asexuality is innocuous in itself but but "ace" people are like troons in that many are narcissists who think they are very special and need to speak over everyone/make being "ace" their personality. The idea of an "asexuality spectrum" is also completely retarded and it stems from genderspecials being pornsick and not being able to imagine a world where everyone doesn't suck every cock available to them at any time, "ace" spaces are also filled with grooming shit like telling women it's ok to have sex with your partner to make them feel good even if you don't want to.
Overall annoying crowd which overlaps a lot with troons.

Anonymous 227114

I hate how men must always make a comment about a womans ability to menstruate, like her supposed ability for reproduction is her only worth.
I know that menopause does affect a womans health and body in more ways then one but I fucking doubt that's what he was thinking.

Anonymous 227116

Less talked about but worse, "aromantic" les/bi women have a tendency to have left a trail of miserable people and broken promises behind them and to use the lingo of asexuality and nonconformity as a justification for having exploited other women financially, emotionally etc.

Anonymous 227118

vile, especially aro/ace """bi"" women who are only so for other women. spicy straights, nothing more.

Anonymous 227119

this is a terf thread

Anonymous 227120

Yes, and my post explained how that crowd is related to genderspecials. I'll hate on troons and everyone associated with them ITT, including asexuals, furries and diaperfags, try to stop me.

Anonymous 227121

IME, it feels like 50% of women who say they're bisexual or asexual are just saying that to look more unique to other people. I've seen so many fake "asexuals" who admitted to liking sex, I have to wonder if "asexuality" is actually even possible.

Anonymous 227122

I doubt that Graham Linehan actually cares about their ability to menstruate or anything about their bodies at all. At this point he's just attacking trans nonsense with any available weapon because he sees trans activists as having destroyed his career and therefore caused his wife to divorce him. MtF, FtM, they're all responsible for all of his problems and so forth. He probably does need some sort of psychological help at this point, but he's not going to get any, because who the hell would trust a branch of medicine that says men are women?

Anonymous 227124


The file is a little more difficult to access now.

Anonymous 227125

I dont know who he is or his life story but it's probably most likely it's more his fault that his life fell apart.

Anonymous 227126


They want women's spaces. The monsters want to get into your room.

Anonymous 227127

So, when are troons going to get, like, outraged at men who hire trans prostitutes then refuse to pay, beat them, kill them and all of the above?

Anonymous 227128

they are not, not any more than a straight guy is related to trannies, as the majority of them are agps.
if you want to shit talk other leftie stuff you can, but terf isn't about hating anything that isn't growing vegetables in a sundress while pregnant for the sixth time with nazi scrote offspring. another thread should be made for this type of discussion and you know it, this is just derailing.

Anonymous 227129

Trannies are insane, but not entirely stupid. They know what they're doing. They choose to threaten and place violence on women, not just because they're obsessed with us, but because they know women are physically weaker than men. When trannies try other fuckshit on other men, they get put in their fucking place very quickly. They basically admit it with every single death threat they send to women and even girls. They love how awful they're being to someone that's physically weaker than them, because it makes them feel strong. Assaulting a woman for hurting some feelings is A-okay to them. But for all the men who beat and kill them in the streets? Radio silence. Too wimpy for other men, and they know it. Same reason why you see all these trannies trying to get into women's sports. They want to be strong, they're just too weak for their own field: other men.

Anonymous 227131



Anonymous 227135


So if they were ever offered the opportunity to get rid of their gender dysphoria, they would reject the cure and choose to live in their mental illness. Trooning out is a choice. Always has been.

Anonymous 227136

why do they all become jesse from breaking bad.

I've never met a real man (at least one that was likeable) who acted like that.

Anonymous 227139

Don't the feds realize that the longer they take to edit Hale's manifesto the more they feed conspiracy theories and political division such that the veracity of the document that gets released will never be accepted and–oh.

Anonymous 227149

These people get some sort of narcissistic pleasure from being mentally ill. Somehow they are able to take something incredibly negative and turn it into a badge for how unique and special they are. Autismos do the same thing and flip out if a cure or treatment for autism is even hypothesized in an unrealistic scifi scenerio. And funnily enough a lot of trannies are autistic, like 1 in 8 or some shit.

Anonymous 227150

You really hit the nail on the head with that. Trannies have an autism problem, and among autisimos, too many of them think they're going to be the next Einstein or Elon Musk because their mommies told them that having autism or being a tranny makes them special.

Anonymous 227153

Trannyism has completely devoured Autism Studies. ~70% of autistic adults identify as being non-heterosexual:
–but since that study was conducted in 2018 after the trans mindvirus infected every puzzlepiece on the internet there's no way to know which are autistic fujos pretending to be femboys or autistic cwcs who think they can go from ogre to ogress and call themselves lesbians.
Gay males have an astronomical autism rate and an astronomical rate of lefthandedness and other signs of kinesthesic disorders so the Dylan Mulvaneys of the world might have a genuine "sense of wrongbodiedness" that pervades their entire body, including genital kinesthesis. But good luck finding the actual association between male kinesthesia disorders and homosexuality when Gaydens be flooding the results.

Anonymous 227156


Is there a tranny you enjoy hating most of all? Mine is pic related.

Anonymous 227157

I really, really wanna know why autism is everywhere with gay and tranny moids. What is the neuroscience of this? Can any STEM or college nona please break this down for me? Why do the trannoids have their brains so hooked on the tism? It explains a lot, but like why?

Anonymous 227162

asexuality probably is only legitimate when it comes to a percentage genital mutilation or brain damage victims
simply distrusting men in general, while also being sexually attracted to some, I'd consider perfectly normal and not at all an indication of asexuality

Anonymous 227171

while i dont doubt that many people lie about sex and sexuality, the definition of asexuality isn't not liking sex, but rather not feeling sexual attraction.
sex can feel good to nearly anyone because it's physically stimulating, but orgasming from it or enjoying the act doesn't necessarily indicate the person is attracted to who they're having intercourse with. a closeted gay man doesn't stop being gay because he is having sex with a woman and possibly liking it enough to climax, and a rape victim didn't secretly want it just because she happened to orgasm.

Anonymous 227178

That does not sound logical to me. If a person has sex and likes it, that must mean they're feeling a sexual attraction. I think gay men who have sex with women are not as gay as they think. And I don't see how this relates to rape, that's a different conversation.

Anonymous 227193

i think these are very clear-cut, simplistic views for something as complex as human sexuality tbh

Anonymous 227195

Then let's agree to disagree.

Anonymous 227202

>not any more than a straight guy is related to trannies
I don't have any issues with shitting on men here, do you?

Anonymous 227210

It isn't really known the exact cause. However having autism increases your chances of having practically every mental illness in existence. It all really comes down to brain abnormalities. Autism causes many abnormalities in brain chemistry and structure that can cause a multitude of other issues, including "gender dysphoria".
I mean, it isn't all brain abnormalities, the stress of just being autistic and not understanding social cues and experiencing sensory overwhelm are all environmental factors that can play a part in their mental illness and inability to function, but a large portion is just common brain abnormalities.
Orgasm is just a physical reaction. You can experience it without feeling attraction to someone else. Have you ever masturbated and not thought about sex? I have and so have many other people and it really feels like satisfying an urge rather than attraction to someone. If someone eats a bland food to satisfy hunger, that doesn't necessarily mean they enjoy that food, they are satisfying an urge (if it helps you to think of it like this, I am not trying to make an equivelence). Asexuality isn't the absence of a libido, its the absence of sexual attraction and oftentimes sexual attraction cam be totally disconnected from libido.
I totally get the bi thing but I really don't see asexuality as being pickmeish. I genuinly believe people mislabeling themselves as ace aren't trying to he unique but are actually confused due to trauma, fear of men, or just having a low libido and not relating to a society where sex is shoved down your throat. All of this is very understandable and not really attention whoring.
What makes me lol is kids thinking they are asexual just because they don't feel sexual attraction yet. Most kids are uninterested in sex and many people don't until well into adulthood, and that doesn't necessarily mean they are "ace". Once again just unnecessary confusion caused by tiktok activists and people obsessed with sex.

Anonymous 227216

I thought of it as ridiculous for an asexual to enjoy sex, because to me, if the asexual consciously enjoys having sex with someone, they are at least sexually attracted to the moment they're having because, well, they're having sex. But the way you both explained it is making me change my mind. Still, I think a lot of teens and young adults are misreading themselves. Just like how they're quick to think they're "pansexual" or "polyamorous".

Anonymous 227227


Anonymous 227228

She should subpoena twitter for the user info of all those accounts so that she can press criminal charges on them. even if most cases end up being dead ends, she has more than enough money to afford the court costs while the perpetrators likely don't.

Anonymous 227256

Autism might not even be real. Traditionally they were simply called weird people. And what is weirder than a tranny? Nothing.

Anonymous 227259

lol bottom two went mask off showing they just want to be different and unique.

Anonymous 227260

They call "transphobia" Western, and radfems "angry white women" as if there are no women and men from different races and all these other different countries who also don't fucking like them LOL

Anonymous 227261

>Individuals with GD tend to exhibit scores that reflect heightened levels of androgens and masculinity compared with non-GD individuals. We further show that these same androgen indices are also associated with other identity disorders (or dysphoriae).

Anonymous 227262

I feel this way as well. Especially with all of these people coming out as an "undiagnosed autistic person". Who's to say these people aren't just making it up? This girl I e-stalk came out as an undiagnosed, and she claims to no longer hide the fact that she's "stimming" in her youtube videos, but she acts the exact same. I know I'm weird, and I accept this but I've never tried to call myself autistic. Also they make a lot of posts about things autistic people experience, and a lot of it is just things normal people like. I kid you not, I once seen a post about how it an "autistic thing" to love the feeling of warm blankets fresh out the dryer. Autism, ADHD, things like these were never even heard of 60 years ago.

Anonymous 227264

>some people fake autism, adhd
these things must not exist!!!

Anonymous 227265

>Still, I think a lot of teens and young adults are misreading themselves. Just like how they're quick to think they're "pansexual" or "polyamorous".
Absolutely. You are right and I think a lot of people confuse emotional barriers to having sex like trauma with asexuality. Young people in particular have a problem. I remember reading someone talk about how "I knew I was ace when i read stories I wrote as a child about romance and none of it was sexual". Why would you he writing about sex as a child in the first place? Most children aren't interested in sex. Even teens can be late to develop this or experience confusion.

Anonymous 227266

Of course autism exists lmao. Yes redditards try and pathologize their quirkiness to feel unique or better about their ineptness, but looking at kids with autism, there is obviously something very wrong with them. Even forget high functioning spergs-just look at the low functioning dipshits who scream like maniacs and throw themselves at walls. And the bizarre behaviors of autismos like being unable to read facial expressions, sensativity, rigid routines have all been traced to differences in brain development. Of course autism exist, there are just a lot of people who say they have it because they are quirky and don't.
Just because we didn't have a word for what was wrong with people like this back then, didn't mean it did not exist. Just because we didn't discover virsuses and bacteria until much later doesn't mean before then illness were nonexistent.

Anonymous 227267

God I hope this perverted freak fucking kills himself.

Has anyone ever noticed a tryhard faux niceness with trannies? Dylan did this in a video directed at TERFs once where he goes "I feel very bad for all of you saying transphobic things, because in the future you will regret it when its traced back to you and you are cancelled. I worry for you". They always pretend to be nice but have some sly passive aggressiveness or covert threat built in it. Why do they do this?

Anonymous 227268

Why do they love talking about genocide so much? It's not a "genocidal take" because trannies aren't a fucking ethnic group. Idiots.

I think it's the other way around. I don't think being gay or a tranny gives them autism, but being autistic probably vastly increases the likelihood of becoming a tranny. I suspect it could be linked with increased internet porn usage. A quick google search reveals some discussion on how autistic people can be more susceptible to porn addiction and also more susceptible to viewing porn involving children, as images of adult sexuality could "distress" them. That sounds about right to me. Lowered inhibitions, overexcitability and obsessive-compulsive tendencies are some of the hallmarks of autism as far as I understand it, and all of those traits would increase the likelihood of internet porn addiction, which is basically always comorbid with transsexuality.

Anonymous 227272

>Why do they love talking about genocide so much?
It's projection. Trannys literally want to systematically exterminate the groups of people they disagree with and they assume that everyone else thinks the same way they do.

Anonymous 227274


They already talk like Hitler when ONE or just TWO people from a different group criticize them. Tranny logic: "omg, a woman said my dress was tacky. ALL MUST DIE!!".

Anonymous 227276

it didn't say "whitetrash", it said "white tradcath" lol

Anonymous 227277

I need to find my glasses.

Anonymous 227278

They're always virulently racist for some reason, kek

Anonymous 227281


They attack white women and always stereotype them as "angry transphobic karens". As much as they love to use us for their argument and to look open-hearted, trannies turn on women of different races as soon as the troons feel "threatened" by any disapproval. Trannies also love to compare black women to men so trannies can feel like they're more deserving of "womanhood".

Anonymous 227282


>im so sick of pretending these people are normal
me too. me too.

Anonymous 227283


Anonymous 227284


Yup. You read that right. Frozen V8 popsicles. If that wasn't bad enough, here's another tranny sexualizing childbirth. Only click if you're not currently eating by the way.

Anonymous 227287

Im mainly talking about people who claim to be undiagnosed and are considered "high spectrum". Not the kids who scream and throw poop everywhere.

Anonymous 227289

men already laugh at women's sports now they will laugh even harder. I want off this hell ride

Anonymous 227293

this is literally an ex friend of mine described to a fucking tee

Anonymous 227300

Sounds like a massive fucking pickme lol.

Anonymous 227301

I could have gone my whole life without seeing this.

I hate you.

Anonymous 227302

I'm never browsing the terf threads on this website ever again.

The troon fetish shit posted here is worse and more traumatizing than the porn raids

I just finished eating and now i want to hurl my entire meal into the toilet and roll around on the floor in a fetal position.

I feel violently ill and traumatized and sick.

Anonymous 227311

I've found a few commentary videos regarding enby they/them genderspecial Ezra Miller and none of them make any sense. How is this monster neither imprisoned nor just plain shot by one of the parents of the children he's abused? Don't Americans have guns for exactly this sort of thing?

Anonymous 227313

>low functioning dipshits who scream like maniacs and throw themselves at walls.
That's attention seeking behavior, likely due to neglectful parents.
>bizarre behaviors of autismos like being unable to read facial expressions
Again that can be due to neglect. Kids left alone in their rooms all day long who don't develop emotionally because of a lack of human contact. And most autists become normal as adults and no longer display any signs of autism once they grow up. If something were truly different with their brains it would persist into adulthood.
>But what about Chris-Chan?
He is just retarded.

Anonymous 227315

They literally can't feel anything in that festering wound they call a fronthole. It is nothing but a numb, sensationless injury that these delusional freaks have inflicted upon themselves. It would be pitiable if those trannys weren't so contemptable.

Anonymous 227317

Absolutely demonic

Anonymous 227318

>That's attention seeking behavior, likely due to neglectful parents.
Yet somehow this attention seeking typically only crops up when they come into contact with a stressful stimulus. And them not being able to read or be potty trained is just attention seeking too right? Even if it was (and some meltdowns are for attention, like toddlers) ask yourself what developmental issues lead them to be in this stunted position where they seek attention in ways like this.
>Again that can be due to neglect
Can be. Yet many autistic kids weren't neglected at all and get years of therapy to to be specifically trained on facial expression and social cues and still struggle with this. Neglect that severe is incredibly rare and the child would practically have to be isolated their entire early childhood not to develop these basic skills. And that obviously isn't the case because many recieve specific interventions.
Autistic brains are visibly different from the brains of normal people and have been shown to run in families.
>And most autists become normal as adults and no longer display any signs of autism once they grow up. If something were truly different with their brains it would persist into adulthood.
Most autists, I believe 70% are actually low functioning and do not become normal.
People with asperger's, having a normal IQ are able to consciously learn social cues but autism does not "go away" and things people find innate they have to learn and consciously analyze. This is called masking.

Anonymous 227319

I think it has something to do with them getting a bunch of attention and affirmation and a big "welcoming" community of people when they decide to transition. For the white men, they can finally collect victim points while being just as vile and pornsick as they always were. They'd get revenge on all the feminists who were fucking with them when they were regular guys. Now feminists have to shut up and take whatever abuse gets thrown at them because trannies are lower on the oppression pyramid. Talking out against them is not valuing intersectionality or being inclusive.

Anonymous 227321


Do you wanna pretend to be a woman?
Do you wanna fill your neovag with v8?

Anonymous 227323

Nah it's pretty simple. People just muddy the whole concept by introducing subculture and identification. Fact is there's lots of apparently strictly gay men who are clearly bisexual. They just prefer to identify fully gay, likely because there isn't so much of a bisexual subculture and identity, at least not one distinct.

Anonymous 227329


Source: (https://acpeds.org/position-statements/gender-dysphoria-in-children).

“The GnRH agonists used for pubertal suppression in gender dysphoric children include two that are approved for the treatment of precocious puberty: leuprolide by intramuscular injection with monthly or once every three month dosing formulations, and histrelin, a subcutaneous implant with yearly dosing. In addition to preventing the development of secondary sex characteristics, GnRH agonists arrest bone growth, decrease bone accretion, prevent the sex-steroid dependent organization and maturation of the adolescent brain, and inhibit fertility by preventing the development of gonadal tissue and mature gametes for the duration of treatment. If the child discontinues the GnRH agonists, puberty will ensue. Consequently, the Endocrine Society maintains that GnRH agonists, as well as living socially as the opposite sex, are fully reversible interventions that carry no risk of permanent harm to children. However, social learning theory, neuroscience, and the single long-term follow-up study of adolescents who have received pubertal suppression described below challenge this claim.
In a follow-up study of their first 70 pre-pubertal candidates to receive puberty suppression, de Vries and colleagues documented that all subjects eventually embraced a transgender identity and requested cross-sex hormones. This is cause for concern. Normally, 80 percent to 95 percent of pre-pubertal youth with GD do not persist in their GD. To have 100 percent of pre-pubertal children choose cross-sex hormones suggests that the protocol itself inevitably leads the individual to identify as transgender.
There is an obvious self-fulfilling nature to encouraging a young child with GD to socially impersonate the opposite sex and then institute pubertal suppression. Purely from a social learning point of view, the repeated behavior of impersonating and being treated as the opposite sex will make identity alignment with the child’s biological sex less likely. This, together with the suppression of puberty that prevents further endogenous masculinization or feminization of the entire body and brain, causes the child to remain either a gender non-conforming pre-pubertal boy disguised as a pre-pubertal girl, or the reverse. Since their peers develop normally into young men or young women, these children are left psychosocially isolated. They will be less able to identify as being the biological male or female they actually are. A protocol of impersonation and pubertal suppression that sets into motion a single inevitable outcome (transgender identification) that requires lifelong use of toxic synthetic hormones, resulting in infertility, is neither fully reversible nor harmless”.

There is no such true thing as a "transgender child" or a "trans teenager". Only brainwashed, and misguided youth who are more than likely going to grow out of it by the time they reach adulthood.

Anonymous 227330



Anonymous 227345

Pretty much. All the letters after B should be deleted, there's no need for them in the movement. Are you willing to have sex with people with penises or vaginas, it's really that simple.

Anonymous 227349

this dude is fucked-up bruh

Anonymous 227350

Anonymous 227352


Weighing in the autism/trans connection because I find it interesting and I'm bored. I do think autistic people are more likely to troon out but it isn't because of any biological reason or as any direct result of autism, it's more indirect. I think most autists just happen to be the types of people that are more open to being manipulated by the ideology. Most of them are seen as weird and have problems making friends or connecting with other people, so they're socially alienated. It's common for higher-functioning autists, once they get older, to articulate their feelings as feeling like they were born on the wrong planet or that they're a failed human being or other sentiments in that vein. Before anyone concludes that I'm being too harsh here, I'm an autist myself (got a shiny official diagnosis as a child and everything) and I'm just speaking from personal experience.

I can't say as much about autistic mtfs, but autistic ftms absolutely make sense. In my early teen years I remember being plagued with thoughts like "why am I so bad at being a girl" because that time is difficult for any girl let alone an autistic one. I had always been a tomboy but at that age it was like my female peers were evolving too quickly and I didn't even feel like a person compared to them. It's obvious to see how someone like that would be an easy recruit for the gender cult, autistic people are just desperate to feel more comfortable as themselves and like they belong somewhere. Throw in other factors like being gay on top of everything else and it gets even more dicey. I thank god every day my own adolescence was right before the whole boom in trans ideology really blew up and hit the mainstream.

Anonymous 227363

Why just wear something that will not make his fat hang out? Or why not get someone who actually knows how to shoop?

Anonymous 227364


Personally, I find disgusting images like these rather educational. Gender reconstructive surgery is not the sunshine and rainbows that trannies and their activists want everyone to think. Lots of former troons speak on complications of these surgeries, such as their genitals literally rotting or just falling off, urine complications, loss of sensation, and life-threatening infections. For those who can't stomach the disgusting realities of trannies, they should perhaps just skip these threads instead of making a scene about it. Then again, I probably am just desensitized to wild imagery.

Anonymous 227365

Why do these two scrotes still possess pulses?

Anonymous 227369


>sex reassigned persons had an increased risk of death by suicide
Trannies and tranny-lovers who always say that gender surgery helps them can stfu now.

Anonymous 227374

You're right. I don't even see trannies irl so they're not on my mind unless I browse here.

Anonymous 227390

>(April 6 2023) The Biden administration is wading into the combustible issue of transgender students in school sports with a proposed new rule that would prohibit wholesale bans on trans athletes but would allow them to be excluded from competitions if needed to maintain a level playing field.

This isn't good enough but at least some progress considering how pro-tranny Biden was in 2020. Cue more screeching about trans genocide.

Anonymous 227393


TIM planned to shoot up schools.
>According to the 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, 19-year-old William Whitworth - who identifies as “Lilly”- was charged after an investigation into "threats involving schools in Colorado Springs Academy District 20."
>The affidavit refers to Whitworth as Lilly and uses she/her pronouns.
Some people have theorized mass shootings are social contagion events. Is there a link between mass shooting contagion and trans contagion?

Anonymous 227395

Holy shit, why do trannies seem to be obsessed with hurting kids? I demand for researchers to create a large, brutally honest project to reveal how common pedophilia is among tranny adults.

Anonymous 227403

i dont get why in my country when male troons shoot up schools, they call them women in the news, but with that aiden chick they called her a woman and didnt care about the fact she identified as a scrote or whatever.

Anonymous 227404

honestly I don’t blame you. it’s too much to handle a lot of the time. it’s all so tiring. however, I have noticed that if I don’t come back to this shit once in awhile I get very irritable. It’s because I live in a very liberal area and there are troons everywhere. a bunch of girls in my friend group trooned out. Troons are in all my favorite fandoms and stuff. I need a place to be able to see other women shitting on this stuff so I don’t go insane from the borderline gaslighting I have to go through on the daily because people have just collectively lost their minds

Anonymous 227405

It's because society always takes men more seriously. When a man says he feels a certain way, he's believed. When a woman talks about her feelings, she's called "hysterical". When a man is skeptical about vaccines, he's "brave" and his "own thinker". When a woman is skeptical about vaccines, she's called a "baby killer". When a man wants to identify as something he's not, he's called a woman. When a woman identifies as something she's not, people don't take her delusion seriously. It's not even a tinfoil, society taking men more seriously is just everywhere when you look beyond the surface.

Anonymous 227406

Probably because it’s so novel that it’s a female shooter, the news ate it up and spit it out very quickly. Maybe the cops were shocked about it too so they emphasized her being female when they took her down and the news ran with it? Also probably because troonism in Tennessee isn’t common but women with masculine outfits and hobbies like hunting are so they’re more used to seeing masculine women and don’t even assume trans? or it could be because male tranny delusions get respected because the men in power are perverts and female delusions don’t

Anonymous 227407

>I live in a very liberal area and there are troons everywhere
Damn. I'm so glad I can live in a tranny free area.

Anonymous 227411

How many TIMs have actually shot up schools?
I've only heard of Aiden so far.

Anonymous 227413

I would agree if it were adults ruining their lives with mutilation, but they are trying to do this to innocent children.

Anonymous 227414

may your area remain tranny free nonita inshallah

Anonymous 227415

Wasn't the Uvalde shooter also a tranny?

Anonymous 227419

Aiden was a detrans TIF, not a TIM. She was only the 5th female mass shooter in the USA and the first one who was trans. Idk the numbers on TIMs.
No some 4chan tranny posted his photos which looked similar to the Uvalde shooter but he was not a tranny. It was a troll.

Anonymous 227435

The "fifth female mass shooter ever" thing sort of throws me through a loop because the news articles that mention that also mention FBI reports that indicate more attempted female mass shooters who were apprehended while shooting before they managed to break the 4 kill threshold.
>The study, which examined 160 active shooter incidents that occurred in the U.S. between 2000 and 2013, found that just 3.8% of these attacks — six in total — involved a female shooter. An additional three incidents involving female shooters occurred between 2014 and 2016, according to FBI records.
9 female active shooter events between 2000 and 2016, 6 from a study that only looked at a sample of 160 events over the course of 13 years - if that study was taken from what the FBI's statistical analysts considered a representative sample, and if only one quarter of all active shooter events could translate to mass shootings, and if only 5 female mass shooters have ever been recorded, then the expected number of mass shootings in all of American history would be 526. Ever. 5/(0.038 * 0.25), right?

Anonymous 227436

People who identify as asexual for attention, sympathy and uniqueness points obviosuly are "louder" than truly asexual people, since the former needs everyone around to know they're asexual while the latter is content with just existing. I don't doubt the existence of real asexual people, but if you feel the need to flaunt your asexuality around, you're the former type in my book.

Anonymous 227459


Trannies never do any tomboy shit because literally anything that isn't intense photoshop and ten layers of makeup will crack their attempts at mimicking how a woman actually looks. Women can cut their hair, put on "masculine clothes", and remove all makeup. But, you'll always be able to tell that they're women. Let a tranny do any of those things, and people will know that's a male even faster.

Anonymous 227491

Trannies do dress like tomboys though they call it "boymoding" and yes they look ridiculous

Anonymous 227493

They wear male clothes to still look/present as male, because of anxiety or whatever. Not comparable to being a tomboy.

Anonymous 227553


Polish nonas, is this true? What do you think about this?

Anonymous 227572


Stop with the retarded 4cuck style memes and get back to the topic at hand. Terf posting.

Anonymous 227592


Anonymous 227595

maybe they still have enough sense to realize they look ridiculous in a skirt or dress. linebacker shoulders and no hips

Anonymous 227608

Hes not even fucking trying

Anonymous 227619

Anonymous 227626


Anonymous 227633


>41% of trannies "attempt" suicide
>40% of the US bans trannies from women's sports
What's gonna be the next 40 number for trannies?

Anonymous 227644


Anonymous 227649

plenty of married to women gay men have children.
btw tefposting https://fairplayforwomen.com/transgender-male-criminality-sex-offences/

Anonymous 227650

Genuinely retched

Anonymous 227670

One day they'll make tragic daytime drama movies about these women. The story arc is perfect for it:
>naive young woman makes normal friends
>normal friends include young women dealing with normal male-caused trauma
>traumatized friend's coping mechanisms become unhealthy
>friend group enables unhealthy coping mechanisms
>friend group adopts unhealthy coping mechanisms
>social pressure mounts
>public announcement of fakeboi status from one
>suddenly the friendgroup starts turning fakeboi like popcorn popping
>first it's all just crass humor and getting serious gains at the gym
>then the gains slow to a stop but injected testosterone is clinically proven to be addictive
>androgenic fat deposit patterns start setting in, everyone's abs disappear beneath a slab of fat
>that one friend turns detrans and gets socially destroyed
>no exit?
>then the side effects start hitting
>then everyone's ugly and broken
>and fucking bald
>at fucking 26
>human resources stacy doesn't want to hire a fucking they/them gremlin for a position that requires social presence
>wages and promotions amongst males correlate directly with height and marital status
>suicide wave starts across friendgroup
>final scene, girl moves back in with her parents to her childhood room
>surrounded by her old stuffies, dollhouse, photos and artifacts of her girlhood preserved by her mom
>pulls out her testosterone syringe
>fade to black

Anonymous 227674

Screen Shot 2023-0…

Thoughts on this possibility? I mean, look at how fast this disgusting fag acquired, and contains to acquire, sponsorships because of his new "womanhood". You reckon its just an act for money and/or clout?


Anonymous 227691

I'm curious to see how in the everlasting fuck abortion is a "trans issue" and how trannies care more about abortion rights than women. Like really, what mental gymnastics are they gonna pull this time?

Anonymous 227695

I mean he is 100% not taking estrogen

Anonymous 227729

because it's not. most troons are narcissistic and believe everything revolves around them, even shit that they can't even fathom.

Anonymous 227730

He's looked like that in girlhood tiktok vids, anyone who has watched him for a while will know this already. He said he got electrolysis several times and it doesn't work on him lawl

Anonymous 227737

>Get into competitive physical activity
>Usually mostly male
>Almost no exposure to troons besides internet
>Join a club
>Again mostly male, but a fair number of women too
>Very open minded place
>Which means there's no bulshit sexism
>but also means a lot pro tranny bullshit
>Luckily no troons in the club
>Everyone is still very much pro troon

It honestly confusing, I am not sure how to explain this feeling like the world is crazy. I won't ever dare say anything cause I really like the people there, but I know 100% I'll be expelled if I even hint at being a TERF

Anonymous 227752

that doesnt mean he is faking it, that means he is lazy, his beard probably grows in 1 or 2 days he got other genes thats how it is also he is a man what do you expect.


I hate that word I will clock out trannies irl and tell them to their faces they are trannies if I see one in "boymode" it sounds so fucking pedophile as well.

Anonymous 227753

that doesnt look like him. Full story behind pics?
I wished so badly Dylan was just a troll, I wished he was going to reveal it was all a joke to show how ridiculous troonism is especially recently, because of the way he portrayed "womanhood" (running in a field like a maniac giggling and in his day 1 vid where he lists off crude stereotypes of women and asks "how did I do ladies"). But it turns out he actually has that little self awareness and troons will really be that blatently misogynistic. Idk why I was even suprised, I guess because of how many people came out in "support" of his weird female equivelent to blackface. Dylan should peak anyone who sees how he behaves.

Anonymous 227757


>That doesn't look like him
Nona, respectively, do you have facial blindness? It's very much so him
To be fair he usually has the grotesque grinch-like "smile" and caked-on clown makeup in all his public photos, so seeing him with a resting face does definitely look a little different. I'll give you that lmao

Anyway I found that tweet and reverse searched the picture, heres the sauce
Just some dumb paparazzi pictures. Not really an actual story.
Also holy fuck i just saw his age mentioned in this article. He's only 26!? Motherfucker is NOT aging well.

Anonymous 227758

>do you have facial blindness
…yeah to a degree I have always had a hard time recognizing peopleby faces alone, but I think I have been getting better at looking at features and I was thinking his face was too fat, mouth more "pinched", and his eyes were tilted different, but maybe its the angle. So I thought maybe it was a look alike thing.

Anonymous 227765

Come on, the botched nose is there and everything. Also the face isn't fat, look at the other cheek away from the camera, it sinks in. He's gaunt.

Anonymous 227774

Huh. So THAT'S what his resting face looks like.
I always kind of wondered about that, since everything else about him comes across as so stilted.

Anonymous 227779

I hate this freak but the spergouts from Bud Light drinkers are way too funny.
Kid rock pretending to shoot a 30 pack with an MP5 when in reality he was blank firing while somebody off camera did the real damage with a shotgun was priceless.
Also the video of that one retard throwing away his fridge full of beer he already bought.
Gonna have to just let real recognize real when it comes to all this alcie rage.

Anonymous 227782


I love that the spergouts perfectly demonstrate why trannies always try to invade women's spaces instead of showing their asses out in men's spaces. Women are a lot more forgiving, even when the situation blatantly hurts or humiliates us. Trannies play with tampons, fake giving birth, and misdiagnose their stomach aches as "period cramps". Yet, women are relatively tame about it. Yes, feminists and the gender critical do critique trannies on their childish behavior, but we don't necessarily chimp out. Now that the uggo tranny that looks like picrel went and sponsored Budlight, a drink that's popular with men, the males are sperging the fuck out and demanding the the troon be taken off the damn commercials. Men are less forgiving and much more straightforward with telling someone or something to fuck off, and the troons have just gotten reminded of that. A wise woman once said that if men understand what life was like for women, childbirth, menstrual cycles, disparity of physical strength, and etc, men would immediately change so many laws and rules to make life better. Now? It seems that men have gotten a taste of what it's like to have some fugly tranny shoved in their face, shoved in their "space", and told that they must give a thumbs up or else.

Anonymous 227784

Yeah but their rage is totally impotent. They throw tantrums but they don't actually fight in any meaningful way. They'll keep drinking their disgusting poison, in fact they'll consume it even more because "they can't let trannies take it away from them."
I just hope the alcy vs tranny war goes on for as long as possible

Anonymous 227796


death to all groomers

Anonymous 227811

I dont think I have ever seen him without the psycho murderer smile on. Maybe he does that to try and distract from his unfortunate features.

Anonymous 227822

I missed out on gendercritical. How can i read the top posts on there?

Anonymous 227824

oh my, these ones are especially pretty

Anonymous 227826


Ho-ly-shit transgender rights were a mistake.

Anonymous 227831



Anonymous 227834

>would he ever say this to my face.
His twitter account is gone now, so apparently not.

Anonymous 227838


Question: Is it even worth paying mind to any companies that sponsor Mulvaney or any troons in lieu of real women?
Yes, its women's history month and its ridiculous to give visibility to troons instead of real women. However any campaign for women's history month was always just going to be virtue signaling to sell more product. Who fucking cares? Its not a prestigious award and at this point all companies are just deliberately stirring controversy to get free advertising, knowing very little people will actually boycott them. Stop paying any mind to this bullshit, we are being played.

Anonymous 227843

To Americans, sponsorship deals are prestigious awards and vice versa

Anonymous 227850

Tranny I know in real life saw a picture of a kitten today and said that "it kinda gives him dysphoria" when we called it cute. I am genuinely not kidding. Everyone glossed over it and acted like it was normal behavior. As usual. I hate this world we live in so, so much.

(He's also publicly talked about how he gets "girl orgasms" since he's on estrogen and started crying more. Scum of the earth, truly. I despise him.)

Anonymous 227852

So trannies can't handle a kitten being called cute, but they can talk about their orgasms and masturbation sessions? I guess this is what a moral compass looks like when a person is clinically insane.

Anonymous 227853

stop hanging out with trannies they already got enough mental problems as it is, they will try to make their problems your problem and your concern just keep a safe distance also I have thought of that too that trannies must be jealeous of female animals they just resent that femaleness exists in the animal world and they didnt got that sex with their genes lol. Whatever they are huge idiots, their problem isnt my problem.

Anonymous 227864

It's fucked up that they made bud light Trans now so if you don't get one now it looks like you are self conscious and don't want to look gay

Anonymous 227865

How does hating trannys make you gay? No one but faggots actually think in those terms. It is just a coping strategy for fags to call out anyone who hates their incessant faggotry. It's ironic the the first go-to insult for fudge packers is to insist that you are one of them. It's self-depreciating in a way.

Anonymous 227876

>"I hope I don't get hatecrimed"
>didn't get hatecrimed (real Christians know violence is wrong)
>actually commits more self-harm than gets harmed by others
The victim complex is real in this one. The joke writes itself. Maybe one day he will acknowledge he's just a sad confused boy and stop hurting himself and feel better about how he was made.

Anonymous 227877

What is he gonna do, transition into a cat? What an actual loony bin.

The worst part is he's not really "dysphoric", he is jealous that real girls are fawning over a cute baby animal and not him. That's how idiotic male ego really is, and there's documented history online of men being jealous of animals liked by women. Genuinely just emotional immaturity and insecurity because he wished he was getting special treatment. Pathetic.

Anonymous 227879

That doesn't even look safe, no flared base means there's a good chance he'll get a toy stuck in his colon and, unlike a real vagina, it will get lost and stuck in the bowels because the bowels are a continuous track up to the mouth.

Anonymous 227881


Idk if it goes here or the tumblr thread

Anonymous 227884


Gotta love how these TRAs and self-proclaimed "progressives" try to counter TERFs by insulting their looks. Like wow, insinuating that a woman's appearance is so important that it overrides anything she has to say. What a male way of thinking. I'm sure you all know this by now, but trannies always react hard when people call them uggo because deep down inside, they know it's fucking true KEK.

Anonymous 227886


Anonymous 227905


Anonymous 227910

what ever happened to freedom of speech?

Anonymous 227917

Trannies and people with their mentality.
As usual, its nothing to see there really.

Anonymous 227919

>i somehow didnt realize it
God even TRAs admit troons are immediately clockable, lmao

Anonymous 227920

Holy shit this is so hilariously bad LMFAO
Its incoherent schizo rambles. The part about the quesdilla holy shit. Trying to make something retarded sound profound.

Anonymous 227921


>first of all you're a bitch, second of all I look amazing

Anonymous 227923

>my face is the sort of glowy you see in felons
What did he mean by this?

Anonymous 227924

>use his desired name
>use heavy air quotes around his desired pronouns

How would this situation play inside court?

Anonymous 227925


Anonymous 227926

Ironically, I love it when trannies post shit like this because they're basically stitching on themselves about how disgusting they are. I swear, it's like half of the shit that's posted on TERF threads, we don't even have to dig deep. Trannies just post their cum jars, nazi flags, and violent takes right there on the face of the internet for everyone to see.

Anonymous 227931

Knowing criminals have more rights than victims and people will fight to the death to be lenient on them. Similar to troons.

Anonymous 227932

Nazi flags are just bad taste.

Anonymous 227934


It's agp Dylan mulvaney

Anonymous 227935


Poor child :(

Anonymous 227938

Yeah this one was a fucking curveball and a half.
Just one of the many shitty messages for 8 year olds to take away from MrBeasts terrible videos.

Anonymous 227941

xy kill yourself c…

>15 year old me watching Mr.Beast
>"Wow it's so cool a straight guy like Chris casually wears nailpolish and other "femenine" things! Even if small it helps deconstruct-
>Present day
>Read this with my own two eyeballs

Anonymous 227943

>tif i havent hung out with in like 2 years starts randomly trying to start a conversation while im walking
>its very short
>i say i have to get to my dorm
>shes says bye
>”bye ella”
>remembers shes a tranny
>”wait no, bye eli”
>remembers that she changed her name to something worse
>”wait no, bye milo”

Idec that i namedropped her, both of those are very stereotypical tranny names so at this point it could be any damn one.

Anonymous 227944

Even 15 is too older MrBeast nona…

Anonymous 227945

Where's the manifesto?
This is taking the feds longer to release than the damn Snyder Cut.

Anonymous 227946

LMAO queen

Anonymous 227947

too old for*

Anonymous 227957

It's called self-referential irony but unfortunately the people in that screenshot aren't smart enough to do it on purpose.

Anonymous 227963


Anonymous 227964


Anonymous 227965

Wow they even misgendered his bag.

Anonymous 227966

Sending 1 pray for that kid. Grim.

Anonymous 227967

>porn addict with proven crossdressing/agp fetish suddenly transitions
AHHHHHHH but no surprise

>porn addict with proven crossdressing/agp loli/shota trap fetish starts crossdressing his son
God help them both, especially that poor kid. I hope they live in a state where he (son) can be protected from a parent force-transsing him and hopefully the mom keeps that kid safe.

Anonymous 227990

>(some fucking how!)
No really, how?

Anonymous 227996


He looks like Bob Odenkirk in drag. lmfao

Anonymous 227997

>all female dentist
Why is there a need for that?

Anonymous 228001

Even if there's no need it's still based segregation. I can choose an all female medical service? Sign me up. I was disgusted when my gynecologist turned out to be a man. Keep away from all my orifices if possible.

Anonymous 228016

stop spamming bs in the terfposting, you can post those things on the pinkpill thread fucking moron.

Anonymous 228019


The glorious human blender awaits, some time in the distant future.

Anonymous 228020

Both faggots in dresses and muzzies rape apes can go to hell lol

Anonymous 228023

Maybe it is by design, but I suspect it was just that the clinic happened to be all female dentist. Or maybe the entire thing is a fabrication.

Anonymous 228028


death to every single groomer

Anonymous 228050


Thinking about how porn can seemingly just as easily influence women to troon out. I've been an on/off fujo since I was twelve or so and feel like if I'd been born later, I probably would've fallen down the tranny rabbit hole and lopped off my tits by now.

Anonymous 228052


Anonymous 228053

I wonder if this is a plot by the manner father to first, get that social media clout by being a munchie, and second, a desire to destroy his manlet bloodline by sterilizing his son.

Anonymous 228054

This literally plays out exactly like a parody skit, but the pain is in knowing that it is completely genuine.
Clown world. What a disgusting predatory fuck.

He deleted the vid it looks like but the dude is @violetstanza on tiktok for anyone that likes to hurt themselves by watching this cringe

Anonymous 228055

What the actual fuck. Gender is a prison and these people are the wardens.

Anonymous 228066

According to this tranny-lover:
>boys can't wear pink
>boys can't wear dresses
>boys can't dance
>boys can't have green cakes
>boys can't pick pumpkins
>boys can't be excited by trains
>boys can't take photoshoots

This particular tiktok made me realise that a lot of trans-shit is just "toxic masculinity" disguised as being "woke". If a boy wants to be sensitive and sweet and playful and creative… then he's not a boy, he's a tranny and needs to be treated as such. This just reinforces the idea the boys have to be destructive apes; no wonder moids are no better even after decades of "progress". (For the record, I don't think men should wear all types of dresses - most dresses are not designed for their rectangular frame, so when trannies wear dresses it ends up looking like a sausage wrapped in Glad. Something like a hanfu would be more suitable for men).

I shudder to think that I'd be groomed into an FtM tranny today because I used to ride my older brother's push-bike (a bike that's not mint green or pink!? A girl can't ride THAT!!), play with bugs, and have toy trucks. I liked "girly" stuff too, just like I'm sure this kid likes "boy" stuff, but the retard parent reinforces this insipid ideology that's only going to fuck the kid up in 2 years' time.

Anonymous 228076


Anonymous 228086

Lesbian Tide May-J…

I had no idea feminists (they weren't considered terfs back then - terf is a label used to oppress us) had been dealing with trannies for so long (50 years).



I didn't realise that, I thought it was just some kind of American equivalent of getting a photo with santa claus

Anonymous 228087


post more info about him

Anonymous 228091

I hate progressives so much. See it all the time with moids on 4chan saying that women "asked for the trannies"- I didn't. I don't want them in our bathrooms, grooming kids and LARPing as some marginalized group when they have more influence than the average person.

Whenever I see instances of a troon being a freak in women's spaces I just want to put my head in my hands. They'll never be like us and I wish people would stop pretending that they ever could be.

Anonymous 228097

there's a special place in hell for people who do this to their own kids.

Anonymous 228098

whos the girl in this gif

Anonymous 228101


Is there any actual data out there about whether HRT will actually make a moid shorter, make his hands and feet smaller, etc. My caveman-tier family member who's in the process of trooning out keeps bragging about how this is going to happen to him ("Maybe I'll even be as small as you lol") and it's taking so much effort not to roll my eyes every time he talks about it.

It's so hard to find an actual answer to this question because the only input I've ever seen on it is mtfs talking about their own "experiences" which makes it feel like it's just people coping and desperately trying to see what they want to see. I just don't see how it's possible that hormone therapy would alter a grown adult's bone structure that noticeably. I feel like what actually happens is that these men lose muscle mass (and possibly body fat if they were fat gamer types) and gaslight themselves into believing their entire frame changed

Anonymous 228103

its absolutely self perception hormones can not change your bone structure post puberty. His bones are fused.

Anonymous 228104

Shrinking from the osteoporosis maybe

Anonymous 228105

If it was possible to change your height with hormones we wouldn't have so many manlet roiders. Scrotes would have found a way and propagate it on their looksism forums. But becoming shorter again? That sounds even less possible. I swear troons are so dilusional. It should be a crime to bait emotionally unstable people into this crap.

Anonymous 228107

_Pepe Karin.jpg

Oh yes. A family father in a suit, out in a fast food restaurant with his kids and pregnant wife, is going to beat up some random stinky tranny 3 tables away. How transphobic this world has become! I am shaking.

Anonymous 228109

Where would the bone material even be going to? The body would just let go of it when peeing? Even when old people become shorter, isn't it because of their joints rather than the bones themselves? Troons really are delusional.

Anonymous 228110


The lack of self awareness. "I can't love myself as a woman!" Yes, because you have internalized misogyny.

Anonymous 228111


sorry for the schizopost but anyone else here think dylan mulvaney is a fed meant to spread bourgeoisie identity politics?

why else would it be such a neolib???
why else would it be so problematic and stir up so much drama???
like it literally is partnered up with a tampon company and applies "girlhood" to itself??? it sparked so much outrage, and im pretty sure it got more troons into neoliberalism


Anonymous 228112

theyre always so stubborn

when i was younger i believed i was nonbinary for this exact reason, but then i found out it was all internalized misogyny. comp sci can have so many misogynists i hope she can cope with her internalized misogyny in a healthier way soon

Anonymous 228113

>her telling other person to go seek help

Anonymous 228115

anyone who gains the attention of politicians in a short period of time is a fed plant to me. but i'm not sure what the end goal is with him. creating extremists by making people disgusted by trannies?
i am always amazed by compsci attracting these types of people. how is there any room for magical troon thinking in this field?

Anonymous 228117

>i am always amazed by compsci attracting these types of people.
In her case comp sci is an incredibly male domimated field and women in it usually face misogyny, so thats probably where a lot of her self hatred comes from.
No idea why trannies like programming so much. An autism thing I guess.

Anonymous 228118

I do think the constant idpol controversies are inorganic but I don't think it's the feds doing. I am pretty sure it's just what it's always been, corporations gutting the media's ability to address actual issues.
It's not a coincidence that a lot of this identity politics nonsense has been turned into a marketing language.

Anonymous 228119

Compsci girlie here; for a stem field it’s actually very creative and it’s always been full of hippies and degens

Anonymous 228121


help did y’all see the fatass “ballerina”
he’s literally so bad like he can’t even do the simplest poses… what a joke

Anonymous 228122


here’s another picture

Anonymous 228123

it's hilarious for a man to pretend to be a female ballet dancer, their anatomy literally doesn't allow for the same lines. would love to see this troll turnout or en pointe.

Anonymous 228127

There are male ballet dancers that surpass this dude. I saw swan lake years ago in san Diego, the male dancers had legs that could crush a watermelon. This guy is a weak fool who is afraid of other men as competition.

Anonymous 228128

To add. How dare this clown of a man take away a spot for a truly accepting girl that worked her heart out to be a ballerina.

Anonymous 228129

it's not even about dancing, he can't even move. all his movements are awkward. and zero athleticism.

Anonymous 228130

Not your fault. I had something similar w a friend of mine growing up. She started w the nonbinary and i related to that. We eventually had a falling out though. Then she wanted to be a dude. She even did hormones and shit. Grew a patchy beard, too. She was only 5 foot 4, so small. She ended up taking her own life last year. Either a drug overdose or her own hand. I found radfem after our falling out and came to understand what being a woman is. I wish I could have helped, but she had bigger issues she needed help with. Her becoming trans did not help her mental health.

Anonymous 228131

>lots of cute twinks work there
… High school kids?

Anonymous 228136

How are so many people becoming this delusional? We are witnessing mass hysteria right before our eyes.

Anonymous 228145

old boomer can't resist yelling at kids to keep off his lawn

Anonymous 228147


Is the Bud Light boycott actually working?

Anonymous 228161

I have heard some fucked up theory about him being basically a sacrificial goat for the troon agenda. Hype him up, put him in every big ad campaign, sign him to multiple high-profile companies, have him talk to the president - all while attracting a massive amount of hate. If he ends up committing suicide it will be a huge thing, and troons will use it as an excuse for pushing the "trans holocaust" idea, cracking down heavily on all opposition.

Anonymous 228168



Anonymous 228170

troons look like t…

Anonymous 228171

christ, it's uncanny

Anonymous 228174

For my sanity I have to believe this is just a bubble and 99% of people in real life if shown this picture would not say it's something to be celebrated.

Anonymous 228175


I don't understand how any of them are able to do this without ever experiencing a moment of clarity in which they realize how evil all of it is

Anonymous 228181

It sounds like satire kek

Anonymous 228186


>with cryptocurrency
kids dont have that shit
he is straight up lying thinking being creepy (how he would like to be) works for his message or whatever. He is a retard

but yes trannies have illegal markets on the internet where all they ask for is a simple "are you 18" yes or no where anyone can lie then use their moms credit card. We as an state need to ban this immdiately, if we cut them at their source they are doomed.

This is why I consider retarded vain /pol/tard attempts like the club Q shit so futile if anything attack the source in a meaningful way, stop their economic flow. Trannies have an origin in Fallout FEV vats, they need "green stuff" to mutate. Destroy it, destroy trannies they wont be able to replace their numbers as they lose them naturally and thats it you save a bunch of people who will eventually overcome the mental illness through stoicsism and acceptance of the truth. The weakons will kill themselves, thats nature. Never lose focus that is their weakness. Lets move forward.

Anonymous 228197

girlbulge tttt.png

Anonymous 228198


>We're here for the moderator application.

Anonymous 228199

The fucking contrast between the profile pic and the photo lmfao. Never gets old

Anonymous 228201

My memory is failing me right now, so forgive me for not remembering the details well. But Keffals, the troon who went on a briefly successful crusade against Kiwifarms, supported a directory with DIY hormones that had sellers who would not only sell to minors, but also blatantly advertised to groomed discord teenagers. One of the sellers was some scrote from Brazil who indeed apparently made the hrt in a bathtub. I don't remember if he got the attention from kiwis solely because of how bizarre and gross he was or if he closer relation to keffals, but bottom line is that was indeed a thing that happened. But last time I checked he wasn't operating anymore because some Brazilian kiwos managed to report him to.some authority? Something like that, I believe he even got his own thread in the international section of KF.

Anonymous 228202

Double posting to say actually he doesn't seem to have his very own thread, I hope at least I didn't just dream that he was put out of business.

Anonymous 228203

Why can't they just be freaks on their own? Why do they want to corrupt others so much?
It honestly seems like a cult.

Anonymous 228204

>kids dont have that shit
I am now picturing a dystopian ad for the first "crypto currency for kids!" (It's how Toys R US plans to come back.

Anonymous 228205


Anonymous 228206

"Trans" kids are like "vegan" dogs. You know they're not the ones making that decision.

What really makes me wonder is how terrible of a human being do you have to be to do that to your own child.

Anonymous 228223

Girldrips for brea…

What are "girldrips?"

Anonymous 228226

dry heave.gif

Anonymous 228230

its so funny whenver trannies allude to the ten stages of genocide. i remember when the jews, armenians, and tutsi became protected classes which speaking ill of would lead to losing your employment and getting death threats

Anonymous 228231

Anonymous 228232



Anonymous 228247


I love black tank top radfem

Anonymous 228248

Anonymous 228249

Can I be spoonfed on why people are upset? Like okay, creepy troon, but why are they upset about this one creepy troon in particular being shilled by some shitty company? That happens all the time.

Anonymous 228250

i miss redkatherine's comics… what troons did to her was so fucked up.

Anonymous 228251

I'm familiar with some of her comics but that's about it? What did they do to her?

Anonymous 228253

Iirc they doxxed her a lesbian living in Russia

Anonymous 228255

How does that even happen? Did a tranny know her irl?

Anonymous 228256


They basically doxxed, bullied, and harassed her off of tumblr, and drew disgusting gore art of her, too like in picrel. I think at one point, they were even gloating about outing her in her country that was supposedly anti lgbt, very smugly and knowingly, bragging about the fact the country was homophobic. Troon activists are nasty.

Anonymous 228259


here's another

Anonymous 228261

Dude doesn't even drink beer. Here's why.
Beer's flavor is based on hops. Hops contain the most potent natural phytoestrogens, 8-prenylnaringenin and isoxanthohumol. Isoxanthohumol is converted into 8-PN in the liver for days or even weeks after the beer has been consumed (so 8-PN is found in the liver long after the beer is processed). This is why hops are frequently used in natural supplements to promote breast growth:
In addition to being flavored by hops, beer contains alcohol.
> Alcohol is directly toxic to the testes, causing reduced testosterone levels in men. In a study of normal healthy men who received alcohol for 4 weeks, testosterone levels declined after only 5 days and continued to fall throughout the study period (17). Prolonged testosterone deficiency may contribute to a "femininization" of male sexual characteristics, for example breast enlargement (18).
If Dylan were a beer drinker he would show some physical signs of chemical feminization, particularly gynecomastia.

Anonymous 228295

trannies and their servants are already deflecting and running apologia for him on twitter, typical routine

Anonymous 228298

bud light.png

I don't follow the news much. So this is what the whole bud light situation was about.

Anonymous 228301

>Alcohol is directly toxic to the testes, causing reduced testosterone levels in men.
>Drinking beer/aclohol in general is seen as very manly thing

Anonymous 228307

Hundred percent pe…

Anonymous 228314


Trannies with their typical degenerate sexual perversions.

Anonymous 228321

Ok, why the fuck would anyone have a child with this man tho?

Anonymous 228323

everytime a man becomes slightly famous there's 50% chance he'll end up being a groomer or a pedophile

Anonymous 228324

This is a good resource debunking the myth of the male and female brain structures as it relates to trannys.

Anonymous 228328

>in Russia
What happened after she got doxxed, Russian authorities gave her a medal for her efforts against trannies? It's true that they are homophobic but I don't think they even consider trannies fully human down there.

Anonymous 228336


Anonymous 228338

as normal women needed "muh validation" all the time like these pricks

Anonymous 228348

Every news report that I ever saw kept saying 'she,' 'she,' 'she' - is Dallas Humber a tranny though? I have a hard time believing that a biological woman from California would be the exact center, brain and heart, of the most active neonazi organization in the world. And working as a dildo salesman doesn't really argue a case for womanhood since troons love pretending that their wounds are genitals. Nobody's reported on troonhood but everyone who's reported on Humber so far has been participant in transexualist mania and would use 'her' pronouns regardless of reality. Can I get one piece of actual evidence that Dallas Humber was born female?

Anonymous 228376

What a monstrous person literally. It's one thing to be a scary looking person but this is like a real life boogyman.

Anonymous 228386


Quick question: Are people who use made up pronouns or tell you what pronoun to use when you meet them actually common in the USA? I mean is there an actual chance to meet them in every day life?
I've never seen this here and it just seems so bizarre

Anonymous 228388

I have never encountered it either. I think you must hang around quirky or lgbt people to see something like that.

Anonymous 228389

queer armorer.jpg

After thinking about this for a moment, I guess this wouldn't be all that different from how cigarettes are available at any store despite their adverse effects on the body being quite well-documented. On the other hand, hormone replacement therapy being something anybody can just buy at the drugstore is a fucking ridiculous notion and I'm glad this will never happen.

This dude says it's about people's right to ~self expression~ but why does that have to involve hormones? Why can't it just be clothes or makeup or whatever? Why do people need the right to fuck up their bodies with hormones that aren't supposed to be there? I feel like the entire trans topic is general has either desensitized or made people not even care about the logistics of hormone replacement therapy. People just think it's this magic pill that will make you look like a bimbo pornstar if you're a moid or erase your curves and make you tall/muscular if you're female. Side effects and complications get glossed over so fast (or not brought up at all) by groomers and recruiters trying to shill HRT to kids and impressionable autists. Doctors are reserved about prescribing estrogen therapy even to postmenopausal women whose lack of estrogen is causing tangible effects on their health, you know, the people that estrogen therapy is actually supposed to be for. Because HRT isn't an ideal solution, has so many side effects just because of how much in the body it affects, interacts with food and drugs, etc. And now you have healthy people getting put on HRT because they told a doctor they felt weird about their gender and it's that easy. I hate it so much.

Anonymous 228390

Fuck American style libertarianism…
It`s funny to see how trannies dress according to their age. Zoomer ones try to be the e-girls/goths that they never dated. Boomer one`s skinwalk the `Karens` they ruined by marrying…

Anonymous 228395

I agree, let them buy them OTC. Wishing them all very many clots and infertility.

Anonymous 228396


In universities and Cons they are

Anonymous 228433

My family regularly goes to cons and they've had to adapt to just calling everyone "they" when at cons. It's way too much of a gamble since there's no way of knowing who's nonbinary and you can easily piss off some tranny because you honestly can't tell they're trying to look like a woman.

I've been to a few of them and yeah these anime conventions definitely attract these freaks by the boatload.
Glad I got out of school before all this happened, universities sound like hell nowadays. My younger sister's high school experience was miserable for her with all this.

Anonymous 228436

I hate this kek. I feel like they would beat me if I said the wrong thing or sth

Anonymous 228438

I've had doctors and lawyers tell me that, probably just depends on state and/or field because I can't imagine a plumber telling me the pronouns they use
>T on shelves in CVS
>Normal moids start taking them en masse

Anonymous 228439

Is it really that bad in the US (or west in general)? Where I live troons are pretty rare, and people defending them are even more rare.

Anonymous 228454

The West has fallen…

Anonymous 228522

millions must take HRT

Anonymous 228525


/tttt/ tripfag known as Radiochan

Anonymous 228529

i can just about guarantee this goblin has used "tradwife" and "cottagecore" to describe himself lmao

Anonymous 228530

ask him if he's pregnant

Anonymous 228578


Anonymous 228579

This. I hade the same realization. I think it's a subconscious projection of their own warped view of what women are like. They believe women are this catty, passive-aggressive, unending lynch mob so that's what they act like, because it makes them feel more womanly.

Anonymous 228580

Ya, my kids are getting homeschooled.

Anonymous 228581

Anyone who goes into marketing is mentally challenged

Anonymous 228583


Jesus christ these images of troons telling lesbians they have to like dick

Shit like this radicalized me


Troons gonna troon

Anonymous 228586

>so maybe stop focusing on sex
He says this with the full knowledge that sex is his top priority in a partner.

Anonymous 228598


Anonymous 228635

Gayden tttt.png

Anonymous 228637

To my understanding not all (maybe even none?) gay bars forbid women of entering, I know of women who like going to gay bars and nightclubs cause then they can just have fun without being pestered by drunk scrotes. So the gay moids probably look at her and just presume that's the case.

Anonymous 228638

Trannies are so self centred. They think validating THEIR experiences and THEIR feelings take priority over everyone elses. They don't even consider that by telling lesbians to address why they won't like girlcock is invalidating to lesbians and homophobic. They don't consider how emotionally difficult it can be for them to be smeared and called transphobic over their preferences and how emotionally damaging it can be for them to force themselves to want a relationship they don't. Its all "but what about MY feelings". The absolute entitlement disgusts me.

Anonymous 228639


i got major pornsick vibes so i looked her up and sure enough

Anonymous 228657

this is the female equivalent of "male lesbian"

Anonymous 228660

she can't possibly think any man who's willing to have sex with her is gay. surely she must now. right?

Anonymous 228687

when the realization finally hits do you think she's going to remember to self publish her manifesto before shooting or are we just going to be Audrey Haled again

Anonymous 228692

Didn't really know before whether she's a woman or not. Sometimes I'd see her tweets refering to herself as a "femboy" and was confused whether she's a mentally ill woman or a little less mentaly ill asian twink, but never cared enough to dig into it. I guess now I know.

I guess I could've known since she makes good looking 40k character arts and men seem incapable of doing so. I swear to god, almost every primarch fanart made by a guy looks straight up ugly, despite primarchs being described as genetically engineered to perfection meant to inspire awe and respect by all who see them. I even remember one in particular where the artist decided to draw Fulgrim, primarch described as the most beautiful among them, looking like a 50 year old tranny.

Anonymous 228693

I know one myself, regretably, and I see a pattern. Whether its MtF or FtM, it seems that in both cases they just do things that they think are masculine or feminine. The one I'm talking about shaved her head bald, because you know, baldness is so manly right? Nevermind that most men are afraid of going bald and try to cope with it if they do start to bald by combing their hair to cover it or wearing a wig.
And yes, I've heard her call herself a "femboy" once. Like, my sister in christ, that's just being a woman with extra steps.

>“if they don’t accept you 100% they hate you and want you to die"

this literally sounds like running a cult 101. Separate them from their friends and family, and convince that only you understand them.

>i don’t know whether to reach out or not??

you can always try, just don't be too forcefull. Start by just listening her out without any judgement or explaining how she's wrong. If you become "condescending" for even a minute she'll imediately start ignoring you. If she starts seeing you as someone to lean on, who won't immediately judge her then she may see that you're trying to help.

Anonymous 228695


This is the level they're at

Anonymous 228697


tumblr is a cesspit. some of the insane shit they post is unintentionally funny though, like straight up admitting trannies are rapists.

Anonymous 228702

>"rapists should get a death penalty"
>"oh so you think trans folx should die, you bigot?"

Anonymous 228712

Can somebody give me a rundown on what Supernatural is and what it did to misogynistic women?

Anonymous 228713


Supernatural is some show that yaoi fangirls on tumblr latched onto because of one of the two leads. The poster of that is all wrong though lmao. It's more likely that Supernatural caused more TIF troons to proliferate than "trad wives"
pic rel, literally all I had to do was google "supernatural trans" and it was in the first results.

Anonymous 228714

Omegaverse lunatics bringing mpreg within a hair's breadth of mainstream was wild times.

Anonymous 228727

they're so retarded they dont know anything about feminist politics outside of anime characters with the caption "I HATE TERFS" with the transgender flag behind them

Anonymous 228728

This reads like she was told to write that at gunpoint

Anonymous 228749


I could immediately she's a woman, but she even confirms it herself.

Apparently she doesn't even have a fake dick. I really don't know how she can reconcile her yaoi femboy fantasies with the fact that she has sex with older men with a vagina. It's completely beyond me.

Anonymous 228776

Maybe she pretends to be a femboy because it makes her feel less bad about the fact that old men are just using her for sex and fetishizing her youth, maybe her race.
Probably got used before, came out as a frans femboy to take on a new promiscuous "identity" and pretend she actually wants ancient dick and take control of her trauma.

Anonymous 228782

i think she was planning on tricking them somehow

Anonymous 228816


oh no, the girly chemicals have given him muscle atrophy, uwu

Anonymous 228820

"kyaa~ im so tiny and weak and helpless like a GIRL because im a GIRL and they are weak, tee hee >w<"
They are literally tone deaf i swear

Anonymous 228923

This was an informative article I came across recently. It's crazy to think how far things regressed in just 7 years. What we are witnessing is the birth of a pseudo-religion, logic and reason have long been dispensed with in those circles. This was allowed to happen due the field of psychology becoming totally subverted. We need to break into that field and reverse the course. Young people who have been irreversibly mutilated and grown to regret it should be speaking before congress and the doctors and psychiatrists responsible should be held legally liable. Hear from a genuine psychiatrist who recognizes the harm of forcing irreversible medical interventions on children who are merely suffering from transient delusions during puberty, much akin to anorexia.

Anonymous 228984


It's petty and insignificant in comparison to everything else, but the "cis people are so lame, nice name loser, did your parents pick it out for you" memes always annoy me, mostly because trannies aren't even good at picking names for themselves generally. Mtfs are always drawing from the same small pool of the most stereotypically "girly" names (Lily, Sophie, Emily, etc). Ftms seem a little more varied by comparison but the Aiden thing is obviously real and became a meme for a reason. Then you have enbies and troons of both sexes unironically naming themselves after anime characters and Greek deities and shit which is even worse

Anonymous 228990

What are the chances of her just roleplaying? As in she just pretends to be femboy and talks about being used by older men because she's a horny fujo? The same way Chainsawman author was pretending to be his little sister on twitter.
Maybe she just went to a gay bar (if they even let her) and just gets off to the idea of being a cute uwu femboy fucked by all the dudes she saw there?

Anonymous 228991


One of the tranny trio got hair transplants and decided to stop being a muslim at the same time, what a coincidence.

Anonymous 228992


Its the mcfatty btw

Anonymous 228993

idk, the
>nice gender nerd, did your parents pick it for you?
are kinda funny to me. I know that someone who made it is probably a delusional troon but I laughed nontheless

Anonymous 228997

Dont forget Elliot, Ash, Jack, Oliver, Milo, etc.


Anonymous 229002

Where the FUCK is Audrey's manifesto? I want to know the names of the school staff who sexually assaulted her. The glowboys promised I'd be able to read it.

Anonymous 229005

glowboys lied

Anonymous 229007

The glowboys have to know as well as everyone else that using trannies as the excuse to shield school pedophiles is only going to cause more backlash at the trannies, since we've hit significant tranny backlash.
And that's fine. But, why are they so interested in shielding the ordinary pedophiles even if it is only at the expense of trannies?

Anonymous 229011


Glenn Greenwald has been offering lawyers money if they help him write a strongly-worded letter to the glowboys.
The lawyers who seemed interested decided at the last minute to refuse to take Glenn Greenwald's money.

Anonymous 229013

He has a law degree, I'm unsure on why he needs a lawyer

Anonymous 229014

Probably a case of "I'm just a doctor, you need an endocrinologist."

Anonymous 229015


the latest on mrbeast chris
l m f a o

Anonymous 229018

maybe they're not so ordinary

Anonymous 229019

his agp lolicon father's husband will make a great father figure surely

Anonymous 229021

Greenwald seems to think that a legal entity local to Nashville has a better chance of securing results than a non-local media body represented by a non-local law firm.
At least one publicly documented convicted pedophile who is known to have been directly connected to the covenant school was also directly connected to Republican governor and potential presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.

Anonymous 229029

There ain't no way.

Anonymous 229037

Worlds easiest spot the differences game

Anonymous 229040

Bone structure.jpg

Where did this idea of any gender critical views = literally a nazi come from and how has it been able to become so prevalent? I can't be the only one that feels like it's completely shitting on Jewish people every time someone says that kind of thing

Anonymous 229043

For the absolute children that consider themselves the current political elite, the only "bad guy" they know is nazis, and the only "history" they know is the holocaust.

Anonymous 229054

Anonymous 229065

The first outfit is literally a halloween costume i wore in 9th grade. Every detail of it.

Anonymous 229083

Cuase Nazis at least had the common sense to burn any pro-troon lit.

Anonymous 229094

They have the backing of media, government, and the educational system. They think they're the Jews, that's why we're the Nazis.

Anonymous 229129

"Nice Y chromosome loser, did your dad shoot that one out of his balls for you?"

Anonymous 229133

>It's symbolic against his struggle against reality

Anonymous 229147

I see lots of enbys here in Canada. I encounter a new TIF with "they/them" or "she/they" pinned on their shirt or their backpack about once a week. I see them working in coffee shops, public libraries, art supply stores, etc.

Anonymous 229152


Anonymous 229184

Fat tranny makes death threats if he can't access women's spaces to perv on women and girls.


Can't upload image for some reason, says that it doesn't recognize the file extension.

Anonymous 229187

>g-girls smile like this, r-right?
is the only thing I can think of when looking at him.

Anonymous 229192

Dross boludo que te han hecho

Anonymous 229193

dios mio… el ogro de los autogynefilios…

Anonymous 229194

I want to a-log. His head is big and greasy and he has that ugly haircut. Ew.

Anonymous 229198


Anonymous 229199

Thats not real right

Anonymous 229204

>play into our roleplay fetish or we will sexually assault you

Anonymous 229216

The only thing inaccurate about thos comic is that both troons are skinny. almost ALL troons are fat, for a few reasons:
1. They are mentally ill and incapable of caring for themselves and having healthy eating habits
2. Testosterone burns more fat and when their levels decrease they don't bother adjusting their eating habits for a lower TDEE
3. They think if they are fat their saggy pecks will start to look like "breasts" and they use the fat to try akd cover their unmistakably male skeleton
I know there are some exceptions like Dylan Mulvaney but almost all trannies are at least overweight, usually obese.

Anonymous 229226

I don't think I can understand what makes so many of them say things like this. It is quite literally asking for trouble. It will only ever end poorly for them. I just can't get why they keep doing it.

Anonymous 229230

High-octane virtue signalling! Get 50 tweets' worth of trans cred with one simple trick.

Anonymous 229231

Anonymous 229232


what is it with troons and speedrunning anyway?
there's got to be more to it than just attentionwhoring, i think there is a connection between something that requires both a ton of effort and not much, sensory overload perhaps? what triggers the trannies to always indulge in content that boils down to "thing goes fast"?
this applies to discord as well coming to think of it

Anonymous 229236

>there's got to be more to it than just attentionwhoring
there isn't.
Speedrunning ,troons or not, is just something people waste their time doing for attention. Troons are obsessed with attention so they're naturally drawn to it.

Anonymous 229237

There is a strong link between autism and trooning.

Anonymous 229242


Unfortunately it is real. This is the husband of a big Instagram influencer named StudioMucci, and he trooned out just last year. Unsurprisingly, he's always looked like an obese ugly ogre and had a dirty beard for years.

Anonymous 229247

His @ is she_is_lavender_rose on Instagram

Anonymous 229251

>play into our roleplay fetish or we will murder you

Anonymous 229256

actual call to violence. any other group who'd say something like this openly while showing their face would be immediately banned and put on a list for terrorism. Of course this fucking pedophile can get away with it (for now).
I hope everyone is taking these people seriously, because I certainly am.

Anonymous 229268

any subculture, hobby, etc that attracts autistic males is going to have trannies because…. theyre autistic males lol

Anonymous 229289

Anonymous 229292

I know it's coming and it still makes me laugh irl every time

Anonymous 229293

If they won't put these people on a list, we'll have to do it ourselves. Save the video and make a note of his name and info. Maybe one day when the culture changes it will come in handy.

Anonymous 229314


yeah dude women are so delusional for fearing for their safety take my upvote

Anonymous 229331

survivorship bias.…

Anonymous 229347

Anyone see this new study on transition outcomes? Estimates actual detrans rate in US/UK as somewhere btwn 10-30% instead of the constantly quoted 1%


Anonymous 229351


>formerly known as the Women's Museum
So depressing I had to fact check this one myself.

Anonymous 229369

one of the hardest watches i've had ,, thanks

Anonymous 229395


absolutely mind boggling that i had stumbled upon this disgusting mess mindlessly browsing quora


disgusting cretins

Anonymous 229423


Anonymous 229427

What does this image mean? I don't get it

Anonymous 229431

NTA but look up survivorship bias

Anonymous 229444

If dudes wants to fuck a man, they should ahead. If they're getting it from a man, they'll leave women alone.

Anonymous 229453

I'm not understanding what they're trying to prove

Anonymous 229496

if twitter didn't have a myriad of other issues this would have tempted me to come back
they might move to mastodon or cohost
at least with the former, they'd be easy to block if you're on fediverse, so we may be able to finally contain them in their echo chambers

Anonymous 229500

i think its like tif sports team (ftm team) plays against males, men fucking destroy them.

Anonymous 229502

how well known is mastodon among normies? unless twitter gendies start shilling it, they'll most likely move to tumblr.

Anonymous 229503



Anonymous 229504

Can we gatekeep being women again?

Anonymous 229507


Anonymous 229510


completely btfo what a based video

nobody gives a fuck about that shit Elon Musk destroyed trannies hope and dreams I wish he did it for YouTube though, Twitter was really not ever that important it was filled with bots as Elon found out

I hate trannies so much its unreal

Anonymous 229534

you cant gatekeep biology retard

Anonymous 229556

they will always be on mainstream social media, trannies are lazy and desire validation from normal people

Anonymous 229571


Anonymous 229575

I hate trannies so much it's unreal!!!

Anonymous 229595


Anonymous 229598


Adult mtf dresses like a school girl in order to use the girls restroom at a local high school multiple times.

Anonymous 229600

Anonymous 230091

Big tech misinform…

Anonymous 230093

I know they made this to be pro troon but i cant stop thinking of mpreg when i see this and it makes me giggle

Anonymous 230185

how fucking deluded do you have to be to think you could get away with this looking like THAT?

Anonymous 230492


Anonymous 230511


Anonymous 230512

the irony

Anonymous 230513


Where is his chin

Anonymous 230515


Some hopepilling

Anonymous 230516


Anonymous 230517

Oli London has had the biggest character development in the last year.

Anonymous 230521

>"That's Oli tweeting that?"
>check his twatter
>he's calling himself a Brit man again
>detrans, firmly anti-gender special now
>posting about AGPs being violent perverts to women
>tweets about what they're doing to kids with this
Holy shit, you weren't kidding. What an arc.

Anonymous 230522

Based, She deseves more love

Anonymous 230526

I respect this grift more than the last at least lmao

Anonymous 230531

It kind of makes sense (although it could just be another grift like the other nona said). But he clearly had some form of BDD and identity issues, it's not too far-fetched that he realized how transness is similar to his own mental illness and how it has been weaponized.

Anonymous 230537

Opera Snapshot_202…

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