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Vent thread Anonymous 97484[Reply]

For vents that don't deserve their own thread
Old thread reached bump limit: >>95169
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Anonymous 99293

when you get a new hairdresser, just say "I'm autistic and I don't like small talk"

Anonymous 99304


Don't ever befriend or date normies, worst mistake of my life. They are cruel creatures.

Anonymous 99307


They really are. They stand me up even when agreeing to go together somewhere, just look at their phone and always completely ignore me when I say something to them (One of them keeps talking to me but still proceeds to ignore me for some reason. It's weird.). Some of them look at me uncomfortably when I didn't even do anything. I am fairly certainly they're laughing behind my back because they'd be the types to do so. Even the ones I haven't interacted even once with before seem to know my name too well.

By the way, they make inappropriate sexual jokes and curse in public not realizing that Japanese people can understand more English than they let on. lmao When we were at a sushi restaurant, one of them was saying "Fuck" loudly and then tried to get me to say it, because they were laughing at me for not looking like someone who curses. Idiots.

Anonymous 99308

I wish o could just stop going online. You know they tell you that envy isn’t really a bad emotion. It’s supposed to guide you towards what you really want inside. My envy is just a another fragment from the large spectrum of regret and bitterness that im sliding across.

Anonymous 99309

It really is a hedgehog of a situation. All pesky spikes butting out and killing any chance of a breakthrough. I’m envious and could use that as a guiding beacon to find my way but im also so insecure and under-confident to pave my own way by myself without looking for external influence, mentorship, etc, but also also my ego is too large to accept outside mentorship in good conscience so really it’s just a big ball of plastered pubes. One big cum glop.


Long Distance Relationships Anonymous 44204[Reply]

Thread to discuss Long Distance Relationships. The struggles, the pros… meeting the person for the first time… meeting them for the 50th time… vent both sad and happy things. LDRs can be quite a challenge but it's the right thing for some people.
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Anonymous 97806

my bf and I sent in our application in may 2022 but I'm hoping to hear something later this year! I'm worried I messed something up too but hey it's nice to know we're not alone lol. Hopefully everything goes smoothly for you two!

Anonymous 97863

Yeah I heard that too smh. Aw good luck to you both too!:D.

Anonymous 99085

I don't usually post on here, but I feel like I'd be judged on LC more for it. I think I'm sort of accidentally rolling into a long distance relationship with a guy I met through 4chan (not via /soc/ or /r9k/). We sometimes have voice calls all day and I'm very quickly getting attached and it seems like he's getting attached too or maybe he's tricking me into becoming attached. We already talked about meeting up and going on a trip together. Plus he seems to sometimes imply that he'd be interested in marrying me. Idk if I'm just really naïve, because I've never been in a relationship before. I know guys will say that kind of stuff to trick girls into things, but he genuinely seems wholesome and not that kind of guy. He indulges me in my special interests and really gets into it too, which is very fun! He's also very handsome, kind and patient. Our morals and values line up very well, the religious stuff pretty much too. He's really a southern gentleman type.

Anonymous 99086

How did you meet?

Anonymous 99306


I am >>50704 and we are still dating. He's gotten a good job now that he'd like to keep for at least 2 years so I am starting to feel ok with the idea of moving there.

The 2 year wait time is scary though. I hope it works out for you folk. I am gonna visit him again at the end of the year and try to plan things from there.

I was thinking about getting a B2 Visa and staying 6 months but the next interview would be in october.


How to be approched? Anonymous 98622[Reply]

I work in pet hospistal and there is a guy that I REALLY like but we are in a different departments. I took a video of him and he realized. This time I don't want to do the first step bc that is not who I am no more. What can I do to get him to talk to me?
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Anonymous 99217

Just apologize and if you arent up to apologizing then try to spend time with him.

Too many people reject others because they fear being rejected themselves.

Anonymous 99263


congratulations for being a mommy bangmaid who is married to a useless moid
obviously larper. this thread has been infected by those disgusting moids on r9k thats why the terrible advice. i think the worst thing its that they dont even try to larp as us in a subtle way because they truly think that woman are not human. they think we are dumb enough to believe in that they are passive and thats why we have to do all the work. I genuinely hope that all those disgusting r9k 4chan men die

Anonymous 99264

2023-05-21 155023.…

Nta, yeah I saw that r9k thread too. Those Bateman wannabes like to post unhinged shit. When a poster is being racist, ableist, needlessly aggressive or simply can't be reasoned with, we should automatically report them for testicles.

Anonymous 99269

>larping as a woman is so easy
its the same mentality of these troons who think that simply making his frizzy hair grow is making he look more like a woman. we can always tell. nothing can hide the disease that is the chromosome y. not even wigs, makeup or "typing style". whats makes me feel better is that mostly of time these r9k poster no matter what they do on the internet they will always be sad and die alone.

Anonymous 99273

i saw those. men bragging about manipilating miners when in reality they get dogpiled on and told to kill themselves kek


Any nonas also struggle with OCD? Anonymous 99300[Reply]

I have obsessions about my health, harm coming to loved ones, ending up in jail, forms of relationship OCD, trans OCD, OCD about possibly having disgusting fetishes. My compulsions usually consist of Googling, checking, and reassurance-seeking.

Anonymous 99303

definitely can relate to all that you listed, i also have OCD and it's so intricately woven in my life it's just a fact i can never get rid of.
it's the first mental health issue i started struggling with and i absolutely hate it


moid hate thread Anonymous 85163[Reply]

doesn’t have to be about your boyfriend. I just hate fucking men at this point.

>everyone of them has failed me

>any moid I’ve dated either had a rape kink, or raped me
>porn/hentai addiction
>used me for my body
>always had an alternative motive
>manipulated me into insanity
>abused me if I didn’t do anything they wanted
>even my own dad has failed me

I have no fucking hope in this world.
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Anonymous 99272

My thoughts exactly whenever I hear normies say
>ugh… you gotta go outside and socialise
the only people I would meet in social events/places with a lot of poeple are the ones I wouldn't have much in common with. Not to mention the fact that going to a club/bar/party is the very opposite of what I'd consider to be fun. All the things I like doing are things that you do alone. If I were to find someone normal I feel like I would have to force myself to do things I hate doing to spend time with them. I did try to socialise, and go to places where people with similar interests would be. But all I ever acomplished was getting a panic attack.

Anonymous 99276

a guy with no friend is a guy who only has online friends, anonymous or otherwise, even worst.

Anonymous 99294

In Africa are people more or less horny than in the west?

Anonymous 99296

It's not the issue of people out there being more horny. It's the issue of most african countries being underdeveloped. Little more than 200 years ago it wasn't uncommon for people in Europe to have a lot of kids.
Developed countries see way less births than undeveloped ones because the approach changes. In the past you'd make as many kids as possible because chances were that some of them won't make it, and you'd want more labour. Now putting more resources into less kids makes more sense.

If Africa was more developed births wouls also slow down.

Anonymous 99302

you gave him a bj but you expected him not to touch you


Hikki/NEET Diaries Anonymous 23206[Reply]

I wanted to make a thread to blogpost about being a Hikikiomori or a NEET, mainly to be able to talk about how you're progressing and to help with accountability.

I've tried journalling for a long time but I always fall off because it feels pointless to write long pages to myself that no one will ever read.

Post ITT: How your day has been, woes of being a neet/hikki, things you've achieved lately, your fears, and goals.
345 posts and 158 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 96337

Im so jealous this is literally my dream

Anonymous 96371

I hope you have some money saved up and a good relationship with your family and friends in case shit hits the fan.

Anonymous 96553

good luck in the future, i believe in you!

Anonymous 99298

Normally I waste my days browsing the internet and watching shows but yesterday I randomly spent 2 hours researching about geology and it felt amazing to do something more productive after a long time. Now I feel like I should dedicate 1 hour everyday for random studying like that.

Anonymous 99299


what would be the point?
what interesting things would a hikki neet say? life is just an endless prison, i have more in common with my grandparents in the casket than with people my age, time just goes by and i got nothing to show for it but regrets, there is not a single time where I think i lived life wrong and that i screwed it all up


Relationship General #3 Anonymous 97456[Reply]

Questions, experiences, advice, venting, about romance, love, potential partners.
Old thread reached bump limit: >>84469
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Anonymous 99184

Maybe you should get discord and join him on the calls

Anonymous 99186

Anonymous 99206

I feel like my ex/fwb doesn't really have emotional connection to me despite it being him who suggested to stay friends. It doesn't seem like he hates me or anything but is just pretty indifferent and for him it doesn't matter if im present at his life or not. And I'm too scared to talk at out. It would be unwise to demand emotional connection from a person who doesn't have it in them, but in the end of the day doesn't being fwb imply platonic emotional connection? I really crave it tbh, but I guess it started dawning on me that he's not the best choice for such connection but it's so hard to connect with people and become friends that a part of me still wants to cling onto him despite all the indifference.

Anonymous 99275


My ex for some reason just now sent me a document I left at his house in the mail after five months of him not talking to me at all, should I try to suppress any thoughts of him that are now popping up or does this signify any possible chance of him talking to me again?

Anonymous 99297

What was the document? Was it something that you would need?


How to stop hating myself Anonymous 99191[Reply]

How did I not know this site existed earlier. I’ve been a 4chan creeper for some reason even though all the threads creep me the fuck out and any time I use female pronouns in a thread I make I get torn to shreds even if what I was saying made sense. Anyways so to what I wanted to vent about; I actually fucking hate myself and I don’t know how to change. I’ve been like this since I was a kid my therapist said it was something about my parents not really being there which makes sense but they tried so hard so I don’t blame them. But now I’m stuck with undying self hatred. Even after I was in therapy for a couple years I could get over all my other mental health issues but this one. I hate how I look how I act how I sit how I talk I hate all of it. I’m cringing at myself almost every moment of the day and I can’t stop. It’s like it’s become easier to hate myself than accept that maybe I am all that and people still don’t want to be in a relationship with me because if I accept that then I’ll never be in a relationship. I feel like if I keep hating myself and losing weight and working out until I puke or faint slapping on makeup to hide what I hate and wearing the most fashionable clothes I can put together then maybe one day I’ll be worthy of someone else’s love. Because without this self hatred the loneliness feels more permanent because in reality I can’t change myself and if nobody likes me that’s on me for being myself and I can throw another pity party. I know in the back of my mind I’m not ugly and I have a cool personality but that doesn’t feel like the truth for me considering for my entire life I’ve been telling myself the opposite. How do I hate myself less? I don’t like waking up every morning and looking in the mirror to point out everything I don’t like but it’s such a routine for me I can’t break it.

Anonymous 99192

>any time I use female pronouns in a thread I make I get torn to shreds even if what I was saying made sense
But English doesn't have first person female pronouns. You sound like a larper

Anonymous 99193

I manage it by imagining myself as a self-aware fictional character (I'm the protagonist of my own lifez everyone else is the protagonist of theirs) and reminding myself that self-hate is cliche and cringe. It shuts my inner voice up for a while.

Anonymous 99196

could be a quote lol? like
"she's X"

Anonymous 99253

The key to not hating yourself is to try the be a kind of person who you can admire. It looks like you're already trying hard enough by working out and such.

Another way to think of it is that going out of your way to hate on yourself that much is a bit narcissistic and excessive. Chances are, you're not THE WORST person in the world. You've probably never killed anyone, abused someone, etc. Be nicer to yourself and stop obsessing over yourself and perceived imperfections. Instead of directing all that energy inward to dunk on yourself, focus it to something outward like a hobby or volunteering.

Anonymous 99266

I have felt and still feel this way to some degree. Its a hard thing to deal with, like somewhere along the way in your life this mindset just latches on to your brain. It feels really bad and its paralyzing in a very strange way. It lulls you in by feeling like a safe thing. If you just clear your face up or lose weight then someone will just appear in your life. The reality is that its your own self hatred that paralyses you from getting in a relationship. I have seen couples of all ages that are just normal people. Not perfect not insanely hot just people that love and care for each other. You are a lot more normal than you think. Everyone is self conscious about aspects of themselves. Instead of looking at relationships like something you have to perfect yourself for look at it like finding someone that accepts what you hate about yourself. The hardest thing you have to do is learn to accept yourself and stop being so uptight. You're not perfect and you never will be but you can choose to be happy today. The world does not obsess about you as much as you think. You are free to live your life and be happy. Strive to be better but do not use as a means to hate yourself. You live with a self imposed burden that might as well be drowning you. Its hard but understand that its a process. It might help to throw yourself into something you're passionate about. Movies, music, a series something you can sink you mind into besides your own self hatred.


(un)official blogposting thread Anonymous 69765[Reply]

tell me about your day cc!
stories also welcome
104 posts and 24 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 99037

This might all sound like major psychosis, it’s not. I’ve really been cursed.

Anonymous 99052

i believe you. i'm going through a similar thing, but im not 100% sure if i've been cursed , i never believed or paid much mind to magic and i've dealt with psychosis before but i'm more and more inclined to believe every day i've been cursed. you arent alone, im sorry youre dealing with this, your post was really surprising to me because i also feel like ive opened a portal

Anonymous 99078

Got yelled at again this morning for something stupid. I just try to spend as much time out of the house as possible. Weekends suck.

Anonymous 99169


I was having a good day until my ex texted me. We broke up a long time ago and I told him that we aren't getting back together. I'm over him and I am 100xs happier without him, but him reaching out really turned my mood sour. I should probably just block him.

Anonymous 99261

I’m at a graduation and holy shit one speaker was so cringey.

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