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There's something wrong with me Anonymous 51985[Reply]

Just found out about BPD and I'm terrified how it just explains why I am the way I am to the t. Coincidentally enough I was about to seek out for therapy for the first time in my life. If my soon to be therapist dares to imply that I have it I'm gonna fucking kill myself.
>Also just realized that that sounds so fucking borderline haha haha wtf…

Anonymous 51986


Hoping for the best but I'll prematurely pour one out for you, anon. It's one of the worst PDs among them all and definitely in the worst cluster (B). Get that therapy to be certain, and my best advice (if true) is to stay in therapy no matter what, though obviously with a good therapist. Pic for good vibes.


confessions thread Anonymous 51270[Reply]

i tell my dentist that i floss regularly even though i dont
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Anonymous 51977

it should be expected for someone in a relationship not to watch porn or masturbate. it only rots your mind and makes you doubt your partners ability to please you, remember, porn is not real life. I wouldn't allow my boyfriend to watch porn either.

Anonymous 51978

Do you expect that in a relationship your boyfriend will never tell you to do anything?

Anonymous 51981


based, but looking at the stats, women in relationships actually watch more porn the longer they are into a relationship. no idea why though

i hate all alcohol except wine. i'll probably be the cool wine aunt if i don't kill myself by the time my little retarded brother has a child

Anonymous 51983

Het focused, but my theory: A lot of males probably get their partner to watch their preferred pornography (or lesser degenerate shit) to get them into it as a gateway or the mood. A lot of moids also have no idea how to turn on women, so they probably have to find their own pornography as well - furthermore I would also assume some women could feel pressured by their moid to find stuff he likes too.

Anonymous 51984

good lord guys, have some self respect.


Vent thread Anonymous 51005[Reply]

Last thread was >>49241
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Anonymous 51973


I moved out right before COVID and I still had no chance to find IRL friends because of how fucked things are.

I can't even find a job and it's been a full year because I am an immigrant and the whole country started hating my nation now… I see so much shittalk about my nation everywhere on the news and social media. I can't even truly learn the language yet because everything around is closed, so I am doing my best to learn it alone.

On top of that right before I moved a lot of friends whom I thought were friends ended up doing nothing but using silly me: I would help them out with anything, spend all of my time and energy listening to them just for them to end up turning their back on me the second it became possible. And my closest duo were talking shit about me the whole time and laughing at my problems.

Finding friends on internet turned into nothing but a disaster because it'd mostly be thristy scrotes who would be interested in you only if you are single, or would still hit on you even if you are taken. Or just people who can't handle conversation well, or huge timezone differences.

To make things short, I am out there feeling miserable because of the dumbest thing: my partner's friend kicked me out of his server where he would stream his movies and I didn't notice until that happened, but friend thinks it's nbd because I am with my partner IRL and we are not too close, but here I am, feeling like a complete shit and just wanting to do nothing but cry and go to sleep. I feel so stupid for feeling so sensitive over such thing.

I thought today would be good, but it started like shit. Went to a huge store so I could finally get limited edition ice cream, just to see that it got sold out and there are won't be any until next year. I also had to take care of my partner's panic attack because there were a lot of people.

I sound super whiny, but I also appreciate my old friends who are still with me and I cherish them, but their irl lives are very busy now, so they barely spend any time on social media so I can't spend time with them.

I just feel so lonely.

Anonymous 51974

> I feel so stupid for feeling so sensitive over such thing.

well, i would feel upset over it, too. friend could do with being a bit less callous.

Anonymous 51975

You must be Chinese. I feel you.
Things will get better just survive this mess.

Anonymous 51979

Stop having a stick up yours and I'm sure you'll be able to make one.

Anonymous 51982

Lockdown's still going strong in my area so that's not an option, sadly. I've been trying to join discord servers but it's a complete crapshoot especially in regards to making friends, I've pretty much had the experience that >>51973 had. I think I'll just keep trying, though. Can't hurt.

rule of rose.png

Anonymous 40676[Reply]

Tell me about your unrequited love. Can be platonic, romantic, etc.

I'm thinking of stopping giving a lot to one relationship that I don't think will bloom beyond a friendship due to her being very insecure to show affection back in the way I need. Kind of hard for me to get done though, so I'd like to read others thought processes through theirs and what it's like now for you (if it continued or ended).
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Anonymous 51858


I had a dream that I told my high school best friend about all my issues, the alcohol, the suicide thoughts. And he was so kind and caring. It was the first heart to heart I had with anyone in years.

I woke up and in the first few moments after realizing it was a dream I considered sending him a text to tell him about it. Then I remembered we have never been that close and since graduation we met maybe five times. I'm overcome by such a profound loneliness now and the weirdest thing is that my knee jerk reaction to that is to leave all our group chats and block all my real life friends to ignore the hurt.

Anonymous 51871

which streamers?

Anonymous 51952

It's okay everyone feels that way about Jerma.

Anonymous 51956

how’d you know

Anonymous 51980

It was either Jerma, Joel or Vinny. And Jerma was the most embarrassing option.


Anonymous 51737[Reply]

Why is it that women, especially pretty Stacy women, are cursed to have to date ugly moids?
Why is it common that you’ll see a 10/10 woman with a 2/10 man, but never the other way around? Stupid fucking men can be selective jerks and be picky about whatever woman they date, but pretty women have to date an ugly beast because “iT’s wHaT’s oN tHe InsiDE thAT cOuNtS”. It’s fucking bullshit and it makes me angry, just look at this pic for example (yes I know they’ve long broken up by now but still)
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Anonymous 51957


You find that greasy-haired fatty with public hairs for a beard “hot”?
Oh sweetie no.
And SSSNiperwolf isn’t ugly in the slightest. She is naturally pretty even without the makeup. Maybe if you spared just five minutes doing a google search on her instead of drooling over her fat slob of an ex-boyfriend, you would realize that.

Anonymous 51959

Those people dont enjoy their lives trust me. My mom when she got divorced has always been like this and she has always hated herself.

Dated ugly moids just for material well being, she always admitted to me she never liked them. My dad was good looking but sadly not good enough of a provider, his personality didnt satisfy the tastes of my mom either, he was lazy in her eyes she just had kids with him because she liked the genes I guess. I always thought he was ok, he was a nice person but whatever I ain't my mother. Thankfully one learns from all of this from the mistakes of one's parents, thats why I have good reliable frienships instead.

My mom will 100% die unhappy, I'm quite sure she knows this. The trophy woman lifestyle isn't fun, it's a mask, a societal role one plays to survive with more ease. Thats all but it doesnt bring personal fulfillment, its all a means to keep going without losing your societal class (middle class, high class, etc your material conditions).

Anonymous 51960

dude literally has liver spots, a bent up potato nose, and all the signs of fetal alcohol syndrome. what's wrong with you?

Anonymous 51962

That's not Dr. Drew isn't it?

Anonymous 51966

It’s a coping moid, I’m convinced anon.
Honestly if incels like these “silver foxes” so much why don’t they go out and sugar for them. Make some bank and get their prostate tickled lmao


Anonymous 51037[Reply]

Do any of you have good males in your lives that aren't family or partners? Like just friends. I'm a little frustrated because I've only had one guy who didn't try to make a move on me and he was good to me.
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Anonymous 51948

yeah my best friend is a guy he's super cool, i'd go hetero for him

Anonymous 51949

Why don't you then?

Anonymous 51950

i still like girls more

Anonymous 51964

I hope for your sake he's still single when you grow up, but I doubt it

Anonymous 51965


A few throughout my life have came and went. Usually they’re queer or severely autistic but their existence is a nice reminder that once moids don’t have this endless obsession (disgust or idolization) of pussy, they actually turn into decent human beings


Wearing your heart on your sleeve Anonymous 51930[Reply]

Is it better to hide your emotions/feeling or let them all out? (I mean not to cry in front of other people, hiding your hate or dislike towards some people etc.) I know it depends on the situation, but what do you think in general? Is it worth the relief of being open or is it foolish?

Anonymous 51931

Foolish. People will just take advantage of you and use them hiding their emotions to do it.

Anonymous 51933

This. Unless you're with someone you really trust and who cries in front of you too, just deal with your emotions privately. You can get the same relief without others around.
Also, when it comes to dealing with feelings of anger specifically, I think it's the mature thing to deal with that privately so you don't end up lashing out on people for petty things or blaming people for things they didn't do. Unless the individual you're with did something terrible and really is the cause for your anger, of course.

Anonymous 51935

Everything is a balance. If you just hide your emotions entirely from people they'll be able to tell you're refusing to connect with them. On the other hand, yeah, being unrepentant and open will get you fucked over or will make people sick of you. I try to modulate and be reasonable about my emotions, like, I'll cry in front of people, but I'll just be like 'yeah, i'm crying, give… give me a moment, ahah,' and be open about the reasons why without being… Y'know, aggressively emotional about it or going off on a tangent or anything. Always consider your own emotions stupid, imo, and just be open about talking about them that way, like 'yeah it's dumb, but…'

Anonymous 51955

Depends on the person ad if you are normalfag or not because who cares what society thinks of you when you do not care for it one itty bitty bit.

If people hate you for being emotionally open that is good it filters them from getting to know you it means they were trash anyway nothing of value was lost.

war groove 4.webm

feels webm thread? Anonymous 51946[Reply]

Anonymous 51947

feels 1.webm


About to have a breakdown Anonymous 51851[Reply]

Anonymous 51852


Anonymous 51854


if you’re gonna break, do it with style

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