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Anonymous 8112[Reply]

Anybody else here legitimately find short men kinda gross? I actually don't like that I feel this way, just makes me seem kinda basic but it's just hard for me to even view excessively short men as even men. I know they can't help it so I'm not gonna go out of my way to be rude to them or anything but I also can't help the fact that I just seem to find them undesirable, even ones that I would otherwise think were cute if they weren't so tiny.
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Anonymous 8672

then maybe the solution is to stop bullying them in the first place

Anonymous 8673

also by that logic short women shouldn't be allowed to have children either

Anonymous 8674

It's just a bunch of retard males trolling themselves. Not even sure why the thread isn't locked yet.

Anonymous 8675

so i have to be male to think manlets shouldnt exist?

Anonymous 8676

she's a woman too, i met hateful girls like her in college


Self Improvement Thread Anonymous 8197[Reply]

Post about how you want to improve yourself/your self improvement plans ITT and I will try and help you to the best of my ability, or just commiserate and talk if that's what you want.

Also general self improvement feels thread
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Anonymous 8595

I do think if I had some sort of support system or someone to hold me accountable everyday about things I would get more things done and be less of a piece of shit. I did however get up early, I had a nap about noon time and then did a couple hours of uni work. Baby steps I guess?

Anonymous 8600

>I do think if I had some sort of support system or someone to hold me accountable everyday about things
Like, a partner?

Anonymous 8608

I was thinking more along the lines of having friends on my course. The only other people on it are 20 years older than me and study part time, so I barely see them. I’m not sure exactly what support system I’m trying to describe irl friends would be nice though ;~;

Anonymous 8649

Just go talk to people outside of your course, if the ones in it aren't very welcoming.

Anonymous 8671

Anons…do you believe I'm gonna make it?


Anonymous 7743[Reply]

>"go outside!"
>go outside
okay. now what?
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Anonymous 8637

What's there to be scared of? He'd probably be happy unless you're ugly.

Anonymous 8647

It's a head-on strategy. If you're really desperate, then it would be best to start acting like it.
If you didn't care, you wouldn't have asked. Try it.

Anonymous 8663


>unless you're ugly.

Anonymous 8666

but you don't have to worry because you are beautiful.

Anonymous 8667



Anonymous 8509[Reply]

Oh well. I feel like I have this burden on my chest that I should just get rid off really quickly. Since I don't know any females I figured out this would be a good place to vent out because I think it's my responsibility to say or express my feelings towards women collectively for some reason. It's just this deep regret inside of me. And I'll stay in a psych ward for the next year as of tomorrow so this is my only chance I guess.

I don't think I've hurt any of you physically or emotionally really. I mean I don't even know any girls irl or online personally. Maybe you've seen my misogynistic rants online here and there but even if you were hurt, it wasn't directly tbh.

I think I've always been misogynistic. It started with my mom abusing me, continued with me getting rejected multiple times, women being better than me at anything that I do. I mean it seemed to me as if it was unacceptable when women did something better than me until very recently. I saw you as lesser beings with really shallow emotional grasp of certain things, less physical abilities and all that. You weren't really human to me. It felt like your minds, unlike males' were programmed and depended on a weird algorithm that I would never be able to figure out. And I had these weird fantasies where I would just figure all about how your minds work and fucking pull you onto my lap with mindgames and shit like that. Then I found this site and became obsessed with you. Because despite most of you having similar interests with the males on r9k or somewhere along the lines you actually felt "emotionally consistent" and less bipolar. I had fun reading all your posts and actually related to you (didn't post if it makes you feel comfortable because I felt like you would notice how a male would sound like). And all this time I blamed you for everything that went wrong with my life, drugs, fucked up mental health, and it was basically for nothing. It was just me being a retard blaming others for my shortcomings. I think all men at the core are obsessed with what women really think, how they think. We just want to figure out how female mind really works. And I guess an insight into your minds really helped me to become a better version of myself for the last couple months imo (don't get me wrong I still have some quasi misogynistic view of how females act on certain things). So I both wanted to thank you and say sorry. And also sorry for ruining your le secret club. You can blame my Post too long. Click here to view the full text.(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)
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Anonymous 8514


Anonymous 8534

Sorry OP, if this happens to hijack your thread but I see this as an opportunity to post some thoughts myself. Some which may help you too, you never know.

Anyway, I've been lurking a while and posted the odd comment here and there with no identifiers for obvious reasons. I've never been misogynistic but I think this site helped me relate a lot easier to women. Not in any men from mars, women from venus type of way, but emotionally. I was sensitive as a boy and spent most of my time with girls in school playing with little toy animals etc, on some level I still am sensitive, but quickly realized as a man you have to be emotionally disconnected/repressed or be seen as weak. Which in turn led to me spending all my time with the lads from there on out playing football (soccer) etc.

Identity politics has damaged a lot of people. It's not the sole reason of course but it exacerbates the issues people have in how they perceive others which are further deepened and entrenched by people they associate with who strengthen those views (Feminists, MGTOW etc). The internet is also a massive amplifier of the worst proponents of these ideologies who can easily lure people in and eventually turn them onto their agenda, especially if they were already hurt in some way. There are some misandrists here but they seem very rare, and they also seem to be coming from a place of pain, more so than a place of resentment at being rejected etc. Though without knowing them, I can't say for certain, obviously.

You say your misogyny originated from abuse suffered at the hands of your mother. I empathize with you bro, because I've been raised in a loving family with a happily married mother and father with no real issues to complain about. So that makes me realize how unlucky people have been in life, while I have been lucky. You've recognized a problem and that means things can only improve from here.

>I think all men at the core are obsessed with what women really think, how they think.

I've seen a lot of girls/women post here with very low self esteem which seems to stem, in part, from them having problems with men, or relating to men, or attracting men etc; judging by the threads they make, echoing a lot of what I've seen in male oriented/dominated internet spaces. Which only further demonstrated to me how there is not that much difference, between men and women. A lot of their feelings and hopes for relationshiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 8547

>Identity politics has damaged a lot of people. It's not the sole reason of course but it exacerbates the issues people have in how they perceive others which are further deepened and entrenched by people they associate with who strengthen those views (Feminists, MGTOW etc). The internet is also a massive amplifier of the worst proponents of these ideologies who can easily lure people in and eventually turn them onto their agenda, especially if they were already hurt in some way.

Not the point of the thread but you're all getting banned anyway and this part really caught me. I also didn't think I'd ever post this because it's bad, but if I ever say this it has to be anonymous.

I fell into some awful ways of thinking 4 years ago now, first because of a guy I had a crush on and later coming into contact with the wrong community and just being very alone/insecure and weak at that time. I was very, very isolated and worked a graveyard shift job and then came home to my apartment at 7am where I sat alone in a new city where I knew no one and I was estranged from my relatives. Thinking back it gave me a sense of belonging and I felt like I was a part of something, it was almost cultish in the way it changed who I was. I had been really really hurt by people and it's no excuse really, but with no critical thinking on my part I dived into this world of racism and conspiracy. It told me how above the blind masses I was, like I saw through some veil, and that guy I liked spoke so intelligently. But the more I dove in the more awful and angry I felt towards life and it was all a bit much. It's ridiculous, the videos I'd watch and the two faced vicious thoughts I'd have about people I dealt with daily at work.

I nearly cried at work the other day because I work with a muslim woman who babies me and gives me cookies all the time, we laugh at each other's jokes and her singing voice is incredible. She does this little thing when work is a little hectic, she sings "what're we gonna do!?". I felt so guilty receiving the care and concern she gives plus that of so many others I hated before. She really isn't so much different from the rest of us. I grew out of that phase but starting this year I've been feeling a lot of remorse for who I've been. 4, 3, and maybe 2 years ago I'd have been saying some pretty awful things about her and she has only been nice to me.

Tomorrow I'm going out for coffee, shopping,Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 8556

This lady seems so sweet! I am happy to know you've changed and that you're improving, op. Meeting new people and realizing we're so very similar leaves no room for hate.

Anonymous 8665


This thread actually makes me feel way more happy with being who I am, thank you.

Because of 4chan, I have been depressed for a long time now for being born female (no creativity or interest in actually important things, thinking only about how others see you, etc.). Anons on 4chan were the smartest people, with therefore the best ideology in my eyes.

However, those people are not happy. They can also be axtremely heartless and aggressive with their alt right politics and whatnot. Staying away from 4chan (except for /cm/ lel) has made me way less hopeless and way more happy with life; living in hate and despair for the way that things are does not make one feel any better.

I have been lurking on this site lately and I think I have found my place. There are actual females experiencing the same problems as me and helping eachothers through giving advice, comforting and cheering eachother up.

I tend to get depressed feeling like everyday is the same, there's nothing much special about anything anymore, things were so much better before, I regret my life decisions and my unimportartance jadajadajada. Those things don't matter when I realize that there will always be interesting things happening, even if they're seemingly uninteresting. Because humanity has still many greats feats to accomplish, I have still so much to learn, there will always be fun/comfy/interesting works of fiction in case reality isn't enough, and most importantly, there will always be comfy communities and people who support eachother through the struggle that is life.


Anyone ever just feel the need to be fucking NORMAL for once? Anonymous 8548[Reply]

idek how else to describe this but every time i tell it to my bf he just doesn't get it and idk who else to talk to this about. but like. my mom and my sister are both "normal" women, they both care about fashion, their appearance, etc, they shave everything, wear fashionable clothes, wear makeup, do lots of skin care and buy lots of products for it, paint their nails, have long and elaborate beauty and skin/hair care routines. I'm completely unshaven, happier to make a basic outfit with the clothes I have rather than buy new ones, never wear makeup except for special occasions, etc. I don't like to focus a lot on appearance or anything. but sometimes i feel like people would like me better if i did, and i wish I could just make myself care about that. sometimes i really feel like my presence is so irritating to others and I don't know anyone else irl who shares these beliefs (women don't need to shave, women don't need to wear makeup, women don't need to care about their appearance), or if I do they're not vocal about it.
the other thing is like, motherhood. i have all these concerns and stuff, despite wanting a family, like getting stuck with all the childcare and housework and stuff somehow despite talking with my bf about how i'd like to avoid this and him agreeing with me. and pregnancy. i have so many friends now that say they are happy just being housewives and it makes me so sad.
i've always had this strong feeling of living in an age of liberated women but i look around me and all i see are women """"""freely choosing"""""" to do… exactly what men/society/media/patriarchy/whatever tells them they should want, and wants them to want. and it seems awful convenient to me, and so i thought i could at least live by that myself, but… god, it's lonely. sometimes i wonder if i would be happier to just stop caring about this and be a normal girl. the only downside i can think of is that my bf seems to like that i am "low maintenance" (doesn't take me long to get ready, i don't fuss over something messing up my hair/ non-existent makeup, etc). but sometimes i wonder if even he would like me better if i was more of a "girl" so to speak. anyone else feel this way or is it just me again?
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Anonymous 8629

>you haven't bothered to even learn of your own ancestry. Have you?
Yes, I have.

>What? Have you?

Yes, I have.

What's your cultural/ethnic background, out of curiosity?

Anonymous 8634

>I wonder why?
If you're asking in earnest, I grew up and realized I'm cute in my own way and people of all races can be attractive.
I'm still insecure about things sometimes of course (blemishes, stuttering sometimes, etc.), but not my race.

Anonymous 8650

Then what are you? Syrian? Ukrainian? Not a lot of places I can think of having diasporas, as of recent.
I wasn't.

Anonymous 8652

>as of recent
this is how I know you're clueless.

Anonymous 8653

Clueless about what? I said to know learn more about yourself, not others.


New Venturu Threadu Anonymous 8291[Reply]

Old thread: >>>/feels/5889

Old thread reached cap and I need to cry
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Anonymous 8587

Thank you, anons. I hope so, too. I have no idea what is going to happen. I had good news today (related to a new job), but I don't want to get too excited just yet.
I wish you were right about me ever finding someoene. Sometimes I wish I'd just accept the fact I will be alone. I'm not religious, so I don't know if finding someone in the Church would be good, especially for them. I also have a hard time meeting new people. Maybe when I feel better.
I've been through therapy and I've tried meds, but I don't think I can afford those things right now, and getting help where I am might be harder without money.
Thank you reading my vent post, I appreciate it.

Anonymous 8593

The meds are not going to help you. You're only going to become reliant on them, which will only leave you worse off when they are unavailable. Religion would seriously be the better choice to make with coping. You don't have to be alone.

Anonymous 8594


I've never loved him but cutting him off finally gives me a very weird feeling because I'm a hermit and he said I would die alone if it weren't for him

Anonymous 8596


I'm not sure if I'm a developmentally stunted idiot or I have a legitimate anxiety disorder.

>dread socializing, feel good while socializing, then second-guess everything I said & regret putting myself out there

>avoid meeting up with people in public bc "what if I don't see them at first and I walk around cluelessly?" "what if there's nowhere for us to sit at [place we're meeting]?" etc etc
>scared to talk to anyone older or who I deem "better" than me
>constantly think "how can I end this conversation so I don't embarrass myself?" even if I'm thoroughly enjoying the convo
>beat myself up over tiny interactions with cashiers, salespeople
>frozen in place when I'm at someone's house/apartment bc I don't want to do something weird
>obsess over slip-ups/other inconveniences so much that it affects my ability to concentrate

I know these issues are my own damn fault bc I isolated myself as a teenager due to depression and an ED. But it sucks being in my 20s and finding it impossible to make lasting connections with people/network for the career I want to pursue so badly.

Anonymous 8612

At these issues, you need to make choices, and not run away. Become more impulsive, and you'll correct yourself eventually.


Anonymous 8161[Reply]

Does anybody else not eat for comfort while sad instead of eating for comfort while sad?

I always deal with disordered eating, but when I get sad I just straight up don't eat for days. It gives me a distraction and makes me feel emptier or something. Or something. It always also brings about feelings of dissociation in me, which normally is troubling but really gets my mind off anything bad.

Just wish someone could tell me I'm not alone in doing this since I'm used to hearing everyone say they eat for comfort while sad
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Anonymous 8488


Anonymous 8551

Check the rules, Anon. Avatarfagging isn't allowed. It's also not necessary ITT.

Anonymous Moderator 8553


This anon is right >>8551

Please stop using avatars

Anonymous 8607

i was enjoying seeing the pretty eyemakeup looks and wouldn't be itt otherwise so maybe just post them in the makeup threads instead?

Anonymous 8618

word, go to /hb/ op please

Duck of Vaucanson.…

Is it possible to "fix" someone Anonymous 7464[Reply]

Let me tell you about this guy I know, he's
>has dark sense of humor I find attractive
>has similar political views to my own and has a good heart

But he is also
>chronically depressed
>chronically unemployed (although he has had some jobs)
>basically has no friends
>basically just keeps to himself all the time doing who knows what
>has horrible sense of fashion and style
>still lives with his parents in his mid 20's
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 7466

wtf don't get with someone just so you can feel like a hero

Anonymous 7469

Girl. Please don't do it. If you want to save somebody go adopt a dog from a shelter - and this is not a edgy comment from a stranger on the internet, I honestly believe a dog would make your life more fulfilling than this guy. You feeling like you're going crazy now is NOTHING compared what you'll feel when you're together, you deeply in love with him and watching him laying in bed crippled from depression that never went away. No amount of love can cure depression.

^ money can't buy you advice this good

Anonymous 7548

I mean I don't want to just say "No, don't do it", because especially in times like this, students are being students for long and longer amount of times. Men need especially long to figure out their way in life.

But I agree with the sentiment that you can't fix people. It has to come from within themselves.

Also getting a girlfriend is a huge motivation for some guys. I don't want to say "lead him on", but if you really want to help him, then make yourself avalaible without just giving him everything he wants, do you get what I am saying?

Anonymous 7720

Anonymous 8605

he will frustrate you and drain all your energy away. your love is not good enough, it won't cure him or make him feel better.
it's best not to get involved. easier said than done – so go ahead and make your own mistakes, then learn from them and don't repeat them.


friendless feels Anonymous 7474[Reply]

the title says it all.

i ended up scrolling through the account of someone a few years younger than me and saw posts like pic related…just people (kids i guess) having fun with their friends and it made me sad because i never got to have that ):

can anyone relate?
also, general friendless anon thread.
10 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 7686

That's not good.
Good luck, anon.

Anonymous 8573


I lost a bunch of friends recently because myself and another person in my friend group got into a big fight. I decided to cut myself off because the person I was arguing with was continuously trying to make me miserable and would call random people and tell them reasons why they should hate me (majority if not all of them told me what he was doing) and because of that I just decided it was best to go away and start over. Now I just have my boyfriend and extremely small circle that have their own groups of friends so I rarely talk to to them. I miss how it was before and want to meet people with similar interests and do fun things and enjoy each others company. But I will always feel like that person is out to get me to the point I had to deactivate some of my social media and block the person everywhere. It's been almost a year and a half since the drama started and sometimes I hear him still talking about me and seeking me out. I just want to have a good time..

Anonymous 8579

If they're real friends, they'd stick around against some nobody's word. This guy obsessive, or something?

Anonymous 8583

Yeah but regardless of what he says they still hang out with him and I don't want to have anymore attachment to him. And I guess he is obsessed. We argued because he thought I wanted to break up him and his girlfriend when I clearly didn't and everyone knows that. I just dropped them both and have no plan on talking to them again but I have to drop others in the process. It just gets lonely and I always feel paranoid he's going to threaten me again one day. Having new friends would distract me I think but I don't really talk to anyone

Anonymous 8589

You just need to cut your losses, and make some real friends. I'm sure you could start hanging out with people you meet IRL.


Anonymous 5669[Reply]

>tfw no bf
it's not fair
445 posts and 54 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 8570

>then prove it since it's a fact

did you ever browse r9k? it is fact

Anonymous 8574

/r9k/ is not a regular board, though. It's explicitly for feels. Same for /pol/, as not everyone wants to be called a /pol/lack there.

Anonymous 8576

a bot, in terms of what I'm using it, is someone who browses r9k regularly, you want to make the definition so strict that you even claim literal r9k bots, aren't actually bots, just admit there's different definitions
>as not everyone wants to be called a /pol/lack there
why should we care what they want? it simply means someone who goes to the board regularly, if they don't wanna be called that then stop going to the board
>/r9k/ is not a regular board
doesn't matter, everyone still calls people who browse it regularly bots, get over it
and you didn't answer my question, where the hell do you think the word bot comes from? and why is this a fairly new thing that people are policing people for calling people who regular a board called "robot9000" bots?
again, by this logic, men who never seen a computer before could be considered bots but men who spend their days on r9k and bot r9k, aren't bots if they've had sex, that makes no sense

Anonymous 8577

also, when have you ever seen anyone, outside of speaking about r9k, go up to virgin men and call them bots?it's almost as if it's exclusively for r9k regulars? wow

Anonymous 8582

>men who never seen a computer before could be considered bots
Yeah, I guess. Hermits are kind of what they've envisioned themselves as being, since the start.

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