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Can moids just stay the fuck away? Anonymous 112534[Reply]

Currently raiding these misogynist scrotes' imageboard.

Pathetic assholes on kohlchan.net/int are being creeps. We need more ladies to participate in the raid if we're going to get them to fuck off.

They're constantly posting and raiding.

Anonymous 112535

We like you and want you to come raid. The more you come, the more we'll cum.

Anonymous 112536

rule 8

Anonymous 112541

If the mods dont do anything what are we supposed to do


Femcel rant Anonymous 112049[Reply]

I don't feel any solidarity or sisterhood with beautiful women. There I said it. Maybe I'm bitter and jealous but I think there's pretty women and then there's rest of us. Pretty women can't and will not ever be part of experience of average and below average women. Whenever a pretty woman makes post about her woes, I can't relate to it. I can't relate to their problems and their life. They seem aliens to me and somehow we are forced to feel solidarity and sisterly feelings towards them just because we are of the same gender. It doesn't make any sense to me. To me it feels like how an average person is told "look billionaires and millionaires have problems too"
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Anonymous 112530

She would not be so ugly if she lost weight.

Anonymous 112531

I've been thinking about this woman's phenotype and bone structure for the last 2 days and I have to agree.

Anonymous 112533

>so women turn down the majority of them
Those are swipe rates. You have to swipe yes on someone before you even get a chance to talk to them. So women are rejecting 95% of men before the men on looks alone.

Anonymous 112539

>looks alone
You can see some of profile before swipe. Also 90% of moids are super degenerate and trashy looking

Anonymous 112540

Men who are old/ugly/fat/weird always think they have a chance with attractive young women. So they message these women thinking they have a chance and get shot down.


pros/cons of your bf Anonymous 105405[Reply]

can we please start a pros/cons list of the bf you are dating.

i am sick of seeing bf brag threads, we need a counterbalance with the crappy things your bf does on top of the good things. can be as little as pet peeves!
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Anonymous 112188

A lot of your response does not make sense to me.
1. He's not a rapist.
If you're going to be this outlandish, why not not just go ahead and call every man who has ever had sex a violent rapist abuser? After all, there are a lot of violent men and you don't know what they do behind closed doors, so they could be. Do you agree that this would be an insane leap to take?
This lingo-babble of paid sex = coercion = drunk sex = rape is just as illogical. These are all different situations. Applying common labels to them as if they are the same thing does not make them so. You are intentionally obfuscating the situation. I will call it what it is: paid sex/prostitution. I will not judge it by any other measure than that explicit act. Whinging about how he totally could have acted out violent fantasies on her doesn't make it true. He's not a rapist and I'm not going to entertain that line of thought further.
>especially a loser virgin
Men being virgins is literally ideal. I would have much preferred if he were still a virgin. Anyways, "loser" surrounding sexuality is such a normie concept. I would have disliked him a lot more if he had prior girlfriends than if he had just paid for sex. The real issue is that he was an idiot and didn't use a condom.
Regarding porn, that is a societal issue. Pretty every male with internet access has watched and been affected by porn. That is simply the world we live in. He at least doesn't watch it anymore and I'm content with that.
There are degrees to everything and I simply don't agree that the mistakes he's made make him equivalent to a no-empathy rapist. He's considerate in a lot of other ways, and yeah obviously he should be the most considerate to me as I'm his girlfriend.
I am a responsible person toward the things under my care. I'm not responsible for the plight of every downtrodden woman on Earth, that's simply unreasonable. Anyways, it's better for him to be in a good relationship with me than to go be retarded and fuck more escorts.

Anonymous 112190

men who pay for sex know that the woman would not consent if they were not a financial incentives are rapists just because your bf is a pornsick retard does not absolve him of that
how do you know he didnt act out the acts he saw in porn? did you specifically ask him how he fucked her and are you aware of what porn he likes?
hes not a loser because he was a virgin, hes a loser because he had coercive sex with a woman or "paid sex" as you prefer to think of it
>i would have disliked him a lot more if he had prior girlfriends
you would have disliked him more if he lost his v card consensually with a woman he actually cared about and didn't have "paid sex" with? i understand you're insecure but that is literally very retarded
>obviously he should be the most considerate to me as im his girlfriend
he hid his surname from you because he was worried you'd be public with his sti results
>im not responsible for the plight of every downtrodden woman on earth
never said you were, interesting you flop from saying that it's unlikely that the prostituted woman was doing it involuntarily to then referring to her as downtrodden…
>anyways, its better for him to be in a good relationship with me than be retarded and fuck more escorts
if you want to be rehabilitation centre for this loser by all means, doesn't sound like a happy relationship regardless but you seem willing to subject yourself to that, nice to know your "relationship" is the only thing stopping him from running off to do more "paid sex"

Anonymous 112205

You are speaking as if prostitutes have no will of their own. I don't buy the "all prostitutes are helpless victims and all men who have sex with them are rapists" narrative. Prostitution is bad on its own, but rape is much worse and these acts are not comparable.
>how do you know he didnt act out the acts he saw in porn? did you specifically ask him how he fucked her and are you aware of what porn he likes?
I don't know and I honestly don't want to know more details about it than I do, as I am a jealous person, but this is the account he gave me of what happened: he said he was struggling with porn use and erectile dysfunction, and that he felt like a loser because he was in his 20s already and had no experience with girls. He didn't have any interaction with them after secondary school due to studying a male-dominated course and he wanted to experience sex. He said that he didn't think he would succeed at online dating and that there were no girls around him, so he felt escorts were his only option and he had the money. He said he went to her once, couldn't get hard and left. He arranged to meet her a second time, started to have sex, realized he was stupid for not wearing a condom and put one on partway through. He said it was unfulfilling and meaningless and he felt horribly ashamed and disgusted with himself afterwards and decided he would never do it again. The biggest issue with escorts versus natural girlfriends, is the STD risk, but you get that with other past experience at lower rates too. I now have confirmation that he is clean though, so I'm satisfied with that, as I know he's not the type of person to cheat on me.
I didn't ask specifics on sexual acts and frankly I don't care that much. It matters much more to me how he will be with me. I've given him the talk already on the dangers of anorectal violence, and he has agreed that we should not do anal. That's the main thing that I would have taken issue with because of all the health issues it causes. I don't find blowjobs degrading like some people do and I actually have a positive view of sex. I told him that we can basically have sex whenever he wants except when I am post-partum for minimum 6 weeks but most likely longer, and he is fine with refraining as well. I already know he doesn't have an issue with that though, as we are currently in an ldr.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 112209

i just think you're really asking the wrong questions here, also the idea of him "forgetting" to put on a condom is probably a lie since usually with johns they're given the option to pay more if they want to have unprotected sex
if this brothel was professional and as legal as you claim he would have paid extra to not use a condom, he is either lying to you or he chose to hide the fact he was unprotected to this woman, therefore putting her at more risk
also the mentality of going "wow i sure know nothing about the opposite sex and have no opportunities to interact with them due to being in a male dominated field but im too munted and retarded to chat to women who might have a genuine connection with me so i guess ill pay to have sex with a woman who likely has no choice otherwise and then pay extra to not use a condom" is either retarded or a lie, surely he has friends who are friends with women or a society to join if he's in uni? why resort to the most extreme option? do women just notice the pornrot he exudes and avoid him?
if he had a connection with another woman and lost his virginity consensually thats a million times better than paying a woman who probably hated every minute he spent with her, johns are all scum and it implies hes only with you due to lack of options
>If he has more barriers, I will continue to break them and that is my right as his girlfriend
girl, men will hate you for doing that, not that this cumbrain is worth it but barriers should be brought down naturally in a relationship
>her life is noy my responsibility
nope but as dating a moid who paid for sex you should be aware of this, did he not think about how this woman would feel being subjected to this? about how he put HER at rick by not using a condom especially if she didn't know about it, he definitely paid extra to not use a condom or lied about it to her. if the women around him didn't want to fuck him why would she
>its not the only thing preventing him from paying for sex
he didn't take an sti test until recently, there are so many undetectable stis as well
>i'm not perfect either
true but there's being imperfect and then there's "paid sex"

Anonymous 112538

>Walking Wikipedia, knows quite a bit about..everything, always open to learning new things
>Speaks 6 languages
>Comes from a good well established family, descends from French nobility if I'm not mistaken
>Takes very good care of himself physically, skincare and all
>Dresses really well
>Most emotionally stable person I know, nothing really bothers him too much
>Godsent genetics
>Knows how to play the Piano
>Most delicate someone's ever been with my feelings, preferences and desires
>Well endowed in his lower parts, lets say
>Very polite, but never lets anyone takes advantage of him
>Was a virgin when I met him
>I love his family and they apparently like me too
>Great cook
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


moid hate thread Anonymous 85163[Reply]

doesn’t have to be about your boyfriend. I just hate fucking men at this point.

>everyone of them has failed me

>any moid I’ve dated either had a rape kink, or raped me
>porn/hentai addiction
>used me for my body
>always had an alternative motive
>manipulated me into insanity
>abused me if I didn’t do anything they wanted
>even my own dad has failed me

I have no fucking hope in this world.
413 posts and 53 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 111511

i'm gonna be real: instead of screaming at the crusty scrote to delete the creepshots (deleted photos can be recovered) you should've just snatched his phone and threw it to the ground (costs money to fix but you'd have to get away with it)

Anonymous 111552

learn the difference between exclusive or and regular or

Anonymous 112520

I am talking to this moid and I think for some reason he got the impression that I'm a high maintained girl or something because he freaked out when I picked the food court mall for our meet up. I'm not expecting him to pay for me but I think he wants to be a gentlemoid and pay for the food but scared that I might get something overpriced that he couldn't afford. honestly I just want to eat and talk about stuff to him. well that seems too much to ask for.

Anonymous 112532

How broke is he that a mall food court gives him a panic attack?

Anonymous 112537

I assume extremely broke


/vent/ Anonymous 109995[Reply]

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Anonymous 112518

I'm starting to realize that it's really over and honestly it's making me so sad I'm sobbing uncontrollably
Maybe that's just premenstrual syndrome

Anonymous 112524

Today while walking home from uni I saw a little stray cat, very skinny and dirty and starved. All cats are beautiful so I stopped to inspect her. She was very friendly, immediately approaching me as well, meowing softly and even leaning against my feet like cats do.
I saw something hanging off the side of her jaw, like a chunk of something. I couldn't make it out at first, it was stuck by a thread of fur and grime to the side of her face and I was tempted to pull it off of her if that weren't unsanitary, I mean, I don't know what that is, right!? At first I assumed dried mud or maybe a piece of food that was still left on her face but no. Her mouth was dripping with something like pus.
I was so curious so I bent down to see it up close and my fucking god I wish I never did.
She had a chunk of her jaw hanging out of her face. Her fucking face was broken, her jaw bone hanging by her flesh to the side of her face. Worst of all, she was still purring, still leaning against my head as I petted between her ears. I held it together for a minute and walked away, called my mom and cried on the phone for a good minute before revising the scene and going to a nearby store. I bought her two tiny pieces of cheese and when I came back to where I found her, she wasn't there. I still left the cheese out for her.
Oh my god I can't get over the sight of it. Poor baby must be in so much fucking pain but she was so friendly, she was fucking purring it breaks my heart I feel sick I wish I never stopped to look I wish I never looked up from my phone while walking I feel so sick

Anonymous 112526

I think I need to break up with my bf but I will miss him so much. I can talk about almost anything with him and he makes me laugh but he is just too autistic and volatile for me to handle. I can't put up with how serious he is all the time. I want to be with someone who smiles at me when he sees me and who doesn't get mad at me over the slightest things. If we break up I will be inconsolable but as it is I am stressed out of my mind. My friends and my parents have suggested to me that I break up with him. He's insane but I'll miss him so much. And I'm going to his half brothers wedding in three weeks… I have no idea what to do.

Anonymous 112527

Thank you for trying to help her regardless anon. You're a good samaratin

Anonymous 112528

>lost almost all friendships
>lonely as fuck
>meet with old friend for the first time in years
>realize we're struggling with similar issues even though she's better off than me
>get her number
>have no idea what to text her first
>start fretting
>hahahahaa will she hate me and abandon me can we stay friends I had so much fun with her pls tell me this will last


advice on getting past grief? Anonymous 112468[Reply]

about 3 years ago my dad passed away and ive been on a downward spiral ever since.

i feel pathetic knowing im so deeply affected years later, and seeing everyone move on with their lives. no one seems to be as bothered as i am, even my mother has a new boyfriend whom she spends more time with than my siblings n i.
i didnt grow up with many friends, neither do i have many now, but my dad was always there for me to keep me company & i was really close with him.
him passing away completely threw me for a loop and made me feel completely lost in life :( i have no idea wtaf im doing
i projected most of my grief & attachment onto my ex & after breakup from our toxic relationship, i have no motivation to live & i left school to become a shut in NEET—even avoiding close friends irl
im unhappy with myself and i feel pathetic, i want to be unbothered like everyone else. my mom tells me i’ve had my time to be upset & my ex said that im worthless if i dont allow myself to get over my fathers death soon

how do i cope nonas? how do i get my life back onto track? :c please give me any small or big advice any of u have
5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 112496


Try to focus on all the good memories you have on him and realize that doing so is a form of keeping his memory alive. Use this to summon the strength to be the kind of person he raised you to be, the kind of person you know you're capable of being. Honor his memory by loving yourself the way he loved you. Think of how he would feel seeing you destroy yourself, and know that he would want you to reach out to your close friends, work hard and make something of yourself. You are made up of half of your father, give yourself at least half of the love you still have for him. You are his legacy, act like it. Remember that not everyone has the luxury of having had a father worth grieving over.

Anonymous 112508

im not the poster but heres my story, i lost my job i had for a long time (i was proud of my job) and my roommates were absolutely horrible like worst of the worst, i then had to move back with relatives, my gf broke up with me and i really didnt want to do anything at all i was super duper depressed ontop of normal super duper depression, i thought the same thing at one point then it happened to me.

it sounds kinda gay im not trying to vent im trying to explain the situation that created the fatalistic seditary mindset.

as for the poster, your friends and family love you, relationships are a 2 way street, make sure they know you want space and dont keep them on the back burner, even if its cringe you have to explain it maybe they have some insight.

you are the prisoner and the jailor, as for loneliness i will branch out of topic and say that personally ive found the best way to deal with it is to accept the reality that lots of people die alone, in the cemetary there are "single" plots places where people die and they do not have a significant other, it is not sad it is not unhealthy, it is reality, you will probably die alone, will you be with someone for a while? maybe; what you can do is look, that might change things for a while, and while your looking might as well try and not be shitty, boring, or horrid as a person not for someone else but yourself because youre the one thats going into the ground eventually, and youre going to have to live with yourself up until that point.

let the dead bury the dead

Anonymous 112510

You never get over the lost of a loved one. You just learn to live with it.

Anonymous 112511

That's not true. Time makes memories fuzzy, softens emotions until eventually you're fine again.

Anonymous 112525

I'm in the same position after losing my husband and unborn children. Really really really hope I die very soon. I have no advice, it's fucking awful.


Can not take this anymore i need a bf Anonymous 111539[Reply]

i know this is isnt a unique post but i cant take this anymore. 24 and a man has never looked at me like he loves me. I hate being a weirdo autist in an eastern european conformist country. Last year i was so desperate that i was hanging out with a guy and got assaulted. Please dont say hobby meetups cause there arent any in my town. Please do not bully me for this i understand this is stupid to alot of yall

Where do i find online a serious guy willing to long distance ?
5 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 111569

Discord dating servers
Just make sure that any man you date can afford a plane ticket and lodging to your city. Best moids for this are those who autists that live with mummy

Anonymous 111572

t. racist moid

I concede one technicality, if he is a social pariah there is less competition. However.. if he is racist because he is terminally online, as opposed to being a genuine southern boy raised different, then it is a red flag, and in the latter case you will want to fix him. So you are incorrect.

Anonymous 111579

OP needs bf and that’ll give her bf. I see no problem with the logic of going for someone who’s otherwise undesirable. Should OP date a loser? No. But will they date OP? Yeah probably.

Frankly any partner attained due to desperation isn’t gonna be that great but only experience will teach her that.

Anonymous 111583

>But will they date OP?
Doubt it. A terminally online racist is likely an incel and they are in fact very judgmental, they expect women to look like their favorite porno stars and celebrities and get very horny and angry when they approach women above their league and get rejected. They're a mess.

Anonymous 112523

no you DONT need a bf bfs are trash


Worst thing to ever happen to you? Anonymous 111815[Reply]

You'll never beat mine.
37 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 112120

thats terrible im so sorry anona

Anonymous 112149

Thank you for your condolences.

Anonymous 112332

Eastern Europe?

Anonymous 112337

got raped/molested three times on three different occasions with three different people before i was even a teenager, repressed the fuck out of it
i'm all good now though, i have a nice life and surround myself with nice people. very grateful every day

Anonymous 112521

unfortunately not that interesting
stuff like lizards and rare breeds of dog.


Father/daughter relationship Anonymous 112453[Reply]

I hate to give into that whole "daddy issues -> worthless woman with issues" pipeline conspiracy theory (because it's a way for pathetic men to feel a sense of worth for just being born male as if the feat of being a sperm donor is that great) but I can't help but find myself overthinking father/daughter relationships, especially lately.
For myself, I have a good and I'd say healthy relationship with my father. Recently (like 4 years) though, it's gone from just him being a financial provider to more and more of a father figure since I started living away from home for uni. I figured it's him just missing me back at home, but the more I think about it, and the more I apply my experiences and observations to other women around me, the more I've started to form a theory. Could be entirely wrong though.
Basically, the premise is: I feel like every man has a bit of misogyny in him. And most men derive more misogyny from engaging in sexual acts. To them, being penetrated sexually is degrading and shameful and gross, hence why it was historically used as a punishment in ancient times, or why so many heterosexual men despise gay men. And, well, that applies to women too. Even their wives. And men grow jaded with time, developing this idea that women are dirty, sexual objects..that all of them are like that, their coworkers, bosses, wives, friends, etc… even those that act entirely non sexually/professionally in work environments. And men despise that facade of purity.
but there's one exception; their daughters. I mean, they've raised them, or watched them grow since they were at the epitome of purity and innocence… they can't possibly visualize that their daughters are like these other women.
So, it can be hard for a father to let go of this innocent image of his daughter as his babygirl… Just… Y'know. Food for thought.
My father treats me very nice, but almost in an infantilizing way. Almost more than he did when I was a child. He makes comments about me being too skinny/tiny and needing to eat more, makes me sandwiches and buys me snacks almost every evening, explicitly calls me "his little girl" and such terms of endearment. And that's not the case for my sister who's had boyfriends over, who's visibly been in relationships before. My status of a femcel makes my father subconsciously love me more than her.
And not just me, many, many other women I've seen in real life go through a similar thing.
ObvioPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 112497

If we take the Freudian remark seriously, "Daddy issues" just means that you want to be like the girls who satisfied your father because they got his attention, not that you want to bone daddio. If you don't know your father, then either you'll imitate your mother or you'll be like the girls who get paternal affection from men, but because those other men aren't your father then that "paternal affection" often comes with sex, which means it's not actually paternal affection because obviously paternal affection should be non-sexual (hence the stigma around 'daddy issues'-types being 'broken'; they want what they can't get, because what they want doesn't exist and even if it did exist, by getting it they would no longer want it. This is most people, it's just easier to identify in archetypes).

And here we see the root cause. People can't want or desire something just because they want or desire it. It has to have some other motive - men being attracted to women cannot just be because they desire women, it has to be a secret ploy to subtract our power. The same is true for us; we can't simply want to be with a man. There needs to be an explanation/excuse for our sexual conduct outside of "because I wanted to," for example, "I just wanted to use him (for his money, or for his status, or for his power)," or "I had sex but it was because I wanted children," or even the highly controversial "I was drunk so I didn't know what I was doing (i.e. I deflect all responsibility, he should have known better, nevermind if we were both drunk [NB: I'm not a MRA but we have to accept our own hypocrisies if we want to grow])." I have never heard: "Yeah, we had sex, but it was only because I wanted to." This is a sin, and it's equally a sin for men, so we instead construct narratives about why we do/don't want the thing, because the alternative is to think that sometimes we just want things and there's no explanation, there's no free-will controlling it. We are told how to want, and we are therefore unhappy.

Fathers instinctively know that young men don't want to "posses" or "strip the rights" of their daughters, but they do know that the young men have carnal desire - fathers were once those young men. On one hand this is hypocritical, and on tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 112499

objectification is not inherently wrong. its only wrong when exercised in a way that limits peoples actual freedoms (namely political) and happiness. like, have you never consumed media in which the woman is "objectified" in some way, albeit, in a way that's much more romantic and complex than what the average pornsick/regressive male thinks about objectification? something i've come to terms with is, to some degree, most women enjoy playing the "role" of femininity, just not in a way that hurts other women or takes away their freedom.

Anonymous 112502

>I get what you are saying 100% because the virgin and mother are the only women that deserve respect in mens eyes. As soon as you are sexualised you lose all human rights.
That's in line with traditional Freudian theory. There is an idea that it is crucial to male development to develop a superstition that his mother is a virgin and that this superstition / willful selfdeception is maintained violently. So 'fixing' this delusion damages the development of the male character often to the point of psychosis or perverse disorder and a society can pick either a delusional but socially functional male or a sexually realistic but defective/violent one. The Lacanians criticized this aspect of conventional Freudians by arguing that the "perverse" development of internalizing the sexuality of the mother is just as capable of being socially functional as the "neurotic" type who denies it and only the "psychotic" type that cannot reconcile perceived realities is genuinely dysfunctional.

I have to say I think the Lacanians have a point. "The virgin and the mother" - if we were to take "virgin" and "mother" and set them as tags on a hentai/booru site I think we would soon discover that these are extremely sexually charged terms, possibly moreso than many others. This sexual charge might be conventionally "perverse" in the Freudian sense and in the sense of a society whose judgements are largely formed from a neurotic male type perspective, but, that's not really an argument that it is socially dysfunctional. Since the virgin and the mother are both sexualized terms, if both deserve respect in men's eyes including the eyes of the Lacanian pervert, then being sexualized does not revoke respect or all human rights. But maybe the Lacanian pervert does not really exist and only the dysfunctional Freudian pervert is real, and all who sexualize the virgin and the mother break out of social functionality and emotional and sexual regulation and live along the edges of criminality and psychiatry. I don't really know. But if the Lacanian pervert is not real then it is pretty surprising how frequently socially functional men are able to shock and scandalize others with a closeted perverse side that they are able to keep hidden.

Anonymous 112507

Any recs on where to start with lacan? I've seen people say he's complicated but idk

Anonymous 112519

Zizek's "A Pervert's Guide to Ideology," which is lacanian but anchors itself to culture in a very approachable way.

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