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Anonymous Admin 68356[Reply]

I've been seeing users requesting more general/containment threads on /feels/. Please leave your suggestions here.
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Anonymous 71239

Wish there was just a standalone relationship board too. There are too many kinds of relationships and relationship issues to stick in thread. I think it would be nice if people just made individual posts of their own so they could get proper attention and feedback for their question or problem. Threads just instantly bury whatever important thing a person has to say.

Anonymous 71795


This. Keep them at a minimum and only introduce them when something very specific gets posted very often.

Anonymous 72508

honestly I'd rather not. those threads are always very boring and we all know an entire relationship board would draw in moids by the 1000s.


Anonymous Admin 49939[Reply]

Do not make threads about the following topics or you will be banned:

- Race/Ethnicity/Nationality (including stereotypes & preferences)
- Religion
- (Why) do guys…
- (Why) do you like guys who [insert preference here]
- (Why) do guys like [insert preference here]
- how to get a bf/gf (who does xyz)
- Any fetish/kink talk

If you want to talk about Radfem/TERF/Gendercritical themes, do not make a new thread. Post in the existing threads on /b/ and keep discussion civil.

Use the catalog.


Bf hate thread Anonymous 76424[Reply]

Post reasons or stories why you hate your SO. I’ll go first
>ask bf to help me take out trash because he hasn’t done it in a few days and now the can is too heavy for me and I have to take out another bag because he’s let it pile up
>”I knew you were gonna nag me about that”
>I want to bash his head in. I didn’t nag him I asked for help and if you knew I was gonna say something. WHY WOULDNT YOU TAKE IT OUT YOU FILTHY PIG.
Anyways your turn <3
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Anonymous 79938

my current bf's really good with this stuff, but i had some exes that were completely shithouse

Anonymous 80138

When I want my boyfriend to comfort me, he critiques me instead or he’ll make it all about him and how he’s actually more upset and has it way worse. Why are men like this? When I’ve had female friends they had no problem comforting me. I won’t tell him what’s wrong anymore in fear of being criticized or told how it’s my fault. I’m shell of myself anymore nonas. I can’t even leave cause it’s just not finical feasible. There’s no way to afford an apartment or anything by yourself anymore.

Anonymous 80139

Can you move back with your parents for a bit? Or into a share house?

Have you tried talking to him about it?

Anonymous 80140

I don’t really have parents at least not ones that care enough to help. There’s no shared housing and I don’t really have friends anymore. So like today I was worried about paying rent and that turned into how I need to grow up and my teenage years are over. I tell him that’s really not helping and I just wanted to be comforted. To which he said I am comforting you but life’s hard. Idk belittling how I act doesn’t feel very comforting

Anonymous 80143

if we ever get to the topic of my depression and suicidal thoughts and that i find it unsettling if i ever were to become manic again etc. he has said several times "how could you think about doing something like that to me?" ……… why am i now comforting you when i'm talking about my feelings and worries

i'm at the point where i'm wondering if men are capable of feeling real empathy


Vent Thread Anonymous 79488[Reply]

Previous: >>>/feels/77420
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Anonymous 80133


You are really clever wow, as if you know anything about islam or any other religion. I bet you study so hard a topic to be able to open your dick mouth.
Because of people like you most of women hide their religion on internet. Go pray for porn now, your only religion.

Daily reminder for any religious women (or not): this MAN is a really retarded so from now let’s ignore this brainwashed moid.

Anonymous 80134

Also know better the meaning of ramadan. Even I know.

Anonymous 80135

My vent is as a woman from an absolutely misogynistic muslim by the book family i get discouraged when i see anons posting the shit above my post defending it and calling pointing it out a reddit moment. Ignorance is bliss i guess. Hating a religion for having really strict rules treating women as less than trash is a moid thing now? Westerners are weird, I guess it only matters if its happening to them.

Anonymous 80137

It's about dishing out the most lukewarm, trite, overdone "criticism" of an entire belief system when all I (OP) wanted was to vent on the absolute fucking state of my ED.
>ooga booga le cosmic entity you believe in diddled me in my no no place. This is why your shit's all retarded and stuff
You wanna delve deeper into the misogyny of nafri/ME societies, be my guest. It's literally babby's first existential dilemma the moment any muslim nona develops self awreness. Some women solve the dilemma by leaving the religion/society (valid), others huff endless barrels of copium about how Islam treated women better than pagan Arabia did (brave), and others ignore the existential question entirely like I do (stunning AND brave).

Anonymous 80142

i don’t think it’s a lukewarm take, fasting used to fuel my ed and its one of the first rituals i dropped growing up sooo genuinely the only solution to fight it is drop it till you recover at least. Also its very natural for a woman to have that reaction to a misogynistic belief system that acts like the female face and hair is the equivalent of a fucking asshole that should be covered, anons defend it because the perception they have of someone who would diss it is a white american moid when that’s not the case. It’s a huge religion like you said, therefore there are million of women who fucking despise it but are unheard because that’s racism!1!1!1 intolerance!1!1 it’s cringe. You should be able to hate on any religions really without the place turning into twitter policing people’s takes, but suddenly it does when islam is mentioned? The religion that has a whole country of origin and that country didn’t allow women to drive till like… 3-4 years ago? Lol. Even you actively try to ignore the bad weird shit so why are you surprised? Clown world fr


describe your perfect life to me Anonymous 53170[Reply]

be as fantastical and dreamy as you want, i am just curious about the ways other people want to live.
pic's from her shim cheong
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Anonymous 76584

Because I want to matter to someone.

Anonymous 76586

that sounds very sweet and i hope you both get there one day. i love living near the sea but would love to be able to wake up and see it from a window

Anonymous 80123


I would love to live in the woods with a bunch of other women who are romantically/sexually avoidant like me. We could have our own little commune and do our daily chores and then at night we would all get together to do something fun like watch a movie on a projector or bake something yummy or have a game night. We wouldn't have to feel lonely anymore or like there was something wrong with us for growing old and not having a partner or hookup or whatever. Maybe have a couple of cats around too.

Anonymous 80125

I want a simple life, alone. maybe in the country side or something like that. I’d still like access to the internet and technology because I love doing digital art. I don’t live alone so anything that would allow me to be alone would be nice

Anonymous 80136

Sounds like you want to be a nun without the religious part and exploitation. I wish there were communities like this.


advice / help Anonymous 80026[Reply]

this might be long, but i rly need advice on something that has basically consumed my life for the last few years. any help or anything would be appreciated, i've never told anybody about anything regarding this so i hope this will also be cathartic for me

ill start at the beginning: for basically my entire childhood up until like middle school, i had a really good relationship with my dad. we would basically never argue or fight or anything (most of the time, there were some times where i would act up and he would do stuff like make me look for orphanages in a phonebook because he said he would put me up for adoption), i did okay in school but got in trouble once in a while, things were basically just peachy. until i started puberty. it started with little things, like he would yell at me over random things, get really agitated, and started slapping/hitting me in my face as well as threatening to spank me. it was really gradual, taking place from when i was like 12 up to when i was around 16-17. things got worse and worse, to the point where it went from i was always happy around him to i would actively dread being around him. the older i got, the more he liked to touch and hit me as well. in 8th/9th grade, my grades were slipping pretty badly and i was getting in trouble at school a lot, and it got to the point where basically every day he would force me to sit on the couch so he and my mom could yell at me until i cry, then send me to my room to do nothing but homework until i fell asleep. if i ever tried to talk back to him or even try arguing with him, he wouldnt hesitate to just stand up and hit me and scream at me at the top of his lungs.

in like 8th grade, i was given a school therapist for something like adhd/depression/anxiety (its been so long, i cant remember exactly) and it felt like i could finally open up to someone about how i felt while being, in her words, "completely confidential" (didn't really have any friends, and it's not like its easy to open up to other ppl in middle school). i told her that i didnt like how my parents would find any excuse to be mad and yell at me and i missed how my relationship with my dad was when i was a kid. the therapist seemed like she actually wanted to find solutions and help me, so after the first session with her i felt pretty awesome about the future. i never ended up having a second session with her for reasons unknown, and it turns out she immediately told my parents what i told herPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 80040

reaching out to your sister and getting a job with no prerequisites seems the easiest way to have some progress in the immediate time.

for the long run, study. study to have an okay job, doesn't mean become rich, just enough to be independant one day.

until then try to open up to people you can trust and talk again to your sister, if you're too shy to open up to her you don't have to talk about it in the very beginning. maybe just normal conversations, then ask why she cut off with your parents, and one day open up when you feel comfortable.

but you absolutely need to find one person you can trust and start working for your independance.

Anonymous 80041

and yeah if you can report the therapist, she's a dumb ass who doesn't even respect her obligations

Anonymous 80107

ive actually been trying language learning stuff recently! im trying to learn german, so we'll see if that gets me anywhere ig

ill try that, its pretty difficult though since i live in the middle of nowhere (like 5 houses within 2 miles) and i dont use social media or anything like that.

my situation with my sister is like… really weird. i feel like i was basically always just 'annoying little sister' and then she moved out and we haven't spoken since, along with her moving a few states away. she has 2 kids and is married now, so idk if i would want to bring her back into this whole situation

i would definitely, but this was when i was in like 7th-8th grade (so like 8-9 yrs ago) so i have no clue who she was

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 80113

That's really disgusting of your dad OP, I'm sorry.
If you learn German I think it would be a good idea to consider moving to Germany. I moved recently and while looking for jobs I would see tons of customer service jobs that you can do at entry level with no degree, even from home. There's also always demand for workers in shops and stores, delivery services, and warehouses like amazon. So some jobs have minimal interactions with people You can live here just fine with min wage.

Anonymous 80122

Your dad is a sick deluded animal. Absolutely sick and mental. Your mom is too. All you have to do to stop being socially inept is to get out of the house. I really recommend working to lift your spirits everyday and save money to split !! You don't have to have many skills to work in a shop or at a cash register. Trust me is the only thing that will save you is confidence you can get past going outside and working outside. Jesus christ don't talk to yourself that way. You HAVE to start working outside the house or you will stay in that hell with those pigs forever.


Anonymous 80108[Reply]

>wifi on the ferry doesn't allow 4chan
>Have to post on crystal café in stead

How's it going ladies?

Anonymous 80110

Hi ferry lady. I am procrastinating. It would be so nice to pause time and not be stressed about life.

Anonymous 80111

You can relax when you're dead
Get to work


Long Distance Relationships Anonymous 44204[Reply]

Thread to discuss Long Distance Relationships. The struggles, the pros… meeting the person for the first time… meeting them for the 50th time… vent both sad and happy things. LDRs can be quite a challenge but it's the right thing for some people.
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Anonymous 79933

Nona, he's doing the sexual equivalent of monkey branching. If he wanted a relationship, he would not wait 2 years or flirting without even trying to meet up for something more serious. It's not that hard to talk to someone everyday online (even if some scrotes act like it is). I concur with the other nona, he's just using you for a lay. He almost definitely is doing this with other girls online.

Anonymous 79937

Yeah, I'm trying to be nice about it but there is almost no way that guy isn't expecting some action if he knows he's coming over so I'm wondering what the point is even of hanging out to begin with. I wonder he's pressuring her or something.

Anonymous 80050

Has anyone here broken off an LDR because of loneliness?

Anonymous 80056

I feel slightly pressured like I already said yes. I’m just gonna ghost him and not answer. Sighh just another night spent alone

Anonymous 80109

How do I get over an LDR that ended over a year ago?
Nothing bad happened: no cheating or creepiness etc, I wasn't able to be there for him when he needed me most
I can't think of anything else on the daily and everyone else I meet pales in comparison


why Anonymous 78489[Reply]

i try to listen to him and know him better but the only questions he asks me are a way to test me. he never asks about what i enjoy and what i know, when he asks me a question its about something he already knows to see if i know it as well. its like a fucking quizz. and when i try to talk about my hobbies its useless. when i talk he chats with someone else. i ask questions, im genuinely interested about him, his opinions, what he likes but he just DOES NOT. its like im a fucking robot to him. im just like hey im a person i want to know you and i want you to know me. but no, he wont give me that and when i think maybe i shouldnt wait for him to try, it doesnt work because he doesnt listen and eventually goes off to do something else. WHY? he's nice in everything else, EVERYTHING. but when it comes to act like im a human he's OFF. WHY
42 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 80097

then i still dont get what standards i should have anyway

i'm a male because i want my relationship to work???

Anonymous 80098

does it ever occur to you that maybe i want to believe in him because i love him ? because i have, maybe, romantic feelings for this man, that i dont want to give up on yet ?

Anonymous 80099

You're really pathetic if you aren't a larping man

Anonymous 80100

okay sure, have a good day

Anonymous 80101

o males. ..

on here..

that wood make it easier, idk.

i guess even online feel like prey for wrong guys, i see the female kid pradatar convictd on reddit or sum, fraid of other girls too i think idk

idk if guys fraid if girls either, or mayb I will always fraid of guys

what guy interests these days


Tall girls feels (tgf) thread Anonymous 78646[Reply]

A thread for all the tgf
>clothes don't fit right
>don't actually look like a model unless I have a BMI below 16
>never get asked out by guys
>see all my petite friends get asked out all the time
>height is always a target for bullying
>cannot wear sneakers or high heels without looking like an NBA player
>automatically get chosen for sports teams, which I don't like
4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 78657

Any tips on dressing? Do you wear sneakers/high heels? And what kind of guys were they?

Anonymous 78662

Thanks, but it's not all that's cracked up to be. At best guys will ignore your height, but no guy ever said they wanted a tall girl. Looking good - models are already naturally very pretty. In reality a tall girl with an average face looks more masc than if she was petite.

Anonymous 78668

Nta but there are a lot of men who are into tall girls or even prefer them. Some are fetishists and into submission so I get if that's not your thing, but others have a more "wholesome" interest in tall women as well. They also say it would give them tall children which seems very important to them. I've seen guys say they would not marry or have kids with a short woman because they don't want to have short kids.
I think times are changing in terms of preferences and there is someone for everyone way more than before.
Also, I'm not bashing on short girls here. I'm short myself.
I don't doubt you have your problems too as a tall girl though nona and I didn't mean to derail your vent thread, just to put this out there to make someone's day a bit better.

Anonymous 78677

I don't really make myself available to men by dressing to show off my legs or keeping to flats. I pretty much always wear sneakers with a good deal of lift and tend to wear men's clothes for work. A couple of men have just asked me out while on the street, so I assume they're the kind of 'shotgun approach' guys desperate for interaction with women, but I don't think any others have been weird fetishists or anything.

Anonymous 78688

>guys have asked me out
Were they bottom of the barrel types or very tall (taller than you) and attractive? Were any of them good?

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