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The strength of men scares me Anonymous 31526[Reply]

I am a caddy for my part time job (best job for an unskilled highschooler or university student btw). There is this cute guy there I have a crush on, but he seems quite shy and just likes to read his book while waiting for a golfer. The few times we’ve talked he seems quite pleasant.

I’ve always known men were stronger than us, but it’s another thing to see it in person. I’ve noticed that when he caddies, he carries the entire golf bag with one arm by the handle up and out to his side, kind of like the pose when flexing your bicep, and he fucking SPRINTS with it. He runs ahead on each hole to see where the ball lands, and he runs significantly faster than the golf carts.

He doesn’t even look like some sort of muscle beast from /fit/. He’s just a tall, thin, toned guy who might lift a few times a week. He could probably kill me with a single punch, and then follow up with 80 more without running out of breath. I would probably have a panic attack if we got in an argument and he got angry and started shouting. I don’t even know how you could have an equal relationship with someone when the difference in power is so immense. They say it’s borderline rape when a CEO fucks an intern due to the difference in power, but what about physical power?

I was already a little afraid of men’s predatory instincts and behavior, but to see it reinforced that whenever I’m around men I’m only alive because they permit it freaks me out. How do you cope with this?
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Anonymous 40110

Literally just hold his head slightly above the water.
Jut hold him under your chin.
Also you're forgetting that he just had a mental breakdown and passed out on the sidewalk.

Anonymous 40113

>get tired of being constantly alone
>decide to finally start "dating" and bag yourself a moid
>your new moid is extremely skittish and flinches away whenever you try to touch him
>this continues into the night
>have an idea
>Turn the heat in the house down enough for your teeth to clatter slightly and drag your moid into your bedroom, locking the door behind you
>put a chair with objects too heavy for the moid to move and smugly tuck yourself into bed
>start undressing under the sheets, throwing your worn clothes at your moid in order to assert your dominance
>you watch your moid as he starts inching closer to you as the cold starts getting to him
>give him an incredibly smug look as he motions to your bed
>lift your sheets without pulling him in, forcing him to move towards you on his own
>you let your sheets fall once again with your moid trapped underneath
>you wait for him to make contact with your body for warmth before slowly moving your arms around him
>you slowly increase the pressure of your arms until he's practically being smothered
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 40149

The sex slave/teddybear part or the making him cook bite sized pastries part?

Anonymous 40151

This is even hotter thank you qween

Anonymous 40152

>out for a walk in the park
>lots of moid owners taking theirs out for a stroll
>see a half dozen really muscular women walking a panting, sad-looking chonker
remember to keep your moid involved in your active lifestyle
don't worry too much about him running away to let him outside
it's a lot more work restoring his health than maintaining it
and if he dies it'll be a lot harder catching a new one when you're 50 or 60.


Any femcels here Anonymous 14730[Reply]

>Whats stopping you from not being a femcel

For me its not like there aren't any guys that are into me it's just that its hard for me to connect socially with people.
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Anonymous 37866

This is true, the only times I've not been depressed is when I've been loved and in a relationship. It really is like the childhood light returns.

Anonymous 38128

Femcel is a state of mind: deep inside you feel like a loser and you think no man would appreciate your company.

Anonymous 40061

For what it's worth, skinny liberal men and men who are distance runners would probably be more likely to be sub or switch. Just going off of my experience.

Anonymous 40147

>skinny liberal men
Yeah probably, going off of the soyboy cuck blacked memes
>long distance runners
wot ?? explain

Anonymous 40150

Distance runners and boys into sports that don't make them skinnyfit instead of the typical "big-muscle-physique" are often doting, a little insecure, and more willing to be subs.


Anonymous 40114[Reply]

why do i hate my own gender so much
pic unrelated, it isn't jealousy..because I know I am beautiful, but so are like a million others girls and anyones beauty doesn't mean lack of the others.
I am super fem..so why do girls just..piss me off. I want to like women more, have more female friends. But it's just so hard.
And this isn't 'not like other girls', cuz again im super girly nd shit…
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Anonymous 40138

women hate me even thru the internet..this is actually super funny.

Anonymous 40139


Hahaha, we're going full schizo here! GOOD
I percieve some weird posts in threads all the time too.

Anonymous 40140

queen bee.jpg


nah, i know girls irl who think the same way. op just needs some self-awareness instilled in her.

Anonymous 40141


Same, anon

Like, I don't wanna say OP is for sure a larper, but god damn if this doesn't reek of something a larper would say if they were one

Anonymous 40148

Look, if you're really female: We're not hating you. Due to actual male trolls on Crystal Cafe, some of us are just overly suspicious of anyone who sounds like they could be a male pretending to be a girl "for the lulz".


Vent Thread Anonymous 38741[Reply]

A thread for getting things off your chest, say what's on your mind, organize your thoughts, anything goes.
We reached bump limit. Old thread: >>35766
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Anonymous 40049

can't they make your appointment a bit sooner for something as serious as this?

Anonymous 40053

I hate it that seeing attempted rape or rape in media makes me act strange and on edge. I have been raped numerous times and in many different ways and I'm embarrassed to tell my boyfriend why I get suddenly non-affectionate after we watch certain shows together. I feel like I should be over reacting this way and that I'm pathetic for being so affected by a reenactment. I am afraid he will want to not continue watching or whatever else, I just wish he understood I can't stand being touched or near another person when I see what is supposed to be "rape".

It's also embarrassing that I get this way over certain themes. Like it's been so hard for me to learn to trust in this relationship because of my past relationships, and then if I watch something where people are lying or hiding secrets from each other, it makes me paranoid again of my boyfriend. I wish I could enjoy normal media without it slapping me in the face and yelling at me that I'm stupid for trusting even though I've seen time and time again my boyfriend can be trusted.

Any help is appreciated though this is a vent thread.

Anonymous 40056

I don't have much help to offer on the bf situation since i still don't trust people, but just wanted to say that it's not really overreacting anon. It's quite common to be triggered by media after what you went through, some people can't function after sensing a specific, normal smell that reminds them of the trauma for example. Give yourself some empathy because you're doing good, you're not being pathetic at all.

Anonymous 40081

I had to make the appointment over call and I was getting some mean vibes from the woman who was writing me up. For context, I'm about 99% sure it's vulvar melanoma, but I didn't want to act like a smartass, so I just described my issue and they kept treating me like I had HPV. There's only one gynecologist in my town, and there's like 5k women living here, so I can't do much, but wait as of now.
It was kind of hurtful, but I have never been one to file complaints or make a scene. We'll see what happens.

Anonymous 40146


I promise you anon, time really does heal all wounds
It's normal to feel like this after a couple months, soon itll all go away


Dreams Thread OP 1096[Reply]

This is a thread where you can post all your dreams you have and maybe discuss it with other anons. I don't know where else to post it on here so here goes:

I had a strange dream last night that I can't quite understand. I usually have dreams that foretells of future events or just random dreams that are made up of the thoughts I had the night before so this one is unusual even by my own standards.

>for some reason im in a jail cell serving 5 months for disrespecting a officer

>im sharing a jail cell with some guy, which is weird because im pretty sure mixed sex jails don't exist in my county
>he's nice to me and we end up being friends
>i get out one month early for good behavior
>while im walking out of jail i think "i can see how this fucks up people now. it makes you more antisocial [???]"
>the police officer who pressed charges on me calls me to his office and says he released me early because im 17 and i shouldn't be serving 5 months in jail anyway (im 19 in real life)
>i try to get to my house but i end up bumping into my cellmates jogging outside with a drill instructor
>i leave to use the public restroom and two prisoners end up following me in there
>one of the prisoners was my old cellmate. wtf

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 40050

I've been having these strange dreams where I can feel something following me around my neighborhood but can't run away from it. It feels so creepy because I can recognize these places but they feel slightly off. And then when I wake up my body feels heavy and I don't know what's happening.

Anonymous 40065

>strange dreams where I can feel something following me around my neighborhood
>and then when I wake up my body feels heavy and I don't know what's happening
Might I suggest some new bedroom decor? Maybe a titanium door that seals from the outside? Some barred windows? Maybe reinforcing your walls, ceiling, and floor?

Anonymous 40094

i just woke up from a weird ass dream where there was a new seasonal anime about demon hunters in this one high school and the main villain was this sephiroth looking moid

Anonymous 40143

Yesterday morning I dreamed of having my period. I woke up at 4am without any stains and ended up preventing an accident.

Anonymous 40145

I just dreamed I was invited to Eurofurence. Oh dear.


Dealing with aging Anonymous 36[Reply]

I'm in my late 20s and now I miss being younger and more naive and feel like I lost my opportunity to have cute stereotypically female experiences. I mingle with much younger people sometimes due to shared hobbies (weeb stuff) and I realize that I feel way too old for it (and them). It makes me feel bitter about missing out on all the fun stuff because I feel like I wasted my entire youth being depressed and anxious. I really dread becoming even older.
77 posts and 14 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 38180

It's time to become a wine aunt.

Anonymous 38181

>the male model vs. the balding janitor

Anonymous 38183

I think a lot of it is true. A lot of my classmates look like they’re in their 40s at 30. Buuuut like you said, a lot of it is drinking/smoking/partying. Hard to say.

Anonymous 38188

>recently mistaken for a 14-year-old
Happens to me in my mid 20s too, but it makes me feel very uncomfortable for some reason

Anonymous 40144

he's objectively handsome but this is /crystalcafe/ where you must deny such things.


Dating General Anonymous 29416[Reply]

I didn't know if there was one or if you ladies care. So I made one anyway.

Dating General is for asking questions and or advice, sharing experiences, telling stories and so on
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Anonymous 40102

how's that hard to decide? both A and B will almost certainly lead to drama and heartbreak
or is that what you're looking for

Anonymous 40104

C is the only option here.

Anonymous 40107

Well then, C it is, thx for helping me decide.

Anonymous 40109

I've got a friend who's like that, he's not very attractive though since he has no experience with women and just can't into sexual situations at all, like he doesn't flirt and gets really uncomfortable when he knows someone is attracted to him. I swear he's probably ace or something since I've never seen him express any sexual interest in anything fictional or real

Anonymous 40111

A. A guy's personality can improve but his looks can't.


Help me cope with grooming Anonymous 39999[Reply]

Hello everyone
This is my first time posting on /feels/ and im glad CC is such a warm and supportive community because I can post sensitive topics.
I was groomed online and i dont know how to cope with it. It all started when I was 11, my mom let me have a facebook account (she controle it) and since I've always been a weeb I joined a group of anime lovers. Some dude added me and we started to chat frecuently, he was 5 years older than me and by time we became friends. But when i was 13 I "fell in love" with him, and he took adventage of that. In that time he was 18 and he asked me for nude pictures. I agreed and after that night everything became worse because we kept exchanging lewd messages for other three years. I knew something was wrong at 16 and blocked him on all social media, and deleted my facebook.
I feel so sick by just thinking I satisfied a pedophile's desaires without even knowing, i just pretended he was my boyfriend.
Tl;dr: I was groomed and i need advice, so please help girls ;_;

Also my mom stopped controlling my facebook when I hit purberty so she doesnt know.
27 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 40087

Imagine thinking grooming a 13 year old is ok

Where the fuck are you from where they have no problem with this anon

Anonymous 40091

Don't respond, it's obvi a pathetic no-life moid trying to get attention.

Anonymous 40092

Imagine being ok with a freshman in college fucking a middle schooler

Anonymous 40095

>its normal and reasonable to feel distrust towards men now
while this statement is true, you always need to be aware of danger, its important to remember that you're in control now. don't let this fear and paranoia run your life.

Anonymous 40101

Thank you girls for the support :( i had less trouble sleeping last night but thats only because i was too exhausted for thinking
I live in south america so even though im 18 it would be really expensive to have a therapist
I dont know if I want a boyfriend right now, or at least one irl. If I already feel bad about having those pictures up irl imagine how i'd feel if I lost my virginity to someone who doesnt want me after that


girl discord Anonymous 39978[Reply]

Anyone want to be in a female only discord. I don't have many female friends.

Stuff that'd be fun that I like:
Anime, art, video games, etc.
7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 40071

im 21 and i love jrpgs.. I'm interested in joining!!

Anonymous 40073

https://[[read the rules]]/a8GtBR
Let me know if this doesn’t work!! I’m not too familiar with discord haha.

Anonymous 40074

The link just has d i s c o r d . g g removed but it’s with that without spaces.

Also it’s name is GirlsNightOut for now

Anonymous 40090


Anonymous 40093

thank :)


Anonymous 38304[Reply]

Has it happened to you?
92 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 39929

I've been 5'8 since I was 10, this thread is so weird. Its such a weird, isolating, experience that has left me feeling all fucked up about my body for forever now. Literally cursed lmao.

Anonymous 39946

bruh I zoomed up to 5ft 5 before I was 11 and stayed there, not as dramatic as yours but mogging even the guys in elementary was something. Plus I was a fat kid, should have bullied kids. I am not pretending that I know what you have been through regardless.

Must have been weird to be taller than most people ever get before you were 10, but it’s better than having been a midget.

Anonymous 39948

Just so that I understand that right as a dumb ESLfag, do you mean that being treated like an adult and being expected to act more mature at a too young age resulted in tall anons feeling uncomfortable with being seen as sexy, resulting in them being so obsessed with wanting to be small and cute instead?

Anonymous 40035

>know how to cook, clean, do laundry/dishes by myself
Gee whiz, do you know how to go potty all by yourself as well?
What a catch you are!

Anonymous 40042

>crystal.cafe is a female-oriented community. Comments from male users are not desired. If you state your gender in your comment or post in an otherwise identifiable manner, bait, or thirst-post, you will be banned and your comment will be deleted. Encouraging male posters by responding may result in a temporary ban.

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