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best boy.jpg

vent thread Anonymous 54448[Reply]

Last thread was >>51005
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Anonymous 56156

I don’t believe in love to begin with and don’t really care for being a favorite anyway. I just want a family without having to devote too much time to sex/chores/talking. If it doesn’t work out I can just divorce him anyway.

Anonymous 56157

yes, by telling you to get some self respect, I am lacking in self respect myself. flawless logic.

Anonymous 56158

I kinda like lolis sorry

Anonymous 56159

You are now a moid.

Anonymous 56160

tomorrow is going to be extremely hard. i'm going to visit my grandma who is in hospice. my fiance is going to be with me and i'm so glad i won't be alone but it's going to be so hard not to fall apart. the worst part is i don't have any longterm goals right now and she doesn't know what's going to become of me. i'm at the lowest point of my life just trying to keep my shit together and she'll never see me peak. and she keeps asking and asking what im going to do and i have no answers for her at all because i want to do everything and i have all these pipe dreams that i throw around like "im gonna be a doll maker" "im gonna be a musician" "im gonna be an artist" but in actuality i cant even drag myself out of bed most days. even worse for her is that im not a christian, i'm not living a wholesome life for jesus like all her other grandkids - even though im her only actual biological granddaughter. she's said to me her last thoughts will be prayers for my salvation. she's going to die disappointed in me and i don't even have time to prove myself to her now. i don'twant to go see her on her fucking deathbed she gambled away the house so now i cant even go to her house when she's gone the only stable home i ever had growing up. i dont want to go there knowing its the end when i never even really got to say goodbye to how it used to be… her drug dealer sleeps in my fucking bed


Regrets Anonymous 663[Reply]

what do you regret, anons?
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Anonymous 56032

The best thing to do is just try to cope as best possible on your current course and do as well as you can. This won't last forever. I relate to your experience a lot, I totally fucked up my life from teens to mid-20s, but you can't regret it. You just have to get to a place of acceptance and move forward as productively as you can.

It's not about anything else other than getting to a place in life where you are happy.

Anonymous 56054

>autist in high school
>abysmal social life, people view me as a joke, average mentally ill tumblr kinnie
>"its ok because i have good grades and will get to explore and live life in college"
>did badly on SATs
>scared parents will beat me if they find out, dont retake them, go to local community college
>4 years down the drain for nothing
>do poorly there
>transfer to nearby state school, still live at home
>depressed, no friends, still ugly, realize that im behind in life developmentally
>cant balance moving out and doing schoolwork
>parents are overbearing
>no idea what i would do without a college degree, try to stick through it
>keep failing courses due to mental and physical illness, wont graduate until i'm 25
>hate my degree
>cry when i think about what my young adulthood could have been
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Anonymous 56089

not shooting up my highschool

Anonymous 56090

Oh, nonnie. Your parents sound stressful to be around. I hope they don't pester you with texts and stuff like that. But I'm sure they do…

Anonymous 56147

thank you, anon. this is very kind of you to say. i honestly realize i don't have it that bad in comparison to a lot of other people and i'm working towards independence and having my life in the state i want it to be.

squishy cat.jpg

Anonymous 55253[Reply]

Anyone else here who only has male friends? In a different thread someone pondered what it would be like to stop all unnecessary contact with men and I replied that I would literally be friendless.

I want to know if anyone else in a similar situation feels like they are losing out on anything. I have always been a tomboy and I had to learn about makeup from youtube channels. I never had any girlfriends to do this with. During my teenage years I was also not treated like a girl by my guy friends. Which sometimes felt bad, when they excluded me from ever being someone they could feel attracted to, when they talked about girls. This only changed in my 20s, which was bad in another way, because it caused some drama and made me downsize my friend circle.
4 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 56079

I find it very hard to befriend women because I don't like cattiness or being hurt. But I also don't like being the only girl in a group of moids because I hate the stereotype that I'm the whore flirting with all the guys.

I only talk to one or two girl friends I've known since middle school. I don't trust anyone else with my secrets.

Anonymous 56101

>I find it very hard to befriend women because I don't like cattiness or being hurt
I am always very surprised by this kind of comment because the most hurtful, catty friends I've had were men. I've never had any issue with my good female friends.

Anonymous 56102

>the most hurtful, catty friends I've had were men
I don't really get close enough to most guys to find out. Though I can see that. Especially the more pathetic and insecure ones.

I had a few bad experiences in high school with girls. Gaslighting me and talking about me behind my back, typical stuff but it really bothered me. I haven't gotten close to anyone since. I know there are good people out there but I'm too scared of getting hurt to try again.

Anonymous 56143

It's not your fault you got into a bad group, but I know how much high school can damage a girl's view of her fellow women.
I expect to be laughed at a lot because I used to not understand social protocol and was a clown for that reason. So I am in the habit of acting retarded on purpose now, because I feel it's less embarrassing? And people will accept it more than a sperg pretending she belongs. At least being laughed at feels like a choice now.

Anonymous 56146

Thanks nonnie. I like your approach. I think your friends probably feel at ease around you knowing you don't take yourself so seriously. I imagine it makes them feel comfortable being goofy and silly themselves.


pornography in a relationship Anonymous 55308[Reply]

how do I cope with porn being present in my relationship? and to be clear- I’m not the one watching it. I know that being mad about it is childish, but I just can’t help feeling hurt. I know my partner is faithful to me, happy with me and loves me very much. Nevertheless, I can’t stop thinking about them watching other women’s bodies in those vulgar videos/pics…it seems so primitive to me… how to explain to myself that pornography isn’t the greatest evil in a relationship? literal me in the pic
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Anonymous 56138

Men are perfectly aware of how much porn hurts their wives and gfs, they use it as a weapon on purpose to dread women into submission while gaslighting them into how it doesn’t matter because love and sex are separate to them. Whether that is their feeling or not is irrelevant. That’s like a guy saying him cheating is fine because it’s just sex and he didn’t feel any emotion towards the girl. Its still unacceptable to any non cuck woman,

Anonymous 56139

Oh, I agree. I've heard enough shitty moid excuses to last a lifetime. But my point is that IF he truly wants to stop (and thus recognizes how bad porn is), then he should be supported in doing so and forgiven if he slips up a few times along the way.

Anonymous 56140

I feel you, it's a wasteland out there. I've reached the point where I'll consider a man who wants to change. I actually prefer that to a man who claims they DON'T watch porn. I think those guys tend to be liars or have repressed sexual urges.

Anonymous 56141

You will never be a woman

Anonymous 56142

This. Ever notice how men always talk about sexual "conquests"? Their natural state of being is going around trying to dominate everything in the most degrading and sociopathic ways possible.

And what's really upsetting for me is seeing guys say that girls LOVE it when they choke them and spit on them and all that. I don't doubt that it's true, I just know that those women don't value themselves at all and are happy to be used and tossed away afterwards because that just confirms how worthless they are. Argh it makes my blood boil.


Weddings Anonymous 56056[Reply]

Do you want to get married?
If so, what's your dream wedding?
Who would you invite?
What wedding dress would you wear?
What theme would you do?
12 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 56095


nta but imagine two hyphenated last names getting together and deciding to hyphenate it. like imagine a Wilson-Smith got together with a Grey-Zhou would that make them Wilsn-Smith-Grey-Zhou? Hyphenating sounds iffy to me.

Anonymous 56119

Agreed, taking his last name is cucked. Give daughters your name and sons his name. Create your own matrilineal line.

Anonymous 56126

I can’t get over the fact that women happily give their children the man’s name. When would a man ever work day and night on something for almost a year but give all the credit to someone who helped for half an hour on the first day?

The law in some places was that women belonged either to their father or their husband and all her children belong to her husband, who can do with them what he wants. Why would a woman want to make it seem like that is still the case?

Do a Cruella de Vil and make him change his name to yours.

Anonymous 56127

In your scenario, that would be two divorced or widowed people getting married together post-fact, not exactly the best of starts to a relationship. It's helped even less by the fact that most people who did hyphenate for marriage will just change their name if they get divorced. So now you're looking at the tiny percentage of widows and the exceptional widower with hyphenated last names.

It's a highly strange and specific situation that isn't going to come up, and, if anything, the solution is obviously that each takes the other's name and hyphenates it to their end of theirs removing the last name.

It's not that hard.

Why even give your children last names? That reeks of colonialism and eugenics trying to keep track of heritage and such. Just because they aren't the moids objects to rule over doesn't make them yours either.

Anonymous 56132

Things would get super confusing without last names


Only Lesbians Find Me Attractive Anonymous 55374[Reply]

Wtf did I do. Do men just think I look retarded or this actually a good sign? Maybe women are just more vocal about who they like, and men keep quiet. Do lesbians and straight men tend to have the similar standards?
2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 56065

why do they just show up like this shdgsgsf hello????

Anonymous 56069

Because they want attention. Stop giving them attention.

Anonymous 56115

women have higher standards, i'd be more worried if only men found you attractive

Anonymous 56116

Women who are attractive to women often have something strong and unique about them. Definitely not a bad thing.

It could be your height, fashion sense, or certain facial features (eg. Angular rather than small and round). Even the way you carry yourself or your voice.

Also lesbians are absolutely not known to make bold moves so you must be gay-hot for real.

Anonymous 56118

How do you look like a lesbian? nta but I have the same thing happen.


Anonymous 50766[Reply]

I want female friends who aren't woke or SJW. Who won't talk all the time about colonialism and transphobia. Who don't mind a bit of dark humor. Who don't BLM/ACAB their whole personality. I also would appreciate if she's into anime, literature, or videogames. Most girl I see online with "nerdy" hobbies seem to seek orbiters and not so much female friendship. Is there any way I can make online female friends who aren't pickme's, deranged, or SJW?
72 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 54286

>but I don't use it as an excuse to be a shit person
No fun

Anonymous 54318


Anonymous 56045

I know I'm a little late to the party but if you have discord hit me up Rooby#8419. This applies to pretty much anyone ITT though I would rather not talk politics so if you're looking to build a friendship on that foundation you're outta luck :/

Anonymous 56053

pls add me I'm tired of talking to moids

Anonymous 56117

>[[read the rules]]
what was it


Self harm general Anonymous 11340[Reply]

Anyone else self harm(ed)?
>Have you ever been caught?
>Do you want to be caught?
>Do you try to leave scars?
70 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 54868

Does it count as self harm if I only hit myself and don't cut?

Anonymous 54869

>Once at school I overheard some boys talking about "conditioning", which martial artists do where they just punch/hit themselves against a concrete wall to toughen themselves for battles

This is stupid and pseud. Maybe mentally it prepares you for the pain you can feel in a fight so you ignore it when it happens to keep fighting but in no way it is confirmed that the theory that when the bones repair they toughen up like that dumb pseud stuff says.

t. I do martial arts did karate and judo, also because it makes no reasonable sense at all. Just don't waste your blood away unnecessarily or you bones only when necessary. Thats it.

Anonymous 54886


I liked wallowing, I suppose, and it felt good to have something so shocking up my sleeve (lol) even though I never told or showed anyone. It "helped me deal with" (read: reinforced but offered momentary relief from) negative emotions. I also felt like it partially exonerated me from my failings; even if I wasn't actually fixing them, I could say, "look, at least I feel bad about it and am punishing myself, like I deserve."
I started off just scratching myself with a sharp piece of metal, barely breaking the skin or drawing blood, but I eventually found some razors around the house and started doing some surface-level cuts. I mostly stuck to my thighs but did some on my arm as well. Over the years I'd cut myself off and on, with the average depth of the cuts getting deeper with each episode. I also started binge-eating as well and still struggle with it somewhat.
It's a self-indulgent, selfish practice. If being a self-centered cunt totally wrapped up in her own misery appeals to you, then by all means, continue self-harming. I always knew I couldn't do it forever, though. The thought of being a mother and still cutting myself was absurd, so I knew eventually I'd stop for good (or else would anhero). If you can, think of where you want to be and whether self-harming at that point makes sense.
>Have you ever been caught?
Only after I was out of the house. My mom was concerned but I deflected and nothing came of it.
>Do you want to be caught?
I always liked the idea of being able to flash my cuts to people of no consequence in public, but in practice, I was too ashamed and embarrassed to ever let my sleeves or shorts ride up so far. I don't let family see my scars to this day because I don't want them to be sad that I did that to myself.
>Do you try to leave scars?
At first I didn't want scars for fear of being found out and only "cut" very shallowly. In the final period of self-harm I went through, though, I left a lot of scars all over my thighs and arm, enough for all the years I'd been self-harming combined. I have mixed feelings about them. I don't mind showing them in public because they're obviously old scars and I don't do it anymore, but as I said, I'd hate for my family to know, so I always wear long sleeves Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 56035

Sexual abuse trauma, would calm me down and instantly relieve me in anxiety attacks, I'd sleep like a baby afterward
Taking apart disposal razor

I did it very deeply each time.
Now literally both of my upper arms and forearms are completely covered in scar tissue. I haven't worn short sleeves since I was 13-14. I stopped because I accidentally cut myself too deeply one day, and it scared me. I wish the scars would fade, but they never will.

Today in particular reminded me of how crazy I am.

Anonymous 56112

Anyone else self harm(ed)?
Yes, if you include compulsive skin picking.
It's the best feeling in the world. It's sad to admit that but nothing ever comes close and I've tried a lot.
My favourite way is digging my nails into my scalp until chunks come out. Wait for scabs to form and then repeat. I do general picking elsewhere but no other favourite spots.
If you want to stop, make the picking site inaccessible by tying hair back or putting on plasters. Think about the shame of getting caught and something realising what you do or thinking you have some sort of disease. Pay attention to when it hurts in bad way like when washing yourself.
>Have you ever been caught?
One of my earliest memories is my mother going through my hair and scolding me for doing it "again". Who knows how young I must have been when I started. She threatened to take me to the doctor a few times as a punishment if I continued but never did even though I continued on and off. Really fucked up that getting help was framed as a bad thing. I guess she cared more about how it reflected on her than me stopping.
>Do you want to be caught?
No, I've mostly stopped now and the shame of someone seeing it is the reason why. I still reach for it though if I'm really stressed, like after a break-up. It always makes everything fell better.
>Do you try to leave scars?
Yes because they are better to pick next time but also no because I don't want anyone to see. I guess I leave scars strategically. I don't want any permanent ones though.


I HATE MEN Anonymous 55743[Reply]

They are very gross.
10 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 55767

Any stories of me you thought were good only to find out how shitty they were? It sounds like it would make for a fun story

Anonymous 55768

Anonymous 55775

I think it brings up their attractiveness by at least 2 points, but my boyfriend hates having his hair long ;_;. He looked so cute with his hair grown out but he's going to buzz it all off.

Anonymous 55777

No such thing as "the good ones" they're all pieces of shit.

Anonymous 56111

>men at work keep flirting despite how i tell them to let me work in peace
>men do not care about having a genuine connect only sex
>men do not view women has humans
>men resort to violence for everything
>men gatekeep everything then bitch and moan that women arent interesting
I hate men so much it's unreal

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