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tfw no bf #4 Anonymous 18677[Reply]

Old thread ran out of posts:
If you specifically desire a shy bf, this thread also exists now:
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Anonymous 21895


They’re both amazing, the best feelings I’ve ever experienced. There’s something special about feeling the bodily warmth of the other person pressing against you, feeling their heartbeat. When you’re cuddling with someone you love it really feels like time is frozen. Not being nervous to be intimate with someone and being able to confide anything to them with complete trust is really comforting. Maybe I’m being melodramatic but love is just a wonderful feeling. You will find it anons.

Anonymous 21900


>tfw begin coping with tfw no bf when tfw no gf hits
Bisexuality is no joke. 0/10 would not recommend unless you're hot and socially proficient.

Anonymous 21902

red pandas fightin…

>tfw bi but >tfw no gf or >tfw no bf rarely bother me
It's an interesting feel. Pretty nice most of the time.

Anonymous 21912


>tfw shy qt anime bf of my dreams is out there and probably lives within walking distance of me but is too shy to ask me out
I know this is an unhealthy mindset but I feel like such a hoe whenever I make any move towards a boy and all the boys who talk to me are awful

Anonymous 21914

You could always try looking for them. You won't know they aren't there until you're sure of it.


New vent thread 21617[Reply]

Old thread >>>/feels/18315 is at cap.

Gather here, O heartbroken, angry, or happy ones.
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Anonymous 21905

Is there a way to see when a thread is at the post limit besides attempting to post? I had the last thread open for 10 days after it filled up because I just figured the lack of posts was due to slow traffic.

Anonymous 21906

>I really dont care about getting a degree
I don't know about the university situations of other countries, but if you're in America, my advice to you is to leave, in that case.
College is difficult, and if you don't have a fire in your heart you'll likely not be able to complete enough work to get the degree, which means you won't have any help in getting a job to pay off the large amount of debt you will have accumulated.
Friends are nice and all, but not $10k/year nice. College isn't worth it if you don't want the degree.

Anonymous 21908

trying to do small programming projects, refine my art skills, do well in my classes and balance my part time job
I don’t know how normies can manage doing all the things and not feel overwhelmed, I don’t want to give up my small programming projects since I need it for my resume and art keeps me sane :/

Anonymous 21911

what kinds of projects sis

Anonymous 21913

She is the standard amount of materialistic. Some people are fine without gifts and/or being excessively thrifty, but it's not usual and it sounds like her and her bf are at the very least incompatible.

That said, I think you should try talking to him and explaining how you feel, if you haven't done so already. Hanlon's razor and all that. He may be willing to change if he realizes you want him to.

animu apu.jpg

Anonymous 21904[Reply]

I finally finally broke free of the femcel curse and had my first kiss - But would it be unfair to expect anything from it?

We were at a get together, two of my friends and the house owner - We all got drunk. He kept picking me up and I kept looking over at him, and It ended with me laying beside the house owner/cuddling up to him, I had my hand on his hand then around his shoulder and on his arm, I had my leg on his and he was kind of stroking my leg with his hand, and when I had to go he picked me up and I leaned in for a kiss and yeah we kissed. Was this just some sort of casual drunk thing or do you think I should pursue him? I'm so fucking glad I broke out of the kissless part of the kissless virgin thing but aaahhh.I hope I don't end up attached

Anonymous 21907


Anonymous 21909

thank you! that was the happiest moment of my life. though its hard to potentially accept that a kiss in a basement while you're both drunk may not lead to anything

Anonymous 21910

very ultragood


Anonymous 21838[Reply]

Do you get anxious about making accounts/usernames? I always spend a lot of time thinking about my username, how I like it, how it sounds, how it looks, and what other people will think about it. And half the time I end up not liking it lol.

I've been putting off joining a forum for a fandom I like because I'm so stuck up on what I want to go by.

I feel like this isn't normal.

How do go about creating an identity? Or do you not put much thought into it?
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Anonymous 21855

>Do you get anxious about making accounts/usernames?
I used to but not anymore, especially if the website allows username changes. I hate being easily found on Google so I just give myself generic fandom-related names or pick a pretty word in my language and use that.

>if I had an account and made a post/comment I regretted it would feel “contaminated” and I’d delete the account and make a new one
Are you me, anon? When I was a teenager, I remade my accounts and gave myself new online nicknames every year, sometimes every few months, because each one felt "contaminated" after a while. Even if I made some nice online acquaintances, I still gave up on each account and overhauled my online presence regularly.

Anonymous 21859


i go with things that sound nice, or are vaguely related to the site i'm joining. e.g. egowisp, moonslip, shit like that.

only ever get anxious over the names being connectible somehow – i take my privacy very seriously.

Anonymous 21864

Don't you get inspired at random times?

Instead of a notepad, I just write down whatever I think of on my phone's notes app.

Anonymous 21865

I go through my list of music and find a song name that sounds half okay for an easy mode way. My main concerns are staying anonymous, I don't want any trace of my username back to some real life username that I use.

Anonymous 21879


I've turned to song lyrics a few times.

I totally agree with you on keeping fandom/interest accounts separate from I'll accounts. I'm in awe/envious of people who don't see the need to.


Anonymous 20275[Reply]

Hi /feels/!
I need your help. I have a problem with a guy in my class. Despite his looks (Bookish nerd, relatively short, thin, eyes with dark circles and somewhat long hair) he keeps stepping outside the social ladder and being a smug jackass who makes fun of me and calls me stupid. And while I'm not the most popular of the bunch, I just can't stand a worm like that stepping out of his social strata and punching this far upwards.
When I confronted him about why he does this he just said she finds me funny, laughed, then excused himself and went to whatever place he usually lounges at.

So /feels/, how can I take revenge on the little faggot? Telling the teachers is out of the question because he's a teacher's pet too.(YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US)
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Anonymous 21869

Nothing. Please just be yourself. No act, no trick. Enjoy yourself. You've been waiting for this.

Anonymous 21871

why are you chasing the guy? imo he should be chasing you if you want things to work out in the long run. men are dumb and generally want to feel like they're in charge.

Anonymous 21872

Taking it slow is A-OK but expecting marriage to come before sex is just one of the things I love about our weird stock characters here on the ruby.restaurant.

Anonymous 21883

Don’t listen to this >>21852 prude, OP! Suck his dick on the first opportunity you two are in private! That’s sure to shock him and make him attached. Get in his pants as fast as you can! It’s really liberating!

Anonymous Admin 21888

OP finally slipped up, started samefagging in their own thread, and posting fetish bait elsewhere on the board, which eradicates all remaining doubt that this is bait/larp. I'll remove it in a short while, just wanted to let everyone know what happened.


Happy Feels/Vent Anonymous 345[Reply]

Share the good things that have happened to you recently!

I randomly got a call for a job that I didn't apply for, but the job offer is my passion (cake decorating)! I went to the interview yesterday, and was hired immediately. The chef is a cool druggy gamer guy as are the other dudes in the kitchen, so now I'm gonna make a bunch of awesome cool nerdy friends! He really liked the cake I brought him and the work I did. The pay is more than I was expecting.
The only thing that makes me nervous is that he also wants me to work the line, which I've never done, but the place is classy so we're putting out beautiful food that I'm really proud of and even messing with molecular gastronomy, which I've wanted to get into for a very long time! I'm so excited to do my best.
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Anonymous 21867

Make it your year, anon. Don't wait for it.

Anonymous 21870

I am making it my year. I've changed my prospective on a lot of things. I'm making sure it'll be my year!

Anonymous 21878


According traditional superstition the matching years for the Chinese zodiac are said to be worse in terms of good fortune.

But you got this anon, make it your year, signs or not!

Anonymous 21881

NTA but this is a lovely pic and it has brightened my day even more and given me happy feels

Anonymous 21886

giphy (1).gif



Anonymous 21884[Reply]

I am posting here a bit for advice, but mainly to vent. I really don't have anyplace else to just dump out what I am going through. My sisters would just get sucked in and the only friend I know wouldn't gossip told me I am living in a telenovela and said she has no ideas.
I come from a big, complicated family. My family has lived in the same mostly-rural area since before the Civil War and my great-grandfather had 9 children from his 3 wives and all his kids had a lot of kids, so - lots of half-siblings and 2nd cousins twice removed, etc. We are fairly close, overall, especially since the family still all lives within about 150 miles of each other.
Last Spring I got a job at a local office for a big company. I'm still in university, but the money is ok and they let me work around my school schedule, so I am very grateful. in Autumn a consultant was brought in for the IT department. I remember at first the office was making fun of him before he even got there,
"The IT consultant is a guy from Alabama? Do they even have computers in Alabama?"
[Our office is near the Great Lakes]
Then they found out he is only 22 and it got worse.
He arrived and, well, it stopped. First, he's huge. 6'4", 230 lbs, obviously a gym sort. Second, he graduated Georgia Tech when he was 19. Third, he's really handsome with blue eyes, a deep voice with a southern drawl, and, just….
And last, he's very warm and friendly.
I met him as soon as I could because he has an unusual last name. Not 'one in a million' but not Smith, but it is a name in my family. So the second day he was in I met and told him I had relatives with that name, so we talked. He had never been close to where I lived, had never met any relatives I knew, his family had been in Georgia for 30+ years, his family was Catholic (we're all Baptists) I had never heard of him, so - coincidence, I figured.
But we really hit it off at that lunch and pretty soon we were having lunch every Thursday. After a month he asked me out and we did a movie and dinner. The religious differences were odd, but OK, especially since we are both committed to waiting until after marriage.
By Halloween my mom was insisting he meet her and dad, so he came to dinner. Mom interrogated him like I had, but relaxed a lot when he (I'll call him John) told her his father's first name. Dad and John really liked each other immediately, and mom warmed up to him. My kid sisters adPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


bad dads Anonymous 3103[Reply]

Does anyone else have issues with their father?
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Anonymous 21826

Me to a T. Be strong, other me.

Anonymous 21862


Thank you, other me.

On further reflection though, I think people are too quick to label people as either abuser or victim, when the roles are, from my experience, likely to swap throughout a toxic relationship i.e. my mum was abused by my dad so she abused me so I was cruel to her later on, etc. Not to mention my dad was also abused as a child, so basically everyone in my family has played the role of the victim and the perpetrator at some point. Things are never as black and white as people make them out to be.

But I also get infuriated when people say that who haven't experienced abusive relationships because I feel they should stfu since they don't know shit, so meh.

I'm just glad I left so I could learn what a healthy relationship is supposed to be like.

Anonymous 21863

>my mum was abused by my dad so she abused me so I was cruel to her later on
hahaha, fuck
I'm glad you're free of them, anon. I hope I can know love someday, too. Be free, other me!

Anonymous 21876


One day we will all be free. I'm okay now, and I hope someday you'll be okay too.

Anonymous 21882

Knowing I can sympathise with someone on this is worth more than freedom could ever be. Thank you, anon.

fly girl.gif

Theory: the comparison between femcels and incels prove that Women are better people than men Anonymous 14948[Reply]

you don't see anyone here getting bitter or angry, calling for the heads of all men for not dating us. We don't worship Chads whereas incels constantly orbit stacies and we have actual empathy for each other instead of crab bucketting each other out of spite
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Anonymous 21752

It's the same argument that we have about men who say they're so desperate but won't accept a woman who's less than an 8/over 130lbs/not a virgin except anyone who has ever communicated with a man honestly about this knows they primarily care about looks while we all know a normie women who will date an ugly guy just to have a man

Anonymous 21843

It's clear they're just meme-ing lol.

Anonymous 21848

While obviously there's some meme momentum at the same time it would be really easy, especially in 4chan of all places, to have 50 straight replies of equally-memey
>look at this faggot
Looking for unconditional love is why so many 4channer incels have a mommy complex. At least in theory mothers love their sons no matter what, judgment free, not based on their actions or attributes but because of their blood link, "who they are" - their relationship, son. It's incestuous to want someone to love you "for who you are", basically.

All good love is conditional and transactional - an exchange that has demands and can be cut off if the bargain isn't upheld. Anything less is parasitic, you get into situations where an honest girl is abused by her alcohol-reeking husband because she "loves him" too much to demand he hold up his end of the marriage.

Anonymous 21854

They forgot to mention that she must be at least a 7/10, too. Or 6/10 if you want to be generous, kek.

Anonymous 21880

>and then she acts like how the men are described


despair Anonymous 20112[Reply]

last year around this semester i took a leave of absence from college because of my depression. ive been learning to deal with it in better ways since then and have grown from that experience and used that time to know myself more and work on my art.

now that the new semester is starting im feeling those old feelings again. the past week has been rough and ive been going through my lowest lows. i attended my first semester since my LOA and it was good so i dont know whats wrong with me but i just cant shake this overwhelming despair. the thought of going back to school brings me so much anxiety and makes me so sad.

theres a part of me that says i dont have to and that i can just drop out right now, that life is meaningless and if im shit thats okay. i want to just stay in my room and die. i think of all the time ahead of me and i cant bear it.

i dont really know what to do, i just want to do nothing and not exist. lately ive just been painting nonstop..my hand hurts but aside from sleeping its the only way i can stop thinking. im turning 21 this year and i feel the same way ive always felt, the emptiness is always there and every day i still feel like kms. i dont know if anyone can advise me, but i guess if u have similar experiences id like to hear? lets be here for each other.
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Anonymous 21713

i get what you mean and i understand the goodness of your intention. this is true, but i dont think you grasp the difficulty in how to achieve what you are saying. it is kind of naive to assume it was that easy for everyone. even if not all parts of the world are horrible there are parts that are unlivable and downright unfair for some. even if some people are living comfortably it is at the expense of another's suffering. i think its selfish and wrong to live this way. but that doesnt mean i wouldnt take the chance to if i could.

Anonymous 21717

If you need to escape then do it. There shouldn't be anything holding you back from simply walking away, and if there is, there's nothing to lose trying to impasse it.

Does this happen to anyone else? 21767


I keep having random men, sometimes attractive ones, compliment me on my appearance but not actually ask me out. I even had s guy say to me “You will have a boyfriend very soon. Not me, but a boyfriend very soon” ???? Is this a normal thing? I dont understand why guys want to gawk and flirt but not actually do anything about it

Anonymous 21780

They're either being flattering about your appearance, or are humbled to consider making you theirs.

Anonymous 21860

Sometimes you have to make a play when the ball is in your court.

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