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Terfposting #32 NLOG-binary Anonymous 235988

Anonymous 235989


Does anyone here know what the atmosphere for gay men is like in Thailand?

I have tried to look it up but having trouble finding what I am looking for. The reason why I am curious is because the Ladyboy thing is so prevalent there, and they are pretty much 99% HSTS, many of whom keep their penises intact and take less hormones so they continue functioning. Which leads me to believe there has to be a kind of homophobia going on there, you know the kind where gay men feel like their gay attraction is what makes them 'wrong' and it leads them to transition?

(not to mention that I can't imagine being a child growing up in an impoverished part of Southeast Asia, the sexual abuse must be off the charts there, not to mention sex trafficking.)

It just seems like a lot of TRAs use Thailand like some kind of paradise for MTFs, when I just can't shake the feeling that many of those Ladyboys would have preferred to stay as men if they hadn't been raised in a homophobic atmosphere.

I have met other SEA people who use "transgender" and "gay" as if they are synonymous, which is part of what sparked this line of questioning.

Anonymous 235992


Anonymous 235995

>dates a pedophile once.

Anonymous 236000

3 have long hair but two dress in boy clothes, am I missing something here?

Anonymous 236005

Nothing wrong with dressing in girly clothes, as long as it's the kids' choice and they're not being mutilated surgically. This goes for girls too. They shouldn't be punished for dressing "like a tomboy." The problem is not being gnc, it's thinking you are LITERALLY the opposite gender and cutting your parts off.

Anonymous 236007


Anonymous 236033

You're both completely right but MGK is still a pedophile and I hate him and her for dating him.

Anonymous 236034

I didn't know who MGK was

Anonymous 236036

I wish I didn't either.

Anonymous 236056


Anonymous 236057

>as long as it's the kids' choice and they're not being mutilated surgically
I think that's what the account is trying to get at, that it isn't really the result of natural choice but rather coercion from a parent.

Anonymous 236093

Only the tall one is dressed as a girl 2x.

Anonymous 236112

I don't think generic culture war outrage bait account #2791 concerns itself with the intricacies of radical feminist views on gender expression.

Anonymous 236125


>watch "what is a woman" cus it's free for now
>first minute is footage of his kids (or maybe two actors idk) opening presents
>boy gets boy presents, a football, etc
>girl gets tiara and tea set
>matt walsh explains in voice over that it's obvious that there are differences between men and women with the obvious implication being that this is the difference
God damn that was frustrating. The movie is still fun because you get to watch people that have risen to the tops of their feilds flounder with a very easy question but it's undercut by the fact that Walsh is so regressive. He seems to be suggesting that it is not possible for a little girl to want a football or a BB gun, which is exactly the attitude that got us into this mess. I most enjoyed the professor of gender studies that accidently let slip that the truth was transphobic.

Anonymous 236137

Conservatives like Matt are going to be the reason trannies win, if they ever do.
He is a fucking loser who can't actually present his ideas in a real political setting without embarrassing himself.
His retorts at that hearing may as well have been ripped from a "bad guy" character from The West Wing.

Anonymous 236138

He is retarded, honestly there are a lot of good non left youtubers, he is the worst

Anonymous 236143

>Nothing wrong with dressing in girly clothes
That's where this slippery slope started.

Anonymous 236186

The RW's own version of gender ideology. Hence why they won't be able to defeat it.

Anonymous 236203

Wow, all of the girls in the picture are wearing pink and all of the boys are wearing blue. What the fuck? Is that to make it easier to know who is a girl and boy or something? No girl that age wants a tiara and a tea set. It better be a fucking china tea set and a real tiara.

Anonymous 236215

I hate trannies but I hate conservatives even more, enlightenment is realizing that they are different faces of the same coin. A conservative believes that because a person is born female then she must adhere to all of the gender roles presented to her and adopt a submissive role otherwise she is immoral and has been brainwashed, a tranny believes that if a person who was born female actively dislikes and refuses to participate in female gender roles, especially at a young age, then she must actually be ftm or nonbinary but simply hasn't realized yet.
Neither side stops to think for a second that maybe equating being a woman to pink and skirts is regressive and harmful.

Anonymous 236235

I fucking hate Matt Walsh. Matt Walsh has retarded ass ideas on pretty much everything and regularly fucking embarasses himself with just how stupid his ideas are, including going on a rant about how 17 year olds are the most breedable and his stance on gay marriage. He is the stereotypical religious reactionary tyrant that drives people to far left troon ideology in the first place and makes any debate against trannies look ridiculous and people use losers like him to invalidate any real gender critical discourse. I sincerely hope he is just churning out generic boomer rage porn on purpose and doesn't actually believe the idiotic dribble he parrots, I would respect him more.

Anonymous 236269


somebody posted a graph in the last thread about trans acceptance by age/religion/party affiliation but that graph only went up to 2022. this is the 2023 data

Anonymous 236275


sorry for blogposting, but I just got out of the most abhorrent NB phase that lasted for 4 years, god it feels good to embrace womanhood again.

I can't stand being in troon-adjacent environments after all of that. I have enough horror stories.

It was genuinely terrible, I seriously don't understand how people promote that kind of lifestyle as "freeing and fun" when it's miserable and makes your life needlessly difficult.

I'm glad most of these threads helped me see the light, thanks nonas !!

Anonymous 236277

Glad to see you're doiong better nona! It's always more brave to embrace womanhood in a world that denigrates it. Would you mind sharing some of the horror stories?

Anonymous 236279


oh man this reminded me of the era of my life when I was brainwashed around 14-16 into thinking that I'm trans/NB.
One of the worst eras ever, I made such a fucking joke of myself, I have no idea how my real life friends didn't laugh at my face LOL

>It was genuinely terrible, I seriously don't understand how people promote that kind of lifestyle as "freeing and fun"

Lowkey this LMFAO, I started "hallucinate??" that I had body dysmorphia or whatever which made me feel miserable (feeling wrong in your own body is TERRIBLE) because I was told that I must have it to be a troon or something, and all of that is because most if not my whole friend group at the time was also kids around my age that got fed this BS and basically projected it into me, Twitter was such a terrible place to grow up with holy fucking shit I don't wish it upon anyone, my brain was absolutely damaged, not only from being projected that I'm a boy but also because I was projected all of those retarded things like "neo-pronouns" and stuff like that?? like why did I think a ""gender"" called "pupgender" is valid??.

I'm so glad I got over it though, oh god I really am, it's so great to feel good in my own body again after 2 years of feeling like shit because I was projected the idea that I must feel like shit to fit into a group that only fucked me up. troon filled environments are a bio-hazard

Anonymous 236319

What made you get out of it??
I have friends approaching 30 that are still riding the she/they wave. I’m losing hope for them

Anonymous 236325


thank you nona!! also most of my horror stories really just revolve around the absolute discomfort of being at social gatherings, trying to talk to other girls about makeup and other things and suddenly, a fucking hulking massive retard coming up to us like "OUGHGHH I WEAR SKIRTS I WEAR SKIRTS WHAT SKIRT SHOULD I BUY" and just orbiting the conversation. I almost got sexually assaulted by a troon who'd drone on about how "proud" he was of me coming out.

I have no trust or faith in genderspecials for passively letting TIMs exist as a protected class in their communities. It's dangerous.

i'm super glad you got out, seriously, it's a miserable lifestyle to promote to people. I have mild autism and heavy trauma and i almost felt like both of those things were being preyed upon.
I don't understand why people think it's trendy or fun, having an unstable identity isn't fun, being in a culty subculture that lets men be sexual predators and grooms autistic women to fuck up their bodies and minds just sucks.

Being the laughing stock of society and playing it off like you're some fun and cool oppressed counterculture is fucking cringe, i hated it.

hanging around people who didn't really respect it was a start, it made me realise how cringe i was being.
I realised that letting myself wallow in having an unstable identity is just a lazy, enabling way of letting my trauma and mental illness infest my mind. I didn't hate my gender, i hated my name and i wanted a "valid" reason to change it.

Trooning out is just avoiding your mental health issues and enabling yourself to wallow in them, and then mutilating your body and fucking it up with chemicals because you don't address the root issue.

If your friends are approaching 30, it's not gonna be easy. The whole genderspecial shit is more expected if you're a teenager, because they're immature and cringe and it's usually a phase, if they're adults with fully developed brains, it's different and they probably have some kind of deep seeded insecurity to need to feel unique or they're mentally ill. i'm sorry you have to deal with it. it's shit.

Anonymous 236329

You're right, but me personally, I don't believe this to be the result of a natural occurrence, especially with how garnering sympathy in Hollywood goes.

Anonymous 236330

Wow, only a 6% increase across all Americans despite all the free advertising corporate America does for them?
Maybe I'm just being optimistic, but that makes me feel just a tad whitepilled that they need to try THIS hard just to barely make it over 50%.

Anonymous 236331

swallow tail.png

Recently, I stumbled across a very interesting and creative way of representing old-school gay pride while also taking a (subtle) stance against the new shit.

Introducing the swallow-tailed rainbow flag.

A variant on the original rainbow flag, that uses a popular flag style as a way of detaching its holder from the ugly chevron. A chevron that essentially puts trannies first and defeats the point of picking a rainbow in the first place.

Anonymous 236332

I have never seen this anywhere, where specifically did it originate from?

Anonymous 236334

that just looks like a rectangular rainbow pacman
but i like it anyway, we should keep it and spam it
remove trannies

Anonymous 236335

you are reading the chart backwards

Anonymous 236350

Are you a male? You clearly don't have any understanding of radical feminist theory.

Anonymous 236358

From what I can tell it's just a small idea that's been thrown around from person to person. Even trying to Google it with different key terms brings up little results, hence why I am compelled to share it here.

Anonymous 236609

It looks pretty, the tranny progress flag is actual acid to the eyes so I appreciate the simple white triangle

Anonymous 236610

Honestly, I just like the original rainbow. I feel like everyone who wants to make their own, new flag is just being narcissistic. A rainbow symbolizes everyone already there's no need to change it by adding pink, brown, or white stripes. I don't even like the new "bisexual flags" or "asexual flags" or "lesbian flags." The point of 1 flag is to unite everyone, isn't it? By splitting it up into different variants, it seems to defeat the whole point. But whatever. People can do whatever they want I guess. At this point, I don't even bother display any cringe flags.

Anonymous 236629

This is agreeable, as a lesbian. It's a hyper minority piggybacking and honestly stealing the accomplishments and fights and rights our own minority put up. They're Elvis. They're the same thing, which isn't a surprise given that they're mostly fat little white guys.

Anonymous 236632


tbh on some level I think it has to be a culture-bound syndrome. like different cultures are going to make different gay guys actually become HSTS because they get different messaging. thailand is pretty friendly to gay guys but there's way more cultural narratives around HSTS. like ROGD is culture-bound mostly to the Anglosphere rn

Anonymous 236634


I was probably taking it out unfairly on that redesign >>236331 . It wasn't that one specifically. In general, the constant redesigns and "flag but ONLY for X sexuality" seem self-absorbed, when the purpose of the rainbow was to stand for everyone. Perhaps I only think this way because a lot of people, after they make these new "better version" flags, ask credit for it. Idk, it wasn't an "idea" to use the original design to spite anyone. Like I said, people can do whatever they want. I've just never used and never will use any of the hundreds of flag redesigns that float around online or any of the "new" flags created by literally whos on twitter. They're all so ugly compared to the simple rainbow.

Anonymous 236637


Most likely these two icons.

Anonymous 236642

White people include faggots in their neo nazi groups. Some of them think that xtians are tolerant of gays and Muslims aren't.

Anonymous 236643

Minorities in America universally hate gays. So I think it makes white people (trump supporters) feel more morally superior to support them. That's why that milo Y guy toured with trump. Also I'm pretty sure white people are the main ones who tolerate guys. Who else, Thailand maybe? Idk….China definitely doesn't. Arabs? No. Africans? Nope…..so queers are welcome around American neo nazis. At least it seems that way sometimes

Anonymous 236657

>posi parker
>neo naxi
Wut lmao you're full of shit. Nazis showing up to your protest doesn't mean you condone their beliefs you fucking retard

Anonymous 236662

But it does mean you have alot in common with them.

Anonymous 236677

>they'll start to think like girls

Isn't the biggest problem with trannies exactly that they DON'T actually and cannot truly think like girls being that they are in fact still men and therefore violent and destructive.

Anonymous 236680

It's the exact opposite. Boys who like pink are told that they're now girls, not that they can like pink without being a girl. Trans ideology perpetuates stereotypical gender roles.
This is probably a male, I can't imagine woman this retarded and binary brained.

Anonymous 236683

>they'll start to think like girls
Are you actually retarded? don't go to the teRF thread if you don't even understand basic radical feminist theory.
Boys liking the color pink and wearing dresses is not a problem to be fixed, what I'm worried about is these boys being told that this means they're girls.
Gender is bullshit and trannies do nothing more than reinforce it.

Anonymous 236685

Like what? Hating trannies? I'm sorry, but if that's where the line is drawn, than most of us here could be considered nazis by that definition.
Until Posie starts aligning herself with these people and siding with them, then I don't think it's fair to judge her on something that's been a consistent problem for a long while now.

Anonymous 236687

That's fair, imo I see the swallow tail as trying to do exactly, insinuating that the chevron defeats the purpose of making it a rainbow in the first place, hence the flag shape.

Anonymous 236692

>Boys liking the color pink and wearing dresses is not a problem to be fixed
Except that it is. Boys who wear dressess are creeps and their behaviour shouldn't be tolerated.

Anonymous 236695

I'm so torn between dying of second hand embarrassment and egging them on.
Are you, like, new here or something?

Anonymous 236696

>Except that it is.
Go be a restrictive trad larper somewhere else.

Anonymous 236699

Kill yourself, unironically

Anonymous 236704

a dress is just a dress ""nona""

Anonymous 236711

Give the troon in your bathroom a blowjob.

Anonymous 236718

Not that anon but imagine sucking moid dick this hard.

Anonymous 236720

You're being hypocritical. I'm what people call a tomboy. If someone tried to force me into feminine clothes and behaviors, I would be livid. That's why I want guys to be able to wear skirts and dresses if they want to.

Anonymous 236722

Interestingly there are a lot of cultures where transitioning is far more acceptable than just being gay.
In Iran for example being caught sword-fighting runs the risk of execution BUT transitioning is not only permitted but recognized by the religious authorities (which in Iran are one and the same) and even partially funded by the state.
So if word gets out your favorite cuisine is the neighbor's daughter's Persian carpet one of you will be "pressured" (by threat of violence, imprisonment or death) to transition.
So I suspect you might be right that in Thailand it's less shameful to be a literal tranny prostitute than to be a gay man.

Anonymous 236723

> force me into feminine behaviors
You're a woman. You act feminine just by existing.

Anonymous 236724

You know what I mean, stop deflecting.

Anonymous 236725

NTA but wouldn't a man be masculine by just existing in that line of logic? kek

Anonymous 236728

That is the point of radfem ideology, to acknowledge biological realities and the fact that women are globally oppressed on the basis of their sex, not "femininity" (which is subjective from culture to culture). You can be a man, like girly clothes, the color pink, and looking pretty. You can be a really beautiful man even. It still does not make you a woman. Similarly, just because a girl might like things that are traditionally masculine in her culture, it doesn't mean anything. She's still a female and feminine because being a woman is a reality, not a "social construct" like libfems keep saying.

Anonymous 236729

If you're >>236723, are you being stupid on purpose or just that hung up on semantics? I never said I'm not a woman, I just said I don't act feminine. What the fuck.

Anonymous 236730

No, I'm not that anon. I was just chiming in that that's the reason some radfems don't give af about clothing. They see your bio sex as reality and whatever you wear/do as irrelevant

Anonymous 236731

Friendly fire then. I see it that way too and it baffles me when people think a boy or girl can't wear this or that type of clothing. We have a long way to go.

Anonymous 236738

what? your definitions are weird. "femininity" and "masculinity" aren't biological realities, they are indeed abstract social constructs (unlike "male" and "female"). and the point of radfeminism is to tear them - and gender roles - down. if its a "biological reality" that women are "feminine" does this mean its her natural place to be submissive? to follow men? to never make her own masculine decisions? or have a job? you see where this line of thinking goes.

why are you in the radfem thread if you dont believe radfeminism in the first place?

Anonymous 236740


No, I do not. >>>/b/236738

Anonymous 236742

I wasn't the anon who originally said you are feminine because you are a woman >>236723
so idk. I was trying to interpret it myself. I kind of understand it in the sense of "you are feminine by just being a woman because all women are female." Like even if you AREN'T submissive, are assertive, etc.

Anonymous 236746


Anonymous 236782

That woman is still very feminine.

Anonymous 236855

Leanbeefpattys mannerisms and vibe is pretty feminine.

Anonymous 236862

I voted for Trump twice. Are you going to keep voting for trannies flashing their fake tits on the white house lawn?

Anonymous 236869

>We believe that gender affirming care is a human right

Anonymous 236874

Tons of leftists are vegetarian. Know who else was a vegetarian? HITLER

Anonymous 236881

Your white privilege is showing. White gays really have an "All lives matter" vibe on this thinking they are the default. A new flag signals the support for BIPOC gay people amidst rising racism in the community.

Anonymous 236882


>white privilege
lol this is the literal creator of your "progress flag."

Anonymous 236884

They do.
You can see this.
That's why men will never be like women.

Anonymous 236885

Voting for Republicans is good actually because it accelerates the collapse.

Anonymous 236886

That point of the rainbow is that it includes everyone. You would understand this if you weren't autistic.
>white privilege
Just move to a country with no white people.

Anonymous 236887

Not everyone here is a feminists. It's a woman site, not a radfem site. I personally don't consider myself a feminists because I disagree with them on some core issues, but that doesn't mean I'm totally opposed to feminism or that we don't share common ground on certain issues.

Anonymous 236889

I think he's cute. Too bad he's probably a pedophile or something.

Anonymous 236894

Cute?!!?!? Girl no

Anonymous 236901

He looks diseased.

Anonymous 236902

Femininity is female behvaiour.

Anonymous 236908

very well put

Anonymous 236942

Desintis is a glow agent
The last one USA had did 911 and started a war
Doesn’t matter how many trannies desantis walls up he will never be based

Anonymous 236944

Both de santis and trump are being bribed by Isreal and Russia anyway. It doesn't really matter which you vote for. The same can be said about the dems, they give info to Isreal who then gives that into to Russia. Greatest ally.

Anonymous 236945

Lmao what party am I shilling? We have a radfem thread and I'm not posting in it, I'm here to shit on trannys. The right and the left are both anti-woman anyway.

Anonymous 236947

That is false femininity that shouldn't be taken seriously.
Trannies don't even attempt to mimic that.

Anonymous 236948


The ride never ends.
>The prestigious research university had updated its LGBTQ Glossary in its inclusive language guide to state that “while past definitions refer to ‘lesbian’ as a woman who is emotionally, romantically, and/or sexually attracted to other women, this updated definition includes non-binary people who may also identify with the label.”


Anonymous 236949


and yet

all "inclusive language" is male troons seething that the word "woman" will never apply to them, so they have to erase it.

Anonymous 236955

I'm not sure if that's the case here although I agree with you. If this has been done to ``include'' the spicy enbies but only in the lesbian definition, is it possible that actual women could be behind this? You know, the nlogs with deeply internalised misoginy that define themselves as lesbians when they're not and are happy to call themselves anything but women. Either way this fucking sucks.

Anonymous 236956

What’s their definition for women

Anonymous 236958


A woke German online newspaper published an article about Crystal Cafe the other day kek
Use Google translate if you don't speak German


Anonymous 236959

No, it was to include the male "enbies" who consider themselves "lesbians". Otherwise the definition for gay men would also include the female enbies who are straight, which is the most of them.

Anonymous 236960

We're going back to 400 BC with the "Man is the measure of all things" philosophy.

Anonymous 236961

lmao the only troon we have doxxed so far was an actual pedophile who constantly posts gore and CP here.
I wish we were as aggressive as they make us seem.

Anonymous 236964

Yeah, you're right. All these mental gymnastics are confusing me, of course it's men being predators.
Exactly, and they don't have a problem with that.
I just read the translation of this paragraph and the last claim is so not true. Whoever wrote this hasn't spend more than 2 minutes in scrote chan to compare it to here.

Anonymous 237014

Realized the previous thread hit bump limit and there's a new one, oops.


> real yuri doesn't exist because its pretty much all for the japanese scrote gaze
Recent yuri that's more modern tend to be scrote gaze-y, especially fetishistic and scrote light novels like 'Girl Who Insists "It's Impossible for Two Girls to Get Together". But older yuri works were all about 'warmly watching and cheering on two girls who get together' if that makes sense. Moids into yuri at the time were elitist about it, you absolutely cannot self insert, because you are a man and men are filthy and disgusting (they are right). And then troons came in and you can see what they started doing, started flagging characters as trans for no reason and invading the comfy yuri space.

> I have yet to see a yuri anime where the protag has a good relationship to moids.

Most yuri anime that have aired aren't great if there's any, which is why CGDCT became a hotpot for yuri subtext. Not only they attract moids, they attracted the transbians.

> Maybe watched Mobile Suit Gundam Witch of Mercury

Already am ! I live and die by this genre even if it's actually horrible. I have no idea why I'm so fixated on it. Wish I was into yaoi sometimes, the stuff there is actually well written but I have no interest in men, even fictional.

But continuing on my previous point about how older yuri aren't as scrote gaze-y, see:
Yeah there's zero gaze here kek

>bloom into you

Was ground breaking when it came out because of how 'realistic' it was. I thought it was great too and it still is, but it can be very boring for some and a little troupe-y here and there. Written by a woman and even the sex scene at the end of the manga was the opposite of trashy lesbian porn for men


I don't like this and I honestly think it's garbage. But it is written by a woman and while it can be twisted into lesbian fetishizing, the stupidity of the drama, plot and characters somehow feel very womanly, if that makes any sense. But it's also the weakest of the list by far

Despite everything I do kind of like some of the slightly scrote stuff that the genre pumps out, but mostly because I like looking at women too and I'm a sucker for shitty troupes played straight (lol). I still have my limits though, and some things REALLY makes my eyes roll like valkyrie drive.

If anything you'll definitely see less troons in Japanese yuri medias compared to English/US ones. But I noticed in the recent years that they've been going up, judging by forum comments on my yuri manga websites. Tried joining yuri focused discord group once and it was mainly troons in there. Gross

Anonymous 237017

everything troons touch really turns into shit. even the oldschool Japanese Yuri otakus were more wholesome and respectful.

Anonymous 237034

> I value being able to empathise with the characters in yuri
This I get, it makes media more real when characters are at least slightly relatable. I like it done subtly with some character aspects (aka they're still completely different from me outside of 1 or 2 traits or reactions) but then for characters where they're whole schtick is being relatable it turns downright awful like Bocchi. Generally the whole idea of self inserting with scrote hentai/porn/their power fantasy isekai light novels had left such a bad taste in my mouth I went full 'yuri should be pure' for a bit. Ngl now that there are isekai and villainess troupes in yuri manga I'm absolutely living for it and can see how the het stuff appealed to scrotes kek

> I feel like the whole cheering on thing is cringe

In a sense it is, but if the purity mindset kept men from self inserting and fetishizing, I considered it a win

> I'm more for less self-insert guys and more well written moid characters

Everyone is. But the degenerate weeb crowd who stick to CGDCT for self inserting will never understand this.

> Guel Jeturk

Bob is cool. Seeing his contrast from the other guy that still sees and treats miorine like an object was great. Overall the crowd for gundam witch is just better than the other yuri stuff going around just by judging the number of women tweeting art and tweeting about it.

sage for sperging

Anonymous 237241


Anonymous 237242


Anonymous 237262

Might be an unpopular perspective, but I think that a lot of the reason why TIMs are so fucked up is not just because they're troons, but they popped out of their mothers womb with a penis in a society that teaches men to be unrepentant rapist shitbags and then think they're automatically exempt from being a rapist shitbag because "trans women are women!!!!!". They have a worse chance of ever unfucking themselves than normal men do because of the trans shield, and anytime someone calls them out for being sex pests people dogpile on them for being transphobic. It's like their allies just cant even see their actual behavior, they just want to defends trans "women" above anything else, even when they hurt bio women.
Last night I was in a Discord with one of those and I tried to be as respectful as I could up until it (sexual abusers deserve no human pronouns) kept shoving its fucking disgusting petplay fetish in everyone's faces unprompted. I asked it to tone it down or at least spoiler it and add a trigger warning, but it played dumb and the server owner banned me. (slightly off topic but i fucking hate that about kink shitheads, the shoving it in unconsenting people's faces and getting off on thinking theyre getting away with it). Nobody could see the sexual abuse over the uwu strong proud tranwoman!!!
I've met literally 1 trans woman who didnt do this shit or set off my creep alarm at all. Literally every single other one has been an unacceptable piece of shit. Which seems to be about the same rate that I encounter men who aren't pieces of shit.
Sorry for the unhinged rant, Im full of cortisol right now and this seems to be the only place I can talk about anything like this without people immediately burning me at the stake.

Anonymous 237279

One of my IRL friend's old online friends from years ago reached out to them out of the blue and invited them, then they invited me, then the shit went down and we both blocked all the people involved

Anonymous 237286

>I was in a Discord
there is your problem. I stopped using pisscord for the amount of trannies. Also, the fugly fail normie scrotes that waste time there. Annoying how they flex how great their lives are and how much money they make and bitches they fuck. If their lives were really that impressive, they wouldn't be on pisscord bragging about it at age 30+ in a server full of teenagers. cringe.

Anonymous 237321

How do Radfems generally feel about FOSTA/SESTA

Anonymous 237458

the more time goes by, the more i become convinced that tranny shit is a psyop. like, i've never met a tranny irl, but they're all over the internet (where faking them would be really easy)

im not saying that there aren't trannies out there, but it feels awful convenient for every political candidate to be a male rapist, and yet the political football of the current zeitgeist is a fraction of a fraction of the population

Anonymous 237524

My husband and I saw the most horrid troon ever last night. Probably about 6'4" and obese, wearing a skin tight black dress and fishnets, high heeled shiny boots. Repulsive, I wanted to take a pic but we were driving. I think he was a hooker. Horrid.

Anonymous 237529

can you explain in more detail

Anonymous 237535

go to a local gay pride event in any big city. you'll find plenty of them in the wild. just have to be in the right places

Anonymous 237552

they lurk in traditionally autistic moid spaces. IT departments, walmart clerks, etc.
Its very likely youre disconnected from these spaces in the real world and so are only bugged by them in online spaces where they also infest

Anonymous 237553

i don't live in america so i've never been to walmart, but my son used to work in IT and the places were about as traditional moid workplace as you could get. lots of 'manly men' who hated queerness

Anonymous 237554

Yea in the US half those people trooned out over the last 10 years.

Anonymous 237555

he only quit a year ago

Anonymous 237569


how do i tell my normie friend she doesn’t have gender dysphoria without coming off as “transphobic” in this server im in? i need a step by step tutorial. all people talk about in the vent chat is their “gender dysphoria” and 75% of the people in this server are tifs who are usually “non binary”. i hate seeing my friends succumb to this bullshit

Anonymous 237589

maybe tell her you've felt that and realized it was internalized misogyny

Anonymous 237595

pedophile lowcow fat fuck pro-tranny moid got fucked in this debate

Anonymous 237613


>vowsh vs anti abortion libertarian

Anonymous 237630

Anonymous 237631


Be sure to jump down people's throats for not using the updated version that includes autism.

Anonymous 237632

what's the cope exactly? cis woman gets surgery to remove her breasts because she doesn't like them. this isn't a tranny thing, this is just cosmetic surgery

Anonymous 237633

>self mutilation
Ftfy. Imagine in a man one day decided he wanted to have his balls cut off, you would think he was fucking nuts. This shit ain't normal.

Anonymous 237634

moids get vasectomies all the time nona

Anonymous 237635

That's nothing similar to having your balls removed.

Anonymous 237636

A better analogy might be removing a segment of your fingers because you feel like they're "too long", or removing a kidney because your pee is "too clear".

Unless they're posing a serious issue (e.g. back issues from being too large, or breast cancer) wasting antibiotics by going into surgery for a purely superficial reason is retarded.

Anonymous 237637

Breasts being the thing that gets removed adds a whole nother layer of fucky to the equation. Breasts are an erogenous zone, we're biologically programmed to be protective of those areas.

Anonymous 237640

Know that you probably won’t be able to right away if ever.
I’ve had some success by just asking gentle and non-confrontational questions like “why do you feel that way” and “what does that mean” when they use nonsense terminology
It’s usually pretty easy to get them to admit that no one “feels like a woman”. But usually the house of cards won’t fall in one conversation especially since saying the most minor thing about sexual difference is the same thing as espousing nazi ideology to these people

Anonymous 237641

I think the worst of it is a psyop (Judith butlers incomprehensible nonsense being taught in colleges cannot be by accident lmao) but I’ve know some people genuinely latch onto these identities irl. Usually it’s young people who A) have nothing else to live for B) contribute nothing to society and C) are extremely ugly

Anonymous 237643

The way it's being pushed is 100% inorganic. Rich assholes are in control of the west and throw money at our politicians. This is especially obvious in the US. Americans are far more critical of the trans bullshit than most of western Europe, and yet this bullshit is being pushed everywhere in the US media. It shows that the propaganda is independent of public opinion. My tinfoil is that they need to push this shit harder in the US because we have free speech laws, and so they need to find other ways of keeping people quiet (twitter mob, doxxing, ect.)

Anonymous 237646

I mean, the bigger deal in the shithole that is america is the fact that states keep banning abortion. While trannies suck, the fact of the matter is the right to abortion is significantly more important to our bodily autonomy. Especially because the worst that can happen to you for, say, forcing a tranny out is you get fired from your job, vs being charged with murder for abortion even if medically necessary

Anonymous 237647

i agree it's pretty stupid, but i don't really care what a person does with their body and she's not a tranny so i don't think it belongs in this thread

it's no different to me than someone getting tattoos or those extreme body modifications

Anonymous 237653



Anonymous 237654

i found the original post and some of the comments are so weird… they are so delusional that they think women not wanting to have sex with him is hurting him somehow

Anonymous 237655


Anonymous 237656

Omfg the entitlement!

Anonymous 237662


According to another post he made he is a registered sex offender(but the woman made it up I swear!). If anyone knows what this video may be, please post it here so we can see what this smol bean looks like.

Anonymous 237663

These people are utterly delusional my god.

Anonymous 237664


>endure the consequences
like being posted in a ragehon compilation? lmao

Anonymous 237665

This reads like a paradoy. Like how can this person even be real? How can they exist? How can they be so clueless and in denial about so many things?

Anonymous 237680

>these lesbians must be politically motivated when they tell me they don't want my dick
How on earth do these people justify not fucking their fellow transbians since they don't view them as female women either

Anonymous 237685


Anonymous 237686


how are these people real

Anonymous 237691

the jokes write themselves
>-41 points

Anonymous 237694

Straight rainbows are for bent people, bent rainbows are for straight people, the rainbow gathering is for (((everyone)))

Anonymous 237767


>Flaherty, Public Safety chairman on the council, told the Herald Monday night the dead body found on the floor was “from an apparent overdose” and that “a man wearing a wig claiming to be the father” of the kids was found in a back bedroom.

>Multiple sources tell the Herald some of the adults were dressed as women when first responders arrived at the scene.

Anonymous 237770


>tfw I share this board with literal 50+ yr old grannies

Anonymous 237793

Anyone here has troon friends? I have a tif as a friend myself, saw her troon out in real time, couldn't stop her from doing it because she can't accept reality and didn't want to listen to my "transphobia", and now she hangs out with gross people. Just had to get this out off my chest because it's hurting me.

Anonymous 237794

The regret will hit her later in life.

Anonymous 237829

I don't know nona, maybe shes gonna end up being delusional forever.

Anonymous 237862

I feel that. Had a friend who's a tif, the most mentally unstable person I've ever known (who didn't have schizophrenia). Was one of those people groomed by the internet and charlatans into thinking she had other mental illnesses, which fucked her life. Now she's dead-eyed, covered in anime tattoos, had to tattoo nipples onto her body, left two husbands, is with a tim now, and again I really can't understate how dead-eyed and creepy she looks now. Like empty inside, she triggers my fight-or-flight.

Anonymous 237863


>wanted to have his balls cut off, you would think he was fucking nuts.

Anonymous 237865

Every time I click to a different random spot on this debate, they are arguing the most pedantic details possible. Nobody won this "debate"

Anonymous 237878

Same thing here, she just hangs out with people who enable her behaviour and possibly groomed her, this is so sad. I don't know why i let this hurt me, i just feel like i gotta save her somehow but i know she is not gonna listen to me.

Anonymous 237896

I don't even really care that they wanna put a tranny in Star Wars, but I've seen this fags videos before and he is a TALENTLESS piece of shit. He can't even convincingly act in his overly performative "personal" videos about suicide and abuse. At least give it to the mentally ill fetishist who actually put the work in as a career actor and not some retarded video essayist.

Anonymous 237909


Looked it up to find more details and there's gossip the show may be cancelled since the showrunner was fired? karma kek

Anonymous 237913


>hire tranny
>immediately falls apart
they are cursed

Anonymous 238239

>that pervert face when a child walks by
Fuckkkkk they have to ruin everything

Anonymous 238240

Naturism is ok if done respectfully, that man is surely not

Anonymous 238250

Listen here young woman, I don’t like your tone of voice, and if you keep acting like that I’ll have to talk to your parents.

Anonymous 238292

I don't get the connection between walmart and autism

Anonymous 238299

I actually saw a trans flag (or rather that pride one with the trans arrow comically violating all the other colours) at walmart the other day. They know their audience I guess

Anonymous 238300

You gotta do what you gotta do to pump that ESG score.

Anonymous 238306

The problem is the only people with actual money willing to platform anti-trans people are conservatives and conservatives don't listen to women, so they'd never platform a radfem. They'll platform moids, but moids are woefully pathetic and heavy handed at rhetoric and polemic and being subtly persuasive (the ones on the left are feckless and neutered and the ones on the right are…well…like Matt Walsh).

Anonymous 238395


fresh and fag and numerous other conservatard podcasts platform anti-trans women but they are all also redpill conservatards

Anonymous 238403

I see those all the time. Recently I came across sth funny though: I live in a big city and the whole town center is decked out with pride flags. In the main shopping street, which you can walk dowm several minutes, there's gotta be at least 20 huge pride flags (on flag poles). And there wasn't. a. single. gay. flag. There was nonbinary, transgender, asexual, the violated pride flag etc. - stuff no normie even recognizes - but not a single flag for male or female homosexuals. I actually couldn't believe it.

Anonymous 238409


congratulations nona, you've experienced what integration is. cis gay couples have been integrated into western society and its no longer weird. I don't think the same will ever happen for troons bc they will never be able to change their chromosomes

Anonymous 238411

And do you feel this is about the 0,1% of the population that is troon, or about politicians and big money using other's people to advance their position?

Anonymous 238414

Screenshot 2023-06…

I know the professor who was stabbed in this. She's a cis libfem - naturally actual women get stabbed for the deranged behaviour of TIMs

Anonymous 238438

wtf is this breaking news? was it a troon?

Anonymous 238442

kys males are males and you're not allowed here, scrote

Anonymous 238444

that wasn't me and the point still stands. gtfo scrote ywnbaw.

Anonymous 238446

yawn ball?

Anonymous 238449

nah - some incel (I joked that she should've told him it was a physics class only for it to come out that he was a physics undergrad - I fucking called it).

Anonymous 238455

how the fuck did trannies become more overrepresented in media than poc in the span of like a year??

Anonymous 238456

The is no such thing as bad press. People hate watching a thing still is people watching it and usually that means they're paying to watch it.

Anonymous 238459

people really need to learn to vote with their dollar

Anonymous 238502


I'm gonna need reverse Shinigami Eyes to avoid all this tranny-made breakcore that's shitting up my feed, ugh. Decent genre with an unfortunate fanbase.

Anonymous 238640


Maybe some actual SEA nonas can verify, but I feel like Thailand wouldn't be as accepting of troons that don't try to pass, either. Ladyboys seem to get full transition, like Blaire White. A pre-op troon that looks grotesque and clockable from a mile away, like Liz Fong-Jones or Jessica Yaniv, would still be thought of as a man. At least I hope.

Anonymous 238660


why does no one talk about the fact that randy stair was a troon?
dude shoot 3 people and himself and one of his video he is talking about ''always feeling like a woman'' like…
no one seems to talk about this when it comes to trannies and violence

Anonymous 238661

Because he didn't believe in transitioning and accepted he was stuck with his male body.

Anonymous 238666

same with the unabomber. i have seen troons talking about them only to blame their displays of male violence on "muh transness repression"

Anonymous 238667

Ted was self aware and reflective enough to realize what was being done to him and how he was being gaslit immediately before medical intervention was scheduled to start, and when the full weight of realization of how completely he had been manipulated struck him and he acknowledged the crime he had almost been misled to commit against himself he could think of nothing but the need for revenge and the destruction of the entire system that had attempted through deceit to castrate him. He wrote about the rage he felt against the psychiatric establishment and the therapists who had led him down that path. It is understandable that someone could be misled and deceived to the point of believing that lies they were fed had some origin within themselves. It is another to see someone being misled and conned, and robbed of themselves, by others, for gain, as an exclusively personal fault with no responsibility to share for anyone else. The latter is how psychopaths think, and how psychopathic trans agendists spit on and silence all detrans testimony.

Uncle Ted did nothing wrong, and it was industrial society that was at fault.

Anonymous 238668

Perhaps, but still, justified or not, it is a classic display of male violence, and troons of course always find a way to blame it on "the terves".

Anonymous 238669

Every time someone does talk about a troon killer (rarely) they always disclaimer it with a 'not all troons'. It's so frustrating because the vast majority of killers are male (or sorry, are "assigned male at birth"), so it doesn't matter how they identify the fact is they shouldn't be in women's prisons, shelters, etc. because they're statistically more likely to be murderers.

Anyway here's another one:

Anonymous 238681


Is it me, or are the tranny moderators on 4chan getting more aggressive than usual?
I'm sitting through my second three-day ban this week for arguing with a troon. This feels like a new development; I don't remember the tranny jannies being quite THIS bad before.
Am I the only one experiencing this?

Anonymous 238682

which board? I have never been banned there for troon stuff, but also never posted on /lgbt/

Anonymous 238686

First /g/, then /a/

Anonymous 238689

It was a troon spamming a thread with off-topic tranny shit, though. That's what pissed me off. I just didn't think it was the time or place, and it wasn't. And the mods banned me anyway.

Anonymous 238691

non-binary is such a meaningless concept and I can't believe they memed anyone into taking it seriously

Anonymous 238694


CW: Ugly moid

Anonymous 238710

Every time I see a "they/them" I already know it's a mentally weak person who follows any stupid trend and doesn't have the ability to think independently, and probably a huge pain in the ass to interact with. A bit useful as a mark of retardation.

Anonymous 238720

I never got how they they/them thing wasn't gender critical as fuck - like the idea is that you aren't a particular gender (and if you thought about it for more than 5 seconds you'd realize that's because genders are made up meme shit - there's just biological sex and obviously that has nothing to do with your aesthetic fashion choices or whatever).

Anonymous 238728

They're so close to getting it but don't get it at all

Anonymous 238729

Unfortunately they don't see it like that. Female they/thems see non-binary identity as some sort of advanced NLOGing, while allowing them to do things that ewie "cis" girls obviously can't do without being attacked (like being dirty fujoshis). Male they/thems use it as a way to access female spaces, collect victim points and a free pass to shit on women.
These people's existence is a whole cringe compilation.

Anonymous 238732


found this psychotic commie tranny who hates women in a public discord.

Anonymous 238733

lmao typical malding envious scroteoid. Is there a way for you to catfish him and have him send you selfies so we can make fun of him?

Anonymous 238734

>I think women is the biggest conspiracy
It's over. We've been found out!

Anonymous 238739

moids talk so much shit about bitter women but they are 10 times more bitter, jealous and pathetic than any spinster I've ever met kek

Anonymous 238740

In nature sneaker males are males of a species that can't attract females the natural way so they masquerade as females to get past males and get direct access to them - then they rape them. This pic has such sneaker male energy.

Anonymous 238744

Surprised he went with a very sexualised Ukraine-chan punching an ugly Z-patriot and not an Ukrainian moid soldier raping a Russian soldier of any sex.

Anonymous 238745


lurk /v/ that is the rightful anti-tranny board everyone hates them, you can still find some tranny jannies but its also the fault of 4chan for not getting their shit together and applying to be janitors, trannies are like parasites they will infiltrate and infect anything they can they often seek higher positions to force their agenda because it works. They even lurk here and possibly lolcow but there they have much less power, lolcow always been safe.

Anonymous 238747

the moids on 4chan are hardly better than trannies, especially on fucking /v/ of all places. hating trannies is the only thing we could probably agree on

Anonymous 238750

Dealing with a female they/them at work right now and god is she so irritating to deal with. She is a typical 'queer' - she's sooo gay and kweer! but has a white, straight, male boyfriend. Presents somewhat femininely, a little more tomboyish sometimes but not someone you might clock as nonbinary. Definitely has been feeling threatened by me lately because all of a sudden our interactions from her side have taken on this weirdly competitive undertone. If I say something she has to be a contrarian, or find a way to one up me, or straight up neg me, or all of it at once.

Anonymous 238761


Just heard about the Sacculina carcini. They forcibly castrate male crabs to turn them into females. Apparently there are even animals that will troon out other animals. Nothing is safe from troonism.

Anonymous 238778

she's kinda similar in that she noticeably treats our male friend different than the rest of us and will interact with him more, and try to take up his attention. I am not quite sure if she has a crush on him or just enjoys getting the male attention, maybe both. but it's so fucking annoying. one time we were all out together at a bar, dude and I were having a good conversation and she suddenly appears and asks what we're laughing about and very awkwardly inserted herself into our conversation. which like obv anyone can join in on conversation but just everything about it had that "I need this male attention" vibe.

Anonymous 238781

It's sad because I think moids can pick up on that kind of desperation and then choose to prey on it (e.g. by being someone's girlfriend and disrespecting them the entire time)

Anonymous 238790


A substack blog about the Ukraine war lost 1,000 of their 25,000 subscribers overnight for posting about trans activists in Ukraine. This is surprising even to me. I wonder how often this happens, when they try to shove trans topics where nobody wants to hear about them.

Anonymous 238792

Not surprising at all, considering the reality of sex suddenly became pretty fucking apparent to these people (and hopefully anyone with half a brain reading the news), what with the compulsory conscription for men, limits to leaving the country, the horrifying realities of war rape… The world is a brutal place.

Anonymous 238795


>Communism was never tried username
>Saying such things
You see this with so many right wing scrotes aswell. They claim to be commited to some ideology which they say will save the world and do good for people. But at the same time post the most vile and horrendous crap, contradicting all the time with what they preach their politics are. It is so obviously bipolar I do not get it, and they can't be ironic on this because if you talk about politics, religion or whatever "serious" topic with the they will really argue and defend their viewpoint as if they were some moral traditional family man or a a guerilla fighter for the weak and disenfranchised. All of that while they claim we are only about instagram and take out food and pose in political camps for attention.

Anonymous 238838

Makes me think that America will definitely one day have another civil war with these ideological retards as cannon fodder both the nazis and the communist people.

The only good thing that can come out for that political tension is: Women making their own smaller state where they just use male sperm to make new generations and exile them or shoot them afterwards. Males and trannies just make existence harder at this point, they are no longer helping but we need males to keep new generations going so if males can be breeding cows that has to be their new role. They aint even enforcing the law well, they are simping to trannies letting them trespass into women spaces unarrested.

Anonymous 238839

>Males and trannies
Uuuuhm think again what you said there.
But you get my signature on putting males into labour camps. They want to be the providers and deciders - Let them decide if they wanna use a pickaxe or a spade.

Anonymous 238840

I said males and trannies because trannies are men who want to take over every female activity for the sake of his fetish that he cant keep in the bedroom, he is often an autogynephile.

But also some are TIFs but those are just very autistic women that should be safe if mastectomy surgery and the franken weeiner lunatic operations are banned. Despite their stupidty i still think TIMs are the most dangerous by far, its the first thing I would cull out if I had an autonomous state and could write the laws. They are infertile, ugly, dishonest, rap3y, hypersexual and a mocking parody.

Anonymous 238841

Anonymous 238845

EDI pipeline?

Anonymous 238847

equity diversity inclusion pipeline (basically any idiot can make themselves a diversity hire now by claiming they're bisexual or nonbinary)

Anonymous 238917

Women can't say 'adult human female' but having this up on youtube is perfectly fine, of course.

Anonymous 239070

>terf philosopher
i'm giddy, nona

Anonymous 239071

im still hoping you ellaborate per >>236951
make a thread while you're at it

Anonymous 239072

You should know "TERF" is not an actual description of a political ideology, it's a slur troons made up to describe any woman that disagrees with them. The reason this is called the terfposting thread is to poke fun at troons and reclaim the slur in a way. The acronym makes zero sense because radical feminism is already exclusionary of males anyway.
We have this conversation every thread, I'm starting to think it's a derailing troon.

Anonymous 239079



what struck a nerve with her?

Anonymous 239115

I'm worried about my friend's safety. I wasn't sure if I should post this here or in the vent thread, but I felt due to the subject matter this would better fit this thread.
My friend had to work at a different location today because of a tranny. The troon has only worked there for a couple months and has sexually harassed every coworker around him (grabbed a male coworker's butt, forcibly hugs people and their autistic children, explicitly told my friend she makes him horney and would make other sexually charged comments towards her, forcibly grabbed at my friend and the other female coworker, etc.). Everyone except my friend has reported him to hr for his actions. And when he wasn't harassing people, he would talk nonstop about being trans and only being trans. It was so obnoxious to everyone that the only person willing to talk to him was my friend.
The other day he had to talk with hr again about his actions, got mad afterwards, and started blaming my friend for his write up. Their boss planned on firing the troon today and was concerned for my friend's safety because he acts erratically (he would blame this behavior on his "period") and was showing off the gun he carries in his purse to another coworker a few days ago.
What concerns me most about this is there isn't anything stopping this troon from showing up to the location my friend works at on another day and doing something to her, or following her car back to her house and hurting her and her family. At least if this tranny tries to do something she has a means to defend herself, but that still isn't a guarantee she'll be okay.
My friend isn't a libfem for reference, just the kind of person who tries give people a fair chance and tries to get along with people she has to deal with on a regular basis. I tried to warn her to keep her distance from this tranny when he first started working there, but I think she thought nothing bad would happen to her or didn't think that this person would be as unhinged as he was.

Anonymous 239128

Someone needs to send an anonymous tip to the police about this person. This is the kind of shit people say later after it's too late. Report it. Tell her to call Safe2Trll or whatever you have where you are.

Anonymous 239144


I hope Québec becomes independent and kicks out the Anglo scum spreading this culture war bullshit.
Americans and Anglo Canadians latch on so heavily to identity politics because they have no real culture of their own. America only has pop culture and consumerism and Anglo Canada is even more pathetic in that it is just a cheap copy of everything America does, all while pretending to be totally different and unique. Québec is the only salvageable place on the North American continent. Québécois have a real culture and a shared identity because they have been isolated linguistically from the Anglos surrounding them, but language barriers these days no longer hold up and as a result we see Anglo-derived identity politics creeping everywhere.
They manipulated the Québec independence referendum in 1995 because it is their ultimate goal to establish anglo hegemony globally, and what more important place to start than right in front of their doorstep? Anglo elites and politicians are pushing identity politics and culture wars as tools for their ultimate goal of Anglo-consumerist/capitalist hegemony. Canada is the most extreme because not only does most of Canada except Québec not have a culture, what Anglo Canadians consider their culture is in itself just a knockoff copy of US American consumerism masquerading as a culture. Québec is the only exception to that in their immediate vicinity and therefore needs to be Americanised first… And it will, eventually, if it remains a part of Canada.

Anonymous 239165

there is a reverse one, it’s an extension on Firefox called terfigami eyes

Anonymous 239186

She should try to take a different route home everyday and be very aware of the kind of car the tranny drives. She should also look up those address aggregators and work on getting her info off of them. If she has a gun, that's good. If the tranny starts screwing with her, get a restraining order.

Anonymous 239190

if you are in the US then getting a restraining order may be useful in seeking legal help against him in the future. It is just a piece of paper and doesnt actually do anything, but leaving a paper trail of him making her uncomfortable may be useful in court. Im not a lawyer though so look into it on your own.

Anonymous 239193

I'm a bit hesitant to go into the argument in detail since I don't wanna get doxxed, but basically I complained about the term 'birthing people' and how it doesn't do enough to secure resources against sex-based oppression. She kept just repeating 'idk why "gender-studies" isnt enough like that includes both cis and trans women!'
thanks nona <3 The CS prompted the TERFiness - something about programming attracts AGPs like moths to a flame

Anonymous 239196

I think even in Canada people consider Quebecois to be basically hick french people. I totally agree with >>239144 though that most of what drives identity politics are a lack of culture. Most RL TERFs I know are women of colour - it's always just white women authentically pushing the trans thing and white men in positions of power who are personally detached to the consequences (think Trudeau) who opportunistically push it too.

Anonymous 239197

UGGGH I'M SO TEMPTED but then you'll know my name and it'll be a whole thing. It's one thing to publish a contentious paper - it's another for people to know you post on CC LOL

Anonymous 239244


Anonymous 239273

Im no philosopher, but I would say 'birthing people' separates 'birthing' from women when women have been exploited for this ability for centuries. It implies that 'women' and 'birthing people' are two different classes. If 'birthing people' are humans with 'birthing' anatomy, then what is a woman?

The term is a symptom of an ideology that attempts to ignore sex-based discrimination. It would imply that women's issues are not synonymous with 'birthing peoples' issues. When in reality, they are the same. It is simply attempting to create language that enables a classification of 'women' who do not suffer from sex-based misogyny, and 'men' who do suffer from it.

Anonymous 239558

Any German nonas have any opinions about women being shoved under the "FLINTA" umbrella, and all female spaces being turned into "FLINTA" spaces, while men get to keep theirs?

Anonymous 239617

It's retarded, but I have also literally never seen it anywhere irl, and only one time online in a woke Discord server I joined for the lulz.

Anonymous 239665

like wine tasting

Anonymous 239705


Anonymous 239731


A warning to the lesbians here: don't trust Bindel. She's a bisexual/heterosexual woman that wants to control lesbians. She believes lesbians choose to be lesbians and choose to be hunted down in some countries. She wrote about a Nigerian lesbian that was being hunted down and in the same article said it was a choice. She's just as bad as TIMs.

Anonymous 239733

Go to the thelchat "political "lesbian"" board. They have everything on Bindel's lesbophobia

Anonymous 239737

Trans activist arr…

Anonymous 239742

Anonymous 240113


Anonymous 240137


Anonymous 240388

Is the little one an ftm? This is so surreal to watch with the big tranny being hysterical while his "husband" gets into an altercation, it's like bizarro world.

Anonymous 240398

Overdosed on T

Anonymous 240520

LMAO his fucking voice.
yfw your clitoris necroses

Anonymous 240757

How is having a somewhat stupid opinion as bad as being a male invading female spaces?

Anonymous 240762

Hahaha the little bitch slap to the security guy's shoulders. The screechy pooner voice while the male troon shouts like a pig in the slaughter house. Top quality.

Anonymous 240786

both lead to people who are not lesbians claiming to be lesbians, which lead to lesbian erasure, which lead to men thinking they can change lesbians even more than before.
Both PLs and TRA Queers believe in the same thing- that just by saying you are something- makes you that.
And it's not "a somewhat stupid opinion" she believes that lesbians choose to be hunted down, killed, attacked, discriminated, disowned from families, the list goes on. It's a very stupid opinion and a very lesbophobic one.

Anonymous 240796



Anonymous 240851


>Two muscular men on the sign

>The woman holding the sign: fat.

Anonymous 240865

hate nonbinary people. the women are insecure/self-hating/wanting to be special and the men are all sex pest narcs

Anonymous 240878


messy room again
NSFW: boobs in painting

Anonymous 240887

Yes, she's wrong, but women like Bindel are not the ones raping and killing women. So it seems a bit much to put her on the same level. Kind of how TRAs always blame women for whatever homophobic men do to them.

Anonymous 240911


She just has the same views as them and promotes them. She just hurts lesbians and erases them just like the queers. The outcomes are different but they still hold the same views. You're deflecting by doing what queers do by de-railing the convo like when they go "uwu genocide."
No one said Bindel is killing women or raping them, just that she is as bad as them when she promotes erasure of lesbians and tries to control them. You just pulled that out of nowhere, you're probably another lesbophobic PL aren't you?

Bindel has been creepy towards women. She's directly told straight women in articles that they "Know they want to" and "they wouldn't regret it" and how the sex is amazing when promoting PLism to them. Very similar to TIMs when they try to sleep with lesbians.

Anonymous 241043


Misgendering and not giving them money for the body mutilating is domestic abuse now

Anonymous 241060

This is completely vile. Whose idea was this?

Anonymous 241140

Is that true? Or is he just making shit up

Anonymous 241143

Look up Sarah Jane Baker.

Anonymous 241289

found him. here's his ted talk

Anonymous 241432


Anonymous 241467

I don't know what a PL is, English is not my native language, sorry. It just irks me when people say women are "as bad as" men for having stupid opinions, while men clearly have to be much worse since they are the ones actually raping and killing us.
But what you describe in the rest of your post is gross and predatory yeah.

Anonymous 241553

A lot of TRA Queers are women. Just look. It's only the men are louder because they're men.
A lot of the TRA Queers are either straight women that want to special or bisexual women, both want to force lesbians into sleeping with men. Bisexual women have a long history of trying to erase lesbians, with the PL shit, invading lesbian spaces and the "sexuality is fluid uwu one day you could like men."

Anonymous 241560

Screenshot Capture…

Anonymous 241579

you still haven't explained what "PL" is

Anonymous 241598

I worry for that dog

Anonymous 241629

that's fucking disgusting

Anonymous 241641

Our vagina's what?

Anonymous 241650


Anonymous 241670

Thank you TIFs for bringing us down with you with this extreme self-objectification.

Anonymous 241693


A PL is a political "lesbian." A lesbophobic person that believes any woman can "become" a "lesbian" by just saying she is one. Andrea Dworkin was one even though she slept with men and married a man (who she had passionate sex with, her and her husbands words.)

Anonymous 241695

I told people to go check out the Lchats political "lesbian" board for more information. They quote and go over their works, and often very creepy views.

Anonymous 243037

Why would this even make TIFs feel better? It's not like actual men have "bonus holes" so shouldn't they still feel bad for being unlike them?

Anonymous 243697

>Sophie knew he was trans from 7 years old.

Anonymous 243776

"I am not like other boys therefore I am a girl."

Anonymous 243876


why the fuck didn't he wear shoes?

Anonymous 245085


Man gets his information about how women act from Mean Girls. Stereotypes, Stereotypes, Stereotypes.

Anonymous 245087

God I hate moids

Anonymous 245089


If anyone has seen Internet Blood Sports they'd know men are extremely catty. It was almost nothing but but "you were talking to so and so behind my back!" Or "you said this about me," "you were hanging out with so and so!"

They gossiped about everyone, made fun of how they looked and dressed.
The difference is that they have deeper voices and called eachother slurs.

Anonymous 245116

I've never really experienced this whole "girls are so catty and filled with drama" thing - probably because I'm not an asshole whose behaviour warrants gossip

Anonymous 245133

1579171357119 (1).…

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Anonymous 245142

Laugh at the clowns.

Anonymous 245172

Compare the hand sizes
I dont know about you but I can immediately tell.

even without the article telling me thats a tranny I would have noticed somethings off.

Anonymous 245178

you can also see it in his jaw and thigh shape

Anonymous 245179

I am really tired of discord troons always spouting off about how "teehee uwu gay" they are when they're hetero as hell. Shut the fuck up, scrote, you're a man and you think being loudly and outwardly perverted about women is okay when you pretend to be one yourself but it actually makes you fucking annoying and gross.

Transbians are not, and never will be, real lesbians. Real lesbians don't behave the way MtFs act. Reconcile your heterosexuality, nerd males.

Anonymous 245180

You just know some analfag creep came up with this because they were hurt that people call buttholes "the wrong hole". And yes, it's still the wrong hole. Anal sex is just nasty and there's no getting around that.

Ayydens are an embarrassment, but also I'm not surprised the UK is this fucked. They're only proving JKR right.

Anonymous 245212


needing to vent because i genuinely have nowhere else to post about this, it's petty and dumb but every reminder of tranny interference in my life is enough to make me want to punch through fucking glass.

i really wanna ask my girl friends to come and see the barbie movie with me, i wanted to make an occasion out of it to dress up with the whole barbie and ken shtick if they bring their boyfriends too. (yes, i know it's probably cringe, that ain't the point here.)

I have the 'tism and i've virtually been robbed of a lot of things like this because most of my girl friends are either online or very loose acquaintances that are usually friends or girlfriends of my moid friends, i was raised by my dad and my mom was a cunt to me so my ability to fit in and make friends with girls didn't start off on the right foot because i was a tard until i decided to grow the fuck up after i hit 20.

anyways, i'm just about 99 percent sure that if i ask them and organize this, they're going to directly or indirectly involve the fucking trannies that orbit the group. I can't straight out discriminate and tell them not to or it's gonna cause problems for me, they don't feel or think the same way i do.

I seriously don't want to be seen out in public with AGP fuckheads wearing dresses, i don't want to sit there and realize there's moids near me probably replaying sexual fantasies in their head because they're porn addicted moids who fixate on their own dick and fetishes while we're trying to have a fun time.

my best bet right now is probably to just not suggest this at all. ughhh. it's really not that big of a deal but it's still an unnecessary annoyance. we can't have shit.

Anonymous 245216

if you live in a big city, you're bound to see a troon frolicking on the streets. i unfortunately have to deal with them everywhere i go and they're a hindrance. i wanted to see barbie too, but there's a whole troon in the movie and i kind of lost interest because of it.

Anonymous 245217

Don't worry, there's a tranny in the movie too.

Anonymous 245265


Anonymous 245278

I hate to break it to you nona, but the people who made that movie are the same kinds of people who push the tranny agenda. Best not to give them your money.

Anonymous 245281

Im gonna be honest I have no idea what this means

Anonymous 245283

nta but the breakfast question is "How would you have felt if you hadn't eaten breakfast?". supposedly low IQ people are incapable of conceiving this hypothetical in their mind, and they will answer that they did have breakfast.

Anonymous 245284

I think it means you can enjoy any media without the need to adopt it as some kind of personality trait, aesthetic etc

Anonymous 245286

you'd be surprised.

Anonymous 245310

something scrotes, troons or not, are uncapable of doing.
that's why you will hear of straight women watching and enjoying a lesbian movie, but won't hear of a straight moid watching and enjoying a gay movie.
or of the plenty of women reading shonen, but barely any moid reading shojo.
literally everything a male consumes has to reflect his identity - more specifically, his sexual identity.
this works in both the reaffirmation of the gendered traits he thinks he has (or wishes to) such as strength, ruthlessness and dexterity, and also in the reflection of his sexual orientation, which is why they like to watch content with sexualized women even when they're not masturbating.

Anonymous 245335


It means that trannies can’t consume any product that they can’t self insert or cannibalize into their irl or online personality
Pic related, but with girly shit
That’s why they love to insert ugly mannish characters in media so they can self insert easier while they also eat up moeshit like it was going out of fashion

Anonymous 245337


Adding to this, this is why you see
“Is x mundane shit malebrained / femalebrained*
They are perpetually self conscious about whatever they consume must be girly

Anonymous 245340

What's the forearm test?

Anonymous 245347

These "relateable" memes are so cringeworthy, people really want validation for their total lack of personality

Anonymous 245466

What does race have to do with sexuality? I feel like the “inclusivity” of the original flag is performative and insincere.

Anonymous 245471

That’s because it is performative and insincere

Anonymous 245499


Anonymous 245506

Lmao at the levels of DRAMA of the text on this pic
Of course it’s true, but the choice of words here are painting this as a hateful conspiracy tard shit I personally don’t want to touch

Anonymous 245511


OT but lolwut
What if wouldn’t be hungry
I wouldn’t know, because there are many details and various certain circumstances that may occur
It’s a dumb question, how would I know a hypothesis like that. I would be able to tell what would I feel like if I get my foot hit with a hammer or if a person I genuinely trust betray me (define betrayal)
What breakfast, what if it was small, what if it was bad, what if I usually don’t eat at morning.
Okay, let’s pretend - what answer low iq person who had not eaten breakfast that day would supposedly give?

Anonymous 245519

it's not that complicated; besides, the explanation is in the very first post where i explained what it is.

Anonymous 245532

The people dumb enough to do this deserve the consequences.

Anonymous 245568

troon barbie.png

NTA, but thank you for helping me dodge a bullet and save my money. Have a shitpost.

Anonymous 245569

I already lurked it, it's a racist thing, such study does not even exist

Anonymous 245577

study about what?? I think you replied to a wrong post

Anonymous 245578


So blackpilling

Anonymous 245632

she means 'political lesbian'

Anonymous 245736


Troon behaviour.

Anonymous 245737


This male don't even know how to fucking act.
Such a scumbag behaviour.
How the fuck people thing this is funny or cute?

troon pretending to have cramps: https://www.tiktok.com/@_everythingjuju/video/7256434335220370730

we have to bring back bullying…

Anonymous 245753

They really be hitting that extra spicy chili's chipotle to bleed from a bottom hole

Anonymous 245782

>Girl with short hair = Troon
Gwen has been a woman since her inception, why do they want to make her a troon now?

Anonymous 245806

wasnt this faggot the star trek nerd tranny? He cut his hair because he is now pretending to be a butch lesbian? lmfao.

By the way he benefits from that commodification but he is too retarded to realize it. He is being propagandized for free because the current powers that be favor trannoids, might be a population reduction program for the future, might be because among the elites those autogynephilic fetish tendencies are also found and they relate. I cannot think of a more favored group right now by the current powers that be than trannies, Joe Biden literally gave a gynecologist fat tranny the role of Navy Admiral or some shit like that just for being a tranny. I forgot his exact name I think Richard Levine. Tranies are put on a pedestal by powerful people simply because they are like soulless golems, they got no propose to live other than their fetish and forcing political agendas which works perfectly in favor of the democratic party they finally got their most loyal die hard soldiers with no families to return except their political party to since they cant reproduce.

Anonymous 245829



Anonymous 246072

something new i learned today: chris chan went to law school

Anonymous 246107

Anonymous 246124

that thread is filled with male trannies poorly larping as women, of course they can't help but post lolicon feet fetish garbage just like the disgusting scrotes they truly are

Anonymous 246128

what makes it even worse that they don't even self-insert as the loli, they want to lewd the loli.
this is something new to me.
meaning, they're literally no different from moeshit incels and "government-assigned-underage-virgin-tradwaifu-pls" magapedes.

Anonymous 246155


I-it's real

Anonymous 246162

you will never be a woman, troon

Anonymous 246163



Anonymous 246169

I actually have a futa fetish and I would never date a tranny because there are other things to them besides the dick, that is to say they are just men and I don't date men.

Anonymous 246170

umm what?

Anonymous 246197

1 year.jpg

Anonymous 246228

Same. A fictional futanari is completely different from a man pretending to be a woman.

It's night and day.

Anonymous 246242


Anonymous 246261

eyestrain warning jesus christ, i tapped out on reading that one

Anonymous 246343

I swear every walmart around me has 1-2 employees that are very obviously low effort FtM.

Anonymous 246344

I'm so sorry you're going through this devastating experience. I Will send many prayers your way.

Anonymous 246345

Internet Blood Sports was peak internet for me.

Anonymous 246346

It's an increase of people saying there aren't more than two genders.

Anonymous 246370


>gross middle aged moid is offered a concession by way of an unisex changing room by the extremely based hotel staff
>throws a mantrum on bird app that he was denied access to the female changing area

Why is it never enough for these gross moids? He even admits he doesn't pass as a woman. It makes me think that all this current trooning out is just a fetish.

Anonymous 246375


Anonymous 246382

A tranny is trying to groom a cute, petite boy I like :/

Anonymous 246383

He doesn't appear to be into identity politics and always rebuffs the grooming, but he's also kind of insecure/depressed, so I'm worried it will worm its way into his brain if he ever lets his guard down. He's a perfect little man just the way he is, I hope he doesn't get roped into this.

Anonymous 246386

that's because realistically speaking everyone is nonbinary, we just don't need to outwardly label it. no one is fully gender conforming

Anonymous 246393

Groom him first.

Anonymous 246401



That looks like Peter dressed as Meg

Anonymous 246407

>die hard soldiers with no families to return except their political party to since they cant reproduce.
Rachel Levine did reproduce. He once said he was happy he waited so long until he was older to troon out or he wouldn't have had kids.

Anonymous 246542


I am excited to see the new snow white movie flop like a fish

Anonymous 246543

already flopping. it's called "snow white" and they picked a brown woman.

Anonymous 246546


They also recast all the dwarfs as Portland hipsters because dwarfs are offensive or some shit lmao

Anonymous 246547

not to derail the thread too much but wouldnt it be a bit racist to take a white european story and cast a non-white person in it instead of making media featuring non-european stories instead? I really don't understand the thought process or how this is supposed to be progressive. At best it is erasing non-european cultures, at worst it is asserting that non-european stories are not worth telling and that to be progressive non-white people should aspire to assimilate into white european cultures.

Anonymous 246550

Everything European is inherently racist, they need to just remove white people from the public eye

Anonymous 246551


>Join "femcel" group on fb because I saw some funny memes
>Half the posters on the group are troons
>All they do is post memes about wanting to have / having s*x

Anonymous 246554

Have you been living under a rock? Almost the entirety of the past decade has been about humiliating and demonizing white people. It has very little to do with celebrating minorities or whatever, if it did then what you said about nonwhites having their own stories would be the case.

Anonymous 246555

Try joining the discord groups instead, they require voice verification so more of the troons get filtered out

Anonymous 246556

I smell a honeypot

Anonymous 246560

>Have you been living under a rock?
yeah kinda…

But yeah I agree with you. It's racist in all directions which is why I find it so hard to understand why the average "progressive" agrees with this shit.

Anonymous 246572

helping to prove my point, thanks.

Anonymous 246574


Anonymous 246595

troon twitter user made a whole thread of why gwen is a tranny and the fandom just ran with it

Anonymous 246652


Anonymous 246710

American politics is just "how my team DESTROYS the enemy team", if you know that it all makes sense.

Anonymous 246717


>it's not le racism because Le racism is le power + le prejudice and not-white people don't have any power
Nona, do you realize how bigoted you sound when you dismiss and generalize an entire group of le people?

Anonymous 246731

its interesting to note how they derail a thread about a real threat (trannies) to cry about how a shitty movie is oppressing them with its ugly cast.
terfposting has always been infected by pol scrotes and their occasional handmaidens so it's not surprising it's slowly but surely going towards (((another))) direction

Anonymous 246752

She's so close

Anonymous 246892

i made the first skincolor related post and regret it. let's not get side-tracked by this, we all know they make these racebent movies to make people mad on purpose.

Anonymous 246906

this is what happens when you let men into wlw places.

Anonymous 246913

I'm dismissing whining about representation. But maybe I'm being unjust. Lemme check the big budget movies in the theaters right now.
>No Hard Feelings
>Asteroid City
>Mission Impossible
Fuck you're right, whites are being erased out of history.

Anonymous 246915

stop falling for the psyop, retard, they don't give a fuck about your representation, else they wouldn't have chosen a dark-skinned south american to portray the mc of a german story about a girl whose skin is white as fucking snow. you should be feeling insulted and debased, not "represented".
jfc we're ngmi

btw, a bimbo, a jew and some capeshit/actiontard movies are also not adequate representation of white women, who are only fit for being punching bags or sluts, according to americunts.

Anonymous 246940

yeah i regret answering your question, i should have known it would get a seething response from someone. i'm done talking about it, lets go back to hating trannies.

Anonymous 246965

Sorry about your dick, bro.

Anonymous 246971

who told you that? tiktok?

Anonymous 246973

> I'm not even trans.
Sure bud
> why the hate
Because we can't fucking get away from you people. Even here, you follow us.
We just want to be left alone. Why can't you fucking leave us alone.

Anonymous 246978

huh? that's not true at all

Anonymous 247030


NGL i dont keep up with twitter drama so idk and idc who those people are, but "terf" is a name transgenders gave to radical feminists who are most definitely not against abortion. If they start calling everybody who hates transgenders a "terf" despite not even being a feminist, then that is them trying to turn all opposition against them into a monolith to more easily manipulate handmaidens.

Anonymous 247031

Wait. You're a gender abolitionist?

Anonymous 247034

I think we should get rid of gender roles since they are very restrictive. The concept of sex will never go away. we just need to get rid of the idea that a certain sex === a certain personality or life trajectory. Transgenderism is the idea that you can and should change your body to "match" with your personality or internal feelings about yourself. I see this as inherently anti-feminist.

I can concede that some people may feel very attached to their gender, even though I really couldnt care less. So i am a bit on the fence, but definitely leaning toward gender abolition.

Anonymous 247037

she was not quiet.…

> she has been very quiet about Roe v. Wade.
That is a bald-faced lie and you know it.
She said plenty of shit when the law got repealed, and has spoken frequently on the issue since.

Anonymous 247041

I fully agree on the gender thing. Gender roles are inherently toxic, especially to women (though men would also benefit from gender abolition in a lot of aspects). I can see how believing that and supporting trans may appear contradictory. However, in the world we live in, gender roles are still very firmly established. While we should definitely work on questioning gender roles, and offer broader representation in media, I don't think forcing people to live according to their sex-associated gender is ethical, at least not until society has evolved.

Anonymous 247048

>I don't think forcing people to live according to their sex-associated gender is ethical
exactly. Forcing me, for example, to live as a "feminine" woman is unethical because it is simply not something I want to do. Forcing a man to be stereotypically male would also be unethical.
What needs to be done is allowing people (especially women since femininity is the most restrictive) to be gender non conforming without convincing them that they are magically the opposite sex.
> I can see how believing that and supporting trans may appear contradictory
It doesn't just appear contradictory, it is contradictory. Transgenderism is gender roles put on steroids. The assertion that somebody can "feel" like the opposite sex is completely absurd until you realize that the entire thing is based entirely on gender roles. Instead of forcing people to embody the gender roles of their sex, transgenderists would have gender non conforming people identify themselves as a different sex instead. Or, at worst, the movement would manipulate gender-non-conforming/gay&lesbian people to surgically mutilate themselves, becoming medical patients for life, in the false hope they they would literally become the sex that "matches" their personality.

And I can tell you are trans. I actually don't hate most trans people like the others in this thread. I think you are manipulated by a regressive ideology and a medical industry that wants to take advantage of you for money. Get out while you can.

Anonymous 247065

I'm not very convinced by this argument since there was a time when the majority of people, including a lot of women, were convinced that women shouldn't have the right to vote based on a backwards gender essentialist worldview, which we obviously look back on now and see for how dumb it was. Most of these are social norms which are constantly shifting over time anyway. I don't think anyone is seriously arguing that nobody should ever conform to stereotypical masculinity/femininity but it seems pretty obvious to me that we need more flexibility judging from how emotionally constipated a lot of men are and how clearly repressed a lot of women still are.

Anonymous 247079

>I can tell you're trans
I really am not. If you wanna know, the reason I care is because I don't want the trans issue to become another wedge in my pipe dream of a united left like race vs class vs gender.
>Transgenderism is gender roles put on steroids
That's not wrong. I think that's probably why some trans women will act in a very stereotypical way that can seem like a caricature of womanhood. They're trying to conform to gender roles especially hard to fit in. But I'm not sure that invalidates gender dysmorphia. Most of feminine-masculine traits are social constructs but we cannot rule out a few of them are actually hard-wired somehow. Maybe transgenderism will disappear completely with gender roles. Obviously that would be ideal. But it's also possible it wouldn't.


Your logic is flawed because what people want in their partner is socially constructed too. Men want submissive soft women because it fits with their being strong providers and defenders. If you remove one side of the equation, the other disappears too.

Anonymous 247080

Believe it or not, we exist. I am gender non-conforming and many women throughout history have fought for the right to break free from the norms you listed (see the entire history of the feminist movement). By their very nature gender roles are repressive, so people that do not conform are typically outcasted (or as of late convinced to chemically castrate themselves). Because of this, many women are forced to be feminine if they want any level of success in life. Male gender roles benefit men, so of course very few of them would want to get rid of something that benefits them.
The key word here is freedom. people should have the freedom to be gender non conforming.
The situation is way more complex than what you are describing.
I can't speak for the male part of the equation, but:
>want a boyfriend/ husband who is not stereotypically male
plenty of lesbian women and women who would prefer a "softer" male in appearance and personality. I am personally bi, and like short males.
>marry a man who makes less than them?
Women are outperforming men in school and continuously fighting against the gender pay gap. If they dont want to possibly be more successful than a man, why would they be doing this?
>have their value tied to how much they make and their position in an organisation?
plenty of women in corporate jobs? how is this a stereotypically male thing in the modern day?
>be forced to fight and die in wars, even for those they don't support?
There are lots of women in the military and women who have fought for their right to join. The big issue (at least in the US) with women joining the military is that you are very likely to get attacked/raped/killed by your own side.

Anonymous 247113

there is an overlap but it doesn't mean terfs are right wing. some of them might as well be, given they disagree with right wing's stances on women, but most terfs are left leaning.
terfs hate trannies for way different reasons (opposite even) than right wingers, and to be a terf you have to be a radical feminist first and foremost - it's even in the name.

Anonymous 247204

Yes. Now fuck off. There's no need for your dick/dick-influenced opinions here.

Anonymous 247205

Oh really? A British celebrity has been quiet about an Americunt problem? Wao. Woow. Woooooah.

Anonymous 247220

>Women wanted the vote (but there were exceptions). Now men and women want those things I mentioned.
I'm not talking about just the suffragette movement, im talking about the entire feminist movement. right to vote, right to work, right to pursue an equal education, right to wear pants, freedom from sexual violence, freedom to not be feminine, etc. Even though there are non-feminist women in every era it doesn't change the fact that many women fight for all women's equality who later benefit from it. Even though many women were against the vote, very few now would give that right away. You are oversimplifying and making all women into a monolith to match your worldview.
>men see it as a way for women to kick them out of cushy high paying jobs while they're stuck as plumbers and brick layers.
I believe in meritocracy. If that means less male executives and more male plumbers, so be it. Even though there may be a minority of women who want to be plumbers, they should have the choice to pursue that career path despite being female. just like a man should have the choice to be a househusband.
>Yes, but who wants to change?
me. and the other feminists fighting for it.
>How many feminists fighting for equal representation train to be electricians or plumbers? It's a catch 22 where everyone claims they want something done, but want someone else to do it.
The goal isn't to flip gender roles, but to get rid of them. it is to give people the choice of any career path and then let meritocracy do its thing. This will take a while because choice is made up of lots of factors. Sure, less women may want to go into male-dominated fields for a variety of reasons. But the minority should have the choice to pursue the career they want. For some fields, representation may never be 50/50 and that is ok as long as free choice is present. I am in a male dominated field and would like the freedom to continue. I don't want shitty gender roles keeping me from what I want to do in life.
>The US military is 17% women.
depends on the branch. air force is closer to 25%. marines and army are less. Women want to join a branch with more women and more opportunities for them both to avoid male violence from their own side and to have more opportunity for promotion. Frankly, one of the big reasons for women's oppression is that we are physically weaker than men, so women will always be a minority in places where physical strength is a necessity. Women will probably never be 50/50 in every branch and that is ok as long as the choice is open to any minority woman who is strong enough to hold her own along with the men.
>very small minority like you.
You claim "nobody really wants to abolish gender roles" so even a minority disagreeing proves your claim wrong. And I think the minority is much bigger than you think it is. If the majority of people want their gender roles, they can keep them as long as theyre not forcing it on everybody.
>women strongly don't want to date a man who earns less, especially high earning women.
imo women's motivations in finding a partner are completely different than a man's. Women want equality in a partner. They want somebody who they can respect and respects them in turn. High achieving women want similarly high achieving men. Historically, high achieving men wanted a woman from a rich family or an extremely attractive woman as proof of his success. In other words, men wanted a wife to serve as a trophy and status signifier who is usually not as respectable or accomplished as him. Society and culture will change because half the population is no longer property, and that is not a bad thing (unless youre a bum who can't rely on gender roles for free shit anymore). The only people complaining about this are males who want a trophy wife and can't get one, or women who want to be a trophy wife but can't get a high achieving male. I see this change as a good thing.
>Feminists are fighting for women to be not expected to take the burden of housekeeping, but many feminists are fighting for men working in dead end jobs/as housekeepers to be seen as no less valuable than a men in a high paying, high prestige position?
yes they are. But since housekeeping males are so rare most of the focus is placed on making sure household labor is distributed equally among working couples.

Anonymous 247223

You are very obviously a scrote who wants to have your cake and eat it too.

Anonymous 247226

Who the fuck cares about any of this really, since tradthots and housewives usually corner themselves and society into suffering at everyone's expense ? I will never give a shit what these bimbos what they want because they're stupid and brainwashed as they come anyway.

Anonymous 247238

What did you do peel these statistics off Google ? Those numbers aren't close to right. And it doesn't account for half of marriages ending in divorce( usually initiated by women) as women get sick of being married after the illusion fades away and women see how shitty and cancerous the men in their lives are. It's just too fucking common. Money isn't nearly as important as being decent, and helping out equally. Honestly more often than not both partners make about the same and put that income together to pay for life. Together they are middle class. Rich scrotes are unreliable and selfish pieces of shit who will screw you over in the end. Almost everyone I know irl is more like former and makes the same. Especially women who are younger. I know virtually zero women who simply have no job. Most women want to keep their finances separate for a damn good reason.

Anonymous 247318

>i just haaave to have a woman waaah
>pussy is muh human right reee
>pls pay my bills and do my laundry while I play vidya
Scrotes are parasites.

Anonymous 247340


Cross-posting to get back on track: Someone got troon's remorse and asked to be killed via MAiD. Canada denied his request, meaning he will likely do it himself and so keep that one meme percentage bolstered, assuming the changes to the legislation next year don't let him get approved upon reapplication. In the meantime, he's doing that half wake-up some of them get when they realize that, maybe, something is a little fucked up here and that unnecessarily tearing up a working body likely isn't always the best idea.

>In social media posts, Lois Cardinal, a self-proclaimed 'sterilized First Nations post-op transsexual' said regret over her medical transition led her to apply for a lethal injection in February.

>'My story, from a regretful transition to medical assistance in dying: I feel like I have contributed to the genocide of my people.'
>'A lot of the so-called trans hate is fuelled by the trans community, because we aren't allowed to have honest and tough conversations.' She says 'children and vulnerable' Canadians, especially its native population, are 'falling prey to a trend that is medicalized.'


Anonymous 247345

That's the funny thing about conservatives. They keep praising stay-at-home moms as the accomplishment of womanhood. Meanwhile, even if women actually wanted that, it's simply not possible in our late-stage capitalism society, which cons have zero interest in addressing.

Anonymous 247362

Canada will put to sleep the mentally ill and veterans with PTSD but not trannies? Come on cancucks

Anonymous 247370

I was having a conversation with someone earlier today. At first it was our typical trans hate like 'why won't they leave us alone' stuff. Eventually I started to vent my frustrations about how TIMs come off as a poor parody of women and that's when I realized what it is about them that makes me so mad. In a way what they do feels like blackface but for women. They see how some women act (usually hentai women since they're all coomers) and try to emulate it with no real context or understanding. They wear the most age and size inappropriate clothing to try and highlight their 'femininity' (as if it's clothes that makes us… us) but ironically end up highlighting how masculine they truly are.

It all just feels like an elaborate version of someone mocking your way of speaking By DoInG tHiS wItH tHiEr VoIcE. It's not just the voice of course but the whole package. I doubt I'm the first person to think of it like this but since I spend less and less time here I just wanted to let this out.

Anonymous 247371


It's from a right wing website, but I found this article very interesting. It's about Christianity and how it promotes hatred of women. It's an interesting insight on how incel thinking is influenced by Christianity.

Anonymous 247379

So now we're actually quoting nazis. Like literally Himmler.

Anonymous 247388

why is this thread bombarded with chasers and trannies now? you have your own chan, go there

Anonymous 247400

I guess getting one of us to say "You know what?? Youre right!! Youre like a real woman unlike all those other ugly hons" would be the best validation.

Anonymous 247402


i believe everyone has power, as in every human interaction is powerful
we are social creatures after all and so
racializing the act of racism is inherently wrong and just outright immoral
only some people ive met irl think this though (only white people ive met thought this besides one over-political WoC, but who can blame her)

what bothers me most is how stereotyping or just prejudicism itself is considered racism now, but then
why cant we even say the way troons stereotype women is sexist?
its almost like moids take every advantage they have to oppress women..

post nut clarity

bro have you heard their "girl" voices? laughable everytime

also wanted to say how much i hated seeing all those hooker outfit wearing, shitty hair (fake or real (lol)), insulting mocking personality ass troons im gonna have to see again at uni in a few weeks

Anonymous 247403

also the amount of scrotes that have posting here lately is wild
even more, how bold they are to blatantly male post and lie

Anonymous 247405

Does anyone know what the secret boards on lolcow are? I forgot what they were called, I thought it was /xx/ but that didn't yield any results

Anonymous 247406

assuming you're trying to find /2X/

Anonymous 247429

Dear God the voices are 10/10 at making me cringe into my own asshole out of fight or flight. The few I've heard IRL are like some weird alien valley girl thing. I honestly think about picrel every-time they talk. Also why is it almost always fishnets they're wearing?

Anonymous 247433

> all this current trooning out is just a fetish
In this (and many other cases) it's just power tripping. Able white cis males experience being part of a privileged class and they go nuts on the abuse. "DO YOU EVEN KNOW I AM TRANS"

Anonymous 247437

how do you spot a tif? my workplace almost exclusively hires people under 5'7 and there's this new little twinky 'man' who works with me. how can i tell?

Anonymous 247443

>my workplace almost exclusively hires people under 5'7
what kind of job is it?

Anonymous 247444

horse pilot in the olympics maybe

Anonymous 247461

retail. it's not an official policy, that's just how it shakes out with the current manager.

Anonymous 247481

>horse pilot
fucking kekd

Anonymous 247482

how tall is your manager? male or female?

Anonymous 247484


why do they speak like that…

Anonymous 247486

Sounds like shit you might hear in one of those old self help tapes lmao

Anonymous 247488

All of it, lies and cope. When you inverse the sentence, it makes sense.

>I'm an ugly gross big man into porn and politics and plays a shitton of games

>Do you fellow men have any idea just how bad it feels to say this?
>I'm miserable ;-;

And that's why the want to pretend they're "girls". Not women, "girls". Because men normalize pedophilia too much.

Anonymous 247496

images (25).jpeg


>beautiful cute little woman

>looks like picrel

Anonymous 247497

his eyes are surreal
>When you inverse the sentence, it makes sense.
literal brain rot, they should start putting down moids like this honestly. cant wait for scum world

Anonymous 247502

God, I hate this shit. Obviously I know that regardless of advertising, men can still buy the same products as me. But whenever I see brands that are this ham-fisted and overt about it, with men in the ads for items that are generally "for women", whether it's clothes or menstrual products, I'm fuckin out. Women for years have asked for things like clothing to be modeled on more regular looking women to get a better idea of how it might look on them, and instead we get this shit.>>247458

Anonymous 247512

Is it just me or am I actually seeing less tranny shit in the news? Less trannoids in ads .. etc?

I see a lot more focus on climate change and the climate crisis lately. Thank God it's about time. How can trannies as a contention even remotely compare to climate change ?

Anonymous 247513

tell me why I spent almost an hour on this video and he doesn't say anything that digs his shit ideology out of its hole. also why does he have his silicone tits out for the entirety of the video.
>ummm ackshually twans women have no biological advantage in sports. it is BLACK CIS WOMEN who have greater bone density than cis white women. ARE YOU ADVOCATING FOR RACE SEGREGATED SPORTS RACIST BIGOT?? the bigotted cis girls who want trans girls out of their sports and locker rooms are actually privileged and white and dont need the scholarships anyway. :)
>WOW. Matt Walsh interviewed the maasai about their views on gender. Is it because he is actually racist and sees them as more primitive?? I think so :). And ackshually they see womanhood and manhood as nuanced and multifaceted therefore they have multiple genders: a mother gender, a child gender, a warrior gender, and an old people gender. i love gender :).
>UMMM kinsey and john money were actually not that bad. just because they experimented on kids and falsified their data doesnt mean the outcomes of their research was wrong.

that is all this video has said in an hour. i really should get a hobby but i'm just too mad that our two choices are conservative sex based gender roles or liberal gender role slurry with nobody actually caring about women's rights.

Anonymous 247522

>our two choices are conservative sex based gender roles or liberal gender role slurry with nobody actually caring about women's rights.
Don't think too much about it. It's a false dichotomy designed to get you upset. Nobody can really force me to abide by conservative gender politics. They can't enforce a rule to make me wear dresses for example. And they can't make me troon. Just live your life the way you want to without caring about how others would prefer you to present yourself. Who cares what they think?

Anonymous 247524

His face alone is already a good indicator of the kind of bs he'll defend. This type of soy-y beardy bespectacled out of shape moid is always a troon defender, probably because of porn brai rot.

Anonymous 247530

Sorry, but he's on your side.

Anonymous 247609

>there's more differences between black women and white women then there are between men and women

Holy shit lmao

Anonymous 247611

I wish I was exaggerating but that is the literal point this jackass brought up in the video. I guess since it is literally 4 hours long nobody actually bothered to watch the whole thing before jerking this dude off for being so woke and progressive.
funnily enough matt walsh and the troon deboonking him have a similar demeanor. I think a male's political views and life trajectory might depend on what porn they get addicted to.

Anonymous 247612

This might sound retarded but I honestly prefer most right wingers to the majority of leftists. A lot of righties are just ignorant, but leftist moids have all the correct information at their fingertips and still come out with the most retarded shitty takes ever. None of the bullshit they say makes any sense, it's all made up buzzwords and newspeak. They're so ridiculous.

Anonymous 247613

Considering the amount of racist, conspiracist or even eugenist shit that gets posted here, you're far from the only one being right-wing.

Anonymous 247618

Hips, face is a little too round, small skull, small hands and feet, no Adams apple, shorter legs, smaller brow ridge, no man funk smell, not readjusting balls through the day

Anonymous 247670

genuinely makes me seethe

Anonymous 247671

>cause they're afraid of dick coming into their special safe places. get fucking stuffed
how fucking delusional and creepy. He admitted he's a man , kekw.
subhuman moid trash
Sorry , im new here. what does nona mean?
i know. why do all of the tranny-made breakcore suck ass ,like that sewerslvt tranny who is a lolicon too and apparently has 5GB+ of lolicon. Sewerslvt is incredibly overated and isn't even breakcore yet everyone says he's a breakcore artist .
hahaha oh my where do i even start with this? Communism has been tried before. Not only he's a communist he's a fucking dirty lustful hentai addict. It's extremely ironic how he posted a image of Ukraine beating up Russia , every slavic country despises communism except from Russia.
stop watching porn/hentai , it is bad for you.

Anonymous 247681

Someone should ask him if these differences in black and white women can be measured statistically speaking, and if they remain consistent in every study. It's been known for a long time that men are around 60% stronger than women. I doubt that such a stark difference exists between the races to the point of giving one race an unfair advantage. Also lol why do they keep comparing black women to men? They can't seem to stop doing it. They'll try to frame it as a positive thing without realizing what a backhanded insult it is to call black women manly.

Anonymous 247682

One month for dogpilling. I admit I was shitposting so it's a somewhat fair but long ban. However, scrotes should feel despair once they rationalize - as if they can - that they are far below pets

Anonymous 247685


the lil chart he pulled up in the video. Cuz fallon fox's tiktok is the most reputable source of evidence :). In case you dont know who fallon fox is, he competed against women in mma and broke somebody's skull.

Anonymous 247687

> What does Nona mean?

Try spelling Nona backwards

Anonymous 247695

Black women aren't stronger than white men lol. Which would be the case of the difference were larger than trans athletes. What is true is there is a large difference in hip fractures in old age between black women and white women. A gap exists between black men and white men as well but it's not nearly as large. This is most likely driven by the fact that most white women do not work in physically demanding jobs.

Anonymous 247696

>there's more differences between black women and white women then there are between men and women
>Also lol why do they keep comparing black women to men? They can't seem to stop doing it. They'll try to frame it as a positive thing without realizing what a backhanded insult it is to call black women manly.
I'm no doctor, but I can tell his brain has rotted from Blacked porn.
He thinks it's hot for women to humiliate themselves by fucking something "lesser", because he feels uncomfortable around proud women, and so, he also sees black people less than humans.
Deep down, he's a POS.

Anonymous 247697

I hate this guy so fucking much I am so disgusted.
>When you see a man in a dress walking down the street you assume he is a woman because you can't see his genitals. Therefore he is a woman and faces oppression just like real–i mean– cis women. So, there is no way that trans women could possibly oppress you cissies.
>If you get raped by somebody dressed like a woman in a locker room or restroom just sue them once theyre finished :) it is illegal after all. I deserve the right to pee in public restrooms so trying to prevent these assaults from happening is actually infringing on my right to use your – our– restroom. And we all know my right to feel pink and frilly is more important than you hysterical bitches' rights to not get raped. You ugly feminists like it anyways :)
>Oh and it never happens so shut up about it already!! Oh it has happened? well you know, you're cherrypicking! a few bad apples… well "she" was going to be raped if we put her in a mens prison so it is better that we put her in with the women :)
> expressing concern for TIFs with mental issues and saying misogyny played a role in their transition is actually just you ICKY terfs trying to force your views on these trans men. not very feminist of you to force your views on women– i mean trans men :). listen to my shitty british accent i now identify as JK Rowling
>Also terfs are white
>–has cis women voice trans women. also has cis women voice trans men. lol –
>TERFS bully us on the bird app (nope i am not projecting). And theyre gonna keep kids from getting hormones :( where else will I get my gender euphoria boners
>Trans women are not putting on just ONE misogynist stereotype, we wear a variety of misogynist stereotypes. So we are not promoting gender roles :)
>–was going to show his silicone cleavage, but decided not to and forgot to button all the buttons on his shirt–
>feminist discourse can still happen even if we change the definition for women to include men. You are now uterus-havers :)
>WHAAAAT??? we trans women have NEVER denied that we are different biologically than cis women. not even once. We just have different experiences of womanhood. like black women and white women :)
>Terfs have a victim mentaility and this we transes are out to get them.
> –sniffle sniffle– researching this topic hurt my feelings :( being confronted with fax about my beliefs made me break down several times. give me sympathy for putting out this video. Terfs are so dangerous.

Anonymous 247703

oops seems like i made a mistake. from now on i'll assume the same for every scrotoid anyway just to be safe.

Anonymous 247704


Anonymous 247705

oops i offended the lurking transgender.

Anonymous 247708

Every fucking lesbian space is full of troons.
If I say I don't like dick I get hated on.
I don't like dick, I don't give a shit about your personality, I don't like man.
Trans rights being invasive is fucking insane and is taking out spaces where I was supposed to feel safe.
There's a man, full beard in his face, using make up, saying that he is a lesbian woman and I have to see that and agree???

I just want a GF who is not a fucking troon lover.

Anonymous 247710

>I think a male's political views and life trajectory might depend on what porn they get addicted to
makes sense, tons of men I see advocating for abolishing gender roles and wanting to be house husbands do so because they're addicted to femdom porn

Anonymous 247719

Mostly destroying his own claim seeing as how Fallon fox is a black man fighting mostly white women. Black women's bone density is only higher on a single data point.

Anonymous 247720


It's so funny because if you scroll down the replies you'll see a troon make the dumbass assertion that if you control a person in a game, then you have to identify with that person. I'm convinced HRT stunts brain development at this point.

Anonymous 247724


does this pic break any rules? it got deleted along with the lurking transgender.

Anonymous 247726


I feel a deep personal connection with the square piece when I play Tetris. The pained struggle of being that awkward piece that always shows up at the worst time and with no spot to clearly fit in. Never being able to change no matter how many times someone smash the rotate button. So profound, so real.

jk their post killed my last brain cell and this is all that's left

Anonymous 247730

in their traditionally masculine ways troons can't fathom concepts like empathy or theory of mind - this is why they collapse under the weight of their own masculine narcissism and selfishness

Anonymous 247731

I have to assume any actual woman who loves troons but claims to be a lesbian is a "bisexual" het woman

Anonymous 247735

What the hell did you just fucking say about me, you little nona? I'll have you know I've placed 12th in at least 1 Tetris Tournament, and I've been involved in numerous secret strats, and I have over 30 confirmed square placements. I am trained in T-spin bonuses and I'm the top spinner in the entire Tri-City area. You are nothing to me but just another I-piece.

Anonymous 247737

so are there really no more lesbian spaces anymore? I was gonna start trying to find a gf…

Anonymous 247744

Ahahahahaha lots of children gonna end up being molested here.

Anonymous 247745

holy fuck what causes teeth like this

Anonymous 247751


That's a man baby!

Anonymous 247768

anyone following the LK-99 superconductor saga also got mad that a troon commie was allegedly the first to reproduce it?
male troon autism is unmatched but this one is clearly a larper and everyone immediately takes him seriously. people already raving about a """"girl"""" owning the moids, meanwhile actually female scientists are ignored/belittled dnuiwihrnfu8ein i hate them so fucking much

Anonymous 247770

as a Woman In STEM™ I HATE HATE HATE when trannies are lauded as "women in STEM". Might as well laud Rachel Dolezal as a "Black academic". Also as a mixed black woman it pisses me off even more that some white moid can just put some pronouns in bio to get hailed as ~yay diversity~. I'm sure white trannies are the actual diversity hires lol. Trannies of all races really, they all are in general entitled narcs with 0 work ethic.

Anonymous 247773

i hate how women have to work 10x harder to be taken seriously and then still get questioned about their competence/get weird sexual comments etc, meanwhile fucking scrotes can just drop a "she/her" and get extra credibility because everyone associates troons with autism + diversity brownie points.

Anonymous 247775

Also hate how trannies now have to be included in discussions of female autism, ignoring that autism often manifests somewhat differently in women and of course, if not because female socialization has its own specific impact on autistic women and girls. Nevermind that a lot of autistic women and girls actually go TIF themselves but we can't point that out because "trans women are women and trans men are men and misgendering is literal hate speech!" Actually pretty interesting that all autistic women I've seen have been either some flavour of TIF or staunchly GC.

Anonymous 247882

It just pisses me off to hear them talk, they're so snooty and self righteous about shit they don't understand and didn't bother researching. I feel like the right makes the stronger effort to actually understand the opposing side. I also find it amusing how so many of them will go on and on about privilege and classism when they themselves are the embodiment of that shit. The way they jump down people's throats for not using the same newspeak that they do is a good example. As if everyone who didn't go to college and major in some useless sjw bullshit is a bigot.

Anonymous 247883

I know what you mean. I heard liz fong-jones going off about "cultural appropriation" recently and the lack of self awareness gave me an aneurysm. A man who appropriates womanhood and femininity, treating the female experience as a fetish, is on twitter complaining about a white woman making dumplings. He basically got his high paying job for being a "woman", too. Trannies are real convenient for big corporations trying to meet a quota. Real women can get pregnant and require maternity leave while troons feel validation when their co-workers sexually harass them.

Anonymous 247887

> A man who appropriates womanhood and femininity, treating the female experience as a fetish
I have noticed this so much especially with gay men.
They parody and love everything feminine, from pop culture and hobbies (fashion/makeup/ singers like taylor swift/del ray or celebs like monroe) to their mannerisms.
Is crazy when you think about how much fujos got hate for just taking back an inch in fiction of what those men do irl

Anonymous 247897

The way they treat certain female celebrities is also gross. It's not just idolizing them like teenage girls do, it's almost parasocial but with a sense of ownership, they fixate on Britney or Taylor or Charli or whatever, then those artists have to be fag-hags and kiss gay ass in everything they do, their act now is supposed to revolve around gays and "allyship". A female artist becoming "lgbt culture" means she loses autonomy and is only allowed to be that.
They also make fun of women and insult our bodies/genitals/hetero relationships (in seething rage because straight men don't want them lmao) and then treat these female celebs like accessories and "omg she's totally me".

Anonymous 247993

Wtf lmao I thought this was the girl who was accused of stabbing her roommate in Italy a few years back (also named Amanda Knox)
I’m kinda relieved it’s not; she’s based

Anonymous 248054

the man who drugged and raped me has come out as a troon. he is posting about trans kids. he used to say i was cute bc i had a kiddie face.
this is the first time i'm posting about him trooning out here.
i started to hate troons out of fear for the children i used to hang out with a few troons bc of the queer community in my town.
the trans community who i used to call friends are posting about being proud of him for coming out.

Anonymous 248056


Have you ever revealed your power level and regretted it?

Anonymous 248059

Based, hope nothing bad came of this

Anonymous 248100


I was taking some online autism tests to see if maybe I should consider a formal diagnosis, and I thought this belonged here.

Anonymous 248101

Maybe I should have added more context. Autistic females had the highest scores for masking autistic traits, but the neurotypical females "have the lowest!" while the "non-binary" have the highest. The absolute state of "science".

Anonymous 248103

Is the star symbol just marking the highest scores?

Anonymous 248106

Anonymous 248109

what are the benefits of being formally diagnosed?

Anonymous 248115


Holy shit, this is terrible… i hope you're doing okay nona. I hope he slips off a cliff.

Anonymous 248126

you should really post more about them publicly and even on anonymous anti trans communities
they shouldnt feel safe, as the theyve taken that from you and probably others.
i believe in you nona

Anonymous 248128

disability at uni as they love to cater to privileged special peoples (anyone from a home with non-poverty level income in my honest opinion from what ive seen)
its nonbinary hell in gay rooming now lol

trannyism over all is a bougie means of failing males to appropriate actual minority statuses inadequacies to empower their sexual kinks/fetish for public display. also induces insane narcissistic male privledged mentalities

ywnbaw scrote, scum 4 lyfe, cull all moids
namaste nonas, heres to a perfectly productive year at uni!

Anonymous 248131

Honestly, it's probably lame, but I just want something to blame my life struggles on, and it would put a lot of things into perspective.

Anonymous 248132

Are you implying only moids have autism and/or autism is fake? I really have no clue what you're on about.

Anonymous 248450

Does a formal diagnosis make employment easier or harder to get, assuming I’m very good at masking and not a tard.

Anonymous 248846


Anonymous 248847

>they all are in general entitled narcs with 0 work ethic.

I teach at a college and have found this to be the case. They tend to start off strong and then drop off and fail courses (this has actually happened to every one I've known except for one nonbinary dude) because of 'mental health struggles'. It makes me a little happy

Anonymous 248851

I've never understood how trans-inclusion (MTF) is the default within radfem spaces. What exactly is the definition of "woman" if MTF trannies are to be included? If the definition is just "anybody who says they are a woman is a woman," then what's the point of being transgender? Since, if anybody with any physical characteristics can identify as any gender, then the label "woman" means nothing.

I don't know if that made any sense, but I'll give an example: Alex was born with a penis, but later in life decides to "transition" into a woman. Either:

A. Alex doesn't change anything about themselves before changing his pronouns, in which case any person can call themselves a woman and "feeling like a woman" means nothing, therefore transgenderism makes no sense
B. Alex starts wearing pink dresses, makeup, stockings, etc. to be more "womanlike," in which case "feeling like a woman" means "playing dress up and pitching your voice up", which is them self-reporting as a misogynist.

Anonymous 248861

my favorite thing is how title 9 is only present in university
so they let these creeps walk around with boners on campus
getting people in trouble for using the wrong pronouns
invading women's only spaces then, thrown back to the real world
where they get socially bullied (if the community is self caring) become reclusive/unemploymed
and then suicide

its so fucking funny to watch 40 year old compulsive addictive personalities
nuke their male bodies with hormones shutting down and becoming incapable of functioning at their low level scrote labourous retard job
my issue that they easily convert to extremisms and violence

Anonymous 248976

>"Being seen as the provably human being you are is the same as everyone pretending men can't be proven to be men by the same method. I call this logic." – t. some retard

Anonymous 248990

What about before DNA could prove it? Or if you change the statement to "inferior human beings"? You're not making sense and you know it.

Anonymous 248994

men can still be proven men by simply seeing if they have male anatomy or not. you don't need to test somebody's dna to figure out their sex.

>Or if you change the statement to "inferior human beings"?

what are you trying to imply?

Anonymous 248996

i fucking hate mtf trannies so much. their only use in society is to be ground up as pigs' feed

Anonymous 249000

how would you defi…

>You're not making sense and you know it.
Do a DNA test on a human and it comes up human. Do a DNA test on a male and it comes up male. This isn't rocket science.

>What about before DNA could prove it?

Males and females exist in all human races. Even if racial features end up being confusing for people who have never seen those of an unfamiliar race, you can still tell a man is a man because all races have men and women with the same basic dimorphism, sexual roles, and basic pressures and species behaviors (males fight each other, straight ones try to attract females, &c.) Snipping a dick off and snapping a pic that tricks moids' hindbrains into popping a boner doesn't change the fact that you were never female. Even the most female-looking male claiming to be a woman is still factually male. Race and sex are things you are born with and can't change, and are biological realities. Arbitrary value placements, such as those placed on those races and sexes, are not. A man saying he "feels he is a woman" is impression only; it does not factually line up with physical reality and, in fact, bears more similarity with those very same racist value statements "Ava" is using in this oranges to watermelons comparison.

And, despite it being a shitty comparison, they can still both be seen and tested for and, yes, this includes DNA tests these days. Which was the point of the post, it was pointing out that quantitative evidence points to the obvious result in both cases with the same basic test in spite of the poor choice of comparison. THAT ASIDE, even at the height of the evolutionary ignorance that made the idea of humans varying so much or being related to other primates unthinkable, people could still tell which one was a man and which one was a woman because we are pretty fucking different anatomically. Even on the off-chance of them running into an androgynous adult male that tried to act like a woman, the man could still never give birth and was never of the type to do so, had certain features that could not be found on a female while lacking female anatomy, and carried in him genes that made him think and behave like a man regardless of how feminine he may have chosen to act. It is a Physical Reality.

I'm TRYING to stay in good faith, but it's likely an attempt to muddy the water so definitions can get skewed. A lot of pro-tranny rhetoric involves talking in circles and trying to confuse societal gender roles with actual biological sex, and so "acting/feeling like a woman" means you are female, as opposed to just a desire to take on the traditional cultural roles and responsibilities of women, or just dress like them, or whatever weird moid ideas they have about womanhood they think they can get out of it. Ideas not infrequently sexual. It's just the usual reinforcement of roles & behaviors because muh fetish, instead of tearing them down like we should be. It's one reason why this shit is so harmful in the way it keeps manifesting. They can't even keep their shit straight; trannies are among the first to say that sex and "gender" aren't the same thing, yet are always the first to insist that they are the second you bring into question any delusions in which they have the two firmly fused. They're the worst at actually telling the difference between sex and "gender", despite it their own favorite term used in all their arguments. Or maybe in spite of it, since keeping it vague and unstable in practice favors their tactics.

Anonymous 249002

Hey I recognise your art! I love cherry blossom miku and I hope you're doing well:)

Anonymous 249121


It's true. The lazy fuck TIM I know was skipping class to hang out with his fuck buddies, play video games and party and shit, and then complaining to me he wasn't doing well in his class because "depression". I was literally offering him help. As someone that's almost failed out because of actual depression, he can go fuck himself.

Anonymous 249253

Do routine DNA test on a woman with swyer syndrome a.k.a. XY gonadal dysgenesis and it comes as male.

Anonymous 249255

bc vagina = woman, in the rare instances where the chromosomes dont match.
penis = male.
thats it, not much more to discuss. "feeling" like a woman doesnt make one a woman. woman isnt a feeling, its a biological and absolute reality. woman isnt a skirt, or make-up, or the color pink.

Anonymous 249267


Anonymous 249272

men have estrogen too just not to the degree of a woman. Sex is determined by genitals not hormone levels.

Anonymous 249275

their gotchas are so embarrassing LMAO

Anonymous 249276

the extremely rare mutations you are bringing up are males. their genitals are just underdeveloped before puberty. they might seem female in their early childhood, but in fact they're men all along.
why are you so adamant about defending trannies as women anyways? thats weird

Anonymous 249279

thank god

Anonymous 249296

>woman isnt a feeling, its a biological and absolute reality.
Yeah, but keep in mind that in next the 30 years, I estimate like 95% chance a very wealthy troon will give birth to his baby (cesarean section most likely, but bone lenghtening is a thing). Men have all the chromosomes they need, just double the X and get rid off Y, something that is kinda doable already and there’s a lot of research in artificial wat grown organs going on.

Always future proof everything. They will not stop untill everyhting natural is defiled.

Anonymous 249310

for tims its skin walking "I can be this sexy character i spill seed for"
for tifs its "now people will see me as the cool guy ive always wanted to be instead of a weak awkward girl"

Anonymous 249316

I highly doubt that, something like that would require sci-fi levels of technology. Women's tendons, skin, all tissues really, immune system, digestive system shape, are all massively adapted for pregnancy.
Outside of some technology that can completely change the man's body (cellular structure, bones, organ shape and position, all biochemical processes) of a man to such an extent he actually becomes a woman, it's impossible. And I doubt we'd ever have such a technology.

>Men have all the chromosomes they need, just double the X and get rid off Y

You could use the genes of a man to make a "clone" that is a woman, but that clone would be conceived a woman and be born a woman.

Anonymous 249319

>Jones et al. Uterine transplantation in transgender women

They did think about animal trials in 2018 already.

Anonymous 249348

I've read through the paper, they do quote successful transplants to a woman, but any attempt to transplant into a man and then try and gestate will certainly result in death.
Pregnancy is basically an allograft, the immune system is suppressed so it doesn't kill the foetus. That alone is a problem.
You've got an even simpler problem, where will the uterus fit inside of a man considering that male intestines do not have room left for one.

It's a stupid idea, one which will only result in troon death, only sad part is that some poor woman's uterus will get harvested to do it.

Anonymous 249382


Fide (International Chess Federation) bans trans women from women's chess tournaments.

Redditors are losing it:

Anonymous 249383

is there a reason behind this?

Anonymous 249384



Transwoman Annemarie Sylvia Meier won the German Women's Chess Championship in 2003.

Anonymous 249391

ngl this is kinda dumb. in sports it is understandable because troons have a physical advantage but in chess there is no advantage. unless you think women are dumber than men.

Anonymous 249392

well i guess it's because it's a male dominated sport, like most, so tims take away the value of women within said sport

Anonymous 249394

There are ratings that rank players afaik

Anonymous 249396

There is no physical advantage in chess, but men have societal advantages. All major chess countries are extremely conservative (like Kazakhstan) and adults simply don't give the opportunities for little girls to have a career.
Chess is extremely sexist and girls usually have sexist coaches. Basically almost every male chess player thinks that women are inferior.

Anonymous 249405

fuck off moid

Anonymous 249408

What's your ELO moid? You are probably a 500 lichess patzer.

Anonymous 249414

divorced dad culture really took a turn for the worst with this whole tranny thing

will never forget the tranny i met who had been starving their elementary student and ignoring them unless they entertained the troon's you are a tranny like me schtick

fucking depraved, i hope my cps call did something

Anonymous 249448

>Pregnancy is basically an allograft, the immune system is suppressed so it doesn't kill the foetus. That alone is a problem.

Supressing immune systrem is doable.

>You've got an even simpler problem, where will the uterus fit inside of a man considering that male intestines do not have room left for one.

You can live after losing part of your intestines.

Anonymous 249451


and after all that they still wont be XX lol

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