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Terfposting #33 Anonymous 249460

Anonymous 249719

yeah. I'm thinking troons are cringe.

Anonymous 249734

Any youtubers recommendations for this topic?

Anonymous 249741

ot but there's this mutual I have, who I assume is a ftm, that liked several of my transphobic posts. Are there a lot of red pilled ftms on TiMs? I'm a bit confused by this behaviour.

Anonymous 249747

Screenshot from 20…

Anonymous 249769

from what I've seen, a lot of tifs complain about how misogynistic tims are and about how tims are bad trans allies or whatever. basically a lot of tifs hate (male) troons because they still view tifs as women and are misogynistic towards them. so it's likely she's getting sick of dealing with male troons - either that or she isn't actually a troon despite seeming like one online

Anonymous 249772

It's not exactly about troonism but I think her videos are great, she touches on that topic slightly in the video.

Anonymous 249792

I just noticed she unliked that post and unfollowed me kek this is so strange

Anonymous 249793


Maybe she misread them, got tipped off by another troon that the post was le bad and invalid terf dogwhistle talk and then had to cut off contact with the mean transphobe lol.

Anonymous 249797

Probably, she would also like my posts where I would dunk on TiM's hypocrisy and stupidity which made me think she peaked on them. We've been following each other since 2021 and I rarely ever make fun of ftms so I'm slightly upset that showing just a bit of misandry would be enough to burn bridges according to her. Well, it's whatever, we barely talked anyway.

Anonymous 249801

maybe she's afraid she'd be outed as a "terf"? idk

Anonymous 249804

I wish this post was longer, it reads like a Kurt Vonnegut short story

Anonymous 249861


do webms work on here. shit this is so cringeworthy

Anonymous 249862

The way the actual males tower over her

Anonymous 249875

>needlessly freaking out
>assaults strangers
>defaults to "whore" as an insult
he actually passes

Anonymous 249878

it's supposed to be an image board with 0 dicks, but of course there are a few lurking trannies. not hard to spot though

Anonymous 250044

from my personal experience, tims
there's no group that hates women more than them, mtfs make abrahamic religion look feminist by comparison lol

Anonymous 250045

What's personal experience with a tim like? most tims I've seen are like "uwu i love girls!!" But I have never actually conversed with a mtf tranny beyond twitter screencaps.

Anonymous 250053

Trannies are called Tims, which is a guy name.
It will never fail to make me laugh.

Anonymous 250063


there's a tranny on twitter making disgusting porn edits.
i was seeing brett cooper tag on twitter and i saw this bs. disgusting.
ohhh the misery of not being able to tell this troon that he will never be a woman

Anonymous 250067


TIF art is really deranged.

Anonymous 250068

Lol'd is that Matt Walsh

Anonymous 250069

Why did they feel the need to draw the characters at the left with erect dicks?

Anonymous 250073

Much like how many MTFs transition based on porn and fetishes, FTMs transition because of their obsession over dicks

Anonymous 250089

Tifs tend to be the more vocal in fandom spaces than tims in their weird headcanons about characters' gender, race, sexuality, etc. Mainly because tifs are the biggest shippers, although the pro-ship and anti-ship wars are mostly fought by afabs in general. I believe this is because tifs still value emotional gains from putting labels on characters rather than actually drawing them in the ways they see them as.

Tims tend to make and jerk off to futanari porn and ERP as female or futa characters. Tims are generally just coomers and when they're not coomers they're being typical moids politically, focusing less on reclaiming fiction and media than trying to be loud in IRL politics.

Anonymous 250090

This is such a perfect snapshot of everything wrong with both sexes right now.

>tif shoulderchecks moid

>moids unironically labels it as "assault" in phone call to authorities
How absolutely dickless can you be. As childish as it is, the tif actually going "Am I assaulting you now? :)" is just like toddlers playing a game of "I'm not touching you"/"she's touching me!" while holding a finger in his personal space is the funniest shit I've seen in a while.

Meanwhile, you can see the visual confusion on the males as they realize they know they could easily overpower her but then don't want to be accused of hitting a woman, even if it's a tif. Classic.

And "tif" sounds like it's short for tiffany, a girl's name.

Anonymous 250101


Anonymous 250102

Whats with the tranny racemixing correlation? I don't get it at all.

Anonymous 250104

I'd say that they aim at humiliation

Anonymous 250105

This somehow feels like the equivalent of a moid going on hormones and trying to become the biggest slut, except the girl goes on hormones and tries to become the biggest thug, wanting to bully and physically dominate people, but like the TIM, with a cartoonishly bad understanding of the behavior they are trying to emulate, and absolutely not having the body to succeed at it.

Anonymous 250134

How would you define femininity? I am dating a skinny white boy who keeps telling me the being desired by me is very important for him but he refuses to accept that being (passively) desired is typical feminine. He also moans kinda highpotched when we do foreplay. Do you think he is in the closet gay?

Anonymous 250136

its because of the polcel to tranny pipeline

Anonymous 250144

I don't think man having sex with a woman is proof of him being homosexual, nоnniе.

Anonymous 250158

>fellas is it gay to demonstrate pleasure while having sex with women?

Anonymous 250159

who was that tranny who used to spam here all day (may still spam I dont check CC as often). there was a funny meme of his face photoshopped someone cornering a someone against a wall saying "let me tell you about my period"
if anyone has that it would be appreciated, they are spamming elsewhere again and I want to spook them

Anonymous 250161

terminally online
how is wanting to be desired feminine?

Anonymous 250163


Anonymous 250165

yisssss thank you

Anonymous 250166


?did it look like this

Anonymous 250175


Anonymous 250184

I have been told by many people that by natures design women are passive castles that want to be stormed and moids are the battering rams that want to break in our gatehouses. Women are passive and moids are active and that guys who like being taken and desired are misguided fags. (I come from a religious family in eastern europe…)

Anonymous 250186

tims explained.png

I think so.

Anonymous 250187


That explains things. Yeah its not like that. Boys can like to be dominated without being gay. Feminine men and masculine women exist and they are both still men and women and it has nothing to do with being gay or straight. Obviously there are trends to do with that stuff but yeah.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to be desired when in this era everything is about validation.

Anonymous 250188

Shit like this why we have trannies. Someone hears this and says "I don't wanna be a 'passive castle', i must be a boy".

Anonymous 250192


Anonymous 250195

Not that Anon but this is a pretty typical specimen
> https://archived.moe/lgbt/thread/32420020/#32420616
>speaks over tifs
>makes a rape joke
Not even surprised.

Anonymous 250197

Anonymous 250207

THAT'S the tranny that spams here????

Anonymous 250208


4chan based for once.

Anonymous 250296

wait until you see what populates r/actuallesbians

Anonymous 250300

are you surprised? its reddit

Anonymous 250346

r/TwoXChromosomes and r/actuallesbians sounds so terfy, maybe they were made to exclude trannies, but trannies took them over anyways?>>250296

Anonymous 250390

>created in 2009
It was a different time

Anonymous 250418

r/actuallesbians was created because r/lesbians already existed as a porn subbreddit (and of course that one still gets to stay "cis women only" go figure), while r/twoxchromosomes was as >>250390 said created in a time when trannies were hardly on anyone's radar except maybe as "man in dress" jokes and weird fetish porn

Anonymous 250419

the fact that r/les was the first and a porn subreddit is a testament to how scrote brained the internet is.

Anonymous 250438

a friend of mine just come out as a trannie, not shocking since he is almost 30, dates a tif and is depressive to the point of no one being able to give a shit anymore.
god, i now so much man and woman who troon out, this shit is not normal.

Anonymous 250450

Do you believe trannyism will fail and being a TERF will be normal in the future? What are your predictions?

Anonymous 250451

Because that's what gets them off. These gigacoomers are mere steps away from sexually assaulting someone because they felt entitled to do so.

Anonymous 250454


Since surgery leads to a ton of complications and hormones do too, yes I think this is a weird moment in culture that will pass.

I don't see it as being sustainable and there are already people who transitioned in middle/high school who have grown up to speak out against it.

Wait till some real high profile "trans kids" start writing tell all memoirs about their shitty parents.

Anonymous 250455

I want to see it end soon, I am hoping detrans is the key to end of troonism. I am getting troon fatigue.

Anonymous 250457

Most normies cope life on pills, anyways. I mean for example, every other woman is used to be on the pill since her teens. Just like this. It had popped up and was completely normalized. Think of the money you can make by targeting half of the population. Or think of the meds they feed kids to make them fit into the school system. Kids that grow up taking meds. And now we have a similar situation at hand. Think of the money you can make by offering treatments that amend to the psyops you have been fed. I don't believe that they allow some sob stories to fuck up their business

Anonymous 250461


NTA, but I have spent time around several troons (mostly HSTS) and I had a tabletop roleplaying game with one once, of the autogynephile variety.

Honestly? He acted just like your classic weaboo/anime dweeb. He was just a guy in a dress and wig. Kinda autistic, fairly funny, and behaved himself. I kind of liked him, actually. For a weeb. One of the people at the table called him bro on accident and he got really butthurt but another friend deescalated.

The real issue was when I went home and added him on Twitter. His Twitter, which he shared with me freely, was fucking plastered with grotesque futa hentai. I later found out that his bedroom is plastered with hentai art prints, and when I was at their (he was the roommate of my friend) place it really was filthy. Harder levels of bad. It was just so off-putting that this guy was living in squalor, cooming 24/7, but managed to be relatively likeable (if kind of autistic) in public situations. I think it's why there are so many handmaidens. These guys kind of seem like harmless, awkward autists until you see what they are doing online/in private. The experience is part of what started my peaking.

Anonymous 250465

omg the cult behavior
>have you been reading TERF-y stuff?

Anonymous 250472

are you for real

Anonymous 250491

all mods on reddit are scrotes.

Anonymous 250494

LMAO IS THIS REAL where tf do you find this

Anonymous 250497

It's an actual BBC doc

Anonymous 250501

uk womb transplant…

Thoughts? Troon receives a womb from his sister and it's deemed as a "success". Here is iink to article below:

Anonymous 250502

The recipient wasn't a troon, though.

Anonymous 250513

>links article without even having read it

Anonymous 250520

the way the top comment is something trying to dissuade them back into
accepting trannyism, and then victim blaming????
>troon fatigue
so real nona, so real
ive been forced to spend time with trannies and so
i would joke that i was a terf but one time one got so mad one time they went on a rant
about how terfs should be mass raped and murdered. they come in a great variety
of offensiveness but they all have the same disdain ive garnered from
studying the side effects of being in their face about such things
it's helped me blacklist them from social circles and show me who actually supports women
womb transplants will never work on males
bugger off please

Anonymous 250528

I think womb transplants are a terrible and pointless idea even on actual women. The article already says that it won't last her more than five years and she'll have to take immunosuppressants the whole time so she doesn't reject it. It's just a waste and you know damn well trannies will see this and will gloat about how "their turn is next!"

Anonymous 250530

Yet another stunning example of peoples refusal to adopt. Seriously, I feel like this is going to cause major pregnancy complications, and I feel there are many better ways to "have" a kid which don't involve potentially dangerous surgery.

Anonymous 250531

The field of gynecology has such skewed priorities in research. We still don't exactly understand the causes of endometriosis or even the full functionality of each organ in the female reproductive system. Hell, only quite recently it was discovered that the clitoris also has an intricate internal structure. Or that the uterus also helps in hormone regulation and it's not completely useless when not gestating. By the way elective hysterectomies have also been linked to higher rates or early onset dementia. But they'd rather pander to narcissists who ~need~ to get pregnant and even males with fetishes over research that would actually benefit women. Such a waste.
On a lighter note I know this is South Park but it's quite eerie how this 2005 episode was so ahead of its time, now we have actual unironic pregnancy LARPing trannies and even people unironically cheering them on

Anonymous 250539


Why is she so obvious?

Anonymous 250540

the cognitive dissonance…

Anonymous 250552

is this that annoying obese misogynist whiteglove tif? she spends every single day on /lgbt/ circlejerking with the pedo incel trannies about how evil the meanie feminists are and how much she hates lolcow/crystal cafe, I'm pretty sure she's trying to get the demented trannies there to raid us

Anonymous 250554

the final form of pickme-ism

Anonymous 250571

Im so out of the picture, please give me context n0nnies

Anonymous 250579

long lore post incoming kek there's this obese female tranny lolcow (originally from kiwifarms I think) named rita aka whiteglove who spends her every waking moment posting on imageboards. she acts like a incel thinking it's justified since she hates other women and is super misogynistic and nasty despite constantly coming here and to lolcow. she would talk about herself in third person, samefag, personalityfag, derail threads etc so she had her entire post history revealed by the admins on lolcow because of how insane she is.
now she uses the 4chan board /lgbt/ (known for being infested with far right misogynist pedo trannies) where all she does is namefag and personalityfag there with the other deranged trannies - usually her posts there are whining about lolcow, crying about terfs despite all the time she spent socializing with them on lolcow, sucking up to the male agp trannies on the board, and just victimizing herself to try and get more attention and pity.
whenever anyone makes fun of her or says anything slightly critical she schizos out and makes up a bunch of crazy stories about how they're her personal stalker. I think she's bpd or has some other severe personality disorder.
you can easily find her posts on lolcow since they're all marked with giant pink text and on 4chan /lgbt/ archives just search lolcow and scroll until you find her namefagging there (as glove or whiteglove I think) to see more of her spergouts

Anonymous 250607

thanks! :]

Anonymous 250653

Male privilege? Or something else?

Anonymous 250779

Probably dropped for lack of evidence.

His mother apparently has dementia, so is likely useless as a witness. It was all over the internet for a couple of days before the police got involved, so probably too late for any forensics. If he managed to avoid incriminating himself to the police, then all they have is his confession in the recorded conversation with the girl that exposed him. That could easily argued as a mere fantasy that he invented to impress her. She was, after all, basically running a "honey trap" and encouraging his warped delusions. As repulsive as he is, he could actually be innocent for all we know.

Anonymous 250802

I agree, my understanding is that it's a case where most of the edvidence is Chris self-admitting. Clearly there is sonething there otherwise it wouldn't have gone to court, but if the lawyer can call Chris' reliability into question I'm sure the case jusut crumbles.

Anonymous 250871

line 15.png

Anonymous 250889

>be male
>lie and make up extreme eccentric shit all the time
>admit to raping my mother
>dont go to jail
fuck this world

Anonymous 250899

they now consider the last three points "outdated" and will get mad at you if you say TIMs are anything other than "biological females ~incorrectly~ assigned male at birth"

Anonymous 250911

Screenshot 2023-08…

Can I talk about MTF mutilation "humor" here?

I never understood why "jokes" like these are so popular, and it always involves MTFs. I have yet to see one involving FTMs. Maybe they're too scared to make one about cutting a woman's breasts off or damaging their genitalia and then jokingly declaring them a man.

Anonymous 250915

I think that joke is about fellatio rather than cutting the pp off

Anonymous 250916

the joke is that homie2 has to suck the venom out of homie1's dick

Anonymous 250919

in the last 30ish years we invented the internet while closing down all the insane asylums in america. it explains most things.

Anonymous 250930

cock and snake both mean penis in this joke if I get the meaning correctly

Anonymous 250966

i don't think you do.

Anonymous 250971


An ex friend of mine trooned out to escape accountability of being outed as an abusive and narcissistic moid.

Who would've thought that maybe women really just don't want a severely mentally unstable, mean and nasty asocial schizo tranny prostitute dwelling in their home.. you know.. like it's supposed to be a safe space or something? colour me surprised.

Anonymous 250978

If Michael Jackson were still alive, he would have cut his dick off and come out as tranny

Anonymous 250980

And why in the fuck would he have done that?

Anonymous 250989

It would become illegal to call him a pedo rapist

Anonymous 250995

>Those fleeting feelings that you're a boy even though you were born a girl? 100% valid listen to them unquestioningly
>Those feelings that you're actually a girl? 100% incorrect stop listening to them consume more propaganda
How did something this obviously insane obtain mainstream acceptance

Anonymous 250997

nta I read somewhere that he also had a borderline skinwalker obsession with Diana Ross

Anonymous 250999

>terfs should be mass raped and murdered bc they dont want to suck my girlcock!
much fembrained such uwu

Anonymous 251063


Anyone else had to deal with gender bs in university? It crops up from time to time and usually I just ignore it or feign confusion (people assume I'm a foreigner) but I'm now in a class where it's so baked in that it's unavoidable.
>taking social sciences course for credit
>instructor is stereotypical libfem lady from nyc
>constantly patting herself on the back for being le inclusive to the point of obfuscation
>constantly asking us to share our pronouns, can't just say you're a woman or, you know, be seen as an obvious woman
>enforces gender neutrality, not allowed to refer to each other with gendered pronouns unless that person explicitly declared pronouns before you speak
>this is despite 95% of the class being female, we have 1 TIM who dresses like a fetishist however
>besides this she's also just really unprofessional and makes the whole class about her personal opinions and interests
I want to drop the class purely because of the female erasure and forced compliance into this pronoun crap, but I also kind of need the credit. We usually submit anon course evaluations at the end of the semester and I feel like it could be a fair opportunity to send her scathing criticism, but I'd have to walk on eggshells in my feedback to avoid being disregarded as merely some transphobe.
Just makes me feel awful to not be recognized as a woman every class (especially when I had a lot of issues accepting womanhood growing up) for the stupid reason that the door needs to be left open to men who, unlike me, are objectively not women.

Anonymous 251071


I go to an art school studying animation and there's a surprisingly low amount of trannies here, I even became friends with a girl and ended up discovering she was a radfem too(really cool and positive experience).
Though sometimes you do get to see trannies walking around the hallways, disgusting little ogres trying to emulate female behavior, it's not so often that it ruins my day.
I have a very similar teacher! We're in a spanish speaking country so you're basically forced to use gendered words when talking to someone, so she refuses to use anything but the gender neutral e to everyone unless they particularly specify otherwise, including the normie males who don't even know what trans is.
(drew picrel to kinda represent how it's like)

Anonymous 251072

Cute drawing :) and I wouldn't have expected that from an art school! I am in an American state that's more conservative so I'm surprised at the prevalence of trannies here.
We often have guest speakers come to do presentations, and one time this guy who was critical of trannies was here and they came out in droves to scream at him. Pretty scary, I passed them while buying food and they glared at me menacingly. We also had a really prominent tranny come, don't want to say his name because of location privacy but I've seen him be linked to pro-kink statements about children (a trait that sadly doesn't narrow it down much), and nobody batted an eye…
I think part of it is that we are a tech school so a lot of the incel porn addict turned tranny guys come here

Anonymous 251112



Anonymous 251113

oh also you might want to take your reddit name out of the pic since trannies like to lurk here and might look at your account

Anonymous 251115


The screenshotter is the tranny

Anonymous 251123

holy shit that sounds like actual hell, why does it seem like there are a lot more trannies in the US than in any other place?

Anonymous 251150

truly a hero

Anonymous 251152


Everytime I have a positive interaction with a troon that makes me feel slightly bad about being a terf and reconsider my stance it is then followed up with an awful experience that makes me feel foolish for ever reconsidering.

Anonymous 251153

i dont terfpost often anymore but i actually cant believe my fucking eyes when i watch how drag queens behave. How do more women NOT get offended when they are acting like the most grotesque caricatures od womanhood imaginable, it is quite literally female blackface with no exaggeration.

wont let me embed a short;


Anonymous 251154

Fucking ew, kys ugly moid.

Anonymous 251156


Holy cow yes. It's so frustrating when you have all these people tell you how drag queens totally aren't sexist and it's actually a powerful celebration of femininity. Especially when you try to explain why you find it uncomfortable. It's incredibly frustrating. I've known some guys who do drag, and one of them was really nice and invited me to a show, but it makes my skin crawl so I had to politely turn him down.

There was this garbage youtube video I watched a while back where this 20 something man was responding to some republican congresswoman who called drag "Blackface for women." He talked about how blackface had it roots in keeping black actors out of films and was avoiding employing them. Which is true, but then the guy goes on to talk about how drag has a long history in theater listing examples like Shakespeare plays. You know, plays which exclusively cast men as a way to keep women from participating.

Ridiculous, to pretend it's anything other than old-school sexist humor. You do you, but don't be shocked when people get offended.

Don't be, I've only ever had nasty one-on-one interactions with trans people, but there are plenty of artists, musicians, and youtubers I like who ID as trans.
There is a huge difference between wishing somebody was dead and disagreeing with the lifestyle choice somebody chose to pursue.
I see so many trans people talk about how they need to "win" the approval of "cis" people and "terfs" but that not really possible now is it? They'll never be a man or woman and I'll never see them as such, but I can respect the art or content they create and acknowledge that they aren't a bad as an individual person even if the movement they are in is harmful.
The end goal should always be that maybe someday they'll reconsider, if they're young they probably will. But I mainly see it as someone with a different political opinion than myself. Unless of course it's a sex pest like >>250446 those people are skeevy and need to be avoided with a 10 foot pole, if they weren't trans they'd be the incel opposite end of the spectrum I try to avoid.

Anonymous 251157

nayrt but in response to
>There is a huge difference between wishing somebody was dead and disagreeing with the lifestyle choice somebody chose to pursue
>acknowledge that they aren't a bad as an individual person even if the movement they are in is harmful
As much as I resent the movement and broadly believe that TiMs are creeps, I have known one person who was alright as an individual. The important trait was that he's fully upfront that he's a man and that it's not possible for him to become a woman; he admits that he's just mentally ill and/or brain damaged and had no qualms about me referring to him as male or being anti-trans. He is gay but also not interested in porn/sex. Ironically he was actually much less creepy about women than the average guy and even said TiMs who seethe about real women are stupid.
This person was in a gaming group with me, we'd play together sometimes and he was actually pretty fun to play with since he was cooperative and wouldn't troll or act rude like others did. But eventually he got booted for a silly reason
Not to discount the many more predatory slimy TiMs I've had the displeasure of encountering, just sharing an outlier experience with someone that wasn't so bad.

Anonymous 251158

Why is there a slur for women
but men don't have their own, even as they hate trannies way more than women do?

Anonymous 251159

Men are hostile by default so there is no need for a label

Anonymous 251167

Gay men that hate tifs also don't have a slur, like the other nona said men just get away with everything meanwhile women are shunned down and harassed by the slightest opinion we have, it's just misoginy, they hate seeing women stand up for themselves.

Anonymous 251169


Male trannies get "dysphoria"(lose their boner) when women don't participate in their narcissism and agp fetish. so le evil terfs are to blame for all the world's ills even though it is men that primarily pose a threat to them. AGPs dont want to poke the sleeping bear by going after men who actually have violent tendencies.
Normals go along with this because it is fun and easy to make fun of women for objecting to being mocked and dehumanized.
Female trannies hate women so much they mutilate their bodies in the hope that they'll no longer be women. Its only natural for this group to play along with the misogyny.
AGPs don't care what gay men do. Tifs are socialized as women so they wont harass gay men en masse over not wanting their frankenweenie.

Anonymous 251171

Nothing I posted suggests that I'm a moid

Anonymous 251173

I'm talking about the reddit tranny.

Anonymous 251174

TERF is not a slur even in twitter. Is more of a very bastardized descriptor and more akin to people intent to lump us with the baddies rather than trying to offend with words (see how people call commies or alt-right or post modernist or whatever to random people)

Anonymous 251182

i love u nona

yeah i guess the modern day version of a platinum record
is trooning out so you can rape children and/or kill women via vehicular manslaughter

still livid from how bruce jenner openly admited to
panty raiding his 10 year old daughter's wardrobe
and there's yet to be anything to accost him

idk i want to become an endo at this point
so i can stealth genocide troons

yeah privledged basic ass wonder bread women really like to pander to trannies without a second thought
to whether not they are even an actually tranny or so,
ive had a professor like yours but for a modern technology and social welfare class
and i was open about my upbringing which is considered "non-traditional" or whatever now
and she failed me over misunderstanding the submission methods for the assignment because
i honestly have had like no prior experience in school at the time and all
(still upset cause the assignment was about how technology is structured to negatively affect poor people)

its all just so they can pat themselves on the back, and then they are also cultisted enough
that if you even give a hint that you think TiM's have a history of abuse and what not
they will consider you a delusional extremist and what not, baffling so

isnt it crazy how many troons there are at tech schools now!!??
i unfortunately missed a riley gaines tour at my school because of lab
but its amazing how pressed crossdressing faggots get over women speaking their mind

Anonymous 251203


In the next 15 years after enough people sterilize themselves and become dependent on bigpharma for hormones the price of HRT will skyrocket, as a response insurance companies will stop covering it and a subset of the population will forever be enslaved to these private companies.
>t. I come from the future

Anonymous 251206

They get engagement. Whether it’s supportive or negative, they get clicks and views that turn into money. MSM doesn’t necessarily care about troons, they care about the engagement.

Anonymous 251226

This is kind of what I meant in a previous thread. They'll argue that sex and gender aren't the same thing, but they're also always the first to toss that out the window.

Anonymous 251236


Anonymous 251248


But a lot of them also have an ideological bias towards trannies. A lot of them are either trannies themselves or they are liberal, egalitarian leftist in some way. These news companies are heavily politicized nepotists and the "journalists" working there hire only each other from their woke bubbles.

Anonymous 251256

Journalism definitely leans towards that type of leftist but also TRAs have created an environment where it's practically suicide to even suggest hitting the brakes on them. In many groups, even if there's just one rogue person shilling the trans agenda, nobody else can really speak out against it comfortably so it goes through without complaint. This is especially true in female-leaning spaces as women are generally conditioned to stay out of conflict.
I suspect a lot of corporations and such aren't actually stuffed to the brim with tranny fans, there's just a few vocal troons or handmaidens bringing it up excitedly and everyone else is either just like "eh whatever as long as it's profitable" or can't criticize it so they keep their head down.

Anonymous 251258

They do and it's frustrating that there is such an invincibility shield on TIM.

I also hate that most majors sources that don't bend to trans ideology are instead full of alt-right racism and other hateful stuff.

Anonymous 251268


>does anyone need to remind men that sex is not a right?
That's kinda why feminism exists nona.

Anonymous 251271


I will never stop being impressed with the lack of self awareness among trannies.
>"as if I could never be seen as a lesbian, like there's not even a possibility."
He describes the exact reality of his situation and frames as if it is the most outlandish hypothetical. He is completely departed from this world.
I feel sorry for the redditors that make these posts. They obviously know they won't get through to anyone but they feel the need to say the truth regardless. What a mess.

Anonymous 251286

Anonymous 251295

evil hehe.jpg

>be me
>butch lesbian
>tims and tifs see me out in public
>they instantly stop smiling
>i make them lose confidence while doing normal ass shit like walking and shopping and while never speaking a word to them

Feels great lmao

Anonymous 251296

kek I kind of have my own version of this. I'm east asian and I wear j-fashion, and on occasion I run across TiMs wearing trashy kawaii clothes from amazon. I almost instinctively cringe at them and they look a bit distraught when I do

Anonymous 251299


What the fuck

Anonymous 251300


ewwww those look like tonsil stones

Anonymous 251329


Wow. After all this time on the internet there's still images that can make me feel physically ill.

Anonymous 251364


I'm masc but I wear makeup so troons and leftists won't stop fucking asking me for my pronouns.

Anonymous 251374

this but i wear alternative fashion so i cannot escape the tifs and people think im one of them because of it. its really fucking annoying how alternative styles are now associated with them

Anonymous 251375

yes, i forgot to add but i had a tif and tim do a presentation in one of our lectures and they were clearly flirting. it made me feel so grossed out and this would not slide otherwise. also the bringing up of tranny “issues” when its completely unrelated to the subject at hand for woke brownie points. even worse when trannies in lecture raise their hand to go on a tangent about their “experience as a trans person” when again, its not even fucking related. i hate it when normal people raise their hand to go on a retarded rant wasting class time but its hundreds of times more annoying with them. ive also seen hulking trannies wearing the most horrible outfits like long rainbow socks around campus

Anonymous 251458

One of my gay-leaning bi guy friends is starting to troon out and I could not be any more disappointed in him. I will never see him as a female peer. Never ever. He can be as feminine as he wants, idc about that, hwnbaw.

I'm so sick of lgbt and like, cute twinky boys ruining themselves by deciding they need to go the whole way. A lot of troons are ugly manhons but some of them are genuinely attractive as males but think being even slightly feminine means they need to troon out as women.

Men need to just invent reverse tomboyism that doesn't have the homo implications of being a femboy.

Anonymous 251459

Quite literally looks like wound slough rather than anything that would ever come from a natural, healthy vagina. Troons are absurd.

Anonymous 251462

truly awful.

Anonymous 251471

You know I have no fucking idea? I think about that lately, maybe it's a gateway for deeply insecure people who lack self identity to find a community, despite the fact they have no real personality or hobbies to go along with it.
At least with TIFs what seems to cause it is a mixture of being gnc(aka a disconnection from womanhood and feminine things), body dysmorphia (aka self hatred),dissasociation and a good handful of internalized misogyny.
If I had to list some other random things then:
>open and diverse community that invites everyone in
>aap and agp (I say this genuinely)
>Being an oppressed minority is alluring
>misinformation about what gender is and what it means to be a man or a woman (this one's a big one)

Anonymous 251544

It’s so angering that baggy shirts and baggy jeans (usually associated with being more “tomboyish”) are trendy now during the same time that women identifying as anything other than a woman is trendy. We finally have some more gender nonconforming clothing options but now the women that wear them get “they/them”’d by idiots

Anonymous 251739


>be autistic
>regularly visit subreddits about female autism to ask for advice and to cope
>all of them invaded by trannies
Life for autists is already hard enough, we don't deserve this

Anonymous 251742

Are T4T autogynephiles gay if they are obsessed with mtf, feminine-presenting "transbians" like themselves ? Or do they repress their heterosexuality ? I can't figure it out.

Anonymous 251747


i cant with these people

Anonymous 251751

How are butches trans? If anything lesbianism has an history of being gnc more than anything, transness and crossdressing started with faggots and is tied to them.

Anonymous 251764

Stupid question: Since lesbianism has a history of being gender nonconfirming, does this make the gay male flag enbyphobic? It implies that only men can be attracted to themselves and enbies can't unless they're bi.

To support this theory, I've only seen enbies with the lesbian or bisexual flag fused on their profile picture and never one with the gay male flag. Should we normalize the word vincian or uranian to fix this problem?

Anonymous 251768

Picture 1.png

these people make my skin crawl especially when they start talking about their fucking "eggs"
okay we get it you're emotionally dysfunctional and you need to larp as a woman to feel happiness but you can keep it to yourself

Anonymous 251778


>cute twinky boys ruining themselves by deciding they need to go the whole way. A lot of troons are ugly manhons but some of them are genuinely attractive as males but think being even slightly feminine means they need to troon out as women.
I'm a cuteboy appreciator and this is the bane of my existence. The attractiveness in the first place comes from the fact they're male with a pretty face ffs

Anonymous 251902

>i'm also aware that there's no finish line
so he knows that no amount of surgery will be enough and he's still doing it anyways? that's pretty grim.

Anonymous 252039


Anonymous 252049

imagine the cringe actual chemists must feel whenever they see cis and trans used this way

Anonymous 252053

the jokes write themselves

Anonymous 252068


how do you feel when fags steal twinks? lol

Anonymous 252071


OP is the same freak that was convicted of sexual assault. Of course no woman would want to date this TiM, let alone be near him.

Anonymous 252100

not her but that's a little hot. more than a little.

Anonymous 252107

boy kisser mind co…

You VILL not get the twink!

Anonymous 252166


Hmm, I wonder what a murf is…

Anonymous 252191

Kek, I just read some of his comments.

>Misogyny. Females have always had their boundaries pushed, their spaces invaded, and rights trampled, because males have always gotten away with it.

>Eat my girlc*ck bigots.
>Wait, what's the issue with gay men not liking vagina? Isn't that a given?

What a hypocrite.

Anonymous 252193

What game?

Anonymous 252207

>>Wait, what's the issue with gay men not liking vagina? Isn't that a given?
>What a hypocrite.
'Lesbian' TIMs tend to act quite TERFy in regards to TIFs. Seen it a dozen times.

Anonymous 252250


lol @ this 6'5 skinwalker complaining about not getting a gf

Anonymous 252262

Haven't seen any lesbians dressing like that outside of Tinder.

Anonymous 252298

to be clear i just meant the existence of gay twinks, not the agp fantasy greentext.

Anonymous 252313

>Gay sex

Anonymous 252321


Anonymous 252326

make this the next thread pic!

Anonymous 252328

>autistic incel
Pick one or the other, not both. Autistic and twink do not mix, and there is no reason for a nice looking twink to be an incel unless his personality is just complete doodoo garbage.

Anonymous 252329

Man-unbelieving radical feminist?

Anonymous 252331

it means terf

Anonymous 252333

you couldve saved them from the fate of poopy butthole sex

Anonymous 252336

"Could've" doesn't matter if he is already ruined goods now. Moids love labeling women as "used goods" but don't realize it goes both ways. :)

To his credit, he saved himself from the horrors of troondom from the actual problem moid, the one that enjoys smearing his genitals in literal shit and has obvious mental issues. Homos are still not women.

Anonymous 252347


This women felt like the only possible way she could poop in an empty restroom was by becoming a man.

Anonymous 252360

It could also imply that he's already there and everything else is cream of the crop from this point on.

Anonymous 252368

At least she's not Jamie…

Anonymous 252414

That was extremely hot, do you have more greentexts like that?

Anonymous 252435

A few actually
Be sure to leave a bump!

Anonymous 252454

Are you adminjo?

Anonymous 252455

Anonymous 252487


Anonymous 252498


Anonymous 252502

only moid ones tbh

Anonymous 252503

Anonymous 252516

From what I've seen, fakebois are typically traumatized women who think removing their body parts while claiming to be trans is going to fix all of their problems or they've been groomed by another troon to think they're trans over something stupid like enjoying hot wheels or not wanting big boobs

Tims though are extremely creepy and fetishey, they tend to be more unhinged of the bunch and always insist on raiding women's areas where as you never see the same from trans men. From what I've seen they cause most of the fights and tensions, always trying to dox and stalk young girls for calling them out even if its not trans related (yet never the moids that actually wanna hurt them)

Anonymous 252526

The replies called OP out for talking about her shit like other weirdos that do that, but nobody else commented that emphasizing how expensive your beverage was is generally also feminine behavior, especially uptalking how much you spent vs how much you saved. I have never known a man to emphasize the price of his beverage than what the "sports beverage" actually is and its ingredients, but also beveragetalk in general is such a shitty TikToker thing.

Anonymous 252737

Ah but they can not internalize it, it stops being real if they don't get constant validation from other sickos.

That's why it's truly just autogynophilia.

Anonymous 252738


if it was a joke about ken getting his balls checked they wouldn’t care. so pathetic

Anonymous 252743

Screenshot Capture…

Anonymous 252744

Screenshot Capture…

Anonymous 252745

Screenshot Capture…

His post that started it all

Anonymous 252747


Anonymous 252748

>it was giving transphobic
What does this mean?

Anonymous 252752

My guess is that that person is saying the movie had transphobic undertones because at the end of the film, Barbie becomes a real woman and the first thing she does is nervously go to see a gynecologist for the first time, highlighting female reproductive organs as a defining aspect of womanhood. While an exemplary female experience, it's certainly very biological and not inclusive of males who claim womanhood.

Anonymous 252754

No, I mean, the word transphobic is an adjective, so how do you give it?

Anonymous 252755

oh, "it's giving x" is a sort of slang phrase that's shorthand for "it's giving me x vibes," "it's giving off an x feeling." In this case, "giving transphobic" means the ending's themes are suggesting transphobic connotations.

Anonymous 252756

>top/bottom lesbian
Is there even such a thing? I'm not a lesbian so correct me if I'm wrong but I thought the top/bottom could only be applied to some gay male couples.

Anonymous 252757

Yeah we do have "tops" and "bottoms."
"Top" or "bottom" is just another way of saying "giver" and "receiver."

Anonymous 252760

I hate zoomers so much.

Anonymous 252772

I'm a lesbian, and that's gay male slang. Not lesbian.

Anonymous 252774

"Transbians" are not lesbians

Anonymous 252780

read these posts and comments and see how far you can get without vomiting and trying to kill yourself challenge

Anonymous 252799

Why do trans women try to force their way into women only safe spaces?

Anonymous 252818

>why do trans women
sexual gratification

Anonymous 252822

Men hate women, but many are cowards in the face of other male aggression, especially trannies. All these sick twisted tranny pedos / murderers who all want to transfer en masse to women's prisons are afraid of their much deserved fate in a male prison. They also want to be able to abuse and harm more women. The governments of the world are allowing it, so of course every shitty male out there is gonna take advantage of it. More and more of them are coming out every day, wanting to reap the benefits. It really does feel like end times to me. I'm just appalled at how much the world hates us.

Anonymous 252835

is there any feminist literature that have terf-y ideas? recently read irreversible damage by abigail shrier and id like to find more similar readings.

Anonymous 252837

Look at this slideshow Dr. Sibdh Gallagher put together herself, or better, don't.

Anonymous 252839

The Transsexual Empire by Janice Raymond is an old school example that still holds up today

Anonymous 252840

"Trans: When Idelogy Meets Reality" by Helen Joyce was my favorite.

Anonymous 252849


Anonymous 252856

just use women

Anonymous 252858

>just use women
I'm sure he does

Anonymous 252859


Anonymous 252863

??? is hulk hogan trooning out now

Anonymous 252865

I don't care about trannies attacking conservative scrotes but how exactly are anyone else's rights "next"?
Giving kids troon shine isn't constitutionally protected, guns and tranny hate are though.

Anonymous 252869


This sounds like a thread for grooming kids.

Anonymous 252872

Being asexual and reading this is confusing because I don't understand how much of it is weird because of male fantasies and how much of it it has some truth to it that is unfamiliar to me because of my asexuality lol

Anonymous 252879


it just looks like its calling troon men still, without context

Anonymous 252907

Homeboy thought putting on a dress would widen his dating pool. He could have just kept being a man instead of playing pretending and have a wide group of women for the heterosexual relations his little heart desires.

Anonymous 252927


Anonymous 252934

>highlighting female reproductive organs as a defining aspect of womanhood
This whole trans thing has to be a distraction; there is no way an enlightened society would waste time arguing this fact. The thing that always aggravates me is:
>gender is a social construct
Ok so let's do away with these social constructions
>No no no, you misunderstand; it's a social construct and I want to perpetuate it to its grotesque conclusion.

Seems reminiscent of phrases like "waxing eloquent", "wax poetic", etc…

My only gripe is that a different verb should be used, for example "it's vibing transphobic." This way it doesn't sound like an incomplete sentence.

Anonymous 252942

His dad figured it out. It tells troons if you align with their cult

Anonymous 252946

So, one person gives cunnilingus while the other doesn't return the favor like an asshole?

Anonymous 252950

It's nothing similar to the sensation of being horny as a girl lmao
The wording they use, ugh. "Bratty", wtf? Their agp has never shown harder than this.

Anonymous 252958

why do transes have corporate sponsors? Am I misunderstanding that slide?

Anonymous 252962

>that last paragraph on the first one
He described himself then said it's absolutely not him, amazing. These idiots think they have any room to criticize other men horning in on lesbian dating apps just because they crossdress and try to pretty it up with weird language. He goes from "I'm not like other guys" to trying to convince women that he's female just because he says "girl" in front of "dick". You are a man, "Ellie", you have a penis and XY chromosomes and think like a man and have been raised as one and so much more, get out of womens' spaces. Ugh.

They're men with mental illness. There's also ones who have openly shared that they get turned on by hearing women share their abuse experiences in those groups, so take that how you will.

Anonymous 253058

encountered a troon greeting me at sephora this weekend. he asks if I need any help, immediately notice his

>frizzy, mousy hair that looks like he just rolled out of bed and came here

>puzzlingly bad makeup application…it reminded me of when I first was learning how to apply eyeshadow and didn't understand blending, shape, etc

I do need help sir but not from you. I went and found a different worker.

Anonymous 253077

Trannies were talking about this site earlier and bragging about how they post here while simultaneously expressing their violent male tendencies, so this is just your daily reminder that trannies are violence-obsessed males who do not belong here. The women you idolize hate you too, they just haven’t had the chance to say it to you because you are irrelevant. Don’t blame us when you kill yourself, brainless moids.

Anonymous 253094

where are they talking about this site?

Anonymous 253205

+1. where did you see this??

Anonymous 253212

Angelica Ross has accused Emma Roberts of transphobia, Emma teams says that she her freedom of speech.
Angelica Ross is no longer a member of future American Horror Story cast, she was asked to leave.

Anonymous 253225

Anonymous 253226


kekking @ troon wound sulphur rocks

Anonymous 253236


Not her, but I see them brag about it on 4chan sometimes, since invading womens' spaces is apparently a badge of honor for some men and trannies wither into nothing if they don't get to attention whore.

Anonymous 253237

Over one million people came out in protest today against all the tranny shit they have in elementary schools now.

You love to see it.

Anonymous 253238

To clarify, this was in Canada btw.

Anonymous 253240

Damn, I had no idea this was happening or I would have gone.

Anonymous 253430

>gay men describe gay anal things and try to pass them off as ""girl horny""
Revolting. Also, funny how there's one comment that says "male horny is like feeling the urge to pee" when that is also what actual female orgasm is like. But hooray to homos and misguided straight scrotes for attempting to wear womanhood like a costume and boldfaced lie about what real female experiences are like, while also going "hnghhh im so lesbian!! the most lesbian that ever lesbianed!! (dick fapping noises)"

Anonymous 253431

They need to realize the urge to infiltrate places like this is inherently masculine, like peeping toms. But troons don't actually care because they know deep down they'll never be real women and don't care about making the internet a nicer place for women.

Anonymous 253432

Lol, you're right I do forget that ayydens really shouldn't count as "men" and are delusional for wanting to identify as something they'll also never be. But yes, talking about shipping and headcanons is something mostly women do and men don't do because they just jerk off to porn and only care about coomshit.

Anonymous 253495

Peak moid narcissism

>be male

>be catered to in media for centuries and even now
>women are usually seldom main protagonists, always side characters or in traditionally feminine roles
>a female creator rewrites a show about an adventurer boy with princesses to be about an adventurer girl with princes
>have to somehow steal this W for women by making the girl protagonist male (tranny)

Troons would argue "wahh but there's no good transwymmin protags in pop media :'(" and that's because transgenderism is not a topic for children to be exposed to and only pedophiles disagree. And, they can just make their own characters like how Natasha Allegri made Fionna and Cake.

Anonymous 253520

so I’m just wondering at this point— I try to be really open-minded when it comes to progressive ideology (I came from an insane alt right family and thus had a ton of internalized misogyny and self hate, religious issues etc), but the ONE thing I cannot wrap my head around is tranny shit. I’ve heard the arguments, I’ve read the papers and articles, I’ve watched interviews….none of it makes sense. In the end it’s just cultural dissonance and aesthetics. Why can’t they just be happy being masculine men or feminine women and OWN that instead of chasing something that cannot be? It makes me sad and angry to deal with, and increasingly so.

Anonymous 253521

They hate their bodies basically, that's what it boils down to.

Anonymous 253531

thats fucking obnoxious

Anonymous 253534

Tbf it looks like an edit of a pre existing comic. But it’s still incredibly cringey and obnoxious, yeah.

Anonymous 253562

Most tifs have eating disorders and many tims look like skeletons no reason to be surprised

Anonymous 253565

this is dragqueen slang.

Anonymous 253568


Once again moids will always side with troons against women

Anonymous 253571

Clearly a jealous fagot. Most trannies are grotesque and degenerate, those who have a better appearance make their money from prostitution. I have never seen an ugly TERF in my life, they are always beautiful and elegant (and rarely single)

Anonymous 253572

Well it looks like that r9k thread found out about us too

Anonymous 253576

tranny cope

Anonymous 253581

Looks like it

Anonymous 253582


i don't know where this fag has been looking because terfs are some of the hottest women i've seen. i'm not surprised that moids and transwomen are always siding with each other against women though, they're both males after all.

Anonymous 253585

they're misogynist for thinking masc women are ugly, but also, note that beauty is how he's judging women on the whole. that's misogyny too.
tims see themselves performing femininity so hard to pass, and then there's women who don't do that and have no worries about "passing" and that just makes them seethe to the point they have no better argument than to call us ugly, OR try to do a clever uno reverse card and say smthn like "you could pass as trans if you wanted to!" (which ive seen a couple of troon memes of, in the past)

Anonymous 253596


I saw the same happening on a forum actually, the person was shaming Megan thee stallion's body.

Anonymous 253599

I am incapable of possibly giving a single fuck of whetever a literal tranny thinks I'm attractive or not, I don't need to "pass" when I am(female).

Anonymous 253604


An ugly fat incel or a fag with a tunnel sized asshole/axewound wrote that btw

Anonymous 253605

Stop replying to an obvious bait posted by a r9k scrote, nonas.

Anonymous 253606

I hate troons so much …

Anonymous 253607


Anonymous 253612

Have some sense of humor nona

Anonymous 253619

It's just "Anon" backwards.
Because everything about this sites culture is just reversed versions of pre-existing 4chan culture.

Anonymous 253620

Plus, 'nona' ends with 'a', which signifies a feminine noun in most Romance languages.

Anonymous 253630

how the fuck did fear of being called transphobic take over society
everyone is thinking the same thing but is afraid to say it right

Anonymous 253648

because these people are genuinely deranged sociopaths who will attempt to ruin someone's life for any minor slight against them by harassing their family and trying to make them unemployable

the whole hogwarts legacy fiasco, while benign in comparison to some of their other actions, showed their love for intimidation tactics, harassing a girl to the brink of tears for playing a video game

i don't think it's hyperbole to call these people cultists

Anonymous 253649

Internet. Specifically the universal need for westerners to broadcast their entire lives 24/7 online for the world to see, forever. The places where tranny shit isn’t encouraged or tolerated are areas where social media pressure and presence is far less prevalent, though that gap is shrinking rapidly in any place worth living.
The problem is that the gap created between the internet and real life is both very wide but very shallow and it can ripple into real life now much faster than before because jobs, relationships, families, health and education history— are all public for freaks and psychos to use as leverage. Paired with the irritating PC, corporate lean in America especially with sue-happy lawyers ready to financial ruin individuals and business for any perceived slight, and it has created the perfect environment for egocentric identity cults like troonism to flourish.
The internet was a mistake.

Anonymous 253652

>coming across more than 1 post of this exact phenomenon
Kek ig this is a very real occurrence. They hate to see biological women comfortable in their own bodies.

Anonymous 253661

uhhh yeah i'm thinking based

Anonymous 253683


4chan tranny jannies confirmed

Anonymous 253686

I’ve been on 4chan before and some of them say the most misogynistic bs I’ve ever seen about how women are evil and should get raped but this person gets banned for this? what a joke.

Anonymous 253691

The site that literally allows moids to describe in detail how they sexually abused toddlers in their life supports troons, not surprised

Anonymous 253697

I think it's a fair ban. It's the video game board not LGBT.

Anonymous 253698

I thought it was common sense knowing that trannies took over 4trash, it's been like that for a while.

Anonymous 253701


welcome to blue boards

Anonymous 253703

From what I recall, both /v/ and /tv/ didn't do this, otherwise most of them would be empty.

Anonymous 253724

a bit off-topic, but which generals do you tend to use? i post on /sthg/ from time to time and, to steer it back to the thread's topic a bit, there's this one annoying incel (or more likely, 3 different people larping as an incel) who hates women but also posts about wanting to be one

Anonymous 253729

Looks like the scrotes from sthg found about this thread

Anonymous 253732

oh, really? sorry then, disregard my question i don't want to get people from /vg/ obsessing over us and possibly raid

Anonymous 253756

NTA but I was using the yugioh general (/dng/) for a bit but stopped because
>Barely any anons played the game
>They like shitposting and seething at other people playing the game
>get angry at people people for playing meta decks
>Whenever yugioh has female monsters (be it new archetypes or just one-off cards) it turns into a seethefest with a bunch of moods circlejerking about how women are inherently more evil than Jews
>But they are a-okay with simping for trannies and gay men
>Also for whatever reason if someone asks for help with the game or have to look at guides for something people get mad about muh spoon-feeding
I don't know what's been happening on that site but another thing I noticed is that if a mood dares to say he's interested in a woman or isn't a complete misogynist he'll shamed into oblivion almost as if they aren't allowed to like women anymore or something because "hurr durr women bad! Sigma grindset based!"

Anonymous 253757


Reminds me of the time I was in my local bookshop, looking in the manga section for anything new like I usually do, and a very obvious tranny came up next to me, I glanced over from the book I'd picked up, ignored them, and then soon after they stormed off in obvious embarrassment that I was actually a woman in their presence. I felt so fucking smug.

Anonymous 253758

What's your favorite deck currently? I personally really like Branded variants.

Anonymous 253763

i use a lot of different generals but most of the posters are either pedophiles, sex pests, or trannies
in comparison the waifu posters are not that bad

Anonymous 253767

the waifuposters and, to some extent coomposters I personally don't mind. It's always the three things you listed or hyper incel shit as >>253756 described in her post is when things get unbearable which is even funnier when the incels start shilling and simping for trannies to own women

Anonymous 253768

Someone just posted this in a Discord server I'm a part of:

Anonymous 253778

Is it possible for the troon movement to fail?

Anonymous 253782

at this point troons are the only ones who can defeat themselves. i think they're doing a pretty good job. the sports issue peaked a lot of people

Anonymous 253784

notice how majority religious countries don't have this problem, if trans people exist they are not taken seriously

Anonymous 253785



Anonymous 253786

Glorious. Absolutely glorious.

Anonymous 253791

I got out of my house and I realised "I'm a feminist" means they're something under the T umbrella, and they don't even know what a terf is I'm confused. And a little unsettled

Anonymous 253805

isn't it amazing? scrotes are so desperate to cram themselves into everything that they even found a way to twist feminism to make it about themselves.
a majority of men have NPD.

Anonymous 253808

what if your mothe…

Why is this issue ignored? Why is biological reality ignored? It feels like all common sense lost

Anonymous 253813

>a man specifically doing man's idea of sexualized female fetish shit makes my peepee hard
>therefore, the man is more of a woman if I find the actual woman ugly
>if you think this is retarded you must be ugly
That sure is some "logic", and I see it often enough to know the person probably believes that. Women who hate trannies aren't majority butch at all, it just seems to be what people who disagree will concentrate on because they think it helps paint their opponents in a negative light. It really shouldn't, even if it were true. Even some of the most masculine-looking women I've seen don't need to try to pass as female and others can just tell. What she is biologically isn't defined by whether or not it turns men on, regardless if said man cross dresses or not. A woman isn't clothes or makeup or acting a certain way that men like. They don't seem to get that (trannies in particular since it's all they have). It applies whether or not you think someone is pretty. Having factual information about your being that ALSO helped form who you are as a person get denied, and also by someone who doesn't share any of that as though they know better just so they can badly larp as you, is going to anger or disgust those on the receiving end. Painting it as some shallow surface jealousy is disingenuous, but it's also likely the only thing simple enough for them to understand. It's pathetic to watch.

This one's depressing… I think it's because lots of the people pushing unisex bathrooms don't care about the consequences so long as it gives them positive attention, and we know some even look forward to doing this shit themselves. The track record for people in power hasn't exactly been pristine. Maybe someone can come up with something else or add to it, but it just makes me sad.

Anonymous 253814

Libfeminism only benefits scrotes. Pornography, hook up culture, troon idelogy all come from libfeminism

Anonymous 253815

something I like to think about is how these troons will brag about being prettier than TERFs and that the TERFs are ugly but no matter how ugly those women may be in comparison, they’re still more women than the troons will ever be. I think that a lot of scrotes gaslight themselves into thinking the troons are pretty because they’re both 2 sides of the same porn addict coin.

Anonymous 253816

It's a cope, most men won't even fuck or date troons, but would an "ugly" woman. Porn addicted scrotes are even worse than normal scrotes and porn gave them a very messed up perception

Anonymous 253818

NTA, but I love traptrix. I wish there was a place where I could play that didn’t feel of unwashed scrote ass crack or was infested with troons and their supporters.

it seems like everything is one with these MALES.

Anonymous 253825

The first time ever posted to Crystal cafe about two years ago I got banned the same day for being “anti trans”. Am I allowed to openly be a terf here now? Getting tired of 4chan

Anonymous 253826

yeah idk who banned you but you're openly allowed to criticize and shit on trans people here

Anonymous 253828

Wow, I didn’t come here for YEARS after that. Guess I’ll stay tho

Anonymous 253829


Hating troons is not only acceptable, it’s the right thing to do.

Anonymous 253830


these are dangerous individuals

Anonymous 253831

The moid entitlement is shocking frankly

Anonymous 253837

emotional blackmail is a troon’s greatest weapon.

Anonymous 253855


Serious question and sorry in advance for the longish post.
How would I gently start prodding my boyfriend towards peaking? We have discussed trans issues off and on and he has said himself that “rad lib” gender shit is discouraging and dangerous for everyone involved, has mentioned that he agrees that regressive gender roles are being pushed as a metric for “being trans” but still insists that trans identities are valid and need protection.
I feel like he’s close to getting the picture but I lack the resources to really convince him of the insanity that is transgenderism.
he’s also a very petite mousy guy with a bit of a feminine lean to his sensibilities, which I adore, but frequently worry will lead him to trooning out someday if he doesn’t learn the truth. I can only hope he peaks before the contagion gets to him.

Anonymous 253856

he’s so close to peaking, this was me not long ago. I understood that trans people were reinforcing gender roles to explain how they felt like a man or a woman. I think you should explain to him how gender is oppressive and has been used to push sexist ideas for the longest time e.g that woman belong in the kitchen and should serve men. modern trans ideology and women’s rights can not co-exist by pushing gender roles that rely on patriarchy. there is no “feeling” to being a man or a woman. and if you’re worried about your boyfriend potentially becoming trans then explain to him how you can be gender non conforming without thinking you’re a man/woman. masculine women exist and so do feminine men, but that doesn’t make them men/women.

honestly I feel like most people who claim to be trans supportive are aware of the absurdity of their ideology, but it’s really looked down upon especially for women to express their views. It’s mainly fearmongering in my opinion.

Anonymous 253858

Ty for the support nona, and yeah that’s what I’ve been trying to do. His mindset seems to mostly water down to “well if someone wants to be called she/her or whatever we should respect their wishes, it isn’t hurting anyone”— which I used to agree with and sometimes still agree with on occasion, mostly out of pity/sympathy. But then I remember how literally all trans rhetoric is constructed around purely social stereotypes and misogynistic trends and that feeling goes away. Thankfully the topic rarely comes up anymore and when it does the conversations are less argumentative and much more mutually settled, I just need to dig a little deeper.

Anonymous 253859

Aren't they just Greek or Latin prefixes? I don't think chemists think of them as theirs any more than Catholics think "trans" belongs to them because they have transsubstantiation.

Anonymous 253872

The T in LGBT stands for TERF.

Anonymous 253918


>and yet how many countries kill or imprison you for being a woman

sick of trannies and tranny lovers completely ignoring how significant the rates of femicide are. women are literally being murdered all the time by men and these mfs just ignore that to push their “cis women want to be oppressed so bad!!” nonsense. like misogyny is literally one of the oldest forms of oppression and it’s so normalised that it’s not seen as anywhere near as big of an issue as other forms oppression, completely ignoring how misogyny is engraved into society. when I mentioned the high rates of rape and sexual violence women experience, their response was “happens to men too”. like these people are actually horrible and have honestly changed how I view trans people and the trans right activists. there’s absolutely no empathy from them, they don’t empathise with us women and what we go through. why would I accept any male who identifies as a woman when they’re not even willing to acknowledge how brutal misogyny still is in today’s society? they also brought up their jewish ancestors who have been raped/beaten by the germans during the holocaust which is awful obviously but what I don’t get is why you’d use that to invalidate what women go through and act like we barely face any oppression for being women?

Anonymous 253921

>>and yet how many countries kill or imprison you for being a woman
i can name one, actually!
women have been imprisoned in iran before for taking off their hijabs, one being sentenced to 24 years.

Anonymous 253922

It IS the oldest form of oppression. Women were there before humanity split into different races and social classes

Anonymous 253923

Only when you speak about women's issues and oppression you'll see this amount of deflection

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