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Anonymous Admin 49939[Reply]

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/vent/ Anonymous 109995[Reply]

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Anonymous 110174

there's actual women here but you can't tell since there's lots of trannies mixed in

Anonymous 110175

meant to reply to >>110169

Anonymous 110176

I don't give a fuck tbh, I just came in to laugh a little bit at the shit the "femcels" write.

TFD btw

Anonymous 110178

I'm NEETing at the moment because I told myself I'd go on a gap year after passing the medical board examinations. I fucking regret it and I wish I was out there doing something. The grass is greener on the other side though because my friends who are in residency hate every second of it and are doing a minimum of 108 hour weeks. I hate being a doctor here. There's no money in it unless you're a nepo baby inheriting a practice or a hospital. I want to kms.

Anonymous 110180

That should’ve been your first indicator that he’s retarded. Either he genuinely lets that inhibit his life or he thinks people are retarded enough to accept his retarded answer


Social Anxiety Disorder/Agoraphobia thread Anonymous 101071[Reply]

Imageboards attract us like flies so i made this thread so we can feel less lonely, here's some questions to get it going
>How is your life right now
>Do you go outside?
>Any friends or company?
>What do you do to cope with it
>Share a highlight from your life
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Anonymous 109569

i feel embarrassed to say but, tinder.
i know most men’s intention on dating apps is not to start a serious relationship but i guess i just got lucky. also at the time of meeting him i had a roommate and a job where i had to talk to people.. so i was better with communicating w others/was kinda forced to do so. but yeah.

our first “date” was just chillin at his place watching a movie so it wasn’t overwhelming.
he actually wanted to wait until we were official to sleep together. there’s still hope

Anonymous 110132

>How is your life right now
not too good
>Do you go outside?
if i have to
>Any friends or company?
>What do you do to cope with it
>Share a highlight from your life
not sure

Anonymous 110133

>How is your life right now
These last few weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster for me. I feel mentally ill. I'm used to having little to nothing new or exciting in my life and now that I have tons I don't know how to react.
>Do you go outside?
I found a job recently. Other than that, I only go outside to buy stuff or for a doctor's visit.
>Any friends or company?
Only the slightest company of my coworkers. Thankfully they're super nice and supportive.
>Share a highlight from your life
not a positive one but I got tired of being an anxious mess and took a psychoactive pill I know nothing about, just for the heck of it. I got super tired and nearly crashed my car, lol.

Anonymous 110135

>How is your life right now
Rough but improving. I've got some interviews for a job. However, I'm struggling making friends at college because everyone's so closed off.
>Do you go outside?
I go to uni. I take a 2 hour walk once a day and go to the gym three times a week.
>Any friends or company?
Kind of? I have one guy from college that I talk to, but I suspect I've done something wrong, but I don't know what, and now I think he's trying to ghost me. There's a simp I talk to from counter-strike, but I simply suspect he's trying to get as much info as possible out of me so he can dox me. He keep's pushing for face pics and won't respect my boundaries. I keep him around because he sometimes says vaguely entertaining things.
>What do you do to cope with it
Imageboards are my opiate. Also like a little vidya and ASMR.
>Share a highlight from your life
got into top-tier uni but rejected it due to inadequate financial aid

Anonymous 110179

congrats on your job interviews.
question,, do you fear others looking at you while on your walks or at the gym? how do you manage your social anxiety going to packed places like uni and the gym? i feel like there's so much going on all around at both


People with motivation are blessed and privileged. No matter what background. Anonymous 109641[Reply]

People who find this planet motivating nowadays are just stuck in a fantasy illusion someone built up around them all their lives. I'm seriously tired of hearing that theres something wrong with me because i never had that delusion from the beginning.

90% of the time work is some form of wageslavery that fucks you or amounts to 60 years of theft you never get back. Most people cannot even afford homes or childcare nowadays.

Only men truly benefit from work and have a fulfilling experience from it because they're bolstered and motivated by delusional male power fantasies and fantasies of patriarchal rape /burn it all capitalism. A fantasy thst disproportionately rewards them and celebrates them.

Women always end up getting nothing but hate and shit on when they attain real things in life that arent pregnancy. Or they stagnate in wage slavery. All because anythimg else would taking away from the male power fantasy. They're dragged down in a spotlight and destroyed by drama way more often. So we should have motivation to do what exactly ??????????????

When scrotes open their mouths about the "reward" of work this is the deepest vilest most dishonest lie they use.

Women who gain nothing from shitstain male delusion in real life do not share any of the same benefits nor motivation because they know they will be left behind or conned somewhere; dragged down or doxxed somewhere. they know theyll actually gain nothing from the hard work that only benefits if you if you're blessed with the horse shit male power fantasies to get you there and accepted. The males that don't have fantasy delusion also lose a staggering amount from work, the same way.

Why do we never call out this insane lie??

The worst possible thing about it to me is hearing that you can climb out of systematic psychological ruin/ depression/ passivity/ feminization/ through wage slavery. That anything related to work will get you out of a rut.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 110177


Anonymous 110016[Reply]

Is it okay to hate your so's stupid whore exes? I think it should be
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Anonymous 110130

You shouldn't be with a moid with stupid whore exes to begin with.

Anonymous 110141

"if you ever ever had a single girlfriend or two before you're an used object and should be thrown into the trash" posts like >>110019 sound 100% like a parody of maleposting you should take your meds "nonas"

Anonymous 110143

If it's just one or two, it's pretty okay. When the body count approaches 10 though… it means the person can't keep their shit attention span focused on one "love" interest for longer than two minutes and will forget about you the moment you part ways. They will use you to kill time or lower the horniness particle levels in their body. No attachment, no significance given to your interactions. You will be as cherished and appreciated as a cheap fleshlight.

Anonymous 110165

If I'm a virgin, he better be. Simple as.

Anonymous 110166

>"if you ever ever had a single girlfriend or two before you're an used object and should be thrown into the trash"
This but unironically.


The guilt is unbearable Anonymous 110052[Reply]

Anons I posted about a mutual friend to another female imageboard (you know the one) and I recently found out that they frequent that site. I feel bad because if they find the post they'll know it's me. I sent an email to the mod team asking to take my post down but no reply. I'm scared anons. What should I do?
13 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 110137

That's what ya get for being friends with snowflake activists. I wouldn't care to lose friends who care more about a slur directed at a shit person than that person's shitty actions.

Anonymous 110160


Well well well, if it isn't the consequences of my actions.

Anonymous 110162

What happened?

Anonymous 110163

Oh, nothing. I was shitting on the OP.

Anonymous 110164


learn from your mistakes, be a better person going forward. Apologize sincerely, but only one time, and most importantly GET BETTER FRIENDS THAT YOU ACTUALLY RESPECT.


Anonymous 109487[Reply]

I've never been catcalled. I'm pretty. Why?
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Anonymous 110003

I think it's a compliment. Means I am not ugly as fuck.
(Never been catcalled)

Anonymous 110107


On the internet it's a different story but I've noticed men IRL are intimidated by me. I'm not especially imposing, and though pretty mediocre looking, I've seen uglier girls harassed. it's my vibe. I have an aura that's scary to men. This is one of the few things I actually like about myself, and when men do harass me I have nary a problem telling them to fuck off.

Anonymous 110110

Based I wish I could scare men like that

Anonymous 110123

Your morphology is just excessive technology. You have been stripped of sociological stress. Your unconscious mind is likely OOP. You're just autistic as your biological fields. Do you even have a soul, universal cadaver? I hail you to service.

Anonymous 110136

My main downside is that the type of moids who do see me as harassable are the worst of the worst. It's a double edged sword. The fifth dimension spergery does not stop them all


Unsent letters Anonymous 2119[Reply]

Ever wanted to give someone a piece of your mind but you know you'd just regret it? Post in here and get it off your chest.
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Anonymous 108543


what we have is just a memory. you gotta remember that… i think part of you knows that. its been 2 years since we met and 8 months since we last saw eachother. you're literally living with someone you met right after we broke up and moved in after 2 months… clearly you are lost and codependent. The illusion you have of me being the "love of your life" is literally from the first 4 months of us dating… I was kind of a kid then, 21 , and now i'm about to be in my mid 20s… a whole ass grown woman. I think I remind you of that time, a time when you were happy, before you graduated and the stress of Real Life hit you. But after those 4 months you were suffocating to me- constantly texting, its like you couldnt live without met. And yet, i put up with it because I loved u, and u still broke up with me. then u hit me up months later and i gave you a chance again. then you said we could never be together. a week later you were with her.

Now, 8 months later, you unblock to text me that I changed your life, i am your soulmate, that you are unhappy with her etc… that's bullshit. you don't even know me anymore. you're just lost. You did change my life, i agree with you. but i dont think in the same way i changed urs. you made me realize at the end of the day im the only one whos gonna have my back.

even if we were to run into eachother again i don't even think there'd be anything to talk about. that makes me sad, but atp its almost 2 years of conflict vs the 5 months of relative happiness we had. you've never been alone, a serial monogamist, and you have no identity… and that's not my problem.

Anonymous 108770

Dear R,
While I still think of you sometimes, I'm glad that your memory is slowly fading in my mind. I was exhausted constantly thinking about all my missteps and where I went wrong in our now-ended friendship when in reality it was probably just shitty from the start.

You can continue to make up stories and whine about my relationship choices but at the end of the day, you took some scrote's side over me first, not the other way around. And you still chose to be petty and make a mountain out of a hill of an issue. Sure I can still be mad while still realizing it's over now.

I hope your cat ran away to a better home that doesn't hoard them like you did,

Anonymous 109288

At this point I will never, ever show signs of it to you again or even acknowledged it to anyone but myself, but you have completely wrecked me emotionally. I don't fucking understand why you would keep up the charade for so long if it meant nothing to you. Even going as far as to claim that I was the only person you opened up to. What on Earth did you gain from this? You have made one of my worse social fears come true! I still can't even bring myself to hate you even though my trust is ruined, and it was already so low. I am already so socially isolated, this feels like the final nail in the coffin. My last connection severed, making me even more paranoid in the process. You didn't even remember my birthday! I wish I never mailed you those gifts, I wish I never even thought about you in the first place. I wish we never even met. Liar.

Anonymous 109357

I'm sorry.

Anonymous 110131

I feel like I used to be so free when I was with you. You laughed and teased me when I made mistakes, but now you tell me that you are disappointed and even get angry at me and tell me if I messed up that it's upto me. I feel like I used to talk about every single paranoid thoughts I had everytime I imagined that something bad happened and you were patient and reassured me and told me that things are okay, but now you get extremely angry at me and accuse me of being a drama queen. I'm feeling weird because I actually feel that thibgs are so weird between us these days, and I can't even find the courage to talk to you because you get so upset and constantly tell me that I'm making you feel ashamed and guilty when in reality I JUST WANT TO FUCKING TALK that I'm feeling bad because of how thibgs between us are. I'm honestly worried whether things used to be different and you've changed or whether I'm just imagining that you used to be more accepting of me and my problems. I really hope that what I remember is true, and I desperately wish that things go back to how it was, but these days I'm honestly scared to even make mistakes around you without you screaming at me, or to talk about my feelings and worries that you're uoset about something I did because you accuse me of starting a drama if I did. You make me feel so bad and ask me to be grateful for just being decent for a day and it's honestly confusing. You think just being decent is enough to make me feel comfortable around you? You've been making me walk on eggshells for almost a year now and I'm struggling to lower my guard and relax around you. I'm feeling depressed that I'm now scared of something I loved and it honestly makes me think whether I actually loved a lie all this time.


Anonymous 106960[Reply]

I don't want to be a lesbian

Growing up I used to watch lot of half naked women, especially watch those American music songs despite not knowing any English. I watched over and over the parts which especiallu focused on women's butts and boobs. At 11 years old I discovered porn and soon it was lesbian porn only. At that time I didn't know what homosexuality is and didn't take it in that way.

Later in life I started to dream about family and having kids, but I never wanted guy to be in the picture or I imagined myself as the father. I have dated twice and the both have been internet relationships with a guy. I did love them as a person but that's it. I don't find men attractive at all, there are some good-looking men but they are good-looking only with clothing on. As soon thats away, I find the slighly repulsive.

I have tried to watch some neutral videos related to homosexuality, but I can't just accept it. Even semi normal ones from 70s and 80s where homosexuals tell their experiences around that time but I can't accept it. I feel sick, I feel like I am mentally ill and damaged for liking women this way.

I have tried to cure myself, change myself but I always come back to this. Women are too beautiful, attractive and sexy. I cannot stop lusting after women, if a woman outside walks past me and she is wearing reveling clothing I cannot look away. All my dreams include some kind of contanct with women. I even dreamed about going abroad to a lesbian bar.

But I don't want to be this way, I feel wrong, bad, damaged, not good. I feel terrible human for having these feelings. I feel like a bad person for wanting family without father figure, watching pornography for the whole purpose of seeing naked women. I feel like a coomer is watching girls. I don't want to live this way. I tried to seek God and looked into Christianity but my impure thoughts didn't go anywhere.

When I looked into Christianity, I found out about adelphoiesis and started to dream about that. I would really want to be in that kind of relationship with a beautiful woman. I feel sick of thinking like that. I wish I was normal, like everyone else.Everyone knew I was lesbian before I knew. They would insult that or other LGBT people would be with me and try to get to know because they thought I was one of them.

I am sorry if this was rude post for some people but I wanted to share my thoughts because you cannot Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
119 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 109244

On the topic of sexual fluidity and the normality of lesbian orientation. There is evidence that most trans women experience changes in sexual orientation. Mostly, "lesbians" became bisexual, and bisexuals were less attracted to women on HRT. FTMs showed a smaller change. Moreover, a significant part of ftm is gay, despite testosterone.There is evidence that the brain is feminized on HRT. There is also evidence that transgender people have disorders in the prenatal period in sexual differentiation. I don't consider trans women to be women, but maybe a broken hypothalamus is enough to cause sexual fluidity?

Anonymous 109297

Ayrt and half of the links are about murder too. It was in response to posts like >>109057 .

Anonymous 109308

>The idea that you can't choose who you love is one of THE MOST retarded things I've ever heard
Can you fall in love with a given person on command? Is that what you're saying? I'd be interested to hear YOUR definition of love.
>no one with a proper mother and father figure becomes gay
I would describe my father and mother as proper father and mother figures and I'm still bisexual. Pretty much everyone has some kind of trauma.
There's nothing wrong with any of what you want. the only thing about you that you should focus on changing is your self loathing. Yeah, kids probably do benefit from having a father and a mother but almost no one grows up in a picture perfect family anyways and most of us turn out pretty okay. I don't see a family with same sex parents as being better or worse than a family with a single parent raising them alone, or a family where grandparents or aunts and uncles have to take on the roles or parents. Lots of hetero parents end up seriously damaging their children so I don't see any reason that two well intentioned women shouldn't be given a chance to raise a child. They can't do worse than some straights have done.

Anonymous 109332

There are many women with absolutely terrible childhoods and they remain straight. If this is the result of Stockholm syndrome, then with treatment, sexuality should become healthier and a person should be liberated. Still, it's not just life experience that affects.

Anonymous 110126

"I will also show that excitability has a greater daily effect on men's sexual desire than on men's sexual desire, for reasons related to women's hormonal cycles. related to female hormonal cycles. If we consider these factors together, the factors indicate that women's daily sexual desires should be more flexible and changeable than men's. The second phenomenon associated with female sexual variability is the "disorientation" of romantic love. Although we usually assume. that sexual orientation directs people's romantic feelings along the same path as their sexual desires. sexual desires, this is not the case. On the contrary, what we know about the evolutionary origin and neurobiological mechanisms of romantic love suggests that it (1) functions independently of sexual desire, having other biological bases; (2) can develop even in the absence of sexual desire; and (3) does not have an "orientation" in the same the same as sexuality. As a result Thanks to these features, we can fall in love with someone without feeling affection for them, even if this person does not match our sexual orientation. sexual orientation. The third phenomenon associated with female sexual variability is the connection between romantic love and sexual desire. the connection between romantic love and sexual desire. This connection allows you to start with strong platonic (i.e. non-sexual) feelings of love, non-sexual) feelings of love for another person, and sometimes new and unexpected sexual desires.
The third phenomenon associated with female sexual variability is the connection between romantic love and sexual desire. This connection allows you to start with strong platonic (that is, non-sexual) feelings of love for another person, and as a result experience new and unexpected sexual desires for him, non-sexual) feelings of love for another person, and as a result, sometimes new and unexpected sexual desires for this person arise. This is because love and desire, despite being separate processes, nevertheless have strong cultural, psychological and neurobiological links between them. One experience can contribute to another. We all know that sexual desire can turn into romantic love, but the opposite can also happen: romantic love can lead to sexual desire. Given this two-way connection between love and desire, we can to develop sexual desire for a person of the "wrong sex", just like we do we can fall in love with a person of the wrong sex. Such atypical desires may be lPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Anonymous 109747[Reply]

I want friends lol
3 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 109990

Does wanting to unalive yourself count?

Anonymous 109991

this isn't tiktok

Anonymous 109993

I want to unalienable myself too but no it doesn't

Anonymous 109994

Fucking autocorrection, now everyone knows I'm a phone poster

Anonymous 110122

Why isn't the video in OP playing?

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