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Vent thread Anonymous 103830[Reply]

Old thread hit the limit
Tell us about your problems, nona
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Anonymous 104239

i spend all my money buying expensive clothes makeup hair bags but its all pointless because i have no friends to go out with and im scared to go out by myself. i wish i could be one of the social girls who go to parties with their friends. i have no idea why people say “university is the best 4 years of your life” because all i do is sit alone at home after class. im in my 2nd year and nothing has changed

Anonymous 104240

There's a very cute boy in uni. I caught him staring at me the first day of class and we locked eyes once in class; he sits a few rows in front of me. I try my best not to stare at him but I like to think he sneaks glances at me sometimes. He makes class a bit more interesting

Anonymous 104245

Congrats, you are a certified Karen corpohomo regime enabler! 22 social credits have been deposited to your biometric ID chip. We at shlomocorp know it is a hard decision to sell out your fellow people, so we hope these points will encourage you to continue offering your fealty to US.

Anonymous 104246

Taxpayers are the real retards. They enable governments to waste money

Anonymous 104259



Thanks. However I do feel the issue goes beyond mediocrity since I mentioned:

>My only wish was to live averagely yet I can't even manage averagely doing or averagely having any of those.

It is hard to explain, but somehow I feel like a being with no thought process, not a single thing or person that ties or grounds me anywhere, no tangible way to have made myself even slightly dissimilar at least in the way everybody else is. I think back to Will Smith's quote (And yes say what you want about him, but it's a good quote) "If you're not making someone else's life better, then you're wasting your time. Your life will become better by making other lives better." I suppose, then, that it's impact I feel like I need. I'm all about pragmatism, so living a pointless life is a huge no. I decided not to go to a prestigous uni, because "didn't need it". I decided I'm not interested in the idea of fame and celebrityhood, because "didn't need it". I decided not to pursue any job choice where my true passions lay because I staunchly believe that passion is overrated and professionally detrimental in its own way. However, I have nothing to show in any other way either. In not being incompetent, in being a charismatic person even if just BS'ing (Which people still care more about that someone that tries to not be seen or heard),

>I'm just a background character in someone's else movie

This is how I've always lived as well. I will surely go out like I was never even alive at all. The only reason I don't an hero is BECAUSE it doesn't make a difference.

>That's rough nona. It's normal (I think) to feel like you've "failed" every now and again, that feeling kicks us into action and prevents complacency; it seems like you're aware of this which is good. I'm sorry your mother is using you as an emotional punching bag.
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girl (platonic) friend thread Anonymous 104231[Reply]

how are nonas finding friends??

i'm really struggling to find likeminded girl (platonic) friendships… ive been a shutin for a long time due to the demands of my course load, but i would really love to try and put myself out there and find friends again.

the friends i have, which are mostly long distance (i've moved around a lot) or online, are nice. we engage in a lot of chats ab common interests, hobbies, views on the world etc. but i found that some often pander to moids and they don't seem to be fully aware of how damaging the patriarchy is. like they haven't woke up to it yet / or ready to accept the gravity of it yet.

so as a result i often get painted as "sexist" lol (as if thats possible)/ or i end up just keeping my mouth shut on topics and being passive. i feel like as a result, i cant really build authentic friendships bc my value system is such a large part of who i am.

i think bc of abuse and my experience w moids, i also associate girls w my value systems/similar opinions on moids as safe.

i've tried bumble friends, discord, and more. im in a radfem server at the moment, but theres troons in there. & i'm in another cc related disord server - which is the safest one i've been able to find. but would really love to try and connect w more nonas..

how are yall making girl friends? or dealing w the lack of friends??
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Anonymous 104234

thanks nona. its hard bc even if potential friends reply here i'll be so suspicious that they are moids. there is no safe place for us anymore

Anonymous 104242

In a similar boat nona. Thus may be weird, but Reddi.

Anonymous 104248

Going full politics early on in any type of relationship won't get you anything. I'd even say it's a redflag for most people since normies would try to minimize controversy. That's why they blend into mainstream opinions even though it'd be not their real opinion they hold on certain topics. It looks like you're sabotaging yourself

Anonymous 104256

thats a bold assumption to make.
not that i need to explain myself but: i have really good political/educational boundaries. i dont impose them on others and i dont engage in any religious, political or social/political chat in any early relationship.
most of what i mentioned was observations. & any time i do go to say anything or painted as "sexist" as i mentioned, im talking ab experiences ive had from deeper friendships where i have given my opinion. most of the time i am passive, i dont speak up on my views, i keep my "mouth shut" as i mentioned.
my point of the post is that.. i found as relationships progress, it becomes a problem later on bc my value system / and beliefs on feminism are very central to me.

Anonymous 104258

damn nona i feel you. wish there was a way to reach you and connect.


Relationship General #3 Anonymous 97456[Reply]

Questions, experiences, advice, venting, about romance, love, potential partners.
Old thread reached bump limit: >>84469
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Anonymous 104214

Scrotes don't deserve honesty, they should be grateful if we speak to them at all considering we risk being MURDERED just by being near them, I think they can learn to deal with us sometimes saying whatever it takes to protect our own lives.

Anonymous 104244

Even my psychologist told me it wasn't such a big deal lmao disregarded.

btw I was away from him and hadn't seen him in a few days. It isn't about the relationship not being "intense enough".

Yes, it wasn't a big deal after all, he was very emotional right away when i told him but then we was way more rationable abput it and forgave me. I told him I would plan on kms if I couldn't be with him and also other unrelated bad feelings I've been on lately and he was very reassuring, he's a good guy really.

>He is not responsible for, and cannot improve, her mental health; only she can do that.
this is also very real and he's very supporting on me getting better.

Anonymous 104247

I'm sick of my husband wearing headphones all day and acting like he can't hear me. This has been going on for years now and has only increased since he bought some better pair. I have a soft voice that seems difficult for most people to understand to begin with, so frequently repeating myself is not new to me. It's beyond frustrating how much I have to repeat myself, or giveup on what I'm trying to say entirely. And what is he even listening to, anything with audio you could easily hear out of a phone or PC speaker anyway. But mainly the most mindnumbing youtube junk and some really shitty podcasts. Seriously I've looked into some of these I don't see how you can get any entertainment out of this garbage much less for hours. And this apparently is more important to him than maintaining normally functioning communication with his spouse. The way I get ignored so much honestly hurts my feelings and I've told him that but he acts like it's no big deal. I suspect he may be trying to avoid me on purpose. I don't use headphones so much but I've tried doing the same thing to him a few times to see how he would react. And well if I did that all the time we would probably not talk much at all bc he seems fine with it. Seems like I'm almost always the one trying to even start a conversation. Anyway Idk what to do but I want it to stop. I thought of throwing the stupid things away but I know he would just buy more. Don't get me wrong I think listening to headphones is fine just not all damn day. Is there even anything I can do?

Anonymous 104253

This sounds awful, did he do this even before you got married? I don't want to judge you but I'm judginng a bit.
Is he autistic or something?
I think this male is a little bad to begin with, so I'm proposing something YOU would ave to bother doing, but remember what you want to say to him and take advantage of when he's not using the headphones to tell him stuff, maybe when you're having breakfast or dinner.
Also try to bring it up in conversation again and be emphatic about it bothering you a lot and making you not feel loved or appreciated.

Overall this is a very bad trait this person has and I'm sorry he's your HUSBAND.

Anonymous 104255

I suspect he's autistic or adhd or something not formally diagnosed. He's always been abnormally quiet around everyone, I don't think shy just not interested in others. Didn't seem like this around when we were first dating but now I wonder if he was putting on an act or something. The headphones thing came up in the past few years. He's always just zoned out a lot and says he's just thinking. When I can actually get him into a conversation though he's easygoing and friendly. I just can't figure out what I have to do to reliably get his attention since he seems to be in his own world most of the time. Even when we do something together like playing a game he's usually like this.


careers with larger female workforces? Anonymous 104233[Reply]

hello nonas! i was wondering if anyone had some advice on what sort of jobs/careers in ur experience tend to have more women. i work part time while studying but im finding through work and placement that my field is mostly moids. i work better and im much more comfortable around other women so its a big consideration for me. obviously no one field is gonna be moidless but if u work in a certain field and/or are studying something that u see a lot of other women in then please share!

Anonymous 104235

i feel you nona! its hard to find moidless jobs, the ones i had that tend to be more woman focused were in the health fields. worked at a termination clinic / sexual health clinic for women. gyno offices. and womens hospitals. they were really nice environments, and even although at times there would be moid doctors - they preferred to hire females! i would mostly just do administration or intake! hope that helps!

Anonymous 104236

thank u sm! <3 it probably makes sense to look in those sorts of places. i wish so many jobs werent dominated by undeserving moids but alas.

Anonymous 104243

I think stuff like that should be secondary and that such notions are honestly a bit childish. Try to do something you enjoy regardless of who else is there.


Bad weather friends Anonymous 104241[Reply]

We all know about fairweather friends, but what about the opposite? I have a friend (irl) who thrives on taking care of people and as a result is constantly overwhelmed with everything. I try not to bother her when I'm dealing with anything so as to not add to her load, but I noticed that she's never as interested in me as when some shit is up. And I'm the same way, if someone's about to break up their relationship or dealing with drama I'm way more motivated to talk to them compared to receiving good news and yass kweening them. Why are we like that


Is this Napoleon syndrome? Anonymous 104218[Reply]

I was hanging out with my one of my friends and her guy friend, whom I’ve never met before, came to talk to us. This one guy is very seemingly confident and was talking about how many “bitches” he gets and how much of a player he is. He also loves calling women ugly, especially those who have the audacity of being attracted to him though he is short and quite unfortunate looking himself.

I’ve never met a man with such a huge ego. Sometimes I want to burst his bubble but I’m sure someone in life will do that for him one day.
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 104223

Idk if it's Napoleon syndrome, but I have noticed that time and time again, really short men have anger issues. And I mean, bad anger issues. I don't know if it's 'society' making them feel like they have to turn into dicks or what, but they have always been the most vicious and vindictive men on the planet.

Anonymous 104224

Well, reached this point, I'd say that resentment is a HUGE factor when it comes to the rise of reactionary ideologies as well as hatred towards women, not to be a moid defender, but a little innocent 12 year old child doesn't turn into a monster once he's an adult for no reason, same way a nona in here doesn't become jaded and man-hating for no reason.

It's much like dialectic materialism, but with gender, dialectical genderism/sexism? Men and Women have different reproductive goals, and reproductive instincits control such a big part of our behaviours and culture, the distinct goals and wants clash together, and the result is what we get…

Anonymous 104226

NTA in your particular case, but Napoleon syndrome as a clinical disorder is a myth.

>In 2007, a study by the University of Central Lancashire concluded that the Napoleon complex is a myth, described in terms of the theory that shorter men are more aggressive to dominate those who are taller than they are. The study discovered that short men were less likely to lose their temper than men of average height. The experiment involved subjects dueling each other with sticks, with one subject deliberately rapping the other's knuckles. Heart monitors revealed that the taller men were more likely to lose their tempers and hit back. University of Central Lancashire lecturer Mike Eslea commented that "when people see a short man being aggressive, they are likely to think it is due to his size, simply because that attribute is obvious and grabs their attention".[7]

Anonymous 104227

Doesn't matter. The sight of a little impotent short scrote throwing a temper tantrum is just so much more believable.

Anonymous 104237

Honestly, at this point any psychological study that reaches interesting or counterintuitive conclusions is highly suspicious. Fraud seems too common.


moid hate thread Anonymous 85163[Reply]

doesn’t have to be about your boyfriend. I just hate fucking men at this point.

>everyone of them has failed me

>any moid I’ve dated either had a rape kink, or raped me
>porn/hentai addiction
>used me for my body
>always had an alternative motive
>manipulated me into insanity
>abused me if I didn’t do anything they wanted
>even my own dad has failed me

I have no fucking hope in this world.
280 posts and 41 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 104154

Men are aware that many of their thoughts and behavior patterns are undesirable, so they temporarily conceal these to secure a relationship. It’s very plausible he’s no longer restraining himself because he believes he has you trapped. What did he start doing after the marriage? Did you notice any signs that he hiding his true nature beforehand? You can confront him about the way he’s acting, but it is unlikely to result in him reacting well and fixing his behavior. It might be good for you to consult a divorce lawyer. Many of them will offer the consult free of charge if finances are a concern.

Anonymous 104164

stop using emojis tourist.

Anonymous 104167

Moids change regardless of weight gain. Moids only like the chase, when they "own"the woman, they find it boring.

Anonymous 104169

Males who are “interested” in evopsych have to be the most annoying people on the planet.

Anonymous 104225


if that ain't the truth…


Weddings Anonymous 56056[Reply]

Do you want to get married?
If so, what's your dream wedding?
Who would you invite?
What wedding dress would you wear?
What theme would you do?
28 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 104065

Congratulations nona! How is your wedding going to be? I think it's fate that your post is still here and getting fulfilled!

Anonymous 104130

Yay! Congrats!

Anonymous 104131


I never want to get married ever but if I had to choose a wedding dress it'd be a pretty coloured one with flowers and lace on it or something

Anonymous 104142

>family names means colonialism and eugenics
two years late but that's the most retarded take i've ever read on here probably

Anonymous 104215

i got married at the courthouse a few months ago because i'm so anxious about planning a wedding. my job before covid was wedding planning so i know how much of a shit show/expense it is. i still want to have one because the only time you see everyone you love is baptisms/marriages/funerals. but fuck! it's so expensive. and my husband has a different cultural background than me so i have to figure out how to incorporate two ceremonies/outfits/music/food aHHHHHHHH. and i am very bad at dancing i do not want this documented


Hikki/NEET Diaries Anonymous 23206[Reply]

I wanted to make a thread to blogpost about being a Hikikiomori or a NEET, mainly to be able to talk about how you're progressing and to help with accountability.

I've tried journalling for a long time but I always fall off because it feels pointless to write long pages to myself that no one will ever read.

Post ITT: How your day has been, woes of being a neet/hikki, things you've achieved lately, your fears, and goals.
396 posts and 164 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 104150

I'm still very thankful for your encouragement. I'm >>101070 and I just wanted to let you know that I managed to get my bachelor's degree. I honestly never imagined that I would make it so far! I'm going to start my master's soon. Thank you again for the kind words! They really helped me a lot. Lots of love!

Anonymous 104192

I don't feel human anymore.
I wish I wasn't alone.

Anonymous 104195


Been feeling lonely especially this year which is annoying because people suck and I don’t like feeling the need to be around them. I’ve slowly been bringing my weed usage down which has made me feel more like an adult (lol).

I’ve been editing videos for my YouTube channel lately which has been a fun project, and it’s been something I can obsess over which helps pass the time. It’s not a successful channel but it’s mine and I’m proud of it. Maybe one day I’ll have a little following

Anonymous 104196

Cool! What's your channel? Or if you don't want to say, could you say what type of videos you make?

Anonymous 104198

I’d prefer not to say, what with all the trolls around here ugh. But I do content about video games and board games that I like! It’s a good way to channel all of my useless knowledge into creating something that I can be proud of

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