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Anonymous Admin 68356[Reply]

I've been seeing users requesting more general/containment threads on /feels/. Please leave your suggestions here.
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Anonymous 71239

Wish there was just a standalone relationship board too. There are too many kinds of relationships and relationship issues to stick in thread. I think it would be nice if people just made individual posts of their own so they could get proper attention and feedback for their question or problem. Threads just instantly bury whatever important thing a person has to say.

Anonymous 71795


This. Keep them at a minimum and only introduce them when something very specific gets posted very often.

Anonymous 72508

honestly I'd rather not. those threads are always very boring and we all know an entire relationship board would draw in moids by the 1000s.


Anonymous Admin 49939[Reply]

Do not make threads about the following topics or you will be banned:

- Race/Ethnicity/Nationality (including stereotypes & preferences)
- Religion
- (Why) do guys…
- (Why) do you like guys who [insert preference here]
- (Why) do guys like [insert preference here]
- how to get a bf/gf (who does xyz)
- Any fetish/kink talk

If you want to talk about Radfem/TERF/Gendercritical themes, do not make a new thread. Post in the existing threads on /b/ and keep discussion civil.

Use the catalog.

1649389513018 (1).…

Vent Thread Anonymous 77420[Reply]

Previous thread
Post your woes and copes here sisters.
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Anonymous 78010


Hwo anon how

Anonymous 78011

y-you know how

Anonymous 78012

You feeling better…

Not the one you were talking to, but I made this for you.

Anonymous 78016


Thank u anon, i appreciate it

Anonymous 78018

I was a shutin from 17-28 so yeah I pretty much lost my entire youth. I don't realistically think there's anything I missed out on except partying and socializing and crappy adolescent relationships which probably would have brought me more problems anyway, but I do get FOMO sometimes and wonder what could have been. I do feel robbed but it was my own fault along with my mental health issues so it feels even worse having no one to blame except myself. I just wish I had more friends. I find it's extremely hard to make genuine friends after your teenage years.


/rock bottom/ - general Anonymous 76609[Reply]

This thread is for people who have hit rock bottom. Not people who are having a bad day, but people who are living in the depths of despair. Whether you're a nona who is struggling with serious addiction, mental or physical illness that severely precludes your life, constantly feeling suicidal, whether you're being abused, have any other serious life issues or if you are simply unable to function and don't know where else to turn, vent here and let's try to support each other.
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Anonymous 77663

no worries and I appreciate you taking the time to write all this it really is helpful
yeah my course has one big final project as the last 2 classes and that's really the only school related assignment I can put on my github
seems like focusing on my portfolio rather than on the interview problems is better cuz I'll be learning that stuff as I build a portfolio anyways
I live in US but I don't care about relocating to another country as long as I have a good paying job, I was planning on looking online at places hiring for entry level positions and sending out as many applications as I can until I start hearing back - some people on tech forms were saying they put in over 100 apps before being able to find something so that's gonna suck if true
that makes me feel a lot better honestly if idiots who don't know the basics can get a job I should be able to also
and yeah if I'm interested in something I learn it quickly and in depth too so I hope coding clicks for me and I get super interested in it

Anonymous 78005

Happy If I could help a bit. Hope things work out for you one way or another.

Anonymous 78013


>neet since high school was finished with me
>didn't graduate
>no higher education or even a GED
>actually made an honest attempt at trying to find myself a job in 2017
>went to my first walk in appointment and was hired on the spot
>fate had it there was a person already working there that knew me
>went through a lot between end of high school up to that point, didn't want it to be for nothing only to end up around the same people
>quit before I even had my first day
>deteriorating health
>always feel like I can never get a leg up especially since family are most obese / retarded while the only average weight person
>always buy me ridiculously useless snacks and not actually healthy food (they obviously have money to buy these things, why not buy orange juice or something worthwhile and not soda or chocolate milk)
I've been dreaming since 2015 about moving out and finally being healthy but I'll never have these past 8 years of my life back

If somebody gave me the choice of 10 million dollars or wake up tomorrow and be peak health, I'd choose the latter without hesitation.

Anonymous 78014

>didn't want it to be for nothing only to end up around the same people
>quit before I even had my first day
Can you elaborate? Why is that a reason to quit? Genuinely confused, not trying to be mean

Anonymous 78015

partly what caused my becoming a hikikomori took having to leave a group of people from high school ( that I no longer wanted to be associated with anymore. I was undergoing a difficult transitional period in my life at the time (I was already 2 years in by this point.)

I wanted to turn a new page and start fresh I guess, only to see this person and it completely ruining the hope I had for this job in improving my life.


Advice and Support General Thread! Anonymous 68781[Reply]

Come here, wayward souls, for any matter big and small. Insight to comfort can be found here for your issues or conundrums.
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Anonymous 77993

Gotta say, that sounds kind of like pity to me, but it feels nicer when you phrase it that way. Thank you.

Anonymous 77994

I suppose that's what it is. It's hard for me to understand his motivations, probably because the "extroverts" in high school always treated me like an inferior being, and now I expect all of them to act like that. But it might be healthy for me to relearn and let my guard down a bit more.

Anonymous 78000

Out of curiosity, is this in a college setting?

Anonymous 78003

Do I sound like a teenager? Yeah, it is, I'm in my 20s

Anonymous 78008

Not really. The nature of the interactions implied you were not interacting in a work environment and it didn't sound like it was a neighbor or something.


/tfw no bf/ - general Anonymous 71974[Reply]

Can we have a no bf feels thread? I'm tired of pretending to be single and happy. I want a man, dammit.
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Anonymous 77974

I think she's talking about the word adorable

Anonymous 77975

Adorable has the same meaning as cute though. This was an exchange of nearly identical compliments.

Anonymous 77979

Then i dont get what shes complaining about still

Anonymous 78002

do men really want to be called cute? maybe he thought you were teasing him so he jokingly called you adorable back.

Anonymous 78004

I feel like cute is something thing you hear people say about puppies, babies, etc.


Why are we here? Are we losers? Anonymous 77746[Reply]

I like Crystal Cafe. I like reading its posts, and ever since I've discovered it, I come here every day.

But sometimes I'm wondering,

why am I here? Why do I keep coming back here? When did I fall into the crowd that browses imageboards? What type of person comes to these sorts of websites?

Earlier I was looking at 4chan, but I got sick of 4chan, and sometimes Tumblr doesn't do it for me, so now I come here.

I guess not all of us are down in the dumps. Some of you probably have a well paying job, good social life, live brilliantly, and are generally satisfied with life.

But from the way some people talk on here e.g. dunking on normies and neurotypicals, I get the feeling that a lot of us fall into one of the below catergories:

Socially awkward women. Isolated women. Those that got bullied at school. NEETs. Women having various issues one way for another. Women whose lives aren't going anywhere. Women waiting for a diagnosis, or diagnosed with something. Women who have suffered a lot.

I like there's a place for those types to congregate.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 77800

Anonymous 77965

Very relatable, I ask myself why I come here sometimes…. like you, I am quite amibitious and have some great opportunities I could seize if I don't waste my time online lole. what are your ambitions, nona?

Anonymous 77972


>I like Crystal Cafe. I like reading its posts, and ever since I've discovered it, I come here every day.
Can relate
>why am I here? Why do I keep coming back here? When did I fall into the crowd that browses imageboards? What type of person comes to these sorts of websites?
I think anyone can visit this site even out of pure curiosity, but its mostly imageboard users or at least someone who is/has been terminally online.
>Socially awkward women. Isolated women. Those that got bullied at school. NEETs. Women having various issues one way for another. Women whose lives aren't going anywhere. Women waiting for a diagnosis, or diagnosed with something. Women who have suffered a lot.
Can confirm I am in this group, but I'm trying to get better.
>I think, "out of the classmates at school i knew, who would be the type to keep browsing a website like crystal cafe?"
I think no girl from my school would, or even 90% of people in my city. Simply because most people only speak a basic level of english or dont speak it at all.
>I was that "weird kid" constant loser all throughout school. Some people were scared of me. Some people found me stuck up and humorless, even though I love silly things. Some people found me funny, and fun to bully.
Well, can't say anything other than that was me in school. Easy to bully not easy to get along with, even though i wasn't mean to anyone, like, ever, except when I had to stand up for myself.
>but sometimes I feel like a total loser for being the type to find, and keep returning to this place. Those normie classmates of mine probably don't lead a life that would motivate them to find, and keep returning to this place.
I feel like everyone's life sucks right now unless you're rich or something. My normie classmates still struggle with life and have their own problems (some of them got pregnant at an early age like 18 or 19, some dropped out of college even though they were 100% normie, etc.)
>Why are we here? Are we "losers"? I guess it's nice that there's a place for us, if we are losers. But don't you ever find it sad that we've possibly found ourselves in the "loser's club"?
I used to think of myself as a loser for being terminally online, but a few things made me realize IPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 77976

I relate to what you said so much. Don't think bullying is the right term, but kids definitely made fun of me many times. I've always felt like I'm missing an "x factor" that makes other people like me, instead of merely tolerating my presence. I too have classmates that got pregnant young.

People always say you need a role model, but I have to wonder if seeing others your age fail hard is just as important sometimes.

Anonymous 77999

I'm here because I love anonymity, imageboards and it's the only (mostly) women only site I know aside from lolcow. And I'm not interested in cows so CC is more for me. Sometimes it feels like this is the only space for autistic outcast women in the world. Maybe I should make a Tumblr, I don't know. I wish I could talk to more women like me so I could feel less alone.

Photo on 5-2-22 at…

Anonymous 77798[Reply]

Does anyone wanna be friends? I want friends who are like me but i cant find anyone like me irl and im feeling alone thought maybe id have better luck here!
6 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 77837

There's nothing wrong with it

Anonymous 77947

added u

Anonymous 77948

a friendly girl interested in the meme noosphere.

Anonymous 77998

That doesn't tell me very much

>Conservative or liberal?

>Terf or tranny supporter?
>Favorite book and book genre?
>besides memes what are you passionate about?
>what are your hobbies or interests?

Anonymous 78009

I’m the one you replied to, i don’t really care for your politics except if you support trannies or not since that tells me everything i need to know. And your hobbies/interests kek


how to stop looking masculine? Anonymous 77908[Reply]

i have very masculine facial features and ppl often mistake me for a young man. it makes me rlly insecure because my character doesn't correspond to this image of me at all. should i go for plastic surgery or use makeup? i'm kind of a tomboy and i never rlly used makeup before, it feels like 'cheating'
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Anonymous 77923

i have a really defined jawline and generally a square face, ppl even think i'm a male with long hair. not a trans woman, i'm cis female. i usually wear very practical clothing, most girls around me don't wear dresses/skirts either, this feminine style is rather unusual where i live.
thanks, anon. this is going to sound like trolling now but i actually want to build up more muscle mass. idk, i will probably never look feminine. it's a bit sad, it's honestly all in the face. if i had feminine facial features, nobody would question my biological sex

Anonymous 77950

It's impossible to genuinely look like a man as a woman. Square jaw isn't a masculine trait, it's just genetic. Some people are just blind retards. You're probably fine.

Anonymous 77952

Like >>77950 said, people are just retarded and think all women should look like actresses and models on tv. Have you ever groomed your brows anon? Maybe wax and shave facial hair. Get a new haircut. Wear jewelry. Things like that make you more feminine

Anonymous 77982

You're just a bifauxnen.

Anonymous 77996

Getting more muscle mass is actually a great idea. The androgynous look comes from either being so thin clothes hide your feminine shape, or being a ham planet. Muscle will never look like a man's without serious amounts of steroid use. You'll look like a cute tomboy woman.

Look up feminine fashion where you live. Other girls not wearing feminine clothes is a GOOD thing because it will make you stand out in a good way. Men like women who look like you put effort into looking good.

Men think they like no makeup. But what they like is using makeup while looking like your not. A touch of mascara will make your eyes look large and feminine, lipstick will make you obviously a woman but you can focus on eye makeup if you want to keep it low effort cute.

Where I live, the majority of young women wear sweat pants, hair that is not brushed tied back in a tangle of unwashed hair, flip flops, and sweatshirts. I stand out by dressing what was normal in the old place I used to live. What I see as bare minimum.

Another thing is to change your clothes and hair. Baggy masculine clothes + hair not styled can look masculine. Get new feminine clothes you will feel confident and sexy in. You can be comfy too, but focus on highlighting hips, hourglass figure, and boobs. Get a haircut in a easy to upkeep style you like. Do your own research to find a haircut for your face shape to stress female features.


cant stop smiling Anonymous 77842[Reply]

i keep smiling and laughing in a very stupid manner. with friends and family, with strangers. how do i stop laughing all the time? how do i control my emotions? i want to come off serious and be taken serious. it doesnt help that im very short and therefore not intimidating at all. really cant help but laugh or smile pretty much everytime anyone says something to me.
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 77848

okay, alright. will just try to focus on it then.

Anonymous 77849

dont have the answer but in the same boat OP it sucks

Anonymous 77852

I had this problem in high school and was always very self-conscious about it possibly making me looking like a psycho serial killer. It's like the opposite of resting bitch face, although I used to have that too and would have still preferred it instead.

I've heard biting your tongue can work but if you have this problem constantly, especially out of social anxiety like I have, then you'd just be biting your tongue all the time. You don't want to damange it and have something happen like biting too hard, making your mouth bleed in public, then making yourself even more embarrassed, etc.

Anonymous 77949

this breaks my heart. there is no room for silly girls in this world </3
used to try not to laugh and b srs because it does seem such cooler than when im autistically smiling and laughing. to answer ur quesion what i did to smile less was practice saying stuff that makes me laugh with a straight face and when i caught myself saying stuff all excited i would stop myself and repeat it calmly to train myself. I stopped tho because why not enjoy the fancy pretty funny things in this world. I HATE that im made to feel like thats not cool or not ok.

Anonymous 77981

i usually just have a number of things to think about to feel sad and unhappy (e.g.: guys who have rejected me in particularly uncomfortable ways, awkward moments from the past, and so on, everyone has these) every time i feel my mouth moving into a smile by itself, that kinda stops the reflex. generally being depressed helps this lol. biting my tongue never worked for me, for some reason, only emotional pain works

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