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tfw no bf Anonymous 14789[Reply]

Last thread maxxed out: >>>/feels/10193

Admin's post: >>>/feels/10163
>We ban trolls and delete their posts as we find them, but we've also had an influx of new genuine user groups who have clashing ideas of what the board culture should be like. Please report suspected troll posts and we'll take care of the rest.

Never made a Thread so I hope I did nothing wrong
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Anonymous 18062

Agree with this, I hopped on the misandry train for a while but the amount of men who ID with incelism/manosphere shit isn't as big as it seems. Most normfags I talk to don't even know what the fuck I'm going on about when I've mentioned them.
Their numbers are only inflated online because they're online so much. Most men stick to social media like insta and twitter and normfag yt channels, plus many aren't super involved in social politics.
From there you could add
>but what about casually misogynistic men?!
And I'd agree, but even then I wouldn't say that's all men or an overwhelming majority. Maybe about 1/2 of men are still decent (depending on where you live, I'm a canuck so most are left-leaning and drink their respecting women juice), which isn't too bad but if you're also into women I recommend going that route instead since the chances are even better.

Overall, your best bet is just to take a lot of safety precautions and not ignore red flags.

Anonymous 18065

>does the fact I consider myself handsome outweigh all of these cons?
It does not I'm afraid.

Anonymous 18066


I laughed out loud at this post lol

Anonymous 18067

Tough guy rolling through.

Anonymous 18072

>Overall, your best bet is just to take a lot of safety precautions and not ignore red flags.
And yall wonder why you're in a tfw no bf thread


Anonymous 17997[Reply]

Have you ever had a boy totally oblivious to how much you liked him? Or how attractive he was?
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Anonymous 18031


Yeah, I am/was friends with him. I haven't seen him in over a year. Feels bad. One time he hinted that he might have wanted to have sex with me, but I'm (meme) autistic and didn't realize until later. I wouldn't have had sex with him even if he were more direct because it's just not something I would do, but I still feel like an idiot thinking about it.

Anonymous 18033

How do other women react to him? Did any Stacy ever hit on him/try to steal him?

Anonymous 18037

>How do other women react to him?
He's not like model hot or anything, but yeah sometimes I catch other girls looking at him.
>Did any Stacy ever hit on him/try to steal him?
Not really. Occasionally other girls are attracted to him, but he's kinda oblivious about these things so they don't get very far. Maybe there's stuff that happens when I'm not there, but I don't know.

Anonymous 18068

Did you deflower him?
If not, he might already be addicted to Stacy.

Anonymous 18071

Never happened to any of the guys I liked, but one of my best friends is very much oblivious when it comes to the subject of girls finding him attractive. So much so that his gf (also my best friend too) has to let him know when a girl finds him attractive.

He's talked about it with me and it's pretty much because of his ex-friends driving any prospective girls away from him by telling any girls who went to them for help at approaching him that he's gay (which he isn't). His ex-friends browsed 4chan a whole lot so they were jelly that their friend has girls who liked him and decided to bring him down with them. He also had his own personal problems too, combining both kind of messed him up when it comes to knowing when a girl likes him.


Vent Thread Anonymous 15610[Reply]

Old Thread >>12294

Get it off your chest.
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Anonymous 18049

What are you reading?

Anonymous 18050

Anonymous 18052


>happiest i've been in a long time
>get awfully sick, high fever, coughing blood etc


Anonymous 18054

>Have shit uterus that causes horrible periods
>Start taking birth control in order to combat this
>Have to stop taking birth control after a month because it made me vomit

Will be visiting my doctor about this in five days. Why the fuck is my body so awful?

Anonymous 18070


I've already vented about this to so many people for so long that I feel like I shouldn't bring it up anymore, but I don't think I'll ever get over my ex's suicide. I think of him every day. He shaped so much about who I am and even though we split up and mutually agreed we weren't good for each other I just still compare everyone to him. I feel like part of me died with him. I didn't even learn about it until I accidentally stumbled upon something that made me dig around in his social media and I doubt he was still thinking of me by that time, but it just feels like I'll never, ever connect to someone in the same way. I felt that way before he died and now it just feels like I will never ever come to terms with how I was shaped to be exactly what he wanted and then we didn't work out and now he's dead. I'm suicidal (for other reasons) and I even think a lot about doing it the same way he did even though I wasn't even important enough to be notified by anyone. I go on Google Maps all the time and look up the place and imagine how it was like and fantasize about doing it the same way.
After moving away and leaving everything behind, I always have this intense nostalgia for my teenage years in the countryside with my first irl friend group and older friends giving me a ride from village to village at night. I wonder if I'll ever feel that way again. Being part of something and the innocence of that time. Over the years I've gone through so many situations and lifestyle changes, I lost everything I have and nothing connects me to anything anymore. I have no more friends or belongings from that time. I'm not anchored to anything anymore. Everything that reminds me of home makes me cry. It's all tarnished and lost. I'm in this giant, empty world with nothing to my name and I feel like I was pre-programmed for suicide before I even started living. I wish I could turn back time and be suspended in that one year of my life forever. It's not fair to anyone in my current stage of life, but if I could, I would leave everything behind to just be that way again. I feel like I died a long time ago and this is just my punishment for being a bad person. Endless days and nights spent just waiting until it's time to sleep. This has been the last many years. I used to do things and make a name for myself with art and I traveled and had friends. Nobody has heard from me in months. I abandoned all my social media and had to change my number and didn'
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friendless feels Anonymous 7474[Reply]

the title says it all.

i ended up scrolling through the account of someone a few years younger than me and saw posts like pic related…just people (kids i guess) having fun with their friends and it made me sad because i never got to have that ):

can anyone relate?
also, general friendless anon thread.
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Anonymous Moderator 18001

Please don't advertise Discord servers here, it's against the rules. Adding each other individually is okay. If you ever regret posting your info, please don't hesitate to message Admin on Discord (as proof that it's you) and we will remove it. The contact info is on the rules page.

We'll reopen the c.c Discord in January.

Anonymous 18002


well if anyone wants to add me. cae#5157

Anonymous 18028

why not participate more in the cc discord?
I feel like I'm not good at one on one interactions, what do people spend so much time talking about?

Anonymous 18032

I'm the opposite. Though it can be awkward at first, I generally do better in one on one settings. In a group settings I always feel lost and like I'm slower than everyone else, even if I can find a rhythm for a bit I always loose it and fall behind.

Anonymous 18064


I have no friends and moved to a small town so now there's even less of a chance of making friends I will get along with who aren't complete normies.

The only thing I have to look forward to is that a friend from my hometown promised to pick me up for a roadtrip back home to spend Christmas and New Year's together, but I'm really afraid he won't come through and I'll end up alone in my tiny shoebox apartment on Christmas crying my eyes out like almost every year. Please don't let me down, friend.


Unsent letters Anonymous 2119[Reply]

Ever wanted to give someone a piece of your mind but you know you'd just regret it? Post in here and get it off your chest.
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Anonymous 18021

>you basically beat self respect into me. I will never, ever, put up with treatment like that again.

Can relate. It's a mixed kind of feel.

Anonymous 18023

Yeah, definitely.
Useful lesson to learn, I just wish I could've learnt it more quickly. And maybe with less heartbreak.

Anonymous 18045

you're a jealous piece of shit and i'm glad you fucked yourself over

Anonymous 18051

Sorry I'm trying to change my ways.

Anonymous 18061



Anonymous 17008[Reply]

>order kfc for the first time in several months
>quickly eat the wing wings with gusto
>20 minutes later you feel something is wrong
>you puke to the toilet
>genuinely cry after this because you are hungry again and 35zł is wasted (I'm from poland)
Fuck; _; an extreme poor person here
finally I could afford something a bit luxurious but fuck me, it never rains but it pours
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Anonymous 17032

Should have complained really

Today I bought a nice hot Schnitzel sandwich from a grocery store

Sooooo worth it

Anonymous 17047

> (I'm from poland)
>Fuck; _; an extreme poor person here
You can fix my toilet tomorrow if you want anon.

Anonymous 18007

Don't make fun of 3rd world countries you privileged westener

Anonymous 18034

can you recommend some polish movies from that time?

Anonymous 18060

>kurwa street
>katyn street
lol I cant stop fucking laughing at this


Dealing with aging Anonymous 36[Reply]

I'm in my late 20s and now I miss being younger and more naive and feel like I lost my opportunity to have cute stereotypically female experiences. I mingle with much younger people sometimes due to shared hobbies (weeb stuff) and I realize that I feel way too old for it (and them). It makes me feel bitter about missing out on all the fun stuff because I feel like I wasted my entire youth being depressed and anxious. I really dread becoming even older.
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Anonymous 4172

I used to be horribly afraid of aging. Lifestyle and diet can only do so much, and I started getting grey hairs when I was about 23. My mom started getting them at that age, too, apparently it's genetic.
Oddly enough, nowadays I'm looking forward to getting older. I don't mind the wrinkles. In fact, when I see someone who has laugh lines, I kind of envy them because that's the hallmark of a life well lived–you've spent so much of it smiling that it's made a permanent indentation on your face. & I get excited when I think about the day that I'll be some weird old kook with seven cats, living by myself and terrifying the neighborhood's children every Halloween. I've met enough cool older people that I know that you don't lose your moxie as you get older.
at the moment, i'm probably cute enough that i could score a husband but i'm not really interested in any of the guys that i know. if it comes along, now or in a few decades, it'll be a pleasant surprise, but why search for a soulmate if you feel complete as a single person/hermit?

Anonymous 4179

unnamed (13).gif

Ot asf but this post and the Victorian thing one would make great banners. Fuck it gets me every time I scroll down /feels/, especially because of this gif being bumped every now and then

Anonymous 18040

I'm OP and still struggling with this a year later. Time is ticking away and I'm constantly comparing myself to older and younger women. Can I still get away with my style? Can I act the way I do? If I was 10 years younger, I'd be really awesome right now. But at my current age, it's just pathetic. I'm obsessed with cute women my age because they give me hope that I don't have to be a spinster just yet, but time keeps passing and I just get older and there's nothing I can do.

Anonymous 18044

Anon, you're in your late 20's. How is that old? Wake up!!

Anonymous 18056

It's old if you've been treated like a MPDG all your life and you're aging out of the stereotype that used to be force-fed to you as your only source of validation. Being a quirky, nerdy, awkward girl stops being cute when you're 30.


share a happy childhood memory Anonymous 18046[Reply]


Anonymous 18047

When I was 8 or so my dad picked me up from school with his motorcycle. I remember feeling really cool and liked the feeling of the wind as we rode back. My dad is normally a distant person so I liked being able to hug his back on the motorcycle too.

Anonymous 18048

one weekend my dad put simon and garfunkel on in the living room, and me and my sister started dancing wildly - you know, like a child dances - while dad sat on the couch and smiled

my face.jpg

Iwn have a qt white bf Anonymous 14038[Reply]

It's pretty much all i want in life, that and to have his kids but it probably won't happen for me.
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Anonymous 18035

I feel sick looking through that blog. Do these people realize this is not normal? Don't they see they're only making it worse by spreading those photos?

Anonymous 18036

I’d be really outcast in my community if I were to do that. I’d probably be basically disowned so I’d have to move with him in Hungary where I know nothing and nobody and he doesn’t have very much money.

The thinspo I post is more on the healthy side, it’s not like bonespo or anything. I don’t see this as hurting anyone because you can’t really find my blog unless you actively search for thinspo, and I’m not posting anything you wouldn’t see on Instagram or a magazine…

Anonymous 18038

What's your community?

Anonymous 18041

I cannot tell you. Anyways it simply wouldn’t be a wise idea. Because we have different faiths, our lifestyles would be in conflict all the time, and that would make for unhappy home life. It’s simply unwise

Anonymous 18043


Oh, I thought you lived in Europe lol.
Anyways, if you know you can't have anything irl with him, why not try improve yourself in the mean time? Not only physically, I mean emotionally and mentally too. And then (after a while) start dating again? Because rn you're too much of a mess and definitely not someone who should have kids atm. If you got therapy and just solely worked on yourself I bet you'll attract someone.
On another note, that model is Jazzma Kendrick. I used to follow her for a while and she works out like crazy. Restricting <1000 will not help at all. It just isn't enough to maintain the muscle mass gained from the workouts.
As you can see she didn't lose weight, she gained.


Old flames Anonymous 18039[Reply]

Do you have any old flames? Someone you were going to get with but didn't? Someone you didn't realize was an option until it was too late?

Tell your stories.

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