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cute romantic fantasies Anonymous 49622[Reply]

does anyone here daydream extensively about an ideal boyfriend to do romantic things with? like going on picnics, road trips, cuddling on the couch, relaxing on the beach or going to the movies. i'd be interested in hearing other people's visualizations of their perfect date with their perfect guy.

Anonymous 49626

Lord Alfred Dougla…

kinda but with dead people
>Lord Alfred Douglas with his brother Francis Douglas

Anonymous 49634

Might be the depression or poorly hidden masochism, but I honestly have daydreamed of a divorce. First I dream of a stable marriage with romantic moments but then it breaks down or abruptly ends in cheating, death or worse. I don’t allow myself daydreams of romance without a healthy dose of negativity.

Anonymous 49673

I don't think that's depression. It's just a recognition of the fact that men are incapable of lasting love. I likewise daydream about finding love, but then my future ex-husband inevitably cheats on me because he is a porn-sick diseased male animal, and then I put him out of his misery (male lives are not worth living.)

Anonymous 49855

I daydream about romantic fantasies constantly to give me some false sense of oxytocin, but my mind can't help but sabotage them in some emotional masochism too lol

Anonymous 49860

I wonder what guys fantasize about. Some guy confessed to me that he daydreamed I had a terminal illness and he would stay by my side nursing me. I don't know how to react to this lol.


Vent thread Anonymous 49241[Reply]

last thread was >>46828
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Anonymous 49848


Anonymous 49849


i could talk about myself for hours
but i don't want ppl to think i'm full of myself (even tho i 100% am)

Anonymous 49850

no talk me angy.jp…

Ok I exaggerated I don't hate all men I know only a few of them are shitty but ughhhhh
all the men I know are shitty. where do I meet decent men? not for dating I just want male friends who aren't weird perverts
I'm moderately good-looking, and I can't go outside dressed up without gross old men catcalling me or getting uncomfortably near
I just hate the objectification. like my whole existence should revolve around pleasing men. fuck that
She replied to me, not u

Anonymous 49858

He might still resent you for lying about it, and is bringing it up specifically to punish you because he knows it makes you uncomfortable.
How long has it been since you told him?

Anonymous 49859

>all the men I know are shitty. where do I meet decent men?
What country/region are you in? Local culture can play a big part.


has ANYONE here cured their autism? And how? thank xoxo Anonymous 49784[Reply]

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Anonymous 49796

It would be really nice to perform social interactions at the level of effort that non-autists. To connect with others easily, to feel like 'one of the girls'. To not be looked down on like a 'pet' by people, or understand social things like sarcasm, and social cues, and just be seen as more of an adult.

Are you saying that you want to stay that way? Do you think 'iz a sooperpowr :)'

Anonymous 49799


>she didn't learn how to perfectly mask her autism after years of trial and error

Anonymous 49829

trial and error is a very painful process anon, if you have successfully graduated from autism you have my admiration

Anonymous 49833

It was a genuine question.

There is no real guide to masking because it's a very long process even for those who start very young. Either way, it won't change anything but your ability to blend in, and in the end you might find that's not really worth the effort even when you've learnt it. I certainly did not, the effort itself never goes away and only exhausts you from ever doing anything you may actually find worthwhile.

I don't believe autism is a superpower, rather that where nts have the opportunity to master multiple skills or areas of life, autists only have one. Which one is up to you, and if masking your way into nt life is it, then I have no less doubt you can succeed than with anything else.

Anonymous 49857

It is very exhausting to blend in, it's at least nice to hear another femsperg admit it. I hope it's worth it. I love people deep down, just being in their presence, not even saying anything. Maybe that sounds weird. Do you think you just don't care about being around people, so socializing feels like more of a chore? And I also do not get why you think autists can do many things at once.


Anonymous 49821[Reply]

Thoughts on men with no social media presence?

Anonymous 49823

doesn't change shit to me, he's still a coombrain

Anonymous 49830


i dont really have a presence myself so i can't judge, but if he at least doesnt have a snapchat, discord, or SOME form of messaging… its a little weird?

Anonymous 49834

We would be the perfect match.

Anonymous 49856

closet serial killer


Anonymous 49768[Reply]

I'm feeling guilty because my crush (and also friend) sent me a text during a psychotic episode that was kind of embarrassing for them understandably. They just apologized for a bunch of meaningless things like running into me whilst they were travelling or not holding a door open for me. And now I can't find myself attracted to him anymore. Should I feel bad? I don't know.
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Anonymous 49825

Going against the grain here, but please don't quit on a guy because he shows a rare moment of humility. Sure he may have overdone it but at least he's fundamentally capable of it. Your feeling of disgust will be temporary but the slow-burn regret of ditching a decent moid for petty reasons could hang around for a long time.

Anonymous 49837

You shouldn't feel bad if you feel less attracted, but I wouldn't completely cut him off over a harmless-sounding text. Ask him about what he sent and see how he responds. If you're feeling confident make it clear to him that you were put off by what he sent. People just have bad days and act out of character sometimes. If you jump the gun and your feelings return you'll 100% feel bad.

Anonymous 49841


>Assuming you want an actual man in your life and not a punching bag
What if both?

Anonymous 49852

The fucking cope lmao

Anonymous 49854



collecting dolls Anonymous 49786[Reply]

I am 22 and want to start collecting dolls like barbies and what not. They are beautiful and think it'd be fun to have. I just feel like a child for wanting to do this and know society would shame me for this. Should I say f society and go through with it?
6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 49812

Just do it.
But just buy one first and see if you would like more after a few weeks or so. Certain kind of dolls ain't cheap!

Anonymous 49839

i mean its not like Society is going to barge into your house and point at your collection and laugh, do whatever makes you happy! join some facebook groups or something, doll collecting is actually a fairly popular hobby

Anonymous 49847

An image of those pop whatever figures and a mildly overweight late 20s Moid appeared in my mind

Anonymous 49851

some dolls are well made and look nice on a shelf, but funko pops are trash.

Anonymous 49853

You do you, anon. I wouldn't buy loads of them in one go though. After a few weeks you might feel differently, especially since some of them can get pricy.


College/Uni feels Anonymous 10[Reply]

Share the good, the bad, and hell of pursuing a degree. Whether it be living in a dorm with a horrible roommate, classes kicking your ass, or something happening relating to school that has filled you with joy.
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Anonymous 49764

best of luck anon!

Anonymous 49835

First lecture in 6 months, over webcam.

I think I might have a panic attack, there will be only a few students and the professor and the whole thing in foreign language I haven’t spoken out loud since high school.
What can I do to ease this horrid anxiety? Honestly thinking of skipping class and dropping the course before it even began.

Anonymous 49836

Go to the lecture but brush up on the language a bit beforehand. If you have to speak and can’t, pretend your microphone or connection aren’t working.

Anonymous 49843

I went, didn’t need to speak. The anticipation is always the worst though feels like the life was drained out of me during the lecture. Damn stress hormones!

Anonymous 49844

Glad to hear it went well :)


Autistic girl's smile Anonymous 49759[Reply]

I used to know this autistic girl back in middle school.

She had a strange smile. It was unlike anything I'd ever seen.
And it wasn't really ineffable why. It was strange for some scientific reasons.
I couldn't articulate it at the time, but I'd never really forget about it.
Years later, I think I've kind of put it together.

The look on her face made it look like emotions were some kind of foreign object instead of something that was inherently a part of her.

It's like she acknowledged that "laughing" was a thing that existed, and that it made her feel good, but "she" wasn't the one laughing.
She looked like part of her was feeling the positive emotions, and the other half of her was acknowledging that feeling positive emotions was a thing. Sometimes she tried to reel it in, sometimes she just let it loose. But she never looked like it was an inherent part of her being.

It was part of her, but it was totally compartmentalized.

This image is the closest thing I've ever found that represented what it looked like.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 49780

Offtopic but who is going to smile when they are getting a picture taken at the doctor's for something acne related. Men expect women to smile in the most ridiculous situations.

Anonymous 49781



Yeah I think we're the same in that blending in with the humans is more complicated lmao…I used to watch Netflix shows and try to pick up the facial expressions there, and started to get it a little better. And same with the autism suggestions from professionals.

Definitely labelling doesn't always help, especially when autistic girls don't get treated the same or taken seriously. It's possible to 'become human', it will just take a lot longer for girls like us.

Anonymous 49782

Only Crystal Cafe could take a thread about autistic smiling and turn it into complaining about scrotes kkkkk

Anonymous 49783

I can do it very natural but I'm fairly high functioning and I've been practicing it since early high school. I think many high-functioning people just don't bother because it earns you little to nothing in the end.

Anonymous 49824


b-but scrotes are, like, 50% of the population, it's impossible to not complain about them when the numbers are so high

>Is looking serious all the time an autism thing?
it can go both ways i think. either very serious or making dumb facial expressions all the time bc no social skillz.

>watch Netflix shows and try to pick up the facial expressions there
so this is why my counselor recommended me to watch people's expressions/reactions and imitate them… she knew i've got the 'tismo


Anonymous 49674[Reply]

What's your favorite thing to do when you're drunk and alone?
The answers I find on Google are male-oriented.
8 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 49751

Watch funny videos because I will think they are much funnier, read about conspiracy theories and play games.

Anonymous 49753

watch stuff that i find funny when sober because it's even funnier that way. i always watch out not to get too drunk so i dont have any other fun things to list

Anonymous 49763

Oh I love Finnish arson simulator!

Anonymous 49785

When I get drunk enough I watch concert videos or sometimes movies. Something about being alone and drunk and having the audio play through headphones makes it more immersive to me like I’m there kek. also based op pic the blahaj soft toy shark has unironically changed my life

Anonymous 49813


Watch comfy videos of fall drives or so, and then cry myself to sleep since it is very unlikely that I will ever experience riding those parkways that I like.
Something about being drunk really makes me appreciate nature at a whole new level.

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