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Anonymous Admin 43508[Reply]

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- Race/Ethnicity/Nationality (including stereotypes & preferences)
- Religion

If you want to talk about Radfem/TERF/Gendercritical themes, do not make a new thread. Use the existing threads and keep discussion civil. You can read my thoughts on a radfem board here: >>>/meta/2962

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immaculate concept…

30 year old virgin thread Anonymous 45761[Reply]

Hi I'm a 30 year old virgin and I've never had a boyfriend or held hands or anything like that. I've been one like 2 dates because I forced myself to go on a date so I wouldn't be 30 and have never gone on a date. Covid ruined my plans of securing a man for the sake of securing a man, so here I am I actually turned 30 as pure as the driven snow.

Anyone else? Whats your story? Why are you a virgin? How do you tell people? Does it bother you? Do you plan on doing something about it? Lets gather and cry together sisters.
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Anonymous 45797

>even the prettiest, smartest, most clever woman will go unappreciated, and most frighteningly, end up mistreated, by the man that manages to capture her, no matter how much vetting is done
Never seen during my entire stay on the earth

Anonymous 45798

Anonymous 45803

How have you not seen this? It's not even remotely uncommon at all.

Anonymous 45844

So, what powers did you get?

Anonymous 45846

Turning 29 soon. I had plans of having my postgrad by 24, finding a boyfriend in uni and building a family by 28, but none of that happened.

I've been on plenty of dates, but they've all been awful. Either they're fetishists because of my height and build or they're dreadful stealth-misogynists. I'm not outgoing, fun, pretty, happy or romantic, so it's no surprise all my attempts to build a relationship have failed.

I would never tell anyone I'm a virgin. I lie to even my closest friends and family and it always hurts to do so. It kills me inside when my family excitedly asks if a male friend or colleague is my boyfriend, or if I'm going to start dating a guy I went out with. The disappointment in my mother is noticeable, though she tries to hide it and has started telling me I shouldn't worry about it and that I could find the love of my life decades from now.

I'm doing something about it right now. I met a guy who normally I wouldn't even go out once with, but being picky about my 'type' hasn't made me happy, so I'm branching out. He's tall, strong, hairy, very masculine, politically confused and has an exceedingly dark sense of humour, so exactly the antithesis of anyone I usually feel comfortable dating. His redeeming qualities? He treats me with genuine respect as an equal and peer, finds me attractive as a mother to his children, treats me with tenderness without condescension, has excellent genetics with a family full of strong, well rounded women in positions of familial power and is a published scientist. Honestly, I think he's the best I will do, and settling for someone I don't find shatteringly sexy isn't the worst thing in the world.


molestation by another female Anonymous 45785[Reply]

when i was 12 in seventh grade i was molested by an eighth grade girl. me and my bf are both virgins and want to lose our virginities to eachother one day and i have paranoia about it i’m a virgin or not because what happened. basically we both had moms with hypersexuality (her mom was a prostitute and mine was an escort) and we bonded over this, but one time when we were sleeping over it was late. i didn’t have a bed in my bedroom so we were on a trundle together and she was on omegle getting naked for men. she pressured me to take my clothes off and i started freezing because of previous experiences with my dad where he touched me intappropriately and thought he was in love with me (he is mentally ill) but i didn’t stop her as she undressed and i didn’t say no. i just froze and panicked internally and let it happen when she began to touch my body and undress me. it was like i couldn’t move and it was disgusting and she put hickeys on my naked body and photographed it and sent it to people from our school and touched my genitalia a lot. she put her hands inside me too and i cried when she went to sleep next to me that night. i didn’t even say yes or no so i feel like i silently consented to it but also, my mom being an escort had men over constantly. and i don’t remember this year at all, 99% of my memories are completely blacked out, but my family accuses my mom of having men over who she would let molest and touch me inappropriately. i can’t remember any of this so i don’t know if it’s true or not and i can’t say i have trauma for it, but these issues overlap with before during and after this girl touched me. i remember crying in a family members lap after she told me this because i was crying and screaming that i couldn’t remember and she was saying how i used to confide in her that men my mom had over would hurt me sexually. i don’t remember this, so it doesn’t distress me if it even did happen, but it’s distressing what i can’t remember. i was also psych warded that year after being shunned when the photos of me circulated and remember only 3-4 days of my inpatient thing when it was 16 days long.

i feel like i wasn’t really molested or assaulted or anything because she was another girl, and also i didn’t stop her. i just started crying and went frozen. it was really horrible and like my body was on auto pilot. i feel like a slut and like i am going to hell for sleeping with another girl even if i didn’t actually want to. i also feel like imPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 45831

It's not necessarily limited to women.
Imagine if you learned that a boy scouts leader had raped a 14 year old nephew of yours if he had never had a positive sexual experience in life, and compare that to a superficially similar rape occurring but the 14 year old nephew had already had a boyfriend and had his gay sexual experiences formed and defined by consent and positivity.
Both rapes would be horrible, but one would be slightly more horrible because it poisons the well of future homosexual activities for the boy.
Homosexual predators have a disproportionate tendency to target homosexual youth, the lad will be gay either way, and he will be raped either way, but one way is less of a formative experience damaging his interactions with both other gay men and his own homosexuality. The act that does more damage is a worse act, even if the actions that take place within it are the same actions.

Anonymous 45833

No, I wouldn't think one is slightly more horrible because people are not commodities. I do think you're horrible for writing out your weird incest child rape fantasy, though.

Anonymous 45835

anon im so sorry all of this has happened to you, you need to know that none of it was your fault. it sounds like you've been molested an exploited by the people around you and that is entirely on them. they're the dirty ones, you aren't. god knows this.

Anonymous 45843

I know how you feel, I was molested by my aunt on multiple occassions during a 2-week holiday where it was just me and her. She pretty much coerced me into letting her use her mouth on me, and eventually did it to me. This was years ago and she doesn't live in the country anymore, but the point I guess I'm trying to make is that it gets better. I recommend telling your bf though, keeping this from him will only end poorly.

Anonymous 45845

Not her, but youre a cretin if you dont see how a bad act that does more damage is worse than a bad act that does less damage. Get your head out of your asshole and fuck off with that autistic moral purity of yours, the world is not black and white.


Vent thread Anonymous 45059[Reply]

We hit bump on >>43518 so here we go again, talk about your problems and vent your frustrations
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Anonymous 45822


To make a long story short: I was jealous.

To make a short story sense:

Can we pleeeeaaaaAAAAASE get our heads out of the past already?? O-R A-M I G-O-N-N-A H-A-V-E T-O S-P-E-L-L I-T O-U-T A-G-A-I-N ?

Anonymous 45827

I feel a very similar way, anon. I just want to die. I can't get enjoyment from anything but my boyfriend. I feel like that'll bother him. No, it already has.

Anonymous 45836

Same. I wanted to be a storyboard artist but being a poorfag has led me to study something more practical. I hate what I'm studying so much that despite it being easy I procrastinate so much that my grades are average.

Some mutuals I have on my art account are attending art school or are just making money off their art and it does eat at me sometimes. I still love to draw and do it often, but it stings that I'll never have my dream life.
>I can't draw
Just do it and you'll eventually improve. It's like working out. Drawing and lifting weights is the same shit.

Anonymous 45840

I want to die whenever I'm away from my boyfriend. I hate BPD.

Anonymous 45842

i found some weird notepad entry that i do not recall writing. on my birthday too, 7am. really fucking weirded out and it doesnt even sound like i typed it. i think i had a serious episode that day. must be why i cant remember.


Qt Partner Thread Anonymous 37674[Reply]

Greentext traits and how lovely your partner is
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Anonymous 45411


>cute subby boys are closeted downlow faggots
Get gassed troon.

Anonymous 45802

This >>44126 dumbass is wrong on so many levels. You need to know someone first to know that. Unless of course said person fashion sense like literally wearing pride flag merchandise is explicitly telling of the sexuality they got or you can sometimes tell by the voice they got but not always.

Anonymous 45818


Not that anon, but the sissification element and the role reversal in my experience I've met a lot of femboys and guys who weren't 100% hetero into it. Those aren't bad things whatsoever, but to make it out as most of the dudes into it are the typical hetero guy is far from the truth.

Anonymous 45819


If he is a bit bisexual just build up you own haremn. Who is "losing" here again??

Anonymous 45841


Not too interested in anything poly though. I guess if I could ensure they were only sleeping and in love with me I might, but I don't think that's a guarantee. But very based anon.


Anonymous 45796[Reply]

Warning: this is a thread of the vent category.

Today I woke up from a really strange and disturbing dream. I was in a room with a gamer from twitch/youtube that I watch sometimes. In the dream there were also a bunch of other unidentified people. She was sitting on a couch playing a game called Mother 3 on GBA and I was was sitting next to her watching her play. I was being pretty touchy for some reason and doing stuff like putting my head on her shoulder while watching. Eventually, for some reason unexplained in the dream, she starts using my laptop as a monitor to play the game (but somehow keeps using the GBA as a controller, despite it not being connected to the laptop). Some time after this happens, I start groping her boobs through her shirt. Soon after she turns her head around and we start making out. Nobody in the room seems to be paying attention.

While this was happening, I woke up, confused, and now I can't stop thinking about it.

Anonymous 45816

It's just your brain being weird. Everyone has these dreams. I read about someone having a Trump sex dream recently.

Anonymous 45817

I hate tranny lolcow mods who lock every man hating thread

Anonymous 45830


I hate men

Anonymous 45839

Let me guess, they also hated trump?


Drugs Anonymous 45565[Reply]

4 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 45794

should i do coke this weekend friends

Anonymous 45795

The extreme energy rush effect only lasts for 15 minutes & the price is high luckly it doesnt make you ugly like meth, never do meth ew thats for ghetto trash, as long as you don't mess up your nose with it you should be fine. Just don't pay for it I guess, never buy your own so you never end up building up an addiction.

Anonymous 45799

>taking substances some random has made in a dirty unchecked lab
Do you guys eat food you find on the streets or take candy from strangers too?

Anonymous 45806

chalcedony mushroo…

I ate shrooms last week. It was a nightmare. My stomach was wrecked and so was the trip. Lemon tek only from now on.

Anonymous 45838

I've done shrooms a handful of times and while sometimes I do bliss out for a bit the STOMACH PAIN is fucking unreal. One time I was rocking back and forth in agony wishing it would end and another time my whole body started to flash sweat my gut hurt so bad. The smell/taste of that shit gives me flashbacks now and I just cant do it.


Anonymous 44811[Reply]

my kitten died yesterday. we found him under the couch and my boyfriend pulled him out. he went there to die within 30 minutes and i feel like i failed him. he was said to be 9 weeks but we suspect he was given to us too young. we treated him for worms and fleas and had a vet appointment in two weeks. as soon as i came inside within that time period to feed him dinner and give him another dose of medicine, he was gone. i feel guilty for not being hysterical. i just feel numb. my boyfriend asks “are you not sad?” because i haven’t been crying as much as him. and i am really sad, i miss my baby boy. he was so young. but i’ve only cried on and off randomly, not so often like him. is something wrong with me? it doesnt feel real but hes dead in the other room and we have to bury him later. hes dead hes actually dead but i dont believe it i feel like hes going to come out soon but i cant cry i feel so bad
12 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 45161

hmm….ur logic is silly….i cannot find the correlation between the loss of a pet and a bullied child. that child would still be alive and bullying builds character anyway… our kitten is gone forever. im very much okay with him being sad over the loss, id feel odd if he shrugged it off lol

Anonymous 45162

anon said that these are both equally shallow things to cry over

Anonymous 45190

I'm sorry about your kitten. I think you're like this because you are shocked, and it's natural. Your boyfriend on the other hand…

Anonymous 45415


>god forbid a dirty moid dare cry over a kitten dying in one of the most tragic ways, when it seemed like it could be saved
You're just awful.

Anonymous 45837

my cat once hanged herself somehow. i could ear her asking for help but it took my mom sometime latter to find her while i slept. she was still warm, i think to this day how painfull it must have been and how desperate she was knowing i was there but did nothing


Anonymous 39624[Reply]

What's it like being an attractive girl? I feel life would be completely different for me if i was at least a 4/10
112 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 44628

>A lot of girls see people in relationships, and consciously try to homewreck/steal a person away just for validation reasons

This is surprising to me, but maybe I've just never interacted with such people. I do know one girl who accidentally helped a guy cheat on his gf, she didn't know at the time otherwise she wouldn't have had sex with him.

>They cheat on me before I can even get to that point, sometimes, I think that's why they cheat, because I don't "put out" fast enough

I respect this and I respect you. Sorry for the baseless accusation.

Anonymous 45332

People don't care about ugly people period, but you're still correct.

Anonymous 45772

I had a really gorgeous friend growing up, she was on the introverted side and had one bad experience after another because of that combination.

Completely fucked her up and people of any gender have no sympathy. She is beautiful, yes, but I don't like the idea that being a bombshell would utterly change one's life for the better. It's whatever you make of it. Some people would thrive in being beautiful and others will be nothing but hurt for it. And others, well their lives don't noticeably change.

Anonymous 45805

Stop reading stupid bullshit and ask yourself that question instead.

Why the hell would I find a person in a relationship more attractive. If this was the case kpop boys would be freely in relationships with kpop girls but they get told not to, its forbidden by their contractors because that experiment has already been done once those idols enter relationships they lose popularity quickly. For either shipping otp reasons or because the fans have a crush on them they want to keep going on.

I hope you are not a FUCKING moid.


Of course not that argument is stupid. Period. Nobody does.

Anonymous 45809

Can you disprove each argument in the article, though? Just because it might apply to the average woman, doesn't mean it applies to everyone.
I also don't find taken men more attractive. In fact, it feels wrong and immoral to me to even find another woman's husband or boyfriend nice or handsome.


Anonymous 40322[Reply]

>be redhead
>want kids
>if it's a girl, she'll be fetishized by fucking weirdo creeps her whole life and just seen as a sex object
>if its a boy, he'll be tortured and bullied and most likely be a hideous abomination and almost certainly turn into an incel when he grows up
35 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 45188

it's a term for male derived from 4chan's femoid.

Anonymous 45191

It sounds like phimosis to me.

Anonymous 45202

And well, most moids have phimosis.

Anonymous 45810

I'm a blonde with a blackhaired husband. Boom. Redheaded baby.
He's adorable though, and very tall for his age. I'm not worried.

Anonymous 45820


>What is a moid?
A miserable pile of misogyny.

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